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        Warning - contains images of animals killed/ mutilated by Hunts that you may find distressing 

Detailed stories follow each month's headlines below, all in reverse chronological order


                           HUNTING SEASON 2018-19



….. 19th October - Four Burrow FH cubbing attempts fail to excite the hounds

….. 18th October - Fitzwilliam FH attempt to get injunction to keep sabs away

….. 18th October - Antis pack up Eton College Beagles caught chasing a hare

….. 18th October - Antis to protest re. 'trail hunting' outside N.T.'s AGM

….. 18th October - DEFRA ignore wildlife crime in public forests

….. 17th October - Ashford V. FH chase fox into village - road chaos & hounds in gardens

….. 17th October - Monitors urge Cheshire fox Hunts to switch to drag/clean boot hunting

….. 16th October - Convicted dairy farmers supply dead calves to S&W. Wilts FH

….. 16th October - Warwickshire FH hunt fox along canal and through garden

….. 16th October - Derwent FH caught cubbing in same woods as taken to court for

….. 16th October - Snarling Ashford Valley FH supporter assaults sab

….. 15th October - Sabs ensure no fox kills at Lanarkshire FH Newcomers meet

….. 15th October - Ex-Huntsman tries to provoke sab into 'intimidating' him !

….. 15th October - League's Chief Investigator comments on attacks on LACS

….. 14th October - Hunting, coursing, shooting continue as hares face Myxy plague

….. 13th October - N. Warkwickshire Beagles packed up by sabs - in 3 minutes !

….. 13th October - Sabs make Berkeley FH Huntsman give up cubbing attempts 3 times

….. 13th October - Sab presence causes E. Sussex FH to actually lay a trail !

….. 13th October - Portman FH openly hunting foxes - again

….. 13th October - Nat. Trust appoints 'Trail-hunting Manager' to administer licences 

….. 12th October - Sabs scupper Oakley FH cubbing meet just by turning up

….. 12th October - IoW FH - 'violent bunch of sadists' - licenced by Nat. Trust

….. 11th October - Melbreak FH flee as sabs find them hunting on FC land w/o license

….. 11th October - Cheshire FH staff caught blocking sett in SSSI woodland

….. 11th October - King stag of Exmoor escapes D&S SH on to LACS sanctuary

….. 11th October - Cheshire police have used drone to monitor fox hunt

….. 10th October - Trial of two Buccleuch FH servants adjourned for two months

….. 10th October - Sabs save 3 hares from Easton Harriers as locals outraged by hunting

….. 10th October - N. Shropshire FH Huntsman is a convicted criminal

…..  9th October - Buccleuch FH trial shown covert video of hounds chasing fox

…..  9th October - Quantock SH quad biker alleged to have run over policeman

…..  9th October - Monitor tells of the bloody reality of Quantock FH stag hunt

…..  9th October - Monitors cover trail of fox fleeing Zetland FH

…..  9th October - Hunt hound found in Cheshire advertised on Facebook

…..  8th October - Warks FH block sabs in on road they allowed on & Hunt not

…..  8th October - Assault case against E. Sussex FH woman rider referred to DPP

…..  8th October - Beaufort FH hunt fox in village of Rodmarton

…..  8th October - Two Buccleuch FH members deny illegal hunting charges

…..  8th October - Mendip Farmers FH cub hunt, riot on deer, ride thru cattle fields

…..  7th October - Four injured hounds found on road in South Wales

…..  7th October - Sabs pull Cheshire Forest FH hounds off suspected bagged fox

…..  7th October - Portman FH hounds chase pet cat in wood - sabs aid escape

…..  6th October - Beaufort FH take hounds through middle of sheep flock

…..  6th October - Middleton FH cub hunt openly - hounds rated off one young fox

…..  6th October - Sabs stick to Quorn FH like glue, stopping them hunting

…..  6th October - Sabs cover trail of only fox Avon Vale FH were able to put up

…..  6th October - Sabs save fox from Fife FH who hunt around active sett

…..  6th October - Sabs pull N. Bucks Beagles off hare while hunters fields away

…..  6th October - VWH FH support block monitor car - then claim she 'breaking law' !

…..  6th October - Sab presence leads East Kent FH to early pack up

…..  6th October - E. Sussex woman rider pleads NG to 2 charges assault sabs

…..  5th October - Filming sab causes Warks FH to let nearly caught fox go free

…..  5th October - LACS bites back over 'false' allegations in Times newspaper

…..  5th October - Wynnstay FH riders use horses as weapons against sabs

…..  5th October - League accused of wanting to hack CA CEO's email account

…..  5th October - Coniston FH admit trespass on NT land 4 times last season

…..  3rd October - Hunt supporter steps down as Shropshire Wildlife Trust trustee

…..  3rd October - Wildlife Sanctuary bemoans Staitondale FH cubbing right by them

…..  3rd October - Woman sab driven at and injured at Essex & Suffolk FH meet

…..  3rd October - Warks FH ride through bTb farm as sabs keep them moving

…..  3rd October - Broken Atherstone FH hack around a while then go home

…..  2nd October - S. Durham FH twice pull hounds off fox as monitors/police there

…..  2nd October - Muntjac scared on to road by Suffolk FH, injured by car

…..  2nd October - N. Cotswold FH hounds riot on deer - saved by sab 

…..  1st October - Sabs pull Surrey Union FH hounds off two foxes

…..  1st October - Foxes shot & displayed in internal Lake District Hunt feud

…..  1st October - Flint & Denbigh FH openly cub hunt but sabs avert kills 


Four Burrow FH cubbing attempts fail to excite the hounds

Supporter gives bizarre explanation of where fox pee for trails is from

19-10-18   Facebook - Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team     Four Burrow Hunt, Cubbing, Cargenwen Farm 16/10/18 Would you want to book a well deserved holiday here? Only to find out the owner is not just a member of the local hunt but hosts hunt meets here too.

We rolled up to Cargenwen Farm at 9am and sure enough there was a large number of empty horse boxes in the opposite field. By 9.30 Four Burrow Hunt were on the move. Passing Cargenwen reservoirs their first stop was scrubland behind Crowan Church and the poultry farm where they were openly attempting to flush out foxes. Huntswoman Nikki Hancock was clearly urging the hounds into the scrub whilst the 'Whipper In' and Point riders stood in their expected positions. This scenario was played out at all the coverts throughout the day whilst the rest of the field stood around aimlessly doing nothing.

Their meet for the day centred around small areas of moorland with thick bracken and scrub.…Clearly not ideal for laying in a so called trail. Firstly in the Crowen Higher Cargenwen areas then moving south to the Black Rock open access area near Higher Carn. They then moved on to the Carn Meor area with the hounds clearly running amok in the woods and ended at Polcrebo Downs where a minimum of 3 of them were on point, again illegally hunting, poised to see if anything bolted.

They were most surprised to see us at the beginning but soon they accepted we were in for the long haul and indeed we stuck with them for the whole of the day. On Polcrebo Downs we were told the land was private and were instructed to ‘extricate’ ourselves from a clearly marked public bridleway!

One thing we did learn was how they acquire fox urine for the laying of trails. According to one of the support they collect it by going down to the local stream and scooping up water that a fox has peed in! And this Ladies and Gentlemen is what they do in order to lay their trails! That information freely given to us cheered up our day no end - along with the fact that we never once heard the hounds in cry.

Pic below   -   A set of massive arses 



Fitzwilliam FH attempt to get injunction to keep sabs away

Hunt has recent convictions for illegal hunting, assaults and C.Damage

The Fitzwilliam is owned by someone on the Sunday Times Rich List

18-10-18   Morethanjustbadgers.net    Fighting the Fitz Injunctions [by Accidental Activist] - Injunction Statement


Our Crowd Justice Funding page can be found here: https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/fighting-the-fitz-injunction/.

POWAperson adds -  This is probably just the first attempt by Hunts to buy injunctions in an attempt to prevent exposure of their illegal activities, as hinted at by Bonner in his recent letter to CA members.  They seem, however, to have forgotten about the attempt by the Crawley & Horsham FH to do the same thing a few years ago, which flopped disastrously and very expensively. And it strange that it is a Hunt with recent convictions, plus further video evidence of assaults on sabs, that is choosing to lead the way. But it cannot be allowed to succeed and the sabs will need all the help they can get to stop it.  


Antis pack up Eton College Beagles caught chasing a hare

18-10-18   Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights    Hit Report 18/10/2018 Eton Beagles : Meet : Abbotsbury Gardens, Beach Car Park We came, we saw, and we sent them running back to Eton!   After a great tip off a few of us headed for Abbotsbury to look for the Hooray Henry brigade known as the Eton Beagles, Mastered today by the Park Beagle huntsman of Abbotsbury.

Joined today by Dorset Hunt Sabs we caught up with them running away from Sabs after being caught with hounds in cry after a hare was seen running for it's life! Sabs were hot on the scene and with the use of a gizmo and voice calls successfully called the hounds off the scent, another life saved ! This was enough for the Huntsman to call it a day and take the walk of shame and head back to boxing up the beagles.

There was some lingering around for sometime maybe the Eton crowd was hoping we would just suddenly disappear and they could just carry on with a days killing, but no, we stayed till the end to watch them saunter off with their tails between their legs!

Yet again bloodsports on Charlotte Townshend's land, no wonder people no longer wish to come to West Dorset for their holidays, shame, shame, shame on you Lady T for letting an already failing economy slump even further into decline due to your barbaric destruction of our wildlife!

If you wish to complain at how one of Dorset's favourite tourist attractions is being used to facilitate barbaric bloodsports then please air your views here. If you would like to join us please either message this page or email weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Donate to our fuel and equipment fund here.

Pics below   -   1/  Hunter showing how much he loves his hound   2/  Packing up after 'walk of shame'  

  EtonCollegeBeaglesHuntershowingloveforhishound18-10-18.jpg EtonCollegeBeaglesPackingupduetoantis18-10-18.jpg


Antis to protest re. 'trail hunting' outside N.T.'s AGM

18-10-18   Swindon Advertiser    Anti-hunting campaigners to stage protest outside National Trust office in Swindon     Campaigners from the League Against Cruel Sports and National Dis-Trust will hold the protest outside the charity's office on Firefly Avenue on Saturday morning. The protesters hope to put pressure on the conservation charity to persuade it to stop granting licences for hunting on its land, and prevent wild animals being killed by hounds. The protest has been planned to coincide with the National Trust annual general meeting, a week before hunting season opens.

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "Thousands of wild animals – including fox, hare and deer – are being targeted, chased and killed every year across the country, under the guise of following a trail.

"This is despite hunting with hounds being banned in England and Wales in 2004 and packs granted access to National Trust land, managed on behalf of the nation, being implicated in this objectionable ‘sport’. With over 85 per cent of the public opposing all forms of hunting wild animals with hounds – including a considerable number of National Trust members, visitors and employees – it is high time the conservation body provided protection to wildlife by stopping licensing hunting on its land.”


DEFRA ignore wildlife crime in public forests

18-10-18   Hounds Off  By Jack Rigall    Government defends wildlife crime in publicly owned forests    Yesterday, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs responded to a petition calling for an end to the licensing of so-called ‘trail hunts’ on the Public Forest Estate, which is owned & managed by the Forestry Commission on behalf of the public. The response is pretty much a paraphrased Countryside Alliance press release and there are a couple of things they’ve either overlooked, perhaps accidentally, perhaps not:

The petition specifically doesn’t call for an end to licences given to Hunts which have agreements formed under a general agreement with the Master of Draghounds & Bloodhounds Association (MDBA), as drag hunting & clean boot hunting are not covers for wildlife crime.

- DEFRA’s response omits that licences are also granted to Hunts under a general agreement with the Association of Masters of Harriers & Beagles (AMHB), such as the New Forest Beagles.

- Most importantly, though, they’ve regurgitated one of the most worn out lies in the country and they’ve done so without scrutiny. This is, of course, that fox & hare hunts have stopped hunting live quarry and started to ‘trail hunt’.

Trail hunting is a legitimate activity … Many hunts have since turned to trail hunting as an alternative to live quarry hunting…’ – DEFRA, 17th October 2018.

Here’s a couple of brief reasons why this is rubbish:

In 2014, a review of RSPCA prosecuting activity was published by Stephen Wooler CB, a former Chief Inspector for the Crown Prosecution Service. On P109/s9.1 it stated that: ‘The evidence reviewed leaves no room for doubt that, despite the 2004 legislation, traditional fox hunting remains “business as usual” in many parts of the country.’

Both before & after the Wooler Review, Hunts that have been licensed to use public land by the Forestry Commission have been convicted; the Meynell & South Staffordshire Hunt were convicted under the Hunting Act 2004 based on footage from Derby Hunt Saboteurs and the Cottesmore Hunt were convicted under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 based on footage from the League Against Cruel Sports.

DEFRA have rejected the requests of the petition on a completely false premise. It remains open & ongoing to gain signatures, and needs 100,000 signatures before 18th March 2019. If you haven’t signed this already, please do so here!

Pic below   -   The FC either don't seem to know the difference between 'drag' and 'trail' hunting [one being real and harmless, the other being a fictional alibi for illegal live quarry hunting] - or perhaps they are just trying to blur the distinction. This sign appeared in the N. York Moors area, where no real drag Hunts operate. 



Ashford Valley FH chase fox into village - road chaos & hounds in gardens

17-10-18   Facebook - West Kent Hunt Sabs    Following our report from last Saturday on the Ashford Valley & Tickham Hunt we received a barrage of information on this Hunt including a list of meets from one disgruntled supporter! We can't thank them enough as when we turned up at the Flying Horse pub in Smarden yesterday at 11am sharp... sure enough Neil and the rest of the Ashford Valley Hunt were riding in, hounds in tow! We question why this pub would want to be associated with a Hunt who were filmed killing a fox only last year?

The day was an eventful one and as soon as the Hunt moved off we were surrounded by a mob of angry hunt supporters who surrounded our vehicle, blocked the highway and assaulted one of our sabs (Footage will be posted here shortly!).

Fortunately, we had a group who went in on foot so we didn't lose the Hunt. Eventually we were able to get away from the meet in our vehicle and almost instantly the hounds chased a fox from the fields back into the centre of Smarden! What followed can only be described as chaos! Hounds in the road, running in peoples gardens, jumping over fences and frankly it was a miracle no hound got injured. Luckily the fox got away and then the hunt spent at least 20 minutes trying to get all the hounds back!

They then moved off again and desperately tried to lose us but to no avail! Whether being followed on foot or being watched and filmed by our new 'eye in the sky' drone which worked fantastically during it's first outing; we had eyes on them at all times as they trampled in between Smarden and Bethersden. At one point we passed anglers who informed us that they had seen 3 foxes run for their lives minutes before the Hunt moved through which made us extremely grateful that we were there today!

By 2.30pm, after 3 hours of desperately trying to lose us they pulled a disappearing act again. That wasn't before Terry, usual loud mouth terrier man from the East Kent Hunt appeared from nowhere to say hello.... thinking of jumping ship are we Terrance?

After another hour of trying to find the Hunt we decided it was time to call it a day and just as we were moving off to go home we were suddenly surrounded by the Hunt's personal security again in the form of Kent Police, only this time they had guns! Two Police cars turned up...again... one armed unit only to take our details. This took the best part of 30 minutes. Why so long? It does not take 30 minutes to check whether a car is insured or not? We can only think we aggravated the Hunt so much that they decided they had to call their friends the police to keep us from them so they could get away.

All in all it was a successful day with at least one fox saved and a seriously disgruntled Hunt that weren't able to shake off our presence and kill wildlife even on their weekday meet! One thing that was noticed today is just how awful the Ashford Valley and Tickham Hunt supporters are, intimidation and aggression right from the off!

We would also like to thank Croydon Sabs and South Coast Sabs who came out to support us! As always any donations to our ongoing vehicle and petrol costs would be greatly appreciated! https://www.paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA.

  AshfordValleyFHTerriermen17-10-18.jpg AshfordValleyFHArmedpolicequestioningsabs17-10-18.jpg


Monitors urge Cheshire fox Hunts to switch to drag/clean boot hunting

With new Beagle drag pack, both alternatives now in the county 

17-10-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Cheshire's alternatives to the trail of lies laid by the county's three traditional hunts     We think it's about time that riders that go out with Hunts that are breaking the law in Cheshire consider changing to riding out with one of the legal alternatives now available.

We heard a rumour about a new beagle Hunt in Cheshire so, on Sunday 7th October, we sent a team to check on and monitor the new Border Beagles Hunt. They met just off Chorlton Lane near Chester, and we found everyone friendly and welcoming, unlike the negative, secretive and aggressive reaction we receive when monitoring the three so-called trail hunts in Cheshire.

The Huntsman informed us that he had set up the pack from rescued beagles, many of them puppies, with approximately 10 hounds of all shapes and sizes. They plan to hunt in Cheshire and Shropshire, are based in Welshpool, never wear red and are the only mounted Beagle Pack in the UK.


                                       Cheshire Beagles Drag Hunt 

Cheshire also has its own drag hunt, who also choose not to wear red, but instead wear blue jackets. This Hunt chase a human runner named Des [below], and (like the Border Beagles) you are welcome to contact the Hunt if you would like to go along to see how they operate. This Hunt was monitored by one of our team a few years ago and features in the IFAW report 'Uncovering the Trail of Lies' here: https://g.ifaw.org/2QZfl2Q.The


                        Cheshire Drag Hunt - 'hunting the clean boot'  

The three remaining mounted Hunts - the Cheshire Hounds, Cheshire Forest, and Wynnstay Hunts - on the other hand, certainly won't welcome you to pay them a visit! Because if you did - like us - you'd see them chasing the foxes they deny all knowledge of when they all claim to be "trail hunting".

We welcome the modern alternatives in Cheshire and hope that at least some hunt riders consider making the right choice and join these groups instead of taking part in an outdated and barbaric pastime.

See here a link to The Cheshire Drag Hunt:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/328357153906844. See here a link to The Borders Beagles Hunt https://www.facebook.com/groups/215732632309822. Finally, for more information, please read this article from League Against Cruel Sports: https://bit.ly/2AfTe2A.


Convicted dairy farmers supply dead calves to S&W. Wilts FH

16-10-18   HSA Press Release  VIDEO   Convicted Dairy Farmers Supply the South and West Wilts Hunt    With Dead Calves Whilst working against the badger cull in Somerset, a group of hunt saboteurs came across shocking practices at Henley Grove Farm near Bruton. Large numbers of male calves were taken from their mothers, killed and dumped in piles just metres from the public footpath running through the farm. All this because they cannot produce milk and so were of no benefit to the farm.

The calves were collected by a kennel-hand from the South and West Wilts Hunt, who feed them to their hounds. The hunt worker was filmed collecting bodies at the site on four separate occasions. This is common practice within the dairy industry as fox hunts benefit by obtaining free food for their hounds and the farm benefits by having a 'fallen stock' collection service that is often free.


Both David Bown and his son Phillip Bown (who are directors of Henley Grove Farm Limited) are no strangers to animal abuse, however, as the pair were fined in 2013 after admitting to blocking a badger sett and attempting to gas its inhabitants using their car's exhaust fumes.

According to a sign on the farm, Henley Grove Farm supplies milk to Robert Wiseman Dairies, who were later taken over by Müller.

Shooters taking part in this year's horrific badger cull have also been found and prevented from shooting in the fields close to Henley Grove Farm by hunt saboteurs.

Lee Moon, the spokesperson for the HSA said; "Many forms of wildlife persecution, such as badger culling and fox hunting, have strong links with the dairy industry. Fox hunts rely on dead livestock from meat and dairy farmers as a source of free food for their hounds. By consuming dairy products (especially ones manufactured by Müller) you could inadvertently be supporting fox hunts.


                               Hunt worker dragging dead calf on to trailer


Warks FH hunt fox along canal and through garden

Sabs intervened after it went to ground by a road

JM/Director present, refused to call hounds off 

16-10-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt- Tuesday 16th October 2018, Fir Tree Farm, Bascote, Southam    Fox hunted next to canal The Warwickshire Hunt hunted this fox next to the Grand Union Canal and through a back garden. The fox went to ground next to the road, sabs had to intervene to turn the lead hound back as joint-master and hunt director Barbara Hester clearly refused to do so and seemed happy for the hounds to continue after the fox. Hester also seemed more intent on filming what we were doing than stopping her hounds running all over a road. They also hunted through a nature reserve. Full report to follow.

We do our best to act on information given to us and is always treated in confidence. You can contact us on 07767620767.



Snarling Ashford Valley FH supporter assaults sab

18-10-18   Facebook – W. Kent Sabs    Ashford Valley & Tickham Hunt supporters assault sabs! Hunt supporters of the Ashford Valley Hunt show their true colours at their meet at the Flying Horse pub in Smarden. In the footage supporters illegally obstruct a highway and physically and verbally abuse Sabs!

How is this acceptable behaviour in this day and age? Let alone at 11am in the middle of a village on a Wednesday morning! This goes to show the true nature of hunt supporters!

Pic below   -   Supporter reaches into car and hits sab 



Derwent FH caught cubbing in same woods as taken to court for

16-10-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Early this morning, one of ours was close to the Derwent FH meet so went to check what they where doing, on his way to work. He found the Hunt just south of Wilton, between Pickering and Scarborough - they were holding up the same woods that they were taken to court for chasing a fox from last year. He's called the police and managed to get some film even though the terriermen where blocking him. More info to follow.


17-10-18   Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs    Early yesterday morning, we got a tip off from a Sheffield sab who’d spotted the Derwent up to no good. They were clearly cubbing and breaking the law. We arrived not long after and found the hunt meet at a farm. Horse boxes in the yard. 

After driving around for a while we thought it strange that they couldn’t be found so we went back to the meet and saw them all quickly packing up. Now they’d only been out a few hours if that, so they were clearly scarpering before the police arrived. We’ve never seen a Hunt pack up and disappear so quickly. Obviously been up to no good!

They were not happy to have us wave bye to them. Thankfully the Sheffield sab has been there just in time to call the police out. We were thankful we’d got to see their fun cut short and no wildlife killed.

POWAperson added -  Three Derwent FH hunt servants were prosecuted for illegal hunting by the CPS. On 7-9-17, the judge dismissed the case at the request of the defence barrister. without the prosecution having had a chance to question the accused. The sab who witnessed and filmed them flush a fox from the woods and permit hounds to chase it was scathing about the judge's decision to dismiss on the basis of 'insufficient evidence'. He wrote - '… but if footage of three hunt officials and two terrier men waiting for 10 minutes in a wood, followed by the hounds being released in pursuit of a fox doesn’t prove intent, then what does?' LACS felt the case failed because the CPS put up a barrister inexperienced in prosecuting wildlife crime and who had not seen the evidence until the morning of the trial. The film of the Derwent, taken by a sab, can be seen here.

