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  For stories before OCTOBER 2017, go to UK HUNTING NEWS ARCHIVE

Warning - contains images of animals killed/ mutilated by Hunts that you may find distressing 


..... 23rd October - Violent Atherstone FH supporter's crowdfunding page shut by JustGiving

..... 23rd October - Hunts trying to get NT to backslide on new rules on 'trail hunting'

..... 22nd October - Sabs attacked at Badsworth FH as hounds and rider cause road havoc

..... 22nd October - 'Ethical' energy company sponsors the Oakley FH

..... 21st October - Motion to ban 'trail hunting' on Nat.Trust land is narrowly defeated

..... 21st October - Monitors say they filmed illegal hunting by Cheshire FH - reported to police

..... 21st October - Fernie FH hounds rescued from canal by sabs - Hunt kept in check

..... 21st October - Oakley FH Whip sexually offensive to woman sab as Hunt restrained by antis

..... 21st October - Sabs spoil Blackmore FH's fun as police investigate blocked setts

..... 21st October - Sabs pull Fitzwilliam FH off two foxes - hounds also riot on deer 

..... 21st October - North Warwickshire Beagles run home the moment sabs appear 

..... 20th October - Shotgun fired near sabs in mid-evening - police response very inadequate

..... 20th October - Fox killed after hunt and dig-out by Bicester FH

..... 19th October - Ex-cop Atherstone FH supporter found guilty of stabbing sab's car tyre

..... 19th October - Berserk farmer who attacked sabs at Atherstone FH meet is arrested

..... 19th October - Loose Cheshire FH hounds cause road havoc, support menaces lone woman

..... 17th October - Northants police NFA assaults on 2 female monitors by Grafton FH bullies

..... 17th October - Revealed that violent Atherstone FH supporter is Hunt Chair's son-in-law

..... 16th October - Local farmer's 'rant' at 'Neanderthal' behaviour of Atherstone FH supporter

..... 16th October - Cheshire FH scare cat up tree - rescued 24 hours later - 3 agencies involved

..... 16th October - Berserker Atherstone FH supporter drives quad at sabs, attacks several

..... 16th October - Sabs release film of Essex/Suffolk FH terrierman pitchfork attack

..... 16th October - Waveney Harriers uncontrolled riot on deer. Say laid trail - thru huge bramble patch!

..... 15th October - Mother & daughter monitors assaulted by Grafton FH thugs

..... 15th October - Rarely sabbed Cleveland FH pack up soon after antis arrival

..... 15th October - New LACS report asserts Scottish packs still hunting foxes as before

..... 14th October - Cheshire FH loose hounds cause road havoc - cub hunting but no kills

..... 14th October - Sabs say were attacked at Atherstone FH - horses used as weapons

..... 14th October - Woman believes Belvoir FH hounds killed fox in a farmyard

..... 14th October - Sabs thwart Ledbury South FH and Severn Beagles on the same day

..... 14th October - Sabs report Old Surrey FH actually trying to trail hunt

..... 14th October - Oakley FH fail to kill cubs as sabs help them escape

..... 13th October - NT trail hunt ban would be unenforceable on half its land, QC claims

..... 13th October - Ledbury South FH kill fox, but others steered to safety

..... 12th October - Sabs claim meeting recording shows police WO favouring Atherstone FH

..... 12th October - Horsewatch publishes lie re. monitor's encounter with Grafton FH riders

..... 12th October - Atherstone FH cause chaos on roads, in fields: also invade garden

..... 11th October - Crawley FH JM fined £2,500 for terrifying menaces to hunt sab

..... 11th October - Beaufort FH believed to have killed fox after long hunt

..... 11th October - Oakley FH thug 'Angry Egg' charged with assaulting sab

..... 10th October - Crawley FH hounds chase fox and riot on some deer

.....  9th October - Walker finds blocked setts on NT land where Weston &  Banwell FH hunting

.....  9th October - Warwickshire FH hounds chase fox across road into garden

.....  9th October - Sabs to ask police to remind Crawley FH agricultural quad use on roads illegal

.....  9th October - 'Shag' Carter & his Middleton FH whipper-in cleared of illegal hunting

.....  9th October - Badsworth FH's new convict Huntsman starts with a chopped fox

.....  9th October - LACS says HA loophole being widely used to hunt deer for 'sport'

.....  8th October - Blackmore FH kill suspected bagged fox late in meet - and cause road havoc

.....  8th October - Antis in posters push to secure National Trust 'trail hunting' ban

.....  8th October - VWH FH full meet back off and pack up as police supportive to sabs

.....  8th October - Prince Charles secret lobbying of Blair over hunt ban finally revealed

.....  8th October - Wynnstay FH carries on hunting despite monitor and sab presence

.....  8th October - Heythrop FH observed "'definitely not 'trail hunting'"

.....  7th October -  Car of monitor observing Grafton FH has creosote thrown over it

.....  7th October - South Durham FH hound found hanging on barbie is rescued by monitors

.....  7th October - Sabs say helped 3 foxes to safety from Bicester FH's cub hunting

.....  7th October - Sab sunroof smashed amid supporter bad behaviour at Ross Harriers 

.....  7th October - Atherstone FH trespass on railway, loose hounds/horses on roads

.....  7th October - Police ignore 'emergency' call re. active illegal hunting by Portman FH

.....  7th October - Sabs say they saved fox being hunted by Fernie FH

.....  7th October - Malvern Hills Trust new 'trail hunt' rules will severely constrain Hunts

.....  6th October - Scottish government announces consultation on wild mammal protection 

.....  6th October - Monitors say South Durham FH killed two foxes while cub hunting

.....  4th October - Monitors claim Chair of CA took part in illegal hunt by Beaufort FH

.....  4th October - Holidaymaker snaps Berkeley FH apparently fox hunting

.....  4th October - North Cotswold FH filmed cub hunting and guarding artificial earth

.....  4th October - Grafton FH chase fox across busy road

.....  4th October - Fitzwilliam FH illegal hunting trial is delayed yet again

.....  4th October - Monitors film Cheshire FH rider driving lorry on mobile & no seat belt

.....  4th October - Ban on shotgun use with fox hounds in Scottish highlands is reversed

.....  3rd October - Violent North Down FH supporter who stole sab camera is acquitted

.....  3rd October - Surrey Union FH Newcomers meet is an incompetent, low turn-out shambles

.....  3rd October - Jedforest FH hunters abandon appeal against illegal hunting convictions

.....  2nd October - FOI request re. bTb in Kimblewick FH hounds is stonewalled

.....  2nd October - Filmer angrily criticises dismissal of Derwent FH illegal hunting case

.....  1st October - Revealed that NT Director's sister is ex JM of the Grafton FH

.....  1st October - Essex & Suffolk FH thugs ram sab landy and try to stab one with pitchfork

.....  1st October - Police say monitor film of Wilton FH dig out is not evidence of crime

.....  1st October - Cheshire FH cub hunt brazenly, but monitor presence helps save foxes

.....  1st October - Tory Cabinet Minister linked to Hunt reported to police for illegal hunting 

.....  1st October - Grafton FH hunted blatantly and resorted to force, say sabs 

.....  1st October - Sab ridden over as Middleton FH cubbing attempts restrained


Violent Atherstone FH supporter's crowd funding page pulled by 'Just Giving'

Page was pulled after POWA member informed them what he'd done 

Antis were astonished and angered to discover that a crowd funding page had been started to pay the upcoming legal costs of farmer Ashley Davies. He it was who attacked several sabs with his fists and his quad bike at the Atherstone FH meet on 14-10-17. See reports here and here. He had previously been reported to police for running at sabs armed with an iron bar. They took no action. This is a snapshot of the, semi-literate, page -


A POWA member emailed 'Just Giving' informing them what Davies had done. They replied as follows, stating that they had shut down the crowdfunding page -  

Lottie (JustGiving Help)    Oct 23, 09:08 BST

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback regarding the Crowdfunding page www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lynda-legge.

We've made the decision to remove this page and refund all donations made.

I hope this helps.

Thanks, Lottie   Customer Support Manager   JustGiving Support


Hunts trying to get N.Trust to backslide on new 'Trail hunting' rules

None have applied for licence since Trust published new requirements 

23-10-17   Times    National Trust in stand off over hunt rules    Hunts are locked in a stand-off with the National Trust over rules to crack down on the modern form of foxhunting. None of the 67 hunts which used National Trust land has applied for a new licence since the charity changed its rules this year. 

Members of the trust have voted not to ban all forms of foxhunting on the charity’s estates. A members’ motion presented to the annual meeting at the weekend had claimed that trail hunting, in which hounds follow an artificial scent, was a cover for foxhunting, which was banned in 2004. Almost 62,000 people, out of 5 million eligible members, voted on the hunting motion, which was defeated by 299 votes.

Lord Mancroft, the chairman of the Masters of Foxhounds Association, said that the Trust had been acting like a “Victorian landlord” by trying to tell its tenant farmers who was allowed on their farms. The National Trust are saying, ‘You can have this person on your land. You can’t have that person on your land.’ Hunting is at the invitation of the farmers,” Lord Mancroft said. He said that the new system of licences was unworkable. “There is a bit of a stand-off because Hunts don’t want to apply for licences until the system is workable.” 

The charity’s trustees had urged members to reject the calls for a ban, on the ground that trail hunting was a legal activity no different from music festivals or mountain biking, which also take place on National Trust land. “Our motto is ‘For ever, for everyone’,” Orna NiChionna, the deputy chairwoman, told the meeting. “We want to be as generous as we can to as many people as we can, pursuing as many activities on our land, even if those activities do not appeal to everyone.” 

Polly Portwin, from the Countryside Alliance, which favours hunting, said it was delighted that the trustees had shown support for “legal trail-hunting activities”, but added: “We are disappointed that there was no consultation with the hunting authorities prior to changes being made to the licensing procedure,” she said. 

The new rules ban the use of animal scents for hounds to follow, on the ground that synthetic scents would make it less likely for the dogs to chase and kill a real fox. The Trust also said that the licences would allow it to publish details of the dates and the properties where hunts were taking place. Hunts said that would increase the risk that saboteurs could disrupt their activities. 

Hunts have certainly expressed that they would like us to reconsider some of the licensing conditions,” Patrick Begg, the trust’s director of rural affairs, said. The Trust had discussed with the police over whether it was safe to publish dates of hunt meets. “The police said dates are not an issue,” Mr Begg said. “Specific routes could be risky, but we can publish the areas where the Hunts will be.” 

Philippa King, from the League Against Cruel Sports, which supported the ban, said that the vote was “a massive backward step for justice and a shot in the arm for cruelty”. She added: “The Trust claims to protect our countryside but they have singularly failed to do that.”


Sabs attacked at Badsworth FH as hounds and rider cause road chaos

Anti's camera smashed, sab shoved into ditch, rider nearly causes RTA

Sheffield Sabs stopped off at Claro Beagles on way home - they packed up right away  

22-10-17  Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs   HIT REPORT: BADSWORTH & BRAMHAM MOOR HUNT, OCTOBER 21st    W.Yorks Sabs had a lively morning sabbing the Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt cubbing meet, Burton Salmon, with our friends Sheffield Sabs. As our sab van loomed onto the scene, attempts to send us away were drowned out by the car radio (can't hear you).

The Hunt headed east to Burton Common Wood for their first draw, where we remained present. All was well, as they drew a blank. However, as we were crossing a field the terrier-men (who seemed to multiply like bad bacteria) began to terrorise us on their quad BadsworthFHTerriermanrodequadatsabssmashedcamerapushedsabinditch22-10-17.jpgbikes. We were called names, ridden at, and things took a turn for the worse when our camera was smashed and one of our sabs thrown into a ditch [allegedly by unidentified man right]. You'd be forgiven for thinking Simon Cowell was the culprit, given the individual's luminous teeth, however, despite attempts to cover his face this was the same scumbag we encountered 2 weeks ago.

Not long after shaking off the terrier-men, we joined forces with Sheffield Sabs and soon caught up with the Hunt, now west of Burton Common Wood. We continued to escort them to Brotherton Quarry, where a fox was seen to flee an area of woodland and citronella and the gizmo were used successfully to ensure the hounds did not kill.

At one point, the Hunt lost control of some hounds who were found in the middle of a very busy road. The Hunt's host failed to gather them, so our vehicle sabs had to collect them and move them back to safety. Chaos then followed as horses moved at speed down the road, and a rider from the field was almost hit by the car of a member of the public, who was understandably annoyed that a horse and rider had crossed a road without looking! A frantic red coat, attempted and failed to gather another loose hound. We are not surprised, but it's a shame the Hunt continue to behave recklessly week after week, while the North Yorkshire Police are more interested in stopping our vehicles for “routine vehicle checks”. Then again, when the local Wildlife Crime Officer has been known to ride with the Hunt, we wouldn't expect any less. See you again B&B!

For the cost of a coffee, please consider chipping in and help keep us out in the fields protecting wildlife: https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs – thanks!

Sheffield Sabs posted a very similar report, but added this postscript - After this debacle the B&B soon packed up and we were left debating whether to go to the pub or to look for a pheasant shoot seen earlier in the day. Alas, the pub had to wait as we'd got wind of news that the Claro Beagles were hunting nearby. We quickly headed to Sicklinghall, where field sabs soon found the beaglers hunting in Willow coppice. The beagle-boys took one look at sabs and made a beeline for the meet, where they abashedly packed up. Result!

Pics below  -   1/  The Badsworth hunting    2/   Rider who allegedly rode horse into sab last season    3/   Huntsman's tries to catch hound loose on road while  4/  Sab holds his horse [video here]

  BadsworthFHHunting22-10-17.jpg  BadsworthFHMarkPoskittrodehorseintosablastseason22-10-17.jpg

 BadsworthFHHuntsmantriestocatchloosehoundonroad22-10-17.jpg BadsworthFHSabholdsHuntsmanshorseashetriestocatchloosehoundonroad22-10-17.jpg 


'Ethical' energy company sponsors the Oakley FH

Director of Green Energy [UK] married to Hunt JM

Sabs say Oakley doesn't even pretend to 'trail hunt' 

Multiple violence/intimidation recorded by sabs

22-10-17  Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    We would like to think we're honest in everything we post on OakleyFHPosterforHuntshowJuly2017.jpgsocial media. We would like to hope that companies trading on the back of being "ethical" would be the same. However that's not always the case.

This [pic right] is the front page from the Oakley Hunt show from last summer. These shows are designed purely to raise money for the Hunt. All fees are paid directly to the OHSC - Oakley Hunt Supporters Club which is in turn run by the Hunt themselves. Note the main sponsor of the event - Green Energy (UK) Plc. You'll notice they claim to be ethical. The listing for Green Energy (UK) Plc from Companies House [pic below left].

One of the directors listed is Sir Peter Thompson, with his home address. Sir Peter is the Husband to Lady Lydia Thompson - Master of the Oakley Hunt. This is Lydia Thompson [pic below right] out hunting with the Oakley last season. The same day they OakleyFHDirectorishubbieofJMLydia.jpgemployed (whether indirectly or otherwise) hunt thugs to protect the hunt using violence and intimidation. The same day 2 car loads of thugs went round one of our sabs' houses.

The Oakley hunt do not even pretend to obey the law. They don't lay trails and have no bird of prey present. They are sticking 2 fingers up to the law and it is only groups like us that stand in their way. We don't think it's right that a supposed ethical company should be sponsoring an organisation which hunts & kills wildlife. Why not pop along to their Facebook page (link posted above) and give them a 1 star and say why.

24-10-17   morethanjustbadgers.net ...    a sab colleague of mine reminded me of the poster from the Oakley Hunt summer show. We decided to do a little digging on the main sponsor - Green Energy UK (plc). This lead to some interesting findings which we thought the public should be aware of and in turn published the statement this statement on the Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs Facebook page (see above). We also published links on Twitter for maximum exposure.

Needless to say your average consumer doesn't like being lied to regarding claims of being ethical but also supporting fox hunting. Lots of bad reviews were left on the company's Facebook page and tweets were rolling in thick and fast. Finally Green Energy issued a statement and the B&B responded accordingly. At this time Green Energy were actively removing the all the bad reviews in an attempt to save face. Their statement was clearly 2 fingers up to the consumers, they weren't going to budge on their position and their support of the Oakley no matter how they tried to spin it however they severely underestimated the indignation of the people and aligning themselves with a blood sports lobbying group (the so called CA) was a huge mistake.

This only fanned the flames and people power took hold. They were flooded with more complaints and bad reviews until theyOakleyFHJMLydiaThompson.jpg were finally backed into a corner and once again had to issue another statement to which B&B responded once more (see here). We're in no doubt that the ethos of the people in charge (including the husband of Oakley Hunt master Lady Lydia Thompson, Sir Peter Thompson) will not have changed and they are no doubt still pro-hunt, however we have shown that the general public won't stand for lies and that hunting is pretty much universally hated by everyone except the wildlife killers themselves.

It will also show other companies that supporting blood sports is bad for business and they risk losing customers. Just like Theresa May found out in the general election, blood sports are political and financial poison. Those that support them are finding themselves increasingly isolated. There's more than one way to skin the proverbial cat. We'll sab them in the fields and we'll hit these organisations financially as well. We'll pursue every possible avenue and make until life as difficult as possible until the inevitable outcome is reached.

Pics below  -  Just a couple of examples, of many, of the obnoxious behaviour of the Oakley FH.   1/   Sab carrying muntjac deer savaged by hounds 16-2-17. It died of its injuries.   2/   'The Angry Egg'. Oakley supporter prone to violence. Arrested for assault on sab earlier this year.

  OakleyFHMuntjacsavagedbyhoundsdied16-2-17.jpg  OakleyFHTheAngryEgg.jpg


Motion to ban 'trail hunting' on National Trust land lost by small margin

Claimed that only Chair casting discretionary votes against defeated it

21-10-17  Huffington Post   National Trust Trail Hunting: Anti-Hunt Activists Lose Historic Vote - Campaigners dismayed by close result    Anti-hunt activists have failed in their efforts to ban all hunting on National Trust land. Campaigners argued before the historic vote on Saturday that the move would help to stop illegal hunting, such as fox hunting, by taking away large areas of land for hunts to access. But pro-hunt supporters say that trail hunting is a legal activity and have accused the National Trust of “distancing itself from the rural community to appease metropolitan sensibilities”. 

The number of votes against the motion to ban trail hunting was 30,985. Votes favour of the motion to ban was 30,686. Activists seized on the small margin to claim the National Trust swung the decision in its favour by using “discretionary votes”.

Philippa King, acting CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports [right], said: “The Trust claims to protect our countryside but they have singularly failed to do that. This is a massive backward step for justice and a shot in the arm for cruelty.”

What is trail hunting? Trail hunting is when the artificial scent of an animal is laid. It is legal in the UK, but thePhillipaKingActingCEOLACS.jpg League Against Cruel Sports argues that the act is a “cover up” for illegal hunting and did not exist in Britain until the Hunting Act 2004 was passed.

National Trust members have been voting online and by post for weeks, with the final vote taking place at 3pm on Saturday. The League Against Cruel Sports said the passing of the motion means that 67 hunts which have previously been issued with licences to hunt on Trust land will be prevented from doing so in the future.

King said ahead of the vote: “The National Trust claims no illegal hunting takes place on their land but we believe they are either being deceived or not paying attention. This motion was brought by a National Trust member who witnessed illegal hunting on Trust land. The League and others have produced over 400 pages of reports and evidence to support this motion. “The National Trust is a treasured institution which does wonderful work, but it has allowed itself to be embarrassed by the hunting fraternity.”

The supporting statement to the motion read:- “Since hunting with dogs became illegal in 2005, the National Trust has issued licences for ‘trail hunting’ in which, allegedly, an artificial trail is laid for the hunt to follow. The supporters of this resolution however believe that enough evidence is now available to show that illegal hunting is taking place on National Trust land on a regular basis. We believe this is leading to regular wildlife crime as well as damage to important flora and fauna. We believe that those being issued ‘trail hunting’ licences are severely damaging the Trust’s reputation, and that existing guidelines, bye-laws and enforcement practices are having no impact. The policy of issuing ‘trail hunting’ licences should, therefore, be stopped immediately.”

The motion was not supported by the National Trust’s board of trustees, who said they “monitor activities that we have licensed, to ensure that they remain compatible with our conservation and access purposes”. The Trustees said in a statement: “We will take, and have taken, strong action (including suspension, revoking and refusing to grant further licenses) against any licence holders who we judge have breached their licence conditions or the law.”

The National Trust issued 79 licences to 67 hunts last year. Trustees said that they have taken action against trail hunts on six occasions in the last five years. “It is hard therefore to agree that singling this legal activity out for blanket prohibition represents a proportionate response,” the trustees said ahead of the vote. It is estimated that there are approximately 300 hunts in England and Wales.

Pic below  -  Anti-hunt demo outside the NT AGM  


POWAperson comments  -  The stance taken by the NT on this issue is disgusting. They know full well that licenced Hunts have been hunting illegally on their land for years, including the use of terriermen. The only times that have acted to sanction Hunts has been when they've been forced to by adverse publicity. And then all they have done is suspend them for short periods and, in one case, allow them - the Minehead Harriers - to restart once a new agreement, not worth the paper it was written on, was agreed. They do not, contrary to their claim, monitor licenced Hunts in any meaningful way. They do not, as the article claimed, use 'artificial scents.' When they bother to actually lay a trail at all - which is hardly ever - they use fox urine or similar. Whilst the licencing changes they announced a few weeks ago are a step in the right direction they will mean little if hunts are not properly monitored and Hunts seriously sanctioned for breaches. After they announced those changes they said they were not planning to monitor Hunts. They should, by now, be fully aware by now what Hunts will do if they don't. The NT will not effectively be colluding in breaking the law. So, nothing new there then.

21-10-17   League Against Cruel Sports     ‘Massive backwards step for justice’ as National Trust fails to ban ‘trail hunting’    Animal lovers have been left distraught today after National Trust members failed to pass a motion to ban ‘trail hunting’ on Trust land. A group of National Trust members, supported by the League Against Cruel Sports, put forward a motion calling on the charity to stop fox, hare and stag hunts from illegally killing animals on Trust land under the cover of 'trail hunting', exempt hunting or just exercising their hounds.

In the result out this afternoon, the number of people voting against the motion to ban Trail hunting was 30,985. Those for the motion was 30,686. This means that the motion failed by 299 votes. It is worth noting that the National Trust was given discretionary votes by some members, meaning that those votes were used by the National Trust to vote against the motion. Without those discretionary votes, the number of people who voted for the motion was actually greater than those who voted against. So the decision was swung against the motion by the National Trust board. The result means that 67 hunts which have previously been issued with licences to hunt on Trust land will be able to continue doing so in the future.

Philippa King, Acting CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports, said:- “The Trust claims to protect our countryside but they have singularly failed to do that. This is a massive backward step for justice and a shot in the arm for cruelty. The fact that more people actually voted to ban trail hunting than voted not to is very telling and we are extremely proud of that. But the vote was lost because the National Trust decided to ignore the popular vote and side with the pro-hunt lobby. This is both sad and very worrying and we hope that the Trust will have taken on board and listened very carefully to the points made by members. We want to see them bring in the new licensing rules they have introduced and do everything in their power to ensure the hunts are properly monitored.

The National Trust could have played a major role in curtailing illegal hunting in this country, but they chose to ignore 400 pages of evidence and instead mislead their members into voting against this motion. Their justification is that there have been no prosecutions of hunts on National Trust land – but if you let a burglar wander round your house without supervision, then he’s unlikely to be arrested. Hunts will now claim that people believe they are hunting legally. If so, they shouldn’t mind if the National Trust now invites independent monitors onto their land to ensure that the hunts follow their rules, as the Trust officials don’t normally monitor hunting on their land as they should. We’ll then see how many accidents, how many chases and how many deaths occur in the name of ‘trail’ hunting.”

NationalTrustantispresentresolutiontobantrailhuntingonNTland23-5-17.jpgHelen Beynon, [left, with fellow campaigners Steve Miller &  Barbara Slaska] National Trust member who was one of those proposing the motion, said:- “I started this with some other National Trust members because I witnessed the deceit of Hunts which are claiming to follow trails but are actually chasing animals, and I couldn’t abide the thought of them getting away with it on National Trust land. I believe the only reason our motion has failed is because most National Trust members haven’t seen it with their own eyes. If they’d have seen what I’ve seen, then I have no doubt they would have voted with us. I was surprised, that despite all the evidence available to the National Trust Trustees, and the fact that we were given no opportunity to respond to the terms of any new licence, they advised members to vote against our proposal. By doing this, they have led people to believe that there is no problem. But there is a problem, Hunts will now be able to continue their barbaric hobby on land which is meant to be protected for people and animals. It’s disgraceful, and the National Trust should be ashamed.”

The motion did not attempt to ban ‘drag’ hunting which has existed as a legitimate sport for 200 years and uses non-animal based artificial trails in areas without foxes or hares. ‘Drag’ hunting offers a genuine alternative to illegal hunting, as the huntsmen have full knowledge of where the trail is being laid, so ‘accidental kills’ are practically unheard of. However, no fox or hare hunt converted to drag hunting after the Hunting Act passed in 2004, and they invented ‘trail’ hunting instead.

