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    For stories before APRIL 2019, go to UK HUNTING NEWS from POWA

        Warning - contains images of animals killed/ mutilated by Hunts that you may find distressing 

    Detailed stories follow each month's headlines below, all in reverse chronological order


                                 HUNTING SEASON 2019-20



….. 20th October - Beaufort FH openly hunt several foxes, catch none

….. 19th October - Ex Pytchley FH JM chokes then smashes woman sab over head

….. 19th October - Sabs make sure Meynell FH can't dig out fox chased to ground

….. 19th October - Sabs find Oakley FH cubbing in wood between a road & a river

….. 19th October - Sabs stay with Tedworth FH all meet, stopping effective hunting

….. 18th October - Badsworth etc FH so blatant even heard talking about fox they'd just chased

….. 18th October - Stag shot in stream after 7 hours hunting by Quantock SH

….. 18th October - Portman FH reps follow elderly monitors to town, harass them there

….. 18th October - Dog walker sees Quantock SH hunting on N.T. land

….. 18th October - Rioting Beaufort FH hounds cause chaos on road near motorway

….. 17th October - 'Incompetent' Badsworth etc FH closely chase 2 deer simultaneously

….. 16th October - Local claims saw bagged fox chased & killed by hounds at Wynnstay FH

….. 16th October - Old Surrey FH meet owners & followers throw punches at sabs

….. 16th October - Deja vu as Warks FH cub hunt from Hunningham just as last year's meet

….. 16th October - Sabs say police use 5 cars & searches to let Hunt make getaway

….. 16th October - Concern that loose hounds keep being seen near Cheshire FH kennels

….. 16th October - Old Surrey FH delay rush-hour traffic on A22

..... 15th October - Police investigating Blackmore FH causing hazard on road

….. 15th October - New CA CEO is ex hare hunter, CA officer and Tory Minister

….. 14th October - Beaufort FH cub hunt in near flood - AE's blocked - monitor assaulted

….. 14th October - Police & monitors ensure Cheshire FH don't even get to chase any foxes

….. 14th October - Badsworth etc. FH hounds chase deer ending unsupervised on road

….. 14th October - Antis prevent Portman FH from killing four foxes

….. 14th October - Some Atherstone FH supporters can't accept their Hunt has died

….. 13th October - Worcs FH follower tells sab 'I'd like to rip your f***ing throat out'

….. 13th October - Blackmore FH unfold chaos & lawlessness in Dorset as they cub hunt

….. 13th October - Storm as pro-Hunt Duke asked to open SSPCA animal rescue centre

….. 13th October - Albrighton & W. FH stay home after v. long kennels stand-off with sabs

….. 12th October - Wynnstay FH hound reported killed by car near Malpas

….. 12th October - Sabs find masked Cottesmore FH terriermen lurking near blocked sett

….. 12th October - Sabs stop Crawley FH hounds off 1 fox, return a lost one to Hunt

….. 12th October - Blankney FH switch from cubbing to fun ride when sabs appear

….. 12th October - Airfield complains as invasion by Hunt causes cancelled flights

….. 12th October - Sabs take Fernie FH hounds off line of two foxes they chasing

….. 12th October - Mendip Farmers FH go home after 90 minutes stationary at meet

..... 12th October - Leader of House of Commons attends Mendip Farmers FH Hunt Ball

….. 11th October - Sabs catch Warks FH terriermen in wood near meet where sett blocked

….. 11th October - Sabs see safe only fox put up by Quorn FH cubbing

….. 10th October - Atherstone FH fan sends death threat to sabs using own FB profile ! 

….. 10th October - Severn V. Beagles give up when sabs arrive as they leave meet

….. 10th October - Sabs cause Surrey U. FH to halt cubbing after just one hour

…..  9th October - Antis help foxes escape Beaufort FH's determined attempts to kill them

…..  9th October - Reports of illegal hunting in Dorset up by 44% in last year

…..  9th October - Quantock SH caught illegally hunting stag with 8 hounds

…..  8th October - Atherstone FH finally folds after long, danger-filled campaign by sabs

…..  8th October - Lone sab stops Warks FH fox chase despite bizarre obstruction

…..  7th October - 3 foxes saved from S. Dorset FH - heavies take to tripping women sabs

…..  7th October - LACS protests N. Trust 'trail hunt' licence for Monmouthshire FH

…..  6th October - Badsworth etc FH carelessly clog road to get to cubbing site

.....  6th October - Sabs ensure no dig-out by Portman FH - thug kicks sab

.....  6th October - Badsworth etc FH Hunt over banned heritage site & riot on deer

…..  5th October - Sabs see 2 foxes to safety from Tanatside FH cub hunting 

…..  5th October - 3 foxes helped to escape from Warks FH by sabs

…..  5th October - Hounds rioting in gardens near Llangollen reported

…..  5th October - Sabs assist getaways of 4 foxes Fernie FH flush from maize

…..  5th October - Wiltshire & Infantry Beagles pack up soon after sabs arrive

…..  5th October - Sabs assaulted but still ensure no-kill day for Ross Harriers

…..  5th October - Sabs prevent Essex FH with 5 terriermen from hunting

.....  3rd October - Antis keep Berkeley FH on move and unable to cub hunt properly

.....  3rd October - Portman FH cub hunt blatantly, hunt through bTb infected farm

…..  1st October - Lone sab pulls Flint & D. FH hounds off 1 fox as they openly chase 3

…..  1st October - Sabs find fresh & heavily blocked sett in covert Warks FH hunting


Beaufort FH openly hunt several foxes, catch none

20-10-19  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    Report for Wednesday 16th October, Beaufort Hunt: 16.10.2019 Meet at Newhouse Farm near Tormarton    Instead of doing the adjacent covert, as is their practice, the Hunt immediately fled east to Acton Turville, going at speed. We found them drawing next to the road close to the motorway holding up traffic with hounds all over the road, running in front of cars.

A cat was seen fleeing in terror as the hounds invaded a private garden with the house owner shouting out of an upstairs window at them. They hunted the hounds through the private properties closely watched and followed by us and in the end gave it up, collected the hounds and took them on.

As they went the first fox of the day was seen both by a sab and the new trainee greencoat getting away across a field. She knew we had seen it and it was left to escape (for the day anyway, the Hunt will be back).

They went on to hunt the large area of footpath free hunt coverts next to the motorway. We met fox number two escaping unnoticed as they searched a long time for it in a bramble mound. The presence of sabs or monitors can drive the Hunt forward and make it less likely they will immediately re-search an area so we stuck close behind them. At Warren Gorse wood it was a full on hunt with hounds put through, riders on point and the Huntsman riding up and down one side. Supporters gathered near our sab on the bridleway along the edge. A masked up terrierman was harassing her but she spotted the hunted fox as it tried to escape darting out but back in when it saw hunt support on the path… that is why they are there. They all saw the fox, nobody tried to stop the hunt except the sab.

The hounds immediately went loudly on cry and the other sab waiting at Parkes Farm saw the fox as it came into the yard entrance area. It passed practically at the feet of two watching stable staff and through a hole into the hay barn. She sprayed out its tracks against the protestations of the stable staff who (a) denied there was a fox (b) claimed the spray (a few drops of citronella mixed with a litre of water) was a dangerous chemical that would harm their expensive horses. Note to Hunts: The police guidelines on the Hunting Act state that sprays used by sabs to mask fox scent are not deemed harmful.

Within minutes the hounds came on the fox’s tracks but lost the scent where it had been sprayed out and were searching through the farm. As the mounted hunt staff blasted down the bridleway arriving at the yard entrance the sab shouted the Hunt off. They left, going on to hunt the covert near the meet where a holloa and raised hat by a rider on point indicated fox number four trying to escape from the wood. The Huntsman encouraged the hounds on to chase it across the field in front of our driver who had gone in when she heard the holloa. As she tried to get back onto the road where the Hunt was heading a female hunt supporter lunged at her and tried to physically stop her.

They chased across the road to another small wood where they kept searching but the chase seemed to fizzle out with the pack moved rapidly on into the area of Lyegrove and Beeches Copse.

Sabs were catching up and one of us headed into the pack coming down the fields on cry from Grickstone towards Seven Mile Plantation. As the sab followed a mounted member of the Hunt started stalking her repeating ‘you are trespassing’ ad infinitum. The fact that they were openly hunting foxes seemed to escape her.

We watched from both sides as they hunted up and down inside 7 mile plantation, also seen by a large group of ramblers who walked right through the middle of the Hunt and expressed their disgust to us. We did get in and do quite a bit of spraying as they were going back and forth and in the end they went off to Bodkin Wood on the busy A46 where as is so often the case, they went on cry. Our driver was on the busy A46 side of the wood when fox number five ran past close to her down the edge. She protected its traces but also weighed in warning the Hunt to leave as we reported illegal hunting to the police. As the hunter/stalker kept on us until the last minute, they seemingly reluctantly gave it up at that wood and headed back towards the kennels.

We were rewarded with a drink by appreciative patrons at the pub at Bodkin.


Ex Pytchley FH JM chokes then smashes woman sab over head

19-10-19   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    Woodland Pytchley FH, Clipston, Northants, 19thWoodlandPytchleyFHWomansab19-10-19.jpg October 2019    Ex-master Mark Ferguson of the Woodland Pytchley Hunt, which folded into economic ruin before this season even started, took out his frustration today on the skull of a North Cambs Sab, using his horn-handled riding crop to draw blood [right] and knock her down to the ground.

North Cambs Hunt Sabs located the Pytchley Hunt (with newly absorbed Woodland Pytchley thugs) near Clipston in Northamptonshire, hunting foxes at Marston Wood, hounds speaking and terriermen roaming around on quads. One team took the east side of the woods, one team took the west side and sabs set off to pick up the Hunt. Almost immediately riders started the assaults.

With hounds in cry on the scent of a fox, sabs moved in quickly. Hunt riders took great offence to this and one of our crew was hauled by the hood of her jacket, lifting her off her feet and choking her. After she was released from this grip, hunt rider Mark Ferguson brutally struck her over the head with the handle of his riding crop sending her crumpled to the ground.

Even after the shock of this assault, he continued by riding his horse into sabs, and attempting to wrench a camcorder from the hand of another, presumably in a vain attempt to conceal evidence.

        WoodlandPytchleyFHExJMcrop19-10-19.jpg                             Ferguson with crop he hit woman sab over head with 

Sabs called the assault in to police, and put our injured comrade in the care of the group first- aider to be bandaged up and checked out. With blood seeping through the bandages straight away it was clear it was a serious incident.

Moving on, hounds went into cry at Alford Thorns. A fox was briefly spotted going into hiding at the corner of the covert, and a foot team pressed on to put themselves in between the pack and the reported location of the fox, rating the hounds back with voice calls and stopping them from hunting.


                              Ferguson lifts woman sab up by hood, choking her 

Hunstman Daniel Cherriman made a token effort to explain how he supposedly sourced materials for trail hunting. Absolutely absurd when hounds were hunting for a live fox in that very wood, and terriers in boxes were being driven around the hunt.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after, and as soon as the Hunt saw this, they packed up and disappeared. Ferguson, now a master of the Pytchley, being notable as one of the first to vanish.


                                      Ferguson rides horse into another sab  


Sabs make sure Meynell FH can't dig out fox chased to ground

19-10-19  Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs     With very little support for the Meynell and South Staffordshire newcomers meet today, we thought we'd politely bolster numbers with help from Staffordshire and Cheshire sabs.

The Hunt met just south of Mercaston at 8am and were straight into blatant hunting without a care. The hounds were in and out of cry throughout the morning, but with sabs in every direction they were unsuccessful in all attempts.

There was chaos early on as terrier men rushed to obstruct traffic on the A52 and prevent hounds from crossing, after which the Huntsman had the sense to move away from the busy main road only to have his pack split.


A fox was marked to ground in a badger sett half way through the day with the Hunt showing clear intent until the arrival of sabs on the scene sent them packing. This caused some tension with terrier men puffing their chests and pushing sabs back, oblivious to the other sabs who had it covered.

With sabs protecting the sett, the Hunt were followed up to the west of Mercaston briefly where they largely gathered stray hounds before riding along the road back to the meet. The police showed up briefly to stop a couple of vehicles acknowledging "I've never really come across this before" but having zero impact as there were still plenty of sabs to see the hunt pack.

With the Hunt packed we left the support scouring for all the missing hounds and headed off to join some of our other sabs in the cull zone.

Donations keep us in the field every week, thank you all. ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.


Sabs find Oakley FH cubbing in wood between a road & a river

Hunt then suddenly give rider a jacket marked 'Trail Layer' !

19-9-19  Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    Our local Hunt, the Oakley have been getting off a little lightly recently so we though it only right and proper they got some of our attention this morning. Their meet was near to Lavenden Mill, an area known for abusing wildlife as they also host the Northants Mink (Otter) Hounds.

As we arrived we could hear the hounds already in cry and amazingly they were virtually in the grounds of the mill, hunting a cover right next to the river and also the road. This was utterly reckless, any fox bolting from the cover and making its way through the riders could have quickly crossed the road and hounds would have followed. While Hunts continue to behave in this manner then hounds will be put at risk from being hit by cars. It's happened before and will happen again.

They were clearly not happy at seeing us and we did in fact see a fox bolt from the western end of the cover as they hunted through it. It ran along the river bank before vanishing into the bank side vegetation. We made sure it's line was covered and no hounds followed.

Now the Oakley have been making a big noise about hunting legally to the local police. This is of course utter nonsense as this early engagement proved however shortly after this, and as the hunt left the area we noticed one rider break away from the group and meet up with a vehicle. A hi-vis vest was produced from the vehicle which the rider put on. On the back, in large lettering it said: "TRAIL LAYER".


Funny how they didn't need that earlier when they were holding up and only produced it once we had arrived and the cameras were on them.

Now the Hunt just ran east along the bank of the river Great Ouse. Several deer were flushed but ran off unmolested. However, another fox was noted crossing the road and caught on the rear facing camera of our vehicle [below]. Our driver made sure the line was covered as well.


The Huntsman, new for this season (Simon Hand) then basically threw in the towel and went back to the meet. They clearly had little country to hunt on and we'd ruined their plans. The field riders went off on their own little jolly.

So we made sure the hounds were all boxed up while we bantered with the Happy Bumpkin and the Joker (no reference to the movie) as they drank coffee and ate sandwiches.

Our solidarity with North Cambs Hunt Sabs who had a member violently assaulted today at the Pytchley. We hope that justice will be served on the perpetrator.


Sabs stay with Tedworth FH all meet, stopping effective hunting

19-10-19  Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs   Tedworth Hunt – 19/10/19    This morning we met up with Bath Hunt Sabs and headed south to pay a long-overdue visit to the Tedworth Hunt. After a tip-off telling us the Hunt would be meeting in Tidworth, we headed into the area and found them just as they were leaving the meet.

Clearly thinking their activities were not being monitored, the Hunt surrounded a covert and the Huntsman was heard encouraging the hounds onto a scent. Sabs got to work using voice and horn calls and split the pack. The penny had well and truly dropped.

The Huntsman quickly gathered up the hounds, hatched a plan and took off in an attempt to lose us but unfortunately for him, every move was being monitored by two vehicles and two foot teams. Good communication and planning meant that sabs managed to keep close to the hunt all morning which ensured no more attempts to hunt took place. Just before 11am, the Hunt headed for home.

Job well and truly done. Please consider supporting our work: Paypal.me/bristolhuntsabs.


Badsworth etc FH so blatant even heard talking about fox they just chased

18-10-19  Facebook - York Anti-Hunt League     HIT: York and Ainsty South / Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt: 16-10-19 MEET: Glebe Farm between Seaton Ross and Everingham   Thanks to a valuable tip-off made to the Hunt Saboteurs Association (and then passed to us) we were able to again observe this criminally negligent and criminally intent hunt as they and their dogs marauded around the Everingham countryside.

Whilst still carrying out cubbing activities, this Hunt are now clearly gearing-up for full hunting as they covered a large amount of land and woodland at the meet. This coupled with the poor road / land access meant that continual contact with the Hunt was incredibly hard though we saw enough of their activities over the morning to confirm their illegal intent and abundant gross negligence. This lot are just inept and continually fail to control their huge pack of dogs.

From the very start the hounds were irresponsibly taken along a winding road with the obvious risks and traffic issues. They were then immediately into the now well-witnessed cubbing pattern as they surrounded a maize field and cast their hounds through for fox cubs. All of this was again captured on video but the hunt simply didn’t care.

Finding the hunt a little later on we witnessed Jemma Mendoza leading some of the field as they irresponsibly galloped along a tarmac road high on their blood-lust just to keep a fox in an adjacent field. Our Team were quickly into the field as the hounds were in full cry. We cannot be sure if our presence stopped the chase but the hounds were held up and the fox appeared to have escaped. As the riders gathered after the chase we were sickened and astonished to hear rider James Rushbrooke excitedly describe the chase of the fox to the waiting field even knowing we were close enough to hear [below, Rushbrooke circled]. Arrogance indeed.


A common theme of this Hunt is their absolute inability to control their now huge pack of dogs. The ‘skills’ of this Huntsman and the Whippers-in are woeful and we saw them time and again lose complete control of the dogs as they rioted on deer and hare and ran amok. This is happening so frequently that the Hunt claim of ‘accident’ will no longer stand independent scrutiny, as it is obviously a result of pure gross negligence on the part of this Hunt.

Two quads with four terrier’men’ were on hand all day again illegally driving on the public highway overloaded and without plates, tax or insurance. They simply don’t care. Terrier’man’ Dicky Tonks was witnessed arriving at and leaving the meet with his terrier dogs clearly visible in the rear of his vehicle and were in one of the quads all morning. These terriers are of course critical for a modern 'trail hunt'...

Near the end of the meet we had the pleasure of one of the lovely hunt followers taking exception to having his identity recorded, having continually followed and harassed us all day, and threatened to smash the video camera over the head of one of our Team if they did not delete his image. Needless to say they didn’t delete it in spite of the many threats. So, if you are reading this, we have honoured our word and not published your image though we will not hesitate to do this should you threaten and harass us again on the public highway.

As always, critical kit to gather evidence and keep us safe is not cheap and nor is the fuel that keeps us out on the road. We appreciate any support that you can give.❤️��❤️   https://ko-fi.com/yorkanti_huntleague. Tip off 07907 876801.

Please don’t hesitate to contact either the HSA or York Anti-Hunt League in complete confidence should you have any information about this or any other hunt: Thank you.

Pics below   -   1/  Huntsman displaying outstanding consideration to other road users and concern for his dogs' safety   2/  Terriermen - driver is a convicted deer courser, passenger a convicted badger digger, on very road illegal quad

   BadsworthetcFHroadsense18-10-19.jpg BadsworthetcFHConvicted18-10-19.jpg  


Stag shot in stream after 7 hours hunting by Quantock SH

18-10-19   Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime    SWC and Hounds Off spent another day with the Quantock Stag Hounds yesterday. We hadn’t banked on being out with them for a seven hour hunt.

Disgruntled Hunt support couldn’t hide their frustration at the chaotic form of the days events. With many of them left confused as to what was actually happening one supporter was heard to be fed up with ‘Silent Hunting’.

Whilst listening to their quads down in Holford Combe where they had chased a stag into the water, monitors stood by helplessly as gun shots rang out into the dark.

Make no mistake, this wasn’t hunting with hounds, it was a free for all of cobbled together sorts who hunted and chased whatever they could find from one end of the Quantock hills to the other.

Quads, motorbikes, riders and 4x4’s ploughed through Holford village all day, including National Trust land at Shervage and Woodlands Hill on the A39.

Locals were outraged by the intrusions and intimidated by gun carriers, with threats made by hunt supporters to our monitors one thing is as clear as ever, the Quantock Stag Hounds would really rather they were left to destroy our wildlife undetected.   #bateson

POWAperson comments  -  Savages. The stag eventually killed may not have been being hunted for the whole seven hours, but that is hardly the point. When I helped monitor the stag Hunts in the 90s, though, I clearly remember one hunt which lasted over 7 hours and we were sure it was the same stag being hunted throughout They picked up its line at 11.30 am and only stopped at gone 7.30. On that occasion, thankfully, they lost it - but who knows what serious damage that prolonged Hunt might have done to the stag. The Bateson Report found that even the more standard 3 hour hunt caused significant systemic harm to deer.  


Portman FH reps follow elderly monitors to town, harass them there

18-10-19  Facebook - Portman Hunt Watch    After several years of relentless scrutiny by anti-hunt campaigners, the Portman Hunt have, this season, taken to employing so-called "Landholder Representatives" to harass monitors who attend meets to record on film any illegal activities.

On 16 October, two of these hunt officials took it upon themselves to follow a pair of monitors from the location of the hunt on the outskirts of Shaftesbury in to the town centre, where the monitors had driven.

That in itself is a pretty extraordinary thing to do but the two female hunt supporters chose to go further my harassing the elderly couple, parking behind them and questioning why they were parked in a disabled parking bay, even suggesting that the elderly female monitor, who is recovering from a life-threatening illness, "didn't look disabled".

The picture of the Portman hunt-owned quad bike [below] shows it illegally parked on double yellow lines in a taxi bay in Shaftesbury. 


The two monitors, who own a farm in the Portman country and who have, for years, suffered repeated trespass, harassment and damage to property by the Hunt were left bewildered as to why the Hunt would encourage their stewards to do such a thing.

They are demanding that the Portman issue a full and unreserved apology for the unacceptable behaviour of their supporters and have reported the matter to the police for future reference.

They are also calling on the owners of Cherry Orchard Farm near Shaftesbury, who hosted the Portman Hunt, to apologise for the behaviour of the individuals involved who, according to the Hunt, were acting as their representatives on the day.

If you have any information about the identity of these people or any other information regarding the activities of the Portman Hunt please message us. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Dog walker sees Quantock SH hunting on N.T. land

18-10-19  Facebook - The National Dis-Trust     We have again had reports from a dog walker who witnessed the Quantock stag hounds and quad bikes on National Trust land near Holford.

The National Trust claim they do not allow illegal hunting on their land, but to date they have failed to address just one complaint regarding the stag hunt.

The National Trust hadn't licensed any Hunt to be on their land yesterday and have never issued a licence for the Quantock staghounds. So why are they allowing it to continue?


Rioting Beaufort FH hounds cause chaos on road near motorway

18-10-19   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO    It's not trail hunting is it? The Beaufort Hunt causing chaos on the road from Acton Turville to the motorway.


              Whip lets hounds out of private property - they run off up road towards M6 


                            There they go - Whip leaves them to their own devices 


'Incompetent' Badsworth etc FH closely chase 2 deer simultaneously

17-10-19  Facebook - York Anti-Hunt League  VIDEO  York and Ainsty South / Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt: 16-10-19 - Meet: Glebe Farm - between Seaton Ross and Everingham   This short video graphically evidences the illegal actions and the criminal gross-negligence and incompetence of the YAS/BBMH Hunt.

Time and time again we witness their complete inability to control their (now huge) pack of dogs. They continually run uncontrolled across the countryside, often dangerously over roads and land without permissions, and riot and hunt any living thing that gets in their way.

Here, you can see that the hounds are rioting uncontrollably, not after one deer, but TWO deer simultaneously. This is NOT an ‘accident’ as the Hunts often protest. The frequency by which these events take place determine this to be clear undeniable criminal gross negligence and we firmly believe that this Hunt are unfit to release this mob of dogs into the countryside to slaughter at will.

Sadly, we simply can’t be out in the field every time this incompetent Hunt are out. Just ask yourselves this: ‘What do you think the hunt does when they think no one is watching?’

If you can help us in any way then please get in touch in complete confidence.

TIP OFF NUMBER 07907 876801. https://ko-fi.com/yorkanti_huntleague.


Local claims saw Wynnstay FH release fox that hounds chased & killed

16-10-19  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors  VIDEO   Really upsetting reports from today    "I am sure I saw them call for the end of the day's hunt and gather the hounds before a terrierman then let a fox out of his box. The hounds chased it and killed it as if it was a treat."

To all the pro hunt trolls that follow our page: this is not fake news. We have spoken to witnesses this afternoon and have had this reported by locals in the Malpas area. We have been told that today, 16th October 2019, the Wynnstay Hunt met on land at Manor Farm, belonging to Lord Daresbury, and hunted around Wigland and behind Wigland Hall. Apparently they ended up 'treating' the hounds to this extra piece of evil.

Lord Daresbury is seen here in this video telling monitors to get off his land during their last meet of the season in March 2019. At one point he says “ you told me in front of a policeman that you wouldn’t trespass “ This was so that he and his friends could do what they have a need to do. He even very nearly tips off his horse in his (drunken?) attempt to extract his phone from his breeches to wave at one of our monitors [below].


The irate locals today gave us in depth accounts of what they witnessed this Hunt doing from the early hours of this morning through to around 11am.

The Wynnstay are desperately trying to avoid scrutiny by going out on random days and at random times, but its time they realised that the net is tightening around them day by day.

#TheLastCry #BanHuntingForReal

Old Surrey FH meet owners & followers throw punches at sabs

16-10-19  Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs    Still commuting back and forth to the badger killing fields we took a moment to join our extended Sab family to pay the dirty old Burstow Hunt a visit.

We filled 2 Landrovers, whereas the OSBWK could only muster up 8 enthusiastic blood junkies for the cubbing meet at Osney Lodge Farm (btw it's a campsite, so make sure you tell all your friends).

The small but not perfectly formed Benny "I like to use my horse as a weapon" Giddings, took great delight that we were watching the hounds un-box. His sab obsession is as weird as his taste in long johns. The landowner asked us to leave, which we did as it held no advantage for us being there.


                         Sign at meet site - unless its a pack of hounds, obviously 

Thinking they had the upper hand once they'd moved off, little Benny, a few other riders and some quad straddling extras from 'Deliverance' blocked sabs' path at the first gate they came to. We have legs, went around and caught up with the hounds. They then realised it was a pointless exercise. From then onwards the Hunt had a constant sab presence despite hacking across the countryside and across major roads in an attempt to lose us.

Looking dejected they sulked back to the meet. Sabs waited to be picked up at the entrance of the farm by the Landy to go home. In a baffling manoeuvre the owners of Osney Lodge and some hunt supporters tried to block the sab Landrover from pulling in off a busy road and even threw punches at Sabs who stoutly defended themselves.

Yet again the Hunt embarrasses themselves and really has no regard for horses, hounds or the general public when using the highways.

Come join us! It's fun saving wildlife – honest. Keep us in the field: PayPal.me/SouthCoastHuntSabs. Any info on the scum? 07443148426


Deja vu as Warks FH cub hunt from Hunningham just as last year's meet

16-10-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt, Hunningham (near Southam), Tuesday 15th October 2019     Thank you for the donations we have received towards our fuel costs. Yesterday money donated was spent attending a cub hunting meet of the Warwickshire Hunt. The Warwickshire Hunt met at Hunningham Meadows which is owned by Dr Barbara Mary Helena Perks.

Deja vu - We often have a sense of deja vu when sabbing the Warwickshire Hunt. Hunt criminal Will Goffe takes his hounds to the same places foxes are then seen running with hounds not far behind. Then next time they are in the same area Hunt criminal Will Goffe will take the hounds to the exact same location, a fox is seen running in the exact same direction with hounds not far behind. Anyone would think that Goffe wants to add to his hunting conviction and knows exactly where to find foxes for the hounds to hunt.



The Hunt set off around 7.30am, holding road users up as they travelled to their first draw of the morning a dismantled railway line where foxes are known to like to live. Unsurprisingly the dismantled railway is always were this Hunt goes for their first draw. A sab stood in the exact same spot he saw a fox run last year, yes you’ve guessed it a fox was seen running by the sab in the exact same spot.

The Hunt carried on along the dismantled railway with the huntsman hunting on foot for a period of time, as usual convicted hunting criminal Will Goffe likes to hunt on foot from time to time especially when hounds are struggling to pick up on a scent. The previous day's downpours meant the ground was saturated and many fields were waterlogged.



He eventually left the dismantled railway and once the foot sab had been picked up we made our way towards Bascote and found the Hunt holding around a big field of elephant grass.

The bullying and harassing pink viz brigade started to play loud music as hounds could be heard in cry coming towards us. They even tried to block us walking on a road as we were too near their hunt horses or ‘property’ as hunt steward Sam Austin referred to the horses as. Riders were positioned around the field and at one point the hounds came screaming in cry towards a sab and riders were using their horses to frighten the fox back into the elephant grass. This happened for some time. This is one of the most brutal things to ever watch during cubbing, terrified foxes desperately fighting for life and forced back in by grown adults on horses.

Such barbarity. There is no difference between fox hunters and any other bloodsports. The pomp and ceremony, picnic hampers in the back of status symbol cars... fox hunting is window dressed up as a lovely quaint day out. The reality is different, cub hunting is no different to any other bloodsport like a dog/cock fighting. Sentient beings are forced to fight for survival in a confined space jeered on by people wanting to see ‘sport’. There is no difference.

