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POWA endorses the work of the brave hunt monitors who peaceably and lawfully monitor hunting activity.

See hunting both before the ban and in the years since.
Can you spot the difference? Nor can the hunted animals!
Time to strengthen the Act!
Click HERE to see Campaign to Strengthen the Hunting Act video 2014
Click HERE to see Atherstone FH kill fox in resident's driveway, Jan '17
Click HERE for E.Kent FH chasing & killing fox. CPS said 'insufficient evidence', Dec '14 
Click HERE to see Cheshire FH hounds killing a fox 4-2-17
Click HERE to see Warwickshire FH apparent blatant cub hunting 4-9-17
Click HERE to see Beaufort FH early morning cub hunting 4-9-17
Click HERE to see N.Cotswold FH feeding foxes, hunting in same field, 2014
Click HERE to see Grove & Rufford FH killing a fox [convicted] 30-1-16
Click HERE to see Cotley FH kill a fox yards from Huntsman & Whip 20-2-16
Click HERE to see Bicester FH hunting a fox and hounds on railway line, 31-12-16
Click HERE to see Blackmore FH hounds hunting a fox 23-1-16
Click HERE to see Ledbury FH kill fox, sabs find innards 24-12-15
Click HERE to see Cheshire Forest FH hunting a fox 2-1-17
Click HERE to see Lamerton FH hunting fox and dead fox cub 26-3-14
Click HERE to see Pytchley FH digging out and chasing foxes 2016
Click HERE to see the barbarity of digging out - filmed pre-ban
Click HERE to see pre and post ban fox hunting compared
Click HERE to see Atherstone FH hunting two foxes 18-10-16
Click HERE to see fox being killed by Albrighton and Woodland FH, Nov 2014
Click HERE to see Easton Harriers chasing hare that dies in sab's arms Feb 2016
Click HERE to see Pytchley FH feed fox then flushing out and hunting it [starts 2m55s]
Click HERE to see Cheshire FH apparently cub hunting 22-10-16
Click HERE to see Grafton FH supposedly 'trail hunting',  January 2014 
Click HERE to see Minehead Harriers chasing a fox 14-10-15
Click HERE to see fox being killed by the Melbreak FH hounds 5-11-15
Click HERE to see a miscellany of foxes being chased long after the ban
Click HERE to see pre-ban hunting that May & Leadsome want to relegalise
HERE to see Heythrop FH supposedly 'trail hunting' 2010/11
Click HERE to see Easton Harriers Huntsman trying to hide killed hare 8-10-16
Click HERE to see Grafton FH apparently cub hunting 22-9-16
Click HERE to see Cattistock FH chasing a fox. Prosecution dropped. March 2014
Click HERE to see Atherstone FH nearly catching hunted fox 28-2-2015
HERE to see Ledbury FH 'trail hunting' with terriermen digging, Jan 2015
Click HERE to see S.Pembrokeshire FH apparenltly cub hunting 8-10-11
Click HERE to see the Blencathra FH killing fox on NT land 2008
Click HERE to see IFAW monitors being obstructed and harrassed
HERE to see the Quorn hunting a bagged fox pre-ban
HERE to see Devon & Somerset SH chasing a stag 2013
HERE to see the D&S slaughtering a stag in a river pre-ban
HERE - Welsh FH with full pack. Fox shot then disembowelled 2010
HERE to see Quorn FH digging out fox 1991
HERE to see terriermen trying to dig out fox grounded by hounds 2013
Click HERE to see S.Pembrokeshire FH chasing fox 21-1-12
Click HERE to see end of a 'dig out' E.Kent FH October 2013
SEE Lunesdale FH chasing fox. Huntsman and a Director were acquitted in Jan 2015 
 Click BELOW to see POWA compilation video 'Hunting Anarchy'
And it's the same in Scotland....
 Click HERE to see LACS video of fox hunting in guise of 'flushing to guns'
Click HERE to see film that got 1st conviction of organised Scottish hunters Jun '17 

Foxhounds hunt by scent. They follow with their noses the scent that has been left on the ground by the running fox from the scent glands between the pads of his feet. 
The hounds will not begin to chase until they have found and settled on the scent that the fox has laid upon the ground as he broke cover and began to run.  This can take several minutes...........
Now playing:  Extracts from the
'Hunting Anarchy' DVD
(warning - contains hunt supporters swearing) 
Latest extract added 7th Dec 2008

 ........Therefore the hounds are usually quite some distance behind the fox, until the last few minutes when they close in for the kill. 
It is normal for hounds to be five, ten or even more minutes behind the fox........
Written narrative from 'MYTH of "Accidental" Fox Hunting'

Download 'Myth'

....Additionally, the fox is initially able to run faster than the hounds, and at first will outrun them.  This will not help him, as all the time he is leaving a scent upon the ground, and this is what the hounds are following. 
The hounds have better stamina, and as the fox tires and slows, the hounds will begin to close the gap between them and the fox.....
Two separate assaults on monitor Judy Gilbert can be viewed on YouTube -  see below for links:

Monitor Judy Gilbert

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