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    For stories before OCTOBER 2018, go to UK HUNTING NEWS ARCHIVE

        Warning - contains images of animals killed/ mutilated by Hunts that you may find distressing 

Detailed stories follow each month's headlines below, all in reverse chronological order


                           HUNTING SEASON 2018-19



….. 15th December - Woman sab attacked by Eggesford FH hunters, taken to hospital

….. 15th December - NT call police in after Surrey Union seen hunting on their land

….. 15th December - 2 foxes & a muntjac [just] saved from blatant Cotswold Vale FH

….. 15th December - Warks FH start by hunting off main road - end near motorway

….. 15th December - Farmer blasts N. Herefordshire FH after his sheep panicked by pack

….. 15th December - Welsh Hunt unsabbed for decade pack up when can't escape antis

….. 14th December - Sab blocked/threatened on footpath by Warks FH 'stewards'

….. 14th December - Support turned fox back towards Ledbury FH - 2 blocked setts found

….. 13th December - Crawley FH Huntsman refuses to call off hounds - foxes chased

….. 13th December - 2 more shot foxes dumped at anti's demo site at roundabout

….. 13th December - HIT say S. Herefordshire FH cubs cruelty trial WILL go ahead

….. 13th December - Grantham Mayor refuses to greet Belvoir FH on Boxing Day

….. 13th December - Lone, weird swamp monster in red coat emerges from thicket!

….. 12th December - Sabs help 3 foxes escape from Fitzwilliam FH hounds

….. 11th December - Dead fox posed with beer can, fag dumped at anti's demo site

….. 11th December - Council bans Beaufort FH from holding their B.Day meet in Tetbury

….. 10th December - South Shropshire FH chase foxes over N.T. licenced land

….. 10th December - S. Dorset FH thugs attack sabs, try to steal equipment

…..  9th December - E Kent FH try to capture sab's drone - fail & pack up very early

…..  9th December - Single sab deters Bolebroke Beagles from even going to meet

…..  8th December - Llangollen 'Santa Train' hits hounds - one very badly injured

…..  8th December - Fitzwilliam FH chase fox on to A14 - hound killed

…..  8th December - Cottesmore FH hunted illegally on Wildlife Trust land

…..  8th December - Two men arrested over hammer attack on occupied sab car

…..  8th December - Eggesford FH hounds scatter in foul weather, many run on road

…..  8th December - 'Drunk', thieving Crawley FH follower's car seized - no insurance

…..  8th December - Four female sabs assaulted by Flint & Denbigh FH supporter

…..  7th December - MSP to seek total ban on hunting with dogs in Scotland

…..  7th December - Video of Belvoir FH hounds rioting in village uploaded

…..  6th December - Monitors harassed by followers as film Beaufort FH hunting illegally

…..  6th December - Buccleuch FH Huntsman & Whip acquitted of illegal fox hunting

…..  6th December - Nat.England gives Cheshire FH legal warning for hunting on SSSI

…..  6th December - Cheshire PCC report on force's handing of hunting published

…..  5th December - Boycott leads to N. Herefordshire FH losing hunt ball venue

…..  5th December - Silverton FH hound run over on A396 - 'looked close to death'

.....  5th December - Cheshire FH killed 'chopped' [bagged] fox, assault sab

…..  5th December - Sabs car vandalised on visit to Worcestershire FH

…..  5th December - Monitors find Wynnstay FH hunting openly + blocked setts

…..  4th December - Belvoir FH riot in village gardens, roads - residents alarmed

…..  4th December - N. Trust cancels Surrey Union FH licence after fox kill publicity

…..  4th December - S. Herefordshire FH cruelty case rules hearing delayed a month

…..  4th December - MSP urged to cut close connection to accused Lauderdale FH

…..  4th December - Extra sabs arrive, Fife FH Huntsman decides to pack up early

…..  4th December - Deer driven into barbie by Fife FH making good progress

…..  4th December -  Actor Peter Egan says sacked as LACS VP for 'asking questions'

…..  3rd December - Sabs help several foxes escape Thurlow FH's hunting hounds

…..  3rd December - Blocked setts found near Cheshire FH meet - diesel poured in one

…..  3rd December - North Cotswold FH hunt dug-out fox through gardens

…..  3rd December - Ex LACS employee sacked for 'gross misconduct' not veganism, says League

…..  3rd December - Meynell FH supporting farmer tips manure over sabs in van

…..  5th December - Portman FH riders milling about on road disrupt traffic

…..  3rd December - Police seek thug who launched attack on sabs at Fernie FH meet

…..  2nd December - Sabs repeatedly intervene to save fox Eggesford FH intent on catching

…..  2nd December - N. Staffs FH thug hits sab car with hammer, some brandish knives

…..  2nd December - Sabs prevent dig-out by Cotswold FH as darkness falls

…..  2nd December - Middleton FH rider injures a sab by riding into them 

…..  2nd December - Grantham residents to sue Council over allowing Belvoir FH B.Day meet

…..  1st December -  NT licenced Surrey Union FH hunts and kills fox

…..  1st December -  Banwen Miners FH hunt fox in banned land - may have killed

…..  1st December - Fox saved from Meynell FH by sabs leading to early pack up

…..  1st December - Sabs just manage to save fox from Puckeridge FH late on

…..  1st December -  Berkeley FH hunt blatantly - sabs pull hounds off foxes


Woman sab injured by Eggesford FH hunters, airlifted to hospital

Was dragged along behind hunt quad after equipment stolen

Attacks on 2 women after sabs pulled hounds off 3rd chased fox

Sabs working with police to bring those responsible to justice 

Sabs had earlier prevented dig out of fox hunted to ground   

15-12-18  Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    Female sab assaulted by Eggesford huntsman equipment stolen and then dragged along by quad bikes. Police and ambulance attending.


16-12-18   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs   Eggesford Hunt, 15.12.2018    Yesterday, three members of the Eggesford Hunt brutally attacked sabs. Property was stolen and a sab had to be airlifted to hospital.

DCHS, along with one of our good friends from Somerset Hunt Sabs, hit the Eggesford Hunt's meet at Cliston, Sampford Courtenay. Conditions were very wet with rain for most of the day and many of the EggesfordFHJasonMarles15-12-18.jpgstreams having overflowed their banks to flood paths. Most of our sabs ended up soaked, with boots full of water by the end of the day, but a bit of water will never deter us.

For the first part of the day Huntsman and hounds spent a lot of time around the Solland Quarry area, with our sabs always close by. Terrier men on equipped quads meanwhile hung about at the meet for several hours, with sabs stationed there to keep an eye on them. These terrier men are the ones who dig out - where a fox goes to ground after being chased by hounds and is dug up and either killed or stored by the Hunt to be released and hunted again at a later date. While the usual thugs were busy blocking our vehicles in on the road (police had to be called to move them on), various foot teams kept the Hunt in sight at all times. At one point, Huntsman Jason [right] picked up an apparently flightless bird from the ground and chucked it at one of the sabs. Whether the bird had been injured by hounds we don't know. Sabs were making arrangements to take the bird to the vet, but fortunately it regained its strength and flew off a short while later.

EggesfordFHHoundsmark15-12-18.jpgIn the early afternoon, hounds chased a fox who went to ground in a badger sett [hounds marking, left] near Westacott Farm. Huntsman Jason Marles, hunt riders, followers and terrier men all gathered where the fox had taken refuge but sabs soon arrived at the scene, preventing a dig-out from taking place. Remember, earlier this year two of the Hunt's terrier men were caught digging a fox out of a badger sett, an incident for which they received a caution from police. The Hunt reluctantly moved on, but some sabs remained guarding the sett until we were sure the coast was clear and the fox would be safe.

Sabs followed the Hunt as they moved off, and Duncan Tucker who had earlier driven at sabs on the road, repeatedly drove at them on his quad bike as they crossed a flooded path. His behaviour is apparently not approved of by all the Hunt as a hunt follower actually came to apologise to us about Duncan's behaviour. Apparently nobody had words with Duncan himself, however, as his behaviour only got worse as the day progressed.

A short while later, hounds got onto yet another fox very close to Westacott Farm. Jason encouraged his hounds as they found the scent of a fox in a dense shrub, and sabs saw a fox bolt from the cover, with hounds in close pursuit. Sabs up ahead of the hounds were ready to rate hounds and cover the scent of the fox when it passed, however hounds lost the scent after some distance. Sabs were close by at all EggesfordFHCommitteememberDuncanTuckerCharlesMarles15-12-18.jpgtimes and we are fairly confident that fox escaped.

Throughout the day sabs came across the remains of several farm animals, just left in the fields to rot, scenes unfortunately common in the countryside. However, in some positivity we also encountered local farmers who were strongly anti-hunt, giving us permission to be on their land to sab the Hunt. The Hunts would have us believe that people living in the countryside are all in favour of them. This is not our experience. We frequently encounter anti-hunt landowners while out. Some are scared to speak out for fear of what consequences it could bring them, but they are often helpful to sabs.

Hounds later in the day appeared scattered. Lost hounds were spotted around Chatterfin Plantation, while Jason tried to gather his hounds to the south. Duncan Tucker [a Hunt Committee member, right, on left] arrived and, in yet more aggressive behaviour, drove full speed at sabs, with Chris Marles [right, on right*] (father of Jason) riding passenger.

Hounds again got on a line and Jason blew the horn call "gone away", signalling a fox had broken from cover. Sabs in fields to the south-west of Honeychurch used horn and voice-calls to call the hounds off the fox and towards them, thus buying the fox a good ten minutes to get away.

This is when two female sabs were brutally attacked and one of them was injured and robbed [being treated, below left]. Footage of the incident is now with the police and we look forward to sharing further information and footage when they have completed their inquiries. We won't be sharing anything more about the details of the attack at the moment, so as not to prejudice the case.

EggesfordFHInjuredsab15-12-18.jpgWhilst the attack was ongoing, other Hunt members simply looked on and even afterwards they surrounded the two female sabs, threatening them further and shouting at them to leave. More sabs arrived at the scene to help the injured sab to safety, and again riders and hunt followers on quads thought the whole thing was hilarious.

Police arrived and took statements from sabs who had been present at the attack. Police are now in possession of our video footage of the attack and we will be taking this further. The violence was entirely unprovoked and shows yet again just how dangerous the Hunts can be. Let us be clear: Any suggestion that sabs endangered hounds in any way by calling them off the fox they were chasing is preposterous. Predictably, Marles accused us of calling hounds to a road but the nearest road from where the incident occurred was at least five fields away in every direction, and this can be shown in our footage.

It's sadly not unusual that when we successfully stop their sick illegal 'sport', Hunts respond with violence and robbery. Earlier this year, two of our sabs were violently attacked by terriermen from the Modbury Hunt, who punched and kicked them, drove over them with their quads and robbed them of their possessions, including cameras that had filmed the attack. Just a few months later, two other sabs were attacked and robbed at a meet of the Culmstock Minkhounds, and you might remember only a few weeks ago Duncan Tucker from the Eggesford Hunt broke into our Land Rover while we were blocked on the road. He stole kit and threatened the driver and other sabs.

While the injured sab waited for the ambulance, the police arrived, as did a hunt follower who attempted to pull the police into conversation about the sabs. When that failed, as police were busy assisting the injured sab, the hunt follower [below] drove off, and nearly ran over the injured sab and a police officer in the process!


An air ambulance arrived to assist our injured sab. While the paramedics did their job, a hunt supporter came down the road and unbelievably started taking pictures of the injured sab getting medical care. When asked to leave he was entirely unapologetic, arguing that sabs had been filming them all day. We film the Hunt to document criminal activity and for our own safety! On occasions where hunt riders have, for example, fallen off their horses, we have not stood around filming them, nor would we wish to. The Hunt never fail to sink to new lows.

The injured sab, who had abdominal injuries and was struggling to breathe, was airlifted to Derriford hospital and the rest of us headed home after a very long day. Our sab has since been discharged from hospital and is still in considerable pain. We have consistently warned that unchecked illegal activity and violent behaviour by Hunts leads to a sense of impunity and an escalation in violence directed at sabs, and it should be no surprise that those who delight in the killing of wildlife are not ashamed to assault a woman. We hope the penny will drop at Middlemoor!

Remember this is the Hunt that contains convicted paedophiles as well as Jason's father who was convicted of ABH for an assault on a hunt monitor and later spent 6 months in prison for attacking another elderly female monitor. Yet unbelievably there are also teachers, prison officers and police officers who ride with the Eggesford and they should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

Throughout the day many foxes were helped to safety by sabs, and our effectiveness is what drove the Hunt to such drastic measures. We will not be stopped by violence. We are determined as always to save as many lives as possible and expose the behaviour of these blood-junkies.

We will be working with police to bring those responsible to justice. We also want to express our admiration and thanks to Devon Air Ambulance and staff at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth for their assistance yesterday.

Without our sab's camera yesterday, there would be no footage of this incident, so we are fundraising over the Christmas period to buy additional cameras. Unfortunately, our cameras are frequently stolen or broken by the Hunt. Sometimes the culprits are made to pay compensation, as happened season before last with the Eggesford and last season with the West Somerset Vale, but more often than not we have to shoulder the cost. If you can spare a few quid to help us keep our sabs safe, you can donate here: https://gogetfunding.com/help-equip-our-sabs-with-cameras

To pass on any info on Hunts, or if you want to get involved, please email us on devoncountysabs@riseup.net or ring us on 07717473305. 

* Chris Marles, father of Huntsman Jason, was jailed for 6 months several years ago for a violent attack, using his horse as a weapon, on a late middle-aged female hunt monitor.  

BBC News online gave a short report on the incident 


NT call police in after Surrey Union seen hunting on their land

15-12-18    Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs    BREAKING NEWS    The Surrey Union Hunt have been spotted on National Trust land near Polesdon Lacey. The Trust have confirmed they are trespassing and have called the police.

POWAperson adds  -  IF the report that the Trust have called in the police is correct,  they're presumably convinced the SU were foxhunting. Otherwise it's just a civil matter.  


2 foxes & a muntjac [just] saved from blatant Cotswold Vale FH hunters

15-12-18    Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    Fox and Muntjac saved at meet of Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt  This morning, together with Bath Hunt Saboteurs, we took a trip to Gloucestershire to visit the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt who met in Taynton at 11am.

Despite the cold and rain, sabs got straight to work following the hunt from the meet (with added friends from Welsh Borders sabs joining us). What followed was like a step back in time to pre-2005 when hunting in England and Wales was legal. The Hunt showed no regard for the law throughout the day, being blatant about their activities.

Hounds were in and out of cry (on the scent of a hunted animal) repeatedly so sabs intervened using tried and tested methods to stop them in their tracks. In the process, we aided two foxes and a muntjac to safety. The latter had hounds literally a few feet behind it. This was one of the closest calls we've ever seen but the muntjac got away to safety.

The rain came down hard but we had the Hunt in our sights a lot over the afternoon, and stepped in to stop them breaking the law repeatedly much to the frustration of the hunt staff who tried riding down sabs and issued threats. As the sun set, the hunt headed home and so did we. We'll be seeing you!

Please consider supporting our work: Paypal.me/bristolhuntsabs.


Warks FH start by hunting off main road - end near motorway

15-12-18    Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt - Thursday 14th December - Bishops Itchington     On Thursday a small group of us went to the Warwickshire Hunt who met at Parsons Farm, Bishops Itchington. The Hunt positioned themselves on a busy main road in preparation to hunt the first wood. However the Huntsman was forced to abandon this wood due to sabs being on the road knowing that the hounds have previously spilled out onto this road.


The Huntsman then ran off at speed leaving some of the regular hunt support not knowing where he was. Sabs founds him first hunting a fox at the Church of St Giles, Chesterton. The Hunt found a fox near the church and hunted it towards Chesterton pools where foot sabs saw it escape into a wood. Sabs then had to call the hounds off and stop them chasing the fox.


The Huntsman was again forced to abandon the fox and instead headed off to hunt Itchington Holt which is a big wood next to the M40 motorway. Sabs were with the Hunt until they packed up earlier than normal. Video to follow.

Please consider donating towards our fuel costs. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.


Farmer blasts N. Herefordshire FH after his sheep panicked by pack

Hounds not interested in 'trail' Hunt laid for sabs' benefit  

15-12-18  Facebook - Herefordshire Hunt Sabs   North Herefordshire Hunt, Ocle Pychard Stables, Ocle Pychard 15/12/18    Biblical weather conditions, a field of nine riders, half the pack rioting on deer, an irate landowner berating the hunt for sheep worrying and all boxed up and heading back to the kennels by 3pm. Hardly a great day’s hunting for the North Herefordshire; they probably wonder why they bothered.

We were concerned the Hunt would leave the meet and disappear straight into land belonging to Whitwick Manor, which is difficult for sabs to access so we were pleased when the Hunt headed off through the village in the opposite direction. A sharp eyed sab quickly spotted the Huntsman and hounds to our right by Stanks Bridge. We dropped in on a footpath and had eyes on the Hunt immediately. They were preparing to draw a small covert with one rider on point. We watched as the Huntsman changed course heading away from the covert. The Hunt rode past us and headed back out onto the road. Huntsman Luke Chatfield muttered something about the Fitzwilliam Hunt (who currently have a £120, 000 hole in their bank balance due to an ill advised attempt to impose an injunction against sabs) before disappearing at speed into the land surrounding Whitwick Manor.


We headed inland after the Hunt anyway which proved to be a good move. The horn could be heard from the direction of Ash Coppice and within minutes hounds started to speak. The pack had split and half the pack had rioted on deer we think crossing the canal into the Westhide Estate. Initially we feared the hounds had hunted a fox to ground in a badger sett but on reaching it we realised this was not the case. It took four terrier men, a female rider, and the whip (on foot and quad) about an hour return the errant hounds to Huntsman Luke Chatfield at Ash Coppice.

From the Westfield Estate we had a perfect view of the movements of returning hounds, quads and the rest of the Hunt and we crossed the canal again as Luke Chatfield was once again hunting in Ash Coppice. Hounds started to speak again and we positioned ourselves in case a fox should break. Two terrier men challenged us for trespassing and insisted we head back to the road. When we pointed out they were illegally hunting they claimed they were trail hunting and that they had laid a trail about an hour earlier. Maybe they forgot that an hour previous both quads had been engaged in retrieving the lost hounds and we had been able to see them clearly at all times. We pointed out that it was a funny place to lay a trail, through a wood, accidentally hunting a live quarry would be extremely likely as evidenced by half the pack rioting in the Westhide Estate.

Last time we sabbed the North Herefordshire they made a big show of laying a trail for a few hundred yards and we watched as hounds were encouraged to follow it. Notably they did not speak at all, and only started to speak when they picked up on the scent of a fox scent running at a right angles away from it. In Ash Coppice, today, where hounds were apparently picking up on a false trail they were speaking excitedly. At no time during the day did we see a trail being laid and events today clearly demonstrated that, until Luke shows he can keep his hounds under control, wildlife (and farm animals) are at risk from the North Herefordshire, trail laying or not.

The Hunt then crossed the A417 onto Cowarne Court Farm and we lost them for half an hour.. We hoped they had decided to call it a day but we spotted the hound lorry and three small horse trailers parked by the farm buildings. A team of foot sabs went in at Mill Lane, Much Cowarne and met an irate but friendly landowner – once he realised we were sabs. He told us how that he has a small flock of sheep and the hounds had been in the field with them, making them run. He had made his feelings known to the Hunt in no uncertain terms and was considering taking further action. It is always so heartening to meet landowners who do not support the Hunt and we hope the sheep are unharmed.

We pushed on and caught up with the Hunt but by this time they really had started to head back to pack up at Cowarne Court Farm. It was 2.30pm. We can’t guarantee there were no kills today but we hope any self respecting fox would have been tucked up safe and warm in a badger sett, rather than laying up in the woods or hedgerows today. Until the next time, North Herefordshire Hunt.


Welsh Hunt unsabbed for decade pack up when can't escape antis

15-12-18    Facebook - South Wales Hunt Saboteurs    Ystrad Taf Fechan Hunt – 15 December 2018    For some unknown reason the Hunt changed the meet but thanks to an eagle eyed local who reported into the Hotline (07443 148426) we located them before they left the Lamb Hotel in Penderyn, near Aberdare. The Ystrad Taf Fechan haven't seen sabs for more than a decade so we were curious to see what they were up to.

They left the meet at 11.30 and headed straight up on to the mountain, we split into two foot teams and headed up into the horizontal wind and rain (a person could die up there). The hunters seemed somewhat surprised to find sabs up on the top, and were at pains to say that they were just hound exercising. They had a little group chat before galloping off – in the direction of the second foot team. And that's when they decided to call it a day, returning to the meet at 1.15pm.

Whilst we were braving the mountains, information came through that the Banwen were in Kittle on the Gower, hounds were still in the van at midday with hunters cosy in the pub – we wondered if this was going to be a replay of last week when they had a little treat and then went home. So - despite sabs being soaked to the skin and numb with cold we headed over to the Beaufort Arms in Kittle, arriving at 3pm but the Banwen were long gone. Did they go out at all – let us know if you saw them.


Sab blocked/threatened on footpath by Warks FH 'stewards'

14-12-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Sab threatened by Warwickshire Hunt supporters Warwickshire Hunt - Wednesday 28th November 2018 – Willoughby    Two Warwickshire Hunt supporters blocked a public footpath and prevented a sab from walking down it lying about it being a footpath. They became very aggressive and tried intimidating the sab threatening to smash his camera and push him into the ditch.


This aggressive behaviour is obviously sanctioned and approved of by senior members of the Warwickshire Hunt as this incident was witnessed and encouraged by Hunt director and former Master Sam Butler who also happens to be a senior partner at Butler Sherborn - 'Locally respected, globally connected'. Eventually Warwickshire Hunt joint-master Barbara Hester was forced to admit that it was a footpath and had to call the hunt supporting farms off. Please consider donating towards our fuel costs. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.


Support seen turning fox back towards Ledbury FH - 2 blocked setts found

14-12-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   Friday 14th December 2018, Ledbury, Underhill Farm, Pendock    They were found just after they moved off and as sab's approached one man was gesticulating wildly to a Whipper in and a woman was looking over a gate. Sure enough a fox was crouched down trying to find an escape route towards the motorway. Clearly that was thought to be inconvenient so he was headed back by the crowd stood there. Mark Melladay then came trotting along and spent a brief moment in that area before taking hounds up Berrow wood.

Alas the gear box then jammed and the AA kindly fixed it. A blocked sett was found whilst waiting.

Back on the road they were found at their second home the Stanks. Another blocked sett. Both have been reported and made safe for both badgers and foxes.


Please continue to support us and keep the information coming in, share our posts and do likewise for other sab and monitor groups , paypal.me/threecountiessabs.


Two more shot foxes dumped at anti's demo site at Taunton roundabout

13-12-18   Somerset Live   VIDEO  Graphic video shows two more dead foxes dumped at animal rights demo location - A fox was found at the same spot with a beer can and cigarette in its mouth just days before Animal rights campaigners were disgusted to find two dead cubs [below left] at their demonstration location today (December 13). The cubs were found shot to death at Silk Mills roundabout in Taunton, which has become a regular demo spot for campaigners since September this year. This comes just days after a fox was horrifically dumped at the same roundabout with a beer can between its paws and a cigarette placed in its mouth.

Somerset Wildlife Crime and Hounds Off - two animal rights groups - were at the location today to demonstrate against the hunting of deer. The video, posted on Somerset Wildlife Crime's Facebook page, shows the foxes dead at the side of the roundabout.

Foxes2moredumped13-12-18.jpgMany Facebook users were outraged by the video, with one describing it as "barbaric".

Bobbie Armstrong, founder of Somerset Wildlife Crime, said: "On Tuesday the 11th December we received a phone call regarding a fox having been dumped at the demo site. "The fox had been propped up against the hedge with a cigarette placed in his mouth and a beer can between his paws. The fox was removed and deposited with a local veterinary practice for cremation. This morning when campaigners arrived they were met by the sight of a further two foxes, shot through the neck and dumped next to where we hold our weekly demos. It is of course upsetting for anyone to witness such scenes as this, least of all some of the children who were on their way to school this morning. In a community where opposition to hunting is above the national average of 85 per cent - Taunton Deane had more than a 90 per cent opposition to hunting at last polling, these foxes were not a welcome sight."

"It is deeply worrying that the pro hunt community feel this is an acceptable response to peaceful and lawful demonstrations. These demos have been taking place frequently since the beginning of September this year as part of our campaign to ask the National Trust and Forestry Commission to enforce their own ban of deer hunting on their land. We have had a very positive response from the Forestry Commission locally but the National Trust are yet to formally acknowledge the issue of the stag hounds hunting their land. To undertake violence against animals in this way is something to be condemned, we would ask that anyone who may have information about the individuals responsible to get in touch either with the police or via our Facebook page."


Crawley FH Huntsman refuses to call off hounds - many foxes chased

13-12-18    Facebook - West Sussex Hunt Sabs   Tuesday 11th December - Crawley and Horsham hunt meet. Ravenswood, Gay Street    Hunt monitors followed the hounds to an 11am meet at Ravenswood. The hunt was thin on the ground, and out of their usual red coats [below], perhaps to remain more inconspicuous, it did not work…


They hunted round in circles, working the hounds through the thick bushes and brambles of Hanging Wood, West Wood, Kilbranann Farm and surrounding area. The hounds went into full cry multiple times, at least one fox was seen running for it's life.

At one point a fox was just ahead of the crying hounds, the hunt monitors did all they could to save the fox, the amateur huntsman Ralf Richardson trotted slowly near the monitors while we ran after the hounds ahead of us. As usual the amateur huntsman held back, allowing and encouraging the hounds on in the knowledge they could soon make an illegal kill. When begged to call his hounds back in, he refused to acknowledge their intent and stalled as long as possible, so the hounds clearly had every chance to kill the fox. We believe this particular fox may have been lucky and got away as was seen crossing a parallel road to the other side of the field, but it was a very close call…

The Crawley and Horsham hunt do not even pretend to lay a trail, they show many examples of intent to hunt illegally and have absolutely no regard or compassion for animals from what we have witnessed. Sheep [below] and deer were also seen running terrified from the hounds, horses whipped to submission, hounds exhausted and scratched up from the brambles and barbed wire fences they go through and over.


After the hounds became separated (again) the amateur huntsman and his ‘staff’ eventually collected them together, but not before they wreaked further havoc, and finally headed back to the meet for an earlyish finish.

Many thanks to Reading sabs who joined us for the day.


HIT say S. Herefordshire FH cubs cruelty trial WILL go ahead

Expected trial date still 14th January, but judge may amend

13-12-18    Facebook - Hunt Investigation Team    Important Fox Cubs Case Update    The trial is set to go ahead. The 5 members of the South Herefordshire Hunt will answer for what they did at trial at Birmingham magistrates early next year. We believe the trial date is January 14th but the judge in the case will rule on the trial date on January 4th.

We have fought hard to get this case to trial and would like to thank all those that have helped. We are in no doubt that this case would have been swept under the carpet but for the relentless noise and pressure we have developed around this important case.

Justice for the cubs is just around the corner, we will continue fighting for the four fox cubs until justice is served. Please Share. HIT

  S.HerefordshireFHFoxcubimprisoned1.jpg S.Herefordshirehuntservantabouttothrowcub5-16.jpg


Grantham Mayor refuses to greet Belvoir FH on Boxing Day

13-12-18    Grantham Journal   Mayor of Grantham decides not to greet Belvoir Hunt on Boxing Day  The Mayor’s Parlour will remain shut on Boxing Day after the Mayor of Grantham announced that she will not welcome the Belvoir Hunt this year. The decision has been supported by the majority of the other Charter Trustees.

In a statement from the Mayor’s office, it said: “Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Mayor of Grantham Lynda Coutts and other Charter Trustees have taken the decision not to take part in this year’s Boxing Day Hunt and the Mayor’s Parlour will be closed on Boxing Day 2018. An e-mail was sent out to all Charter Trustees for a response to this decision to which the Mayor was supported by the majority of those who responded.

“ We were hoping for a response from the Belvoir Hunt with suggestions of how this event could be managed but after having no response had no alternative but to not go ahead. “Coun Ray Wootten who spoke on behalf of himself and Coun Linda Wootten stated that they did not agree with the Hunt not being welcomed. Hopefully in the future this situation will be ratified and there will be no unforeseen circumstances.”

The Mayor's office confirmed the decision only refers to this year's hunt and it is hoped that arrangements can be made between the Trustees and the Belvoir Hunt in future.

A spokesperson from the Belvoir Hunt said: "We have not been informed of this decision and it comes as a complete surprise. The Mayor’s Parlour have not been in contact so I’m disappointed to receive this information from another source.”

 Coun Linda Wootten added: “It is unbelievable the way things have been handled. Hopefully the public won’t be denied seeing the Meet as there was a democratic vote through the Charter Trustees that if the Mayor or deputy didn’t want to greet, the Charter Trustees would.”


 Lone, weird swamp monster in red coat emerges from thicket!

13-12-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Swamp monster Jake, hunting without his horn!  On Tuesday, a lone sab heard that a couple of fellow sabs and CABs had gone over to Burley Dam to keep an eye on the Cheshire Hounds.

Seeing as the Hunt was not far away, they decided to take a few hours out of their busy working day (yes sabs DO have jobs!) and headed on over. Our sab turned up with a fellow CAB, possibly just in the nick of time! On arrival they observed a large meet, all the hounds & several redcoats had just come out of a field, all standing around in the middle of the road.

To our sab's surprise, a trusty rusty old gatekeeper opened a gate to let the lone, horseless, Huntmaster Jake Openhiem through the gate, followed by the full pack of hounds. Strange - so as soon as the gatekeeper closed the gate our sab bolted over and followed Jake on foot. Hearing the hounds in cry our sab used voice calls to distract the hounds....LEAVE IT!!!

On reaching Jake and his hounds, deep in the hedgerows beside the river.... he surprisingly turned all “proper” on our sab, telling his hounds to leave it & c’mon girl... It was difficult to see through the thick gorse what exactly was going on, but the sound of the hounds speaking and in cry spoke volumes.

Out of the dense thicket emerged a very wet, dirty, swamped Jake; with the hedgerow wrapped around his red coat - if the situation wasn’t so serious and distressing... it would of been hilarious!!

As Jake emerged like a proverbial swamp monster, the look of dismay was priceless as he realised he’d lost his horn!!! He tried to hold onto his dignity.... (we think that went in the river with his horn.) Jake continued hornless, horseless, houndless, huntless and surprisingly quadless and terriermenless. It was a rather intimate, unforgettable moment for our sab and Jake in that field.

Then off Jake cantered (horseless remember!!) across the top of the field in an attempt to rejoin the rest of the Hunt. Our sab pursued the half pack of hounds he’d left behind - they were still onto something by the riverside and thick gorse.

Then like a flash, a beautiful, quick witted fox dashed by the sab's left hand side, they stood still, expecting the half pack of hounds to get onto the trail... they thankfully didn’t.

A brief revisit to the area was conducted, with a couple of other sabs - searching for items, like a fox corpse, maybe a hunting horn.... (an aggressive effort from the terrier boys on a quad - complete with terriers x 3 in a box - to sabotage our search was unsuccessful on their behalf!! They think driving directly at female sabs, is an acceptable tactic!!). We confirm there was no sign of a fox kill... that is all we can confirm.

   CheshireFHSwampmonster13-12-18.jpg  CheshireFHSwampmonster2_13-2-18.jpg


Sabs help 3 foxes escape from Fitzwilliam FH hounds

12-12-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs      Hit report 12.12.2018 – Fitzwilliam Hunt, AbbotsFitzwilliamFHFoxbreaks12-12-18.jpg Ripton     Multiple foxes seen away from the hounds by sabs After the Fitzwilliam’s terrible incident on the A14 highway last weekend, you would be forgiven for thinking they would lay low for a while. However, you would be wrong, as this committed bunch of wildlife criminals will never willingly miss a scheduled days illegal hunting, even when their last outing ended in public outrage and the death of one of their own hounds.

After a well-timed tipoff gave us their mid-week meet, enough volunteers from North Cambs Hunt Sabs and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs had time to book the day off work (yes, don’t believe what the hunters say…) and surprise them at their most eastern main-season meet, Abbots Ripton just north of Huntingdon.

To say they were surprised is an understatement, however they made no bones about the fact they were intended to hunt *outside* of the law by heading straight to the nearest covert and flushing out two foxes almost FitzwilliamFHFollowerindicates12-12-18.jpgimmediately. Sabs were on hand for both escapees and liberally covered their scent trails with citronella mist. Hounds then following out of the wood a minute or two later, lost interest and turned back.

Shortly after, when the hunt returned to the same covert at Wennington wood, another fox was put up and fled for its life to the north. Foot followers flagged the huntsman and pointed out the direction of the fox, and hounds duly followed. Sabs rated the pack back with strong voice calls and another fox was saved from death.

