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..... 19th September - Police raid investigator's house while cruel hunters still uncharged

..... 18th September - Commons EDM urging N.Trust not to licence 'trail hunts' is tabled

..... 18th September - LACS finds National Trust staff resistant to evidence on 'trail hunting'

..... 17th September - Leading expert says N.Trust should not licence hunting on its land

..... 17th September - Sabs fear Ashford Valley FH killed fox in early morning meet

..... 17th September - Sabs think Warwickshire FH killed fox while cubbing in maize field

..... 16th September - Monitor films Beaufort FH early morning cubbing in wood. Kill reported later

..... 16th September - Blencathra FH filmed fox hunting on Nat Trust land

..... 15th September - Lone sab sees Ledbury FH cub hunting and blood on unplated terrierman quad

..... 14th September - Ledbury FH cub hunt early in month ended up on Nat Trust land

..... 13th September - Grafton FH filmed openly cub hunting by monitor

..... 13th September - Sabs save hares from rarely visited Dunston Harriers

..... 12th September - Middleton FH rider wanted for assault on sabs - name given to police

..... 12th September - Sabs say Four Burrow FH failed to find any victims while cub hunting

..... 11th September - Sabs say one fox saved from Warwickshire FH attempts at cub hunting

..... 10th September - Film of Grafton FH hunters intimidating & threatening elderly hunt monitors

..... 10th September - One bloodied, one bitten hound suggest cubbing kill by Beaufort FH

..... 10th September - Atherstone FH just exercise hounds, as they promised

..... 10th September - Pics uploaded of Middleton FH rider wanted for assault on sabs

.....  9th September - Monitor stumbles across artificial earth in Beaufort FH country

.....  9th September - Wheatland FH probable kill but sabs induce early pack up 

.....  9th September - Subs suspect bagged fox at S.Devon FH - but helped it escape

.....  9th September - Stevenstone FH's evening cubbing disrupted by sabs - no kills

.....  9th September - Sabs annoy new Cotswold Vale FH Huntsman by spoiling cubbing attempts

.....  9th September - Sab reinforcements send East Sussex FH cub hunters packing

.....  9th September - Sabs spoil Cottesmore FH's morning cub hunt

.....  9th September - Thurlow FH 'dejected' as sabs help ensure kill-free cubbing day

.....  9th September - Sabs assaulted at Suffolk & Essex FH as teenagers use quads dangerously

.....  7th September - Derwent FH 3 illegal hunting case thrown out early on by judge

.....  7th September - Cheshire FH cause road havoc - visited by cops as locals complain

.....  7th September - Waveney Harriers may have killed in early morning cubbing meet

.....  7th September - North Cotswold FH hunt all around bTb struck cattle farm

.....  5th September - Welsh Hunt Master in court on badger baiting and other cruelty charges

.....  5th September - Sabs assaulted at shambolic Tiverton FH cubbing meet

.....  4th September - Sabs say their video shows Warwickshire FH blatantly cub hunting

.....  4th September - Hound with 'huge mammary tumour' hunted with South Tetcott FH pack

.....  3rd September - Surrey Union FH 'obstructed' sab guiding paramedic to heart attack monitor

.....  3rd September - Minehead Harriers were cub hunting early morning, say monitors

.....  3rd September - Monitor assaulted, tyre let down, at Culmstock MH meet

.....  3rd September - Convict-filled Eggesford FH do some fruitless evening cub hunting

...... 2nd September - Disgraced S.Herefordshire riders caught out cubbing with Ledbury FH

.....  2nd September - South Tetcott FH walk hounds thru cattle, ignoring disease risks

.....  2nd September - East Kent FH turn up for 6.30 am cub hunting, then just go for a walk!  

.....  2nd September - Beaufort FH made no attempt to disguise first cubbing meet, say sabs

.....  2nd September - Hunters complain NT 'trail hunt' rules are 'painting a target' on them

.....  1st September - S.Durham FH rider whacks restive horse on head during cubbing meet

.....  1st September - HSA says the York & Ainsty N FH have disbanded


Police raid investigator's house while cruel hunters remain uncharged

Scandal of fox cubs being thrown live to hounds takes horrible twist

19-9-17  Facebook - Hunt Investigation Team   SHOCKING NEWS: FOX CUB POLICE STOOP TO NEW LOW   The police have had our evidence for 15 months now. There are still no charges in this open and shut case. The remnants of the South Herefordshire Hunt are out hunting again and wilfully breaking the law. The police are aware of this and have no time or interest in responding.

They found the time yesterday however to raid the house of one of our operatives, the person who handed the mangled corpses of the two fox cubs to the police in June 2016. We are shocked beyond words that West Mercia Police could stoop so low.

This is a clear attempt by the police to intimidate the HIT while they pander to and protect the criminal elements of this notorious hunt. Please complain in the strongest terms and SHARE THIS POST. Help us keep this case in the national spotlight. www.westmercia.police.uk/article/2325/Contact-us Twitter: https://twitter.com/search… Facebook: West Mercia Police Phone: 0300 333 3000.

   S.HerefordshireFHFoxcubimprisonedthenkilled1.jpg   S.Herefordshirehuntservantabouttothrowcubtohounds5-16.jpg 


Commons EDM urging NT not to licence 'trail hunts' is tabled

GrahameMorrisM.jpg18-9-17  Early Day Motion    Labour MP Grahame Morris [left] has laid an EDM to cease issuing licences for 'trail hunts'. The text is as follows- Early day motion 313 HUNTING ON NATIONAL TRUST LAND Date tabled: 13.09.2017 Primary sponsor: Morris, Grahame M. Sponsors: Hepburn, Stephen Mearns, Ian Pidcock, Laura De Cordova, Marsha Hill, Mike.

That this House is concerned at reports that illegal hunting continues to take place on National Trust land under the guise of trail hunting; notes the evidence of unopposed trespassing of staghound packs on National Trust land to engage in stag hunting; is further concerned by the potential disturbance to wildlife and damage to protected ecosystems that can be caused by these activities and the exercising of packs of hounds on National Trust land; and calls on the National Trust to cease issuing licences for trail hunting, exempt hunting and hunting hounds, exercise, and to properly enforce its ban on stag hunting.”

To date, it has just 11 signatures. If you wish to lobby your MP to sign the EDM you can contact them via https://www.writetothem.com/.


LACS finds National Trust staff resistant to evidence on 'trail hunting' 

18-9-17     LACS blog  by Phillipa King, Acting CEO [right]    Is the message getting through to the National Trust?  At a meeting earlier this year between the League Against Cruel Sports and the National Trust, our evidence of illegal hunting taking place on Trust land was dismissed out of hand. So, when the League was invited for its second meeting of the year, there were hopes that the Trust may finally be understanding the scale of the issue. Or perhaps not.

As you are probably already aware, the National Trust sells licences hunts to ‘trail hunt’ on its estates. Last year, itPhillipaKingActingCEOLACS.jpg issued 79 licences to 67 hunts. It is the position of the League that ‘trail hunting’ is nothing but a cover for illegal hunting, and we once again presented this argument to the Trust on Friday 8th September.

So, what’s National Trust’s latest position on illegal hunting taking place on its land? They say that if it was illegal, there were would be prosecutions, ergo there is no illegal hunting! Shocking. It is certainly true that flaws in the Hunting Act make it notoriously difficult to prosecute illegal hunting, but as we know all too well, that does not mean that it doesn’t happen. Besides which, when presented with hard video evidence of fox hunting, I find it hard to believe someone would deny the proof of their own eyes.

Not just fox hunting, but stag hunting too. Stag Hunting has been banned on National Trust land since before the Hunting Act, but when presented with footage of deer being relentlessly pursued by hounds, this footage was once again dismissed. Was it dismissed because the Trust allow ‘exemptions’ to the Hunting Act to be used? If so, how do they check this is what’s actually happening? Or maybe their attitude to our reports explains more…

Reports issues by the League and IFAW, showing exactly how hunts circumvent current legislation, were also ignored by the Trust, merely treated as ‘our perception’. This is of-course untrue, but it is curious that a meeting specifically held to hear our view (they have also met with pro-hunt parties), would then dismiss input on the grounds that it is our view? Very odd.

The National Trust prides itself on its conservation work, describing itself as ‘Europe’s largest conservation charity’, so you’ll will be as surprised as me to learn that, according to the Trust themselves, impact on conservation does not factor into how they determine what activities can take place on their land, with access to the public taking priority. This is especially concerning given our recent report highlighting the negative impacts hunting with dogs has on conservation.

This is especially worrying given that the Trust has no plans to monitor licenced hunts. They went to great pains to say that hunts may be ‘observed’, but that is as far as the Trust will go. At our last meeting the League offered training and resources, but no request was made by the Trust at this one. How they can be sure that hunts are staying within the law and the terms of their licence without being monitored is anyone’s guess.

It is this worrying lack of evidence-based decision making that makes the upcoming vote to ban hunting from Trust land so vital. They may not pay attention to the evidence given to them, but it would be unwise not to respect the wishes of the members. After all, there are over 4 million of them. If you would like to vote, you can find out how here [You have to be an N.Trust member]



Leading expert says N.Trust should not licence 'trail hunting' on its land

September 2017   Published scientific paper   Professor Stephen Harris [below left] of Bristol University, the eminent zoologist and one of the country's leading experts on wild mammals, particularly foxes, has published a paper entitled ”The impact of hunting with dogs on wildlife and conservation - A review with particular reference to the National Trust”. The following extracts from Professor Harris's Conclusion tell the tale -

The Board of Trustees’ response to members states that 'conservation and looking after the special places in our care must always be our top priority'. Since the Countryside Alliance and Council of Hunting Associations say that trail hunting has no utilitarian value to farmers and does not contribute towards wildlife management or habitat conservation, it is unclear why the National Trust allows special places to be used for trail hunting and hound exercise/training when there is no shortage of other land available for these activities.”

The absence of any rules and regulations makes it extremely hard to monitor trail hunting and hound exercise/training and decide when hunts are in breach of their licence conditions.”

ProfStephenHarris.jpg“… should the Hunting Act 2004 be repealed, all the foxhounds alive today will need to be retrained to hunt wild mammals. The same applies to packs of beagles, harriers and mink hounds. Since the key function of trail hunting has now been negated, it is unclear why the National Trust continues to licence this activity.”

Since foxhunters have maintained that artificial scents cannot be used for trail hunting, and no legally procured fox urine was available for much of the period following the implementation of the Hunting Act 2004, the inescapable conclusion is that Hunts have been in breach of the licences issued by the National Trust for most or all of the last twelve years.”

“… since hunting organisations and individuals have consistently maintained that trail hunting with artificial scents is not an option for fox hunts, although it appears to be an option for packs of beagles, it is hard to see how the National Trust’s in-depth review has considered all the available information or understand how the National Trust has decided that henceforth it will licence fox hunts to trail hunt on their land 45 using artificial scents.”

Contrary to the Board of Trustees’ response to members, changing the scents used for trail hunting will not reduce the potential for accidental fox chases, for two reasons. First, since the hunting organisations maintain that it is impossible to trail hunt with artificial scents, it seems inevitable that fox hunts will continue to use animal-based scents when trail hunting everywhere else. If so, there is no basis to believe that fox hunts will not continue to chase foxes and other wildlife on National Trust land. Second, hunting dogs instinctively give chase when they see a small animal running away from them, and it is impossible to prevent this occurring because packs of hounds often operate out of sight of the huntsman for extended periods and sometimes a considerable distance from the huntsman. So changing the scent trail used on National Trust land will, at best, have minimal impact on the effects of packs of hounds on wildlife and conservation.”

