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                                               HUNTING SEASON 2017/18



..... 29th November - Terriermen filmed blocking badger sett before Cheshire FH meet

..... 29th November - Monitors save fox from Cheshire FH as farmer complains of road blocking

..... 29th November - Vale of White Horse FH set off from farm on N.Trust estate

..... 28th November - Activists claim NT is licencing violent criminality by Hunts

..... 28th November - Green MSP to move Bill for total ban on hunting in Scotland

..... 28th November - Film of alleged assaults on female sabs at Ledbury FH opening meet

..... 28th November - Quorn FH said to have trespassed on NT land and elsewhere

..... 28th November - Badsworth FH hounds run around on A road - on a Sunday

..... 28th November - South Dorset FH said to have trespassed on Nat. Trust land

..... 27th November - Sabs driven into by huntsman at joint beagle pack meet

..... 27th November - Sabs believe Easton Harriers killed a hare in a garden

..... 27th November - Cornwall sabs threatened by metal bar wielding hunter at end of day

..... 27th November - Blencathra FH hunt all over SSSI and its rare flora

..... 27th November - Sabs think Dart Vale Harriers may have killed 'bagged' fox

..... 27th November - May overruled colleagues to include election pledge on hunt ban

..... 26th November - Sabs driven into, female sabs ridden into at Ledbury South FH

..... 26th November - North Cotswold FH hounds run uncontrolled on busy road

..... 26th November - Wynnstay FH scared school kids, spooked horses, ran riot thru village

..... 26th November - Sabs say police ignored Atherstone FH law-breaking and blocked road

..... 26th November - Portman & Wilton FHs riders & hounds take over B road

..... 25th November - Old Surrey FH [pretend to?] lay trail through field of sheep

..... 25th November - Sabs save fox being hunted by Eggesford FH

..... 25th November - Banwen Miners FH lose most of pack in shambolic meet

..... 25th November - Sabs save hunted fox from Grove & Rufford FH

..... 25th November - Whip of D&S SH says Eggesford FH hounds killed on railway

..... 25th November - 'Ugly' film of Fife FH fox kill released by Scottish Sun

..... 25th November - Quorn FH berated by landowner for disturbing horses, 5 foxes escape

..... 24th November - On day woman sab punched, Warks FH treated their horses like this...

..... 24th November - Warwickshire FH thug gets caution for splitting open eye of woman sab 

..... 24th November - Woman sab-whipper in angry, abusive rant at sabs - 3 weeks earlier

..... 23rd November - Monitors release yet another film of Grafton FH hunting fox

..... 22nd November - Atherstone FH Director guilty of assault, homophobia, skipped bail

..... 22nd November - Woman who whipped sab 17 times is part of London luxury hotel dynasty

..... 22nd November - Women monitors ridden at by South Durham FH - 2 foxes escaped

..... 21st November - Monitors see Cheshire FH kill fox in front of them - evidence to police 

..... 20th November - Sabs upload film of potentially fatal attack by Badsworth FH terriermen 

..... 20th November - Forestry Commission confirms Grafton FH not permitted to hunt in woods

..... 20th November - Another sab arrested - for trying to protect self from being ridden down

..... 20th November - Female sabs attacked by Ledbury S FH riders - after fox thought killed

..... 20th November - Sab explains why she braves so much to save animals from Hunts

..... 20th November - Cheshire Forest FH hemmed in by angry landowners & monitors

..... 19th November - Monitors film Grafton FH chasing fox yet again

..... 19th November - LACS obtains film of another 'illegal' hunt by Fife FH last Wednesday

..... 19th November - Sabs and their vehicle attacked at Badsworth & Bramham FH

..... 19th November - East Sussex FH rider rides horse into sab and repeatedly hits another

..... 19th November - Sab 'violently assaulted' at Flint & Denbigh FH - then arrested

..... 18th November - Berwickshire FH kill fox then snatch corpse back, assaulting sabs

..... 18th November - Sab arrested at Dunston Harriers as police ride with terriermen

..... 18th November - Sab ridden over at Ledbury South FH & fox believed 'chopped'

..... 18th November - 'Hounds Off' uploads film of Blackmore FH hunting a fox

..... 18th November - Blocked sett found where Quorn FH seen hunting a fox

..... 17th November - Monitors believe Sandhurst Beagles killed 5 hares - 3 filmed

..... 17th November - Woman sab jostled, pushed, hat stolen at Blencathra FH meet

..... 17th November - NT make excuses for Warwickshire FH trespassing on their land

..... 17th November - NT blah-blahs in response to report of trespass by a Somerset Hunt

..... 17th November - Lone sab finds 2 blocked setts at Ledbury FH and rates hounds off fox

..... 15th November - North Staffs FH follower spills beans on Hunt activity to monitors

..... 15th November - Bedale FH reported to have killed fox

..... 15th November - Beaufort FH hunter incriminates them via apology for A46 incident

..... 15th November - Monitors 'sorry' for misinterpreting evidence re. Zetland FH terriermen 

..... 14th November - Hunt in Kent kills fox in front of sabs - police investigating

..... 14th November - Monitor 'Pull hounds off fox' - S.Durham FH Huntsman 'Why should I?'

..... 14th November - Warks FH filmed hunting on NT land - no licence and with terriermen

..... 14th November - S.Durham FH cross busy A688 in front of bus - riders also on road

..... 14th November - Resident complains of frequent invasions of his garden by Quorn FH

..... 14th November - Radnor & W.Hereford FH trespass, scaring pets and livestock

..... 13th November - Driver says W.Somerset Vale FH chased fox into road in front of her 

..... 13th November - Film of multiple fox chases by Grafton FH over last two years uploaded

..... 13th November - Lake District fox hunt seen trespassing on Nat. Trust land

..... 13th November - Two blocked setts and fox being hunted found at N.Cotswold FH

..... 13th November - Blocked sett and fox being chased found at Heythrop FH

..... 13th November - Cotswold Vale Farmers FH hounds all over a road - police 'concerned'

..... 12th November - Sab victim at Warks FH says assailant is ex Director of Hunt

..... 12th November - York & Ainsty South FH drove hare under wheels of passing car

..... 12th November - South Devon FH rider attacks two sabs, injuring one

..... 12th November - SNP Council receives resolution to effectively ban hunting with dogs

..... 12th November - Sabs prevent dig-out at Lanarkshire FH meet

..... 12th November - Antis save at least one, nearly beaten, fox from Cattistock FH

..... 12th November - Former hosts of Hare Week have moved in with North Pennine FH

..... 12th November - Cheshire FH filmed chasing fox near village [it escaped]

..... 11th November - Landowner calls police out as N.Irish fox hunt invades her property

..... 11th November - Fernie FH let flock of sheep out on to road

..... 11th November - Vale of the White Horse FH chased fox, rioted twice on deer

..... 11th November - Police send 4 cars at behest of Silverton FH - they hassle sabs

..... 11th November - Hampshire FH bring A31 to standstill - sabs cause early pack-up

..... 11th November - Sabs say Ledbury South terrorised cattle & sheep but got no foxes

..... 11th November - Cumbria Huntwatch challenge to Hunts unanswered 3 years on

..... 11th November - Sabs ensure kill-free day at Fernie FH and pack up Westerby Bassetts

..... 11th November - Four sab groups thwart Puckeridge FH, cause early pack up

.....  9th November - Female sab in hospital after punched in face by male Warks FH hunter

.....  9th November - S.Durham FH hunt on railway line - female monitor shove nearly over

.....  9th November - Fox kill by Mendip Farmers FH reported by member of public

.....  9th November - Monitors film Grafton FH hunting at least two foxes

.....  9th November - North Cotswold FH hunt fox across bTb case farm

.....  8th November - Monitors see Cheshire Forest FH kill fox right in front of them

.....  8th November - Blatant fox hunting & assaults on sabs at Crawley FH opening meet

.....  8th November - Sabs certain that Easton Harriers hunted and killed hare

.....  8th November - Cheshire Forest FH chase fox into garden. Residents upset, cat missing

.....  6th November - Portman FH said to have trespassed on Hod Hill, N.Trust land

.....  6th November - Beaufort FH hounds on A46 again - one run over by car

.....  5th November - West Somerset Vale FH fox hunt openly, including on Nat Trust land

.....  5th November - Fife FH hunt fox - no guns Huntsman filmed whipping hound

.....  5th November - Sab allegedly racially abused at Berwickshire FH meet

.....  5th November - Suffolk FH supporters assault sabs - police sit & watch hunting

.....  5th November - Beaufort FH hound nearly run over on A46 as Hunt chasing fox

.....  4th November - Sabs attacked at Crawley FH as they hunt foxes as if no ban

.....  4th November - Braes o'Derwent FH kill fox and noisily celebrate in front of monitors

.....  4th November - N.Cotswold FH sett-blocker caught on camera - film passed to police

.....  4th November - S.Tetcott FH lose some hounds across river - sab wing mirror smashed

.....  4th November - Banwen Miners FH switch meet away from NT land - then hunt foxes

.....  4th November - Unsupervised Blencathra FH hounds filmed chasing fox - no trails laid

.....  4th November - Nat.Trust backs away from publishing specific routes for 'trail hunts'

.....  4th November - Holidaymakers film Severn Vale FH hare hunting, including on road

.....  4th November - Sabs have to act late on to save tired fox hunted by Belvoir FH

.....  3rd November - Sab car driven into at Ledbury FH opening meet - support issue threats

.....  3rd November - Warks FH chase fox on to A45, cause road havoc

.....  3rd November - Animal shelter says rescue dog traumatised by Hunt incursion

.....  3rd November - Blencathra FH hounds chased fox - just managed to escape

.....  2nd November - Monitors give film of Cheshire FH chasing fox to police

.....  2nd November - Fox killed at Fife FH, sabs think by hounds

.....  2nd November - Villagers let Blackmore FH know they're not wanted - fox escapes

.....  2nd November - Beaufort FH yobs very yobbish - fox flees across busy A road

.....  2nd November - New Defence Secretary took £2.5k donation from CEO of the MFHA

.....  1st November - Monitors arrive to find Wynnstay FH chasing fox - may have killed 

.....  1st November - Old Surrey FH seriously spook horses, one found after six hour search

.....  1st November - Modbury FH accused of blocking road, child seen beating her pony

.....  1st November - N.Cotswold FH trespassed in quarry - and blocked setts, say sabs

.....  1st November - Damien Green MP, very pro-hunt, accused of 'inappropriate behaviour'

.....  1st November - Atherstone FH JM  ignores her own advice not to clash with antis


Terriermen filmed blocking sett before Cheshire FH  meet

Hounds cause road havoc, Hunt trespass, scare sheep

29-11-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Trying to catch up... on our reports because we’ve been so busy! Here we have one from Monday 27.11.17 at Stanthorne Hall near Middlewich. It’s a bit of an odd one because the Cheshire Hounds met in an area where they didn't have much space to play, with busy roads and industrial estates littering the area, along with hunt staff, terriermen and supporters.

10 minutes before the meet was when we filmed the terriermen finishing off filling in a badger sett. This film hasCheshireFHonroad27-11-17.jpg been handed to the police. There were supporters lining up at this point getting ready for a chase but once the terriermen saw us filming they called the Huntsman who came over and they had a little get together. Then everyone left the scene with their tails between their legs.

The RSPCA then turned up and spent a lot of the day tailing the Hunt which, with our presence as well, really put the dampeners on proceedings.

There were the usual ridiculous amount of red coats and only around 15 riders. Rider numbers are dropping this season so all we can assume is that this Hunt is becoming less popular, probably because this new guy is a pretty poor Huntsman and that they are sick of us spoiling their fun. The Hunt spent ages hanging around at the meet probably scratching their heads about where they could go especially with us tailing them.

There were stray hounds causing havoc on the main road as usual and trespassing in people's gardens who were clearly not happy. One resident was really upset because the hounds were stressing her sheep. We did see the hounds in cry once but that didn't last long. They wandered off for a bit and then we caught then hanging around again, hiding behind hedges which was a bit worrying, but again they moved off.

We had the usual quad bikes driven at us, and verbal abuse. Being called paedophiles is getting so boring we do hope the Hunt can think of a new term for us soon, although we are sure it will be suitably childish.

If you would like to join our team, or have information to pass on to us (in strictest confidence), then please get in touch. Either message us here or email info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk.

Pics below  -  1/  Terrierman near blocked badger sett    2/  RSPCA inspector monitoring Hunt 

  CheshireFHTerrirmannearbadgersett27-11-17.jpg  CheshireFHRSPCAbackupformonitors27-11-17.jpg 


Monitors get Cheshire FH to pull hounds off fox as farmer lays into them for blocking road

29-11-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   Cheshire Hounds - Bruera 28.11.17 Full report   They met at Chapel House Farm in Bruera and preceded to cause major disruption on Chester Road whilst they brought the hounds, searching for foxes, through woodland along the roadside.

We followed them onto sodden fields where we saved a fox. It bolted right in front of two of our team and then totally stupid supporters nearly had apoplexy yelling and pointing to the huntsman where it had run. The hounds were starting to pick up the scent but sadly for the Hunt our monitor made it clear they had all of this on film and firmly suggested they call the hounds off the scent which, to give them their due, they did.

Not long after this supporters ,terriermen and hunt staff were trying to block our way. What they didn't notice was that they were also blocking a busy farmer and someone who was delivering - not very clever! One of our team explained to the farmer what the hunt were up to and he took matters into his own hands. After that there was a long lull in proceedings and then the Huntsman and hounds disappeared for a time, so what happened then is anyone’s guess.

We found them as it was getting dark up to no good in Wynnstay Hunt territory. Maybe we should mention that the Cheshire Hounds are hunting Wynnstay foxes when we next see the Wynnstay?


Monitors save fox from road-blocking Cheshire FH

29-11-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   Cheshire Hounds - Bruera 28.11.17 Full report   They met at Chapel House Farm in Bruera and preceded to cause major disruption on Chester Road whilst they brought the hounds, searching for foxes, through woodland along the roadside.

We followed them onto sodden fields where we saved a fox. It bolted right in front of two of our team and then totally stupid supporters nearly had apoplexy yelling and pointing to the huntsman where it had run. The hounds were starting to pick up the scent but sadly for the Hunt our monitor made it clear they had all of this on film and firmly suggested they call the hounds off the scent which, to give them their due, they did.

Not long after this supporters ,terriermen and hunt staff were trying to block our way. What they didn't notice was that they were also blocking a busy farmer and someone who was delivering - not very clever! One of our team explained to the farmer what the hunt were up to and he took matters into his own hands.

After that there was a long lull in proceedings and then the Huntsman and hounds disappeared for a time, so what happened then is anyone’s guess.

We found them as it was getting dark up to no good in Wynnstay Hunt territory. Maybe we should mention that the Cheshire Hounds are hunting Wynnstay foxes when we next see the Wynnstay?


Vale of the White Horse FH set off from farm on a Nat.Trust Estate

29-11-17   LACS website   Vale of White Horse Hunt set off from Wickstead Farm, on the edge of the National Trust Buscot Estate on the 29th November.


Activists claim NT is licencing violent criminality by Hunts

28-11-17  The Canary    Evidence of violence by Hunts is bringing the National Trust into the spotlight yet again   The National Trust is coming under fire for licensing Hunts associated with violence. The Canary has seen documents alleging that 44 of the 67 hunting packs licensed by the National Trust are tied to criminal violence. And this, according to the dossier’s author, is “not compatible with an institution wishing to have charitable status”.

The National Trust permits trail hunting on its property. This practice supposedly involves hunting hounds following an artificially laid scent, rather than the scent of a live animal; and so allows Hunts to continue their traditions while avoiding activities made illegal by the Hunting Act. But anti-hunt activists claim that trail hunting is a smokescreen allowing real hunting to continue as it did before the ban. Helen Beynon, a member of the National Trust, witnessed first-hand several instances of trail hunting but “was appalled to see how loopholes in the law were being exploited”. And in October 2017, she brought a vote to have trail hunting banned from National Trust property. 

The motion for a ban controversially failed by just a few hundred votes. But activists have not given up their mission to protect and defend wildlife from bloodsports. Barbara Slaska has lodged a complaint with the Charity Commission, the charities regulator for England and Wales, that claims the National Trust is facilitating criminal violence by allowing Hunts on its property.

The Canary has seen a dossier of evidence lodged with the regulator as well as a covering letter sent to Trustees of the National Trust ahead of their board meeting in late November 2017. The dossier contains 66 pages of incidents of recklessness and violence by 44 Hunts currently licensed to trail hunt on National Trust property.

The covering letter, written by Slaska, explains:- Having spent nine months examining the behaviour of 44 Hunts licensed by the Trust a consistent pattern has emerged. Firstly and most worrying for public safety is the reckless nature of this activity evidenced by a lack of control over hounds resulting in regular hound havoc, on railway lines, in villages, in people’s gardens and in wildlife sanctuaries, resulting in hounds being hit by speeding trains and members of the public being put in danger and fear. Secondly, hunt observers have been and are being assaulted on a regular basis by virtually each Hunt on this list. Many Hunts having multiple convictions for assault. 

The incidents are lengthy and date back years. Some of those cited include:-


Two supporters of the Warwickshire Hunt punching a saboteur in November 2017.


A supporter of the Melbreak Hunt pleading “guilty to assault by beating after he attacked a hunt monitor” in March 2017.


Hounds from the Avon Hunt entering the garden of a domestic residence in January 2017, where a fox was allegedly killed.


A supporter of the Golden Valley Fox Hounds committing a “vicious attack” on a hunt monitor in January 2016.


The Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt’s huntsman Mark Doggrell trampling a saboteur with his horse in August 2014.

This, Slaska says in her covering letter, shows:- that contrary to the Trust’s position that hunting is a harmless activity no different to mountain biking, the recklessness and violence involved is putting the beneficiaries of this charity at serious risk as well as the wider public, this is in direct conflict with the responsibility of trustees to safeguard the beneficiaries.

Breaching regulations. In approving licences for Hunts on National Trust lands, Slaska claims Trustees breach a number of Charity Commission regulations including:-


The Trustees must act for the wider public benefit and not for a tiny minority.


The Trustees must not bring the charity into disrepute.


The Trustees must act in a way which is compatible with the purposes/objects of the charity as registered at the Charity Commission, in the case of the NT the charitable objects include ‘the preservation… of… animal and plant life’.


The Trustees must safeguard the assets of the charity (which would include its land and associated animal and plant life).

As a result, the National Trust is opening itself up not only to public criticism but falling foul of charity regulations as well. Slaska says the dossier’s contents are evidence: that the Trustees are guilty of mismanagement because as trustees of a charity they are under a duty to ensure the law of the land is upheld. By ignoring evidence of widespread illegal hunting and of widespread assaults – evidence of which has been presented to them on numerous occasions by monitors, by animal welfare charities and by members of the public – they are not acting in a reasonable way.

The dossier’s evidence comes from saboteur and monitor groups, from local and national press, and from first-hand accounts of people involved in defending wildlife. The document presents strong evidence of Hunts engaging in reckless, violent behaviour both regularly and over time. And it reveals the seamy underbelly of violence that Hunts often try to cover up. But as recently leaked audio from “one of England’s most notorious Hunts” reveals, it can be hugely damaging once this hunt violence reaches the public.

Whether or not Hunts follow an artificially laid scent, the reality of violence used is without doubt. And that’s something the National Trust can’t ignore any longer.


Green MSP to move Bill for total ban on hunting in Scotland

28-11-17   BBC News  Scottish Green MSP seeks 'total ban' on foxhunting A bid to completely ban foxhunting in Scotland is to be launched by a Green MSP following claims that the current legislation is not working. The killing of foxes with hounds was outlawed in 2002. But dogs can still be used to flush out foxes and chase them towards the hunts, where the foxes are shot.

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone [left] said she would bring forward a member's bill at Holyrood that would impose a total ban. Speaking at a Scottish Parliament event for the League Against Cruel Sports on Tuesday evening, Ms Johnstone said it was clear that the Protection of Wild Mammals Act had failed to end foxhunting. She added: "The practice of 'flushing' foxes with packs of dogs to waiting guns is in many cases hunting with dogs under another name. Polling shows most Scots are in favour of a full ban, and I will bring forward a member's bill AlisonJohnstoneMSP.jpgto deliver one. SNP members, like most of the public, have been horrified by recent decisions on puppy tail docking and shock collars. We cannot allow ministers to kick the can down the road on foxhunting. It's time to take a stand."

The current law has an exemption for using dogs to flush out foxes for pest control or protecting livestock or ground-nesting birds. Mounted Hunts in Scotland have since offered farmers, landowners and estate managers a pest control service.

Senior judge Lord Bonomy carried out a review of the legislation last year, which concluded that the law was "unduly complicated" and hindered prosecutions. He estimated that up to 800 foxes were killed by guns accompanying mounted Hunts every year - and that there were grounds for suspecting that illegal hunting may still take place.

Responding to Ms Johnstone, a Scottish government spokesman said it was currently consulting on Lord Bonomy's recommendations. He added: "We have also established a stakeholder group to develop a new code of practice and assess the feasibility of a new monitoring scheme. We remain committed to ensuring the highest welfare standards for all animals, including those in the wild, and encourage everyone to notify Police Scotland if anyone is suspected of breaking the law."

In July, two huntsmen from the Scottish Borders - Johnny Riley and his father, John Richardson - became the first people to be successfully prosecuted for hunting foxes. The Countryside Alliance, which represents hunts, has previously said it does not believe there is a significant problem with the enforcement of the current legislation.

See also coverage in The Herald 


Film of Ledbury FH rider allegedly assaulting women sabs at opening meet

At one point a sab complains that he grasped her breast  

28-11-17  Facebook - Welsh Border Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Here we have more footage of the delightful David Mansell of Hasfield, Gloucestershire, assaulting female sabs at the opening meet of the Ledbury this year.

Although, he only picks on petite ladies unless he is on a 500kg horse that is. His forte seems to be groping breasts. Such a credit to the Ledbury and Ledbury south aka South Hereford fox cub killers.

POWAperson adds - The hunt rider repeatedly pushes two female sabs, whom he claims are trespassing. They are concerned about a sick or injured sheep which is nearby. At one point, the rider appears to press one of the sab's breasts as he pushes her, and she complains about this. Sabs also comment that it is evident he has been drinking.

Pics below  -  1/  Rider starts pushing female sab backwards, right hand on her chest area    2/  Continues to push her, hand still there 

  LedburyFHRiderpushingfemalesabinchest2-11-17.jpg  LedburyFHRiderpushingfemalesabinchest_2_2-11-17.jpg


Quorn FH reported to have hunted on NT land unlicensed & trespassed elsewhere

28-11-17   Facebook - National Dis-Trust    We're reliably informed that the Quorn Foxhounds were at the National Trust's Calke Abbey without a licence today, as well as trespassing on other land where they are not welcome. If anybody has information or photos, please let us know!


Sabs believe Easton Harriers killed a hare in a garden

Hounds also chased a deer towards busy A road

Trespassing Hunt confronted by angry landowner

Huntsman left horse-box blocking entrance to local business

27-11-17   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Easton Harriers – 11/11/17 - Bryces Farm, Debenham – Suffolk On Saturday 11th November 2017     Norfolk & Suffolk Sabs were once again out withEastonHarriersHarefleeing11-11-17.jpg the Easton Harriers. The Hunt un-boxed on Meadows Works Business Park in Debenham, which seemed a rather odd place for a meet, however, they quickly headed off and regrouped for a time at Bryces Farm, before they set off hunting at approximately 11.30 am... 

Right from the off, though, hares and deer were seen dashing for freedom. We had a good number of sabs out on foot and in vehicles, so were able to keep the Hunt in view and kept a close eye on them as they flushed beet field after beet field.

About an hour after the Hunt had set off, the hounds unfortunately chased a hare [left] and we believe the hare was killed in the back of someone’s garden. For the second week running we witnessed the Easton hounds with blood on their faces. To make matters worse for the Hunt, it seems they did not have permission to hunt were they were hunting and a landowner came out after the Hunt repeatedly shouting “Get your f***ing dogs off my land”.

The Hunt then moved off to hunt one field away from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve at Mickfield Meadow. This seemed a bit of a funny place to be trail hunting. Sure enough the hounds found wildlife to pursue at this location and this time it was the turn of deer to run for their lives. The pack became split and the hounds went off in many different directions after deer.

Unfortunately, a small group of 2 or 3 hounds chased a deer towards the busy A140 road. A sab asked a PoliceEastonHarriersLandownerlambastsHuntsmanfortrespassing11-11-17.jpg Officer to take some action but the Officer got a bit upset about the fact he didn’t like being told what to do. Thankfully, another Officer present listened to us, could see the urgency of the situation and ensured there was a Police presence on the A140 in case the worst happened. Luckily for the deer, a quick thinking sab managed to turn the hounds back and bought the deer some time. The deer was later seen heading back towards the area from where it had been chased, in an exhausted state. Once it had made its way to safety then its scent was covered by sabs.

For the second week running sabs also managed to catch a stray Easton harrier hound. After the short shrift we received from the Hunt the previous week, we decided to let the Police get on with the job of returning the hound this week. Perhaps they got a thank you from the Hunt, unlike the stony silence we received from the Hunt the previous week.

The Hunt packed up at about 2.30 pm, but not content with upsetting local landowners by trespassing on their land, they proceeded to upset staff at Seers Medical on the industrial park. It seems that the Huntsman Gary had decided to leave his box parked in front of the main gates to Seers Medical, blocking the entrance for the duration of the time he had been out hunting. We left to come home with the Master, Lydia, trying to smooth things over with a member of staff at the company. We wonder if the village of Debenham will be happy to host the Eastons in future. We understand that the Police received numerous calls from concerned members of the public on Saturday about the actions of the Hunt, so maybe not!

If you'd like to help us continue in the fields then please share a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/norfolksuffolkhuntsaboteurs.

Pics below  -   1/   Hounds chasing deer     2/  Exhausted deer     3/   Where Huntsman left his horse box   


  EastonHarriersExhausteddeer11-11-17.jpg EastonHarriersHuntsmanhorseboxblockingbusinessentrance11-11-17.jpg


Badsworth FH hounds on A road as hunted next to it - on a Sunday

Had switched their meet day to try to avoid sabs, who were tipped off

28-11-17  Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs   HIT REPORT: BADSWORTH AND BRAMHAM MOOR HUNT, SUNDAY NOVEMBER 26TH, KELLINGTON NR. SELBY, NORTH YORKS    When we had a last minute tip off that the Badsworth & Bramham Moor Hunt had changed their Saturday meet to avoid us, West Yorks, Nottingham and Sheffield Hunt Sabs rallied our energies to sab for a second day in a row! The Badsworth & Bramham is the Hunt who contracted violent criminals to smash our camera and van windscreen, which has been a bit of an own goal for them as thanks to your kind donations we've been able to upgrade all of our video equipment!

The meet was at whipper-in Mark Poskitt's Dad's carrot farm in Kellington. Mark's face was a picture as he stepped into the front yard only to be confronted by a van full of sabs. On seeing us he quickly spun round and went back inside (that's it Mark, crawl back inside the hole you came out of). We couldn't help but notice the absence of their heavies and hope they've realised the consequences of using such people against us.

The Hunt seemed to be on their best behaviour with huntsman Nick Thornicroft being more abusive to Poskitt than he was to us. They hunted in a rather ugly area, through fields of vegetables, the backdrop of Eggborough Power Station making the whole scene rather dystopian. Field sabs stayed with the Hunt all day and though hounds went into cry a few times we were able to deter them using a variety of tactics, such as voice calls and use of the horn.


More than once, hounds ran amok on an A-road and Thornicroft was shouted at by a member of the public for hunting conspicuously and dangerously by the side of the road. The police shadowed the day's events and though seemingly not hostile to us, we think it's a shame they did so little to prevent illegal hunting. On the whole, a great day for us. See you next time, B&B.


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South Dorset FH said to have trespassed on Nat. Trust land

28-11-17   LACS website   The South Dorset Foxhounds has been spotted on National Trust land at Ringstead Bay, on 28th November.


Sabs driven into twice by huntsman at joint beagle pack meet

27-11-17   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Please share - HUNTSMAN OF SEVERN VALE BEAGLES DRIVES INTO SABS ON ROAD   On Saturday 25th November, we attended a joint meet of the North Devon Beagles and the Severn Vale Beagles at Horsen Farm near Simonsbath, in the heart of the Exmoor National Park. Our mere presence with multiple cameras meant that the Hunt chose not to proceed, as they would have been caught on film blatantly breaking the law. We exist to prevent illegal and brutal acts of animal abuse through non-violent action and a lot of our time is spent simply gathering evidence and being a peaceful deterrent to those who illegally hunt our wildlife.

Every single week these Hunts flout the law and because the law is simply not enforced they get away with it. When we intervene they let out their frustration by attacking us. Over the last year our members have been punched, kicked, grabbed by the throat, hit with riding crops, ridden into and driven at. This weekend was no exception. Two of our group were driven into twice and with clear intent by the man believed to be the Huntsman of the Severn Vale Beagles, while he was towing their trailer.

It takes a truly sadistic person to sit in a large estate car and repeatedly drive into people on a public road. The Huntsman had a sadistic smile on his face as he was doing so. Hunts are emboldened by getting away with violence, largely due to police inaction. Nevertheless, this incident has been reported to the police and we look forward to a prosecution this time.

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Pics below  -   1/  Huntsman drives into 2 sabs    2/  He does it again

  SevernValeBeagleswithDevonCountyBeagles2sabsdrivenintobyHuntsman_1_25-11-17.jpg  SevernValeBeagleswithDevonCountyBeagles2sabsdrivenintobyHuntsman_2_25-11-17.jpg

28-11-17   Daily Mail    Audi-driving huntsman 'rams his car into animal rights protesters as they stand in the middle of the road trying to film him before he speeds away' - Audi A6 driver allegedly accelerated into anti-hunt activists while towing trailer - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs claim driver collided with two of their members - Both men escaped with bruises but one said he feared he would be killed by car - Footage of incident has been passed to police and an investigation is under way   This is the shocking moment an Audi-driving huntsman appeared to ram his car into animal rights protesters before speeding away. The A6 driver allegedly accelerated into anti-hunt activists while towing a trailer after a meeting of the Severn Vale Beagles in Minehead, Somerset, on Saturday. Devon County Hunt Saboteurs claim the driver deliberately collided with two of their members before stopping and driving into them again. Both men escaped with bruises but one said he feared he would be pulled under the wheels of the car and killed as it ploughed through. Protesters say the driver was 'frustrated' because they had disrupted a hunt in Exmoor National Park and forced them to pack up and go home early. Footage of the incident has been passed to police and an investigation is under way. 

A ten-second clip - captured on a body camera - was posted on the saboteur group's Facebook page yesterday and has been viewed more than 25,000 times. It shows a black Audi estate with a trailer attached driving up behind a group of anti-hunt protesters as they walk along a narrow country road with no footpaths. The driver does not sound his horn before appearing to ram into the legs of two masked men in the middle of the road, knocking them back. They stand their ground and one points a camera at the driver but he puts his foot down and forces them aside. Stunned witnesses shout and swear at the man as he speeds off. A second clip shows the collision head-on, with the camera shaking on impact. One of the alleged victims, who asked to remain anonymous, later said: 'When he drove his car into me a second time and accelerated I feared for my life because I thought I would end up under the wheels.'

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police, which is investigating the incident which happened on the border, said: 'We have received an allegation of a person being driven at by an Audi in Simonsbath, Minehead, on Saturday, November 25th. 'Police have spoken to the reporting person and will be having a follow-up appointment with them in relation to this incident. Police will be making enquiries into this matter.' 

A spokesman for Devon County Hunt Saboteurs said: 'Every single week these Hunts flout the law and because the law is simply not enforced they get away with it. When we intervene they let out their frustration by attacking us. Over the last year our members have been punched, kicked, grabbed by the throat, hit with riding crops, ridden into and driven at. This weekend was no exception. Two of our group were driven into twice and with clear intent by the man believed to be the huntsman of the Severn Vale Beagles, while he was towing their trailer. It takes a truly sadistic person to sit in a large estate car and repeatedly drive into people on a public road. Hunts are emboldened by getting away with violence, largely due to police inaction. Nevertheless, this incident has been reported to the police and we look forward to a prosecution this time.'

A spokesman for the Severn Vale Beagles said: 'The Hunt involved will take any allegations made against it very seriously and in the event of any further action there will be a full internal investigation.'

Pic below   -   Huntsman drives off after ramming sabs 



Cornwall sabs threatened by metal-bar wielding hunter at end of day

27-11-17   Facebook - Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team   Hit report- Saturday 25/11/2017 Joint meet of the East Cornwall Hunt with Cury Hunt    Those beach-loving hunters, the Cury Hunt, (sshh, don't mention Gunwalloe Beach), invited their pals down from the East Cornwall Hunt for a day's 'trail hunting'.

Some trail! The riders had a late start around midday and never seemed to go further than 1.5 miles from the meet at Tucoyse Farm, near Constantine. They spent a fair amount of time in stationary positions and when they were actually on the move, it seemed only to cross the road, to hide out in the valley West of the meet between Ninnis and Tolvan. Quite why the terrier men with their box and quad were needed, we do not know! Answers on a postcard to Devon & Cornwall Police please.

CuryFHE.CornwallFHHunterwhothreatenedsabswithironbar25-11-17.jpgIt rained, they hid in the valley some more, it rained again. Well, at least they all had a nice breakfast, washed down with the usual port, brandy or other intoxicating liquor. They had time for a smoke and more drinks about half way through proceedings. Our foot team and independent monitors did their best, despite somewhat difficult circumstances, to stay with them. They were fortunate enough to witness a brief appearance from our friend the fox. A beautiful young vixen was going about her daily business, out of harm's way. It doesn't bear thinking about what her day could have involved if we weren't there.

We met with the usual, "you're trespassing" (despite being on a public footpath), the head shaking, the looks that could kill but the metal bar wielding huntsman was a first for us! It happened at approximately 4.30pm, when we were heading to the meet to establish that the hounds had been boxed up and all was finished.

As we approached the farm from the West, our vehicle met with a white Ford van towing a horse box on this single track road. Our vehicle was in the better position to alleviate the traffic jam so we reversed to the triangular junction. The driver was not grateful for this and with much arm flapping and a late indicator, decided she now wanted to trouble us even further and come our way. It didn't take long for her huntsman passenger to alight the vehicle and order us to move, despite there being room. He returned to the van, swiftly collecting a long metal bar and came back at us raising the bar at our vehicle [above left], showing intent to cause damage if we did not move. This caused alarm and distress. Completely unacceptable behaviour!! We have video footage of the incident and are liaising with the Police. We can clearly see why we were tipped off about this lot. They think they are above the law!

Thank you to all our supporters, and also to our fellow sabs and monitors the length and breadth of the country, who give up their time to help save persecuted wildlife. We all know animals are sentient beings and have every right to live their lives free from fear and persecution.


Blencathra FH hunt all over SSSI and its rare flora

Pathetic attempts to intimidate sabs 

27-11-17   Facebook - Lancashire Hunt Sabs    On Saturday 25th November, we found the Blencathra at Mungrisdale. Support were lining the sides of the roads looking across the fields towards White Moss SSSI. Sabs went into the moss on foot, whilst others drove east towards Greystoke. Followers could be seen in small groups scattered around the fields below Eycott Hill. Huntsman Barry Todhunter took his hounds through the woods atBlencathraFHExtrasfromDeliverance25-11-17.jpg White Moss for a couple of hours, appearing on the northern end of Souther Fell - hounds then appeared on Raven Crags where they crossed the road, running in front of a police car, jumped the wall and headed back towards White Moss.

Supporters in the White Moss area were holloaing, while Todhunter stood on the road on the other side of the fields, grabbing onto a child which he used as a human shield in an attempt to stop himself being filmed, shouting out 'you're filming minors, you're filming minors!.'  Todhunter then claimed that he was seeing his hounds safely across the road, although most of the pack were at this time around a mile away in White Moss, on the line of a fox, with terrified deer running in all directions in the SSSI.

It was disturbing to see one particular family had coached their child to throw himself in front of Todhunter every time a camera was near, with the child and his family shouting out 'paedophile' whenever we filmed Barry - we know that Barry is 'camera shy' but this was scraping the barrel even by their standards. Other hunt members attempted to stop sabs filming by putting their hands in front of the cameras, but they just didn't have enough hands... Another hunt member attempted to intimidate female sabs by repeatedly wrenching open car doors and causing damage (which he later admitted and agreed to remedy). As we have this incident on film, we will be making it public if he doesn't. One man attempted to run us off the road and later tried to abuse his powers as a magistrate. Footage on its way.

Pic above  -  waiting to audition for re-make of Deliverance?    

Pic below  -  Hounds running all over SSSI 


29-11-17   Facebook - National Dis-Trust    This weekend, Lancashire Hunt Sabs paid another much needed visit to the shady Blencathra Foxhounds. Whilst there, the Hunt went all over a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) designated for a fair few rare plants... wonder what Natural England think of that? Why not ask them? Their email for this area is cumbriaareateam@naturalengland.org.uk. The information about Mungrisdale Mires SSSI can be viewed here -> bit.ly/2ibvkPt.


Sabs think Dart Vale Harriers may have killed 'bagged fox'

27-11-17   Facebook - South Devon Animal Rights  VIDEOS   Hit Report - 25th November The Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers met today at Coleridge Farm, nr Chillington, four miles from Kingsbridge. With a field of approx 25 riders, huntsman Emlyn Jones left the meet at 11.30 and descended quickly into a private wood, adjacent to Coleridge House. Sabs positioned northwards above letting out some voice calls. All was quiet, but it wasn't long before they emerged and hounds were cast out into a nearby crop field. Excited and hungry, the pack quickly picked up on a scent. Sabs rushed in to make sure nothing was set upon and after some time of circling round the Huntsman gave up and left the location.

Whilst this commotion was going on and hunt support were starting to get up to their usual antics, a member of the public drove up to us and asked what was happening. Disgusted with what she heard and saw she asked if she could help, so was therefore gratefully welcomed and joined our team for the day as an extra driver to pick up and drop off sabs, also keeping eyes on the Hunt.

After drawing a blank through several fields and with riders fragmenting, the Huntsman took off and managed to give us the slip. With so many woodlands and valleys this isn't hard, although it meant hunt support were left dissatisfied and in fact for some time it seemed to be disorganised chaos, including a riderless horse that nearly collided with us and other vehicles. Galloping along the lanes, he or she was clearly distressed and sweating from exhaustion. The rider who we assumed had fallen off his horse looked like he'd had far too many pre-hunt tipples, as he was escorted by quad to try and catch his roaming horse.


