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        Warning - contains images of animals killed/ mutilated by Hunts that you may find distressing 

Detailed stories follow each month's headlines below, all in reverse chronological order


                           HUNTING SEASON 2018-19



….. 22nd September - Sab snaps pic of highly stressed fox chased by Warks FH 

….. 22nd September - Antis restrict Oakley FH to little more than hound exercise

….. 22nd September - Sabs keep foxes safe from chaotic hunting by Cotswold Vale FH

….. 21st September - POWA told Quantock SH hunted and killed large stag

….. 20th September - Sabs say Warks FH released bagged fox into wood with hounds in

….. 20th September - Hunters attempt to fit up activist fails spectacularly

….. 20th September - LACS complains to BBC re. collusion in Hunt cubbing lies

….. 19th September - South Wold FH's unheralded visit throws horse into panic

….. 19th September - Sabs catch Surrey Union FH trespassing on NT land

….. 19th September - LACS highly critical of CPS dropping case against Badsworth FH

….. 18th September - Monitors say two hunted stag escaped Quantock SH

….. 18th September - Sabs help stop Stationdale FH cub killing near clifftops

….. 17th September - Beaufort FH post men at setts to stop foxes escaping down

….. 17th September - BBC defends its portrayal of 'autumn hunting' in the Archers

….. 17th September - Braes o' Derwent FH caught cubbing - no known kills

….. 16th September - East Kent FH trespass on Forestry Commission land

….. 16th September - Tory MSP rides with 2 Hunts charged with illegal hunting

….. 16th September - Sab groups prevent Old Surrey FH from serious cubbing

….. 16th September - Video shows Brocklesby FH redcoat trying to hit sab

….. 15th September - Fitzwilliam FH support assault sab & block them in - but no kills

….. 15th September - Early fleeing fox protected by sabs as Oakley FH cubbing fruitless

….. 15th September - Cury FH make only token hunting effort after sabs appear

….. 15th September - Sabs save 5 foxes from Brocklesby FH hounds

….. 14th September - Vets strongly criticise DEFRA over bTb outbreak at Kimblewick FH

….. 14th September - Sabs film Warks FH clearly chasing fox - it escaped

..... 14th September - Kimblewick FH hounds withdrawn from Show after disease fears

….. 14th September - Quantock SH supporter fined for filming antis while driving

….. 12th September - Monitor films Beaufort FH clearly hunting a fox 
….. 12th September - Grafton FH lay 'trail' for first time in monitors' experience
….. 12th September - Warks FH committed many offences in day's cubbing, say sabs 
….. 12th September - Sabs save fox from 'full on' Surrey Union FH cub hunting 
….. 11th September - Stag escapes from Quantock SH only after a long chase 
….. 11th September - Sabs claim N. Wales police facilitating illegal hunting by hassling them 
….. 11th September - Hound parade goes ahead despite LACS' biosecurity warning
….. 10th September - E. Kent FH hound lorry back to kennels when see sabs on their tail
….. 10th September - Sabs pull Cattistock FH hounds off only fox cubbers put up
….. 10th September - At least one fox escapes Warks FH cubbing attempts
….. 10th September - Sabs restrain Beaufort FH cubbing attempts
…..  9th September - Sabs stop Flint & Denbigh FH Huntsman hunting by man marking
…..  9th September - 'Broken' Atherstone FH restricted to no fun ride round fields
…..  8th September - Sabs say saved four foxes from Belvoir FH cub hunting
.....  8th September - Portman FH filmed cub hunting by monitors
…..  8th September - Sabs deter E. Kent FH from cub hunting efforts
…..  8th September - Sabs intimidated as Crawley FH hunt illegally at evening meet
…..  8th September - Sabs constrain Fernie FH cubbing attempts - no kills
…..  7th September - Fox probably killed in Beaufort FH early start cub hunt
…..  6th September - Cheshire FH behave very oddly after get police escort from kennels
…..  6th September - Warks FH cause road chaos while trying to cub hunt
…..  6th September - Blackmore FH cub hunt over recently bTb infected farm
…..  5th September - Fears over Kimblewick FH's hound parade at Bucks County Show
…..  5th September - Sabs ensure no cub kills for York & Ainsty South FH
…..  4th September - Monitors reveal film re. Wynnstay FH fox kill in February
…..  4th September - Kent WT accused ahead of AGM protest re. hunter Chairman Bax
…..  4th September - Buccleuch FH huntsmen trail set for 8th October
…..  3rd September - Beaufort FH filmed chasing fox at 1st official cub hunt
…..  3rd September - More connections of Leics police WO to Atherstone FH revealed
…..  3rd September - Sabs save fox from early morning Beaufort FH cub hunters
…..  2nd September - A Dorset Hunt drives fox to ground - maybe dug out
…..  1st September - LACS offers £1k reward for info leading to cub hunting convictions
…..  1st September - Cotswold Vale FH pack in cubbing after a bit of sabbing
…..  1st September - Sabs stop Warwickshire FH settling into cub hunting

Sab snaps pic of highly stressed fox chased by Warks FH 

22-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt - Friday 21st September – Hunningham    This fox (1 of 3 foxes) managed to escape from the Warwickshire Hunt yesterday. You can see how stressed it is in the photo, eyes bulging and it's tongue is hanging out. This is the reality of fox hunting. Video to follow.


POWAperson comments   -  This photo gives a clue to what foxes go through when being chased by a pack of trained-to-kill hounds. It gets a lot worse for them, though. This fox is nowhere near beaten. The sight of a beaten fox desperately trying to push its limbs onwards in the effort to escape is heartbreaking. What kind of psycho do you have to be to enjoy inflicting suffering like this on defenceless animals? The Hunting Act has been a disastrous failure as regards organised Hunts, but it has made it much harder for them to engage in their black hearts' greatest desire - really long 'points'. A point is an uninterrupted chase and hunting reports of yore gloried in recounting them. The longest I can remember was over 11 miles. Try to imagine how that feels, what that does to the fox - and think that, for hunters, it is the very epitome of their disgusting 'sport'.


Antis restrict Oakley FH to little more than hound exercise

22-9-18   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    We have a team 24/7 in a cull zone doing fantastic work saving badgers however that doesn't mean we ignore things closer to home and this morning saw us up bright and early to keep an eye on the Oakley who were having their hunt supporters breakfast meet at the kennels.

Cubbing as you know is a nasty business and the vast percentage of foxes killed by hunts happens during cubbing and we're not going to let the happen so once again we faced them with our long term comrades North Cambs Hunt Sabs.

We accurately predicted their first draw and with teams both in front and behind caught them in a classic pincer movement. Jack Harris the Oakley's hapless huntsman lost the hounds once again as they took off after something but voice and horn calls distracted them enough for whatever they were chasing to get away. It was quite odd today as Jack only took out half the pack, perhaps with the new Whipper In (who looks like he would be more suited to doing a paper round than hunting hounds) he's not confident enough to take out the whole pack? Who knows . . .

What followed was nothing more than hound exercise, teams were always in place to move them on from any intended cubbing and the field riders mooched about with long faces, their morning blood lust well and truly scuppered. It was, a rather pathetic show to be honest and it wasn't long before they became fed up with riding round in circles and headed back to the kennels for their supporters breakfast and crying tears into their tea.

A good morning's work and no kills. You can help by donating here. https://ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs



Sabs keep foxes safe from chaotic hunting by Cotswold Vale FH

22-9-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs     This morning we headed to Gloucestershire and joined up with Welsh Borders Sabs to visit the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt, who met at Moat Farm in Taynton. The Hunt rode from the meet to the large wooded areas of Castle Hill Wood and Newent Woods, where they pretty much stayed for the duration. The usual chaos ensued with the pack split all over the place, foxes, muntjac and fallow deer running for their lives and stray hounds everywhere.

Sabs intervened on a number of occasions when hounds were in cry, once when the huntsman was encouraging them on to what we believe was a fox they had just put up from a wood pile in a forestry clearing, before they lost it at a road soon after.

A short time later, another fox ran across a road in front of sabs, who were perfectly placed to cover its line with citronella and turn back approaching hounds with voice calls. They didn’t pick up on it.

It was certainly refreshing to hear a number of locals express their objection to the Hunt and get some words of encouragement for our work. It would seem that despite all of the bluff and bluster from the hunting community, they don’t have the absolute support from people in the countryside that they claim to.

CVFH, we’ll be seeing you. Please consider donating to keep us in the field. Paypal.me/bristolhuntsabs.


POWA told Quantock SH hunted and killed large stag

21-9-18   Email from monitor   'We didn't monitor yesterday [Thursday] but unfortunately they did kill a big stag off the main Quantock Hills. 'Rights, four and three atop' so thirteen points. Ironically the stag that escaped on Monday ran into a shooting cover where they are not allowed!'


Sabs accuse Warks FH of releasing bagged fox into wood with hounds in

Disorientated fox ran into, out of and back into wood past hunters 

Sett in which it sought sanctuary was blocked - it's fate is unknown

20-9-18   Facebook – West Midlands Sabs    Suspected bagged fox runs into wood with hounds in    On Monday, 9th September two of us monitored the Warwickshire Hunt at Ashorne, Warwickshire.