However, it is possible that this is yet another case where the inadequacy of the Hunting Act has been laid bare. There is nothing to prevent a Hunt searching for and, as a result, flushing a fox into the open, given that the High Court ruling of 2009 determined that 'searching' was not part of 'hunting' within the meaning of the Act. Also, the Act placed no obligation on hunters to call hounds off should they start to chase quarry. They are only at risk if they 'engage or participate' in the chase. Arguably, in this case, they did not.   


Sabs ensure no fox kills at Lanarkshire FH Newcomers meet

15-10-18   Facebook - Glasgow Hunt Sabs    Hit Report, Sat 13 Oct ‘18 Newcomers meet, The Kennels, Houston The Lanarkshire &Renfrewshire's second newcomers meet in as many weeks. With their field size very much diminished, they are desperate for more supporters, as their bank balance is shrinking along with their territory. They had around 15-20 mounted followers, some of them new to hunting. They left kennels at 10am, and hacked west along Kilallan Road for around a mile, before turning onto Warlock Road, with sabs driving right behind. They went west across fields to draw some coverts, putting up two foxes, which sabs on foot saw to safety by masking their scent with citronella.


The Hunt spent a long time with hounds in a large conifer plantation heading towards Bridge of Weir. Many hounds were new entry, young hounds new to hunting this season, and Marc Dradge the Huntsman had little control over them. He spent the last 45 minutes trying to gather the hounds, who were ignoring his horn & voice calls. At one point he was less than quarter of a mile away calling hounds on his horn, while almost the whole pack ignored him and ran across the road.

It's difficult to imagine how a hunt can act within the law when they have so little control over their hounds. A very wet day, but a happy one for soaked sabs, who prevented any killing.


Ex-Huntsman tries to provoke sab into 'intimidating' him !

15-10-18   Facebook - Surrey Hunt Monitors    The Hunts' new tactic is to falsely accuse sabs and monitors of intimidation and harassment. Here we see OSB&WK ex huntsman Mark Bycroft on Saturday looking far from being upset and intimidated!! This is his normal behaviour towards anti hunt people.

All the time Hunts let psychopaths and misfits like him out of their cages, they are far from intimidating us but just banging more nails in the coffin of Hunting and looking very silly in the process.

Thanks to North Downs Hunt Sabs and Guildford Hunt Saboteurs for the photos. Keep the pressure on.


POWAperson adds  -  Mark Bycroft has two criminal convictions for attacking sabs.     


League's Chief Investigator responds to attacks on LACS

Daryl Cunnington had neck broken in attack by Belvoir FH supporters 

15-10-18   LACS website    A matter of trust?   Personally I’m getting sick to the back teeth of people going after the League. It’s one thing when the Countryside Alliance and BASC have a pop at us, that’s expected. But when it keeps coming from people who claim to support us, it’s really frustrating. And it takes a great deal of my time to respond, time which would be better spent on investigations.

A couple of discontented people are saying they need to save the League. Save us from what? From where I’m sitting, we’re stronger and more effective than we’ve been for a long time. We are far better resourced, we have prosecution cases being prepared for the police and we have even brought in a contract investigator to increase our coverage. We’ve had plenty of reports of cub hunting coming in over the last couple of months, and some of those hunts are going to get a nasty shock. We’ve got a new hunt season about to start, and we’re getting ready for that. The amount of intelligence we’re getting from the public is going up exponentially. Trust me when I say we know exactly what the hunts are doing, and where they are doing it. We know they’re getting worried too, more than they’ve been for a long time.

The team I work with has changed a bit over the last few months – we’ve got Martin Sims as our Director of Investigations. He used to be Head of the police National Wildlife Crime Unit. There aren’t many around who know more about catching and prosecuting wildlife criminals than him, and his experience is going to be invaluable. We’ve also got an intelligence team who are ex-police and frighteningly good. These are the guys who analyse any reports we get into Crimewatch so we can identify who to go after. If I was a hunter, I’d be very worried.

From my point of view, we’re in a really strong position. And I’m at the sharp end of what we do. I’d be lying if I said life at the League is always rosy – it’s not, but it never is, wherever you work. During the tenure of the previous CEO and board members like Chris Williamson, me and my team faced possible redundancy, and the support shown to us by our supporters was touching; we cannot do what we do without your support and trust.

There have been changes here, and on the board. But the most beneficial change has been the recruitment of Andy Knott, our CEO, who has been leading us for nearly a year. Some are saying he’s an ‘infiltrator’ because he used to be in the army. I can’t swear in this article, but trust me, that’s rubbish. The man is the most experienced manager I’ve seen in my time at the League, and he’s doing what needs to be done. And he is demonstrably 100% behind League staff, in the office and also out in the field taking part in investigations with us. That’s a first for a CEO in my time.

We needed to make changes. There’s been too much going on behind the scenes which has got in the way of us doing what we need to do. What I see happening now is someone not afraid to sweep away all the rubbish that’s been going on so we can get back to focussing on what we all want to be doing; protecting the animals, strengthening the laws that protect them and going after those who abuse them.

My job depends on our supporters, and it’s the responsibility of our management to make sure they spend your money wisely. I see someone in charge doing exactly that. We are well aware that it is our supporters’ hard-earned money that enables us to carry on.

To stop the hunters, shooters and other animal abusers, we need to keep adapting. We need to catch them in the act, and we need the people who can bring about changes in the law to know about it. That includes police and politicians of all political persuasions. We need them to trust that we are acting legally and that the information we give them is factual. When it comes to achieving what we want, we need to work with all the right people. That’s what we’re doing. I’m a thirty-years’ service ex-cop and have a vast amount of experience as to how the system works.

I guess some people don’t like change. Some of our supporters maybe don’t like the fact that we’ve got an ex-army officer as CEO. But that’s just prejudice, it’s not based on fact. Trust me, if Andy was trying to weaken the League in any way, I wouldn’t be writing this. And if I had any concerns that he was, I would be letting people know.

All I’m saying is, think carefully before believing people on the outside who claim to know what the League wants. Some of these people probably have their own reasons for what they are doing - which have nothing to do with trying to stop animals from being hurt and killed.

All I want to do is stop the people who take part in cruel sports. I work for a charity which is 100% committed to doing that. We’ve got some of the best of the best working here. What we’ve achieved even in the last year shows that any suggestion we ‘need saving’ is complete rubbish.

I’ve had my neck broken by hunters, but they won’t stop me and they won’t stop my colleagues. Please don’t let a few people who either have their own agenda or don’t like progress stop you from supporting us.

At the end of the day, who are you going to trust? The ridiculous headlines that have been proven time and again to be false? Or people like me and my colleagues who will not stop until we have ended the abuse and killing of animals in the name of sport?

Darryl Cunnington - Head of Field Operations 


Hunting, coursing, shooting continue as hares face Myxy plague

14-10-18   Independent     Brown hares could face extinction after mysterious deaths identified as myxomatosis - Experts fear deadly infection has jumped from rabbits to their threatened cousins Brown hare numbers have already declined by more than 80 per cent across the country due to farming intensification and hunting    Britain’s brown hares could be wiped out after a deadly infection spread from rabbits threatens this already vulnerable species, experts have warned.

Over the past month, scientists have been inundated with reports of dead or dying hares, particularly iDunstonHarriersHarefleeing2-16.jpgn the east of England, prompting them to launch an investigation. Early examinations suggest the animals are victims of myxomatosis, a virus introduced to the UK in the 1950s to control rabbits, which killed 99 per cent of the population.

University of East Anglia experts issued an appeal with local wildlife trusts last week to get to the bottom of the cause of the mysterious deaths. “The death of any animal is obviously distressing but we’re asking people to try and photograph these hares to help us understand what is happening,” said university biologist Dr Diana Bell. “Getting good images of the bodies of these hares, along with their exact location, is crucial for us to rule out or identify possible diseases.”

Harecourse.jpgSince issuing their public plea, the team has received an “overwhelming” number of responses and have concluded that myxomatosis is the likely cause. Dr Bell told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the disease has the potential to wipe out the hare population, and that the hundreds of cases she was aware of were likely “the tip of the iceberg”. “From the photographs that have been sent in to me we’ve definitely got a jump of myxomatosis to hares,” she said.

East Anglia is considered a vital location for the brown hare, which has declined by more than 80 per cent across the country over the past century and has nearly vanished entirely from the southwest. Intensification of agriculture and hunting have both been implicated in the decline of this iconic mammal, which now numbers around 700,000 across the country.

Myxomatosis, which is spread via bloodsucking insects, has been recorded in these animals only on rare occasions, and the experts are concerned about the additional pressure it will place on remaining hares. “The reports of hare deaths are obviously of great concern, especially considering the importance of the populations in this region,” said Ben McFarland, head of conservation at Suffolk Wildlife Trust. While they continue to monitor hare populations, the experts urged the public to continue sending their images of sick or dead hares to Dr Bell.

British mammals in general are thought to be facing unprecedented losses, with many popular species such as hedgehogs and water voles declining by up to two-thirds over the past two decades. Populations of brown hares’ alpine cousins, mountain hares, have plummeted by 99 per cent in parts of the Scottish Highlands since the 1950s. These trends are part of a general trend identified by conservationists as land change, pesticide use and climate change have pushed around 15 per cent of UK wildlife to the verge of extinction.

Pics above   -    Right,  Hare fleeing from Dunston Harriers 2016    Left,  Hare coursing. The Hunting Act's greatest  success was in stopping hare coursing events such as the disgusting Waterloo Cup, but illicit coursing is still widespread.


Sabs pack up N. Warwickshire Beagles - in three minutes !

13-10-18   Facebook - W.Mids Sabs  VIDEO  How to pack up a Hare Hunt in 3 minutes -Two hunts, no kills Atherstone Hunt/ North Warwickshire Beagles 13/10/18    The Atherstone Hunt met at Upton and rode mainly on roads for over an hour, going through the motions and then packed up.

North Warwickshire Beagles, who share the same kennels as the Atherstone Hunt, met at the The Rising Sun in Shackerstone.

We arrived just as they left the meet at the pub. We followed swiftly on foot down the road to a bridge over a canal when they realised that we were behind them. They stopped in their tracks, turned around and headed straight back down the road to the meet [below].


When they were questioned about this they claimed that all they were doing were exercising the beagles to the bridge and back. This is obviously not true as we all know. If they had nothing to hide why would a group of hunt supporters in hunting gear gather at a pub walk down the road with a pack of beagles stop at a bridge and head back after sabs turn up?

We watched them pack the beagles up into the back of an ex royal mail van and we ensured that they didn’t go back out.

We do our best to act on information given to us and is always treated in confidence. You can contact us on 07767620767. We couldn’t have done any of this without your help and donations towards our fuel costs as we have been to 5 hunt meets this week plus travelling into an active badger cull zone.


Sabs make Berkeley FH Huntsman give up cubbing attempts 3 times

13-10-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    This morning we decided to pay a long-overdue visit to the Berkeley Hunt who had a kennel meet at 8am.

The Hunt didn't waste any time and surrounded a covert behind the kennels within minutes of leaving. Soon enough, hounds were in full cry much to the excitement of the handful of supporters. The hounds exited the wood, still in cry, with no intervention from the Huntsman.

The hounds entered Fowlers Plantation followed by the riders who set themselves up around the covert to stop any foxes escaping. The feeling in the air was intense as sabs approached the Hunt. On being spotted, the Hunt went into disarray trying to keep sabs away.

The Huntsman wanted nothing to do with the sabs as he shot off quickly whilst sabs were held up and subjected to a torrent of abuse from hunt staff and supporters. Whilst they were holding us up, a fox broke in front of us and ran free.

Unfortunately, we lost the hunt for a while (it happens!) but our second vehicle found them again back in the same place a little later. When the sabs arrived, the Huntsman quickly gathered up his hounds and headed off sharpish. We caught up with him again and this time he headed straight back to the kennels. We'll be seeing you...

Thanks to everyone who donates to our group. paypal.me/bristolhuntsabs.



Sab presence causes E. Sussex FH to actually lay a trail !

Supporter tells sabs Mrs. Whiplash [Jane Goring] is banned 

13-10-18   Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs    We were up early again waiting for The East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt to make an appearance. The meet was at Chilley Farm which is one of their regular haunts.

The few riders that there were and the peculiar hunt support looked positively peeved to see us. They decided to lay a trail after about half an hour. We kept with them and were joined by our friends from Brighton Hunt Saboteurs. They then packed up after an hour and half.

We did laugh, when one of the riders told us "for the record, that bitch Jane is banned". It came from the horses mouth, ha ha! We'll be seeing you lot again soon.

Help keep us in the field: - Paypal.me/SouthCoastHuntSabs.

Portman FH openly hunting foxes - again

13-10-18   Facebook - Wildlife Witness    Portman Hunt, Marsh Farm, Leigh 13 Oct 2018    In a near gale, the Huntsman started the day drawing through the small coppices and wooded areas near to the stream, west of the meet and south of Kitford. Interestingly, the terrierman was missing in action from his quad for the first couple of draws, no doubt dealing with some "vital business" in the woods.

Finding nothing there and with supporters already struggling to keep up due to the weather, the huntsman then moved northwards away from the roads but was soon found again heading uphill towards Whitmore Cross.

With Dorset Against Blood Sports (DABS) monitors watching from Garlands Lane we caught up with the hounds again in Whitmore Coppice, where we were joined by Dorset Hunt Sabs (DHS) who were there on hand to see a fox leave the coppice with hounds in pursuit heading for Fifehead St Quinton and back to Kitford. We were then joined by Weymouth Animal Rights (WAR) sabs, to make it five vehicles out on the day...a brilliant effort. With the wind making it difficult to locate the Hunt we managed to find them again on Garlands Lane where hounds were put in to draw the hedges south of Garlands Farm.

From there, under the eye of DHS the huntsman then took hounds westwards along the valley, drawing small coverts next to the stream and up to Gorse Farm, where WAR sabs were waiting to see them cross the road before again drawing the stream south of Fifehead Mill and then back-tracking and heading back to Gorse Farm.

As they reached Common Farm, the Huntsman suddenly picked up the hounds at pace and headed down to the bottom of the valley. The reason for this soon became clear as two hollahs were heard back towards Whitmore Cross as a fox, possibly the one hunted earlier, was seen heading back towards the coppice.

Anticipating the Hunt would return to Whitmore Coppice, we were there to meet the hounds as they tried to pick up the line where the hollah had been called and failing that they were taken back in to the coppice where they immediately picked up again and hunted hard around the covert.

By this time, WAR sabs were on the west side and DHS sabs on the east while we were watching on the drove that flanks the north, pausing only to warn the Whipper-in that we would be filming so best not alert the Huntsman if the fox broke cover.

After a short while, hounds did break cover to the south-east and hunted at pace away from the coppice and towards Lowbrook Farm, where they seemed to lose the scent in the farm buildings. Thankfully, at around 11.45 the Huntsman called it a day and headed back to the meet.

A difficult day, with the weather working against us but with four different groups all working together we were on top of the hunt for just about the whole morning. As ever, thanks to Dorset Hunt Sabs Dorset Against Blood Sports and Weymouth Animal Rights for everything they do...so be sure to check out their pages.

Just a reminder that the costs of our monitoring are met primarily from our monitors' own pockets so if you can spare a few pounds to chip in, then we would be grateful.  paypal.me/wildlifewitness

Pics below   -   1/   Hounds in action    2/  Terriermen - so essential on a 'trail hunt'. Not. 

 PortmanFHHounds13-10-18.jpg PortmanFHTerrierman13-10-18.jpg


N. Trust appoints 'Trail-hunting Manager' to administer licences

Licences will be open to public scrutiny

But no monitoring by the Trust is planned

Once yearly Inspections' to be pre-arranged

13-10-18  Hounds Off    Joe Hashman, founder of 'Hounds Off, has published a blog detailing changes to the National Trust's system for licensing 'Trail-hunting' on their land and the appointment of a 'Trail-hunting' manager ad small team to administer the awarding of licences and carrying out once a year inspections of Hunts granted licences, which will be pre-arranged with them.

Joe also detailed a meeting he and Jack Rigall of National Dis-Trust had with the new manager at which they attempted to educate him in the realities of so called 'Trail-hunting' and the futility of having only pre-arranged 'Inspections'.  Please click on the above link to read Joe's blog.


Sabs scupper Oakley FH cubbing meet just by turning up

12-10-18   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs   BONUS HIT REPORT    Contrary to what the Hunts and CA will have you believe most sabs work full time and this is the reason we rarely get to hit the Hunts when they hunt during normal working hours - although its funny they always manage to get riders. Don't they have jobs?. However a couple of our sabs don't work on Fridays so when a message came in to our page that the Oakley had been spotted at Scald End Farm near Thurleigh they felt it only right and proper they pop down there to investigate.


             Riders on point - classic cub hunting tactic. Pointless on a 'trial hunt'. 

Sure enough the hunt vehicles were there so they set off in search of them and soon discovered riders holding up a wood in classic cubbing style right next to the Yarl's Wood immigration detention centre.

Our sabs decided to make themselves known and were soon on the other side of the wood with the Huntsman Jack Harris and the Oakley's new whipper in, Tom Henson, who would appear to be more suited to a paper round than hunting. We know Tom from the Fernie along with his father who were regular followers.

On arrival, some pleasantries were exchanged, the hounds quickly pulled out of the wood and then they set off with the field and followers for a walk around the countryside. Their hunting effectively scuppered for the morning. They were kept under observation all the way back to the meet where they jacked it in nice and early around 9:30am.

Want to help out? Buy us a kofi. https://ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs.


IoW FH - 'violent bunch of sadists' - licenced by Nat. Trust

Hunt also has history of digging into badger setts 

12-10-18  Facebook - National Dis-Trust    The Isle of Wight Foxhounds have been licensed by the National Trust for the 2018/19 season for the same areas they used during the 2017/18 season. They’re a violent bunch of sadists with a long history of animal abuse; see the full details attached to the 2017/18 licence photo album for this Hunt: tinyurl.com/ybev7vn6.

The Hunt will be in these areas on the 13th, 20th & 27th October, 3rd, 7th & 21st November, 12th, 15th, 22nd & 29th December 2018. If you see them, please call the police on 101, get a crime reference number, let us know and film them if you can.

Please note that the Isle of Wight Farmers Bloodhounds are a separate Hunt who will not be killing foxes illegally. See here for more information on them: tinyurl.com/y9ujs5o8.   #trailhuntlies  this footage shows aggressive, masked terriermen and interference with a badger sett by this Hunt. Further footage will be made available on this page.


Melbreak FH flee as sabs find them hunting on FC land w/o license

Hound seen in sett entrance, sett had been interfered with

Terrierman had a key to a forest gate - locked it as he left 

Another Hunt known to have trespassed on FC land last week

11-10-18   Facebook - Lancashire Huntsabs   VIDEO   Sunday 7th October - Melbreak Foxhounds, the Hunt that just keeps giving     Not content with getting caught hunting on National Trust land, leaving a dead hound in a water-course, having a convicted sex offender, a dodgy copper and Tim Bonner as followers, assaulting monitors and killing foxes in front of horrified members of the public, the Melbreak appear to be continuing with their vile behaviour.

MelbreakFHChainedterriersbeingthrownintolandy7-10-18.jpgThis Hunt often goes out on a Sunday, and we were tipped off that they were planning to meet in the Loweswater area. We found the 'deluxe' hound van parked up at Fangs Brow and sabs went in to investigate. Mobile sabs spotted Hunt members outside Lamplugh church, and foot sabs were able to make their way from Felldyke to Cogra Moss, an SSSI surrounded by Forestry Commission land.

As the sabs approached the wooded areas, a farm worker in a buggy raced ahead to warn the Hunt that they were about to be caught on camera. This created a rapid exodus from the FC woodland, including Huntsman and hounds, and several people with three pairs of chained terriers (chaining them together stops them going underground). Two vehicles also left, the driver of one appearing to have a key to a padlock on the gate which he locked on exit, after a pair of chained terriers were picked up by the chain and thrown into the vehicle [left].

Sabs then investigated the woodland. Hounds were still present, as the Huntsman had immediately made an exit and left several hounds behind. One hound was almost completely inside a badger sett. Heel marks showed where the soil had been pushed into one hole, and there was clear evidence of interference. It seems we had caught the Hunt in the act, and their response was a giveaway.

The Forestry Commission does not licence any Hunts in this area, so we have to ask why the Melbreak Foxhounds appear to have access to this Forestry Commission area, why supporters with terriers have a key to the gate, and why there is evidence of recent and historical interference with a badger sett.


                   Some of the hounds left behind when Hunt beat a hasty retreat 

We are also aware that the Eskdale and Ennerdale Fox Hounds have been witnessed hunting in Forestry Commission woodland twice in the past week not far from the where the above incident took place.

Please contact the Forestry Commission North West office and ask them to investigate - Tel: 0300 067 4190 Email: nwwm@forestry.gsi.gov.uk.

Pics below   -   1/  Hounds on FC land. Hound on right in sett entrance   2/  Terriermen leaving FC land in a hurry 

   MelbreakFHHoundinsettentryonFCland7-10-18.jpg  MelbreakFHTerriermenleavingFCland7-10-18.jpg


Cheshire FH staff caught blocking sett in SSSI woodland

Identities known, evidence passed to police 

11-10-18   Cheshire Monitors    HUNT STAFF CAUGHT FILLING IN BADGER SETT IN SSSI-DESIGNATED WOODLANDS DURING CUB HUNT    Cheshire Hounds Hunt, Darnhall, Tuesday 9th October 2018   It’s a busy time for organised wildlife crime in Cheshire at the moment. On Tuesday we followed up on a number of tip-offs letting us know the Cheshire Hounds were cub hunting in Darnhall, near Winsford. We found riders un-boxing in Darnhall Village Hall car park (managed by The Parish of Darnhall) with hounds unboxed at Cheshire Gundogs. Many residents around this area are sick of the Hunt using their neighbourhood to play out their outdated hobby.

What followed was a classic cub hunting scenario; riders surrounding woodland (Park Wood) while Huntsman flushed the woods with hounds. Not much to report for the first couple of hours, after which time most riders packed up and went home.

Meanwhile, the core hunt – Huntsman, whipper in, hounds and a handful of the more heartless riders - snuck away into Darnhall and Wettenhall Woods, which are set back in a valley at the back of the village, where they began hunting at full pelt, clearly assuming they were away from prying eyes. Not so, with monitors watching the woods from footpaths close by and who, after seeing one fox cub to safety, decided to take a closer look at what we believed to be clearly another illegal activity going on.


                                        One of the  blocked sett entrances 

On entering the woods, and after keeping tabs on hounds for a short while until they lost the scent, they were following, we encountered two young masked terrierboys busily filling in entrances to a badger sett in Wettenhall Wood. Taken by complete surprise, they clearly didn’t know what to do, initially attempting to confront our monitor before running away deeper into the wood. We’ve never seen terrierboys move so quickly! We know the identities of both these young individuals, and have passed details to police. Whipper in Jamie Whittles was also seen riding his horse through the woods.

