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UK Hunting News Archive

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                    Detailed stories follow each month's headlines below, all in reverse chronological order

                      Warning - contains images of animals killed/ mutilated by Hunts that you may find distressing 

                                               HUNTING SEASON 2017/18



..... 31st January - S. Tetcott FH Huntsman's father/brother cautioned by police

..... 31st January - East Kent FH hunters illegally ride quads in forestry

..... 31st January - Beaufort FH Huntsman encourages hounds to chase fox into garden

..... 31st January - Wave of protest re. 'trail hunting' at NT sites planned

..... 31st January - Warks FH huntsman tried to scare fox from brambles for hounds

..... 31st January - Woodland Trust makes clear grants no access to ANY Hunts

..... 31st January - 'Ledbury South' FH invades Buddhist centre

..... 31st January - Locals complain of many trespasses by Four Burrow FH

..... 31st January - Police refuse to act over Wilts Beagles running on to A303

..... 30th January - Waen FH Huntsman convicted of assault on woman sab

..... 30th January - 'Steward' guilty 3 more assaults on sabs, at Woodland Pytchley FH

..... 30th January - Badsworth FH Huntsman urges hounds towards live railway

..... 30th January - Surrey Union FH chase fox across busy road causing havoc

..... 30th January - Unknown Hunt reported trespassing on NT land in Shropshire

..... 30th January - Indy reports Grafton FH hunter slandering monitor - 'Paedophile'

..... 29th January - Heythrop FH cause danger - chase fox on to A44

..... 29th January - Dig-out by Blackmore FH prevented by sabs

..... 29th January - Cheshire Forest FH hounds riot on A50 causing traffic havoc 

..... 29th January - Fernie FH killed fox and quickly cleared it up, say sabs

..... 29th January - Waveney Harriers panic sheep, run through traffic

..... 29th January - MP asks PCC to urgently examine Cheshire police treatment of Hunts

...... 29th January - Report says Bicester FH causing chaos on A road and gardens

..... 29th January - Monitors save fox at S. Durham FH foot hunt in snow & ice

..... 29th January - Monitors stop dig out by Cheshire FH, say drunk rider damaged car

..... 29th January - Antis protest at Exeter against police inaction on illegal hunting

..... 29th January - Notts sabs reveal another hunting vicar, at Belvoir FH

..... 28th January - Badsworth FH rider whips & tries to ride down sab

..... 28th January - Antis demand sack for Dwyryd FH JM convicted of badger baiting

..... 28th January - Sabs stop Cotswold Vale FH killing foxes by rating/drawing hounds

..... 28th January - Sabs find Crawley FH coursing fox in an enclosed field

..... 28th January - Bolebroke Beagles killed at least one hare say sabs

..... 28th January - Hampshire FH pack chase deer on to road, hound nearly run over

..... 28th January - S. Dorset/Portman FHs all over busy road in bad weather 

..... 28th January - Eggesford FH hunt foxes, riot on deer, sabs stop dig out

..... 27th January - Sabs cause early pack up of Oakley FH & N.Bucks Beagles

..... 27th January - Sabs save fox from death at hands of Tedworth FH

..... 27th January - Surrey Union said to have trespassed on NT land

..... 27th January - Escaped fox saved from Belvoir FH & muntjac rescued by sabs

..... 26th January - Blencathra FH hunt on NPA land with terrier quads - not allowed

..... 26th January - Fitzwilliam FH visited by cops after wouldn't let refuse lorry through

..... 25th January - 'Trail hunting' alibi issue raised in Commons for the first time

..... 25th January - Woman sees deer badly mauled in 'trail hunt' by Cambridge FH

..... 25th January - Shepherd angry as Grafton hounds run through pregnant sheep

..... 25th January - N. Shrops FH Huntsman spends much of meet looking for hounds

..... 25th January - Cheshire Forest FH hunt by M56, fox escapes over motorway bridge 

..... 24th January - Female sab assaulted by Old Surrey FH follower

..... 24th January - Wynnstay FH invade village after fox, monitors think killed later

..... 24th January - N. Wales hunter convicted of molesting female sab

..... 24th January - Atherstone FH supporter guilty of driving without due care

..... 24th January - Monitors use gizmo to save fox from S. Dorset FH

..... 22nd January - Police probe after sabs find Eggesford FH digging out fox

..... 22nd January - Police insist Suffolk FH actually follow trails while hunting!

..... 22nd January - Four Burrow FH hunted through nature reserve

..... 22nd January - Wildlife Trust defends having Wynnstay FH host as Trustee

..... 21st January - Cumberland FH seen hunting 'as if ban never happened'

..... 21st January - Sabs fear Modbury Harriers killed, probably bagged, fox 

..... 21st January - Monitors see Cheshire FH chase foxes, think one killed

..... 20th January - Old Surrey FH follow trails but still flush a fox

..... 20th January - Locals furious after Oakley FH rampage through village & gardens

..... 20th January - Portman FH reported trespassing on N.T's Hambledon Hill

..... 20th January - Fitzwilliam FH hunt in nature reserve and on into nightfall

..... 19th January - Postings show true nature of guilty 'Hunt Steward' Shaun Stacey

..... 18th January - Atherstone FH hounds suffer kennel cough again

..... 18th January - Cheshire Forest FH trespass on NT land, fail to put up foxes

..... 18th January - Cheshire hunt thug loses appeal against 9 year rape sentence

..... 18th January - Meynell FH terrierman attacks sabs, breaking one's nose

..... 17th January - Hunt 'steward' convicted of head-butting sab at Oakley FH meet

..... 17th January - Monitor presence deters Waveney Harriers from dig-out of fox

..... 17th January - Parish Council complains to Fitzwilliam FH re. village invasion

..... 17th January - 'Cheshire Against the Hunt' stage protest at meet venue

..... 17th January - Police investigate reports of illegal hunt in Bicester FH country

..... 16th January - 6 cats still missing week after E. Sussex FH invaded sanctuary

..... 16th January - Huntsman/JM & terrierman Dwyryd FH convicted of animal fighting

..... 16th January - 'Key member' of Puckeridge FH confused about how 'trail hunting' works

..... 14th January - Blackmore FH hunter assaults two women sabs, blocked setts found

..... 14th January - Sab seriously injured after very violent attack at Dart Vale FH

..... 14th January - Wynnstay FH meet hosted by Trustee of Shropshire Wildlife Trust

..... 14th January - Warks FH chase fox thru village, hound enters house with baby

..... 14th January - Sabs menaced, one assaulted at Cheshire FH, locals help antis

..... 14th January - Cotswold FH sett blocker caught red-handed by sabs

..... 14th January - S. Shrops FH hounds riot in village - road cases, horses spooked

..... 13th January - Surrey Union Huntsman's horse nearly drowns as ridden into bog

..... 13th January - Portman FH Huntsman absent as hounds riot through village

..... 13th January - Sab assaulted by Fife FH Huntsman as guards fox's bolt hole

..... 13th January - Police presence at Silverton FH constrains Hunt

..... 13th January - W.Norfolk FH Huntsman 'shot hounds... horse... fled country'

..... 13th January - Fitzwilliam FH lie to police over 'trail' - sabs cause early pack-up

..... 12th January - N.Cotswold FH terrierman filmed entering dog in artificial earth

..... 12th January - Councillor in hot water over FB post after B.Day Hunt protest

..... 11th January - Lone monitor says Blackmore FH chased and killed fox

..... 11th January - Atherstone FH meets cancelled, supposedly due to 'virus'

..... 10th January - Wynnstay FH hunt and kill fox in North Wales

..... 10th January - Cheshire Forest FH killed another fox say monitors

..... 10th January - East Sussex FH hounds 'out of control' at cat sanctuary

.....  9th January - Thurlow FH visit prep school days after media storm over fox kill

.....  9th January - Sabs think Easton Harriers 'chopped' hare on Boxing Day

.....  9th January - Oakley FH hounds in MoD area marked 'Keep Out - Poison Gas'

.....  9th January - Sabs claim FC worker abetted Staintondale FH blocking their car in

.....  8th January - Dwyryd FH JM & terrierman among charged at animal fighting trial

.....  8th January - Sab car kicked & damaged by Ledbury S FH terrier man

.....  8th January - Mendip Farmers FH shot his pet dog as 'aggressive' & 'nocey'

.....  8th January - Twitter storm condemns BBC's Countryfile calling foxes 'vermin'

.....  7th January - Monitors aid badly hurt child Cheshire FH rider - Hunt go on chasing foxes

.....  7th January - Research shows hunting hounds put human & livestock health at risk

.....  7th January - Theresa May confirms Hunting Act repeal policy to be dropped

.....  7th January - South Durham FH prise fox from cliff-face hole and kill it

.....  7th January - Cattistock FH create havoc chasing fox around village

.....  7th January - Sabs take and keep control of Ledbury S FH hounds for 40 minutes

.....  6th January - Private prosecution of woman who repeatedly whipped sab planned

.....  6th January - Badsworth FH hunt churchyard, country park, by housing estate

.....  5th January - Woman rider who whipped sab 17 times will face no charges

.....  5th January - Ex VC of Spooners FH cautioned for violent assault on sab

.....  5th January - Scottish police warn against holding of illegal hare-coursing event

.....  5th January - Sussex police refuse to act against road-illegal hunt quads

.....  3rd January - Atherstone FH supporters throw missiles at sab car

.....  3rd January - Waveney Harriers chased fox across A road - after dark

.....  3rd January - Blackmore FH hunt foxes though police around after gardens trespass

.....  2nd January - Resident reports South Wold FH to police after saw chasing fox

.....  2nd January - Wynnstay FH chase fox through gardens - locals complain to police

.....  2nd January - Sabs ensure no dig-out of fox by Seavington FH

.....  2nd January - Police seek violent robber associated with Silverton FH

.....  2nd January - Lone sab sits in hole to stop Waveney Harriers dig-out

.....  2nd January - Gravely ill woman's ambulance delayed by E.Devon FH blocking road

.....  2nd January - Fox saved from Cheshire Forest FH - female sab assaulted

.....  2nd January - Police arrest then abduct sab ridden into at Crawley FH 

.....  1st January - Thurlow FH restrained by antis & police as supporter punches 2 sabs

.....  1st January - No kills at Fitzwilliam FH as bird-handler drives quad into ditch

.....  1st January - Hunt support use car with toddler in front to chase/block sabs

.....  1st January - Silverton FH kill fox in front of sab and Huntsman


S. Tetcott FH Huntsman's father/brother cautioned by police

Both dealt with for C. Damage & S5 offences against sabs

Huntsman to leave after criticism over starving hounds 

31-1-18    Facebook – Devon County Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   South Tetcott huntsman's father and brother cautioned by police    Back in November we attended the opening meet of the South Tetcott Hunt with newbie huntsman Jamie Parish. His father Chris Parish and brother Richard Parish together have admitted to two counts of criminal damage and one count of causing harassment, alarm or distress (section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986) that day. These incidents are shown in the attached footage. We have just been informed by police that both have been given cautions for these offences.

Jamie Parish has since handed in his notice and will be leaving the Hunt later this year. We've heard from numerous sources (including Eggesford huntsman Jason Marles!) that he's been accused of starving the hounds to such an extent that even other members of the Hunt have complained that they look unwell. We'll be glad to see the back of Jamie Parish and the rest of his vile family.

Please support our work by contributing to our fuel fund via https://www.paypal.me/dchs. To give us information or join us, get in touch via 07717473305 or devoncountysabs@riseup.net.


East Kent FH hunters illegally ride quads in forestry

31-1-18   Facebook - East Kent Sabs    Last Saturday - East Kent with West Street Hunt members using quad bikes on Forestry Commission land....note, it is illegal to use a quad bike is the forest, due to "damage to the forest and wildlife"....do the Hunt give a shit? Naaaahhhhh!! Over to you then KENT POLICE-show us that YOU care!

POWAperson adds  - Riding a quad in that forest can incur a fine AND vehicle confiscation. Will it for these hunters? Don't hold your breath. 

  EastKentFHhuntersillegallyridingquadsinforestry31-1-18.jpg EastKentFHquadsillegalHuntersignore31-1-18.jpg


Beaufort FH Huntsman encourages hounds to chase fox into private garden

Homeowner had told Hunt several times to keep away from property

Foxes hunted, monitor presence stopped dig-out late on 

31-1-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   This article in the Indie [see below] shows a link to the excellent work of the Grafton Hunt monitors who we have worked with many times. It also shows some footage shot by a 3C sab at the Beaufort meet 17th January 2018 at Horton Farm, Horton which we attended with Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch. They went onto National Trust land first thing.

Matt Ramsden, Huntsman and joint Master, was on a lane near Hawkesbury Common, someone blew a whistle indicating that they had seen a fox. Matt told fibs by saying it was his phone ringtone! He then encouraged hounds into a garden where they picked up the line and were rated out by the sab.

Later in the day they marked at a badger sett, the terriermen arrived en-masse but soon left as we hung around the area.

Please continue to support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs. 


23-1-18   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Beaufort Hunt 17.01.2018    During the morning we were working elsewhere in the field but caught up with the Hunt later on after they met at Horton Hall Farm west of the A46. This would be their first outing in this area since they have been granted a licence by the National Trust to hunt on NT land in this area around Horton Court. They now need to be very careful not to chase a fox with hounds and the presence of terriermen is now prohibited on NT land, as they have no practical purpose on a ‘trail hunt’, nor the use of their vehicles. Well, terriermen were out on their quads in the afternoon. Why were they there?

They were hunting around the Bix Farm area and around Hawkesbury Common when we found them and after hearing the hounds speaking a Three Counties Sab who was working with us for the day, came across the Hunt putting the hounds into a private garden after a whistle was heard on the other side of it … whistle means fox sighted. The owner came out and told us she had asked them repeatedly not to come into her garden, clearly they take no notice. The sab rated them out of the garden and hopefully off the fox that had obviously gone through there.

BeaufortFHTerriermenonroadillegalquad17-1-18.jpgWe found them putting hounds through under Broad Hill with all the quad bikes in attendance [one in pic left, road-illegal] and the huntsman ‘tongue rolling’ and encouraging the hounds through the roughly wooded area there. This time foot walkers were on both sides of them with cameras and they did eventually come back down onto the lane, going back down towards the common where they had second horse and struck off across to Inglestone Common at speed.

They were next spotted topping Hawkesbury Knoll going east. They must have crossed the busy A46 again, as we found them hunting behind Petty France and followed them through to where they crossed the Tetbury Road into Badminton Park and put the hounds into Swangrove pushing them through instructing them to search. Foot walkers went in after them and heard the hounds briefly on cry, then a shout of ‘tally-ho back’ was heard - which means the fox had turned back. You don’t ‘tally-ho’ on a trail. It was clear yet again they were hunting a fox.

After they had pushed on through the wood towards the A46 and back with foot walkers behind and in front of them, the fox came out at the bottom of Swangrove past the foot walkers in place there giving them a chance to spray it out and rate the hounds off when they arrived on its tracks shortly afterwards. This seemed to annoy the terriermen somewhat in fact we feared one of them might burst a blood vessel with shouting so loudly. The hounds were kept off the fox’s line and did not pick up which gave it a chance to get further away, although the Hunt continued to search the area through Hinnegar, across to Hollybush Lodge and back then they raced up the verge of the A46 … some of the time they were on cry so on to something.

As it was getting dark we spotted the hunt near Worcester Lodge inside the woods there just alongside the A46, with the Huntsman off his horse and hounds gathering round with quad bikes arriving on the spot, very close to the road. This did not look good and we suspected a kill. After the mounted hunt left one terrierman could be seen getting his terrier out from the quad bike box, but looking repeatedly towards where we were standing at the wall with our camera and clearly decided not to do whatever they had been going to do with the terrier and went away. We inspected the area after they had all gone and there were no signs of a kill on the ground. When he got the terrier out of the box it seems most likely that a fox had gone to ground somewhere there. It was nearly dark by this time and they did head back to the kennels across the park.

The Beaufort Hunt has a licence to return to NT land in Horton on two more occasions so watch out for them if in the area.

From Independent 30-1-18 … the Master of a different Hunt was filmed directing his hounds into a private garden whose owner had repeatedly asked them to stay away. The Master of the Beaufort Hunt was seen on horseback instructing the pack into the enclosed area during what is suspected of being a fox hunt.

Monitor Denise Ward said: “The homeowner was annoyed they were in there because she has told them not to come several times and they keep ignoring her.” Another monitor is seen in the video shoo-ing the hounds out of the garden near Hawkesbury Common in Gloucestershire.

Ms Ward said: “Someone on the other side of the hedge had whistled to show there was a fox so the Master directed the hounds in there. If the hounds were genuinely following a legal trail, they wouldn’t do that.” Since hunting with hounds was banned, Hunts insist they follow legal scent trails but opponents claim that is a “smokescreen” for real fox-hunting.

The film was taken just as the Beaufort was granted a licence by the National Trust to use its land at Horton Court in the Cotswolds on dates next month and in March. “The Trust should not be granting licences to hunts that trespass elsewhere,” said Ms Ward.


'Ledbury South' FH invades Buddhist Centre

31-1-18  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    VIDEO    Ledbury South, 30th January 2018. Treberron, Pencord, Herefordshire    As many are already aware the South Herefordshire Hunt remain under a police investigation with charges not yet brought following the most atrocious cruelty to fox cubs at their kennels in Wormelow.

The MFHA, not wishing for an entire hunt country to not have foxes being hunted and killed following the suspension of the South have allowed their neighbours the Ledbury to come in and hunt it. Some odd arrangement is ongoing wherein Mark Melladay brings the hounds over to hunt and people from both Hunts go out. It's business as usual for sabs. So off we went to an area we have not seen in a while. It was like a who's who of both Hunts with the masters of the SHH mingling with Ledbury masters, not many others out.

The Dhamma Dipi Buddhist meditation centre was in the centre of their activities for the first part of the day. Some hounds went in their car-park and the field went up their drive. Minutes later sabs stopped hounds from hunting a fox into the meditation centre by rating them. As is often the case the lead hounds went on but came back when they heard the later hounds being rated back to the huntsman....who should really have had someone up on that road.

Please supplort us, paypal.me/threecountiessabs .

POWAperson adds  -  I lived for a time in a Buddhist Centre in Somerset in the '90s and the Quantock Staghounds did exactly the same thing. We were able to drive them off and the stag lived to run another day. 

Pic below  -   Sabs rate hounds away from Buddhist centre 



Wave of protests re. 'trail hunting' at NT sites planned

31-1-18   Aol   Anti-hunt protests planned at National Trust sites across the UK   Campaigners organising a day of action on February 25th Campaigners against fox hunting are planning a day of protest next month at National Trust sites across the country.

The National Trust allows so-called 'trail hunts' on its land, where hounds are supposedly following a scent - but many wild animals, including foxes, hares and even deer, end up being chased and killed at these events. Trail hunting has long been suspected of being a cover for illegal hunting by campaigners against bloodsports. The National Trust narrowly voted to continue to allow trail hunting last October, despite an online petition gaining 175,000 signatures against the move.

During a debate in the Commons last week, Labour MP John Spellar told agriculture minister George Eustice that he "will be aware that concerns are growing that trail hunting is being used as a cover for illegal hunting". He asked: "What action will the Government take against those who continue to hunt illegally?"  Mr Eustice insisted "the law is clear and is being enforced", adding: "Foxhunting is a matter for the police and the prosecuting authorities. Anybody who believes the law has been broken should report it to the police."

Hunt monitors, however, claim police forces across the country usually ignore their video and photographicAnti-huntprotestoutsideNTAGM21-10-17.jpg evidence of illegal hunting.

The League Against Cruel Sports explains the problems with trail hunting: "Before the Hunting Act 2004, there was 'traditional hunting', which involved the chasing and killing of animals, and 'drag hunting', a legitimate sport created in the 1800s which was not intended to mimic animal hunting, but instead is a sport using foxhounds to search for a non-animal scent laid by a drag pulled on a string, without the pursuit or killing of wild animals. Trail hunting is an entirely new invention which purports to mimic traditional hunting by following an animal-based scent trail (using fox urine, according to the hunters) which has been laid in areas where foxes or hares are likely to be. Crucially, those laying the trail are not meant to tell those controlling the hounds where the scent has been laid, so if the hounds end up following a live animal scent the Hunt can claim that they did not know, and so 'this is why they did not try to stop them'. In drag hunting the trail doesn't contain animal-based scent, is never laid in areas likely to have foxes, and those controlling the hounds always know where the trail was laid. This is why in drag hunting, 'accidents' when live animals are chased are very rare, while in trail hunting they are very common."

National Dis-Trust, which campaigns against hunting on National Trust land, is working with local groups for a day of protest on February 25. Among the dozen demonstrations already planned, National Dis-Trust will team up with Somerset Wildlife Crime for the protest at Dunster Castle; with Weymouth Animal Rights at Kingston Lacy House and Gardens; with Cheshire Against the Cull at Little Moreton Hall, Congleton; and with Grantham Against Bloodsports at Woolsthorpe Manor.

The National Trust is often asked about hunting by visitors to its Facebook and Twitter sites and responds with a link to this document, in which it states: "The Trust does license trail 'hunts' in some areas and at certain times of the year, where it is compatible with our aims of public access and conservation. We believe the overwhelming majority of hunts act responsibly, and we hope our clear, robust, and transparent set of conditions will allow participants to enjoy this activity in compatibility with our conservation aims. Any activity associated with the term 'hunting' continues to provoke strong emotions on both sides of the debate. We recognise our reforms will not satisfy everyone. Our charity's core aim is to look after the places in our care and that remains our top priority when considering whether to license any outdoor activity. This would be true whether it's mountain biking or a food festival. But our charity was also established for the nation's benefit and to provide the widest spectrum of public access and enjoyment. We therefore always look to welcome people to our places and to host the broadest range of outdoor activities on our land. We believe this should include trail 'hunting', where it is consistent with our conservation aims and is legally pursued."

A spokesperson for National Dis-Trust said: "Recent licensed meets of hunts like the Warwickshire Hunt have been complete with terrier men lurking in the vicinity, ready to inflict immense suffering on any foxes that escape the hounds as well as their terriers. Along with many hunt monitors and saboteurs, wildlife campaigners and animal rights activists across the UK, we will be highlighting the National Trust's complicity in criminal bloodsports at their properties on Sunday 25th February."

Eduardo Goncalves, Chief Executive at the League against Cruel Sports, said: "The National Trust is letting down its members by turning a blind eye to the illegal activity taking place on its land under the cover of 'trail' hunting. Rather than looking objectively at the evidence, they have sat on the fence on this issue. They ignored the will of their members to block the vote to ban trail hunting on their land. They claimed they would regulate and monitor trail hunting on their land, but this hasn't materialised, with several hunts already being spotted carrying on as normal. If they have any respect for their members or their reputation, they will take this issue more seriously than they are at present, because people don't want animals being killed for fun on land which is meant to be protected for all of us."

The National Trust has been invited to comment on the protest - and on issues raised in this article about trail hunting - and any response will be used to update this page.


Warks FH Huntsman tried to scare fox from brambles for hounds

Seen hunting on NT land, with terriermen nearby 

31-1-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   Warwickshire Hunt - Upton Estate - Wednesday 24th Jan 2018    A few of us caught the Warwickshire Hunt hunting behind the National Trust's Upton House on the Upton Estate. It wasn't long before a fox was seen running from a wood which the huntsman had recently put the hounds into. There were also several quad bikes with terriermen driving around, the National Trust have said that there is no place for terriermen on a 'trail hunt'.

Later that day a fox hid in some very thick brambles (too thick to have laid a trail through) and it wasn't long before the hounds were trying to get in. Convicted huntsman Will Goffe let the hounds spend over 10 minutes trying to find a way into the brambles and at one point even got off his horse and got in amongst the brambles himself.

Please sign the petition to get the Warwickshire Hunt banned from National Trust land -https://www.change.org/p/farnborough-hall-stop-the-warwicks…     #strengthenthehuntingact

Pics below   -   1/  Fox fleeing hunt     2/   Huntsman off horse beating gorse to scare fox out 

  WarksFHFoxfleeing24-1-18.jpg WarksFHHuntsmanoffhorsebeatinggorsetoscarefoxout24-1-18.jpg


Woodland Trust makes clear grants no access to ANY Hunts

Even say they do not give permission for hound retrieval

31-1-18   Somerset Live    Woodland Trust says it does not grant access permission to hunts to use or cross their land to retrieve hounds - Woodland Trust has made its stance on fox hunting clear stating it does not even grant formal permission for hound retrieval T   he UK's largest woodland conservation charity - responsible for a number of woods in Somerset has waded in to the fox hunting debate.

The Woodland Trust has gone as far as saying it does not grant 'formal permission for hunts to access land to retrieve hounds' and that the only time a hunt should be on land it owns is using is a public footpath, bridleway or road, that runs through or adjoins Woodland Trust owned land, as they are legally allowed to use them.

The Hunting Act 2004 came into force in 2005 and made hunting live animals with dogs illegal. Trail hunting – pursuing pre-laid trails of scent, often fox urine - is not illegal, and more than 250 hunts across the country continue to do it. At the end of last year the National Trust made headlines following a vote to decide whether trail hunting should continue on land owned by them. Now the Woodland Trust has issued a statement regarding the charity's position on hunts using their land.

A spokesman said: "Since the introduction of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 and Hunting Act 2004, it has been illegal to hunt any mammals, including foxes with packs of hounds. While traditional hunts with hounds still operate by laying and following scented trails, the Woodland Trust does not grant access permission to hunts to use or cross our land. In addition, we do not grant formal permission to access our land to retrieve hounds. Therefore, the only reason a hunt would access/cross Woodland Trust land is if the route they are using is a public footpath, bridleway or road, which they are legally allowed to use, runs through or adjoins Woodland Trust owned land."


Locals complain of many trespasses by Four Burrow FH

Police had words with Hunt then they packed up 

31-1-18  Facebook - Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team   28/1/18 Fourburrow Hunt @ Callestick    Another Saturday, another hunt. Sabs arrived at Callestick village to find the Fourburrow Hunt drinking port outside a phone box and getting ready to go. At 11:30am the Hunt went north west out of the village, up to the cider farm and then disappeared into the mist in fields west of Penhallow. However with three foot groups and a vehicle we were never far away.

It didn't take long for the hounds to go into cry and sabs were in perfect position to rate the hounds as the pack ran towards Ventongimps. The hounds picked up again and as sabs got into position they encountered some very upset locals who were furious at the hounds being allowed to run amok through their gardens and land. No trail laid here folks. The Hunt gathered the hounds and it wasn't long before they were in cry again, running past one foot team only to be stopped by sabs in the vehicle.

The hounds ended up in and around the woods at Little Callestock and the Chyverton estate. More extremely annoyed locals came out to tell the hunt to stop trespassing. It was at this point one police officer arrived and seemed to have a word with the Hunt. Half an hour later the Hunt were packing up and going home at the very early time of 2:30pm. Just to make sure they were truly going home we checked the hounds were back at the kennels.

So, the hunt trespass and cause chaos, the locals are up in arms and then the police turn up and the Hunt go home. We don't know for sure if the police advised the Hunt to leave but if that was the case we are grateful to Devon & Cornwall police for doing their job. Maybe the tide has turned?

MPs also have a duty to uphold the interests of their constituents. Sarah Newton is the MP for this area (Truro and Falmouth) and we encourage you to contact her and ask what she intends to do about the locals who are being harassed by the hunts and the hunts who are blatantly illegally hunting fox and deer. Every bit of pressure helps, please don't think it's pointless just because she is a Tory. Sarah Newton MP sarah.newton.mp@parliament.uk.

As always, many thanks to all our supporters who keep us on the road and thank you to the new sabs who joined us today. Thank you also to the locals mentioned above who stopped to talk to us and show us great support.


Police refuse to act in case of Wilts Beagles chasing fox on A303

31-1-18   Facebook - Somerset Hunt Saboteur Group    An update on the Wiltshire and Infantry Beagles A303 incident...  Wilts police have finally and grudgingly sent the original witness a summary of action taken and conclusions of the investigation. Apart from the fact that Wilts Police are semi-literate, using formally and formerly in an interchangeable manner. Plod concluded that the beagle pack, which was out for sporting purposes, therefore had a 'formal defence' to the charge of section 27 of the Road Traffic Act. (The Hunt when interviewed by the local PC, had a legal representative present.)

This, of course, is not true, as any fool knows, as the qualifier for exemption is whether the hounds are under close control. Which they obviously were not. If someone dies in a Road Traffic Collision after swerving to avoid a hunt hound which is out of control, there is no exemption! Only a matter of time...

Plod has taken the word of the Hunt that they were not acting outside the law, were using a trail ( 'could be evidenced') and that therefore no offence had been committed. Where our witness clearly saw a group of 5 hounds chasing a fox, plod took the denial of the Master that they were chasing wildlife, despite the fact that he was at least a mile away from the incident. Looks and sounds like clear evidence that the hounds were out of control and therefore within the scope of the relevant traffic law.

Plod also reported that promises were made that the Hunt would take extra precautions to avoid another incident like this, further ' evidencing' Wilts police's wilful naivety regarding hunting. You can be assured that should hunt hounds riot and become out of control again in Wiltshire, run onto a busy road or even a motorway, no further action will be taken by plod. Incidentally, not for the first time in hunt or badger cases like this.

Sadly, on the day in question Wiltshire Police call logs were 'somewhat problematic'. Funny that ! Co-incidental, some might say. Thus, nobody is quite sure who phoned the incident in and decided that no driver needed interviewing. Some might say it was the off-duty plod who was in attendance ' for 'social reasons'.

POWAperson adds  -  The incident occurred on 2-12-17. Several hounds ran on to the busy, high speed, dual carriageway road. One hound was killed, another injured.  This kind of incident has been happening at least several times per season for decades. POWAperson does not know of a single case in which police have taken action against the Hunts concerned.


Waen FH Huntsman convicted of assault on woman sab

30-1-18   Facebook – N.Wales Sabs   From the archives. Just going through some old footage of ours and weWaenFHHuntsmanPhillipA.DaviesConvictedassaultf.sab25-1-15.jpg came across this...

The Waen Foxhounds who also operate under the name North Wales Terrier and Lurcher Club, but both names are just a disguise as we have it on good authority this is a badger baiting gang. On the 25th of January 2015 we followed Sammy's hound van to the fisheries just off the A55 in Bodelwyddan. Only one of our vehicles saw which way the van went, the vehicle consisted of 3 female sabs.

When Sammy stopped his van, he and a load of his mates approached the females in their vehicle banging on the windows and making threats. The police were rather quick on the scene, this footage is from when the 3rd sab vehicle arrived. Phillip Andrew Davies aka 'Sammy' threw coffee in the face of one sab and stamped on the hand and phone of a young female sab. Sammy was later convicted receiving a 12months conditional discharge for his actions.

If you want to help us get out in the fields, you can do so by making a small donation on this link below. Thank you for all your continued support. https://gogetfunding.com/sabbing-fuel-funds-for-nwhs/


Hunt 'steward' guilty of 3 more sab assaults, at Woodland Pytchley FH

30-1-18   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    Today, at Wellingborough Magistrates Court, Shaun Stacey was found guilty of a further 3 counts of assault against sabs from an incident at the Woodland Pytchley Hunt last season. Despite the inability of the court's to view the video evidence on which much of the case was based there was still enough to convict him. Further to this those involved are taking advice regarding other claims which couldn't be proven to the court due to the video issue.

Taking into account his recent previous conviction and another court appearance due shortly the Magistrate said this will be "more than a fine", with gaol time a distinct possibility. Even the presence of the no doubt highly expensive Stephen Welford, (Countryside Alliance's go-to solicitor) couldn't prevent justice from being served. He will be sentenced on the 22nd February.

POWAperson adds   -  These convictions bring to 408 the number of separate persons connected with organised UK Hunts known to POWA to have been convicted of or cautioned for criminal offences since 1990.  These comprise a total of 980 offences, of which 234 were violence crimes, mostly against monitors and sabs.  224 of the 980 offences are known to have been committed by officials or employees of Hunts, the rest by riders or followers.  


Badsworth FH Huntsman sends hounds towards live railway

Even passing high-speed train didn't deter him 

30-1-18   Facebook - Liverpool Hunt Sabs    The pro-hunt fraternity always like to claim that we encourage hounds with our gizmo and horn calls towards roads etc. Well we wonder what they would say to seeing Badsworth & Bramham Moor Hounds Huntsman, Nick Thornicroft calling his hounds towards a live railway track. Even after a commuter train passes at high speed he continues encourages his hounds towards the location.



Surrey Union FH chase fox over busy road causing havoc

30-1-18   Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs   Mission 58 - Surrey Union Foxhunt, Newdigate Tuesday 30-1-18 Following a call from a friendly local two Sabs made their way to an eventful Tuesday meet of the Surrey Union Foxhunt. They had unboxed earlier at Henfold Lakes. We found them after a fox on south of Melton Hall farm. We just missed getting the fox on camera but the hounds were in full cry all over the very busy road ( cut road to Gatwick ), putting motorists and hounds at risk.

The hounds headed west where we found them at Temple Elfande, where, after calling the pack together, he headed west again. They must have circled back as we found them again at Temple Elfande. This time we believe one of the supporters must have seen a fox in a small wood at the corner of temple road and told the Huntsman who immediately brought the hounds round and cast them in the wood, getting onto the fox. In what was obviously pre-planned, the whipper-in blocked our car and the rest of the mounted field surrounded our car so we couldn't film or get to the fox, with one of the riders trying to kick the wing mirror off.

We called the police at this stage. Two police cars turned up later. The hounds were in full cry after the fox, with 3 quads of terriermen as well. We are not sure if they killed but think it very possible. This follows the usual pattern of the Surrey Union - mostly laying trials on a Saturday when more sabs and police are around and blatantly illegally hunting mid-week when our numbers are low.

If you wish to contact us please email. If you wish to support us please donate to



Unknown Hunt reported trespassing on NT land in Shropshire

30-1-18  LACS website    A report to the League's Animal Crimewatch line was made of a hunt on the National Trust’s Carding Mill Valley and the Long Mynd, in the Shropshire Hills, on 30th January 2018.


Indy reports Grafton FH hunter slandering monitor, calling him paedophile

POWAperson comments - Hunters have been using this as a standard tactic for years, presumably to try to deflect attention from their own law breaking, in which they happily involve their own children, but it is gratifying that a national newspaper has brought this to public attention. It is though far from the worst abuse monitors and sabs routinely  suffer from hunters.

30-1-18  Independent  VIDEO   Hunting supporter tells animal-rights monitor: 'You're a paedophile forGraftonFHfollowertomonitorYoureapaedophile1-18.jpg filming our children' - Woman holding up phone to take footage of riders on a public road is accused of child abuse    A fox-hunting supporter has been filmed repeatedly accusing a hunt monitor of being a paedophile for shooting footage of riders and hounds on a public road. The woman[right], caught on camera as the Grafton Hunt [below left] in Buckinghamshire set out, is seen claiming that her children are being filmed when the Hunt approaches. “I don’t give you permission to film my children – my children are under 16,” she says. “You are a paedophile for filming our children and should be put away.”

The hunt monitors said they were filming to see whether the pack, setting out from Stowe School, chased after foxes. One young man, who appears to be a teenager, emerges from the Grafton pack and walks towards the camera. The mother then claims – wrongly – that it is illegal to film children. “You are breaking the law by filming my children,” she insists. “Paedophiles shouldn’t be allowed out – it’s a disgrace.”

The monitor taking the footage challenges her to call the police if she thinks he is committing a crime but she does not do so. The woman and another supporter repeatedly come close to the camera to try to block the view of the riders and hounds.

Filming children in a public place is not illegal, although the media often voluntarily obscure children’s faces in some circumstances. Hunting wildlife with dogs has been illegal since 2005.

A spokeswoman for the Grafton said: “Having met at the school, we were accompanied by a number of mounted pupils, some of whom had parents following, so we presume this is the parent of one or more pupils but is not a known member of the Hunt. “We never seek and always regret confrontation when out trail-hunting.”

GraftonFH1-18.jpgThe clash came just days after the Master of a different Hunt was filmed directing his hounds into a private garden whose owner had repeatedly asked them to stay away. The Master of the Beaufort Hunt was seen on horseback instructing the pack into the enclosed area during what is suspected of being a fox hunt.

Monitor Denise Ward said: “The homeowner was annoyed they were in there because she has told them not to come several times and they keep ignoring her.” Another monitor is seen in the video shooing the hounds out of the garden near Hawkesbury Common in Gloucestershire.

Ms Ward said: “Someone on the other side of the hedge had whistled to show there was a fox so the Master directed the hounds in there. If the hounds were genuinely following a legal trail, they wouldn’t do that.” Since hunting with hounds was banned, Hunts insist they follow legal scent trails but opponents claim that is a “smokescreen” for real fox-hunting.

The film was taken just as the Beaufort was granted a licence by the National Trust to use its land at Horton Court in the Cotswolds on dates next month and in March. “The Trust should not be granting licences to hunts that trespass elsewhere,” said Ms Ward.

This month monitors have repeatedly condemned the National Trust after taking photographs and various pieces of footage of foxes being chased by hunts that have received licences from the trust to use its land. Last year the trust introduced a ban on the use of trails on its land without a licence. It pledged to publish dates, places and times of hunts in advance, but critics say the details are too vague to be of use, and accuse the Trust of allowing the practice to continue, by both licensed and unlicensed packs, as if it had not been banned.

A National Trust spokesman said: "We take any reports of unlicensed trail hunts on our land very seriously, and we seek urgent clarification from the relevant trail hunts. In prior years we've declined to issue, have suspended, or have revoked trail-hunting licences when either licence conditions have been breached or where we have lost confidence in a trail hunt’s ability to adhere to the conditions. "Trail hunts understand that they need to apply for a licence if they use Trust land. The majority of trail hunts are responsible and recognise the importance of working with us to ensure this lawful activity takes place in a safe way, within the law. Clearly, it is unacceptable to disregard the long-established rules and wilfully disregard landowners."

The Independent has approached Beaufort for comment but none had arrived at the time of publication.


Dig-out by Blackmore FH prevented by sab presence

29-1-18   Facebook - Dorset Hunt Sabs    Hit Report Blackmore & Sparkford Vale FH Sat 27th Jan 2018 Meeting at Quarrey House, Charlton Horethorne    To start with scenting conditions were not the best but with the rain due to stop there was a potential for that to change. We arrived at the meet early to make areas safer for any nearby foxes. Leaving the meet at 11.30... the hounds started speaking and crossed the road right by the landy in the direction of Ashclose Farm. There was no fox observed in this area... Footpath access was pretty limited here and in some of the other areas we thought the Hunt would be visiting today so we knew we were up against it. Mark Doggrell gathered his hounds and headed off... drawing hedgerows along the way, Mark took the hounds round a road circuit...