After a few further dispiriting attempts to loop the same patch of woodland, the hunt appeared to run out of places to go. With two nearby villages (Upwood and Wistow) having written to the hunt in the last year, telling them that they are not welcome, their usual hunting pattern for the day was cut short.

As the light began to drop after 3pm, and with nowhere to go that wasn’t covered off by a small but efficient sab team, the hunt packed up and melted away into the half light. Sabs were happy with a job well done.

All hunt sabs are volunteers and fund wildlife protection from their own pockets. If you wish to help with fuel costs and equipment, you can help our cause at https://ko-fi.com/northcambs.

Pics above  -   Right,  Fox fleeing hounds    2/  Follower indicates to Huntsman in traditional way where fox has gone   


                                      Another fox fleeing from the Hunt 


                                                 Fox breaks cover 


Dead fox posed with beer can, fag dumped at anti's demo site

11-12-18   Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime    This fox was found this evening on the Silk Mills roundabout where we run our demos with Hounds Off. Shot and dumped there, propped up with a beer can between his paws and a cigarette in his mouth.

It is almost impossible to put in to words the degree of infantile depravity that would drive someone to do this. But one things is certain... it says far more about you than it does about us!


Story ran in the Somerset County Gazette 


Council bans Beaufort FH from holding their B.Day meet in Tetbury

11-12-18   Daily Telegraph    Prince Charles' favourite Hunt forced to find new location for the first time in decades over safety fears    A Hunt that has long been a favourite of Prince Charles and his sons has been banned from its traditional New Year meet for the first time in decades because of safety fears.

Tetbury Town Council declared that the Beaufort Hunt could no longer use its land after local residentsPrinceCharleshunting.jpg warned that families and children were being forced aside on narrow footpaths as the horses. It had asked the Hunt to submit an “improved risk assessment” for its traditional New Year's Day meeting amid concerns that local people were being put in danger by horses and hounds.

Capt Ian Farquhar [below left], joint master of the Hunt, admitted they were “saddened and disappointed” by the decision. A spokeswoman for the Hunt said it marked the end of a tradition that stretched back “into the mists of time” and revealed they were searching for a new location nearby.

 Tetbury Town Council announced that it had made the decision to refuse consent to the Hunt to meet on the Tetbury Rail Lands following a “very close vote”. It said the Hunt’s second risk assessment “did not fully address concerns” over the narrow site and contact between riders and hounds with the general public, including families with small children and pushchairs.

The rail lands was previously formed of rough open ground but has recently been developed into parkland with a community arts centre. “As a result of that development, the nature of the site on which the Hunt meets has changed, although the Hunt activity has not,” the council said. “In addition, the Council was conscious of the reputational damage associated with public protests and the risk of disorder. It was also aware of the National Trust’s experience of reputational damage following its decision to allow a Hunt to meet on one of its properties.”

IanFarquharBeaufortFH.jpgLocal resident Chris Giles said: “Clearly the site is not suitable for large numbers of horses, hounds and the Hunt’s quad bikes. There was no event or traffic management plan at all despite the Hunt proposing to enter and exit the site via the roads with fifty horses and a pack of hounds.”

Capt Farquhar said the Hunt had met in Tetbury at New Year “for generations”. He added: “We believe that a small number of anti-hunt activists may have put undue pressure on some council members under the guise of Health and Safety. We are very firmly informed by an enormous number of Tetbury residents and locals that they are appalled by this short sighted decision and as it happens we are now in negotiations to hold a New Year Meet at another Tetbury town location where once again we will present a substantial cheque to Tetbury hospital.”

Prince Charles is said to have purchased Highgrove, his home in Gloucestershire, because of its proximity to the Beaufort Hunt and the polo clubs in which he played. Both he and the Duchess of Cornwall have long supported the Hunt. His sons, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex, met their close friend Guy Pelly, who was earlier this year named as a godfather to Prince Louis, when they were junior members of the Hunt.


S. Shropshire FH chase foxes over N.T. licenced land

One driven to ground with terrierman waiting to kill

10-12-18   Facebook - National Dis-Trust    With a little help from some lovely folk from Shropshire Monitors we kept an eye on the South Shropshire Foxhounds today, who hunted 'trails' exclusively within the boundaries of the National Trust's Long Mynd.

Despite the National Trust's ban on terriermen, the Hunt brought theirs (Karl Wardle) along who pretended to be a trail layer but actually waited to dig a fox out near the end of the day [below].


Despite the National Trust's banners on the entrances to the nature reserve [below] urging visitors to keep dogs on leads, the Hunt scattered flocks of sheep.


Despite the Hunting Act 2004, the Hunt were still pursuing multiple foxes. The first was chased into the Carding Mill Valley car park to the disgust of visitors, the second went to ground later in the day in view of the Hunt's terrierman waiting to take its life.


                                          Fox fleeing from hounds 

Despite the boundary of the licenced area, the Hunt were warned by a National Trust ranger about going into numerous areas they weren't allowed (whoops - wouldn't happen if you actually followed a trail would it?).


                                    Hounds on the exact line of the fox  

We continue to call on the National Trust to stop pretending 'trail hunting' is legitimate. None of the Hunt or their supporters could offer a coherent explanation about how it worked to us today despite a supposed 13 years of practicing the activity, and their attempts at disguising their crimes by pretending to lay trails were farcical.


                                     Hounds marking fox to ground   

The Hunt were reported to the police and will next be on Long Mynd illegally hunting wildlife on 14th January 2019 unless the National Trust does the right thing. See the licences for Long Mynd for this Hunt and the United Pack here: tinyurl.com/ybgqnfgg.


                           Hunt about to set off  -  note terrierman's quad on left 

Don't forget that via our National Dis-Trust Fundraising Page, an excellent photo canvas of a badger is up for grabs! See here for more information: tinyurl.com/y7voy4tr.     #trailhuntlies


                                 Terrierman about to drive on to NT land 


S. Dorset FH thugs attack sabs, try to steal equipment

10-12-18  Facebook - Southampton Sabs   VIDEO    08/12/2018, The South Dorset Hunt, Troy Town Farm   Well, what a day it was on Saturday. As always we joined up with Weymouth Animal Rights. Getting there early we, picked a couple of areas to pre spray and pre beat and dropped sabs in to check on known badger sets.


          S. Dorset FH thugs trying to prevent sabs reaching blocked sett on open access land 

We were on the Huntsman from the get go and only losing sight of them briefly when they hid in a valley. A group of sabs caught up with them just as the rain started pouring down. The Huntsman and hounds then run towards Hill Dairy and then a small copse near it. While sabs watched from the hill opposite the dairy farm, three riders and terriermen were hanging around a bush so they went and checked what could be so interesting. There they found a badger set with some of it's holes blocked, they got to unblocking them. Shortly after the riders and terriermen left and they could see the hounds leaving the copse towards new building, where they briefly hid from the rain.


                                        One of the blocked sett entrances 

The hounds went into cry one more time but using gizmos and horn calls sabs did just enough to lift their heads and disrupt their attention.

From then on things only got more heated and as the Huntsman tried to lose sabs, they heard the hounds in cry and run to try and stop them. At this point several quads and bunch of hired thugs descended on one group of sabs and tried to steal body cams, radios and phones, Attacking sabs by throwing them on the floor and standing on their legs. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXEJ1X1KhYI ) Police were called but never turned up, luckily the sabs only cam away with some bruises and nasty looking scratches which had to be checked later.


                    Terrierman just before attacking sab and ripping off body cam 

With a monitor joining us at this point there was really no where for the Huntsman to go and not long after 4pm he finally packed up. Everyone could finally take rest after a really troubled day and enjoy some cake. The violent behaviour of the Huntsman and their support won't deter us and we will be out every week, message us if you would like to join as there is safety in numbers!

Despite sabs being able to keep and retrieve all their equipment, some of it was damaged and needs to be replaced, so if you can donate anything please follow the link ko-fi.com/sotonhs.


E Kent FH strive to capture sab's drone - fail & pack up very early

Attempted early start backfired - sabs ran spotted hound van by accident

Hunt behaved as if was a cubbing meet, fixed on just one wood 

9-12-18   Facebook - West Kent Hunt Sabs    Saturday 8th December    Today was an unusual day that right from the start perfectly highlighted the East Kent with West Street's desire to avoid us and kill our wildlife. Two of our sabs were out together running a Saturday morning errand near Canterbury and to their surprise as they were heading home they drove past the East Kent hunt's hound van leaving Elham at 8:15am! Obviously they weren't going to leave them and not see what they were up to so early in the morning! They dutifully followed and sure enough it led them to their meet at 9am near Preston! We thought cubbing season had ended!?

Of course, this early start caught us slightly unprepared with many of our sabs still in bed we quickly rallied around as many as we could to join them. The Hunt left the meet at around 9:15 and they quickly surrounded a nearby woodland and sent the hounds in.... this was starting to look more and more like a cubbing meet! Our two sabs monitored them from the road until half an hour later reinforcements arrived and we were able to get the drone over them!

The Hunt didn't like this at all and spent the next 20 minutes tottering around in a circle with Huntsman Steve regularly looking up at the drone. He then had a conversation with the terrier men and we suspect it went a little bit like this.. 'Terrier boys get rid of that drone in any way you can'.....'Yes master your wish is our command!'. Sure enough the terrier men, 2 quads loaded with 3 terrier men on each made a beeline for our sabs which currently were only 4 in the field. They then surrounded us and began harassing our drone operator as much as they could in a desperate attempt to distract him from monitoring the hounds [below].


This failed and it was an absolute pleasure to see Terrance the portly terrier man so agitated. It appears he's taken a course in aviation law as he began repeatedly reading out the drone code of conduct in his usual strained tone like he's sitting on the toilet pushing one out. By this point the drone was running low on battery so we had to get it in and giving the threats that were already made against the drone we weren't going to just land it in front of them! Some quick thinking from one of our sabs saw them pluck the drone out of the sky and catch it much to the annoyance of Terrance the portly terrier man. We then had a visit from the landowner who asked us to move our vehicle despite the fact he was blocking us in. He did eventually move and we moved off to the usual jeers from the terriermen.

As soon as we found a place to park we did and got the drone straight back up and on the Hunt with a fresh battery. As if by magic 2 minutes later, following their masters orders the terrier men appeared hurtling around the corner and the 'lets harass the drone operator' game started again! Of course we can play this game all day and we prompted to do circles together of our vehicle like some weird game of kiss chase. After a while we had to get the drone back to go and pick up some more sabs who had just arrived to support us. Again the terrier boy who likes to be known as 'Milsy' tried to distract us from landing and again we are able to catch it before they got to it - we're getting pretty good at this new manoeuvre! We then jumped in the car and headed off to meet our sabs who had just arrived in our trusty Landy.

We quickly went to meet them and directed them back on to the Hunt and sent in foot sabs after them who were still close to the woodland they'd been interested in all morning.... we wonder why? As foot sabs went in we deployed the drone again and got straight on the Hunt. This stopped Huntsman Steve in his tracks and after some milling around they gave up and headed back to the meet and packed up after just 2 hours hunting!

The terrier men went to great lengths today to insist the reason they were changing their hunting days and starting later/earlier was because of the weather or landowners but we know this is simply not the case! We know it's because they want to avoid us so they have a free pass to kill as they please. Our message is simple - try what you like. We'll be there!

While all of this was going on another one of our Sabs was monitoring the Bolebroke Beagles in Cliffe who tried to leave to go hunting but as soon as they realised they were being followed ran with their tail between their legs back to the kennels! What do they have to hide we wonder!?

As always we have on-going vehicle costs and any donations are greatly received! https://www.paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA


Single sab deters Bolebroke Beagles from even going to meet

9-12-18   Facebook - West Kent Hunt Sabs   Saturday 8th December [Penultimate para of report]   ...While all of this was going on [see report above] another one of our Sabs was monitoring the Bolebroke Beagles in Cliffe, who tried to leave to go hunting but as soon as they realised they were being followed ran with their tail between their legs back to the kennels! What do they have to hide we wonder!?


Llangollen 'Santa Train' hits hounds on line - at least one severely injured

Crying children on train 'traumatised', volunteer railway staff shocked 

9-12-18   Wales Online   Sobbing children left 'traumatised' by horror scenes after steam train to meet Santa hits dogs - 'One was completely paralysed, you could hear them yelping'    Parents say their children have been left "traumatised" after a Christmas themed train hit dogs that had strayed onto the railway track. 

Families had enjoyed a day out on the 'Santa Special' from Llangollen Station to Carrog (renamed Lapland for Santa's visit) on a decorated steam train.

A spokesman for Llangollen Railway described Sunday's incident as "highly regrettable" and said "at least one" hound from a local hunt was his by the Santa Special steam train. Other reports suggest up to four dogs may have been hurt.

The trip saw children meeting Santa when they got off at Carrog station, while adults got to enjoy a glass of mulled wine. And it seemed the day had been a great success, until the journey back to Llangollen Station, when the jubilant atmosphere turned to one of horror for those on board.

Charlene Jones had been on the train, which left the station at 1.35pm, with her husband Martin and two young children Emily and Seren, along with some friends, ahead of her 35th birthday tomorrow. She said: "We were on the carriage and my husband hung his head out of the window when he saw animals had been hit. One had been hit from the back end and was completely paralysed. The train staff went down to do what they could. The train stopped suddenly, and anyone who had not originally seen it was looking out the window to see animals yelping. There was loads of little children. We were quite far at the back but knew what was going on. My children had seen it. There were children sobbing everywhere. The atmosphere just completely changed."

Mrs Jones added: "It was a beautiful day, people had been singing and it was joyous, the children had been to see Santa and there were jesters coming up and down to entertain everyone, but all of a sudden it just went silent. The train stopped and it could not move on until they had the go ahead from head office. We were there for around 45 minutes. I have to say the Llangollen Railway were wonderful. It was a great day with a sad ending."

Liz McGuinness, business manager of the popular heritage railway, said: “Our Santa Special was on its way back from Carrog station to Llangollen when the incident occurred at around 4pm today near the Deeside loop just after Glyndyfrdwy. From what I understand members of the local hunt were somewhere in the vicinity of the line when at least one of the hounds ended up running up the tracks towards the oncoming train which was carrying a large number of passengers – many of them young children – enjoying a festive day out. I understand that the train hit at least one of the dogs. I am not certain at this stage how badly the animal was injured but members of the hunt turned up to take the animal or animals away from the scene.”

She added: “No-one aboard the train, either on the footplate or in the passenger coaches, were hurt but the driver and crew were obviously badly shaken by this highly regrettable incident. The train eventually made its way back to Llangollen.“I sincerely apologise to everyone on the Santa Special for what should have been an enjoyable afternoon ending in this way. Can I make it clear that the hunt does not have permission to be on Llangollen Railway property at any time. A full investigation into the incident will now be carried out by railway management.” 


8-12-18    North Wales Live   Llangollen Santa train with children on board ploughed into dogs taking part in hunt    A number of people have got in touch today to say that the Llangollen Santa train [below, pictured in 2014], which runs each year along the Llangollen railway, ended up hitting a number of dogs which were loose while taking part in a hunt. Several witnesses have said that four dogs in total were hit, with one of those dogs very badly injured in the incident.

Eyewitnesses said that the hounds “ran out in front of the train” as it moved along the train line. At the time of the incident, the train was packed with children and parents enjoying the annual event.

Llangollen Railway, the volunteer-run heritage railway, has said they are working to establish the full facts of what has taken place.

Mum Charlene Jones, who witnessed the horrific incident, said her seven-year-old daughter Emily was left “absolutely devastated” by the incident. She said they were enjoying the event when the dogs were struck by the train. She said: “At least one hound smashed its whole back end. It was trying to run away but couldn’t.” Mrs. Jones said "All of the children on the train saw it. Traumatic to say the least. “My daughter was absolutely heart broken, we had to move her away from the window and lie and say we were waiting for the front train to take the dogs to the vet. All of the children on the train saw it. Traumatic to say the least.“

Ms Jones added:- It was horrendous [but] the staff were fantastic. “They stopped the train and had to report it and wait for the okay to go again. But while the train was stopped the kids could see everything. That poor dog was in such obvious pain.” 

The Llangollen Railway have issued a statement into the incident, which they have described as “highly regrettable”. They have said a full investigation will take place.  The Railway said the train was on its way back from Carrog station to Llangollen when the incident occurred at around 4pm today near the Deeside loop just after Glyndyfrdwy. They said they understand that a local hunt was being carried out within the area.

Business manager Liz McGuiness said: “From what I understand members of the local hunt were somewhere in the vicinity of the line when at least one of the hounds ended up running up the tracks towards the oncoming train which was carrying a large number of passengers – many of them young children – enjoying a festive day out. I understand that the train hit at least one of the dogs.”

Ms McGuiness added that the animals were taken by members of the hunt. She said:- “I am not certain at this stage how badly the animal was injured but members of the hunt turned up to take the animal or animals away from the scene.” Other witnesses had claimed they did not see members of the hunt at the scene. In her statement, Ms McGuiness added:- “No-one aboard the train, either on the footplate or in the passenger coaches, were hurt but the driver and crew were obviously badly shaken by this highly regrettable incident. The train eventually made its way back to Llangollen. “ Ms McGuiness said that the Hunt “does not have permission” to be on Llangollen Railway property at any time. She added: “A full investigation into the incident will now be carried out by railway management. It is not currently clear which hunt group was involved in the incident. We will try to establish who was involved as soon as we can. It is, of course not clear at this point what injuries the dogs have suffered and how they are now. We will provide any details on this if we can get it.

Hunting wild mammals with dogs is illegal under the Hunting Act 2004. A number of Hunts taking part in activities where they use dogs state that they are taking part in a practice called “trial hunting”. In this, traditional hunting is mimicked using a scent trail - such as urine - which the hunt will then follow. It is a controversial practice, with many people claiming it is a way to get around the law.

Hundreds of people have taken to social media to express their shock over what has happened. Lots of people have posted their support for the driver and the staff involved in the incident. People are expressing their hope that the driver is OK. Llangollen Railway said that staff had been left “badly shaken” by the incident. The Llangollen Railway team have said that it has been a “very upsetting” day for them today as they come to terms with what happened. They said they were “very upset and saddened”


Fitzwilliam FH chase fox on to A14 - hound killed

8-12-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   Hit Report 08.12.2018: Fitzwilliam Hunt, Titchmarsh - Fitzwilliam Hunt chase fox onto busy dual carriageway, causing the death of a   hound    The Fitzwilliam Hunt today showed an absolute disregard for not just wildlife, but their lives of their very own hounds and the safety of the general public.

We joined Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs to keep an eye on their terribly located meet at Titchmarsh today, near the junction of two major A-roads in East Northamptonshire. After some initial aggravation from violent hunt supporters, we were out in the fields with lenses squarely pointed towards this criminal Hunt.

At 12:08pm the Fitzwilliam pack chased a fox along the hedgerow bordering the fast and busy A14 road near Thrapston in Northamptonshire. The Hunt had flushed a fox from a nearby covert and chased it south towards the main road. The fox was seen bolting along the drainage ditch right alongside the highway.


                         Hounds chasing fox [circled]. A14 is just other side of trees. 

Hounds ran alongside the road at this point. A sab who arrived on the scene at that point slowed the traffic on the eastbound carriageway. One hound ran across all four lanes to the west bound carriageway, before turning around back to the Huntsman. The poor young hound was struck by two vehicles and was catapulted along the road. The dog died shortly afterwards, lying in the road.

We note that the Fitzwilliam Hunt, in their statement, have described what they were doing as “legal hunting activities”. It must have escaped their attention that chasing a fox with a pack of hounds is not legal.

    FitzwilliamFHHoundkilledA14_1-12-18.jpg  FitzwilliamFHWhipFieldMasterdragawayhoundA14_2_8-12-18.jpg

             Dead hound on A14                         Huntsman & Field Master carry away 

Several more of their hounds were eager to chase across the road too. The Huntsman was not near enough to call his hounds back, and only the actions of sabs rating back the remaining dogs and stopping the chase, avoided even more fatalities on the road and more traffic accidents.

The photographs from the incident speak for themselves. With a distraught driver watching the scene unfold in front of her eyes, the Whip and Field Master of the Hunt clumsily dragged the broken body of the hound across the central reservation and pulled her down into the ditch on the far side of the road.

    FitzwilliamFHWhipFieldMasterA14_1-12-18.jpg   FitzwilliamFHAirbagsdeployedincarthathithoundkilledonA14_1-12-18.jpg

   Redcoats callously carry dead hound away             Both airbags deployed in car

Hunts use their own incinerators to dispose of the bodies of spent hounds, this girl will be another one for the flames this evening. This is of course in addition to the unwanted hounds they will only recently have shot and disposed of when replacing 10% of their working pack every year with fresh new dogs each autumn.

After this event the Fitz hurried back to their 4x4s and horse boxes and melted away. We used the remainder of the daylight to visit the Oakley Hunt, who were only 10 miles away to the south. After the horrors of before however, there was very little to report.

If you would like to support our activities in holding hunts like the Fitzwilliam to account, please help by supporting our current fundraiser following our recent legal case involving the Fitzwilliam Hunt themselves:- https://www.gofundme.com/fitz-injunction-fund. If you would like to donate to an animal sanctuary in memory of the poor hound who lost her life today, we are proud to support a small animal rescue called "Wonky Pets". http://www.wonkypetsrescue.com/donations.8-12-18.10-12-18.

10-12-18   Daily Mail    Saboteurs film horrifying moment a hound was catapulted through the air and killed after car smashed into it when a hunt strayed towards busy road while pursuing a fox - The hound was struck on the A14 near Thrapston, Northamptonshire on Saturday - Footage shows dog lying motionless in the road after it has been struck by a car - Saboteurs claim the Fitzwilliam Hunt chased a fox along the hedgerow of the A14 A hunting dog was hit and killed by a car while allegedly chasing a fox next to a busy dual carriageway   The hound was struck on the A14 near Thrapston in Northamptonshire during a Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt on Saturday.

A video showing the dog lying in the road and two members of the hunt carrying the body off the carriageway was shared by the North Cambridgeshire Hunt Saboteurs. According to the saboteurs, the Fitzwilliam pack chased a fox along the hedgerow adjacent to the A14, which forced the animal closer to the road.

They said: 'Hounds ran alongside the road at this point. A sab who arrived on the scene at that point slowed the traffic on the eastbound carriageway. One hound ran across all four lanes to the westbound carriageway, before turning around back to the Huntsman. The poor young hound was struck by two vehicles and was catapulted along the road. The dog died shortly afterwards, lying in the road.'

Pictures of the accident were posted to Facebook along with the caption: 'The Fitzwilliam Hunt today showed an absolute disregard for not just wildlife, but the lives of their very own hounds and the safety of the general public.'

Meanwhile the Hunt released a statement adding: 'We can confirm that today one hound went onto the A14 and was killed in a collision with a car. The hound was killed outright, the driver was not injured and we thank her for her sympathy and understanding after this most unfortunate accident.

The Hunt was pursuing legal activities near Thrapston. Two Hunt staff were deliberately impeded by five or more hunt saboteurs, with one member of hunt staff almost being pulled from his horse by a saboteur grabbing his whip. The Police have been informed and attended the scene.'

On the North Cambs Hunt Saboteurs' Facebook post, they questioned the legality of the use of a pack of hounds to chase a fox. They said: 'We note that the Fitzwilliam Hunt, in their statement, have described what they were doing as "legal hunting activities". It must have escaped their attention that chasing a fox with a pack of hounds is not legal.'

Fox hunting was banned in 2005, but it is still legal to use dogs to simulate hunting, for example in 'drag' or 'trail' hunting. You can also use up to two dogs to chase, flush or stalk foxes out of hiding if the fox is causing damage to your property or the environment.

The North Cambs Hunt Saboteurs have asked Facebook users to donate to an animal rescue centre in memory of the hound who was killed. Three groups of hunt saboteurs have joined together to raise money on gofundme which will pay for the legal fees to defend an injunction brought against them by the Fitzwilliam Hunt. So far the campaign has raised £2,291 of their £2,500 goal.

Earlier this year, a High Court judge barred opponents of the Fitzwilliam hunt from trespassing on land they use. Mr Justice Freedman slapped the ban on anti hunt groups after the Hunt, which has stables in Peterborough, took legal action. The enforcement of the ban follows several violent clashes between them and saboteurs. A Fitzwilliam huntsman was found guilty of illegally killing a fox at Peterborough Magistrates' Court in April.

On Saturday's incident, Inspector Alex Wood-Davis from Cambridgeshire Police said: 'We have been made aware though social media of an incident involving a hound belonging to a local hunt being injured or killed on the A14. I understand this has caused some concern on social media. However, we have not received any calls or complaints concerning this and are not sure that this is within our police area or Northants. We have requested through social media for any witnesses to call in on 101 should they have further detail.'


                   Traffic at standstill on A14 after accident caused by illegal hunting 

POWAperson adds - Another canine life – and motorists placed in harm's way – just to slake the perverted pleasure of the hunters. Re. the injunction – the Fitzwilliam only obtained an injunction against trespass by 7 named sabs on land that they own [it does not extend to the rest of the land they use]. This is just 4% of their hunting country. It is unusual for Hunts to own any land, so other Hunts will not be able to replicate. The Hunt is still trying to get an injunction against 'persons unknown' as well but 1/ this also would apply only to their own land and 2/ such injunctions are very difficult to enforce.


Cottesmore FH hunted illegally on Wildlife Trust land

Hunt supporter tried to run sab over on road

Whipper-in not interested in lost hound seen by sabs

8-12-18   Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Cottesmore hunt hit report 08/12/18 - Cottesmore illegally hunting on Leicestershire Rutland Wildlife Trust - Lost hound miles from Hunt - Dangerous hunt support driving    The Hunt met at Park Farm Ridlington, Rutland. We were out with our good pals Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs . For the first couple of hours the Hunt did the usual of riding round and round and round with the field not really knowing where to go. Hounds briefly went on cry and we saw two deer fleeing but they got away safely. Fours hares were also spotted running away as hounds went into cry but again they made it away safely.

The field dropped off in the afternoon and we found the Hunt and hounds in cry in the @Leicswildlife reserve #PriorsCoppice. (footage to follow). Please contact them Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust to ask them what are plan to do about illegal hunting taking place on their land. Lets hope they are as outraged as we are. Terrier men tried to stop us entering the reserve, but we got in to notice all the ‘Dogs must be on leads’ and ‘no horses’ signs in the reserve.

CottesmoreFHLosthound8-12-18.jpgHounds went in and out of cry and we saw a fox run to safety and covered its tracks. A motley crew of hunt support were wearing balaclavas and lurking in the reserve, trying to intimidate sabs with their long lens camera and threatening behaviour, but we are not sure what they actually achieved but making themselves look very creepy indeed.

A hunt support vehicle then thought it was a clever idea to try and run a sab down on a public road, silly boy, its all on camera!

We caught up with the Whipper-in, on foot desperately trying to gather his hounds. We informed him of a lost hound [left] we had seen over a mile from where we were... but big surprise- he didn’t seem bothered. He led the hounds through sheep and cow fields to then gallop off into the sunset to pack up for the day. Some of the Hunt were still loitering around at dusk, we assume still looking for that poor lost hound.

Although we can not be certain of no kills today, we checked the hounds and they were not bloodied so we suspect no kills today.

To help towards diesel and vital equipment to stop illegal hunting you can donate at www.paypal.me/ENABS.

Update 09/12/18 - Sadly we do not know the fate of the hound, as you can see in the video it was extremely nervous and ran away from us to one of the meet farms. We did however try to inform the Whipper-in of the hounds location. Extremely sad and proves hounds are victims of cruel and illegal hunting too.


Two men arrested over hammer attack on occupied sab car

Incident occurred at Fernie FH meet two weeks ago

8-12-18    Leicester Mercury   Police arrest 2 men over alleged hammer attack on hunt saboteur's car - Allegation made by activists monitoring Leicestershire's Fernie Hunt     Police investigating an alleged hammer attack on a hunt saboteur’s car have arrested two men. The men, aged 24 and 26, have been questioned about the alleged attack in the Theddingworth area of south Leicestershire on Saturday, November 24, Leicestershire Police said.

The arrests came after the North Cambridgeshire Hunt Saboteurs released a video of the alleged confrontation which it said took place while it was monitoring the Fernie Hunt. It was claimed a man was holding a hammer and smashed one of the vehicle’s side windows.


In a statement, Leicestershire Police said: “Officers investigating a report of criminal damage in Theddingworth, Leicestershire have made two arrests. “We have arrested a 24-year-old man and a 26-year-old man on suspicion of criminal damage and public order offences. They have since been released from custody pending a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service. The arrests relate to an incident on Saturday, November 24th at around 3.30pm, when a woman called police to report her car’s rear passenger window had been smashed.”

For sab report on the day at the Fernie see here. 


Eggesford FH hounds scatter in foul weather, many run on main road

8-12-18    Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs   Eggesford Hunt 8.12.2018     Yesterday we returned to the Eggesford at South Farm, Ashreigney. With much of our team out of action this week, we only had two foot teams plus the Land Rover out, which made it a challenging day in challenging conditions: strong winds and heavy rain.

Huntsman Jason Marles initially set off to the east of the meet but minutes after entering the valley around The Laurels he doubled-back and went into the valley between South Farm and Westyard where hounds were immediately on a line. They first headed south with the wind but then turned and ran in direction of Churchwater Bridge. Two foot sab teams followed from opposite ends of the valley as the pack went west before splitting in the valley around Coldharbour, with some hounds chasing a fox onto Hollocombe Moor while others went further north and west.

Many of the hounds carried on in direction of the main road near Hollocombe and Riddlecombe Moors. Jason, who also hunts without a Whipper-in, was nowhere to be seen. It's great to see where this Hunt's priorities lie: While various terriermen and hunt followers were desperate to make themselves feel useful by blocking our Land Rover on the narrow country lanes, nobody was looking out for the hounds as they crossed the busy A-road back and forth. With trucks and buses hurtling along the road at some speed and the hounds so spread out at this point, we wouldn't be at all surprised if some of them were hit. If you lost any hounds on that road, Jason, you have only yourself to blame, and you should be ashamed of yourself for putting them at such risk. At this rate the Eggesford won't have many hounds left by the end of the season.

Jason was seen galloping up the road, also absolutely idiotic in these wet conditions. He put some distance between himself and our foot sabs but we caught up with him a short while later near the airfield at Burrington Moor, where hounds were again in full cry. From there they went past Heale Farm and into Ash Wood, with some hounds crossing the stream on a line into Woodrow Wood. With about half an hour of daylight left and strengthening winds making it difficult to hear much, we lost sight of them in the area of Eggesford Forest. A lost hound was still seen wandering around near the meet as it got dark.

If you want to get involved or find out more about what we do, contact us via Facebook, email to devoncountysabs@riseup.net or phone/text 07717473305. Please support our fuel and equipment fund: https://www.paypal.me/dchs.


'Drunk', thieving Crawley FH supporter's car impounded for no insurance

Supporter had tried to steal sab radio and keys to van

Woman monitor assaulted by supporter  while filming

Same monitor's van windows smashed by follower 

Numerous violent  threats made by hunters [no kills]

But hounds called off by sabs when right on fox tail  

8-12-18    Facebook - Reading Hunt Saboteurs    Today with sabs from West Sussex, South Coast, Croydon, Brighton and Guildford we paid the Crawley and Horsham Hunt a visit at Bakers Farm - and spent the day watching them (and stopping them) blatantly hunting. The hunt was attended by some of the more vulgar members of the Surrey Union who are still angry at us for filming their fox kill last week.

CrawleyFHDrunksupporter8-12-18.jpgEarly on in the day (12pm) this very drunken hunt supporter [left] tried to steal a sabs radio (and later the keys to a van). One of his friends was telling sabs that the only reason we hate them is because they "have money" and we don't. Apparently we're "jealous" about how "rich they are". Within minutes of this claim, the police told them that their vehicle was being impounded because it didn't have insurance. We asked them if they couldn't afford their car insurance, but were met with red faces and silence.

Later in the day, a hunt monitor's vehicle windows were smashed, the terrier men threatened drivers and blocked roads  and the hounds were called off scents various times by sabs. Our constant disruption of their illegal hunting caused the Huntsman and their henchmen to grow more annoyed as the day progressed. Plenty of shoving and threats of wrapping barbed wire around our throats and "kicking our heads in" etc. The field dropped off around 2.30pm and it was only a few redcoats continuing till daylight faded and they packed up, miserable and with no successful kills.

Overall we covered many miles on foot today and saw several foxes and deer running for their lives. Videos will be available soon. To buy us a coffee please donate: https://ko-fi.com/readinghuntsabs. Disclaimer: coffee money might be spent on sabotaging fox hunts.