Both Wettenhall Wood and Darnhall Wood (both of which they hunted today) are a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and we are speaking to Natural England about the Hunt’s use of these woods to terrorise wildlife and trashing the apparently very special habitat. (SSSI details: https://bit.ly/2EcZps5 Email Cheshire2Lancashire@naturalengland.org.uk ).


                                         Hound hunting in Wettenhall Wood 

Hounds were in and out of cry (on the scent of a fox/es) for a short while more after this, before word of our presence undoubtedly got back to the Huntsman, and the hunt packed up and headed for home. We documented the blocked sett in the woods, as well as another up on the road; the terrierboys had clearly had a busy morning.

CONTACT US IN COMPLETE CONFIDENCE - Message us here on Facebook -   Text us on 07376 338179 - Email us at info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk     Please help us fund equipment by donating: http://paypal.me/CMonitors   Please bookmark our contact details and share this post. Learn the sordid details about what and who are involved in cub hunting here: https://bit.ly/2nSYsKy.

Pics below   -   1/  Only entry unblocked when monitors arrived    2/  One of the sett blockers

   CheshireFHMainsettentrancehunterscaughtfilling9-10-18.jpg  CheshireFHOneofterriermencaughtfillingsett9-10-18.jpg


King stag of Exmoor escapes D&S SH on to LACS sanctuary

11-10-18   Facebook -  Graham Floyd    After the horror of the Quantocks on Monday it was great yesterday to find that the king stag of Exmoor is still alive after being hunted by the Devon and Somerset Staghounds three times in the past and each time making an escape to Baronsdown.



Cheshire police have used drone to monitor fox hunt

11-10-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Cheshire Monitors have had it confirmed that these drones (only 3 for the whole of Cheshire at the moment) have already been deployed on a hunt. They will continue to use drones on hunts if they deem it necessary. This can only be good news!



Trial of two Buccleuch FH servants adjourned for two months

10-9-18   ITV News    Trial of Borders huntsmen accused of ignoring fox hunting ban is adjourned    The trial of two huntsmen accused of ignoring Scotland's fox hunting legislation has been adjourned for two months. Three days of evidence have already been heard at Jedburgh Sheriff Court in the case of Buccleuch Hunt members, 41-year-old Timothy Allen and 28-year-old Shaun Anderson.

They are accused of deliberately hunting a fox with a pack of dogs at Whitton Farm, near Morebattle, on December 20 last year, in breach of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) 2002. Both men have pleaded not guilty to the charge.

On day three of the trial, police firearms expert Inspector Keith Warhurst referred to video evidence supplied by the League Against Cruel Sports. He felt there was a sufficient gap from the fox being flushed from cover to stop the hounds from pursuing it. The law prevents the dogs from pursuing the fox which should be dispatched with a gun after being flushed from cover.

The trial has now been adjourned until December 4th. Another four days have been set aside to hear further evidence in the case.


Sabs save 3 hares from Easton Harriers as locals outraged by hunting

Enraged Huntsman twice rides horse at sabs 

10-10-18   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Easton Harriers – 06/10/18 Park Farm, Charsfield, Suffolk     On Saturday 6th October we made our first visit of the season to the Easton Harriers. Sadly, nothing has changed since we were out with the Eastons last season. In the 2¼ hours that the Eastons were out hunting we witnessed, and put a stop to, three separate hare chases. The Eastons would no doubt say all these chases were accidents, but we think different.

Within 10 minutes of leaving the meet at Park Farm at 8.30 am, the first chase took place. The Hunt was heading towards Martins Lane (a dead end C-road) which is where most of the activity of the morning’s hunting took place. With the hounds in full cry, a quick thinking sab managed to distract the hounds with the use of one of our gizmos and by the time the hounds put their heads down again and crossed Martins Lane, they had lost the scent of the hare. Huntsman Gary was none too pleased with our actions and used his horse to take aggressive aim at our sab, while at the same time screaming in a most disturbing manner.

From here on in the morning descended into chaos. Numerous members of the public came out to see what all the commotion was about. With the exception of the local landowner Stephen Fletcher, all members of the public that spoke to us were horrified to find out that hare hunting was taking place where they lived. Perhaps Mr Fletcher was worried we would film something incriminating taking place on his land. We did tell him that he could also face prosecution if the Hunt was found to be breaking the law on land that he owned. Several hunt supporters also used their cars to completely block the road to all traffic. All this demonstrated was that the Hunt had something to hide. However, one couple were very pleased to see us sabs and called the Police for assistance as they could not believe that hares were being chased opposite their house.

The Eastons seemed to spend the rest of their time trying to get as far away from us sabs as possible, but there was no escape, as we did not lose sight of the Hunt at all. Later on we put a stop to two further hare chases at the top of Martins Lane. Gary once again used his horse to take aim at the sab who had saved one of the two hares at this location.

At 10.45 am the Hunt was on their way back to meet with a much smaller pack than they had come out with. We left to come home happy in the knowledge that we had managed to save at least three hares.

If you can spare some change, please consider buying us a coffee. It'll help keep us warm during the chilly cubbing mornings:- Buy Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs a Coffee. ko-fi.com/norfolksuffolkhuntsaboteurs. 

Pics below   -   1/   Angry landowner [permitting hunting]   2/  Supporter blocking road  

  EastonHarriersLandownerwhereEHhuntinghares10-10-18.jpg EastonHarriersSupporterblockingroad10-10-18.jpg


N. Shrops FH Huntsman is convicted criminal - Hunt panic as monitors appear

10-10-18  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   CONVICTED CRIMINAL CAUGHT HUNTING ON THE CHESHIRE BORDER    Meet Peter McColgan [below], who the struggling North Shropshire Hunt are stuck with this season. He was convicted in 1996 of working with one of his terriermen to retrieve a fox that had gone to ground in a badger sett by digging the sett, putting a terrier down and using nets to catch the fox. They obviously did this so that the Hunt could carry on chasing and eventually killing the fox.


Today (9.10.18) this Hunt met at Shrawardine Castle and from the off Peter was clearly struggling to keep his hounds in check meaning that not much really happened whilst we were keeping an eye on him covertly. The massive field (no more that ten) were all looking really bored, just waiting around for him to actually do anything; so we decided to show ourselves and the reaction was hilarious.N.ShropsFHLandownrerStuartJones9-10-18.jpg

Peter had been trying to flush foxes in an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) called Shrawardine Pool. This area has particularly rare plants in it that really don't benefit from hounds and horses racing about all over them. We are shocked that the owners of the SSSI Mr [right] and Mrs Jones are clearly actively encourage hunting in this special place?! We saw hunt jumps and gates all round the outside therefore this very fragile area is devastated regularly by riders, hounds and maybe even quad bikes.

We are sure that these landowners don't realise that the North Shropshire FH actively hunt foxes every time they go out. They probably believe like many landowners choose to do that Hunts follow false scent trails. We think we should open their eyes to this don't you?

Once we had shown ourselves we saw 'Panicking Peter' running off one way with some hounds whilst his Whipper in Jason Brown dashed off in the opposite direction with the rest of the hounds. They were completely flustered.     

Total confusion then reined whilst the shy Huntsman decided what to do. We even caught terrierman Luke Kenworthy unmasked, almost falling off his quad wrestling with his snood as he tried to cover his face.

The Huntsman went backwards and forwards with the hounds whilst the already bored field hung around nearby; then he just disappeared, leaving stray hounds for us to help the Whipper in round up.

After that he meandered back to the meet under our watchful eyes and packed up early having not made any kills all morning. We plan to continue monitoring this hunt to see if Peter gets any better at controlling his pack.

Pics below    -   1/  Huntsmen and hounds have just emerged from SSSI    2/  Hound spreading disease on pasture? 

  N.ShropsFHHuntsmanandsignsjustemergedfromSSSI9-10-18.jpg  N.ShropshireFHHoundcrapping9-10-18.jpg


Buccleuch FH trial shown covert video of hounds chasing fox

9-10-18    ITV News    Secret video of 'hounds pursuing fox' shown in Borders hunting trial    A video showing two members of a Borders hunt allegedly breaching Scotland's fox hunting legislation has been shown in court. 41-year-old Timothy Allen [below left] and 28-year-old Shaun Anderson, from the Buccleuch Hunt, are charged with deliberately hunting a fox with a pack of dogs. The film footage TimothyAllenBuccleuchFH.jpgfeatures a fox being pursued by a pack of hounds before disappearing out of shot into a farmyard.

Terence Hill, an investigator from the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, said he witnessed the hounds pursue a fox across a field during a hunt at Whitton Farm near Morebattle, on December 20 last year. He said the actions breached the Protection of Wild Mammals Act introduced north of the border 16 years ago.

52-year-old Mr Hill told a trial at Jedburgh Sheriff Court that his primary purpose for covert filming at Scottish hunts was to gather evidence for the League's campaign to convince the Scottish Government to strengthen the legislation. But he added that if he witnessed any illegal activity, he would also film things like car registration plates which maybe of assistance to any police inquiry.

Under cross-examination, defence lawyers pointed out that a horn could be heard on the video recalling the hounds and also a gunshot.

The main purpose of the Act is to ban the deployment of dogs to chase and kill wild mammals. But it also provides a number of exceptions which allow the limited use of dogs for certain situations and the fox to be dispatched by a gun.

Allen and Anderson deny the charge. The trial continues.


Quantock SH quad biker alleged to have run over policeman

9-10-18   Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   PLEASE HELP    Whilst up on the Quantock Hills yesterday 8.10.18, monitoring the Quantock Stag Hounds a masked quad bike rider was seen to deliberately try and run down a uniformed police officer!

We are appealing for help identifying the rider of a red quad bike with boxes front and back. The front box is a distinctive barrel type. Hopefully images to follow when we have had a chance to sleep. Please contact us in confidence if you have any information or call 101. Please share.


Monitor tells of the bloody reality of Quantock FH stag hunt

9-10-18 Hounds Off   Stag hunting On The Quantock Hills 08.10.18    There was a moment yesterday when I thought that the Quantock Stag Hounds had decided not to go hunting but alas it wasn’t so. In the end they killed a stag and took the body to a farm to carve it up. Men and women supped cans of drink and watched in gory fascination as the Huntsman, elbow deep in warm blood, dished out bits of innards and butchered the animal at their feet, in front of their eyes.

They started not far from Bishops Lydiard which itself is a stones throw from Taunton. I was part of a team of Hunt Monitors. We were parked near the beauty spot of Lydiard Hill, by some horseboxes. We anticipated that the Hunt would come in this direction.

Shortly after 11am my radio crackled and the message came through that there was movement our way. Then a gaggle of hunt riders came along the lane, gave us a bit of verbal, loaded their horses into the boxes, and drove off. That was when, fleetingly, I vainly hoped they were going to leave stags on the Quantock Hills in peace. Instead, the Hunt relocated. We got a message that they were up Crowcombe and sure enough that’s where they were hunting.

Stag hunting on the Quantocks is not what it was. Prosecutions, campaigning pressure and changing attitudes from the police have forced them to stop using a pack of a dozen or more hounds to chase stags to exhaustion. This season, which started at the end of August, they’ve been using two hounds and an army of riders and vehicle followers to chase and chaperone their quarry. It’s a tactic which stag hunters on Exmoor have employed for years now and I think they believe it exempts them from prosecution under the Hunting Act.

There were a couple of huntable stags in Crowcombe Park but an especially big fellow was the target. It took a while for the Hunt to flush him up onto the hills but eventually their pressure forced him out [left].

I was tracking the Quantock Stag Hounds (QSH) in a vehicle, in communication with others who were QuantockSHStagkilledby8-10-18.jpgboth mobile and on foot. From hilltops you get some fantastic views but the Quantock Hills are characterised by large blocks of woodland and numerous steep, deep valleys known as ‘combes’. The stag hunters know this landscape intimately and are skilled at operating simultaneously in the open yet out of sight, if that makes sense.

The stag was somewhere below a high spot called Bicknoller Post. Horsemen and women lined the tracks and combe sides. The stag didn’t appear keen to run. It’s mating season for Red deer in Devon and Somerset (the ‘rut’) so likely he was pretty tired from all that. I thought they were going to shoot him there and then but no, they wanted some sport.

What followed was not a high speed, high adrenalin gallop and chase over the countryside. It was more akin to a slow walk. The stag kept low among whatever cover he could find to hide in and the hunters, co-ordinated by radios and aided by their two dogs, pushed the deer along and steered him away from our eyes and camera lenses.

We drove into the picturesque village of Holford. By now we had a hunt supporter tailing us. We waitedQuantockSHCarveupafterkill8-10-18.jpg to let a party of schoolchildren pass. I hoped they saw the anti hunting stickers in the car window and that’s why they smiled and waved and shouted hello as adults in yellow tabards shepherded them safely to the side. Or, more likely, they were just naturally excited to be exploring such a beautiful place.

A sharp right and left and we were in the car park with dog walkers and tourists. Our hunt tail parked up herself and ran to keep tabs on the foot team we deployed. I drove up a remote, single track lane and at the end was a gathering of elderly hunt supporters in cars.

A number of wooded combes with streams converge at Holford and in the recent past it was a favourite killing place for the QSH. But these days they are no longer Kings of the Hills. They skulk more. Red coats have been swapped for fawny brown. They’re quieter. They still take up a lot of space but they try to avoid clogging villages with four-wheel drives and quad bikes. They are adept at chaperoning their stag quite discreetly away from public gaze.

There were moments while we were in Holford. We heard the hunting horn and urgent, loud shouting. Vehicles travelled at dangerous pace on bumpy lanes back and forth. But nothing more than that came our way.

Our teams of Hunt Monitors communicate by walkie-talkie and telephone, neither of which work well in this area of Somerset. It’s hard to be in the right place at the right time anyway but when communications are poor because the signal isn’t great it’s even harder. We believed that the hunted stag had left the Hills for farmland near Kilve but weren’t sure.

The stag was killed south of the A39 near Kilve late in the afternoon, in the depths of private property, and taken to a nearby farmyard for the post-orgasmic ‘carve up’ [above right]. They were not happy about us trying to take some pictures and it was difficult anyway as they’d hidden themselves behind buildings. Out of sight but not out of our minds.

That was the bloody reality of stag hunting on the Quantock Hills this day, 8th October 2018.

Volunteers from Hounds Off and Somerset Wildlife Crime continue to monitor stag hunting on the Quantocks, bear witness and gather evidence to show how hunts are operating. You can support our work here. Mark your donation ‘QSH’ and we will dedicate it to this specific fund.

POWAperson comments   -  Reading this account brought back terrible memories of monitoring the stag [and hind] hunts on and around Exmoor and the Quantocks in the 90s. At least then we had the banning of deer hunting on National Trust land, following the damning Bateson Report, and the prospect of all hunting being outlawed by the newly elected Labour government [ha, ha] to comfort us.

Joe refers to the Quantock SH change of tactics this season, switching to using just two hounds. The Devon & Somerset SH have been doing this ever since the Hunting Act became law. An attempt by the League to convict them for hunting in this way, in 2014, failed when the CPS concluded they could not get a conviction and dropped the case.  

The Quantock SH have been twice convicted of illegal hunting, in 2007 and 2010. They made the mistake of relying on the 'flushing' exemption [Hunting Act 2004, Schedule 1.1], but on one occasion the court found they had continued hunting the deer after 'flushing' and made no attempt to shoot it as it broke cover and on the other that they chased it in the open with more than 2 dogs. A further prosecution in 2013 was dropped by the CPS pre-trial.

Since then, until this season, they have hunted with a full pack and, in April 2017, drove a hunted stag over a road bridge. It landed and died, in front of horrified motorists. Hunt lackeys soon cleared away all but the bloodstains. There was strangely little media coverage of this ghastly event - and the report I copied for the POWA website's UK Hunting News Pages has since been removed from the DevonLive site. Mine may be the only copy still accessible.   

However, thanks to work by League investigators, two Quantock SH hunt servants are due to stand trial yet again in November. The message of the D&S's successful exploitation of a different exemption seems finally to have sunk into the Quantock's minute brains.

The exemption is Schedule 1:9 of the Act - 'Research and Observation'. This allows hunting with two dogs '... for the purpose of or in connection with the observation or study of the wild mammal.' Note that this places no obligation on the hunters to explain why they wish to 'observe or study' the wild mammal, nor why they want to hunt it in order to do so. The DSSH make up some nonsense about a 'research project' but there's actually no legal need for them to do so. What the Hunts lose in hound power by being restricted to two dogs, they make up for with horses, quads and motor bikes and helpful car supporters to guide the fleeing, terrified and increasingly fatigued animal where they want it to go.

Quite what they'll do with the dozens of now surplus deer hounds is moot. Deer hunting with hounds is medieval, barbaric beyond belief. Those responsible for allowing it to continue should hang their heads in shame. They will not, of course, because many of them are surely psychopaths.

Because the exemption also requires the dogs being kept under close enough control to ensure they don't injure the wild mammal, it has really only been of value to the deer hunts, since their hounds are trained not to attack their quarry, but, rather, to chase it until it is so exhausted it can run no more [anything up to about 7 hours]. The dogs hold it 'at bay'. It is then shot from close range with a sawn-off shotgun.   

So slack is this exemption's wording that it must surely be the case that it was either inserted as a deliberate loophole [as, doubtless, must Schedule 1:6 - 'Falconry' have been. Remember, Tony Blair fessed up to having 'sabotaged' the Hunting Act in his memoirs] or those responsible for it simply did not understand how deer hunts operate and, as with all other hunters, just how ruthlessly they would exploit the tiniest loophole.

There may be legitimate reasons for proper scientific researchers to want to use dogs to track wild mammals [but NOT to hunt them]. POWA believes that the exemption should either be removed altogether or must specify that the  maximum two dogs must be kept leashed throughout.  

Picture above of the fleeing stag which was killed on 8-10-18, posted on Facebook by LACS sanctuaries assistant Graham Floyd.  A few other pics, including 2 extremely short video clips are here.


Monitors cover trail of fox fleeing Zetland FH

9-10-18   Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors    HIT REPORT 5. 06.10.18 Zetland Hunt Cubbing Meet at Summerhouse. Darlington    Another early start for the team and with 2 full cars we were expecting to keep a good presence throughout the hunt. We arrived at Summerhouse just as the last horse boxes were turning up and were able to get the foot Monitors onto a footpath close to were the start point would be whilst the cars took up positions to keep the team informed of what could be seenZetlandFHFoxhelpedtoescape9-10-18.jpg from the roadside.

We were once again surprised to see very young children present on such a barbaric outing, how is this normal family behaviour? It's sick and as close to child abuse as it comes, making children watch such horrific things is brainwashing. Much the same as if anyone took their child to an abattoir it would be seen as disgraceful of the parents. Shame on you.

With some support in cars watching from the roadside it was easy to pin point where the Hunt were heading and foot Monitors took off to head the Hunt off. On route we managed to send 2 deer away from their grazing spot and one was limping so we were pleased to come across them before the Hunt arrived.

Keeping eyes on them from across a field we also spotted a hare making its get away, then a deer and, whilst filming the deer, a monitor noticed a fox making its escape. We all stood very still to let the frightened animal pass and then covered its scent. Only minutes before a hunt supporter had been stood in the same field so we are pleased he moved on just as the fox made an appearance.

No hounds were heard in cry throughout the morning and we were confident no kills had been made when the Hunt packed up.

This is usually the time Monitors breath a sigh of relief but not today..... we had a call from other members of the team that South Durham Hunt were arriving at a hunt meet so we jumped back in the vehicles and headed into County Durham...  part 2 to follow ...


Hunt hound found in Cheshire advertised on Facebook

9-10-18  Samantha Warburton-Green



Assault case against E. Sussex FH woman rider referred to DPP

DPP given until 25th October to take over or close down private prosecution

8-10-18   Daily Mail   VIDEO   Huntswoman, 57, filmed whipping a saboteur around his head with her riding crop is facing jail after a private prosecution was brought against her - Jane Goring, 57, is facing a private prosecution for assault in East Sussex - She thrashed activist up to 17 times around the head during an ugly row - Police found there was not enough evidence to proceed and dropped case - But now Goring faces two criminal charges through a private prosecution

A huntswoman who whipped a saboteur with her riding crop could be jailed for up to six months. Jane Goring, 57, is facing a private prosecution for assault for thrashing the activist up to 17 times around the head during an ugly row caught on camera.

Footage of the incident in Hailsham, East Sussex, in which the sheep farmer can be heard screaming 'get off my horse', went viral and was viewed hundreds of thousands of times online. Less than two months later police concluded there was not enough evidence to proceed and dropped the case.

But now Goring – whose husband Richard, 79, is part of the country's oldest luxury family hotel dynasty – faces two criminal charges through a private prosecution. The pair travelled from their £1million farm in Heathfield on the Sussex Downs to appear at Brighton Magistrates' Court on Thursday. 

During a brief legal hearing, Goring pleaded not guilty to beating Simon Medhurst, a veteran animal rights and environmental campaigner and member of the South Coast Hunt Saboteurs. She also denied assaulting fellow saboteur Shirley Makin by 'riding her down' with her horse during the confrontation.

Her lawyer Noelle Magennis said both allegations are disputed and that the saboteurs attacked Goring's horse. She added her client saw Mr Medhurst outside court and insisted he was not the person she had hit with her crop. She told the court: 'In essence, she was acting because a young 17-year-old was on a horse, she's gone to check he was okay. There was a crowd of saboteurs around him with balaclavas on. When she goes over to the group, one of the sabs grabbed her reins and one of them punches the horse in the mouth. She then reacts by hitting them with her riding crop. The riding down of Shirley Makin just didn't happen.'

In the unusual case, the prosecution is being overseen by a private criminal solicitor from a Brighton-based law firm.

But District Judge Tessa Szagun asked a representative of the Crown Prosecution Service to review the files. She gave him until October 25th for the DPP to decide whether she will take over the case. Alison Saunders, the country's top prosecutor, has the power to take over a private prosecution at any time and continue it or shut it down.

Both offences will be dealt with by magistrates in Hastings in January. The maximum penalty if Goring is convicted is six months imprisonment.

The alleged attack took place as members of the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt rode out in Hailsham last November. In the 30-second clip, Mrs Goring is seen riding towards the saboteurs, who are accused of trespassing on private land, shouting 'get back to the road'. A masked man takes hold of her horse's reins and she begins to strike him ferociously with her whip. The protester claimed he suffered bruising to his face and head but did not require hospital treatment.

South Coast Hunt Saboteurs launched an online appeal to fund a private prosecution and raised more than £8,000 towards their goal of £15,000.