A fox was observed by monitors. With the Hunt heading this way the landy made good speed and foot sabs were quickly out on the footpath. All 5 quads and terrier boys were here with the Whip and the hounds sounding like they had possibly marked to ground. Sabs were filming and maintained their position much to the whips disgust. With the sabs present and no opportunity for a dig-out and a kill Mark quickly took the hounds to Hill View Farm...

... the hounds picked up on the line of another fox that we had observed... Leaving the monitors to watch we saw the man who assaulted two sabs the week before... Gravely concerned for the fox we continued down the lane and foot sabs were deployed on a footpath, Mark was at this point on foot and the hounds were searching the field boundaries that were large hedge areas. The foot team were only a field away and soon flushed Mark, the hounds and the field, who had by now caught up, out of the area, leaving that fox to see another day!

 it was just after 3pm... with fresh horses they headed to Seven Wells Down. There were some horses in a field who were charging around as the hunt passed.

The terrier boys then headed off road towards Poyntington Hill with the exception of one who was driving too fast and too busy looking at us to see where his bloodthirsty chums had gone... The monitors were now keeping a keen eye on the hounds as they were searching fields... and the hounds were speaking from time to time. A foot team jumped out again but thankfully were not needed because Mark gathered the hound and decided to call it a day.

We know for sure two foxes were saved today and who knows how many more would have been at risk if we had not been there. A massive thanks to the monitors it was a pleasure as always to work with you both.

As ever thanks for your support and comments, if you want to join us please email dorsethuntsabs@riseup.net.



Heythrop FH cause danger - chase fox on to A44 in bad weather

Sabs find five blocked badger setts

29-1-18    Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO  2nd VIDEO   Saturday 27th January 2018    2 meets within half a mile of one another. The North Cotswold met at Kinetonhill farm and along with our friends Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch they were kept an eye on and many setts checked.

The Heythrop met at Condicote and early morning patrols found setts blocked the day before. They hunted a fox over the B4077 and one sab was surrounded at a blocked sett by pony club and some rather excitable adults. The behaviour of the children was exemplary but the adults were a bit odd to say the least accusing said sab of blocking setts!

On to land owned by Donnington Brewery who really should not associate with such criminal practices as illegal hunting and sett blocking their website is https://www.donnington-brewery.com/. The third blocked sett of the day and as they has just hunted a fox towards Merryman's brake you would have thought that they might be a bit contrite at being found out but oh no. Some histrionics about footpaths and some chap from the Fernie being a bit silly.

They were around Han's Brake a lot and eventually hunted a fox over the A44 into Sezincoate and got all over the road in appalling weather conditions risking horse, hound and human.

Please, if you like what we do please support us Paypal.me/threecountiessabs. Sabs from 3C were out again yesterday both sett surveying new areas and fending off a shooter in the old Gloucs badger cull zone.

Pics below   -   1/  One of the blocked setts     2/  Hunt all over the A44 

  HeythropFHBlockedsett27-1-18.jpg HeythropFHAlloverA44_27-1-18.jpg


Cheshire Forest FH hounds riot on A50 causing traffic havoc

Huntsman whips hound rescued from road by sab 

29-1-18   Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs   Hit Report 27/1/2018    The Cheshire Forest met at Manor Farm in Knutsford that's owned by the Hunt's whipper-in and tractor thief Andrew Callwood.

We joined sabs from Cheshire and Lancashire and even a sab from way down south. As we approached the areaCheshireForestFHAndrewGermanposter27-1-18.jpg we believed the Hunt to be in we came across the fantastic Cheshire against the Hunt group who were peacefully protesting at the side of the A50, the group also stayed in the area throughout the day patrolling footpaths. The only thing more miserable than the weather was the look on Andrew German's face when he realised he wouldn't be having things all his own way as he attempted to kill foxes on what is practically his home turf...

The Hunt had been rumbled and headed back towards the road and towards Ash tree farm with is situated just near the Huntmaster's home. Sabs watched from a near by bridleway and were pleased to see the protesters from this mornings demo were also close by. The Hunt then doubled back and crossed the road again, sabs followed. The Hunt now attempted to hold up a small wooded area behind Woodland Farm. The hounds could be heard speaking as the riders surrounded the wooded area and the Huntmaster encouraged his hounds on. The ground was really boggy but as sabs got closer Andrew German again rounded up his hounds before moving off.

Foot sabs were in pursuit as the Hunt headed to the grounds of Andrew German's Peover Hall, sabs were followed by terrier thugs with their usual attempts of intimidation. The Hunt passed through the Peover estate exiting near the front entrance crossing the road and field into a woodland, at this point we did lose the Hunt for a while, but CheshireAgainsttheHunt.jpgthere was no need to panic knowing members of the public were around patrolling and also one of the Cheshire wildlife officers were seen close by... Well at least the public were out!

We regrouped, picked up the foot sabs and headed in search of the ghastly Andrew German. The Hunt were located in fields alongside the A50 and once again they were in pursuit of a fox. Sabs had seen the fox running for his/her life as the hounds broke into cry and gave chase. Sabs tried their best to call off the hounds and we believe the hounds did actually lose the scent of this lucky fox. The Hunt then headed towards the Equiport on the A50 and all hell broke lose as hounds were all over the A50 as the Hunt failed to keep control causing distress disruption and endangering road users. A sab managed to rescue one of the hounds off the road and as the hound jumped up at the sab to thank her and get a rare cuddle the Huntmaster Andrew German whipped the hound and screeched "Get off her".

The Hunt then hit the tarmac again as sabs followed in vehicles until the Hunt headed down a bridleway when foot sabs took over the pursuit, the bridleway passed a couple of farms and back onto the main road with sabs in tow all the way. Just after the Hunt had passed through and headed back to the meeting point to box up a fox ran across the fields near the sabs and away from the direction the Hunt had gone! With no foxes killed to report and no tractors stolen in the area it was a successful days sabbing.

Thanks for your continued support. Please check out Richard Bowler Wildlife Photography page as Richard is donating £10 of each sale from the fox print on bamboo paper to North Wales Hunt Sabs. Also you can made donations to us on this link here https://gogetfunding.com/sabbing-fuel-funds-for-nwhs/


Fernie FH killed fox and quickly cleared it up, say sabs

29-1-18   Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs    Sad update re Fernie on Saturday, it appears they did kill a fox and it was quickly "cleared up " by the Hunt.

27-1-18   Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs   Sab report 27th Jan    Today we were joined by our friends from Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs and Derby Hunt Saboteurs to sab the Fernie. We knew from the start it wouldn’t be an easy day and we were prepared for some challenges.

The hunt started at Gwen's Gorse just east of Ashby Magna, and Charlie's Gorse at Northwest of Peatling Parva. At Gwens Gorse we found blocked badger setts which is obviously illegal and also came across the delightful Andrew Keane whom some of you will remember from a pre Xmas sab. (How could you forget that delightful face pressed up against our window). Yet again he threatened sabs and tried to intimidate, pretending to phone gangs, as if he was a Sicilian mafia boss !

Despite this, sabs worked well together in two groups covering ground and keeping up with the Hunt for quite some time. Later we were joined by an army of Pies, Bicester Stewards and the bumpkins; Charlotte and Brendan. We had the normal blocking in by vehicles and as you will see in the pics standing in front of the van like schoolyard bullies. (So Fernie- if you are just trail hunting, why do you need bodyguards?)

The Hunt fled eastward disappearing across the busy A5199 in front of buses and cars - putting all their animals at risk, to hunt the area west of Fleckney. The huntsmen didn't hang around for long, flying away from us wherever we appeared.

The Hunt master was last seen in the gathering gloom of late afternoon, trying to find his split pack with a hound on the road, some with him and another small pack hunting on their own in the fields Southwest of Fleckney. Although the hounds went briefly into cry late in the day and sabs were prevented from going into the field by the bullies, we suspect it was a kill free day [alas not].

Our trials and tribulations were not over at the end of the hunt . The bullies had nothing better to do so followed a sab vehicle around near Arnsby. The vehicle got stuck in a muddy area trying to turn around at a dead end. It took some time to get it out using rubble ( which we put back ) and a mat from the other van. We had a lovely audience of bullies standing around finding infantile delight as they took videos, photos, and generally mocked us. Obviously having nothing better to do with their sad little lives.

We are resilient though and tough enough to not take the bait, ignoring their jeers because at the end of the day we are humans who care for animals and will make these sacrifices to our own pride to save them. We had a long day today and travelled some distance. If you would like to contribute towards our petrol costs and van repairs we would be very grateful. Please click on www.paypal.me/ENABS.

28-1-18   Facebook - Derby Hunt Saboteurs   HIT REPORT: 28/1/18 Fernie Hunt, Leicestershire   We teamed up with Northants Hunt Saboteurs and Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs yesterday. With a group following the hunt on foot another group went to check Gwens Gorse where sabs found blocked in badger setts (which is illegal) and an artificial earth. While in the area, a man, donning a pink face cover and an umbrella, told sabs he was their 'worst nightmare' in a failed attempt to threaten them. One hound was already lost from the pack at this point, not a very good start to the day for them.

Shortly after, that team joined up with the sabs who were following the hounds. The hunt spent the day travelling over A roads, blocking busses on the roads and putting animals in danger. As the day got darker and gloomier, half the pack went to hunt alone in the fields south-west of Fleckney, the hunt tried to call them back, and failed.

Pics below   -   1/  Blocked badger sett     2/  Artificial earth 

   FernieFHBlockedbadgersett27-1-18.jpg   FernieFHArtificialearth27-1-18.jpg


Waveney Harriers panic sheep flock, run through traffic

29-1-18   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Waveney Harriers - 1st January 2018   Somerleyton Hall On New Year’s Day, Norfolk & Suffolk Sabs joined up with Norfolk & Suffolk Against Live Quarry Hunting at the Waveney Harriers meet at Somerleyton Hall. The Somerleyton estate is vast, so we knew we were going to have our work cut out.

Right from the off we found the Hunt hunting at the back of the church, close to the front entrance of the Hall. Hounds went in and out of cry and the sheep on the estate could be seen running back and forth in a panic [below].


Next the Hunt moved off to hunt the area at the south western edge of the estate. Loose hounds were seen running amongst the traffic and very bizarrely at one point the hounds were put in behind the estate wall while the huntsman and whipper-in cantered down the road, outside the estate. If the hounds had rioted, we are not sure how the Huntsman would have stopped them, him being one side of the wall and his hounds the other.

Throughout the day the Hunt moved on at a pace where hounds were put in various coverts. At one point the hounds could be heard baying and we feared the worst when we heard the terrier man had been called for. A lone sab managed to spot that the fox had however thankfully bolted just moments before the hounds had arrived. We believe this fox got to live another day.

Halfway through the day’s hunting the hounds were put in on a covert right on the edge of the road. This gave sabs a clear view of what was happening. One wonders what would have happened if the hounds had made chase, so close to a road. No bird of prey was in sight.

Despite the vast area covered by the Hunt, sabs did well to keep up with the Hunt all day. Considering this was a prestigious New Year’s Day meet, the number of field seemed considerably down on previous years.

Please buy us a coffee to keep us going in the field: https://ko-fi.com/norfolksuffolkhuntsaboteurs.

Pics below   -   1/  The Hunt in sheep field   2/  Hounds force car to brake    3/  Traffic held up while hounds search    4/   Huntsman and Whip. Hounds are other side of wall  

  WaveneyHarriersHuntinsheepfield1-1-18.jpg WaveneyHarriersHoundsonroad1-1-18.jpg

  WaveneyHarriersrafficheldupwhilehoundssearch1-1-18.jpg WaveneyHarriersHuntsmanandwhipHoundsothersideofwall1-1-18.jpg


MP asks PCC to urgently examine Cheshire police treatment of Hunts

29-1-18   Mike Amesbury MP   I've called for a thorough investigation into how Cheshire Police looks into allegations of illegal fox hunting. I've been contacted by a number of constituents who've raised this as an issue which led to me raising a Parliamentary question. The government says it is a matter for the police, however. 

After speaking to both the RSPCA and Cheshire Police, the constabulary says there have been issues of legal 'trail hunting' where a scent is tracked by hounds instead of an actual animal, but that this has led to foxes being 'unintentionally' killed, and that in order to prosecute under current legislation, they would have to prove intent. I am not satisfied with this. I have asked the Police and Crime Commissioner to look into the matter urgently and will keep everyone updated.


Report that Bicester FH causing chaos on A road and in gardens

29-1-18   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch    Just had a call to tell me A413 is in chaos at Winslow, Apparently the Bicester Hunt hounds are running in all directions all over the road. They are now running in people's gardens.



Monitors save fox at S.Durham FH foot hunt in snow & ice

29-1-18   Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors    HIT REPORT 20.01.18 South Durham Hunt    We knew the mounted hunt would be cancelled due to bad weather but knowing how eager these guys are to kill we had a feeling they would take the hound pack on foot.

After following the hound van with one on our vehicles and it going on a little road trip before returning to the kennels to make us think they had changed their minds and were putting their feet up instead of hunting, we knew better and headed off to the most likely place where foxes could be chased with a pack on foot. Carlton Ponds.

Well, no sooner had we sprayed the area with citronella the Hunt turned up and looking confused at seeing us waiting we couldn't help but laugh as their plan had been foiled.

S.DurhamFHHoundscrossingrailwayline20-1-18.jpgA few snowballs aimed at our vehicle wasn't about to put us off so 2 teams of foot monitors headed in the direction of the hounds. With the usual bully boys and terrier twats supporting the day's hunting we knew we were in for a lot of a abuse and we weren't wrong.

From the off, we were subject to the same old same old jibes and yawning at their attempts to intimidate we kept going along the footpath. We were followed by a strange character who doesn't need much more mention here as we don't want him to get a big head and even odder laugh, only to say he stole from us and also made himself out to be a right tit.

Between us we managed to keep the Hunt in view with the 2 teams meeting up on a walkway over a railway line that the Hunt seem to think is there own private playground. The hounds went into cry and ended up on the railway line [left] but no fox was seen. Subject to more abuse and rocks thrown in our direction, we kept following as hounds were drawn through a small outcrop.

If not for a hunt supporter pointing out a fox, we would not have notice it until hounds were turned around and made to hunt onto its line. The fox came from the direction hounds had been in cry only minute earlier. We used the gizmo to get the hounds' attention and their heads came up and the fox made a get away. our driver with her zoom camera picked up the fox running for its life [below right] and yet again the Hunt showing that no trail was being followed. Off the Hunt went over snow and ice which made for easy following with foot and hound prints giving away their direction.

We came across the terriermen off their quads in the trees on the edge of the railway line. What were they up to?S.DurhamFHFoxfleeing20-1-18.jpg Had a fox gone to ground ? Had they stopped for a quick cow sandwich ? Hmm, we will be kept guessing as when they saw us they jumped on their quads and headed to threaten to run us over if we stepped back into the field where the footpath had taken us. Fools.

We had no choice but to jump the fence onto the railway where again the footpath crossed but with a possible dig-out taking place we decided to take a look just in case. The terrier peeps ended up on the bridge over the railway, shouting abuse and threats down at us we had to get our driver to call the police.

By this time it was getting dark and the temperature dropping we decided to exit onto the bridge. Apparently the police had shown up but were unable to locate us so had remained with the terrier twats cars in the hope to see them return. We were pleased to see the hound van all packed up pass us on its way back to the kennels.

The police rang and informed us the terrier men had not returned to their cars where the police were waiting – haha.

13 miles on foot through the snow in freezing temperatures took its toll on us but we are pleased to say no kills were made so the aches and pains the day after was worth it.

LONG LIVE THE FOX To donate to our fund please use PayPal via - mailto:huntmonitors@gmail.com.paypal.me/huntmonitorspaypal.me/huntmonitors or http://ko-fi.com/huntmonitors. Thanks so much ��.

Pics below  -   1/  Hounds searching, one emaciated     2/  Natives not so friendly    3/  Hunting in the snow. Note that one of the hounds has a severe skin condition.

 S.DurhamFHHoundsisearchingoneemaciated20-1-18.jpg  S.DurhamFHNativesnotsofriendly20-1-18.jpg



Monitors stop dig out by Cheshire FH, drunk rider damages car

29-1-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   CHESHIRE HOUNDS HUNT, LITTLE BUDWORTH, 27.1.18   On Saturday we had a large team of monitors watching this Hunt. We had teams guarding badger setts and others coming at the Hunt from all directions all day, so they didn't really get much chance to enjoy their minority pastime until near the end of the day when they did manage to put up a fox. However, we scuppered their fun then as well (see our previous video). More on that later.

We kept the Huntsman moving looking for ways to escape our cameras and we witnessed the usual hunt havoc and selfish behaviour. Early on we witnessed 4 foxes racing away from the hunters almost within seconds of each other (see our previous video) which is far too much of a coincidence! Perhaps the Huntsman had ordered his takeaways all in one go! We also managed to stop one of the hounds that was chasing a hare and got the Huntsman to call the hound off it.


Cheshire Police (who have been sending two officers to each hunt every Saturday) turned up and followed the Hunt along with us, which didn’t really go down well with the hunters.

There was the usual madness like horses being jumped onto and cantered on tarmac roads, support vehicles blocking roads so that locals couldn’t go about their business, riders were covering parked cars in mud and one car was even damaged by a drunken rider who couldn’t control their horse. This incident is being looked into at the moment.

The Whipper-in was being driven about on the back of quad bikes and as a passenger in the lovely yellow van [see here] with a driver who hurls abuse, calls us paedophiles and drives with both hands off the steering wheel and no seatbelt. That particular clip of film has gone to the police. And the stupidity goes on and on and on!

Finally, we saved the last fox of the day that had been hunted on and off for some time, going to ground a few times and being flushed out of cover to be chased. This fox very nearly lost it’s life but just managed to dart down a fox earth hole that hadn’t been filled in by terriermen, thank goodness. We ran in and made sure no one was going to dig it out or carry on hunting it. Please see the film we posted about this yesterday.

There is so much positive change happening at the moment, including the powers that be finally tiring of the hunts' constant flouting of the law, and this was a very uplifting day for Cheshire Monitors as our hugely expanding team is working so well in the fight against these wildlife criminals.

Pics below   -   1/  Rider allegedly drunk who damaged car    2/  Hound alone and far from pack     3/  Whip riding on terrierman quad    4/  Hounds in cry about to chase fox to ground   

  CheshireFHRiderallegedlydamagedcarwhiledrunk27-1-18.jpg CheshireFHLonehoundfarfrompack27-1-18.jpg

  CheshireFHWhipridesonterrierquad27-1-18.jpg CheshireFHHoundsincrysoontochasefoxtoground27-1-18.jpg

28-1-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors  VIDEO   THE CHESHIRE HOUNDS HUNT CHASE A FOX TO GROUND – 27.1.18 ("Oh sorry, no it was an accident police officer!") Monitors manage to save it!

This Hunt chased this fox for some time with our monitors filming from various locations but not being able to get close enough to intervene. It goes to ground in an earth (that unusually hadn't been filled in by the hunt terriermen) and monitors race in and make sure the hunting is stopped.

You will notice that the hounds very nearly catch the fox at one point but it just manages to dart down the hole with them literally on it's tail. The hounds then piled into the fox earth and some of them got stuck but we managed to stand our ground and make sure all hounds left the scene.

Interestingly the red coat making most of the effort to call the hounds off (red faced and cracking his whip like a mad man!) is the ex huntsman of this hunt, Shayne Francis who had joined the Hunt for the day. The person who was supposed to be in charge of these hounds (Jake Openhiem) was hiding on the roadside just using his horn to call the hounds in.

This film shows you that if the fox earth had been filled in (which is what terriermen normally do before a hunt and these terriermen must have missed this on) our monitors could not have saved this fox. It's also very interesting to us that Jake has been doing a lot of hiding this season. Watch this space...

Finally - we've edited the clips so as to protect monitors identity.

27-1-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   VIDEO   OUTFOXED   Today we monitored the Cheshire Hounds hunt in and around Little Budworth, and watched them chasing five separate foxes. Here is footage of three of them caught by one of our cameras, escaping within a minute of each other, and we are pleased to report that all five escaped to live another day, despite this hunt's best efforts.

Antis protest at Exeter against police inaction on illegal hunting

Devon & Cornwall police have terrible record dealing with Hunts

29-1-18   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    PEACEFUL PROTEST ABOUT POLICE INACTION    In spite of the rain, many people attended a protest on Saturday at Heavitree Police Station in Exeter to draw attention to Devon & Cornwall Police's inaction over offences committed by Devon's hunts. Every week hunts are flouting the law and getting away with it: chasing and killing foxes, deer and hares, destroying badger setts, running riot through people's gardens and terrorising their pets, assaulting sabs, monitors and anyone else that gets in their way, committing criminal damage and blatant road traffic offences. The people of Devon have had enough!

We are calling on Devon & Cornwall Police to adopt a much more proactive stance against these wildlife criminals and stop being selective about which laws they enforce. This means turning up at Hunts unannounced to monitor their activities, providing relevant training to officers and call-handlers so they actually understand the law, attending when we call them if a hunt or dig-out is ongoing and investigating the incident there and then, not in "slow time" when the evidence is lost.

It means remembering that sabs and monitors are not the criminals in this situation and ensuring that offences we report to them are dealt with in a timely manner. It means ensuring there are no conflicts of interest, such as serving police officers riding with hunts that are under investigation. It means not sending a fleet of police cars out every time a hunt member complains about our presence and then claiming there are no officers available when we call them. It means not laboriously checking our vehicle insurance, tax, MOT, lights and so on up to five times in one day whilst turning a blind eye to hunt vehicles being driven illegally on Devon's roads...

It is not our job to investigate illegal activity. It's the police's job. Their inaction perpetuates crime and we will not tolerate it. Well done to everyone who took part in the protest on Saturday. Keep the pressure on!

  AntidemoatExeterpolicestationre.inactiononillegalhunting29-1-18.jpg  AntidemoatExeterpolicestationre.inactiononillegalhunting_2_29-1-18.jpg


Notts Sabs reveal another hunting vicar, at the Belvoir FH

HuntingvicarPaulTownsBelvoirFH.jpg29-1-18   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs   Thou Shalt Not Kill    This is Paul Towns. He's the chaplain for the private chapel at Belvoir castle and also involved in other churches in the Vale of Belvoir. He's also a regular rider with the Belvoir Hunt who we witnessed hunting at least 3 foxes on Saturday. Members of the hunt have also been involved in violent assaults on anti Hunt protestors.

No wonder the Belvoir appear to be above the law. Not only do they have local police riding with them but the clergy as well.


Badsworth FH rider whips and tries to ride down sab

Huntsman sends hounds into kiddies play area 

28-1-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Sometimes, one day of sabbing a week just isn't enough! So we decided to visit the Badsworth and Bramham yesterday along with our old friends Liverpool Hunt Sabs and our regular partners West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs.

Any half decent English cricketer is over in Australia getting thrashed in the Ashes. Whereas failed cricketers such as Nick Thornicroft are trying to illegally kill foxes round Church Fenton.

They eventually left the meet at 11:45, and by noon a rider had whipped a sab and attempted to ride them down. The cops arrived and the rider was soon seen heading home in his horsebox with his tail between his legs.

The day proceeded quite calmly after that with hounds only in cry twice, both times rioting after deer, and sabs never more than a field away from the Hunt. With sabs never out of Thornicroft's sight he became more and more desperate, even resorting to sending hounds into a children's play area in Church Fenton!

We don't often see eye to eye with Thornicroft but when he called his terriermen a c*nt in front of sabs we couldn't have agreed more. They headed back to the meet at 3:30pm and a group of happy sabs headed for the pub. We always need more maps and diesel if you can help with our funds here is where to do it. https://ko-fi.com/A570FG9.

Pics below   -   1/  Huntsman trying to think. It's not working      2/  Prime hunting country 

  BadsworthFHHuntsmantryingtohaveathinkItsnotworking27-1-18.jpg BadsworthFHPrimehuntingcountry27-1-18.jpg


Antis demand sack for Dwyryd FH JM convicted of badger baiting

Campaigners also want the Hunt to be disbanded 

28-1-18   Daily Mirror   Fox hunt master exposed for badger baiting after forcing terrified animal to fight with dogs - Campaigners discovered David Thomas, 51, is leader of the Dwyryd Hunt in North Wales and demanded the Masters of Foxhounds Association sack him   The Master of a fox hunt has been exposed for badger baiting. David Thomas, 51, forced the terrified creature to fight with dogs at his farm as other men watched. Campaigners discovered he is leader of the Dwyryd Hunt in North Wales and demanded the Hunt be disbanded.

Mike Nicholas, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “We are calling for this master of the hunt and convicted badger baiter to step down and for the hunt to be disbanded. Badger baiting is a cruel sport we have long suspected to be organised by those engaged in illegal hunting.”

A judge at Llandudno watched video of the farm in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd, where pipes held animals captive for dogs to fight. Artificial badger setts were found, along with seven skulls, possibly from foxes or badgers, the court heard. Thomas was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a badger and six other animal-welfare offences and will learn his fate next month. He did not respond to requests to comment.

30-1-18   The Ecologist   Activists demand convicted badger baiter steps down as master of North Wales fox hunt   A master of a fox hunt has been convicted and awaits sentencing for taking part in cruel badger bating. The League Against Cruel Sports has called for him to resign and to close down the Hunt. Badger baiting is a cruel sport that we have long suspected is sometimes organised by those also engaged in illegal hunting.

The Master of the Dwyryd Hunt in north Wales faces prison having been convicted of badger baiting and six further animal welfare offences. David Thomas, 51, was convicted last week at Llandudno Magistrates Court of causing unnecessary suffering to a badger by making it fight with dogs at his kennels at Cwm Bowydd Farm in Blaenau Ffestiniog - the Hunt’s kennels.

The League Against Cruel Sports is now calling for him to step down as Master of the Hunt and for the Dwyryd Hunt to be disbanded and the hounds relocated elsewhere.

Mike Nicholas, a spokesperson for the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "Badger baiting is a cruel sport that we have long suspected is sometimes organised by those also engaged in illegal hunting. There was an artificial badger sett found at the kennels where the Master lives, together with what is believed to have been several badger and fox skulls. Violence against animals is abhorred by most people but sadly still goes on. Killing animals for sport has no place in our society."

Thomas was also found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to two foxes by keeping them caged close to dogs which left them terrified and further animal welfare allegations, according to local newspaper reports.

Clive Rees, defending Thomas, argued that there had been an “institutionalised and systemic failure” and identification of his client was unsatisfactory. “There’s no real evidence these (caged) foxes were suffering any sort of trauma until approached by the police and RSPCA,” he added.

Jordan Houlston, 24, of Llandudno - an alleged hunt terrier man - was convicted in the same case of ill-treating a badger, and unnecessary suffering by causing a badger to fight with dogs at the farm. Houlston denied being present at the time of the animal fight.

Marc Wyn Morris, 26, of Blaenau Ffestiniog, pleaded guilty to wilfully injuring a badger, being present at an animal fight and causing unnecessary suffering to a badger by causing it to fight with a dog.

Sentencing will take place on Monday, 5 February 2018 at Llandudno Magistrates Court.

1-18   HSA Press Release   Animal torture chambers found at hunt kennels   David Thomas, Master and Huntsman of the Dwyryd Hunt, has been convicted of running a horrific badger-baiting ring from his hunt kennels. 

RSPCA investigators found an elaborate system of pipes, artificial setts and cages at the kennels - all built to facilitate the premeditated torture of foxes and badgers by dogs. The HSA is now calling for the immediate disbanding of the Dwyryd Hunt. 

This latest incident follows the closure of the South Herefordshire Hunt after their staff were filmed throwing live fox cubs to the hounds.

HSA Press Officer Lee Moon commented, "This horrifying case highlights, yet again, how hunt personnel are routinely involved in the most serious and disturbing of wildlife crimes. In press interviews following the 2005 hunt ban, Thomas made very clear his intention to become a wildlife criminal saying 'I've been doing it for 15 years and it's something you can't give up.' Perhaps if Gwynedd police had acted against Thomas at the time then these depraved acts might have been prevented."


Sabs ensure Cotswold Vale FH kill no foxes by rating and drawing hounds

28-1-18   Facebook - Welsh Border Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Popcorn ready folks, it's a long one.

POWAperson comments  -  Video shows sabs repeatedly having to rate Cotswold Vale Farmers FH hounds off fox's lines and, twice, using a gizmo to take hounds off the Huntsman. Hounds also invade a woman's garden at one point, which she was less than pleased about. 'Gazza' is Gary Williams, the Huntsman.

Pic below  -   Sabs rate hounds to stop them following line of fox. Huntsman is on other side of hedge, riding on the road. 



Sabs find Crawley FH coursing fox in enclosed field

Managed to pull hounds off with gizmo till Huntsman gave up 

28-1-18   Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs   “Stand down Rafe, stand down!”    Slow start to the day with sabs in roaming the district looking for Hunts, in the knowledge that most will be cancelled due to the very wet weather. As usual there is normally one hunt who do not give a jot for the safety for their horses and still go out. This Hunt is normally the Crawley & Horsham, who traditionally don’t give a damn for safety and today was no exception. We got the call from West Sussex sabs but while we were gathering our troops the Landy started having issues, a quick check showed that the last repairs had not been successful so we took to our cars. Calling ahead we found that there was enough room in other vehicles of Brighton sabs our usual comrades in mud and compassion.

Linking up with Brighton and filling their Landy to the brim we were directed to the last known location of the hunt and sure enough there they were. There was an odd enclosure with a 6 foot high deer fence [see pic at bottom] lined at the bottom to about 3 ft. with chicken wire with only one way in or out by a gate, it covered about one square mile. With no drag in site (or access available to quads) the hounds went into cry, and we saw a panicked fox run by within the enclosure, in there it would have little chance and would run in circles until caught. This was so blatant an attempt to create an ‘accidentally kill’ that even we were shocked, and it’s not impossible that the fox was dumped into the enclosure earlier.

Anyway with hounds in cry and with sabs on the wrong side of the fence we called the hounds to us with horns and the gizmo, using whips and voice calls to hold them in place near the fence. The Huntsman sent whipper-in’s around to our side of the fence to intimidate us but we of course carried on with the audio warfare. Eventually the Huntsman gave up and took the hounds back out of the enclosure to our relief and joy at the success....

CrawleyFHHuntedonKneppRewildingprojectland27-1-18.jpgThen it was into Knepp Castle land [left], which sells itself as a rewilding project (with all the available Euro subsidies it can grab). Unfortunately this ‘rewilding’ does not extend to our native wildlife and they regularly allow this Hunt to terrorise animals on their estate:- https://www.kneppsafaris.co.uk/

The ground was so wet we were wading at some point up to our knees, this did not stop the Hunt galloping away but with sabs from West Sussex ahead we kept tags on them. Again they went into cry and we had to intervene again causing them to lose the quarry.

Getting left behind we took to the Land rover and were pulled over by Sussex cops to tell us that one of our rear lights were out. Never see them doing that with quads with no number plates oddly enough. Once we were let go we heard over the radio the location of the Hunt we sped off, as we go close the cops pulled us over again and started doing a full vehicle check in a deliberate attempt to stall us. Sabs piled out of the Landy and ran down the road, as luck would have it the Hunt was heading our way so we managed to be in their path.

The Hunt entered a field and we moved ahead and passed into field guarded by a man who was going to become infamous to us as ‘Rafe’. He bleated in a plummy voice that he owned the field, but as hunters claim to own every field in the South East we ignored him and carried on into the natural heritage of our countryside which should be open to all.

Cops followed half a field behind calling to us to return but not willing to jog, so we ignored them. The Hunt turned around and so we did as well only to come across the puffing cops. We explained the intricacies of civil trespass which they claimed to know but had stilled tried to get us to leave the land. Under civil law the police have no jurisdiction over civil trespass. Rafe profusely thanked the police thinking they had got us to leave the dimwit.

Finding the Hunt was coming out onto the road while we observed them, we also observed a cop opening and shutting a gate for riders while having a sycophantic conversation with a rider about the good old days before the ban (we kid you not) and almost doffing his cap every time a rider went by.

The Hunt went off back towards the meet and to ensure they had finished for the day we took a long stroll into Jendons farm yard, followed by what was now 6 tired coppers. Sussex police really need to work on their fitness levels, as by the time we got there they were a good 100m behind and out of sight.

On entering the farm yard we quickly spotted the hounds boxed up but before we could leave bumpkins shot out of a barn bleating and red-faced, including our old chum Rafe. Much shouting ensued, threats from the Huntsman Richardson to visit our homes, which they claimed to know the addresses of from the police (most likely true due to damage to cars and thefts from sabs residences) and attempts to smash video cameras.

One sab standing back behind this jolly scrum was rushed at and body slammed, when he complained to the cop standing by him he was told he should have not gone towards his attacker, hmmm. Rafe was charging from sab to sab, puffing his chest out and shouting ‘get oofff my land’ and waving his arms in a comical fashion while, another more cautious red coat stood back from the scene shouting ‘Stand down Rafe, stand down’. Sabs used to this type of posturing could not take it very seriously and it was all ended by a small beagle running out of a barn which distracted sabs who wanted to stroke it.

Clearly having ruined the hunters' day and, after giving the beagle some love, we were happy to leave again followed by the cops until we came to a ford in the track. Clearly Sussex cops are like witches and cannot cross running water, as they stopped bemused, or perhaps they do not like getting their feet wet.

Either way we walked off into the sunset for some lovely home-made scones with jam. It was great to see two new sabs out from Brighton who had the usual refrains of ‘I didn’t realise how nasty hunters are in the flesh, are the cops always this biased and finally can I come out next week.’

As stated our Landy needs more repairs so any donations to help us fund this very much appreciated. Please help if you can by donating at: South Coast Hunt Sabs https://www.paypal.me/SouthCoastHuntSabs. Thank you for your support as usual. We are of course attending the demo at this Hunt's ball on the 24th Feb. Please come along if you can.

We are always looking for new sabs, so if you are interested please message us or email: southcoasthuntsabs@gmail.com.



Bolebroke Beagles killed at least one hare say sabs

28-1-18   Facebook - Kingston Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   South London, Croydon and Kingston sabs were given a tip off that there was a potential hare hunt with beagles and we promptly made our way to the kennels of the Bolebroke Beagles Ltd (with the final tax returns date imminent, we hope their accounts have been duly filed). Their kennels are at West Court Farm, close to Rochester. We made it just in time to see the Land Rover and adjoining trailer full of beagles about to leave.

After 3 attempts to leave unnoticed, they brazenly headed off to Sherenden Farm in Tudeley to go about theirBolebrokeBeaglesGoingforaswim27-1-18.jpg dirty business. One of our cars followed before parking up to be picked up by the landy and on arrival was faced with the brazen killing of a hare in between some fruit bushes before we could help make the save (all on film to be shared at a later date). The Hunt followers were surrounding us stating that they were hunting rabbits then continued to trawl over heavily ploughed fields (we’ve never seen a rabbit in this habitat before, but this is certainly the habitat preferred by hares...).

The police were called by the sab team and on arrival said that they would not be entering the field, strongly recommending that any fracas should be avoided. They told us to collate footage and send on if we could prove any wrongdoing by the Hunt. Helpful then...

We stayed with the Huntsman and whipper all afternoon, keeping the beagles away from any wildlife until 3pm when they spotted a hare and darted off in a circular motion (clearly not a rabbit as they run in a zig zag pattern), further proof of the illegal hunting taking place (as if we needed any more...).

It was at this point it became very clear that the Hunt had no control over their beagles as they split into two and headed off to woodland where they went into cry. Sabs surrounded the area calling them off and again when the Hunt couldn’t regain control, a deer was seen being chased and the beagles ran amok.

We offered to help search for the lost beagles who at this point were running over roads and fields but the Huntsman refused and continued to blow his horn into empty space. Red faced and very stressed they waited with the landowner scratching their heads. The police were nowhere to be seen.

After searching the entire area in the landy, we wearily headed home. One confirmed kill and one suspected. God only knows how many more kills there would’ve been had we not been present..

Pic above   -  Going for a swim 


Hampshire FH pack chases deer on to road, hound nearly run over

Hunt lost control of pack for 15 minutes as they disrupted traffic

28-1-18   Facebook - Surrey Hunt Monitors   VIDEO   Yesterday, with our friends from Guildford and North Downs Hunt Sabs over on NT land at Leith Hill with the Surrey Union, where monitoring is difficult, five of us from Surrey HampshireFHDeerfleeinghounds27-1-18.jpgHunt Monitors paid a return visit to the Hampshire Hunt who were having a joint meet with the Hursley Hambledon Hunt (like the Hampshire until recently, a Hunt which has been minimally monitored or sabbed since the ban). We found them about 5 miles south east of Winchester. One group took on an overt monitoring role, whilst the others went under cover for most of the day.

The Hunts de-boxed at two different spots a surprising distance apart – about 3 km - one in Owslebury Bottom and one at the Longwood Estate. At Owslebury Bottom one of our overt team talked to some terriermen from the Hampshire Hunt who proudly showed their “trail-laying” equipment – a rope hanging off the back of the quad with a pathetic ribbon on the end.

The overt team then met up with the Hunt again at a local water board car park. Seeming perturbed to find us there before them, the supporters were obviously rattled. One early middle-aged female supporter falsely accused us of filming a child in a car (we hadn’t even noticed it) and when we left after a few minutes’ filming of an illegal quad bike and hunt hounds running on the road – more of that later – this woman (later joined by another hunt support vehicle) followed our car. It being clear they were not going to leave us alone we adopted the usualHampshireFHHoundsrunontomainroadafterdeer27-1-18.jpgmonitors’ trick of driving them to the local police station... eventually figuring out where they were, our tails gave up, but this allowed our overt team to return to find the hunt immediately – to their obvious consternation.

The overt and covert teams then met up for a last look at the Hunt. We found them on Morestead Road, a busy country road, entertaining their supporters near the side of the road. At least one redcoat, and some of the field were surrounding a small piece of woodland with a small number of hounds – it seemed the pack had been split. An unattended quad bike was parked just outside too. Suspecting the terriermen were in the wood doing their “work”, two of our monitors went to investigate. Immediately they started packing up. The Huntsman went off with the hounds whilst the terriermen put a dog back into their quad-bike box. We investigated further and found a freshly blocked fox earth. This had all the signs of full on pre-ban hunting. At this point we must admit we regretted not inviting the sabs along to get in there more quickly, but we clearly had done enough to scare them off and hopefully had saved a fox.

Whilst discussing what to do next, chaos then ensued around us. We first heard hounds in full cry behind us (on the other side of the road from the dig-out) and filmed as the hounds chased two deer[above left]. Seeing us, the Huntsman tried to call them off, without success. A group of hounds piled over the road after the deer [above right], and chased it for what looked about a mile before we lost sight of them. A Huntsman dismounted and also crossed the road, and tried to retrieve the hounds, but this made matters worse.

HampshireFHPackrunningonmainroad27-1-18.jpgAt one point, we could hear horns being blown from both sides of the road and saw hounds crossing the road in opposite directions about half mile apart with us in the middle. Shortly after, what seemed like the entire pack of hounds then ran down the road [left] and past us with one irate masked terrierman riding up and down the road at high speed some of the time on the wrong side of the road (at one point even riding round the road in circles), and falsely accused us of blowing a horn. Sorry Mr Terrierman, but this chaos was all the work of your very own incompetent Lords & Masters from the Hunts.