While the Board of Trustees’ response to members states that 'There is no current evidence from our properties that trail hunts are any more or less damaging to conservation than many other outdoor pursuits that we license', the scientific evidence shows that this is not the case. The mere presence of dogs triggers strong and diverse responses by wildlife and can affect prey in a variety of subtle, deleterious ways.”

Unrestrained dogs, particularly packs of hunting dogs, are particularly threatening because of their unpredictable movements, which promotes sensitisation rather than habituation by wildlife. So the more often that unrestrained packs of dogs operate on National Trust land, the greater the impacts on wildlife. Licensing hunting dogs to operate on their land is incompatible with the charitable objectives of the National Trust.”

Since their licence conditions already banned the use of terriers, it is unclear why the National Trust announced on 21 August 2017 that, 'they would Prohibit the presence of terriermen, who have no practical purpose on a trail ‘hunt’, and 'the use of their vehicles'.... the inescapable conclusion is that this “change” of policy has been necessitated by a failure of the Hunts to comply with their existing licence conditions.”

It is unclear how the proposed changes to the National Trust’s licensing conditions will increase compliance levels. Low levels of compliance with restrictions on the use of dogs in conservations areas has been a key factor necessitating a ban on dogs in natural parks and reserves in many parts of the world.”


Sabs fear Ashford Valley FH killed in early morning meet

Hounds also rioted on sheep 

17-9-17  Facebook - East Kent Sabs   Saturday 17th September   Another early morning, another hunt, this time it was the Ashford Valley Tickham hounds. They met in a field outside of Woodchurch to hunt the woods around a place called Boldshaves.

The Hunt made a start in Barn Wood, and although the Hunt was not using traditional cub hunting tactics, there can be no doubt that they were not trail hunting. The hounds were cast through the woods, encouraged by voice calls, and every time the hounds spoke, the Huntsman hunted them on by blowing staccato notes on his horn… The hounds went into full cry on many occasions, but due to the thin strips of wood that they hunted, it was decided that us calling the hounds could do more harm than good. Instead we followed and filmed and decided to only intervene if we saw a fox being hunted, using the stop tactics where needed.

We got to Great Doney Wood where the hounds had been in cry, and still at no point had we see a trail layer…..the wood was thick with brambles, too thick for a trail to be laid, yet the Huntsman allowed them to hunt on! A moment of quiet and then a long note blown by the Huntsman, was this a call for a kill?! From our position we saw the the tell tail signs of the terrier man carrying something in a sack-once back on their quad bike, they headed quickly out the area. Not long after it was all over, as the Hunt ambled back to the meet. At 9am and with only two hours of hunting they packed up -it was as if they had done what they had come for, another lesson learned by the young hounds! Not content with chasing foxes some of the hounds took to rioting amongst a flock of sheep in the field at the meet! The terrier men and a rider made repeated attempts to stop them before finally getting them back in the hounds lorry.

Whenever we feel we have evidence of illegal hunting we present footage to the police, and we have to be careful with details when posting on social media, as we are still reviewing the footage taken from several cameras. As far as a prosecution goes over this incident, we are under no illusions as to the outcome - but we only need to be lucky once!

Can you help keep us out in the fields? You can donate to our group here-https://www.paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA


Sabs think Warwickshire FH killed fox while cub hunting in maize field

17-9-17   Facebook - West Midlands Sabs  VIDEO  Fox killed by Warwickshire Hunt - footage strongly suggests that hunt kill a fox   Warwickshire Hunt. Monday 11th September. Loxley, Warwickshire  Following our previous visit to the the Warwickshire Hunt where we filmed them blatantly cub hunting, we again filmed the hunt blatantly cub hunting this time in a maize field. Foxes can often be found living in maize and corn fields so it was no surprise to find the Warwickshire Hunt with their hounds in the maize and riders surrounding the field to frighten any fox cubs trying to escape back into the maize. The fox cubs with little chance of escape will be killed and ripped apart by the hounds.

The attached footage strongly suggests that this is what happened. A member of the hunt can be seen running from the far side of the maize field, a quad bike flashes its lights and then the Huntsman rides over to the same spot and jumps off his horse. The terrierman then enters with his quad bike and drives over to the same spot. Why? Most likely to collect the body. He then leaves and drives down the road. Shortly afterwards the Huntsman gathers his hounds and continues hunting across the road.

Cub hunting is a brutal time of year for foxes, up to 10,000 fox cubs could be killed across the country during the cub hunting period (fox hunters admitted this as part of evidence given in the Burns Inquiry in 2000 before the ban.. A Hunt like the Warwickshire could expect to kill a few foxes every time they go out which during cub hunting would be four to five times a week. The number of foxes killed quickly mounts up. strengthenthehuntingact    #endcubhuntingcruelty

DONATE -  We are also out four to five days a week at the moment, our fuel costs are a big expense at this time of the year. Please consider donating to enable us continue to help fox cubs during the cub hunting period. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs   You can also set up a standing order with us. sort code-089299 account no-65488120.

Feel free to let Warwickshire Police know what's going on https://www.facebook.com/warwickshirepolice/VOTE

VOTE - The Warwickshire Hunt are one of many hunts across the country that hunt on land owned by the National Trust. If your a member of the national trust you have the chance to vote to ban all hunting on National Trust property. If your not please encourage any friends or family who might be members to vote, this is your chance to say no to cruelty at the National Trust.  You can vote online here.

Pics below -  1/   Huntsman and hounds    2/   Riders start to surround field    3/  One rider on point    4/  Terrierman quad moving to collect fox corpse

  WarwickshireFHCubhunting11-9-17.jpg  WarwickshireFHSurroundingmaizefield11-9-17.jpg

  WarwickshireFHMaizefieldsurrounded11-9-17.jpg  WarwickshireFHTerrierquadmovingtocollectfoxcorpse11-9-17.jpg


Beaufort FH filmed by monitor in early morning cub hunting

Two blocked badger setts found in the wood and reported to police

Monitors say the Hunt searched three woods, killing in the last

16-9-17  Facebook – Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO   Monitors have posted a nine-minute video showing the Beaufort FH cub hunting very early in the morning of 4-9-17. Scenes are filmed inside the wood into which the hounds had been taken. Hounds are seen searching undergrowth through which a 'trail' could not realistically be laid and being encouraged vocally by the Huntsman. In any case, why would they go 'trail hunting', and without a mounted field, so very early in the day [just after dawn]. At one point the Huntsman dismounts to assist the hounds – typical in cub hunting. Also, terriermen, one guarding their quad, with terrier box attached, are present. There are at least 2 riders 'on point', ready to spot foxes and tell the Huntsmen where they are and/or drive them back towards the pack.

When the hunters become aware they are being filmed the Huntsman gathers hounds, only to return with them soon after and restarting the search. This wood was searched for an hour and a half before hounds appeared to be marking to ground. With the monitor filming on the spot, the Huntsman again gathered up hounds and moved them on. Monitors then found two blocked badger setts, which they reported to the police, who attended to record the evidence.

The video ends by reporting that the Hunt then moved on to another wood, where they again failed to find any foxes, and then to a third, where they killed.

Pics below -   1/   Huntsman and hounds 1.5 hours into their search of the wood   2/  Rider on point inside wood    3/  Another, outside wood     4/  Terrierman    5/  Hounds marking to ground     6/  Blocked badger sett 

  BeaufortFHEarlymorningCubhunting1.5hoursintosearch4-9-17.jpg  BeaufortFHEarlymorningCubhuntingRideronpoint4-9-17.jpg

  BeaufortFHEarlymorningCubhuntingAnotherrideronpoint4-9-17.jpg  BeaufortFHEarlymorningCubhuntingMarkingtoground4-9-17.jpg

  BeaufortFHEarlymorningCubhuntingTerrierman4-9-17.jpg BeaufortFHEarlymorningCubhuntingBlockedsett4-9-17.jpg


Blencathra FH filmed fox hunting on Nat Trust land  

16-9-17  Facebook – National Dis-Trust  VIDEO  2/09/17: Blencathra Foxhounds hunting on Carrock Fell   Hounds are cast to search around for the scent of a fox. Note that hunt members are hollering to signal that a fox has been spotted, encouraging hounds to get on to the line of the fox. This is not trail hunting.

Please #votethehuntsoff #AGM [footage courtesy of Cumbria Hunt Monitors].



Ledbury FH cub hunt ended up on Nat Trust land

14-9-17  Facebook – National Dis-Trust  VIDEO    Earlier this month, the Ledbury Hunt were cub hunting and ended up on Pengethley Park, which belongs to the National Trust [sab report here]. This is despite the Trust's recent update (http://bit.ly/2syAhnO ) about any so-called 'trail hunts' needing to publish information about their whereabouts in advance when using Trust land; does anyone remember any such information on the Trust's website about the Ledbury? Didn't think so. Please send this video to Dame Helen Ghosh, the Director-General of the Trust, and ask her why the Ledbury were unable to comply with the Trust's update if they had a pre-planned route. Her email is helen.ghosh@nationaltrust.org.uk

The Hunts clearly cannot be trusted. As a member of the Trust, you can stand up for wildlife by voting them off today, in advance of the AGM. Our simple guidance for doing so is here -> http://tinyurl.com/y94gmkkk. Huge thanks to Welsh Border Hunt Sabs & Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs for seeing off these barbaric criminals on the day & for sharing the footage with us.   #voteoffthehunts   #AGM2017

The Ledbury have now merged with the South Herefordshire Hunt, who collapsed after Hunt Investigation Team filmed them throwing fox cubs to their hounds in May last year. (http://bit.ly/2x3ovT5 ).


Monitors film Grafton FH openly cub hunting

Huntsman makes no attempt to get hounds off fox's line

13-9-17  Facebook - Campaign to Strengthen the Hunting Act  VIDEO  Grafton Hunt - Cub Hunting   From Grafton Hunt Watch - Well, well, well, here we are again at the start of the cub hunting season and sure enough we observe the Grafton Hunt terrorising our wildlife. In an attempt to cover up their crimes, this Hunt totes a hapless golden eagle around to use as a false alibi to claim they are hunting within the law. The Hunting Act must be strengthened to stop these cruel people who think that they are above the law.

Pics  below -   1/, 2/ & 3/  Fox escaping from covert where hounds had been entered   4/  2nd fox fleeing from hounds     5/  Hounds on line of fox less than a minute later    6/   Huntsman has ignored monitor's pleas to call hounds off 

  GraftonFH1Foxescapingfromcovertwherehoundsare11-9-17.jpg  GraftonFH2Foxescapingfromcovertwherehoundsare11-9-17.jpg

  GraftonFH4Foxescapingfromcovertwherehoundsare11-9-17.jpg  GraftonFH2ndFoxfleeinghounds11-9-17.jpg

  GraftonFHhoundson2ndfoxline11-9-17.jpg  GraftonFHHuntdontstophoundson2ndfox11-9-17.jpg 


Sabs save hare from rarely visited Dunston Harriers

13-9-17  Facebook Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Dunston Harriers - 09/09/17, Longwood House - Topcroft, Suffolk    Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs spent their morning with the Dunston Harriers, who were overdue a visit. We last saw them in January 2016 who were surprised to see us then, and even more so now. Horse boxes and the hound van were parked in a field opposite the T. Crawford & CO (Ltd) diary farm. An unknown person, possibly who lives/owns the farm, later claimed he owned the land south of the farm and had given permission for the Dunston Harriers to be there.

Before the Hunt took notice of our presence, it was clear what they were up to - classic hare hunting. This type of hunting is very fast paced (which can cover a lot of miles quickly) and also creates different challenges in comparison to fox hunting (which is what the Waveney Harriers have been focussing on). We spent a lot of time with the Easton Harriers last season and we don't even know what they were trying to do. Whatever it was, it was a total shambles. Anyway...