Once they left their blood pit they headed over to another known popular hunting haunt Debdale Wood which is near Leamington Hastings. Again we know how the Hunt like to hunt this wood, so one sab positioned himself inland whilst the driver positioned herself along a stretch of road where foxes are frequently seen running. The Huntsman didn't stay long in this wood, two well positioned sabs and lots of phone calls saw the Huntsman leave the wood and cross over the road back towards Hunningham.

We knew he would hunt another dismantled railway on his way back and sure enough we found hounds in cry and some on the road just down from the hunt meet. Riders were on the dismantled railway with hounds running along the top. They were clearly hunting a fox and ended up back in the same field they started in. The hunt packed up around 11.30am.

If you would like to help towards our fuel costs you can donate via the link below. The Warwickshire Hunt cub hunt 5- 6 days a week. On Monday they were at Knightcote. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs

We would just like to say thank you to everyone who has donated towards our costs so far this season and for all the kind messages of support we have received. It means a lot to us. Thank you.Confidential Information tip of line 07767620767


Sabs say police use 5 cars & searches to let Hunt make getaway

16-10-19  Facebook - Staffordshire Hunt Sabs    5 police vehicles help Hunt escape    In one of the most grotesque acts of the police helping an illegal hunt we've seen, this morning 5 West Mercia police vehicles allowed the Albrighton Hunt to escape from sabs.

The day started strangely as the Huntsman (well, he claims to be) inviting us to follow him from his kennels to watch him hound exercise. We thought we would take him up on his offer as it seemed too good to be true that they were just exercising and not cubbing.

Soon it became clear that they had no intention to exercise at all as a horse box made a pathetic attempt to block us in from following the hound van. With sabs now on his tail he drove several miles before performing a U-turn at the end of a residential street. He then made his way to the motorway after several miles he pulled off into a service station where 5 police vehicles were waiting for us!! With blue lights flashing we were pulled over and boxed in by the police. The police then used their powers to search every sab in the sab wagon.


While this was going on who do you think was allowed to leave the car park to go hunting while waving to us and with a thumbs up... YEP, THE HUNT.


Obviously nothing illegal was found by the police searching other than a sab's personal letters as one police officer seemed to take great pleasure in reading it all (we thought he was meant to be looking for weapons) but by this point the Hunt had escaped to go cubbing as they had always intended.

Police intimidation will not scare us, it will not stop us, it only makes us stronger. https://www.ko-fi.com/staffordshirehuntsabs.


Concern that loose hounds keep being seen near Cheshire FH kennels

16-10-19  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    They just don't care... Another of the Cheshire Hounds' pack was spotted loose this morning on the Whitegate Way near hunt kennels in Sandiway. No hunt staff were anywhere to be seen.

But of course, they care so much about their hounds, don't they...!


A number of local residents and other users of the this public footpath have expressed concerns over the regularity of hounds loose in the area, with a number of sightings just in the last week, and may like to make their concerns known to the council and RSPCA.


Old Surrey FH delay rush-hour traffic on A22

16-10-19  Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs  VIDEO   15-10-19 - Old Surrey and Burstow Fox Hunt's stupidity - holding up traffic in the A22 at 8-30 am holding up rush hour traffic.


Police investigating Blackmore FH causing hazard on road

15-10-19   Dorset Echo    Police investigate reports of hunt 'causing hazard on road'     Officers investigating reports of road safety offences are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with dashcam footage to come forward.

At around 10.30am on Saturday, October 12, Dorset Police received reports of horses and hounds from a local Hunt causing a hazard to road users on the A352 in the area of Holnest. Inspector Simon Perry, of North Dorset police, said: “We are carrying out a proportionate and objective investigation into these reports and I am appealing for any witnesses who have not already spoken to police to contact us. While I understand there can be strong opinions surrounding issues relating to hunting, I would like to remind members of the public that this matter is now subject to an investigation. I would therefore urge people to exercise caution and refrain from making any comments, particularly on social media, that could prejudice or undermine this ongoing investigation. I would also encourage anyone with any video footage in relation to this matter to contact police rather than post it on social media as it could form evidence as part of the case.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Dorset Police at http://www.dorset.police.uk/, via email 101@dorset.pnn.police.uk or by calling 101, quoting occurrence number 55190161246. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via http://www.crimestoppers-uk.org/.


New CA CEO is ex hare hunter, CA officer and Tory Minister

15-10-19  Morethanjustbadgers.net    Nick Herbert – the Countryside Alliance’s New Chairman    Simon Hart MP is (in my opinion) a particularly odious character and was the Chairman of the Countryside Alliance prior to his appointment as Minister of Implementation within Boris’s self serving (and hopefully temporary) Government. This clearly left the CA with a position to fill and we now know who that will be.

Nick Herbert MP is a former Minister for Policing and Criminal Justice (May 2010 -Sept 2012) and was also the Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. He’s currently the MP for Arundel and South Downs in West Sussex. As you would expect from a Tory he’s Cambridge educated where he read law and land economy but more importantly we was the director of public affairs for the British Field Sports Society (the forerunner of the Countryside Alliance), a post he held for 6 years. So are are we to make of this appointment? Obviously, his past demonstrates he is deeply entrenched within the hunting and shooting set and his time as director of public affairs at the BFSS would suggest he should know what he’s doing with regards to PR however the current CEO of the CA, Tim Bonner is a complete loon who constantly scores own goals with his irrelevant and nonsensical ramblings on social media. One wonders if Nick will be able to put a leash on him?

A little bit of digging would show Nick to be the previous Master and Huntsman of the Newmarket Beagles and also the Trinity Foot Beagles, a pack I have been involved in preventing hunting several times. For those that don’t know beagling is the hunting of Brown Hares with beagles. The hunt staff still dress up in stupid costumes but they hunt on foot. A hare will always be able to outrun a beagle (even though hunting beagles are very fast) however they don’t have the stamina of the hounds and as they are reluctant to leave their territory will also tend to run in large circles. In the end they will run out of puff and be pulled apart by the hounds. Beagle packs can kill many hares in an afternoon's hunting (more info here).

How anyone can take any pleasure in watching this majestic animal being tormented and killed in such a manner is beyond most normal peoples comprehension but Nick himself describes this as some sort of addiction.

So it should come as no surprise then that Nick loves a bit of animal abuse and during David Cameron‘s time as Prime Minister he held the post of Minister for Police and Criminal Justice, which made him responsible for the policing of the Hunting Act. No doubt one of the many reasons why there was so little action from the police when a staunch hunting advocate was dictating Government policy on the situation.

In a statement about his appointment to the CA Nick states:- “The Countryside Alliance is one of the UK’s biggest campaigning groups, and its mission to stand up for the countryside and the rural way of life has never been more important. I am passionate about these issues, and I’m honoured to be taking up this role at such a critical time for the countryside. Having been involved in creating the movement some years ago it feels like I’m coming home.”

It’s pretty standard stuff but he’s right about the time being critical, not just for the countryside but for hunting itself. Beagling especially is a dying blood sport, those taking part are all facing their dotage and packs are going to the wall (see here). In a time where the biodiversity of our country is at an all time low and the pressures on our wildlife are increasing all the time it’s pretty sad that an organisation like the CA even exists, and while they may claim to represent the countryside as a whole we should never lose sight of the fact that their primary objective has always and will always, be the promotion of hunting and the repeal of the Hunting Act.


Beaufort FH cub hunt in near flood - AE's blocked - monitor assaulted

14-10-19  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch     Beaufort Hunt 12.10.19    The Hunt met at Badminton Kennels and the usual 100 or more riders turned up to take part in the busy Saturday meet including children and those small enough to need leading reins. The conditions on the roads and fields were quite hazardous but that didn’t stop the huge turnout. Allengrove Lane was flooded from the river that had burst its banks at the Giant’s Cave end, making it just passable with a 4x4 and those who were determined to go through and risk damaging their engines.

They set off inside the park crossing to Centre Walk Brake where we approached on footpaths as they hunted through this regularly used fox covert with an artificial earth at one end. The AE was the first one of the day found to have all entrances blocked with stones to prevent the fox escaping underground and hoofmarks showed the huntsman had been circling close inside the wood. A whistle sounded indicating a hunter had seen a fox running and the Hunt got into action. The hounds went on cry out into a field and along a hedge, but they then rioted on a deer, chasing it towards the Acton Turville Road. This is the second rioting on deer we have seen this week by Beaufort hounds.

We were at the north of Allen Grove and the hounds were moving in and out of the woods. The field was held up on the east side and as we approached the Huntsman gathered the hounds by cracking his whip. Our vehicle was situated on the lane to witness the parade of an endless stream of riders coming past and taking their horses through the deep water.

Nick Hopkins took his horse down towards Giant’s Cave where we had another monitor waiting to see what was coming through. The riders turned left towards Luckington where they had to wade through another flood. The fields either side of the lane were impassable by the hedges and footpaths completely covered over with water.

The Hunt moved on towards Alderton when the hounds were heard on cry again alongside the hedge - then losing the scent. They then hunted the railway embankment on the other side of the railway, a regular hunting spot for them. The Hunt has fenced the whole stretch of railway here with high fencing and we believe this is because of the accident a few years ago when the pack chased a fox across this mainline and half were killed. Two more AEs were found blocked with breeze blocks and bricks in this area. We believe these AE’s are no longer used for breeding foxes for the Hunt, but it is possible they are used to hold a fox to release to the Hunt or blocked so the poor fox can’t go to ground.

They were intent on their hunt in Alderton Grove but, with two lots of monitors around the wood, they were under pressure. At this point the water was too deep to stick to the footpath and a hunt staff member ran towards one of the foot walkers which resulted in an assault on our foot-walker. The other foot-walker went to help and was threatened by the same member of the Hunt but showed restraint. Other Hunt staff were present but did and said nothing.

Next they hunted Cranhill Covert by the Alderton Road and railway embankment. We could see them outside the wood and supporters were placed inland waiting. Again we heard them go on cry, briefly. The conditions were horrendously wet underfoot which is hard for us following them but good for the foxes as the scent gets lost in the water.

From there they went to New Covert where we heard them on cry again then following them past Fosse Lodge we arrived just in time to see them come from Dunley Gorse with the full support of terrier men and quads spread out on the bend. When Matt Ramsden saw our cameras looking into the wood he had the good sense to blow his horn and gather them immediately to head out of the wood.

This wasn’t the end as heading for home the hounds raced towards a field of maize by Broadmead Covert – no trail in there.

The usual veteran supporters were lined up on the road with various fruity and gnarled remarks offered to our personnel when they arrived on the scene. Earlier, maybe slightly the worse for wear, one of these old support males castigated one of us for ‘spoiling their fun'. When she replied she came to stop them killing foxes, he said, ‘why - a fox is a wild animal’ and that was what they were doing and explained that the artificial earths were good as it encouraged the foxes to breed and there wouldn’t be any foxes if it wasn’t for them. Also he said if they didn’t hunt the foxes then they would have to shoot them.

Apart from the assault and driving dangerously close to one of us through a gateway, the usual line up of terrier men mostly stood back from us, and the two designated stalkers one in high-viz the other in a striking hat, appeared somewhat reluctant and maybe shamefaced? The Hunt kept moving all day and we kept up with them, sometimes appearing where they did not expect it.

Thanks to Ridgeway Illegal Hunt Watch for their support today. Please give them a like on their FB page! Thank you for your continued support.


Police & monitors ensure Cheshire FH don't even get to chase any foxes

Hunt cynically use 10 year old rider to label monitors 'paedos' 

14-10-19  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    14 October 2017, and again… Cheshire Hounds caught cub hunting, Darnhall 14.10.17    With a growing team of monitors and huge boost in support, we are finding it increasingly easy to locate this Hunt, and this morning we found them cub hunting on the Darnhall Estate in Darnhall.

Hounds were in and out of cry only briefly, and the theme of the morning’s activities quickly became one of lost hounds, as Huntsman Jake continually failed to control his pack, with many left in woodland after the Hunt moved off and subsequently running around on the road and causing numerous problems for passing traffic. Police officers and monitors had to join together to stop hounds being hit by cars and causing accidents. The Huntsman had to put himself through another walk of shame at the end of the morning when a final straggler had to be found (we pointed him in the right direction).

The Hunt began today by flushing woodland north of Hall Lane in Darnhall, displaying classic cub hunting behaviour. We did see one adult fox making a getaway, and we are pleased to report that the Hunt seemed oblivious. Shortly after they moved across to the south side. This is a very remote spot, perfect if you are wanting to take part in an activity that you would rather the general public didn’t see, so we were glad to be around to stop them. And both Hunt members and support seemed incredibly rattled by our continued presence.

        CheshireFHRoadillegal14-10-19.jpg                                                               Road illegal Hunt quad 

We found many more blocked entrances to a badger sett here today, another clear sign of their intentions.

Police input was again today very positive indeed, with four police patrols on scene, also reporting numerous complaints from local residents and motorists. Without going into the ins and outs of the Hunting Act, they weren’t able to bring a complete halt to the hunt, but they certainly assisted in doing all but that, and we are pleased to report there have been discussions about how the police are progressing the entire problem of hunting this year.

One particularly tasteless tactic from the Hunt today was using a young rider (10 years old, we were told) who the Hunt used as 'bait', [below, her image obscured] placing her in prominent positions amongst the riders purely to allow them to accuse monitors of being “paedos” and to insist we “stop filming children, you paedophiles”. Not a new tactic, we've heard it all before, but done particularly nastily today, with the poor child, riding side-saddle, looking thoroughly traumatised by it all, holding her head down in shame as this went on around her. This Hunt will clearly stoop as low as necessary to try and enable them to continue their hobby.


Finally, we would like to report that due to persistent police presence and our teams hard work this Hunt had no chases and there were no kills today.

More details shown on individual photographs. PLEASE keep language clean and refrain from posting abuse.

If you would like to join Cheshire Monitors, or have information to pass on to us (in strictest confidence), then please get in touch. Either message us here or email info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk.


Badsworth etc. FH hounds chase deer ending unsupervised on road

Thankfully, no foxes caught but Hunt managed to kill a rabbit 

14-10-19  Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Hit report - BBMH/YAS - 12/10/19 - Campsmount Home Farm, Campsall, nr Doncaster   This Saturday we joined York Anti-Hunt League in sabbing the York and Ainsty South and Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt [here called Badsworth etc. FH, POWAperson] at their meet in Campsall, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

As cubbing season is now drawing to a close, the Hunt have started setting off later on into the day, and so sabs were able to enjoy a luxurious lie-in until 3am before heading into hunt territory. Given their embarrassing inability to control their hounds last Saturday, we had expected the Hunt to take a more careful approach this week, however immediately after setting off from their meet the hounds once again abandoned their Huntsman and rioted after two deer, who thankfully escaped unscathed (footage to follow).

The hounds may not have been so lucky as they drew the pursuit to an end on a road and with neither the Huntsman or Whip in sight, could have ended in disaster. The inability to control hounds was especially infuriating for the Hunt as their usual scapegoat, Mark Poskitt, had been benched for the week. Their failure, then, to prevent riots seems to be pretty indicative of an overall decline in houndsmanship since the merger of the two Hunts last season.

For much of the rest of the day the Hunt stayed on the move, doing their best to avoid sabs. We used voice calls to take control of the hounds from the Huntsman with relative ease, and in the limited time we were not with them their continued movement to avoid us prevented normal hunting. Tragically, however, the Hunt did kill a rabbit, whose body was discovered by sabs shortly afterwards.


Following an unsuccessful morning of hunting, the hounds were packed up at around 12.30pm and we went back to Leeds for some vegan pub food and a nap.

WE NEED SOME NEW EQUIPMENT - Please consider buying us a ‘kofi’ and keeping us in the field. https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs.


18-10-19  Facebook - W. Yorks Sabs   YAS/BBMH Hounds rioted after two deer - 12/10/19    Last Saturday we witnessed hounds in cry chasing two deer into Barnsdale Wood and onto White Leys Road where they ran amok in front of cars, just seconds after they left the meet. The footage shows the hounds metres from the deer before they emerge onto the road.

The York and Ainsty South and Badsworth & Bramham Moor Hunt continue to have a shocking lack of control over their hounds, and with not a single rider in sight its lucky these two deer managed to escape, and none of the hounds were injured. 


Antis prevent Portman FH from killing four foxes

14-10-19  Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights    Hit Report 12.10.10, Portman Hunt    Another soggy day in Dorset, but undeterred we joined up with friends from Wildlife Witness, Dorset Against Blood Sports, Kent Monitors, Solent Hunt Sabs, Herts Wildlife Monitors and East Herts Sabs to help keep an eye on what the Portman Hunt were up to. Turns out it’s ‘hunting as usual’ as far as they are concerned.

Riders were (just about) seen riding to the meet near Hazelbury Bryan whilst it was still dark!! No hi viz and not a lot of road safety in mind here!

It wasn’t long before the Huntsman was drawing his dogs through Long Wood in search of quarry. With point riders positioned all along the edge of the wood, any foxes put up would stand little chance of making a safe getaway. Fortunately, when the dogs did pick up the scent of a fox, a quick thinking sab was able to use the gizmo to pull them back and away. One fox safe and sound.

The Huntsman gathered the dogs and they all set off at speed away from the area. They were next seen drawing the dogs back and forth through fields near Zoar Lane, with much activity centred around a maize field. The dogs kept picking up the scent of a fox, whilst supporters and riders spread themselves out along Zoar Lane, clapping and slapping their saddles to ensure that any fox trying to escape from the field would be frightened back in towards the dogs. Once again though, the Hunt were thwarted by a strategically placed sab with a gizmo.

After this, it was go go go, with the Huntsman moving from coppice to coppice at speed and not a lot of traditional cub hunting going on now, more a case of traditional ‘running away from people with video cameras’.

From Zoar Lane they moved south east towards Manor Farm at Droop, before turning back towards Mount Pleasant Farm, Kitford, then Whitmore Coppice. With sabs and monitors in pursuit filming everything, the hunt just seemed to keep running.

At Lowbrook Farm near Belchawell however, they nearly got their glory. A fox was seen running from a thicket and sabs witnessed the Huntsman hunting the dogs on and encouraging them to chase it. Lucky for this fox, sabs were in position to cover its trail with harmless citronella spray so the dogs couldn’t follow it.

After this, the Hunt went back towards Whitmore Coppice, drawing it for the second time today. Unfortunately for them, a group of sabs had already thoroughly sprayed the area, leaving little chance for the dogs to pick up any fox scent. When the dogs did seem to be getting on a fox, we helped prevent any ‘accidents’ by calling them out with voice calls and gizmo.

By this point, we started to get the impression the Hunt were becoming frustrated at their lack of killing opportunities. Could this be why the knuckle-draggers on quads suddenly appeared and took it upon themselves to block our landrover in on a green lane? Well, you can waste your time blocking our vehicle if you like… as long as you’re harassing us we know you’re not harassing defenceless wildlife, so that’s job done as far as we’re concerned.

If you would like to join us then please message this page or email weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. https://gogetfunding.com/fuel-and-equipment/…


Some Atherstone FH supporters can't accept their Hunt has died

14-10-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs     It seems a few delusional Atherstone supporters haven’t yet accepted that their Hunt has gone (now listed as disbanded on Baily’s hunting directory) and have set up this Facebook page which embarrassingly for the hunting community seems to be a place for former Atherstone supporters to publicly air the Hunt's dirty laundry, with both the Masters and the Huntsman being criticized. The page seems to be run by people who are sad the Hunt has gone but never bothered to actually support the Hunt when it did exist.

The most interesting comments so far are from Matthew Waddington, a member of the North Warwickshire Beagles who shared kennels with the Atherstone hounds. He says things have been run to a very poor standard. This confirms what we have already heard about the appalling state of the kennels.

It seems these Atherstone supporters are suffering withdrawal symptoms not being able to see their Hunt sabbed by us twice a week. The unlikely event of an Atherstone Hunt version 2.00 would face the full force of hunt saboteurs and a renewed campaign against them.     #WhosNext


Worcs FH follower tells sab 'I'd like to rip your f***ing throat out'

13-10-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Meet the Worcestershire Hunt - Bradford House, Rushock - Saturday 12th October 2019     “I’d love to rip your fucking throat out” - Meet the Worcestershire Hunt There's not much to say about this video except that these are typical hunt supporters found at all fox hunts. Threats of violence are never far away.

This was yesterday's Worcestershire Hunt meet at Bradford House, Rushock near Kidderminster.

If you have any information on the Worcestershire Hunt please call 07767620767. Thanks.

We sabbed two Hunts yesterday, which we meant we used more fuel than normal. If you would like to donate towards our fuel costs please use the link:- https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs


Blackmore FH unfold chaos & lawlessness in Dorset as they cub hunt

13-10-19  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   VIDEO [10 mins]   12th October 2019 - Meet: Boys Hill     Grab a cuppa, sit down to watch 10 minutes of chaos and lawlessness unfold in Dorset with the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt! See a beautiful cub run to safety under the watchful eyes of monitors from Hounds Off and SWC and the ensuing recklessness on the busy A352, and violent thuggery from hunt supporters.

        1Blackmore12-10-19.jpg                       Incredibly, Huntsman is standing point on busy A road

From the meet the Hunt took a route south towards Osehill Green along the Caundle Brook. Monitors and North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs were waiting for them on the bridge near Glanvilles Wooton. Here the Hunt crossed the road towards Loaders Hill before returning to draw Berkeley’s Plantation and then moving onto Davis’s Plantation.


Hounds soon went away from Davis’s on a fox towards Blackmore Ford Bridge where monitors believe the fox sought refuge underground in a hedge. Activity by terrier type’s started to take place but after a short while they left the scene likely because video cameras were pointed at them !Meanwhile the Hunt had crossed Boys Hill Drove to a small wood on the junction of Broke Lane. Nothing was found here and they headed to Burton Hill Wood that is adjacent to the busy A352 Sherborne/ Dorchester road. Followers in cars and quads initially positioned themselves along the road to be joined by riders and hunt staff. Monitor’s parked safely and positioned themselves along the boundary. Word came from the other group the hounds were in full cry in the eastern edge of the wood with a fox moving out in a northerly direction that was ‘guided to safety’ by this foot team. However hounds kept on cry signalling another fox was in the wood.

        3Blackmore12-10-19.jpg                                 Huntsman still on point amid busy traffic flow 

Hounds by this time were ‘screaming’ within Burton Hill Wood and becoming closer to the A352. Eventually a small fox exited the southern edge of the wood near Boddel’s Bridge. This young fox was tired and wet due to the dreadful weather and made his escape across the road. Hounds were very close behind and came to the road in full cry to be stopped by whip, riders and followers when they realised monitors were filming. This created serious traffic disruption when some hounds ‘spilled’ onto the A352 road. With one hound very nearly ending up underneath a car.

        4Blackmore12-10-19.jpg                  Huntsman joined by terriermen - who have no role in a 'trail hunt' 

Hounds were taken back eastwards towards Broke Lane where Hunters Bridge Coppice was drawn. Here monitors were seriously intimidated by two followers. After a while monitors managed to calm the situation and moved a short distance away. Police were called but as of the end of the hunt no officers arrived.

        5Blackmore12-10-19.jpg                                  Hounds at back of wood are chasing a fox 

Shortly after the Hunt gathered themselves together and returned to the meet apparently according to a follower for a hunt breakfast. Well a hunt breakfast may have given them some comfort but they were unlikely to give a second thought to the young fox that escaped. Monitors were seriously concerned for its welfare having been pushed to the limits to escape in awful conditions.


Monitors also believe it is only a matter of time before a serious accident happens on this fast stretch of road caused by the activities of the Hunt.

If you can help contribute towards our diesel and equipment costs any help is much appreciated - https://www.paypal.me/somersetwildlife.

        7Blackmore12-10-19.jpg                        Scared and confused cub being chased emerges on to road 

15-10-19  Daily Mail    Shocking video shows moment cars swerve and brake to avoid horror smash when foxhunt horses and hounds spill out onto busy Dorset road - Video taken on Saturday afternoon shows hounds and huntsmen on horseback wandering on a busy stretch of the A352 near Sherborne, Dorset - Footage shows how the hunt supporters clashed with those activists monitoring their activity and filming - Cars can be seen breaking and moving out of the way amid the mayhem in wet conditions as half a dozen huntsmen trot up the road    In chaotic scenes in wet conditions, the hounds take over the road completely with one dog almost ending up beneath a car A shocking video shows the chaos caused when a fox hunt spills out onto a busy A-road in gloomy and wet conditions. The footage, shot on Saturday morning, begins with riders and some 20 hounds sniffing around a clump of trees. Having apparently found nothing, the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt then moves onto woodland near a busy stretch of the A352 in Dorset. A fox cub runs across the road during the hunt as hounds pick up the scent and give chase. With heavy rain falling and traffic everywhere, half a dozen huntsmen can be seen trotting down the middle of the road, seemingly oblivious to the problems they are causing for the heavy traffic around them.


                              Cub bolts across road into woodland on other side 

As they wait, the Hunt's 'Whipper in', a red-coated Huntsman on a grey horse, can be seen standing in the road near a bend and then criss-crossing it as drivers are forced to brake. After four and a half minutes, the hounds are shown in full cry having apparently picked up a scent. A frightened young fox cub then appears on the A352 behind the huntsmen.


The footage then appears to show the huntsmen, who have been milling around by the side of the road, canter toward the animal as the hounds approach the busy road from the wood. The huntsmen, now aware they are being film, try desperately and unsuccessfully to keep the hounds off the road as traffic rushes towards them. One huntsmen shouts, 'Wo' and brandishes his whip at cars as the dogs, high on fox scent, run out on the road.

Chaos then reigns with horse and hounds taking over the road completely. One dog almost ends up beneath a car but the driver just swerves to avoid impact.

        10Blackmore12-10-19.jpg                                  Hounds and riders now all over the A352 

The video, made by activists from hunt monitoring group Somerset Wildlife Crime, then captures the reaction of some of the angry hunt supporters to being filmed. There were clashes between supporters of the Hunt and those activists where were filming the action in north Dorset over the weekend with police called when a camera was smashed.

On a nearby country lane, one burly hunt supporter with a hood gets into an argument with a monitor holding a camera saying: 'Don't talk to me like that. I'll stand in your face all f***ing day.' The cameraman then suggests that he may have been drinking alcohol to which the hunt supporter responds with: 'Have I really? Go call the police then, go on. Do it now cos I'll stand here for a month because guess one thing mate, I am completely f***ing teetotal.' He then headbutts the camera breaking the lens as two women also square off against one another nearby.


                            This hound just escaped being run over by the black car 

A man attempts to calm the situation down with an agreement that they each go their separate ways but not before the angry hunt supporter looks down at a swamp and tells the activist: 'You'll go swimming in a minute.' As this is happening, a female hunt supporter allegedly elbows a female camerawoman in the chest.

The camerawoman is heard saying: 'If you do that again, to secure my own personal safety I will put my hands on you and restrain you.' The hunt supporter retorts with: 'Touch me and I'll restrain you. You won't be getting up.' The whole hunt can then be seen trotting off with the hounds down the country lane to have their hunt's breakfast.

Bobbie Armstrong, 40, from Somerset Wildlife Crime, said: 'Hunting mammals with dogs has been illegal since 2004 but we still witness foxes running from hounds when the Hunts are engaged in what they call trail hunting.'

Unsurprisingly, given that they use animal scent for the trail, it often ends with fox cubs falling victim to the hounds.


Commenting on the unsafe road conditions, an activist said: 'This is not unusual. The Hunt do this every week and are totally indifferent to anyone complaining. What is unusual is to capture it on camera. In this case it was a miracle that no-one was injured. There was surface water everywhere and the huntsmen were treating the busy A352 as though it were their own. This stretch of road is covered by the national speed limit so the danger for drivers coming around bends in the wet and being met by 20 horses and hounds all over the road is obvious. They see it as their right to continue this age honoured tradition of hunting animals. We have reported the incident along with the assaults and damage to the camera to the police.'

The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt were contacted for comment but have not yet replied.

        13Blackmore12-10-19.jpg                                      Hunt thug about to headbutt monitor 

POWAperson adds   -  In fact, it is not unusual for Hunts to be filmed behaving exactly like this even on A roads. The Warwickshire and the Portman in particular make a habit of it  What exactly will it take to induce the media to recognise that 'trail hunting' is just a cunningly designed fiction, a cover for continued quarry hunting. Hunts almost never actually lay scent trails, so they don't 'accidentally' divert from them. They purposely search for foxes and purposely chase them. Its as simple as that - a massive, nationwide criminal conspiracy to ignore and break the law. A combination of inadequate wording and loopholes in the Hunting Act and reluctance on the part of the police and CPS to even try to enforce the law means Hunts get away with murder over and over again. The Hunting Act desperately needs to be significantly strengthened. Only the Labour and Green parties have committed to doing this.


Storm as pro-Hunt Duke asked to open SSPCA animal rescue centre

Duke of Kent is member of CA and the Royal Caledonian Hunt

Foxes are among the animals treated at the Centre

13-10-19  Daily Record   Royal row as fox hunt fan Duke of Kent to visit animal rescue centre   The Queen's cousin is a member of various groups which support hunting and SSPCA staff are angry at decision to invite him The Duke of Kent has been listed to perform the official opening at the Scottish SPCA’s Fishcross centre in Clackmannanshire Staff at a rescue centre for injured animals have hit out at a decision to hand the ­official opening duties to a royal with links to fox hunting.