11-12-18   Facebook - West Sussex Hunt Sabs   Saturday 8th December - Crawley and Horsham hunt (and a few huntsmen from the Surrey Union) meet Bakers Farm/ Dragons Green   The Hunt met at Bakers Farm. However, a large contingent of sabs and monitors met too, so right from the off we had the hunt covered. They headed out the back of Bakers towards the Coolham Rd, then back again before hunting into Netherwood and up to Marlpost Wood.

At the entrance to the wood we met up with some drag-knuckle foot followers out for trouble. One, believed to be drunken hunt supporter Harry Hawkins grabbed a radio from a sab’s hand and refused to give it back. It was only when a tall sab managed to knock it out of his hand that the incident was resolved. Police took a while on a 999 to respond, took details and then disappeared for the rest of the day despite the clear threat.

Later, one of our group had all her van windows smashed and 999 told us to do a 101. This was not long after she had been assaulted while filming. The same hunt support including Callum Hilder (drunk on Port) and Nico Roussos and Jack Feakes blocked the public highway at Bakers lane. Police have been informed.

Wherever the Hunt went, over the whole Dragons Green area right up to the edges of the A24 (which are now luckily fenced in) we had them covered, with the use of good radio and map co-ordinations. At one point, sabs managed to prevent hounds chasing a fox, the pack split and they lost it. The hunters were clearly upset and angry that their day had been spoilt.

They hunted until dark, leading the horses and hounds back along country lanes with no lights; a hazard to all traffic, but what do they care. Thanks to the sabs who joined us to prevent any kills.

We look forward to arrests being made.


Four female sabs assaulted by Flint & Denbigh FH supporter

8-12-18    Facebook - Welsh Border Hunt Sabs    Four female Welsh Border sabs assaulted by same hunt supporter at Flint and Denbigh Hunt today. Several foxes given a chance by sab intervention. Video to follow.


MSP to seek total ban on hunting with dogs in Scotland

7-12-18    Times    MSP to make bid for total fox hunting ban    A fresh bid to ban all forms of fox hunting will be launched next year amid claims the present law is unworkable. Hunting was banned in Scotland in 2002, but a loophole allows foxes to be driven from cover using dogs and shot.

Alison Johnstone, a Green MSP, said that she will bring forward a member’s bill if the Scottish government fails to commit to tightening the laws. Her announcement followed the trial of Timothy Allen and Shaun Anderson, of the Buccleuch Hunt, who were cleared this week of deliberately hunting a fox with a pack of hounds. The sheriff at the trial criticised the wording of the law. In the 16 years since its introduction there has only been one successful prosecution for mounted fox hunting.

Ms Johnstone said: “This latest judgment, in which the sheriff admitted a conviction couldn’t be brought because of problems with the legislation, only reinforces the need for urgent change.”

Mairi Gougeon, minister for rural affairs, is yet to rule on whether the loophole will be closed. A review by Lord Bonomy in 2016 found there were “aspects of the legislation which complicate unduly the detection, investigation and prosecution of alleged offences”.

The Scottish government said: “We are committed to protecting the welfare standards of all animals, and in recognition of concerns about fox-hunting legislation we asked Lord Bonomy to carry out a review. Earlier this year we concluded a public consultation on his recommendations, to which we will publish our response soon.”


Video of Belvoir FH hounds rioting in village uploaded

7-12-18    Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   Belvoir Foxhounds SABBED - Tuesday 4th December 2018    Notts and Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs (in our lovely new vehicle!) were on hand when the Belvoir Foxhounds completely lost control of their pack.


                                  Hounds streaming across road in the village 

The hounds rioted through the sleepy village of Billingborough, rampaging through residents' gardens while helpless hunt staff looked on. Sabs intervened by cracking whips and spraying citronella to see the fox to safety, then warned distressed locals to get their pets inside. The huntsman left Billingborough with his hounds on the scent, but quit and packed up when sabs wouldn't give him space to hunt.


                                   Sabs follow rioting hounds into garden 

We couldn't do what we do without your moral, social media, and financial support. Feel free to buy us a coffee* at https://ko-fi.com/M4M271WY.


                         Sabs rating hounds in garden to stop them chasing fox 


                                                        The cavalry arrive


                                  Redcoat tries to round up trespassing hounds


                                    Can we have our dogs back please Mrs? 


                                    Hounds still roaming loose and scattered 


Monitors harassed by followers as film Beaufort FH hunting illegally

6-12-18  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO   The Beaufort Hunt at Ledgemore Wood: harassment and bringing the hounds to where a fox was seen.


                      Masked supporters harass female monitor after fox spotted 

POWAperson adds - The film shows the Huntsman leading hounds to draw various pieces of woodland. A monitor spots a fox running out of one into which hounds have been entered. Followers have also seen it. They began to harass a female monitor who is on a right of way. They appear to have told the Huntsman of the fox too as he brings hounds down and enters them into the wood where the fox ran in. The two monitors shout that they are hunting illegally and they are filming it. On this occasion, the Huntsman decides to call the hounds off.



Buccleuch FH Huntsman & Whip acquitted of illegal fox hunting

Judge criticised wording of Act making it difficult to secure convictions 

6-12-18   Southern Reporter    Borders huntsmen in the clear after trial    Two Borders huntsmen have been cleared of breaching Scotland’s fox-hunting laws following a five-day trial. Buccleuch Hunt members Timothy Allen, 41, and Shaun Anderson, 28, [both right, credit Southern Reporter] were charged with deliberately hunting a fox with a pack of dogs. Both were found not guilty at different stages of the trial of an offence alleged to have happened on land surrounding Whitton Farm, near Morebattle, on December 20 last year, however.

Their trial, at Jedburgh Sheriff Court, centred on video footage covertly filmed by investigators from theBuccleuchFHTimAllenHuntsmanandShaunAndersonWhip.jpg League Against Cruel Sports. It was claimed the huntsmen breached the terms of the 2002 Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act. An exemption in the act permits hounds to search for foxes and then flush them out for waiting gunmen to shoot them to avoid a chase.

Sheriff Peter Paterson was critical of the wording of the current legislation regarding searching and flushing out of foxes. Following legal submissions, he found there was no case to answer against Hunt Master Mr Allen as there was no fox to be seen in the part of the video he featured in and therefore no need for waiting guns. Accordingly, he found Mr Allen, of Eildon, near Melrose, not guilty of the charge and told him he was free to leave the dock.

The trial of whipper-in Mr Anderson, also of Eildon, continued, and during his evidence he said he made every attempt to control the dogs when a fox emerged. Sheriff Paterson ruled that the word deliberately meant Anderson intended to commit the offence of flushing out the fox for dogs to chase, but he added that after considering the evidence, the crown had failed to prove that and there was reasonable doubt.

He told Mr Anderson: “It is an offence when you deliberately allow the chase. That is what the legislation is all about, but it was your intention to stop the chase.” Sheriff Paterson added that for those reasons he found Anderson not guilty.

Following yesterday’s verdict, Jamie Stewart, director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance said: “Clearly we are pleased that both Mr Allen and Mr Anderson have been found not guilty of the charge against them. It is frustrating when cases end up in court with little or no evidence against them. We welcome Sheriff Paterson’s judgement and hope it is taken into account in the future.”


                          LACS footage of Buccleuch FH allegedly hunting fox in 2014

Robbie Marsland, director of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “This case highlights how the legislation needs to be strengthened and does not work at the moment. As has been the case on a number of occasions in the past, failings in the law which supposedly bans hunting in Scotland have made prosecution extremely difficult. Today’s outcome simply reinforces our view that the law is not fit for purpose and isn’t worth the paper it is written on. We hope today will act as a wake up call to the Scottish Government that it must act now to improve the law.” He said the flushing to gun exemption needed to be removed from the act and the number of dogs that are present reduced to two.

In the 16 years since the Act was introduced north of the border, there has been only one successful prosecution for mounted fox-hunting.

6-12-18   LACS Press Release    Borders Huntsman found not guilty of illegal fox hunting    The case against two members of the Buccleuch Hunt in the Borders charged with illegal fox hunting has concluded yesterday (Wednesday, 5th December) at Jedburgh Sheriff Court. One huntsman was found not guilty while the case against the second was withdrawn.

Timothy Allen and Shaun Anderson both pled not guilty to deliberately hunting a wild mammal with dogs on land surrounding the village of Morebattle in the Scottish Borders on 20th Dec 2017. Huntsmen Allen and Anderson were charged with breaching Section 1(1) of The Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 after video footage taken by the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland was passed to Police Scotland.

Sheriff Patterson concluded that the case against Allen was impossible to convict due to well documented difficulties with the legislation. He found Anderson not guilty of the charges against him on the grounds that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove he was deliberately hunting.


Robbie Marsland, Director of the League Against Cruel Sports, Scotland said:- “We are disappointed that despite clear evidence the case against Allen has been withdrawn and Anderson has been found not guilty. As has been the case on a number of occasions in the past, failings in the law which supposedly bans hunting in Scotland have made prosecution extremely difficult. today’s outcome simply reinforces our view that the law is not fit for purpose and isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”

In the 16 years since the Act was introduced, there has only been one successful prosecution for mounted fox hunting. The League Scotland is calling for the law to be strengthened and loopholes to be closed in order to prevent hunts evading prosecution.

A Scottish Government consultation on the workings of the fox hunting law, following a review by Lord Bonomy, closed in January this year. The analysis of the consultation illustrated huge support in favour of strengthening the law to really ban hunting in Scotland, with 98% indicating support or agreement with Lord Bonomy.

Despite this the Government has failed to make any decision on its intentions for the law and as a result, Green MSP Alison Johnstone has pledged to bring forward a Members Bill before the end of the year to introduce better protections for Scotland’s wildlife, including a complete ban on hunting with dogs.

Robbie Marsland added:- “We hope today will act as a wake up call to the Scottish Government that it must act now to improve the law. It is almost impossible for courts to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt due to the complexities of the current law which is clearly not working. We are disappointed that the Scottish Government has procrastinated for such a long time over fox hunting, engaging in a four year process which has got us precisely nowhere. The time has come for action to really ban hunting in Scotland.”


Natural England gives Cheshire FH legal warning for hunting on SSSI

The landowner who allowed Hunt on was also served with warning

6-12-18    Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Cheshire Hounds Hunt receive legal warning after being caught hunting in SSSI woodlands     After we caught the Cheshire Hounds hunting in Wettenhall and Darnhall Woods SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) in October, including riders and hounds chasing a fox and terriermen digging at and blocking a badger sett (with a second sett also found freshly blocked) – all involving trespassing in these woods to do so - Natural England have issued both the Hunt and landowner with legal warnings.

Furthermore, they have asked anyone witnessing any Hunt seen on Cheshire SSSI sites to report it with a matter of urgency, and this will be investigated. A full list of all 63 sites in can be found here: https://bit.ly/2Uoj9wO.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Cheshire Monitors via this page, or email info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk with any reports, and we will pass them on, or Natural England directly at mailto:cheshire2.lancashire@defra.gsi.gov.uk.We

We would also urge you to report it to Cheshire Police on 101 at the time, or at the earliest opportunity. Take photo or video footage (even with a mobile phone) and try and log the location via Google Maps or OS Maps app if possible (not essential).

N.B. The Hunt parked at The Parish of Darnhall Village Hall during this meet in October.

Cheshire Monitors report on Cheshire FH hunting on the SSSI is here.


Cheshire PCC report into force's handling of fox hunting published

6-12-18    BBC News   Cheshire police commissioner urges fox hunting law rethink      The government is being urged to change fox hunting laws, after Cheshire's police commissioner said they presented "challenges to investigators and prosecutors". A review ordered by David Keane said it was difficult to "secure sufficient evidence" for convictions.

Cheshire Constabulary has never successfully prosecuted anyone for illegal hunting. The force said it was putting "hard work" into policing the practice.

Assistant Chief Constable Nick Bailey said many of the review's findings were "already being implemented", but the force would keep the matter under review. Mr Keane ordered the inquiry after Cheshire MPs raised concerns about a series of allegations of illegal hunting this year.

The commissioner admitted the county's force "appears to be at odds with the national picture" because none of its investigations had led to successful prosecutions under the Hunting Act. He added: "The review is frank that the current legislation in the way it is drafted presents challenges to investigators and prosecutors. As such, I will be speaking with MPs to explore how such legislative change can be progressed through parliament."

In 2004, it was made a criminal offence in England and Wales to hunt down and kill a wild mammal with dogs. In order to prosecute, a person must be shown to be intentionally hunting the animal. Pursuit of live animals has been replaced by trail hunting, which sees hounds and riders follow a pre-laid scent along an agreed route.

The review looked at the way the force investigated allegations against those who participate in hunts and those who protest against or attempt to sabotage them. It found investigations were "thorough and professional" but blamed "a combination of resource pressure, difficulties of obtaining evidence and the burden of proof" for the lack of successful convictions. "This should not be seen as a lack of willingness to enforce the Act", the review said.

Cheshire Constabulary has passed a file to the Crown Prosecution Service only once in the last three years. It followed in incident in which a fox was allegedly killed when a Hunt spilled onto a residential street in Macclesfield in 2017. The CPS said there was not enough evidence to prove the animal's death was caused deliberately.

6-12-18    Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    CHESHIRE'S HUNTING SHAME (PLEASE SHARE)   To date, there have been over 500 successful prosecutions under the Hunting Act 2004 in England and Wales, yet not a single one of those was brought about by Cheshire Constabulary and Mersey-Cheshire CPS, despite the tireless work by the police's Wildlife Crime Officers throughout the hunting season and beyond.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire's independent review into hunting in Cheshire states that there were 321 incidents relating to hunting reported to Cheshire Police between 2015 and 2017 alone, yet not one of those has translated into a prosecution, or even (to our knowledge) a single arrest under the Hunting Act 2004.

The wildlife in this county is clearly being failed, with foxes still routinely killed by packs of hunting hounds - the most recent just two days ago - and now is the time for us all to start asking questions.

5-12-18  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   While Cheshire's Hunts kill more foxes and get more violent by the day, the supposedly 'independent' review into the policing of hunting in this tarnished county of ours (published today) fails on every level.

Thank you to all those who did their very best to save the life of this latest ILLEGALLY HUNTED fox on Tuesday.


Boycott leads to N. Herefordshire FH losing hunt ball venue

5-12-18    Facebook - Herefordshire Hunt Sabs   Lyde Court will not host North Herefordshire hunt ball again    Last year, despite a well supported campaign by followers of this page, the proprietors of the Left bank complex in Hereford unfortunately decided to host the North Herefordshire Hunt Ball at their Lyde Court venue. As a result, at least one member of their staff resigned, a vegan fair was cancelled and punters and promoters alike boycotted the 'alternative' De Koffie Pot venue at the Left Bank.

Happily, after six long months, we can share that Extinction Rebellion Hereford (who wish to use De Koffie pot as a meeting venue) have received an assurance from the Warings that they will never host the North Herefordshire Hunt ball at Lyde Court again.

Thank you to everyone who contacted the proprietors at the time, to everyone who stuck by their principles and boycotted the Left Bank during the past sixth months and to Extinction Rebellion Hereford for negotiating this agreement.

We reiterate our stance that businesses must understand that they are complicit in illegal foxhunting when they seek to profit from hiring out a venue to a hunt. Hunt balls are major fundraising events for hunts. The North Herefordshire will find another venue, and may already have done so. If you have any information regarding their new venue please PM the page. We treat all our sources in the strictest confidence.


Silverton FH hound run over on A396 - 'looked close to death'

5-12-18    Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    A supporter has just messaged us that a Silverton Hunt hound was run over on the A396 this morning around 11.30am.

The hound had just been run over by a motorist as the hounds had come out of the field next to the road. The hound looked close to death. A hunt person quickly threw the twitching body into a Land Rover, while the obviously distressed motorist was ignored. Shortly after another hound ran straight out of the field across the road."

If anyone else witnessed this or has any further information, please get in touch.


Cheshire FH hounds killed a 'chopped' [possibly bagged] fox

Sab tried to get fox corpse, but was assaulted by redcoats 

Terrierman was waiting at the scene of kill and took body 

Another fox run to ground - sabs stopped dig out

Sab driven into and knocked over, not badly hurt

Sabs followed round by police helicopter

5-12-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs    Cheshire Hounds Hunt kill fox at Wrenbury   We were joined at the Cheshire Hunts kennels on Tuesday by Cheshire Against Blood Sports and accompanied Jake and Jamie to the meet in Wrenbury.

We initially had 2 sabs on foot following the Hunt, they where met with huge resistance from hunt master Charlie Barlow. Having a large meet with around 6 red coats, it was speculated Jake was going to give his all to impress his masters. Charlie began with his usual filming and trying to play the victim of trespass, while the rest of the Hunt looked very put out and worried by our presence, it seemed they thought they had free rein to pillage the countryside with it being a Tuesday. After giving up on talking, CheshireFHHuntsmancarryingawayfoxcorpse5-12-18.jpgCharlie and his riders began using their horses as weapons to keep sabs away from the hounds after setting off.

We started to call the hounds from behind the Hunt to bring them back in direction of where the Hunt had just came (where obviously no wildlife had been), and away from a near wood. Succeeding in taking some of a the pack, one of our sabs pressed on while the other continued to bring the hounds over.

Unfortunately the majority of the pack managed to arrive at the copse under the Huntsman's control. Whereas normally the hounds go into cry for some time and chase a fox to exhaustion, this time the hounds went into cry for a mere few seconds and instantly killed a fox they found at the copse, no chase at all. Sabs can normally call off the hounds when in cry and stop the kill due to the time it takes to chase the fox, but because of these unusual circumstances we had no chance of saving him.

The sab that witnessed the kill picked up and tried to leave with the body of the huge healthy fox but was attacked by Jamie Whittles, Jake Openheim, Charlie Barlow and their new whipper in. Jake wrestled the body away [carrying it, pic above left] from our sab while he was restrained and ran to the terrierman's quad which was conveniently waiting for him. Our other sab arrived and together they came within seconds of retrieving the body, but due to Charlie Barlow [fox blood on trousers, below right]punching and kicking, arrived at the quad just as it sped off at couldn't get the body in time. We will release the video footage of this separately.

Jake rode off alone after this not wanting to be seen next to the dead fox and leaving the dirty work toCheshireFHJMwihfoxblood5-12-18.jpg Jamie, perhaps he was embarrassed in front of his master and the redcoat entourage that sabs had tainted his glorious spectacle of a kill. We still find it very strange that a huge fox as it was didn't try to escape the hounds. The kill happened right next to a hunt jump and a terrier man was waiting nearby to cart off the body in the back of his quad. We can only assume Jake is such a poor Huntsman he is resorting to using bagged foxes to try and impress his guests.

Although low in spirits, sabs pressed on and continued to keep up with the hounds as they made their way into the next field. We felt it best to whatever we could to not give Jake the opportunity to kill again and took the pack with us into another field with horn calls. It took a while for the Hunt to regain control of the pack, but after they did it wasn't long before they caught another scent. After a short chase, the fox went to ground and sabs moved the hounds on, masked the scent of the fox and ensured no terrierman dug the fox out.

Upon leaving the field a while later and still infuriated at our presence, a hunt vehicle recklessly overtook a sab car and drove into the side of a sab who was running along the grass verge a few metres behind the Huntsman and hounds, knocking him over but thankfully not seriously injuring him.

We continued to follow into the next field where sabs where still being threatened with violence by male riders and given verbal abuse by others. We came up to a jump and allowed the riders to pass keeping our distance, Jamie couldn't handle it and spent about 10 minutes trying to get his horses leg from in between the panels of the jump, we where leapt back by horses who tried to prevent us from filming the incident.

We then proceeded to Baddiley Mere, where sabs where clearly at this point being followed by a police helicopter, even when not with the Hunt. It kept above us. We couldn't help but feel it a waste of resources for a helicopter to be monitoring 3 people walking through a field. We also had the pleasure of 9 police cars and a Riot van, all looking very pally with the Hunt and supporters while taking our registrations and filming our faces with their new camera. Not stopping the illegal fox Hunt of course, following up the assaults or checking the blocked badger setts we reported, no, just standing around chatting and gathering info on us.

Jake seemed to have had enough and was packing up by 2.45, we had some setts to unblock so sabs and CABS got to work until it went dark. We couldn't help but notice Jamie driving around for a couple hours after with a terrierman doing god-knows what, laughing as he drove past us, hours after the Hunt packed up.We were devastated that the Hunt killed this day. It is incomprehensible how Jamie and Jake can go home and get a good night's sleep while a poor defenceless animal lies ripped apart in the back of a quad box. However, we can't save every fox and as long as people like them continue to relentlessly chase and kill our wildlife, some will be lost. Please continue to support us by Joining or Donating to us to ensure our continued opposition to this barbaric cruelty.

7-12-18   Cheshire Live    Cheshire police investigate report of possible illegal hunting - Incident comes in week Cheshire crime commissioner published his review into how hunting is policed    Cheshire police are investigating following a report of possible illegal hunting. The incident is alleged to have happened on Tuesday morning (December 4) at Norbury in East Cheshire.

Police were called at 11.25am to land off Back Lane following ‘a report of possible illegal hunting. Allegations of assault have also been made and police attended to establish the circumstances.

Superintendent Peter Crowcroft said: “A number of allegations have been made and my officers are in the process of gathering evidence from all parties to ensure that a thorough investigation can be carried out.”

Postings have been made by hunt saboteurs on social media who claim to have been monitoring and following the hunt at the time. One photo, allegedly relating to Tuesday’s incident, shows a Huntsman holding a dead fox. Other pictures focus on the riders’ blood-stained jodhpurs. One anti-hunt campaigner said: “Sabs witnessed the whole thing and footage has been passed to the police.”

This week Cheshire police and crime commissioner David Keane published his review into whether Cheshire Constabulary was meeting its obligations when it comes to upholding the laws around fox hunting. He wanted to understand why there had been no successful prosecutions in Cheshire under the Hunting Act. Mr Keane agreed to take action after being contacted by concerned politicians and residents.

Hunting with hounds became illegal under the Hunting Act 2004 but many hunts lay a scent for the hounds to follow pursued by riders on horseback and others on foot. Such practices are perfectly legal but opponents suspect so-called trail hunting can be a cover for actual hunting as it is difficult to prove otherwise when there are claims a fox was killed accidentally. Mr Keane found current laws present ‘challenges to investigators and prosecutors’.

If you have any information, which you feel may assist the investigation, please contact Cheshire Police on 101 quoting IML 259414. Alternatively, information can be given anonymously by contacting Crimestoppers on 080 0555. 111.


Sabs car vandalised on visit to Worcestershire FH

5-12-18    Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Today. Whilst keeping an eye on the Worcestershire Hunt, this is what happened to the car. Report to follow.

Please continue to support us, share posts, keep the info coming and if you like what we do paypal.me/threecountiessabs. 


6-12-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Wednesday 5th December 2018, Worcestershire Hunt, Stock Green    A sab attended to see what this lot were up to. We keep hearing bad things about the Worcestershire so made sense to have a gander. They started off badly by hunting a fox just north of the church at Stock. Luckily sab' was present to rate the pack who then rioted on a hare. Some supporters put a stop to that. It was easy to keep an eye of them until the police called to inform said sab' that their car had been vandalised. Can't say any more on that now suffice to say that we should be back on the road soon and that a police investigation is underway.

Support has been amazing, enjoying some time out of the rain and catching up on the admin. paypal.me/threecountiessabs.


                                      Some side windows were also smashed 


Monitors find Wynnstay FH hunting openly + blocked setts

5-12-18   Facebook – Cheshire Monitors   The Wynnstay hunting with abandon in Higher Wych, near Malpas 4.12.18      After a tip-off from yet another local who hates this Hunt, we arrived to find them full on hunting with the hounds in full cry and the field of riders heading at speed across fields. So goodness knows what had been taking place before we arrived.

Support were heard laughing as we headed across the fields to stop the killing and our vehicle was continually blocked by hunt vehicles or riders. Our driver got lots of abuse from one of their off road biker slaves as well. It was very hard work trying to keep up with the hounds but we did get to see two foxes escape to safety at least.

Richard Tyacke’s (the Huntsman) other half snarled at us when we bumped into her leaving the long drive to their house on the hill, she always has a sour face.

This is near where we found freshly blocked badger setts, of course they definitely couldn’t have been blocked by a huntsman could they?! We made sure we opened them up to give the badgers a helping hand.

The alcohol was free flowing during the day and we heard an old guy on his horse saying he’d “had one too many sherries”. Maybe that’s why we had a lot of reckless horseman and woman to deal with.

Late on in the day we got talking to a woman dog walker who said she was venturing out hoping it was safe and that the Hunt had gone. She had only moved to the area recently and was furious that the hounds had rampaged in her garden. We gave her our card and offered her our support, as we always do with an increasing number of unhappy locals, before we headed home to peace away from the barbarians.

Pics below   -   1/  Terriermen. Quad is road illegal.   2/  Biker slave.    3/  Lady Wynnstay - can't control horse properly, even with close bridle.   4/  Blocked sett entrance, close to Huntsman's house.

       WynnstayFHTerriermenQuadroadillegal4-12-18.jpg  WynnstayFHBikerslave4-12-18.jpg

       WynnstayFHLadyWnnstay4-12-18.jpg  WynnstayFHBlockedsettnearHuntsmanshouse4-12-18.jpg


Belvoir FH riot in  village gardens, roads - residents alarmed

4-12-18   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs   The Hunts keep telling us we're work shy scroungers so we thought we'd live up to their stereotype and head out to the Belvior meet at Billingborough, Lincolnshire today. We scooped up a couple of equally bone idol members of Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs and arrived in the village at just gone eleven.

The pub where they were due to meet was quiet but we quickly found them just to the North of the village hunting a brassica field. Now the Belvoir haven't seen sabs midweek for possibly 20 years and it's fair to say they didn't seem delighted to see us. They spent the first hour or so continuing to hunt brassica fields and hedgerows, albeit in a fairly desultory manner, moving gradually Westwards all the while.

As they approached Great gorse, a hunt owned covert, we expected the pace to pick up a bit. Sure enough they brought out the bird of prey, which even it's handler admitted was just for show, and seemed to be making a real attempt to hunt. The hounds remained largely quiet however and the huntsman quickly continued on his way.

As they returned back towards Billingborough we were assuming the day was nearly done when suddenly the hounds picked up on a disused railway line. They streamed south into the village before rioting through gardens and across roads. Horrified villagers looked on, expressing concern about their cats' safety, whilst desperate redcoats trespassed in gardens trying to recover their hounds. Amazingly the Huntsman could be heard continuing to hunt his pack on once through the village, clearly desperate for a kill.

Once he'd realised this was no longer an option they gathered the pack and took a slow walk back to the meet with sabs following along behind. We still had time to find, and unblock, a badger sett that had clearly been blocked this morning in preparation for the day's hunt.

So a very successful day and clearly midweeks are a time when the Belvoir feel they can hunt with impunity. Well not anymore. We'll be back! Please support us: https://ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.

Video of riot in village to follow. 


N. Trust cancels Surrey Union FH licence after fox kill publicity

But... licence three more Hunts, including Cornwall's Four Burrow FH

One of six of their hounds trapped underground died last week  

4-12-18   Facebook - National Dis-Trust    Today, Polesden Lacey - National Trust have finally done the right thing and cancelled all remaining meets for the Surrey Union Hunt after Guildford , North Downs, Reading Hunt Saboteurs & Surrey Hunt Monitors all attended a meet of the Surrey Union Hunt on Saturday 1st December 2018 and ended up retrieving the body of a fox that had just been killed by the foxhounds (tinyurl.com/yba6orve). How sad, really, that the Trust waited for such an occasion to do the right thing.

Huge thank you to the hundreds if not thousands who demanded justice after Saturday's tragedy.

Earlier today, the National Trust also licenced three more Hunts including the Four Burrow Hunt whose reckless bloodsports ended with one of their hounds dying in a mineshaft just last week. We continue to call on the Trust to join us in modern society and ban this barbarity once and for all.


S. Herefordshire FH cruelty case rules hearing delayed a month

Trial will still start Jan 14th if abuse of process not found 

4-12-18    Facebook - Hereford Times    South Hereford Hunt trial hearing deferred until January   A HEARING to decide whether the trial of five people charged with animal cruelty offences in relation to the South Hereford Hunt has been deferred.

The hearing for legal arguments to be made in relation to abuse of process was due to have been held at Birmingham Magistrates Court on Monday and Tuesday of this week but has now been put back to January 4th.

Paul Oliver, aged 39, of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire; Hannah Rose, 29, of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire; Julie Elmore, 54, of Cwmyoy, Abergavenny; Nathan Parry, 38, of Cwmyoy, Abergavenny, and Paul Reece, 47, of Chepstow, all pleaded not guilty to all charges against them when they appeared at Birmingham magistrates’ court back in September.

Oliver, Rose, Elmore and Parry were charged with four counts of animal cruelty, while Reece was charged with two counts of animal cruelty, in May.

Arrests, first made two years ago, were linked to allegations of animal cruelty at the hunt’s Wormelow kennels. A trial date has been set for January 14th, if the hearing on January 4th rules the trial can take place.


MSP urged to cut close connection to accused Lauderdale FH

Another MSP recently saw the Hunt clearly chasing a fox

4-12-18   The Herald    Scottish Tory MSP urged to distance herself from fox hunting group     A SENIOR Scottish Tory MSP is facing calls to "firmly distance herself" from a fox hunting group at the centre of a police probe. The controversial Lauderdale Hunt – which Rachael Hamilton [left] has close ties to – was allegedly filmed allowing a pack of hounds to pursue a fox across a field last month.

RachelHamiltonMSPLauderdaleFH.jpgCampaigners have raised concerns the incident broke the law, while Green MSP Alison Johnstone, who accompanied the League Against Cruel Sports to observe the hunt, said she was left in no doubt that current legislation is failing to protect wildlife. The SNP said Ms Hamilton now has “serious questions” to answer.

A spokesman said: “Rachael Hamilton’s fox hunting connections are well known and it’s not the first time the Lauderdale Hunt has faced serious allegations of breaking the law. And now the activities of this group have been witnessed first-hand by an MSP and, once again, reported to the police. Rachael Hamilton has some serious questions to answer. Has she ever taken in part in an illegal hunt? Is she aware of illegal hunting by the Lauderdale Hunt? And will she firmly distance herself from this group while the police investigate these reports?”

Police confirmed they are examining the latest incident, which is alleged to have taken place on November 20. Campaigners said footage showed hounds chasing a fox across an open field with no guns in sight.

Fox hunting has been banned in Scotland since 2002. However, a loophole allows foxes to be driven from cover using dogs before being shot. Ms Johnstone, who observed the Lauderdale Hunt alongside campaigners, said she saw a fox “running for its life, pursued by a pack of dogs”. The MSP added: “The mounted hunt followed after them, and I was left in no doubt that the current law is failing to protect our wildlife. Hunting with dogs was meant to have been banned in Scotland in 2002, but this clearly has not worked.”

Ms Hamilton, the Scottish Tory’s shadow culture secretary, has ridden with the Lauderdale and Duke of Buccleuch hunts, while her husband Billy says he manages the Lauderdale group on his Facebook page. The Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP said she was not present on November 20, and declined to comment. Members of both the Lauderdale and Buccleuch hunts have previously been accused of flouting rules.

A spokeswoman for the Lauderdale Hunt said it “operates within the law to comply with the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002”. She added: “Hunts are regularly subjected to spurious allegations regarding their legal hunting activities. Any evidence of illegal activity should be reported to the police and investigated through the proper channels.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police in the Borders received a report of an incident relating to fox hunting in the Gordon area on Tuesday 20 November. It was reported on Wednesday 21 November and inquiries are ongoing into the full circumstances.”

POWAperson adds  -  Rachel Hamilton is no stranger to controversy. In March 2018, Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson was urged to sack her as shadow tourism minister [a wealthy hotelier] following her conviction and £52.5k fine for breaking the law on workplace pensions.  She remains in post. 


Sab cavalry arrive, persuading Fife FH Huntsman to pack up early

4-12-18    Facebook - Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs    Fife Foxhounds, Rathillet House 1/12/18    On Saturday, joined by our friends from Grampian Hunt Sabs, we hit Fife Foxhounds for the second week in a row. After spotting the sab car that was keeping watch over the kennels, the Huntsman attempted to lose us. He got a horse box driver to drive slowly in front of the car and let the hound van get away, and then got a car driver to attempt to block another sab car. Fortunately, there were enough sab cars in the area ready to get after the van. His final attempt to lose us was driving into a farm and waiting a few minutes before sheepishly moving off again once he realised there was no shaking us.

We arrived in the Rathillet House area shortly after 10am. While we gathered to discuss strategy for the day, we were joined by Adam Galpin, a terrier man for the Fife. As usual he couldn’t resist trying to provoke us, and as usual, it backfired. He accused a sab of writing homophobic remarks about him online, without realising that the sab herself is bisexual*. While waiting for the Hunt to move off, sabs observed members sporting real fur bobble hats - we were disappointed, but not surprised, considering how little respect they have for animal life - as well as drinking alcohol.