This was not an attempt to kill off ‘tradition’, it was an attempt to stop the killing of animals for fun,” said Philippa King. “Drag hunts follow an artificial trail and rarely catch an animal ‘by accident’, and will not be affected by this ban. Trail hunting was invented after the Hunting Act came in, but there was no genuine reason to invent a new version of drag hunting unless there was an ulterior motive – to carry on killing foxes, deer and hares, and get away with it. This deception has been recognised by many National Trust members, but not by the Trust themselves. Today the Hunts will be laughing at the National Trust – or at least those in the National Trust who are opposed to hunting.”

Last year the National Trust issued 79 annual licences granting Hunts access to their land in England and Wales to trail hunt. The League believes there is no such a thing as the 'sport of trail hunting' and it is simply a temporary, false alibi to cover for illegal hunting while the hunting fraternity hopes for the hunting ban to be repealed or weakened.

Invented following the enactment of the Hunting Act 2004, trail hunting was created to mimic traditional hunting. Hunts are said to follow a pre-laid trail in areas where the ‘once’ hunted animals would naturally occur. However those controlling the hounds are not told where the scent has been laid, so if the hounds catch the scent of a live animal instead - resulting in a chase and often a kill - this is then classed as an ‘accident’.

Reports from more than 30 hunt monitors across ten years from different organisations covering the majority of hunts in England and Wales (157), have reported witnessing someone laying a possible trail only in an average of around 3% of the occasions they monitored hunts. Worse, they believed that they may have witnessed a genuine trail hunting event, rather than a fake one, on an average of around 0.04% of occasions. Find out more about the National Trust vote at www.league.org.uk/nationaltrust .

Widely reported but see also the Observer. 


Monitors film Cheshire FH blatantly hunting foxes - reported to police

Hound found caught on barbie bites monitor trying to release it 

Usual illegal quads, dangerous driving, horses used as weapons etc.

21-10-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   SO, THIS IS ‘TRAIL HUNTING’… CHESHIRE HOUNDS, TIVERTON 21.10.17    On Thursday, the Cheshire Hounds Hunt were keen to prove to us that they “trail hunt” and that they “always hunt within the law” by dragging an old sock on the end of a stick along the middle of a busy road in Cholmondeley, Cheshire to lay their "trail" (see previous report). So forgive us then if we were a little confused to see them blatantly hunting foxes through woods and across fields in Tiverton yesterday morning (21st).

We found the Hunt in one of their favourite meet venues again – Huxley Lane Farm – before they headed down toCheshireFHHoundcaughtonbarbiebyfoot21-10-17.jpg fields between Tiverton village and the Shropshire Union Canal. The first field we witnessed them hunting through, which borders Wharton’s Lock and has the Sandstone Trail running through it, is owned by a local resident, who is also a Hunt member; she didn’t seem to be aware of Section 3 of the Hunting Act when we mentioned it later on, but she should probably read it, along with a number of other local residents who could themselves be committing a criminal offence by letting this Hunt onto their land. The following fields hunted and the adjacent Simpson’s Rough woodland (with its many foxes), where we filmed a fox being chased, are owned by residents Simon and Christine Lees-Jones, who are co-owners of The Swan, Tarporley.

With a large team of monitors today, and with public footpath access in this area (albeit not always clearly marked, also the responsibility of the landowner; the Hunt certainly didn't appear to know where it was!), we were able to keep a close eye on the Hunt from the off, and it was early on we captured a full pack of hounds flushing this young fox out of Simpson’s Rough and giving chase through fields towards the village, with Hunt staff and riders in hot pursuit. We heard no attempts by the Huntsman to call the hounds off, and with various riders blocking the footpath and trying to keep us away from the ‘action’, we can’t say if this fox escaped or not. All in all, strangely realistic fox hunting for a "trail hunt". You'd be forgiven for mistaking it for the real thing...

We captured all this on a number of cameras, and this is now a live case, so we can’t post any video or photos of this specific incident for the time being, but we'll keep everyone updated. What we can tell is, while all this was happening, a hound got caught up in barbed wire, repeatedly crying out in pain as its foot was twisted right round on itself above right]. As this was right beside a public footpath with a monitor close by, and with the Hunt busy chasing foxes (some riders laughing at us when we told them it needed help), she tried to help and received a nasty bite from the hound [left]; failing to jump a relatively low fence and then reacting so aggressively are both further indications of how poorly trained some of this Hunt’s hounds appear to be, and we have serious concerns for them as the main hunting season approaches. The Hunt eventually released the hound by throwing it upside down back across the fence. We aren't aware what happened to the hound after this point.

CheshireFHMonitorbittenbyhoundtryingtorescuefrombarbie21-10-17.jpgAfter this the Hunt took refuge in the grounds of Fishpond Farm, ironically the site of the fox kill last season which hit the headlines and got this Hunt (and the previous Huntsman) in hot water (https://goo.gl/85qtio). After this we monitored them in a number of other locations close by, including field and woods on Pudding Lane, and then a smaller group moving down to the canal and along to woodlands where they passed through a meadow that we understand they are banned from by the landowner (we’re following that up). This was to gain access to the woodland we filmed this Hunt chasing multiple foxes in last year (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTR_1AGbCCM), which borders on land owned by Hunt member Randle Cooke. They chased more foxes here, and again we don’t know the outcome of that but we saw no evidence of kills.

The morning also saw the usual illegal quads, dangerous driving, riders using their horses as weapons, and – of course – the Hunt parading another child right amongst Hunt staff so that they could use their despicable accusations of monitors being paedophiles. The child himself even made the accusation at one point. Such innocence!

Thank you to all our new monitors! If you would like to join our ever-expanding team, or have information to pass on to us (in strictest confidence), then please get in touch. Either message us here or email - info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk.

[More details are shown on individual photographs. Cheshire Monitors do not encourage or condone abuse on any of their posts, and we include certain names for transparency. Please keep language clean. Also when commenting please remember we are monitors, not hunt sabs.]

Cheshire Monitors are handing their footage of what they believe is illegal hunting to the police and so neither pics or video of it can yet be published. 

Pics below -   1/  Masked terriermen    2/  JM backing horse into monitor 

  CheshireFHMaskedterriermen21-10-17.jpg  CheshireFHJMbackshorseintomonitor21-10-17.jpg


Fernie FH hounds rescued from canal by sabs - Hunt kept in check 

21-10-17  Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs   Well, I feel a bit more human now after leaving home at 5:30 this morning and finally returning at around 6pm, running on only a shandy and a bowl of chips grabbed in the pub between hunts. And what a day, a double scoop of sab goodness topped off with citronella sauce and a side helping of compassion.

FernieFHOneofseveralhoundsrescuedfromcanalbysabs21-10-17.jpgWe started the day with our friends over at Northants Hunt Saboteurs for a visit to the Fernie who had a morning meet between Foxton and Lubenham in Leicestershire. Early on the hounds seemed to want to bugger off from the meet and some ended up in the canal. The hounds couldn't find a way out as the banks were too high and they were in danger of drowning but fortunately sabs from both groups were on hand to drag them from the water.

The rest of the meet was fairly uneventful. Simple fact was whichever way they turned sabs were waiting for them so round and round in circles they went, the big field of over 50 riders looked bored and some chinless wonder tried to be macho but his bravado was soon quashed with a telling off for bad language in from of children.

They packed up around 10:45am so we bade farewell to our chums and headed back south for a quick fuel stop and a shandy and chips in the pub. While there we got some interesting intel regarding our local wildlife killers the Oakley. It seemed they were having an afternoon meet at one of their favourite places, Park Farm, Keyso. Well, would be a shame not to pay them a visit as well so it was back on the blower and once again sabs from Northants and also North Cambs Hunt Sabs answered the call...

Pic above left   -  One of the Fernie hounds rescued from canal by sabs 

Pics below   -   1/  Fernie FH hounds awaiting instruction   2/  The field - looking bored

  FernieFHHoundsawaitinstruction21-10-17.jpg  FernieFHThefieldlookingbored21-10-17.jpg


Sabs spoil Blackmore FH's fun as police investigate blocked setts

21-10-17  Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights   Hit Report 21/10/2017 Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt Inwood near Stalbridge    With a severe weather warning issued for very high winds we didn't actually expect anyone to risk the safety of their animals both on the road in high-sided horse boxes or riding at high speed over water logged ground. So we thought we would go and check firstly on Lady Townshend 's blood thirsty Cattistock Hunt. When we arrived it was clear that the weather had put them off and so spent the morning casually exercising the hounds around the kennels. 

Being fairly confident that they wasn't going to do a 'sneaky' after we left , acting on a tip off, we headed off to pay the BSV a visit. Deciding to leave our rather infamous red landy at base as we reserve that privilege of using her for a better class of 'Hunt'. (let's face it would Lady Char have this lot over her gaff for the day? see video).

So we headed off to the Stalbridge area where the opening meet was at Inwood. First port of call was Martins Copse where we had decided to pre-beat and spray to ward off scent . Upon arrival we saw a quad bike heading out of the copse. What was the terriermen doing in there? well it didn't take long to find out as we came upon newly dug badger setts (all logged and reported!).

Next was a game of hide and seek with support blocking us in or obstructing the road in front of us. However we had our legendary monitor on board who was able to give us clear directions as to where the Hunt was heading at all times. Hence they were never far from our sights for pretty much most of the day!

Hounds went into cry around Inwood, where sabs were able distract them from rioting on a deer by using voice calls to pull their heads up. This seemed to get the now growing number of dribblers a bit tetchy and tensions were starting to rear up ! At one point even our driver was 'offerred out' by a rather large angry ' woman!' The same woman who, in fact, can be heard shouting to the hounds.. 'go on find it, rip it apart and to the Huntsman 'those c**ts are in ere'...

With weather getting worse and the winds wrecking any chance of picking up a scent the Hunt moved to the usual area of Nyland where they obviously had no joy!

So, back towards Martins Copse stopping by the fields below Temple Lane where foot sabs were deployed and as hounds picked up a line and went into cry. sabs were able to cover any scent with citronella and voice calls. This spun out the nearby support, who resorted to abusing us and trying their hardest to hunt the hounds on by the 'go on get it , get it ' school of hunting !

So off they charged full speed towards Martins Copse only to do a complete dead stop as they were confronted by the local wildlife police who were in there investigating said blocked setts!!!

So game over , they headed back to the meet with tails between their legs. Red-faced terriermen about-turning as they thought we were 'off piste' but no, we were helping the police with their enquiries! Overall a good day for sabs and monitor, a really, really bad opening meet for the BSV.


Oakley FH Whip sexually offensive to woman sab as Hunt restrained by antis

21-10-17   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   HIT REPORT 21.10.2017 (another one) Oakley Hunt, Park Farm, Keysoe    If you had chance to read our report from this morning's outing to the Fitzwilliam Hunt you would think that sabs would be resting up this afternoon. We thought so too, until a concerned member of the public made contact to report riders and hounds gathering in Keysoe, Bedfordshire. Sabs in the area from Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs and Northants Hunt Saboteurs as well as North Cambs Hunt Sabs rallied to check out this report.

Two sab vehicles located the hunt and quickly deployed after the hounds were being cast through a small copse just outside the meet, faced with being rumbled so quickly the hunters headed back to their meet to figure out what to do...

What followed was a standard cat and mouse game of riding around local fields trying to lose our foot sabs, with the hunt aiming to get far enough ahead to try their hand at cub hunting. However with vehicles constantly circling the area they never got too far out of range and the pack was kept in sight.

The class of people who take part in fox hunting was displayed clearly when Ray Pipe (Oakley whipper-in), a paid employee, representing the 'club' and wearing their official red coat, made sexually offensive comments to a sab who was busy saving wildlife. When she confronted him about this later, he remarked that he saw "nothing wrong" with what he'd done.

The Hunt were finally escorted back to their kennels after a long day out in the field. On leaving the area, a hunt follower was observed driving dangerously slowly and obstructing the highway. Only when the blue lights came on, however, did he realise that we had a police car sat right behind us watching proceedings. Ultimately, the hunt were unable to trouble local foxes today, and were sent home with no kills. If you support the work of your sabs, why not buy them a coffee to say thanks?   https://ko-fi.com/northcambs

Pics below  -    1/  Whipper-in Ray Pope     2/  Hounds were hunted through this area 

  OakleyFHWhipRayPopesexuallyoffensiveremark21-10-17.jpg OakleyFHHuntedthruthisarea21-10-17.jpg


Sabs pull Fitzwilliam FH off two foxes - hounds also rioted on deer

21-10-17   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    HIT REPORT  21.10.2017  Fitzwilliam Hunt   Field Farm, Washingley By scouting round known favoured hunting spots, North Cambs Hunt Sabs found the Fitzwilliam Hunt this morning at Field Farm, near Washingley.

Hounds seemed to find a fresh scent as soon as they were on the ground, and went into cry immediately in North Wood, they were stopped and called out into a nearby field using the gizmo (a recording of hound and horn calls). An irate hunt staff blustered over and raved something incomprehensible at us, but we kept moving to stay with the pack.

After miles of hiking and jogging the fields, sabs again intervened as the hounds first rioted after a deer, and then flushed a fox from Fir Dale Spinney and pursued through the wood. Using voice calls the hounds were momentarily distracted, then the gizmo was deployed again to drag the pack into a field out of harm's way.

When the Fitz huntsman, Simon Hunter, arrived on the scene (on foot...) he denied all knowledge of his pack hunting live quarry. Shortly afterwards, his hounds all became stuck in a filthy stagnant swamp. Pretty sure there was no trail there, Simon. At least two foxes saved today, and many miles covered on foot.

If you support our sabs' work, why not buy them a coffee to say thanks? https://ko-fi.com/northcambs

Pics below  -  1/  Hounds wondering who is their master    2/  Hounds called off fox decide sabs are  

  FitzwilliamFHHoundswonderingwhoistheirmaster21-10-17.jpg  FitzwilliamFHSabscallincryhoundsofftwice21-10-17.jpg


N.Warwickshire Beagles run off home the moment sabs appear

21-10-17  Facebook – W.Mids Sabs   North Warwickshire Beagles - Saturday 14th October    After the Atherstone had packed up we came across the North Warwickshire Beagles who were in the same area. Once they saw us they hastily exited the field they were in onto the nearest road and took a long walk back to a barn where they packed up and drove back to the kennels. So last Saturday was a very busy day for us protecting wildlife.

This is a late report due to a busy week after being rammed by the Atherstone Hunt Chairman's son in law on a quad bike. Also we had to attend court this week to give evidence regarding Atherstone Hunt supporter John Hadfield who was subsequently found guilty of slashing a sab's tyre. We have also kept any eye on the Atherstone Hunt this week. On Tuesday they met at Amington and Thursday they met near Coventry.

We've been at the Grafton Hunt today with Grafton Hunt Watch, as the Atherstone Hunt weren't out today. Report to follow. We are very grateful for the messages of support and information we have received. If you would like to help towards our fuel costs please use the link below:-  https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.


Shotgun fired near sabs in mid-evening - police response very inadequate

20-10-17  Facebook - Derby Hunt Saboteurs    THREATS TO LIFE   19/10/2017  20:05    An incident happened last night which we are very shocked and concerned about for numerous reasons. Last night some sabs had a vehicle approach, obviously not expecting them to be there. They swiftly drove off. Minutes later a shotgun was fired from a public footpath, next to houses over the area they were standing.

A member of the public called 999 immediately and informed them what happened. It seems, however that Cheshire Police are not too concerned about public safety or illegal firearm use as they did not send a police car to the scene. After 1 hour and 20 minutes 2 Police Liaison Officers came to speak to the witnesses close to where the incident happened. This isn't the appropriate response and time for a crime of this nature.

After weeks of being harassed by police, this is a serious concern about how Cheshire Police deal with actual crimes. Why is it that people can be stopped for 'driving too carefully' but no police can be present for a firearm being discharged in public, dangerous and illegal places?


Fox killed after hunt and dig-out by Bicester FH

20-10-17  Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs   Bicester with Whaddon Chase hunt kill fox cub   This morning, one of our operatives received a tip off that the Bicester & Whaddon Chase Hunt would be cubbing near the village of Hillesden, Bucks. With only themselves able to attend they had to remain low key and monitor the proceedings.BicesterFHHoundsinlivestockfieldAfarmercomplained20-10-17.jpg

The hunt was found soon after arriving on the scene. The usual selection of hangers on were present but covert filming could be achieved. It was clear from the start that no trails had been laid and this was a full on hunt. After monitoring from some distance a change of location was required so they moved and found the hunt holding up a covert in classic cubbing style close to the road which runs south out of Gawcott. Leaving the vehicle they went in on foot, using cover not to give their presence away.

Moments later a fox shot past our monitor, only feet away and too fast to catch on camera. The hounds didn't pick up on this however they were now making a lot of noise in the covert and soon enough the Huntsman could be seen calling for the terrier men who arrived on their quad.

BicesterFHWaitingonthedigout20-10-17.jpgSpades and other items were removed from the boxes along with a terrier. The huntsmen then took the hounds away but fearing the worst our operative stayed. More people on quads turned up and their fears were realised soon after when a dull shot was heard.

The police were informed (Thames Valley) and they arrived to speak to the Hunt fairly quickly. After speaking to the officer later the terrier men admitted to killing the fox but claimed this was legal. They dug out the fox claiming they couldn't get their terrier out and the welfare of the animal was at stake.

1 - If the welfare of the animal was at stake why put it down a hole to fight a fox in the first place. 2 - The use of dogs below ground during a fox hunt is illegal. 3 - The "Gamekeepers Exemption" does not apply to fox hunting. This can only be used when not in conjunction with a hunt and with the written permission of the landowner and only to protect from serious damage to livestock or game birds. This was clearly not the case. 4 - The Hunt clearly chased this fox to ground so have admitted hunting and wild animal with dogs.   

Unfortunately few police officers are well versed in the Hunting Act so further action unlikely. Hunts are out there regularly killing and literally getting away with murder when they think no-one is looking. The law needs to be changed to stop these barbaric monsters once and for all.

POWAperson comments - Sorry I think the writer is, unfortunately, wrong about the law here. There is nothing in the Act which prevents terriermen accompanying a Hunt. That Hunt will always claim to have been 'trail hunting', using the falconry exemption or 'exercising hounds' and will say any pursuit of a fox was 'accidental'. But even if it could later be proved that the fox was chased underground illegally, there is nothing in the law to stop terriermen using the 'Gamekeeper's Exemption' to flush out and kill that fox.

Digging-out is harder to determine, but I see nothing in the Act that specifically forbids it. It is advised against in the Code of Practice attached to the Hunting Act, but that is in the part that is non-binding. We really need a test case to determine exactly what the law on digging out is. But, for sure, it is not illegal if they don't employ a terrier, as long as they have landowner permission. Alas. Significant strengthening of the Hunting Act is desperately needed. www.campaigntostrengthenthehuntingact.com.

Pics below   -  1/   The hunt is on    2/   Terrierman getting spades out     3/   More terriermen arrive


   BicesterFHTerriermangetsspadesout20-10-17.jpg  BicesterFHMoreterriermanarrive20-10-17.jpg


Ex-cop Atherstone FH supporter found guilty of stabbing sab's car tyre

19-10-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   Another conviction for the Atherstone Hunt   GUILTY - Ex-policeman John Hadfield was yesterday found guilty of slashing a tyre of a lone female hunt sab. He was sentenced to 18 months' conditional discharge and ordered to pay £625 in costs, £64 in compensation to the victim and a £20 victim surcharge. Hadfield claimed he took his penknife out to cut off a broken finger nail. The magistrates didn't believe his version of events.  https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs18-10-17 

18-10-17  Leicester Mercury  VIDEO  Supporter slashed protesters' tyres during Atherstone Hunt meeting   John Hadfield attacked saboteurs' vehicle during Atherstone Hunt meeting A fox hunting supporter has been found guilty of slashing the tyres of a protester’s vehicle. John Hadfield targeted the hunt saboteurs' Mercedes Vito during a meeting of the Atherstone Hunt in rural Leicestershire last year.

Leicestershire Police said the 52-year-old walked toward the parked vehicle and took a pen-knife from his pocket and slashed a tyre. The incident was filmed by hunt saboteurs and circulated widely on social media at the time of the offence. It happened on the A444 Atterton Road, near Fenny Drayton, on November 1. In a statement today, Leicestershire Police said: “He took a multi-tool from his pocket and pierced one of the tyres on the passenger side of the van before walking away.

John Hadfield, of Burton Road, Twycross, appeared at Loughborough Magistrates’ Court today, where he was convicted of an offence of criminal damage.

Pics below  -  1/  Jon Hadfield approaches sab car, knife in hand    2/  The tyre after he stabbed it 

  AtherstoneFHJonHadfieldopeningknifewillusetoslashsabtyre1-11-16.jpg  AtherstoneFHSabtyrestabbedbyJonHadfield1-11-16.jpg

POWAperson adds -  Hadfield's conviction brings to 398 the number of persons from organised Hunts in the UK known by me to have been convicted of or cautioned for criminal offences since 1990. This is the 50th conviction for Criminal Damage. 27 of the victims have been sabs, 14 hunt monitors. As always, these figures are just the tip of the iceberg as far as offences actually committed by organised hunters is concerned.  


 Berserk farmer who attacked sabs at Atherstone FH meet arrested

19-10-17  Farmers Weekly   Farmer arrested over alleged quad bike assault    A farmer has been arrested on suspicion of assault following a confrontation between hunt saboteurs. Leicestershire Police arrested the 44-year-old after an incident in Ratcliffe Culey at the weekend.

A police spokeswoman said: “The force received a report at 12.31pm on Saturday 14 October in relation to a man sustaining an injury as a result of being involved in a collision with a quad bike. On Wednesday 18 October, officers arrested a man on suspicion of assault and he has since been released under investigation pending further enquiries.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident or who captured the alleged assault on camera is urged to contact PC 1682 Richard Wilson on 101, quoting crime reference number 17* 444928.

   AtherstoneFHSupporterKnockssabintoaditch14-10-17.jpg  AtherstoneFHSupporterpunchessab14-10-17.jpg

Loose Cheshire FH hounds cause road havoc, support menaces local woman

19-10-17   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    CHESHIRE HOUNDS HUNT - FAILING TO CUB HUNT CHOLMONDELEY  19.10.17    Well, we think we may have struck on this Hunt’s latest tactic… to send us off toCheshireFHSupportwhomenacedlonewoman19-10-17.jpg sleep. Sneaking out to Cholmondeley by the back lanes today, the Hunt met at 8am at Cholmondeley Castle, and it wasn’t long after that we joined them, thanks to a number of locals who tipped us off. We are pleased to report that there is very little to report from this Hunt today.

Early on we ran into one of our regular local helpers who by now is basically a monitor, She was alone and being intimidated by hunt support [right] who had taken a whip out of their vehicle and were wandering around her and her car menacingly, giving her abuse. We put a stop to that.

The running theme of lost and poorly controlled hounds continued with lots of them running back and forth across roads in front of traffic, and always a good distance away from the Hunt. There is a real concern now that as we approach the full hunting season that hounds run the serious risk of being run over and injured, or even killed.

There weren’t many riders out today, and followers were non-existent. The usual Hunt servants – four masked lads on the usual two illegal quads, and the handful of old fellas standing guard - were all present, and one of the CheshireFHMaskedterriermen19-10-17.jpgHunt Masters Charlie Barlow, who hasn’t been out for a while, even turned up (making the effort to show his face before tonight and Sunday’s Hunt AGMs – oh, to be a fly on that wall).

Charlie spent most of his morning either filming us filming him (!!), or making an hilarious attempt to look like he was “laying a trail” by dragging someone’s manky-looking handkerchief along on the end of a stick. Strangely though, he didn’t think to do this until more than an hour after they started, dragged it along the middle of a busy road, and hounds close by failed to even notice whatever scent he was pretending to lay down.

Once again they managed to get very little hunting done. The Huntsman took the hounds through woodland towards Hetherson Green, without any luck, before moving off to hunt down through a thick crop field and bordering woodland, again without any luck. Hounds didn’t go into cry once, and there were clearly no kills, or anything even close. He again showed very poor control of the hounds throughout, and the only real noise we heard from them was when a few of the pack started having a bit of a scrap.

Finally, we sensed something of an atmosphere between the Huntsman and the other Hunt members at the end. We have noticed recently that whipper in Jamie does much better with the hounds, and looks the part, and we can’t help wondering why he was passed over for Jake for the position of Huntsman?

[More details are shown on individual photographs. Cheshire Monitors do not encourage or condone abuse on any of their posts. Please keep language clean. Also when commenting please remember we are monitors, not sabs.] If you would like to join Cheshire Monitors, or have information to pass on to us (in strictest confidence), then please get in touch. Either message us here or email mailto:info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk.Pics

Pics below  -  1/   Loose hounds on road with lorry    2/  Hounds on road, illegal quads    3/  The pretend trail-laying device, being employed on a road!     4/  Waiting for loose hounds to be rounded up

 CheshireFHhoundsonroad19-10-17.jpg  CheshireFHHoundsonroadIllegalquad19-10-17.jpg

 CheshireFHThepretendtrail19-10-17.jpg  CheshireFHWaitingforloosehoundstoberoundedup19-10-17.jpg


Northants police won't investigate assaults on female monitors by Grafton FH

17-10-17  Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch   Shocking response from police after assault on two hunt monitors. If you agree that Northamptonshire Police should act, please contact them on 101 or contact details here http://www.northants.police.uk/contact.