The Duke of Kent will visit the Scottish SPCA’s Fishcross centre in Clackmannanshire in the coming weeks. But insiders at the charity and animal rights campaigners are angered by the visit of the duke, a close confidante of his cousin the Queen, who ­affectionately calls him Eddie.

The 84-year-old is the only royal who is a member of pro-hunting group the Countryside Alliance. The decorated former soldier is also a member of the Royal Caledonian Hunt, a Scottish club set up in 1777 to promote hunting and racing.

The Scottish SPCA has been a vocal opponent of fox hunting over the past two decades. Earlier this year, its boss Mike Flynn branded it “abhorrent”.

An insider said: “People aren’t happy. The duke is controversial with his links to fox hunting, ­especially since we nurse foxes back to good health. The society’s income from public donations has been down since bad publicity over the massive salary paid to a former chief executive and they seem to think good PR is the way ­forward. But this guy stands for many things that ­animal lovers reject. They shouldn’t invite him along.”

John Robins of Animal Concern said: “This is a ­throwback to the 80s and 90s when the Scottish SPCA was full of fox hunters and campaigners had to take dead foxes to their AGM to embarrass them into opposing fox hunting. It must be asked if the Duke of Kent is an appropriate person to invite to a centre which treats injured foxes. This visit sends out all the wrong messages.”

The Scottish SPCA opened its £3.5million centre at Fishcross, near Alloa, in 2012. SSPCA Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn has previously branded fox hunting "abhorrent"

Insiders say royal protection officers have been visiting Fishcross ahead of the visit, which hasn’t been confirmed.

Fox hunting with dogs was banned in Scotland in 2002, with an exemption for using dogs to flush out foxes for pest control, protecting livestock or ­ground-nesting birds.

Flynn, the Scottish SPCA’s chief superintendent, said: “The Duke of Kent will be visiting our National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross. He was invited to visit several ­charitable organisations in the area by the Lord Lieutenant of ­Clackmannanshire. We will be showing him our state of the art facilities and look forward to discussing the preservation and future of wildlife.”


Albrighton & W. FH stay home after v. long kennels stand-off with sabs

13-10-19  Facebook - Staffordshire Hunt Sabs    Albrighton & Woodland Hunt, 12/10/19    An early start resulted in a great result as sabs arrived the A&WH kennels before the daybreak to find the Huntsman about to load the hounds into the hound van. Knowing that they were now getting "sabbed" panic seemed to set in with members of the hunt staff seen marching around on phones looking none to pleased.

With sabs sat outside the kennels and another sab car positioned away keeping a look out for any attempt to escape they had no way out.What foll

owed then was several hours of us watching the Huntsman watching us. Most importantly as they was unable to get out to hunt they were unable to kill!!! We will happily sit watching him watching us EVERY WEEK if it stops him from killing.

A boring day but a very successful day. https://www.ko-fi.com/staffordshirehuntsabs.


Wynnstay FH hound reported killed by car near Malpas

12-10-19  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    All to chase a fox We have had reports from locals this afternoon (12th October 2019) about a hound from the Wynnstay Hunt being hit by a car and killed on the Worthenbury Road near Malpas between 1 and 2pm. Apparently the pack were chasing a fox which darted across the road when the hound was hit.

If anyone has any details please get in touch because the police have been informed and would welcome more information. If true, this incident is not only very sad, it’s also very disturbing because it shows what lengths to which this Hunt will go to carry on their depravity.

The Wynnstay Hunt have a history of this, with hounds dying on the A41 near Malpas only last year: https://bit.ly/2M88tAy.The

The scenario: Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs were at the Wynnstay kennels first thing this morning, followed the Hunt to a meet in Cloy, Banger-on-Dee. The Hunt packed up after a short while and went back to the kennels, still followed by the sabs. Cheshire Monitors took over at lunchtime at the kennels and we found it silent with no activity. Therefore, if this report is true, it’s clear that the Wynnstay snuck back out between the sabs leaving and monitors arriving. What sorry excuses for humans they must be. They won’t get away with it again.  #TheLastCry   #BanHuntingForReal


13-10-19  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    We have an update on the Wynnstay hound killed yesterday. This is for everyone who has expressed concern and particularly for all the pro hunt who’ve been crawling like cockroaches all over our original post and calling it fake news.

There is now a witness who has been contacted, the police have been informed and will follow up any lead.


Sabs find masked Cottesmore FH terriermen lurking near blocked sett

12-10-19  Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   Cottesmore Hunt, 12-10-19 - Blocked badger setts and dodgy terrier men with something to hide    The Cottesmore Hunt terriermen looking as dodgy as they come. Sabs had found a large blocked badger sett that same morning where the Cottesmore Hunt were actively and illegally hunting. Sabs unblocked the sett and have reported to the police.

Tampering with a badger sett is a crime. Fox hunting is a crime against all wildlife.


Sabs stop Crawley FH hounds off 1 fox, return a lost one to Hunt

12-10-19  Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs    Today, alongside Kingston and West Sussex Hunt Sabs, we headed to Bakers Farm where the Crawley and Horsham hunt were hoping to kill fox cubs - not today!

We came across the Hunt as they were hunting through Madgeland Wood and were able to disrupt the hounds enough to get them off the scent. The hounds were split all over the place as the Huntsman had no control.

The Hunt then moved at pace but fast-paced sabs managed to keep up. As hounds went into cry again north of Brick Kiln Farm a fox was spotted fleeing but sabs managed to distract the hounds enough using horns and gizmos to take them off the scent. We suspect the hounds were chasing this fox for some time.

Not long after the Hunt packed up but as they certainly weren’t following a trail. There were still hounds loose that they left behind. Tell us again about how much you care about your animals? Sabs located the hound and shortly after the terriermen came to collect him/her.

If you’re interested in joining please give us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can - you can also donate below to keep us in the field. Thanks! GoFundme:- gf.me/u/uqi7zy  - Kofi: www.ko-fi.com/A62094D - Paypal:- northdownshuntsaboteurs@gmail.com.


Blankney FH switch from cubbing to fun ride when sabs appear

12-10-19  Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs     As well as having sabs active in 2 cull zones we managed to get out for the second time in twelve hours to take a trip to see the Blankney with our friends from Lincoln Hunt saboteurs.

With some kennel watching and a tip off we were able to narrow down their likely hunting grounds and found them not long after they'd left their meet at Walnut Farm, Broughton Clays. On arrival the Hunt were seen putting up a covert in traditional cubbing style, with riders on point on every side, but they quickly stopped once they had a camera pointed at them.

With sabs in tow, the Huntsman brought the hounds to his feet and went on a tame ride up along the river Witham and the adjacent fields, with no need for any further intervention.

A fox was seen breaking across a road nearby after the Hunt had pushed it out of a covert, but sabs were positioned to mask its scent and hounds made no effort to chase.

A perfect day's sabbing ended when the Hunt returned to Walnut Farm at 9:30am and packed up, with the small remainder of the field pulling out their best dramatics in a bid to waste police time, any hope of a quick response most likely dashed by the woman calling them informing the police on the other end of their wasteful 999 call "they're here to catch us illegally hunting!".

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Airfield complains as invasion by Hunt causes cancelled flights

12-10-19   POWAperson says - The incident happened near Wem in Shropshire, about 10 miles north of Shrewsbury. Probably the North Shropshire FH. Typical lack of consideration for property others' business and safety by Hunts.


14-10-19  Shropshire Star    Shropshire airfield forced to close after hunting dogs 'invade' runways    An active Shropshire airfield was forced to close to flights, and planes were delayed from landing and taking off, after hunting hounds ran loose across the runways. Some flights were cancelled and others were delayed for hours after dogs from the North Shropshire hunt trespassed onto Sleap Airfield, near Wem, on Saturday. The disruption caused three aircraft to change their course and left some pilots and customers grounded for the day.

In a statement posted online, a spokesperson for the airfield said: "A message for whichever Hunt it was today – it is NOT OK for your dogs to invade the runways and grounds of an active airfield, causing three of our aircraft to divert due to us being forced to close. Apologies to our customers, who either had their flights cancelled, or delayed for hours because of this incident."

Airfield manager Nathan Cross said the incident was now under investigation and he had been in touch with the Hunt and would be meeting with them in the coming days to discuss the incursion. He added that the airfield, like any other around the country, had a system in place to deal with any incursion which could occur.

A spokesman from the Hunt said: “On Saturday the North Shropshire Hunt was carrying out lawful trail-hunting activities when a handful of hounds deviated from the scent which had been laid for them to follow.Action was taken immediately to retrieve the hounds and we want to thank everybody involved at Sleap Airfield who enabled us to remove the hounds from the area as soon as possible. We express our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate all the assistance given at the time.”



Sabs take Fernie FH hounds off line of two foxes they chasing

12-10-19   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    Once more the forces of the righteous overcome evil and save lives... or sabs wreck Hunts' blood lust This admin is absolutely shot - late nights in Wiltshire saving badgers then a 5:30am start this morning up to scupper some cubbing. Bear with me because I've just got in, had no food to speak of (except a nice cup cake and small sausage roll courtesy of North Cambs Hunt Sabs) plus we stopped for a pint on the way home so there may be spelling mistakes...

This morning we once again joined forces with long time comrades and cake suppliers North Cambs Hunt Sabs to take on the Fernie, who were hunting around Shangton in Leicestershire. They spent a long time trying to flush something from Shangton Holt, hounds often in cry with sabs continually rating and finally North Cambs drawing them out with horn and voice. A fox was seen by the North Cambs vehicle making it's escape. The support were no happy and in true homophobic style we were oddly called "lesbians"...

They headed north to Foxhole Spinney, we noticed a fox fleeing, luckily the hounds didn't pick up it's scent but we covered it anyway.

They moved further north to Gillian's Plantation and Tamborough Hill, sabs always with them. We were in perfect position to witness a fox run the north eastern edge before cutting across the field and away, hounds in cry within the wood and most definitely on it's line. We covered its line with our scent masking solution and formed a barrier the hounds would not cross. Using classic sabbing tactics we rated them back with voice and whip, they lost the line and we sent them back the other way.

Great communications and team work kept the Hunt on the run. They moved fast but we rarely lost site, always having a team in position to react appropriately.

As the morning wore on the hounds picked up on a strong line, in full cry and moving fast, we didn't see the quarry, but it was clear they were on something. When we finally caught up with them the hounds were marking to ground, the fox had sought sanctuary in a hole among the brambles in a ditch, the Hunt very keen to flush it out and with the terrier man hanging around we held our ground and made sure no dig out could take place. Huntsman Will Hanson finally took the hounds away but we stayed put as the terrier man was lurking and refusing to leave.

North Cambs sabs took up the chase and made sure no more animals were hunted. We finally escorted them and their weirdo Master Phil Cowen back to where they'd started the day and finally boxed up around 11:30am.

We covered over 11km this morning in very soggy condition. Help us hunt the hunters: Ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs.



Mendip Farmers FH go home after 90 minutes stationary at meet

12-10-19  Facebook - Mendip Hunt Sabs    We knew the Mendip Farmers' Hunt would be desperate to get out hunting today given they didn't go out last Saturday (didn't want to have blood on their hands for their hunt ball?) So we headed to greet them this morning with our friends at Bristol Hunt Saboteurs and Bath Hunt Saboteurs. We positioned our vehicles strategically so we would be able to follow on and, despite their efforts at blocking us in, we were able to follow them to their 7.30am meet at RM Penny Plant Hire & Demolition in Green Ore (another business to avoid).

Sabs again positioned themselves strategically and waited for the hunt to leave the meet. They eventually did at around 9am - heading back to the kennels! Sabs 1 Hunt Scum 0... The local wildlife has a little respite now this morning.

If you'd like support our fuel fund, you can do so at https://ko-fi.com/mendiphuntsabs. See you soon Mendip Farmers' Hunt!


Leader of the House of Commons attends Mendip Farmers FH Hunt Ball

12-10-19  Facebook - Mendip Hunt Sabs  PHOTO  Look who attended the violent law-breaking Mendip Farmers’ Hunt’s Ball last Saturday - Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, who hosted the Hunt at his home last season...


Sabs catch Warks FH terriermen in wood near meet where sett blocked

11-10-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   Warwickshire Hunt, Sawbridge, Tuesday 8th October 2019    We arrived at a wood where we have previously filmed foxes running from near the hunt meet around 6.30am. We did this so we could catch the Warwickshire Hunt terrierman Danny Clewes blocking badger setts and using an artificial earth. The previous day Clewes had blocked a badger sett in the wood which was then unblocked.

As expected we caught him and two other terrierman on their quad bike outside the wood all wearing balaclavas. We suspect they were about to put a fox into an artificial earth located in the same woods. Artificial Earths are created by fox hunts to encourage foxes to live in so they have a supply of foxes to hunt in that area. They can also be used to bolt a fox out of the earth. A fox put in the Artificial Earth by terrier men is released just before the Huntsman and hounds arrive ready for them to chase.

In this case the nearby badger sett was blocked to prevent the fox escaping down it. This wood is close to where the Hunt were meeting and would have been the first wood they hunted. However things didn’t go quite to plan.

They were not happy to see us. We found Chris Clewes father of terrierman Danny sat in a car next to the wood on his phone. He looked panicky as we approached him frantically warning his son we had arrived and to abandon anything they were doing. The quad bike soon appeared at speed from the wood and sped off down the road. Strangely enough the Warwickshire Hunt (after having a quick meeting at the hunt meet) decided not to hunt this wood that morning and avoided it completely.

It took longer than usual for the pink high-viz hunt stewards to turn up and harass us. This was due to head steward and sociopath Barbara Hester needing to be involved in the hunts discussion of what had already occurred that morning.When she and her team arrived they were for once very quiet and sheepish, Barbara Hester as always avoiding to answer reasonable questions as to the activities of the hunt she is in charge off. Their quietness didn’t last long though and the harassing behaviour began. Loud music, provocative comments and general harassment is standard behaviour from the Warwickshire Hunt which to anyone watching from the outside can see is the hunt sticking two fingers up to everyone and their arrogance, sense of entitlement is astonishing, but not surprising these are also traits of sociopaths.

The stewards were particularly childish today with their comments and behaviour, splashing around in puddles purposely soaking sabs. The Warwickshire Hunt view their whole world as one big playground. They feel they can do what they want when they want and have clearly never been challenged before.

Convicted hunting criminal Will Goffe as usual hunted all morning. We know this meet well and know where to go and position ourselves. As expected foxes where seen running from the Hunt. The second fox we saw was a close call. Hounds were either side of a hedge and it was clear that the fox was in the hedge. The hounds were very much on this fox and sabs had use voice commands to distract hounds. The fox darted out right in front of sabs and into a wood. Sabs used voice commands and horn calls to call the hounds off the fox.

Barbara Hester and the Whipper In were not impressed at us ‘confusing the Warwickshire Hounds’. They started to gang up around a sab frantically trying to stop the horn calls. After a standoff Goffe took his hounds away from the wood towards the canal tow path by Flecknoe Fields Farm. Sabs had him in sight and watched him pack up around 11.15am.

The Warwickshire Hunt keep moaning about donations given to us. If you would like to annoy the Warwickshire Hunt please consider donating towards our fuel costs. Thanks! https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs


Sabs see safe only fox put up by Quorn FH cubbing

Hounds later rioted on a B road 

11-10-19  Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs     Despite being busy with the badger cull, when we heard the Quorn were having an evening cubbing meet at the delightfully named Sludge hall in Cold Newton, we couldn't resist skiving off work a bit early and popping along to keep an eye on them.

Just this very morning they'd announced on their Facebook page that followers of the imploded Atherstone were welcome to join them. We wonder what huntsman Ollie Finnigan thinks about that when the Atherstone sacked him and kicked him and his heavily pregnant wife out of their hunt house. When asked Ollie replied with a diplomatic no comment but his grin spoke a thousand words!!

On to the hunting, what little there was of it. Ollie stayed in the same parcel of land that the meet was in and hunted various small coverts and a disused railway line. Hounds spoke on occasion but sabs quickly took the pack if it looked like mischief was afoot. A large dog fox was seen fleeing the area but sabs masked his scent and there was some panic amongst the terrier men when hounds rioted across a busy B road.

Either of our two teams of foot sabs had the Hunt in sight for the entire two hours they were out and we happily watched them pack as dusk descended.

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Atherstone FH fan sends death threat to sabs using own FB profile !

10-10-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    With the demise of the Atherstone Hunt we are now receiving the expected death threats from the hunting community.

David Stokes has been a bit of a silly boy issuing death threats using his real Facebook profile. You forgot to leave your address David so we can take up your offer so we can "cum see you". We've had six years of death threats, a few more won't stop us.

David obviously hasn't seen the memo going round from some in the hunting world that the Atherstone Hunts collapse was definitely definitely, definitely 100% never in a million years must be another reason not the result of sabs. They seem to have settled on the excuse that the collapse was due to all those new motorways that have been built recently.

One thing is certain the hunting community can expect a big increase in more focused "motorway activity" over the next season.



Severn V. Beagles give up when sabs arrive as they leave meet

10-10-19  Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    Severn Vale Beagles – 10/10/19    This morning we made our first visit of the season to a beagle pack, along with others from Mendip Hunt Sabs, Bath Hunt Sabs & Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch.

The Hunt met at Widdenhill Farm, Horton at 7.30am. A rather small affair, 6 of them in total including staff & supporters. They had only just left the meet when they spotted the sabs waiting for them, and then hot footed it back.

We saw a hare in the field next to the meet, who no doubt would‘ve ended up as the Hunt’s quarry if they had ventured any further. Not on our watch. Beaglers’ excuses of following a ‘trail’ are complete nonsense, and they know it.

The hound van was heading back into the kennels (they’re in with the Berkeley Hunt at Ham), just after 9am. Sorted. Beaglers beware...

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Sabs cause Surrey U. FH to halt cubbing after just one hour

10-10-19  Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs    Surrey Union cub hunt meet sent packing after only an hour out!    Enough sabs managed to get together from North Downs and Kingston alongside Surrey Hunt Monitors after receiving a tip off the Surrey Union Hunt were out.

They were at Loseley Park, normally they host weddings but I don’t know why anyone would want to get married in a place that allows Hunts to chase fox cubs on their grounds. Please politely ask them to cut ties with illegal hunting:- http://www.loseleypark.co.uk.

When we arrived they were drawing a woodland with hounds on to the scent of a fox, we made ourselves known and took control of the pack causing the Huntsman to quickly call them back.

The Hunt were straight on their phones and didn’t know what to do. After failing to lose sabs they headed to Ashen Copse where they laid a non-existent trail on the end of a whip which the hounds didn’t react too, instead the Huntsman took the hounds directly through the Copse clearly hoping to “accidentally” come across a fox. As the hounds started to pick up a scent sabs were able to call them off, again.

After only an hour out the Hunt, all 10 of them, headed back to the meet and packed up early but not before frustrated hunt employee decided to start pushing a sab about while attempting to trip them up. Ed Hutley then said if he assaults us he’ll be out of the job! We’ll bring a P45 next time!

If you’re interested in joining please give us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can - you can also donate below to keep us in the field. Thanks! GoFundme:- gf.me/u/uqi7zy - Kofi: www.ko-fi.com/A62094D - Paypal: northdownshuntsaboteurs@gmail.com.


Antis help foxes escape Beaufort FH's determined attempts to kill them

9-10-19  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    Beaufort Hunt 7th October 2019    The Hunt met at Rodmarton Manor. It set off through the village into the woods next to the road, hunting the hounds through down to Mount Pleasant and Simon Plantation where we were waiting for them. Although the hounds initially picked up briefly they found nothing … some of the coverts had already been sprayed out.

Near the busy A433 the hounds rioted on a deer. Hunt staff got most back but failed to round up one which had to be saved from the fast traffic on the A433 by our driver who was on the spot. She did get a thank you from her stalker for that. It came down to the road again further up and had to be coaxed away from the main road by one of our sabs in the field. The Hunt had headed for a favourite wood on the Tarlton-A433 road. By the time we got there they had surrounded it with staff and key hunt riders on point as in classic cub hunting and we could hear the hounds on full cry going round inside.

Our nearest foot sab had got to where the rest of the field were on the bridleway a short distance from the wood when she saw the fox burst out of the side of the wood. It was running towards the bridleway. Seeing the riders lined up it turned back into the wood past the hounds. As our sab rushed to get near enough to help it our driver had arrived at the road end of the wood in time to see the fox make another bid to escape coming out onto the road. Again it was frightened back by the sight of hunt support. Our driver went into action screaming for the Huntsman to get the hounds off. With two witnesses on the ground the huntsman panicked to get them off the fox, having to crack his whip and work like mad to get them out they were so close onto it. He did succeed and when we checked inside the wood we judged the fox had got away into the deep ground cover inside the wood.


It had been chased for many, many minutes round that wood with the hounds on its tail at the last. It was not killed by the hounds but we are very aware that the extreme stress of a chase can be fatal for foxes. It has been recorded, by huntsmen as well as normal members of the public when foxes have been found unharmed but dead in a bolthole after being hunted. We hope that this one survived.

The Hunt then went towards Tarlton, hunting hedges going over towards Manor Farm and then Hazleton Fox Covert. We kept pretty close nearly all of this time although they were moving quite fast.

One sab coming in on a footpath found a hunt quad bike and its two riders (one masked up)on a badger sett and old artificial earth. This is a sett they used to regularly block for the hunt until we started reporting it to the police. They were clearly there to prevent a fox escaping into the sett. They stood motionless watching intently as the hounds got nearer. Some hounds were starting to pick up but not loudly or clearly. They were hunted along the field edge of the covert. Unseen by hunt riders and undetected by the hounds a fox was seen by the sab escaping the area and she sprayed out the beginning of its run to safety in case they came back to search.

They went across the small lane to hunt Tump Plantation and the big hedges and small woods towards the A433. When they picked up on cry in one wood a fox ran out across the middle of huge ploughed and planted field towards Irongate Farm. The sab approaching sprayed out its tracks and moved forward to deter the hunt but the hounds coming out did not go onto the fox's line and went into the thin adjoining wood where they were loudly on cry...  a hunt rider's comment to the sab in the field about ‘the other one’ revealing that there were two foxes. When a second sab appeared in the wood next to the Huntsman he again got worried and got off his horse to make sure he got the hounds out of that section of wood where clearly they knew there was a fox. But he then led the hounds on foot to the middle of the field to lay them on where the first fox had run. Even in the presence of witnesses he would not desist from this, spreading the hounds and encouraging them to search for scent. They did not pick up where it had been sprayed out but the Hunt guessed the likely flight path of the fox and the hounds picked up loudly at Irongate Farm around the hay barn.

From there they moved to the old quarry where the horrendous noise indicated marking to ground. Clearly the fox had run through the farm and sought shelter at the quarry. Our driver coming in from the road and another sab across the fields went into the quarry but could not make the huntsman call the hounds out. The hounds were going ballistic, digging deep under the mass of brambles in the middle of one deep dip of the quarry. Nothing we did could get the hounds off, they were clearly right near a fox. Was the Huntsman waiting for the fox to break or for the hounds to kill it in the quarry? Matt Ramsden MFH just sat there for what seemed like an age as the hounds marked deeper into and under the brambles. Whilst there were hunt staff on point on the road and in the field. That level of noise baying and howling must have been terrifying for a fox trying to hang on in there.

In the end they had to give up and call the hounds away. Some of them kept coming back trying to get at the fox but eventually they left. When we looked in carefully you could see a cavity deep under the brambles where the fox must have been and we stayed until all hunt staff and terriermen had left the area to try and make sure it was safe. To claim this is trail hunting is just a horrible joke. Nobody could argue there was not a fox in there. The cold blooded persistence in keeping a howling pack onto the location of a terrified animal is a terrible thing to watch.

From there the Hunt went towards Trull where they did pack up just before midday. We had our usual attachment of stalkers whose pictures we will be posting.


Reports of illegal hunting in Dorset up by 44% in last year

9-10-19  Facebook - Hunt Watch UK    Reports of illegal hunting rise by almost 45 per cent in Dorset   ...Between April 2018 and March 2019 Dorset Police received 36 reports of illegal hunting, a 44 per cent increase on the previous year when police received 25 reports. Police have stressed they will investigate illegal hunting, and will prosecute if there is evidence. They say incidents must be reported in the correct way, and not via posts on social media.

The Hunting Act, introduced in 2004, brought about a total ban on hunting wild mammals with dogs, outlawing fox-hunting, deer-hunting and hare-coursing with dogs. You can be fined or jailed (HW: The Hunting Act is not a imprisonable offence) for hunting illegally or causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. Hunting does still take place but using trained hounds who follow an artificial scent as opposed to an animal.

A spokesman for Dorset Police Rural Crime Team said: “Dorset Police will investigate any allegations of illegal hunting and wildlife crimes and will prosecute where there is sufficient evidence of an offence under the Hunting Act.

We don’t avoid the issue of illegal hunting; if you suspect illegal hunting please contact Dorset Police and these allegations will be investigated by trained wildlife crime officers, who are specially trained to investigate this type of crime. Any incident needs to be reported to police by those witnessing incidents in order for their evidence to be produced as exhibits, such as photos or videos. We cannot do this via posts on social media. It has to be done properly...

POWAperson adds  -  Dorset police report large increase in illegal hunting reports but then say the hunting happening is  legal trail hunting - which they have been told and shown over and over again that it is nothing of the kind, that live quarry hunting continues much as before the ban. 


Quantock SH caught illegally hunting stag with 8 hounds

9-10-19  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   07/10/19 - The Quantock Stag Hounds hunting a hind with 8 dogs. Legal? No.    Hunt support line the road up to the Pynes Cafe hoping to turn the hunted deer away from Forestry Commission land, despite eventually hunting into Cockercombe later in the afternoon.

Strategic positioning of monitors from Hounds Off and SWC meant that we were able to make it impossible for the QSH to hunt freely. With a camera on them from the start to the finish of the day, we are confident no deer lost their lives.

With visitors from overseas who made the most of the QSH hospitality, slurring their words well before midday, and gushing over the wonderful stag hunting in France. Laughable to believe they popped over to see a bit of 'trail hunting' a la Quantocks!

9-10-19  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime  VIDEO    WIldlife crime in Somerset - witness appeal     Hunting female Red deer with dogs in October is illegal. Hunting Red deer with 8 dogs is illegal. No exceptions, no exemptions.

On 7 October 2019, near Bishops Lydeard in Somerset, the Quantock Stag Hounds did both. Then they hunted into Forestry Commission land, from which they were supposedly banned in 1997.

Any information please to:- Avon and Somerset Police, Police HQ, Valley Road, Portishead BS20 8JJ Email: pcc@avonandsomerset.pnn.police.uk. + Forestry Commission West England - Bank House, Bank Street, Coleford, Glos GL16 8BA. Email: westengland@forestryengland.ukQuote reference AS-20191009-0375 - Hounds Off Forestry England.


Atherstone FH finally folds after long, danger-filled campaign by sabs

Sabs faced violence & harassment - the latter also from Leics police

8-10-19   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Victory! Atherstone Hunt finished!    After six long years of an unrelenting and unstoppable campaign by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs the 200 year old Atherstone Hunt have finally thrown in the towel and folded.

We have faced harassment, extreme provocation and regular violence from those associated with the Atherstone Hunt. We’ve received death threats, had our tyres slashed, cars burnt out and have been hospitalized. We have also faced a hostile campaign of police harassment from Leicestershire Police who have actively sabotaged investigations against the Atherstone Hunt whilst constantly seeking to prosecute members of our group at all costs.

We persevered and never backed down. Despite the regular violence we have faced our campaign has always remained non-violent. Over the last six years we have sabbed almost every single meet of the Atherstone Hunt. They have collected over 20 criminal convictions and cautions for their violence and antisocial behaviour and at their worst they were making the national press every other month for their hunting and violence. As well as stopping them killing foxes twice a week every week we have been able to expose the real face of fox hunting.

We witnessed them kill numerous foxes in front of us but that only made us more determined. We exposed all businesses that supported them. We held demonstrations at their biggest events of the year and at all of their fundraising events.

For six years the Atherstone Hunt have been completely sabotaged and as a result they have now folded. This means that for now the 908 km² area of West Leicestershire and North Warwickshire are completely hunt free and hundreds of foxes lives will now have been saved.

Ultimately the Hunting Act needs to be strengthened however we are not waiting around for politicians to change the law or corrupt police forces to enforce the law. Fox hunting is cruel and barbaric and has no place in the 21st century. Hunt saboteurs will shut hunts down one by one until hunting is consigned to history.

Our only concern remains the safety and welfare of the hounds. We have notified relevant authorities.

We would like to thank all the different sab groups who have helped us and joined us in sabbing the Atherstone Hunt over the years. We would also like to thank all of you who have donated towards fuel and equipment costs over the years, all the kind words and encouragement and all the tip offs and information sent to us.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Dedicated to Leanne Bridgewater.

