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UK Hunting News Archive

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                    Detailed stories follow each month's headlines below, all in reverse chronological order

                      Warning - contains images of animals killed/ mutilated by Hunts that you may find distressing 

                                               HUNTING SEASON 2017/18



..... 28th February - Sabs arrival deters Puckeridge FH from dig-out

..... 28th February - Monitors' presence deters Beaufort FH from three dig outs

..... 28th February - Sabs reveal destroyed 6 Hunts' artificial earths before season began

..... 28th February - HSA says top public school's own reports shows still hunting hares

..... 27th February - Locals act against trespass and chaos caused by Wynnstay FH

..... 26th February - South Down FH stopped from hunting as swamped by sabs

..... 26th February - Grafton FH step anti-monitor tactics up to ludicrous levels

..... 25th February - LACS say films show Scottish fox hunts scaring pregnant sheep

..... 25th February - Council leader lets notorious Atherstone FH hunt on his land

..... 25th February - New sab group visits previously un-sabbed Clifton-on-Teme FH

..... 25th February - Sabs upload pic of emaciated hound at joint meet in Scotland

..... 25th February - Pressure for full Scotland hunt ban as huge response to consultation

..... 25th February - Sabs upload film of hare escaping from Holcombe Harriers

..... 25th February - Antis stage 'trail hunting' protests at 20 Nat. Trust properties

..... 25th February - Villagers anger at Cotswold Vale FH invasion as sabs save foxes

..... 25th February - Huntsman tells PC to f*** off after admonished for endangering public

..... 25th February - Sabs prevent late dig-out at Scottish joint meet, two assaulted

..... 25th February - High Peak Harriers stick to trails as they present, say sabs

..... 24th February - Blackmore FH hunt & kill fox - woman monitor shoved to ground

..... 24th February - Sabs stop kills at W. Somerset FH/Minehead Harriers meet

..... 24th February - Sabs ruin rarely visited South Wold FH hunting day

..... 24th February - Sab attacked with hammer, woman anti ridden into deep ditch

..... 24th February - Sabs save foxes at 3 Hunts meet - female anti assaulted

..... 24th February - Fox saved by sabs from Oakley FH's criminal Huntsman

..... 23rd February - Vixen reported killed by trespassing Mendip Farmers FH

..... 23rd February - Sabs persuade Ledbury FH hounds off 3 foxes they chased

..... 23rd February - Grove & Rufford terrierman harangued after field trampled hedge

..... 22nd February - Warwickshire FH hunt wood next to M40 [fox escapes]

..... 22nd February - Cheshire Forest FH chase fox over live railway, dig-out prevented

..... 22nd February - 'Trail hunting' protests at many NT properties this Sunday

..... 22nd February - Warks FH filmed fox hunting 4 days after woman sees same

..... 22nd February - Violent hunt 'steward' gets Community Order for assaults on sabs

..... 21st February - Police seek info on hare hunting - thought by N. Norfolk Harriers

..... 21st February - Local says Mendip F FH breaking FC licence by hunting with quads

..... 21st February - N. Shropshire FH Huntsman has terriers stolen from his home

..... 21st February - Old Surrey FH found fox hunting at midweek meet - sabs stop

..... 21st February - Exeter Councillor talks of his weekend persona - as a hunt sab

..... 20th February - Woman reports hunting on Woodland Trust land by her home

..... 20th February - Sabs find selves in right place to save fox from Old Surrey FH

..... 20th February - Sabs stop bad terrier fight due to Eggesford FH hounds passing

..... 20th February - Lost, injured Badsworth FH hound wandered round housing estate

..... 20th February - Hunt that killed in front of tourists on NT land is licenced by them

..... 20th February - Melbreak FH licence suspended after seen chasing foxes

..... 19th February - Atherstone FH try to hunt foxes, hounds all over roads

..... 18th February - Middleton FH hunt in vast, fenced estate - sabs think fox shot

..... 18th February - Antis foil South Dorset FH efforts to kill foxes

..... 18th February - Beaufort FH chase fox into barn, pretend trail hunt, re-invade garden

..... 18th February - Gizmo, rating & citronella save fox from East Cornwall FH

..... 18th February - Member of public sees Warwickshire FH clearly hunting fox

..... 18th February - Walkers say saw Melbreak FH chasing two foxes

..... 18th February - Tried Portman JM/Huntsman drew farmyard, disturbing cows

..... 18th February - Grove & Rufford FH chase foxes across roads & in gardens

..... 18th February - East Kent FH supporter kicks sab, claims to have gun

..... 18th February - Hampshire FH 'trail hunt' - but no trails, terriermen present

..... 18th February - Sabs make sure Westerby Bassets just have a little stroll

..... 17th February - Hunt seen trespassing on NT land in East Devon

..... 17th February - Ledbury FH chase several foxes, sabs ensure no kills

..... 17th February - South Down FH interrupted as about to dig fox out of sett

..... 17th February - Sabs prevent dig out by Cambridge FH of hunted fox

..... 17th February - Sabs assaulted, driven at, sprayed with mystery liquid at Curre FH

..... 17th February - Blackmore FH hunt foxes again, including in gardens

..... 17th February - Hunters laugh as sab struggles in huge, uncovered cess pit

..... 16th February - Welsh police request info on Hunt badger sett interference

..... 16th February - Surrey Union FH hounds injured after rioting on deer

..... 16th February - Police call for witnesses re. fox kill by Hunt in Derbyshire

..... 16th February - Protest in Sherbourne against fox kill by Blackmore FH

..... 15th February - Monitors say saved three foxes from S. Durham FH

..... 15th February - Disturbing film of Fitzwilliam FH thug attack on sab car released

..... 15th February - Warwickshire FH filmed illegally hunting in Country Park

..... 15th February - Council - hunting banned in park where Belvoir FH 'killed fox'

..... 15th February - Surrey Union FH found trespassing on NT land again

..... 14th February - Dunston Harriers rider backs box into sab van - refuses details

..... 14th February - Labour includes strengthened Hunting Act in Animal Welfare plans

..... 14th February - Cattistock FH hunt in swannery under biosecurity restrictions

..... 14th February - Walker's post/film of Ullswater FH hunting taken down by admin

..... 14th February - Surrey Union FH stop midweek meet when sabs appear

..... 14th February - Walker reports lost hound, thought from Ullswater FH

..... 13th February - Waveney Harriers Whip's poor pack control nearly runs into deer herd

..... 13th February - VWH FH chase fox into gardens, hounds rated out by monitors

..... 13th February - Monitors say Grafton FH hunted two foxes - one filmed

..... 13th February - Trial of Portman FH Huntsman on illegal hunting charge ends

..... 12th February - N. Herefordshire FH kill fox at dig out - 2 more kills suspected

..... 12th February - Sabs save hunted fox from in-cry Belvoir FH hounds

..... 12th February - South Wold FH supporters say they hunt and kill foxes

..... 12th February - Fife FH miss put up fox, support scares ewe off new-born lamb

..... 12th February - Atherstone FH hunted foxes in area with artificial earth, say sabs

..... 11th February - Hunt reported trespassing on Nat Trust land in Derbyshire

..... 11th February - Monitor windscreen broken after threats from Easton Harrier hunters

..... 11th February - Blackmore FH kill fox - Dorset police refused to attend

..... 11th February - Sabs and 'very angry' farmer stop Meynell FH dig-out

..... 11th February - Locals/farmers call police due to trespass/damage by Cheshire Forest FH

..... 11th February - Sabs attacked after used gizmo to life S. Dorset FH hounds off fox

..... 11th February - Sabs save foxes from Flint & Denbigh FH though attacked by thugs

..... 11th February - Sabs find 4 blocked setts in Heythrop, 3 in N.Cotswold FH country

..... 11th February - Severe misuse of horses seen at Eggesford FH as sabs save foxes

..... 11th February - Reckless York & Ainsty S FH rider brings horse down on road

..... 11th February - Sabs find sheep carcasses - to lure foxes into Fife FH hunt area?

..... 11th February - Lake District walker sees Hunt chasing foxes nr Martindale

..... 11th February - Sabs stop dig out, one & hound driven into by Curre FH terrierman

..... 10th February - Fitzwilliam FH thugs violently attack occupied sab car

.....  9th February - Ledbury FH hunt foxes in dusk, sett blocking filmed

.....  9th February - Police seek info re. alleged fox hunt kill near Lincoln

.....  9th February - Warwickshire FH hunt on and next to A roads yet again

.....  9th February - Villagers & farmer complain of Dumfriesshire FH incursion

.....  9th February - Cheshire PCC orders review of way police handle Hunts

.....  9th February - 2 monitors thwart VWH FH to hunt 2 foxes in huge private estate

.....  8th February - Reports now say Burton FH killed fox AND a deer in 2 villages

.....  8th February - Fox dug out & killed at Eggesford/Torrington FHs joint meet

.....  8th February - 2 monitors have 7 tyres slashed soon after reporting illegal hunt

.....  8th February - Alpaca farmer rejects reported Hunt apology, says not contacted him

.....  8th February - Monitor film refutes claim that Cheshire Hunt kills are 'accidents'

.....  7th February - Violent gang of fox killers granted licence by National Trust

.....  7th February - FB posts say Burton FH chased & killed fox nr. Gainsborough

.....  7th February - Portman FH rampage thru village causing traffic chaos

.....  7th February - Police probe alleged fox hunt & property damage in Lincs village

.....  7th February - Cheshire FH Whip harangued by farmer for repeated hunt trespass 

.....  7th February - S. Dorset FH cause chaos on A road, chase fox into badger sett

.....  6th February - Alpacas 'terrorised' by Puckeridge FH farm invasion, some may abort

.....  6th February - Blackmore FH supporter punches female sab in head

.....  6th February - Sabs stop Puckeridge FH digging fox from badger sett

.....  6th February - Locals say Wynnstay FH caused mayhem chasing fox on to A41

.....  6th February - Oakley Huntsman convicted of C.Damage - broke woman's windscreen

.....  6th February - Sabs see Hunt untouched for a decade chasing three hares

.....  5th February - Huntsman/JM & terrierman Dwyryd FH jailed for badger baiting

.....  5th February - Members of public say Belvoir FH killed fox in country park

.....  5th February - NT gives Warks FH licence despite repeated trespass and assault

.....  5th February - Forestry Commission says permits for 'trail hunting' decided 'locally'

.....  5th February - Fox saved from Hurworth FH by sabs, one driven into

.....  5th February - Monitor & landowner save hunted fox from S.Durham FH

.....  4th February - Sabs find Parks Authority closely monitoring Cumberland FH

.....  4th February - Warks FH hounds filmed closely chasing a fox

.....  4th February - Monitor assaulted, others obstructed on roads at Grafton FH

.....  4th February - Modbury Harriers thug punches & smashes sab windscreen

.....  4th February - Sab presence makes fox pack 'trail hunt', hare hunt pack up

.....  4th February - Surrey Union FH pull off chased fox when see monitors

.....  4th February - Modbury Harriers hunt banned land, supporter breaks sab windscreen

.....  4th February - Cotswold Vale FH hounds rated off roads by sabs, female assaulted

.....  3rd February - Landowner sees Badsworth FH kill fox in wood banned from

.....  3rd February - NT initially denies that Surrey Union FH hunted on their land

.....  3rd February - Crawley FH hunt foxes after dark - sabs think probably killed

.....  3rd February - Fitzwilliam FH use eagle to kill hare flushed by hounds

.....  3rd February - Woman abused by Mendip Farmers FH after chased fox in garden

.....  3rd February - Revealed that Mendip Farmers FH invaded land, killed alpaca

.....  3rd February - Sabs stop dig-out of hunted fox by Fife FH

.....  3rd February - Warks FH hunt next to A429 - act as if they own the road

.....  3rd February - Sab racially abused at Lanarkshire FH meet

.....  2nd February - Badsworth FH rider hits sab on head, knocks one over with horse

.....  2nd February - JM/Huntsman of Lauderdale FH to face illegal hunting charge

.....  2nd February - Monitors meet Cheshire MP/Cabinet Minister to discuss illegal hunting

.....  2nd February - NT initially tries to deny Surrey Union hunted on their land

.....  2nd February - Somerset farmer says intimidation followed illegal hunting on his land

.....  2nd February - Puckeridge FH hound van is SORNed & shouldn't be on the road

.....  1st February - Beaufort FH trample signed environmental grass strips

.....  1st February - Fermanagh Harriers sabbed for first time, hound stuck in gate freed 

.....  1st February - Fernie FH rider dies after fall from horse

.....  1st February - Sabs post shows type of often drunken thugs who confront them 

.....  1st February - Investigation of anti-hunt Welsh Councillor dropped by Ombudsman 


Sab presence deters Puckeridge FH from dig-out
28-2-18   Facebook - North East London Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Hit Report: Puckeridge Hunt. 24 Feb    NELS, S.Cambridge, Norfolk/Suffolk and SES - Suffolk And Essex Hunt Sabs joined the Puckeridge Hunt at their meet in Manuden, Essex. Because of the frozen ground they pushed the start back until 12pm.
Early on they focused their attention around Bailey Hills and the surrounding woods, spending quite a long time trying to pick up a scent and then moving fast across open ground to the next woods trying to make it difficult for sabs to keep up.
Eventually, they went north to the Albury area where the hounds picked up scent and went into cry several times, and on one occasion chased something into a badger sett. Quick intervention by sabs meant that the hounds-man was [above with hounds] forced to move on, leaving the sabs to remove his hounds. A couple of sabs stayed behind to make sure the Hunt didn't try to come back and dig it out.
Good cooperation between sab groups meant that we stayed on them all day and made sure nothing was killed.
Pic below  -   Hounds marking to ground 
Monitors' presence deters Beaufort FH from three dig-outs

12 blocked sett entrances found in vicinity of meet  

28-2-18  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO [1]  VIDEO [2]    Beaufort Hunt 24.02.2018   They met at Easton Grey House and had a late midday start. A wildlife crime had already been committed nearby – 12 entrances of a badger sett were completely blocked. Police attended the site and paid a visit to Captain Farquhar [joint MFH].The Hunt denied blocking the sett and the terrier men thought it was a waste of time to involve the police for a wildlife crime! Reminder there is a maximum penalty of £5,000 for blocking a badger sett and this one was clear the day before.

They took the hounds south of the meet to Pinkney Wood then past Scot Farm and across to Boundary Plantation BeaufortFHTerriermenfollow24-2-18.jpgover the B4040. Riders were on point to the south and east as the hounds came through the hedge into a large range of bramble bushes and rough growth along the top of the bank down into the small valley there. As we approached the hounds were searching encouraged by Huntsman who was also tongue rolling (used to disturb a hiding fox) The hounds started to mark to ground in the patch of brambles and a member of the hunt staff moved his position from the top corner of this area to below as it was clear that a fox would break that way. We tried to cover the lower side in case a fox broke into the open. A foot-walker tried to call the hounds off which brought several hunt staff up telling her to leave. They claimed they would call the hounds out if she left but she preferred to wait until the hounds were taken out of the bushes.

Shortly after a whistle was heard twice towards the north section of Boundary Plantation, indicating a sighted fox and the hounds were heard towards New Road Clump in the Westonbirt School direction. They circled round and came back towards Boundary Plantation still in cry. The second foot walker came on the hounds frantically marking to ground under a tree, trying to dig into a hole. She tried to stop them by pulling them away as the hole was clearly not deep and a fox not safe. The staff accused her of hurting the hounds [not true] then got off their horses and used the Whip to get the hounds away from the hole before taking them away from the area.

MFH and staff brought the hounds to Street Farm, Shipton Moyne, for 2nd horse then went towards Westonbirt School. We were there waiting by an artificial earth which had its entrances blocked with slabs. Terrier men arrived on their quad and went towards the earth with a spade. They were angry to find the foot walker in close proximity and on a footpath which meant they could not force her out of the area.

On the other side of Quarry Spinnies another foot walker arrived seeing MFH approaching to put the hounds into the woods near the AE. Sensing the urgency of the situation they walked off the footpath towards it. While trying to go forward to watch the hounds in the wood near the AE, they were forcibly frogmarched out of the area by two female hunt riders, one of whom was the landowner. Good job we were there as they seemed to give up and took the hounds off quickly towards Garden Plantation.

They disappeared inland but we picked them up in the crop field north west of Tanners Clump. Hounds were speaking searching around a hedge and then going on a line fast up the hedge towards the bridleway and the A433 with the ride galloping after them. As the foot -walker ran back in that direction she heard the hounds turn and head back down the far side of the next field along. The hounds were then in full cry and we feared a kill.


As she crossed two fields to get to the hedge she could see hunt staff and a small field of riders including a small child on a pony, gathered round the hounds which were massed around the hedge. It was not a kill as she had feared but a hole inside the hedge where the hounds were milling round and trying to dig into as the hunt staff and field just watched. Terrier men were driving fast towards Tanner’s Clump which suggested that the Hunt had summoned them - to do what? On closer inspection she could see the hole with the hounds round it even though hunt staff tried to block her filming. Seeing sense, they decided to leave and had to spend some time using the Whip to get the hounds out. Hounds are trained to respond to fox scent and want to get to it. They might chase a hare or a deer by sight, but if they are on a scent with that intensity, it is fox scent. It is obvious that even if they did lay trails of fox urine, they would not be repeatedly laying them into holes. From this we can only deduce they’re hunting foxes.

They Hunt moved on towards Underbridge and New Plantation where they went on cry for quite a time towards and in Thorn Covert. We do not know the outcome of this chase as we couldn’t get near. After this they packed up. The small child on the pony was kept up to the hunt right to the end. We had to overcome other hurdles before we could head home – but happy that we did our best to save a few foxes.

Thank you for recent donations. httpi//paypal.me/cihwatch.



Sabs reveal destroyed 6 Fox Hunts' artificial earths before season started

28-2-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Artificial Earths used by local hunts damaged / Artificialearths.jpgdestroyed prior to opening meets    We were asked to delay putting this report out until late in the season and, with many Hunts cancelling meets this week, it seems the right time to post. We will be releasing more information shortly which will explain artificial earths, their structures and uses more clearly. In the meantime please also look at our article on terrier work which touches on them briefly.

"In support of fellow anti-hunt people working hard in the badger cull zones we took it upon ourselves to take action against local hunts (and shooting areas) by sabotaging their artificial earths. With some artificial earths not being 'badger-proofed' there is always the worry that they are being used to more easily target badgers for baiting and digging, during the culls and so on. Our first step, obviously, is to ensure that no one is using the artificials as a home.

During the time that we were active in the area, we damaged or destroyed 6 artificial earths within the North Cotswold Hunt country, 5 used by the Heythrop Hunt, 4 in Ledbury Hunt country, 2 used by the Cotswold Hunt and 2 within Beaufort / VWH country. Our tactics included digging up and smashing pipes, removing / smashing bricks and slabs used to create chambers, filling the area with soil or using bricks and rocks that once made up parts of the artificials to block the pipes themselves - some of the areas have metres of backed-up bricks shoved into the pipes which would have to be dug down to and smashed in order to remove them as the entrances are fully blocked with no give in the materials used to block them. Lump hammers, shovels, crowbars, materials found in the local area... easy to conceal but very effective with a little bit of effort.

We avoided the use of products such as expanding foam due to the environmental impact that they would have. We also found a number of insects, spiders, frogs and toads living within the artificial earths who we would not want to harm with our actions. Many animals were moved to appropriate places nearby or returned to the area once our work was done - with many pro-cull and pro-hunt people constantly talking about hedgehogs needing more protection (and yet doing very little to support them) we created hedgehog-friendly log-piles on many of the ex-artificial earths.

Artificialearths_3.jpgTo finish, we will briefly explain our reasons for doing these actions. Despite the fantastic, almost everyday work done by local sab groups (who we have informed of our actions partially so that they can get the word out there about them but mostly so that they know what has changed in the local hunt countries) they will never be able to keep on top of constant checks on artificial earths to ensure they are not in use/not being dug into, even when Hunts are meeting close by (never mind days when hunt staff may go to them to capture foxes for release in front of hounds or for disgusting practices like those filmed at the South Herefordshire hunt kennels last spring).

Various ex-hunt supporters/staff who have turned anti-hunt have said over the years that artificials should just be smashed - they've been filmed on numerous occasions but carry on being used. Unless there is a case being built against a specific Hunt and use of an artificial will be another nail in the coffin for them or if there's nothing you can do to remove the artificial, get rid of them. Yes, they will build new ones, but many hunts and hunt supporters will be out doing so during and outside of the hunting season anyway.

We chose this time to take action 1) because we are in a different area to where we live and are not known as 'antis' and 2) with the opening meets coming up soon (start of November) most fox cubs have grown and artificial earths are not currently being used as homes for them, only as places where foxes will try to escape during hunts (and will then be easily flushed/dug out and killed). It is also a busier time for Hunts and their supporters as they are preparing for the full season and will have less time on their hands. Any newly-built artificials will smell of humans for longer too, meaning foxes are less likely to use them straight away.

Finally, a message to the hunters. We are watching and we are educating others. In this case, it was because many of you support the badger cull in the area that you have ended up losing artificials to us due to more 'antis' being in the area and more areas being checked as part of the anti-cull campaign. More of us will continue to take action like this in areas where wildlife persecution is increasing. But none of you are immune.

Please support the local groups here: Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs, Gloucestershire Badger Office and Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch: paypal.me/threecountiessabs.



HSA says top public school's own reports show still hunting hares

28-2-18  HSA PR   AMPLE EVIDENCE OF ILLEGAL HUNTING AT AMPLEFORTH COLLEGE  REPORT   The HSAAmpleforthCollegeBeagles.jpg can today expose illegal hunting by a beagle pack associated with one of Britain's top public schools. The £34,392 a year Ampleforth College in North Yorkshire encourages its students to participate in hunts by the Ampleforth Beagles.

In their 2017 newsletter, published on the official website of the Ampleforth Society, the hunt boast of their membership of the Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles which they claim organises events "especially designed for young hare hunters." Elsewhere in the newsletter, the huntsman Toby Pedley gives a detailed account of an event at Cote Hill, Farndale that can only be an illegal hare hunt.

HSA Press Officer Lee Moon commented, "Hunting hares with beagles has been illegal for a generation. It is therefore extremely concerning that Ampleforth College have used their website to promote the work of the AMHB with "young hare hunters" and publish a thinly-disguised account of a gruelling hour-long hare hunt. If the college want to refute our allegations they simply need to take an independent observer onto the moors and demonstrate how such a hunt is legally produced using "trails." We know, however, that they will decline this invitation as trail hunting is a total fiction."


Locals act against trespass and chaos caused by Wynnstay FH

27-2-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   THE WYNNSTAY HUNT 26.2.18  VIDEO  They met on Poulton Airfield which is on the Duke of Westminster's estate... Monitors got a late tip off and found them hunting around Chapel House Farm and then between Yew Tree Farm and Brookside Farm in Poulton.

Once we were seen, the Huntsman took off with his entourage across the Duke's private bridge over the river Dee and hunted Aldford and Churton. Locals were out in force standing up to the Hunt. Some of our supporters filmed the Hunt causing road havoc etc in Churton, reported this to the police and tailed the Hunt (well done locals!) for some time.

Then we had more reports of this Hunt terrorising more locals, their pets and horses as they were witnessed chasing a fox through gardens and smallholdings in Farndon. They also trespassed on farm fields. Again this has all been reported to police and locals blocked the roads to stop the Hunt from moving.

A few years ago Farndon Parish Council banned this hunt from the area. It looks like they will have to tell them again to keep their sordid pastime away from normal civilised humans. Well done to local heroes who we are seeing saying NO to the Hunts more and more.

If you have information about any Hunts in or around Cheshire, please contact us in strict confidence, by PM here or on email to info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk, and help us #StopTheHunts. If you would like to support Cheshire Monitors you can donate at paypal.me/CMonitors - thank you!


Southdown FH stopped from hunting as swamped by sabs

26-2-18  Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs   Southdown and Eridge Hunt get swamped by hunt sabs    After we stopped the Eridge from digging out a badger sett last Saturday, we thought we'd better pay them another visit. As many hunts in the South-East weren't out, we were joined by a large contingent of our mates from Greater South London , Guildford and South Coast Hunt Sabs, meaning that whichever way Huntsman Oliver Hill decided to go a group of antis were always one step ahead. At one point he was even forced to circle round a field for a while to waste time and figure out what the hell to do next!

The group of terriermen who had been drafted in by the Hunt last week were nowhere to be seen as there was just the one quad present, with the one of the Hunt's terriermen, Jamie Short, riding around aimlessly for most of the day.

After just over 3 hours of (failed) hunting, they packed up at around 3.30pm so we hopped back in the van and headed off to Felbridge where the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt were having their hunt ball. A lively atmosphere filled the air as the hunters entered the hotel, many of whom were wearing fur coats and shawls. Shame on Crowne Plaza Felbridge for hosting these animal abusers!

Any donations towards our ongoing costs are always much appreciated: paypal.me/BtnHuntSabs.



Grafton FH step anti-monitor tactics up to ludicrous levels

Police seem unwilling to do anything about obstruction & intimidation 

26-2-18   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch   The Grafton Hunt have stepped up the tactics they use to prevent Grafton Hunt Watch monitors from filming their appalling activities.

They have a whole squad of hunt cars dedicated to positioning themselves in front of and behind each monitor’s car. The front car drives at ridiculously low speeds - as low as 3mph - to prevent the monitor from keeping up with the hunt. If the monitor turns round, the car behind slowly and laboriously turns round also, and then takes up the delaying role in front.

Sometimes the convoy of hunt cars around a single monitor reaches ludicrous proportions. These spiteful and disreputable individuals have absolutely no shame whatsoever - they engage in dangerous driving procedures purely to prevent the monitors having free passage along the highway, which, as citizens and road tax payers, they are legally entitled to have. Such procedures include suddenly slamming on their brakes in an attempt to make the monitor collide with them, accelerating dangerously if the monitor tries to overtake, and turning round dangerously in the road to block the monitor’s progress. Members of the public held up? Tough luck! The Hunt couldn’t care less, obviously! We have repeatedly told Northamptonshire Police of these activities but as usual they just let the Hunt do their worst.

On Saturday 17th February we monitored the hunt in the Weedon Lois area. As usual their team of disgusting characters, which they pompously and deceitfully call their “Evidence Gathering Team” , spent the whole day impeding the monitors, finally totally blocking them in at the end of a public road that was a dead end. Unfortunately the road sign did not indicate this or the monitors would not have entered this road, knowing how the mob would seize the chance to surround and block them.

Highly pleased with themselves, this appalling gang they went into smirking overdrive. Their behaviour can only be compared too the worst kind of school bullies. Concerned for our safety, we called 999 and were told the police would come (hallelujah!) but after a further 20 minutes a whisperer went round to each blocker and they rapidly moved. This has happened before, and Grafton Hunt Watch has informed the police that they believe a police insider is tipping of these people exactly when they need to move to avoid the arrival of the police.



LACS say films show Hunts endangering pregnant ewes

25-2-18   Facebook - Sunday Post   FOX hunts have been accused of endangering pregnant ewes, despite a new police campaign to stop sheep worrying   Undercover footage shows a number of Scottish hunts riding with packs of hounds through the countryside, scattering flocks in terror. Sheep worrying is an offence in Scotland but the law allows an exemption for fox hunts’ hounds to be at large, if they are hunting legally.

The League Against Cruel Sports secretly recorded 20 incidents of hunts in fields with sheep, dating back to 2015, and is calling for the law to be reviewed. The Hunts say they act within the law at all times.

Police Scotland’s new campaign coincides with the spring lambing season to prevent livestock worrying. The campaign says “significant damage” can be caused by a dog simply being present in a field. Pregnant ewes can abort their lambs or lambs can be separated from their mothers, causing distress and in some cases malnutrition. The campaign also points out that the Scottish Outdoor Access Code says that dogs should not be taken into fields where there are lambs or other young farm animals. 


                                         Joint meet Fife FH and Duke of Buccleuch's FH  

The League’s covert footage shows mounted hunts with packs of hounds riding through fields with sheep. One clip of the Lauderdale Hunt shows a pregnant ewe falling heavily as hounds run nearby. Other footage captured shows flocks of sheep running away from dogs and trying to leap over walls and fences. 

Robbie Marsland, director of The League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, said: “The League recently reviewed footage obtained over past hunting seasons for evidence of sheep worrying and was shocked and alarmed by what we saw. If the sight of one dog can devastate a pregnant ewe we can only stagger at the prospect of what a pack of over 30 dogs in full cry must have.” 

Harry Huyton, director at animal welfare charity OneKind, said: “This appears to be a case of one rule for the Hunts, another for everyone else. Yet for the sheep being terrified by packs of dogs, the fact that they are part of a fox hunt is completely irrelevant. The list of reasons why the Scottish Government needs to get on with it and introduce a complete ban on fox hunting just keeps on growing.”


                                                       Dumfriesshire and Stewartry FH 

SNP MSP Ruth Maguire said: “Sheep worrying is a huge issue for farmers, particularly at this time of year when pregnant ewes are preparing to lamb so it is deeply concerning that Hunts are routinely causing so much chaos to flocks of sheep with no regard whatsoever for their welfare.”

But Jamie Stewart, Scottish Countryside Alliance director, said: “It would seem that having failed to film foxhounds chasing foxes that LACS have returned to their deceitful tactic of misleading the general public with this ridiculous footage of foxhounds not chasing sheep. “The Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 stipulates that foxhounds can only operate by permission, it would be ridiculous to think that this would be granted if the hounds were worrying the sheep or causing a negative impact on lambing ewes. Far from making complaints, many farmers welcome the assistance of hunt staff who live and work within the farming community as they give off their own time to help during the lambing effort.” Police Scotland said that it recognises the impact of sheep worrying and urged people to report incidents.

The National Farmers Union Scotland backs Police Scotland’s campaign. Its policy manager, Gemma Cooper, said that livestock worrying “remains a blight on Scottish livestock farming”. She added: “As we are now into lambing, NFUS would remind the public that they should not take access in fields with very young lambs, but should find an alternative route.”


Council leader lets notorious Atherstone FH hunt on his land

25-2-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Atherstone Hunt - Saturday 24th February - Clifton Campville    District Council leader and County Councillor Richard Blunt lets notorious violent Atherstone Hunt on his land Richard Blunt, Conservative District Councillor leader for North West Leicestershire and County Councillor for Blaby let the notorious Atherstone Hunt meet at Clifton Hall in Clifton Campville, Tamworth. Members of the Atherstone Hunt and people associated with them have over 20 convictions for violent and anti-social behaviour, the hunt have been filmed hunting numerous foxes over the past four years. The most recent conviction was a hunt director Peter Taroni who was convicted of assault and using homophobic language.

Please politely contact both councils and ask if they think it appropriate that one of their councillors is hosting a violent and notorious fox hunt - here.

Richard Blunt may not be aware of who the Atherstone Hunt are, please politely contact him and ask him not to host any future meets of the Atherstone Hunt - richard.blunt@nwleicestershire.gov.uk. Let us know of any responses you receive from both the councils and Richard Blunt. Please keep all communications polite.

After Atherstone Huntsman Mike Lane's recent attempts at hunting foxes, which on Tuesday resulted in him losing most of his pack for almost an hour with hounds dangerously close to the A5 (see video). We had two vehicles out to keep a closer eye on the Hunt in case he lost his hounds again. As a result Mike Lane wisely chose to stick to bridleways and roads.  Paypal -https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.



New sab group visits previously un-sabbed Clifton-on-Teme FH

No pretence at 'trail hunting', terriermen on road-illegal quads, etc, etc

25-2-18   Facebook - Herefordshire Hunt Sabs    CLIFTON ON TEME HUNT – 24/2/2018 MEET: BURTON COURT, UPPER SAPEY, BROMYARD    Yesterday, a few of us decided to pay a visit to the Clifton on Teme Hunt. Within their country lies the 1700 acre Brockhampton Estate, which is owned by the National Trust. Their kennels adjoin a small area of the estate’s woodland. No “trail hunting” licence has been granted to the Clifton on Teme by the National Trust.

Locals tell us that the Clifton hunt on Bromyard Downs, which lie adjacent to the western edge of the Brockhampton Estate, flouting the Down’s ‘no hunting’ byelaws {'No person shall on the Common intentionally kill, injure, take or disturb any animal or fish or engage in hunting...'}.  This begs the question, are they also hunting illegally on National Trust property?