POWAperson comments  -  As the matter is sub judice I will refrain from talking about the rights and wrongs of the case. However, I will draw attention to what the defence lawyer says about Mrs. Goring's actions and what she alleges happened. Now I suggest readers watch the video. Do you think what the lawyer says is consistent with what the video shows?


Warks FH block sabs in on road they allowed on & Hunt not

Usual other catalogue of law-breaking - but no kills 

8-10-18   Facebook – W.Midlands Sabs    How many laws do the Warwickshire Hunt break in one morning? Warwickshire Hunt - Monday 8th October 2018 – Darlingscott    The Warwickshire Hunt are a very arrogant hunt who seem to think normal laws don’t apply to them. This sense of being untouchable might explain why they seem to break so many laws. Why they drive on busy main roads with a quad bike with no license plates. Why they think they have the authority to direct traffic (traffic they have caused by blocking roads whilst they hunt on them and alongside them). Why week in week out they blatantly hunt foxes.


On Tuesday, their sense of entitlement crossed a line. Over the past month two saboteurs have regularly turned up and exposed all the foxes they have hunted, saving a lot of them in the process. These two saboteurs seem to be frustrating the entire Warwickshire Hunt. So much so that after driving down a publicly accessible road Warwickshire Hunt joint-master and head hunt steward Barbara Hester (in the pink high-viz) blocked their car in and prevented them from leaving. An independent member of the public witnessed some of the blocking and didn’t seem very impressed by the actions of the Warwickshire Hunt and told them that they were being stupid and that we had every right to be there. This all happened on a publicly accessible road that the sabs also had had verbal permission to be there. The Warwickshire Hunt on the other hand did not have permission to be there in their vehicles as a big sign at the top of the road clearly stated that “No Hunt Cars” were allowed down the road. This matter has been reported to the police. Sabs went on to see two foxes escape safely from the Hunt.


                              2.   Quad with no plates being used on road

We do our best to act on information given to us and is always treated in confidence. You can contact us on 07767620767 or email at westmidlandhuntsabs@hotmail.co.uk  or through our website. We couldn’t have done any of this without your help and donations towards our fuel costs as we are currently out three to four times a week.



                                  4.  Hound out of control on road 

Pics below   -   5.  Obstructing traffic. False imprisonment?    6.   Using road banned to them 

       WarksFHObstructingtraffic8-10-18.jpg  WarksFHUsingbannedroad8-10-18.jpg


Beaufort FH hunt fox in village of Rodmarton

8-10-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    VIDEO    Monday 8th October 2018   Beaufort met at Rodmarton this morning and a 3C sab' accompanied Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch. Shortly after they moved off hounds were on the line of one fox, turned back by a sab and then they piclked up what is thought to be a second fox. Hounds were rated back (sorry for all the shouting) and Matt Ramsden gathered the pack and took them well away.


The CIHW vehicle then ran into the VWH who had met at Kemble and were hunting another fox. With the badger cull going on in this area and multiple cages out it is an all out war on wildlife! At the end near Trull they hunted another fox and were moved on by CIHW.


Then it was sett checking time... Very busy, more reports to follow.

Please continue to support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs.


Two Buccleuch FH members deny illegal hunting charges

8-10-18   ITV News    Borders hunt members on trial charged with deliberately hunting fox    Two members of a Borders hunt have gone on trial accused of breaching Scotland’s fox hunting legislation. 41-year-old Timothy Allen and 28-year-old Shaun Anderson, from the Buccleuch Hunt, are charged with deliberately hunting a fox with a pack of dogs. The alleged incident is said to have taken place near Whitton Farm, Morebattle, on 20th December. Allen and Anderson from Melrose, confirmed they were adhering to their not guilty pleas.

Director of the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, Robbie Marsland, gave evidence and said he felt the legislation needed strengthened in Scotland. He had hired a team of field workers who would secretly film the 10 regular hunts in Scotland "to check their patterns of behaviour".

Mr Marsland said he suspected loopholes in the legislation were being exploited to allow traditionalist foxBuccleuchFH.jpg hunting to take place and that they wanted to gather as much evidence as possible to convince the Scottish Government to strengthen the legislation. He added that his investigators had attended around 20 hunts during the season, which runs from October to February, and on eight occasions they had reported incidents to the police.

Farmer Thomas Edgar, 49, who runs Whitton Farm, confirmed he had been contacted by Allen from the Buccleuch Hunt about coming onto his land for the purposes of fox control. Asked how many lambs he lost a year to foxes he replied:- It won't be less than 100 a year. Sometimes it is more than that. They are pretty persistent." There are financial implications and it is pretty devastating for the sheep."

It will be the latest challenge to the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002, which was recently subject to a review by Lord Bonomy who made a number of recommendations for changes. The main purpose of the Act is to ban the deployment of dogs to chase and kill wild mammals. However it also provides a number of exceptions which allow the limited use of dogs for certain situations and the fox to be dispatched by a gun.

The trial is expected to last for three days.


Mendip Farmers FH cub hunt, riot on deer, ride thru cattle fields

Sabs ensure Hunt, their tiny field and terrier thugs kill nothing

8-10-18   Facebook - Bath Hunt Saboteurs    It was another early start for our group this morning, as a small team of Bath & Bristol Hunt Saboteurs went to pay another visit to the Mendip Farmers' Hunt. We found them by Knowle Farm in Wookey, Wells at around 7am. It was lucky we did with a field of just two riders out - yes you read that correctly!

The Hunt with its small, bored field were clearly limited in options, as they spent all morning doing a circuit of the surrounding fields. Sabs were given the usual lectures on using footpaths, whilst hunt support violated the Highways Act by repeatedly blocking roads and the terrier men rode their quad on the roads without a registration plate.

Hounds were clearly not following a trail and went into cry on numerous occasions, including rioting after deer. But Sabs were on hand with voice and horn calls, distracting the hounds enough to give chance for escape.

The last time we paid a visit to this Hunt, we saw them hunting through herds of cows with confirmed cases of bTB. Today we witnessed the hounds running through herds of cows without bTB (and defecating) - surely this is a bio-hazard and should be stopped?


Some members of the hunt support, obviously frustrated that Sabs were spoiling their blood fix, used deeply offensive language, including racist and homophobic comments.

The Huntsman was desperate for a kill, getting off his horse and walking with the hounds to try to get them onto a scent, but by 10am he'd given up, the bored field had left and Sabs watched the hounds get back in their trailer then went off for coffee and vegan cake! Please keep us fuelled up – Ko-fi.com/bathsabs.  


Four injured hounds found on road in South Wales

7-10-18   Facebook - Kirsty Barlow    4 dogs all seem injured and looking like hunting hounds running riot on the new Aberbeeg road in Abertillery! We are trying to contain the dogs but if you have any information please ring the owners!!!! Police have been rang.

Pics below   -   One of the hounds



Sabs pull Cheshire Forest FH hounds off suspected bagged fox 

7-10-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs    Yesterday, after a tip off we had an early start. We travelled far and wide and arrived at Poever Hall at 6am... Sabs took position at various entrance/exits waiting for the Hunt master Andrew German to leave Peover Hall.

Rain was heavy and we couldn’t hear any sign of hounds. After a few coffees and an hours wait we saw headlights coming from the drive and immediately sprung into action, sab on!! The Hounds trailer left and we followed quickly along with more sab vehicles. We now had a convoy following the hounds and adrenaline awakened us all.

We drove a while and almost ended up in the Cheshire Fox Hounds territory. German arrived at the Forest View pub were many horse boxes were waiting for their weekly fix of animal abuse, guffaws and hurrahs. Sabs left their vehicles to take a look at the strange people that like to go out on horses to hunt and kill foxes and their cubs - what a bunch of horrors they were.

We immediately got accosted by the landlady and her side kick, possible daughter. Cruella Deville has nothing on this woman (term used loosely). She ranted and raved, and almost blew a gasket, saying we were trespassing and phoned the police. (Please see the pub's trip advisor comments to see what kind of woman we were dealing with, you won’t believe it.)


                                             Prisoners Hound Van H 

Meanwhile, German and his cronies went into the pub to probably discuss a plan B and C and E. The riders and hounds stayed put for a while. We overheard they were waiting until a 3rd police car came so they could leave.

We will cut a long story short now... Sabs were on the hunt all day. Early on, a fox was seen fleeing from the Hunt. Due to sabs using horn calls and a gizmo the hounds were playful and stayed in the field leaving the fox to flee to safety. At the time the fox appeared we saw a hunt support 4x4 at the top of the field from the direction the fox had been seen running from. It really does begs the question if the fox had been bagged. We all know German uses bagged foxes as he’s can’t hunt without the back up of a kill to thrill, cheat sickos!

For the rest of the day sabs stayed with the Hunt who eventually made their way back to the Bates Motel, aka Forest View, meet point. Riders were heard saying that their day had been ruined - job well done in our mind.

German even came over to a group of sabs and tried his smarm-charm attack, talking about eating vegan food and his lack of a love life. Please, Andy Pandy, we don’t want to know about your sordid affairs!

No kills today. Viva that bagged fox! ❤️��❤️  Footage to follow.

Pics below  -  1/   Liz Gorse, vet and fox hunter    2/   Farmer blocking sabs in 

  CheshireForestFHHunterandvetLizGorse6-10-18.jpg CheshireForestFHFarmersblockingsabs6-10-18.jpg

6-10-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    HUNT RIDERS DEMAND FULL REFUND FOR RUINED DAY OUT... Cheshire Hounds, Spurstow Spa, Saturday 6th October 2018    The refund is only speculation, of course, but after this morning's utter lack of anything worth dragging their bloodthirsty bones out of bed at dawn for, we wouldn't be at all surprised. 

With numerous tip-offs from locals this morning, and knowing the Cheshire Forest were being kept company by other groups, we found the Cheshire Hounds cub hunting in one of their favourite spots, Spurstow Spa near Haughton. 

After monitoring them covertly for a while we walked in to have a closer look at what they were up to; there are lots of footpaths here, although 'coincidentally', most of the signs had been snapped off or removed. The Hunt also seem to have become a little obsessed with our "trespassing" when we quite clearly aren't. 

It turns out that what they were up to was a lot of hanging around, and once we arrived on the scene, a lot of unhappy faces told us that potential for any 'fun' was well and truly lost, with the Hunt packing up around 9.30am. 

We did see a beautiful dog fox escaping from the area early on, which made us very happy. But other than that, all we can really report is that this was yet another lousy morning out for this floundering Hunt.


Portman FH hounds chase pet cat in wood - sabs aid escape

Supporter blocks sab car - seen by police who 'have words'

A large number of antis ensures no foxes are killed

Police respond to their report of illegal hunting !

7-10-18  Facebook – Dorset Against Blood Sports  VIDEO  Hit Report 6/10/18 Portman Hunt meet at Vale Farm, Bedchester    Today we went 'up North ' to spoil the fun of the Portman hunt. With the badger killing spree in full swing we were joined at WAR by some of the lovely badger Protectors from Camp Badger, W.Dorset including Herts and Middlesex Badger Group and Herts Against the Badger Cull, who do some fantastic hard work protecting West Dorset badgers.

We arrived as the Portman were leaving the meet already being watched by Dorset Against Blood Sports, Wildlife Witness, concerned locals and a legendary monitor, and a little later by Dorset Hunt Sabs.


                    Huntsman on foot in electric fenced field containing several cows 

The Hunt turned up the road towards Penn Hill and, with sab and monitor vehicles parked safely off the road to see which direction they took. The Huntsman put the dogs in the unnamed close at Penn Hill.

At this point one of the Portman 'Dribblers' in her fox plate 4x4 thought it would be clever to stop in the road to get out and take more pics of us! This caused total gridlock for both the public and all the Dribblers who wanted to get by in case they missed a kill. It did however give foot sabs a great opportunity to get out and get into the copse with the dogs!

With the Huntsman encouraging the dogs to find a scent, sabs were there in time to witness the dogs 'pick up' and rioted after a poor pet cat who was in the copse. The sabs used voice calls, as did the Huntsman and managed to stop the dogs and the cat ran to safety... this time.

With various vehicles strategically positioned by Sabs, spotters, monitors, foot sabs and locals, we held them in a pincer movement for the rest of the morning. Wherever they turned we were there.PortmanFHFoxbreakscover6-10-18.jpg

Heading towards Hurdles Farm, they spent a short time there before trying to get away along the river towards West farm, Sabs were already there, so they swung towards Peggs farm with the Huntsman taking the dogs through a freshly slurryed field and out onto the road, where sabs were waiting. They crossed the road and headed to Westhill plantation while the Red Landy took the foot team round to get ahead of them as they were now heading towards Wigmoor Coppice.

At this point, the dogs picked up on a line and went off at full cry. A fox was seen running for its life before crossing the road near Peggs Mill bridge. Sabs covered the fox scent with citronella and the fox ran to safety....for now.

The Huntsman took the dogs back and headed to Shroton Brake where he drew the pack through the wood for a while before gathering them and heading down to the solar farm and sewage works area. The pack then went into full cry and took off towards Wigmoor Coppice and the waiting foot sabs, who, after seeing a fox to safety, used the gizmo and voice calls and got the dogs to lift their heads and broke their run.

Something amazing happens in North Dorset. When you call the police about illegal hunting... they respond - and before long a car was in the area and observing the Hunt. This caused confusion with the Hunt and, after one last attempt and with weather conditions deteriorating, they headed for home at 11am.

With the Red Landy closely following a dribbler in a black jeep thought it would be clever to try and block the Landy and shout abuse at us... what he failed to notice in his rage was the police car just behind us. The last we saw of him he was being advised by the police about his actions!


                           Hounds chasing fox only seconds after it broke cover 

A big thank you to our driver for the morning who did a fab job. If you would like to join us please either message this page or email weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. https://gogetfunding.com/weymouth-animal-rights-fuelequipm…/6-10-18…/

6-10-18   Facebook - Wildlife Witness   VIDEO    This is a more extensive video of the Portman Hunt today near Iwerne Minster. When monitors arrived, hounds were in an area of hedge next to a small field containing cows. The field was fenced off with electric fencing and clearly no trail had been laid there - even so, the huntsman Evo Shirley was on foot hunting the hounds.

The Hunt's Whipper-in, Josh Clarke, was on the road and making loud noises to deter the fox from leaving cover. As the fox ran out he made no effort to call off the hounds or to stop them from following the fox's line.

Dorset police were called and a wildlife liaison officer attended the incident - all relevant video evidence has been requested and will be made available to them.

There have already been posts on this page from pro-hunt supporters claiming the fox was merely "in the area of the hounds and the hunt were trail-hunting". The film clearly shows the Huntsman, on foot, in a field surrounded by electric fencing - no trail would be laid there. It clearly shows hunt staff and known supporters attempting to deter the fox from leaving the covert by shouting and making loud noises. Make no mistake, this was not trail-hunting. It was fox-hunting. Fourteen years after it was made illegal it is still being carried out...and in full view.

Many will blame the police for the failure to deal with incidents like this but here in Dorset we have an excellent working relationship with the police - if we are able to provide the evidence, then they will take that evidence to the CPS. It was Dorset Police who took the Portman to court last year on charges of illegal hunting. We should not blame the police for the failings of governments to create a Hunting Act that actually delivers on the will of parliament to ban the hunting of wild animals with dogs.

If you are able to donate a few pounds to help with on-going costs of our monitoring we would be so grateful. As always we guarantee every penny goes towards protecting wildlife. Paypal.me/wildlifewitness.


Beaufort FH take hounds through middle of sheep flock

Some follow hounds out and end up in wrong field 

6-10-18  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO   The group published, without comment, a video clip that shows the Beaufort FH hounds being taken right through the middle of a large flock of sheep. At times it is hard to tell which animals are dogs and which sheep. The sheep mill around in panic and, as hunters open a gate to let hounds through, start to follow the hounds through. Riders panic and rush to shut the gate once dogs have exited, but a group of sheep end up in the wrong field. This is supposed to be one of the most prestigious, competent Hunts in the country, still under the leadership of long-term Huntsman and pal of the Duke of Beaufort, Captain Ian Farquhar.



Middleton FH cub hunt openly - hounds rated off one fugitive young fox

6-10-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Getting up at 04.30 this morning was awful. The morning got progressively better though as our land rover full of coffee'd up Sabs met up with West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs and zoomed northwards to check on the infamous Middleton Hunt.

This Hunt have had significant media attention for illegally fox hunting, breeding fox cubs and the misogynistic, sexist behaviour towards women by their Huntsman Charles "Shagger" Carter.

We arrived at their kennels in Birdsall, North Yorkshire just as Carter, his new whip and the rest were leaving. The Hunt immediately rode to a nearby woods where they surrounded it in true cubbing style [below], waiting for a fox cub to break.


Just as sabs came round the corner of the woods, a cub belted across the wet, muddy fields, fleeing for it's life. Sabs were perfectly positioned to rate the chasing hounds back, with voice calls, horn and gizmo, spraying the line as they went.

The Hunt carried on with sabs in very close attendance for another few hours, cubs seen to safety twice more. Eventually the Hunt did a full circuit back to their kennels, their 2 terriermen attempting to block sabs on footpaths and playing silly buggers on occasion, passive aggressive comes to mind.

The hunt packed at 10.30. We were in the pub by 11.00. See you soon Middleton. https://ko-fi.com/A772AR5


Sabs stick to Quorn FH like glue, stopping them hunting

Apparently drunk supporter seen driving around 

6-10-18   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    Today we joined up with Northants and HertfordshireQuornFHDrunksupporterconfrontssab6-10-18.jpg Hunt Saboteurs to visit the Quorn just outside of their namesake village. Rumour has it they'd been mapping out locations of fox cubs to prepare for the full "what hunting ban?" experience, however this changed quickly when we arrived.

They initially had gates open outside the meet in preparation for their route, but when they saw us stood on the first one they turned sharply in the opposite direction before spending an hour and a half riding round in circles with the hounds at their feet and rain steadily pouring. They were rarely out of sight for more than a minute and there wasn't even a whisper from the hounds the whole day. They packed up at 9am, far earlier than planned we'd imagine!

A very drunk (at 7:30am!) supporter did try to throw his weight around at the beginning, before backing off mumbling something about calling the police who never showed - presumably he didn't call them, due to him being pissed and hopping from vehicle to vehicle driving around.

We look forward to many straight forward days like today, and plan to visit the Quorn again very soon. If you love us and the work we do, or hate us and want us to spend more time in the rain, please donate at https://ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.



Sabs cover trail of only fox Avon Vale FH were able to put up

Hunt un-sabbed for ages unpleasantly surprised to see them

6-10-18  Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    Fox aided to safety at Avon Vale Hunt meet Along with Bath Hunt Sabs, we paid a long overdue visit to the Avon Vale Hunt this morning, another Hunt that haven’t seen sabs for many years.

They met at 8 o’clock at Grange Farm near West Ashton, Wiltshire. The Hunt were surprised to see us, as were their tiny following. At first, we were treated to a trail laying display. Nice gesture, but the Hunt went off in the other direction. What followed was blatant cub hunting, with riders surrounding woodland and hedgerows and the Huntsman working the hounds through them.

Sabs were perfectly positioned to intervene when a fox ran from a wood, right under the feet of hunt followers. We covered the area with citronella and got ready to stop the hounds. The Huntsman took the hounds past us to try and put them on its line further on, but using horn and voice calls we pulled some of them back and he gave up.

From then on, whenever we showed up the Hunt ran and tried to put distance between them and us. All in all a good day. We won’t be leaving it so long before our next visit... If you hunt, expect us! Please consider supporting our work: PayPal.me/bristolhuntsabs.




Sabs save fox from Fife FH who hunt around active sett

FifeFHhunter6-10-18.jpg6-10-18   Facebook - Grampian Hunt Sabs    Grampian Hunt Sabs met with other Scottish Sabs and found the Hunt straight away at Torr of Moonzie. We were met with a really pissed off Master Mark Fleming, who didn’t seem pleased to see us in the least. We pre-sprayed surrounding woodland whilst other sabs kept watch on the Hunt as they rode around the surrounding countryside. The Hunt converged in Killmarrow woods and sabs saw a fox outwitting the Hunt. We quickly sprayed the fox's path and hounds were unable to pick up any scent.

One of the Hunt masters was encouraging hounds to search around an active badger sett but sabs sprayed around and saw the hounds off. Galpin, the terrier man, seemed to have a case of cognitive dissonance as he accused sabs of disturbing an active badger sett forgetting that he was actively encouraging the hounds.

The Hunt left and encountered more sabs which was enough to make them give up and return to the meet and pack up. Another good daytime for the foxes.


Sabs pull N. Bucks Beagles off hare while hunters fields away

They'd also spoiled the Fitzwilliam FH's fun earlier in the day

6-10-18   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs   VIDEO (N.Cambs Sabs)  Double Whammy of a day!   As is usual this time of FitzwilliamFHSupportertriestokicksabcar6-10-18.jpgyear our sabs were up before daybreak and heading out once again with our regular comrades North Cambs Hunt Sabs to scupper the plans of the convicted criminals that are the Fitzwilliam Hunt, who were out hunting near the village of Marholm, Cambs. 

They were blatantly holding up on our arrival but sabs were deployed and they soon moved on. The weather was a bit of a stinker to be honest but that didn't deter us and with two teams we made sure we have their every move covered. This of course wasn't hugely appreciated by the Hunt and the usual goons were soon following us around and being a little annoying, one nutter chasing our vehicle down a lane on foot and trying to kick it [right]. Being made to took like a bit of an idiot he tried to find a brick to throw at the vehicle but could only manage a small stone!

With the weather deteriorating the riders were soon heading back to the meet looking dejected, just in time for several police vehicles to arrive after we called them about their supports behaviour. But our job was done and we headed off shortly after 10am.

But that was not all, oh no. We had also been given a little bit of intelligence that the North Bucks Beagles would be hunting hares at Clifton Reynes, an area we know well as it is Oakley territory and sure enough we discovered them hunting the fields along the river Great Ouse shortly after 1pm. As we arrived the hounds were in full cry and on the line of a hare with the hunt staff still several fields away and in no position to control the hounds.


                                          Hounds start to respond to sabs 

So we did what sabs do best and used both horn and voice to distract them long enough for the hare to escape. Finally the hunt staff arrived and gathered the hounds, the assorted group of sad looking support (including the now famous Uncle Albert) following a short time later, many looking like they should be supping hot cocoa in their slippers rather than being out in a cold wet day watching innocent animals being abused.


                                           Hounds getting sab love 

The WCO from Thames Valley Police arrived after we reported illegal hunting and was happy for us to continue with our work despite the ludicrous claims from the hunt, however while we were engaging with the police the cheeky buggers decided to try and escape out the back of the meet and hunt again but our eagle eyed driver, perched on a high point had them in view and quickly alerted us to their trickery so once again we set off and dragged them back to the meet.