If you like the work that we do and want to help us continue please consider donating towards our costs – https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.

See also articles in the Times and the Daily Mail 


Lone sab prevents Warks FH fox chase despite bizarre obstruction

Stewards use ever stranger means to try to hamper/provoke sabs

8-10-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt, Oxhill, Monday 7th October, 2019    So another day and another early start with the bloodthirsty Warwickshire Hunt The Warwickshire Hunt are nothing more than a bunch of organised criminals. Their members sense of entitlement, arrogance, lack of empathy really do show what sort of people they are.

When we watch our footage back it really highlights what strange parallel world the hunting community really lives in. So desperate to protect an abhorrent activity they are trying to use various tactics to try to either provoke a situation or stop us from filming what they are doing.

Anyone watching their behaviour would think what on earth are they doing and how do they get away with their actions. We all know why, but it never deters us, in fact it makes us even more determined.

The Hunt started in Oxhill and we caught up with them inland hunting a large maize crop. Two foot sabs had three hunt stewards each assigned to them by self appointed steward ‘team leader’ Barbara Hester. Both teams of stewards carrying cameras and loud music speakers blasting music in an attempt to drown out any hunting noises. As usual the stewards attempts to provoke reactions did not succeed, and we stayed focused on our aim to try and save foxes lives.

After the Hunt left one end of a huge maize crop they headed towards Burland House where the bottom end of the maize crop joins the road. This maize crop is always hunted during cubbing so two sabs went to position themselves where foxes have been seen running previously. Just as they were getting into position a beautiful big fox ran past. The stewards started to panic playing two lots of loud music and started pulling faces, dancing and as we have come to expect displayed bizarre behaviour. We marked the line that the fox ran across and could hear hounds in cry coming alongside the maize crop. Riders started to enter the field and the huntsman could be heard in the maize crop. We held our position and the fox got away safely. The hunt then packed up not long afterwards.

The Warwickshire Hunt have told us they don’t like people donating online towards our fuel costs. If you would like to really annoy the Warwickshire Hunt you can donate towards our fuel costs here:- https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.

8-10-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO    Warwickshire Hunt - Ufton Hill Farm, Ufton, 2-10-19     In this video:- �� Warwickshire Hunt stewards try to stop lone sab from filming their illegal hunting - �� Fox runs past sab and away from huntsman and hounds - �� Sab prevents hounds chasing fox- �� Hunt steward / village idiot Callum Thorpe made to look stupid with his lies. 

The Warwickshire Hunt will go to any desperate lengths to stop us from exposing their cruelty, however despite their best efforts, we were still able to help the fox whilst also showing how desperate they are to stop us from helping foxes. As long as foxes are being hunted hunt saboteurs will be needed to help those foxes.

POWAperson adds  - Despite reporting on Warks FH meets 5 days apart I have bracketed these two reports together because they are very similar to one another, both in terms of what happened and in the behaviour of the stewards trying to prevent and provoke the sabs.  


E. Kent FH terriermen sneak back into banned FC land after meet

Sabs caught them lurking in wood with their dogs - saw them off

7-10-19  Facebook - West Kent Hunt Sabs    Saturday 5th October   This Saturday we were out with the East Kent with West Street hunt at Denge Wood who met at 8am. We unfortunately missed the Hunt move off which was a big mistake on our part because it meant we spent most of our time tracking the hunt rather than observing them. The saving grace was the fact that with little or no wind we would have heard them if they started hunting properly. It remained quiet so we assume the huntsman kept his hounds close!

Once again we could not drop our guard as the Hunt had two quad bikes with terriermen and terriers in tow. No " Daddy day care!" today, instead we were blessed with old man "Millsy" and "Martin Minerals!" regular terrier bods for this Hunt.

The Hunt was seen packing up at 10am with us hardly catching a glimpse of the Hunt until the end, which was not that great for us. However we went through the motions which meant that the hunt could not risk hunting blatantly on Forestry Commission land.

As we took a well earned coffee break the hunt started to leave in all their various horse boxes but for some reason the terriermen came back and headed into Eggringe wood. Maybe there was a logical explanation but we were not going to take any chances so followed them in!

They had clearly split up for some reason and "Minerals" was looking a bit sheepish when we caught up with him. His terriers were barking in his quad box, which begs the question, why did he have terriers with him when only trail hunting is permitted on FC land?

If you wish to contribute to our ongoing vehicle costs then please consider donating here: www.paypal.me/eastkenthsa... every little helps and keeps us in the field!


3 foxes saved from S. Dorset FH as heavies take to tripping women sabs

7-10-19  Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights   Hit Report 5.10.19 - South Dorset Hunt, meet at New Buildings, Piddlehinton    Acting on a tip off, sabs rose bright and early, yet again before the sun was even up, and headed for Piddlehinton to greet MP Richard Drax's* tenants Juggers with his South Dorset Hunt circus!

We arrived as Juggers aka Tobias Cole, and his group of wildlife murderers, well 10 of them (not bad for the SD on a Saturday) were leaving the meet. Setting off in the direction of Heaves Coppice and toward where one sab foot team had been deployed along a footpath to the north of Heaves Coppice, and another foot team coming in from the east leaving the Landy team on the road to the South, Juggers and co were completely surrounded by sabs! Doing the only thing left to him he made a quick dash for Highlands and the infamous 'L' shaped copse, where there always seems to be c*countrymen on quads hanging around and they always seem to 'find' a fox!!

By now the usual three hired 'knuckle draggers', all on separate quads (maybe a promotion or a reward for being loyal little soldiers), came in from the north and proceeded to surround Sabs, push them around, and be as intimidating as they possible could. Joined now by Monitors there were more eyes on the Hunt and every move Juggers made was being watched.

One fox was seen to safety by the now one group of joined up foot sab teams, using a gizmo and voice calls. This caused rather a stir for Juggers and the 'meat' men and the intimidation ramped up to tripping up Sabs, in particular the female sabs, such big, brave men!

Monitors called in that a fox was seen heading South from Well Bottom. Sabs quickly ran and covered the scent with citronella whilst our navigator ran into the fields and using the gizmo to pull the dogs back. Number 2 fox saved.

Juggers then turned and headed north whilst our navigator legged it across the fields being chased by the 3 quads. This gave the sabs in the field some small respite away from the knuckle-draggers and make some quick thinking decisions not to follow the Hunt in case of possibly pushing another fox straight towards the Hunt.

Juggers then headed for Incombe Wood but with no luck picking up any fox scent he headed back to Heaves Coppice....and to our awaiting sabs. Surely it was time to call it a day, but no, the bloodlust was turning into a frenzy. With the kids and the field now gone, Juggers and his two frothing at the mouth sidekicks were more determined to get a kill.

With monitors on the road at Coombe Bottom, the Landy watching the meet and Sabs heading towards New Buildings, the dreaded call came in once more that a fox was seen running just below Coombe Bottom and to get there quick with 'equipment'.

The Landy team raced to the Coombe Bottom and again their navigator ran into the school field spraying citronella to cover the scent. Within seconds the dogs were everywhere and Juggers was running on foot at full pelt down the road and into the same field. The fox ran towards the copse over the football field with Juggers, dogs, terriermen and all the quads racing after the terrified animal. Sabs ran in from the West and despite all the pushing and shoving from the knuckle draggers got into the football ground and began using voice calls and the gizmo to give the poor fox some chance of survival from the jaws of the pack.

Absolute chaos then ensued, the bloodlust spewing all around, and then, silence... The fox had got away!!��

This was an arduous day for our foot Sabs who went above and beyond the call of duty. A very professional sab today with great communication and skilful map reading by all. Today also showed how Sabs and Monitors work well together in saving lives.

Thank you for all your support and generous donations to pay for the 2 new tyres for the Green Landy. Thanks especially for a very generous donation from the wonderful @Dawg Dogs. We now have the Green landy back on the road and ready to save our wildlife.

If you would like to join us then please message this page or email weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.�� https://gogetfunding.com/fuel-and-equipment/.OWAperson

POWAperson adds   -   Richard Drax is the local, right-wing, Tory MP, an enthusiastic supporter of hunting. His enormous estate was funded largely on the proceeds of slavery.   


LACS protests N. Trust 'trail hunt' licence for Monmouthshire FH

7-10-19  South Wales Argus     'Barbaric' trail hunting licence for Monmouthshire mountain should be cancelled, animal welfare charity says     AN ANIMAL welfare charity has urged the National Trust to cancel a trail hunting licence for the Sugar Loaf, near Abergavenny, calling it a “barbaric practice”.

Trail hunting involves people on foot or horseback following a scent along a pre-determined route with hounds or beagles, mirroring the traditional hunt without a fox being chased, injured or killed. Hunting real wild animals with dogs has been illegal in Wales and England since 2005, and in Scotland since 2003.

But pressure group the League Against Cruel Sports say trail hunting “has been widely dismissed as a fraudulent activity that is used as a cover-up for the illegal pursuit of foxes” - and have protested against a licence issued to the Monmouthshire Hunt, covering the Sugar Loaf mountain in Monmouthshire, which is owned by the National Trust.

Chris Luffingham, the organisation's director of campaigns said: “It’s time the National Trust stopped allowing fox hunts on their land and got in line with the views of the general public, the vast majority of whom abhor this barbaric practice. The fox hunting ban is being flouted by the hunts, yet their contemptible behaviour is essentially being condoned by the National Trust when they issue trail hunting licences.”

The Monmouthshire Hunt's licence only allows them to carry out the activity on the Sugar Load four days a year - January 8, January 15, February 19 and February 26.

A spokeswoman for The National Trust said: “Any activity associated with the term hunting continues to provoke strong emotions on both sides of the debate. We recognise our approach will not satisfy everyone. Our charity’s core aim is to look after the places in our care and that remains our top priority when considering whether to licence any outdoor activity. This would be true whether it’s mountain biking or a food festival. The Trust does licence trail hunting in some areas and at certain times of the year, where it is compatible with our aims of public access and conservation. Our clear, robust, and transparent set of conditions will allow participants to undertake a version of this legal activity that’s compatible with our conservation aims. But our charity was also established for the nation’s benefit and to provide the widest spectrum of public access and enjoyment. We therefore always look to welcome people to our places and to host the broadest range of outdoor activities on our land. We believe this should include trail hunting, where it is consistent with our conservation aims and is legally pursued.”


Badsworth etc FH carelessly clog road to get to cubbing site

6-10-19   Facebook - York Anti-Hunt League    York and Ainsty South / Badsworth & Bramham Moor Hunt: 25-09-19 - Meet: G Dickson Farm - Henwick Hall, Burn near Selby    We must apologise for our backlog of reports but we’ve got so much data to review from our recent efforts and we’ve also been just so busy avoiding getting a wash and signing-on to get these released...

You’ve already seen a couple of critical videos from this meet showing the undeniable illegal intent of this hunt (blocking-in rider positions and Huntsman using ‘burring’ calls) but we didn’t want to lose the opportunity to record other events and data from the day.

The Hunt left the meet and spread out across Burn Airfield to blatantly hold-up beet fields whilst David Elliot cast his hounds through the beet in search of fox cubs. They then entered territory where foot and vehicle access was limited and we lost them for a period only to see them heading towards a large maize field local to the disused rail-line at the rear of the meet. Here, we again witnessed more blatant holding-up and flushing of hounds through the field for foxes and their cubs. In order to access this land the Hunt took the hounds across and along a busy road with the usual arrogant disregard of the risks involved and safety of animals and road-users alike [below].


                   Hounds knocked cyclist off his bike - hunters didn't even say sorry 

The Huntsman then took his hounds up the steep embankment and onto the heavily overgrown former rail line and traversed with hounds back and forth over and along this feature to the clear frustration and discontent of many of the following field. The terrain, hidden barbed wire fencing, heavy undergrowth and remaining harsh gravel and concrete sleepers of the former rail line meant that this was far from suitable for horses and the discomfort of both horse and rider was very evident to all. Obviously a trail was never laid through this feature and, as usual, nor did the Hunt try to hide this fact.

Finally leaving the cover of the rail embankment the Hunt cast hounds through the land to the rear of their meet before, we believe, returning to Henwick Hall though not before Willy Dickson engaged in his regular homophobic abuse of the male members of our Team.

Any support as always gratefully received - https://ko-fi.com/yorkanti_huntleague.


Sabs ensure no dig-out by Portman FH - thug kicks sab

Also tried to steal same sab's camera - told off by JM

6-10-19  Facebook - North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs   5th October 2019 - Portman Hunt at Southley Farm     Those of you with the better memories may remember this is the same farm that Sabs carried a recently killed fox to, having been brutally torn apart by the Portman Hounds. So, understandably, we were frustrated to hear that they were meeting at this same farm.

Knowing that Whitmore Coppice is vulnerable to the Hunt, we pre-sprayed the area to protect any fleeing foxes. It was at this moment we saw a man pretending to lay a trail. It seems a hessian sack attached to his rucksack is a trail. The hounds didn't pick it up at all, unsurprising news to many people, we imagine.

Along with Dorset Against Blood Sports and Wildlife Witness, we watched the Hounds head straight out of the meet and into an area of brambles and gorse around the southern end of Whitmore Coppice. It was here that well known scum, George Bailey assaulted a Sab, kicking them in the hand and attempting to steal a spray bottle. After a telling off by one of the masters, he soon calmed down and remained non-violent for the rest of the day.

Having not picked anything up in this area, the Hunt ran at speed to the north, where Wildlife Witness watched a fox bolt out the side of a wood in Sturminster Common, luckily not chased at all by the hounds.

After having a fairly boring day, the hunt then chased a fox to ground right next to Sabs who then moved the hunt on and made sure the Hunt didn't return to the area. They then moved onto Whitmore Coppice before finally packing up at 11am.

�� Please message us if you ever want to get involved with Sabbing, we would be more than happy to have you out Sabbing with us.

�� If you can, please do donate to our fuel funds at www.ko-fi.com/NDHSaboteurs or PayPal.me/NorthDorsetHuntSabs.


Badsworth etc FH Hunt over banned heritage site & riot on deer

6-10-19  Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Hit Report ~ Badsworth etc FH ~ Bridge House Farm, Weeton ~ 05/10/19 Badsworth etc FH hunting through England Heritage site - Hounds riot on a deer    After sabs were violently threatened at their meet last week, we decided to keep the pressure on the Badsworth etc Hunt by sabbing them again this week alongside Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs. After another early morning start, they finally ended up at their meet in Weeton, North Yorkshire.

Huntsman David Elliot was blatantly illegally hunting all morning, and taking the hounds round a number of local fields. They headed straight for the site of Rougemont Castle, a scheduled monument protected by English Heritage. Dogs are only allowed on this land if kept under control, and both dogs and humans must keep to clearly marked footpaths; two rules that the Hunt blatantly flaunted. This type of behaviour is not surprising, given that the same Hunt had the nerve to send their hounds into a nature reserve and SSSI last week, but it is testament to the culture of entitlement and disrespect Hunts hold up and down the country.

It is important to note that ex BBMH terriermen Sean Stringwell, Michael Sharp and Danny Smithson were charged last year after digging out at a badger sett in this wood.

The Hunt illegally sent their hounds into Rougemont twice; once at the start, and once again at the end of the day. Elliot's desperation to kill was clear. The hounds entered the English Heritage land again for a third time after they rioted in pursuit of a deer later on in the day. Incidents like this show that even if Hunts are simply following trails (which they almost never are), leading a pack of hounds through the countryside will always risk the lives of innocent animals. In this case, thankfully, sabs were able to see the deer escape to safety.

The inability of the hunt to control their hounds was perhaps the strongest and most laughable theme of todays sab. In part this can be put down to the ineptitude of whipper-in Mark Poskitt. A vegetable farmer and purveyor of Yorkshire’s most inadequate carrots, Marky Mark is a frequent source of ridicule within the hunting community for his frequent poor performance in the field. Today, however, the entire group of hunt servants seemed to be off their game, and frequently ignored the instructions of the increasingly aggravated Huntsman. Sabs were thus able to take control of the hounds fairly easily. This kept the hounds moving all morning.

With sabs on their toes all morning and as a result of frustration at their own poor performance, the Hunt stayed out longer than is usual for a pre-season cubbing meet, and so it wasn’t until 1pm that we were able to head back and grab some well deserved food and a pint, with no confirmed kills.

We need some new equipment - Please consider buying us a ‘kofi’ and keeping us in the field, saving lives. https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs. Love and rage, WYHS



3 foxes helped to escape from Warks FH by sabs

One fled across road causing car to brake 

5-10-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    VIDEO to follow    Three foxes saved from the Warwickshire Hunt Saturday 5th October, 2019 - Brailes, Round Hills Farm (owned by Hubert Keller who is the CEO of Lombard Odier, an investment management company.)    After ensuring that the Atherstone Hunt were not out today - which now means that they haven't been out since Tuesday 24th September, we made our fourth visit this week to the Warwickshire Hunt.

So far this week we have witnessed and filmed foxes being hunted, blocked badger setts and have suffered extreme provocation, harassment and intimidation. Today was no different.

The Hunt met at Round Hills Farm in Brailles at around 7am. Working in two small groups we kept a close eye on the Huntsman and hounds. From the meet they immediately got onto a fox on the track from the meet towards Cherington. Good communication between the groups meant that a small group of vehicle sabs could intercept hounds after field sabs told them which the hounds were heading.

The first fox was seen running down a hedgerow. Two sabs went inland to spray over the foxes scent and mark the hedgerow. One sab in particular was met with provocation and was being harassed whilst trying to cover the fox’s scent. This was the precedent for the day with hunt stewards trying to provoke sabs and playing loud music to try and disorientate us and stop us from hearing hounds in cry.

This as always did not not deter us and sabs inland saw hounds running towards the main road that runs from Shipston On Stour to Brailes. After radioing this through to car sabs, they headed towards the main road and saw the Hunt Whipper In on-point in the middle of the road. A car approaching had to do brake hard and a fox ran out into the road [pics below] with hounds in cry not too far behind. Sabs sprayed the road over the foxes scent and informed the Hunt and Senior Joint Master Barbara Hester (who was harassing sabs at the time and playing loud music) that the hounds were their responsibility as they were rapidly heading towards the main road. What did they do? Nothing!



It was sabs who stopped a serious road traffic accident from happening. We had cameras rolling the whole time and as we predicted Barbara Hester claimed sabs called hounds onto the road, (obviously not the fox that they were chasing) and was more interested in blaming us rather than the actions of the Hunt. Video to follow of this incident. This incident caught on camera shows yet again the blatant lies Hunts tell and the disregard for road safety and animal safety, all for their bloodlust.

After we ensured this fox was safe we found the Hunt again at Oaken Covert on the Cherington side of Brailes Hill. They hunted this wood for sometime and a fox was seen escaping from the Hunt crossing the road in front of car sabs.

Between the two groups we kept the Huntsman moving. It was a long morning, a lot of miles covered, with foot sabs walking over 10 miles.

It has been a long week for us attending 4 cub meets of the Warwickshire Hunt as well as helping in a badger killing zone. Thank you for all the information and tip-offs we receive. Our number is 07767620767.

Any financial help would be appreciated as this is a very expensive time for us and all donations presently are put towards fuel. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.


2 foxes seen to safety from Tanatside FH cub hunting

5-10-19  Facebook - Shropshire Monitors    The Tanatside Hunt were found cub hunting nr Guilsfield this morning by monitors. They met at Tirnewydd farm.

Blocking the road and surrounding woodland at Bank Wood Pant Mawr. Two foxes were seen by monitors to safety. A very angry farmer was also seen. Full report later.


Hounds rioting in gardens near Llangollen reported

5-10-19  Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs     Well we were out with Derby and Shropshire Hunt Saboteurs at the Flint and Denbigh hunt kennels dawn and dusk but the Hunt didn't leave the kennels. Oh well!

We're also receiving reports of hounds out of control in Llangollen rioting through peoples gardens.


Sabs assist getaways of 4 foxes Fernie FH flush from maize

5-10-19  Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    Four foxes escape the Fernie hounds - Fernie Hunt, Laughton, 5 October 2019, 7:30am    North Cambs Hunt Sabs picked up the Fernie Hunt this morning, cub-hunting at Laughton in Leicestershire.

From the meet just north of the village, the Hunt worked a circuit of hedges and brooks between Saddington Reservoir, Mowsley and Laughton village. Sabs worked in two small groups to keep close to the fast moving pack.

It was clear we were in a busy area for foxes, with hounds speaking every time they entered a new patch of scrub or woodland. Voice calls and horn were used each time to either quieten the pack down or prove enough of a distraction for the huntsman to decide to move on.

After drawing the treeline to the south of Saddington reservoir, the Huntsman, Will Hanson, cast hounds into a maize field just south of the Mowsley Road. here he sat back and refused to intervene as the hounds rattled around the maize, picking up on scent after scent.

From our vehicle on watch on the road above, three foxes (two adults and a cub) were seen running - our driver and navigator both dashing to cover the foxes trails with citronella mist. One of these foxes was caught on our vehicle camera briefly.

Down in the fields below, a fourth fox, again we believe a cub, darted out from the eastern edge of the maize, with hounds in pursuit. The fox headed at full speed for the woods at the edge of reservoir and managed to get through a wire fence which stopped the hounds behind it.

Sabs were close enough to keep with the chase long enough to rate the hounds which were searching back out of the treeline. The Huntsman only then arrived to collect his pack, and move on.

After this close call sabs stayed as close to the Huntsman and hounds as possible, and after a circuit of Laughton brook and Mowsley, the Huntsman finally blew for home and boxed up the hounds, at 10:20am.


Wiltshire & Infantry Beagles pack up soon after sabs arrive

5-10-19  Facebook - Berkshire Hunt Sabs    Infantry outmanoeuvred    Today Berkshire Hunt Sabs took another early morning trip to Sailsbury Plain with our good pals at Surrey Hunt Monitors following a tip off regarding the Wiltshire and Infantry Beagles hare hunt. And sure enough the Hunt were found up the track from the Bustard Arms near Shrewton.

They were rather unchuffed to see us turn up, probably because they had only gone a few hundred yards from the meet when we strolled over cameras in hand.

One sweet beagle puppy bounded over to Sabs wanting some attention and to play, but it was quickly scooped up and taken away by the master, who told the dog off saying “you don’t want to be playing with them”.

They didn’t stick around long and soon high tailed it back where they came from with only four supporters in tow. A nice easy mission for us.

Un-fun fact. A former Whipper-in of the Wilts & Infantry was a reverend and the co-ordinator of a campaign group called ‘Clergymen for Field Sports’. The group of 50 clergymen who participate in field sports believes that hunting is a moral act, not an immoral one, and therefore should not be banned.

Please support us in the work we do by donating to our equipment fundraiser here> https://www.gofundme.com/f/berkshirehuntsabs or to our petrol fund here> PayPal.me/berksabc. We spend a massive amount of money on fuel every week and donating just £5 to us really make a difference and enables us to continue. Thank you!

#berkshirehuntsabs #trailhuntlies #huntsabs #hsa #stophuntingleverets #stophurtinganimals


Sabs assaulted but still ensure no-kill day for Ross Harriers

5-10-19  Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs   Ross Harriers (Opening Meet) – 05/10/19    We joined Bath Hunt Sabs and locals to visit the Ross Harriers for their opening meet at Warren Farm, Aston Crews, Herefordshire today. The Hunt and their pitifully small following left the meet shortly after 11, with hounds immediately going into cry, albeit only for a brief period. With two sab vehicles and a number of foot teams, we made sure the Hunt had close company throughout.

After searching through a number of fields and woods and failing to find any hare or fox, and with sabs there at every move, the increasingly frustrated huntsman seemed out of ideas. This spilled over into some assaults on sabs, which unsurprisingly failed to deter us.

A trail was produced, no doubt for our benefit, which the hounds followed for a matter of seconds before being moved on elsewhere by the Huntsman.

We followed them back to the meet where they packed up at about 15.30. All in all a very successful day. Until next time...

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Sabs prevent Essex FH with 5 terriermen from hunting

5-10-19  Facebook - Norwich Hunt Saboteurs   Hit report, 5/10/2019 - Essex Foxhounds - Blackmore, Stubbers Farm    Today we met up with our usual pals SES - Suffolk And Essex, South Cambs and Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs to visit the Essex Hunt.

Our job was made easy for us today - thanks to good communication between groups and careful positioning, sabs kept on top of the hunt all morning and they didn't get a chance to hunt. This clearly wasn't their intention as they had 5 terriermen out ready to dig.

After a bit of a ride around the countryside trying (unsuccessfully) to lose us, the Hunt packed up, no kills. The Hunt's frustration really showed when one terrierman stuck up his entire middle finger at sabs. Those affected are currently seeking counselling as a result of the incident.

Today was a straightforward day but took a fair bit of driving so please help us if you can – https://ko-fi.com/N4N0HF6M.


Sab gizmo calls Flint & D. FH hounds off as they chase 3 foxes

4-10-19  Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs     On Tuesday at Mostyn estate the Flint and Denbigh Hunt blatantly hunted 3 foxes. On this occasion a sab was able to stop the hunt by using a recording of hounds on a device we call a gizmo. No attempt was made by the huntsman to call off the hounds from any of the 3 foxes.


Antis keep Berkeley FH on move and unable to cub hunt properly

3-10-19  Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs     Berkeley Hunt – 03/10/19    Between work and the badger cull we’ve struggled to get people out during the week recently, but on hearing that the Berkeley would be out cub hunting this morning we managed to get together a small crew at the last minute, along with Mendip Hunt Sabs and Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch.

We bumped into the Hunt at 7.30 as they were just leaving the meet between Elberton and Littleton-upon-Severn. Hounds were put into corn fields and woods in an attempt to find foxes, but each time they started to pick up on any scent sabs ‘rated’ them (telling them to stop), which in turn made the Huntsman gather them up and run to get away from sabs.

Great team work and communication meant that when one group no longer had the Hunt in their sights then the other did, with persistent sabs popping up with the Huntsman whenever he settled in one place to try and do some hunting.

Sabs stuck with them until they packed up shortly after 10am, a very successful morning!

The Berkeley Hunt, and the Berkeley Estate, are heavily involved in the culling of badgers to the north of Bristol. Check out the great work Avon Against the Badger Cull have been doing, and give them a message if you’re able to help out or have any useful information.

Berkeley Hunt, we’ll be seeing you...

Please consider supporting our work. PayPal.me/bristolhuntsabs.



Portman cub hunt blatantly, hunt through bTb infected farm

Also let pack run through a herd of young heifers

3-10-19  Facebook - North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs     2/10/19, Portman @ Higher Farm, Chettle    Thanks to an informant we knew where the Portman were meeting this morning. Knowing this area well, and easily predicting their movements, our small team were with them from the off. Leaving the meet just before dawn, the Hunt moved south towards Long Barrow. Between here and North Farm they spent some time searching the network of small copses and a maize field, with team 1 hot on their heels. With hounds cast all over the place,they drew a blank (with this becoming the theme of the day) and eventually moved through North Farm off towards Tarrent Gunville.

Sabs were eventually joined by the Portman's new 'hunt stewards'. We are still not sure what purpose these individuals are supposed to be serving, though they are an occasional source of entertainment. For a group of people so quick to remind of us of the law, you may want to have a look at Section 34(1) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (RTA 1988) that states, anyone driving a mechanically propelled vehicle, for example a motor car, on a road that is a footpath, bridleway or restricted byway is guilty of an offence unless it can be shown that there is a private right in place for people to use the access way to gain vehicular access to their property. Naughty, naughty!

The Hunt eventually reappeared at Chettle Long Barrow, where the next team of sabs were already waiting for them. The field were made to wait in a dark corner of a field, while Tom Lyle (Huntsman) and Josh Clarke (whipper in) cast the hounds through the northern end of Little Wood. Josh remained at the northern corner while the Huntsman joined the hounds within the wood. Here they remained for some time with hounds briefly going into cry at one point. The outcome of them picking up here is unknown.

In a desperate attempt to gain back control of his hounds, the Huntsman ended up on foot, emerging from the dense cover to then take hounds north along a hedge line. The field, who by this time must have been cold and incredibly bored, were then allowed to move on to the next cover, Hatts Coppice.

The usual positions were taken by the Hunt to ensure this copse was surrounded, in case a fox tried to reak cover. Sabs split up to get into a position to cover the line of any fleeing wildlife. Here several member of the Hunt (including the Huntsman) were seen and heard rolling their tongues and slapping their saddles (see video in comments) to keep foxes in the cover. Again, a dead give-away that the Portman continue to ignore the laws surrounding hunting. We may as well just copy and paste these reports week after week!

Again, drawing a blank, they tried Chettle Chase Coppice further north with no success. Some riders were overheard venting their frustrations over an appalling morning spent doing bugger all, and tensions between staff seemed to be running a little high. Maybe Josh is fed up of picking up the slack because Tom Lyle is such an appalling Huntsman...?