After moving off, sabs hot on their heels, the Hunt sent the hounds through the gorse bushes in the Darklaw Hill area. They went into cry briefly, and closest sabs acted quickly using voice calls to try and encourage the hounds off the scent. Upon hearing the racket, the whipper in was seen charging back toward the bottom edge of the gorse, most likely to scare the fox back toward the hounds - there were no guns in place to shoot any fox emerging from the gorse. He lurked around looking interested for a few minutes, but soon moved off. Thankfully, there were no kills. Sabs sprayed the area with citronella solution to cover any fox scents before following.


                       Adult and child waiting for fox to emerge - no guns in place 

The Hunt were difficult follow, but there were enough sab cars on the roads to ensure that our presence was felt all day. Near packing up time, the Hunt headed for Forret Hill, a notoriously foxy area. Sabs were prepared for their arrival and had spent the day pre-beating the area and covering it in citronella spray to give any wildlife there the best chance. Just as they approached however, several cars full of Glasgow Hunt Sabs arrived on the scene! After discovering the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt weren’t out that morning, they kindly decided to pop up to Fife to give us a hand. The Huntsman took one look at all the sabs converging on Forret Hill and decided to head back to the meet to pack up. Result!

This Saturday was a prime example of how effective numbers can be in deterring Hunts. Just seeing lots of sabs spread around the area was enough to stop them from attempting to hunt in it. You don’t need to be super fit or fast to be an effective sab - just turning up and standing in the right place at the right time can sometimes make all the difference. Join. Sab. Donate: PayPal.me/FifeHuntSabs.

*We think Galpin was trying to get footage of sabs stumbling to defend ourselves over this accusation of homophobia, so we took great delight in informing him that the sab he was accusing was a member of the LGBT+ community - this showed his accusation to be baseless, and effectively undermined his efforts to publicly embarrass us. However, homophobic abuse is a serious matter. Although we have few warm feelings toward Galpin, it isn’t right for him or anyone else associated with hunting to be on the receiving end of homophobic abuse. Fife and Central Hunt Sabs condemn Hunts and their supporters for their mistreatment of animals and the people who try to defend these animals - that’s all. We do not condone homophobia, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, sexism, etc. We urge our supporters to follow suit. There are many other ways to criticise and condemn animal abusers - don’t use homophobia!


Deer driven into barbie by Fife FH making good progress

4-12-18  Facebook - Grampian Hunt Sabs      Update on deer chased into barbed wire fence by Hunt   We have received these photos of the deer that was chased by hounds into barbed wire fencing 2 weeks ago. As many of you will remember, she has awful leg wounds where her skin was stripped down to the bone in her injuries.

She is in no way out of the woods yet and her future is still uncertain. But we know she is getting the best care possible and healing is slowly taking place although the fate of one of her feet is still not known. She awaits another vet visit soon and we are being kept updated. 



Actor Peter Egan says sacked as LACS VP for 'asking questions'

4-12-18   Twitter – Peter Egan    Apparently I've joined a group of dissenters who have been expelled from the @LeagueACS. I have been accused of harassment by the board & Andy Knott CEO : I asked questions & sadly have had my position as Vice President of @LeagueACS terminated with immediate effect.



Sabs help several foxes escape Thurlow FH's hunting hounds

Hunt rider threatens to 'batter' sab 

3-12-18    Facebook - South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs   Hit Report 3/12/2018, Thurlow Hunt, Brickwall Farm, Hundon    We paid the Thurlow a visit today, along with sabs from North East London,  Suffolk And Essex and Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs.

Given the small number of sabs out, every person made a difference, with some fantastic tactical sabbing. This ensured that however hard the Hunt tried to lose sabs (and they tried very, very hard today!!) sabs were there waiting for them.

And it was a good job sabs were present, as we are sure they would have killed otherwise. After carrying out their now standard farce of dragging a dry piece of rag about 100 meters along the edge of a field, they went on to blatantly hunt through multiple woodlands and along miles of hedgerows.

The Hunt circled back to the meet to try to lose sabs by going out the back exit, and here the houndsThurlowFHRiderthreatenedtobattersab3-12-18.jpg picked up a line (scent trail left by the fox). They rampaged right across the road without the Huntsman and were completely out of control. Luckily tactically placed sabs were walking the other way and managed to head them off back to the meet.

Partway through the day, hounds went into cry in a wood. One fox was seen escaping safely by our drivers from one side of the wood. As sabs ran along the opposite side trying to distract the hounds, a second fox escaped in the other direction. Hounds were running riot all over the overgrown wood as a third fox followed the second. Luckily sabs were there to cover the area in citronella and were able to distract the hounds enough to give the foxes time to escape.

Unfortunately, a redcoat saw the second fox escaping and so the Hunt did a wide circle back round to bring the hounds back to the line to pick up the scent. Blatant illegal hunting. Two large deer had also ran in the same direction and for a time the hounds rioted after the deer. They ran off at speed in the direction of the deer and foxes with the huntsman actively encouraging them on. The sabs had given the animals a good head start though, so eventually the Hunt circled back again close enough for sabs to make sure they did not look bloody (which indicated no kill).

They spent the best part of their last hour hunting round and round repeatedly through one large wood, with the hounds picking up scents but losing them shortly after. Sabs kept distracting the hounds, and it had luckily just rained which helps to wash scents away.

The Thurlow are not usually overly aggressive but the pictured rider [above right] did threaten to get off his horse and 'batter' one of our sabs. Charming bunch, as ever.

A very busy day, with multiple lives saved from the Thurlow Hunt's bloodthirsty hands. Thank you all for your support and generous donations. Please continue to support us here, if you can, www.gofundme.com/replacement-battery-and-fuel-fund.


Blocked setts found near Cheshire FH meet - one had diesel poured in

3-12-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    "They've done nothing all day" Cheshire Hounds, Saturday 1st December 2018, Haughton, Cheshire    Hunt follower: "Well, you've had a good day!"  Cheshire Monitor: "How's that?" Hunt follower: "They've done nothing all day."   That was the kind of day we had with the Cheshire Hounds on Saturday, and this is despite the hunt having paid lots of their ugly money for two security guards and their trainer, brought in to keep unwanted spectators at bay.

CheshireFHNewbadboy1-12-18.jpgWe bumped into the security first thing, and they introduced themselves to us as being there to "protect the Hunt", and that they were being paid a fortune that would pay for their Christmases. Protecting a Hunt that professes to be hunting within the law, but has already killed many foxes since September, including trespassing to kill one very publicly a few weeks ago which is now a case being investigated by the police and CPS.

The day started with some of our team catching the Hunt out with a tip-off that they were sneaking out early. We heard hounds in cry just after the start at 10 am and went to investigate. It looked like they had released a bagged fox, as hunts do to “get the hounds blood up before the main hunting”. We were followed, blocked by riders and cackled at by hunt supporters, but despite these best efforts, and by all the signs we saw and heard we think this one got away. And the day just got better.

We put the fear of god into one of the security guards when we walked in on a footpath having seen the Huntsman casting his hounds with the full field of riders waiting for a chase. The poor man was stood in a field with the Hunt secretary Peter Jones and his sidekick sat on their horses bullying him to stop us. Obviously that didn’t work, and we moved the Hunt on away from that fox cover with Jones and his companion getting more and more red in the face, before walking their horses at us.

This was the order of the day mostly, with the Huntsman not able to concentrate on fox killing. The police were out and about and helped stop some silly behaviour, including being followed by a hunt supporter.

CheshireFHHuntthugs1-12-18.jpgOne monitor had to deal with some very aggressive quad driving by a new hunt thug [above right] that looked like he had been dug up from the bottom of a ditch. After further incidents involving this masked muppet throughout the afternoon, he will now be being watched by Cheshire Police.

Another regular thug in attendance was Karl - too long in the tooth to be a terrierboy, and certainly not highly thought-of enough to be properly in with the hunt, but still with plenty of spare time to give over to following this lot around 2 or 3 times a week. He was drunk in charge of his quad with a glass of alcohol in his hand, drowning his sorrows after failing to receive an invite to that evening's Cheshire Hunt Ball perhaps? (We don't think they make dinner jackets in Karl's particular shape anyway). Incidentally, the ball was held at Cholmondeley Castle, who, to save themselves any potential aggro from their customers for continuing to support these fox-killing wildlife criminals, we are told had forced the hunt to keep the venue a secret until the last minute, and had even issued special instructions for those attending to sneak in the back way! Desperate measures...

We found at least two badly blocked setts during the day, the latter on land behind Haughton Hall (another vehement supporter of this hunt) which, particularly sordidly, also had diesel poured into the entrance holes before they were blocked. All blocked setts were logged, photographed, checked and logged by the police, and then unblocked. We will do our best to continue monitoring these setts to ensure they are still active, and do not suffer any further interference at the hands of the Hunt (or the farmer).

Near the end of the day one monitor caught the huntsman Jake looking like he was crying. Maybe he just can’t juggle sleepless nights with his new baby, combined with worrying about how he can find ways to hunt without us watching.

Most of the Hunt had given up and gone home by this point, of course, as it takes quite some considerable time to beautify themselves for a night out for some of this lot. Some of our team found the huntsman desperately having one last try at getting a fox for his hounds, but we scuppered those plans, and left them to go and drown their sorrows at their beloved Ball.


N. Cotswold FH hunt dug-out fox through gardens

Village residents upset, police dealing 

3-12-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    North Cotswold Hunt dig out fox from badger sett and go on to hunt him through private gardens    A day shopping and catching up on admin was brought to an abrupt halt when a call about the NCH trespassing came in. One of us got over to Cleeve Prior and after a brief drive and listen thought she could hear hounds marking to ground. A N.CotswoldFHPackandHunt3-12-18.jpgbrief walk inland and trying to pinpoint where they were with both gulls and other dogs making a din lead to concerns that they were digging out a fox due to the length of time the hounds were stationary.

When Hunts dig out sometimes they have the hounds nearby to hunt the fox again, or in order to feed the fox (alive or dead) to the waiting pack [right]. After a bit of a walk things soon became apparent. The pack were being held back by the Whipper-in and Huntsman. The field (what was left of it) were behind a hedge. Just a few yards away 3 men were digging in the woods [below].

A decision was made to make sab' presence known in order that the terriers be pulled out as soon as possible. However, it became apparent that no terrier and no fox were below ground - the men were just filling in holes.

And suddenly there was the fox. Coincidentally popping up at that point or released by the terriermen?

The hounds surged forward all of a sudden and hunted towards the nearest dwellings where they upset residents who were appalled by the cruelty they witnessed. The pack hunted on, it went quiet and the worst is feared... although we have no way of knowing one way or the other of the fate of that fox.


West Mercia police are now dealing with various incidents. Please continue to support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs and please keep the information coming in.


                       Hounds surge forward after the fox appears/is released. 


Ex LACS employee sacked for 'gross misconduct' not veganism, says League

3-12-18   Shropshire Star    Tribunal to decide if veganism is religious belief - Jordi Casamitjana said he was sacked by the League Against Cruel Sports after raising concerns about its pension fund investments   A tribunal is to decide whether veganism is a philosophical or religious belief during a landmark legal action.JordiCastimajana.jpg

Jordi Casamitjana [right] said he was sacked by the League Against Cruel Sports after raising concerns that its pension fund was being invested into companies involved in animal testing. He claims he was unfairly disciplined for making this disclosure and that the decision to dismiss him was because of his philosophical belief in ethical veganism.

Dietary vegans and ethical vegans both eat a plant-based diet, but ethical vegans also try to exclude all forms of animal exploitation including not wearing clothing made of wool or leather and not using products tested on animals.

Mr Casamitjana’s lawyers said ethical veganism satisfies the tests required for it to be a philosophical or religious belief, which would mean it was protected under the Equality Act 2010. For a belief to be protected under the Act, it must meet a series of tests including being worthy of respect in a democratic society, not being incompatible with human dignity and not conflicting with fundamental rights of others.

“Although the manner in which I was dismissed was intensely distressing for me, some good may come of it if I am able to establish this valuable protection for all ethical vegans.”

Bindmans LLP solicitor Peter Daly, who is acting for Mr Casamitjana, said ethical veganism “comfortably” met the tests needed to establish it as a philosophical or religious belief. He added: “Ethical veganism is more than simply a dietary choice. It is a particular and well-defined philosophical view about the relationship between humans and animals. It is based on well-considered and substantial philosophical thinking.”

Mr Casamitjana said the hearing was not primarily about his dismissal, but about establishing ethical veganism as a philosophical belief. He added: “Although the manner in which I was dismissed was intensely distressing for me, some good may come of it if I am able to establish this valuable protection for all ethical vegans. If we are successful in that hearing, we will then proceed to a hearing on the specifics of my dismissal.”

But the League Against Cruel Sports said it sacked Mr Casamitjana for gross misconduct and that linking the decision to his veganism was “factually wrong”. In a statement to the BBC, it added: “Mr Casamitjana was dismissed from his position because of gross misconduct. To link his dismissal with issues pertaining to veganism is factually wrong. Mr Casamitjana is seeking to use his veganism as the reason for his dismissal. We emphatically reject this claim.” Mr Casamitjana is crowdfunding his legal fees for the case, which will be heard in March next year.

POWAperson adds   -   It is distressing to once again see feuding within the League, of which this is a part. The League has published a rebuttal of Mr. Casamitjana's claims, including noting that they have several vegan employees and always cater for vegans at functions. It also explains how their pension investments came to include shares in firms that test on animals, claiming that it was not then possible to specify they must only be placed in ethical funds.


Meynell FH supporting farmer tips manure over sabs in van 

MeynellFHManuretippedoversabvan1-12-18.jpg3-12-18   Daily Mail    VIDEO     'I'm covered in poo!': Shocking moment tractor driver tips bucket of MANURE over hunt saboteurs' van after chasing it - Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs were filmed being pursued by a tractor tipping manure - In the video the tractor driver tips a bucket of manure over the roof of the car - The protesters later posted footage on Facebook and it has since gone viral     This is the shocking moment a group of hunt saboteurs were chased by a tractor driver who tipped manure over their van. During the video footage, members of the Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs, a group taking action against blood sports in Lincolnshire, are filmed being pursued by a tractor with a bucket full of manure in MeynellFHManuretippedoversabvan_2_1-12-18.jpgHixon, Staffordshire.

The protesters, were attacked as they monitored the activities of the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt. The Hunt, which sees hounds being released into the English countryside, starts in September and takes place two days a week on Tuesday and Saturday. In the video the tractor tips the bucket sending manure cascading onto the roof and through the open window of the van. One of the saboteurs can be heard saying: 'They are pouring sh*t on us - I’m covered in poo, wonderful!'” The 1.45 minute footage has since gone viral after it was posted on the group’s Facebook group following the incident on December 1st.

A spokesperson for the Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs group said: 'It's bumpkin justice. If the hydraulics failed on the tractor, it could have crashed into the vehicle and killed people - it could have been fatal. We often get intimidation like this and we need to make sure people are aware of it. We are a sab (sic) group that are there most of the time, we don’t do anything illegal and we largely monitor the activities of Hunts. If they're doing nothing illegal then they can’t object to our presence. If they do anything illegal then will take non-violent direct action, like laying false scent trails for the dogs to help the fox escape. The incident has been reported to the police. There were 12 of us altogether, seven in the van I was in and five on the van that was attacked with the tractor. You could see some of the Hunt's supporters laughing at us when it happened. It was because we ruined their day. This sort of stuff goes on all the time and the police do nothing about it. 'Many members of groups like ours have had dead foxes left on their steps, they’ll do anything to intimate us.'

MailOnline have contacted Staffordshire Police for comment.

POWAperson adds  -  There is another video, filmed by hunt supporters, which they posted online. Obviously, they find it all hilarious. Helpfully, they name the farmer. Realising that if they were going to post the video they'd better get in the lie that they're only hunting a scent. one of the women says that.

3-12-18   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    Lincoln Hunt Sabs Attacked - Meynell Foxhounds Saturday 1st December     Our comrades from Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs were the unfortunate victims of a road rage attack on Saturday. Clearly we had utterly ruined the Meynell's day, and someone blew a gasket. 

Have we been scared away from going back to ruin them again? Answers on a postcard please. Nobody was hurt but their vehicle stinks of manure, and two of them had to take their Winter bath a month early. 

All donations made below are for Lincoln sabs to, have their vehicle fully valeted, ready for next Saturday, and help cover any legal costs (depending on how seriously the police take this issue). www.ko-fi.com/lincssabs.

Story also in the Mirror 


Portman FH riders milling about on road disrupt traffic


3-12-18   Facebook - Wildlife Witness   VIDEO    Typical bit of nonsense from the Portman Hunt riders on Saturday - not content with chasing Dorset's wildlife around the countryside they spent a bit of time just getting in everybody's way too. One can only marvel at the patience of the poor sod on the bike.



Police seek thug who launched hammer attack on sabs at Fernie FH meet

3-12-18   Cambridge Live    The shocking footage of people caught in hammer attack - the Sabs claim they were ambushed by a man wielding a hammer    A shocking video has emerged of a man allegedly attacking Cambridgeshire-based saboteurs with a hammer.

Members of the North Cambs Hunt Sabs, an organisation that tries to prevent fox hunting, went to a farm in Smeeton Westerby, Leicestershire, to make sure a hunt was being carried out legally on Saturday, November 24th.

Footage of the day appears to show the members getting ambushed by a man wielding a hammer at around 3:30pm. The dashcam footage appeared to show the Sabs' vehicle driving up a muddy, country road before encountering a vehicle blockade with two men standing in front of it. The two men then seem to run toward the Sabs. One of the men in a fluorescent yellow jacket appeared to be wielding a hammer. The Sabs' driver then stopped the vehicle and proceeded to reverse - but the man in the yellow jacket appeared to attack the vehicle with the hammer before throwing it at them.


The rest of the footage then showed the man with the yellow jacket chase after the Sabs for a short while - before they get away.

The Sabs posted a report on their Facebook page revealing the unsettling events of the day. The Sabs, however, did point out that despite their misfortune, they managed to carry on. The post read: "Sab took a turn for the ridiculous... while the drivers of our vehicles were having to contend with this level of misbehaviours, both North Cambs Hunt Sabs and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs continually stayed close enough to the Huntsman and pack to keep the hunt moving."


Today (December 3), police have released an image of the man in the yellow jacket to help find him. A Leicestershire Police spokeswoman said: "Officers investigating a report of criminal damage have released an image of a man who may have information about the incident. On Saturday afternoon on November 24 at around 3.30pm, a woman called police to report her car’s rear passenger window had been smashed in Theddingworth. Officers have today released an image of a man who may have valuable information to assist with their enquiries."

Sab's original report of the day is here. 


Sabs repeatedly intervene to save fox Eggesford FH intent on catching

2-12-18   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs   Eggesford Hunt 1.12.2018    Back to the Eggesford yesterday, together with our friends from SDAR and Somerset Hunt Sabs. The hunt met at Collaton Manor, Chulmleigh, with a field of approximately 15 riders. Together we had a decent-sized group, with four teams of foot sabs, including runners, and two vehicles. This enabled us to keep eyes on Huntsman, hounds and terriermen for most of the day - not always easy as they seemed to lose each other a lot!

They set off into Great Wood north of the meet, crossed the road and began drawing Longmoor Wood, backwards and forwards, with hounds repeatedly picking up a scent. Several sab teams in the woods and around the edges successfully pulled hounds off the scent, sending them back in the other direction.

Hounds and Huntsman Jason Marles headed back towards Great Wood, where hounds again were rated off a scent. Jason gathered them up and sent them back in direction of Longmoor Wood. This time they headed straight through the woods to the east, crossed the road, rioted on deer and then entered the valley between Thurle and Trunk Bridge. With hounds picking up another scent and sab teams positioned on all sides, we prepared to see a fox break at any moment. Sure enough, a fox was spotted not far from hounds, running for its life, so all foot teams sprang into action to stop hounds in their tracks. A really close call, but quick action from sabs caused hounds to lose the fox and Marles, dismounted, was now quite far behind them.

The second part of the day was spent between Horridge Moor and West Gladstone Farm, with hounds in cry for much of it. The terrain was rough and boggy, and the dark rainy conditions didn't help. But again Marles seemed to lose most of his pack and it took him a good hour to collect them back up at Garland Cross. One of the terriermen was stuck, having apparently lost the keys to his quadbike. With only an hour of daylight left and Marles seemingly struggling to keep control of his hounds, we thought he might be headed back to the meet. Instead, he put hounds back into the valley at West Garland Farm, where things got hectic again.


Within seconds, hounds were on a scent which seemed to take them into the middle of a large bramble patch. Sabs rated them off and hounds moved on. Minutes later, another fox ran out in front of the hounds, Marles encouraged them on and proceeded to ride his horse at one of the sabs when he realised he'd seen it too. More sabs arrived on the scene with citronella sprays to cover the fox's scent and rate the hounds as they ran up the stream valley in pursuit. Catching up with the hounds again, sabs rated them from both sides of the valley and another team further on succeeded in calling much of the pack out of the valley, which bought the fox some time. Eventually hounds headed back into the valley and some of them found the scent again. By now it was almost 4.30pm and dark, so Marles gathered them up and headed back to the road to pack up.

 We only reveal the locations of foxes we know the huntsman has seen too, but will say this: there were several narrow misses yesterday, including two foxes seen breaking just seconds apart from each other within metres of huntsman and hounds... Those are the most terrifying moments to witness, but amazingly neither huntsman nor hounds had noticed on this occasion!

If you support what we do, please consider donating to our fuel and equipment fund:- www.paypal.me/dchs. Every season we have to replace bits of equipment, such as radios and cameras, which get broken or stolen by the Hunt. In addition, our Land Rover costs a lot to keep on the road. We are all volunteers. Contrary to hunt myth, nobody is paid to sab! We give our time freely to protect our wildlife. If you want to find out more about what it takes to become a sab and are considering getting involved, contact us via Facebook, email to devoncountysabs@riseup.net or phone/text 07717473305.


 N. Staffs FH thug in hammer attacks sab car, others brandish knives

Huntsman attacks sab and monitor with horse & whip 

Hounds chased hare, sabs called them off 

2-12-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs    Due to a tip off on the whereabouts of the North Staffs Hunt , we decided to have a change of scenery on Saturday and headed over the border to sab the North N.StaffsTapedupregplate1-12-18.jpgStaffordshire Hunt who where hunting the Knighton area.

We arrived at their meet at The White Lion pub with Cheshire Against Blood Sports and were immediately met with resistance from hunt support hurling abuse at our sabs while waiting for them to set off. The Hunt headed down Poplar lane and into a nearby field accompanied by their huge number of riders. The Huntsman was slightly bewildered to have us following every step of the way and did his best to avoid us, riding straight across country as fast as possible, often leaving his field behind.

About half an hour into following the Hunt, sabs spotted a hunt support vehicle taping up both registration plates [left], oddly enough they used masking tape which we could see through, not the brightest bunch. A short while later the same vehicle pulled up along side one of our sabs vehicle and started attacking it with a hammer [below right], before the two passengers pulled out knives and made threatening gestures to our sabs, they then drove off and we called the police (who arrived 2 hours later). We manged to get all this on film and police are dealing with it.

Despite the violence, we continued to pursue the Hunt. After them running off for a short while, we entered a dirt track and found about 10 hunt vehicles 3 quads, 6 masked up terriermen, the field and the Huntsman with his hounds. It took us a while to get past the terrier boys who tried their best to wrestle us out the field but after we did we began a battle of horns with the Huntsman, continuously lifting the hounds and him trying to regain control. He soon go sick of this and exited the field through Mount Farm and crossed Woodhouse Lane into another farm where he held out for half an hour and waiting for theN.StaffsHammerwieldingthug1-12-18.jpg police to come.

He told the police the hunt was over and he was packing up and obviously told some lies about sabs to the police, who were very suspicious and critical of us. We continued to watch the farm house from the road side until the Hunt snook back off through some back fields. We followed them and caught up as the hounds were in cry and bolting from a woodland was a hare with the full pack in chase, we managed to get there at just the right time and were able to get in front of the hounds after the hare had passed, calling them off with voice calls and whip cracks. The Huntsman was absolutely furious, jumped over a hedge and had a sab and a CAB crushed against the hedge, trying to hit them with his whip while screaming 'cunts'.

After the incident with the Huntsman another sab and a CAB where being held back and given abuse by riders, one even going as far as to spit in the face of a sab, while one of us was able to get past and pursue the hounds. However, two police officers ran after him, grabbed him and took him out of the field. We where still being looked at as the wrong-doers after the Hunt had lied to the police, attacked sabs and chased a hare. 

The Hunt knew keeping a low profile was in their best interests after this and did their absolute utmost to avoid us, with massive areas of land free from roads for miles around, we struggled to keep up with them until the end of the day. However their desperation and violence is a clear sign we had an big effect on their day.


Sabs prevent dig-out by Cotswold FH as darkness falls

2-12-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Saturday 1st December 2018, Cotswold Hunt, Charlton Abbotts     With Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch and 2 lovely independents. Got very muddy indeed early morning sett checking! No setts found blocked but later in day hounds passed over one sett and had a sniff. Not sure of the implications of that or the logic of culling badgers arguing that they are highly infectious and yet no biosecurity from the very people who say they need a cull.....hmm. Good to see that they are at least behaving on this matter.

We spent quite a lot of the day close on their heels and at one stage it was a matter of Huntsman and hounds going back and forth outside Roel Farm before heading over to Hawling.

At the back of Hawling Lodge as it started getting dark they hunted several foxes in the gorse. One sab' had his spray grabbed in an unsuccessful attempt to goad him into a fight (we have plenty more of them) and another sab' covered the line of one hunted fox. They marked to ground in the thick gorse and we moved in to make sure that they made no attempt to dig out. All in all a successful day.

Please support https://www.facebook.com/CIHWatch/?ref=br_rs and if you like what we do paypal.me/threecountiessabs. Please continue to send in information and share our posts.


Middleton FH rider injures a sab by riding into them

Hunt security reprimanded by police for blocking sab car

2-12-18    Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs     Yesterday, we once again teamed up with West MiddletonFHHiredinsecurity1-12-18.jpgYorkshire Sabs and went up to Scrayingham, North Yorks, to see what the Middleton were up to. Unsurprisingly, they were trying to illegally hunt foxes. Charles Carter was today replaced by usual whipper in Simon, who is barely able to hunt half a pack despite having the help of six extra whips. Even eccentric land owner George Winn-Darley had a whip, though he was too busy manhandling sabs, and not knowing where the footpaths were, to help.

Due to our success last cubbing season, the Middleton still employ 3 masked up "security" personnel [right] who followed us and shouted about getting back to the highway all day. They illegally blocked West Yorkshire's vehicle in for an hour before the police turned up and reprimanded them. It seems we aren't the only ones to have complaints about Carl Parker and St George Security.

One sab was also injured by a rider using a horse as a weapon [below left], presumably bored by the day's hunting and looking for some drama.

Despite the usual detritus that comes with sabbing such a snooty Hunt, we were able to disrupt hunting at points by distracting the hounds, causing the drawing of some coverts to be abandoned. The 10 remaining riders packed up at 3.30, with some red coats even being boxed up with hounds [below right].

We'd like to thank everyone who has donated to our new vehicle appeal so far. If you would like to continue to support us in getting a new vehicle, you can do so via this link.

  MiddletonFHRiderusinghorse..1-12-18.jpg MiddletonFHRedcoatsearlybox-up1-12-18.jpg


Grantham residents to sue Council over allowing Belvoir FH B.Day meet

2-12-18   Grantham Matters    Grantham residents’ threat to take council to court over Boxing Day Meet    If you can’t be bothered to read through the facts of the matter, here is the synopsis in a nutshell; I will be seeking legal advice, and I will be pursuing a private prosecution against South Kesteven District Council and Lincolnshire County Council – for their failure to follow their own statutory legal obligations and responsibilities.

Let me also make you aware. I am not a hunt saboteur. I am a Grantham resident; who believes that the law should be obeyed, whomsoever you are! I will exhibit all of the evidence collected over the last three years in this email.

Over the last 3 years I have been in contact with the Charter Trustees and the Mayor of Grantham. On these occasions I have been bringing to the attention of the Mayor of Grantham, the illegal activities of the Belvoir Hunt. I have been very friendly and approachable in trying to make the Mayor aware of these illegal activities; in a vain effort to prompt the Mayor into making a moral decision, on the invitation of the Belvoir Hunt to Grantham on Boxing Day.

Let me state, that my interactions with the Mayor Councillor Mike Cook were very positive, he was absolutely lovely to me and I would consider this gentleman to be very honourable . He was very approachable and he very carefully considered the moral argument, I had brought to his attention. Councillor Cook very nearly rescinded the invitation to the Belvoir Hunt in December 2017. However, after taking legal advice he advised me that as the 2 upcoming court cases had not yet been heard or proved, he could not deny the invitation, as in the interests of justice, everyone is ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ I was happy with this, because the honourable Councillor Mike Cook was right, the law must come first! However, in 2018 both of these court cases resulted in guilty verdicts, and my moral argument was back on the table of the Mayors Parlour.

In July 2018, I again brought the moral argument to the new Mayor Councillor Linda Coutts. I presented all the evidence to councillor Coutts, in an effort for her to carefully consider the moral argument, and deny the invitation to the Belvoir Hunt on Boxing Day 2018, this was solely due to the Belvoir Hunts’ despicable and immoral behaviour, which had now been proved in court. Unfortunately all my efforts have been in vain, as it appears, nobody has any morals these days...

POWAperson adds – This is a very long article. To read the rest, click on the URL after the date at the top.


Berkeley FH hunt blatantly - sabs pull hounds off foxes

1-12-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs   We joined up with Bath Hunt Sabs earlier today and headed to a meet of the Berkeley Hunt at Fieldlane Farm, Cam, right next to the M5. Upon leaving the meet they crossed the bridge over the motorway and headed west into their usual stomping grounds.

Between our three vehicles we had tabs on them for a lot of the day, despite the hunt and their supporters deploying their usual tricks of blocking vehicles and running from sabs into hard to access areas of land. Hounds were in cry a number of times throughout the day, with sabs intervening on a couple of occasions.


                     The Berkeley FH wear distinctive mustard coloured coats 

At one point, a hunt supporter ‘holloaed’ to indicate to the Huntsman and hounds that they had seen a fox running, unbeknown to them we were in the same field. Seconds later the Huntsman and hounds were steaming through on the line of the fox. Sabs used voice calls and the sound of whip cracking to try to stop the pack, and between this and them struggling to get over a fence in a garden, we held them up for a short time. We’re unsure whether the fox got away but hopefully these valuable seconds helped.

Blatant illegal hunting from this lot today, meaning we'll be sure to pay them a bit more attention for the rest of the season. Until next time...


NT licenced Surrey Union FH hunts and kills fox

Had earlier chased other fox thru gardens & over roads

Went to ground - sabs ensured Hunt did not dig out

Hunt filmed selves laying pretend trail AFTER they killed fox 

1-12-18   HSA Press Release    National Trust sanctioned Surrey Union Hunt Kill Fox    The Surrey Union killed a fox today from their meet at Luykns House, Ewhurst, home of Joint Master Alice Dunston In the early afternoon the Hunt were hunting around Peaslake when their hounds rioted. The pack were split through the village and run amok in peoples gardens. Whilst sabs stopped half the pack who were chasing a deer some other hounds came upon a fox in thick undergrowth and killed it. Sabs were close at hand but were unable to get to the hounds in time.

The Surrey Union have been given a license by the National Trust to hunt at Polesden Lacey next Saturday and also on the 2nd January.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “It isn't possible for packs of foxhounds to be let loose in the countryside without killing wildlife. Huntsmen put their hounds into areas they know they're likely to find foxes then cry accident when they kill. The National Trust clearly condone the murder of this fox. The only way they can prove otherwise is by withdrawing the upcoming licenses for the Surrey Union to hunt at Polesden Lacey.”

   SurreyUnionFHKilledfox30-11-18.jpg  SurreyUnionFHKilledfox2_30-11-18.jpg

1-12-18   Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Today the Surrey Union Killed a fox    As they left the meet they were straight on a fox near Prince Hill. The hounds chased the fox through gardens and over dangerous roads. Sabs managed to stay with the hounds and as the fox went to ground managed to call the hounds off and protected the den... meanwhile, the Huntsman plodded along in the opposite direction.

Later we heard other sabs witnessed a kill near Peaslake. Sabs retrieved the body and we are in contact with the police. Full report to follow.

The National Trust (trust?) has given the Surrey Union a license to hunt on their land including a meet near Polesden Lacey. They have shown a blatant disregard of the law today which includes assaulting sabs and illegal hunting which unfortunately resulted in the death of one poor fox. Please message Polesden Lacey to ask them to retract the Surrey Unions Hunting license. polesdenlacey@nationaltrust.org.uk.