Revealed that violent Atherstone FH supporter is Chair's son-in-law

17-10-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    NEWSFLASH UPDATE -  PLEASE SHARE   Violent Atherstone Hunt supporter is the son in law of Atherstone Hunt Chairperson Richard Woodward. Ashley Davies committed serious offences on saboteurs on Saturday. With the recent audio that we released in which Richard Woodward can be heard telling members of the hunt not to assault saboteurs we feel that Richard Woodward should resign his position at the hunt with immediate effect.

This also raises other questions. During the audio Richard Woodward shared a platform with Leicestershire Police wildlife officer PC Rob Cross. It was the same PC Cross who took the statement regarding a previous violent incident involving Ashley Davies where he was filmed running at saboteurs with an iron bar. Leicestershire Police decided to take no further action over this incident.   https://www.facebook.com/leicspolice/



Local farmer's 'rant' at 'Neanderthal' behaviour of Atherstone FH supporter

16-10-17  Facebook - Landowners, farms and locals against the Atherstone Hunt    A concerned landowner speaks of Daily Mail footage After the appalling incident at Saturday's Atherstone Hunt Meet where a tenant farmer who allowed the Hunt to cross his fields attacked a group of peaceful anti hunt protesters with his quad bike, another farmer gives his view on the affects of such negative impact on today's modern farming practices.

"I'm not usually one for controversial posts but this article in the Mail has to be addressed, so let the rant begin. Me and many farmers like me are trying our hardest to bring the face of UK agriculture into the twenty first century. We are trying to show the general public, (who after all are the intended customers for much of what we grow and rear,) that we care about the country side, that we care about how we are putting food on their plates.

Historically there has been an us and them mentality, as in we are the farmers and the rest of you are townies. What some farmers seem to forget is that those "townies" are not the enemy! To the contrary, they are the ones buying the bread, the milk and meat that we are working hard to produce. Now that we are coming out of the EU we have real chance to promote home grown produce. We need to get Joe Public, the everyday men and women of this country to show their national pride by buying British. Buying British food and drink from the friendly British Farmer who has toiled endlessly to produce it. Farmers need to fly the flag for UK agriculture, raise the profile of the Red Tractor Scheme.

Farmers need to be accountable, accessible, responsible, law abiding, open minded and forward thinking. There is no room for dinosaurs in modern farming or today's society. The actions of one farmer behaving badly, picked up by the press and published nationally has a negative effect on all farmers.

I know that the subjects of trespass and fox hunting are emotive ones, but we cannot be seen as being above the law, we cannot take the the law into our own hands. I personally think that fox hunting, like bear baiting and cock fighting is a throwback to the days of landed gentry, us and them, and has no place in a modern society. I and a growing number of farmers do not allow the Hunt on their land.

I do not know if Ashley Davies was acting as an angered farmer or hunt supporter, What I do know is that his Neanderthal behaviour has cast a dark shadow over the countryside and the farming community. Shame on you. Don't let the actions of a few, tar every farmer with the same brush."   Rant over. Mr Caton.


Cheshire FH scare cat up tree - rescued 24 hours later - 3 agencies involved

16-10-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Cheshire FH at Darnhall    It's not just wild animals the hunts terrorise...   This photograph [below] shows a terrified cat, owned by a local resident in Darnhall, where the Cheshire Hounds Hunt were caught cub hunting on Saturday.

The cat spent more than 24 hours up this tree after being frightened by the Hunt passing through the woods close to houses (without any prior warning to residents), and resulting in the use of numerous resources in attempts to rescue him: an RSPCA (England & Wales) inspector, a Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service inspector and four technical crew, and a tree surgeon, who was finally able to rescue him; the tree was dangerously fragile and close to a river.

We wonder if any of these parties will be sending their invoices to Hunt headquarters? We are more than happy to supply the necessary contact details if they get in touch with us.



Berserker Atherstone FH supporter drives quad into sabs and throws punches

Man had previously attacked antis with an iron bar [police took no action]

16-10-17    Daily Mail   VIDEO   ‘Get off my land': Shocking violence as farmer bellowing 'you're on privateAtherstoneFHSupporterdrivesquadatsabs14-10-17.jpg property' leaps off quad bike to throw punches at hunt saboteurs then RAMS one into a ditch as they try to flee - Furious farmer attacked members of the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs - Tore towards them on quad before knocking them off feet and into ditch - Driver then boasts: 'That's one more, does anybody else want some?'     A furious farmer drove his quad bike at anti-hunt campaigners [left] and threw a flurry of punches during a shocking attack. The man targeted members of the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs as they filmed by his farm on Saturday afternoon. In footage captured by the group, the farmer, dressed in green John Deere overalls, tears up to them on his quad before shouting 'get off my land'. He then jumps off the bike before pushing one of the sabs into a ditch and then turning on the other two protesters.

As the men walk backwards along the track, the man continues to drive at them with his quad bike, shouting: 'You are on private property, I can do what I want.' In one shocking moment, the thug ploughs his quad bike into oneAtherstoneFHSupporterpunchessab14-10-17.jpg of the men, knocking him off his feet and into a ditch [below left]. The driver is then heard boasting: 'That's one more, does anybody else want some?' The video was filmed during the fox hunt near the Leicestershire village of Ratcliffe Culey.

When three men reach a road by the track, a bald man points at the protesters' camera and says, 'Film me you little b**** and I'll kill you.' A younger man in a grey t-shirt tells the group: 'F*** off d***heads, I'll whip me n** out in a minute for the camera if you want.'

A spokesperson from West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs said: 'This was absolutely shocking violence from the Atherstone Hunt, the saboteurs were just standing peacefully filming the hunt when they were violently attacked out of the blue. 'We were just standing on the track filming the hunt and then out of nowhere this quad bike sped up to us - that person has attacked us AtherstoneFHSupporterKnockssabintoaditch14-10-17.jpgpreviously. He just immediately started laying punches. When we kind of got ourselves together and tried to walk away to defuse he starts ramming us with his quadbike.'

'The people hit by the quad were extremely lucky not to have been hospitalised with serious injuries. The one person could have been seriously injured, he went at him with speed - if the quad bike carried on it could have landed on him in the ditch. The guy who attacked us has been at hunts before and has attacked us previously. Despite what he said on the video he's not the landowner, we have searched Land Registry. When we get back to the road the other hunt parties start joining in and one was trying to get his penis out, which was bizarre. I don't know why any normal person would think to do that. It's the kind of mentality these people have really.'

West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs had previously filmed the same hunt supporter running at saboteurs with an iron bar, but no further action was taken by police. Leicestershire Police have been informed about the incident.

15-10-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   More violence from the Atherstone Hunt - Hunt supporter punches sabsAtherstoneFHSupporterpushessabover14-10-17.jpg in face and shoves them down a ditch - Then rides them down on his quad bike    Just a week after a meeting in which the Atherstone Hunt joint-masters told off all their supporters for continued bad behaviour and warned them not to assault or abuse saboteurs, sabs are badly assaulted by the Atherstone Hunt.

Sabs were peacefully filming the hunt when an angry supporter/farmer who had been watching the hunt sped up to them on his quad bike and immediately started throwing punches. One sab ends up in the hedge whilst another is shoved down a ditch [right]. He continues lashing out at anyone near him. Sabs began walking away from him and back to the road to defuse the situation only for the angry hunt supporter to begin riding them down on his quad bike [below left]. One sab is hit and ends up in the ditch, once out of the ditch however the quad is driven into him again at speed. The sab was thrown into the ditch and luckily escaped any serious injuries. However it could have been a different story especially if the quad had not stopped and landed on top of the sab in the ditch.

The person in question is a known Atherstone Hunt supporter who was filmed last year running at sabs with an iron bar. Leicestershire Police were informed of this previous incident but decided to take no further action…

AtherstoneFHSupporterdrivesatsab14-10-17.jpgThe threats of violence continued back on the road as other hunt supporters joined in. One supporter tried to snatch a camera whilst another issued death threats. To round it all off one Atherstone follower threatened to flash his penis...

So the Atherstone Hunts new policy is in tatters but we are not surprised, no matter how many final warnings this hunt are given the Atherstone Hunt will not and can not change. We wait to see how the MFHA deals with this one...

Elsewhere the Huntsman again struggled to keep the hounds under control ,whilst a group of riders lead by one of the joint-masters surrounded the sab vehicle before riding their horses into the path of the vehicle in an attempt to make it look like the sab was driving into them. Extremely dangerous for the horse and rider. This behaviour was led by the same JM who can be heard in their recent meeting warning the rest of the hunt not to engage with or abuse the antis. If the Masters can't follow their own advice then there is no hope for the rest of the Hunt. A separate video of this incident will follow.

Once the Atherstone Hunt had finished we came across the North Warwickshire Beagles who were in the same area. Upon seeing us they immediately exited the field they were in and packed up. A separate report on this will follow.

Thank you to Atherstone Hunt Watch who joined and helped us. Thank you to everyone who has recently donated. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs .

The story was also in the Telegraph, the Mirror. There were two stories in the Leicester Mercury - 1  and  2. Also ran in the Times, Coventry Telegraph, Express & Star.  

Pics below  -   1/  Supporter bellows 'Does anybody else want some?'   2/   A different supporter - 'I'll whip me knob out for the camera... ' 

  AtherstoneFHSupportersaysAnybodyelsewantsome14-10-17.jpg  AtherstoneFHSupporterillwhiPmeknobout14-10-17.jpg 


 Sabs release film of Essex/Suffolk FH terrierman pitchfork attack

16-10-17  Facebook - Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   The moment Cambridge Hunt Sabs are attacked by Essex and Suffolk FH terriermen On the 30th of September, CHS members were attacked with a what appears to a pointed weapon, possibly a pitchfork on the public highway by three men, one of which is masked. The three men are all terrier men for the Essex and Suffolk hunt. We've had numerous incidents, including assaults by these men before however, police have always seemingly quietly dropped the case as we've had no further contact with them, even when we press for it.

Assaults are common from this Hunt in particular, as they seem very nervous about who's watching their hounds. There is no doubt in our opinion that The Essex and Suffolk hunt is and will continue to hunt in contradiction to the 2004 hunting Act until the police start to take the evidence we provide them with seriously or wildlife protection such as ourselves will continue to be attacked.

Pics below -  1/  Terrierman on right brandishes pitchfork    2/  What happened next [no clear stills of this in video]

  EssexSuffolkFHTerriermanbehindsabcarbrandishespitchfork30-9-17.jpg EssexSuffolkFHTerriermanstabspitchforkatsabcaroccupied30-9-17.jpg 



Waveney Harriers in uncontrolled riot on a deer - pretend 'trail hunting' in bramble thicket!

16-10-17  Facebook - Norfolk and Suffolk Against Live Quarry Hunting    “Cubbing” meet at Town Farm, Chediston on 11 October 2017 It was still dark when we spotted a horse box associated with the Waveney Harriers Hunt on its way to one of their Wednesday “cubbing” meets. At this time of year, they set off with their horses and hounds to hunt at first light. Following horse boxes is an activity we would prefer not to do but so far this season this particular hunt has refused to publish their meet locations and we are therefore left with very little option if we are to monitor and report on any breach of the Hunting Act or indeed any ill treatment of the horses and hounds and also birds of prey which are frequently used these days, in our opinion to provide a false alibi. We were soon to find out why they may not want to be observed by monitors.

The box being followed joined others from the hunt at Town Farm, Chediston. As far as we know this is the family home of Mr John Ibbott, a former joint master but it is also associated with a livery connected to the Hunt. With enough light present to see where they were going, they set off along the narrow road in the direction of Chediston village; they then crossed the B1123 and headed for the higher ground to an area near Grange Farm, aWaveneyHarriersSigninareawerehuntingin14-10-17.jpg large and ancient looking farmhouse surrounded by barns, a couple of small woods and a small plantation of deciduous trees that appear to have received little or no management since they were first planted. Consequently it is now choked by brambles and is impenetrable to humans and painfully hard work for hounds to enter. A local countryman was able to tell us that the Grange had been empty for some time and having changed hands a couple of times he believed it to be in the ownership of Heveningham Estate.

It was not long before the hounds were in full cry in pursuit of a deer. Our monitor filmed as a handful of riders rode with the hounds making a pathetic and ineffective attempt to call them off. One used his whip on a couple of hounds to little effect. Someone out of sight with a coarse voice was shouting “have a care” or something like that. Could this be the name of a hound or was it supposed to pull them back whilst there were monitors in the area? If it was, it certainly didn’t work. So much for the training that is supposed to happen in those early “cubbing” meets that have taken place since late summer. The two people who could have made a difference, that is the Huntsman and Whipper-in, were nowhere to be seen.

What happened to the deer we couldn’t say, but sometime later with the hounds regrouped, they were put into that overgrown plantation with the result that another deer broke cover and fled over the field. Now those thorns were such a barrier, even to a hunting dog, that some of them struggled to enter. They were keen as mustard to obey the hunter but were driven back several times by the thorns. When challenged by a monitor about this callous practice and questioned as to how it could possibly fit into any legal trail hunting scenario, Mr MacDaniels, a joint master, claimed that a trail had been dusted in there earlier. That of course would have been in the pitch black!

This is not the first time he has been recorded whilst using this laughable excuse. In our view, there is more chance of an alien space craft landing on the Loch Ness monster and the camera crew of Mustard TV being on hand to record it! When are the authorities going to kick this trail hunting false alibi into touch and start to enforce the Hunting Act? Hunts are going equipped to break the law just the same as a known house breaker who is found to be carrying a gemmy. Yes, but the hunt has the landowner’s permission to be there, you might be thinking. That’s as may be but the landowner cannot give them permission to break the law and it is not the hounds that can be held responsible but those who are supposed to be in charge of them. Even this very week in Suffolk, we have heard a blood sport supporter either deliberately or in ignorance trying to muddy the waters with talk of drag hunting. We know of no drag hunts, we only know of trail hunting that from our own observations differ little from old style hunting except that when there is a kill it is now claimed to be accidental.

When the National Trust meets at their AGM on 23 October at Swindon Steam Museum, we sincerely hope that the motion will be passed to totally ban hunting with hounds, full stop, on National Trust land. The hunts have overplayed their hand with those false alibis. They have lost all credibility by being so smart arsed and legally crafty. They have blown it!

Our own NSALQH supporters who are National Trust members have already voted online or by post. For any member out there who has yet to vote then they will have to get down to the AGM in person. You will be warmly welcomed by a picket from the League Against Cruel Sports. Until the authorities act then we must skirmish away at the edges of this particular blood sport activity, erroneously referred to by some as a sport.

WaveneyHarriersInprimehuntingcountry14-10-17.jpgBack at Grange Farm, the hunt moved off to Chediston Chase and we thought they were coming off the high ground and working their way back towards the meet but the hounds had a different idea. They were soon out of the sloppy control of the hunters and were once again chasing live quarry. The huntsman and the whipper-in, followed by the quad bike driven by Rhys Fairhead - (see what he does in his spare time on Facebook) - must have been panicking because they rode down to the B1123 close to Bridge Farm where they held up the traffic expecting the hounds to chase the quarry across the road. Once again they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The hounds had changed direction and appeared to be heading back for the high ground. We do not know the fate of that poor creature that they were chasing but it was not too long before the Hunt were seen to be heading back to Town Farm, no doubt allowing the scattered wildlife to start to put their lives back together.

On the way back himself, one monitor spotted two identical notices [above right] pinned to two Highways Authority footpath way marker posts. They read:- CAUTION!!! RAT POISON HAS BEEN DEPLOYED IN THIS AREA!!! PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOGS ON THE LEAD!!!

The sign could have been placed there for only one of two reasons:-  (1) to warn walkers to keep their dogs on a lead to prevent the dogs eating the rat poison. Hounds of course are never kept on a lead so one presumes that they just have to take their chances. There were no dwellings near by so one presumes that the poison was put down to kill rats that were interfering with the breeding of game birds that were being raised to be killed for recreation. Raptors are a protected species and if they eat a rat that has been poisoned then they are poisoned themselves. There is then a danger of scavengers eating them and also being poisoned. Altogether, we have lost yet more wild creatures that we share this planet with. Is this landowner in receipt of public money to farm in a wildlife sympathetic way, we wonder. If so, then come on DEFRA, wake up.

A big thanks to all the NSALQH supporters who turned out and sent in their reports and film. These early starts are never easy but the opportunities to save wildlife are greater and that’s why we do it.

Pic left above - The Waveney in prime hunting country [if you're after people's pets] 


Mother & daughter monitors assaulted by Grafton FH thugs

15-10-17   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch  VIDEO  Grafton Hunt, Saturday 14 October 2017  Female monitors bullied and cowardly assaulted by Grafton Hunt “stewards” at their cub hunt at Astwell, Northamptonshire.

Our brave young blonde monitor’s body is left covered in bruises after Adrian Bull assaulted her because he wanted to prevent her from getting to the footpath where the Hunt were located. At the same time Ben Wilkinson continually had his hands on her mother whilst pushing her towards the road, away from the footpath, the Hunt and away from her daughter.

Shockingly women members of the Hunt were complicit by watching and filming this going on without doing anything whatsoever to prevent it.

Pics below  -  1/   Daughter being assaulted    2/  Hunt bully Ben Wilkinson   3/  Hunt bully Adrian Bull    4/   Abrasions and bruising on daughter afterwards   5/  Hounds search derelict farm building for 'trail'    6/  No, don't think the 'trail' is there either

  GraftonFHDaughterbeingassaultedbyBull14-10-17.jpg  GraftonFHHuntbullyBenWilkinson14-10-17.jpg

  GraftonFHHuntbullyRichardBull14-10-17.jpg  GraftonFHAbrasionsondaughterafterassaulted14-10-17.jpg

  GraftonFHHoundssearchfortrail14-10-17.jpg  GraftonFNopetrailnotthereeither14-10-17.jpg


Rarely sabbed Cleveland FH pack up soon after antis' arrival

15-10-17  Facebook - North East Hunt Saboteurs   Hit Report 14/10/2017 Cleveland Hunt   Yesterday we paid a long overdue visit to the Cleveland Hunt. We met them at their meet, Poplar Farm near Guisborough, at 3pm and we were with them from the off.

They were not overly impressed to see us, we can't imagine why. They put on a very pretentious show of laying a trail, which we are fully aware was just for our benefit. But we stayed on them regardless and you could see the desperate looks and frustration every time they attempted to flush a wood and we were filming. So after going round in circles for a while they gave up and headed back to the meet.

We watched them pack up the hounds and leave and can safely call the afternoon a success. Our constant presence completely threw them, they clearly aren't used to having sabs around but don't worry we can change that.

Please help keep us out in the field, your support is what makes this possible https://www.paypal.me/nehuntsabs.



New LACS report suggests Scottish packs still hunting foxes as before

15-10-17  Sunday Herald    Revealed: inside the secret world of Scotland’s 'illegal' bloody fox hunts   MOUNTED huntsmen have been accused of defying Scotland’s fox-hunting ban by setting packs of bloodthirsty hounds on the fleeing animals which are torn apart when caught. 

Legislation only allows foxes to be flushed from cover and shot dead for pest control, but undercover investigatorsBuccleuchFHFoxbeinghunted_2_15-12-14.jpg say they have found packs of trained dogs chasing down foxes across open fields while huntsmen made no attempt to shoot them. It was also alleged that in some areas members of the hunt rode around on quad bikes firing shots in the air to give the impression the hunt was shooting at foxes while hounds pursued them. All claims have been strenuously denied by the Scottish Countryside Alliance which insisted all hunts have “operated within the law” since the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act was passed in 2002.

However, a dossier of evidence collated by the animal welfare charity League Against Cruel Sports Scotland (LACS) and seen by the Sunday Herald argues that Scotland’s mounted hunts regularly break the law a year on from a review of the existing legislation by Lord Bonomy’s. The former judge recommended strengthening legislation that has led to only two convictions since fox hunting was banned. The Scottish Government opened a consultation on the review’s findings last week. The new hunting season begins on November 1. 

Investigators from LACS filmed six of 10 Scottish hunts during last season and found “no discernible presence of guns waiting to shoot flushed foxes”. A new report titled Tally Ho! Exposed: Fox Hunting in Scotland said: “There was no sight of guns being positioned at points where you might expect foxes to emerge. Neither was there any sight of guns being moved from one cover to another as the hounds moved on. In all the incidents recorded by our investigators it appears that there was no intention to shoot any foxes which might have been flushed from cover.” The report went on to say that “token guns” were deployed. “These guns were usually to be seen on quad bikes well away from the flushing to guns.”

One LACS investigator who asked not to be named said: “I think our evidence proves without doubt hunts are not obeying the law. They’re not routinely using guns. The alternative to not having guns outside a cover which they’re running hounds through is that they’re intending to allow the hounds to hunt that fox once it breaks cover because there are no guns to shoot the fox.”

DumfriesStewatryFHHoundschasingfox28-2-17.jpgIn one alleged incident a fox was flushed out by hounds and a mounted huntsman in a red jacket is seen following it across the field shouting “Tally Ho! Tally Ho!” – this is the traditional call by a huntsman to alert others that a fox has been seen and is running away from cover. There were no guns seen. The report said: “The Tally Ho call is also used to encourage dogs on to either hunt a fox or to find the scent of the fox, which the hounds may not have seen escaping from the cover. The huntsman then sounded the traditional “hunt on” notes on his hunting horn, collected the dogs and led them towards the location where the fox was seen running. He then apparently becomes aware of the investigator and comes to a complete stop. He is then heard to say into a radio 'we’ve got company' before ceasing any further encouragement of the hounds onto the scent of the fox which had been seen.”

During the 2016/17 season investigators uncovered what they described as a “new development” where Hunts claimed foxes were wounded by gunshot before dogs tore them apart. There is a provision in the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 which allows packs of hounds to kill a wounded animal. The League Against Cruel Sports’ report said: “In one case where a fox was killed by a hunt, hunting within the confines of the law, the animal’s body was recovered and sent for autopsy. The autopsy showed the animal had suffered extensively before it died and concluded that the fox had suffered severe trauma consistent with that caused by a dog or dogs.”

Director of The League Against Cruel Sports Scotland Robbie Marsland said: “Despite Scotland being the first placeDumfriesStewatryFHFoxfleeinghounds28-2-17.jpg in the UK to ban foxhunting in 2002, the 10 Scottish hunts still go out two or three times a week each year between November and the end of March. They say they are using their hounds to flush foxes to waiting guns. Except our investigators could see no guns where you would expect to find them. We were pretty much convinced that it was business as usual for the fox hunters in the Scottish countryside.” 

Jamie Stewart, Director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, rebutted the claim saying that mounted foxhound packs have operated within the law since the act was passed in 2002.

All of the registered foxhound packs in Scotland are required to have guns present when carrying out pest control and maintain a record of who was present on any day." Adding that Any claim that a foxhound pack was operating without guns present would be taken extremely seriously and should be reported to police. “The Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 has been used successfully on many occasions. The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) or any other individual has the ability to make allegations about the legality of hunting activity at any time. “Indeed, the League Against Cruel Sports has previously made similar claims in a criminal prosecution that no guns were present during a pest control operation, that claim was found by the sheriff to be untrue. Piecemeal film clips from LACS covert operatives with added suggestive narrative is not factual evidence of illegal action.”

Hunt observers and hunt supporters play games of cat and mouse in the woods. THE Sunday Herald observed a fox hunt in Fife with League Against Cruel Sports Scotland (LACS) investigators and when we returned to our vehicle a man was in the woods filming us. He emerged wearing camouflage and holding a mobile phone. He followed investigators who then began filming him and his vehicle, which had a quad bike in an attached trailer. JedforestFHLACSfootage6.jpgEarlier that day the Sunday Herald had used binoculars to observe huntsmen on horseback riding across fields with hounds alongside them. We also saw a gathering of huntsmen and hounds at a Fife farm. Though we cannot say for certain that there were no guns, from the various positions we took up over two hours we could not see any guns. When the man holding the mobile phone was asked by the Sunday Herald why there were no guns apparent he refused to answer. He wouldn’t give his name but said: “I’m a countryman. We were on a fox drive. I didn’t see any hunting whatsoever. I saw hounds, I saw horses and I saw an attempt at a fox drive. I didn’t see any hunting.” He continued filming LACS investigators until they drove away. 

Liz Bell, secretary of Fife Foxhounds, said: “My response is no comment to your inquiries. However I can confirm that there were guns out on Wednesday.” 

LACS investigators told the Sunday Herald they are regularly confronted when they observe hunts. One LACS investigator who spoke on condition of anonymity said: “When we posted our video footage of the hunts for the first time, many of the hunts went underground in terms of advertising where they are going to be. If they are hunting within the law they should allow us to observe and not try to keep it a secret.” 

The Tally Ho! report describes an incident when investigators “were surprised by a man in full camouflage gear JedforestFHLACSfootage8.jpgwho emerged from undergrowth wielding a camera and shouting the name of our investigator”. The report said there is now “organised anti-surveillance activities around Scottish hunts”. The report adds: “In the 2016/17 season it was common for hunts to carry guns and to occasionally fire them for no apparent reason. It is also becoming common for look outs to be posted around the flushing to guns and for any empty parked vehicles to be scrutinised by people associated with the Hunt.”