Hounds were then taken at speed across Dunspit Lane where monitors were able to keep tabs on them. After traveling further south, crossing the Jubilee Trail, what ensued next was absolute chaos. The pack were completely split with hounds being spotted both sides of the road going through Chettle, behind a farmhouse near New Coppice, the other side of the road near Chettle House, and running amok though a herd of young heifers. Now, earlier in the morning they had already been through North Farm (video in comments) the other side of the road. Only last month their herd had tested positive for TB. When will DEFRA and the MFHA wake up and realise that Hunts are contributing to the spread of disease across the south west? 67,259 badgers have been killed in the Government’s badger cull policy since 2013, with a further target of 64,400 for this year alone. Hunts are a bio-security risk, so why are farmers turning a blind eye?

After finally gaining control of the pack, the Hunt trotted off back to the meet at around 10:45. Sabs were in the area before sunrise today, and not a single person was seen laying this supposed "trail" they talk about following. Dorset Police were recently quoted on social media saying “We don't avoid the issue of illegal hunting; if you suspect illegal hunting please contact Dorset Police and these allegations will be investigated by trained wildlife crime officers who are specially trained to investigate this type of crime.” A call was made to them on this morning and evidence has been sent as they request people to do. Will it be investigated or just brushed under the carpet like all the other reports of illegal hunting we and others have made? Answers on a postcard...

Please help keep us in the field www.ko-fi.com/NDHSaboteurs or PayPal.me/NorthDorsetHuntSabs.


Lone sab pulls Flint & D. FH hounds off 1 fox as they openly chase 3

1-10-19  Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Hit report Tuesday 1st October 2019    Following on from being caught red handed hunting fox cubs on Saturday and also making threats to attack sabs, then cancelling their meet on Monday when sabs turned up, this morning we received multiple tip-offs that the Flint and Denbigh hunt were cub hunting in Mostyn estate in Tre-Mostyn.

As we arrived the hounds were already in thick brambles, either searching for a fox or possibly already killed one, it's hard to say, no blood was seen on the hounds although they were covered in mud. As the Huntsman finally attempted to leave with the hounds a Hunt member was heard bellowing "This way!"

It was only a couple of minutes later that hounds were in cry onto another fox. With the arrogant huntsman not attempting to stop the hounds our only sab in the field (because you know most sabs have jobs though the Hunt like to bleat we're all on the dole, despite the Hunt being able to draw 20 riders midweek) had to take control of the pack. The Huntsman was not amused and when the sab explained to him he needs to blow on his horn to stop the hounds hunting the huntsman defiantly said no he doesn't.

The Hunt moved into the next cover and almost immediately got onto another fox, the fox fled across the field into another overgrown wooded area with hounds right on its tail. Jay Reardon acting as Whipper-in on the day was off his horse and in the overgrowth. "Your F###ed this time" said the sab "Did you see it?" Replied the Whipper-in. The Huntsman then radioed the Whipper-in to say the fox was in front of him... The Whipper had to awkwardly reply he was stood with the sab then he made some half hearted calls to leave it. The hound then went into cry in another ditch as the sab tried to pull himself through the thick overgrowth. Once again it's difficult to say whether they killed or not.

The Hunt then called for home posing for a photo for the supporters first. The Huntsman then decided to show his class by showing his behind to the sab who was approaching the photo shoot. False Allegations Max then asked the sab to leave despite there being a bridleway going through the area he also claimed the sab had called the hounds onto a main road which was over a mile away, very strange considering the sab had been with the hounds in the estate since he arrived.

It begs the question what is Lord Mostyn playing at. No regard for local residents who despise the hunt. No regard for people keeping their horses on the estate. No regard for people using the riding centre. No regard for the police sniffer dogs that are kept kennelled on the estate and definitely no regard for wildlife.

Thanks for all your donations, you can donate to North Wales Hunt Sabs on this here link https://gogetfunding.com/help-for-north-wales-hunt-saboteu…/4-10-19

4-10-19  Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   On Tuesday at Mostyn estate the Flint and Denbigh Hunt blatantly hunted 3 foxes. On this occasion a sab was able to stop the hunt by using a recording of hounds on a device we call a gizmo. No attempt was made by the huntsman to call off the hounds from any of the 3 foxes.


Sabs find fresh & heavily blocked sett in wood Warks FH hunting

Sab assaulted by steward at side of road 

1-10-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO to follow   Warwickshire Hunt - Tuesday 1st October 2019 - Upper Tysoe - Hunt frustration - Active badger sett trashed - #AtherstoneHuntCrisis    Thank you for all the information/tip-offs that we are currently receiving about the Warwickshire Hunt. All information is treated in confidence. Our phone number is 07767620767.

After checking that the Atherstone Hunt weren’t going out this morning and being reliably informed that the hunt is still in crisis and hasn’t been out since last Tuesday where they met in Frolesworth, a small group of us decided to visit the Warwickshire Hunt who met near Tysoe.

When we arrived we found the Hunt in their usual hunting place for this meet. So we headed in land towards the Hunt. Now we know the Warwickshire Hunt put themselves forward as a ‘beacon’ for the hunting community, with Sam Butler a hunt director (ex senior master of the Warwickshire Hunt) giving advice to other hunts on how to deal with ‘anti’s’ and trespass. Hunts are very hypocritical, we all know this, treating trespass as the ultimate terrible sin, but will never answer why they hold this view. Well its obvious why - because Hunts do it all the time. So the pink high-vis stewards were out in force today, clearly getting frustrated and using force now to try and stop sabs from entering land. At one point they even assaulted and manhandled a sab on the side of public road.

Well we persevered finding the Huntsman and hounds and we kept up with them until they packed at 11.30am. Throughout the day the hunt tried to hunt hedgerows, gorse and small wooded areas. They ended up in a large wood near Edge Hill and with 5 terrier bikes out it was no surprise to find a heavily blocked badger sett. Pieces of turf were rammed into one hole with fresh spade marks all around. There was even a fresh latrine on one of the blocked entrances. The badgers underground clearly would need assistance to be able to get out tonight therefore some holes were unblocked.

So nearly every meet of the Warwickshire Hunt we have attended we are finding trashed badger setts. Warwickshire Police seem to pride themselves on acting against wildlife persecution and have assigned officers just for wildlife crimes, so it would be interesting to see what they do about this highly coincidental (we all cough at this point) fact that we are finding blocked setts exactly were the Hunt go and terriermen are nearby. We won’t hold our breath though as senior ex Warwickshire Police officers are members of this Hunt.

If anyone would like to ask Warwickshire Police what they intend to do about the arrogant Warwickshire Hunt’s blatant wildlife crimes their Facebook details are: https://www.facebook.com/warwickshirepolice/.

The Hunt’s frustration is showing, our perseverance is not dwindling and in fact we are even more determined as our actions are clearly affecting this Hunt and convicted blood junky Will Goffe is being kept on the move and not being able to hunt effectively which is our overall aim to stop him hunting and save lives. Hunt staff are looking on wondering what to do with us. They have tried and still continue to use extreme provocation, harassment and other threatening behaviour to try and deter us. If the Hunt had nothing to hide why are they going to such extreme lengths to stop us from filming their activities. All this Hunt need to do is ask the #AtherstoneHuntInCrisis to find out nothing deters us in our fight to stop bloodsports.

Thank you for your continued support. All donations go directly to help us save wildlife as often as we can. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.



..... 30th September - Children scream as family hears Badsworth etc. FH kill fox

….. 29th September - N.T. will not re-licence Shropshire packs to 'trail hunt' on Long Mynd

….. 29th September - 25th anniversary of Barle stag shows savagery of ongoing deer hunting

….. 29th September - Mendip FH kill fox in maize - supporters soak and harass sabs

….. 29th September - Crisis-hit Atherstone FH now cancel hunter trials

….. 28th September - Sabs at Badsworth etc FH meet threatened by thug with telescopic baton

….. 28th September - The National Trust will no longer licence fell packs to 'trail hunt'

….. 28th September - Monitors help steer 3 foxes away from Blackmore FH hounds

….. 28th September - Two foxes escape Cotswold V FH cubbing - one with sab help

….. 28th September - Sabs quickly pack up first a cub then a leveret hunt

….. 28th September - Sabs assist five foxes to escape from Fernie FH

..... 28th September - Sab car tyres slashed by S. Dorset FH thugs at Cattistock FH meet

….. 28th September - Monitors find Cheshire FH having nothing more than a fun ride

….. 27th September - Speeding Badsworth etc. FH terrierman endangers sab life with quad

….. 27th September - Stag chased by Quantock SH for 21/2 hours escapes on to N.T. land

….. 27th September - Grantham Council reject move to oust Belvoir FH from town

….. 27th September - N. Cotswold FH hounds all over main road, drivers have to brake

….. 27th September - Sabs vow to stop hare/leveret hunting 'festival' in Scotland

….. 26th September - Atherstone FH staff believed to have walked out

….. 25th September - Sabs say videos show Badsworth etc FH wilfully breaking Hunting Act

….. 25th September - Dorset police now soliciting complaints of illegal hunting !

….. 25th September - Cottesmore FH cause RTA & hunt fox over banned conservation area

….. 24th September-  Sabs flying their drone seems to deter Ashford V FH from cubbing

….. 24th September - Braes o' Derwent FH frustrated as monitors help keep several foxes safe

….. 23rd September - Portman FH filmed hunting and refusing to call hounds off foxes

….. 23rd September - Crawley FH filmed in early morning classic cub hunt formation

….. 23rd September - Lanarkshire FH ignore pained & panicking hound trapped in fence

….. 23rd September - Sabs say Lanarkshire FH killed at least 2 foxes – no gunshots heard

….. 22nd September - Drunk Cottesmore FH thugs assault, threaten, spit at antis, try to steal property

….. 22nd September - Crawley FH lead hounds thru frightened livestock while trying to cub hunt

….. 22nd September - Sabs help 3 foxes escape from North Cotswold FH

….. 22nd September - Newark Council bans South Notts FH from market place on NYD

….. 22nd September - Green MSP's bill to end fox hunting consultation gets 10k responses

….. 21st September - Monitor retired couple arrested on trumped-up 'stalking' charges

….. 21st September - Sabs rate hounds off fox they find Mendip Famers FH hunting

….. 21st September - Northants MH found hiding among cattle & sent packing by sabs

….. 21st September - Sabs help keep 3 foxes safe from Fernie FH's early a.m. cubbing 

….. 20th September - Sabs ensure Badsworth etc FH cubbing fails - terrierman swears at local

….. 20th September - PC tells monitors own fault if feel threatened by hunters

….. 20th September - S. Durham FH upset locals, block A road - supporter swerves car at monitor

….. 20th September - N. Trust renews 'trail hunt' licences for killer Hunts

.....19th September - Blackmore FH chase 3 foxes, leave pack in hot van for 2 hours

….. 19th September - Wynnstay FH's new Whipper-in lets the side down

….. 19th September - South Down FH Huntswoman pretends to police terriermen not with Hunt

….. 18th September - Puckeridge FH follower blocking sab car pulls out sledgehammer

….. 18th September - Woman camper upset by Staitondale FH hunting & chasing sheep

….. 17th September - Monitors aid escape of exhausted stag from Quantock SH

….. 17th September - Meynell FH filmed by sabs blatantly hunting a fox

….. 17th September - Atherstone FH hound control so poor sabs had to call them off hare

….. 16th September - Cheshire FH bolt for home when monitors appear

….. 16th September - S. Durham FH first cubbing meet fruitless, say monitors

….. 16th September - VWH FH cub hunt while pretending it's 'hound training'

….. 16th September - Southdown FH thugs throw rocks, threaten sabs, try to damage car

….. 16th September - Grafton FH hound chasing young fox screams as caught on barbie

….. 15th September - Quantock SH charged with illegal hunting [again]

….. 15th September - Sabs save foxes from S. & W. Wilts FH thanks to tip-offs

….. 15th September - Cottesmore FH stewards try to stop sabs using footpaths

….. 15th September - Sabs twice call Middleton FH hounds away from novice Huntsman

….. 15th September - Pair of sabs deter South Wold FH from serious cub hunting

….. 15th September - Flint & Denbigh FH support's fury as sabs ruin evening cubbing fun

….. 14th September - Sabs attacked and stolen from by drunk Avon Vale FH supporters

….. 14th September - Portman FH Chairman & riders recorded discussing foxes they hunted

….. 14th September - N. Bucks Beagles return to kennels soon after leaving when see sabs

….. 14th September - S. Durham FH hounds 'running amok' on A road - police attending

….. 14th September - Singing sabs spike hapless Wynnstay FH's cubbing attempts

….. 14th September - Sabs hassled by Avon Vale FH followers - some drunk - at 5pm

….. 14th September - Antis swamp Blackmore FH cubbing meet - Huntsman eventually gives up

….. 14th September - Fernie FH's first cubbing meet of season spoiled by sabs

….. 14th September - Cottesmore FH chase fox to ground & hounds spill on to road

….. 13th September - Warwickshire FH chase fox through people's gardens

….. 13th September - N. Cotswold FH hounds kill as split pack chase two at once

….. 12th September - Councillor calls for Council to sever all links with Belvoir FH

….. 11th September - Sabs think N. Cotswold FH killed early in cubbing meet

….. 11th September - Warks FH JM can't explain blocked sett where they hunting

….. 10th September - Waveney Harriers lose control, sabs left to try to call hounds off deer

….. 10th September - Ashford V FH thug attacks sab car with hammer - as both driving

….. 10th September - Sabs save fox from Blackmore FH but one may have been caught

….. 10th September - Wynnstay FH twice cub hunt wood where monitors saved fox in March

…..  9th September - Sabs outnumber hunters at Surrey Union FH early a.m. cubbing meet

…..  9th September - Sab visits ensure no cubbing by Quorn or S. Notts FHs 

…..  9th September - E. Essex FH switch from cubbing to trail hunt when sabs appear

…..  8th September - Sabs say saved 3 foxes from Pytchley & Woodland FH cub hunting

…..  8th September - Worcestershire FH Huntsman sexually harasses woman sab

…..  7th September - N. Herefordshire FH new Huntsman scatters pack while cubbing

…..  7th September - Mendip F FH hound van doesn't even go to meet because of sabs

…..  7th September - Police hold up sabs for Flint & Denbigh FH yet again

…..  7th September - SNP future plans doc omits to mention strengthening hunt ban

…..  7th September - Worcestershire FH terriermen have petting zoo, including foxes

…..  6th September - Police reject film of supporters trying to head fox at BSV FH meet

…..  6th September - Muntjac being hunted by Waveney Harriers aided by sabs to escape

…..  6th September - N. Warwickshire Beagles to close, along with 2 other packs

…..  6th September - North Cotswold FH kill young fox in blatant cub hunting

…..  6th September - Sabs twice take hounds off Quorn FH to stop cubs being killed

…..  5th September - D&S SH chased stag into churchyard & shot him dead there

…..  5th September - Sabs help save 3 foxes from Portman FH but they may have killed

…..  5th September - Forestry Commission to publish Hunt meet details

…..  4th September - Pony distressed by IoW FH who gave no notice of their meet

…..  4th September - Convicted badger baiter is terrierman for York & Ainsty S FH

…..  4th September - Stunning stag finds sanctuary from Hunt on Baronsdown

…..  4th September - PC's partner's posts shows he thought Warks FH caused pile-up

…..  4th September - West Kent Sabs complaint against police inaction is upheld

…..  3rd September - Warwickshire FH cause multi-vehicle pile up while crossing road

…..  3rd September - Stand-off between E. Kent FH, sabs & police ends in early pack up

…..  2nd September - Sabs say they helped save five foxes from two Dorset Hunts

…..  1st September - Sab presence discourages Flint & D. FH from cub hunting

…..  1st September - Cheshire FH follower aims threats & intimidation at women sabs 

…..  1st September - Sabs & drone restrict Wynnstay FH to 50 minute trot on roads

…..  1st September - Flint & Denbigh FH member rides injured horse for 2 hours

…..  1st September - CPS drop Cottesmore FH fox kill case one day before deadline

…..  1st September - Monitors report VWH FH blatant cub hunting, including a kill

…..  1st September - Crawley FH observed engaging in classic cub hunting

…..  1st September - Out-of-control S. Dorset FH hounds riot on deer & sheep


Children scream as family hears Badsworth etc. FH kill fox

Sabs threatened with thug carrying illegal telescopic baton

N. Yorks police refuse to act against blatant cub hunting

30-9-19  Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs    Fox kill witnessed by members of the public - illegal hunting through Brockadale Nature Reserve - Hit Report ~ BBMH/YAS ~ Stapleton Park Farm ~ 28.09.19    On Saturday we paid our first visit as a group to the Badsworth and Bramham Moor & York and Ainsty South merger Hunt, who were blatantly illegally Hunting around the vast private estate of Stapleton Park, along with old friends from Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs and East Yorkshire Coast sabs, and new friends from York Anti-Hunt League.

The Hunt set off from the meet at around 7.30am, straight towards a variety of coverts located in the estates grounds. Riders were seen lining the sides of the wood from the off, showing blatant attempts to illegally hunt away from the public eye.

Just 15 minutes after the Hunt had set off from the meet, our sabs were approached by a masked male in a face covering, who proceeded to threaten sabs with extreme violence. He was also in possession of an ILLEGAL TELESCOPIC BATON. We can tell from their behaviour that this Hunt are becoming increasingly frustrated at the attention they are receiving from anti hunting groups, week in week out. (Video footage to follow).

After the masked thug made off, the Hunt continued to hunt around the estate, in particular around Fishpond and Castle Hill Woods. They then quickly headed east, where a member of Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs had a distressed member of the public approach to say their children had heard a fox screaming as it was killed by hounds. We cannot imagine the trauma felt from hearing such a horrific noise.

Devastated and as determined as ever, sabs kept up with the Hunt, all while Huntsman David Elliot continued to cast hounds into woodland where trails could never have been laid. The Hunt spent much of the morning crossing busy main roads, and decided to head down into Brockadale Nature Reserve, a site owned by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. The trust make it explicitly clear that no form of hunting is permitted on their land, but this would never stop the bloodlust of the Badsworth and York and Ainsty Hunt staff. It’s important to add the blatancy of this hunting, which continued up until around 10.30, was not even questioned by the attending officers by North Yorkshire police, when they were told time and time again of their illegal hunting.

We are in need of some new recording equipment, any pennies you can chuck us to help with the costs would be greatly appreciated… LOVE AND RAGE, WYHS. https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs.

See also report by York Anti-Hunt League


N.T. will no longer licence Shropshire packs to 'trail hunt' on Long Mynd

29-9-19  Stop hunting on the nation's land    Fox Hunting Finished For Good On The National Trust’s Long Mynd     Yesterday we announced that the National Trust in the Lake District have declared there will no longer be hunting licences granted to any of the fell packs [Melbreak, Blencathra, Coniston, Eskdale & Ennerdale, North Lonsdale and Ullswater] because of their behaviour in 2018.

We’re also happy to announce that after speaking to the National Trust management responsible for Long Mynd on 27/09/2019, we can confirm the ‘trail hunting’ licences for Long Mynd for the South Shropshire Hunt and the United Pack won’t be re-issued after our work with Shropshire Monitors in December 2018-January 2019.

We already expected this to be the case, especially after the South Shropshire Hunt were banned and then arrogantly trespassed on the site, but to have confirmation from the Trust that last season's ban was not temporary is a relief for both ourselves and wildlife. Credit is due to the Trust’s staff in both Shropshire and the Lake District for seeing through the deceit of ‘trail hunting’ and acting on this - we’re now waiting for their colleagues in a number of other sites to do the same.

This is a prevention of access for hunting on the Long Mynd’s 2,000 hectares. This isn’t to say they won’t try and sneak on to get their fix of criminal bloodsports, but any use of the land now for hunting by the South Shropshire Hunt and United Pack is trespass and can/should be reported to the National Trust [cardingmill@nationaltrust.org.uk], Natural England [west.midlands.enquiries@naturalengland.org.uk] and West Mercia Police. Keep your eyes open when you visit! 

The anti-hunt movement in Shropshire, which still needs your help with hunting everywhere else in the County, can be supported by backing or joining these groups:  Shropshire Monitors, Shropshire Wildlife Monitors, Shropshire Hunt Saboteurs, Welsh Border Hunt Sabs.

Many thanks to those of you who supported previous National Dis-Trust efforts and to the 8,151 who signed our petition to Natural England, which we’ve now closed* since Natural England’s consent is irrelevant if the National Trust aren’t approving ‘trail hunting’ licence applications.

It’s worth noting at this point that elsewhere in Shropshire, the National Trust’s Dudmaston Estate [politely contact them if you want: dudmaston@nationaltrust.org.uk and 01746 780 866] licensed the Albrighton & Woodland Hunt during the 2018-19 hunting season.

* After our team sent evidence of hunting activity on Long Mynd to them, Natural England had said in a letter to the National Trust dated 08/02/2019 that ‘demonstration of adherence to the licence will be an important factor in Natural England’s decision to issue consent in future.’ and so were unlikely to renew their 2014-19 hunting agreement for Long Mynd anyway.

3-10-19   Shropshire Star    National Trust turns down bids from two Shropshire hunts to use its land for meets     The National Trust has turned down two bids from two hunts in Shropshire to use its land for their meets. The South Shropshire Hunt and the United Hunt both traditionally use the Long Mynd for hunts.

Earlier this year the National Trust took the decision to suspend their licences. Now the body has confirmed it has not issued licences for the forthcoming hunt season.

In January this year, after monitoring group the Shropshire Monitors filmed the South Shropshire Hunt illegally chasing a fox, the National Trust suspended its licence. The monitoring group also spotted terrier men – people whose role it is to dig out foxes which have taken refuge underground – accompanying the South Shropshire Hunt on quad bikes.

Neither the South Shropshire nor the United Hunt – the other hunt group that rides across the Long Mynd – have been allowed licences for this season.

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “The Long Mynd Estate is to be commended for ensuring that fox hunts will not be allowed to hunt on its land again. With 85 per cent of the public opposed to the barbaric practice of hunting foxes with hounds, the decision by the National Trust ties in perfectly with public opinion. By denying fox hunts access to its land, the Long Mynd estate has done the right thing and we hope other National Trust properties will follow suit.”

The National Trust issued 25 hunting licences across England and Wales last year but three of the licences, including one for Long Mynd, were suspended due to illegal fox hunting activity.

A spokesperson for the Shropshire Monitors, said: “We are delighted with the news, as are locals who have had to witness trespassing and illegal hunting by these so-called trail hunts. It is hoped that other landowners follow suit and help uphold the fox hunting ban. Hunts in Shropshire will continue to be monitored to ensure compliance with the law.”

Figures issued by the League Against Cruel Sports at the end of the last fox hunting season showed there had been 284 reports of illegal hunting activity and 43 reports of foxes being killed by hunts in the UK. This includes eight cases in Shropshire.

Chris Brett, spokesman for the National Trust, confirmed that currently there are no active licences in Shropshire but added that this could change in the future.

The South Shropshire Hunt and the United Hunt were both contacted for comment.


25th anniversary of Barle stag highlights savagery of ongoing deer hunting

Leading monitor recounts the stag's shocking, savage slaughter in the name of sport

Monitor's footage played major part in Nat. Trust banning deer hunting on its land

29-9-19  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime    The Barle Stag - September 29th 1994    This eye witness account from Kevin Hill, at the time Kevin worked for the League Against Cruel Sports. Twenty five years later we are all still trying to bring an end to horrors such as this...

Devon and Somerset Staghounds September the 29th 1994 was the day a huge beautiful Exmoor Stag was brutally killed in the River Barle. Shot many times after being trapped in the River Barle below Hinam the aftermath was the Devon and Somerset Staghounds were banned for five weeks by their own association after pressure from within the hunting community as well as from the anti-hunt world.


                      Stag in river two hounds swim after it It has been shot at once  

This followed an Autumn Stag hunt season, when enormous stags were being chased. Hunt followers were even complaining about the magnificent stags that were being hunted.

The day started with a meet near Molland in the North Devon area of Exmoor. Molland is a small pretty village untouched by time. My duties at the League at this time of the year was to monitor hunts near the League Sanctuaries. Positioned on the outskirts of the village the hunt rode past with their usual sarcastic remarks that were to rebound on them in the days to follow.

Initially I caught a glimpse of the stag on Molland Moor above the village. The usual run in this area was to Slade Hill above the Dane’s Brook, a tributary of the River Barle. But today this strong Exmoor Stag was moving fast even though it was probably in the region of twenty-five stone.


                  Stag flees from bank where shooters are - several hounds close behind

On the road to the Dane’s Brook I met followers frantically turning their vehicles to move to the River Barle at Hinam or even further down river to Marsh Bridge an infamous river crossing where stags often lose their lives. By their action the stag had already gone through Slade Hill.

I quickly turned my vehicle and joined the fast moving convey passing Whiterocks and through Five Cross Ways towards Dulverton. Most of the vehicles moved onto Marsh Bridge but that day something told me to go to Hinam and down the track to the bend in the river below the ancient hill fort of Mountsey Castle.

I found myself with just a few other hunt followers initially. Suddenly moving quickly was the hunted stag coming to the river. Soon after riders and hunt followers arrived. A shot rang out and instinctively I moved to the banks of this beautiful river with its steep wooded valley. Instantly I came under pressure from riders riding very close to me but I could ‘dodge’ them as the area was wooded. But I could not dodge the followers who did everything to impede my progress to the bank.


                       Stag panting in exhaustion & fear. He has been shot at twice 

As I approached the river more shots rang out and I expected to find the stag dead. I was wrong. The poor animal was ‘corralled’ in the river with riders upstream and down. Followers on either side prevented the stag from leaving the river. He ran up and down the river with hounds close with an occasional gunshot ringing out. The stag was in real trouble and absolutely terrified. Followers were deliberately trying to block me videoing. And then right in front of me two hunt people were in the water wrestling with the stag and soon joined by a third.

No escape now for the stag.


Hunter now in river wrestling stag by antlers Then joined by others - they try to drown it

The lifeless body was dragged the other side of the river out of my sight most likely to have its throat cut to bleed the once wonderful stag. As I moved back to my vehicle I was apprehended by a group of followers who held me over the river with warnings and threats. One of them took a kick at me from the rear that physically was painful although I was more concerned that my camera stayed with me.

Mud was smeared over my 8mm video camera lens before they released me. Although with some injuries the mental stress of witnessing the end of this stag’s life is still with me twenty five years on. At least he was not alone in the last minutes of his life.

Video can be seen here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuzipLShQlk.

POWAperson adds   -  This was 1994 and the video quality wasn't great - but good enough to see what was happening - when Kevin managed to evade the hunters trying to block his filing With his typical modesty, Kevin minimises the beating he was given that day [not to mention several others, landing him in hospital more than once] - how the hunters must have regretted not stealing his camera and destroying the film, which was shown on national TV and created widespread outrage. Three years later, after the Bateson report, the National Trust banned deer hunting on its land, though the extent to which the actively enforce that ban has always been questioned. But it was a major blow to the hunt side and played a significant part in strengthening the determination of antis, including the great majority of Labour MPs, to achieve a general ban on hunting with dogs for sport.  Yet Kevin, whose sheer grit and courage is a wonder to behold [I have witnessed it myself], still has to monitor hunts regularly and continues to witness widespread flaunting of the spirit and letter of the law - but that's another story.

The Devon & Somerset SH are still at it, exploiting the infamous 'Research & Observation' exemption by using pairs of hounds in relays to comply with the letter of the law. For the deer chased to exhaustion over hours, brought to bay encircled by howling hounds and then blasted with a sawn-off shotgun, nothing has changed.  


Mendip FH kill fox in maize - supporters soak and harass sabs

29-9-19  Facebook - Mendip Hunt Sabs   Mendip Farmers Hunt – 28/09/19     The Hunt met at Edwicke Farm near North Wootton. They spent most of the morning hunting fox cubs in maize fields around the meet. Only three of our sabs were out on foot and were vastly outnumbered by all the scum. Access was difficult with a lack of footpaths and deep ditches between fields. We were further hindered by hunt support vehicles and quads deliberately blocking the roads and slowing the vehicle down.

Hounds went into cry in the maize fields, picking up on the scent of foxes taking refuge there. Hunt support in surrounding fields were clapping their hands and making noise to frighten any escaping foxes back towards the hounds, in classic cubbing style. After a time heard in cry, in one of the maize fields, holloa like sounds were heard from inside the maize, indicating a fox had been seen. Unfortunately our foot team were too far away to intervene, and shortly after the hounds went quiet. Incredulously, the Huntsman Kent Locke had the audacity to blow for a kill, the horn call signalling that they had indeed killed a fox. We have video of this which we will release soon.


Not satisfied with the murder of one fox cub, the Huntsman cast the hounds into the next maize field and continued to hunt. Shortly after, as the foot sabs walked up a public bridleway towards the vehicle, they were joined by two hunt supporters who were clearly overjoyed that a young fox had just been ripped to shreds. They had brought with them two large bottles of water, which they emptied over the sabs as they stood at a gate filming the hunt. They then refilled their bottles with filthy water and mud from puddles in the bridleway, emptied them over the sabs again several times, and also kicked mud at them [pics above & below].