To help keep us out in the field please consider donating on the link below or message us to get involved! Want to grass up your local hunt? Give us an anonymous message. Tip offs:- 07565050925. Donations: https://ko-fi.com/O5O8LDSI.2-12-18

2-12-18    Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs   VIDEO    SURREY UNION HUNT KILL FOX PEASLAKE 1-12-18 -  CALL TO ACTION   On Saturday 1-12-18, the Surrey Union Hunt met at Lukyns Ewhurst, the home of Joint Master Alice Dunsdon. Saboteurs from Guildford, North Downs and Reading, along with the Surrey Hunt Monitors, were there to try to stop them killing any foxes.

It was a dismal rainy day with only about 20 riders. The Huntsman was Andrew Hazeltine with Russell Ingram acting as a Whipper-in. From the start there was never any sign of a trail. It was blatant illegal hunting from start to finish.

Early in the day they chased a fox from Princes Hill (Losely on the map) crossing roads and private gardens to a wood south of Brookhurst Farm where it went to ground. Sabs were on the scene and SurreyUnionFHRemainsofkilledfox1-12-18.jpgwaded through a stream to prevent the hounds from trying to dig the fox out (see dramatic video elsewhere on this page).

Other Sabs arrived and called the hounds off, we left two Sabs there to protect the earth and the fox was seen making its escape an hour later with the hunt miles away.

Mid afternoon there were chaotic scenes in Peaslake as the Hunt lost control of their hounds, chasing deer and a fox through private gardens. One group of Sabs was able to call about half the pack off a deer to the east of the village but unfortunately at the same time a small group of hounds dived into bushes on Hurtwood Control Land near Walking Bottom Car Park Peaslake. They quickly killed and disemboweled a small fox [left] hiding there before the Sabs (who were there in seconds) could do anything to prevent it. The smug Hunt even had the bloody cheek to film themselves afterwards at a pretend trail as a cover story.

The very upset Sabs managed to recover the body (see gruesome photos) and later gave it a decent burial. Please see videos elsewhere on this site. The sabs tried their best all day through hilly terrain and heavy rain saving the earlier fox and were truly gutted that we couldn't save this poor little soul.

Action Plan - We are asking our supporters to share this post and the videos of this incident and to contact the following:- Please ask the National Trust to cancel the Surrey Union's hunt Licence for Polesden Lacey on Saturday 8th December. This is not a trail hunt but an out of control hunt that illegally kills our wildlife. They arrogantly trespasses anywhere they please, including private gardens and nursing homes grounds. Send emails to - polesdenlacey@nationaltrust.org.uk and trailhunting.management@nationaltrust.org.uk. Also can people contact Hurtwood Control (a charity) and ask them why they allow illegal activity on their land. Please be polite. Office 01306-730100. Email:- fothadministration@friendsofthehurtwood.co.uk. Thank you for your support. 

2-12-14    Mirror    Fox ripped to pieces by up to 40 hunting dogs, saboteurs claim    Hunters and saboteurs clashed in Surrey after allegations a fox was killed by hounds These disturbing images show a fox that was brutally mauled to death by hunters, according to saboteurs.

Yesterday afternoon 20 members of the Guildford Hunt Saboteurs group descended on woodland near Ewhurst in Surrey having been tipped off about a potential fox hunt. After hounds were pulled away from one fox by the saboteurs, the protesters and riders from Surrey Union Hunt came face to face in the village of Peaslake. There a pack of 30 to 40 dogs charged through people's gardens, chased a herd of deer and mauled a fox to death, the saboteurs claim.

Colin Skilton, spokesperson for the Guildford Hunt Saboteurs, said: "In Peaslake the dogs went absolutely mad. They were everywhere. They went through people's back gardens in full cry. There were 30 or 40 dogs all over the place as the huntsmen stood in the middle of the village. The fox was hiding in the bush when the dogs got to it. They decimated it in seconds."

A video taken on the day shows a disemboweled fox lying in a woodland clearing. Hunt saboteurs are shown kneeling around the animal with one woman in tears. The group covered the fox and later buried it in woodland nearby, performing a short ceremony in its honour.

Mr Skilton, 56, from Redhill, Surrey, said: "Fox hunting is banned and they shouldn't be doing it. We are opposed to anybody killing an animal for their pleasure. The fox's eyes are bulging out. It has been through a massive trauma."

A spokesperson for the hunt said the group operated within the confines of the Hunting Act 2004. They added: "Hunts throughout the country are regularly subjected to spurious allegations, as we believe to be the case on this occasion. We have notified the police and will of course assist them with any enquiries however we are unable to comment any further at this stage."

Although fox hunting was made illegal in the UK 14 years ago it is still widely practised. Since the ban some groups have started trail hunting whereby dogs follow the artificially laid scent of a fox. Saboteurs argue that this is a front for actual hunting. However, riders claim their dogs latch onto and kill foxes despite receiving no encouragement from hunters. Incidents involving hunters and saboteurs are relatively common in rural parts of the country.

A spokesman for Surrey Police said: "On Saturday December 1 we received an allegation that a fox was killed during a hunt at Ewhurst (near Cranleigh) in Surrey. We have contacted the individual who reported this and are looking into the circumstances. If anyone was witness to the alleged offence and has evidence please contact the police on http://surrey.police.uk/ReportIt , quoting reference PR/45180128302, or by calling 101."


Barlow FH stun sabs by actually trail hunting [honestly]

30-11-18    Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Today we set out on our day off to sab the Barlow. BarlowFHAngrysupporter30-11-18.jpgHowever it turns out that actually Hunts do follow trails since the ban, or at least since last week when they were openly hunting. Today the Barlow showed us how they follow a trail, and spent a fair while explaining to us about how it all works, even that they buy the fox pee. We wonder if they will do this every week, even if we're not there..

This still doesn't stop their support being narky about people taking pictures of ducks and attacking sabs. But at least it was only with his hat (see photo of flat cap aimed at sab with camera .. video to follow). Now It's an early night for us, let's hope tomorrow's hunts follow the Barlow's example and follow a trail all day. If you would like to support us, please donate to our fundraiser and help us buy a new group vehicle after it got stolen.


Banwen Miners FH hunt fox in banned land - they may have killed

Huntsman made no effort to stop hounds in Woodland Trust land

1-12-18   Facebook - South Wales Hunt Saboteurs     Banwen hunt and chase fox in Woodland Trust land    Meet was at Dyffryn Farm, Bryn Coch just north of Neath hosted by Mr R Thomas.

Right out of the gate, they didn't seem pleased to see us. Hunt Master Jamie Morrell was particularly put out by our presence, threatening to run sabs over and also to call the police. However neither happened and off we went. The Hunt (no riders, huntsman on foot) – initially headed into one part of the wood but then stopped shortly after realising we were going with them. The Huntsman pulled the hounds back and headed off in another direction apparently 'to our private land' not so private that it didn't feature a network of well placed footpaths. By this time we had been told they were hound exercising, as well as following a trail – which apparently had been laid in a variety of places and at a variety of times depending on who was talking. We certainly didn't see anyone! We split into two foot teams to cover a larger area between us and ensure we didn't lose sight of them.


Once at the top of the hill, the Huntsman worked the hounds along the edge of the wood, before heading down into a wooded valley. He was encouraging hounds to work throughout but fortunately they didn't pick up.

This changed dramatically as they were heading for home when despite our best efforts the hounds chased a fox into Dyffryn Wood, Woodland Trust land. The Huntsman made no effort to call them off during this pursuit and hounds were later seen with blood on their bodies. We can't be certain whether this was from a kill or as a result of being encouraged to Hunt through rough land where they may well have injured themselves. Let's hope it's the latter. The Huntsman eventually gathered his hounds and headed back to the meet.


This Huntsman continually tries to work hounds through land where they are likely to find foxes. Today they hunted a fox through Woodland Trust land. Land they are not allowed to hunt, cross or use to retrieve their hounds. They have complete disregard for wildlife, the law and landowners. They are firmly in our sights and we will be seeing you again soon Banwen Miners Hunt.

Sabs just manage to save fox from Puckeridge FH late in day

1-12-18    Facebook - South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs    Hit Report 1/12/18 Puckeridge Hunt, Hall Farm House, Brent Pelham    We headed over to hit the Puckeridge Hunt this morning along with North East London Sabs. Herts Wildlife Monitors were also supporting us. We were later joined by Suffolk And Essex, Norwich Sabs, Beds & Bucks Sabs and N. Cambs Hunt Sabs.

Once more the meet was very close to the Hunt kennels and the Hunt spent the majority of the day going round in rough circles in the same small area. Seems to us like their hunting grounds are shrinking!

Some good work and tactical positioning between the groups ensured that the slippery Puckeridge were kept within sab sights for almost the whole day.

Towards the end of the day sabs saw a fox enter a small copse, just as hounds were entering from the other side. The fox did not re-emerge and the hounds immediately picked up the scent and went into cry. Sabs hurried to distract the hounds with voice calls and use citronella to hide the foxes scent. It was an extremely close call but after a very tense ten minutes or so they eventually lost the scent and headed away from the area.


The other groups did sterling work also and at least one other fox was seen to safety.

The highlight of the day for sabs was being greeted by some friendly Zwartble sheep on their way through the fields - the animals know who means them no harm! A successful day for our wildlife all in all.

Solidarity to Surrey Hunt Monitors who had to face a kill today ������.

Our radios are not functioning well. Please support us to buy some new ones at our fundraiser if you can. You can donate here: Www.gofundme.com/replacement-battery-and-fuel-fund. You can also buy from our fundraising page here: https://www.facebook.com/South-Cambs-hunt-Saboteurs-auctio…/


Fox saved from Meynell FH by sabs leading to early pack up

1-12-18   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs     Today we joined up with Lincoln and Liverpool Hunt Sabs and headed to Hixon, Staffordshire to sab the Meynell and South Staffs Hunt.

It's a meet we know well, although we haven't been there for a couple of seasons, so we knew it would be a tough day. The Hunt generally spend all day in a large area with poor road access apart from long dead end roads cutting into it. Knowing how problematic it could be we dropped a team of sabs into the middle of the area before the hunt had even left their meet so that we'd be ready to greet them.

The Hunt headed South, straight to Yoxley Plantation but we had sabs on all sides and they passed straight through before rioting on a hare. They then continued into the middle of the large area but we always had at least one group of foot sabs with them and they appeared to have little land to hunt.


Sabs lost them briefly near Moreton House but our patience was rewarded when we heard hounds speaking to the East. We had groups on three sides as the Huntsman encouraged them on and the terrier men were heard holloaing as a large dog fox broke to the North. Sabs were perfectly placed to allow him past before spraying to mask his scent and rating the hounds as they came towards us in full cry.

They lost that line but continued to pick up as they were hunted through brassica fields back towards Moreton House. Most of the field left at this point whilst the Huntsman, remaining field and ever delightful terrier men meandered back to the meet to pack up just before three.

There was still time for a local farmer to attempt to tip a load of manure on one of our vehicles but it only provoked hilarity from sabs and showed how frustrated the Hunt were. Please support us: https://ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.



….. 30th November - Monitor puts Beaufort FH hounds off pursuing fox over road

….. 30th November - Fitzwilliam FH withdraws injunction bid against the 7 named sabs

…… 30th November - MSP witnesses Scottish Hunt chasing a fox

….. 30th November - Barlow FH stun sabs by actually hunting a trail [honestly]  

….. 29th November - Film of Quantock SH hind hunting released - several killed

….. 29th November - Sabs arrive just in time to save fox from Belvoir FH hounds

….. 28th November - N. Cotswold FH kill fox, terrierman runs away with corpse

….. 28th November - 5 Four Burrow FH trapped hounds rescued after 5 days - one died

….. 28th November - Blankney FH run into coursers - police send helicopters but they'd fled

….. 27th November - Derwent FH redcoat allows hound to chase deer

….. 27th November - Sabs dob in unMoT'd supporter to police

….. 27th November - Tiny Tanatside FH put on hilarious display of 'trail' laying

….. 26th November - Ledbury FH hounds in gardens, chase fox into drain

….. 26th November - Portman FH Huntsman filmed cantering, calling hounds on to A30

….. 26th November - Four Burrow FH hunt across bTb infected farm, again

….. 26th November - Police confirm investigating Cheshire FH's bin bag killed fox

….. 25th November - Blackmore FH terrierman robs female sab - police visit deters fox hunting

….. 25th November - NT's licensing manager seen next to Chiddingfold FH terrier quad - says nothing

….. 25th November - Flint & Denbigh FH cause havoc on A541 AND the A525

….. 25th November - Assault on farmer by York & Ainsty S. FH members seen by sabs

….. 25th November - Two Middleton FH hounds run over

….. 25th November - Fife FH Huntsman assaults sab - hounds drive deer into barbie, sabs rescue

….. 25th November - Sab drone keeps them on East Kent FH - leads to v. early pack up

….. 24th November - Sabs scare off Heythrop FH terriermen about to dig out

….. 24th November - Fernie FH thug gangs stage multiple attacks on sabs

….. 24th November - Sab assaulted by Cottesmore FH servant; blocked sett and AE found

….. 24th November - Sab wins compo for stabbing by Southdown FH kennel man in 2015

….. 24th November - Cottesmore FH Whipper-in filmed cantering horse on main road

….. 24th November - Shambolic Cattistock FH meet - assaults and tyre-slashing by support

….. 24th November - Sabs ensure dig-out by Suffolk FH doesn't happen

….. 24th November - Expert legal advice says NT is breaching charity requirements

….. 24th November - Police sat & watched Atherstone FH create road havoc, say sabs

….. 24th November - Sabs startle Blankney FH Huntsman into inactivity & early pack-up

….. 24th November - N. Cotswold FH terriermen scoot off when caught digging sett

….. 23rd November - Car nearly ploughed into the Warks FH Huntsman & pack

….. 23rd November - Sabs find Ashford Valley FH hounds marking & prevent dig out

….. 23rd November - Sabs aid 4 hares escape from Easton Harriers; early pack up

….. 23rd November - Police find Barlow FH hounds milling on B road unsupervised

….. 22nd November - Warks FH reported to have hunted in banned country park

….. 21st November - Thugs hold sabs back, block filming, while N. Cotswold FH kill fox

….. 21st November - Sabs accuse police WO of leaking info on live inquiry to accused 

….. 21st November - Cheshire Forest FH hounds cheat death under wheels of artic on A50

….. 21st November - Cheshire Forest FH Huntsman whips hound in head, knocks it over

….. 20th November - Monitors film Grafton FH blatantly hunting foxes

….. 20th November - S. Durham FH trespass, hunting on nature reserve & garden

….. 20th November - Deer hunters' abuse of exemption exposed on BBC's 'Inside Out'

….. 20th November - Atherstone FH let hounds crap all over village & leave it there

….. 19th November - Atherstone FH Huntsman blew hounds on to busy road, say sabs

….. 19th November - Stand-in Cotswold Vale FH Huntsman hopeless, meet is a shambles

….. 18th November - Old Berks FH chase fox on to NT land & kill it there

….. 18th November - Fitzwilliam FH get interim trespass injunction against sabs

….. 18th November - Sabs save flushed fox from sure kill by S. Dorset FH with gizmo

….. 18th November - Sabs attacked with catapults by Southdown FH support

….. 18th November - East Sussex FH give up on meet because 'excess of sabs'

….. 18th November - Hampshire FH ignore law on quad use, cause hold-ups on A31

….. 18th November - Sabs save deer from Old Surrey FH hounds

….. 18th November - Cottesmore FH hounds chase hare - saved by sabs

….. 17th November - N. Trust give Dartmoor FH licence with 87 dates for 'trail hunting'

….. 17th November - Eggesford FH follower breaks into sab landy, steals kit box

….. 17th November - Purbeck Beagles admit to police that hare and deer chased

….. 17th November - Sabs save hares and foxes from Oakley/Cambridge FHs

….. 17th November - Sabs help save three foxes from Belvoir FH

….. 17th November - Avon Vale FH get poor turnout for meet with Vine & Craven FH

….. 17th November - Tredegar Farmers FH supporter drives pick-up into sab vehicle

….. 17th November - Old Surrey FH soon bore of fake trail hunt & pack up early

….. 16th November - Ashford V. FH move meet to Fridays - but can't escape sabs & drone

….. 16th November - Beaufort FH risk assessment for Tetbury B.Day meet rejected by Council

….. 16th November - Purbeck & Bovington Beagles trespass on Nat. Trust land

….. 15th November - Cheshire FH hounds kill fox - Whip quickly clears remains away

….. 15th November - Easton Harriers may be responsible for panicking horse that died

….. 15th November - NT cancels Trinity Foot Beagles licence for Ashridge Estate, Herts

….. 15th November - Council votes for Dunston Harriers B.Day meet in town centre

….. 14th November - Sabs sure Fife FH killed 2 foxes, but they're unsure how

….. 14th November - Easton Harriers kill young hare in front of sabs

….. 14th November - Beaufort FH snapped illegally holding up traffic on main road

….. 14th November - LACS' Investigator calls Quantock SH acquittals 'national disgrace'

….. 14th November - N. Cotswold FH hounds riot on major A road chasing deer

….. 14th November - Beaufort FH hounds spill on to A road

….. 14th November - Sabs think Derwent FH killed fox - hounds had blooded faces

….. 14th November - Anger as notorious Beaufort FH licenced by Nat. Trust

….. 13th November - Quantock SH Huntsman & Whip acquitted of illegal hunting

….. 13th November - Blackmore FH terrify livestock & deer, invade two gardens

….. 13th November - Dunston Harriers killed hare in someone's garden

….. 12th November - Beaufort FH Tetbury New Year's meet at risk over safety fears

….. 11th November - Blencathra FH filmed illegally hunting fox, monitors obstructed

….. 11th November - Drivers angry as S. Durham FH allow hounds to riot on road

…. 11th November - East Kent FH response to sabs arrival was to start laying fishy trail !

….. 11th November - Bolebroke Beagles abandon meet when realise sabs trailing them

….. 11th November - Sabs wait out skulking Britannia Beagles until they pack up

….. 10th November - Police drop illegal hunting case against United FH

….. 10th November - Deer killed by South Durham FH hounds

….. 10th November - Graton FH Stewards - 'Obnoxious', 'threatening', 'dangerous'

….. 10th November - Purbeck Beagles Huntsman claim to have laid trail false, say sabs

….. 10th November - N. Cotswold FH chased 3 foxes, sabs helped them escape death

….. 9th November - Sabs allege more corruption/pro-hunt bias from Leics police

….. 8th November - Huntress awaiting trial for whipping sab is killed in hunting accident

….. 8th November - 'Kill vegans' journo is Grafton FH member + was cruel to injured deer

….. 7th November - Women monitors attacked by S. Durham FH riders - one has fractures

….. 7th November - Warwickshire FH hunt on nature reserve and A429 [at dusk]

….. 7th November - Old Berks NT licence for day cancelled - hunted elsewhere, no kills

….. 7th November - Old Berks FH get silly - want 'protect private property' from lone anti

….. 7th November - Visit to rarely sabbed Worcs FH records holloas/whistles as fox put up

….. 6th November - Occupied sab vehicle stoned by Badsworth FH supporters

….. 6th November - N. Trust accused of colluding in Hunts' misdirection over licences

….. 6th November - Blencathra FH hunt blatantly - till sabs show, then pack up early

….. 6th November -. Warks FH hunt two foxes, one into sett - left it as sabs there

….. 6th November - Cotswold Vale FH hounds riot twice on deer, sett unblocked

….. 6th November - LACS says viable hunting cases get dropped - strengthen Act

….. 5th November - Sabs get death, rape threats and obstruction by Southdown FH thugs

..... 5th November - Bicester FH hounds said to be chasing foxes in area of Aylesbury

….. 4th November - Eggesford FH kill fox & deer - chase many, maybe bagged, foxes

….. 4th November - 'Drunk' Cheshire Forest FH Whip hits antis, hounds, own horse

….. 4th November - Blocked setts at Ledbury FH meet, sabs help ensure no kills

….. 4th November - At last, mainstream media tells it how it is on hunting

….. 3rd November - Sabs guard fox bolt hole to ensure no dig by Ashford Valley FH

.... 3rd November - Locals support sabs, who pull Mendip F. FH hounds off foxes

.... 3rd November - Sabs save fox from jaws of hounds on Belvoir FH no kill day

….. 3rd November - Eggesford FH supporter - 'I'll tell you why we kill foxes....'.

..... 3rd November - Claim fell packs not seeking NT licences because afraid of antis

….. 2nd November - LACS record 9 mile stag hunt & kill by D&S SH for 'research'

.... 2nd November - Labour reaffirms its intention to strengthen the Hunting Act 2004

.... 2nd November - Warwickshire FH hunt through bTb affected farm - again

…. 1st November - Melbreak FH caught interfering with badger sett - again

.... 1st November - Cheshire FH ride through cattle, panicking horse herd in next field


Monitor puts Beaufort FH hounds off pursuing fox over road

Hunted through panicking sheep; Blocked sett found

30-11-18    Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    Beaufort Hunt Beverston 26.11.18   The Hunt met at Park Farm, Beverston on A4135 just outside Tetbury. They crossed road into Beverston Castle farm and rode straight through the land behind Chavenage towards Cranmore Covert for their first draw. They moved on quickly through Ledgemore Valley hunting round the several coverts there where sure enough as usual they put up a fox which sabs and riders saw running down from Orange Grove Covert into Ledgemore Wood.

Terrier men were harassing one of our foot walkers who was on the footpath and another was up in the wood when the huntsman brought the hounds to the spot and put them to search. Clearly he knew where the fox had run and we had to make a big fuss to get the hounds called back and away. However, we are sure that fox got away and the Hunt moved on. They bought the hounds across the A4135 to Hookhouse Lane to Oldown and Hare Covert before moving them into Charltondown Covert where no trail would be laid.

Later on, they went all the way back across into the area behind Babdown Airfield and there we found them hunting between Tump Covert and Park Bottom. They were tracking through panicked sheep and then running up and down a wooded hedge on hard cry and off towards the A46. Someone shouted 'it went the other way' and the hounds were called back and taken towards the Bowldown Road where they got on the scent.

Our vehicle was on the road when the fox came across the field from Tump Covert direction at 3.35 pursued by the hounds and huntsmen. Luckily, one monitor was able to confront the hounds in the road to give the fox time to get away. The terriermen harassed us a lot including one wearing a full mask with a skull/scream face on it and supporters cursed us all showing we were managing to be effective. This always happens when a fox is sighted and we’re in the vicinity. Another blocked badger sett was found during the day and reported to the police.

Please support our petrol fund http://paypal.me/cihwatch.


Fitzwilliam FH withdraws injunction bid against the 7 named sabs

The 7 agree not to trespass on their land - just 4% of their hunting country 

No costs orders to be made - thought Fitzwilliam have spent at least £120k

Fitzwilliam FH to pursue injunction against 'persons unknown' 

But such injunctions are very difficult to enforce in practice

30-11-18  Accidental Activist      Done Deal     I guess now that the ink is dry on deal, or more's the point the PDF documents have been signed, I can enlighten the very many of you who have expressed an interest in the Fitzwilliam Injunction saga. If you’re not fully up to date then you can catch up here and here. OK, so assuming you know what’s been occurring I’ll fill you in on the rest of the details.

At the end of last week our legal representative was contacted by the Fitzwilliam’s legal team with an offer. That offer amounted to dropping those named from the injunction, with no claims made to costs provided we signed an agreement not to trespass on the claimants land. The claimants would still be pursuing an injunction against persons unknown.

Now this may seem to be not a particularly good deal but in this instance you need to consider the wider context.

Firstly, it was pretty clear that the Fitzwilliam were very keen to avoid a full trial against those named on the injunction. The legitimacy of their evidence and in particular their hunting methods had been seriously called into question by Mr Justice Freedman, along with the behaviour of their so called hunt stewards. Had the Fitzwilliam felt they were in a strong position they would have pushed on regardless.

Secondly, their claims for harassment, trespass against goods and the utterly laughable claims of assault were denied by the judge. Mr Freedman also noted that assaults did appear to have been carried out by the hunt staff and this could be followed up by the victims should they wish, causing another potential embarrassment for the Hunt.

Thirdly, there would be no claims for costs. It was estimated that the Hunt had spent in excess of £120,000 in bringing this injunction. That’s enough to make even the most financially wealthy hunt think seriously about taking out similar action and this is what we wanted to achieve. Most hunts rely on local land owners to allow them to hunt, the Fitzwilliam are one of the few who own a significant amount of land on which to hunt however they still leave this land for a large amount of their hunt season. With this in mind you have to ask yourself, did they get value for money?

Not really. All they ended up with was a list of people who couldn’t trespass but could still use public rights of way and open access land within their estate. That’s not really a huge achievement given the level of investment. Their actual hunt country is in the region of 384,000 acres, they only actually own just over 4% of that. Now while they are pushing ahead with the persons unknown part of the injunction it is still a civil action and not something the police can get involved with. Sure, if you break the injunction the claimants can serve you and a judge could send you to prison for contempt of court however for that to happen the claimants have to know who you are. If previous junctions with regards to persons unknown are anything to go by, they would appear to be almost impossible to enforce.

The single biggest factor in favour of the Hunt was the level of financial clout they could bring to bear for this undertaking. As normal working people we had no hope of raising the funds necessary to take this to full trial and with the outcome in question there was a real danger of losing what assets we have, had the case not gone our way. Simply put, there was no way I, or any of the others were going to lose their houses over this. All of the named defendants were of course hugely grateful to all the people who donated, some who shall remain nameless pledging some significant sums but having the funds to fight this was only half the story and no reduction in the final risk of having costs awarded against us.

Now the Fitzwilliam and their supporters may think differently, but the simple fact is we came out of this saga a whole lot better than they did.

Finally the costs of achieving this have exceeded what our original Crowd Justice funding covered and has left some of us significantly out of pocket. Please consider helping by donating here: Financial Costs.

See also N.Cambs Hunt Sabs post on the subject 


MSP witnesses Scottish Hunt chasing a fox

30-11-18  Third Force News     MSP witnesses pack of hounds chasing a fox in Scottish Borders   Alison Johnstone says Hunts continue to flout existing laws and allow dogs to savagely pursue foxes in the Scottish countryside An MSP witnessed a fox being chased by hunt hounds across a field in the Scottish Borders.

Green MSP Alison Johnstone [left] is working with the League Against Cruel Sports to highlight that Scottish hunts continue to use of dogs to pursue and kill wild foxes, despite the practice being apparently AlisonJohnstoneMSP.jpgillegal. The League has reported the incident to the police as a potential breach of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act and believes the incident also violates a new voluntary code of conduct which hunts agreed to abide by earlier this year.

Green MSP Alison Johnstone said: “This week I saw a fox running for its life, pursued by a pack of dogs. The mounted hunt followed after them, and I was left in no doubt that the current law is failing to protect our wildlife. Hunting with dogs was meant to have been banned in Scotland in 2002, but this clearly has not worked.”

As a part of its ongoing investigation into patterns of behaviour by Scottish mounted hunts the League Against Cruel Sports invited Alison Johnstone MSP to accompany its fieldworkers to observe the Lauderdale hunt on 20 November 2018.

On this occasion the League believes what was caught on film is a breach of the legislation which prevents hunts using hounds to chase and kill foxes, also contravening the voluntary code of conduct. The League has footage showing hounds in pursuit of a fox in an open field with no guns in sight.

Scottish hunts signed up to a voluntary code of conduct on 1 October this year. It was drafted by a stakeholders in response to Lord Bonomy’s review of fox hunting legislation, under the chairmanship of former Deputy Chief Constable Ruaraidh Nicolson QPM.

It requires hunts to control packs of dogs during a hunt and ensure that flushed foxes are killed by gun rather than deliberately allowing dogs to “pursue foxes or non-target mammals beyond cover”. The League believes the footage clearly shows this not to be the case.

Robbie Marsland, director of the League Against Cruel Sports, Scotland said: “The League has always been sceptical about a voluntary code of conduct and believes this is not a substitute for the rigorous changes required to make the current law fit for practice. At the end of the day the success of the code will always come down to the will of a group of people who have, in the past, consistently driven a coach and horses through the currently weak legislation. Here we are just a few weeks into the hunting season witnessing the code being blatantly violated. We have supported the creation of the code as an interim step towards hunting being really banned in Scotland but this, and other incidents simply fuel our belief that the code isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Now more than ever we want to see the legislation significantly strengthened to close the loopholes which allow for pre-ban hunting to continue unfettered.”

Alison Johnstone MSP said the incident had resolved her to create a Scottish Parliament bill that would create a complete ban on hunting with dogs.


Film of Quantock SH hind hunting released - several killed

Hinds still have calves at foot at this time 

29-11-18    Vimeo – Somerset Wildlife Crime   VIDEO    Hind hunting QSH 29.11.2018    Hind hunting on the Quantocks is well underway. Today we believe the Quantock Staghounds killed at least three hinds. This video shows some of the events and the behaviour from their meet today at Sixty Acres in Crowcombe Heathfield West Somerset.

QuantockSHHindandcalf29-11-18.jpg29-11-18    Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime    Deer lost their lives today   Calves lost their mothers, and death will follow for them too. This is the harsh reality of hind hunting with the Quantock Stag Hounds. With Hounds Off we monitored the QSH as they hunted a very small area of woodland understood to belong to Anthony Trollope-Bellew [once convicted of cruelty to his polo pony, POWAperson] at Sixty Acres. The same area where Hounds Off and Somerset Wildlife Crime captured footage of an exhausted stag being hunted before he was shot and bundled away to be carved in to gore for the support.

There is little sympathy for the QSH locally, when you've seen this video you will see why.

30-11-18   Hounds Off       Another Wretched Day With The Quantock Stag Hounds    Confused and frightened, red deer hinds which were hunted by the Quantock Stag Hounds on Thursday 29 November 2018.

From November through February deer hunters turn their attention, dogs and guns onto the females ofQuantockSHChairmanofQSHandgun29-11-18.jpg the species. Red deer ‘hinds’ become the target. Often the Hunt is little more than a shooting frenzy with multiple animals hounded then blasted. This was the case yesterday (29.11.18).

I don’t know how many deer were killed by the Quantock Stag Hounds because most of their dirty work was hidden deep in private woods, but before midday I’d heard four gunshots. In the afternoon, two more deer were definitely taken and another possible before everyone dispersed and the Huntsman led seven hounds along the lanes back to their kennels. There seems to be less ritual afterwards. Maybe hinds don’t hold the allure of a majestic, beaten, stag. There are certainly less trophies to be had. You can cut off and mount the feet (known as ‘slots’) and pull out the teeth for ornaments but most hunt followers have plenty of these things already.

For us it was a difficult day and horrid. That said, we got some useful film which will help us continue to shine a light on this disgusting pastime, so I’m holding on to that. Some of it can be seen here.

At this time of year hinds might be pregnant, running with a first year calf still in tow, or both. They’re herd animals and like to stay close to home. So no long chases over miles of countryside here. Everything is much more contained as the deer run around in big circles, trying to shake off the hounds and dodge the bullets which can be around any corner or behind any tree.

QuantockSHHindhunted29-11-18.jpgIn the interests of crop protection, The Hunting Act (2004) permits the flushing of deer with two hounds providing that – (a) reasonable steps are taken for the purpose of ensuring that as soon as possible after being found or flushed out the wild mammal is shot dead by a competent person, and (b) in particular, each dog used in the stalking or flushing out is kept under sufficiently close control to ensure that it does not prevent or obstruct achievement of the objective in paragraph (a).

Sadly, the wording is sufficiently vague to enable versions of stag, and now hind, hunting to continue which satisfies the bestial urges in a minority of country ladies and gentlemen and leaves the rest of us sickened and confused.

Special thanks to fellow volunteers from Hounds Off and Somerset Wildlife Crime. Thanks also to everyone who supports our work. We could not do this without your backing. If you’re able, please consider making a contribution towards our campaign running costs. Somerset Wildlife Crime donate here. Hounds Off donate here. Stag hunting in Somerset, October 2018 watch here. © Joe Hashman.

3-12-18    Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime      It’s happening again today. Just like before. More hinds will die. More calves will perish without their mothers. The harsh reality of deer hunting with the Quantock Stag hounds. National Trust Please enforce your ban!

Pics above   -   Top left,  Hind and calve driven into large field. It is surrounded by hunters. They have already circled it 3 times looking to escape.   Right, The Chairman of the QSH and gun carrier    Bottom left,  Hind with two calves at foot. The calves will be left bereft when their mother is killed. They may or may not survive the winter.

POWAperson adds  -  My heart sinks when I hear the phrase 'hind hunting'. I helped with monitoring the deer hunts in the mid '90s. Well, I was there anyway. Utterly heartless is the only way to describe it. Their cruelty extends this far - twice I witnessed hinds and their at-foot calves being ridden at by a hunter who was whooping and cracking his whip. The point was to separate hind and calf so the hind could be hunted. It worked both times and once I saw the full pack set on the hind immediately. The hind dashed away, the calf stood staring round the clearing, wondering where its mum had gone. About two hours later the exhausted hind was brought to bay and shot dead from close range with a sawn-off shotgun while a crescent of baying hounds faced her.