The chaos lasted for at least 15 minutes, with us waving down motorists to slow down as they approached the scene, before finally the inevitable happened. A small group of hounds appeared suddenly in the trees alongside the road, running at speed toward it. One of our monitors called out to the others to flag down a car approaching and managed to get his attention just in time. One hound ran out and the driver swerved and did an emergency stop. All concerned were thoroughly shaken, but no-one was harmed. Where were the Hunt in all this? Nowhere to be seen. Totally totally irresponsible.

Finally our team headed off to do a bit of reconnaissance a few miles away for a future visit. These Hunts have not seen the last of us – although sometimes they won’t, if you know what we mean…

Pics below   -  1/  Hunters try to stop hounds chasing deer    2/  Terrierman's futile attempt to round up hounds    3/  Traffic havoc with redcoat    4/   Terrierman performs mid road manoeuvres 

  HampshireFHHunterstrytostophounds27-1-18.jpg HampshireFHTerriermanfutiletrytorounduphounds27-1-18.jpg

  HampshireFHRoadhavocwithredcoat27-1-18.jpg HampshireFHTerriermanblockingtraffic27-1-18.jpg


S. Dorset/Portman FHs all over busy road in horrible weather

Sabs rescue loose and injured hunt horse near main road 

28-1-18   Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights    Hit Report 27/1/18 South Dorset Hunt joint meet with the Portman Hunt Meet at "Highlands" South Dorset     Members of W.A.R acting on information received that confirmed their suspicions, warmed up the Red Landy and headed off to Piddlehinton to visit the South Dorset Hunt. Receiving a call on the way to say that this was a joint meet with the Portman. it wasn't long before we met up with our friends and comrades Dorset Against Blood Sports and Wildlife Witness.


Expecting this to be a big meet with lots of support, we were surprised to find a small field of about 40 riders, a handful of dribblers... At around 11am the hunt set off heading towards Kingrove Wood where sabs had already pre-beat and sprayed. With sabs still in the wood and vehicles positioned, the Hunt, once encountering foot sabs,S.DorsetorPortmanFHinjuredriderlesshorserescuedbysabfromnrmainroad27-1-18.jpg made their way... towards the extremely busy Old Sherborne Road. Now bear thick fog, torrential rain and heavy winds. Visibilty poor at low level but at high ground most cars travelling along this notoriously busy road had fog lights on! Kingrove Wood lies on high ground where you wouldn't expect any sensible Huntsman to try and cross this road with out of control hounds (half the pack was already....somewhere else!) So what do we witness...a huntsman not only stationed across the middle of this road but on his phone on a blind bend[above]!

Our comrades Dorset Against Blood Sports were busy collecting a loose horse that was badly injured [right] and running dangerously close to this busy main road. So where were the"c*untrymen" then? Why were Sabs risking themselves to save this horse? Ahhh yes the "c*untrymen" were probably using the tools of their trade to dig out yet another badger sett after putting their terriers to work... so much for the Horse and Hound description that UNDER A GOOD COUNTRYMAN'S STEWARDSHIP HOUNDS NEVER.... CROSS A MAIN ROAD UNAIDED" or even perhaps let loose, SCARED AND INJURED horses run amok near a busy MAIN ROAD in extremely dangerous weather conditions. The S.Dorset Huntsman Dominic Jones did however thank Sabs for their bravery and for returning the horse [pic, sab leading it, below left!!

S.DorsetorPortmanFHinjuredriderlesshorseledbysabbacktoHunt27-1-18.jpgSo, deciding not to cross (probably because we were filming ) the Hunt headed towards a favourite haunt, Little Puddle Bottom. By now the "c*untrymen" had downed tools and decided to go and harrass Sabs whilst they were walking along the footpath, childish behaviour from the visiting terrier boys and a let down to the Portman Hunt. The Hunt stayed in this area for a time probably while the Oompa Loompa's laid their 'trail' through the thick gorse, but this gave foot Sabs some well needed respite... Hounds went into cry at the gorse edge and footsabs pulled the hounds over with the use of the gizmo. The new South Dorset Huntsman then charged at one Sab, obviously frustrated that yet again any chance of a kill was scuppered.

So, off the Hunt headed back towards Kingrove with scattered hounds to be heard in all four corners of Dorset. The once numerous amount of dribblers had by now dribbled away leaving just the old faithful South Dorset hunt servant "guilty" to do his job of COUNTRYMAN'S STEWARDSHIP. Even the visiting Portman Hunt packed up and legged it home early...

With the weather becoming more severe and visibility next to nothing even the 'boys' gave up trying to follow Sabs as we hid very nicely in the foggy conditions occasionally using horns and gizmo's to lift the heads up of hounds as they briefly went in and out of cry.

The Hunt (or what was left of them ) then tried to foil us by heading east along to Cheslebourne but with the Silver Landy Monitors spotting the quads they followed on closely behind alerting the Sabs that the Hunt had crossed the road. With their escape foiled they headed back to another old favourite hunting ground Dole's Hill Plantation. Knowing this route very well a team of footsabs were already deployed there.

So AGAIN crossing the busy main road (not a "c*untryman" in sight again!) they headed back towards the meet to be met by the Silver Landy which then followed as half the field went off through a small row of houses and the other 4 galloped off up the road. With the Monitors following, the riders turned into open access land. The monitors parked up the hill ahead of them with a very good view of what was left of the dwindling field and what was left of the pack!

The hounds suddenly picked up on a scent and went off on the line S.DorsetorPortmanFHRideruseshorseasweapon27-1-18.jpgin full cry straight towards the Monitors one of who rated the hounds and managed to pick their heads up briefly but long enough for the fox to make its escape. The hounds then picked up again and ran off into the dense gorse coming through the gorse and then through a hedge onto the fairly busy road.

Sabs picked them up again as hounds (half a pack at this stage) spewed out AGAIN over the busy Road to Piddlehinton and in front of traffic, causing cars to swerve and brake hard. Sabs by now could not believe the pure arrogance of this Hunt as they blatantly galloped up this road with young child riders following them and hurling abuse at Sabs. The Huntsman and South Dorset Hunt secretary Ms Lovelace didn't seem to give a hoot about the angry drivers, the obviously exhausted hounds scattered all over the road or even the fact that their so called hunt servant /c*untryman was no where to be seen... yet again it was left to Sabs to close gates ensuring hounds could no longer escape, endangering themselves or the general public.

With hounds, riders, c*untrymen and the couple of remaining dribblers going off in all directions, it was decided by a Monitor to phone 101. Well what happened next was pretty unbelievable!! After being put through to the Dorset Police help-desk the Monitor described the chaos on the road and the fear that there was going to be a nasty accident....oh and the fact that they were blatantly full-on hunting.... which believe it or not is ILLEGAL, Dorset Police!! The Monitor couldn't believe it when the "help"desk person said that they were only "trail" hunting and it was OK to lay a "trail" along a busy road!!!... A formal complaint has been submitted to Dorset Police who have replied to say they will "look into it"........We wait with bated breath! The Hunt packed up very shortly after this at 5.15pm.

This was an arduous day for foot teams. The weather conditions became pretty severe and the terrain was muddy and sodden and often hilly. However we kept the Hunt on the move for the whole day covering a huge amount of ground but to the best of our knowledge no kills were made. Great team work and good communication between all concerned meant eyes and ears were kept on the Hunts every move for most of the day. Until we meet again!#stopthehunts If you would like to join us then please message this page or email weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com https://gogetfunding.com/weymouth-animal-rights-vehicle-an…/



Eggesford FH hunt foxes, riot on deer, sabs stop dig out

Hunt block in and antagonise local woman 

28-1-18  Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    Just a week after being caught digging in a badger sett, theEggesfordFHFoxescapingHunt27-1-18.jpg Eggesford were busy breaking the law again yesterday. Foxes were hunted throughout the day, the hounds rioted on several deer and sabs found the terrier men at an earth where hounds had marked a fox to ground. Marles showed his true colours from start to finish... We're glad we went, as several foxes were helped to safety.

To support out fuel fund, you can donate here: https://www.paypal.me/dchs. Get in touch with information or to get involved: 07717473305 or devoncountysabs@riseup.net.

28-1-18   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    This week the Eggesford Hunt met at Goldburn, near Folly Gate. In speeches at the start of the day Huntsman Jason Marles announced us as "unwelcome visitors" and told his riders to "please just ignore them". That appears to be a rule he doesn't feel the need to follow himself, as he greeted one of our sabs with the words "you gutless c***" soon after leaving the meet.

This Hunt don't have much respect for anything: our wildlife, their horses, hounds and terriers, the law, hunting etiquette, or even ordinary members of the public trying to go about their business. The latter became evident when an irate local woman stormed up to the huntsman and other riders to complain that a horse truck had been parked on the road in such a way as to completely block the traffic. Instead of apologising and offering to right the situation, Marles on his high horse dismissed her as a 'sab', ignored her and began hunting. Not everyone who has issues with the hunt is an 'anti', but the Eggesford certainly do like to make enemies of people living and working in the countryside.

EggesfordFHHuntsmandismisseslocalwomanblockedinbyhunoxes27-1-18.jpgWith a field of about twenty riders and accompanied by just one equipped quad bike this week, Marles began drawing coverts both sides of the long river valley west of the meet. Hounds could be heard in full cry in the vicinity of Parsonage Wood, where Marles blew "gone away", the signal that a fox has broken covert and is running in the open.

In the rain and boggy conditions it was a challenge for sabs to keep up with the pack, but well worth their perseverance, as four foxes were helped to safety over the course of the day. One ran across the road in front of our car, another young-looking fox ran straight past one of our foot teams, followed about five seconds later by the pack in full cry, and another large fox was seen by two of our foot teams a couple of fields away from the hounds. On each occasion, sabs covered the scent and prepared to 'rate' the hounds when they arrived, to buy the fox some time.

Marles actively hunted hounds onto the line each time. His response when sabs demanded he call them off was a smug "I never saw a fox - You want to stop them, you stop them then". No trails were laid at any stage, the pack rioted on countless terrified deer (again, no attempts from Marles to call them off), and hounds popped out of hedges onto two busy A-roads throughout the day. Several cars had to screech to a halt to avoid hitting them. Reckless isn't the word for this Hunt.

... the hunt finished in fields around Higher Cadham beside the River Okement, where they were in cry just as sabs arrived. Here the hounds marked to ground at an earth in a thick brambly hedge. Terrier men Seeward Folland and Nathan Bowes were quick to the scene and could be heard saying to the Huntsman "we'll leave this one, shall we", knowing that sabs were just coming around the corner. Marles had told sabs earlier in the day that they were not his terrier men and had nothing to do with the Hunt. Isn't it nice how they get the terrier men to do their dirty work but when the proverbial hits the fan they throw them under the bus...

Unfortunately for the Eggesford, all the people involved in last week's dig-out have been identified, the incident has been logged as a crime and we are liaising with the police and other organisations to ensure it is properly investigated. The Hunt don't seem too happy about the situation and Marles claimed they were sueing the Daily Mail for the story that was published the other day. We're not really sure how they intend to fund a lawsuit, especially after ex-treasurer Graeme Holmes ran off with tens of thousands of pounds of hunt funds only a couple of years ago, for which he was convicted of fraud. We have plenty more dirt on this hunt, to be revealed in due course...

If you support our work, please contribute to our fuel fund: https://www.paypal.me/dchs. Get in touch with information or to join us in the field: 07717473305   devoncountysabs@riseup.net .

Pics above   -  Right -  One of the foxes helped to safety      Left  -  Huntsman ignores local woman blocked in by hunt boxes      Pics below  -   1/   Sett where hounds marked fox to ground     2/  Unsupervised lone hound on A road

  EggesfordFHSettwherehoundsmarkedfotoground27-1-18.jpg EggesfordFHHoundunsupervisedonAroad27-1-18.jpg



Sabs cause early pack up of Oakley FH and N. Bucks Beagles 

27-1-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   OAKLEY SENT PACKING - FITZ STAY AT HOME  Hit Report OakleyFHSabsupwiththehunt27-1-18.jpg27.01.2017 - Oakley Hunt at Southill Estate Bedfordshire, plus North Bucks Beagles, Melchbourne   With our regular hunt targets the Fitzwilliam hiding away from sabs today and refusing to hunt on a Saturday, we turned our attention to our "second team", the Oakley. N.Cambs joined Beds & Bucks and Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs to spend a day protecting wildlife in Bedfordshire.

After tracking the Oakley Hunt down to the grand settings of Southill Park in Befordshire, even with three vehicles circling their meet and keeping a close eye on the packs movements, the Oakley huntsman and whip could not resist heading out of their safe, manicured parkland, into the wilds for a spot of illegal hunting.

Sab teams were on them immediately [right] , and with the three teams in attendance we were able to continually place vehicles or foot groups in their path and prevent hounds from picking up on any strong scent and hunting. Activists from all OakleyFHMuntjacfleeinghounds27-1-18.jpgteams reported seeing animals fleeing Jack Harris's wayward, out of control, hounds today. Three foxes were seen to safety, countless muntjacs [pic of one left] ran in terror, and even a family of guineafowl were spotted running away from the pack. The wildlife's escape routes were covered with citronella spray to mask their scent, and hounds were distracted in the field with voice calls while the Huntsman desperately tried to gather them up again.

After a few hours of repeatedly riding into waiting sab groups, and with a police attendance to contend with, the Hunt called it a day at around 2:30pm. Feeling that this was at best a half day, the sab groups headed north after reports of the North Bucks Beagles out hunting hares near Melchbourne. After a short search the beagle pack was tracked down, and escorted back to their kennels a short distance away.

Two hunts taken care of today, and no wildlife harmed! If you'd like to support the work of your local hunt saboteurs, you can do so here: https://ko-fi.com/northcambs.

Pics below  -   1/  N.Bucks Beagles - a blot on the landscape [not the wind turbines]    2/  Escorted back to kennels   

  N.BucksBeaglesBlotonthelanscape27-1-18.jpg N.BucksBeaglesBacktokennels27-1-18.jpg


Sabs save fox from death at hands of Tedworth FH

27-1-18   Facebook - Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Fox seen to safety by sabs Tedworth FoxhoundsTedworthFHFoxfleeingfromhounds27-1-18.jpg Meet: Huish Down Farm, Huish, Marlborough, Wiltshire - area included that hunted owned by real estate magnate James Roberts    With South Wales, Bath & Bristol hunt saboteurs.

About the Hunt: One Master is the (dis)honourable Mirabel J Helme who disappointingly and surprisingly is a director of https://www.savingcranes.org/mirabel-helme/ a shame she doesn't extend any compassion towards foxes. Another master, the (dis)honourable Erskine Guinness from the Guinness brewers dynasty. They also have a serving Major Paul Snodgrass as another Master. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Working with other groups to locate the Hunt and after seeing some riders, our foot team entered the land at Huish church and ran straight into the whipper-in who had hounds just above her in Gopher Wood and they started to go into cry. The hounds were rated and they became quiet. Taken by surprise, the Huntsman and Master, Edward Knowles appeared and moved the hounds on through the wood. Terrier men were fund lurking close to their quads nearby.

TedworthFHHoundschasingfox27-1-18.jpgIt wasn't long before the hounds picked up on the Tedworth Hunt's official trail layer, Vulpes vulpes, in other words a live fox. The beautiful and no doubt petrified fox ran past us and we sprayed it's line with citronella as the hounds gave chase not far behind. We rated the hounds, delaying the chase of their quarry. Another team of footsabs were nearby and their ideal placement ensured the fox got away to safety.

Sabs had a challenging day today due to the atrocious wet, windy and foggy weather conditions up on the high ground of Tan House Way and the surrounding downs.Shaw copse, Knap Hill, Lower Bristol's copse, Park copse and North Copse were hunted. Despite some difficult terrain, the Hunt were met by sabs wherever they went.

Before they day was out and after eventually finding all their hounds, the Hunt boxed up at Pennings Farm, owned by businessman Henry Neville Lindley Keswick - note the National Trust link.

Some very soggy sabs were able to go home knowing they had helped save at least one life today. To help us carry on, please consider a donation to https://ko-fi.com/severnvalehuntsabs or paypal us at severnvalesabs@gmail.com - many thanks.


Surrey Union FH said to have trespassed on NT land

27-1-18   LACS website    On 27th January 2018, the Surrey Union Hunt were reported to be at the National Trust’s Coldharbour site, Surrey.


Escaped fox saved from Belvoir FH and muntjac rescued by sabs

27-1-18     Facebook - Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs   Today we met up with our good friends Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs again to visit the Belvoir who were meeting in Harby on the Liecs/Notts border. The Belviour Hunt areBelvoirFHHuntriderhorselefttidupinawarmemorial27-1-18.jpg creatures of habit that always hunt the same area, knowing this we headed into the fields to do some spraying with citronella around the coverts. As we thought, it wasn't too long before the Hunt was in that area, the hounds went into cry but sabs quickly pulled the hounds off with the use of horn calls and the gizmo.

Not long after second horsing the hounds were after two foxes. Sabs were nearby which seemed enough to see the fox to safety.

It was a tough day trekking through horribly muddy fields, but once again it was a good job we were there as the hounds then chased a muntjac through some gardens. The poor thing ended up tangled in a wire fence but luckily one group of sabs managed to untangle the poor animal. The hounds continued in cry and were onto a fox that went to ground under a pile of junk in a farm but we managed to rate the hounds and call them off.

Overall it was a very tiring day covering a vast amount of land, but our presence saw at least 3 foxes and deer to safety which makes it all worth while. Please help keep us in the field protecting wildlife each week by donating here: https://ko-fi.com/lincolnhuntsaboteurs.orial

Pic above   -  Hunt rider leaves horse tied up - in middle of a war memorial  


Blencathra FH hunt on NPA land with terriermen - not allowed

26-1-18   Facebook - Lancashire Huntsabs    Yesterday, a few of us dropped by to visit the Blencathra who were meeting at Orthwaite. As usual they were all pleased to see us, particularly Barry Todhunter who kept himself out of sight for the whole day and did his usual disappearing act to avoid being filmed putting his hounds away. Yesterday's meet was on land belonging to Lake District National Parks Authority, which is a statutory body that BlencathraFHTerriermenquadsdrivenonNPAlandcontrarytolicence25-1-18.jpgmanages land on behalf of the nation. In common with the National Trust, the National Parks Authority issues 'trail hunting' licences which are given to hunts with the proviso that the hunts adhere to licensing obligations. These prohibit the use of terriers, and the use of vehicles, and of course, the digging out of foxes that have gone to ground.

The Blencathra Foxhounds, like other Hunts, see themselves as superior beings who can do whatever they want, and so two quad bikes driven by Blencathra terriermen [left], with terriers in boxes were driven over Uldale Fells on National Parks land yesterday. We witnessed them riding over the summit of Brae Fell then descending and getting off their quads before being joined by Todhunter and a group of hounds. We aren't sure if they killed and as weather on the fells was inclement, it was hard to get a clear view, however, we are reviewing footage which will be forwarded to the LDNPA.


Fitzwilliam FH visited by police after refused to let refuse lorry through

26-1-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   After our appeal to keep an eye out for local hunts recently (http://bit.ly/2nhd1YH) we have received information that the Fitzwilliam Hunt are currently out and about in the Morborne and Stilton area south of Peterborough.

They have already had police in attendance once, after reportedly refusing to allow a district council refuse lorry past and holding up the driver's rounds.

If you live in the immediate area please keep your pets indoors. If you see them hunting then a phone call to the police with their location will only take a moment...



'Trail hunting' alibi raised in Commons for first time

25-1-18   Hansard – Trail hunting   The use of the 'trail hunting' alibi by Hunts really chasing quarry was raised for the first time in the House. This is a transcript of the exchange. Unsurprisingly, the [pro-hunt] government Minister responding [my MP, aren't I the lucky one] was in denial on the subject. 

Grahame Morris (Easington) (Lab)  What assessment he has made of the extent to which trail hunting is used as a cover to conduct illegal fox hunting?

Christian Matheson (City of Chester) (Lab)  What assessment he has made of the extent to which trail hunting is used as a cover to conduct illegal foxhunting.

Mr Speaker  With my leave, the supplementary to Question 2 will be put by the right hon. Member for Warley (John Spellar). I wish the hon. Member for Easington (Grahame Morris) well, and we hope he is in full voice again very soon.

The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (George Eustice)   I also hope that the hon. Member for Easington (Grahame Morris) recovers his voice soon. The Government have made no assessment of the effect of trail hunting. However, anyone who believes that an offence has taken place during a hunt, including during a trail hunt, should report the matter to the police, as the police deal with complaints of illegal hunting. Decisions on the arrest and prosecution of those taking part in illegal hunting activities are matters for the police and prosecuting authorities.

John Spellar (Warley) (Lab)  The Minister will be aware that concerns are growing that trail hunting is being used as a cover for illegal hunting. This was recently brought into focus by the invasion of a cat sanctuary—run by the well-known Celia Hammond Animal Trust—in East Sussex by a pack of hounds from the Romney Marsh hunt. What action will the Government take against those who continue to hunt illegally?

George Eustice   The law in this area is clear. Between 2005 and 2015, 682 individuals were prosecuted and 423 were found guilty, so the law is clear and is being enforced. Even groups such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have accepted that this is a law that is being enforced.

Christian Matheson   In the four weeks since Boxing day, at least four foxes in Cheshire have been illegally killed by trail hunts. As the Government have withdrawn their plans to scrap anti-hunting laws, is it the case that someone in government has given a secret nod and a wink to trail hunts that they can continue to hunt and kill foxes with impunity?

George Eustice    No, that is not the case. The Prime Minister has made it clear that she has listened to the mood of the country and that there therefore will not be the free vote on foxhunting in this Parliament that we pledged in our manifesto. As I said earlier, foxhunting is a matter for the police and the prosecuting authorities. Anybody who believes the law has been broken should report it to the police.


Witness sees deer badly mauled in 'trail hunt' by Cambridge FH

25-1-18   Herts Advertiser   Deer mauled in “horrendous” trail hunt in St Albans fields    An animal lover is challenging what she describes as “horrendous” hunts using dogs across fields in the district. Christine Pedder said a deer had been mauled by at least 25 dogs near Coopers Green Lane around midday on January 23, caught up as collateral damage in the baiting sport. It has been illegal since 2005 for a pack of hounds to track real foxes but using artificial smells remains legal, albeit controversial.

Christine said there were 20 riders struggling to control all the dogs and blocking traffic: “We are very traumatised because these people are aggressive and arrogant, they don’t care that the whole of traffic on Coopers Green Lane was at a standstill. This shouldn’t be happening.” When Christine called attention from her car to the injured deer, she said a rider replied: “Don’t worry love, we’ll take care of it.”

She said: “To me a life is a life. I have dogs - but dogs, deers, rabbits, they’re all lives, they all feel pain, they all suffer, it’s a life. Anyone with common sense knows that a drag hunt is an excuse to get the dogs out. It’s horrendous. Taking pleasure from the suffering and pain of another creature - is that what humanity is all about?”Christine believes many animals are still harmed in the what is supposed to be the more humane sport of artificial drag baiting.

Herts Police were called to the scene, and a spokesperson said: “Police were called to reports of a hunt in the Coopers Green Lane area. They attended the scene and spoke with people allegedly taking part in the hunt. “The Rural Operational Support Team are aware and reviewing the incident.” They noted that no humans were injured.

A spokesperson from the League Against Cruel Sports said: “The deer was described to me as gashed, bleeding, and screaming. It seems quite barbaric in 2018 that people are killing British wildlife with a pack of dogs. They are killing foxes and deer and they are killing them for fun and we don’t think that is acceptable.” He believes the public would be “staggered” by the number of animals still killed in hunts around the country.

Anyone with information about the Coopers Green Lane incident should contact 101 quoting ISR 332 of January 23 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111..

POWAperson adds  -  Herts Sabs have confirmed that the Hunt involved was the Cambridge with Enfield Chace FH. Hounds frequently riot on deer and are bound to catch and kill some. The terrible experience of the poor deer doesn't bear thinking about. The rider's comment 'We'll take care of it' would have meant they'd put it down if it wasn't already dead. Can't see hunters taking wounded wildlife to the nearest vet somehow.


N. Shropshire FH Huntsman spends most of short meet looking for hounds

He being Julian Barnfield, booted from Heythrop FH for getting caught

25-1-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    NORTH SHROPSHIRE HUNT, GOLDSTONE BANK FARM, MARKET DRAYTON, 24.1.18     We don't want any fox-chasing Hunt to feel left out, so Cheshire Monitors took a trip out to say hello to the North Shropshire Hunt yesterday, who were meeting near Market Drayton. The Hunt met at 12 noon and had packed up by 3pm, not giving them a lot of time to chase foxes thankfully.

Monitors caught up with ageing Huntsman Julian "2pac" Barnfield (twice convicted Huntsman formerly of the Heythrop) at Little Soudley. Quads were seen snooping around in woodland near Soudley but we couldn’t find the hounds, mind you neither could the Huntsman. Living up to his reputation 2pac had lost all his hounds by the canal, maybe they were trying to get away from him and looking to go on a barge holiday? Aiden the whipper in was riding up and down the road looking dazed and confused. They did eventually find the pack but very little hunting went on and everyone returned to the meet by 3pm.

We saw a fox get away from the Hunt, which was a bonus. This happened right next to monitors and Hunt members who were on point by the road. The Hunt had surrounded the woods, but the fox got away from the tired looking hounds and the Huntsman was so fed up that he had to resort to calling one of our team "an ugly f****r" which is hilarious because we will be back with more "ugly f*****s" soon, so watch this space...

If you have information about any hunts in or around Cheshire, please contact us in strict confidence, by PM here or on email to info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk, and help us #StopTheHunts. If you would like to support Cheshire Monitors you can donate at paypal.me/CMonitors - thank you!

Pics below   -    1/  Barnfield by canal looking for his hounds      2/  Fox escaping 

  N.ShropshireFHBarnfieldbycanallookingforhounds24-1-18.jpg N.ShropshireFHFoxescaping24-1-18.jpg


Shepherd anger as Grafton FH hounds run though pregnant sheep

25-1-18  Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch   VIDEO   Stowe School Meet, Buckingham - 23 January 2018GraftonFHHuntsmanjustmadetokenefforttostophounds23-1-18.jpg   'Stowe' woman hurls lies and slanderous language at Hunt Monitor before the Grafton Hunt rampage through fields of sheep.

The shepherd who was very angry but did not want to appear on social media told me that the hounds had run through three fields of his pregnant sheep. "We have a lot of pregnant sheep here, it can cause abortion if they get upset."

People who work in the countryside will often not speak out against the Hunt for fear of recriminations or loss of business. Such is the power the Hunts can wield.

Pics:   Above right - Huntsman who'd just made a very token effort to call back hounds arguing with monitor about it      Below  -  1/  Hounds out of control on road - presumably 'trail' not laid across it    2/  Hounds try to push through dense hedge - presumably the 'trail was laid through it    3/  Muntjac fleeing from chasing hounds     4/  Hounds and Huntsman in same field as...   6/  Disturbed flock of pregnant ewes 



  GraftonFHMuntjacfleeingfromhounds23-1-18.jpg  GraftonFHHoundsandHuntsmaninsamefieldassheepflock23-1-18.jpg 



Cheshire Forest FH hunt next to M56, fox escapes over motorway bridge

Sabs find hounds by what looked like an artificial earth

25-1-18   Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs    On Saturday we joined members of Cheshire, Derby, Central Lancashire and Lancashire Huntsabs at a meet of the Cheshire Forest who'd met at the Hatton Arms near Whiteley. Sabs arrived in the area shortly after 10am but the Hunt had already left the meet, we were later informed the Hunt had actually set off at 9am. Thanks to the Hunt supporters giving away the whereabouts of the Hunt we soon on them. With some good local knowledge we were able to use masking spray to cover the scent ofCheshireForestFHHuntsmantryingtorounduplosthounds20-1-18.jpg foxes in the areas we know Andrew German likes to hunt. While sabs were out with their citronella others were able to stay with the Huntmaster and his hounds. The Cheshire Forest are really unpopular in this area with the locals and many landowners which results in Mr German having limited access to land to hunt on.

Shockingly or not, if you're accustomed to hunt behaviour, Andrew German attempted to hunt next to the M56. One sab vehicle witnessed a fox bolt and escape over a bridge that crossed the motorway. The hounds we in a woodland next to the M56 and in cry when sabs arrived. Sabs entered the woodland only to find the hounds all over what suspiciously looks like an artificial earth. Sabs guarded the earth and tried to get the hounds away from this suspicious looking earth. The foiled Huntmaster was in the next field trying to gather his hounds back but with very little success and they appeared more interested in what was going on in the woods.

Two of Cheshire's wildlife officers turned up. You'd be forgiven for thinking they'd have plenty to say considering all the recent kills by this Hunt, the fact they were putting lives in danger hunting next to the motorway and that the hounds were all over what we suspect to be artificial earths used by the hunt to encourage and breed foxes. But no they weren't bothered, even when thy entered the woodland and were shown the earths. This didn't really surprise us given that one of the wildlife officers was Sarah Marson who a few days earlier at a public meeting about wildlife crime started her speech with "If people have questions about trail hunting or the badger cull, you need to address those to our press office; I’m only here to talk about wildlife crime." More details here https://janesmithanimalwelfareparty.wordpress.com/…/f…/amp/…When

CheshireForestFHWildlifeOfficers20-1-18.jpgWhen the wildlife officers first arrived the Huntmaster Andrew German went into a rant at them, we couldn't quite pick up all what he was saying due to the noise from the M56 but as he walked away we clearly heard his say "IT'S F***ING OUTRAGEOUS!" (We'll post the video later) It took the angry Huntmaster some 40 minutes or more to round up all his hounds out of the woods before crossing the bridge over the M56.

The Huntmaster was then caught on foot in a coppice encouraging his hounds after a fox, sabs were able to intervene and the police were not far behind after climbing over fences and hunt jumps, but they weren't here to investigate illegal hunting they were here to remove sabs from the land!

The Hunt then headed to a private estate where they spent some time having drinks and probably decided due to the large number of sabs out it was probably best to call it a day... The hound van then set off but there was no sign of the Huntmaster who usually drives the van. When sabs attempted to follow the van as we suspected Andrew German was still out somewhere hunting alone, the police were called and again the wildlife officers told the sabs not to follow the hound van! Just who's side are they on?

Sabs stayed in the area around Hatton and not too long later the van returned to the pub they met at and this time the Huntmaster was with the hound van. We consider this a successful day with the Hunt packed up by 1.30pm.

Thank you for all your kind donations. You can help outrage Andrew German by making a small donation on this link https://gogetfunding.com/sabbing-fuel-funds-for-nwhs/


Female sab assaulted by Old Surrey FH follower

24-1-18   Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs   Mission 56 Old Surrey and Burstow hunt Blindley Heath 23-1-18     Guildford and North Downs Sabs took a trip on a Tuesday to a mid-week meet of the old Surrey and Burstow at Red Barn, Blindley Heath . They seemed less than pleased to see us as we suspected they would illegally hunting as they don't expect us mid-week ,there would normally move off from the meet at around 11-20 but didn't move off till 11-40 which we feel was them having a little panic and going to plan B , the trail hunting pretence.

Most out the day was fairly uneventful with them following trails , with a strange mix of some of the riders being quite polite and same riding dangerously close to Sabs and a few attempts to hit people resulting in us calling the police.

One " landowner " assaulted one of our female Sabs but we can't comment further because of legal reasons.

The Hunt packed up at three. The Sabs then retired to the pub fairly happy that the hunt had been prevented from any mid-week sneaky hunting. If you would like to support us please give to https://ko-fi.com/A62094D.


Wynnstay FH invade village after fox, monitors think killed it later

24-1-18    Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   WYNNSTAY HUNT & CHESHIRE HOUNDS HUNT, SAIGHTON, 23.1.18    Yesterday was a busy day with two Hunts meeting within a few fields of each other. Our local supporters were very worried about having these Hunts in their area because they have such a lot of problems with them and apparently "everyone in the area hates them but a lot of people just don't want to speak out'. We also know at least one farmer in the area, who helps us if we need him, who hates hunting and the upheaval and cruelty it causes. He recently had a cow made lame because the Hunt scared it into running at a wall and catching it’s leg.

So we got a team together and went to the Wynnstay first. They set off early and spent some time looking forWynnstayFHTerriermanreversingquadatmonitors23-1-18.jpg foxes rather than having them delivered by hand. There were some excitement early on but it didn’t turn into much and each time the huntsman saw us he kindly called his hounds away from searching for their live quarry. This was even with Shayne Francis the ex huntsman with the Cheshire Hounds trying to keep our monitors talking. This didn’t work. 

All this respectful behaviour lasted up until after lunch when clearly frustrated the huntsman ignored our presence and went full on hunting. We witnessed at least one fox being chased but were blocked in by cars and by thugs from getting as close as we needed to. Even our people on foot were disrupted from their legal monitoring by having quad bikes backed into[right] and driven towards them, phones pushed into their faces and offensive suggestions being hurled at them.

We did however manage to save this fox once or twice by running in filming but the Hunt were determined and hungry for a proper chase.

We then caught them hunting all through Churton village, causing disruption and damaging gardens, fields and road edges. They chased this fox for around 45 mins with it going to ground at least twice but sadly the last we heard was the hounds racing off after it fields away and we are sure it will have been killed.

POWAperson adds -  Monitors moved on to the Cheshire FH mid afternoon, but they soon packed up. 

Pics below   -   1/  Supporter rides scooter at monitor    2/  Hounds rampaging in Churton village

  WynnstayFHSupporterdrivesscooteratmonitor23-1-18.jpg  WynnstayFHHoundsonrampageinChurtonvillage23-1-18.jpg 


North Wales hunter fined for molesting female sab

24-1-18 Facebook - Llansannan Community Blog    Why is the Daily Post so pro-Hunting with Dogs? Yesterdays article very well concealed within the small print ! 

Local Councillor Mr Edward Lloyd-Ellis ends up in court once again after bullying and grabbing an Anti-Hunt Protestor ! Thank fully justice appears to have partly prevailed ! The justices concluded that Mr Appleby had in fact been provoked by Mr Lloyd-Ellis. Fairly small fine of just £37.

Mr Lloyd-Ellis is becoming quite famous, usually it is lady Hunt protestors who he likes to bully. I remember a famous video showing Mr Lloyd-Ellis gyrating what looked like his genitals inside his trousers at one lady hunt protestor.



Atherstone FH follower guilty of driving without due care

24-1-18   Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Dennis Smith, Atherstone Hunt supporter: Guilty of driving without due care and attention at a meet in March of 2015 at Warwick Crown Court on November 1st 2017.

Saturday 14th March 2015 was a memorable day for all the sab groups from around the country who attended in support of West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs at the Atherstone Hunt meet at the Horse and Jockey pub in Bentley, Warwickshire. There were numerous assaults on sabs, more police vehicles than you could chuck a stick at including cars, vans, dirt bikes and a helicopter and a rather vague Section 35 Dispersal Order was issued, no surprise really when we later found out that the estate they had been hunting on was owned by David Cameron’s cousin!

This offence took place with the intent of the driver and the occupants of his vehicle and of those vehicles behind us to block us in and attack us, Dennis Smith’s driving could have resulted in serious injury, or even deaths, to any one of the people on the road that day, including the young child in the back seat of this own vehicle.

Yes, ‘justice’ is slow, it took over two and half years for this to get to court, but we can only hope that when he had to view our video evidence years after the event it made him realise that the outcome that day could have been very, very different.

Pics below  -  1/  Dennis Smith swerves across sab car with passenger half out of car    2/  Swerves across road to block sabs    3/  Small child seen in back seat    4/  Smith narrowly avoids head on collision 

  AtherstoneFHSupporterDennisSmithswervesinfrontofsabcar3-15Convicted11-17.jpg AtherstoneFHSupporterDennisSmithswervestoblocksabcar3-15Convicted11-17.jpg

  AtherstoneFHSupporterDennisSmithswervestoblocksabcarwithchildinback3-15Convicted11-17.jpg AtherstoneFHSupporterDennisSmithswervestoblocksabcarnearheadoncollision3-15Convicted11-17.jpg

POWAperson adds  -  For this extraordinarily stupid and very dangerous piece of driving which could easily have resulted in serious injury or even death Smith received a £250 fine and 6 penalty points. Isn't our justice system wonderful?  How exactly does this not constitute the more serious offence of dangerous driving?


Monitors use gizmo to save fox from South Dorset FH

24-1-18   Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights  VIDEO   Hit Report 23/1/18 South Dorset Hunt, meet at Court FarmS.DorsetFHSupporterGuiltyovertakesonblindbend23-1-18.jpg Glanvilles Wooton    Responding to information received, a couple of members of W.A.R set off to monitor the South Dorset Hunt. With a few horse boxes parked at Court Farm, riders were spotted and all were heading towards Buckland Newton... a very large amount of Dribblers and vehicles lined all along the roadside and looking over the hedgerow turned to welcome us - not!...

So, heading off up the road towards Duntish at 11am with Dribblers in hot pursuit they then turned left onto Factory Lane where hunt servant, 'Guilty', decided to overtake 3 cars on a blind bend to get to the front of the queue! [right] 

The Huntsman then took the hounds off across the valley... hounds were watched as they headed towards Willow Bed, shortly followed by the 4 quads each carrying a couple of terrier boys with terriers squeezed in the front box... The hounds went in to cry a few times briefly but lost the scent or were called back from the fleeing deer. 

Heading off toward New Covert the hounds went off on a line straight towards a flock of very worried sheep, With sheep running ahead in panic of the hounds [below] and with the Huntsman just behind them, they reached New Covert...


The Huntsman left at speed towards The Hazels so we went on round to meet them there. He spent quite a while there encouraging the hounds, one again going into cry, then quiet as 4 terrified deer ran from the hounds... [below]


Leaving the road, the redcoats and a friend took the hounds off into a field and began drawing the hedgerows and river back towards Glanvilles Wooton, the Huntsman once more on foot. Monitors once more decided to go to where they thought the Huntsman, and by now about 6 riders... would come out - and they did.

S.DorsetFHFoxfleesfrom23-1-18.jpgPassing the redcoat on the road heading towards Duntish on the busy road, we decided to get ahead of the field and other redcoats, we then pulled up on the side of the road next to 3 of the remaining dribblers... looking into the field over the hedge... moments later a fox [left] came running along right over the hedge where the dribblers and monitor were standing... The time was 3pm.

With the hounds in full cry heading towards the road, the Huntsman suddenly galloped round the bend in the road, with no thought to road users. he then gave a display of whip cracking and managed to stop the hounds. Meanwhile the dribblers had pushed the running terrified fox back towards the pack. It then ran up over the hill towards Breach Wood. The redcoats then gave us a display of full on hunting - no trails laid here today, unless they can fit through fencing and into gorse bushes and along busy roads!

