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                                               HUNTING SEASON 2016/17


MARCH 2017 

..... 30th March - Police stop S.Dorset FH dig out, monitor has car windows smashed, kids ride into bog

..... 28th March - Lord Bonomy says even total ban wouldn't stop Scottish Hunts chasing foxes

..... 27th March - Wilts & Infantry Beagles filmed chasing a hare

..... 27th March - Charity Commission refuses Countryside Alliance bid for charitable status

..... 26th March - Middleton FH hounds killed/injured as taken across busy road 

..... 26th March - Portman FH blocks Wessex Ridgeway path and tries to stop walkers using it

..... 26th March - Sabs write to AAC after police fail to deal with multiple attacks at Woodland Pytchley FH

..... 26th March - Dart Vale Harriers chase deer for 2 miles before gizmo-aided escape

..... 26th March - Monitor uploads video compilation of hunt horse mistreatment

..... 25th March - Campaigners seek sacking of Kent Wildlife Trust hare hunter

..... 24th March - Old Surrey hunt foxes, hit sab, retiring Huntsman Mark Bycroft charges others

..... 24th March - As S.Herefordshire FH 5 re-bailed, sab gets threatening mail re. case 

..... 24th March - Anti hunt FB page responds to CA attempt to shut it down

..... 23rd March - DEFRA response to bTb in hunt kennels... do nothing

..... 23rd March - Chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust is JM of the Blean Beagles!

..... 23rd March - Director of NT contradicts official who said they can't monitor hunts on NT land

..... 23rd March - Sabs take hounds off 'Shag' Carter as Middleton FH have kill-free day

..... 22nd March - Ledbury FH shows solidarity with scandal-hit S.Herefordshire Hunt

..... 21st March - Sabs upload more film of Atherstone FH New Year meet violence & abuse

..... 19th March - Sab hospitalised, another hurt, in attacks by Pytchley FH thugs

..... 19th March - Reports that sabs badly hurt, property damaged/stolen at Middleton FH meet

..... 19th March - Isle of Wight FH Huntsman whacks sab around head with his crop

..... 18th March - South Dorset FH hound run over as hunt thug harasses sabs

..... 17th March - Heythrop FH very nearly caught fox then caused road rage on A424

..... 17th March - Sabs try to save hares hunted by Waveney Harriers as police look on

..... 16th March - Eight blocked setts found day after Heythrop FH closing meet

..... 16th March - Beaufort FH Huntsman refuses to pull hounds off fox they close behind

..... 16th March - Trial of two Jedforest FH hunt servants begins [adjourned on 2nd day]

..... 16th March - 'Two foxes pushed from van for Zetland FH to chase' allegation

..... 16th March - Bizarre hound blessing by Anglican priest at Chiddingfold FH meet

..... 15th March - Landowner finds Beaufort FH trotting through his wood without permission

..... 15th March - Monitors think Cotswold FH killed, as they hunted many familiar coverts

..... 14th March - Three Grove & Rufford FH members convicted of illegal hunting

..... 14th March - Terrierman trying to hit sab almost falls off speeding quad

..... 13th March - Woodland Pytchley FH Director resigns as Wildlife Trust trustee after short campaign

..... 13th March - Sabs stop 2 Essex/Suffolk FH dig outs, quad hits sab, redcoat endangers own horse

..... 13th March - Fife FH hunt foxes - no guns - sabs think first was bagged

..... 12th March - Sabs stop hare pack from hunting and fox pack from killing

..... 12th March - Sabs stop two dig outs by Taunton Vale FH as Hunt chase foxes

..... 12th March - Southdown FH follower punches out car window, injuring sab

..... 12th March - Call to boycott Atherstone FH as JM revealed to run pet kennels

..... 12th March - Another hunting vet is exposed

..... 11th March - Local monitors Axe Vale Harriers - sees blatant fox hunting

..... 11th March - Badsworth & Branham FH kill hare near day's end

,,,,, 11th March - Seavington FH cease season with no kills day thanks to antis

..... 11th March - Sab whipped as Fitzwilliam FH stopped from killing foxes

..... 11th March - Sabs get shock as Old Surrey FH spend all day trail hunting

..... 11th March - Hunts running riot in bTb hotspot risks spreading disease

..... 11th March - Blean Beagles head home as soon as sabs appear

..... 10th March - Fitzwilliam killed twice, 8-3 - follower admits hunting but 'nobody to know'

..... 10th March - Hunt causes havoc in Kent village named, ironically, Hunton

.... 10th March - Atherstone FH in disarray as sacked Huntsman & groom sue them

..... 10th March - Melbreak FH hounds seen hunting unsupervised on Nat Trust land

..... 10th March - LACS gets strong with NT over allowing illegal hunting on its land

..... 10th March - CA contests £60k award after racing pigeons killed by hunting hounds

.....  9th March - Film released of Beaufort FH apparently hunting fox

.....  9th March - Pet rabbit killed by hounds as Oakley FH trespass - owner 'devastated'

.....  9th March - Fox killed by Fitzwilliam terriermen died from 'blunt force trauma'

.....  8th March - Southdown FH supporter smashes sab landy window, rider badly hurt later

.....  8th March - Row over vet who is also Director of Cheshire Forest FH

.....  7th March - Four setts found blocked in area being hunted by Heythrop FH

.....  7th March - Two Jedforest FH hunt servants plead NG to illegal hunting charges

..... 7th March - bTb in hounds at Kimblewick FH kennels confirmed - 25 shot so far

..... 7th March - Hunting Surrey Union FH trespass and anger landowner

 ..... 7th March - Illegal hunting trial of Grove & Rufford FH three begins

.....  6th March - Senior equestrienne dies after fall during drag hunt [a real one]

...... 5th March - One fox has a very lucky escape from the Lamerton FH

.....  6th March - Vale of the White Horse FH hunt openly on roads and in gardens

.....  5th March - National Trust beefs up its policy on field sports - a smidgen

..... 5th March - Cheshire Forest FH massed thugs attract police attention at final meet

..... 5th March - Atherstone FH hunted fox out of nature reserve - escaped down sett

..... 4th March - Monitors believe Beaufort FH hunted fox at Prince Charles's place

..... 4th March - Oakley FH thugs assault sabs, steal cameras while police do nothing

….. 4th March – Antis' teamwork denies Portman FH kill, furious farmer tells Hunt off

..... 4th March - Huff Post reporter spends day with sabs visiting the Crawley FH 

..... 4th March - Equestrian business offering 'fox hunting days' on their website

..... 3rd March - Rumours of bTb outbreak at Kimblewick FH - 40 hounds shot?

..... 3rd March - Cotswold FH meet cancelled after 'redcoat fell off horse drunk'

..... 3rd March - Bloodsports lobby attacks anti-hunt Blue Fox again

..... 3rd March - Atherstone FH hounds all over roads, sometimes unaccompanied

..... 2nd March - Sabs violently assaulted by Flint & Denbigh FH 'security'

..... 2nd March - Old Surrey FH have to run gauntlet of derision to reach their Hunt Ball

..... 2nd March - Hunt for lost boy - S.W.Wilts FH hound missing for several days

..... 1st March - Crawley FH redcoats 'pinned sab to fence and kicked him in the face'

..... 1st March - Sabs told fox killed by Hunt - find Surrey Union FH in the area

..... 1st March - S.& W. Wilts FH hounds and horses blessed by 'countryman' priest

.... 1st March - Sab tyres slashed as hares saved from Waveney Harriers

..... 1st March - Veterinary practice hosts meet of the Cottesmore FH


Police stop South Dorset FH dig out as monitor's car windows smashed

Same monitor had helped rescue young riders stuck in a bog

30-3-17  Facebook - Dorset Hunt Sabs   Hit Report – Thursday, 30th March 2017   Today we paid a visit to the South Dorset Hunt meeting at Rollington Farm in Corfe Castle. We were joined by two hunt monitors and the police maintained a strong presence all day. It was a unusually large turn out for the South Dorset Hunt due to the fact that terrier boys and support had gathered from other local Hunts including the BSV who have finished for this season. After leaving the meet, the Huntsman lead the hounds and field along the ridge on the southern sideS.DorsetFH30-3-17.jpg of the B3351. Foot sabs were already in situ pre spraying and observing them...

We knew today would be difficult due to limited access in certain areas and the terrain being very boggy in places, but with a super fit foot team, sabs done a fantastic job of keeping the Huntsman on his toes. The Huntsman headed to Rempstone Heath and whilst waiting for foot sabs in the area the sabs in the landy saw a girl cantering along the grass verge looking like she needed help. We could see the Huntsman off his horse and a few other riders also on foot and we suspected there had been an accident.

One of the hunt monitors who was out today confirmed that everyone was now OK but 3 younger riders had strayed off the track and ridden their horses into extremely boggy ground where they had gotten stuck. The hunt monitor assisted them ( the riders, the Huntsman and other members of the field ) to free their horses and make sure they were OK. Perhaps the Huntsman should be more mindful of where he is taking S.DorsetFHYoungriderHorsemuddyafterpulledfrombog30-3-17.jpgthe Hunt in future - a little research into the local area would not have gone a miss. We did observe one of these riders ( photo of grey horse, left, with the mud up to top of its tail ) with her horse still covered in mud from the bog towards the end of the afternoon - poor thing must have been extremely tired !

This is not the first time this monitor has helped young riders who have gotten into trouble - the last incident being when young riders fell off whilst jumping a huge hedge and were then trampled by horses. This is shown in a previous video and he stayed with them and comforted them making sure they were safe until adults came to their aide.

The Hunt remained in the Rempstone Heath area for the rest of the day travelling as far up as Vitower House where the foot sabs observed a running fox that had been flushed out from the reed beds. This fox ran to ground seeking refuge and its life from the hounds -foot sabs were observing and ready to intervene if necessary so the Huntsman gathered the hounds and headed South toward the Lookout Tower.

The sabs in the Landy heard the hounds in cry in Wytch Moor and thankfully the foot sabs were soon on the scene from the other side and managed to intervene and call the hounds off the line - another fox saved !!

The Huntsman then headed back towards Ower Farm where the fox was observed running to ground. Again withS.DorsetFHSomeofdamagetomonitorcar30-3-17.jpg limited access we were getting a little worried for this fox. Luckily the police, who were amazing today, appeared and we sent them in that direction. Very shortly the terrier boys were fleeing the scene and we suspect this was due to the police sitting on the hill - either that or they thought they had stumbled into a vegan fair !! The terrier boys were getting pretty shirty by now having lost out on killing at least two foxes ! The Hunt packed up just after 5pm...

One of our hunt monitors had parked his vehicle by Wytch Farm, this being the monitor who I mentioned earlier who helped with getting the horses out the bog and the young riders earlier in the season. After walking miles and being a great help to us keeping tabs on the Hunt today, he retuned to his car to find his windscreen smashed. This had been done with a white flint type stone / rock in five places showering his seats and dash board with shards of glass - this is the thanks he has got for helping the Hunts he has been monitoring the last season ! We find this a beyond disgraceful way to conduct themselves - the South Dorset Hunt vehicles are regularly left strewn along grass verges and not once have we ever touched them, even though we don’t agree with what they are doing !! The police who had stayed in the area all day were soon with us and at the moment this is ongoing. We intend to fund raise to pay for the damage to the monitor’s car and will post a GFM up soon.

SHAME ON YOU - YOU BRING SHAME TO THE SOUTH DORSET HUNT AND THE HUNTING COMMUNITY !!!! Lets face it its already a disgraceful community but today they have certainly shown their true colours !!

Each and every one of us would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thanks to all our supporters for their support, donations and the tip-offs we have received over the last season. We appreciate your support and can assure you we will be back fighting fit ready for the next season.

Even total Scottish ban wouldn't stop Hunts chasing foxes, says Bonomy

As reported below Lord Bonomy's replies seem somewhat cryptic, but he does appear to recognise that the England/Wales ban is being widely and openly flouted with little consequence for the offenders and that 'trail hunting' is at the heart of the problem.

28-3-17  Sunday Herald   Complete fox hunting ban would not ensure law adhered to, MSPs told    A blanket ban on fox hunting would not solve the problem of ensuring Hunts adhere to the law, MSPs have heard.

LordBonomy.jpgLord Bonomy [left] carried out a review of fox hunting laws in Scotland last year and recommended independent monitors to police Hunts. His report said some aspects of the current legislation ''complicate unduly'' the detection, investigation and prosecution of offences and there were ''grounds to suspect'' fox hunting takes place illegally.

Giving evidence to Holyrood's Environment Committee on Tuesday, he said he did not believe banning fox hunting and instead promoting drag hunting, where a Hunting follows the artificial scent of a fox, would solve the issues with the legislation.

Fox hunting with dogs was banned in Scotland in 2002, with the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act stating a person who deliberately hunts a wild mammal with a dog is committing an offence. An exception is made when dogs may be used to stalk or flush out a fox to be shot for purposes including the control of pest species, protecting livestock or ground-nesting birds. Mounted Hunts in Scotland have since offered farmers, landowners and estate managers a pest control service. 

MSP Emma Harper asked Lord Bonomy: "Wouldn't it just be better to promote drag hunting and ban fox hunting?" He replied: "Judging by the experience in England and Wales, I think the answer has to be no because the number of prosecutions proportionately is more or less the same there... there's lots of apparent breaches of the legislation by inappropriate drag hunting, which is called in fact trail hunting. A different material is used so it mimics the scent of a fox and inevitably in many instances where foxes are prevalent a fox appears on the scene. So I wasn't convinced that just moving to that instead of other changes like monitoring, I wasn't convinced that that would make any difference."

Questioned on why his review had not recommended a reduction in the number of hounds used to flush out a fox, he said: "I can't think of anything to suggest that reducing it to two dogs would change the situation other than to bring the whole practice of flushing to guns to an end. That change would see an end to hunting as we see it atMarkRuskellGreenMSP.JPG the moment." He said it was "impossible to say" if the 2002 law had reduced the number of foxes killed by dogs, currently around 160 each year, as he was not aware of figures prior to the law being brought in.

Following Lord Bonomy's review, the Scottish Government will create a code of practice for Hunt and consider developing a new monitoring scheme. Consultations are also planned on further changes proposed in the judge's report, including removing inconsistencies, extending the time limit for bringing prosecutions, the introduction of vicarious liability, and reversing burden of proof provisions.

The Scottish Greens' environment spokesman Mark Ruskell [right] said: "Lord Bonomy's evidence has confirmed that hundreds of foxes continue to be savagely killed every year by packs of hunting dogs. It's outrageous that a law that was meant to ban fox hunting with dogs is being systematically undermined with few consequences for the perpetrators. The Scottish Government must act now and legislate to achieve what the Scottish Parliament originally voted for in 2002 - a ban on fox hunting with dogs. While there may be a case for limited and humane control of foxes, using packs of dogs is an ineffective and barbaric excuse to continue this outdated tradition."

Story also in the Scotsman paper. 


Wilts & Infantry Beagles filmed chasing a hare

Hunt packs up when told were being filmed

27-3-17   Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   On Saturday, along with North Downs Sabs, we paid a visit to the Wiltshire & Infantry Beagles at Manor Farm, Stockton. Soon after leaving the meet we got this video of them chasing a hare. Once they realised they were being filmed they got the hounds back to the farm and into the hound van and drove off.

   WiltshireInfantryBeagleschasinghare_2_25-3-17.jpg   WiltshireInfantryBeagleschasinghare_1_25-3-17.jpg   




Countryside Alliance application for charitable status is refused

The main reason given for the Commission declining the CA's application is that the promotion of 'hunting, shooting and fishing' is not deemed to be a charitable purpose.

27-3-17   The Charity Commission   Decision of the Commission, dated 23 March 2017 The Countryside Alliance (‘the Alliance’) applied for registration as a charity   Having given full and detailed consideration to the application, the Commission has concluded that the Alliance does not meet the legal test for being a charity as it is not established for exclusively charitable purposes for the public benefit. Consequently it cannot be registered as a charity. Certain purposes of the Alliance relate to preserving, protecting and promoting the heritage and practice of activities related to wildlife, the countryside and wildlife management including hunting, shooting and fishing together with the management of the natural environment; and the advancement of rural community life.

These do not fall within a description of purpose which is recognised in law as being a purpose which may be charitable. In addition, in relation to the promotion of game or game production, it appears to the Commission that the primary result of the furtherance of this purpose is private benefit accruing to those commercially involved in the production of game for eating. Further, some of the research published by the Alliance appears to be promoting particular activities or points of view rather than being balanced educational research, and the concept of relieving need ‘in relation to rural economies’ generally is too wide to be exclusively charitable.

Some of the Alliance’s purposes are charitable, and the Commission recognises that the Alliance does important work protecting and promoting rural life and representing the interests of people living and working in the countryside from all backgrounds and geographical locations. But not every purpose that is beneficial to society is a charitable purpose for the public benefit.

The full decision of the Charity Commission is here.  


Middleton FH hounds killed/injured in horrific road crash

Hunt led them across busy road near bend - with no spotter 

26-3-17   Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO [WARNING - VERY DISTRESSING FOOTAGE]   Horrific last weekend meet at the Middleton Hunt [25-3] after at least 3 hounds killed and more injured when the Hunt took them across a busy main road near Norton, North Yorkshire.

The Hunt took the hounds down the road, with no spotter to check oncoming traffic on an upcoming bend. After the incident, one huntsman was heard to say, "Why did I bring them onto this road?"

Every week, Hunts across the country endanger human and animal lives with their reckless behaviour. This needs to stop, now.

Pics below -   Sabs try to comfort dying hounds  

  SabcomfortsoneofMiddletonFHdyinghoundskilledonroad_2_25-3-17.jpg  OneofMiddletonFHhoundskilledonroad25-3-17.jpg

27-3-17  Daily Mail   Whimpering hounds 'die beside a grass verge after they are hit by cars as a hunt crosses a "busy" road' - Video shows the moment three hounds allegedly died at the side of a road -They were 'hit by cars' when Middleton Hunt crossed a 'busy' road, activists say

Activists criticised the hunt for being laid near a busy road in North Yorkshire. Upsetting footage shows the moment three hounds allegedly died on a grass verge after they were hit by cars when a hunt crossed a 'busy' road. The dogs were allegedly discovered by hunt saboteurs after they crossed the road with horses from the Middleton Hunt near Norton in North Yorkshire on Saturday. Campaigners claim the dogs died at the side of the road and video shows them whimpering while being comforted by distraught activists.

Protesters can be heard calling the police while others stroke the dogs who are sprawled out and motionless on the grass verge at the road side. The Hunt Saboteurs Association - Sabs - are calling on the hunting group to make sure trails stay away from busy roads following the incident.

It comes weeks after the Middleton Hunt master Charles Carter resigned as a Tory councillor after he was filmed telling a female activist: 'I'd quite like to SHAG you.'

Lee Moon, spokesman for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, said: 'The Middleton Hunt claim to be following an artificial trail. If that's the case why on earth would they lay a trail anywhere near such a busy road. In fact if they're trail hunting, as they claim, then surely they can plan their activities in such a way that they NEVER have to cross main roads. Their wanton disregard for animals' lives extends to their own hounds as well as the wildlife they illegally chase and kill. Every week, hunts across the country endanger human and animal lives with their reckless behaviour. The Middleton Hunt is clearly out of control and as usual it is hunt saboteurs who are bringing their activities to the attention of police and public.'

They claim three dogs were killed and more were injured when the hounds were led across the road, close to a bend, by a huntsman. Onlookers claim one huntsman was 'distraught' by the deaths and was heard asking other Hunt members 'why did we take them over the road?'

It is not the first time the Middleton Hunt has come under scrutiny. In 2013, four hunt members admitted hunting a fox with a dog and were fined by York magistrates. In 2015, North Yorkshire Police launched an investigation after footage of 16 fox cubs held in a barn near to the Hunt's kennels emerged.

Middleton Hunt and the police are yet to respond to a request for comment.

POWAperson adds - This deeply distressing story was also run by the Mirror. This Hunt is clearly out of control and POWA is calling for the Master of Fox Hounds to expel it. The South Herefordshire FH has been suspended by the MFHA, a body which rarely takes any action over Hunts' infractions, following the fox cubs being fed to hounds story that broke last June. As yet none of the 5 people arrested have been charged. As for the hounds, to Hunts they are nothing more than easily replaced tools of their grisly and now illegal trade. See here for details. A 'rap sheet' for the Middleton FH, covering the last four years, is below -

MIDDLETON FOX HOUNDS The story so far....

On March 18th this year, hunt sabs were attacked, and some injured, by a mob of Middleton FH supporters. A female sab suffered cracked ribs, other sabs had broken fingers. Three sab cameras were stolen.

On 26th February they upset a pen full of bulls on taking hounds through a farmyard. Later they lost the hound pack completely.

On 16th February the Hunt lost several hounds who ran on to the B1249. One was run over and killed.

On 24th January their new Joint Master, Charles Carter, told a middle-aged woman [not a hunt saboteur or monitor] who was complaining to him about the Middleton's illegal fox hunting, that he'd like to 'shag' her, then asked her to go to bed with him. See the Sun coverage, The Daily Mail and Mirror also ran the story. This resulted in Lord Middleton, who was supposed to be hosting their meet the next Saturday, cancelling the invitation.

In early summer 2015 they made national news again when 16 fox cubs were found by League Against Cruel Sports investigators in a shed near the hunt kennels and filmed a man they claimed was connected to the Middleton visiting the shed. The cubs were rescued and no criminal charges ensued. It may be that no actual crimes were committed, but you don't need to be a genius to work out what a fox hunt with want with such cubs.

On 19th March 2016, sabs claim that they were attacked by masked quad bike riders and that a Middleton terrierman attacked the car they were in with a spade, causing serious damage and seriously scaring them. they also claimed that a mounted redcoat assisted in the attack.

On 12th February 2015 the Middleton's kennel Huntsman, Barry Andrews, and a terrierman, Lee Martin, were both charged with interfering [on separate occasions] with a badger sett. Hunts still customarily block them on hunting days, even though both fox hunting and sett interference are illegal and they are usually pretending to be 'trail hunting', which would not require earth blocking or the presence of terriermen, who still, almost invariably, accompany Hunts on their supposed 'trail hunts' and not infrequently engage in dig outs of foxes illicitly chased to ground by Hunts. The charge against Andrews was dropped, for reasons unknown to me, and, though Martin was initially convicted, he was acquitted on appeal for the absurd reason that the prosecution could not prove the sett was in use on the day in question, though there was evidence it was shortly before and after.

In September 2014, it was reported that the Joint Master and Huntsman Tom Holt had been summonsed for illegal hunting. He had a previous conviction. On this occasion he was caught on camera using hounds to chase a fox but was acquitted after claiming they'd been trail hunting and the chase was an 'accident.'

In August 2013, Holt, Martin, Whip Shaun Marles and another terrierman Brian Cuthbertson were all convicted of a particularly nasty piece of illegal hunting in which hounds savaged a fox to death, having been charged with breaking S.1 of the Hunting Act 2004 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Despite the film evidence of extreme and wilful cruelty, the three were fined a tiny fraction of the maximum then allowed [£5,000] and the latter got a Conditional Discharge. Some deterrent, also given that the offence of illegal hunting is not reportable and so does not appear on a criminal record.


Portman FH block Wessex Ridgeway, try to stop walkers using it

Walkers intend to report Hunt behaviour to the authorities

Sab has to free horse from barbie, horse/hound nearly run over

26-3-17   Facebook - Dorset Hunt Sabs   Hit Report Saturday 25th March 2017  Joined by our friends from S.West Sabs and a hunt monitor, we decided to pay a visit to the Portman Hunt today for their last Saturday meet of this season. The meet was at Smugglers Mead in Stepleton... With two landy’s out today, working with the monitor and foot sabs breaking into two and sometimes four teams we were able to keep track of the Hunt allPortmanFHField25-3-17.jpg day.

They spent well over an hour in the Happy Valley and Furzehill area and we suspect this was because there is only one footpath leading through the middle. This did not deter foot sabs though who did a marvellous job of patrolling the foot path from each end.

After lunch, there was the usual change of horses and this happened under the watchful eyes of the sabs. When re-mounted on his fresh steed the Huntsman took the hounds across the road...

Whilst searching Rough Ground the hounds picked up and there was a flurry of activity. With foot sabs either side and one of the Landy’s on the yellow road south of Rough Ground we kept them in our sights. At this point, one of the teams of foot sabs observed the hounds with what appeared to be fresh blood, we have footage of this which we will be reviewing and releasing separately. The police had been called by one of the Landy’s and one of PortmanFHHuntandsabs25-3-17.jpgthem was a Wildlife Crime Officer who was very interested in what was happening and we were grateful to have him around.

A hound and a horse had extremely close shaves with motor vehicles on the road today at separate times, both escaping serious injuries by a gnats whisker ! There was another incident when a horse got caught in barbed wire and a foot sab had to try and free the horses leg, sadly, despite this happening, riders behind continued to jump the fence without a care in the world or seemingly for their horses.

We also found several hounds running along the road South of Shales Coppice, there was a man chatting to two females riding bikes and following the Hunt and they caught the first hound. We stopped to tell them that there was another one further down the road but despite saying thank you they made no effort at all to go and get it ….. shortly after we spotted the third one !

The Hunt packed up around 4.30pm. Thank fully this season is about to finish but our work will continue with settPortmanFH25-3-17.jpg surveying over the coming months. If you want to join us please email us at dorsethuntsabs@riseup.net Massive thanks to our monitor for his help and a big thank you to the WCO from Blandford and his colleagues for their assistance today.

26-3-17  Facebook -Tami Smith-Daniels   We were the couple who sent you the notes on spotting them Portman FH] near Preston Hill Farm. We were walking the Wessex Ridgeway Trail with our dog & happened to run into some sabs as we were crossing over a road into the woods where the Hunt was active. The sabs stopped us to warn us that our dog was in danger from the supporter vehicles being driven around at speed & explained what was happening. We carried on along the trail & having followed your page for a while knew what to expect. I was wearing black, & the Hunt made the assumption that I was a sab. At two points, the supporter vehicles were blocking the trail & at one of them three supporters lined up between the vehicles & stepped up to block our path. One if them told us we were on private land & they attempted to intimidate us to prevent us from going further. I told them I knew EXACTLY where I was - the Wessex Ridgeway Trail - & we were coming through like it or lump it. At the next trail gate they also had two vehicles parked blocking the style. We would like to raise a formal complaint to the managing authority for the trail about the attempt to prevent us from passing & the intimidation including lying about us trespassing on private land. We took a photo of the blockade vehicles. We were just waiting for proof of which Hunt it was, so thank you for confirming that for us :).

26-3-17   Facebook - Dorset Hunt Sabs  Well done Tami. Please do raise this with the police as Ray suggests. the hunt has no right block a highway.

POWAperson adds -  Additionally, a sab landy was blocked in by hunt support for ages and they had to call police to get released. Dorset Hunt Sabs say the police came out in force for the Portman's final meet on 27-3 and, for a change, were helpful and the Hunt weren't able to do much. 


Sabs write to AAC after multiple attacks on sabs ignored by police at W.Pytchley FH meet

Sabs pre-spraying find 3 men with dead badger -body recovered, reported to police

26-3-17   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   An Open letter to Northamptonshire Police, following yesterday's events   Please repost but add your own tag of the police force at the top of your post so they can see the number of people angry over this. You can also email mail@northants.police.uk  or tweet @NorthantsPolice .

For the attention of Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Swann - Yesterday, volunteer members of the public connected with the Hunt Saboteurs Association attended an event held at Drayton House in Northamptonshire with the aim of peaceful protest and preventing illegal activities occurring, by monitoring with video cameras. This event was the Woodland Pytchley Hunt [see below for 'Hit Report']. We understand you are familiar with the event, as you were nameWoodlandPytchleyFHSabsfollowingHunt25-3-17.jpgd by a Police constable present as the senior officer who gave authorisation to utilise section 60AA of the Criminal Justice Act 1994.

It became apparent from the outset, that the staff associated with the Hunt (‘Stewards’) were intent on using physical violence and intimidation against anyone protesting their activities. While walking on a public byway towards Drayton House, the hunt stewards, well known for their behaviour on previous occasions, immediately lashed out with unprovoked violence and threats to the protestors homes and property. The ringleader of this group, Shaun Stacey, is particularly well known to Police (and currently on bail following a charge of assault), and was responsible for punching one person in the face and throwing another person to the ground, before launching in with further kicks and punches. Northamptonshire Police were called to the scene immediately.

On attending the scene, Police Officers took evidence, names and details of the victims of the assaults. However the assailants were allowed to leave the scene with no questioning at all. Is this standard procedure? It seems unusual to allow violent repeat offenders to simply leave to cause further turmoil, while peaceful protestors and hunt monitors are left to clean up their own blood.

Later that day, Mr S Stacey and his hunt steward associates Chris Bull, Pete Walton, Charlotte and Brendan Tyers WoodlandPytchleyFHPoliceat25-3-17.jpgcontinued their violent actions, assaulting several people on an area of land just north of the Kettering Road Industrial Estate at Islip. Had these aggressive individuals been stopped earlier in the day, this confrontation consequent attack would not have happened. The incident was allowed to unfold, however, with around twenty officers stood on Kettering Road watching and not intervening. The assailants were once again permitted to leave the scene unimpeded. Officers in attendance then challenged some of the protestors for wearing face coverings (which some choose to wear, to hide their identities from the appallingly violent individuals we have described) and focussed on this issue alone, with little apparent regard for the continuing assaults suffered.

This style of Policing was seen to continue throughout the day. A protestor’s vehicle was stopped by Northamptonshire Police while attempting to follow the Hunt, and subjected to an unprompted vehicle safety check, and following yet another assault by Chris Bull and Pete Walton officers were only concerned with enforcing section 60AA of the Criminal Justice Act above all other issues. It seemed the crime of wearing a scarf had become significantly more serious than the crime of physically attacking people on public land.

We wish to put to you, ACC Rachel Swann, the following questions:-  Why, after the initial report of numerous violent assaults, and with the alleged assailants in sight, did Police officers not arrest the attackers?

Why was the known violent individual Shaun Stacey, currently released on bail pending another assault hearing, not immediately arrested by Police on arriving at to the location – especially given that he was reported to have just carried out more than one assault?

Why did Police on Kettering Road stand and watch as Shaun Stacey and his associates continued to assault peaceful protestors on open land?

Why were victims of assault so officiously harassed with section 60AA requests? The individuals concerned were not involved in any disruptive or violent behaviour, the order seems to have been wrongfully used and directed towards the incorrect individuals. It should be noted that several of the violent assailants were wearing face scarves too.

The mission statement of the Northamptonshire Police states, “We will act with integrity, compassion, courtesy and patience, showing neither fear nor favour in what we do. We will be sensitive to the needs and dignity of victims and demonstrate respect for the human rights of all. We will use discretion, professional judgement and common sense to guide us and will be accountable for our decisions and actions. We will respond to well-founded criticism with a willingness to learn and change.”

Based on what we saw, we do not currently feel that the actions of Northamptonshire Police in attendance at the Woodland Pytchley Hunt on March 25th 2017 were consistent with this. Maybe you can help us understand how it could have been. We look forward to your response.

26-3-17  Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   Hit Report 25/03/2017  Yesterday we teamed up with S.Cambs,  Beds & Bucks, Nottingham and Cambridge Sabs to visit the infamous Woodland Pytchley Hunt, who were meeting at Drayton House, Northants.

We arrived early to pre-spray likely coverts and stumbled across three men who had just killed a young female badger [right] with a dog. They hurriedly attempted to stuff the dead badger down a hole to hide it. Her still warm body was recovered for evidence.WoodlandPytchleyFHDeadbadgerfoundonmenbeforehunton25-3-17.jpg We can't say much more about this at present as it's obviously now a police matter.

After that traumatic start to the day we put foot Sabs in near the meet on a public bridleway. Within minutes they had been attacked by a large group of the usual fat thugs with several Sabs suffering face and head injuries. Police were called and actually seemed sympathetic. However, as we pointed out the assailants as well as explaining one is already on bail and is not allowed near hunts the police did nothing and the thugs legged it over the field following the hounds. Having so many Sabs meant that others stayed on the Hunt whilst we were occupied with the police.

A little later, an officer stated that they were going to ask the Hunt to pack up as they were not hunting within the law. Fantastic, or so we thought. After a chat with the Hunt the police completely changed and started banging on about wearing face masks. The thug who was responsible for several assaults whilst on bail was allowed to carry on and within a short time had punched and stamped on several more Sabs.

Another 999 call went in and approximately 20 officers turned up. Then they stood in a line, refusing to act on allegations of assault even when shown video evidence. Instead they harassed Sabs and, even as assaults were happening in front of them, not one of them lifted a finger to help or to intervene. We have seen some atrocious and blatantly corrupt policing over the years but yesterday was in another league.

Throughout the day all teams managed to stay on the Hunt between them and there were no kills. A very grumpy Hunt of only 6 redcoats and 9 riders packed up late afternoon after riding horses into Sabs and kicking out at people. We will not be put off by the behaviour of these Neanderthals. We are not interested in stooping to their level and fighting with them. We are there to protect and save our wildlife and nothing will stop us doing that as long as these psychopaths are out there trying to kill for pleasure.

We had equipment stolen yesterday and over the next few weeks we will be servicing our faithful vehicle in preparation to fight the badger cull. Any financial help to do this would be massively appreciated. Thank you. Have a safe sunny Sunday.


Dart Vale Harriers chase deer for two miles before gizmo-aided escape

26-3-17   Facebook - Chris Tasker     Deer hunted by Dart Vale Harriers - hounds riot for 2 miles unchecked !   The Hunt had hounds in and out of cry all day and, with a reputation for releasing bagged foxes, we feared the worst when the hounds rioted on a deer, chasing it some 2 miles across open fields to within 20 metres of ourselves at the top of the valley. The gizmo was used and worked well, calling off the lead hounds, while the deer escaped at the top of the field and into water board land.




Monitor uploads video compilation of hunt horse mistreatment                                     

26-3-17  YouTube – Scorpio Vulpes   How some hunters treat their horses   Monitors are often shocked by the way some hunters treat their horses. Here are some examples.

Pics below -  1/  Horse foaming at mouth    2/  Using horse as weapon against female monitor   3/  Galloping on hard road    4/  Hunting amongst traffic   5/  Hitting horse on head with crop    6/  Swerving horse in front of monitor's car

    Foamingatthemouth.jpg  Usedasweapon.jpg

    Gallopedonhardroad.jpg  Huntingamongsttraffic.jpg

   Hittinghorsesheadwithcrop.jpg  Swervedinfrontofmonitorcar.jpg


Campaigners seek sacking of Kent Wildlife Trust Chair hare hunter

Bax claims no longer involved with Blean Beagles but Baily's still list him as JM

25-3-17  Daily Telegraph     Head of Wildlife Trust faces calls to resign over hunting past    Nature lovers have called for the Chairman of a Wildlife Trust to resign after it emerged that he was the Master of a Hunt. Mike Bax , the former High Sheriff of Kent, was appointed head of Kent Wildlife Trust three years ago despite being master of Blean Beagles for “many years”. Kent Wildlife Trust said he has “no formal links” with the Beagles now.

Critics say Mr Bax’s involvement with the pack and role at the charity – which proclaims to be “Protecting Wildlife for the Future” – is a conflict of interest. A spokesman for the animal rights group Stop the Cull said: “It is hypocritical to say you are interested in wildlife and then go out and support killing it.” Dozens of critics have also emailed the Trust calling for Mr Bax to be investigated and sacked, or for his immediate resignation. Writing online, Lynne Aldridge said: “Should the Charity Commission review his appointment?” Pat Webb added: “That’s unbelievable. He’s obviously no animal lover!” Tim Salt wrote: “Just messaged the Kent Wildlife Trust, asking when this moron will stand down.”

It is not known whether Blean Beagles have been involved in illegal hunting. When The Blean Beagles Ltd was registered as a company in 2005, it stated its aim was to “promote the sport and practice of beagling”. Beagling is the hunting of hares or rabbits by scent by a pack of 10 or more hounds. The Hunting Act 2004 banned the hunting of wild mammals with dogs in England and Wales.

As well as his role at the trust, Mr Bax, 62, from Ashford, is the director of land and property specialists BTF Partnership’s rural team. He sits on the Kent Economic Board and is one of the driving forces behind Rural PLC, “the voice of rural business in Kent”. He was High Sheriff of Kent between 2012 and 2013.

Kent Wildlife Trust said: “Mike Bax has been a member of Kent Wildlife Trust for nearly 30 years and chairman for three. He has a deep interest in wildlife matters and manages his own farm with wildlife foremost in mind. Mike was master of Blean Beagles for many years but has no formal links with them now. Pursuing live quarry with dogs is illegal and all associated with Kent Wildlife Trust support the law in this regard.”

Mr Bax said his active involvement with the Blean Beagles is “relatively historic”. He claims he has had “no role” in the Beagles’ affairs since 2005. He added: “The Beagles are run by a committee with which I have had no involvement, nor am I a current subscriber.”

Baily’s Hunting Directory lists Mr Bax, as one of the Hunt Masters.

POWAperson adds - I have checked the statement in the last sentence above. It is correct. Mr. Bax is listed as one of seven Joint Masters. His Mastership dates from 1991. Why on earth would the Blean Beagles Directory entry say he is a Master, and give his details, if, as he now claims, he is not and has not been for several years? If he is not, why would he not by now have arranged for his name to be removed from Baily's online directory listing? But even if he were no longer involved with the Blean  [and note that nowhere does it say he does not still hunt with them] he has, by past involvement - particularly in a leadership role - demonstrated and indulged a desire to gain pleasure from terrorising and killing defenceless wildlife, which, in this case, is also an endangered species. Surely this alone should disqualify him from holding any role within a Wildlife Trust?

On 4-3-17 East Kent Sabs visited the Blean, which was being led by the green-jacketed Stuart Sillars acting as Huntsman, a co-worker of Mr.Bax at BFT Partnership. The Hunt apparently left for home as soon as the sabs appeared. There was another green-jacketed grey-haired man in the short clip posted by East Kent Sabs whose face was not seen - but presumably this was not Mr.Bax, as he tells us he has he now has 'no formal links with them', which would surely preclude him wearing the green jacket. As far as we know all packs affiliated to the Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles, which the Blean is, are signed up to the Campaign for Hunting's goal to re-legalise live quarry hunting.

A point re. something in the article above, which states that 'beagling is the hunting of hares or rabbits... '. Beagling has always been exclusively the hunting of hares [harriers, usually with a mounted field, while beagles are hunted on foot, hunt hares or foxes]. Attempting to hunt rabbits with beagles or harriers would be absurd. They would simply disappear down their nearest hole within seconds and, as rabbit warrens tend to have large numbers of holes it would not be realistic to attempt to block them all. Hounds bred for stamina rather than speed would have little or no chance of catching a rabbit. Hunting rabbits with dogs was not banned by the Hunting Act because the are a recognised pest species [hares and foxes are not] and because, being much smaller than hares, they can be killed relatively swiftly by dogs that do manage to catch them. POWA believes, however, that, if it is to be allowed at all, it was a mistake to allow any number of dogs to be used in hunting rabbits, since this can now be used as an excuse, albeit somewhat implausible, to mask hare hunting. We therefore think the maximum number of dogs allowed to be used to hunt rabbits should be reduced to two. 


Old Surrey FH hunt foxes, charge at and hit sabs

Retiring Huntsman Mark Bycroft in a paddy

Hunt closes three roads leading to meet

24-3-17  Facebook - Guildford Sabs  Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent - 21 March 2017   Foxes saved and hunt violence   Along with South Coast, Croydon and Beds & Bucks sabs. They met at the Rock Inn Pub in Chidingstone and rather arrogantly closed off all 3 roads leading to the meet [right]. It's one of Bycroft's last days as Huntsman (good riddance to scum!) and was a large meet, with lots of support.