In normal circumstances a fox wouldn’t run towards a pack of hounds or into a wood containing a pack of hounds [pic below - Huntsman taking them in]. It especially wouldn’t run straight past several riders to get to that wood. Yet that is what happened in Ashorne, Warwickshire last Monday. We suspect that the fox was released from a bag by members of the Warwickshire Hunt. The fox would have been scared and completely dis-oriented, especially if not from that area originally. Which would explain why it ran towards the first wood it could see [pic below first pic].



Moments later (probably realising there are hounds in the wood) the fox comes back out of the wood and can be seen running round the perimeter [bottom, Pic 1]. It sees an entrance to a badger sett and goes to head down it. However it stops when it gets to the entrance and realises it has been completely blocked [pic below, one of entrances]. Forced to keep running it then turns and heads back into the wood and back into the hounds. In the wood it would have been met with 12 more entrances to the sett all completely blocked. Again it was forced to keep running. It then tries to escape from the woods again but ends up running straight into the oncoming hounds [Bottom, pic 3] and is again forced back into the woods.


This fox would have been experiencing incredibly high levels of stress, forced to run round and round the wood probably not knowing where it was. We don’t know the fate of this fox, we did find one entrance to the badger sett further in the wood that hadn’t been blocked but we don’t know if the fox found it. We examined the sett afterwards and found them to be blocked. The sett has now been unblocked. We also reported the blocked sett to Warwickshire Badger Group who logged it.

All of the riders on that side of the wood saw the fox run past them and into the wood. The riders will also have seen the fox run out of and back into the wood at least twice. The Hunt knew that there was now a fox in the same wood as their hounds. Yet Huntsman Will Goffe did not bring his hounds out of the wood to avoid any “accidents”. He let his hounds stay in the wood for a further 30 minutes. The riders surrounding the wood maintained their positions for a further 30 minutes.

During that same morning we also filmed the Warwickshire Hunt hounds racing up and down a busy road in front of oncoming traffic [pic below, hounds in cry running along side of road]. This whole incident has been reported to Warwickshire Police.


We are only a few weeks into the cub hunting season and we have already got a dossier that is growing with every hunt meet of the Warwickshire Hunt in our opinion illegally hunting.

DONATE:-  https://network23.org/westmidshuntsabs/donate/.

Pics below   -   1/  Fox runs along perimeter of wood. Soon after it found a hole in the fence and entered. It re-emerged to the left a bit later.   2/  Hounds soon arrive at point fox entered wood.   3/  Fox almost runs head on into hounds. It darts back through hole into wood.  4/  The first hound jumps the fence. Others follow its lead.  


Hunters attempt to fit up activist fails spectacularly

He thinks was attempt to discredit him as a witness 

2 Thurlow FH servants await trial for illegal hunting

20-9-18   Accidental Activist   DOH!    So, the other morning I got a call from Suffolk Police. They explained that I had been positively identified and named at an incident which I can only assume involved a Hunt in the Suffolk area and that I had been acting in an abusive manner and calling people paedophiles (this is somewhat ironic considering hunt types like to throw this kind of abuse at sabs all the time). The officer who spoke to me believed this information to be questionable as he’d spoken to me many times in the past and didn’t consider this something I would be guilty of, hence the direct phone call.

Now as far as alibi’s go I had a pretty good one. At the time of the call I was located in a small hamlet just to the north of Courtenay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. That’s a little under 7,600 km from darkest Suffolk.

Needless to say the officer was satisfied with my response and we had a laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. However, it highlights that there is perhaps a more insidious purpose to the claims made against me. It’s fairly clear to me the purpose of this claim was the first attempt to discredit me as a witness prior to the prosecution trail of Chris Amatt and Archie Clifton-Brown, the Huntsman and Whipper-In respectively of the Thurlow Hunt, based in Suffolk. Except of course they have now completely shot themselves in the foot as any further claims are likely to be treated with the contempt they deserve by the police. You would think that if you are going to try and stitch someone up you would at least make sure they were on the same continent first.

No doubt this will be the first shot in a dirty tricks campaign, something the Countryside Alliance are well known for and with a case they may not be confident in winning they will resort of less scrupulous tactics in order to get the result they desire.

POWAperson adds  -  Antis have long known that hunters are willing to tell virtually any lies in attempting to defend and promote their sick 'sport'. Now it is clear that they will also happily attempt to suborn the police and perjure themselves to that end. The lies told to police above follow a recent case where hunt-inspired charges against a West Midlands sab collapsed when evidence proved their claims and statements were utterly without foundation and had simply been made up. One would have expected, in this case, that the culprits would have been charged with perjury and/or perverting the course of justice. This has not happened. W. Midlands Sabs believe that at least one officer in Leicestershire police actively colludes with at least one Hunt.    


LACS complains to BBC re. collusion in Hunt cubbing lies

20-9-18   LACS Press Release    BBC slammed for its defence of illegal fox cub hunting     A complaint has been made to the Controller of BBC Radio 4 over its coverage of illegal fox cub hunting in its flagship radio drama The Archers.

Chris Luffingham, Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, has written to Gwyneth Williams to express concern at the BBC’s portrayal of autumn hunting – a pretence for cub hunting. This involves the brutal practice of hounds being let loose in woodland to hunt and literally tear apart fox cubs in the run-up to the hunting season.

A Daily Telegraph news story exposing the issue which was published earlier this week contained a quote from the BBC perpetuating the myth of trail hunting, which is simply a deception being used by hunts to cover up illegal fox hunting.

In his letter, Chris Luffingham said:- “I am deeply concerned that the BBC is using one of its flagship radio programmes to perpetuate lies about illegal hunting. The BBC recently defended references to so-called autumn hunting in The Archers with the explanation that they were actually referring to ‘legal trail hunting which involves an artificial scent rather than fox cubs’. This is incorrect. Autumn Hunting does not refer to trail hunting and it is not legal. In fact it is far worse. The truth is that autumn hunting is a well-known euphemism for the hunting of fox cubs, commonly known as cub hunting. Cub hunting takes place in the run up to the hunting season as a training exercise for hounds. During a cub hunt, hunt members surround small areas of woodland and drive their hounds through, teaching them how to kill fox cubs and get a taste for their blood – by literally tearing the fox cubs apart.

Even the hunts themselves tend only to use the cover of trail hunting when referring to the illegal hunting being perpetrated during the hunting season which begins in November and goes through to March. This is very different, taking place in open countryside, all despite fox hunting being banned 13 years ago.

Professional investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports, including many former police officers, follow the activities of Hunts from the beginning of August each year through until the end of October, and corroborate the cruel killing of fox cubs. It is estimated thousands of fox cubs are killed every autumn and summer in this gruesome practice.

Cub hunting is cruel and illegal and has no place in a modern, compassionate society – and for the BBC to show it as otherwise, whether for dramatic purposes or not – is grossly irresponsible at best, and covering for illegal hunting at worst. The BBC should be exposing the dreadful realities of what is really going on, reflecting the views of the 85% of the population who wish it to remain illegal, and not reinforcing the Hunts’ lies and dirty secrets."


Monitors say two hunted stags escaped Quantock SH

18-9-18   Facebook - Hounds Off    Yesterday the Quantock Stag Hounds were hunting on the Brendon Hills, between Exmoor and the Quantocks. Hounds Off and Somerset Wildlife Crime deployed Hunt Monitors to observe and record activities. This fellow [below left] was roused soon after they started. No stags were killed but it was not for lack of them trying. Feel free to support our work - http://www.houndsoff.co.uk/donate/ — with Somerset Wildlife Crime. 

19-9-18   Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   VIDEO    On Monday, Somerset Wildlife Crime and Hounds Off teamed up to monitor the Quantock Stag Hounds as they hunted across the Brendons. The QuantockSHStaghuntedbyHeescaped17-9-18.jpgday ended abruptly around 3:30, after their hunted stag managed to escape across the main road, just below Elworthy Combe and into land they were not allowed to hunt.

Whilst this stag escaped being killed by the Hunt, we know from the Bateson report that he will have suffered enormously during the chase. There is simply no excuse for this.

On a weekly basis this Hunt is on National Trust land, so once more we urge the National Trust to enforce their own ban of stag hunting on their land. Use your membership to campaign for these animals to be protected by the National Trust, lets hold them to the promise they made to our wildlife 21 years ago!.

If you like what we do and would like to help us with diesel costs we would be very grateful <3ko-fi.com/somersetwildlifecrime.  

18-9-18   Facebook - Hounds Off    Yesterday the Quantock Stag Hounds were hunting on the Brendon Hills, between Exmoor and the Quantocks. Hounds Off and Somerset Wildlife Crime deployed Hunt Monitors to observe and record activities. This fellow was roused soon after they started. No stags were killed but it was not for lack of them trying. Feel free to support our work - http://www.houndsoff.co.uk/donate/ — with Somerset Wildlife Crime.