                                       Sabs escort Hunt back to the meet 

We held on and kept them in sight while they drank tea and ate soggy sandwiches in the rain. The hound van leaving some time around 3:30pm. Only thing left to do was celebrate in the pub with a beer and crisps.

Lots of miles covered today and fuel used, you can help by buying us a Kofi> https://ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs


VWH FH support block monitor car - then claim she 'breaking law' !

6-10-10   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch   VIDEO    Vale of White Horse Hunt Supporter Blocks Monitor   Our team visited the Vale of White Horse Hunt last week only to be met with the same appalling but typical behaviour by their supporters as we are subjected to at the Grafton.




Sab presence leads East Kent FH to early pack up

6-10-18   Facebook - West Kent Hunt Sabs   VIDEO [S.Coast Sabs]  SATURDAY 6th OCTOBER    Today we were out with the East Kent with West Street Hunt who were meeting at Denge wood near Anvil Green. The Hunt had a 20% increase in riders this week bringing their numbers to 12!!! Popular as ever! Denge is a big wood and part of the Forestry Commission land, so we headed in after them on foot.

We encountered a Fox trying to cross a fire break so we hung around in case it needed our help. When it was safe to we moved on after the Hunt and our presence had the desired effect. We quickly caught up with the Hunt and a few of the hunt ‘regulars’ including Steve and Sally wasted no time informing of us of our impending harassment charge.... we really look forward to seeing their evidence!


A word of advice though to the Hunt; if you’re trying to claim that you’re trail hunting, we suggest the trail layer goes ahead of the hunt - not loitering at the back of the hunt with a bit of cloth on the end of your whip like you were today!

By 9.30 it was all over and not a quad bike in sight....maybe they have finally got the message, not to have unauthorized motor vehicles on forestry commission land !!??

As always any donations towards vehicle and petrol costs are greatly received! https://www.paypal.me/eastkenthsa.


Filming sab causes Warks FH to let nearly caught fox go free

Hunt travels through cattle fields - with no biosecurity

5-10-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Warwickshire Hunt - Ladbroke - Friday 5th October 2018 - Sabs force huntsman to abandon fox chase    After taking their hounds through a cattle farm with bTB earlier in the week, not only did the Warwickshire Hunt hounds go through several fields with cattle (currently with no bTB outbreaks) they ended up losing a lot of the pack. Hounds were wandering about everywhere including through cattle fields. We asked several members of the Warwickshire Hunt including joint-master Simon Richards and Hunt Secretary Tessa Fermoy what biosecurity measures they had taken before letting their hounds near livestock. It seems they didn’t take any.

Once they had most of the pack back they carried on blatantly hunting. We had already seen one fox running for it’s life to get away from the hunt earlier that morning. The huntsman put his hounds in a hedge and proceeded to hunt it. It wasn’t long before the hounds picked up on the scent of a fox. Two foot sabs on top of a hill could see what was unfolding and radioed through to the car sab who got there just as the fox crossed into the next field followed by hounds. The fox eventually broke into the open and was chased by hounds who were meters behind. It was only at this point that the huntsman was forced to abandon hunting the fox as he saw that a sab was present and filming.


Once we had finished at the Warwickshire Hunt, we travelled to an active badger cull zone. Local support for us in the Warwickshire Hunts area continues to grow. Any information is treated confidentially and is greatly appreciated. You can contact us on 07767620767 by email at westmidlandhuntsabs@hotmail.co.uk or by private messaging us on Facebook. You can also contact us via our website.  FOLLOW US:- Twitter    Instagram    YouTube


E. Sussex FH woman rider pleads NG to 2 charges of assault sabs

Jane Goring accused of riding into woman, whipping man

Sabs raised funds for private prosecution as CPs refused case 

Today's meet found and sabbed - no kills

6-10-18   Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs   Hit report 06/10/2018    We managed to locate theE.SussexFHHuntswomanincourt10-18.jpg secretive East Sussex and Romney Marsh FH [below] today. They have been either kennelling away or leaving very, very early. Either way thanks to our supporters keeping an eye out we located them at the Woolpack Inn, Herstmonceux.

As always, not happy to see us the Hunt floundering around trying to lose us, and when that failed could not pick up a scent. No false trail in evidence at all. Either by incompetence or our presence no foxes were killed and the hunt when home.

In others news, Jane Goring one this Hunt's riders, who last season allegedly assaulted one of our sabs, was in court. She has pleaded not guilty to two counts of ABH and will be in court in January.

Any donations to enable us to stay out protecting our wildlife gratefully accepted:- paypal.me/SouthCoastHuntSabs. 

7-10-18  Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs    A huntswoman is in the dock after she whipped a saboteur last season in this shocking footage. South Coast Hunt Sabs have had to bring a private prosecution with funds raised by our supporters after the police refused to prosecute.

POWAperson adds   -  The charges against Jane Goring relate to a heavily publicised incident. Sab version is here, Mail article here. Most media outlets who included the sab video included only the part where the male sab was holding the horse's reins and being whipped, making it look as though he'd been trying to attack her. But the portion of video before that, shown by few, shows the rider aggressively riding her horse into his female colleague. This, the sab maintained, was why he grabbed the reins - to protect her from further attack and, perhaps, serious injury. Riding into sabs is a common hunter tactic.



LACS bites back over 'false' allegations in Times newspaper

5-10-18   LACS Press Release  League Statement re Times allegations    League Against Cruel Sports statement regarding The Times story Today an article appeared in the Times newspaper making allegations against the League. We refute the allegations made in this article. Please read our full response below.

These allegations are completely false. It is nonsense to say the League sought to hack the computer of the leader of the Countryside Alliance. It is also completely false to claim that the Charity Commission is investigating the League over this. We have had no such notification from them about his, and expect none. This story is motivated purely by ex-Trustees with a grudge against the League and who clearly felt it in the best interests of the anti-hunt movement to take their story to a pro-hunting newspaper.

Chris Williamson MP, who is named in the story, was not expelled from the League because ‘he was on holiday’ during a disciplinary hearing, as is alleged. Mr Williamson, who has rarely attended board meetings for the League for several years, was expelled after he supported someone who was abusing League members of staff. He was offered 12 opportunities to make his case to trustees – that he did not accept these offers suggests he had no case to make.

The ‘IT professional’ referred to in the story is in fact a trustee of the League who was elected to the board in July, but who has also been expelled after attending just one board meeting. The reasons for his expulsion are confidential, but, as with Chris Williamson MP, his views on how the League were run are at odds with those of the League Board, CEO, Directors and staff and considerable detriments were felt. This individual works in IT and told the League that he ‘has the knowledge to use technology to fight against hunts’. We came to the conclusion that it was actually our own IT security that we needed to protect.

League supporters understand that there has been a period of change at the League. Our former CEO Eduardo Goncalves stepped down after a prolonged period of illness, and was replaced by Andy Knott [below left], a vastly experienced international manager who was previously one of our many volunteers. The League’s Chair has also changed, with Iain Blake-Lawson retiring after 25 years’ service. His replacement, Andrew Wood, unfortunately had to step down for personal reasons. A new Chair will be appointed in due course.

In spite of the changes, the League has gone from strength to strength. In the last year alone:-

We played a major role in the dropping by the Government of its pledge to repeal the Hunting Act in the Parliament

We carried out the first successful prosecution ever of a registered hunt in Scotland in 2017 (Jedforest hunt).

We won the campaign along with Animal Aid to end shooting on public land in Wales – it will end by March 2019.

We played a major role in ensuring hunting was one of the most talked about issues and most recalled manifesto commitments during the 2017 election.

Our work was key in bringing about the adoption of strengthening the Hunting Act as official Labour Party policy.

Four times as many League investigations have gone to the police so far in 2018 than in the entirety of last year.

The League’s Boxing Day polling recorded the highest ever public support for the Hunting Act.

We have achieved over 92,000 signatures to our Hunting Kills petition to date since March

We have created pressure on Yorkshire Water to end grouse shooting on its land, with 15,000 campaign postcards sent in recent months.

A new poll we commissioned showed that 69% of people oppose game bird shooting, the result of several years campaigning along with other groups.

We supported National Dis-Trust and achieved extensive media coverage of hunting on National Trust land and trail hunting over the summer, and came within 299 votes of winning a vote to ban hunting on National Trust land following a doubling of voter turn out.

We rescued and helped the successful rehabilitation of a dog potentially involved in dog fighting in 2017.

We played a big role, along with other organisations, in persuading the Government to commit to raise maximum sentences for animal welfare crimes.

AndyKnottLACSCEO.jpgUnder Andy Knott, we are half way through a two year change programme that will allow us to strengthen our financial position while increasing the amount of investigations and campaigns work we do. We have a large financial reserve (money in the bank); and are investing that money in operations and marketing to enable us to grow and become even more effective. A recent staff survey showed very high levels of confidence in our future. Supporters meeting Andy Knott have been inspired by his powerful, professional and no nonsense vision for the League, where we have firm financial foundations, passionate and experienced staff members, all working towards the same goal. All of this has been possible because we have a strong Board of Trustees who have stood up for us and have put the League’s interests ahead of any one individual’s agenda.

It has been disappointing that some supporters and former officials of the League cannot understand the direction the League is travelling. They like to ignore the evidence of our recent successes so they can claim that ‘it’s not like it used to be’. Some may not like the changes we are making, but perhaps that is because they don’t realise that to reach a goal, sometimes tactics need to change. Our goal is exactly the same as it ever was – to put an end to cruel sports in the UK. Our team now is a strong mix of long-term animal welfare campaigners, highly-trained investigators, vastly experienced law-enforcement professionals, and professional managers who will ensure that financially and legally we stay strong and secure. The input of everyone at the League is valued and vital.

The League is becoming stronger than ever. That is why our opponents are running scared. That is why some will continue to attack us. That is why some are playing dirty tricks. But we know what the vast majority of our supporters want us to be doing. We know that the vast majority of the general public share our views. We know how to end cruel sports in the UK, and we are going to achieve that, whatever anyone says about us.

If you would like to join us in our fight against the persecution of animals through cruel sports, you can make a donation online today. Thank you!


Wynnstay FH riders use horses as weapons against sabs

5-10-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    A short clip from the Wynnstay Hunt last Saturday. Riders often use their horses to intimidate. It’s not only the foxes and other wildlife that suffer.

As we have seen, their hounds and horses are treated poorly too. The whole hunting scene is a sham, animal abusers at their most prolific. Pardon our French, we have just been ridden at...


The League is accused of wanting to hack CA COE's account

LACS Spokesman says this, and other claims, are false

Charity Commission is investigating 

5-10-18   Times   The League Against Cruel Sports ‘wanted to hack rival’    The League Against Cruel Sports is being investigated by the Charity Commission over claims that it sought to hack into the computer of the leader of the Countryside Alliance. Yesterday the regulator confirmed that it was studying “serious concerns” about the anti-hunting group.

Chris Williamson [below left], a Labour MP who led the League for a decade, alerted the commission to the allegation after he was suspended. He said thaChrisWilliamsonMP.jpgt overspending risked leading to the closure of the charity, which was founded in 1924 and supported by Thomas Hardy.

Mr Williamson has since been expelled. Many trustees have either resigned or been removed and several staff are said to be taking cases to employment tribunals. Board members say that they have not been given documentation even though it is their duty to be aware of settlement packages.

The most serious accusation is that the League asked a computer expert to snoop on the email account of Tim Bonner [below right], chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, which supports hunting.

Mr Williamson has sent a copy of what is described as a contemporaneous record of the conversation to the regulator. The IT professional said that he was asked by an employee of the League: “Would you hack into Tim Bonner’s email account?” The expert said: “I was shocked by this request . . . I responded, ‘I do not have the skills to even attempt such a thing, but anyway that would be illegal.’ I felt that this was perhaps him trying to get me to say I would commit an illegal act, as a way of discrediting me.”

Mr Williamson and two trustees wrote to the commission complaining that they believed the League had “sought to entice” an individual “to hack into the email account of the CEO of a rival organisation”.

Mr Williamson claimed: “In a period of six weeks this summer the charity lost two chairs and one vice-TimBonner.jpgchair.” He also claimed that the new vice-chairman was being threatened with expulsion “as are another two trustees”.

Mr Williamson, 62, the MP for Derby North, campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn in the 2015 leadership election and has defended the hard left’s internal revolution. He has worked in local government, as a bricklayer and a machinist and became a vegan in 1976. Last year he urged his constituents to try giving up animal products, according to Plant Based News, a website.

In August he received a letter from Andy Knott, the League’s interim chief executive, saying that the board of trustees was convening to expel him “in the best interests of the charity”. Mr Williamson had been accused of failing to act in good faith by supporting “a non-member campaigning against the charity and its staff”, a reference to an animal-rights activist embroiled in a public row with the organisation. Mr Williamson was expelled after he was unable to participate in a disciplinary hearing because he was abroad.

Seven trustees have left since July. The League is being run by Mr Knott, a former soldier who served in Afghanistan and was a lieutenant-colonel and commanding officer of 2 Signal Regiment. John Cooper, QC, a former president of the League, said: “It is time that its members and supporters saw what is happening and act to save this cherished organisation. The League is at its midnight hour.” Bob Blizzard, a former Labour whip who is a member of the League, has written to one of the remaining trustees saying that it is clear that the charity is “in a mess”.

The Charity Commission said: “Serious concerns have been brought to us about the League Against Cruel Sports. The public rightly hold charities to a high standard of conduct and expect charities to be driven by their charitable purpose and ethos in everything they do. We therefore take allegations of inappropriate behaviour, especially by senior leaders in charities, extremely seriously. We are assessing information provided and engaging with the charity to determine our next steps.”

The League said: “Any changes taking place on the board or as part of our financial review have been done to ensure the League is the most efficient, focused and effective that we can be.” It did not comment on the alleged hacking request but it is thought that it strongly denies any such conduct.

Behind the story - The novelist Thomas Hardy expressed his disgust at country pursuits as he pledged his allegiance to the fledgling League for the Prohibition of Cruel Sports.

Huntsmen were so alarmed at threats to their pastime that they formed the British Field Sports Society, now part of the Countryside Alliance, to fight back.

The dream of anti-bloodsports activists was achieved when the Hunting Act was passed in 2004. Without the beast of hunting to slay, however, the League has struggled to maintain focus and solidarity. Two years ago The Times discovered that it had squandered a fortune after being saved from collapse by a bequest.

A culture clash has since developed between the old guard of animal welfare campaigners and hunt saboteurs who form the League’s heart but are in conflict with technocrats who want to make it more professional.

A LACS spokesman has responded as follows on Facebook -

5-10-18    Facebook – Chris Pitt     Hi all. Just to flag that The Times is after us again. They've written a piece today, and to summarise, it's completely false. We'll get a full response up here for you soon, please bear with us.


Coniston FH admit trespass on NT land 4 times last season

5-10-18   Facebook - National Dis-Trust    TRESPASS - IN THEIR OWN WORDS    Last season, the Coniston Foxhounds in Cumbria didn't have a licence to use National Trust land at all, but all the same they admitted to using the Trust's Coniston Hall on four occasions in the report sheets they submitted to the Lake District National Park Authority.

The relevant office to contact about this is tarnhows@nationaltrust.org.uk , Tel: 01539441456. To help us campaign against the fell packs, including the Coniston Foxhounds, why not distribute our leaflets for us in Cumbria? > bit.ly/2Qyjr1L. Don't forget Cumbria Vegan Action will be leafletting in Ambleside on October 20th → tinyurl.com/y95sx2bk. #trailhuntlies  


Hunt supporter steps down as Shropshire Wildlife Trust trustee

Follows monitor group exposing hosting of Wynnstay FH

JohnBrownHostedWynnstay.jpg3-10-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    HUNT-SUPPORTING TRUSTEE JOHN BROWN 'RETIRES' FROM SHROPSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST     After our expose earlier this year of Shropshire Wildlife Trust's John Brown hosting the Wynnstay Hunt at his property in Bagley [see https://bit.ly/2P6W7rw] we are pleased to learn that he has stepped down as Trustee.

The Trust, of course, claim Brown is merely “retiring”, but we take this as a clear indication that they have responded to pressure from its own members, as well as UK-wide attention now focused on Wildlife Trusts who welcome individuals complicit in the persecution of wildlife.

We note that the Trust, true to form, have now also removed their statement in support of Brown from their website, published in response to our expose.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s AGM takes place at 10am on Saturday 20th October 2018 at Shropshire Wildlife Trust, 193 Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, SY2 6AH. We would urge members to attend to express their approval of Brown’s ‘retirement’ and to learn more about the Trust’s newly proposed trustees Alex Grant and James Drever. (Full list of current trustees here.)


Wildlife Sanctuary bemoans Staitondale FH cubbing right by them

3-10-18  Facebook - Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary    An important notice. More voices will help us.

Megan [left], one of our resident foxes, was extremely stressed yesterday. She could hear the hounds on the scent, howling in the woods adjacent to us. She could hear the horns blowing as the hunters were riding very close by... about 200 yards away from us! No animals were harmed at the Sanctuary, I am relieved to say.

StaitondaleFHMegansanctuaryfox3-10-18.jpgThe Staintondale Hunt had been out cubbing yesterday and I am told this will happen frequently near us over the next few weeks ... after the foul cubbing 'sport', it'll then move on to hunting. Their pack of hounds, the terriermen and the sheer disregard of safety for the LEGAL activity of the sabs who were hot on their trail yesterday says its all). The Hunt think they are above the law.

How DARE they take their Hunt so close to our charity, our sanctuary, a safe place for wildlife. They were clearly not on a trail and could not tell the sabs, (who were in place to protect our charity and the wildlife hiding in the woods), where their 'scent trail' had been laid. They did not have a scent trail.

Terriermen and the numbers of hounds says it all really - they were out to hunt and kill. Illegal activity. ILLEGAL! How are they getting away with this?!?

We need your help, as locals, as supporters of our charity, as passionate, kind, caring people who wish hunting to be in the past. We're getting in touch with Hounds Off for help with this.

Please sign our petition, requesting the council to stop hunts from using the cinder track adjacent to us. We support feed many wildlife living in these woods.

Please also get in touch with The East Coast Sab Group if you would like to join their team. It was a relief to know they were there yesterday.

Remember also that the cinder track is used by Eskdale School as their cross country run, the general public with children, pushchairs and families and dog walkers. Nobody should have to come across such individuals.

The sabs have photographic evidence of their violent behaviour yesterday and even had one of their vehicles vandalised... for simply ensuring their Hunt was adhering to the law... they are not. There has been instances where hunts have gone onto private land and uncontrollable hounds have killed animals - we can't allow that to happen here.


Woman sab driven at and injured at Essex & Suffolk FH meet

Seven foxes seen to safety - no kills 

3-10-18   Facebook - Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs    On Saturday, CHS joined SES - Suffolk And Essex, Norwich and South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs in paying the Essex & Suffolk Hunt a visit. When we arrived, we noticed the Hunt surrounding a wooded area. As we got closer, we heard the hounds go into cry and the Huntmaster calling them on.

We saw 4 different large adult foxes bolting out of the same lot of trees (suspicious since adult foxes don't cohabit), with one bolting towards the kennels. The sabs were quick to act, some covering the scent with citronella and some jumping into the woods to cover an area which the hounds were particularly interested in. We then pulled the hounds out of the trees as they were still very interested in whatever was in the woods.

We continued to follow the Hunt all day. It was now very obvious that they were intent on hunting. Although the terrier boys seemed well behaved at first, they ended up driving into a group of us (even though we were simply walking along the edge of a path), one of our female sabs was hit at roughly 15mph, causing significant injuries.

Throughout the day, the Hunt had gone through a quarry which had signs warning of danger and no entry (we later found out they were never invited there) and a hound had managed to go missing at some point. We met Hamish as he was yelling at the top of his lungs at the top of a hill. However much we dislike the Hunt however, we do hope they found their hound uninjured and safe.

The Hunt went home with clean hounds at around 10am, with 7 foxes seen to safety. View the videos on @cambridgehuntsabs on Instagram.

Please consider donating to CHS! Your donations go towards fuel as well as necessary equipment. 100% of our team are volunteers and we rely on your support to stay out in the field!

Pics below   -   1/  Quarry they hunted in   2/  Terriermen 

   EssexandSuffolkFHQuarrytheyhuntedin3-10-18.jpg  EssexandSuffolkFHTerriermen3-10-18.jpg


Warks FH ride through bTb farm as sabs keep them moving

3-10-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   Two hunts and badger cull in one day - Tuesday 2nd October 2018   Atherstone Hunt, Warwickshire Hunt and badger cull      Today we split into different groups. One group went to the Warwickshire Hunt who met in Sawbridge and blatantly hunted around Grandborough and Flecknoe . Another group went to the Atherstone Hunt in Sheepy Magna to make sure they didn’t kill any foxes. We also had a team sett checking in one of the badger cull zones.

Warwickshire Hunt – Sawbridge     The Warwickshire Hunt met at Rawburn Grounds Farm, a dairy farm. We doubt the Warwickshire Hunt took any biosecurity measures before letting their hounds so near to livestock.

They set off just as it was only just getting light and found us waiting for them at the first wood they were planning on hunting. It wasn’t long before we saw a fox escaping [below] from the wood and heading to safety the hunt soon moved on. We caught up with them again with the Huntsman off his horse encouraging his hounds to hunt a small gorse area, he again soon moved on once we arrived. We kept them moving until they ended up hunting a wood near to the A425.


On the way they passed through several fields with cattle in, the farm currently has an ongoing bTB outbreak. Two more foxes were seen escaping from the Hunt, one fox was running slowly and looked exhausted - probably after being chased round the wood all morning. They finished by going back to Rawburn Grounds Farm (after passing through cattle with bTB earlier in the morning).

You can contact us confidently with any information on 07767620767. We couldn’t have done any of this with your help and donations. https://network23.org/westmidshuntsabs/donate/.


Broken Atherstone FH hack round a while then go home

3-10-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   Two hunts and badger cull in one day - Tuesday 2nd October 2018 - Atherstone Hunt, Warwickshire Hunt and badger cull     Today, we split into different groups. One group went to the Warwickshire Hunt who met in Sawbridge and blatantly hunted around Grandborough and Flecknoe (photo attached). Another group went to the Atherstone Hunt in Sheepy Magna to make sure they didn’t kill any foxes. We also had a team sett checking in one of the badger cull zones.

Atherstone Hunt - No Kills - Sheepy Magna The Atherstone Hunt met in a random field in Sheepy Magna. They continue to look broken with only a few core riders turning out to ride round a few fields for a few hours. Wherever they went we were waiting for them. They are basically now a broken hunt and present themselves as a riding club with a few hounds. They continue to hack around some fields and then pack up. Thanks to our continued presence the Atherstone Hunt aren’t killing any foxes and we will make sure that this continues.