When discovering several vehicles in a valley west of Coleridge, we feared the release of a fox to the hounds was imminent, but sabs on foot couldn't see or hear anything. Then suddenly hounds were heard in cry. They headed towards Deer Bridge not far from Slapton and as we approached with our Land-Rover riders were circling round hoping to see a kill. With a combination of sabs rushing in and hounds being slowed down by boggy ground we hope that this fox managed to escape.

Still determined to get their fix, a little later on we came across the same vehicles and spectators in place, even very young children. It`s ironic how hunt supporters can get so angry about us filming around their children, but encouraging them to see animals ripped apart is deemed acceptable. Hounds were seen following three boxed up quads around a field, which suggested a fox or foxes were on-board and going to be released to the hounds. When out of sight this was confirmed and within a minute or two hounds were not just babbling on a scent, but were in full cry.

With sabs too far away and vehicles purposely blocking the roads we were unable to intervene in what may have ended in a kill. One obnoxious rider rode into a sab, using his horse to push him around and threatening to whip him. It was only when told the police were on their way from a previous incident, that he withdrew from his violent behaviour.

Another well known hunt thug and ex-terrierman George Bailey gave his usual pathetic performance of trying to intimidate us by blocking the road, telling one sab that he knows where he lives; the normal bully boy tactics.

A little later sabs intervened in what appeared to be another release but, aware that we were ready with cameras, the Huntsman dissuaded his pack and decided to pack up early at approx 4pm. Information has been passed to police at a meeting held today.


May overruled colleagues over election pledge to repeal hunt ban

27-11-17   Times   May forced through ‘toxic’ manifesto hunting pledge    Theresa May[below] overruledTheresaMay3_.jpg colleagues including Andrea Leadsom when she put a commitment to allow MPs the chance to repeal the ban on fox hunting in the election manifesto. The decision, along with dropping a ban on ivory sales, has been identified as among the key misjudgements of the election campaign.

Social media posts framed the Conservatives as anti-animal, undermining the party’s support among groups already alienated by its Brexit stance. The potency of the issue was underlined last week when a story in The Independent about a Commons vote on animal sentience became the most shared political story of the year, according to analysis by Buzzfeed.

Michael Gove, the environment secretary, rebutted the latest claims and criticised social media for allowing the spread of “fake news”. He promised to use Brexit to improve animal welfare.

Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, has told Mrs May not to bow to animal rights groups in the misguided pursuit of “electoral nirvana”. He wrote: “There is a small element in the party which has embraced the more extreme parts of the animal rights movement usually with some trite line about ‘modernisation’. Selfies with Brian May, voting against badger culling, signing up to the latest item on the animal rights agenda are, apparently, the road to electoral nirvana.” He said that Mr Gove had been right to criticise the “distortion” of the government’s position on animal sentience but that it signalled that “he may bow to exactly the pressure it exerted by bringing forward changes in the law”.

A ministerial source said that Mrs Leadsom, then the environment secretary, had been blocked from changing the party’s policy on hunting. “Andrea wanted May not to repeat the promise to allow parliamentary time for a ban on hunting but she was overruled,” the source said.

An ally of Mrs May acknowledged that the prime minister insisted that the policy be included. “It was one of the first things that was decided because it was such a toxic issue. [Mrs May] just felt that she couldn’t do anything other than continue with it because she had been previously supportive.”

The number of MPs against hunting swelled after the election so there is little chance of a vote in this parliament.

POWAperson comments  - It comes as a surprise - if it is true - that Andrea Leadsom opposed putting Hunting Act repeal in the Tory manifesto. When she was running for party leadership, she was quoted as calling foxes 'vermin' and openly supported hunting. She is also known to be a strong supporter of her local hunt, the Grafton FH in Northants. Although they are regularly filmed both hunting foxes and abusing monitors she has not uttered a word of criticism of them. 



Vehicle driven into sabs, female sabs ridden into at Ledbury S. FH

Sab has to be pulled out from under redcoat's trailer 

26-11-17  Facebook - Welsh Border Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   A massive thank you to all the groups who came to joinLedburySFHFsabbeingriddeninto3_25-11-17.jpg us yesterday after last weeks assaults. Cheshire, Lancashire, Derby, North Wales, as well as our usual partners in non crime, Bath and Bristol hunt sabs headed to Kings Caple where the Ledbury South were planning on hunting.

After some delay, possibly due to the heavy frost, the Hunt left the meet at around 12 o'clock, although not before calling the police. It's quite odd that it took no more than 10 minutes for the police to arrive when called by the hunt, yet it took them over an hour and a half to turn up (and leave without speaking to the victims) when a 999 call was made last week whilst we were being attacked.

Anyway, we digress, after leaving the meet the Hunt hot-footed it across the river and headed for the safety of Caradoc Hall and the surrounding land. Sadly however, with so many sabs in the area, wherever the chose to roam, they ran into sabs. This had the desired affect of keeping them moving, unable to hunt.

So it was only to be expected that they would resort to violence again. And ex jockey, David Mansell was more than happy to oblige. After repeatedly riding into, threatening and assaulting one female sab whilst she was on a LedburySFHFsabbeingriddeninto5_25-11-17.jpgfootpath, he then chose to do the same to another female sab who filmed the first attack. Clearly a case of "small man syndrome".

As the Hunt moved off back into the grounds of Caradoc, leaving Patrick* struggling with the gate which did make us chuckle, we followed, rating the hounds when they started to speak. With more sabs than Hunt swarming all over Patrick's land, the Hunt threw in the towel and gave up.

So as we stood minding our own business, waiting to be ferried to a local hostelry for after sabbing refreshments, a land rover with horse box in tow driven by the redcoat involved in last week's attacks, drove into sabs. One female sab had to be pulled out from under the trailer's wheels. The possible consequences of such an action are horrendous.

So we say to the Ledbury South aka South Hereford Hunt, with every violent act you subject us to, you are showing yourselves for the vile fox cub killing, degenerates you truly are.

* Sir Patrick Darling, serious landowner, former JM of S.Herefordshire FH, High Sheriff of Herefordshire.

Pics below  -  1/    Close-up of sab being ridden at     2/   Even closer

  LedburySFHFsabbeingriddeninto25-11-17.jpg  LedburySFHFsabbeingriddeninto_2_25-11-17.jpg



North Cotswold FH hounds run uncontrolled on busy road

26-11-17  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Wednesday 22nd November 2017    We sabbed the North Cotswold hunt from Cutsdean in the North Cotswold badger cull zone with friends from Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch. An early morning sett patrol pre hunt led to the discovery that the setts targeted by the cull and then by sett blocking had slowly started to recover, no blocked setts were found by us. An attempt to puncture the tyres of our long suffering Ford focus were thwarted by noticing that something was amiss on return to the car. More on that at a later date...To all sabs and monitors, check before you drive off.

Sadly Nigel Peel let himself down by either not having full control of the pack OR could it possibly be that they chased a fox over the B4077 and into some gardens. Anyway the end result was chaos on the roads as can be seen from this film.

He kept running away from us after that and we don't think he got much hunting done after using the Heythrop counter sab/monitor tactic of 1/ getting stalkers to stick with us and 2/ running away if it looks like we are anywhere nearby.

Please continue to support our work by sharing our page, continuing to tip us off and our paypal link is paypal.me/threecountiessabs.

  N.CotswoldFHHoundsonroad22-11-17.jpg N.CotswoldFHHoundsonroad2_22-11-17.jpg


Wynnstay FH - reports say scared school kids, spooked horses, ran riot through village

Reports say Hunt was trespassing and some horses were injured 

26-11-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   LOCALS TAKING CONTROL    More and more local people are standing up to hunts in their areas which is great for our wildlife and the local communities that have had to put up with hunt trespass, intimidation and arrogance for far too long. We encourage people to do this all the time when we are out and about and it is unbelievable the amount of people who want to join the growing group of monitors that we have. These Hunts need to be looking over their shoulders because even when we aren't about locals are watching and recording their activities.

We have had reports of the Wynnstay Hunt (last week) terrorising school children in Aldford, where the Duke of Westminster’s home is, and the next village, Churton. Hounds were running riot through the village and all round the local school. They were caught trespassing on land they had been forbidden to go on, scaring livestock and endangering peoples horses that were spooked and racing about injuring themselves.

We have also been contacted by two sets of locals who had taken it on themselves to follow and record the antics of the North Staffordshire hunt. They were fully supported and guided by one of our admins who helped them. We say well done to all you locals. Together we will stop this cruel and minority pastime!

We have added some photos, some of which are not perfect quality but show these Hunts that more and more people will not take it anymore...


Sabs say police ignored Atherstone FH law-breaking, blocked road for no reason

26-11-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   Atherstone Hunt / Leicestershire Police road blocking Atherstone Hunt - Saturday 25th November - Ashby Parva    On Saturday, the Atherstone Hunt met at the The Hollybush in Ashby Parva. The Atherstone continue to look like a broken Hunt, dispirited, going through the motions, propped up by young pony club riders. This is not because of Leicestershire Police finally enforcing the Hunting Act, it is because of our constant presence exposing the hunting and violence over the past three years. They know their only chance of survival long term is to get rid of us.

That is where their continued collaboration with Leicestershire Police comes in. On Saturday Leicestershire Police weren't interested that the Atherstone were breaking road traffic laws and blocking roads, instead they joined in, blocking the road completely at one point for no apparent reason. We never saw any officer from the two police cars get out of their vehicle once to see what the Hunt were doing...   Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs .

Pics below  -  1/  Hunt car using flashing orange light, contrary to Road Traffic Act     2/    Police car blocking road shortly after Hunt had moved down road in front of it 




Portman and Wilton FHs' riders & hounds take over B road

26-11-17   Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights    VIDEO    Portman/Wilton joint meet 25/11/2017    This just shows the blatant disregard they have for their animals. Hounds left to run all over the road. This road was a typical B road that had traffic travelling through all day. On this occasion thankfully no hounds or horses or even people were hurt... It could have so very easily been a different story!

Pics below  -   1/   Very long line of riders obstructing traffic    2/  Hounds loose on road 

 PortmanWiltonFHsLonglineofriderscloggingroad25-11-17.jpg  PortmanWiltonFHshoundsonroad25-11-17.jpg


Old Surrey FH [pretend to?] lay trail thru a field of sheep!

Supporter drives into sab - hounds run riot on road 

25-11-17    Facebook - Croydon Hunt Saboteurs   We are on top of the Burstow Hunt. They have just taken the hounds into a field full of sheep following a quad bike with a sign saying "Trail Layer." Really?

26-11-17   Facebook – Kingston Sabs   ...We were able to keep the redcoats, field, and most importantly, the hounds in sight all day, including being present when first several quad bikes (driven by the usual OSB terrier men)went into a field of sheep, followed, not long after by the Hunt, hounds and all the remaining field - much to the consternation of the sheep and sabs. Bad news from a biosecurity angle and, you would think, that of the farmer too: can't be good having the hunt go on the land harassing the sheep...

Just after 3pm, the Hunt rode back to the meet, and packed up, with no kills taking place.



30-11-17    Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs   On Saturday we joined North Downs, West Sussex and Croydon Hunt Sabs to pay the Old Surrey & Burstow and West Kent hunt a visit. Almost a year after they killed a fox right in front of sabs whom were seconds too late to save it - we started the day by returning the fox to the earth by scattering the ashes in a scenic setting surrounded by lovely compassionate people.

It was a very strange day to say the least. A lot of Hunts seemed to be on their best behaviour, perhaps they have received so much bad publicity recently (hunt violence, fox kills etc...) they've been told to calm it down with their blatant illegal activities. Despite this we had had the odd trouble with some of the backward deluded supporters whom just can't help themselves including one that drove straight into a sab. The Hunt at one point lost complete control of the hounds across a road but thankfully managed to get them to safety with the help of sabs.

Whilst at the pub after a rather easy day we were joined by a supporter of the Hunt - rather amusingly he thought he was invisible hiding behind the bar staring at us... sorry but "you can't sit with us"

We are currently trying to raise funds for a new vehicle. If you can please donate, share or message us to get involved, thanks! https://ko-fi.com/A62094D.


Sabs save fox being hunted by Eggesford FH

25-11-17  Facebook – Devon County Sabs    ...Just in time! We arrived at the Eggesford meet at Kelland Barton, near Lapford, shortly before 4pm and proceeded to scour some of the hunt's favourite spots in the area. It took less than 10 minutes to locate them close to Clotworthy Farm. Huntsman Jason Marles was on his own with the hounds, a few riders, the terrier men and no support vehicles. Hounds could be heard speaking in the vicinity of Coldridge Barton so we quickly dropped a foot team to get in closer to them. By the time they got a view, hounds were running in a straight line in full cry from Coldridge towards Eggesford Cross. Sabs used voice-calls and gizmo to call the hounds and managed to pull them off the line and back towards them, buying the fox a valuable couple of minutes. Meanwhile sabs on the road, just a few fields away, saw a beautiful dark red fox cross the road in front of them. The scent covered with citronella, that fox got away.

In fading light Huntsman Jason gathered his pack and rode back towards the meet. One of the hounds was severely limping and could have easily been given a lift on the quad but the welfare of their hounds is obviously not of any concern to this Hunt.

A pretty successful day! We covered a lot of miles, which would not have been possible without the help of one of our friends from Somerset Hunt Saboteur Group, who came down with the Somerset landy. Our landy is currently in the garage being fixed. If you can spare a few quid to help us get it back on the road, you can donate via www.paypal.me/dchs .

Pics below  -   1/   Hounds and huntsman on a line     2/   Terriermen     3/  Hounds respond to sab gizmo  


   EggesfordFHTerriermen25-11-17.jpg  EggesfordFHHoundsrespondtogizmo25-11-17.jpg


 Banwen Miners FH lose most of pack in shambolic meet

25-11-17   Facebook - South Wales Hunt Saboteurs   Banwen Miners lose the pack...    Funny old day with the Banwen today – they met at the Greyhound Inn at Oldwalls, Llanrhidian on the Gower. They left the meet with a full pack of hounds and returned 2 hours later with just 12. Well done Andrew Rees (Huntsman) quite an achievement.

After a dreary half hour or so, the field decided to head off to Cefn Bryn for a ride across the common – you have to wonder why they bother to pay subscriptions to the Banwen when they could ride across the common any time they choose.

Meanwhile Andrew and the Whip drew the hounds through a thin tree line on the edge of the common – any pretence of trail hunting long gone. The ground was boggy and so cold there was still a frost and the wind was whipping in from the Loughor estuary. It was flippin' cold.

We had split up into small teams and had the ever diminishing pack of hounds in sight for most of the hour that they hunted - and the hour that the huntsman spent fruitlessly trying to gather. He gave up at 1pm. Despite the short amount of time that they were out, one of their followers on a quad bike managed to upset a local landowner.

One of our foot teams had to endlessly slow the traffic to prevent lost hounds from being run down. The whole thing was a bit of shambles really, but we were happy that they had failed to kill and were very glad to have an early finish.

Pics below  -   1/  Sab with one of the lost hounds     2/  Huntsman & Whip with some of their hounds 

  BanwenMinersOneoftheirlosthoundswithsab25-11-17.jpg  BanwenMinersHuntsmanWhipwithsomeoftheirhounds25-11-17.jpg


Sabs say they saved a hunted fox from Grove & Rufford FH

25-11-17  Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  A fox, illegally hunted by the Grove & Rufford Hunt in Nottinghamshire this afternoon, is helped to safety by West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs using voice calls and whip cracks.

Hounds were in cry in the trees to the right and a hunter can be heard encouraging them to "go on", after the fox. After holding up the hounds, sabs made sure the fox had fled and then masked the area with citronella.

We depend on your kind donations to save foxes and other animals - donations gratefully accepted here: https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs . Thank you.


27-11-17   Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs   HIT REPORT: GROVE & RUFFORD HUNT, SATURDAY NOVEMBER 25TH, NORWELL NR. NEWARK-ON-TRENT   This Saturday - with our van windscreen repaired thanks to your kind donations - West Yorks Sabs and our friends Sheffield Sabs paid a return visit to the Grove & Rufford at their meet in Norwell, Nottinghamshire. It’s worth pointing out that this Hunt have a very recent conviction for illegal hunting  and the redcoats now don black jackets - possibly to avoid the unwanted attention of cameras watching their illegal activities.

The Hunt started off quickly through the village roads, then sped off in the direction of Park Wood. Lo and behold, we arrived to find the field riders crowded round the western edge of the covert, and riders strategically positioned on point, to allow them to see where a fox might exit the wood. With Sheffield sabs to the east we were well-placed to intervene, though there was no need on this occasion.

With excellent inter-group communication we were able to tag team throughout the day, culminating in us arriving to the hunt at the moment the hounds went into cry. We moved quickly towards the hounds and used voice calls to stop them from following. At this moment, a fox escaped out of the hedge and crossed the road; the hounds were within two metres of the fox. We were positioned perfectly in between the fox and the hounds and using further voice calls and whip cracks, we stopped the hounds from following.

The Hunt then moved to the next covert, where Sheffield sabs awaited them. Another tag team manoeuvre saw us escort them back to their meet, enjoying a cuddle with hounds whilst the Hunt attempted to herd some young cows from a field. They packed up well before three and we headed off to the pub for a well deserved pint.

Please consider helping keep us out in the field by chipping in a couple of quid - many thanks: https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs .


Whip of D&S SH says Eggesford FH hounds killed on railway

25-11-17   Facebook – Devon County Sabs    …While one of our teams made sure the beagles were on their way home, the other vehicle drove a mile up the road only to bump into the Devon & Somerset Staghounds, who were busy hunting between Smallacombe and Kinsford Gate. We monitored them for the next hour and bumped into ex-Eggesford Huntsman Gary Boon [below], now a whip for the staghounds. He told us that some of the Eggesford hounds had been run over on the railway line the other day...



'Ugly' film of fox kill by Fife FH hounds released in Scottish Sun

Sab group thinks second fox killed, probably at dig-out 

25-11-17   Scottish Sun   VIDEO     'IT IS HORRIFYING' Watch sickening moment fox is ripped to shreds by pack of blood-thirsty hounds in Fife…thanks to legal loopholes - The ugly video footage was filmed three weeks ago but no action has been taken by Police Scotland after a probe into the incident   THIS is the sickening moment a fox is ripped to shreds by a pack of blood-thirsty hounds – thanks to legal loopholes. The ugly video footage was filmed three weeks ago, but no action has been taken by cops.

Now a Scottish Sun on Sunday investigation has revealed hunters across the country are still encouraging their dogs to savage foxes, despite new laws ushered in 15 years ago to stop the wild creatures being persecuted.

Robbie Marsland, who heads The League Against Cruel Sports, hit out: “It is horrifying that the brutality seen in this footage is highly likely to be deemed as legal hunting. The hunting ban in Scotland was intended to stop such cruelty and make hunting with hounds more humane. Sadly the law falls very short of the mark and exemptionsFifeFHSavagingfox28-10-17.jpg within it allow incidents like these – which are identical to traditional, pre-ban hunting, to continue.”

It is illegal to deliberately hunt foxes with dogs in Scotland. But the accidental killing of a fox by hounds is within the law. And dogs are frequently – and legally – used to kill foxes that hunters claim have survived being shot.

Hunt saboteurs – or sabs – filmed hunting hounds as they tore through countryside north of Cupar, Fife, on October 28. Our exclusive footage shows dogs running into woods after picking up the scent of a fox. The excited pack burst out of the woods and run freely across an open field and into another thicket of trees. A gun shot can then be heard ringing out before a fox is spotted breaking cover. It flees the trees and runs for its life across an open field before being seized by one dog, and then another. Seconds later around a dozen dogs are seen jostling for position while ripping the fox to bits while wagging their tails [right].

The initial frenzy lasts about a minute before a man carrying what appears to be a gun over his shoulder wanders from the trees. He lifts the carcass and tosses it to the pack to ‘rag’ — a grim technique that allows dogs to viciously bite the carcass and keep the dogs hyped-up for the kill. The gunman is seen patting one of the dogs as they continue to tear into the dead fox before its body is chucked over a nearby fence, before it is again given to dogs.

League Against Cruel sports boss Robbie added: “It would be perfectly plausible for the hunters to argue they used the hounds to dispatch a wounded fox following a failed attempt to shoot it. Sadly the law we currently have makes these arguments hugely difficult to dispel. The League believes the law is a sham and is urging the Scottish Government to strengthen it so it’s fit for purpose.”

The campaigner who filmed the attack said: “It was really horrible. Think of the suffering that fox must have gone through. I was with my daughter, she’s grown-up and has witnessed a lot, but she was nearly in tears.” Hunt sabs say they handed the footage to the police, who initially asked if the mauling could have been accidental. Police Scotland say they received two calls about the hunt but could find no evidence of wrong doing. A police spokesperson said: “It was established that no illegal activity had taken place and there was no criminality involved.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson said last night: “We are currently consulting on Lord Bonomy’s recommendations for reform of the law on foxhunting in Scotland and would encourage everyone with an interest to take part. We have also established a stakeholder group to develop a new code of practice and assess the feasibility of a new monitoring scheme. We remain committed to ensuring the highest welfare standards for all animals, including those in the wild, and encourage everyone to notify Police Scotland if anyone is suspected of breaking the law.”

Pics below  -  1/   Hunter drags fox corpse away from kill site     2/  Hunter throws fox corpse for hounds to rag   [All pics credit Scottish Sun]

  FifeFHHunterdragsfoxcorpse28-10-17.jpg  FifeFHHunterthrowsfoxcorpseforhoundstorag28-10-17.jpg

This kill was witnessed and first reported by Fife and Central Scotland Sabs on 31-10-17, as reported in the entry for that date in the POWA UK Hunting News Archive  

26-11-17   Facebook - Perthshire Hunt Sabs  VIDEO   Fife Foxhounds Opening meet - Lochmalony House – 28/10/2017   ...Soon after the hounds could be heard going into cry, with such a distance between us and the hunt all we could do was watch and hope the fox escaped them, sadly this did not happen. We saw the hounds run across a field from one patch of woodland to another, not long after a fox was seen running from the woodland, a lone hound grabbed it then released it, the fox again tried to run, but another hound was quickly on it, seconds later followed by the whole pack. We were too far away to do anything sadly, all we could do was record this horror to show the reality of this so called "Sport"...

Once the hunt were finished going through the cover they started to move away from Forret Hill, but stopped on the road down the hill from where we were, the hounds were seen gathered round something, then Galpin was seen with a sack, he picked up what must have been a fox's body and ragged it with the hounds before putting it in the sack. It seems very unlikely he would do this with the first kill, so its most likely that when he was missing he was digging and killing a fox that the hounds had chased to ground.

So sadly it appears two foxes lost their lives to Fife Foxhounds on their opening meet. We held back writing this report as we hoped the police might take some action, but as expected the police do nothing even when there is footage of a live fox being killed by hounds... Hunting Ban, What Hunting Ban? as far as the police are concerned there is no Hunting Ban.

Please consider a donation to help keep us in the fields and saving lives.

Pics below   -   All that was left behind of the first fox  

  FifeFHRemnantofkilledfox28-10-17.jpg  FifeFHRemnantofkilledfox_2_28-10-17.jpg


Quorn FH berated by landowner for disturbing horses, 5 foxes escape

25-11-17   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs   Apparently the Quorn are struggling for support so they're attempting to hunt Saturday's in a bid to get some younger riders interested. If that's the case then days like today won't help their cause. It was like watching paint dry! Ourselves and Northants Sabs were at the meet just North of Willoughby on the Wolds in good time and watched a large field stand around a scrubby field in the freezing cold for what seemed like ages (in the nice warmth of our sab wagon) before Huntsman Peter finally decided to set off.

He took his hounds West to Willoughby Gorse where they quickly went into cry. We watched 4 foxes flee the covert, 2 to the South and 2 to the North, but fortunately we already had foot sabs in both locations and they were able to see them to safety.

For the next hour, Peter put his hounds into a series of coverts in the same area of land where they continually picked up scent. We were always on hand however to ensure none of the earlier foxes were caught. By about midday he'd exhausted this area of land and much of the momentum went out of the day. Many of the freezing cold field, bored with hanging around, sloped off as soon as decency allowed and the hunt seemed to have little land available to hunt.

They second horsed back at the meet then proceeded to hunt the same land in the afternoon that they'd already covered earlier in the day. Peter tried his luck by putting his hounds through an area of scrub next to Riseholme feeds Country Store. Unsurprisingly they picked up and sabs carefully watched a fox away to safety to the North. There then followed an embarrassing half hour waiting for Peter to gather his pack, who seemed to pay him not the slightest bit of attention. He also managed to piss off a local landowner who was most displeased that his horses in the next field were being disturbed.

When he'd finally gathered his pack Peter took them back over the original bit of land AGAIN and called it a day by a rather delightful dung heap. So although we had a thoroughly nice day we're not sure the Quorn will have convinced the younger generation that hunting is a fun way to spend a Saturday. Keep trying chaps. We'll always be there to keep you company.

Pics below   -   1/   Fox flees through a field of sheep     2/   Load of shite by a muck heap 

  QuornFHFoxfleeingthrufieldofsheep25-11-17.jpg QuornFHLoadofshitebyamuckheap25-11-17.jpg


On day woman sab punched, Warks FH treat their horses like this...

24-11-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   The Warwickshire Hunt love their horses   We know that Hunts view both their hounds and horses as commodities and neither are treated very well. This video shows just how much the Warwickshire Hunt love their horses. Firstly one horse has a very nasty looking wound at the top its leg with blood pouring down. We're not sure how it happened, but despite the wound the rider continued to ride down the road. Later in the day another rider from the hunt rides her horse into the path of our vehicle, when we try to go round and overtake the horse the rider continues to move the horse into the vehicles path blocking us from continuing down the road.

This all happened the same day that one of our sabs was attacked by an ex-director of the Warwickshire Hunt. Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.

  N.CotswoldFHHorsewithbadwound9-11-17.jpg  WarwickshireFHRiderswerveshorseinfrontofsabcar9-11-17.jpg     


Ledbury FH terrierman who punched & kicked sab on ground is acquitted

24-11-17   Facebook - Fox hunt off Malvern Hills   TERRIERMAN ASSAULT UPDATE:   We have received notification that the charge of affray against terrier man/tree surgeon from Malvern, Ross Loader, was dismissed in Worcester Crown Court on Monday. Although disappointed we are pleased West Mercia Police took the incident seriously, interviewing some of those involved and taking it to court. We know too well the difficulties of making legally strong cases and convincing the CPS to prosecute hunt/wildlife/trespass/protesting related crimes.

The incident happened when Bristol Hunt Saboteurs found terriermen near a badger sett that a fox had gone to ground in that they wanted to dig out - although private land, a stones throw away from Castlemorton Common, Malvern Hills Trust land.

POWAperson comments -  Obviously, I was not in court and didn't hear all the evidence, but it just seems astonishing that this man could be acquitted. The sab video clearly shows him rushing towards a group of hunt followers and sabs who were arguing, but nothing more. He immediately attacks a sab and we see him the sab lying on the ground with Loader looming over him. Loader punches him twice, hard, then kicks at him. It's not clear whether the kick made contact or not. There could scarcely be clearer evidence. The original sab report is here, the Sun report from the next day here. Judge for yourselves. A few days later another report identified the assailant and said he had admitted to the assault. Later in the month another report named a person who was photographed apparently assisting Loader in assaulting the sab on the ground. This man was not charged. In May it was reportedthat police had charged him with the serious offence of affray, which can carry a two-year prison sentence. So we can not, in this case at least, complain that police did not do their job properly, as so often does appear to be the case in the very frequent occasions when antis are attacked by hunters.

Pic below   -    Loader attacking sab on the ground



Warwickshire FH thug cautioned for splitting woman sab's eye open

24-11-17   Coventry Telegraph   VIDEO    Man cautioned after anti-hunt protester's injury caught on camera - The woman suffered a cut to her eye as activists followed the Warwickshire Hunt A man has been cautioned by police after a clash which saw an anti-fox hunt activist injured was caught on camera. The video shows the woman being shoved in the back before appearing to be struck across the face. She emerges with blood streaming from her eye, which has started to bruise.

The footage was shot as members of the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs were following the Warwickshire Hunt, between Birdingbury and Marton, earlier this month. The incident was reported to Warwickshire Police , who have now stated that a 57-year-old man from the Rugby area has been cautioned for assault following an incident on land near to the A423 Oxford Road in Marton on Thursday, November 9th.

The video was posted on the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs’ Facebook page along with the words: “On Thursday, November 9, members of West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs were monitoring the Warwickshire Hunt who were hunting in Birdingbury, Warwickshire. The Hunt were becoming increasingly annoyed at not being able to hunt properly and were filmed going through a list of contacts and then making some phone calls. Not long after these phone calls, two aggressive hunt supporters turn up and approach the two Sabs. “One of them then hits one of the cameras before hitting the female saboteur in the face. When her back is turned on him he starts shoving her and then pushes her to the ground. “He then lashes out at her again. When she challenges him about him hitting her he doesn’t deny it and can he can be heard saying ‘you can hit me if you want I don’t give a f***’.”

They also claim that a female hunt supporter told one of the activists: “You’re not a woman, you’re a monster” and “that’s nothing” referring to the blood coming from the saboteur’s eye. A spokesperson for The Warwickshire Hunt said: “The Warwickshire Hunt acts within the law to comply with the Hunting Act 2004. “The Hunt does not condone any form of violence even when faced with extreme provocation, personal harassment and other serial offences.”

  WarwickshireFHAggressivesupporterhitsfemalesabinface9-11-17.jpg  WarwickshireFHSabpunchedinfacebymalehunter9-11-17.jpg

POWAperson comments -  We are informed that the offender's name is Anthony Ellis and that he is a former Director of the Warwickshire FH. As can be seen in the video, before hitting the sab in the face he had shoved her once, causing her to stumble, and then again causing her to fall. He is a burly man and his attitude throughout the encounter was extremely aggressive and menacing. And for this he gets a caution. There is little doubt that the offence he committed in hitting his victim was causing Actual Bodily Harm, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. Recently, a JM of the Crawley FH in Sussex was convicted of threatening behaviour towards a male sab. He did not even lift a hand towards him. He was fined £2,500. And Ellis gets a caution for menacing, shoving over and splitting open the eye of a woman.


Woman sab-whipper in angry, abusive rant at antis - 3 weeks earlier

On 18-11-17 Brighton Sabs filmed the woman, Jane Miller, wife of a luxury London hotel owner, riding her horse into sabs and then whipping,  no less than 17 times, one who grabbed her horse's reins in an attempt to restrain her and protect his friends, while screaming her head off. Now footage of her engaging in a screeching, foul-mothed rant at sabs three weeks earlier in which she has to be restrained by a friend and her husband while trying to hit one of the sabs has emerged.

24-11-17   Times  VIDEO  Film shows hunt woman in earlier clash with saboteurs    A woman filmed whipping a protester with a riding crop had launched an abusive tirade at hunt saboteurs three weeks before the alleged attack, a second video shows.

Jane Miller, 56, whose partner Richard Goring is part of Britain’s oldest luxury family hotel dynasty, lashed out at the man while on a hunt in Herstmonceux, East Sussex, in the first video. Mr Goring, 79, said that Ms Miller had been “terrified” when a masked protester took hold of her reins.

New video shows her clashing with Brighton Hunt Saboteurs who she calls “f***ing terrorists”. Ms Miller, from Heathfield, is seen being held back by a friend and Mr Goring as she shouts at a female protester. She says she is taking part in a legal drag hunt, adding: “You peasantly, stupid f***ing idiots.”

The Countryside Alliance called for tighter policing of hunt protests. It criticised “balaclava-clad animal-rights activists” for intimidating legal trail hunts such as the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt that Ms Miller attended. Lee Moon, of the Hunt Saboteurs Association, said: “This earlier video clearly shows she is anything but scared and is quite obviously the aggressor.” 

The story was also covered by the Mail.

Pics below    -   1/   Jane in full rant mode     2/  Friend steps in to restrain her 

  JaneMillerWhippedsab17times18-11-17Hereinabusiverantatsabs3weeksearlier.jpg JaneMillerWhippedsab17times18-11-17Friendrestrainsherduringabusiverantatsabs3weeksearlier.jpg

POWAperson adds - This video was taken at a meet of the Mid-Surrey Farmers drag hunt. No, they were not being sabbed. Brighton Sabs, unable to find the Crawley FH, had responded to reports at a hunt gathering at a location where the  Southdown & Eridge FH sometimes meet. They were assailed by Jane Miller before they had a chance to establish that this was a genuine drag hunt. In a statement, the sabs added 'After the assault, theft and breaking of the sab's glasses we did leave, before we did two members of the drag hunt came over and apologised for the woman’s behaviour and agreed that sabs had done nothing wrong and had reacted with great restraint to her attacks.'  I can't find any reference anywhere else to 'assault, theft and breaking of the sab's glasses'.


Monitors release another film of Grafton FH hunting fox

23-11-17   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch   VIDEO   GRAFTON CAUGHT FOX HUNTING AGAIN!

POWAperson adds - The video shows the Grafton hunting a fox during the cub-hunting season. The film begins with the Hunt moving off from the meet near Moreton Pinkney. Later, we hear a tally ho! We see riders looking and then hounds searching in undergrowth. Some hounds are seen running in a field, then on the road next to it. The fox crosses the road and hounds run after it. They chase it, hounds going into cry for a short time, but soon seem to lose it and run around searching. Riders appear in the road and in the first field by the hedge, looking across to where the fox has run. Film caption says Huntsman gathered hounds at point where fox crossed into field. Monitor films the fox running away across field from the road. Terrierman rides quad into field, unclear why. Film ends at this point.

Pics below  -  1/  Hounds searching in undergrowth near road    2/   Hounds spot fox crossing road and start to chase      3/   Fox making a dash for freedom across field     4/  Terriermen enter field fox has fled across 

  GraftonFHHoundssearchundergrowthbyroad21-10-17.jpg GraftonFHHoundsspotfoxcrossingroad21-10-17.jpg

  GraftonFHFoxfleeingacrossfield21-10-17.jpg GraftonFHTerriermenenterfieldfoxhasfledover21-10-17.jpg


Atherstone FH Director convicted - assault, disorderly conduct, skip bail

Rider split woman sab's head open with crop + v.homophobic remarks

Failed to answer bail and didn't even attend trial - sentencing later

AtherstoneFHDirectorPeterTaroniguiltyofassaultetc.22-11-17.jpg22-11-17    Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO OF INCIDENT   Atherstone Hunt Director guilty of assault and homophobia    Today, at Loughbourgh Magistrates Court, Peter Taroni [left] was found guilty of assault by beating, disorderly conduct likely to cause harassment alarm or distress and 3 counts of missing bail.

The charges relate to an incident 11th February earlier this year when Taroni hit a female saboteur over the head with his riding crop. At the time Taroni was a regular rider with the Atherstone Hunt and also part of the Hunt's board of directors. Magistrates found him guilty of assaulting the female saboteur, the impact of the blow split her head open which she had to have treated in A&E.

Taroni was also found guilty of disorderly conduct likely to cause harassment alarm or distress for his homophobia after he was filmed spitting at another saboteur and calling him a "gay c**t" He was also found guilty of failing to attend police bail on three occasions. Taroni failed to turn up to court. The trial went ahead in his absence. He will be sentenced at a latter date.

This brings the total number of convictions and cautions the Atherstone Hunt have received in the past few years to 24 and proves once again that they are violent extremists. The fact that Mr Taroni was a regular rider and one of the Hunt's directors tells us that violence is at the very core of the Atherstone Hunt.

Some of the most vile and bigoted views we have ever come across have been at fox hunts. This homophobia was extremely offensive but shows that the views held by fox hunters are outdated and belong in the past along with the bloodsports they support. Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs

Pics below -   1/  Taroni about to hit female sab over head with crop     2/   Sab has just been struck by Taroni     3/   The resulting head wound    4/  Taroni spits at a sab before releasing a torrent of homophobic abuse

  AtherstoneFHDirectorPeterTaronijustbeforehittingf.sabsheadwithcrop11-2-17.jpg AtherstoneFHDirectorPeterTaronihasjusthitfsaboverhead11-2-17.jpg

  AtherstoneFHSabsheadwoundafterhitbyDirectorPeterTaroni11-2-17.jpg AtherstoneFHDirectorPeterTaronispitsatsabbeforeutteringhomophobicabuse11-2-17.jpg

POWAperson adds  -  Hunters are very often quick to violence against people as well as animals, but this is towards the extreme end. Hunters also tend to have firmly right-wing mind-sets so the tirade of homophobic abuse, while disgusting, was no great surprise. Sabs and monitors experience their hate speech regularly. Taroni is in big trouble, or should be. Courts really do not like it when defendants don't turn up for their trials, never mind skipping bail beforehand.

Taroni has also created something of a landmark. He is the 400th person from an organised UK Hunt that I know of to have been convicted or cautioned for a criminal offence since 1990. 226 of the offenders had engaged in violent offences.


Rider who whipped sab 17 times is part of London luxury hotel dynasty

Goring Hotel hosted Middleton family when Kate married Prince William

22-11-17   Times   Rider who hit protester is member of Goring hotel dynasty    A woman hunt member filmed repeatedly whipping a saboteur with her riding crop felt “terrorised”, according to her partner, who is part of Britain’s oldest luxury family hotel dynasty. Jane Miller [right, with hubbie], 56, from Heathfield in East SussexMillerMrMrsShewhippedsab17times11-17.jpg, was recorded by Brighton Hunt Saboteurs on Saturday violently striking the masked protester who had grabbed her horse by the reins. Her partner, Richard Goring, 79, is a listed director of Goring Holdings, which owns the west London hotel that hosted the Duchess of Cambridge and her family at the time of her wedding. Speaking outside their farm in Dallington, Mr Goring said that his partner was “scared stiff” and felt “under threat” on Saturday’s hunt, calling saboteurs “nothing but terrorists”.

The injured protester suffered bruising to the face and head but did not require hospital treatment after being whipped 17 times, the saboteur group said. Sussex police are investigating the incident and have appealed for witnesses to come forward. In the 30-second clip, Ms Miller is seen riding towards the saboteurs, who were trespassing on private land, shouting at them to “get back to the road”. A masked man takes hold of her horse’s reins and she begins to strike him ferociously with her whip, shouting: “Get off my horse, get off my horse.”

The video from the East Sussex and Romney Marsh (ESRM) Hunt in Herstmonceux, which has been watched hundreds of thousands of times online, has fuelled fury on both sides of the hunting dispute with many commending Ms Miller for protecting her horse. It has prompted renewed calls for tighter policing on hunt protests after violent clashes between riders and saboteurs in recent months. Saboteur groups have seen a surge in donations and new members since the video emerged, according to representatives.