As it turned out, yesterday they met well north of Brockhampton, so CliftononTemeFHRoadillegalquads25-2-18.jpgthis will have to remain unanswered till another day. A particularly long and tedious kennel watch led us to a midday meet at Burton Court... Not somewhere you should be buying your animal feed, unless you support illegal hunting.

Two quads, both complete with terrier boxes, speeding down the drive to the meet [right] confirmed that the Clifton had no intention of practising the mythical art of “trail hunting”. Both quads were seen driven illegally on public roads as neither had a number plate. High point of the day occurred as the field, a mere twenty or thirty riders, dissolved into chaos within minutes of leaving the meet, with at least two riders falling off crossing the first field – too many stirrup cups, perhaps.

They hunted both sides of the B4203, running as far west as Broadheath and Stoke Bliss before heading back to the meet via Wolferlow. They moved quickly from covert to covert, but the hounds hardly went into cry all day. We hope our presence kept them moving on, although non-existent mobile phone signal made communication between car and foot sabs impossible, considerably hampering our efforts in the field. As a result, a set of radios tops our shopping list right now.

Late in the day, the obligatory lost hound, was found far away from the rest of the pack, as ever a danger to itself, other road users, sheep and lambs, free range chickens, cats and more. There were few car support out, and by mid afternoon the field had dwindled to a handful of riders. The Hunt packed up shortly after 4.30pm.

The Clifton on Teme have escaped attention from sabs for too long, but they can certainly expect to see us again. If you want to join us in the field or have any information on Hunts in Herefordshire please email us – herefordshirehuntsabs@gmail.com.


Sabs upload pic of emaciated hound at joint meet in Scotland

25-2-18   Facebook - Glasgow Hunt Sabs   Hunt logic - starve the hounds and they'll hunt better. Straight up animal abuse, so show them this pic next time pro-hunt tell you they love their hounds. Police were not interested btw. Picture taken at Berwickshire and Lanark &Renfrewshire's joint meet yesterday, hit report to follow.

Please consider donating as every single penny raised goes towards helping protect our wildlife from those that gain sick pleasure in killing them.

Thank You -  https://www.paypal.me/GlsgwHuntSabs



Pressure on for full Scottish hunt ban after huge response to consultation

25-2-18   Herald Scotland    'End the cruelty' - New calls to stop fox hunts using bloodthirsty hounds as Scottish Government consultation closes    PRESSURE is mounting on the Scottish Government to strengthen fox hunting legislation and outlaw the use of hounds after more than 30,000 people responded to a consultation which closed last month. 

The Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 permits the use of dogs to flush out foxes to waiting guns butBillOddie.jpg it has been claimed huntsmen still set packs of hounds on fleeing animals which are torn apart when caught. The Scottish Countryside Alliance has insisted “legitimate” hunts work within the law.

Celebrities Ricky Gervais, Chris Packham [below left], Bill Oddie [right] and Peter Egan [below right] have this week joined Scottish animal welfare charities in urging the use of hounds to be outlawed ahead of the expected publication of Scottish Government consultation responses next week. 

Environment minister Roseanna Cunningham launched the survey last year after former judge Lord Bonomy’s review recommended strengthening the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002. The consultation closed on January 31 and responses must be published within four weeks. 

Animal welfare charity League Against Cruel Sports told the Sunday Herald 30,000 people responded via their website and the charity is now planning a demonstration For the Foxes in Edinburgh in March. 

Actor Ricky Gervais, who is backing the campaign, said: “It is utterly sickening that the primitive, horrific pastime of chasing foxes with packs of hounds is still happening routinely in this country with little or no means of bringing to justice those who inflict such cruelty on wildlife. The Scottish Government has an opportunity to make this appalling 'sport' go away so it's high time it stopped dragging its feet and got on with improving the law to ban fox hunting once and for all.” 

ChrisPackham.jpgConservationist Bill Oddie said: “Politicians know the facts. By not supporting a ban, they indirectly declare themselves to be pro-hunting. Moreover, the anti-hunt politicians must feel frustrated by how long contentious debates are purposely slowed and protracted in order to delay decisions which need to be instant.”

Downtown Abbey star Peter Egan also called on the Scottish Government to “end the cruelty”. He added, “The awful business should've been dealt with in Scotland in 2002”.

Naturalist Chris Packham said it is “quite staggering” that people in Scotland “routinely go out with the intention of terrorising wild animals by chasing them to the point of exhaustion and brutally killing them”. He added: “Sadly, in Scotland the law has proven not to be sufficient to stop this horrific behaviour. Fox hunting has no place in modern society and now is the time to put it firmly where it belongs – in the past.”

Robbie Marsland, Director of the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, said a demonstration will be held at the Scottish Parliament on March 24th. “Recent polling shows us that over 80 per cent of Scots are opposed to fox hunting and this will be their opportunity to demonstrate that regardless of which party you vote for or whether you live in the town or the countryside – Scotland is against fox hunting. In 2002 Scotland led the way in being the first to try to ban fox hunting in the UK. Developments over the coming months will show us if Scotland will lead the way again by the being the first country in the UK to really ban fox hunting – for good.”

The Sunday Herald asked for an interview with Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land PeterEgan.jpgReform, Roseanna Cunningham, but a Scottish Government spokesman said the minister could not comment until consultation responses are analysed. The Scottish Government spokesman added: “We are currently evaluating the very large number of responses received to our consultation on Lord Bonomy’s recommendations for legislative reform. We have also established a stakeholder group to develop a new code of practice and assess the feasibility of a new monitoring scheme. We remain committed to ensuring the highest welfare standards for all animals, including those in the wild, and encourage everyone to notify Police Scotland if anyone is suspected of breaking the law."

THE UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATOR WHO COVERTLY MONITORS HUNTS - Undercover investigators employed by the League Against Cruel Sports have gathered hours of filmed footage which they claim show hunts in Scotland flouting the law. This has been denied by the Scottish Countryside Alliance director Jamie Stewart who insists “legitimate packs” work within the law. The existing law only allows for dogs to be used to push a fox out of cover so that it can be shot dead. 

However, one League investigator, who spoke to the Sunday Herald on the condition that he is not named, believes huntsmen still set dogs on foxes. He said: “Time and time again, during our covert observations, we have seen packs of dogs being entered into cover, be it a patch of gorse or woodland, but we have seen no evidence of guns waiting to shoot any foxes appearing from the cover. What we do see however, are hunt horse riders positioned by the cover being searched, looking out for foxes that may escape. These strategic positions should of course have people with guns standing by and ready to shoot foxes, but the lack of guns and the positioning of hunt members, to alert the Huntsman they have seen a fox trying to get away, suggests that the intention is to allow the dogs to pursue, hunt and ultimately kill the fox and not to shoot the fox as it appears from cover. Searching for foxes within a cover, using dogs, with no guns positioned to shoot any foxes is hunting and is unlawful, even if a fox isn’t found.”

The investigator’s covert filming led to the conviction of two huntsmen last year for deliberately hunting a fox with dogs. The League investigator added: “The fox was located and could have easily been shot instantly and humanely, but instead the dogs were called back and were made to stand a few metres away from the hole before the fox was released for these dogs to hunt. Can you imagine the suffering and distress this would have caused to the foxes involved? This case not only clearly demonstrates a desire to see dogs attack wild animals, in this case a fox, but also shows how confident hunts have become in thinking that they can get away with such an act of wildlife crime and in broad daylight.”... [there's lots more]


Lone sab films hares escaping from Holcombe Harriers

25-2-18   Facebook - Liverpool Hunt Sabs    Video footage from yesterday's visit to the HolcombeHolcombeHarriersHarecrouchesnearsab30yardsfromhounds24-2-18.jpg Harriers    Our van is currently off the road, any help towards the cost of repairs would be hugely appreciated: ko-fi.com/liverpoolhuntsabs.

POWAperson adds - The video starts with a short clip of a hare being chased along a river bank by just two hounds. Then switches to redcoat [who directs the hounds where to go – clearly not 'trail hunting'], riders and hounds riding along the edge of a field. Redcoat and riders, who jump a fence, are then seen riding on the far side of a grassless field, turning right and riding slowly on, stopping just beyond the top of the field. Hounds, not in cry, appear following, turn into the grassless field and run down its far side, then back again to the Huntsman. A hare suddenly appears not far from the sab who is filming, stopping and crouching down to disguise itself among the clods of earth. The hounds, about 40 yards away, do not detect it and the Hunt passes on. The hare flees across the field in the opposite direction.

Pics below   -   1/  Two hounds chasing hare along river bank    2/  Hounds searching on far side of field     3/  A little later, hare flees in opposite direction from where hounds have gone 





24-2-18   Facebook - Liverpool Hunt Sabs      With our van unfortunately still off the road and seeing that the Holcombe Harriers were only up the road in Bretherton, Chorley, a lone sab decided they would head up and keep watch on them.

The Hunt met at The Blue Anchor Bretherton : all-you-can-eat. It seems many locals are getting a bit sick of the hunt and weren't too pleased to see them out again today.

From the off hounds lost the scent of the "trail" and rioted into the next field flushing a hare up. It ran along the Yarrow river bank with one hound close on its tail. It ran towards the sab and upon seeing them it darted over the embankment and back into the field. It managed to get away from the hounds.

They lost the Hunt for a short while after this, but seeing lots of support and field heading for home they hung around the area and caught up with the Huntsman on a country lane after spotting the riders in a nearby field.

They stuck close for the rest of the day and in the afternoon ensured the safety of a hare which slipped out of a wood behind the hounds and then froze in front of the sab. They stayed as still as possible so not to spook it and once hounds were a good distance away the hare escaped in the opposite direction. Shortly after another hare appeared through a hedge and made its escape in the same direction.

The lone sab then followed the Huntsman back to the meet and then headed home for a well deserved cuppa.


Antis stage 'trail hunt' protests at 20 Nat. Trust properties

25-2-18   LACS Press Release    National Trust's 'broken promises' on hunting lead to nationwide day of action    Protests were held outside 20 National Trust properties on Sunday to highlight that hunts are still illegally chasing and killing British wildlife on the organisation's lands. Anger at the charity has grown over the last few months with many furious that hunts with a history of killing animals are still being allowed on Trust land. The nationwide protests were arranged by campaigning group National Dis-Trust and backed by the League Against Cruel Sports, and took place at 20 different sites.


                                                      Fyne Court, Somerset 

A spokesperson for National Dis-Trust, said: "Today we joined 20 other wildlife protection organisations to protest the continuation of so-called 'trail hunting' licences being issued to fox hunts on National Trust land as part of a wider, and rapidly growing, campaign against criminal bloodsports. The protests are just one of many actions planned to raise public awareness of illegal hunting on Trust land. The hunting season is now drawing to a close, and the Trust needs to take stock of their untenable situation; the hunts they have licensed have repeatedly been exposed in the national press for illegally hunting foxes. It is well past time that they recognise what is obvious to so many people and stop issuing these farcical licences."


                                                             Stourhead, Wiltshire 

NATIONAL TRUST'S BROKEN PROMISES - A campaign to ban 'trail' hunting on National Trust land was narrowly defeated at the organisation's AGM last autumn after its bosses disappointingly gave discretionary votes to back the continuation of the activity. It is now widely believed that 'trail' hunting is a fraudulent cover for illegal hunting activity and the chasing and ripping apart of foxes, hare and deer by packs of hounds.

Conditions laid down by the Trust, in an attempt to win the vote and to address concerns around the activities ofNTDayofActionKingstonLacy25-2-18.jpg the Hunts, are now being reneged on. These include:- 1/ Banning the use of animal-based scents as a trail for hounds or beagles to follow. All 'trail' hunting hounds are trained to follow animal-based scents, which leads to alleged 'accidental' kills. The Trust have not done anything to check if the Hunts they have licensed have re-trained their hounds.

2/ Prohibit the presence of terrier men, who have no practical purpose on a trail 'hunt', Terrier men - traditionally used to send their dogs underground to find and kill foxes - have been witnessed accompanying Hunts licensed by the Trust. The presence of a terrier man is a pretty much a guarantee that the Hunt is hunting illegally.

3/ 'We will post on our website the agreed days and locations of licensed hunts, in advance, for our members and supporters to view'. They have reneged on this and said that they decided not to post this information because of potential risk, claiming they did this on the advice of police forces. The League obtained information via FOIs from every police force in England and Wales, revealing that the claim that they made the decision based on police advice in September is not the case. The FOI requests show only one police force gave such advice - Cumbria Police - but not until November 2017.

4/ Probing the track record of each applicant and establishing a consistent charging regime across Trust land. We'd be very surprised if this is being done, given the number of Hunts which have been in trouble previously yet have still been given a licence.

5/ 'We are exploring how we can work more closely with the Police's independent National Wildlife Crime Unit'. The League raised at the time that the NWCU wasn't the right body to work with on this; but we've discovered through an FOI that the Trust haven't pursued this anyway.

NTDayofActionBiddulphGrange25-2-18.jpgChris Luffingham, Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "The National Trust is turning a blind eye to illegal activity on its land and allowing the Hunts to literally rip to pieces foxes and hares and chase deer to their deaths. Trail hunting is a lie and a deception and the National Trust support for it is shameful. Conditions laid down at their AGM in autumn, which they used to block a vote to end trail hunting, are now being abandoned. The National Trust has let down its members by failing to regulate or monitor the hunts themselves and their decision to not publish the dates and locations where hunts are meeting makes it more difficult for independent monitors to track their activities to ensure any illegal hunting activity is reported to the police and punished."

HUNTS TRESPASSING ON NATIONAL TRUST LAND - In addition to those Hunts which have been licensed to hunt on National Trust land, 17 hunts have been seen trespassing on National Trust land without having a licence to enter since the AGM. The Warwickshire Hunt was witnessed trespassing at the National Trust Farnborough Hall in November, yet was recently issued a licence to hunt on the very same land. Footage of a fox being chased by hounds belonging to the same Hunt was in the media only very recently. The same hunt has also been filmed with terriermen, who accompany Hunts and encourage their dogs to find, fight and flush out foxes that have gone underground. The involvement of terriermen with 'trail' hunts raises questions about their activities and was prohibited by the National Trust in the new conditions it introduced.

PETITION - A petition has been launched called 'Stop the Killing of Animals by Hunts' by the League Against Cruel Sports. It calls for the strengthening of hunting legislation and for landowners, including the National Trust, to no longer allow the hunts access to their land to kill British wildlife.

NATIONAL TRUST PROTESTS Cheshire, Biddulph Grange Gardens, with Cheshire Monitors ;Cheshire, Little Moreton Hall, with Cheshire Against The Cull and Cheshire Against the Hunt ; Cornwall, Lanhydrock National Trust, with Kernow Sabs, Monitors & Animal Rights Team ; Cumbria, Sizergh Castle, with National Dis-Trust and Lancashire Hunt Saboteurs ; Devon, Castle Drogo-National Trust, with Mid Devon Badger Patrol ; Dorset, Kingston Lacy, with Weymouth Animal Rights ; Gloucestershire, Newark Park, with Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch & Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs ; Gloucestershire (Cheltenham), Sherborne Estate, with League Against Cruel Sports ; Leicestershire, Stoneywell Cottage, with Leicester Animal Rights and Nottingham Animal Rights ; Lincolnshire, Belton House, with Grantham Against Bloodsports ; Lincolnshire, Woolsthorpe Manor, with Grantham Against Bloodsports ; Northumberland, Cragside House & Gardens with National Dis-Trust ; North Yorkshire, Ravenscar, with East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs ; Oxfordshire (Banbury), Upton House and Gardens, with National Dis-Trust ; Somerset (Bridgwater), Fyne Court, with League Against Cruel Sports ; Somerset, Dunster Castle, with Somerset Wildlife Crime & Somerset and Devon Anti Hunt ; Surrey (Dorking), Polesden Lacy, with Surrey Hunt Monitors ; Tyne & Wear, Gibside, with NE Hunt Monitors ; Wiltshire, Stourhead, with National Dis-Trust and Hounds Off.


                                                                     Castle Drogo, Devon 

25-2-18   Facebook - National Dis-Trust   National Trust 25/02/2018 - Day Of Action To #StopTheHunts!  Groups across the country spent the day highlighting the National Trust's support of fox hunting, given under the guise of farcical 'trail hunting' licences. Write to the Trust's Director of Trail Hunt Lies, Patrick Begg, and ask that he shut down the licensing system and kick the hunts off Trust land for good. His email is - patrick.begg@nationaltrust.org.uk.


                                                                     Moreton Hall, Cheshire

The protests attracted wide media coverage, a sample of which is - Aol.com, Cornwall Live, Plant Based News, Northern Echo, Somerset Live, Lincolnshire Live,


Villagers anger at Cotswold Vale FH invasion as sabs save foxes

25-2-18  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Saturday 24th February 2018, Cotswold Vale Fox Hounds    The short version is that Huntsman Gary Williams is not a happy chappie. The longer version is thus.

We (3C and Welsh Border's sabs) found them in Twigworth. Hounds found almost immediately and ran towards Yew Tree Farm. They then went inland and were found at the Leigh. Sabs called hounds off one fox there. They tried to run north and were spotted picking up another fox and running south again. We caught up at the Leigh where a fox ran past in the field next to us with hounds in close pursuit. Sabs sprang into action and one group ran to a good position to call hounds back which was highly successful. Another group ran to stop the pack in the same direction as the fox and saw that it was not one but two foxes.

The Hunt were aware of them as someone was holloaing but the Hunt on them was abandoned as angry villagers started to come out of their homes furious that there was a fox hunt in their midst. We have made some friends.

They then came back out at Yew Tree and went back up towards the meet. Alas, this was not the end, some milling about by the river was on the cards before finishing at Nature in Art by the A38.

Please continue to support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs. 



Huntsman tells PC to f*** off after admonished for endangering public

He had taken Cheshire Forest FH hounds on to the middle of the A50 

25-2-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs    Yesterday we met up with a few of our comrades from North Wales, a couple of Lancashire and one from Derby Hunt Saboteurs to pay a visit to Cheshire Forest who met at Moreton Fisheries in Congleton.

Upon arriving at the meet shortly before 11am, the Hunt had just left and were skulking around in the field opposite. Andrew German seemed a bit unhappy when he sighted the large presence of sabs swarming the field. He showed his displeasure by giving out threats left right and centre...

Feeling a bit startled, ol' German tried his usual tactics of running and hiding. He crossed the busy A34. Congleton road and made his way up Brownlow Heath Lane onto Brookhouse Green. Upon arrival we found Mr Andrew Callwood (Whipper-In) looking a bit lost next to a field (presumably looking for German who had galloped off in a temper again)...


We met back with angry old German on Love Lane, where Callwood jumped over a small fence blind into the middle of a road. While the 2nd whip couldn't quite do it, Callwood egged him on and he made it over, but broke the entire fence in the process...

German making another gallop across the field in pursuit of a small deer, we used voice and horn calls to lift his hounds heads and turn them to us, the steam from German's ears erupted and as he approached us told us off and issued some more threats. The 2nd whip then had another accident with his horse again trying to clear a jump, his horse fell and he was thrown off it, his horse managed to get up but we're not sure of the injury caused. he changed his horse at this point.

We continued to call the hounds to us for a further 25 minutes, while support entered the field trying to deter us, even knocking the horn out of a sab's mouth. Their goal was to cross into Boden Hall estate because a fox was seen 50 metres from the hounds bolting that way before we split the pack and kept them with us.

Nevertheless, German's greed dictated he try to cross the busy road with half a pack. But with the fox making it's escape and hounds still with the sabs, German was infuriated and took out his anger on a police officer by telling him to 'fuck off' and threw something at him. We suspect this was one of those metal zip ties we mentioned earlier!

Sabs pursued German through Boden Hall estate and ensured the hounds didn't go into cry, from here he exited and proceeded down Oak Lane where hunt support had blocked the road and footpaths. However, sabs still caught up with the Hunt on foot in large numbers. The same old battle to take the hounds ensued and they didn't go into cry...

After a very unsuccessful day for the criminals of the countryside, having no kills and sabs at every turn, we followed German back to the meet and watched him leave. A terriermen driving a horse box decided to drive onto the grass verge leaving roughly 10 sabs no space to move, despite the reckless act, police, (who watched the incident) took his side. Despite the violent actions of some hunt servants, we still had a few very constructive conversations with some of them about veganism who left with a lovely trek bar to try later!

Big shout out to the local sett guardians! You did an absolutely sterling job! Well done comrades! 


26-2-18  Facebook – N.Wales Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   ...Chaos in the countryside re erupted when the Huntmaster brought his hounds into the middle of the A50, endangering the public and bringing traffic to a standstill. This was all witnessed by a police officer who told Andrew German to get his hounds off the road. Obviously this officer was unaware the Hunting Act is not the only piece of law that does not apply to the Cheshire Forest Hunt as neither does the highway code. The sheer audacity of the officer telling German what to do! Andrew German threw an object at the officer and told him to "F@*K OFF!" before riding off up the A50 and into Bowden Hall. (Exit stage right)...


Sabs prevent late dig-out at Scottish joint meet, some were assaulted

Huntsman threatened to ram horn down sab's throat when took hounds off him

25-2-18   Facebook - Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Hit report Saturday 24th February 2018 Berwickshire Hunt /Lanark & Renfrewshire FH joint meet - Nether Monynut    Sabs were at the meet around 08:40 and and finished pre-spraying before any of the Hunt had arrived, The Hunt started arriving at 09:30 BerwickshireFHwithLandRFHHuntsmanDoyouwantthatrammeddowyourfuckingthroat24-2-18.jpgand looked very unhappy to see sabs beat them there. The Hunt left on time for a change and Sabs followed shortly behind them...

A little while later, the hounds went into cry while chasing a fox right past us with no guns in position. sabs took every last hound off them to prevent illegal activities. When they eventually got their hounds back they continued on - only to have Glasgow Hunt Sabs take the hounds off them all over again. Meanwhile the fox was long gone!

Huntsman Ryan Mania lost the plot at this stage and threatened to ram a hunting horn down a sab's throat [left], then assaulted 2 sabs with his horse while causing quite a scene.

The Hunt moved on from the area and attempted to lose sabs, but sabs kept up with them all day. A lot of the riders and support had went home a bit annoyed sabs had turned up, after a couple of hours riding around looking pissed off they decided to pack up - or so we thought.

We noticed the hunt followers acting odd, so we listened in and worked out that 4 stray hounds had split off from the Hunt and were at a hole 100 yards from the meet, so sabs piled into the gorse to see what was up.

After getting petty abuse from Danny Boyle, both sabs and hunt staff told Danny to calm down and go away, dragging his feet as he went, Luckily for the fox the terriermen had forgot some of their equipment and would have to leave the hole to get it so knowing sabs would not leave they left broken and very pissed off.

This was a crazy day but a successful one. Join. Sab. Donate. https://www.paypal.me/FifeHuntSabs.


High Peak Harriers stick to trails, because they present say sabs

25-2-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Yesterday we paid a long overdue visit to the High Peak Harriers. Some-well executed kennel watching led us to the meet, on a footpath and road junction between the Peak Forest and Mam Tor. Classy.

We hung about, while all six horseboxes turned up, and foot sabs followed the Hunt from the meet. Our sabs had a lovely time running in the scenic Peak District, while the High Peak, who normally hunt hares chose to follow trails, as we were there, until packing up at half two. A nice easy day! At least they haven't forgotten us and nothing was killed.



Sabs stop kills at W. Somerset/Minehead Harriers joint meet

24-2-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    Following last week's antics from supporters of the Curre & Llangibby Hunt, we were invited by Somerset Sabs down to Brompton Ralph today, for a joint meet with the West Somerset hunt (the hosts), as well as riders and supporters from the Minehead Harriers. We were joined by sabs not only from Somerset, but also our friends from Bath, South Wales and Severn Vale.

From the off the Hunt made their intentions to illegally hunt very clear, with numerous foxes pursued throughout the day. Sabs intervened on a number of occasions when hounds were on the scent of a fox, using the hunting horn and 'gizmo' to distract the hounds and hopefully give the hunted animal some precious time to get away.

At one point, we saw a fox fleeing from a wood with a hunt supporter desperately hollering to alert the Huntsman and hounds to the fox, not realising we were right behind him. When sabs questioned what he thought he was doing, he legged it without even attempting to explain! We then covered the line of the fox and 'rated' the pack - turning back the hounds in the opposite direction. Result!


The Huntsman ran any time we got near him, making use of the challenging terrain, but with sabs in four vehicles, we kept on them all day.

Frustration was showing when we escorted the Hunt back to the meet at the end of the day, with a couple of terrier boys trying to throw their weight around. But we had the last laugh when some reckless and rather shit driving of one of the terrier quads meant that they nearly tipped it. Nice one boys! The hunt packed up at about 4.30pm.

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Blackmore FH hunt and kill fox - woman monitor shoved to ground 

24-2-18  Facebook - Dorset Hunt Sabs  VIDEO   Hit Report Saturday 24th Feb 2018 - Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt meeting at Compton Castle    So, here I am again not really in the mood to write a hit report of today's events because the BSV hunt killed a fox again today. I will apologise now if this report isn’t up to our usual standard but ill try my level best.

BlackmoreFHTerriermanwagon24-2-18.jpgWith the weather being exceptionally cold... the ground was still frozen and frosty in the areas the sun had not reached. We were unsure as to whether the hunt would even go ahead. With the Hunt heading south just before 11.30am. It was soon clear that it was indeed going ahead, much to the delight of the foot support whose cars had filled a whole field opposite the meet...

 the Huntsman reached Charlton Hill Farm and went back in on the western side of the road in the direction of Whitcombe. There were cows in the field and the hounds were running amongst them, literally between their legs and the Whipper-in was whipping the cows so that the Hunt, including the field were able to pass through... With an abundance of terrier boys in hot pursuit... the Hunt headed... east towards Corton Denham...

We made our way around to the Windmill Hill area and found a few of the usual hunt support here... A foot team went up the footpath and could see the Huntsman, hounds and terrier boys across the field - but it was too late and a fox had just been killed in an area slightly north of the farm. They were having trouble getting one of the hounds away from the kill and the Whipper-In shouted to “smack her over the head with your shovel” to the terrier boys. The terrier boys were very, very excited about the kill and danced up the hedge line laughing and jeering at us with obscene hand signals. It will never fail to amaze and baffle us as to what gets them so excited, having just chased a small animal that could well be pregnant and then let a pack of hound rip its guts out??

Down by the farm building our driver had got out of the landy and was observing the hunt and was pushed six timesBlackmoreFHTerrierinboxonquad24-2-18.jpg by the female who collects the cap money for the BSV hunt who was saying “don’t fall over” and then with a final push our driver was knocked to the ground. At this time there was several children and many adults who were watching this happen - a lone female being pushed around in a cowardly and intimidating manner - shame on you all !! This was all recorded and has been reported to the police and we will as ever update you with any news, but its not very fast coming and this seems to be giving the thugs and terrier boys the impression that its OK to intimidate, threaten and assault another human being who is peacefully also watching the hunt - which they have every right to do.

Happy with this kill Mark Doggrel headed back to the BSV kennels in Charlton Horethorne, packing up around 4pm. Whilst we sat at the kennels to confirm it was indeed the end of the day we phoned the police again as our signal had dropped off earlier. The terrier boys arrived back and blocked the landy in and so began more bully tactics and threats, at one point one punched the passenger window of the landy but didn’t manage to break it.

To sum up today we were a small team and wanted to observe the hunt to ensure they were operating within the law. None of us engaged with nor had any desire whatsoever to engage with any of the Hunt yet, in return we were subjected to frequent threats, intimidation and a couple of assaults. Our passion and drive to expose this injustice towards our wildlife will always prevail and we will continue to maintain our dignity whilst surrounded by these foul mouthed, bullying, blood thirsty fox killers - justice will prevail.

As ever thank you for your continued support and comments - more photos and video footage to follow tomorrow. If you want to join us please email us at dorsethuntsabs@riseup.net https://www.gofundme.com/dorset-sabs-bodycam-protection.

Pics above  -  Left -  Terrierman wagon - note drain rods. For evicting gone-to-ground foxes?     Right -  Terrier in cage on back of sane quad    Pic below  -  Some of the supporter's cars



Sabs ruin rarely sabbed South Wold FH hunting day

Landowner throws Hunt off his property 

24-2-18   Facebook - Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Today was a great day for us, our good friends NottinghamSouthWoldFHRideronpoint24-2-18.jpg Hunt Saboteurs came over to help us sab a local Hunt for the first time. We have been monitoring the South Wold for a few weeks so was nice to finally hit them properly. The Hunt met in Hainton and when we found them they were already onto a fox but sabs rated the hounds and with some spraying managed to see the fox to safety.

After that the Hunt seemed pretty confused, it has been a long while since they have been sabbed and they did not know what to do! This continued throughout the day with the Huntsman seeming unsure what to do, casting the hounds into coverts and then calling them back a few moments later. This suited us fine as we kept them moving the entire day leaving no room for hunting.

SouthWoldFHHoundsgesablove24-2-18.jpgWe stayed with the Hunt nearly the entire day, the hounds hardly picked up anything and sabs were on hand the whole time to ensure nothing happened.

After the Hunt second horsed, we were approached by a landowner who made it clear the Hunt were not welcome on his land. Good communication from sab ensured the Hunt had no hope, leading them to pack up at just after 3:30. What a treat to be finished so early! It allowed us time for a couple of pints before heading off home.

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Pics above   -   Top right -  Rider on point - serves no purpose on 'trail hunt'   2/  Hounds get some sab love 

Pics below   -  1/  Sabs up with the Hunt   2/  Hunt packs up early 




Sab attacked by hunter with hammer, woman anti ridden into deep ditch

Sabs rammed, kicked - gun and death threats also made by hunters 

N.IrelandHunterknockedfsabintodeepditch24-2-18.jpg24-2-18   Facebook - Hunt Saboteurs NI   24th Feb - hit report, part 1   Today this was a mixed hunt that had members from North Down, Banbridge and Fermanagh Fox Hunts and even with that numbers were poor. They started off earlier this morning due to their murdering celebrations tonight. We initially lost them today because of the early start, but it wasn’t long before we spotted the hounds and were soon on their case. They were doing everything to kill foxes today but where getting nowhere as we frustrated them. This led to 3 sabs being assaulted.

The guy in the picture [left] ran one of our females over with his horse and she fell down a 6 foot ditch onto her back, and the latest update is that apart from bruising, she will be OK. This disgusting person then proceeded to ram another sab over with his horse and then went on to kick another sab from his horse into the stomach. If anybody knows his name we would be greatly appreciated.

After this, they went round and round in circles until things turned even nastier at the end of the meet. Sabs wereN.IrelandHunterswingshammeratsab24-2-18.jpg attacked by a hunter with a hammer. We have a video of this vile person hitting a sab with this weapon and threatening others with it as well. We will share this later tonight. This will show what they really are and if they are prepared to do that to us what are they doing to wildlife when we aren’t there.

But for today, while they are assaulting us they aren’t killing wildlife. We can protect ourselves to a degree but wildlife have no chance. Long runs the fox!!

24-2-18   Facebook - Hunt Saboteurs NI   VIDEO [v.strong language]  Hit report, part 2   This is the hammer attack that was totally unprovoked. We are led to believe these 2 vile scumbags are from Banbridge area, if you know them please let us know their names. We are a totally peaceful group and always have been. You will hear the hammer connecting with one of our sabs and video coverage is slightly effected.

There was an earlier attack by this guy but Sab had to protect his face rather than video it. These two also threatened to get their guns from their vans and, in their words, shoot us dead. They need to be taken off the streets, so any info please private message us. You can’t be running around with hammers, swinging them at peoples skulls.

The fact they are prepared to seriously harm people shows TWO things. One they are getting annoyed that they can’t kill wildlife freely and secondly, they are a law into themselves.


Sabs save foxes at 3 Hunts meet - female anti assaulted

24-2-18  Facebook - Bath Hunt Saboteurs    The Curre & Llangibby, Minehead Harriers & West Somerset Foxhounds have all been sabbed today at their joint meet at Brompton Ralph near Taunton. Joining up with Sabs from Bristol, South Wales, Severn Vale and Somerset Hunt Saboteur Groups, we were with the Hunts from the beginning of the day and stayed with them right to the end!