With hounds hot on the trail of the fox [left], the monitors once again drove round to near the unnamed farm in time to see the hounds cross the road and stream down toward Moathills Coppice. At this point, one Monitor got out and walked into the field behind the hounds and used the gizmo to lift the hounds' heads... it worked. 

The Huntsmen spent a while trying to pick up again but, with light failing, they came out onto the road to get their escort back to the meet. They slid off their horses at 5.11pm. After seeing them back the monitors left for home... it was noticed that there were still dribblers patiently waiting to see the hunt come their way.....didn't have the heart to tell them they had packed up and gone home!

If you would like to join us then please either message the page or email weymouthanimalrights@protonmail,com. Thank you for your fab support so far.  https://gogetfunding.com/weymouth-animal-rights-vehicle-an…/


Police insist that Suffolk FH actually follow trails while hunting!

22-1-18   Facebook - NELS - North East London Hunt Saboteurs    Suffolk Hunt 20/01/2018    With Suffolk & Essex Sabs, Cambridge and Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs we headed to the meet at Southwood Park Farm west of Bury St. Edmunds. S.Cambs Hunt Saboteurs joined us later.

It was a very unusual day because this time Suffolk police actually followed the law and made the Hunt use a trail. The Hunt used the trail mostly for the show in front of the police and only sometimes took a different direction away from the trail layer. That made our work so much easier. We just made sure they did not 'accidentally' kill anything throughout the day. Not the best day for them at all, they had a very small field (riders following the hunt) and the weather was horrible so they packed up early - at 2pm.



Police probe after sabs find Eggesford FH digging out fox

Terrier eventually retrieved with fox bite facial wounds 

Terrier earlier abandoned underground as sabs appeared 

Police on scene fail to act despite clear evidence, say sabs

22-1-18   Aol   Police probe after men 'caught trying to dig out fox'    Police are investigating allegations of illegal hunting after being passed video and photographic evidence from volunteer hunt monitors in Devon.

Devon County Hunt Saboteurs attended the Eggesford Hunt near Crediton on Saturday and allegedly found terrierEggesfordFHTerriermanwithinjuredterrierretrievedfrosetts20-1-18.jpg men digging out a fox which had gone to ground in a badger sett - contravening both the 2004 Hunting Act and the 1992 Protection of Badgers Act. Police attended the scene and the terrier men left as soon as they retrieved their terrier [right], which had nasty bite wounds on its face and shoulders, according to the hunt saboteurs.

"It's not just the fox that suffers in this situation. We often see terriers with their faces torn to shreds, hounds with broken limbs and horses sustaining serious injuries because they are forced to ride too fast, jump too high or carry too much weight," they added.

In a separate incident, two 4x4s arrived carrying masked hunt supporters who allegedly began threatening the monitors. Officers ordered them to move on.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "We have been made aware of an incident that took place near Eggesford on Saturday 20 January, where there was an allegation of an assault, plus an allegation of crimes against the Hunting Act having taken place. We are working with those who were in attendance to gather video and still images as evidence. Anyone who was in attendance and has yet to have spoken to the police or shared relevant images with us, are asked to contact 101@dc.police.uk quoting log number 339 for the 20th of January. As this is now part of an active and live police investigation, we are unable to comment further, publicly at this time."

Opponents of hunting claim the law needs tightening to close loopholes which result in wildlife being killed every week. A petition to strengthen the Hunting Act is currently awaiting a government response.


24-1-18   Daily Mail  VIDEO   Dramatic moment trapped dog is dug free after hunt saboteurs confront 'terrier men' and accuse them of sending it down a hole to stop a fox escaping - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs made film during the Eggesford Hunt at weekend - They found two 'terrier men' with shovels by a blocked badger sett and accused them of hunting illegally - Dog 'sent underground' was later freed, with 'injuries to its face and shoulders'   VIDEO  This distressing footage shows hunt saboteurs confronting two men who appear to have trapped a dog underground after sending it into a badger sett after a fox.

The video, filmed during the Eggesford Hunt in Devon last weekend, begins with members of the Devon County Hunt Saboteurs spotting huntsmen, hounds and 'terrier men' milling around the area. Two of the terrier men (above) were seen standing by a blocked-off badger sett. It is clear from a terrier tracking device that there is a dog inside the hole. After talking to the saboteurs, the terrier men eventually decide to unblock the hole to 'rescue' their dog - but struggle as the terrier has latched itself onto a fox. However, the men insist they have done nothing illegal, do not intend to kill the fox and just want to 'rescue their dog', according to Devon Live.

EggesfordFHTerriermenstruggletoretrieveterrierlockedontofoxfromsett22-1-18.jpgTraditionally, terrier men are employed by huntsmen to block up badger setts and fox earths before the start of a hunt to prevent foxes from going to ground. Any foxes which have gone to ground are located using the dogs and are then dug out and shot. Alternatively, the fox would be released to be hunted again by the hounds.

In the clip, the saboteurs approach the two men - dressed in army fatigues as they stand by the entrance to the sett with shovels - and tell them: 'This is a badger sett and you're breaking the law. You've got a terrier down there.' The dog is retrieved but has injuries to its face and shoulders, according to the saboteurs. A female saboteur then makes radio contact with a colleague, saying: 'Terrier is in the badger sett. They've blocked holes. We need police here now. Loads of holes have been filled in.'

The terrier men start unblocking the sett - but have difficulty removing the dog as it has latched itself onto a fox. Eventually, the men pull out the distressed terrier, which the saboteurs said had injuries to its face and shoulders. The fox escaped later that evening, once the terrier men had gone. According to the Devon County Hunt Saboteurs Facebook page, the two terrier men had travelled down from Yorkshire.

Traditionally, terrier men would be employed by huntsmen to block up badger setts and fox earths before the start of a hunt to prevent foxes from going to ground. Any foxes which have indeed gone to ground are located using terriers and are then dug out and shot. Alternatively, the fox would be 'bagged' - or kept in the hole - to be released and hunted at a later date by the hounds.

Nowadays, Hunts like to refer to terrier men as 'countrymen', who are supposedly employed to open and close gates, repair fences and lay trails. Terrier men would have at least one terrier with them as well as equipment such as spades, nets and terrier-locating devices. They normally follow the hunt on quad bikes but also in 4x4s or on foot depending on the terrain. At this point, the beeps of a tracking device can be heard, which tells the men where their terrier is - namely, underground.

Explaining their actions to the saboteurs, one of the men said: 'Cos we're born into it.' They also claimed that they were 'trail hunting' - a legal form of hunting which sees dogs follow a pre-laid scent trail and doesn't involve the chasing or killing of foxes or any other live quarry.

The saboteurs have shared their footage with Devon & Cornwall Police. A police spokesman told MailOnline: 'We have been made aware of an incident that took place near Eggesford on Saturday, January 20th. We are working with those who were in attendance to gather video and still images as evidence.'

According to the website of the Masters of Foxhounds Association, Eggesford Hunt operates in around 400 square miles of Mid Devon, where records date back to 1858 when the land was hunted by Lord Portsmouth. Using dogs to hunt foxes was banned by the Government in 2004 under the Hunting Act. But there are dozens of hunt saboteur groups nationwide who claim hunters regularly flout the law and kill foxes. MailOnline has contacted the Eggesford Hunt for comment.

Pics above   -   Right -  Injured terrier retrieved from sett     Left  -  Terriermen struggle to pull terrier out - it's jaws are locked on the fox     Below  -  Terriermen found at the sett


21-1-18   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    We were due to pay the Eggesford a visit, and we're so glad we did yesterday. The Hunt met at Higher Densham in Black Dog. Within seconds of leaving the meet into the river valley to the south, hounds were in full cry. One of our foot teams was ideally positioned to intercept them as they scrambled through a thick hedge on the line of a fox. Hounds then ran a full circle before Huntsman Jason Marles caught up with them again, by which time the pack was split across a half mile stretch between Higher Menchinedown and Woolfardisworthy. While Marles was busy trying to get his pack back together, some groups of hounds could be heard speaking and one of our vehicles witnessed a fox run across the road not far from them. Sabs covered her scent with citronella and she got away.

EggesfordFHRentathugatmeet20-1-18.jpgAt this point two 4x4s carrying a group of rent-a-thugs arrived in the area. Eight masked individuals, including disgraced former Taunton Vale Foxhounds terrier man Paul Martin [left],got out of their vehicles, surrounded our Land Rover and began barging into and threatening our foot sabs. One of them brandished a wooden pole as a weapon. We called the police, who arrived a little while later to find the group of thugs still following us. Police didn't search them or their vehicles for weapons and merely asked the thugs to reverse back up the road, although we explained that the moment police left they would be back to their previous behaviour.

Fortunately, although it's clear they'd been called in by someone from the Hunt, it turned out some of the Eggesford hunt officials also didn't want the thugs there! Hunt Chairman Trerise asked to "have a word" with some of our foot sabs, wanted to know if we knew where the trouble-makers were and assured us they weren't welcome. We told him the police had been called because of the thugs and his response was "good!". Sure enough, we didn't see the thugs again. At least the Eggesford have learnt one lesson from last season, although Trerise might want to have words with the rest of the Hunt about why they were called in the first place!

Huntsman and hounds were soon spotted milling around on the edge of a small woodland near Washford Pyne,EggesfordFHTerrierabandonedin1stsettaftersabsappeared20-1-18.jpg along with five terrier quad bikes. Some of the riders on an adjacent road shouted to the Huntsman to "get out of there, move on" as sabs got close, and Marles legged it across a field with his hounds. Sabs arrived to find an active badger sett with clear signs that hounds had marked a fox to ground (video). The terrier men left in dribs and drabs but one of them was reluctant to leave and had to be told by one of the others to "just leave it". Not taking any chances, sabs stuck around at the sett and sure enough a few minutes later a terrier came out of one of the holes wearing a tracking collar around her neck [left], which they use to detect the terrier's (and hence the fox's) location underground. This is how little they care for their dogs. They will abandon them down a badger sett and simply leave them there! Sabs carried the terrier out to the police but were intercepted by one of the quad bikes who took her back.

Police were shown footage of the attempted dig out and disruption of the badger sett, but their response was the usual "we'll have to deal with it in slow time". Recently Devon & Cornwall Police were complaining publicly that they can't act on hunt-related crime if it isn't reported to them. In our response to the police's statement this week we explained that we report every single incident, we are faced with reluctance, disinterest and inaction, and that this inaction only encourages further hunt crime. As you will read below, this is exactly the pattern that was followed yesterday. What more do the police want from us? Even though they were shown clear footage of offences under the Hunting Act and the Protection of Badgers Act with easily-identifiable culprits, who at this stage were only around the corner, the police didn't speak to the offenders and the Hunt was allowed to continue breaking the law...

... which they did! After losing the Hunt for some time, we again spotted Huntsman, hounds and terrier menEggesfordFHTerriermenonroadillegalquads20-1-18.jpg milling around another badger sett, a few miles away near Canns Mill. In a repeat of earlier events, huntsman, hounds and terrier men legged it back to the road and sabs arrived to find a terrier down a hole and two terrier men digging into the sett. They are visiting terrier men from Yorkshire and our colleagues from up country have helped us ID them. Their answer for why they do what they was "cos we're born into it". One of them told us his dad had thrown him down a badger hole when he was five years old and he's been digging ever since. The terrier men had blocked all of the entrances of the sett bar one, dug down into and destroyed a chamber, and their terrier, which they were dragging out by its back legs, was latched onto the fox that the Eggesford hunt had just run to ground. If sabs hadn't arrived when they did, that fox would have been killed.

The terrier men left as soon as they retrieved their terrier, which had nasty bite wounds on his face and shoulders. It's not just the fox that suffers in this situation. We often see terriers with their faces torn to shreds, hounds with broken limbs and horses sustaining serious injuries because they are forced to ride too fast, jump too high or carry too much weight! [Pic above right - Terriermen/thugs on road-illegal quads] 

Sabs stuck around at the sett in the hope of seeing the fox so they could ascertain her condition. With darkness falling, the fox made a break for it only a few minutes later, turning to look at sabs as she slipped away into the woods. It's fair to say we were all pretty emotional at the sight of this beautiful animal that had been so close to being killed by hounds. The sett was clearly in active use by badgers and knowing they were trapped underground, we set about trying to reverse some of the damage the terrier men had done.

We will be providing footage and statements re all the offences committed yesterday to Devon & Cornwall Police, just as we do every week. We look forward to their explanation why despite being shown clear evidence of illegal bloodsports they yet again failed to act, allowing further offences to be committed which we will now also have to report. We will post all the footage on our page so you can see for yourselves how blatantly the Hunt break the law.

No Justice. Just Us. Get involved and help us stop the slaughter of our wildlife: devoncountysabs@riseup.net or 07717473305. Please help us fund the ongoing repairs to our vehicles, which have taken a battering this season. Without them, we cannot sab: https://www.paypal.me/dchs.


Four Burrow FH hunt through nature reserve

Sabs say they do this regularly 

22-1-18   Facebook - Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team    Report 20.01.18 Four Burrows Hunt, Gweallavellan    The Four Burrows met at Gwealavellan near Gwithian, close to dramatic north coast cliffs. They had poor hunting conditions, driving rain and very strong westerly wind.

FourBurrowFH.jpgWe observed them leave Gwealavellan heading NE, pass through Carlean Farm and then draw the wood just south of Hells Mouth, where our foot team followed on. Our landy caught up with them from the coast road at Hells mouth Cafe. They then continued in the valley running between Gwealavellan, watched and followed again by our foot team, and Reskajeage, where much to their disappointment the landy was waiting in expectation. Nikki Hancock drawing a blank, and unable to avoid sabs, either foot team or the landy waiting in their direction, the Hunt looped, going over some fences and banks before dropping into the Red River Nature Reserve.

They hunt this nature reserve regularly through the season, even towards the end of March when it will be host to ground nesting birds, and it is documented otters, who could be breeding at this time. There are also “no horse” signs around the area. They drew the hounds upstream, all they way along the Reserve, passing through Menadarva and up to the sewage works NE of Kehelland/ SW of Tehidy Country Park. Between the foot team and landy we managed to keep an eye on them for the majority of the day. The hounds never really made much noise, picking up some scent in the coverts but never getting a chase.

After drawing the vegetation around the Red River, some of which will be scarce orchids being trampled under hoof and paw, next to the Sewage Works the Hunt went up to the little copse/covert a few metres east of Ashill, they were heard briefly chattering but nothing more. From there they went north west past Butney corner and up into the north entrance to Carlean Farm. Passing all the way through Carlean Farm (again) they made one desperate last ditch attempt in the hedges of fields south of the meet, before calling it a day. Poor weather and sab presence hindered the Hunt. We witnessed no kills, no trail laying. Many thanks to the new members who came out today, their enthusiasm was great. Look forward to working with them in the future.


Wildlife Trust defends having Wynnstay FH host as Trustee

22-1-18   Shropshire Wildlife Trust   Wynnstay Hunt Statement    There has been significant concern expressed on social media about reported activity on the land of one of our trustees.

The biggest threat to wildlife in the 21st century is modern agricultural practice. In order to halt the decline of wildlife, it is essential that we work with rural landowners at a landscape scale. John Brown has been a trustee for nearly 8 years and was invited into this position to help us gain better traction within the farming community of Shropshire. He is a well-known and respected (retired) farmer. His tenure as a trustee will end at our AGM in October as this is the maximum he can serve. Trustees are wholly voluntary and unpaid.

We have a clear and long-held policy on fox hunting; we don’t allow it on any of our land and certainly don’t condone any illegal activity. Our primary focus is habitat restoration at a landscape-scale where possible.

We at Shropshire Wildlife Trust are passionate about creating a landscape that is rich in wildlife. In order to make this possible, it is essential to bring together people from all walks of life. Shropshire Wildlife Trust continues to work with a broad range of groups, businesses, and individuals in order to achieve our charitable objectives.


Monitors see Cheshire FH chase foxes, think one killed

21-1-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   FOXES, CHASES, AND TRAILS OF BLOOD - CHESHIRE HOUNDS, MANOR FARM, BULKELEY 20.1.18    With the Cheshire Forest being kept company by a number of sab groups up in Whitley, we found the Cheshire Hounds congregating for a large meet in the lanes behind the Cholmondeley Estate (one of their popular haunts), and the day would prove that the estate owners and management appear to be as keen as ever to support this Hunt. 

Setting off along Cholmondeley Lane and off into the estate, the Hunt would spend the day trying to avoid our big team of monitors, and with very cold temperatures and icy rain for much of the day, you could be forgiven for wondering what on earth drags (no pun intended) people out on horses in this kind of weather? Of course, we all know the answer to that…

We found them via footpaths within the estate a short while after. The area in question is used partly to house a number of horses we believe belong to famous horse trainers the McCains, who live within the estate, and entrances to a nearby badger sett had all been blocked. Shortly after we saw a fox break cover, and yet another with an apparently injured leg.


The fox quickly took cover, but as soon as the gathered hunt followers had finished their sandwiches, the Hunt set off and were immediately onto another fox again with terrier boys and field hurtling after it. Thankfully, this was one that got away.

There seemed to be a lot of distressed horses out today, too skittish to be out safely with a hunt meet of this size, plus on occasions loose hounds getting under the horses’ feet. The Hunt also seemed preoccupied with our group being on footpaths, and needless to say we were, but clearly their assumed ‘safety’ by being within the Cholmondeley Estate was scuppered somewhat by all these lovely footpaths!

Later on the Hunt crossed the A49 and we caught a full-on hunt in fields behind Field Farm, with another fox being pursued by the hounds. Amidst all this jolly good fun, we witnessed (again) a rider slamming her horse into an intended jump and taking a bad tumble. Thankfully, the horse was fine (we won’t waste our words commenting on the welfare of the rider this time).

We entered the fields and captured the usual behaviour from hunt staff that often follows a kill, as they attempt to cover their tracks, but with our presence could do nothing but stand and wait. Eventually called away and forced to leave, we scoured the fields for evidence and found a number of areas of bloodied grass. While we aren’t certain this was from the fox, and there was no more evidence other than the blood, the coincidence that it was on the line the fox had taken was a big worry. The Hunt eventually packed up at around 5pm as darkness started to fall.

The day ended in a rather surreal fashion with an apparent hunt member who, using an hilariously fake Facebook profile, has been attempting to supply us with information about the hunt over the last few days, getting in touch again to let us know what had happened during the meet. This included a fox being “ripped to bits” at the back of the meet point at Manor Farm, attempting to lure us into the hunt kennels to retrieve dead foxes that are apparently dumped in the skip there, and finally admitting that they enjoyed sexually pleasuring themselves over images of dead foxes. Is this the levels of desperation they now sink to?!

So all in all, just your average day following the hunt!

Pics above   -  All this lot vs one fox    Pics below   1/  Note pretend trail laying stick, on horse's left    2/ Blocked sett    3/  One of several lots of blood found in grass at suspected kill site    4/  Another blood stain

  CheshireFHNotejoketraillayingstickonhorsesleft20-1-18.jpg CheshireFHBlockedsett20-1-18.jpg

  CheshireFHBloodfoundaftersuspectedkill_3_20-1-18.jpg CheshireFHBloodfoundaftersuspectedkill_2_20-1-18.jpg


Cumberland FH seen hunting 'as if ban never happened'

Even tried to put up fox near where families playing in snow 

21-1-18   Facebook - Lancashire Huntsabs   VIDEO   Yesterday we visited the Cumberland Foxhounds at their prestigious meet at Clea Hall Caravan park near Caldbeck. There was a small field and followers in vehicles who made their way to Faulds Brow, the northern part of Caldbeck Common, owned by the Lake District National Park Authority.

A single redcoat led the dozen or so riders along the road and immediately put the hounds into the disused quarry north of Thistlebottom. We were in the area from very early on and did not see any trail being laid, nor any pretence of it.

The Hunt blatantly carried on putting the hounds into coverts as if the hunting ban had never happened, covering several fields to the south of the open access area, then moved north east towards Paddigill, before reaching Priests Brow and Knacker House. Large numbers of families were parked up at the car park at Priests Brow and were all sledging close by, but this did not deter the Hunt who blatantly and repeatedly tried to up a fox from the gorse scrub area adjacent to the car-park. Their behaviour was bordering on creepy, but they are hunt scum after all and can do pretty much as they wish without fear of the Police or Lake District National Park.

Observers watched riders waiting at Brocklebank, presumably waiting for some poor fox victim to be pushed towards them. Hounds then went into cry in Studdholmrigg Wood and were watched closely by sabs, ready to intervene if necessary.

The Hunt then made its way back to Priests Brow where more riders packed up, the few riders left continued towards Sebergham at which point we continued to monitor for a short while. The Hunt seemed to be winding down and nothing of any notable interest happened. We got the sense that this may be a Hunt in trouble as the tiny field and small number of followers was marked. Maybe this reflects the insider info we've received that a new influx of ex-Coniston followers are clashing with the established Cumberland members. We do hope so........ we made our way home certain no foxes had been killed and a determination to visit the Cumberland Fox Hounds a bit more often.



Sabs fear Modbury Harriers killed, probably bagged, fox 

21-1-18   Facebook - South Devon Animal Rights    Hit Report - 20th January    Today we decided, a little more cautious than usual after last week's events, to go and monitor the Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers.

However, on arrival at the meet at 11.30 it was all very quiet and no evidence of a hunt day. At approximately 11.40 a vehicle with a horse box left the scheduled hunt meet. Then we noticed another vehicle also with a horse box coming to the same location, but after an exchanging of words was made between drivers, they left the area. So was the meet cancelled? Did they hunt somewhere else? Has huntsman Emlyn been fired after his violent attack last week, bringing more shame to the DVSP? Who knows? In time I guess we will be informed.

After searching the area for some time but to no avail, we decided to pay the Modbury Harriers a visit instead. The three hours we spent with them in Kingston, three miles south west of Modbury, mainly entailed regularly calling hounds off a scent which forced huntsman Harry Gosling (we believe the Huntsman still to be Gosling) to constantly re-gather and move on.

We fear they killed a released fox at the end of the day as a Land-Rover was seen driving slowly along a hedge and when out of sight hounds went into full cry within seconds. Sabs were some distance away and could not get to the scene but, as one sab got closer, he could see hounds clustered and no longer in cry.

Several earths were found blocked in the fields where they were hunting today and where this suspected release took place, which suggests that when foxes are released or hunted they have nowhere to run to safety, so sabs quickly unblocked the holes.

We hope we saved foxes this afternoon. The Modbury Harriers certainly seemed displeased at our presence as we prevented them from having a free rein in this location throughout the afternoon.

There is an update on our sab who was beaten unconscious last week by the Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers, however for legal reasons he wishes to keep this confidential at present. Our other two sabs who were also attacked by huntsman Emlyn Jones, his father and terrierman George Bailey are still bruised and shaken but were back out with us today.


Old Surrey FH follow trails but still manage to flush fox

20-1-18   Facebook - Kingston Hunt Sabs    Saturday 20th January 2018    Two teams of Kingston and Croydon Hunt Sabs were outside the OSB kennels bright and early this morning, and were able to follow the hound van directly to the meet at Brills Farm, just outside Edenbridge.

It took a while for the Hunt and field to unbox - we did wonder whether they considered the soggy conditions too much to hunt in! They finally set off well after 12.30pm. The tardy start gave enough time for South Coast and Brighton Sabs to join us, and between us all, we kept them in sight all the time.

Two quad bikes were out - one laying trails, whilst the other carried a keg of port, to warm up the field who did a lot of standing around, shivering and looking a bit dejected. The trails were followed, but that didn’t stop them ‘accidentally’ flushing a fox - luckily, this happened close to us, and whilst liberally spraying citronella, we watched this fox get away.

Just after 3pm, the Huntsman blew for home, and before 3.30pm they were all boxed up and leaving the meet. The very small field out today, and the negligible foot support, provide strong evidence of the waning interest in taking part in hunting - and with the overwhelming majority of the British public being opposed to killing for ‘sport’, we hope that compassion continues to prevail and consigns all barbarous acts to the dustbin of history.


Locals furious after Oakley FH rampaged through village & gardens

Chased fox through livestock field as well 

20-1-18   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    When you wake up to low temperatures and a combination of freezing rain and sleet you wonder what drives the wildlife abusers to want to get out there and hunt. However we'll always be looking for them. We were well on our way to our intended target today with our friends North Cambs Hunt Sabs when we got a call from a member of the public to say the Oakley hounds were running amok through peoples gardens and had chased a fox through a field containing goats and chickens. We changed direction and got over there as quick as we could.

We found the Hunt at their meet which was Cold Brayfield House. It was only 1:30pm and still plenty of light left but it seems they were already packing up. Why was this? Was this because they had already caused complete mayhem to the locals and blatantly hunted a fox through the village of Lavendon and were now making a sneaky exit?

The locals were clearly up in arms over this and not happy at all. We have had several messages from them and we are advising them accordingly. We think it's about time the Masters of the Oakley sorted themselves out. Huntsman Jack Harris has little or no control over the hounds and they are regularly seen hunting live quarry. It's only a matter of time before a serious incident occurs, they are sticking 2 fingers up to the law and hunting as if there was no ban. Their arrogance is astounding.

We made sure the Oakley had indeed packed up and headed home. Our friend North Cambs got a call about the Fitzwilliam so went off to sab them and we're sure they did a fine job but it was too far for us to travel to get there in time to help out. Lots of miles covered today with very little sabbing done but sometimes it's like that. We'll be paying special interest in the Oakley and if you think you see them please contact us as soon as possible.

  OakleyFHRampagethruvillageandgardens20-1-18.jpg         OakleyFHRampagethruvillageandgardens_1_20-1-18.jpg

  OakleyFHRampagethruvillageandgardens_3_20-1-18.jpg OakleyFHRampagethruvillageandgardens_4_20-1-18.jpg



Portman FH reported trespassing on Hambledon Hill, NT property

20-1-18   LACS website    The Portman Hunt were reported to be at National Trust site Hambledon Hill, Dorset, on the 20th January 2018.


Fitzwilliam FH hunt in nature reserve and on into nightfall

20-1-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    Hit Report 20.01.2018, Fitzwilliam - Milton Hunt, Milton Park, Peterborough   FITZWILLIAM HUNT THROUGH NATURE RESERVE - HUNTING UNTIL NIGHTFALL SEARCHING FOR A KILL     North Cambs Hunt Sabs found the Fitzwilliam today hiding in their 'safe zone' at Milton Park, on the outskirts of Peterborough, after returning to home turf following an early pack-up by the Oakley hunt with Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs, further south. We don't do half days, so made sure the Fitz got their full value from us today. After receiving complaints from several members of the concerned public, seeing a huntFitzwilliamFHRidingintonaturereserveonfootpath20-1-18.jpg near their homes, we tracked the Fitzwilliam to the northern end of Milton Park. Sizing up our options, they then quickly made a dash for it.

With two foot teams out we tailed and then pincered the Huntsman as he cast hounds repeatedly through Castor Hanglands National Nature Reserve, Heavy going underfoot from recent rainfall meant that both hounds and horses were soon heavily fatigued, however Simon Hunter, the Fitz Huntsman, pushed on regardless.

Sabs spotted a lone fox make a break from cover after the hunt had passed, and quickly moved to cover his scent trail with citronella spray (that stuff the hunt don't like us using, strangely) and bade him good luck for the escape.

As the day was drawing to a close, we thought the huntsman may had wanted to be tucked up at home with Ma and a mug of cocoa, but unfortunately this wasn't to be. The core redcoat group accompanied by terriermen hunted on until nightfall. Sabs stuck with the huntsman, calling hounds back whenever they found a scent, until they eventually decided to hack back to kennels using the headlights of the quads to light their path!

If you'd like to support the work of your local sabs for the cost of a coffee, then please click here! https://ko-fi.com/northcambs.

Pics below   -   1/  Newt habitat in nature reserve. Note hoof-prints.     2/  Steaming hounds    3/  Almost dark. Still hunting.    4/  Terriermen going home     5/   Fox fleeing from hunt  

  FitzwilliamFHNewthabitatinnaturereserveNotehoofprints20-1-18.jpg FitzwilliamFHSteamrisingfromhounds20-1-18.jpg

  FitzwilliamFHGettingdarkstillhunting20-1-18.jpg  FitzwilliamFHTerriermenquadsgoinghome20-1-18.jpg 



Postings show true nature of guilty 'Hunt Steward' Shaun Stacey

19-1-18   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    We have been sent the following screen shots from a Muslim animal rights supporter. It really just shows the level of abuse the likes of Shaun Stacey and his colleagues will sink to. Not only is Stacey demonstrating extremely offensive racist views but also credible threats of violence for which, in his own words "I could get a long sentence for".

In the messages Stacey confirms what we have always suspected, he is being paid by the hunts to beat up and abuse Hunt Sabs. This is illegal on many levels as well as the assault offences any person being paid to provide security on a professional basis should be holding and showing a SIA badge.

It shows that Hunts are colluding with these criminal thugs to assault sabs. The Hunts who invite Stacey and his 'Stewards' are:- The Oakley; The Fitzwilliam; The Woodland Pytchley; The Fernie; The Pytchley and the Belvoir.

We ask the Masters of these Hunts; how do you justify employing such people to protect your alleged legal activities? It only goes to expose the true nature of people who continue to support illegal hunting.




Atherstone FH suffer kennel cough again

18-1-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   ATHERSTONE HUNT HOUNDS HAVE KENNEL COUGH – AGAIN    The Atherstone Hunt cancelled their last two meets due to the hounds having a virus, they have now cancelled all meets up until the 27th January.

We can now reveal that the Atherstone hounds have kennel cough. This is the second time in the last three years that the hounds from this hunt have caught kennel cough, we are concerned about the conditions these hounds are kept in. There are certain situations and environments that leave dogs more vulnerable to illness, these include stress caused by crowded environments, cold temperatures and poor ventilation.

Most dogs recover within three to four weeks but may take up to six weeks for a complete recovery and the dog may still be a carrier for several weeks after they have recovered. The 27th January seems optimistic for the Atherstone Hunt to be back out again and also irresponsible as the hounds will not have had enough time to recover.

The fact the Atherstone Hunt have let their hounds catch kennel cough a second time shows that the Atherstone haven't bothered to vaccinate against it. This speaks volumes about how much they care about the hounds and raises questions over their suitability as an organisation to keep hounds.


Cheshire Forest FH trespass on NT land, fail to put up foxes

18-1-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs    Yesterday we joined forces with our very good friends, North Wales Sabs, and paid a visit to the Cheshire Forest hunt, who were meeting at Rode Hall Farm in North Rode, just north east of Congleton.... the hunt set off just after 12 noon and headed onto the busy A54.

They held traffic up for some time until they finally turned off... and headed out the other side onto a bridleway which leads underneath the North Rode Viaduct. Sabs followed on foot, running for a fair distance using the gizmo occasionally to keep the hounds heads up and to distract them from catching the scent of any potential foxes in the small copses we passed. This seriously annoyed the whipper in, Andrew Callwood [left], who furiously rated the hounds and called them away from us!...

CheshireForestFHWhipcriminalAndrewCallwood17-1-18.jpgEventually, sabs caught up with them to find German off his horse encouraging hounds along a hedgerow... Sabs caught up a short time later and were met with some slight resistance from German and an unknown member of the field who attempted to use their horses as weapons to push sabs back. Defiant as ever, sabs stood their ground and the hunt moved on...

Mobile sabs were now sat on a great vantage point up Tunstal Road where they could observe everything the Hunt was up to and also where foot sabs were. As they were up there, a fox was seen to start running from Hunt support vehicles who were parked close by. Bagged fox maybe?? Seems to be a common theme lately, these foxes are always either darting from quad bikes or from hunt support vehicles. Maybe Cheshire Police would like to get proactive and start searching these quad bikes and supporters vehicles??

Mobile sabs quickly sprayed the fox's line whilst the Hunt were heading up the road towards them. Sabs jumped out and pursued the Hunt onto National Trust land, The Cloud. As we were busy sabbing, we made a quick phone call to a friend about this, who then rung the rangers who said the Hunt are under no circumstances allowed on The Cloud and sent some rangers out to tell them to leave if they caught them...

We may have been small in numbers, but we were certainly big in presence! By half two in the afternoon, the hunt had packed in and riders were heading home. But this is where things became interesting!...

... upon noticing the sab in the field by the hound van, whipper in Andrew Callwood, the countryside criminal, handler of stolen goods and likes to drag women around by the hair, appeared to be boxing up a horse but then stripped off his pinks and chased the sab across the field with a female rider. Sab was caught by them both and asked to leave the land but things started to look like they were about to get heavy so other sabs jumped the gate to make sure our mate was all right and to film what was going on, they then stopped our sab from actually leaving the land! We'll let the footage speak for itself here!! Mr Callwood has some cheek to say someone doesn't have respect for a woman when he has actually been charged for assault on a woman though...

All In all, a very successful day for us, and most importantly, the wildlife. The Hunt had virtually nowhere to go where they could get away from us! It was nice to see some local support too. It's becoming quite clear to us that Mr German and his wildlife murdering cronies aren't very much liked in Cheshire... Maybe it has something to do with the fact he illegally hunts and all the foxes he's killed lately??  https://gogetfunding.com/cheshire-sabs-drone-fund/.

Pics below   -   1/  Huntsman Andrew German with hounds    2/  Woman hunter to sab, who they are preventing leaving private land even though demanding he should do so - 'I ought to take your bollocks off.'    

  CheshireForestFHHuntsmanAndrewGermanwithhounds17-1-18.jpg CheshireForestFHWomanhuntertosab_Ioughttotakeyourbollocksoff_17-1-18.jpg


Cheshire hunt thug loses appeal against 9 year rape sentence

18-1-18   Chester Standard    Appeal against Cheshire farmer's rape sentence dismissed    A Cheshire farmer told his fleeing victim she was 'not going anywhere' before raping her over a table, top judges have heard. Anthony Ronald Kirkham, 73, of Wrexham Road, Ridley, near Tarporley, was convicted of rape and jailed for nine years at Chester Crown Court on April 21 last year. Today he challenged his sentence at London's Appeal Court, claiming his punishment was much too tough.

Mr Justice Garnham said he attempted to kiss his victim on the neck, but she said “no” and tried to run away. Kirkham would not be put off, however, and grabbed her hand, telling her she was “not going anywhere”. The terrified victim “froze” and Kirkham bent her over a table and raped her, said the judge. She was “vulnerable” as she had been drinking earlier in the evening of the attack.

Lawyers for Kirkham argued his jail term should be cut. They pointed to his age, his “ailing” health and said the AnthonyKirkhamCheshireFHSentencedto18monthsin90sforsavageattackandrobberyonChrisOwen.jpgconviction led to the loss of his farm. He had no previous convictions of a similar nature, the court was told. But Mr Justice Garnham, who was sitting with Lady Justice Sharp and Judge Wendy Joseph QC, ruled: "The sentence in this case was appropriate and there in no proper argument that it is excessive. It is certainly not manifestly excessive.”

POWAperson adds  -  Pity the judge didn't increase his sentence. Here, with help of North West Hunt Sabs, is a summary of Kirkham's career of violence and dishonesty prior to his rape conviction. I am reminded by it that Owen Paterson, rabidly pro-hunt Tory MP and former DEFRA Secretary of State, once described hunters as 'decent, honest people' -  

1987: Jailed after driving his cattle truck at a car containing his then wife and a man with whom she was associating.

1993: Anthony Kirkham and Geoffrey Parks of the Cheshire Hounds hunt, found guilty of violent disorder. Kirkham and Park with a group of men attacked a mini-bus containing hunt saboteurs using pick axe handles. Smashed up mini-bus, one sab was punched in the face and kicked on the floor, while another – Suzanne McGowan – whilst running for help was caught by Kirkham who then beat and kicked her to the ground. 12 months sentence suspended.

1998: Jailed for 15 months for his part in what the judge described as the ‘cruel beating’ of a L.A.C.S. monitor, during a meet of the Cheshire Hounds. The man was chased across a field, sprayed in the face with a liquid, hit over the head with a bottle and repeatedly kicked in the head when he fell. Kirkham told the man, “we’ve got you now, you’re dead’ as he pulled him to his feet and ripped a camera worth £1,300 from his neck. Judge Gerald Elias QC told Kirkham “That it was a serious offence of robbery which involved targeted and to an extent organised violence” and “You were involved in a most serious assault”.

2003: A father and son were charged with assaulting two police officers outside Nantwich Civic Hall in January 2003. Anthony Kirkham (then 58) and his son Timothy (then 20) both of Ridley Farm, Tarporley, are keen supporters of the Cheshire Hounds and Cheshire Forest hunts were arrested outside the civic hall, which was staging the Cheshire Hounds Farmers Hunt Ball. Both men were charged with actual bodily harm, and resisting or obstructing a constable in the execution of duty.

2003: Fined £17,000 for persistently ignoring disease control regulations (F&M). 76 offences in total 2002-2003.

2011: Fined £5,756 for breaching TB restrictions on moving cattle in breach of DEFRA TB restrictions served by DEFRA in June 2009 after TB confirmed in a cow originating from his Ridley Farm. Admitted 87 offences between January & June 2010 period. His son Nicholas also fined for 37 identical offences.

2013: Given a four month custodial sentence (suspended) after pleading guilty to 8 offences of breaching TB restrictions on cattle movement. (2012 period).

2014-15: C.Discharge for failing to produce cattle movement records. Jailed 4 months for 11 cases of breaching TB/Disease control orders.


Meynell FH terrierman attacks sabs, breaking one's nose

18-1-18   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  It's Saturday so where else would be but at the Meynell and South Staffs Hunt with our friends from Liverpool Hunt Sabs. This week they met at Church Farm Mugginton, a few miles North of their usual Saturday stomping ground.

They left the meet and we stepped into groundhog day. They blatantly hunted, we intervened as necessary and terrier men Andy and Sam frothed at the mouth and pushed and shouted at anyone they could get their hands on, all the time watched by their two young apprentices who looked slightly anxious about the entire proceedings.

We successfully tag teamed them all morning with the hounds speaking very little until they second horsed just before two. From then on it all got a little silly. Huntsman, Sam Staniland, put his hounds into a field of long scrub, an ideal spot for a fox to lay up during the day, and put one up they did. Sabs intervened and the terrier men went into aggression overload. Sam Stanley, second in command behind the aging pack leader Andy, attacked multiple sabs in an effort to slow us down, including head butting a Liverpool sab and breaking his nose. Despite their best efforts our other vehicle was perfectly placed to see a tired fox run up one side of a hedge whilst the hounds ran up the other. They bumped into each other but the sabs were able to distract the hounds just enough to give the fox valuable seconds to escape. Once we were sure it was safe the police were called and statements were taken.

The hunt continued on and once again went into cry but again we were right on top of them Sam had cunningly changed his hat by this point to try and escape identification. Here's a tip Sam. When you've been wearing the same manky green balaclava for years hurriedly changing it when you've just headbutted someone is pretty much an admission of guilt. With that final bit of silliness done the hunt gathered up their tired hounds and headed for home.