From the start vehicles were swerving dangerously across the road to block us in (one had two children in the back)! Not long after hounds went into cry, so two sabs deployed themselves into the woodland at which point Bycroft tried to ride down a sab. As the sab tried to escape Bycroft charged at him. Thankfully the sab managedOldSurreyFHHuntclosesroads21-3-17.jpg to get away after the Huntsman's little fit of rage.

A short time later sabs spotted a fox bolting across a field in view of the support and terrier men - this leads us to believe this fox had been released by the terrier men to guarantee a kill - not today! We masked the scent and ensured hounds didn't pick it up again. The same fox was filmed from the land rover running along the road and into another field.

Getting back on track a rider fell off her horse, we had a sab that was a trained medic present and offered assistance but the terrier man decided telling us to fuck off was the best course of treatment.

As we ventured into the woodland near Bassetts farm we notice Bycroft off his horse with hounds digging around a fox den. We believe a fox went to ground (odd place to lay a trail down a den?) As we arrived he quickly made a move with his hounds.

Yet again in the village of Chiddingstone another fox bolted in front of our vehicle. We could hear hounds quickly approaching and masked the scent. We stayed here for a while to make sure hounds didn't pick it up and once we were sure they hadn't we tried to locate the hunt. Other groups had managed to locate them with one sab being struck over the head. Throughout the day riders charged at sabs and used their horses as weapons against us and terrier men deliberately rode into a sab causing injury to her hand. We lost the Hunt for a little while but we are confident it was a kill free day. This clearly upset the Hunt which showed through in their aggression. They packed up at around 18.00 (having already lost most of the field/support throughout the day).

Pics below -   1/   Foolhardy pussy    2/  Leaving the meet   3/   Marking to ground    4/  Sab's offer of help refused 

    OldSurreyFHIscatantiorpro21-3-17.jpg.jpg  OldSurreyFHLeavingthemeet21-3-17.jpg

   OldSurreyFHMarkingtoground21-3-17.jpg  OldSurreyFHSaboffersaidtofallenriderrefused21-3-17.jpg

24-3-17  Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs   So, after many years of violent assaults on hunt Sabs, both pre and post the ban, Mark Bycroft is going. The kiiler of countless animals who once said to one of our long term sabs that he 'would hunt till he drops' is going. Good riddance, and to his replacement you can be sure that we will sab you until your morally defunct Hunt is no more.

We are of course now raising funds to replace our stolen Land Rover and are looking get in the region of £7,000 to get a vehicle which will last us a long time. Any donations very much appreciated and very much needed. https://www.gofundme.com/new-sabbing-vehicle-for-scoast-sabs



As S.Herefordshire FH 5 re-bailed, sab gets threatening mail re. case

Still no charges laid in cruelty to fox cubs scandal that closed Hunt

24-3-17   Kidderminster Shuttle   Five arrested in South Herefordshire Hunt investigation have been re-bailed   Five people who were arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty at the South Herefordshire Hunt's kennels in Wormelow have been re-bailed. The police are investigating an alleged offence in May last year.

The first two people, a 37-year-old man and 27-year-old woman, both from Hereford, were first arrested last May. A 37-year-old man from Abergavenny was then arrested in June, and a 53-year-old woman from Abergavenny and 45-year-old man from Powys were arrested in August. All five were arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and have been re-bailed until May.

24-3-17  Facebook - Hunt Investigation Team   Police Update   The 5 suspects from the South Herefordshire Hunt have been rebailed again!! This time until May. Maybe the police think that this will just go away in time or that the longer they leave it that people's appetite for justice will diminish. We will not rest until justice is done in this case. We believe that the police have lost all interest in this case and any desire to follow the evidence. It stinks of corruption and collusion at the highest level. Meanwhile news has reached us that a local hunt sab, not connected to HIT, has received threatening mail hand delivered to their address in relation to this case. Again, the police inaction serves to embolden these psychopaths. Such threats to HIT personnel or associated groups will be met very robustly!

    S.HerefordshireFHFoxcubimprisonedthenkilled2.jpg   S.Herefordshirehuntservantabouttothrowcubtohounds5-16.jpg




Anti hunting FB page responds to CA bid to have it closed down

24-3-17   Facebook - Ban Hunting with Dogs   Please if everyone can stop putting death threats on and abusive language because Tim Bonner is abusing his power and is trying to shut this page down via the House of Commons.

However there seems to be the usual lies by the Countryside Alliance as this quote is completely untrue, "The comments go beyond simply being abusive to being extremely threatening, with one simply saying, “Kill him”. Following a complaint by the Alliance this particular comment was removed but only after 48 hours, but all the others remain."

No complaint was made directly to the page and Facebook did not remove this comment as we had no notification to say it had been removed. Also the said post was removed anyway and does not exist on this page. It seems that Tim Bonner is misleading the House of Commons and Facebook so his buddies can literally get away with MURDER.

24-3-17   Countryside Alliance News    Countryside Alliance reports Facebook page to Commons committee for failing to moderate “abusive and threatening”   The Countryside Alliance have reported an abusive Facebook page, “Ban Hunting with Dogs” to the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee for allowing abusive and threatening posts to be repeatedly published on the page.

YvetteCooper.jpgLast week the Alliance spoke out against vile comments that were posted on the page relating to the death of well-known show jumper, Sue Webb: Since then, further comments have been published on the page relating to a blessing of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt by a Surrey Vicar. The comments were posted last Friday and have not been taken down. The comments go beyond simply being abusive to being extremely threatening, with one simply saying, “Kill him”. Following a complaint by the Alliance this particular comment was removed but only after 48 hours, but all the others remain.

The Alliance have submitted evidence to the Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Yvette Cooper MP [left], as part of her Committee’s inquiry into “Hate crime and its violent consequences”. Last week Ms Cooper blasted social media executives for “having a terrible reputation among their users for failing to act on reports of hate speech and other offensive material.”

Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee,.. In his letter to Ms Cooper, Chief Executive of the Alliance, Tim Bonner [right] said:TimBonner.jpg “We would like to bring to your attention, and ask your Committee to consider, the impact malicious communications can have on its victims and communities. Those involved in lawful hunting, as regulated by the Hunting Act 2004, are often subjected to malicious communications online. Abusive and threatening comments are repeatedly posted on the Facebook page; “Ban Hunting with Dogs”.”

The Alliance have also written to the London Facebook Headquarters requesting that the “Ban Hunting with Dogs” Facebook page be closed due to repeated offences that breach new social media guidelines published by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) last autumn: Guidelines on prosecuting cases involving communications sent via social media , Countryside Alliance welcomes new social media guidelines aimed at tackling online abuse . The Alliance argue that the comments made in relation to the late Sue Webb breach Category 4 of the guidelines, “Communications which are grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or false” and that the comments made in relation to a Surrey vicar breached Category 1 of the guidelines, relating to “credible threats”...

POWAperson comments -  Passions run high on both sides. Simple abuse, whomsoever by, achieves nothing, reflects poorly on the abuser and does not help their cause. Malicious threats are unacceptable wherever they come from. It is perfectly possible, and preferable, to make one's point and vent ones feelings, without indulging in it. However, it must be said that it is rich of Mr. Bonner to make the complaints he does when hunters and their supporters don't just routinely engage in vitriolic online abuse of antis but, in the field, frequently, obstruct, harass, threaten and assault them and steal and damage their property, as is documented, at length, in these pages. They also, of course, frequently indulge in vile acts of animal abuse, often contrary to law. Which is precisely why there is, much to Mr. Bonner's chagrin, such a large, strong and vibrant anti-bloodsports community.



DEFRA response to bTb in  Kimblewick FH kennels... do nothing

23-3-17   theyworkforyou.com    Written question in the House of Commons



Chair of Kent Wildlife Trust is also JM of Blean Beagles!

23-3-17   Facebook - Stop the cull   In another Stop the Cull exposé we reveal yet another conflict of interest within a Wildlife Trust. Introducing Michael Bax, Chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust who just happens to be a Master of hare hunting pack, the Blean Beagles...   As the WT should know, the Brown hare is listed on Kent's B.A.P (Biodiversity Action Plan) as being a species in decline that needs protection.

Mr Bax also has his influence within the law, being a previous High Sheriff of Kent & Chair of Kent Police’s Crime Rural Advisory Group (CRAG),Trustee of Safer Kent , Ambassador for Kent Victim Support & President of Kent Crimestoppers!

A joint master of the pack, and Huntsman, Stuart Sillars is also Michael Bax's work colleague at BFT Partnership http://www.btfpartnership.co.uk/our-team-7

We are asking you to please complain to Kent Wildlife Trust via Facebook or on this link .

How can we trust those who claim to protect our wildlife? How can we trust the law to be enforced when illegal hunting takes place?

POWAperson adds -  Mr. Bax was appointed to the role of Chairman in 2014. The following passage appeared in the announcement on the WT's website -


Mike has a lifelong commitment to the county, its wildlife and rural landscape. As a partner of BTF Partnership, with offices in Challock, Canterbury and Hadlow, he leads a busy and widely recognised land and property agency practice dealing with all farming and agricultural matters.

He runs his own 240-acre farm and 120 acres of semi-natural ancient woodland in the Weald and has a long-standing association with the Trust as a member, active supporter and volunteer. One major volunteering contribution is his role as Honorary Warden of the Trust’s Stone Wood nature reserve - adjacent to his farm.

Mike comments: “I am delighted to have been chosen by the trustees and I look forward to working much more closely with an organization I admire and have been involved with for a number of years. Kent Wildlife Trust performs a fantastic role in not only protecting, but promoting the preservation of wildlife and habitats in the county. Wildlife and habitat protection and farming go hand in hand and many farmers and landowners play a key role in working with the Trust but I am keen to extend this with my connections in the agricultural sector.”



Chair of NT contradicts officials who said can't monitor licenced Hunts

Maintains happy to licence them despite evidence of multiple breaches

Cites a few, short suspensions to show won't tolerate law-breaking

23-3-17   Facebook - Leicester Animal Rights [LAR]   Last night the Director-General of The National Trust, Dame Helen Ghosh [below left, credit Daily Mail], gave a talk at Nottingham Trent University on the challenges the National Trust faces and how it responds to societal change. One of our members went along to question her about their organisations support of 'trail hunting', which we all know is a cover for illegal fox hunting. Here's the transcript of the questions asked...

LAR member - “I have been asking a question for quite some time now which I have not had an answer to, and that is have you read the 'Trail Of Lies' report which the International Fund for Animal Welfare - IFAW actually sent to The National Trust and to you. Really my question has three parts; we have a local hunt, The Belvoir Hunt, and the Huntsman said in the Horse & Hound that he is not surprised that foxes are killed when the Hunts go out. There is a huge overlap between 'trail hunting' and fox hunting. Given that you say that you are moving forward in the future to conserve wildlife, why are you still licensing 'trail hunts' on National Trust land when you know it will result in animals killed, that foxes are declining according to the latest research and you are not answering members questions and they are leaving because of it.”

NTChairDameHelenGhosh.jpgDame Helen Ghosh – “Thank you. The answer is yes, I have read it, essentially last year but I have read it . Our position on 'trail hunting' on National Trust land, as we have explained to members who have contacted us, is that Parliament has, we believe that Parliament should be the judge of what is legal activity. We have now all sorts of activity on our land if it is legal, we have about I think fifty licenses on our land at present for 'trail hunting'. We monitor carefully what goes on. We believe it is ultimately the responsibility of the police.”

LAR member - "Excuse me, you did tell me that The National Trust can’t monitor, so that is not true. You do not carefully monitor. You told me that you do not monitor.”

Dame Helen Ghosh – “We do monitor and we have good examples of suspending licenses against our criteria. As you say, the terms of our licenses are about conservation and access and we monitor the actions of the Hunts against the terms of our license. We work with the police on prosecutions and we suspend Hunts when we don’t believe that they are adhering to our license terms. So that is our response on 'trail hunting'. We of course have had a lot of correspondence, there has been a lot on social media, I think around something in the region of 20’s of members have left because of their views on this and I imagine there are members who will take the other view so having a membership of 4.7 million people there will always be a difference of view but at the moment that is our position. If Parliament has said that this is legal, and they adhere to or license, then we allow it.”

Our thoughts are as follows...

- It is an offence to host an illegal fox hunt under Section 3 of The Hunting Act 2004 (http://bit.ly/2kLs51k ) and if Dame Helen Ghosh has read the report (http://g.ifaw.org/2hbxOIR ) demonstrating that 'trail hunting' is mere fiction, how can she still condone crimes committed by her own organisation?

- In a recent statement by The League Against Cruel Sports (http://bit.ly/2nVckmo ), it was explained that senior staff from The National Trust considered themselves to have insufficient resources to monitor hunts using their land. They also declined the offer of assistance from The League Against Cruel Sports. How on earth, therefore, can this be considered 'careful monitoring' by Dame Helen Ghosh? Please feel free to remind her of what her senior staff are saying by emailing the LACS statement on 10/03/2017 (link provided above) to her at helen.ghosh@nationaltrust.org.uk .

- The National Trust recently announced that they had lost sight of the principle of protecting declining wildlife (http://bit.ly/2mU1qeL ). What measures will they now take to protect the red fox given that The BTO British Trust for Ornithology mammal monitoring program shows the red fox population to have declined by 34% (http://bit.ly/2dGQw7X ) in the 1996-2014 period? Feel free to forward this question to Dame Helen Ghosh too.

- Given that the talk was on how The National Trust responds to societal change, isn't it about time they updated their views regarding bloodsports that are opposed by an increasing amount of people each year (http://bit.ly/2iSAkE1 )?

If any members of The National Trust don't believe the 'trail hunt' lies then please send us a message on leicesteranimalrightsgroup@gmail.com .


Sabs take hounds off 'Shag' Carter as Middleton FH have kill-free day
Despite suffering multiple assaults and thefts by hunt supporters [see reports below, dated 19-3-17], sabs had a successful day. This was part of it.
23-3-17   Facebook - Sheffield Sabs  VIDEO  Sheffield and North East hunt sabs disrupt the Middleton on Saturday. Three foxes were helped escape from the hunt that day. The dig out of one was prevented by sab presence. Trail Hunting? Yeah right!  
Pics below -  1/  Huntsman casting hounds towards woodland    2/  Sabs call hounds up towards them    3/  Hounds respond to sab calls 
   MiddletonFHHuntsmanShagCartercastinghounds18-3-17.jpg   MiddletonFHSabscallinghoundstothem18-3-17.jpg

Ledbury FH show solidarity with scandal-hit S.Herefordshire Hunt

Intend to hold meets next season at homes of SHFH Masters

CPS very soon due to say if charging anyone over the fox cubs affair

22-3-17   Facebook - Hunt Investigation Team    In 2 days time we will see how the state intends to deal with the 5 suspects in the notorious fox cub killing case. Will they follow the evidence and see what every fair minded, decent person sees and allow justice to take its course. Or will they revert to type, protect their own and turn a blind eye to this disgusting animal cruelty. The world is watching...

Meanwhile, the Ledbury Hunt have announced their intentions to host meets for next season at the homes of the Masters of the now defunct South Herefordshire Hunt. Surprise, surprise, it's the usual suspects that keep cropping up. More details to follow.

  S.HerefordshireFHservantmovingfoxcubtobethrowntohounds2-16.jpg  S.HerefordshireFHFoxcubimprisonedthenkilled1.jpg


Sabs upload more film of Atherstone FH New Year meet violence & abuse

21-3-17   Facebook - West Mids Sabs  VIDEO   MORE VIOLENCE FROM THE ATHERSTONE HUNT - Atherstone Hunt New Years Meet    As long as the Atherstone fox hounds are loose in the countryside we’ll be with them as they pose a threat to any wildlife they come into contact with. It also doesn't matter to us what new staff the hunt brings in, a leopard can’t change it’s spots and this is the Atherstone Hunt, you can't polish a turd.

The appalling violence from Atherstone Hunt supporters directed at peaceful non-violent protestors in AtherstoneAtherstoneFHSupporteraggro2-1-17.jpg Market Square on the 2/1/17 [crazed supporters, right] continued once the hunt had left the Square. The video speaks for itself, masked up males in balaclavas repeatedly attack a vehicle of mostly female sabs. Repeatedly blocking and surrounding the vehicle and throwing eggs, rocks and tree branches at the vehicle.

The violence from the Market Square is being investigated by PC Kim Stafford of Warwickshire Police whilst the incidents that followed later were reported to Leicestershire Police.

Complaints have been made to Warwickshire Police over their choosing not to police the violence despite having intelligence it would happen. The complaints have been investigated by Inspector David Williams, part of the team responsible for not policing it and himself named in some of the complaints. He inevitably came to the conclusion that Warwickshire Police had done nothing wrong and that there were no lessons to be learned. There’s nothing at all suspicious about investigating a complaint about yourself, anyone would think they have something to hide. Atherstone Town Council continue to blame the victims for the violence that happened to them. Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs

Pics below -  1/  Supporter menacing sab before assaulting    2/  Supporter throwing egg   3/  The result    4/  Supporter throws stick at sab car   5/  Masked supporter thumps sab car window 

   AtherstoneFHThugmenacessab2-1-17.jpg   AtherstoneFHThugabouttothrowegg2-1-17.jpg

   AtherstoneFHSabcarhitbyegg2-1-17.jpg  AtherstoneFHThugthrowsstickatsabcar2-1-17.jpg



Sab hospitalised, another hurt, in attacks by Pytchley FH thugs

Assaults came as sabs intervened to save hunted fox 

19-3-17  Facebook – S.Cambs Hunt Saboteurs   Hit Report – 18/03/17 Pytchley FH, Winwick (nr West Haddon), Northants   We teamed together with members from Northants , Suffolk And Essex, North East London, Norfolk/Suffolk & Cambridge Sabs to sab the horrible Pytchley Hunt. This Hunt are renowned for the aggression of both their foot support and riders with today proving no different.

Straight from the off we had the Hunt in our sights with good team work from the groups predicting their next move. As usual with most Hunts they raced across busy roads with no regard for the safety of their hounds, car drivers or their poor abused horses. Early on we witnessed several riders crash their horses into fences, with several red faced hunters falling off. From the smell of alcohol emanating from a lot of them and the meet being the last of the season, their brazen recklessness was very evident.

During the course of the day we saw the hounds go into cry and chase on several occasions, but we were well placed to distract the hounds enough for the foxes to make their escape. The amount of terrier men out todayPytchleyFH18-3-17.jpg and their activities around certain woods, indicated they had pre-caught foxes, either bagged up or boxed up ready for quick release. On two occasions the hounds went into immediate cry while entering woods, woods at which terrier men were already stationed. What are the chances, ey?

We had the usual hefty 'hunt stewards' out but they can barely make it more than 20 meters out of their vehicles without holding their chests and wheezing. The fact we were successful during the day meant the riders became more aggressive as they day went on. Moments after sabs intervened as hounds went into cry onto a nearby fox, two sabs were viciously assaulted and one hospitalized. We cannot say any more at this time as an investigation has started. Actions like this only make us more determined to stop wildlife brutally slaughtered - and the undeterred sabs made sure the cowardly Hunt ended the day with no kills made.

18-3-17   Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs   HIT REPORT 18.03.17   We found ourselves paying a much-needed visit to the Pytchley Hunt today, and after we ruined their initial meet which was originally planned at a local pub who got cold feet and pulled the plug a couple of weeks ago, we could tell today would be an eventful sab.... We found the Hunt straight away, and watched as hounds spilled out on the road, with a redcoat milling aimlessly behind them. The field quickly took flight across some locked gates, causing damage and losing riders every which way. There were a lot of red faces as riders dusted themselves off, but we can't be sure if that was from embarrassment or the tipple they'd had before they started..

With three vehicles out today, we had eyes and ears on the Hunt at all times, and we could tell they were getting more and more irate. One group of foot sabs saved a fleeing fox right in front of all the blood thirsty support and hunt thugs. The hounds were right on top of the fox and it was a very close call but the fox got away safely. Immediately following this, sabs were forced to defend themselves against said thugs ! Our vehicle got blocked in early on in the day, and sabs in the field unfortunately found themselves assaulted not long after the Hunt had second horsed. Clearly frustrated at the constant sab presence and the lack of blood spilled, one rider assaulted a female and a male sab. Although we can't go in to any more details or post any footage, it's now with the police.

All in all a triumphant day with lots of good friends and no kills. Thanks to those who travelled to sab with us, and to the Northamptonshire police who genuinely surprised us with their sab-friendly demeanour.


Reports say sabs badly injured, stuff damaged/stolen at Middleton FH

Supporters from Derwent Hunt thought main assailants

Locals and some riders disgusted by hunter's behaviour 

Three sab cameras stolen on top of injuries - police involved

19-3-17   Facebook – N.E. Sabs   Hit Report 18/03/17   Yesterday we joined forces with W.Yorks, ,Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham Sheffield Hunt Sabs to pay a visit to the Middleton hunt who met in Uncleby in North Yorkshire.

As you may remember, at the end of last season the Middleton's hunt support did a good job of smashing up our vehicle so this weekend we weren't expecting great behaviour from them.

Having sabbed them at this location before we strategically placed groups of sabs so that right from the off, no matter which direction they turned we would be present. Within the first half an hour sabs had managed to draw the hounds out of a wood and to us so that a fox could be seen to safety by another group the other side of the wood. This is pretty much how the day went, with multiple deer and hares seen running away from the Hunt and one more fox going to ground. Whilst one group of sabs stood guard over the fox that had gone to ground weMiddletonFHSabsupwithHunt18-3-17.jpg caught up with a less than happy Hunt who decided to take their frustrations out on sabs, causing multiple injuries to sabs and stealing cameras. Police and paramedics were called to the scene and the police are dealing with the case. One of our sabs was in A&E until early hours of this morning with their injuries. Overlooking the attack on sabs, it was a successful day with all sabs working together to see at least two foxes to safety, which makes it all worthwhile.

As a group we are now down by two body cameras so any donations towards replacing these will ensure we can collect vital footage to assist in getting justice for our wildlife.


MiddletonFHInjuredsab18-3-17.jpg19-3-17  Facebook – W.Yorkshire Sabs     Yesterday we paid the Middleton Hunt a visit... Huntsman Charles Carter tried to evade sabs many times, but everywhere he turned there was a sab group present. A number of foxes were seen to safety throughout the day (see Liverpool Hunt Sabs great footage).

As the day progressed, the field of riders' tempers flared and a number of riders attacked sabs from North East, Sheffield and West Yorks. There have been multiple injuries to a number of sabs [one of them, left] and three cameras stolen. Luckily, we still have lots of footage of the incident which has now been handed to North Yorkshire Police.

Local residents were upset by the Hunt and support, some riders left the field after witnessing the assaults saying they wanted nothing to do with their fellow riders. The Middleton Hunt have now been involved in police investigations twice in the last year for holding captive fox cubs and killing a fox on the busy A64. The huntsman Charles Carter also recently resigned as Tory Councillor after making lewd comments to a member of the public. We think it's about time the police put a stop to their behaviour. 

22-3-17  Gazette & Herald   Police probe assault claims after Middleton Hunt demo   POLICE are investigating following claims from anti-hunt protesters that they were hit with whips and suffered head injuries as they were following the Middleton Hunt. Hunt saboteurs say they were assaulted during a meeting of the hunt at Uncleby, on the Yorkshire Wolds, on Saturday. North Yorkshire Police say they are investigating an incident. Additionally the saboteurs say their video camera and two body cameras were stolen. It is claimed that one female saboteur was left with cracked ribs, while others reported suffering broken fingers. The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) say they filmed the incident, but cannot release footage due to an ongoing investigation.

Lee Moon, spokesman for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, said: “We repeatedly see hunters using their horses as weapons and, has been shown in recent years, this can result in serious injury. We are hopeful that the large number of police who attended the scene are indicative of how seriously they are taking this situation and we look forward to a swift and positive investigation.”

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: “Police were called to reports that a number of people had been assaulted near Uncleby, at about 4pm on Saturday, March 18. Inquiries are ongoing.”

Yorkshire Ambulance Service said they sent two ambulances and an emergency care practitioner to the scene to treat three people with minor injuries, but all three declined to travel to hospital. The Gazette & Herald contacted the Middleton Hunt, but no one was available for comment.

19-3-17    Facebook - Liverpool Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Short slideshow [still below] of the cunning fox that snuck right behind huntsman and hounds at the Middleton Hunt yesterday. Sabs sprayed its line with citronella so hounds were unable to follow.

We're currently low on citronella and are now ordering more. Any help towards the costs would be greatly appreciated: www.paypal.me/liverpoolhuntsabs


18-3-17  Facebook - North East Hunt Saboteurs   Sabs badly assaulted and cameras stolen at the Middleton Hunt today. Full hit report to follow.  Pic below - Police and paramedics attending


19-3-17  HSA Press Release   Hunt Saboteurs Assaulted by Notorious Yorkshire Hunt    Hunt saboteurs were assaulted by members of the Middleton Hunt at their meet in Uncleby, North Yorkshire on Saturday 18th MiddletonFHAnotherInjuredsab18-3-17.jpgMarch. Riders from the hunt stole a video camera and two body cams, hit sabs on the head with whips, attempted to ride them down and jumped off their horses to continue the attacks. One female saboteur has cracked ribs after being crushed between two horses.

Other sabs suffered serious head injuries and broken fingers. Multiple ambulances had to be called to the scene and several of the injured were encouraged to attend hospital. The attack was filmed, attackers have been identified and this information has been passed to the police who are investigating. The footage can't currently be released due to the ongoing investigation.

Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “In 2015 an undercover investigation implicated the Middleton hunt in the rearing of captive foxes to be illegally hunted. In January of this year huntsman Charles Carter was filmed making sexually inappropriate comments to a member of the public. He subsequently had to resign as a Tory councillor. The hunt have now added violent assault and theft to their list of crimes and are fast becoming one of the most notorious in the country.

We repeatedly see hunters using their horses as weapons and, has been shown in recent years, this can result in serious injury. We are hopeful that the large number of police who attended the scene yesterday are indicative of how seriously they are taking this situation and we look forward to a swift and positive investigation.

Lord Middleton of Birdsall was Joint Master of the Hunt until 2013 and has their kennels on his Birdsall estate. It is alleged that that he no longer allows the hunt on his land due to the recent controversies. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to having his name associated to robbery and violent assault.”


Isle of Wight FH Huntsman whacks sab in head with crop

Later, hunt quad driven into sab landy

Loose hounds create road chaos 

19-3-17  South Coast Hunt Sabs  VIDEO  Isle of Wight Fox Hunt   After a call for assistance from colleagues on the Isle of Wight, we planned a road trip for S.Coast Sabs and others as our local Hunts had finished for the hunting season. A massive thank you to the HSA who covered the cost of the ferry crossing. Thanks guys...

No-one fell overboard during the trip, so meeting up with the local sabs we waited for the off. The Isle of Wight is a Hunt in trouble, the bulk of its supporters have left to setup a Bloodhound pack after clear evidence that they are hunting illegally and most likely bagging foxes. Foxes were introduced to the Isle of Wight in 1845 to provideIsleofWightFHHoundsprefersabcompany18-3-17.jpg ‘sport’ (the Isle of Wight FH were also established in this year) and the establishment of the population was in no small part the work of Huntsmen Ben Cotton and Henry Nunn, which once again destroys the myth of foxes as a pest species, and hunting the method of control. The ‘rump’ of the Hunt is now consisting of less than 15 riders, and so poor that their ‘whipper-in’s’ are a father and son team who wonder around on foot. We nicknamed them ‘Evil-Santa and ‘helper’. To add to this mix you have a Huntsman who is best described as inept, with little hound control. Now doubt the reason why the rumours of bagging foxes if rife.

The Hunt moved west from the meet and with no attempt to pretend to lay a trail started hunting, sabs were quickly put ahead of them and seeing the situation started to do what we do best. Of course our horn blowing skills outstripped the Huntsman [left] and we soon had his pack at our feet much to the dismay of ‘Evil-Santa and ‘helper’, one of whom tried to ‘borrow’ our hunting horn, we of course declined robustly where upon a sab was whacked around the head with his riding crop. Eventually, the Huntsman regained his pack and IsleofWightFHHuntsman25-1-17.jpgleft at speed such is his skill that in doing this he split his pack and for the rest of the day stray hounds were all over the place. [right, with sabs] We got the injured sab out of the field to the hospital, where we are pleased to say no real damage had been done.

Meanwhile, in another field a hunt support quad bike was deliberately driven into the side of our 4x4, before scarpering from the scene of the ‘accident’. The local Bobbie turned up and were as usual as useful as chocolate fireguard, and stood around looking into the distance repeating the mantra “we are here to prevent a breach of the peace” while crimes took place all around them.

The Hunt took to the woods on some hillsides which to the joy of our drivers had an accessible track, well accessible to land Rovers, and so the Hunt was kept on its toes for the rest of the day. One sab sprained his ankle and to be taken out of the field by a Landy driving where perhaps it shouldn’t have been, but cops just watched us do it and so the day ended with no kills.

We retired to Carisbrooke Castle for cakes and snacks before catching the ferry home, to strange looks from the public at our muddy sabbing look. The final comment should come from one of the cops; “They’ve gone home and you certainly ruined their day”. RESULT!

As always we are keen to welcome new sabs, so pleased drop us a line if you are interested on, it’s as mad as it sounds but our wildlife needs protecting:

We are of course now raising funds to replace our stolen Land Rover and are looking get in the region of £7,000 to get a vehicle which will last us a long time. Any donations very much appreciated and very much needed.

Pics below -  1/  The field, lurking      2/  Damage to sab landy 

   IsleofWightFHLurking18-3-17.jpg  IsleofWightFHDamagetosablandy18-3-17.jpg

19-3-17   Facebook - Isle of Wight Hunt Sabs   End of Season Report   Season is now over, after the Hunt met at Reades Farm, Carisbrooke yesterday 18/03/2017. The Island Sab Group was in a buoyant mood as the group had been joined by Sabs from Southampton, Brighton, Croydon and the South Coast. With a group watching the meet to confirm the direction Hunt would take. Sabs then placed themselves in strategic positions in order to maximise observations of the Huntsman and hounds, no evidence of any trail was laid throughout the day and the IsleofWightFHMeet18-3-17.jpgHuntsman was observed to be continually purring the hounds on through thick woodland areas where no trail could be laid.

The Sabs were surrounded by numerous hounds who loved the fuss given to them, this caused severe frustration to the hunt Supporters who became aggressive and violent resulting in one female sab being injured and needing treatment at the A&E Dept, after being struck across the head with a riding crop. These incidents are being investigated and may be posted at some point in the future.

The police were called and several units, including a riot van attended. They were forced to try and control numerous loose hounds who were causing chaos on the A3054 Forest Road near to Three Gates Farm and making dozens of innocent car users to stop or be involved in serious collisions. If you were involved please contact the police.

Sabs then continued to monitor the Huntsman and hounds with the hunt becoming increasingly frustrated as they entered Brighstone Forest before moving off along Rowridge TV Station and finally returned to the meet for a very sad and pointless end to the day.


South Dorset FH hound run over as hunt thug harasses sabs

S.DorsetFHHoundafterknockeddown18-3-17.jpg18-3-17  Facebook - Dorset Sabs  VIDEO   Hit Report Saturday 18th March 2017    Joined by our friends from S.W. Sabs and two hunt monitors we decided to pay a visit to the South Dorset Hunt meeting at Buckland Newton. There was a record numbers of 50 riders out today for the SD and we suspect this is due to the fact their hunting season is one of the longest running... it came over the radio that a member of the public had approached one of the teams of foot sabs and told them they had just witnessed a hound being hit by a car...

The hunt servant Stuart Owen Masters got a little over excited here and was walking in front of the Landy punching the headlight and the grill. He also reached in the passenger window and was grabbing a sab and trying to pull his earrings out. Stuart aka Guilty has recently had to pay compensation to a hunt monitor for assaulting him in the past season...

It was a difficult day today not only for the lack of access and hilly terrain making viewing difficult but the foot sabs were up and down this hilly terrain on numerous occasions. With super fit foot sabs and the assistance of two monitors we kept them on the move all day and rarely lost sight of them, we know we saved lives today but the fate of the hound hit by the car sadly remains unknown.

Pics below -  1/ Thug blocks sab landy    2/  Thug grabs at sab passenger    3/  Walkies  

    S.DorsetFHHuntthugblockssablandy18-3-17.jpg  S.DorsetFHHuntthuggrabsatsab18-3-17.jpg



Heythrop FH very nearly catch fox and cause chaos on A424

Numerous badger setts also found stopped before hunting 

17-3-16   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO 1  VIDEO 2   Wednesday 15th March 2017 The Heythrop Hunt  held their last meet of the season in Swell Wold, near to Stow-on-the-Wold. They changed their traditional 'posh day' to Tuesday instead of Wednesday last season to try and avoid attention from us and the Hunt Monitors but we caught on rather quickly and we heardHeythropFHFoxfleeinghoundsclosebehind15-3-17.jpg that their last meet would be held on the traditional Wednesday again.

We were out and about very early working alongside locals in the area with our sett-blocking patrols, catching a man on a quadbike leaving an area where we were about to check a sett around 5:30am. Perhaps unsurprisingly the tracks from the quad led right to the sett and it was freshly blocked. Elsewhere other patrols heard quads in the vicinity of other known setts and, surprise, surprise, more tracks leading right to and then away from blocked setts. In total we found 9 setts freshly blocked and we gathered evidence of the blocking, before removing the obstructions in order to give the badgers a helping hand while providing extra escape routes for hunted foxes. If following a trail, why block setts??

As the Heythrop Hunt have stalkers who follow our every move throughout the day, we grabbed some breakfast before they spotted us and one of our group was dropped inland where she knew she could keep an eye on the Hunt and on some of the setts which had been blocked to prove that the setts were blocked in areas the Hunt would be drawing.

Sure enough the Hunt drew through and near to the very same coverts and, just after 1pm having drawn blank in a few areas, hounds picked up strongly near to her. The fox leapt a wall and ran uphill and straight past her with hounds just metres behind him [above right. Fox left middle, hound bottom right corner], Hunt staff and field following around the bottom of the wood and making no attempts to stop the hounds. Fox jinked around in the HeythropFHFoxfleeinghounds15-3-17.jpgwood and crossed a fairly fast road into Eyford Park with hounds following close behind... fox had put some more distance between him and them at this point [left], but we are unsure as to his fate after this fast chase. For legal reasons we are currently only showing the first part of the footage, so watch this space in future.

Upon viewing our video online our stalker Lizzie commented that there were only two hounds giving chase and therefore the hunt was legal. It's good that she confirmed, from a Hunt member's perspective, that they were indeed the Heythrop hounds and they were indeed chasing the fox. She obviously missed the clear third hound in the video and the fact that the fox was being chased down a field and into a wood... For it to be legal hunting a fox can be flushed by two hounds to a gun... flushing is being chased OUT of an area. Not into one.

It was clear by now that the Hunt were likely to cause trouble on the roads considering their lack of concern for members of the public and their own hounds when crossing over into Eyford Park. Foot sab crossed over behind them and went inland in Eyford and, just after the Hunt second-horsed near Kineton Hill, hounds started to pick up again and move towards her. A fox sprinted up a hedgeline away from the covert where the hounds were speaking and tried to go to ground in what looked like an old sett entrance, now taken over by rabbits, which had had a slab of rock shoved into the middle of it which stopped him making his escape there. A Hunt rider holloa'd from a nearby field and Huntsman began to bring hounds in that direction. Fox, meanwhile, made a run for it across fairly open land so the sun and warmth of the day would have been an extra help in reducing the scent left behind.

Around 5 quad bikes at this time were asked to follow our inland sab and she was swiftly asked to leave the land. As the Heythrop are scared to be caught illegally hunting (again) they tend to leave foxes alone when they know we have them on camera, so she asked terrierman to pass on the message that she had fox and holloa on film (you know, just so that Huntsman didn't 'accidentally' give chase thinking it was one of those elusive trails...). He refused, but Huntsman moved away from the area with pack tightly grouped and soon left Eyford Park itself.

Some strange incidents of road rage (between members of the public and hunt supporters) and a very odd, and insulting, racist remark made to another member of our group.

The Hunt continued to draw and pick up on and off and, as the temperature became cooler and therefore better for scent,HeythropFHHuntcausingchaosonA424inpoorlight15-3-17.jpg hounds picked up during their last draw and chased a fox around land and across the A424 (at rush hour) not far from Stow-on-the-Wold . The pack split and Huntsman Charlie Frampton ended up on one side of the road... All we could do (especially when quadbikes were slowing us down) was to stop the car and put hazard lights on in order to warn traffic behind us... Unfortunately our stalker Di Campbell wasn't so clever or responsible and, with hounds crossing the road ahead, yelled at us that it wasn't safe to park (?!?) there and did not put her hazard lights on, meaning that fast-moving (and probably fed-up-with-the-hunt members of the public) swerved around the vehicles [below left] with no prior warning about the presence of the pack. She was probably too busy beeping her horn to prevent fox from breaking cover and filming with only one hand on the steering wheel to pay much attention to actual road safety issues!

HeythropFHHoundscrossA424inpoorlight15-3-17.jpgWhen it was mentioned that Huntsman was irresponsibly calling hounds across the main road, stalkers Lizzie stated 'how else would you get them across?!' Hmmm... well 1. You don't 'lay a trail' across the main road 2. You don't allow hounds to chase a fox across a main road and 3. If you need to cross a main road you gather your pack up on one side and you have people on standby to slow down traffic while you cross at an open and safe point where you will be visible, can move straight to a clear area on the other side of the road at a sensible pace and carry on your way. Surely? No? Then you shouldn't be in control of a pack of hounds... But we're not Huntsman or whippers-in so what would we know about basic common sense? When police were informed they told us they had already received other reports of the Hunt's behaviour, so we will be following this up.

With blocked setts, fox chases, holloas and hounds hunting across main roads, we think our evidence clearly shows that the Hunt are not actually laying trails. Make up your own minds about it.

Pics below -  1/  Hunted fox closely passes sab   2/  Sab's 'stalker' filming while driving   3/  Freshly blocked sett, Swell Wood   4/  Hunt quad on road, no reg plate and overburdened

 HeythropFHFoxfleeinghoundsyardsbehind15-3-17.jpg  HeythropFHStalkerfilmingsabsfrommovingcaron15-3-17.jpg

 HeythropFHFreshlyblockedsettSwellWood15-3-16.jpg    HeythropFHQuadwithnoplatelateronpublicroad15-3-17.jpg


Sabs try to save hares hunted by Waveney Harriers as police look on

17-3-17   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs   Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Sabs paid the Waveney Harriers a visit for their closing meet of the season, which took off from Frostenden Hall, Frostenden. Last year, the WaveneyHarriersHarefleeinghounds17-3-17.jpgWaveney Harriers chased a hare not long after setting off from the meet, on a nearby freshly ploughed field. Police were in attendance and soon dished out Section 35 Dispersal Orders. This time round was different. Farming equipment was being operated around this same field and so the Waveney Harriers travelled to Sotterley Estate which has already been hunted as part of joint meet with the Dunston Harriers earlier this season.

The day consisted of Reuben taking the hounds from woodland to woodland. Hounds occasionally spoke but remained relatively unexcited due to having to move off frequently. The terrierman was also keeping a close presence to the Hunt with 3 terriers locked inside and a large shovel strapped to the top of the box.

Sometime had passed and hounds were found chasing a hare in full cry alongside a woodland. Becky Baker, rather than trying to take control of the hounds, focused her attention on trying to remove us from the area. As sabs approached hounds as they pounced, Reuben quickly took the hounds off. As he rode past a female sab, he stated 'I'd like to see you try and enter this wood on your own'. Under the circumstances, we can't guarantee that this Hare got away unharmed. No body was found.