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S. Durham FH twice pull hounds off fox as monitors/police present

Also reported to authorities for riding on railway 

2-10-18   Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors   HIT Report 3. 29.09.18 South Durham Hunt    It's not always and early morning meet for hunting fox cubs, often the Hunts will take the pack out on an evening as South Durham did at the weekend. The Meet took place at Bog Hall Farm just off Mordon in County Durham. 

On arriving we could see the Hunt getting ready to set off towards Bog Hall plantation where some hunt support had entered the wood and other watching from the outskirts. The point riders proceeded to get into position on the perimeter of the wood while the hounds were drawn through it. Leaving our drivers to film with the zoom lens from a good position the foot Monitors took to the footpath to head the Hunt off. 

We crossed the railway line at the crossing [right] just as the field riders trotted up the line with no S.DurhamFHRailwayreportedforridingon2-10-18.jpgthought for safety. The rail company was informed at the time and weren't best pleased to say the least. 

Ahead of the hounds we were able to get into a good position at the next wood the hounds would be sent into and on doing so they soon went into cry, on hearing this noise for the first time properly in months our body's went cold and we knew a fox had been flushed. 

The hunt staff and riders looked flustered as we filmed there every move. Joined by support the Hunt looked to be discussing what to do and so the hounds were brought back to the start of the wood and sent through a second time, this time no cry. 

Then all of a sudden the hounds in cry ran out of the wood on the opposite side out of sight and the houndsman in a gallop after them to call them back. We don't know if a fox had bolted and as the police, whom we phoned earlier, had made way to the farm where support were watching over the fields made the Huntsman pull back the hounds... In any event the Hunt decided to leave that wood and trundle back to Bog Hall plantation where again hunt support were seen to enter the woods followed by the Huntsman and hounds.

During the time they were in there we did not hear the hounds speak and riders were packing up and leaving one by one and covering their faces as they left in their horseboxes. How many times we are asked "why cover your face if your proud of what you do". Well, the same could be said here.


Anyway, as the last of the field riders left and the light had gone we could see torch light coming out from the wood and the hounds were brought out and put away in their trailer. The hunt support and houndsman alongside the Whippers in had a little chin wag then packed up and left, some waving as they passed, others giving us the finger. Very adult of them. It's good to know when we get to them though. Makes it even more worthwhile for us.


We can't say for sure no kills but we heard nothing for us to believe there was. Cubbing is the most horrific and sadistic part of fox hunting and children are taken out on these occasions. 

In the past we have not published photos if they contain a minor when we have a right to do so. We will be posting evidence of cubbing and will not hold back evidence just because a minor may be in the picture - so please do not take your child to such events if you do not want them on video or pictures given to the police or posted to social media. The law states any photo taken in a public place on a public road can be posted without parents permission. Warning is herby given. 

You can help us by donating to our petrol fund via paypal to huntmonitors@gmail.comOr use the link – paypal.me/huntmonitors. #longlivethefox


Muntjac scared on to road by Suffolk FH, injured by car

Whipper-in cut its throat, dumped it on verge

2-10-18   Facebook - Mike Huskisson    Collateral damage at a hunt    I was tipped off about a hunt, believed to be the Suffolk Foxhounds, meeting at Chediston this morning. I drove out and soon observed them drawing crops and hedgerows, a field from a busy road. It was no surprise when a Muntjac deer, disturbed by the hounds, fled across the road. From a few hundred yards away I heard the bang of the impact as it was struck by a car.

The whipper-in then dispatched the deer by cutting his throat and dumped the body. The deer was still warm when I found him and took this picture. What of the damage to the car? What of the dangers to the occupants if they had swerved to avoid the deer and hit oncoming traffic? This all happened far too quickly for me to intervene but we need to be aware that the threats from hunts take many forms. Is the LACS going to encourage supporters to monitor hunts during the coming season? This is the sort of evidence they could bring to public view.



North Cotswold FH filmed rioting on deer - saved by sab

2-10-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    VIDEO     North Cotswold Hunt rioting on deer... again. 29th September 2018, Scarborough Pits near Snowshill. Luckily a sab was on hand to intervene. This is within the North Cotswold cull zone.

Please continue to support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs.

Pics below   -   1/  Deer fleeing hounds    2/  Hound closely chasing another deer

 N.CotswoldFHDeerthathoundsriotedon29-9-18.jpg N.CotswoldFHDeercloselychased29-9-18.jpg


Sabs pull Surrey Union FH hounds off two foxes

One group of sabs driven at by hunt support

1-10-18   Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs   Mission 23 Surrey Union Holmbury St Mary 29-9-18  Good day for North Downs and Guildford Sabs who joined by some Berkshire Sabs and sabbed the afternoon newcomers meet of the Surrey Union Fox Hunt at Gallops Field, Holmbury St Mary.

Some of our sabs had already done the early morning cub hunt of the old Surrey and Burstow and carried on to this meet. We had a lot of new people out with us and we started by pre-spraying a few woods before the Hunt got to them, which pissed them off when they spotted one team and seemed to cause them to change route.

They started by heading up the bridleway towards Joldwynds and Holmbury Hill... The other Landrover of sabs were waiting for the Hunt as they got onto the first fox of the day and managed to get them off it.

Our group waited on top of the viewpoint at Holmbury Hill and were amused by the sight of the two "trailayers" not laying a trail and nowhere near the Hunt. After a while the Hunt appeared missing a few hounds already they then tried to lose us by riding off at speed but we soon picked them up again at Coverwood.

We anticipated their next move and were in the right place when they got after another fox at Gulls Isle Wood at Ewhurst. A combination of voice calls and spraying citronella everywhere got them off this fox and the hunt support vented their anger by driving at the other group of sabs.

This seemed to finish off the Hunt for the day and they packed up shortly afterwards, and the happy sabs (20 of us) retired to the pub for beer and chips. Please help keep our two land-rovers on the road by donating to https://www.justgiving.com/crowdf…/guildford-northdowns-sabs.


Foxes shot & displayed in internal Lake District Hunt feud

1-10-18   Facebook - Lancashire Huntsabs   Cumbria Hunt Watch Press release 30-09-18   Foxes slaughtered as hunt feud continues The picture below shows 10 dead foxes hung on a fence near to Bewaldeth in the Lake District National Park. They had all been shot. The number today, 30 September 2018, has risen to thirteen.

A hunt 'insider' has told Cumbria Hunt Watch (CHW) that long time members of a local Hunt were shooting foxes and hanging them on the fence as 'trophies' in opposition to new members taking over the Hunt; they were shooting them to leave none for hunting. This does rather expose the myth that Hunts have been trail hunting in recent years and exonerates CHW who have been advising large land owners such as the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) that illegal hunting has been taking place on their land too.

The LDNPA still licences at least three Hunts in North Cumbria to use its land. CHW has seen copies of the Daily Record Sheets submitted to the LDNPA by licenced hunts; the Record Sheets clearly shows the Hunts are still killing foxes with hounds on LDNPA land some 14 years after the 2004 Hunting Act came into effect.

If you oppose LDNPA land being used for this kind of cruelty against wildlife please contact the LDNPA Chief Executive, Richard Leafe, and explain why you believe all Hunts should be banned from using LDNPA land.

Email: richard.leafe@lakedistrict.gov.uk : Write: Richard Leafe, Lake District National Park Authority, Murley Moss, Oxenholme Road, Kendal LA9 7RL Telephone: 01539 724555.



Flint & Denbigh FH openly cub hunt but sabs avert kills

Hounds injured hunting over rough terrain

Support's intimidation attempts fail

1-10-18  Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO  Hit report 29/9/18     Joined by Derby and WelshFlintDenbighFHEdLloydthreatenssabwithweapon29-9-18.jpg Border Hunt Sabs. Our saboteurs heads had barely touched the pillow from their late night work on the Staffordshire Moors, where the badger cull is in full swing.

We arrived to an eerily quiet Fling and Denbigh Kennels at the Cefn Estate. No sign of a police blockade at 5am this morning, and when the police did show they seemed in a better mood that last few weeks (could have something to do with all the complaints they received after last week?).

The lights went on at the kennels and not too long later Jeremy Reed left his home to head towards the hunt meet. A greeting was exchanged at the Cefn gate as our saboteurs greeted Huntsman and Hounds. Jeremy was straight onto his phone to his lackeys to give a head count as to how many sabs were out. Succeeded by sabs entering a field immediately to an extremely irate Whipper-in. So vexed at the sight of our sabs he could hardly help himself from his thinly veiled threat. “I'll tear out every dred in your head!” he says with raised eyebrows… onwards to the Meet.

The Flint and Denbigh Hunt's numbers have dwindled over the last few years, so much so that numbers we saw out on Saturday were probably not that shy of what we'll see come full hunting season. Shazza seems to now have been employed by the Hunt as a road block, herFlintDenbighFHSabshovedoverbyEdLloyd29-9-18.jpg new tactic is to just stand in the road on her phone pretending to know people in an attempt to hold up sabs.

Councillor Ed Lloyd-Ellis arrives in haste with Max, the lackeys in Tweed. Bumpkin Bouncers indeed. “Off the land!” he screams, followed by instigating a full grab of any sab at hand, shouting and squaring up to gain the upper hand, pushing one sab up towards the gate. Ed was really on one...

As the shamed councillor caused quite a scene, similar to what he's famous for following the news articles earlier in the year (we await the Daily Post's phone call) Huntmaster Jeremy Reed attempted to make his get away. Unfortunately for Jezza a couple of sabs managed to keep up with him from the off...

As the sab vehicles rounded up the rest of our sabs the Hunt had now crossed the road opposite the original meet. Sabs had gone in on foot when some of the hounds rioted after a couple of deer. Fast thinking sabs managed to call the hounds off using gizmo's and voice calls. Jeremy was furious especially with his whipper-in who received a rollicking in front of the sabs. Paul Greengrass Harvey wasn't in too good a mood either as he drove his mule-type buggy at sabs. The riders wear stood on point around the wood, blatantly cub hunting.

FlintDenbighFHHoundwithbadlinjuredtail29-9-18.jpgWe watch on as the pack splits in an attempt to foil our team. But we know his wicked ways. The whip was still trying to round up hounds as Jeremy and most of the field headed back over the road towards the meet, but not to pack up... Not one for giving in so soon, the heat of the sun matters not and he hunts on. With sabs in tow the Huntsman attempts to gather his pack. But this is something he’s crap at. It takes some time.

Something that wasn't going to help with the Huntmaster's mood today was when he fell off his horse in front on a sab. Jeremy took quite a tumble and rolled around the floor. Unfortunately for us our camera didn't catch it, but maybe Shazza will supply us with a laugh - sorry we meant the footage...

The Hunt continued to blatantly cub hunt as they attempted to hold up another woodland as riders stood on point surrounding the woods in anticipation of foxes bolting so they could send the foxes straight back into the hounds. Good job sabs were on hand to make sure none of this was to happen. The police, who were less in our faces this week, got a lesson on what the Hunt were attempting to do from our sab drivers on the road as the sabs in the field foiled Ol' scatterpack Jeremy Reed once more.

Alas, our sabs stop at nothing, and vault the hedgerow, descend the hill, hop the stream and climb the slopes. We're all over them as the Hunt's frustration grew, nowhere to hide. Once again they are trounced with the sabs acting in haste before the hounds could pick up on a fox's scent. We sabbed on, as the Hunt refused to give into the heat of the sun.

After a short loss of view the sabs catch sight of a hound on the verge of a steep rock side slope and FlintDenbighFHJMcarriesinjuredhound29-9-18.jpgstart the calls again. Taking the pack off the Huntsman from way up high is a sight to behold as the hounds come bounding down the dry stone walls to be greeted. The thick as thieves riders arrive with confusion as to how we manage to make such ground. A melee ensues, much to the annoyance of Councillor Ed and his bootlicking servant Max. “Private land..” etc. Grappling of compassionate animal loving people is clearly a display of frustration as the day's Hunt has been shut down once again. Irritation starts to boil over to intimidation and the sabs counter the Hunt's thuggish behaviour with something they do not understand, non-violent direct action.

As the Hunt rounded up their hounds it was clear to see wildlife is not the only victim. Jeremy had sent his hounds though thick cover and over barbed wire fences. Hounds were injured. One hound could barely walk and seemed not to want to go home with the Hunt as the hound bled from underneath and from the tail.

Richard Darch, one of the new joint Huntmasters, carried the hound from the brambles and put it into the back of a land-rover. We headed back to Cefn Estate to observe and make sure everyone had gone home. We hope Jeremy shows a bit of compassion and allows the injured hound to recover rather than shoot the poor thing. The foxes of Cefn live to see another day.

Thanks once again for all your kind donations we couldn't do it without you. You can donate to us on this link here that will help us both in the hunting fields and in the badger cull zones. https://gogetfunding.com/help-for-north-wales-hunt-sabs/.

Pics above   -  Top left - Sab being threatened with weapon by Cllr. Lloyd    Top right -  Pushed over by same man    Lower left  -  Hound with badly injured tail   Lower right  -  Hound being carried by a JM 



….. 30th September - Ilminster Beagles are filmed very clearly hunting a hare

….. 30th September - Monitors intervene to save fox from Wynnstay FH

….. 30th September - Quad biker, probably hunter, stopped for anti-social driving

….. 30th September - Sabs' car tyre stabbed with knife - Staitondale FH supporters nearby

….. 30th September - E. Kent FH Huntsman makes absurd claim of sab hitting him

….. 30th September - Anti-Bax protest at KWT AGM prompts media coverage

….. 30th September - Sabs ridden/driven at by Flint & Denbigh FH - hounds pulled off deer

..... 30th September - N. Cotswold FH give up cubbing attempt after sabs step in

….. 29th September - Sabs and monitors thwart Portman FH's cub hunting attempts

….. 29th September - Many assaults on sabs at Fitzwilliam FH - but sabs ensure no kills

….. 29th September - Sab success in disrupting Mendip Farmers FH cubbing - no kills

….. 29th September - Pytchley FH hunters try to ride down sabs, supporter blocks road

….. 29th September - Surrey Union supporter tries to run over sab - no kills

….. 29th September - Sabs gizmo pulls cub-hunting Crawley FH hounds away 3 times

….. 29th September - Hounds Off founder's moving talk to KWT AGM re. hare hunting

….. 29th September - More pressure on Bax, KWT Chair/hare hunter to quit/be sacked

….. 28th September - Braes o'Derwent FH cub hunting fails as hounds cause road chaos

….. 28th September - Tory Councillor/Hunter - offensive comments re. slavery/abortion

….. 27th September - Totally blocked sett found exactly where Cheshire FH hunting

….. 27th September - N. Cotswold FH hounds panic deer in wood - one runs into tree

….. 27th September - Hunt thugs attack parked car lone female sitting in

..... 27th September - Bonner says - will 'press authorities to address' sab activities'                            

….. 27th September - Quantock SH guns on public display on road


….. 26th September - Sabs say Atherstone FH didn't kill in September due to them

….. 26th September - Sabs work hard to keep Mendip Farmers FH cubbing kill free

….. 26th September - Hearing to say if South Herefordshire FH trial can go ahead

….. 25th September - Cheshire Monitors to give evidence to PCC hunt policing inquiry

….. 25th September - Natural England - no hunting allowed on SSSI used by Mendip Farmers FH

….. 25th September - Sab group to boycott Leics Police 'Hunt Awareness Training Day'

….. 25th September - Hunt Watch say 2 farmers banned Hunts after shown film of hunting

….. 24th September - 'Cruel' organic farm gives dead/surplus cattle free to Cattistock FH

….. 24th September - Sabs protect 2 foxes put up by Puckeridge FH cub hunting

….. 24th September - Police dismiss W. Norfolk FH allegations against sabs at no-kills meet

….. 24th September - Dunston Harriers lorry returns to kennels without letting hounds out

….. 23rd September - Sabs protect foxes from Lanarkshire FH attempts to hunt

….. 23rd September - Antis clamour for hunter 'Strictly' contestant to be voted off

….. 22nd September - Police send 3 cars & armed response to sabs outside kennels

….. 22nd September - Thousands march for wildlife, call for strengthened Hunting Act

….. 22nd September - Fernie FH sit and watch as hounds frighten and stampede cattle

….. 22nd September - Sab snaps pic of highly stressed fox chased by Warks FH 

….. 22nd September - N. Cotswold FH ride thru bTb troubled farm, riot on deer/hares

….. 22nd September - Antis restrict Oakley FH to little more than hound exercise 

….. 22nd September - Sabs keep foxes safe from chaotic hunting by Cotswold Vale FH

….. 21st September - POWA told Quantock SH hunted and killed large stag

….. 20th September - Sabs say Warks FH released bagged fox into wood with hounds in

….. 20th September - Hunters attempt to fit up activist fails spectacularly

….. 20th September - Revealed undercover cop infiltrated sab group 1997-2002

….. 20th September - LACS complains to BBC re. collusion in Hunt cubbing lies

….. 19th September - South Wold FH's unheralded visit throws horse into panic

….. 19th September - Sabs catch Surrey Union FH trespassing on NT land

….. 19th September - LACS highly critical of CPS dropping case against Badsworth FH

….. 18th September - Monitors say two hunted stag escaped Quantock SH

….. 18th September - Sabs help stop Staitondale FH cub killing near clifftops

….. 17th September - Beaufort FH post men at setts to stop foxes escaping down

….. 17th September - BBC defends its portrayal of 'autumn hunting' in the Archers

….. 17th September - Braes o' Derwent FH caught cubbing - no known kills

….. 16th September - Government seeking to make trespass a criminal offence

….. 16th September - East Kent FH trespass on Forestry Commission land

….. 16th September - Tory MSP rides with 2 Hunts charged with illegal hunting

….. 16th September - Sab groups prevent Old Surrey FH from serious cubbing

….. 16th September - Video shows Brocklesby FH redcoat trying to hit sab

….. 15th September - Fitzwilliam FH support assault sab & block them in - but no kills

….. 15th September - Early fleeing fox protected by sabs as Oakley FH cubbing fruitless

….. 15th September - Cury FH make only token hunting effort after sabs appear

….. 15th September - Sabs save 5 foxes from Brocklesby FH hounds

….. 14th September - Vets strongly criticise DEFRA over bTb outbreak at Kimblewick FH

….. 14th September - Sabs film Warks FH clearly chasing fox - it escaped

..... 14th September - Kimblewick FH hounds withdrawn from Show after disease fears

….. 14th September - Quantock SH supporter fined for filming antis while driving

….. 12th September - Monitor films Beaufort FH clearly hunting a fox 
….. 12th September - Grafton FH lay 'trail' for first time in monitors' experience
….. 12th September - Warks FH committed many offences in day's cubbing, say sabs 
….. 12th September - Sabs save fox from 'full on' Surrey Union FH cub hunting 
….. 11th September - Stag escapes from Quantock SH only after a long chase 
….. 11th September - Sabs claim N. Wales police facilitating illegal hunting by hassling them 
….. 11th September - Hound parade goes ahead despite LACS' biosecurity warning
….. 10th September - E. Kent FH hound lorry back to kennels when see sabs on their tail
….. 10th September - Sabs pull Cattistock FH hounds off only fox cubbers put up
….. 10th September - At least one fox escapes Warks FH cubbing attempts
….. 10th September - Sabs restrain Beaufort FH cubbing attempts
…..  9th September - Sabs stop Flint & Denbigh FH Huntsman hunting by man marking
…..  9th September - 'Broken' Atherstone FH restricted to no fun ride round fields
…..  8th September - Sabs say saved four foxes from Belvoir FH cub hunting
.....  8th September - Portman FH filmed cub hunting by monitors
…..  8th September - Sabs deter E. Kent FH from cub hunting efforts
…..  8th September - Sabs intimidated as Crawley FH hunt illegally at evening meet
…..  8th September - Sabs constrain Fernie FH cubbing attempts - no kills
…..  7th September - Fox probably killed in Beaufort FH early start cub hunt
…..  6th September - Cheshire FH behave very oddly after get police escort from kennels
…..  6th September - Warks FH cause road chaos while trying to cub hunt
…..  6th September - Blackmore FH cub hunt over recently bTb infected farm
…..  5th September - Fears over Kimblewick FH's hound parade at Bucks County Show
…..  5th September - Sabs ensure no cub kills for York & Ainsty South FH
…..  4th September - Monitors reveal film re. Wynnstay FH fox kill in February
…..  4th September - Kent WT accused ahead of AGM protest re. hunter Chairman Bax
…..  4th September - Buccleuch FH huntsmen trail set for 8th October
…..  3rd September - Beaufort FH filmed chasing fox at 1st official cub hunt
…..  3rd September - More connections of Leics police WO to Atherstone FH revealed
…..  3rd September - Sabs save fox from early morning Beaufort FH cub hunters
…..  2nd September - A Dorset Hunt drives fox to ground - maybe dug out
…..  1st September - LACS offers £1k reward for info leading to cub hunting convictions
…..  1st September - Cotswold Vale FH pack in cubbing after a bit of sabbing
…..  1st September - Sabs stop Warwickshire FH settling into cub hunting

Ilminster Beagles are filmed very clearly hunting a hare

Hounds got within seconds of fleeing beast

Only escaped as 2 roe deer crossed its line

30-9-18   Vimeo - Davis Knightley   VIDEO   Ilminster Beagles pre-season early morning meet on the Somerset Levels    No trails were seen to be laid. Dogs followed the line of hares and deer and acted as before the hunting ban (13 years earlier). On this occasion, all hares and deer seemed to get away without being killed although there was some hunting before the mist lifted enough to film them. Think this is wrong? know where a Hunt is meeting? let Hounds Off or the Hunt Saboteurs Association know.

POWAperson adds   -  This is a beautifully crisp, clear video. Soon after the hounds cross the bridge in chasing the hare a doubled horn blow is heard twice - 'hunt on'. Hares much prefer to stick to territory they know and usually run in large circles when pursued by hounds. The hare was on its second lap when deer distracted hounds. The Huntsman must have known they were pursuing a hare and had been for some time. This was wilful, illegal hunting.  


                                 Hounds put up hare and start chase  


                                Fleeing hare crosses bridge across ditch 


              Hounds chase hare across bridge - less than 8 seconds behind it 


                                   Hare fleeing uphill from chasing  hounds



                                     Hare takes advantage to escape 


                             Whipper-in is trying to stop chasing roe deer


                     Huntsman blowing horn to try to get pack back to him 


Monitors intervene to save fox from Wynnstay FH

30-9-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   VIDEO [Cheshire Sabs]   WYNNSTAY HUNT CAUGHT CUB HUNTING - A BUSY (AND NOT SO BUSY) DAY FOR HUNTS IN CHESHIRE, SATURDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER 2018    Yesterday we had monitors ready to pick up both the Cheshire Hounds and Cheshire Forest Hunts, waiting to monitor them and spoil their fun.

Jake Oppenheim and Jamie Whittles, huntsman and whipper-in for the Cheshire Hounds, being the snowflakes they are, and following two failed attempts to leave the kennels in Sandiway, chickened out after seeing hunt sabs waiting for them.