The hounds got onto a hare, with the full pack in cry. Thanks to quick reactions from 3 sabs present, a combination of expert horn blowing, shouting and tactical driving were enough to call off the majority of the pack and let the hare get away. Huntsman was left with no option but to call in the rest of the pack. Now that our presence was known, the 3x huntsmen were very quiet and clearly baffled about what to do. The 'land owner', as previously mentioned, confronted sabs and made the usual threats that came straight from Countryside Alliance guidelines. Mainly 'reasonable force blah blah blah'. Hounds spent the rest of the morning in check and were well behaved until they gave up and headed back to the meet (a grass field) at around 8:30am. The hound van was one of the first to leave while others headed to the farm to sulk into their breakfast. Jolly good.

As ever, we welcome support, or donations. If you are interested in getting involved please PM us or email us at ns.sabs@yahoo.co.uk Donations can be made out to inthenameofnaturehsa@riseup.net 

Pics below -   1/  Hunting hares on horseback. What is wrong with these people?     2/  A hare that got away 

  DunstonHarriersHuntingharesonhorseback13-9-17.jpg  DunstonHarriersHarethatgotaway13-9-17.jpg


Middleton FH rider wanted for assault on sabs - name given to police

12-9-17   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Sabs   Thank you to everyone who shared our post requesting help with identifying a rider at the Middleton Hunt who the police wanted to talk to regarding a potential assault. We now have a name which has been passed to the police. They can run, but they cannot hide. Thanks to everyone.


Sabs say Four Burrow FH failed to find any victims when cub hunting

12-9-17  Bath Hunt Sabs   One of our sabs joined up with a small group from Kernow Sabs early this morning. Acting on a tip off they found the Four Burrows Hunt out blatantly fox cub hunting near Praze en Beeble, South Cornwall.

Hounds were drawn through heather and coverts - areas you could never even pretend to lay a trail. Riders churned up footpaths even though signs clearly forbade them access.

Sabs pre-sprayed ready to cover the scent of any fleeing fox and stayed with the hounds all morning, ready to step in should a fox appear but luckily none did. The field looked bored, confused and quite happy to pack up and go home.

One of the hounds tried to get into our sab vehicle - we can't help that 99% of all hounds prefer sabs!

Pics below -   1/  Can I come home with you, sabs?     2/  Sign on path used by hunt riders   

  FourBurrowFHCanIcomehomewithyousabs12-9-17.jpg  FourBurrowFHSignonpathusedbyhuntriders12-9-17.jpg


Sabs say one fox saved from Warwickshire FH attempts at cub hunting

11-9-17  Facebook – W.Midlands Sabs   Warwickshire Hunt - Oakham Farm Fishery, Loxley - Monday 11th September 2017   We are currently reviewing all of our footage. Video to follow.

We got into the area early and pre-sprayed areas we knew the Hunt would go to. Some of us saw them start at Blackwells Coppice from the A429 at around 6:30 whilst another group of us positioned the other side of the coppice heard the hounds in cry and saw a fox cub running away from the wood. We ensured it got away safely. The Hunt then left the wood and made their way across the road to Hunt behind a local nature reserve. Traffic was held up on the road because of the Hunt as they blatantly hunted through a field of crops. Maize and corn fields are places the Huntsman knows full well that foxes will be living so why put hounds into them? And why were the riders surrounding these crops? Not the actions of a Hunt acting lawfully. The Hunt then crossed the road and hunted Goldicote Coppice and Park Hill Coppice before finishing at around 10 am.

Cub hunting is one of the most brutal and cruel aspects of fox hunting, more foxes will be killed over the next few months than the rest of the hunting season. #strengthenthehuntingact 

The Warwickshire Hunt are one of many Hunts across the country that hunt on National Trust Land If your a member you can vote here to ban all hunting on National Trust land. http://tinyurl.com/y94gmkkk 

Thank you for all the information we have received from locals in the Warwickshire Hunts area after our last video. Please contact us with any information on any local hunts, all information will be treated in the strictest confidence. 07767620767. Our work means we use a lot of fuel and memory cards, we appreciate all the support that we get. We will be very busy over the next few months attending cubbing meets. You can help us by donating https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs .



Police respond to monitors' call and shut down S.Durham FH cubbing meet

10-9-17  Facebook - N.E.Hunt Monitors    Hit Report: 09/09/2017 South Durham Hunt    Following a tip off that South Durham Hunt would be out early Saturday morning cub hunting, Hunt Monitors were up at 4am to protect our fox families.

We made our way to All Saints Industrial Estate in Shildon, near Bishop Auckland. Right on cue, around 6.30am the hound van pulls up, where it was met by around 12 riders, their support vehicles and of course, the terrier men on quad bikes. Once there we immediately rang 101 to notify them a cub hunt was in progress.

Hunt, riders and hounds made their way through to the fields and wooded area to the rear of the industrial Estate. Due to our numbers on the day – it was unsafe to go in after them on foot- which was very frustrating. However, we able to stay as close to them as we could. Armed with citronella and a Gizmo we were able to head them off and find a good spot off the road, where we could keep our eyes on them and if necessary, get in quickly and / or safely set off the gizmo without the risk of hounds running onto any roads.

Hounds were then sent into the wooded area, whilst a number of riders were strategically dotted around the perimeter, for a while just sitting and watching – for what I wonder. Maybe I watched too much Black Beauty but I was under the impression that horse riding involved…..well…..riding, and galloping over fields….. perhaps not. We were relieved when the hounds failed to pick up a scent and the Hunt then moved off, into another wooded area and then appearing to go on to search along hedgerows – rather prickly place to lay a trail.

Simultaneously, we made a second 101 call to the police to be told that it was a priority and they were in fact looking for us. Returning to the industrial estate to wait for them we were subjected to the usual intimidation and attempts to block us in by hunt support. However, the police appeared just in the nick of time.

We were exceptionally pleased with the two police officers who arrived on the scene - they were excellent. They informed us that they had already spoken to some locals who confirmed the suspicions of illegal hunting and they proceeded to speak to the hunt to ask what they were doing. Obviously, they gave the usual trail hunt lies but the police weren’t fooled and neither were we. The police were able to confirm that there were no signs of blood on any of the hounds, so coupled with the fact that we did not hear hounds in cry we are confident that no fox was harmed. With the hunt cut short and all packed up by 8am we stopped to chat to the police for a while.

We don’t want to go into too much detail, however, the two police officers who attended gave us the impression that they were committed to taking illegal hunting as seriously as any other crime - which is a breath of fresh air, so well done to Durham Police. And, on this occasion their mere presence was enough to send the hunt scum scurrying back under the stone they crawled out from. Who says there’s never a police officer when you need one?

We then set off to check on some badger setts, before heading back home for a well-deserved nana nap, happy in the knowledge that our fox families were safe for another day.Until there is a complete ban on hunting and our wildlife can live their lives in peace, we will out, watching and waiting, to do what we can to protect these beautiful animals.

If you would like help keep us out protecting wildlife then you can support us via Paypal : www.paypal.me/huntmonitors   Gofundme : https://www.gofundme.com/4brdhm0   Thanks for all the support you have shown us so far. We appreciate you all.

Pics below -   1/   Hunt servants and hounds    2/  Young riders on point   3/ & 4/  Police intervene to stop cubbing hunt 

  S.DurhamFHEarlymorningcubbing10-9-17.jpg  S.DurhamFHEarlymorningcubbingYoungridersonpoint10-9-17.jpg

  S.DurhamFHEarlymorningcubbingPolice10-9-17.jpg  S.DurhamFHEarlymorningcubbingPolicecar10-9-17.jpg


Film of Grafton FH supporters intimidating & threatening elderly monitors

10-9-17   You Tube – Scorpio Vulpes    Grafton Hunt intimidate and abuse elderly anti-hunt monitors   Anti hunt monitors are non violent members of the public who go to hunts to try and film illegal activity from the roads and rights of way. They are treated abominably by hunters and their supporters. Age is no protection - this film shows gratuitously intimidating and offensive behaviour towards two hunt monitors in their seventies.

Pics below -  1/  Hunters surround and memace elderly monitors    2/  Rider loses it, leaning into monitor car and shouting

 GraftonFH70yearoldmonitorsurroundedbyhunters11-3-17.jpg  GraftonFHRiderlosesitleaningintmonitorcar11-3-17.jpg


Atherstone FH keep word and just exercise rather than cub hunting

10-9-17  Facebook – W.Midlands Sabs  VIDEO   Atherstone Hunt, Saturday 09 September 2017 – Corley    The Atherstone Hunt recently published their September meets on Facebook and claimed they would be hound exercising throughout the cub hunting period. A welcome move but a big departure from what all other Hunts across the country are doing. Cub hunting is an especially secretive time of the year for fox hunts, with only a select few invited. Now that they have been open and published some of their meets it will look incredibly suspicious if they were to revert back to being secretive or worse if they were caught out at an unpublished meet.

We went along to the first of their published meets on Saturday at Corley, it’s obvious that the Hunt are still in a mess as we saw only a handful of regular riders with the rest made up of kids and inexperienced riders. It all looked a bit chaotic and unorganised with several of the local residents talking to us about their displeasure at the Hunt's presence. However all they did was ride around a few fields and roads for a couple hours before packing up.

Cub hunting is extremely brutal and unjustifiable, in fact fox hunters admitted that they killed up to 10,000 fox cubs during cubbing before the ban as part of the Burns Inquiry in 2000. There is no reason to believe it is any different now. The fact that our campaigning has forced the Atherstone Hunt into a situation where they must hound exercise instead of cub hunting means that countless fox cubs could be saved over the next 2 months.

The Atherstone have also set a bar for all other Hunts across the country. If the Atherstone can publish their meets then why can’t all other Hunts? We have to assume the reason is because they are illegally hunting. Many Hunts use the excuse that they are just hound exercising during cub hunting, yet the Atherstone have shown exactly what that involves. No terriermen, no hounds in cry at any point, hounds close to huntsman at all times, no one “on point” or stationary around any woods or crop fields. Any deviation from this would point to illegal hunting. #strengthenthehuntingact

The Atherstone Hunt will continue to be monitored throughout the cub hunting period to ensure this is all they do. We'd like to thank Atherstone Hunt Watch monitors group who helped us keep an eye the Atherstone https://www.facebook.com/Atherstone-Hunt-Watch-1737341664…/…   We are always grateful for the support we receive especially as our campaigning relies on donations, please consider donating to us to enable us to continue to get results like this. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs



One bloodied, one bitten hound suggest cubbing kill by Beaufort FH

10-9-17  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Beaufort Hunt 09.09.2017   It was another early start for us as we set off to catch up with the Duke of Beaufort Hunt at 5.30am. Horse boxes started to pile up in Badminton Park and hounds were heard being made ready at the kennels. They set off a bit later than usual with lots of children out having their first experience of cub hunting unaware of the cruelty that lies ahead for the juvenile foxes. The usual throng of Lords, Ladies and landed gentry that make up a huge Beaufort field, were in attendance BeaufortFHYahoos10-9-17.jpgtoday plus the same old ghouls waiting with baited breath in case they can witness a kill.

Hounds were taken straight into Allen Grove a covert on the eastern edge of Badminton Park. Monitors were at the scene along with their 2 minders James Milsom and friend [right] who thought it was amusing to shout loudly and cavort around us whilst following even when we were on a footpath or public highway. Not the usual Beaufort style – we think standards maybe slipping!