E.SussexFHRiderrepeatedlyhitssabtryingtorestrainher18-11-17.jpgThe Countryside Alliance yesterday condemned the “balaclava-clad animal-rights activists” that it claimed intimidated and provoked legal trail hunts, such as the ESRM hunt that Ms Miller attended. The keen rider has been left extremely frightened by the incident and unable to leave the house, her partner said.

Foxhunting was banned in 2004 but trail hunts for artificial scents remain legal. However, hunt saboteurs believe that trail hunts are a pretext to hunt foxes. A spokesman for the ESRM said: “We do not condone violence, even when [provoked]. The hunt acts within the Hunting Act 2004 and takes every measure to ensure the law is adhered to.”

A representative of the Brighton Hunt Saboteurs posted online: “The East Sussex and Romney Marsh had every intention of breaking the Hunting Act, hence why the terriermen had spades and terriers on their quad [bike] and why they lash out so angrily at anyone trying to stop them.”

Founded in 1910, the Goring hotel has had four generations at its helm and is the only remaining hotel in London that is still owned and run by the family that built it. A spokeswoman for the hotel declined to comment.

POWAperson comments  -  This incident has generated an astonishing amount of publicity, not just in the UK, but worldwide. Many of the stories that have embedded the sab video have edited it, so that it starts with the whipped sab holding on to the woman rider's reins. This may have led some to think he was the original aggressor. However the previous few seconds of the video clearly show the woman riding her horse not 'towards' but into sabs. Hunt riders using their mounts as weapons in this fashion is regrettably common and, of course, very dangerous. The whipped sab grabbed the reins simply to try to prevent her doing this, at significant risk to himself. 

On the same day there was an incident in Yorkshire on a road, when two rocks were thrown from a hunt quad at a passing sab car, smashing the windscreen. Clearly this could have resulted in severe injury or even death to the car occupants. This has received very little publicity, though thanks to the Mail for running the story. It's moot how seriously the police will take this case of attempted murder as they've already described it as 'criminal damage'.


Women monitors ridden at by South Durham FH hunters - 2 foxes escape

22-11-17  Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors    HIT REPORT : 18.11.17 South Durham Hunt Meet at the Blue Bell in Bishopton Co Durham    Hunt Monitors arrived as the Hunt were moving off. They took to the vast number ofS.DurhamFHFoxthatescaped18-11-17.jpg fields to cast the hounds in the open and along hedges. 2 groups of foot monitors took to the public footpaths to  head them off, it was tough going and ground was very wet which hopefully diluted the foxes scent somewhat.

After losing sight over a hill we made way to get picked up and soon found the foot support and vehicles out for a days blood-lust viewing the field from the roadside. We were able to keep sight of them while they sent hounds into a wood where they drew a blank so moved onto another location.

The area they covered was massive and lots of deer and hare were seen running in fear away from the hounds throughout the day. 2 beautiful foxes were also seen to safety during the day. 3 female monitors were ridden at by Ross 'burst a blood vessel' Crawford so again we knew they were sick of the sight of us.

Between the 2 foot groups we managed to keep eyes on the field until they packed up for the day as light was fading. Hounds were not heard in full cry but we can't say 100% that no kills were made. We are pleased with the 2 we know got away to live another day. (Photos of the fox [right] taken by a monitor, isn't she a beauty. You can donate to our fund via PayPal using our email huntmonitors@gmail.com. Long live the fox.



Monitors see Cheshire FH kill fox in front of them - evidence to police

21-11-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Cheshire hounds kill again    We are sorry to report that our team have just witnessed the Cheshire Hounds Hunt brutally kill a fox right in front of us. It all happened too quickly for us to stop it.

This happened within 20 minutes of the Hunt setting out from today's meet at Poplar Farm in Wettenhall, Cheshire, and within 100 metres of the road. The body of the fox was then quickly retrieved by Jamie Whittles the Whipper-in and terrierman who put it in a black bin liner and then left the scene at speed. This has all been captured on film.

The police attended immediately and some stayed in the area whilst others retrieved evidence from us. The local Wildife Crime Officer also tailed the Hunt and will be dealing with this incident. Blood, fur and flesh samples from the poor fox have now been bagged and logged as evidence with the police.

Pics below   -   1/ Blood on the grass - the fox kill site     2/  Whipper-in James Whittles 

   CheshireFHBloodonthegrassfoxkillsite21-11-17.jpg  CheshireFHWhipperin21-11-17.jpg


22-11-17   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   UPDATE   All evidence of this kill has now been seized by Cheshire Police who will be doing everything they can to bring this Hunt to justice. At least the fox's death might help bring this Hunt down.


Sabs upload film of potentially fatal attack by Badsworth FH terriermen

20-11-17  Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  On Saturday November 18th West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs were violently attacked by terriermen working for the Badsworth & Bramham Moor Hunt.

Two rocks were thrown at the windscreen of our moving van by masked thugs driving a quad bike at speed. Our van driver and front seat passenger were very, very lucky to escape without serious injury and police are currently investigating the horrific attack.

If you can help us to replace our smashed windscreen, so we can continue sabbing, your donations are very much appreciated: https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs. Many thanks.

Pics below  -   1/ Terrierman in quad has just thrown rock    2/  Rock smashes sab windscreen  

  BadsworthFHRockbeingflungfromterriermenquadSmashessabwindcreen18-11-17.jpg  BadsworthFHRockflungfromterriermenquadSmashessabwindcreen18-11-17.jpg

20-11-17   Mail    Quadbike-riding 'hunt followers' hurled rock to smash windscreen of protestors' van in terrifying incident caught on dashcam - Hunt saboteurs were driving through Yorkshire when brick was thrown at van - The group have alleged people linked to a local Hunt were behind the attack - Police are investigating the incident, which happened in North Yorkshire This is the moment masked yobs on a quad bike hurled rocks at a team of hunt saboteurs smashing their windscreen. The dashcam clip shows the three thugs riding on a single bike towards a van being driven by West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs. Two rocks collide with the saboteurs' windscreen before the balaclava-clad men speed off from the scene in North Yorkshire.

Police are investigating the attack which happened on Saturday at around 1pm while the saboteurs were protesting against the Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt. A spokesperson for the saboteurs group said: 'They were violently attacked. Two rocks were thrown at the windscreen of our moving van by masked thugs driving a quad bike at speed. 'Our van driver and front seat passenger were very, very lucky to escape without serious injury and police are currently investigating the horrific attack.'

The group alleged the rocks were thrown by people linked to the Hunt although their identity has not been established. The video emerged on the same day as footage of a huntswoman whipping a saboteurs during an event by the East Sussex & Romney Marsh Hunt Club.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association branded the attack 'the height of stupidity'. He said: 'It's down to luck and exceptional driving that someone wasn't seriously injured as a result of this attack. 'Throwing rocks at a moving vehicle is the height of stupidity and we formally ask both North Yorkshire Police and the Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt what they plan to do about this incident. They can be assured that such violence doesn't deter us, rather it makes us more determined, and both these Hunts can look forward to increased scrutiny from hunt saboteurs in the weeks to come.'

A police spokesman said: 'North Yorkshire Police is investigating this criminal damage incident which happened in the Church Fenton/Biggin area at around 12.45pm on Saturday 18 November 2017. ' The Hunt has been contacted for comment.

Pics below  -   1/  Rocks thrown thru sab windscreen    2/   Sabs filming the Hunt earlier 

POWAperson adds  -  I thought I'd long since ceased to be shocked by the things hunt fanatics will do, but I never expected this. 'Criminal damage' North Yorkshire police??  WTF?? This was attempted murder. One or all of the vehicle occupants could have died as a result of this vicious action. 

  BadsworthFHRocksflungfromterriermenquaSmashedsabwindcreen18-11-17.jpg BadsworthFHSabsfilmingHunt18-11-17.jpg


Forestry Commission confirm Grafton FH trespassed in their woods

20-11-17   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch  VIDEO   After witnessing the Grafton Hunt hunting in both Plumpton and Bucknell Woods, both of which are owned by the Forestry Commission, Grafton Hunt Watch contacted the Commission in 2016 to ask them to clarify their position on hunting within their woods. They supplied us with the following statement:-

"Thank you for your recent enquiry into fox hunting at Bucknell and Plumpton Wood. I can confirm that there are no drag hunt permission in place for either of these woodlands. Any organized hunts you have seen taking place at this location are without permission and are trespassing. Anyone deliberately hunting foxes are in breach of the Hunting Act. We would encourage any members of the public who see an organized hunt in these woods to phone the police on 101 and also contact the Forestry Commission."

On Saturday, 11th November, monitors witnessed the Grafton Hunt hunting in Plumpton Wood once again. They spent approximately 25 minutes within the woods, during which time hounds could be heard loudly on cry, which happens when they are on the scent of a fox. Grafton Hunt Watch monitor spoke to the FC again regarding this latest incident and was told the Grafton Hunt had categorically NOT been given permission to hunt in either Plumpton or Bucknell Woods.

If you ever witness hunting in any Forestry Commission wood, please make contact with them in your own area (Northants contact number is 01604 863 830 Other local numbers are available on the Forestry Commission website) and report what you have witnessed.

Pics below  -   1 & 2/  Signs at FC's Plumpton Wood, in which Grafton FH were hunting without permission    3/   Hounds were clearly heard speaking in this FC wood

  GraftonFHSignatFCwoodwheretheyhunted11-11-17.jpg GraftonFHFCsignoutsidewoodswherehuntedw.opermission11-11-17.jpg


Another sab arrested - for trying to protect self from being ridden down by Crawley FH redcoat

20-11-17  Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs   On Saturday, alongside North Downs Sabs and Surrey Hunt Monitors we went out in search of the Surrey Union Hunt - they changed their original meet but we quickly found them.

The Hunt spent the majority of time riding through Puttenham Common and Britty Woods with fast-paced sabs keeping up. The field seemed to be getting frustrated at new huntsman Harry Beeby for leading them through extremely difficult terrain - our sabs even witnessed a horse fall down a steep hill. The Hunt laid a few trails but the hounds weren't interested at all - we wonder why that is...

To no surprise Surrey Police were out in force today, with their partners in crime Sussex Police. Around 6 vehicles and 25 officers.

Some of you may remember but 2 weeks ago our sabs came under attack from C&H thugs. On Saturday, two of that Hunt's employees (Justin Ellis and George Gunn) were present, it was clear to us they were only there with Sussex Police to point out the sab that was attacked, as they hoped to pin the blame on the sab. The police surrounded our landy and arrested the sab. This is the second time this year Sussex Police have arrested a sab after being assaulted while the hunt scum walk free.

Surrey police also went out of their way to pull over vehicles and demand people's information (only sabs though!) We wonder how you're funding this? Whilst around 25 officers were present harassing sabs in Surrey, further south sabs came under attack again. See (and share) Brighton Hunt Sabs video.

We had a large group out and are in need of another vehicle, please donate on the link below, share or message us to get involved. Alternatively if you wish to remain anonymous you can message us anytime with information regarding illegal hunting. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/northdownssabs 

Pic below  -   Protect and Serve



Female sabs attacked by riders at Ledbury S FH - after fox believed killed

One woman was ridden down and trampled, say sabs 

20-11-17  Facebook - Welsh Border Hunt Sabs   VIDEO    So on Saturday we popped over to Orcop in Hereford. The sett blocking, fox cub killing, sheep chasing South Hereford (now known as the Ledbury South) were meeting at Burhope farm campsite so we decided to pop along.

As the Hunt moved off, they cast the hounds into a beet field, where a fox was seen to break in the direction of sabs. With terrier men in tow, it wasn't long before the hounds picked up. Within seconds, hounds started to speak then fell silent as they could be seen clustering in the beet.

We believe they killed and as we moved towards the area, we were greeted by an ex master of the South Hereford wearing hunting pinks and SHH buttons and two other riders who proceeded to attack sabs, riding one down and trampling her whilst on the floor. The assaults continued for several minutes, even whilst one sab made a 999 call. There is full footage of the attack which we will be passing on to the police.

As the Hunt moved off, we caught up with them again, in spite of waiting for police officers who never turned up. We found them in a wood where a previous terrier men from the South Hereford Hunt was caught interfering with a badger sett. Coincidence? We think not!

At this point, we were joined by sabs from Three Counties. With little Peghead working the hounds through a wood, we used and voice calls, along with a gizmo to draw the hounds out of the cover, into a safe area. The same redcoat from the previous attack then took it upon himself to ride into one sab, grabbing her by the hood and dragging her back. This all happened on a public footpath. After finally gathering his hounds and with the weather drawing in, Peghead moved off but it wasn't long before he skulked back to the meet.

So it would seem that the South Hereford (oops, we mean the Ledbury South) are up to their old tricks, attacking sabs once again. So we'd like to say this to the Ledbury South, we don't bow down to bullies, we haven't forgotten those little fox cubs you killed and we will be seeing you soon.

Pics below   -   1/  Female sab ridden into    2/  She falls to the ground    3/  Trampled by young woman rider    4/   Another female sab being ridden at   5/  Despite all this, female sabs still try to get hounds off fox trail later     6/   Hounds respond to sab gizmo  

  LedburySouthFHF.sabriddeninto18-11-17.jpg  LedburySouthFHFsabriddenintofalls18-11-17.jpg

  LedburySouthFHFsabriddenintotrampled18-11-17.jpg  LedburySouthFHFSabriddenat18-11-17.jpg 

  LedburySouthFHDespitebeingriddendownandatearliersabslatertrytocallhoundsofffox18-11-17.jpg  LedburySouthFHHoundsrespondtosabgizmo18-11-17.jpgLedburySouthFHFSabriddenat18-11-17.jpg


Sab explains why she risks so much to save animals from Hunts

20-11-17   Cambridge News   'It's horrific and you never forget it': Why this group puts themselves at risk to stop illegal hunts - a hunt saboteur with the South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs told the News what they do to try and prevent illegal hunts   Hunting wild animals with dogs became illegal 12 years ago when the hunting ban came into effect in 2005. But groups of people known as hunt saboteurs, or sabs, say illegal hunting is rife even today.

Hunt sabs have formed associations across the country since the ban - and Cambridgeshire and Suffolk are home to several groups of dedicated sabs who give up their free time to stop illegal hunts. A hunt saboteur with the South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs who goes by the name of 'Tommi' told the News what they do to prevent hunters killing animals. Tommi said: "We follow specific hunting groups and use tip-offs from the public to trace other illegal hunts.

"Sometimes we will go and join other hunt sab groups that ask us to help out - often two or three groups will joinS.Cambssabcradlesbadgerkilledbyhunters.jpg together for support. Basically, we follow illegal hunts. Our main job is to monitor what they are doing and once we see any evidence of illegal hunting to intervene and protect the animals. We sometimes do outreach work in Cambridge and other towns. The main thing people say is that they thought it doesn't happen any more because it's illegal. My personal experience is that I have seen absolutely no change in hunting habits since the act came into effect in 2005. We go out most weekends - that's how often these hunts happen. They are still going out and following the trails of various wildlife to kill it. We hardly ever see them pretending not to be hunting."

Tommi claims hunting groups sometimes come up with an excuse to mask illegal hunting activity. She continued: "When the hunting ban came into effect, a lot of grey areas and loopholes appeared in the law. Hunting groups came up with the idea of 'trail hunting', which is when they say they lay down an animal scent trail and follow it. This means they should have a planned route to follow and the hunt masters should know that route. But we question where or not they're doing this. We hardly ever see any of them laying a scent trail, and we regularly see the hunts chasing animals and sometimes killing them. We also see their hounds crossing roads and railways - they wouldn't lay a scent trail across a road or train track as that is dangerous. The claim they are trail hunting must be a lie because it would mean they are laying trails in places that the hounds could get hurt. We often draw hounds off the scent of hares or small deer. We try to physically get between the dogs and wild animals. There is a loophole they use as an exemption. It is fine for a bird of prey to kill an animal, so they bring their own bird of prey to a hunt, then get the hounds to flush out an animal from the woods. It is then legal for the bird of prey to take down a fox. But to take down a full-sized male fox it would have to be a very big bird - they normally only have a hawk. Hunters rely on the fact that people don't know anything about hunting law - including the police. They give them their excuses and the police believe them."

S.Cambssabstrokeshound.jpgTommi claims Hunts employ people to try to stop the sabs, and these people often use violence to do so. A lot of people think hunt sabs are horrible domestic terrorists, but the reality is we are just people that love animals and want to protect them. We all have normal jobs and families. The Hunts employ thugs to try to stop us. Two months ago some hired thugs deliberately crashed their car into the front of our Landrover. Some of the thugs are friends of the terrier men - the people who own the hounds - or sometimes they're just friends of the hunt or people who support hunting. We're not violent, we're a bunch of hippies that care about animals. I don't play a gender game at all, I'm a saboteur and that's it. But I'm quite a small, middle-aged woman and they don't care who they beat up. I've been punched in the face, thrown to the floor, hit in the back of the head with a stick. We all get battered from time to time. The Hunt tries to keep its distance from us and if they've got a bunch of people beating us up then that keeps us busy. One particularly frightening time was when a group of drunk hired thugs came and attacked us in the woods. You could smell the alcohol on them. One of the guys started swinging a metal chain around and it missed my head by inches. We all got really beaten up that time and that was the scariest one for me. They are just really horrible, not very nice people."

Tommi said hunt sabs keep their identities hidden in order to protect themselves from physical harm. "When people think of hunting they think of the tradition, the smart gear, the having a drink before going out into the countryside. But nobody really knows about the dirty, violent side - people do get seriously injured. We wear masks and we defend ourselves but we don't fight back because we're there to protect animals not to have a fight. Even the police often follow us rather than the people who are breaking the law, which is very disheartening. I think the police think hunters and anti-hunt people are like a couple of gangs so they don't take it seriously. They seem to focus only on the fact that we are anti-hunt."

Despite being regularly assaulted and subject to verbal abuse, Tommi and the other hunt sabs continue to go out and prevent illegal hunts. "The reason why we carry on is because what we do works. On a regular basis we save the lives of foxes and other animals, and if we weren't there they would be killed. The downside is that we do put ourselves in potentially very dangerous situations." The worst thing is witnessing them kill something. It's horrific and you never forget it. It's bloody hard work, really emotional and a real commitment. But we work very closely as a group and there is a really deep camaraderie and sense of trust - we have each others' backs. When you see the animals escape the hounds it is all worth it."

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire police said: "It is our role to preserve the right to carry out lawful and legitimate activities, such as drag hunting, while facilitating lawful and peaceable protest. We will impartially investigate reports of illegal activity by either side, whether it be violence, intimidation or illegal hunting."


Monitors film Grafton FH chasing fox yet again

19-11-17   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch  VIDEO   Despite being impeded by hunt supporters and hunt servants who orchestrate manoeuvres to hold up our monitors, they filmed foxes running from the Grafton as usual, as they do nearly every time they go out.

Pics below  -   1/  Monitors' first sighting of fox    2/  Hound crosses road right by supporter    3/  Moments later, lead hound crosses at same spot    4/  Thankfully, hounds have lost the fox. Monitor in foreground  

  GraftonFHFirstsightingofhuntedfox11-11-17.jpg GraftonFHFoxcrossesroadrightbysupporter11-11-17.jpg

  GraftonFHHoundcrossesroadrightbysupporterasfoxdid11-11-17.jpg  GraftonFHHoundshavelostfox11-11-17.jpg


Cheshire Forest FH hemmed in by angry landowners and monitors

Support menace monitors - police confiscate one of their road-illegal quad bikes

20-11-17   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   The Cheshire Forest Hunt - Meet at Crimwellpool Farm, near Lower Whitley    Sitting on them was the order of the day! This Hunt had nowhere to go with our large group of monitors around. We came in at the Huntsman from every angle squeezing him all day long.

Another thing that didn’t help them was that the Cheshire Forest Hunt is struggling so much to find land to hunt on ( their nick name is The Tarmac Pack) that trespassing is common place, they simply cannot help themselves, whether it's farmland, horse paddocks or gardens.

It was an interesting day as the Huntsman seemed to abandon the field of riders on several occasions and seemed to spend more time off his horse than on it, probably down to not be given permission to enter fields on horseback.

Notably on one occasion when his hounds ran riot around a field containing horses that they had no right to be in and he had to try and round them up. Why would a trail be laid across land they haven't had permission to use?

CheshireForestFHThugwhosequadwasconfiscatedbycops18-11-17.jpgTo make things even worse for the Hunt's reputation (if that's even possible) two redcoats and a quad bike then entered another field they had no permission to be in. They then entered a wood and started filling in badger sett holes. Suddenly we saw a very brave local lady seeming to appear out of nowhere and confront one of the redcoats and demand that they leave the land.

We saw three more incidents of farmers and landowners telling the Hunt to keep away from their land and it's heartening when the locals stand up to the Hunt, this will be another nail in the Hunt's coffin - the public have simply had enough of their vile antics.

As is usual at the moment while we are monitoring all the Cheshire Hunts there were several very unsavoury incidents that took place on the day.

It is very clear that our presence is making a difference to their fun and we had several of the terrier boys and hunt supporters taking it upon themselves to attempt to surround, intimidate and make veiled threats towards several of the monitors. This resulted in the police being called for the safety of the monitors. All of this was filmed and has been handed to the police and is now under investigation. We are grateful for the police for attending quickly as the incident could have become very dangerous for the monitors and it was only when the police arrived, spoke to them and sent them on their way that they packed up their picnics and sloped home at 1.30pm.

We also observed several of the terriermens' quad bikes being used on the public roads without the proper documentation. One quad was confiscated by the police, this quad belonged to one of main perpetrators of the intimidation [above left] we suffered so we all know why he was taking it out on us, don’t we!

During the day one of our monitor teams captured on film the Hunt surrounding a copse and a fox fleeing, so imagine the huge disappointment when the Huntsman emerged and found several cameras zoomed in on him. That pretty much summed up their day, wherever the Hunt went we were there following and filming - and they packed up relatively early without any chases or foxes harmed.

We would like to thank all the people of Lower Whitley that came out and reported the Hunt for trespassing. This Hunt is on it's way out. More info on photos...

Pics below   -   1/  Farmer to Hunt 'Get orff my land'    2/  Landowners complain to police re. Hunt trespass    3/  Hunt follower who had quad confiscated following tiny female monitor    4/  Huntsman Andrew German looking for hounds 

  CheshireForestFHFarmertoHuntGetorffmyland18-11-17.jpg  CheshireForestFHFarmerscomplaintopolicoverHunttrespass18-11-17.jpg

  CheshireForestFHThugwhosequadconfiscatedharassingmonitor18-11-17.jpg CheshireForestFHHuntsmanAndrewGermenlookingforhounds18-11-17.jpg


LACS obtains film of 'illegal' Fife FH fox hunt last Wednesday

The League has referred its latest evidence to the police

19-11-17   Daily Record   VIDEO   Police probe 'illegal' fox hunters after anti-cruelty campaigners accuse group of flouting law - The League Against Cruel Sports claim footage and clips in their possession allegedly shows illegal hunting   Campaigners for animal rights have obtained fresh evidence allegedly showing illegal fox hunting in Scotland. The footage and clips filmed by the League Against Cruel Sports last week show up to 16 hounds, flanked by riders on horseback, in position to search gorse bushes for the wild animals. Crucially, there are no guns present.

The law was changed in 2002 to ban hunting of wild animals by dogs in Scotland. But loopholes allow the practice if a “target wild animal” is shot as soon as it emerges from cover.

An investigation by the Sunday Mail last month uncovered evidence suggesting the law was being broken by a hunt in the Borders. The footage shot last week showed a hunt in Fife. Both incidents are being probed by police. The latest hunt, involving riders from Fife Foxhounds, took place just outside the village of Pitscottie, near Cupar, on Wednesday.

A LACS investigator, who asked not to be named, said: “We were in position to observe just as they entered hounds into gorse bushes. There were no guns on that side of the hill, where you would expect to see guns in position if the activity was in keeping with the law. Hounds go through the gorse for quite some time before someone appears holding a gun. We have passed this on to police and officially reported it. We believe this is evidence of fox hunting breaking the law.”

Robbie Marsland, director of LACS Scotland, said: “It’s yet another example of a hunt pushing the boundaries of the law and hunting in a manner little different to how they behaved pre-ban. “Time and time again, our investigators are witnessing hounds being used supposedly to flush out a fox to guns – yet there are no guns in sight. The law is a complete sham and needs strengthening to make it fit for purpose.”

Fife Foxhounds did not respond to our request for comment. Their website states: “We are a friendly pack and welcome both visitors and newcomers to hunting of all riding abilities. We are totally committed to operating within the law at all times and liaise regularly with the police, the farming community and other local interests on behalf of our many members and supporters.”

We watched last month as riders from the Lauderdale Hunt, one of Scotland’s 11 hunt groups, used a pack of hounds to flush out a fox – but failed to shoot the terrified animal.

The fox hunting season began this month and runs till the end of March. Last year, police described the Scottish fox hunting law as “unworkable”. There has only been one illegal fox hunting prosecution since the law change in 2002. A similar law south of the Border, introduced in 2004, is more stringent. It allows only two hounds to flush a fox from cover but in Scotland the number is unlimited. The Scottish Government are consulting on whether that law should be tightened or new rules brought in.

POWAperson adds - The article is a little confusing as it could be read to mean that the video and pictures are of the most recent hunt believed to be illegal, by the Fife FH. But I have concluded that they are all of the Lauderdale FH hunt referred to above, and covered in the item on this website dated 29-10-2017. So I've decided not to reprint here any of the pics in case I'm wrong and they are actually of Fife FH. Click the link above to the article if you want to see them and the video.


Sabs and their vehicle attacked at Badsworth FH

19-11-17   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Hit report Saturday 18th November Meet: Badsworth & Bramham Moor, Paradise Farm, Ryther    Today we met up with W.Yorks Sabs to visit our old acquaintances B&B. We were quick to state our intentions for the day; taking the hounds off the Huntsman Nick Thornicroft as soon as we encountered the hounds in Paradise wood, a scenario that played out a number of other times throughout the day.

All was going swimmingly until around midday when our sabs were driven at by an enraged farmer wielding a tractor, one of our sabs was assaulted by a 91 year-old man and the windscreen of West Yorkshire's vehicle was attacked by terriermen wielding bricks ! [see shocking W.Yorks Sabs report below photo]

Undeterred, sabs in the field did their utmost to stay with the pack as Thorni-toff quickstepped them from covert to covert, through fields of sugar beets and along field boundaries. Sadly, during one of these forays the hounds 'chopped' a rabbit right in front of sabs and Huntsman.

After 5 hours in the field, sabs took a well-earned rest in a cabbage field whilst Thorni-toff and his whips attempted to scrape their pack back together for the march back to the meet.

The Badsworth's clear disregard for animal welfare continued after the Hunt had packed up, when one of the riders attempted a stupid manoeuvre with horse box and horse in-tow. Needless to say the horse was extremely stressed whilst being thrown from side to side by a reckless driver!



East Sussex FH rider rides horse into sab and repeatedly hit another

19-11-17   Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   Yesterday we took a trip over to the Pevensey Marshes to sabotage the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt. This is a Hunt we haven't seen much of recently and they didn't seem too happy to see us! The terrierboys were on three quad bikes, one with no number plates on a public road and another equipped with spades and terriers. It seems they were clearly planning on hunting more than a 'trail'. However, the huntsman was kept to a relatively small area of marshy ground with no woods or coverts and the hounds weren't heard in cry all day.

Clearly unable to reconcile with the fact that most people find her 'hobby' abhorrent, one rider also lost the plot and started riding sabs down and attacking us with her whip. Needless to say, we stood our ground and will no doubt be seeing the ESRM again very soon.

Give us a shout if you want to join us out in the fields. Any donations towards our on going costs are also very much appreciated – paypal.me/BtnHuntSabs

Pics below   -   1/   Female hunter rides horse into sab     2/   She then repeatedly hits 2nd sab trying to restrain her  

   E.SussexFHRiderridesatsab18-11-17.jpg  E.SussexFHRiderrepeatedlyhitssabtryingtorestrainher18-11-17.jpg

20-11-17  Mail  VIDEO  Huntswoman 'repeatedly whips a saboteur with a riding crop and screams 'get off my horse' during an ugly clash' caught on camera - Huntswoman filmed repeatedly hitting saboteur with a riding crop in ugly clash - Hunt saboteurs claim she used her whip 17 times before charging at their group - Clash was between Brighton Hunt Saboteurs and East Sussex & Romney Marsh Hunt Club in the Pevensey Marshes on Saturday - Do you know the huntswoman...? Email tips@dailymail.com    A huntswoman has been caught on camera repeatedly whipping a saboteur with a riding crop during an ugly altercation. The furious rider was filmed screaming 'get off my horse' as she hit out at the masked man as he tried to grab onto the reins during the clash between the Brighton Hunt Saboteurs and East Sussex & Romney Marsh Hunt Club on Saturday. The saboteurs claim the huntswoman used her whip 17 times before charging at their group in the Pevensey Marshes.

Footage of the confrontation was posted on the Brighton Hunt Saboteurs' Facebook page and has been viewed 370,000 times. Sussex Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

A spokesman for the force said: 'A third party report of an assault has been made after a man was allegedly struck with a riding crop by a horse rider in Herstmonceux on Saturday. The incident happened in a field off Church Road around 12.30pm. The victim was reported to have received a bruise and bump to the head, but did not require medical treatment. The informant was not a witness to the incident, but police have now identified the alleged victim and an investigation is under way. Police are aware of a video reportedly showing the incident being available on social media.'

The footage shows the huntswoman riding towards the saboteurs, shouting at them to 'get back to the road'. She then appears to spur her horse into a man recording the incident, pushing him back several feet. Another masked man then rushes in front of the horse and grabs hold of the bridle. In response the huntswoman yells 'get off my horse, get off my horse' as she repeatedly whips the man. He desperately tries to shield his face while still gripping on the horse, shouting 'stop using it as a weapon.' A hunt steward pushes him away and shouts: 'Get off the f****** horse. Don't grab f****** horses.' The huntswoman then appears to take a swipe at another protester, forcing him to jump out the way. Warning they are filming, the hunt saboteurs shout: 'Don't charge horses into people. You cannot ride people down.' A second clip then appears to show the same woman charging her horse at the saboteurs from behind.

Brighton Hunt Saboteurs said they attended the meeting to make sure no illegal hunting took place. They insist they were the victims of an unprovoked attack and claim the huntswoman simply 'lost the plot'.

A spokesman for the East Sussex & Romney Marsh Hunt Club said: 'We do not condone any form of violence even when faced with extreme provocation, personal harassment and other offences. 'The Hunt acts lawfully within the confines of the Hunting Act 2004 and takes every measure to ensure the law is adhered to.'

POWAperson adds  -  Below is article from Private Eye [early Dec 2017 about the relationship  between Jane Miller, the mad sab-whipper, and the Daily Telegraph



Sab 'violently assaulted' by support at Flint & Denbigh FH then arrested

19-11-17   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    HIT REPORT - FLINT & DENBIGH - 18/11/17    Firstly, please accept my sincerest apologies for the lack of updates lately, being the only admin on the page, I just haven't found the time to do hit reports due to being very busy with work!... We have actually been out sabbing with our comrades and friends a fair bit over the last couple of months though. We have sabbed cubbing meets in Cheshire and we have been out every Saturday with the F&D since the start of the season. Anyway! On with the hit report!

Teaming up with our great friends N.Wales Sabs and a sab from Lancashire we headed out to find the Flint & Denbigh. The Hunt met at Plas Newydd, Trefnant, in the Vale of Clwyd. Upon our arrival we quickly realised that this was a joint meet as there were far too many members of the field for the likes of Scatterpack Jeremy! Also in attendance were N.Wales rural crime unit and from the off, the usual motley crew of hunt servants were pointing out particular sabs to the police that they would like to arrested... Sadly their wish came true... More on that later!

Sabs were literally all over this Hunt, all day! Jeremy and his band of would be fox murderers had virtuallyFlintDenbighFHFollowergrapplingfemalesab18-11-17.jpg nowhere to hide! Every which way he turned, sabs were there to call hounds off the scent with the use of horns, whips and voice calls! We even got to use our gizmo's to great effect once again! Using duelling gizmo's, we were able to take control of the pack on numerous occasions, leaving Jeremy red faced and his wife Lucy who was on foot literally fuming! At one point, with eyes bulging out of her head, she said to one sab that their presence alone had already ruined her day!! Well, we're not here to support you are we, Lucy?? We are here to literally ruin your day because you like to see innocent foxes ripped apart by a pack of hounds for fun!

... the scumbag hunt servant that pointed out certain sabs to the police at the start of the day finally got his wish early on in the afternoon when he violently assaulted one of the sabs that he had pointed out, in front of the police who did nothing about his assault of said sab who had to defend himself from the hunt servant's attack! Said hunt servant must have been taking drama lessons, that's for sure, haha! Literally, this is all we can say on the matter for now, but self defence is no offence! We have footage, but for obvious reasons we have chosen to omit it from this video report. [Above right - hunt servant grappling female sab]

Later on in the afternoon the Hunt found themselves back at the Plas Newydd estate with terrier scum in tow who set upon a lone sab trying to intimidate them, and kicking the back of their legs. Very mature guys... That's some school playground shit that is! The hunt soon crossed over to the Plas Heaton estate where sabs monitored from the roadside for a short time until attempting to head them off on the far side of the estate.

As sabs drove towards Heaton Gatehouse, hounds ran in front of our vehicles and with no Huntsman in sight, sabs jumped out and rounded up as many hounds as possible into the field next to them and stopped traffic to allow the hounds that were still in the road to remain safe. Jeremy, shockingly, wasn't even bothered his hounds were all over the road and told us they'd be alright... You really love yer hounds don't ya Jezza??

Not long after this, the hunt decided it was time to pack up, but not before an angry farmer decided to threaten sabs, asking one of them to go for a walk and show him what type of man they are. And rounding up lost hounds that had been left behind in a completely different field quite some distance away! Jeremy even asked a sab to act as whipper in to collect these lost hounds!

Once all the pack was together, sabs followed Jeremy and the hounds back to the trailer and then headed to the pub for a muchly deserved pint!


18-11-17  Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs    North Wales Wildlife police finally attend a fox hunt after 2 years of us asking, only to go and arrest a sab who was defending himself from attack by a hunt follower and defending a female sab who was getting pushed around by same hunt follower, the wildlife police and another officer witnessed all of this but chose to do nothing about the hunt follower attacking sabs but arrested a sab instead, utterly disgraceful!!!! full report to follow...


Berwickshire FH kill fox then assault sab in snatching corpse back

18-11-17  Facebook - Grampian Hunt Sabs    PLEASE SHARE - DON'T LET THE BERWICKSHIRE HUNT GET AWAY WITH THIS     Grampian Hunt Sabs have just gotten back from a disgraceful day at the Berwickshire Hunt. They killed a rabbit and a fox illegally then sabs who managed to get the fox's body for evidence and respect were assaulted and had the body (evidence of the illegal kill) stolen from them by two of the Hunt's terriermen and there was an attempt by a rider to damage one of our vehicles. Full report and videos to come.

In the first picture is a sab with the fox's body before it was taken away. In the second picture is Ryan McKinna (also known in hunting circles as 'Gimp' (thanks Dylan for that!)) holding the crumpled heap of the fox's body and yelling at sabs after having assaulted them. Also, notice the fox's organs hanging out - no quick nip to the neck.

The Berwickshire Hunt think that by taking the body they will get away with this - let's spread the word so that everyone can see what they're trying to hide.

Pics below  -   1/   Sab with fox corpse     2/  Angry terrierman with corpse after snatched it back, assaulting sab.

  BerwickshireFHSabwithfoxcorpsebeforesnatchedbyterrierman18-11-17.jpg  BerwickshireFHterriermanwithillegallykilledfoxcorpsesnatchedbackfromsab18-11-17.jpgBerwickshireFHterriermanwithillegallykilledfoxcorpsesnatchedbackfromsab18-11-17.jpg

18-11-17   Facebook - Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs    During our visit to The Berwickshire Hunt Sabs witnessed several kills - 1 Rabbit, 1 Fox. Both were killed by hounds, not shot. After sabs tried to recover body of the fox they were both assaulted by 2 terriermen We can confirm that the 2 terrier men who assaulted our sabs are Ryan McKinna and Danny Boyle (son of Fife and Berwickshire terrierman Dylan Boyle). Full report to follow.


Sab arrested at Dunston Harriers as police ride with terriermen

18-11-17  Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs   SAB ARRESTED - HELP US TAKE ACTION   The photo below shows Norfolk Police officers being driven around on a quad bike by a member of the Dunston Harriers Hunt today. It was taken minutes before a hunt saboteur was arrested, and not long after hounds were spotted covered in blood.

Allegations of illegal hunting were made to the police but once again were ignored. Please make your feelings known to Norfolk Constabulary.

19-11-17   Facebook - Mike Huskisson   I am highlighting this picture from Jack Sniper. Taken yesterday this image shows all the problems we have with Norfolk Police. A terrierman for the Dunston Harriers gives two officers a lift on his quad bike around the fields. The police were at the beck and call of the Hunt all day and duly arrested a saboteur who was trying to protect wildlife and stop illegal hunting. She was handcuffed, taken away, held for hours in custody and now has been given a court date in late December. This is the reality of life in the front line. Please support your local hunt saboteurs.


19-11-17   Facebook - Norfolk Constabulary   We are aware of images showing our officers on a quad bike & recognise the concerns. The officers were on private land & were being assisted by the landowner after finding themselves sinking underfoot in the mud while searching. The officers on scene had been made aware of reports a hare had been killed. Searches were carried out and parties spoken to but no evidence found. Full statement here.


Sab ridden over at Ledbury South FH and fox believed 'chopped'

18-11-17  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   So, yet again we were spoilt for choice. The Cotswold Vale Farmers' Hunt were running riot in Flaxley woods. The Ross Harriers were rampaging around Kempley. A call out to Hay-on-Wye and we are hardly scratching the surface here!

We made a start with the Harriers but had to leave to local activists following an urgent call for back up at the "Ledbury South" - a sab had been ridden over following the meet at Burhope Farm, Orcop.

We arrived to hear that our friends at Welsh Borders sabs had witnessed a suspected kill, probably what is called a chop, where hounds kill an animal who has no chance of running.

We noted members and officials of the disgraced (re. throwing fox cubs to hounds at kennels) South Herefordshire Hunt mingling with Ledbury members and officials whilst sporting SHH buttons and collars. Green collar is SHH, brown is Ledbury. Clearly the whole charade is to allow the SHH to continue hunting. Albeit with another Hunt's Huntsman, Whipper-in and terrierman.

We soon witnessed the SHH... oops, sorry... Ledbury South's behaviour as one rider tried to grab a sab by riding down a very slippy slope. This could have resulted in the death of the sab if the horse had slipped!

Otherwise they were kept on their toes and not allowed to Hunt by sabs. Saw Mark Melladay and hounds box up by 15.00. Busy day!