Sabs arrive just in time to save fox from Belvoir FH hounds

29-11-18   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Notts and Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs arrived at the Belvoir just in time. A fox spooked by some of the mounted field ran towards, then quickly away from, the hounds. Two sab teams had saved it before the huntsman even knew we were there. As vehicles covered every spot the fox had been with citronella, foot teams in the field kept the hounds distracted.


                                    Fox fleeing from Belvoir FH hounds

We couldn't do what we do without your moral, social media, and financial support. Feel free to buy us a coffee* at https://ko-fi.com/M4M271WY. *coffee money may be spent on a new vehicle.


                                 Hounds pulled off fox pursuit running to sabs 


N. Cotswold FH kill fox, terrierman runs away with corpse

28-11-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    North Cotswold Hunt kill fox in hedgerow    We had received a tip-off that another Hunt might be out today and were out and about when we heard that the North Cotswold Hunt had been spotted gathering near Mickleton.

We caught up with them early afternoon near Norton Hall but they did a runner from us, hunted a fox across Long Marston Lane and killed in a hedgerow. Despite being out until dark several times recently, they have packed up before 3pm today at Clopton Orchard Farm, straight after the kill. Terriermen picked up the body and ran from the area, local landowner more concerned about whether we had permission to be in the field than the fact there were bits of an illegally killed fox strewn around the hedge-line. Police are aware...


                                  All that remained of killed fox - some innards

5 Four Burrow FH trapped hounds rescued after 5 days - one died

One of the five rescued hounds is said to be injured 

Hounds disappeared on Saturday hunt, only located yesterday

The hounds had got under wire into an old mineshaft

Hounds finally saved by Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service 

28-11-18  Cornwall Live   Hunt dogs remain trapped after four days down mine shaft    The six hounds from Four Burrow Hunt went missing on Saturday and have been heard barking down a mine shaft. An operation is expected to get underway today to rescue six hunt dogs trapped down a mine shaft for four days. The animals have been stranded since they went missing during a hunt on Saturday.

Four Burrow Hunt said they managed to get underneath a wire mesh cage covering a mine shaft, after the land beside it had given way. It is not known how deep the stranded animals are although they are not believed to be in immediate danger.

Hunt Master Paul Hancock warned people against visiting the site and said the rescue was now in the hands of experts, led by Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service.

He explained that the dogs had gone missing during a hunt in the St Allen area, north of Truro. The Hunt masters went back to the area after traffic had died down to listen out for the missing hounds. “We knew within 500 yards where they were,” he said. “On Saturday, when it got quiet later, we went back and we could hear them. They were contained somewhere. There wasn’t much we could do and we tried to look down. You can’t even ring the dog warden to see if any had been found until Monday morning.”


                                  Scene of the rescue operation near St. Allen  

He said they have been out repeatedly to check on the hounds and, although they are worried about their welfare, were confident that the dogs are OK. “They are fine and they’ve got access to water down there,” he added. “We haven’t thrown any food down because we don’t want them scrapping.”

Mr Hancock, who has been a hunt Master for more than 30 years, said the rearing and training of hounds was a way of life and losing any animals was deeply distressing for all involved. “It’s a horrible thing. I hate to think of them being trapped down there,” he added. “You know, these [the hounds] are our life. They can go missing and if you can’t find it, you just can’t sleep.” He said he was waiting for details on the rescue, due to take place on Wednesday, from Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service.

UPDATE  12.18  As of about 12.30pm four of the hounds from Four Burrows Hunt had been saved. Within a few minutes the fifth had been rescued. It was discovered that it had been injured when it emerged.

UPDATE  13.17   Five of the six hounds that fell down the mineshaft have now been rescued. One of the dogs has died. One of six hunt hounds trapped 20ft below ground in a former mineshaft has died. Another of the dogs has been rescued by firefighters who have been battling all morning to rescue them at the scene at St Allen near Truro.

The six hounds from the Four Burrows Hunt have been missing since Saturday (November 24). Several searches failed to find them for a few days until they were located down the mineshaft on Tuesday (November 27).

Volunteers from Cornwall Search and Rescue Team tried in vain to recover the dogs but their size and weight made this impossible. Crews from Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service attended this morning and have been working to remove them. One dog has been rescued and another has died.

POWAperson adds   -  It's great that all but one of the hounds have been rescued alive. Thanks to Cornwall Fire and Rescue. But how incredibly hypocritical of Hunt to say they were worried about the dogs. They kill nearly all of them when they are six or seven and beginning to slow up, they kill any that don't hunt well or are any sort of nuisance, they kill any that are so ill or badly injured that they'll cost a lot in vet fees. Hounds are nothing more to them than tools of their grisly - and illegal - trade. See "How hunters 'love' their hounds" - http://www,powa.org.uk/id82.html.


Blankney FH run into coursers - police send helicopters but they'd fled

28-11-18   Facebook - Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs    Wednesday 28th November 2018    Today a couple of us went to keep an eye on the Blankney hunt, we knew that with such low numbers we would be restricted to more of a monitoring role... we could still take some proactive measures such as pre-spraying and we had whips and gizmo just in case. The Hunt were meeting at Top House Farm in Thorpe Tilney.

The Hunt left the meet to the north west so we drove round and kept an eye for any bolting quarry, checked the wind direction and one of us pre-sprayed along the northern edge. At this point there was only one support vehicle with us and once she realised who we were phoned our presence through as more support arrived. Huntsman Philip Stubbings then changed his direction of travel and headed south west towards Walcott fen and stayed locked inland for most of the day trying to avoid us, funny that?? If they've got nothing to hide!! He then headed towards Digby fen and again we pre-sprayed.

We had intermittent eyes on hounds but not once heard them speak, this could well have been due to the extremely strong wind we had today dispersing any scent and making it difficult for the hounds to pick up.

For some reason the Hunt at one point were drawing a covert in what appeared to be cubbing formation but again the hounds weren't heard talking.

The most excitement we and the support had today was at just after 1:30 when one lot of would be wildlife criminals spooked another. A group of men in waterproof camos, the type often donned by terrier men, coursers and badger baiters were seen piling into two vehicles and speeding off. As the vehicles came past we clocked they had sight hounds with them and we actually spoke to hunt support who confirmed they were illegal coursers.

About 10 minutes later the police arrived on the scene, but the coursers were well gone. We did see a couple of helicopters circling the area over the next hour or so. We can only assume this is operation Galileo in all its glory, costing thousands and not catching the perpetrators while idly ignoring an illegal fox hunt. 

The Hunt started heading back towards the meet at about 2:45 and we noticed all the hounds had clean muzzles. Our presence and perhaps the police being in the vicinity meant Philip aired on the side of caution.

Terrier man John Smith appeared to be a bit confused calling us by names that aren't ours but if this, other than digging small defenceless creatures out of holes to be ripped apart by hounds, is what makes him happy and is what he wants to believe, let him!!

The Hunt didn't second horse today, instead opting to stay out until 3pm on just their first horses before boxing up back at Top House Farm.  With that done and dusted we could call it a day and go grab a pint.

We are currently adding some more drivers to our insurance list so that we can maximise our effectiveness, so if you can spare a few quid to help towards that and our ongoing fuel costs please donate at www.ko-fi.com/lincssabs. Thanks, LHS.


Derwent FH redcoat allows hound to chase deer

Sabs heavily obstructed by hunt followers

Police obstruct sab driver, ignore illegal hunting

27-11-18   Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs    Hit Report; East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs 27.11.18    In the shadow of the glitz and fun of Flamingo Land there is a dark secret. This is one of the many playgrounds of the Derwent Hunt. We decided to pay them another visit this morning as they gathered at a farm on Ings Lane, Pickering.

They set off at 11.30 after lots of jovialities( and alcohol) and proceeded to lead us a merry dance ( or run) down the surrounding lanes. With only 4 sabs being able to attend as most are at work during the week( the rest of us on days off against popular belief) it was difficult to keep up with the cantering horses.

At one point we followed the hounds near to a wooded area where we observed a family group of deer, adults with this year’s young. One hound was hot on the trail of one of the adults with a redcoat watching not wanted to intervene in the hound’s fun. We hot footed it over and were told to leave private property, more bothered by our presence than the narrow escape of the poor deer.

A few Sabs followed on foot whilst hunt supporters trapped our vehicle by illegally blocking a public highway. Police were called and whilst every attempt was made to follow on foot whilst our support vehicle progress was continuously hampered by pickups and quad vehicles( some of which were being illegally driven without a MOT on a public highway, the authorities have been informed).

Our driver was detained by 2 police officers in 2 police vans whilst the hunt and supporters carried on their merry way without questioning. Who says the police under so much pressure can have their time wasted speaking to a law abiding citizen driving a fully taxed , insured and MOT'd car! What a waste of resources I hear you cry, so did we! Also it brings into the question of the neutrality of the police letting the true criminals get away with it yet again.

We drove around trying to locate them but I think due to the police presence they seem to disappear. We observed them packing up at around 3pm with disappearing light. We only hope that no wildlife was harmed during these hours off the radar.

With limited but gradually growing numbers we try our hardest week in week out to protect our wonderful wildlife. With your help and support we can can carry on. Thank you for reading. Your information, tip offs & generous donations fund our efforts to protect our wildlife from these people - thank you. https://www.paypal.me/EYHS.


Sabs dob in unMoT'd hunt supporter to police [£100 fine?]

27-11-18  Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs   Update: They’ve now had an MoT done. Hope they got their fixed penalty notice of £100. This vehicle was seen 3 weeks ago out with the hunt, so we’ve got evidence that it’s been driving illegally for a month. This has all been passed onto the police who have taken this very seriously. Naughty naughty.


Tiny Tanatside FH put on hilarious display of 'trail' laying

27-11-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    A trip to the the Tanatside, Tanatside Hunt, Melverley & Edgerley, Tuesday 27th November 2018 As well as checking on the Cheshire Hounds, our group decided to pay a trip to see the struggling Tanatside Hunt in Shropshire today, and had a most amusing time monitoring this fox-chasing lot in the pouring rain. There was a grand total of 6 field riders and an embarrassed Huntsman (yes, 7 horses) out today.

Once the Hunt finally noticed the monitors, they had a number of ‘mothers meetings’ in the road (on a hazardous bend with hounds all over the road, no less) to decide what to do... and what happened next was laughable (oh, and we did laugh!).

The Master decided to place a bit of old towel they found in someone’s car on a bit of string hanging from his saddle to try and show our cameras they were 'laying a trail'. A few problems with this: the thing at least needs to reach the ground, and you don’t lay a ‘trail’ with the hounds in the same field. One would assume they have never laid trail before!

So, within a few minutes of discovering another monitor we had positioned in the nature reserve, the hunt chose to pack up and leave the area, in doing so the Joint Master/Huntsman Richard Evans became so shy he decided to hide his face from us.

One final, desperate attempt at hunting was made, but unsuccessfully again as monitors were on him all the way, until they finally threw in the towel - or should that be trail - and packed up at 2.30pm. For more information on the Tanatside hunt, visit www.tanatsidehunt.org.uk.


Ledbury FH invade gardens, chase fox into a drain

Sabs see that and other chased foxes not caught

26-11-18    Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Brace of foxes escape hounds past sabs - Third fox goes to ground in drain - Badger sett found blocked Ledbury Hunt, Hunter's Hall, Castlemorton Common 26th November 2018    The meet was published on the Malvern Hills Trust website so we headed out to monitor the hunt on the Common and Hills. The Hunt don't usually spend their entire day on MHT land so it is important to have sabs out in the local area to keep an eye on them.LedburyFHFoxfleeingpastsupport24-11-18.jpg We were pleased to see MHT wardens out and keeping up with the hunt, keeping an eye on them and the hunt were careful to only 'linger' in coverts not under their jurisdiction. We say 'unblocked setts save lives' fairly often and some locals spotted a fox running from an area that hounds were in and going to ground in a sett. Hounds did not pick up on his line but they stayed nearby in case terriermen made an appearance. Loose hounds were spotted all over the area, hunt unable to keep them together and it wasn't long before they decided to head onto land where landowners are less bothered about illegal hunting.

We caught terriermen up near the site of an old dig-out (some of you may remember violent Ross Loader and Lance King from a few seasons back...) and they quickly left with the hunt taking the hounds off in a different direction to the badger setts. We kept with them and found hounds running through a covert and gardens in Castlemorton village. Foot sabs left the driver keeping an eye on the hounds and headed to nearby fields to look out for any foxes running and, just as they got to the gates, a fox ran past them, soon followed by a second fox who had been hiding up in a hedge [above left] (this is why we wait until hounds are closer to us before rating them - shouting and making noise too soon could prevent a hidden fox from breaking cover in our direction or turn one back towards the hounds).

We turned most hounds back, except for one lead hound who lost the scent naturally, and realised thatLedburyFHHoundsatdrain24-11-18.jpg Huntsman Mark was still encouraging hounds on... and that they had picked up on another scent. It was a leash of foxes (three foxes hiding up together). Good communication with our driver meant that she drove round, leaving us inland, and caught hounds marking a drain [right] - indicating that the fox had escaped into it. Hunt were forced to leave him alone, but sab remained for some time to deter terriermen from trying to flush him out whilst foot sabs kept an eye on the hunt on foot.

Into The Stanks, an area the Hunt love going to, and a sett was found blocked. Scent was good, terriermen were spotted acting dodgy in a corner, followed by a holloa coming from their direction and hounds went into full cry... despite a long and circular chase we believe fox finally got away. Sett had been unblocked and the Hunt packed up.

Support us if you can - we're purchasing some 'trail cameras' soon to keep an eye on high-risk badger setts and we've been out several days in a row so fuel is our top cost right now. Thank you to everyone for their continued support, it means so much! paypal.me/threecountiessabs.


Portman FH Huntsman filmed cantering, calling hounds on to A30

26-11-18   Facebook - Wildlife Witness   VIDEO  This video was captured by a monitor from @Dorset Against Blood Sports today on the A30 in Dorset.


The breathtaking arrogance of the Huntsman, Evo Shirley is matched only by his indifference to his horse as he gallops* along the tarmac road, to his hounds who he calls on to the busy road into traffic and to his complete lack of any concern for the drivers faced with the spectacle of a Hunt in the middle of a main road forced to take evasive action. Not even a nod of thanks from this arrogant piece of work.

* Actually he's cantering, but that's still a no no.  


      Huntsman has just called hounds on to the A30, one of the south-west's major roads 



Four Burrow FH hunt across bTb infected farm, again

Huntswoman was clearly hunting foxes, not a trail 

Hunt staff have little control over hounds

Meet held at a church - hunting vicar 

26-11-18    Facebook - Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team   24th Nov 2018, Fourburrow Hunt, St Allen Church, near Truro    We received a tip off from a dismayed parishioner that Four Burrow Hunt were meeting at St Allen Church, a regular meet, with their Reverend Chris Parsons firmly entrenched with them. Clearly ignoring the sixth commandment “thou shalt not kill” it seems very un-Christian and hypocritical to condone the terrorising and barbaric murder of a small creature for fun. Of course the tired old lie “we only trail hunt” gets used in justification but this is simply not true, as witnessed constantly.

We arrived at the church to find the Hunt gathered in the adjoining field [below]. One foot team was left observing while another team was put into a path to the East at Trispen and, as we guessed, the Hunt set off in that direction around 11.30 and headed to a wooded area in the valley and surrounded it.


The foot team was straight on them and shortly after the Hunt headed North and out of sight until the landy found them at Trenerry Farm next to Deer Park Wood and left a team with eyes on them while they got a view from the North. They surrounded a small strip of woods beside the farm and hounds were talking on and off. Nikki Hancock the Huntswoman appeared to be having trouble gathering the hounds and it took her quite a while.

FARMERS! THIS BIT IS IMPORTANT: We had found out that Trenerry Farm has been having a TB breakdown since Apr 2016 and was still under restrictions. Four Burrow knowingly took their hounds onto the land where there is a risk of them coming into contact with the M. bovis bacteria which causes bovine TB, and as they had meets on previous occasions at the church during this period it’s likely this wasn’t the first time they’ve been there. If the hounds become infected they would be carrying the disease and could spread it to all other land they are taken onto, which over the course of a season is a lot of farms. A high profile case of this in the Kimblewick Hunt pack in 2016/17 shows the risks and the lack of responsibility of the hunts. Here’s some links to relevant articles and an independent report:- https://theecologist.org/…/hunting-hounds-not-so-secret-rea…, https://www.league.org.uk/…/outbreak-of-bovine-tb-discovere…, https://www.research.ed.ac.uk/…/O_Halloran_et_al_2018_Trans…The

The Hunt then headed to the valley West of the church... The foot team followed down a track towards Tretherres Farm and caught them up just as the hounds went into cry. The Huntswoman made no attempt to remove the hounds, so as we were nowhere near a road we decided it was safe to deploy the gizmo, which prompted an angry response from a couple of field who brought a small child with them so they could try their usual “its illegal to film children” rubbish (which is not true). We continued to use the gizmo for a bit longer and moved to a better vantage point where we noticed about 10 hounds running around a field towards the solar farm on the West side of the valley and others scattered South and North. Nikki took quite a while to get them back under control, but we had an inkling they would head North again and while we were moving into position the majority of the pack was brought back up the track and taken into the valley just North of the Ventontrissick where they went into cry again and were running all over the place, taking no notice whatsoever of the Huntswoman’s attempts to control them. We also heard a few hounds in cry and a whip being cracked back to the South. A deer was also seen bolting from the area... The hunt staff showed themselves up badly having no control over the pack, it was just embarrassing.

They then headed North along the road with the landy between the pack and field. Some hugely irresponsible riders had their horses almost touching the back window while going uphill. If the landy had rolled backwards for any reason the horses could have been injured, poor excuses for horse riders who clearly have no care for their animals. The Hunt turned into Lanner Wood followed by a foot team and the hounds started talking a little but were moved on quickly this time... A foot team went in to intercept them and found them leaving the valley and heading back to the church through Roskief where they packed up around 4.15 as the weather started to worsen.

The hounds as usual were never at any point excitedly in cry on a pre laid trail that they could follow allowing the field to go for a jolly old gallop around after them. Everywhere they went the hounds were sent into coverts looking for live quarry and then quietly lead to the next by the Huntswoman. This is illegal hunting and they all think they are above the law.


Police confirm investigating Cheshire FH's bin bag killed fox 

26-11-18   BBC News   Anti-hunting group 'films dead fox being put in bin bag'     Police are investigating footage appearing to show a dead fox being placed in a bin bag after a hunt. Anti-huntingCheshireFHWhipmakesoffwithfoxremainsinbinbag15-11-18.jpg group Cheshire Monitors said it had filmed the incident on 15 November in a rural area called Aston Gorse, near Crewe. The group said it was "appalled" after "seeing hunt riders laughing and grinning with... sheer delight immediately after the fox was killed". Cheshire Police confirmed to the BBC it was looking into the allegations.

The video posted on Facebook appeared to show a man in hunting attire placing a dead fox into a black bag. It has been viewed and shared thousands of times. Lesley Martin from Cheshire Monitors said: "After we witnessed it we spoke to the police and we have shown them all the footage and they are investigating. The law needs re-writing because it is virtually impossible [to police]. It needs re-writing because of the loopholes; the loopholes need tightening."

The anti-hunting group said it had filmed the footage from behind barbed wire and "didn't have the chance to reach [the fox] in time".

POWAperson adds  -  Cheshire Monitors'  report on the incident is here. Pic above shows Whipper In making off with fox corpse, which he has scooped into a bin bag 


Blackmore FH terrierman robs female sab - police arrival deters illegal hunting

25-11-18   Facebook - Dorset Hunt Sabs    Hit report : Blackmore & Sparkford Vale - Tuesday 20th November 2018 Meet - Middle Farm, Fifehead Magdalen    Leaving the meet just after 11.30am the Hunt headed north and went in to fields south of Townsend farm. This farm is owned by the Gould’s and he is the contractor for the North Dorest badger Cull zone.

... With a good vantage point the sabs monitored the hounds whilst Mark “juggz” Doggrell cast the hounds through a small copse and hedgerows. One of the hounds were filmed chasing a ram and the whip had to stop it.

The foot team made their way south away from the support and down the footpath towards the school. As they got about halfway along this path, the hounds went into cry and a sab starting filming the hounds.

The bearded psycho terrier man came down on his quad and wrongly accused sabs of not being on the footpath. He turned his attention to one female sab and became increasingly aggressive towards her. He got off his quad and put his hand up to block the view and then grabbed the camcorder twisting it with such force it broke the strap and injured her hand and wrist. At the same time he tied to grab her mobile phone she was using to map read, again with such force it snapped the metal clip on the lanyard it was attached to but she managed to keep hold of her phone. The sab tried to grab the camcorder back but BlackmoreFHTerriers24-11-18.jpgthe bearded psycho pushed her away, ran round the back of his quad, jumped on it and rode off.

Shortly after, Mark Doggrell rode past and the sab told him her camcorder has been stolen. He found this amusing and smirked before riding off. The Whip came along next and was informed that the terrier boy had been very aggressive and had stolen our camcorder. He seemed to take the incident seriously and said he would have a word with him. However, due to the severity of the incident and with no camcorder we called the police and this foot team made their way back to the waiting Landy.

Observing the hounds from the Landy on a road by Strangeways Farm a sab saw a fox break cover and head east. No more than 2 minutes later the hounds were on the line of this fox. We made quick speed to Cale Bridge and the police appeared whilst the hounds were in full cry. Sabs told the Whip the police were there and he pulled the hounds off, meanwhile having not seen the police, the Huntsman urged them on. Eventually the hounds were stopped and turned back in the opposite direction. Fox saved !

Sabs spoke to the Whip and he said he had stopped the hounds and when asked where today’s trail went he answered “where the fox went” !! Very soon the hounds went into cry again and we think that was on the heel line of the fox.

They headed south to West Mill Farm. It was here that a policeman was waiting in the area to question the bearded psycho terrier boy about the theft. As he drove past on his quad he was stopped and spoken to by the police. All we can say at the moment about this is that Dorset Police are taking this matter seriously and we will update you on this matter...

The Hunt crossing the road, whilst the police were questioning the bearded psycho was a sight to behold ! The terrier boys got twitchy when we starting taking photos of their quads, they said it wasn’t our property to take photos of !! We have asked the question many times and as we know they like to have a cheeky read of our hit reports we will ask again …. You say you need the spades to repair the fences… what do the terriers do, fetch the fence posts ??? It’s fair to say the bearded psycho sabbed his own Hunt by attracting the police attention today. He has also brought the BSV Hunt into disrepute, but to be frank we don’t believe they really care about that !!

After heading to Priors Farm the Huntsman kept the hounds in the wooded area whilst the Whip waited on the road. The police were also parked on the road and we believe that is why the Hunt remained hidden up in the wood for over half an hour. In fact it was only when the police car drove off that they started moving again and this time in the direction of Grays Farm. The Landy dropped foot sabs in at Gray’s Farm which had a footpath running through it. The hounds, horses and all the foot support were gathered in this farm buildings trying to decide where they could go that they could at least pretend they were on a trail now the police were present.

Whilst the humans were pondering where to go the hounds were in the slurry pit and came past sabs covered in muck !! It’s safe to say the field master was very angry and spent some time arguing with sabs that they weren’t on a footpath - even pointing out the footpath sign didn’t convince him !! The farmer came out and said the slurry pit was in the way of the footpath and had been for 30 years - funny how we were getting grief for not being on a footpath that was not actually walkable - but as per usual double standards came into play !!

Eventually the hounds and Hunt headed North along Shipney Lane with the Huntsman casting the hounds through hedgerows but all under the watchful eye of the sabs and the police who had maintained a presence.

The Hunt emerged onto Landshire Lane where the hound van was waiting and they packed up at 3.50pm. They all looked thoroughly defeated... not only did they not kill today but their terrier thug, the bearded psycho, scored an own goal and sabbed them with a police presence. Video footage to follow.

If you are thinking about making a stand for our wildlife, now is as good a time as any - please send us a PM or email or dorsethuntsabs@riseup.net and come and make a huge difference ! If you can spare a few quid to help keep our landy running we will greatly appreciate it. We are going to have to replace our stolen camcorder immediately and our funds are very low after the cull - love and solidarity. https://www.gofundme.com/dorset-sabs-broken-landy.

Pic above right   -   Terriers keen to get fence mending on this 'trail hunt'


NT's licensing manager stands next to Chiddingfold FH terrier quad - says nothing

Quad later filmed on N.T. land , against 'trail hunt' license conditions

25-11-18   Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs  VIDEO  Call to action - Please share far and wide   We want people to email the National Trust over the illegal use ( by their own rules ) of hunt quads of the Chiddingfold Hunt on their land at Pound Common Sussex on the 24th November 2018.


National Trust Trail Hunting rules state that no Hunt quads may go may go on their land yet the NT's Trail Hunting Licensing officer Mr Nick Droy, his assistant and, presumably, the local NT ranger were at the meet of the Chiddingfold Hunt at Hammerwood House, Iping standing next to a hunt quad complete with boxes and spades for terrier work and didn't seem to be able to warn the Hunt about them being banned on Trust land.

The video shows the Hunt's quads on the National Trust at Pound Common. We believe the N.T's team were in the area but chose to ignore/condone the hunts illegal activities!


Please email the Trust asking them to enforce their own rules to protect our wildlife and withdraw the Chiddingfold's "Trail hunting " licence. trailhunting.management@nationaltrust.org.uk and petworth@nationaltrust.org.uk.

Please help keep our sab group in the field by donating to https://ko-fi.com/O5O8LDSI.

Pic below  -  Nick Droy, Trail Hunt Licensing manager and 2 other NT employees chatting to terriermen, with their quad nearby, before the meet.  



Flint & Denbigh FH cause havoc on A541 AND the A525

25-11-18   Facebook -  North Wales Hunt Saboteurs    VIDEO   Hit report 24/11/18 CHAOS ON THE ROADS IN TREFNANT    We planned to team up with our friends Welsh Border Hunt Sabs and pay a little visit to the Flint and Denbigh hunt because we know how fond Huntmaster Jeremy Scatterpack Reed is of the ladies from Welsh Borders (*cough).

We arrived at the area known as the Green in Trefnant at 10.40am and it became immediately apparent something wasn't quite right... This wasn't our usual gathering of bumpkins, far too many horseboxes to just be the Skint n Denbigh.


                                        Hunt taking over on the A541

But it didn't take long to figure out who our mystery quests were once we stopped the familiar scowling faces of the terrier boys from the Cheshire Hounds/Hunt. The Cheshire Hounds had cancelled their Saturday meet and tried to sneak out on Friday, but unfortunately for them their not so cunning plan was foiled by hunt monitors. It's not only the Hunt who have friends from Cheshire, and a quick phone call confirmed Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs were already on route to Trefnant.

The Hunt had left the meet, a farm near to where they'd left the horseboxes at the Green and took the unusual direction of heading towards the river Clwyd. With sabs surrounding the area it wasn't long till the Hunt looped back on itself and headed towards Bodfari road the A541. Anybody who knows the area will know what a horrible road this is.

Then all hell broke loose when a fox bolted across the road, hounds and riders all over the road as riders jumped the hedges almost flattening hounds and sabs. Sabs had to save hounds that become entangled in the hedges and stop other hounds from getting run over. The police were on the scene, who had on a whole been far better than the officers we've recently encountered.

However the police response when sabs said there's hounds all over the main road was "That's what hunts do". At least members of the public who were out using the highway were please to see sabs with many a vehicle giving us the thumbs up.


                                  Hunt take over both sides of the A525 

Meanwhile the rest of the hounds and riders had headed across fields next to the dismantled railways and heading back towards where the horseboxes had been left at the Green. Another vehicle of sabs awaited the Hunt, but instead of coming to a stop once met by more sabs and a road Jeremy Reed hunted on. As this group of sabs followed Jezza and his hounds who were still in pursuit of the fox another group of sabs were able to get ahead of the Hunt to cut them off at Tyddyn Lunt Farm. The sabs who had followed to hunt by foot were able to stop the Hunt in their tracks, to the annoyance of Jezza and his terrier boys.

After a few minutes trying to get his hounds back the Huntmaster left Tyddyn Lunts and crossed the A525 once again showing no regard for other road users. The Hunt went into Plas Newydd estate but passed straight through and came out on the Denbigh road before headed to Heaton Farm.

As sabs followed the Hunt the resident farmed came out asking to sabs to clear off and telling us how sick of us he is. The irate farmer explained to us he allows the Hunt on his land because the foxes are killing his lambs. That's a very strange and quite unbelievable reason to allow a Hunt that's claiming to be following a trail on his land. Even more strange was the fact dead sheep are left in the fields, some might thing this would attract foxes into the area. A hunt supporter attempted to block sabs in at the farm but only succeeded in blocking in the farmer, you can imagine his delight.

The Hunt how headed up the bank towards the Plas Heaton estate and towards even more sabs. At which point a small fox had been spotted running for its life, sabs needed in intervene once more by taking control of the hounds and spraying the line of the fox. As one set of sabs collected the loose hounds from out of the woodland the police had turned up and informed other group of sabs they were trespassing. The sabs explained the law on trespass and the fact the Hunt were now committing a criminal act to - the police who couldn't argue with that. The Hunt by now were scratching their hollow heads and the terrier boys were looking twitchy too. Everywhere the Hunt went they would run into more sabs and things weren't about to get any easier as our numbers grew when some local and well known animal rights campaigners turned up. The Hunt must have been seething.


                                           Hunt riding through St. Asaph 

The Hunt riders had now headed back across the road to Plas Newydd estate, but what Jeremy Reed and his whipper-in did next was reckless even my their standards. They took the hounds down the A525 and both sided the road heading from the St. Asaph direction through the village and traffic lights and back towards the meet.

Just wait until you see the video, and who the hell laid a trail down the main road? Thankfully it was back to meet they headed for around 3pm which is an early finish for this shower. Sabs stuck around whilst the Hunt stuck into their cakes before Jeremy waved a wheel brace at sabs in a comical manner but we could see his frustration as he packed up.

Thanks again for all your kind donations you can donate on to us on this link https://gogetfunding.com/help-for-north-wales-hunt-sabs/…  Please don't forget next Saturday, December 1st, 11am there will be a demo against police bias outside Denbigh police station.


Assault on farmer by York & Ainsty S. FH members seen by sabs

Hounds chased several foxes and some deer

One fox on to road, where hounds rated off by sabs

Sabs say Huntsman was drunk and fell over

25-11-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Yesterday the York & Ainsty South continued trialling their merger with the Badsworth and Bramham Moor. They met at Willitoft, just a couple of miles from the Y&AS kennels, with a small number of Badsworth staff and a large number from a visiting Hunt.

Along with old comrades West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs we headed north on a misty morning to stop them from hunting illegally. A rather frenetic day ensued with drunken Huntsman David Elliot (evidence to follow) attempting to show-off to visiting riders but falling flat on his face both physically and metaphorically - several riders boxing-up early, less than happy with the Y&AS's shambolic performance, one complaining about the £65 she had paid for the day.

It wasn't just the field that were frustrated. The newly merged Hunts are clearly lacking in land, which led to members of the Hunt assaulting a landowner, who was attempting to keep them off his land. The assault was witnessed by sabs.

Hounds were in cry at different points throughout the day, chasing numerous foxes and even deer. At one point, a fox was forced into the road by hounds with sabs scrabbling from their vehicle to rate the hounds away. Fortunately that bought the fox sufficient time to find an escape route.

Hounds were scattered a few times and at one point members of the Hunt were asking sabs if they knew where the hounds were. A tiring day for sabs but definitely worth while.

If anyone can help us with donations here is our funding link. https://ko-fi.com/A772AR5

  YorkAinstySFH24-11-18.jpg  YorkAinstyS_FHMaskedup24-11-18.jpg 


Two Middleton FH hounds run over

25-11-18   Facebook - Tommy Woodward     Middleton Hunt had two hounds hit on the road in Scrayingham yesterday. Ambulance and police attended. If anyone has any more info please let us know...


Fife FH Huntsman assaults sab - hounds drive deer into barbie, sabs rescue

25-11-18   Facebook - Grampian Hunt Sabs    Report 83 - Fife Foxhounds, 24/11/2018, Kippo Farm    Grampian Sabs started early and did a kennel watch at the Fife Hunt. We followed the Huntsman and Hound Van in order to find out where the meet was. The Huntsman tried really hard to lose Sabs, giving them a tour of the lovely Fife countryside. Fortunately Sabs from Fife and Central Scotland and Glasgow Hunt Sabs were on hand to help and they didn’t manage to give us the slip and led us to their meet at Kippo Farm.