Using our vehicles and groups of foot Sabs to good effect, we positioned sabs to the north and south of the meet to see which way the Hunts would move off. We soon caught up with them with hounds in cry by Oakhampton Farm. A fox was seen to safety by Sabs nearby. On seeing sabs the hunt tried to flee but we stayed with them as they drew coverts in a desperate attempt to satisfy their bloodlust.

This established the pattern of the day - the hounds would pick up a scent and Sabs would arrive in time to see the hunted animal to safety. Two foxes were saved today and hounds were also stopped from rioting after young stags by Somerset Sabs. With 3 hunts rampaging through the countryside, we dread to think what carnage would have occurred if Sabs had not been there to stop them.

Tensions were obviously running high amongst the Hunt, who were frustrated they were being stopped from murdering defenceless animals; a female Bristol Sab was pushed over from behind by a Minehead Harriers terrierman with no provocation whatsoever.

The Hunt were gathering hounds by Leigh’s Cottages for what seemed like an age (well, these were the Curre & Llangibby’s hounds!) They eventually threw in the towel and packed up at 4.30pm. We’re heading back home now, tired, muddy but happy knowing that innocent lives have been saved.

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Sabs save fox from Oakley FH's criminal Huntsman

Villagers annoyed at invasion of Filgrave

Several blocked setts found on estate 

24-2-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    Hit report 24.02.2018: Oakley Hunt, Park Farm, Tyringham  The Oakley Hunt headed to their end of season favourite, Tyringham Hall in Buckinghamshire today. During the winter months this is a shooting estate; after shooting ends they play host to foxhunters; after foxhunting draws to a close they host mink and otter hunting with hounds along the River Great Ouse. True lovers of the countryside, and killing everything in it. N.Cambs and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs were in position on roads flanking the meet to the east and west before the Hunt set off.


After leaving the meet at Park Farm in the estate grounds, the Oakley drew a couple of small coverts before launching north-west to Blackthorn and Broadmoor Coverts. Perhaps Jack Harris was put off by the name OakleyFHHounds24-2-18.jpg‘Broadmoor’ after being recently found guilty at Luton Magistrates Court for criminal damage (http://bit.ly/2HIdETB) as he pushed on quickly to the north.

Two foxes were put up from hedgerows in this area. This time of year foxes are paired up, preparing to rear young in the summer, and a “brace” in close proximity will indicate both a dog and a pregnant vixen running for their lives. After receiving the warning call and direction of hounds from Beds & Bucks, N.Cambs were on hand to intercept the pack and cover the scent line of the first fleeing fox.

Huntsman and Whip spent more time off their horses than on today, with Jack having to repeatedly dismount to chase after his wayward hounds. With conditions cold and scenting good, the pack were speaking frequently, sabs intervened with voice calls, horns and whip-cracks to bring the hounds back into check.

When a local dog walker discovered the nature of the ‘equestrian activity’ near his home village, he made sure theOakleyFHMaskedterriermenfollowinghoundschasingfox24-2-18.jpg riders were made well aware of his views on hunting. Sabs were also assisted by joggers as the location of the pack was passed on by decent members of the public who weren’t keen on hunting being allowed in their neighbourhood.

Today's hunting country was limited by geography, bordered by river and roads on all sides, and after two laboured circuits of the area the Hunt called it a day. A rather half hearted attempt at stewarding was made by a collection of bumpkins who are usually seen walking in and out of court these days. We were happy with that, as it meant that other Midlands sab groups were also being left alone to work un-bothered today.

If you’d like to support the work of your local sabs for the cost of a coffee, you can click here: https://ko-fi.com/northcambs.

Pics above  -  Top,  Fox fleeing hounds    Left - Hounds chasing fox     Right - Masked terriermen chasing hounds  

24-2-18   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    The Tyringham Estate, just north of Milton Keynes, has been a longOakleyFHJMCarolineEvansfeedingpolicebullshit24-2-18.jpg time supporter of the Oakley and wildlife abusers in general. The Northants Mink hounds hunt the river there in the summer and today they hosted the Oakley who not satisfied with illegally hunting foxes also blocked up several badger setts on the estate. Why would they need to do this if they were following a trail? Obviously not a serious question as they don't follow a trail!

Out with us today once again were our comrades N.Cambs Hunt Sabs, we work very well together as a team and this has a major effect on the Hunts. Although the access was limited, the Hunt were hemmed in on one side by the river Great Ouse (although we found a cheeky place to cross) and the estate boundary to the east, plus the busy A509.

Early on, they put up a brace of foxes in front of us (they are paired up and vixens pregnant at the moment). Hounds went into cry but N.Cambs were in perfect position to see them away to safety. No matter how hard the Huntsman (and convicted criminal) Calamity Jack Harris tried he simply could not get away from us for any length of time. Villagers in Filgrave voiced their displeasure as both hounds and horse ran riot through the village putting road users at risk and abusing property.

OakleyFHHuntsmanandWhipgetliftfromsettblockingterrierman24-2-18.jpgSeveral deer were observed fleeing the hounds [one in pic at bottom] and the hunt staff (including some we didn't recognise - joint meet maybe or perhaps a change for next season) had to dismount to retrieve rioting hounds. What an absolute shambles they are!

We called the police but they turned up and were probably fed a load of lies by Hunt Master Caroline Evans [above right] and left shortly afterwards. We spoke with Thames Valley Police in the summer regarding hunting but it seems once again they resorted to type and paid little interest in the law being broken. Apparently, they have to kill a fox for any law to be broken. This is simply not true and sabs present explained the Hunting Act to them.

With the Oakley now going round and round in circles it was painfully clear to all that their time in the field would be coming to an end fairly shortly. Even a collection of miscreants who believe they can stop us did nothing but charge around trying to look tough but have no effect at all.

They packed up around 3pm and as usual we retired after covering many miles for some refreshment in the pub. Happy Days.

Pic above left  -  Huntsman and Whip getting lift from sett-blocking terrierman



Vixen reported killed by trespassing Mendip Farmers FH

23-2-18   Facebook - Locals Against The Mendip Farmers Hunt    We have been notified that the Mendip Farmers' Hunt killed a healthy young vixen last Saturday, 17th February in Chewton Mendip. The Hunt and hounds were seen trespassing on land where the poor fox's body was found shortly afterwards. (Source: reported to Bristol Hunt Sabs). What makes this even more devastating is she is very likely to have been pregnant at this time of year.

If you see the Hunt, please take photos and preferably video. Please put your safety first and stay at a safe distance, they can be extremely violent. If you see or hear the hounds chasing a fox, or any animal, please call the police and get an incident number. Make a note of the location.

We will stop this Hunt if we can get enough evidence against them, this is something we can all work together to achieve.


Sabs persuade Ledbury FH hounds off 3 foxes they chased

Newly blocked sett found in area hunted

23-2-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   Friday 23rd February 2018, Ledbury Hunt, Whiting Ash farm, Berrow    An early morning sett patrol revealed some lovely active setts that were not interfered with. The hunt headed over to Longdon Marshes and Hillend where they did pick up before second horsing and running of to Gadbury Bank, Eldersfield. Hounds were called off one fox with use of a gizmo, just enough to stop them hunting. They ran up towards the main road later as sabs kept a watchful eye, fortunately they went back inland.

At Berth Hill, they hunted eastwards with hounds slowed by sabs rating and the Huntsman having to lift the pack from sabs and cast them further eastwards.

Later, sabs saw a fox running from Pigeon House farm. There may have been a brace as hounds came along a different line in full cry, sabs ran to stop them and had to contend with Peter Cooksie driving dangerously all over the road.

At Bridge End it sounded as though they had marked to ground and sabs went in to assess. Hounds were trying to force their way through very quick brambles and a stick pile was noted. It was then a matter of easing self in between hounds and brambles to dissuade them from continuing to hunt. Eventually, Mark came along and gave up on that fox, calling the pack away. Further sett checking and a freshly blocked sett was found at dusk.

This was our first time out in Swampy the landie generously donated to 3C and Welsh Border sabs by Devon Hunt Sabs. Please continue to support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs.

Pics below   -   1/  On the road again    2/  Newly blocked sett     3/  Hounds wanting to follow fox into thick brambles 

  LedburyFHOntheroadagain23-2-18.jpg LedburyFHFreshsettblocking23-2-18.jpg



Grove/Rufford FH terrierman harangued after field trampled hedge

Terrierman one of 3 Hunt servants convicted last year of illegal hunting 

Sab struck by hunt photographer in front of public at meet 

23-2-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Yesterday, with a handful of Sabs, we paid the Grove and Rufford Hunt their second visit of the week. This time they met at Ashes Farm, Wentworth and after parading in an arboretum, clearly signed 'no horses' [right], for the public and photos they headed into Wentworth Park, popular with dog walkers and families near Rotherham.

On attempting to follow, one Sab was struck by the hunt photographer as we passed on a public road, in front ofGroveRuffordFHHuntedinohorsesarboretum23-2-18.jpg supporters with young children who seemed unsurprised by such behaviour, and then we were confronted by Estate lackeys aiding the Hunt by blocking the path. What does this convicted hunt have to hide?

Sabs found a route into the park and quickly located the field watching the hounds drawing a small copse. On attempting to get closer our shadows yet again blocked Sabs and the field did what G&R do and took off at speed, with stewards ensuring Sabs went back to the footpath.

Arranging a pick up by the vehicle we found another route in and within no time located the Hunt north of the park and yet again on spotting us they sped off, this being the constant story of the next hour until they left the park grounds heading north.

... Our decision to head back to the same lane paid off as we found the hounds and Hunt master crossing the lane ahead of us, with the field coming up the lane behind us. Foot sabs deployed after the hounds who once again crossed the field at pace to escape us only to be spotted by our vehicle heading back to the meet, while the vehicle followed the hounds to the meet. Foot sabs showed the true meaning of compassion, helping to catch a loose horse after one of the field had fallen off.

Highlight of the day was coming across a member of the public haranguing the terrierman because the field had trampled a newly planted hedge. The concerned citizen compared the Hunt's concern for the countryside with that of fly tippers and said he was going to complain to the council. Whilst the terrierman attempted to replant the hedge we educated the member of the public about the terrierman's conviction for illegal hunting.



Warwickshire FH hunt wood next to the M40 [fox escapes]

22-2-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   Warwickshire Hunt - Thursday 22nd 2018 - Bishops Itchington    We know the Warwickshire Hunt like to hunt next to and on busy main roads and occasionally even next to motorways. Thursday was one of those days were they decided it would be a good idea to hunt a wood next to the M40. A few riders positioned themselves in the field between the wood and the motorway but failed to notice the fox escape from the wood to safety. The Hunt spent the whole day in the same bit of land, before ending the day by holding up traffic by hunting next to the road going into Bishops Itchington. Clearly frustrated one member of the Hunt made veiled threats about one sab and where she lived. Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.

Pics below   -   1/   Yes, that is the M40    2/  Rider on point - no place in 'trail hunting'   3/  Fox the Hunt didn't get 


  WarksFHOnpointnoplaceintrailhunting22-2-18.jpg  WarwickshireFHFoxat22-2-18.jpg


Cheshire F FH chase fox across live railway, dig-out prevented

Hunting vet used horse to obstruct monitors

22-2-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    CHESHIRE FOREST AND FLINT & DENBIGH HUNTS, ASHTON CheshireForestFHHuntingvetLizGorse22-2-18.jpg21/2/18    The Cheshire Forest Hunt hosted a joint meet with the Flint and Denbigh Hunt at Peel Hall in Ashton.

It was very clear after speaking to locals that this Hunt isn’t very welcome in Ashton with vast swathes of land off limits to them, and this may have explained the extremely selfish parking of horse boxes in the village that destroyed the grass verges in front of residents houses. (Complaints can be made via this page: http://www.kinseyracing.co.uk/contact).After

After the usual chit-chat and back-slapping the Hunt left Peel Hall around 12.15pm and meandered around the Mouldsworth area for some time. Considering it was a joint meet and it’s getting close to the end of the season and time is running out to quench their hunting thirst it was a relatively small field...

We anticipated the area where the Hunt would emerge so we moved off and unsurprisingly quad bikes and Hunt support were lined up on Barnhouse Lane. Almost immediately, the hounds were heard fully in cry and a fox CheshireForestFHSettentrancewithhoundprints22-2-18.jpgemerged from the hedgerow running for it's life across the road adjacent to Grange Farm with the hounds baying right on its tail. Seconds later Huntsman Andrew German and his fellow redcoats emerged at speed from the farm yard, galloping up the road looking for the direction his hounds had gone. He made absolutely no attempt to call the hounds back, seeming preoccupied and merely shouting at monitors to get out of the way as he galloped down the road.

The reason for his 'anxiety' soon became apparent as his hounds chased the fox over a live railway line. It really doesn’t bear thinking about at what could have happened; not only could all his hounds have been killed but it completely compromised the safety of rail users. There are huge fines for this kind of trespass which may endanger lives, and we are pursuing this with British Transport Police.

"May the sound of the hounds never die" is a popular expression used by Hunts and their supporters for what can only be described as a noise akin to something from a horror movie, as the hounds bay and yelp as the pick up the scent of a fox; an awful noise to anyone else's ears.

And as this noise came across the fields it clearly demonstrated that the hounds were doing, either killing the fox or had it pinned underground; cue the arrival of Liz Gorse [above right] - who, we may have mentioned, is a practising domestic vet - who sauntered down the road looking over at where the noise was coming from. Monitors asked her how, as a vet, she could support what was happening in a field next to her. Surprise, surprise, she completely blanked us. Of course,CheshireForestFHDamagedbadgersett22-2-18.jpg ethically and morally as a vet she is supposed to care and protect animals and, as such, has no place at a fox hunt. Maybe she will realise this one day. Today wasn't that day, however, given the way she was gazing over to the commotion with a look of satisfaction on her face.

As monitors got in their vehicles and tried to get to the fox, Liz Gorse then used her horse to block us on the road to delay us further. Absolutely abhorrent behaviour, not to mention against the law.

Monitors then headed to the area where the fox had run via a bridle path, and unsurprisingly there was a quad bike and a pick-up truck in the field adjacent. We believe they were there to dispose of any evidence of the kill and with our arrival they had to leave. In the field you could clearly see where a horse had jumped over a ditch into a second field, and as we made our way over the ditch we could see several setts of hoof prints, which we used to track our way to where we fully expected to see the remains of a fox. The fox thankfully had managed to find a badger sett to hide in [above right]; its rare to find one unblocked when this Hunt is around!

The Cheshire Forest Hunt have no regard for the law when it comes to badger setts as the sett has still clearly been damaged, hoof prints on spoil heaps [right], areas where the hounds had been clearly digging, hound prints down holes. Was there really a need for the Hunt to ride horses onto a badger sett. Clearly they also expected to find a fox's body and had gone to look, and clearly no wildlife is safe when this Hunt is out.

CheshireForestFHHuntsmansearchingforhounds22-2-18.jpgWhile we filmed and logged the damage to the sett with the police, the Hunt took off again. We found them later around Ash Wood where it seems some of the hounds had managed to get themselves lost [left, Huntsman looking for them]as there were several horns being blown trying to find them. The hounds didn’t make it easy and it took 40 minutes of synchronised horn blowing before they were found.

Thankfully then the Hunt packed up, and we don’t believe there were any kills as the fox we saw managed to make it to safety, although more by good luck than anything else.

If you have information about any hunts in or around Cheshire, please contact us in strict confidence, by PM here or on email to info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk, and help us #StopTheHunts. If you would like to support Cheshire Monitors you can donate at paypal.me/CMonitors - thank you!

Pics below  -  Hounds in cry after fox  they ran to ground 



'Trail hunting' protests at many Nat Trust properties this Sunday

22-2-18  Aol.com  National Trust faces anti-hunt protests - Demos planned at 17 sites across the country on Sunday   The National Trust allows so-called 'trail hunts' on its land, where hounds are supposedly following a scent - but many wild animals, including foxes, hares and even deer, end up being chased and killed at these events. Trail hunting has long been suspected of being a cover for illegal hunting by campaigners against bloodsports - but the National Trust used proxy votes to narrowly defeat a motion to ban it last October, despite an online petition gaining 175,000 signatures in support of the move.

National Dis-Trust, which campaigns against hunting on National Trust land, is working with local groups for a day of protest on February 25th. Among 17 demonstrations already planned, National Dis-Trust will team up with Somerset Wildlife Crime for the protest at Dunster Castle; with Weymouth Animal Rights at Kingston Lacy House and Gardens; with Cheshire Against the Cull at Little Moreton Hall, Congleton; and with Grantham Against Bloodsports at Woolsthorpe Manor. Full list of locations here.

'Complicity in criminal bloodsports'   A spokesperson for National Dis-Trust said: "Recent licensed meets of hunts like the Warwickshire Hunt have been complete with terrier men lurking in the vicinity, ready to inflict immense suffering on any foxes that escape the hounds as well as their terriers. Along with many hunt monitors and saboteurs, wildlife campaigners and animal rights activists across the UK, we will be highlighting the National Trust's complicity in criminal bloodsports at their properties on Sunday 25th February."

The National Trust, explaining its position on trail hunting here, insisted it "does not allow illegal hunting on its land, and anyone who suspects illegal activity should report it to the police". A spokesperson added: "We have been carefully listening to both sides of a highly polarised and passionate debate around trail hunting for years.

Cover for illegal hunting   "People have the legal right to organise demonstrations and express their views. We accept these protests on our land, provided they are respectful and do not interfere with conservation or access for our visitors." There was no comment, however, on claims that trail hunting is a cover for illegal hunting, as acknowledged during a debate in the Commons last month. Followers of the National Trust's Twitter account bombard the charity daily with objections to hunting, leaving comments on most of the photographs it tweets.

Hunt monitors allege police forces across the country usually ignore their video and photographic evidence of illegal hunting. In Cheshire, a review of how police handle reports of illegal hunting is under way after an intervention by Mike Amesbury, MP for Weaver Vale.

'Ignored the will of their members'   Eduardo Goncalves, Chief Executive at the League against Cruel Sports, said: "The National Trust is letting down its members by turning a blind eye to the illegal activity taking place on its land under the cover of 'trail' hunting. Rather than looking objectively at the evidence, they have sat on the fence on this issue. They ignored the will of their members to block the vote to ban trail hunting on their land. They claimed they would regulate and monitor trail hunting on their land, but this hasn't materialised, with several hunts already being spotted carrying on as normal. If they have any respect for their members or their reputation, they will take this issue more seriously than they are at present, because people don't want animals being killed for fun on land which is meant to be protected for all of us.


Warks FH filmed fox hunting 4 days after woman sees same

Huntsman aware, no attempt to call hounds off 

Sabs again ask why NT are licencing this outfit 

22-2-18  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    ANOTHER FOX HUNTED BY THE WARWICKSHIRE HUNT Warwickshire Hunt - Wednesday 21st February – Bodicote    On Saturday 17th February, a member of the public sent us photos and an explanation of what they saw when they came across the Warwickshire Hunt near Stratford Upon Avon. They themselves wrote that they hadn’t seen a fox hunt before but what they believed they were witnessing was a fox being hunted by hounds encouraged on by the Huntsman and terrier-man.

This video speaks for itself filmed 3 days after a member of the public witnessed them hunting. AGAIN we askWarksFHTerriermanthreatenfsab21-2-18.jpg why the National Trust are allowing the Warwickshire Hunt onto their land given all the evidence filmed and accounts given by ourselves and other members of the public to what this Hunt are doing.

We have been exposing the Warwickshire Hunt from September 2017. We have witnessed and filmed numerous foxes being chased, hounds on main roads, hunt trespass, hounds rampaging through private back gardens and violence towards us.

It is obvious to anyone that comes into contact with this Hunt that they are hunting foxes and continue to do so. Their arrogance is astounding and they will bully anyone who stands up to them and as they see it ‘gets in their way’. Today was no different as they were harassing the two sabs present at this meet. There harassing behaviour will be shown in another video.

The National Trust have said they think that there is no place on a "trail hunt" for terrier-men, we'd like to ask the National Trust what they think is happening in this video and what role the terrier-men played?

Please sign the petition to get the Warwickshire Hunt banned from National Trust land https://www.change.org/p/farnborough-hall-stop-the-warwicks… Please politely ask Patrick Begg, who oversees the National Trust's hunting policy, why assault, trespass, convictions for illegal hunting and illegally hunting through people's gardens isn't enough to turn down a licence application at mailto:patrick.begg@nationaltrust.org.uk.Also

Also don’t forget that on Sunday there will be a peaceful protest at Upton House which the Warwickshire Hunt have been granted a licence by the National Trust to access. https://www.facebook.com/events/164522167645928/.

Please consider donating to help us carry on exposing the Warwickshire Hunt - Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.     #strengthenthehuntingact

Pic above right  - Terrierman threatens female sab    Pics below  -  1/ Fox fleeing hounds   2/  Hounds in cry seconds behind fox 




Violent hunt 'steward' gets Community Order for assaults on sabs

Also put on a tag and ordered to do - don't laugh - 'rehabilitation activities' 

22-2-18  Facebook - South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs   Good news!   Northampton Magistrates Court, Thursday 22nd February 2pm, Court 6.   Today, Shaun Stacey was sentenced for 4 assaults last year, including three on South Cambs Hunt Sabs. He was given a Community Order for 6 months, electronic tag with curfew from 7pm to 7am, plus 10 days rehabilitation activities set by probation and court costs and victim payments coming to around £1000.ShaunStaceyStewardConvicted4assaultsonsabs22-2-18.jpg

Stacey [right, nickname 'The Angry Egg'] acts as a 'steward' - hunt-speak for goon hired to protect their illegal persecution of wildlife by obstructing, menacing and attacking antis - for several Hunts in the south-east midlands and doubtless will continue to do so despite his convictions. That sort of thing does not seem to bother Hunts, in fact it may make his services the more attractive to them. Further info re. the charming Stacey see here, hereand here

22-2-18   HSA PR    Violent Hunt Thug Sentenced for Multiple Assaults    Shaun Stacey, self appointed hunt steward, was today sentenced at Northampton Magistrates court for multiple assaults against hunt saboteurs. He received a 6 month community order, 4 month tag between 19:00 and 07:00 and a fine of £1010 including compensation to the victims.

He was not deemed fit for the community order (although fit enough to attend hunts and assault people) so he has to attend 10 sessions to learn empathy. He has stated to the probation service that he will NOT be attending any hunts. Whether he does remains to be seen. He still has one further assault charge to be heard in the coming months.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Stacey and his band of so called stewards are nothing more than a violent criminal gang who protect illegal hunts and attack anyone who gets in their way. Stacey has an extensive record of violence against hunt sabs and whilst we're pleased he was found guilty the sentence was far to lenient and we believe that if the tables were turned then a prison sentence would be the result. If Hunts have nothing to hide then why do they employ these violent stewards to stop hunt sabs.”


Police seek info on hare hunting - thought by N. Norfolk Harriers

21-2-18   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Looks like our friends the North Norfolk Harriers have been naughty again. 

21-2-18   Facebook - North Norfolk Police    Police are appealing for witnesses after a hunting offence was committed in Stiffkey at the weekend. At approximately 1pm on Saturday 17th February 2018 a group of dogs were seen to chase hares across farm land, through a public car park and onto marshland - which forms part of the Nature Reserve.

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident, or anyone with information, should contact Norfolk Police on 101 quoting reference 36/9769/18. Alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Local says Mendip Farmers FH breaking FC licence by hunting with quads

21-2-18    Facebook - Locals Against The Mendip Farmers Hunt    We've been informed by a supporter that the Mendip Farmer's Hunt have been hunting in Stockhill Wood on a number of occasions, along with quad bikes.

We have checked with the Forestry Commission and unfortunately the Mendip Farmers do have a "trail hunting" licence for Stockhill Wood - but they are prohibited from taking quad bikes in there. So please keep your eyes open when in the area and try to get photos and / or video evidence of 1) signs of illegal hunting - clearly not following a trail, fleeing foxes, blocking badger setts, terriermen digging up holes where a fox could have gone to ground (also notify the police and get an incident number), 2) quad bikes being taken onto Forestry Commission land 3) the Hunt not following the hard paths and churning up the ground.


N. Shropshire FH Huntsman has terriers stolen from his house

21-2-18  Shropshire Star    Four terriers stolen from Shropshire gardens in two days Four dogs were stolen from two Shropshire homes over two days - The disappearance of the terriers has left youngsters in tears and their owners desperate to see their animals returned    Three border terriers were stolen from a kennel at a house at Moreton Say, Market Drayton, on February 14 while owner, Julian Barnfield was in hospital for an eye appointment. The previous day a 10-year-old terrier, GJ, was taken from a garden in the Ifton area of St Martin's. His owner, Jane Goodhead, said the dog would never have wandered out of the garden. "He is an old dog and is on medication. Our daughter, Poppy, who is five wont stop crying. We just want him home," she said. She said a red van was seen in the area on the day GJ disappeared. Anyone with information can contact her on 07814 141853.

Mr Barnfield said his kennel was forced open and the three females, three-year-old Berry and her daughters one-year-old Ivy and four-month old Erin, were taken. He said: "We have four terriers, all from the same family. I knew I was going to be away for a long time so we left the older one in the house and the other three in their kennel outside. When we returned the padlock to the kennel had been forced and the dogs were gone. They hadn't touched their food so I know they must have been stolen about 9am, not long after we left. Around that time a small white van was seen in the area."

Mr Barnfield said he had owned border terriers all from the same family, for about 25 years and loved his dogs. "They are real house dogs. The strange thing is I am usually out all day on Wednesdays and they always come with me. Our daughter, Claudia, who is 10, is distraught," he said. We just want the dogs back and have offered a reward. People can contact us on 07917 861519."

POWAperson comments   -  Whilst I utterly condemn these thefts and feel sorry for the kids, I should remind readers who Julian Barnfield is. He has been a professional Huntsman for decades. Whilst with the Heythrop Fox Hounds he was charged several times with illegal hunting, finally, despite it being very difficult to secure convictions under the poorly framed Hunting Act, electing to plead guilty to four charges in December 2012. The Heythrop sacked him, presumably for getting caught. He is now the Huntsman for the North Shropshire Fox Hunt. He will have engaged in the cruel chasing and slaughter of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of defenceless foxes in his career. It is standard practice for Hunts to kill hounds once they reach around six years of age and start to slow, so it seems likely he will have been involved in the destruction of hundreds of healthy dogs at around half of their natural life span.


Old Surrey FH found fox hunting at midweek meet - sabs stop

Hunt then reverts to trying to follow trails 

21-2-18    Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs    Mission 66 Old Surrey and Burstow Tuesday 20-2-18    As we know that, like other Hunts in the South-East, the Old Surrey and Burstow hunt illegally mid-week and pretend to trail hunt on a Saturday, the local groups clubbed together to get a car load out (Guildford, North Downs, Brighton and South Coast) only five of us (contrary to the Hunts' opinion we do have jobs).

So, off our little band went to Smarts Hill near Penshurst. We quickly found on our arrival the Hunt hunting illegally with no sign of trail layers. The Hunt, when they realised that we were there, became fast-moving with the sabs mostly in contact with them.

The main bit of action was near Chiddingstone (where the Hunt killed in 2016}. When the hounds were in cry after a fox sabs were in the right place at the right time so the Hunt called off the hounds. They then seemed to realise the game was up and there was a long pause when they finally got round to laying a trail - and packed up shortly afterwards.

Sabs pleased with their efforts in saving a fox retired to the pub. If you would like to help us stay in the field please donate to https://ko-fi.com/A62094D.



Exeter Councillor speaks of his weekend persona - as a hunt sab

21-2-18  DevonLive    Exeter city councillor, 20, opens up about 'double life' as controversial hunt sab - Cllr Lewis Keen has taken a 'hands on' stance against the 'most organised animal abuse you could possibly get'    A 20-year-old Exeter City councillor has opened up about his double-life as one of Devon's controversial hunt saboteurs. Since his election in 2016, Cllr Lewis Keen's average Monday to Friday consists of licencing and scrutiny meetings, site visits, meeting with his constituents and sifting through piles of paperwork. But once the weekend arrives, he dons his boots, camouflage gear and joins those with a common cause against illegal fox hunting and other rural blood sports.

Speaking with Devonlive.com, Cllr Keen [right, in hunting field, green CllrKeeninthehuntingfieldhesasab.jpgcap] wants to 'out' himself publicly as a member of Devon County Hunt Saboteurs. He feels it is vitally important to speak candidly about what he does before enraged fox hunters exploit knowledge of his political career. Yes I'm a councillor on the weekdays, but I do surprising things at the weekend," admits Cllr Keen, "I've been ruining their illegal fun, basically. Really, I should not have to do this. I don't want to be there. But the appropriate authorities are continually failing to uphold the law."

He feels particularly strongly about suggestions from critics that he and his fellow hunt sabs are out to provoke violence. Firstly, I can only speak for my group. It is all lies that we are provoking violence, and it is ridiculous to think that we would go up against men on horses. Our group is 80 per cent women. This is against guns, dogs and men on horses. Many of [those joining illegal hunts] have convictions for assault and criminal records [example of Eggesford FH thug, left]. How stupid to think we'd cause an incident just to get our arses kicked. I hate going out. You never know when you or your friends will get seriously injured. It's also very upsetting. Animals can scream."

"A few weeks ago I witnessed a beagle hunt kill, the image of it looking at me whilst it was ripped apart imprinted on my mind for weeks. Every time I closed my eyes all I could see was something utterly traumatic and heart breaking. If you see something live ripped apart and a person is laughing at you for being upset by that... I have better things to do on a Saturday. "

EggesfordFHRentathugatmeet20-1-18.jpgAnd to the Labour member, it is neither a ‘class issue’ nor a ‘Labour versus Tory’ issue. He says it is purely an ‘animal cruelty issue.’ "There are many in the Conservative Party who are against animal cruelty and to paint it as a political issue is not fair on the numerous Tories who care just as strongly as I do about animal welfare.”

An average 'sab'-Saturday will involve members tracing where the 'blow off' point of the hunt will be, at the latest moment possible as to not encourage the Hunt to switch their plans. One of the main aims is to prove a huntsman has intent before you are able to provide the evidence to police and get a conviction. The other is to ensure the fox escapes with its life.

Cllr Keen explains: "We will follow the hunt, always filming, always trying to keep up. Our aims are preserving life. Whenever they go to kill an animal we will intervene. Basically, we copy the huntsman. They will control their hounds by noises and horn calls. We replicate them to confuse the hounds."

Cllr Keen, who represents the ward of St David’s, wasn't always firmly on the side of the sabs. Growing up in a rural area on the border of London and Kent, he has memories of being taken to hunts by his parents. As a child he was initially impressed by the red coats and the pomp.

However, he later began to have a "growing realisation” of the cruelty linked to the practices of illegal hunting. He questioned the ethics of what some Hunts do and, when he moved to study at the University of Exeter, made contact with Devon County Hunt Sabs through their Facebook page. He says the tipping point had been footage of an English huntsman "making sexually suggestive comments to a hunt sab. Fundamentally, these people are breaking the law. What they are doing is sadistic and egregious. When it comes down to it, it is a poncy way of abusing animals and no different to dog fighting. Just because they have a posh accent they think they are above the law. It's like the Wild West. As people living in this society we have overwhelmingly decided what they are doing is wrong. It is normal to find animal abuse abhorrent, and it is quite normal to say I want to put a stop to it. But we have to ask ourselves: 'What are we doing about it?'"

Unlike other sabs, Cllr Keen has refused to cover his face and hide his identity. He adds that none of the tactics DartValeFHSabpunchedanriddenover13-8-18.jpgdeployed by his group 'are illegal' and trespassing is not an issue. "I don't wear a face cover because why should I? I am not breaking the law, I am not abusing animals. "If you heard or saw a neighbour abusing their pet animal, you would go and help that animal."

He says his extra-curricular activities are having no impact on his role as a councillor. It is public knowledge among his council colleagues, and has never been challenged on it. The only time it has interfered was when he "struggled to cope with the consequences of nearly experiencing serious injury" after allegedly being 'ran over' by a huntsman in an Audi at the end of 2017. An ongoing criminal case, he claims he rolled over the bonnet of the car 'multiple times.' If someone is running for office, I think they should be very transparent about what they do in their spare time and what their principles are. I try and make unbiased decisions, but I would declare an interest if there was a matter which involved somebody who was a hunter." He encourages anyone who has issue with what he does to contact him for a civil discussion.