Jamie Stewart, Director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, said: “The fact that you didn’t observe guns is neither here nor there. Despite filming them LACS investigators tried that one in court, the sheriff didn’t accept it. Remember Lord Bonomy stated that it is said that the camera never lies. However, the way in which film is presented does not always show the whole picture. A full account of the circumstances may provide a complete answer to any suggestion of illegal hunting.” 

Only two people have been found guilty of breaching Scotland’s 15-year-old fox hunting laws despite the claims from protestors that hunts regularly use dogs to chase down and tear apart foxes. The first convictions under the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 saw two men fined for deliberately hunting with dogs in the Scottish Borders. Their defence lawyer insisted they had used hounds to flush out a fox from cover to waiting guns but depute fiscal Fiona Caldwell argued the two men had broken the law at Townfoothill near Jedburgh on February 16 last year. The huntsmen were found guilty of illegal hunting. John Clive Richardson was fined £400 and Johnny Riley was fined £250. 

The Scottish Government has been urged to introduce an outright ban on “all forms” of fox hunting after fresh allegations that huntsmen are flouting the law. A consultation to review the legislation which bans hunting in Scotland was launched on October 5 by environment minister Roseanna Cunningham. She said the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 recognised the need for dogs to flush foxes to assist with pest control provided that the target animal is shot. She said the legislation meant “the practice changed markedly”, however, she accepted that “some would say it has not changed enough” and recognised Lord Bonomy’s 2015 review recommended improvements. 

ScotlandLACSobserversreturntocarafterhunt10-17.jpgBonomy, a former judge, said Scotland's “unduly complicated” fox hunting laws should be changed to make prosecutions easier and suggested introducing independent monitors to randomly check hunts because there were grounds for suspecting that illegal hunting may still take place.

Mark Ruskell MSP, the Scottish Greens’ environment spokesman, said ministers must “take a tougher stance against all forms of foxhunting and include a total ban option in any future consultation. Hundreds of foxes are killed each year in Scotland in hunts and I doubt that sits well with the public.” 

Labour MSP David Stewart, the party’s animal welfare spokesman, said: “We must be sure that any loopholes in the Scottish legislation should be strengthened, with the conclusions and recommendations of the Bonomy report.”

Jamie Stewart, Director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, said Bonomy review was “absolutely clear about the necessity for pest control to prevent predation on lambs, ground nesting birds and other livestock and the effectiveness of using packs of hounds to flush foxes from cover to be shot”. 

The Sunday Herald asked to speak to the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Roseanna Cunningham but a spokesman declined because “that could be seen to potentially prejudice/influence the process”.

The League's new report 'Tally Ho! Exposed: Fox hunting in Scotland can be found here. 


Cheshire FH lost hounds cause road havoc - cub hunting, but no kills

Monitors say police helpful to them and constrained Hunt's activities

14-10-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   AND AGAIN… CHESHIRE HOUNDS CAUGHT CUB HUNTING, DARNHALL 14.10.17   With a growing team of monitors and huge boost in support, we are finding it increasingly easy to locate this hunt, and this morning we found them cub hunting on the Darnhall Estate in Darnhall.CheshireFHLoosehoundsonroadHuntnowherenear14-10-17.jpg

Hounds were in and out of cry only briefly, and the theme of the morning’s activities quickly became one of lost hounds, as huntsman Jake continually failed to control his pack, with many left in woodland after the Hunt moved off and subsequently running around on the road [right] and causing numerous problems for passing traffic. Police officers and monitors had to join together to stop hounds being hit by cars and causing accidents. The Huntsman had to put himself through another walk of shame at the end of the morning when a final straggler had to be found (we pointed him in the right direction).

The Hunt began today by flushing woodland north of Hall Lane in Darnhall, displaying classic cub hunting behaviour. We did see one adult fox making a getaway, and we are pleased to report that the Hunt seemed oblivious. Shortly after they moved across to the south side. This is a very remote spot, perfect if you are wanting to take part in an activity that you would rather the general public didn’t see, so we were glad to be around to stop them. And both Hunt members and support seemed incredibly rattled by our continued presence. We found many more blocked entrances to a badger sett here today, another clear sign of their intentions.

CheshireFHPolicepresencehelpfulforonce14-10-17.jpgPolice input [left] was again today very positive indeed, with four police patrols on scene, also reporting numerous complaints from local residents and motorists. Without going into the ins and outs of the Hunting Act, they weren’t able to bring a complete halt to the hunt, but they certainly assisted in doing all but that, and we are pleased to report there have been discussions about how the police are progressing the entire problem of hunting this year.

One particularly tasteless tactic from the Hunt today was using a young rider (10 years old, we were told) who the Hunt used as 'bait', placing her in prominent positions amongst the riders purely to allow them to accuse monitors of being “paedos” and to insist we “stop filming children, you paedophiles”. Not a new tactic, we've heard it all before, but done particularly nastily today, with the poor child, riding side-saddle, looking thoroughly traumatised by it all, holding her head down in shame as this went on around her. This Hunt will clearly stoop as low as necessary to try and enable them to continue their hobby.

Finally, we would like to report that due to persistent police presence and our teams hard work this Hunt had no chases and there were no kills today. More details shown on individual photographs. PLEASE keep language clean and refrain from posting abuse. If you would like to join Cheshire Monitors, or have information to pass on to us (in strictest confidence), then please get in touch. Either message us here or email info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk.

Pics below  -  1/  Terriermen on quad illegal for road use    2/   Hunt all over a road  

  CheshireFHTerriermenonillegalquad14-10-17.jpg  CheshireFHHuntalloverroad14-10-17.jpg


 Sabs attacked at Atherstone FH - horses used as weapons

AtherstoneFHThugsattacksab14-10-17.jpg14-10-17   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Peaceful sabs violently attacked by the Atherstone Hunt today  This is the true face of fox hunting. As we have already said this coming season will be like all previous seasons with the Atherstone Hunt which show fox hunting and violence. 

The Atherstone Hunt today used their horses as weapons against the sab vehicle in an attempt to try and 'stitch' up the driver, the same sab they continually lie about to the police. Oh, how desperate times ay? They even got their phones out ready before flinging their horses in front of the van to try and do a 'set up'. This was filmed. They then went on to attack sabs. Huntsman lost control of hounds. Full videos of their atrocious, dangerous, desperate behaviour will be on line soon to expose exactly what fox hunting represents.

It was really bad. One rider forced her horse into the vehicle bashing it on the wing mirror. A Master of the Hunt flung her horse in front of the moving sab vehicle and other riders used their horses to wedge the vehicle in. So upsetting to witness and very dangerous. Poor horses.    https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs


Woman believes Belvoir FH hounds killed fox in farmyard

Huntsman tells her if it happened, must have been an 'accident'

14-10-17   Facebook - Jacqui White    So upset..  just watched the Belvoir hunt hand over a bag of 'something' to a hunt supporter from Leemat Reclamations, Scalford.. The hounds had been in full cry in a farmyard and then all came out together when the Huntsman handed over the bag... I was spotted and a Huntsman came over to see why I was upset..He said that he had laid a trail and if a fox had been killed it was an accident..and foxes don't know they are being chased - 'they are running from a disturbance'. I can't complain to police as obviously I can't prove a fox was in the bag handed over. I'm so upset.


Sabs thwart Ledbury South FH & Severn Beagles on same day

14-10-17  Bristol Hunt Saboteurs   Two Hunts - sabbed!   Today was an absolute result for hunted wildlife! Our first port of call was to an early morning cubbing meet of the 'Ledbury South' near Saint Margret's, Herefordshire. We got to work trying to find the Hunt and their location was soon given away by their dickhead terrier-boys. Thanks, lads!

As soon as the Hunt were in our sights it was game over. Sabs got to work and immediately took control of the hounds, rendering the hunt useless. This first act of sabotage set the tone for the rest of the morning. We split into two groups which meant we were completely on top of the Hunt. Every time they attempted to hunt foxes, we stepped in and took control of the hounds using horns, voice calls and our trusty gizmo (a pre-recorded track of hounds in ‘cry’ played through a megaphone). Both foxes and hares were aided to safety by sabs and it all became a bit comical towards the end of the morning as the hounds spent more time with us than the Hunt.

Absolutely blinding result, especially given the context - the 'Ledbury South' are essentially the former riders and masters of the dissolved South Herefordshire Hunt (who are currently at the centre of a police investigation after being caught on camera feeding live fox cubs to hounds at their kennels last year) following the hounds and huntsman of the equally distasteful Ledbury Hunt.

Next up we were off to our second hunt of the day, the Severn Vale Beagles, after a spotting car kennel-watched them and followed on to their meet in North Nibley, nr. Dursley, Gloucestershire. When sabs arrived shortly after 1pm, we found the hunt already out and setting up to 'draw' a field in an attempt to put up and chase hare. As soon as our cameras were on them they were on the phone and legging it - a sign of wrong doing if there ever was one! We kept eyes on them as they did a little circuit, mopping up their followers on the way back to the meet. As our second vehicle arrived, they were boxing up the beagles and quickly scarpered! A long and tiring day for us but a good 'un.  Support our work for the price of a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/A37126JE

Pics below -   1/  Sabs take hounds off the Hunt     2/  Severn Vale Beagles hound van 

  LedburySouthFHSabstakecontrolofhounds14-10-17.jpg  SevernValeBeagles14-10-17.jpg


Sabs report Old Surrey FH were actually trying to trail hunt !

 14-10-17   Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs    We were out early with other groups keeping an eye on the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt this morning. Their new Huntsman is really pretty poor at controlling his hounds. However we witnessed some nervous trail hunting today and not a lot else, which is what we like to see.


POWAperson adds -  Sabs said this Hunt doing same at a meet late last season - wasn't usual then. Will it be now? 


Oakley FH fail to kill cubs as sabs help them get away

14-10-17  Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs   As the Oakley got a week off from our attentions last week we thought it only right and proper to visit them again this morning. A concerned member of the public, while out walking their dog, noticed lots of horse boxes arriving in the village of Wilden. Now we know one of the Oakley Masters (Steve Harris - ex Bedfordshire Police Custody officer) lives in the village so itOakleyFHPrivatewildlifereserveinvadedby14-10-17.jpg wasn't hard to figure out where the meet would be (The Old Post Office). So a few quick calls and we assembled sabs from our regular group of comrades from Northants and N. Cambs Hunt Sabs and got into position with 2 vehicles.

The Hunt headed north west over to Great Wood & Little Wood by Ravenstone Ho and were to spent the majority of time here going back and forth trying to draw the hounds through. Riders were observed holding up in classic cubbing style but with 2 foot teams always snapping at their heels it proved a fruitless venture. At least 2 foxes were seen fleeing from the woodland but sabs were in place to cover their escape. A third escaped and sought refuge in the valley by a steam.

Both foot and vehicle sabs once again observed blatant illegal hunting as Huntsman, Calamity Jack Harris was now on foot encouraging his hounds into the undergrowth where the fox had hidden but, they didn't pick up the scent and were forced to move on as foot teams arrived.

Finally with no other areas to hunt we escorted them back the meet at Steve Harris' house at 10am. Great showing today from all involved. Foxes saved, a pissed off hunt and some nice cake in the sunshine afterwards as a reward.

See also N.Cambs Sabs report.  They say that the Oakley hunted through a, signposted, private nature reserve. See pic above right.    

Pics below -  1/  Huntsman, pack and terrier quad      2/   Riders surrounding wood - classic cubbing

  OakleyFHHuntsmanpackandterrierquad14-10-17.jpg  OakleyFHRiderssurroundwoodclassiccubbing14-10-17.jpg


QC says any NT 'trail hunt' ban on NT land would be unenforceable on more than half of it

13-10-17  D.Telegraph    Hunting ban 'could be unworkable on half of National Trust land', warns top QC Plans by the National Trust to ban hunting with dogs could be unworkable more than half of its land, a senior lawyer has said. A legal opinion seen by The Daily Telegraph said the Trust might not be able to enforce it because it cannot order its tenant farmers to ban hunting.

Nearly half of the Trust’s land is managed and controlled by tenant farmers. Trust members are voting on the issue next week. Since hunting with dogs was banned in 2005, packs of hounds have been licensed by the Trust to engage in trail hunting when they follow bottled fox scent across its land.

The National Trust is now preparing to hold its annual general meeting next week, when its members will vote on a motion tabled by the League Against Cruel Sports for an outright ban. However, according to the legal opinion prepared by an eminent QC hunts are unlikely to need a licence to drag hunt on land which is maintained byTimothyFancourtQC.jpg tenant farmers. Some 340,805 acres (137,805 hectares) of the Trust’s 613,000 acres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are looked after by tenant farmers which means any ban could be hard to enforce.

The legal opinion, prepared by Timothy Fancourt QC [right], said: “Hunts do not need a licence from the National Trust to conduct a trail hunt on tenanted land, though depending on the precise terms of a given tenancy agreement the tenant may be in breach of the agreement in permitting such activities;- “Subject to the exact terms of any reservation in a given tenancy agreement, hunts are unlikely to require the licence of the National Trust to carry on certain types of “exempt” hunting, though again it is possible that the tenant will be in breach of his tenancy agreement if he alone permits such activity.” In practical terms this means that unless the Trust has specifically reserved the right to allow drag and trail hunting in its tenancy agreements then it does not have the right to enforce a ban.

Campaigners pointed out that no one has ever been prosecuted of the 67 hunts which are currently licensed to follow fox scent on National Trust land. Tim Bonner, the chief executive of the Countryside Alliance which commissioned the opinion, said: “Hunting on National Trust land has carried on without any serious problems before and after the hunting ban with the support of the Trust's tenant farmers and in accordance with the wishes of many of those who left their farms to the Trust. No hunt has ever been convicted of a Hunting Act offence on National Trust land. Any attempt to ban hunts from National Trust land, or to make the terms of the licences unworkable, will end in chaos. Many of the Trust's tenant farmers are actively involved in hunting and the Trust would essentially be trying to ban them from their own farms. It is also clear that in many cases the Trust does not have any legal right to deny access to hunts if their tenants have given them permission to operate. The campaign to ban hunts from Trust land is illogical and does not represent any serious body of support within the countryside. It would be very surprising if more than a tiny proportion of the Trust's membership actually voted to ban hunts."

A National Trust spokesman said the anti-hunt resolution at next week's meeting had been submitted by the charity’s members and not the Trust. The Trust's board has already said that is against the ban and the result of any vote is not binding. The spokesman said: "As we’ve set out in our response to the AGM resolution, the Trust licences responsible trail hunting on its land. In prior years we have declined to issue, have suspended, or have revoked trail hunting licences when either licence conditions have been breached or where we have lost confidence in a Hunt’s ability to adhere to the conditions. "Our members will have the opportunity to vote on and discuss trail hunting at the AGM later this month.”

The vote is open to the Trust's five million members. The deadline for voting was yesterday [Friday]. As many as 500 members are expected to attend to vote in person at the meeting on Saturday next week in Swindon.


Ledbury South FH kill fox, but sabs help others to safety

13-10-17   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   On 7th October 2017, the Ledbury South killed a fox during their last draw by a river bank. Several other foxes, however, made it to safety earlier in the day (and others escaped by the river) including this one... so we thought we'd share some positivity.



Sabs claim meeting recording shows police WO favouring Atherstone FH

Wildlife Officer heard advising them on how to get sabs into legal trouble

Failed to challenge them over 'trail hunting' rules that made no sense

Meeting told MFHA fed up with Atherstone Hunt's expensive trouble-making

12-10-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   AUDIO    AUDIO OF ATHERSTONE HUNT AND LOCAL WILDLIFE OFFICER   KEY POINTS:- Wildlife officer advises Hunt on which laws can and can’t be used against saboteurs - Hunt's governing body MFHA would be happy if the Atherstone disbanded - Hunt supporters told off for their bad behaviour - Hunts joint-masters talk about trail hunting We have obtained an audio recording of the Atherstone Hunt’s recent pre-season meeting. All riders, supporters and followers were encouraged to attend theAtherstoneFHsupporterthrowshorseshitatantis2-1-17.jpg meeting at the Odd House in Snarestone. The Hunt's joint-masters all sat at the front alongside two police officers from Leicestershire Police (who were introduced as Leicestershire Hunt).

During the talk, Leicestershire Police’s wildlife officer Rob Cross talked in depth about which laws can and cannot be used against hunt saboteurs. This included a lengthy explanation on the differences between trespass and aggravated trespass. He is heard saying that spraying citronella, cracking whips and anything like that could be classed as aggravated trespass and is quick to agree with a hunt supporter that standing in a field could be criminal damage of crops.

He says “If you can document that damage then yeah brilliant” He is also heard saying “WE’RE not dealing with idiots, these people are intelligent, quite shrewd people, quite clever. They will sabotage the organisation from whatever angle they can”. We also learn from the meeting that two of the joint masters have had several AtherstoneFHDirectorPeterTaronihasjusthitfsaboverhead11-2-17.jpgmeetings with Leicestershire Police. What was discussed at these meetings and why did they take place? At a recent police training day it was explained to Leicestershire Police that “trail hunting” doesn't exist and is just a cover for fox hunting yet at no point did either officer question the Hunt when they were talking about their trail hunting.

Is it appropriate for a wildlife officer to be advising a fox hunt about which laws can and can’t be used against hunt saboteurs? Does this amount to collusion between the Hunt and police? Leicestershire Police’s former wildlife officer was forced to resign as wildlife officer after it was revealed that she rode with the Belvoir Hunt.

MFHA  -  We also heard during the meeting that the Hunt's governing body, the Master of Fox Hounds Association (MFHA), have “gone mad” and have had enough of the Atherstone Hunt because of all the trouble they have caused and would be quite happy if they weren’t around any more. The MFHA pay a percentage of the AtherstoneAtherstoneFHSabtryingtosavefox14-1-17.jpg Hunt’s legal fees which have been substantial and has cost the MFHA a lot of money. As a result they no longer want to insure the Atherstone and will not be paying any of their legal fees should they find themselves in trouble. Over the past three years Atherstone Hunt supporters have amassed 20 convictions, police cautions and community resolutions for violence and antisocial behaviour. They have also been investigated numerous times for killing foxes.   Yet a wildlife officer is happy to sit alongside and advise this same Hunt on which laws can be used against saboteurs who have zero convictions).

HUNT SUPPORT  -  The Atherstone Hunt have NEVER once admitted in public that they have done anything wrong. However in private the joint-masters spent a considerable time telling off their hunt supporters for their bad behaviour. They now have a zero tolerance policy (why have they not had this from the start?) and anyone who causes trouble won't be welcome back including anyone “who AtherstoneFHHoundshuntingrightbyhousingestate21-1-17.jpgfinds it acceptable to throw horse muck at the antis and steal their banners” there were Hunt directors standing and watching as this incident happened and did nothing to try to stop it. Instead they stood by and found it amusing. At least one of those Hunt members have been out this season. Another supporter who has been allowed back out was pictured holding the stolen banner in a pub (clearly finding that behaviour acceptable). We shall see who else is allowed back out as the season progresses.

TRAIL HUNTING  -  We hear the Hunt claiming it will be hunting within the law and hunting trails. We are told that these trails will be laid the day before. It is highly unlikely that the scent would last that long. These “trails” will be laid through woods and coverts, places that foxes live. hunt supporters are told not to holla, raise their hats or handkerchiefs if they see a fox and not to tell the Huntsman. These are all acts associated with pre-ban hunting to alert the Huntsman to where the fox ran but look extremely incriminating when filmed post-ban. The supporters however are told not to tell the Huntsman or any Hunt staff if they see a fox.

AtherstoneFHwithkilledfox14-11-15.jpgSurely this would be the first thing you would do if you were wanting to avoid chasing foxes. Instead they are to let the fox be chased and the Huntsman can claim he didn’t know. We are supposed to believe that the hounds will be following day old trails, that trails have been laid in places foxes are known to live (why would you do this if you were wanting to avoid chasing foxes) and when a fox is inevitably found no one is to warn the Huntsman instead they are to let the hounds chase it. Rob Cross the wildlife officer sat through this explanation unquestioningly. It should be setting alarm bells ringing for any decent wildlife officer as it doesn't add up. Also what scent will the Atherstone be using to lay trails? Fox urine as the Atherstone were claiming as recently as this summer? If so where are they getting it from? It is even questionable whether it is actually legal to be spreading fox urine across the country.

Again we ask is it appropriate for a WILDLIFE officer to be advising a fox hunt about which laws can be used against saboteurs. The fox Hunt that has 20 convictions, cautions and community resolutions the saboteur group have zero. How many meetings have there been between the Atherstone Hunt and Leicestershire Police? What was said? We understand that the Hunt have already made more false allegations which Leicestershire Police seem to be taking seriously.

This is not the first time there have been questions over Leicestershire Police's impartiality over fox hunting  -  Their former wildlife officer rode with the Belvoir - The CPS was forced to drop an investigation into a blocked badger sett because they said Leicestershire Police had not handed the evidence in on time. They also failedAtherstoneFHhoundsrunningacrossroad28-2-17.jpg completely to investigate one of the two people responsible. - They were successfully sued by a member of this group for unlawfully arresting a sab. = We exposed emails from this incident from Leicestershire Police saying the sab should be charged otherwise she would sue the police. - They issued two Police Information Notices to members of this group based on the word of the Atherstone Hunt without seeing any evidence. They later dropped the PINs and had to apologise. - They refused to hand over a letter of apology from a member of the Atherstone Hunt to the victim and we aware of false allegations being made against her again.

Let’s be clear as long as the Atherstone Hunt are operating we will always be watching. This meeting clearly shows that it will only be us out there trying to stop foxes from being torn apart in the name of sport and we will try and stop any kills from happening.

To help us continue exposing hunting and the policing around it we would be grateful if you would consider donating towards our costs by using the link below or setting up a standing order. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandHuntsabs  sort code-089299 account no-65488120. We are always grateful for the support shown to us by YOU the public. Thank you.



Horse Watch publishes lies re. monitor's encounter with Grafton FH riders 

12-10-17 Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch    VIDEO   The hunting fraternity have tried, via Horsewatch South Wales, to defame one of our monitors. Here is the unedited film from the driver's dash-cam. Looks like the hunt servants have shot themselves in the foot and instead have shown up the cub hunters for the shocking way they treat their horses by putting them in danger. All because they want to hide their heinous illegal activities.

This is how Horsewatch headline the film on their Facebook page! "**UPDATE: Young, nervous horse being escorted by 2 others today in Sulgrave in Northants - police informed**" !

First, please note how two riders come from the right bank straight out onto the road in front of the monitor's vehicle and continue to canter on the road in front of the car. They are then joined by a third rider and all three string out across the road to prevent the driver from getting past them. Why? Because there is chaos in the village, a young fox is being hunted by the Grafton hounds.

Pics below -   1/  Riders slow to walk to block monitor's progress    2/   Riders dart in front of monitor as she tries to slowly pass them

  GraftonFHRiderswalking3abreasttoblockmonitorprogress9-10-17.jpg  GraftonFHRidersdartbackinfrontofmonitorassheslowlypasses9-10-17.jpg 

When the driver slows down and tries to get a better view and possibly get past, the riders swerve their mounts towards and kick on to vere in front of the car. No doubt some will criticise the driver, and no doubt all hunters will, but we are staggered as to how these idiots dressed in tweed can cause so much danger to their own horses. Well what do you expect from people who take pleasure in hounding a small mammal to death for their own perverse pleasure? Thanks to the quick thinking and careful driving of our monitor, no one was hurt. 

Annoyingly Horsewatch will not let us tell the truth and have deleted all messages from people trying to explain and to upload our version of the incident to show there is more to this than meets the eye.


Atherstone FH cause chaos on roads, in fields and invade garden

Riders and hounds travel through distressed cattle, raising bTb spread risk 

Loose Hunt horse bounds into lane, causing vehicles to brake

About six hounds run into road and then a garden

12-10-17  Facebook - Atherstone Hunt Watch    A catalogue of errors were order of the day at the AtherstoneAtherstoneFHMikeLaneHuntsman10-10-17.jpg Hunt meet Tuesday morning at Jo Clarke's Sparkenhoe Farm at Upton. 

1) Loose hounds on lanes, village gardens, running around cattle, running around vehicles out of sight of the huntsman Mike Lane [right]

2) Riders and hounds traversing a field of grazing cattle causing havoc with inexperienced riders clearly showing panic at the alarmed and visibly distressed cattle. [below left, Hunt at dairy farm]  

3) Joint Master Liz Hulme falling off her mount which then bolted out of control straight down a public footpath, out of an open gate and into a lane with vehicles before being stopped right next to our monitor vehicle.

4) Members of the public walking dogs just metres away from loose hounds on roads.

An absolute plum of a morning for errors of the highest order by Hunt Directors who clearly lack control in bad situations. 

AtherstoneFHatadairyfarm10-10-17.jpgIt's clear that the Hunt Director following in his big posh car, and Ollie Hope the kennelman on his parked up quad bike, didn't have the gumption to close off the gate they left open and stood right next to, just some ten minutes before Liz Hulmes out of control riderless horse bolted straight through it in front of them. Indeed not enough gumption at all by them or Mike Lane the huntsman when half a dozen hounds split from his pack and ran onto a road and into village gardens. 

Lastly, Mike Lane. Oh dear it's not boding well in your new job is it? You did seem to be more interested in filming the monitors on you phone in one hand whilst trying to keep control of your jittery horse in the other. You do need both hands on your reins Mike and you do need to focus your eyes onto your hounds rather than in the other direction please. That way you will know where ALL of them are at ALL times. 