Despite this, our drenched and muddy sabs continued to follow the Hunt the best they could given the continuous hindrance from support. After hunting more fields, they returned to the meet to pack up at around 10am.

The two idiots who soaked our sabs also decided to tail our sab vehicle as we left the area, so we took them on a little tour of the local A roads until they got bored at Shepton Mallet Tesco. It must be really boring being a bumpkin if this is the only thing they can think of to entertain themselves on a Saturday morning.

        MendipFFHRoadillegal28-9-19.jpg                         Quad following Hunt on public road - no plate, overloaded 

It was a challenging day for our small team, but we will not be deterred by the antics of the Hunt and their minions. Knowing that they killed at least one fox yesterday is heart breaking. But our resolve is strong, and we will be back in the field to stop them next time. Mendip Farmers Hunt - expect us.

We rely on donations to keep going. Both fox Hunts and the ongoing badger cull in our area are having a massive impact on our fuel fund. Please support us by buying a kofi: https://ko-fi.com/mendiphuntsabs.

        MendipFFHSoakedexhausted28-9-19.jpg                            Happy redcoats, soaked & exhausted hounds at end of hunt


Crisis-hit Atherstone FH now cancel hunter trials

29-9-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Atherstone Hunt in crisis    The Atherstone Hunt didn't go out on Saturday after cancelling their meet amid rumours that hunt staff have walked out. They have now also cancelled their hunter trials fundraising event on the 5th October.

It's clear this Hunt is now in complete meltdown / crisis. Our only concern is for the welfare of the hounds.


The National Trust will no longer licence fell packs to 'trail hunt'

Action due to Lake District Hunt's 'bad behaviour' last season

28-9-19  Stop Hunting on the Nation's Land     The National Trust in the Lake District have declared there will no longer be hunting licences granted to any of the fell packs [Melbreak, Blencathra, Coniston, Eskdale & Ennerdale, North Lonsdale and Ullswater] because of their behaviour in 2018.   We fully support the actions of the National Trust in the Lake District, who have made the decision NOT to licence any of the fell packs this season. In the minutes of one Lakeland parish council - 


National Trust - Hunting

Mr ******* ****** confirmed that the deadline for applications for trail hunt licences closes on the 30th September. To date no applications have been received for the ****** area (and the National Trust are not expecting any to be received). Additionally, the National Trust confirmed that if any applications were to be received the National Trust would be minded to refuse them given the behaviour of the packs in 2018.

Therefore, any trail hunting or other hunting activity that is witnesses on National Trust land is unlicensed and therefore is a trespass. Trespass is a civil crime and the only recourse is an injunction however these are challenging to get (and enforce).

The National Trust reminded all present that if hunting of animals with dogs is observed this remains a criminal matter and should be reported to the Police. If hunting is observed on National Trust land (including trail hunting) they would be keen to know about it as well.'


Let's hope that the National Trust in the rest of England are as honest and responsive as Lake District NT. However, neighbouring landowners such as Lake District National Park Authority and United Utilities need to take a leaf from Lake District NT's book, and stop facilitating illegal hunting by licensing the fell packs, who were witnessed killing wildlife, trespassing and intimidating members of the public on the nation's land last season.


Sabs at Badsworth etc FH meet threatened by thug with telescopic baton

28-9-19  Facebook - York Anti-Hunt League    Thankfully we’re all safely back home after visiting York and Ainsty South / Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt who took pleasure in idly sitting by and watching their ‘hired’ violent thug threatening us with his highly illegal telescopic steel baton.

This is clearly a pre-planned attack as the cars number plates have been taped-over, face mask on and a specialist weapon in hand.

This is the type of individual that YAS/BBMH engage with and employ to allow them to continue their grubby slaughter of our native wildlife.

If anyone has information relating to the identity of this person [see photos on FB page] then please message us directly in the strictest of confidence. Thank you. Hit report to follow.


Monitors help steer 3 foxes away from Blackmore FH hounds

28-9-19  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   VIDEO    Hunt Monitors Save Lives!    SWC & Hounds Off monitors saw this beauty to safety today out with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt. A full video and report coming soon. If you want to help keep monitors active - https://www.paypal.me/somersetwildlife.




Two foxes escape Cotswold V FH cubbing - one with sab help

28-9-19  Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt – 28/09/19     Today we were up at the crack of dawn, battling the weather and headed to Gloucestershire to give a long overdue visit to the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt (CVFH) who met in Apperley.

Local sabs had spotted the Hunt and it wasn't long before we found a very small gaggle of supporters lining the roads of Apperley to hopefully witness the CVFH chasing and killing fox cubs.

There's a new Huntsman in town but it was the same old hunt in regards to flouting the law and actively hunting foxes. Sabs caught the Hunt in the field with hounds in full cry and noticed supporters on the road alerting the huntsman that they'd seen a fox and soon enough the hounds were on it's tracks. Thankfully, the fox got away.


                         Fox flees across road - notice hunt riders in background

We headed back to vehicles to catch up with the Hunt and within no time at all, another fox shot out in front of us, again being pursued by the hounds. Hunt staff (including a few faces from the Royal Agricultural University's hare hunt - The RAC Beagles) were encouraging them onto the line of the fox until they noticed they had company from us. Sabs were quick into action, masking the foxes scent and 'rating' back the hounds. The fox got away to safety under our watchful eyes.

We then kept up with the Hunt and took control of their hounds repeatedly using voice and horn calls. This kept the hunt on the move and soon enough they headed for home. We'll be seeing you again soon...

Please consider supporting our work; Paypal.me/bristolhuntsabs. 


Sabs quickly pack up first a cub then a leveret hunt

28-9-19  Facebook - Berkshire Hunt Sabs     College leveret hunt halted    Up before light this morning and Berkshire Hunt Sabs teamed up with Surrey Hunt Monitors acting on a nice little tip off of some early morning illegal hunting.

Firstly we monitored the Royal Artillery Fox Hunt to see what they were up to on Salisbury Plain. Eventually they spotted us and got up close for a bit of posturing and verbal and we recognised one of them as the fox tail waver from last season. However when they realised that their antics weren’t going to deter us they headed back to the meet a good hour and a half early.

Next up we headed over to the Palmer Marlborough College Beagles who were hunting leverets at Lower Everleigh Farm, not far from the fox hunt.

After Sabs positioned themselves all around the Hunt they took the wise decision to stick to the bridleway and do the walk of shame back to the meet. One irate hunt staff lost his temper which is unusual for this College hunt who normally like to avoid publicity.

As with fox hunts at this time of year training their new entry of hounds on cubs, ‘beagle packs’ will go out at sun up and down to make use of the fresh scent and find the vulnerable young of the adult hares. Please see ’Stop Hunting Leverets’ for more information on this vile sport.

A good day for Sabs and monitors who ensured two packs went home early and no animals killed.

If you’d like to help support us please consider donating to our equipment fundraiser here - https://www.gofundme.com/f/berkshirehuntsabs or direct to our PayPal to help us pay for our fuel - paypal.me/berksabc. Thank you for your support!


Sab car tyres slashed by S. Dorset FH thugs at Cattistock FH meet

Hounds taken through cattle herd and upset alpacas - no fox kills 

28-9-19  Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights   Hit Report 28.9.19 - Lady Charlotte Townshend's Cattistock Hunt   Before the sun had even started to rise this morning, Sabs were awake and ready to set off. Today we were going to pay Lady "T" and her bloodthirsty Cattistock Hunt a visit!

Arriving at the kennels for 5am, we were hardly there for a few minutes before we were surrounded by Quads... and this was the scene set for the rest of the morning.

The Hunt left the kennels on horseback with the dogs in tow and headed straight for Wraxhall Wood. This is a challenging area for Sabs as access is very limited, however, undeterred Sabs followed theCattistockFHSablandy28-9-19.jpg Hunt as they headed toward Daws Hill Coppice.

By now our friendly, hi-vis clad "quadders" realised that Sabs would go anywhere to keep an eye on this bloodthirsty hunt, so they called in the "boys", yep, in roll the South Dorset Hunt thugs who have now become the three "rent a knuckle dragger for the day" for just about every Hunt in Dorset!!

These thugs paid little attention to our Sabs in the field... maybe the terrain was just a little too hilly for them? Instead their attention turned to our Landy and blocking us in. Our driver did some fab off-roading to get away from "man on a tag" driver, Adrian Burgess, but while we waited to collect Sabs, our tyres were impaled and slashed! This rendered us completely immobile.

Sabs kept them on the run for most of the morning, even witnessing them take the dogs through cows in a field and upsetting a herd of alpaca, before they gathered up the dogs and headed towards home.

If you would like to join us then please message this page or email - weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We are also very busy day and night working with Badger Protection Group West Dorset to save our Badgers from needless slaughter. If you can make a donation for any amount, then please click on the link.


Sabs assist five foxes to escape from Fernie FH

28-9-19  Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs     Sabs help five foxes escape the Fernie Hunt - Saddington, Leicestershire, 7am 28th September 2019    The Fernie Hunt were this morning stopped from cub-hunting by a team from North Cambs Hunt Sabs and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs.

The Hunt was picked up at Saddington Lodge farm, just north west of their favoured cubbing haunt, Furnivals Covert. Sabs intercepted and the Hunt moved on quickly trying to shake their now regular tail. Fortunately we had two vehicles keeping an eye on their movements form the nearby roads, and were able to anticipate every move they made.

After Huntsman Will Hanson had unsuccessfully attempted to work a number of hedges and small copses in the area, the hounds were put into an area of brush by Mowsley Brook. As hounds started to bay, two fox cubs broke in different directions out across the valley [below].


Hounds immediately bolted after the first of the cubs, at one point only mere metres behind the terrified animal. The fox dashed for a hedge-line and burst through the other side. This bought sabs enough time to get in front of the hounds.

Sabs managed to get in between where the foxes ran to, and the hounds, and using loud voice calls and liberal amounts of citronella mist onto the ground, the hounds were stopped in their tracks and sent back to the Huntsman [below].


Huntsman Hanson carried on with little regard for what had just happened, and headed west. We know this area as well as him, and sent a vehicle full of sabs ahead to await him at John Ball covert. As he arrived ten minutes later, he was greeted with a sab presence which must have disappointed his spectators, as he turned around and rode off.  

Later on, the pack was cast into scrub and covert near to the Mowsley fish ponds. It was here that as hounds were entered into the south west of the covert, three fox cubs were seen to flash out to the east. Sabs stayed low and covered their trails, and waited until the pack moved away before they left the area.


                              Huntsman has had to haul houndout of a bramble patch 

With pretty much every fox in the area now terrified and on the run, sabs made sure they stayed on the Huntsman's shoulder and with the pack. After blowing for home, the pack headed back north, bypassing Furnivals Covert with his sab entourage before packing up just after 10am.

This morning was hard going and non stop, but again, sab presence in the fields directly saved lives today.

Hunt sabs protect wildlife every week as volunteers, funding their fuel and camera equipment personally. If you would like to help us, you can do so at: http://www.northcambs.com/. http://ko-fi.com/northcambs.

        FernieFHHoundsbackjai28-9-19.jpg                           Hounds back in jail at pack up - a picture of dejection


Monitors find Cheshire FH having nothing more than a fun ride

Last season's serial killers haven't yet cub hunted this season

28-9-19  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors     Very interesting times. We are experiencing very interesting times here in Cheshire. None of Cheshire’s three Hunts are behaving like they did last season.

The Cheshire Hounds this afternoon was a case in point. Last season, this Huntsman was blatant with his killing of foxes so when we got a vague message from a worried local that they’d seen the hunt out in Huxley a couple of our monitors went to have a look. We have had no reports of this hunt cubbing this season at all but it’s always best to be sure.

Our monitors found them just having a fun ride with people on push bikes along with children and some adults on horseback.

These are Interesting times indeed so watch this space.



Speeding Badsworth etc. FH terrierman endangers sab life with quad

27-9-19  Facebook - York Anti-Hunt League   VIDEO    At the end of Wednesdays meet at G Dickson Farm - Henwick Hall, one of the regular balaclava-wearing YAS/BBMH terrier’men’ thought it would be acceptable to intimidate one of our Team by passing them on his quad at extremely high speed and within a hair’s breadth of their body.

Our Team member, thinking that they were about to get run-over, instinctively activated and lifted their camera a split second before the expected impact. This shocking video shows just how close they were to serious injury.

This is sadly the kind of intimidation we suffer from the hunt and their supporters on a regular basis and is exactly why we are so keen for all our Team to be fully equipped with body-cameras. We have a couple that we purchased ourselves but this is clearly not enough. If you can, please help us financially to better protect our Team as they take-on this difficult and important role. Thank you. https://ko-fi.com/yorkanti_huntleague.

POWAperson adds  -  Typical of the disdain the hard core of hunters have for the wellbeing and safety of anyone or anything that gets in the way of their perverted fun This Hunt seems to be a recent amalgamation of the Badsworth & Bramham Moor FH and the York and Ainsty South FH, which itself had, not very long ago, absorbed the York and Ainsty South FH. This means they have a huge country hunted now by only one pack, which makes the foxes in it that little bit safer. I'm unsure what they are now calling themselves so referring to them as the Badsworth etc. FH for now.   


Stag chased by Quantock SH for 21/2 hours escapes on to N.T. land

Monitor on hand meant Hunt didn't dare trespass to catch & kill it

27-9-19   Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime  VIDEO    He got away! - Quantock Stag Hounds, 26/9/19    This healthy young stag was seen to safety by Hounds Off and SWC monitors yesterday. Positioned both sides of the valley and on the boundary of National Trust land, there was nowhere for the stag hunters to hide. Once again the camera shy stag hunters profanity- fuelled rage shows that their pastime is one they’d rather we didn’t show you. If only National Trust had a presence on their land then more stags would escape. We won’t always be there. https://www.paypal.me/somersetwildlife




                   He doesn't know he is safe, so, though exhausted, keeps running 


                   Two of the riders who wanted to see the stag caught and killed 


                            The stag crests the rise - downhill and free from now 


                                   Furious hunter on quad swears at monitor 


All photos and video credit Hounds Off 


Grantham Council reject move to oust Belvoir FH from town

Secret ballot held after councillors reported threats & abuse from antis

27-9-19  Grantham Journal    Grantham Belvoir Hunt meet to continue after vote - held in secret after councillors received threats and abuse - is lost Abuse, including threats to stab the newly-elected leader of South Kesteven District Council, led to a secret ballot on the Belvoir Hunt.

Coun. Virginia Moran called on the authority to withdraw any non-statutory support for the annual Belvoir Hunt. She wanted the authority to reject permission for the use of SKDC assets in connection with the hunt, to force them to name any charity they were collecting for and to ensure costs associated with the event were recovered.

The full meeting of South Kesteven District Council debated a motion on the Belvoir Hunt. The full meeting of South Kesteven District Council debated a motion on the Belvoir Hunt. However, prior to the motion, new council leader Kelham Cooke stood to call for the vote to be held as a secret ballot.

He said: “There has been a significant amount of abuse and intimidation of individual councillors from across this chamber. I have had phone calls and messages from individuals concerned about their safety within their own homes with regard to this motion. I don’t do this lightly, but I am genuinely concerned for councillors within this room. I myself live on my own and have already had threatening messages online calling for me to be stabbed and calling me other names which is not appropriate.”

Coun. Moran’s motion followed the conclusion of a criminal case earlier this year, which saw a now-former employee of the Hunt convicted of assaulting two people who were monitoring the Hunt in 2016. The incident saw one of the victims suffer a broken neck and broken vertebrae, while the other suffered cuts and bruises, bleeding down the side of his head and concussion. The hunt itself did not admit liability for the assault, but did pay more than £48,000 in compensation. Four other attackers involved in the assault were never identified or caught.

Coun. Moran told councillors she was “very disturbed” to hear of the threats saying the response in support of the amendment had been “astounding”. She told councillors that by supporting the Hunt “we are condoning their actions and bringing this council into disrepute. People will no longer put up with hunts parading through their towns when they are persistently flouting hunting laws,” she said. “This council should not be supporting any organisation that has links to criminal activity,” she added.

During the debate, opposing councillors argued the motion would not comply with the Nolan principles – the seven principles of public life expected of public office – or the code of conduct. They also said it would be undemocratic.

Former Grantham mayor and Charter Trustee member Ray Wootten said the Hunt, which has run for more than 130 years, was a tradition which attracted hundreds of people. He said there had been “no police presence until three years ago when protestors turned up”. He, and wife Linda, both spoke of threats councillors had received from hunt objectors. They included councillors being told “we know where you live” and called “evil scum”. He said the hunt itself had been called “bloodthirsty morons” and people had posted they “hope they fall off their horse and break their necks”.

Earlier in the meeting, Kit Henson, from the Belvoir Hunt, told councillors it had “continued to operate within the law after the 2004 hunting act came into force.” He said the Hunt itself had not been prosecuted and “continue to operate at the highest standards". “It is a family-friendly festive tradition and it should not be stopped because of the regrettable action of one individual,” he said.

The motion was rejected 22 against, 12 for, with two abstentions.


N. Cotswold FH hounds all over main road, drivers have to brake

Fox throws close pursuit hounds off scent by running over manure pile 

27-9-19  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    North Cotswold Hunt, Lower Clopton, Mickleton area - 27th September 2019 - Cub hunting meet     We had a last-minute tip-off that the NCH would be meeting in this area, so three of our sabs headed out to give them some company. Upon our arrival in the area hunt supporters started talking about the hunt's meet on Wednesday... but not what the Hunt had been up to - it appears that the fact a sab went out on her own and parked the car 'somewhere' to go inland on foot all morning was far more interesting than what the Hunt were up to, either on Wednesday or, in fact, right in front of the supporters at the time of the conversation.

With a sab on the road (we can't leave vehicles near any of our Hunts as they get vandalised and we need someone able to be able to move quickly either to pick up foot-sabs or follow the hunt if they do a runner) and another inland, one foot sab jogged inland to the Hunt staff who were putting hounds into a hedgerow full of thick brambles - we'd love to see the state of any trail-layer given the job to crawl through there! Sure enough, hounds picked up and, soon after, a fox was seen running along the hedge, past hounds and over piles of manure (to help mask his scent) [below]. He escaped, sab giving him help by rating hounds... and something unusual happened - the normally cocky kennel Huntsman Guy Fitzearle and Huntsman Ollie Dale gathered the hounds and left the area. Perhaps the fact that police are looking into the kills they've had this season (plus other stuff...) has rattled them a bit. Never underestimate the power of filming and knowing your stuff - it's a perfect compliment to traditional sabbing tactics.


On across the busy B-road (more carefully than usual although this was not to last) and there was some silliness from a couple of riders, one of whom claimed to be the landowner, then backed down and said that he knew the landowner, then the other rider became the landowner then also backed down. Then they were friends of the landowner and, finally, the Hunt had been given permission to be there by the landowner and therefore sabs (probably...) hadn't. With the Hunt drawing blank and moving off (after 10 minutes of waiting for Guy to manage to gather loose hounds), a foot sab and driver headed to a nearby covert, right next to a busy main road with numerous HGV's (there's a scrap yard nearby) and reckless car drivers. Hunt soon arrived as predicted and a supporter attempted to head a fox back into the pack but the fox jinked and carried on. Hounds, meanwhile, had found their way on to, and across, and back over the main road, drivers slamming on brakes and our driver being the only one slowing down traffic. The new Whipper-in and terrierman Chris Trotman were abandoned to gather the remaining loose hounds as the Hunt carried on.


                              Hounds have lost the fox's scent on the manure heap 

With the hounds picking up, two foxes were seen running from the hounds and their lines were covered, but a third fox was marked in a hay barn, hounds and terrierman both very interested in where he had gone. More on that later...

Hounds were brought round to where the two other foxes had run but we had had a brief few moments of sun (which is a deodoriser) and, coupled with the citronella sprayed over the lines, the scent was difficult to pick up on. Sab was nearby to rate hounds and Huntsman gave up and took the pack back across his favourite main road once more. After a brief jolly and a quick check back at the original hedgerow for that first fox escapee, but to no avail, the Hunt called it a day and packed up.

Longer video (and shorter write-up, we promise) to follow later this weekend, so watch this space. Huge thanks to the people who call in tip-offs, anonymously or otherwise, support us by liking and sharing our posts and those who can afford to throw a few quid our way to cover fuel and equipment. We couldn't do what we do without you!

See you in the fields! 3C  paypal.me/threecountiessabs.


Sabs vow to stop hare/leveret hunting 'festival' in Scotland

Three English beagle packs have been invited to Scottish borders 

Organiser is the notorious Lee Peters now Jedforest FH Huntsman

26-9-19   HSA Press Release    Sabs will stop sick “hunting holidays” in Scotland    The HSA has received a hotline tip-off that a number of English beagle packs are travelling to Scotland at the invitation of a recently-convicted Scottish fox hunt.

The hare-hunting beagle packs have been invited by the notorious Lee Peters [left], new Huntsman of the Jed Forest Hunt. These “hunting holiday” are designed to train the new hounds before the season LeePetersJMHuntsmanRossHarriers.jpgproper begins in late October.

The Brighton, Storrington, Surrey & North Sussex Beagles will conduct illegal leveret and hare hunting for the whole of next week. The hounds will be kennelled at the Jed Forest Hunt, Abbotrule, Hawick, TD9 8J.

HSA Press Officer Lee Moon commented, “Trouble just follows loose-lipped Lee Peters wherever he goes. He’s only just arrived in Scotland but is already annoying the locals by bragging about his English hunting mates killing Scottish wildlife. Fortunately, hunt sabs will be there in numbers to stop the slaughter.“

Notes for editors;- (1) When Lee Peters was Huntsman of the Ross Harriers, he regularly subjected hunt saboteurs to violent attacks and racist abuse. (2) His new pack - the Jed Forest Hunt - was convicted of illegal hunting in 2017. (3) By travelling to Scotland the BSSNS Beagles and others are defying their own governing body, the Association of Masters of Harriers & Beagles. The AMHB have instructed their member hunts not to travel to Scotland, so as not to “cause trouble” for Scottish hunting which is facing a variety of political threats.


Atherstone FH staff believed to have walked out

26-9-19   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   Hunt staff at Atherstone Hunt walk out leaving the Hunt in a complete mess     The Atherstone Hunt posted the following post on their Facebook page last night saying that Saturday's meet had been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

We are hearing a lot of rumours from the Atherstone at the moment, the most interesting is that once again the hunt staff have walked out. This comes as no surprise as the Atherstone Hunt have a very high staff turnover rate. This raises obvious concerns over who is now looking after the hounds. We are also hearing that some members of the hunt were mistreating the hounds.

As long as the Atherstone Hunt exists and continue to take hounds into the countryside we will always be there.




Sabs say videos show Badsworth FH wilfully breaking Hunting Act

25-9-19  Facebook - York Anti-Hunt League  VIDEO   York and Ainsty South / Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt: 25-09-19 - Meet: G Dickson Farm - Henwick Hall, Burn near Selby   So, this morning some of our Team found themselves again following the blatant criminally-intent YAS/BBMH as they charged around land local to Henwick Hall, Burn. HIT report to follow.

We thought we’d first share a couple of short videos evidencing everything that a reasonable balanced person would agree shows that this hunt, on a preponderance of the evidence, are intending to illegally hunt foxes and their cubs contrary to The Hunting Act 2004.

In the first one; note the riders and whippers-in surrounding a field of maize universally known to hold foxes and their young cubs, the Huntsman casting hounds through the maize field and the attendance of three terrier’men’ on two quads (with top-boxes) that we of course all know are of absolute critical importance for an organised trail-hunt......*(sigh).

And, why would a ‘gate opener / fence mender’ (Terrier’man’) need to drive around all morning with a full para-military balaclava on? If their role was as innocent as all Hunts would have us believe then why exactly do they go to such intimidating extremes to attempt to hide their identity? We all know why. Other video to follow later.

Thank you all for your continued support. If you can, please help us financially so that we can further enhance our effectiveness in the field. https://ko-fi.com/yorkanti_huntleague.

26-9-19 Facebook - York Anti-Hunt League  VIDEO   York and Ainsty South / Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt: 25-09-19 - Meet: G Dickson Farm - Henwick Hall, Burn near Selby   Here’s the second short video from yesterdays meet evidencing additional damning criminal intent by YAS/BBMH.

The Huntsman is in the process of taking the hounds up the steep embankment of a former overgrown railway line with the whipper-in Mark Poskitt and the head of the field taking a ‘blocking’ position below it. What is critical to note here is all of the vocal noises and calls made by the riders and especially the three ‘rolled tongue’ ‘brrrr’ sounds made either Mark Poskitt (Whipper-in) or, more likely, from within the cover by Huntsman David Elliot.

It is widely accepted and understood that this call is either used by a Huntsman to unsettle a fox from cover as he casts his hounds through it or by the Whipper-in / field to keep a young cub fox within the cover, or turn it back into cover, so that the hounds are able to hunt in close proximity and slaughter the fox cub within the cover.

Let’s be absolutely clear:- This ‘rolled tongue’ call has ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE IN LEGAL TRAIL HUNTING and is further UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE OF PRE-DETERMINED ILLEGAL CRIMINAL INTENT on the part of this hunt, the land-owner and all persons in attendance.

It is an absolute disgrace that the laws of this land can be so blatantly flouted by a select minority. Worse still, the authorities seem more incentivised upon criminalising those innocent individuals that highlight such blatant crimes or criminal intent than of actually investigating the real criminals in the Hunt.

Thank you all for your continued support. If you can, please help us financially so that we can further enhance our effectiveness in the field. https://ko-fi.com/yorkanti_huntleague.


Dorset police now soliciting complaints of illegal hunting !

25-9-19  Facebook - Wildlife Witness    Really important we share this online. It’s taken an age to get Dorset police to do this so let’s acknowledge this change of approach in a positive way.


25-9-19  Facebook - Dorset Police Rural Crime    Concerned about illegal fox-hunting or hare-hunting in Dorset? Want to know how to report suspected illegal hunting?   Hunting mammals with dogs has been illegal since 2004.

Dorset Police will investigate any allegations of illegal hunting and wildlife crimes and will prosecute where there is sufficient evidence of an offence under the Hunting Act. We don't avoid the issue of illegal hunting; if you suspect illegal hunting please contact Dorset Police and these allegations will be investigated by a trained wildlife crime officers who are specially trained to investigate this type of crime.

Any incident needs to be reported to Police by those witnessing incidents in order for their evidence to be produced as exhibits, such as photos or videos. We cannot do this via posts on social media. It has to be done via the options stated below.

By posting live cases on social media could even jeopardise future proceedings. Anyone commenting about a case or defendant in a way that could prejudice a trial may lead to the entire case being dismissed. We cannot discuss details of ongoing cases.

If you would like to find out more information on the Hunting Act 2004 and what constitutes illegal hunting it can be found here: https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance/hunting-act-2004.You

You can report illegal hunting to Dorset Police using the following options:-

If a wildlife crime is definitely in progress call 999

If urgent (evidence at scene or offenders still present) call 101

If a general report please email 101@dorset.pnn.police.uk or visit our website https://www.dorset.police.uk/do-it-online/

Alternatively if you wish to remain anonymous please contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or via www.crimestoppers-uk.org.

POWAperson comments  -  Blimey! It's only been a short fifteen years since the Hunting Act was passed and already a police force has noticed that maybe there's some illegal organised hunting going on! Seriously, well done to all the anti groups in Dorset who have been trying to persuade Dorset police for ages that illegal hinting is not just very real but almost ubiquitous.

Sab and monitor groups still however have the dilemma of whether it is best to publicise cases of illegal hunting immediately or refer them to the police and say very little about what occurred on social media and in the press. Given both the unlikelihood of securing prosecutions - largely, though not entirely, because of the inadequacy of the Hunting Act itself - and the length of time police and CPS take 'investigating' them - not to mention the piffling sanctions even when convictions are obtained and the fact that some police forces seem to, at best, turn a blind eye to illegal organised hunting and the CPS has a record of not just being reluctant to take up cases but, even when it does, of dropping them  for no apparent reason, it is hardly surprising that some groups have preferred to go straight to social and/or the mainstream media. An excuse Dorset CPS themselves used for not proceeding against the Cattistock some years ago was that the hunt side have 'expensive lawyers'. But congrats to Dorset police on this latest innovation. They are the first force anywhere to do this when other forces statements on hunting have been less than helpful.  


Cottesmore FH cause RTA & hunt fox over banned conservation area

Hound invasion caused damage to rocks  & vegetation 

25-9-19  Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Tilton Cutting is a 4.4 hectares geological Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), west of Tilton on the Hill in Leicestershire. It is a Geological Conservation Review site which is owned and managed by the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and known as Tilton Railway Cutting. The Cottesmore Hunt have NO right to enter Tilton Cutting.

Chris Edwards, Huntsman of the Cottesmore Hunt, hunted a pack of more than thirty hounds in and out of the reserve, the dogs searched up and down the banks and were seen falling down and taking some rock face with them. A fox was chased in and out the area. Hounds, horses and quads have disturbed lots of vegetation and wildlife.