On arrival Grampian Sabs car were blocked by the terrierman and other hunt supporters. The terrierman Galpin and huntsman Robert tried to block sabs from getting any further by putting a pipe and manky old wooden pallet in the way [above]! The Huntsman was poking the pipe around our car window and a few moments later assaulted a sab. The Police were called. We put their anger down to us having good effect. Luckily sabs had videoed the assault and were able to give witness statements to Police.

Other Sabs kept with the hunt and hounds all day and although the hounds went into cry a few times there were no foxes killed. Unfortunately the hounds disturbed a deer which ran and became entangled in a barbed wire fence. A sab immediately set off to purchase wire cutters in order to free the terrified badly injured deer. Other sabs stayed with the deer to ensure the Hunt didn’t get to her. The Fife terrierman Adam Galpin pretended to dig out a fox to try and get Sabs to leave the deer but sabs were not so easily fooled. We fear what he had planned for her if she had been left alone in that position.

The Grampian Sab car got as near to the deer as possible and Sabs carried her to the car after freeing her then transported her to The New Arc rescue centre. The deer was treated by a vet and we are all praying that the poor wee soul manages to survive her injury and trauma.

Pics below   -   1/  Deer spooked by hounds trapped in barbie - sab rescuing   2/   Severe wound on deer's leg 

   FifeFHDeerbarbie24-11-18.jpg  FifeFHWounddeerleg24-11-18.jpg




Sab drone keeps them on E. Kent FH - leads to v. early pack up

25-11-18    Facebook - East Kent Sabs    EAST/WEST KENT HUNT SABS -  Saturday 24th November     After the mornings sab admin & organisation, East and West Kent Sabs headed over to Westmarsh to reports that a hunt was congregating in that area. Sure enough, we bumped into the EAST KENT with WEST STREET foxhounds at Sheerwater, as they headed out towards Hoaden. It was good to see some old faces in the hunt entourage, even some young "Tarquins" who were following in "daddies" classic Land Rover!

This meet has never been too good for us in the past, with much orchard and marsh land to cover..…this terrain allowed the hunt to move fast-the marsh is just a maze of ditches to navigate and the miles of orchard blocks your view, making it hard to get a fix on them. However our drone has given things a new perspective-the hunt now sticks out like a skinny dog's bollocks (!) on both types of landscape.

As soon as we had a fix on the Hunt, the foot sabs were deployed, trudging on after them [below]. When the foot sabs were not with the Hunt or in transit to them, the drone kept an eye on them. The result was another early pack up for the hunt at 2pm, not even 2 hour hunting!!


We have no doubt that this would have been a different story had we not been with them, as they had two quad bikes following, with terrier men and the usual paraphernalia to dig & hunt foxes below ground….so so sorry to spoil your fun chaps!

Our two groups worked really well together and after taking an aerial group photo, we headed home for lashings of ginger beer (well…..maybe a well deserved Cider!!). If you wish to donate to our group and keep us out in the fields, you can do so here - many thanks. https://www.paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA or “buy us a coffee" (small donations) here -  ko-fi.com/kenthuntsabs. Thanks x


Sabs scare off Heythrop FH terriermen about to dig out

24-11-18   Facebook - Three Counties Sabs   VIDEO   Terriermen caught with terrier at badger sett    Heythrop Hunt, 24th November 2018, Near Stow-on-the-Wold     Following Wednesday's assaults on two sabs (one from our group, one from Bristol Sabs) whilst the North Cotswold Hunt hounds killed a fox, our good friends from Bristol Hunt Saboteurs and Bath Hunt Saboteurs came up to sab the Hunt in a show of solidarity. We had eyes on the Hunt in the morning as we only had vague information as to where they may meet and we also had sabs out checking on badger setts around the meet and the meet of the Heythrop Hunt which was only a mile away!

With plenty of sabs covering the North Cotswold who were now armed with useful local knowledge (location of badger setts and so on) we decided to take a small group of our own sabs over to the Heythrop Hunt. All of our groups were close enough to offer each other back up in case of emergency.

The Heythrop Hunt have 'stalkers' who follow us around as soon as we are spotted so we try to get inland before we are seen so that we can keep eyes on them unhindered. Sometimes, though, we have to blow our cover early and this happened on Saturday...

With two sabs on foot near Slaughter Woods another two of us were dropped inland from the A429, a guess as to which way the Hunt may be headed. We were perfectly positioned when we heard the Hunt coming towards us and we hid in a small covert to keep an eye on their activities. Terriermen rode into the area and proceeded to take a white terrier, locator collar and nets out of the quad box whilst hounds circled the area. Sabs confronted the terriermen [below] and they took the nets and terrier away, our usual stalkers Di and Lizzie being called into the area.


                                  Terriermen, terrier, net at badger sett entrance 

Terriermen refused to tell us what they were up to, telling us that there was 'nothing in there' and that they weren't running away. Why the nets boys? Why mask up when you realised we were present? Why did the Hunt then scarper out of the area, being spotted by other foot sabs looking tense and worried? Why have us stalked from then on? Dig-out / fox being flushed or bagged up averted...

Great to hear that locals had spotted the Cotswold Vale Farmers' Hunt out and about in Sandhurst and kept an eye on them from Nature in Art off the A38 and great that others were able to check setts around the Croome and West Warwickshire meet at Rous Lench. Keep the tip-offs coming in everyone - we can't make every meet but we have an amazing network of people who will check setts and 'walk their dogs' or 'go rambling' in the vicinity of hunt meets. When we have some more time we'll put the finishing touches to our 'advice if you spot a hunt' to help people feel more confident about what to do if a Hunt is in there area.


Fernie FH thug gangs stage multiple attacks on sabs

Car window broken with hammer by one

Single police responder does nothing 

Fox helped to flee wood owned by Fernie JM 

24-11-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs      Hit Report 24.11.2018 Fernie Hunt, Smeeton Westerby - Multiple foxes seen away from the hounds - Sab vehicle damaged by hammer wielding thug     Driving home with a car window gaffer taped up was not how we imagined ending today – but it’s an unfortunate consequence of defending the country’s wildlife from thugs and criminals each week. Especially when the police refuse to attend…


                           Two of the Hunt vehicles driven repeatedly at  sabs 

Our day at the Fernie Hunt, who helpfully always hold a meet at the same farm in Smeeton Westerby each year on the same weekend and post pictures of it online, started fairly routinely. Badly parked horseboxes, plenty of liquored up hunt members showing appalling riding skills all in an effort to show off to their friends.


                                                        As was this one 

The Hunt spent a good half hour blocking roads with their slow moving fashion parade of matching jackets, before the huntsman Will Hanson sent hounds off to commence hunting for the day. Hounds were cast along hedgerows and gorse to the north of Saddington reservoir, and a number of small woods in the Mowsley and Laughton area.


                       Violent hunt thug approaches sab car armed with hammer 

Sabs were on hand to distract hounds long enough to allow a fox to escape from a small wood which was owned, by some incredible coincidence, the Master of the Hunt.

After that point though, the sab took a turn for the ridiculous. After five vehicles of rented goons arrived, sabs were driven at and hit with vehicles, chased in 4WDs off road, hit, kicked, harassed and ultimately the side window of our trusty North Cambs vehicle was smashed in with a hammer after a co-ordinated blocking ambush on a remote country road.


          Struck window of occupied sab car so fiercely the business end came off  

Leicestershire police were called and were told of the rapidly increasing level of violence being dished out by the hunt support to sabs, and yet they elected not to respond save for a single van which drove by the scene and then carried on without stopping. They suggested we “go to a public house where it is safe”. This is however difficult to achieve when you are in an open field being run down by pickup trucks and land rovers.

What followed was a huge public safety breakdown, with vehicles being driven at speed around lanes and across fields to get in front of sabs.


                         Ever considerate, hunters ride through a flock of sheep 

While the drivers of our vehicles were having to contend with this level of misbehaviours, both North Cambs Hunt Sabs and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs continually stayed close enough to the Huntsman and pack to keep the Hunt moving. We are confident the Huntsman Will Hanson did not have a chance to kill today.

We spent quite a bit more than our usual weekly fuel budget today being chased by violent thugs, and we will also have an insurance excess to cover on a smashed window. If you can help support our efforts in any way, a coffee donation would be hugely appreciated at: https://ko-fi.com/northcambs.


                                            Hare flees from the Fernie   


Sab assaulted by Cottesmore FH servant; blocked sett and AE found

24-11-18   Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs    24/11/2018   SAB ASSAULTED - BLOCKED IN BADGER SETT REPORTED TO POLICE - ARTIFICIAL EARTH FOUND AND LOGGED    The Cottesmore Hunt 11am Meet , Hunt Kennels ,Eastfield Farm, Cottesmore Rd, Ashwell, Oakham, LE15 7LJ We joined up with our good friends at Northants Hunt Saboteurs. While watching and waiting at the meet at Eastfield Farm who should turn up in his Landy but Joss Hanbury (Master of the Quorn Hunt and local CottesmoreFHhoundsonmainroad24-11-18.jpglandowner) who was not at all happy to see us.

One group of sabs were dropped in at a strategic location while hounds covered in mud were soon uncontrollably running onto the busy Oakham Road [left] forcing traffic to stop, as the Hunt went though Bottom Mill and Fox Covert.

Hounds crossed Langham Lane as the Hunt headed for Purveyors Covert. The Hunt then displayed their usual disdain for road traffic safety as the Whipper-in and redcoat cantered down the busy and dangerous Burley Rd; luckily hounds did not get onto the road and the Hunt made off at pace to Brick Kiln Covert.

Foot sabs followed and were met with the first bit of hostility (we believe alcohol consumption was involved as hunt support placed bets as to which female sab could be tripped up first) which would get worse later in the day.

At this point, we witnessed a beautiful deer and a couple of hares flee the scene, thankfully, of potential carnage. A freshly blocked badger sett was discovered - four holes unblocked by Sabs [right]. This has been reported to theCottesmoreFHSabunblockingsett24-11-18.jpg police who say they will investigate tomorrow.

The Hunt spent quite a bit of the time in that area drawing the coverts. With enough foot sabs in attendance another team was again dropped at a strategic location. The Hunt headed back to Langham Lane. A team of sabs followed on the bridleway but were soon subject to an assault. Details have been passed to the police so we cannot comment further at this time. Police questioned the bird of prey man about lack of number plates on his quad. Apparently they had fallen off both the front and the back at precisely the same time! That’s a bit unlucky or is it unlikely? In true comedy fashion a replacement set was sent for.

We were then then treated to Cottesmore huntsman Andrew Osborne losing his cool with the police. Much shouting, accusation and waving of arms! Checking on the meet we were happy they had indeed packed up and had a kill free day. https://ko-fi.com/A3372I1A.

Pics below   -   1/  We own the road, don't you know?    2/  Quad without plates that mysteriously fell off

   CottesmoreFHHuntroad24-11-18.jpg CottesmoreFHQuadnoplates24-11-18.jpg


Sab wins compo for stabbing by Southdown FH kennel man 3 years ago

Amount of criminal injuries compensation award yet to be decided 

CPS had dropped charges against the culprit who still goes out with Hunt

A sab from Belgium had jaw fractured in same attack by terriermen

24-11-18   Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Criminal Injuries Compensation Award toSouthdownEridgeFHSab2stabbed14-11-15.jpg South Coast Hunt Sab     On 14/11/15 Sabs were attacked by terrier men of the Southdown & Eridge Hunt during a hunt at Eridge. One sab from Belgium suffered a fractured jaw and a second sab from the South Coast hunt sabs was stabbed in the hand while videoing the incident. There was video showing sabs being initially attacked from behind and right up to the moment of the stabbing. Sussex Police on the scene at first refused to call an ambulance for the wounded until the stabbed sab collapsed. The attackers were identified by name to the police but no arrests wee made that day. Eventually the police and CPS dropped all charges.

It is thought the Hunt was particularity annoyed that day as they had brought forward the time of the hunt to 8 am from the usual 11 am, but sabs were able to locate them due to members of the public informing local groups of the change in times.

The stabbed sab made a criminal injuries claim to the criminal injuries compensation board (CIAB). This went to a HM Court and Tribunal service hearing last Thursday who ruled that ‘on all balance of probabilities’ the sab was stabbed by Matthew Ball, the then kennel man, and also at times the whipper-in of the hunt. The amount of award will be decided later.


Following this incident Matthew Ball disappeared from the Hunt and sabs were told he had moved to the north. He has since been allowed to return, and is out regularly. The Hunt has never once made a comment distancing themselves from the violence perpetuated by their staff and supporters.

All injured sabs that day have not been deterred and continue to be active hunt saboteurs. Hunt violence will not stop us but will just strengthened our resolve until hunting becomes history.

Please make a donation to help keep us out in the field:- Paypal.me/SouthCoastHuntSabs.

Pics below   -   1/  Matthew Ball, then Kennel Man, ruled by Tribunal to have stabbed sab.    2/  Sab being punched by terrierman sustained broken jaw that required substantial reconstruction.

  SouthdownFHKennelman14-11-15.jpg  SouthdownFHBelgiansab14-11-15.jpg  


Cottesmore FH Whip filmed cantering horse on main road

24-11-18    Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs  [with Northants Sabs]   VIDEO    Chris Edwards Whipper in for the Cottesmore Hunt cantering on tarmac. Then jumping a hedge. Hit report.


Shambolic Cattistock FH meet - assaults and tyre-slashing by support

Pack split into all overs, many causing havoc on roads 

24-11-18   Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights    Hit report 24/11/2018 -  Cattistock Hunt,  Meet:CattistockFHHoundonroad24-11-18.jpg Everywhere !    What seemed to be an attempt to thwart Sabs today Lady T's Cattistock Hunt had several meeting points with small pockets of field riders dotted over most of the North West Dorset area. What looked liked to begin with was an organised strategy of networking among the Hunt which ultimately was meant to confuse Sabs and at the same time enable the field to regroup and begin a day of good killing ! However, the day ended just as it had began, in a confused shambles that put dogs and the public road users in danger as well frustrating their handful of dribblers to the point of lashing out at Sabs, spitting at Sabs and criminally damaging vehicles!

With our good friends Southampton Sabs, we met up with the Hunt as they set south from Netherton Lane gathering (about the only thing they did gather all day !) a straggling field on route and headed for the small copses surrounding Harvard Farm. With Sabs entering the footpaths just south at Sunnymead and a monitor watching from the CattistockFHMorehoundsonroad24-11-18.jpgroad at Netherstoke Will Bryers made a run for it but his pack had other ideas and as Will headed east for the old hunting ground of Fox Hole Goyle the pack carried on south and spread themselves over the busy Closworth Road...

With another team of foot sabs in at Liberty Farm, it didn't take long to ascertain that the pack had in fact split into several pieces which by now was causing havoc and chaos on the road. The (new) Whipper-in was now desperately trying to gather a very confused split pack of dogs which showed no interest at all in there new 'boss' and spent the next hour running up and down the road followed by a very disgruntled whip! It was pure entertainment, first up the road then down, then up again. If it wasn't so dangerous it would have been laughable. Even our 'stalkers' thought this embarrassing show was a complete shambles and tried themselves to gather up the dogs but alas as one stalker exclaimed 'We are not dog whisperers' and the dogs ran away from them quicker than a terrierman leaving a vegan fayre!

It was then down to Will who headed with his lone dog [below right] down towards East Chelborough to gather what he could of his wondering pack and to keep Sabs as best he could at arms length. However Sabs were already in wait along the White Lane, whilst another team headed north to Dairy House farm (another favourite of this Hunt!). It seemed wherever Will went there were Sabs there to greet him, so run Will did and, with no regard for the now drooling support, he covered a vast expanse of area leaving most of the dribblers raging at the lack of 'entertainment!'.


So now the day takes a turn for the worse. One foot sab had their phone snatched from them and thrown to the ground , whilst others were driven at, blocked in and spat at. But worse was to come. OurCattistockFHHuntsmanwithhisremaininghound24-11-18.jpg legendary monitor whilst out in the field came back to a car with slashed tyres [below]. This is the account of that moment from them...

'During the afternoon I parked my vehicle on the road south of Clarkham Cross. I walked into the fields on a footpath to view the Cattistock hounds who a short while earlier were ‘in full cry’. I heard a ‘popping’ noise and immediately realised it came from where my car was parked. I ran towards the gate and saw a male running away from my car. When I got to the road a small truck was speeding away. ' The police have been notified and all footage has been taken and we know who the fencing perpetrators are as they had been giving Sabs hassle for best part of the day.

While a team stayed with our monitor ensuring there safety the rest of the Sabs went ahead and carried on with the hunt which by now had dwindled to just 6 riders.

After driving our stalkers around in the now fading light and pouring rain a message came through that the dogs had been packed away in the van and were heading back to the Cattistock Kennels. By 3.45pm it was killing over and Sabs regrouped to ensure that our monitor and their vehicle was heading safely  for home.

A busy day for all foot sabs and a challenging day for the drivers. However, everyone got home safely and the dogs were clean at the end of the day so we can safely assume that no kills had been made!

If you'd like to join us please message this page or email - weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you can then please join us at National Trust Kingston Lacy 25.11.18 for our peaceful protest event 11am-2pm with National Dis-Trust. Children are welcome. Donate to fuel fund here.



Sabs ensure dig-out by Suffolk FH doesn't happen

24-11-18    Facebook - Norwich Hunt Saboteurs    Suffolk Hunt, 24/11/18 - Fox Inn, Ousden    We joined up with Suffolk and Essex, Cambridge, North East London and South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs to do the Suffolk Hunt at their meet at the Fox Inn, Ousden.

Huntsman Sean Hutchinson seemed at a loss where to go today and spent a lot of time travelling from A to B to avoid sabs, only to find another strategically placed group of sabs waiting for them. Hounds were mostly kept moving but did find several scents throughout the day.

Towards the end of the day, sabs saw the Hunt's terriermen [below left] called in by the Huntsman. A terrier was brought out with tracking collar attached, and sabs made sure that any fox who had gone to ground in the area was safe. Terriermen came back twice to see if sabs were still around, which of course we were. Eventually they left the area and retreated to their evil lair.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that people who enjoy torturing and killing foxes aren't nice to their dogs, and while our video doesn't do this justice, you can make out some of the scars on this terrier's face [below right. Note also locator collar].

  SuffolkFHTerrierman24-11-18.jpg SuffolkFHTerrierllar24-11-18.jpg


Expert legal advice says N. Trust breaching charity requirements

Nexus of royal influence at top of N.T. & C.C. also revealed 

24-11-18   The Canary    Newly raised links between the National Trust and royalty raise concerns over the charity’s stance on hunting    In September 2017, a document was submitted to the National Trust and the Charity Commission (CC). As The Canary previously reported, Meet The National Trust Hunts outlined alleged violent and criminal acts committed by 44 hunts across EnglandPrinceCharles.jpg and Wales.

The document’s author, anti-hunting campaigner Barbara Slaska, said in November 2017 its purpose was to show that licensing hunts puts the National Trust in breach of CC regulations. But a year on, little has changed. The National Trust employed a new trail hunting manager during summer 2018. His role is to enact the charity’s new auditing system. At the time of publishing, 17 hunts are licensed by the National Trust for the 2018/19 season. Many of these are seen in Meet the National Trust Hunts.

Slaska told The Canary that the CC rejected her initial complaint and two follow up appeals for not falling within its jurisdiction. But Slaska also believes that powerful links to hunting at the top of the National Trust and CC raise concerns about their ability to take appropriate action.

Now a leading expert in charities is involved in the case. And she believes that the National Trust and CC have a case to answer regarding the National Trust’s charitable status. Francesca Quint is a barrister with Radcliffe Chambers, the “undisputed leading set in charities law”. In emails seen by The Canary, Quint advised Slaska that complaints showing safeguarding issues or loss of reputation fall well within the CC’s remit. Quint also said that:- trail hunting activity goes against the [National Trust’s] charitable objects in that the evidence from [International Fund for Animal Welfare] and others shows that it compromises the welfare of wild animals as well as risking breaches of the law.

WilliamShawcrossCharityCommission.jpegCrucially, through licensing trail hunting, the National Trust falls foul of the public benefit requirements of charities. This is clearly laid out by the CC as beneficial to “the public in general, or a sufficient section of the public”. And that the benefit must be “identifiable and capable of being proved by evidence”.

It’s these issues, amongst others, that are exactly what the National Trust falls foul of, according to Quint and Slaska. Slaska’s complaint to the CC is currently in limbo. She says it was sent to the CC’s Risk Assessment Unit several months ago and nothing has happened since. So Slaska’s now approached The Canary with evidence of links between hunting, the National Trust and the CC that raise questions.

Prince Charles and the National Trust Prince Charles [above right] is president of the National Trust. The charity says that, in his role, he:- 'takes a personal interest in all aspects of our work'. But Prince Charles’ “personal interest” has also impacted the National Trust’s choices. A 2009 Guardian article, for example, revealed he threatened to withdraw patronage from the charity if it didn’t change the design of its headquarters.

Prince Charles is a fan of hunting. In October 2017, the Mail on Sunday revealed he’d pressured Tony Blair to drop the hunting ban. He’s not been seen hunting since the ban came into place but has been seen shooting. He’s also been connected with a number of hunts, including several previously licensed by the National Trust. These include the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt (now banned), Blencathra Foxhounds, and the Beaufort Hunt.

In news about Prince Charles’ future patronage of the RSPCA, it emerged the animal welfare charity had faced similar pressure. Prince Charles reportedly had “fundamental disagreements” with the RSPCA due to its badger cull opposition and successful 2012 prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt. As a result, his future patronage of the animal welfare charity was “in doubt“.

Alastair Martin, Prince Charles’ private secretary, is also a hunter. Until at least 2011, Martin was joint master of the Mendip Farmers’ Hunt. And a 2015 programme for a Royal Artillery Hunt event, at which Martin spoke, says he has “hunted for most of the last 40 years”.

However, Prince Charles’ spokesperson Julian Payne told The Canary there’s no evidence backing up Slaska’s concerns about either Prince Charles or his secretary Martin. And that:- In his role as President, The Prince is kept abreast of matters concerning the National Trust. However policy decisions undertaken by the Trust are made by its Board of Trustees and members and are something that he has absolutely no involvement in.

William Shawcross, CC chair [above left]:-  William Shawcross was CC chair between September 2012 and December 2017, during the time Slaska’s inital complaint was rejected. Shawcross is personally and financially linked to Prince Charles and the royal family. A 2002 Guardian article, for example, described him as part of a “small circle… who advise the Prince”. An official biography of the queen mother was written by Shawcross. He was also responsible for the “intimate” book and TV series about Queen Elizabeth, Queen and Country. And he’s been friends with Camilla, who married Prince Charles in 2005, since childhood.

Shawcross was the subject of criticism during his time as chair of the CC. His 2012 appointment was opposed by three Labour and Lib Dem MPs because of his public support for the Conservative Party. Shawcross gained the role after four Conservative MPs backed his nomination. Nonetheless, he came under fire again in 2016 after NCVO and Acevo, two independent bodies with responsibility for the charitable sector, raised concerns. An article in Civil Society said:-  There are concerns that a clique at the heart of the board has a strong political and ideological stance, with several members having close links to Conservative politicians and right-wing think tanks, and that this has led to a hard-line approach to sector policy. [NCVO and Acevo] are worried at the level of power being gathered by this group, and their continued involvement in the day-to-day running of the regulator.

While he was CC chair, Shawcross was critical of the RSPCA’s attitude to hunting. Some years after the animal welfare charity’s successful prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt, he slammed the animal welfare organisation for having a “zeal for prosecutions”. He also criticised the RSPCA for its opposition to the badger cull.

Orlando Fraser, CC board member [right]:-  This ‘gathering of power’ included the appointment of OrlandoFraserNT.jpegOrlando Fraser as a board member. Fraser once stood for election as an MP in North Devon for the Conservative Party. Fraser was a CC board member between July 2013 and December 2017. His position was controversial from the outset. A lack of charitable experience led to complaints and questions about the reason for his appointment from senior officials within the sector.

Standing for election isn’t Fraser’s only link to the Conservatives. He is also a founding fellow of Iain Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice. Fraser chaired the thinktank’s voluntary sector working group for its 2007 report Breakthrough Britain. In 2006, both former prime minister David Cameron and Conservative MP Nicholas Soames were present at Fraser’s wedding.

These connections led to serious concerns about neutrality after Fraser’s re-appointment in 2016. It’s also worth noting that Fraser’s wife was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana in 1981.

Meanwhile there are direct connections to hunting. In 2004, the North Devon Journal said Fraser accompanied Cameron to the Exmoor Foxhounds Horse Show to “do some manifesto brainstorming” for the Conservative Party. And later the same year Fraser wrote a letter to the North Devon Journal describing the Hunting Act as “poisonous”. In 2005, during his campaign for election as MP, Fraser apparently went out riding with the Eggesford Hunt.

Nicholas Soames MP [below left]:- Soames has a long history with the National Trust. In 2000, the MP headed up an attempt to increase pro-hunt influence within the National Trust following the charity’s ban on stag hunting. This bid to have him elected to the National Trust council failed. A second attempt was made in 2002. At the time allegations were made that the pro-hunt message was an attempt to “woo” Prince Charles to the charity. This bid succeeded, though Soames at the time said he was not a “front for a hunt”.

Nonetheless, Soames celebrated the 2017 failure to ban trail hunting from National Trust land. No longer a council member, he supported an Early Day Motion in parliament that:-  welcome[d] the defeat of the resolution to ban trail hunting on National Trust land; and concludes that this proposal was ill-informed, unnecessary and a waste of National Trust finance.

NicholasSoames.jpegThe MP for Mid-Sussex also has direct involvement with hunting. He was caught by hunt saboteurs at a 2008 New Year’s Day meet of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt, for example. Camera footage showed him driving a quad bike on a public road without insurance [and with young children aboard, POWAperson]. As a result, he was banned from driving for two months and fined.

Soames also has close connections to Shawcross, Fraser and the Royal Family. In 2008 the Telegraph described Soames as being part of Prince Charles’ “inner circle”. The MP was even part of the inquiry into Princess Diana’s death. Prince Charles and Camilla attended Soames’ mother’s funeral in 2014, an event that also saw a public address by Shawcross. Fraser’s wife Clementine is also Soames’ niece.No identified issues:- The Canary approached the CC for comment about these concerns. A spokesperson said that it is “not an ombudsman” and “may assess that certain issues do not warrant the Commission’s intervention in the way a complainant envisages”. And it continued, saying:-  The Commission is an evidence and risk-based regulator. Decisions are made by expert caseworkers using the evidence and information available, in line with our regulatory and risk framework. Published records of our casework show robust, effective decision-making that is free from bias. The Commission takes its duties as a regulator, and in relation to decision-making, seriously. … There are occasions when the Commission may not be able to take up a complaint at all, even if we recognise issues may be of public interest.

Referring specifically to Slaska’s complaint, the CC spokesperson said it’s assessing “a complaint in relation to the National Trust and trail-hunting” for its factual accuracy. And that, for past appeals:-  Decisions on individual cases are made by the relevant operational staff, not senior officials. … we did not identify any regulatory issues which would warrant the Commission’s intervention.

Where do the links point to?:-  The evidence Slaska has presented to The Canary shows clear and overlapping links between the National Trust, CC and pro-hunting interests. These can’t be ignored. They raise concerns about what factors could impact on decisions made at the highest levels of our public bodies. And they bring up questions about the influence that the deeply rooted hunting community has.

Anti-hunt campaigners claim trail hunting exploits loopholes in the law and enables the hunting of wildlife. A wealth of evidence, including the 2015 report Trail of Lies, back this up. The National Trust is, therefore, according to anti-hunt campaigners, permitting an activity that anti-hunt campaigners say is a cover for illegal activity. Despite this, the CC says Slaska’s allegations are not within its remit.

The hunting lobby is powerful. Evidence presented in this article only scratches the surface. But public opinion is overwhelmingly against the bloodsport. And, as a charity serving the public interest, the National Trust must be held to account for its mind-boggling stance.

The Canary contacted all named individuals and organisations for comment but received no reply other than the responses in the piece.


Police sat & watched Atherstone FH create road havoc, say sabs

24-11-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Hound chaos on the Ashby Lane    Leicestershire Police are a disgrace #OperationBlackthorn Atherstone Hunt - Saturday 24th November - Ashby Parva Today’s events were shocking Leicestershire Police sat in their car, watched this happening and did nothing. Video and full report to follow. 

Leicestershire police are an utter disgrace. Sgt Woodrow ( assigned hunt/police liaison officer) and colleague sat in their car and watched the Atherstone Foxhounds cause utter chaos on Ashby Lane today. The Atherstone Hunt have no control over their hounds and hunt staff can’t control them. All of this was filmed.


Please support our #OperationBlackthorn campaign which is exposing Leicestershire’s Police corruption and bias towards the Atherstone Hunt. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.

Pic above   -   Hounds late for their bus into town again 


Sabs startle Blankney FH Huntsman into inactivity & early pack-up

24-11-18   Facebook - Blankney Foxhounds   VIDEO   SABBED - Saturday 24th November    The Blankney Huntsman had no idea what to do when we rocked up with Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs and ruined his weekend. He took his mounted field supporters for a trot around a nice viaduct, flirted with the idea of hunting, then decided it would only end badly for him and slinked back for an early finish.

We couldn't do what we do without your moral, social media, and financial support. Feel free to buy us a coffee* at https://ko-fi.com/M4M271WY.



N. Cotswold FH terriermen scoot off when caught digging sett

24-11-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs     This morning, along with Bath Hunt Saboteurs we paid a visit to the North Cotswold Hunt who met at Nosehill Farm near Snowshill. Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs were already in the area keeping eyes on the Hunt. Just a few days ago this hunt killed a fox in front of two sabs. The terriermen employed by the Hunt held the sabs down so they couldn't stop the kill.

From the off we had a companion on a quad bike relaying our every move to the hunt staff which meant they were quite often running off whenever we appeared.

At one point we stumbled upon terrier-men who had just started to dig out a badger sett, shocked to see us they shot off at pace with their tails between their legs.

The Hunt stayed out until light faded, packing up around 4:30. We will be seeing the North Cotswold again soon...  Please consider supporting our work. Paypal.me/bristolhuntsabs.


Car nearly ploughed into the Warks FH Huntsman & pack

Hounds were taken on the wrong side of the road on a blind bend

Support pretended to be monitors when locals complained re. Hunt

23-11-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt - Thursday 15th November 2018 - Fenny Compton    Residents of Fenny Compton and Farnborough-are you fed up with the Warwickshire Hunt? Several local residents of Fenny Compton and Mollington spoke to us and complained about the arrogance and general behaviour of the Warwickshire Hunt. On one occasion the hunt could see that a local resident was not very happy with the Hunt for not telling them the hunt would be around, the Hunt told him they were monitors monitoring the hunt! Luckily we were there to put him straight but this proves just how easily and quickly the Warwickshire Hunt will lie. It also shows that they realise how unpopular they are with the general public that they have to lie about being part of the Hunt.

You can contact us in confidence with any information on the Warwickshire Hunt by phone or text 07767620767 or email at mailto:westmidlandhuntsabs@hotmail.co.uk.This

This video was filmed last Thursday we filmed Warwickshire Huntsman Will Goffe riding on the wrong side of the road on a blind bend with the pack of hounds following him. A car came round the bend and had to do an emergency stop to avoid hitting Goffe, his horse and the entire pack of hounds.


We are out 3-4 times a week at the moment, any help towards fuel costs is appreciated. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.


Sabs find Ashford Valley FH hounds marking to ground and prevent dig out

23-11-18    Facebook – East Kent Sabs    Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt 3rd November 2018, Plurenden Wood, Bethersden, Kent Hunt prevented from digging out fox by Kent Hunt Sabs Does this look like "trail" hunting to you"?     Kent Hunt Saboteurs hear hunt hounds baying in the wood, and immediately rush to the scene, where they find the hunt staff and riders, surrounding an area where the hounds are digging at a hole. Hunts call this "marking to ground" - where a fox has sought sanctuary after being chased by the hounds.


Unsurprisingly, the "terrier men" are also in attendance, with quad bikes laden with digging equipment and terriers-without sabs present, this fox could have been dug out after fighting with terriers AshfordVFHGrinningninnyredcoat23-11-18.jpgunderground and then shot,. Or in some cases, Hunts will "bolt" the fox so that the hounds can chase it further. Or in a worse scenario, many hunts are known to dig out foxes, move them to a safe location, feed them, and then release them again at another hunt.

We will never know what the Hunt had planned for that poor fox... but what is certain is that the Hunt were caught red handed! Utterly shocked, they sit in silence, grinning as they wave their phones about, no doubt to take pictures to present to the police and complain of "harassment"-ironically from those brave enough to put themselves in harms way to prevent illegal hunting and uphold the law.....and to save that poor fox.

Note, this is the same Hunt we filmed chasing and killing a fox in 2017.