                                            Fox fleeing from hounds 

Sadly, we know they will sneak out another day to make up for this missed 'training' for their hounds, as they have done a number of times over the last month, and we are asking locals to be on special alert for them in their local area any time of day, and on almost any day.


                               Fox runs across lane - hounds are c.10 seconds behind 

Early on we also received tip-offs from local supporters near Malpas that the Wynnstay were meeting at Chorlton Hall, so our team joined up and headed to Chorlton. Within a short time we caught the Hunt pursuing a fox through woodland and across fields beside Cherryhill, off Chorlton Lane. We intervened and were able to force the Huntsman to call his hounds back to him, enabling the fox to escape. Check our page later for the full film of this.


                                    Hounds in cry chasing the fox  

We checked a large badger sett behind Chorlton Hall which, back in February, we caught this Hunt close to and all entrances filled in (See: https://bit.ly/2NR5te9.

The police attended, took evidence and helped to clear the blockages. We are pleased to report that, today, the sett was untouched and looking very healthy and active. Phil Evans, local ‘mole catcher’ and host on the day back in February, today claimed to know nothing about the blocked sett, despite being spoken to about it at the time, not to mention being the sett’s closest neighbour.


             Riders tell monitor trespassing. Says won't leave till hounds called off 

After a short while members of Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs and Cheshire Against Blood Sports also arrived on the scene around Chorlton and Overton, and between us we were all able to prevent the Hunt from getting much - if any - hunting done over the next few hours, until they finally boxed up the hounds at Stockton Hall Farm; sabs found evidence of badger sett blocking close by which has been reported to the police.

Near the end of the morning we were alerted by a brave local who had been standing their ground with the Cheshire Forest Hunt who had been out since early morning in Bradwall near Middlewich - another Hunt who has adapted their behaviour under current circumstances to enable them to continue sneaking out to hunt fox cubs. We believe people from the other groups that were out yesterday went over, along with one of our supporters, but sadly the Hunt was more or less packing up and had sadly been hunting with abandon all morning.


Contact us in complete confidence. -> Message us on Facebook > Text us on 07376 338179  -> Email us at info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk > Please help us fund equipment by donating:- http://paypal.me/CMonitors. Please bookmark our contact details and share this post.


Learn the sordid details about what and who are involved in cub hunting here:- https://bit.ly/2nSYsKy

30-9-18   Facebook – Cheshire Monitors   VIDEO    Wynnstay caught cub hunting, 29th September 2018 (see above post for full report) - Wynnstay Hunt filmed cub hunting, Saturday 29th September 2018    Hunt monitors are often accused of "just standing by and filming" while wildlife is hunted and killed, but it is an integral part of the work undertaken by Cheshire Monitors, as well as many other monitors groups around the country, that we are able to intervene to save a fox whenever necessary.


Quad biker, probably with a Hunt, stopped for anti-social driving on Exmoor

30-9-18   Thisisthewestcountry   VIDEO   Quad biker's anti social driving in front of special constable on Exmoor   THIS quad biker carrying out an anti-social manoeuvre couldn't have timed it worse. He pulls out in front of another vehicle in Exmoor National Park, kicks up a storm of dust and accelerates off. Only, he didn't get very far. The vehicle behind was driven by an Avon and Somerset special constable, who pulled the biker over.


@ASPSpecials tweeted: "How to get stopped & reported for offences by @ASPWSomerset #SpecialConstables on patrol @ExmoorNP yesterday (Saturday). "AntiSocial use of #QuadBikes on our #NationalPark will not be tolerated as well as the danger to road users."

POWAperson adds   -   Even if the quad biker wasn't with a Hunt, the comment I added to the article still applies - 
This quad was almost certainly that of a terrierman with one of the many Hunts in the Exmoor area. There is a box on the front. There's usually one on the back as well, but couldn't see that for the dust. The boxes are used for carrying terriers and tools suitable for digging a fox out of an earth or a badger sett. Terriermen are the scum of the earth, employed by Hunts to ensure no foxes escape. They have no compunction in inflicting any degree of suffering on their prey and no scruples about blocking up badger setts for their Hunt masters to try to ensure foxes can't escape down them. They are also highly anti-social, ignoring traffic laws re. quads. They drive on public roads banned to them, often with no or obscured plates, obviating any insurance they might have, as they do when they commonly drive with more than one up. Twice this season terriermen on quads have thrown rocks at anti-hunt activists, on one occasion breaking their windscreen while the car was being driven towards the quad. Almost every fox hunt in the country - and there are still nearly 200 - claims to be 'trail hunting'. But they are always accompanied by terriermen on quad bikes. Why? What role would they have on a 'trail hunt'? None. They're there because Hunts are not 'trail hunting' they're exploiting the weakness of the Hunting Act - and the reluctance of police to try to enforce it - and hunting live quarry much as before the 'ban'. Hundreds of hunt monitors and sabs witness and report this every week. It's a huge, nationwide criminal conspiracy, flouting the will of the people and the rule of law. The only way to stop it is to significantly strengthen the Hunting Act. www.powa.org.uk  www.campaigntostrengthenthehuntingact.com.


Sabs' car tyre stabbed with knife - Staitondale FH supporters nearby

30-9-18   Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs    Yesterday morning we went to meet Staintondale hunt at their early morning cub meet. It was a frosty start weather wise and a frosty reception from the Hunt when they saw us.

It wasn't long until they'd all arrived. It's sad to see young children there for such a sickening event. We were entertained by a Chap trying to mount his steed, if it hadn't have been for a fellow rider he would have lost his dignity and fallen, perhaps he should stick to hobby horses in the future.

As we set off to follow them, their usual illegal activity of obstructing the main road began. Two vehicles totally blocking our path. Why if they're not up to no good would they try to get away? After a while they moved on and we it wasn't long until we found them in a field.

They're pretty good at losing hounds so we can always find them. The sound of a lone hound in distress is heartbreaking. To see it panicking and howling was sad, the Hunt carried on oblivious and made no attempt to retrieve it.StaitondaleFHSabtyrestabbed30-9-18.jpgA few sabs went into the field to see what they were up to. They arrived in the woods and found the Hunt looking lost and confused.

We moved on and caught up with them. We can't believe what conditions they ride their horses through. They'd ridden down a track that was almost a foot deep in mud/clay. Horses are very sensitive to the ground. It's a wonder one of them weren't thrown off or one of the horses slipping.

The bridleways we followed are obviously just for the Hunt as they constantly shouted at us to get off and stop trespassing. Hmmm, they may think they're better than us but last time I checked bridleways are for common sabs too!

More of the same, get a job, are you ugly, have a... bath blah blah blah. We do work. We work and pay taxes. We live in nice homes but we'll never invite them round for afternoon tea. I don't think wholesome, healthy, cruelty free vegan food would be appreciated.

Yet again walking on open access land we were subjected to verbal abuse. You'd think with how they speak down to us they'd be knowledgeable about the law. Stand there. Do not move. Stay there. "Mandy"Mandy"Mandy" take their photos, quick get his face on camera!!! Why such drama?

Mandy, practically knocking into a sab almost knocking him into the ditch with her horse while following his instructions. Must be his understudy. We eventually left and headed around to see them on the other side of the fields.

On our way we spotted a hound wandering in the middle of the road. A hunt follower tried to catch it but it was enjoying it's freedom too much. We held our breath as a tractor with a large trailer turned the corner, thankfully the hound got off the road and was unhurt. We offer to help them if we see stray hounds but they never accept our help. Regardless of what we think of the Hunt we'd always put the animals lives first.

We kept up with them practically all day and feel confident today that no creatures were hunted and killed yesterday. We even managed to beat the hunt followers to their next ride down the bridleways. Again and again being told we we're trespassing. They couldn't cope with the fact that we have brilliant local knowledge and find them. So they have to vent their anger by accusations.

This time a numpty blocked us in. So the Hunt could sneak off. Gets boring really looking at number plates but all documented and recorded. If ever there's an unfortunate accident due to them blocking us in at least we have built up evidence for the police.

The Hunt and hounds We're in a field full of cows. The cows were so terrified they huddled together. They have no concerns for the welfare of other creatures. When the Hunt moved off the cows ran frantically about.

The afternoon was more of the same. We waited until we saw the hounds van arrive and they packed up. We got back to the car to find a flat tyre. Now some hunt followers had parked nearby so it doesn't take much guessing to who was to blame. Don't worry though we captured them on the dash camera. Another successful day.

We hope they rounded up all their stray hounds. Just a reminder to those of you who don't know, Staintondale hounds killed a family cat. Here's the link. We saw beautiful cats yesterday and were concerned, please if you live near where Hunts are out, keep your pets safe.

If you would like to donate some £ we'd certainly appreciate it. We now need to buy a tyre pump for our car( for future tyre let downs) and some other equipment to keep us on the road if they tamper with our cars again.

If you would like to donate, please click on the link: https://www.paypal.me/EYHS. Thank you for reading and sharing.

UPDATE! Our tyre wasn't just let down it was stabbed with a knife. What next ? If they're carrying such weapons perhaps the police need calling to have a check through their vehicles. Imagine if we hadn't noticed the flat tyre. We could have had an accident. These morons need stopping. Please donate to help towards a new tyre. Keep us sabbing them.

E. Kent FH Huntsman makes absurd claim of sab hitting him 

30-9-18   Facebook - West Kent Hunt Sabs  VIDEO   HUNTSMEN ACCUSES SAB OF HITTING HIM FROM 10 FEET AWAY! WHO'S HARASSING WHO?  Here is a video of Steve, Huntsman of the East Kent with West Street Hunt accusing one of our sabs of hitting him when quite clearly they aren't, before riding his horse at them making a right fool of himself!

We're actually starting to feel sorry for this Huntsman now.... he's clearly losing the plot and will try anything to stop us stopping him from killing our wildlife!



Anti-Bax protest at KWT AGM prompts media coverage

30-9-18   Facebook - East Kent Sabs    DEMONSTRATION AT KENT WILDLIFE TRUST AGM 29th September 2018 Thanks to EVERYONE who managed to get to this yesterday - we know how many people wanted to come along but couldn't, but your support has been overwhelming. And thanks to the press who after two years are finally picking up properly on the story, with journalists from the Independent, the BBC and KM group all present.


Also thanks to the amazing Joe Hashman of Hounds Off for his amazing speech - shame the rep from KWT who came out to tell us that a lot of the published links about Mike Bax and his connections to hunting and game shooting were "lies" or "mistakes" didn't stick around to listen... but some people do find the truth uncomfortable. (you can read a transcript of Joe's speech in the item below.

Also thanks to the speaker from the League Against Cruel Sports, who also gave a speech. This is not over.


If you wish to donate to our group and keep us out in the fields, you can do so here-many thanks. https://www.paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA.30-9-18

30-9-18   Facebook - League Against Cruel Sports    Yesterday, we joined East Kent Sabs, Hounds Off and Kent Wildlife Trust AGM to protest their pro-hunt, pro-shoot chair Micheal Bax. It's such a shame that an otherwise fantastic organisation would have someone who stands against what they stand for as a figurehead. TV coverage here.


Sabs ridden/driven at by Flint & Denbigh FH - hounds pulled off deer

30-9-18   Facebook - Derby Hunt Saboteurs    Hit Report -  29 September 2018   Early morning start as we paid visit to the Flint & Denbigh Hunt's kennels at 5am. They we were meeting nearby in Cefn Meriadog. We were given none of the previous excuses they had given to Sabs on previous visits such as they were just 'exercising the hounds' and no attempt to run away and lose sabs. Jezza, the Huntsman just got stuck in with some blatantly obvious cub hunting.

The whole day was very repetitive, with the hounds being taken into covers and woods, riders standing on point and sabs pulling the hounds out again. Then the hunt riding across a few fields for the pattern to continue.

At one point sabs were stuck in a field with horses and buggy being ridden at us in an attempt to stop us reaching the hounds. However, we broke free and were able to pull the hounds off a line.

Towards the end, it became very confusing with the pack scatter all over countryside, the Huntsman couldn't decide whether to gather his hounds or hunt on. At one point some of the hounds chased a fleeing deer. Surprisingly the Huntsman then told his Whipper-in off for not doing anything, luckily the sabs called the hounds off the chase.


              Injured hound being carried away - will it be allowed live to see another day? 

Some of the loose hounds started to be picked up and put in the back off different vehicles as the Hunt finally decided to pack up after 11am.

Big up to North Wales and Welsh Border Hunt Sabs for being in the field on a long early morning. Any donations gratefully appreciated at: paypal.me/DerbySabs.


N. Cotswold FH give up cubbing attempt after sabs intervene

Supporter threatens to 'smash sab's face in' 

30-9-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Saturday 29th September 2018    Out on early patrol looking for Hunts and badger trappers in the North Cotswolds. One sett that we checked had steam coming from the badgers on a very cold frosty morning, Obviously active sett.

We soon bumped into the North Cotswold hunt at Coronation Plantation and heard a whistle. Now a whistle blown in this area denotes that a fox has been sighted and not only was the rider on point raising his hat as well, but we saw the fox running towards a small covert in the middle of a field. A few holloas and use of the gizmo meant that the Hunt gathered the pack and ran away from us and appeared to leave the startled fox alone.

This was too much for one hunt follower who nearly imploded. We had better watch out because she has footage of one of us from 2010 and she is going to the police with it, committing the heinous act of... trespass. Also she was going to smash one sab's face in... Hmm, let the side down there we thinks. Half an hour later at Scarborough Pits hounds rioted on multiple deer, were called off the hunt staff who then decided to go home at 10.00.

We were then out till just after dusk checking more setts. Just off out again now. Please continue to support us paypal.methreecountiessabs.


Sabs and monitors restrain Portman FH's cub hunting attempts

29-9-18    Facebook - Wildlife Witness  VIDEO   Portman Hunt - Lowbrook Farm, Belchalwell     Cub-hunting continues with the Portman, today meeting at 7.30 with the usual mixture of horse-riders, pony club kids, car followers and bumpkins spoiling the beautiful views across Dorset's finest countryside.

We had monitors and sabs out today, working together in order to keep an eye on the Hunt's activities. With Dorset Against Blood Sports (DABS) monitors watching the meet, the Hunt moved off in usual fashion, drawing hedge-lines to the west of the meet, without success.


          Rider blocking monitor's view - they try this all the time, when not riding at antis 

Our monitors were in position when the Huntsman headed towards Whitmore Coppice where they picked up the scent of a fox which managed to escape the coppice despite the efforts of riders slapping saddles and foot followers shouting to head it. Dorset Hunt Sabs (DHS) were soon in the action as the hounds carried on hunting slowly towards Garland Farm.


A message must have been passed on by followers on Garlands Lane, as hounds were lifted from there and taken at pace across the lane and on to Oke-Apple House where DHS kept them in sight as they drew the small woods, west of Okeford Fitzpaine.

Having found no success there, the Huntsman then took hounds back to Whitmore Cross, via a few small areas of wood, before getting back to Whitmore Coppice, where our monitors were waiting. No surprises to see them again pick up in Whitmore Coppice but this time the whipper-in, on point on the north side, spotted a fox leaving and notified the huntsman who took hounds to that area.


                                             Portman FH hounds in cry 

Before long, the hounds were again hunting, this time down to Lower Fifehead Farm where hounds stopped hunting in the farm buildings. The Huntsman, Evo Shirley, then took them across the road and hunted on foot in the area of The Nook. As 11.00 approached the Hunt slowly headed back near to Kitford before packing up.

Great teamwork today from all the groups and despite a large area covered we kept up with them for most of the day's hunting.

29-9-18   Facebook - Wildlife Witness   VIDEO   This is what hunt monitors do... every week    People may ask what do hunt monitors actually do? Well, today was a typical day, spent watching a so-called trail hunt, on this occasion, the Portman, openly flouting the law, hunting foxes, holding up coverts by slapping saddles, shouting to head back a hunted fox and passing on messages to the huntsman telling him where the fox has gone.

No police there... just hunt monitors filming the hunt and waiting for that moment when the Huntsman makes a mistake and we get the evidence that gets them in to court. It's not a pleasant task, it's tiring, it's often frustrating and it means getting in there with the hunt supporters and riders...but it needs to be done if we are ever going to get the Hunting Act enforced and strengthened.


Many assaults on sabs at Fitzwilliam FH don't stop them ensuring no kills

29-9-18    Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    CRIMINAL FITZ HUNT ATTACK SABS AT ILLEGAL CUBBING MEET Hit Report 29.09.2018 – Fitzwilliam Hunt, Great Gidding, Cambridgeshire Sabs were today attacked again at the Fitzwilliam Hunt, a group with multiple recent convictions to their name for illegal hunting, assaults and criminal damage.

As hunt sabs were keeping tabs on the Hunt at Flittermere Gorse, near Great Gidding, one activist was pulled to the ground by a hunt supporter and held down by the weight of the attacker and his bicycle. Shortly after, violent individuals Clive and Paul Castle lived up to their reputations as hunt thugs by pushing and shoving sabs while their hunt masters were hunting foxes in a nearby wood.


                                Horror movie  characters deputed by Hunt to follow sabs

Punches and kicks were also directed at sabs by hunt followers, as the Fitzwilliam hunt were riled and angry at the presence of pacifist wildlife defenders, preventing them from murdering young foxes at one of their key ‘cub hunting’ meets.

Cambridgeshire Police were notified, however spent 20 minutes document checking our driver in a transparent attempt at holding us back. Fortunately, sabs were already out in the fields keeping the Fitz in check.

Sabs from North Cambs and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs initially found the Hunt meeting just outside of Great Gidding, as the early morning sun was just starting to warm the autumn air. The sab presence was clocked and called in immediately by hunt support and the Huntsman, Simon Hunter, took the hounds away at speed.

As we caught up at their first draw of the morning, it was clear they were set on open illegal hunting, with riders stationed outside the edges of a small copse (Cow Pasture Gorse) and hounds being called in by Hunter.


                                             Blood from injured Hunt horse 

Sabs moved in quickly and after fending off the first round of assaults of the day, distracted the hounds long enough for the Huntsman to move on. The pack was taken south and around for a hack around the local hedgerows, before heading out to one of the Fitzwilliam’s favoured and historic cub-hunting spots, Flittermere Gorse (known locally as Fox Covert).

Sabs kept the hounds constantly distracted with voice calls and whip cracks, while foot support dished out assault after assault. Undeterred, we stayed with the pack while Hunter flushed the gorse repeatedly for around an hour. While the hounds were clearly excited at searching for scents, no wildlife was flushed by them and we are happy to report they were unable to kill today.

After this tense stand-off at their famous cub-hunting gorse, the Hunt eventually called it a day and hacked back to their meet. Sabs stayed in the area to ensure the hound van headed off before calling it a day ourselves.

Hunt sabs are all volunteers, giving up their time and cash to stop illegal hunting of your nation’s wildlife. If you would like to help us, message the page to join up, or donate the price of a coffee to keep us on the road. 100% of donations go towards fuel and equipment. http://ko-fi.com/northcambs

Pics below   -    1/  JM Phillip Baker, mounted with, left and right hunt thugs who'd been assaulting sabs moments earlier    2/  Police conferring with Hunt    3/   Whipper-in Shaun Parish tries to flush fox from gorse    4/  I'm a hunting hound - get me out of here! 

        FitzwilliamFHJMPhillipBakermountedThugCliveandPaulCastleassaultedsabs29-9-18.jpg FitzwilliamFHPoliceconferring29-9-18.jpg

  FitzwilliamFHWhipShaunParish29-9-18.jpg FitzwilliamFHhound29-9-18.jpg


Sab success in disrupting Mendip Farmers FH cubbing - no kills

29-9-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Mendip Farmers get first Saturday visit from sabs in over a decade    This morning, along with Bath Hunt Sabs, we decided to pay a very long overdue Saturday visit to The Mendip Farmers Hunt who met in Chewton Mendip at the crack of dawn. There were a lot of surprised faces when we turned up but we were straight into the field and up with the huntsman from the off, meaning any hunting attempts were closely monitored. As the Hunt quickly tried to get away from sabs in the field, three vehicles were patrolling and keeping eyes on every move the Hunt made.


Once a bit of distance was made, the Hunt surrounded a kale field and cast out the hounds whilst hunt staff, terriermen and supporters blocked any chance of a fox escaping. Thankfully, we were quickly back on the scene and the Hunt were off again in another attempt to lose us.

As we caught up, the Hunt were surrounding a hedgerow so sabs intervened and took control of the hounds, forcing the Hunt to ditch their hunting attempt and move off again. This set the standard for the remainder of the morning, every time we were seen, the hunt were legging it away!

It was a hot morning so scenting conditions were poor. Combined with a large group of sabs watching every move the hunt made, they were heading home around 10am having had a pretty dismal morning. A great result for local wildlife!

Please consider supporting our work – paypal.me/bristolhuntsabs.


Pytchley FH hunters try to ride down sabs, supporter blocks road

Also reported for using mobile phone while driving 

29-9-18  Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    As well as having teams out in two cull zones today we also teamed up with our good friends Northants and Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs to visit the Pytchley fox hunt for their cubbing meet in Cottesbrooke, thanks to a local tip off.

The Huntsman was obviously displeased as he kept his hounds close and went on the run, quickly moving past many coverts he'd no doubt hunt otherwise, before spending the majority of the day trying to hide in a small area away from the road.

With limited options in his hideout, sabs were able to get in the field and monitor closely as riders surrounded coverts in typical cub hunting 'on point' fashion. The hounds went into cry a couple of times, but never for long and we can be confident of a no kill day.

This obviously became frustrating for the Pytchley as horses were ridden at sabs, and a particularly amusing supporter [left] claiming to be Albert Finney (his real name is Kelvin Pestel) spent his time trying to block sabs in, telling us "I don't care about the law" before parking diagonally across an A road with his eyes glued to his phone. His dangerous driving and questionable off-roading were all the more entertaining due to his failure to prevent sabs doing what they needed to at every point.


As a tribute, we'd like to see if we can raise at least the £60 he'll need to pay his fine for using his phone while driving. If you can contribute please donate through the link below: https://ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.


Surrey Union supporter tries to run over sab - no kills

29-9-18   Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs    Today with North Downs and Berkshire Hunt Sabs we sabbed the newcomers meet of the Surrey Union Hunt. With one group at the meet awaiting to give a SurreyUnionFHGreaterthroatedscreameronboredhorse29-9-18.jpgdirection we placed ourselves further up. As soon as the Hunt came towards us hounds were in cry after a fox at holmbury hill. Despite extremely difficult terrain sabs managed to stay with the hounds masking the scent of the fox and using voice calls to call them off. Andrew Hazeltine then spent ages trying to gather them up again, with some laughable horn blows he finally managed.