POWAperson adds  -  We've been informed that the Hunt chased another stag earlier in the day, which fortunately escaped on to a shooting estate where they are not allowed. Besides tormenting wildlife, the hunters cause considerable nuisance to locals, particularly road users, treating the highways as though they exist purely for their convenience. Apparently, about 50 hunt vehicles had to back down a country lane to let a tractor and trailer through. 


South Wold FH's unheralded visit throws horse into panic

Resident furious over this and damage resulting 

19-9-18   Facebook - West Sussex Hunt Sabs   This happened yesterday. It happens quite a lot and many residents in the countryside have to change their daily routine when the hunt are around. The hounds are not only a danger to wildlife, residents have to move their horses and keep their pets inside. The hunts used to inform residents when they would be hunting close to their properties, now due to so many people informing Hunt sab / Monitor groups, the hunts tend to keep it quiet and don't always inform them. This is another indication that they are not trail hunting, otherwise, what is there to hide. If hunts are trail hunting within the law, and wildlife are not being cruelly and brutally hunted and killed, there will be no need for them to be monitored.


Pic below  -  Some of the damage done to newly sown grass field by panicked horse  



Sabs catch Surrey Union FH trespassing on NT land

19-9-18   Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs   Surrey Union Hunt caught trespassing and illegally hunting on National Trust land at Ranmore Common this morning... www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/guildford-northdowns-sabs.



LACS highly critical of CPS dropping case against Badsworth FH

19-9-18   Ilkley Gazette   CPS drops case against Hunt over Weeton meeting    THE CROWN Prosecution Service has been criticised for dropping charges in a 'key case' against a local Hunt. Three terrier men were facing charges linked to a meeting of Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hounds at Rougemont Carr Wood, Weeton, on November 21, 2017. The charges related to offences under the Hunting Act 2004, the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 and the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979. The action followed an investigation by North Yorkshire Police which involved evidence being provided by the League Against Cruel Sports.

Professional investigators for the animal welfare charity had filmed the meet and what it claimed were incidents of foxes being chased by dogs, a badger sett being blocked and damage to an ancient monument. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), however, decided to end the prosecution just days before a hearing at Harrogate Magistrates Court - citing a lack of evidence and 'identification issues'.

Director of Investigations at the League Against Cruel Sports, Martin Sims, said: "This is yet another hugely frustrating case involving this Hunt. "Here we have a case of known individuals attached to an organised hunting pack, having targeted foxes and badger setts, going unprosecuted despite the efforts of North Yorkshire Police in gathering evidence for the matter to be dealt with. The CPS has serious questions to answer surrounding why it abandoned a key wildlife crime case, despite clear evidence being presented outlining the commission of offences and the suspect’s identity. The absence of any prosecution has allowed those who have targeted ‘protected’ wild mammals to simply cock a snook at the law without fear of being brought to justice."

A CPS spokesman said: "The police laid charges in this case and submitted a file of evidence to the CPS. Following a review the CPS determined there was insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of a conviction, for reasons including identification issues. As a result, the charges were discontinued."

Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hounds has been approached for comment.


 Sabs help stop Stationdale FH cub killing near clifftops

18-9-18   Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs   Determined to catch and stop the Stationdale from their evil, murderous fun, we were up before the sun this morning. They like to be out when the rest of the world sleeps so no one can see what they're up to. Cubbing season is now happening. Not only do they take out the young hounds and train them to hunt foxes, some Hunts steal the cubs and hide them away to be released later on in the season. A bagged fox is released on the day of the hunt, it's tired and is an easy target.

Today we met up early and were on the lookout before dawn. We tried the usual haunts of the Stationdale mob. They traditionally wear tweed for cubbing, its not as easy to spot as a red coat!

As we were driving about we spotted a young deer about to cross the road, we stopped to let it pass safety. As we were enjoying watching it slip under the fencing and make its way across the road, an impatient driver decided to overtake us at quite a speed without care of the poor deer. Thankfully it escaped safely. Why some have no patience and compassion is beyond our understanding.

We checked the area and it wasn't long until we heard the hunting horn and headed towards it. We found them on Burniston cliffs. Hounds have been lost off the cliffs in previous years. We got there just in time as the hounds were onto a fox, thankfully it got away. Some hounds were missing as they'd tried to get down the cliff to follow the poor fox. With relief they soon appeared back with the rest of the pack.


The misfits of society were not happy to have us join them this morning. We received the usual verbal abuse, in fact it's getting so boring. "Council house, so ugly that's why you wear masks, no jobs," Their lack of imagination matches their lack of compassion.

We were well chuffed when the hounds came to say hello. Tails wagging to find some love at last. We noticed one had blood on its face but on inspection it looked like it had cut it rather than the demise of a poor fox.

We enquired to where Gordon Bottomley was ( new Huntsman ) We said we were disappointed as we were looking forward to meeting him (he's been dismissed but we kinda already knew that) but didn't want to miss an opportunity to catch them off guard. We had a chuckle at their babbling replies.

Apparently Tim Osbourne Is now the new Huntsman. He's quite proud of himself too and he can't wait for this forthcoming season. He squared up to a female sab, practically bumping his chest into Her, then touched her shoulder to move her on. They then took off back up through, Cliff Top Boarding Kennels.

We had to jump back into Cyril (sab truck) to try meet them further along. We found them near Cloughton. Sabs managed to see another fox escape to safety and stood nearby to ensure the hounds didn't follow it. No trail at all, they were clearly cubbing and no trail was laid so we called it in to the police. Concerned about our safety they sent an officer to our assistance. Very kind understanding young man. Having then thoroughly checked the area we were happy that they'd called it a day and packed up.

If EYCHS hadn't been there today, potentially two foxes would have faced certain death. We do what we can to save innocent lives, today was a good day. An average days fuel cost is £30, we can cover well over 100 miles, so any donations however small is much needed and appreciated. https://www.paypal.me/EYHS.

Pics below  -  1/  Woman sab is intimidated by Huntsman    2/  The bloodied hound 

StatondaleFHHuntsmanintimidatingfemalesab18-9-18.jpg    StaitondaleFHBloodiedhound18-9-18.jpg


Beaufort FH post men at setts to stop foxes escaping down

Follows Hunt accused of blocking multiple badger homes

17-9-18   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO   The Beaufort Hunt Masked Men   The Hunt was approaching the area and this is what we found in the woods…


POWAperson adds  -  The video opens as a monitor is walking into a wood. We are told the Hunt is approaching. We see some masked men standing inside the wood. As the monitor nears the masked men we see they are standing above a badger sett with several entrances. Unusually for these thuggish types, they are at the sett without any blocking or digging paraphernalia.


The Hunt has received negative publicity recently as monitors have both publicised and reported to the police the blocking of multiple setts on multiple occasions, nearly all when the Hunt was in, or due to very soon visit, the vicinity of the setts. The monitors believe the men have been posted at the sett by the Beaufort in order to stop any fox the Hunt is might put up in the wood seeking shelter in the sett. The video then shows the Huntsman riding at walking pace with hounds along the perimeter of the wood. Other riders and followers are on the other side. A separate post carried a photograph of Lord Mancroft, Chairman of the MFHA, with other Beaufort FH riders out that day.  



BBC defends its portrayal of 'autumn hunting' in the Archers

Antis had complained they portraying cubbing as harmless 'trail hunting'

17-9-18   Daily Telegraph    BBC defends The Archers after animal rights activists claim it is promoting illegal hunting -Confusion arose from the phrase "autumn hunting" - which some take to mean illegal cub hunting The BBC has defended the Archers after campaigners accused the Radio 4 programme of promoting illegal fox cub hunting. Animal rights groups urged their followers to write to the broadcaster after Shula Archer said on last week’s programme that she planned on going “autumn hunting” to “train the young hounds”. They said that this is a reference to illegal “cub hunting” and urged the BBC to stop the storyline. However, the broadcaster hit back at these claims, clarifying that the references to autumn hunting were actually about legal trail hunting, which involves an artificial scent rather than fox cubs.

The BBC also vowed to continue discussing hunting on the programme, despite backlash from anti-hunt groups. The Archers discusses the issue annually, and characters on the programme display different views, with Jill Archer vehemently opposing her daughter Shula’s hobby.

Chris Luffingham, Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “The BBC should be highlighting that cub hunting, referred to as autumn hunting in a recent episode of the Archers, is a cruel and illegal practice which has no place in a modern, compassionate society of animal lovers. Please everybody take a minute out of your day to complain to the Pro-Hunting BBC. A despicable scene of cub hunting on Radio 4's The Archers.... Despite hunting being banned 13 years ago, hunts continue to target British wildlife and cub hunting teaches their hounds how to kill and get a taste for foxes’ blood by literally tearing them apart. Thousands of fox cubs are killed every summer and autumn in this gruesome practice which exposes the lamentable lies of the hunts that they have stopped targeting British wildlife.”

While activists claim that "cubbing" is widespread, those who represent hunting groups point out that there have been just 13 convictions under the Hunting Act connected to the 300 registered hunts in the UK in the 14 years the law has been in place. On average those Hunts carry out approximately 15,000 days hunting each year.

A BBC spokesperson responded: “When characters discuss autumn hunting it is a reference to legal trail hunting, involving an artificial scent not foxes, which the show has also done in previous years. As a fictional drama, the Archers will continue to feature contemporary rural issues, including hunting. Before hunting became illegal, hunters referred to early season activity, in which they would target cubs, as “autumn hunting.” Now, legal hunts still remark on early season rides, in which they wear more casual clothing and go through woodland rather than open countryside, but instead of chasing cubs, they follow scented trails.

Action Against Foxhunting disagreed, claiming the BBC was “showing its support for fox hunting”. The campaign group said: “Shula Archer says she is going autumn hunting. She mentions that she is taking the ‘young hounds’ out. We, at AAF, have a problem with this. The BBC is showing their support for fox hunting because we know that Shula Archer is actually going cub hunting to train her young hounds to kill. This is where the hunt goes to a copse where they know a fox family is living. They surround the copse, making a terrifying noise to keep the fox cubs inside. They then send in the young hounds to slaughter the cubs. Not only is this brutal, but it is illegal and widespread. By calling it autumn hunting, the hunts are trying to hide what they actually do, and the BBC is supporting this.”


Braes o' Derwent FH caught cubbing - no known kills

17-9-18    Facebook - NE HUNT Monitors   HIT REPORT 1   Another 3:30am alarm set for the monitors who checked that South Durham Hunt are still in disarray after the sacking of their Huntsman. Confident that nothing was taking place over Sedgefield we decided to head 50 minutes away to Whittonstall, where we were informed Braes Of Derwent would be out autumn cub hunting.

On arriving we could see a lot of support cars parked on the side of the narrow road and many people out watching down the wooded dip. By the looks on their faces they were surprised to see us and less than happy when realising the car of people they thought was just watching was also with the Hunt Monitors.


On pulling over we could hear the tell-tale rolling of the tongue used during cub hunting, to unsettle a fox and to flush towards hounds, being used in the woodland whilst point riders and support surrounded the wood watching for any fox trying to leave cover.

Many hounds dangerously came out onto the roads [above] and one limping hound looked frightened when a supporter went to pick it up [below]. We counted approximately 20 riders with one as young as 6 yrs old on a pony. We only heard the hounds speak a few times but no full cry and we believe no kills during the time we were present. The Hunt trundled off back to the kennels with riders packing up and support dispersing, we also left happy that the days hunting was over.


It was still early enough for some of our members to head off to the Hurworth County Fair to hand out leaflets relating to cubbing and fox hunting.

We understand we have had many requests to help and we appreciate them all. We have limited space available during cub hunting but will be in touch before the coming fox hunting season. Please contact us if we miss you as we get many messages and emails so you may get lost in them. To help us help the foxes you can … Grass up your local hunt... Join the team and become a monitor - owner drivers especially needed Donate to our petrol fund via paypal to huntmonitors@gmail.com. #longlivethefox


East Kent FH trespass on Forestry Commission land

16-9-18   Facebook – W. Kent Sabs   By the time the East Kent with West Street Hunt left their kennels it was 3.30pm, and we had only 3 sabs left in the field. Despite this we were able to keep up with the hunt nearly all afternoon. To start with they went to great lengths to insist they were trail hunting-we even had one ancient hunt supporter produce a jar of liquid claiming it was “fox scent” (!).

This happened to be exactly when the hounds picked up on a foxes scent, and they went in to cry only to be whipped off it by huntsman.... we're sure this is because we were standing right there!

This is when the days shenanigans really began! The hunt moved in to Elham Park Wood owned by the Forestry Commission. We were then joined by a usual terrier man who wasn't 'working' today.... we wonder why?

He followed us around trying to provoke us for half an hour desperately trying to distract us from the fact 5 other terrier men had turned up on 2 quad bikes, and the ruse that they were trail hunting was completely over. As soon as we came across the terrier men, he legged it! What a sad man!

It's worth noting that quad bikes aren't allowed on Forestry Commission land [below]. We wonder what they will think of this? The Huntsman was his usual chirpy self, dancing around us on his horse accusing us of “hitting him” and shouting about stalking our family members on Facebook (!)- watch this space for some very entertaining footage!

The Hunt returned back to the kennels after just 1.5 hours! All in all a long but successful day sabbing with 2 hunts prevented from killing.

If you wish to donate to our group and keep us out in the fields, you can do so here - many thanks. 



Tory MSP rides with 2 Hunts charged with illegal hunting

16-9-18   Daily Record    Tory MSP linked to dog-rap fox hunting groups accused of illegally killing animals - Rachael Hamilton rides with two Hunts which are alleged to have allowed dogs to illegally rip apart foxes with three members on cruelty charges    A Tory MSP is linked to two controversial fox hunting groups where members have been accused of illegally killing animals.

Rachael Hamilton [below left], who represents Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire, rides with the Lauderdale and Duke of Buccleuch Hunts. Members of both are alleged to have allowed dogs to illegally rip apart foxes, with three people involved in court proceedings.

ScottishToryMSPRachelHamilton16-9-18.jpgHamilton’s husband Billy claims to manage the Lauderdale Hunt, while the couple’s plush Buccleuch Arms Hotel in the Borders is a meeting point for the Buccleuch group. After their inn won Best Sporting Pub in Scotland in 2015, Rachael said she and Billy were “proactive and supportive of local countryside groups”.

Claire Bellamy, 42, a Facebook friend of Billy, was charged last year after a Lauderdale meeting was filmed by the Sunday Mail and the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS). It emerged in May that Bellamy had avoided a court appearance after accepting a minor penalty short of prosecution.

LACS were heavily critical of the procurator fiscal’s decision and questioned why the Crown Office wouldn’t say whether a warning or fine had been issued. Meanwhile, Buccleuch riders Timothy Allen, 40, and Shaun Anderson, 28, were charged in August, again in relation to fox hunting with dogs. The offence is alleged to have been committed in Roxburghshire and both pled not guilty at Jedburgh Sheriff Court where a trial is due to start on October 8. Hunting foxes with hounds was outlawed in Scotland in 2002. But there is an exemption that allows the use of hounds to flush out foxes so riders can shoot them as a form of pest control.

An SNP source said: “Rachael Hamilton’s close ties to Scotland’s fox hunting community are no secret but, as more cases of alleged unlawful practices emerge, it’s important her activities are subject to scrutiny.”


Sab groups prevent Old Surrey FH from serious cubbing

16-9-18   Facebook - Croydon Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Hit report - Saturday 15th September 2018   How many riders do you need to exercise the hounds? Acting on a valuable tip off we found the Old Surrey and Burstow hunt at their meet at Upper Stonehurst Farm, Moons Lane, Dry Hill, RH7 6PD. We were joined by Guildford Hunt Saboteurs and East Kent Sabs.

Leaving the meet at 9.15am with a large field including some children and two quad bikes it was clear that their intentions were more than just exercising the hounds. No cubbing today guys as we were on them from the start. They had a run around for a few hours but they were always in sight of sabs in the field and had no opportunity to kill. At midday they decided to call it a day and packed up!

You can donate to us using the following link. Every penny helps to keep us on the road protecting our wildlife from hunting scum! https://www.paypal.me/southldnhuntsabs.


Video shows Brocklesby FH redcoat trying to hit sab

Also screamed in another sab's face 

16-9-18  Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO    After sabs prevent hounds from killing a fox, a furious member of the Brocklesby Hunt tries to hit a sab with his whip and then screams in another's face.


Fitzwilliam FH support assault sab & block them in - but no kills

15-9-18   Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs   15/09/2018   No kills - Assault on sab and blocked in Fitzwilliam Hunt- Manor Farm – Keyston    4 o’clock start to join our friends at Northants Hunt Saboteurs. Bad start to the day as Landy battery was flat- After a jump start we were off on our way.

Following a tip off from a member of the public we found the hunt in Keyston. Foot Sabs were deployed to find the Hunt. The Hunt was less impressed to see us. (Ah shame that). They then scarpered off as quick as they could. We radioed in for a pick up and drove up to drop foot sabs off at Crow’s Nest Hill, where one of the sabs were ridden at by Huntsman [below] and then assaulted by a terrier man.


Hounds briefly went into cry but were rated by voice calls. At this point whist this was happening the Landy was blocked in via several cars. At that point we got hold of North Cambs Hunt Sabs and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs, who’d already packed up the Oakley.

The Fitzwilliam tried a rather vain attempt to carry on hunting was obviously this was final straw seeing we’d had back up. They then shortly went back to the meet, where sabs overlooked and confirmed they were packing up.

After that we went on to a tip off to a place where snares were sett illegally and let’s just say they won’t snare again... https://ko-fi.com/A3372I1A.

Pics below   -   1/  Supporter blocks sab car    2/  Supporter blocks sab landy

  FitzwilliamFHSupporterblockssabcarin15-9-18.jpg FitzwilliamFHSupporterblockssablandyin15-9-18.jpg


Early fleeing fox protected by sabs as Oakley FH cubbing fruitless

15-9-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    HIT REPORT 15.09.2018 OAKLEY SAB   Thanks to a timely local tip-off, sabs from North Cambs Hunt Sabs and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs were waiting outside a cub-hunting meet of the Oakley Hunt this morning, at Newlands Farm in Bozeat, Northamptonshire.


Immediately before the Hunt set off, we witnessed a fox make his quiet escape from a maize field just north of the meet. After covering his scent trail, we positioned ourselves to shepherd the Hunt in the opposite direction from the fox.

While the hunt indeed rode in the direction away from our friends OakleyFHHuntsmanabouttogiveupafterjust90m15-9-18.jpgescape, hounds soon started to pick up the scent of their quarry in the area. As the huntsman (Jack Harris) cast the pack back and forth and around the maize fields searching, sabs stayed close and rated back the hounds whenever they started to pick up a scent.

Jack Harris cast hounds repeatedly around the small area surrounding the Newlands Farm meet, but after an hour and a half of fruitless hunting seemed to realise that today was a bust due to constant sab interventions [right, about to give up]. He gathered his hounds back at the farm and sabs stayed to ensure the hunt had indeed finished for the day.

Please support North Cambs Sabs here: https://ko-fi.com/northcambs.

POWAperson adds  -  N. Cambs sabs went on to help with sabbing of Fitzwilliam FH. See above report for details of that meet.  


Cury FH make only token hunting effort after sabs appear

15-9-18   Facebook - Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team    Cury FH - Trewothack farm 14/9/18    After walking around the area a bit we discovered the Cury Hunt taking the foxhounds out on foot. Naturally we were very pleased to see this as we were expecting a mounted hunt and it is much easier to keep an eye on people who aren't on horses. Needless to say they were not happy to see us and this resulted in some hurried phone calls and quiet discussions as they decided what to do next.

Huntsman James Pearson took the hounds into a brassica field, where the hounds were put through the crop. After a short while and a few discussions between hunt staff the hounds were taken away on foot, but not far. Only to the next field which was full of head high maize. James stayed in this field, hidden from view and virtually silent while the hounds ran all over the locality. What was he doing in there? Hiding from us? Balancing his cheque book? After over an hour spent in this one field the Hunt packed up.

They claimed to be both "trail hunting" and "just the exercising hounds". They seemed awfully shy if they were just exercising and who lays a trail round and around one maize field!

A very easy evening. Now back we go to the badger cull which this year covers most of Cornwall from the Devon border down to roughly Newquay – Portloe. It's a huge area with a minimum of 3472 badger to be killed. If you can help us please do get in touch by PM.


Sabs save 5 foxes from Brocklesby FH hounds

15-9-18   Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   A sab from Grimsby Hunt Saboteurs films as a fox escapes from a covert near Beelsby in Lincolnshire, illegally hunted by the Brocklesby Hunt. Other sabs from West Yorkshire and Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs join in with voice calls and whip cracks to hold the hounds up and send them in the wrong direction, allowing the fox to safely escape.

We rely on your donations to keep us out in the field saving foxes and other animals. Thank you:- Sheffield Hunt Sabs: https://ko-fi.com/A772AR5. West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs: https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs


15-9-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs   INJUNCTION! - WHAT INJUNCTION!!??  Very busy day for us today - whilst some of our group are busy sabbing in a cull zone and others where doing stalls in various places to raise money, still others paid a long overdue visit to the Brocklesby near Grimsby today, this hunt somehow managed to get a lifetime injunction against sabs in the 90's and haveBrocklesbyFHHuntingissuchfun15-9-18.jpg escaped our attention for a long while.

When we arrived the Hunt were surrounding a wooded area in typical cub hunting style but on seeing us they rounded up their hounds and scarpered. We followed the Hunt who stuck to a very small area, despite efforts from foot support and riders blocking us at our every turn some attempting to trip us up and riding horses into us.

We saw 5 foxes away to safety including one that broke cover right in front of us with the hounds literally yards behind with good work from sabs rating the hounds back. The Hunt tried getting the hounds back on the scent but voice calls from sabs took them in the other direction which brought more aggro from the riders. Our vehicle was blocked in on the road and hunt supporters tried breaking into the van but some stiff resistance and a bit of nifty driving saw us away to safety. We continued following the Hunt until they packed at around 9.30.

Thanks to West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs and Grimsby Hunt Saboteurs - always a pleasure.



Vets strongly criticise DEFRA handling of bTb outbreak at Kimblewick FH

14-9-18   A group of vets and academics have had a letter published in the Veterinary Record entitled 'Spreading of bovine TB by hunting hounds', strongly criticising the way in which DEFRA has handled the outbreak of bTb in hounds in the Kimblewick FH kennels earlier this year. It demands that DEFRA should 'ban the feeding of livestock to hunting hounds and announce a moratorium on hunting with hounds throughout England until such data are presented that show that hound packs are free of bTB nationally.'

New info to POWA is 1/ that 'Subsequent to the outbreak, the Kimblewick pack was said to be free of bTB, although there was no evidence to support that conclusion. In the two months before this declaration, nine of the remaining – and supposedly infection-free – hounds developed bTB and had to be culled. Despite kennelling the surviving hounds with these nine bTB-infected dogs, Defra declared them as ‘unlikely to be infected/infectious’.' It's not clear whether these nine were part of, or additional to, the 97 hounds declared to have been put down.

And 2/, that 'Nineteen at-risk pet dogs that had close association with the hunt pack were tested using IGRA. Two were found to be positive for M bovis 10:a, indicating onward transmission of the disease to pet dogs.'

The paper also states that there had been movement of hounds between the Kimblewick kennels and others in a high-risk bTb area prior to the outbreak.


19-9-18   The Canary   A group of vets has slammed the government for letting fox hunters spread disease across the countryside    A veterinary research group has called for a stop to hunting. It says there is a “great deal more evidence” to show hunting hounds are responsible for spreading bovine tuberculosis (bTB) than there is for badgers. And it says the government’s response to the presence of bTB in hounds has been “negligent”.

Veterinary research body Prion Interest Group has called for the Department for Environmental, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) to announce a temporary ban on hunting. It follows the revelation that 97 hounds from the Kimblewick Hunt were killed following a bTB outbreak in the kennels. It took a long time for the full facts of this case to emerge. Prion Interest Group said there is:- '...clear evidence that bTB-infected hunting hounds have geographically spread… bTB'.

The group condemned the Kimblewick Hunt for introducing bTB into a new area. And it called for a stop to all hunting activity until hounds across the country are bTB-free. Citing a July 2018 report by the University of Edinburgh into the Kimblewick Hunt outbreak, Prion Interest Group points at infected farm animals fed to hounds as the source of infection. As a result, the group also called for an immediate ban on the feeding of livestock to hunting hounds.

Prion Interest Group criticised Defra’s actions after the outbreak. The department banned the feeding of offal. But, the group says, bTB isn’t confined to offal and described Defra’s policy as “inadequate” and “negligent”.

The Canary contacted Defra for comment and a spokesperson said:- 'We take biosecurity and animal welfare extremely seriously and expect hunt organisers to put in place appropriate measures to protect people and animals from the risk of disease. TB in dogs caused by Mycobacterium bovis in the UK is extremely rare. There is no evidence to suggest dogs play a significant role in the persistence of bovine TB in England or that hunting with dogs contributes to the spread of the disease in cattle.'

Prion Interest Group accuses Defra of being “secretive” in its response and says the department needs “radical reform”. When the Kimblewick Hunt cover-up became public, anti-hunting campaigners quickly pointed to Lord Gardiner. The under secretary for rural affairs and biosecurity is not only a former deputy chief executive of pro-hunting lobby group Countryside Alliance but an honorary member of the Kimblewick Hunt. The Canary also approached Defra about this but received no comment.

In order to wipe out bTB, the government has run an annual programme to cull badgers since 2013. In 2018, more than 40,000 badgers could be killed. But scientists and campaigners have long pointed to other causes for the disease’s spread, including hunting hounds. This latest report adds to a growing pile of evidence showing the badger cull is needless murder.


Sabs film Warks FH clearly chasing fox [it escaped]

14-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Cub Hunting - Warwickshire Hunt - Friday 14th September, Willoughby, Warwickshire   Fox runs from the Hunt with riders chasing after it to try and turn it back towards the hounds.

The Warwickshire Hunt continue to stick two fingers up to the law. We caught them hunting a maize field which they left pretty quickly once we arrived. They then went on to surround and hunt a dismantled railway. We managed to box them in and limit the area they normally hunt.

After surrounding and putting the hounds into a second dismantled railway a fox was seen running from the hunt. Two riders chased the fox in an attempt to turn it back. We got ahead of the fox and made sure it got away safely.

DONATE:- Thanks to your donations we have been to attend meets of the Warwickshire Hunt on Monday, Friday and the Atherstone Hunt on Tuesday. Any donations towards fuel costs are greatly appreciated. https://network23.org/westmidshuntsabs/donate/.