Tensions have mounted amongst local hunts in recent months. They explicitly deny breaking the Hunting Ban law. Last month it is claimed 46-year-old Sid Leigh, of Bodmin, suffered a broken nose, a hoof print to the head and extensive bruising after being punched in an altercation with a Hunt. He is also said to have been trampled on by a horse during an altercation between members of South Devon Animal Rights and Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers on Saturday, January 13, at Gullet Farm in South Pool, near Kinsgbridge.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “All allegations connected with hunts are assessed and investigated appropriately. This includes offences against the act, damage, assault and disorder, and we share information, investigations and best practice with other forces and agencies. As part of routine policing, we do work with our communities who have an interest in hunt activity, and last weekend we had officers attend a hunt in Mid Devon. “It is clear that whilst these incidents can and do appear on social media, they still remain under reported to the police. We are unable to investigate incidents that are only discussed on social media, they must be reported to us via our official channels. We would encourage witnesses to any offences to share with us unedited footage and images, and be prepared to give statements to allow us to investigate any allegation of criminality. We are aware of the sensitivities and the high-emotions that are linked to these incidents. We wish to reassure you that we will act impartially and promptly to any incident reported to us.”


Woman reports Hunt trespass on Woodland Trust land by her home

Rider claimed they 'trail hunting' AND flushing to their bird of prey 

20-2-18   Facebook - Fox Hunting Evidence Stacey Ann      I today witnessed a ‘trail hunt’ opposite my houseHuntprobSuffolEssexFHatWoodlandTrustproperty_2_20-2-18.jpg[right]. I cannot believe this is still happening especially within a Woodland Trust woods, where children play. I contacted the police but they failed to arrive. I cannot believe how there are loopholes in the law that still allow this to happen. I have shared a clip of me entering the woods on my timeline if anybody wants to look, share and comment. I am very upset by all of this ������.

20-2-18    Facebook – Your Invisble Crown - Stacey Ann is feeling furious   VIDEO    So, as I left mine to go to the gym you could hear the most horrendous noise from fox hunting ����. So, obviously, I ran over to all of the commotion. This [see VIDEO] is a small clip from one entrance to the woodland.. I then entered the woods after this video and walked alongside those inside and surrounded by dogs! Absolutely vile !!!! 

I followed them and continued to film. Several cars left shortly after with hunters in them, and a quad with black boxes (clearly for the innocent beings they have killed). No horse boxes present, so I can only assume that the hounds and horses fled and made way towards Landermere whilst I was on the phone to the police. Hopefully they sent people out to stop them but I haven’t seen any police as yet. This is an illegal sport!!!! 

The woods it was taking place in is a public right of way where kids and their dogs walk! Very scary and dangerous! It was clearly planned as horses were blocking both entrances and they clearly knew that the tip at the end of the road was closed today, so there would be no traffic! Absolutely vile human beings! 

If anybody sees them continuing this vile ‘sport’ locally please report them again! I cannot believe nobody else down my lane couldn’t hear the noise! But if me walking over there and filming amongst them scared them off then at least hopefully I have saved the lives of some sentient beings ��.

HuntprobSuffolkEssexFHatWoodlandTrustproperty20-2-18.jpgPOWAperson adds - In the video, Stacey Ann approaches a mounted huntswoman [right] at the entrance to the Woodland Trust property. She asks her if they are fox hunting. She replies 'Mm... [pause while she remembers what it is they are meant to pretend they are doing] we are trail hunting... and flushing to our bird of prey.' Covering all the bases, then. Stacey Ann then walks into the woodland. Hounds not seen in the clip but can be heard a little way ahead of her, as they were, baying, at the start of the film.

The Woodland Trust has recently made it clear that they do not allow Hunts, 'trail' or otherwise, any access to their land, not even for the purposes of removal of hounds that may have strayed there.

This incident was at Kirby le Soken in north-east Essex. Can't be sure, but the Hunt concerned was probably the Suffolk and Essex FH. This Hunt was responsible for an atrocity in 2011 at the village of Bradfield, a few miles away. Their hounds pursued a fox into a garden where a family was enjoying a quiet barbecue. They caught and mauled the fox. The Whipper-In then charged into the garden, wrestled the fox from hounds and clubbed it to death with his crop in front of the family, leaving blood-stains on their patio. The story was covered by the Daily Mail.

Noticing that the local press had not run it, I contacted them. Despite my urgings, and the Mail having already provided a template for them, they did not cover the story. Nor could I persuade Essex police to do anything about this outrage, though there were several possible criminal charges they could have preferred. They explained their failure to charge under the Hunting Act by saying the Hunt had claimed to have been 'exempt hunting' under the Falconry clause and they had, unfortunately, lost control of the hounds. The police's failure to act may or may not have had something to do with one of the Joint Masters being the Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk, personally appointed to that role by the Queen.

The ridiculous 'Falconry Exemption' was clearly inserted into the Hunting Act to provide an excuse for Hunts to pursue quarry with a full pack of hounds. Though falconers do sometimes use a dog or two to put up animals for their birds to swoop upon, none would dream of using a full hound pack. The Hawk Board, the country's main authority re. falconry, strenuously objected to the clause's inclusion in the Act, saying, rightly, it could lead to serious danger to the birds of prey. But their - and our - wishes were over-ridden.

So, some, though not many, Hunts go out with a 'bird handler' carrying around a bird of prey, which usually has to spend the day crammed into a box on a quad bike, being bumped about, often on rough tracks and fields. Generally, they are eagle owls, which are almost certainly not large enough to tackle a fox. Their purpose is to provide a ready-made alibi for the Hunt if caught chasing a wild mammal with dogs. 

I know of only three occasions, in 13 years, on which a bird of prey has actually been used by a Hunt. These all involved golden eagles. The first was at the Fitzwilliam FH, on New Years Day 2016. This incident resulted in the Huntsman and bird-handler being charged with illegal hunting. Incredibly, such is the power of Hunts' expensive lawyers to delay the judicial system, the case has still not been heard, the trial now being scheduled for April. The second and third cases were earlier this season and a fox and a hare were killed. In the first case, sabs reported that the Huntsman was furious with the bird-handler because he wanted the hounds to catch the fox.   


Sabs find selves in right place to save fox from Old Surrey FH

20-2-18   Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs    Burstow caught red-handed hunting midweek    A small bunch of us joined up with Guildford Hunt Saboteurs and went up to Penshurst today as we suspected the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt were doing most of their killing during midweek meets. Sure enough, no trail was to be found and the huntsman spent the day actively drawing the woods to the east of Cowden, with the hounds sporadically picking up on fox scents.

At about 2pm, we found ourselves in just the right position as we heard the hounds in cry in the woods directly below us, and coming our way. We then heard a holloa from of the riders (indicating that they had seen a fox). Luckily, however, as we made our presence known to the huntsman, the knowledge that antis were close by and ready to intervene if need be was enough to force them to leave that fox and go off in a different direction. Interestingly enough, this was at the precise location that they dropped and killed a fox in front of sabs last season.

The Hunt proved difficult to find for a while, but with clear signs that they had packed up and left the area not too long afterwards we headed home happy of a successful day.

Any donations towards our ongoing costs are always much appreciated: paypal.me/BtnHuntSabs.


Sabs stop bad terrier fight due to Eggesford FH hounds passing

Say they were 'hard terriers' owned by a hunt follower

And that his terriers used in dig-outs by the Eggesford 

Owner says will treat injuries himself - sabs to report to RSPCA   

20-2-18   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  PLEASE SHARE! SABS BREAK UP TERRIER FIGHT AT EGGESFORD HUNT    Last week whilst sabbing the Eggesford Hunt near Ashreigney some of our sabs came across a fight between a group of terriers in the yard belonging to Lower Narracott Farm. The hunt had just been through and this had set the terriers off. Several of the terriers' faces were already covered in blood, one of them was going crazy in the kennel and the two Lakeland terriers latched on muzzle to muzzle, tearing at each other's faces as they would if they were fighting a fox in a dig-out scenario...

Two retired Eggesford terriermen were there bashing the terriers with a stick, which did nothing to separate them. Our sabs, many of whom have extensive animal care experience, knew what to do and managed to get the two terriers apart by wedging a pole in between their jaws. The terriers had horrible injuries to their faces and the whole incident had been extremely distressing to witness. Sabs had to leap straight back into action as another team had witnessed hounds chasing a fox in their direction.

As you can see, instead of thanking us, the owner Peter Anstey and his son James later blamed sabs for causing the terrier fight! They pleaded with us not to put the footage up on Facebook. What they and the hunt probably don't want the world to know is that the Ansteys follow the hunt, the hunt meet on their land and these are 'hard terriers' used to dig out foxes. They are prohibited even under the gamekeepers' exemption of the Hunting Act.

We were told that instead of taking the terriers to the vet, Anstey would simply give them a shot of penicillin. We have shared all our footage with the RSPCA and will be monitoring how the situation progresses. We are not cowed by threats from hunts and their members and will always take action on animal cruelty, including exposing those engaged in it.

If you like what we do, please donate to our fuel fund: https://www.paypal.me/dchsSend us information or get involved: 07717473305 or devoncountysabs@riseup.net.



Hunt that killed in front of tourists on NT land licenced by them

20-2-18   Facebook - National Dis-Trust    The Haydon Hunt have once again been licensed to hunt on National Trust land    On December 28th 2013, the Haydon Hunt killed a fox on National Trust land in front of horrified families who were visiting Housesteads Roman Fort. The local paper, the Hexham Courant, reported that ‘one man on a quad bike was in attendance and took the mutilated body of the fox away.’ The National Trust comment was composed of a cut and paste response which the Trust used frequently on their Facebook page. They had originally denied that the fox was killed on NT land, trying to blame English Heritage, who own the property, while the Trust owns the land around it. English Heritage however, were quick to point out that they do not licence hunting at all.

Perhaps more shockingly, Northumbria Police decided to add their own dishonest comment, saying that it was ‘important to stress that the incident was not part of the organised hunt and the death of the fox was not intentional’. Bearing in mind that the Haydon Hunt had already admitted that they had killed the fox, a Freedom of Information request was sent to Northumbria Police, asking how were the police able to comment with such conviction unless they were present. Unsurprisingly, the police response was that it was not in the public interest to respond to the FOI request, so completing the cover up on behalf of the Haydon Hunt and the National Trust.

The licensed area can be seen here.


Lost, injured Badsworth FH hound found wandering housing estate

20-2-18  Facebook - Jordan Barwell   VIDEO   FOUND NOW   Lost dog in fish lake, bleeding from feet very scared - please share.

Dog found! Thanks to all that shared. Showed my ten year old an important message of how fast a picture can go viral 2 hours and over 1k shares!!

Reply from - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs   Thanks. It was Badsworth and Bramham Moor FH. They had hounds all over, including a canal tow path from where they are banned.

  BadsworthFHLostinjuredhound20-2-18.jpg BadsworthFHInjuredlosthound20-2-18.jpg


Melbreak FH NT licence suspended after seen chasing foxes

20-2-18   Facebook - National Dis-Trust    It appears that the Melbreak Foxhound's 'trail hunting' licence has been suspended    The Melbreak were witnessed on Saturday chasing foxes on 3 separate occasions. The Melbreak's licence was also suspended for 24 hours in January 2017, after a Melbreak supporter and convicted rapist assaulted a hunt monitor. Hopefully the NT will take Saturday's events more seriously.

Screen grab from https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/list-of-licensed-trail-hunts 20-2-18 -  



Atherstone FH try to hunt foxes, hounds all over roads

19-2-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   Atherstone Hunt - Saturday 17th February - Bentley, Warwickshire    On Saturday, 10 riders from the Atherstone Hunt met at the Horse And Jockey, Bentley before they moved off to hunt the Merevale estate. We kept an eye on them all day and witnessed them illegally hunting throughout the day. Huntsman Mike Lane lost complete control of the pack who ended up all over the surrounding roads, losing control of the pack is becoming something of a common occurrence and after almost a whole season of this we can say that current Atherstone Huntsman Mike Lane has even less control over the hounds than the Atherstone's previous inexperienced huntsman Stuart Barton.

We were temporarily blocked in by an Atherstone supporter who was on his mobile phone whilst using his vehicle. Warwickshire police were informed of his actions. This particular supporter was given a police caution a few years ago by Warwickshire Police for his behaviour at the hunts New Years day meet in Atherstone so we’re not surprised by his actions on Saturday. It does however show that the Atherstone Hunts zero tolerance policy for bad behaviour is meaningless and that the hunt can not be trusted to tell the truth. Paypal - https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.


Middleton FH hunt in vast, fenced estate - sabs think fox shot

18-2-18   Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs    We received a tip off that the Middleton Hunt were beingMiddletonFHV.youngriders17-2-18.jpg given access to Sledmere Estate, situated near Driffield East Yorkshire, today. The tip off was correct... by 9.30am the hounds van was parked up on land opposite the Estate. Within 30 minutes the red coats and their minion's were ready to ride out.

Shocked by the young age of some of the riders [example pic right], it was heartbreaking to see such young souls brainwashed to think that what they were about to do was acceptable ... If those young children were to be thrown off amongst larger riders and horses, the consequences could be unthinkable.

We were surprised that some gates to the Estate were opened wide to allow them on the land . These gates are rarely used. The gates were then firmly shut. Trying to follow by vehicle was going to be difficult, but not much stops us. They could be heard but not seen as unfortunately the high fencing around the Estate is not the type for climbing! We tried and failed,

MiddletonFHSupportsthoughtlessparking17-2-18.jpgWe came across hunt supporters parked dangerously on the grass verge [left]. This particular road is notorious for accidents due to the sharp, blind bends. Suddenly we spotted a red coat doing a rather crazy dance, we then saw a stray hound running across the road. The other hunters appeared with the full pack of hounds who then decided to join in. Running amok on an already dangerous road made more dangerous by the incredibly thoughtless actions of the hunt support. How a hound didn't get hit is a miracle. Then to top it off the riders decided to do some dressage in the road. Eventually moving on they entered a wooded area followed by terriermen! [right] ,,, Why would Sledmere Estate allow terriermen on?

We came across them on a few occasions but due to the vast area we're unable to follow on foot. The hunt followers were a good give away to the location of the Hunt... Moving on we spotted about 10 hunt supporters vehicle's parked up. We decided to join them... Unfortunately about five minutes later we heard the hounds in cry across the fields into the woods. Suddenly we heard a shot gun twice. We think they flushed a fox and shot it. The timings were precise to the events. Its with heavy broken heart's we believe this to be so, but we cannot prove it.

We saw the hounds van being moved so obviously followed it. It was parked up at the Sledmere monument. It wasMiddletonFHTerriermen17-2-18.jpg rather tricky to park up as it was full of hunt supporters and horse boxes. We managed to park in between them. Risky but necessary to check if the returning hounds had blood on them. Thankfully they appeared to be free from being bloody. The Hunt Master and his heartless followers passed by our vehicle. It felt surreal being outnumbered and surrounded by a total different species. The heartless, soulless kind.

They packed up around 2.30pm which is quite early for them, which sadly makes us sure they killed a fox. We watched as one of the terriermen approached a hunt supporter and was handed something that could only be money. We wanted to go and check the terriers box for evidence but priority for our own safety must come first.

Monitoring, sabbing, following a hunt is tiring and on days like today can be heartbreaking if you suspect the murder of innocent wildlife but....... while ever the Hunting Act is so flimsy we'll be there doing what ever we can to save them.

We're hoping to get our Go Fund me set up next week. Please, please donate what you can. An average day can cost £25-30 just in fuel. There's so many ways to help us if you're not wanting or able to join us actively. Tell us what you know, keep aware. Donate. Share our fight . Thank you for supporting us.



Vale of the White Horse FH may have killed fox at Aston Down

18-2-18   Facebook – Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Comment on post and CIHW reply  

Mia Vaughan   Just had a lot of people on horses with their hounds on Aston Down Airfield. Fox hunting sadly, after they left not log ago, me and my mum found part of a dead fox, mauled to death and disembodied. Still warm!!!

Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   We think this would have been the VWH as Beaufort don't come that far. They are all hunting foxes. It is terrible to see the results of it.


Sabs stop bad terrier fight due to Eggesford FH hounds passing

Say they were 'hard terriers' owned by a hunt follower

And that his terriers used in dig-outs by the Eggesford 

Owner says will treat injuries himself - sabs to report to RSPCA   

20-2-18   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  PLEASE SHARE! SABS BREAK UP TERRIER FIGHT AT EGGESFORD HUNT    Last week whilst sabbing the Eggesford Hunt near Ashreigney some of our sabs came across a fight between a group of terriers in the yard belonging to Lower Narracott Farm. The hunt had just been through and this had set the terriers off. Several of the terriers' faces were already covered in blood, one of them was going crazy in the kennel and the two Lakeland terriers latched on muzzle to muzzle, tearing at each other's faces as they would if they were fighting a fox in a dig-out scenario...

Two retired Eggesford terriermen were there bashing the terriers with a stick, which did nothing to separate them. Our sabs, many of whom have extensive animal care experience, knew what to do and managed to get the two terriers apart by wedging a pole in between their jaws. The terriers had horrible injuries to their faces and the whole incident had been extremely distressing to witness. Sabs had to leap straight back into action as another team had witnessed hounds chasing a fox in their direction.

As you can see, instead of thanking us, the owner Peter Anstey and his son James later blamed sabs for causing the terrier fight! They pleaded with us not to put the footage up on Facebook. What they and the hunt probably don't want the world to know is that the Ansteys follow the hunt, the hunt meet on their land and these are 'hard terriers' used to dig out foxes. They are prohibited even under the gamekeepers' exemption of the Hunting Act.

We were told that instead of taking the terriers to the vet, Anstey would simply give them a shot of penicillin. We have shared all our footage with the RSPCA and will be monitoring how the situation progresses. We are not cowed by threats from hunts and their members and will always take action on animal cruelty, including exposing those engaged in it.

If you like what we do, please donate to our fuel fund: https://www.paypal.me/dchsSend us information or get involved: 07717473305 or devoncountysabs@riseup.net.



Hunt that killed in front of tourists on NT land licenced by them

20-2-18   Facebook - National Dis-Trust    The Haydon Hunt have once again been licensed to hunt on National Trust land    On December 28th 2013, the Haydon Hunt killed a fox on National Trust land in front of horrified families who were visiting Housesteads Roman Fort. The local paper, the Hexham Courant, reported that ‘one man on a quad bike was in attendance and took the mutilated body of the fox away.’ The National Trust comment was composed of a cut and paste response which the Trust used frequently on their Facebook page. They had originally denied that the fox was killed on NT land, trying to blame English Heritage, who own the property, while the Trust owns the land around it. English Heritage however, were quick to point out that they do not licence hunting at all.

Perhaps more shockingly, Northumbria Police decided to add their own dishonest comment, saying that it was ‘important to stress that the incident was not part of the organised hunt and the death of the fox was not intentional’. Bearing in mind that the Haydon Hunt had already admitted that they had killed the fox, a Freedom of Information request was sent to Northumbria Police, asking how were the police able to comment with such conviction unless they were present. Unsurprisingly, the police response was that it was not in the public interest to respond to the FOI request, so completing the cover up on behalf of the Haydon Hunt and the National Trust.

The licensed area can be seen here.


Lost, injured Badsworth FH hound found wandering housing estate

20-2-18  Facebook - Jordan Barwell   VIDEO   FOUND NOW   Lost dog in fish lake, bleeding from feet very scared - please share.

Dog found! Thanks to all that shared. Showed my ten year old an important message of how fast a picture can go viral 2 hours and over 1k shares!!

Reply from - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs   Thanks. It was Badsworth and Bramham Moor FH. They had hounds all over, including a canal tow path from where they are banned.

  BadsworthFHLostinjuredhound20-2-18.jpg BadsworthFHInjuredlosthound20-2-18.jpg


Melbreak FH NT licence suspended after seen chasing foxes

20-2-18   Facebook - National Dis-Trust    It appears that the Melbreak Foxhound's 'trail hunting' licence has been suspended    The Melbreak were witnessed on Saturday chasing foxes on 3 separate occasions. The Melbreak's licence was also suspended for 24 hours in January 2017, after a Melbreak supporter and convicted rapist assaulted a hunt monitor. Hopefully the NT will take Saturday's events more seriously.

Screen grab from https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/list-of-licensed-trail-hunts 20-2-18 -  



Atherstone FH try to hunt foxes, hounds all over roads

19-2-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   Atherstone Hunt - Saturday 17th February - Bentley, Warwickshire    On Saturday, 10 riders from the Atherstone Hunt met at the Horse And Jockey, Bentley before they moved off to hunt the Merevale estate. We kept an eye on them all day and witnessed them illegally hunting throughout the day. Huntsman Mike Lane lost complete control of the pack who ended up all over the surrounding roads, losing control of the pack is becoming something of a common occurrence and after almost a whole season of this we can say that current Atherstone Huntsman Mike Lane has even less control over the hounds than the Atherstone's previous inexperienced huntsman Stuart Barton.

We were temporarily blocked in by an Atherstone supporter who was on his mobile phone whilst using his vehicle. Warwickshire police were informed of his actions. This particular supporter was given a police caution a few years ago by Warwickshire Police for his behaviour at the hunts New Years day meet in Atherstone so we’re not surprised by his actions on Saturday. It does however show that the Atherstone Hunts zero tolerance policy for bad behaviour is meaningless and that the hunt can not be trusted to tell the truth. Paypal - https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.


Middleton FH hunt in vast, fenced estate - sabs think fox shot

18-2-18   Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs    We received a tip off that the Middleton Hunt were beingMiddletonFHV.youngriders17-2-18.jpg given access to Sledmere Estate, situated near Driffield East Yorkshire, today. The tip off was correct... by 9.30am the hounds van was parked up on land opposite the Estate. Within 30 minutes the red coats and their minion's were ready to ride out.

Shocked by the young age of some of the riders [example pic right], it was heartbreaking to see such young souls brainwashed to think that what they were about to do was acceptable ... If those young children were to be thrown off amongst larger riders and horses, the consequences could be unthinkable.

We were surprised that some gates to the Estate were opened wide to allow them on the land . These gates are rarely used. The gates were then firmly shut. Trying to follow by vehicle was going to be difficult, but not much stops us. They could be heard but not seen as unfortunately the high fencing around the Estate is not the type for climbing! We tried and failed,

MiddletonFHSupportsthoughtlessparking17-2-18.jpgWe came across hunt supporters parked dangerously on the grass verge [left]. This particular road is notorious for accidents due to the sharp, blind bends. Suddenly we spotted a red coat doing a rather crazy dance, we then saw a stray hound running across the road. The other hunters appeared with the full pack of hounds who then decided to join in. Running amok on an already dangerous road made more dangerous by the incredibly thoughtless actions of the hunt support. How a hound didn't get hit is a miracle. Then to top it off the riders decided to do some dressage in the road. Eventually moving on they entered a wooded area followed by terriermen! [right] ,,, Why would Sledmere Estate allow terriermen on?

We came across them on a few occasions but due to the vast area we're unable to follow on foot. The hunt followers were a good give away to the location of the Hunt... Moving on we spotted about 10 hunt supporters vehicle's parked up. We decided to join them... Unfortunately about five minutes later we heard the hounds in cry across the fields into the woods. Suddenly we heard a shot gun twice. We think they flushed a fox and shot it. The timings were precise to the events. Its with heavy broken heart's we believe this to be so, but we cannot prove it.

We saw the hounds van being moved so obviously followed it. It was parked up at the Sledmere monument. It wasMiddletonFHTerriermen17-2-18.jpg rather tricky to park up as it was full of hunt supporters and horse boxes. We managed to park in between them. Risky but necessary to check if the returning hounds had blood on them. Thankfully they appeared to be free from being bloody. The Hunt Master and his heartless followers passed by our vehicle. It felt surreal being outnumbered and surrounded by a total different species. The heartless, soulless kind.

They packed up around 2.30pm which is quite early for them, which sadly makes us sure they killed a fox. We watched as one of the terriermen approached a hunt supporter and was handed something that could only be money. We wanted to go and check the terriers box for evidence but priority for our own safety must come first.

Monitoring, sabbing, following a hunt is tiring and on days like today can be heartbreaking if you suspect the murder of innocent wildlife but....... while ever the Hunting Act is so flimsy we'll be there doing what ever we can to save them.

We're hoping to get our Go Fund me set up next week. Please, please donate what you can. An average day can cost £25-30 just in fuel. There's so many ways to help us if you're not wanting or able to join us actively. Tell us what you know, keep aware. Donate. Share our fight . Thank you for supporting us.




Vale of the White Horse FH may have killed fox at Aston Down

18-2-18   Facebook – Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Comment on post and CIHW reply  

Mia Vaughan   Just had a lot of people on horses with their hounds on Aston Down Airfield. Fox hunting sadly, after they left not log ago, me and my mum found part of a dead fox, mauled to death and disembodied. Still warm!!!

Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   We think this would have been the VWH as Beaufort don't come that far. They are all hunting foxes. It is terrible to see the results of it.

Antis foil South Dorset FH efforts to kill foxes

18-2-18  Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights   Monitors Report 17/2/18 South Dorset Hunt meet at Higher S.DorsetFHAnotherfoxfleeingfrom_2_17-2-18.jpgBurton... again    With one monitor keeping an eye on the South Dorset Hunt from the off. They followed the usual well trodden route, over the hill and to a favourite of theirs... We counted 9 Horse riders (field) and about 7/8 quads each with 2/3 c*untrymen (terrier boys) on board!!...

With the hounds in cry in the ploughed field, we are fairly sure they ran a fox to ground but upon seeing us Dominic gathered them up and headed towards Heave Coppice... Monitors who were by now sat in a layby on the very fast Old Sherborne Road saw the hounds pick up on a scent and go running off at full speed with Dominic in hot pursuit...

The hounds now heading in the direction of Fairmile Farn meant that the monitors had to find a safe place and turn to follow them. With the hounds by now out of sight and the dribblers moved off it was a total shock to round a fast blind bend and be faced with Dominic on his horse riding along this notoriously dangerous road, even removing a hand from the reins to wave at the monitors whilst looking over the hedge to try and find the hounds!!...

S.DorsetFHDeerfleeingfrom17-2-18.jpg... one of the monitors spotted a fox running from the copse towards the road where they were stood. Keeping as still as possible they watched as the fox ran towards them... and the quads!! Running for its life the stunning big dog fox slipped through the gate that only minutes ago the dribbler held it open for the Hunt to pass. Grabbing a spray one monitor ran to where the fox had escaped and quickly covered its scent. The other monitor did the same on the other side. At this point all the quads rode past shouting abuse at us not knowing what had just occurred!

The Hunt then headed back towards New Buildings area so the monitors drove round to meet them. Heading along the road back towards the main road monitors were greeted by a scene of chaos with hounds running back and forward across the road, dribblers, quads and cars in all directions and redcoats cantering along the road, one on his phone after the fast disappearing hounds before finally regaining control by Heaves Farm...

They packed up at 4.56pm and the hounds looked clean. We then headed off for some rather scrummy vegan pasties��.

If you would like to join us please either message this page or email weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com Thank you all for your support so far we really couldn't do it without you. We are an independent group and receive no funding from big associations. Please join us if you can next Sunday from 11am-2pm for our peaceful protest event at Kingston Lacy House with National Dis-Trust. https://gogetfunding.com/weymouth-animal-rights-vehicle-an



Beaufort FH chase fox into barn, pretend trail hunt, re-invade garden

Holloas, terriermen and horn calls give lie to 'trail hunting' claims

18-2-18  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    Beaufort Hunt 14.02.2018  VIDEO  VIDEO[barn] VIDEO [3 C sabs]   The Beaufort met at Pound Farm on Wednesday, near Hawkesbury. The Hunt has been granted a licence to 'trail hunt' in nearby Horton Court area on three dates. The 14th February was one of the dates so we went alongBeaufortFHQuadsbothcommittingoffences14-2-18.jpg with our good friends Three Counties Hunt Sabs to see what they were up to. The hounds were heard speaking almost immediately as they progressed towards NT land. Terrier men were present with the Hunt. Now if we’re not mistaken – no terrier quads [right, both road illegal] are allowed as part of the licence conditions.

Repeat holloas were then heard from down in the valley and a quad was sighted down in the bottom corner of the field with an open box [below left]. This was caught on video by a 3Cs sab. Holloas are to encourage hounds onto the line of a fox and should have no place in trail hunts or flushing to birds of prey or guns. Then a CIHW monitor was approached by BH terrier man who said they had laid a trail and could we not intervene. He was very convincing - but his claim was rendered worthless once they started to holloa the hounds on to the line of the fox. You can clearly hear that it was a male hunter or terrier man’s holloa.

BeaufortFHTerriermenatspinney14-2-18.jpgThe Hunt went up towards the escarpment but then came down crossing the NT fields, not apparently actively hunting at this point. But later a fox was seen in the undergrowth of another covert [below right] as sabs walked in on the footpath. [3C video].The sabs rated the hounds and the Hunt was seen leaving just afterwards. It could have been that the presence of sabs was enough to deter them at that time.

They took the hounds across past Bushes Farm and headed towards Hawkesbury Common. The hounds were heard in full cry around here and at one point were in the private garden which they had trespassed in on the last occasion against the expressed wishes of the owner. We found them also drawing a small covert nearby which seemed to be disrupted by our foot walker with camera. One of our walkers saw a fox darting into a covert and stayed to protect it but, although the hounds came close, they did not pick up on it so we think this one survived the day.

We lost them for a while but came upon a rider on point near a disused small barn in the field opposite Bix FarmBeaufortFHFoxfleesthruundergrowth14-2-18.jpg and we could all see that the hounds were gathering around the barn. By the time a walker got in near she could see the Huntsman off his horse going into the barn and a terrier man going in as well. She shouted they were being watched as a terrier man jumped around in front of her camera to stop her filming. The Hunt did leave and 3C sab who had by now come up went to look into the barn. There was a powerful smell of fox and she said the hounds smelled of fox when they came out past her but there were no signs of a kill. It may be that we got near enough just in time to stop them and the fox got out. The terrier man tried to persuade the foot walker that the other terrier man had gone into the barn for a poo but as the Huntsman and about twenty hounds were also in there and other riders looking on, this did not seem likely.

After second horse, they crossed over Hawkesbury Monument and hunted through Frith Wood, supporters were seen on the other side of this long valley, but a foot walker had followed them in and caught up with them in there, hopefully deterring a full-on hunt.

They stayed buried in these long, deep valleys either side of the Cotswold Way for the rest of the afternoon until the hounds burst on to the road below Coombe Farm near where the hound lorry was waiting. They packed up at 4.25 after a long, wet chilly day.

Thanks for your support  httpi//paypal.me/cihwatch.


16-2-18  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   Beaufort 14th February 2018, Pound Farm, Hawkesbury    A very busy day with our friends Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch. Horrible wet cold day but we managed to help some of those being hunted. On the video the Beaufort terrier brigade can be seen and heard holloaing south of the meet. Holloas are to encourage hounds onto the line of a fox and should have no place in trail hunts or flushing to birds of prey or guns.

Later, a fox was seen in the undergrowth of another covert as sabs walked in on the footpath. The area was sprayed and the Hunt was seen leaving just afterwards. It could have been that the presence of sabs was enough to deter them at that time, but they went back later and hunted a fox into an old shed [pics at bottom, outside and in].


Sabs, fearing the worst, had to dodge terriermen Paul and Timmy but made it through in the end with some ninja moves to check for signs of a kill/stop any terrier work. Matt Ramsden [Huntsman] gathered the pack with lightning speed and got out of there, no signs of blood on them. No signs of a kill, we hope that the fox found somewhere safe to hide. They left the area after some drama about trespassing.

Lots more happened, we lifted hounds heads and rated them when necessary. They finished at the monument.

Yesterday, the Heythrop were at Great Barrington, sabs scrambled out and kept watch on them around Barrington Bushes late on in the day.   Please support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs.