With a clearly pissed off Hunt the support focused their aggression on sabs attempting to run one of our sabs over (with a child in the back!) drunk behind the wheel or just annoyed you didn't get your bloodlust fix?

The Hunt soon moved over to gulls isle where they have killed before and again the hounds were in cry all over the place. We managed to stay with the hounds and ensured they didn't get anything! Once again after loosing hounds (even they don't like you!) they spent a while trying to gather up and soon packed up which meant pub time for sabs!

To help keep us out in the field please consider donating or message us to get involved! Want to grass up your local hunt? Give us an anonymous message.

Pic above right  -  The lesser throated screamer on a bored horse who has heard his rants so many times before. 


Sabs use gizmo to pull cub-hunting Crawley FH hounds away 3 times

29-9-18   Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs    This morning saw us at the Southdown and Eridge kennels bright and early.... We followed the hound van at dawn, but got blocked in down a narrow lane by a terrier boy. And in to the sunrise they went, much to our dismay. We did however get chance to take in the beautiful view which was a bonus.

Soon after we got a call that the Crawley and Horsham were in the Cowfold area so we bezzed it over that way double quick time to catch them just after they had left the meet at Little Wasps farm in Wineham.

Straight away we found riders on point around a small copse with hounds in the middle very interested in something. 'Why surround a wood with riders if you are following a trail?' we cried, but our berating fell on deaf ears.

Fortunately our gizmo did not, mwahaha!!! We were able to cause enough chaos that the Huntsman pulled the hounds out and rode off into the distance. We caught them at it again twice more over the course of a few hours and due to our presence and that of the local West Sussex group we are confident nothing got chased or killed.

Now to the Viva vegan fair in Brighton where we have a stall and no doubt too much grub shall enter our swollen bellies. Laterzzzz.


Hounds Off founder's moving talk to KWT AGM re. hare hunting

29-9-18   Hounds Off   At the Kent Wildlife Trust 2018 AGM, held at the Kent County Showground, Detling, on September 29th, Hounds Off Founder Joe Hashman spoke on behalf of over 205,000 people who have signed Tom Fitton’s petition calling for the pro-hunting Chairman to be replaced. Here is what he said:- 

Some people are not telling the truth about the Kent Wildlife Trust Chairman and his involvement with hare hunting. The truth matters because it cuts to the heart of who controls the countryside.

Kent Wildlife Trust accept that their current Chairman, Mike Bax, hunted hares with the Blean Beagles only until thirteen years ago, when this pastime was prohibited. But our evidence shows that he was the Huntsman for the Blean Beagles from 1971 until ‘91 and from then until 2016 he was a Joint Master. For twenty years, as Huntsman his job would have been to help his dogs seek and destroy hares for the amusement of paying spectators. As Joint Master, his responsibilities would have included the day-to-day running of the Hunt.


                               Sandhurst Beagles kill hare no. 3 of day 15-11-17 

Beagling is a deliberately cruel bloodsport. The greater the suffering, the better the hunting. Beagles are finely tuned killing machines, selectively bred to run slower than a sprint-specialist hare but with enhanced stamina and sensitive noses so they can follow the scent that their quarry leaves behind as she tries to escape.

There is no natural predator that hunts hares like this. Beagling is the complete opposite of natural selection. Beagles work as a pack under the guidance of a Huntsman. Their aim is to gradually tire the hare enough for the dogs to pull her down and bite her to death.

In favourable conditions and the right mood to chase and catch a hare, beagles are relentless. 90-minutes from find to kill is considered perfect. At the bloody end, the Huntsman and spectators will have been marvellously entertained, their quarry reduced to a stiff-legged, hunched, shattered shadow of her former self and the beagles will relish their hard-earned prize.


                               Eton College Beagles in cry after hare October 2015 

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what was being written in the sporting press shortly before beaglers took their activities underground to avoid falling foul of the law.

From the Purbeck & Bovingdon Beagles in Dorset; “… we had a splendid morning with a hunt of three hours finally killing in a field of kale.”

From the Stoke Hill in Devon; “An entertaining day….A useful view of the hare running the road … saw hounds on good terms again … a final fast burst across some old pasture saw this well beaten hare accounted for … A hunt of over two hours …”

A useful view” means that the hare had given hounds the slip but someone saw it and told the Huntsman where. “Well beaten” means stiff-legged, hunched and shattered. “Accounted for” is a euphemism for catching and ripping apart.

From Somerset, the Clifton Foot bragged, “… a classic hare hunt … recorded a successful conclusion in three hours and twenty six minutes.”

This from the Chilmark, also in Somerset; “The best of November hunting … the field had a grandstand view of an eighty minute hunt … they ran into the hare at the fields feet.”

In beagling, spectators are known collectively as ‘the field’. So, translated, this means the dogs killed the hare right in front of everybody who was watching.

In the Home Counties, the South Herts gushed; “Better was to come … where visitors …. saw hounds catch their hare after a glorious seventy minutes of steady hunting.”

The Cambridgeshire-based Pipewell Foot boasted, “An amazing hunt was enjoyed … for nearly one and a half hours … to a well-deserved conclusion.”

The North Staffordshire Moorland wrote of one hunt climax, “The view … was magnificent as they rolled her over in an open meadow below.”

Rolled her over.” Sounds almost pleasant doesn’t it? But we’re not talking about making love in the clover. It’s a rose-tinted euphemism for glossing over the cruel reality of using dogs to chase a hare to the limit of her physical ability, then savage and rip her to pieces.


                                        Holcombe Harriers chase hare 15-2-18 

This from the Holme Valley, in Yorkshire; “…a hare was hunted for around for 70 minutes giving the remaining field some excellent viewing until hounds were rewarded in the copse.”

Nobody thinks about how the hare feels do they? It’s all about the glorious view and the sweet little dogs who deserve a prize at the end of all their hard work. In fact, people who go beagling are actually advised not to consider the suffering of the hare and are warned that if they do then their enjoyment might be spoiled. I wonder if Mike Bax ever considered the plight of his quarry during twenty years as Huntsman and another twenty-five as a Master?

This from the Pevensey Marsh, just down the road in Sussex; “The day from Little Marshfoot was probably the best of the season … killed at dusk, after ninety minutes.”

And, bringing it right back home, during the season before the ban the Kent Wildlife Trust Chairman Mike Bax’s own Blean Beagles killed 22 hares and boasted in the sporting press of “producing some fine sport”. This included “accounting for a tired hare” after a “very fast” half-hour, and catching another after a continuous chase over two and a half miles.

Parliament banned beagling in 2005 because it seriously compromises the welfare of the hare but the abuse didn’t stop. Many hunts pretended they were chasing a scent laid by a human runner. They called this newly invented fictitious activity “trail hunting”, but trail hunting is a con. It’s a false alibi designed provide a cover for illegal hunting. Others pretended to be after rabbits because rabbits are not protected by the law.


                                      Hare fleeing Dunston Harriers 30-1-16   

Shortly after beagling was banned, one of the Countryside Alliance’s own national board members, the late Admiral Sir James Eberle, boasted, “a previously not well known breed of ‘bush rabbit’ provided a notable quarry.” The Countryside Alliance’s man was clearly and defiantly sticking two fingers up at the Hunting Act because there is no such creature as a ‘bush rabbit’.

As I said earlier, not everyone is telling the truth. Scratch the surface, read between the lines, take the trouble to inform yourself even slightly. Only the corrupt or wilfully ignorant could fail to see that, between the bloodsports community and Countryside Alliance, there is a nationwide criminal conspiracy to subvert the law and carry on cruel and illegal hunting.

This is awkward for the Kent Wildlife Trust. Mike Bax is part of the Kentish bloodsports community and his apparent addiction to killing for fun is clearly at odds with their aims and objectives. As well as heading up the Wildlife Trust, former Huntsman and Hunt Master Mike Bax is an ex High Sherriff of Kent, sits as Chairman of the Kent Rural Crime Advisory Group and is President of Kent Crimestoppers. So what is really going on here?

For many years the hunting lobby has been infiltrating the system by getting their people into positions of authority. It’s a tactic called Entryism.

We believe that Mike Bax is part of this tactic. That’s not to say that everything he does is bad. He will be party to decisions and policies on which we all agree. This is all part of the smokescreen and, amid the fog, clearly Mike Bax swings his power and influence to open doors which Kent Wildlife Trust find so irresistible that they feel compelled to push misinformation about their Chairman to cover their backs.

This is actually about vested interests and criminal elements presenting an acceptable face to facilitate the abuse and killing of animals in beautiful surroundings. Their ultimate goal is to repeal the Hunting Act, then embed hunting into the fabric of society so that the public and Parliament never challenge its existence again.

Our campaign is not an attack on Kent Wildlife Trust, its employees, volunteers or members. We recognise and support what they do in terms of worthy work to restore, save and enhance our natural heritage. But, and it’s a big “but”, we have a wealth of evidence regarding the links between Kent Wildlife Trust, their Chairman Mike Bax and the Blean Beagles hare hunt which contradict their official statements.

In the absence of any explanations which stand up to proper scrutiny, it seems perfectly reasonable to continue to politely ask their Chairman to step aside. As I said at the beginning, not everyone is telling the truth.

Pics below   -   1/  Easton Harriers JM tries to hide hare they killed under her jacket, 8-10-16    2/  Waveney Harriers hound carrying killed hare, date n/k     3/  Deer killed by hounds of a Gloucs beagle pack, October 2010   4/ Colne Valley Beagles thugs beat up sab 26-2-14 

  withharekilled8-10-16.jpg WaveneyHarrierwithhare.jpg

  GloucsharehuntDeercarcass2-10.jpg ColneVllyBeaglesThugsattacksab26-12-14.jpg


More pressure on Bax, KWT Chair/hare hunter to quit/be sacked

29-9-18   Independent   Wildlife Trust chief faces calls to quit over hunting and shooting sponsorships - Critics say role as chairman of conservation charity conflicts with support for ‘bloodsports’    The head of a conservation charity is facing increasing pressure to step down because of his firm’s sponsorship of Hunts and game bird shoots. Critics say Michael Bax’s position as chairman of the Kent Wildlife Trust is at odds with his support for activities that involve loss of wildlife.

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition calling for the Trust to sever its links with Mr Bax [below right], who served as Huntsman and Joint Master for a hare-hunting group, supports other hunts and allows pheasant shooting on his farm. Wildlife lovers are also planning to protest at Saturday’s [today's]annual general meeting of Kent Wildlife Trust to demand his removal.

The wildlife trust’s mission and decisions are based on science, but his experience of animals isn’t science-based, it’s about a love of hunting,” said Tom Fitton, who launched the petition. All evidence suggests the brown hare has suffered a massive decline, and his experience doesn’t give any confidence in his suitability to run the Trust.” 

But the Trust says Mr Bax is pivotal to maintaining good relations with landowners and farmers. Mr Bax MikeBax.jpgbecame chairman of hare-hunting group the Blean Beagles [snapped March '18, below left] in 1971, and took over the reins at Kent Wildlife Trust in April 2014. The Trust says he left the Blean Beagles in 2005, but Baily’s Hunt Directory, the “hunting bible”, reported him leaving in 2016 – two years after he took the trust top job. He is also director and senior partner of BTF Partnership, a land and property agent.

In July 2014, three months after he became Kent Wildlife Trust chairman, BTF sponsored a Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust event, advertised as a “game bird challenge shoot and sporting auction” with three 100-bird sporting flushes per team and an auction of sporting lots. Participants had to send applications to join BTF. As well as pheasant and pigeon shooting, the lots included a “tide flight” on Greenborough Marshes, an environmentally sensitive area in Kent. A tide flight is a bird shoot around the time of high tides on marshland, when birds and ducks are at their most active. 

Last year BTF sponsored the pony club of Southdown and Eridge Hunt, a hunt that in 2015 was accused by the deputy mayor of Lewes during a council meeting of having a 10-year “history of violent acts”. The pony club fundraises for the Hunt. Also last year the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt thanked BTF among others for sponsorship.

In May this year police dropped an investigation into an alleged illegal hunt by the Ashford Valley after detectives said they did not have enough evidence. Saboteurs captured footage of a fox being chased by hounds and its corpse later being carried away by a terrier man. Police deemed the death an accident. At the time, Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt declined to comment.

Mr Fitton’s petition says: “Many wading birds are included on the ‘birds of conservation concern review’ and that the chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust would sponsor their slaughter is unthinkable. Bax’s shoots will also be polluting the environment with lead. Exposure to lead is not only detrimental to the growth and reproductive rates of animals and plants, but it also has adverse effects on human health. BTF continue to sponsor shoots taking place in Kent in 2018.”

BleanBeagles10-3-18.jpgThe petition says the brown hare is a priority species on both Kent’s and the UK’s biodiversity action plan because of a dramatic decline in numbers caused by agricultural practices and hunting. “According to the Hare Preservation Trust, the UK’s brown hare population has declined by 80 per cent since 1880; numbers are low in Kent. Bax does not represent the views of Kent Wildlife Trust’s membership who pay their fees to protect wildlife, not to slaughter it for pleasure.” 

One of Bax’s business partners, Stuart Sillars, was listed by Baily’s as joint master of the Blean Beagles in 2006, and by Horse & Hound in 2014-15, and is thought to still be linked with the group. 

Kent Wildlife Trust has a statement on its website, attributed to John Bennett, the chief executive, saying: “We recognise the level of concern reflected in the scale of the response to this petition. In order to work with the widest possible community, we remain neutral on the personal positions of our 30,000 members, 1,056 volunteers and trustees with regards to hunting, fishing and field sports. We don’t allow hunting on our nature reserves where we have control of the shooting rights. Wildlife Trusts like ourselves do raise concerns and challenge aspects of field sports and hunting where they have a damaging impact on the conservation of the county’s populations of wild animals and plants. 

For the trust to achieve our objective of protecting wildlife and wild habitats we must work closely with landowners, farmers and the wider rural community, many of whom participate in field sports as well as being active conservationists. Mike Bax’s commitment to the trust over 30 years has proved invaluable in helping us to nurture these relations, which over the last five years has seen us manage and advise on nearly 31,000 acres of land across Kent for the benefit of wildlife and the public.” 

KWT’s site adds: “Claims and images have been used on social media to imply that Mike Bax runs a pheasant shoot on his farm. Mike Bax purchased Street End Wood, next to his farm, in 2007 at which time the local shoot was already in place on this land. The shoot has continued with Mike Bax’s permission, but he plays no part in its management, nor does he receive income from the shoot. Mike Bax makes land available to the shoot along with five neighbouring landowners.”

Mr Bax, who was High Sheriff of Kent in 2012-13, was also chairman of Kent Police’s Crime Rural Advisory Group.  

A spokesman added: “Nature is in trouble and wildlife is under ever-increasing pressure. Kent Wildlife Trust wants to achieve the greatest conservation impact possible over the biggest area it can. Kent Wildlife Trust aims to work across Kent with people who hold a variety of views, uniting them under the common cause of restoring nature.”

The petition adds: “The chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust should be a role model. If Bax continues to inspire and endorse bloodsports, our environment weakens. Any good that he does not give him any special right to go against the trust’s mission statement.”

Mr Bax did not respond to a request to comment.


Braes o'Derwent FH cub hunting fails as hounds cause road chaos

28-9-18   Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors   Hit Report 2: 22nd September 2018 Braes of Derwent Hunt    Another early start for Monitors as we attended The Braes of Derwent cubbing Meet. We arrived just as they were riding off, and taking up positions. We were horrified to see them accompanied by a 5 or 6-year-old child, on a tiny pony – irresponsible parenting to say the least. Huntsman Ben proceeded to take the hounds into Low Kelloe Plantation; a woodland adjoining Slaley Hall. Obviously, we notified the hotel, who were not impressed, to say the least.

Foot monitors entered the woods, and were in a prime position to safely respond to the hounds briefly in full cry, whilst others team members kept tabs on them from the road. Our road monitors were able to gain first-hand accounts of the mayhem that ensued. Like hound wacky races, it was more crowd BraesoDerwentFHInjuredhound22-9-18.jpgcontrol; with hounds jumping out of the wood and running all over the 60mph road with hunt staff and followers attempting round them all up. Reluctant to stay put, they were soon off again - having far too much fun, especially strokes from us, to put up with that malarkey.

Once all hounds were rounded up, the Hunt moved across the road into a wooded area, where monitors entered via a public footpath. The area was a very dense woodland, with brambles and bushes etc. Not ideal for horses, and certainly not the type of terrain one would lay a trail – impossible to follow. Yet, the ideal environment for fox families to live. Funny that.

We were able to keep close to them throughout, which was a challenge considering the dense undergrowth. Despite this we were able to maintain a good distance, and therefore, able to keep up with them without being spotted. Crawling through the undergrowth we managed to keep them surrounded, ready to jump into action if need be – I still have the rips to show for it. The hounds were soon all over the place again with some of them finding us once more, for cuddles and strokes. One little cutie just would not leave us.

Panic ensued at one point, though, as we heard the hounds in cry, yet again, which took a number ofBraesoDerwentFHAnInjuredhound22-9-18.jpg Gizmo attempts, before we believe they dispersed. We believe (by the actions of the Hunt) that a fox managed to escape, as they came looking for it. Huntsman Ben gave us some tosh about trespassing, eeer!! It’s a public footpath Benjamin – clearly unable to read. The irony being a public footpath provides right of way for public on FOOT, not horses. After failing to locate the escaped fox, they called it a day and attempted to sound the call for end of Hunt, and call in the hounds- not an easy task, as most of them preferred our company and who could blame them.

We also heard sounds of a hound in pain and distress, yelping and crying which is no surprise considering how unsuitable the area was for both hounds and horses.

We are confident that no kills were made and the fox families who seek sanctuary in the woods could rest easy for one more day.

If anyone knows who owns those woods then please message us in confidence as it is an offence to knowingly allow land to be used for hunting so perhaps they need notifying of that.

To add we also have a team checking out South Durham Hunt who are currently without a Hunt/hound Master and preferring to hunt on an evening. To help us help the foxes you can...

Grass up your local hunt. Join the team and become a monitor - owner drivers especially needed. Donate to our petrol fund via paypal to huntmonitors@gmail.com. Or use the link - paypal.me/huntmonitors. #longlivethefox ��

Pics below   -   1/   Hounds charge into road  2/  Hounds getting strokes from monitors




Tory Councillor/Hunter makes offensive comments re. slavery/abortion clinics

Previously posted lewd joke re. 'posh totty' and fox hunting

28-9-18   Facebook - East Kent Sabs   We wonder if he will still E.KentFHCllrBobCrosspost9-18.jpgbe welcome at the EAST KENT with WEST ST Hunt now, making jokes about killing foxes and "posh totty in tight jodphurs"? [right]

"Tory's shocking comments about Liverpool and the International Slavery Museum". Bob Frost - a 66-year-old Conservative councillor for Kent - is facing calls to resign.

27-9-18   Liverpool Echo    Tory's shocking comments about Liverpool and the International Slavery Museum Bob Frost - a 66-year-old Conservative councillor for Kent - is facing calls to resign    A Tory councillor has claimed abortion clinics in Liverpool are a form of 'crime prevention.' Bob Frost [below left] - a Conservative councillor for North Deal in Kent - is facing calls to resign his position after also tweeting that he 'bought two of the staff' at Liverpool's slavery museum. He has been accused of racism for making the remarks on Twitter over the weekend - while Labour's annual party conference was being held in Liverpool.

The controversial councillor tweeted that Liverpool was "The only city I know where the local Marie Stopes clinic is funded by the council as part of their crime prevention program." Marie Stopes clinics provide both NHS-funded, and private, abortion and vasectomy services nationwide. His Labour opponent Charlotte Cornell claimed his comment about Liverpool's International Slavery Museum was racist.

Cllr Frost tweeted: "B******s. By the way, don't miss the Tate and Slavery Museum. I visited in Jan when we went to see Ken Dodd. "Excellent service in restaurant attached. So good I bought two of the staff."

Ms Cornell, Dover and Deal prospective parliamentary candidate for Labour, then tweeted: “This is @Conservative councillor on @DoverDC talking today about abortion in #Liverpool. I’m here at #LabWomen18 where 1000 @UKLabour women will echo my calls for him to resign.

E.KentFHCllrBobFrost9-18.jpgThis is a @Conservatives councillor on @DoverDC talking today about abortion in #Liverpool. I'm here at #LabWomen18 where 1000 @UKLabour women will echo my calls for him to resign. Take action now @DDCLeader @theresa_may.

The 66-year-old, from Deal, Kent, includes a warning in his Twitter biography about his style of humour. He wrote: "WARNING - may use humour to expose or criticise other people's stupidity or vices, especially in the world of contemporary politics." Cllr Frost, also a Deal town councillor, made no reference to the race of the two museum restaurant staff he had remarked about.

Its not the first time Cllr Frost has caused controversy with his comments. In 2015 he was suspended after a four-letter Twitter rant about a Romanian Big Issue seller. Describing an encounter with the man, he wrote he had told him to "f**k off back to Romania".

Responding to Cllr Frost's comments about the city, Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said they were 'clearly racist and deeply offensive' and urged the Tory party to take immediate action and kick him out.

Mayor Anderson said: "This is beyond Boris Johnson buffoonery - it is a seriously racist and offensive comment against our city and I would expect (Tory party chairman) Brandon Lewis to take immediate action. He should be kicked out, anyone who holds those type of views in a modern day political party needs to be shown the door. If the Conservatives claim to be representative of the people then they need to act on this."

Totally blocked sett found exactly where Cheshire FH hunting

A dead badger was found on road nearby

Residents complain to police about Hunt 

27-9-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   BADGER SETT INTERFERENCE AT EGERTON / HETHERSON GREEN, THURSDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER 2018 ...at the exact same time and exact same location the Cheshire Hounds hunt were out cub hunting this morning.

Today's early morning meet was hosted by Huntmaster Charlie Barlow [below, nearest camera], so desperate to 'get the job done' that he was forced to host the meet at his own home; it was only a small number of riders and supporters, and included masked terriermen.


Question: what are terriermen [masked at that, below] used for when a Hunt claims to be only 'exercising hounds', and why are they masked up on a warm and sunny day? Answers on a postcard please.


Almost every entrance to a large nearby badger sett was found blocked, shortly after the Hunt had been out in the exact same fields; blocked with boulders, breeze blocks, even a bucket full of rocks. Entrances to the same sett had been monitored unblocked only yesterday. (Badger setts are routinely blocked by Hunts to prevent foxes from escaping below ground when being hunted.) The land containing the badger sett, and where the Hunt were seen, is owned by the Bolesworth Estate.

Sadly, one of our team also found this poor badger dead on the road close-by, and we can't help wondering if had been scared onto the road after failing to gain access back into this freshly-blocked sett.

Badgers are a protected species, as are their setts, under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. It is a serious offence to kill, injure or take a badger, or to damage or interfere with a sett. (see: