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Commonly used abbreviations - FH = Fox Hounds, SH = Stag Hounds, MH= Mink Hounds 

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                      Warning - contains images of animals killed/mutilated by Hunts that you may find distressing 



….. 28th February - 'Pre-ban hunting' by Blackmore FH - sabs see 3 chased foxes safe

….. 27th February - New Cheshire CC says hunting is police priority

..... 27th February - Monitors see Beaufort FH hunting fox after finding blocked AE

….. 27th February - Fitzwilliam FH inflict ordeal on hounds & horses on hot day

….. 26th February - Sab radio & camera stolen & smashed at Belvoir FH meet

….. 26th February - Waveney Harriers hounds invade private garden

….. 26th February - Police seek info re. fox killed by hounds near Caernarfon

….. 26th February - Lamerton FH loose hounds on A30 halt heavy traffic

….. 25th February - N. Norfolk Harriers walked 'right out into' a busy main road

….. 25th February - Sabs ensure no dig-out fox Fife FH hunted to ground

….. 25th February - N. Norfolk Harriers walked 'right on to' busy main road

….. 25th February - Blackmore FH chase lactating vixen through churchyard

….. 25th February - Fife FH Huntsman taunts sabs with fox tail

….. 24th February - N.T. allow Surrey Union FH unscheduled meet at Netley House

….. 24th February - Sabs pull hounds off only fox Suffolk FH found, unblock several setts

….. 24th February - Sabs pack up two hare hunting packs on the same day

….. 23rd February - Leadon Vale Bassets found in cry & packed up straight away

….. 23rd February - Sabs watch as Clifton-on-Teme FH fail to find fox to hunt

….. 23rd February - 'Bloody sabs everywhere' make Monmouth FH pack up early

….. 23rd February - Oakley FH hounds savage deer and Hunt leave it to die in agony

….. 23rd February - Ross Harriers catch and kill hare in a poly tunnel

….. 23rd February - Locals say Puckeridge FH hounds killed a pet cat

….. 23rd February - Ashford Valley FH dig out fox and try to shoot down sab drone

….. 23rd February - Sab pushed off gate as swamped Curre FH pack up early

….. 23rd February - Antis swamp long un-sabbed New Forest FH meet

….. 23rd February - Frustrated Cottesmore FH thugs destroy sab tyre as foxes saved

….. 22nd February - Anti presence dissuades Mendip F FH from digging out 2 foxes

….. 22nd February - Middleton FH hired in security thugs assault 2 female sabs

….. 21st February - Middleton & Derwent FH riders get away with violent attacks on sabs

….. 21st February - Grafton FH member convicted of assaulting hunt monitor

….. 21st February - Shropshire horses with equine flu all attended same Hunt meet

….. 21st February - Sabs shoved around, driven at as keep Crawley FH to kill free day

….. 20th February - Sabs call hounds off only fox Portman FH found to chase

….. 20th February - Easton Harriers filmed chasing hare, female sabs threatened

….. 20th February - Sabs ensure Burton FH can't hunt properly, leading to early pack up

….. 20th February - Lanarkshire FH kill fox, hound suffered probable broken leg

….. 20th February - Warks FH hounds loose on road delay emergency ambulance

….. 20th February - Sabs find Pytchley FH in time to see them kill fox

….. 20th February - Grafton FH hound runs into road and is killed

….. 19th February - North Staffordshire FH mass sabbed into early pack up

….. 19th February - More shocking behaviour from Atherstone FH support

….. 18th February - Sabs find North Warwickshire Beagles and pack them up

….. 18th February - Fife FH filmed throwing shot fox for hounds to savage

….. 18th February - Sabs tend child rider of Puckeridge FH who broke leg in fall

….. 18th February - Cottesmore FH thug filmed damaging sab landy

….. 18th February - Sabs say Belvoir FH hired security sexually assaulted & attacked them

….. 17th February - Sabs save hares from High Peak Harriers after 'trail' laying

….. 17th February - Hampshire FH take pack & field across A road in foggy weather

….. 17th February - Sabs prevent dig out at Lamerton FH/Cotley Harriers joint meet

….. 17th February - Countryfile slammed for omitting hunting from item on bloodsports

….. 17th February - Cottesmore FH kill a fox suspiciously early in day

….. 16th February - E. Sussex FH keep losing hounds who run around on roads

..... 16th February - Sabs take hounds off Sandhurst Beagles in full cry

….. 16th February - Middleton FH rider accused of multiple assaults on sabs

….. 16th February - Monitors refute Quantock SH claim that hunted stag was injured

….. 16th February - Oakley FH kill young vixen - sabs retrieve corpse, hand to police 

….. 16th February - 3 monitors injured by S. Durham FH & support, camera stolen

….. 16th February - Middleton FH Huntsman 'Shag' Carter sacked & will lose house

….. 15th February - Sabs film Surrey Union FH blatantly hunting fox

….. 13th February - Berkeley FH refuse to end B. Day meetings in Thornbury despite petition

….. 12th February - Details of Cheshire PCC's scrutiny meeting on hunting released

….. 12th February - Blackmore FH disrupt traffic on A roads as sabs save foxes

….. 12th February - Staitondale FH supporter careless talk gets police WO interest

….. 12th February - Police seek 2 re. damage to equipment at Ashford V. FH B.Day meet

….. 11th February - Blackmore FH Huntsman & 2 sons in 1 a.m. pub brawl in Yeovil

….. 11th February - Grove & Rufford FH support lie to police, said sabs had weapons

….. 11th February - Warks FH anger farmer by hunting through sheep field

….. 11th February - Blackmore FH kill fox, then try to hide corpse in stranger's car

….. 11th February - Some Hunts go out despite racing's shutdown due to equine flu

….. 10th February - Monitor presence gets S. Durham FH to pull hounds off 2 foxes

….. 10th February - Sabs pack up two hare Hunts in one day

…..  9th February - Tredegar F FH Huntsman threatens violence as sabs thwart hunting

…..  9th February - Found hunting hares, Sandhurst Beagles 'trail hunt' for a while

…..  8th February - United FH terriermen filmed digging fox from badger sett

…..  8th February - Monitor grannie cleared of stalking Crawley FH hunter couple 

…..  8th February - Cheshire FHs cancel hunting due to equine flu outbreak 

…..  7th February - Grove & Rufford FH rider jailed 11 years for rape/sexual assault

…..  7th February - High Peak Harriers kill fox then switch to trail hunting as sabs there

…..  7th February - Equine flu outbreak linked to Cheshire FH say monitors

…..  6th February - Sabs threatened, quads driven illegally as Lanarkshire FH kill fox

…..  6th February - Young girl & father see fox savaged to death by Portman FH

…..  6th February - Fox caught & killed by Cheshire FH hounds inches from safety

…..  6th February - Meet of Leadon Vale Bassets at a school cancelled after protests

…..  5th February - Monitors save fox chased into gardens by Wynnstay FH

…..  5th February - Local tells monitors that Wynnstay FH killed a fox 

…..  4th February - Pytchley FH hound killed on A43, car badly damaged

…..  4th February - Big turn out for demo to protest Cheshire police inaction on hunting 

…..  3rd February - Sabs say police facilitated illegal hunting by Crawley FH

…..  3rd February - Police issue dispersal order to sabs as Dunston Harriers hunt hare

…..  2nd February - Sabs rescue fox from path of North Down FH

…..  2nd February - Two foxes stolen from a Cheshire wildlife sanctuary 


'Pre-ban hunting' by Blackmore FH - sabs see 3 chased foxes to safety

28-2-19   Facebook - Dorset Hunt Sabs    Meet : Bowden Lodge, Saturday 16th Feb 2019    We paid a visit to the BSV today to their meet at Bowden Lodge. Arriving early a foot team went in around the meet area to pre spray, making the area safer for any foxes that may be in the vicinity and observed a dead cow in a field. This cow was removed by a tractor and taken up to Sedgemoor Farm in Yenston, this farm supports the Hunt so we reckon this poor animal would have ended up in the hounds belly by nightfall ! Leaving the meet just after 11.30am the Huntsman took the hounds and headed in a north westerly direction and the hounds were soon in cry by the reservoir.

Today we were joined by a world class monitor and NDHS and between us we were able to keep the hounds in sight as they chased the line of this fox eastwards and came out on Bowden Lane. Having briefly lost this line the hounds did pick it back up went into cry again beside the road by Manor Farm and sabs were soon out spraying the area to help mask the scent of the fox and this fox was seen away to safety. This whole affair can only be described as pre ban hunting, the hounds clearly on a line and the Huntsman blowing them on hard.


The Huntsman gathered the hounds and headed north to West Wood, a foot team went in at Newleaze Farm and headed up to the eastern side of the wood. A red coat came over with another rider and threatened to make a citizens arrest because the sabs were spraying citronella and for being stationery on a public footpath. A sab told him to phone the police, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and as he rode off could be heard saying “ Hello, can I speak to ….. “ now when we call the police we don’t have the luxury of a direct line and we are the ones upholding the law !!! The hounds went into cry as they picked up on a fox that took them north towards where the monitor was standing and crossed the railway line. With even more citronella engulfing the area between us and the railway line another fox was seen away safely.

Continuing on the footpath the sabs exited at Stowell Farm, but not before having to paddle through mud and slurry which made the footpath incredibly hard to navigate. As the sabs walked through the farm they stopped to have a look at the condition of the cows. As usual, all of them skin and bone and locked away in shitty sheds …. in the last barn there was a dead cow laying in the barn surrounded by the rest of the herd. Just by the roadside were a few veal “crates” and the farmer suddenly appeared asking who had given us permission to film his animals. A sab told him the footpath was terrible and his reply was “its a farm track, what do you expect me to do?” The sab went on to tell him there was a dead cow laying in his barn and he said it had just died, the sab told him she would be reporting him to which he replied “don’t you dare Mrs”

The Hunt were now back at Inwood, the meet, for a change of horses before heading out the northern edge and along Chapel Lane. The Huntsman crossed the road at Yenston and the hounds were cast through an area north of Court Farm. As the landy was waiting for the traffic lights to change a lone hound came along the road so a sab hopped out to warn oncoming traffic, this hound was taken care of by one of the supporters and they herded it back up the road. The landy headed down Park Lane and a foot team went in at Whitchurch. The Huntsman was on his phone and was informed of the loose hound back up on the road and he said thank you ! The Huntsman gathered his hounds and took them north along a track that runs parallel to the the road and up to the Gartell Light Railway. The Huntsman and hounds went along the railway and the loose hounds was finally returned to the pack by Chrissie Osbourne.


From here the Huntsman headed East and a foot team went in at Broadmead track, after searching some hedgerows the hounds were taken back out towards the road into Sedgemoor Farm. The Hunt moved through the farm and headed north up to Yenston Hill where they crossed back over and went down Common Lane. The hounds searched the fields above Common Lane and not finding their miraculous trial the Huntsman took them back to Sedgemoor Farm. Next on the agenda was Martins Copse but no trail was picked up in here either so the Huntsman took the hounds back to Gartell Light Railway for another search…. for the trail … obviously !! No trail found so the Hunt headed back to Inwood where the Huntsman was drawing the southern edge as we observed with the monitor from Chapel Lane. We drove around to Bowden Lane to get a better visual on the meet and it seemed like it was the end of the day …. but that was far from the case !

Exiting Inwood, crossing Bowden Lane beside us the Huntsman took the hounds south west towards Toomer Hill. A foot team attempted to head them off from Gospel Ash Farm and both ends of the footpath that runs along Toomer Hill but the hounds were changing direction like the wind. We strongly suspect they were on a bagged fox and ping ponged between areas from Toomer Hill to Summerleaze Copse, Higher Spurles Covert and as far down to briefly cross The Old Road and be out onto the A30. Despite a busy day sabs and monitor dug deep and persisted to keep the hounds in view with multiple drop ins which meant that this fox lived to see another day ! It was finally called a day at Henstridge Bowden at 5.30pm probably only because it was almost dark by now !!

As ever a huge thank you for your support. If you want to join us please send us a PM or email to dorsethuntsabs@riseup.net. We have people who help behind the scenes and would like to give them a tip of the hat, thanks for what you do behind the scenes.


Many sab teams neutralise Fitzwilliam FH's hunting efforts

27-2-19   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    Hit Report - Weds 27 Feb 2019, Fitzwilliam Hunt, Abbots Ripton - Two foxes seen from the hounds - Fitz hunting in sweltering sun   The Fitzwilliam were paid a surprise midweek visit today by a large contingent of sabs from North Cambs, Beds & Bucks, Northants and WildAct. We introduced ourselves right at their meet on Abbots Ripton village green, with grumbles and sighs audible from the hunt support.FitzwilliamFHDeergetting27-2-19.jpg

Simon Hunter, who is now working his notice at the Fitzwilliam, took hounds out for a long loop north of his usual first draw, maybe he thought he’d lose sabs, maybe he didn’t count on there being several car-fulls of us surrounding all of his favourite hunting coverts.

The Hunt took in Holland and Wennington Woods, before working down to Raveley Wood in almost a carbon copy of the last time we sabbed them at this meet. Hounds spoke briefly in their first foray into the woods, but sabs were on hand to rate them into silence.

The pack flushed dozens of deer [one, pic right] out from the woods, causing a road hazard to anyone driving past at the time as well as clearly terrifying the deer themselves. Beds and Bucks Sabs were able to see one fleeing fox to safety which ran east from Wennington Wood, while North Cambs spotted a fox dashing for sanctuary on the eastern edge, as hounds were approaching.

This second fox [below] darted into the undergrowth and had his scent trail liberally covered with citronella mist, around one minute before hounds arrived on the scene. In a testament to how old fashioned sab techniques stand the test of time, the citronella did its job and hounds passed by without noticing the fox’s scent.


With this attempt at a day’s hunting thoroughly neutralised by multiple sab teams in constant radio contact, the Fitzwilliam huntsman had to call it a day. Hounds and horses were taken back to the meet and loaded into their van just before 2:30pm.

Today was a great success, with both foxes seen escaping unharmed from the Hunt and plenty of red faces all round from angry supporters.

        FitzwilliamFHSabkiss27-2-19.jpg                   Hounds queuing up for sab kisses - while redcoat dangles his whip 

Hunt sabs protect wildlife every week as volunteers, funding their fuel and camera equipment personally. If you would like to help us, you can do so at: www.ko-fi.com/northcambs.


New Cheshire CC says hunting is police priority, at PCC's scrutiny meeting

27-2-19   Facebook - Cheshire Residents for Wildlife Justice    On Monday 25th February, a number of members of Cheshire Residents for Wildlife Justice attended the Public Scrutiny meeting into Fox Hunting in Cheshire at Cheshire Police HQ. The meeting was attended by pro and anti hunt people, and also present was Polly Portwin of the Countryside Alliance. Remember her? She has been on TV telling the public that terrriermen are there to ‘mend fences’ and that the hunt are ‘very fond’ of their hounds! Her comments were the same tired old chestnut, ‘waste of police time’. Her very presence shows that the hunting fraternity are getting worried and so they should!

All in all, we felt it was a very positive meeting and we were glad to see that Mr Keane had taken some of our questions to ask the Review team and the Chief Constable, however, one of the review team did a presentation of the review and of course, we still strongly feel that the review was biased and we did not feel that Mr Keane perhaps questioned them enough. One of our team did her own questioning of Mr Pollard (Mr Pollard was one of the team that produced the review), at the end of the meeting and confronted him about the fact that in the review the review team had completely left out any details of hunt crimes/ hunt havoc/masked terrier men etc., yet fully described anything they could find to denigrate the sabs. The review team left out all of our own member’s collated information showing hunt havoc and this was questioned when she confronted Mr Pollard, who appeared rather dumbstruck by being asked to explain these omissions and was unable to explain why?? We leave you to make your own decisions as to why he could not defend this issue.

We felt that the questioning of the Chief Constable by Mr Keane showed that there is still a lot of work needed to bring policing to a standard where prosecutions will be acted on by the CPS, however, we feel that with this new Chief Constable in charge we have the best chance of getting justice for our wildlife and prosecutions of those who abuse animals. We are hopeful but time will tell!

We are still at a loss as to what the ‘training’ is for officers despite this issue being brought up by Mr Keane. We were told some officers had a ‘course in Lancashire’ but we are not aware of who did the training and how long it was etc, etc. We would like to see training done by someone such as Craig Fellowes, who has “over 34 years experience in dealing with wildlife laws as a police officer, and over 20 years delivering training to over 1200 police officers, and police staff from all over the UK, the Wildlife Training Consultancy has been set up to enable the continued support for the need to protect our wildlife.” and we would like this training to be cascaded down so all officers that may be involved in dealing with Hunts have this training.

There was clapping and cheers when Mr Keane mentioned a proposal that involved the Hunts having to speak to Police about ‘event plans’ and showing where the ‘trail’ (ha, ha) was going to be laid etc. We think this is a great idea and why wouldn’t the Hunt want to do this as they have nothing to hide do they?? There was no clapping from the hunt people at this suggestion, indeed, there was rather a lot of shuffling and fidgeting, we have no idea why!

To conclude Mr Keane is now drawing up an ‘Action Plan’, as to how we go forward with the issue of dealing with illegal hunting in Cheshire. The Chief Constable was agreeable to most of the suggestions made by Mr Keane and when Mr Martland (Chief Con)was asked by BBC North West Tonight ‘is this issue a priority for Cheshire Police’ he answered YES and went on to say that the people of Cheshire have made it a priority ! Any further information we have on this issue will be put on this site. We are cautiously optimistic at this stage!

28-2-19  Knutsford Times   Cheshire’s police and crime commissioner is thanking local residents who attended a public scrutiny meeting to discuss the policing of hunting in Cheshire    David Keane welcomed more than 70 local residents to the meeting at Cheshire Constabulary headquarters in Winsford on Monday 25 February 2019. The meeting provided the opportunity for the commissioner to scrutinise Cheshire Constabulary’s newly appointed chief constable, Darren Martland, following an independent review into how the force polices illegal hunting and offences relating to it. David commissioned the review in 2018 following concerns raised by Cheshire residents and public representatives.

Ahead of the meeting, the commissioner received almost 200 individual questions from members of the public which he grouped into common themes to form part of his scrutiny of the chief constable. Key issues raised by Mr Keane included the enforcement of the Hunting Act 2004 by Cheshire police, the training police officers and PCSOs in Cheshire receive in relation to the Act, the referral of hunting relating incidents to the Crown Prosecution Service, road traffic issues relating to hunting and the role of terrier men and the laying of scents during hunts.

The meeting also included a presentation from Ian Pollard from the Red Snapper group who carried out the independent review. He outlined the findings of the review and the 11 recommendations it had made to the Cheshire Constabulary to improve the way it polices hunts.

David said: “It was pleasing to see so many local residents with a variety of views on hunting in attendance at the meeting. This level of public engagement shows the importance of this issue to people in Cheshire – that’s why it was important to hold this scrutiny meeting in public. Many issues relating to hunting were discussed at the meeting including my suggestion for both pro and anti-hunt groups to work with police to implement an event plan ahead of hunt meetings to keep both groups safe. I would also like to see more preventative work implemented by Cheshire police to prevent offences related to hunting and enhanced training for all officers in wildlife crime.”

The commissioner will now create an action plan to ensure Cheshire Constabulary implements the recommendations made within the independent review and the actions discussed at the meeting. This will be reviewed regularly as part of the commissioner’s scrutiny board meeting with Cheshire Constabulary. This is by no means the end of the conversation on hunting in Cheshire. I will continue to hold the chief constable to account to ensure Cheshire police is enforcing the current law in relation to illegal hunting, appropriately and legitimately”, added David. The independent review found that the current legislation in relation to hunting presents challenges to investigators and prosecutors and I metwith Cheshire MPs earlier this month to discuss these issues. I will continue my conversations with our elected representatives to explore legislative change to strengthen the Hunting Act.”

Chief Constable Darren Martland added: “The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the issues in an open forum with input from all sides. The assurance I can give is that we are taking the review seriously and we have already implemented many of the recommendations. The community is telling us this should be a priority for us and I see this as a real opportunity for us all to work together. “

See also article in the Canary 

Monitors see Beaufort FH hunting fox after finding blocked AE

27-2-19   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO   Beaufort Hunt 25.02.19 Manor Farm, Culkerton    Before this meet a press release from Hounds off had reminded us that at this time of year hunts are pursuing vixens that are lactating and that have dependent cubs underground. We are out as much as we can be, doing our best to protect the foxes. The meet was at Culkerton, near Tetbury with a relatively small field of about 30 horses. They hunted over towards the Cotswold Airfield and the dismantled railway without finding anything, although terrier men were found loitering in a barn which made us suspicious.

They took the hounds through the area twice and then moved on fast ending up hunting areas around Long Newnton where we found the artificial earth blocked to prevent foxes getting away from hounds underground. It was very warm which means fox scent evaporates fast. We also managed some preventive spraying in some areas which seemed to work as the hounds did not find anything in certain woods where they usually pick up. It was here that we saw loose hounds just plodding up and down the lanes looking for the pack. Followers didn’t seem to care. We felt for those hounds running all day as it BeaufortFHFoxhuntedatLittleLarkhill25-2-19.jpgwas very hot for February and they desperately needed a drink.

However, they ended up at the area of Little Larkhill Farm about 1pm on the rough ground and going through the wood alongside Newnton Hill where they so often find a fox.

We were on the road at the side of the wood when the fox [right] tried twice to escape. The first time it darted back in but then tried again and watched by us, several hunt supporters and a rider on point, it went through the hedge on the other side of the road and into a field. The hounds arrived shortly searching up to the edge of the wood but we shouted to Matt Ramsden to take them off. This time he believed we had filmed the fox (we had) and took the hounds off down the wood.

We thought the fox had got clear but then we heard a whistle from below the wood indicating a sighted fox, then a second whistle. The fox may have run down that way or it may have been another one but we could not get down there in time. The hounds were laid on (taken to search for the scent where a fox has been seen) below the wood and went on cry chasing off towards Folly Farm. The chase seemed to end vaguely quite soon so bad scenting conditions may mean this fox got away, but we do not know for sure.

An enraged landowner at Little Larkhill got quite threatening because one of us had gone into his field briefly to spray out the fox. We told him hosting an illegal hunt is a crime but he did not care. The Hunt travelled a long way and eventually went into a difficult area with no footpaths on land to the east of Sunset Hill alongside B4014 next to Charlton Estates. We did hear them in there and went in from different points, but they moved around out of our reach. They did pack up early, and we were told it was because of equine flu now in Tetbury, but that did not seem to have stopped them earlier.


Fitzwilliam FH inflict ordeal on hounds & horses on hot day

Many sab teams neutralise Fitzwilliam FH's hunting efforts 

Sabs see fleeing fox & spray after - hounds arrive 1 min later - miss it 

27-2-19    Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   As the weather was so warm and sunny there seemed no better reason to take a day off work and go and enjoy the countryside. It seemed quite a few others had had the same idea, so we all got together with North Cambs, Northants Hunt Saboteurs and WildAct to pay a visit to the Fitzwilliam hunt who were hunting around Abbots Ripton.

Now the Fitzwilliam have paid a lot of money for an injunction against sabs (full story here: https://bit.ly/2QpRXih) - which obviously proved a complete waste of money as we're still sabbing them.

FitzwilliamFHDeer27-2-19.jpgAnyway, with over 20 sabs enjoying the weather and surrounding all likely hunting areas and staying on top of the Hunt for the whole time there was little in the way of entertainment for the ghoulish collection of hangers on who turned out in their shiny 4x4's to witness some wildlife being abused.

They spent the majority of the time going round in circles through Holland, Raveley and Wennington Wood, the local deer and Hare population running this way and that to avoid the hounds. 1 fox was seen away by our crew on the eastern side of Wennington Wood and another on the western side by the North Cambs crew. 

The Hunt were never out of sight from sabs for a single minute, they were clearly very miffed at having their plans thwarted and that made us very happy indeed. Both hounds and horses were suffering in the unseasonably warm weather, hounds were observed drinking from the stinking water in some of the ditches.

We were happy to escort them back to the meet around 2:30pm at the head of a convoy of 4x4s and riders, all with grumpy faces. Quote of the day from one supporter on leaving the meet: "I hope you're pleased with yourselves" - "Yes we are actually". - "Drop dead!" What charmers they really are. 

Help us hunt the hunters. https://ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs.

Pic above   -   Deer getting away from Hunt 

27-2-19   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    Hit Report - Weds 27 Feb 2019, Fitzwilliam Hunt, Abbots Ripton - Two foxes seen from the hounds - Fitz hunting in sweltering sun    The Fitzwilliam were paid a surprise midweek visit today by a large contingent of sabs from North Cambs, Beds & Bucks, Northants and WildAct. We introduced ourselves right at their meet on Abbots Ripton village green, with grumbles and sighs audible from the hunt support.

Simon Hunter, who is now working his notice at the Fitzwilliam, took hounds out for a long loop north of his usual first draw, maybe he thought he’d lose sabs, maybe he didn’t count on there being several car-fulls of us surrounding all of his favourite hunting coverts.

The Hunt took in Holland and Wennington Woods, before working down to Raveley Wood in almost a carbon copy of the last time we sabbed them at this meet. Hounds spoke briefly in their first foray into the woods, but sabs were on hand to rate them into silence.

The pack flushed dozens of deer [one, pic right] out from the woods, causing a road hazard to anyone driving past at the time as well as clearly terrifying the deer themselves. Beds and Bucks Sabs were able to see one fleeing fox to safety which ran east from Wennington Wood, while North Cambs spotted a fox dashing for sanctuary on the eastern edge, as hounds were approaching.

This second fox [below] darted into the undergrowth and had his scent trail liberally covered with citronella mist, around one minute before hounds arrived on the scene. In a testament to how old fashioned sab techniques stand the test of time, the citronella did its job and hounds passed by without noticing the fox’s scent.


With this attempt at a day’s hunting thoroughly neutralised by multiple sab teams in constant radio contact, the Fitzwilliam huntsman had to call it a day. Hounds and horses were taken back to the meet and loaded into their van just before 2:30pm.

Today was a great success, with both foxes seen escaping unharmed from the Hunt and plenty of red faces all round from angry supporters.

        FitzwilliamFHSabkiss27-2-19.jpg                     Hounds queuing up for sab kisses - while redcoat dangles his whip 

Hunt sabs protect wildlife every week as volunteers, funding their fuel and camera equipment personally. If you would like to help us, you can do so at: www.ko-fi.com/northcambs.


Sab radio & camera stolen & smashed at Belvoir FH meet

26-2-19  Facebook - Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs    Hit report 26th February 2019, Belvoir Hunt    Today we headed to Burton Pedwardine to join up with our good pals from Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs to go and ruin the day of the Belvoir foxhounds, who met at Lodge Farm.

It didn't take long for a group of rather annoyed bumpkins to begin showing aggression towards sabs. This became the theme of the day with one guy in white trousers being particularly keen.... resorting to stealing and smashing one sabs' radio and camcorder... What they trying to hide????

It was very warm today, which makes poor conditions for the hounds to pick up a scent and they weren't heard speaking at all throughout the day except for when a few hounds briefly rioted on a hare.

The morning was spent to the east of the meet towards Heckington and the afternoon to the west around; Great Hale, Little Hale, Helpringham and Scredington.

Sabs were with the Hunt throughout the day, only losing them for a tense twenty minutes just before second horsing. The Hunt eventually packed at four back at Lodge Farm.

If you want to keep us out scuppering the jollies of some over entitled animal abusers please donate to our cause at www.ko-fi.com/lincssabs.


Waveney Harriers hounds invade private garden

26-2-19   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Waveney Harriers - 19 February 2019,    WaveneyHarriersDeer19-2-19.jpgWhite House Farm, Frostenden     Sometimes, it does not take the presence of many sabs in order to make a difference and to save lives. On Tuesday 19th February 2019 (in a change from the traditional Wednesday meets – was someone trying to avoid us by changing days?) a couple of Norfolk & Suffolk Sabs joined up with our wonderful comrades, Norfolk & Suffolk Against Live Quarry Hunting. At 11.45 am, when the hunt left the back of the meet, we were waiting there to greet them. Sometimes, people’s faces really do say it all.