They were in Allen Grove for at least 45 mins where hounds were on and off cry the whole time. Monitors were in the woods but unable to get near enough all the time. We could hear the young hounds clearly excited but not see them. When they finally emerged one hound was spotted with blood on chest - but who knows exactly what went on in there. They moved swiftly on towards Giant’s Cave where we kept them on the move – another area we are familiar with. Here we watched closely in case a fox broke cover as they pushed the hounds through a maize field that bordered the lane. Terrier men and minders kept trying to put off by saying we weren't on a footpath - thank goodness for GPS - it doesn't lie!

From here they took the hounds south into Centre Walk Brake where they were stopped again by us and less hard core hunters started to drift off home. Frustrated after this they disappeared into Badminton Park a huge expanse of private woodland belonging to the 12th Duke of Beaufort, the estate inherited after the recent death of his father. At 10am they brought the hounds back to the Badminton Park and we went home to rescue the rest of the day.

Pics below -  1/  Some of the field     2/  Badly bitten hound

  BeaufortFHFieldcubbingmeet10-9-17.jpg BeaufortFHbadlybittenhound10-9-17.jpg


Pics issued of Middleton FH rider wanted for alleged assault on sabs

10-9-17    Facebook – Sheffield Sabs   Please share, share and share again. Police are wanting to question this rider in relation to the assault that took place on sabs at the Middleton hunt earlier this year. 3 arrests have been made but this prat is still evading arrest.



Monitor stumbles across artificial earth in Beaufort FH country

Riders and terriermen turn up near there soon after hunt begins

Checking shows earths had been blocked with sabs in the meantime

9-9-17   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO   Artificial earth discovered in Beaufort hunting area

POWAperson adds -  On September 2nd, a monitor stumbled across what was clearly an artificial earth in Beaufort FH hunt country. Riders and terriermen appeared close to it soon after the hunt began. Checking revealed that, since first inspection, both AE entrances had been blocked with stone slabs. Such blocking makes no sense if they were really 'trail hunting'.

The old Duke of Beaufort [grandfather of the new one] was quite open about his family's construction and use of artificials, even saying he'd constructed some in his lambing fields [and that he'd never lost a lamb to foxes]. Most Hunts, however, even those where AE's have been found and recorded, sometimes with evidence of fox feeding by hunters at them, disown them and deny they have any role in hunting. For more info see this LACS report on AEs from 2011.

Pics below -   The artificial earth, before and after  

  BeaufortFHAEfoundopenbeforehuntstarted2-9-17.jpg    BeaufortFHAEblockedafterhuntstarted2-9-17.jpg


Wheatland FH probable kill though sabs induced early pack up

9-9-17   Facebook - Shropshire Sabs   HIT Report 09/09/2017  The Wheatland Hunt Cubbing Meet, Larden Grange Farm, Shropshire   Hunt Saboteurs were in attendance this morning following reports of cub hunting taking place around Larden Grange Farm. Given the nature of the surrounding environment we took position on high ground to establish the location of the Hunt. During this time we discovered two sheep trapped in livestock fencing which we carefully released.

At 7.10 am we found the Wheatland Hunt [right] surrounding Morehouse Covert off the B4378, Brockton, Much Wenlock. By this point the Covert had been surrounded by the hunt for approximately one hour. As we arrived the hounds were in cry being lead around the outside of the woodland by the hunt master and simultaneously encouraged into the Covert. Sabs took position on foot and filmed the activities briefly before catching up with the hounds, moving past the followers and riders on-point and slipping into the Covert.

We moved slowly through the woodland spraying scent duller before discovering a 4-5ft high chicken wire partitionWheatlandFHcubbing9-9-17.jpg dug into the ground directly through the centre of the Covert. We suspect this has been put in place to restrict and reduce the area available to the foxes. There was no evidence of pheasants or other game birds that this normally has accommodated, let alone much wildlife, hence our suspicions.

After exiting the woodland to establish where the hounds were now positioned we were intercepted by the Master of the Hunt and landowner. The circumstances could have escalated quickly as terrier men arrived by quad bike, identities concealed, and swiftly became aggressive. Due to this we decided to follow directions to leave the land by the landowner who proceeded to use his horse to intimidate sabs whilst facilitated by followers blocking any access or sight of the hunted covert.

The Hunt called West Mercia police who arrived on scene promptly. We were able to establish first contact before the hunt could smokescreen their activities further. While explaining the situation to police hounds went into full cry and Huntsmen sent them into the covert. This lasted for no more than 5 minutes before a deafening silence fell across the countryside. We suspect that at this point a kill was made, shortly afterwards the hounds re-emerged and The Wheatland Hunt packed up for the day.

Despite the potentially disheartening results The Wheatland Hunt was a poorly attended meet with little support from riders and hunt followers. We are pleased the Hunt packed up early and hope to be able to build relations with West Mercia Police to prevent further breaches of the Hunting Act 2004 in future. Video evidence to follow.

If you are able to support Shropshire Hunt Saboteurs and help us protect wildlife please buy us the equivalent of a coffee, all money raised will be used to fund rising fuel costs and equipment for peaceful interventions against wildlife crime in Shropshire. www.ko-fi.com/shropshirehuntsaboteurs  

POWAperson adds -  This is the first sabbing report on the Wheatland, who hunt in deepest rural Shropshire, I have ever seen. This was the Hunt with whom James Barrington chose to pose on Boxing Day 1995, a couple of weeks after his treachery and failed attempted coup resulted in his expulsion from the League Against Cruel Sports. He chose the Wheatland because it was the local Hunt of the poisonous Janet George, Press Officer for the Countryside Alliance, with whom he had become pally.


Sabs suspect bagged fox at S.Devon FH - but helped it escape hounds

9-9-17   Facebook - South Devon Animal Rights   Hit Report - Saturday 9th September   Today, in contrast to the badger cull, we turned our attention to aiding the foxes. It is the season for training up young hounds and unfortunately fox cubs are the main target for the savage kill that needs be instilled in the inexperienced young pack.

The South Devon Hunt met at Langstone Cross, near North Bovey at around 6am and departed on their bloodlust trail at 6.30. With a mounted field of at least a dozen riders they headed west to the slopes of Easdon Down. We kept parallel with them using voice calls now and then to deter any excited hounds. Huntsman Robert Medcalf soon realised he would have to keep his pack close for fear of a game of ping pong, so gathered and moved swiftly on to an adjacent wood.

The young enthusiastic hounds soon picked up on an array of scents and frequently went into cry, including a short deer chase, but with sabs positioned perfectly around the wood together with voice calls and commands to the pack, no kills were made. Medcalf obviously favours this wood to the open moor as the cubs don't venture too far at this age and he and his other murdering cronies seemed determined to get there fix in this beautiful woodland, thus transforming it into a death ground. But with sabs upsetting his fun and hounds becoming confused the pack soon became widespread and a long time passed whilst he gathered his tools of the trade.

At around 9.15am after trying to leave us behind several times and not succeeding, sabs suddenly noticed a boxed up quad driven by the ever delightful Phil Morrish, ex terrierman for the Mid Devon hunt. So, was he called in to assist with a little bagged up present or did he just arrive late after sleeping through his alarm? With Morrish sneakily trying to hide out of sight, hounds were gathered for what seemed to be the show the hunt were waiting for. Within minutes hounds were in full cry. Sabs desperately rated, called and did everything to save the poor terrified animal. The chase went west to where the hunt originally started at daybreak and headed out a short distance, but excitement soon dampened and hounds circled back.

Looks like our friend had a lucky escape. We hope! With an air of frustration and disappointment the Hunt packed up at 10am. Hopefully a handful of foxes will get to live another day. A big well done to our sabs who put everything into saving our beautiful foxes again.


Sabs disrupt Stevenstone FH's evening cubbing - no kills

9-9-17  Facebook Devon County Hunt Saboteurs   HIT REPORT: 9 Sept 2017 Stevenstone Hunt, Frithelstock, Devon   We intended to sab the Eggesford but turned up to their meet and there was nobody there. Hunt chairman Mr Trerise, whose farm it was, helpfully told us about the Stevenstone meet up the road! The rest, as they say, is history.

N.Cambs sabs worked with Devon County, Somerset and Sheffield sabs today to disrupt the Stevenstone Hunt's attempt at cub hunting this evening in the rolling hills of Devon. A large foot sab group intercepted the pack of hounds being cast by whippers-in and the Huntsman on foot, down into a wooded valley in sight of the ruined abbey.

As soon as sabs arrived on scene, the hunt quickly huddled together and appeared at a loss as to what to do next. Flustered faces and panicked mobile phone calls were observed. With sabs close to the hounds at all times, what had started as an attempt to kill fox cubs, ended up as a glorified puppy walk.

One noteworthy incident, when the terrierman (why is it always the terriermen?) was questioned as to what he had in the boxes on his quad, he answered "cherries". Hmm. I don't think so. The Hunt attempted to march up and down the hill, and even enlisted the help of the farmer landowner who decided to release bullocks into the field with the sabs in. Using cows as a weapon is a new one on us. Ultimately the hunt packed up and went home, with hunting impossible after sabs repeatedly called away their hounds. No kills managed by the animal abusers and everyone got home safe.


Sabs annoy new Cotswold Vale FH Huntman by spoiling cubbing attempts

9-19-17  Facebook - Bath Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Another early morning we joined up with Bristol and Three Counties sabs in deepest darkest Herefordshire, to greet the new Huntsman of the Cotswold Vale Foxhounds, Gary, who was out with his new mates, although not many had come out to play!

Meeting at Woodsfields Farm, Aston Crews, Gary and his new playmates go out in the hope of KILLING fox cubs, but with 2 Landies filled with Sabs, he had no chance! With the foot sabs out in 2 groups and the Landies circling we've got eyes on for most of the morning, keeping them on the move, having no chance to hunt! The few times the hounds go into 'cry' sabs are there to 'rate' the hounds or pulling them away from their prey.

Gary gets upset, but not as much as when sabs start playing hound 'Ping Pong', with one group of sabs calling the hounds, then the other, with the hounds going back and forth between, the hounds getting plenty of exercise and Gary getting more angry! So they retreat back to Woodsfields Farm to pack the puppies away, No foxes killed and the sabs go for a late breakfast. Please keep us out protecting our wildlife, buy us a coffee at: http://ko-fi.com/bathsabs



East Sussex FH pack up as soon as sab reinforcements appear

9-9-17  Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs   Some Hunts are ashamed enough of their activities to hide it under a smoke screen of trail hunting, not the East Sussex and Romney Marsh who think they are immune to the law and action of sabs. Well we had them under long range photo and video observation last Thursday at Beckly and today we caught them cub hunting at Nunningham Farm, Herstmonceux...

Today we were first on the scene but, with no luck elsewhere, were quickly joined by sabs from Croydon and East Kent groups, ending up with around 25 sabs in total. We quickly got sabs into the field where the Hunt took one look at us and turned tail for home, not even making a pretence to follow any mythical trail.

On the road there was much videoing of our Landys, trying to block them in and then when they mounted the verge to get around much shouting and waving of fists. Mrs Bumpkin quote of the day has to be: ‘Haven’t you lot got anything better to do on a Saturday?’…. Saving animals lives seems like a good use of our time but that is clearly just us. So with some of our sabs in the badger cull zone and the cub hunting now in full flow it’s going to be a busy and costly time until March. If you are interested in joining us please email:

Southcoasthuntsabs@gmail.com Or if you cannot and would like to donate to help us with running costs and equipment, all will be greatly appreciated.


Sabs spoil Cottesmore FH's morning cub hunting

9-9-17  Facebook - Northants Hunt Sabs    VIDEO    HIT REPORT: 09.09.17   Another early start for us in Cottesmore country with pals from N.Cambs Sabs this morning - these pre-dawn wake up calls take some getting used to.