Some questions. Did the owner of the cattle field know the Hunt were coming? Had he given the Hunt permission to be there in his cattle field whilst cattle were grazing? Do the Hunt know of the horrors of bTb being spread by hounds? Is the farmer aware? Are the cattle this morning all clear of bTb? The risk of hounds being infected by bTb is very real as the Kimblewick Hunt know only too well with 25 of their hounds being euthanased due to being fed fallen infected stock. 

What a shambles of a morning for the Atherstone Hunt. They should have stayed in bed! If you would like to become a hunt monitor please PM, email via our Facebook page.


Crawley FH Hunt Master fined £2,500 for threatening hunt sab

Victim said hunter was so menacing he feared for his life 

11-10-17   Daily Mail    Hunt Master, 59, who threatened to RAM his BUGLE 'straight down the throat' of a saboteur he accused of kidnapping one of his hounds is fined £2,500 Hunt Master Kim Richardson confronted saboteur Raoul D'Monte in February. The hunter, dressed in the traditional red coat, shouted in Mr Demont's face as he brandished the hunting horn and demanded the return of his dog. He shouted at Mr D'Monte: 'Have you got my missing hound, you lot? You f*****g better not nick it because I'll put this straight down your f*****g throat' - Richardson was fined £2,500 and ordered to pay prosecution costs of £635     A Hunt Master, who threatened to ram his bugle 'straight down the throat' of a saboteur he accused of kidnapping one of his hounds, has been fined £2,500. Crawley and Horsham Hunt Master KimRichardsonJMCrawleyFH.jpgKim Richardson [left], 59, confronted committed hunt saboteur Raoul D'Monte [below right] in February this year. Horsham Magistrates Court heard the Hunt Master was aggressive and threatening when he demanded the return of his dog. He told Mr D'Monte: 'Have you got my missing hound, you lot? You f*****g better not nick it because I'll put this straight down your f*****g throat.'

Mr D'Monte, 53, who described himself as a hunt sab with 35 years experience, said he feared for his life during the confrontation. He described the Crawley and Horsham Hunt as the most prosecuted in the country. Richardson grinned at him from the dock as Mr D'Monte described the incident.

'He approached me and became very, very aggressive and said you're a hunt sab, you've stolen my hound. I was trying to say excuse me we're trying to return your hound to you. He approached with his left arm raised, holding a hunting horn. He was jabbing the hunting horn towards my face, it was millimetres from my face. He had not mentioned the missing hound before. It was a terrifying moment and it has left quite an impact. He was very, very aggressive. As he was jabbing the horn at my face, he was saying he was going to ram it down my throat. 'I think he had his riding crop in his other hand,' Mr D'Monte said. 'It was really scary because we were actually trying to help him. We were trying to return his hound to him. It seemed so irrational, I was really in fear. It was terrifying. I was really, really scared for the welfare of the people with me. We really thought we were going to get attacked in the woods.'

Following the confrontation, Mr D'Monte said he and two other hunt sabs fled. 'We ran for our lives. I was in fear of my life. These hunters are violent.' Mr D'Monte, who acts as the Hunt Saboteurs Association press officer, said: 'I thought we were going to die if we stayed there.'

Richardson had been on a legal drag hunt in countryside around Ashington, Sussex with 40 dogs and 30 ridersRaoulDMonteHSAPressOfficer.jpg being followed by around 50 saboteurs. The drag hunt has replaced the traditional fox hunt since hunting with dogs was banned in 2004.

The court heard one of the pack of hounds had gone missing during the hunt on Saturday, February 25th this year. Richardson told the court Chapter the dog had been raised by his wife and he would be in trouble if he went home without her. The master of the Crawley and Horsham hunt, who started fox hunting aged 18, described his dogs as part of his family and said he has never lost one. Richardson said he saw hunt sabs every time he went out in the season. 'It is strict hunt policy not to fight with the hunt sabs', he told the court. 'We move away when they get to us.' When he realised one of his dogs was missing,

Richardson said he sent assistants to find her. My wife had brought her up from a very young age. They can hear the horn from miles away and always come back to it. After an hour, she hadn't returned. There were two or three of them standing watching and they were trying to stroke the hounds, which I'll be honest I don't like. One of my people said he'd just overheard on the sabs radio they had got a hound and were talking about whether or not they should they return it. I slightly lost my temper and, probably a little bit over enthusiastically, asked if he wouldn't mind giving my hound back. I went back and sat down. About 45 minutes later, it was returned to us.'

Asked if it was true he did not like hunt sabs, Richardson said: 'Of course not. I dislike them. Of course I don't like what they do. I accept it, I see them 41 times a year. My dogs are very precious to me. They'd stolen my hound. I was making sure my hound came back. I was asking him to give my hound back in perhaps an over enthusiastic manner.'

The saboteurs were accompanied by a crew from the Huffington Post who filmed them following the hunt.

CrawleyFHWayneSpencersabinjuredby18-2-05.jpgDistrict Judge Christopher James told Richardson he had let himself down. 'It is clear he wanted to cause alarm,' the judge said. 'I'm satisfied he intended to cause alarm so that I am sure. I am satisfied that the witness in the case and Mr Ashdown were alarmed by what they heard given the circumstances. It is clear the words and manner were intended to be alarming and it was so.' The judge said Richardson's behaviour became increasingly threatening. 'This was not reasonable conduct, the action was aggressive and needn't have been.'

Richardson looked over at his wife as the judge told him: 'I find each aspect of the case proved and the defendant guilty. There is an element of provocation, but nonetheless your reaction was unreasonable and unbecoming of the position that you held and of your character. A professional gentleman, who is a hard working man, you acted in a way that has let yourself down significantly.'

Richardson was fined £2,500 and ordered to pay prosecution costs of £635 and a victim surcharge of £130. DJ James said: 'Given your circumstances, I will make a collection order giving you 14 days to pay the total £3255.'

After the verdict, Mr D'Monte said: 'I am very pleased to see Mr. Richardson finally being convicted as he has along history of violence and aggression towards Hunt Saboteurs which has, so far, gone unpunished. The behaviour of the Sussex Police on the day needs to be questioned as they arrested a Hunt Saboteur on a wholly fictitious accusation of assault. When this couldn't be substantiated, they charged him with Aggravated Trespass, which fell through due to lack of evidence in court. The police did not, however, respond to the panic phone call from the three Hunt Saboteurs who were hiding in the woods for over half an hour after being threatened by Mr. Richardson. The Crawley and Horsham is Britain's most convicted hunt, and yet still seems to enjoy an unprecedented level of Police protection. We would, however, like to thank the officers in this case, the CPS and the Judge for finally bringing Mr. Richardson to justice.'

After leaving court, Richardson said: 'You listened to it, you know why anyone would want to do it.'

Pic above left - Victim of Crawley Hunt supporter violence    Pics below -   1/   Crawley FH out cubbing in September 2017     2/  Crawley FH hound with bloodied muzzle, 2012

  CrawleyFHAfternooncubbing23-9-17.jpg  CrawleyFHhound-with-blood29-12-12.jpg

 10-10-17  HSA Press Release  VIDEO   Criminal Crawley and Horsham Convicted Again    On 25th February this year, hunt saboteurs attended a meet of Britain's most convicted hunt, the Crawley and Horsham foxhounds. Press from the Huffington Post were also present.

Sabs were subject to abuse and assaults through out the day. One was arrested on a trumped up allegation of assault, which was later changed to Aggravated Trespass. The subsequent trial collapsed due to there being no evidence! Another sab was kicked in the face by a rider, but the police took no action.

After a long and difficult day due to extreme weather and swollen streams, a group of three sabs found Huntsman and Master Kim Richardson gathering hounds in the woods. Richardson approached and threatened to ram his hunting horn down a sab's throat. After Richardson threatened the sabs they retreated into the woods and dialled 999 as they were heavily outnumbered. No police attended following the emergency call, but the video of the incident was released on the Huffington Post and Richardson was subsequently interviewed.

After the voluntary interview, he was reported for an offence under Section 4a of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act as he had admitted threatening the sab, but he then pleaded not guilty and went to trial.

Today, Richardson appeared at Horsham Magistrates Court in front of a district Judge. The defence tried, unsuccessfully to smear the character of the hunt saboteur. Both Richardson and his 'countryman' (Terrier boy) witness crumbled under cross examination, and Richardson was duly convicted of causing Alarm, Harassment and Distress. He was fined £2500 with £625 costs and a £130 victim surcharge.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “The sabs involved in the case would like to thank Sussex Police, the CPS and the District Judge for bringing Richardson, who has a long history of assaulting sabs, to justice at last. We wonder however if they would have been quite so keen if footage of the threats had not already been made public in the media. The Crawley and Horsham hunt are clearly a criminal enterprise, having been convicted multiple times for illegal hunting and assaults. It's about time the police looked at closing them down permanently, as they would other criminal gangs who exist purely to break the law.”


Beaufort FH believed to have killed fox after long hunt

Six foxes seen fleeing as Hunt stayed out for six hours

Multiple harassment of monitors also reported 

11-10-17  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Beaufort Hunt 7.10.17   The meet was at Oldbury on the Hill, 8am. Hounds were taken north to Apsimore Wood and Park Wood north of Oldbury. Monitors were already present. Terrier men on quad bikes immediately targeted them and made it difficult for them to operate by surrounding and harassing them, but the Hunt were aware of cameras, which made it more difficult for them. One of the monitors moved to a footpath behind Park Wood at the landowner’s request, but reminded him about the badger setts on his land previously reported to the police as blocked for hunting. He denied all knowledge of this.

After that they brought the hounds south towards Hobbyhorse where a monitor was waiting to greet them. Then they crossed the A46 main road towards Upper Kilcott – no trail laid there and back again towards Hobbyhorse. The Huntsman put the hounds into the wood where they picked up a scent and went on cry, but by then the BeaufortFH6hourhunt7-10-17.jpgmonitor was with them and Nick Hopkins [whipper in] whipped the hounds off, demonstrating how easy it is if you’re in control to stop the hounds on a scent and take them on – of course this doesn’t always happen.

By this time the noisy quads team had arrived to distract the monitor from filming, trying to persuade her that the footpath was not a footpath, whilst the confused field trickled back across the road to join the Hunt again. Traffic was repeatedly held up on this busy road and at one point a separated hound straying across the road was saved by one of our team who got out of their vehicle to stop a lorry just in time.

Hounds were then taken back towards Oldbury then across A433 - another busy road - back into the park via Worcester Lodge. The hounds picked up on a scent again at Ragged castle near Hollybush Cottage where there is an artificial earth nearby. 

Events took a turn for the worse from here when monitors commented on an overloaded quad bike with a child on the bike. One of the hunt staff who is known to us became very agitated and started shouting very loudly at one monitor within centimetres of her face pointing his finger. We have it on film – we are constantly subjected to harassment when we monitor hunts. Here is the definition -  it is now an offence for a person to pursue a course of action which amounts to harassment of another individual, and that they know or ought to know amounts to harassment. Under this act the definition of harassment is behaviour which causes alarm or distress.’

We are also subjected to loutish behaviour from hunt staff even when walking the footpaths. They shout and sing loudly in front of us with the sole purpose of intimidating us and blocking our view of hunt activity. We always inform the police to get an incident number.

Monitors got into place in Swangrove just as they were drawing there, which seemed to annoy hunt staff when they realised they were being watched, but this did seem to get the hounds moved on again, eventually being heard in Bodkin Wood on the A46. When foot walkers got closer they were on cry in Beech Copse and this hunt went on for a long time, with terrier men preventing the monitors getting closer. At one point they brought the hounds out of the wood into a crop growing there and searched through it until they went on cry again and back across to Lyegrove Wood where they went on cry loudly and for a long time. One monitor was held back by a hunt rider and a terrier man on the north side of the wood and could hear the whistles and shouts of ‘there it is’ as a poor fox tried to escape the wood. This chase went on for a long time and we have no doubt that the fox was chased to exhaustion and killed. When silence fell the Hunt emerged and rode past us clearly having achieved their aim this time. They went back towards the kennels still trying to pick up a scent on the way and were prevented near the kennels from chasing a fleeing fox by one of our vehicle teams who jumped out with their cameras.

Six hours they stayed out pursuing foxes today! We counted a total of 6 foxes fleeing the hunt! They finally packed up at 2pm. https://www.gov.uk/quad-bikes-the-rules


Oakley FH hunt thug charged with assaulting sab

11-10-17  Morethanjustbadgers.net   New rules to the game    … Despite all their claims to the contrary, and much like many other Hunts up and down the country, the Oakley openly flout the law. We've caught them OakleyFHTheAngryEgg.jpgcubbing several times already this autumn and saved foxes when we were there. I believe the new Inspector can see that this is taking place and while he also knows that getting a conviction under the Hunting Act is unlikely he can however restrict the Hunt's use of thugs to impede our operations. 

One particularly rotund chap we call the 'Angry Egg' was arrested a couple of weeks ago for another assault on a sab*. Video evidence was supplied to the police and he was charged with common assault (after spending a very long time in the cells while I was in the pub) and bailed away from any hunting activity until his court case. I believe he is in court this week or at least very shortly regarding an incident last year and has to face a further 3 charges of assault and another of theft of one of our radios during a meet of the Pytchley hunt at the very end of last season.

Just restricting these morons will be a victory not only for us but also for justice and the decent majority of people who oppose hunting. People like him have been getting away with this kind of unacceptable behaviour for too long and but now the tables are turning. Sooner or later they'll have to give up the thug act or end up behind bars.

*  See Oakley FH report 23-9-17 


Crawley FH chase fox fruitlessly then riot on some deer

JM Richardson, in court earlier, was involved in the hunt

10-10-17   Facebook - West Sussex Hunt Sabs    While on our way home from Horsham Magistrates where the Crawley & Horsham Huntsman Kim Richardson was appearing, we had a call at 3 pm from supporters walking their dogs near Parham House. They were sure riders were gathering for a hunt meet. We checked it out and sure enough it was a meet of the Crawley & Horsham Fox hunt. Not surprisingly Kim Richardson was there, it must have been a dash to get home and changed into his hunting gear; or maybe he had it with him and changed at the court !

It was a chaotic meet, the hounds were after a fox and tried to get over and under a fence as it made it's escape. The whipper-in, James Tennant, had no control over the hounds who rioted on some deer trying to get out of the way. One of the deer ended up standing in the road not knowing where to go. The fox was filmed crossing the road and making a fast getaway. While one of our monitors was filming, Guy Pettett, the 'Countryman ' for the C&H pulled alongside and began to continuously rev up the engine on the quad bike to disrupt the filming. The only reason for doing this is because it was an illegal fox killing hunt meet, not a trail laid or drag hunt activity. The Hunt packed up at 6pm.

Pics below -  1/  Hounds can't get over fence after fox    2/  Bewildered deer in road after hounds chased   

  CrawleyFHHoundscantgetoverfenceafterfox10-10-17.jpg  CrawleyFHBewildereddeerinroadafterbeinghoundschased10-10-17.jpg



'Shag' Carter of Middleton FH & his whipper-in cleared of illegal hunting

Carter's harassment charge re. sexual remarks to anti woman withdrawn earlier

9-10-17   Daily Telegraph    'Boorish' huntsman criticised by judge after telling female protester 'I'd like to s**g you'     A judge has criticised a "boorish" Huntsman, after he was caught on camera telling a female protester "I'd like to s**g you actually". Charles Carter was forced to resign as a Conservative councillor after making the "offensive and distasteful" comments to Linda Hoggard, 41, when she objected to his hounds chasingMiddletonFHFoxbeingchasedby23-1-17.jpg foxes. However Mr Carter, 34, master of Middleton Hunt in North Yorkshire, was cleared, along with his whipper-in Colin Milburn, 59, of illegally hunting foxes at a trial at York magistrates court.

Judge Adrian Lower found there was no case to answer because the Prosecution had been unable to prove that either man had intentionally caused the hounds to hunt down two foxes on January 23rd this year on land at Squirrel Hall Farm near Kirby Grindalythe, North Yorkshire.

But the judge was critical of the way Mr Carter had conducted himself towards Mrs Hoggard, a mother of three who lives close to where the hunt was taking place. The court was played a video of Carter, wearing his red hunting tunic, peering down from his mount at Mrs Hoggard and pointing a mobile phone at her as he said: "what is your name? I would quite like to s*** you actually," before adding: "can I take you to bed?" and "you are very pretty". Judge Lower said: "The comments made by Mr Carter do him no credit. They were boorish, offensive, distasteful and I imagine they caused a degree of upset regardless of what Mr Carter may have thought when asked to reflect on his behaviour MiddletonFHNewJMCharlesCarterwantstoshagfemaleproester23-1-17.jpgin interview with the police. However I must put that to one side." Mr Carter was initially charged with causing harassment, alarm or distress to Mrs Hoggard but the charge was discontinued in a previous hearing last month.

He and Mr Milburn faced two charges of illegally hunting foxes in contravention of Schedule One of the Hunting Act 2004. To have contravened the Act the huntsmen would have needed to intentionally be hunting the foxes and Judge Lower said there was nothing in the prosecution case that suggested they had set the hounds on the fox. Judge Lower said: "It is not the dogs who are on trial, they never will be. The dogs were doing what dogs do if they see a wild animal - they chase it and that has been happening for time immemorial."

After making his successful application to have the trial thrown out, Stephen Welford, for Carter and Milburn, said after the case: "After some consideration they will be making no comment." Asked after the case whether he regretted the way he spoke to Mrs Hoggard, Mr Carter, dressed in a blue pinstripe suit, walked away without comment.

Christopher Rowe, prosecuting, had earlier told the court: "Mrs Hoggard confronted him about the legality of fox hunting and what he was doing that day." Mr Carter then responded using the offending remarks. Mr Rowe said: "She used her mobile phone to record the conversation and this will be played to the court." He added: "Mr Carter accepts he spoke to Mrs Hoggard and made comments in order to make light of the situation."

Linda Hoggard's video was played to the court as she gave her evidence. In it Charles Carter is seen trotting up toMiddletonFHJMCharlesCarterwantstotakefemaleproestertobed23-1-17.jpg her on a brown horse and Mrs Hoggard greets him with the words: "Hunting is banned so why are you hunting? I have a video of a fox coming through with hounds chasing it and you still get away with it don't you, you lot?" Carter is seen to be holding a mobile phone which he points at Mrs Hoggard as he said he'd like to "s***" her and asked to take her to bed. When he follows it up with "You are very pretty," Mrs Hoggard replied: "Oh really? Well so are foxes."

Mrs Hoggard said she went out to monitor the hunt on the morning of January 23 to save the lives of foxes. She told the court: "A few days earlier I had heard the sound of two foxes mating as I walked our dogs with my husband, I was worried for those foxes when I realised the Hunt was out. I went out with my camera because I'm a keen photographer and I had a spray of citronella mixed with water that I use to keep flies away from my horses. As I went along I sprayed the citronella because I hoped it would keep the hounds off the scent of the foxes."

After walking around half an hour from home she saw the Hunt in a wooded copse and streamed what she saw on Facebook Live, commenting that the huntsmen were trying to scare foxes out of the woods so they could be chased. She challenges a huntsman by saying: "You know hunting is illegal don't you?" before she went home but went out later with her daughter and daughter's friend that afternoon at around 2.30pm. Mrs Hoggard said hunt supporters turned their cars to face a wooded area "as though they new something was going to happen." Moments later a fox emerged with the hounds close behind, she said.

Mrs Hoggard said: "I saw the fox running for its life and I ran towards the fox, spraying the citronella as I ran. I was trying to save its life. I'm a little overweight but I was running as best I could and the fox ran into a hedge. The hounds followed and they went into a wood. I could hear the hounds barking like mad but I couldn't see what was happening in there." It was 15 minutes later that Mr Carter approached on his horse.

Mrs Hoggard was asked by Stephen Welford, for Carter, whether she sold the video of their confrontation to the media. She answered: "I can swear I was paid absolutely nothing for it."

Mr Carter, who at the time of the incident was in a relationship with top events rider Harriet Morris-Baumber, resigned from his post as Conservative councillor with Breckland Council in Norfolk after Mrs Hoggard's video of their exchange went viral online. 


Walker finds blocked sett on NT land where Weston & Banwell FH hunting

Claims to have been intimidated by hunt follower on quad 

9-10-17  Somerset Hunt Saboteur Group    A couple of pics sent by a member of the public of what the Weston and Banwell Hunt get up to when cubbing. This time, on Wavering Down, National Trust land on the Mendip Hills. Here are two badger setts blocked by branches so as to stop foxes going to ground. The member of the public was innocently walking their dog when she was threatened by yob-on-a-quad for taking pics of criminal damage to a protected animals' sett.

  WestonBanwellFHBlockedsettonNTlandOne9-10-17.jpg  WestonBanwellFHBlockedsettonNTlandTwo9-10-17.jpg


Warwickshire FH hounds chase fox across road into garden

9-10-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt, Admington, Warks   Today we witnessed more blatant hunting from the Warwickshire Hunt who we filmed surrounding a small wood next to a busy main road. A fox crossed another road with the hounds in pursuit. The hounds spilled out onto the road and ran straight across and into someone's garden on the other side. Did the Warwickshire Hunt lay a trail across the road and into the garden? Unlikely, as the owner of the garden wasn't very happy about the hounds being there.

Warwickshire Police rural watch made a brief appearance to moan about us parking on the road. They weren't bothered about uncontrolled hounds running out into roads putting motorists at risk and weren't bothered about the illegal hunting. Please do contact Warwickshire Police to complain about this. Thank you to everyone who has recently donated.    #strengthenthehuntingact    #endcubhuntingcruelty

Pics below  -   1/  Why did the hounds cross the road? Clue - Not because there was a 'trail' laid across it    2/  Hound stops traffic    3/  Hounds searching for fox by road

  WarwickshireFHHoundscrossingroad9-10-17.jpg  WarwickshireFHHoundstopstraffic9-10-17.jpg



Sabs to ask police to remind Crawley FH use of ag. quads on roads illegal

9-10-17  Facebook West Sussex Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Police promised to inform hunts in Sussex and Surrey that it is illegal to use agricultural licenced quads to follow hunts. The message has not got through to the Crawley and Horsham Hunt, and police have been sent this video. 5 quads, racing up and down lanes with complete disregard for other drivers on the road. It can be terrifying to drive around a bend and see this lot heading towards you, it is a miracle there was not a serious road incident.



Badsworth FH's new convict Huntsman starts with a chopped fox

9-10-17  Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    The Middleton Hunt changed their Saturday meet to avoid sabs. A cunning plan fitting of Baldrick, but with less success. Will tell more of this later. So, we decided to head off to the Badsworth and Bramham Moor, with our friends and comrades West Yorkshire Sabs.

The B&B have a new Huntsman this year. Nick Thornicroft is an ex Yorkshire cricketer. Like us you've probably never heard of him, the truth been he couldn't make it at a sport with a level playing field so he took up hunting. He thought with odds of riders, hounds, car and foot followers against one fox he might actually make a name for himself. He was right, but we can't repeat that name on a family page. Thornicroft has a police caution for stealing and smashing a video camera whilst wearing a balaclava (take note Dim Bonner).

The meet was at Sycamore Tree Farm in Wistow and a fox was soon seen to safety from a beet field. Moments later a fox was chopped in the same field and with terrierboys trying their best to disrupt filming it looked like being a hard day. However hard they tried though sabs did continue moving the Hunt on until they settled in another beet field. From this field 4 foxes were seen to safety whilst a follower who was attempting to block a fox in a hole was made to move and not return.

This didn't go down well and a tractor turned up which was driven into sabs and used to block in the sab van on a public road. Eventually the police turned up and the Hunt returned to the meet, which freed up the police to question the tractor driver and look for the terrierboys on their illegal quad. Unfortunately they had crawled back under the stone from whence they came. Never mind there's always next time.

A quick recharge of batteries with a late vegan breakfast and it was off to the Middleton who had switched their morning meet -thanks Calamity, you allowed us to visit the B&B in the morning. I'm sure they appreciated it...

As a footnote here is a new sabs view of the day:- "As a new sab I was unprepared and shocked by the intimidation tactics used by the Hunt, to try and deter us and the use of homophobic, ableist and misogynistic language. I cannot say too much about all this because the police are investigating. It's one thing seeing the horrible attitude of the hunt online but another thing completely seeing it first hand. I only wish I had started sabbing sooner!"

Please contribute to our fundraiser below - We currently have a team in Devon and a team up North. Thank you for your support - we couldn't do it without you -

POWAperson adds -  For those unfamiliar with hunting parlance, a 'chopped' fox is one that is caught and killed by hounds very soon after being put up. This is not common and the last thing the hunters want because they yearn for a nice long chase to provide them with plenty of 'sport'.  

Pics below  -   1/  One of the foxes sabs helped get away   2/  Police having words with 'mad tractor driver'   3/  Sabs rate hounds to get them off a fox

  BadsworthFHFoxfleeingfromhounds9-10-17.jpg BadsworthFHCopshavewordswithtractordriverwhoddrivenatsabs9-10-17.jpg


POWAperson adds -   You might notice in the pic above a sab waving a whip. The whip's sabs employ are very lightweight devices and cannot hurt the hounds, or be used as a weapon. But they do sometimes help in distracting hounds from hunting quarry. The standard riding whips used by hunters are anything but harmless and can themselves inflict nasty blows on people. Often they also have heavy leather crops, which hunters often use as batons with which to strike sabs abs monitors their vehicles. They are capable of causing significant injuries. Hunters using their crops to strike their own horses is not unknown.