As is the norm these days, the Waveneys headed for the nearest wood. No bird of prey was seen all day and it simply would not have been possible to lay a trail through such dense woodland and marshland. It was a good job we were there to see the law was upheld, as no Police were in attendance.

As soon as the hounds were put into the first wood, a fox was seen making a dash for freedom. Not long afterwards hounds started goingWaveneyHarriersHuntsman19-2-19.jpg in and out of cry. A Chinese Water deer dashed very close past us [left] and despite the fact one or two hounds were not far away, for some reason (luckily) they did not pick the deer up. As the day progressed Reuben seemed to get ever agitated by our presence. Was this because our presence stopped him from following a trail or because we were stopping him from killing a fox? It does not take too many brain cells to work out the answer.

Reuben left the woods in a slight temper and then seconds later was dashing back through the woods again with only two hounds following behind him [right]. The main pack was clearly not under Reuben’s control and we received a report later in the day that some of the hounds had been running through someone’s garden. By the time the hounds had been rounded it up it was time to head back to the meet. We are hopeful that our presence ensured a kill free day.

If you would like to help us then consider donating. All money goes directly towards fuel and equipment: https://ko-fi.com/norfolksuffolkhuntsaboteurs.


Police seek info re. fox killed by hounds near Caernarfon

26-2-19    N. Wales Chronicle    Police release shocking video after fox is believed to havebeen brutally killed in dog pack attack    NORTH Wales Police have released shocking footage after it is believed a fox was brutally savaged by a pack of hounds.

The force's Rural Crime Team has uploaded a video to Twitter showing the animal in a bid to appeal to the public for any information about the crime. It is thought the fox was unlawfully killed in the Caernarfon area sometime on Saturday, February 16th. In the attack, the fox had its belly and back ripped open and its lip was left hanging off.


PC Dewi Evans, of the Rural Crime Team, said: "We are appealing for information after a fox was killed in the Caernarfon area. We believe it was killed by a pack of foxhounds." Speaking on the video released on social media, he said: "This fox has clearly been attacked by a dog which is completely unlawful. If anyone has any information that could help us find who is responsible, that would be great. There were about 15 fox hounds in the area at the time, so that just might help the public help us identify who is responsible."


Lamerton FH loose hounds on A30 halt heavy traffic

This one of 145 reports of hunt havoc since Nov 1st 

26-2-19    Devon Live   Hunting hounds cause traffic chaos after running on to busy A30 - "Why were hunting hounds loose on a busy A-road if they were following a trail laid by the Hunt?"    Hunting hounds from a Devon Hunt caused chaos and stopped traffic as they ran loose on one of the county’s busiest dual carriageways at the weekend, according to an anti-hunt group.

The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) claims seven unaccompanied hounds were seen on both the eastbound and westbound carriageways of the A30 between Launceston and Okehampton on Saturday afternoon. They say the incident caused traffic to come to a complete standstill on the busy road. In a press release from LACS, the groups says a further two hounds were seen a mile further east up the road being watched from a bridge over the A30 by two members of the Hunt.

LACS claims the incident throws doubt on claims by Hunts that they are ‘trail’ hunting rather than still targeting foxes. The press release states: "Trail hunting was invented after the fox hunting ban was introduced in England and Wales in 2004. It purports to mimic fox hunting but by following a fox urine scent laid before the hunt begins rather than targeting wildlife. "Animal welfare campaigners monitoring the activities of fox hunts have established that trail hunting is actually a deception used by hunts to fool the public and cover up their illegal hunting activities."

It is understood that the road where the hunting hounds were witnessed is in an area frequented by the Lamerton Hunt.

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "Why were hunting hounds loose on a busy A-road if they were following a trail laid by the Hunt? Or is it that the hounds were on the scent of a fox? Despite hunting being banned 14 years ago, very little has changed with hunts still chasing foxes. Hunts are still causing havoc in the British countryside and are routinely being witnessed on busy roads, on railway lines and in people’s gardens – how can this be so if they are following a trail?”

The report of the loose hounds on the busy road came in to the League Against Cruel Sports Animal Crimewatch service. Animal Crimewatch is a confidential hotline where you can report cruelty to animals in the name of sport by telephone, email or using the online form.

The League Against Cruel Sports says it has received 282 reports of suspected illegal hunting activity across the UK since the beginning of the hunting season on November 1. They say they have received 42 separate reports of foxes being killed, though they say this is the "tip of the iceberg". More than 400 reports of illegal hunting activity were received by the League last year.

A further 145 reports came in of hunt causing havoc in the British countryside which consists of incidents such as packs of hounds killing domestic pets, trespassing through people’s gardens and allotments and running onto busy roads and railway lines. Mr Luffingham added: "We are calling for the hunting ban to be strengthened with the introduction of prison sentences for those caught illegally hunting. We need a proper deterrent to stop the barbaric activities of the hunts and we also need to close down loop holes that allow hunts to use false excuses such as trail hunting.”

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed the incident had been reported to them. They said: "Police received reports of four dogs on the A30 carriageway near Broadwoodwidger at around 1.15pm on Saturday 23 February. On attendance, the dogs had left the carriageway. The road was not closed."

Devon Live has contacted the Lamerton Hunt for a comment.


N. Norfolk Harriers walked 'right out into' a busy main road

25-2-19   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs     On 16 February 2019, the North Norfolk HarriersN.NorfolkHarriersCrossing16-2-19.jpg met at and hunted in the Heydon area. A member of the public came across the Hunt taking over the B1149 at the corner of Spinks Lane as though they owned it.

They described the Hunt as simply walking "right out into a 60 road with traffic coming both ways" [right] to stop the cars because of hounds on the road. They also described witnessing NNH hunting along wood near Spinks Lane.

Obviously it's important that motorists are made aware of hounds on the road. But you have to ask yourself, why are they taking hounds across a busy main road in the first place? Why are they even hunting near a busy main road? Concerned by the Hunt's behaviour and ridiculous belief in their right to the road, the person that contacted us also took photos that we've included below.

Everybody is able to monitor hunts. No matter where they are, remind them they're not welcome in your towns and villages. If you'd like to share your concerns, photos or videos with us then we're always happy to chat.



Blackmore FH chase lactating vixen through churchyard

Fortunately, monitors made them call hounds off

25-2-19   Hounds Off   VIDEO   VIDEO  Hounds off Press Release - Lactating Fox Hunted In Somerset Churchyard    Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt hounds hot on the trail of a nursing vixen in St Peter & St Paul's Churchyard, Charlton Horethorne, Somerset on 23.02.19    Hunters in Somerset were forced to call their hounds off a female fox because anti hunt monitors recorded theBlackmoreFHLactatingvixenchased23-2-19.jpg whole incident on film.

At about 2pm on Saturday 23 February 2019, the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt chased the vixen through private gardens and the churchyard of St Peter & St Paul’s in Charlton Horethorne, just a stone's throw from the hunt kennels. But Somerset Wildlife Crime and Hounds Off Monitors, equipped with video cameras, were at the scene and recorded it.

Wildlife rescue expert Penny Little reviewed their footage. She said, “I am confident this hunted fox [right] is a vixen that has recently given birth to cubs as her teats are visible and show clear evidence of lactation.”

Footage shows a fox being hunted through gravestones and into bushes where by some miracle it gives chasing dogs the slip. Campaigners film also documents the moment when the nursing vixen tries to steal away unseen and is “hollered” by a member of the Hunt (a loud, high-pitched yell to inform the Huntsman and his hounds that the fox has been spotted).

Bobbie Armstrong from Somerset Wildlife Crime said, “When the fox crossed in front of us we told a red-coated hunter to call hounds off. At this point they were right on her and it looked grim but the red-coat knew we had it all on film. He had little choice but to call hounds back and let the fox get away. It was all a bit tense for a while but we were pleased to be in the right place at the right time.”

Fox hunting has been illegal in England and Wales since 2005 but Hunts continue, claiming to chase a trail which they lay in advance. The “accidental” hunting and killing of foxes during so-called ‘trail hunts’ is commonplace and the law remains powerless to prevent this.


Hunt Monitor Kevin Hill said, “It seems pretty obvious that the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt were cheerfully and deliberately chasing foxes on Saturday and if we had not been there then they’d have got away with it. Think about it for a second. Who in their right mind would lay a trail through private gardens and a churchyard?”

Bobbie Armstrong said she had spoken to the Reverend Sarah Godfrey, the Vicar at Charlton Horethorne. According to Ms Armstrong, “She wasn’t aware of the events of yesterday and was keen to see our evidence. The Vicar was grateful to be informed.”

Hounds Off specialises in giving help, support and advice to farmers, landowners and rural residents affected by hunt trespass. Joe Hashman, Founder, said, “We can help the Reverend Godfrey if she wants to make the churchyard into a hunt-free wildlife sanctuary. All she needs to do is visit the Action & Advice pages of our website or ask us. The same goes for anyone else, anywhere in the country.”


Somerset Wildlife Crime and Hounds Off Monitors did not see anyone laying trails, or even pretending to lay trails, at any time throughout the day.

In recent weeks the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt; 1/ was supposedly ‘trailhunting’ beside and across the busy A352 until after dark on February 19 2019; 2/  killed a fox ‘accidentally’ on February 9 2019;  3/  carried on hunting with horses and hounds two days after equine flu was confirmed at a local riding stables.

If you would like to support our work please buy us a ko-fi. Somerset Wildlife Crime, Hounds Off


25-2-19  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime     VIDEO   Blackmore & Sparkford Vale FH 23/2/19 - Meet: Compton Castle, Somerset - Incident at St Peter & St Paul’s Church, Charlton Horethorne From the meet the hunt moved swiftly in a southerly direction towards Charlton Horethorne, This being the village where the hounds are kennelled.

Around 1:15 pm the Hunt could be observed drawing Charlton Gorse to the north east of the village. From a position near the small Woodland Trust Property in Mount Lane the monitors could view hounds becoming interested in a fox. This brought the hounds off the ridge and moving towards the village.

Monitors realising the direction of movement took a position within the grounds of St Peter and St BlackmoreFHFleeingfoxnearly23-2-19.jpgPaul’s Church. At 1:55 pm the hounds were nearing the boundary of the churchyard. The huntsman was using his horn, which had the effect of ‘exciting’ the hounds both within the Hunt and those in the kennels. Just before 2:00 pm the hounds ‘picked up’ in the rough to the east of the church and came into churchyard on full cry on the line of the fox. They ran over the graves to the western boundary of the churchyard.

It was evident the fox was very close as the hounds were ‘screaming’ at this point with some changing their pitch when obviously viewing the fox. Suddenly monitors who were close to the boundary observed a fleeing vixen exiting the neighbouring property with hounds very close. She ran back to the rough area bordering the churchyard on the eastern side and was seen disappearing into the undergrowth.

The hounds went in to the left of the undergrowth with the vixen escaping to the right and back momentarily into the churchyard before moving out to a rough area bordering the south of the church. Here a holler was heard with horn and voice calls being heard.

Two very experienced monitors moved quickly out of the churchyard and moved south and viewed her still running for her life and crossing a public path momentarily in front of the whip. The Whip was left in no uncertain terms as what he should do and in fact he did pull up the hounds.

There followed a conversation between the Huntsman and Masters, who decided to move completely away from the area. Without doubt they would have known we had video of the incident and this likely played a part in their decision.

This beautiful fox lives on. Monitors sought advice from an experienced animal rescue centre and we now strongly suspect the vixen had not long given birth. Hopefully she made it back to her earth and both she and her cubs are safe. We find it astonishing that hunters continue to hunt foxes at this time of the year or indeed at all.

Pic above left  - Fleeing fox nearly runs straight into Huntsman. At this point the monitor filming is shouting at the redcoat to call the hounds off. He does so shortly afterwards.

6-3-19    Daily Mirror    Huntsmen clash with saboteurs as 20 hounds chase fox through graveyard - Experts say the fox was either pregnant, of had recently given birth, before it was chased down by the pack of dogs in Somerset    More than 20 dogs were filmed chasing a fox though a graveyard as huntsmen clashed with saboteurs. The horrific footage shows the vixen, believed to be heavily pregnant or to have very recently given birth, running into bushes. She races away across a field before a man on horseback wearing hunting attire sounds a horn from a neighbouring field, in Charlton Horethorne, Somerset.

Another hunter on a white horse is then challenged by an animal welfare campaigner as a hound closes in on its prey. The campaigner who filmed the clip tells him: "You pull him off! You pull him off that fox right now!" The hunter replies: "I'm doing it - get out the way."

The five-minute video, captured on Saturday, February 23, was released by animal welfare campaigners Hounds Off and Somerset Wildlife Crime.

The village of Charlton Horethorne is the home of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt which meets at least three times a week. Somerset Wildlife Crime tracks the Hunts to protect foxes and raise awareness of the practice. Spokesman Bobbie Armstrong, 39, said: "When the fox crossed in front of us we told a red-coated hunter to call hounds off. At this point, they were right on her and it looked grim. It was all a bit tense for a while. During hunts, we will find vantage points and plot the direction they will travel so we can get ahead of the hounds. We are capturing compelling video evidence to support our case against this cruel and inhumane practice. It was the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale hunt who meet at least three times a week. People don't realise that hunting still goes on and it happens all through the week. In Somerset, you could witness a hunt every day. Only the presence of so many cameras brings the hunt to their senses and they have to stop the hounds after the second circuit for fear of what the cameras have captured."

Penny Little, founder of the Little Foxes charity, reviewed the footage and said: "I am confident this fox is a vixen that has recently given birth to cubs as her teats are visible and show clear evidence of lactation."


Sabs ensure no dig-out after Fife FH hunt fox to ground 

Huntsman taunts sabs with fox tail

25-2-19    Facebook - Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs  VIDEO   Robert Howarth Of Fife Foxhounds taunts hunt saboteurs with a severed fox tail, 23/02/19, Kinnaird Castle    As he rides past [right], he says: “Can’t save ‘em all, can ya??” This is the face of fox hunting in Scotland: a smirking, gloating huntsman holding the tail of a fox, openly provoking protesters.

If this was about “pest control” as they claim, then why the sheer elation surrounding animal death? FifeFHtauntssabs25-2-19.jpgThe excitement? The pantomime? This isn’t about pest control or whatever flimsy argument they use to justify hunting in 2019, it’s tradition and FUN for them - end of story.

Despite this morbid scene, we don’t believe the tail to be from a freshly killed fox. This is due to - the lack of blood (none on the tail, his hands or jodhpurs) - the lack of time the Hunt would have had to sever and clean the tail without sabs seeing - the fact that after a kill, the whole carcass is usually retrieved and packed away - the overall appearance of the tail (very clean/fluffy - not typical of a fox who has been ‘ragged’ by hounds, and we know from the terrierman’s own admission that the hounds are encouraged to rag even shot foxes as a ‘reward’ for them) - the fact that fox trophies are not uncommon and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that one would be brought to a meet.

We think it’s far more likely this was an old tail that was brought along and then used as a cheap attempt to dishearten us after we successfully sabotaged their multiple attempts to kill foxes that day. Full hit report to follow. Join. Sab. Donate. http://www.paypal.me/fifehuntsabs.5-3-19

5-3-19  Facebook - Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs      Belated hit report: 23/02/19, Kinnaird Castle    Saboteurs from our group, Grampian and Glasgow Hunt Sabs joined forces to sabotage a relatively secret hunt. Fife Foxhounds apparently only come to this location once a year, and wanted to keep it secret from sabs, but we surprised them and showed up in decent numbers.

The area they were hunting was the Kinnaird Castle grounds - an estate made up of thousands of acres surrounded by a stone wall. We were well within our rights to roam here but this didn’t stop Adam Galpin putting on his weekly clown show for us. We have right to roam in Scotland, even on private land. This includes field/roads/woodland in walled estates. An event taking place does not magically revoke this. No amount of prancing around and dramatic outbursts from a terrierman will stop us exercising our access rights.

The hounds went into cry a couple of times, but as far as we could see, they didn’t kill. There were a couple of near misses (including when 2 gunshots were fired, but nearby sabs didn’t see anyone from the Hunt retrieve a body).

A fox was chased down a hole so we jumped in to deter the hounds. Terriermen arrived and had fun shouting “criminals!” at us, but the hole looked to be part of an active badger sett (which they can’t send terriers down). Sab numbers were high, so some stayed to guard the holes and others moved on.

Unfortunately, there were parts of the day when the Hunt managed to get away from our groups, so we can't say with certainty that they didn't kill when we weren't there.

At the end of the day, as the Hunt were going back to the meet, we thought for a moment that we'd seen evidence of a kill. Robert rode past us with a fox tail in his hand and said “Can’t save them all, can you?” You can see our video of this moment here.

However, after some discussion we reached the conclusion that the fox tail was probably an old trophy, being waved around purely to antagonise sabs.

The day was tiring and distressing at times, but it’s a joy to sab with groups made up of such hardworking and lovely people. Join. Sab. Donate. www.paypal.me/fifehuntsabs.

Pics below   -   Left - Terrierman making futile attempt to block sabs     Right - Sab protecting hole down which fox driven to ground by Hunt 

  FifeFHTerrierman23-2-19.jpg FifeFHSabprotecting23-2-19.jpg


N.T. allow Surrey Union unscheduled meet at Netley House

24-2-19    Facebook - Reading Hunt Saboteurs    Yesterday with Guildford and North Downs Hunt Sabs and the Surrey Hunt Monitors, we paid the Surrey Union Hunt a visit.

Despite the Surrey Union Hunt trespassing on National Trust land several times this season they allowed them to meet at Netley House and didn’t publish these details on their website. The National Trust are ‘finding’ loopholes in their own rules!

The Surrey Union Hunt seem to be able to do what they want on National Trust land and get away with it. Please let them know what you think:- trailhunting.management@nationaltrust.org.uk, northdownswest@nationaltrust.org.uk.

The day started with a demo outside Netley House to give a warm sab welcome to the hunt as they arrived! There was a huge police presence with several marked and unmarked vehicles buzzing around. We wonder how much today’s ‘operation’ cost?


The Hunt arrogantly stopped traffic and crossed the busy A25 heading towards Shere. They spent the majority of the day between Winterfold Wood, Farley Heath and Blackheath Forest. The Huntsman Andrew Hazeltine split and took his hounds in a different direction to the field shortly after being caught by our bike sab team on a scent. The field shortly hacked back to the meet while the hounds were boxed up elsewhere.

We're currently fundraiser for our own vehicle, please consider donating to keep us in the field:- https://chuffed.org/project/rhs-vehicle.


Sabs pull hounds off only fox Suffolk FH found, unblock several setts

24-2-19  Facebook - Norwich Hunt Saboteurs   23/2/19 - Suffolk Hunt, Great Saxham    We met up with our usual friends from Suffolk And Essex, South Cambs and North East London Hunt Saboteurs today to visit the Suffolk Hunt.

Most of our work was done for us by the sun, which meant that the hunt found it very difficult to pick up scents. Nevertheless they persisted and succeeded in finding a scent in woodland. Fortunately sabs were on hand to call the hounds off and pull them in the opposite direction. The Huntsman wasn't happy.

        SuffolkFHBanned24-2-19.jpg                                                 Hunt ignored this sign 

They had clearly gone to lengths today to ensure a kill, including blocking up badger setts to prevent foxes from finding a safe hiding place. These were unblocked by sabs before we left.

The Hunt packed up nice and early, before 3pm, probably because they just weren't having much luck today.

To help us continue going out please consider donating – https://ko-fi.com/N4N0HF6M.


Sabs pack up two hare hunting packs on the same day

Palmer Marlborough & Sandhurst Beagles sent home

24-2-19    Facebook - Berkshire Hunt Sabs    Felix says - still hunting     Yesterday, Berkshire and Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs found a meet of the Palmer Marlborough Beagles then later closed down the Sandhurst and Aldershot Beagles.

Spotting a statement land rover with a bold bright yellow wheel cover on the back that said ‘Felix says still hunting’, along with other hunting stickers made light work for us finding the Tedworth Fox Hunt. And - as a bonus after seeing Julian Chadwick parked by a gate, led us to our regular foes the Palmer Marlborough Beagles who were in nearby in Collingbourne Ducis.

We quickly made ourselves known after they started rioting after 2 deer and intervened to ensure the deer were not harmed. The Beagles soon packed up looking extremely annoyed just as we received a tip off to the HSA hotline about another hunt.

We hot footed it across the county to the Sandhurst & Aldershot Beagles who had been spotted in North Oakley near their kennels in Hannington. We arrived at the fields around Freemantle Farm and could hear Melvin’s farty little SandhurstBeaglesFelixsaysstillhunting23-2-19.jpgmotor bike in the distance which nicely gave their position away.

When they saw a line of determined Sabs literally come through the hedges towards them they turned and fled back to the meet. No attempt to lay a lame show trail for our benefit of course just a grumpy bunch of hare abusers huddled by their van at the end of the day.

We successfully concluded the double mission by tactically retiring to the pub for a debrief and celebration knowing that no animals being killed by those two hunts that day.

If you would like to support us please come along to our fundraising supper club in Reading, tickets cost £25 per person and this will help us to continue our work. If you want to support us in other ways you can donate to our PayPal here —-> PayPal.me/berksabc.


Leadon Vale Bassets found in cry & packed up straight away

23-2-19    Facebook - Herefordshire Hunt Sabs    Two hunts, one day Clifton on Teme – Burton Court, Clifton on Teme and Leadon Vale Basset Hounds – Linhay Farm, Birtsmorton, Worcestershire    Two hunts in one day for us... Second hunt of the day was the Leadon Vale Basset Hounds who had been spotted (the HSA Hotline, worth its weight in gold) leaving their meet at Linhay Farm, Birtsmorton, Worcestershire. We had to cover some miles to get there, but we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to stop the Leadon Vale killing hares. As we drove we learned Bristol, Bath and South Wales Hunt Saboteurs were also on their way. The Leadon Vale wouldn’t stand a chance of LeadonVBassetsHuntedhare23-2-19.jpgcontinuing to hunt.

We drove up onto the ridge above the flat fields of Longdon Marsh which surround the meet and from a footpath spotted the hunt below with the hounds in cry. We relayed their location to the other groups who had just arrived in the area. They approached the hare killers from all sides and with three teams of sabs in the field it was instantly game over for the hunt meaning at least one hare's life saved. By the time we got back to our vehicle and down to the meet hounds were boxed up. Job done!

The area around the farm is prime habitat for brown hares, a species in drastic decline and yet Linhay Farm hosts both the Leadon Vale Bassets and the Wyre Forest Beagles. Sickeningly the farm website lists hares amongst the wildlife that by guests staying at their Bed and Breakfast can hope to see. We've no idea how this equates with inviting hare killers to hunt on their land.

Ironically, at the exact spot where we first caught sight of the hare hunters on Longdon Marsh below, there was a police notice appealing for information about hare poaching next to one asking dog owners to keep dogs on leads. Police treat hare coursing and poaching as the crimes they are and yet take no action against packs of hounds blatantly and illegally hunting hares.

To keep us out in the fields saving wildlife from hunting you can donate to our ongoing fundraiser here: ko-fi.com/herefordshirehuntsabs. 


Sabs on the heels of the hare hunters


23-2-19  Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    Monmouthshire FH and Curre and Llangibby FH  Joint Meet and Leadon Vale Basset Hounds – 23/02/19  … With this early finish, together with Herefordshire Hunt Sabs, it was then onto the Leadon Vale Bassets who were spotted hunting hares near Birtsmorton, Worcestershire (thanks to the HSA hotline). When we arrived, the hounds were in cry on the scent of a hare but upon the first sight of a mass of sabs descending towards them, the hunt simply packed up and sheepishly headed straight for their hound van. Result! Support our work. PayPal.me/bristolhuntsabs.

For their earlier visit to the Monmouth FH see item below...


Sabs watch as Clifton-on-Teme FH fail to find fox to hunt

23-2-19  Facebook - Herefordshire Hunt Sabs   Two hunts, one day Clifton on Teme – Burton Court, Clifton on Teme & Leadon Vale Basset Hounds – Linhay Farm, Birtsmorton, Worcestershire     Two hunts in one day for us. First off a successful kennel watch led us to the Clifton on Teme meet at Burton Court Farm, Clifton on Teme. A fortnight ago the Clifton were following MFHA advice and not hunting to avoid the risk of equine flu. This week, despite an outbreak in neighbouring Shropshire, linked to a hunt meet, they were clearly back to business as usual.

It was a pitiful turnout considering the warm weather, we counted a field of just fifteen riders. Two quads in attendance (both with terrier boxes and neither with registration plates, yet both seen illegally driven along roads). No sign of regular terrierman, Pete Mountjoy today.

         Clifton-on-TemeFHTakingbreather23-2-19.jpg                             Hunt taking a breather on an unseasonably hot day 

It was a challenging day, despite the spring-like weather, with steep wooded terrain and little access for foot sabs at first. The Huntsman moved off swiftly from the meet leaving the field far behind. We kept eyes on from our vehicle as the hounds were cast across kale fields and along hedgerows in the vicinity of the meet, gauging the best point for foot sabs to be dropped in. Hounds started to speak in a wooded area east of the meet and the decision was made for us. Foot sabs went inland and from then on managed to keep close to the hounds as they were cast into one densely wooded area after another. Thankfully hounds were only heard to speak intermittently and never went into full cry...

        Clifton-on-TemeFHWhiponpoint23-2-19.jpg                  Whipper-in on point as wood is drawn - pointless on a 'trail hunt'  

For report on sabs' encounter with the Leadon Vale, see item above 


'Bloody sabs everywhere' make Monmouth FH pack up early

23-2-19    Facebook - South Wales Hunt Saboteurs    Monmouth with added Curre and Llangibby followed by a snifter of Leadon Vale Bassets 23.02.19 We had a cheeky tip off about the Monmouth meet for today which we couldn't resist. It's been a long time since we paid them a visit so off we went along with mates from Bristol Hunt Saboteurs and Bath Hunt Saboteurs. Seems that the Curre and Llangibby had the same idea. Two for the price of one. Tidy darts.

The Hunt met at Church Farm in Llanarth, north west of Raglan and were on the run for most of the morning not really giving the hounds time to hunt because the bloody sabs were everywhere. When the huntsman did cast the hounds to try and get a sneaky hunt in, sabs popped up and spoiled the moment. It all fizzled out at 2.30pm – either they were frustrated by the sab stalkers or they were heading off to watch the rugby...

For their later visit to Leadon Vale Bassets see 2 items above...


Oakley FH hounds savage deer and Hunt leave it to die in agony

Sabs took the poor animal to vet but it died of its wounds

Hunt had earlier pretended to lay a trail - hounds not interested

Bizarrely, the 'trail layer' was dressed in a fox suit 

23-2-19    Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs     Today was, it has to be said was a very strange day. We had to of course pay the Oakley some more attention after the disgrace of last weeks kill and due to this it seems the Oakley finally decided to lay a trail and, the trail layer would dress up in a full body fox outfit. This is of course truly bizarre behaviour and the first time we've seen anything like this (that includes laying a trail).

We have no idea of the substance they used but the mucky looking brown liquid didn't seem to have much of a smell and the hounds didn't seem to pay much attention to it. Maybe the temperature made the scenting condition impossible?

        OakleyFHSabcarryingdeersavaged23-2-19.jpg                            Sab carrying savaged deer on way to vets - it died 

The meet was at Manor Farm (they all seem to be called this) on the Rushden Road just outside the village of Newton Bromswold. It took us a while to locate them but locate them we did and no surprises they were on the land of all in mud wrestler and trashy Hunt Master Simon Paynter.

The big show of trail laying seemed somewhat pointless and whoever was in the suit must have been getting quite sweaty in the early spring sun, driving around on their illegal quad.

        OakleyFHTraillayerdressed23-2-19.jpg                                                               Bizarre indeed  

As the hounds left the village of Upper Dean on the road they dashed into the roadside undergrowth and we knew something had occurred. A woman on the back of the foxy quad dashed in and dragged out the hounds, Calamity Jack once again doing what he does best, which is bugger all!

Sabs were quickly on the scene and found a deer in severe distress and vocalising loudly, something deer only do in such extreme circumstances. The hounds had attacked the poor animal and the people connected to the hunt had simply left it to die a long and agonizing death.

We have people with wildlife care experience and the deer was soon in our vehicle and on the way to a wildlife rescue centre (Tiddywinkles). Unfortunately despite our best efforts the stress of the situation and the wounds sustained meant the deer died shortly after arriving. It was also confirmed by the vet there that the wounds were consistent with dog attacks.

Regardless of the big show of trail laying the Oakley remain a menace to all wildlife and indeed road users and today once again highlights that. They will always have our attention and we'll never stop until all hunting is consigned to history.   https://ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs.


Ross Harriers catch and kill hare in a poly tunnel

23-2-19    Facebook - Welsh Border Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Had an outing with Ross Harriers today. Hares everywhere - we counted 10! Despite the occasional trail being laid, hounds pursued and killed in a poly tunnel Owain the substitute Huntsman, doing nothing to prevent this. In fact on several occasions he could be clearly heard hunting hounds on! Are unable to add to this post as police are now investigating this wildlife crime.



Locals say Puckeridge FH hounds killed pet cat

23-2-19    Facebook - Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs     We've received unconfirmed reports from multiple locals that the Puckeridge Hunt has killed a domestic cat at around 1pm today. Sabs were at the location and a full hit report will be released soon.

25-2-19  Facebook - Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs     Hit Report - 23/02/19 - Puckeridge Hunt  Yesterday members of CHS went back to the Puckeridge hunt, teamed with Herts Wildlife Monitors.

Thanks to the Puckeridge Hunt's lack of organisation, two horse trailers and one large hound van found themselves stuck up a one way, single track road before the meet. Very skilled driving by one of the drivers only resulted in a horse van rocking violently back and forth - horse still inside. They also managed to rip off their front bumper, nothing a few bits of rope can’t string back together.


During the course of the day the Hunt once again displayed their inability to control their hounds, forcing one of the Whipper-ins to stay over a mile and a half back to round up the lost hounds.

Halfway through the day, with the Hunt out of sight, the hounds went into cry behind some houses not far from Starlings green. We were approached by a member of the public who then informed us that the Hunt had killed a cat. We were later told this again by another member of the public. Although we cannot confirm this, the Puckeridge Hunt’s inability to control their hounds mixed with their contempt of respecting the peoples homes and farmlands is a recipe for disaster. If the Hunt did kill a member of an unsuspecting family, they will not admit it, or even acknowledge it.

Other than this incident the Hunt were kept well in sight of CHS all day and no other kills were made. We hope that the family of the innocent cat are informed promptly by the Hunt.

Following other discoveries made yesterday, we’re also investigating potential Environmental Protection Act (1990) violations made by the Puckeridge Hunt and their suppliers.

Donate now and help us continue to defend innocent animals.


Ashford Valley FH dig out fox and try to shoot down sab drone

23-2-19  Facebook - West Kent Hunt Sabs    The Ashford Valley & Tickham Hunt have just been filmed digging out a fox and have taken a pot shot at our drone with a shotgun. Police have been called, more updates to follow!

24-2-19  Facebook - West Kent Hunt Sabs   DRONE VIDEO   Ashford Valley & Tickham FH caught digging out fox and shoot hunt monitors' drone on the Isle of Sheppey.

        AshfordVFH4terriermendigging23-2-19.jpg           Terriermen believed to be digging for fox - they are aware of drone filming 


        AshfordVFHDronehit23-2-19.jpg                          Drone hit by gunshot but it and film retrieved by sabs

26-2-19   The Sun   Drone downed - Drone filming fox hunt shot down by masked gunman who fires three times straight at the camera - Footage appears to show a masked gunman firing at least three times at the £750 drone - with bullets even seen whizzing past the camera    A DRONE monitoring a fox hunt was blasted out of the sky by a hunt supporter, claims the owner. Footage appears to show a masked gunman firing at least three times at the £750 drone — with bullets even seen whizzing past the camera.

A team of at least four terrier-men were attempting to 'dig out' a fox, said the drone owner. Harry Blackhurst, 31, claims the footage shows a team of at least four terrier-men attempting to 'dig out' a fox that he believes had been illegally 'hunted to ground'.

The recruitment consultant was filming on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, what he believes was the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt. As the Kent Hunt Saboteurs captured footage from an estimated 50 metre height, a lone gunman began shooting at their drone. Despite missing twice, he eventually hit his target and smashed the lens.

Harry said: “We couldn’t believe it. There's never been an incident like this, with a drone being shot down [according to people within the drone community]. I think it's worth mentioning the seriousness of the offence they have committed. It’s caused at least £500 worth of damage. But luckily I was able to get the footage and the drone back.”

Harry and his team of hunt saboteurs had been tipped off about the hunt taking place near a hamlet on the island and decided to track their activities - worried they were fox hunting. In the UK, fox hunting has been illegal since 2004 and many Hunts now follow a scent trail instead. However hunt saboteurs claim many organised hunts still chase foxes and aim to prevent this.

Kent police are now investigating. A spokesperson said: "Police were contacted shortly before 2pm on Saturday, 23 February 2019 following a report that a drone had been damaged on the Isle of Sheppey. At around 4pm on the same day Kent Police received a further report that a man had been assaulted. It is said the victim was pushed in the incident. Both matters are under investigation and enquiries are ongoing."

A spokesperson from the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt said: “The Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt conducts legal hunting activities to comply with the Hunting Act 2004.

Also reported in Daily Mail.


Antis swamp long un-sabbed New Forest FH meet

23-2-19    Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs    Today we took a day trip to the New Forest to sab the local fox hound pack - the bastards hadn't been done in around 7 years. Joining Weymouth Animal Rights, Southampton, Dorset, Somerset and Brighton there were 30 plus Sabs and monitors out. The Hunt didn't know what had hit them, the geriatric bimbling hunt support stood aghast with their mouths wide open.

With so many sabs, we split up into several groups and had most areas covered as it was vast. The hounds rioted on deer at various times throughout the day. Hounds were excited a few times and when on a line onto a fox were called off with the use of the horn and voice calls by fellow sabs. Thankfully the unseasonably warm weather would've evaporated most of the fox scent.

We met many dog walkers on our travels that had nothing but disdain towards the Hunt and all their dark secrets. The hounds were back at the Forestry Commission meet and tucked up in the hound van by 3.30pm with no kills. 

Always a pleasure to support Sabs in other areas. Keep us in the field: PayPal.me/SouthCoastHuntSabs. Come join us in the field: drop us a line. Any intel on the backwards Hunts or other animal abuse: 07443148426


Sab pushed off gate as swamped Curre FH pack up early

23-2-19    Facebook - Bath Hunt Saboteurs    Today we sabotaged the joint meet of the Curre & Llangibby and the Monmouth Foxhounds, at Church Farm, Llanarth. We met up with Bristol and South Wales Hunt Saboteurs. We managed to keep up with the hunt for most of the day despite the large distances they covered.

The hounds went into cry in a maize field at one point but we promptly used voice calls, whip sounds and citronella sprays so that the hunted animal managed to escape. Many of the hunt supporters were verbally AND physically abusive today with one sab pushed off a gate. She luckily escaped without serious injury.

They boxed up at 2.30 which was earlier than we expected...

If you love what we do and would like to support us, we are currently fundraising for a second vehicle. Once we have this we will have the capacity to have 9 more sabs out in the field each week- perhaps you’d like to join us! But for now, here’s the link to our fundraising page.

23-2-19    Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs      Curre and Llangibby FH and Monmouthshire FH Joint Meet – 23/02/19     Today we teamed up with our old pals South Wales and Bath Hunt Sabs to hit a joint meet of the Curre and the Monmouthshire who met at Church Farm, Llanarth. With three foot teams positioned around the hunt, they had little room to manoeuvre throughout the day. Hounds were heard in cry briefly but seemingly always bumping into sabs wherever he went, the huntsman spent the majority of the time simply running away from us. With little hope of killing any foxes, the hunt was all finished by 2.30pm! 



Frustrated Cottesmore FH thugs destroy sab tyre as foxes saved

Sabs assaulted, one dragged across field by legs 

Blocked badger sett found and unblocked by sabs 

23-2-19    Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs    23.02.19 Hit report - Cottesmore Hunt, Launde area, Leicestershire - Hunt support blocked public roads all day - -2 beautiful foxes seen to safety - Hunt thugs damage sab vehicle tyre - -Blocked badger setts near Launde Abbey    After last weeks tragic kill we wanted to keep an even closer eye on the Cottesmore Hunt with #HertfordshireHuntSaboteurs and #WildAct . They met at Laude Lodge Farm and rode off towards #LaundeAbbey , Leicestershire. A venue for Christian retreats, not very christian letting an illegal hunt on your grounds is it?

From early on quad bikes and hunt support were illegally blocking our vehicles on public roads and driving at foot sabs so we realised it was not going to be an easy day. Maybe it was the sunshine that bought out additional aggressive driving support today- horrible family day out breaking the law and killing possible pregnant foxes?

The field were moving quickly but sabs managed to keep track of their movements. Thank you to the peaceful walkers who kept us informed of the hunts whereabouts, no doubt their walk in the sunshine was tainted by the presence of the nasty hunt. Hunt support continued to block our landy and hunt thugs tried to stop sabs accessing fields and footpaths. There were assaults against sabs - pushing and shoving and at one point a heavy handed thug lost it and decided it was ‘reasonable force’ to drag a sab across a field by his legs - luckily the sab was OK and managed to laugh off the ridiculousness of the situation to carry on stopping the hunt. We helped at least two beautiful foxes get away from the hunt today.

           CottesmoreFHSabstakehounds23-2-19.jpg                                            Hounds taken off Hunt by sabs 

In the afternoon, most of the field wondered off home leaving the remaining blood junkies out to desperately get their fix, second horsing was at Oxey Farm. They tried to hunt the dismantle but sabs took the pack of hounds away from the hunt. They tried to hunt Laude Big wood but sabs moved them on and then finally they attempted to hunt Skeffington woods- where again, sabs took the pack of hounds away from Huntsman Chris Edwards.

Then, as predicted, the criminal hunt thugs rammed it up a gear in frustration at the lack of killing and threw a metal bar at one of our vehicles which went under the car and burst the tire. But we are a skilled bunch, we quickly changed the tyre and got our vehicles back on the road ready to pick up tired sabs, who on average have covered over 10 miles on foot today, and were ready for a vegan coffee and chocolate bar. The hunt packed up at 4.30pm.

Earlier we had noticed a group of dodgy-as-they-come, terrier men hanging around near a stream in Laude abbey earlier in the day, so we had to check what they were up too. No surprise they were up to no good and had blocked a badger set. Sabs unblocked the large badger set before heading home.

Hunt thugs damaging our vehicles has been a theme of the season, so any dosh to help keep our vehicles and so us on the road to save wildlife is really appreciated. www.paypal.me/ENABS


Antis presence dissuades Mendip F FH from digging out 2 foxes

Blocked badger sett found and unblocked

22-2-19  Facebook - Mendip Hunt Watch  VIDEO  Here is our video compilation from the Mendip Farmers Hunt on 20.02.19, when we were joined by the delightful Bristol Hunt Saboteurs. The Hunt started the day drawing coverts near Chilcote, but the Huntsman quickly put some distance between us after walking right into us on Crapnell Lane.

After working the valley west of Chilcote Drove, coverts near The Beeches and Middleway Wood, the hounds went into cry and moved at speed away from High Ridge and towards Lyatt and Dinder Wood.


After being held up on the roads by support blocking the vehicle, our foot team caught up with the hounds in full cry on the North edge of Dinder Wood. They lost the scent only to pick it back up again in an adjacent field, and followed the line in to the Solar Farm. As the vehicle spotted a fox fleeing from the area, we discovered a freshly blocked badger sett [above] in the adjacent field and quickly unblocked it.

The foot team next caught up with the Hunt near West Lane, Thrupe, where we disturbed them acting extremely suspiciously at a badger sett where hounds were marking to ground. The Huntsman immediately gathered the hounds and ran off when we alerted them to our presence.


After going into cry again in fields between Bath Road and Old Frome Road, the hounds gathered near a hedge where we believe they marked to ground again [below]. The redcoats, field, and quads stood around looking perplexed for a while before moving off, leaving chaotic scenes on the Bath Road in their wake.


The Hunt then slowly worked their way back towards the meet, making a few last ditch attempts to draw hedgerows and small coverts whilst angry support and terriermen vented some of their frustration at our foot team.

Thank you to Bristol Sabs for joining us, and to all the people who showed support during the day. We are a brand new group and currently entirely self-funded. Please support us by donating to our equipment fundraiser:- Via paypal:- http://www.paypal.me/localsagainstthehunt. Or buy us a kofi: https://ko-fi.com/mendipagainstthehunt.


Middleton FH hired in security thugs assault 2 female sabs

7 scary-masked heavies assaulted them then drove at one

22-2-19    Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs   VIDEO    Appalling to have some hunt supporters on here commenting that the sabs deserved it! Whenever in any situation is it right for 7 thugs to attack two women? If anyone thinks that's OK you need help Following on from the violence against sabs and the video we released regarding the Derwent Hunt members.

Unfortunately, soon a sab/ wildlife monitor will again be seriously injured or killed. Here’s a clip from Saturdays Middleton meet near Scrayingham. Middleton hire private security to harass us so they can kill wildlife. We have a few ideas on which firms these thugs are from. The police advised us that registered SIA security staff are supposed to show their full ID (they’d turned them round). They’re not suppose to cover their faces (As you can see they were fully masked) Not just masked but wearing highly intimidating masks.

One female monitor (monitoring from the roadside, public highway) got assaulted. She was stood looking into the field where the Hunt was. When the other female got out of the car (which was parked on the grass verge, not blocking any vehicles) she also got assaulted.

  MiddletonFHHiredthugs22-2-19.jpg MiddletonFHScary22-2-19.jpg

You can clearly see she’s walking backwards and they’re driving towards her. She doesn’t have chance to move safely. They then jumped out and surrounded her.

Big thugs that assault women. Makes you shudder how violent they must be toward women when no one's looking. The police have been involved. They knocked both female's phones from their hands then try to grab them. They shove and push one and when she tries to get her phone they try to run her over with the green quad. Luckily they were only bruised but very shook up.

As they tried to drive away they got overtaken on both sides, practically blocking them in. Then they surround them with vehicles and harass us whilst drawing a penis on the car.

The mentality and IQ levels of these thugs makes you wonder how they can put one leg in front of the other.


Middleton & Derwent FH riders get away with violent attacks on sabs

Judge refused adjournment after CPS got new evidence on trial day

Sabs had provided masses of clear video evidence 

21-2-19    Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs    VIDEO    Joint statement with Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs, West Yorkshire and East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs.

In March 2017, eight hunt sabs were brutally attacked by Philip Makin (ABH on female sab/affray), Roger Marley (wounding a male sab/affray) and Robert Robertson-Tierney (ABH to male sab/affray),Richard Robertson-Tierney (Affray) at a meet of the Middleton Hunt in Uncleby, North Yorkshire.


North Yorkshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service were provided with extensive film evidence from multiple devices covering the entire incident, and on Monday 18th February 2019 seven witnesses turned up to court expecting to give evidence. Despite this, after two days of the defence using weak legal arguments to prevent a jury from seeing the footage, the CPS refused to offer any evidence, causing the trial to close.


The reason we face violence week in week out is because the Hunting Act remains unforced and countless other, often violent actions committed by Hunts and their associates go unpunished by the criminal justice system. This gives Hunts across the country the confidence to act as if they're above the law.

       MiddletonFHRiderattackingwithhorse3-17.jpg                                           Rider charging his horse into sab 

To the CPS and police; how many activists need to be severely injured or killed before you take hunt violence seriously? To the Derwent and Middleton Hunt; expect us.

If you want to help us to stay in the field stopping hunting, please consider donating.

Shady history of the defendants: Robert Tierney – horse racing scandal, Richard Tierney - Dangerous driving/perverting course of justice, Roger Marley - horse racing scandal, Philip Makin - alleged to be part of horse ringing.

We have posted a short compilation video with this post and the longer court footage can be found on this link – https://youtu.be/fXqPFmPed-c

26-2-19  Daily Mail   Four huntsman are cleared of affray after video catches them ‘whipping’ saboteurs and rolling round on the ground fighting them - The four huntsmen were charged with affray after the incident in North Yorkshire - They can be seen using a whip and striking the hunt protesters - But they were cleared after prosecution offered no evidence against in court    Four huntsmen have been cleared after they were caught 'whipping' and fighting with saboteurs in shocking video footage. Prosecutors offered no evidence against the men charged with affray before the trial had even opened at York Crown Court. Philip Makin, 34, Richard Robertson-Tierney, 30, Roger Marley, 50, and Robert Robertson-Tierney, 56, were accused of confronting the protesters at a Middleton Hunt.

But the judge threw out the case and returned not guilty verdicts after the CPS failed to share crucial video evidence with the defence. In the footage, one saboteur can been seen on the ground as his alleged attacker straddles him like a horse. As the Huntsman appears to strike him and grab him by the hair, there are screams and one person says: 'Stop using your horse as a weapon.' A whip is then used to apparently strike one saboteur. Another protester says: 'The police have been called.'

Things turn ugly when one huntsman gets off his horse and approaches a masked saboteur. He says: 'You want a f**king fight, you can f**king fight. 'I'm off the horse. Come on.' Approaching the man holding a bottle containing an unknown substance, he says: 'Take your f**king mask off. 'You spray me with that and I'll f**king batter you.'

The video was posted by West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs on their Facebook page. Paramedics treated three people for minor injuries at the time. The clashes happened in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, in March 2017 at the historic Middleton Hunt.

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman said: 'We take any allegation of illegal activity related to hunting extremely seriously and where the test set by the Code for Crown Prosecutors is met we will not hesitate to prosecute, as we did in this case. We then keep the case under constant review. In this instance we were provided with a quantity of new, relevant evidence on the day of the trial. ‎We have a legal obligation to share relevant information with the defence to ensure a fair trial. We recognised there was insufficient time to consider this material fully so requested an adjournment which was not granted by the Judge. As we could not then fulfil our duty to ensure a fair trial we could not proceed.'

6-3-19  Independent   Hunters on horses scuffle with saboteurs: ‘You want a f****** fight?’ - ‘We could have gone to social media with the footage with two years ago but we wanted to go to court and do it the right way’, protesters say after court case collapses    Men on horseback are seen charging at hunt saboteurs, attacking them with whips and fighting, in footage showing the violence those disrupting hunts can encounter.

The video clip emerged after the trial of three hunters charged with offences including wounding, affray and ABH collapsed when a judge refused to adjourn the case after new evidence was presented by the prosecution at the last minute.

During the protracted incident, which involved the Middleton and Derwent Hunt in Yorkshire last year, hunters are seen riding their horses at masked hunt saboteurs, lashing at them with whips and brawling on the ground.

At one point during the 15-minute scuffle, a hunter is seen dismounting and going after those seeking to disrupt the hunt on foot. “You want a f***ing fight? You can fight,” he says. “I’m off the horse, come on.” The same man then confronts a protester wearing a mask over his face and holding a spray bottle containing a liquid which throws hounds off the scent of foxes. He manages to tear the mask away as another hunter grabs the bottle and begins to spray the demonstrator in the face. “Go-on, give him some of it,” the hunter is heard saying.

Another clip shows two men brawling on the ground – the hunter wearing a tweed jacket, jodhpurs and velvet helmet cover while astride the saboteur as they brawl. Meanwhile a second protester is forced into a hedge by a horse rearing up into him.

Two of the protesters suffered cuts and bruises and another two had cameras stolen in the fracas, according to saboteur Tommy Woodward. The 53-year-old builder said: “In 30 years of doing this that was the most frightening situation I’ve found myself in. It was so prolonged and there were so many people. When these people are on their horses they’re so much higher than you, it’s intimidating. Some of the women on our side were five foot tall. I thought someone was going to get trampled by a horse and seriously injured. We were trying to get away but we couldn’t find a way.”

Following a two day hearing at York Crown Court the charges against the men were dropped. A CPS spokesman said the court was provided with new evidence on the day of the trial so applied for an adjournment, which the judge refused. Therefore, the trial didn’t go ahead and the case was closed.

A CPS spokesperson said: “We take any allegation of illegal hunting extremely seriously and where our prosecution test is met, we will not hesitate to take action. We keep cases under constant review and in this instance we were provided with a quantity of new, relevant material on the day of the trial. ‎We have a legal obligation to share relevant information with the defence and recognised there was insufficient time so we requested an adjournment which was not granted by the judge. This meant we could not fulfil our duty to ensure a fair trial so we could not proceed.”

Mr Woodward, who would have been a witness in the case, said he’s “disgusted” that “justice hasn’t been done”. He said: “We could have gone to social media with the footage two years ago but we wanted to go to court and do it the right way. We had video from four cameras and eight witnesses, so I thought we had quite a strong case. Before all this happened I had full faith in the judicial system, but that’s been shaken now.

Derwent and Middleton Hunt refused to comment on the incident.


Grafton FH member convicted of assaulting hunt monitor

21-2-19  Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch     On Tuesday 19th December 2017 hunt monitor Penny Little was assaulted by Grafton Hunt member Sophie Chapman [below left] at a hunt at Braddon, Northamptonshire.

Another hunt member was driving at an extremely low speed in front of Penny, a tactic used constantly by Grafton Hunt supporters to prevent monitors keeping up with the hunt, when a loose horse appeared GraftonFHSophieChapman20-2-19.jpgin the road. The vehicles stopped, and the horse was caught without difficulty. Penny filmed the incident, which was another example of potentially dangerous hunt havoc The horse had in fact spooked as the Whipper in, who appeared within moments, was saddling it.

As Penny filmed quietly from within her car, Chapman suddenly and without warning reached through Penny's open window and struck her camera hard into her face, causing the camera to strike her nose and inner eye socket. Chapman also grabbed hold of Penny’s arm and tried to pull her camera out of her hand. Penny’s front facing dashboard camera filmed the incident in sound.

Chapman was found guilty of assault by battery at Wellingborough Magistrates Court on Tuesday 19 February following a full day’s trial on Monday 18 February. She was given a 12 month Conditional Discharge and also instructed to pay prosecution costs.

Chapman employed a barrister to defend her and the entire defence consisted of an attempted comprehensive character assassination of Penny Little. Penny endured a prolonged cross examination which was no doubt designed to reduce her to a jelly, but Penny continued to tell the simple truth throughout. GHW monitors Judy and Lawrence were also cross examined and were also persistently accused by the defence of being liars - this tactic failed miserably because - hunt take note - they were telling the TRUTH. GHW think the tactics used by Chapman and her defence were despicable.

At one bizarre point in the trial, Mrs Chapman produced the outer clothes she claimed she was wearing on the day in question and asserted these would have actually prevented her reaching in to Penny’s car to assault her. She was invited to put on the coat and hat and it was very hard indeed to see in what way she thought this perfectly normal outfit could have proved such an impediment! We were bemused by this weird little pantomime - whether the magistrates were similarly bemused, we really couldn’t say.

The film of the assault was shown in court many times and despite the fantastical version of events claimed by the defence Counsel and the defence witnesses, it told it’s own clear story and the magistrates found Mrs Chapman guilty.

Grafton Hunt Watch monitors know from experience that Mrs Chapman’s behaviour at hunts is extremely unpleasant and even bizarre. As well as riding with the hunt, she is also a member of what the Grafton like to call their “Evidence Gathering Team”, which is in reality a team of contemptible hunt supporters who spend the day delaying, blocking, filming and impeding the monitors. They claim their continual filming of us is so that they can dispute our evidence of the hunt’s behaviour, which they like to pretend is not genuine. Have they ever challenged our film with their own film? NO. Have they ever even tried to demonstrate that we distort our evidence? NO. They just make defamatory claims. Do they ever tell the truth? Doesn’t look like it!


Shropshire horses with equine flu all attended same Hunt meet

21-2-19    Shropshire Star    Equine flu outbreak in Shropshire confirmed    An outbreak of equine flu in Shropshire has been confirmed by animal health officials, who say the four horses affected attended a hunt meeting days before. The Animal Health Trust said that other horses that attended the hunt meet, which took place on February 9, had since also tested positive.

A spokesman for the AHT said: "On February 15, AHT confirmed an outbreak of equine influenza (EI) on a premises in Shropshire. There are a total of four unvaccinated non-thoroughbreds on the premises and all have tested positive for EI by PCR on nasopharyngeal swabs. Clinical signs have been mild to moderate in severity, all have been coughing, lethargic and have bilateral nasal discharge and two cases were pyrexic on the day of examination. These horses attended a hunt meet on 9 February and presented with clinical signs three days after. Other horses that attended this meet from other premises have also since been confirmed positive."

The AHT has said that it had seen more cases than it would normally expect, due to a new strain of flu in circulation. A spokesman said: "Through our own laboratories, we continue to test samples from horses suspected of having flu. To 17 February, we have confirmed 29 flu outbreaks across 17 counties in England and Scotland.

"Equine flu is endemic in the UK. This means that a number of cases of flu are always expected to be seen, as the virus is constantly circulating within the UK horse population. Owners should ensure they are aware of the symptoms of flu and call their vet immediately to make a fast diagnosis, to avoid the spread of the infection."

The organisation said the latest outbreak showed the importance of vaccinating against the illness. The spokesman said: "Vaccinated horses should have a level of protection to this new strain. If vaccinated horses are exposed to the virus, clinical signs should be milder and they should get better faster than an unvaccinated horse. This has been demonstrated in the vaccinated cases seen so far this year. We continue to emphasise the importance of vaccination in protecting horses against equine flu. Reassuringly, we can confirm that vaccines are providing a better degree of protection than was initially thought when disease outbreaks became apparent in Europe, especially when recent boosting has been implemented. We recommend that all horse owners revaccinate their horse if the booster vaccination was given more than six months ago. It is clear that this strain of the virus (Florida Clade 1 H3N8) is not going away and is taking advantage of any opportunity given to it to spread among our horse population. Collectively, we all need to do everything we can to minimise these opportunities."


Sabs shoved around, driven at as Crawley FH kept to kill-free day

21-2-19  Facebook - W.Sussex Sabs    Wednesday 20th February, Crawley and Horsham hunt meet Findon Park    Monitors followed the hounds to a late morning meet at Findon Park Farm. The Findon Park terrain has deep valleys and hills, not an easy one, despite this we were able to keep a close eye on the Hunt. They did their usual trick of heading into the depths of the valleys, trying to hide out of sight…but they did tend to stick out like a sore thumb!

The huntsmen worked the hounds through the bushes, CrawleyFHHoundbarbie20-2-19.jpgriders were seen standing on point around the edge, the Huntsman himself went into the bushes with the hounds and lingered about in there, while the terriermen appeared to have disappeared into the undergrowth completely…

The hounds struggled to pick up a scent, despite a lot of encouragement from the huntsmen. There was no evidence of any trail having been laid. The hounds were running riot over the farmland, scaring sheep and jumping barbed wire fences [right]. This time of year many vixens will be below ground nursing their cubs, therefore the hounds, and terriermen, have to literally dig a bit deeper to find them…

The Hunt had a small field but had an abundance of 4x4 vehicles full of their henchmen. One of whom was the gamekeeper of Findon park. As soon as he saw monitors he got out of his vehicle and aggressively started pushing and shoving, kicking mud in their faces and shouting paedophile accusations.

The rest of the hunt servants including the usual C&H terrierman Olly Street, continued to drive towards the monitors, filming and laughing, not allowing monitors to gain enough space to safely turn their backs to walk away. This, coincidentally, was just after a fox had been seen fleeing from the crying hounds… a fox who got away.

To our relief the Hunt packed up mid afternoon and we started on our long walk back, not without some final hostile shouts from the huntsman as we tried to get home.


Sabs call hounds off only fox Portman FH found to chase

20-2-19  Facebook - Wildlife Witness    Portman 20/02/2019 - East Park House, Iwerne Minster    As it was half-term the Portman, keen to indoctrinate the youngsters in to the routine of chasing and killing wildlife, put on a children's meet near to Iwerne Minster. We joined up with Dorset Against Blood Sports (DABS) monitors North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs (NDHS) and a foot team of sabs familiar to everyone at the Portman.

From the meet, Evo Shirley took hounds eastwards for a bit of a jolly around East Park estate without doing much at all before crossing the A350 road to begin hunting behind Clayesmore Private School.

NDHS sabs were with them around Wigmore Coppice before the hounds moved quickly up to the road near their favourite spot at Brickyard Cottages, where a fox may have been seen as Evo quickly crossed the roads to put them in to a small coppice adjacent to the road.

Having found nothing there he headed south west past Deer Farm over to Gallows Corner and down the bridleway towards Hazel Copse and Newbury Copse. From our spot on the Farrington road we saw a fox running at speed across fields behind the hunt and this may have been the one lost on the road.

The bridleway took them down to the road at Fontmell Parva House where NDHS and DABS monitors were there to meet them as they crossed the Manston road to draw the small woods again next to the road another odd place to lay a trail.

Still drawing blank Evo crossed back again along Fontmell Brook before moving east in the direction of Shroton via Shroton Brake. NDHS stayed in the area of Hazell Copse to watch the terrier quads in there while the other foot team picked up the field and hounds as they drew near to Shroton Lines and then skirting NT land at Hambledon Hill on through the hillside wood at Horsefair.

We were back with them now and as we approached the sports field in Shroton something ran across to road ahead of us, unsure as to what is was we waited and sure enough, hounds picked up a line at the top of the hill and began hunting hard down towards us.

           PortmanFHrugby20-2-19.jpg                                          Not sure hounds can play rugby, Evo 

Sabs were also present and managed to stop the hounds illegally chasing the fox as Evo headed off trying to call the pack to him before realising that this was a fruitless exercise as the hounds were still by the sports ground with NDHS. Even then, his pride wouldn't allow him to come back to recover the pack instead sending a group of riders down to encourage hounds back to the top of the hill.

Clearly fuming Evo took to the high ground above New Field Coppice and skulked about Coombe Bottom for a while before venturing down back to Shroton for a last try to pick up the sports field fox, only to find us there waiting for him.

With most of the field having gone home and no car followers left, we followed him on the lonely walk back to the meet allowing hounds to draw hedgerows around the solar farm and Wigmore Coppice again and following the stream back to Clayesmore and to the meet for boxing up.

A good day for us, very little actual hunting done and when hounds did pick up a fox they were quickly put right. Please remember all our running costs are currently being paid out of our volunteers own pockets - we are now in to the sixth month of weekly hunt monitoring visits this season and the mileage costs are really piling up. We don't like to ask for donations as times are hard for all of us but we also need to be thinking about how we can spread the burden of costs if we are not to put monitors off from donating their time and their money doing what benefits us all and the wildlife we are out there protecting. All donations gratefully recived - we guarantee it all goes towards our monitoring costs. paypal.me/wildlifewitness. 


Easton Harriers filmed chasing hare, female sabs threatened

20-2-19    Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Easton Harriers - 16 February 2019, Manor Farm, Stutton, Suffolk     Week in and week out we catch the Easton Harriers chasing hares. Saturday was no exception. Within 20 minutes of starting down near the beautiful Stutton estuary shoreline, the hounds were in full cry. Sabs saw a hare dash for safety of its own volition, leaving the hounds stumped.

As the Hunt came along the driveway to Manor Farm Business Park, we were on the public access road ready to greet them. We were keen to keep up. However as we attempted to leave the business park driveway a hunt supporter’s 4x4 overtook us on the inside and nearly collided with our car bonnet. We were forced to stop in order to avoid a collision. The occupants of the various other hunt vehicles then spilled out and we had the usual “You’re trespassing” shouted at us as well as more sinister threats. If we were trespassing then it seems curious to stop us from leaving the very area that we are alleged to be trespassing on!

         EastonHarriersHarerunning16-2-19.jpg                                               Hare fleeing for its life

As our foot sabs moved on to keep up with the Hunt, the two female sabs in our vehicle were surrounded and faced threats and intimidation from the hunt supporters/local gamekeepers. We have previously been on the receiving end of real violence at this meet (see links below) and therefore asked for police assistance. Once on the scene, the officers (who seemed very concerned for our welfare) dealt with the situation and we were able to move on.

        EastonHarriersLeadhounds16-2-19.jpg                                    Lead hounds about 40 yards behind hare 

Despite estate thugs’ best attempts, foot sabs had managed to stay with the Hunt who had by now crossed the B1080 and were hunting land near Holly Farm. By the time our vehicle had caught up, the hounds were in full cry. The Easton Harrier hounds were in hot pursuit of a hare. The hare ran out onto the road (on a very sharp bend) and ran out across the fields. Quick use of the gizmo split the pack, slowing it up momentarily and enabling the hare to escape. Gary, as usual, was hanging way back and it was left to Whipper-in James (with no horn and no means of calling the hounds in) to attempt to collect the hounds.

While the hare was being chased, at other side of Estate land, sabs were being threatened and harassed by head gamekeeper Rob Hammond despite being on a public right of way. While we tried to de-escalate the situation, he seemed intent on intimidating us with threats of violence. He claimed a group of thugs would “hurt” us if we didn’t leave the area. Whether these were the same West Ham Inter City Firm-associated thugs that attacked our sabs in 2018 is unknown because they never showed up.


          Landy driven by estate deputy gamekeeper has swerved in front of sab car

Not long after the chase the Hunt packed up. As we left with meet, the police were speaking to the Huntsman. We wonder what excuses the Huntsman was coming up with. No doubt he was explaining it was all just another accident – we would contend different.

Previous attacks on sabs at Stutton - 2018, Pt. 1  Stutton 2018, Pt 2   Stutton 2017

If you'd like to help us continue holding the Easton Harriers and their scummy associates to account, consider donating. All money goes directly towards fuel and equipment: https://ko-fi.com/norfolksuffolkhuntsaboteurs.

Pics below   -   1/  Police question estate deputy gamekeeper    2/  Head gamekeeper threatens female sabs 


Lanarkshire FH kill fox, hound suffered probable broken leg

20-2-19    Facebook - Glasgow Hunt Sabs   VIDEO    Hit Report 16/02/19 Lanarkshire & Renfrewshire Hunt, The Braes     Saturday was a beautiful sunny day in Renfrewshire - perfect hunting conditions, so never a good sign for the foxes. Glasgow sabs attended the L&R meet at The Braes (near Bridge of Weir) accompanied by a couple of pals from Fife and Central. Perhaps owing to the weather, there was a lot of foot and car support out, and a larger field than we’ve seen at other L&R meets this season. The hunt set off later than usual and headed off west from the meet. One nimble sab kept up on foot, the rest by car.

The hounds were sent into the gorse on a hill near a road and went into cry. Sabs were quickly among the hounds using voice calls and citronella solution spray, and a fox was spotted escaping the gorse. Whenever we caught up, they moved off quickly across the fields, and it was difficult to stay with them.

They paused to gather the hounds down near Kilbarchan before striking out across the fields again. At this point we lost them, due to very limited road access and difficult terrain. One team of sabs decided to beat and spray another area of gorse that was likely to be visited by the Hunt, while another team tried to find them again.

As soon as they were found hunting in the area next to Ranfurly Castle Golf Course, our car was blocked in on a public road by supporters in an LSK Supplies van. After politely asking them to let us past, they left our driver a tiny gap to pass through and (very rudely) point blank refused to move over any further.

A sab managed to stay with them on foot while the sabs in the car dealt with this situation. A golfer, who was local, spoke to a sab for a while, and was, like most people in Scotland, amazed that foxhunting still happened. He said there were no fox problems, and indeed, the only problem they’d had was the hunt trespassing on the golf course in previous years, and he wished us well.

At this point, no kill had been witnessed although the sab on foot was informed by the Hunt master that “we have already killed today, and you idiots know nothing of it”. This was thought to be false information as no guns had been heard during the day but on packing up a body was seen being loaded into the back of a pickup by the terrierman Craig McGibbon.

The kill was made during the 1 hour+ that we had lost them. If we had more numbers or better equipment at the time this may have been prevented. Please support us if you can, it really does make a difference, to have more sabs, or more money for equipment. We tried to obtain some photographs of the body but were manhandled away from the pickup by said terrierman.

At this point, sabs witnessed a wee girl crying. When we suggested that she was obviously upset by the brutality, her red-faced, irate mother (who was with the foot supporters) grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around, exclaiming that she was not upset. She was however, crying at the sight of the body - presumably she has not yet been hardened to the cruelty inherent to fox hunting.

This was a very difficult day for us - despite our best efforts, a life was still lost. One fox was seen to safety, but it is not much comfort. We also witnessed an injured hound being put in the back of a car - one of the riders was overheard saying that they had suffered a broken leg, but hushed up when they realised sabs were nearby. Their prospects are not good, given the cost of vet care - it’s more likely they will join the thousands who are shot each year when they are no longer useful for hunting.

LSK Supplies have already been contacted about one of their vans being used to support fox hunting and obstruct other road users, and they sounded shocked to hear about it. We have received a very apologetic email from the company already.

Video of injured hound and terrierman with the fox they murdered to follow.


Sabs ensure Burton FH can't hunt properly, leading to early pack up

20-2-19    Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    This week we received a tip off that the Burton hunt would be meeting at Manor Farm, just south of Blyton, Lincolnshire. As we haven't had the honour of visiting this pack for a few years, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to ruin their day of killing with Lincoln, Sheffield and West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs.

We arrived at Manor Farm to see the Huntsman, hounds and a very small field milling about in the yard. After a lot of faffing they moved off at pace towards Corringham Scroggs as predicted by our tip-off, so there was a team in place waiting for him. This is where they decided they would spend the entire day!

Don't get us wrong, it's a big wood but it must have made for a very boring day's hunting. As they entered the wood, a couple of deer were flushed out and ran past us.

The hounds kept picking up and going into cry, but due to some excellent tactical positioning by both teams, we were always in the right position to intervene if needed. The huntsman decided to give us a slight change of scenery and headed over to birch wood, a small covert a few yards to the south. He cast the hounds through the wood and a fox broke in our direction and right in front of a rider who was on point. We jumped into action to mask its scent with harmless citronella spray. Seeing that we had the upper hand the Huntsman took his hounds back over to Corringham Scroggs and spent the rest of the day going in and out of the covert. The hounds occasionally picked up but with no real intent to hunt them from the Huntsman.

He headed back to the meet just before 2pm and boxed up. All in all an easy and successful days sabbing. www.ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.


Warks FH hounds loose on road delay emergency ambulance

20-2-19    Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Warwickshire Hunt - Wednesday 20th February – Honnington Ambulance on emergency slowed by Warwickshire Hunt hounds loose on road    After the Warwickshire Hunt arrogantly used busy main roads as their personal playground last week, including the A429.

This week again saw them blocking roads as they hunting on and next to them. This time however an ambulance on it’s way to an emergency was slowed down as the Warwickshire Hunt hounds ran loose all over the road.


This is surely a new low for the Warwickshire Hunt. Every second is vital for ambulances going out to emergencies, they certainly can do without a pack of hounds out of control in the middle of the road slowing their progress. We hope they got to the emergency on time. This is an outrageous level of arrogance by the Warwickshire Hunt who quite clearly don’t care about motorists on the roads, or think that road traffic laws don’t apply to them, their arrogance is now putting peoples lives at risk.

Warwickshire Police: https://www.facebook.com/warwickshirepolice/. Video to follow.

Please help us to continue to expose the reality of fox hunting. 

26-2-19    Coventry Live    Ambulance on 999 call delayed by hunt and its opponents     West Midlands Ambulance Service said the vehicle was held up by horses, vehicles and dogs from both sides An ambulance answering an emergency call was delayed by a group of hunters and their opponents. West Midlands Ambulance Service said the vehicle was held up because a "number of vehicles, horses and dogs" belonging to the Hunt and a group of hunt saboteurs were in the middle of the road.

A video of the incident was posted on the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs YouTube page on Wednesday February 20th. The footage, taken on Brailes Hill, near Shipston-on-Stour, shows a number of vehicles in the road, and dogs running in between the vehicles. An ambulance then starts to drive through and get past, but was forced to slow down.

A spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Service said: "West Midlands Ambulance Service can confirm that one of its vehicles was held up as it was en-route to a 999 call last week when it came across the Warwickshire Hunt and hunt protestors. "A number of vehicles, horses and dogs belonging to both parties were in the road. The ambulance crew acted appropriately turning off their sirens until they could safely negotiate the situation and then continued their journey. We would always ask that anyone using the roads is aware when ambulances or any other emergency service vehicle is trying to make progress using blue lights and sirens and make every effort to allow them to pass as quickly and safely as possible."

A spokesperson for West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs said: "Every second is vital for ambulances when they are on an emergency it can often mean life and death. They certainly don’t expect to be delayed because a hunt is hunting all over the road and using the road like their own personal playground. In no other walk of life would anyone get away with holding up an ambulance."

A spokesman for the Warwickshire Hunt said: "Firstly, we take this sort of situation extremely seriously. "If the ambulance was delayed then we regret that unreservedly. When it approached it was not in a hurry. It did turn its lights on as it got through. Furthermore, we apologise to anyone who was inconvenienced on that day; that was not our intention."

The statement added: "We hunt legally to comply with the Hunting Acting 2004 and our professional staff correct hounds as quickly as possible should any mistakes occur. Hunting remains a popular activity as demonstrated at many of its venues and increasing public attendance and support especially on Boxing Day and Opening Meets. People are welcome to come and see what we do”. 


Sabs find Pytchley FH in time to see them kill fox

20-2-19    Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs    20.02.19 - Pytchley Hunt kill fox at Everdon, Northamptonshire    We got a hunt meet tip off from angry (and rightly so!) anti-hunt locals that the Pytchley were hunting in the Newnham, Everdon, Daventry area Northamptonshire. We managed to put up a hunt alert post on our page to warn the area of the hunt. Hunts can't be bothered to do this, they don't care about locals, animals, pets and the community- they just want to get their jollies of bloodlust at any cost.

Locals kept an eye on the Hunt and made their opinions on illegal hunting clear. A massive thank you to you brave people- and please continue to stand up to the hunt! Sabs are volunteers and we have jobs (obviously), so week day meets always fill us with dread as we know how many foxes a hunt can freely kill un-monitored. But a few sabs did manage to get over and tragically, witnessed the Pytchley illegally kill a fox. Reports have been made to Northamptonshire police. We are devastated we couldn't save this poor soul from such cruelty.

The photos below are graphic but need showing, it is the everyday reality of hunting in 2019. NO ANIMAL DESERVES TO BE CHASED TO EXHAUSTION, DIE TERRIFIED AND BE RIPPED APART FOR CRUEL HUMANS BLOODLUST.If you hunt what is actually wrong with you!? We are disgusted, and we are angry!

If this disgusts you please get in touch with your local sab group, The and ask how you can stand up to the Hunts. We have had enough, the community has had enough, the law needs changing, we need to ban the Hunts now!

  PytchleyFHRemains20-2-19.jpg PytchleyFHRemains2_20-2-19.jpg


Grafton FH hound runs into road and is killed

20-2-19   Facebook – Grafton Hunt Watch    The Grafton Hunt was involved in an accident near Radstone on Saturday. Hound came out of a field straight in front of traffic when it was killed immediately.

Two previous occasions that Grafton hounds have caused accidents, one on the A5 near Paulerspury last year where the fate of the hound is not known and previously another incident at Helmdon where the hound was killed. It was reported to us that a huntsman told a servant to “chuck it into the ditch” when asked what to do with the poor hound. If you witnessed this get in touch with us.


North Staffordshire FH mass sabbed into early pack up

19-2-19    Facebook - Manchester Hunt Sabs    North Staffs Hunt – sabbed     We have been out today with Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs, Cheshire Against Blood Sports, and Staffordshire Hunt Sabs.

The Hunt were completely overwhelmed by Sabs today and packed up shortly after 2pm having failed to kill. At least one Hare and a Fox were both seen to safety by Sabs.

Another successful day out for our group! Off home now for some well-deserved cake and a brew.

You can help cover our fuel costs by donating here.


More shocking behaviour from Atherstone FH support

19-2-19    Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Atherstone Hunt - Wolvey - Tuesday 19th February - Shocking behaviour from regular Atherstone Hunt supporters    Violence and aggression from regular Atherstone Hunt supporters. Hunt supporters spy on a female sab going to the toilet and then used misogynist and derogatory language towards her. When challenged over this behaviour the hunt supporters then became aggressive, threatening and assaulting sabs. The most shocking part of the incident was when they started waving their small dog in the air and shoving it in sabs faces. The dog was clearly distressed and this is just more proof of how hunt supporters treat their animals. These are the same hunt supporters who were violent on Boxing Day and New Years Day. Video to follow.

Please help us to continue to expose the reality of fox hunting - donate here.

   AtherstoneFHSupporterattacksab19-2-19.jpg  AtherstoneFHSupportershoves19-2-19.jpg


Sabs find North Warwickshire Beagles and pack them up

18-2-19    Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Hunt sabs save lives - North Warwickshire Beagles packed up and prevented from hunting    This is where your donations go. We are all volunteers and rely on your donations to run our campaigns. Hunt saboteurs directly intervene to save hunted wildlife. We make sure your donations are put to good use and we consistently get results. Our campaign has brought the Atherstone Hunt to its knees and over the past two years they have just been going through the motions in order to survive. We continue to prevent them from hunting foxes and as a result we have saved hundreds over the past two years.

         NWarksBeaglesBeatingretreat18-2-19.jpg                                    Hunt beat a hasty retreat when sabs appear 

We were recently involved in the joint expose (along with Stop the cull and Hunt Saboteurs) of the shooting industry dumping hundreds of pheasants in an open pit.

Over the past two weeks we have packed up and prevented the North Warwickshire Beagles from hunting any hares. We aim to continue to stamp out and prevent all forms of hunting in the North Warwickshire and West Leicestershire area. Donate. Like and share our page. Tip off hotline - 07767620767. Email: westmidlandhuntsabs@hotmail.co.uk.

        NWarksBeaglesHuntsman18-2-19.jpg                                    Huntsman hotfooting it back to the meet 


Fife FH filmed throwing shot fox for hounds to savage

18-2-19  The Ferret   Video of dead fox being ripped apart by hounds in Fife prompts outrage     A video posted on social media of a dead fox being torn apart by a pack of hounds has been described by animal welfare charities as “abhorrent” and “barbaric”.

Fife Foxhounds was filmed by Perthshire Hunt Sabs on 16 February 2019 at Crossroads, near Gauldry in Fife, as hounds appeared to repeatedly bite a dead fox in a field. The video was published by Perthshire Hunt Sabs the following day on its Facebook page, prompting more than 100 critical comments from the public and condemnation by animal welfare groups.

Hunts often give fox carcasses to their hounds and nothing illegal took place during the incident. The footage shows riders with Fife Foxhounds in a field watching hounds tear into a fox. One huntsman appears to be texting on his mobile phone as the animal is ripped apart at the feet of his horse.

Perthshire Hunt Sabs, which monitors hunts and tries to prevent foxes being killed, said: “Today Perthshire sabs came across a distressing scene. We caught up with the Hunt and discovered that the hounds had just been given a fox to rip up. The hounds were being praised and rewarded for tearing up the fox, something which would surely encourage them to want to chase and catch foxes. The whole hunt were in high spirits at the scene and as they left, the Huntsman was heard saying that they would try to get another one.”

Perthshire Hunt Sabs continued: “While most people would be horrified to see this happening, it seems like the riders were enjoying the whole spectacle. It is very disturbing that in this day and age such a scene of brutality is deemed acceptable, even thoroughly enjoyable to some.” The video also prompted condemnation from animal rights campaigners.

Bob Elliot, director of animal welfare charity, OneKind, said he was “utterly sickened” by the video which “appears to show a pack of hounds ripping apart a fox, presumably training the dogs for the future. It’s now been 16 years since fox hunting was meant to have been banned, and yet again we are seeing just how barbaric this so-called sport actually is. There is no place for this cruel and outdated sport in a modern Scotland, and we once again call upon the Scottish Government to bring in a real and effective fox hunting ban,” Elliot added.

His views were echoed by Robbie Marsland, director of The League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, who said The League’s fieldworkers have also filmed foxes “being thrown to hounds to encourage their blood lust for killing”. He added: “Like fox hunting it is abhorrent. The Scottish Government recently announced it plans to strengthen the current laws. This repellent kind of behaviour shows it can’t happen a day too soon.”

In reply the director of Scottish Countryside Alliance, Jamie Stewart, said: “The fox in question had been shot and killed within the prescription of the law.” He described some of the social media responses to the film footage as “vitriolic, ill-informed and based on emotional response. In his review on behalf of the Scottish Government, Lord Bonomy reported: ‘Sentiment has no part to play in evaluating the material presented to and gathered in the course of the review.’ The death of an animal, at an individual level, is not a welfare issue but the manner in which an animal dies can be.”

Stewart pointed out that legislation clearly set out the position when using foxhounds to flush foxes from cover. “Subject to compliance with one of the exceptions with the act, a person who is engaged in legal pest control may do so, as long as they act to ensure that, once the target wild mammal is found or emerges from cover, it is shot, or killed by a bird of prey, once it is safe to do so,” he told The Ferret.

Fox hunting in Scotland is currently controlled by the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act, which came into force in 2002. This in effect banned hunting with dogs, but included an exemption allowing hounds to be used to flush foxes out of cover so they can be shot, as a pest control measure.

In recent years, however, some Hunts have been accused of hunting illegally and questions have been raised about the effectiveness of the law. Police Scotland called it “unworkable”. In January, following a review of the current law, the Scottish Government announced it would introduce new legislation to tighten restrictions on fox hunting in Scotland. The new bill will be designed to close loopholes in the existing rules, limiting the number of dogs which can be used while hunting to two.

Animal welfare groups welcomed the move but gamekeepers said this would make Hunts “totally ineffective” and claimed it would be “a disaster for wildlife and farm stock”.

  FifeFHFoxfleeing16-2-19.jpg FifeFHHoundssavagefoxcorpse16-2-19.jpg

Pics above  -  1/  Fox seen fleeing early in day    2/  Hounds savaging dead fox 

21-2-19    Facebook - Perthshire Hunt Sabs    Fife Foxhounds - Grange – 16/02/2019    Sorry for the delayed hit report. Perthshire sabs as well as sabs from Fife and Central and Grampian sabs attended the Fife Foxhounds meet on Saturday the 16th. The Hunt first hunted in gorse next to the meet, they failed to find anything and next moved North. One of our vehicles followed and sabs saw a fox running from woodland right after they parked. Robert the Huntsman had also seen the fox and tried to bring the hounds onto the line but most of the pack stayed in the woods the fox had originally come from. He eventually gathered the hounds and took them into the woods the fox ran into but they couldn't pick up the scent so the Hunt moved on.

The Hunt was seen to the South of Gauldry but due to the terrain we lost them for a while. We eventually caught up with them at the crossroads and saw that they had a dead fox. It's very unlikely that they killed the fox there, we believe that the hounds had been given the fox by the terrierman as he arrived at the scene just before us, presumably the fox went to ground when they were south of Gauldry and it was dug out. The Hunt headed north again but we couldn't follow as we were blocked on the road by Galpin the terrierman.

Thankfully, our other vehicle was able to find them at Balmerino. From here the hunt headed to Coultra and then Ardie hill. The hounds picked up on a fox and followed the line to the North. We had trouble keeping up with the hunt but we think this fox got away. The Hunt packed up at about 3:45pm.

Please help keep us in the field, we are self funded and rely upon donations to cover fuel costs, paypal donations can be made to us here : perthshiresabs@gmail.com or here.


Sabs tend child rider of Puckeridge FH who broke leg in fall

The antis also caught and controlled her loose horse 

Sabs assaulted as frustrated hunters packing up 

18-2-19    Facebook - Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs      On Saturday CHS joined SES, Norwich, South Cambs, and NELS sabs in visiting the Puckeridge Hunt.

Before the hunt, the Masters and terrier men made multiple attempts to divert us away from their meet. They used four different vehicles all heading in different directions, however we found the meet before the start at 11 at Upwick Green, not far west of Bishops Stortford.

A few hours in, one young girl, roughly 8-10 years of age, fell from her horse while riding with the Hunt down a busy country road; we understand that she broke her leg upon colliding with the concrete. Sabs offered first aid and assisted by taking control of the now loose horse while first aid was administered. It’s well understood in the riding community that hunting is the most challenging form of cross-country riding, often riding in areas that are dangerous across areas simply not designed for horses, so it’s incredibly lucky that this young girl was not trampled by the horses, or fell off in a much most inaccessible place. CHS has planned extensively for this and carry first aid kits both on person and in our vehicles. We wish the rider a speedy recovery.

Throughout the day, the Hunt spent almost all of their time avoiding sabs, meaning that they were unable to effectively hunt. Despite this, they made a concerted effort to hunt around the Substation at Crabbs Green. In this area we saw two herds of deer and one fox to safety.

During the course of the day it became abundantly clear that the Huntsman had absolutely no control over the hounds. At one point CHS came across roughly 12 or so, who had broken away and were running riot in a paddock belonging to some locals who were perplexed as to why hounds were in their field. It’s worth noting this comes just weeks after the hunting worlds most recent health scare, equine flu, and dog excrement is a major transmitter of diseases. You’d think that Hunts across the country would be on their best behaviour when it comes to hygiene; as long as it doesn’t spoil the redcoats fun! After the hunt had gone back to the meet, we saw violence towards sabs, with one sab almost being run down by a terrier boy. The Hunt were unable to kill all day.


Cottesmore FH thug filmed damaging sab landy

18-2-19   Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    The Cottesmore Hunt, Saturday 16/02/2019    This is what The Cottesmore Hunt employ! David Tyler the daddy of Anastasia and Lianne Tyler, both regular camcorder holders of the larger than life hired thugs we have to deal with. When we say larger than life they are massive!

But did you record Daddy doing criminal damage to Northants Hunt Saboteurs landy? Of course you didn’t.

David Tyler breaks the cord that holds the grill up. You can clearly see this in the footage. At this point he was just about to smash the window until sab on his left stops him; sab gets pushed about and punched. 3 sabs watch on from it kicking off more.


Sabs say Belvoir FH hired security sexually assaulted & attacked them

18-2-19   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    This is Belvoir Hunt master Micheal Dungworth with private security that the Hunt hired in on Saturday to protect their illegal hunting.

Members of the security team, who said they worked for RMA Security sexually assaulted and attacked Sabs. Their crimes are being investigated by Leicestershire police. If you can identify any of the security team please pm us.


20-2-19    Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO  This week we received a tip off that the Burton hunt would be meeting at Manor Farm, just south of Blyton, Lincolnshire. As we haven't had the honour of visiting this pack for a few years, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to ruin their day of killing with Lincoln, Sheffield and West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs.

        BelvoirFHRedcoatandridergalloping16-2-19.jpg                                     Redcoat and rider GALLOPING on a road 

We arrived at Manor Farm to see the Huntsman, hounds and a very small field milling about in the yard. After a lot of faffing they moved off at pace towards Corringham Scroggs as predicted by our tip-off, so there was a team in place waiting for him. This is where they decided they would spend the entire day!

       BelvoirFHHuntquadillegallyonbridleway16-2-19.jpg                                    Hunt quad illegally using bridle path 

Don't get us wrong, it's a big wood but it must have made for a very boring day's hunting. As they entered the wood, a couple of deer were flushed out and ran past us.

The hounds kept picking up and going into cry, but due to some excellent tactical positioning by both teams, we were always in the right position to intervene if needed. The huntsman decided to give us a slight change of scenery and headed over to birch wood, a small covert a few yards to the south. He cast the hounds through the wood and a fox broke in our direction and right in front of a rider who was on point. We jumped into action to mask its scent with harmless citronella spray. Seeing that we had the upper hand the huntsman took his hounds back over to Corringham Scroggs and spent the rest of the day going in and out of the covert. The hounds occasionally picked up but with no real intent to hunt them from the Huntsman.

He headed back to the meet just before 2pm and boxed up. All in all an easy and successful days sabbing. www.ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.

Pics below   -   1/   Redcoat sees fox fleeing     2/  Hired security thug assaults female sab and steals her snood. Also accused of sexual assault of woman sab.