Hounds Off upload film of Blackmore FH hunting a fox

Late in day hunter suddenly pretended to lay trail - for a few yards

18-11-17   Facebook - Hounds Off   VIDEO   How Hunts can pretend not to be foxhunting when actually they really are.  #TrailHuntLies

Pics below  -  1/   Late in day, hounds put into covert    2/  Fox bursts out of covert    3/   Fox fleeing hounds    4/   Hound about 20 yards behind fox     5/   Hound flees across road    6/   Hunter suddenly pretends to lay a trail - for a few yards    7/   Huntsman takes hounds to road fox crossed  

  BlackmoreFHHoundsareputincovertlateinday2-11-17.jpg BlackmoreFHFoxburstsoutofcovert2-11-17.jpg






Blocked sett found where Quorn FH seen hunting a fox

Huntsman gives up on that because being sabbed

18-11-17  Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs   One of the many people in Leicestershire who can't stand the Quorn Hunt had informed us they were having a sneaky Saturday Meet at Cold Newton in the deep south of their country today. Well, they're our traditional enemy so what could we do but grab our new best friends from Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs and head over for a sneaky peak.

We were slightly late to the meet (someone shoot our scheduler) and the Hunt had already left. We quickly caught up to them with the hounds in full cry on the scent of a fox. We raced after them and upon realising sabs were present they quickly gathered their hounds and attempted to leg it away from us. Unfortunately for them we're fairly rapid these days and quite hard to shake off so they had little joy. When they did manage to put a bit of ground between themselves and sabs our other group were always on hand to take over.

Huntsman Peter is a pragmatic chap and didn't seem to be overly enthusiastic about hunting once he knew we were there. He seemed far more interested in sitting about and chatting. Topics of the day included the merits of flat roofs vs pitched and paintings of Camilla Parker Bowles in the buff. We're always happy to stand and chat 'cos he's not hunting when he's talking, but we're not sure what his paying field thought of it.

They second horsed at 2pm but the afternoon was a lacklustre affair and they called it a day at 3.30. The only thing of note was a heavily blocked badger sett complete with spade marks and quad bike tracks right where they were hunting. Amazingly it wasn't the hunt though! They repeatedly denied it and we definitely believe them. Who wouldn't trust such upstanding, law abiding folk!! It was nice to see you Peter, Joss and co. Rest assured whenever you hunt on a Saturday we'll be there.

Pics below  -   1/  Blocked sett     2/   Huntsman chats with sabs 

  QuornFHBlockedsett18-11-17.jpg  QuornFHHuntsmanandsabschatting18-11-17.jpg


Monitors believe Sandhurst Beagles killed 5 hares in a day

Huntsman and Whip filmed laughing as one hare was ripped apart 

17-11-17   Facebook - Surrey Hunt Monitors  VIDEO   The killing fields of Hampshire – the secret world of beagling Forgive the low quality of the video as limited to the size we can post on FB which reduces playback quality.

Wednesday 15th November 2017 found the Surrey Hunt Monitors travelling out of county to Hampshire, after one of our monitors noticed suspicious hunt activity in Herriard whilst driving to work. The Hunt, who we firmly believeSandhurstBeaglesHuntsmanblowsKillNo1inmaize15-11-17.jpgto be the Sandhurst and Aldershot Beagles, were soon found nicely hidden away at Lee Farm, Herriard RG25 2PE.

The Hunt set off at 1:00 and immediately put up a hare and hunted it into some woodland, with no trails being laid. What followed was three hours of shockingly blatant hunting of hares in the fields behind Lee Farm.

The first hare was pushed out of the woodland into a field of maize and when we were in position to film, the Huntsman could be clearly seen urging the hounds through the maize until they killed their first hare. A kill was blown which was captured on the video.

Two more hares were killed in an open field of scrub. The second kill happened as we were moving positions and we captured the end of the kill. The third kill was chopped a few minutes later, with the hare bolting from its scrape at the last minute and can be seen ‘jinking’ for a few yards before it is torn apart. The hounds can then be seen eating the carcass. The Huntsman does not call the hounds off at any point and actively encourages them with whoops and calls. The Huntsman and Whip can be seen laughing after.

There are two types of hare, ‘runners’ and ‘sitters’. Kill number 1 was a runner, where the hare thinks it can outrun a predator; in this case the pack of beagles. It will keep within its territory and generally run in big circles, jinking left and right to out-manoeuvre the hounds, which resulted in the long chase within the maize.

Kills 2 and 3 were ‘sitters’, where the hares believe that if they lay flat in their ‘scrapes’ or ‘forms’ the danger will pass, but this never happens with a pack of beagles and are ‘chopped’ or killed after a short run or no run at all. 

The Hunt then moved from this area and two more kills were blown for but not witnessed. We tried to retrieve the bodies later, but it was getting dark and difficult to find the exact point of kill.

Beagling is a very secretive form of organised hunting with hounds and is carried out on foot with a pack of beagles. There are 60+ beagle packs in the UK who are registered with the Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles, their traditional quarry being hares before the Hunting Act of 2004, which protected hares. Not much footage of beagling is available because they genSandhurstBeaglesKillNo2_15-11-17.jpgerally pack up if any sabs or monitors turn up. In this case the hunt were unaware of our presence and hunted throughout, with an unconfirmed tally of 5 hare kills, the first three kills being confirmed as hares.

If beagle packs are ever caught killing animals, they generally use the excuse that they are hunting rabbits or rats, which are exempt from the Hunting Act. This was not the case on Wednesday, and we confirmed at least three of the hunted animals to be hares.

The whole incident has been reported to Hampshire Police and about an hour’s worth of footage will be passed to them. The Huntsman and the Hunt Master’s identities have been confirmed and also passed to the Police. Whether or not the Hunt say they were legally hunting rabbits; or is in fact what we witnessed - illegal hunting of hares, this is still an organised pack hunting, ripping apart and devouring live animals in our countryside for fun.

We don’t expect any prosecutions as beaglers generally have good connections; beagle packs historically being formed in public schools and the Armed Forces, with the Sandhurst and Aldershot Beagles; to our knowledge, being part of the Army Beagling Association.

There has been a very big push by the police to clamp down on illegal hare coursers with lots of recent prosecutions which is fantastic. A cynic would think that this is only because the coursers are emptying the fields of hares leaving none for the beaglers!!

A sad day and very hard to film, but please share this far and wide to expose this sick sport. We are not fundraising now, but if you want to help our cause, please donate to our close friends the North Downs Hunt Sabs who need a new vehicle to get people out into the Killing Fields. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/northdownssabs

Pics below  -   1/   Huntsman blows kill No.3      2/  Huntsman and Whip have a good laugh at kill No.3 

  SandhurstBeaglesHuntsmanblowskillNo3_15-11-17.jpg  SandhurstBeaglesHuntsmanWhiphavinglaughatkillNo3_15-11-17.jpg



Woman sab jostled, pushed, hat stolen at Blencathra FH meet 

17-11-17   Facebook - Lancashire Huntsabs   Yesterday we paid yet another visit to the Blencathra Foxhounds who were meeting at Caldbeck for the second time this week. A local source informed us that supporters had parked up in the quarry at Fellside and when we arrived it appeared that they were attempting to hunt in the same way as we witnessed on Tuesday. Some of us were already in the fells observing and yet again huntsman Barry Todhunter seemed to immediately take cover and go quiet so that he couldn't be detected. There was not even the usual stray hounds running around so we can only assume that Barry was keeping them very close to him.

Mobile sabs drove down to the Longlands area where the hound vehicle was observed driving slowly then attempting to lose the sab vehicle. However, Barry's worst nightmare came true as he was filmed literally coming out of the bridleway from Uldale Common, and his wife and supporters attempted to form a human shield to prevent one sab from filming the hounds being boxed up. Support were grouchy and the female sab was pushed, insulted and jostled, and one supporter stole her hat. Presumably they were all angry as their second hunt meet of the week at Caldbeck hadn't gone to plan and they had to pack up early. Let's hope their third meet tomorrow doesn't go so badly.

Pic below   -   After Crossroads ended, Benny... 



NT blah-blahs in response to report of trespass by a Somerset Hunt

17-11-17    Somerset Live  National Trust responds to claims hunt trespassed on land in west Somerset The National Trust has been in the news recently for its approach to hunting. The incident took place around midday on October 30th. An animal activist charity has accused a Somerset Hunt of trespassing on National Trust land.

The League Against Cruel Sports claims ‘there has been an incidence of apparent trespass on National Trust land in west Somerset by members of a hunt.' The League, a charity that campaigns against hunting, said that members of a Hunt were seen with terrier men on quad bikes on Great Hill and Marrow Hill in Somerset on November 4th – but that the Hunt in question is not as having a licence from National Trust.

A National Trust spokeswoman said: “We take any reports of unlicensed hunts on our land very seriously and we are seeking urgent clarifications from the relevant Hunts. “The Trust does license ‘trail hunts’ in some areas and at certain times of the year, where it is compatible with our aims of public access and conservation. Trail hunting, if properly practised, is legal and a legitimate outdoor activity.” In October 2017, National Trust members voted against a resolution for the cessation of “trail-hunting” on all land belonging to the charity.

Prior to the vote, the charity’s Trustees recommended that the activity should be allowed to continue after recent improvements in licensing conditions to further safeguard conservation and access on the Trust’s land. The spokeswoman added: “We have always required trail hunts to be transparent and provide details of where and when the activity will take place. Our new licensing terms reinforce this principle. We will provide details of dates and maps of the licensed areas on our website, thereby providing the level of transparency our visitors need to make an informed decision over whether or not they want to avoid a hunt in that area on certain days of the year. However, we do not want to encourage or create a climate of confrontation between trail hunt followers or protestors. Concerns have been raised over public safety and the potential for disorder. Following discussions, including with the police, we took the decision not to publish details of start and end points, or specific routes. . We were open about this at the time and have consistently referred to it in public statements.”

Somerset Live has contacted the Hunt in question.

POWAperson adds  -  The Somerset Sab Group reported the trespass at the places mentioned above by the West Somerset Vale FH, See here.


Lone sab finds 2 blocked setts at Ledbury FH and rates hounds off fox

16-11-17   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   The Ledbury met near Upton on Severntoday (the info is coming in fast). A Thursday 'cos it's Cheltenham country race day tomorrow and all the local Hunts will be attending. At least the wildlife will get a day off...

Anyway a lone sab must choose car or foot. Foot it was, checking 10 badger setts in likely areas. 2 were blocked, unblocked by sab and reported to the authorities and the Badger Trust. One sett had been repeatedly blocked before, the other dug out before. Other setts which have been blocked repeatedly on previous occasions were healthy and untampered with ☺ . Maybe one day the Ledders will manage to curb themselves of this disgusting practice.

Gave huntsman Mark Melladay a nasty shock by turning up in the Stanks and rating hounds when they hunted a fox. Neither Mark nor Edward Phillipson Stowe (joint master) cared to explain the sett blocking. They did whinge a bit about trespassing though. Not sure why Mark is still using his cunning disguise of a black coat. We still know it's him!

No doubt be out on Saturday with their chums at the "Ledbury South"/what is left of the South Herefordshire FH (who are still being investigated by police for cruelty to fox cubs).

Pics below  -   1/   Huntsman and hounds    2/   Blocked sett 

 LedburyFH16-11-17.jpg  LedburyFHBlockedsett16-11-17.jpg


NT make excuses for Warks FH trespass on their land at Farnborough Hall

17-11-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   Warwickshire Hunt on National Trust land - Warning to anyone visiting Farnborough Hall - you may witness hounds chasing foxes   We received the following email from the National Trust - “Thank you for contacting us about your concerns in regards to the trail hunting that took place at Farnborough on Monday 13th November. Warwickshire Hunt do not currently have a license to go on National Trust landWarksFHHuntedonNland13-11-17.jpg at Farnborough. Therefore they did not have permission to go onto National Trust land there. However, sometimes the hounds can stray onto land the Hunt don’t have permission to go on, in these instances the hunt will round the dogs up as soon as they can and get them back on the set trail. The National Trust do not permit the use of quad bikes and terrier men any more, but this particular trail hunt was not on National Trust land so they may have been present.”

The National Trust seem to be saying that the hounds strayed onto their land and that there’s nothing they can do about it. The only way the hounds could have strayed onto National Trust land is by chasing a fox onto the land. We are not talking about a few loose hounds straying onto the land but the whole pack in full cry, and, since the Hunt don’t have a license for this land, the hounds clearly weren’t following a pre-laid trail. From the main grounds the Huntsman then takes the hounds over to the Sourlands Pool area were the hounds can again be heard in cry. The rest of the Hunt were waiting in the National Trust car park whilst this part of the land was hunted.

The National Trust must accept that the Warwickshire Hunt hounds were not hunting a trail on their land (how could they be) and therefore must have been hunting a fox. The National Trust also point out that terrier men may have been present since the Hunt didn’t actually meet on their land, however the Trust have also said that you don’t need terrier men for so called “trail hunting” so again the National Trust must accept that the Warwickshire Hunt were not hunting trails on this particular day.

Anyone thinking of visiting the National Trust Farnborough Hall in Warwickshire should be warned that there is a possibility that they may see hounds from the local hunt straying onto the land possibly chasing foxes and possibly killing foxes. We urge the National Trust to not issue any future licence to this particular hunt. Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs .

Pic below -  Hounds hunting on NT land - riders just other side of fence 



Supporter spills beans on North Staffs FH activity to monitors

Rarely monitored Hunt - she thought they were fellow followers!


15-11-17   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   Hunt report NORTH STAFFS HUNT, BUERTON 14.11.17   The North Staffordshire Hunt met at Town House Farm in Buerton, on the Cheshire border. This Hunt don't get monitored much so this was an interesting day for both us and them!

We found them (looking smug, which didn't last) at the meet and got some good ID of hunt members, staff and unmasked terriermen. For a while they didn't realise they were being watched and we got some covert footage, although they weren't having much luck flushing foxes to chase fortunately.

We spoke to one of their supporters who thought we were followers. She told us lots about how this Hunt hunts and the fact that they definitely do hunt and kill foxes. We have this on video for future reference.

Once the Huntsman was informed of our presence he kept everyone in an area where it was really difficult for us to get to him. He went round and round in smaller and smaller circles avoiding us and getting nowhere with his job of Huntsman. We heard the hounds on and off getting a little excited but none of this came to anything. All good news for us and the local foxes.

There was some harassment by hunt thugs who were driving on main roads without any number plates at all, let alone muddy ones. One of our monitors performed a polka with a very timid young man and his token bird of prey, whilst she was being blocked from filming by him. Overall this lot were really surprised and nervous, not knowing how to handle us. A good day out and we will be back soon! More details are shown on individual photographs.

If you would like to join our team, or have information to pass on to us (in strictest confidence), then please get in touch. Either message us here or email info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk.

Pics below  -  1/  Road illegal quad     2/  The brains of the outfit on the arm of a moron   3/  Terriermen. Somewhere 3 villages are missing their idiots  

  N.StaffsFHRoadillegalterriermenquad14-11-H.jpg  N.StaffsFHThebrainsoftheHuntonthearmofamoron14-11-17.jpg



Bedale FH reported to have killed fox

15-11-17   Facebook – Hunting Kills   Bedale Hunt hunting at Brompton on Swale, Richmond, Yorks, killed 1 fox (Tip off to NE Hunt Monitors).


Beaufort FH hunter incriminates them via apology for A46 hound incident

15-11-17   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Matt Ramsden of the Beaufort Hunt has written an apology to the driver of the vehicle that struck a hound as the pack burst out onto the A46, in which he mentions that sporting dogs have exemption from the requirement to keep dogs on leads on main roads...  This is the Road Traffic Act exemption referred to in the 'apology’: "to have been at the material time in use under proper control for sporting purposes". It seems to us that the Hunt can choose from one of the following:-

- The hounds were under proper control and following a trail which was laid close to or on the A46 at best irresponsible, probably illegal.

- The hounds were under proper control and pursuing a fox – illegal.

- The hounds were following a trail then ‘accidentally’ started pursuing a fox. If the Hunt could stop the hounds but didn’t – illegal. If the Hunt couldn’t stop the hounds, then they were out of control on the A46 – illegal.

In other words, the Road Traffic Act exemption establishes the Hunt’s guilt, not its innocence.

Pics below  -  1/  Driver of car that hit hound 6-11-17   2/  Other hounds on A46 

  BeaufortFHDriverofcarthathithoundonA46_6-11-17.jpg  BeaufortFHHoundsonA46afteronerundown6-11-17.jpg



Monitors 'sorry' for misinterpreting evidence re Zetland FH terriermen

15-11-17  Facebook NE Hunt Monitors    We have removed the post about Zetland Hunt after having correspondence with the informant who alerted us of what took place. Terrier men were seen around the Biker Group truck, but this is not proof of ownership or involvement so unfortunately we have no choice but to take it down.

We now believe that a fox could have been chased into the owner's garden and the terrier men where around the truck for that reason.

We would like to apologise to the owner for any stress caused. We would also like to say that we try our best to make sure info we get is correct and coming from a trusted source we failed in this instance . We will double triple check info given from now on so this mistake won't happen again.

POWAperson adds -  POWA re-published the original post and have also now removed it and all references to it on this website. We have also apologised to the complainant.  


 Monitor 'Pull hounds off fox' - S.Durham Huntsman 'Why should I?'

Landowner complains of trespass by terriermen 

Numerous wild animals seen fleeing Hunt 

S.DurhamFHMonitorsupwithHunt8-11-17.jpg15-11-17  Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors   HIT REPORT SOUTH DURHAM HUNT 8,11.17 Embelton Old Hall. Wingate, Durham    We caught up with the hunt already in progress and within minutes of us arriving we had a fox run directly in front of us followed by a deer then followed by another fox. We won't be putting this footage up as it would give away the location and alert the hunt to where a lot of foxes can be caught. We were not seen by the hunt in this location and were able to cover the foxes scent before hounds turned up not long after.

We managed to follow the hunt on foot as they were on a public footpath known as Hurworth Burn nature trail. This is owned by the local council who have had many complaints about the Hunt from dog walkers and members of the public using the path. They are currently looking into what can be done about banning the Hunt from the trail.  Throughout the day many deer and hares were also seen running in fear from the hounds.

The hounds went into cry and when a monitor asked the hound master (Gareth Watchman) to pull them off his reply was "why should I?" - arrogant doesn't even come close. A hound appeared out of the thicket with blood on its tail but this was off hitting another hounds face, lot of hounds bite their tongues whilst running and get blood dripping down.

Later in the day, we spoke to a local land owner who was annoyed that the terrier twats had pursued us through his land and that the Hunt was on land they shouldn't be on. We left him to wander off to speak with said terrier twats and he was making an official complaint to the Hunt board.

We were pleased NO kills were made and hope the stray hounds seen wandering all over the place were rounded up at the end of the hunt. They really do need to get control of their pack before an accident happens.

(As seen in the video posted yesterday taken from the meet after this one, hounds ran out into a busy A road and caused mayhem.) TThis is not acceptable. Please report any such "accidents" to the police.

Pleased donate to help us cover costs via PayPal at huntmonitors@gmail.com or paypal.me/huntmonitors. We are currently having to send an awful lot of footage to the police which means sending original micro & SD cards from our dash cams and multiple bodycams/camcorders. We are running very low. If anyone has spare memory cards they don't mind parting with please message the page and we will take them off your hands. Cheers - long live the fox. https://www.facebook.com/durhamcouncil/.

Pics below  -   1/  Horse     2/   and hounds 

  S.DurhamFHHorse...8-11-17.jpg  S.DurhamFHandhounds8-11-17.jpg


Hunt in Kent kills fox in front of sabs - police investigating

Support then stole sabs' vehicle keys 

14-11-17  Facebook - East Kent Sabs    ANOTHER FOX KILLED AT A KENT HUNT   This Saturday we were out as usual, at another Kent hunt… but tragically, this “trail hunt” killed a beautiful fox, right in front of our members… there was sadly nothing we could do, but we have much video evidence. TheHunt made no attempt to stop the kill, but were very quick in trying to remove the evidence! The support even stole our vehicle keys… all complicit - all guilty. All footage is now in the hands of Kent police, and we congratulate them for attending, and making enquiries at the scene. Needless to say, whatever the outcome, the devastating footage will eventually be released to the public.

If you wish to donate to our group and keep us out in the fields, you can do so here - many thanks. https://www.paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA



Warks FH filmed hunting on NT land - no licence & with terriermen

The woman-beaters' hounds also invaded somebody's garden 

14-11-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   WOMAN -BEATING WARWICKSHIRE HUNT CAUGHT HUNTING ON NATIONAL TRUST LAND WITHOUT A LICENSE WITH TERRIERMEN   Warwickshire Hunt - Monday 13th Nov - Fenny Compton     Today the woman-beating Warwickshire Hunt met at the Merrie LionWarksFHMeet13-11-17.jpg [right] in Fenny Compton. We wonder if the Merrie Lion realise what type of people they are allowing to meet at their property? This type - please keep all correspondence polite.

The female sab who was attacked by this Hunt was laughed at by riders of the Hunt who all clearly think it acceptable for men to hit women.

Clearly chasing a fox, we filmed the hounds running through someone's garden and then later blatantly hunting unlicensed on National Trust Land at Farnborough Hall complete with terriermen on a quad bike (which the National Trust themselves say there is no need for if they are just trail hunting).

Unfortunately our vehicle broke down at the start of the day, the breakdown got us started but the vehicle now needs a new starter motor. If you are able to donate towards the cost please use this link.

Pics below  -  1/  Hunt went on NT estate    2/   Where hunters speak from     3/  Terrierman quad     4/  Would they have laid a trail through this nice property?

  WarksFHOnNTlandunlicensedandwithterriermen_2_13-11-17.jpg WarksFHOnNTlandunlicensedandwithterriermen13-11-17.jpg

 WarksFHTerriermanquadHuntonNTland13-11-17.jpg WarksFHTraillaidthroughsomeonesproperty13-11-17.jpg 


S.Durham FH hounds cross A road in front of a bus - riders also on road

14-11-17  Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors   VIDEO   South Durham Hunt 11.11.17 Misty Blue Farm, Kirk Merrington   Hounds cross the busy A688! Right in front of a bus! Who laid the "trail"??? Putting the lives of innocent road users at risk as well as the hounds.... full hit report to follow.



Resident complains of Quorn FH repeatedly invading his garden

14-11-17   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs   Nice to see the Quorn Hunt making friends. If anyone has problems with hunts trespassing on their land then contact Hounds Off for help.

14-11-17  Facebook - Spotted Whitwick   Looking for advice please about what I can do to stop the hounds of a fox hunt in Osgathorpe entering my garden and running around totally out of control. Today alone within the space of an hour they entered my garden twice. The second time I counted at least ten hounds in my garden. This has happened four times this year alone. Trampling on my plants as was the case today is one thing, but what I'm really upset about is that I have a young family, what if they had been playing in my back garden? Needless to say I am furious. If you were a member of the Hunt today feel free to comment and I will be in contact directly or if you know a member of today's Hunt kindly pass this message on. This is totally unacceptable and I will not tolerate it again and yes I have footage. If anyone can offer advice on how to stop this from happening again this would be most welcome.


Radnor & W.Hereford FH trespass on properties, scaring pets and livestock

14-11-17  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    It's been a hectic few weeks with reports coming in from members of the public about various Hunts in the area (including the Radnor and West Hereford running riot through properties they had no permission to be in, terrifying domestic and neighbouring farm animals)...


Driver says W.Somerset Vale FH chased fox into road in front of her

13-11-17   Facebook - Somerset Hunt Saboteur Group   Hit report 11/11/17 West Somerset Vale FH   After a delayed start to the day due to vehicle issues, we caught up with West Somerset Vale Hunt around midday in the village of Burton. Being without our Land Rover we had all sabs out on foot and did our best to keep up asW.SomersetValeFH1noplate1bermuddedplatebothroadillegal11-11-17.jpg they hunted around Honibere Wood and Knighton area.

A distressed member of the public informed us that she had already intervened when they had chased a fox on to the road in front of her car south of Honibere Wood. The fox got away despite support attempting to frighten the fox back towards the hounds.

The support consisted of a handful of tough guys who for the rest of the day seemed far more concerned with trying to run us over than follow the hunt. One follower was proudly sporting a Spiderman balaclava and was keen to show us his best moves! Well done Spiderman, we were all very impressed.

Police attended and the Hunt hacked back to the kennels to the east of Stogursey , packing up early and leaving one lonely red coat to gather up stray hounds along the Hinkley Point road.

Sabbing without a vehicle is hard work! Our Landy has seen better days and will be needing a trip to the garage in order to get us through the season – please donate to our fuel/vehicle fund to keep us out and about protecting our precious wildlife.

Pic above  -  Hunter quads. One no plate, the other bemudded plate - both road illegal 


Film of multiple fox chases by Grafton FH over last 2 years uploaded

13-11-17   You Tube - Scorpio Vulpes     Grafton - chasing foxes like there's no ban

This video shows just a few examples of what monitors see all the time at the Grafton Hunt and at other Hunts. How much longer before the authorities take this seriously?

The film covers eight hunts between 24-1-15 and 21-10-17. In all of them the Grafton appear to be chasing foxes wilfully. A selection of screen grabs is below.  

Each pair  1/  Fox fleeing hounds    2/   Hounds chasing fox

  Wappenham, Northants 24-10-15   

  GraftonFHFoxfleeing24-10-15.jpg GraftonFHHoundschasingfox24-10-15.jpg

  Astwell, Northants  9-1-16

  GraftonFHFoxrunsontoroadjustaheadofhounds9-1-16.jpg GraftonFHHoundssecondsbehindfox9-1-16.jpg

  Halse, Northants  24-1-15

  GraftonFHFoxfleeinghounds24-1-15.jpg GraftonFHHoundschasingfox24-1-15.jpg 

  Astwell, Northants  26-11-16

  GraftonFHFoxfleeinghounds26-11-16.jpg GraftonFHHoundssecondsbehindfox26-11-16.jpg

  Maidford, Northants  29-11-16 

  GraftonFHFoxfleeinghounds11-9-17.jpg GraftonFHHoundsc.20secondsbehindfox11-9-17.jpg

  Weston, Northants  23-9-17    

  GraftonFHFofleeinghounds23-9-17.jpg GraftonFHHoundschasingfox23-9-17.jpg

  Weston, Northants  21-10-17 

  GraftonFHFoxfleeinghounds21-10-17.jpg GraftonFHHoundschasingfox21-10-17.jpg



Lake District fox hunt seen trespassing on Nat.Trust land

13-11-17  Twitter   The League‏ We’ve received another report of trespass on National Trust land, the Eskdale and Ennerdale Foxhounds were seen with hounds and terrier men at Wasdale. https://www.league.org.uk/nt



Monitors find 2 blocked setts and fox being hunted at N.Cotswold FH

13-11-17   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Saturday was a busy day with our friends from Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch. We started off with the North Cotswold Hunt at Taddington. 2 blocked setts at Cutsdean, blocked only 10 days since the Hunt were last there. Nigel Peel ( the Huntsman and Master) was hunting a fox but a couple of well placed holloas saw him gather the pack and move on. At one stage he and his chums stopped for tea and biscuits. Then a quad started following foot sabs. He was soon foiled and off it was to the Heythrop...


Blocked sett and fox being chased found at Heythrop FH

Huntsman calls hounds off when he learns monitors there

13-11-17   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Saturday the 11th was a busy day with our friends from HeythropFHBlockedsett11-11-17.jpgCirencester Illegal Hunt Watch... off it was to the Heythrop... A sett checker had already found a hard-blocked sett [left] near the meet at Stavall farm, Farmingcote. We caught them in that rough area. They were hunting a fox but as is the norm for this pack they radioed through to Huntsman and Master Charlie Frampton that we were close. Not daring to take the risk of a fox running our way being hunted by hounds he wisely enacted standard Heythrop procedure of calling the pack and blew for home. A fox was seen escaping.

Today we went to check further setts and another partially blocked one was found. The badgers had dug their way out of a few entrances and we unblocked the others. No rest for the wildlife.

13-11-17  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch  Wildlife under attack - blocked badger setts, fox hunting and a shoot! So many pheasant dead on the roads. Their lives mean nothing to shooting estates. We saw one young Heythrop follower dragging a dead one along the bridle path whilst mummy was pointing out to child where the hounds were and even younger child was perched on pony already used to attending hunts at under 5yrs of age.


Cotswold Vale FH hounds found all over road - police 'concerned'

Sett checkers claim the Cotty were illegally hunting 

13-11-17  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   … Meanwhile at the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt, Sandhurst, sett checkers came across them hunting illegally and with hounds all over the road. The police attended and were reported to be very concerned about the Hunt's activities.


Woman attacked at Warks FH meet says assailant is ex Director of Hunt

Police are investigating assault that left her needing hospital treatment

12-11-17  Mirror    Shocking footage shows woman saboteur being 'attacked' and left with bleeding face as she monitored Warwickshire Hunt - The West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs members claim they were trying to monitor members of the Warwickshire Hunt when the incident happened on Thursday in Birdingbury, Warwicks    A hunt saboteur has been left hospitalised with a cut to her face after clashing with a man as she tried to monitor an event. The woman and a colleague were filmed having a furious row with the male in a field. At one point, the man orders them to leave before pushing the woman over. The footage then captures the injured disrupter approaching what the saboteur's claim is the hunt master, who tells her she is "not a woman" and describes her as "a monster" [right]. The Warwickshire Hunt has issued a statement saying that itWarwickshireFHWomanhuntfollowertovictimYoureamonster9-11-17.jpg always complies with the law. The alleged victim was later taken to Warwickshire Hospital A&E for treatment, the group claim.

The full five-minute video - which was shot by a male saboteur - starts with the woman confronting a man on horseback, who tells her that he is hunting rabbits. When the suspected hunter refuses to tell her where their trail is, she barks back: "Why won't you tell us where your trails are? Where are you going all day, then? Where are you going next?"

An angry man is then filmed approaching the pair on a country footpath and, when asked whether he is hiding something, he is heard shouting: "Yes, I'm trying to hide something because you're not meant to f ** be here. I just don't want you to video things you're not allowed." When told that he is blocking the saboteurs' filming, he says: "Yeah, I am because I've got a right to. You don't have a right to be here." He is then questioned on whether he is hunting rabbits. The man, dressed in a biker jacket, says: "Rabbits? Shows how much you know, you f ** idiot. I will stand here all day and I will follow you all day. You will not wander where you like. I don't know who the f*** you think you are."

As the saboteurs attempt to walk down the footpath, the man repeatedly shouts: "What are you doing?" Shortly afterwards, a man in a brown fleece approaches them and says: "You're not welcome here. Get gone, now." When one of the saboteurs claims there is "illegal activity" going on, the man puts his hand in the camera and pushes it away, saying "get gone" again. As the cameraman stumbles, the angry men then can be seen approaching the woman, and dramatic still images appear to show him slapping her across the face. The furious man then shouts "you do what you want, now get out", as he pushes the female saboteur - wearing a white jumper - to the ground. Lying on the muddy footpath, she can then be heard saying to her radio "I have just been assaulted. I've just be slapped in the face."

WarwickshireFHAggressivesupporterhitsfemalesabinface9-11-17.jpgThe film then cuts to the pair talking to another man sitting in a car, who apologises to the woman and says: "That shouldn't have happened." The furious female then approaches a car full of well dressed men and women, and says: "Do you want to hit women?" At that point another woman - who the saboteurs claim is the Hunt Master - responds: "You're not a woman." When asked what the saboteur is, the lady bluntly responds: "A monster."

A spokesperson for West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs said: "We were concerned that the hunt were hunting a fox and that the hounds were heading towards a busy main road. Suddenly two hunt supporters approach us and start shouting aggressively before attacking us. It shows what type of people fox hunters are that they think it acceptable for men to attack women, punch them and then shove them over from behind."

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: "Fox hunting, by its very nature, is a violent activity and it is only a short leap from using violence towards animals to using violence against people. This was a completely unprovoked attack. Fox hunting is a breeding ground for normalising violence with some very questionable attitudes towards women. We ask the question who are the real monsters here?"

The incident was reported to Warwickshire Police, the group claim. The force was unable to receive requests for comment. A spokesperson for the Warwickshire Hunt said: "The Warwickshire Hunt acts within the law to comply with the Hunting Act 2004. "The Hunt does not condone any form of violence, even when faced with extreme provocation, personal harassment and other serial offences."

Story also in - the  Mail, the Sun, the Independent, the Metro, the Coventry Telegraph, the Irish Independent and the Leamington Courier.


York & Ainsty S FH drive hare under wheels of passing car

Sab teamwork prevents fox kill though one sab ridden at by Huntsman 

12-11-17   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Yesterday found us joining forces once again with our friends the West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs. We took a trip to the Kings Arms pub in North Duffield where the York & Ainsty South hunt were meeting at 11am. After handing out sandwiches they set off with a field of about 35 riders to ply their filthy trade.

Within five minutes of setting off they had flushed a hare across a main road and under the wheels of a car. The rest of the day saw them circling round a fairly small area, casting the hounds through beet fields, wooded copses and bramble patches without any success. Every time they stopped to cast the hounds we were there to move them on. Each time they got away from us West Yorks magically appeared from nowhere to continue frustrating their efforts.

At one point the Hunt Master struggled to gather his hounds as they set off after some deer. This seemed to put him in a bad mood for the rest of the day, as within the hour he tried to ride down one of our sabs completely unprovoked. Unfortunately for him the sab in question has some horse experience and was able to turn his horse away instantly. This caused more petulance and whining from Mr Sourpuss.

With plenty of sunlight left in the day we reminded the Hunt of our capabilities. Using gismo, horn and voice calls we pulled the hounds out of the wooded area that Sourpuss had just cast them into. Cue more spitting out of the dummy. They then decided enough was enough and hurried back to their kennels without the hounds even getting anywhere near a fox all day.

Efficient use of resources and excellent inter-group communication meant that the Hunt were never without an escort on foot. Thank you once again West Yorks. You were great as always.

Pic below  -  Sabs on the Hunt's tail  



13-11-17   Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   W.Yorks sabs watched hounds from the York & Ainsty South Hunt run loose around a farm with 'No Hunt' signs displayed prominently outside, whilst the farmer angrily shouts at the hunt to get off his land.

Does the York & Ainsty South's 'trail layer' have difficulties reading written English, we wonder?!


South Devon FH rider attacks two sabs, injuring one

12-11-17  Facebook - South Devon Animal Rights    Hit Report - 11th November    Today the hunting ground for the South Devon Hunt was the Foxworthy and Broadaford area of S.Dartmoor. We were alerted by the sound of hounds babbling at approximately 11.30 which told us the hunt had made a shifty start heading south-east of the meet. Sabs immediately jumped into action calling the fresh and enthusiastic pack away from any potential victims. Voice/horn and gizmo calls resulted in hounds at our side within minutes. The Hunt quickly retrieved some hounds and moved swiftly east down to Ponsworthy, approx quarter of a mile away, where the rest of the pack were being gathered by the whip and reunited.

When one sab photographed Louise Watson, sister of Guy Watson of Riverford Organics, he got more than he bargained for when she lunged at him with her whip narrowly missing his face.

The Hunt circled round and headed west out onto the open slopes of the moor and across to Corndon Tor, where Huntsman Medcalf cast his hounds out into a vast gorse area, hoping to find his hounds a fox to hunt and appease hunt support.

Again, the excited canines soon picked up on recent scents and began another vocal chorus. Foot sabs hurried in to rate and spray the area pushing hounds out and away from the vulnerable location. Some foot sabs stayed out of our Land Rover following the Hunt closely, whilst others went in transit, staying parallel with both parties, ready to call or rate when needed.

Mid-afternoon the Hunt headed in the direction of Soussons Forest, as they often do on this particular meet. However, they seemed to spend some considerable time in an area en route to the forest instead. Whilst trying to locate the closest road for sabs to go in we had the delight of hunt rider and known thug Alex Bowden. He rode his horse into one of our sabs and when questioned why, he dismounted and violently attacked two of our group. Only in self defence would our members ever use any physical force, unlike Bowden, but when punches were received by him, one sab was knocked to the ground and he drew blood from another. Also it was apparent that he had been drinking as he smelt of alcohol. They are of course used to bloodshed when seeing their prey ripped apart, so it is nothing out of the ordinary to them. In fact Bowden seemed quite proud of his actions as he has done on previous occasions if we dare to spoil his hunt day.

We tried to speak to the Huntsman about his unruly disciple but he was otherwise too engrossed on his next hunting ground and dismissed our requests. Subsequently, the police will now be dealing with this matter and we are also debating whether to show the rather explosive footage to a much wider audience, with some added help from the media. There is often one or more that let the side down with these lawbreakers, but Alex Bowden was the one ultimately determined from the start to cause conflict, not just with the innocent wildlife on the moor but with us too.

The Hunt packed up early at approx 3.30. We are not sure why they finished short of their usual time, but with other riders showing disapproval at Bowden`s outburst and us announcing we had called the police, they perhaps left the moor before any explanations needed to be given. We kept the Hunt on the move all day and certainly saved at least one fox. Footage will follow at a later date.


SNP Council to consider resolution effectively banning hunting with dogs

12-11-17  The Herald    SNP governing body pressed to introduce full hunting ban   A CALL to introduce an outright ban on any all forms of fox hunting will be considered by the SNP's governing body. It came after the Sunday Herald revealed the law was being blatantly flouted by hunts 15 years after the original ban was passed.

A resolution to the SNP's national council says an exemption in the legislation that allows foxes to be flushed from cover and shot dead for pest control should be ended. The motion also backs limiting the number of dogs to two and says "that these measures would ensure that fox-hunting is really banned in Scotland”.

Nicola Sturgeon is to speak at the national council event in Perth on December 2, which will consider a series of policy motions, including the hunting proposal from the SNP's Edinburgh Central branch. The resolution says: "Council shares the concerns of animal welfare charities and individuals across Scotland about the widespread continued hunting of foxes with dogs, as a result of loopholes in the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002, which was intended to ban this practice."

A dossier of evidence collated by the animal welfare charity League Against Cruel Sports Scotland (LACS) and seen by the Sunday Herald argues that Scotland’s mounted hunts regularly break the law a year on from a review of the existing legislation by Lord Bonomy. The former judge recommended strengthening legislation that has led to only two convictions since fox hunting was banned in Scotland. The Scottish Government opened a consultation on the findings last month.

Investigators from LACS filmed six of 10 Scottish hunts during last season and found “no discernible presence of guns waiting to shoot flushed foxes”. In response to the SNP debate, a Scottish Government spokesman said: "We are currently consulting on Lord Bonomy’s recommendations for legislative reform and would encourage everyone with an interest to take part. "We have also established a stakeholder group to develop a new code of practice and assess the feasibility of a new monitoring scheme. We remain committed to ensuring the highest welfare standards for all animals, including those in the wild, and encourage everyone to notify Police Scotland if anyone is suspected of breaking the law."