  BeaufortFHBarnchasedfoxinto14-2-18.jpg BeaufortFHInsidebarnchasedfoxinto14-2-18.jpg


Member of public sees Warks FH clearly hunting a fox

18-2-18  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt - Saturday 17th February    A member of the public came across the Warwickshire Hunt yesterday and witnessed them hunting a fox. They filmed and took photos of the Hunt and sent them to us. Thanks to the exposure they have received from us this season more and more local people are standing up to the the Warwickshire Hunt. This is the account of what happened -

I was out walking when we bumped into a Hunt. I asked them if they were fox hunting and they said no they were drag hunting. I decided to keep and eye on them as they ran off across the fields, we could see the dogs chasing something but it was far away so we couldn’t be sure if they were chasing a fox or not. Not long after we saw a fox running across the field back towards where we were and had been.

The Hunt weren’t chasing it at this point but I headed to the direction the fox had gone and sure enough a terrier man was there on his radio. Not long after I heard the dogs back and a man (dressed like the Huntsman) with a horn, he was making calls I believe (high pitched squealing and blowing the horn). The terrier man said to him “it came across here”, pointing to where the fox had run. The horses then gathered and the dogs disappeared. At this point it’s was gone 5:30pm so the light was bad. I am not sure if they found a the fox as I haven’t witnessed a Hunt before.”

We have filmed the Warwickshire Hunt dangerously hunting into the dark on a number of occasions this season and it seems they still do when we aren’t about.

The National Trust saw no problem giving the Warwickshire Hunt a license to use its land and yet even members of the public who have never seen a hunt before can clearly tell that this Hunt are hunting foxes and using terrier men to assist them hunt foxes.

If you come across the Warwickshire Hunt whilst out and about please contact us confidentially on 07767620767.




Gizmo, rating and citronella save fox from East Cornwall FH

18-2-18   Facebook - Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team    East Cornwall Hunt Saturday 17/2/18,EastCornwallFHImpromptutraillayingonaroad17-2-18.jpg Linkindale, St Neot    Foot and vehicle teams were quickly deployed over the moor and surrounding fields in order to keep an eye on this Hunt, who like to dodge about in difficult terrain. The Hunt were observed drawing the usual covers and foxes were seen fleeing. One rider tried to make out she was laying a trail [right] but we've seen this type of behaviour before. We're not fooled and neither are the hounds.

Sabs walking along the Colliford Dam wall observed the Hunt galloping up over the moor, hounds in cry and as the sabs neared the lane, a fox suddenly sped away in front of them towards the lake shoreline. Thankfully, with only two field riders on the lane and no support or hounds around, the fox escaped - although one of the field saw the fleeing fox.

The foot team quickly sprayed the area with citronella along the route the fox took to mask the scent as a few of the hounds appeared over the hill. These were quickly rated, the Gizmo deployed and they ran back up the hill to the rest of the pack who were still in cry. We felt confident that this gave valuable time for the fox to make a hasty retreat to safer ground. The Hunt started to head back to the meet then made a loop and circled back to where the fox was seen. We're confident this fox got away and we witnessed no kills. Hunt packed up around 15:30.

EastCornwallFHTerriermen17-2-18.jpgThere was a small off-road parking area next to where the fox had fled which is used by walkers etc. A man out photographing the wild birds resting on the lake shore said he was disgusted at the way the Hunt had just milled around in the road while he waited for them to move aside to park in the bay. He was shocked at their arrogance and the way they didn’t even apologise or recognise their own obstruction of a public highway… something we have become used to but not the public, who in this man’s words, said he was used to more respectful horse riders (the non-hunters) on the byways.

Once the Hunt were packed up we took a drive over to a nearby valley where some of you may remember we came across a snared badger. We're glad to say the snares have not reappeared.

As always many thanks to all our supporters. Our January auction raised a fantastic amount to help keep the landy on the road and us in maps and equipment. Thanks also today to the sab who helped us out with some fantastic local knowledge. 

Pic above  -  Terriermen quads. No plate on front one.   Pic below  -  Huntsman Linsay Higgins and her hounds 



Walkers say saw Melbreak FH chasing two foxes

18-2-18   Facebook - Lancashire Huntsabs    Yesterday, we caught up with the Melbreak Foxhounds who were hunting in the Loweswater area. We arrived a couple of hours after the hunt had started, and when we got there they were hunting on the North-western side of Burnbank Fell, with various support vehicles parked up along Fangs Brow.

The Melbreak have recently been rewarded for their previous bad behaviour (illegal hunting, assault) by the National Trust, and they now have a 'trail hunting' licence again and have been re-named the 'Melbreak Trail Hounds' by the National Trust, although everywhere else they are still known as the Melbreak Foxhounds, as they do not follow 'trails' but they do hunt foxes.

Predictably, Huntsman Ed Liddle sent his hounds down into Holme Wood, a large National Trust Woodland. Sabs had positioned themselves in the woodland and saw a large dog fox to safety before hounds came streaming through the wood and picked up the fox's scent, but headed off heel ways (following the fox's line backwards).

As it was a fine day, there were lots of people out walking, with children, and dogs on leads. Most of them were startled to see a pack of hounds running past, with no huntsman in view. Hounds exited at the southern end of the wood and began to mill around, with several of them defecating on the public footpath. Sabs rated the hounds to keep them from picking up further scent lines, and were informed by members of the public that the hounds had been witnessed chasing two foxes earlier in the day.

Liddle began holloa-ing and horn blowing to call his hounds back up the fell, where he loafed around for the rest of the day. Hunt followers hung out of their vehicles with binoculars trying to catch a glimpse of the hounds but Liddle stayed put, refusing to return to Hudson Place farm, where the deluxe hound van was parked. Hunt Supporters gave up and went home, sabs returned to the vehicle, and Liddle snuck down the fell and picked up his van before collecting his hounds and returning home to sort out his domestic issues.


Tried JM Huntsman filmed drawing through farmyard, disturbing cows

Farm was subject to a bTb breakdown last year 

18-2-18  Wildlife Witness   VIDEO   Portman Hunt 17 February 2018 Ashmore, Dorset   We were joined on thePortmanFHJMHuntsmanondrawbeguninfarmyard17-2-18.jpg day by our friends at Dorset Against Blood Sports in a notoriously difficult area to monitor, due to the terrain of deep valleys and problems with access.

With National Trust land and Woodland Trust areas nearby the Hunt were restricted in which areas they could go and we knew that they would enter Forestry Commission owned Ashmore wood during the day so monitors were positioned in that area.

The Hunt moved off southwards and as has been so common this season there was very little activity as the hounds again failed to pick up any scent strong enough to hunt, which made it difficult to keep a tab on the Hunt’s location but great for the local wildlife.

Monitors in Ashmore Wood alerted us to riders in the area and two valued car spotters called in to report quads seen entering Farnham Woods but much of the morning was spent in the company of disappointed car followers combing the countryside looking for a sight of the hounds.

PortmanFHTerrierquadsfollowlineofHuntsman17-2-18.jpgUnlike all the Hunt supporters, who had long gone home after being ignored by the Hunt, perseverance is our strong point and we were rewarded as hounds were spotted close to the busy A354 near Tarrant Hinton Down.

The usual ritual of drawing hedgerows showed little promise of delivering anything for the field of FOUR to get excited about. Huntsman, Evo Shirley then took hounds to the rear of Chettle House and on to Lower Farm, the location of a bTB breakdown just last year.

As monitors moved to higher ground to the north of the farm three hollahs went up from the location of the quad bikes near to the farm, so we drove back to the farm to find Evo on foot encouraging hounds on with horn-blowing through the farmyard and cows, before crossing the Chettle road and back in to the grounds of Chettle House where the hounds failed to find. The Huntsman then took hounds back to re-trace their line before finally giving up and packing up around 4.30pm.

A difficult day which seemed destined to end in disappointment but like most meets now the only people present at the end of the day were the hunt staff, quads and us monitors.

We are getting close to 1,000 likes for our page so please spread the word about our monitoring and feel free to share the posts and check out our video’s on Youtube.

Pic left above  -  Terriermen following line taken by Huntsman     Pic below -  Cattle disturbed by Huntsman and hounds, just yards away across fence   


POWAperson adds -  The trial  of Evo Shirley, JM and Huntsman of the Portman on an illegal hunting charge ended on 13th February, just 4 days before the events detailed above. The verdict is not due until 14th March.  See story below dated 13-2-18.         


Grove & Rufford FH chase many foxes across roads & in gardens

18-2-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs     Yesterday, we went to visit the Grove and Rufford in North Wheatley, near Gainsborough. The Grove were convicted of illegally hunting less than a year ago, they will be back in court very soon if they carry on chasing foxes like they did today. Multiple foxes were chased across roads and through people's gardens in South Wheatley. The locals were understandably upset about this and came out to remonstrate with the hunt criminals, to no avail. When the Hunt chased a fox across the road in front of our landy we had to suffer some of the worst driving we've seen off hunt support, who were desperate to stop our landy getting through. As ever, our driver kept her cool and foot sabs were able to keep up.

Jane Wright, the Whip, was riding a clearly emaciated horse [below left], these people say they care about their animals, well she clearly didn't, as the photos prove. We have since wondered if the starving horse is going to be replaced by the horse the Grove are desperately fundraising for. (They actually have a go fund me up for this, of all things!).

It was a long day with most of the field disappearing around 2pm but a few of the Hunt second horsed and carried on. After one last attempt at picking up a scent and one last chase, the Grove headed back to the meet, red-faced after having to apologise for trespassing in the gardens of South Wheatley. And we headed to the pub.

Pic right below  -  Peter White, terrierman. Convicted  of illegal hunting last year, as was Whip Jake Wright, in pic on left. Well, those pathetic fines and not getting a criminal record really deterred them, didn't they?




East Kent FH supporter kicks sab, claims to have gun

18-2-18   Facebook - East Kent Sabs    EAST KENT HUNT Saturday Feb 17th     This week were joined by our friends from the new West Kent Sab group, which brought our numbers up to nearly 20. The Hunt we chose to do was the East Kent with West Street Foxhounds, at Coombe farm, which is at the Wye end of the Crundale Estate. A nice day had brought the fair weather riders out for the Hunt, obviously not bothered that their hunt subscription goes to paying for the death of countless foxes each year!

The Hunt headed through the woods on the west side of the estate, and after a couple of trips we positioned ourselves in between Warren Wood an Black Edge Wood, while the Hunt perched on the top of Marriage hill like something out of an old western!

Apart from Sally (the Huntsman's lovely wife) the Hunt didn't get to close to us-instead they doubled back on themselves, flushing a huge hare in the process, but this did get away. We bumped into our old friend (and grass) Jack who was masked up but all alone on his quad bike…. maybe it wasn't such a good idea grassing up your hunting friends after all! And it must often cross the Hunt's minds-just who does give us the meets?!

E.KentFHsupporterkickssab17-2-18.jpgOur group was now split, and between being transported, the Hunt had obviously got onto something in Beech Wood, so sabs started to call hounds out of the wood. A couple of hounds made a dash for us, which made the whipper-in jump to action, but gremlins in our gizmo meant our hound cry recording was distorted with feedback. The bulk of the hounds were in cry and heading to where we had just been-we were too late to get in front of the hounds, so took to calling them back.

One of the walking dead that follow this Hunt, could not cope with someone interfering with the chasing of a wild animal with a pack of hounds, so kicked one of our group [left]. He was quickly reminded of Common Law, and that not all sabs are pacifists! He backed off and took to saying how he had a gun in his pocket, obviously a line he uses on his sheep from time to time!

The hounds ended up in the northerly tip of Warren Wood, our group at the Church at Crundale had concerns that the Hunt may have killed there. The hounds stopped crying for a static baying sound, and the unfamiliar horn call we heard was taken as maybe a blow for a kill….half of us searched for the kill site while the rest carried on after the Hunt. Thankfully, no sign of a kill or marking to ground was found, so we can only speculate on the out come of that chase.

Also this area is home to deer, so without us seeing the quarry it is also possible they were onto a deer? (you can see here the same hunt chasing a deer in the same area back in 2011.

We kept on after them, down Hassell Street and with the whole of us together near Pett Street Farm, it looked like it was over. Confirmation that they were packing up by 3.50pm was good news, with the days getting lighter they had over an hour of good hunting time left. Let's hope we played our part in their early finish?!

If you wish to donate to our group and keep us out in the fields, you can do so here - many thanks. https://www.paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA.


Hampshire FH 'trail hunt' - but no trails, and terriermen present

Monitors request for explanation greeted with 'tirade of abuse'

HampshireFHTerriermawithchildonquad17-2-18.jpg18-2-18   Facebook - Surrey Hunt Monitors    TRAIL HUNTING LIES IN HAMPSHIRE 17 February 2018 found the Surrey Hunt Monitors on an early start at the Hampshire Hunt. Monitors were positioned overlooking Folly Hill Farm, Itchen Stoke, Alresford and near the kennels in Ropley awaiting the arrival of the HH.

A pick-up towing the hunt quad bike on a trailer turned up at the Farm just after 10:00 along with the hunt terriermen and a young child [left]. These have been seen out at every meet for the last few weeks. A short time later the hound van turned up to confirm that the HH were meeting here.

 Supporters soon turned up along the road and about ten minutes later the Hunt turned up. The terriermen were also seen lurking in the woodland by the barn. The monitors saw no trail layers in the vicinity and the hounds were being actively cast through the woodland by Huntsman Harding. A deer was scared from the woods across the field and road, fortunately it was not hurt. This Hunt have no care for any wildlife, as long as they have fun.


We were soon spotted by the Hunt and the hounds were pulled up immediately. Two riders then approached us and started taking photos of us, which is fine as we have nothing to hide. Upon asking one rider why there was no trail and why do they have terriermen, we were subjected to a foul mouthed tirade from her [right]. HampshireFHWhatacharmer17-2-18.jpgNot what we expect from a Hunt that we are only filming and they are supposed to be legally trail hunting. She claimed they were trail hunting and that the so called terriermen were just the farmer who was hosting the meet. We had been in this location for about an hour and seen no trail layer. The terriermen and quadbike were seen leaving the kennels and arriving at the meet so they were not just the local farmer. Lies, lies and more lies from the Hunt. The whole tirade was filmed for posting later.

A short while later, we were joined by North Downs and Guildford Hunt Saboteurs which put the Hunt on the run without casting through the barn area to pick up their imaginary trail. On later investigation a blocked sett was found in this area, which would explain the two terriermen and the boy on the quad with a box of terriers.

Clearly bothered by our presence and without a trail layer, the Hunt moved off at speed and spent the next hour or so milling around in The Grange not sure what to do without a trail to follow. The terriermen held back and were very skittish, driving three up on the road with face masks and keeping their distance from the Hunt.

The mounted field packed up at 2:30ish, not looking at all happy with us. We patrolled the area for the next hour as the hounds had not been seen returning to the meet. A monitor at the kennels saw them arrive a short time later. So we moved on to the pub, leaving behind the very classy (not!), foul mouthed and clearly NOT trail hunting Hampshire Hunt.

Pics below   -   Hares getting out of the way of the hunt 

  HampshireFHHarefleeing17-2-18.jpg HampshireFHHaresfleeing17-2-18.jpgHampshireFHHaresfleeing17-2-18.jpg


Sabs make sure Westerby Bassets just have a little stroll

18-2-18   Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs    Hit Report 17.02.18    It’s been a while since we visited the Westerby Basset Hounds so, along with our buddies from Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs, we followed them discretely from their kennels in South Kilworth to a farm in Thornby.

The handful of tweed wearers were standing around chatting upon our arrival and eventually the chat became louder, obviously for our ears, that they were going to exercise the dogs around the village – no hunting hares here! Really? Why are you all dressed up then, just for hound exercise?! So off they went, in all their finery, losing the few meagre followers they had along the way, which wasn’t a long way at all!

Sabs tagged along for a little stroll in the lovely weather and a police car appeared as well following along behind. It was noted that many of the dogs that were stopping to relieve themselves along the way had bad smelling diarrhoea, goodness only knows what nastiness they’ve been feeding them.

They looped back round to the meet, police had a little chat on both sides then disappeared. Hounds were loaded back onto the trailer and picnic baskets and thermos flasks were retrieved from their vehicles.

We stayed around until they finished picnicking and left, trying to lose us on the way, but we spotted the vehicle and trailer back at the kennels. Happy that our work was done and many hares saved we went off home to enjoy what was a nice early finish for us.

Donations are always appreciated: www.paypal.me/ENABS.



Hunt seen trespassing on NT land in Derbyshire


11-2-18   LACS website    A hunt was reported to be on National Trust land at Edale, Derbyshire on 11th February, 2018, in a report made to the League's Animal Crimewatch line.


Ledbury FH hunt several foxes, sabs ensure no kills

17-2-18  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Friday, 16th February 2018 was spent on the Forhampton estate with the Ledbury from Lower farm.

The day commenced with sett checking and, despite 5 years of culling, some setts are doing well, others less so. The Hunt moved south following a rousing speech by joint master David Redvers. First few coverts were drawn blank and then they picked up between the meet and Werth Lane. As can be seen from the film some of the fieldLedburyFHFoxfleeing17-2-18.jpg got a bit paranoid about anyone filming the small, red fluffy trail layer and despite the area being swamped with footpath signs decided to tell big fibs. This was all on John Sarne York's land who some may remember as a major landowner who was signed up for the badger cull.

Mark Melladay appeared to abandon that fox and went promptly north as predicted to the sewage works where sabs were waiting for him and slowed down the pack on 2 of 4 foxes who broke cover there.

It was a very good scenting day with an extraordinary number of foxes and very fast hunts, so much so that even David Redvers was way behind them. However sabs were often present to run in and intervene by both rating the pack and lifting their heads as this is very familiar territory. A brace were hunted from New Farm Cottages to Forthampton Court itself (see video), sabs were on hand to slow them and hopefully they escaped.

As predicted, they went on to Haw bridge where one group helped to stop a sheep running in terror onto the main road as they found another brace in the undergrowth. They hunted north towards Town Street farm from Haw bridge. Sabs on foot were soon found by a very inquisitive drone which hovered over them for some time before returning to Town Street where some very tired sabs were relieved to find them packing up.

NB foxes are often found running in pairs at this time of year, vixens are pregnant and some early cubs will have been born. If a lactating vixen is killed, the cubs will starve.

Please support us if you are able and willing to do so paypal.me/threecountiessabs.


South Down FH interrupted by sabs when about to dig fox from sett

17-2-18  Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   South Down and Eridge Hunt attempt to dig out active SouthdownFHTerriermenfleesceneofattempteddigout17-2-18.jpgbadger sett   Today was a day of many parts. First we headed off to Marsh Green to see what the Crawley and Horsham Hunt were up to. It soon become obvious that the hunt had been cancelled, however. Not long after came a call from our fellow sabs that the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt had packed up after only an hour, so we made our way down to Southease to where the Southdown and Eridge Hunt were meeting.

As soon as we walked up onto the Downs, we could see a group of terriermen huddled together around a badger sett - never a good sign. Sure enough, it was immediately clear that a fox had just been chased to ground as the Huntsman, Oliver Hill, was waiting with his hounds in the next field for the fox to be dug out and released. We ran over to the terriermen who quickly put their tools and terriers back in their quads and drove off. The sett had clear signs of badger activity, with paw prints and runs visible and at least one entrance had already been blocked up by the boys. Scared that they’d been rumbled, Jamie Short, one of the Hunt’s terriermen, laid a short trail for the purposes of his camera before the hunt then slowly made their way back up to the meet, with us walking in tow. A pretty successful day all round!

Any donations towards our ongoing costs are always much appreciated: paypal.me/BtnHuntSabs.


Sabs prevent Cambridge FH dig out of hunted fox

17-2-18   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs   What a difference a week makes, no complaints about theCambridgeFHHolefoxboltedintoSabsstoppeddigout17-2-18.jpg weather this week, bathed in glorious sunshine and mild temperatures we set out into the countryside once more to do battle with the forces of evil and lend a hand to our constantly persecuted wildlife. We were told that the Cambridge and Enfield Chace would be hunting around the villages of Dunton, Hinxworth and Eyeworth and as this hunt doesn't get quite as much sab attention as it should we thought it only right and proper to pay them a visit. Our comrades today were once again North Cambs Hunt Sabs in their newly repair vehicles after being attacked by Fitzwilliam hunt supporters last week and South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs.

We remember the C&EC from previous hits and regardless of what Dim Bonner and CA will tell you this once well attended hunt is a shadow of its former self, much like many hunts across the country. On a perfect day like this you would expect a big turnout but with only about 15 riders the writing is clearly on the wall for hunting in general.

Our intel was spot on and the Hunt was tracked leaving the meet. CambridgeFHTerriermenwherefoxwenttoground17-2-18.jpgThey hunted a large land locked area with little road access, so this meant lots of slogging across country for the foot teams. However, this also meant the Hunt were restricted to this area as well. Between the 3 teams we tracked them as they hunted round in big circles. Hares and deer were observed fleeing the hounds but they rarely spoke.

Many riders were seem leaving around 2:30pm but they hunted on. We stuck with them and good job too and the hounds put up a fox which ran a long a hedge line with the hounds in full cry behind. The fox sought sanctuary in a hole under a small foot bridge and the terrier men were seen heading in the flush the poor animal out. Sabs quickly arrived on the scene, removed the hounds which had marked to ground and guarded the hole where the fox had disappeared.

While more sabs covered the hounds as they headed back to the meet, others stood guard. The terrier men didn't want to leave their quarry and hung about however after the Hunt had packed up more sabs arrived and we encouraged them to leave which they reluctantly did. Once we were sure they were out of the picture we left the scene so the fox could safely leave the hole. An effective operation today and we're happy with the results.

Pics above   -  Top right  -  Hole into which the hunted fox fled    Lower left  -  Terriermen at the hole   Pics below  -  1/  Terriermen reluctantly leave    2/  Terrier with scarred nose   3/  Very small field for a Saturday

  CambridgeFHTerriermenwherefoxwenttoground17-2-18.jpg CambridgeFHTerrierwithscarrednose17-2-18.jpg



Sabs assaulted, driven at, sprayed with mystery liquid at Curre FH

17-2-18  Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    Sabs driven at and sprayed with unknown substances at meet of Curre & Llangibby     It seems like the constant sabbing of the Curre has made them hit breaking point. Last week we aided foxes to safety and stopped a dig out of another fox later in the afternoon.

CurreFHSupportersprayssab17-2-18.jpgThe Hunt met today at the Three Salmons hotel in Usk. Foot sabs from Bristol, South Wales, Bath and Severn Vale split into small teams and soon found them. As a result, they decided to put some distance between us and have a day of hassle-free hunting. They were helped by supporters and riders family members who tried to stop sabs from getting anywhere near the Hunt.

We were blocked at gates, assaulted, driven at, but most disturbingly, sprayed with an unknown substance [left] on multiple occasions. This behaviour is disturbing to say the least. Members of the Hunt saw this happening and let it continue.

Thankfully, every time the Hunt were in sight or heard, the hounds failed to pick up any scent. The warm conditions obviously made that harder for them. By constantly trying to lose sab company the huntsman left the rest of the riders, who pay to be out with the hunt, miles away from any of the action. What an absolute shambles.

The cracks are well and truly showing at the Curre. We’re happy to be hammering the nails into their coffin. We’ll be seeing you…   Support our work for the price of a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/A37126JE.  

19-2-18  Facebook – Severn Vale Saboteurs   Curre & Llangibby Foxhounds 17.2.2018 Meet: Three Salmons Hotel, Usk    With Bath, Bristol & South Wales Hunt Saboteurs. We initially split into three teams of foot sabs, one group spotted the hounds quickly with another group with the field (near Cockshoot Wood) which included Adam Humphreys of Usk Castle. Adam still appeared to be suffering from his intolerable bout of verbal diarrhoea and incurable ignorance, no doubt caused by generations of inbreeding. Whipper-in Paul Reece seemed unhappy to see us and took his anger out by slamming a gate which bounced back, nearly hitting his horse.

A couple of teams of foot sabs joined up just north of Park Wood to follow the hounds. Sabs were soon driven at by maniac, Henry Humphreys on a quad bike who was joined by lackey, Fraser Kerby. Henry is clearly unhinged and could well be suffering from organophosphate poisoning from using sheep dip. He should probably be locked away for everyone's safety.

Henry seems to have a penchant for golden showers and proceeded to spray sabs in what he claimed was urine, we can't say if it was his own or not. Henry also sprayed unknown substances from canisters on sabs. If he did this on a street somewhere, quite rightly he would be arrested. Henry wanted a fight, sabs just wanted to save foxes.

Rosie Humphreys who is used to bossing subordinates around, tried using her poor, gentle pony as a weapon and grabbed at sabs. She repeated her lies over and over again and along with her disturbed husband Henry, tried to stop sabs from getting to footpaths. Due to Rosie's anti-social nature she deals with dead people who can't answer her back.

If you have trouble walking the footpaths as many are not marked, please complain to the rights of way team.

At Beech Hill Farm, Henry called out the resident goon to follow us in his Landrover. Sabs travelled to the bottom of Upper Lancayo wood and observed, ready to intervene as hounds went through the woods, being encouraged by voice calls from the Hhuntsman on Llancaeo Hill. In dribs and drabs the field sloped off to their horse boxes from around 2-3.30pm until they had all gone.

Thankfully the hounds barely made a noise all day, they didn't even catch scent of the mythical trail so we are hopeful that no foxes were killed. If you are not a member already, please join the HSA for just £20 a year.


Blackmore FH hunt foxes again, including in gardens

17-2-18   Facebook - Dorset Hunt Sabs    Hit Report Saturday 17th Feb 2018  Blackmore and Sparkford Vale FH meeting at Bowden    After their kill last Saturday we paid a visit to the BSV to make a stand once again for our wildlife. We aren’t overly sure why Ben Doggrell was laughing every time he passed us today … perhaps he is still excited having made front page of the Western Gazette this week for killing a fox or perhaps some serious wind issues - answers on a postcard please ??

From the meet the Hunt travelled north east to West Wood and from there to New Covert. New Covert always holds foxes as well as deer and so it was today. With foot sabs on the footpath having done our usual work to make the area safer we soon spotted a lonesome huntsman, Mark Doggrell coming up the track at speed having lost all but 5 of his hounds. We politely pointed out where they were but he didn’t believe us until he heard them and then grunted something in knuckle-dragging speak which we don’t understand but we bet it was not thank you !

BlackmoreFH17-2-18.jpgBemused foot sabs started to made their way back to the landy but found the Huntsman on foot and joined by the Whip. Foot sabs stayed put until the Huntsman and his Whip were re-mounted then got in the landy to head them off whilst leaving our monitors to keep a keen eye on them as a fox took the hounds to Redhouse Farm. This fox may have found refuge amongst the buildings.

Hounds were collected up and then taken South to the Spurles Farm area where it is thought another fox was hunted. Hounds on cry ran towards Martins Copse before crossing back over Bowden Road near Newleaze Farm. Foot sabs sprang into action once again using citronella to help mask the scent of the fleeing fox. Hounds were literally rampaging through gardens here once again displaying the total lack of respect the Hunt have for people's property. Hounds lost the line once again in this area and they were gathered up and brought to Windmill Hill where two monitors were waiting to greet them!After the ‘shenanigans’ of the previous week the Hunt passed by without any problems... Working with our monitors the hounds were quickly found again in the area of Caundle Brake and ran towards Middle Farm, Stalbridge Weston and then on to Sturt Farm on Easton Lane.... Hounds seem to hold the line of the fox probably because the temperature was starting to drop.

Whilst our monitors were keeping tabs on the hounds the Landy was met with resistance from Jack Mcnulty who had been keeping the whipper in company today. We filmed this and the duration and will be passing this to the police!...

The hounds moved to Holtham Plantation where hounds could be seen in waves moving west. Two foxes exited the wood one ‘doubling back’ and re-entering the wood behind the hounds and huntsman. Clever fox that!

With another incident of a hunt supporter complete with his horse in the trailer blocking the road and in a separate incident the Whipper In was heard telling a hunt vehicle to “stay there” again blocking the public road we really do wonder what they are so desperate to stop us from seeing !! Footage was obtained and will be passed the police along with Jack's footage and we will update you with the police response.

Shortly after 4:30pm hounds were stopped on the outskirts of Stourton Caundle and taken... to pack up. Despite being on cry multiple times today the hounds looked clean... and we are almost sure no fox lost its life today but left unattended we are equally sure more than one fox would have !

As ever, if you have some info on any of the Dorset Hunts that you would like to share or if you want to join us please send us an email to dorsethuntsabs@riseup.netBig thanks and respect to the monitors out today - was an absolute pleasure !! Love and solidarity, Dorset Hunt Sabs. https://www.gofundme.com/dorset-sabs-bodycam-protection.

Pics below   -   1/  Coverage of fox kill last Saturday    2/  Deer fleeing Hunt 

  BlackmoreFHCoverageofkill10tFeb15-2-18.jpg BlackmoreFHDeerflleing17-2-18.jpg


Hunters laugh as sab struggles in huge, uncovered cesspit

Hunt seriously annoy road users - but day is kill-free 

17-2-18   Facebook – Devon County Hunt Sabs   Eggesford Hunt 17.2.2018    Yesterday, we returned to theEggesfordFHTerriermanfalselyclainingtohavelaidtrailsandfriends17-2-18.jpg Eggesford Hunt with friends from South Devon Animal Rights. The Hunt met at Sydney House in Chulmleigh, but didn't hunt in that area all day, as Marles ran from the meet and crossed the A377 back in direction of Ashreigney in order to try and lose us. It didn't work.

Hounds were put in at Hansford Plantation and were soon heard in cry. Sabs followed and rated hounds off the line, as Huntsman Jason Marles tried repeatedly to put them back onto it... Sabs were repositioned on all sides. Wherever he turned, there were sabs already there waiting for him. Marles lost half the pack in this area, as hounds got stuck in dense bramble bushes. He had to spend some time riding up and down the roads gathering them, while the riders were sat on the road waiting. Whenever we saw riders yesterday, that's pretty much all they were doing. That and mouthing off at sabs with their usual sexist and bigoted comments. Meanwhile Marles's vehicle support were deliberately blocking the roads in an attempt to stall us and buy him time, but that didn't work either and only resulted in a lot of frustration from locals and delivery drivers who were caught up in the blockage. One of the delivery drivers referred to the hunt as "arrogant bastards" and told us he would be getting his company to make a formal complaint. We gave him the Hunt's details and encouraged him to do so.

EggesfordFHTerriersprisonfortheday17-2-18.jpgNext, they headed into the steep wooded valley east of Callard, but with temperatures rising and scent conditions deteriorating they didn't get onto much in there. They drew Woodrow Wood and came back towards Bithefin and Hansford, while sab teams were repositioned. When we caught up with hounds a little while later near Highdown, Marles was nowhere to be seen and hounds crossed the road into traffic towards Bridge Wood. One of the quad bikes narrowly missed hitting a hound, and as usual there was nobody from the Hunt trying to stop them! While some sabs ran after the lead hounds to rate them, others went into the wood east of Highdown to check on the remaining hounds, who were getting stuck in the boggy ground and making distressing sounds.

As sabs emerged into the field, one sab slid into a cess pit on the edge of the wood. The pit, which adjoins the main road with the gate wide open, was completely unmarked, unfenced and covered with a crust making it look like solid ground. An emergency call was made to the landy, as this was a life-threatening situation, and the landy became stuck while trying to assist. Riders and hunt support came over to take pictures while the landy, with driver still in it, slid further. In a life-threatening situation like this, we would have helped even if it had been the Hunt, rather than stand around threatening (as they did!) to push the landy further in. Emergency services were called and a fire crew arrived within 10 minutes. While they were working, a hunt supporter stood around filming and laughing. The fire crew couldn't believe his attitude and ordered him to leave.

An ambulance arrived to take the sab to hospital. She's ok, as are the landy and driver. We'll be taking theEggesfordFHHoundswithrottedcarcass17-2-18.jpg matter of the dangerous pit further, as it poses a risk to human and other animal life. There were empty bottles of corrosive liquid strewn around the pit, which was leaking into the field of crops below, as well as a stream on the edge of the wood. A local resident drove past and told us she had previously put in complaints about it, as it is so dangerous. We sincerely hope no hounds got stuck in the pit before we got there, as hounds had been audibly in distress in that area, another thing riders and hunt support didn't seem at all interested in. While all of this was going on, foot sabs kept up with Huntsman and hounds who were going in and out of cry in Bridge Wood, Wembworthy Closes and Horridge Plantation. Some sabs stuck to the hounds and rated them back to the Huntsman whenever they could, while others took up positions up and down the densely wooded valley. Eventually Marles gave up and hacked back to the kennels via Collacott and Labdon, still missing several hounds.