  BelvoirFHRedcoatseesfoxfleeing16-2-19.jpg  BelvoirFHHiredsecurity16-2-19.jpg


Sabs save hares from High Peak Harriers after 'trail' laying

17-2-19  Facebook - Liverpool Hunt Sabs    Liverpool Hunt Sabs teamed up yesterday with our friends from Manchester Hunt Sabs to pay a visit to the High Peak Harriers who met at Pilsbury, South East of Buxton.

Sabs were on the Hunt as soon as they left the meet and a trail layer on a quad was deployed soon after. However the Huntsman did not seem happy with the trail layer, berating him for the course he laid for the hounds, which brought them back to where they started - anyone would think that when sabs aren't around they don't bother laying a trail so he's a bit out of practice! The chaos continued, sabs kept up with the Hunt all day, and ensured a number of hares made a safe escape.


Once the Hunt got to higher ground, trail laying was abandoned and hounds got onto the scent of a hare causing the pack to scatter with half of the pack going missing for over an hour.

Lucky for them, sabs were on hand to help gather the hounds. One sab managed to successfully bring a hound - who was wilfully ignoring the Huntsman - into his arms with his horn-blowing and safely be re-united with a rather red faced Huntsman.

With what can only be described as a pretty embarrassing day for the Hunt, sabs escorted them back to the meet at around 4pm and headed home knowing we had achieved a successful days sabbing.

It seemed clear to us from their incompetence that the High Peak do not lay a trail when we're not there to keep an eye on them and their hounds are so erratic our presence today was necessary to avoid the killing of a number of hares and at least one fox. So we shall continue paying them regular visits!


Hampshire FH take pack & field across A road in foggy weather

17-2-19  Facebook - Surrey Hunt Monitors    Saturday 17 February, Hampshire FH    Surrey Hunt Monitors found horseboxes at Bramdean Common and followed riders across the A272 to Westwood House, Brockwood near West Meon. Conditions for the roads were thick fog which made it even more incredible that the Hunt did not cancel, but allowed young riders to cross the busy A272 from Bramdean to the meet.


One of their Masters Quentin Wallop, the 3rd Earl of Portsmouth however did not put himself at risk and went to the meet in a car. A very poor turnout of riders for this once prestigious Hunt, who left the meet and headed again for the A272 where they took the whole pack and field across this busy A road to hunt in Bramdean. They were then joined by North Downs Hunt Sabs.

The hunt came to an abrupt end when a rider had a tumble and was found by sabs unconscious in a field surrounded by riders. They offered help but it was rejected and an ambulance was called. Hounds then returned to the kennels. A very foolish day's hunting.


Sabs prevent dig out at Lamerton FH/Cotley Harriers joint meet

17-2-19    Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    16.02.2019. Lamerton Hunt & Cotley Harriers: joint meet. Werrington Park, Launceston     Yesterday we ventured over the Cornish border to Werrington Park Estate, north of Launceston, to sab the joint meet of the Lamerton Hunt and Cotley Harriers. There must have been 40-50 riders at the meet. It was a long difficult day with sabs being hugely out numbered by violent support, and road access being a nightmare, however our presence meant that several foxes lived to see another day.

After their drinks and speeches, the Hunt spent the initial part of the morning in the grounds of the mansion. These grounds are depressingly full of shooting towers and we are amazed there is anything left to hunt.

Hounds were heard in full cry early on and one sab team was immediately harassed by hunt support. Another sab team meanwhile was kept company by the supposed trail runner! He decided to walk with sabs, film them, and generally chat a load of nonsense about the hunt consisting of poor farmers (who spend their spare time and money paying to drink and ride horses around the grounds of a mansion killing wildlife... sure we feel very sorry for them). We also encountered a woman with a long lens camera claiming to be there on behalf of the Times, or was it the Daily Mail? She couldn’t make up her mind. When sabs stopped to retrace their steps, the ‘trail’ apparently ended at that exact point so he could keep following sabs. The 'trail' then went across a rather fragile looking bridge crossing the River Ottery... it was wobbly enough when we crossed it, it seems a poor idea to lead a pack of hounds that way. But then 'trails' have apparently led hounds across busy roads and railway lines before.

         LamertonFHandCotleyFH16-2-19.jpg                                           Sab getting grief from the terrier boys 

The Hunt then headed north and a bit later in the morning sabs spotted a fox south of Crossgate and sprang into action to cover its scent and rate the hounds. They were then confronted by angry hunt followers who attempted to remove them from the land. Sabs then saw a second fox and went into fields to try to cover the scent when they encountered David Lewis, huntsman of the Lamerton, who told them that if only they'd stay on footpaths he'd be able to call the hounds off the fox... some strange logic happening there. Throughout the entire day Hunt and supporters repeatedly, and often violently targeted sabs appearing to think that when on private property, crime ceases to exit. They were told several times they were illegally hunting, and often their response was simply that they had permission to be there.

Around 1pm, sabs heard hounds in full cry within the estate grounds and attempted to intervene. They were then set upon by violent hunt followers, some of whom reeked of alcohol, who shoved and grabbed sabs, ripped sabs’ face masks off, and unfortunately stole one of our sab’s property. Yet again according to them if you’re on private grounds then illegal fox hunting and assault are all totally fine! Unfortunately, sabs were unable to enter the estate due to the escalating violence and so it’s not known what happened to that fox.

The Hunt then left the estate and spent more time north in the area between Ham Mill and Eggbeare. Sabs lost the hunt for a while as our vehicle got blocked, but when we found them, they appeared to just be gathering hounds. This took some time as hounds seemed to be scattered all over the place. We encountered a very angry landowner who accused us of trespassing on his land all day. He cheered up once he realised we were in fact not with the hunt. For all their “trespass” talk the Hunt apparently think it’s fine if they’re the trespassers. Another local person asked our driver what he thought he was doing. When she was told we were monitoring the hunt who were illegally hunting foxes, she seemed very shocked and wished us luck. More hounds were heard back in the vicinity of the estate and so sabs headed back to try once more to get inside the grounds.

Having successfully made it back inside the impenetrable fortress, sabs saw hounds in full cry on a line alongside the river which passes through the estate. One team got held up by the huntsman, yet again trying to evict them, while another sab team managed to keep pace with the hounds on the other side of the river while being followed by a delightful rider who told us that if her horse wasn’t hunting he’d “be in a tin can”.

        LamertonFHandCotleyFHHoundsmark16-2-19.jpg                                               Hounds marking fox to ground 

Sabs managed to cross the river just in time to see hounds ‘marking’ an earth, indicating that a fox had gone to ground. Huntsman then appeared for even more attempted evicting, but sabs refused to move while a fox was in danger. The Cotley Huntsman initially denied that his hounds were marking, despite being able to see them physically inside the hole where the fox had taken refuge. He then claimed they'd only gone in the hole because sabs were stood nearby. He finally called his hounds out. Quads and terrier men descended and threatened to use "reasonable force" (aka any amount of force they like while saying the word "reasonable") to make sabs leave, but we held our ground and a long stand off ensued. During this stand off terrier men didn't bother denying that a fox had been hunted to ground, they simply said "it isn't happening anymore" and even promised that if sabs left they wouldn't kill the fox. Funnily enough the word of a bunch of criminals was not very reassuring to sabs.

        LamertonFHandCotleyFHStandoff16-2-19.jpg                    Stand off between terriermen and sabs as light starts to fail 

Eventually, with daylight fading, the terrier men collectively gave up and left. Sabs waited behind to ensure none came back for the fox and left when all was safe. Two camo clad men still lurking turned out to be grounds keepers for the estate. They claimed to not know that fox hunting was illegal, and said they just shoot foxes as it’s "easier and cheaper" so that's just fantastic. These grounds keepers appeared to have no guns on them and followed sabs, so we know at least that the fox wasn’t just immediately shot.

Please keep your intel coming and if you want to help us out in the field or in any other way, contact us via Facebook, email to devoncountysabs@riseup.net or phone 07717473305. Donations to our fuel and equipment fund are always appreciated: https://www.paypal.me/dchs

19-2-19    Cornwall Live    Violence reportedly breaks out during Launceston hunt meet as sabs try to intervene - The sabs claimed that several foxes 'lived to see another day' as a result of their action     Hunt saboteurs in Cornwall have claimed that a meet turned violent over the weekend. The Devon County Hunt Saboteurs met on Saturday (February 16) for the Lamerton Hunt and Cotley Harriers joint meet at Werrington Park near Launceston.

They said followed around 40 to 50 riders and claimed that several foxes "lived to see another day" as a result of their action. It was claimed that hunt supporters who "reeked of alcohol" shoved and grabbed the sabs.

A post on the The Devon County Hunt Saboteurs Facebook page stated: "It was a long difficult day with sabs being hugely out numbered by violent support and road access being a nightmare, however our presence meant that several foxes lived to see another day...

The sabs group also claimed that the day ended with a stand-off between the protesters and hunt groups in an attempt to protect a fox, which lasted until daylight started to fade.

A spokesman for The Countryside Alliance said: "All Hunts operate within the law to comply with the Hunting Act 2004 however they are regularly subjected to spurious allegations regarding their legal hunting activities. Hunts should not have to constantly respond to these unfounded claims being posted on social media sites where there is no editorial control over what is written. As the Cheshire Police recently commented, action can only be taken when evidence exists. If there is any evidence to suggest illegal hunting has taken place then it should be reported and investigated through the correct channels. Hunts are in regular contact with the police on hunting days and are happy to help with any investigation."


Countryfile slammed for omitting hunting from item on bloodsports

17-2-19    Daily Express    Countryfile: 'How COULD you' Viewers slam BBC show for choosing to omit major bloodsport    Countryfile viewers were left feeling puzzled and frustrated with the BBC show during tonight’s episode of the BBC programme following a segment about “illegal bloodsports”.

Presenter Tom Heap [right] discussed the rise in illegal bloodsports on Countryfile tonight, and how they could be directly related to social media and the rise in gambling. The BBC host is known for his hard-hitting and thought-provoking segments on the BBC nature documentary programme. Tonight’s was no different, and left many viewers upset and in tears at the shocking images and footage of hare coursing and cock fighting.

However many also wondered why the presenter was TomHeapCountryfile.jpgtalking about certain animal blood sports, and omitted perhaps the most well known one - fox hunting. The sport was banned by the British government in 2004 with the Hunting Act, and is still illegal in England, Scotland and Wales today. The Act made “hunting wild mammals with a pack of dogs (three or more) in the traditional style unlawful”, but it is still legal to hunt foxes in Northern Ireland.

Taking to Twitter, viewers expressed their feelings on the subject:-

#bbc #countryfile How are the bloodsports you showed tonight any different from wealthy men shooting grouse or hunting foxes? Aren't all of these sports either equally abhorrent, or equally acceptable?” one person asked.

Another wrote: “@BBCCountryfile It is all very well cherry picking which bloodsports you deem deplorable but you should cover the main lawbreakers who hunt foxes and deer with packs of out of control dogs. #countryfile.”

Angrier than I had expected at this point in the weekend #Countryfile,” a third shared. While a fourth agreed: “#countryfile what about fox hunting, also illegal and be flouted by bloodthirsty scum bags….”

Hey, #countryfile @BBCCountryfile how about reporting on fox hunting? or are posh people immune from being cruel to defenceless animals?? What's the difference between tearing foxes apart to tearing hares or cocks apart?” a fifth wondered.

And another added: “Mmmm. #Countryfile - illegal hunting (hate coursing). How is this different to #foxhunting but appear to accept fox hunting. Please enlighten me.”

Express.co.uk has contacted the BBC for comment.

Other viewers praised the programme for highlighting the bloodthirsty sports, and were heartbroken for all the animals involved, desperate for people to report any activities they see in the wild. “Horrendous to see that cruel blood sports like hare coursing and cock fighting are still happening in 2019. Well done Tom Heap and Countryfile team for exposing this on this week's programme #countryfile,” one person praised.

Cottesmore FH kill a fox suspiciously early in day

Sabs grab body and hand it police

Joint meet with Crawley FH to honour retiring Hunt Master 

17-2-19   Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Hit Report, Saturday 16th February 2019 - Joint meet of the Cottesmore and Crawley/Horsham Foxhounds    Today sabs from Northants, Hertfordshire, WildAct and Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs were once again out to face the Cottesmore as they met with Crawley and Horsham foxhounds in a joint testimonial send off for Cottesmore Hunt master, Andrew Osborne. Quite why anyone would want to attend a testimonial to a terroriser and killer of our wildlife is something only the warped mind of a hunt supporter or sociopath could understand.

The Hunts were gathered near Owston in Leicestershire and in a bid to avoid the attention of sabs had moved off before our arrival. It was always going to be a difficult day for sabs faced as they were faced with an influx of terriermen on quad bikes and the pumped up egos of a bunch of fanatics paying homage to their deranged leader.

Tragedy was to strike early on as the Hunt quickly found and hunted a fox, too quickly in many people’s view for this not to be set up for Osborne on his ‘special’ day. Sabs who were on the scene made a valiant and selfless effort to save the fox but were beaten by circumstance and the vile and unlawful actions of the Hunt.

One sab managed to grab the body of the fox from the hounds but the sheer terror and physical injuries caused meant this poor animal lost its life to the cowards of the Cottesmore Hunt. The body has now been handed to the police and we can only wait for the outcome!   

        CottersmoreFHKilledfox16-2-19.jpg                       Sab carries away the body of fox killed by Cottesmore FH 

Despite this terrible and utterly unnecessary waste of life the sabs were soon back in action to prevent further killing. Sometimes there is no choice but to put your emotions on hold and carry on. With the hunt moving around the lanes between Knossington, Somerby and Burrough-on-the- Hill sabs deployed small groups into the field to keep the hunt moving on at one point the pack was successfully split with the use of a hunting horn and gizmo. Sabs in the field were also able to see a second fox safely away from danger. It was noted today just how many foxes were seen in relatively small area and again raises suspicions about their origin (and never forget many hunts have been documented introducing foxes into a hunted area), a parting gift for Andrew Osborne?

All groups of sabs faced intimidation from quad bike terriermen who seem to grow in stature and bravado once they get on a ‘big bike’ with even bigger wheels. Some sabs were physically ejected from fields and others were threatened as they tried to access footpaths. But for all their puffed out chests and macho posturing the hunt thugs cut a pathetic sight, a cross between low rent doormen and hill billies. As one group of sabs drove in the vehicle to get ahead of the hunt a fox dashed across the road clearly in a hurry to get out of the area. Once again sabs were out the vehicle and covering the fleeing animals scent whilst other sabs moved into the field to draw any approaching hounds away.

Throughout the afternoon the sabs kept in contact with hunt and despite the tragic killing of a beautiful fox earlier in the day the sabs did what they do best and kept sabbing. Eventually at around 3-45pm Andrew Osborne and a few of his sad followers were seen down a bridleway where a bottle of port was passed around to no doubt toast the end of this animal killers reign. It doesn’t say much for this ‘titan’ of the hunt that his testimonial was celebrated down a muddy side roadshows with a handful of hedgerow sycophants. Eventually the fawning stopped and Osborne was put on the back of quadbike and driven back to the meet like some bargain basement Roman emperor. With hounds in tow the day was obviously over but sabs then followed the Hnt and supporters back to make sure they were indeed packing up. A convoy of quad biking riding ‘heavies’ followed close to the sabs uttering their usual taunts and at times driving directly at them.

A difficult day for the sabs but every time they go out they face such difficulties. But despite the heartache and anger at losing the fight for one life today we have to remind ourselves that without the sabs this sort of brutality would happen every week. Every life saved is testament and affirmation that being a hunt sab is worth it. Andrew Osborne and all those who support the Cottesmore hunt can never claim anything beyond self- interest and a desire to inflict pain and suffering…such people always lose in the end.

If you would like to join us, please get in contact. Or you can help us with our fuel and vehicle maintenance costs by making donations on this link: http://www.paypal.me/ENABS.19-2-19

19-2-19    Leicester Mercury    Dead fox handed to Leicestershire Police after Cottesmore Hunt meet - the dead fox was carried out of field by a hunt saboteur     Police are investigating after they were handed a dead fox at a hunt meeting in Leicestershire.

Hunt saboteurs gave an officer from Leicestershire Police the dead animal during a Cottesmore Hunt meeting between Owston and Knossington at the weekend. Members of the Northants Hunt Saboteurs group posted a video online showing volunteers carrying a dead fox from a field on Saturday.

A group spokesperson said: “With the Hunt moving around the lanes between Knossington, Somerby and Burrough-on-the- Hill we deployed small groups into the field to keep the Hunt moving on. "At one point the pack was successfully split with the use of a hunting horn and gizmo. Saboteurs in the field were also able to see a second fox safely away from danger. As one group of saboteurs drove in the vehicle to get ahead of the Hunt, a fox dashed across the road clearly in a hurry to get out of the area.”

Claire Bell, a spokesperson for the Cottesmore Hunt, said the meet was a farewell to Hunt master Andrew Osborne. She declined to comment on the handing over of the dead fox to the police.A spokesman for Leicestershire Police confirmed they had been handed a dead fox. He said: “Shortly before midday on Saturday February 16 we received a report that a fox had been killed by hounds at a location on Owston Road, between Owston and Knossington. Officers who were monitoring the hunt spoke with the person that made the report and the carcass of a fox was subsequently recovered. Enquiries are ongoing and no arrests have been made at this time.”


E. Sussex FH keep losing hounds who run around on roads

Sabs caught one hound and returned it to meet

16-2-19    Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs    The day of lost hounds Today we surprised the East Sussex & Romney Marsh Hunt, to our sheer delight. We rocked up at the Court Lodge meet in Ashburnham around 9.30 even before the hound van. Some would think they're trying to avoid us at this hour.

The Hunt moved at speed throughout the day in large woods named Cowland, Sprays, Foxearth and Creep (you couldn't make it up). There were equipped quads and around 24 disgruntled and pathetic looking riders. The hound control was shockingly inadequate and many of them got lost throughout the day, roaming around on the roads. The Hunt had a total disregard for their life and wellbeing. Sabs even returned one to the meet. The Hunt disturbed many a resting deer. All packed up by 3pm. We're confident that there were no kills.

Come join us, send us a message. Keep us in the field: PayPal.me/SouthCoastHuntSabs. Any info on the dirty hunts or such like.

Pic below   -  One of the lost hounds 



Sabs take hounds off Sandhurst Beagles in full cry

16-2-19    Facebook - Berkshire Hunt Sabs    Hares saved from Sandhurst Beagles    Today Berkshire sabs and friends had a number of vehicles out scouting meets of the Sandhurst & Aldershot Beagles.

The car assigned to Stratfield Saye (a hot-spot area) quickly ran into suspicious wax-jacketed characters standing around in fields near Oliver’s Farm. Hounds were then heard in cry, a hare was seen fleeing and it was clear that, once again, we had arrived in the nick of time.

Sabs called in the rest of the crew and - with illegal hunting clearly in progress - we took control of the pack with voice and horn.

The Huntsman eventually got the hounds together and he and his dwindling band of subscribers began the long, muddy slog back to the meet.


Middleton FH rider accused of multiple assaults on sabs

16-2-19    Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs     The Middleton are a bit lairy today! Winn-Darley, frustrated at not being able to kill foxes due to sab presence, assaulting multiple sabs (footage to follow).


Monitors refute Quantock SH claim that hunted stag was injured

Stag ran and jumped for 2 hours then escaped the hunters

Was still hind hunting season but they couldn't find any

16-2-19    Facebook – Hounds Off   VIDEO  Staghunters Break Convention To Ensure Valentines Day Sport   Hunted by the Quantock Stag Hounds on Valentines Day 2019 [see photo, credit Kevin Hill/Hounds Off]. With no female deer (hinds) in the area, hunters told us this animal was selected because it had a "displaced hip". We question the honesty of their claim because this stag ran for miles across open country and escaped to see another day.

Hunters' claims that a red deer stag chased by the Quantock Stag Hounds on Valentines Day was suffering from hip displacement have been seriously questioned by observers. The creature was chased for over two miles as the crow flies, many more as they ran, between 1.30pm and 3.30pm. In the moments before the hunt ended, huntsman and hounds were seen to be fruitlessly trying to find the stag in field hedges near the West Somerset village of Clatworthy.

Experienced Hunt Monitor Kevin Hill, who was part of a team of volunteers from Somerset Wildlife Crime and Hounds Off, filmed the allegedly injured stag in the old slate quarry woods below Brompton Ralph. He said, “The stag looked in good shape to me. He travelled through the woods jumping felled trees!”

The claim that the stag was injured was made to Mr Hill by hunt followers when he asked them why a male Red deer was being pursued at a time of year when females are the traditional target.

Somerset Wildlife Crime and Hounds Off Monitors believe that this was just an excuse because the Hunt couldn’t find any females to chase. They only saw stags, roe deer and a fox roused into flight by hounds. That hinds are quarry from November through February is just hunting convention and, on this occasion, in order to get some ‘sport’ it had to be broken.

© Joe Hashman. Support what we do? Keep our service sustainable & volunteers in the field – buy us a Ko-Fi.



Oakley FH kill young vixen - sabs retrieve corpse, hand to police 

16-2-19    Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs     There will be no artistic prose and joking comments in this hit report today. I'm going to just tell you what happened so you can probably guess it's not good news.

The Oakley went out a bit early to try and avoid us today, their meet was at Manor Farm, Pertenhall but we caught up with them soon enough as they headed south west towards Keysoe Park Wood, clearly not too impressed to see us. They tried their best to lose us but our 2 vehicles stayed on them all the time and predicted their every more. They were hampered by the restrictions of the Bedford Autodrome to the south and also the busy A6.

However they recklessly hunted a fox right up to the A6 just south of Bourne End, this one seeking sanctuary in a hay stack and sabs were on hand to make sure it was safe in their until they left. We deployed our air recon unit as well, keeping the hunt in sight from high above, watching their every more without them even knowing.

From Bourne End they turned and headed back north, right through the village of Riseley before turned south east on the Keysoe road. Here the hounds once again picked up on a fox, it popped out directly in from of sabs who managed to give it just enough time to escape by rating the hounds. All the time Calamity Jack Harris just sat and watched, and did nothing.

From here they tried to pick up the line of the fox and headed in the direction it had fled but gave up and headed once again back in the direction of Keysoe Park Wood. Here they picked up another line, a young vixen fled in terror, the hounds were too far in front for sabs to intervene although they tried their very best. The young vixen was killed by the hounds moments later, sabs were quickly on the scene and managed to retrieve the body.

  OakleyFHVixencorpseretrieved16-2-19.jpg OakleyFHVixencorpse16-2-19.jpg

Calamity Jack was nowhere to be seen and later even had the temerity to deny all knowledge of it although still managed to call the police and admit one (joke) of their hounds had accidentally killed a fox. There's no such thing as an accidental kill. You put 30 fox killers in the countryside and let them do their thing and they will kill foxes.

The Hunt were laughing and joking about it, Caroline Evens from Wooton was laughing and screaming like a demented banshee, a young hunt rider who was so mouthy and abusive earlier in the day turned on the crocodile tears which they got some verbals back, provoked her trashy mother into attacking a sab. If you're old enough to commit a criminal act you're old enough to be held accountable.

The Oakley are, if I'm honest a shit Hunt but they will still kill foxes. We're going to make sure they get plenty more attention. We saved 2 today, the third was just a fox too far. The police have been informed and the body handed over to them. With no video of the incident we know there is little chance of a conviction but the police are building quite a file on the Oakley and have been supportive.

Help us hunt the hunters. Donate here. https://ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs.


3 monitors injured by S. Durham FH & support, camera stolen

One monitor has suspected broken finger, others head injuries

16-2-19    Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors    We currently have 2 monitors being seen at hospital one for possible broken finger needing x-rays and one with a head injury. Another monitor is bathing wounds to her face at home after 3 assaults by South Durham Hunt and their followers. We also had a GoPro stolen. Police attended and footage plus statements will be taken. Hit Report to follow.

 S.DurhamFHAttackandnjure1_16-2-19.jpg S.DurhamFHAttackmonitors3_16-2-19.jpg S.DurhamFHAttackinjure2_16-2-19.jpg


Sabs film Surrey Union FH blatantly hunting fox

15-2-19  Facebook - Croydon Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Tuesday 12 February 2019, Surrey Union Hunt - Further footage showing illegal hunting We can now share with you some more amazing footage from Tuesday, filmed by Guildford Sabs and edited to include our footage of the hounds on the road. Thanks to Guildford Sabs for the footage and editing work.

Minutes into first finding the Hunt on Tuesday, a fox is seen running towards the road by foot sabs (at which point sabs in the landy head to that location on the road in order to spray the foxes trail). In the meantime the hounds get on the scent of a fox in the wood and start to stream right across the field, sabs employ the gizmo to call hounds off, hounds change direction towards the camera.

        SurreyUnionFHFleeingfox12-2-19.jpg                                Fleeing fox about to jump through deer fence

Eventually the Huntsman regains control of the hounds and casts them, where they pick up the trail of the first fox, and they finally end up on the road, with one hound receiving a glancing blow to the shoulder by a slowing car. The driver is heard on the video shouting angrily at the Hunt.

        SurreyUnionFHFleeingfoxwood12-2-19.jpg                                        Fleeing fox about to enter wood 

The Hunt try and blame the sabs on the road for calling the hounds onto the road using a gizmo (the only time the gizmo was used was to call hounds off the second fox) we never use it when there is a road anywhere near.

There wasn’t a quad bike out with the Hunt to lay a trail, although it’s very clear from the footage they weren’t following any trail and were blatantly hunting.


              Not very far behind fox, but hounds have lost scent and try to re-find it 

Please share this far and wide. It shows blatant hunting and total disregard for the legality of laying a trail.

Come and join us sometime to spoil the hunters' fun and more importantly save wildlife. You can get in touch with your local group, but Croydon is the closest group to most of South London.

We have just had to pay £500 for urgent repairs to get our Landy back on the road for sabbing tomorrow. This has completely exhausted our contingency funds. You can donate towards keeping Croydon out in the field so we can keep doing this. Or you can buy a ‘coffee’ for us.



Middleton FH Huntsman 'Shag' Carter sacked & will lose house

14-2-19    Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Valentines Day - Middleton Hunt @ Duggleby  With one of our sabs finishing work early, they felt that they should join East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs in showing some love to Charles 'Shagger' Carter.

We found out a few days ago that poor old Shagger has been forced out at the Middleton and must not only vacate his post by May 1st but must also vacate his house. As hunt followers only received formal notice of this over the weekend we assumed that there would be a mass outpouring of love and support for a newly homeless and jobless man who has done so much to keep the Middleton Hunt in the public eye and bring them so much good publicity. That is of course if you believe that there's no such thing as bad publicity.

We were therefore a little surprised to find a field of only six riders. YES SIX. Ah well it's times like this that you find out who your friends are.

Over the short period of time that Shagger has been at the Midd he has made national news for making, in a judges words, 'boorish, distasteful and offensive' comments to a female, that were caught on film. Words which also forced him to resign as a Conservative Councillor.

        MiddletonFHNewJMCharlesCarter23-1-17.jpg                    23-1-17 Carter address female local berating him for hunting fox 

He then made the local media for his hounds killing a fox on a busy main road. National media headlines reappeared when his hounds caused a fatal accident on a main road, three hounds losing their lives. A court appearance followed soon after for illegal hunting.

Finally, on Monday 18th February 4 riders from the Middleton Hunt will appear in York Crown Court on various charges of assault and affray for attacking members of Sheffield, West Yorkshire and North East Hunt Sabs back in March of 2017.

All of this is a far cry from May 2016 when Shagger was introduced as the new broom ready to sweep away the bad headlines of 16 fox cubs being discovered held captive at the Middleton Hunt kennels in Birdsall.

An offer has been made to Shagger to see the light and do as the late Clifford Pellow did, spill the beans and make all the illegal foxhunting extremists grubby sadistic secrets public. As he has found out today with a paltry field of six riders, he has no real friends in the Hunt.


Berkeley FH refuse to end B. Day meetings in Thornbury despite petition

13-2-19  Bristol Live    'It’s a tradition' – Berkeley Hunt refuses to stop Thornbury meet despite 3,000-strong petition - A group of hunt saboteurs want the hunt to be banned   Riders who take part in a Boxing Day hunt through Thornbury say they have no intention of ending the tradition despite 3,000 people signing a petition against it.

The Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs has launched an online campaign against what they describe as the “ominous spectacle” and are calling for it to be banned. Despite the opposition, organisers say the Berkeley Hunt meet brings enjoyment to thousands of people and is a Christmas tradition.

The petition says the event should be banned in public places: “We call on the councils to do the right and democratic thing and consign this hunting tradition to history. While unfortunately the Hunt can continue on private land and their own estate, it would be an ethical move to prevent the hunt from advertising itself in a public manner.” The hunt saboteurs believe the majority of the public are against hunting and would like to see it banned.


           Fox being chased by Berkeley FH hounds across Slimbridge reserve 19-1-19 

Haydn Jones, a joint master of the Berkeley Hunt, said: “I would die in a ditch to defend anyone’s right to disagree with me. They can keep protesting but we enjoy what we do and are going to continue doing it. We’ve been doing it for more years than I can remember. A few anonymous people won’t spoil that. Thousands of people line the streets of Thornbury to enjoy the meet. It’s part of their Christmas celebrations. We hope they can continue to enjoy it. 'They’re going to keep making accusations and we are going to keep denying them'

Fox hunting with hounds has been banned in England since 2005 and riders now instead follow artificial trails.

The Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs claim participants of the Berkeley Hunt “have been witnessed pursuing foxes many times”, and birds at the Slimbridge wetland centre were left “terrorised” by a recent event. The campaigners also claim to have evidence of staff damaging badger setts, and “artificial earths” designed to hold or encourage foxes have been found on the Berkeley Estate.


                            Fox being closely pursued by Berkeley FH 4-10-17  

Mr Jones dismissed suggestions the event is cruel and said the riders follow an artificial trail, adding: “They’re going to keep making accusations and we are going to keep denying them. Everything we do is in line with the law. It’s a tradition and it’s a wonderful way to get out in the countryside. It’s challenging and relaxing at the same time. You can ride across land you would never normally have access to. You can get and socialise, it’s like going to a football match.” Responding to the claim birds had been “terrorised”, he said disturbance is a natural part of an animal’s life, and they would fly away if they felt threatened by a falcon or a fox.

The petition says it will be submitted to Thornbury Town Council but mayor Shirley Holloway said it is nothing to do with the authority. She said she was not invited to attend last year’s event but would consider going if she had the backing of her council colleagues.

The petition will also be handed to South Gloucestershire Council. A spokesperson for the authority said: “The annual hunt meet in Thornbury is not something we facilitate. If a nuisance was caused to the public then it would be down to the police to consider if they use their powers to stop the gathering or move people on.”

The petition has more than 3,300 signatures. The hunt saboteurs plan to wait until after the current hunt season to present it. It can be viewed here.


Details of Cheshire PCC's scrutiny meeting on hunting released

12-2-19  Knutsford Times    Cheshire’s police and crime commissioner David Keane has released details of the scrutiny meeting he’s holding to discuss the policing of fox hunting in Cheshire    The special scrutiny meeting, which the public can attend, will include a presentation from the review team who were commissioned to carry-out an independent review into the effectiveness of Cheshire Constabulary’s policing of hunting.

The meeting will be held on Monday 25 February 2019, between 9.30am and 1.00pm at Cheshire Constabulary Headquarters in Winsford.

It will provide the opportunity for the commissioner to carry-out an in-depth scrutiny of acting chief constable Darren Martland in relation to the review and recent hunting-related incidents. Ahead of the meeting, the commissioner would like local residents to submit questions they would like him to ask Mr Martland at the meeting.

David said: “I want to hear your views. I know this is an emotive and important issue for many Cheshire residents and I think it is crucial that you have a voice – that is at the heart of my role as your commissioner. Whilst I may not be able to ask each individual question, I will be working to ensure that all the main themes are addressed. As police and crime commissioner, I want to ensure Cheshire Constabulary is enforcing the current law in relation to fox hunting appropriately and legitimately.”

Questions can be submitted using the subject title ‘question’ to pcc@cheshire.pnn.police.uk or via the comments section on the Cheshire PCC website. All questions must be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday 13 February 2019.

Anyone wishing to attend the meeting is required to send an expression of interest to pcc@cheshire.pnn.police.uk stating their full name and address by midnight on Sunday 17 February 2019. Expressions of interest can also be submitted by calling the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner on 01606 364000.

The commissioner would like to ensure there is a wide spectrum of views represented at the meeting and would appreciate when people are expressing an interest to attend if they could state their area of interest in relation to hunting (e.g. pro-hunt or anti-hunt).


Blackmore FH disrupt traffic on A roads as sabs save foxes

12-2-19   Facebook - Dorset Hunt Sabs    HIT REPORT : Blackmore FH MEET : Stock Gaylard Park - Tuesday 12th Feb 2019     It would be nice to say we were surprised to see the BSV hunt out today with Mark Doggrell at the helm, following his criminal behaviour on Saturday, but we weren’t !! Killing a fox and then brawling in the street in Yeovil in the early hours with his two sons wasn’t enough to make him hang his head in shame... nor deter the field of around 40 riders which was half of the turn out for last year ! We did have the pleasure of working with monitors today including Wildlife Witness and a big shout out to them !

Leaving the meet just after 11.30am the Hunt headed west towards Bishops Caundle. A foot team went in at Rowden Mill Farm and heading south managing to keep ears or eyes on the hounds whilst they searched the area. Mark Doggrell was really urging the hounds on and they went into cry... this fox was lost and the Huntsman carried on up to Ricketts Wood and cast the hounds through this area. Not finding their miraculous trail in here they continued north east to Warr Bridge.

Exiting onto the A357 at 12.15 which was, as usual rather busy didn’t make any difference to the Huntsman as he turned left and cast the hounds through the thicket beside the road leading to the T junction with the A3030. Eventually, he gathered the hounds and took them left down the A3030 where he repeatedly searched the areas beside the A3030 and the A352 ( see photo ) causing traffic to build up in both directions.


Last year at this meet there was absolute bedlam on the road, this year it was far worse ! Dorset police have allowed the Hunt to go unchecked, so if you were caught up in that today trying to go about your daily business please let Dorset Police know your thoughts !


Two foxes were observed in this area fleeing for their lives and the Landy patrolled the road spraying each side whilst a foot Sab also sprayed either side of the road.

Hounds spilled onto the road several times as the Huntsman crossed over between Lydlinch Common and Brickles Wood trying to get the hounds on the line. Eventually, the hounds found the line of a fox the monitor saw 30 seconds prior and they were speaking as they came down beside the road and around brambles on the common side, but a foot Sab was ever present using citronella to prevent the hounds picking up and a monitor was ensuring it was all on film. This ruthless, dangerous and ignorant game continued until gone 1pm and the hounds crossed a final time to the Brickles Wood side and went into cry travelling south through Brickles Wood. A foot team went in to see what was happening as the supporters gathered along Hyde’s Lane.

From here, the hounds headed east over to New House Farm area and all the support began to gather along Holebrook Lane. The Landy dropped a foot team in at Holebrook Green Farm where the bearded psycho was sitting in his vehicle. Another fox was seen away to safety here as it fled away from the Hunt's direction. We believe this to be the fox they followed from Brickles Wood...

The hounds were then heard speaking in the northern part of Deadmoor common and foot sabs made good speed in this direction... A female, we assume a foot supporter was heard hollering from the Sedge Copse area so the foot team pressed on.

By now it was 3pm and they changed horses on Holebrook Lane which gave the Landy time to come round to collect the foot sabs who had by now made it to Smetherd Farm.

With their fresh horses the Hunt headed east over to Blackrow Farm but the landy was there to see the hounds on a line heading from Chickmead towards the A3030 which was very busy now. Thankfully, the Whipper in did the right thing and the hounds were turned towards Brickles Wood leaving this fox to see another day.

Heading east back in towards the Higher Hydes area the hounds were speaking again and the landy and monitors headed down to Kings Stag to head them off. A foot team went in at the sewage works and as they made their way along the footpath the Huntsman was calling up by Ridge Farm. By now there were only 9 riders left... After a good search around Ridge Farm the Huntsman gave up for the day and took the hounds back to Hydes Farm where they packed up just before 4.30pm.

Without a doubt between us at least 4 foxes were seen away to safety today and a huge thanks to the monitors we worked with today !


Staitondale FH supporter careless talk gets police WO interest

12-2-19    Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs     Hit report 12/2/19, Staintondale Hunt     A couple of us set off to check badger setts this morning in notorious Staintondale Hunt territory. Suddenly vehicles passed us. With our instincts on red alert we just had to follow, and what did we find parked up, supporters around Harwood Dale .Yet again on the Forestry commission land, where dog walkers, push bikers and walkers like to chill out.

Our cheek had to be the best, when one of the sabs got chatting about the Hunt. Its amazing what you get out of them. They all think we’re so stupid but when we got going along with a conversation about getting more involved with the hunt, we got told who to email.

Thank you kindly, but when they continued talking about their little dirty secrets to tell us they flushed a fox and the Huntsman is on foot in the forest at Harwood Dale, with hounds on a scent. Yet again sabs queried, “don't the hounds get confused with the artificial scent?”. Supporter again can't keep a secret - "oh no they don't use a trail it's always a fox scent they only use a rag if police or those masked people turn up".

Well thank you kindly for the information. We called the wildlife officer who soon appeared to the horror of supporters. When they realised that one of their own had been extremely helpful towards us, until he got a ticking off, then fists and lovely hand signals.

About two stray hounds were near Whitby Road, opposite the Falcon pub, where a sab saw them to safety and alerted the Hunt on irresponsible behaviour. There wasn’t many supporters or riders out today.

The wildlife officer was amazing and called for back up where they constantly stayed with the Hunt. Until they packed up at Grange farm around 3pm, rather early for Staintondale. We can't praise the officers enough for their full support all day.

Unfortunately, we weren't prepared for today and only managed to get a few pics but they sure knew we were present. Please continue to support your local sab groups.   https://www.paypal.me/eyhs


Police seek 2 re. damage to band equipment at Ashford V. FH Boxing Day meet

12-2-19   Kent Online   Police hunt for men after equipment damaged at Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt on Boxing Day Police are looking for two men after a band had its equipment smashed up following violence at a hunt meeting.

Clashes occurred in Tenterden between saboteurs and the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt outside The Vine pub on Boxing Day, when criminal damage was also reported. Police have released an image of two men who may be able to help in their investigation into a report of criminal damage.

Rudy Warman and the Heavy Weather band were playing in Tenterden high street on Boxing Day and reported that an effects pedal, two amplifiers and a storage case were damaged in the disturbances.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Niki Hill said: "We are keen to speak to the men as they could have information that could help our enquiries. We would also like to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident or has film footage of the event."

Following the Boxing Day violence, the League Against Cruel Sports wrote to Kent County Council leader Paul Carter asking that it “commits to never again allowing the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt to hold its Boxing Day meet in Tenterden”.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 01843 222289 quoting reference number 46/31766/19, or Crimestoppers in Kent anonymously on 0800 555111.


Grove & Rufford FH support lie to police, saying sabs carrying weapons

Sabs AND Hunt later thrown off land by farmer

11-2-19    Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs    Hit report ~ Grove and Rufford ~ Winkburn ~ 9.2.19 -  Hunt support waste police time with spurious allegations    This hit report is dedicated to Mike Hill, who tragically lost their life while sabbing the Cheshire Beagles on the same day in 1991. Rest in power.

With most Hunts cancelling their meets this weekend to avoid the spread of equine flu, the Grove and Rufford went ahead and met at Knapthorpe Grange. With comrades Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs at our side, we positioned ourselves at various points surrounding the meet, so that there would be a team ready to intercept them no matter which way they went.

As they set off and headed towards Lady Wood, our tactics proved successful and a team of foot sabs were with them straight away, able to pull the hounds of the scent of a fox with textbook sabbing using a combination of voice calls and citronella. Meanwhile, another team of three foot sabs were being stalked through fields by supporter Verita Farmer, who followed them filming the whole time. When 3 police cars, 2 undercover police cars and a riot van turned up later in the day, it transpired that Verita and Gerrad Farmer [below, illegally blocking road] had made a ridiculous complaint about sabs “running through farms with baseball bats”, and despite having filmed us for the first half of the day, she had no evidence to back up claims.


With sabs constantly round the corner ready to get with the hunt whenever they ran off from another group, Huntsman Paul Larby changed horse at around 1 by Winkburn Hall, bringing the whole Hunt to a standstill for about half an hour. This gave sabs an excellent chance to get to know the hounds, who seemed to appreciate the love!

We were joined later on in the day by our good friends Nottingham Hunt Sabs who arrived just in time as the hunt sped off from us. The hunt were soon surrounded by multiple groups as they drew a small covert outside of Maplethorpe, which they flushed a deer and a hare from.

While foot sabs were following the Hunt, one of our vehicles was blocked in by a support car, who claimed that we weren’t allowed on the road. Our vehicle then politely tried to leave, but then was blocked in from behind by more support, who had also been told to leave by the landowner. The driver of this vehicle, Gerrad Farmer, had also blocked a public road earlier on during the day, and made thinly veiled threats to sabs. They were then stuck there until the police arrived, who tried to claim that it was an offence for us to be blocked in on a private track (but not an offence for the hunt support who had also been kicked off), and had nothing to say about the illegal hunting! The police kept us there for nearly an hour, with hunt support spouting increasingly desperate lies and the (not so sab friendly) police seemingly keen to arrest. The support were finally asked by the police to move their vehicles when the landowner came to throw the Hunt off his land!

The Hunt eventually made their way back to the meet and packed up around 4pm, clearly frustrated by the constant sab presence. Video footage to come later this week.

Your kind donations are what enable us to be out preventing the senseless murder of our wildlife. Please consider a donation to help us do what we do. 

Blackmore FH Huntsman & 2 sons in 1 a.m. pub brawl in Yeovil

One son is employed as terrierman for Cattistock FH 

4 bouncers assaulted as aggressive drunks refused entry

Police say they later arrested two men

Video of incident quickly went viral 

11-2-19    Facebook – Dorset Hunt Sabs   [Extract from]   … The Doggrells “fun” didn’t end there though and the story continues. Mark Doggrell and two of his eldest sons Edward and Ben went on a night out to Yeovil. Not content with killing a fox and assaulting sabs they decided to start on the bouncers. This was videoed by people at the scene and when the police turned up the Doggrells run off just like they do on hunt days when the police show up coz they are chasing foxes !! It has to be mentioned that having called the police many times in relation to the Doggrells we have never seen them arrive that quickly !! Hopefully the police caught up with them this time and they finally spent a well earned night in the cells !

Ben Doggrell is well known to the police and on Friday June 9th 2017, he pleaded guilty to a charge of ABH and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and payment of costs/compensation. On 23rd June 2017, he pleaded guilty to a racially aggravated abuse at the Royal Bath and West Showground on the 3rd June 2017. Ben also admitted being in breach of an 18-month conditional discharge order, which had been imposed at Weymouth Magistrates Court on August 10th.

Now let's see whether they will finally be brought to justice after breaking the law all day and repeatedly in the last few years.

Pics below  -  stills from the video  

  BlackmoreFHPubbrawlinYeovil12-2-19.jpg BlackmoreFHPubbrawl12-2-19.jpg

11-2-19    You Tube – Mad World   VIDEO   A violent late-night fight between drinkers and bouncers led to chaos outside William Dampier pub in Yeovil, South Somerset...

11-2-19    SomersetLive    'This will not be tolerated' - Police condemn mass brawl at William Dampier Wetherspoon pub in Yeovil - Extra police patrols will be in place to reassure locals Police have condemned a mass brawl at a Somerset Wetherspoon as a full investigation takes place into the incident. A three-minute video showing the fight at the William Dampier pub in Yeovil has been viewed nearly one million times on Facebook.

An Avon and Somerset Constabulary spokesman said that incidents like this "will not be tolerated" and added that extra police patrols will be in action in the area. They said: "We are aware of a video that is already circulating that shows the incident. We want to assure people that violence of this nature will not be tolerated. An investigation is underway and we are also working with our partners in licensing at the council to ensure any issues are addressed. We will also be doing additional patrols this weekend to reassure people."

Earlier today, a police spokesman confirmed that two men were arrested after the incident. They said: "We were called at 1am yesterday to reports of disorder on Middle Street in Yeovil involving at least six people. Two men have been arrested in connection with the incident and released under investigation. Anyone with information or video footage that could help us with our investigation should call 101 and quote reference number 5219029513."

Earlier today, JD Wetherspoon issued a statement on the incident. Spokesman Eddie Gershon said: “The William Dampier is a very popular pub and one that is run very well by the management team and staff. This incident was extremely scary for staff and customers. A club in the town, which is part of the Pubwatch scheme, radioed management at The William Dampier to say that four men had been evicted from their premises for being aggressive and as part of Pubwatch they would not be allowed into The William Dampier. The men did not agree with this action and two of them tried to ‘rush’ the door several times, with the other two (older males) joining in at points as well." The spokesman also confirmed that the security staff are not employed directly by JD Wetherspoon.

Mr Gershon added: “Our door staff became separated at one point and one was taken to the floor by one of the males and either punched or kicked in the face. All four members of door staff as well as members of staff were struck by these males. The police came and the men ran off and we are not certain if they were apprehended. We will assist the police in any way possible.”


Warwickshire FH anger farmer by hunting through sheep field

11-2-19   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt / Mid Devon Hunt    Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th February Last week the Warwickshire Hunt hosted the Mid Devon Hunt and had several joint meets throughout the week. We joined them on Wednesday 6th February at Brailes Hill where we found them hunting on the hill near Sutton-under-Brailes with the hounds running through a field of sheep. Supporters wrecked the local residents grass verges whilst the hounds poo was not cleaned up by the hunt. Later that day an angry farmer caught up with the Hunt to complain that they had not told him they were coming and that they had rampaged through his sheep. The Warwickshire Hunt certainly know how to keep the locals happy.

They hunted down through Cherington hunting a wood next to the busy A3400 before crossing it and hunting down towards Barton-On-The-Heath where they hunted into the dark.

We visited the two Hunts again the next day on Thursday 7th February where they meet at Warwickshire Hunt joint-master Kim Cockburns Glebe Farm in Lower Shuckburgh near Daventry. They hunted the Shuckburgh Hills and put the hounds into places where we have filmed foxes running from the hunt earlier in the year. They then hunted towards Lower Catesby before crossing the busy A452 and then spent the rest of the day between Flecknoe and Staverton.

Please consider by donating towards our fuel costs.

        WarksFHDisruptingonAroadagain6-2-19.jpg                                   Disrupting traffic on an A road yet again 

Blackmore FH kill fox, then try to hide corpse in stranger's car 

Sabs later manage to save another fox from the Hunt 

Many sabs ridden at, assaulted by riders and support 

11-2-19    Facebook - North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Blackmore FH @ Marsh Court, Caundle Marsh, 09/02/19     In light of the recent outbreak of equine influenza, on Friday we had an ever growing list of hunts that had cancelled their meets. Even with no outbreak currently in the south of the country, surely the hunts of Dorset would follow suit and do the responsible thing, right? No, not Mark Doggrell of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt.

Him and the rest of the riders were more concerned about fulfilling their bloodlust and lining the Hunt's pockets, than the welfare of their (and other peoples!) animals.

With the other hunts cancelled, the BSV had the full attention of all three of Dorset’s Sab groups Dorset Hunt Sabs, Weymouth Animal Rights, local monitors, Wildlife Witness, and our not to distant friends Southampton Sabs. With NDHS arriving first, we had time to pre-spray a copse close by and flush any laying foxes eastwards, away from the meet. Other sabs were soon in the area keeping an eye on the direction of travel, as well as our monitor who had a great vantage point on the hill. While the field moved off towards Pytown Farm, Doggrell was observed putting his hounds through farm building near Yew Tree Farm.


Picking up nothing he then moved his hounds up the hill towards where our foot sabs were positioned. They quickly had a change of heart then legged in the direction of Wenlock. After being picked up and negotiating our way around the questionable people (hunt scum) blocking the roads, we made our way to where the hunt was last sighted.

Just passing Yew Tree Farm we heard a distressed voice coming over the radio saying they had killed. Running down the road towards the commotion we found Mark Doggrell the other side of a hedge, off his horse, shouting in the face of a sab stating he was not on a footpath. Footpaths for us pretty much go out the window when you are illegally hunting I'm afraid Mark! We were told he had just passed the body to someone we could see running in the distance. While some sabs gave chase, others doubled back so we could try to head him off in the car. As we were walking back to the field edge we saw Edward Doggrell, off his horse running in the next field towards the person we believed to have the fox. We know that Edward did in fact end up with the poor fox because he tried to hide it in the back of in innocent person’s vehicle!


Completely shocked and disgusted that this man had just placed a dead fox on the back seat, they quite rightly told Edward to fuck off. Edward was then witnessed running down the road, corpse still in hand, into farm buildings at Font le Roi.

BlackmoreFHHuntsmancarriesawaycorpse9-2-19.jpgAfter collecting sabs and trying to regain our composure, our attention was back on getting a visual of the hounds. The Hunt had travelled through Alweston to the back of Snagharbour Wood. They stayed here relativity out of site for a while, probably gossiping about the kill and trying to get their stories straight. While we were waiting on the road we saw a fox break cover and run north east. We walked down the road and sprayed the hedge-line in case it had crossed, much to annoyance of a follower who saw fit to continually swear at us while his young son was standing behind him. Doing a loop around Caundle Marsh, we eventually caught up with them at Lower Buckshaw Farm. Mark was heard encouraging his hounds onto something and it wasn't long before hounds were heard in cry again. First making sure the hounds were travelling away from us, not towards us, we quickly took the hounds off the line using horn and voice calls. Now with hounds in front of us we were approached by terrier men and a very frustrated Edward Doggrell who was desperately trying to head the hounds back towards Daddy.

By now tensions were really escalating. When we got to the end of the farm track we were greeted by chaos on the road with monitors being pushed around, abuse being hurled and hunt support aggressively driving towards people. Losing the Hunt briefly in the chaos, we caught up with them at Broke Wood. By now hunt followers (thugs) from other parts of the county had joined the fun. While we followed hounds up to Wizards Bridge, WAR had observed a fox running from hounds into Broke Wood Farm (Doggrells Farm) Sabs from WAR and Southampton, determined not to let them kill again, ran in to call the hounds off who were now on the fox’s line. They were met with a torrent of physical and verbal abuse but saved the life of the fox. With one last run to Boys Hill they were soon on their way to boxing up just before 5.

Today was long, tiring and physically and emotional draining. Our armour will always suffer dents and some days leave us feeling very demoralised, but we will NOT give up. NDHS have focused most of our attention to the Portman this season. We'd almost forgotten what a nasty bunch of vile, degenerate, foul mouthed criminals the Doggrell family were. We'll be seeing you again before the season is over BSV. Thank you to all the sabs and supportive locals we have worked with today. It was a great feeling of solidarity having all of Dorset's AR groups working together. 

PayPal: PayPal.me/NorthDorsetHuntSabs . Crowdfunding: https://gogetfunding.com/north-dorset-hunt-sabs-vehicle-fu…/11-2-19

11-2-19    Facebook - Dorset Hunt Sabs      HIT REPORT : Blackmore FH MEET : Marsh Court, Caundle Marsh, Saturday 9th Feb 2019     This is not going to be a usual HIT report, a fox lost its life today and as expected we feel very angry about this. Instead of writing a long summary of the day there are some other factors we would like to mention instead. We have worked very hard covering the BSV this season and have without a doubt saved many, many foxes. Despite what the BSV hunt supporters think we are not paid - well, only in the form of abuse both physical and verbal. We can only describe today's events as a seamless day of pre ban hunting !


Considering the recent equine flu outbreak which has brought a halt to the multi million pound horse racing industry we hoped the local Dorset hunts would do the sensible thing and cancel hunting. Not just because we would get a well needed day off but for the welfare of horses and hounds. There will be horses owners locally who don’t engage in organised crime and may believe by keeping their horses on restriction they would hope to avoid equine flu but the arrogance of one man means that is not the case. The only Hunt that didn’t cancel was the BSV, the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt of which Mark Doggrell is Huntsman.

Only the day before there was an update from The Hunting Office, This update states “whilst The Hunting Office is not advising a blanket ban on hunting, Hunts should consider the situation in their locality. Where there are training yards in the area it may be sensible not to hunt this weekend and await the further announcements from the BHA and Veterinary Groups next week which may alter our advice” The Hunting Office go on to say it is possible for the hounds to become infected with and pass on equine flu.

There are 28 training yards in Dorset and Somerset within a 60 mile radius of the BSV kennels, some are less than ten miles away. On the 8th Feb Equine Flu was confirmed at Millfield School which is less than 20 miles from the BSV kennels.

Despite all this Mark Doggrell was the sole Huntsman in Dorset who decided to hunt on... There was a field of around 70 riders and more foot support than usual, some riders and support were having a day out with a different hunt as their usual ones had done the sensible thing and cancelled. This also meant that all the monitors and other sab and animal rights groups that are now operating in Dorset also came to the BSV and it was a mass sab !

The amount of us there didn’t stop them from killing a fox early in the day at Yew Tree Farm just North of the meet. Mark Doggrell was soon off his horse with the poor foxes lifeless body in his hands trying to hide it. Edward Doggrell got off his horse to help and a completely innocent passer by had the door of their vehicle opened with the intention of hiding the foxes body in their vehicle assuming them to be hunt support. These passers-by were horrified by this and so the body of the fox was rushed over to Font Le Roi to be dealt with. It was here last season that they chased a fox and the Doggrells were very abusive to us when we were filming...

From here they headed to Snagharbour wood were a fox was seen away to safety with many sabs spraying the area and the line the fox had taken away from the hunt. With so many support vehicles out the roads were absolute bedlam and passing along them was time consuming to say the least. Over the radio we were able to keep in touch of where the hounds were and this included Haydon Hill Wood, Hanover Wood and Hussen’s Hanging - all of their usual places. We caught up with them next at Lower Buckshaw Farm and things got rather heated with sabs all over the place and the hunt being watched from every angle ! A female sab was assaulted by a woman twice her age and size and this was caught on film...

See also Weymouth Animal Rights report 


Some Hunts go hunting despite racing's shutdown due to equine flu

Several packs ignored advice from the Hunting Office to stay home 

11-2-19    The Canary   Hunters couldn’t stop themselves from riding out despite the horse industry’s total shutdown Horse racing events over the weekend of 9 and 10 February were cancelled due to an outbreak of equine influenza (EI). Fears of spreading the disease led to the “biggest shutdown” of horse racing since foot and mouth in 2001. Despite this, some Hunts were still determined to ride out.

On 6 February, reports came out that three horses at a racing stable in Cheshire had tested positive for EI. As a result, the British Horseracing Authority cancelled all of its races. The body described EI as a “highly contagious” disease that can be “airborne over reasonable distances”. It can also be spread by contact, including through humans. Although not lethal, EI can cause “high fever, coughing and nasal discharge”.

Two days later, the Hunting Office, which oversees packs across the UK, issued advice that discouraged hunts from riding out. It said that it wasn’t advising a “blanket ban”, but: 'Where there are training yards in the area it may be sensible not to hunt this weekend'. This advice was aimed at both mounted and foot packs. The Hunting Office noted that EI has previously infected hounds in the UK.

According to the Animal Health Trust, there were two outbreaks of EI amongst foxhounds between 2002 and 2003. The trust said transportation in the same lorry as infected horses was the “likely” cause. However, a study of the September 2002 case also suggested hounds may have caught the disease by eating infected horse-meat. Many Hunts chose to stay home in light of the news. But some remained determined to hunt.

Anti-hunting groups across England spotted Hunts riding on 8 and 9 February. These include the Fitzwilliam Hunt, Fernie Hunt, Ledbury Hunt, North Shropshire Hunt, and the Weston and Banwell Harriers. And, despite the Hunting Office stating its advice extended to foot packs, at least one beagle pack was seen out.