LACS says loophole in HA being widely used to hunt deer for 'sport'

9-10-17  Daily Mirror   Deer hunted on National Trust land because of a legal loophole according to leading animal charity    VIDEO    The League Against Cruel Sports have said hunts are exploiting an exception to the Hunting Act to chase stags - 12 years after the hunting ban. Deer are being chased for miles by Hunts andQuantockSHonNTlandbannedfrom4-9-17.jpg their hounds before being killed, due to a loophole in the law, according to the League Against Cruel Sports.

Their report reveals hunts are taking place twice a week for most weeks of the year, chasing adult stags, young stags and hinds, some of them pregnant – leading to over 200 deer hunted with hounds.

Footage, which was filmed from the League Against Cruel Sports land on 4th September [right], appears to show deer being chased through the neighbouring National Trust property near Exmoor. League Investigators who have monitored stag hunts since it was banned, believe that in the majority of cases they witnessed illegal hunting. ‘Observed’ to death, is the first ever report to look at how stag hunts are breaking the law, 12 years after the cruel sport was banned. The charity’s experts say they regularly witness stags being chased on National Trust land next to their wildlife sanctuary in Somerset.

DevonandSSHSummaryofstahuntandkills4-4-15.jpgHunting was outlawed in 2004 but since then, the League alleges that hunts are using exemptions to continue the bloodsport. One of these comes under ‘Research and Observation’ with the intention, in certain cases, to further scientific knowledge. But the League believes the spirit of this exemption is being crushed week in, week out by stag hunts who claim to be undertaking observation for research – while simply chasing and killing stags in a similar way that they were doing pre-ban. The report shows stag hunts routinely breaking the law.

Members of the National Trust will vote on October 21st whether to ban all hunting with hounds on trust land which follows a tense debate around trail hunting – in which hounds and riders follow a scent that was laid earlier – but which has long been regarded by animal rights campaigners as a means of circumventing the hunting ban. Last month it published new rules regarding hunting, which included a ban on animal-based scents and a promise to publish details of all the meets that ride across National Trust property.

Under the Hunting Act 2004, a person commits an offence if he hunts a wild mammal with dogs, although thereDevonandSSHChasingstags14-9-13.jpg are several exemptions, including ‘Stalking and Flushing Out’, ‘Rescue a Wild Mammal’ and ‘Research and Observation’, all of which have specific conditions that need to be fulfilled for the hunting to be legal.

Initially stag hunts tried using the ‘Stalking and Flushing Out’ and then the ‘Rescue a Wild Mammal’ exemptions, but in both cases successful prosecutions against them showed that their interpretations of these exemptions would not be allowed. Stag hunts then tried using the ‘Research and Observation’ exemption, which has proven to be a successful loophole. Despite there being several recent attempts to prosecute members of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds who use this exemption as a defence, the Crime Prosecution Service (CPS) has on each occasion chosen not to pursue these cases.

Philippa King, Acting CEO at the League Against Cruel Sports said: “Stag hunts claim to be undertaking ‘research’ – in much the same way the Japanese Government claim that they are killing whales for research. "The League believes hunts are cynically exploiting a loophole in the law and the hunts need to face that same public outcry that meets whalers. Polling carried out last year showed that 88% of people in Great Britain want deer hunting to remain illegal. Because of this loophole, stag hunts are laughing in the faces of public opinion, and mocking the spirit of British law. We need Government action and effective enforcement to ensure that the law is respected.”

A spokeswoman for the CPS said: “All cases are considered in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors and the relevant legislation.” A spokesman for the National Trust said: “The National Trust does not allow any illegal hunting to take place on its land.” A Defra spokeswoman said: “Under the Hunting Act 2004 it is an offence to hunt a wild mammal with dogs. Anyone who believes they have evidence of illegal hunting should report it to the police who are responsible for enforcing the Act.”


Pic above -  The grisly scene at the end of a deer hunt in 2015. A beautiful, vital, graceful creature has been turned, over a number of hours and by the combined action of probably hundreds of people, slowly, agonisingly, into a desperate, pained, overheated, dehydrated, shambling wreck and then into a ritually dismembered corpse. POWAperson had the misfortune to witness several scenes similar to the one above when he monitored deer hunts in the 1990s. The chase itself is bad enough. At least dozens of people using horses, dogs, quad bikes, motor bikes, cars, radios, mobiles, hollers and whistles, all co-operating to ensure the plodding hounds remain remorselessly on the scent of the fleeing deer, over fields, through woods and  watercourses, over hill and dale to its eventual death - a death deliberately designed to not come too soon, not until the participants have gorged themselves on their 'sport'.

But perhaps the most disturbing part comes toward and at the end. One can only imagine it must be like the scene before a public execution in centuries past. There is a moment when the hunters suddenly become aware that the quarry is about to give up and turn, at bay, to face the howling hounds. At the execution, this would have been when the condemned person appeared under escort to be led to the scaffold or chopping block. The hunters' demeanour palpably changes, becomes intense, expectant and a barely suppressed excitement can be seen and heard. Those still some distance away rush towards the scene. I have even seen parents pop young children up on their shoulders as they hurry forward, so the toddlers too can see the kill and the ritual dismemberment that will follow. Riders and followers alike can often not suppress whoops of excitement.

The deer hounds have been trained not to attack the quarry [though they sometimes forget themselves and bring it down, tearing at it all over in their frenzy]. The dogs stand before the stag in a semi-circle, often howling, sometimes eerily silent, themselves quivering with the effort of holding back, like a pet Labrador that can see the cream cakes on the coffee table at family tea time. But a deer is not a cake, it is a living, sensitive creature.

A hunter carrying a sawn-off shotgun approaches to within a few yards of the victim stag or hind. Hours ago it would have sped or slipped away at first sight or sound of a human. Now its spirit and body are broken. It can only stand and stare as the hunter raises his gun and fires.

If it is lucky the volley will kill it quickly, ending its man-imposed misery. But not the indignity to which it has been subject for the last few hours. Hounds must have their reward. A large, sharp knife appears. The deer's belly is split, it's steaming innards spill out and are distributed. Gore grizzles the dogs' snouts. And the 'trophies' are cut away. The antlers sawn off, the slots, the stag or hinds' graceful, dainty feet, so lovely, so fit for purpose, are removed for mounting, for display, for hunter serial-killers to show their friends and neighbours what good, brave and true 'country folk' they are - and how little some people have advanced in kindness and civilisation since the Middle Ages.  

Before moving to Exmoor, I had worked as a criminologist, spending time talking to some of the most depraved and violent criminals the country had to offer, and poring over the details of their heinous crimes, stuff so twisted and terrible it would never be released for publication. But it took my encounters with the deer hunters of our wonderful West Country to make me feel truly ashamed of being human. 


Blackmore FH kill suspected bagged fox late in meet - also cause road havoc

8-10-17  Facebook - South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs   Hit Report  7/10/17 Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt, Ryewater Farm, Dorset    Our group members down at the Dorset badger cull zone joined other local groups to sab a local cub hunt early yesterday morning. Foot sabs and vehicles stayed with the Hunt for most of the morning, disrupting their bloodlust, including splitting the pack of hounds several times, to the annoyance of the Hunt. They were illegally hunting coverts and didn't even pretend to be following a trail - hunting/ parading down main roads causing tailbacks and unsafe driving (see video). The police were called several times but didn't bother to show up.

Sadly this ended in tragedy for what we suspect was a bagged fox (pre-caught and released in front of the hounds, disoriented and easy to catch). However the sabs did save many other loves throughout the morning.

Please support us if you can, our broken vehicle is costing us around £500 and we are now pretty much back to zero funds.


POWAperson adds -  Hertfordshire Sabs say there was also a dig out, but not how it ended. 


Antis in posters push to secure National Trust 'trail hunting' ban

8-10-17  Daily Mail    Anti-hunt activists step up their bid to ‘fix’ National Trust vote by posting fake notices at its properties - The posters urge members to support a ban on the legal sport of trail hunting - Trail hunting started 12 years ago when Labour banned dogs from killing foxes - But anti-hunt activists say hounds are still killing foxes during trail hunts - Countryside Alliance says posters are worst example of a campaign built on lies    Anti-hunt activists have stepped up their campaign to stop trail hunting on National Trust land by posting fake Trust notices at the charity’s properties urging members to back a ban. 

Trail hunting – started 12 years ago after Labour banned hounds from killing foxes during hunts – is a legal sport involving hounds and riders following a trail of fox scent. But Trust members opposed to hunting claim foxes are still being killed by trail hunts and have secured a vote to ban it at the Trust’s AGM in two weeks.

Tensions are running high because the Trust’s board of 12 trustees wishes for the practice to continue and recommends members vote against a ban. The bogus notices look like official Trust announcements with the oak leaf and acorn logo.

One of the fake signs, posted in the Lake District, is pictured on the left [it wasn't]. Others suggest the Trust allows illegal hunts, saying: ‘Trail hunting a licence to kill.’ The posters have confused some Trust members and upset the charity’s hierarchy. Staff have been told to remove them. 

Tim Bonner, leader of the Countryside Alliance, said: ‘The distribution of fake National Trust posters is the worst example of a campaign being waged totally on the basis of lies and misinformation. The anti-hunt movement, including many organisations that claim to act as charities, is scraping the bottom of a very deep barrel.’

Philippa King, head of the League Against Cruel Sports, which has denied involvement in the posters, said: ‘It’s time for the Trust to listen to its members who have had enough of Hunts continuing to get away with killing animals.’  A National Trust spokesman said: ‘To be clear, we do not allow illegal hunting.’


VWH FH full meet back off and pack up as police supportive to sabs

8-10-17   Facebook - South West Sabs    Yesterday we had a call - Vale of the White House FH out at Cripps Barn, near Bibury. We decided to go out make our presence known. We were expecting to see a few out cub hunting - but there was a whole field, including kids, riding. It is was the 7th of October - hunting season supposedly starts in November. But they are a law to themselves. All the usual disgusting supporters that like to watch a animal ripped apart.

Upon our getting there, some amazing resident had already called the police. We spoke to the police and let them know we would hang around. As soon as we got there the intimidation and deliberate attempts of criminal damage on our vehicle started. What problem were we, unless they were breaking the law??. As fox hunting with hounds is illegal !! We called the police and three vehicles came out. The VWH were told to back away, but due to the police presence they appeared to pack up quite quickly. It may not have been due to us - but end result still achieved. The police were really happy to see us, explained again how we were helping them a lot as hunting with hounds is illegal. They said hunters so want to kill they will cover up what they are doing, even lie to the police - which is disgraceful.




Prince Charles secret lobbying of Blair over hunt ban finally revealed

8-10-17   Mail on Sunday    How Prince Charles lobbied Tony Blair in a secret hunt letter claiming class hatred was behind a campaign against an ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘romantic’ sport - His attempt to influence strengthens hand of critics who oppose interventions - In his letter the Prince told Mr Blair he was ‘bewildered’ by consideration of ban - At the time, Labour was trying to steer the complex ban through Parliament    Prince Charles urged Prime Minister Tony Blair to scrap the planned hunting ban in a private letter revealed for the first time today by The Mail on Sunday. The Prince lauded hunting as ‘romantic’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ and effectively branded opponents class warriors in the letter, sent in 2002, three years before the ban came into effect. The disclosure of the Prince’s attempts to influence Government policy will strengthen the hand of critics who have accused him of meddling in matters of state. But others argue the PrincePrinceCharleshunting.jpg has a right to privacy when raising concerns. 

In his letter – obtained by this newspaper under Freedom of Information laws – the Prince told Mr Blair he was ‘bewildered’ that the Government was responding to calls for a ban from protesters who he said were motivated by ‘antipathy to the type of person who they think goes out hunting’. The Prince added that hunting was ‘something which is genuinely environmentally friendly, which uses no modern technology, which does not pollute the countryside, which is completely natural – in that it relies entirely on man’s ancient and, indeed, romantic relationship with dogs and horses’.

The Prince said hunting was the best way to ensure the welfare of the fox. He wrote: ‘There are a number of former hunt saboteurs and passionate opponents of hunting who have… come to the conclusion that the welfare of the actual fox is best ensured by a continuation of hunting... Their fellow opponents are chiefly driven by agendas other than the welfare of the fox – namely their antipathy to the type of person who they think goes out hunting.’

It has taken The Mail on Sunday more than two-and-a-half years to obtain the letter. At the time of the correspondence, the Labour Government was trying to steer the complex ban on hunting through Parliament after Mr Blair was voted into power in 1997 on a manifesto commitment to a free vote on a hunting ban. Eventually, in 2004, the Commons Speaker invoked the Parliament Act to ensure the bill became law, despite the opposition of peers. The law came into effect in 2005.

TonyBlair.jpgPrince Charles is a keen supporter of fox hunting after taking up the sport aged 26. He has been criticised in the past for what some have called his attempts to ‘meddle’ in decision making.

Last month, The MoS revealed the Prince had written to the Environment Agency to lobby against cuts to flood defences on land owned by the Duke of Norfolk. Last night an eminent constitutional expert, who asked not to be named, said of the hunting letter: ‘It was very unwise for him to write it.’ But Oxford politics professor Vernon Bogdanor said: ‘The rights of the Monarch are to be consulted, to encourage and to warn. He is not the Monarch so has no right to be consulted but he has the right to encourage and to warn.’ And Royal biographer Hugo Vickers said: ‘The Prince should be allowed to raise issues of concern to him in confidence. We don’t have a right to know everything and Ministers are not obliged to act on the correspondence.’

A spokesman for Clarence House said: ‘The Prince is well known for his understanding and concern for rural communities and their livelihoods. This letter shows his efforts to ensure their voice was being heard in what was an important debate at the time. The Prince is fully aware that while he has every right to advise, it is Ministers who decide. In this case, he was simply encouraging the Government to take the views of the countryside on board before reaching a decision.’



 Wynnstay FH carry on hunting despite sab & monitor presence

8-10-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    THE WYNNSTAY HUNT, CODDINGTON 7.10.17    They met at Whitgate Farm in Coddington and were surprised to meet some of our new expanding team of Monitors. Hunt sabs were also given the same tip-off as us.

Huntsman Richard Tyacke took the Hunt away from us as fast as he could, although with many small children in tow he didn't get too far. Unusually he was blatantly cub hunting, putting his hounds into one of his favourite places - Royalty Wood - and urging them on in front of us.

The riders were even worse. Blocking our way on a footpath and making their eerie satanic sounds to keep the fox cubs in the wood and from escaping the jaws of the hounds. We got in very close which was making them all a bit twitchy, combined with the presence of Hunt Sabs on the other side of the wood. A fox bolted and the Hunt took off after it but we think they lost it because we were able to keep an eye on where they went. After that the Huntsman kept moving with his hounds in and out of cry but nothing more. We followed on foot mostly and experienced no violence nor intimidation from the Hunt.

We bumped into the Cheshire Hounds old huntsman Shayne Francis with his small son on a pony. Starting him young! Shayne later gave us a lift and we had a very interesting conversation with him. He is now driving for a living and was seen driving this Hunt's hounds van later in the day.

The Huntsman brought the hounds back to the same Royalty Wood near the end of the morning but realised we were still on top of him and packed up early.

Pics below -   1/  Princess Charming    2/  Overloaded quad with child up    3/  Rider blocks footpath    4/ Illegal unplated quad, masked terriermen   5/  Illegal blocking of road   6/  Rider banging saddle - cub hunting tactic  

  WynnstayFHCharmingrider7-10-17.jpg  WynnstayFHOverloadedquadwithchild7-10-17.jpg

  WynnstayFHRiderblockingfootpath7-10-17.jpg WynnstayFHillegallquadmaskedterrierman7-10-17.jpg

  WynnstayFHIllegallyblockingroad7-10-17.jpg WynnstayFHRideronpointbangingsaddle7-10-17.jpg


Heythrop FH observed 'definitely not trail hunting' 

8-10-17  Facebook - Tom Worsley  VIDEO  Heythrop Hunt out yesterday between Spelsbury and Taston, heading out towards Ditchley following their "usual" route. Surrounding each copse one at a time, sending in the hounds, and seeing if anything pops out. Entourage of Terriermen, and a couple of guys on foot following the rear. Definitely not trail hunting. Anybody recognise any of them? Would be good to put names to faces...


Car of monitor observing Grafton FH has creosote thrown over it

7-10-17  Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch   Sulgrave, Northamptonshire   Grafton Hunt Watch were observing the Grafton Hunt at Sulgrave today. Look what they did to a monitor's vehicle! They threw creosote all over it. This criminal damage has been reported to the police. They don't seem to like us observing their activities do they?

Full report to follow but suffice to say we saw foxes running from them as usual and the monitors were subjected to very organized impeding by the hunt servants, using their vehicles, to prevent the monitors getting to where the action was.


POWAperson adds -  Let's just remind ourselves that this is the Hunt which wannabe PM, now Leader of the House of Commons, Andrea 'Vermin' Leadsom so strongly supports - and which monitors filmed absolutely blatantly chasing a fox a couple of weeks ago.  At least the guilty hunt supporter here has demonstrated some basic intelligence. Last season we saw a South Dorset FH follower walk up to an unoccupied monitor car and smash the windscreen with a rock. It didn't occur to him that the dash-cam might be operating - which it was. The Grafton person has cleverly gone for the back of the car.


Monitors find & rescue S.Durham FH hound caught hung on barbie

7-10-17  Facebook – N.E.Hunt Monitors   VIDEO   South Durham Hunt meet today   South Durham Hunt are a disgrace. This hound left behind for God knows how long in pain and terrified. Shame on you ��


Facebook - N.E.Hunt Monitors   Today was stressful with a hound caught on a fence and injured, Monitors to the rescue with wire cutters. Hound ran off and eventually found out in monitor car and returned to the hound carrier. Hopefully a vet will be called as she (Daisy) was bloody and limping badly [VIDEO]. Hit report to follow ��


Facebook - N.E.Hunt Monitors  One happy to be free hound (Daisy) getting some cuddles from hunt monitors . We hope she is OK and her wounds treated.


Sabs say they helped 3 foxes to safety from Bicester FH cub hunting

7-10-17  Facebook -   W.Mids Sabs   Bicester Hunt - Tuesday 3rd October – Hellidon  VIDEO   Two of ourBicesterFHFoxfleesfrom3-10-17.jpg sabs and a monitor from Grafton Hunt Watch kept a close eye on the Bicester Hunt as they stayed out cub hunting for 5 hours on Tuesday. We kept the Huntsman moving all day. During the last hour sabs saw at least three foxes running from the hunt [one pictured right]. We helped all of them escape safely despite aggression from the Hunt. 

The Hunt claimed they were following trails. However why would the Huntsman repeatedly put the hounds in to maize crops that we saw foxes running into and out of. Why did the Huntsman take the hounds over the same ground that a fox had just run over? And why does the Hunt feel the need to have a terrierman with a spade?

This Hunt use N.Trust Land. You can help put an end to hunting on National Trust land by voting in the AGM.

You can also vote for candidates for the committee. Please read this carefully as some candidates are in favour of banning hunting whilst others want to keep hunting on National Trust Land https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/…/what-are-your-views-on-t…   We are out 4-5 times a week at the moment, please consider donating to help us cover fuel costs - https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs .

Pics below -  1/   Peevish follower    2/  Peevish follower swings stick at sabs head    3/  That pesky trail's hiding from us again    4/   'Trail hunting' ?  On a road? 

  BicesterFHPeevedfollower3-10-17.jpg  BicesterFHPeevedfollowerswingsstickatsabhead3-10-17.jpg

  BicesterFHPeskytrailhidingfromusagain3-10-17.jpg BicesterFHTrailhuntingalongaroad3-10-17.jpg


Police ignore 'emergency' call re. active illegal hunting by Portman FH

7-10-17   Facebook - Wildlife Witness    On Saturday 7th October we once again visited the Portman Hunt, this time at their meet in Shroton. A 7.30am start saw a small field move to draw along the bottom of the National Trust land at Hambledon Hill, where the Hunt had been responsible for damaging archaeological ground in 2015.

Having found little there they then crossed the road and picked up a scent in the fields near Deer Farm before hunting hard back towards Ridgeway Farm. It was at this point that we heard supporters using holla's to identify a fox crossing the road, so we immediately telephoned the police and made a complaint of illegal hunting. As the hunting was still in progress the call was upgraded to an emergency call and, after providing the location, we were assured officers would be sent to investigate.

When we caught up with the Hunt they were found blocking the road near to the Keepers Cottage with vehicles, horses and quad blkes. Despite our call being treated as an emergency, Dorset Police failed to send out any officers to investigate the complaint nor did they call back to explain why no officers had attended. We have contacted them today and asked for an explanation.

It's not known if there were any kills today - but if there were then some responsibility must lie with the police who instead of upholding the Hunting Act appear to be writing it off as just too contentious to deal with. That is simply not good enough.

   PortmanFHHunting7-10-17.jpg  PortmanFHEarlymorningcubbing7-10-17.jpg


Sab sunroof smashed amid bad supporter behaviour at Ross Harriers

7-10-17  Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs   Fox saved and window smashed at Ross Harriers opening meet    A welcome break from the 5am starts for cubbing today as we went to the Ross Harriers opening meet of the season, at Warren Farm, Lea, Herefordshire.

They left at around 11.30 with us following. We monitored their movements as they went from field to field trying to put up a hare to chase (most Harrier packs hunt both hare and fox), with little luck. The day seemed pretty disjointed for them, obviously with limited areas they were allowed to hunt and a keenness to get away from us whenever we caught up with them.

RossHarriersSabsunroofsmashedbysupport7-10-17.jpgSabs were with the hunt as they were drawing a kale field, perfectly positioned to see a rather plump fox fleeing past. As supporters were seen alerting the whipper-in as to the fox's whereabouts and a couple of hounds showed an interest in following its line, sabs were straight into action spraying citronella after it and 'rating' the hounds back (telling them not to follow). We let the huntsman know that the fox had fled and he made the sensible decision to gather up the hounds and move away from the area.

We were following on in our vehicle when we drove past the bulk of hunt followers, some of who threw stones at us. A few bounced off the vehicle but one smashed the sunroof [above left], showering glass on those inside. Thankfully nobody was hurt and after a bit of a hold up clearing away the broken glass we were back in pursuit of the Hunt.

We watched them drawing a few more fields around the meet, before catching up with the huntsman who was on foot and gathering up the hounds, before heading back to box up.

Throughout the day a number of hunt followers were seen displaying all the lowest levels of maturity, with a mounted follower swinging his riding crop at sabs when he went past and a group of drunken car followers threatening us with violence from the off, drink driving, blocking roads and then squaring up to and threatening members of the public who asked them to move!

We have to ask the Ross Harriers whether this is the kind of behaviour that they want to be associated with? They are surely by now well aware that we will expose any violence and vandalism aimed at us, that it is not a deterrent and in fact only makes us more determined and them more of a focus. Until next time...  Support our work for the price of a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/A37126JE

Pics below  -  The charming and cultured Ross Harriers field and support 




Atherstone FH trespass on railway, loose hounds & horses on roads

7-10-17   Facebook – Atherstone Hunt Watch   Atherstone Hunt, Carlton    FACT- Atherstone Hunt are on their lastAtherstoneFHuntsmanwhippack7-10-17.jpg warning from MFHA    FACT- Atherstone Supporters today shouted abuse at Sabs (we are currently reviewing our footage)    FACT- Atherstone Hunt Supporters trespassed on Battlefield Railway Line    FACT- Atherstone Huntsman could not keep half a pack of hounds under control today    FACT- today's advertised meet was a chaotic shambles    FACT- young riders cannot control their horses and AGAIN riderless horses ran onto a road.

This coming main season is clearly shaping up to be just like the previous two seasons, foxes being chased and hounds/supporters out of control.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to us over the past month. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.Pics

Pics below -   1/  Supporters on railway    2/ Riderless horse

 AtherstoneFHSupportersonrailwayline7-10-17.jpg AtherstoneFHLookMumnorider7-10-17.jpg 


Sabs say they saved fox being hunted by Fernie FH 

7-10-17  Facebook – N.Cambs Hunt Sabs   HIT REPORT 07/10/2017   Fernie Hunt - Saddington, Leicestershire   Picking up on a local tip-off, we travelled with Beds & Bucks and Northants Hunt Sabs to Saddington in Leicestershire to visit the Fernie Hunt, who were actively cub hunting at a covert near John Ball Farm.

With multiple vehicles and several teams of sabs in action, the Hunt were surrounded and pinned down quickly. The Huntsman and hounds attempted to evade our watchful eyes by heading over hilltops and switching direction, but every time they were swiftly spotted, and had to move on again and again, riding away from sabs.

At least one fox was saved from a traumatic death today, as sabs intervened while the hunting pack flushed a copse near the village of Mowsley. The hounds were distracted while the fox fled, and the scent trail was quickly covered with citronella.

It was dismaying to see a number of young children out riding with the field, cub hunting seems to be a way to brainwash the hunters' children, as well as blooding the hounds and terrifying innocent wildlife.