Two foxes were seen to safety today, one very close to hounds and running for his life, and one a few hundred yards away in the direction the hunt were headed. We have no doubt the terrier men would have been up to their usual business if sabs hadn't been there.

Many thanks to the fire crew and ambulance for their swift and professional response and to South Devon Animal Rights for teaming up with us today. If you support what we do, please donate to our fuel fund via https://www.paypal.me/dchs To send us information or get involved: 07717473305 devoncountysabs@riseup.net.


Police call for witnesses re. fox kill by Hunt in Derbyshire

A Master has been interviewed

16-2-18  Derbyshire Rural Crime Team    We are dealing with an incident of a fox kill at Hollington on 3rd February which took place during a Hunt. This appeal is for anyone who may have witnessed the action immediately prior to and associated with the kill. One of the Masters of the hounds has been interviewed.

Please reply only if you have anything useful for us and refrain from posting opinions which are of no benefit to us. Thank you.

POWAperson adds  -  Not yet certain what Hunt this was - most likely seems the Meynell FH - or who reported it.



Welsh police call for info re. Hunt badger sett interference

Though call issued four months after the incident 

16-2-18    Powys County Times   Suspected interference of badger set at Pilleth near Knighton    DYFED-POWYS Police are appealing for information following allegations of interference with a badger sett which took place in October, 2017, near Knighton.

Images of a group of people with vehicles and quad bikes looking suspicious in the area, have emerged from October 14 when it is believed the offences could have taken place.

A Police spokeswoman said: “We are appealing for information following an allegation of suspected interference with a badger sett, which occurred on Saturday, October 14 2017, in Pilleth, Radnorshire. “We would especially like to speak to the people in the images as they may have information that could help the police investigation. Anyone with information that could help officers with their investigation is asked to contact PC Adrian Ward on 03000653317, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


POWAperson adds - Blocking of badger sett entrances is absolutely standard practice by Hunts and, when detected by anti-hunt activists, is reported on social media and usually to police. Prosecutions almost never follow, Hunts never seem to be deterred. This is just yet one more indication that Hunts are not, as they claim, 'trail hunting' but are breaking the law by wilfully and cruelly hunting wild quarry for 'sport'. The Hunting Act was poorly framed, making it difficult to bring successful prosecutions, but there is still a lot more police and CPS could do while we wait for the essential significant strengthening of the Hunting Act. www.campaigntostrengthenthehuntingact.com.


Surrey Union FH hounds injured after rioting on deer

At least two had to be carried away from scene 

16-2-18  Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO    Surrey Union hounds rioting after deer on the Hampton Estate earlier today...

16-2-18  Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   Some of the Surrey Union hounds injured when they rioted after deer on Friday. This Hunt is a liability, the Huntsman has no control of the hounds and the Whipper-in can't count above 10 without taking his boots off!

Pics below   -  1st and 2nd hounds being carried from field 

  SurreyUnionFHHoundinjuredafterriotingondeercarriedfromfield16-2-18.jpg  SurreyUnionFH2ndinjuredhoundcarriedfromfield16-2-18.jpg

18-2-18   Facebook – Three Counties Sabs    A sab from 3C had the pleasure of joining some of her old groups, North Downs Hunt Sabs and Guildford Hunt Saboteurs as well as the Surrey Hunt Monitors on Friday at the Surrey Union Hunt.

With a last-minute tip-off small groups of sabs arrived throughout the morning and afternoon and we ended up perfectly placed on one occasion to put the Hunt off giving chase to one fox (scent was bad for much of the day and few lines were picked up on). Hounds, however, paid little attention to the Huntsman on a number of occasions, posing a risk to road users, wildlife and themselves. At one point the Whipper-in called "all on" only for at least 3 stray hounds to be found trying to catch up with the pack soon after!

Hounds rioted on a deer, ignored Huntsman and, with no Whipper-in paying attention, ended up in gardens and grounds of a church near a fairly busy road. Not surprising then that 2 hounds were soon being loaded into a supporter's car having been injured somehow. Another was later seen limping badly in a car park.

With scent still bad, the Hunt pretended to lay a trail (including down part of a road... lucky then that the tag smelled of nothing at all and the hounds totally ignored it). They packed up around 4 looking a bit peeved...

Please support us and the groups we joined with on Friday! More footage and reports to come! http://paypal.me/threecountiessabs.

POWAperson adds  -  Depending, of course, on the severity of their injuries, the outlook for wounded hounds is not good. Hounds are mere tools of the trade to Hunts and really not worth spending money and care on. See How hunters 'love' their hounds


Protest in Sherbourne against Blackmore FH killing of fox

16-2-18    Somerset Live     Anti-hunt protesters stage "impromptu outreach" in Sherborne following allegations of illegal hunting at Sherborne Castle by Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt    A small group of protesters was present in Sherborne following unconfirmed reports that a fox had been killed A small group of people protesting against the local Hunt congregated in Sherborne yesterday for what it described as an "impromptu outreach".

Images have emerged on social media of a number of activists near the Boots branch on Cheap Street, holding up BlackmoreFHProtestinSherbourneaginfoxkill16-2-18.jpgbanners and placards. A post on Facebook subsequently confirmed that the group was there to speak to members of the public about the alleged illegal hunting which took place at Sherborne Castle and Gardens last Saturday (February 10th). Police have confirmed that ten people took part in the protest, which began near the Waitrose supermarket. 

The original post, on the North Dorset Badger and Hunt Watch Team page - which is no longer active at the time of publication - shows three people holding up placards and a banner reading 'Hounds Off'. The subsequent post on the Facebook page Action Against Foxhunting showed these placards in detail. The groups claims that a fox had been "hunted illegally" and "torn apart by hounds" at Sherborne Castle and Gardens on February 10th. The post read: "Impromptu outreach in Sherborne today. So many supportive people. We need to get out there and talk to people face-to-face. It really works!"

The Dorset Hunt Sabs group filmed the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale hunt on February 10, as part of its regular hunt monitoring activities. It subsequently released the video onto social media, showing what appeared to be animal body parts in the wooded area in which the hunt had stopped. 

The Hunt has subsequently stated that it "operates within the laws" and said that any suspicion of wrongdoing should be handled first and foremost by the police. The Countryside Alliance said it could not comment as no incident has been reported.

Somerset Police is continuing to investigate the claims. Regarding the protest, a spokesperson said: "We were called at 12.37pm to reports of a group of approximately ten adults protesting about fox hunting outside Waitrose in Cheap Street, Sherborne. "Officers attended and spoke to the group. It was deemed to be a peaceful protest and no offences were committed.

Trail hunting is not illegal under the Hunting Act, though activists believe that hunts use trail hunting as a "cover" for illegal hunting of foxes, hares and deer. Avon and Somerset Constabulary recently revealed that it records around six crimes a year in relation to illegal hunting.


Monitors say saved three foxes from South Durham FH 

15-2-18  Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors   HIT REPORT 7.02.18 South Durham Hunt Meet, Wingate GrangeS.DurhamFHTerriermanhopingtofindfox7-2-18.jpg Farm    From the very off the Hunt were up to no good. Foot monitors spotted the quad bikes and terrier men stopping at some hay bales [right] and just as we thought they proceeded to put a terrier through in the hope of flushing out a fox possibly to a net at the other end of the bales. All caught on our super new zoom camcorder. We all know bagged foxes come in handy for joint meets and to show off to visitors and the like.

The Hunt met at Wingate but made its way towards Trimdon and monitors had a lot of walking to do to keep up, but we also had vehicle keeping tabs on them from the road. Feeling fit, the monitors kept eyes on the Hunt and headed them off knowing what direction they were going.

S.DurhamFHFoxfleeingfrom7-2-18.jpgDuring the day many deer and hare were seen to flee from the Hunt but and thankfully we were able to see 3 beautiful foxes [below left]  to safety from the jaws of the hounds and the bloodthirsty hunt scum. We also were accosted by some terriermen thinking they looked menacing with their face masks. They just hate it when we use the horn to save a fox, this really boils their blood and makes their veins pop.

Oh well, with a job to do we kept on into the dark, such was the Hunt master and amateur whipper-ins need to kill. Packing up, we were all so pleased at saving the foxes that the cold wet and aching legs didn't even register till we all got home.

You can help with the costs of keeping us in the field by donating to our paypal using huntmonitors@gmail.com or paypal.me/huntmonitors. http://ko-fi.com/huntmonitors. LONG LIVE THE FOX ��.


Disturbing film of Fitzwilliam FH thugs attack on sab car released

15-2-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    This is video footage of the unprovoked, premeditated attack by supporters of the Fitzwilliam Hunt last saturday. A police investigation is now underway. PLEASE SHARE. Our report: http://bit.ly/2ClOXZi,    HSA statement: http://bit.ly/2BjRUN7.

Pics below  -   1/  1st thug vehicle swerves across sab car    2/  2nd thug car has pulled up. Thug emerges with weapon in hand.    3/  That thug goes round side/back of sab car, smashing windows. Thug from 1st car approaches, weapon in hand.    4/   Sab car made break for it, being pursued by 1st thug vehicle. Note shattered rear window.

  FitzwilliamFH1stthugcarswervesacrosssabs10-2-18.jpg FitzwilliamFH2ndthugcarpullsupThugemerges10-2-18.jpg

  FitzwilliamFHThugfrom2ndcarhasrunroundsideofsabcarThugfrom1stcarapproachesweaponinhand10-2-18.jpg FitzwilliamFHSabcarfleeingfrom1stthugcarNoteshatteredrearwindow10-2-18.jpg


Sabs film Warks FH illegally hunting in Country Park

Council confirms no permission for them to go on land

Harassed all day by JM lying about what sabs doing 

15-2-18  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt - Monday 12th February 2018 – Northend  EX-WIFE OF FORMER RBS BOSS FILMED HARASSING SABOTEURS      Barbara Hester [below right], director/joint master of the Warwickshire Hunt and ex wife of Stephen Hester former RBS Chief Executive was filmed on Monday harassing hunt saboteurs who were at the Warwickshire Hunt. Hester spent the day following the saboteurs wherever they went, filming them in their vehicle and telling blatant lies about them. She was accompanied by Lady Tessa Femoy, Warwickshire Hunt secretary and wife of Lord Maurice Fermoy. Femoy spent the day filming Hester as she harassed the saboteurs.

At one point, Hester can be heard accusing one of the saboteurs of filming children whilst the footage clearlyWarksFHBarbaraHesterJMandDirectorExwifeRBSCEO12-2-18.jpg shows that actually it was the Hunt's terriermen who were being filmed. The driver of the saboteurs vehicle is then accused by Hester of blocking the road, several cars then drive past showing that the road clearly wasn’t blocked. Hester also tells one of the saboteurs that previously at another Hunt meet the saboteur had jumped in front of a hunt supporters vehicle whereas footage from the day shows the saboteur was deliberately driven into by the hunt supporter.

The Warwickshire Hunt don’t like it that we keep turning up and filming them blatantly hunting foxes and behaving badly. They are desperate to get rid of us and this shows the lengths they will go to. Hester spent the day trying to provoke us and get a reaction from us. We didn’t rise to it and instead filmed what she was saying and doing to expose once again what type of people support fox hunting.

She repeatedly accuses us of filming children yet the footage clearly shows the camera was filming the Hunt's terrier-men who were off their quad bikes and who we suspected might be up to no good and potentially blocking in a badger sett.

During the course of the day we also filmed a fox being hunted into Burton Dassett Hills Country Park. We have contacted Warwickshire County Council who have confirmed that the Warwickshire Hunt did not have permission to use the Country Park. This once again shows that the Warwickshire hunt will go were they want and do what they want in pursuit of a fox.

As well a bankers and Lords the Warwickshire Hunt also has an ex-chief superintendent amongst its members.

We are currently out 3-4 times a week please consider donating towards our fuel costs: https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.

Pics below   -   1/  They entered here. Hester claimed they had permission.   2/  Also entered here. Council confirmed they did not. 

  WarksFHNohuntingClaimedhadpermission12-2-18.jpg WarksFHTrespassingonCountryParkafterfox12-2-18.jpg


Council says hunting banned in park where Belvoir FH allegedly killed fox

15-2-18   Melton Times    Council awaits police probe verdict on Melton park ‘fox killing’    Melton Council has confirmed that horse riding and hunting are not allowed in its country park following allegations that a fox was illegally killed there by hounds from a local Hunt. Police said this week they were still investigating the incident, which happened just after 1pm on Saturday, February 3.

A council spokesperson told the Melton Times: “Byelaws are in place which prohibit horse riding and hunting on the country park and the council will consider what action may be necessary subject to the outcome of the police investigation.”

Witnesses said hounds were in the park when the fox was killed close to a child’s playground. Police officers attended the scene and began an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident. Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, quoting 18*54865.

POWAperson adds  -  The original report of the fox killing is here. 


Surrey Union FH found trespassing on NT land again

15-2-18   Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs    On Tuesday, with a mix of North Downs, South Coast, Brighton, Croydon, Beds & Bucks and Berkshire Hunt Sabs we found ourselves on two Hunts.

Hearing the Surrey Union would be heading out we thought it'd be rude not to disrupt their sneaky illegal days hunting! We found them at Coldharbour, hunting around Leith Hill which is National Trust land. Last week we caught them out here and informed the National Trust that they were trespassing and hunting on their land. As they weren't expecting us they thought they'd head back there... oh no you don't! The Hunt packed up pretty sharply, claiming they'd been out for hours but we know that wasn't the case.

There will be a National Trust protest at Polsden Lacy. See event.

If you have any information on illegal hunting or want to join your local sab group don't hesitate to give us a message! To keep us out in the field please consider a donation:- https://ko-fi.com/A62094D.


Dunston Harriers rider backs box into sab van - refuses details

14-2-18  Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    West Norfolk Foxhounds / Dunston Harriers (joint) - 10th February 2018 Houghton Hall - Houghton, Norfolk     As one of our sabs was down in Stutton (see previous report), we were lucky enough to get another two-in-one on Saturday. Riders from the Dunston Harriers joined the West Norfolk Foxhounds at Houghton Hall.

Our day got off to a literal bang when a Dunston horsebox reversed into our van. Was the driver tired? Drunk? Trying to intimidate us? Or just completely oblivious to our presence? Whatever the reason, he showed little sign of remorse and refused to give personal details for insurance purposes.

Not long after the Hunt set out we had another run in with two men claiming to be estate workers. As sabsDunstonHarriersWinnerNorfolkIdiotoftheYear10-2-18.jpg walked up a drive to get closer to the hunt, the two men tried intimidation to keep us away with a combination of shouting, swearing, shoving and cryptically suggestive remarks. However they openly admitted not being the landowner and so had little legal footing to stop us. Despite this they phoned in their friend Inspector Taylor of Norfolk Police, who soon brought police cars out with sirens going once again.

The Hunt, followed by a fairly sizeable ride, moved from woodland to woodland looping around the Houghton Hall estate. We were able to catch sight of them on several occasions. At one point we heard hounds speaking inside Bunker’s Hill but they did not go into cry. We had one more run in with the two goons from the beginning of the day but their angry front had substantially diminished.

The Hunt apparently packed up by 2pm due a miserable combination of wind and rain that left the fields sodden and sabs soaked. We are unable to confirm if there were any kills or not.

Buy us a coffee to keep us warm (but probably not dry) out in the fields: https://ko-fi.com/A8634QOZ.

Pic above right  -  Winner, Norfolk Idiot of the Year    Pic below  -  Horsebox and driver



Labour includes strengthened Hunting Act in Animal Welfare plans

14-2-18   Independent    Labour proposes tighter laws on fox hunting in plans to improve animal welfare - The party’s strategy was welcomed by animal rights groups    Labour has published a wide-ranging strategy for boosting animal welfare in the UK, including enshrining animal sentience in law, reviewing animal testing and banning foie gras imports. The plan will be seen as an attempt to regain the political ground from the Conservatives after a number of animal-friendly policies were announced by the Government in recent months.

Labour’s 50-point plan of policies it would consider implementing in government includes measures to ban the export of animals for slaughter and make vet costs more affordable for people on low incomes. In a controversial move, the party also said it would consult on proposals to force landlords to let tenants keep pets in their properties, unless it can be proved that the animal is causing problems. Another potentially contentious pledge relates to a review of animal testing with a view to “improving practice” and “increasing transparency”. 

Labour also said it would tighten laws on fox hunting and ban the importation of foie-gras, which is made by fattening ducks to an unhealthy extent before killing them. The plan, titled “Animal Welfare for the Many, Not the Few” will now be the subject of a consultation. The move follows the Government announcing several policies designed to boost the welfare of animals, and makes the issue of animal rights a key battleground between the two main parties. 

Late last year, Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, pledged to toughen punishments for animal abusers and enshrine in law the principle that animals can “feel pain and suffering”. He also put forward proposals to make CCTV compulsory in slaughterhouses. The spate of initiatives came on the back of criticism of the Government over a range of animal rights issues. The Conservatives’ manifesto at the last election included a pledge to hold a free vote on legalising fox hunting, despite widespread public opposition, and also ditched a promise to ban ivory trading.

Ministers have also faced criticism for refusing to transfer into UK law EU legislation on animal sentience. Announcing its plans, Labour said it would also appoint a national animal welfare commissioner to ensure government departments are making moves to protect animals.

Sue Hayman, the Shadow Environment Secretary, said: “Labour is the party of animal welfare. From bringing in the ban on fox hunting to tightening the rules on the transport of live animals, Labour has always been consistent in our leadership on matters of animal welfare. Today we’re making proposals for real, long-term progress. Our vision is one where no animal is made to suffer unnecessary pain and we continue to drive up standards and practice in line with the most recent advances and understanding. With new trade deals on the horizon and the UK no longer subject to EU-wide rules on animal welfare, we want to ensure there is a comprehensive legislative agenda in place so that the UK becomes a world leader on animal rights.”

Also included in the plan are pledges to end the badger cull, force motorists to report accidents involving animals, stop third parties selling puppies, and make it compulsory for all meat products to be labelled with information on how the animal was reared and killed. It was reported late last year that Downing Street had urged ministers to put forward environment-friendly policies in a bid to win over voters, including young people whose support the Tories struggled to attract in 2017.

Labour’s strategy was welcomed by animal rights groups. Eduardo Goncalves, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “We warmly welcome Labour’s commitment to strengthening the Hunting Act 2004, and look forward to contributing to the consultation process. It’s clear that Hunts are routinely flouting the law and continuing to kill wildlife across Britain, whether that be through so-called trail hunting or by exploiting legal loopholes. This must stop.”

Ben Stafford, head of campaigns at WWF, said: “If we want our children and grandchildren to live in a world where elephants still roam and the oceans have more fish than plastic, we need a political race to the top on the environment. So it’s great to see Labour committing today to tackling the illegal wildlife trade and to strong protection for our seas.” 

However, Conservative MP Steve Double MP said: “Labour are belatedly playing catch-up with the huge progress made by this Government on animal welfare. However, Labour wouldn’t even be able to deliver some of these promises because they want to keep following EU rules after Brexit. From introducing mandatory CCTV into slaughterhouses to increasing the maximum sentence for animal cruelty tenfold, the Conservatives will continue taking the action needed to ensure animals receive the proper protection they deserve.”

POWAperson comments  -  The wildlife of England and Wales, still so cruelly persecuted for 'sport' could hardly have had a better Valentine's Day present. Nor could the burgeoning anti-hunt movement, but especially POWA. We have been campaigning for significant strengthening since before the ink was dry on the Act and had to wait a decade before the largest anti-hunt organisation, LACS, finally came round to our way of thinking, swiftly followed by IFAW. We will do everything in our power to ensure that Labour are in a position to effect strengthening [and there other laudable animal welfare policies] and that this time there are no get-out-of-jail-free clauses in the amended Act. Meanwhile, thank you Labour. We trust a number of Conservatives and other party members and representatives will also support strengthening.


Cattistock FH hunt in Swannery under biosecurity restrictions

14-2-18 Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights    Monitors Report 13/2/18 Lady Charlotte Townshend's CattistockFHHoundsjumpintoreedbedsunderAvianflurestrictions13-2-18.jpgCattistock Hunt, meet at Abbotsbury    With horrendous weather early this morning and flooded roads, we carefully set off in the Red Landy. Hoping they surely wouldn't risk both hounds and horses by hunting on ground so waterlogged it would put so much strain on their animals legs..... Anyway we received information on the location of the Cattistock Hunt, proving that no they don't care about their mounts welfare in the slightest, so headed off to join them for the duration.

To be honest we really weren't expecting them to be hunting at Abbotsbury. With an outbreak of Avian Flu firstly diagnosed in Swans at Abbotsbury Swannery, this area is under restrictions concerning biosecurity measures!! Surely they wouldn't let the hounds run around the reed beds risking spread of the virus??

We then received a message from an annoyed and stressed local who sent some footage of riders, dribblers and quads causing her to have to stop on the verge and not one thanked her!! We arrived soon after, our first sight was a hound running through a stable yard followed shortly by a hound CattistockFHDeerfleeing13-2-18.jpgrunning across the road with Will the Whip trying to gather them up. The look on his face was priceless when he looked up and there we were, a red vision waiting for him!!

We had to spin the Landy to get back to the turning from Rodden to Abbotsbury and were instantly surrounded by dribblers, proud parents watching a child on half term go off out to kill, quads and riders. The seasoned dribblers holding us back to give the killers a chance to get away from us, luckily another Monitor was keeping an eye on the hunts progress.

After managing to get through we set off to get a good look at the field of about 50 riders. We now only had one quad with us which stayed with us for the rest of the day... hope they were well paid...

They then headed along the coast to an old favourite Berry Coppice spending some time encouraging the hounds to find a scent and eventually they did and headed off along the hedge towards Higher Barn, going through the hedge (funny place to lay a trail) but gradually lost the scent...

With the by now much smaller field heading back through Wyke Wood, the Red Landy and quad magnet headed up past New Barn Farm to look down on the huntsmen and field riding through the farm. They then headed along the road towards the swannery once more with their "trail layer" following on behind... where he had been most of the day! They headed to another favourite Warre Wood, a place we have seen them "find" a fox in the past. With quads following them in and a pick-up CattistockFHTraillayerbehindthhounds13-2-18.jpgalready parked in the wood we once again filmed the terrier boys mask up and act rather strangely before heading where the Whip had ridden off to. Having to turn round we were then blocked by a young "dribbler in waiting"...

With the hounds picking up between Cuckoo Coppice and Tiny Coppice they headed off at speed straight to and then into the Reeds on the Swannery......WHY WAS A "TRAIL" LAID HERE?? Spending some time here they gradually made their way along the reeds and scrub towards Abbotsbury Gardens then turned back around Chapple Hill eventually crossing the road near the Ilchester Arms to the road that leads to Hardy's Monument, where we were already sat waiting...

Will wasn't happy to see us and took the hounds up the bridle path to Jubilee Coppice. After repeatedly trying to get the hounds to pick up he dismounted and took the hounds in on foot! We were there watching and filming though, so out over the fence he climbed and got back on his horse. They rode around in circles for a short while before deciding to call it a day at 4.45pm. After parting from our escort for the day we went and had a look at the hounds who were now back in the Children's Farm car-park to load up. They all looked very clean and tired so off we went home. See you again soon Lady T.

If you would like to join us then please message this page or email weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com. We are an independent group and don't receive funding from any big organisation. Thank you for all the support you give us :)  https://gogetfunding.com/weymouth-animal-rights-vehicle-an…/

Pics above   -  Upper right  -  Hounds jumping fence into swannery reed beds, supposed to be under biosecurity restrictions for avian flu    Left -  Deer disturbed by the Hunt    Lower right - Cattistock's  'trail layer' - behind the hounds. Er.... 


Walker's post/film of Ullswater FH hunting taken down by admin

Had posted on 'I love the Lake District' Facebook page 

Walker has posted follow-up protesting site's action

POWAperson - The Hunt has been identified as the Ullswater since the original report here dated 11-2-18. 

14-2-18 Facebook - National Dis-Trust     A big thumbs up to the person who posted their footage on 'I Love the Lake District' page, of the Ullswater Foxhounds chasing foxes and terrorising sheep. The page admin took the footage down and the man who posted it has put a follow-up post on the page. Admin have already disabled comments. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ilovethelakedistrict/permalink/10156522986918072/



Surrey Union FH stop midweek meet when sabs appear

14-2-18  Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs    Tuesday 13th Feb: Surrey Union hunt pack up after first sight of sabs A few of us joined sabs from North Downs, Guildford, South Coast and Croydon to sab the Surrey Union Hunt this Tuesday. On Saturdays, they know to expect us, but apparently we took them rather by surprise midweek.

It seems they forgot to bring their trail laying kit, and forgot to get a licence to hunt even a trail on the Leith Hill National Trust land. Just one hour after they met, the whole Hunt packed up and went home.

Sabs, being made of sterner stuff, headed over to stop any foxes being killed at the Old Surrey and Burstow hunt, near Four Elms. Again, no sign of any of the trendy 'trail layer' tabards we see on Saturday. We can't be sure whether there were any kills before we found the hunt, but they packed up early, about 3pm.

Our Brighton team was out on Saturday as well, getting soaking wet at the Crawley and Horsham. The Hunt were running from us much of the day, and there wasn't much excitement, just a lot of rain and mud!

Our Landrover needs repairs at the garage (yes again!), so if you can spare a few quid, we'd love you to donate at paypal.me/BtnHuntSabs.


Walker reports lost hound, thought from Ullswater FH

14-2-18   Facebook - National Dis-Trust    Meanwhile over on the Cumbria Crack page, a hound is reported running around, seemingly lost. Comments remark that 'events' had occurred the previous evening, that hounds were running around the grounds of Lowther Castle, and that hounds had 'escaped' from a hunt kennels. Thankfully somebody had the quick-wittedness to tag John Weller the Ullswater huntsman, and his partner Sharon Holmes. Wonder if it was a National Trust day for the Ullswater Foxhounds? https://www.facebook.com/CumbriaCrack/.



Waveney Harriers Whip's poor hound control nearly runs into deer herd

13-2-18   Facebook - Norfolk and Suffolk Against Live Quarry Hunting    NSALQH report no. 37 - Waveney Harriers hunt meet at Southerton Hall, Suffolk - Saturday 3 February, 2018    We were a little surprised when the boxes of the Waveney Harriers led us to Southerton Hall farmyard in north east Suffolk. No-one couldWaveneyHarriersReubenKenchHuntsman3-2-18.jpg remember the Harriers meeting there before but our monitors were familiar with the territory as it had been hunted over many times in the past when the meet was held further south at Blyford...

As the start drew near, Huntsman Reuben Kench [right] rode south from the meet... then the hunt set off at just after 11.30 am and headed north, he was noticeably absent. The whipper-in, one Peter Davidson-White, (PDW), appeared to be leading them out. Perhaps Reuben had gone awol, perhaps he had a strop on and he had gone off to sulk or was it just one of those training days...

Whatever it was, Reuben had trained him well. Within a few minutes of entering a plantation, he had lost his hounds and they were in full cry heading south in pursuit of a quarry. The monitors couldn’t positively identify the quarry as there was a hedgerow partially obstructing their view. A car was despatched to the southern extremity of that particular hunting ground and arrived at Oakley. Some of the hounds were soon spotted with the hunters and the field. The rest of the pack were on to something further north. It was 11.52 am and some 20 minutes since the hounds had chased a live quarry from behind Sotherton Hall, leaving the acting huntsman behind. In an understandable panic, he dangerously galloped a couple of hundred yards down King’s Lane, causing an alert driver to pull in on to the verge and give him plenty of space to pass. Eight seconds later, a joint master followed at a slower canter. They both turned right on to farm land and headed for the top of Blyford Wood. The hounds were by this time on the other side of the wood and hundreds of yards away. What has this to do with trail hunting?


It was several minutes after this that the quad bike with the bird of prey box strapped to it attempted to follow them. When the hounds arrived near Oakley they had chased for over a mile. A monitor spotted a fox crossing the lane to safety from the edge of a nearby garden. This could easily have been the one that started the chase and took advantage of an overgrown ditch to escape and avoid certain death. Part of the pack were still sounding off to the north. PDW’s hunting horn could be heard: it had a distinct flat note. He was attempting to restore order.

With the hounds in check they eventually set off hunting to the east of Prime’s Lane and eventually arrived at the ruined Hall Farm barn? The acting huntsman put his hounds into the tangled mesh of rusting corrugated sheets and briars [above], with two riders on point. Did someone dust a trail in there? Get out of here!! Was the bird of prey standing by? No! Their luck was out.

From this frequently acted out charade they moved across country towards the edge of the plantation on King’s Lane... In a smaller wood close to the north a herd of deer appeared motionless and no doubt frightened for their lives. As the pack drew nearer, the deer set off to the north and to safety but something or someone must have turned them back as they changed direction and headed straight for danger. The huntsman and hounds had crossed the lane and were heading for the edge of Sotherton Wood. The deer were now sandwiched between them and the field [below]. The acting huntsman and his hounds had their back to the deer and were fortunately up wind. They appeared oblivious to the running deer. The danger eventually passed as the deer disappeared into the edge of the wood, but for a few minutes it was touch and go. With the lack of hound handling skills demonstrated earlier that day, it came so close to a massacre. Realistically, we could have done nothing to prevent it but we would have secured the evidence and made sure that those responsible were held to account... We have forgotten how often we have seen those hounds chasing deer across the landscape, often with no huntsman in sight.


The monitors had never intended to do the full day but the trauma of that near miss made it doubly hard to break off. A very big thanks to them for their effort and making it possible to bring the truth to social media. This truth is uncomfortable for a lot of people and is never told in the newspapers of the so-called free press.

Pics below   -   1/   Deer run into woods and safety    2/  Whip whipping hounds 

  WaveneyHarriersDeerfleeintowood3-2-18.jpg WaveneyHarriersWhipwhippinghound3-2-18.jpg


VWH FH chased fox into village gardens, hounds rated out by monitors

Second chase of fox given up when hounds spilled on to B road

Four blocked setts found in area, reported to police

13-2-18  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    Monday 10th February, 2018 - The Vale of the White Horse Hunt met near Ablington, Bibury on Saturday. The sightseers in Bibury were oblivious to the horrors of the minority pastime taking place just up the road.


The usual hunt chaos ensued as they lost control of their hounds several times. One of the worst episodes was when they chased a fox into a cluster of small gardens in Winson [below left and bottom]. We had heard them in cry along the wooded ground on the other side of the river and tracked them. Luckily, we were on to it and successfully rated the hounds off and out of the gardens.

To the annoyance of supporters, the hounds then went across the lane west up the field without finding a scent again. We believe the fox was able to stay in safety within the gardens.

VWHFHHoundshuntingingardens10-2-18.jpgIn fact, several foxes were sighted during the day obviously disturbed by the sound of nearby hounds. We were able to enjoy the treat of seeing one running without being pursued for once. Unfortunately, we aren’t sure of the fate of the one that was chased across the lane by hounds after we heard a holloa from the field at the side, with huntsmen galloping along the lane to catch up.

They were hunting through the unnamed L-shaped wood above Leachbrook Covert when the rider on point above the road screamed a holloa and repeated it, bringing the pack over. They went off in full cry down the hill, across the stream, across the road and up through Hollybush Plantation followed at full blast by the riders.

The poor hunted animal must have circled because they appeared again on the road at Cocklebarrow Farm, gathered the hounds and took them back to the L-shaped wood where they immediately went in cry again, crossing the road again and over towards Kilkenny Barn where a foot walker tried to get close.

We could hear the hounds in cry round that area for what felt like a very long time and really feared that they would get their kill, but they were located by our driver at Bibury Farm where James Bradley [Whipper-in] had recklessly allowed the hounds to spill out on to the busy B4425 towards Bibury.