The Hunt not only caused chaos through the nature reserve but hounds were all over the roads; quads and support were instrumental in causing a road traffic accident which, in this instance caused only minor vehicle damage and no injury. It could have been so much worse.

If you see the Cottesmore Hunt hunting in an LRWT Nature Reserve please let us know and email the LRWT at info@lrwt.org.uk with any photos or videos you have taken. https://www.lrwt.org.uk/nature-rese…/tilton-railway-cutting/.

Note: *Dogs are permitted on this nature reserve but on short leads only*. https://ko-fi.com/A3372I1A

25-9-19  Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO  VIDEO  Cottesmore Hunt caught illegally hunting with quad bikes in Wildlife Trust reserve, a 'geological site of special scientific interest'   On the 21/09/19, the Cottesmore hunt were blatantly cub hunting for young foxes in Tilton railway cutting which is managed by Leicestershire & Rutland CottesmoreFHHoundsquads21-9-19.jpgWildlife Trust.

The two quads driven by the violent hunt 'stewards' sped through the reserve which is a 'geological site of special scientific interest'. 'Stewards' on the quads included Kelvin Pestell - who had already seriously assaulted a sab that morning ; Ollie Barton who had earlier masked-up his whole face to intimidate a lone female sab; Mr temper-tantrum Paul Rutter and a drunk Marc Birney. They truly think their vile behaviour is above the law. Every element of a Hunt's activities selfishly disturbs and risks wildlife and other visitors to the reserve.

Let makes this really clear to the Cottesmore Hunt and their embarrassing 'stewards'...

quad bikes are not allowed in the reserve

the Hunt has no right to enter the reserve

the Hunt is deliberately harming wildlife

loose hounds are not allowed in the reserve ('dogs are permitted on short leads only')

Concerned members of the public and ourselves will be keeping an eye on the Cottesmore and their abuse of wildlife, and reporting it to the Wildlife Trust.

Please contact the Wildlife Trust (take pictures and videos if safe to do so) and us if you see the Cottesmore Hunt trespass on Wildlife Trust land.

21-9-19  Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Cottesmore Hunt cause car collision on road due to hunt causing chaos    Meet Paul; he is one very angry man. Hunt steward of the Cottesmore Hunt. Paul's behaviour was typical of the hired thugs antics today. Running around bawling allegations of one type or another at the tops of their voices (the strong smell of alcohol from these "stewards" lent no small hint towards their exaggerated vexations).

There is a lot of footage to pore through as the drunken Cottesmore thugs today assaulted several people, we witnessed an awful lot of Public Order offences as well as Road Traffic Act offences including but not limited to drink driving and at least one fox was seen to safety.

This chap is typical of the average fox hunt supporter. What has angered them? The presence of our cameras. Hit report to follow:- https://ko-fi.com/A3372I1A.


Sabs flying their drone seems to deter Ashford V FH from cubbing

24-9-19  Facebook - West Kent Hunt Sabs   Tuesday 24th September    Today the weekday club assembled once more to hold Kent's lawless Hunts to account and the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt was our Hunt of choice this morning, mainly as it can't refrain from breaking the law! Smashing the rear window of our vehicle a couple of weeks ago has only made us more determined to stop them hunting!

The Hunt took its hounds to Lambs Land Farm at Rolvenden Layne where the Hunt met. It was clear from the start that the small copses that surrounded the meet were the planned hunting area. We wanted to make it clear to the Hunt that if they surrounded the wood in a traditional cub hunting style they would be filmed by our drone.

        AshfordVFHLonehoundlost24-9-19.jpg                                                  Lone lost hound on road

We took the drone out on a couple of trips pushing it through the wind and rain to hammer home the point! We think the Hunt got the message, taking the hounds out for a walk well away from the wooded areas by the meet.

Our foot sabs were by now thoroughly soaked and the Hunt had vanished, our mobile team also had no eyes on the Hunt. What was most interesting was the terrier men were not following the hounds, instead they remained at the meet with the die hard foot followers. Could they be waiting for the Hunt and hounds to return to the meet so they could hunt the area they had obviously planned to??

When the Hunt did return we put the drone up again once again, just to make sure that the Hunt didn't take advantage of the situation. Whilst our drone was above them we noticed the hounds mass as if it was a kill which was really odd [below]! It looked as if some of the hounds had set upon a loan hound - very bizarre!


We were soaked and so were they but we are sure that we had screwed up their plans so a successful day for us!

Our vehicle costs are escalating with these midweek escapades so any donations to help would be greatly received! www.paypal.me/eastkenthsa.


Braes o'Derwent FH frustrated as monitors help keep several foxes safe

24-9-19  Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors   Hit Report 3 , 21.09.19 Braes Of Derwent Cubbing Meet at Stoney Heap, Lanchester Co Durham   After a few tip-offs from members of the public we decided to go pay our old friends at Braes an early morning visit.

Knowing the area well and with the Hunt spotted on Sunniside farm (including mounted children) we split into teams to surround the area.  With thick fog covering the area we had to listen for the Hunt to set off and with doing so the hounds immediately picked up on a scent not far from the farm and a small outcrop called Barley Mill. With a team approaching them from the top and one from the side the Hunt soon got a shock when monitors appeared through the mist. With tempers flaring from the off we knew they had been on a fox and that it had escaped.


Hunt support then attempted to remove the team from the area as the sound of the houndsman's voice commands encouraged the hounds to find the scent. With 2 vehicles in good locations and drivers with long lenses the Hunt became visible as the fog cleared. A call was made to the police at this point to inform them of an illegal fox hunt taking place.

Again the hounds went into cry and with 2 teams of monitors on their tail the Hunt come to a standstill. Terriermen on quads and point riders could be seen in the long lens surrounding the wood. We knew a fox had gone to ground and the Hunt knew it too.

We will take this opportunity to thank Durham police for attending so quickly and for listening to our concerns, we were made aware that the Hunt had also called them stating they were being threatened by masked men with weapons. Not one of our monitors had their face covered and the so called weapon was a bottle of citronella.

Again Monitors were manhandled by Photographer Kevin Owens doing an impression of a nightclub bouncer ( see video posted earlier ) it was a sight to behold.

After speaking with our drivers and hunt support the police made their way into the field to chat to our teams which also had the Hunt on a standstill as they really wanted that fox.


After some time had gone by the hounds were taken and cast into a small area of brush behind the farm in the hope that our teams would follow, we know better than that and stayed put behind a hay bale. Our driver watching from up high views the quads returning to the wood and gave directions for the team to go check it out.

Just as the team arrived a terriermen was entering the wood with a spade in hand, he turned to see the monitors and with a heavy sigh he turned tail back to his quad. A stand off ensued.

The other team now picked up to follow the Hunt were dropped at the next location where hounds were cast into a large area of gorse. Another monitor vehicle driving around the area spotted 2 foxes and quickly covered their path. Another monitor who had just turned up spotted a young fox on route to the area and with 3 hounds not far behind it she managed to turn the hounds around and send them back to the pack.

Meanwhile at the standoff between terriermen and monitors , the monitors won with terriermen leaving and monitors staying a while longer nice a quiet giving the Fox time to make its escape. Admitting defeat and after many riders had had enough of sitting around they packed up.4hrs of hunting and NO KILLS made for a very unhappy Hunt.

Massive well done to all the team who attended this meet, who after some time away out of season showed they hadn’t lost the knack and still know how to put pressure on the hunt scum to save our wildlife. We believe 4-5 foxes were saved and we hope they go on to live long and happy lives. #LongLiveTheFox ��

You can help us with fuel and equipment costs by donating via PayPal. paypal.me/huntmonitors. We do also have a hunt monitors bank account we can give details via PM


Portman FH filmed hunting and refusing to call hounds off foxes

Challenged by 2 members of the public who saw them at it

23-9-19   Facebook - Wildlife Witness  VIDEO  Here is a video of events this morning with the Portman Hunt. This is a joint video with our colleagues at North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs who joined us today at incredibly short notice.

Thanks too to our supporters who tipped us off as to the Hunt's location and to the members of the public who helped us today.

POWAperson adds – The film opens with a driver in a van pulling up on a country road. He has seen a fox cross, can hear hounds in cry and see a rider the other side of a hedge slapping his saddle [below] to try to scare the fox back towards the pack [saddle slapping doesn't achieve a lot in 'trail hunting']. The driver has complained to hunt staff. The saddle slapper, unaware, carries on until told by an anti that he's being filmed.

   PortmanFHRidersaddle23-9-19.jpg  PortmanFHHoundssearching23-9-19.jpg

Later in the morning, another member of the public sees the Hunt chasing a fox. Sabs find excited hounds searching hedges in a narrow country lane, accompanied by a mounted Hunt employee. His response to a sab urging him to call hounds off is to harass them [below]. Another Hunt employee, cantering on tarmac, then encourages hounds on, even though he clearly knows they are pursuing a fox.



Crawley FH filmed in early morning classic cub hunt formation

23-9-19   Facebook – Wildshield     Crawley and Horsham Hunt Sept 23 , 2019 just after dawn, north of Worthing, West Sussex    Hunting with dogs was banned in England in 2005. However, hounds had traditionally cub hunted in autumn, entering the new intake of hounds in woods at dawn where foxes and cubs are likely to be found. Nothing has changed. The Crawley and Horsham Hunt is arguably Britain's most illegal hunt with previous convictions and a pending prosecution.

        CrawleyFHHoundsentered23-9-19.jpg                                    Hounds being entered into wood over barbie 

        CrawleyFHHoundcaught23-9-19.jpg                                         Hound painfully caught on that barbie 


Lanarkshire FH ignore pained & panicking hound trapped in fence

Left to sabs to release the distressed animal 

23-9-19  Facebook - Glasgow Hunt Sabs    Distressing video footage of the hound left behind byLanarkshireFHDistressedhound23-9-19.jpg the Lanarkshire & Renfrewshire Hunt     As mentioned in our latest hit report, terriermen were aware of her but showed little concern, saying that they would “come back for it tonight”. The sab who found her had already got her untangled before starting to film, as she appeared to be in a great deal of pain, and clearly was still in a state of panic. The sab managed to eventually help her under the fence and she returned to the Hunt.

It will come as no shock that those who find pleasure in tormenting wildlife will often also have little regard for the animals under their care. It is not uncommon to see underweight and undernourished hunting hounds, sometimes with great scars, gashes and growths left untreated.

A pivotal sabbing moment for me, and one I often repeat to new sabs, was a supporter of the Hunt retorting “well think of the cleaning bill!” her face smacked with a look of utter amazement, when asked why the hounds couldn’t at least just have somewhere warm and soft to lay - rather than the cold, bare, stone kennels they are afforded. A real eye opener to the two very different wave lengths we were operating on... To see sentient life only in terms of yourself, for your amusement or to be used up and cast aside like tools. Starve them- they hunt better. Withhold comfort - save money.

That is the underlying difference between us and them, it’s not ‘class’ or ‘country living’ but a lack of empathy and an overwhelmingly undeserved sense of entitlement.


Sabs say Lanarkshire FH killed at least 2 foxes – no gunshots heard

23-9-19  Facebook - Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs    Hit Report 21-09-19, Lanarkshire and LanarkshireFHTerrierman21-9-19.jpgRenfrewshire Hunt, Belltrees Beild     On Saturday we got ourselves out of bed at 3:30am to join our friends Glasgow Hunt Sabs in paying the L&R Hunt a visit.

We positioned ourselves at both exits from the kennels in Houston to wait for the Hunt to set off. We were led to the meet, Belltrees Beild in the Lochwinnoch area. The Hunt set off soon after arriving and immediately began to hunt west of Barcraigs Reservoir. Hounds were heard in cry and when sabs arrived on the scene, we discovered they had already killed - no gunshots were heard. The body of the fox was swiftly passed to a hunt supporter in a 4x4, who drove off soon after.

The hunt covered a wide area with the hounds often heard in cry. They hunted the same woodlands for an extended period of time, obviously chasing a fox through the wood, with the fox never breaking cover. One fox did break cover away from the Hunt, closely pursued by a shooter, who was seen running with a ready to use firearm in his hands. The fox was seen away to safety by a LanarkshireFHAnother21-9-19.jpgsab in the area. A lone hound was heard howling during the course of the day, as they were painfully caught on a barbed wire fence. Luckily the hound was helped by a nearby sab.

The Hunt continued on around Barcraigs Reservoir and were discovered digging out and killing another fox, again no gunshots were heard.

This would normally be the time of year for cubbing, while the foxes killed were more than likely this year's cubs, it appeared to be hunting as normal.

There was a very coordinated effort by the hunt to kill as many foxes as possible. Members of the hunt, in cars, on quads and the huntsman and followers were overheard discussing the whereabouts of a fox who had broken cover. There was a lot of excited discussion and organising how best to locate and head the fox off before the hunt scrambled to get to where the fox had last been seen. What a sickening and pathetic display from grown men getting so worked up about the prospect of killing a little fox.

It was a particularly gruelling and upsetting day for us, with a lot of land covered. We would be more effective in greater numbers. Please consider joining us. Share. Sab. Donate. paypal.me/fifehuntsabs

Anti repeatedly harassed as VWH FH attempt to cub hunt

23-9-19  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch      Saturday 21st September, VWH Hunt    We once more worked with Ridgeway Illegal Hunt Watch to track the VWH, this time to a 7 am cub hunting meet at Claydon fields near Lechlade. Supporter presence was noticeably low.

We were in place on the road and on the disused railway as they drew the wood right next to the meet (and recklessly close to the A417) and encouraged the hounds to search up along the hedge going north. They had riders on point along the edge of the wood and were saddle-slapping to deter foxes from leaving covert. This is an activity typical of cub-hunting – a sinister noise used to terrify the little cubs so they don’t flee the wood. This is NOT a feature of ‘trail hunting’.


As they worked their way up supporters gathered on the disused railway where they engaged in a range of unpleasant behaviour towards a sab. This included blowing clouds of ‘vape’ smoke in her face, standing in front of her to block the camera and (in the case of one rider) pointlessly haranguing her as she filmed the hunt activity. They set a stalker on her when she moved away.

We did not hear the hounds pick up. In fact the day was characterised by the Hunt moving around hunting hard without picking up on cry and one fox had its back protected as it safely left the area unseen by the Hunt and undetected by the hounds. It was warm and dry so not good conditions for hounds seeking the scent of live fox. However, no problem we would have thought for any Hunt really engaged in following a trail of fox urine. On the very rare occasions that the Hunt have laid a genuine fox urine trail [invariably a demonstration for the press] it has been observed that hound behaviour is characterised by going into loud cry and running together as the artificial trail constitutes a very clearly defined and strong scent.

The Hunt went north searching the hedges, ignoring the long wood which had two sabs in it and then across west. for the second time this season the VWH Land Rover did a ridiculous forward-reverse 'dance' in an attempt to obscure filming of the hounds drawing a crop field to the rear. With the vehicle present, they paid particular attention to Snowstorm Copse using horses to try and block our sab's view as they put hounds through the wood. A group of men repeatedly tried to bully her off the footpath claiming it wasn’t one! NB: Given the Hunt's apparent confusion re footpath locations, we could have a whip round and get them a map but we doubt they have they the wit or inclination to use it.

They then went east towards Great Lemhill and Bushyleaze. After Bushyleaze they hunted west along the River Leach towards Rottenborough Copse where we had seen the terrierman landy earlier crossing a field of cows towards a disused barn. They headed back down the dismantled railway line and over to Stanford Hall. The latter was the location of the meet we attended two weeks ago. The return visit to the same area suggests that they felt their plans had been frustrated on that occasion.

Thank you to all of our supporters. Your donations are much appreciated as most of us are out during the badger cull as well which is very active in Gloucestershire and bordering counties. The government have approved culling in 11 new areas taking the total up to 43. Up to 64,000 animals are likely to be killed.


Drunk Cottesmore FH thugs assault, threaten, spit at antis, try to steal property

22-9-19  Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs    Cottesmore Hunt, 21/09/2019 - Launde, Leicestershire    Another Saturday in September, another day for the Cottesmore Hunt, a gang of organised wildlife criminals, to childishly insist on breaking the law and go out hunting foxes with a pack of dogs. Today, as with last week the Cottesmore are engaging in the illegal practice of "cubbing" in order to train the younger hounds in hunting foxes.

         CottesmoreFHClassiccub21-9-19.jpg                                    Riders in classic cub hunting formation 

Upon leaving the meet they hunted the various woods around Round Hill Spinney, gradually making their way north-west towards Colborough Hill. One fox was seen to safety from Tennis Wood on the north-western slope of Colborough Hill despite the best efforts of the field riders to stop us saving the fox by using their horses as weapons. By tag teaming with our friends Northants Hunt Saboteurs we managed to keep the hunt moving for the couple of hours they were out.

Huntsman Chris Edwards made a half hearted attempt to hunt the disused railway line on the way back to the meet but with sabs in sight he seemed to think better of it and called it a day at a little after 09:00.

Today the Cottesmore were using a beautiful Golden Eagle in a pathetic attempt to corroborate the false alibi of using the bird of prey exemption.

The going was hard for sabs. With very narrow roads and lots of scattered field riders and supporters deliberately obstructing our two vehicles at every opportunity. As well as this the Cottesmore Hunt had brought in a gang of at least 10 drunken thugs who spent the morning riding quad bikes on public roads - drunk, assaulting people who were trying to gather evidence of illegal hunting, driving at people, spitting at people, name calling, damaging vehicles, stealing radios and attempting to steal several cameras which had captured the evidence. Fortunately they failed to get the cameras and the evidence is on its way to Leicestershire Police along with victim and witness statements. The footage will be released in time but for now we are keeping it private in respect of the police investigation. The assembled drunkards also failed to get the reaction they are so desperate for.

         CottesmoreFHDrunkenStewards21-9-19.jpg                                   Sabs say these thugs repeatedly drove quad at them 

These base thugs have been trying these bully boy tactics for a number of years now yet sab numbers across the region and indeed the country are steadily rising meaning we can expose more wildlife crime and give the professional liars and co-conspirators at the Countryside Alliance and the MFHA an even bigger headache.

We will continue to engage with the police, bearing in mind the law is now on our side and where we think some of the old school, conservative, anti animal rights culture is rearing its ugly head we will respectfully challenge it.

No foxes were harmed today. https://ko-fi.com/A3372I1A.21-9-19

21-9-19  Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO    21/9/19- Cottesmore Hunt out Cubbing  Video of the Cottesmore beckoning their drunk 'steward' thugs in obvious desperation of us pesky sabs! The strange boy who harasses this sab by getting right in her face while covering his whole face with his balaclava is OLLIE BARTON. Ollie you are an embarrassment and represent the sick behaviours of the Cottesmore Hunt.

        CottesmoreFHDrunkStewardsusequads21-9-19.jpg                     Reportedly drunk 'stewards' blocking road and obstructing sabs 

The Cottesmore Hunt are panicking! We have been targeting the illegal hunting of the Cottesmore for some time now. The desperation and increasing pressure on Christopher Edwards and the hunt is clearly getting to them- as they are trying all their dirty tactics to try to stop us. But none will work and it is laughable to witness.

Today's hunt was a weird mix of pony club child riders and the Hunt's own drunk 'steward' (check out the armbands) thugs riding on quad bikes. The hunt 'stewards' were their normal mix of embarrassing, violent and vile and only prove the Cottesmore Hunt to be the nasty and cowardly criminals they are. Thugs included Kelvin Pestell and Marc Birney- known hunt lackies.

Full Hit Report to follow- but once again, sabs successfully stopped any foxes being illegally killed today. COTTESMORE HUNT your hunting days are numbered...


Crawley FH lead hounds thru frightened livestock while trying to cub hunt

22-9-19   Facebook - West Sussex Hunt Sabs     Saturday 21st September, Crawley and Horsham cub hunt meet Stretham Farm, Small Dole    After a couple of discreet mid-week hunt monitoring sessions we were out once again. Hunt watch started at 4am as usual, it was all very quiet and by the time we spotted signs of a meet we had already polished off all the coffee and snacks… we were with them from the off, although it took the Hunt a good while to realise they were not alone!

They made a few attempts at surrounding various copses working the hounds through, but they seemed to pick up little and it became apparent that the huntsmen were slightly stuck as to where to go as every time they spotted us their directional plans seemed to change and the Huntsman would quickly gather in the hounds and head back often exactly the same way they had just come.

If this was a so called ‘trail’ hunt, or 'hound exercise' why were they going around in circles (as usual) and standing around copses drawing the hounds through with the Huntsman on foot also in the bushes… not forgetting to mention having two quad bikes out with known terriermen on them… and running away every time they saw a monitor or sab?

The Hunt also had no qualms about taking the hounds straight through fields full of petrified sheep and cattle. Farmers have been known to get very upset about dogs straying in their ‘livestock’ fields, yet for some reason many let the Hunt on their land allowing them to terrorise those same animals, the same hounds which are intentionally trained to hunt live quarry.


The Hunt seemed a little frustrated at the end so one of the terrier boys decided to have a go at a monitor for filming the hounds and hunt some of which included child riders, he inadvertently admitted they ‘draw’ the hounds through woods as opposed to following set trails. We would question why they would take children on blatant illegal cub hunts to start with…

Miraculously it also seems even the huntsman himself can open gates, so again we question the purpose of the terriermen....sorry *cough* ‘gate openers/servants'.

We remained with them throughout the morning and kindly accompanied them back to the meet just to make sure their hounds didn’t stray again on the way home.


Sabs help 3 foxes escape from North Cotswold FH

22-9-19  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Saturday 21st September 2019 - North Cotswold Hunt, Bourton Hill House    We kept close tabs on them to start with and when hounds managed to hunt a fox from Toad Corner we were ideally placed to rate the hounds off, allowing him to escape into some gorse.

Ollie Dale then took hounds the gorse, flushing the fox out just in front of hounds... but he escaped into a large badger sett. Since the police have warned the Hunts about blocking setts, many remain unblocked and this fox managed to escape as a result!

The feeble explanation of "cold marking" (where hounds mark a hole with a fox in residence as opposed to one escaping from them into a hole) cut no ice with us.

Shortly afterwards another fox ran by and we sprayed across the wood to mask his scent. They went on for another hour or so with the terriermen getting a bit snotty towards the end.

As this is in the North Cotswold cull zone, sett checking was commenced afterwards, intermingled with brunch. A short stop for tea and updating logs and it was then a matter of peanut harvesting. Another team from 3C was active in the West Gloucestershire zone.

These are very long days and people were busy into the small hours protecting badgers, with other groups and individuals working extremely hard and putting themselves in very uncomfortable situations too. Hats off to Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch who are doing so much in South Gloucestershire and all the independent local autonomous groups.

Please keep the info flowing in, get in touch if you want to get out on the ground and our paypal is paypal.me/threecountiessabs.


Newark Council bans South Notts FH from market place on NYD

22-9-19   The Canary    A council bans the ‘most appalling’ Hunt from parading through its town   South Notts Hunt in Newark A Nottinghamshire council has kicked a Hunt from its land. And it’s the latest in a string of councils waking up to the horrors of hunting.

Newark Town Council has banned South Notts Hunt from parading through the town on New Year’s Day 2020. On 20 September, Newark Advertiser reported that the council’s finance and general purposes committee voted to stop the “traditional” 1 January meet, which took place every year in the market place.


The newspaper quoted Gill Dawn, deputy leader and chair of the committee, as saying: ”The hunt is the most appalling thing to happen, encouraging people to abuse animals and dress up and drink. However Kate Cressey, master of South Notts Hunt, claimed on Facebook that the Hunt still plans to meet in Newark on New Year’s Day.

Derby Hunt Saboteurs protested outside the Navigation Inn, Breaston, Derbyshire, in April. Labour MP Chris Williamson attended the protest, which demanded the pub stop hosting the South Notts Hunt.


Green MSP's bill to end fox hunting consultation gets 10k responses

22-9-19  STV     Fox and hare bill consultation receives 10,000 responses - The proposed bill would close 'loopholes' with the hope of 'ending hunting for good'    A consultation calling for more protection of foxes and mountain hares in Scotland has received nearly 10,000 responses. Discussion on Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone's proposal received 9,850 electronic submissions with around 100 paper submissions. The bill would officially be known as the Protection and Conservation of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill and look to close "loopholes" with the hope of "ending hunting for good".

Fox hunting with dogs was banned in Scotland through the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act inAlisonJohnstoneMSP.jpg 2002, with an exemption for using dogs to flush out foxes for pest control or protecting livestock or ground-nesting birds.

Ms Johnstone [right] expressed delight at the "astonishing response" after the consultation received 1,100 submissions in its first month. She said: "Although the responses need to be individually analysed over the coming months, I am confident that they will show overwhelming support for bringing the indiscriminate killing of Scotland's foxes and hares to an end. Fox hunting was meant to have been banned in Scotland in 2002, but little has changed. Hunts still go out, pursuing and killing foxes, and foxes are still being killed by hunting dogs. Foxes and hares are iconic species that are widely celebrated in popular culture and valued by rural and urban Scots alike. They deserve our compassion and respect, yet they are routinely slaughtered across the country in huge numbers. Fox hunting was meant to have been banned in Scotland in 2002, but little has changed. Hunts still go out, pursuing and killing foxes, and foxes are still being killed by hunting dogs. My proposal would remove the loopholes and result in a watertight ban, ending hunting for good."

A freedom of information request from 2018 revealed on average 26,000 mountain hares are killed every year in Scotland - with an all-time high of 37,681 in 2014.The prop

osals have also been supported by charities OneKind, the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, and the International Federation for Animal Welfare.

Ms Johnstone added: "Politicians have repeatedly promised to end hunting, and the Parliament passed the Protection of Wild Mammals Act back in its very first session. For hunting to continue despite this leads to distrust in our institutions and those leading them. My proposals would represent a new contract between land managers and the wider public that could help restore good faith. Mountain hares are routinely being killed in huge numbers on grouse moors in particular, with an average of 26,000 killed every year. This is a native species whose population has crashed in some parts of the Highlands, and there is simply no justification for the killing."

22-9-19   Sunday Times    Alison Johnstone's fox and hare protection plan courses ahead with 10,000 responses    Plans to grant greater protection to foxes and mountain hares have attracted keen interest, with nearly 10,000 people responding to a Holyrood consultation.

Discussion of Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone’s draft bill prompted 9,850 electronic submissions, and about 100 paper submissions. Her bill proposes to close “loopholes” with the aim of “ending hunting for good”.

Fox hunting with dogs was banned in Scotland through the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act in 2002, with an exemption for using dogs to flush out foxes for pest control or protecting livestock or ground-nesting birds.

Johnstone was delighted by the “astonishing response”. “Although the responses need to be individually analysed over the coming months, I am confident they will show overwhelming support for bringing the indiscriminate killing of Scotland’s foxes and hares to an end,” she said.

Fox hunting was meant to have been banned in Scotland in 2002, but little has changed. Hunts still go out, pursuing and killing foxes, and foxes are still being killed by hunting dogs. My proposal would remove the loopholes and result in a watertight ban, ending hunting for good.”

A freedom of information request from 2018 revealed on average 26,000 mountain hares are killed every year in Scotland — with an all-time high of 37,681 in 2014.


Monitor retired couple arrested on trumped-up 'stalking' charges

House searched, held in cells for 9 hours, released on bail after 12

The couple have been subject to nasty harassment & damage for years

Their property was eventually returned & they 'Refused charge'   

21-9-19  Facebook - Norfolk and Suffolk Against Live Quarry Hunting    Report on arrest for stalking / harassment     Two of our supporters, a retired couple, were arrested on 5 March 2019. The alleged offence was “stalking without fear/alarm/distress” - (as stated on form MG4F – Refused Charge form).

It started off as a normal day for them.... they were about to organise breakfast when four police officers from Norfolk Constabulary appeared at 8.50 am, searched and arrested them both on the above charge. One of them was held in the living room and one in the kitchen. No communication was permitted between them until their release on bail at around 9.30 pm that evening. Two of the officers then began their search of the cottage and the family car. No corner was left unsearched - even the proverbial underwear drawer. Numerous items were seized and bagged up, including a laptop with backup, various camcorders, mobile phones, over 20 SD cards and some documentation.

During this search the couple were not allowed to eat, drink or take any medicine. Any visit to the toilet had to be done with the door ajar and an officer stood outside. When the search was completed some three and a half hours later they were taken to Wymondham custody suite in separate cars, where they were booked in, searched and with their shoes and belts removed, locked into separate cells, which, as they described them to us were very basic and very uncomfortable. It was now just after 1 pm and they were banged up for some nine hours except one short visit to talk to the duty solicitor and again later for around half an hour for the police interview

It was explained to them that their arrest was necessary because a hunting family had reported them for three separate incidents, which according to the police, warranted the above mentioned charge. To the best of their memory the three incidents were as follows, although not necessarily in chronological order:-

Incident 1: that they had followed that family's horse box from their home towards a hunt meet. This was not in fact true. They had started to follow the box for the first time when it was about 1.5 miles from the hunting family's home and travelling on a main road. When it became obvious to the monitors that the box was not going to lead them to the meet they abandoned their observations.