But it was the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale (BSV) Hunt that particularly outraged anti-hunting campaigners. On 9 February, Weymouth Animal Rights reported that the BSV was out in north Dorset. During this time the hunt allegedly killed a fox. As Hounds Off pointed out, EI was reported on 8 February at Millfield School, which has its own stables. This school is just over 20 miles from where BSV hunted the next day. As a result of the outbreak, Somerset Live said that “all equine businesses” in the county were locked down.

Joe Hashman of Hounds Off said the decision of the BSV to hunt on 9 February was revealing: “The fact that they have chosen to carry on hunting demonstrates how prepared they are to put horses at risk rather than lose a day’s play.”

Three more cases of EI were reported at the original stables in Cheshire. And on 11 February, four further cases were reported at a racing stables in Newmarket. The impact of these latest outbreaks, which bring the total since the start of 2019 to six, was described by racing trainer James Tate as a “blow” to the horse racing industry.

Clearly, though, some Hunts haven’t let their possible spreading of an epidemic prevent them from continuing to strike fear into the heart of wildlife. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. Hunts have paid little regard to their activities spreading bovine TB. The Kimblewick Hunt even went out of its way to cover up its guilt.

Many Hunts made the right decision to err on the side of caution. But the stubborn determination of some not to pass up a day of their pastime put even their own horses and hounds at unnecessary risk. That one small choice is hugely revealing.


Monitor presence gets S. Durham FH to pull hounds off 2 foxes

10-2-19  Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors    HIT REPORT 37 of season 18/19 - 6/2/19 Nunstainton East farm     We found South Durham hunt coming out of Nunstainton East farm on Gipsy Lane with hounds checking the fields around the farm whilst around seven riders from the pony club watched on. They then took the hounds over the Lane and headed up to Chilton Hall as foot monitors kept right behind them, so much so that when hounds did get onto a scent we were there to witness as a fox ran out in front of the Hunt only for the Hunt to turn and look at us and have no choice but to allow the fox to escape .At this same time one of our vehicles attempted to drive off, in case the fox came onto the road, where it was promptly blocked my the hound truck.

Monitors created a carpet of citronella across field between the fox and hounds. The Hunt's disappointment was clear to see as the same old garbage came from Barry Johnson's mouth about trespassing, even on a public footpath. He obviously was having withdrawal symptoms and needed a top up for his hip flask.

We followed the Hunt again to a quarry with hounds onto a scent and the head huntsman on foot were they were cornered by monitors at all times with cameras watching their every move. They decided to head to Little Chilton farm where hounds were encouraged to check the hay bales, to no avail. After a long discussion on what do next they decided to head back to Nunstainton farm for another early finish. Foxes 2 Hunt 0.


Sabs pack up two hare Hunts in one day

10-2-19    Facebook - Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs    Hunt Saboteurs 2 – Hunt Scum 0, 9.2.2019  Royal Agricultural College Beagles. Morgan's Tynings Farm, Crudwell, Wiltshire & Leadon Vale Bassets. Elm Farm, Elmore, Gloucestershire      In the good company of Bristol Hunt Saboteurs and Bath Hunt Saboteurs we went to stop the RAC from killing hares. Shortly after 11am a group of sabs entered the field where Huntsman Tom Ind had just started out, his intentions of a killing spree were immediately stopped and he turned tail straight back to the meet, much to the disappointment of their sadistic supporters. Sabs watched the hunt as they twiddled their thumbs and tried to hatch a plan from their hiding place at the back of the farm, home to the Clark family.

        RACBeagles9-2-19.jpg                            The full strength of the Royal Agricultural College Beagles 

Their plan wasn't very good, it involved calling for more RAC students (mouthy, immature, privileged oiks) to support them as they walked the roads with the pack, dangerously blocking traffic. We're not sure what they call this chaotic school trip, 'How to get away with murder' perhaps. Sabs remained with the Hunt. 2 police vehicles attended who didn't seem to do a lot. The Hunt and their hangers-on soon got bored and decided to do the right thing and pack up. Please contact the University to express your disgust.

During this time a tip-off had come through that a foot pack had been spotted leaving Elm Farm(please call to complain) near Gloucester so we head there to find the Leadon Vale Bassets once again. As soon as sabs got into the field, hunt members were seen on point around the fields and skulking in hedgerows looking for hares. Sure enough a beautiful hare ran across the field in front of sabs and it's scent line was sprayed with citronella. What bassets lack in speed, they make up for with their strong determination, bravery and excellent sense of smell. Often a hare or brace will be hunted for a couple of hours or more before being caught.

        LeadonValeBassetsHareputup9-2-19.jpg                          Hare put up by Leadon Vale Bassets' beater 

When sabs were spotted, Huntsman Alex Brinkworth collected his pack and proceeded in a circular walk back to the meet going through fields belonging to wedding venue Elmore Court (please complain about their support of illegal hunting) and along the river Severn with sabs in attendance escorting them back to the meet.

We are fundraising for a new sab vehicle, please donate.


Tredegar F. FH Huntsman threatens violence as sabs thwart hunting

9-2-19    Facebook - South Wales Hunt Saboteurs    Tredegar Farmers 09.02.19    Most Hunts in South Wales cancelled for today due to the threat of equine flu – the Tredegar however, were driven by their vile desire to persecute small ginger animals and stepped out as planned from the Fisherman's Rest in Bedwas just east of Caerphilly. They had a grand field of… 3 riders.

We dropped a foot team into a vantage point and waited – quite a while actually, to the point that we thought maybe they'd had a change of heart and decided it was too risky for their horses (and the resident local horses). But no – no heart involved in their wonky decision making. There are a number of livery stables in the area, so it's surprising that they didn't cancel.

Eventually they emerged, heading on to Mynydd Rudry, unaware of our presence until – they saw us, in a line, on top of the mountain. There was pointing and a conflab which seemed to last around 20 minutes and then they turned round on themselves heading back out onto the road. If they thought that was the way to lose us, they were wrong – our landy was waiting at the end of the track to greet them.

During the afternoon there was hiding and popping out when they thought we weren't about. It did work for a short time because we lost them for a bit, but when we caught up with them they packed up at 2.30pm, but not before a quite cross huntsman, Robert Dixon, threatened to punch us. Why so grumpy Robert?

We've had some work done on our vehicle recently, if you'd like to contribute towards the cost, we'd be very grateful: paypal.me/southwaleshsa.


Found hunting hares, Sandhurst Beagles 'trail hunt' for a while

As hounds not interested in 'trails' they then packed up

9-2-19  Facebook - Berkshire Hunt Sabs    Beleaguered beaglers pack up again   Today Berkshire Hunt Sabs with Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs visited the Trinity Foot & South Herts Beagles at Aston Farm, Ivinghoe. They were not pleased to see us and are no doubt still licking their wounds after being sabbed on their special away day to Norfolk last weekend.

Unbeknownst to the Trinity Foot the same annoyed local who didn’t want the Hunt in their village on Boxing Day tipped us off again. Thank you!

        SandhurstBeaglesFlurriedHuntsmancaughtharehunting9-2-19.jpg                       Flustered Huntsman caught hare hunting tries to retrieve pack 

After seeing sabs enter fields to rate hounds clearly on a hare, panic and annoyance was visible to all and Huntsman Matthew Higgs declared to sabs that they would now be laying a trail. That they did and for a hour they took the pack on a miserable stroll around the meet whilst the hounds took zero notice of their ‘trail’. Matthew's explanation for this? It is a windy day... Finally admitting defeat they packed up and retreated back to the meet.


                      Bored beagles not interested in 'trails', Hunt soon packed up 

Today’s action is dedicated to the memory of Mike Hill, killed on this day in 1991 while sabotaging the Cheshire Beagles. As the Trinity Foot were packing up we heard that our friends Manchester, Cheshire and Liverpool Hunt Sabs and Cheshire Against Blood Sports had marked the anniversary in the best way possible - by making sure the Cheshire Beagles didn’t even leave their kennels! Respect.


United FH terriermen filmed digging fox from badger sett

8-2-19  Facebook - Shropshire Monitors   VIDEO    Monitors following the United Pack Hunt on 29/01/2019, on the public road, caught these masked terriermen with a dog in an active badger sett trying to dig out a fox. The Police are investigating.   PLEASE SHARE


                       Terriermen trying to retrieve dog from dug-into sett 


                               Terriermen retreating after caught digging into sett


Monitor grannie cleared of stalking Crawley FH hunter couple

8-2-19   Facebook - West Sussex Hunt Sabs    In July 2017 one of our hunt monitors, a 64 year old mother and grandmother, was interviewed by Sussex Police regarding an allegation of harassment and Stalking, made by an employee of the Crawley & Horsham Fox Hunt and his partner. Despite Sussex Police recording Threat, Harm and Risk as low, they put the most serious level stalking to the CPS. In January 2018 the CPS, of course, decided to prosecute even though they had no evidence. Consequentially, she was suspended from her job and lost her income. Her life since the charge has been made unbearable; her family life and her health have suffered. On Monday 4th February 2019 the case went to Crown Court for trial, and after five days that can only be described as hell, she was found, of course, unanimously Not Guilty on two charges of serious stalking. A 5 day trial that took the jury less than an hour to deliberate and recognise the truth of the matter.


Cheshire FHs cancel hunting due to equine flu outbreak

8-2-19   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Hunting cancelled in Cheshire until further notice    Due to the current outbreak of the highly contagious equine flu in the UK, both the Cheshire Hounds and Cheshire Forest hunts have cancelled all hunt meets "until further notice", and until any further spread is brought under control. We believe that the Wynnstay Hunt is likely to follow suit, and are currently seeking confirmation of that.

A Hunt spokesperson specifically mentioned our highlighting a link between the current outbreak and an equine yard in Cheshire for the final decision to suspend their activities, although at such a difficult time for the equine industry, we believe they should have taken this step regardless. We will, of course, be monitoring the situation over the coming days.


Grove & Rufford FH rider jailed 11 years for rape/sexual assault

7-2-19    Facebook - Stop Hunting Fox-Cubs    Piddington [below], 53 years old from the Grove and Rufford Hunt, who claims to have played polo against Prince William, was found guilty of: three counts of sexual assault; one count of rape; one count of indecent assault and one count of exposure. It seems that his depravity and enjoyment extends beyond seeing foxes ripped apart.


10-2-19    Lincolnshire Live    A reputation in tatters - polo coach jailed for 11 years for shocking offences - He committed the offences over a fourteen year period - Paul Piddington was found guilty of a string of sexual offences    A polo coach has been jailed for 11 years and six months for raping and sexually assaulting girls over a four year period. Paul Piddington was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault, one count of rape, one count of indecent assault and one count of exposure. He was sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court on Wednesday, February 6.

The 53-year-old lived and ran a polo club in Misson, Nottinghamshire, near to Retford.He committed the string of offences over a 14-year-period between 2001 and 2015.

South Yorkshire Police, who began their investigations in to Piddington in July 2016 when a girl came forward accusing him of rape, described him as a 'prolific predator'. Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Bates said: “Piddington preyed on vulnerable women who knew that their voice would not be heard if they spoke out against such a popular and well liked member of the polo community. He has now been held accountable for his despicable actions, and this has only been made possible by the bravery of the women who have suffered for many years having been abused by Piddington. We believe that there are other women out there who have been targeted by this predator in a similar way. My message to them is, please come forward; you will be listened to and supported."

During their investigation, police uncovered a previous accusation made against Piddington, which was dismissed due to lack of evidence. This case was re-visited in light of the second accusation made against the former coach.

Sentencing Judge David Dixon said: “You are highly proficient in the area of expertise you have, that being breaking, making horses of various different types. But it would also seem you a good polo coach. But it seems you have used that position of authority, of responsibility and the way that people looked at you... talk of ‘polo Paul’ made it clear you had a level of standing. With that level of standing comes responsibility and you abused it. Not classic abuse of trust, although there is an element for some of these offences but this is more an element where you have sought to use the position you have to remain invisible."

If you wish to contact South Yorkshire Police regarding this case, you are encouraged to contact the investigation team on 01302 385625.


High Peak Harriers kill fox then switch to trail hunting as sabs there

7-2-19   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs     We’ve been very busy in Cheshire this hunt season, to the point we feel we’ve neglected our neighbours a little. Imagine how happy we were to pack our bags and join certain Cheshire huntsmen who’d travelled over to hunt in Tissington with the High Peak Hunt. With time tight (and jobs to go to) we weren’t able to join the crew from the start, but by 1pm a trio of Cheshire sabs were ready for a day out in the peaks too. The meet set out from Tissington Hall, part of the Historic House Association - a truly splendid building!

Sadly we received reports of a definite fox kill not long after the Hunt left the meet, and our sabs arrived to hear hounds in cry down in a valley at Alsop en le Dales, with riders on point. To anyone with a heart, this is a distressing sound.

Sabs parked up and headed straight into the fields, by which time hounds were quiet and we intercepted the huntsmen and field – and had a lovely Cheshire reunion, as it turns out that it was a “Whittles Work Experience Day” with Cheshire Hunt whipper in Jamie trying his hand at his new “job” with High Peak Hunt. Not content with ending one fox's life the day prior, he was out for another blood fix.

Witless Whittles’ face was a picture... well what redcoat wouldn’t want such adoring sabs following his every move? The rest of the field didn’t look so happy – we know this hunt have been sabbed before, but you wouldn’t have guessed it from the shocked faces. It’s alright chaps, you’ll get used to it soon!!

Oh hello & who else do we have here ... only a camera-shy Andrew Callwood from the Cheshire Forest. (Forest Huntmaster German’s been too busy hiding / watching the footy lately to entertain the troops, it seems.) After introductions and niceties - Mr Callwood surprisingly decided to ride off, up the sunlit valley - see you next time! 

As sabs followed the hounds and huntsmen, leaving the field straggling, it seems this usually kill-happy Hunt were hoping to put off future visits by engaging in what might have been actual trail laying. With sabs closely following however, the huntsmen then spent a fair amount of time dithering and wondering what to do and where to go...

From Bent Lane, once again the Hunt cast the hounds – possibly on a trail, as Mark on his quad with his totty, from none other than the “Meynell Hunt Branch” was also there too... it was a very refreshing change to see a quad on a hunt, trail or otherwise that didn’t have a couple of boxes mounted, front and rear - housing untold misery inside.

However, the Huntmaster wasn't impressed with Whittles' personal entourage & appeared to call an early end to the meet – we think that’s what “for fuck’s sake, let’s pack up” means but we’re not used to such language in Cheshire. Off they trotted to a grassed area covered in lovely smelly countryside slurry – again there was a lot of bemused standing around, wasting more of their own time. We exchanged a few further pleasantries - whipper-in Angela Jones revealed a sparkling personality, but should probably tone down on the bigotry - why would it matter if any of us was a lesbian, Angela? Yet another example of the Hunt living in a bygone era. Jamie was questioned on where he will be disposing of his dead foxes... there is no canals in them there Derbyshire hills!??

Hounds greeted the sabs happily – unfortunately for us full on jumping up with mucky paws - good job the sabs love animals and their shit!!

The Hunt washed off their horses’ hooves in a large puddle - boxed up and bid us farewell - we went home, smelling of shit - but happy in the knowledge that we had helped dear old Jamie settle in to his new hunt, during his work experience day... see you all next season.


Equine flu outbreak linked to Cheshire FH say monitors

7-2-19    Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Revealed! current equine flu outbreak has a direct connection to the Cheshire Hounds Hunt   [The infected horses] "...had been vaccinated and are reported to be from the Cheshire stables of Donald McCain, the son of the late Ginger McCain - who trained the legendary Red Rum to win the Grand National a record three times in the 1970s." [See rest of BBC report here]

Donald McCain's stables at Bank House Farm, situated on the vehemently pro-hunting Cholmondeley Castle Estate, are a regular meeting point for the Cheshire Hounds hunt. Cheshire Monitors have monitored them here countless times. They hunt on McCain's land, which is largely hidden from easy public view, on numerous occasions during each hunting season including often being used during cub hunting.

More worrying still, the Hunt have hunted there very recently, and are due to meet in the area again this month. (We aren't implying blame on Donald McCain's part at all, merely reporting on the link).

So, this begs the question, with such a clear link between infected horses and the Cheshire Hounds Hunt. Will they cancel all further hunt meets until the current equine flu outbreak is brought under control?

(N.B. There has also been a previous study which proved spread of equine flu to fox hounds.


Sabs threatened, quads driven illegally as Lanarkshire FH kill fox

6-2-19  Facebook - Glasgow Hunt Sabs    Hit report, 26/01/19   The Hunt Club’s Pony Group had arranged for children to attend the day’s hunt at £50 per horse. The special event managed to increase the number of hunters, riders and hunt supporters. The Hunt met at Stabilee farm with an 11:15 “prompt” departure. Unsure of sure which way the Hunt would go, and with 6 sab cars in attendance we broke apart in different directions to douse the surrounding gorse and hedgerow in citronella.

While one sab vehicle sprayed the farms surrounding the horse-box parking, a local resident insisted, “The Hunt is not allowed on the property!!” and it was good to hear that not all locals are in support of the hunting club.

The Hunt left at 11:30 heading North with riders and young children following behind. Sabs followed in both car and on foot. The next five hours were gruelling in the cold and wet weather as the Hunt covered a vast area of the countryside. It was difficult to keep up since the pack kept splitting, and for most of the day the hounds were split into two or three groups. Sabs did not understand who was mastering the various groups of hounds considering the Huntsman could only manage to control four LanarkshireFHIllegalquads26-1-19.jpgdogs at a time.

Additional terriermen on quads raced through the country lanes on their quads without any plates [right] and at very high speeds. Not that Renfrewshire & Inverclyde Police Division care to take action. Throughout the day our sabs received verbal abuse and threats from hunt staff and their supporters including threatening to ram a sabs head into the wing mirror.

Another concern was the amount of sheep carcases strewn through the fields. Did these animals decompose without the farmer ever looking for them?

At around 3pm, some riders dissipated whilst the more experienced riders followed the Hunt up a steep hill where to a large wooded area with two sabs in pursuit. The hounds went into cry whilst in the woodland but the two sabs were able to effectively distract and pull the hounds out of the woods much to the dismay of Mark Dradge who ran his horse directly towards the nearest sab. They quickly moved on knowing the hounds had lost the scent.

Towards the end of the day a gunshot was heard and everyone in the area knew what had happened. Fortunately a car full of sabs were able to witness the aftermath.

After being blocked by hunt support cars on the country road we decided to turn and take the long way round to the other side of the forest to pick up some sabs. Driving through bridge of weir and onto a farm path up a hill, passing some hunt support cars and a rather sadistic old man taking his grandson (couldn’t have been older than 6/7) out for a wonderful day of spectating murder.

On the hill opposite from us were three terrier men with their quads, standing and watching. Sabs got out the car and went down the bottom of the hill in a secluded spot where they could see hounds playing with a dead fox. This was at roughly 15:35 although we did not see the actual kill, just the aftermath. Hounds were allowed a few minutes of playing with the dead body while hunt members sounded their horn in what seemed to be a ritualistic celebration whilst the rest of the hunt support watched with a twisted smile. Somebody finally decided to retrieve the body from the hounds in a black bag and that marked the end of their fun.

Hunt support and hounds left, including the old man who mentioned it was time for ‘blooding’ to his grandson. A support car drove up the hill to us and waved a small deer skull with bracelets wrapped around it antlers at us, again with another trademark twisted smile. One terrier man on the hill was the last to leave at roughly 15:50. We left shortly after.

What sabs could not comprehend was why these young kids were being exposed to the murder of these magical creatures. We can only conclude that the induction to hunting must be done at a very young age.

In the end, the L&R Hunt page did not thank their patrons for the day, they did not mention the fox kill, or the high attendee count or even a nice day on horseback. They only posted a fake news article about Hunt Sabs.

The killing of a fox will not deter us, indeed, it makes us more determined to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The more they kill, and the more they attempt to intimidate us, the more we will sab them, and with greater numbers.

We have also had enough of their pathetic, childish body shaming, sexism and racism. If they think they’ve been sabbed, they ain't seen nothing yet, we will continue until we shut the Hunt down and stop them killing for good.

If you would like to join the Glasgow Hunt Sabs please reach out to us to schedule an introduction. If you can, chuck us a few coins to ensure we all have cameras and GPS tracking aiding in the safety of our ever growing team. Please donate here.


Young girl & father see fox savaged to death by Portman FH

6-2-19   Facebook – N. Dorset Hunt Sabs    Wednesday 6th Feb    Today the Portman held their annual Farmer’s Meet at Scotchey Lane in Stour Provost. Due to work and economic restrictions, our Sabs weren’t planning on going out today, but after shocking news came in that a local had seen a fox being savaged to death, our sabs dropped their coffees and cakes and make their way over there. The local was carrying a very distraught young girl, I hope the Portman will contact this person and apologise for mortifying a young child!

We found the Hunt work their way across Todber Quarries where the hounds went briefly into cry, they second horsed in Factory Farm, where we expect the fox to have run from. We are sorry to say that the body could not be recovered, we can only hope the Hunt has treated it with dignity and not cut it up as a trophy.

Portman Hunt, we have contacted the police about the kill and you upsetting a young child. The public expect nothing less than for the master of the hunt to personally apologise to the local for witnessing a fox being savaged to death and for upsetting the child.

North and East Dorset Rural Police now is #Time2Act. Step up your game. You don’t need to be impartial. This isn’t pre-ban Britain. You need to be on the side of the Law. You wouldn’t be impartial when a burglary happens, don’t use your lack of activity as impartiality here.

Huge thanks to Wildlife Witness and Dorset Against Blood Sports for their support today. As always, we are still needing funds for a new vehicle, please support us by sending money via PayPal.me/NorthDorsetHuntSabs or by using our fundraiser here.


Fox caught & killed by Cheshire FH hounds inches from safety

6-2-19  Facebook - Cheshire Against Blood Sports   VIDEO    Cheshire Hunt (Fox Killers), Hunsterson 5/2/19    We tried to write a report about what happened during the day yesterday, while out with our colleagues from Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs, about how the Hunt lost half the pack and all the veiled threats we received, but it all seemed trivial when yet again we were left with the body of another innocent fox, again murdered and disembowelled by the Cheshire Hunt. They tried to give their usual bullshit excuses to the police that they had “accidentally” killed a fox and yet again tried to say that it was all our fault.

It’s actually quite amazing that they always seem to admit to seeing all these foxes running before they die, we have numerous pieces of film of them admitting seeing a fox, they also like to claim we turn the foxes back into the hounds... we don’t... but by that definition, the fox is already being chased by the hounds if it’s turned back in to them, is that not intent? They know a fox is there, yet they won't try to remove the hounds from the area where they have seen the fox is running/hiding. They obviously want it both ways, if they repeat these excuses and lies to themselves often enough, they think it will miraculously become the truth, but it won’t. The lies they peddle are not washing with anyone though, not with us, not with you the public, the hunts know this and the behaviour currently being displayed by the pro hunt scum is that of pure sheer desperation.


We are often asked why is Cheshire so much worse than everywhere else, the reality is it isn’t, foxes are being hunted and killed all over the country and this needs to be challenged by every single one of us, all of us, if you haven’t already, needs to write to their MP’s and demand that the Hunting Act is strengthened to such a degree that the murder and persecution of our foxes is stopped and this loophole excuse of accidental kills is closed down, along with many other loopholes.

This cannot carry on, we are supposed to be a civilised society, this isn’t the behaviour of a civilised society, hunting a small mammal with horses and dogs is not civilised, how can we as a nation criticise other countries for what disgusts us abroad, bullfighting and Yulin for example, when we have this happening here in our country.

The video was filmed after the body had been retrieved, this is a graphic video, be warned... but people need to see the reality. This young fox had his spine snapped as he was being ragged from both ends by the hounds, he was disembowelled, a large portion of his intestines and liver were still at the kill site. This young fox was just a foot away from going inside a hole to safety, twelve inches between his life and his death.

Where was the Huntsman while this was going on? He was watching from the other side of the hedge, what did he do to stop it.....absolutely nothing.

We did manage to stop the Hunt killing three other foxes yesterday, they managed to find places to hide and they were protected, that’s what keeps us going, knowing that some lives were saved.

Oh and for the pro hunt following the page, let’s address this now, yes we do go out with gloves and bin bags to retrieve the bodies, it’s such a common occurrence with this hunt, though we know if we forget Whitless always seems to have a pocket full of bin bags.... almost like he is also expecting a kill.

We have a month left of the season, we have new people joining us all the time, please help us keep out in the fields and buy us a “Ko-fi” http://ko-fi.com/cheshireagainstbloodsports.

5-2-19  Facebook - Cheshire Against Blood Sports   Cheshire Hounds Hunt kill fox in Burleydam  To all the morons commenting that it’s a road kill fox, the Hunt have had to admit to the police that they killed it as we filmed it and they know it.

Post update - this is a male fox and was not Rift, who was recently stolen from Lower Moss Wildlife Hospital.

11-2-19    Metro   VIDEO  Fox killed as animal lovers demand closure of ‘accidental death’ loophole   Another fox has been killed during a hunt which animal rights protesters claim makes a mockery of legislation banning the blood sport. The fox was just 12 inches away from escaping down a hole before he was ripped apart by hounds from The Cheshire Hunt in Hunterston, Cheshire, on Tuesday. Under the 2004 Hunting Act chasing foxes with hounds is banned but ‘trail hunting’ (when hounds follow a laid down scent) is allowed. The animal activists disposed of the fox humanely.

However, the dogs often pick up the scent of a live fox and kill it ‘accidentally’. Hunt saboteurs Cheshire Against Blood Sports are determined to publicise the amount of ‘accidental kills’, so videoed themselves disposing of the disembowelled fox. A CABS spokesman told Metro.co.uk: ‘It’s hard to say how many they have killed this season, we know that they kill many many more foxes than the bodies we are able retrieve. We just can’t always get to the bodies as the hunt themselves usually remove them or they forcibly block us getting to them. If you take 2019 alone, we, along with the Cheshire Hunt Sabs have retrieved bodies from Huxley, Darnall and Burleydam and all the foxes were brutally disembowelled. The little fox on Tuesday was removed from the jaws of a hound.’ 

He added: ”How many accidents can they get away with claiming? The Huntsman has no control of the pack of hounds and for the safety of the foxes and other wildlife, they clearly should be confined to kennels until the total incompetence of everybody connected with the Cheshire Hunt is fully addressed.’ He added: ‘Foxes are being hunted and killed all over the country and this needs to be challenged by every single one of us, all of us. Everybody needs to write to their MP’s and demand that the Hunting Act is strengthened to such a degree that the murder and persecution of our foxes is stopped.’ This loophole excuse of accidental kills is closed down, along with many other loopholes. 

There is one month left of the hunting season and CABS have promised to continue to try and disrupt hunts and post videos on their Facebook page. The spokesman added: ‘This young fox had his spine snapped as he was being ragged from both ends by the hounds, he was disembowelled, a large portion of his intestines and liver were still at the kill site. ‘This young fox was just a foot away from going inside a hole to safety, twelve inches between his life and his death.’


Meet of Leadon Vale Bassets at a school cancelled after protests

6-2-19  Facebook - Hunt Saboteurs   CALL TO ACTION!   The Elms School, Worcestershire is advertising a meet of the Leadon Vale Basset Hounds on the school grounds tomorrow at 1.30pm. The Leadon Vale are prolific hare killers and how a school thought it would be acceptable to host these wildlife abusers is beyond us. Please contact the school to ask them to cancel tomorrow's meet and never host the Leadon Vale again. Telephone: 01684 540344. Mail: office@elmsschool.co.uk    Website: elmsschool.co.uk/Upcoming-Events.


7-2-19  Facebook - Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs  Thanks everyone who contacted the school. Thanks to Hunt Saboteurs. Brilliant news. The only safety concerns were for the hares!


Monitors save fox chased into gardens by Wynnstay FH

5-2-19    Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   A busy and mixed up day - Tuesday 5th February 2019 - Cheshire Forest, Cheshire Hounds and Wynnstay Hunts    The image below is the moment Cheshire Monitors saved a fox from the Wynnstay Hunt, with the Huntsman in mid-air, caught out and forced to call his hounds off the fox which they had chased into the gardens of a housing development...