WaveneyHarriersHuntsmanandterriermen17-3-17.jpgWhile Police Officer Sgt. Freeman had a laugh and a joke with the terrierman and Becky Baker, we kept up with the Hunt as best as possible. The pack split soon after entering a small woodland which resulted in hounds speaking in a field with cattle, while the other half was off in a different direction. Reuben eventually got the pack back together and sat and took pleasure in watching the terrierman, Joe Gilfillan, pushing and shoving sabs.

Quite late in the day, sabs came along the road in the nick of time to find a hare had been flushed out from a wood and was running at speed across the open field. The hounds were in full cry and not very far behind the hare. Sabs managed to slow the hounds up but unfortunately this (or another) hare was picked up further down the field. The hare was seen running back through the pack of hounds and was running for its life. As the hare crossed the road the Huntsman arrived on the scene and had little choice but to intervene to stop the hounds. The Huntsman's first response was to blame sabs for turning the hare. Luckily for us we have video evidence to prove this was very far from the case. The hare then ran down side of a hedgerow and then crossed back over the same road. By this time only a couple of hounds were still on the line and they eventually could not keep up and so this hare made it to freedom. Would the Huntsman have called the hounds off if we had not been there? We think we know the answer to that one!

After a long day, the Hunt headed back to the meet and packed up. Sabs shared Vegan cake as the sun set. Donations can be made to: inthenameofnaturehsa@riseup.net

Pic below -   Hare [ringed] fleeing from hounds 



8 blocked badger setts found in wake of Heythrop FH closing meet

16-3-17   Facebook - Stop Badger Sett Blocking   Following the Heythrop closing meet at Swell Buildings yesterday, further sett checking continued today. So far 8 blocked setts have been found where they were hunting and there will be more. One of the setts today was still blocked meaning that the badgers did not manage to dig themselves out last night. All setts checked were in the North Cotswold cull zone so the questions are... did the sett blockers disinfect their spades and quads? If not then why do vaccinators have to ? And why, if the area is considered to be a bTb hotspot,  were hounds, quads and horses cross-contaminating the whole area without any restrictions?


Beaufort FH Huntsman refuses to pull hounds off fox they just behind

Only calls them away from two others because of monitor filming

16-3-17   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    Beaufort Hunt 13th March, 2017    The meet was at Trull Farm, a few miles west of Cirencester. It was great to have our friend from Three Counties Hunts Sabs join us for the day.

They hunted straight across to Rodmarton and they were seen hunting a fox at the first draw. They made their way to Tarlton and fields behind the Tunnel House Inn, where hounds were running across heads down, seen there by a member of the public. This was hunting over into VWH territory so they couldn't have been hunting a pre laid trail there surely.

Huntsman was spotted in wood next to Tetbury Road just past Tarlton turn off. The hounds were gathered round a woodpile wagging tails indicating ‘gone to ground’. After some time the fox burst out and the poor thing made a run for it with hounds closely behind it. Monitors asked Matt Ramsden to call off the hounds but he didn’t and continued to hunt in full view of monitors who couldn’t go fast enough to see what happened to the fox. We were worried because there are now pregnant vixens and dependent cubs underground. The fox could have been so reluctant to run because it was a vixen with cubs. Or the fox could have been trying to escape the Hunt by hiding within the woodpile. The old MFHA rulebook allows 'bolting on' a fox that has hidden so that it can be chased some more, providing more sport before it is killed. Of course hunting a fox with hounds is illegal now, although you wouldn’t think so.

We saw another fox forced out of a wood which ran across the road a few feet from two of our team who shouted to the Hunt not to chase it. As the Hunt went round the corner of the road another of our vehicles was there with a camera so they did not try to lay the hounds onto the fox and it got away that time.

Later we were there as they drew Black Covert with riders on point, supporters watching from the road and quad bikes near the wood and in the field behind. They came out of the wood and drew the hedges next to Aston Down airfield and went off quickly as we approached behind them, down towards Gillhays Copse and Gillhays Bottom where we found them on what we were told was Zara Phillip's land. We had seen this Hunt chase a fox - What is she doing allowing them to hunt on her land?

They took the hounds through the winding valley, past a notice that said 'Keep all dogs on leads' towards the Nag's Head at Avening where they picked up on cry in the woods backing on to Avening Court. We were on the path next to the hounds as they tracked around the thick bushes and undergrowth on cry, down the steep banks of the stream down and into back gardens in Avening. No trail possible there then! We had cameras on both sides and when he came down the path and saw this, the Huntsman called them off. An anxious villager was in the street, worried about the Hunt. They went off back southwards from there as reported by a runner.

They packed up just before dark and a couple of Beaufort followers on a quad pulled up beside us to ask if we’d had a nice day. They also said ‘see you next season’ – a bit premature we thought as they have three meets to go yet! See you soon BH!

'2 foxes pushed out of van for Zetland FH to hunt' claim villagers

16-3-17  POWA has been privately informed that, towards the end of February, two older residents of a village near Darlington claim to have seen two 'young-looking' foxes being pushed out of the back of a van, apparently to be chased by the Zetland FH who were in the immediate area. We gather that both residents say they are 'sick to death' of the Hunt who seem to be out in their locality, creating disturbance and apparently hunting, 'every bloody weekend.'

POWAperson comments - The Zetland's country covers parts of North Yorkshire and south Co.Durham, an area very rarely visited by sabs or monitors, so we've no real record of that particular Hunt's behaviour in recent times, other than this third-hand account. That, however, would not be out of line with the observed - and often filmed - activities of many other packs, who seem to behave as though the Hunting Act does not exist. POWA would welcome any comment from the Zetland FH regarding the above.


Trial of two Jedforest FH hunt servants begins

Fox was chased underground and terrier entered 

16-3-17   BBC News Borders    Fox-hunting trial gets under way   Two men have gone on trial in the Scottish Borders accused of hunting foxes with hounds - illegal in Scotland since the Wild Mammals Act 2002. John Clive Richardson, 66, and Jonathan Riley, 24, of Bonchester Bridge, deny the charge.

Jedburgh Sheriff Court saw footage filmed by an employee of the League Against Cruel Sports. Terence Hill told the court he had been observing hunts throughout the UK for 30 years.

He described what he said he had filmed on 18 February 2016 which he said was the Jed Forest Hunt and how the two accused were taking part. Mr Hill said the footage showed hunt members using a terrier to flush a fox from a hole and then encouraging foxhounds to chase and kill it. He said foxhounds could only be used to flush a fox out of cover towards guns, which should have been used to make the kill.

However, Mr Hill said there was no evidence of guns being there, but he described what he said was hunt members calling and encouraging hounds to chase a fox, which he said he assumed died later. He also said he saw one hunt member - in charge of the terriers - try to trip the fox up as it attempted to escape back down a hole. The trial continues. 

21-3-17  Southern Reporter   Huntsmen ‘wanted hounds to kill fox’   A father and son have gone on trial accused of breaching Scotland’s fox hunting legislation. John Clive Richardson, 66, and Johnny Riley, 24, from the Jedforest Hunt, deny deliberately hunting a fox with hounds – which has been illegal in Scotland since the introduction of the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002. Jedburgh Sheriff Court, Jedburgh Justice of the Peace Court.

A video filmed by an investigator from the League Against Cruel Sports was shown on Thursday at Jedburgh Sheriff Court which, it is alleged, shows a breach of the act. The law allows hounds to flush a fox out of cover to waiting guns to be shot. But the footage shows the foxhounds chasing a fox through gorse land and down a hole. A male, described in court as a terrier man, put a terrier dog down the hole to locate the fox. The terrier dog was then taken out of the hole and the male spends the next 20 minutes digging to reach the fox. The law says the fox should then be dispatched or killed by a hand pistol or shotgun.

But the footage shows the fox being released from the hole and pursued again by the hounds. League Against Cruel Sports investigator Terence Hill, 51, shot the video after setting up an observation point for a covert operation on gorse-covered land at Townfoothill, near Jedburgh, on February 18 last year. It shows huntsmen Richardson and Riley on horseback at the scene of the incident and in charge of the dogs. Mr Hill – who has been observing hunts throughout the UK for the past 30 years – filmed the incident on a video camera from a distance of 650 metres. Giving evidence,

Mr Hill told the court: “Through the whole proceedings they had no interest in the proper fox control of dispatching it based on my observation and film material obtained. “Their intention was they wanted the hounds to hunt and kill the fox. “They allowed this to happen and did not have guns anywhere around that gorse.” Mr Hill said that when the fox was trapped below the ground there was plenty of opportunity to humanely kill it with a gun. He concluded: “They clearly wanted the hounds to kill the fox.” Around 20 minutes after the incident, the video shows Richardson and the terrier man carrying shotguns, but Mr Hill insisted they did not have them at the time of the death when the fox was supposed to be flushed out to guns. He said: “That is way after the incident of the fox bolting. And I did not hear a gunshot then.”

17-3-17  Border Telegraph   Trial hears how fox is dug from hole before being chased by hound pack   A father and son have gone on trial at Jedburgh Sheriff Court accused of breaching Scotland's fox hunting legislation. John Clive Richardson, who is 66, and 24-year-old Johnny Riley from the Jedforest Hunt deny deliberately hunting a fox with hounds - which has been illegal in Scotland since the introduction of the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002.

A video filmed by an investigator from the League Against Cruel Sports was shown which it is alleged shows a breach of the Act. The law allows hounds to flush a fox out of cover to waiting guns to be shot. But the footage shows the foxhounds chasing the animal through gorse land and down a hole.  A male, described in court as a terrier man, put a terrier dog down the hole to locate the fox. 

The terrier dog was then taken out of the hole and the male spends the next 20 minutes digging to reach the fox. The law says the fox should then be dispatched or killed by a hand pistol or shotgun. But the footage shows the fox being released from the hole and pursued again by the hounds. The fox goes out of sight behind a land ridge before it is presumably caught by the hounds and torn to pieces.

League Against Cruel Sports investigator Terence Hill, 51, shot the video after setting up an observation point for a covert operation on gorse-covered land at Townfoothill near Jedburgh, on February 18 last year. It shows huntsmen Richardson and Riley on horseback at the scene of the incident and in charge of the dogs. Mr Hill - who has been observing hunts throughout the UK for the past 30 years - filmed the incident on a video camera from a distance of 650 metres. He also claimed Hunt members were calling and encouraging the hounds to chase the fox. He said he saw one Hunt member - in charge of the terriers - try to trip the fox up as it attempted to escape back down a hole.

During his evidence Mr Hill said: "There are far too many loopholes in the legislation just now. Flushing to guns is not happening. Traditional fox hunting is still going on." 

No huntsmen has yet fallen foul of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002, but two individuals have been convicted for hunting foxes with dogs and 10 for hare coursing. The trial of Richardson and Riley of Abbotrule, Bonchester Bridge, continues.

16-3-17   ITV News  Borders Huntsmen deny breaking fox hunting laws  Two men have appeared at Jedburgh Sheriff Court accused of deliberately hunting a fox with a pack of dogs

The court heard that 66-year-old John Clive Richardson and 24-year-old Johnathan Riley, from Bonchester Bridge, were on a Jedforest Hunt in the Scottish Borders in 18 February 2016, when they were filmed by the League Against Cruel Sports.

The video was shown in court, and Mr Terence Hill, from the charity, said it shows a breach of the Protection of Wild Mammals Act (2002). He told the court "opportunities to dispatch the fox humanely" were ignored.

But speaking in defence of Mr Riley, lawyer David McKee said that Mr Hill had "an agenda" and pointed out his viewpoint was from around 650 metres away. Both men have denied breaking the Protection of Wild Mammals Act. The trial continues.

17-3-17  BBC News   Borders fox-hunting trial adjourned   The trial of two huntsmen accused of breaching Scotland's fox hunting legislation has been adjourned. Legal reasons meant no evidence could be led on the second day of the trial of John Clive Richardson, 66, and his 24-year-old son Johnny Riley. The pair, both members of the Jedforest Hunt who live near Bonchester Bridge, deny deliberately hunting a fox with hounds near Jedburgh in February 2016. The trial will resume at Jedburgh Sheriff Court on 27 April. 

Deliberately hunting a fox with hounds has been illegal in Scotland since the introduction of the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002.

POWAperson adds - Unfortunately, the Senior JM of the Jedforest FH is not on trial. He is the odious Johan Christofferson, an American hedge-fund manager and major donor to the Conservative Party. He helped bankroll the election as MP of the equally repellent Simon Hart, formerly CEO of the Countryside Alliance. While of the JM of the Isle of Wight FH, his Huntsman and terrierman, Stuart Trousdale and James Butcher [who already had a badger-digging conviction and has acquired a few other convictions since] thought it would be a good idea to dump large animal carcases [a cow and a horse] in Brighton city centre at the time of the Labour Conference there. It was 2004, the Hunting Act had had its second reading couple of weeks before. They were convicted of public order offences and given a slap on the wrist. Christofferson was not prosecuted but was suspended for a whole month by the MFHA for not controlling his servants. Not long after, Christofferson moved up country to become Jedforest FH JM. So disgusted with Trousdale's behaviour was he that he took the Huntsman with him, though he has since left. The most flattering pic of Christofferson I could find is below. Well, the horse looks nice.


So effective has the Scottish hunting 'ban' been that not a single person from an organised Hunt in Scotland has been convicted of breaking it. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the demise of 'sport' fox hunting in Scotland, which is in rude health, and everything to do with the loopholes in the Act itself. Remind you of anything? Still, at least the government north of the border has promised to strengthen the Act. In England and Wales the best we can do is hang on grimly to an Act that is next to useless against organised Hunts.


Bizarre hound blessing by Anglican priest at Chiddingfold FH meet

16-3-17   Facebook - Surrey Hunt Monitors    Saturday 11th March saw the Surrey Hunt Monitors in Sussex at the hound blessing ceremony for the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray fox hunt at Toby's Stone. We normally keep a low profile and very often the hunts don’t even know that we are monitoring and filming them. This time it was different, we took time away from the grubby activities of the Surrey Union terrier men and following a tip off from a local sympathiser, we decided to film this rather bizarre ceremony. Four of us turned up separately at Bignor Hill and were rewarded with the spectacle of ‘Reverend John Bundock’ blessing the hounds and horses of the Hunt.

We know that the police, the judiciary and politicians are very close to the hunting community but we were somewhat surprised to find a ‘man of the cloth’ so willing to give his blessing to an activity whose main purpose is the killing of an innocent animal. The photo of the terrier contained in its box on the quad-bike, we were told belonged to the hunt terrier man Simon.

Our ‘friend’ Lulu Hutley, the Surrey Union master (infamous for being videoed 'apparently' whipping a young protester) had provided the priest "on loan from the Surrey Union" for the ceremony. Hypocrisy was rampant. A priest, who should be holding all life sacred, riding out with and sanctifying the very activity, whose objective is the opposite. Perhaps we should remind this ‘turbulent priest’ of his vows and point him in the direction of Saint Francis of Assisi and ‘All things bright and beautiful’!

"God requires that we assist the animals, when they need our help. Each being (human or creature) has the same right of protection." (St Francis of Assisi)

The Revd John Bundock, formerly Vicar of Bramley, and Canon Emeritus of Guildford Cathedral. Perhaps you may wish to contact the Bishop of Guildford and express your thoughts. http://www.cofeguildford.org.uk/whats-on/contact-us


Landowner finds Beaufort FH trotting thru his wood without permission


'Hounds Off' retweeted the landowner's tweet with URL to go to for advice on how to keep Hunts off your land http://www.houndsoff.co.uk/action-advice/landowners-farmers-residents/warn-off-your-local-hunt-belt-braces-approach/


Monitors think Cotswold FH killed as they hunted many familiar coverts

Two heavily blocked badger setts found and reported to police

15-3-17  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Cotswold Hunt, Saturday 11th March 2017    We were tipped off that the Cotswold meet was at Hill Barn west of Turkdean. We worked with a member of Three Counties for this hunt which initially went off towards Nut Tree Brake. Foot walkers went into the big valley from the north-east and others were already round at Judith Grove which is a favourite hunting place although some way off ... sure enough the Hunt didn't stay long enough to draw the coverts in the area of the meet and went eastwards fast and arrived at Judith Grove where the monitors had discovered all the terriermen in the wood [pic bottom] ... what were they doing or planning to do? The Hunt went through the wood quickly, again not staying long enough to hunt even a trail. They crossed the road then went back along south just under Turkdean village, with the hounds searching across the steep, rough ground there and through into the open area near Lower Dean Manor, suddenly speeding off apparently when they realised they were watched by another monitor on the lower road.

They disappeared into the big area of country there but we found them coming up from Quarry Covert, crossing the road there and the hounds being put to search in the field on the opposite side, once again arrival of CIHW vehicle seemed to bring about a sudden change in horn signals to the dogs and they were hurriedly gathered back to the road and taken northwards into the New Covert area, where they hunted up towards and along the disused railways - another favourite place...

A fox was seen escaping, a monitor watching its back and they did not seem to be picking up on it, but foxes are in braces at this time of year and the hounds went on cry around the old railway. Monitors were on the road at the Salperton end of the old railway path when half the pack were brought up to the road. The rest were coming along around the stream at the bottom of the slope, searching.

Monitors on the road heard a whistle just as they arrived and saw the supporter there wait and speak to the redcoat as he emerged. A whistle - not a human whistle but like a games whistle - is traditionally used when a fox has been sighted.

The searching hounds went over into the big cropped field and went across with their heads down and on cry into the woods across behind Salperton where they suddenly stopped. This was worrying, it can mean a kill. If it was it could have been a pregnant vixen or a vixen with dependent cubs underground. This fear haunts us at this time of year. The 3C monitor working with us once found and recorded fox cub foetuses after a Hunt had emerged from a wood, as well as some remains of the vixen which whoever took the body had not noticed.

When monitors got there terriermen were seen emerging fast from a roadside covert and instead of usual gestures and acknowledgements had their heads down, looking guilty. They didn't look at us. What had they done?

The Hunt had gone across Salperton Park and then disappeared from view. We found the Hunt again across the busy A436 at Aylesworth... hunting back down the old railway towards the A436 - another favourite haunt - but they didn't seem to be finding anything, not even a 'trail'... Redcoats were on the main road as the Hunt went down opposite Westfield Farm and we found the terriermen all in a cluster on the road up to the quarry... the terriermen all took off back up the Salperton road to a quarry area. This is the old quarry that the Hunt returned to three times the last time they were there. We watched as the Hunt came across the dip and the hounds were taken into the concealed area of the quarry and were put to search inside, all the noises of instruction and encouragement to search could be heard.

The steep sides of the inside of the quarry are lined with thick impenetrable bushes and undergrowth which the Huntsman instructed the hounds to search thoroughly as one of us watched. So much for looking for a trail. Luckily no scent was picked up ... which may have had something to do with the fairies having been there first to put a spell on the area which filled the hounds' nostrils with the smell of spring flowers.

The Hunt went back to coverts south of Penhill Farm and were seen drawing another old quarry area... They frequently hunt that spot... As the Huntsman encouraged the hounds to search through the big patch of thick bushes and old conifer plantation, a monitor was having a look at this area where they frequently go on cry. Ideal territory for a fox. In fact they area always searching areas that are ideal for a fox or are traditionally known as places where the Hunts find foxes... they are often called something Covert and that is what it means.

We were with them most of the day and although we suspect they may have chased and killed one fox, we hardly heard the pack on cry at all. they did rush around a lot. Ideal that, gives the field a good ride in the fresh air and does no harm. If they really did convert to drag hunting they wouldn't have to bother going round illegally blocking badger setts - two of these were found in the hunting area and reported to the police. These setts were heavy blocked with rocks and bits of tree rammed in, which was not allowed even when hunting was legal and light blocking of setts allowed to facilitate their pursuit of foxes.



Three Grove & Rufford FH members convicted of illegal hunting

Judge rules presence of terrierman evidence of intent to hunt

14-3-17  Nottingham Post   Three members of Grove and Rufford Hunt fined for fox hunting  Three members of a Nottinghamshire Hunt have been fined after being found guilty of hunting a fox with dogs. The members of the Grove and Rufford Hunt said they were trail-hunting around Laneham, near Retford, which remains legal after fox hunting was banned in 2005, and the fox's death [right] on January 30, 2016, wasGroveRuffordFHhoundskillingfox30-1-16_3huntersconvicted_14-3-17.jpg accidental.

Birdwatchers Phillip Palmer and his partner Pauline Hogg filmed the fox being killed just after 1pm, in a field off Helenship Lane.

Huntsman Paul Larby, 57, of The Kennels, Kennel Drive, Barnby Moor, trail-layer Peter White, 57, of Leyfields Farm, Redhill Lane, Kneesall, and the Hunt's whipper-in Jane Wright, 63, of Town Street, Lound, each pleaded not guilty to offences under the Hunting Act.

Reaching his conclusion after a three day trial, district judge Tim Spruce said: "It's an inescapable conclusion that the Grove and Rufford Hunt were hunting foxes and not artificial scent trails. They maintained they were engaged in trail laying, but I am not convinced that this was the case. There were three sightings of foxes in the area and a fox was killed."

The court heard a man was seen in a field and appeared to direct the Hunt after a fox, and an eye witness provided evidence of a "terrier man" when none was needed. No action was taken to call off the hounds from the kill, or to take the hounds in a different direction [left, hunters arrive soon after the kill].

GroveRuffordFHHuntersarrivesoonafterkil30-1-16huntersconvicted14-3-17.jpgAn expert witness, who the defence had sought to undermine because of an alleged connection to anti-cruel sports groups, was "fully tested" and his opinion that foxes were being hunted was "fully supported" by the other evidence in the case.

District judge Spruce said the three defendants, of previous good character, had given no comment interviews or prepared statements when they were interviewed by the police. The couple had asked permission to take pictures of the Hunt and their photographs and video enabled a prosecution to be brought.

On the day, Mr Palmer, an accomplished birdwatcher. said: "This is going to be interesting. They must have seen the fox. Clearly they will need to call off the hunt."

Larby was fined £800, White was fined £550 and Wright, who played a lesser role, was fined £180. All three were ordered to pay costs of £248 and an £80 victim surcharge each, at Mansfield Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

15-3-17  Daily Mirror    Fox hunters found guilty of illegal hunting after they were filmed by two birdwatchers - Twitchers provided evidence to the court of members of the Grove and Rufford Hunt involved in illegal hunting with hounds    Three members of a fox hunt have been found guilty of illegal hunting after being filmed by birdwatchers. Twitchers saw members of the Nottinghamshire-based Grove and Rufford Hunt chase and catch a fox before the carcass was removed. 

Huntsman Paul Larby, 57, terrierman Peter White, 57, and the hunt’s whipper-in Jane Wright, 63, claimed they had been following a trail and the animal was caught accidentally. But footage taken by two birdwatchers of the January 2016 incident were shown to Mansfield Magistrates’ Court where the three, who denied illegal hunting, were convicted of hunting a mammal with dogs. It showed no attempt to call off the hounds.

Twitcher Philip Palmer told the trial a fox was chased by a pack of 45 hounds in view of members of the Hunt. District Judge Tim Spruce said: “It’s an inescapable conclusion that the Grove and Rufford Hunt were hunting foxes and not artificial scent trails. They maintained they were engaged in trail laying, but I am not convinced that this was the case.” He added: “There is good and compelling evidence that the hunt was aware of the fox, but it appears there is no evidence that hounds were directed away.”

Larby was fined £800, White was fined £550 and Wright was fined £180.

Speaking after the case, League Against Cruel Sports chief executive Eduardo Goncalves said: “ Fox hunts constantly chase real foxes while pretending they are following a trail, but this time they were caught bang to rights. This case highlights exactly why the pro-hunt lobby want to have the Hunting Act repealed. The law is waiting to catch them, and this case will send shock waves around all those hunts heading out today and for the rest of the hunting season. Burglars must wince every time they see someone convicted of burglary – and today the Hunts are wincing. Taking on hunting in the legal system is no easy task, but this shows that the Hunting Act is a good law that can be successfully used to punish illegal hunting. Hopefully more police forces will use this to see through the false alibi of ‘trail hunting’ and bring more hunts to book.”

14-3-17  BBC News   Grove and Rufford Hunt members fined after illegal fox killing   Three people have been fined for illegal hunting after their actions were recorded by birdwatchers.

Paul Larby, 58, Peter White, 57, and Jane Wright, 63, of the Grove and Rufford Hunt, insisted their dogs were on a trail when they stumbled on a fox. But the footage, taken at Laneham, Nottinghamshire in January 2016, showed no attempt to call the hounds off.

All were convicted at Mansfield Magistrates' Court of hunting a mammal with dogs. Including costs, Larby was fined £1,128, White £853 and Wright £448. Paul Larby, Peter White and Jane Wright denied the charge of hunting a mammal with dogs.

White, from Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, gave evidence of six trails he said he laid on the morning of the incident. Larby, a huntsman from Barmby Moor, and Wright, a hunt volunteer from Lound, both in Nottinghamshire, told the court they had been following a trail when the fox jumped out of a hedge in front of them. It was chased and killed by the dogs before they could intervene, they said.

The prosecution claimed no-one saw the trails being laid and the hounds had run across roads - which trails are not laid across. Birdwatcher Philip Palmer told the trial a fox was chased by a pack of 45 hounds in view of members of the Hunt. Both Larby and Wright were in the field, but Mr Palmer said he heard no attempt to call the dogs off.

District Judge Timothy Spruce said: "There is good and compelling evidence that the hunt was aware of the fox, but it appears there is no evidence that hounds were directed away."

The League Against Cruel Sports said it was the first case it was aware of where footage from members of the public was used to secure a conviction.

Pic below -  Larby, White and Wright - the convicted fox killers  [Credit BBC]


14-3-17  Horse & Hound   Hunt members consider appeal following guilty verdicts under Hunting Act  Three hunt members are considering an appeal after being found guilty of illegal hunting. The Grove and Rufford Hunt members — who denied the charges — are seeking legal advice and are considering appealing the decision to a higher court.

The three-day trial at Mansfield Magistrates Court concluded today. This is the first time in more than two years that there has been a successful prosecution of a registered hunt under the 2004 Hunting Act.

Paul Larby, 57, was ordered to pay total costs of £1,848, including a fine of £800; Peter White, 57, was ordered to pay £853, including a £550 fine; and Jane Wright, 63, £448, including a fine of £180. The alleged incident took place on 30 January 2016 and the trio, who are all from Nottinghamshire, pleaded not guilty to offences under the Act.

Speaking after the trial had concluded, a spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said the organisation is “disappointed by the verdict”. “These three individuals were of impeccable character and we believe that the evidence showed they were trail-hunting within the law,” he said. “The activity is legal and they were aware that they were being photographed and filmed throughout the day. They had nothing to hide and were acting lawfully within the Hunting Act legislation. They will now take legal advice and may very well appeal the decision at a higher court.”

POWAperson adds - This is indeed the first conviction of organised hunters under the Hunting Act 2004 for more than 2 years and very welcome. The judge appears to have seen through the [what another judge once described as] 'cynical subterfuge' of the hunters and determined that their hunting was wilful. Of particular note is the fact that he described the presence of a terrierman as indicative of intent to hunt. Mmm, what have we and other antis been saying about that for many years?  We do expect an appeal against this verdict because if it is established as case law it will be quite damaging to the hunt side. The matter is likely to hang on interpretation of 'engage or participate', the criterion in Section 11 of the Act that determines whether or not any given hunter is committing an offence, and the extent to which other evidence, including the presence of terriermen, helps to adduce an intent to hunt on the part of the accused.

These convictions bring to 378 the number of persons from organised Hunts who have been convicted of or cautioned for criminal offences since 1990, having been guilty of at least 916 offences. 200 of these are violent offences, 47 are Hunting Act offences [though thousands have been committed every season since 2005]. People known to be officials or staff of organised Hunts have committed 203 of these offences. The rest are down to riders or car/foot followers not known to have any official standing.

Tables detailing all the known prosecutions of organised hunters since 2005 for HA offences and under other animal welfare Act laws can be found on this website here, along with analysis of the Hunting Act data. 


Terrierman almost falls off speeding quad trying to hit sab

Berwickshire FH thwarted in attempts to kill foxes 

14-3-17   Facebook - Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   On Saturday The Berkwickshire Hunt Terriermen made a pathetic attempt to assault sabs and almost fell off their quad! Sabs stopped them killing a fox illegally so perhaps this was the reason for their stupidity. Join - Sab - Donate

   BerwickshireFHTerriermantriestohitsabaspasses11-3-17.jpg   BerwickshireFHTerriermanwhojusttriedtohitsabnearlyfalloffquad11-3-17.jpg



Woodland Pytchley FH Director resigns his Wildlife Trust post

Robert Brudenell's resignation as a Trustee of Beds, Cambs and Northants Wildlife Trust came after a very short social media campaign...

13-3-17  Facebook – Stop the Cull   Would you be surprised to hear that a director of a Wildlife Trust was also a director of a fox hunt and runs a shooting estate?

You may think this is a conflict of interest and a contradiction. We certainly do. If you are a member of this Wildlife Trust you may not be too happy to learn about this strong link between wildlife killers & those you trust to protect wildlife for future generations.

We question the ethics of The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire... The Woodland Pytchley Hunt have a reputation for violence against hunt saboteurs and have at least one conviction against them.

We had a look around the Deene Park estate, (ancestral home to Robert Brudenell) and found several shooting towers, poisoned traps designed for squirrels and alarmingly, the viscera of what we believe to be butchered fallow deer, sadly including an unborn foetus. This is an Estate where people pay to kill partridges and pheasants http://www.deenepark.com/shooting/.

A BCN Wildlife Trust Member posted this in reply to the above -  

15-3-17     BCN Wildlife Trust Statement  received by Gill Mitchell   Following recent criticism on social media, Robert Brudenell, one of 12 Wildlife Trust BCN trustees, has decided to stand down as a trustee with immediate effect, Monday 13 March, to spare the Trust further unwelcome distractions from its valuable work.
The Wildlife Trust Council of Trustees consists of people from a range of backgrounds: practical conservationists and volunteers, ecologists and conservation scientists, business people and landowners, all with a commitment to the aims of the Trust. Trustees are required by law to uphold the interests and the objectives of the charity when making decisions in Council meetings.



Sabs prevent two Suffolk & Essex FH dig outs, quad driven into sab

Redcoat deliberately rides his horse into path of sabs' landy 

13-3-17  N.E. London Sabs    Hit Report  11.03.2017  Suffolk and Essex Hunt   Thanks to your donations we managed to go out again on Saturday. We got transport to the area of Suffolk and Essex and then jumped in CHS’s landrover. The meet was at Langham Hall near Colchester. We were out with SES - Suffolk and Essex SabsEssexandSuffolkFHQuaddrivenatsabdeliversglancingblow11-3-16.jpg and CHS - Cambridge Hunt Sabs.

The conditions were not ideal for the Hunt at all as it was warm and sunny for the hounds to pick up any scent therefore the Hunt tried a couple of unsuccessful dig outs. The hounds went in cry on just one occasion but the fox went to ground pretty fast. The SES sabs quickly intervened so when the rest of the sabs arrived the hunt was leaving the area without marking the earth for the terriermen. Soon after another fox went to ground but we again prevented the dig out by sitting on the holes and let the Huntsman know that we intended to stay. We prevented 2 dig outs and made sure we follow the Hunt throughout the day not allowing them any time to try another dig out.

The Hunt grew more frustrated as the day went resulting in terriermens’ aggressive behaviour. They drove their quad-bike straight into walking sabs actually hitting one of us [above right] and also tried to kick and punch others. Once the weather was getting warmer and they also realised that they were constantly followed and could not dig out they packed up just before 3pm.

Thank you all again for your generous donations and support!

18-3-17   Facebook - Cambridge Sabs  VIDEO  The Suffolk and Essex Hunt claim to care very much about animals, namely their horses. This video alludes otherwise.

Pics below -  1/  Redcoat gallops up alongside sab landy  2/  Pulling horse into its path   3/  Brakes and turns in front of landy   4/  Joined by 2nd redcoat

   EssexandSuffolkFHHuntsmanridinghorseintopathofsablandy_1_11-3-16.jpg  EssexandSuffolkFHHuntsmanridinghorseintopathofsablandy_2_11-3-16.jpg

   EssexandSuffolkFHHuntsmanridinghorseintopathofsablandy_4_11-3-16.jpg  EssexandSuffolkFHHuntsmanwhorodehorseintopathofsablandyjoinedby2ndredcoat11-3-16.jpg


Fife FH hunt foxes in open, no guns, sabs think first was bagged

13-3-17  Facebook - Perthshire Sabs   Fife FH Closing Meet 11-3-17   The Hunt unboxed at Letham Farm to meet at Cunnoquhie House for the last meet of their season. The day started very suspiciously, with Adam GalpinFifeFHWaitigforfoxtobrakcoverabouttobottomright11-3-17.jpg the terrier-man and his digging friend Colin George driving into position around 10 minutes before the Hunt set off. Seconds after they arrived a fox was seen by a sab running from their position into the nearby gorse and this is where the Hunt made a beeline to as soon as they left the meet. We strongly believe this fox was released from the terrier-man. Sadly the sab who witnessed this did not have a camera.

The hounds did not pick up on the fox and were quiet as they searched the gorse, but the Hunt clearly knew it was there and Mark Fleming, Master acting as whip for the day, saw what way the fox went once it ran from the gorse. Thankfully the hounds seemed to lose this fox and another group of our sabs waiting for the Hunt in another position saw what we believe was the same fox heading in their direction, now looking exhausted.

The hounds soon picked up on another fox though and were left to run a large distance away from any riders or token guns after it - more illegal hunting. After a while, a terrified fox was seen running from Cairnie Hill where the hounds were in and out of cry, the fox headed for cover at the back of Whitefield, sabs moved into the area, but soon the hounds came rampaging back across the estate, past Whitefield in a different route to what the fox had taken. They carried on, over Dunbog Hill and onto Balmeadow Hill, where they met another group of our sabs, the hounds leaving behind the Huntsman, whip and field still on Cairnie Hill, so nobody there apart from sabs to ensure an illegal kill was not made.

Eventually the Hunt caught up with their hounds and proceeded to hunt the gorse on Balmeadow Hill. By this time, two groups of sabs were there and a fox was seen sneaking out of the gorse, thankfully unseen by the Hunt, with the sabs present the Hunt gave up on this area, allowing the fox to safely escape.

The Hunt then headed in the direction of Collairnie Hill, sabs followed and caught sight of them heading back towards the meet and when sabs made their way back towards Letham the Hunt were observed packing up.

The season may be over, but we will still be out in the countryside till the start of next fox hunting season doing what we can to expose wildlife persecution and save lives

Please help keep us in the field : https://gogetfunding.com/fuel-costs-and-vehicle-maintenance/

Pics below -  1/  First fox fleeing immediately after pic above  2/ Second fox fleeing, just beyond fence to right of horse    3/  Second fox exhausted   4/ Third fox fleeing

   FifeFHFoxbreakscoverandflees11-3-17.jpg   FifeFHSecondfleeingfoxjustrofhorse11-3-17.jpg

   FifeFHThirdfleeingfoxheadstowardssabslowmiddle11-3-17.jpg  FifeFHThirdfleeingfox11-3-17.jpg


Sabs stop hare pack from hunting and fox pack from killing

12-3-17   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs   This weekend we headed across the bridge to join up with sabs from S.Wales, Bath & Severn Vale Sabs.

The first stop off was with the Woolaston Bassets, who were holding their last meet of the season at Lydney Park, just to the south of the Forest of Dean. This foot pack are fairly new on the scene, only existing for a few seasons, so we thought it would be a good shout to go and see what they were up to, as they have been left alone for a couple of seasons now.

We took a stroll up to Lydney Park house as most of the support and hunt staff were arriving. We waited around for a while for the Huntsman and hound van to show, before an empty trailer arrived. They seemed very keen to let us know that they knew we were coming as they had spotted us earlier, fine by us if it meant they weren't going to bring any hounds to hunt with!

There was some more waiting around, some arm flapping from hunt staff, and an attempt to dash off in the hound van. However we were hot in pursuit, following them back to their kennels at the Old Rectory in Woolaston, where hunt staff abandoned the trailer and took off in a car. With word that supporters had all left the meet in dribs and drabs, we left in the knowledge that their hare/rabbit hunting plans for the day had been scuppered. Result!

Then it was back across the border into Wales and on to the nearby fox Hunt, the Curre & Llangibby, who were also holding their final meet of the season at their kennels in Itton.

After a bit of a search we located the Hunt in a valley not too far away. We kept tabs on the Huntsman and hounds from our vehicles for a while, despite numerous attempts by their car support to block us in.

We kept on them, later coming across the Huntsman and hounds working through a wood not far from the kennels. With hounds picking up foot sabs went into the field, gaining a couple of drunken chaperones, who we can only presume were laid on by the Hunt as end of season entertainment. They were so preoccupied with our choice of clothing that they were completely oblivious to the fox bolting from the wood that the Hunt were drawing.

Thankfully, a couple of eagle-eyed sabs spotted it, as did a rider on point, meaning we could get into the right position to stop the hounds who were now in cry. A few sabs used citronella to cover its line and we waited to intervene further if needed.

The hounds went in and out of cry for a while, before moving off in the other direction out of the woods. With darkness quickly setting in and supporters leaving, we soon caught up with the Huntsman gathering up loose hounds at the kennels, and our day was done. 'Til the next one...


Sabs twice stop Taunton Vale FH dig outs as Hunt chase foxes

Also invaded Nature Reserve & caused chaos on busy road

12-3-17   Facebook - Devon County Sabs   VIDEO  Taunton Vale Foxhounds 11.3.2017   Yesterday was one of the most stressful days we've had all season, but also one of the most rewarding. It's a long one, but there's a lot to report.

Together with our friends from Somerset Sab Group we showed up to the Taunton Vale Foxhounds closing meet at Long Grove Farm, north-west of Ilminster. With a field of about 30 riders the Hunt set off south into the River Ding valley. Sabs positioned themselves downwind of the Hunt, just in time to spot a fox running away from the hounds. Sabs gave the fox time to get away and then went in to cover the scent. Fortunately, hounds didn't pick up on it. At this point, sabs were greeted by Taunton Vale terrierman Paul Martin, who told them to "stick to the footpaths and that's all I'm going to say the rest of the f***ing day". Shame he didn't keep his promise.

The Hunt crossed the river and headed west towards one of our foot teams. From quite a distance they witnessed hounds enter the bushes by the river where it later turned out they had marked to ground at a fox earth [below right]. Huntsman Guy Landau got off his horse, made a phone call and was joined shortly after by Paul and his mates on their quadbike. Landau called the hounds out of the bushes and moved them on along the river while the terriermen got a terrier and spade from the boxes on their quad bike and made their way to the earth.TauntonValeFHHunthavemarkedtoground11-3-17.jpg

Several foot sab teams were mobilised to converge on the location. When they got there the terriermen had filled all but one entrance hole with soil and one of them had begun digging. There were fresh hound scratch marks at one of the entrances, where hounds had marked to ground. Sabs got in between the earth and the spade [below left] and signalled to the other teams in the area to call the police. With 8 foot sabs at the earth the terriermen were outnumbered and forced to abandon the dig.

Paul insisted his terrier was still underground and that he needed to dig her out. Sabs encouraged him to get his transmitter to locate the terrier and extract her, but he refused. Instead he made a phone call to one of the Masters and, like a petulant child, whined about the fact we were trespassing, claimed we were being violent and preventing him from getting his terrier out! Sabs were peaceful throughout and Paul's lies and complaints look rather silly on the video footage.

TauntonValeFHSabspreventdigout11-3-17.jpgBy now the hounds had been entered into a covert to the south. One of our teams left to keep an eye on them while the stand-off at the earth continued. Eventually the terriermen gave up and sped off. On their way out Paul shouted "by the way you're all too late, that one's already dead". He had earlier stated his intentions to bolt the fox into a net and kill it. Terrier-work is legal only under very limited circumstances, which were not met in this instance. Firstly, flushing a fox from an earth can only take place with the purpose of preventing serious damage to birds that are being kept or preserved for shooting. There was no evidence of this, nor did Paul carry the requisite written permission from the landowner. Secondly, the law requires that when a fox is flushed from an earth it is shot immediately. There were no guns present, nor any shots heard prior to sabs arriving at the earth. If Paul's claim that the fox had already been killed was true then it would mean he had killed the fox illegally. There was no blood or evidence of a kill.