A challenging day without doubt but ultimately successful. Little note to the Meynell masters. The more violent your terrier boys get the more you'll be seeing us. Please support our work: http://ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.


Hunt 'steward' convicted of head-butting sab at Oakley FH meet

17-1-18   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs   Today, Shaun Stacey, a self-appointed 'hunt steward' was convicted of assault at Luton Magistrates Court for headbutting a young sab during a cubbing meet of the Oakley Hunt last September. Mr Stacey didn't feel it was necessary to attend court on the day so the trial was held in his absence and he was found guilty. A warrant has been issued by the court for his arrest. He will be sentenced at a later date when he stands before the court.


Monitor presence deters Waveney Harriers from digging fox out

17-1-18  Facebook - Norfolk and Suffolk Against Live Quarry Hunting   Report no 36 - New Year’s Day 2018   It was New Year’s Day. It came as no surprise to learn that the boxes of the Waveney Harriers were heading for the Somerleyton estate... over 5,000 acres for the Hunt to cause disturbance and mayhem to its indigenous wildlife, of which there is plenty due in part to the publicly funded stewardship schemes... It was here that they met on their very first hunt after the Hunting with Dogs Act 2004... Unsupervised hounds were seen on the busy B1074 and the quieter Market Lane...

WaveneyHarriersDeerfleeing1-1-18.jpg look up the Estate’s website, they claim that their conservation policy has seen the return of the otter. You may wonder how that fits in with hunting at Wicken Well and Summerhouse Water and indeed on the banks of Fritton Lake, which they have done on previous meets. We believe that it is an offence to disturb otters in such a way... From these wetland habitats they moved along a stream to the east and then back to Home Farm. One monitor keeping an eye on them at this point was approached by a supporter who took a photograph of him with his mobile phone saying “Smile for the camera, you twat”. The monitor had never spoken to him before nor had he done anything to provoke him. If Lord Somerleyton is happy with such provocative behaviour from one of his guests, then so be it but if he is not he needs to take action and nip it in the bud.

 the Hunt once more crossed over the B1074 and headed up Green Lane. There were no pregnant cows to stampede on this occasion (see report 2-11-16). The Hunt then headed for a wood called Ashby Green and then the eagle owl man turned up with his bird. He positioned himself about 100 yards away from the wood. Now they were supposedly engaged in falconry except no-one that we trust has ever seen that bird released. When they are supposed to be dusting a trail then they are always filming themselves dabbing that old sock on the ground. So where are all those films of them flushing quarry to a bird of prey and then releasing it?...

From there they approached Rush Pit wood where an observer had seen a fox. The Huntsman dismounted and took his hounds into the wood. The whipper-in remained on point until suddenly he dismounted and ran in after them... The terrier men appeared and it had all the signs of a dig-out. The Huntsman had summoned them all on his mobile whilst standing on a fox’s den... Fortunately, when the hunters realised that a member of the public was keeping an eye on them they left and moved westward...

A big thank you to all those who turned out for the animals. It was a joint effort by local groups and a good start to the New Year.

Pics below   -  1/  Hunt's bird-handler with eagle owl [never seen being released]    2/  Huntsman and Whip's horses being held - they're on foot in the woods after the fox 

  WaveneyHarriersEagleowl1-1-18.jpg WaveneyHarriersHuntsmanandWhipshorsesTheyreinwoodafterfiox1-1-18.jpg


Parish Council complains strongly to Fitzwilliam FH village invasion

17-1-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    "The Parish Council strongly criticises your inability to control your hounds and riders..." Letter of complaint from rural residents whose privacy and safety is wholly disregarded by the Fitzwilliam - Milton Hunt. Another village where the hunt are not welcomed. (Incident: http://bit.ly/2Dr8DiM)


'Cheshire Against the Hunt' stage protest at meet venue

'Fox hunting has never gone away' says spokeswoman 

17-1-18   Chester Chronicle   Cheshire anti-hunt group claims illegal fox hunting is still taking place in UK - Police insist all aspects of rural and wildlife crime are taken seriously    Cheshire Against The Hunt this week held a protest outside Bolesworth Castle near Tattenhall because it was allegedly hosting a hunt although there was no suggestion whatsoever of any illegal activities.

Cheshire campaigners claim illegal fox hunting still takes place up and down the country. Hunting with hounds became illegal under the Hunting Act 2004 but many hunts lay a scent for the hounds to follow pursued by riders on horseback and others on foot. Such practices are perfectly legal but Cheshire Against The Hunt wants to raise awareness around its claim that so-called trail hunting can be a cover for actual hunting. The group said in a statement: “Trail hunting came into existence after fox hunting was banned under the Hunting with Dogs Act in 2004. Trail hunting supposedly involves the laying of false trails instead of pursuing live foxes. So it is conveniently easy for these hounds, who are trained to follow fox scent, to easily pick up the scent of a live fox in the area. Foxes continue to be killed because of this.”

Anti-hunt protester Betty Palmer, a Cheshire business woman, said: “Fox hunting never went away. Foxes are killed with intent and not by mistake. Trail hunting is and always has been a smokescreen for illegal fox hunting. "The general public think it was banned 14 years ago but Hunts up and down the country continue to kill foxes every week. These hunts have little regard for private property, pets and wildlife.”

The group said in Cheshire the activities of local hunts were ‘carefully watched’ by the volunteer organisation Cheshire Monitors as well as independent bystanders. Nationally, campaigns by the League Against Cruel Sports and the Hunt Investigation Team had ‘helped lift the lid on the illegal activities associated with hunting in the UK’.

The Chronicle asked Cheshire Police if it wished to comment on the group’s claims about illegal hunting. The force did not respond directly. But PC Ged Gigg said in a statement: “Cheshire Police takes all aspects of rural and wildlife crime seriously and we are committed to preventing and tackling criminal activity. We have specialist rural and wildlife trained officers who have an increased level of knowledge and training in this area. The team has a thorough working knowledge of the Hunting Act 2004, and treat hunting no differently than any other wildlife crime or public order situation.

The role of the police is to investigate alleged or apparent breaches of the Hunting Act, to gather evidence, and to pass that evidence to the appropriate authority to consider prosecution – usually the Crown Prosecution Service. To fulfil this role officers undertake a variety of proactive and reactive work regarding hunting. Officers have worked closely with both the hunts and the monitors within the Cheshire area. It’s important that members of the public inform police about meetings where disorder may occur or where the Hunting Act may be breached. Raising awareness of wildlife and rural crime is a huge priority and we need the rural community to report suspicious activity and assist us in tackling rural issues. If you have witnessed an illegal hunt or suspicious activity you should call Cheshire Police on 101.”

Cheshire Against The Hunt says it is a ‘loose collective’ of like-minded individuals who are taking a pro-active stand against hunting. This week the group decided to hold a protest outside Bolesworth Castle near Tattenhall because it was allegedly hosting a hunt although there was no suggestion whatsoever of any illegal activities. The group says it chose to hold the demonstration at Bolesworth to make the public at large aware the estate was hosting the hunt saying such activities were in ‘direct conflict with their public events programme’.

A spokeswoman for Bolesworth Estate said: “The Cheshire Hounds are allowed to hunt on the estate during the season for legal hunting within the prescribed parameters of the Hunting Act 2004 (c37). We take all allegations of illegal behaviour seriously and would fully support the authorities with any investigations.”



Police investigate report of illegal hunt in Bicester FH country

17-1-18   Bicester Advertiser    Police investigating reports of fox hunting in Kirtlington    A POLICE investigation is under way after reports that horse riders with dogs allegedly chased a fox in Kirtlington. It was reported to police at 11.50am on Monday. Hunting still takes place legally around Oxfordshire and across England and Wales on the condition that riders must only follow a scent trail as set out in the Hunting Act 2004.

Thames Valley Police spokesman James Williams said: “It is reported that there were about 12 horse riders with dogs chasing a fox. The matter is being investigated as a criminal offence and anyone with information is urged to call police on 101 and quote reference 43180015969.”

In 2012, members of Oxfordshire’s Heythrop Hunt were convicted of illegal fox hunting in the first prosecution mounted by the RSPCA. The Hunt admitted what the prosecutor said was ‘deliberate unlawful hunting’.


8-3-18   Bicester Advertiser    'Anger growing against fox hunting' after reports of illegal hunt    PUBLIC outrage directed at illegal fox hunting is on the rise, say campaigners. Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns for the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), made the comments following recent reports of fox hunting in Oxfordshire.

Several residents of Kirtlington, near Bicester, contacted Thames Valley Police in January to report that a hunt was taking place in the village. The campaigning group has claimed that such incidents remain commonplace despite the Hunting Act, which bans the hunting of wild mammals with dogs in England and Wales, coming into effect in 2004.

Mr Luffingham insisted that the Act needs to be strengthened in order to deter those taking advantage of its weaknesses. He said: “Public awareness of illegal hunting is growing and people are becoming increasingly angry about the number of incidents taking place. Regular reports of illegal hunting come in from our investigators and our Animal Crimewatch line receives numerous calls from people who have been distressed by seeing a hunt chasing a fox or deer, and from those who have encountered hunts trespassing on their land. The majority of people in Great Britain support the ban on hunting. "They are wising up to the deceit of ‘trail’ hunting and asking why more is not being done to stop people making a mockery of the law.”

Three members of the public contacted Thames Valley Police on January 16 to report that a hunt was taking place in Kirtlington. One of the callers said that at about 11.45am a fox had been chased onto Bletchingdon Road by a group of hunters. They alleged that the animal had been hit by a car and was then attacked and killed by a group of dogs. Some of the land the Hunt were accessing that day for hunting is reported to be Kirtlington Park.

Police investigated under the Hunting Act and the case has since been filed, pending further evidence. Similar activity has taken place in the village before, the Oxford Mail understands. Trail hunting is a form of legal hunting that involves laying an artificial scent for hounds to follow. The practice is controversial as many, including LACS, believe it to be a veil for illegal hunting activity.

Mr Luffingham said: “Trail hunting results in wildlife being chased and killed and instead of animals being properly protected by hunting legislation, loopholes mean they continue to be persecuted. The Hunting Act needs strengthening and the persistent minority who take pleasure in killing animals for fun need to be stopped once and for all. We need to send a clear message that in the 21st century, having animals literally torn apart by packs of hounds in the name of ‘sport’ will no longer be tolerated.”

Trail hunting did not exist prior to the Hunting Act and since it was passed a large number of hunts have announced the adoption of trail hunting. It is not to be confused with drag hunting, a similar practice in which groups lay non-animal based scents. Drag hunting, however, has been conducted for centuries. When the Act came into force, the Masters of Draghounds and Bloodhounds Association (MDBA) were concerned that illegal live quarry hunting, under the guise of following an artificially laid scent, would have a detrimental effect on the sport of drag hunting. To prevent their sport being brought into disrepute, the MDBA insisted that the term ‘drag hunting’ should remain its exclusive property.

In 2012, members of Oxfordshire’s Heythrop Hunt were convicted of illegal fox hunting in the first prosecution mounted by the RSPCA. The Hunt admitted what the prosecutor said was ‘deliberate unlawful hunting’.


6 cats still missing a week after E.Sussex FH invaded sanctuary

Staff losing hope and feel tormented 

16-1-18   Facebook - Celia Hammond Animal Trust   UPDATE 16th January    We still have six cats missing and are losing hope.

On Tuesday 9th January at 4p.m a pack of uncontrolled Fox hounds in full cry rampaged through our East Sussex Sanctuary in pursuit of a fox and a deer forcing our resident cats who live freely in the grounds to flee for their lives. In the immediate aftermath of this horrific incident there were around 60 of our resident cats missing - either hiding or possibly injured or killed - we had no idea. Cats have gradually reappeared since then with the last cat to return being BIndi who was spotted on Sunday morning (14th Jan).

E.SussexFH2of6catsstillmissingweekafterhoundinvasion16-1-18.jpgOur staff and volunteers have continued with searches for the missing cats throughout the nights and days since. We are very grateful for all the offers of help but we have restricted searching the Sanctuary grounds to people who know the cats and who the cats trust. Most of the cats are mistrustful of strangers. We are also trying to keep the Sanctuary as calm and quiet as possible for the benefit of all of the cats. We have put up missing cat posters in the local area.

We are particularly worried for the fate of a trio of elderly cats who have not been seen since last Tuesday, we don't think we are going to see them again and are heartbroken. The Doctor, Sam and Ted are three semi-feral brothers, all black in colour. They were born into a colony of cats that we neutered and returned to a caravan park near Hastings many years ago. When their elderly feeder died a few years ago we brought them to the Sanctuary to live out the rest of their lives as the owner of the site no longer wanted them there. These three cats and their sister, Molly resided in a cat chalet near the main house and were well know to our Sanctuary staff, volunteers and visitors. At around 15 years old they didn't wander far and were often to be seen lounging on the veranda of their chalet. Their routines were very regular, as dinner time approached they would be first to appear. Their sister Molly was also initially amongst the missing cats but returned home after two days, but of her brothers there is no sign. They had no teeth and will not be able to find for themselves if they are still alive...

We are totally devastated by the trauma that has been inflicted on our cats, staff and volunteers. The feelings of shock, sadness and anger hit us in waves. The torment about what has happened to our missing cats is agonising.


Huntsman/JM + terrierman Dwyryd FH convicted in animal fights trial

Another man and a juvenile also found guilty 

16-1-18   Denbighshire Free Press    Two guilty of badger baiting and animal welfare offences    Two men were found guilty on Tuesday of badger baiting and animal fighting at a Snowdonia farm. They were bailed for pre-sentence reports including the possibility of jailing them and for their financial situation to be explored.

Jordan Houlston, aged 24, of Alexandra Road, Llandudno, an alleged hunt terrier man, was convicted by a district judge at the town’s court of ill-treating a badger, and unnecessary suffering by causing a badger to fight with dogs at Cwm Bowydd Farm, Blaenau Ffestiniog, last February. He was also found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to four dogs and failing to meet the welfare needs of seven dogs.

David Thomas [Huntsman/JM Dwyryd FH], 51, described as joint owner of Cwm Bowydd Farm, was found guilty of unnecessary suffering to a badger by causing it to fight with dogs, causing unnecessary suffering to two foxes by keeping them caged close to dogs causing the foxes to be terrified, and other animal welfare allegations.

Marc Wyn Morris, 26, of Jones Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog, has pleaded guilty to wilfully injuring a badger, being present at an animal fight and causing unnecessary suffering to a badger by causing it to fight with a dog. A boy of 17 admitted being present at an animal fight. A boy of 13 who denied charges connected to the alleged illegal activities was cleared after the judge ruled he had no case to answer.

Sentencing of them was adjourned last week at the start of the six-day trial. Artificial badger setts were allegedly found at the farm and seven skulls, possibly those of foxes or badgers. District judge Gwyn Jones said pipes were used to hold captive animals and dogs brought to a copse to fight.

Allan Armbrister, defending Houlston who claimed he wasn’t present at the time of the animal fight, maintained the way the RSPCA had conducted themselves had been “shambolic.” After the convictions, Mr Armbrister remarked :”They wish to have their fate dealt with as soon as possible.” He said Houlston had little means.

Clive Rees, defending Thomas, argued that there had been an “institutionalised and systemic failure” and identification of his client was unsatisfactory. “There’s no real evidence these (caged) foxes were suffering any sort of trauma until approached by the police and RSPCA,” he added.


'Key member' of Puckeridge FH confused as to how 'trail hunting' works

Says no-one told where 'trails' are laid - but can't explain how they know where to go

16-1-18   Facebook - North East London Hunt Saboteurs    Hit Report 13/01/2018 Puckeridge Hunt, Sandons Farm, Ashdon    We met up with S.Cambs, Cambridge and Suffolk And Essex Hunt Sabs to hit the Puckeridge Hunt on Saturday, who we found gathered in Ashdon. As soon as sabs were spotted, the Hunt Master started talking loudly about 'trail hunting'.

Interestingly later in the day when a key member of the Hunt was asked for a map of these alleged trails she said "no one knows where the trails are, that would ruin the fun." When we questioned her further as to how the Hunt would have a clue where to ride to (and also, Hunts are supposed to be able to provide trail information) she changed her mind and said that she knew where the trails had been laid, before riding off rather quickly without sharing this information!

The Puckeridge are known for disappearing easily - probably due to their rather small field following - but this time sabs were with them for the entire day. Sabs used voice calls and horns to ensure hounds were safely away from wildlife where possible. There was a very close call for one fox, the hounds caught his scent and gave chase for quite some time. Sabs spotted him being chased just a few meters in front of the pack of hounds along a hedgerow, with the Huntsman on the other side actively hunting on the hounds. Thankfully different groups of sabs were able to intervene and the hounds were not bloody following the long chase so we are confident this allowed the tired animal to escape.

The Hunt turned back and returned to the area, clearly trying to pick up the scent once more (obviously NOT trail hunting) but were not successful. Other wildlife in the area was seen fleeing in terror - including several hares and a small herd of deer.

The Huntsman was rather irate after being prevented from killing all day and the language from the hunt got increasingly worse through the day. Ironic really, given that the Hunt called the police and were heard telling them sabs had been abusive. We wonder when they will stop getting away with wasting police time and making false allegations? When will officers stand up to them and tell them their job is to uphold the law and not do the bidding of the Hunt?

The Hunt demonstrated their usual prejudiced character throughout the day, with the Whipper- in commenting "they must all be Muslims, that's why they're covering their faces" while laughing at his own wit. A tiring but successful day for sabs and foxes.


Blackmore FH follower attacks two women sabs as blocked setts found

14-1-18   Facebook - Dorset Hunt Sabs  VIDEO   Hit Report Sat 13th Jan 2018 BSV Hunt meeting at Bradley Head Farm, Milbourne Wick    We arrived at the meet early to carry out the usual work we do to make areas safer for foxes fleeing from the hunt. One foot team were deployed into an area north west of the meet and another foot team were deployed to an area north east of the meet.

The north-west team found badger activity and 20 plus holes that appeared to have been blocked a very longBlackmoreFHSheepcarcassesinwoodhuntedin13-1-18.jpg time ago. As they continued they found about another 10 - 15 holes which had been blocked that morning. Spade marks were clearly visible and sabs set about unblocking them. The team then found multiple skulls, a couple were deer but we weren’t sure on the others until we found a pile of rotting sheep ! This can only be described as a mass grave above ground for dead sheep which had been there for a long time, and another sheep laying close by. As the Hunt set off for the meet they headed straight for this wood on the line of a fox. Sadly for the Hunt the foot sabs were watching and saw a fox to safety spraying behind him and rated the hounds.

Mark Doggrell immediately changed direction and took the hounds in the direction of the north east team. Sadly for Mark Doggrell the other foot team were therefore in the perfect position to scupper his plans once again in as little as 10 minutes. This team had found another badger sett and the sabs were busy unblocking some holes. With a heads up on the radio that the hounds were heading their way they were able to make another fox safe that ran through their location. Not long after the hounds came careering through where they were but lost the scent of the fox!

Now back to the north-west team who by now were being escorted from the wooded area by an unsurprisingly irate Ben Doggrell who brought one of his cronies with him for good measure. We are starting to wonder if Ben has blocked ears as he seems unable to talk and shouts his torrent of abuse at full volume!!

BlackmoreFHUnblockedsett13-1-18.jpgAs soon as the sabs got out of the wooded area one of the hunt followers decided it was his turn to puff his feathers and put on a show for his friends. They had all been standing at the gate waiting for the hunt to come through a field with a massive amount of sheep in it adjacent to the wooded area. Had sabs not been there these followers would have been able to push the fox back into the hounds and see a kill.

This hunt follower attacked one sab saying he was gong to smash her f’ing head in with lots of pushing and trying to pull down her face mask. Not getting anywhere he then turned his attention to the only other female sab in this team who wasn’t even facing him and tried to pull her mask down and then punched her on the top of her head. A decision was made to call 999 and the Avon and Somerset police were soon on the scene and we reported illegal hunting, blocked badger setts, rotting carcasses of sheep and the abusive behaviour and assaults. All of the assault and verbal was caught on video and this is being passed on to the police, for this reason we cannot publish that footage yet.

Mark took the hounds away from the other foot team and up onto the ridge where we were able to keep an eye on them whilst sabs were speaking to the police. Whilst foot sabs and the landy followed the hounds along the Poyntington Ridge a foot sab went back to the wooded area with a police man who had been unable to locate the blocked sett. This policeman took footage of the blocked sett and the sab unblocked another hole to show him, this was at the request of his sergeant so we will update you on this in due course.

The landy then came back to pick this foot sab up and the hunt had by now crossed the railway line and headedBlackmoreFHBlockedsett13-1-18.jpg to Henstridge Bowden. The hunt then came along Toomer Hill and with flurries of hunt support circling like vultures. Foot sabs were soon out the Landy again and stopped a herd of deer that had been flushed out by the hounds from running onto the A30. It is not the first time deer have been flushed in this field and one day it may well cause a serious accident!

Mark then took the hounds in the direction of Henstridge Ash, drawing coverts and hedgerows along the way. We didn’t have any more grief for the rest of the day apart from when three quads blocked the road whilst the hounds were drawing a copse. A team of foot sabs were able to walk through and Mark was soon on his way again. By now light was fading fast and the Hunt packed up about 4pm. We did not witness any kills but had we not been there this certainly wouldn’t have been the case.

In the photos you can see the mass grave [top right above], sett holes we unblocked [mid left above], the blocked holes [one, above right] and the flat soil marks which are made by the spades used to move the earth into the sett entrances.

If you want to join us please email us at dorsethuntsabs@riseup.net and as ever many thanks for your continued support and comments!


Sab seriously injured in very violent attacks at Dart Vale FH

Alleged that Huntsman and terrierman both part of premeditated attack 

14-1-18   Facebook - South Devon Animal Rights   Hit Report - DartValeFHHuntsmanabouttoattacksabwithhorse13-8-18.jpg13th January    As many of you are now aware sabs encountered extreme violence from the Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers yesterday.

The Hunt met at the Millbrook Inn Southpool, nr Kingsbridge. A mounted field of around 25 riders, two boxed-up quads with terriermen and a few support vehicles went in search of their prey through woodland and valley areas around West Prawle, Chivelstone and the Gullet Plantation. With sabs taking possession of the hounds several times throughout the afternoon the Hunt were starting to show their frustration.

Huntsman Emlyn Jones who seems to rely on his terriermen releasing foxes rather than the more traditional style of hunting, made his way with his pack and the field to a regular release site at Gullet Farm (who are signed up to the badger cull).

Sensing a release was imminent three sabs tried to get to where they thought it was going to take place. After hunt support started to get aggressive outnumbered sabs tried to leave. However, moments later Huntsman Jones came galloping across a field with hounds in tow towards one of our sabs. On the same horse but no longer wearing his green coat and also covering his face with a balaclava our male sab realised that an attack was about to take place.

DartValFHTerriermanabouttoattacksabwithhorse13-8-18.jpgJones rode into our sab bringing him to the ground. He then reared his horse up trying to trample him. Our sab saw the horse's hooves above him but somehow miraculously rolled out of the way. Fearing for his life he got on his feet and tried to run. But terrierman George Bailey then came running towards him, fists clenched and attempting another assault, but he lost balance momentarily and our sab made headway in his retreat. Another aggressive rider then also rode at the same sab trying to whip him, but luckily he just managed to get over a barbed wire fence before falling down a high hedge into the next field. Our second sab was then whipped repeatedly and pushed around by the second rider and again just managed to escape. Sabs tried to find their third sab, whose last recollection was of George Bailey's fists.

All three sabs feared for their lives but managed to escape, regroup and returned to our Land-Rover, which was waiting nearby. We then rushed our sab who had lost consciousness to the nearest hospital where police, who had been on the other end of the phone throughout the attack, met us.

Our guy who was knocked unconscious during the attack lost response at the local hospital and was losing blood, so was rushed by ambulance to Derriford Hospital. He also sustained a hoof print to his head. He is now out of hospital and recovering. He received a badly broken nose and severe bruising to his face, head and body. 

We see this as a premeditated act of violence and attempted murder. Our sabs are lucky to be alive. Footage isDartValeFHSabpunchedandriddenover13-8-18.jpg being gathered and sent to the police and press who will deal with it from here on. We will continue to sab the Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers and hope to protect the poor foxes that are on the receiving end of these brutal lawbreaking thugs.

Story covered by Daily Mail  

13-1-18   HSA Press Release    Hunt Sab critically Injured in premeditated attack by Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers    A Hunt Saboteur is in critical condition after being punched to the ground and ridden down by members of the Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers. The Huntsman from the Hunt was present and involved in the attack. Cameras and radios were stolen during the attack.

Saboteurs had been following the Hunt when a small group of three were lured into a premeditated attack. The injured sab was punched to the ground before being ridden over by one of the hunt horses. He is currently in hospital undergoing a CT scan and repeatedly lost consciousness after the attack. He also has a hoof print in his head.

Devon and Cornwall police are investigating the attack after being called by other members of the group whilst the attack was taking place.

Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteur Association, stated: “This was clearly a premeditated attack by a Hunt that have been put under increasing pressure by South Devon Animal Rights. Unable to kill with impunity they are taking out their frustrations on those that stop them. We hope that Devon and Cornwall Police carry out a thorough investigation but given their usual pro hunt bias we won't hold our breath.”

Story covered by Dartmouth Chronicle . HSA PR reprinted in South Hams Gazette 

19-1-18   Cornwall Live    Hunt saboteur video allegedly shows protester being whipped and trampled on by a horse -  A Bodmin hunt saboteur was left with serious injuries after he was allegedly attacked by hunters and trampled on by a horse in a deliberate 'ambush'    New video footage which appears to show a huntsman whipping a protester is being examined by police. To deal with mounting tensions relating to a number of local hunts, officers from Devon and Cornwall Police are now appealing for all incidents to be reported.

Bodmin man Sid Leigh, a hunt saboteur, was left with serious injuries after he was allegedly attacked by hunters and trampled on by a horse in a deliberate 'ambush'. The 46-year-old claimed he was rendered unconscious and left with a hoof print on his head after he followed hunters across a Devon field on Saturday (January 13). The incident happened during an altercation between members of South Devon Animal Rights and Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers at Gullet Farm in South Pool, near Kinsgbridge.

Police have now appealed for people to make sure that any hunt incidents were reported to them and not just posted on social media. A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “All allegations connected with hunts are assessed and investigated appropriately. This includes offences against the act, damage, assault and disorder, and we share information, investigations and best practice with other forces and agencies. “As part of routine policing, we do work with our communities who have an interest in hunt activity, and last weekend we had officers attend a hunt in Mid Devon. It is clear that whilst these incidents can and do appear on social media, they still remain under reported to the police. We are unable to investigate incidents that are only discussed on social media, they must be reported to us via our official channels. We would encourage witnesses to any offences to share with us unedited footage and images, and be prepared to give statements to allow us to investigate any allegation of criminality. We are aware of the sensitivities and the high-emotions that are linked to these incidents. We wish to reassure you that we will act impartially and promptly to any incident reported to us.”

Police are continuing to investigate the incident near Kingsbridge last weekend which has generated significant discussions across social media. Mr Leigh was rushed to Kingsbridge Hospital in a Landrover driven by a member of their group, but was transferred to Derriford in Plymouth as he continued to go in and out of consciousness and had blood coming out of his mouth and nose. He was discharged later that day. 

The animal rights group have insisted they were carrying out a peaceful protest, and said they had visited this particular hunt several times in last couple of months. The video shot by a hunt saboteur appears to show a protestor being chased by a huntsman. The Hunt has denied the allegations being made and maintains it was acting within the law.

It is alleged by South Devon Animal Rights that one of the hunt followers came at a member of the group and whipped him and pushed him with his horse into the next field along a barbed wire fence. That member then claims that when got pushed he saw one of the huntsmen rearing his horse up at Sid. A friend of Sid's said all Sid remembers is being punched in the face. He went in and out of consciousness and had a hoof print to the side of his head. 

Among those at the farm with Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers was kennel man Emlyn Jones. He said: “I was not there and didn’t see anything. There were a few hounds there. I was on my feet and got off my horse in Gullet wood. As far as I’m aware nothing happened.” When asked if he had seen the protesters that day, he added: “I saw them throughout the day in their green Land Rover but the closest I got was two to three fields away.” He added the group were trail hunting, not fox hunting, and were acting within the law at all times. He said: “As far as an attack goes I’m aware nothing happened.”

Police would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident. If you were there, or have yet to speak to police and have information that can aid their investigation, please contact 101@dc.police.uk quoting crime reference CR/003949/18.


Wynnstay FH hosted by Trustee of Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Attempted fox hunting seen badger setts found blocked   

14-1-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    SHOCKING NEWS    On Thursday 11.1.18 the Wynnstay Hunt were seemingly being hosted by a trustee of Shropshire Wildlife Trust! 

We got a tip off from concerned locals that this Hunt would be meeting at Bromley Hall, Bagley near Ellesmere, Shropshire. When we did some research into the meet point we were amazed to find that the host for the day appeared to be John Brown who is a trustee of Shropshire Wildlife Trust!

We have witnessed this Hunt chasing foxes every time we monitor them, so it is likely to be very worrying forWynnstayFHYourdogcankill13-1-18.jpg members of Shropshire Wildlife Trust that one of their Trustees seems to be allowing the Wynnstay Hunt to meet and hunt from his home.

On the day some of our team got into a covert location and not long after the Hunt left the meet they witnessed the Huntsman take his hounds through Mr Brown’s land encouraging the hounds using encouraging voice calls. Our other team arrived who were overt and followed the Hunt. They were constantly harassed and filmed by Bob the Biker and his pal. Why would a legal trail hunt need to send thugs to do this to monitors if they were following trails?!

It looked right from the start as if this Hunt had seen our last Facebook post (the Hunts follow our page) from Tuesday the 9.1.18 with highlights of them chasing a fox. Because our overt team noticed that the Huntsman was nowhere near as blatantly hunting as he had been on the Tuesday. 

We found the Huntsman putting his hounds through dense cover. Of course you do this when following a false scent trail! But when our team were seen phone calls were made and the Hunt moved off – any fox in these areas were at least safe to live another day. This happened for most of the day. Now why would a legal trail hunt avoid monitors, stop what they were doing and move elsewhere when being watched?! The Hunt proceeded to keep moving trying to avoid our overt team who kept with them most of the time whilst our covert team kept tabs on them from a distance.

Badger setts were found filled in all over the area this Hunt were supposedly just laying trails in and the evidence has been passed to the police. 

Fields of pregnant sheep were disturbed by the hounds, supposedly racing about looking for false scent trails? We think not! We know not!

On a happier note we did meet a lovely old farmer who had lived in the area for 80 years and had been anti hunt all his farming life. How he managed to put up with the Wynnstay all that time we don’t know. And even better was that we witnessed a fox escape the hounds by getting away way ahead of them.

Finally, It is getting more and more worrying that members of organisations that supposedly promote the love and protection of wildlife seem to have people in their midst that don’t adhere to that ethos.

Pics below   -   1/  Fox that got away    2/  No plate hunt quad   3/  Hounds disturbing sheep     

  WynnstayFHFoxthatgotaway13-1-18.jpg WynnstayFHNoplatehuntquad13-1-18.jpg



Warks FH hunt fox thru village, hound enters house with baby

Locals furious, complaints made to police 

14-1-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO  WARWICKSHIRE HUNT INVADE HOMES AND WarksFHHoundsingardenOxhill13-1-18.jpgGARDENS  Warwickshire Hunt - Saturday 13th January – Oxhill The Warwickshire Hunt rampaged through the village of Oxhill in Warwickshire on Saturday as they hunted a fox through peoples back gardens [right and below left]. It was down to saboteurs to intervene and stop the hounds from hunting the fox. Earlier in the day saboteurs had already had to stop the hounds after they were spotted chasing a fox near Epwell. Again members of the Hunt did nothing to stop the hounds.

We’ve been contacted by many local residents since the incident who are all upset and angry at what happened. We have put them in touch with Hounds Off who deal with hunt trespass. One local resident told us that one of the hounds even managed to get inside her house:-

I have just had an altercation with Warwickshire Hunt at my property where not only did a massive fox hound get into my garden but also entered my house where my 6 month old baby is on the floor in a baby walker, thankfully we got to her before it did we have reported it to the police and I am waiting for the officer to attend now, I am shaken and beyond furious !Their arrogant behaviour and incompetence at controlling the pack has left me fuming, I can’t bare to even speak to the hunt master who obviously thinks that my home, a haven for my children, is fair hunting ground for their hounds to come and go freely with complete disregard for the safety of my children including a 6 month old baby”

WarksFHHoundsingardenOxhill_2_13-1-18.jpgThere is no reason that hounds from the Warwickshire Hunt would be in people's homes and gardens except that they were illegally hunting a fox. This incident highlights the arrogance of this hunt who obviously think they are above the law and can do what they like where they like with complete disregard for people's private property. Luckily West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs were on hand to stop the hounds from chasing the fox and get the hounds out of the gardens. Local residents are understandably upset and angry at this incident, they could have had pet rabbits or cats out in the gardens.

We’ve been calling for the Hunting Act to be strengthened for a while now but this incident shows that fox hunts have very little control over their hounds and that strengthening the Hunting Act is the very minimum that needs to happen. As long as packs of hounds are allowed to roam freely round the countryside there will always be a danger to both wildlife and people. Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.

Pics below   -    1/   Hounds trying to find fox in Oxhill    2/  Hounds getting frantic    3/   Embarrassed {?} riders watch hound chaos    4/   Confused hound      5/   Earlier,  fox fleeing hounds     6/   Hounds searching for fox

  WarksFHHoundshuntfoxthruOxhill13-1-18.jpg  WarksFHHoundshuntfoxthruOxhill_2_13-1-18.jpg 

  WarksFHRiderswatchHoundsriotinOxhill13-1-18.jpg WarksFHConfusedHoundinOxhill13-1-18.jpg 

  WarksFHFoxfleeinghounds13-1-18.jpg WarksFHHoundssearchingforfox13-1-18.jpg

15-1-18   Banbury Guardian   VIDEO   Warwickshire Hunt slammed after hounds run amok through village of Oxhill as mum is forced to snatch child to safety in own home    Warwickshire Hunt has been criticised after its hounds ran amok in villages during a chase. A mother in Oxhill expressed outrage after she had to grab her baby when a hound got through her door and ran around in her home. Hounds in Oxhill garden “I have just had an altercation with Warwickshire Hunt at my property where not only did a massive fox-hound get into my garden but also entered my house where my six-month-old baby is on the floor in a baby walker. Thankfully we got to her before it did,” she said just after the incident. “We have reported it to the police and I am waiting for the officer to attend now. I am shaken and beyond furious. I can’t bear to even speak to the Hunt Master who obviously thinks that my home, a haven for my children, is fair hunting ground for their hounds to come and go freely with complete disregard for the safety of my children.” 

The Hunt, which met between Brailes and Tysoe on Saturday said hounds had been diverted from a trail hunt and caught scent of a fox while in scrubland behind the village. Hunting with dogs was banned in 2004 after a vote in Parliament. Since then Hunts say they have abided by the law and hunted by setting trails for the dogs to follow. Hounds in Oxhill garden However anti-hunting activists claim full fox hunting has continued. 

West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, who filmed the incident on Saturday, said in a statement: “This incident highlights the arrogance of this hunt who obviously think they are above the law and can do what they like where they like with complete disregard for people’s private property. Luckily West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs were on hand to stop the hounds from chasing the fox. “This incident shows that hunts have very little control over their hounds and that strengthening the Hunting Act is the very minimum that needs to happen.” 

Sam Butler, Master of the Warwickshire Hunt, said: “We do not take this lightly. The hounds did get in the gardens and we have apologised. One of the organisers went round on Saturday evening and again on Sunday to see everyone who was affected. All the people he saw would much prefer this didn’t happen but didn’t see it as a major issue. As far as the lady (whose house had a fox-hound enter) is concerned, someone got off their horse and went to see what the problem was and apologised profusely at the time. It is not true to say she had no apology and I will send someone round to emphasise it.”

Mr Butler said the Hunt was on a trail outside the village on farmland and hounds diverted into rougher woodland. “They must have found a fox and the fox ran through the gardens,” he said. “The organisers acted as quickly as they possibly could. We are sorry it happened but everyone did their level best to get hounds out of the village. They were hampered by saboteurs screaming and shouting and creating merry hell. They do not wish us well or anyone in the countryside. We did everything possible to get hounds out of the village and apologised immediately.”

Laura Rainbow of Warwickshire Police said they had two reports that a group of people with horses and dogs had trespassed on to private land around homes in Oxhill. “An investigation commenced and no evidence of illegal activity relating to The Hunting Act 2004 (www.warwickshire.police.uk/article/16031/Hunting) was found. “Officers then gave the concerned parties advice on how to progress their complaints of trespassing, which is a civil matter. “Anybody with information about the incident, should call police non 101, quoting incident reference 199 of January 13.”


Sabs menaced, one assaulted at Cheshire FH, locals help antis

14-1-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Yesterday a small team of Cheshire Sabs joined forces with Sabs from Derby, Lancashire and North Wales Hunt Sabs to check in on the Flint & Denbigh, but upon our arrival we soon found out they were not even in the area at all! Knowing the wonderful Cheshire Monitors were already with the Cheshire Forest at this point, we decided we would pay the Cheshire Hunt a visit instead! We later found out that the F&D had headed over to our neck of the woods and were out killing foxes with the Cheshire Forest..Due to all the driving, Sabs finally arrived in the Haughton area at around 1:30pm and immediately found the Hunt. Sabs pursued into the field and were immediately met with resistance from the red coats and more than 10 other members of the field using their horses as weapons to prevent sabs from reaching the hounds.


After sabs used their wits to get ahead of the blockade, the hounds where kept in sight for near enough 3 hours, around half a dozen members of the public, sick of their village being ravaged by the hunts illegal activity, aided Sabs in keeping in short distance from the hounds by assuring them the direction in which they had witnessed the Hunt.

CheshireFHGoinghome13-1-18.jpgGoing into cry only once, gizmos, voice calls and hunting horns were used to deter the hounds from pursuing any potential Foxes and to our knowledge, no kills were made.

After dismounting, the redcoats walked the pack along the road with some scruffy hunt servants on quad bikes in tow. A lone sab in an attempt to remove the dirt smeared all over the servants quad bike licence plate, was attacked and thrown to the floor in the middle of the road. After reaching the meet, Sabs gave the hounds some much needed love as they were clearly underfed and extremely exhausted, many with gashes on their faces from being persuaded through barbed wire fences all day. No concerning amount of blood could be seen near the hounds mouths or anywhere else, making Sabs confident their efforts were a success.

If you would like to join us out in the killing fields of Cheshire and beyond to help save our wildlife from the snapping jaws of the hounds, please do get in touch via our Facebook page and have a chat with us!

Also, if you can help us to purchase a drone to keep eyes on the Hunt when we can't get to them for whatever reason, please donate here. We are ever so grateful to everyone who has donated so far, you have been a massive help to our group and we can't thank you enough! https://gogetfunding.com/cheshire-sabs-drone-fund/ 


Cotswold FH sett blocker caught red-handed by sab surveyors

Multiple setts in their, N.Cotswold and Heythrop FH countries found filled in 

14-1-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    VIDEO   MULTIPLE SETTS BLOCKED BY 3 DIFFERENT HUNTS IN THE NORTH COTSWOLD BADGER CULL ZONE ON SATURDAY 13TH JANUARY 2018 - ONE SETT BLOCKER CAUGHT RED HANDED BY ONE EARLY MORNING PATROL NEAR HAWLING, COTSWOLD HUNT    We were out in the field by 06.00 and just as we thought nothing would happen a man arrived to interfere with a sett that has been repeatedly targeted in Cotswold hunt country. He ran away [left] after filling in CotswoldFHSettblockerrunsawaywhenchallengedbysab13-1-18.jpgseveral entrances with boulders and staves. Another sett nearby was also filled in with boulders. All so that the Cotswold Hunt would not have their fun disturbed by a fox going to ground in a sett.

Rupert Inglesant is the Master and Huntsman and is also responsible for the multiple setts blocked Saturday morning. Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch found more and kept on them for the hunting part of the day as did badger protectors who were out sett checking.

Just a couple of miles away 4 setts were found to be blocked by the North Cotswold Hunt. We were in the right place at the right time when one fox crossed the road near Cutsdean, Nigel ran the other way leaving Calvin Crossman to fly his eagle to no avail.

More blocked setts are being found today by badger protectors from the Heythrop meet at Eyford who met less than a mile from the NCFH.

They are all out again this week 2-4 more meets each. This is only the tip of the iceberg, dozens of setts filled in on one day in an area where Natural England has decided to licence a badger cull!!

Please support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs.

Pics below   -  1/  Sett blocker escapes on quad bike    2/  Sett entrance blocked by him with staves, rocks and soil 

  CotswoldFHSettblockermakesescapeonquad13-1-18.jpg CotswoldFHSettblockedwithstavesrocksandsoil13-1-18.jpg


S. Shropshire FH hounds riot in village - road chaos, horses spooked

JM Otis Ferry issues apology of sorts 

14-1-18   Shropshire Star    Huntmaster Otis Ferry sorry after complaint over dogs    South Shropshire huntmaster Otis Ferry today apologised to a resident following complaints that a number of hounds caused chaos in a county village. South Shropshire huntmaster Otis Ferry today apologised to a resident following complaints that a number of hounds caused chaos in a county village.

The huntsman, who is the son of Roxy Music star Bryan Ferry, said he was 'very sorry' that Jonathan Edwards had not been informed that the South Shropshire Hunt was meeting on Wednesday at Pontesford, near Shrewsbury.

Mr Edwards, 45, who lives at Lower Mill Farm, claimed about 30 hounds ran through the village causing disruption to traffic on the A488 and frightening his horses. Mr. Edwards said the incident happened at about 1pm and lasted for about 25 minutes. He said: "They had absolutely no control over their hounds which were running all over the main road, causing multiple vehicles and lorries to screech to a halt."

He also claimed that the hounds endangered the lives of his three horses, who were spooked by the dogs. "One of my horses jumped over a 4ft high electric fence. If I had not been at home he could have run into the road and been killed and caused injuries to passing drivers. It took a long time to get the horses under control again. The one who jumped cost £9,000 and is a great friend and companion," he added. "It was a sheer lack of respect and it makes me very, very cross. I am not anti-hunt, but in previous years I have had a letter to say it will be happening so I can get the horses in."

Mr Ferry today said: "I do not think at any point the hounds were out of control. People assume they are out of control when actually they are just doing their job. "I am very, very sorry that Mr Edwards did not get notification. We do our best to notify every landowner when we are in a particular area. Recently we have had a different master for that area and I can only imagine that when the last list has been compiled this landowner was not on it. I would urge him to get in touch with me so he can be added to the list of landowners."


Surrey Union Huntsman's horse nearly drowns after ridden into bog

Antis thanked by rider for helping hunters & police free the animal 

13-1-18   Facebook - Surrey Hunt Monitors  VIDEO  Saturday 13th January 2018 found the Surrey Hunt MonitorsSurreyUnionFHHorsenearlydrownsafterriddenintobog13-1-18.jpg at Stockbridge Ponds, Tilford for a meet of the Surrey Union Foxhounds. We joined sabs from N.Downs and Guildford to follow the hunt across the MOD land Hankley Common.

The hunt started off in the woods by the meet and immediately put up 3 Roe deer who bolted into the MOD land. They were shortly followed by a trail layer and then the hounds. The hounds ran straight across the line of the trail layer without speaking, which is a bit suspicious! This is a common tactic of trail hunts, for a trail runner to 'lay a trail' (which is probably just water) along frequently used wildlife tracks. If a fox 'accidentally' pops up and is killed then they can say they were following a trail.

After about half an hour the Hunt came to an abrupt stop when the Huntsman Beeby's horse got stuck in a bog they were riding through. The horse was well stuck, freezing cold and clearly stressed. Sabs and monitors offered assistance to the Hunt to get the horse to safety. Eventually the horse made it out of the bog and everyone; Hunt members, sabs, monitors and police joined forces to make sure that everyone made it out of the large area of bog safely. Everyone wet and muddy, but unhurt. Hunt Masters loudly thanked everyone including sabs for their help.

We will not score points by going into the rights and wrongs of how the accident happened, but we hope this is a big lesson learnt. We are just glad the horse got out and hadn't broken it's leg which could have so easily happened. The horse was walking around at the end hopefully uninjured by the trauma it went through but looking very stressed. Hunt packed up and the Field went for a hack. We went to the pub to dry off.

17-1-18   Daily Telegraph   VIDEO   Hunt saboteurs join forces with huntsmen as they come together to rescue horse stuck in a bog    Hunt saboteurs joined forces with huntsmen as they came together to rescue a horse which had become trapped in a deep bog. Members of Surrey Hunt Monitors and Guildford Hunt Saboteurs were following a group of hunters from the Surrey Hunt Union near Hankley Common on Saturday. They planned to track the Hunt and document their activities, and intervene if any animals got hurt.

But after just 30 minutes one of the lead huntsman's horses got stuck in a deep bog - and the saboteurs stepped in to help their adversaries rescue the distressed animal. A member of Guildford Hunt Saboteurs, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "When I arrived, they [the hunt] had started to take the saddle off the horse to reduce weight. I waited until they had done that to ask if they needed help but they said 'no' so I observed at the side and carried on taking footage."

He said more saboteurs arrived on the scene and the hunters continued to refuse assistance, but eventually relented and let them help. "I jumped in after about five minutes and said to them 'look, the only thing that's important at this point in time is the horse, I don't care about anything else'. At that point, I think they were quite happy for me to assist. At the end, the joint hunt master thanked us for our help and said we had been a great help."

The Surrey Hunt Monitors said they decided to intervene because the horse was "well stuck, freezing cold and clearly stressed". A spokesman for the group added: "The horse was very lucky to have survived its ordeal and we were happy we were there with the saboteurs to offer assistance. It was heartening to hear the appreciation of the hunt master to all of us who helped when we all made it out of the area safely."

Surrey Police officers were also called to the scene to help with the rescue. A police spokesman said the hunters were "grateful to the help offered" and that the horse "appeared to have no obvious injuries".

The Surrey Union Hunt says members hunt around the county throughout the hunting season within the restrictions set out in the Hunting Act 2004. Speaking on behalf of the group, Jeremy Gumbley said the horse is fine and thanked the saboteurs for their help. "In the ideal scenario, you never want this to happen," he said. "The horses are part of the team and we care for them just as much as anyone else. To have that happen is a potential disaster. All credit to our Surrey Hunt Monitors and the saboteurs. In the past, we have come to blows over different opinions on various things, but we all love animals." He added: "It was quite refreshing to see solidarity, with the human species coming together to help one of our friends."

Using dogs to hunt foxes was banned by the Government in 2004 under the Hunting Act. But there are dozens of hunt saboteur groups nationwide who claim hunters regularly flout the law and kill foxes.


Portman FH Huntsman absent as hounds riot through village

13-1-18   You Tube - Wildlife Witness    The Portman Hunt looking lost in Winterbourne Stickland after chasing a fox through the village and across private property. The hounds are there, the field are there...even the monitors are there - but where's the Huntsman, Evo Shirley?



Sab assaulted by Fife FH Huntsman as guards fox escape hole

Another sab threatened with gun by terrierman 

13-1-18   Facebook - Grampian Hunt Sabs  VIDEO   Report 74 Fife Foxhounds 13/1/18 Balniel Farm   We arrived just before ten and made our way through many of the woodlands at the north of the meet. We saw hares, deer, rabbits, woodcocks and pheasants all in the area whose days were soon going to be interrupted by the Hunt. The areas were rife with fox activity, which suggests that their ‘pest control’ isn’t very efficient.

The Hunt set off and went a different way than we expected them to so we lost them for a short time but soonFifeFHHuntsmanassaultedsabguardingfoxbolthole13-1-18.jpg caught up with them. Robert put his hounds into a woodland with no gunmen anywhere around it. Galpin had driven away over a distant field. The Hunt started to draw the wood and sabs were watching from the outside of the woodland. Suddenly without even going into cry the hounds began marking to ground in a large area of open land and one sab saw this and darted in to intervene. The sab immediately noticed that this was a badger sett and started clearing the hounds away from it by rating them.

As the lone sab approached the last hole which the Huntsman was standing over on his horse, he told the sab to go back to the other hole. Immediately this raised concerns about what he was doing. When the sab got to the hole, there were lots of hounds trying to get down the hole and digging at it. As the sab tried to clear the hounds away, Robert the huntsman used his horse as a weapon and lunged the horse into the sab. Seeing that this had failed to deter the sab, he grabbed the sab by the scruff and started violently shaking and pulling him. The sab broke free and stood his ground and the Huntsman was reduced to making up stupid little lies about the sab grabbing his reins (despite the video showing this not to be the case) and saying that the sab was threatening him with nunchucks)! He ordered a fellow rider to call the police due to his false allegations but the riders clearly saw the lie and the stupidity of this.

After this, the lone sab managed to see the Huntsman off until other sabs were able to appear on the scene as the riders were leaving and the Huntsman exclaimed loudly ‘we’ll come back for it later!’

Grampian Sabs spent the rest of the day in the woodland defending the fox so we didn’t see much after this, but we heard over the next couple of hours that the others were having a very successful day and that some riders were running at sabs as well as a driver being blocked in. Galpin returned about an hour or so later but showed no interest in the hole or wanting to dig out and promptly left again. The police turned up because of a phone call from a sab who had been threatened by a terrierman with his gun and amazingly they actually did their jobs (shock horror). More of this please.

We heard that the stress of the day must have resorted the master Fleming to having a fag. We just hope he disposed of the butt sensibly in his pocket. Galpin was also asked what ground nesting birds foxes kill only for his answer to be 'blackbirds', which don't tend to be ground nesting...

Sabs stayed in the area after the Hunt had packed up until we felt confident that we could leave, only meeting sabs from Fife and Central Scotland, Glasgow and Robert's favourite, Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs at the end of the day.


Police presence at Silverton FH constrains them - no real hunting done

Volume of complaints from public was reason cops there

13-1-18  Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs   Silverton Hunt 13.1.2018    Back to the Silverton with our friends from Somerset Hunt Saboteur Group. The extra attention we've been giving this Hunt is starting to pay off. The Hunt met at Hayne House, just outside Silverton. On the way to the meet the Huntsman enlisted several elderly hunt supporters in Silverton to block our vehicle by standing in the middle of the road.

This week we were surprised to find several police vehicles in attendance even before the hunt set off. It transpired that they'd asked the Hunt in advance where they would be meeting and that the huge volume of complaints they'd had from all of you since New Years Day haven't fallen on completely deaf ears. Thank you!

Police told us they wouldn't be taking sides but were there to ensure nothing illegal was going on. Their monitoring of the Hunt's activities didn't extend to getting out of their vehicles... but it's a step in the right direction and the sergeant told us that "an officer is going to come along to the hunt to just monitor them from now onwards". This would be a very welcome development, if true... One of the terrier men was asked to clean his numberplate at the very end of the day and for a change the quads weren't able to carry multiple passengers, but there are still glaring road traffic offences being committed by the terrier men in full view of the police. The fact that terrier men are even out on a supposed 'trail hunt' should also be a red flag for the police!

Knowing the police were coming, the hunt had prepared video evidence of their 'trail-laying activities' this morning, but we explained to police that any trails laid prior to the meet would have long since evaporated. And sure enough there was no sign of them laying any further trails during the day.

The biggest positive to come from the extra police attention is that the Hunt barely did any active hunting today, never casting hounds out for long before bringing the pack back together. This made our job quite easy, as all we had to do was watch and follow. Sabs had the pleasure of witnessing a fox trotting across a field but thankfully the Hunt never got onto him. After drawing a number of coverts in the vicinity of Silverton and Christ Cross (their 'country' really is rather limited!), they packed up around 2pm at Queensborough Farm.

As always, get in touch if you have any information on your local hunts or if you want to join us in the field:- devoncountysabs@riseup.net 07717473305.


W. Norfolk FH Ex Huntsman 'shot hounds... shot horse... fled country'

13-1-18   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    We recently received alarming information about Toby Coles, former huntsman for the West Norfolk Foxhounds. Apparently he shot some of the hounds, shot a horse, and has now fled the country. He was slated to leave the WNFH at the end of this season but these actions saw him leave late last year. If anyone has further information please let us know.



Fitzwilliam FH lie to police over 'trail' as sabs cause early pack up

Huntsman fails to call hounds off a group of fallow deer

Female sab assaulted, blocked sett found 

13-1-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    Hit Report – 13.01.2018: Fitzwilliam Hunt, Southorpe FITZWILLIAM SENT HOME EARLY - HUNT OUTRIGHT LIE TO POLICE BY CLAIMING NON-EXISTENT TRAIL LAYER    This cold Saturday in January saw us continue our season’s campaign against the Fitzwilliam Hunt by surprising them at their meet at High Farm in Southorpe. At the far northern end of their hunting territory, we were a stone’s throw from Lincolnshire. This didn’t stop sabs from five separate groups tracking down the hunt and putting a stop to their plans today. Activists from N.Cambs, Lincoln, Beds & Bucks, Northants and Hertfordshire Hunt Sabs convened in the Southorpe area, north west of Peterborough, where the Fitz were meeting at High Farm (http://bit.ly/2D7yayl).They

FitzwilliamFHFallowgroupchasedbyhounds13-1-18.jpgThey had headed out promptly, so foot teams and three different vehicles started combing the area and shortly picked up the hunt emerging from the Ailsworth Heath nature reserve (http://bit.ly/2mu1ELH). Quickly pinned down, the Hunt made their now routine call for protection from the police, and started hacking west through Sutton and Bushey Woods. Several hounds broke away from the main pack and were spotted chasing down a family of fallow deer[left]. This was reported by sabs to the Huntsman who unsurprisingly was not interested in the slightest.

What followed was an exercise in futility by the hunt. Cut off by Beds and Bucks sabs, the pack turned west and were immediately in contact with North Cambs and Lincoln Sabs. Trying a different direction only put them straight into the path of Northants and Herts sabs.With nowhere to go, and the Huntsman’s horse starting to buck and rear with frustration, the Hunt and pack were escorted back to the meet early, and were back in their boxes just after 1:30pm. Police eventually arrived, to tell sabs that the Fitzwilliam had told them they were ‘laying a trail’. This confused nonsense just goes to show what contempt the hunters hold for the law, as not only was no trail layer present, but their eagle handler John Mease was also skulking around in the shadows, indicating their intention to hunt live quarry (and then supposedly use the eagle to vainly attempt to legalise the killing).

As the Hunt were packing up, sabs spotted a blocked badger sett. Illegal but standard behaviour by hunts, to prevent foxes escaping underground when being chased by the hounds. Obviously, this is not consistent with their trail laying fabrication, but what more can you expect? The incident was logged with police.

At the end of the day, the boorish Fitzwilliam hunt were sent packing with no wildlife harmed. However, you can see from our photographs that their hounds are not fairing well these days. We wonder what it would take for an RSPCA inspection visit to their kennels?

If you’d like to support the work of your local hunt sabs, please consider a donation via the following link: https://ko-fi.com/northcambs.

Pics below   -   1/  Hound wounded jumping barbie    2/  Huntsman     3/  No escape from sabs   4/  Police shown blocked sett    5/  Police with their clients

  FitzwilliamFHHoundwoundedjumpingbarbie13-1-18.jpg FitzwilliamFHHuntsman13-1-18.jpg

  FitzwilliamFHuntsmancantescapesab13-1-18.jpg FitzwilliamFHPoliceshownblockedsett13-1-18.jpg


14-1-18  Facebook - Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs   HIT REPORT 13/01/18 Fitzwilliam Hunt   Yesterday saw us join up with comrades from North Cambs, Northants, Beds & Bucks and Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs to pay another visit to the Fitzwilliam hunt who had decided to give Saturdays another chance. What a bad decision that was as their day was a complete disaster!

The Hunt met at High Farm near Southorpe with a very small field. Once they set off they were quickly picked up by sabs, we used our numbers and lay of the land to our advantage and had the Hunt surrounded at all times giving them no opportunity to harm any wildlife. As you can imagine the hunt weren't happy which resulted in a female sab being assaulted.

Later in the day hounds broke away from the pack and ended up chasing a family of fallow deer. We informed the huntsman who was not interested in the slightest. We witnessed several bloodied hounds, one with a split ear and one with the end of his tail missing. Also several hounds were malnourished with protruding ribs. Again the Huntsman showed no interest when sabs informed him. It's not just the wildlife that suffer.

As usual, the Hunt called the police, 3 cars turned up which I'm sure they regret as instead of helping the Hunt they found themselves dealing with sabs reporting the assault and and also a filled badger sett that we had come across and unblocked. This illegal act is common place as Hunts block them to prevent foxes escaping underground.

The Hunt realised that their efforts to hunt were futile and decided to pack up at 1:30 which allowed us to drive home in the daylight for a change! A very successful day overall.

Please support our work: ko-fi.com/lincolnhuntsaboteurs.



N. Cotswold FH terrierman filmed entering dog to artificial earth

12-1-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   North Cotswold Hunt terrierman filmed putting his dog into an artifical earth   Thursday, 11th January 2018 -  Joint meet of the North Cotswold Hunt and the Duke of Beaufort's. Ryefield farm    Ermm,well, what to say really. The artificial earth was staked out by a sab on the off chance that someone would turn up and do something silly. Sure enough Will Haines turned up with all his Beaufort terrierman chums. They waited outside the covert whilst his terrier ran into the AE, after being encouraged by him to do so, to bolt the fox out to the Beaufort pack hunted by Matt Ramsden who was drawing the top of the covert.

The sab had to jump out of their hiding place in order to stop proceedings. Will was not too happy to see the sab but did make an, ultimately, successful, attempt to call his dog out and catching it before it escaped back down the earth. The Beaufort boys were asked to assist him with his predicament and then all left the covert.

The Beaufort pack had picked up what is thought to be another fox's scent and started to hunt him. They were very effectively sabbed by the Beaufort terriermen who rated them back to the Huntsman. It is thought that the fox in the AE was not bolted out (although the terrier had a good try), the fox being hunted was let be as they all ran away quite fast. Surprisingly, Richard Sumner who was convicted of several counts of illegal hunting was outside the covert watching proceedings, you would have thought he would know better.

Of course, a blocked sett was also found, reported and unblocked. They ran to the hills. Please support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs.

Pics below  -  1/  The artificial earth     2/  Terrierman Will Haines 

  N.CotswoldFHTerriermanWillHainesputdogintoAE13-1-18.jpg N.CotswoldFHAETerriermanWillHainesputdoginto13-1-18.jpg


Councillor referred to Ombudsman after FB comments re. B.Day hunt protest

12-1-18   Shropshire Star   Councillor referred to Ombudsman over Facebook comments after Boxing Day hunt protest    A town councillor has been reported to the Local Government Ombudsman for social media comments following a Boxing Day hunt. Welshpool Town Council agreed at a special meeting to refer Councillor Heather Chave to the ombudsman. But councillors said that her appearance at an anti-fox hunting demonstration in the town was not the issue as it did not breach council rules.

The meeting cleared both Councillor Chave and Councillor Nicola Morris of any wrong-doing during the Boxing Day hunt protest. Both were part of a demonstration against fox hunting during the annual parade of horses and hounds in Welshpool. Town clerk Robert Robinson said: “The councillors were acting as individuals and not representing the town council on this day with regards to the event or issue of fox hunting.

The council recognises the right for individuals to campaign in a free country. The council has clear evidence that both councillors acted properly on the day of the hunt outside the town hall. What others did within the protest group is not a matter for the town council.”

Councillor Chave has been referred to the ombudsman because of comments that followed on Facebook. Mr Robinson said: “Councillors sign up to a code of conduct which applies 365 days a year and 24 hours a day in all walks of life and the council considered that Councillor Chave’s comments on Facebook were in breach of the code. The council expects all its councillors and staff to act in a professional and polite way at all times without exception. The council also expresses its concern that Facebook is being used in an abusive way and that there is clearly on occasions ‘cyber bullying’ taking place. The council will not support such uses of Facebook and does hope in the future that people will use this useful social media in a civilised way.”


Lone monitor says Blackmore FH chased and killed fox

11-1-18   Kate Bradley   11th January 2018 -  The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt met in their dwindling and limited capacity, supported by only a few unhinged horse riders and copious old men with no teeth (I swear it's true). They met at Huntsman Mark Doggrell's farm Brokewood, but immediately sent the dogs into Ryewood farm, and they did not leave that farm until something was dead. They were so determined to kill that they did not leave the farm until a fox was coursed and set upon and killed.

I was positioned a mile away expecting them to drag quite quickly into the jumps but soon had to come back to Ryewood farm to discover that it was a lock-in. Being on my own there was nothing I could do and, in truth, if I'd had a few sabs with me there would still be nothing we could do as the police decided to allow them privacy to lock-in and course in private. 

My heart went out to the wildlife today, but on a brighter note it won't be long before their days are gone as I could not see one single young person and I swear by almighty God that all supporters were old, cold and rancid. Other monitors told me that they ended up in Holnest by half two. there is just no way of predicting what direction these guys go.. I did my best and so have others who were brave enough to face rancid hunters with no teeth. Its a tough job for sure. For anyone wishing to make comment to the police this is their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/DorsetPoliceRuralCrimeTeam/ although they have myriad of excuses including... it's a volunteer role... and stolen tractors are more important.


Atherstone FH meets cancelled, supposedly due to 'virus'

11-1-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Atherstone Update   We have heard that the Atherstone Hunt have cancelled their next two meets due to some of the hounds having a virus. What virus do they have? Is it contagious? Have the Atherstone Hunt been spreading disease around the countryside? Have local farmers been informed?

There are a number of other explanations as to why the Atherstone are cancelling meets. In-fighting remains an issue at the Atherstone. We are hearing that Huntsman Mike Lane is unpopular with some members of the hunt. He is certainly not the saviour of the hunt he claimed he would be when he arrived.

We have also observed that Mike Lane has very poor control over his hounds. During the Atherstone's last meet on Tuesday at Sutton Cheney the hounds were seen out of control chasing a fox (the fox got away safely). We also witnessed Mike Lane struggling to get the hounds back under control. Worse still, on Saturday Mike Lane managed to loose some of the hounds after only a few minutes of riding out of the meet and onto the road. Something that even his predecessor Stuart Barton never managed to do. These are not one off incidents, we have filmed Milke Lane struggle to keep the hounds under control numerous times so far this season. Not only does this highlight that wildlife will never be safe if there are packs of hounds on the loose in the countryside. It also reinforces the need for that wildlife to be protected and the need for the Atherstone Hunt to be constantly monitored which it will by either us or Atherstone Hunt Watch.

Mike Lane's lack of hound control hasn’t gone unnoticed by other members of the hunt. Cancelling meets may be the safest option rather than the risk of any "accidents" happening either. The Atherstone Hunt cancelled a meet before Christmas blaming poor weather conditions, only the weather on that particular day was fine and all other Leicestershire Hunts were out.

As we know the Atherstone Hunt are prolific liars so any meets that they claim are cancelled will always be checked.

As always disgruntled members of the Atherstone Hunt can contact us confidentiality on 07767620767, by email westmidlandhuntsabs@hotmail.co.uk or by private message.



Monitors say Wynnstay FH hunted and killed fox in North Wales

Fox was hunted for 'well over half an hour', monitor ridden at 

10-1-18    Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    WYNNSTAY HUNT, OVERTON 9.1.18    We found this Hunt in Overton, North Wales and just as we pulled up one of team spotted a fox running through a field gate. This fox was not at this moment being hunted but was later killed by the hounds.

You will see in the set of photos with this report the succession of events that transpired. It gives a real insiight into the calculated corruption that occurs on a hunt.

The Huntsman hunted this fox for well over half a hour before it was killed in a large woodland and there was nothing monitors could do to save it. At the kill site a monitor was ridden at and had a horse backed into them whilst trying to walk along a road mainly because the rider was such a poor horseman than actual intent we think.

Once they had finished off one fox the Huntsman and Whipper-in proceeded to change horses and look for more foxes to chase. We did manage to save one by our presence when the Huntsman was warned by some terriermen following us that we were there filming.

The Hunt then sent for Bob the Biker, because we were clearly stopping their fun, and he did the usual blocking us from filming or following the Hunt.

This didn't last for long though and we then bumped into some police from North Wales who had bee following the hunt and were very pleased to meet us and keen to see any film that we had of this Hunt misbehaving. Apparently North Wales police are keen to deal with illegal hunting so now that we have made proper connections we will be building the same relationship we have with Cheshire police with this police force.

So although we know of at least one fox killed today we can move forward alongside and with the back up of a different police force.

Pics below   -    1/  Fox that was eventually killed running thru a gate    2/  Huntsman told where fox has run    3/   Smug rider just after kill     4/   Charming supporter just after kill     5/  Bob the Biker   6/  Riders blocking road

 WynnstayFHFoxeventuallykilledrunningthrugate9-1-18.jpg  WynnstayFHHuntsmantoldwherefoxlaterkilledran9-1-18.jpg

 WynnstayFHSmughunterafterfoxkilled9-1-18.jpg  WynnstayFHCharmingsupporterjustafterkill9-1-18.jpg

 WynnstayFHBobtheBiker9-1-18.jpg WynnstayFHRidersusehorsestoblockroad9-1-18.jpg


Cheshire Forest FH killed another fox say monitors

10-1-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   HUNT ALERT - CHESHIRE FOREST    We are sad to report another kill from thus Hunt today. The Cheshire Forest have met today (Wed 10th Jan) at North Lodge, Sugar Lane, Manley, Frodsham. 17 riders including 3 redcoats.

If/when you see them acting illegally please call 101 (999 if you consider it an emergency) and always request a Crime Reference Number.



East Sussex FH hounds 'out of control' at cat sanctuary, 21 cats missing

10-1-18   Facebook - Celia Hammond Animal Trust   There has been a terrifying incident yesterday afternoon at our Greenacres Sanctuary near Hastings A pack of fox hounds ran into the Sanctuary and then split into two groups one chasing a fox and the other chasing a deer. Our Sanctuary is home to 130 resident cats, mainly feral and semi-feral who live in the house and grounds and roam freely on our land - 100 acres of woodland and fields. The hounds invaded at afternoon feeding time, there were dogs running everywhere, completely out of control, terrified cats were fleeing in all directions.

Staff and volunteers who were present tried desperately to chase the dogs off and protect the animals. The Police were called to help the hunt round up the dogs - this took over an hour. Initially 60 cats were missing. Sanctuary staff and volunteers have mounted searches throughout the night. Much of the woodland is dense and very difficult to search. Heavy rain late last night brought many more very frightened cats back to their sleeping chalets last night. This morning there are still 21 cats missing. We will update you later as we have more information.

UPDATE : (10th January 5.45 p.m). The latest update from the Sanctuary is that nine more cats have returned or have been located hiding during the afternoon. We still have twelve cats unaccounted for.


11-1-18   Independent  VIDEO  Huntsmen and hounds tear through cat sanctuary, leaving dozens of rescue animals ‘traumatised’ and missing A whole pack of hunting hounds in pursuit of both a fox and deer thundered through an animal sanctuary, displacing more than 60 terrified animals during their evening feed. The Hunt drove a pack of hounds through the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, which provides shelter for 130 rescued animals, many of which are unwell and or in the later years of life and difficult to rehome. The shelter mainly cares for cats, 60 of which fled the chaotic scene as volunteers and police both battled to chase the pack of hounds away from the cats on Monday.

The charity sanctuary in Hastings, Sussex, is still missing many of its animals that are believed to have fled into nearby woods to escape the Hunt. Volunteers described a “terrifying” scene as a whole pack of dogs ran through the area as the cats ate with “dogs running everywhere, completely out of control”, with cats “fleeing in all directions”. 

CeliaHammond.jpgIf anything has happened to any of my animals, there will be hell to pay,” said Celia Hammond [left], a former model, who runs the charity which bears her name. Celia Hammond Animal Trust has a number of centres across London and the South East, which looks after cats and finding them suitable homes to be adopted into. 

The sanctuary in Sussex is home to 130 cats, who live there full time. Given the usual safety of its rural surrounding the cats are free to roam around the 100 acres of idyllic woodland and fields which surround the sanctuary. In the wake of the incident volunteers described many of the animals as being “traumatised”. 

It looked like a whole pack of hounds had split into two,” she said. “Half of them went after a fox, and half after a deer. And then they were coming into the sanctuary from all different areas – they’ve got their horns, they were in full cry. They were after the fox and after the deer.” 

After the hunt left the area, 60 cats were missing. Overnight, staff and volunteers searched for the animals amid heavy rain. Many of the missing returned during the night, but some are still unaccounted for and Celia fears they may have been killed. 

There was 21 missing at the last count,” said Ms Hammond. “We don’t know what’s happened to them. It’s absolutely outrageous – I’m so angry, I’m so upset,” she said. “We bring these cats down to what’s supposed to be a sanctuary, where they’re supposed to be safe. If they’ve got health problems or they’re old and a bit doddery, we keep them here safely. For this to happen in the place where they’re supposed to be safe – we just feel violated.”

Ms Hammond said that the volunteers who were trying to chase the dogs from the grounds had been offered money by members of the Hunt to help.

Representatives for the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt admitted that its members had found themselves on the sanctuary’s grounds, but said that the dogs hadn’t come into contact with the animals. They claim that they left as soon as they could. Gerald Sumner, a member of the Hunt, said that the hounds had been rounded up and taken away quickly and hadn’t interacted with the cats.

Police attended the sanctuary, helping to remove the dogs and checking whether any offence had been committed. “We had a call at 4pm on Tuesday 9 January about some hounds which had inadvertently strayed on to a property at Stubb Lane, Brede, near Rye,” a police spokesperson said. “The hounds were rounded up by the hunt staff with police assistance. “The huntmaster apologised to the property owner, and there has been no report of any injury or damage or of any criminal offence being committed.”

Ms Hammond confirmed that she and the sanctuary were yet to make a complaint. But that was because she and the volunteers have been busily searching for the lost animals, she said. We haven’t made a complain because we’ve had other priorities – this wasn’t our first priority,” she said. “Our first priority was to find the cats, who might be lying dead in the undergrowth.” 

Last year, a member of the same hunt was filmed whipping an animal rights activist during a fox hunt and launching a foul-mouthed rant at them. It is also not the first time hunters have disrupted an animal sanctuary – in August, a Somerset and Devon hunt chased a stag through a shelter.

Also covered by the Mirror and the Bexhill Observer.  

11-1-18    Celia Hammond Animal Trust    ...The events of Tuesday 9th Jan were extremely traumatic for our resident animals and shocking and distressing for our staff and volunteers who for about an hour and a half struggled to chase the large fox hounds back out of the Sanctuary grounds.

We have lodged a complaint with the Police and East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt and will be seeking legal advice on the way forward. As of this morning 10 cats are still missing and unaccounted for.

Many kind supporters are asking how they can donate to our sanctuary so we have set up a just giving page here https://www.justgiving.com/campaig…/…/celiahammond/sanctuary



Thurlow FH visit prep school days after media storm over their killing fox

Police investigating kill by hounds on Boxing Day after they apprehended Huntsman 

9-1-18   Pride's Purge   Fox hunting thugs under investigation by police target primary schools   Thugs from Thurlow Hunt are currently under investigation by police for assault and illegally killing a fox on Boxing Day. So it seems incredible that just days later, Barnadiston Hall Primary School in Suffolk – with children as young as 7 years old – would invite the thugs to pay a visit - presumably to explain to their children how much ‘fun’ it is to watch defenceless animals being ripped apart alive by dogs?

Fox hunters and their thuggish supporters are getting increasingly panicky over the massive scale of public opposition to their disgusting predilection for tearing beautiful British wildlife apart for so-called ‘sport’. And targeting primary schools shows the prospect of the hunting ban not only continuing but being strengthened, is leading hunters to take more and more desperate measures.



 Sabs think Easton Harriers 'chopped' a hare on Boxing Day

9-1-18    Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Easton Harriers - 26/12/17 (BOXING DAY)   Old Mill House, Saxtead – Suffolk     Boxing Day saw the Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt sabs return to the Old Mill House in Saxtead to give a warm welcome to the Easton Harriers. On arrival, we found that there was hardly a soul there. I suppose not everyone was as keen to see the hunt as we were. Eventually supporters / morning drinkers arrived and were confused with our presence. Many argued with us about how they saw Foxes are pests but were soon corrected when we stated that Harrier packs (providing you don't include the Waveney Harriers) hunt Hares, not Foxes. Many had little to argue about the killing of Brown Hares, though some confirmed they were also fans of Hare Coursing. Interesting crowd.

No speech was made by the new huntsmen Gary Wingar which was surprising considering it was his first season with the Easton Harriers, and indeed his first season on horseback, but there was little for him to say. Once the organiser of a Hare Hunting Festival (the Alston Hare Festival) as well as kennel man and Huntsman of the Weardale & Tees Valley Beagles, is now little more than a last resort/void filler with an identity crisis. The Alston Hare week is no more and the WTV Beagles have practically disbanded thanks to the good work of other sab teams. Good work!

Anyway. After an embarrassing parade, the Hunt EastonHarriersThepicturesquebit26-12-17.jpgspent the day galloping around trying to avoid the presence of sabs. The hounds gave chase to a Hare, which lasted all too long, and huntsmen did nothing to stop it. The Hare was able to get away but we fear that after such a chase, the Hare may have suffered from exhaustion. Hounds were collected and the hunt headed off back to a group of supporters on the roadside where they remained in check. It was then that we noticed the poor condition of some of the hounds. These hounds appear to have little patience and gradually went off by themselves, against the wishes of the huntsmen, which forced them on the move once more.

As sabs caught up with them from the other side, some suspicious behaviour led us to believe that a hare was chopped in a field of crop. This seems to be a recurring act of bravery and 'sport' that the hunt seem to pride themselves in. It was clear that the day was coming to an end when the Hunt gradually headed back to where they had un-boxed, keeping the hounds close together along the way. Once boxed up, the hounds could be heard fighting among themselves as Gary nervously said goodbye to hunt staff and to the police who looked rather unimpressed with the behaviour of the Hunt (as well as drunk supporters) that day.

We would like to say thanks to those who joined us in protest at the Old Mill House, the Scottish Sab who joined us for the day and to everyone who has supported us so far throughout the season. Solidarity to others in the field who had a difficult day. If you like what we do then buy us a coffee: http://www.ko-fi.com/norfolksuffolkhuntsaboteurs.


Oakley FH hounds in MoD area marked 'Keep Out - Poison Gas'

Hounds seen to be suffering from disorder called 'kennel tail'

9-1-18   Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   KEEP OUT POISON GAS - OAKLEY HUNT ILLEGAL HUNTING ON MINISTRY OF DEFENCE FENCED OF AREA 6TH JAN 2018   We joined Northants Sabs and found the Hounds on and in the Ministry Of Defence (MOD) fenced off area. Plenty of clearly labelled signs for the Hunt to read but they choose not to and put their hounds at risk. Huntsman clearly calls hounds and they come straight through a gap in the wire fence [below]... clearly there for all to see. If an area says KEEP OUT - POISON GAS we would take a good guess in thinking it’s dangerous!


8-1-18   Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs   It’s not their fault. The Oakley Hunt on Saturday   These pour souls have Kennel tail. We did wonder what the blood was on the tips of their tails . Photo taken just after they come through the gap in the MOD fenced of area.[below right]

6-1-18   Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs   Report - 6th Jan 18   Today Northants and Hertfordshire Sabs joined our friends from Beds & Bucks and North Cambs to sab the Oakley Hunt.

We caught up with them quickly outside Melchbourne and followed the Hunt into nearby woods where houndsOakleyFHHoundswithbloodytailtipsKennelTail6-1-18.jpg immediately went into cry. We were hot on their trail and didn’t witness a kill. We did, however, witness some questionable riding and some clearly stressed horses.

We also noticed hounds had blood on the tips of their tails and on closer inspection realised how split and sore their tails were. This is called 'kennel tail' -when a dog repeatedly whacks its tail on a hard surface or wall. This is likely due to being tightly enclosed in kennels for the duration of their lives. A reminder that hounds are victims of the cruelty of hunting too.

The Hunt then went round and round in circles passing through Upper Dean, Lower Dean, Swinshead, Shelton, Coppice wood, Melchbourne park and Ridley. At one stage the surprised redcoats emerged with the hounds from a footpath at the exact point in the road where our sab van was parked up, Bingo ! You are never far from a sab.

Hounds went into cry at one point in Upper Dean. Sabs were on the scene and could see that the Hunstmen were off their horses and terrier men were present . We suspected a fox had gone to ground at this stage. We heard later that due to sabs being present, the terrier men did not pursue the fox and we therefore think it got away.

The usual rent-a-mob showed up and for the afternoon said mob drove dangerously, following vehicles and causing traffic jams on country roads. They continued to act in an aggressive way and at one point had blocked in another groups vehicle at what was a very sharp bend in the road. The police were called and said rent a mob forced to disperse leaving us to continue sabbing. Although we can not be 100% sure there were no kills today, we deem it as a success that at least one fox lives on for another day.

Those of you who are eagle eyed will have spotted a chubby member of the support in our first pic who had a fox on his jumper- quite perverse seeing he’s happy to watch foxes being ripped to pieces !

To donate for fuel money and vital supplies, you can do this at www.paypal.me/ENABS Your donation will help us continue to save foxes lives.

See also Herts Sabs full report and pics here. 


Sabs claim FC worker abetted Staitondale FH blocking their car in

9-1-18   Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs   This morning a friend and I decided to follow the Stationdale Hunt to try and prevent any innocent foxes or wildlife being killed. We found the Hunt leaving one of their usual meeting points. Unfortunately we were spotted almost immediately.