As we headed to Bisbrooke, we caught two naughty terriermen hopping back on to their quadbike and heading off in the opposite direction, so we went in to investigate. Within 5 minutes, we had the field of riders in sight, with hounds, and the whipper in was already using voice calls to urge the hounds on for a kill, a blatant sign of illegal hunting.

With sabs on the scene, the redcoats panicked and turned tail, heading away from us with their paid-up riders trying to keep up. At one point, they were caught marking to ground, letting hounds dig at a fox hole, but were quick to call hounds out when they realised we were there, and filming. The bird of prey excuse was bandied around, but that's about as believable as them saying they've laid a trail, or that unicorns exist.

Sabs barely lost sight of the hounds all morning, even managing to pull the whole pack away from bemused redcoats, who scratched their heads and looked on helplessly. A great morning with no kills, and a well-earned rest now for us and fellow sabs, all who seem to have had a kill-free morning.

Pics below -  1/  The Cottesmore FH trying to cub hunt   2/  Hound marks fox to ground     3/  Naughty sabs take the pack walkies

   CottesmoreFHtryingtocubhunt9-9-17.jpg  CottesmoreFHHoundmarkingfoxtoground9-9-17.jpg



Thurlow FH 'dejected' as sabs ensure kill-free cubbing meet

9-9-17   Facebook - South Cambs Sabs    Hit Report – 09/09/2017 Thurlow Hunt, 6.30am   Horseheath Racecourse, Cambridgeshire   Unfortunately it is that time of year again when we are up at the crack of dawn preparing to stop hunters attempting to rip apart baby foxes. We'd firstly like to thank those who give us invaluable information and make a plea to any others; if you have information on the whereabouts of illegal hunting please get in touch.

This morning we joined our compadres from Cambridge and Suffolk & Essex sabs to stop the Thurlow hunt [right]. From the outset the hunt surrounded the nearest wooded area and begun to flush the hounds through it. After hearing the hounds get progressively louder we made our way to the corner of the woods only to see an adult fox skim its outskirts and dive away from the direction of the pack. It all seemed extremely conveinant that the very first wooded area and within the first few minutes, the hunt had immediately put up a fox. We sprayed the area and used calls to lift up the hounds off the scent, immediately the hunt and their supporters started seething with anger and alThurlowFHCubbing9-9-17.jpgong come the usual bully tactics.

After attempting to walk horses into us, waving their sticks about, trying to shove us about and the "geeer off my land," we carried on unfazed and to their dismay the other foot sab team caught up with them, stopping the hounds rioting on a small herd of deer. The rest of the morning was spent watching them ride a round in circles in mostly silence, which was an absolute joy because hunters and their followers never seem to shut up. Its probably the only way to deal with their guilt when they've been caught out. No sane rational person slaughtering baby foxes for sport can be proud of it.

Another fox was seen fleeing the scene towards the end of the day but again with sabs well within sight and with a little help they got away. Dejected and thoroughly purple by the end, the Hunt trotted back to the meet point. A no kill day where everyone got home safe. Like sabs up and down the country trying to protect our wildlife from barbarity - we wish all days were like this one.

If you want to give us confidential information on hunting or you wish to join us in the field, email us at Schuntsabs@riseup.net or message the page.


Sabs assaulted at Suffolk & Essex FH as teenagers use quads dangerously

9-9-17  Facebook - Cambridge Sabs   Hit report, 2nd Sept 2017   Last weekend, We joined up with our good friends over at SES - Suffolk And Essex Hunt Sabs - to successfully sabotage the Essex and Suffolk Hunt who were hunting fox cubs.

Prior to going out, we were prepared for more aggression than usual from the Hunt as an attempt to stop people witnessing what was actually going on, and as predicted the terrier men who have become quite well known to us immediately started to use excessive amounts of force, hitting and trying to trip up two sabs and shoving another female sab. During the course of the day, we saw a lot of wildlife that had been scattered by the Hunt, however, we were not aware of any kills or attempted kills throughout the day, despite the best efforts of the Hunt.

As we usually see at hunts, the terrier men used quads to get around, they're often used as weapons and driven at sabs, we often see overloaded quads with as many as four riders on the back, but I digress, but what we saw on the day was younger teenagers, 15-17, who were riding quad bikes in wholly dangerous manners both for themselves, us sabs and the mounted riders around them, pulling wheelies and jumping the quads within around 12ft of the horses, which spooked one horse which started rearing up slightly before settling back down. It is also worth mentioning that it is typical to see them being used on the road, which with more than two riders, is illegal and we have seen many quads being confiscated by police because of this and the lack of registration, number plates, insurance, helmets etc. It just seems like one law for them and another for the rest.

In the early hours of today, we'll be back out again putting our best efforts into saving the vulnerable wildlife which we as a country often take for granted while ignoring their cries for the basic wish to be alive.


Derwent FH illegal hunting case thrown out by judge early on

7-9-17  Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Sabs  VIDEO  It would seem that good evidence and lots of good luck wishes aren't enough to overturn a corrupt legal system and a useless CPS lawyer. The case against the Derwent Hunt at Scarborough Magistrates Court today was thrown out by the judge, at the request of the defendants' barrister. This was despite the fact that not one of the 3 defendants were asked to enter the witness box and explain their actions on the day.

Why were two terriermen called to the wood? Why did all three defendants deny knowing the terriermen? What went on in the wood for 10 minutes? Why were hounds suddenly released through the wood by the Huntsman only to reappear in pursuit of a fox? There is no justice, there's just us. https://gogetfunding.com/help-sheff-sabs-save-badgers/

Pics below -  1/  Terriermen called in     2/  Huntsman and terriermen go into wood together   3/  10 mins later hounds are chasing fox bolted from wood   4/  Hounds searching for lost fox, Huntsman not calling them off  

   DerwentFHTerriermenarecalledin1-11-16.jpg   DerwentFHredcoatsandhoundsatwoodedge1-11-16.jpg

   DerwentFHHoundschasingfoxboltedfrominsidewood1-11-16.jpg  DerwentFHHoundssearchingforfoxHuntsmannotcallingthemoff1-11-16.jpg

POWAperson - Hopefully, we will at least get an explanation of why the judge threw this case out so early on. The video evidence looks damning, but the requirements to prove a case of illegal hunting are very stringent. Reproduced below is the original report re. the charging of the Derwent 3. 

16-5-17  HSA Press Release   Three employees of the Derwent hunt in North Yorkshire have been charged with illegal hunting   The three: huntsman Sean McClarron, kennel huntsman Jason Marles (now huntsman at the Eggesford Hunt) and whip Damian Readman are due to appear at Scarborough Magistrates Court on 22nd May. This follows footage obtained on the 1st November 2016 by members of Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs, at a meet in Wilton in North Yorkshire. Towards the end of the day sabs filmed a fox being bolted from underground and then chased by the pack of hounds. The law stipulates that if a fox is dug out it must not be released to be further hunted.


Cheshire FH cause road havoc - visited by cops as locals complain

7-9-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Cubbing in Bruera 07/09/17    Thanks so much to our two local supporters who tipped us off. They led us straight to the Cheshire Hounds hunt in Bruera this morning. Our covert monitors filmed them trying to hunt through woods close to Platts Lane and others caught them causing lots of havoc for locals and commuters, with hounds all over the road. Police were in attendance, they also attended the hunt kennels in Sandiway earlier this morning after complaints from local residents. Together we can stop this!

  CheshireFHHoundsonroad7-9-17.jpg  CheshireFHHoundsholdingupbus7-9-17.jpg


Waveney Harriers may have killed in early morning cubbing

WaveneyHarriersFoxgotawaywithsabhelp7-9-17.jpg7-9-17  Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs   Waveney Harriers – 07/09/17, Town Farm , Chediston, Suffolk   Another early start with the Waveney Harriers who met at the property of John Ibbott (Joint Master & Parish Council member for Chediston & Linstead). Though they are a Harrier pack, they are also registered with the MFHA (Masters of Foxhounds Association) and have been focussing more and more on fox hunting in recent years. This morning was no exception, with a clear display of cub hunting.

The Hunt set off a lot earlier than last week and spent the majority of time in woodland. Hounds were in and out of cry and were often encouraged by the huntsmen Reuben Kench. With the presence of terrier-men, it can quickly become a delicate situation. A fox broke cover [left] and was able to escape, with the reinforcement of having it's scent covered. Saboteurs then witnessed the whipper-in unable to get the split pack back together, which resulted in the terrier-men also take action.

Once a full pack had been restored, the Hunt decided to head back to the meet for an early finish at 8am. We believe a fox may have been killed due to the early pack up and the confident attitude of Reuben Kench as he arrived back to the meet. Not satisfied that they weren't trying to go out once again, we enjoyed the early morning sunshine until the hounds returned the kennels.

As ever, we welcome support, or donations. If you are interested in getting involved please PM us or email us at ns.sabs@yahoo.co.uk Donations can be made out to inthenameofnaturehsa@riseup.net Would like to thank those who have been in contact with us and those who have donated money.


 POWA person adds - In a separate comment, sabs say the Waveney Harriers eagle owl [visible on arm of man standing on right of pic above] has, to the best of their knowledge, never been used. And they sab the WH a lot.


North Cotswold FH hunted around bTb struck cattle farm

Farmer says happy to have hounds running round farm buildings

Hunt falconer makes inappropriate sexual remarks to female sab

7-9-17  Facebook - Kingston Hunt Sabs   Whilst doing badger cull stuff, we still sab hunts. North Cotswolds Hunt cubbing meet early doors out of Evetts Farm, Wormington. Last year this farm was declared a TB hotspot. Despite this, and already having lost cattle to bTB this year, when asked, farmer James said he doesn't mind the hounds - hunt hounds being proven carriers of TB - running free, through slurry, feed stores and drinking out of the water buckets. We have the conversation on film and will report the situation. We think he shouldn't be claiming compensation for lost bTB animals when his biosecurity is so slack. We saw 2 foxes away. The hunt also put up deer. Calvin the falconer made a rape joke to a female sab. We have it on video. Trail obviously not laid through hedges, and they hunted in cattle fields amid cattle, on a bTB farm. Good morning's sabbing with a handful of other sabs from Croydon and 3C.

Pics below -   1/ Hounds in and out of farm buildings    2/  Hunt falconer, nearest camera 

  N.CotswoldFHHoundsinandoutofbuildingsonbTbstruckfarm7-9-17.jpg  N.CotswoldFHfalconer2017-18.jpg


7-9-17  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Sabs   We were up and about early this morning checking setts within the North Cots cull zone and received a tip-off that the North Cotswold Hunt were meeting in the area of Wormington. Ryefield Farm was the meet at which a 3C sab's camera and glasses were broken at this time last season as she was 'lifted' out of a field by a hunt supporter on a horse. Despite the obvious assault West Mercia police did not pursue a case against the rider -  https://vimeo.com/182389568

We had the pleasure of the company of some sabs from Croydon and Kingston groups and at around 6.15am we watched terrierman Will Haines [who recently received a caution for attempting to run a 3C sab over on his quad at the end of December last year and was decidedly more polite and quiet today] heading into a covert with a known artificial earth in it near to Wormington Grange. He spotted us and called in our presence and the Hunt headed east and away from the coverts he had just been messing around in..

A couple of maize fields later and the hunt had picked up on a couple of scents back near Wormington Grange, but we were close by. Having recognised a familiar face - Tim Pearce-May, ex-whipper-in of the Ledbury Hunt - out with terrier and joining Haines on the quad, we watched as the Hunt drew the hounds through a small piece of shrub, hounds picking up and running towards sabs. A fox cub was spotted trying to break from the adjacent hedge and soon made eye contact with a lone hound who hesitated before bounding into the hedge as the cub backed off. We rated hounds and told huntsman Nigel Peel that we had fox on camera which slowed the Hunt down before the cub broke into the field. We intercepted, rating, and turned hounds back before spraying the area to help cover the scent.

Calvin Crossman, falconer and desperate alibi for the hunt, turned up after the attempted chase, making a lame attempt at watching out for hunted cubs at the next covert (where sabs saw another cub run to safety) and made a rape joke about one of our sabs before excitedly calling other hunt staff to tell them that the sab obviously wanted him... back in December he assaulted a 3C sab - the same sab attacked by Haines - but West Mercia police took no further action against him. https://vimeo.com/198087658

It wasn't long before the Hunt returned to Ryefield Farm - a farm which had a bTB breakdown in 2016 - where hounds drank from water buckets, ran around cow sheds and into slurry and jumped in and out of separation crates where calves lay. Strange that the landowner thought it perfectly ok for hounds to run around like this, despite bTB also being present in other areas of the NCH hunt country, including where they dug out and killed a fox last season just south of Evesham especially after the Kimblewick Hunt hounds contracted bTB earlier in the year. Kingston Hunt Sabs have some great photos of hounds around the farm.

We asked Pearce-May how he'd managed to spiral so low, going from whipper-in of a fairly prestigious hunt to terrierman of this lot (turns out he hasn't even managed to get to terrierman stage... and he ended up doing more whipping-in duties than the whipper-in himself!) He told us that "someone needs to kill things for them, don't they?" And Mark Meladay (Ledbury huntsman) had said he wasn't a real enough man for him...

We'll be out again soon. Support us if you can! www.paypal.me/threecountiessabs

Pics below -   1/  Fox close to hound and rider    2/  Fox making a break. Rider looking wrong way.   

 N.CotswoldFHCubbing7-9-17.jpg  N.CotswoldFHCubbingFoxonrun7-9-17.jpg


10-9-17  Facebook - Kingston Hunt Sabs    Oi, DEFRA, here are some awkward questions: 1) Evetts Farm is registered on the bTB map. It has been since 2016. They have lost herd member/s to bTB this year. So why host a fox cub hunting meet - hosting a pack of hounds, when hunting hounds have been shown to spread the bacteria? The farmer is showing zero concern about the hounds contracting TB from his farm. Is this because he knows that the North Cotswolds Hunt hounds already have TB? Or that he doesn't have any qualms in risking exposing them to it? 2) Did the North Cotswolds Hunt master, Nigel Peel, know that Evetts Farm is a bTB breakdown farm? If yes, why did he arrange a hunt meet there, risking his hounds? How could he not know the TB status of the farms he arranges his meets at? The information is publicly available on the iBTB map. If he didn't check the farm status before arranging the meet, and farmer James did not inform him whilst they were agreeing dates/times for the meet, is Peel now having his hounds tested for TB? Is Peel angry with James? Are the North Cotswolds Hunt hounds now in quarantine? Or are they still actively going out hunting, risking spreading the bacteria? (The bacteria can survive outside of its host, so even if a hound didn't become infected, it could easily spread the disease through mud on their paws, or manure/slurry. Same goes for the hunt's horses hooves and the terriermen's quadbike wheels and the hunt staff's boots.


Sabs assaulted at shambolic Tiverton FH cubbing meet

5-9-17  Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   HIT REPORT 4th Sep 2017 Higher Pirzwell Farm, Kentisbeare, Devon. Tiverton Foxhounds, evening cubbing meet.   N.Cambs Hunt Sabs joined forces with Devon County and Sheffield Sabs to hit the Tiverton Foxhounds at their woeful attempt at cubbing tonight.

Foot sab teams were dropped on either side of the Hunt, after spotters located the hounds. It became immediately obvious that the Tiverton Foxhounds are a pack in disarray. The foot support looked shocked and confused, possibly because sabs quickly located hounds which the whipper-in seemed unable to. The pack split into two uncontrolled groups, running through maize fields, stopping to drink from slurry polluted puddles and ignoring the cries of the stressed whipper-in.

Sabs stayed close to the hounds through tall maize fields, and escorted the various packs back to the meet, where the waiting game began. Unfortunately the Tiverton terrierman's patience wore thin and several sabs were assaulted as it became clear that we had ruined their fun for the evening. A thoroughly unpleasant chap who we would not recommend going for a drink with.

End result, hounds were a shambles, no blood on the snouts and so no kills we believe. Tiverton Foxhounds were seriously irritated and our presence in Devon is firmly announced.

5-9-17  Facebook - Devon County Hunt Sabs   Another cubbing meet sabbed last night. This time it was the turn of the Tiverton Foxhounds, who met at Higher Pirzwell north of Kentisbeare. We joined N.Cambs, Sheffield and Somerset sabs to keep an eye on them as they drew maize fields and valleys between the meet and Blackborough House. No sign of a trail being laid at any point. Tempers flared at the end, as a Tiverton terrier man assaulted several sabs on a public road outside the meet. It's fair to say they were rattled.

For the past few years Devon's Hunts have been getting an easy ride during the cubbing season as sabs were preoccupied with the badger cull. However, this year we've been getting regular tip-offs and with new cull zones popping up all over Devon, sabs are also increasingly bumping into the Hunts whilst they're out doing other things. With the help of other sab groups that are down here for the cull we are able to sab more cubbing meets. So please keep sending in relevant intel!



Welsh Hunt Master in court on badger baiting and other animal cruelty charges

5-9-17   Facebook - Hunt Saboteurs     A master of the Dwyryd Hunt, David Thomas, has been charged with badger baiting offences.

4-9-17   Daily Post   Six in court over badger and dog fighting charges - A 13-year-old boy was among the four men and two youths who denied the charges at Caernarfon    Six people have appeared in court charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a badger during a fight with dogs. The incident is alleged to have taken place at a farm in Blaenau Ffestiniog in February this year, magistrates at Caernarfon heard. The four men and two youths all denied the charges and the matter was adjourned for trial.

Jordan Alexander Houlston, of Alexandra Road, Llandudno, faces 10 charges in all.... Marc Wyn Morris, of Cwm Bowydd Farm, Blaenau Ffestiniog, denied six charges relating to the alleged incident on February 5 and subsequent care of dogs...

David William Thomas, 51, also of Cwm Bowydd Farm, faces charges of wilfully injuring a badger, taking part in an animal fight and being present at the alleged incident and causing unnecessary suffering to the animal on February 5, 2017. He also faces charges of keeping premises for use for an animal fight on or before February 8 this year. Thomas is also accused of causing unnecessary suffering to two foxes by confining the animals in cages in close proximity to dogs before February 8. He is also accused of failing to ensure two dogs were kept watered, and of exposing six dogs to risk of injury by fighting them with other animals.

Evan Bleddyn Thomas, 52, also of Cwm Bowydd Farm, denied a charge of keeping premises for use for an animal fight. A 17-year-old youth and a 13-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, both denied four charges including wilfully injuring a badger at or near Cwm Bowydd Farm on February 5, 2017...

A further hearing will be held at Llandudno next month when arrangements for the trial, which is expected to last several days, will be made.


Sabs say Warwickshire FH were blatantly cub hunting

4-9-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Sabs   VIDEO    WARWICKSHIRE HUNT Monday 4th September 2017   On Monday a few of us were joined by an independent monitor, we caught the Warwickshire Hunt blatantly cub hunting by their kennels in Little Kineton. Please watch, like and share the video. This is what is happening in Warwickshire.

Please contact us with any information on any local hunts, all information will be treated in the strictest confidence. 07767620767 Our work means we use a lot of fuel and memory cards, we appreciate all the support that we get. We will be very busy over the next few months attending cubbing meets. You can help us by donating https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs or setting up a standing order. sort code-089299 account no-6548812

POWAperson adds - Watching the video, one could hardly hope to see a more blatant piece of cub hunting. Riders on point, including a child, surrounding the copse into which the hounds are entered, slapping their saddles to scare any fox cubs trying to escape. It is very hard to see how the Warwickshire FH could explain this away as 'trail hunting' or 'exercising hounds. It looks just like traditional cub hunting, cruel and illegal.

Pics below  1/  Hounds entered into copse   2/  Rider on point, slaps saddle   3/ Child rider does the same   4/  Hounds in copse searching

  WarwickshireFHcubhuntingsaysabs4-9-17.jpg  WarwickshireFHcubhuntingrideronpointslappingsaddle4-9-17.jpg

  WarwickshireFHcubhuntingchildriderslappingsaddle4-9-17.jpg  WarwickshireFHhoundscubhuntingincopse4-9-17.jpg


S.Tetcott FH hound with 'huge mammary tumour' hunted with pack

4-9-17   Facebook - Somerset Hunt Sabs    We love our hounds we do !!! They lead a fabulous life of hunting as part of the hunt community. Oh Yes !!!! Meanwhile, in the real world, hounds are treated like disposable items, given little or no vetinary care, shot when they become slower than their peak, forgotten as soon as they are thrown in the bin. Here, one of the South Tetcott hounds, a female, was photographed in deepest Devon last week . The large growth on the rear right of the hound is a mammary tumour, swaying as she trots, ignored by the hunt personnel. Veterinary opinion is that this growth has been there and growing for months ! If this isn't criminal neglect, what is ?



Surrey Union FH 'obstructed' sab guiding paramedic to heart attack monitor

3-9-17  Facebook - Surrey Hunt Monitors   THE GRUBBY PASTIME OF CUB HUNTING IN SURREY 2nd September 2017  found the Surrey Hunt Monitors at the Surrey Union, cub hunting at Kilnwood Farm, Faygate at the extremities of their country. This is a particularly secretive meet, however a little bird told us they may be in the Rusper area. The kennels were watched as well as a team in Rusper to see the comings and goings. It was soon confirmed that they were at Faygate, so we were joined by Guildford, North Downs and Croydon Hunt Sabs to pay them a visit.

On finding the Hunt with many cars ‘holding up’ the entire side of a wood to prevent fox cubs escaping. Hounds and horn calls confirmed the Hunt's presence. Two foxes were seen bolting from the corner of these woods literally as soon as we turned up, bypassing the vehicles and going into the adjacent wood. At the distance, we couldn’t tell if they were adult foxes or cubs but it was clear the Hunt was not following a trail, but actively hunting young foxes.

As soon as they realised they were being monitored, they pulled the hounds out of the wood and clearly panicking, loitered around for some time, trying to decide what to do. By this time, we had called the Police to report illegal hunting.

The usual angry ‘banter’ from the Hunt followed, but we stood our ground as the hunt were clearly not trail hunting. The Hunt demonstrated the antithesis of what they are supposed to represent; as so called prominent members of society, by showing a lack of respect for the democratically agreed laws of the land to suit themselves could be called ‘Anarchy’.

The Hunt moved off back to the meet without the foot and vehicle support. The alleged landowner appeared, miraculously producing a piece of rag on a rope which she had been allegedly laying trails with - well we believed that!!

A short time later, one of our monitors fell ill with a suspected heart attack. Quick support was given by sabs who made him comfortable and professionally assessed his condition. The paramedics were called and managed to find their way through the woods to our location. The result was that an air ambulance was called for and took our friend to hospital.