Away from the earth sabs alerted one of the Masters to what had just gone on. His response: "I've spoken to Paul. It was a false mark" (i.e. no fox found at the earth). This whole episode highlights the farce that is 'trail-hunting'. There was no evidence of trails being laid during the day, but several foxes were seen running from hounds. Hounds don't mark a trail to ground...! The fact hounds so often mark to ground proves that they are following the scent of live foxes. More importantly: the fact that terriermen are called when they mark proves that the terriermen are not just accidental accompaniments to the Hunt, as they so often claim, but rather an integral part of their operations. Here we had a Master of the Hunt admitting on camera that hounds had marked the earth and that the terriermen had been called in to deal with it.

Nevertheless, the Master didn't look too pleased [right, telling terrierman off] when we told him about Paul's boasting and pointed to the four police cars that had by now arrived on the road. With a stern face he went over to whisper something to the Huntsman, whose expression dropped. Paul was pulled aside and - we think - encouraged to head to Lower Burnt House Farm to speak to the landowner and ask him to print off the written permission for digging to take place on his land, should the police demand it! Our suspicions were confirmed when we spotted Paul'sTauntonValeFHHuntsmantellingterriermanoff11-3-17.jpg quad bike leaving the farm half an hour later. He produced an envelope from his pocket containing a fresh printout signed by the landowner, Mr Chidley, and claimed that he had one for every landowner in the area. Funny that he only had one envelope on him though...!

By this point hounds were in cry again north of Dommett, where they crossed the road right in front of our vehicles. A foot team to the south called them off the scent. The pack ended up scattered all over the Dommett Moor Nature Reserve. However, half the pack then continued to follow the scent onto a very busy road. Luckily sabs were already there to stop them from spilling out into the traffic. When the Huntsman finally arrived to join in, he called hounds back ACROSS the road, causing chaos and frustration amongst the red coats who by now were arguing amongst themselves. A bus and other traffic was forced to come to a standstill while the entire Hunt took their time riding north on the busy road.

The Hunt entered the area north of Hare Lane, where hounds picked up another scent. Sabs did their best to call them off and hounds appeared to lose the scent as they entered an area of brambles close to a stream. Much to the sabs' horror, a fox then jumped out of the brambles right in front of the hounds. They chased the fox along a hedge and it looked like they had caught it as there was a lot of frantic milling around beside the hedge. Sabs were desperately trying to get to them and call them off. Other teams in the area received the distressing message over the radio to say the fox had probably been killed. However, when sabs got to the location there was no sign of blood or fur, but rather a very fortunately located badger sett which - we hope - was where the fox had taken refuge! Sure enough, hounds were marking at the sett and desperately trying to claw their way in. The Huntsman, who had made no efforts until this point to call the hounds off, must have realised sabs had witnessed the whole thing and quickly took the hounds away.

They drew a few more coverts on their way back to the meet but whenever hounds went into cry they were loudly rated by hunt members, who appeared increasingly nervous about our cameras and the police presence in the area. Some sabs made the wise decision to stay behind to quietly guard the area around the badger sett until the Hunt packed up. Just as well, as the terriermen 'mysteriously' turned up near the sett a while later. Paul had strangely changed his clothes and seemed surprised to see sabs. Another fox that might have been dug out and killed if sabs hadn't been there. Not to mention the badgers at the sett who would have also been targeted.

The Hunt packed up shortly before 5pm, their frustration clearly showing as they drove away from the meet. A day we had hoped would be an easy one due to the mild weather turned out to be rather more eventful than we had anticipated. At this time of year many foxes will be heavily pregnant. Others are nursing young cubs. What kind of sick person thinks it's OK to not only chase and kill pregnant vixen but also dig into earths that could be harbouring cubs?... Although this was the Taunton Vale's final meet of the season, we will be out until our other Hunts finish. Get in touch to join us or donate via Paypal to devoncountysabs@riseup.net

Pics below -   1/  Paul losing it with a sab    2/  Master tells Huntsman Paul has told sabs they killed    3/  Hunt obstructing traffic on busy road     4/  Seems hunters can't read any better than their hounds 

   TauntonValeFHTerriermanlosingit11-3-17.jpg   TauntonValeFHRedcoats11-3-17.jpg

   TauntonValeFHObstructingtraffic11-3-17.jpg  TauntonValeFHSeemsHuntcantreadanybetterthanhounds11-3-17.jpg


Southdown FH follower punches out car window injuring sab

12-3-17  Facebook - South Coast Sabs   Report 11/03/2017 from mid-week hit on Southdown & Eridge Hunt   Sabs from S.Coast and Brighton joined up for a mid-week hit by those who could take time off work. So a small number were able to attend... We parked and dropped off sabs at the main gate to the estate, around 11.10am having seen horseboxes further back near Platchetts Wood (Harvey's Lane), and followed four riders to the estate entrance... Sabs went on footpath into estate grounds to have a look for the meet itself.

Suddenly the S&E usual quad terrier men 1 x rider plus 1 x pillion (no helmets or hats) had pulled up alongside the driver window, and stood by the window swearing and threatening. The pillion rider had gone around the back and checked the back door, it was locked though. Then the rider, followed him around and confronted the passenger through the window.

In very few seconds, after some verbal abusing and shouting, the rider of the quad punched the window and followed through with his elbow which smashed it completely, throwing glass everywhere inside. The passenger sustained cuts to face and hand.

The assailant did not throw another punch nor try to open my (passenger side door), he went back round to his quad and followed us, as we were able just after the smashing of the window, to head off northwards towards the A26. We were followed for about 2km before we lost them. The police were called and two cops, who took details. They suggested we leave with all the sabs since there were no other units available.

Cops left and we left 5 minutes later, only to find an ambulance back on Harveys Lane at Mounts Farm (and gone past two riders with one riderless horse by the estate entrance). This was for the Hunt, and there were lots of support on the road, in vehicles alongside the wood and later at vantage points to watch from. There were perhaps about 15 vehicles on the road watching the whole day. The Hunt spent more time in the woods... and finished at Mount farm.

In all there were at least 5 redcoats, and 25-30 field. Many of the support were much older people but some obviously were working in the area. Near the end of the day, another vehicle towing a farm/logging trailer came face to face with our vehicle, demanding to pass and not giving room for us to manoeuvre, keeping on moving at us and swearing etc. through the window, nearly getting out and threatening us.

Meanwhile, in the field, sabs were with the Hunt the entire time, at the start of the day a rider had fallen and was injured. This had delayed them for some time, but, as usual, they continued to hunt regardless of injuries to riders. Sabs were able to stay with them all day and prevent any kills.

As always we are keen to welcome new sabs, so pleased drop us a line if you are interested on, it’s as mad as it sounds but our wildlife needs protecting. We are of course now raising funds to replace our stolen Land Rover and are looking get in the region of £7,000 to get a vehicle which will last us a long time. Any donations very much appreciated and very much needed. https://www.gofundme.com/new-sabbing-vehicle-for-scoast-sabs  or https://www.paypal.me/SouthCoastHuntSabs .


Call to boycott Atherstone FH as JM revealed to run pet kennels

12-3-17  Innocent badger.com   Boycott the Atherstone Hunt   Do you want your pet dog or cat looked after by the Atherstone Hunt? Davret Boarding Kennels & Cattery is run by Atherstone Hunt joint master James Sharland and his dad David Sharland, who is also involved in the Hunt.

The Atherstone Hunt are constantly losing control of their hounds, they’ve been documented running all over busy main roads, chasing and killing foxes and rampaging through people’s back gardens that could easily have had pets in them (http://bit.ly/2mPtnrW ). Last season they even chased a dog walker's dog through Battram woods in Ibstock (http://bit.ly/2nsPOQI ). These very same people are running a boarding kennels and cattery to look after people’s pets.

Do you want your pet cat or dog looked after by the notorious Atherstone Hunt, well known for its concern for animal welfare? If you do the details are - Davret Boarding Kennels & Cattery, 8 Station Rd, Elmesthorpe, Leicester, Leics LE9 7SG 



Another hunting vet is exposed

12-3-17   Facebook - Jan Bee   Another equine vet who is a member of an [allegedly] illegal hunt, Jo Hales, in this case the Bicester Hunt (plenty of proof of illegal hunting online, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_roHrw13tk . See http://www.buckinghamequinevets.com/jo-hales/


Local monitors Axe Vale FH - sees blatant fox hunting

11-3-17   Live Leaks    Illegal hunt in Otterton    The Axe Vale Harriers, with some of the East Devon Hunt were illegally hunting in the Otterton area on 07/03/17.  One rider even tried to intimidate me by riding her horse at me, trying to stop me filming the hounds in cry, trying flush a fox out of a hedge.

   AxeValeHarrierswithE.DevonFHHoundshuntingfox7-3-17.jpg   AxeValeHarrierswithE.DevonFHFieldandterriermennexttocovertwherehoundsincry7-3-17.jpg


Badsworth FH hounds chase and kill hare near day's end

11-3-17   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs   Today, on a beautiful early spring morning we set off to meet our friends from W.Yorkshire and N.E. Sabs. We would have enjoyed the mild temperatures and flowers blooming in the hedgerows if this hadn't brought with it the knowledge that the foxes Badsworth and Branham Fox Hounds were chasing were paired up and the vixens almost certainly pregnant, some with tiny cubs left to starve if their parents died today. Also there where a large amount of beautiful hares all over the place.

This was B&B's last weekend meet of the season and to be honest we where expecting more than the lacklustre show they did. They left from Hutton Wandesley and trotted about trying to evade sabs. But they where out manouvered at every turn with good use of vehicles and field sabs thwarting them at every attempt to pick up a scent.

Sadly towards the end of the day the hounds lucked on a terrified hare which they killed in front of us. This shows that the huntsman has little or no control over his hounds. Aside from this lost beautiful creature we ruined their day. They packed at 4.30.

   BadsworthFHHuntsman11-3-17.jpg   BadsworthFHHoundinditch11-3-17.jpg


Seavington FH cease season without kills day thanks to antis

11-3-17   Facebook - Dorset Sabs   Hit Report 11/3/17 The Seavington Hunt: Meet at Pilsdon Barn, Dorset   As it was this Hunt's closing meet of the season we decided it would be rude not to see them off!! With information we had been given we arrived early to pre-beat and spray the areas that they were known to go to.SeavingtonFHFoxfleeing11-3-17.jpg After all the end of season speeches had been delivered, they finally set off at 11.45.

So with foot sabs in place, two legendary monitors and spotters in vehicles we were prepared for anything. They headed off towards Laverstock farm before turning to Kings Moor Coppice, already sprayed by sabs earlier. The Huntsman kept on putting the hounds in with no effect, then proceeded to draw along the edges. At this point sabs were told by very cross supporters that a trail had been laid and even pointed where. Couldn't have been a very good one as the hounds went in the opposite direction!!

The Hunt then headed off in the direction of Swillets farm where the hounds picked up the scent and a fox was seen running by sabs in Great Beech Coppice. Using voice calls and the horn the sabs called the whole pack off the fox and straight to them... one Fox saved. Meanwhile a Monitor observed a very healthy fox running and sabs quickly went to spray the area.... second fox saved [right].

SeavingtonFHHunterscoveringfaces11-3-17.jpgFrom here the Huntsman gathered the pack and headed along Great Beech Coppice towards Laverstock Farm, Sabs were there watching so he headed towards Higher Coombe Coppice....Sabs were already there! Seeming very confused he half-heartedly drew along the edge of the copse along the river before gathering them and heading back to Laversham Farm before coming out onto the road... Sabs were there waiting. They headed along the road towards Gerrards Farm all trying to hide their faces from us [left]. Surely they have nothing to hide if they are only trail hunting???

Sabs who had driven round to get ahead of them spotted a very distressed sheep in a field and went to help it, joined by the rather helpful hunt supporter who had been on the trail of our landy all day. The farmer was called to come and do something for the very ill ewe. After screaming at sabs for trying to help the ewe he picked it up with [right] one hand by its neck and threw it into a box on his quad - just shows how emaciated the poor thing was. The Landy rejoined the Hunt at Batts Lane where a fox was marked to ground just behind Batts Farm. Thankfully a monitor close by was able to see that the hounds didn't get a kill.SeavingtonFHFarmerwithsickewe11-3-17.jpg

A team of sabs was then dropped off at Sliding Hill to spray the area as that was thought to be where they were heading and, sure enough, they did after drawing through small copses along the way. With the Huntsman now hunting on foot through the gorse and scrub he looked desperate to get a kill at the final meet. Thanks to the sabs they found nothing and at 4.40pm they ended the season with no kills today.

It may be the end of their season but we still have lives to protect and Hunts to visit. If you would like to help us protect our wildlife then email us at dorsethuntsabs@riseup.com Our Landys have worked very hard this season, and would very much like to have a full service so they are fit and ready to tackle the upcoming Badger murdering spree. If you can give a donation towards this please go here.



Sab whipped as Fitzwilliam FH stopped from killing foxes

11-3-17 Facebook - Beds & Bucks Sabs After the habitual fox killers (the Fitzwilliam) killed a fox midweek we decided it was only right and proper to pay them a visit on their last Saturday of the hunting season with our regular comrades N. & S.Cambs and old time friends Northants sabs.

The Fitzwilliam had over 60 riders out today at their meet in Lutton on the Northants/Cambs border, so we knew it was going to be a tough one and this proved to be the case. Early on the Cambs groups were in the area unblocking all the badger setts the hunt had filled in to prevent foxes escaping.

The Fitzwilliam really couldn't give a sh*t about illegal hunting. They have John Mease and his bird of prey outFitzwilliamFHFatmanwhipssab11-3-17.jpg with them, but he's rarely anywhere near the Hunt and he has no intention of releasing his bird on a fox. He's in court next month for cruelty and Hunting Act offences - we'll see you on the 25th April, John.

Between the groups we kept them in sight most of the day. Several foxes were hunted for some distance, one crossed the road right in front of us and the hunt support shouted and pointed its direction. We held the hounds up best we could and gave the fox more time but these hounds are well used to killing and carried on the line. The Huntsman (Simon Hunter - real name) shouted at us "why didn't you stop them" but this was merely his alibi should anything go to court. He had no intention of stopping them and made not attempt to call them back and clearly it's not our job to keep control of the hounds.

A brace of foxes were hunted a short time later, one taking refuge in a graveyard where we had an altercation with an obnoxious fat man & the Whipper In who dismounted and tried to hunt the hounds on, on foot. Both of these foxes got away.

The hounds hunted another fox to ground in a small coppice and the mixed Cambs groups dived in to pull them out. We arrived and a combination of horn and voice took the hounds away from under the nose of the Huntsman. Classic sabbing.

Of course, all the time the support were getting more aggressive along with the riders. The obnoxious fat man used his horse as a weapon and whipped one of our sabs in the head [above right]. Funnily enough he vanished once the police arrived who were by and large (can you guess?) utterly uninterested. We were just over the Northants border and this force isn't known for having a good stance on hunting, so we expected nothing less even after showing them the damning footage.

The Hunt had a a last attempt to lose us but we kept them from hunting any further and they jacked it in around 4:30pm and retired to the Fox and Hounds pub in Great Gidding. You may want to give that place a miss. Funny point of the day was the hunt supporter who drove into a ditch while trying to take a picture on his phone of sabs. Maybe he'll think twice next time.

We know we saved many lives today. We don't know for sure if it was a kill free day but the hounds were clean at the end. There'll be plenty of tired sabs this evening but they should be proud of the work they did today in very trying circumstances. We can't do this without your support and any donations are hugely appreciated. https://www.paypal.me/BedsBucksHuntSabs

Pics below -  1/  Fox fleeing   2/  Exhausted hounds   3/  Please, take me home   4/  Supporter in a ditch 

   FitzwilliamFHFleeingfox11-3-17.jpg   FitzwilliamFHExhaustedhounds11-3-17.jpg

   FitzwilliamFHTakemehome11-3-17.jpg   FitzwilliamFHSupporterinaditch11-3-17.jpg


Sabs shocked to see Old Surrey FH actually trail hunting - all day

Hunt already under investigation for illegal hunting, so...

11-3-17    Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs   Too hot to hunt? This sunny morning we headed to Withyham for the Old Surrey and Burstow, who are currently under investigation for illegal hunting.

To our surprise, they actually stuck to trail hunting all day, perhaps as there were both sabs and police round every corner. A couple of cops were even more surprised when a crow-scarer they were standing next to went off with a bang!  A terrified fox was disturbed by the hunt, popping up right near the hounds and hunt supporters. All our sabs got ready to stop the hounds but the huntsman realised he had no chance and took them off himself.

As we were celebrating a successful day in a nearby car park, one of the hunt staff had a go at gate-crashing the party but we were not prepared to share our scones and cake with such a loser.



Hunts running riot in bTB hot spot risk spreading disease

Heythrop FH alone interfered with at least 6 setts 

11-3-17   Facebook - Lynn Sawyer   So out in the North Cotswold badger cull zone for the 3rd time this week in the same area, roughly around Turkdean.

On Tuesday, the Heythrop were hunting and riding all over the place. They also blocked 6 Badger setts, probably more. On Wednesday the Dummer beagles met here. Today, Saturday the Cotswold hunt met here.

14 setts checked so far and only one blocked, near Salperton, with staves rammed down it - but 8 terrier men stood on one sett to stop a fox escaping down it (blaming us 'cos apparently we sett block to get them into trouble).

So 3 Hunts, horses, hounds, people all traipsing over the same fields and setts being blocked (with the exception of the Dummer of course, hares don't go down setts).

The three different packs pooing and peeing after eating possible infected meat from fallen stock. Earth stoppers not disinfecting quads and boots after blocking setts, but vaccinators and callers are expected to. Etc etc etc. Funny enough, they hunted on the land of the person who asked for the cull to come to this area!

Badgers are being culled for other reasons than btb without any doubt whatsoever. Otherwise hunting would be suspended in such a bTb hotspot.


Blean Beagles head home as soon as sabs appear

11-3-17   You Tube – E.Kent Sabs   THE BEAGLERS "WALK OF SHAME"   Yeah - we know that what beaglers do is abhorrent-taking a pack of dogs out to chase and kill hares for "sport"...and we also know that if they were working class lads out coursing, the police would be (quite rightly) chasing them about, giving them heavy fines and destroying their vehicles, rather than turning a blind eye. That's the real "Class War" the Countryside Alliance keeps banging on about. But you have to admit-seeing these guys getting caught red-handed, walking back to the meet in silence with heads hung low whilst dressed as leprechauns...you gotta laugh!

So-we present, for your viewing pleasure-"THE BLEAN BEAGLES WALK OF SHAME"   




Supporter says Fitzwilliam FH killed fox before the dug-out one

Admitted were fox hunting but 'nobody's supposed to know'

Witness to 2nd kill had called police and terrier men dispersed

He found them there again later with still warm corpse of fox

Autopsy said fox killed by 'blunt force trauma' - maybe a spade

10-3-17   HSA Press Release    Member of Public Retrieves Body of Fox   The Fitzwilliam Hunt dug out and killed a fox in the vicinity of Kimbolton Airfield, near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire on Wednesday 8th March   A FitzwilliamFHFoxkilledafterdigoutbybluntforcetrauma8-3-17.jpgconcerned member of the public witnessed the Hunt chase a fox to ground and immediately three men arrived on a quad bike and commenced digging. He called police to the site and the hunt terrier men left the scene. When he returned to the site several hours later he discovered the same hunt employees with a fox that they had just killed. They subjected him to violence but he was able to retrieve the body of the fox [left]. The incident has been reported to Cambridgeshire Police who are investigating. The fox has been autopsied and a vet has confirmed the Fox had more than likely died from blunt force trauma to the head, quite possibly caused by a spade.

Prior to the incident, the member of the public stopped to speak to foot support, and asked what they were doing. A female foot supporter stated that they were hunting. He questioned whether trail or fox hunting. The foot supporter stated that they were fox hunting but no-one was supposed to know. The foot supporter also stated that they had already caught and killed one fox that day. The Fitzwilliam are already embroiled in one court case following the illegal hunting and killing of a fox last year. Hunt staff are due to stand trial in Peterborough Magistrates court in April.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Well done to this brave passer-by who managed to gather evidence of a crime. It is one of the most blatant abuses of the Hunting Act that Hunts still have terrier men out with them. If, as most of them claim, they are following a trail then why would they need terrier men to dig out foxes that they shouldn't be chasing in the first place. Not only are these thugs often the most violent members of the Hunts but they are also the ones who prove illegality. The Fitzwilliam are clearly serial lawbreakers and we hope the upcoming court case serves up at least a measure of justice.” 


Hunt causes havoc in Kent village named, ironically, Hunton

10-3-17   Facebook - East Kent Sabs   8th March - APPEAL FOR INFORMATION from a member of the public- “Does anyone know anything about the hunt that took place today in Hunton? They caused havoc, with dogs escaping and running about in people's gardens…. One person in my village has said they have made a mess of a field and several boundaries. I'm still trying to find out exactly where, although I know they went around East street, Hunton”

If anyone witnessed this, please send us a private message.

POWAperson adds - The village is near Maidstone, so the likeliest culprits are the Ashford Valley FH, who do hunt on Wednesdays 


Atherstone FH in disarray as sacked Huntsman and groom sue them

Planned amateur Huntsman replacement now going elsewhere

10-3-17   Facebook – W.Mids Sabs   Atherstone Hunt in disarray - Atherstone being sued by current Huntsman - No Huntsman for next season  Current Huntsman Stuart Barton [right, wondering where pack is] was given notice till May. The Atherstone were planning to bring in Andrew Frank Smith as an amateur unpaid Huntsman. An EGM was planned in order to make this official. However Andrew Frank Smith has now told the Atherstone he's changed hisAtherstoneFHHuntsmanStuartBartontriestofindoutwherepackis21-1-17.jpg mind and will be going to the South Notts Hunt instead. Current Huntsman Barton and partner Jainey Rainey (Hunt Groom) are suing the Atherstone Hunt for loss of earnings and will be leaving the Hunt early on the 3rd April.

This leaves the Hunt with some big problems. They have no money. They are being sued by their current hunt staff. If successful it will leave them with considerably less money. As mentioned they have no money and as Barton found out they can not afford to pay wages. Their planned unpaid replacement of Barton has had second thoughts. Which leaves the Atherstone with no Huntsman. And because of the persistent sab presence it's unlikely many people will want to take on the role. The Atherstone are planning on advertising for an unpaid Huntsman in the next edition of Horse and Hound magazine. We do hope they don't get inundated with fake applications as that really wouldn't be fair ;)

We planned on demonstrating outside the EGM, however with not much worth discussing they instead had a normal board meeting (which we demonstrated outside anyway). Our only concern about any of this is the hounds and horses. As Barton is leaving before his contract ends it means there will be no one at the kennels to look after them when he’s gone. We have informed the relevant authorities of this situation.

AtherstoneFHHoundshuntingrightbyhousingestate21-1-17.jpgWhatever happens we're not going anywhere, as we've said before, as long as the Atherstone foxhounds are loose in the countryside we will be there. As long as their foxhounds are loose in the countryside they pose a threat to any wildlife they come into contact with and any motorists they inevitably dash out in front of.

Recap - This season the Atherstone Hunt have: Spent most of the season without a proper Whipper-In; Spent the entire season without a terrier man (meaning no dig outs, no blocked setts, no artificial earths used and less bagged / released foxes); Haven't second horsed; Have averaged 10 riders (or less); Have packed up on average around 2:00; Have lost a lot of land [see them left, exploiting some fine hunting country]; Have now been in the local and national press and media over 80 times; Made a loss of £13,000.

As the Hunt have themselves stated this has all come about because of a persistent sab presence. You can help us maintain this presence by clicking on the link https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs We would like to say thank you to you the public and all the other sab groups who have supported us this season.



Melbreak FH hounds filmed hunting unsupervised on NT land

10-3-17  Facebook - National Dis-Trust   VIDEO   We've been sent this footage taken last Sunday afternoon, 5th March, of the Melbreak fox hounds running all over the place. The Melbreak were hunting in Lanthwaite wood in the Crummock area of the lake district. This is owned by the National Trust, who licence the Melbreak to hunt in this area. It was a Sunday afternoon, there were families walking in the area, and hounds also trespassed into private property. As can be seen in the footage, the Huntsman is not in sight and not in control. The hounds are not following any trail. Many of the dogs looked emaciated, more than one had blood on it. Please contact the regional land agent for this area with any concerns about the licencing of Hunts on National Trust land in the Lake District - victoria.lancaster@nationaltrust.org.uk .



LACS gets strong with NT over allowing illegal hunting on its land 

10-3-17    LACS Statement   Hunting on National Trust Land – League Statement    The League Against Cruel Sports is very concerned about the growing evidence of illegal hunting and other offences taking place on National Trust land, including the criminal use of firearms, poaching of deer, driving vehicles at deer and damaging Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Hunting wild animals like deer, hares and foxes with dogs for sport is illegal under the terms of the Hunting Act (2004), except where an exemption applies. The National Trust currently issues licences to a number of hunts to conduct ‘trail hunts’ on some of its estates. These licences contain conditions designed to protect fauna and flora but it would seem the National Trust do not take any enforcement action for breaches of licence conditions unless there has been a police investigation and a conviction; no checks are made and the hunts simply self-report on their compliance with licence conditions.

League Against Cruel Sports officers have found evidence that a hunt which was banned from hunting with dogs on National Trust land in 1997, has repeatedly engaged in illegal stag hunting, driving hunt quad bikes and other vehicles on a restricted byway and footpaths used regularly by the public (including school children) and across protected moorland, and has discharged firearms to kill deer on National Trust land, which is open to the public, in the West Country. On one occasion, a National Trust vehicle passed along a restricted byway as hunt vehicles were driven illegally in the opposite direction but there was no intervention. The evidence shows that National Trust estate staff may be aware of what goes on but take no action to stop it happening

The League has sought on repeated occasions to contact the National Trust to convey its grave concerns and to share examples of the evidence in our possession. The League’s most recent efforts date back to 13th September when we contacted their offices directly. The League was able to secure a meeting at the National Trust’s London offices in Grosvenor Gardens, on March 1st.

At the meeting, having heard that the National Trust has insufficient resources to monitor licenced or unlicenced hunting activity on its land, the League offered to support the National Trust by providing monitors, and by providing training to National Trust estate managers (similar to that which the League provides on the national Police Wildlife Crime Officer training course and for several police forces). Regrettably, the National Trust declined these offers. However, it did agree to discuss the evidence presented by the League with regional managers and to consider whether any other action could be taken.

The League believes that the evidence clearly shows that hunting activities on National Trust land are cruel, illegal, unauthorised, dangerous to the public, as well as damaging to Sites of Scientific Interest and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We await the outcome of the National Trust’s discussions following our meeting. The League very much hopes that the National Trust will take responsibility for hunting activity on its estates and do all it can to ensure that the law is upheld. Should the National Trust’s response fall short, we will consult with our members and partners on our response.


CA contest £60k award after racing pigeons killed by hunting hounds

10-3-17   Belfast Telegraph   £60k award for racing pigeons killed by hunt's dogs contested   An award of more than £60,000 to a pigeon fancier for the slaughter of his stock by hunt club hounds should be overturned due to issues of credibility, the Court of Appeal has heard. Lawyers for the Countryside Alliance are challenging a ruling that the dogs destroyed 59 of Maurice Weir's racing birds after breaking into his premises in Loughgall, Co Armagh, eight years ago.

Counsel for Mr Weir claimed the huntsmen were negligent in failing to control their dogs. In February last year a High Court judge awarded Mr Weir £59,580 in damages, with a further £2,500 for distress. But in an appeal before three senior judges in Belfast, counsel for the Alliance argued again that the hunt's dogs were never on the premises. David Ringland QC questioned the consistency of the plaintiff's account. The hearing continues.

POWAperson adds - I confess to missing the original stories about this case. A pigeon-fancier called Maurice Weir claimed his pigeons were slaughtered when hounds from the weirdly named Kinnego Grange and Canary Hunt Club invaded his property. For some reason he sued the Countryside Alliance and the court awarded him £60,000, in February last year.



Film released of Beaufort FH apparently hunting a fox

9-3-17   Facebook - Pets Fight Back   PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO - Is this fox hunting or not? What do YOU think?

POWAperson adds - The captioned video is of the Beaufort FH hunting on 18-2-17. It begins with a fox running away [left] from the filmer across a grass field near Griickstone Farm. A faint whistle is heard. The fox stops, looks back, then runs again. Hounds in cry can be heard in the distance. The camera pans to the left. we see a female BeaufortFHFoxfleeingnorthfromGrickstoneFarm18-2-17.jpgrider – the whistleblower, on a ridge. She points towards the fox. The cameraman says there are other spotters on the hill to his right. Hounds on cry are louder now.

A quad bike with 3 terriermen and a terrier box turns into the farmyard where the cameraman is and passes him. One of the men is on the phone. A female rider [the whistleblower] trots into the yard. The cameraman slightly misdirects her. She rides up to a man in country clothes and points to where she saw the fox running slightly earlier. The man runs into the yard.

The video resumes at the same location, 12 minutes later. We see a male and female follower and a helmeted man on a moto-cross bike facing the direction the fox took. The bike rider is using binocs.

The video then shows a map of the area with commentary explaining what has happened on the hunt so far. The Hunt set out from Badminton Estate and rode south-west to 3 coverts south of Grickstone Farm. The monitors tracked them. Monitors then found a property near the northernmost covert. The owner told them as soon as he heard the hounds he saw a fox running north, towards Grickstone Farm. Presumably the same fox seen in the video. From the property, monitors could see, and filmed, the mounted field carrying on south-west.

Monitors moved on to Grickstone Farm. They then saw the whistleblower. 12 minutes later the whole Hunt arrived at Grickstone Farm. The film then shows the same 3 spectators as before with hounds passing in front of them. Huntsman can be heard making what sound like encouraging sounds to the hounds.The mounted field is then seen beyond the spectators [there are now 6], walking their horses in the direction the fox fled. Two quad bikes and a Hunt landy move of in the same direction.

Caption says 'They disappeared on to private land with no public access or view.' Film ends.

Pics below -  1/ Whistleblower   2/ Terriermen arrive at Grigstock Farm   3/ Whistleblower arrives   4/ Hounds arrive   5/  Field arrives, walk in direction fox fled   6/  Terriermen do the same  

  BeaufortFHThewhistleblower18-2-17.jpg BeaufortFHTerriermenarriveatGrickstoneFarm18-2-17.jpg

  BeaufortFHWhistleblowerarrivesatGrickstoneFarm18-2-17.jpg BeaufortFHHoundsarriveatGrickstoneFarm18-2-17.jpg

  BeaufortFHFieldleavingGrickstoneFarm18-2-17.jpg  BeaufortFHTerriermenleaveGrickstoneFarmindirectionoffox18-2-17.jpg  

POWAperson adds - Two highly experienced monitors, who are also POWA members, have examined this footage. They say that, though common sense would tell anyone that the Beaufort FH are hunting the fox seen, there is very unlikely to be sufficient evidence to sustain a prosecution, given the highly exacting standard of proof required. In particular, we do not see the Huntsman encouraging the hounds [though the sounds may be him doing that] or, critically, the hounds following the line of the fox. Their behaviour at the farm certainly looks like they were searching for scent, but, since the High Court judgement of 2009, 'searching' is not evidence of hunting and not in itself illegal.


Pet rabbit killed by hounds as Oakley FH trespass

Woman owner 'devastated' and 'frightened'

9-3-17   Bedford Today   Pet killed in hunt on private Bedfordshire land   A woman has been left ‘devastated’ and ‘frightened’ after a hunt trespassed on her land and killed her pet rabbit. Mabel Blades owns Pennworley Wood OakleyFHFieldplussab25-2-17.jpgin Melchbourne where she has planted 4,000 trees. She claims she has had problems in the past with various hunt groups trespassing on her land but says the incident on Saturday involving the Oakley Hunt [left], was the last straw.

She said: “It’s really upsetting and frightening to see a gang of people on horses searching around your land, and I’m devastated that they allowed their dogs to kill my rabbit. I do see some legal hunt groups in the area, but they know that the wood is private and it’s clearly signposted. We have had some issues before, but they began telling me when they would be in the area so I could take extra precautions. I don’t want to be forced to have confrontations with people, who can sometimes be quite nasty and scary over something that shouldn’t be an issue. It is private land, and it has been for over 20 years. I attempted to settle the matter and reminded them not to go into the wood during their hunts – but it never stops them. I think these people should respect the law and at least have the decency to apologise. I just want to keep the plants and animals in the area safe.”

A spokesman for The Oakley Hunt declined to comment. Traditional fox hunting with hounds was banned in the UK in 2005.


Fox found dead, likely shot after dig out, near Fitzwilliam FH hunt

Terrierman tries to assault man who found it - ends up on his back

9-3-17   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Sabs   We were contacted by a concerned member of the public yesterday as he witnessed a Hunt, the Fitzwilliam, taking place near Kimbolton. He believed they were digging something out. After following them around as best he could he returned to the site with his dog to be greeted with the distressing image below. We're not sure how this fox was killed but it wasn't by the hounds. Possible gunshot or something worse. The body was still warm. It is a female and looks heavily pregnant.

Digging out is illegal, it is not covered by the Gamekeepers exemption when in conjunction with a Hunt. A terrier man for the Hunt then appeared to retrieve the body. He proceeded to assault the member of the public but we're told that "he hits like a 6 year old girl and I'm an ex rugby player and he ended up on his arse".

A complaint will be made to the police over the incident. This may have not been the only kill on the day. When you consider the Fitzwilliam are in court next month for illegal hunting and cruelty you begin to understand the sheer contempt these people have for the law.


POWAperson comments - That the Fitzwilliam appear to be still blatantly hunting just weeks away from the trial of their Huntsman and bird handler for breaking the Hunting Act says a lot. However, whether or not digging-out is illegal is a Moot point. My interpretation of the HA is that, so long as none of the other requirements to legalise terrier work under the Gamekeeper's Exemption are broken, then digging out is not illegal [though it should be]. Neither the relevant Schedule in the Act, nor the binding Code of Conduct attached to it, mention digging out at all. Whether it is done in assocation with purported 'trail hunting' or not seems to me legally irrelevant.


Southdown FH supporter smashes sab landy window

Rider seriously injured in fall on wet ground

8-3-17   Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs   Today we were at the Southdown and Eridge Hunt stopping them killing foxes. The day started off with some boys on a quad throwing a pathetic tantrum and smashing a window of our Landrover (please help us with the costs of repairs here: https://gogetfunding.com/hunt-saboteurs/ .

The Hunt called two ambulances for separate incidents today. At least one rider was seriously injured. The ground was very wet with horses going a foot into the mud at some points - dangerous for both horses and riders.

The picture today [below] is of the arrogant huntsman having an argument with a local man who wanted to get around but was being blocked in by the hunt parading around the roads.

Despite lots of temper tantrums from riders and supporters giving us a torrent of abuse, we were on top of the hunt all day so no kills.



Row erupts over vet who is Director of Cheshire Forest FH

8-3-17   Liverpool Echo   Anger over vet who is also hunt director   Animal rights supporters have criticised a Runcorn vet for being the director of a leading Cheshire hunt.

Elizabeth Gorse denied there was any conflict between the roles after hunting opponents pointed out that Companies House documents showed she holds directorships for Cheshire Forest Hunt [below] and also RoseCheshireForestFH2-1-17.jpg Cottage Veterinary Centre on Chester Road, Sutton Weaver.

Among those to criticise her position was Stop The Cull badger hunt group, which posted a picture of a dead fox on its Facebook page on March 6 with links to Rose Cottage’s Facebook and Yell pages, suggesting opponents could post reviews. The post has been shared hundreds of times. Twitter users also expressed anger over Mrs Gorses’s two roles. Among those was ‘Pete & Lou’, @Burforders, who said: “Something locals have a right to know in my opinion. I would want to know if this was my vet.” Hounds Off, @houndsoff, simply said ‘Strewth’ with a retweet of the image of the dead fox and reference to Mrs Gorse being director of the hunt and the vets.

The dead animal is alleged to have been killed during a controversial hunt in Macclesfield in February, which police are investigating over alleged trespass. Residents complained to police after witnesses reported a pack of hounds jumping over a fence and mauling a fox. Witnesses claimed a fox was savaged by hounds in an elderly couple’s garden. The Manchester Evening News reported that resident Julie Clark, 47, said she saw a woman then remove the dead animal from the garden. Edwina Church, 47, said ‘a stream of dogs’ ran through her garden and at one point 15 were ‘jumping around’ in her garden. She added that her 82-year-old mother, who has heart failure, saw the chase unfold and was left ‘traumatised’. Cheshire police were investigating [left, Huntsman being quizzed by police] .

CheshireForestFHHuntsmanAndrewGermanwithpoliceinMacclesfieldwherehoundskilledfox25-2-17.jpgThe MEN said the Hunt's master had phoned a farmer to apologise after hounds ran through his field containing pregnant heifers.

Hunting foxes for the purpose of killing with dogs is illegal, but under the Hunting Act 2004 wild animals can be flushed out and shot if specific legal conditions are satisfied.

After Stop The Cull’s post on Facebook, a slew of reviews for and against Rose Cottage appeared on yell.com. These have now been removed. Two positive reviews were posted on Rose Cottage’s Facebook page on Tuesday, March 7. Among those to express support for the veterinary practice as a whole was Andrew Lopez, who said he was opposed to fox hunting but wanted to support the surgery’s front-line staff. Jonathon Hodge said it was a ‘vets that put animal needs first’. Rose Cottage’s website staff profiles page said Liz Gorse has worked at the centre since it opened in 1984. It said she ‘has a particular interest in horses’, with a Royal College Of Veterinary Surgeon’s Certificate in equine practice. The profile added that she has had an interest in ‘equine country pursuits’ since childhood.

Mrs Gorse said she saw no conflict between the roles as hunt director and vet. She said: “There is no ethical conflict of interest between my practising as a veterinary surgeon and supporting legal hunting. The Cheshire Forest, of which I am a director and follower, always intends to hunt within the confines of the Hunting Act 2004 by trail-hunting and performing hound exercise. There appears to have been an organised campaign by anti-hunting supporters to disrupt businesses where individuals who openly support legal hunting work.” Mrs Gorse said police were investigating an allegation that Cheshire Forest hounds chased a fox in connection with the Macclesfield matter. 


Sabs stop N.Bucks Beagles hunting hares and sick cops on them

7-3-17  Facebook - Beds & Bucks Sabs   A little birdy told us that the North Bucks Beagles would be having a meet at Bottom Farm (snigger) in the village of Covington just over the Beds/Cambs border. We had people off work so why not pay them a visit, it was a nice enough day so a walk in the countryside saving Hares would seem thoroughly appropriate. We also had a new sab along today as well which is always nice.

We found them easily enough at the meet all dressed up in their finery so parked our car out of sight and pretended to be walkers out on a jolly. We had also tipped off Cambs police who are very good on this sort of thing and kept them updated. Once they left the meet the huntsman put them into the open fields and cast them to search for Hares. At this point we made ourselves known, video cameras at the ready and with a determined gait we went into action. Immediately they gathered the beagles up and . . . packed up.

We followed them on their walk of shame back to the meet whereupon the police arrived to discuss with them what they were up to. Some excuses were no doubt made but our job here was done so we hung around in the spring sunshine till the hound van left. A grand total of 30 minutes in the field and an hour or so hanging around. What's even nicer is these beagles are kennelled with the Oakley hounds so it's a kind of two for one offer. We rarely get the chance to hit these wildlife killers so a nice way to finish the day.

With plenty of time left we discussed out options of what to do next, and the winner was? Go to the pub for some celebratory pop.

  N.BucksBeaglesTryingtohunthares7-3-17.jpg  N.BucksBeaglesPolicehavingawordwith7-3-17.jpg


4 blocked setts found in area being hunted by Heythrop FH

7-3-17  Facebook - Three Counties Sabs   Today the Heythrop were hunting in the Turkdean/Cold Aston area which is in the North Cotswold Badger cull zone. Sabs attended and remained out of sight of the hunt and checked several setts in the area. Three were not active. Four were blocked. Bear in mind that badgers and foxes are lactating or already have cubs right now.Furthermore these exact sam setts will be targeted by a government sponsored cull later this year. The irony is that hounds and horses can spread tb and there are no bovine here, just pheasants!

   HeythropFH1of4blockedsettsinareabeinghuntedby7-3-17.jpg   HeythropFH1of4blockedsettsinareabeinghuntedby_2_7-3-17.jpg


Two Jedforest FH servants deny illegal hunting charges

7-3-17  Southern Reporter   Hunters plead not guilty   Two huntsmen from the Borders will stand trial on a charge of deliberately hunting a fox with a pack of dogs. Jedforest Hunt members Johnathan Riley, 23, and 66-year-old John Richardson pleaded not guilty to the charge at Jedburgh Sheriff Court. The pair, of Abbotrule, Bonchester Bridge, deny deliberating hunting a wild mammal while acting with others on land surrounding Townfoothill near Jedburgh, on February 18.

No huntsmen have yet fallen foul of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002, but two individuals have been convicted for hunting foxes with dogs and 10 for hare coursing.

Riley and Richardson will stand trial at Jedburgh Sheriff Court on March 16 and 17.

POWAperson adds - The senior JM of the Jedforest FH is Johan Christofferson [below]. He is an American hedge-fund mamager. Before moving to the Jedforest, in the Scottish border country, he was JM of the Isle of Wight FH. During his tenure the Huntsman of the Hunt, Stuart Trousdale and James Butcher, terrierman with a badger-digging conviction, thought it would be a ripping wheeze to dump large animal carcasses in Brighton City centre, when the Labour party conference was being hosted there, as a protest against the imminent Hunting Act. They were convicted of public order offences but given just a slap on the wrist. Christofferson was suspended for a month by the MFHA for not controlling his hunt servants. He took Trousdale with him to the Jedforest as JM/Huntsman, though he has since left. Christofferson has long been a very substantial donor to the Tory party. He helped fund the election campaign of Simon Hart MP, a former CA CEO in 2010 and also funded Nick Herbert, a former hare hunt JM and senior CA officer, who became Cameron's first Policing Minister. I once had the dubious pleasure of debating against him at Warwick University. Although he has since come out as gay, he did have a certain attraction and charm, and attracted the attention of various ladies in the audience by frequently fiddling with his trouser fly, apparently pretending there was some defect with it. He lost the debate vote. That same night I met the stick-thin greyhound my wife had rescued earlier that day after seeing her dumped out a of a car in a local park, so that was a red letter day for two reasons! 



bTb in hounds at Kimblewick FH kennels confirmed

Hunting suspended, at least 25 hounds put down so far

League & Hounds Off call for all hunting to be suspended 

Tory Animal Welfare Minister is member of the Hunt !

7-3-17  Mirror Top Tory's fox hunt kills off 25 of its own hounds after bovine TB outbreak  Calls for suspension of all hunting with dogs after Kimblewick Hunt [left, credit Trinity Mirror], to which Conservative peer Lord Gardiner of Kimble [below right] belongs, announced the cull A fox hunt which counts the Tory Animal KimblewickFHBoxingDaymeet.jpgWelfare Minister among its members has killed up to 25 hounds following a suspected bovine TB outbreak. The Kimblewick Hunt, to which Lord Gardiner of Kimble belongs, culled the dogs and implemented biosecurity measures to prevent the disease spreading. Hunt officials said “it is most likely that the hounds contracted it from eating meat from a contaminated bovine”. Another 120 hounds are being monitored for symptoms. It is thought to be the biggest ever potential outbreak of bTB among dogs in Britain.

Kimblewick, which has its kennels in Aylesbury, Bucks., has abandoned hunting with its own dogs for the rest of the season. But it has been carrying on legal hunting activities with hounds from other hunts.

League Against Cruel Sports chief executive Eduardo Goncalves said: “The implications of this outbreak are huge. It would be a farce if hunting was allowed to continue while bovine TB is rife. All hunting with dogs must be suspended with immediate effect in the bTB epidemic zone.”

Critics say they often lead to the “accidental” deaths of foxes as hounds pick up a genuine scent and flush out a live animal. While bTB is usually linked to cattle and badgers, infections have also been found in other animals including sheep, goats, horses, pigs, deer, dogs and cats. The revelation is a major blow to the Kimblewick, which boasts the top Government minister among its ranks.

Lord Gardiner of Kimble was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department for the Environment,LordKimbleToryAnimalWelfareMinisterKimblewickFH.jpg Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) last July. He was chairman of Kimblewick’s predecessor Hunt, the Vale of Aylesbury with Garth and South Berks, from 1992 to 2006.

According to the Kimblewick Hunt’s website, “the Hunt was formed in 2002 by the amalgamation of the Vale of Aylesbury with the Garth and South Berks”. It was renamed The Kimblewick Hunt in 2010 and Lord Gardiner’s parliamentary register of interests lists him as an “Honorary Member”. The peer is a former deputy chief executive of the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance and he was Captain of the Queen’s Bodyguard of the Yeomen of the Guard from 2015-16. He served as private secretary to five successive Tory Party chairmen between 1989 and 1995, under Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major.

The Kimblewick Hunt covers a wide area of the Home Counties, including Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire. At least one biosecurity sign has been spotted at the entrance to the kennels.

A spokeswoman for the Animal and Plant Health Agency, part of Defra, said: “The bacterium that causes bovine TB in cattle has been found in dogs at a kennel in Buckinghamshire. The origin and route of this infection is being investigated.” She added: “Dogs are not considered to play a significant role in onward transmission of bovine TB.”

The Hunt said the first signs of bTB came late last year and it immediately alerted Defra. It said in a statement: “We are waiting for Animal and Plant Health Agency’s epidemiology report that might give details of the source of infection, however it would appear that it is most likely that the hounds contracted it from eating meat from a contaminated bovine.” It added: “There has been no contact with other packs of hounds since the initial case was suspected, and a monitoring and testing protocol has been rolled out across the country. The Kimblewick Hunt has been working alongside Defra, Animal and Plant Health Agency, Public Health England and the Masters of Foxhounds Association in order to ensure that bTB has been contained. No other cases have been reported. Testing continues on the Kimblewick hounds in line with advice given from veterinary and scientific experts during this very difficult time for the hunt staff and their families.”

A Hounds Off spokesman said: “With the link between the Kimblewick Hunt hounds and bovine tuberculosis now confirmed, Hounds Off calls for the immediate blanket suspension of all hunting by all packs of hounds pending further investigations and enquiries.”

7-3-17  LACS PR   Outbreak of bovine TB discovered in fox hunt kennels [left]   Bovine TB, the disease ravaging herds of cattle across England and Wales, has been discovered in a pack of hounds used for fox hunting – prompting urgent calls for hunting to be suspended indefinitely.

KimblewickFHkennelswithBiosecuritywarning3-17.jpgAnimal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports are calling for all hunting to be stopped immediately to ensure that the thousands of hounds used in the ‘sport’ cannot spread the disease.

Eduardo Gonçalves, CEO of the League, which received a tip off about the outbreak from the organisation Hounds Off, said: “The implications of this outbreak are huge. We already know that restricting the movement of animals in the countryside is the only effective way of controlling bTB, but thousands of hunt hounds are free to chase from field to field, farm to farm and across private and National Trust land pretty much on a daily basis during the hunting season. How on earth can this be allowed to continue now we know that at least some hounds have caught the disease? It would be a farce if hunting was allowed to continue while bovine TB is rife. All hunting with dogs – much of which is already illegal – must be suspended with immediate effect at least until bTB is under control. To do anything else – or to do nothing – would raise serious questions as to who is really in charge of looking after our countryside. There are more than 50 hunts operating in parts of the country where bTB is particularly widespread. Are we looking at the real reason why the disease can’t be controlled?”

The League estimates that there are more than 3,000 hunting hounds in the England bTb epidemic zone alone, which may be out in the countryside an average of two days a week during the six-month hunting season.

Although hunting with hounds was banned by the Hunting Act 2004, hunts continue to take place. These usually claim to be ‘trail’ hunting or hunting under one of the exemptions of the Act, but the League believes these are false claims and most are hunting illegally.

Joe Hashman, founder of www.houndsoff.co.uk , an organisation which supports people negatively affected by hunts said: "It is because Hounds Off works with local people in local communities that we are able to find out things which might otherwise be kept secret. With the link between the Kimblewick Hunt hounds and bovine tuberculosis now confirmed, Hounds Off calls for the immediate blanket suspension of all hunting by all packs of hounds pending further investigations and enquiries."...

7-3-17   Facebook - Anti Fox Hunting Online Army to Back the Ban    Kimblewick TB outbreak: Major landowner bans fox hunt from his land   A cattle farmer who allows the Kimblewick across their land has today placed a permanent ban on the Hunt. Some 2500 acres of grass land. The farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, states "the recent South Herefordshire stories, followed by lies from our local pack [the Kimblewick], mean that our long standing support of hunting must modernise. We have deep concerns with TB in this area, as are mostly disease free, so any threat to our business must be taken seriously." He added that it was the main topic of talk while at Thame Auction Mart the other day. And said "my impression is a number of landowners will do the same. Our livestock is our livelihood."

The Ecologist also ran excellent articles by the admirable Lesley Docksey and LACS's Jordi Caasamitjana

POWAperson adds -  The story of bTb at the Hunt was first picked up by Joe Hashman of 'Hounds Off', He got talking to a supporter who didn't realise he was an anti! His account can be found here. If not for that accidental leak this outbreak may never have come to public attention. Did a Conservative MP who is a Director of the Hunt in the DEFRA Ministry have anything to do with the cover-up?  Viva! raised the possibility of hunting hounds being a significant vector for the transmission of bTb several years ago. How many other infected hounds are there out there. Meanwhile, the poor badger gets the blame and the bullet.


Hunting Surrey Union FH trespass and anger landowner

7-3-17  Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs  Surrey Union FH, Thorncombe St, Tuesday 7-3-17   Guildford and N.Downs sabs arrived just in time to see a rather poor show of riders for such a lovely day. Two runners deployed on the set off and followed the Hunt from the meet along Thorncombe Street. The landy drove round to the other side and we had all eyes on them on the open ground.

SurreyUnionFH7-3-17.jpgAbout 40 minutes in, the hounds got onto a scent in thick woodland ( near Langhurst farm ) The heavily pregnant vixen made her escape through someone's garden and possibly went to ground, as the hounds were soon seen sniffing around a fox earth. Sabs used voice and horn calls to gather the hounds and they soon came bounding back. The landowner saw the hounds and informed us he had every intention of reporting their actions to the police. We believe the Hunt witnessed this also.

The Hunt [left], knowing full well we had seen everything, moved on and ventured towards private land near Yewtree Knob, but having witnessed the fox we kept close to the Hunt and had to laugh when they said THEY were going to call the police over trespass, a civil offence. We reminded them of their trespass only 10 minutes ago and their reply " We CAN trespass so long as we are hunting within the law". Their stupidity and arrogance is so laughable sabs may have to invest in heavy duty tena-pants.

Looked like the police had no intention of attending the Sorry Union , and shortly after the redcoats were seen back at the meet and with the support and the riders nowhere to been seen, it seems it was a very early pack up - in light of last week's kill perhaps.



Illegal hunting trial of Grove & Rufford FH three begins

7-3-17   Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser   Notts hunt members in court on fox hunting charges   Three members of the Grove and Rufford hunt have been charged with hunting a fox after pictures were taken by two keen birdwatchers.

Huntsman Paul Larby, 57, of The Kennels, Kennel Drive, Barnby Moor, trail-layer Peter White, 57, of Leyfields Farm, Redhill Lane, Kneesall, and the hunt’s whipper-in Jane Wright, 63, of Town Street, Lound, each pleaded not guilty to offences under the Hunting Act. The hunt claimed it was trail-hunting, which is legal, after fox hunting was banned in 2005.

Rod Chapman, prosecuting, said: “The issue for trial today is whether the activities of the defendants constituted the hunting of a wild mammal, and whether they were engaged in it.

Phillip Palmer and his partner Pauline Hogg asked permission to photograph the hunt when it gathered at the Bees’ Knees pub, in Laneham, at 10.30am, on January 30, 2016. While giving evidence, Mr Palmer referred to his pictures of the hunt, which included 20 to 30 people on horseback, around 45 dogs, people in cars or on quad bikes, which he took because he “liked the idea of seeing people in red jackets riding across the countryside.

”At 11.52am at Holly Folly Farm, he and Ms Hogg saw a fox cross Broadings Lane, and five minutes later the hunt appeared. Mr Larby spoke to a man in the field, on a mobile phone, who pointed in the direction the fox had run, before setting off that way too, Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer told the court: “I said to my partner ‘this is going to be interesting. They should go in the opposite direction and call off the hunt’.” The couple walked north along Broadings Lane before splitting up. Mr Palmer drove to Rampton Road, where he saw a fox run across the road and into a field pursued by hounds, at 12.44pm. “It was running like mad to get away,” he said. “The hunt was reasonably close behind - a couple of minutes. The hounds had picked up the scent but they hadn’t got a sight of it. They followed the route the fox had taken.”

About fifty per cent of the hunt followed the route of the fox, he said. At 1.12pm, they saw the hounds catch the fox on a field off Helenship Lane. Mr Palmer said: “We could hear the dogs barking. I saw the fox running with the dogs following very close behind. They soon caught up and that was it. “The lead huntsman was about 40 or 50 yards away. The lady rider was near him. They were trotting along quite slowly. I saw the lead dogs overtake the fox. It was just a mass of dogs in one place. And there was nothing left at the end of it. “There were some bits and pieces left which a man on a quad bike came to sift through a matter of minutes later. He put some things in a carrier bag. We were aware that we could have been in quite a dangerous position because we were surrounded by supporters,” he said. “We were thinking that at any time they could have called the dogs off, but we didn’t hear any calls. Wherever we saw the fox or the dogs running, there was no trail laying before that. There was nothing to indicate that.”

But he couldn’t say if the riders were in the same field or not at the time of the kill. Stephen Welford, defending, said to Mr Palmer: “There were times when you couldn’t see the hunt or the riders? The quad bike could have been leaving trails when you couldn’t see it?” Mr. Palmer agreed.

The trial at Mansfield Magistrates Court continues.


Vale of the White Horse FH openly hunt foxes on roads & in gardens

Property owners furious at their repeated  intrusions

6-3-17    Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO   VWH Hunt 4th March   We headed over to the Cotswold District of Calmsden north of Cirencester where the VWH were holding their Saturday meet. This is justValeoftheWhiteHorseFHHuntingonB4425_4-3-17.jpg inside the border of Cotswold Hunt territory. Could it be that they met here as the Cotswold Hunt seems to be having some difficulties lately! We were greeted by a supporter who we saw at a recent VWH outing. He seemed pleased to see us but sadly his mood turned really sour later in the day.

They hunted both sides of the A429 Stow road [and on the B4425, right], dangerously crossing several times a day. All traffic was stopped by redcoats and hounds were weaving in and out of vehicles. One hound was left behind on this very busy road at 12.25 – the Hunt had moved on and goodness knows what happened to that poor animal...

It was great to have support from members of the public - one cyclist told us to 'get those scumbags' and another told us where the fox had gone which helped us as the Hunt re-visited that area, we believe to try and pick up on it VWHFHHoundshuntinginprivategarden4-3-17.jpgbut we were there with plenty of cameras and had time to spray out the road to stop the hounds picking up the scent... They disturbed a woodcock inside the wood and the redcoat commented to one of us that a woodcock had been flushed out by them earlier and when it flew up a sparrow hawk had taken it. So the woodcock which would have lain low until dusk was a hunt victim too. We also saw a hare running across the road disturbed by the Hunt. No wildlife is safe whilst Hunts are around.

Later in the day, hounds invaded gardens at Chedworth [left and below right] and an angry householder came out to remonstrate, but the redcoat didn't take any notice or apologise. She told us the hounds were often on her land. We saw them all over her garden and in another house’s garden where the Hunt staff made no attempt to restrain them.

It was the same at another commercial property where the owner was furious with the Hunt and said he was constantly phoning the police about them. Some of the mounted field were very anxious that we should not trespass - but apparently it is one rule for them and another for us.

They spent a long time in the wooded areas behind Oxwold House where a fox was seen in the wood with theValeoftheWhiteHorseFHHoundshuntingin2ndvillagegardenChetworth4-3-17.jpg hounds only feet behind it disappearing out of sight. It might have had a chance to get away as initially foxes can sprint faster than hounds but unfortunately do not have the long term stamina of hounds which are slower but have been bred to run for longer distances, thus creating the 'sport' of chasing foxes.

They kept revisiting Deadlands Copse on Cadmore Lane Track and the other wooded areas behind Oxwold House. We had foot walkers in there for quite some time and one point a fox ran out with the hounds very close behind it disappearing out of sight as the Hunt raced in a southerly direction. The Hunt burst straight out over the Bibury road causing chaos to the Saturday traffic again and into a small wooded area on the other side of the road, where the Hunt came to a stop with hounds gathered.

The hounds looked to be marking to ground and as they were very keen to block our cameras. This made us very suspicious, so went back afterwards to check. It was obvious the hounds had been all over a hole in the ground but there was no sign of a kill so we hope that fox escaped too.

There were the usual lot of angry supporters including someone who has previously had to write an apology for throwing clods of mud at us. Twice today he stupidly stood in the middle of the road directly obstructing our vehicle and later on drove his vehicle within centimetres of our vehicle bonnet to block our way ahead. Still I suppose we have to thankful for small mercies – we didn’t get ‘paedos’ or ‘why don’t you get a proper job’ thrown at us.

Towards the end of the day they spent a long time searching round a disused quarry area - riders so bored they were smoking cigarettes as they waited, but we did not hear them find anything before we saw them packing up into their lorries.

Pics below -  1/  Hunters watch as hounds rampage thru village gardens    2/  Hounds hunting along edge of road

   VWHFHHunterswatchashoundshuntinvillagegardenChetworth4-3-17.jpg   VWHFHHuntingonaroad4-3-17.jpg


Senior equestrienne dies after fall during drag hunt [a real one]

6-3-17   Daily Mail   Leading horsewoman is crushed to death after her mount falls and lands on top of her as they took part in a hunt   A leading equestrian was crushed to death when her horse fell during a hunt. Sue Webb, who was vice chairman of the British Show Horse Association, was thrown from her saddle at a jump and her mount landed on top of her. The 64-year-old was riding with the Mid Surrey Farmers Draghounds, of which she was secretary, when tragedy struck at the weekend. 

Her devastated mother, Sheila Pipe, told the Mail: 'She fell at the fence and the horse went over and crushed her underneath. I can't believe it. It was the last drag meet of the season and the first fence. She was a very keen horsewoman and very well known in the horsey world, judging and everything. Sue Webb, who was vice chairman of the British Show Horse Association, was riding with the Mid Surrey Farmers Draghounds when she was thrown from her saddle at a jump and her mount landed on top of her over the weekend... 


One fox has very lucky escape from the Lamerton FH

5-3-17   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs   Lamerton Hunt 4.3.2017   Yesterday we paid a visit to the Lamerton Hunt, who met at the Blue Lion pub in Lewdown. Our three foot teams kept them in sight and earshotLamertonFHRedcoatonpoint4-3-17.jpg all day but didn't have much cause to intervene, except on one occasion. No 'trail-layer' in sight and plenty of dense coverts being drawn, but a strong westerly wind ensured scent was blown all over the place in the open fields, which made our job a bit easier.

The Hunt drew the valley between Swallow Cottage and Middle Raddon, then south towards West Raddon, Tibridge and Raddon Wood, then straight through Lew Wood and Eastcottdown Plantation, where hounds occasionally spoke on a scent. They drew a small covert north of Galford Down and then turned around and hunted almost the exact same route backwards. Sabs were never far from Lewis and hounds in the woods, although he was oblivious to it most of the time, and hounds rioted on deer as they hunted upwind towards Lew Wood. The Hunt then made their way back to the kennels via Middle Raddon for a nice and early 4pm finish!

Hounds did get dangerously close to one fox yesterday. Various riders were positioned 'on point' [above right]  around the edges of a crop field and hounds were entered to draw the field upwind, a risky move. As expected, they put up a fox, but thankfully neither Huntsman nor riders spotted him. Sabs a few fields away began calling hounds towards them, but Lewis was already gathering the pack and heading out of the field. That fox had an extremely close escape!


Pics below -   1/  Leaving the meet   2/  You got a fox in there?   3/  Shall I make a break for it?

     LamertonFHLeavingmeet4-3-17.jpg   LamertonFHYougotafoxinthere4-3-17.jpg




National Trust beefs up its policy on field sports - a smidgen

5-3-17   Facebook - National Dis-Trust   'Our Position on Field Sports' - recently updated National Trust policy now contains the following paragraph -

'We expect our licence holders to comply fully with the law and the terms of our licence. Anyone who suspects them of breaking the law should contact the local police force as the proper investigating authority. We will, and have, taken strong action against licence holders where the police and the legal process have found them guilty of breaking the law.

Our assessment of how Hunts are performing against their licence conditions includes cross-checking their regular reports to us with those of people who wish to monitor their activities and with our own staff’s observations.

We cooperate fully with the police, and our local teams follow up with the Hunt in question after any police investigation where we deem that further action is necessary. We also meet regularly with the Hunts themselves to ensure that the terms of the licence are being upheld and to discuss issues that arise.' https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/…/our-position-on-field-sp

Now imagine if this was their policy on fell-running, or kayaking, or any other 'activity' that might take place on NT land. Would the National Trust need to constantly cross-check that the licence conditions were being upheld? Or would references to the police/breaking the law/police investigation/legal process need to be made at all?

As far as we know the National Trust take little, if any notice of reports from monitors, and refuse to facilitate independent monitoring. Nor do they cross-check the reports provided by hunts, as most hunts do not submit reports and if they did they would certainly not be truthful - how many 'accidents' could they admit to before the NT would have to realise that trail-hunting just doesn't exist.


Cheshire Forest FH massed thugs attract police action at final meet

Sabs believe some given dispersal order by the police 

5-3-17  Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   HIT REPORT - 04/03/17 - CHESHIRE FOREST – CROWTON Yesterday we had a small team of sabs and monitors who were very determined to show face at the last meet of the Cheshire Forest after their filthy, outrageous behaviour in Macclesfield where they murdered a fox in a suburban area and terrorised members of the public in their own homes.

We expected the Hunt to be in the Crowton area so decided not to go to the meet location and instead wait around for the Hunt to arrive. From our position we soon seen the Hunt high up on the hillside about a mile to the east. We had eyes and ears everywhere for this meet as there were so many people appalled with the Forest taking to the suburbs to hunt urban foxes. We received information that the Hunt were somewhere down by the banks of the river Weaver, we were about to approach on foot when we were suddenly joined by a gang of quad bike riding hunt thugs, from what we believe were something to do with all the Cheshire Hunts. The usual insults and pathetic name calling ensued from the rabble of hunt scum but sabs stood their ground and within minutes they all rode away into the distance...

The Hunt were nowhere to be seen so we proceeded to move on. Once again, we found ourselves amongst a slightly larger group of terrier scum, with one quad bike rider attempting to mow down a sab who was instantlyCheshireForestFHThugsmeetpolice4-3-17.jpg flagged down by a police officer who was on foot and literally chased him down the road to issue him a ticket and give him a stern talking to! Kudos to the police! Whilst they were dealing with these individuals, sabs left the area in pursuit of the Huntmaster and hounds. Upon leaving, sabs passed two riot vans with flashing lights and sirens blaring heading towards the terrier boys. We believe that this element of scum was given a dispersal order!! Further down the road we were once again stopped from following the hounds by an even bigger group of hunt scum. A large proportion of these dirtbags had come all the way from North Wales presumably to cause trouble whilst supporting their own scummy lot from the Flint and Denbigh Hunt who had joined forces with their fox murdering companions here in Cheshire.

It soon became apparent that the pack had been split into two which made sabbing slightly more difficult and we cannot be certain of a kill-free day as we struggled to find the hounds for the majority of it. After much driving around searching for the two packs of hounds, the police informed us at around 3:30 that they were standing down as the Hunt had packed in for the day. We had further confirmation from other sources that the hounds were seen being loaded into the hound van and we decided there now wasn't much point remaining in the area. The majority of police were now leaving with only a small amount of officers remaining to keep the peace should ourselves and the scum come across each other again. We did see some very well known Flint and Denbigh supporters on the drive to a nearby pub but they didn't give us any hassle and left us to enjoy a nice cold pint and the football! The police were very helpful and acted in the impartial way that one should expect from them in instances like this. They know that we are only out here trying to save wildlife!

We finish the season (in Cheshire at least) satisfied with the inroads we have made in to documenting and sabotaging Cheshire's illegal hunting fraternity and we will continue our efforts next season to hopefully ensure the safety of our local wildlife. Thanks to all the sab groups that have helped us along the way, you have shown amazing comradery and solidarity, and we have a lot of love for you all! We also feel it is important to give a massive shout out to the local monitors and also to all of the amazing people we have picked up along the way, you know who you are! Finally we must thank you guys, our supporters, we have been bowled over by your kindness and generosity! You guys rock!

5-3-17   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   Cheshire Forest (Macclesfield fox kill) last meet of the season    Yesterday was so uplifting. It just proved how much negativity there is towards fox hunting and how much support we have. So we would like to thank everyone who contributed = Concerned locals who turned up on the day, new monitors who have joined us this season, a local group of bikers and Cheshire and Lancaster Sabs. And of course all our supporters on this page.CheshireForestFHSadsacks4-3-17.jpgThe Hunt had hired in extra thugs from the Flint and Denbigh and the Cheshire Hounds Hunts. In fact, there were more thugs than riders. Just a small trickle of whom left the meet. They were also heard arguing with each other.

We had a long conversation with one of our Wildlife Crime Officers last week about the policing of Hunts and we hope this added to the positive policing on the day. There was a huge police presence, with riot vans, unmarked cars and normal vehicles. They, along with the rest of us, sat on this Hunt all day long.

Hunt thugs tried to slow some of us (particularly some of the Sabs) down by throwing their weight around but were stopped by police. This happened a bit too much to one group of sabs who spent a lot of the day avoiding conflict. Police searched the hired thugs vehicles and handed out a dispersal order to them so that was that for them!

While this was happening some of our monitors found Mr German trying desperately to hunt. His face was a picture when he saw us and he was not happy when we called in the rest of the group to help stop him. 

The supporters spent most of the day hanging around on the roads waiting for nothing. Due to their frustration they had to try and incite arguments with us, sad people. One of them even told us he didn't come to follow Andrew German because he was a useless Huntsman!

The day ended with everyone linked to the Hunt wandering back to the meet with their heads down after a really, really bad day for them and a brilliant day for us and the anti hunting campaign.



Atherstone FH hunted fox out of nature reserve

Shoots down badger sett - no dig-out - no terrierman !

5-3-17  Facebook – W.Midlands Sabs   VIDEO   Atherstone Hunt, Saturday 4th March 2017 - Wolvey   Fox hunted police not interested   The Atherstone Hunt met at Lewis's Grain Store in Wolvey. The Atherstone Hunt are deeply unpopular in Wolvey and the surrounding areas. We know this from the amount of locals contacting us and complaining about the Hunt. One landowner contacted us and gave us permission to go on his land and weAtherstoneFHHuntsmanwithpack4-3-17.jpg later came across another landowner who was very unhappy with the Hunt's antics.

We asked Warwickshire Police if the Hunt had told them their “route” for today and they told us no. They didn’t seem that interested in asking the Hunt where they would be going and what they would be getting up to today. If they had bothered finding out they might have seen the fox being hunted a short time later.

Huntsman Stuart Barton [with pack, right] took the hounds from the meet and put them into the local nature reserve. Within minutes a fox was seen running away from the Hunt with hounds close behind. It ran up the hedge before taking refuge down a badger sett. As the Atherstone haven't had a terrierman all season it has meant the badger setts have been left alone and this fox escaped unharmed. Unfortunately for the Hunt with the fox that would have provided them with their day's “sport” having escaped within the first five minutes they spent the next hour and a half riding round and round the same bit of land before packing up at 1.00. None of them looked happy as they rode back to the meet.

With Liverpool, Manchester and Severn Vale Sabs all out with us, it meant that sabs greatly out numbered the Hunt.

Pics below -  1  Fox fleeing   2/  Hounds just seconds behind   3/ The pack chasing fox   4/  Foxy's refuge

  AtherstoneFHFoxfleeing4-3-17.jpg   AtherstoneFHHoundschasingfoxjustsecondsahead4-3-17.jpg

  AtherstoneFHThepackchasingfox4-3-17.jpg  AtherstoneFHFoxrefuge4-3-17.jpg


Monitors believe Beaufort FH hunted fox in Prince Charles' grounds

Had seen evidence of hunting earlier, including bloodstained hounds

4-3-17   POWA Press Release [in collaboration with Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch]   VIDEO   Activists believe "Prince Charles's Hunt" was illegally hunting a fox in grounds of Highgrove House    Hunt monitors from Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch were following the Beaufort Hunt, which met at Easton Grey, near Westonbirt, Glos on Saturday February 25th. Earlier in the day, monitors had concluded that what the Beaufort were doing lookedBeaufortFHAtHighgroveRidersenter25-2-17.jpg and sounded a lot more like fox than 'trail' hunting', including seeing several bloodstained hounds and terriermen with at least one dog.

A little before 3.30, a holler was heard from the Highgrove area. Hollering has no place in 'trail hunting', being done to alert huntsmen that the fox has been spotted. The Hunt, seemingly responding to it, doubled back and crossed the busy A433 near Doughton, arriving at the gates of Highgrove House, the home of Prince Charles [field entering, right]. A female monitor was already there, having seen hounds searching grassy areas at the start of the drive as she passed.

BeaufortFHAtHighgroveArmedpolicetalkingtomonitor25-2-17.jpgThe Prince and the Duke of Beaufort are close and, as an armed police officer [left] confirmed to the monitor, the Prince had given the Beaufort permission to 'trail hunt' in his grounds. As the Huntsman entered the grounds he gave several staccato horn bursts - the traditional signal to hounds to hunt on. Soon after, excited noises from hounds were heard. The rest of the field arrived and entered the grounds, and the Hunt then turned left [below right, to R of caption], out of sight, but towards Big and Larch Coverts.

The Hunt, riders and four terriermen, were admitted without security checks, but an armed police officer at the gates told the monitor to return to her car. She agreed to do so, but first explained to a sergeant her reasons for believing that the Beaufort FH were illegally hunting a fox and asked if he was going to do anything about it. He just claimed the Hunt 'were on a drag' and eventually she left. Though hearing hounds 'speak' occasionally afterwards, monitors did not see the Hunt again that day.

Earlier in the day, monitors saw a fox flee a wood being watched by hunters and containing the hound pack. TheBeaufortFHAtHighgroveHuntturninglefttowardscovert25-2-17.jpg hunters missed its escape. Around midday, monitors detected signs of probable fox hunting at a spinney between Easton Grey and Westonbirt. Some unusually sheepish terrier men, with a terrier, were present when they arrived [them leaving, below right]. Terriermen should have no role in a 'trail hunt'. Monitors heard the hounds in cry for a while about an hour later, but could not keep up with the Hunt. Some time later, monitors found the Hunt stationary on a road. That several hounds were bloodstained [pic of one, below left] indicated they had killed something, most probably a fox.

Alan Kirby, from Protect Our Wild Animals, said 'The monitors appear to have very good reasons to believe that the Beaufort Hunt were hunting foxes, both before and after they got to Highgrove. Numerous reports and video evidence from hunt monitors and sabs make us certain that live quarry hunting BeaufortFHHounwithbloodiedchestsuggestskillmade25-2-17.jpgcontrary to law, and often in the guise of 'trail hunting', is very commonplace. Hunts know they can almost always get away with it because of the defects of the Hunting Act 2004 and the reluctance of police and CPS to tackle offences which are extremely hard to prove in court - or to take on often very well-resourced Hunts. And the Beaufort is certainly one of those.'

He added 'The Hunting Act is desperately in need of significant strengthening and I must praise hunt monitors who go to tremendous trouble to try to obtain sufficient evidence to convict transgressive Hunts. They also seriously risk their safety, for no recompense, despite knowing the odds are hugely stacked against them.'

Notes for editors -

- The full report on the day from Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch can be found here.

- Their captioned video compilation of the day can be found here.

- A Google Maps page showing entrance to Highgrove House [middle, bottom], the woodland the Hunt turned left into in the grounds,and the House [midddle top] is here. [pic right]

- A posting from CIHW about the shooting at the Beaufort FH meet of 18/2, mentioned in the first paragraph of their full report on the 25/2 meet, is here.

- A video showing the Beaufort FH hounds chasing a fox in the grounds of a school is here.

- Report by International Fund for Animal Welfare on 'trail hunting' entitled 'Trail of Lies' is here.

- Report published on the POWA website re. finding of 3 dead badgers near a sett in Beaufort FH country, soon after an activist had reported the Hunt for blocking setts, is below.

Corpses of three badgers found near sett in Beaufort FH country - Anti group had recently informed police of pre-meet sett blocking on that land

15-2-17   POWAperson has today been informed that this sett is in the Beaufort FH country and that an anti-hunt group recently reported to police that the Hunt had been blocking setts on this land before Hunt meets. The slaughter of the badgers at this place could, of course, be a simple co-incidence and nothing to do with the Beaufort FH directly or indirectly.

5-2-17   Wilts & Gloucs Standard   Dead badgers found outside blocked sett in Brokenborough   POLICE have received yet more reports of badger setts being blocked in in north Wiltshire. A recent incident of setts being filled in occurred in Brokenborough, where the remains of dead badgers were found on January 31. The police are currently unable to identify who is responsible for this crime. Anyone with information is urged to call police on 101.

- A personal account by the female monitor referred to in the press release above follows - Last Saturday [25-2-17] we were at BeaufortFH3Terriermenleavingspinney25-2-17.jpgentrance to Prince Charles' house as hounds were taken across the road and in, searching the entrance surround as they did so. Some of us had seen the Hunt in the fields opposite as they headed east back to the side road, but on hearing a holler the Hunt turned back with the hounds and headed north towards the busy road and Prince Charles' property. The Hunt were seen by our people from a footpath at Under Bridge on a ridge just south of A433, where Highgrove entrance is. The Hunt was heading eastwards back to the lane when a holler was heard towards A433 and the Hunt changed direction and went towards A433 and Highgrove.

I was driving past when pack was crossing the road and searching all over entrance and workshop entrance grassy areas and I immediately thought a fox must have been seen crossing the road and going into Highgrove. The hounds were not being hurried on even though they were on the verge of a busy road. I had to turn round and struggle to get my camera so did not record the searching to the right of the entrance but caught the rest. As they went inside the barrier BeaufortFH2ndHoundwithbloodiedchestsuggestskillmade25-2-17.jpgsome hounds picked up, were anxiously called back by the Huntsman, who was aware of my camera by then, but then taken in towards the left where there is a covert. The police at the barrier ignored me saying it was illegal hunting and asking them to do something about it, although did say they hadn't seen the fox go in on their CCTV. They were much more anxious that I should return to my car, which I had driven in off the road which is extremely busy. Police reinforcements in the form of a sergeant were called, not for the Hunt but for me and, as the whole Hunt, terriermen and large field proceeded into the property unchecked, we were told we were not allowed in because it was a secure area.

The police did not turn round and look at the Hunt in spite of my expostulations and explanation about hunting. They were nice enough and kept sympathising as I outlined all the reasons why we knew this was illegal hunting, including the massively bloodstained hounds we had seen earlier[another one, pic left], after they emerged from inaccesible country, and the fox escaping from the first covert they drew, and the cabal of terriermen lurking furtively with their terrierbox at a remote spinney. I shouted at them for about twenty minutes as they listened patiently and did absolutely nothing.

- Reports of numerous and varied infractions by Hunts since the beginning of February can be found on the POWA website here.

- Reports of numerous and varied infractions by Hunts before February can be found here.

Pic below - Google Maps view of Highgrove location. Entry is middle bottom, covert on the left, Highgrove House at middle top  



Oakley FH thugs assault sabs & steal cameras - police do nothing

4-3-17   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Sabs   … We paid another visit to our local hunt, the Oakley [right] who were having a meet at Park Farm, Keysoe. They've been in this area several times already this season so it would seem that they don't have the support of the landowners as they are running out of places to hunt so keep returning to the same areas. For the Oakley they had a fairly large turnout, perhaps a last meet and mostly swelled it wouldOakleyFH4-3-17.jpg seem with Pony Club riders. As usual they didn't bother with any of that trail laying nonsense or using any other exemption. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

Our small group were on them from the start making sure they were always in sight and making sure when the hounds did show an interest in a line we were there to discourage them. The overnight rain made the going very heavy and even attempts by the hunt to cover maximum distance at speed to get away from us were all in vain. We covered huge distances on foot and in the vehicle and found ourselves once more in the region of Shelton Gorse, a known fox holding area for the Hunt.

By this time the Hunt had called in the goon squad, a collection of fearsomely ugly and overweight individuals (some who seemed drunk) who's only purpose is to OakleyFHSupporttrespassing4-3-17.jpgthreaten, harass and assault us. They blocked in our driver for over an hour while we deployed on foot and even though multiple calls went in the police they failed to find him even though the village only contained 3 roads. They also attempted to run over one of our sabs claiming it was their right as we were on private land but they of course were not agents of the land owner and trying to run someone over is hardly justified.

As we approached the Gorse we could hear hounds in cry and a dog fox broke cover running the hedge line [below right]. Foxes are paired up at this time of year and we believe this fox had purposefully taken the hounds away from his mate who would have been heavily pregnant and unable to escape. We arrived and gave him just enough time to escape by covering the line and using both horn and voice calls although both Huntsman and whipper In put the hounds back on the line in an attempt to hunt on but he was thankfully long gone.

We tracked the Hunt back to their homeland of Melchbourne where they entered the wood behind the village for the final chance to hunt and the journey back to kennels. On the way back the hounds decided to take off on theirOakleyFHFoxfleeing4-3-17.jpg own (which they do fairly often with this Huntsman) after something and completely ignored Calamity Jack and, clearly embarrassed, he made no attempt to call them back. They entered Penn Wood, an area the Hunt are not allowed to go, so we followed.

It was at this point where we once again encountered the goon squad blocking our way. They had no right to be there, yet claimed a right to assault us and steal cameras. One brainless couple even bought their young child to a situation which was clearly going to escalate into violence. This is the kind of parenting displayed by these people, what hope for that poor child after the example they set. Perhaps social services should be contacted.

We contacted the police again and the first thing they did was speak to the thugs rather that the people who had been assaulted. Bedfordshire police have made big strides recently in their policing of the Hunt but today they were appalling. Showing no interest in the illegal hunting and only interested in public order and yet at no time did they leave their vehicle or stop the vehicles harassing us. The bias was quite frankly beyond a joke and we shall be making an official complaint. We will never back down from the challenge of saving wildlife and what we have to face to do this but today the police put us in danger and we cannot let that stand.

We can't do this without your support and any donations are hugely appreciated and we will need to replace the cameras that were stolen. https://www.paypal.me/BedsBucksHuntSabs.