If you support the work of your local sabs, why not buy us a coffee?  https://ko-fi.com/northcambs

Pics below -   1/  Fernie FH in flow    2/  Kiddies out hunting    3/   Fox saved by sabs  


  FernieFHkiddiesouthunting7-10-17.jpg  FernieFHFleeingfoxsavedbysabs7-10-17.jpg


Malvern Hills Trust new 'trail hunting' rules will severely constrain Hunts

6-10-17  Lacs Press Release   National Trust take note: trail hunting could be ‘effectively banned’ from Malvern Hills    Trail hunting, in which fox and hare hunts claim to follow a trail rather than chase animals, could be ‘effectively banned’ in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty following a public consultation.

At a time when the National Trust is holding a vote on whether or not to ban trail hunting, the Malvern Hills Trust, which protects and manages the iconic landscape to the south west of Worcester, has produced a set of guidelines which will restrict the activities of trail hunts. This includes requiring the Hunts to provide details of where their ‘trails’ will be laid in advance, to keep trails away from thickets and other areas where foxes are likely to be, and, most importantly, only allowing trail hunts in which the huntsman, who controls the hounds, knows where the trails have been laid, so he can stop the hounds if they deviate from it.

MalvernHills.jpgJordi Casamitjana, Head of Policy and Research at the League Against Cruel Sports, which contributed to the consultation, said:- "It is refreshing to see that the Malvern Hills Trust understands that ‘trail hunting’ is often a sham. Hunts claim to lay animal-based scent trails, though most don’t really bother, and then the hounds ‘accidentally’ catch an animal as the huntsman claims he did not know they were following a live animal scent instead of the artificial one. These new guidelines could effectively have the same effect as a ban on trail hunting in the Malvern Hills as hunts will no longer be able to claim ‘ignorance’ if they kill an animal, meaning they may decide not to use that land anymore. This is embarrassing for the National Trust, who changed their own regulations on trail hunting recently but, either by accident or design, left far too many gaps which the Hunts will exploit.”

Trail hunting was ‘invented’ by hunts following the introduction of the Hunting Act 2004, but increasing evidence including footage of ‘kills’ and approximately 4,000 hunt monitoring reports stating that no trail was seen to be laid, has led many to believe that trail hunting is nothing but a cover for illegal hunting. Trail hunting should not be confused with ‘drag hunting’, which already existed as a sport, and genuinely uses non-animal based artificial trails in areas without foxes or hares with the full knowledge of the Huntsman, meaning 'accidental kills' are practically unheard of.

"There was no genuine reason to invent a new version of drag hunting unless there was an ulterior motive – to carry on killing foxes, deer and hares, and get away with it,” said Jordi Casamitjana. "This deception is finally being recognised by the public, MPs, and now landowners. As practiced today, trail hunting should be banned completely – starting with the National Trust, but then across the whole country. Killing for fun must no longer be tolerated, but at the moment we’re letting them get away with it.”

National Trust members can vote to support a motion which will ban trail hunting, ‘exempt’ hunting and exercising the hounds on National Trust land. Online and postal voting closes on October 13th or members can vote at the National Trust AGM on October 21st. For more information go to www.league.org.uk/nationaltrust .

Summary details of the regulations issued by the Malvern Hills Trust (MHT) on hunting:- 1/ It bans any type of exempt hunting (all activities in the Schedule 1 of the Hunting Act are banned).   2/ If the Hunts are hunting in adjacent land and the hounds enter their land by accident, only the huntsman, whipper-in and master are allowed to follow, and only to retrieve the hounds immediately.   3/ Details of where the trails will be laid must be sent in advance to MHT 10 days before the event, and the information about where and when the trail hunts will take place can be made public.   4/ Each Hunt can only undertake four trail hunts per year, and only from October to January (only four of the seven months of the hunting season), and they must request permission in writing a month in advance.   5/ Hunting will only be permitted in three areas of the MHT land and hunting in the main spine of the hills will not be permitted.   6/ The Master and/or huntsman must have full knowledge about where the trails have been laid.   7/   Scent trails cannot be laid through areas of cover.   8/ Hunts must be kept to the path of the scent trail and the pack is to be encouraged to keep moving and not permitted to loiter in any area of undergrowth, scrub, gorse, thicket or covert.


Scottish government announces consultation on wild animal protection

Comes in wake of the Bonomy Report on the hunting 'ban' in Scotland 

6-10-17    Scottish Government    Improving the protection of wild mammals Consultation on improving animal welfare announced   A consultation on protecting wild mammals in Scotland has been announced by the Environment Secretary, Roseanna Cunningham. It follows a review of the operation of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002, which was undertaken by the Rt Hon Lord Bonomy in 2016.

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said:- “This consultation seeks to explore recommendations to improve animal welfare legislation and the contributions we receive will be of considerable value in informing our thinking. Scotland led the way in 2002 by banning the hunting of wild mammals with dogs and we remain committed to improving animal welfare across the board.” 

Improving the Protection of Wild Mammals in Scotland - Closes 31st Jan 2018

Overview - We recognised concerns about whether legislation on fox-hunting in Scotland is working properly. That is why we asked the Right Honourable Lord Bonomy to undertake a review to ascertain whether the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 is providing a sufficient level of protection for wild mammals, while at the same time allowing effective and humane control of mammals, such as foxes, where necessary.

Lord Bonomy’s report is an important milestone and represents a considered, objective and comprehensive examination of the issues. He outlines a significant number of potential improvements for the conduct of operations under the 2002 Act, and to the Act itself.

Why We Are Consulting - We want to ensure that decisions on any ensuing reforms to the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 following Lord Bonomy's review are taken with a sound understanding of the issues and implications.

Consultation document is here.   Scottish Act is here.   Bonomy Report is here.

POWAperson comments -  There is nothing saying that the consultation is limited to residents of Scotland, so get stuck in. 


Monitors say South Durham FH killed two foxes while cub hunting

6-10-17  Facebook – N.E.Hunt Monitors   Foot Monitors Hit Report : South Durham Hunt 4.10.17  Lowfield Farm, Willington    Monitors found the Hunt from the off and foot monitors made way to 2 locations where the Hunt had previously known to kill foxes.

Monitors hidden in woodland at the bottom of Page Bank witnessed and filmed a fox bolt and take refuge in a pileS.DurhamFHStickpilebuilttoattractfoxes4-10-17.jpg of logs and branches obviously placed in the perfect position for a fox to think is a safe haven [right]. Hounds were brought in to kill the fox and a hound ran out of the pile with the poor fox in its jaws. Monitors were hidden in woods close by and got footage that will be handed over to Durham Police when we meet with them.

Meanwhile, other monitors in Page Bank woods waited for the hounds to make way to their location. The hounds turned up and went into full cry, to which the monitors used their horn with great effect. A fox was seen going to ground and no dig out took place as the Huntsman knew monitors were hidden in the area.

We later found out a fox had also been killed near a sewage works at the start of the hunt. No hounds were seen or heard to be in cry so we do wonder if this fox was bagged and let go to train the young hounds how to kill. This was devastating news to all the team but only makes us more focused on putting a end to this barbaric cowardly Hunt.

Driver Hit Report - Had eyes from a local housing estate where the Hunt was seen crossing fields near the sewerage works on to the path way on the river wear. Changed location to Whitworth Road page bank where Jilly-itchy-twitch sat on her horse for 25 mins on the roadside while support beat sticks on fences and bushes at a public car park area. Hounds were in cry in areas that it was impossible for a runner to have laid a trail. Police were called and it was logged as a priority call.

Redcoat Gareth Watchman came out of the car park straight on to a busy road where the dash cam picked up cars having to brake hard to avoid an accident. The Hunt moved over the river on Stanners Lane and on to the next wood. Support vehicles following. After a short time in these woods with the usual whippers-in surrounding the wood the hounds were gathered to move off back to the walkway along the river Wear where they had just came from. The police finally arrived and whilst speaking with them the hounds went into full cry and they failed to understand that the hounds were onto a live quarry. They shrugged their shoulders and said the Hunt and told them they were in a trail hunt so left. I later found out from foot monitors who were covert that the hounds had actually killed a fox. Eyes were then lost from the road side. Apologies this report is late but it's taken a few days for us to recover for the horrors of Wednesday. To support hunt monitors please donate to paypal.me/huntmonitors , or via our fundraiser - https://www.youcaring.com/huntmonitors-965471

Pics below -  1/  Hunt on way to kill another fox      2/  Rider on point

  S.DurhamFHKilled2foxesthisday4-10-17.jpg S.DurhamFHRideronpoint4-10-17.jpg


Monitors claim Chairman of the CA took part in illegal hunt by Beaufort FH

Lord Mancroft was present as fox filmed fleeing from excited hounds

4-10-17   Facebook – Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO 

POWAperson comments on the CIWH video - A female monitor filmed the Beaufort Hunt apparently hunting a fox on the edge of and just inside a wood. Yobbish supporters did their best to obstruct her approaching the covert and to drown out the sounds of hounds in cry. The Huntsman, horn blowing to urge hounds on, could be heard. When she reached the wood she found excited hounds milling about just outside it and a number of riders very nearby, looking on. Among the mounted field was Lord Mancroft, Tory peer and Chairman of the Countryside Alliance. He witnessed the harassment of the monitor but neither said or did anything. Entering the wood on a path, the monitor, still being obstructed and shouted at by the supporters, saw the hounds dashing about excitedly and tried to call them off, which didn't please the hunt followers. A known terrierman was nearby and he too tried to obstruct her filming. However, she managed to video a fleeting glimpse of a fox fleeing from hounds. Realising they were being filmed, the Huntsman called off the dogs. The supporters continued to harass the monitor, taunting her. As she left the wood she saw two quads with terrier boxes attached and concluded that, clearly, this was not a 'trail hunt'.

The video ends with a clip from an encounter between Lord Mancroft and CIWH a week earlier, in which he denied taking part in any illegal hunting. Watch the video and make your own mind up.

Pics below  -   1/  Supporter shouts in monitor's face.   2/  Riders, with excited hounds behind, at edge of wood.    3/  Among them is Lord Mancroft, Chair of the Countryside Alliance - on the grey.   4/  Excited hounds just inside the wood    5/  Fleeing fox   6/  Huntsman calling off hounds  

  BeaufortFHTerriermanshoutsinmonitorface16-9-17.jpg BeaufortFHRidersonedgeofwoodhoundsjustbehindthem16-9-17.jpg

  BeaufortFHRideronwhitehorseisLordMancroft16-9-17.jpg BeaufortFHHoundsveryexcitedjustinsidewood16-9-17.jpg

 BeaufortFHFoxfleesfromhoundsverynearb16-9-17.jpg BeaufortFHHuntsmancallshoundsofffoxasisbeingfilmed16-9-17.jpg 


Holidaymaker snaps Berkeley FH apparently fox hunting near Slimbridge

4-10-17  Facebook – Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    The group were sent the following message by family on a camping holiday in Gloucestershire, near Slimbridge. It was immediately evident that the Hunt concerned was the Berkeley FH, whose huntsmen wear distinctive mustard yellow jackets. They are pictured blatantly fox hunting. CIWH wish to make it clear that although the hunt was observed from a campsite, the owner is adamant that they were not on his land and he had no knowledge of any hunting taking place in the area.

We were camping at the Tudor caravan campsite, Slimbridge. The hounds were sniffing around the dense undergrowth where the fox had hidden. The followers were beating the gorse to flush the fox OUT, which they successfully did. No they didn't call the dogs off, in fact quite the opposite!! Disgusted.’




North Cotswold FH filmed cub hunting and guarding artificial earth

4-10-17  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   4th October 2017 - North Cotswold Hunt - Childswickham - North Cotswold badger cull zone   We got an early morning phone call today telling us that the North Cotswold Hunt and hounds were gathering in Childswickham, near to Broadway, within the North Cotswold cull zone (although in an area where so many setts have been blocked / tampered with / dug out overN.CotswoldFHcubhuntingWhipscaresfoxbackintowood4-10-17.jpg the years that it seems void of any badger activity). We jumped in the car and headed over to check it out.

As we arrived, hounds were being put into a covert near to Little Mocho Farm where they picked up repeatedly. On the road, our driver filmed a fox trying to escape from the covert and whipper-in riding towards the fox, making noise to scare him back in towards the hounds [right]. On the other side of the wood, a fox was spotted trying to break from the tree line a few times, with hunt supporters making noises to scare him back in and pointing out his location to other supporters whose conversations increased in volume in response. Within the wood, landowner and other supporters stood around an artificial earth [below left] to prevent foxes being able to seek shelter within it. Just off-camera, one sab spotted a brace of foxes finally make a dash for it from the covert and along a hedge-line, hounds giving chase not long after. We believe they lost the scent in some nearby run-down farm buildings.

Heading south next, hounds picked up again in another covert, so we drove round and followed terriermen into the area to see what they were up to. Smoking liquorice-papered roll-ups apparently... as hounds moved back into the covert from neighbouring fields, we found ourselves in a perfect position to film and rate hounds as a fox ran from them.

Back to the original area and they tried to pick up on the scent of the earlier brace again, before having a little gathering between themselves and packing up. Calvin Crossman, falconer and failed-attempt-at-alibi for the Hunt, tried to prevent sabs from walking to a footpath, wanting them to instead climb (and potentially damage) a fence and hedge belonging to the landowner. As sabs walked past him regardless, the words "piece of sh*t" and "fuck*ng c*nt" were quick out of his mouth, directed at the female sab who he assaulted back in December. When she turned to ask why the bad language was needed, he started to complain that she was harassing him... we think his views on the world are a little skewed!

N.CotswoldFHcubhuntingArtificialearth4-10-17.jpgSpeaking of falconry, we'd like to quickly address the falconry exemption of the Hunting Act. In brief, it allows falconers to use dogs to flush foxes out from coverts in order for a bird of prey to hunt them in the open. The dogs are just to be used to flush the fox into the open, not to give chase themselves. So we would not be seeing packs of hounds running, in cry, on a line, for several fields or more. Additionally, we would not be seeing hunt staff and supporters making noise to scare them back into the covert as the idea is to get any running fox into the open...

We were told today that the Hunt were using the falconry exemption and we were also told that they were following a trail. For argument's sake we'll say that they were intending to trail hunt. 1. Trails do not need to be scared back into a covert, so no noise is needed. 2. If a fox tried to run from hounds, you would let them run, not scare them back in, because you'd want hounds to be able to hunt the trail properly. 3. Especially during cubhunting, you would not make noise because, even if a trail were laid in a covert, you wouldn't know if hounds had 'accidentally' picked up on a real fox and wouldn't want to 'accidentally' cause it to be caught and killed.

Which makes us believe that the Hunt are fully intending to hunt foxes in breach of the Hunting Act. Not a major surprise really...

A quick myth-buster to finish from the personal view of one sab out today... 1. I do have a job. 2. I fit work and sabbing around each other as much as possible. 3. It is a job that helps humans - why do hunt supporters always assume I don't care about humans instead of just asking what I do? 4. When you say 'why don't you do something to help humans instead of being out here?' whilst sitting on horseback in a field waiting for hounds to rip a fox apart, don't you see any hypocrisy in your question at all? All in all not too bad a day (unless you're unhappy-looking-Huntsman Nigel Peel). We'll be seeing you again soon we reckon Nigel and co.

Pics below -   1/  Riders on point around a covert - classic cub hunting    2/  Fox fleeing from hounds in covert

  N.CotswoldFHcubhuntingRidersonpoint4-10-17.jpg N.CotswoldFHFoxincovertfleeinghounds4-10-17.jpg


Grafton FH chase fox over busy road

4-10-17   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch   VIDEO   Tuesday 3 October 2017    The Grafton Hunt Watch covered two hunts today. Whilst we kept an eye on the Grafton we also helped our friends from West Midland Hunt Saboteurs to observe the Bicester Hunt who met at Hellidon, Northamptonshire. These were cub-hunting meets, where Hunt's train their young hounds to find and kill foxes.

Over at Bradden at the Grafton meet, their hounds were seen, whilst in pursuit of a fox, running across the busy Blakesley to Greens Norton road, endangering motorists and causing the traffic to come to a halt. Hunts continue to cause havoc not only to our wildlife but also to ordinary people going about their lives.

If you feel that the authorities are falling down on their duty to put a stop to this anarchy please contact Northamptonshire Police http://www.northants.police.uk/contact or your member of Parliament http://www.parliament.uk/get-involved/contact-your-mp/


Fitzwilliam FH illegal hunting case trial is delayed yet again

4-10-17  morethanjustbadgers.net   What Next? by Accidental Activist   … I'd have hoped to bring you more news of the Fitzwilliam case as well by now but there are more delays. I'm beginning to wonder if this will ever get to court. It's incredibly important that the case is heard as it's the first time the Bird of Prey Exemption in the Hunting Act has been challenged in court. Winning this case will be pivotal in future prosecutions and could render the exemption useless to those who claim to hunt with it. The latest news I have is that we're again waiting for a date when a non-biased judge can be found to hear the case and that our expert witness is also available. By the time this gets to court it will be likely that the offence occurred 2 years past. The Fitzwilliam are still using the BoP exemption and are still killing foxes. John Mease, their bird man (and co-defendant) is still riding around with an Eagle on his arm doing absolutely nothing in terms of making the hunting exempt.

Pic below -  Fitzwilliam FH with killed fox 1-1-16



Monitors film Cheshire FH rider driving lorry while on mobile & no seat belt

They claim lorry not taxed or MOTed - reported to police

4-10-17   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Clotton Hoofield   Big lorry travelling along a very narrow lane with lots of people around, but this Cheshire Hounds hunt rider still thinks its safe to use her mobile phone as she drives it, and with Cheshire Police barely just out of sight. With no seat belt, MOT or insurance either. Please note the vehicle was moving along a public road at the time these pictures were taken. We also hold video footage.



Ban on shotgun use with fox hound pack in Scottish highlands is reversed

4-10-17  Inverness Courier   Shotgun ban reversed after hunters undergo safety training - Too many foxes are harbouring in woodland according to animal control hunters   A group has won a battle with the Forestry Commission to use shotguns to kill foxes rooted out by hounds in woodland near Inverness.

The Three Straths Fox Control Association was told last year it could no longer use the firearms at Inshes and Tomatin in case a bullet ricocheted and killed or injured a member of the public. But the decision was overturned this week after association members lodged certificates showing they had undergone gun safety training. A countryside campaigner said he was "appalled" by the U-turn, claiming it went against everything the government agency protecting public woodlands should stand for. But Inverness-based Forest Enterprise Scotland, the operations arm of Forestry Commission Scotland, insisted "public safety remains paramount" and new stricter guidelines were now in place.

The Three Straths has been hunting with guns and dogs under a licence issued annually by the Forestry Commission since 1996 – and the group’s head huntsman said there had never been an incident. The association, made up of gamekeepers and land owners, organises hunting days in woodlands around Inverness, Ross, and Moray, up to 16 per year. The foot pack hunts with 20 fox fell hounds to flush foxes to their guns, a legal practice in Scotland.

Mr Crofts said safety rules were rigid. He added: "There are people on the day who are designated marshals and if a dog walker or anybody else does meet us in the woods, we just explain to them what’s happening. We all wear high-visibility jackets and once the operation starts there is a very strict rule about nobody moving about. Everybody has got to know where the neighbouring gun is. We do not want to shoot someone by accident. Everybody can be contacted by radio." He said there would be "a build-up of foxes" if the hunts did not take place. "We shoot the fox as soon as we can," he said. "We are trying to do it as humanely as possible."

Retired RSPB monitoring officer Brian Etheridge (70) from Avoch, was incensed at Forest Enterprise Scotland for overturning the shotgun ban, and he was horrified that gamekeepers were allowed to hunt and shoot in public forests. He said he did not not want any of his taxes "supporting this kind of thing". He added: "I imagine a great deal of other people would also be appalled."

A Forestry Enterprise Scotland spokesman said safety measures had been increased. A spokesman said: "We require any activity be marshalled at an appropriate level to ensure no member of the public is put at risk. No-one will be discouraged from visiting the forest and any interaction between association members and the public must be courteous and respectful. In the event of any interaction we will require a written report from the association. Association members are suitably qualified through the British Association for Shooting and Conservation Safeshot Scheme and have lodged copies of their certifications. We can have a member of our team accompany the association at any time and we will also carry out spot checks to ensure compliance with the conditions attached to the permission."

Violent North Down FH supporter who stole sab camera is acquitted

3-10-17  Facebook - Hunt Saboteurs NI   VIDEO   Everybody will remember last season when we were subject to a sustained attack by a hunt supporter [which at the time led to his wife being expelled from North Down Hunt].

However in the judges eyes we didn't have enough evidence for the 2 convictions of theft and assault. You will seeN.DownFHSupporterabouttoattacksabsbeforestealingcamera3-10-17.jpg the video which was used today in court, but was discarded as lack of evidence. You can make up your own mind on the video, as he grabs the blue bar off his quad and then comes towards us [right] swinging and hitting us with it. The out and out lies from the hunt supporter where if not so serious laughable.

Apparently, according to the judge it is fine to take someone's phone and then dump it a mile away from where it was snatched, as long as it isn't smashed up. On this the defendant admitted to taking the phone and had no explanation on why he done it. The hunt supporter lies seemed to have been believed as he stated he intended to return the phone so left it where it could be found. Tossed away like a piece of rubbish in a field. the sab in question had no hope of finding her £600 phone had her phone not had find my iPhone turned on. And on the day in question when ask by the police did the hunt supporter have the sabs phone or know where it was he replied no to both.

What this shows to us is how corrupt the judicial system is here but then this is no surprise to us as our sab friends across the water have faced this for years from courts. It seems if you are in any way willing to stand up against the unjust barbaric decimation of our wildlife then your already on the back footing with the judicial system and your word holds no value! In fact you seem to hold no value and are held in disdain.

What we would ask is if anybody would have any cameras lying around that we could use, as due to lack of cameras on the day we weren't able to pick all the abuse that went on and also one of our sabs being dragged along on a quad bike for half way up a field.


9-10-17  Agriland   Farmer who took on ‘hunt saboteurs’ acquitted in court   A Newtownards farmer, accused of “wildly attacking” a group of fox hunting protestors on his land, has been acquitted of charges of assault and theft.

At Newtownards Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (October 3), 52-year-old David Magill – of Ballyblack Road, Newtownards, Co. Down – contested a case in which he was accused of unlawfully assaulting Noreen Quinn, and stealing her £600 (€672) iPhone on November 19, 2016.

An application from the Public Prosecution Service to have prosecution witnesses give evidence behind screens failed. A bad character application against the alleged injured party from the defence at the start of the contest also failed.

District judge Des Perry said he had “a firm view of the characters of both sides”, adding hunt protestors “largely ignore the rights of others in terms of their property and pursuits”. Before cross-examination both Judge Perry and the defence lawyer showed uncertainty as to whether fox hunting in Northern Ireland was illegal, prosecution witnesses and the defendant had to confirm to them that it was still legal. Northern Ireland had a devolved assembly when the fox hunting bill was passed in England and Wales. Scotland passed it’s own act and no subsequent bill in Northern Ireland has passed.

Noreen Quinn, member of the Facebook group ‘Hunt Saboteurs NI’, told the court she was in Loughries – in a group of five people – to monitor a hunt. She said they were in a field around 12:30pm in the afternoon, at its perimeter beside a lane, when a large man on a quad bike drove aggressively at them – missing another female “by inches“. The court was told Magill jumped off the quad, armed himself with a plastic pipe and swung it at the group. When Magill observed Quinn filming him, he allegedly struck her around the upper body around six times. Quinn told the court she fell to the ground and Magill grabbed her “by the scruff” and took her mobile before returning to the quad. She added that she then had to “jump out of the way” of the quad and said she later found her phone lying in the road. She told the court she received grazes on the upper arm and “a fat lip”.

Judge Perry asked her if she and the rest of her group were wearing scarves on their faces. Ms Quinn replied “they may have been,” and stated they were all wearing “outdoor clothes.”  She also told the court that she suffers from asthma. The judge asked if the rest of the group also had asthma. “You’ll have to ask them,” she replied. Judge Perry asked her: “Do you see your role as a monitor, and not a saboteur?” She replied: “We are trying to bring about awareness of hunts.”

The counsel for the defence put it to Quinn that someone from her group threw something at Magill, hitting him on his helmet, as he approached them in the field. She replied: “That’s lies.” The lawyer put it further to them that the group’s activities made sheep flee from them field, and two animals ended up in a bog. She replied: “That’s 100% not true. There were no sheep in the field.” Judge Perry then put it to her: “You were there without permission.” “Yes,” she replied. “But I am a peaceful person, and I would never do anything non-peaceful.”

After three prosecution witnesses were interviewed, Magill, the only defence witness, told the court on the day in question he had given permission for a hunt to pass through a part of his 70ac property. He said he had confronted a group at the front of his property. Over an hour later, he received a call from his wife saying others were in a lane by another field and sheep had ended up in a bog. He said as he drove towards the group, now in the field, he felt something hit him on the head. He said: “I was distraught.”

He told the court he took the mobile from a woman, and told the group the phone would be returned when they got off his land. He said one of the group jumped on his quad as he tried to drive away, and then fell off. He later reportedly left the mobile at a gate post close to where the group’s cars were parked. Magill said the alleged weapon, shown as an exhibit in the court, was a cattle pole. He denied swinging it at the group and striking the woman.