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                              Terriermen finally move off - Field had already left 


Sabs aid 4 hares escape from Easton Harriers

Last hunted hare is chased across a busy road

Huntsman gives up early, walks back to meet

23-11-18   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Easton Harriers – Rishangles Lodge, Rishangles, Suffolk - Wednesday 21st November 2018     A couple of our sabs were at a loose end on a weekday so thought they would pay another trip to the Easton Harriers. After the previous Wednesday’s visit we were well aware of what this hunt is capable of on a weekday. Sure enough, within 15 minutes of leaving the meet, the hounds were chasing hares. Three hares had been seen running across a field and then the hounds came along in full cry just 15 seconds later. Luckily for the hares, we were on hand to take action and delayed the hounds enough for them to lose the scent of the hares.


                   Huntsman gives up at 1.15pm, walks horse and pack back to meet 

The Hunt then regrouped and appeared to be considering their next move when a vehicle arrived and out piled a mass of sabs from the wonderful Croydon Hunt Saboteurs. At the very same moment three Police vehicles also arrived on the scene. The hunt hot-footed it back to the meet. We thought it was going to be an extremely early pack up but we could hear the hounds in cry and they had picked up another hare. Off the hounds went at speed and covered a very long distance before we picked them up crossing the busy B1077 Eye/Debenham Road. Gary looked to be in a great panic and dismounted from his horse and he made his way back towards the meet on foot. At 1.15 pm the Hunt packed up and went home.


                                        These boots are made for walking... 

We cannot thank our brilliant comrades in the Croydon Sabs enough for joining us and for making the very long trip up to Suffolk. Please consider buying us a coffee to support our work: https://ko-fi.com/norfolksuffolkhuntsaboteurs.


Police arrive to find Barlow FH hounds milling on B road unsupervised

23-11-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs     Sheff Sabs light, set out today to kennel watch the Barlow and luckily for us they happened to have a kennel meet! The 3 of us watched them get ready, and saw their faces of disappointment when they realised who we were.

They spent the day mostly in Smeekley Wood. It was poor visibility in the fog and the woods but we kept ears on them all day, and were often out with the hounds who were very friendly, and the field, and redcoats, who were quite the opposite. At least half of the Huntsman's day was spent gathering up the hounds who were having a great time running wild.

We saw one fox safely across the road just before the police turned up to see hounds wandering unmanaged all over the B road. The field got bored of sitting in the mist around 3pm and were followed back to the kennels by the Huntsman who had finally gathered at least most of his hounds.

No signs of a kill and hounds were only in cry sporadically all day. Be careful of hounds on the road if you are anywhere near Owler Bar roundabout tonight. See you soon Barlow.


Warks FH reported to have hunted in banned country park

22-11-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt at Burton Dassett Country Park Please politely contact Warwickshire County Council to complain about the Warwickshire Hunt using Burton Dassett Country Park to hunt foxes on Thursday 15th November 2018. parks@warwickshire.gov.uk. 02476305592. Please keep all communications polite.




Thugs hold sabs back, block filming, while N. Cotswold FH kill fox

Hunt member drove fleeing fox back into jaws of hounds

Had just hunted through quarry banned to them

21-11-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   NORTH COTSWOLD HUNT KILL FOX WHILST HUNT STAFF RESTRAIN SABS - FULL REPORT    On Wednesday 21st November, the North Cotswold Hunt met at Cutsdean Farm, Cutsdean, Gloucestershire, where they were joined by a sab from Bristol and a sab from Three Counties for a snowy and cold start to the day. Undeterred by blizzard conditions and below freezing temperatures, they set off at around 11am following the Huntsman’s speech, in which he made a clear proclamation directed at sabs in the adjacent churchyard that they would apparently be “hunting within the law”, and that a “trail had been laid”. Sabs had been in the area for at least an hour beforehand to check nearby badger setts, and at no point saw any evidence of trails being laid.


Hounds rioted after deer shortly after leaving the meet but were rated off, and the Hunt moved on to draw several coverts in the Taddington area in which they drew blank. The Huntsman then took the hounds into the large wooded area at Lidcombe Hill. When hounds started speaking right in front of sabs, the Huntsman gathered them and shot off along the Winchcombe Way to re-enter the north of the woods.


The Hunt spent a long time working southwards through the woodland. The hounds were heard in full cry several times, often for long durations. With no road access and very difficult terrain, including very steep hills and valleys, the sabs who were on foot found it extremely difficult to keep up with the hounds, although they were always within earshot. It is believed that a fox was marked to ground during this time, and we hope that the presence of sabs nearby and the sound of their voice calls deterred a dig out.


Foot sabs caught up with the hounds in cry and on a line as they crossed a field and jumped over a wall into Guiting Quarry. The Huntsman, field and support stood by nonchalantly as hounds ran around in the quarry, where they were heard speaking, occasionally picking up on the scent of a fox.


When questioned by sabs, the Huntsman and other hunt staff insisted that a trail had been laid through the quarry, and that the land owner approved of them being there. We know this is not the case, as Three Counties sabs have been in contact with the quarry owner following previous instances of hunt trespass there. Regardless of this, it is ludicrously dangerous for both the hounds and any workers to have dogs running freely inside a quarry.

After eventually gathering the pack on the nearby road, the Huntsman headed east to draw a nearby crop field of Brussels sprouts. They drew blank and moved to the next field. Sabs were right behind the pack, on a public footpath and surrounded by hunt staff and terrier men. The hounds went into cry and a fox was put up just meters from the sabs, who tried to intervene using voice calls and attempted to grab their whips and bottles of citronella spray.


Almost immediately, they were both grabbed from behind by two large lads and physically restrained. The lads gripped the sabs’ cameras, pulling them away to try to stop them filming; one was slammed shut and stopped, but the other remained rolling. As this happened, the fox ran towards a gate, but was headed back towards the hounds by a member of hunt staff. The fox tried to escape in a different direction but encountered a fence and was ripped apart by hounds.


                        One of the sabs being restrained by hunt thug

A rider then rode his horse between one of the restrained sabs and the pack of hounds as they were killing the fox, further preventing any filming or intervention. The Hunt moved quickly to remove the fox’s body and clear any remains, and sabs were only released once this had been finished.

The fox was killed at 2.45pm on the footpath that passes through Carey’s Covert, just to the North-East of Guiting Quarry.


                   Scene of the kill - fragments of fox organs and blood all that remain

The Hunt continued undeterred, drawing more hedgerows to the North-East as the two shaken sabs paused at the scene of the kill to gather evidence. The hounds started speaking again, picking up on the scent of another fox. However, with the unrelenting sabs having caught up, the Hunt doubled-back on themselves and were followed to Manor Farm in Taddington where they packed up, relatively early, at around 3.30pm.

Please consider supporting our work. Thank you. Paypal.me/bristolhuntsabs.

See also Three Counties Sabs report 


Sabs accuse police WO of leaking info on live inquiry to accused

21-11-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   #OperationBlackthorn - Police leak information about a live case to members of the Atherstone Hunt    During the Atherstone Hunt's New Years Day meet a supporter of the Atherstone Hunt is filmed talking about details of a live investigation against members of the Hunt. These are details which he shouldn’t have any knowledge of. He then claims that he was given this information by PC Rob Cross.

A formal complaint has been made to Leicestershire Police as PC Cross has broken the police code of conduct by giving information to an unauthorised person. It should also be regarded as a breach of the Data Protection Act. So far Leicestershire Police have refused to even record this as a complaint.

https://network23.org/…/police-leak-information-about-a-li…/. Leicestershire Police Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/leicspolice/.

Donate towards campaign costs:-  https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.


Cheshire Forest FH hounds cheat death under wheels of artic on A50

The Sabs' report on the CF FH meet at Smallwood below is pretty comprehensive, but CABS added the following ... 

21-11-18  Facebook - Cheshire Against Blood Sports   VIDEO   ...The Hunt eventually emerged into the grounds of Boden Hall, but again we were there waiting for him, this is where road chaos got seriously dangerous, with one horse positioned on the extremely busy fast moving A50, who was very upset and was seen rearing as it was clearly very uncomfortable with lorries whizzing so close to it and hunt lackey Hannah Reade in her new role as lollipop lady to the hunt attempted to stop the traffic. The hounds were all over the road and some hounds had got separated from the pack, we heard the tyres of an articulated lorry screech to a halt, German jumped off his horse and ran across the road, he was looking underneath the truck clearly expecting as we did that several hounds had been killed, it was a miracle that they driver managed to miss them as they attempted to re-join the pack.

...  We saw so many upsetting incidents with the hounds, not only was one whipped and several nearly dying under the wheels of a truck, one poor terrified hound was seen being carried away and in all the time we have monitored hunts we have never seen hounds so desperately hungry that they have resorted to fighting over pieces of rubbish at the roadside. When they got back to the meet point, the hounds were put in the trailer, it was bitterly cold and wet and while German went into the pub, hopefully to commiserate on such a sh!t day, a terrible fight broke out in the hounds van between the hounds, they were very distressed. We have to allow 24 hours to enable him to get veterinary treatment, however we will be reporting our concerns to the RSPCA about the condition of the hounds.

So the moral of this story is that the Forest Hunt needs to stay away from Smallwood, you really aren’t welcome and we hope that the few landowners that allow them to use their land to terrorise the village and wildlife grow a conscience and say no to them, if they don’t then we will all be waiting for the hunt whatever day they try and sneak into Smallwood. We will always be ready for you.

It would be amazing if all villages could come together in this way and stand up to the Hunt, we can help you if we know when they are coming so we urge you to let us or the sabs know any information you have about where they may be.


Cheshire Forest FH Huntsman whips hound in head, knocks it over

Blatantly hunted 2 foxes, both escaped with sab assistance

At one point, were hunting along the busy A50

Also forced pack to plough through big bramble patch 

21-11-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs    On Tuesday, we crashed the Cheshire Forrest meet at the Blue Bell Inn in Smallwood with Cheshire Against Blood Sports and the Badger Army.

With a large presence for a Tuesday, many of us arrived early to pre-spray the many known hunting areas around this meet, anticipating an 11am meet and with a large presence for a Tuesday. We had every area sprayed and were ready to depart the meet with the Huntsman at 12. While The Badger Army positioned themselves at Loval setts, ensuring they weren't to be interfered with by the Hunt.

First of all, at the meet German [the Huntsman] seemed very proud of himself and his social media snooping skills when he called over and smugly gave one of our sabs details about their personal life before setting off. Meanwhile, his hounds stood beneath him eating horse manure. This wasn't the last of his half- hearted intimidation tactics that day.

CheshireForestFHHuntingalongA50_21-11-18.jpgWhile entering the first field, German left his riders on the road scratching their heads. The hounds stood looking at the mess of barbed wire and thorn bushes they had to get through to reach German until he encouraged them on, despite us telling the Hunt they were receiving cuts and wounds from climbing over. We helped them over as best we could. German half-heartedly brought his hounds along the line of the wood before returning to the road 5 minutes later.

He went onwards to Brookhouse Green, the riders tried to make a jump before one dismounted and seemed to have seriously injured his leg. Thankfully his horse was OK. The Hunt asked our two sabs if they where first aid trained, but unfortunately they were not, so we pressed on after German, while half the field waiting for the air ambulance.

We eventually came back onto the road near Brownlow Inn and sabs got into cars to follow the Hunt for a quick rest before German entered the next field. Unknowingly to German, we were driving in front of him watching out the back window when he aggressively whipped a hound in the head, causing it to fall over. We immediately confronted German about it, who replied with a load of abuse.

Upon entering the next fields, German was none too pleased to find even more anti-hunting posters stuck up by CABS, reminding him of our opposition to his bloodlust. He had his ghouls rip them down of course.


                                  Huntsman Andrew German threatening sabs 

German decided to turn around half way up the field to tell one of our sabs 'if you blow that horn one more time, you wont blow it again' then when questioned about whipping his hound he replied, 'Fair enough, but its only because you blow the horn'. Yet he whipped the hound in the head while all sabs where in cars and he had full control of the pack going down a public highway.

With Cabs still on them, our foot sabs caught up the Hunt at the entrance to Boden Hall, attempting to gather their hounds before departing onto the busy A50 into the field parallel towards Betchton. It's here that hounds caught their first scent. The hounds gave a good chase but with whip cracks and voice calls we managed to deter the hounds, and the Hunt eventually calling them off due to our cameras always filming.


                   German looking at some of the many CABS posters in the area 

German lurked around here for a while on foot presumably looking for his next opportunity to chase a fox, but we stuck close by and foiled his attempts at hunting the hounds on whenever possible.

German then spent around 2 hours circling Arclid Airfield, retracing the same ground for quite some time, as if he knew of what was there. It was here sabs saw the first small fox running to safety away from the direction of the Hunt. We ensured the scent wouldn't be found by masking it with citronella spray.

Proceeding to the woodland where the hounds were, they went into cry. Minutes later, a huge dog fox ran straight past us in the direction of the first fox away from the hounds. Less than 2 minutes later the pack, in full cry, came towards us pursuing the fox. Having masked the scent and confusing the hounds with voice calls and whip cracks they went the wrong way. However the hounds then came back to the original point that they lost the fox and re-found the scent, we once again worked hard to get them to stop pursuing the fox.

For a while after, the Hunt relentlessly searched and hunted for this fox, but we managed to keep the hounds at bay and ensure they didn't go in the right direction (the Huntsman didn't know where the fox went as he wasn't anywhere to be seen when they gave the chase). We continued to halt their progress here until they packed up at around 4pm. Happily with no kills to report, but some very close calls.

See report above from CABS covering a couple of incidents missed by the sabs 


Monitors film Grafton FH blatantly hunting foxes

GraftonFHHuntsmanupwithpackfox1_17-11-18.jpg20-11-18   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch   VIDEO   The Grafton Hunt met at Woodford Hill and hunted all day around Eydon, Canons Ashby and Woodford Hill, where they chased to Little Preston and finished the day on another chase to Adstone. Our Monitors watched them blatantly fox hunting all day. We defy anyone to spot the difference between this and fox hunting before the ban came into force. Incidentally they tote around a hapless eagle in a box or on the arm of its handler all day. We note that he is rarely seen in the vicinity of the hounds and the Huntsman which is surprising since the only reason for his presence is to use the falconers' exemption in the Hunting Act by claiming they are hunting to a bird of prey.   


Even though they were clearly fox hunting in front of us, they made it obvious that they do indeed haveGraftonFHFox1fleeinghounds17-11-18.jpg something to hide. For example one old red coated hunter kept riding his horse in front of our cameras when the hounds started speaking and running in full view. Hunt supporter Sophie Chapman, irritatingly kept tapping out a rhythm on an iron gate and developed a cough every time the hounds went on cry. S'pose she thought she was drowning out hunting sounds as our cameras were so close by!  

We are sure that some foxes got away from them but we cant be certain of course that no fox was killed that day.

Grafton Hunt Watch is dedicated to show the authorities, the media and the many millions who follow social media, the reality of the appalling acts of cruelty, the anarchy and terrible behaviour, and what we believe to be illegal hunting that goes on week after week in the countryside. Public opinion is of course very important. Complaining to the police, your MP and the media all helps to keep up the pressure on the authorities to act.

Pics above:  Top left  -  Huntsman Mick Wills, who unleashed the hounds on at least two foxes this day. Currently awaiting trial for breaching Section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004.   Middle  -  Fox fleeing hounds runs right past monitor.    Bottom right  -  Same fox a few seconds later.


                                  Hounds find the line of fox 1     


                                  Hounds after fox 1 momentarily on heel line*  


                               The field catch up with hounds searching for fox 1 


                               Hounds still searching for fox. It has escaped.


                                             Hounds in cry after fox 2


                                       Redcoats and field hunting fox 2 



S. Durham FH trespass, hunting on nature reserve & garden

20-11-18   Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors    HIT REPORT 18 of season 18/19. 13/11/18 South Durham Hunt Meet Wingate Grange Farm    Quick report, as we are so far behind after days of trying to catch the little fox cub Emily. Also a sad few days for us but we are back and raring to go.

The Hunt met and made way to Wingate Grange nature reserve where the hounds picked up on a fox snd entered a private garden. Other residents informed the Hunt they should not be there but the hunt as usual just shrugged their shoulders and carried on encouraging the hounds to find the fox scent. Failing to get on a line the houndsman took to going on foot with the hounds in hope of picking up again. After Monitors intervened to distract the hounds after going into cry the houndsman lead hounds away from the small covert and away from Monitors.


Please inform the police and the council if you ever see a hunt on a nature reserve as they have no permission to be there, also take pictures and note down the time of day date and if any damage was observed from either hounds or horses. Durham Council have confirmed the Hunt have no place in their reserves or parks.


We would again like to thank all our supporters for your kind generosity re Emily. More on that to come.


Deer hunters' abuse of H.Act exemption exposed on BBC's 'Inside Out'

20-11-18    YouTube    The expose of the Devon & Somerset Stag Hounds chasing a stag for three hoursMartinSimsLACS.jpg then killing it which was featured on BBC News, Spotlight on 2-11-18 [no longer available] prompted a BBC investigation and a 9 minute film shown as part of BBC1's 'Inside Out' South West programme last evening. The reporter challenged hunters as to exactly what 'research' they were undertaking to justify the Hunt's use of the 'Research and Observation' exemption and they really struggled to come up with anything even slightly plausible. Alun Michael [right] MP, the then Labour Minister who was in charge of the Hunting Bill, said that this was NOT what the exemption was intended for and it was being abused.


                   Stag just after killed, having been dragged out of river 27-10-18  


           Stag is bundled into van to be taken to the carve-up where followers attend 


Atherstone FH let hounds crap all over village & leave it there

20-11-18   Twitter - @West Mids Hunt Sabs    Today the Atherstone Hunt let their hounds poo all over Churchover as they rode through the village. We offered them poo bags to clean it up but they refused and preferred to leave the dog mess for the residents of Churchover.



Atherstone FH Huntsman blew hounds on to busy road, say sabs

19-11-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Huntsman calls hounds onto a busy main road - Fox hunted - Atherstone Hunt - Newton Burgoland - Saturday 17th November 2017  AtherstoneFHFoxfleeing17-11-18.jpg

The Atherstone Hunt met at the Odd House Restaurant and Pub at Snarestone, Newton Burgoland. After two months of keeping the hounds by his side it seems Bill Bishop is now having problems controlling the hounds. Foot sabs caught Bishop hunting a fox [right] near Measham. Sabs in the vehicle where able cover the foxes tracks and ensure it got away safely. 

Huntsman pulls hounds onto busy main road - Hunts often like to lie about sabs pulling hounds onto busy main roads, we’ve never seen any proof of this. However on Saturday we did witness Atherstone Huntsman Bill Bishop blowing his horn on a main road and pulling hounds onto the B4116. A few passing motorists stopped and told us how shocking they thought it was and how dangerous.

We know fox hunts don’t care about their hounds and this seems especially true of Bill Bishop. So far this season we have filmed him AtherstoneFHHoundrunning17-11-18.jpghitting one of his hounds with his whip because its barking was annoying him. He didn’t seem to care that one of his hounds had a bad eye injury last week and now he has put his hounds lives in danger by calling them onto a busy road. We asked Bishop and the Atherstone Hunt why they were doing this, Bishop shrugged his shoulders indicating he didn't care whilst the rest of the Hunt chose not to answer our perfectly reasonable question. One of their own hunt supporters agreed with us that there was no need for Bishop to put his hounds in danger.

We made sure no more foxes were hunted for the rest of the day - Leicestershire Police made another rare appearance today although we don’t understand why they bother turning up. They stayed in their cars all morning and conveniently kept themselves out of the way when the fox was being hunted and the Hunt were all over the B4116 road. We’re not sure how much money Leicestershire Police are spending on sending out officers to fox hunts but they let the Atherstone Hunt hunt a fox under their noses and be a public nuisance on the B4116. Although this fits in nicely with the general ethos of #OperationBlackthorn.


                                      Right next to the busy B4116 

Please ask Leicestershire Police why they send officers to the Atherstone Hunt if they are just going to sit in their car all morning and let them illegally hunt foxes? Leicestershire Police Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leicspolice/.Donate

Donate towards campaign costs: https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.


                                      Redcoat cantering on main road 


Stand-in Cotswold Vale FH Huntsman hopeless, meet is a shambles

19-11-18   Facebook - Welsh Border Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Saturday 17th November 2018 After saying hi to Ross Harriers and Ricky Dolphin aka Dicky Flipper, knowing his appearances are very spasmodic and short lived, we decided to bless Cotty Vile with our company. Cotty Vile meet was at Shapridge Farm, Flaxley.

What a pleasant surprise to find Gary Williams aka Gazza saggy Jodhpurs AWOL. Apparently he has 'broken something!' Question being what?! Not his spine, one has to have one to break. Maybe that notorious middle finger has been snapped off, regardless, don't hurry back grumble Muppet.

Peter Swan MFH had the pleasure of our company. The meet could not be cancelled due to booking Trust land 6 weeks in advance and paying their fee.

Sabs with up to 30+ years of experience have NEVER seen such a debacle. Hounds absolutely all over the place. No control whatsoever. Poor old Pete had a face redder than a baboons backside. The field were dropping off like flies. Hounds left everywhere. No hunting at all. Desperate attempts to gather them for the entire 2.5 hours of laughing our socks off, a miniscule twinge of pity. Even Nathan Golding (joint HM) said 'this is bloody embarrassing!'

We do have footage of here a hound, there a hound, a pair of hounds. We present our wonderful support with Pete's best effort of having control of one and a half pair!! Oh good Lord, bet he can't wait for the next episode of 'Carry on Hunting!' We just hope all hounds were finally retrieved, for their sake!!



Fitzwilliam FH get interim trespass injunction against 7 sabs & persons unknown

Pending full trial, which is expected to be in March 2019

Injunction against harassment by all sabs dismissed by judge

18-11-18  Twitter - Surrey Hunt Monitors    In High Court today Judge decided trespass interim injunction case by Fitzwilliam Hunt against 14 Sabs. Judge careful & fair, but found evidence of repeated trespass by 7 of the Sabs & “persons unknown” and ordered injunction until a full trial (expected March ’19).


Judge found insufficient evidence against another 7 Sabs and lifted an injunction granted earlier against them. Also previously Hunt forced to drop claim against member of the public not connected with the Sab groups and claims for harassment injunctions against all Sabs.

Judge refused to order Sabs not to touch Hunt animals. “If animals are permitted to roam, members of the public ought to be able to touch them (without harming them) if they are coming into their own space”.

The evidence of [2 Sabs] often is more precise that that of the [Hunt] & it frequently tends to cast doubt on the reliability of the [Hunt’s]’ evidence. I am concerned as to the level of proof of many of the allegations of harassment or intimidatory conduct by the [Hunt]”

On violence against Sabs:- “[Two Sabs] did not commit an assault, and they seem to have been pushed. I shall assume that the better of the argument in respect of assaults and criminal damage are that they were caused by the [Hunt]”

On whether the Fitz commits Hunting Act offences:- “[The Sabs’ barrister] has made out a persuasive argument that the hunting is illegal. [The Hunt’s barrister] was not able to say much in response about detailed arguments”

On legal costs, the Sab’s Solicitor said in Court today the Hunt has spent £120,000 on the case so far and estimated costs to a full trial of £500,000. Sabs already spent £40,000 themselves. More help for Sabs going to be needed.

For those interested, the judgment will be available on-line soon. We were in court today as interested members of the public & the Judge asked if any members of the public were in court & wanted a copy. Hence us having a copy already even though we're not involved in the case.

Surrey Monitors on some of the implications of the judge's findings - If a landowner (here the Fitz) can ID you they can sue you for trespass, whereas in Court the Judge effectively said the Hunt couldn't prove ID when faces were covered. But this has its downsides too: see para 53 of judgment [below] - justifies the “persons unknown” injunction.


Can't enforce against someone you can't identify. Judge in Fitz case followed the 2017 Ineos case -  but in Ineos protestors were disrupting legal fracking. Injunction against Sabs leaves Fitz free to commit crime, so very different. Also, the Ineos case is under appeal.

20-11-18   Daily Mail    Hunt saboteurs are banned from trespassing on land used by hunt after clashes between pro and anti group - Judge took action after Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt operators took legal action - He granted injunctions against named people plus a 'persons unknown' - Enforcement of ban follows several clashes between pro and anti hunt groups    A High Court judge has barred opponents of foxhunting from trespassing on land used by a Hunt. Mr Justice Freedman slapped the ban on anti hunt groups after operators of the Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt, which has stables in Peterborough, took legal action. The enforcement of the ban follows several violent clashes between pro and anti hunt groups on the land.

The judge outlined his decision in a ruling following a High Court hearing in London. He granted injunctions against a number of named people plus 'persons unknown'. Hunt operators had complained about trespass and made allegations of intimidation and harassment. Opponents had disputed their complaints and allegations. Mr Justice Freedman said claims and counter-claims could be fully analysed at a trial and added the injunctions might be lifted following any trial. He said injunctions 'until trial or further order' barring trespass would protect property rights and reduce the risk of disturbance, injury or damage.

In February, North Cambridgeshire Hunt Saboteurs Association were monitoring the Fitzwilliam Hunt when they were set upon by a handful of men in tweed flat caps in a narrow country lane. Footage published by MailOnline shows the hunt saboteurs' car surrounded by the high-powered vehicles, with one skidding in front of them to block them in, before four people jump out. One then approaches the saboteur's car with what appears to be a torch and smashes in several of their windows.

The Hunting Act came into force on February 18, 2005, and banned the hunting of mammals with dogs in England and Wales.

POWAperson comments  -  This interim judgement is potentially very damaging to all sabbing, though for the time being it appears to ban only sabbing of the Fitzwilliam FH by anybody, except perhaps the seven sabs on whom the existing inunction was lifted.

Interestingly, the judge has dismissed Hunt attempt to injunct all sabs against harassing them and found sab solicitor's evidence that Fitz hunters are breaking the Hunting Act persuasive. He also concluded that assaults are by hunters on sabs, not vice-versa as the Fitz averred. But, as he says, the law re. repeated trespass is pretty clear and it is injunctable. He has made it clear that attempts to gain evidence of, or rescue the animal victims of, crime are not in his view a sufficient justification. Other judges may disagree.

Anti landowners can and have obtained injunctions against Hunts for repeated trespass. Indeed, in the early 90s, a judge threatened to imprison the old Duke of Beaufort and his Huntsman, Captain Farquhar, if they broke the injunction a farmer had obtained against the Hunt again.

Regarding the Hunt needing to be able to identify sabs to sue them for trespass, if they can find a pliant PC in the vicinity [and they do seem to be on call for the Hunt], the officer can order sabs to remove their face coverings and they then have ways to obtain their identity.  

What this case will do is raise the public profile of the whole hunting issue and its hard to see how this attempt to buy the right to break the law unhindered will not rebound against the Fitz and all other Hunts, especially if it succeeds legally.  

Old Berks FH chase fox on to NT land & kill it there

Hunter picks corpse up, hides it under his jumper

18-11-18   Facebook - National Dis-Trust   VIDEO   Old Berkshire Hunt Kill A Fox On National Trust Land, 17-11-2018     Yesterday, the Old Berkshire Hunt were out and licensed to use National Trust land (The Buscot and Coleshill Estates NT) but made a point of avoiding it entirely - almost entirely, at least. Near the end of the day, they killed a fox inside the boundary of Trust land*. Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch caught this on camera and sent it to us.


                                          The kill - hounds 'rag' the fox 

Whilst the field gathered round to gloat over the body of the victim of their sick sport, Whipper-in Russell Lindsey is seen off his horse at the site of the kill before a land-rover appears on the other side of the hedge (just outside the boundary of Trust land) and an individual then hides the evidence with his jumper and takes it away. This, perhaps, is the Hunt's response to the National Trust's ban on terriermen - just hide them in plain sight; land-rovers instead of quad-bikes!


                                            Huntsman joins the pack  

We will follow this up with Thames Valley Police and with the staff at the Trust's Buscot & Coleshill Estates. You can help us by emailing this footage to buscotandcoleshill@nationaltrust.org.uk and calling for this licence to be scrapped before December 5th, when they are next set to use Trust land.


                        Follower takes off his jumper. Guess what he does with it

Earlier in the day, hunt supporters let slip that they were hunting foxes in a conversation caught on camera, see here: tinyurl.com/y9azjf9b. The licence for this Hunt to use Trust land can be seen here: tinyurl.com/yayomose. More information from Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs here: tinyurl.com/yaqlfjam & tinyurl.com/ycooepj5.


                  Yes, he scoops up the fox corpse and carries it away in it 


Sabs save flushed fox from sure kill by S. Dorset FH with gizmo

Anti who used it ridden at, plenty aggro towards others

Hunt surround and scare innocent couple of walkers

18-11-18   Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights   VIDEO   Hit Report 2. 17.11.18 South Dorset Hunt meet at Milborne Wood Farm     For the second time this week the SD met in the Milborne Sr Andrew area, on the side of the very busy A354.


                                         Hunt invade village

As we knew where the meet was going to be we jumped in the Red Landy and headed to areas we were fairly sure they would go. Dropping one team in the Rookery area near Dewlish and another team in to Milborne Wood the driver and navigator went out on to the A354 to keep an eye on the gathering Dribblers and hangers on.


                                         Huntsman charges at sab

Team 1 finished pre beating and spraying their area so we're collected and the Landy returned to keep an eye on the goings on and to be ready at the off to drop the team in ahead of the pack.

It was still drinkies and petting the dogs for their hangers on and last minute orders for faithful 'Hunt servant, Juggers probably saying how many Sabs he was allowed to bully and push around today!. It was pure joy to see the look on Juggers's face when he turned around and his eyes fell on the Red Landy for the first...but not last, time today.


                                        Panicked fox fleeing nearby hounds 

With drinkies finished and a runaway horse caught and recounted they headed off for their day anticipated killing. With the Sabs in Milborne Wood having pre beat and sprayed the area l, special attention paid to the very vulnerable Badger Setts, they were in a great position to cover if the dogs headed in their direction.

The team in the Landy covered the other direction so there was no way they could do a runner from the off as Juggers likes to do. Drawing along the thin Copse alongside the busy road for quite a while he then gathered the dogs and headed straight to Milborne Wood.... and the waiting Sabs.

The c*untrymen, hired thugs and knuckle draggers were not happy to find Sabs there and started riding quads at them, trying to take equipment and generally pushing them around.....so it was going to be one of those days... !


                                            Horse refuses to charge at sab  

Drawing the dogs through the Wood with Sabs keeping with them Juggers started trying to herd Sabs with his Horse. A couple that were just out for a lovely walk in the Wood very soon found that they were also being herded by Juggers and surrounded by dogs, quads and horses and were blatantly very very scared. The dogs then picked up and turned towards the rd some popping out followed by the field just in front the Landy and headed along the rd to Dewlish. With Sabs all back in the Landy we followed and watched what direction they took which happened to be back into the Wood!!

They hid in the Wood for a long time but the only scent they could have possibly found was citronella and Sabs oh and a couple of scared walkers.

Crossing over the busy A354 - and stopping for drinkies and fresh horses - they came out into the very narrow and busy village of Milborne st Andrew. With the Landy positioned 2 cars back from the junction the c*untrymen parked their quads across the rd stopping the traffic and causing total chaos which made the Dribbler in front of the Landy suddenly reverse and impaled his rear bumper on the winch at the front if the Landy, she obviously isn't big enough and red enough to see in a rear view mirror!


                                      Another sab ridden at by Hunt horseman 

Heading through the village towards Bagber Farm with about 20 Dribblers cars and quads in pursuit befor turning up the bridle path towards Lawn Barn Farm. With Sabs running in pursuit. It was here that a not very happy landowner told the Dribblers that they could NOT drive after the Hunt and then said to the Sabs "are you sabbos" so they said they were and she gave them the thumbs up.

Dropping another team off on the bridle path at Long Close Farm the Landy positioned at Dewlish Mill we had them pincered... but they didn't like that.....and then it all kicked off.

The hired thugs surrounded a female Sab and were very aggressive and pushy. The dogs which were heading towards Long Close Farm on a scent were headed back towards the other team near West Bagber Copse and on toward Frogmore Farm. Juggers now off his horse was poking around in the scrubby gorse with the few hounds that wanted to go with him and Sabs were watching closely just on the off chance there happened to be a Fox there!!! The scene was set and so it began... A terrified Fox suddenly ran from the scrub straight towards 2 of the Sabs, through the horses. with a dog close on its tail. Sabs reacted immediately with on dedicated sab running through the horses to call off the dogs now in hot pursuit and another using the gizmo to perfection. The dogs turned an ran back to the Sab at the same time as the whip, Steve, galloped his horse straight at the Sab with Miss whiplash aka Mrs Juggers, close behind him. The sab can be heard in the video saying "don't you dare" to Steve and this we think was enough to clear the Red mist and prevent serious injury.

Meanwhile the Sab who protected the Fox was being ridden at by one rider who was angry that the Sab had prevented their kill. An absolutely shocking piece of horsemanship!!