Local tells monitors that Wynnstay FH killed a fox

5-2-19    Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    A busy and mixed up day - Tuesday 5th February 2019 - Cheshire Forest, Cheshire Hounds and Wynnstay Hunts    First off this morning, we were checking on the Cheshire Forest hunt near Macclesfield who were due to meet, but ended up crying off and not venturing out due to yet more unwanted attention, this time following the disappearance of two foxes from Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Hospital. (Incidentally, the conspiracy theorists over at the sordid and ironically-titled Hunting for Truth are currently insinuating that the hospital itself was responsible for the foxes going missing in order to hike up donations).

Then we were called firstly by a local who was having problems with the Cheshire Hounds Hunt in Audlem, and then from another, this time in Tilston near Malpas, and this time including a report that the Wynnstay Hunt had just killed a fox...


Pytchley FH hound killed on A43, car badly damaged

4-2-19   Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs   Redcoat Paul Davis, Whipper-in, dragging dead hound [pic below] who was hit on the A43, towards Kettering. The Pytchley hunt had a meet at Holcot. The hound was dumped into a silver Ford ‘KG06 BUF’; more photos in the comments section.


4-2-19   Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs    The Pytchley Hunt   Their meet today was at Holcot next to the A43. The person legally in charge of the dogs would have been Daniel Cherriman.

No sabs about in the area today- who you going to blame for you actions now? Why don’t The Pytchley Hunt just admit a fox ran across the A43 and the Whip couldn’t get the dogs back. Maybe the invisible man did it let’s blame him next...



Big turn out for demo to protest Cheshire police inaction on hunting

4-2-19    Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs     Well, what an amazing turn out of foxy folk to attend the Peaceful Protest Against Fox Hunting In Cheshire at the Police headquarters in Winsford! Big up to Kitty and Animal Welfare Party Cheshire East for organising such a wonderful demonstration.

For far too long now, the Hunting Act has not been enforced in any way shape of form, and the three Cheshire Hunts and their associates have continued to hunt, kill, abuse, assault, trespass, fill badger setts & literally do what the hell they want - week in, week out. Cheshire Police have allowed this to go on unchallenged.... In any other situation - this would be classed as aiding and abetting.

Enough is enough - the people of Cheshire have spoken! Over 300 of us turned out to voice our opposition to hunting. The support from the passing public was immense - we thank each and every one of you that beeped & honked, and most importantly thanks to all those who turned up to the demonstration! Special mention going out to the Wigan True Levellers Community Samba Band for keeping the rhythm going!


We can not let this weekend pass, without mentioning the unspeakable heinous incident that occurred at Lower Moss Wildlife Sanctuary where two foxes were stolen on Friday night... The word Sanctuary represents a safe, sacred haven - so what kind of subhuman lowlife, would break into such an “off limits” place and have the audacity to steal someone’s practically domesticated foxes?? Alice & Rift are a pair of well known, much loved foxes, adored by many members of the public. How ironic that they featured in last night's episode of Countryfile.

We are not pointing the finger at anyone... But we know of some scummy people in the hunting community in Cheshire - even we can’t believe that the scummiest of the scum we know would stoop this low... But then again - this is the second time the fox pens have been targeted at Lower Moss, and it's worth mentioning that it was ONLY the fox pens that were targeted... So yeah, maybe we are pointing the finger a little bit.... It looks very dodgy doesn't it.

If anyone does hear or know anything about the disappearance of these foxes - please feel free to contact us in the strictest confidence. If you can spare a few quid to help Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Sanctuary, you can donate here.


Sabs say police facilitated illegal hunting by Crawley FH

Still, large number of sabs rewarded with no-kill day 

3-2-19    Facebook - Reading Hunt Saboteurs    Despite the frosty weather, yesterday Reading joined South Coast, West Sussex, Brighton, Croydon, North Downs and Guildford to sab the Crawley & Horsham.

The sheer numbers of sabs was a huge frustration to the Hunt who displayed their usual hateful tactics of riding at sabs, pushing sabs down, removing masks and being generally abusive.


                                 Crawley FH hounds excited about something  

Throughout the day the police blocked the road for the Hunt and provided them with support. A fox was spotted crossing the road, and shortly afterwards, the Huntsman cast the hounds into where the fox had just been. Sabs told the police about the obvious hunting but they just followed us around.

At one point, the Hunt were clearly up to no good in woodland and the hounds were becoming very excitable. Sabs sprayed the area with citronella, and the Hunt complained to the police who then confiscated a spray from a sab. We're still not entirely sure why. We use citronella to spray the ground where a fox has been so that the hounds can't pick up on the scent. It is not a crime, but actually prevents one. If it wasn't for sabs out week after week, it's quite clear that nobody would be preventing illegal hunting.


                      And why would two riders need to stand point on a 'trail hunt' 

No foxes may have been killed today but at one point the terrier men encouraged their terrier to grab a pheasant. Sabs made sure that the bird hadn't suffered any injuries and that it could fly away. Later, the hunt trampled on a pigeon and found it rather hilarious. The pigeon is now safe. Our wildlife does not deserve this.

After another dramatic day with the Crawley and Horsham, the Hunt boxed up at Bakers Farm at sunset.


Police issue dispersal order to sabs as Dunston Harriers hunt hare

3-2-19   Facebook - Norwich Hunt Saboteurs    2/2/19 - Dunston Harriers, Ampton    Today we joined up with our good friends SES - Suffolk And Essex Hunt Sabs and once again got unlawfully harassed by the police.

We came across the Dunston Harriers far from their home in Ampton, near Bury St. Edmunds. Setting out late from the meet, the Hunt were straightaway in woodland, from which were seen at least 8 deer making a dash for it.

Not long after this hounds got on the line of a hare and were in full pursuit of the hare, who managed to get away at first, only to be found again by the pack. Sabs did their best to delay the pack, but with one lone hare versus a scattered pack of hounds, it's usually only a matter of time before they pick up the line again.


                            So why would a redcoat be on point on a 'trail hunt' ?

Unfortunately at this time the police, undeterred by reports of illegal hunting, chose to issue sabs with a Section 68 warning to leave immediately, and to threaten others with arrest. As a result of this police action we cannot confirm that either this hare, or the next hare the hounds came across, survived.

The only saving grace was that the Hunt packed up nice and early around 13:45. You can only be guilty of aggravated trespass if the activity you are allegedly there to disrupt is lawful. Chasing a hare with an entire pack of hounds is not lawful! Suffolk Police have, once again, facilitated an illegal activity today.

Please consider donating at https://ko-fi.com/N4N0HF6M.


Sabs rescue injured fox found in path of North Down FH

2-2-19    Facebook - Hunt Saboteurs NI    Today we set off to sab the North Down Hunt in the Greyabby Estate. A estate notorious for its hunting, not only on horse back but also shooting and we suspect rife with snares as well.

We set off ahead of the Hunt but doubled back when the Hunt set off in a different direction. This turned out to be the most fortunate stroke of luck for one poorly creature. In a field up from where the horses and hounds had set off was a wounded and very poorly fox, injuries to be confirmed. Easy prey for a pack of hunting dogs, and a easy day's hunting for the sick minded psychopaths that ride on horse back. Sabs where able to capture the injured fox out of sight of huntsmen and whisk it swiftly onto the vets for pain relief and medical treatment. From there we passed the fox onto a very trusted friend and who’s specialises in rehabilitating wildlife. This fox without a doubt would have suffered the most unimaginable death if we hadn’t of intervened and allow this Hunt to murder. Mr Fox 1, hunters 0. Long runs the fox.

  N.DownFHSabsrescueinjuredfox2-2-19.jpg N.DownFHInjuredfoxrescued2-2-19.jpg

21-2-19    Belfast Live    Campaigners against fox hunting are renewing their call for a ban in Northern Ireland after ‘saving’ a wounded animal in Co Down     Six ‘saboteurs’ set out to frustrate a recent hunt in North Down when they came across a badly injured fox. It is unclear how the creature was hurt, but a spokesperson for Hunt Sabs NI said they “sprung into action” to rescue the animal before it was spotted by the Hunt.

It became apparent very quickly that this little guy was in trouble and needed our help,” they explained. Our main concern was the hounds being in close proximity and we knew that we needed to scoop up this fox and get it away before it was shredded to pieces by a pack of hounds who are trainedNorthDownFHInjuredfox2-2-19.jpg to kill. This would have been easy picking for the Hunt and the fox would have suffered thee most unimaginable death. The fox was taken straight to the vets for treatment and then passed into the care of a very highly experienced wildlife expert who will rehabilitate him for release back to the wild.”

The injured fox, which is now on the mend following medical treatment, was found at a Co Down estate by Hunt Sab NI volunteers on February 2. A Sabs NI spokesperson added: “Hunting with dogs is cruel and outdated. It’s about time this vile so called sport is resigned to the history books. There is something very flawed with someone who not only thinks it’s acceptable but actually enjoys and gets a kick from seeing a defenceless animal torn apart. This amounts to nothing more than dog fighting. In fact it’s worse because dog fighting is two dogs fighting, this is up to 30 and sometimes even more dogs on one fox.”

Fox hunting was banned under the Hunting Act 2004 in England and Wales, and the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 in Scotland. But there are concerns Hunts in Great Britain are flouting the law through exemptions in the hunting act that allow certain types of pest control. Hunt Saboteurs were able to get it to safety before a local Hunt arrived in the area.

In Scotland packs are allowed to chase a fox from cover to be shot, while in England they can chase the animal with two dogs to a spot where it can also be gunned down. But the dogs are not allowed to attack in either country.

The ‘blood sport’ has never been banned in Northern Ireland, but Countryside Alliance chief executive Lyle Plant said it’s not a black and white issue. He doesn’t think it should ever be outlawed as he believes it is “the most humane way” to control a “healthy population of foxes in Northern Ireland. “The hounds normally only hunt the weak foxes,” he said. “The strong foxes or whatever get away. “It is lawful and it is one of the safest ways of land management and vermin control.” Mr Lyle said he is not aware of any studies on a “healthy population of foxes” or whether the numbers killed are documented anywhere.

An Ulster Farmers Union spokesperson said it too is “not aware of any studies on fox population and how many are being killed by hunts or farmers”. The organisation also revealed it “doesn’t have a position on a fox hunt ban so are neither for or against”. UFU deputy president, Victor Chestnutt added: “If a landowner is having an issue with Hunts on their land and cannot get an appropriate resolution, they should report the issue to Countryside Alliance Ireland.”

A spokesperson for Northern Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs said: “DAERA has no powers to regulate, or ban, hunting foxes with dogs. Any introduction of legislation to ban hunting foxes with dogs is a matter for the Executive.” The Executive Office has been contacted for comment.

Pic above right   -  One of the nasty wounds on the rescued fox  


Two foxes stolen from a Cheshire wildlife sanctuary

Cheshire FH had ridden past a few days earlier

2-2-19    Facebook - Ian Daniells is feeling pained   This beauty [left] is Alice, she was hand reared by someone who thought they had done the right thing, unfortunately Alice became humanised and couldn't be released to the wild.

Cheshire2foxesstolenfromwildlifesanctuary2-2-19.jpgShe came to Lower Moss Wood Educational Nature Reserve and Wildlife Hospital to help in educating children and others in British Wildlife. She was special to me also. As a sufferer of PTSD she and I had a very special relationship where she could lift me from the darkest moods. Last night some scum came into the wood and targeted our tame foxes including Alice. They broke into their enclosures and took Alice and Rift as well as targeting our other beauty Savanna at the other end of the wood. Lower Moss Wood is a mile away from the main road, the top of the wood is also out of view to public access. That top pen had been broken into a few years ago.

The only link between these break ins is that Cheshire Hunt came past the wood on both occasions just a few days before both break ins. No doubt Cheshire Police will not come to any conclusion and I may be wrong. They can deny any involvement but it is known Hunts use captured foxes on so called trail hunts. I will make every effort to use my military skills and investigative skills to bring the perpetrators to justice. They are a nasty remnant of the way life used to be centuries ago, without any thought for the countryside or education. Be aware this is now very personal.

Our whole reason is to repair damage done to wildlife by man. For those blaming "badgers" not many of those carry wire cutters and jemmies.



….. 31st January - Local & sab pair combine to save fox from York & Ainsty S. FH

….. 31st January - Fitzwilliam FH owner wants to take village green to expand his shoot

….. 30th January - Cheshire CC admits force FB comments on hunting 'inappropriate'

….. 30th January - Easton Harriers chop hare early on, hunt on for hours

….. 30th January - Sabs think bagged fox released for Warwickshire FH

….. 29th January - Police probe United FH after 'incidents' incl. sett interference

….. 29th January - Flint & D. FH Huntsman quits after relentless sabbing for years

….. 28th January - Sabs lambast Cheshire police statements on hunting

….. 27th January - Monitors catch S. Shropshire FH trespass hunting on N.T. land

….. 27th January - Thurlow FH hunt servants trial due to begin tomorrow

….. 27th January - S. Shrops FH riders ignore girl rider having seizure as sabs assist her

….. 25th January - Grafton FH hunt next to busy A road

….. 23rd January - Sabs report several hounds killed on S.W.Wales railway in autumn

….. 23rd January - Deer killed on road probably driven there by Cotswold Vale FH

….. 23rd January - Sabs refute CA slur re. S. Shrops FH hound death on railway

….. 22nd January - Three lost hunt hounds taken in at holiday park in Forest of Dean

….. 22nd January - S. Shropshire FH hound killed as hunt dogs on high-speed line

….. 22nd January - LACS blames police & CPS for Claro Beagles Huntsman's acquittal

….. 22nd January - Grafton FH block in and abuse lone female monitor

….. 21st January - No charge for Cheshire Forest FH Huntsman over violent assault on sab

….. 20th January - Cottesmore FH 'psychos' kill small - probably bagged - fox

….. 19th January - Eton College Beagles caught hunting - packed up by sabs

….. 19th January - Portman FH openly hunt two foxes, one on Nat. Trust land

….. 19th January - Birdwatcher sees Hunt chase fox through Slimbridge reserve

….. 19th January - Fernie FH follower smashes sab wing mirror after sabs ensure no kills

….. 18th January - Wildlife Trust condemns Ludlow FH for riding over its land

….. 17th January - St. Ives Council finally drops Western FH from Feast Day celebrations

….. 17th January - Seavington FH pub meet on Council land pulled due to public reaction

….. 17th January - Support grows to ban 'trail hunting' on Mendips NT land

….. 17th January - Convicted Seavington FH to meet on Council owned land

….. 17th January - Further sab evidence of Eryri FH trespass on NT land on B. Day

….. 16th January - Cheshire FH kill yet another fox - while trespassing

….. 16th January - Monitors reveal that S. Durham FH hunted 3 legged fox last year

….. 16th January - Blackmore FH mark to ground - sab there to ensure no dig-out

….. 16th January - Film uploaded of sab car windows being smashed at Worcs FH

….. 15th January - Blencathra FH support harass monitor as hunt on banned land

….. 15th January - Local reports suspected fox hunting in Wiltshire

….. 15th January - Local farmer tears strip off N. Staffs FH after sees them hunt fox

….. 15th January - Quorn /S. Notts FHs attack sab when stopped from killing fox

….. 14th January - Police drop investigation into Portman FH fox kill case

….. 14th January - Police at meet wouldn't investigate illegal hunting alleged by sabs 

….. 14th January - Foxes hunted over roads & through gardens by Portman FH

….. 14th January - Police react to illegal hunting reports by inferring it's just 'trail hunting'

….. 14th January - Labour MP calls for review of HA as so many foxes killed by Hunts

….. 13th January - Sabs almost run down 3 Portman FH hounds led round blind bend

….. 13th January - Some of Braes o' Derwent FH hounds found in very poor state

….. 12th January - Caught-out Kimblewick FH pretend not hunting when realise sabs there

….. 12th January - Monitors say Cheshire FH killed a fox in the grounds of county's High Sheriff

….. 12th January - LACS Chief Investigator snapped attending Hunt Club point-to-points

….. 12th January - N. Cotswold FH - hounds on railway: woman sab bullied with horse

….. 12th January - S. Dorset FH rider charges sabs trying to call hounds off fox

….. 12th January - Banwen Miners FH pack up early when sabs catch up with them

….. 12th January - New locals anti group helps spoil S. Durham FH's hunting day

….. 12th January - Mendip Farmers FH charge through gardens, trespass in sheep fields

….. 12th January - Middleton FH rider admits fox kills, says try kill double when antis there

….. 12th January - Beaufort FH terriermen caught at often blocked sett, with spades

….. 12th January - Sabs pack up two hare Hunts - snap beagles being mistreated

….. 12th January - Sabs prevent joint meet of 3 N. Irish Hunts killing any foxes

….. 12th January - LACS calls on Councils to ban Hunt meets in towns, villages

….. 12th January - Cotswold Vale FH hunt foxes into garden & sett, lead hounds into traffic

….. 12th January - Claim that cancelled Cheshire FH meet down to pressure from antis

….. 11th January - Pregnant vixen hunted by trespassing Ledbury FH: blocked setts

….. 11th January - Local Council has been subsidising violent Atherstone FH town meets

….. 11th January - Ledbury FH terrierman caught digging into badger sett

….. 11th January - Easton Harriers chase hare/deer as riders attack sabs with horses

….. 11th January - Locals blame Weston FH for blocked setts & AEs they found

….. 11th January - Monitors upload film of Cheshire FH fox kill, rejected by CPS

….. 10th January - Warwickshire FH chase fox, assault sab, supporter slashes tyre

….. 10th January - Old Berks FH chase fox in village, then hunt pair: one away, other fate n/k 

….. 10th January - LACS urge Council to ban Badsworth FH B.Day meet in Aberford

…..  9th January - Police open investigation into Kimblewick FH incident

…..  9th January - Cheshire Forest FH invade village - fleeing fox seen by residents

…..  9th January - SNP proposal to amend hunt ban includes licencing when 'necessary'

…..  9th January - Hapless Huntsman gets Atherstone FH lost in residential area

…..  9th January - S. Dorset FH hunt fox to ground, support assault sab

…..  9th January - VWH FH seen chasing 2 foxes, did not try to get hounds off 2nd

…..  8th January - Cheshire FH kill yet another fox 3 days after the last

…..  8th January - Sabs attacked by N. Staffs FH support in car park after meet

…..  8th January - Cheshire Forest FH in cub hunt mode, antis protect put-up foxes

…..  8th January - Cheshire PCC promises 'robust' investigation of Cheshire FH fox kill

…..  7th January - Save Me says will prosecute Kimblewick FH if CPS don't

…..  7th January - Kimblewick FH filmed prising fox from AE & releasing for hounds

…..  7th January - Monitor badly injured by loose horse in freak accident at Crawley FH

…..  6th January - Hampshire FH unable to escape sabs packed up after just 80 mins

…..  6th January - Fife FH kill fox in suspicious circumstances, sab assaulted

…..  6th January - Sab reports of sett blocking pays off as fox escapes N. Cotswold FH

…..  6th January - Attorney General hosted illegal Lamerton FH hunt, say sabs

…..  5th January - Cheshire FH kills fox, kicks body into canal [sabs retrieve]

…..  5th January - Cotswold FH redcoats & hounds all over high-speed dualed A40 

…..  5th January - Monitors say stopped Wynnstay FH [Lord Daresbury in tow] killing

…..  5th January - Sabs stick like glue to Oakley FH, despite Masters riding at them

…..  5th January - Very long un-sabbed Welsh Hunt gets shock when antis appear

…..  5th January - Puckeridge FH hunt openly, sabs twice call hounds off

…..  5th January - Sab group post open letter highly critical of the League 

…..  5th January - Alpaca-mauling Meynell FH baulked in desire for a kill

…..  5th January - Atherstone FH Whip rides at sabs - tiny turnout, unable to hunt

…..  5th January - 'Hunting Scent' - support threatens sabs, damages vehicles

…..  4th January - S. Herefordshire FH cub cruelty case is delayed yet again

…..  4th January - Monitors think Beaufort FH killed fox on New Years Day

…..  4th January - NT comes under heavy pressure to cancel more 'trail hunt' licences

…..  4th January - Ledbury FH hounds invade garden after fox, owner rates them off

…..  4th January - Radley College Beagles found hunting & packed up by sabs

…..  3rd January - Cheshire Forest FH rider filmed whacking horse hard on neck

…..  3rd January - Police investigating killing of fox by Portman FH

…..  3rd January - S. Shropshire FH NT licence cancelled after filmed chasing fox

…..  3rd January - Chris Packham urges New Forest FH to switch to drag hunting

…..  3rd January - Two Devon Harrier packs to amalgamate

…..  3rd January - Investigation into claim of illegal hunting in N. Wales forest

…..  2nd January - Sabs find fox body after hear Portman FH Huntsman blow kill 

…..  2nd January - Braes o' Derwent FH hounds run amok in village

…..  2nd January - Sabs believe E. Sussex FH killed 3 foxes on 31st December

…..  2nd January - Old Berkeley Beagles pack up as soon as sabs appear

…..  2nd January - Atherstone FH support surround sab car to stop it moving

…..  2nd January - Cheshire Forest FH Whip reported over assaults on monitor

…..  1st January - Anti is punched, sab car vandalised at Four Burrow FH meet

…..  1st January - Sab landy rammed, tyre slashed at Cottesmore FH - sabs assaulted

…..  1st January - Big police op in Cotswolds targets illegal hunters and sabs

…..  1st January - Sabs assaulted at Barlow FH - police dealing 

…..  1st January - Heythrop FH pull hounds off fox when know sabs filming

…..  1st January - Sab helps S. Durham FH extract hounds from quarry fox hunted into

…..  1st January - Flint & Denbigh FH hounds uncontrolled and at risk on roads 


Local & sab pair combine to save fox from York & Ainsty S. FH

Sabs think disorientated fox they found was probably bagged

31-1-19    Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Sabs   Hit Report 29/1/19    Following a tip off that York and Ainsty were meeting in the South Duffield area on Tuesday, two of our sabs decided to take a day off work to keep an eye on them.

Sabs followed two horseboxes to find the meet down Menthorpe Lane at some farm-buildings on the right. On leaving the meet the hunt headed north, quickly turning into farmland to the east, immediately surrounding a small wooded area. Having seen a lot of hunt support at the small hamlet of Menthorpe sabs took the decision to head south along the River Derwent to meet up with them as they headed towards Menthorpe. Keeping eyes on them at a distance the hounds were heard to go into cry on a number of occasions but with only two foot sabs in the field it was difficult to stay with them at this point.

We caught up with them as they headed west from Menthorpe – they seemed surprised at our sudden appearance, especially a couple of redcoats who thought they were having a private conversation which we were listening into behind a hedge!

After some of the hunt had packed up the rest moved north from South Duffield to Lodge Farm where there was a flurry of activity with a number of terrier men looking furtive, and the riders surrounding an adjacent field. There is a public footpath through Lodge Farm land where a deliberate attempt had been made to block it off with branches placed across the style. We removed these and got onto the footpath which ran towards another style with no access as there were thick brambles on the far side of it. To the right there were a number of large farm buildings.

Suddenly we heard a voice yelling at the hunt to stop chasing a fox which was heading away from us across the field where the hunters were, and shortly afterwards another fox shot through the bramble patch into the field where the two sabs were standing. Two hounds quickly followed and whilst one sab herded the hounds back out the other walked through a gap to the farm buildings at the back where she immediately found herself surrounded by a number of terrier men and others. They all looked alarmed to suddenly find a sab in their midst and were clearly trying to hide what they were up to. They surrounded the female sab at which point she called the police, fearing for her safety.

Meanwhile the poor fox was sitting cowering against one of the farm buildings, together with a solitary bewildered looking sheep. God knows what would have happened to both animals if the whole pack of hounds had come through. The hunt by now, having been called out by a member of the public, and knowing sabs were on hand to witness their illegal activities, gathered the hounds and moved off north. The fox took its chance and fled in the opposite direction.

There is no doubt in our mind that at least a couple of bagged foxes had been released. The fox we saw was clearly disorientated and didn’t know where to go for cover. We’re sure the member of the public stopped the first opportunity at a kill, and sabs foiled the second.

Police sent two vehicles to patrol the area – police later informed us the member of the public who had witnessed the fox being pursued by hounds had spoken to them and told them what had been seen.

We spoke to the owner of Lodge Farm asking why the public footpath had been blocked. He denied all knowledge and responsibility. We also informed him the hunt had released bagged foxes but given they were his outbuildings that were used for this (and whatever else was going on back there – possibly trading) he’s clearly in the know. He said, and I quote “them hounds would never get an awake fox”. Make of that what you will – our interpretation is that they need to release bagged disorientated foxes otherwise they’d never get a kill!

We decided to hang around Lodge Farm for a while thinking the hunt might come back for the foxes and strangely enough a terrier man was posted next to us, even though the rest of the hunt were long gone. We decided we weren’t going anywhere despite the inclement conditions, but he got bored before we did and drove off to join his murderous mates.

With light fading and most of the meet having packed up and gone home we thought that was it, but then found 4 riders still out with the hounds hunting cover close to South Duffield. Sabs were with them once again and we followed them until they left the field to join the road and head back to the kennels.

The only light point in the day was when whipper in Mark “Carrots” Poskitt came a cropper and landed on his arse in a dyke.

This meet proved that just a couple of sabs and a concerned member of the public can make a difference and actually save lives. Please be vigilant and do report any illegal activity to the police or call the HSA Hotline. Y&A – we know your dirty secrets – you can expect to see a lot more of us!


Fitzwilliam FH owner wants to take village green to expand his shoot 


31-1-19  North Wales Live    Millionaire baronet looks set to take village's green for his pheasant shoots - Locals not happy at proposed swap of land with Nantclwyd Estate    A small country village is set to lose its village green so a super-rich landowner can use it for pheasant shoots.

Llanelidan community council has started the process of swapping the piece of land - which as been a village green since the reign of Queen Victoria - with a Nantclwyd Estate-owned plot in the Denbighshire village.

Sir Philip Naylor-Leyland [below right], who inherited the Estate with a title 30 years ago, has an estimated fortune of more than £160m.

The community council says it can't afford the legal fees it would have to pay to fight the move. They've also said that local taxes might have to be increased to pay for the upkeep of the land. Sir Philip's agents say the Estate is trying to work with the village to create a new village green "fit forSir-Philip-Naylor-Leyland.jpg use by local residents". But locals are not happy about the planned swap.

Rhian Davey said she was determined to fight any changes. She said: "It is a spectacular bluebell wood for our children and grandchildren to be able to play in, unhindered, and say, 'this is ours'. This would be a legacy that Llanelidan should be proud of."

Mrs Davey has also referred the community council to the Public Services Ombudsman over the way it has handled the issue, adding: "Freehold title must be returned to the Llanelidan community and our green should be reinstated and embraced as a publicly-owned community space that enhances the environment and the lives of the people that live in and around Llanelidan."

At a meeting in September the Llanelidan community council decided not to publish the legal advice it had received on the matter. Now a consultation has been opened on what the council should do about the land.

The three acre parcel of land has been registered with possessory title to Sir Philip, and it is unclear, according to the council, who actually owns the land. According to the consultation the Estate would use the land for its shoot.

Llanelidan county councillor and a member of the community council, Hugh Evans, said: "We have gone for a consultation based on the legal advice we have received, based on a meeting with the Nantclwyd Estate and also based on the issues raised regularly with the community council. We need to understand from the community what their hopes and aspirations are for the village green."

William Shuttleworth an agent acting on behalf of the estate said: "The Nantclwyd Estate is keen to work closely with the Llanelidan community council and residents of Llanelidan to secure a satisfactory long term solution for the village green. The current village green is sited over ¾ mile from the village with poor access along narrow country lanes. It is a wooded area so cannot be used for playing games and is unsuitable and unsafe for use by children. The estate has offered an alternative site close to the village centre which can be easily accessed and can be safely used as a recreation area by residents and children. The estate is actively working with local residents to secure a village green that is fit and safe for use by local residents in the 21st Century."

Sir Philip, who lives most of the time in East Anglia, inherited the Nantclwyd estate along with his title of the 4th baronet Naylor-Leyland of Hyde Park House, Albert Gate, London, in 1987. He went to Eton College then Sandhurst, and later business school in New York.

POWAperson adds  -  Sir Philip is effectively the owner of the Fitzwilliam FH. Presumably it was his money that founded the recent court case against sabs   which gained them little.


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