Incident 2: On another occasion, the same monitors had driven past the farmyard of the family involved to ascertain whether the Waveney Harriers were meeting there as they have been known to do from time to time. They had no intention of stopping. They were suddenly and surprisingly confronted by two tractor like vehicles who began to form a road block on the public highway. The two tractor drivers duly abandoned their vehicles and retreated into the farmyard. When the drivers were approached by both the monitors in turn they were accused by one of the farmers of trespass and were told that the tractors had both broken down. This was clearly not the case. It soon became apparent that this was some sort of trap that was being acted out so, keeping their cool, as the monitors' camcorder footage confirmed, they then retreated to their car and left as soon as they were able in the direction from which they had come.

Incident 3: On a further occasion it was alleged by a member of that hunting family that she had spotted their car parked at the farmyard entrance and when in her view they realised that they had been spotted they drove off at high speed. These mature and experienced hunt monitors assured me that this did not happen. They may well have passed the farmyard on that day or any other Hunt day but rarely had any need to do so. If they were there on that particular day then they were only passing and observing and had no need to stop as they have the experience to know not to stop. They have had in the past plenty of correspondence with Suffolk Constabulary on what is an acceptable practice on a hunt day in these circumstances. This of course was not Suffolk but feudal Norfolk.

To arrest this retired couple as the Norfolk Police did, albeit by the book, was in our view a case of using a sledge hammer to crack a nut that had already been shelled. Neither of them had a criminal record and neither had ever been arrested before. Their reputation for keeping to the rules whilst being effective as hunt monitors is well known. This stance has somehow led some people to erroneously believe that they are a soft target. we feel strongly that the harassment law should not be used for this purpose. There have been so many documented cases where vulnerable people have become the victims of real stalkers when swifter action by the police together with better funding in this area, would have prevented these tragedies.

For this reason we believe it to be shameful for people anywhere to misuse this law just because someone is irritated or embarrassed at being the one that leads the monitors to the Hunt.

Anyone can claim that they are being harassed by another person's actions so how do the police decide when to take this kind of action? Monitors do not follow people, they follow vehicles known to be associated with the Hunt and only on days when by experience they believe that a hunt is likely to be taking place. They rarely get a chance to see who is driving or who is a passenger but of course that is of little consequence to them. They are only trying to discover the location of that hunt meet.

As a guide to the police and others the law states that a person whose course of conduct is in question ought to know that it amounts to harassment on another if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of action amounted to or involved harassment of the other. Well, in our view a reasonable person in possession of all the facts would be aware that hunters are no shrinking violets - they are tough people. They often ride for many hours in appalling weather conditions. From time to time they see wild animals torn to pieces by their hounds (accidentally or not)... They are just not the sort of people who are likely to feel frightened or alarmed when they know who is following their vehicle and why they are doing so. They know fine well that the monitors in this neck of the woods are gentle people and have no history of violence. If only the same could be said about some hunters and their supporters.

The law also states that an offence may not be committed if the conduct was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime. Are we monitors not doing exactly that? Just us being there on the hunting field with our camcorders is in our view likely to prevent a crime. It appears to many animal rights activists that the police just jump from one law to another in order to test its effectiveness in preventing us doing what most reasonable members of the general public would, knowing all the facts, consider to be a worthy and just course of action in the struggle to prevent animals being hunted by a pack of dogs. This activity, after all, is supposed to be unlawful.

The law also states that the Protection from Harassment Act is not broken if the course of conduct in following someone was reasonable. We here in Norfolk and Suffolk have in the past been given the impression by senior police officers that following a horse box to a meet on a hunting day is a reasonable course of conduct providing in order to do it, the following vehicle is not initially parked directly outside a family home, which could in theory at least, alarm some vulnerable family members. We consequently willingly comply with these conditions.

It was around 9.30 in the evening that the couple were given bail and released. It was almost at the end of the hunting season and the bail conditions were easily complied with. A couple of weeks later they were informed by the police that no further action was to be taken. Their bail conditions were cancelled and most of their seized equipment was handed back to them. Why then did this arrest take place at all? It turned out to be a costly venture for the ratepayer. Monitors, when they have their wits about them, film any potentially contentious scenarios as they start to develop. They do so for their own safety and to provide proof of their own reasonable conduct should they be required to do so at a later date. We are assured that if the police had asked to view the film evidence taken by the monitors then or at any other time, they would have willingly permitted it. The film, after all, would have been taken for just that reason.

This particular couple have been the victims of genuine harassment by the blood sport community over a period of many years. Almost all of the incidents have been reported to the police. They have included numerous dead foxes dumped in their drive, together with fox cub tails, rotten eggs smashed on their family car, a pyrotechnic exploding bird scarer thrown from a moving car on to their property and several slashed car tyres, to name just a few offences.

It is no wonder that some activists choose to wear masks on hunt days. This couple never have worn them but have certainly paid the price. All those hours of searching through the seized SD cards seems to us to have been a total waste of resources when there is so much real wildlife crime in need of investigation.

Having gone to Wymondham police station to collect their belongings, the monitors were issued with an “MG4F-Refused Charge” form to confirm that no further action was to be taken at this point but it also contained dire warnings with such phrases as:- “The decision not to charge may be reconsidered if a review indicates that it was clearly wrong...”, “If further evidence becomes available in the future, you may be rearrested and a decision to charge may be made”; “The defendant has been advised that the case will be kept under review.”

Very clearly then “no further action” is not the same as being found not guilty in a court of law. These NSALQH monitors were somewhat shocked at the unfairness of it all but will, as ever, take notice of this warning by the authorities and we are sure they will once again endeavour to adjust their tactics accordingly and brace themselves for the next move to be made against them. What they won't do is to back out of the struggle to see justice for these hunted animals to whom the law was supposed to give some degree of protection.

Putting aside, for one minute, the killing for pleasure element of the pre-Ban hunting that unquestionably existed, hunting has always attracted an element within their ranks with flawed characters. This includes hunters and their followers. We have seen those sort of people come and go from our local hunts. Some give up hunting, many more move on to other hunts. Some are still with us and seem to enjoy the support of their peers. About the same time that this rough justice was being handed out to our two monitors, someone from the hunting community, and almost certainly someone from the Waveney Harriers, posted a page on Facebook maliciously attacking the character of those same two monitors mentioned above and their involvement with NSALQH. That anonymous person or persons must have put their thinking cap on such as it is and fabricated a list of outrageous lies about this respectable couple that they calculated would hurt them the most. They knew that mud sticks and must have relished the potential upset they could cause to this couple, and to their friends, their children and their grandchildren.

We carried out our own investigation as to who those culprits were and we believe we know their names based on two conversations that took place with them in the past. Yes it is only circumstantial but when our monitors reported this Facebook harassment to the police, we think it fair to say that the police were just not interested. They didn't even want to know the names of the suspects or what the circumstantial evidence was to accuse them!... 

POWAperson comments  -  The actions of Norfolk police - already under grave suspicion of, at best, turning a blind-eye to law-breaking by Hunts - is very disturbing. Some people might even conclude that the police appear to have colluded with Waveney Harriers to persecute a respectable, aged and law-abiding couple who seek only to help expose illegal activity by the Hunt -  but I could not possibly comment. The conduct of the Waveney Harriers in hunting live quarry over the last several years is very well-known to the police, but they have taken no action whatsoever to sanction it.

Suffice it to say that I have been reading the reports of NSALQH for a long time. They appear to all be written by the same person. My impression of that person is of someone who places great store upon observing the law of the land and is fair-minded and both meticulous and scrupulous in writing only what he believes to be accurate and fully justified by the evidence. I believe that the above report will have been penned in exactly that way and can be relied on to be an accurate account of what happened.    


Sabs rate hounds off fox they find Mendip Famers FH hunting

Terrierboy head-butts sab car window

21-9-19  Facebook - Mendip Hunt Sabs   We set out early this morning with a special guest from Hunt Saboteurs Sweden to see what the Mendip Farmers' Hunt were up to. After receiving various tip-offs from concerned locals who had seen horse boxes gathering, we found them at their meet, just to the west of Showl Bridge, South Widcombe.

Foot sabs went in as hounds were picking up on a fox's scent just south of Whistley Farm, West Harptree and indeed a fox was spotted running away, but sabs used voice calls to 'rate' hounds, stop them from following. Two holloas were then heard in another direction - a whooping noise to signify someone has seen a fox - but thankfully hounds didn't pick up on this scent for long.

They hunted the surrounding area including maize fields but scenting was poor today and we didn't hear them pick up again. We were joined by our friends at Bristol Hunt Saboteurs and Bath Hunt Saboteurs. The terrier 'boys' tried to show off but Sabs ignored them like the muppets they are. One of the terrier-boys got caught up in the heat of the moment and randomly headbutted our car window - it didn't cause us any damage but his head must be sore!

We lost them towards the end of the morning but the sun was burning down and we hope the poor scenting conditions helped our wildlife to escape their evil clutches.

Afterwards some of us went out to check badger setts in the Wiltshire cull zone and found two new beautiful setts which made our day.

Please support our fuel fundraiser if you can - huge thanks to all who support us, we couldn't do this without you. https://ko-fi.com/mendiphuntsabs.


Northants MH found hiding among cattle & sent packing by sabs

21-9-19  Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    Part 2 of our autumn escapades today was to catch up with the Northants Mink (stink) hounds this afternoon who like to terrorize the wildlife along the river Great Ouse.

To be honest they are a rather pathetic bunch of coffin dodgers and resort to tea and sandwiches at the first sight of a sab so it was no surprise that once we found them hiding in among the cows close to Thornton College by the river that they turned tail and ran away.


Once again we were out with our regular comrades North Cambs Hunt Sabs to protect our local wildlife. We can't do what we do without your support. Ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs. 


Sabs help keep 3 foxes safe from Fernie FH's early a.m. cubbing

Rider deliberately backed his horse into sab, rode at others 

21-9-19  Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    This is without doubt our busiest time of year. We have a small but dedicated team operating in one of the cull zones and we're also keeping up our pressure on the hunts as they continue to abuse the wildlife in this "cubbing" season.

Once again we are up at the crack of a sparrow's fart this morning and heading north to meet up with our comrades North Cambs Hunt Sabs to make sure the Fernie didn't kill any foxes.

The Hunt spent a lot of time hunting around Gumley covert but a combo of good team work, precise communications and leg work up and down the hills ensured it was never going to be an easy morning for the hunters. Sabs were always with the hunt and always on hand to rate the hound when they went into cry.

A fox was spotted from the North Cambs vehicle quietly escaping the hounds and its scent was covered. Another seen by our driver and again it's scent successfully masked.

Philip Cowen tried his hand (unsuccessfully by all accounts) at making his own action movie by riding aggressively into sabs and a land owner agreed that he'd take responsibility for any illegality taking place on his land . . . while riding with the Hunt and watching it first hand. One wonders what really is rattling around in that thing their riding hats are perched upon?

Later in the morning our sabs were in the perfect position to cover a fleeing fox from the wood by St Helen's church. A healthy looking thing which turned and sat down for a moment, judging the direction of the hounds before making off into and private garden.

Quote of the day was from a local who lived next to the wood where they were hunting...  "Any luck today?", he asked the support. "There's a big fat fox in there who ate 17 of my chickens, be good if you got him". Support: "Erm . . erm, we're trail hunting". We advised said local on the benefits of secure fencing but he didn't seem to want to understand. Anyway, a good mornings work and no kills.

Help keep us in fuel and protecting our precious wildlife: https://ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs.

Pics below   -   1/  Dunces at dawn    2/  Fox escaping covert  

   FernieFH21-9-19.jpg  FernieFHFox21-9-19.jpg

21-9-19  Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   Three foxes flee the Fernie Hounds Fernie Hunt, Gumley, 21 Sep 2019, 6.30am    North Cambs Hunt Sabs teamed up with old comrades Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs to scupper the plans of the Fernie Hunt this morning at Gumley in Leicestershire.

From the off the Huntsman, Hanson, was keen to find quarry. Repeatedly flushing Gumley Covert with the pack of hounds, urging them on and trying to rustle up a fox from cover by making the distinctive "brrr" call, which is used to startle wildlife.

Sabs had him in sight constantly, rating hounds back whenever they showed any interest in a scent. With the huntsman circling this covert several times, he soon realised that with sabs on all sides there was nowhere to go.

While the Huntsman was looking to the south of the wood, a fox was spotted from our vehicle, bolting north away from the pack. We had people on hand to quickly cover his scent trail to aid his escape. 

The Huntsman then tracked west, before looping back towards where we had last seen this fox run. Sabs were on hand to rate back the hounds and cover the hedge lines with citronella mist to prevent the scent being picked up.

Serial camera-botherer Philip Cowen upped the ante, from filming all sabs doing anything, to riding his horse at people this week. While on a public footpath, he backed his horse into one person while loudly saying for the benefit of his camera "watch out this horse kicks"...

The Huntsman was then focussed on Gumley Wood. With hounds flushed through repeatedly and hunt riders surrounding the covert to keep in fox cubs, one managed to escape to the west into the gardens of the village, right past sabs who covered his scent trail as he ran. https://tinyurl.com/y6fw829t .

With the temperature rising and most field riders heading home, the hunt was a sorry sight as they packed up with only three or four remaining riders, behind a tatty farmhouse in Gumley village.

Hunt sabs protect wildlife every week as volunteers, funding their fuel and camera equipment personally. If you would like to help us, you can do so at: www.northcambs.com .


Sabs ensure Badsworth etc FH cubbing fails - terrierman swears at local

Hunt rides through housing estate - hounds run through gardens

20-9-19  Facebook - York Anti-Hunt League    Hit report, York and Ainsty South/Badsworth and Bramham Hounds, Flaxley Road, Selby, Wednesday 18th September 2019    Wednesday’s YAS/BBMH Cubbing Meet was in a lane off Flaxley Road, just on the outskirts of Selby, North Yorkshire, at around 6.30am. They hunted within a small triangle of land between Selby, Wistow and Thorpe Wood.

3 terrier men were in attendance, including Ryan Kennett and Steve Parkin. Ryan Kennett was seen on a public highway without registration plates. When questioned for the second time that week about his lack of reg plates he said “they’ve fallen off”! Again!! How careless.

Around 25 riders were out including children. Hounds were regularly cast into beet and maize fields within the confines of the area and riders were on point surrounding the fields waiting for a fox to be flushed out so they could frighten it back into the jaws of the hounds.

We kept eyes on them at all times, and are certain there were no kills. At one point, terrier man Ryan Kennett was bent down and looking very shifty by a small wooded covert; as we approached one of the riders warned him and he leapt on his quad like a scalded cat and quickly rode off. What was he up to? No good, we’re sure.

We were heartened by the amount of support we received from local people one of whom called the police after horses and hounds had ridden through a housing estate down Cross Hills lane to reach another maize field, still determined to get a kill. A couple of hounds were running loose in gardens and whipper in Jack O'Rourke had to retrieve one by tying his whip round its neck and dragging it back to where the terrier men were standing. Which begs the question again, why were three terrier men in attendance if they were hunting within the law?

Joint Hunt Masters David Elliott and Willie Dixon were both overheard using foul abusive language to a concerned member of the public, who had the audacity to question what they were doing.

Also in attendance was ex West Yorkshire Police Richard Thompson and he was seen handing his phone to a supporter and asking her to take pictures of our driver and the vehicle.

BBMH joint Huntsman Willie DIxon was overheard saying to a few riders “shall we pack up or shall we go back to that wood where we saw one earlier?” Sure enough, they rode back to the wood but we were there to greet them and they packed up shortly afterwards.

Be under no illusions, this Hunt goes out to kill, no ifs no buts. We’re confident our presence makes a difference.

If you are able to support us financially then please see our KO-FI link below as we urgently need additional camera / recording equipment. If not then all support however given is most gratefully received on behalf of the Team at YAHL and of course our local wildlife. Thank you ❤️. https://ko-fi.com/yorkanti_huntleague.


PC tells monitors own fault if feel threatened by hunters

20-9-19  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime    An Avon and Somerset PC on complaints regarding the safety of our monitors.

It is a choice for you to travel to the hunt meetings, you are not compelled to be there. I would expect if you truly felt harassed by their actions, than you do not attend and you keep yourself safe and stop yourself becoming a repeat victim’.

It doesn’t feel like choice to be there.


S. Durham FH upset locals, block A road - supporter swerves car at monitor

20-9-19  Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors    North East Hunt Monitors Hit Report 2 of season 2019/2020 - South Durham Hunt evening Meet near Windlestone Hall 14/9/2019    Sadly the cub hunting season, often referred to as Autumn Hunting, has begun, meaning that Hunts are training their young hounds by actively seeking out and killing young fox cubs born earlier this year. North East Hunt Monitors supported by York Anti Hunt League caught up with struggling South Durham Hunt.

Prior to the start of the meet, one of the support (SY59 VFD) deliberately swerved into one of the monitors in the lane opposite the meet missing her by a few inches. They then blocked the A689 with hounds all over the road demonstrating the poor control that Rob Wilkinson has over the pack. After leaving the A689, the hounds were encouraged to trespass in Windlestone Hall. Once again there were very few riders out, and some of those were children. This meant that they had to use foot support to surround the woods and drive foxes back into the covert. Monitors watched them closely and recorded a fox fleeing from the woods.

We suspect that the new foot support may be one of the reasons for the dwindling rider numbers, though we understand that they are cheaper than other Hunts, and are catering for the budget end of the market. After all, no decent member of the public would want to be associated with such aggressive people who ought to be reported to social services for their behaviour which was clearly distressing their children (approx. 5 and 2).

Both riders and support also upset several locals resulting in very negative posts about them on local social media pages.

Support us by donating to our petrol fund using link at top of page or via PayPal to huntmonitors@gmail.com. Thankyou.  #LongLiveTheFox ��.  Support our petrol fund via PayPal at Paypal.me/huntmonitors or huntmonitors@gmail.com. Thankyou to York Anti Hunt League.


Wynnstay FH's new Whipper-in lets the side down

19-9-19  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    See the hatred Introducing the new Whipper in for the Wynnstay Hunt. He's very open about showing us exactly what he thinks of us and this season is going to be very interesting if Tuesday 17.9.19 is anything to go by. On that day, along with Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs, we spoiled his fun, with the Hunt packing up having had no kills.

For a change we thought we’d focus on someone who was the main attraction that day. He proceeded to let his masters down by:-

1. leaving a hunt pick up unattended with the drivers door wide open and a stray hound inside while he jumped out and followed a Sab vehicle that was driving down the road. He seemed obsessed, or maybe possessed!

2. standing in the middle of the road harassing people and turning a blind eye when a member of the public was trying to pass him and get to work. Meaning the car had to drive off the road to avoid him.

3. shouting verbal abuse at one of our monitors purely because they went near his pick up.

All film of the events has been sent to the police because yet again this Hunt have breached the new protocol set out by Cheshire Police. This new boy will be getting his hunt an even worse name for themselves if he isn't taken in hand. Time will tell and we will be ready to document everything.

Because Cheshire Monitors are honouring the new protocol set out by Cheshire Police, we would ask that all comments are kept clean and non abusive. Thank you.


N. Trust renews 'trail hunt' licences for killer Hunts

20-9-19   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    The National Trust has seen fit to once more issue licences for hunts on the Buscot and Coleshill Estate. This is despite video of a fox being killed by a Hunt on this estate last season. The NT was informed of the kill and sent the evidence video. Three of the upcoming licence dates are within the cub hunting season: September 24th, October 14th, and October 8th.

Concerned local people should look out for the Old Berkshire and Vale of White Horse Hunts on these dates. Based on what we see, we believe there is absolutely no chance whatever that either of these Hunts will be following a trail of 'marmite', as they have claimed in the past. They will be cub hunting. Please use your eyes and ears and cameras if you are in the area.


Blackmore FH chase 3 foxes, leave pack in hot van for 2 hours

19-9-19  Facebook - North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs    Thursday 19th September - Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt – Horsington    Today we were yet again sabbing the BSV at New Park Farm in Horsington Marsh, near Wincanton.

Huntsman, Mark Doggrell, first took the hounds into plantations south of the meet and immediately got onto a fox. They went into cry and ended up in a plantation to the south-west where our sabs intervened and the fox was lost momentarily, buying it several minutes. Having lost the scent, the Huntsman got off of his horse to encourage hounds on to finding the scent. Luckily for the fox, this was unsuccessful and he moved on.

He crossed the road into another plantation and hounds soon picked up again. The fox was chased across fields to Ringmarsh Farm where the whole pack of hounds terrified a field of sheep running back and forth in between them. The hounds were then taken back to the meet at 08:30 and another pack of hounds were taken out of the hound van and the original pack put back in.

The second pack was taken into the woods to the west of New Park Farm and hunted on in this wood for a good hour. They picked up in the northern edge and chased a fox east towards Sutor Farm. Due to a limited number of sabs out and the absence of foot access we cannot guarantee that this fox got away.

The hounds were next seen being packed up at around 10:30. It mustn’t be forgotten that the hound van wasn’t in a lick of shade and the day was a hot one. The poor first set of hounds remained in the hound van in the heat for two hours.

�� To alert us to hunting in your area you can contact the Hunt Saboteurs Tip-Off Hotline confidentially on 07443148426 or message our Facebook page.

�� Please do message us if you ever want to get involved with Sabbing, we would be more than happy to have you out Sabbing with us.

�� If you can, please do donate to our fuel funds at www.ko-fi.com/NDHSaboteurs or PayPal.me/NorthDorsetHuntSabs.


South Down FH Huntswoman pretends to police terriermen not with Hunt

Sabs ridden at, one kicked at by passing horseman

19-9-19   Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs    It was another early start for us today. We decided to see what the S&E were up to, following on from their stupid antics on Monday. Our spotter followed horse boxes to the Diamond Farm meet at Eason's Green. They set off shortly after 6.30am where 2 equipped quad bikes were in the field with some old familiar scuzzy faces, moob man was seen later in the vicinity.

We kept on them at all times to the annoyance of the riders, some using their horses as weapons and one even kicking a sab when mounted. The same toff found it most distasteful to be around us paupers wearing man made fibres. Round and round they went. Cops arrived on the scene in 2 vehicles one being a prison van, who questioned our driver, the hunt probably thought we'd get taken away. The Huntswoman denied all knowledge of the terrier men although they were all cosied up together when packing up at 8am. There was much hilarity hearing her speak of trail laying and why it hadn't worked today. Our sleep can wait for now whilst we Sab the cub hunts to ensure no kills!

Please join us to save foxes and badgers lives. We NEED funds to keep us in the field:- PayPal.me/SouthCoastHuntSabs. Any info on the scum: 077443148426.


Puckeridge FH follower blocking sab car pulls out sledgehammer

His passenger wrestled weapon off him before he could use it

18-9-19  Facebook - South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   On Saturday this irate Puckeridge Hunt supporter blocked our sabs in on an access road (as we were trying to get to the main road) and grabbed a sledgehammer out of his boot. If his passenger hadn't grappled it off him we have no idea what kind of damage he would have caused to us and our vehicle! He then licked the window!

This is the real face of fox hunting - the guardians of the countryside! And what sabs have to put up with on a regular basis!



Woman camper upset by Staitondale FH hunting & chasing sheep

18-9-19  Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs    Hit report for 17th September 2019  Being the kind considerate sabs we are, we thought it would be a tad unfair to have a Tuesday lie in if the Staintondale Hunt weren’t. Plus it’s been a while since we’d bid them good morning, not that they appreciate our politeness.

We were kennel watching from 5.45am. When we arrived the lights were on meaning they were planning a morning of sneaky cub killing. They left around 6.30am, so four Eychs tagged along. Accompanied by a lovely Sheffield sab. They met At Fylingdale, next to the A171. They unlocked a gate that had a road which led up onto the moors. They slammed the gate and re-locked it. Leaving foot sabs to climb over and investigate.

They got up to a fork in the road and the Hunt went left. They were soon out of sight so sabs decided to hitch a ride back in the sab vehicle, so as to look from the road side. The Hunt were spotted quickly covering Burn Howe Dale, on the Yorkshire moors. We were a distance away but could clearly make out they were full on cubbing.

We have fantastic zoom camcorders now so they might not see us but we can see them. The Hunt split into small groups and surrounded the area so if a fox ran out they could scare it back into the middle for the awaiting hounds.

We tried to gain access through a right of way path next to the Grouse Hill caravan park, but the owner became very abusive , especially picking on one female sab. When we said it’s obvious whose side you’re on, he didn’t try to deny this and later on we found out why he didn’t wish for us to go that way. He said it was a permissive path and he wasn’t giving us permission. He had two children with him and as he was shouting and being abusive in front of them rather than allow his behaviour to upset them further and us waste more time with a hunt supporter, we made the decision to go back to the meet and take the long way round.

We went straight back to where they’d met and as quickly as possible tried to catch up with them. We were met by a very upset and distraught lady who’d been camping nearby . She’d gone to observe as she’s an avid fox lover and was totally not prepared for what she saw.

Hounds chasing sheep so fast she thought the poor sheep would break their legs. The Hunt smirked at her. She’d got so upset she’d had to return to her camper van. Our lovely sab driver took her to sit with her whilst we climbed the gate to find them.

We could hear the hounds which thankfully gave us the direction we needed to head in. There were two land-rovers with men waiting in anticipation of a kill. Not on our watch! We could clearly see all the Hunt. One was strategically placed on top of a large hill whilst three were to the bottom right. There was one unmounted whipping the ground next to half the pack of hounds. The remaining half were scurrying around trying to get the scent of a fox.

Suddenly to our left we noticed a flat cap, it looked placed on the heather, but it moved. Clearly a terrier man in his position ready to flush back any wildlife that was to escape the hounds and run that way. Then we spotted another one. Dumber and dumber came to mind.

The Hunt then changed tactics and ventured into the woods which unfortunately for us was a mammoth climb down. We are from the north so we don’t give up. Especially when we hear hounds getting into a frenzy as if they’re onto something. They were trying to flush out and that meant two things. 1. they were going to try to kill, 2. We had no choice but to climb down.

We got half way down then the fern and brambles became almost a metre high, thankfully we noticed a fantastically well used badger run. This gave us a quick decent to the bottom. We looked back and could see the tweedledee and tweedledumber on their phones to the Huntsman.

We can hear it now - “ Them bloody sabs have made it down. They’re like ninjas”. As we neared the woods it suddenly went quiet. Yup they’d got nervous about being caught out and had done a runner back to the meet.

Interestingly the woods where the Hunt ended up, is directly behind Grouse Hill camp site. No guessing why the owner (hunt supporter) wasn’t going to let us pass him.

An employee of the North Yorkshire moors turned up and when questioned about why the Hunt was on the land hunting, we were advised they shouldn’t have been as shooting and hunting is not allowed. He wasn’t happy and will be chasing it up.

We had rather a long climb back up. Whilst we were heading back our sab driver called us to say they were getting some abuse from the hunt. The holiday maker had enough and got out to tell them what she thought of them. When she tried to move one stood in her way right in her face. This lady is 68 years old. Our sab driver shouted to tell them she wasn’t a sab just a concerned member of the public.

She asked about the trail but as usual none of them could answer her question... One told her a farmer shot a fox and chopped it up, then stewed in in water and put it in the container that he was holding. He told her to smell it and shoved it closer to her. What type of person does this to a vulnerable 68 year old? A big thug, that’s who.

She was so pleased to meet us all and was happy we’d been there. Bless her, she made us all a coffee in her camper. You see they have no respect for innocent people wanting to enjoy the peace of he countryside. It doesn’t matter how old you are they’ll still be nasty if you question why they do it. Why they like hunting and killing. They can’t really say the truth. That they’re blood thirsty psychopaths. So they get verbally aggressive and act in this way. If someone acted like this to your mum/ grandmother how would you feel?

We have gained another devoted supporter who will ensure she tells everyone she knows the truth about fox hunting.

We really could have done with a drone today. Thank you to the lovely supporter who donated towards our drone fund. Please help us to always have sight of them.

We always get hunt supporters on here trying their best to deny what’s happened. If the Hunt were not breaking the law surely they wouldn’t be bothered about a few sabs following them, We walked over 8 km and did almost 13,000 steps across moorland.

Unfortunately the Hunt didn’t donate anything toward us having a pint in the pub We settled for a coffee from our lovely new supporter. It’s only the Hunt that write fiction - we write facts!https://www.paypal.me/eyhs. More videos to be posted tomorrow.


Monitors aid escape of exhausted stag from Quantock SH

Rider was preparing to shoot at stag with monitors very nearby

17-9-19  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime  VIDEO   Trophy Hunting     A three minute video showing the chaos and cruelty of stag hunting on the Quantocks. Banned 15 years ago, the grotesque blood sport has barely changed.


This healthy stag was terrorised and chased by PEOPLE desperate to kill him. Our monitors were assaulted, harassed and put at risk all for the blood lust of the hunters. The stag was afforded the chance to escape thanks to the tenacity and bravery of monitors from Somerset Wildlife Crime and Hounds Off. Hunt staff with firearms prepared to take a last minute shot at this stag put the safety of our monitors at risk. This all takes place under the guise of exempt hunting. Never has it been more evident that the exemptions aren’t working, they are explo