Sabs prevent dig-outs at Lanarkshire FH meet

12-11-17  Facebook - Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Hit report Saturday 11th November - The Braes   Sabs met up with Glasgow Hunt Sabs and visited Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Foxhounds almost a year today the Hunt met at this meet and illegally killed a fox, Sabs were vigilant not to let this happen again. The Hunt tried to avoid detection by sending Craig, a known idiot, to hold us up and blocked a public highway in attempt to stop us.

We arrived at the meet around 11am and began pre spraying areas that foxes are likely to be, The hunt slowly rode towards us and shortly after the hounds picked up on a fox luckily the Shooter/Hounds missed and the fox ran back towards the gorse where sabs quickly leapt on hole that hounds were trying to dig so they could not kill (Craig's Radio confirmed that they did not kill).

We followed the Hunt all day and ensured no kills took place huntsman Mark resorted to petty name calling before packing up the hounds in a supporters garden and ditching the rest of the Hunt! The Hunt were very frustrated and tried their best all day to get a kill they failed miserably. Join. Sab. Donate. https://www.gofundme.com/fife-and-central-scotland-hunt-sabs.

Pics below  -  1/  Hounds excitedly marking fox to ground     2/  Sab sits on hole to prevent dig-out 

  LanarkshireFHHoundsMarkingtoground11-11-17.jpg LanarkshireFHHoundsSabsitsinholetopreventdigout11-11-17.jpg

18-11-17  Facebook - Glasgow Hunt Sabs  VIDEO  Hit Report : 11/11/17 Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Foxhounds- The Braes    As we met up early with Sabs from Fife and Central, we were all too aware of last year's events. That it was this meet, at this exact spot, that quick- acting Sabs managed to recover the body of a fox killed by this Hunt. Its body being sent to post mortem and proving conclusively that he had died as a result of being mauled by hounds- in other words the hunt scum broke the law and we had proof {see hit report 5/11/16}.

With this firmly in our minds we resolved that they would not kill this time. We had already pre-sprayed with citronella the areas we knew they'd hunt, and before long the redcoats arrived, driving the hounds into the thorn bushes where the foxes had their dens.

What we thought were hounds in cry actually turned out to be screams of agony. These thorns were extremely sharp. The redcoats and their lackeys only laughed at our concern for the poor hounds that were being ripped to shreds.

Sabs quickly got in front of the hounds, putting down a masking spray between fox and hounds, it was then a shooter took a pot shot, missed but sent the fox running back to cover jumping in its hole, quickly followed by a sab who sat on the hole making sure no hound or hunter could dig them out.

The hounds then picked up another scent and chased another fox into its hole. Again sabs were on hand to block the hole from hounds and hunters with spades ready to dig the terrified animals out. Some shooters and hunt lackeys hung about for a couple of hours waiting to see if we'd leave... as if, mate.

The Hunt then left to a supporter's house and packed up for the day with the knowledge ringing in their tiny minds. Sabs had again stopped them from abusing our wildlife.

Before the hunt had began I turned to one particularly obnoxious lackey telling him we'd hit them hard to today and they'd get no kills. He laughed.

Well done to all sabs involved and a special thank you to Fife and Central for joining us to make sure no one died today. Of course a big thank you to our supporters whose kind donations help us save lives. https://www.paypal.me/GlsgowHuntSabs


Antis save at least one, nearly beaten, fox from Cattistock FH

Hounds earlier in cry in Sub Tropical Gardens!

12-11-17   Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights    Hit Report 11/11/17 Cattistock Hunt: Meet behind the Ilchester Arms, Abbotsbury    Members of the group plus a Monitor, headed off West to find Lady T's blood CattistockFHEmbarrassedWhipfetchinghoundsoutofSubTropicalGardens11-11-17.jpgthirsty Catttistock Hunt today... With a good feeling that today's meet was going to be in Abbotsbury we headed on down to one of their favourite meet points and sure enough there they were. Just before 11am they headed off to a field behind the Ilchester arms where watched by sabs that had been dropped into the area, some of the riders observed a 1 minute silence. Then off they went to enjoy their day of killing.... or so they thought.

From the off they headed straight for the popular tourist destination St Catherine's Chapel with sabs close on their heels. The Huntsman wasted no time and put the hounds into a couple of small copses around Chapel Coppice and Chapel Withy Bed. Meanwhile other Sabs and the Monitor headed on down to the beach car-park, feeling that the Hunt would be coming that way. Within minutes the hounds were sighted so they headed up the road towards Lady T's Sub Tropical Gardens visitor attraction. Here they found the whip and his friend waiting opposite the gardens trade entrance so decided to stop and have a listen and straight away could hear the hounds in cry in the gardens! They then watched in amazement as hounds were seen followed by a rather embarrassed whip on foot [left].CattistockFHFoxfleeinghoundstowardmonitor11-11-17.jpg

There followed a period of hide and run between the gardens and the swannery area before the Huntsman took his usual route through the reed beds and Cuckoo Coppice. The hounds then went on a line off towards Tiny Coppice, flushing out a terrified deer on their way, before circling back. At this point Sabs used the gizmo and distracted them. From there the field headed towards New Barn Farm and it was decided to drop a team in at Coastguard Rd in Langton Herring which worked perfectly as the Hunt moved along the coast. The other group went back towards Rodden to spray the areas known to be used by the Hunt and to monitor the Hunt's progress...

Then the call came over the radio that a fox had run from Wyke Wood between 2 point riders and was heading our way. Thankfully with Sabs present and filming the Hunt was stopped from taking off after the terrified beautiful fox. With the Monitor and a very experienced sab ready in the Landy with cameras and spray, they watched with shock as a very, very exhausted fox ran tiredly along the road directly towards them [left] and the waiting hunt supporters [below lleft]. Sabs sat still until the fox passed and then jumped into action, with the sab telling the support to stay where they were as it would be inadvisable to try and head the fox back towards the hounds! After making sure the fox was away and safe the sab after spraying the area then using voice commands stopped the pack in its full stride on the scent of the fox and sent CattistockFHSupport11-11-17.jpgthem back to the Huntsman. Meanwhile the Monitor had phoned 101 and told Dorset Police what was going on. The person on the other end of the phone was very helpful and after logging the occurance said that a unit would be sent out to us straight away. We are very disappointed to say that Dorset Police did not turn up.

From that point it all pretty much went downhill for Lady T and with huntsmen losing their tempers, riders hitting their horses round the head with a whip and riders leaving like rats on a sinking ship, what was left of the field and pack, seemed to ride around aimlessly for the next hour or so. With sabs close by wherever they went today they were confined to such a small area that even the horses probably knew where the next stop was! At 4.33pm they gave up and boxed for home.

With great teamwork from Sabs and a Monitor we saved the life of at least one fox today. If you would like to join us in our fight for our beautiful Dorset wildlife then please message us on this page. Thank You.

Pics below  -   1/  Hunted fox passes anti's car     2/  Is this what they call 'riding side-saddle' ? 

  CattistockFHFoxfleeinghoundsalongroad11-11-17.jpg  CattistockFHIsthiswhattheymeanbysidesaddle11-11-17.jpg


Former hosts of Hare Week have moved in with North Pennine FH

12-11-17  Facebook – HSA    ALSTON HARE WEEK UPDATE   Back in August, the HSA revealed that the Weardale & Tees Valley Beagles - organisers of the notorious Alston Hare Week hunting festival - have been forced to sell their kennels. For many years the WTV had relied on the extra income from their cruel festival to boost their funds, but the pack have struggled since the Hunt Saboteurs Association destroyed Alston Hare Week in 2014.

Following a surveillance operation throughout autumn, we can now reveal that the WTV beagles have moved in with the North Pennine Foxhounds at Red Barns, Toronto, Bishop Auckland. The North Pennine are a fell pack run by Sir Johnny Scott, best known as presenter of the terrible pro-hunt TV show "Clarissa and the Countryman" with Clarissa Dickson-Wright.

The HSA continue to keep a close eye on the WTV beagles and are determined that Alston Hare Week will never happen again.



Cheshire FH filmed hunting fox near village - it escaped

Hunt thug beats then sits on monitor car bonnet 

Cheshire Forest FH have low turnout, pack up early 

12-11-17   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   IT'S NO FUN BEING A HUNTER IN CHESHIRE... CHESHIRECheshireFHThugsitsonmonitorbonnetafterbeatingit11-11-17.jpg HOUNDS, STAPLEFORD 11.11.17 CHESHIRE FOREST, BELMONT HALL 11.11.17    We split our team to monitor two hunts today, and were able to again keep the Cheshire Hounds company throughout their sordid day out; the Cheshire Forest was a different story, with such a pitiful turnout and following yet more negative attention of late, after a bit of faffing about at Belmont Hall, home of Cransfield School, trying desperately to do a bit of hunting but just making a nuisance of themselves blocking roads, decided it best to pack up early.

Back with the Cheshire Hounds, meeting at Cross Lanes Farm in Stapleford near Waverton, our team were interested to see which land the Hunt would venture onto today having now been banned from numerous pockets of farm and commercial land in this area. And they struggled, up and down the same stretches of road – with ensuing chaos – seemingly unsure which way they had laid their “trail” (they didn’t even both with their knickers-on-a-stick ruse today).

CheshireFHFoxthatgotaway11-11-17.jpgWith a large field (riders) they travelled to various points in the area, first off travelling down through Hockenhull Platts, a Cheshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve. Clearly the Hunt must have received permission for this, and that the Wildlife Trust think this nature reserve’s inhabitants can cope with a full pack of hounds, dozens of horses and four quad bikes crashing through their sensitive environment.

From here the Hunt moved onto land beside Cotton Farm, followed by numerous hunt-followers, complete with Tupperware full of sandwiches, scoffed while waiting for the ‘action’ to start. Sadly for them, members of our team took position with full view of any hunting about to take place as the Huntsman began to mark a nearby woodland. Lots of quad bike activity here too, which only means one thing (and that ain’t trail hunting, folks). Disgruntled the Hunt moved on, before stopping for a spot of lunch after all their hard work of an hour’s failed hunting. Who says hunters are work-shy and privileged?

While we waited for the second act, our team suffered numerous attempts at intimidation from hunt ‘stewards’, supporters and random followers, including one seemingly unhinged chap who, not only threatened physical violence on members of our team, but proceeded to beat the bonnet of one of our cars, before sitting on it [above right].

After much more trotting here and there desperately trying to find areas to chase foxes without too muchCheshireWeowntheroadsFH11-11-17.jpg attention, the Hunt eventually found themselves in Hargrave, where we witnessed (and filmed) them doing just that. Again, much quad bike activity in the next field, and an elderly gentleman follower telling us precisely what the Hunt were doing (cheers, loose lips), we can’t help wondering if this poor creature was brought to the area to be hunted. Thankfully though, it escaped with ease [above left].

Here we suffered repeated, continual verbal abuse from hunt supporters for being “paedophiles”. They still fail to understand the term ‘Defamation of Character’, but thankfully the police certainly do. More video evidence for the on-going file, and more details on this to come.

After scaring the Hunt away from Hargrave, they made a last-ditch attempt to do what we all know they really, really want to happen – to chase a fox – by moving across to woodland they often use on the Eddisbury Way near the canal. Sadly again – for them – we arrived first – and the Huntsman’s face was a picture on his arrival at the wood (yes, we have a Tardis). More furtive phone calls, one female rider unceremoniously urinating in the bushes right in front of us, and some more verbal abuse, and they were gone, back to where they came with tails firmly between their legs. A terrible day’s hunting, a terrible day out for the riders, but another great day for foxes.

If you would like to join our team, or have information to pass on to us (in strictest confidence), then please get in touch. Either message us here or email - mailto:info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk.ic

Pic above right -  Cheshire 'We own the roads' Hunt    Pics below  -  1/   JM riding on banned land   2/  Hunt congregating at an open recycling centre 

  CheshireFHJMonbannedland11-11-17.jpg  CheshireFHatopenrecyclingcentre11-11-17.jpg


Landowner calls police out when N.Irish fox hunt & hounds invade property

Also hounds ran through a private garden before sab presence led to early pack-up 

11-11-17   Facebook - Hunt Saboteurs NI    Today we headed to the N.DownFH11-11-17.jpgsmall village of Kircubbin which is approximately 13 miles from Newtownards. We know from previous sabbing in this area that the majority of residents are against this barbaric “sport”. Today was no different. As soon as the Hunt were on the move the sabs kept with the Hunt through some of the hardest terrain we have faced for quite a while. It was like Groundhog Day, with hounds running around loose with no control by the hunter and the whipper in, which suited us as it meant that there were long stops and not much movement. The only worrying time we had today was that the hounds went into someone’s garden with no Hunt member in sight and when that happens you don’t know if domestic animals are in the garden, thankfully we kept a watch on this and no intervention was needed.

A new record was set today, the Hunt packed up at just after 2pm, they were only out for just under 2 hours, they were totally fed up with our presence and decided to call it a day.

Also another new for us, the police arrived towards the end of the day and not because of us but because a resident had called them due to horses and hounds trespassing on their land. All in all not much to say about today, apart from no wildlife killed. This was the same place that 2 foxes were ripped apart last year but today no one lost their life.

It was great to see the locals support us and just proves just as many people in the country support a ban as “townies”. Until the next time!! Long run the fox!

Pic above right  -  1/ A load of crap [no, not the cow pat] 


Fernie FH let flock of sheep out on to a road

Chaos ensued, hounds mingling with terrified sheep

11-11-17   Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs    Sab report 11/11/17    Yesterday we teamed up with our friends from Hertfordshire, Nottingham and new group Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs to visit the Fernie hunt who chose the area of Knaptoft/Laughton for their bloodsport.

They had a strong field of riders and lots of hunt supporters in the area ready to intimidate and do their “masters” bidding, but of course that did not deter us. A group stayed with the pack most of the day and between us successfully ruined their fun. The usual tactics of following sab vehicles and blocking us in with theirs.

Just after second horses, the Hunt caused chaos by letting sheep from a field out on the road. Not only were the sheep terrified, but the hounds were mingling in between them. It took some time for the Hunt Masters (doing the round up of shame) to get both sheep and hounds in order again! Photo of this hopefully coming later.

We stuck with the Hunt until they disbanded around sunset. A long, tiring day for sabs but as far as we know, no foxes were harmed.

If you'd like to donate to our vehicle/fuel costs you can do so here: www.paypal.me/ENABS


Vale of the White Horse FH chase fox and riot twice on deer

Monitors think their presence prevented a dig-out 

11-11-17   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    VWH Hunt - 09. 11. 2017    The VWH were out in Hannington Wick on Thursday near Fairford, Swindon. They met at Yew Tree Farm and took the hounds along to the first bridle way on the Thames Path. As we were already there waiting for them they changed their mind and decided to divert towards the covert alongside the river. Oh dear did that spoil their trail? Support vehicles are sometimes useful and today they gave us a good indication of where they were. In fact they stayed around this area for most of the hunt and we were able to keep them within earshot.

At 12.30pm, the huntsmen came out of the bridleway on to the lane going towards Hannington Bridge. They were pointing into the field adjacent to the lane and suddenly the Whipper-In bought the hounds out. Just after this a beautiful dog-fox broke cover and ran across the lane. There were some local people extremely upset to see the hounds pick up on the fox’s scent and chase it across towards Blackford Farm area. Challenges to the Hunt about trail hunting make no difference to them.

As we approached Sterts Farm on Thames path the Hunt field were moving into field to the east of the small covert, behind the hedge and there was Hunt activity around the small covert there. The hounds then rioted off after deer and departed chased by Hunt staff in westerly direction ... but they had clearly either just had or were going to hunt the small covert. As we walked up the side of the covert on the path there were several support vehicles there and we noticed a man with a spade on the edge of the wood near us. When he saw us he came out again but looking in we saw two more with spades going into the covert. We did get in on a track on the narrow northern edge making sure we could be heard and then saw the two men with terriers exiting in front of us out the end of the wood. As a couple of the Hunt riders were staying around even though the Hunt had moved, we had suspected an imminent dig-out but they had no time for that. As we progressed through the narrow end of the wood and out we noted the two men walking around the perimeter back to where the vehicles were. Why would men with spades go into a small wood when the Hunt had just been there? We then went forward toward the big covert south of Manor Ham Barn and bordered by the river on the north side, where two quite polite male riders tried to persuade us to leave the scene. There were riders on point and we briefly heard the hounds but believe they lost the fox further up by the crossroads. For the second time on the Thames path we saw fallow deer running and then the hounds rioting after deer with the Huntsman and whipper-in screaming after them full-pelt with the hounds in cry ahead – we have no idea whether they attacked a deer or not as we couldn’t see we only heard that horrible noise of the hounds.

They packed up early today at about 2.30pm which makes a change. Considering they didn’t start until about 11.15 am that’s the shortest outing we’ve had for a while. See you next time VWH.


Police send 4 cars to Silverton FH at Hunt's behest - they hassle sabs

They had failed to respond at all to sabs' distress call a week before

11-11-17   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    We like to keep the 20-odd fox hunts in Devon on their toes and the Silverton were the only ones left on our list of Hunts not yet visited. They met in a field on the edge of Silverton, hosted by disgraced local businessman Philip Saunders, a joint master of the Hunt.

Both Hunt and sabs observed a minute's silence at 11am but in a sad irony on the day the guns fell silent we could hear local bloodsports enthusiasts beginning a pheasant shoot nearby. With about 20 riders and four quad bikes, one of them equipped with terriers and masked terrier men, the hunt left the meet heading north through the village and up towards Coblands Farm where hounds were entered into a small covert. We asked one of the Masters why terrier men were out with the hunt and his reply was "I'm not going to answer that". There was not even a pretence of a trail having been laid so it was no great surprise when hounds erupted into cry north of Land Farm and ran in a line straight across the road towards North Down Farm, where the scent was lost.

You may recall from last week's report that we called the police when we were subjected to criminal damage toSilvertonFHStrangelybehavedCPSO11-11-17.jpg our vehicle and threats of violence from hunt support at the South Tetcott but we were told police had no resources to send out. This week four police vehicles were soon in the area, having been called by the Hunt.

Only a few minutes before they arrived, one of our sabs was driven into by hunt support but all the police [a strangely behaved CPSO, right] seemed interested in was laboriously checking our vehicle insurance. When asked why they'd been called out, one officer told us we had been accused of trespassing, until it was pointed out to him that that is not a crime. HIs fall-back accusation was that we had used "foul and abusive language". A straightforward lie from the hunt that even if true surely doesn't warrant four police cars. As always, if they have nothing to hide, why are they so bothered about people watching?...

Police told us that our presence was provocative and suggested we leave. You couldn't make this up. If police actually did their job in policing illegal hunting, we would quite happily go home! As usual they had no interest in the illegal hunting and actually did everything they could to hinder us by driving as slowly as possible in front of our vehicle, at the precise moment when hounds were in cry. We'll be making our own complaints but we'd also encourage our supporters to politely ask Devon & Cornwall Police why they don't enforce the Hunting Act and whether their response today was a sensible use of supposedly stretched resources. Anyone who didn't know better would never guess from all this that there is a law against fox hunting.

Obviously we didn't leave. The Hunt persisted in drawing coverts as far north as Butterleigh, including Claypark, Broadpark, Leighpool and Brimpool Copses, with sabs keeping an eye from multiple vantage points, ready to act if necessary. They drew blank in all these coverts and ended the day back in the valley around North Down Farm, with an early finish at 2.30pm.

Thank you to everyone who has been sending us information so far this season. Please keep sending tip-offs to devoncountysabs@riseup.net or via phone to 07717473305. If you support what we do, please contribute to our fuel fund to keep our Land Rover on the road: https://www.paypal.me/dchs.

Pics below  -  1/   Silverton Hunt with terrierman    2/   Hunting - such fun 

  SilvertonFHHuntwithterrierman11-11-17.jpg SilvertonFHHuntingsuchfun11-11-17.jpg


Hampshire Hunt bring the A31 to a standstill - sabs cause quick pack-up

11-11-17  Facebook - Surrey Hunt Monitors   VIDEO   The Surrey Hunt Monitors turned up near Ropley, Hants to find a tailback of traffic on the A31 and the Hampshire Hunt taking their whole pack and the field down the wrong side of the A31 [below]. This busy road was brought to a standstill by this arrogant hunt, who were clearly not expecting anyone and had been found by sabs holding up a wood as in cub hunting. Two quads of terriermen were found in the middle of the woods with the Huntsman, and quickly made a retreat. We saw no trail layers at all and this very panicked Hunt packed up and made their sorry way back there on the run from Guildford and North Downs Sabs.

This Hunt is not visited that often and we thought it time for a visit as we had heard that they hunt illegally most of the time. The Hunt returned to the kennels at about 2pm.


In addition to the field parading down the A31, as above, sabs filmed hounds being taken on to one of the dual carriageways and turning right across the other one after a couple of hundred yards.  

Pics below  -  1/   Taking them on    2/  Taking them off again  

  HampshireFHTakinghoundsontodualcarriagewayA31_11-11-17.jpg  HampshireFHTakinghoundsoffdualcarriagewaycrossingothesideA31_11-11-17.jpg


Sabs say Ledbury South FH terrorised cattle & sheep but killed no foxes

Freshly blocked badger sett found in the area LS FH hunting

11-11-17  Facebook - Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs    We found ourselves in the land of battles past on the Anglo-Welsh borders, under the shadows of the Black mountains. Today was a different battle, one between good and evil. Evil came in the form of animal terrorisers the Ledbury South Fox Hunt; a sort of rehash of the South Herefordshire Hunt which ceased in name after they were caught carrying out heinous acts on little fox cubs. Good was presented by ourselves and our companions South Wales, Bristol & Bath Hunt Saboteurs.

The Hunt met on land belonging to the Williams family at Escley House (companies linked to this family include Golden Valley Inns and Hereford Racecourse) near Michaelchurch Escley, Herefordshire. From the start the Hunt were surrounded by sabs at all angles. Hounds went into cry briefly a few times but were largely quiet throughout the damp day. The Hunt did manage to upset at least two local landowners as they selfishly rampaged through fields of sheep and cattle, terrifying them. One was trying to protect his sheep and wanted to know which Hunt it was, he was surprised to find out who they were 'what – all the way over here?' The other was furious that her horses had been spooked in their field. One of the other teams found and unblocked a badger sett. Hunts frequently block setts to prevent exhausted foxes taking refuge in them.

The Hunt travelled quickly at times, as if to avoid having their sordid activities watched by sabs but they were closely monitored as they attempted to hunt Wern Ifor wood, Pont-y-Cefn wood, Wilderness Wood and the area around Michaelchurch Court. As the mists descended and visibility decreased, members of the Hunt began creeping back home into the darkness where they belong. This time we are confident no blood was spilt and good prevailed.

Pics below  -   1/  Freshly blocked badger sett    2/   Hounds scaring sheep 

   LedburySouthFHBlockedsett11-11-17.jpg LedburySouthFHHoundsscaringsheep11-11-17.jpg

13-2-17   Facebook - Welsh Border Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   The Ledbury South. Michaelchurch Escley   We met up with sabs from Bath, Bristol and South Wales to pay a visit to the Ledbury South on Saturday. Splitting up into small groups, we deployed a "pincer movement" and surrounded the hunt. Whilst we followed the pack, sabs from Bath and Bristol discovered a huge badger sett, blocked with evidence of spade marks around the holes. With the Ledbury famous for blocking setts, seems the Ledbury South also don't mind a bit of it either.

On arrival back at the road, we encountered a rather angry farmer who was insistent that the hunt were not welcome on his land. Shame the Hunt didn't tell the hounds as we filmed them chasing his sheep. Trespass 1 of the day.

As the Hunt moved back in the direction of the meet to cross over, we heard screaming coming from a farm. We spoke to the woman involved who was clearly distressed and who explained she had asked the hunt if they would be near her property and was told they would not. But they lied, resulting in one of her horses who had a hock injury panicking and running riot around her field. Trespass 2.

As the Hunt crossed over, sab groups went in from all angles and poor Peghead had nowhere to hide. As the weather started to draw in, the Hunt headed home, soggy and a bit miffed. Massive thanks to Bristol, Bath and South Wales for a good job.


Cumbria Huntwatch challenge to Hunts over trail laying unanswered after nearly 3 years 

11-11-17  Twitter -  Cumbria Huntwatch‏ @felicityfox55   In 2015, we issued a challenge to all local Hunts - if they could show us they were laying trails we'd give £100 to Keswick hospital. Not one Hunt took us up on this. £100 to a good cause just for showing us what they say they do all season. Why would anyone turn that down???

Article below from the front page of Lakeland District Herald, 31-1-15 -

              CumbriaHuntWatchchallengetoHunts1-15.jpg CumbriaHuntWatchchallengetoHunts1-15.jpg


Sabs ensure kill free day at Fernie FH & pack up Westerby Bassetts

11-11-17  Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    We're delighted that today we've had the pleasure of working with Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs on their first ever trip out. This new group are brimming with enthusiasm and we look forward to working closely with them as they continue to grow. If you're in their area give them a shout and get involved. You won't regret it.

Our two groups headed South and joined comrades from Northants at the Fernie Hunt who met at Knaptoft,WesterbyBassetts11-11-17.jpg Leicestershire. Upon arrival we headed straight into the fields and kept a wary eye as the hunt put their hounds into a covert right by a busy A road. Upon seeing sabs the Huntsman quickly gathered his hounds and headed south at speed where he was met by Northants sabs who were ready and waiting for him.

Meanwhile one of our cars that was spinning around the area spotted a load of vehicles parked up by a farm. Recognising some of them we stopped for a closer look and who did we find lurking? None other than the Westerby Bassetts [right] just about to set off and hunt some hares. Upon seeing sabs one of the whipper ins was heard to mutter "we're not going anywhere" but huntsman Bruce had other ideas and immediately set off up the road at a furious pace. He quickly lost most of his support and one of his whips but sabs are made of sterner stuff and stuck with him. Bizarrely all this rushing only led as far as the local pub where the Hunt gathered outside for a nice pint. Presumably Bruce was just thirsty! After he'd quenched his thirst he gathered his hounds, took another walk back along the road (strange when there where so many nice fields he could have gone for a stroll in instead) to the meet where he packed up.

We headed back to the Fernie where the afternoon had continued in a similar vein. The Huntsman continually moving on and sabs gamely sticking with him. We were happy to see him finally pack up just as darkness was falling. So a great introduction for Lincoln Sabs. A successful day at the Fernie with a Brucie bonus of packing up the Bassetts to boot. Lets hope they carry on in a similar vein.


Four sabs groups thwart Puckeridge FH and cause early pack-up

11-11-17  Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    Sometimes you get a call which you just have to act on. When we got a message from our friends over at SES - Suffolk And Essex Hunt Sabs - that they had found the Puckeridge it was just too good an opportunity to pass up on, especially when they were so close to home so we headed over there with N.Cambs Sabs and joined up with S.Cambs, who were already on the scene.

Now for those of you that don't know the Puckeridge is the home Hunt of the so-called Countryside Alliance CEO Dim Tim Bonner. We hoped he would be present so we could say hello but alas no show. SES and S.Cambs hadPuckeridgeFHPolicebuggypulledfrommud11-11-17.jpg already done a fine job before we arrived, seeing a brace of foxes away to safety but with now 4 groups present they were literally scuppered. Every which way they turned they were faced with sabs and running out of places to ply their gruesome trade they called in their backup - the police.

They duly arrived and accepted lifts on the back to the terrier men's quads to catch up with us. Not a particularly bright move for an organisation which is supposed to uphold the law and remain impartial. There were some claims regarding the law which the police were put straight on, we don't need to give our details and trespass is a civil offence whereas hunting is a criminal one. But once our police liaison sab had spoken to them and the police had been in contact with their WCO then they were no more problem (much to the hunts chagrin). Except of course the police all terrain buggy isn't quite all terrain and got stuck in the mud and had to be driven out by a terrier man while being pulled by a quad bike [right]. Oopsie.

The Hunt jacked it in and returned to the meet at Shaw Green, Herts, defeated and dejected just after 2pm. Great result all round and good to catch up with old friends over cake and sausage rolls (all vegan of course).

We had some new sabs out today, we're growing every week and getting stronger. The Hunts are diminishing despite what the CA will have you believe. Get involved, drop us a line.

Pics below  -  1/  Field looking less than happy     2/  Police with riders. Getting their orders?

  PuckeridgeFH11-11-17.jpg  PuckeridgeFHPolicegettingtheirorders11-11-17.jpg


Female sab punched in face by male Warwickshire FH hunter

Assailant then tried to steal sabs' cameras, damaged one 

Hunters nearby just laughed, one told her she deserved it

Sab taken to hospital with big wound just above eye 

9-11-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO    FEMALE SAB PUNCHED IN FACE BY WARWICKSHIRE HUNT    2 Sabs were filming the Hunt as they were blatantly hunting near a busy main road. A male member of the Hunt punched a female Sab in the face and then threw her to the ground and tried to steal cameras. Other members of the Hunt stood round laughing and did not intervene.

A passenger in senior master Charmaine Greens vehicle told the female sab "you're not a woman you're a monster. You deserved it". Sab now in hospital. Footage to follow.

One of our cameras was damaged as a result of this attack if your able to donate towards a new one please use the link below. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs Sort code 089299 account no. 65488120.


 11-11-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO  Warwickshire Hunt attacks sab   On Thursday 9th November members of West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs were monitoring the Warwickshire Hunt who were hunting in Birdingbury, Warwickshire.

The Hunt were becoming increasingly annoyed at not being able to hunt properly, senior Hunt Master Charmaine Green was filmed going through a list of contacts and then making some phone calls. Not long after these phone calls two aggressive hunt supporters turn up and approach the two sabs.

One of them then hits one of the cameras before hitting the female saboteur in the face. When her back is turned on him he starts shoving her and then pushes her to the ground. He then lashes out at her again. When she challenges him about him hitting her he doesn't deny it and can he can be heard saying “you can hit me if you want I don’t give a f***”.

Back on the road one hunt supporter apologies and says “that should never have happened” and then agrees that despite their differences the saboteurs have never been violent towards them.

The sabs then challenge the Warwickshire Hunt senior master Charmaine Green and ask her if she thinks it acceptable to hit women, a female passenger in the back says “your not a woman, you're a monster” and “that’s nothing” referring to the blood coming from the saboteurs eye.

Fox hunting is a violent activity and it is only a short leap from using violence towards animals to using violence against people. Just like they try to justify their violence towards foxes by vilifying them as pests they try to justify their violence towards us by calling us monsters. They know we are non-violent and even admit to us that we’ve never been violent to them which shows that this was a completely unprovoked attack. We ask the question who are the real monsters here?”

One of our cameras was damaged as a result of this attack if you're able to donate towards a new one please use this link  https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs. Thanks very much for all the kind messages of support. We will keep you updated on this incident.

  WarwickshireFHAggressivesupportershovesfemalsab9-11-17.jpg WarwickshireFHAggressivesupportershovesfemalesabsecondtime9-11-17.jpg

  WarwickshireFHAggressivesupporterhitsfemalesabinface9-11-17.jpg WarwickshireFHFemalesabsecondafterpunchedinfacebyaggressivesupporter9-11-17.jpg


Fox kill by Mendip Farmers FH reported by member of public

9-11-17   Facebook - Bath Hunt Saboteurs    We have been reliably informed by a member of the public that a fox was killed by the Mendip Farmers Hunt on the afternoon of Sunday 5th November. The fox was chased and torn apart by the full pack at Kingdown Farm, Priddy, near Wells. We believe that Kingdown Farm is owned by Yeo Valley Dairies. The brutal killing took part in full view of the Hunt's supporters.

The Mendip Farmers Hunt were in the spotlight back in July when their out of control hounds attacked and seriously injured a dog being walked near their kennels at Nine Barrows Lane, Priddy.

Pics below  -  1/  The Huntsman and pack    2/  Dog attacked by hounds 

   MendipFarmersFHHuntsmanandpack.jpg  MendipFarmersFHDogattackedbyhounds7-17.jpg


Monitors film Grafton FH hunting at least two foxes

Female monitor struck in face by woman supporter

She is then surrounded by riders to hold her up

9-11-17  Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch   Huntsman Mick Wills foxhunting at Farthinghoe on 4th November 2017 whilst being filmed by our brave hunt monitors.

Pics below   -  1/  Cries of Tally Ho! heard - the fox has been spotted    2/  Monitor finds fleeing fox     3/  Aggressive supporter struck monitor in face     4/  Then riders surrounded monitor to hold her up     5/  Huntsman bashing bushes trying to flush fox out. Monitor found Huntsman and terrierman on other side   6/  Fox about to dive into hedge. Then crossed road in front of the field   7/  Hounds in full cry in field fox ran into 

  GraftonFHTallyHox2_4-11-17.jpg  GraftonFHFoxfleeinghounds4-11-17.jpg

  GraftonFHStruckmonitorinface4-11-17.jpg GraftonFHMonitorsurroundedbyriders4-11-17.jpg

 GraftonFHHuntsmantryingtoflushoutfox4-11-17.jpg GraftonFHFoxdartsintohedgethenacrossroadinfrontoffield4-11-17.jpg



North Cotswold FH hunt fox across bTb case farm

Sabs say hunt only stopped because they were there

Blocked setts and artificial earth found in the area

9-11-17  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   On 28th October 2017, the North Cotswold Hunt held a newcomers' meet near to Wormington. They certainly showed newcomers what the hunt was all about, picking up on a fox within the first few draws and chasing him through Ryefield Farm (yep, the same farm that has anN.CotswoldFHHoundsinfullcryafterfox28-10-17.jpg unresolved case of bTB and which allowed the Hunt to meet on their land back in September) and on to Wormington Grange.

Further along, a badger sett was found blocked at an area where a fox was seen breaking cover (another also running from the same area) who had, most likely, been trying to 'go to ground' and escape the hounds, but had to run on further due to the blockages.

They then moved on to Little Mocho Coppice, just south of Childswickham, where we found an artificial earth in the top corner earlier on during cubhunting. Hounds were hunted on by hunt staff despite knowing that foxes were on camera, riders stalked sabs in order to keep tabs on them and relay locations back to the hunt staff and parking/driving skills of supporters were atrocious as usual. So a pretty spot-on impression of what to expect from the Hunt for the remainder of the season...

At the end of this meet, we headed over to the remainder of the opening meet of the Croome and West Warwickshire, which is where our driver had a large rock thrown at his windscreen. A huge thanks to those who have supported us to get the car fixed... if anyone else can chuck us a few quid towards our standard expenses, you can send us a message or use paypal.me/threecountiessabs. Last season we attended more than 100 hunt meets (we sab between 3 and 5 per week during the season) so fuel is a major expense! Thanks! 3C.

Pics below  -   1/  Fox fleeing hounds     2/  Hounds still excited     3/  With sabs on spot, Hunt pulls hounds off

  N.CotswoldFHFoxfleeinghounds28-10-17.jpg N.CotswoldFHHoundsstillonthescent28-10-17.jpg



South Durham FH hunt along railway line - female monitor shoved

9-11-17  Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors   Hit Report South Durham Hunt 4.11.17 Dunn Cow Sedgefield   Monitors were surprised to see the dismal turnout for SDH opening meet of the season and not surprised to see the police turn up to escort them to the hunt location �� A mile away not far from Sedgefield racecourse. We had previously hit them cubbing in the area when they killed 2 foxes and we were not about to let that happen again.

With 2 vehicles we had plenty foot monitors who could follow the Hunt and track their every move. We headed towards diamond hall farm which on the map had a footpath running through it, we were abruptly stopped by the obviously pro hunt owner and one female monitor was pushed back almost falling into a cow grid across the road. This all caught on film and sent to the police.

We made our way to a close by footpath and caught up with the Hunt around Neasless covert where nothing much took place before heading back to get dropped off to the next location.  Again on foot monitors managed to keep up with the hounds but out of sight from the terrier twats on quads and after being alerted by our driver that a fox was coming our way we covered its scent and with in minutes seen another to safety.

The hounds not far behind were sent back towards the Hunt. This gave away our position so we came out into the open and spotted the pack on a railway line. The hound master soon joined them and took off in what we think was pursuit of the fox seen earlier but hounds failed to pick up its scent thanks to a little citronella.

Loose hounds were seen running along the railway line and we did manage to get one in the general direction of the Hunt but 2 others had no clue where to go and between running out on the road and back to the railway line we failed to get hold of them and left it to passing hunt support to hopefully round them up. The quad bike also came speeding down the tracks all caught on out camera. These cretins have no thought for safety and put themselves and their egos first every time. Makes us so mad that they believe they're above the law.

We did lose the Hunt whilst trying to sort out their own hounds but soon found them again. The pack had difficulty picking up a scent all day and at the end of the meet a fox was seen running to a disused building and with hunt scum scrambling to find it once again proves there was no so called trail laid. The fox got away and no kills were made.

A much needed good day for us after the weekend before when we lost a little life. We would like to thank you again for your support and for all the lovely comments that we all read and that keeps us going. To donate to our fund please do so via PayPal at huntmonitors@gamil.com  paypal.me/huntmonitors   Long live the fox ��.

Pics below  -   1/  Huntsman and pack    2/   Man who shoved woman sab nearly over   3/   Huntsman and pack on railway     4/  No, cloth ears, it's TRAIL hunting, not TRAIN hunting  

  S.DurhamFH4-11-17.jpg S.DurhamFHPushedfemalemonitornearlyover4-11-17.jpg

  S.DurhamFHHuntsmananhoundsonrailway4-11-17.jpg S.DurhamFHNoitsTRAILhuntingnotTRAINhunting4-1117.jpg


Monitors see Cheshire Forest Hunt kill right in front of them

8-11-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   KILL WITNESSED    We are sad to report that our team have just witnessed the Cheshire Forest Hunt kill right in front of them. Police and RSPCA have been called, and we will post more details as soon as we can.


Blatant fox hunting & assaults on sabs at Crawley FH opening  meet

So keen to kill they hunted on into darkness 

This supplements the report on the same meet from North Downs Sabs 5-11-17 below 

8-11-17   Facebook - West Sussex Hunt Sabs   Crawley & Horsham Opening Meet 4th November 11 a.m @ Knepp Castle West Grinstead, Nr Horsham    This entire day included ; Blatant illegal hunting, violence, intimidation, harassment, lies and deceit. Everything we have come to expect from the Criminal & Horsham Hunt. Happy to say that we were joined by Guildford Sabs, Croydon, North Downs and Surrey Hunt Monitors. Not long after the start and the first report came in of a sab being assaulted. We headed down the road to assist and a black Nissan Navarra intentionally veered across the road almost hitting our vehicle. The same vehicle had moments before driven at one of the sabs, fortunately we know who was driving this vehicle. We picked up the young sab who had blood on either side of his face having been hit with a riding crop. More and more reports came in of assaults.

The Hunt had split and riders were heading in different directions. The hounds were heard in cry behindCrawleyFHHuntingafterdarkatopeningmeetLoosehoundroughlygrabbed4-11-17.jpg Brookhouse farm so we all headed up there. As we approached a fox ran out in front of us at some speed so sabs got to work spraying citronella to mask the scent. The Hunt and hounds headed away but worried that the fox could still be close by, two hunt monitors stayed at the farm. Sure enough the Huntsman returned to Brookhouse farm and unaware they were being watched by the two monitors, set up for some illegal hunting. Only the Huntsman and one other rider, two quad bikes and hounds... oops I nearly forgot, also the black Nissan Navarra driver and his friends.

They were all very quiet, the terrier men on point while the Huntsman was drawing the hounds through a covert. The monitors watched until a fox broke cover, the terrier man raised his arm pointing in the direction of the fox and the monitors made their presence known. The fox got away and the hunters moved on. During the afternoon the Hunt were seen in one field while the hounds and Huntsman had crossed the road to hunt elsewhere, but we found them and stopped them again.

They hunted until pitch black. One of the hounds was filmed wandering around in the lane. Not responding to commands the hound was grabbed around the neck by the C&H ' Countryman' [above right] this made the poor hound scream out in pain or fear. he was quite clearly exhausted and visibly shocked. Our films etc are being looked over but thought we would put this one up of the hound, you can see how dark it was !!! Thank you so much to all who have donated so far, it is such a great help. Working together to protect our wildlife.


Sabs certain that Easton Harriers hunted and killed hare

Sabs picked up lost hound, one collapsed at end of day

8-11-17  Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Easton Harriers – 4/11/17 - Oak Farm, Worlingworth – Suffolk     Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Sabs made the most of a grey and drizzly morning by turning up to the Easton Harriers. We picked up and followed a horse box to Oak Farm in Worlingworth, Suffolk, where Huntsman Gary Wingar was already parked up. Looks like he left early to try and avoid us. Sorry mate, better luck next time.

Gary and his green-jacketed henchmen James Pratt, Andrew Pritchard and Mike Lee spent much of the day EastonHarriersHuntingharesonhorseback4-11-17.jpg"following a trail" that circled round and round and round between Oak Farm and Stanway Green mere feet away from the hounds' noses. It even stopped and started to allow the hounds to catch up, which doesn't even meet the minimum requirements of their made up lies about "trail hunting".

Fortunately the terrain here was predominantly fields of beet and stubble surrounded by roads so it wasn't difficult for foot and car sabs to ensure the pack of hounds were in sight most of the day.

There were few chases but at one point four hounds crowded into a circle in a beet field and were seen tearing something apart. Sabs at this moment were sadly too far away to get to the dogs in time. The hounds were spotted soon after with bloodied faces.

Perhaps the most difficult moments of the day, though, involved two of the Easton Harrier hounds.One young looking dog, snout covered in blood, was left behind by the Hunt and ended up accompanying sabs for most of the day. Gary didn't seem very interested in taking the hound back so we fed and kept her warm in the back of one of our cars until the hunt packed up.

And, just as the hunt were packing up, one of the hounds was seen to be hobbling along with hind legs apparently in pain or discomfort. The hound appeared to collapse and roll over onto his back before whipper-in Mike heaved the dog up and stuffed him rudely into the back of a 4X4.

In addition to this, many of the other hounds appeared skinny and even ill; even more so than during the drunken reign of Alun Thomas. The Hunt sure love their hounds, don't they?

The Easton Harriers packed up early - before 2pm - but it was bittersweet given the condition of the cold, rain-soaked and injured dogs. We'll be keeping an eye on the condition of the hounds to ensure they don't become too bad.

Support us and keep us energised in the fields by buying us a coffee: ko-fi.com/norfolksuffolkhuntsaboteurs.

Pics below  -  1/   Hare killed by hounds as Whipper-in looks on    2/   Hound has hare's leg in its mouth   3/  Sab with Huntsman and pack    4/   Lost hound found by sabs - blood on snout    5/  Sad hound hitches a lift   6/   Whip picks up hound that collapsed at end of day

  EastonHarriersPackkillinghareasWhiplookson4-11-17.jpg EastonHarriersHoundwithharesleginmouth4-11-17.jpg

  EastonHarriersSabwithHuntsmanandhounds4-11-17.jpg  EastonHarriersHareinhoundsmouth4-11-17.jpg 

  EastonHarriersLosthoundpickedupbysabs4-11-17.jpg EastonHarriersCollapsedhoundpickedupbyWhip4-11-17.jpg


Cheshire Forest FH chase fox into garden - residents upset, cat missing
Monitors later saw Huntsman whipping a hound

8-11-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Cheshire Forest Hunt  Cuddington   8.11.17    The Cheshire Forest met at The Forest View Inn, Gallowsclough Lane, Oakmere. Our ever expanding team soon located the Hunt surrounding woodland on Wood Lane, we were given our usual warm welcome from the hunt support and followers.

While filming we observed numerous traffic offences, including agricultural quad bikes being used on the road (below -naughty) all incidents have been forwarded to the police and also the field themselves obstructing roads namely to block our Monitors in and stop us from filming and keeping up with the Hunt. The Hunt soon moved off but we were able to keep tabs on them, with help from the locals indicating where they went, it seems the Hunt isn't as welcomed into this area as they would think.

It was in the early afternoon that we witnessed a very distressing incident, a fox was witnessed fleeing for its life followed by the hounds, the fox entered a local residents garden followed by the hounds, the screams coming from the landowners were harrowing. They were begging the Hunt to call the hounds out and when speaking to them later they were still visibly upset and their precious family cat is now missing. For legal reasons we cannot elaborate more on this incident, however for Monitors and residents it's was extremely upsetting.

We later caught the Hunt surrounding another wood, the hounds were all over the place yet the field were all watching some distance away from the main road, why lay a "trail" where the field can't follow answers on a postcard please ...

It took a long time for the Huntsman [below] to round up his hounds and we then observed a hound being whipped and sworn at out of frustration maybe ?

It would seem the Cheshire Forest have carried on from where they left off last season with the Macclesfield fox kill and are still in the business of attempting to kill foxes it seems.

  CheshireForestFHTerrierboysQuadroadillegal8-11-17.jpg  CheshireForestFHHuntsman8-11-17.jpg


Portman FH reported to have trespassed on Hod Hill, NT land

6-11-17   LACS website   The Portman Hunt were reported on Hod Hill, Dorset on 6th November 2017.


Beaufort FH hounds on A46 again - one run over by car

6-11-17  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    Well, wouldn't you think the Beaufort Hunt would have learnt their lesson from the other day when they chased the fox across the A46 and the loose hound nearly got run over by the car and caravan... of course not. So what did they do today? They took the hounds over the same A46 again and this time the worst thing happened - a poor hound got knocked down by an unsuspecting motorist.  If your dog got knocked over would you continue with your jolly day out or abandon everything and see to the dog? All animal lovers know the answer to this one. The Beaufort carried on regardless. As owners of those hounds BH, you have a duty of care towards them. Why do you let them stray onto major roads? You wouldn't have laid a trail there so we can only assume that the hounds picked up on a fox scent. Full report will follow.

CIWH later uploaded a video. They spoke first to a woman passenger in the car, who was clearly upset and said hitting the hound wasn't their fault, it just suddenly ran out. An elderly lady in the back of the car confirmed this. Monitors then spoke separately to the male driver. He also said the hound just ran out and, though they were not going fast, they couldn't avoid it. A 'hunt person', called John James [the Whipper-in], then appeared and when the driver asked for the Hunt details and tried to take his picture, he ran off. He wasn't sure what happened to the dog. A hunt supporter passing in a car could be heard shouting abuse as CIWH talked to the driver.

CIWH later added the following to their post of the video -   The hound was taken away by Hunt staff. Later they denied that anything had happened, but then said the hound had been taken back to the kennels to be stitched up. It hit the car very hard, we would worry that it had internal injuries.

Pics below  -  1/  Elderly lady passenger in back of car   2/  The driver.   3/   Hounds on A46 after one was run over     4/  Whip [?] disappears after driver of car that hit hound asks for Hunt's details 

  BeaufortFHPassengerincarthathithoundonA46_6-11-17.jpg BeaufortFHDriverofcarthathithoundonA46_6-11-17.jpg

  BeaufortFHHoundsonA46afteronerundown6-11-17.jpg BeaufortFHWhiprunningoffafterdriveraskedfoHuntdetails6-11-17.jpg


Dart Vale Harriers Huntsman in middle of bog - says trail laid there!

Sabs rescue and return lost hound at end of day [no kills] 

6-11-17  Facebook - South Devon Animal Rights   Hit report – 4 November 2017   More surprises today when we visited the Dart Vale & South Pool Harriers who met at the tiny hamlet of Michelcombe, near Holne on south-east Dartmoor.

During the long career of Huntsman Gilmore Lewis the Dart Vale & South Pool Harriers (separate until amalgamation in 1991) used to hunt fox on Tuesdays and Saturdays and hare on alternate Thursdays. Following Gilmore’s retirement at the end of the 2010-11 season his successor (disgraced huntsman Andrew Phillis) hunted only fox and did so on Tuesdays and Saturdays as hitherto. When hunting hare they would visit neighbouring Hunts’ countries (the Dartmoor and the South Devon fox hunts) as that did not clash with hunting fox. (It was sport, after all . . . .)

Although allegedly trail hunting, it was a mystery/surprise today, therefore, to see the DVSP Harriers apparently hunting fox in the Dartmoor Hunt’s country after meeting at The Brookings. Imagine our surprise (No. 2), then, to find new Huntsman Emlyn Jones (formerly of the Modbury Harriers) at around 12 noon dismounted and lost in a boggy area on the open moor far from the meet. Mystery/surprise No. 3 was how it came about that his pack of harriers had followed an artificial trail into such ground in the first place. We can understand that a fox may run through it to dilute its scent but the Huntsman claimed to our sab that the trail had been laid just after 7:00 am. We contend that a trail would have dissipated several hours before Emlyn and sab met in the waterlogged ground!

We don’t know the identity of the (alleged) trail layer, nor do we know whether to commend them for such ingenuity or criticise them for leading the new master and his horse into danger. However, remounting after exiting the tricky conditions, Emlyn led his rather small mounted field of approximately 10 riders into unknown territory on the open moor.

Meanwhile, foot sabs - used to extensive trekking across the north moor with the Mid-Devon Hunt – spread out in small groups. Far and wide the Hunt ranged and gave us the run-around, one foot sab covering 15 miles/24km. On more than one occasion the allegiance of several hounds came into question when we used our gizmo, voice and horn calls. Although hounds went into cry several times (sometimes running downwind, sometimes up) we do not believe they killed.

The day ended with the huntsman returning to the hound truck without a full pack. We joined in the search and as light faded found one poor exhausted soul crying mournfully amongst the gorse and bracken. Taking our Land-Rover onto the open moor we recovered Warrior, rang the kennels and arranged for grateful Emlyn to liaise with us back at the meet where the couple were reunited.


West Somerset Vale FH fox hunt openly, including on N.Trust land 

Visitors to Quantocks appalled at what Hunt were doing

5-11-17  Facebook - Somerset Hunt Saboteur Group   West Somerset Vale Hunt at Triscombe Stone on the Quantock Hills, Saturday 4th November    A massive turnout of field for this pathetic Hunt with four redcoats, four adults and three kids under 16, four quads, one ridden two up and the others unregistered, two terriermen, whilst there were about 300 various mountain bikers, families out walking, dog-walkers by the herd... and us.

Despite our presence and in front of multitudes of appalled public, the Hunt proceeded to hunt fox openly all over the AONB Quantock Hills, flushing hounds through gorse on National Trust property at Great Hill and Marrow Hill,W.SomersetValeFHHuntedonNTlandNolicencepresumably4-11-17.jpg racing quads up and down the Drove Road, alarming many walkers, dog walkers and bikers enjoying the fine weather in a beautiful landscape.

Hunt followers were repeatedly aggressive and confrontational, with masked terriermen buzzing the sabs on NT land... yet we received many kind words from members of the public, all of whom were appalled at this open display of illegal hunting and many of whom accepted our card explaining what we do.

Remains to be seen what NT do about this trespass and the illegal hunting that occurred on their land - plod certainly wasn't interested when we reported the Hunt and the unlicensed quads but we did get recorded under a crime number.

Now the badger cull is finished, we are seriously skint in the bank, having expended over £1000 on fuel alone during the 6 wk cull. Having our truck's door kicked in by a nice terrierman at the Tetcott hasn't helped either! Any donations to our fuel fund especially welcome!!!

Pics from the day....the hunt photographer who explained it was illegal to take pics of people....while taking pics of us..........the trail layer who said we couldnt wear a face covering in case we were taken for terrorists.....as two masked terriermen roared past on their quads...the Hunt parked up on NT land watching the hunt.........and some other pics of interest.

   W.SomersetValeFHonQuantocksinclNTland4-11-17.jpg W.SomersetValeFHSniffingoutthegorse4-11-17.jpg


Fife FH hunt fox - no guns - Huntsman filmed whipping hound

5-11-17  Facebook Perthshire Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Fife Foxhounds - Easter Kellie – 04/11/2017   We caught up with the Hunt drawing gorse between Carnbee Law and Kellie Law, the Hunt saw us coming so decided to get Galpin (terrier man) to stage a mock dig-out pretending a fox had went to ground, we know he does this often, but we also know that he slinks off to have real dig-outs also, so we had to check it out. The Hunt then moved off at speed, a sab stayed with Galpin to be on the safe side while others moved on to locate the Hunt.

The Hunt were seen heading towards Knights Ward to the north, to far away to follow on foot so sabs regroupedFifeFHHuntsmanwhipshound4-11-17.jpg to again locate the Hunt, by this time the Hunt were travelling back down where they then decided to hunt in Gillingshill Nature Reserve. Robert Howarth (the Huntsman) got off his horse to encourage the hounds on foot, but they failed to locate a fox, Robert was so annoyed by this he whipped a hound - so much for caring about their hounds [VIDEO + pic right] all this while blocking a public road, no guns in position either, not like it's safe to be shooting or hunting on a public highway.

The Hunt decided to try Kellie's Law again seeing as we disrupted their "fun" the first time, we moved back onto the hill, making it smell beautiful on our way ;). They tried an area of gorse, but did not pick up, then moved over to another area of gorse, sadly a fox was bolted, no guns in position, if the Hunt were acting within the law, guns should have been in position before they went near the gorse. The fox had been seen and Robert encouraged the hounds onto the line of the fox, the wind was picking up by this stage too, helping to cover the scent.

The fox was seen by sabs and hunters looping back in the direction it came, so determined to kill the fox, Robert then dismounted his horse again and took the hounds to where the fox was last sighted, but even this failed as the wind and a lovely citrus smell covered the fox's scent and eventually the Hunt gave up, Robert the Huntsman walking back to the meet with the hounds. 

Please help in any way you can https://gogetfunding.com/fuel-costs-and-vehicle-maintenance/ 

Pics below  -  1/  Fox just flushed out    2/  Hounds have lost scent    3/  Fox fleeing Hunt 

  FifeFHFoxjustflushedout4-11-17.jpg   FifeFHHoundshavelostfox4-11-17.jpg



Sab allegedly racially abused at Berwickshire FH meet

5-11-17   Facebook - Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs     Hit report 4th November Berwickshire Hunt -BerwickshireFHmeet4-11-17.jpgManderson House    We met up with Glasgow Hunt Sabs and went to visit the Berwickshire Hunt at Manderson house at 9:00am at began pre spraying in the grounds surrounding the house before the Hunt arrived.

The Hunt starting arriving around 10:00am Sabs waited at the meet where terriermen asked us "Make ourselves scarce" as they had called the police, Sabs stayed at the meet as we hadn't broken the law and waited their until the Hunt left around 11:15am.

We had pre-sprayed a lot of ground so the Hunt were struggling to pick up a scent and spent the first part of the day running from us instead of hunting. The Hunt made a false claim to the police that we had poison in our spray bottles -this was pretty silly -and police seized two spray bottles for testing this will achieve nothing with plenty of citronella sabs made up more mixture of water and citronella and continued sabbing.

A member of our group was a victim of racial abuse. we cannot go into detail at the moment, but it's shocking that the Berwickshire Hunt allow racism among their supporters!

We also noticed some teenagers riding horses who must of been upset that we had turned up to the opening meet and shut them down they were very abusive to members of our group but all they were doing is making the Hunt look bad!

Hounds went into cry briefly 3 times but lost the scent soon after. The cheeky teenager who was abusive fell of his horse we hope the horse is unharmed as he/she did not look well. This has been a poor start to this Hunt's season having 1 ambulance, 2 police vehicles and 5 sab vehicles turning up the Huntsman did not look very happy. Until next time! Join. Sab. Donate. 


Suffolk FH supporters assault sabs while police sit & watch fox hunting

Sabs pushed into ditch - one has suspected broken rib 

5-11-17   Facebook - Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs    Yesterday, Saturday the 4th of November, we paid a visit to the Suffolk Hunt's opening meet, along with Suffolk & Essex, S.Cambs and NE London Sabs.

The Hunt had no intentions of sticking together and quickly began to lose field riders left, right and centre, only to be found by our sabs miles away. We quickly found the hunt and stayed on their tail for the entire day, never more than a couple of fields away. The hounds repeatedly went into cry, and on one occasion we had a confirmed sighting of two foxes that had bolted, with the hounds in full cry chasing them roughly 30 seconds behind. However, to our surprise, Suffolk Police witnessed the chase but the Hunt still had the audacity to claim a trail was laid there, even though they had been hunting up and down the hedgerow where the fox was first seen for at least 10 minutes, right in front of Suffolk Police.

During the course of the day, two members of the supporters club for the Suffolk Hunt assaulted two Sabs walking on a public right of way, near Stanstead Great Wood ; This resulted in both sabs being shoved into a ditch, one of which required a medical pickup due to a suspected fractured rib. In addition to this, the supporters had a bad habit of driving cars at us at high speeds along the public right of ways, which could have easily resulted in a very bad collision.

In summary, it was a very successful day with no known kills at least 3 seen to safety. We’ll be sending an invoice to the hunt for medical compensation.



Beaufort FH hound nearly run over on A46 as Hunt chase fox

5-11-17  Facebook – Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch  VIDEO    POWAperson narrates the video - Monitors were driving along the A46 on 28-10-17 when they spotted a fox run across the road. They drove on and turned when they could do so safely and returned to the point where they saw the fox. The Huntsman on horseback was by then on this busy, fast road. Monitors say there were hounds in bushes either side of the road. It looked as if the Huntsman was intending to take hounds across the road. Monitors then approached the Huntsman and told him they had seen the fox. A hound on the opposite side to where the Huntsman was first seen then appeared between the monitor filming and another monitor and ran out on to the road, swerving back to the verge just in time to avoid being run over as the monitor called to it. The hound then ran along the verge past the monitor and, as monitors attempted to slow traffic, ran across the road to the other side. 

Pics below  -  Huntsman in middle of A46     2/  Hound runs out into road nearly getting run over 




Braes o'Derwent FH kill fox and noisily celebrate in front of monitors

Their blocking tactics had stopped antis arriving until just too late

Hunters reported to police for being drunk in charge of horses 

4-11-17    Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors  Hit Report: Braes of Derwent 28 /10/2017   This was a devastating day for Hunt Monitors. After hitting South Durham every “cubbing” meet since the onset of the season we decidedBraesoDerwentFHBlockingroadtostopmonitors28-10-17.jpg to give Bursta Blood Vessel Ross’s blood pressure the opportunity to go down a bit. Therefore, we paid The Braes of Derwent Hunt a well overdue visit on their opening meet of the forthcoming fox hunt season.

The Hunt met at Newlands on the Northumberland / Durham border. With easy 100 riders plus support this was a huge meet, the largest hunt some monitors had witnessed before; consequently, from the offset we knew that it would be a tricky one.

After watching their pompous pre-hunt pep talk we were able to quickly establish the route they intended to take- thanks for the clues Benjamin. We split into two teams of foot monitors; dropping our first team off to pre-spray and head them off in one direction then our second at another. Our second team of monitors approached up a public footpath, directly into the Hunt, where we then had the usual you’re trespassing; you’re on private land baloney etc. etc.– zzzzzz.

Braesoderwentfhmonitorbruisefrombeingpushedintofence28-10-17.jpg we proceeded to keep on top of them when we were subjected to a block in by horses and riders [e.g. pic right above] in a deliberate attempt to prevent us following them and forcing us into ditches and into barbed wire etc. One particularly heinous individual, who we believe was Kevin Hale, instructed his daughter who looked about 11 years old to ride into and block the only open space. He does not know us, or what we are like, yet he placed his own daughter in such a high risk volatile situation. We were appalled, absolutely appalled. Placing any child at risk is unacceptable, but your own daughter. That is deplorable behaviour even by hunt standards - I hope social services are reading this.

We eventually made our way through and followed on foot only to be subjected to a further bully boy block in by riders and hunt support in vehicles, yet again, riding and backing their horses into us - typical horses as a weapon malarkey. We were vastly outnumbered so we summoned our driver who swiftly approached to whisk us away; however, the vehicle was immediately surrounded - instigated by Top Dog Tool, Bill Gascoigne and his harem of adoring female riders, hence, blocking any potential escape. During this time a monitor was ridden at and knocked into a ditch falling onto a barb-wire fence which left her bruised [left above].

Drinking from their hip flasks and cheering each other it became evident that they were drunk - and whilst riding horses, looking after children and later driving their vehicles. We phoned the police and whilst waiting for them to arrive they eventually dispersed, obviously thinking they’d given the Hunt enough time to move on. Following this incident our teams lost sight of them. Although, this violent behaviour illustrated how determined they were to kill we weren’t overly concerned, as Braes are generally rubbish hunters.

After speaking to the police, who went off to look for them we drove to where we thought they’d be and there they were. We had one team approach from one side as we approached from another. We saw the police cross over crossroads in front of us, flashed them the way to go – which they didn’t. If they had they would have driven straight into Braes killing a fox.

As our team approached we pulled up heard the hounds in FULL CRY so we leapt out of the car and over into theBraesoDerwentFHHoundswaittodomastersbloodybidding28-10-17.jpg field in an attempt to intervene, however, we were just seconds too late we just got over into the field to see the hounds at the other end savaging the fox, unable to get there in time we managed to at least get some footage, which we are reviewing.

Seconds preceding our arrival our other team arrived on the scene from the other direction, to witness first-hand this barbaric spectacle - the hounds sent in to kill, prior to Hunter lackey James Jopling jump off his horse run in to retrieve and subsequently, escape with the fox’s ravaged body. On sighting monitors he proceeded to jump over a field and ran, we believe he was then picked up by a waiting vehicle and whisked away. Nevertheless, Monitors took off over the fields and through the woods in pursuit and attempted to locate the body of this poor animal. Simultaneously, the rest of the hunt were kissing and hugging each other, raising their hip flasks and toasting each other. WTF!!!

These sadistic, violent criminals had not only viciously and cruelty snatched away a life just to satisfy their warped and sadistic blood lust but they were toasting and celebrating their achievement. 100 riders, huntsmen, quad bikes, 20-30 support vehicles and 40 hounds against one innocent animal is an achievement according to these vile people. Well, congratulations Benjamina you have earned your stripes, guaranteeing we will be back again…. very soon. Unlike these Neanderthals, our team were devastated and visibly upset. However, we will not be deterred and we will be back bigger, stronger and more determined than ever.

RIP sweet angel. Forever free. Sorry that we could not save you little one. We were there to protect you, but we let you down. We came to help, but we were just too late. You can donate to help us save wildlife via paypal at huntmonitors@gmail.com

Pics below  -   1/   Road illegal quads     2/  Hounds about to kill fox

  BraesoDerwentFHTerrierthugsIllegalquads28-10-17.jpg  BraesoDerwentFHHoundsclosetokill28-10-17.jpg


Sabs attacked at Crawley FH as foxes hunted as if there were no ban

Several sabs injured - females suffer sexual taunts from supporters

Many wild animals spooked by Hunt on 'rewilding estate' that bizarrely allows Hunt

4-11-17  Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs  VIDEO  A hard , long and violent day for Guildford and North Downs sabs and Surrey Hunt Monitors who joined up with Croydon and West Sussex sabs for the opening meet of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt, who met at Knepp Castle nr Southwater.CrawleyFHItsdarkTheyrestillhunting4-11-17.jpg

From the start the Hunt were very violent with many attempts to ride sabs down. They hunted foxes like the ban had never happened and the W.Sussex group filmed a number of foxes being illegally hunted and passed evidence to the police. We reverted to old school sabbing, spraying woods with citronella and trying to call off hounds from foxes. This, and the fact the Hunt couldn't lose us, caused them to get frustrated and increasingly violent as the redcoats and a terriermen attacked a small group of three sabs, hitting one over the head with a riding crop and kicking him in the head when he was on the ground. The Croydon group also had one of their sabs hit with a riding crop. One of our female sabs was subjected to various sexual remarks by their ignorant supporters.

This mad Hunt, in total disregard to their horses and hounds, carried on hunting until five thirty in the pitch black [pic right]. They were very lucky that a horse wasn't killed by passing cars. The slightly battered , exhausted but victorious sabs then retired to the local pub.

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See also report by Guildford Sabs, who uploaded the two pics below -  

   CrawleyFHRedcoatharassingsabwithhorse4-11-17.jpg  CrawleyFHRedcoatridingintosab4-11-17.jpg

And Surrey Hunt Monitors had this to say about the day -

5-11-17  Facebook – Surrey Hunt Monitors   LAWLESS AND RECKLESS CRAWLEY AND HORSHAM HUNT   ...True to their criminal form, the Hunt spent the whole day terrorising the wildlife in this rewilding estate. Sika and fallow deer, wild ponies, wild pigs and cows were yet again put under stress as the Hunt crashed through this lovely estate actively chasing foxes. Several foxes were hunted through the day with a complete disregard for the law or the cameras. Video evidence has been passed to the Police.

Later in the day, the Hunt were completely frustrated by sabs and monitors dogging them every step of the way, so they began riding down everyone in sight, whipping people and one sab was beaten to the ground by red coats and a terrierman, followed by a cowardly stamp on the head from a 'Judge Rinder' lookalike redcoat. These assaults and batteries continued throughout the day as the redcoats became wilder and wilder, completely losing the plot. Several sabs and monitors were injured but thankfully not hospitalised.

Several foot supporters were filmed making vile sexual comments to our female monitors, and one particularly sick creature was filmed with his camera inches away from a young girl, filming up and down her body at close quarters whilst being verbally sexually abusive. This will be passed to the Police, although the way the Police have been behaving towards us, we don't expect it to go further. If we have no joy with the Police, we will just post it on FB in its entirety and shame them.

The Hunt continued to hunt into darkness and tore down these unlit country roads on their horses with no care for their horses or local traffic. The Hunt was last heard with hounds in cry in the pitch black behind a farm.
They finally headed back to the meet in complete darkness with hounds, riders; including children, on the road, with some final abuse thrown at us. This Hunt is completely lawless and out of control and will be getting more visits from many groups.

The Knepp Castle Estate owners should ban this Hunt from their grounds as their rewilding project is being completely undermined by this Hunt terrorising all of the animals kept captive within its fences, week after week...

Pics below  -  1/  Hunt scaring fallow deer    2/  Fallow buck fleeing Hunt    3/  Quad boys    4/  Quad boys respecting the environment 

  CrawleyFHHuntscaringhelloutoffallowdeer4-11-17.jpg  CrawleyFHFallowbuckfleeingHunt4-11-17.jpg

  CrawleyFHHuntscum4-11-17.jpg  CrawleyFHHuntscumrespectingtheenvironment4-11-17.jpg


N.Cotswold FH sett-blocker caught on camera - footage passed to police

4-11-17   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    North Cotswold Hunt sett-blocker caught on camera - Sabs out for fifth time this week - RPJ Band have pulled out of playing North Cotswold Hunt Ball   The North Cotswold Hunt met at Springhill this morning for their opening meet. Springhill is where they will be holding their hunt ball again this year and where ex-terrierman Rog carries on his 'work'. No surprise there then that the Estate allows sett-blocking and illegal hunting.

N.CotswoldFHSettblockercaughtoncameraPassedtopolice4-11-17.jpgFootage [screen grab left] is being passed on to the police of the 5 setts found blocked this morning during our 'early morning sett-blocking patrol'. Many setts had been blocked last night, to minimise work this morning... when moving on from some setts we left trail cameras in our place, so evidence sent to police includes video footage of one of the setts being blocked with rocks and a tree branch. More on that later once we have discussed the situation with the police!

Especially with the Heythrop Hunt meeting nearby and hunting around Sezincote, it was a busy day (other sabs were at the Ross Harriers Hunt - we'll share their report soon). Heythrop terriermen and supporters were caught messing around not far from a known artificial earth and drove off swiftly at arrival of sabs.

Then at a fireworks display this evening information was also overheard about the Cotswold Hunt... that the new Huntsman is sh*t and they only got on the scent of a couple of foxes all day at their opening meet. Be careful who you speak to and where boys!

A huge thank you to the individuals out yesterday and today 'dog-walking' and 'rambling' near to the hunt meets - your footage and intel is invaluable! More on all this soon...


South Tetcott FH lose hounds across river - sab wing mirror smashed

Farcical opening meet - long delay while Hunt tries to retrieve hounds from Cornwall! 

4-11-17  Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    Today we piled the landy full of sabs and started the new season with a visit to the South Tetcott's opening meet at Tetcott Manor. With foot teams at the meet and to the south we watched as they spent the first part of the day drawing the slopes and coverts around Beardown Plantation, Lana Lake and Mill Wood.

S.TetcottFHSmashedsabwingmirror4-11-17.jpgHere some of the hounds ran on a scent and crossed the Tamar into Cornwall! This threw the Hunt into a confusion they never really recovered from. Hounds and riders were scattered all over the place between Luffincott Wood and Bradridge Copse, with redcoats trying for ages to call hounds across the river.

Meanwhile some rather unpleasant and dangerous driving from South Tetcott followers saw our sabs being driven at several times and while we were sat on the side of the road waiting for other vehicles to go past, one knuckle-dragging supporter got out of his Volvo and smashed our wing mirror. Judging by the slice of flesh he left behind in the glass, he'll be dragging his knuckles a little more tonight...  We think he might have come off worse. If you look closely [left], he left a bit of flesh behind on the glass... The whole incident was caught on camera so he'll be getting a knock on the door from the police shortly.

The Hunt eventually doubled-backed to the east and in fading light we caught up with them around Lanamoor Plantation, just in time to witness hounds run in full cry across the road. Was this the same trail-layer who must earlier have dragged the trail across a wide river?? Or could it be that the mythical trail-layer does not exist?... Sabs were well-placed to call hounds up into the fields north of Lana Bridge and a battle of calls ensued, which distracted the hounds long enough that they lost the scent.

Huntsman Jamie Parish eventually had to ride round to where sabs were to retrieve his lost hounds, by which point it was time to hack back to the kennels. On the way back some riders angrily accused us of having been inside the kennels, a rumour that seemed to have been doing the rounds since the morning. We weren't in the kennels at any point, although if the hunt want to spend hours going through their CCTV footage, they're welcome to do so! In any case, we'll be seeing them again soon!

Pics below  - 1/  Wouldn't want to be this redcoat's horse   2/  Someone should tell this knuckle-dragging zombie impersonator it's not Halloween any more

  S.TetcottFHPoorhorse4-11-17.jpg  S.TetcottFHFrightnightsupporterMaybeonewhosmashedsabwingmirror4-11-17.jpg


Banwen Miners FH switch meet away from NT land - then hunt foxes

Pathetic attempt to look as if trail being laid was made 

4-11-17   Facebook - South Wales Hunt Saboteurs    No National Trust Licence for the Banwen MinersBanwenMinersFHHuntsmanfilmssupposedtraillaying_2_4-11-17.jpg Hunt    The Banwen were supposed to meet in Rhossili which would have involved hunting on National Trust land. Perhaps their application was lost in the post because at the last minute they abruptly changed the meet to Cefn Bryn which is also on the Gower. They had downgraded to a makeshift pull-in on the common. Much was made of a somewhat unathletic trail layer [right] who was filmed as he ran for 15 seconds before wheezing to an uneasy walk up to the ridge. A walk which lasted all of 30 minutes as by then he and his trail were back at the meet.

Interesting then, that the Huntsman ignored the trail and blatantly hunted the hounds through gorse and scrub – but under our watchful eyes, no harm done. Despite the beautiful clear weather, most of the mounted field packed up and went home after a couple of hours. A small clique of riders tagged along with the huntsman and whip for another hour, but with us poised and ready to intervene it was all pretty lacklustre. End of play at 2.30pm.


Unsupervised Blencathra FH hounds filmed chasing fox - no trails

4-11-17  Facebook - Lancashire Huntsabs   VIDEO   Thursday 2nd November 2017   We caught up with the Blencathra Foxhounds at one of their favourite haunts, north of the Blencathra Centre. Sabs positioned themselves high on the side of Blease Fell and along the bridleway at the foot of the fell. It was obvious from the outset that Barry Todhunter had lost upwards of a dozen hounds very quickly into the day's hunting. Hunt followers were positioned at various points along the bridleway as far north as Long Brow. After a short period of time, the sabs high up on the fell heard hounds in cry and saw them bolting from a small copse at the side of Glenderaterra Beck heading south along the lower path at the base of Lonscale Fell. Immediately one of the sabs spotted them in pursuit of a fox and some panicky camera work resulted in the video below which shows the fox being pursued by hounds.

Meanwhile, huntsman Barry Todhunter was at least a mile away north of the pursuit. Joint Master Larry Slattery was informed that hounds had been filmed chasing a fox but shortly after this, the rest of the pack went into cry further north. This clearly demonstrates a criminal disregard for a UNESCO World Heritage site's wildlife and of the Hunting Act. It also demonstrates that the Hunts are not going to change their behaviour. No other group of people would be allowed to take 30+ dogs into a National Park and let them run riot.

Sabs then moved further north and cut off Barry's ability to hunt that valley for the rest of the day, and he stayed around the area between Long Brow and Skiddaw House. Supporters left in dribs and drabs and Barry slunk back to the hound van with a small number of hounds, leaving the car park in haste. Sabs checked the woodland North of Derwentfold's Farm and can confidently say that fox got away.

No trails were witnessed being laid at any time. It was a bright, warm day, and trails would have needed to be laid throughout the day. A large number of visiting walkers were aware of what was occurring, including a large party of school children on a field trip, all of whom were shocked (including their teachers). They all wished us luck.

Please help keep us out this season if you are able to donate to our vehicle fund.

Pic below  -  Lead hound in pursuit of fox  



National Trust backs away from publishing 'trail hunt' routes

4-11-17   Observer    National Trust accused of backtracking over trail hunting on its land -  Trust says it overturned its decision to publish hunt routes to avoid confrontation between followers and protesters    The National Trust has been accused of backtracking on a promise to publish the routes used in controversial trail hunts held on its lands after the charity said it did not want to encourage a climate of confrontation between followers and protesters.A motion to prohibit trust land from being used for trail hunting was narrowly defeated at the charity’s AGM last month. Trail hunts involve hounds and riders follow a pre-laid scent path but many regard it as a means of circumventing the 2004 Hunting Act.

The motion had been opposed by the Trust’s board and in the run-up to the conference it had pledged to publish the routes taken in future. “We will ask for all specified routes and dates of trail hunts in advance and these will be published on a new page on our website,” an AGM booklet read.

There was anger, however, when the trust said on Facebook that it would not be publishing routes or meeting points following discussions with the police and others. Helen Beynon, the NT member who tabled the AGM motion accused the trust of lying to its members. It had originally bowed to pressure from members and agreed there was a need to review the oversight of hunting on its lands, she said. Question remained about what the hunts usedto create the trails and whether any scent was being used at all, she said.

Given all this you have absolutely misled your members before and during the debate,” she said. “Please explain how giving simply a map of an area to anyone interested, gives them any idea where the Hunt might be at anyone time. Clearly this has been done so hunts can avoid scrutiny.”

A spokesperson for the Trust said that, as part of new terms, it would provide details of dates and maps of the licensed hunting areas on its website “providing the level of transparency our visitors need to make an informed decision over whether or not they want to avoid a Hunt in that area on certain days of the year. However, we do not want to encourage or create a climate of confrontation between trail hunt followers or protesters. Following advice from the police in September, we took the decision not to publish details of specific routes after concerns were raised over public safety and the potential for disorder.”

POWAperson comments -  The wording used by the Trust above indicates that either they just don't understand what Hunts are really like and what they've been getting up to all this time or they are being deliberately obtuse. It is highly unlikely that Hunts will stick to 'specific routes' they've told the Trust about in advance, because 'trail hunting' is essentially a fiction, custom designed to disguise live quarry hunting. Since the Trust have said they're not intending to monitor the routes, they won't know whether Hunts stick to them or not.  Sabs and monitors will still know where the Hunts are meeting, but they won't be able to tell whether or not they've followed the stated routes, since the NT will be keeping this secret. Despite the NT fixing the vote so 'trail hunting' wasn't banned, their new rules should considerably constrain Hunts - but only if the Trust either change policy and monitor hunts themselves or they respond appropriately to evidence of licence breaches sabs/monitors will provide.  



Holidaymakers film Severn Vale Beagles hare hunting, including on road 

4-11-17  Facebook - Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs   We were sent some footage today of the elusive Severn Vale Beagles. Some people on holiday heard the sound of hounds in cry and were upset to see loose hounds on the road on the scent of a hare. They saw a gathering at Old Hurst Farm, hosts of the meet, who run this riding school near Gloucester https://summerhouseequestrian.com/contact-us/ Please contact them and ask why the Gallop family entertain illegal hunting and how they justify a pack of hounds chasing and ripping gentle hares to pieces.

This pack, kennelled with the Earl of Berkeley's Foxhounds were formed in 2013 after the Wick & District Beagles disbanded and it's members are made up of Major Generals, Brigadiers, Freemasons and public school employees.

If you have any information on hunts, please message us in confidence. If you would like to join us, please get in touch.

  SevernValeBeagleshuntingonroad4-11-17.jpg  SevernValeBeagleshuntingonroad_2_4-11-17.jpg


Sabs have to act late on to save tired fox hunted by Belvoir FH

4-11-17    Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    Today we joined up with our good friends Sheffield Sabs and headed to the Belvoir Hunt who were at their usual (incredibly dull) hangout of Langar airfield. This week they met at Harby Lodge Farm, Harby, Leicestershire but the actual meet means little as they always head to the same flat, tedious countryside that they bizarrely seem to love so much.