Antis' teamwork denies Portman FH kill, furious farmer tells Hunt off

Hound bleeding heavily from mouth wound pictured

PortmanFH4-3-17.jpg4-3-17   Facebook - Dorset Sabs   Hit Report 4/03/2017   Today we decided to pay a visit to the Portman Hunt [left]. Our first visit this season! With our good friends South West Sabs, we headed North to join up with with our neighbouring wildlife protectors, Dorset Against Bloodsports, and of course not forgetting our legendary Monitor who is always there watching every move these Dorset hunts make.

The meet was at Rowberry House in the very heart of Viscount Rothermere territory (Daily Mail owner) before heading straight away for Ferne Park... we were able to keep a close eye on the hounds as they were drawn south... they headed north at great speed (in an obvious attempt to loose sabs) and made for the mountainous terrain of Berwick Coombe, where DABS were waiting for them. With great communication between all teams, DABS were able to guide foot sabs straight to the Huntsman and hounds, who by now was drawing hounds through the coverts towardsPortmanFHHoundinjuredduringhunt4-3-17.jpg Woodlands. Foot sabs being surrounded by the now frustrated field were confronted by Master Capt Pearson who was convinced we were on private land, once shown what open access land looks like on a map, thanked Sabs for the lesson before riding off a tad red faced!!

With DABS keeping a close eye, the hunt again at speed headed south and away from sabs, only to be greeted by our Monitor... [they]headed for Lower Bridmore Farm... .hounds briefly went into cry but sabs intervened with horn and gizmo and split the pack as they lost and tried to find the scent... sabs headed to Easton Hollow to pull off a classic pincer movement.

It was here that sabs were confronted by an extremely irate farmer who thought we were hunt support!! On finding out we were the 'Antis' was only to pleased to be handed a Hounds Off leaflet, before hot-footing it at great speed in his Landy across the open plain [bottom] yelling at the hunt to 'get off his land'. Such a pleasure to watch the Hunt do their 'run of shame' and to remind them for the rest of the day of their trespass!!

... they headed into Chase Woods... a huge expanse of woodland and with sabs blocked by the now very angry support and quad bikes, from entering the green lane we lost sight of the hunt for a short while... it didn't take long to find them... We can't say for certain that they didn't kill in this huge wood, but hounds surrounded sabs upon leaving and they all looked 'clean' and by the way the field was behaving they didn't seem so happy about their day!! Support even went so far as spitting at us as they drove past! From here we followed them on their long walk of shame back to the meet where they boxed up at 4pm.

A good day for sabs and a great team effort all round. However not such a good day for the Hunt and even less so for the poor injured hound [right] that DABS had to witness...



Reporter spends day with Sabs visiting the Crawley & Horsham FH

The article is much too long to reproduce here but this is a taster....

4-3-17   Huffington Post   VIDEO   ‘Balaclava-Clad Terrorists’ Or Saviours Of Britain’s Wildlife? On The Trail Of Britain’s Hunt Saboteurs   Every weekend, masked men and women trek across Britain’s countryside, scaling barbed wire fences, wading through bitterly cold streams and trawling through mud. During the traditional hunting season from November to April, these Saturday saboteurs, more commonly known as ‘hunt sabs’, dedicate their days off to menacing men and women on horseback in the name of animal welfare.

Violence, intimidation and mistrust festers on both sides of the hunt. The sabs believe they are saving the lives of Britain’s wildlife. The hunts say the sabs are getting in the way of a legal activity, even brandishing them “balaclava-clad terrorists”.

Many of the wildlife warriors are so worried about their identities being revealed that they conceal their faces and simply refer to one another as ‘sab’ when out in the field. Many tell us that they fear repercussions in their jobs and at home, if the hunts know their identities.

Whether you agree with the actions of the sabs will predominantly be down to where you stand in the fox hunting debate. Banned under the Hunting Act 2004, the latest Ipso MORI poll suggests 84% of the public believes fox hunting should remain illegal - the highest level of support recorded for maintaining the ban.

There have been 430 prosecutions under the act, and just last week Cheshire Police and the RSPCA said they were launching an investigation after “out of control” hunting dogs allegedly killed a fox in a back garden of a residential street.

Trail hunting, in which the artificial scent of an animal is laid, is legal in the UK. But the sabs believe this is just a pretext for hunts to kill foxes. As a result tensions run high between the two sides and it’s not uncommon for things to escalate to violence. The Countryside Alliance says hunts are “regularly intimidated and harassed” by sabs and accuses anti-hunt protesters of making “spurious allegations”.

This weekend The Huffington Post UK joined a sabbing raid was no exception. During the course of the next 13 hours, we would see escalating hostility between not only the sabs and hunt members but also the rising suspicions of the police.

One sab is arrested. Another who claims he was kicked in the face alleges assault, resulting in the police seizing a huntsman’s boot for examination. We even end up in a car with a lost hound, which is ultimately returned to the hunters by the saboteurs.....

Do read the rest, it's well worth the time, and the video the Huff Post made is really good.  

Pics below [credit Huffington Post] -  1/  Sabs pull hounds away from Huntsman using gizmo   2/  The Croydon sab van 

   CrawleyFHSabspullhoundsoffHuntsmanwithgizmo4-3-17.jpg   CrawleyFHCroydonsabvan4-3-17.jpg


Equestrian business offering 'fox hunting days' on website

4-3-17  Stoneleigh Park', an equestrian business based in Leamington Spa, is offering 'fox hunting days' with a number of Hunts in England and Wales, including a number whose servants have accrued convictions for illegal hunting or interfering with badger setts, e.g. the Heythop, the Fernie and the Meynell, and others which have been accused frequently of illegal hunting and other nefarious behaviour. It makes no pretence that it is 'trail hunting' that is on offer, calling the ban 'ridiculous' and saying '... the fox-hunting fraternity has shown the ban to be quite unenforceable. While there is never any intention of breaking the law, each pack of hounds has found a way to work within it and still provide good sport for subscribers and visitors alike... '

StoneleighPark.co.uk   Fox Hunting For the last thirty seasons, the Hon. Diana Pritchard Jack has organised fox-hunting vacations for individuals and small parties with all the best known packs of hounds in England. Based in the centre of the Country, Diana is ideally placed for reaching over twenty different hunt countries.

With over forty seasons' experience of riding with nearly a hundred different packs of hounds, Diana is well qualified to explain the thrills and hazards of crossing the famous wolds and vales of The Shires. In addition, having grown up in Northamptonshire with a family enmeshed in the sport, she has the necessary credentials and contacts to take guests to even the most exclusive of packs.

During the seasons since the government’s ridiculous ban on “hunting wild mammals with dogs” the fox-hunting fraternity has shown the ban to be quite unenforceable. While there is never any intention of breaking the law, each pack of hounds has found a way to work within it and still provide good sport for subscribers and visitors alike and to continue this great tradition of the English countryside.

Diana specializes in providing a complete fox-hunting experience with visits to hunt kennels, dinner parties with Masters of Hounds, Hunt Balls and other hunting related social activities. There is a four-wheel drive vehicle for those who prefer to follow hounds with a different sort of horse power and a driver who knows the countryside as well as any fox, and the pubs somewhat better! Diana, herself, prefers to accompany her mounted guests to provide introductions, local knowledge and help wherever and whenever needed.

Fox hunting can be arranged with any of the following packs of hounds:-

Atherstone, Duke of Beaufort's*, Belvoir (Duke of Rutland's)*, Berkley (Earl of Berkley's), Old Berkshire, Bicester with Whaddon Chase, Cheshire, Cotswold, North Cotswold, Cottesmore*, Croom & West Warwickshire, Fernie, Grafton, Heythrop, Ludlow, Meynall & South Staffordshire, Oakley, Pytchley, Woodland Pytchley, Quorn*, Vale of Aylesbury, Vale of the White Horse, Warwickshire, Wynstay (Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn's). The Farmers' Bloodhounds chase a different sort of quarry on Sundays. *These packs require at least six weeks notice and have a visitor's cap of about £120.

There are often in excess of 180 riders following and the Field Master has to keep the Field well back from the hounds. The smaller packs are usually more enjoyable as it is easier to see hounds at work and the people are very welcoming. These visitors' caps range from £65 to £120 depending upon which day of the week you hunt and with which pack of hounds. Autumn Hunting caps range from £10 - £25 during September and the first three weeks of October.

Hunting with Hawks is also available and provides a thrilling experience even for those who have never previously handled a bird of prey. Pheasant, partridge, rabbits, hares and squirrels are amongst the prey these striking Harris Hawks are after as you walk through the woodland and meadows of Central England's lush countryside.

Enjoy English country hospitality with all the trimmings and ride or watch experienced quality horses over the most famous hunting counties in the world.

Prices for hiring horses for hunting:- Optional pre-hunting "get to know the horses" session:-

£50 Autumn Hunting: September: £125, October: £155, From the Opening Meet onwards:- One horse for fox hunting (to be returned by 2.30p.m.): £195, Two horses per rider (going home with hounds at dusk):- £370, Transport charges vary upon distances and the number of horses carried.

A deposit of 50% is required when reserving horses and cancellation fees are charged at the following rate: 7 - 5 days: 25%, 4 days: 50%, 3 days: 75%, 48 hours or less: 100%.

Costs for accommodation at Waverley and nearby B&Bs or hotels, plus hawking & falconry prices are available upon application. Waverly Equestrian Centre is approximately two hours from Gatwick Airport; one hour, twenty minutes from Heathrow, and only half an hour from Birmingham International Airport. The train from London Euston takes one hour and a quarter to Coventry where guests can be met. Transport from the airports can also be arranged.



Rumours of bTb outbreak at Kimblewick FH kennels

Supporters say 40 hounds have been shot, hunting stopped

3-3-17    Facebook - Berkshire Hunt Sabs   Unconfirmed reports from their supporters have alleged that the KimblewickFHhunter.jpgKimblewick hounds have got Tuberculosis (TB) from eating a dead cow collected from their knacker round. Reports say over 40 hounds have had to be shot, with the rest currently awaiting test results. This all happened in mid February.

MFHA are trying to bury this info because of the damage it could cause between good willed cattle farmers and the Hunts. not to mention that Hunts could likely have to suspend their knacker-round which would impact farmers and Hunt alike.

The Kimblewick have suspended the season and no one is reporting this. Supporters of the Kimblewick have being asked to keep quiet about it and a email was sent across MFHA groups in a request for it not to appear on social media. Perhaps Kimblewick Hunt would like to respond and confirm or deny the reports....


Cotswold FH meet cancelled after redcoat fell off horse, says rider

POWAperson has been informed by a reliable source that the Cotswold Huntsman has been dismissed, and a meet was cancelled, because of the Huntsman being 'tired and emotional'. If this proves to be inaccurate we apologise in advance to the gentleman. But one feels duty bound to report the matter because, if correct, it has clear public safety implications. We've often wondered if the traditional stirrup cup is really such a good idea. This is what POWAperson has been told...

3-3-17    'We were passed on intelligence that huntsman of Cotswold had been fired for alcoholism. Might have been thought that this was a malicious rumour, but when we attended a scheduled meet yesterday we found nobody there. We came across a local dressed for hunting but exercising his horses instead, so asked him what had happened. He happily told us that the meet was cancelled because the Huntsman was drunk and had been for two weeks. We expressed concern that in this case he might be in danger of falling off his horse but apparently this had already taken place. The whipper in cannot manage the hounds safely enough, so we are hoping they are out for the rest of the season.'

Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch has also reported in very similar terms 


Bloodsports lobby attacks anti-hunt Blue Fox again

Tory Chair tells them to stop using party logo

3-3-17   CA Press Release     Chairman of the Conservative Party requests that secretive group refrainPatrickMcCoughlinMP.jpg from using Party logo   Following months of Countryside Alliance campaigning the Chairman of the Conservative Party, Rt Hon Sir Patrick McLoughlin MP [right], has contacted the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation (CAWF) requesting that they refrain from using the official Conservative Party logo and limit their operations. Last November former Solicitor General Sir Edward Garnier MP wrote to the Party Chairman on behalf of the CA raising concerns about both CAWF and the Conservatives Against Fox Hunting (CAFH). Both groups are run by Ms Lorraine Platt [left]. Ms Platt is a Trustee of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), a group that has twice been censured by the Charity Commission for campaigning against the Conservative Party.

AndrewRosindellMP.jpgNews of Sir Edward’s letter was broke by The Times last December... CEO of the Countryside Alliance, Tim Bonner, called for the Party to take action to prevent the misuse of the Party logo. Animal Welfare Consultant at the Countryside Alliance, James Barrington, also raised concerns about the group on the Bright Blue blog: Our man-made countryside requires wildlife management.

Last month Head of Shooting at the Countryside Alliance Liam Stokes raised his concerns with the Shooting Times regarding a report that was published by CAWF calling for the Party to “commit to a review of the industry of shooting live birds for sport shooting”...

A number of Conservative MP’s have supported the Countryside Alliance’s four month long campaign to ensure that the Conservative Party logo is not misused by a group publishing recommendations that would be detrimental to shooting and the countryside. In addition to securing the support of Sir Edward Garnier MP and Simon Hart MP, the Countryside Alliance also secured the support of former Shadow Animal Welfare Minister Andrew Rosindell MP [right]...

Only a matter of weeks ago, founder and Director of CAWF published a social media post stating that CAWFLorrainePlatt.jpg representatives had met with Animal Aid representatives. A number Animal Aid employees have criminal convictions for breaking the law in order to promote their extreme animal rights agenda.

Lorraine Platt refuses to reveal the identity of the mystery “animal welfare charity” that accounts (published on Companies House) show has donated tens of thousands of pounds to her groups. Speculation continues to grow regarding the identity of the charity, with many believing that ex Queen guitarist Brian May is the benefactor. There are a large number of photos of Mr May and Ms Platt together, the relationship appears to be close with Ms Platt often referring to Mr May as “Bri”. In 2010 Brian May established an animal welfare charity, Save Me, which is focused on campaigning against fox hunting and the badger cull. In 2015 Mr May stated, “Lorraine Platt speaks up for the good guys in the Conservative Party.” Previous to this, he described the Blue Foxes as “His heroes.”



Atherstone FH hounds all over roads, sometimes unaccompanied

3-3-17   Facebook – W.Mids Sabs  VIDEO   Atherstone Hunt Tuesday 28th February   On Tuesday, the Atherstone Hunt were hunting around the Newbold Verdon area. Throughout the day we witnessed the hounds running all over roads, some of them busy main roads. Now the Athersrtone either laid trails over these busy main roads, purposely endangering the hounds and motorists OR the hounds were illegally hunting foxes across them. Either way the Atherstone Hunt are a serious road traffic accident waiting to happen.

At their most chaotic the pack got onto a scent in a field next to a main road and split, half the pack heading towards and across the main road whilst the other half went the other way. There were periods when some of the hounds were running up and down these roads unaccompanied by anyone from the hunt. Luckily no hounds were hit by cars or lorries...

  AtherstoneFHhoundscrossingroadunaccompanied28-2-17.jpg  AtherstoneFHhoundrunningonmainroadverge28-2-17.jpg


Sabs violently assaulted by Flint & Denbigh FH 'security'

2-3-17 Facebook - Fylde Hunt Saboteurs Hit Report 27/02/2017 Fylde Hunt Sabs along with our colleaguesFlintDenbighFHEdLloydEllis2-3-17.jpg from Lancaster, Cheshire and N.Wales Sabs sabbed the Flint and Denbigh Hunt, who met near Tre Mostyn, not far from Denbigh... ... we were on to them pretty quickly. The day was, however, marked by the constant violent actions of the Hunt’s personal one man security team - the notorious Ed Lloyd Ellis [right].

Within minutes of sabs entering woodland, Ed had managed to assault two sabs in separate incidents - pulling hair and tearing piercings while at the same time scaring his own poor spaniel witless [below left].

Leaving the hapless wannabe policeman behind, sabs entered another wooded area along a bridle path and followed the Hunt’s trail, hearing hounds in cry [below right] on several occasions. Hounds were moved on by sabs using voice calls, horn and blocking them from jumping over fences - pushing them back to their lords and masters who were nowhere to be seen. Catching the riders and pack, we were not going to let them out of our sight again, with various teams splitting up - some getting ahead whilst others followed behind. It was effective at FlintDenbighFHEdLloydEllisscaringowndog2-3-17.jpgkeeping them moving and ensuring they couldn’t successfully flush out any foxes.

The Huntsman pushed the pack along the top and sides of a wooded ridge and down towards a road where they swarmed through gardens and scrub in disorganised chaos. Frustration showing, the Huntsman took the pack back up onto the ridge and retraced the path... Perhaps in the vain hope the citronella had faded away. It hadn't.

At this point the Hunt seemed fairly confused and headed towards their chums at Mostyn Farm Ride (who provide courses for the Hunt) a mile or so away before changing their minds and returning... They left the road and immediately put the hounds into coverts alongside farmland, with sabs attempting to follow and film proceedings...

It was at this point that hunt support aggression took an upward turn. Ed had completely lost control in his efforts to stop sabs filming the illegal hunting. He hit one sab in the face, had another female sab in a headlock as he punched her repeatedly on the back of the head before being dragged off.

Continuing, he pushed another female sab whilst at the same time trying to kick her in the shin (thinking no oneFlintDenbighFHHoundsincry2-3-17.jpg would notice). His behaviour seemed to encourage other hunt supporters and spark multiple flare ups, most notable being when a female sab was attacked and dragged to the ground by the hair by a female hunt supporter.

The most frustrating aspect to all this unnecessary aggression was that the Hunt managed to slip away. The lateness of the hour meant they hopefully didn’t get the chance to rip apart any foxes. As tempers calmed and traffic jams were unjammed, the Hunt performed its usual trick of calling in police, accusing sabs of attacking the Hunt with batons... The outcome of this ridiculous allegation was the arrival shortly after of multiple police vehicles. Then the frantic waving around of a taser as one village policeman thought all his birthdays had come at once and even the appearance of the police helicopter. A colossal waste of police money, manpower and resources.

If they left all the ground based officers out doing their job and allocated just the helicopter to monitor the hunt, the illegal tearing apart of British wildlife would soon come to an end and they would have saved themselves a fortune. A frustrating end to an otherwise successful day as the hunting season draws to a close before they return to cubbing in the autumn.

Pics below  1/  Female supporter losing it    2/  Ellis spitting at sabs

    FlintDenbighFHFemalefollowerlosingit2-3-17.jpg   FlintDenbighFHEdLloydEllisspitsatsabs2-3-17.jpg


Old Surrey FH hunters run gauntlet of derision to get to Hunt Ball

2OldSurreyFHHuntballinsidethehotel27-2-17.jpg-2-17   Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs   Demo against the Surrey, Burstow and West Kent hunt ball Effingham Park Hotel  Even before the demo the campaign was going well with the band dropping out and losing one of the main sponsors.

About 60 Sabs (North Downs, Guildford, Croydon, Brighton, South Coast and East Kent) and people that answered our call to protest against these animal abusers, hunters had to run a gauntlet of abuse and insults which hopefully helped to spoil their fun.

Four sabs went uncover into the hotel and took photos of the hunters inside [left], many of them with fur coats, including a fox stole which shows their level of respect for all animals. Many customers were disgusted to be sharing the hotel with hunters and a number were seen on the hotel desk demanding their money back. Hunt sab stickers mysteriously appeared in the hotel toilets which freaked the Hunt and the police out, who sent in teams to find the little pixies.

All the demonstrators left together to avoid a few bumpkins that may have tried to pick off lone sabs, ending a successful demo which hopefully will make the hotel change their minds about hosting this bloodsport event again !

Pics below-  1/  The gauntlet    2/ Banner

  OldSurreyFHHuntballdemothegauntlet27-2-17.jpg  OldSurreyFHHuntballdemo27-2-17.jpg


Hunt for lost boy - S.W.Wilts FH hound missing for several days

2-3-17    Facebook - Camilla Wellstead   LOCAL PEOPLE! This dog was last seen in Fontmell Magna, after Bedchester. He disappeared into the fields behind the surgery and we have lost sight of him :( He appears to be in a bit of a state- Thin, with lumps and possible wounds. Dog Warden advice is to catch him (is an entire male) and take to a vet! If anyone sees him or manages to catch him please let me know.

*UPDATE: He is a South And West Wilts hound. They are aware. Has been missing for 4 days, so if anybody spots him please let someone know. He has also been in Henstridge and Stalbridge prior to Fontmell Magna*.

3-3-17  Facebook - Georgie Jenkins This hound is called Borick and is dearly missed! He was new to the kennels so doesn't know his way hence why he's disorientated! he will not be put to sleep and they just want him home with his pals...Any sightings please call SWW Hunt ASAP, Thank you! X

7-3-17  Camilla Welstead   UPDATE   Apparently this boy has finally been FOUND and returned to his original hunt. Thanks everyone who shared it went out looking for him!


POWAperson comments - I have to say that George Jenkins' message soundseems genuinely concerned and affectionate towards poor Borick. But even the kindest hunters [if that's not a contradiction in terms] have a hideously schizophrenic attitude towards their canine charges. Exposed to numerous dangers in the field, whipped if they misbehave, liable to be killed at any time during their lives if they don't learn to hunt properly, or act out of line or are badly injured, and almost certain to be condemned to death when they reach 5 or 6 years old and considered too old to keep hunting well, yet they profess to love them. Who wouldn't, when they're not chasing and ripping defenceless wild animals to bits they're adorable. So, how can they then treat them as no more than disposable tools of their cruel and grisly trade? See here to learn how hunters so often demonstrate their 'love' for hounds. Anyway, let's hope Borick is found soon.


Crawley FH redcoat 'pinned sab to fence and kicked him in face'

Others allegedly assaulted, female sab repeatedly called 'c***' 

Sabs return lost hound to Hunt as hunters riding at others

1-3-17  Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs   Hunt Sabs report 25/02/2017  ... So Saturday was a long hard day. The Crawley & Horsham had the pleasure of our company and lucky for the foxes that we were there.

The Hunt met at the pub in Ashurst and headed south, ground was very wet not helped by the numerous streams. CrawleyFHLosthoundpickedupbysabs25-2-17.jpgWe had three cars of sabs and with help from West Sussex, Brighton, Guildford and Croydon was able to be ferried around in their Landies. Not an ideal situation but better than having three drivers unable to sab. We also had a journalist and cameraman from Huffington post who kept with us all day recording events.

Early on hounds had to be called off a scent using gizmos, which caused much upset to the Whipper-in, this was quickly followed be an ‘incident’ on a footpath where a redcoat pinned out of our sabs against a fence with his horse and kicked him in the face. No real damage was done by shocked the journalist a bit, despite our warnings.

The Hunt legged from then, but with groups of sabs all over one or the other was in contact. Later on, a sab from Guildford was attacked again by a rider in full view of the cops, only for the sab to get arrested. Legal issues are still on-going.

Shortly after this we came across a hound miles from the hunt wondering the road and nearly getting run over. With offers and love and biscuits we managed to get him into the Land rover [above left] and drove him (reluctantly) tot eh meet where he was handed back to the hunt. Typically at the same time some of our sabs were being ridden up by riders in the woods.

3-3-17   Facebook – W.Sussex Sabs  VIDEO   Saturday 25th February. Crawley & Horsham fox hunt meet at the Fountain Inn, Ashurst, West Sussex. 12pm meet today, and what a day ! We were joined by friends from Guildford, Brighton, Croydon and S.Coast Hunt Sabs, making it almost impossible for the Hunt to evade us. They tried though, crossing roads back and forth and heading miles from the meet. They tried all day to kill foxes and we are happy to say we know that we, sabs & monitors saved at least two fox lives today.

This didn't go down well with the fox killers who rode at hunt sabs, kicking one in the head, assaulting another sab and verbally abusing a young female hunt monitor, calling her a c*** several times.

The police out today showed no interest in the illegal hunting or assaults, but gave the impression of being there mostly to support the Hunt, not unusual. It's always upsetting and conflicting to see a veterinary nurse riding around on the back of a quad bike, supporting the Hunt. Neill Millard can be heard having a good shout at the police as he passes by them in this video. They hunted until around 5-30ish but could be heard for some time after trying to find lost hounds. The End Of The Season Is Nigh.


Sabs told fox killed by Hunt - find Surrey Union FH in area
1-3-17   Facebook – Surrey Union FH   After receiving a call from a distraught member of the public saying that a Hunt had killed a fox at midday behind the Beryl Brown Boarding Kennels near Peper Harrow, we rushed to the area to find the Surrey Union Hunt present. The poorly attended hunt spent the rest of the day trying to avoid sabs. Video to follow.


S.& W. Wilts FH hounds and horses blessed by 'countryman' priest


Sab tyres slashed as hares saved from Waveney Harriers

1-3-17  Facebook – S.Cambs Sabs  Hit Report - Wednesday 01/03/17 Waveney Harriers, Priory Farm, Aldeby (Nr Beccles), Norfolk   Today we joined with Norfolk and Suffolk Against Live Quarry Hunting to see what the reckless Waveney Harriers were up to. Low and behold the Huntsman Rueben once again spent half the time off his horse flushing the hounds through both woods and marsh land. The morning 'trail' for show was particularly pathetic with a rider spending all of less than five minutes running a rag 200 metres and back only to join the rest of the pack behind the leading Huntsman.

With two cars out we were able to keep track of the Hunt's movements for almost the entire day. A few ridersWaveneyHarriers1-3-17.jpg showed their usual aggression by using their horse as weapon to knock sabs about whilst proclaiming we were the intimidating ones. Whilst off his horse, Ruben led his hounds through a particularly swampy woods which led to two chases. The first saw hounds riot on a small deer escaping the woods, sabs were luckily on hand to call off the hounds with the field looking extremely red faced indeed.

The second happened not long after, with hounds chasing a hare over the marsh close to the previous woods. It was fortunate a sab used the horn to split the pack, calling the majority of hounds away, because you could barely hear the Huntsman Ruben's embarrassing attempt at horn blowing.

It's both a blessing and a curse the Huntsman is terrible, the former being much of the wildlife has a chance at escape but the later meaning that he has no control over the pack, where hounds are often seen on roads and putting also domestic animals in danger as they chase EVERYTHING.

For much of the afternoon when not attempting to locate lost hounds, he focused on the marsh lands leading the hounds around while on foot. During this last attempt to flush hares from the fields we saw two hares to safety. As those on quads and car support became more riled at not getting to see their kill, they resorted to vandalising two tyres on one of our cars. Time and time again hunters and their followers show their true thuggish colours because we dare to save wildlife from a horrendous death. We won't be intimidated by the violent actions of the vile Hunts and we'll carry on regardless.

The Hunt packed up before 4pm, with the wildlife in their area remaining safe, job done.


Veterinary practice hosts meet of the Cottesmore FH

1-3-17   Facebook - Leicester Animal Rights    Although they've tried to cover their tracks by deleting the post, it seems that tomorrow [2-3-17], Tower Equine Veterinary Surgeons will host the Cottesmore Hunt tomorrow.

Heard of The Cottesmore? They made national headlines recently because their severely violent supporters were filmed swinging metal chains at activists. Feel free to send them the articles & ask if they want to be linked to such blatant violence... oh and wildlife crime too, let's not forget that!

The Leicester Mercury, 21/02/20217, 'Shocking Footage Shows Man Swinging Chain At Anti Hunt Activists' - http://bit.ly/2mornn1

The Mirror, 20/02/2017, 'Furious Man Swings Chain At Animal Rights Activists And Launches Foul-Mouthed Rant In Shocking Footage' - http://bit.ly/2lpipZa

The Daily Mail, 19/02/2017, 'Huntsman Launches Foul-Mouthed Rant At Saboteurs After 'Trying To Attack Them With A Metal Chain' - http://dailym.ai/2lwRI52

The Cottesmore Hunt's terrierman pleads guilty to wildlife crime -> http://bit.ly/2lzyA3x

Send all the articles & footage of wildlife crime to them. Ask them to pull the meet or forever be seen to endorse violent crimes against both the public & wildlife. Leave as many comments on their Facebook page as you like -> http://bit.ly/2lcXKZy 

Email them -> office@towerequine.co.uk     Call them - 01778 591082

Leave a negative review here -> http://bit.ly/2lUEsXM

'We are always pleased to host The Cottesmore Hunt at Tower Farm' - Tower Farm, http://bit.ly/2mFqmb5.

The vet practice is based at Tower Farm. There were already pics of the Cottesmore FH on Tower Equine's Facebook page, photos section, including one captioned 'Cottesmore FH at Tower Equine'   And here is a pic of the meet there on 2-3-17.  



..... 28th February - Police close Cheshire FH fox kill case – witnesses lacking

..... 28th February - Sabs find Ashford Valley FH supporter pick-up on SORN register

..... 27th February - Sabs sent 'pirate' pack North Downs Harriers packing

..... 27th February - Doughty anti-hunt campaigner Sir Gerald Kaufman MP dies

..... 26th February - Cheshire Forest FH kill fox in Macclesfield garden, upset residents

..... 26th February - Middleton FH upset a yard full of bulls - then lose the pack

..... 26th February - Hunting landowner drives into monitor as hounds go into cry

..... 25th February - Fitzwilliam FH create havoc in village and enter zoo park grounds

..... 25th February - Atherstone FH meet - no hounds, no redcoats, no hunting

..... 25th February - Sabs arrive late at Oakley FH just in time to stop dig-out

..... 25th February - Depleted Ross Harriers's JM lays trail by busy road, then ignores it!

..... 25th February - Cumbria police announce plan to monitor Hunts with drones

..... 24th February - Shredded remnants of fox killed by Bicester FH found in ditch

..... 24th February - Sabs stop Waveney Harriers running on to major road

..... 23rd February – Police reject complaints re. Cheshire Forest FH hunter cop

..... 22nd February – Occupied monitor car window shot out at Beaufort FH meet

..... 22nd February – Blackmore FH with 3 terriermen spend day not 'trail hunting'

..... 22nd February – Landowner tells Cheshire FH to go away in no uncertain terms

..... 22nd February – Surrey Union JM Lulu Hutley reported to police re. sab whipping

..... 20th February – Atherstone FH hunter nearly rides down sab, charges at other

..... 20th February – Female hunters say scared by sabs, sabs say were helping them

..... 20th February – Golden Valley FH pull hounds off fox as sabs appear

..... 20th February – Essex Farmers FH invade farm, chase pets, scare livestock

..... 19th February – Police told Heythrop FH killed in garden in front of children

..... 19th February – Ashford Valley FH hunting foiled by sabs despite late finish

..... 19th February – Trespassing North Down FH attracts farmers' fury

..... 19th February – Essex/Suffolk FH Huntsman loses control of horse by busy road

..... 19th February – Woman abused and sab car damaged by Cheshire FH support

..... 19th February – CPS drop all Belvoir FH Huntsman charges after 3 fox kills

..... 19th February – Report of RTA in Lincs – one Belvoir FH hound killed

..... 19th February – Cottesmore JM says nothing when confronted re. Assaults

..... 19th February – Cheshire FH redcoats guides 2 horses on A49, hounds on verge

..... 19th February – Eggesford FH hunt foxes, trespass, attack sabs, damage radio

..... 18th February – Sab 'whipped' by JM who is Princess Eugenie's godmother

..... 18th February – Cottesmore FH fans attack sabs with weapons, some injured

..... 18th February – Monitors rescue left-behind Braes o' Derwent FH hound

..... 18th February – Sabs say they saved 2 foxes from Cotswold Vale Farmers FH

..... 18th February – Ledbury/Warwickshire FHs hunt foxes close to A road

..... 18th February – Middleton FH hounds kill fox on busy road, no Hunt nearby

..... 17th February – Troubled Atherstone FH sack Huntsman, replace with amateur

..... 16th February – Sabs save a fox from dig-out by Eggesford FH

..... 15th February – 3 dead badgers found in Beaufort FH land after blocking report

..... 15th February – Cotswold FH follower reverses car at monitors at speed

..... 14th February – Sabs find heron killed by Easton Harriers hounds

..... 14th February – Scandal-hit S.Herefordshire FH to close say investigator team

..... 13th February – Blackmore FH witnessed hunting fox across road by motorist

..... 12th February – Atherstone FH Director splits female sab head open with crop

..... 12th February – Monitors rescue trapped Portman FH horse & grateful redcoat

..... 12th February – Fox saved by monitors from Cheshire FH dig-out

..... 12th February – Lamerton FH attempts to hunt stymied by angry landowner

..... 11th February – Cheshire FH thugs beat up and run down sabs – police watch

..... 11th February – Sabs find deluxe artificial earth on Fitzwilliam estate

..... 11th February – Sab has dip before helps stop Pevensey Marsh Beagles hunting

..... 11th February – Cattistock FH day ends inchaos on coast road, horse badly hurt

..... 10th February – Police finally pass file on S.Herefordshire FH outrage to CPS

..... 10th February – Claim that north-west Hunt rampaged thru gardens, child hurt

..... 10th February – Sab runs as 'clean boot' for 3 Counties Drag Hounds

..... 9th February – Cheshire police come out and rein in Wynnstay FH

..... 9th February – Walker tells us she & husband saw fox hunted on Dartmoor

..... 8th February – Monitor films Beaufort FH hunting fox in school grounds

..... 8th February – York & Ainsty N FH hound killed as hounds cause traffic chaos

..... 8th February – 'Oakley FH Huntsman smashed my windscreen with crop' – woman

..... 8th February – Ledbury FH Huntsman escapes conviction after charging blunder

..... 8th February – Monitors say South Durham FH Huntsman forced to resign

..... 7th February – South Dorset FH Huntsman warned by police over blocked sett

..... 7th February – Hunt-inspired plot to strip RSPCA of prosecution powers fails

..... 7h February – 26 group letter demands Leics police tackle illegal hunting

..... 7th February – Old Surrey FH Hunt Ball hit as sponsr withdraws support

..... 6th February – Sabs upload video of very violent attack by Cheldon BH thugs

..... 6th February – Stops find Crawley FH digging out fox – and stop it

..... 5th February – Fife FH found hunting without guns in place

..... 5th February – Badsworth FH Huntsman filmed using horse as weapon on sab

..... 5th February – Cheshire FH kill fox not long after setting off – bagged?

..... 4th February – S&W Wilts FH kill one fox though sabs save another

..... 1st February – Sabs upload film of violence by Chedon BH followers

..... 1st February – York & Ainsty N FH terrierman cautioned for assaulting sab


 Police close Cheshire FH fox kill case saying witnesses haven't come forward

Sabs publish photo of Cheshire PC 'cubbing' with Cheshire Forest FH  in 2014

PC Claire Ford goes out with Hunt who just killed fox in Macclesfield

28-2-17   Chester Chronicle  VIDEO  Police close investigation into Beeston fox hunt allegations  ACheshireFHVixenkilledby4-2-17.jpg probe into reports of an illegal fox hunt in Beeston has been closed due to 'no physical evidence', Cheshire police have confirmed. Distressing footage of a fox being mauled by a pack of hounds [right] emerged on social media earlier this month.

An anti-fox hunting group claimed they shot the video in Beeston on February 4 and the matter was handed over to the police. But now the force has revealed that it has yet to receive any statements from alleged witnesses, without which it cannot proceed so the decision has been taken to conclude the investigation.

A statement posted on the Chester police Facebook page reads: "Cheshire police has been investigating reports of an illegal hunt in Beeston which is alleged to have taken place on February 4. Contact has been made with witnesses to ask for statements of complaint, original video footage and pathology reports in relation to the fox in question. However despite this request we have received no physical evidence and no statements have been provided that would allow us to progress a criminal investigation. In light of this, the investigation has now been concluded with no further action. However, it will be re-opened should we receive contact from witnesses willing to provide written statements, the original video footage and any other evidence that may help with our enquiries."

The footage, which was posted to the protest group’s Facebook page, appeared to show a pack of hounds tearing up a fox as protesters attempt to pull them away. The video shows the fox’s body on the ground after the attack. Anyone with information should contact police on 101 quoting incident number297 of February 4.

CheshireForestFHPCClaireFordhunts10-12-16.jpgPOWAperson comments - Cheshire Hunt Sabs have not yet reacted to the police statement above. However, their post from last Saturday gives a clue why they may not have much faith in the intention or capacity of Cheshire police to investigate this or other hunting incidents properly and impartially...

25-2-17   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs   Do you really believe Cheshire Police are going to stand up for any of the persecuted foxes in our area, with officers like PC 5336 Claire Ford [left], aka Claire Louise on Facebook, within their ranks? PC Ford is the woman sat in the middle of this trio! She's clearly impartial when it comes to fox hunting isn't she?

There's now been two instances of foxes being killed by a pack of hounds in Cheshire in three weeks, and they're just the ones we know about...

PC Ford's friends from the Cheshire Forest hunt killed a fox in a residential area of Macclesfield today...

Cheshire Foxhounds killed a vixen on the 4th of February.

Are the police going to actually stop this barbaric activity???


Sabs find Ashford Valley FH supporter pick-up is on SORN register

Plan to save owner job by telling DVLA vehicle no longer off road

28-2-17    Facebook – E.Kent Sabs   Something the Ashford Valley Tickham hunt supporters should bear in mind when illegally blocking public roads... don't use a vehicle that is on a SORN declaration, i.e no tax, and no valid insurance. We are sure the relevant authorities will be in touch soon, and will get this all sorted out for you.

    AshfordValleyFHPick-upblockingroadisonSORNregister25-2-17.jpg  AshfordValleyFHSupporterpick-upisonSORNregister18-2-17.jpg


Sabs send 'pirate' pack packing on visit to North Downs Harriers

27-2-17  Facebook - East Kent Sabs   25/2/2017  After the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt went crying off to the press and maligned our good character last week in the press (see previous posts), it was obvious who we were going to have to pay a visit to this Saturday….so, we headed off to their kennels at Hothfield, "armed with our camera's and military fatigues!”

The hound lorry left the kennels as expected, but suddenly, two 4x4’s blocked the road [right] so we could not follow, meaning we had to get back on to another lane to get round them, but one of the pick ups had also headedAshfordValleyFHFollowersblocksabs25-2-17.jpg around to block us off again……but we managed to get past, just missing the front of his truck.

We were followed at high speed while we searched in vain for the hound lorry-now where was the KM journalist when we needed them!? Oh yeah-they are too busy regurgitating the hunt's bullshit, verbatim! (If you want a REAL story darling, you will have to come out with us, and get your shoes dirty!).

Fortunately, we had an advance party at Denton the other side of the county, who were already out with Alfie Vassar’s (ex huntsman of the East Kent with West Street foxhounds) unregistered “pirate” pack, the North Downs Harriers. It appears that the Hunt met at the farm buildings around Tappington Hall, no doubt invited by Paul Saunders, local gamekeeper and former Huntsman of the now amalgamated West Street & Tickham Hunt, and previously Whipper In for the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt-a jack of all trades, but master of none…!

The Huntsman (Alfie) was hunting on foot, assisted by two known terrier boys on quad bikes, last seen “trail hunting” out with the East Kent with West Street. When we eventually arrived at the Hunt, they where at the rear of Denton Court, and we called the hounds safely away from the them, east towards Wooton… it took a while, but we got them, running up the hill towards us! [below left]. The terrier boys Jack and Michael scrambled to get the hounds from us on their quads, the Huntsman hitched a lift, and then they vanished…

NorthDownsHarriersHoundscometosabcalls25-2-17.jpgWe searched high and low, but then noticed their hound truck on the move-had they packed up? We sent a group to their kennels at Lyminge, and the hound van was there, so it appears they had!!

What these lads are really up to is anyone's guess, but trail hunting it’s not. Given their terrier work connections to the East Kent with West Street Hunt and local shooting fraternity, they are either acting as a “fox destruction” pack for kicks on a Saturday, but there is also a strong possibility that foxes are being dug out alive, and being moved about to the keep the local packs in supply….we are watching though, and all our evidence is as always, with the police.

A further search of Denton was done, with no sign of the Hunt, so we moved over to Bishopsbourne, to the meet of the East Kent with West Street FH.