A huntswoman (being polite here) called ahead to warn the others that two ferocious scary sabs were hot on their trail. We parked up in a lay-by to see which way they were heading, when suddenly we saw the hounds van, so in hot pursuit in the Sabmobile with our female version of Schumacher we managed to catch them up.

The hounds van turned off onto a road leading to the forest (one of their usual routes) we followed it but then the hounds van stopped, as we drove past we got a lovely frown from the Huntsman, he was so happy to see us (not). We parked a few hundred yards up. He then acquired a few more numptys who were also happy to see us. We took a few snap shots as they chatted about us. They must have been discussing changing the location, proving that if they'd laid a trail they wouldn't be.

It looked like they were moving on so we got ready to follow. But... they had blocked the road. Totally blocking us in. Which is breaking the law (Highways Act 1980 section 137).

We drove up to them thinking they'd move but no, they were enjoying our company too much. A rather odd looking female then approached the Sabmobile and took photos, laughing at us and acting rather peculiar. She was then joined by the Hunt Master, his old sidekick and the terrier man. They were fascinated with us. Taking more photos, laughing and looking around the Sabmobile. A Forestry Commission van arrived, we thought he'd do his job and tell them to clear the road but no! He chatted and seemed rather friendly with them.

We'd had enough so called the police who were quite helpful and very understanding. Eventually the hunters' short attention spans gave up and they decided to waddle back to their vehicles. As they moved away the Forestry van accompanied them. Obviously he's also a plonker. The coast was clear until the last hunt vehicle driver spoke to a road workman who then blocked us in to give the Hunt a ten minute get away. Not deterred we looked high and low but unfortunately we were unable to find them.

Today was a very positive day, only two us but we obviously got their jodhpurs in a twist. We changed their plans ,held them up and hopefully the fox had time to safely hide.

We shall be out again soon protecting our beautiful creatures from these murderous, heartless, subhumans. Please donate to our fuel and equipment fund. Thank you.

Pics below   -   Some of the Staintondale FH weirdos 

  StaintondaleFHweirdos_2_9-1-18.jpg StaintondaleFHweirdos9-1-18.jpg


Foxes for baiting kept at Dwyryd FH hunt kennels, trail hears

Case centres on alleged badger baiting, involving Hunt terrierman & others

8-1-18   N.Wales Daily Post   Badger baiting and animal fighting uncovered by undercover RSPCA probe, court hears - Court hears children among gang accused of ill-treating animals and organising illegal farmyard fights    An RSPCA surveillance operation uncovered badger baiting and animal fighting at a Snowdonia farm, a court heard. Among those allegedly involved in the illegal activities had been a hunt terrier man and children, a district judge was told at Llandudno in North Wales.

Jordan Houlston, 24, of Alexandra Road, Llandudno, the alleged terrier man, was accused of kicking a live badger. He denied wilfully injuring a badger at Cwm Bowydd Farm, Blaenau Ffestiniog, ill-treating a badger, taking part in an animal fight and being present at one on February 5 last year. He also denied causing unnecessary suffering to four dogs by causing them to fight. Ten offences were listed against him in all.

Marc Wyn Morris, 26, of Jones Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog, pleaded guilty to wilfully injuring a badger, being present at an animal fight and causing unnecessary suffering to a badger by causing it to fight with a dog. A boy of 17 admitted being present at an animal fight. Their sentencing was adjourned. A boy of 13 also denied charges connected to the alleged illegal activities.

David Thomas, 51, of Cwm Bowydd Farm, denied animal welfare allegations including causing unnecessary suffering to two foxes. Evan Bleddyn Thomas, 52, a farmer, of Cwm Bowydd, was said to have played no active part in the activities. But solicitor Tudur Owen, prosecuting, said: “He should have done something about it.” He denied keeping premises for use for an animal fight.

Video footage was shown to the judge of the scene at the farm where false man-made setts were allegedly found. Seven skulls, possibly those of foxes or badgers, were allegedly discovered. The court heard an RSPCA inspector in the footage say younger dogs were probably trained to “engage” with badgers.

A young fox was in a cage in hunt kennels and due “to be ripped apart by the dogs,” the court heard. A second fox was also in a cage, terrified by a barking terrier, the RSPCA inspector claimed. The trial continues.

9-1-18   Daily Post   Terriers injured at Gwynedd farm where badger baiting took place, court hears - Gang accused of ill-treating animals and organising animal fighting    Footage of injured terriers at a farm where badger baiting and animal fighting are alleged to have taken place has been shown to a court. The images were taken as part of an RSPCA surveillance operation at Cwm Bowydd Farm, Blaenau Ffestiniog in February last year.

Among those allegedly involved in the illegal activities had been a hunt terrier man and children, a district judge was told on day two of the trial at Llandudno. But two of the 10 allegations listed against Jordan Houlston, 24, of Alexandra Road, Llandudno, the alleged terrier man, of wilfully injuring a badger and causing an animal fight, were dropped by the prosecution. He is still accused, and denies offences including ill-treating a live badger at Cwm Bowydd farm being present at an animal fight, and causing unnecessary suffering to four dogs by causing them to fight.

Marc Wyn Morris, 26, of Jones Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog, has pleaded guilty to wilfully injuring a badger, being present at an animal fight and causing unnecessary suffering to a badger by causing it to fight with a dog. A boy of 17 admitted being present at an animal fight.

On trial with Houlston is David Thomas, 51, of Cwm Bowydd Farm, who has denied animal welfare allegations including causing unnecessary suffering to two foxes by confining them in cages near dogs. Evan Bleddyn Thomas, 52, a farmer, of Cwm Bowydd, was said to have played no active part in the activities. He denied keeping premises for use for an animal fight. A boy of 13 also denies charges connected to the alleged illegal activities.

Artificial badger setts were allegedly found at the farm and seven skulls, possibly those of foxes or badgers. Pippa Boyd, an RSPCA inspector with the charity’s special operations unit, said 23 dogs were removed from the farm. Houlston made no comment when quizzed about what had been going on. David Thomas claimed the foxes had been caught “recently” and were going to be released. The trial before district judge Gwyn Jones continues.


Sab car kicked and damaged by Ledbury S FH terrierman 

8-1-18   Facebook - Derby Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  At the weekend Ledbury South Hunt's terriermen kicked and dented a sab's vehicle after getting frustrated that they couldn't pass, despite them being the ones blocking us in.



Mendip Farmers FH Whip shot pet dog as 'aggressive' and 'nocey'

Facebook postings from 2016 show that Gordon Bottomley, 1st Whip, killed his own pet dog because it was 'aggressive towards people' and 'nocey [noisy?] in kennels'. One wonders how many of the Mendip's hounds he has also shot dead.  


 MendipFarmersFHistWhipshothispetdogin2016_1_8-1-18.jpg MendipFarmersFHistWhipshothipetdogin2016_2_8-1-18.jpg


Twitter storm condemns Countryfile calling foxes 'vermin'

Pro-hunting bias of BBC under attack 

8-1-18   Daily Mail    'How can anyone call foxes vermin?' BBC's Countryfile sparks fury as viewers accuse presenter Tom Heap of taking a 'pro-hunting' stance - A section of last night's show, presented by Tom Heap, focused on gun laws - The controversial piece, filmed in Lincolnshire, saw foxes described as 'vermin' - Many viewers were left aghast at the BBC's take on the divisive issue, calling the broadcaster 'pro-hunting' and saying it wasn't being 'impartial'   Heap [right] was seen on the programme going 'lamping' - essentially looking for foxes to kill by torchlight, with farmer Mark Clother Countryfile viewers opposed to fox-hunting expressed their anger last night after the show referred to foxes asTomHeapCountryfile.jpg 'vermin'. BBC presenter Tom Heap fronted a section on gun laws in the UK countryside that sparked hundreds of emotive tweets, with many declaring the broadcaster 'pro-hunting'. The row was inflamed after foxes in the piece were described as 'vermin' by presenter Tom Heap as he visited farmers in Lincolnshire.

This weekend, Theresa May ruled out bringing fox hunting back before the next election despite insisting she still personally supports it.

As Tom Heap joined a farmer in Lincolnshire, Mark Clother, he told viewers: 'He's shooting vermin - foxes that might take poultry from local farms.' The comment saw hundreds of people join the debate on Twitter, with many blasting Heap for using the term 'vermin'. 

The show followed a 'lamping expedition', which involves seeking foxes at night with a bright 'lamp', as a way of protecting chickens and geese on agricultural land. As Heap tracked through darkness with Lincolnshire farmer Clother, the pair discussed the best ways to attract foxes including 'squeaking' devices. Clother then told the presenter that looking for the reflecting eyes of the animal alerted farmers to their presence. Eventually, they spot the fox's red eyes and make a decision on whether the animal is too far away to shoot. They decide it is and retreat back to the farm. Femail has contacted BBC's Countryfile for comment.

This weekend, the British government announced it is scrapping a promise to reconsider the ban on fox hunting, which was outlawed more than a decade ago. Theresa May ruled out bringing the practice back before the next election despite insisting she still personally supports it. The Prime Minister accepted that her intervention in favour of fox hunting dealt a blow to the Tory election campaign last year. The Conservative manifesto included a commitment to call a Commons vote on the issue and it was heavily targeted on social media by Labour. The law, introduced by Labour in 2004, bans the use of dogs to hunt foxes and other wild mammals in England and Wales. Mrs May told BBC's Andrew Marr Show she had received a 'clear message' on the issue and said there will not be a vote during this parliament.

One example of Twitter reaction to the programme is below -  


Monitors help badly hurt child Cheshire FH rider - Hunt go on chasing foxes

7-1-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    CHILD INVOLVED IN SERIOUS ACCIDENT YET HUNT CONTINUE CHASING FOXES -  CHESHIRE HOUNDS, HOOFIELD/HUXLEY 6.1.18      As the crumbling Cheshire Forest Hunt cancelled their meet yesterday, we were able to focus on the Cheshire Hounds, who we found setting off from Brereton Park Farm in the Hoofield/Huxley area, the same location from where we caught them blatantlyCheshireFHHuntsmanhuntingonintoduskafterchildriderseriouslyinjured6-1-18.jpgcub-hunting in October. This is a very popular area for this hunt as numerous members live in the vicinity, and as ever they weren’t pleased to see us, particularly as we appeared to have brought a constant police escort with us, consisting of members of Cheshire Police’s Wildlife Crime team.

However, the Hunt would offer their gratitude to Cheshire Monitors – apparently heartfelt, albeit through tightly gritted teeth – before the afternoon’s activities came to an end. More on that shortly.

Sadly, early on the Hunt were seen blatantly chasing a fox close to the canal culvert through which the Eddisbury Way runs. Again, this is a popular spot for this hunt, it is remote spot with adjacent land owned by Hunt member Randle Cooke who has boasted about feeding foxes to keep them here. With woods, a river and the remains of an old quarry here, we hope the fox was able to outwit the Hunt, but we can’t be sure - and one local supporter has told us they believe a kill was made. We are following this up.

CheshireFHAreatheywerhuntingin6-1-18.jpgWith waterlogged fields and constant unwanted attention the Hunt struggled to find many more areas to hunt throughout the day, retracing their steps desperately looking for foxes (or somewhere for a fox to ‘magically’ appear perhaps?), and churning up fields and bridleways as they went. With disgruntled followers getting very little action for their money, we weren’t surprised to see numerous riders packing up very early too.

Cheshire Monitors have had serious child safeguarding concerns about this Hunt for some time, with children of different ages put into situations we believe they should never be in, and we were witness to a terrible accident during this hunt. We have taken the decision not to post many details about the child and other riders involved, but we do think it is important to report on an accident that should never have happened, and could have easily resulted in the death of a child. We have also decided against posting images other than one showing the accident from some distance out of respect for the injured child.

At around 3pm a small group of riders decided to move out onto Hoofield Lane from a farm track beside Hoofield Hall. After abruptly stopping the traffic, rather than opening the gate onto the road, the first rider instead jumped the gate, with his 13 year old son following behind. However, his horse failed to clear the gate, it clipping the top of it and causing both it and rider to be flipped upside down, the horse landing on top of the child on the rocky ground beyond the gate.

                 The pic below shows the horse falling - it landed on the young rider  


We’ll be generous and assume that the gathered hunt staff and followers were in some kind of shock, as it was left to a member of our team to offer First Aid to the injured child (and to insist a hunt member didn’t move him,CheshireFHAmbulanceattendingjumpingaccidentchildriderseriouslyinjured6-1-18.jpg which she was stupidly encouraging him to do) while another monitor called an ambulance. The pony appeared to have landed on the boy’s arm/shoulder, causing serious damage, and we are doing our best to find out how he is doing. We have asked after the horse too which, by some miracle, appeared to be led away relatively unscathed.

We were shocked to witness our monitor who was offering First Aid, and ensuring the injured child was kept still and warm, receive threats of serious physical harm if they were filming what was going on. Also, when asking the numerous gathered followers if they could take off their coats to use to keep the child warm, the request was ignored and our monitor used their coat instead. We then liaised with the police who also came and stayed with the child until the ambulance arrived, and prevented any more threats aimed toward us.

The ambulance arrived after around 30 minutes at which time the gathered hunt staff and supporters dispersed, a few of which offered thanks to the monitors who had helped.

CheshireFHHuntridersstilloutafterdusk6-1-18.jpgThis was a very shocking incident, and you would assume something as serious as this incident, in particular when it was involving a child, would have brought the day’s proceedings to a halt. But no. While all this was going on, some our team a few fields away were watching the core Hunt members sneak off with the hounds and continue hunting.

Huntsman Jake was caught putting hounds through Hoofield Covert, woodland clearly marked ‘No Dogs’ right around its perimeter. When asked to prove he had permission to even be there, he flatly refused to offer any, after which the Hunt quickly moved away.

A little later, as dusk began to fall, monitors then witnessed them again blatantly chasing a fox right in front of them, this time in fields off Red Lane towards Tattenhall. (We ensured the fox got away.)

After a life threatening accident involving a 13 year old child, it begs the question, what would it take to make these people stop hunting? [Thank you to all locals and extra helpers who joined us yesterday.]

Pics above   -   1/  Huntsman hunting on as dusk falls     2/  They were hunting in this wood    3/  The moment of the accident     4/  Ambulance attends the child casualty     5/  Riders still out on the road - it's dark  


Research shows hunting hounds put human and livestock health at risk

The article below reviews a newly published research paper by Prof. Stephen Harris and  Dr Jo Dorning of Bristol University -

7-1-18   Plant Based News   BREAKING: Hunting Hounds Pose 'Significant' Risk Of Passing Diseases To Humans -A new study has analyzed thousands of pieces of public evidence on the subject   Hunting hounds pose a significant risk of passing infectious diseases to humans, particularly children, according to a new study. The research, titled Hunting with hounds and the spread of disease, says there is 'overwhelming' evidence that they pose 'a huge risk to the health of farm animals' - and therefore the livelihood of farmers.

The independent study, which was commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports [LACS], is described as 'the most comprehensive study ever written on the spreading of disease by hunting hounds' - and analyses more than 1,000 published pieces of evidence. Examples of diseases that can be spread from hunting hounds to humans include salmonellosis (better known as salmonella) and toxoplasmosis - among others.

According to the report: "Hounds used for hunting carry numerous infectious diseases which can be spread to humans, particularly children, at events such as the Boxing Day hunt parades and country shows. These diseases are known to hospitalize and sometimes kill people." The study's authors claim that hunting hounds carry a greater risk of spreading disease than domestic dogs because they are potentially fed the carcasses of farm animals - known as 'fallen stock'. Additionally, Hunts do not undertake the standard veterinary precautions generally taken by 'pet owners'. Finally, hounds regularly travel across farms and farmland, potentially carrying multiple diseases, but without any biosecurity precautions.

The report claims: "Hunting hounds are fed hundreds of thousands of carcasses of dead farm animals every year, even though a significant proportion of these will be diseased. While it is legal to feed disease-free fallen stock to hounds, EU Regulations make it illegal to feed animals on fallen stock that died from a disease that could infect animals and/or humans. So each animal needs to be examined post mortem to establish the cause of death before it is fed to hounds. Hunts routinely flout this regulation."

The study reports that Hunts ignoring the biosecurity measures that are put in place to stop the spread of disease are costing the livestock and farming industries 'millions'. It says: "Accumulated evidence in the study suggests overwhelmingly that hunting with hounds maintains and/or spreads several livestock parasites and pathogens that have a major economic impact on British farmers. Hunts are a major biosecurity risk as they not only contravene all basic biosecurity measures during even one day’s hunting, with large numbers of horses, dogs, people and vehicles moving between farms and across farmland without implementing any of the recommended biosecurity advice, but they also cover 70 percent of rural areas in England and Wales."

Chris Pitt, Deputy Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "A year ago it was discovered that a pack of hunting hounds had contracted bovine TB. Given that bTB is a risk to livestock and people, we felt that a thorough investigation into the potential of hounds carrying and sharing disease needed to be carried out. The results are shocking and show that the problem is far wider than just bTB. The evidence is overwhelming that hunting hounds pose a huge risk to the health of farm animals. Looking at all the evidence available, we can’t avoid the conclusion that there is a significant risk of hunting hounds spreading infectious diseases to humans. The risk is mainly to those with immature or weakened immune systems, which can include children, elderly people or people who are already sick. This problem needs to be taken seriously."

The LACS press release about the research paper can be found here.


Theresa May confirms Hunting Act repeal to be dropped

7-1-18   Mirror    Humiliated Theresa May finally U-turns on her cruel bid to bring back fox hunting   She will admit there was a "clear message" the public don't want the cruel bloodsport brought back - despite her offering MPs a vote to do so Theresa May will today stage a humiliating official U-turn over her bid to bring back fox hunting. She will admit there was a "clear message" the public don't want the cruel bloodsport brought back - despite her offering MPs a vote to do so in the general election. Campaigners are likely to hail victory after the Prime Minister launched her latest screeching U-turn.

TheresaMay3_.jpgWe first revealed her bid to bring back the bloodsport, which was said to have helped deny the Conservatives a majority at June's general election. Pressed by the Mirror during the campaign, Mrs May [left] said she was a fan of hunts and wanted to give MPs the choice to revive them after more than a decade. But after losing her majority, she knows she could lose any Commons vote. But after an outcry including by some Tories, a vote would be unlikely to pass.

Mrs May is due to tell the BBC's Andrew Marr Show: “I've not changed my personal view. I've never fox hunted as it happens. But as prime minister my job isn't just about what I think about something, it's actually about looking at what the view of the country is. I think there was a clear message about that. And that's why I say there won't be a vote on fox hunting during this Parliament.”

The ban was introduced by Labour in 2004 and hunting with dogs has been illegal ever since. A 2017 petition to keep the ban was signed by nearly 800,000 people. And polls have shown around three-quarters or more of Brits are against bringing back the bloodsport. Labour's Hunting Act did not end traditional hunts, who now follow a scent trail instead of a fox, or work around loopholes in the law.

May’s predecessor David Cameron [right] also promised Parliament a vote on repeal but had to scrap it after theDavidCameronandGuyAvisHon.SecHeythropFH.jpg SNP vowed to block it, even though it does not apply to Scotland. Several Tory MPs are known to oppose fox hunting, enough to deal Mrs May a defeat in any Parliamentary vote because her majority is so small. MP Sir Roger Gale of Conservatives Against Fox Hunting said Parliament has “more than enough to occupy” its time without arguing about hunting. An aide made clear the next Tory manifesto would be unlikely to offer a vote on hunting. "We want to focus on issues that matter most to people - building more homes, continuing to raise school standards, investing in the NHS and delivering a good Brexit," the aide told the Sunday Times.

League Against Cruel Sports campaigns deputy director Chris Pitt said: “It appears that the Government now accepts that cruel sports should no longer be a part of 21st Century society so it’s good to know they won’t try to legalise it again in this Parliament – though they may try again in the next. The Government has recently pledged to recognise animal sentience and introduce tougher sentencing for animal cruelty so it would make no sense if the Hunting Act was to be repealed – hunting is a barbaric practice which still sees British wildlife being torn to pieces by packs of hounds. Recent polling showed that opposition to hunting in the UK remains at an all-time high of 85%, so it’s clear that this pledge will be popular with the public. Despite what the Hunts say, it’s not only the ‘townies’ who oppose blood sports but people in the countryside too, with more than eight out of ten people in rural areas in support of keeping the ban on fox hunting. We hope all MPs now recognise that animal welfare is something which all British people feel very strongly about. We also hope that this isn’t a tactical political move designed to win votes – Theresa May says that she still personally supports fox hunting, so will be having this discussion again in a couple of years?"


South Durham FH prise fox from quarry cliff-face hole and kill it

7-1-18    Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors   HIT REPORT : South Durham Hunt Meet at Ludworth 03.01.18  This was an eventful day... Knowing this area well, primarily due to saving a fox here on a previous occasion, we proceeded to spray the area with citronella whilst awaiting the Hunt to exit the meet at Fatclose House. S.DurhamFHHoundwoundedonbarbie3-1-18.jpgSubsequently, we soon spotted the hounds, closely followed by the Huntsman and skirting around a conifer plantation. We can only assume that with the high winds they didn't want to risk going in with the chance of falling branches. Therefore, we knew then that we would at least have our eyes on them, in the open, throughout the day. Terriermen on quads checked out a hole and when confident a fox was not hiding they headed towards where we were standing. With little said to us, by them and the Huntsman, on passing, we were perplexed as to where the usual abuse was being stored.

The hounds were taken to a little outcrop where a fox was seen to bolt and the poor thing ran for its life through a dog boarding kennels, with hounds not far behind we set off the gizmo and blew the horn to pull the hounds in our direction and over the field. Luckily, the hounds turned and came running our way followed by Ross “bursta blood vessel” Crawford who came very close to trampling one Monitor with his horse, whilst screaming a personnel attack at another ( we now know where the abuse was stored).

Wow! they just don't like us pulling the hounds off a live fox, do they? A hound got stuck on barb-wire, whilst trying to peruse the fox into the kennels, and was later spotted covered in blood on its hind legs [left].S.DurhamFHRiderusinghorsetoblockmonitors3-1-18.jpg

With enough time for the fox to make its escape, we headed back to the road where we picked up. Simultaneously, we could see the Hunt Master, Gareth Watchman jumping off his horse to take hounds through a field, on foot, hoping to pick up the scent again. Failing that, they headed off towards a children's playground to cast through the woods and around the perimeter. With no luck there they made their way along a busy road, where our vehicle was surrounded and blocked in by horses. Rider, Kevin “shiney face” Johnson having a near miss with a bus, continued , once again to shout abuse and spouting the usual crap about photographing kids. He then proceeded to use his horse in a manner that can only be described as reckless and downright cruel, by using the poor animal to stop our car in order to enable vehicle support to pass. What a idiot.

We continued to make our way on foot ending up on a fell, near to Shadforth, where we spotted the hunt in a disused quarry, near to Old Cassop. With a valley and thick gorse between us and the Hunt, we unable to get to them, so began viewing through binoculars and a zoom lens camera. Horrified, we could see that a terrified fox had escaped into a hole in the cliff face to take S.DurhamFHQuarrywherefoxkilled3-1-18.jpgrefuge. Being so far from a road, and with no way of getting to the quarry, all we could do was watch helplessly, as the hunt hounds were balanced precariously on the cliff face, all the while, the hunt twats were trying their best to get the fox from the hole. With terrier men on quads attempting to climb up, and the hound master attempting to climb down, there was no escape, the terrified animal was eventually dislodged and killed. The Hunt subsequently made way their way back to the meet, crawled back under their stone, and packed up for the day.

Devastated we got back to the vehicle and made our way to the quarry, where we were met by terrier twats on quads leaving with smirks on their faces. So proud to be a big man who took part in killing a little fox. Wow what tough guy you are.

Consequently, Police were called. On speaking with the Hunt and hearing the usual trail hunt lies they asked us to submit any footage we have of the day, which we will. One fox saved and one fox killed, it was a day of ups and downs, but this barbaric act of cruelty has only made us more determined to put an end to fox hunting.

Please get out in the fields and take photos and video of your local hunts or join your local monitor/sab group. With the Conservatives turning their back on the repeal vote (for now), now is the time to bring an end to fox hunting and to strengthen The Hunting Act. Long live the fox. RIP a little one. You can donate to our fund via PayPal.me/huntmonitors or using email huntmonitors@gmail.com.

Pic below   -   Riders using horses to menace female monitor 



Cattistock FH create havoc running round village after fox

7-1-18   Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights   Hit Report 6/1/18 Lady Charlotte Townshend's Cattistock Hunt meet at Chetnole Acting on a tip-off from our ever watchful Dorset eyes, we met up with our friends from CattistockFHFoxfleeingfrom6-1-18.jpgSouth West Sabs and other members of W.A.R and hopped in the Red Landy. Heading off along the busy A37 toward Chetnole we were ready to upset Lady T's bloodthirsty Cattistock Hunt.

Knowing that our comrades Dorset Against Blood Sports were continuing to be the proverbial thorn in the Portman Hunts side and with Monitors ever watchful over the other local hunts and beagling goings on, we felt that today could be a good day for our local wildlife.

The meet at Chetnole was a rather large affair compared to recent meets. With probably over 100 riders scattered all over this tiny picturesque village. With the meet being so close to the train track and considering the "incident" from an earlier meet, we predicted that the hunt would head off towards the large copse Chetnole Withey Bed and away from certain danger. Foot Sabs were deployed ahead of the direction the hunt was moving. Within moments of being in the area quads flew in to the area and it became apparent at that point that these quads, complete with riders wearing body cams.....though why they would want to have footage of themselves breaking the law, were going to be our stalkers for the rest of the day.

And so it began, as soon as we tried to speak on our radios they were on us continuously revving their engines to try and prevent us talking, whenever hounds went into cry they revved their engines to try and stop us using the gizmo or rating the hounds. Considering they are supposed to be the "guardians" of the countryside they didn't seem to care about either noise pollution or the very strong smelling exhaust fumes coming from the quads. We feel these "new boys on the block" had been hired in just to stay with us and try and put us off....no chance!

The Hunt then headed North West, over the very busy, fast and dangerous A37, made more hazardous by theCattistockFHFoxfleeingfrom_2_6-1-18.jpg foggy and wet conditions. They made straight for one of their favourite hunting grounds of Holt Hill Plantation. With 2 teams of foot Sabs deployed in this very hard area to intervene , we know the only way to stop them killing is to be in on foot and with them. Often large areas of very hilly Dorset countryside are only accessible on foot. So with footsabs up with the Hunt and eyes on them from the Landy, we all headed down towards Pimperne.

Hounds went into cry along the Rabbit Lands Copse but with sabs on the Rabbit Lands Trail, they were able to pull the hounds off by using the Gizmo, much to the frustration of one of the stalkers who kicked out at one hound as it ran past causing the poor thing to yelp!!

Chaos ensued thereafter with loose hounds running riot around the village of Melbury Osmond. A Fox was seen by Sabs, that had run from the small copse in the village towards the A37. Sabs rated the hounds, who by now it seemed just wanted to go home and were running into gardens and one was even seen howling at a front door... ah, maybe that was the same way that the "trail" layer took?? Hounds were eventually gathered while the field lingered in and around the track to "smelly farm"!

With sabs heading off to get in front of the pack they noticed a fallen rider. Hardly surprising with the condition of the terrain. After so much heavy rain the ground resembled a bog. It just shows their desire to kill that they all risk killing or severely injuring the unfortunate horses that have to carry them! With the pack and field seeming not to care one little bit and carrying on, the Air Ambulance arrived to retrieve the fallen rider... hopefully the horse was OK. With riders heading back and forward and a very bad tempered, hollering Huntsman desperately trying to gather hounds the hunt headed for their only escape route, the private land of Illchester Estate and home of Lady T.

With hounds once more going into cry on route to Monks Wood, a beautiful Red Fox was seen running terrified for its life towards Lower Holt Farm. Sabs covered this beautiful creatures scent with citronella whilst the hunt then headed onto the estate. Lets hope if there is still anything alive in there it managed to escape the jaws of the dogs.

With sabs deployed along the large footpath into Melbury Osmond to keep an eye on them both tourists and locals approached Sabs asking us where the hounds were as they were fearful for the safety of their own pets. We promised them that we wouldn't reveal their identity as they requested but also as we promised we have put up a link where complaints can be made. Yes Lady T. you are NOT allowed as a landowner to harass, intimidate (eg place fierce dogs or terrier boys) on public rights of way or allow others to do so. Complaints can be made at: https://mapping.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/rightsof…/reportproblem/.We

We saved 2 beautiful Foxes today!!! Great team work and hard work made that happen. If you would like to join us then please message this page or email - weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com. Thank you for your fantastic support. If you can make a donation then please do on the link below. If not then please can you share this post. Thanks. https://gogetfunding.com/weymouth-animal-rights-vehicle-an…/

Pics above  -  Fox fleeing from Cattistock FH hounds

Pics below  -  1/ and 2/  Are these hounds seeking sanctuary or maybe political asylum?    3/  Hunt all over the A37.

  CattistockFHHoundseekingasylum6-1-18.jpg CattistockFHHoundseekingasylum_2_6-1-18.jpg


Sabs take and keep control of Ledbury S FH for 40 minutes

7-1-18   Facebook - Derby Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Where oh where have the Ledbury South's hounds gone? Where oh where can they be? With the Sabs!

A short video of yesterday's events where Bristol, South Wales, Welsh Border and Bath Hunt Saboteurs had the hounds for 40 minutes and the Hunt didn't know where they where.


6-1-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs   LEDBURY SOUTH - WELL AND TRULY SABBED   Today we headed to Michaelchurch Escley, where the Ledbury South were meeting at Cefn-Ceist farm. The hunt were just leaving the meet as we arrived but, along with sabs from South Wales, we caught up in no time.

Within minutes, the hounds were in cry but sabs stepped in with horn calls, splitting the pack and throwing the hunt into disarray. A fox bolted from the woods and its scent was covered in citronella spray. Realising that theyLedburySFHWoundedhound6-1-18.jpg had sab company, the Hunt took off but unbeknown to them another group of sabs from Bath and Welsh Borders had them in their sights. They were well and truly pinned.

The Hunt tried repeatedly to wear out sabs by riding up and down hills but by this point more sabs from Bath and another group from Derby were in the field, which meant we were everywhere. Hounds did pick up and chased a fox but soon lost it. At this point, sabs broke off into smaller groups to cover more ground and one group found the hounds in cry again, so took action by ‘rating’ them and gathering up the pack.

Sabs held the pack, gathering them up with the use of hunting horns and had them for 45 minutes. The hounds were exhausted, shivering and many had cuts and sores [one in pic above right]. The red-faced hunt staff who finally came to plead for their hounds back was a picture in itself. This action finished off the hunt who packed up shortly after. A great result for local wildlife.

Support our work for the price of a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/A37126JE


Private prosecution of woman who repeatedly whipped sab planned

6-1-18    Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs    Enough is enough!   The decision by Sussex Police not to take the case forward against Jane Miller/Goring has motivated sabs to get justice through the courts ourselves. PLEASE share if not able to donate, thank you.

Every week we experience threats, intimidation and often actual violence from the hunts and every week read reports on social media of increasingly frequent and serious attacks on hunts sabs and monitors. The hunt sab who was beaten has been assaulted many times and never received justice - this has to stop- the violent hunt supporters need to know that there will be legal consequences if they attack us before another hunt sab is killed.

The police seem to pick and choose what laws they will enforce - they will not enforce the hunting ban, and they will not protect hunt sabs, the only ones trying to uphold the law out in the field. Attack after attack on hunt sabs E.SussexFHRiderridesatsab18-11-17.jpggoes unpunished and the police are giving people like this woman a green light to attack us with impunity- This was Jane Miller's second unprovoked attack on hunt sabs within a month and in neither case was there any form of provocation or retaliation as the videos show.

The sabs were only on foot at this point because hunt supporters had blocked their vehicles in on the road, so they got out and walked. This rider came up and attempted to ride down one sab after another, until when she was targeting a small female sab, another sab stepped up and took hold of her reins to take control of her horse and stop her attempts to trample sabs. You may not have seen the start of the film as (strangely??) the BBC omitted the rider's attempts to ride down the sabs, which were clearly the reason the man was forced to take hold of her reins.

The rider then beat him seventeen times with her whip, then as she rode away she whipped another sab standing nearby. A few minutes later she charged at a group of sabs from behind so they had to scatter to avoid being trampled.

The prolonged assault was captured on FOUR video recordings from different angles and FIVE witnesses cameE.SussexFHRiderrepeatedlyhitssabtryingtorestrainher18-11-17.jpg forward to make statements- but Sussex Police decided not to proceed with the case before the fifth witness (of whom they were aware) had even submitted her statement- this not only displays bias but is also unlawful. When the victim in this case was given the news that the case was being dropped he pointed out that one of the witnesses had not yet even given her statement, and was told that it 'won't make any difference'.

The reason Sussex Police dropped the case? ''Insufficient evidence''. How many people would have to be recording an assault on a hunt sab before it is considered enough evidence?

Hunt sabs go out every week of the hunting season and protect wildlife from illegal hunting because the police will not enforce the hunting ban. We face intimidation, harassment, threats and violence. And, emboldened by the inactivity of the police, the hunt violence against us is escalating. Please help ALL hunt sabs and monitors by helping this hunt sab get justice so that hunters realise that the violence must stop.

This money will be used to help fund a private prosecution in this case; if for any reason this does not happen the money raised will be used to prosecute other hunt violence against hunt sabs or monitors. Thank you very much.


Badsworth FH hunt church yard, country park, edge of housing estate

6-1-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs   Today along with our good friends the W.Yorks Sabs we paid a visit to the Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt. They met at Frickley Park in Frickley, South Yorkshire and headed out on a rampage that included a church yard, the council-owned Howell Country Park, and land adjacent to a children's play area on the edge of a housing estate. Along the the way they upset several members of the public who were trying to take their dogs for a walk. We kept close to the hunt for the entire day, rating the hounds from a scent on two occasions. West Yorkshire sabs also saw a fox to safety.

Despite a day of blatant hunting, we ensured a kill-free, and therefore successful day, with the hunt packing at 4:15pm. Please donate to our ongoing fuel costs here https://ko-fi.com/A570FG9.


Woman rider who whipped sab 17 times will face no charges

Jane Miller is wife of wealthy London hotelier

5-1-18   Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs   Today we received the news that this rider with the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt is facing no further action from Sussex Police after she tried to ride us down before hitting one of our sabs 17 times with her riding crop. Yet again those in positions of power and privilege get away with violently assaulting those who are stopping them from breaking the Hunting Act and killing innocent wildlife.

POWAperson adds  -  The woman repeatedly rode her horse at a female sab. A male colleague grasped the horse's reins in an attempt to prevent his colleague from being ridden down and perhaps seriously injured. Instead of just dropping the reins and sitting still, Miller lashed out in temper, repeatedly striking the sab and injuring him. She had been filmed 'losing it' when she encountered sabs a few weeks earlier, this time on foot. She hurled extreme verbal abuse and menaced them and attempted to hit her husband when he tried to restrain her. She clearly has 'anger issues'. Obviously, the decision not to charge her would have had nothing to do with her social standing. The incident occurred on 18-11-17. The full sab film can be seen here.

The East Sussex & Romney Marsh FH have a reputation for violence so extreme that they are rarely sabbed. They do not 'trail hunt. Their support has been accused of intimidation and criminal damage at an animal sanctuary in their hunt country.  



Ex VC of Spooners FH cautioned for violent assault on sab

Also had to step down as Vice Chairman of the Hunt 

5-1-18   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Former Vice-Chairman of Spooner's & West Dartmoor Hunt given caution for assault    A year ago a small group of our sabs attended a meet of the Spooner's and West Dartmoor Hunt. Whilst parked in a gateway observing and filming the hunt across a valley,SpoonersFHVCGoddardgrabssabroundthroat13-12-16Cautioned.jpg the then Vice-Chair of Spooner's, Graham Goddard blocked the road with his horse and then attempted to get sabs to move from their vantage point. When sabs continued to watch the hunt, Goddard jumped from his horse and attacked the driver through the car window [right, trying to throttle him]. He punched and scratched the sab and then attempted to strangle him with his snood.

Despite clear video evidence (as noted by the attending officer), Devon and Cornwall Police subsequently decided to just caution Goddard for assault. Goddard has subsequently had to step down as vice-chair of the Hunt.

Sabs and monitors face this sort of violence on a regular basis as they stand as the only line of defence between the fox and the hunters. As a result of 12 years of inaction by the authorities (since the hunting ban was introduced) Hunts and their followers have become more and more emboldened and kill and resort to violence with impunity.

Please SHARE. Contact us on devoncountysabs@riseup.net or 07717473305 to get involved.

Pics below -   1/  Injuries to sab    2/  The culprit 

  SpoonersFHVCInjuriestosabattackedbyHuntVCGoddard13-12-16Cautioned.jpg  SpoonersFHVCGoddardAssaultedsab13-12-16Cautioned.jpg

POWAperson adds  - This, again unusually lenient sanction, brings to 404 the number of separate persons associated with organised Hunts in the UK known to POWA to have been convicted of or cautioned for criminal offences. These involve 966 offences, 230 of them violent. These have included 106 against sabs [30 of them with multiple victims] and 62 against monitors. [3 with multiple victims]. 30 of the offenders have been given prison sentences. Offences of criminal damage number 50 [41 against sabs or monitors] and public order offences not involving violence or threatening behaviour number 67. Convictions for Hunting Act offences total 51.


Police forces warn against holding of illegal hare coursing event

Thought 'Fir Cup' being secretly organised on What's App 

5-1-18   STV News    Warning over illegal Fir Cup hare coursing competition   Police have issued a warning about an illegal hare coursing competition which may be held in Scotland this weekend. The Fir Cup is expected to be take place somewhere in the Borders or East Lothian, but the exact location will not be revealed until the day of the event. Police believe participants are communicating secretly using WhatsApp, an encrypted messenger service. The Fir Cup reportedly has a £6000 prize pot and more than ten vehicles are expected to be present.

Police Scotland wildlife crime officer Andy Loughlin said: "Anyone taking part in this illegal hare coursing competition runs the risk of prosecution, along with having their dogs and vehicles seized. "We will be working closely with our partners and the local communities to ensure any person involved in this barbaric act is dealt with robustly."

Illegal dog hunting in Scotland hit a five-year high last year, according to the latest figures, with 14 incidents of hare coursing reported. The problem is worst in the north east of the country, where at least 20 unlawful hunts of various kinds occurred.

4-1-18   Hertfordshire Mercury   Secretive 'Fir Cup' hare coursing event could be heading to Hertfordshire tomorrow, police warn They will treat all tip-offs as an emergency - and they want the public's help Police have warned people in Hertfordshire to be on their guard ahead of a massive illegal hare coursing event set to be held tomorrow (Friday, 5 January). The secretive Fir Cup, said to be worth “thousands of pounds to the winner”, could be held anywhere in the country, with the location thought to be given out on the day in a closed Whatsapp group.