Pics below   -   1/  Fox breaks from wood, fleeing hounds. Rider signals    2/  Rider goes after fox    3/  Lead hound runs after fox [seconds later]   4/  Fox on the run, it escaped 

WarksFHFoxbreaksridersignals14-9-18.jpg  WarksFHRidergoesafterfox14-9-18.jpg   

WarksFHLeadhoundchasesaftersecondslater14-9-18.jpg WarksFHFoxontherunItescaped14-9-18.jpg


Kimblewick FH hounds withdrawn from Thame Show after disease fears

14-9-18   LACS Press Release    Kimblewick Hunt pulls out of Thame Show following disease concerns from animal welfare charity The Kimblewick Hunt has withdrawn its controversial hound parade scheduled to be held at the Thame Show on Thursday, following concerns about the risk of disease being spread to livestock being raised with show organisers by a leading animal welfare charity.

The League Against Cruel Sports, which monitors hunting activity in the region, contacted show organisers warning that the Kimblewick Hunt – which had advertised the parade on its website - has recently been at the centre of a bTbbiosecuritywarning.jpghigh-profile biosecurity scandal, following nearly 100 hunting hounds being killed as a consequence of an outbreak of bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) at their kennels. Causes included the dirty, overcrowded and dilapidated conditions in which the animals were housed, according to an official report cited by the League.

The Charity notes, however, that the Kimblewick incident is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Hounds used for hunting carry a number of infectious diseases which are often contracted after being fed the carcasses of diseased livestock, a common practice of hunt kennels across the country. Hunting hounds contribute to a substantial number of infections each year when crossing the countryside, costing the farming industry ‘millions’ – a problem exacerbated when hunts ignore biosecurity measures which are designed to prevent disease spreading.

Chris Luffingham, Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, says:- “The organisers of the Thame Show are to be commended in the strongest terms for ensuring the Kimblewick Hunt will not be holding a hound parade, and in doing so demonstrating the show’s clear commitment to animal welfare, biosecurity and the farming community. There is a clear link between hunting hounds and the spread of disease across the countryside, which places both animal health and the rural economy at considerable risk. No case shows this more than the recent reports of nearly 100 fox hounds being euthanised at the Kimblewick Hunt kennels, after contracting bTB from the dirty, overcrowded and dilapidated conditions in which they were housed.”

Individual members of the Kimblewick Hunt will still be attending the Thame Show to help out in a personal capacity, show organisers have confirmed.


Quantock SH supporter fined for filming antis while driving

14-9-18   Facebook - Graham Floyd   VIDEO   Meet this female Quantock Stag Hounds supporter who used to film anyone she could find on the Quantock Hills who she thought was an anti. On Monday 19th February at 2pm approx., she picked on AK and myself. We filmed her filming us and driving at the same time.

She was reported and received a fine of £200 and six penalty points. We haven't heard that she has chosen to appeal so can only assume that she took her just punishment and we did hear through the old grapevine that she's not keen on doing it anymore. !!!!!!


POWAperson adds  -  This brings to 423 the total number of persons from organised UK Hunts known by POWA to have been convicted of or given cautions for criminal offences since 1990, involving 1,007 offences, 242 of which were violent offences. 39 of these have resulted in prison sentences. Fines have totalled over £158,000. 


Monitor films Beaufort FH clearly hunting a fox

12-9-18   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO   The Beaufort Hunt chasing a fox at Goulter's Gorse 5-9-18   After hunting Alderton Grove the Hunt moved on to Goulter's Gorse.



Pics above   -   Top, Fox fleeing hounds along wood edge   2/  Hounds chasing fox - c.40 yards behind 

POWAperson adds - The video begins with hounds chasing a fox along the edge of a wood, about 40 yards behind it. Monitor shouts to hunters that she has seen the fox. A whistle is blown, by a hunter, a signal they have seen it.

A rider, Hunt master Matt Ramsden [below] appears in shot, immediately behind the last hound. Monitor shouts that she has filmed it, tells colleague on radio that fox has darted back into wood, pursued by hounds. Ramsden rides back along the wood. Another rider is on point at its far corner. Hounds can be heard in wood in full cry.


 Monitor shouts to Huntsman to call hounds off. He doesn't. Hounds burst out of wood. Monitor tells Huntsman they are rioting on a deer. Huntsman blows horn to call them back on to fox. They respond [below]. Monitor enters wood. Terrierman appears in front of her, tells her to leave. He's fairly polite. She tells him she's seen and filmed fox. Terrierman phones someone. Tells them monitor has footage. 'Tally-ho' is heard. Terrierman tells monitor to get back to footpath. Hounds are heard in cry again. Monitor tells colleague thinks they've killed one fox already as hound was blooded.


Fleeing fox emerges from wood. Terrierman steps in front of monitor, trying, and failing, to stop her filming it. Terrierman starts waving his arms in front of monitor. Hounds emerge from wood in same place as fox. Hounds stream away in pursuit of fox. Monitor is telling colleagues on radio what is happening. Someone shouts 'Shut up you dirty little fucker.' Male monitor over radio tells her fox is by him on road. Thinks hounds have lost it. Monitor tells him that they are chasing after it. Video ends.

Pics below   -   1/  Fox emerges from wood   2/  Hounds emerge soon after and start chasing fox 




Grafton FH lay 'trail' for first time in monitors' experience

Hounds ignored it, riders go to classic cub hunt positions

12-9-18   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch   VIDEO   WHAT TRAIL? - WHAT'S A TRAIL?    Grafton Hunt, Tuesday, 11 September 2018 putting on a show for the monitors. 

POWAperson comments - The vast majority of Grafton FH hunts have been monitored over the last few years. Illegal hunting is seen, and often filmed, very frequently. Monitors are constantly harassed, obstructed, abused. Monitors have NEVER seen the Grafton FH even pretending to lay a trail before. Who, exactly, do the Hunt think they're going to fool with today's pathetic exhibition. Even as the fake trail was being 'laid' riders were getting into their 'on point' positions for cub hunting and hounds showed no interest whatever in the supposed 'trail'.

Pics below  -  1/  Pretend 'trail' laying    2/  2 minutes later - hounds ignore 'trail' 




Warks FH committed many offences in day's cubbing, say sabs

12-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Cub hunting - Warwickshire Hunt - Ashorne - Monday 9th September - More hound road chaos - Suspected bagged fox runs wrong way towards Hunt - Badger sett badly blocked    Monday saw two of us at the Warwickshire Hunt where we witnessed more blatant cub hunting. The hounds ended up spilling out onto a road, running up and down in front of motorists. Several of the hunts JMs were present but were more concerned with filming us and following us about everywhere rather than the safety of their hounds.

Huntsman Will Goffe then took the hounds into a small wood which the rest of the Hunt surrounded to prevent anything from escaping. We then saw a fox running the wrong way into the wood towards the Hunt and hounds. We strongly suspect that this was a bagged fox that had just been dropped due to it being disorientated and running the wrong way. It ran past several riders who didn't at any point inform the Huntsman that a fox had run into the wood. Instead minutes later the fox was seen running round the outside of the wood. It stopped above a badger sett (which we later found had been blocked to stop it from going to ground) before running back into the wood. This was followed by the hounds in pursuit of the fox.

We reported the blocked badger sett to the Warwickshire Badger Group who found in total 12 holes had been completely blocked, preventing the fox going to ground to escape the hounds but also trapping the badgers below ground.

Other offences committed by the Hunt was an over crowded quad bike driven with no number plates on a public road. Video to follow.



Sabs save fox from 'full on' Surrey Union FH cub hunting

12-9-18 Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs    Mission 10 Surrey Union FH, Ewhurst 27-8-18     Late post, but a good afternoons work for Guildford and North Downs hunt saboteurs at an afternoon pony club meet of the Surrey Union hunt at Ewhurst.

We expected them to at try the pretence of trail laying but under the acting Huntsman Andrew Hazeltine it was full on cub-hunting from start to finish. We know the area well and managed to stay with the Hunt most of the time. The scenting conditions weren't ideal and they picked up and scents, but in the cool of Holt copse the hounds went into full cry after a fox and sabs intervened to get them off it, which ended a successful day.

Please help to keep us fighting bloodsports by donating.




Stag escapes from Quantock SH after a long chase

Hunt members in court soon for illegal hunting

11-9-18   Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   VIDEO   Quantock Stag Hounds out hunting, 10/09/2018    They hunted a very young stag, which thankfully got away. Not without a long chase from Broomfield ending up losing him down near Holford. 

A subdued support mostly without incident, until the end of the day when the frustration of no kill spilled over for some. With horses exhausted from a very challenging days ride, yet no consideration is given when these people are fed up. We will always give way on roads and offer priority to horse and rider, regardless of what side of the hunting fence you sit.

With thanks to Hounds Off. If you support what we do please share our posts or contribute to our fundraiser if you can ko-fi.com/somersetwildlifecrime.


Sabs claim N. Wales police facilitating illegal hunting by hassling them 

11-9-18   Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   It's been a eventful morning! At 5.30am our landy was blockaded by heddlu police and we was held for nearly 30 mins as they wanted a sabs details. Without any legislation, a swift phone call to our solicitor and some fantastic negotiations from our friends at Welsh borders we was free to go!