Light was fading and weather conditions not good – drizzly rain and poor visibility. Some hounds were searching hedgerows either side of the road of the road and some running all over the road. One hound was left behind by James as the last few struggled to get through fencing on to the road. The last hound, with dark markings and a limp, would certainly have been knocked over if a foot walker was not on the road by this time trying to slow the traffic down and with our vehicle hazard lights on. The only good side was that this seemed to indicate they had lost the fox after all, as the hounds were then taken on back towards Ablington and we saw them bringing them back to the hound lorry and packing up at 4.35pm.

As well as illegal hunting taking place – wildlife crime had already taken place before they started the day. We found 4 badger setts blocked in the area. One was a repeat offence and all reported to the police. No doubt there were others we weren’t able to find with limited resources on the day.

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Monitors say Grafton FH hunted two foxes - one filmed

13-2-18   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch   VIDEO    We monitored the Grafton Hunt from their meet at Rectory Farm, Sulgrave, on Saturday 10th February.

Almost immediately the Grafton hounds were on a chase. Judging by the way the Hunt moved quickly, zig zagging over several roads and back again between Sulgrave, Weston, Helmdon and Stuchbury was all to no avail, as the fox, probably helped by the wet weather, was leading Mick Wills a merry dance. We think foxey got away from him this time.

When all the indications were that there was to be a repeat of the day, we filmed a fox being hunted near Allithorne Wood, a favourite spot of theirs. The “stewards” moved in to distract, impede, harass, and intimidate our monitors, claiming we were not allowed to film them, even though they kept walking directly in front of our cameras and into our personal space while continually filming us!

Question: What have the Grafton got to hide and why do they employ these numpties?


Trial of Portman FH Huntsman on illegal hunting charge ends

Verdict on Evo Shirley not due until 14th March 

13-2-18   Facebook - Hounds Off    Portman Hunt MFH Evo Shirley leaves Poole Magistrates Court today after two day trial for Hunting Act offences on #NationalTrust land last March. Verdict scheduled for March 14 @ 10am. #TrailHuntLies.



N. Herefordshire FH kill fox at dig out -2 more kills suspected

12-2-18   Herefordshire Hunt Sabs    FOX HUNTED TO GROUND AND DUG OUT  North Herefordshire Hunt-N.HerefordshireFHQuadtracksleadtodigout12-2-18.jpg 10/2/18 Meet: Rosedale Court    On Saturday, for our first outing, we paid a visit to the N. Herefordshire Hunt. The meet was at Rosedale Court, Pudlestone, Leominster, the home of Charles Ingleby and his wife Sarah. Charles Ingleby is a partner at London based commercial property agents Ingleby Trice. What a shame that he can’t find a more humane and legal leisure pursuit to support and indulge in his spare time.

Huntsman Derek Hopkins (off to the Wheatland at the end of this season, we hear) was convicted of illegal hunting under the Hunting Act 2004 in 2011, while huntsman at the Fernie; specifically “digging out a fox hiding in a burrow so it could be chased by hounds.” We doubted that the small fine meted out would act as a deterrent and sadly this was proved to be the case by the end of the day. https://web.archive.org/…/…/story-12025427-detail/story.html

N.HerefordshireFHWherehoundsmarkedtoground12-2-18.jpgIt was a poor turnout for the Hunt, the field numbering about fifteen riders at the outset and down to a pathetic four or five by mid afternoon, along with four quad bikes, two of which had terrier boxes. No pretence at trail hunting here and why would there be? This Hunt has been left to go about its business out of sight of prying eyes for far too long.

Sad to report, and despite poor scenting conditions, we think it likely that the Hunt killed in the morning, once just east of the meet as the Whipper-in was sent to call terrier men and an hour or so later near Copton a quad was once again called in. Access was difficult and the Hunt moved off fast inland towards Leysters Farm. We drove round hoping get ahead of them and found four lost hounds – causing the usual havoc on the road and in gardens, witnessed by sabs week after week.

Hounds picked up the scent of a fox on the hillside opposite Cockspur Hall. They were travelling at speed and we guessed correctly that we should head for the gated road to Hatfield. We got there ahead of most car followers but those already there became aggressive at our arrival, shutting the gate across the road, claiming that the road was a private drive. The field, now a mere four or five riders, gathered in sight of the road and we thought waiting while a roadside covert was drawn. Hounds were out of sight and now blocked in by quads and numerous vehicles there was no way we could get to the other side of the covert where we assumed the hounds were being hunted. Then suddenly the Huntsman, Whip and hounds joined the rest of the field and all moved off swiftly towards Bockleton.

Car support remained staring down the valley where the hounds had come from and we felt sure something wasN.HerefordshireFHClumpoffoxfur12-2-18.jpg very wrong. Within minutes a quad carrying masked terrier men drove fast up the field, out onto the lane and sped away. Car support left and we quickly followed the quad tracks back down the field, fearing the worst. The quad tyre tracks, plus two sets of hoof prints (the horses of Derek Hopkins and his Whipper-in) led two fields away to the edge of a wooded stream bank. Feet away from where the quad had been parked we found clear signs of hounds having marked to ground and signs of a fresh dig out or attempt at one.

It was a fox’s earth, most likely recently excavated by a brace of foxes in anticipation of the birth of a litter of cubs. All entrances were blocked bar two and there was a hole in between these which had been dug out and backfilled. A thorough search found two clumps of fox hair on the ground nearby, one with streaked with saliva, the other caked with dried blood.

We were devastated beyond words to find a dig out, made worse by our frustration at being unable to prevent it this time. We will fight on, until every fox lives free from fear. If you have any information about Hunts in Herefordshire or would like to join us in the field please message the page.

Pics above  -   Upper right,  Quad tracks lead to dig out    Left,  Where fox went to ground     Lower right  - Clump of fox fur


POWAperson adds  -   Gutted for new sab group that they had to experience this on their first outing. I had a fox ripped to bits yards from me on my very first sab in the 80s - and that's a big part of why I've been an anti activist ever since. Good to know the N. Herefordshire FH and perhaps other rarely visited Hunts in the area will no longer be allowed to chase and kill wild animals unchallenged.


Sabs save hunted fox from in-cry Belvoir FH hounds

12-2-18   Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   From Saturday at the Belvoir HuntHounds had been onto a fox and in full cry, they momentarily lost the scent and went quiet, this was when sabs acted by using the gizmo, horn and voice calls to call the hounds into open fields in the opposite direction allowing the hunted fox time to get away.




South Wold FH supporters say they hunt and kill foxes

12-2-18   Facebook - Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs    Whilst some of our sabs were out with the Meynell last Saturday a couple of them stayed back and went to monitor one of our local hunts, the Southwold Hunt. They met in Holbeck, Lincolnshire, and although they didn't meet exactly were we had thought, it didn't take long to find them as they didn't get going till after 12.Once they left they headed straight in to the nearest covert. We stayed in position at one end where we got talking to some support who clearly didn't realise who we were as one of them told us that " it's never a good day out when they hunt here as they rarely catch anything" and then went on to talk about the previous weeks kills. Proving once again that the claim of trail hunting is a farce.

After about 30 minutes hunting the same covert and coming up empty they headed off. Unfortunately due to only having one vehicle out as well as bad weather conditions and poor visibility we lost track of them. We will be back... Your continued support keeps us in the field every week, thank you all: https://ko-fi.com/lincolnhuntsaboteurs.


Fife FH miss put-up fox, support spooks ewe away from new-born lamb

12-2-18  Facebook - Perthshire Hunt Sabs   We spent Saturday at the Fife Foxhounds joined by Grampian, Fife anFifeFHFleeingfoxnotseenbyHunt10-2-18.jpgd Central Scotland, and Glasgow Hunt Sabs. The Hunt left the meet at 11:15 and headed North towards Kinnaird hill where they spent approx 45 minutes hunting but failed to get on a fox.

They then made their way over to Cairnie hill where a fox was flushed out of the woods by the hounds[right], seen by some sabs but not the Hunt. The hounds were close by but were struggling to find the scent of the fox, just as they were getting on the right track Robert the Huntsman smugly accused sabs of calling the hounds onto the fox then took the hounds in the opposite direction, obviously thinking that the fox had gone that way. They tried to find the fox in another nearby bit of woodland without luck so then headed towards Braeside.

They next went to the hill beside Gowdie where they tried drawing the gorse, again the hounds struggled with finding a scent. As the Hunt moved towards Gowdie we noticed some hunt support were on foot near the bottom of a field, taking a closer look it became clear they were beside a ewe who had recently given birth. Obviously in a situation like this it is important to keep clear of the sheep and allow her to bond and feed her new lambs as long as all is looking well, but the hunt support were harassing her... The FifeFHGaffer10-2-18.jpgterrified sheep eventually ran from the field and rather than backing away to allow her to return to her new born as she clearly wanted to do, the supporter then proceeded to pick up the lamb. The poor ewe was frantic and as the supporter approached her she ran away... from her new born lamb. The supporter then made the situation even worse by dumping the lamb in the boot of his car! He then drove after the ewe, but this just panicked her even more causing her to run through gorse into a ploughed field where another sheep had ran with her new born twins, the supporter then dumped the new born lamb at the bottom of the gorse, but its mother was away across the other side of the field by then. Eventually the farmer came along, we can only hope he was able to reunite the ewe with her lamb, but seeing as she had been so spooked by the hunt and the supporter... the ewe might not accept the lamb back.

The Hunt started to make their way back to the farm they had unboxed at via Cairnie hill. The hounds went in and out of cry at the woods but again lost their fox. Once the Hunt was back at the farm they spent a good while blowing the horn to gather stray hounds, including one called Gaffer[left] who seemed to like the company of sabs better than the Hunt. We decided to bring him back to the Hunt once it was clear that he wasn't going back on his own, but then terrier man Galpin appeared on his quad and shouted at us for touching the hound, even after we explained that we were trying to help them.

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Atherstone FH hunt foxes in area with artificial earth

12-2-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Atherstone Hunt - Hunt Kennels - Saturday 10th Feb 2018    The Atherstone met at their kennels on Saturday and Huntsman Mike Lane spent all day hunting multiple foxes, one fox escaped [right] although Mike Lane tried his hardest to find it again by putting the hounds through every hedgerow in the area. Next Mike Lane put the hounds into a wood containing an artificialAtherstoneFHFoxfleeingfrom10-2-18.jpg fox earth. These are designed to encourage foxes to live in the area. Predictably we saw a fox escaping from the wood with the hounds losing the sent once they left the wood. Mike Lane spent most of the day going round and round in in circles over the same ground.

The Atherstone Hunt are telling Leicestershire Police they are just trail hunting so why would the Atherstone Hunt need to put their hounds into woods with artificial fox earths? Surely they would want to avoid them. Why did Mike Lane keep going over the same ground?

We had sabs in the area a few hours before the Hunt were due to set off and we can confirm that we saw no trails being laid. Leicestershire Police were in attendance although they may as well have not bothered turning up for all the use they were. They spent most of this period sat on the A444 where they wouldn’t of been able see anything and safely away from any of the foxes being hunted meaning they didn’t have to lift a finger.

You can contact Leicestershire Police here and politely ask them why they continue to turn a blind eye to illegal fox hunting. https://m.facebook.com/leicspolice/.

Thank you to everyone who has donated recently, we are out 3-4 times a week at the moment any help towards fuel is greatly appreciated. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.

Pic below    -    Huntsman Mike Lane with hounds



Monitor's windscreen smashed after threats from Easton Harriers supporters

EastonHarriersHPTinvestigatorwindscreensmashedafterthreats10-2-18.jpg11-2-18   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Yesterday, Saturday 10th February, an investigator from the Hare Preservation Trust along with a concerned member of the public were subject to aggression and intimidation while monitoring the Easton Harriers at Stutton Estate in Suffolk. Estate workers, game keepers and others associated with the Hunt took it upon themselves to use threats of violence against monitors who were acting within the law.

Not much can be revealed at this time in regard to the activities of the Hunt and the support, due to legal proceedings, but are able to let our supporters know the damage that has been caused on the day. The windscreen of the investigators vehicle was smashed at the end of the day as he attempted to leave after the Hunt was packed up. If the Hunt were acting within the law then why would they feel the need to allow such behaviour?

We send our thoughts and thanks to those two who went out of their way to monitor the Easton Harriers. We'd also like to show solidarity to North Cambs Hunt Sabs who were also subject to violence and criminal damage. Please support the work of the The Hare Preservation Trust - HPT Official.

Pics below  -  Hounds and riders  


13-2-18   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Easton Harriers – 10th February 2018   Stutton Estate, Stutton, Suffolk    On Saturday 10th February while the majority of Norfolk & Suffolk Sabs were at another Hunt one Norfolk & Suffolk sab and a Hare Preservation Trust monitor took a look at what the Easton Harriers Hunt were up to. To say the Hunt was caught a little off-guard, is an understatement.

The meet bordered the stunning Stour Estuary, which meant that the plentiful footpaths, which walkers frequently use, could be used to access the meet. Within a matter of seconds of spotting us, the Master of the Hunt was on her phone. Why would she worry about our presence if the hunt were hunting legally?

A few minutes later, while attempting to keep up with the hunt by accessing a footpath on the estate, we were greeted by what can loosely be described as a welcoming committee. Two estate vehicles and a quad bike stopped us in our tracks and the occupants got out and surrounded our crew of two. Slightly outnumbered at 12 to 2, we nonetheless managed to keep calm and composed while veiled threats were made by the estate workers/hunt supporters. Thankfully the whole episode was captured on film, so we have a record as to the threats that were made which included “Don’t think you’re special with that thing, coz we will take it off ya” and “You can call who you like. At end of day, if it kicks off up here that thing will be gone, we will take that off ya” [referring to our video camera].

A bit later on in the day, after tracking the Hunt down, we were on the receiving end of more attention from the “hunt protection squad”. Our vehicle got blocked in on a dead end road and once again we found ourselves surrounded. This time, the ante seemed to have been upped, so we called for Police assistance. We cannot fault the service we received from Suffolk Police, as they came in a matter of minutes and dealt with our concerns professionally.

At just after 2.00 pm we were told the Hunt had packed up. With the aggro we had had and with the rain setting in, we were rather relieved to be leaving to go home. However while making our way home we found the hunt further down the road, still hunting. Sure enough the hounds picked up a hare and made chase. A lone sab tried to intervene and it is hoped the hare got away but it is by no means certain.

Clearly rattled by the fact that we had had the audacity to stay with the Hunt and had not run scared, one of the hunt protection squad got himself a bit upset. As our HPT monitor was leaving to come home (for a second time) his windscreen was smashed by one of the individuals who had earlier been making personal threats. We cannot comment any further at this time as the matter is in the hands of Suffolk Police.

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Pics below   -   1/  Hare pursued by lead hound    2/  HPT investigator menaced by hunters 





Blackmore FH killed fox - Dorset police refused to attend

Terrierman tried to hide corpse under jacket - filmed

11-2-18   Facebook - Dorset Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Hit Report BSV Sat 10th Feb 2018 Meeting at Sherbourne Castle    So, I suppose I should be telling you about where the Hunt went today and the day's events. There is, however, one problem with this and that is all I can really think about is how we were 5 minutes too late to save a fox. The feel of its intestines and pieces of its liver between my fingers as I collected the remains for the police. BlackmoreFHHuntsmanhoundshavejustkilledfox10-2-18.jpgYes, I know the Doggrells and their bully boys will read this at some point and you know what I don’t care that you will undoubtedly be laughing coz your not quite right in the head are you ? Mark, I bet that fox was terrified wasn’t it as the hounds ripped its guts out whilst it was still alive ?? Ben, you did not do the best job of clearing up - is that coz we were filming you perhaps ?? I won’t ask how you gain pleasure from this coz thank God I'll never understand what makes you lot tick !!! Hunting a defenceless animal with a pack of dogs is not only criminal its totally barbaric ! Our resolve will not be weakened and tomorrow the battle will continue !!

This is my best attempt at the days events…. after leaving the meet the hunt spent a while in Old Park before heading in the direction of West Lane. Lots of bloodthirsty scum down here with Bugsy accusing our driver of having no insurance - they really try to pull anything out to throw at us … yawns !!

We next caught up with the Huntsman and hounds at North Wotton Lodge where he crossed the A3030 heading down Green Lane towards Wizard Bridge. We had to call the police on a 999 call because the Huntsman and his cronies tried to squash the monitor we work with, using their horses as weapons once again. In the photos, which are close up shots of the horses, you can not only gauge the proximity of the horses to the monitor but you can see the white horse looking left and then right as the Huntsman prevented the monitor from moving freely. Bearing in mind this gentleman never gives them any grief, never masks up and always travels alone - you really do disgust me !!

It seems the BSV had called in some “extra thuggery help” including Chrissie Osbourne and her family and Clare Marsh. Things got a little heated near the Doggrells' residence with Chrissie objecting to us BlackmoreFHTerriermantryinghidefoxcorpseunderjacket10-2-18.jpgfilming whilst her kids were there, but it was OK for her to be swearing and acting the way she was ??

Swapping horses just after 2pm at Hunters Bridge, the Huntsman headed south... We, as well as our monitor, had them in our sights whilst the Huntsman drew Davis’s Plantation. We left our position at Blackmore Ford Bridge and headed towards Osehill Green where we observed the Huntsman off his horse for about 10 minutes. As he moved on a foot team were dropped onto a footpath whilst the landy went and observed from Dunn Bridge.

The Huntsman was found on foot here in a small wooded area with the hounds. The hounds tails were wagging and the Huntsman brought them out of the small wooded area and past the foot sabs. Hounds were seen to be licking their lips and one had blood on its nose as the Huntsman arrogantly strolled past us. Then, quick as a flash of lighting, the quads arrived, Ben Doggrell came out of the wooded area with a body of a fox shoved up his coat. He was being ultra careful as he moved his quad away so it didn’t fall out - YES we saw you and we FILMED you !!! Dorset police declined to attend and the sabs went into the wood where the remains were collected.

Clare Marsh was waiting with the Landy on Dunns Bridge asking to see the evidence - please see attached photos and footage to follow Clare. We really wasn’t in the mood to engage with bloody thirsty criminals anymore and with the Hunt packed up for the day we headed home.

Really sorry the hit report isn’t up to our usual standard, that's all I can manage, footage to follow. Sorry we didn’t get to you in time poor Fox - we tried and we cried - our fight will continue. Foxes are pairing up for mating season at the moment - maybe this poor soul's partner was nearby and now left alone ! A big thanks to our monitor - total respect and solidarity to you. A big thanks to our supporters - if you want to join us please email dorsethuntsabs@riseup.net https://www.gofundme.com/dorset-sabs-bodycam-protection

Pics below   -   1/  Part of killed fox's intestines     2/  Redcoat using horse to intimidate monitor

  BlackmoreFHIntestinesofkilledfox10-2-18.jpg BlackmoreFHRedcoatintimidatingmonitorwithhorse10-2-18.jpg

12-2-18  Somerset Live   Hunt saboteurs post video they claim proves death of fox during Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt near Sherborne - Police are now investigating the incident after receiving a report    Hunt saboteurs have released a video they claim proves that a fox was killed during a hunt near Somerset over the weekend.

They claim their video shows a man attempting to hide the body of a fox as he removes it from the area. They also believe the video shows body parts, including an intestine, belonging to the fox that was killed. Police have also confirmed they are investigating the allegation.

Dorset Hunt Sabs filmed the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt on Saturday, February 10, as part of their regular hunt monitoring activities. Tracking the Hunt, the sabs said they came across a Huntsman off his horse in a wooded area just off the A3030 near Sherborne.

A spokeswoman said: “The huntsman was found on foot here in a small wooded area with the hounds. The hound’s tails were wagging and the Huntsman brought them out of the small wooded area and past the foot sabs. Hounds were seen to be licking their lips and one had blood on its nose as the Huntsman strolled past us. Then, quick as a flash of lightning, the quads arrived and a man came out of the wooded area with a body of a fox shoved up his coat. He was being ultra-careful as he moved his quad away so it didn’t fall out.”

Dorset Hunt Sabs are convinced that the hounds had killed a fox. The spokeswoman, who asked to remain anonymous, went to investigate the scene soon after the quad bike left.

She said: “We must have been just five minutes too late to save this fox. When I went to investigate the scene I came across a number of body parts including intestines and pieces of liver. I bet that fox was terrified as the hounds ripped its guts out while it was still alive. Hunting a defenceless animal with a pack of dogs is not only criminal, it’s totally barbaric.”

The video footage of the man investigating the wooded area, the man walking back to his quad bike and the footage of the body parts, proves the death of this fox, they say. The spokeswoman said: "Yes we saw you and we filmed you."

A spokesman for Dorset Police said: "We can confirm we have received a report of this and we are investigating." Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt has been approached for comment. The Countryside Alliance has said it will not comment as it has received no reports of an incident happening over the weekend in the area, despite being sent the footage and reports by Somerset Live.


Sabs and 'very angry' farmer stop a Meynell FH dig-out

1,000 acre dairy farmer bans them cos 'They're f*****g aresholes' 

11-2-18   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    After being tied up elsewhere for a couple of weeks the Meynell were definitely due some attention. We hooked up with the amazing Liverpool Hunt Sabs and our favourite partners in crime Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs and headed to a very wet Hoar Cross deer park in Staffordshire. Calling this meet a deer park is a touch grandiose as when you arrive it's actually a portaloo hireMeynellFHBlockedsett10-2-18.jpg company but never let it be said the Meynell don't try and put a positive spin on things.

The chuckle brothers (terrier men Andy and Sam plus chums) were quickly up to their usual tricks of blocking and pushing sabs. One of their goon friends even stole a bottle of spray which we certainly won't forget in a hurry. Unfortunately for them they can't be in two places at once so whilst they were playing sumo with one group of sabs the others were free to disrupt the hunt. We tag teamed them for a couple of hours, the only highlight of which was watching a portly Andy Bull huff and puff after sabs across a brassica field. Turns out his quad is more a mobility scooter as he seems pretty stuck without it.

Around lunchtime, the chuckle brothers mysteriously disappeared. We continued to follow the Hunt for 20 minutes until we spotted the terrier men by some scrub. As the hounds reached them they went into furious cry and we heard a holloa to signal a fox had gone away. Now we're not a suspicious bunch but clearly something well dodgy had gone on there. The hounds stayed in cry for the next half hour or so and were miles away from the huntsman. Fortunately when we finally caught up with them they were un-blooded.

We stuck with them all afternoon as the field all abandoned a rubbish day until only 4 riders were left. Late in the day the hounds chased a fox to ground in a badger sett. Huntsman Sam was so desperate for a kill that he abandoned his horse and pursued the hounds on foot. Sadly for him sabs and a very angry farmer stopped him getting his way and he packed up in disgust.

Highlight of the day: A dairy farmer with over a thousand acres explaining the reason he doesn't let the Hunt on his land is because "They're fucking arseholes." Please support our work: https://ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.

Pic above right  -  Blocked badger sett found by sabs    Pic below  -  Sabs keep up with Hunt 



Landowners/farmers call police over trespass/damage by Cheshire Forest FH

11-2-18  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    CHESHIRE FOREST HUNT, ARLEY HALL, 10.02.18    “Arley Hall don’t give a damn about anybody. They really don’t.” These were the words of just one of the local landowners who suffered trespass and damage from the Cheshire Forest Hunt yesterday, after the Hunt met at Arley Hall & Gardens [below]. Terrorising pregnant ewes (who the farmer believes will now abort in the coming days, due to stress), trampling crops and churning up farmers’ land all appear part and parcel of a day out hunting in Cheshire, and locals are increasingly incensed by those who invite the Hunt into the area.


A number of landowners and farmers called the police yesterday, and we will be further raising this issue with them and with the Hall, as now Hunts have to operate more and more 'below the radar' to keep their activities hidden, these issues are increasing.

CheshireForestFHDirectorandvethandscameratothugstoharassmonitorswith10-2-18.jpgArley Hall have traditionally hosted a meet for this Hunt every season, and this year we believe they will also be hosting the Cheshire Forest Hunt ball. After numerous complaints from patrons of the Hall, customers from adjacent Stockley Farm, and following a number of peaceful demonstrations at the entrance, we decided to speak to Hall management ourselves, who were very responsive to us, have stated that they are investigating complaints about this Hunt, and even went as far as to allow us to officially monitor the Hunt within their grounds.

Watching Huntmaster Sally Hayward’s welcoming speech to the dwindling membership of this Hunt, up close at the front of Arley Hall yesterday, was an interesting experience. After being amused by the many concerned faces when we arrived, and chatting to Lord Ashbrook (Arley Hall owner) who seemed genuinely interested in Cheshire Monitors, we watched the hunt quickly move off and spend the next few hours trying to keep away from us.

As Arley is surrounded by a lot of woodland, German had his pick of areas to try and flush for foxes, and tried desperately to do so, but with little success. We witnessed the hounds in cry (on the scent of a fox) only a couple of times, and only briefly. We did catch German hunting on foot while hunt servants blocked the road, and using the “brrrr” call to try and disturbCheshireForestFHDirectorandvetscamerabeingusedbythugtoharassmonitorswith10-2-18.jpg foxes for the hounds to chase. Arley’s foxes had other ideas, however, and we are pretty certain that they all evaded the hunt and live to see another day.

We suffered a lot of intimidation (or attempted) from hunt servants, all masked-up of course, blocking roads and driving dangerously, much of which was in the grounds of Arley Hall, all to try and keep us away from the Huntsman and hounds. They failed, of course, and we must have been really spoiling their fun, as the Hunt decided to pack up at 3pm after one final (thwarted) attempt to hunt.

We decided to check they weren’t going to try and sneak back out, as Hunts do, but no, back at Arley car park we found German studying his A-Z of Cheshire to find his way home and the smattering of riders who bothered turning up today trying to look casual as they packed up from such a rubbish day out.

The terrierboys did have one final go at intimidating us, at the instruction of Hunt director – and domestic vet, no less – Liz Gorse, who handed them her video camera [above left] to harass us with (right). All the while the terrierboys remained masked up, of course. We aren’t sure if it’s because they are ugly or just cowards with something to hide. You decide.

With a tiny field of just 25 riders today, and at such a prestigious meet, without a Whipper In and an apparent terrierboy controlling the hounds on foot from the roadside, this fox-killing hunt has never looked more pitiful. And with them now being under official police investigation (more on that soon), how much longer can the Cheshire Forest Hunt realistically survive?

If you have information about any Hunts in or around Cheshire, please contact us in strict confidence, by PM here or on email to info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk, and help us #StopTheHunts. If you would like to support Cheshire Monitors you can donate atpaypal.me/CMonitors - thank you!

Pics below  -   Sheep flock with pregnant ewes disturbed by hounds   



Two sabs attacked after gizmo used to lift S. Dorset FH hounds off fox

11-2-18   Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights   Hit report 10/02/2018 The South Dorset Hunt   After a local tip-off we caught up with the South Dorset Hunt just as they left the meet at Troy Town Farm. With a small field of ten riders and with the weather conditions making visibility difficult we knew from the outset that this wasn't going to be one of our easiest days...

From the meet the hunt headed north with hounds trying to pick up in the kale fields before heading onto Gaddys Lane .From there foot teams were deployed along the Ridge and were able to keep ahead of the Hunt before they galloped off towards the old favourite hunting ground of Doles Hill Plantation...

The day then took a nasty turn. With foot teams on the footpath just east of the plantation, the Hunt, which by now only consisted of the Huntsman, Whip and two terriermen on a quad, watched as hounds went into cry. Sabs used a gizmo to lift their heads and pull the hounds off, surely something the Hunt should be doing to avoid any 'accidents'.

Then a call came through - sabs under attack. Obviously the lack of kill from that moment sent huge waves of frustration to the terriermen, maybe the fox they dropped escaped , who knows but their anger was enough for them to drag a female sab to the ground and pushing another so hard in the chest with both hands that he fell (footage being sent to Dorset Police!). With another foot team running in for backup the Hunt made a dash towards Druce Farm, taking their servants along with them, and within half an hour the call from awaiting Silver Landy came through that the hounds were back in the van and heading home at around 3.50pm.

With very little road access , high hills and a vast expanse of open plain this was definitely a day for the fittest of foot sabs who did us proud. The weather was harsh but always on our side and we feel certain there were no kills today.

A huge big thank you to Southampton Sabs who walked that extra mile to help keep our South Dorset foxes safe for another day...

We are looking for new members. We need Monitors, spotters, fundraisers and people out in the fields. The more of us there are the harder it is for them to keep getting away with the slaughter of our wildlife. If you can help then please message this page or email weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com. We are an independent group and receive no funding from big associations. https://gogetfunding.com/weymouth-animal-rights-vehicle-an…/

Pics below   -  1/  Sab being assaulted   2/  Riders 3 abreast on a bend in poor weather.  

  S.DorsetFHSabbeingassaulted10-2-18.jpg S.DorsetFH3abreastonabend10-2-18.jpg


Sabs save foxes from Flint & Denbigh though attacked by thugs 

11-2-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Flint & Denbigh - Trefnant – 10/02/18    Yesterday we met up with our very good friends North Wales Hunt Saboteurs and took on the Flint & Denbigh hunt in Trefnant, Denbighshire, North Wales, managing to save 3 foxes and a deer!

Arriving at Perthewig Farm at around 11am sabs immediately encountered a man on horseback on the bridleway with some rope and a handkerchief 'laying a trail'.... Had Jeremy finally gone straight?? Apparently not!!

Sabs stayed with the hounds and Jeremy for around 30 minutes whilst he hunted some small woodland in the fields adjacent to the meet, with the hounds at our feet the entire time. They didn't go into cry. Jeremy was civil and was happy to have some friendly banter with the sabs, when asked for a go of his horn in exchange for a go of ours, he took the opportunity but wouldn't give us a go of his! Spoil sport, haha! The civility ended later on of course when he became a little more red faced than usual.

Accompanied by the field, Jeremy made a desperate attempt at escape to get away from sabs. Covering his departure, around 6 members of the field and the whipper in tried to use their horses as weapons to deter sabs, but to no avail. Pressing on, sabs kept up with Jeremy and with his patience wearing thin, he called in his star hunt servant Rob "The Cabbage Patch Kid" Smith, but he wasn't much of an obstacle as he didn't have any of his fellow lackeys with him to make him feel tough and sabs got around him with not too much resistance. Sabs continued to stay with the hounds for around an hour and 30 minutes, with Rob's quad not able to keep up with sabs. they didn't go into cry.

The Hunt made their first road cross at the dismantled railway near Denbigh Green (land owned by Anthony Griffith) and were met with abuse from drivers who opposed their barbaric 'sport'. Finally crossing the road, with dozens of hunt support present and Rob The Cabbage Patch Kids ego inflated, two sabs were set upon while trying to follow the hunt. Rob and his lackey Mark Wilson used excessive force on the two foot sabs as more sabs arrived to help, more violence broke out as the hunt officials and support desperately tried to prevent sabs from joining the Hunt, hitting and pushing sabs into barbed wire.

4 police officers arrived and entered the field, the hunt support promptly began to change. Police asked sabs to send in their footage if they wished to make a report and to stop blowing the horn, however mid conversation with officers the hounds went into cry in the next field, sabs used the gizmo, horn and voice calls but were unsuccessful in taking the hounds. Crossing a stream, 3 sabs caught up to the hounds and Jeremy, who had no choice but to call them off.

From here, the Hunt then crossed the dangerous A525 into the Plas Newydd estate. With support and police across the stream, sabs continued to stay with the hounds. A few fields ahead Rob caught up and was hurling abuse again. However, next to the sabs was the first fox, standing stationary looking towards us. The fox bolted into some near by woodland and escaped rob and his terriers due to sabs presence.

Police entered the field believing they had a dispersal order issued by a Sergeant Neil Stringfellow, but an officer must hold the rank of Inspector to issue one and Neil is allegedly a friend of hunt servant Ed Lloyd Ellis so we can only assume he was acting on behalf of the hunt... Failing to understand that a dispersal order is placed on an area and not a group of people, officers tried to tell sabs to leave the land and get back on the footpath, but with a fox near by and hunt servants with shovels and terriers, this was not possible. A group of sabs stayed and ensured no digging was done and the servants left.

The second fox (and deer!) escaped shortly after. Following the hunt on foot as they went into Plas Heaton Estate sabs came over a stile to the top of a hill and seen the duo, the hunt immediately followed the fox and deer but had to stop when sabs quickly got between them and started filming. They both got away.