Leics police were at the meet and happily introduced themselves to us and gave us their phone number. The problem is that however good their intentions the fact they're confined to their vehicle means that they're able to do little to curb the rampant illegal hunting of the Belvoir. That job as usual is left to the sabs.

The Hunt assigned their usual goons to follow vehicles [right] and foot sabs but with two groups they proved littleBelvoirFHDesignatedsabfollower4-11-17.jpg problem. With dull predictability they rode round and round in circles before heading into the vast Langar Airfield. Fortunately it's an area we know well and both teams of foot sabs headed in after them. They seem to like the network of abandoned railway lines round here. We assume it's not because they'll be teeming with foxes!

We leapfrogged them all day. Losing them briefly at times but always knowing where to look to find them again. They didn't second horse until almost 3pm so we knew it wouldn't be an early finish. Fortunately we stayed vigilant as, with darkness just starting to fall, we watched a very tired fox move slowly across a field next to to the road with hounds in close pursuit. Sabs leapt into action and used gizmo, horn and voice calls to distract the hounds and give the fox a few vital seconds. Our second group were then perfectly placed to use their sprays to mask the scent of not one but two foxes who were fleeing the hounds.

With that the Huntsman decided enough was enough and made his slow way back to his horsebox and called it a day. Cheers Belvoir. We always know where to find you!


POWAperson adds  -  The van following sabs [above right] belongs to the same company as one that featured in a probable kill recently. A woman reported to Northants Sabs that she was nearby when hounds entered a farmyard in cry. She didn't see fox or kill but soon after the Huntsman brought out something in a bag and handed it to the driver of the van. She believes it was the fox's corpse. See here.


Sab car driven into at Ledbury FH opening meet - support issue threats

Bad scent day helped ensure no kills, but sabs shoved as went to aid of sick sheep 

3-11-17   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   For our fourth outing this week it was the Ledbury OpeningLedburyFHDamagetosacarcausedbysupportdrivingintoit3-11-17.jpg meet from the Corse Lawn Hotel in the west Gloucestershire cull zone. Joining with Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch and Welsh Border Sabs.

Sett patrol in the morning picked up the Hunt flesh-wagon on the road at 07.00. Lo and behold a blocked sett was found nearby.... funny that. Other setts were found to be very active with no signs of cull activity ( the West Gloucs licence is very vague) or meddling. Pleased to see that some setts that were disused pre cull are now VERY active again.

This was a bad scenting day. Foxes were seen escaping and Mark was wearing black again rather than the red livery hunt staff usually wear.

A bit of aggro but can't go into too much detail for legal reasons, but basically poor car now has a big scratch down it [right - support drove into it] and issuing threats whilst standing next to the police is a bit daft boys. And someone's got a t-shirt with some logo about hunting sabs....so that's nice :) . Pushing and shoving from some of the field when sabs went to help a sick sheep. More on all this to follow.


Warwickshire FH cause road chaos as hounds chase fox on to A45

Police have to take control of situation

3-11-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Road chaos - Warwickshire Hunt   The footageWarksFHHoundshuntingverynearAroad3-11-17.jpg is from the Warwickshire Hunt as they cub hunted near Willoughby, Warwickshire. A fox was seen running from the hounds, the hounds were seen running towards the busy A45. On the road riders desperately try to stop the hounds spilling out on to it, hounds can then be seen running through someone's back garden. The police then arrive and have to stop the traffic as hounds end up running up and down the road.

Are these the actions of a Hunt acting lawfully? No. Trails are not laid across busy main roads, the only explanation for this chaos is that the Warwickshire Hunt were hunting a fox which then ran across the road with hounds close behind.

If your able to donate please use the link below: https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.

Pics below  -  1/   Walkies -  on an A road     2/  Police have to take control




Animal shelter invaded by Hunt says rescue dog traumatised by incursion

3-11-17  Somerset Live    Milo the rescue dog has been 'set back' after being traumatised by hunt hounds    An animal shelter who had a hunt incur onto their land terrifying one of their rescue dogs has said that the incident has "now set him back". According to a member of staff at the shelter, the Hunt came onto the shelter's land around midday on Monday (October 30).

BlackmoreFHMilorescuedogtraumatisedbyHuntincursionon30-10-17.jpgHappy Landings Animal Shelter issued a statement on social media saying that it was "appalled" by the fact that a Hunt had "come onto our land". An image seen by Somerset Live appears to show a hound standing in the middle of the A37.

However, the shelter has now disclosed more details of the incident, releasing a picture of the dog affected [left, Credit Happy Landings]. In a social media post, the shelter said that Milo "is a very anxious lad and when he gets anxious he displays various compulsive (OCD-like) behaviours." According to the staff, Milo found himself caught up in the incident.

They said that: "He found himself surrounded by hounds, horses and a shouting huntsman which scared him to the point that he tried to run away. Thankfully due to the quick actions of one of our volunteers he was carried back to his safe place quickly." However, the shelter added that the incident had had a negative affect on him. "Sadly this has now set him back," they said. "We saw an increase in the number of compulsive behaviours that he displayed yesterday and a reluctance to do anything other then hide. We are passionate about protecting animals and sadly yesterday this was made a lot harder by those who seem to have little respect for our work. Thank you to our supporters for your ongoing support."

It is not yet known which Hunt was in the area at the time of the incident. [POWAperson - It is believed to have been the Blackmore FH].


Blencathra FH hounds chased fox - just managed to escape

'Distressed' walker saw it struggle over fence and get away

Huntsman long way off- later seen with terrierman - banned in National Park

3-11-17  Facebook - Lancashire Huntsabs    Hit Report - 26th October 2017    We found the Blencathra Foxhounds skulking around in the closed valley directly to the east of Bassenthwaite, at their Dash Farm meet. At first we thought it was a joint meet and a big one at that because of the vast number of vehicles that were parked up - but then we realised that most of the vehicles belonged to walkers and mountain bikers taking advantage of a nice Autumn day on the Cumbria Way.

Two of our monitors had placed themselves at the top of Calva Fell and had Huntsman Barry Todhunter and hisBlencathraFHTerriermanbannedonNationalParkland26-10-17.jpg hounds in their sights as he attempted to provide a show for his supporters who were positioned up the Cumbria Way hoping to see some wildlife being killed. Barry has been very honest about his inability to keep his hounds under control, admitting that they can be up to 5 miles away from him. This was evidenced as the hounds got onto the scent of a fox and gave chase along Foal Gill, with no sign of the Huntsman.

A distressed walker later approached us to tell us that the fox had struggled to get over the fence at Dash Waterfall but had managed to evade the hounds. The hounds then travelled across the fields at Dash Farm where Barry has admitted that they killed a fox last year. They then continued around Brockle Crag, where we witnessed the Hunt's terrierman on his quad at the top of the fell. The Huntsman was at this point still a couple of miles behind his hounds.

The hound trailer was moved from the car park so that Barry could recover his hounds and box them up in secrecy and without being questioned about the foxes that had been chased, the terrierman on a quad on National Park land (which is prohibited - pic right), and what the hounds get up to when they are several miles away from the Huntsman.

Pics below  -   1/  Hounds chasing fox - Huntsman nowhere near    2/  Huntsman trying to get rest of hounds to come back 

  BlencathraFHHoundschasedfoxjustmanagedtoescaoeHuntsmannowherenear26-10-17.jpg BlencathraFHHuntsmantryingtogetrestofhoundsback26-10-17.jpg


Wynnstay FH chasing fox when monitors arrived - possible kill 

Locals in numbers beginning to tell Hunt what they think of them  

2-11-17   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Cheshire Hounds, Oxheys Farm Tarporley 31st Oct    We have been so busy this week already that we have only just found time to report on the Cheshire Hounds chasing foxes in Tarporley.

With our ever-expanding team we arrived to find many local residents out and about trying to stop the hunt.CheshireFHRiderpointingtowherefoxwent31-10-17.jpg There were 78 riders out with them which sounds a lot but when you compare it to last season and all the recruitment they have been trying to do it's actually pretty poor.

It's great to see how public opinion is getting stronger and stronger against hunting, and how more and more people are ready to stand up to the Hunts. This, however, meant that the Hunt was on the back-foot and we suffered the consequences with much more intimidation and harassment than usual. We had farmers driving tractors at us, people being paraded around pretending to be local landowners and telling us to get on footpaths when we already were, quad bikes trying to intimidate us, and on and on it went. This didn't put us off and we stopped them hunting a good many times.

There was a simple-looking rider flailing what looked like a pair of his dirty underpants around on a stick, clearly thinking that someone somewhere was as daft as him and might believe he was laying a trail. On the roads?! Ha ha ha!

We filmed illegal hunting which has been sent to the police for them to put on their database of this Hunt's antics this season. Jake the huntsman was using a common tactic of setting his hounds on the fox and then sitting back so he could say he hadn't seen the fox. We are clearly annoying this Hunt and the day was a pretty good day for foxes.

Pics -   Above right  -  Rider points to where fox went     Below-  1/   The field     2/   Fox fleeing hounds     3/   Hounds on line of fox   


  CheshireFHFleeingfox31-10-17.jpg  CheshireFHHoundsonlineoffleeingfox31-10-17.jpg


Fox killed by Fife FH, sabs think by hounds

2-11-17   Facebook - Glasgow Hunt Sabs   Hit Report 28/10/2017 Fife Foxhounds Lochmaloney House   Due to numbers, it was decided to travel to Fife to join up with sabs from Grampian Hunt Sabs, Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs and a group of monitors. Glasgow positioned near Cupar, and soon found a horsebox outside Pitscottie. We followed to one of the split meets close to Craigsanquahar Hotel.

It was a hard start to the season, with sabs unable to prevent a fox being killed by hounds to the south of Forret. Problems started early on when the hound van was lost outside of Ceres, and we were behind the curve the whole day.

Once gathered at the horseboxes near the hotel, it was decided to beat and spray the woodland in the vicinity, including Forret Hill as these areas have previously been hunted when meeting in this area. As it turned out, the hunt were to hunt elsewhere first, but were to return here later on and were ineffective due to the sab intervention.

The day was spent behind the hunt for the most part, only catching up after the kill. After that we had the Hunt in our sights the rest of the day and are fairly certain they got no more kills. One beautiful fox was seen running past one sab, who made sure to help the escape by covering scent.

However, we have to report the death of the earlier fox, and have to report it was most probably killed by the hounds. We learn from these experiences and everyone involved is even more determined to help our wildlife escape the end today’s fox met.

More sabs are always helpful, so if you think you can help please do get in touch.


Villagers let Blackmore FH know they're not wanted - hunted fox escapes

2-11-17  Facebook - Hounds Off    Foxhunters were unwelcome in Stoke Trister and Cucklington today, on the Dorset/Somerset borders. The hunted fox got away.

POWAperson adds – Hounds Off personnel, villagers and a pair of highly experienced monitors made sure the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale FH, believed responsible for invading an animal shelter last week and known for their unwanted incursions, were shown they were not wanted in two villages. Video from Hounds Off to follow.

Pics below  -  1/  Not wanted in churchyard    2/  Not wanted on farmland    3/  Hunt skulking on a bend    4/   Hunted fox fleeing

  BlackmoreFHKeepoffsign1-11-17.jpg  BlackmoreFHWarnedoffbylandowner1-11-17.jpg

  BlackmoreFHSkulkingonabend1-11-17.jpg BlackmoreFHHuntedfoxEscaped1-11-17.jpg



Beaufort FH yobs behave very yobbishly - fox flees across busy A road 

One hound followed it - fox and dog both nearly run over 

2-11-17    Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch     Beaufort Hunt - 28.10.2017    Saturday was a really bad day for the Beaufort Hunt where the boys on quads that are brought in to harass and intimidate us stooped to new depths of loutish illegal behaviour. Namely, James Milsom, Tim and Jake, who usually follow us to distract ourBeaufortFHHoundsNotebloodiedonebyquad28-10-17.jpg attention away from filming the hunt and chased foxes. One of these men decided to repeatedly open our vehicle doors and force his way into the back seat of our car. This is a serious offence and action will be taken.

Of course, we had the same old boyish pranks of standing very close to the vehicle and pretending that we’ve run over their toes whilst claiming our tyres are bald whilst constantly circling us preventing us from moving. If this behaviour was carried out on any town street it would be dealt with severely by police or passers-by. Because these yobs operate in remote countryside locations surrounded by hunt supporters who egg them on, they mistakenly think they can get away with it. They are of course regularly breaking the law by driving around on overloaded quads very often with children hanging on the back.

These bullying tactics are on the increase with hunt supporters. Social media is full of examples of videos when hunt members and followers are behaving unlawfully and crossing the line. Only recently a sab vehicle monitoring the Croome Hunt had a rock thrown through their windscreen!

To date we have been subjected to egregious, sexist and misogynist language, racist comments, life threatening acts such as shooting and shattering a back window of one of our vehicles outside Badminton gates, physical and verbal abuse. We frequently witness BH hounds chasing foxes and disturbing wildlife, we keep finding blocked badger setts in coverts they hunt and a regular follower of the Hunt has been filmed by us blocking a sett. They have been caught digging out at an artificial earth and allowing hounds to stray dangerously on to busy main roads where no trail should be laid. Clearly the leadership of the Hunt are failing in their duty to uphold the law and set decent standards of behaviour.

At the end of the day we filmed a beautiful fox fleeing across the very busy A46 narrowly missing oncoming traffic. This was happening whilst the Hunt master was just arriving at the scene with the hounds so no doubt that they were chasing that poor fox. One hound crossed the road in pursuit and just avoided death from car and caravan all caught on car cam. The traffic piled up whilst the Hunt sorted themselves out. Luckily we were on the scene to stop them hunting the hounds on after the fox – there is no doubt that Matt Ramsden MFH would have taken them over that busy road if we hadn’t been there. So the day was worthwhile in the end because we saved that fox at least to live for one more day.

There is no doubt that the tide is changing against the Hunts by the general public and it is definitely a minority pastime that has no place in a civilised society in 21st century. We will continue to report incidents to the police as instructed by our wildlife and liaison officers so they can build up a picture of what takes place around hunts. Contrary to what the hunt may or may not believe we are decent people who are willing to make considerable personal sacrifices to challenge what is manifestly wrong.

Pic above right -  The hounds. Note bloodied one by quad. Injured - or has it killed? 


New Defence Secretary of State took £2.5k donation from CEO of MFHA

2-11-17   POWAperson writes - On the day when former Chief Whip Gavin Williamson MP [below] was promoted to the vacant post of Defence Secretary, we should remember that he is a strong supporter of hunting with dogs. As is his political mistress, Theresa May, to whom he has been a close ally and support. He now gains his reward and is widely thought to have his eyes firmly set on seizing the top job for himself at some point.

May, of course, put repealing theGavinWilliasonMP.jpg Hunting Act in the Conservative manifesto and paid the political price for going against the sentiments of the vast majority of the public, including Tory voters. For the first time ever psephologists said that the hunting issue had been a significant factor in the general election, costing the Conservatives numerous votes. It also soon became evident that there was a sizeable number of MPs among the 2017 Conservative intake who would not vote for repeal and that any attempt to force it through would be heavily defeated. And yet, the hunt lobby continued to hope against hope that the government would be able to press ahead with a repeal measure. Easby's donation to the then Chief Whip apparently came on June 6th, just two days before the election, when it was already apparent that the campaign had gone very badly for Mrs. May and the prospect of a Tory landslide that might have delivered Hunting Act repeal had vanished. 

Those of a Machiavellian bent might regard a sizeable donation from the Master of Foxhounds Association to the Chief Whip of the ruling party, the man with the greatest power potential to change the voting intention of MPs, as a low and cunning ruse to advance the hunters' cause in the Commons. Fortunately, Williamson is such an honourable member that, even in the unlikely event that the donation were intended as a stimulus to persuade him to bend Tory MPs ears on the ['free vote' ] hunting issue, he would doubtless disregard it, Perhaps he might even have chosen to divert the sum to some worthwhile cause that did not involve the terrorising and killing of wild animals for 'sport'. What? It could happen! The Tarantula Welfare Society maybe [he is said to keep a pet one in his office].

21-7-17 Political Scrapbook    Horse and Pound:- Tory chief whip took pre-election donation from top dog of fox hunting lobby    Government Chief Whip Gavin Williamson accepted cash from Britain’s chief fox hunting cheerleader in the run up to the general election, the newly released register of MP’s interests reveals. Williamson, who was given responsibility for twisting the arms of Tory backbenchers when Theresa May became PM, received £2,500 from Timothy Easby on June 6, 2017. Easby is director of the Master of the Foxhounds Association, the bloodsport’s governing body, which campaigns for the repeal of the hunting ban.

The organisation’s chairman is Tory peer Lord Mancroft, who this week claimed only pro-hunt lobbyists really care about the welfare of foxes. The pair made a joint appeal before the 2015 general election for its supporters to through their weight behind the Tory campaign. They wrote:- Basic campaigning is the most significant and decisive weapon in a candidate’s armoury – potentially making the difference between a minority Government and a Conservative Government with a working majority great enough to win the vote when they bring in legislation to Repeal the Hunting Act.”

They must have been thrilled that May included a free vote on the hunting ban in the Tory manifesto – back when it was assumed she would win the kind of landslide needed to push such divisive policies through Parliament. Fortunately for the foxes, the result meant Williamson and his boss are too busy maintaining a wafer thin majority – with the help of the DUP – to get the hunting ban repealed. The Government have taken the vote off the table for the next two years, but a minister refused this week to rule out a repeal of the Hunting Act in the next session of Parliament. The hounds remain on the leash – for now…


Monitors arrive to find Wynnstay FH chasing fox - may have killed

1-11-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Yesterday we monitored two Hunts. This was the Wynnstay Hunt who we found chasing foxes in the Coddington/Clutton area.

We had a tip-off from one of the many locals that don't agree with Hunts getting away with breaking the law and caught the hounds in full cry after a fox. This chase may have ended in a kill, but we can't be sure. After that the Hunt spent the rest of their time out avoiding us and moving on when we appeared, so no more real hunting went on. There were only around 10 of them and they only stayed out for two and a half hours. We imagine the wildlife and locals breathed a sigh of relief at that.

Bob the Biker was present but didn't hassle us this time, and a bonus was that the police talking to the Hunt about terriermen on quads with deliberately obscured reg plates had worked because all were clear. Result!

Our old pal Shayne Francis (the past Huntsman with the Cheshire Hounds) was riding out with this lot. He made a point of asking us how the leg of one of our monitors was (from the hound bite last week) because he so really cares about us!

Pics below  -  1/   The pack    2/  Clean quad plate!     3/  Shayne Francis     4/  Terriers in box on quad - all day, only let out to fight underground with fox 

  WynnstayFHThepack31-10-17.jpg  WynnstayFHCleanquadplate31-10-17.jpg

  WynnstayFHExCheshireFHHuntsmanShayneFrancis31-10-17.jpg  WynnstayFHTerriersinboxonbackofquad31-10-17.jpg


Old Surrey FH seriously spook horses, one found after 6 hour search

Another, owner had to chase for 90 mins, including on main roads

1-11-17   Kent Online    East Peckham: Horses spooked by Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent hunt - Horses fled for miles after a hunt on Halloween afternoon spooked them    Owners around East Peckham and Golden Green were left scouring the fields for their animals after they were scared by members of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt, who had passed through the area on one of their rides.

Emily Sweeney spent six hours looking for her horse Hamish after he escaped from land off Bullen Lane, East Peckham. Relieved owner Emily Sweeney after she found her horse Hamish this morning [reunited. below left]. She said: "We were unaware the Hunt was coming, and they came right past our fence line. Along with the horses and dogs were quad bikes, and a lot of shouting. "One of the rules of the hunt is to not disturb livestock, so I OldSurreyFHHorsesbadlyscaredbyHamishandownerreunitedWentmissingforday1-11-17.jpgwould call their conduct into question. Hamish had gone four miles to where I found him near The Hop Farm. I’m relieved he’s back home and unhurt, but he was still shaking when I got him home. I’m exhausted and upset by the lack of care shown by the Hunt."

Stuart Attwood, whose horse is in the same herd as Hamish, said: "The horses were all bunched together, which is a protective thing that herds do. A little before that they were running around like mad things, and this is where injuries can occur as they kick out and buck at each other, not because they’re being nasty but because they’re scared and aren’t sure how to cope with it."

David Brimson, whose horses were also affected, said it could have been much worse. "When horses get scared like that there’s a risk they can get colic, which can cause their stomach to go into complete trauma, and they could die,” he explained. "It’s so irresponsible that the Hunt didn’t tell us. I don’t get involved with the politics of hunting, but they don’t do themselves any favours with things like this."

Kay Wiles had to search for her horse Buster for an hour and a half after he fled from his paddock near the Man of Kent pub on Tonbridge Road. She said: "The Hunt distressed him massively, and we were chasing him along main roads and across local fields for an hour and a half before finally catching him at Little Mill Stables. We had to call an emergency vet to him as he couldn't walk and was bleeding from his mouth. He would have got these injuries due to leaping fences in sheer terror to get away from the commotion going through the field behind us."

Richard Gurney, a spokesman for the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt, said: "We always aim to alert all residents that we will be staging hunts, as we don’t want to leave horses distressed or potentially injured. The last thing we want is for people to not be properly warned. This was an unfortunate accident and we apologise sincerely for it."


Modbury FH hunters accused of blocking road, girl rider of beating pony

1-11-17   Hunt Watch    Hunt Watch published the letter below, anonimised, from a resident of Ivybridge - 



North Cotswold FH hunted in quarry - trespassing - & blocked setts, say sabs

Fox chased to near exhaustion, hounds on road, fleeing deer nearly squashed by lorry

1-11-17  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Setts blocked by North Cotswold Hunt within theN.CotswoldFHBlockedsett1-11-17.jpg North Cotswold cull zone - Quarry confirm hunt trespassed on to land to hunt    Having received a tip-off that the North Cotswold Hunt were meeting in Cutsdean, within the North Cotswold cull zone, we arrived to find them in cry and running across a road. A hunt supporter yelled for 'Libby' and waved her hand frantically in our direction to warn her that we were there. Libby, who has been hanging out close to Huntsman Nigel Peel during hunts, knows all about illegal hunting as her partner, Richard, was convicted for illegal hunting as part of the Heythrop Hunt a few years back.

Hounds picked up on scents on and off in a nearby wood then picked up and went into full cry, heading straight into a disused quarry [below left - 'Danger!' 'No entry'] nearby, the pack splitting as Hunt staff were unable to follow them in and had to go around... we spent some time speaking to a local woman afterwards who had been upset when stray hounds ran on to the B4077. The quarry managers were contacted and confirmed that the Hunt had no permission to be there...

But as they were hunting a scent in the quarry either they had gone in to lay a trail earlier on, they had been intending to flush to a bird on the B-road... or they were illegally hunting a fox. We're accepting bets if you fancy a gamble! 

N.CotswoldFHQuarryhuntedintrespassing1-11-17.jpgWe did some checking around the area on setts that have been targeted during the culls and, at the time of writing, 5 have been found freshly blocked with quad tracks running to them - one almost opposite Manor Farm where the Hunt packed up [pic above, one of the blocked setts]. Sabs and cull sabs are continuing to check throughout this afternoon so this count will most likely increase.

At one point we spotted a young fox running, tired, through a field - a local man driving past a couple of minutes earlier said he had seen a fox running away from the hounds but they appeared to have lost the scent when the fox ran across a field. With hounds still nearby, the fox came running back from the covert he had been seen going into showing typical signs of a 'sinking' (exhausted) fox. What a surprise that the sett in that covert was also blocked, forcing him to carry on looking for sanctuary elsewhere...

We believe he got away finally, hiding up in another covert, but hounds remained in the area for a further couple of hours, packing up just after 1pm (!) having scared a young deer out of scrub and almost under the wheels of a passing lorry.

We're astounded by the lack of common sense Hunts have been displaying lately, particularly with regards to other people's property and safety. Video to follow (plus report from yesterday's Cotswold Vale Farmers' Hunt opening meet). Support us if you can do - fuel is our biggest expense! Paypal.me/threecountiessabs .


11-11-17  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   Many thanks to the person who gave us this audio recording* and for contacting the quarry regarding the Hunt trespassing. Many thanks also to the person in charge of the quarry who we feel is dealing with the situation appropriately and swiftly - we have taken your number and will contact you in future if the Hunt do the same again (apparently they've been going into the couple of quarries in this area, one a working quarry, without permission for some time according to locals we've spoken to).

No thanks whatsoever to the Hunt who allowed (and encouraged) hounds to hunt a fox into the quarry, left them to run out on to the nearby B-road and hold up traffic because they lost control of hounds. They were spread out within the quarry and in the adjacent woods (and roads) picking up on scents on and off and exploring the machinery with the huntsman then trying to gather them up on the road... maybe Nigel Peel is losing his touch after 30 years with the NCH. We pity the next lot that are going to have him!

*  In the recording the manager confirmed the Hunt had no permission to enter the quarry and that they would be contacting them about the matter.



Damian Green MP, strongly pro- hunt, accused of 'inappropriate behaviour'

Female Tory activist says he 'touched her knee' & sent 'suggestive' text

May's deputy says allegations 'completely false' - is consulting lawyer

Damian Green has long been an outspoken advocate of hunting with dogs. On Boxing Day 2013, he was reported as having attended his local Hunt, the Ashford Valley FH, to show his support and tweeted about it. He was the Policing and Criminal Justice Minister at the time, so this itself might have been thought by some to be inappropriate and suggesting undue impartiality. Numerous Hunts, including the Ashford Valley FH, had been accused of flouting the Hunting Act and several had been convicted of illegal hunting.

1-11-17   BBC News    PM's deputy Damian Green denies inappropriate behaviour claim    Prime Minister Theresa May's deputy, Damian Green [below right, credit BBC], has said allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards a female activist are "completely false". Mr Green has instructed libel lawyers over the claims, the BBC understands.

Tory activist Kate Maltby wrote in the Times that he "fleetingly" touched her knee in a pub in 2015, and in 2016 sent her a "suggestive" text message. The Cabinet Secretary is to investigate whether Mr Green broke the ministerial code. Ms Maltby, 31, a writer and academic, said Mr Green, 61, said he had sent her the text message after she posed in a corset for the Times. According to her article in the paper, it read: "Long time no see. But having admired you in a corset in my favourite tabloid I felt impelled to ask if you are free for a drink anytime?" The encounters left her feeling "awkward, embarrassed and professionally compromised", she wrote.

Mr Green, now First Secretary of State, and Theresa May's effective deputy, said he had known Ms Maltby since 2014 and the pair "had a drink as friends twice-yearly". "The text I sent after she appeared in a newspaper article was sent in that spirit - as two friends agreeing to meet for a regular catch up - and nothing more," he said. "This untrue allegation has come as a complete shock and is deeply hurtful, especially from someone I considered a personal friend." He also denied the claim he put his hand on Ms Maltby's knee.

Asked about the claims in the Times as he left his home on Wednesday morning, Mr Green told reporters: "AllDamianGreenMP.jpg these allegations are completely false." The ministerial code requires ministers to "behave in a way that upholds the highest standards of propriety"...

Today, the Sun newspaper, has also claimed that he was on the database of 'Ashley Madison' website -

1-11-17   Sun    Damian Green, Theresa May’s deputy, is in Westminster ‘dirty dossier’ over claims he was on Ashley Madison database -  The First Secretary of State denied using infidelity website Ashley Madison in 2015    THERESA MAY’S deputy Damian Green is the first name on the list of alleged Tory sex pests because of claims he signed up to a cheating website, The Sun can reveal today.

The First Secretary of State was forced to deny being a member of Ashley Madison two years ago after his email address was found on the site’s database following a massive hack. As a result Mr Green has now appeared at the top of a spreadsheet listing senior Conservatives who are accused of misconduct, it has emerged. The document has been circulating around Westminster for several days as allegations of sexual harassment against MPs have arisen, with ten of the names on the list now public knowledge.

When Ashley Madison’s database of members was leaked in 2015, Mr Green - who has been married for three decades - said he had no idea why his email address appeared on it. He said at the time: “It's nothing to do with me. I have never registered for an account with Ashley Madison.” On the spreadsheet, Mr Green’s name is listed as the first entry with a note next to it saying “Ashley Madison”.

Asked about Mr Green appearing on the list, a spokesman for the Prime Minister said: “I haven't seen any allegations in relation to the First Secretary of State and I'm not going to comment on speculation in any way.”... In addition to Mr Green, Mr Crabb and Mr Garnier, seven other Tory MPs are on the list in connection with relationships or incidents which are already publicly known...

26-12-13   Guardian    Tory MPs attend Boxing Day fox hunts    Attendance at some events largest for years as hunting lobby increases pressure on government to relax restrictions    Several Tory MPs, including three ministers, have demonstrated their support for easing the ban on foxhunting by attending traditional Boxing Day hunts in their constituencies. They included Damian Green, the policing and criminal justice minister, Matthew Hancock, the skills and enterprise minister, and Greg Barker, the minister for energy and climate change. All three turned to Twitter to note the degree of support for the Hunts.

There were more than 250 hunting events across the country on Thursday. Green said crowds were large at Ashford Valley Hunt in Tenterden, Kent...

Earlier this year Green clashed with Piers Morgan on 'Good Morning Britain' over his support for fox hunting...

10-5-17   Daily Express   Piers Morgan rips into Damian Green over fox hunting: 'It's not humane!'   Piers Morgan certainly didn't hold back as he clashed with Damian Green on 'Good Morning Britain' today, after it was reported that Prime Minister Theresa May would like to bring back fox hunting.

The presenter quizzed the politician on his views over the controversial sport which was banned in 2004, amid claims that the House of Commons will hold a free vote to repeal the ban. Defending the desire to bring back hunting, Damian commented: "Ask a farmer about foxes, they're vermin that attack chickens and so on." He went on to reveal that he previously voted against the ban like the Prime Minister did and thinks that banning it "was the wrong thing to do"...

POWAperson adds -  It must be emphasised that Mr. Green has strenuously denied all the allegations of sexual impropriety.  


Atherstone FH JM ignored own advice to hunters not to clash with antis

Swerved her horse in front of sab car - then a rider kicked wing mirror

1-11-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   More aggression from the Atherstone Hunt   Not long after Atherstone Hunt joint master Sarah Evans was recorded telling the rest of the Hunt "not to abuse the antis" [see video] she is filmed riding up to and overtaking our vehicle before riding directly into the path of it. Other riders then follow her example, before one rider then tries to kick off our wing mirror by deliberately riding into it, the second time the Hunt have tried to do this in the last few months. Apart from ignoring her own advice, it shows what little the Atherstone Hunt think of their horses. Despite telling everyone in the Hunt that this behaviour will not be tolerated and that people will not be allowed back out if they behave like this, the rider responsible for attacking the wing mirror has been allowed out numerous times since.

This whole incident shows that despite what they say the Atherstone Hunt can not be trusted and clearly the Atherstone Hunt is incapable of change. Please consider donating using this link.

Pics below  -  1/  JM Sarah Evans tells her hunters not to clash with antis    2/  JM Sarah Evans swerves her horse in front of sab car    3/  Seconds later, another rider kicks sab wing mirror  


     AtherstoneFHJMSarahEvansswervinghorseinfrontofsabcar10-17.jpg  AtherstoneFHRiderhasjustkickedleftwingmirror10-17.jpg


..... 31st October - East Essex FH killed deer on road -then left police to clear mess up

..... 31st October - Film of Flint & Denbigh FH fox hunt handed to police, Huntsman admits kill

..... 31st October - Surrey Union FH invade garden, terrorise pets, to fury of residents

..... 31st October - Waveney Harriers hunt all over taxpayer-funded National Nature Reserve

..... 30th October - South Durham FH hound hit & injured by car, 4 monitor car tyres stabbed

..... 30th October - Bloodied hound makes monitors think Beaufort FH probably killed fox

..... 30th October - Pro-hunt MP made patron of the Conservative Animal Welfare Society 

..... 30th October - Somerset animal shelter invaded by hunt hounds and quad rider

..... 29th October - Drunk Croome FH supporter threw rock thru sab car rear window

..... 29th October - Mangled fox found in garden right where Cheshire Forest FH seen

..... 29th October - Alone elderly sab allegedly attacked by Mid-Devon FH Huntsman

..... 29th October - Cattistock FH kept on run from antis all day - no known kills

..... 29th October - Surrey Union FH pursue deer, trespass, head-butt sab, drive recklessly, etc.

..... 29th October - Reporters out with LACS conclude Lauderdale FH broke Scottish hunt ban

..... 29th October - East Essex FH attempts to kill foxes thwarted by ridden-at sabs

..... 29th October - NT may face legal challenge over irregularities in 'trail hunt' vote

..... 28th October - Meynell FH openly cub-hunted, even teaching children, say sabs

..... 28th October - Braes o'Derwent FH killed fox, say monitors

..... 28th October - Relentless cubbing & violence to sabs at Fitzwilliam FH newcomers meet

..... 28th October - 4,605 days after Hunting Act, CA produces guidance on 'trail hunting'

..... 28th October - Cotswold Vale Farmers FH allegedly killed fox near Ross-on-Wye

..... 27th October - Sabs catch Grafton FH blatantly cub hunting yet again 

..... 27th October - Three foxes saved from South Durham FH, stones thrown at monitors

..... 25th October - Portman FH Huntsman in court - denies illegal hunting charge

..... 24th October - Scattered Waveney Harriers hounds chase deer & foxes as Huntsman does little 

..... 24th October - Barrington seems confused about why his York Uni pro-hunt talk was pulled

..... 23rd October - Violent Atherstone FH supporter's crowdfunding page shut by JustGiving

..... 23rd October - Sabs recorded Warwickshire FH effectively admitting they were cub hunting

..... 23rd October - Protests cause Green Energy [UK] to stop sponsoring Oakley FH

..... 23rd October - Hunts trying to get NT to backslide on new rules on 'trail hunting'

..... 23rd October - Monitors think S.Durham FH probably killed at dig-out at spot they couldn't reach 

..... 22nd October - Sabs attacked at Badsworth FH as hounds and rider cause road havoc

..... 22nd October - Braes o'Derwent FH stage show trail hunt to cops - nothing like what they really do

..... 22nd October - 'Ethical' energy company sponsors the Oakley FH

..... 21st October - Motion to ban 'trail hunting' on Nat.Trust land is narrowly defeated

..... 21st October - Monitors say they filmed illegal hunting by Cheshire FH - reported to police

..... 21st October - Fernie FH hounds rescued from canal by sabs - Hunt kept in check

..... 21st October - Oakley FH Whip sexually offensive to woman sab as Hunt restrained by antis

..... 21st October - Sabs spoil Blackmore FH's fun as police investigate blocked setts

..... 21st October - Sabs pull Fitzwilliam FH off two foxes - hounds also riot on deer 

..... 21st October - North Warwickshire Beagles run home the moment sabs appear 

..... 20th October - Police drop 3 illegal hare hunting by Easton Harriers cases [2 of them kills]

..... 20th October - 2 Belvoir FH followers in court for robbery/GBH on LACS monitors

..... 20th October - Shotgun fired near sabs in mid-evening - police response very inadequate

..... 20th October - Fox killed after hunt and dig-out by Bicester FH

..... 19th October - Ex-cop Atherstone FH supporter found guilty of stabbing sab's car tyre

..... 19th October - Berserk farmer who attacked sabs at Atherstone FH meet is arrested

..... 19th October - Loose Cheshire FH hounds cause road havoc, support menaces lone woman

..... 19th October - CA call again for RSPCA to be stripped of its prosecution powers

..... 17th October - Report that Old Surrey FH killed two foxes near Fordcombe

..... 17th October - Northants police NFA assaults on 2 female monitors by Grafton FH bullies

..... 17th October - Revealed that violent Atherstone FH supporter is Hunt Chair's son-in-law

..... 16th October - Local farmer's 'rant' at 'Neanderthal' behaviour of Atherstone FH supporter

..... 16th October - Cheshire FH scare cat up tree - rescued 24 hours later - 3 agencies involved

..... 16th October - Berserker Atherstone FH supporter drives quad at sabs, attacks several

..... 16th October - Sabs release film of Essex/Suffolk FH terrierman pitchfork attack

..... 16th October - Waveney Harriers uncontrolled riot on deer. Say laid trail - thru huge bramble patch!