The Hunt was in Gorsley Wood, so we headed in, and saw two quad bikes heading to the meet, but by 4pm, it was obvious they had also packed up for home……the Hunt are currently bleating on that are “committed to seeing the repeal of the Hunting Act 2014 and a return to hunting live quarry”……tell that to the fox you killed at 7th December 2016 Burmarsh, or any of the other hunting “accidents” you are responsible for.

Unfortunately, our day was still not over!! It was time for us to head over to Crawley in Sussex for the Hunt Ball demo against the Old Surrey & Barstow hunt at Effingham Park Hotel, Crawley.

A decent turn out of black-clad demonstrators had turned up, where the wearing of masks and quasi military outfits was oblitgatory!! So, yes Rachael Woods KM, reporter- we swore at the demo, in fact we swore a lot!!! But then why shouldn't we, hunting was banned 12 years ago, yet the killing goes on! But the police and the press are either too corrupt or don't have the balls to deal with them!!! It kind of gets you “effing” angry!! 



Doughty anti-hunt campaigner Sir Gerald Kaufman MP dies

..... 27-2-16 POWA is saddened to learn of the death  of Sir Gerald Kaufman MP, aged 86. He was instrumental and fearless in helping Tony Banks lead the Labour backbenchers revolt on the Hunting Bill against the Blair leadership, which wanted to foist the awful Licensing system for fox hunting on us. In 2002 he threatened to defy the whip because of the government's foot-dragging on banning hunting. In 2004, aged 74, he was assaulted and subjected to anti-semitic taunts by hunt supporters outside Conference. In his latter years he was proud to become Father of the House. R.I.P.


                                                         Credit Manchester Evening News

Cheshire Forest FH kill fox in garden in Macclesfield

Female follower on quad hides corpse up her coat

Pregnancy pretence ruined when she is stopped and questioned

26-2-17  Manchester Evening News   Furious residents say pack of foxhounds caused 'mayhem' on quiet street during hunt meeting - Police are investigating allegations that the animals were chasing a fox which was later found dead   A pack of foxhounds caused mayhem in a quiet street during a hunt meeting, according to furious residents. Cheshire police are now investigating allegations that the animals were chasing a fox - which was found deadCheshireForestFHFoxkilledinMacclesfieldgarden25-2-17.jpg in a back garden .

Residents have told the MEN of “pandemonium” when the pack of dogs came hurtling across a field and into Penningtons Lane, Macclesfield. “It was horrific”, said Edwina Church, 47. She said her husband, Kevin, saw some of the dogs appear to be chasing a fox which he then saw killed. “Pandemonium broke out. There was a stream of dogs running through our garden into next door. We had 15 of them jumping around in our garden.” Mrs Church’s 82-year-old mother, who has chronic heart failure, saw it unfold and is “traumatised”. She continued:“A lot of people on this road are elderly. They were frightened to come out. The dogs were frantic. I’m an animal-lover and I was shaken. It was heartbreaking.” 

Cheshire Police said on Facebook they are working with the RSPCA and specialist officers to investigate. “We are aware of concerns around hunt activity in the Macclesfield area yesterday. We are investigating this matter and working with specialist officers and the RSPCA.”

Penningtons Lane residents say they heard a “screaming” pack of dogs belonging to Cheshire Forest Hunt run through nearby fields where pregnant cows were grazing at around 12.45pm. Two quad bikes then came “flying down the lane” said resident Julie Clark, 47. Mrs Church claims one of the hunt members got off her bike and retrieved the dead fox from the garden. Other members of the hunt then arrived together with the police. Mrs Clark said:“The dogs were huge. God knows how someone didn’t get hurt. It was dreadful.”

Farmer Andrew Kidd has pregnant heffers in a field through which the dogs rampaged. Mr Kidd said Cheshire Forest Hunt Huntsmaster Richard Garton phoned him to apologise for the incident. The Huntsmaster “apologised 100%”, said Mr Kidd.

Macclesfield Councillor Beverley Dooley said permission had not been given to cross the land. She said: “It’s beyond me. Penningtons Lane is used by people walking dogs, by children on bikes. There were no children playing in the gardens when it happened. We’re all shocked at the blatant disregard for other people and their property - their land, their animals.”

Cheshire Police added:“If you were a witness or have any information about this matter you are asked to call us on 101 and quote incident number 395 of February 25 2017.”

The MEN has tried repeatedly to contact Cheshire Forest Hunt for a comment. 

BBC News North West carried a very strong report on the incident. Residents are furious, though none more so than the Councillor named above. She says she wants the issue raised in Parliament. Also, the Daily Mirror has run the story.

Pic below - 1/ Shamefaced Huntsman Andrew German  2/ German explaining to police [Credit UGC]

     CheshireForestFHHuntsmanAndrewGermaninMacclesfieldwherehoundskilledfox25-2-17.jpg  CheshireForestFHHuntsmanAndrewGermanwithpoliceinMacclesfieldwherehoundskilledfox25-2-17.jpg 

Pics below -  1/ Hunt quads invade residential street    2/  One of the masked-up hunt thugs

25-2-17  Facebook - Stop the cull    We've received a shocking report and photo's today from a resident of Macclesfield: "This afternoon a pack of hounds were seen running across private fields, following them were several quadbikes, all of which were being driven by people with their faces covered. The quadbikes which were all unmarked were then seen to go down a lane towards a residential area.

Hounds then chased a fox into the back garden of one of the properties, breaking down the garden fence, where the fox was then killed, one of the people from the quadbikes, a woman, came out with the hounds, she also had her face covered and was clutching a coat to her stomach. She then jumped onto the quadbike shouting to drive off as she needs to get to the Hospital as she is pregnant.

After being stopped and questioned it turned out she was hiding the dead fox to not get caught. On dropping the coat the dead fox was revealed".

The police are now investigating, the "Cheshire forest hunt" who are the Hunt responsible. They will be having a hunt ball tonight at "Peover hall", which happens to be where the Hunt Master lives. You can contact the hall here: http://tattonestate.com/peover-hall-gardens-park/ please keep all correspondence polite. 

     CheshireForestFHHuntquadsinvaderesidentialareaFoxkilledingarden25-2-17.jpg   CheshireForestFH1ofthugswhoinvadedresidentialareaFoxkilledingarden25-2-17.jpg

26-2-17   D.Telegraph    Pack of hounds broke into elderly couple's back garden before savaging a fox, campaigners claim    A pack of hounds broke into an elderly couple's back garden before savaging a fox, campaigners have claimed. Police are investigating the alleged incident after activists from Cheshire Monitors shared photographs on social media appearing to show the mutilated remains of the animal.

One witness claimed eight hounds came racing through their garden and went over a 3ft fence, before cornering the fox behind a summer house on Saturday afternoon. They said the eight hounds mauled the fox to death. A woman in a balaclava is then alleged to have tried to remove the fox underneath a fleece-type coat.

Cheshire Police said it was investigating an incident involving a hunt in Macclesfield, Cheshire, on Saturday after photos surfaced online. The force posted on Facebook: "We are aware of concerns around hunt activity in the Macclesfield area. We are investigating this matter and working with specialist officers and the RSPCA."

Resident locals said a hunt came through the built-up residential area and claimed they saw unmarked quad bikes, hounds and a huntsman blowing a horn. Kevin Church, 47, described hounds sprinting through his garden, churning up the grass, before pouncing on the fox. He said: "About seven or eight of them tore it apart - it was quite horrific really. I could see within seconds that it would have been a waste of time to get involved. There was no chance of a good outcome for the fox. "The fox came down our driveway into our back garden and made an escape into next door. Then I saw all these dogs come flooding into the garden - we stopped a few of them coming in. Half of them jumped over the fence and got the fox cornered. It is only a low fence, around 3ft, I stood on the decking which is slightly higher so I had a good view. I have never seen anything like this before, not in a residential area."

The Cheshire Forest Hunt has been contacted for comment but has not yet responded.

Incident also reported in the Stoke Sentinel


Middleton FH upset a yard full of bulls - then lose the pack

26-2-17  Facebook - .W.Yorkshire Sabs   Yesterday, we teamed up with Sheffield Sabs to pay a visit to the MiddletonFHHounds17-2-17.jpgMiddleton Foxhounds, who met in Scrayingham, North Yorkshire. It was a tough day with hounds [right] going into cry a number of times and at least two foxes escaping unharmed. The huntsmen were irresponsible  throughout the day, taking the hounds through a farm yard with contained bulls, who were highly distressed at the pack of hounds, with one of the bulls becoming trapped by the other scared bulls who were running around the very small space they were crammed into.

Later in the day, the huntsmen lost the hounds completely and chaos ensued. Horses galloping down roads [below left], and quad bikes carrying masked-up terrier men speeding around in a desperate attempt to find them. No wonder so many hounds end up on our busy A roads causing a danger to both human and animal life.

MiddletonFHGallopingonroad17-2-17.jpgThe field of riders also acted very dangerously throughout the day, repeatedly attempting to ride into sabs; though karma had its way as one rider rode into a sab and proceeded to fall off his horse!

At the end of the day, the Hunt called for the police making wild accusations (we think they should be held to account for wasting police time). Four police vehicles [below right] arrived and by the time they let us on our way the Hunt had packed up.

27-2-17    Facebook - Sheffield Sabs    Today we went to visit the Middleton Hunt with our friends W.Yorks Sabs. There were a fair few of them, sipping from their stirrup cups at 10.30 in the morning when we arrived outside the rectory, but numbers dwindled through the day with the first riders getting bored and boxing up just a couple of hours after we set off. Maybe due to all the recent bad press they didn’t appear to have much land they were allowed in and just went round in small circles, visiting the same few copses several times.

The Hunt seemed to be quite angry today but they didn’t want to talk about it with us, perhaps they were upset we’d found them and spoiled their hopes of uninterrupted illegal hunting. They did their usual palaver of running off and hiding from us, then trying to get a bit of quick hunting in before we caught up and moved them on again. Us and West Yorks took turns to follow themMiddletonFHPolice18-2-17.jpg through the mud and interrupt their attempts at violence towards wildlife. We saw a few foxes, some hares, a deer or two, and a rabbit, who all lived to tell the tale. The hounds were in cry and on the scent of a fox a couple of times, but we were on hand to discourage them.

Later on in the day we lost sight of the whole hunt for a few minutes and when we found them again the redcoats were in a massive panic, having lost all their hounds. They were galloping about trying to gather them, and it took a good while to regroup the pack.

As a last resort they called the police on us, saying we’d been attacking them with bottles and knives. We assume this was an attempt to give them a head start and lose us for a bit. The police faffed about and when they finally realised it was a load of rubbish and stopped delaying us we had a little check and found all the horse boxes were heading home. We will see you again soon Middleton Hunt.

And if any of you lovely people reading this would like to give us a helping hand, here’s our donation page. Thanks again, we rely on your donations. https://ko-fi.com/A570FG9 

Pic below -   Mr. Angry 



Hunting landowner drives quad into monitors as hounds go into cry

Antis say blank day, marred by support intimidation & lies to police

Lost hound given lift back to Braes o' Derwent FH by monitors

26-2-17    N.E. Hunt Monitors   Braes Of Derwent Meet Hit Report 25.2.17   The Hunt set off after what seemed like a police escort from Lead Road, Stocksfied...  Straight from the off we were held back by a police road block, due to a fallen tree, so monitors followed on foot while some hunt support made past the police car, to our dismay. Go figure. With the tree removed, we gathered up the monitors and followed the Hunt to a large wood in Broomley. With monitors again on foot ,they kept up with the pack and, with police out of sight, came upon some irate hunt support upset about trespass etc etc etc booorring...

The hunt area was massive, but we managed to stay with the main riders and hounds on foot and in cars, even with the usual attempts by hunt staff/support at blocking us in and holding us up.

A redcoat and rider were seen riding behind a deer, but no hounds were in pursuit thankfully, and later a fox was also seen to escape unnoticed and scent quickly covered. A stray hound was seen close to railway lines, miles away from the main pack, and we informed the houndsman of its whereabouts, to which he replied he knew the hound was missing and had someone looking. We hope that hound got back safe.

Later another stray hound was spotted far from the Hunt and this time it was safe enough to scoop her up into the car and return her to the Hunt, not before she devoured a few vegan sarnies and enjoying a lot cuddles. We don't think she wanted to leave, she was a lovely dog and it was hard to open the door and let her return to hunting.

Later in the day, hounds eventually got on a scent and when monitors jumped into action so did the landowner, who proceeded to ride his quad into the monitors, taking one for a ride on the front and ending up pinned to a fence. The police were called and, after a handshake to the landowner and a word with monitors about trespass it was decided it was Tit for Tat... There were a few angry confrontations throughout the day, with tensions high on both sides and police being told monitors were being aggressive and blocking roads - all lies and pretty much reflects the actions of the hunt supporters, who also showed intimidation when surrounding lone female monitors' cars. Car Cam footage from now on will be gathered and forwarded to police.

We can safely say we rained on their bloodsport and no kills were made that we are aware of, but police held us back for some time late in the day while the Hunt and hounds made off into a private estate nearby for a short time before packing up. All in all a good but exhausting day for us and not so good one for the Hunt and their support.

Please help us hunt the hunters by donating to our petrol fund. http://www.gofundme.com/32nwcgw

Pics below -   1/  Hunting on road near Broomley    2/  Hound given lift by monitors   

   BraesofDerwentFHHuntingatrailalongaroadnearBroomley25-2-17.jpg   BraesofDerwentFHMonitorsgivelosthoundlift25-2-17.jpg


Fitzwilliam FH create havoc in village and enter zoo park

Came just after sabs had pulled hounds off fox just in time

25-2-17   Facebook – N. Cambs Sabs   HIT REPORT 25/02/17    We had planned to keep tabs on another Hunt FitzwilliamFHHoundsjustafterhavoc25-2-17.jpg today but after receiving a late night tip off from a local that the Fitzwilliam would be hunting around Upton, Huntingdon, how could we refuse ? We invited our friends S.Cambs and Beds & Bucks Sabs to join us.

On a windy and cold morning we were out pre-spraying coverts and spinneys around the meet at Holly Lodge by 9am. The Hunt hung around in the cold before heading off towards Coppingford and then Hamerton. A fox was seen running to safety, luckily a fair distance away. For the next couple of hours the Hunt went around in circles supposedly following a trail (the layer of which spent his time walking up the road with the rag nowhere near the ground). Then, back near Holly Lodge the hounds got onto the line of a fox. Sabs in the vehicle told the Huntsman to call off his hounds but instead he hunted them on. They were no more than 10 metres behind it when sabs called them off using the gizmo. Luckily they respond to that more than to Simon 'Hapless' Hunter. [above left, hounds after creating havoc]

He tried to gather them but they responded by running in different directions through the village, through gardens, all over roads and in between cars. Hunt havoc ensued for quite some time, with several Hunt vehicles managing to block themselves in on the road, hounds everywhere, angry locals berating them and the redcoatsFitzwilliamFHEnteringHamertonzoopark25-2-17.jpg trying (and failing) to assert any control. At one point some of the hounds entered Hamerton Zoo Park [right, Hunt entering], fearing bad things were about to happen sabs went in, only to see Zoo staff greeting the Hunt. Definitely not a place to visit from now on.

A couple of police vehicles and a helicopter [below left] had appeared by now and after realising it wasn't us that were the problem, stood bemused by the chaos surrounding them and tried to sort it out. After being informed they had been filmed chasing a fox the Hunt decided to pack up [below right] just before one o'clock. The evidence just piles up week after week on this Hunt, due in court soon for illegal hunting and animal cruelty.

Just as sabs were thinking of a nice early finish, we got a tip off that the Oakley were out around Emberton, so we set off on the 45 minute drive to find them. One of the groups found them, hounds on cry around Sherington and seemed to have chased a fox to ground. Sabs intervened and the Hunt moved off. After 90 minutes the Oakley decided they weren't enjoying our company and packed up.

A highly successful day. Many thanks to all sabs who worked together brilliantly today.

   FitzwilliamFHPolicehelicopter25-2-17.jpg   FitzwilliamFHMadetopackupearly25-2-17.jpg

25-2-17   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Sabs   Some days you slog through mud and everything the British weather can through in your direction, you relentlessly trudge up hill and down dale, jump ditches and get caught on barbed wire sometimes you face plant (much to amusement of everyone around you) and sometimes you get people trying to beat your head in with bats and chains. Today wasn't one of those days.

Once again we joined our colleagues from N. and S.Cambs to head up the A1 between Alconbury and Hamerton, where the Fitzwilliam were have a meet. It was a very windy day, perhaps this was the reason John Mease their bird man wasn't attending (or the fact he's due in court in April) and with no bird man they had to lay a trail to pretend to hunt.Now correct me if I'm wrong, but to lay a trail the trail layer should really put the scented rag on the floor. Clearly this was a half- arsed attempt at covering themselves. As usual the followers played their silly games with blocking all the road and the locals were none-too happy.

The Cambs foot sabs witnessed and filmed the hounds chasing a fox but they deployed the gizmo and put the hounds off just enough for the fox to cross the road and the hounds to lose the scent. At this point we could see the trail layer about half a mile away.

The police arrived and a helicopter kept tabs on us from above. We corrected the police regarding the lies they had been told by the Hunt and, as they were only traffic officers and not the rural team, we can't expect them to know anything about hunting. Once they had contacted the relevant officers who know us they were far more reasonable. We were then told the Hunt were now packing up after only a couple of hours! Big embarrassment for a Hunt of this standing.We made sure this was the case and sure enough after complaints from locals and our solid job on them they'd had enough. Perhaps the possibility of a conviction hanging over them helped with their decision? We also had some nice support from people driving past, thanking us and giving us the thumbs up.

Pics below -  1/ The Hunt    2/ Packing up at 1pm - on police advice? 

   FitzwilliamFH25-2-17.jpg  FitzwilliamFHMadetopackupearly25-2-17.jpg

25-2-17   Facebook – S.Cambs Sabs    Hit Report 25/02/2017 Fitzwilliam Hunt, Holly Lodge, Upton, nr. Huntingdon    …while walking back towards the vehicle, sabs saw a beautiful fox, thankfully running away from the direction of the hounds. The terriermen were very keen on preventing sabs from photographing the fox, we wonder why. A feeble attempt at pretending to lay a trail was witnessed - no doubt to appease the police on site. However, the hounds were nowhere near this 'trail' at any point during the day.

A little later in the day, sabs were entering a footpath when the hounds were heard loudly in cry. They turned and ran back towards the village of Hamerton, witnessing the pack of hounds chasing no more than 10 meters behind a fox. Sabs used the gizmo to distract the hounds enough for them to lose the scent in the windy weather. A very close call and a very lucky fox. Hounds then continued to run riot all over the village, frightening domestic animals and upsetting the locals. The Hunt gathered the hounds at Hamerton Zoo Park - surely not the best place for hounds trained to kill - and we were shocked to see one of the workers come out for a friendly chat with the Huntsman!

After learning that our footage showed them chasing a fox miles away from the 'trail' the hunt unexpectedly decided to call it a day. The Fitzwilliam usually hunt until almost dark so we called it a huge success to see them pack up before 1 pm!


Atherstone FH meet - no hounds, no redcoats, no hunting

25-2-17  Facebook – W.Midlands Sabs   Atherstone Hunt – Saturday 25th February – Merevale   We had several tip offs that today's meet in Merevale would be with no hounds. We went anyway to make sure as we know the Atherstone are known for not telling the truth. On arrival there were a few riders and a handful of car support, but no huntsman or hounds. We also checked the kennels to make sure they weren't out.

Merevale is a prestigious meet and has traditionally been the Atherstone Hunts big final meet of the season where they can expect a few extra riders and supporters out. One of the rumours we've heard is that Huntsman Stuart Barton (who's been given notice till the end of the season) was off elsewhere at a job interview. This is one of few times we can be certain that there were no kills. We will continue with our persistent presence that has led the hunt to its current situation.



Sabs arrive late at Oakley FH just in time to stop dig out

25-2-17    Facebook – Beds & Bucks Sabs  … We then got a call to say the Oakley were hunting close to Emberton so with a few hours to spare and the Linda McCartney Sausage rolls all scoffed we jumped in our vehicles and set off after them. We split our forces and found them soon after arriving in the area. The hounds were in full cry with neither huntsman (yes that'll be Calamity Jack again) or whipper in in sight. It looked like the hounds had chased something to ground and with the terrier men on the quad speeding over in the same direction we got on the scene and made sure they wouldn't proceed any further.

Once again the Oakley were a sorry state, only 6 riders and with sabs now in front and behind they rode around for a short while before heading back to their meet before 4pm. We gave some much needed love to the hounds while could and it would seem they certainly prefer us to Calamity Jack. We're currently running a book on when he'll get the sack, we also think Ray Pipe( the Whipper In) may get his job next season.

So all in all a fab day, 2 hunts scuppered with plenty of time to get home for tea and medals.

25-2-17  Facebook - N.Cambs Sabs   ... Just as sabs were thinking of a nice early finish [after sabbing the Fitzwilliam], we got a tip off that the Oakley were out around Emberton, so we set off on the 45 minute drive to find them.

One of the groups found them, hounds on cry around Sherington and seemed to have chased a fox to ground. Sabs intervened and the Hunt moved off. After 90 minutes the Oakley decided they weren't enjoying our company and packed up.

A highly successful day. Many thanks to all sabs who worked together brilliantly today.

Pics below -  1/  Sab terrorising the Oakley field   2/  Oakley terriermen 

OakleyFHFieldplussab25-2-17.jpg  OakleyFHTerriermen25-2-17.jpg


JM of depleted Ross Harriers lays trail by busy road - then ignores it!

25-2-17  Facebook – S.Wales Sabs   Ross Harriers   Today we joined our good friends from Bristol and ventured over to have a peep at the Ross Harriers, who were meeting at Hallwood Green, near Much Marcle.

Not long after we arrived, we were treated to the comedy scene of Master Anna Ersting pretending to lay a trail in a field, next to a 50 mile per hour road. Strange choice. But as the Hunt completely ignored this field for the entire day we can only assume it was for our benefit. She shouldn't have bothered.

Whilst we were waiting at the meet for the usual dreary speeches we spotted a hare leaving the meet – wise choice and lucky we were on hand to ensure the hounds didn't get on to him. This Hunt is a shadow of it's former self (thanks to persistent sab attention over the last few years) and whilst they managed to muster 8 riders, which we understand is quite an achievement for them these days, we still outnumbered them by 50%.

Huntsman Owain Fisher took the hounds through fields of long grass, up and down trying hard to find a scent, but we were right there with him ready to intervene. Then he tried the woods, were the hounds were speaking briefly. Again we were right there ready to intervene.

Their access to land seemed to be quite limited so they went round and round back over the same land again and again. It must have been boring for the field and half of them had left by the early afternoon.

Owain couldn't escape sabs when hounds went into cry at the end of the day, despite the fact that we had already run 17k (yes, someone has a fitbit). We'll be seeing the Ross Harriers again very soon.




Cumbria police announce plan to monitor Hunts with drones


POWA person adds - We'd been told that Cumbria police had planned to use a drone to monitor the Melbreak FH, but that the meet it was to be tested on was cancelled after a Melbreak supporter allegedly threatened a monitor on a road and then attacked a sab, causing injury that required hospital treatment, on 10-1-17. Two supporters were arrested. POWA isn't clear whether the drones system has been tested at all yet, but it may help if it is put into effect, even if just as a deterrent. The largely treeless Cumbrian fells - where hunting is very hard to monitor or sab because of the extremely rugged nature of the country - seems a good place to start drone use. 


Shredded remnants of fox killed by Bicester FH found in ditch

Hunt tells police it was... guess what... an 'accident'

24-2-17  Facebook - Three Counties Sabs   Bicester and Whaddon Chase have just killed a fox in a ditch near Poundon.


24-2-17   Facebook - Three Counties Sabs   24th February 2017, Bicester with Whaddon Chase, Home Farm Poundon   We don't often get to this Hunt, but as the Bicester Boys came out with us at the Ledbury Hunt last week we thought that we would return the favour. Normally the Hunt Monitors get out into this area - give 'em a like and a share on their page.

The Hunt drew first over the live railway line north of Poundon and seemed to want to get away from us. On the Poundon to Stratton Audley road we heard hounds speaking and some escaped sheep munching on winter wheat.

Thinking that hounds may have been marking to ground, we went inland and spotted one of the terriermen on his phone, spade in hand... he ran away and jumped on the quad to escape when he spotted us.

Smelling fox in an area along the hedge he had been in, we investigated and found a water filled ditch with bright red lumps floating on the surface. The immediate area was flattened with hoof prints, hounds prints and boot marks nearby. We entered the water to examine the lumps which turned out to be blood clots, what looked like trachea and lung and the tell-tale red and white fur caught up in the brambles. Drops of blood were also found on the bank opposite.

Fencemenders (including our old 'pal' Danny Burton) were fixing fences in the next field, which the Hunt had damaged during the chase. Bicester Boy Tom arrived late in the day to try and have a go... wonder if he'd gone to the Ledbury this morning to see us?

Thames Valley Police attended the scene very quickly and we would like to thank them for their professionalism. Whilst looking at the carnage, they told us that the Hunt had informed them it was an accidental kill. We reviewed the footage and there is a lot of encouragement going on from the Huntsman... perhaps he should ensure he's not chasing live foxes before doing so in future?!

The Hunt continued north of Stratton Audley and stayed out until it was dark. A loose hound was found on the road by one of us and returned to the Hunt (without so much as a monotone 'cheers'). We're aware of another fox being chased during the day and who managed to successfully get away with some help... but that's another story!

Please support us if you can by sharing our reports and / or financially at the following link: paypal.me/threecountiessabs

Other sabs attended the Ledbury Hunt from midday onwards (so if dear Tom, the Bicester Boy, was a-visiting, he'd had left to come see us just before their arrival) and spent the afternoon in Hasfield, Ashleworth and Maisemore with them.

Pics below -  1/ Supporter carrying an injured hound    2/ Another fragment from the killed vixen 

  BicesteFHSupportercarryinginjuredhound24-2-17.jpg   BicesterFHFoetusfromvixenkilledby24-2-17.jpg

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Sabs stop Waveney Harriers hounds running on to major road

Hunt chased off estate land they were trespassing on

25-2-17   Facebook - Mike Huskisson   An interesting day yesterday helping local hunt saboteurs at the meet of the Waveney Harriers near Beccles. Hares and deer were running everywhere. Late in the afternoon hounds rioted after deer. Some hounds headed for the busy A146 - a two lane highway where traffic on a slight bend was doing some 60mph in misty conditions. It was sabs who saw the danger, sabs who stopped the traffic, sabs who shielded the hounds. As for the hunt staff, riders and car support who are usually so quick on the scene with their abuse and aggression, they were nowhere to be seen. The Estate Manager was prowling as the hunt had no permission to hunt the fields they were in and the hunters fled like rabbits. I have seen some lousy hunts in my time but this lot are an utter disgrace. Support your local hunt saboteurs - they are the ones in the front line saving lives.


Cheshire police reject complaints re. hunter PC Claire Ford

Evidence emerges of her 'cubbing' with Cheshire Forest FH

23-2-17   Facebook - Cheshire Police   Cheshire Constabulary’s Professional Standards Department has completed its review of the actions of PC Claire Ford at a hunt meeting in Smallwood. Detective Chief Inspector Julie Westgate said: “A number of complaints were lodged by members of the public in relation to PC Ford’s presence at the hunt, which took place on December 10th last year.

The Constabulary has undertaken a thorough review of the incident and established there is no evidence the officer acted inappropriately. Although off-duty when she arrived at the scene, PC Ford identified herself as a police officer, thereby placing herself ‘on duty’.

PC Ford advised both hunt participants and hunt protestors of the landowner’s request for them to all leave her land. PC Ford was present solely to prevent a breach of the peace and there is no evidence that she showed favour to either side. Her actions were in keeping with what is expected of a police officer.”

The Constabulary would like to reiterate that when officers are called to hunt meetings, they are impartial and are there to uphold the law. Where allegations of illegal activity are made, these will be investigated thoroughly, impartially and based on the evidence available.

25-2-17   Cheshire Hunt Sabs   Published an old Facebook post by a friend of PC Ford. Text refers to their having spent the day 'cubbing'. Pics of all 3 women on horseback, wearing 'ratcatcher' 

Pics below -   1/ Facebook post from October 2014 by 'Mandy Pifalot'. Claire Louise is PC Ford   2/  PC Ford in pic also posted by 'Mandy' 

   CheshireForestFHPostbyfriendofPCClaireFord10-14.jpg  CheshireForestFHPCClaireFordcentre10-14cubbing.jpg


 Occupied monitor vehicle window shot out at Beaufort FH meet

22-2-17  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Beaufort Hunt 18th February and a Serious Incident   We had some visiting sabs and friends with us on Saturday which turned out to be quite an eventful day, ending with a very serious incident outside the gates of Badminton Estate...

Later in the afternoon we caught up with the hounds at The Tynings again! They crossed over into the Park and we followed on the road to get ahead of them. We stopped at Shepherd’s Lodge where quads streamed in behind us. Members of our team heard a loud ping directed towards our vehicle caught on video. Little did we know at the time that this could be linked to the event that took place at the end of the day. A hunt supporter quad had been aggressively stalking one of our vehicles by tailgating dangerously close behind. It followed the vehicle back to Badminton where the vehicle parked up. Then from the Badminton Gate area what sounded like an airgun shot smashed the left rear window of the vehicle whilst 4 passengers were still inside. Of course the police were called and an investigation is now underway...

The Hunt seemed to be running around nearly all day and not stopping much to hunt, but two foxes were seen and we hope that the presence of cameras and witnesses helped to hold off the hunt enough to save their lives.

See here for the full, long report. 


Blackmore FH, with three terriermen, spend day not 'trail hunting'

Favoured location, suitably, seemed to be sewage works!

22-2-17  Dorset Hunt Sabs   Blackmore & Sparkford Vale 21/2/17 Court House Dairy, Thornford, DorsetBlackmoreFHHuntedcopsenexttohighspeedrailway21-2-17.jpg   The meet was between Thornford and Sherborne. From the meet the Hunt moved towards Bedmill Copse. This copse straddles the Exeter/Waterloo railway line [right]. Monitors find it difficult to understand why searching and a trail should start in such a potentially difficult place.

… Monitors moved to Lenthay Common and heard the hounds in cry. Swiftly they moved to the lane that leads to the civic amenity centre (recycling) and Sherborne sewage works. Monitors found the Hunt and the hounds just south west of the sewage works. Hounds were ‘milling’ around in a rough area with the Huntsman and whip gathering the hounds. Some hounds were the other side of the Yeo and after some effort the Huntsman managed to gather most of them.

While the hounds were being gathered instructions were being made (to the hounds) that sounded like “dead, dead, dead, and “leave it” and a little later “you can’t kill him twice”... It is also possible the comments were made for the consumption of the monitors!

Also in the area were three terrier men... We found a huge badger set in what looked to be once a council tip. Old bottles and items of the last century were numerous. Initially we had concerns because in the area we found a spade and a fork ‘hidden’ in the undergrowth. With the information as we have it seems the fox took refuge in the badger sett, although we do have concerns as to who left the spade and fork behind.

From here the Hunt moved off to the Lillington area. Nearby is an Independent School close to Leweston Wood. After much drawing, a holler was heard near the school. Hounds responded and became very interested moving quickly in a northerly direction. A fox was spotted by one of the monitors as it ran past an open gateway. Monitors moved to a position near Honeycombe Wood with the Huntsman and hounds arriving soon after. Hounds then moved into Honeycombe Wood and in full cry moved through the wood and over the Thornford road and towards the sewage works! Monitors travelled there to see the hounds take another direction moving towards the meet, where surprisingly for this Hunt they finished at 3:45pm.

Difficult to understand after following the events of the day how it can be claimed the hounds were trail hunting. If you would like to help us in protecting our wildlife then email us at

dorsethuntsabs@riseup.net Thank You for all your amazing support.

Pic below - Where's that damn 'trail' gone?  Dunno Rover, it keeps moving.  



Landowner tells Cheshire FH to go away in no uncertain terms

F-word laden rant at Huntsman - says hunting fox that crossed his land

Shire Horse farmer says he's 'had enough' and vows to stop the Hunt

22-2-17   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   VIDEO  This is a short clip where a farmer who's had years of trouble with the Cheshire Hounds sums them up in one short moment!

POWA person adds -  The clip begins with the farmer telling the mounted Huntsman 'Just fuck off' and threatening to shoot hounds. The Huntsman then turns to face the monitors and says 'Shoot these bastards...'. The Huntsman calls hounds to him. None appear. Perhaps as well - he's on the edge of a busy road. The farmer says to the Huntsman 'I'll have you stopped' [good luck with that]. He calls him 'fucking ignorant' then accuses him of letting hounds chase a fox on his land, one he himself had seen and his dog had chased. Monitor says they saw it. Farmer tells Huntsman he has right to shoot hounds and 'I've just had a bellyful of you all.' Farmer says he's worked 70 years building his farm and 'you think you own it'. Monitor advises him to take out an injunction. Some hounds finally appear and Huntsman trots off up road with them.  

Pics below - 1/ Farmer tells Huntsman to 'Fuck off' and says he could shoot hounds   2/  Huntsman, of monitors - 'You should shoot these bastards' 

   CheshireFHShirehorsefarmertellshuntsmantofuckoff21-2-17.jpg   CheshireFHHuntsmanofmonitorsYoushouldshootthesebastards21-2-17.jpg

23-2-17    The Canary   Landowner tells ‘f*cking ignorant’ fox hunters where they can go  VIDEO  A video has emerged which shows the owner of a shire horse breeding farm confronting a Huntsman. It’s tagged as being recorded by the Cheshire Monitors.

The landowner featured is very clear about his annoyance. And he also speaks as if fox hunters trespassing is a common occurrence. The video was uploaded to the Facebook group Hounds Off: In the video, the landowner approaches a lone huntsman on horseback. He asks the huntsman what he’s doing on his land. Before the huntsman can finish his muttered response, the landowner instructs him to “just f*ck off”. The landowner then says (referring to the foxhounds in his field): '[I’d] shoot them b*stards if [I had] my gun with me, I promise you. The hunt monitors filming suggest that the landowner should shoot the hunters rather than their dogs [this is wrong – the Huntsman tells the farmer he should shoot the monitors]. The Huntsman approaches them at this point, and they tell him “we’re filming you”. The Huntsman replies “it’s a good job [as well]”.

The landowner continues to complain about the hunts trampling all over his field. He says that he’ll have them stopped, and that it’s no wonder they’re being followed by hunt monitors. He also adds that the huntspeople are “f*cking ignorant”. Following this he asks:- 'You’re not chasing foxes, are you?' The Huntsman says that they’re not, but the landowner follows by asking:- 'Well what’s the fox they’ve gone after in there then?' The Huntsman denies having seen a fox. The hunt monitors and the landowner both say that they have. The landowner adds:- 'Oh there was. Because my dog chased it across this field.'

Later in the video, the landowner states:- I’ve worked seventy f*cking years to get this place, and you lot come on [and] think you own it. The law.

At one point, the Huntsman can clearly be heard apologising. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s illegal to trespass on private land. Or that it’s illegal to hunt foxes.

Most criminals are faced with much harder repercussions than having to grudgingly apologise. And it’s time that the police started treating these people like the criminals they so often are.


Surrey Union JM Lulu Hutley reported to police over whipping of a sab

Princess Eugenie's godmother says was trying to stop sab being squashed against fence

22-2-17  Daily Mirror   Princess Eugenie's godmother Lulu Hutley reported to police after 'whipping foxhunt protester' - Footage appears to show Mrs Hutley, 56, joint master of the Surrey Union Hunt, lashing out at the male activist with a riding crop in Surrey on Saturday   

Princess Eugenie's godmother [below left] has been reported to police after a video emerged showing her allegedly whipping a foxhunt protester. Footage appears to show Lulu Hutley, 56, joint master of the Surrey Union Hunt, SurreyUnionFHLuluHutleyJM18-2-17.jpglashing out at the male activist with a riding crop. Saboteurs say the video was filmed while they were monitoring the huntsmen during a meet at Slades Farm, Warlingham, on Saturday afternoon.

Guildford Hunt Saboteurs followed the riding party onto private land because they "suspected they were illegally hunting". Protester Conor Macleod, who is in his 20s and was wearing a backpack, was stood next to a horse when footage appeared to show him being struck with a riding crop. The footage then appears to show Hutley, wearing a distinctive Surrey Union master's collar and riding gear, raise her arm and strike.

Collin Skilton, of Guildford Hunt Saboteurs, said: "The saboteurs followed them on private ground because they suspected they were illegally hunting. They were asked to leave and they tried to make their way back. Conor, the lad who was hit, got jammed between the fence and Hutley hit him over the shoulder with the whip."

The Surrey Union Hunt claims the clip has been taken out of context and that the hunt saboteurs, some of whomSurreyUnionFHLuluHutleyJMswingingwhipatsab18-2-17.jpg allegedly wore masks, were intimidating. A spokesman said: "You can clearly see Lulu is holding the whip upside-down in order to hit the gate, not the person. She saw the protester was trapped between the horse and the gate and was trying to make a noise by banging on the gate to get the horse to back off. It was quick thinking by one of our Masters in a dangerous situation and it’s terribly sad it’s being misrepresented. As always, we were following an artificial scent trail, and indeed the protestors would have seen this being laid down by a rider earlier."

Hutley, a close friend of Sarah, Duchess of York, 57, and is godmother to her daughter, Princess Eugenie of York, 26. She married property businessman Edward Hutley, 54, in 1991. The Surrey Union website states the couple are joint masters of the Hunt.

A Surrey Police spokeswoman confirmed the force is investigating a report of common assault but no-one has been arrested. She said: "Surrey Police is investigating following reports of a common assault at a hunt in Bramley on Saturday. Officers were called following reports of an incident near Thorncombe Street around 1.30pm. A man alleged he was assaulted by a man and a woman following a verbal altercation. An investigation is underway and enquiries remain ongoing."...


23-2-17   Facebook - ITV News London   VIDEO   An aggressive confrontation between hunt members and saboteurs has been caught on camera near Guildford. It appears to show one of the horse riders whipping an animal rights activist. Police are investigating, but the hunt claim she was trying to strike the gate. 


POWAperson adds -  The story was also covered in the Daily Mail and Get Surrey. Decide for yourselves whether Lulu's explanation is plausible or not. But note there's nothing said here about what the mounted redcoat thought he was doing using his horse to squash sab against fence. 


Atherstone FH hunter nearly rides down sab, charges at others

Supporters horn recording pulls hounds on to hare by mistake

Sexist abuse of female sabs continues 

20-2-17  Facebook – W.Midlands Sabs    Atherstone Hunt – Saturday 18th February 2017 – Higham on the AtherstoneFHHunternearlyridesdownsab18-2-17.jpgHill    The Atherstone Hunt met at Oak Tree Farm in Higham On The Hill. The Hunt were in a particularly bad mood and their supporters were making false allegations from the start with one supporter claiming they'd been hit by our vehicle which Leicestershire Police were quick to question us about.

Throughout the day, our female sabs where subjected to sexist language from the Hunt. We know the Atherstone Hunt are particularly bigoted towards women as this comes only a week after an Atherstone rider hit a female sab over the head with a riding crop and weeks after an Atherstone Hunt supporter was given a conditional caution for using the same kind of language AtherstoneFHSupportershornrecordingpullshoundsontohare18-2-17.jpgthat the Hunt used towards us throughout the day.

There was more violence later with one rider almost riding a sab down [above right], he then carried on using his horse as a weapon by continually riding into people.

Some Atherstone supporters [left] then thought it would be a good idea to play hunting horn noises down a megaphone which resulted in their own hounds being drawn onto the line of a hare which they started to chase. No doubt the intention was to blame us, however we managed to film the incident on camera.