Taking our trusty little landy home and again we was pulled over, This time by armed response!!! They claim it's on suspicion of theft from local farms... we say it's facilitating illegal hunting! We will be taking this matter further hedlu police, the bully boy scare tactics don't work! We will be back as it is not us who are the criminals but the redcoats and clingers on!


Hound parade goes ahead despite LACS' biosecurity

11-9-18    Southern Daily Echo   Annual country sports day goes ahead - despite opposition   AN ANNUAL countryside event went ahead on Sunday despite opposition from an animal welfare charity. Hampshire Country Sports Day at Tichborne Park, saw hundreds of activities and displays taking placeHunthoundsatHampshireCountrySportsShow11-9-18.jpg throughout the day.

The League Against Cruel Sports had advised show organisers not to host the Hunt due to biosecurity breaches. They warned of an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis in a hunting pack that killed nearly 100 hounds. However, a show spokesperson said: “There has been just one pack of hounds that has been infected with bovine tuberculosis. However, following a strict testing procedure which was enforced when bovine TB was discovered, almost two years ago, the disease was contained and eradicated. There have been no further outbreaks at this hunt kennels nor have symptoms been seen in any other packs of hounds since.”

Events at the show included mink, beagle and fox hounds displays, an inter-hunt mounted relay, falconry clay pigeon shooting. Visitors could learn archery, fly fishing, and how to safely use hunting rifles. The show also featured a record number of market stalls offering everything from equestrian clothing and fishing tackle to handbags and jewellery.

Pic above  - Hounds on parade [Credit SDE] 


E. Kent FH hound lorry returns to kennels when see sabs on their tail

11-9-18   Facebook - East Kent Sabs    The “week day club” ride out again!!     So, after watching the EAST KENT with WEST STREET foxhounds pretending to be “exercising hounds” at a cubbing meet last Saturday, we decided too cobble together a vehicle full of Kent's finest sabs from East and West Kent groups to keep an eye on them midweek, when they are far more likely to openly hunt, thinking they are on their own…..so, in the middle of the night, we met up, and got going.

On bumping into the hound lorry, we thought we would let them take us to the meet. It took a few miles before they realized that they were leading us toward the meet, but soon took a u turn and took us on a wild goose chase!!

But by 5.50 am the Huntsman and hounds had given up and gone back to the kennels. Which does beg the question of course-if they have nothing to hide, why try and lose us, and then give up a mornings legal “trail hunting”?


So that was that, another Hunt packed up by direct action, with enough time for a coffee, and then back to the day job…..ouch! 

If you wish to donate to our group and keep us out in the fields, you can do so here-many thanks – https://www.paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA.


Sabs pull Cattistock FH hounds off only fox cubbers put up

10-9-18   Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights    Hit report 08/09/2018 Cattistock Hunt, Meet Dairy Farm House. West Chelborough    From the off it was clear that Will and his merry band of murdering misfits were out for a days killing. We caught up with them as they headed straight to their favorite killing field of Chelborough Park , where riders had already surrounded the southern point in the usual cub murder stance. Sabs entered the field but at this point the hounds remained quiet. However this didn't stop Mr Footpath police from trying to block our view with his little doom buggy , something to hide perhaps?

With Sabs on all points it didn't take Will to long to move further east to Long Park then try and lose us by turning back to the Chelborough Park again. A fox was clearly seen by our legendary Monitor and hounds quickly picked up the scent but Sabs were fast on the scene to intervene with the use of a gizmo and voice calls .This did not make for a happy Will Bryers who then spent the next 30 minutes trying to find the beautiful young vixen but to no avail . The murdering misfits then packed up at around 10.30 am.


It seemed there had also been a serious accident at the meet. Three ambulances and an air helicopter arrived at the meet and after some time left. All during this time Will Bryers and his bunch just carried on hunting like nothing had happened. So much for camaraderie amongst this lot!

If you would like to join us please either message this page or email - weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for your continued support ��.


At least one fox escapes Warks FH cubbing attempts

10-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   Cub Hunting - Warwickshire Hunt - Napton on the Hill – 06.09.18    We found the Warwickshire Hunt surrounding a small wood at the back of the meet to stop any fox cubs from escaping. A fox did escape [below] as the Hunt were leaving the wood and got away safely.

A second wood was then surrounded where the Huntsman was heard making very blatant cub hunting noises - screaming aye-aye-aye and making “brrr brrr” noises to turn the fox back towards the hounds.



Sabs restrain Beaufort FH cubbing attempts

10-9-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    A small group of sabs paid a visit to the Duke of Beaufort Hunt early this morning to disrupt another of their cubbing meets.

The Huntsman took off from the meet at speed, clearly trying to lose us, but we soon found them and were able to keep up with the hunt for the rest of the morning. Our presence meant they could never stay in one place long enough to surround a wood and flush foxes out to the hounds.

They attempted to draw through scrub and the occasional covert as they went, putting up both hares and deer in the process but thankfully we saw no signs of a kill and the hunt were packed up by 10am.

Please consider supporting our work: https://www.paypal.me/bristolhuntsabs.


Sabs stop Flint & Denbigh FH Huntsman hunting by man marking

9-9-18  Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs   Hit report 8/9/2018 NO KILLS FOR THE FLINT AND DENBIGH     We where out and about with our friends from Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs at 4.30am in anticipation of catching up with the Flint and Denbigh hunt out hunting fox cubs. On arrival we thought they have have changed the time of the meet to an evening meet as the hunt kennels driveway gates seemed to have a big chain and padlock around it...

A shadowy figure was spotted lurking in the woods near the kennels just moments before a fox was seen running away from that direction and shortly after, at 6am, Huntmaster Jeremy Reed attempted to sneak out on foot via a path leading into the Cefn estates. Unfortunately for Jezza we had a sab waiting for him in village where he gave some sort of pathetic little speech about hunting within the law. As Jeremy left the meet and headed down the back towards Cefn estate farm the police turned up as briefly said hi before leaving not to be seen again all morning.

As Jeremy entered the flield, sabs were on him and this was the picture for the whole morning, the Huntsmaster just couldn't shake of those pesky sabs. The Hunt had tried to use old Sharon to block the roads with her horse but even with blocked roads this wasn't stopping the foot sabs who didn't let the Hunt out of their sights all morning. The F&D wanted to train the new hounds to kill fox cubs by surrounding woodlands to keep the fox cubs in... But this didn't happen as sabs kept the disgruntled Huntmaster moving.

A bit later in the morning as the hunt headed to higher ground in another failed attempt to lose us, a handful of hunt support turned up, Liam, the local farmer, Greengrass, Max with a new walking stick and shamed Councillor Ed Lloyd-Ellis. There was even a sighting or two of Rob the terrier man who had come in disguise and kept his distance.

Jeremy was having no luck, he'd managed to scare some deer but that's as much as he threatened anything all morning. By 8.30am he'd come down from the hills and worked his way back through and along the river back towards the kennels still with those pesky sabs in tow. Sabs waited by as the hunt packed up and walked Jeremy and his whipper-in and hounds back home. But I would appear Jeremy had lost the key to padlocked gate and had to climb over in one last act of being humiliated today.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU for all your kind donations, if you wish to donate and help us stay in the fields saving wildlife you can do so and this link https://gogetfunding.com/help-for-north-wales-hunt-sabs/.

Pics below  -  1/  Huntsman tries to tell sabs hounds are over there   2/  Sabs walk Huntsman and pack back to kennels 

       FlintDenbighFHHuntsmantriestotell..8-9-18.jpg FlintDenbighFSabswalkHuntsmanbacktokennels8-9-18.jpg


'Broken' Atherstone FH restricted to no fun ride round fields 

9-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Broken - Atherstone Hunt, Thurlaston, Leicestershire - Saturday 8th September 2018    Things have not worked out as planned for the Atherstone Hunt. Last season they conspired (with Leicestershire Police) to take out a restraining order on one of our sabs. Bill Bishop was convinced to join them as Huntsman with the promise of rebuilding the Hunt, sabs out of the way and a chance to start hunting foxes again. Mike Lane was to step down as Huntsman but carry on as joint-master and help Bishop hunt foxes.

Except their lies were exposed in court, the case against our sab collapsed and the Atherstone Hunt face the horrible realisation that West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs are not going anywhere. The three members of the Hunt who lied in court all resigned over the summer. Kennelman Oliver Hope and joint-master Mark Halford left the Hunt not long after their humiliation in court whilst huntsman and joint-master Mike Lane who had intended to stay on as Joint Master resigned in June.

Saturday 8th September was the Atherstone Hunt's first outing of the new hunting season. They are down to just three JMs, took out only half a pack of hounds and are having to ride around the perimeter of a few fields for 2 hours. They are now just a glorified pony club with hounds. There was no hunting and no kills. This is entirely down to our persistent presence of the last few years. This is despite Leicestershire Police helping and advising the Atherstone Hunt over the past few years.