The Hunt displayed an unbelievable contempt for the situation and still actively obstructed a sab entering the field who was transporting a paramedic to the scene in his vehicle. The Police had to move them out of the way. The terrier ‘boys’ followed the ambulance through the field at speed obviously hoping to gloat, but held back in the end, losing their nerve. A lone monitor who was walking towards the ambulance was given abuse from boys from the safety of their vans but carried on nonetheless. A particularly foul-mouthed girl; who couldn’t have been more than 12 or 13 in the terrier boys van, hurled abuse from the van throughout the day. The monitor told the terrier boys that if the situation was reversed, and they had life threatening injuries or illness, we would help them. Even though we are poles apart, we are intelligent human beings; who although we despise their grubby activities, would help a fellow human being. There are plenty of stories of sabs and monitors aiding stricken hunters in the field. We will not stoop to their level!

It must be said that the gamekeeper who saw his exchange was very helpful, and managed to put our differences aside to smooth the way for the ambulances, and for this we thank him. A bittersweet day for us but with a bit of RnR, our good friend will make a speedy recovery. Get well and join us back in the field soon.


3-9-17  Facebook - Guildford Sabs    After receiving information that the Surrey Union Hunt were intending to go cub hunting on Saturday morning, Guildford Sabs and Surrey Hunt Monitors took up positions on roads around the hunt kennels at 5am. Sure enough at 5.30am the hound van was seen leaving the kennels and it's direction of travel ascertained. Some time later one of our vehicles spotted a horsebox heading into Kilnwood Farm near Faygate.

Once the meet was confirmed we contacted North Downs Sabs and Croydon Sabs who were soon on their way. Whilst awaiting their arrival Surrey Hunt Monitors took up positions to covertly monitor the hunts activities. It soon appeared that they were engaged in full on cub hunting with no sign of trail layers and several foxes seen to flee for their lives. With the arrival of North Downs & Croydon the hunt soon knew the game was up and headed back to the meet to pack up.

During this time one of the Surrey Hunt Monitors was taken seriously ill with a suspected heart attack. He was given immediate care by one of the Croydon Sabs and an ambulance called. Due to the remoteness of the location the ambulance crew had to travel some distance on foot, cross country to attend to the stricken monitor, and it was decided the air ambulance would be required to evacuate the patient. Thankfully due to the fantastic response by the local ambulance crews, paramedics and the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance the monitor was soon undergoing surgery in hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.


Minehead Harriers were cub hunting early morning, say monitors

3-9-17  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   Well, things are certainly picking up here in West Somerset. Whilst some of our team were out at 5am checking badger setts and fields, the Minehead Harriers were spotted congregating for a cubbing meet. Approximately half a dozen riders in rat catchers and 2 quads adorned with the usual type, clever looking, brimming with vitality and humour! Not the first time we have encountered them sneaking about early mornings targeting fox cubs. They rarely stray far from their kennels when cubbing and although we weren't with them the whole time and therefore cannot say they didn't kill, they were annoyed at being disturbed and didn't appreciate conflicting calls to their young hounds who they were keen to move off in an attempt to minimise any disruption to their training in becoming fox killers. Cowbridge, Burrow, Higher Burrow, Ranscombe and Wotton Courtney all favourites for them. We will be making an effort to keep a close eye on them.


Monitor assaulted, tyre let down, at Culmstock MH meet

3-9-17  Facebook – Somerset Wildlife Crime   Later in the afternoon a little mouse told us the Culmstock Mink Hunt were just outside Stogumber making a nuisance of themselves and predating upon the wildlife in the stream that runs along the A358. Another team made their way swiftly to assess the situation. Armed with a single camera one monitor was able to locate the Hunt reasonably easily. Unfortunately the Culmstock are more accustomed to being challenged by large groups of protestors and when they were confronted by a single member of our team they acted as most bullies do and set about pushing and shoving and issuing threat of further violence. They hunted the stream West to East just South of the A358 in the area near Stogumber and Vellow. They had plans to head for Kingswood, but not before letting down the tyres on one of our vehicles. Never mind, a minor inconvenience and one quickly remedied by the assistance an Avon and Somerset constabulary.


Convict-filled Eggesford FH in fruitless evening cub hunting

3-9-17   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Sabs    Eggesford Hunt 2.9.2017    Another last-minute tip-off for a late afternoon cubbing meet yesterday. Keep them coming! This time it was the Eggesford Foxhounds, whose huntsman Gary Boon was promoted (?) to the staghounds last season. Any Hunt would be considered a step up from this particular bunch. The Eggesford's former treasurer, Graeme Holmes, was convicted earlier this year of defrauding the hunt and pocketing tens of thousands of pounds. The new huntsman, Jason Marles, isn't a stranger to prosecutions himself. He's due in court this week on charges of illegally hunting while he was with his previous EggesfordFHPathetictrail3-9-17.jpgpack, the Derwent. His father Chris Marles, previous Huntsman of the East Devon Hunt, did six months in jail for assaulting an elderly female hunt monitor, a few years after he was convicted of ABH on another hunt monitor. Not to forget Jason's brother, Shaun, who was convicted of illegal hunting a few years ago whilst he was a whip at the Middleton Hunt.

We went along to introduce ourselves, together with friends from North Cambs, Nottingham and Northants Hunt Saboteurs. The Hunt met at Eggesford Fourways, just down from the kennels and as expected went straight for their favourite hunting ground around Trenchard Farm, whose owner also owns Timepiece Nightclub in Exeter. Hounds were cast into an enormous maize field between Pigsmoor Wood and Alderplot Wood and spent most of the following two hours scattered all over that area. A makeshift trail was brought out, consisting of a hoodie attached to a piece of string [right]. There was the occasional ping-pong between Huntsman and sabs in the valley, with hounds responding to calls from both, although the huntsman's unusually high-pitched voice-calls were difficult to imitate! Hunt support on the road won't have had much of a view and several were overheard complaining they were getting bored. At Hawkridge Farm hounds briefly went into cry but it was getting dark and Jason turned back towards the kennels via Lyland Wood, picking up stray hounds along the way.

Pics below -  1/ Sabs and support     2/  Hound gets some sab love

  EggesfordFHEveningcubbingmeet2-9-17.jpg  EggesfordFHHoundgetssomesablove2-9-17.jpg


S.Herefordshire riders caught out cubbing with Ledbury FH

Part of the hunt was on Sir Pat Darling's estate part on NT land

Sabs resist attempts to evict them and prevent any kills 

2-9-17  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   S.Herefordshire hunt country; cubhunt in progress at Sellack Ledbury hounds hunting. this is the first time this area is known to have hosted a fox hunt since the investigation into the kennels where cubs were alleged to have been fed live to hounds. Following a tip off sabs attended Caradoc this morning. Sure enough both SHFH and Ledbury hunt officials and supporters out cub hunting. At present Major Darling is trying to evict sabs..... without much luck. Welsh Borders sabs also in attendance. We were also out sabbing the Ledbury last night at their meet at the Brainge near Much Marcle. So busy busy. PayPal.me/threecountiessabs

2-9-17  Facebook - Bristol Hunt Sabs   Notorious cub killers from the South Herefordshire Hunt found hunting We abandoned our plans today after word from fellow sabs that members of The S. Herefordshire Hunt were out cubbing, along with members of the Ledbury Hunt.

For those that don't know, the SHH are banned from hunting, they don't have a Huntsman or any hounds - because they shot all but 4 of them earlier this year. The SHH are in the middle of a police investigation [5 arrested] after hunt staff were filmed feeding live fox cubs to the hounds in their kennels. Today, both SHH and Ledbury hunt officials and supporters were out hunting fox cubs. Oh, the irony.

Today, Patrick Darling, chair of the SHFH secretly invited the 'Ledbury South' to hunt fox cubs on his land at Caradoc Court, Sellack, Ross On Wye. The SHFH pay for this privilege as it is the Ledbury hunt in all but name, their Huntsman and their hounds. Three Counties & Welsh Border Sabs were in attendance before we arrived and were assaulted by members of the Hunt but managed to stay with them constantly. We were more than happy to turn up and back up the sabs already doing a sterling job and we stayed with the hunt until they packed up. We will be keeping a close eye on the SHFH and they will be a prime focus for our group over the coming season.

Pics below -  1/  Sir Pat Darling steers horse into sab    2/  Rider rides horse into sab    3/  Ledbury with SHFH cubbing   4/  Hounds on line of fox

  LedburyFHwithSHFHDarlingrideshorseatsab2-9-17.jpg  LedburyFHwithSHFHRiderrideshorseatsab2-9-17.jpg

  LedburyFHwithSHFHcubhunting2-9-17.jpg  LedburyFHHoundsonlineoffox2-9-17.jpg


S.Tetcott FH snapped walking hounds through pedigree cattle herd

Risk of spreading bTb and neospora ignored

2-9-17  Facebook - Somerset Hunt Sabs   Since the very damaging revelation that hunt hounds could contract bTB, you would have thought that Hunts would stay away from cattle. Not in Devon you don't ! Here at Henderbarrow Farm at Halwill nr Okehampton, the South Tetcott hounds are walked right through a herd of pedigree Limousin cattle. Being as how Hunts don't pick up dog faeces, transmission of active bTB is highly likely if the hounds poo everywhere as they do. Silly farmer, silly hunt, silly DEFRA for pretending that hunt hounds don't carry bTB.



East Kent FH assemble at 6.30 am for cubbing - then just go for a walk!

Sabs think fact they were observing them just might be the reason 

2-9-17   Facebook - East Kent Sabs   It was like first day back to school this morning as we did the first kennel watch of the season…! We parked up in the village of Elham to see if the East Kent with West Street hunt were going out cub hunting this morning (this is a training exercise to train new hounds to kill foxes - the puppies replace the old hounds that are too old to hunt properly, they get a shot to the head and it's in the incinerator!!)

As cubbing usually occurs in the early hours of the morning we had to be with them at 4am to allow for travel time, and we had a full landy, unusual for this early part of the seasons and with plenty of jokes and banter we were ready to go… 

By 6 am horse boxes started to arrive at the kennels, and at 6.30 the hunt and hounds came out, all dressed in tweed, and headed out along the country lanes. Very strange - this time last year they were actively cubbing, but of course today, they decided to all get up in the middle of the night, get dressed up, and ride down some lanes for 75 minutes… as cub hunting relies on early scenting conditions, this pantomime was rather amusing to watch - i.e no complaints from us, but would they have done this if we were not there with cameras?

We'll never know, but we will be out with them next week to keep an eye on them, just in case. A fine start to the season! If you wish to donate to our group and keep us out saving lives, you can do so here- paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA


POWAperson adds -  As the sabs say, cub hunting, at least in the first few weeks of the season,  is always conducted early in the morning or in the evening. This is because strong sun in the full daylight will burn scent off, making the hounds' task much harder. If any hunters really think we'll believe they'll turn up at stupid o'clock just to exercise hounds, let alone to 'trail hunt', they must think we're brain dead. Anyway, again in the first few weeks, cubbing looks very different from full-on fox hunting [which could sometimes be passed off as 'trail hunting'], so it's not hard for anyone who knows what they're about to tell when it's happening.


Beaufort FH made no attempt to disguise first cubbing meet, say sabs 

2-9-17  Facebook - Bath Hunt Saboteurs   Meeting up with Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch before the crack of dawn we paid a long over due visit to the Duke Of Beaufort's Fox Hounds, who met at Alderton Grove Farm just north of Littleton Drew for their first fox cub hunt of the season. Most Hunts attempt to be discrete when 'cubbing' but not the Beaufort! With around 40 riders from pre-school children on ponies to decrepit old farts on chargers. Foot followers ranged from 'Jolly Hockey Sticks' types on push bikes to the landed gentry in huge 4x4's.