Hare coursing — a bloodsport outlawed under the 2004 Hunting Act — involves the use of greyhounds or other sighthound breeds to chase down and brutally kill wild hares. According to Thames Valley Police, the Fir Cup has a prize pot of £6,000, and is likely to include ten or more vehicles.

In August, Hertfordshire Constabulary launched a series of targeted patrols in East and North Herts in an attempt to crack down on the activity, as part of the nationwide Operation Galileo. Now they have said they will be on their guard tomorrow to prevent the Cup being held on Hertfordshire soil, and will respond to any and all tip-offs from the public as a matter of urgency.

In a Tweet, the East Herts Rural Police team said: “We are aware that tomorrow there is a large scale hare coursing event due to take place called the Fir Cup. “Currently there is no intelligence to suggest it’s happening in East Herts, but if you see anything suspicious or a large gathering in a field please call 999. We will be deploying the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) and other vehicles to deter this illegal activity. All calls will be treated as urgent.”

4-1-18   Lincolnshire Police   We have received information about a possible hare coursing competition taking place this Friday, January 5th – dubbed the ‘Fir Cup’. The ‘Fir Cup’ is potentially worth tens of thousands of pounds to the winner in breeding rights – as it is likely other hare coursers would want to breed from the winning dog. At this time it is not clear if this is to take place in Lincolnshire but Lincolnshire Police is well prepared should hare coursers choose the county as their venue.

The force has officers on standby to operate the police drone, quadbikes and Ford Kuga off-road vehicles as well as support from neighbouring forces. Anyone with information about this event is asked to contact Lincolnshire Police on 101, quoting Incident 151 of 3rd January: http://ow.ly/onol30hzR0o.



Sussex police refuse to act against road-illegal Hunt quads

Sab who pointed to overloaded one asked by officer 'Is it hurting you?' 

Inspector at liaison meet with sabs had committed to action on quads

5-1-18   Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs  VIDEO   Sussex officer says the illegally-overloaded agricultural quad he has just seen driving past 'Looks all right'... and when the point is pressed that it is illegal, he asks the sab, 'Is it hurting you?' ... and (standing around with hands in his pockets) explains that 'we can't deal with everything, can we?'

Chief Inspector Hodges, representing Sussex and Surrey police gave an absolute commitment at a liaison meeting with hunt sabs that they would enforce the law where these illegally-overloaded agricultural quads were concerned.

And yet, these quads still drive around on the roads unchallenged, even when actually driven past officers, on Lewes High Street and as filmed here (near Wineham) on New Years Day. https://www.facebook.com/sussexpoliceforce. Please keep comments polite and to the point. Ta.




Atherstone FH supporters throw missiles at sab car

N.Warks Beagles pack up when antis arrive

3-1-18    Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   Atherstone Hunt / North Warwickshire Beagles - New Years Day    After last years shocking violence from the Atherstone Hunt we again held a peaceful demonstration in Atherstone Market Square. There was a noticeable drop in the number of support for the hunt this year. The Atherstone are still on life support, after trying to switch to a meet card they have had to revert back to openly publishing their meets in an effort to attract more riders.

One noticeable supporter present was Atherstone Town Councillor Lewis John (UKIP) who despite the violence from the Atherstone last year was filmed clapping and cheering the hunt. John was also filming the peaceful protestors but not the hunt. Councillor John obviously condones all of the violence that happened last year (which resulted in numerous convictions and cautions) and all of the previous violence and fox kills from the Atherstone. Once away from the market square The Atherstone reverted to their normal violent selves with hunt supporters throwing mud and rocks at our moving vehicle which could have been at lot more serious if the windows had been smashed.

Please politely contact Atherstone Town Council and ask for the immediate resignation of Councillor Lewis John for openly supporting such a violent organisation - http://www.atherstone-tc.gov.uk/contact-us

North Warwickshire Beagles - We had a tip off that the North Warwickshire Beagles had been seen hunting in Sutton Cheney. We travelled over and found them hunting. They packed up as soon as we arrived which in itself speaks volumes. Thanks for all our tip offs. Please keep them coming in.

  AtherstoneFHCllrsupporteratmeet3-1-18.jpg  AtherstoneFHSupportershurlmissilesatsabcar3-1-18.jpg



Waveney Harriers chased fox across A road - after dark

3-1-18   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Waveney Harriers Sotterley Hall, Sotterley – Suffolk    On Saturday 23rd December, Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt saboteurs took to two hunts. While one team joined forces to visit the Fitzwilliam Hunt, another team visited the Waveney Harriers who met at Sotterley Hall for their usual pre-Chirstmas meet. We are very familiar with this meet and knew that a lot of ground was going to be covered.

Soon after leaving the hall, Reuben dismounted his horse and entered woodland, alone, on foot with the full pack.WaveneyHarriersTerriermanandbirdhandleronquads3-1-18.jpg A rider was left with the responsibility of Reuben's horse for at least 40 minutes while he hunted. Sabs were present and were at hand to stop the hounds, who inevitably chased bolting hares and roe deer. Reuben collected the hounds [below] and continued to draw woodland until he came across his desired quarry; fox.

Sabs were met with aggression by Reuben as hounds found a potential scent and were also confronted by Joe Gilfillan [right, with bird handler] who admitted he was there to use his 2x terriers if a fox were to go to ground.

Frustrated with the reality of having a kill free day, Reuben had to push his luck and try one last woodland (around 4pm). With the darkness closely approaching, hounds found a scent and went into full cry. Reuben hunted the hounds on as the hounds left sight from him, saboteurs and the remaining ride that were present. With the sun fully set, hounds were still giving chase in pure darkness and proceeded to split and riot across the A145 road. Saboteurs were unable to help the situation due to the darkness so had no to choice but to call it a day at 4.45pm. As we left the field just nearer to 5pm, we could still hear Joe riding his quad bike and Reuben blowing his horn in attempt to retrieve hounds. We cannot confirm whether the quarry got away.

If you like what we do then buy us a coffee: http://www.ko-fi.com/norfolksuffolkhuntsaboteurs.


23-12-17  Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs

I would like to send out a massive big thank you to the 5 hunt sab's, and monitor that attended the Waveney Harriers today at Sotterley Hall, Suffolk. 80+ riders in attendance. From the start we knew that the huntsman was going/ or try to kill today. 2 quad bikes in attendance driven by the Dingles and Bird of Prey lackies. Full report to follow, but needless to say, we were out in the dark at the end of the day, near to 5 o/c, when hounds rioted after a fox heading in the dark, onto the A145 road. Luckily a sab was on main road to slow traffic down, with riders all in black galloping along the road. Then we had to find our sab's. At 6 o/c a local phoned to say, they could still hear huntsman blowing for his hounds.


Blackmore FH hunt foxes, even though police around after gardens trespass

Monitors think terriermen may have dug out and killed fox late in day

3-1-18    Facebook - Dorset Against Blood Sports   Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Meet at Woodbridge Farm Tuesday 2nd January     The Hunt set off through small villages and so many residents complained to the Police about hounds in their gardens that the police remained with the Hunt most of the day.

We have heard on the grapevine that this Hunt have apparently dropped all pretence of "Trail Hunting" and when they can hounds are on foxes. A fox was seen at Lydlinch Common crossing the road by Stock House and onto the Common. Monitors remonstrated with Hunt and officials to call the hounds off which they reluctantly did.

After milling around the Hunt moved off to Lydlinch village where we think a fox was marked to ground up from Cox's Water. Hounds became stationary with their barks and yelps suggesting a fox had gone to ground. The hounds then took off and did a big circle towards the Haselbury Bryan junction passing near Kings Stag and then back again to Cox's Water. Terrier men were called in while the Hunt and field hung around. Eventually just the terrier men were left leaving us with serious doubts as to the fate of the fox.



Resident reports South Wold FH to police after saw chasing fox

2-1-18   Louth Leader   Police investigate ‘fox hunt’ claims in Asterby   Police are investigating claims that some riders and hounds taking part in a Boxing Day hunt chased and cornered a young fox in Asterby End. A complaint was made to Lincolnshire Police by Asterby End resident Paul Croft. However, the field secretary at the South Wold Hunt, Jeremy Wright, has denied that any of the participants would have committed such an offence, stating: “As far as we are concerned, we operate within the law.”

The current legislation (the Hunting Act 2004) states: “A person commits an offence if he hunts a wild mammal with a dog, unless his hunting is exempt.” Under the legislation, the South Wold Hunt features hounds chasing an artificial scent, rather than pursuing and killing wild animals.

The complaint was raised last week by Mr Croft who said he witnessed some huntsmen and hounds appearing to chase a fox across land near his property. Mr Croft said: “I was shocked, dismayed and saddened as I gazed across the field near to my home. “The fox running for its life was being chased by a closing pack of wailing hounds across the field and then along the boundary hedge adjacent to my house and land before disappearing from my line of vision. The terrified fox was cornered near to a small copse on my land. I did not see whether the fox was killed or if it was, how it was killed or if it managed to slip into the little spinney on my land. A participating huntswoman on horseback, whom I challenged about this, when I said: ‘I thought fox hunting with dogs was illegal act’, shouted back from her moving horse that it was ‘not illegal’.”

Mr Croft added: “I am not against country pursuits, I love the countryside and the wildlife that abounds here in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds 
where I have the privilege of living. I remain sickened and bewildered by what I saw and experienced.”

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “We can confirm that we have received this report and we are currently investigating.” • If you have any information, call the police on 101 and quote incident number 144 of December 28.


Wynnstay FH chase fox thru gardens - locals complain to police

CheshireFHHuntsmanRichardTyacke1-1-18.jpg2-1-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    WYNNSTAY NEW YEAR MEET, CODDINGTON, 1.1.18   We were monitoring the Cheshire Forest Hunt when we got phone calls from concerned locals who asked us to attend the meet of the Wynnstay hunt who were causing havoc in Coddington and surrounding areas.

We sent a small covert team of monitors who found the hunt and followed them undetected from then on. There were very few riders, only 10 were seen and lots of quad bikes and terriermen. In fact there seemed to be more terriermen (6 quads with 12 passengers) than riders. We got some great ID of unmasked terriermen for the police records.

The Hunt were chasing foxes as usual and ended up trespassing in people's gardens in both Churton and Aldford with hounds in full cry on the scent of a fox. This fox was able to escape, thankfully, but we can't be sure there weren’t other casualties during the day. The police were called by numerous locals who have had enough of this Hunt's arrogant and destructive behaviour. Apparently the police will be following the complaints up.

We will be doing more covert monitoring in 2018 so watch this space and Hunts - watch over your shoulders! Do you have any information on the Wynnstay Hunt? Contact us in complete confidence, either here by private message or by emailing info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk.

Pic above   -  Huntsman Richard Tyacke 


Sabs ensure no dig-out of chased to ground fox at Seavington FH

Huntsman masked-up when police arrived interested in what Hunt up to

2-1-18     Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights   Hit Report 1/1/18 Seavington Hunt; New Years Day meetSeavingtonFHMasked-upHuntsman1-1-18.jpg at Dinnington, Somerset    Having refrained from the celebrating of New Years Eve, it was time to set off on what turned out to be a rather busy day for members of WAR, Sabs and Monitors. After meeting up with our good friends S.West Sabs, we decided that we would pay a nice morning visit to the Cattistock Hunt kennels to see if they had made it up in time... Oh and surprise them we did.

With a Monitor going ahead to keep an eye on their shenanigans, we arrived when they were already in full killing mode. Within minutes of getting there the dribblers started to block us in... the Landy having got there a little before us was already well and truly blocked with 4x4s that we must say were a bit posher than what the Dorset dribblers drive!

That's when it all started getting a bit frantic. The hounds had put a fox to ground and were excitedly digging and scratching at the sett entrance. Sabs flew into action, running across the field using voice calls and the gizmo to call the very excited pack of dogs off the fox. The gizmo worked well and the pack left the sett and started to run back to the Huntsman who was waiting at the bottom of the field. The pack split at that point and some went off on a line towards the Frog Farm area and others went back to the gone to ground fox... Sabs were there protecting it though. There then followed a bit of shouting and pushing by supporters, when one of them said it was only a couple that were blocked and it was OK to block a badger Sett as it was in the cull... uh hello, it finished a while ago now.

After we had got through the road block we set off after the pack while the other group called the police. Sabs went in on the footpath from Dinnington to Allowenshay to keep with the pack, this is where the charming female whip rode her horse straight at sabs, yelling for them to get out the field and she didn't care if they were walking on a footpath...these hunty types seem to think they own the world!

SeavingtonFHPartlyblockedsett1-1-18.jpgThe sabs in the vehicle were screamed at at this point by a "lady" who couldn't drive her tiny car through a space that a large 4x4 had just gone through. After calling sabs scum antis she called in the big guns to go in after the sabs. A game of block the sab vehicle ensued with one dribbler even removing his number plate. Things were getting rather edgy so the Avon and Somerset police were called again.

With the Landy now back in action and with monitors at various points, foot sabs were dropped in at a couple of locations. After shedding a few dribblers we carried on to get ahead of the Hunt again. Rounding a corner we found the Landy parked up with 2 police cars. We didn't know that Police can actually come out when we need them!! They admitted they had no idea what was going on so were given a short lesson and they said they would stay in the area for the duration!!

After this brief stop with the police it was noticed that the Huntsman had "masked up"... something to hide maybe?? The Hunt crossed the main road and tried to leg it away from us but we had them surrounded for the rest of the day. It all really fell apart when the police pulled up amongst the dribblers and got out to watch what was going on. The field started leaving and the split pack were taken in a couple of different directions before joining up and making their way home, closely followed by us. We hardly heard the hounds in cry as they spent most of the time trying to hide from us.

We followed them back to the meet and watched as they dismounted at 3.30pm. We are pretty sure there were no kills today but we are sure there would have been if we hadn't turned up when we did. Job done and with cheery waves from the dribblers... well we assume they were waving, off we went for a lovely cup of tea and a debrief.

Sabs, Monitors and wildlife protectors worked well as a team again today. With great communication we were able to pincer them to a small area. If you would like to join us then please message this page or email weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com. Happy New Year. https://gogetfunding.com/weymouth-animal-rights-vehicle-an…/




Lone sab sits in hole to stop Waveney Harriers dig-out

2-1-18   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs   Norfolk/Suffolk sabs, Monitors and also NSALQH were out New Years Day, and attended the meet of the Waveney Harriers at Somerleyton Hall Norfolk. From the off, it was Hunting as usual for this Hunt. Foxes, hares and deer were seen fleeing from the Hunt. Roads blocked by morons in 4x4's, hounds running riot across busy roads, with the Huntsman calling them onto roads. This is madness seeing has one of his hounds has already been killed on a road, and another injured.

At one stage, one member of the group saw a Fox go to ground, and managed to sit the earth, while terriermen were in the area, and waited for them to leave, knowing that the fox was safe. Full report to follow and footage of the day. Well done to all, hectic day yet again.


Police seek violent robber associated with Silverton FH

Woman anti assaulted & property stolen/destroyed at meet

2-1-18    Facebook - Welsh Border Hunt Sabs    Assault and theft at meet of Cheshire forest foxhunt in Crowton    Cheshire police are looking to identify this individual after an attack on a lone female sab in which equipment was stolen and destroyed. If you can help, please pm us and we will pass info on to investigating officers.

Pics below  -  The suspect police wish to identify. 

  CheshireForestFHViolentrobbersoughtbypolice1-1-18.jpg CheshireForestFHViolentrobbersoughtbypolice2_1-1-18.jpg


Gravely ill woman's ambulance delayed by E.Devon FH blocking road

2-1-18   Facebook - Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team    The Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team have very, very loyal supporters, and we don't just mean the Sabs. We're talking about all of you who can't necessarily come out and sab with us but support us in many, many other ways.

That's why when we receive information about the way Hunts behave in public with no concern for anyone other than themselves and their warped desire to control the countryside for the sole purpose of hunting illegally we believe enough is enough and you all need to hear the details.

The mother of one of our supporters is very ill suffering from 1st stage lung cancer, and yesterday on New Years day she was feeling most unwell with breathing difficulties. An ambulance was called but little did she know that whilst she was waiting for the ambulance to arrive it had in fact been delayed due to The East Devon Hunt blocking the road at Woodbury Castle. The ambulance was then forced to take an alternative and slower route in order to arrive at it's destination. She eventually arrived at hospital, has been diagnosed with Pneumonia and is on an intravenous dip, which we all hope will help her recover.

Our supporter managed to get hold of the Hunt Master's mobile number and called him and politely but in no uncertain terms told him how their selfish actions had not only caused the family and her Mother unnecessary worry BUT that the Hunts actions could have endangered the life of her mother.

By all accounts he most, most apologetic and contrite but did add that there was in fact only 6 riders! But of course as we all know only too well it's never just 6 riders, it's the hounds, the quad bikes, and all the other support vehicles and people that accompany these meets! It all adds up and frankly if the police are not interested in ensuring the Hunting Act 2005 is upheld, surely they should be interested in ensuring the public highway is free from obstructions and if there are obstructions they should be in attendance to ensure it is dispersed without delay returning the public highway to a safe condition.

Sorry about the post but we feel that the Hunts have got away with their antics for far too long and we wonder just how many other peoples lives have been put in danger through the Police's inactivity to control the illegal activities of these Hunts.


Fox saved from Cheshire Forest FH - female sab assaulted

2-1-18   Facebook - N.Wales Sabs    Hit Report 1/1/2018 New Years Day - More protests - More sabs -CheshireForestFHLeavingthemeet1-1-18.jpg More monitors - No kills    Andrew German and the Cheshire Forest Hunt have been on a killing spree of late . New Years day saw the Hare and Hounds public house in Crowton host this notorious bunch of wildlife villains. 

At around 10am a peaceful protest started to gather outside the Hare and hounds pub, with around 50 members of the public holding placards and chanting. The Hunt didn't leave the meet till 12noon and soon ran into the 30 plus sabs from ourselves, Cheshire, Lancashire and Welsh Border Hunt Sabs. There were also at least 15 local hunt monitors we'd spotted out too! Today Andrew German must have felt like a hunted man. Very early in the day there was an attack on a female sab. We do not want to go into detail on this at the moment as it is being dealt with by the police. 

CheshireForestFHMaskedterriermen1-1-18.jpgWith so many out protecting the wildlife the Hunt ran into us every way they turned. The Hunt seemed to have a particular interest in one woodland that is known to have badger setts. It was in the woods that sabs needed to intervene and take the hounds off the disgruntled Huntsman. At one point, a fox seemed to appear from nowhere as if it had just been released... and given this Hunt's previous that's very likely. The fox ran towards the hounds who then gave chase. The Huntsman failed to call the hounds back, sabs tried to catch up but fox and hounds were moving too quick. Fortunately the fox was chased into another area sabs were already at, and as Andrew German got off his horse to search for the fox in the wood, sabs were able to intervene. This only saw a rare scene as police officers entered the fields. The hunt support were getting more and more frustrated and trying their best to get a reaction out of sabs by making threats and driving their vehicles at sabs. By now there were more sabs on their way down from Derby Sabs, who had been at a meet elsewhere and had packed them up by 2pm. 

With light fading so were German's hopes of a kill. The majority of the support headed back to the Hare and Hounds pub. It was at this point some of the support made even bigger fools of themselves after they tried to confront some sabs. It must have been very embarrassing as the hunt supporters ran back into the pub to hide from the police. Well done to everyone who was out yesterday !!!

Pics above   -   Right - Leaving the meet      Left  -  Masked terriermen     Pic below  -  Sabs in action



At Crawley FH, police arrest then abduct a sab who'd been ridden into

Once police left, hunters really started on sabs - one pushed into ditch

2-1-18    Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs   We all know that hunters care so much for their horses so theyCrawleyFHSabskeepredcoatcompany1-1-17.jpg would never put them in danger, such as on a January 1st day when the fields were covered up to a foot in rain and slippery mud. Then we woke up and realised that the Crawley & Horsham don’t give a damn about any animal be it horse, hound or Mr Fox. Meeting at the usual 1st Jan meet of the Royal Oak, Wineham...

Our Landy has developed a head gasket issue and was in the garage needing repairs so we took to cars which was not the best as you could hardly move for mud and puddles. Needless to say we linked up with intrepid sabs from Brighton, Croydon and West Sussex groups. No false trail was in evidence and the hounds went into cry on numerous occasions, each time falling silent quickly. Due to the wet conditions it was rubbish scenting conditions unless you were hunting ducks, and at times sabs were wading in water up to their knees.

There was a large contingent of foot/car supporters who took it on themselves to shout threats and drive dangerously at sabs near our cars on the road. Sussex cops were there (all two of them) and did nothing to prevent such dangerous activities, including ignoring overloaded quad bikes...

CrawleyFHSabbinginthepaddyfields1-1-17.jpgAround 2pm it all came to a head at the end of a dead end road when riders rode their horses at sabs. Up popped the two Sussex cops and nicked one sab for ‘pushing’ a horse. We think that is the same charge as ‘head butting someone's fist!'. They wrestled the sab onto the bonnet of a sab car in scenes reminiscent of old episodes of ‘The Sweeney’ or for the younger readers ‘Life on Mars’. They then sat him in their Landy before driving him 20 miles east and dropping him off with no charge stating ‘We’re doing you a f***ing massive favour’. That’s cop talk for ‘we’ve fucked up again and Sarge has told us to drop it’.

So while these two officers had disappeared the rest of the Hunt took it on themselves to ride at sabs again and they went down the road, hunt supporters blocked the road with their vehicles and then started pushing and threatening sabs until one was pushed into a ditch. A cop van then turned up and ignored the blocked road, illegal overloaded quad bikes with the words ‘they are not hurting you’. Setting the bar very low there officer.

Eventually we got on our way and quickly picked up the Hunt who then packed up within an hour with no kills. We had a few festive cakes in the rain, picked up our abandoned sab and went home ready to sab another day.

Any donations to help us with our land rover repairs, as always, appreciated. Please help if you can by donating at: https://www.paypal.me/SouthCoastHuntSabs. We are always looking for new sabs, so if you are interested please message us or email: southcosthuntsabs@gmail.com.  

Pics above  -  Right - Sabs keeping a redcoat company    Left  -  Sabbing in the Sussex paddy fields   

Pic below   -   Arrested sab [thumb-up] being abducted by police  



Yorks Hunt support car with toddler in front used to chase/block sabs

Support surround and try to break in to sab vehicle 

Sacked Badsworth FH Huntsman now riding with York & Ainsty South

1-1-18    Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs    Hit report: the York & Ainsty South Hunt, Monday January 1st 2018, Howden    The York & Ainsty South were looking forward to their New Year's Day hunt. Unfortunately for them, us and Sheffield Sabs decided to turn up and ruin the big day for them!

Meeting at noon, we soon picked up the Hunt and closely followed them as they hunted a large willow plantation. We were interested to see that former Badsworth & Bramham Moor whipper-in Mark 'Carrot Boy' Poskitt is now hunting with the York & Ainsty South. We understand Poskitt, who last season rode his horse into a West Yorks sab - watch the video here: http://bit.ly/2zYvmwM - was recently sacked by the B&BM for being useless.

Hunt supporters were out in force this afternoon. Whilst normal people might go for a pleasant walk with their families on New Year's Day, these oddballs choose to take their kids along to a hunt, following it around in cars all afternoon and watching as they try and kill foxes. At one point we were pursued by a car carrying a small child in the front passenger seat, who tried to block our vehicle in - a fine example to set young kids, we're sure you'll agree.

Whilst the Hunt were fairly subdued all afternoon, their supporters continued to cause trouble. At one point a number of them surrounded Sheffield's vehicle, trying to gain entry and aggressively banging on the doors and windows.

After again hunting the willow plantation, the York & Ainsty South decided to call it a day and we are pleased to report that we do not believe they were able to get any kills this afternoon.

If you'd like to support what we do, please consider chipping in to our petrol fund: https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs. Happy new year and thank you!



No kills at Fitzwilliam FH as bird-handler drives quad into ditch

Fortunately, the Hunt's eagle was uninjured 

1-1-18   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    On this day 2 years ago the Fitzwilliam killed a beautiful fox. InFitzwilliamFHBird-handlersquadinaditch1-1-18.jpg April they will go to court to face trial. Its taken over 2 years to get them there and we hope for a successful prosecution. In light of this their traditional New Years Day meet at Wansford has been targeted by sabs to make sure it doesn't happen again. There was also a demonstration in the village so big thanks to those who braved the weather for that.

With sabs from Northants, N & S.Cambs, Hertfordshire and Lincoln Hunt Sabs pretty much covering every likely area the Hunt might take and in constant communication the writing was on the wall for the Hunt from the start. They started late and finished early, with just a bit of a parade in the village to what was a number massively down on previous years. The secret is out and the British people no longer believe the lies spread by the Hunts. We know their dirty little game.

So, a nice easy one for all the sabs today however the same can't be said for Eagle handler and wildlife abuser John Mease who proved you can't drive a quad with an eagle on your arm as he managed to park it in a ditch [right]. Luckily the bird wasn't injured.

So Happy New Year to all our friends and supporters and we'll continue our fight to protect our wildlife into the new year and for as long as it take to consign them all to history.


Silverton FH kill fox in front of sab and Huntsman

Hunt admits kill. Sabs assaulted, camera stolen

1-1-18    Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs   Silverton Hunt just killed in front of sab and the Huntsman. Waiting for Devon and Cornwall Police.



1-1-18    Devon Live   Sabbing group claims members saw fox being killed by Hunt in Devon   Police attend to gather evidence - warning graphic images of dead fox    Police are investigating claims that a fox was killed with dogs at a hunt in Devon earlier today. The claims were made by the Devon County Hunt Saboteurs. A group of saboteurs and hunt monitors from the group had been following the Silverton Hunt when they claim they saw the fox being killed. Devon & Cornwall Police confirmed that it had received a complaint relating to a breach of the Hunting Act and was investigating.

Devon County Hunt Saboteurs say they found a dead fox while following the Silverton Hunt this morning. The incident came as hunts around the county met on their annual New Year's Day hunts. There were peaceful protests elsewhere from groups who claimed hunts were still breaking the law and pursuing foxes with hounds, although Hunts vigorously denied this. No one from the Silverton Hunt was available for comment.

2-1-18   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs   SILVERTON HUNT ADMITS KILLING FOX  To those who have accused us of producing a roadkill fox yesterday, the Silverton Hunt have now admitted to police that they killed the fox. As always when Hunts are caught red-handed, the Hunt aided by the Countryside Alliance PR team have made the ludicrous accusation that sabs are somehow responsible.

Emboldened by police inaction at the time, the Hunt became violent and several of our sabs were assaulted and a camera broken. As you will notice from our hit reports, we sustain these attacks from hunts on a regular basis.

We are glad to read the police are finally saying they will take the matter seriously. Thank you to everyone who contacted them, but judging by past experience we will not be holding our breath.

3-1-17   London Economic   Violence breaks out after discovery of dead fox during New Year’s Day hunt Police are investigating after violence broke out between pro and anti hunt groups following the discovery of a dead fox. There were angry exchanges between the opposing groups following the death of the animal, which is believed to have been killed by hounds during a New Year’s Day hunt.

The Silverton Hunt has denied breaking the law, and said that the saboteurs attacked one of their followers after the fox was killed “accidentally.” The incident led to angry confrontations between hunt followers and saboteurs, with each side alleging that they had met with violence at the hands of the opposition.

In a statement issued through the Countryside Alliance, the Hunt, which is based near Cullompton, Devon, said: “The Silverton Hunt operates within the law by trail-hunting and complying with the Hunting Act 2004. “On any occasion, if we become aware that hounds have deviated from the trails that have been laid and are following the scent of a live fox then the hounds are stopped as soon as possible. The police have been informed that a fox was accidentally killed on New Year’s Day when we believe the hunt saboteurs turned a fox back into the hounds. It is with regret that one of our hunt supporters – who was following the hounds on New Year’s Day – was injured in an unprovoked attack by a hunt saboteur and subsequently required hospital treatment. The police are investigating the video footage of this assault and we are unable to comment further at this stage.”

A group calling itself Devon County Hunt Saboteurs disputed the Hunt’s version of events and issued photographs of a dead fox that it said had been killed during the hunt. A spokesman said: “Hounds had grabbed the fox at both ends and disembowelled him. “The fox, a young male, sustained bite wounds all over his face and abdomen. The huntsman had been encouraging hounds on and made no attempts to call them off.”

The group then claimed that “several” of its sabs were assaulted on the road and a camera was broken. The spokesman added: “One sab was held in a headlock, another was grabbed by the throat and sustained injuries to his neck and several others were punched in the face and kicked.”

Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed that they were called to the scene in Cullompton on New Year’s Day after receiving reports that a fox had been killed following a hunt and are currently investigating. A spokesman said: “As a result of the incident, officers are currently investigating allegations of offences committed under the Hunting Act 2004. No arrests have been made as of yet. We take all reports of criminal activity extremely seriously and always look to bring those responsible to justice, this includes gathering evidence so that we can achieve a realistic chance of prosecution. We are asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident or have any evidence to contact police via 101@dc.police.uk or by calling 101 quoting CR/000441/18.”


LACS films Quantock SH illicitly hunting on N.Trust land

12-12-17   Facebook - League Against Cruel Sports   VIDEO    The Quantock Stag Hounds have been spotted hunting on National Trust land, again.

Keep up to date with of all reports of hunt trespass on our website and please report any incidents of hunting on National Trust land to us https://www.league.org.uk/nationaltrust.

POWAperson added   -  The trespass occurred on 4th December at Woodland Hills. 




..... 31st December - Easton Harriers chased and mauled hare, says HPT

..... 31st December - Sab groups cause fox & hare Hunts to pack up when they appear

..... 31st December - Antis prevent Cattistock FH dig-out & hounds run through gardens

..... 30th December - Cheshire Forest FH kill another fox - locals protest Hunt

..... 30th December - Fitzwilliam FH hunted in graveyard, caught blocking sett

..... 30th December - VWH FH cause traffic disruption on two A roads

..... 30th December - Landowner's son - Suffolk FH won't be invited back after riot on deer

..... 29th December - South Durham FH supporter punches monitor to ground 

..... 29th December - Woman monitor violently attacked by Grafton FH female thug

..... 29th December - Police investigate locals' reports of Cheshire FH chasing foxes

..... 28th December - Huntswoman laughs at 'marvellous' way Huntsman's horse died

..... 28th December - FB post claims Cheshire FH killed 3 foxes on Boxing Day

..... 28th December - Tory MP attends fox killers Meynell FH Boxing Day meet

..... 27th December - Sabs save cow drowning in slurry. Crawley FH were very nearby 

..... 27th December - Sab hit to head by rider with Surrey  Union FH, who hunt foxes

..... 27th December - Sab group told that Fernie FH killed two foxes

..... 27th December - Monitor's witness account of purported 'trail hunt' by Beaufort FH

..... 26th December - Thurlow FH Huntsman arrested after fox chased and killed

..... 26th December - Poll shows growing & massive opposition to hunting with dogs

..... 26th December - Sabs can't reach dug-out due to violence from Cotley FH thugs

..... 26th December - South Durham FH reported to have killed fox near Darlington

..... 26th December - Police ignore illegal quads in Lewes at Crawley FH meet 

..... 26th December - Grove & Rufford FH thugs hurl rocks, smashing moving sab car window

..... 26th December - Cheshire Forest FH kill yet another fox

..... 26th December - Monitors get Huntsman to lift hounds off hunted fox

..... 26th December - Fox reported killed by East Kent FH today

..... 26th December - Antis attacked by thugs at Tredegar Farmers FH - one arrested

..... 26th December - Tredegar Farmers FH hound killed on by-pass near Risca

..... 26th December - Minehead Harriers pack up after horse drops dead

..... 26th December - Woolaston Bassets wouldn't follow fake trail lad for sabs' benefit

..... 26th December - Report says fox being chased by Eryri FH hounds was killed by car

..... 26th December - Horse collapses and dies at Burton FH in Lincs

..... 25th December - Fox killed by Meynell FH in front of bus passengers & driver

..... 25th December - Waveney Harriers rampage round village, including churchyard

..... 24th December - Warwickshire FH caught hunting fox yet again

..... 24th December - PM set to abandon Tory commitment to repeal Hunting Act

..... 24th December - Otis Ferry gets the boot as S. Shropshire Huntsman

..... 24th December - Monitor persuades Four Burrow JM to call hounds off fox

..... 24th December - Residents furious at Cheshire FH invasion and fox chasing

..... 24th December - 19 police cars sent to protect mega-rich Fitzwilliam FH JM & pals

..... 23rd December - Wilts & Infantry Beagles go home 5 minutes after sabs turn up

..... 23rd December - Sabs think Vale of White Horse FH killed before they arrived

..... 23rd December - Silverton FH JM damages sab car with crop - on film!

..... 23rd December - Westerby Bassetts refuse sabs' challenge to 'hunt legally' & go home

..... 22nd December - Ex police Chief Super watches his Warwickshire FH chase fox 

..... 22nd December - Documentary on sabbing in Scotland being made

..... 21st December -  Sabs save hunted fox from dig-out by Eggesford FH

..... 21st December - Residents who guarded setts from Cheshire FH explain why 

..... 21st December -  Sabs foil Vale of the White Horse FH attempt to catch fox

..... 20th December - Pub hosting Grove & Rufford FH Boxing Day meet gets 'death threats'

..... 19th December - Village inn will host Grove & Rufford FH after Council banned them

..... 18th December - S.Durham FH chase fox into housing estate, monitor ridden down

..... 18th December - Grafton FH trespass in Forestry Commission wood again

..... 18th December - Sabs reveal Warks FH high level support in police, Council, Lords

..... 17th December - Sabs film fox kill by Warwickshire FH hounds

..... 17th December - Woman sab has chest injury after attacked by huge E.Kent FH terrierman

..... 17th December - 3 sabs attacked as Grafton FH chase fox on to road & thru village

..... 17th December - Portman FH hounds riot though village - dig-out later

..... 17th December - Southdown FH meet scrapped as landowners didn't want them

..... 17th December - Sab punched and kicked as Cheshire FH fox chase fails

..... 17th December - York & Ainsty S FH chase fox through pregnant sheep flock

..... 17th December - Puckeridge/Essex FHs chase fox into partially blocked sett

..... 16th December - Sabs step in to save fox from Eggesford FH dig-out

..... 16th December - Severn Vale Beagles hide from sabs in a barn!

..... 16th December - Sparsely attended Meynell FH give up when sabs appear

..... 16th December - North Bucks Beagles pack up when sabs appear

..... 15th December - Sabs stop Scottish hares being hunted by RAC Beagles

..... 14th December - Bawtry Council bans Grove & Rufford FH meet over hunting convictions 

..... 14th December - Grafton FH hunt next to, on and across busy A422

..... 13th December - Fitzwilliam FH JM apologises for invasion of Alconbury Weston

..... 12th December - Essex FH chase fox across road. ride & drive at sabs

..... 12th December - LACS films Quantock SH illicitly hunting on N.Trust land

..... 11th December - Local challenges and snaps suspicious activity by Dunston Harriers

..... 10th December - Beaufort FH hounds chase & mark fox to ground in scrapyard by fast road

..... 10th December - Cattistock FH hound believed killed by train as sabs restrain hunt

.....  9th December - Heythrop FH chase fox across main road, sabs find 8 blocked setts

.....  9th December - Sabs cause Sandhurst Beagles to pack up, then hunter assaults woman

.....  9th December - SV Beagles Huntsman no show after told sabs were at meet

.....  9th December - Portman FH twice allow hounds to run on rounds, disrupting traffic

.....  9th December - Crawley FH chase four foxes, hunt on till after dark 

.....  9th December - Hunters spotted on N.Trust land at Bicknoller on the Quantocks

.....  9th December - Sab car dangerously vandalised, sabs assaulted at Thurlow FH

.....  8th December - Sabs film Warwickshire FH blatantly hunting a fox

.....  7th December - Waveney Harriers hound believed killed in road accident

.....  7th December - Sabs say police acted as security for Dunston Harriers

.....  7th December - Ridden-at sabs think Waveney Harriers killed  fox, hounds on A roads

.....  6th December - Warks FH - Foxes hunted till dark, trespass, road chaos, violence

.....  6th December - Portman FH rider unseated after Hunt stampedes cows

.....  6th December - Four setts found blocked where N.Cotswold FH were hunting

.....  5th December - Sab driver assaulted by S.Tetcott support who tried to steal camera

.....  5th December - Middleton FH terrierman filmed blocking fox dens

.....  5th December - Antis help 3 foxes escape Oakley FH - and sab is headbutted

.....  5th December - N.Cotswold FH: 2 foxes saved, blocked setts, sab kicked in back

.....  4th December - Sabs stop dig-out at Puckeridge FH - hounds kill pheasant instead

.....  4th December - Fitzwilliam FH hounds after fox run riot through village of Upwood

.....  4th December - Middleton FH rider who assaulted sabs owns huge grouse shoot estate

.....  3rd December - Wiltshire & Military Beagles hound killed on major road, one badly hurt

.....  3rd December - Middleton FH mounted meet host and hired thugs assault sabs

.....  3rd December - Don't laugh - sabs see New Forest Beagles actually trail hunting

.....  3rd December - Cheshire Forest FH frustrated as Huntsman throws punch at sab

.....  3rd December - Anger as unlicenced Hunts, with terriermen, trespass on NT land

.....  3rd December - Sab success with 'bait ball' tactic to thwart Bolebroke Beagles

.....  3rd December - N.Staffs terriermen add indecent exposure to litany of offences 

.....  2nd December - Fitzwilliam FH supporters cheered as fox caught and killed by eagle

.....  2nd December - Sabs menaced by Meynell FB gang - one said he'd rape female sab

.....  2nd December - Sabs handed trail map by Southdown FH - who mostly follow it!

.....  2nd December - Fernie FH hounds run on A road as crazed supporter reported to police

.....  2nd December - SNP delegates vote for full ban on hunting with dogs

.....  2nd December - Surrey Union FH hounds in cry on road in near darkness

.....  2nd December - Sabs find dead fox in road after Silverton FH terrierman threw stones

.....  2nd December - NT say West Somerset Vale FH apologised for trespassing

.....  1st December - Farmer vents fury at Cattistock FH for terrifying her sheep

.....  1st December - Cotswold FH mob's violent attacks on women sabs end in just 1 caution

.....  1st December - Warwickshire FH hunt fox across A road, trespass on N.Trust land again

.....  1st December - Gizmo used to save fox about to be caught by S.Durham FH hounds 


Easton Harriers hounds chased and mauled hare

31-12-17   Facebook – Hare Preservation Trust    It seems that nobody is prepared to challenge the activities of the Easton Harriers in Suffolk. Here they are again, pursuing live game in what we consider to be a violation of the Hunting Act. Although this unfortunate hare managed to escape the hounds it was clearly mauled and may have sustained life threatening injuries. This is the true face of 'Trail Hunting', photos obtained by our hard working HPT hunt monitor.


This hare managed to wriggle free from hounds, you can see its fur floating above the hounds. It was mauled