Minutes later a few fields over we seen the third fox, hounds descended down a series of fields on a steep hill and went into cry multiple times, sabs used horn calls to keep them away and the fox was seen escaping the hounds after being chased. At this point a police officer had made it down the hill from the road and had witnessed the hounds chasing the fox and asked Jeremy about it, he "categorically" denied the claims and said he wasn't aware of any fox and galloped away with his whipper in and rejoined the other riders. The officer showed some sympathy towards sabs but ultimately did nothing after witnessing the chase.

Jeremy had lost his civility at this point and was in denial about sabs presence, ignoring them at every turn. The day was drawing to a close and the hunt was followed to the meet and packed up around 5pm. The 'trail of lies' we seen being laid first thing in the morning was not actually followed at all, and went in the complete opposite direction to the hunt... Says it all really!


Sabs find blocked setts in Heythrop FH, 3 in N.Cotswold FH country

11-2-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Yesterday was spent dealing with the Heythrop and the North Cotswold hunt. Around Batsford the Heythrop had blocked 4 setts the NCH 3. That is only what we found, tip of the iceberg.Busy few days 4 different hunts all breaking the law, all behaving badly. Footage is of the joint meet of the Ledbury and North Staffordshire. Please support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs.


Severe misuse of horses seen at Eggesford FH while sabs save foxes

11-2-18   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    Eggesford Hunt 10.2.2018    After the Eggesford killed on Thursday, we returned yesterday to hit them with more sabs and added determination. With three foot teams and two vehicles we had them surrounded all day. Wherever they went, we were already there waiting. It paid off and lives were saved.

They met at Heath Farm, just north of Winkleigh. As you can see from the pictures, it rained throughout and we found ourselves wading through bog for much of the day! The Hunt set off into the valley south of Week House, drawing both sides as they headed south and then north, with huntsman Jason Marles attempting to flush out foxes ahead of the hounds. Hounds began speaking on a line but we had it covered. A horn-blowing battle ensuedEggesfordFHSabswithhoundstakenoffHuntsman10-2-18.jpg between sabs and Marles in Woodroberts Wood. Sabs had most of the pack and it took Marles a good 15 minutes to get them back together and move on.

Next, they entered the stream valley south of Hollocombe Moor. Again, foot teams were quickly repositioned, just in time to witness hounds in cry heading onto the moor and towards the busy A-road. What a strange place to lay a trail?! As sabs on the moor called hounds back, others prepared to stop the hounds on the road and prevent them from running into the traffic. Meanwhile, the terrier men stood around like lemmings and Marles was getting drenched on the moor. Another battle of calls ensued, as Marles struggled to regain control of the pack.

Marles eventually emerged on foot from the moor, got back on his horse and made his way over towards Narracott, where he began drawing the many small coverts and river valleys around the farm. Hounds rioted on deer but another effective pincer movement from our foot teams had the hounds surrounded and Marles was forced to call them back.

What followed was one of the most stressful experiences we've had in a long time. A fox ran within a few metres of one of our foot teams and headed straight for the woods. Hounds were less than 10 seconds behind and were excitedly speaking on the line. Sabs on one side of the valley tried to cover the fox's scent and rate the hounds, while sabs on the other side prepared to call them out away from the fox. However, a fox broke from the woods and headed towards that same foot team. We're not sure if it was the same fox as the two were just minutes apart. Calling at this point would have put the fox at risk, so sabs waited for the fox to get away and prepared to stop the hounds, who were not far behind.

Nathan, one of the Eggesford terrier men, had also seen the fox and pointed out to Marles where the fox had run. Marles immediately blew "Gone Away", the signal that a fox had broken from covert, and encouraged the hounds onto the line. Sabs who witnessed the whole thing shouted at him to call the hounds off. His response was the usual smug-faced "I didn't see no fox", and to another team he said "do you think I give a f*** what you've got on camera?!"

Although it had been an extremely close call, quick action from all our foot teams ensured the fox got away safely and Marles eventually gathered the pack and headed further south. Sabs followed closely through the woods to ensure they didn't double-back.

Meanwhile, in a display of some of the most irresponsible horsemanship we have ever witnessed, a couple of the riders forced their horses down a steep slippery slope in the woods and one of them was thrown off her horse straight into the mud. She was drenched in mud from head to toe. Surely they would turn around and head back the way they came?? But no... they carried on down the slope, dragging their horses down by the reins. The horses skidded and slid all over the place. One of the horses sank deep into the mud and had to be dragged out.

Surely it was time for Marles to give up and go home, and for once he did! By 3.15 the bedraggled Hunt were back at the meet, boxing up the hounds. With two hours of daylight left, we headed off to find the South Tetcott at Northlew but found them packing up as we arrived. Footage and more to follow.

If you support what we do, please contribute to our fuel fund: https://www.paypal.me/dchs. To get involved or send us information: 07717473305 or devoncountysabs@riseup.net.

Pics below   -   1/  Sabs ask huntsman to call hounds off fox     2/  Rider thrown off into deep mud     3/  Hounds get some rest and a dry in the van at end of meet

  EggesfordFHSabasksHuntsmantocallhoundsofffox10-2-18.jpg EggesfordFHRiderthrownoffhorseintodeepmud10-2-18.jpg




Reckless York & Ainsty S FH rider brings horse down on road

11-2-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs shared Tommy Woodward's post  VIDEO   Yesterday at the York and Ainsty South we saw yet another example that the poor horses and hounds are simply tools of the trade, Riding too fast on iron shoes on a metalled road is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately some people's bloodlust takes over their common sense!

11-2-18  Facebook - Tommy Woodward  SAME VIDEO   Don't ever think that the bloodsports fanatics give a damn about the horses or hounds.



Sabs find sheep carcasses think used to lure foxes into Fife FH hunt area

11-2-18   Facebook - Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs    Hit report Saturday 10th February Fife Foxhounds - Cairneyhall    Sabs from Perthshire, Glasgow and Grampian Hunt Sabs decided to join us while visiting Fife Foxhounds yesterday sabs found the meet by around 10am so all 4 groups split up and began pre spraying known areas.

The Hunt left the meet around 11:20 and made an attempt to lure sabs out of the estate by heading North from the meet but they failed, Terrierman Adam Galpin also tried to trick sabs into moving vehicles claiming he needed access to a railway line this was obviously a lie from a charlatan (Why would the hunt need access to an active railway line?).

Sabs lay in wait for the Hunt to return several groups discovered carcasses of sheep used to lure foxes into the areas, We intercepted the hunt around 12:30 and they made an attempt to hunt several woods surrounding the meet.

The Hunt made 10 attempts to cast the hounds into an area a fox was spotted luckily for the fox sabs had pre sprayed the area and rated hounds away from the fox, The Hunt were visibly desperate and frustrated by this point Mark Flemming even picked up a decaying fox carcass to try and trick sabs into thinking they had killed when the only thing they had harmed is their dignity!

The Hunt then headed back to the meet early and packed up a great day for wildlife. Join. Sab. Donate.  https://www.paypal.me/FifeHuntSabs.


Lake District walker sees Hunt chasing foxes

Hounds ran straight past a huddle of sheep 

11-2-18  He was able to take a short clip of hounds, apparently in cry, on his phone.




Sabs stop dig-out, one & a hound driven into by Curre FH terrierman

10-2-18   Facebook - Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Curre & Llangibby Foxhounds Shirenewton nr Chepstow  FOX MARKED TO GROUND. SAB & HOUND HIT BY QUAD    With South Wales, Bristol & Bath Hunt Saboteurs. Firstly we would like to acknowledge our fellow sabs, monitors and the wildlife that were subjected to acts of violence today, notably North Cambs Hunt Sabs An attack on one is an attack on all. We will not back down.CurreFHTerriermandrivesquadintohound10-2-18.jpg

News reaches us that the Curre are in trouble, Huntsman Neil Coleman has been sacked. Hunts are under pressure and their days are numbered. 

Sabs in South Wales had a cold, wet and muddy day. The Hunt were located near Home Farm Court. Stoneycroft Wood was hunted as were the woods of Rhyd-y-fedw. Sabs stuck close to the hounds. Ex-Hunstman Peter Swann was spotted, loitering near woodland. 

During the day as sabs rated hounds on a road, one of our crew and a hunt hound was hit by a quad bike [hound hit, right] being dangerously driven by terrierman Gareth Baker. Thankfully no serious injury was sustained. The quad was being driven illegally as it was on a public road with no number plates and carrying a passenger. Time and again we see the law being broken by hunts and them getting away with it. 

In the afternoon, hounds went into cry and marked a fox to ground in view of sabs. As the terriermen closed in with spades and terriers at the ready to dig out the fox, sabs stood guard for 40 minutes until the terriermen gave up and left. The fox was able to escape to safety. Unhappy that they couldn't fulfil their blood lust for the day, the hunt packed up and were seen back to their kennels by sabs.

We would like to ask if you make a donation today to please help our friends at Bath & North Cambs with their vehicle repairs. Your help helps save lives! Very many thanks. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/vehiclerepairs



Fitzwilliam thugs violently attack occupied sab car

Windscreen, side and rear windows all smashed

Followed hunt supporters driving into sab vehicle

10-2-18   HSA Press release    Fitzwilliam Hunt endanger lives of Hunt Saboteurs North Cambs Hunt Sabs came under violent attack today from followers of the Fitzwilliam - Milton Hunt.

After a successful day preventing hunting at the Oakley Hunt in Bedfordshire, North Cambs checked on a known meet location of the Fitzwilliam. Upon finding the Hunt the North Cambs vehicle was surrounded and blocked in by several four wheel drive vehicles, just outside of Lutton near Huntingdon.

One vehicle collided with the North Cambs' car after racing up alongside on the verge and driving across the lane in front of the moving sab vehicle. Several hunt supporters got out of their vehicles and used heavy implements to smash the windscreen, side windows and rear window of the North Cambs car.

Lacerations from broken glass were caused to the occupants, who then managed to get out of the situation and were pursued at high speed through country lanes by their assailants, before finally driving to Peterborough police station to make full statements and submit video evidence for prosecution.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteur Association, stated: “The Fitzwilliam hunt are under increasing pressure from hunt saboteurs and will soon be in court to answer charges of illegal hunting. Time and again we see hunts resorting to violence when decent folk stop their illegal killing. These people are fools because we will never be deterred by acts of violence and in fact it only proves how effective we're being and spurs us on to greater efforts. Whether the police decide to act or not, North Cambs sabs will have the backing of other sab groups to ensure justice is done.”

Pics below   -   1/  Windscreen     2/  Rear window  

  FitzwilliamFHThugssmashedoccupiedsabcarwindscreen10-2-218.jpg  FitzwilliamFHThugssmashedoccupiedsabcarrearwindows10-2-218.jpg  

10-2-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   HUNT SUPPORTERS TRAP AND ATTACK SAB VEHICLE Hit Report 10.02.2018 Oakley Hunt, Lodge Farm, Rushden     Today ended in drama for North Cambs Hunt Sabs, after a successful sab outing to the Oakley Hunt with Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs and Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs, North Cambs went to check on a sighting of the Fitzwilliam, in Lutton near Huntingdon. The North Cambs four wheel drive was pursued, obstructed, blocked and violently attacked by hunt supporters with metal tools. The windscreen, side, and rear windows were all smashed, occupants received injuries from the shattering glass and hundreds of pounds worth of damage was caused to our vehicle.

Of course, sab vehicles are well kitted out with video recording equipment, and this is now a police matter, with clear images of the assailants and their cars handed over to Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

The earlier part of the day, however, had unfolded much more favourably for the team. Attending a meet of the Oakley Hunt at Lodge Farm near Rushden, Northants, North Cambs and Cambridge Sabs worked with Bed & Bucks to contain the riders and hounds and prevent any serious hunting happening all day.

Heavy, sodden clay fields made the going difficult for activists on foot, but with multiple teams out making use of vehicle support, the hunt was not out of sight for long at any time. Jack Harris and Ray Pipe were forced to push on time and time again to the next draw as sabs found them and called their hounds back, out of harm’s way.

Two foxes were seen to safety by the different teams working today, and as this time of year is when foxes have paired up and with pregnant vixens laying low in dens, others will have not been far away.

By 2.30pm, with most of the field calling it a day in dire conditions, the pack and huntsman trudged back to kennels at Melchbourne, under the watchful eye of a sab vehicle escort. A solid day's sabbing had been achieved, before things turned south when North Cambs headed back to Cambridgeshire and ran into the Fitzwilliam - Milton Hunt support.

The hardy NC vehicle has suffered substantial and costly damage. All repairable, of course, this will not stop us in our battle to stop cruelty to wildlife wherever we find it. Please support our work for the price of a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/northcambs.

Pics below   -   1/  Wounds to sab who was in car    2/  Broken glass in front of sab car 

  FitzwilliamFHWoundstosabafterthugssmashedoccupiedsabcarwindscreen10-2-218.jpg FitzwilliamFHBrokenglassinsidesabcarafterthugssmashedoccupiedsabcarwindscreen10-2-218.jpg

15-2-18   BBC News    Fitzwilliam Hunt: Anti-hunting group 'attacked with tools'    An anti-hunting group said it was the victim of an "unprovoked, premeditated attack" in Cambridgeshire. North Cambs Hunt Sabs said its car was attacked with metal tools at the Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt at Lutton. Police are investigating alleged criminal damage and assault that left a man with "minor injuries".

A Hunt spokeswoman said it does not condone the type of behaviour alleged, even with "extreme provocation", and would help police with inquiries.

James Taylor, from North Cambs Hunt Sabs, said the group went to Lutton, near Huntingdon, in response to a report of a hunt on Saturday. "Suddenly we were being followed by four four-wheel drives and then they boxed us in," said Mr Taylor. Video footage appears to show the back window of the group's vehicle being smashed before they were pursued away from the scene by one vehicle. The North Cambs Hunt Sabs Facebook page said the footage showed an "unprovoked, premeditated attack".

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesman said: "We have been contacted with reports of an alleged incident of criminal damage and assault that happened at about 16:15 GMT on 10 February, near Lutton. "An altercation took place between two groups of people, which resulted in a vehicle being damaged and a man being assaulted. The victim received minor injuries as a result of what happened. The incident is being investigated by officers."

15-2-18   Daily Mail    Furious farmer in a Land Rover races to catch hunt saboteurs during shocking bumper-to-bumper high-speed chase after SMASHING their windows with a BATON - The video shows the terrifying moment a group of anti-hunt protestors are attacked - They claim the attack is from a pro-hunt group who hit their cars with batons   North Cambridgeshire Hunt Saboteurs Association were monitoring the Fitzwilliam Hunt when they were attacked by men in tweed flat caps Cambridgeshire police are investigating criminal damage and an assault This is the terrifying moment a group of anti-hunt demonstrators had their car smashed up. The attack allegedly came from pro-hunt thugs wearing waxed jackets and driving high-powered Land Rovers.

FitzwilliamFHOneofthugswhoattackedsabcarwithweapons10-2-18.jpgNorth Cambridgeshire Hunt Saboteurs Association were monitoring the Fitzwilliam Hunt when they were set upon by a handful of men in tweed flat caps in a narrow country lane. Footage shows the hunt saboteurs' car surrounded by the high-powered vehicles, with one skidding in front of them to block them in, before four people jump out. One then approaches the saboteur's car with what appears to be a torch and smashes in several of their windows. A woman screams as the narrator yells: 'OK they've just put our window through! Police! 999! Now!'

The saboteurs are so scared they manage to drive their vehicle around the cars, saying: 'We are going to drive to Huntingdon Police Station now. We are being attacked.' But within a few seconds, the alleged pro-hunt supporters give chase and try and make them pull over. One of the anti-hunt demonstrates - filming as the drama unfolds - says: 'We are being beckoned by this d***head to pull over but I'm not pulling over now. No.'

The Land Rover aggressively tailgates the 'saboteurs', before the cars speed through a village, thought to be Lutton, Northamptonshire. The back window of the car is shattered and several occupants claim to have recieved injuries from the broken glass.

A statement from North Cambridgeshire Hunt Sabs said: 'After a successful day preventing hunting at the Oakley Hunt in Bedfordshire, North Cambs checked on a known meet location of the Fitzwilliam. Upon finding the hunt the North Cambs vehicle was surrounded and blocked in by several four wheel drive vehicles, just outside of Lutton near Huntingdon. One vehicle collided with the North Cambs' car after racing up alongside on the verge and driving across the lane in front of the moving sab vehicle. Several hunt supporters got out of their vehicles and used heavy implements to smash the windscreen, side windows and rear window of the North Cambs car.' They added: 'Lacerations from broken glass were caused to the occupants, who then managed to get out of the situation and were pursued at high speed through country lanes by their assailants, before finally driving to Peterborough police station to make full statements and submit video evidence for prosecution.'

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteur Association said: 'The Fitzwilliam Hunt are under increasing pressure from hunt saboteurs and will soon be in court to answer charges of illegal hunting. 'Time and again we see Hunts resorting to violence when decent folk stop their illegal killing. These people are fools because we will never be deterred by acts of violence and in fact it only proves how effective we're being and spurs us on to greater efforts. Whether the police decide to act or not, North Cambs sabs will have the backing of other sab groups to ensure justice is done.'

The North Cambs sabs had been out earlier in the day, monitoring the Oakley Hunt with Beds and Bucks Hunt Sabs and Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs. They claim they had prevented that Hunt from moving by containing the riders and hounds, saving two foxes from being chased.

They then moved on to tail the nearby Fitzwilliam Hunt, which takes place over 600 square miles of land in the area of Cambridgeshire between Stamford in the North to Higham Ferrers in Northamptonshire.

The Hunt has been running for more than 250 years in the area and members also use a golden eagle. Between November and March, the family-owned pack goes out two days a week, and the hunt says that it always stays within the law. Images from the attack have now been handed to Cambridgeshire Police. A spokesman said: 'We have been contacted with reports of an alleged incident of criminal damage and assault that happened at about 4.15pm on Saturday February 10 near Lutton. An altercation took place between two groups of people, which resulted in a vehicle being damaged and a man being assaulted. The victim received minor injuries as a result of what happened. The incident is being investigated by officers. Anyone with information regarding this incident should call police on 101 quoting CF0082500218 or visit www.cambs.police.uk/report. 'Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111 or via www.crimestoppers-uk.org'.

A spokesperson for the Hunt said: 'The Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt does not condone the type of behaviour that is alleged to have taken place, even in the face of extreme provocation. We will of course assist the police with any enquiries.'

The Hunting Act came into force on February 18, 2005, and banned the hunting of mammals with dogs in England and Wales.

POWAperson adds  -  This gangster, or one might almost say, terrorist-style attack was widely reported, including by the Metro and the Mirror. 


Ledbury FH hunt foxes near A roads  in dusk, sett blocking filmed

9-2-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Friday 9th February 2018, Ledbury and North LedburyFHCovertfilmofsettblockingeveningof8-2-18.jpgStaffordshire joint meet, Manor Farm Longdon    Just in from a very long day! As can be seen from the hidden camera, Ledbury sett blockers were out yesterday early evening filling in setts, masked up. None were seen on the early shift. 4 setts were found to be blocked, there will probably be more.

They hunted around Queenshill to start with and then into the Stanks after 2nd horse. Showing off in front of their little chums from up north (there were about 100 of them). We had a few witticisms from Joint Master Edward Phillipson Stowe and then off to Birtsmorton.

LedburyFHSettblocked9-2-18.jpgThings got silly then as they hunted a fox out of Birtsmorton Park. We rated the hounds off and successfully stopped them from going across the A438 in the dusk. This is when Peter Cooksie (a Ledbury stalwart) came from out of his box and encouraged them over said road, at dusk, in the rush hour! And he called us weird!


They lost that fox and as if to show off even more went into Berrow wood at 17.30 and found another one. Well it's right next to the M50 so really clever... not. Anyway when sabs left they were still trying to gather the pack in the dark.

If you like what we do please support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs be nice to have more cameras on setts, etc etc.

Pics below   -   1/   Fox fleeing from hounds    2/   Hounds on trail of fox 

  LedburyFHFoxfleeinghounds9-2-18.jpg LedburyFHHoundsontrailoffox9-2-18.jpg


Police seek info re. alleged fox hunt kill nr. Lincoln

9-2-18   The Linconite    Police urgently appeal for information on alleged illegal fox hunt near Lincoln  Lincolnshire Police have issued an appeal for information following reports that a fox was chased by a pack of dogs and killed in a village north of Lincoln.

As first reported on The Lincolnite, villagers in Glentworth near Caenby Corner said they had “watched on horrified” as a hunting group pursued a fox before the animal was allegedly killed by their dogs. One eyewitness told The Lincolnite the fox carcass had been thrown into a van and that a local resident had been told the killing was an ‘accident’. The incident is reported to have happened on February 7 at around 3.15pm.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesperson said: “It is believed that at around 3.15pm a fox was chased and killed by dogs. A man who has not yet been identified but is believed to have been part of the hunt told the witness that the fox had not been killed. Local officers attended but no arrests or seizures were made. We are urgently appealing for more information from residents to identify those responsible. Our wildlife crime officers are now making enquiries. Anyone with information that would help our enquiries should call 101, quoting incident number 232 of Wednesday, February 7. To report anonymously, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Another villager posted on social media a deer had also been killed by dogs in Kexby village.

BBC Look North reported on the incident  

POWAperson adds - The incident was first recorded below here on 8-2-18. Though the police statement does not specify it seems certain the Hunt responsible was the Burton FH.

Pics below  -   1/  Resident of Glentworth who saw hounds in village, heard fox killed and called police.    2/  Burton FH at Lincolnshire Show. 

  BurtonFHResidentGlentworthSawhoundsHeardfoxkilled7-2-18.jpg  BurtonFHatLincsShow.jpg


Warwickshire FH hunt on and next to A roads yet again

9-2-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Warwickshire Hunt - Napton on the Hill - Thursday 8th Feb 2018    On Thursday we once again witnessed the arrogance of the Warwickshire Hunt as they hunted next to and on the busy A425 and A45 roads holding up traffic and expecting motorists to stop whilst they hunted. They hunted into neighbouring hunt the Bicester Hunts hunting area in Hellidon in Northamptonshire and tried to force their horses to jump over a large concrete block that the horses clearly didn’t want to jump over.

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Pics below   -   1/   3rd horse refusing jump as above      2/ & 3/    On the A425 

  WarksFH3rdhorserefusingjump8-2-18.jpg WarksFHonA425_8-2-18.jpgWarksFHonA425_8-2-18.jpg



Villagers & farmer complain of Dumfriesshire FH incursion

One says husband challenged them at dig-out

Farmer angry hounds ran through pregnant sheep field

9-2-18   Daily Record    Moniaive residents express concerns about a fox hunt "through the village" One local said it was "an appalling event" with another saying hunt members were "trying to dig out a fox'   People in Moniaive have voiced concerns about a fox hunt “through the village” at the weekend. A farmer was angered after a pack of dogs was seen running through fields holding in-lamb sheep. Other residents contacted the Standard to complain about “an appalling event”.

The farmer, who did not want to be named, said: “It’s just a month from lambing time and having dogs running about and frightening sheep isn’t good. It can cause a lot of trouble to the sheep.” He added: “The Hunt should not have been so close to the village where people are walking about. I came back from Sanquhar on Saturday and saw cars near a farm in the glen and thought it was sheepdog trials or something.”

Later that day he spotted two quad bikes and heard the hunting call. “That’s when I knew what was going on,” he said. “I could see sheep in a field going a bit daft and running back and forward. When I was walking with my two young kids, two dogs came running down from a farm and were about 20 yards away which is quite close. I’ve never seen it here before. I have a lot of respect for game-keepers and recognise the need for pest control, but hunting with dogs should be consigned to history.”

Another resident claimed her husband confronted hunt members seen “trying to dig out a fox”. She added: “They moved off and went through the village, with the hounds loose, and running through fields chasing pregnant sheep. The men were challenged by a resident and she was told the dogs wouldn’t chase sheep but that’s not the point. All the sheep are pregnant and being chased by dogs could cause miscarriages.”

A police spokesman said they had been told by a representative of the Dumfriesshire and Stewartry Foxhounds that they would be in the Moniaive area on Saturday. He confirmed they had received calls later from residents about the hunt but no complaints.

The Dumfriesshire and Stewartry Foxhounds was contacted for comment but did not respond.


Cheshire PCC orders review of police handling of Hunts

Several foxes killed by Cheshire packs already this year 

9-2-18  BBC News   Fox hunting: Review of how Cheshire Police upholds law ordered - Police are DavidKeaneCheshirePCC.jpeginvestigating two alleged killing of foxes by hunts in Cheshire    A review has been ordered into the way Cheshire Police upholds hunting laws, amidst reports of foxes being illegally killed in the county. Announcing the review, Cheshire's police commissioner David Keane [right] said he had received a "huge increase" in correspondence about the issue.

In January, Chester MP Chris Matheson said since Christmas, "at least four foxes" were "killed by trail hunts". Cheshire Police said it took all "rural and wildlife crime seriously". A spokeswoman said the force understood that "strong views held by different groups mean there are frustrations with a perceived lack of police action". She added that officers were ChrisMathesonMP.jpegcurrently investigating two incidents where it had been claimed foxes were killed by hunts - one relating to an organised hunt at Allostock, near Knutsford, on 26 December and the other to an incident in Beeston on 4 February. Police are also investigating a number of allegations of assault, harassment and public order offences related to Hunts.

In 2004, it was made a criminal offence in England and Wales to hunt down and kill a wild mammal with dogs In order to prosecute, a person must be shown to be intentionally hunting the animal. Pursuit of live animals has been replaced by trail hunting, which sees hounds and riders follow a pre-laid scent along an agreed route.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Matheson said that "in the four weeks since Boxing Day, at least four foxes in Cheshire have been illegally killed by trail hunts". Agriculture minister George Eustice said fox hunting was "a matter for the police and the prosecuting authorities". "Anybody who believes the law has been broken shouldMikeAmesburyMP.jpeg report it to the police," he added.

Peter Jones, secretary of the Cheshire Hunt, said fox kills were "very rare" and that the Hunts "didn't go out with the intention of killing foxes". He added that the kills had "just happened, it was just an accident".

Weaver Vale MP Mike Amesbury, who asked Mr Keane to commission the review, told the BBC foxes were being "slaughtered". "I want to ensure that the law is being applied and these crimes are being properly investigated", he added. Mr Keane said some of the concerns he had received related to the way police investigations were carried out. He said the review would begin in the next weeks.


2 monitors thwart VWH FH hunting of 2 foxes in massive private estate 

9-2-18   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch  VIDEO  Vale of the White Horse FH 5.02.2018  The VWH were in Cirencester Park on Monday. This is the park where the 9th Earl & Countess Bathurst live in the mansion. The park spreads out over 3,000 acres!

The Hunt disappeared deep into the park interior. We walked in and found them in the area of Oakley Wood where a couple of passing hunt riders were friendly to our monitor who was polite in response but then after a while a young boy on horseback appeared and declared that the Earl of Bathurst wanted the foot walker to leave because she was behaving antagonistically. This was a ridiculous accusation as she had just been walking on the paths looking for the Hunt and had only been polite to a couple of stray hunt riders. She denied being antagonistic, which the boy felt was in itself being antagonistic! On the grounds that this was just silly, she requested the Earl should come and speak to her and carried on walking in search of the Hunt.

There is a notice on all gates to the Park which welcomes people on foot between the hours of 9 and 5 as long as they don’t bicycle, picnic or start fires – or bring a dog. She was doing none of these things, just walking – extraordinary that a woman with a camera is seen as antagonistic just by being there. What have they got to hide?

Well, we soon saw as they hunted round in the park, keeping deep into the woods meaning they are invisible and inaudible from the surrounding roads. Very few people walk in the park on a weekday, which means they can do what they like unwitnessed except of course if there are women with cameras.

The two foot walkers managed to keep quite close to them despite the odds. The hounds picked up a number of times and two foxes were seen, one spotted by a foot walker in time for her to make a noise to stop it coming out of the undergrowth in full view of hunt supporters and the other as it fled the hounds out across a path where a foot walker was standing who managed to shout off the hounds when they arrived on its tracks. They did arrive on its tracks. Despite a ludicrous display put on especially for the sabs which consisted of a rider brandishing a yellow hanky on the end of a whip supposed to represent a trail - there is no question that they were hunting foxes.

In four square miles of that part of the park a couple of sabs can’t stop it all but they did intervene for two foxes. It is very hard in that location to hear the sound of the pack on cry, echoing and echoing round the woods ... the sound is chilling. What must it be like for a fox and other wildlife seeking sanctuary there? 

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Pic below  -   Woman rider in pathetic attempt to appear to be laying a trail [via the yellow cloth].  All she can manage to do is slap her horse's head with it.  Tricky business this trail laying, especially when red, furry animals can so easily be mistaken for an invisible [generally non-existent] line of scent.



Reports now say Burton FH killed fox AND a deer in two villages

8-2-18   The Lincolnite    Police investigate reports of illegal fox hunt north of Lincoln   Police are making enquiries into reports of illegal fox hunting in a village north of Lincoln.

Villagers in Glentworth, off the B1938 near Caenby Corner, have said a hunting group were seen pursuing a fox through the village, claiming the fox and a deer were savagely killed by dogs. The carcass of the chased fox was then reportedly thrown into a van on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 7th.

One resident told The Lincolnite: “The fox was seen running past several gardens. It was eventually killed and discreetly removed in the back of a van.” They added: “Riders spoke to residents and said it was an ‘accident’ and continued along Kexby Road.”

Another villager posted on social media that a deer was “ripped to shreds” in the middle of Kexby village and the fox suffered the same fate on a private lawn “in full view of horrified residents”. 

A Lincolnshire Police spokesperson said: “We did receive a report, incident 232, relating to possible fox hunting in Glentworth. Local officers attended but no arrests or seizures were made. Our wildlife officer has been made aware and will make enquiries into the incident.”

Anyone with information that would aid police with their enquiries should call 101, quoting incident number 232 of Wednesday, February 7th.

Fox hunting with dogs has been outlawed since 2004. The ban forbids the use of dogs to hunt foxes and other wild mammals — including hares — in England and Wales. Controversially, the ban has not put a complete end to the tradition of countryside hunts, which often work around loopholes in the law by following scent trails rather than foxes. Many are opposed to the practice, but strong arguments are often aired too by hunting supporters, including Prime Minister Theresa May, who recently u-turned on a possible vote to repeal the ban.

Malc Parr @tractorman07  Shocking stories emerging today regarding the Burton Hunt yesterday, a deer ripped to shreds in the middle of Kexby village and a fox suffered the same fate on a private back lawn in Glentworth in full view of horrified residents.


Fox dug out & killed at joint Eggesford/Torrington FH meet

Later seen hunting two roe deer, one had an injured leg  

8-2-18   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs   EGGESFORD HUNT KILL FOX  Eggesford & Torrington Joint Meet 8.2.2018    We're not normally able to sab mid-week, but yesterday we made an exception for the Torrington Farmers & Eggesford joint meet at Beaford House, a B&B just outside Beaford. We wonder what their guests would think if they knew they were hosting a fox hunt that went on to kill at least one fox that day! We were joined by friends from Somerset Hunt Saboteur Group, who brought their Land Rover.

As the Torrington were hosting the meet in their 'country', it was Eggesford huntsman Jason Marles hunting the hounds. The meet was well-attended but most of the car followers spent the first hour and a half driving around aimlessly looking for the Hunt and parked up at gateways several miles away from Marles and his hounds. The riders were also stationed miles away from where Marles and Craddock (Torrington Farmers) were hunting in the area around Great Warham, bordering the river Torridge. They would be oblivious to what went on in the meantime.

Unfortunately a fox was hunted to ground, dug out and killed by Eggesford terrier men Seeward Folland and Nathan Bowes. We can't say anything more about this at this stage but rest assured the Eggesford's days of hunting with impunity are numbered.

The Hunt spent most of the rest of the day drawing coverts between Beaford and Roborough, passing through land at Combe Wood that bears clear signs saying "No Hunt Horses - No Hunting".

They went back and forth across the boggy terrain between Upcott Barton and Beaford Moor, crossing land which three separate people, including a hunt rider, claime