..... 15th October - Mother & daughter monitors assaulted by Grafton FH thugs

..... 15th October - Old Surrey FH cause horses to panic - last time cost owner £500 in vet fees

..... 15th October - Rarely sabbed Cleveland FH pack up soon after antis arrival

..... 15th October - New LACS report asserts Scottish packs still hunting foxes as before

..... 14th October - Cheshire FH loose hounds cause road havoc - cub hunting but no kills

..... 14th October - Sabs say were attacked at Atherstone FH - horses used as weapons

..... 14th October - Woman believes Belvoir FH hounds killed fox in a farmyard

..... 14th October - Sabs thwart Ledbury South FH and Severn Beagles on the same day

..... 14th October - Sabs report Old Surrey FH actually trying to trail hunt

..... 14th October - Oakley FH fail to kill cubs as sabs help them escape

..... 13th October - NT trail hunt ban would be unenforceable on half its land, QC claims

..... 13th October - Ledbury South FH kill fox, but others steered to safety

..... 12th October - Sabs claim meeting recording shows police WO favouring Atherstone FH

..... 12th October - Horsewatch publishes lie re. monitor's encounter with Grafton FH riders

..... 12th October - Atherstone FH cause chaos on roads, in fields: also invade garden

..... 11th October - Crawley FH JM fined £2,500 for terrifying menaces to hunt sab

..... 11th October - Beaufort FH believed to have killed fox after long hunt

..... 11th October - Oakley FH thug 'Angry Egg' charged with assaulting sab

..... 10th October - Crawley FH hounds chase fox and riot on some deer

.....  9th October - Walker finds blocked setts on NT land where Weston &  Banwell FH hunting

.....  9th October - Warwickshire FH hounds chase fox across road into garden

.....  9th October - Sabs to ask police to remind Crawley FH agricultural quad use on roads illegal

.....  9th October - 'Shag' Carter & his Middleton FH whipper-in cleared of illegal hunting

.....  9th October - Badsworth FH's new convict Huntsman starts with a chopped fox

.....  9th October - LACS says HA loophole being widely used to hunt deer for 'sport'

.....  8th October - Blackmore FH kill suspected bagged fox late in meet - and cause road havoc

.....  8th October - Antis in posters push to secure National Trust 'trail hunting' ban

.....  8th October - VWH FH full meet back off and pack up as police supportive to sabs

.....  8th October - Prince Charles secret lobbying of Blair over hunt ban finally revealed

.....  8th October - Wynnstay FH carries on hunting despite monitor and sab presence

.....  8th October - Heythrop FH observed "'definitely not 'trail hunting'"

.....  7th October -  Car of monitor observing Grafton FH has creosote thrown over it

.....  7th October - South Durham FH hound found hanging on barbie is rescued by monitors

.....  7th October - Sabs say helped 3 foxes to safety from Bicester FH's cub hunting

.....  7th October - Sab sunroof smashed amid supporter bad behaviour at Ross Harriers 

.....  7th October - Atherstone FH trespass on railway, loose hounds/horses on roads

.....  7th October - Police ignore 'emergency' call re. active illegal hunting by Portman FH

.....  7th October - Sabs say they saved fox being hunted by Fernie FH

.....  7th October - Malvern Hills Trust new 'trail hunt' rules will severely constrain Hunts

.....  6th October - Scottish government announces consultation on wild mammal protection 

.....  6th October - Monitors say South Durham FH killed two foxes while cub hunting

.....  4th October - Monitors claim Chair of CA took part in illegal hunt by Beaufort FH

.....  4th October - Holidaymaker snaps Berkeley FH apparently fox hunting

.....  4th October - North Cotswold FH filmed cub hunting and guarding artificial earth

.....  4th October - Grafton FH chase fox across busy road

.....  4th October - Fitzwilliam FH illegal hunting trial is delayed yet again

.....  4th October - Monitors film Cheshire FH rider driving lorry on mobile & no seat belt

.....  4th October - Ban on shotgun use with fox hounds in Scottish highlands is reversed

.....  3rd October - Violent North Down FH supporter who stole sab camera is acquitted

.....  3rd October - Surrey Union FH Newcomers meet is an incompetent, low turn-out shambles

.....  3rd October - Jedforest FH hunters abandon appeal against illegal hunting convictions

.....  2nd October - FOI request re. bTb in Kimblewick FH hounds is stonewalled

.....  2nd October - Filmer angrily criticises dismissal of Derwent FH illegal hunting case

.....  1st October - Revealed that NT Director's sister is ex JM of the Grafton FH

.....  1st October - Essex & Suffolk FH thugs ram sab landy and try to stab one with pitchfork

.....  1st October - Police say monitor film of Wilton FH dig out is not evidence of crime

.....  1st October - Cheshire FH cub hunt brazenly, but monitor presence helps save foxes

.....  1st October - Tory Cabinet Minister linked to Hunt reported to police for illegal hunting 

.....  1st October - Grafton FH hunted blatantly and resorted to force, say sabs 

.....  1st October - Sab ridden over as Middleton FH cubbing attempts restrained


Sabs see Fife FH hounds catch and kill fox in open - no guns in sight

31-10-17  Facebook - Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs     Hit report 28.10.2017, Lochmaloney House   This Saturday we were joined by Glasgow and Grampian Hunt Sabs to visit Fife in their opening meet.

The Hunt left the kennels around 9am, and even though we lost track of the hound van we were able to find the meet by following one of the numerous horseboxes that gathered near Craigsanquahar farm. Other horseboxes were spotted in the Lochmalony farm area.

The sabs divided into 3 small groups and tried to cover the areas known to the hunt: since they started cubbing this season, Fife Foxhounds have visited the area multiple times. However, the Hunt took another route and sabs kept patrolling the area as riders were spotted galloping near Newington farm. Of course these people don't just go out to show off - as if sitting on horses wasn't enough in terms of abuse- but they also seek to quench their bloodlust so we kept searching for the pack of hounds.

Eventually we were able to find them with the help of Perthshire Hunt Sabs and monitors, but when we got near Hilton farm it was too late to intervene: in the distance, we saw a pack of hounds chasing a fox out of the woods, no gunman was in sight and no attempt was made to call the hounds off. We saw the hounds gathered together at what must have been the tormented body of the fox, and later on someone went down the hill to get the body.

As the Hunt moved to Forret hill, they had no possibility to do any further damage as sabs had pre-sprayed the area and were positioned along each side ready to stop the hounds' damage.

We wish we could only share good news with you, but sabotaging is not an 'exact science' and there are days that are indeed particularly tough. Some things can be improved and we strive to get better every day to make a difference for our non-human brothers and sisters. We know we can count on your support and understanding, and we hope that more people will get inspired to get active in the fields: numbers are important but so are experience and resilience. We will not stop: if they are still hunting, WE'LL STILL BE SABBING!

Pic below is of a previous Fife FH hunt in the same location -  



 Film of Flint & Denbigh FH fox hunt handed to police, Huntsman admits kill

Hounds all over road for a time, one hit by car and injured

31-10-17   Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs    VIDEO  VIDEO    Hit report 28/10/17 (*not including footage we've sent to the police)   On Saturday we teamed up with Cheshire, Welsh Border, Central Lancashire and Lancashire Hunt sabs to pay a visit to the Flint and Denbigh Hunt who were hosting their first full meet of the season at Plas Newydd estate in Trefnant near Denbigh. Sabs were able to split into smaller groups and managedFlintDenbighFHHoundspulledoutofwoodbysabs28-10-17.jpg to keep the Hunt in view all day, apart from about 30mins went the Hunt gave us the slip or more likely went into hiding. Everywhere the Hunt attempted to go sabs were there waiting. This caused the Hunt to zig-zag from one estate to the other for most of the day.

The police were out and some of the policing was quite ridiculous. One sab vehicle had been blocked in by the Hunt and the police would not ask the Hunt to move their vehicles claiming it was not a police matter due to it being on private land - similar to what happened last season to some monitors, and it turned out to be false imprisonment. Officers do your home work please.

At one point sabs had to intervene and take the hounds off the Huntmaster as he attempted to hunt a fox [right]. A bit later, an officer accused a sab of aggravated trespass. Once again this was a complete lack of knowing the law by the officer - good job sabs make it their business to know the law and help out any confused cops.

FlintDenbighFHInjuredhoundrejoinspack28-10-17.jpgAt around 3.20pm, with the Hunt on the run all day and clearly showing stress, we filmed some interesting footage that is now with the wildlife police. As sabs entered a field on a public footpath they managed to film a fox run across the field, mysteriously from the exact direction where the terrier men were parked up, the hound and riders were not far behind. With hounds in full cry, sabs attempted to get close, only to be confronted by angry terrier men. More sabs turned up to where the fox had been chased. When the Huntmaster emerged he had blood on his face, a sab pointed this out to him and told him he'd killed a fox.... the Huntmaster admitted to this on film.

In another incident a hound was hit by a car. The hound rolled over before getting back up but was clearly hurt.[Pic above left - hound lolloping back to pack]. By around 4.15 the Hunt were packing up. Welcome news today was that North Wales rural crime team with be investigating illegal hunts.


   FlintDenbighFHSabturnshoundawayfromroad28-10-17.jpg  FlintDenbighFHTerriermanRobSmithdrivesquadatsab28-10-17.jpg



East Essex FH killed deer on road - then left police to clear mess up

31-10-17   Facebook - Hunting Kills     The East Essex Hunt, meeting Howe Farm, Finchingfield, killed 1 deer on the road between Finchingfield and Stambourne.... and then left its body strewn all over the road there, until.... the police ('we see no illegal-hunting') came and cleared it up... You genuinely couldn't make this shit up... (information from local people).


Surrey Union FH invade garden &  terrorise pets, to fury of residents

31-10-17   HSA Press Release   VIDEO   Surrey Union Hunt Trespass and terrorise family pets    On Saturday the 28th October, the Surrey Union Hunt held their opening meet at Gosterwood Manor Farm, Ockley near Dorking. As well as approx. 100 hunt riders there were also 20 hunt saboteurs and 20 Surrey police officers present. The police spent the entire day following sabs around and were completely uninterested in what the Hunt were up to.

In the middle of the afternoon, the Hunt's hounds, who were supposedly following an artificial trail, rioted into a private garden, terrorising some semi-tame deer and a domestic cat. Members of the Hunt then trespassed into the garden to retrieve the hounds. The householders were furious about the hunt incursion onto their property and came out to remonstrate with members of the Hunt. Officers from Surrey police stood idly by and did nothing to help whilst this was going on.

Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “The Surrey Union claim to follow artificial trails. If this was the case what were they doing with their hounds in a private garden terrorising a family's pet. It's a shame that Surrey police don't spend more time policing the real countryside terrorists rather than the Hunt sabs who are doing their job for them. Well done to these brave landowners for standing up to the Hunt. We're sure there are many more who don't want the Hunt on their land but are too scared to say anything.”

Pics below  -  1/   Hounds in the garden    2/  Redcoat entering garden 

  SurreyUnionFHHoundsingardenwherehadterrorisedcatanddeer28-10-17.JPG  SurreyUnionFHHuntsmanenteringgardenwherehoundshadterroriseddeerandcat28-10-17.JPG

1-11-17  Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs   Mission 25 Surrey Union Forest Green 28-10-17   Good turnout from N.Downs and Guildford Sabs and Surrey Hunt Monitors for the opening meet of the Surrey Union Hunt at Gosterwood Manor Farm, Forest Green. The Hunt to be fair had about 100 riders out, but even on a day that they tried to show the police that they were laying trails, still managed to chase two foxes, one to ground which was saved by the prompt arrival of the sabs - and trespass in a private garden causing the owners to panic about the whereabouts of their elderly cat, not to mention the drunken loutish behaviour of their bumpkin supporters.

We had a lot of new young people out and the future of group looks very good if their keenness and bravery is anything to go by, we apart from short spell were on the Hunt all the time ensuring a kill free day. 

Anybody wishing to donate to the group we need a new Landy can through the account number listed on our page or  https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/northdownssabs.


Waveney Harriers hunt all over National Nature Reserve

Landowners are paid by taxpayer to manage the NNR 

31-10-17   Facebook - Norfolk and Suffolk Against Live Quarry Hunting    Waveney Harriers Hunt meet, Benacre Estate, SuffolkWaveneyHarrierHunterstramplingcrops25-10-17.jpg - Wednesday 25 October 2017   Our supporters reported that they had followed a horse box at a discreet distance to a lay-by a couple of hundred yards short of the A12. When it suddenly pulled in and parked there they realised that they had been rumbled and that the hunters were going to play silly beggars in an attempt to draw them away from the meet. It is a situation that we hate as we believe it to be potentially hazardous to everyone concerned including the horses. This manoeuvring invariably involved an element of dangerous driving and so it was to be. We have for this reason been asking for the Waveney Harriers to publish their meet locations but this plea has fallen so far on deaf ears.

Despite the hunters’ best efforts, NSALQH had soon located the meet at Keen’s Farm on the Benacre Estate. It was on the very estate that NSALQH had recently been campaigning for the manager Mr Edward Vere Nichol to stop inviting the Waveney Harriers to hunt on our National Nature Reserve. This is made possible because the landowners, the Gooch family of Benacre estate, maintain the so-called sporting rights of the land designated as an NNR. This day would be a test to see if we were having any impact and if the powers that be on the estate were at all interested in public opinion or just interested in taking their money, as so many others of their kind do.

WaveneyHarriersEagleowlbeingroughlyhandled25-10-17.jpgThe Hunt set off from Keen’s Farm and approached a large pond to the south west. While they were checking it out a complaint was received about two men in the middle of the field [above right] close to the pond causing crop damage and an estate employee drove off to challenge them. It turned out that they were part of the Hunt team: one was carrying an eagle owl which is used by Hunts as a false alibi. We were told by Suffolk Police in the past that Hunts are allowed to flush live quarry to a bird of prey using a full pack. We would certainly welcome a second opinion on that point of law from someone who knows what they are talking about. The reason we claim that the owl is used as a false alibi is that since 2004, we have seen numerous live quarry being chased by hounds over a distance of several fields without the bird ever being released [pic left - bird being roughly handled]. In fact, we have never seen it flying at all. Hunting like this was supposed to have been stopped by the Hunting with Dogs Act so why is it still going on? The two crop damaging trespassers from the Hunt believed that they had done no wrong and carried on regardless. Presumably they had been shopped by their mates who thought they were hunt monitors and did not recognise their own from a distance. LOL!!

Having drawn a blank at the pond, the Hunt moved swiftly back to the meet and then southward along an unmade-up byway where they entered Broome Walks, (a National Nature Reserve) and proceeded to hunt. After a while they crossed the byway, and entered an area of bracken adjacent to the Southwold road where they flushed two deer [right] and a fox [below left]. They were being monitored from both sides, which probably prevented the deer from being chased. The fox ran to the east and crossed the byway and entered the NNR in the direction of Easton Wood. The hounds were slow to pick up the scent on this occasion, (it is only the beginning of the season)WaveneyHarriersDeerflushedbyHunt25-10-17.jpg, but they were led in the same direction by the Huntsman. They continued along the NNR in the direction of the sea.

Having spent some considerable time on this part of the Reserve [below right] they eventually emerged … they then headed to… another part of the National Nature Reserve. The pigs who were chilling out on the adjacent parcel of land were in for a [bottom] big shock. As soon as the Hunt arrived they bolted away en masse.

The Hunt proceeded to enter the Reserve. This was blatant... hunting in a National Nature Reserve that had been the subject of complaints in the past. Somebody had recently reinstated the route of the public path through the bracken but Suffolk County Council had not yet got round to placing the way markers or removing the ones of doubtful origin that tended to direct walkers incorrectly around the edge of the bracken.

Much to our surprise, we found that monitors/sabs had turned out from other groups to help us out this Wednesday. They may well have been particularly inspired to do so by the publicity surrounding this outrageous use of a National Nature Reserve. All the elements were there for a fracas. Very understandably tempers flared and a few regrettable expletives were exchanged back and forth. Sabs detest violence on people and animals alike and it was this admirable characteristic that fortunately held things together. The antis were shouting “this is an NNR”, the huntsmen were shouting “no it isn’t”. The Hunt were wrong and not for the first time...

WaveneyHarriersFoxfleeinghunt25-10-17.jpgUnfortunately, a thick set man sporting a beard and claiming to be an “agent of the owners”, would not listen to reason and when invited to view the map, he was filmed rejecting it out of hand, using vulgar language. We have heard that talk of “agent of the owners” before. This usually means they are a hunt supporter not necessarily a member and not necessarily known to the owners. It seemed to us that this particular man had the look of a terrier man about him. Whatever the truth of that matter, the huntsman Reuben Kench continued to put his hounds through almost everywhere south of the ditch within the bracken.

One JM claimed that a female had laid a trail through the bracken around 9 am that day. We saw no evidence of this at any time. A few minutes later the Huntsman claimed he was flushing to an eagle owl. At previous meets the Hunt have claimed that the “trail blazers” never tell the Huntsman where the trail has been laid to make it more interesting for the participants, so how could that JM have known about it? There are always enough holes in their alibis and excuses and downright lies to sink a battleship made of cork. A few hounds crossed the dyke via the footbridge into the northern and larger section of this particular Reserve. The hunters claimed that if everyone remained quiet then the hounds would find their way back. We felt that if they flushed live quarry, and they certainly seemed to be on something, then given a free hand you wouldn’t see them for dust and of course the riders would not be able to cross the dyke or the narrow footbridge to pursue them!

Once again tempers flared between the opposing parties but with encouragement from the sabs and no help from the hunt, the hounds were ushered back over the bridge to re-join the rest of the pack. A good job done! The hunt at this stage decided to pack it in and head back to the meet.

What did we learn from that day?   1. The estate management had taken no notice of the petition of over 6,000WaveneyHarriersHuntingonNNR_2_25-10-17.jpg signatures asking them to keep the Hunt off the National Nature Reserve.   2. Natural England was not serious about monitoring the publicly funded NNR that they manage for the taxpayer whilst the hunt were using it. The first sighting of any Natural England personnel was when the hunt had finished and everyone was going home. 3. The hunt did not seem to know which part of the Benacre estate was a designated NNR. If a Natural England representative had been there, then they could have put them right and defused the heated situation that had developed. 4. The estate management was negligent in not informing their representative on the day about the recent work carried out on the Reserve bracken heath to reinstate the true alignment of the public footpath. 5. The Suffolk Highways Department had not completed the work of reinstating the public footpath by placing new way markers or removing the misleading ones. 6. We must all try harder to maintain our cool and dignity particularly under adverse conditions. It is not easy for the monitors and sabs, particularly when there are animals out there still being hunted and killed in the name of recreational fun.

A big thank you to all those antis who participated on the day and to those who have backed our campaign and petition to bring to an end this unacceptable and shameful misuse of a nature reserve.



South Durham FH hound hit by car & injured, monitor car tyres slashed

30-10-17  Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors    Hit Report : South Durham Hunt 25.10.17 Kelloe, Co Durham   The Hunt met early on Low Raisby Farm to hunt on John Armstrong's land. The Hunt Master and hounds set off and immediately we were surrounded in our vehicle by hunt riders to stop us following the hounds. We were kept in the location by around 10 riders and one (Kevin Johnson) opened the car door to shout abuse only letting go when realising we were on the phone with police.

After the riders moved off we notice a lot of commotion from whippers-in and followed to find them desperately trying to gather hounds who were running all over the place, the Hunt having left the majority of the riders sitting waiting in a nearby lane looked worried. We got some abuse off hunt supporters on foot then realised the hounds had made their way onto a main road and all hell broke loose.

With some hounds rounded up we overheard that a hound had been run over and made our way to the location where we witnessed the Hunt Master and his cronies calling hounds in from all directions across a busy road to a field they were waiting in. A few minutes passed and a quad brought back stray hounds with many others running out in front of oncoming cars.

The hound van was brought to the location to pack up and a vehicle with the injured hound turned up and decided as we were filming they would put the hound in another car out of sight but we could see the hound was lame. The lady who unfortunately hit the hound was asked by the Hunt not to ring police and contact SDH directly. All road traffic accidents with dogs should be reported to the police, this is a sure way of the Hunt not wanting the law to know that they don't have control of their pack.

It was a diabolical day and to make matters worse we returned to pick up a monitor's vehicle only to find all 4 tyres slashed. Luck on our side - a passer-by offered his flatbed for a good price and took the vehicle to a nearby garage for new tyres. Police were called and are looking into footage.

This may have held us back a little but it WILL NOT stop us. We will be back on South Durham Hunt for the start of the fox hunting season. Bigger and better than before. Help us stay on the road by donating via PayPal to huntmonitors@gmail.com paypal.me/huntmonitors.

Pics below  -   1/  Moving off for cubbing at dawn     2/   Very tetchy rider    3/   Injured hound    4/  One of monitor's four stabbed tyres

  S.DurhamFHMovingoffforcubbingatdawn25-10-17.jpg  S.DurhamFHVerytetchyrider25-10-17.jpg

  S.DurhamFHTheinjuredhound25-10-17.jpg  S.DurhamFHStabbedmonitortyre25-10-17.jpg


Somerset animal shelter invaded by hunt hounds and quad rider

Rescue animals frightened by intrusion - said to be by Blackmore FH

30-10-17   Facebook - Happy Landings Animal Shelter    If you agree with the hunt or not is a separate matter. But we are appalled by the fact that the Hunt has just come onto our land and in our dog exercise paddock, not just hounds but a guy on a quad bike. And then terrified one of our rescues who was out walking, to the point it SomersetHoundstandingonA37_30-10-17.jpghad to be carried due to trying to slip its lead. This is totally unacceptable and there was no control at all over the hounds!!Happy Landings works tirelessly to rehab animals and if you are part of the hunt or know someone who is, have the decency to stay away from the centre and the animals who see it as their refuge!

30-10-17   Somerset Live    Animal shelter responds following incursion by hunt on its land - The incident took place on land around the Happy Landings Animal Shelter    An animal shelter near Shepton Mallet has responded following an incursion on its land by a Hunt. Happy Landings Animal Shelter issued a statement on social media saying that it was "appalled" by the fact that a Hunt had "come onto our land". The shelter has also said that one of its rescue dogs who came into contact with the hounds and a man on a quad bike was "terrified" by the experience. According to a member of staff at the shelter, the Hunt came onto the shelter's land around midday today...

An image seen by Somerset Live appears to show a hound standing in the middle of the A37. It is not yet know which Hunt was in the area at the time of the incident [above].

POWAperson adds  -  Typical hunt behaviour. Many Hunts seem to care nothing for other people's property, animals or feelings. Property owners affected in this way should contact Hounds Off and/or the League Against Cruel Sports.  Offending Hunt believed to have been Blackmore & Sparkford Vale FH.


Bloodied hound makes monitors think Beaufort FH killed fox

30-10-17   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    Beaufort Hunt 25.10.2017    The meet was at The Cottage, Hawkesbury Upton, Badminton [below] just west of the A46. The usual gathering of about 100 horses arrived for the stirrup cup on Hawkesbury Common before setting off. The Beaufort usually get up here a couple of times a year as the estates of Great Badminton, held by the Dukes of Beaufort since 1612, include lands andBeaufortFHWherehuntedFatchance25-10-17.jpg property within Hawkesbury Parish.

The hounds were taken across the common and almost immediately started to speak at the southern end after picking up on a scent – can’t have been from the trail laid as they were in gorse bushes. Luckily our friends from Three Counties Hunt sabs were there ahead of them and quickly rated the hounds.

During the day Beaufort followers on quads were keen to ask us what we would do with our evenings now that badger cull was over. They were keen to accuse of trespassing during the badger cull, however they always forget that illegal hunting tops civil trespass.

Some riders second horsed at 2pm and they packed up at 3.30pm. Sadly we did see hounds covered in blood at one stage to which they defended themselves by saying she had cut her mouth. Caring owners of dogs take them to the vet if this happens but these poor hounds have to suffer all day without treatment. It’s very possible that they killed, however we saw other foxes escape which makes it all worthwhile. We were even thanked by hunt staff for stopping the pack on one fox when they were clearly too far behind to control them.

Opening meets for main season hunting start early November so no respite for the poor foxes and wildlife in OUR countryside.



Pro-hunt MP made patron of Conservative Animal Welfare Society

30-10-17  POWAperson says  - News has reached POWA that Zac Goldsmith MP has become a patron of CAWS. He certainly has some conservationist credentials but, as we know, conservation and animal welfare are not synonymous. Indeed conservationists and animal protectionists are not infrequently in conflict. So, this is what Zac Goldsmith had to say about hunting a while back.


To describe the freedom to terrorise and kill wild animals for 'sport' as 'a nugget of comfort' to its perverted participants is vomit-inducing. Goldsmith was, of course, widely criticised for his allegedly racist campaign against Sadiq Khan in their contest for London Mayor. Unfortunately, this didn't stop the voters of Richmond Park re-electing him in May.

Awarding pro-hunters animal welfare roles seems to be habitual in the Tory Party. For instance Neil Parish, MP for Tiverton, is Chair of the All Party Animal Welfare Group in the Commons. He is a livestock farmer and very pro badger cull as well as pro-hunt. There are some strong proponents of animal welfare in the Tory Parliamentary Party, but they don't seem to get a look in on official party and parliamentary bodies.


Drunk Croome FH supporter threw boulder thru sab car rear window

Sab says rock aimed at his windscreen- he managed to swerve just in time

Police call handler 'The Hunt wouldn't do something like that... They're really well-mannered'' !  

29-10-17   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    UPDATE: Having attended a police station this morning, statements have now been taken by police regarding yesterday's incident and enquiries will be made as to the identities of the perpetrators. Outpaced are assisting us with following up on the handling of incidents such as this, although a police officer this morning did apologise as an individual for not realising the severity of the situation yesterday evening.

We attended the North Cotswold Hunt's newcomers' meet this morning with hounds running around Ryefield Farm in Wormington once again (which still has an unresolved bTB breakdown) and several foxes chased plus badger sett blocking has begun again.

When the Hunt packed up, we went to find the Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt who were holding their opening meet not far away. There was little action for the most part while we were around but the Hunt stayed inland as much as possible and we had basically no interaction with Hunt staff. At the end of the meet we dropped one of our guys off at his car to head home but as he drove down the road, drunk hunt supporters threw a heavy boulder at his windscreen. He managed to swerve and the boulder broke a back window. So yet another 999 call went in to police...

Sab: 'A hunt supporter has just thrown a boulder at my car as I was driving which has smashed through the window'

Call handler: 'Oh, the Hunt wouldn't do something like that... they're really well mannered'

Many thanks West Mercia police... perhaps your total lack of action is the reason you're not trusted by the generalCroomeFHBrokenglassinsabcarafterrockthrownthrurearwindowwhilehedrivingbydrunksupporter28-10-17.jpg public?

Full report and videos of this morning's sabbing at the North Cots to follow. Please contact us with any info on this hunt or their supporters or if you know of anyone who lives in Peopleton with private CCTV cameras which face a road. If you can help us support our sab with his vehicle repair costs please chuck us a few quid on paypal: threecountiessab@live.com and let us know it's specifically for him. Thanks! 3C

Pic right  -  Broken glass in sab's car after rock thrown thru rear window

GoGetFunding  Vehicle repair costs - Fundraising campaign by Three Counties Sabs   Whilst sabbing 2 hunts on Saturday 28th October, sabs witnessed numerous illegal acts and were forced to make three separate 999 calls, the third when hunt supporters saw a sab driving home after the hunt had packed up.

One supporter stood in the middle of the road to slow the sab's personal vehicle down while another threw a large boulder at the windscreen and the driver. It was only because he swerved in time that it hit a back window instead, though the sab was showered with broken glass.

When police were called, the call handler responded by saying that the hunt would not do such a thing and the perpetrators, who had had several drinks in a local pub, sped off in their vehicles.

Please help cover the costs of vehicle repairs if you can as the sab will struggle to attend hunt meets, get to work and do other animal rescue work without the car. GoGetFunding won't allow you to ask for less than £250 but any and all donations are greatly appreciated as it all adds up. If money is left over after repairs, it will go directly back to 3C's fuel costs for sabbing or anything else you specify. Many thanks!


Mangled fox found in garden in where Cheshire Forest FH were seen

29-10-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   WARNING – VERY UPSETTING IMAGE    On the morning of Wednesday 25th October this fox [below] was found disembowelled in the garden of a private house a short distance from the village of Kelsall. On the same morning the Cheshire Forest Hunt were “riding out in the area” (their words) and were seen on the road outside the house where this terrible act took place, by a number of local people passing by.

The Cheshire Forest Hunt have denied hunting on that day, claiming to be merely “exercising hounds” at this time of year. This is despite the fact they were seen being accompanied by a quad bike carrying cages containing terriers, commonly used when hunting foxes. When contacted, Cheshire Police told locals that this was a civil case of trespass, so we are doing our best to encourage them to investigate further.

The Cheshire Forest Hunt were famously witnessed hunting and killing a fox in a housing estate in Macclesfield in February of this year, which hit the headlines. Sadly this, plus a second case against them from January, were both controversially dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Did you witness the hunt in Kelsall on the morning of the 25th? If so, please get in touch - message us here or email info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk Also see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDvcrQo7msEand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv3UMOl0P_M


2-11-17  Chester Chronicle   Cheshire police investigate allegations fox found savaged when hunt in area - But Cheshire Forest Hunt denies a fox was killed    Cheshire police are investigating reports a dead fox wasCheshireForestFHFoxkilledinMacclesfieldgarden25-2-17.jpg discovered in the garden of a private house near Kelsall around the time a Hunt was in the area.

Police have confirmed the incident was reported on Wednesday, October 25, after The Chronicle was alerted by an anti-hunting group who allege the involvement of Cheshire Forest Hunt. A spokesperson for the Hunt firmly denied a fox was killed that day but did not wish to comment further.

Anti-hunting group Cheshire Monitors supplied this picture of a fox claiming it was killed by hounds from the Cheshire Forest Hunt on Wednesday, October, 25 - an allegation which has been denied. Hunting with hounds became illegal under the Hunting Act 2004 but many hunts lay trails for the hounds to follow pursued by the riders on horseback and others on foot. Cheshire police is urging anyone with information to get in touch.

A police spokesperson said: “At 7.27pm on 25 October police received a report of a dead fox in a garden at an address in Longley Lane, Woodside, Kelsall. The matter has been CheshireForestFHHuntsmanAndrewGermanwithpoliceinMacclesfieldwherehoundskilledfox25-2-17_180x204.jpgpassed to the wildlife crime officer for her to look into.” The spokesperson added: ”The caller reported a Hunt was in the area that afternoon and that a fox appeared to have been killed in a neighbour’s garden.”

Anti-hunting group Cheshire Monitors said the owners of the property where the dead fox was found do not wish to speak publicly about the case. But the group’s Facebook page shows a graphic photo of the apparently savaged animal along with their version of events. It reads: “On the morning of Wednesday 25th October this fox was found disembowelled in the garden of a private house a short distance from the village of Kelsall.

"On the same morning the Cheshire Forest Hunt were ‘riding out in the area’ (their words) and were seen on the road outside the house where this terrible act took place, by a number of local people passing by. The Cheshire Forest Hunt have denied hunting on that day, claiming to be merely ‘exercising hounds’ at this time of year. This is despite the fact they were seen being accompanied by a quad bike carrying cages containing terriers, commonly used when hunting foxes.”

Anyone with information about the incident can contact Cheshire police on 101 quoting incident number 836 of October 25, 2017.

Pics above  -  Right:-   Fox killed by CFFH hounds in garden in residential area of Macclesfield 25-2-17. Police took no action.    Left:-   Huntsman Andrew German with police after the incident.


Alone elderly sab attacked by Mid-Devon FH Huntsman - police summoned

29-10-17   Facebook - South Devon Animal Rights   Hit report – 28 October 2017    Surprises on both sides today: caught on the hop, the Mid-Devon Hunt received an unexpected visit from us and, to our surprise, Huntsman Duncan Hume had only 8 riders accompanying him. As this was the beginning of his second season, perhaps he is not as popular as we had been led to believe. Last season he assured us that he does not use terriermen. The departure of terrierman Phil Morish who transferred allegiance to the South Devon Hunt seemed to confirm just that. Surprise, surprise, then, that a masked young male on a quadbike equipped with aluminium boxes on front and back was busying himself in the Hunt’s vicinity (some of the time closely following us) all day on the moor.

At 12.15 pm we found the Hunt in gorse-covered rough terrain on the north-east slopes of the North Walla Brook. To cover ground more efficiently sabs split and it was not long before an elderly lone sab found himself surrounded by 5 male hunt supporters and 4 riders. Mounted Huntsman Duncan Hume cantered towards him, kicking out at his head as the sab dodged to one side. Dunc swung his horse around and, cowboy style, leapt off and confronted the sab who radioed for assistance from colleagues. Police were summoned and the aggressors backed off. Yes, we were surprised but, perhaps, should not have been. After all, cowardice and bullying are the norm for hunters and, shamelessly, they glory in it.

Foot sabs returned to the road, were picked up by our Land-Rover and transported to the edge of Fernworthy Forest on the opposite side of the valley. From there they trekked half a mile into the valley. A game of ping pong then ensued with sabs and Huntsman Dunc vying for control of the hounds which several times crossed and re-crossed the brook.

By this time four of the mounted field had clearly had enough and left for home – “hacked off” perhaps would be a better description. Eventually, Dunc regained possession of his charges and hurried south-west to the Stannon Brook valley which is covered with large outcrops of gorse into which he cast his hounds.

The Hunt claimed they were trail hunting (an artificial trail, that is). We would contend, however, that it is the claim which is artificial. Clearly Dunc was forced out of the North Walla Brook valley and rode to the west of Merripit Hill into Stannon valley, to escape the attention of sabs. Certainly, he took advantage of the wind which, unusually, came from the northwest, making it difficult for sabs to call.

Our Land-Rover again picked up footsabs and drove them to Middle Merripit from where they trekked onto the open moor, this time accompanied by hunt followers who attempted to intimidate them. Again Dunc felt discretion the better part of valour and rode off before returning to Stannon valley and then up Stannon Hill/Merripit Hill. We cannot be sure whether hounds killed but, apparently desperate for one, Dunc did not blow “Home” until 5.30 pm as low cloud came in.


Cattistock FH Huntsman kept on run from antis all day - no kills

Claim Huntsman beat horse with whip when he and a few others hunting on after pack up

29-10-17  Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights    Hit Report 28/10/17 Cattistock Hunt; Meet at UrlessLadyCharlotteTownshendingear.jpg Farm    With so many options of local meets to attend on Saturday morning, we thought as we had decided to take the Red Landy it would have been rude to not pay a visit to Lady T's [pic right - Lady Charlotte Townshend is one of the country's richest women] bloodthirsty Cattistock Hunt.

We arrived to find a few support cars already parked on the side of the busy A356 and a few riders actually riding along the road to the meet. Knowing where they were likely to go sabs were dropped in at various locations to pre beat and spray the areas.

How the mighty have fallen. The Huntsman is so paranoid about being seen illegally hunting in front of us that he spends the whole day trying to hide from us! Unfortunately, he does this so well that even the support can't find him, to the point that they were asking us where the Hunt was!!! So loosing supporters as rapidly as he is loosing his hounds, so began another boring day, with a twist at the end of the day.

11am they headed off towards Coombe Bottom as predicted, keeping well hidden amongst the trees. Sabs who had been dropped in had already sprayed the area and were there waiting for them. The hounds went into cry briefly before being called off by sabs. Off he then went at speed around Benville Wood towards West Chelbourough stopping briefly at Lewcombe Wood and Horse Moor before heading to Halstock where they stopped for a bit of lunch at Dogwell farm.

Trying to do a sneaky again he then slipped out the back of Dogwell and then made his way back round to near the meet. At this point the field boxed up and went home at 4.18pm.

Feeling that something wasn't right we decided to hang around a while and bingo, we drove down a side road an much to their surprise we found them looking very guilty jumping over a hedge onto the road. With just the Huntsman, the whip and 3 other riders they had decided to hunt on. On seeing us they went into total panic mode with the Huntsman beating his horse with his whip for not doing what he asked, they cantered off down the road before jumping into a field. We feel at this point that a Fox had been released and we prevented them from the kill they were so desperate for. Trying to get away from us and failing they finally gave up at 5.50pm as light was failing and the police arrived!

We are fairly sure they didn't get a kill or though the "lady" in the green landy with the big knife looked like she was going to make a kill!!!!  Thanks to sabs from HATBC and Beds badger group who are down helping to save our badgers during the cull.

Pics below  -  1/  The field     2/   Bit of after hours hunting attempt? 

  CattistockFH28-10-17.jpg  CattistockFHAfterpackupattemptbyafewtohunton28-10-17.jpg


Surrey Union FH pursue deer, trespass, head-butt sab, drive recklessly

Also chase foxes interfere with sett and use foul and abusive language

Police ignore sab and resident complaints at 'opening meet'  

29-10-17  Facebook - Surrey Hunt Monitors    THUGS, WRECKERS AND BULLIES: THE SURREY UNION HUNT Chasing foxes, frightening young deer, hounds trespassing on private land, bully supporters, head-butting, vile language from hunt staff, reckless driving around the rural roads of Surrey, all in a day’s work for the Surrey Union. The Hunt Masters, the Hutleys, must have been so proud of their hunt’s behaviour yesterday.

Saturday 28th October found the Surrey Hunt Monitors alongside Guildford and North Downs Hunt Saboteurs at Gosterwood Manor, Forest Green for the opening meet of the Surrey Union. A very busy day for sabs and monitors who turned out in good numbers to ensure the Hunt was covered all day. Monitors were also positioned in the National Trust land above the meet, just in case.

The usual crew of once a year thug supporters having been well-oiled at the Parrot Inn; who supplied them with a hog roast and plenty of ale, drove around the roads at high speed, aiming their cars at monitors and sabs, and trying to throw their weight around. Plenty of abuse towards the sabs and monitors, including a mob of supporters trying to remove the hat of a new young sab, and another head-butting a sab, which was caught on video.

The Police were out in force, and seemed to turn a blind eye to the assault and battery on the sabs and monitors. We were all followed by the Police all day, but the hunt thugs were left alone…impartial policing Gold Commander?

Token trails were laid by the hunt, but they managed to chase two foxes and a sab caught the whipper in encouraging hounds into a badger sett where a fox had been marked to ground.

Later, the Huntsman put his hounds into a stretch of scrub and woodland, (no trail) and forced a young terrified deer into some stock fencing, with hounds right behind. They were not in cry, but we have no doubt this deer would have been killed by the hounds if we had not been there. The huntsman and Whipper-in couldn’t care less and were calling monitors motherf….rs.

It turns out, they had been hunted through private land, and the owner was distraught. The Hunt made as half hearted apology to the owner and then started swearing at the sabs. The owner made complaints to the Police, but they just seemed keen on filming us. We insisted they stopped the Hunt, but no moves were made to confront the hunt. We have the whole episode on video and will be released in time.

The hunt ended at about 4 o’clock and sabs returned to the badger sett to make sure it wasn’t interfered with. This really has become a vile little hunt, and will just receive more attention from sabs and monitors from Surrey and surrounding counties if they continue in this thuggish, anarchic way with no consideration for the law, safety of people and the wildlife of Surrey. Intimidation from the Hunt just strengthens our resolve...


28-10-17  Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs   Today we teamed up with North Downs sabs and headed for the opening meet of the Surrey Union Hunt. Foxes saved and police bias exposed again. From the start we could already see a large police presence... Cuts... What cuts?

As it's the opening meet a lot of bumpkins turned up that wouldn't usually bother and many of them tried their luck pushing sabs about. Whilst one of our sabs was started on police assumed he was in the wrong and told the sab to "disengage" what does that even mean? Perhaps YOU Surrey Police should try "engaging" in protecting the Hunting Act? It was clear several were drink driving as sabs were swerved at and received abuse, including homophobia. Overloaded vehicles without plates were reported to the police but they were "too busy".

Near the start of the day, we spotted a fox In an area the Hunt had just passed through, the scent was masked and we carried on. After some showing off and half arsed trail laying (the trail was BEHIND the hunt, you gotta at least make it look believable!) things turned as we entered Honeybush Farm near Monks Farm...

We positioned ourselves along a footpath awaiting the Hunt then we spotted a fox bolt out the woods fleeing for its life, shortly after the hounds were heard in deep cry. We ran into Honeybush Farm to cover the scent and to get between the hounds and the fox. As we approached we saw the Whipper-in Rob Mardles off his horse encouraging hounds down a den, we believe they were trying to flush another fox having lost the previous one. Upon seeing us he quickly got back on and they scarpered leaving half the pack still trying to pick up the scent, we made sure they didn't. The Hunt can be heard in the video telling hounds to get out of the hole yet Rob Mardles denies any knowing of it... Err? Full video to follow.

At this point we, asked Surrey Police whom were with us and seen the incident if they were going to take action but of course they refused to do anything on scene. They're quick to nick sabs but when the roles are reversed they come out with an