Towards the end of the day we filmed the Hunt disturbing a hare which the hounds then began to chase [2 pics, bottom], instead of calling the hounds off Huntsman Stuart Barton blew his horn and encouraged them on. We were joined by Manchester, Liverpool, Severn Vale and W.Yorkshire Sabs. If you would like to donate towards our costs us use our Paypal link here: https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs

    AtherstoneFHharefleesashuntapproaches18-2-17.jpg   AtherstoneFHHoundsappearsecondsbehindhare18-2-17.jpg


Female Ashford Valley FH riders say sabs frightened them

Sabs say they offered to help them in hazardous situation

Hunt say were 'trail hunting, sabs say they weren't

20-2-17   Kent Online  VIDEO   Hunt saboteurs disrupt meet at Hole Park, Rolvenden   Police were called as masked hunt saboteurs approached two female riders leaving them frightened. Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt claims two of its members, one an 11-year-old girl riding her pony, alongside a 22-year-old, were shouted at by the saboteurs who were dressed in black and wearing scarves to cover their faces. The incident happened at Hole Park, Rolvenden, on Saturday and has been reported to police. The two were riding home after leaving the main group and hunt spokesman Charlotte Baines said: "The saboteurs shouted abuse at the girls and followed them into theAshfordValleyFHHowdarkitwas18-2-17.jpg road. If masked people wearing military-style clothes approached anyone in the High Street then police would immediately descend."

But the East Kent Hunt Saboteurs Association strongly denies intimidating the riders and claims they were protecting them as they didn't have reflective clothing and they reported their concerns to police.

The group's statement said: "We witnessed a lady and child on horseback riding away from the meet. As [they] got to the bottom of the hill and near a sharp bend, we could see cars were struggling to see [them]. At this time, it was nearly dark [see photo right of recoat on road near the time], and we thought this was very dangerous, so offered to "chaperone" them back to their vehicles by following behind at a safe distance, as we were concerned for the safety of both riders and horses. The rider we spoke to though was very rude to us, and refused our help."

The Hunt [below left, some of], involving around 50 horses and 33 hounds, took place on land owned by Edward Barham who described the group as being "foul-mouthed and balaclava-clad" wearing black jackets and military-style fatigues. He said: "I'm not a hunting-man myself but this was a perfectly legal hunt that involved the laying of a scent trail. I accept the right to protest but the whole presence of the group felt extremely threatening and they had the cameras rolling at people all the time."

AshfordValleyFHThefield18-2-17.jpgOne female spectator, who wished to remain anonymous said the presence of the group had been unsettling. "It ruined the day for us - they were a hindrance. The police ended up coming just to make sure there was no confrontation. They covered their faces with black scarves and were armed with cameras. It's a cowardly move to turn up in protest and not even be able to show who you are. They swore at several members of the hunt and there were children around as young as 11."

The East Kent Hunt Saboteurs Association say their members face abuse and intimidation from hunt members and have been on the receiving end of violence so are forced to conceal their identities. They claimed that there was no evidence of trail-laying on the day and that hounds are still killing foxes "by accident” so they are there to ensure the foxes remain protected and will only ever use non-violent means to achieve their aims...

The online article contained pics of both sabs and supporters, all masked-up. The sabs offered this robust rebuttal of some of the assertions in the article above - 

22-2-17  Facebook - East Kent Sabs   The Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt & “Fake News”   Some of you may have seen the article on KM online this week regarding our group, and the events of last Saturday. We though we would take time to examine what happened, and how the Hunt, local press and hunting groups have sought to “spin” the story and create Fake News…..

After peacefully monitoring the Ashford Valley Hunt at Hole Park Estate, we saw a lady and child on horseback that had decided to ride along the B2086 in the dark. We saw cars and a bus having to break hard as they struggled to see them, with them being on dark horses with dark clothing, and neither rider had hi-vis garments or lights….we offered to drive slowly behind them for the safety of the rider and child, but were met with a mouthful of abuse-in the end, we were forced to make a 999 call at 5.44pm, as we feared an accident was imminent.

A couple of days later, we ere alerted to the fact that the KM newspaper had printed a story about the day, claiming that two of its members, one an 11-year-old girl riding her pony, alongside a 22-year-old, were “shouted at by the saboteurs who were dressed in black and wearing scarves to cover their faces”.

Upon asking what “proof” had been forwarded by the Hunt, we were told that they had pictures of us with scarves covering our faces….but that was it. No pictures or video footage of us shouting obscenities at children. To the credit of the journalist, she added a statement from us to the article, along with a picture of Hunt members masked up, but the damage was already done.

The same day, a member of the East Kent with West Street Hunt decided to get in on the action, publicly claiming that we were the “same group that had attacked them”. Now, we have asked the Hunt member to let us know where and when this claimed "attack" happened…..but of course, nothing.

So here it starts-repeat the story, take a bit out, add a bit….. our starting to get something quite juicy! Then, we see that the “Fieldsports Channel” had re-run the story, but once more, taken the main body of it out, oh…and added a bit - “The saboteurs shouted at the riders in what appears to be an attempt to spook the horses” They also titled the story “Sabs Go ‘Militia’ at Kent hunt” Militia?!

A militia is generally an army or some other type of fighting unit that is composed of non-professional fighters, citizens of a nation or subjects of a state or government who can be called upon to enter a combat situation, as opposed to a professional force of regular, full-time military personnel... "

Yeah right, that's us! Utterly hysterical usage of words. But it is a serious matter. Hunt supporters are fed these lies on a daily basis, which is why this week we have seen the national press reporting on hunt supporters attacking sabs with chains & whips last weekend…..because they believe this bollocks. So, to finish – FACT We tried to prevent a young rider and child from getting mown into by cars as they ride along a road in the dark, for the safety of them, the horses and other road users... FAKE NEWS A “militia” turned up and spent the day screaming obscenities at the hunt and deliberately trying to get horses to throw their riders, who had already recently attacked another hunt & its members…  See how easy it is to turn fact in fiction?! At the end of the day though, our video evidence of what happened on the day is with the police, and you cant argue with that.

POWAperson adds - Sab report from the day is below, dated 19-2-17. It refers to unspecified actions by members of the hunt side that day which sabs have reported to the police. They  have published pics of some of the people they think will want to speak to, but whose identities they do not know. Two of them are below -  

   AshfordValleyFHSupporter18-2-17.jpg   AshfordValleyFHRiderpolicemaywanttospeakto18-2-17.jpg


Low turn-out Golden Valley FH lay hounds on fleeing fox

Then change mind when realise sabs are out and active

Sabs say pack often split and out of hunters' control

20-2-17  Facebook – 3 Counties Sabs   Golden Valley Hunt [S.Herefordshire Hunt country], Michaelchurch Escley, 18th February 2017     We heard that the Golden Valley were planning to hunt in part of the country that the S.Herefordshire would normally hunt, so off we went towards Wales for the day. We had heard a great many stories about this Hunt, so expectations were high... They met near the Bridge Inn, which has held a number of S.Herefordshire meets in the past, in the village and hunted the woods behind Michaelchurch Court initially. It was a pretty warm day out in the open and much of the time they drew blank.

At one point, up on the hills, about 8 hounds came running GoldenValleyFHFleeingfoxfllesthrufence18-12-17.jpgtowards us on a line, so we called them up out of the trees, away from the fox who we believe went to ground nearby, and into the open part of the field, surprised that no hunt support were encouraging them on... then we realised that no hunt staff were anywhere to be seen. Or heard. We spent some time trying to keep hounds out of nearby fields of sheep - it was in S.Herefordshire Hunt country that the SHH hounds killed several sheep just a few seasons back.

On the way back down the hills soon after (sab driver had been in touch to say she had spotted huntsman with about 3 hounds in tow down on the road...) we had loose hounds running around in various fields, still no other hunt staff in sight. Into a valley and up on to another hill and we watched as the pack split on 2 separate lines, hunt staff and riders making a choice and riding off with one half of the pack, abandoning the others speaking in woodland a few fields back. Needless to say, the pack are supposed to be hunting as one. Even when the Hunt were 'in control' of (almost) the entire pack, it seemed all on horseback were to be involved...

Any good huntsman should be able to keep his hounds together with the odd horn or voice call, whippers-in doing their job by stopping hounds straying from the rest when being held up. With this Hunt it appeared that the (over-)GoldenValleyFHRiderholloasfleeingfox18-12-17.jpguse of holloa's was the preferred method, most riders whooping away excitedly for more than a minute to attract stray hounds (mostly unsuccessfully it should be added) whilst other riders rode off at speed, having allowed stray hounds to get a decent head start, rating and whipping madly to stop them.

Confused by their strange behaviour, we kept an eye on them in a nearby field and overheard talk of trails being laid. With a rider and quad bike heading into the wood, we kept an open mind and the hounds did indeed pick up a similar line to that taken by them. However, as hounds headed through the wood, we spotted a fox breaking cover [above right, leaping thru fence] away from rider and quad and, sure enough, the 'trail layer' began to holloa [left], indicating the sighting. Hounds appeared, took the same line [bottom, Pic 1], we rated and the 'trail-layer' changed her mind and started to rate hounds off the scent too [ottom, Pic 2]. Sab driver asked what was going on inland... at that point we're not sure the Hunt even knew. What were they hunting? How does hunting work? Who is in charge? With the GV, dog only knows...

Hunt support informed us that the Hunt rarely catch anything and explained that the 3 vehicles and handful of riders was about right for one of their meets. Much of what we saw today is a complete contradiction of what we've previously been told about the Hunt. So we'll be sure to come back again before we form a proper judgement.

We hope that all sheep in the area are OK after the Hunt's incompetency in keeping any vague element of control over the pack today... A little worrying to see huntsman Darren Foxley looking happy as Larry at the idea of having 3 of his hounds paying attention to him!

    GoldenValleyFHHoundsonfoxline18-12-17.jpg  GoldenValleyFHHuntchangemindandratehoundsoffline18-12-17.jpg


Essex Farmers FH invades small farm, chases pets, scares livestock

Cat still missing, hens have stopped laying, property damaged

Hounds, chasing 'two foxes', even came into the farm shop

Neighbour says Hunt often invade and have been into his garden 

20-2-17   Basildon, Canvey, Southend Echo    Family pets 'chased by a pack of hounds' as drag hunt causesEssexFarmersFHFamilyaffectedbyhavocby20-2-17CreditBasildonCanveySouthendEcho.jpg havoc in village    FRUSTRATED residents [left, credit Basildon, Canvey, Southend Echo] told how family pets have been chased by a pack of hounds as drag hunts spark havoc in their village. Lee Bell and his wife Bev have run Little Buskins Farm Shop, in Canewdon Road, Ashingdon, for 30 years. Their usually peaceful farm was transformed into a scene of chaos when a groups of dogs charged through the fence - seemingly chasing a fox.

Mr Bell, 43, said: “A pack of dogs came charging onto our land chasing two foxes. The dogs were completely out of control and destroyed our gate and our fence. They ran into our farm shop and then started chasing our cat. It was complete chaos.”

It is believed that the chase started out as an Essex Farmers and Union drag hunt - where a fox-scented rag is used. The hounds are understood to have sniffed out the scene of a live fox during the hunt. The group was contacted by the Echo but did not respond to requests for a comment before going to print.

Mr Bell claims the hounds terrorised his chickens, dogs and cat - who wasn’t seen for several days after the incident. He added: “When the foxes got away, we had to quickly rescue the dogs before the hounds turned on them. The chickens have been scared off their lay which means they are not laying eggs and that can last three to four months, so it is affecting our income.”

Steve Sexton and his wife Jenny have also been disturbed by drag hunts, which are regularly held in the area. Mr Sexton, a care worker who lives in Fambridge Road, said: “It has happened a few times recently. The concern, other than for the foxes, is the welfare of our own pets. My dog became frantic a few weeks back due to the dogs running loose into the garden. Last Friday we had to brake sharply as a number of dogs and horses appeared from the fields into the roads without consideration to traffic.”

Fox hunting was banned in 2005. A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “If hounds pick up the scent of a wild animal, the law requires that those in control call them off. If huntsmen can’t control their hounds, they should not be off the lead where other animals may be at risk.”

POWAperson adds - Needless to say we shall be educating the Editor as to the difference between a 'drag hunt' and what this mob get up to - Hunts using 'trail hunting' as a false alibi to carry on fox hunting, etc.


Anonymous source says Heythrop FH killed in garden in front of children

Fox reported slaughtered by hounds in Broadwell, near Stow-in-the-Wold

Periodically, besides individual reports, the FB page 'Hunting Kills' publishes updated lists of deaths resulting from organised hunting with hounds. The report below comes from the latest such list...  

19-2-17    Hunting Kills   31st January, 2017 Heythrop killed 1 fox in Broadwell, nr Stow on the Wold. The hounds pursued a fox into a garden and killed it in front of children (received this information as a tip-off, no sabs present but police are investigating).

POWA understands that an experienced sab was at the local police station on another matter when the call came through saying this had happened.  


Ashford Valley hunting foiled by sabs despite late finish to day

Female riders complain after sabs offer to monitor them on dark road home

Incident involving hunt members reported to police by sabs

19-2-17  Facebook - East Kent Sabs   Ashford Valley Tickham FH Saturday 18th Feb 2017   With an absence of meets we were up early for a kennel watch, and as we had not seen them for a while, everyone was keen to head to the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt, so off we went..

AshfordValleyFHblockingroad18-2-17.jpgThe Hunt was to meet at Hole park in Rolvenden. After a chat via the intercom on the gate and a quick banner demo, we headed into the park. The Hunt moved quickly through Rawlinson's Gill and down to Stumble wood, sabs kept them on the move with us calling off the hounds if they started to speak..

The land owner was a bit pissed off when he caught up with us, and tried to block the road (you may own most of Rolvenden mate, but not the highway!) - he resorted to banging on the landy window and taking a swipe at one our ladies….she later had stern words with him, no doubt putting a “hex” on him....warning - don't mess with the East Kent sab's witches coven!!

It looked like the Hunt had aborted the main part of the estate, and were now up at Halden place, and out of sight. We then got a pull by the cops, who popped by to get the driver's name and exchange pleasantries, and they were then on their way (happy to completely ignore the activities of the Hunt of course....)

So, we caught up with the Hunt again in Goods Hill at Parkgate farm, where they were clearly onto something, but the warm sunny day was playing havoc with the scent conditions.

The Hunt took a rare pause for food and refreshments before continuing, back into Hole park and over to Maplesden. We had cause to rate the hounds back to the Huntsman at Stepneyford Bridge, where they got onto a scent, as the sun was dropping and the air getting colder, and we needed to keep them away from a possible chase. They crossed the estate and after a few circuits, we found them again at Halden Lane Farm, where we got 4-5 hounds out of the farm complex they were hunting, before they moved on again.

At 5.30 pm the sun had set and the Hunt headed back to Beacon Farm where they had unboxed at the start, they must have wanted to kill really badly to hunt so late !!?

We saw three riders returning on the road in near dark, and we offered to chaperone them back, so that no cars onAshfordValleyFHTerrieraccomdation18-2-17.jpg the B2086 would plough into the back of their horses... a female rider was a stroppy mare though, and was having none of it, and accused us of harassing her! The idiocy of these people has no bounds! I guess you can't help some people, so we called the old bill for the safety of the riders and horse.. (to illustrate how dark it was, our camera's could not even pick up an image of her!)

NOTE - some other supporters/members of the Hunt are under police investigation for events that happened on the day that we cannot talk about due to police investigation. We have added pictures now to our page as we need to ID them.

If you wish to donate and keep our group out in the fields, you can do so here-every donation, however small or large is very helpful  https://www.paypal.me/eastkentsabs .

Pics above - 1/ Right - Hunt blocking road     2/ Left - terrier accommodation  

Pics below -  1/  Masked hunt follower    2/ Nice of farmer to provide climbing frame for hounds 

    AshfordalleyFHmaskedfollower18-2-17.jpg    AshfordValleyFHClimbingframeforhounds18-2-17.jpg


Trespassing North Down FH attracts farmers' fury

Hunt anger as sabs use gizmo to pull hounds off fox

Just a reminder that live quarry hunting with dogs for 'sport' remains legal in Northern Ireland... 

19-2-17  Facebook - Hunt Saboteurs NI   Today we hit North Down Hunt who set out hunting in Kircubbin. The day was pretty non eventful for most of it. Just the usual aggressive behaviour of riding horses at sabs. Pretty dangerous behaviour, but behaviour that we are now well accustomed to. It never ceases to amaze us when the Hunt has the wide landscape of the country side to ride, they always choose to ride the path the sabs are taking racing straight for us. Never the less we stayed with the Hunt all the way!

For the first half nothing much was happening apart from the whipper in being aggressive with some cows in a field! Cracking their whips at them to manipulate them to go where the Hunt wanted them! This spooked the cows! Some sabs ran back to the farm a couple of hundred meters back to alert the farmer. Turns out the farmer didn't know they where on his land or had given permission for them to be on his land! To say he wasn't happy is a under statement.

We talked to 2 other farmers who also didn't know that the Hunt was on their land or had sought permission. One farmer allowed them to continue but stated that in future prior notice was expected. After the Hunt ate some humble pie they continued!

A few fields up the hunt support spotted a fox and guided the Hunt master and hunters onto the direction after the fox. At this point things became very heated! Sabs quickly used the gizmo to distract the hounds and everything became more aggressive from the Hunt! Fortunately the fox got away and the Hunt seemed to have a bit of a bruised ego.

About 20 minutes later the Hunt decided to call it a day. No kills, a grumpy Hunt Master and a more than happy but tired bunch of sabs! Foxes 1, hunters nil. Long run the fox.

Pics below -  1/  The Hunt on a fox    2/  Sabs pulling hounds off fox 

    NorthDownFHhuntingfox4-2-17.jpg  NorthDownFHSabspullinghoundsofffox4-2-17.jpg


Essex & Suffolk FH Huntsman loses control of horse by busy road

Sabs threatened and abused by supporters as traffic chaos ensues

Supporter kicks passing car as others fight among selves

19-2-17  Facebook - NE London Sabs   Hit Report, Essex and Suffolk Hunt 18/02/2017   The meet was at Abbott's Hall, Horsley Cross east of Colchester. NELS joined SES, Cambridge and Norfolk/Suffolk Sabs.

We sabbed successfully this extremely aggressive Hunt. The Hunt was constantly on the move, always followed by a significant number of sabs. They were covering a large area but the hounds haven't gone to cry for the whole day. The Hunt and their support were getting more and more frustrated by our presence and started blocking our vehicles, trying to intimidate the sab drivers, driving their cars at foot sabs, trying to engage into physical fights, sexually and racially harassing us as well as threatening us with violence throughout the day. The terrier men kept driving their quad bikes towards us in order to block and intimidate us.

The extreme tension resulted to the hunt supporters fighting among themselves. At some point we saw a Hunt supporter driving his car towards another supporter, who had to jump on the bonnet to avoid getting hit by the car. This all escalated further at about 2pm after one of the redcoat riders - as seen on the video attached - lost control over his horse by a busy road. The Hunt and their support blocked the road causing a traffic jam and assaulted sabs. The support was kicking vehicles, calling sabs f***ing foreigners and behaving appallingly. Sabs were trying to calm the situation down, managed to get away and kept following the Hunt.

Zero kills on the day and even though it was a very intense day we managed to stay calm and sab till they packed up and left. More videos to follow.

Pics below -  1, 2, 3/  Huntsman loses control of horse by busy road   4/ Rider uses her horse to drive sabs across road   5/  Supporter kicks passing car   6/  Supporter to sab 'What we got here? A fucking foreigner. Ha, ha, ha.' 

  EssexSuffolkFHHuntsmanloingcontrolofhorse_1_18-2-17.jpg  EssexSuffolkFHHuntsmanlosingcontrolofhorse2_18-2-17.jpg

  EssexSuffolkFHHuntsmanlosingcontrolofhorse3_18-2-17.jpg EssexSuffolkFHRiderdrivessabsbackacrossbusyroadwithhorse18-2-17.jpg

  EssexSuffolkFHSupporterkicksapassingcar18-2-17.jpg  EssexSuffolkFHSupporterWhathavewegothereAfuckingforiegner18-2-17.jpg 


Woman verbally abused and sab car damaged by Cheshire FH supporters

She subject to horrible sexual remarks then shown supporter's arse

19-2-17  Facebook - Lancaster Huntsabs   Sab report 18/02/17 - Yesterday marked twelve years since theCheshireFHsupportersSomewhereseveralvillagesaremissingtheiridiots18-2-17.jpg introduction to The Hunting Act being put in force and Sabs and monitors are still out in the fields having to do the police's job of protecting our persecuted wildlife.

Lancaster joined up with N.Wales, Cheshire and Welsh Border sabs alongside the help of the Hounds Off team and paid another visit to the Cheshire hounds, who previously killed a fox illegally, and after the violence towards sabs last week we weren't about to back down.

Sabs received a tip-off, again from some of the locals who have had enough of the Hunt trespassing on their property, and that the scattered pack was all over the main road in Houghton. When the first group of Sabs arrived at the Hunt, they were already onto a fox near Snugbury's ice cream farm. Thankfully this lucky fox escaped the blood thirsty bunch.

One group of Sabs was targeted by offensive looking hunt thugs [right] had threats of violence, a female Sab received unwelcome sexual remarks before one of the hunt thugs exposed himself, dropping his pants [at bottom, pun unintended]. The Sabs, left traumatised by his crusty backside, caught up with the rest of the foot Sabs who were nearby covering and the second lucky fox was spotted by Sabs running across a field. Savvy Sabs quickly covered the area and the line of the fox with citronella.

Sabs following the Hunt down the lane in Spurstow were greeted by masked thugs and hunt employees who kicked and punched one Sab's vehicle with force leaving a dent. One even thoughtfully threw a lit cigarette through the Sab's window, while another shrek look-alike spat on a Sab with police witnessing this.

CheshireFHPoliceenforcingHuntingActNOT18-2-17.jpgThere were large numbers of police in attendance [left] who were filming and monitoring what only seemed to be sabs, and police were ordered into fields after one officer declared Sabs were trespassing. Despite their complaints of not wanting to get their boots dirty, police grudgingly followed sabs and the Hunt for a short while before being picked up...

The third lucky fox that the Hunt was also onto at this point was spotted by Sabs, with the hounds in cry, but also managed to dodge the Hunt. By this time it appeared all riders had packed up, besides the Huntsman himself, Shayne and a new Huntsman. Sabs made sure all hounds had packed up at the original meet then waved off the Hunt and frustrated support.

20-2-17   Facebook - Cheshire Sabs   HIT REPORT - 18/02/17 - CHESHIRE HUNT/HOUNDS   On Saturday, we met up with friends from N.Wales Lancaster Welsh Border & Central Lancashire sabs to check in on the Cheshire Forest Hunt but it... turns out they had cancelled and later in the day it was confirmed that some of them had actually gone out with the Flint and Denbigh Hunt... we decided to have a look for the Cheshire Hunt who were filmed killing a fox just two weeks ago whilst the Huntsman was stood nearby off camera who did absolutely nothing to call the hounds off the vixen.

We found the Cheshire Hunt after a tip off from a concerned local came in that the Hunt had been seen heading towards Hurleston, where they were caught by sabs chasing a fox onto land owned by Snugburys Ice Cream. Thankfully this one got away, but with the Hunt still in pursuit of the fox, they were soon onto the scent of another which was seen bolting across field. But sabs were quick to spray the foxes line and a nearby wooded area with citronella which meant the hounds lost the scent.

Shortly after, a sabs vehicle was attacked by a hunt supporter who kicked the car, leaving several dents in the bodywork and a female sab was subjected to some horrendous sexual remarks before the odious fellow responsible decided to show her his bottom...

The police were out in force again, which we don't mind at all but we would prefer it if they were there to keep an eye on the violent hunt supporters, hunt employees and the wildlife murdering Hunt rather than ourselves, as our only purpose of being there in the first place is to try and save the wildlife.



CPS drop all charges against Belvoir FH Huntsman after fox kills

3 foxes were killed in a day - two of them in grounds of a nursing home

Sabs witnessed the other and Huntsman assaulted her & broke camera

CPS says can't prove foxes were pursued intentionally, as law requires

PCC for Leicestershire was out with police on the day

19-2-17  Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs    It is no great surprise to us that we have just been informed by Leicestershire Police that the CPS have dropped all charges against John Holliday, Huntsman with the Belvoir Hunt.

On December 3rd 2016, one fox was killed in front of Northants sabs who did everything they could to save them but sadly were unable to, though they did manage to retrieve the body. One sab was then assaulted and had their camera smashed. On then calling the police it transpired that a further two foxes had been killed in front of shocked staff and residents of a care home [this was reported to the Police and Crime Commissioner, who was out with the police that day]. John Holliday was later arrested and charged with illegal hunting, assault and criminal damage - all of which have now been dropped.

The very existence of the Belvoir Hunt and every other Hunt in the country is 'intention'. They are being caught out time and time again by sabs, monitors and undercover investigators, yet the law does nothing. This just determines our resolve to continue our non-violent direct action to save persecuted and hunted wild animals.


19-2-17  Facebook - Northants Sabs   We would like to make it clear that the decision not to prosecute was taken by the CPS and not Leicestershire Police , who acted promptly and professionally with their evidence gathering . We urge our supporters not to condemn a police force that are trying to make some sort of sense out of the hunting act. We know it s upsetting and emotive , but please try not to swear and be abusive on your post , otherwise we will have to remove them . Please take this opportunity to write to your MP and express your thoughts. 

POWAperson adds -  POWA, which has campaigned for significant strengthening of the Hunting Act since before it became law, is also not surprised the illegal hunting charges have been dropped because the CPS are right about the ridiculously high level of proof required. Nonetheless, we are aghast and can't help feeling that police and CPS too often use the weaknesses of the Act as an excuse not to prosecute or, often, not even to investigate. This decision will embolden Hunts even further into hunting at will and will endanger the safety of monitors and sabs yet more, besides making it even more likely their hard-fought and dangerous evidence-gathering will achieve nothing in future. The will of the people and Parliament and the rule of law are all being held in contempt.  


Report of RTA in Leics - Belvoir FH hound badly injured

Periodically, besides individual reports, the FB page 'Hunting Kills' publishes updated lists of deaths resulting from organised hunting with hounds. The report below comes from the latest such list.

19-2-17  Hunting Kills    Belvoir Hunt meeting outside [village of] Hose [Leics], near Pastures Lane, 21st January. Hounds out of control, caused RTA and a hound was hit, probable broken bones. Taken away by support, presumably killed.


Cottesmore JM has nothing to say when confronted by sabs

Silent when challenged re. assaults on sabs and blocked setts

19-2-16  Facebook - Beds & Bucks Sabs   VIDEO    Nicholas Leeming - Cottesmore Hunt Master   In this video one of our sabs challenges Cottesmore Hunt Master Nicholas Leeming to comment on the assaults which had just taken place along with the filling in of badger setts and lack of bird of prey. The arrogance displayed speaks volumes regarding the attitude of these people who will stop at nothing to defend their grisly and outdated pastime.



Cheshire FH redcoat guides 2 horses one side of A49, hounds lollop on far verge

19-2-17   Facebook - Hounds Off    Dangerous chaos with the Cheshire Hounds running onto the A49 at Spurstow yesterday. An accident waiting to happen...


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Eggesford FH hunt foxes, trespass, attack sabs, damage radio

Huntsman claims killed fox but told meet were 'hunting within law'

Hounds riot through field with mares in foal - land owners furious

18-2-17   Facebook – Devon County Sabs   Eggesford Hunt 18.2.2017   Blatant illegal hunting, yet more assaults on sabs and criminal damage. That was the order of the day yesterday at the Eggesford Hunt, who met at Burridge Moor Cross, near Chawleigh. Even amongst other Devon Hunts they are now being referred to as drunks and thugs!

Part of this report comes courtesy of local landowners, who have complained that the Hunt were out of control. Our Land Rover is in the garage so we only had the car to ferry foot teams around. This meant sabs spent most of the day on foot, tag-teaming to keep the Hunt in sight...  Hounds never got onto anything in the first couple of hours and Gary kept moving them on at speed, always leaving hounds scattered several miles behind.

Sabs had to witness some unbelievably irresponsible riding, with Huntsman and several riders cantering down steep, slippery tarmaced roads, the horses skidding all over the place.

Hounds were put in at Winswood Moor and began drawing the stream-lined valleys between there and Yelland Moor. A team on Winswood Moor witnessed a fox break not far ahead of the pack. Riders had also spotted it and, sure enough, Gary began hunting the hounds on in exactly that direction. Sabs split up with some covering the fox's scent and rating hounds when they arrived, while others called the hounds out of the valley into the top corner of the field. The full pack was called off the fox's scent and a battle of horn calls ensued, with Gary attempting to take the hounds back from across the valley.

At this point a group of masked thugs came running into the field. Some had been called in from outside the area. They were joined by the Hunt's terriermen, most of whom were also masked-up. Seven male thugs plus two riders surrounded foot sabs in the field. One of them stole and broke a gizmo and another broke one of our radios in the process of trying to wrestle it out of a sab's hands. The male terrierman from our last report attacked a female sab, injuring her hand, while others went for the male sabs in the group.

Sabs were forced off the land by the thugs, but another team had caught up with Huntsman and hounds, who by now were making their way up towards Bealy Court Farm. It transpired that our car team had also been attacked shortly before the attack in the field. Our navigator had been punched in the face through the open window by one of the masked thugs who later joined the thugs in the field, and he also attempted to kick in the driver's window. Police were called, our sab's injuries were documented and she provided a statement. Footage and vehicle registrations are being handed to the police.

At Bealy Court Farm hounds picked up a scent and began speaking. Gary, now on foot, was hunting them on. Hounds were spotted shortly after chasing a fox across a field. Gary later boasted to his riders and followers that the hounds had caught and killed this fox. "At least now they can't put 'no kills' in their report." Not even Gary can stick to his story, having promised everyone at the meet that they would be "hunting within the law".

According to an extremely irate landowner, hounds had been rioting through a field where mares were in foal, with Gary having seemingly no control over them whatsoever, a combination of a lack of skill and a lack of will, and perhaps a bit too much alcohol in his system. Sabs repeatedly insisted he call the hounds off. His response: "Fuck off you fat cunt". The last hour was spent between Affeton Moor and Thornham before the Hunt packed up at Affeton Moor Cross.

This is our message to Devon's Hunts: We won't stop sabbing until you stop hunting. If you call in thugs to assault us we will just continue exposing you week after week for the violent lawbreakers you are. It's no coincidence whatsoever that the Hunts we receive the most tip-offs about are the ones who make themselves unpopular not only with us and with local landowners but also with individuals who are or were once members of these Hunts but will no longer stand for their behaviour.

Pics below -   1/  Fox [towards top right] fleeing   2/ Hunt scaring deer   3/  Female sab threatened by masked men   4/  Female sab being assaulted   5/ Thug tries to kick in sab car window   6/  Pugilistic supporter

  EggesfordFHFoxfleeing18-2-17.jpg  EggesfordFHHuntscaringdeer18-2-17.jpg

  EggesfordFHFemalesabthreatenedbymaskedsupport18-2-17.jpg EggesfordFHFemalesabassaulted18-2-17.jpg

 EggesfordFHThugtryingkickinsabswindow18-2-17.jpg  EggesfordFHPugilisticsupporter18-2-17.jpg

21-2-17   Facebook - Cambridge Sabs    Hit report 18/02/2017 Essex and Suffolk Hunt Abbott's Hall, Horsley Cross, east of Colchester    Sabbing together with Suffolk & Essex, NE London and Norfolk/Suffolk Sabs.

We picked up the Hunt just after they set off at around 11:30am and quickly deployed into the field, covering every point from every angle so there was very little chance of them getting away. Throughout the day there was a noticeably heightened level of violence coming from the Hunt and their support; using vehicles as weapons of intimidation against the Sabs however this proved consistently ineffective as there was a large number of Sabs in separate groups. On one occasion, a farmer who was letting the illegal hunt across his land attempted to use his vehicle as a battering ram against one of the Sabs however contact was avoided.

At one point the Huntsman managed to put the hounds into a fishing lake and then run away, leaving it up to the Sabs as well as anglers to help the panicked dogs out of the water.

One elder man in particular who is yet to be formally identified to us was very violent and seemingly drunk, while driving a white pickup. During the course of the day he managed to: attempt to steal a radio from a Sab, run over another supporter, physically and verbally attack Sabs (including sexist, racist and homophobic language).

We also encountered a child who had his heart set on intimidating the Sabs, he appeared to be around the age of 14/15 and a large fan of soak on tattoos and was encouraged by the aforementioned elder man to attack Sabs who were not interested in the hassle.

All in all it was a kill free day and apart from a few cuts from barb-wire and bruises from the vehicles, we all went home okay.


Claim that sab was whipped by Princess Eugenie's godmother

We stopped Surrey Union FH hunting foxes, say activists

18-2-17  Facebook - Guildford Sabs  VIDEO   Sabs ridden into and assaulted today by the Surrey Union HuntSurreyUnionFHLuluHutleyJMswingingwhipatsab18-2-17.jpg   A kill free day and yet again an atrocious turnout - not looking good for this sorry state of a Hunt. Full report to follow.

19-2-17   Facebook - Guildford Sabs   Surrey Union Hunt at Slades Farm, 18th Feb with North Downs Sabs and Surrey Hunt Monitors. With a unusually late meet, possibly to avoid sabs, we followed the hound van from the kennels to their meet, trying to lose us and block us in. Didn't work! The Hunt claimed today was a 'fun day' as Princess Eugenie was apparently in attendance - but that clearly wasn't the case.

While the Hunt looped around a few times in an attempt to lose us, sabs tried to get to the nearest road and were rammed against a fence and then struck with a whip by Lulu Hutley (who is the godmother of Princess Eugenie} [right].

Later on, near Loxhill, sabs found the Hunt on point in a woodland with hounds going in and out of cry. It was clear they were on to a fox. As soon as sabs got there the Huntsman started frantically calling the hounds back. Sabs sprayed the area to make sure the hounds didn't pick up the scent again. (I thought this was a fun day, with no trail layer why are the hounds in cry...)

After only being out for a few hours the Hunt returned to Slades Farm at around 15.30 and after a successful day we went to the pub!

POWAperson adds -  Lulu Hutley - with whip in video, say sabs - is a JM of the Surrey Union FH, as is her husband, Ed. He may be the mounted redcoat in the clip. Ed Hutley is a property developer and owner of the Wintershall Estate. They are said to be close to Sarah Duchess of York, friends with pro-bloodsports 'rock god' Eric Clapton and with various minor European royals.

    SurreyUnionFHLuluHutleyJM18-2-17.jpg  SurreyUnionFHObservedbyactivists18-2-17.jpg

19-2-17   Surrey Hunt Monitors  VIDEO Found 3 decomposing foxes on the Wintershall Estate, owned by Ed & Lulu Hutley, Surrey Union FH JMs. 


Cottesmore FH supporters attack sabs with weapons, some injured

Bird-handler at centre of aggression, swinging length of chain

18-2-17   HSA Press Release   Hunt Sabs attacked by members of Cottesmore Hunt   Hunt saboteurs have been attacked by members of the Cottesmore Hunt at their meet in Burrough On the Hill, Leicestershire. TheCottesmoreFHbirdhandlerattackingsabs18-2-17.jpg attackers used chains [right] and lengths of wood in the unprovoked attack after being stopped from illegally chasing and killing foxes. Leicestershire Police were called and five vehicles turned up. They are currently investigating the incident.

One of the main attackers is a key member of the Hunt, and is often involved in handling the bird of prey [below left], which the Hunt haul around all day as an excuse for their illegal hunting. He used a heavy length of chain to attack saboteurs, not the first time he's been implicated in such attacks.

Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, commented: “On the 12th anniversary of the Hunting Act illegal hunting and violent assaults still occur throughout the hunting season. We're pleased Leicestershire Police responded in this instance but if police forces enforced the Hunting Act CottesmoreFHbirdhandler18-2-17.jpgin the first place then these attacks wouldn't happen as hunt saboteurs wouldn't be needed. The Cottesmore will now attempt to distance themselves from this cowardly attack, but we know that one of the main attackers is a key member of the Hunt and often handles their bird of prey. Saboteurs have also been attacked at the Surrey Union Hunt today and the video of this incident will further add to the hunting community's terrible reputation.”

18-2-17    Facebook – S.Cambs Sabs     Sabs cornered in a wood and attacked at the Cottesmore Hunt today by hunt supporters with bats and chains   Several sabs injured including a female sab battered to the ground by large hunt supporters. Sabs currently receiving treatment for their injuries. Picture shows one of the thugs swinging round a heavy chain at sabs. Police on scene and investigating. More to follow.

18-2-17   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs   We headed north to Leicestershire to join up with North & South Cambs hunt sabs to scupper the Cottesmore's plans. They were meeting south of Melton Mobray close to Burrough on the Hill... we joined with our Cambs comrades and got straight into action. The Cottesmore claim to use the bird of prey exemption which is quite frankly a nonsense. The Bird was hardly seen all day while they were blatantly and openly hunting. The hounds were in and out of cry all day, with sabs always on hand to rate them using voice, horn or gizmo. Several foxes were seen to safety.

We also noted at least 5 large badger setts had been filled in to stop the foxes escaping. Where possible we opened up some holds to allow our stripey friends to escape. Block badger setts is a crime under the protection of badgers act 1992.

After second horsing. we got back on to the hunt and shortly after this we got an emergency call from the foot sabs from Cambs Sabs, who were under attack from masked up hunt support carrying chains and lumps of wood. We got to the scene as quick as we could, but some sabs had already been assaulted and bore the scars of the assaults committed by these cowards. As we arrived the bullies saw the extra numbers and decided to beat a hasty retreat but not before one nutter continued to attack, violently swinging a chain.

Police were called and arrived with 5 vehicles including a riot van. Statements will be taken and video evidence submitted and we hope for a successful conviction. We have already identified the main culprit and this information will be passed to the police.

The Huntsman Andrew Obsborne was his usual arrogant self and clearly annoyed we'd thrown a 3 sab group sized spanner in his plans. Hunt master Nicholas Leeming seemed little concerned for the injuries and the disgraceful behaviour of those who followed his Hunt. The Hunt packed up just after 4pm. Cambs sabs went to on A&E to get checked out while we returned and unblocked the setts we weren't able to earlier. A tough day but no kills. Huge respect to our friends at North and South Cambs Sabs who we work so well with.

To the Cottesmore - We won't accept this and we will be seeing you again very soon.

19-2-17   Daily Mail    Huntsman launches foul-mouthed rant at saboteurs after 'trying to attack them with a metal chain' - The video footage shows man launching a foul mouthed tirade at protesters - Allegedly threatened animal rights activists, Beds and Bucks Hunts Saboteurs - Narrowly missed female protester's head as he swung a metal chain at them    In the clip filmed during a meeting of the Cottesmore Hunt in Owston, Leicestershire yesterday, an outraged man can be seen launching into the foul-mouthed attack while appearing to swing at protesters with a metal chain. The video was filmed by the Beds and Bucks Hunts Saboteurs, who claimed a number of attackers used chains and wood as campaigners tried to stop them chasing and killing foxes. Members of the Beds and Bucks Hunts Saboteurs said the man marched out of nearby woods towards the group, saying: 'All of you, yeah. Come on, then'.

The raging man shouts at one protester: 'I was run over by one of your f***ing mates.' He replies: 'I wasn't doing anything, mate. Put it down. Put it f***ing down.' The man was said to the square up to another protester in a mask, saying: 'Come on, then. You big hard boy.' A spokesman for Beds & Bucks Hunt Saboteurs said: 'Police were called and arrived with five vehicles including a riot van. Statements will be taken and video evidence submitted and we hope for a successful conviction.'

A spokeswoman for Leicestershire Police said: 'Police were called at around 2.50pm to Whatborough Road, Owston, following a report of a disturbance involving a number of people. On attendance, a man reported an assault to officers. He did not receive any medical treatment. 'Enquiries are continuing into the incident and no arrests have been made.'  Cottesmore Hunt has been approached for comment.