Judge Perry, in conclusion, said he was “not satisfied” that there was proof of intention of theft and that the farmer left the phone where it could be found. He said the farmer was “a big man” and added: “Quinn would have received substantial injuries – I would have expected medical evidence for this. The crown did not make the case they were put in fear, but that they sustained injury in a violent attack. I am not satisfied the requisite standard of evidence was acquired.”

The case was dismissed.

Surrey Union newcomers meet an incompetent, low turnout shambles

3-10-17  Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs    On Saturday we teamed up with South Coast, Croydon and North Downs hunt sabs alongside Surrey Hunt Monitors and headed to Stilemans for the Surrey Unions Newcomers meet... if you can call it that! This sorry state of a Hunt have pretty much sabbed themselves recently, with a ridiculously poor turnout (again) and the incompetence of the new hunt master we didn't really have to do much!

The Hunt set off at around 11.40 and were clearly annoyed at being surrounded by so many sabs and dozens of monitors one rider even came charging towards some of our sabs to inform him that there's loads of police at the meet... not one copper in sight for the whole day!

We lost them briefly to start the day but quickly tracked them down. For the entire day we saw numerous riders traipsing around hopelessly having lost the hunt with he hunt master spending most of the time trying to gather lost hounds, I think it's fair to say we don't think they've made a very good impression for their newcomers... miserable faces all round for the Sorry Union Hunt!

Having only been out for a couple of hours they packed up at around 2.30 and with no other Hunts out locally we retired to the pub!



Jedforest FH huntsmen abandon appeal against illegal hunting convictions

3-10-17  Southern Reporter    Borders huntsmen abandon appeal against landmark convictions   The first huntsmen to be convicted under Scotland’s fox-hunting laws in the 15 years they have been in force have abandoned plans to appeal. Father and son John Clive Richardson, 67, and Johnny Riley, 24, became the first members of a mounted hunt to be successfully prosecuted under the 2002 Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act earlier this year. The pair, both members of the Jed Forest Hunt, based at Abbotrule, near Bonchester Bridge, were secretly filmed by investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports. 

Following eight days of evidence, sheriff Peter Paterson ruled that in two incidents Richardson and Riley were in breach of the act and found them guilty of deliberately hunting a fox with dogs. Riley, who was in charge of the hunt, was fined £400 at Selkirk Sheriff Court in July, and Richardson, described as having a lesser role, was fined £250. 

Lawyers for both men said afterwards they would be appealing against their convictions. An appeal was lodged, but court officials confirmed it has now been withdrawn. Most the evidence during the trial focused on a video showing 34 hounds from the Jed Forest Hunt chasing a fox into a hole on farm land at Townfoothill, near Jedburgh, on February 16 last year. After a terrier man spent 40 minutes digging at the hole, the fox then bolted and was again pursued by the dogs before disappearing out of sight of the footage into a gulley. The defence claimed a waiting gunman shot and injured the fox after it had been flushed from cover by the hounds, that being permitted in law. Witnesses for the crown said they saw no gunman and heard no shots when the fox was being pursued, though. Sheriff Paterson accepted the evidence of the defence that there were two gunmen in place. However, in a landmark ruling, he found that in two respects, the huntsmen, of Abbotrule, were still guilty of illegal hunting while carrying out pest control.



FOI request re. bTb in Kimblewick FH hounds is stonewalled

2-10-17  Facebook - TB Free England    Taking semantics to a whole new level... Makes you wonder what Defra / APHA have got to hide. Lesson to be learned? When posing an FOI, ensure you word the question in a way so as Government bodies can't wiggle their way out of answering.



Filmer angrily criticises dismissal of Derwent FH illegal hunting case

2-10-17  The Star   Anti-hunt campaigners in Sheffield brand decision to dismiss case despite video footage 'shocking'    Animal rights campaigners in Sheffield have branded a decision to dismiss illegal hunting charges against three men without trial as 'shocking'. Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs member Tommy Woodward filmed hounds chasing a fox through a field in Ryedale, North Yorkshire, which he claims shows members of the Derwent Hunt breaching the fox-hunting ban.

Three men were charged in connection with the footage but the case was dismissed at court without going to trial. A magistrate ruled earlier this month that there was insufficient evidence as he said the video did not show the fox being flushed out and the 'behaviour and manner' of the riders was 'not consistent' with that of those looking for an 'active pursuit'. Magistrate Ian Nicholson, sitting at Scarborough Magistrates' Court on September 7, reportedly told the defendants: "You arrived with good character and you leave with good character."

The footage initially shows riders dressed in red waiting with a pack of hounds, before the dogs can be seen pursuing a fox across a field. The riders do not appear to follow the hounds, but campaigners claim they 'show no urgency' in attempting to call off the hounds. What appears to be a quad bike can also be seen entering a wooded area. Anti-hunt protesters say this is evidence of 'terrier men' used to flush out foxes, though no one can be seen doing so on the video.

Responding to the court ruling, Mr Woodward said: "I understand that proving intent is difficult, but if footage of three hunt officials and two terrier men waiting for 10 minutes in a wood, followed by the hounds being released in pursuit of a fox doesn’t prove intent, then what does? If the Hunt weren’t there to catch foxes, why did they have terrier men with them? These men are only used to dig out foxes that have escaped underground – so why were they there if the hunt was just out for a ride? There are way too many questions that needed to be answered, so the fact this didn’t even make it to court is shocking."

Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: "Unfortunately many Hunts face malicious and vindictive allegations about their hunting activities. In this case, as with the vast majority of others, there is little or no evidence to support a conviction. There have been a tiny number of convictions relating to hunts since the Hunting Act was passed in 2004, whilst nearly 300 active hounds continue to operate across the country."

The League Against Cruel Sports believes the footage shows illegal hunting, and has criticised the case presented by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). A CPS spokeswoman said: "The decision to charge in this case was made in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors. The case was presented to the court, and the magistrate decided to dismiss. "

Hunt master Sean McClarron, one of three members of the Derwent Hunt against whom illegal fox-hunting charges were dismissed, declined to comment.

Pics below -  1/   Hounds chase fox recently bolted from wood   2/  Huntsman not calling off hounds searching for fox moments later

  DerwentFHHoundschasingfoxboltedfrominsidewood1-11-16.jpg  DerwentFHHoundssearchingforfoxHuntsmannotcallingthemoff1-11-16.jpg


Revealed that an NT Director's sister is ex JM of Grafton FH

1-10-17 National Dis-Trust   National Trust licenced Grafton Hunt - this is the Hunt that has strong connections to the NT Director Peter Nixon. His sister Jane Nixon was a joint master and is still involved with this Hunt. The Hunt Monitors have been relentless in obtaining footage of the Grafton hunting illegally, despite intimidation and abuse from hunt members. Andrea Leadsom is, unsurprisingly, a staunch supporter of the Grafton.

To vote the Grafton off Trust land, use guidance here (N.Trust members only) - http://tinyurl.com/y94gmkkk .

Please also sign two petitions to strengthen the Hunting Act 2004 from Campaign to Strengthen the Hunting Act & Keeptheban -> http://bit.ly/2eUVNhp & http://bit.ly/2ttAhaq.


Essex & Suffolk FH thugs ram sabs' landy and try to stab one of them

Terriermen were using unplated quad bikes on roads and as weapons

1-10-17  Facebook - Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs   On Saturday 30th of September, Cambridge hunt sabs joined SES - Suffolk And Essex Hunt Sabs in an attempt to stop the Essex and Suffolk Hunt. It was an easy start to the day as the Hunt trekked through open fields so sabs could easily stand still and distract the hounds through use of calls and a horn without causing too much trouble with hunt support. SuffolkEssexFHterriermenthugsonillegalquadusedpitchforkasweapon30-9-17.jpg

As the day went on and the Hunt ventured further from roads, sabs had several run-ins with violent terrier men on quads and angry hunt support. Attempts to damage the CHS vehicle were made a few times- a horse was slammed into our side, most likely causing more distress to the horse than any of us. Keys were also used to scratch the vehicle courtesy of some angry terrier men. After they attempted to block our way, sabs noticed that some particular hunt support have a habit of carrying knives around, one being a sharp Stanley knife (this being illegal to carry under the criminal justice act of 1988).

Throughout the day overloaded agricultural quad bikes without any registrations followed the CHS vehicle, and having had previous encounters with some specific passengers, it was no surprise when things eventually turned violent. Three of these quads followed us down a public road, one rammed into the back of us, while attempting to stab one of our sabs in the face with a sharpened pitchfork [seen in pic right] through the rear window of the landy. When we stopped to assess the damage and attempt to make contact with the police, the terrier men once again tried to use violence but were outwitted, outnumbered, and outgunned so no further violence look place. When the police arrived they scattered into private woodland to evade the armed police who arrived, ultimately unsuccessfully. All in all, it was easy in terms of keeping the hounds at bay- terriermen were the animals we had more trouble with… No known kills.   http://cambridgehuntsabs.org.uk/donate/


Police say monitor film of Wilton FH dig-out not evidence of crime

1-10-17  Facebook - North Dorset Badger And Hunt Watch Team  VIDEO   Dorset police have issued a further and final statement regarding the Wilton dig out. The Wilton Hunt pursued a terrified and exhausted fox into an earth, then set about digging it out with spades. This has been an upsetting time for us all. Please do visit Dorset police on their Facebook page and inform them of full details of the exemptions and that there are no exemptions in the act for this kind of thing.


POWAperson comments -  The video clip appears to show what to anyone who knows fox hunting is the preparations for a dig out. But in itself I am afraid the police officer is right - it is of no real evidentiary value. It should anyway be pointed out that dig outs are NOT made illegal by the Hunting Act. There is advice against them in the Code of Practice attached to the Act, but unfortunately it is in the non-binding section of the Code and so is not enforceable. This would apply EVEN IF it could be proved that the fox had been chased into its underground refuge by hounds illegally.

If a terrier is not used in the dig out, which certainly can happen, and the terrierman has landowner permission, there is no legal restriction, though the Animal Welfare Act will come into effect if the terriermen takes hold of the fox. But this only requires that he does not then cause 'unnecessary suffering'. He's completely free to kill it. The terriermen may use a single terrier to flush out the fox, as long as he does so in accord with the terms of the "Gamekeepers' Exemption". He must take steps to at least attempt to shoot the fox dead immediately after it emerges or is grasped [which is why they'll usually use nets over potential escape holes]. Should the fox successfully escape after emerging it would be an offence to allow hounds to then chase it. The Jedforest FH huntsmen, convicted this June, fell foul of this rule. All this is just further confirmation of how inadequate the Hunting Act is.  www.campaigntostrengthenthehuntingact.com  



Cheshire FH cub hunt brazenly, but monitor presence helps save foxes

1-10-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   Cheshire Hounds cub hunting, Cholmondeley estate 30.9.17   Firstly we would like to thank everyone who helped us in their various ways yesterday. We were tipped off by a local resident that the Hunt were cub hunting yesterday afternoon on the Cholmondeley estate.

CheshireFHRidersonpointcubhunting30-9-17.jpgMore locals and new monitors joined in to help us, which was great! And thanks to one of Cheshire Police's expanding team of Wildlife Crime Officers for responding to our call out and patrolling the area all afternoon. The officer also came to our aid when we were asking for backup with the illegal activity and with a local landowner who was being a bit aggressive.

The Hunt met at Castle Farm/Cholmondeley Farm Shop and proceeded to start searching for fox cubs to kill. The good news is that the hounds were only heard speaking (showing interest in a scent but not fully chasing) on and off for a long time. Riders surrounding woods to push escaping cubs back into the jaws of the hounds were looking very bored. The Hunt moved onto the next wood and here the hounds were picking up stronger scents and going into cry (excited calls that they were clearly on fox scent). We walked in filming and the Hunt sent someone to try and stop us (saying we were not on a footpath) but we carried on.

We were astounded at the brazen nature of this new Huntsman, literally fully cub hunting in the woodland within less than a hundred metres from our cameras, seeming not to care that he could at any moment risk prosecution. The hounds were getting more and more excited and riders surrounding the wood [left] were doing theirCheshireFHRidersblockingfootpathtohindermonitor30-9-17.jpg best to scare the cubs from escaping out of the wood. At first we thought we could do nothing to stop this but as soon as we made moves to enter the woodland the Huntsman finally called the hounds to him and moved on.

The hounds then chased something into the next wood, where we heard them marking to ground (all in one spot, showing the Huntsman that a fox was hiding underground) and terriermen were called to deal with it. They were clearly going to dig out a fox cub that had gone for cover. The police arrived nearby, we got ourselves in position to film and fortunately the Huntsman had the sense to again call the hounds to him and packed up. So we are happy in the knowledge that there were no kills yesterday.

Please bear in mind that this is not the hunting season and all Hunts should only be "exercising hounds" at the moment, so if they are caught cub hunting they can't use the trail hunt or bird of prey excuses.

Finally, this season is going to be hard work but between our team, concerned locals and the police we will make an impression on this new boy and show him he can’t behave like this in Cheshire. The police have told us they will be putting together a record of film recorded of this Hunt this season. Watch this space on that.

Please share. And if you have any information in relation to any Hunts operating in Cheshire, then please get in touch. You can contact us by private message here, or email info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk.

Pic above right -  Riders blocking footpath, trying to hinder monitor 


Tory Cabinet Minister linked to Hunt accused of illegal fox hunting

Monitor footage of Grafton FH chasing fox passed to police 

AndreaLeadsomwithGraftonFH.jpg1-10-17   Sunday People   VIDEO   Top Tory in fox hunt storm: Hunters supported by Leader of House Andrea Leadsom 'flout' ban The high-powered Leader of the House of Commons has repeatedly appeared in the past with the Grafton Hunt – whose bloodthirsty dogs are seen pursuing the helpless animal    Hunt members could now face a police investigation over the footage in which they appear to flout the bloodsports ban. During the film taken last Saturday, riders of the hunt in Northamptonshire seemingly make no attempt to stop the pack as it pursues the exhausted cub.

Mrs Leadsom [left], MP for South Northamptonshire and a former Secretary of State for the Environment, openly supported the local hunt for many years. She has previously attended their annual ball and hunt meetings in her constituency. In an online post – which she deleted before running against Theresa May for Tory Party leadership – she wrote: “Hunting is alive and well, and so it should be... The case for repealing The Act is, in my opinion, proven.” But last night she declined to comment on whether she would publicly withdraw support for the Hunt. She told the Sunday People: “I thoroughly condemn any illegal hunting activity. Any review of the Hunting Act should have animal welfare at its core.”

Philippa King of the League Against Cruel Sports condemned the harrowing footage. She said: “Cub hunting hasGraftonFHFoxfleeingfromnearbyhounds23-9-17.jpg been illegal since 2005 and for many is the most vile form of hunting.

Local constituent Judy Gilbert, 70, filmed it from a public road as riders crashed through the countryside. Judy is a member of Grafton Hunt Watch, who film hunts to make sure they are complying with the Act, which bans the hunting of mammals with dogs in England and Wales.

Mrs Gilbert claimed the Grafton Hunt is still flouting the law and called on the Government to toughen the statute books to make prosecutions more likely. In the past, Mrs Leadsom, 54, has frequently been photographed with the hunt party. In one snap published on a local news website she is seen patting Huntsman Mick Wills’ horse and on two occasions tweeted that she was out watching them on Boxing Day. Constituents claim she has also attended other meets, petting the hounds and supporting the annual Grafton Hunt Ball. The same Hunt was out last Saturday, with riders calling the dogs with the traditional hunting horn.

GraftonFHHoundsandhunterschasingfox23-9-17.jpgThe footage – filmed on three cameras – shows the terrified fox cub dart from its cover. The dogs get a whiff of it and are straight on its tail as it sprints across an open field. None of the riders appear to call off the dogs as is required by law. Campaigner Mrs Gilbert claimed that hunts are regularly getting around the law by using loopholes to evade prosecution. Trail hunting – where a scent is laid before the dogs and riders go out – is not illegal. But if hunters do not call their dogs off when they pick up the scent of a live mammal they are committing an offence.

Mrs Gilbert claimed: “People still think they are above the law. There are too many loopholes. When we hand footage over, often the Hunts will just say they are using GraftonFHRidersjoininchasingfox23-9-17.jpgeagles to hunt because that’s an exemption set out in the Hunting Act 2004.”  Mrs Gilbert added: “We are not saboteurs because we do not try and interfere or try and stop them. We stick to public highways and footpaths and just try to gather ­evidence to get them to court. I have a passion for wildlife and the unfairness of the whole thing upsets me. It’s just so cruel.” She said anyone who believed ­hunting is not still happening in this country is naive, but police and the Crown Prosecution Service see it as low on their list of priorities. It is not known what happened to the fox cub on Saturday but it was outnumbered 10 to one by the hounds.

The Grafton Hunt has its kennels in Moreton Pinkney in South Northamptonshire but rides around the town of Towcester. It was named after its founder, the Duke of Grafton and was in existence as early as 1735.

Mrs Leadsom, who challenged Mrs May for leadership following David Cameron’s resignation after the Brexit vote, has made no secret of her wish to bring back hunting, GraftonFHfoxfleeinguproad23-9-17.jpgsaying it would improve animal welfare. But fox ­hunting continues to be hugely unpopular, even among Conservative voters, with eight out of ten people saying they do not want to see it brought back.

Elisa Allen, director of animal ­charity PETA, said: “The chase is terrifying, and foxes have been known to rupture internal organs fleeing for their lives. Then come the moments in which the petrified and exhausted animals are surrounded and torn apart by the dogs. This behaviour has no place in modern Britain.”

A Grafton Hunt spokesman said: “The Grafton Hunt operates legally while conducting trail-hunting and other exempt hunting activities within the confines of the Hunting Act 2004.”

Northamptonshire Police confirmed the incident had been referred to its Rural Crime Unit for investigation.GraftonFHHoundssearchingwherefoxleftroad23-9-17.jpg

VOICE OF THE SUNDAY PEOPLE Fox-hunting is an issue that has always divided opinion in the UK. On one hand, the countryside lobby puts up arguments about the need to control the fox population. And they argue that the traditional hunts have been a part of rural life for hundreds of years. But the majority of people believe hunting foxes with hounds is cruel and unnecessary. The 2005 ban on hunting has been tested many times since then. Police are investigating the latest allegation that the ban has been breached. Footage has been passed to them of the Grafton Hunt allow dogs to chase a fox cub. This is the local hunt of top Tory Andrea Leadsom. Although she has been a keen supporter of the hunt in the past, Mrs Leadsom has now condemned any illegal hunting activity. But she refuses to publicly withdraw her support for the Grafton. Is it any surprise she is staying loyal to an outdated and cruel ­institution like this? After all, she is in the Tory party.

Story also covered by the Sun 1-10-17


Grafton FH hunted blatantly and resorted to force, say sabs

1-10-17  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   HUNT VIOLENCE, FOXES HUNTED   Grafton Hunt. Saturday 30th September. Radstone, Northamptonshire   It’s been another busy week for us, on Thursday we were back at the Warwickshire Hunt as they hunted near Stretton-on-fosse (report to follow). On Saturday we left Atherstone Hunt Watch to keep an eye on the Atherstone Hunt to make sure they weren’t hunting at their advertised meet in Shackerstone. We will be checking in on the Atherstone Hunt ourselves at various points overGraftonFHHoundsbeingcalledofffox30-9-17.jpg the next month to ensure they are just hound exercising.

With the Atherstone covered we travelled down to Tory MP Andrea Leadsom's Grafton Hunt on Saturday to help the hunt monitors at Grafton Hunt Watch. The Grafton are all over this morning's papers for illegally hunting a fox which the hunt monitors filmed. Please like and share their page https://www.facebook.com/foxcubhunting/

The Grafton were blatantly hunting right from the start with the Hunt's terrierman filmed down in a ditch turning a fox back towards the hounds and the wood it had just ran from. A second fox escaped behind the terrierman whilst sabs had to intervene as the hounds got onto the scent of the first fox. Once the huntsman realised sabs were present he took the hounds [right] and moved on leaving the fox. He then GraftonFHSupporterhurlssabtoground30-9-17.jpgspent the rest of the day attempting to avoid sabs and monitors. With their fun spoilt the Hunt resorted to violence with one hunt supporter pushing a sab to the ground [left].

One member of the Hunt claimed the Hunt was flushing foxes to a bird of prey. However if this was true why did the terrierman turn the fox back into the wood towards the hounds. That’s the exact opposite of what they are claiming they are doing.

Just after we had left once the Hunt had packed up, the monitors told us 3-4 police cars arrived at the meet. The notoriously biased and pro-hunt Northamptonshire Police had been called on some false allegations made by the Hunt and had arrived to assist them in their illegal hunting. On this occasion they arrived too late. Please ask Northamptonshire Police why they are not doing anything about illegal hunting at the Grafton Hunt.

ttps://www.facebook.com/northantspolice/ Please consider donating to help us cover fuel costs https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs You can also set up a standing order with us. sort code-089299 account no-65488120      #strengthenthehuntingact       #endcubhuntingcruelty


Sab ridden over as Middleton FH cubbing efforts restrained

1-10-17  Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs   Yesterday Sheff sabs joined W.Yorks Sabs to visit the Middleton at Skirpenbeck for a 3pm meet. We were joined by three new sabs who weren't to be disappointed on their debuts.

At the meet Shagger Carter looked resplendent in his bright red coat, however on seeing sabs he decided to swap his finery for a quite inconspicuous green thing. Another attempt to hide, another complete failure. From the meet a half-hearted attempt at drawing a beet field was followed by a group huddle! Were they waiting for the cops? Who knows what goes on in Shagger's head, but after 10 minutes they moved off and ran backwards and forwards through the same field with sabs on their tail. At this point some of the riders started getting a bit lairy, eventually leading to one sab being ridden over.

Shagger, perhaps with one mind on his court appearance and the other on not wanting to embarrass his Lordship any more, then tried to run off with the pack. We found them in cry and when the pack left the covert, the gizmo was used to bring the entire pack to sabs. Liberal amounts of citronella then ensured that the scent wasn't rediscovered.

When Shagger eventually rounded the pack up a lovely game of sabs calling the pack and then the Huntsman calling the pack was enjoyed by both hounds and sabs. We're not sure how much Shagger enjoyed it and quite frankly we don't care .At 5.30pm having called in his off duty whip to help gather the pack, poor Shagger headed home and sabs headed for vegan fried 'chicken' and beer. Please help keep us in the field by donating at https://gogetfunding.com/help-sheff-sabs-save-badgers/.

Pics below - Middleton FH takes pack on to road in poor weather    2/  The moment 'Shagger' Carter earned his nickname 

  MiddletonFHtakinghoundsonroadinbadweather30-9-17.jpg MiddletonFHNewJMCharlesCarterwantstoshagfemaleprotester23-1-17.jpg


1-10-17  Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs   Yesterday saw West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs team up with Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs and hit the Middleton Hunt, who had a 3pm meet at Skirpenbeck near Stamford Bridge.

An initial standoff in a field saw a masked up terrier boy try and fail to intimidate sabs by attempting to stare them out. Sabs simply ignored this sorry individual. The hunt, led by Charles Charter, set off and things quickly turned nasty with a female hunter riding her horse at speed from behind into a West Yorkshire sab, literally sending him flying.

Undeterred, sabs kept up with the hunt and soon found hounds in cry and running through a wood. The entire pack were brought out of the woods using the gizmo, where they'd been on the scent of a fox, and the hounds enjoyed being patted and fussed over by sabs - sadly probably the only affection these animals receive. A dejected hunt packed up at around 5.30, sabs having ensured they didn't kill during their failed outing.

If you support what West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs do, please buy us a coffee and keep us going: https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs . Many thanks.


Beaufort FH woman supporter attacks monitor and smashes video camera

27-9-17  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Beaufort Hunt, 16th September, 2017   Here’s a quick update on what the Beaufort Hunt have been up to lately. On Saturday 16th September they met at Shipton Moyne near Westonbirt for one of their 4 weekly attempts at cub hunting. The usual large throng arrived at Street Farm for their weekend social with Beaufort ladies keen to exchange their news oblivious to what is about to take place. Let’s be clear about this – we reiterate, the point of cubbing is to integrate the young hound pups into the pack and train them to hunt and kill. This is illegal!

We regularly see hounds going over ground where it’s impossible to lay a trail ...here’s an extract from a very informative article in the Independent about hunting on Cumbrian fells and laying a trail... “Green says: “If a trail had been laid, the hounds would be close together, going in the same direction, but they’re all over the fell, scattering about trying to detect where the fox went. We know they’re not laying fox urine because that comes from fur farms abroad, of which there are none in this country. And to import animal by products you need a certificate from the Animal and Plant Health Laboratory; so we did a Freedom of Information request asking whether any certificates had been issued for importing it and none had. So either they aren’t bringing any in or they’re bringing it in illegally.”

Throughout the morning hounds were heard in cry several times as they worked the surrounding coverts between Easton Grey and Shipton Moyne. We moved them on for most of the morning but later on things took a turn for the worse when a female supporter lost control and attacked one of our monitors, grabbed the video camera and smashed it to the ground. That will be £260 please if you have any conscience or common decency in you. No I think not as you haven’t yet thought about transferring the amount into our PayPal account. Here it is in case you change your mind... http://paypal.me/cihwatch. I guess we will just have to add the police incident no to the rest of them. Unfortunately we have had quite a few attacks inflicted on our monitors whilst we go about filming illegal fox hunting.


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