Rudely they left the Meet early. However we quickly caught up with them surrounding Alderton Grove Covert, where we split into two groups. One went to the west, where they picked up their first escort of the day - a very chatty man with a lovely Patterdale Terrier who got a little upset when sabs 'rated' the hounds, saying it was illegal to shout on a public foot path?!

Finding sabs on two sides of the covert, the Huntsman soon gathered the hounds and rode off to Cranhill Wood. BeaufortFHhoundscubhunting2-9-17.jpgSabs were not far behind and again on two sides, getting the usual 'Get Ooff my land' and 'There's no footpath here'. We rated the hounds each time they went into cry [pack ,right]. They put up a couple of deer and rioted after another before the Huntsman again gathered the Hounds and did a runner towards Oldsland Wood, missing half a dozen opportunities to hunt along the way. Foot sabs lost them for a bit but the mobile unit soon spotted them back at Alderton Grove Covert where hounds were rated again and the Huntsman called it a day. With perfect timing Wiltshire Constabulary arrived to investigate the blocked badger sett and illegal hunting we had reported.

All this in the western edge of the North Wiltshire Badger Cull zone. No fox cubs died today but that is more than can be said for the badgers who will be slaughtered over the next few months - 2,400 in North Wilts alone. Please help us to carry on saving wildlife - http://ko-fi.com/bathsabs


Hunters complain NT 'trail hunt' rules are 'painting a target' on them

2-9-17  Daily Telegraph   National Trust 'painting a target' on legal hunts with new website   The National Trust was plunged into a bitter row with countryside campaigners tonight over its decision to publish details of hunting meetings ahead of a vote to ban the sport. The Trust was accused of effectively ‘painting targets’ on huntsmen by posting on its website the times and locations of legal hunts on its land. The field sports lobby said such information would be invaluable to saboteurs and animal rights activists, increasing the risk of violent disruption.

The decision to publicise the hunts comes ahead of the charity’s annual general meeting next month when it will vote on a motion tabled by the League Against Cruel Sports for an outright ban of all hunting on National Trust land. The Trust quietly introduced new measures last week, including the publication of hunts, in a move seen as a worrying crackdown by the country sports enthusiasts. It comes after a series of clashes between the Trust and its land users in recent years. Last night, the Countryside Alliance said the National Trust’s leadership was being influenced by a social media campaign orchestrated by anti-hunt campaigners masquerading as members. Tim TimBonner.jpgBonner [left], the Alliance’s chief executive, said the row was “another example of an organisation that has drifted an awfully long way from its roots”.

The Trust insisted it was not “in the pocket” of anti-hunt activists and was impervious to the influence of social media, adding it “deplored” intimidation and abuse. A stand-off is now likely, with huntsmen and tenant farmers, who host the meets, saying they would prefer to hunt unlicensed than advertise their presence online. As well as the risk of physical confrontation, participants and local business such as pubs and B&Bs fear “trolling” and other online reprisals if they are publicly connected to the sport.

Richard Williams [below right], joint-master of the Eryri, which hunts over National Trust land in Snowdonia, said: “There are lots of people who use National Trust land but I feel we’re being picked on, having to jump through all these hoops. I think it’s unjustifiable. We’ll been harassed by anti-hunting people. The National Trust is giving in to them. We have a workable relationship at the moment, but now I’m hugely concerned. There is a chasm between the attitude of the Trust and reality and what they think is going on in the work. They spend most of their lives on their iPhone.”

The new package of rules come ahead of the National Trust’s AGM in October where it will debate the motion tabled by the League Against Cruel Sports. The call for the ban is being supported by an online petition signed more than 136,000 times, although nearly 68,000 of these signatories are reportedly based outside the UK.

Mr Bonner said: “There is just a complete lack of understanding of hunting and hunting people at the National Trust.RichardWilliamsEryriFH.jpg There has not been any consultation with any of the hunting associations - that is totally unacceptable. There has been social media campaign going on which is influencing the Trust. It’s nonsense that they think what happens on Facebook is a reflection of what is going on in reality. Social media use among the rural community is limited. If you think about it it’s fairly obvious.”

In the 1990s the National Trust was accused of betraying people who had bequeathed their land to the trust on the condition that hunting should be allowed when it announced a ban on stag hunting. Last year Lord Bragg described the trust as a “bully” when it bought a tranche of land in the Lake District but the not the farm that sits on it. Critics said the part purchase of Thorneythwaite Farm in Borrowdale made it impossible for local farmers to preserve the landscape as a working farm.

Since the ban on traditional hunting in 2004, large numbers of hunts have adopted trail hunting, where an animal scent is laid by a human on foot or quad bike for a pack of hounds to follow. Those wanting to operate over National Trust land are required to enter into a “licensing” agreement. Yesterday the Trust said the terms of the licences had not been reviewed for several years and that it had “lost confidence that everything possible was being done to ensure that the law was everywhere being upheld”. Also among the new requirements is a prohibition on using “animal-based scents” in trail hunting. Critics say this will effectively make hunting impossible as foxhounds are brought up to follow these scents.

Historic fell packs in the Lake District, which hunt on foot, are likely to be particularly affected by the new conditions because of the preponderance of National Trust land in the area. Eric Taylforth, a National Trust tenant farmer in the Langdale Valley who hosts four hunt meets a year, said the website requirement would “paint a target” for saboteurs. “It can be very intimidating,” he said. “Publishing the details is inviting them to come - it’s very worrying.”

A spokesman for the National Trust said its “first priority” was to protect conservation and access to its land. “We are making it explicitly clear to all stakeholders that trail hunting, if properly practised, is legal and a legitimate outdoor activity,” he said. He rejected as “unfair” the criticism that publishing details of meets on the trust’s website would attract saboteurs, adding: “We deplore the use of abuse, threatening language and any physical violence.”

He said Hunts had always been required to provide details of their meets, when asked, under the terms of the licence but that “the mechanism to make sure this is working was faulty. The proposal to put the information in one place, where those who wish to avoid running into a hunt - of which there are many - or those who wish to watch the spectacle can find out the details, is a response to a malfunctioning system.”

The National Trust has checkered relationship with its land users. In the 1990s it was accused of betraying people who had bequeathed their land to the trust on the condition that hunting should be allowed to continue when it announced a stag hunting ban. Last year Lord Bragg described the trust as a “bully” when it bought a tranche of land in the Lake District but the not the farm that sits on it. Critics said the part purchase of Thorneythwaite Farm in Borrowdale made it impossible for local farmers to preserve the landscape as a working farm.


S.Durham FH rider whacks restive horse on head during cubbing meet

1-9-17  Facebook – N.E. Hunt Monitors    HIT Report of sorts. We had a tip off that South Durham Fox Hounds would be meeting for autumn hound hunting at Lea Close Equestrian in Great Stainton at 5:30 am on 29th August.

Hunt monitors got together early to check the hunt area for earths setts and to pre spay with citronella. The Hunt turned up just as NE Hunt Sabs joined us to keep more eyes on the activity. We were spotted from the off and were surprised that the Watchmans were not ahead of the pack but a whipper-in from another hunt (BDH) was leadingS.DurhamFH30-8-17.jpg the hounds [right]. Interesting.

Far far behind the line of riders a horse went a tad mental and chucked it's rider into the bushes. This horse was not happy about being on the road and surrounded by vehicles and other horses. The rider's reaction to this poor horse's distress was to hit is hard on the neck with the end of her riding crop to which the horse flinched. We have this on footage and will be sending it to the RSPCA with the rider's horsebox details. Angry at being filmed some female riders took it upon themselves to have a go at us to which we politely told them to fcuk off.

Later, when trying to locate the hounds, we came across what we thought was a accident with a horsebox which was leaving the hunt. we stopped to offer help and found that the horse had gone over the bar inside the box and it was quite a hectic and stressful struggle for the owner and others to get the horse to safety. We hope that horse was OK.

On returning to the equestrian centre we could see that riders we leaving early. Why? What had happened ? Did our presence put them off? Did they smell the citronella and give it up? What ever happened we noticed the hound van leaving and followed back to the kennels in confusion yet joy and excitement as the foxes and their cubs were safe for another day.

All in all the hunt riders were out for no more than an hour before packing up. Why can't they just have a jolly and jump a few hay bales on every meet? Wouldn't the world be a better place and empathy for wildlife would make us caring and considerate of the planet and all that has a right to live on it. But NO, blood lust, ego and delusions of grandeur will always befall these hunt scum who have no thought for anything but themselves. So WE the HUNT Monitors will be here waiting and watching to save the lives of foxes week in week out until we achieve a total ban on hunting. Which will come.

Thanks for all the support you have shown us so far. We appreciate you all. #keeptheban   Support us via Paypal : paypal.me/huntmonitors or  Gofundme : https://www.gofundme.com/4brdhm0


HSA says that the York & Ainsty North FH have disbanded

1-9-17   Facebook - Hunt Saboteurs   Great news! The York and Ainsty North Hunt [right] have disbandedYorkandAinstyNorthFH.jpg   The foxes of North Yorkshire will be able to live their lives without fear of being ripped to pieces by a pack of hounds.

We won't stop until every Hunt and shoot is shut down. Please help us in our work: www.huntsabs.org.uk/index.php/get-involved/join-the-hsa  

POWAperson adds - We will await confirmation of this news before celebrating. The Hunt marked its two-hundredth anniversary last year. The 'History' page on its, still extant, website begins with this extraordinary paragraph, which illustrates the reckless and irrational fanaticism of hunters with hounds -  

Formed in 1816, the combined York and Ainsty country was hunted four days a week until 1906. Perhaps the most notable historical event was the Newby Ferry disaster on the 4th February 1869 from a meet at South Stainley. A fox crossed the flooded River Ure, pursued by hounds. Powter, the first whipper-in, went round by Boroughbridge to stop the hounds but the Master and Huntsman, Sir Charles Slingsby of Scriven, near Knaresborough, with 12 others, took to the small ferry boat; a boat intended for only 4 horses. The overloaded ferry capsized in midstream, drowning the Master and five others.


NT board recommends members vote down 'trail hunt' ban resolution

31-8-17    Facebook - National Dis-Trust   The Board of the National Trust have now said that they are recommending that members vote against the resolution in a letter which demonstrates complete ignorance of the subject, relying on the fact that their panic-induced new 'measures' offer a veneer of change (in reality, they show that the Trust has been turning a blind eye to wildlife crime for 12 years; see -> http://bit.ly/2wyxJZB ).

Some thoughts... to explain how 'trail hunting' works to members who have witnessed foxes being eviscerated by hounds is insulting. It also ignores the fact that 'trail hunting' is fictional (http://g.ifaw.org/2kD1orC ) except as a false alibi for wildlife crime, despite Dame Helen Ghosh having read the report which proves this (http://bit.ly/2u8XKua ).

... the Trust don't monitor the activities they licence; this is an outright lie. They have both said that they don't have the resources to monitor as well as stating in a leaked internal memo to staff that the onus is on the Hunts for adhering to the licence and the law.

...if the Trust now think terriermen are a redundant element of 'trail hunting', what do they think terriermen have been doing on their land for the last 12 years?

...in a separate note, the Trust have also said that the vote at the AGM isn't binding, implying that the Trust are preparing to ignore the wishes of their own membership. Putting aside how disrespectful this would be to their members as well as the wildlife that will soon be terrorised & slaughtered by Hunts on their land, it also forgets that whilst a vote may not be binding, the law is. It is an offence to knowingly host a fox hunt (or a stag hunt).

If you're a member, we need you to help wildlife to live in peace on Trust land, to help the lands that you pay to care for become the sanctuaries for increasingly pressured wildlife that they should be.   #voteoffthehunts #AGM2017


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