The cub hunting season is perhaps one of the more brutal aspects of fox hunting. Up to 10,000 foxes could be killed across the country. We intend make sure that the Atherstone Hunt do not hunt any more foxes over the next two months and for the entire hunting season. If we can keep the Atherstone Hunt riding round a few fields all season we could save hundreds of foxes from being hunted and killed. It would mean that foxes within the 970km2 of the Atherstone Hunt's area will be free from being chased by a pack of hounds.

We couldn’t have achieved this without your constant support and donations. You can help us keeps the pressure on the Atherstone Hunt by donating towards our fuel costs.


Sabs say saved four foxes from Belvoir FH cub hunting

8-9-18   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs     The Belvoir Hunt -  We found em, we sabbed em and were in Wetherspoons by 10.30!   They were hunting just south of Long Clawson and although it took a little while to catch up with them once we did they didn't shake us off all day. They were cubbing in the traditional manner with riders surrounding coverts to prevent foxes escaping. Hounds went into cry on a few occasions but sabs were on hand to take control of his pack. 4 lucky foxes were seen to safety.

We were joined by reinforcements from Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs and with their arrival the hunt realised they had little chance of a successful day and started working their way back to the meet, packing up at 9.30.

The Belvoir haven't been sabbed during cubbing for years but they can look forward to more attention in the coming weeks. https://ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.

Pics below  -   1/  Riders on point - traditional cubbing formation    2/  Sabs pull pack to them  

  BelvoirFHCubhuntersonpoint8-9-18.jpg BelvoirFHSabshavepulledpackoffcubhunters8-9-18.jpg


Portman FH filmed cub hunting by monitors

8-9-18   Facebook - Wildlife Witness  VIDEO    Brief video of the Portman this morning cub-hunting   The fox cub was seen twice by monitors as it tried to escape before being headed back.

The first clip shows hounds picking up the line and the whipper-in (wearing a tweed jacket) pointing as the fox is seen to his right. The final clip is after the cub had got through a line of supporters and broken covert. The shouting is supporters hollering to tell the Huntsman that the fox had been seen, at which point he "doubles the horn" to spur on the hounds.

All illegal, all barbaric and all carried out in plain sight of children and teens who have been raised by the parents to accept this as "normal". There are other video clips, which we won't put up, of parents talking with children of around 5 and 8, about cinema trips and party invitations, whilst in the background hounds are in full cry.

One has to question the mentality of individuals such as that who engage in banter whilst literally just feet a way a terrified fox cub is running to avoid being ripped apart.


Sabs deter East Kent FH from cub hunting efforts

End up pretending were just 'exercising' hounds 

8-9-18    Facebook - East Kent Sabs  Saturday 8th September 2018    So, we went out VERY (!) early again to look for the EAST KENT with WEST STREET hunt, who we quickly found at 6am getting ready for a cubbing meet at Westmarsh. The Hunt met alongside an orchard, near the hamlet of Elmstone.

No doubt they intended to hunt the small copse and wooded area near where they unboxed, but the sight of a loaded land rover full of sabs from East and West Kent groups may have changed their minds! Instead they trotted a mile or so to hunt the marsh north of Westmarsh. Maybe they thought they could lose us while we navigated the ditches and reed beds, but they couldn’t!

They ended up being escorted around the lanes by our driver until they packed up (gave up) at 7.45, when they vocally pretended to be “hound exercising”… which of course needs quads of terrier men with dogs and digging equipment. Your fooling nobody. Unfortunately it is a different story during the week when hunt sabs are AT WORK, when they hunt till gone 9am, in what can only be described as pre ban cub hunting...

A great morning's work from both our groups and it is good to see we outnumbered the mounted hunt, who could only muster up 10 riders!

We can't end this report without mentioning the very athletic badger, who tried to race us in our land rover for at least half a mile! A great source of amusement for us in the early hours of the morning. If you wish to donate to our group and keep us out in the fields, you can do so here-many thanks. https://www.paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA.Pics.

Pics below  -  1/ Frustrated terrier thugs    2/  Athletic badger 

  E.KentFHFrustratedterrierthugs8-9-18.jpg E.KentFHAthleticbadgerkeepingsabscompany8-9-18.jpg


Sabs intimidated as Crawley FH hunt illegally at evening meet

8-9-18   Facebook - West Sussex Hunt Sabs    Crawley & Horsham meet at Bakers Farm 07/09/18   After watching the area it soon became apparent the C&H were going out, and sure enough boxes were seen going in to Bakers Farm in Shipley West Sussex for a 5-30pm meet. It was a very unpleasant Friday evening for us and for the foxes we were out to protect. No trail was laid, footpath signs had been taken down and gates to footpaths tied up. Illegal hunting, horses being whipped and the amount of harassment and intimidation we were subjected to has reached a worrying level.

These acts are committed with impunity because we hear all the time from the police "Hunts are acting within the law". What law would that be? It's certainly not the Hunting Act Law, and it isn't the law we were brought up to respect. Is it within the law to have a mobile phone shoved in your face ? or, as one of our female monitors was subjected to, have a large man stand in-front of you so close you can feel his breath on your face?

We lost the Hunt for a while but caught up with them near Trawlers Farm. They hunted until the light began to fade.

Please keep a look out for signs of hunting and ring the Tip-Off Hotline 07443148426. Thank you all for your support, and our grateful thanks to those who have made donations this week. Have a good weekend all. https://gogetfunding.com/west-sussex-hunt-sabs/.


Sabs constrain Fernie FH 6.30 am cubbing attempts - no kills

8-9-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   Hit Report 08.09.2018 - Fernie Hunt, Medbourne, Leics    The Fernie Hunt were this morning planning to go cub-hunting near the village of Medbourne, just under 5 miles from their kennels at Great Bowden. Fortunately for the local wildlife, around a dozen midlands sabs were on hand to prevent this.


                                    Sab watches cub hunt as the sun rises 

They were found initially surrounding a small wood to the east of the village (Watson's Gorse) in traditional cub hunting style, at 6:30am. Hounds had been sent into the wood, and riders circled the area to prevent the escape of young foxes.

As soon as sabs arrived on the scene however, this game was up. Will Hanson, the huntsman, called the hounds out of the wood and headed away to try to escape. He immediately ran into a second group of sabs ready to the north.

What followed was a repeated circling and drawing of the maize fields to the east of Medbourne village, with sabs on hand at all times, taking the pack away from Hanson and providing a welcome distraction for the hounds at all opportunities.

One local farmer tried to tell us he had no idea there was a foxhunt going on, on his land, just as a group of hounds ran past him and the sound of a hunting horn blew over his maize crops...

Field riders began to get bored of the lack of hunting from about 8, and sabs stayed on hand until we had confirmed that the hounds had been packed away into the van for the day.

What was noticeable today was the appalling state of the Fernie hounds. Many of them had sores, wounds, cysts and welts and we feel that if a member of the public was walking a pet dog around in that state, they would be taken away by the RSPCA fairly swiftly.


                                                 Supporter threatens sabs 

Successful day for North Cambs Hunt Sabs, working in conjunction with Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs, Northants Hunt Saboteurs and Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs to completely stop cub hunting by the Fernie Hunt this morning.

Hunt sabs are all volunteers, giving up their time and money to prevent hunting of our wildlife. If you would like to support our work, for only the cost of a coffee, it would be hugely appreciated -> http://ko-fi.com/northcambs.

Pics below   -   1/  Farmer denying hunting on his land - as hound runs past    2/  Hound in terrible condition    3/  Another hound in poor state   4/  Hound with swollen eye 

  FernieFHFarmerdenieshuntingonhisland8-9-18.jpg FernieFHOneofhoundsinpoorcondition8-9-18.jpg

  FernieFHAnotherhoundinpoorcondition8-9-18.jpg FernieFHHoundwithswolleneye8-9-18.jpg


Fox probably killed in Beaufort FH early start cub hunt 

MFHA Chair Lord Mancroft was among the riders 

7-9-18   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Beaufort Cub Hunt 5.9.18 at Alderton Grove   The meet was scheduled for 6.30 but when foot-walkers went in at 6.20 they found the hounds already on cry in Alderton Grove and terriermen ready to stick to them and physically prevent them going off the footpaths. The Hunt went on inside the Grove with one fox glimpsed darting out and driven back in by hunter on foot who ran towards it. This happened close to the artificial fox earth we have previously recorded in this wood. We believe they killed in there as one of the hounds was covered in blood when they came out.

One fox clearly did eventually get out as the pack tore off on cry up towards Acton Turville and then swung round into Goulters Gorse, a small wood. Riders were patrolling the sides and the fox was seen darting out twice and back in, trying to get back to the Grove, with hounds coming out and in after it. At all times foot-walkers were guarded by terriermen and as one attempted to go into the wood she was forced to come back out. The hounds rioted on a deer, were called off that and then pursued the fox out of the wood and up the hedge and over the Littleton Drew road, where we believe it got away but are not certain.

The Hunt then moved over to a smaller wood the other side of the railway. They packed up at 9.15 after succeeding in what was clearly their intention - a full on cub hunt to train the new hounds to work with the pack and to kill foxes. We were completely gutted that we were not able to stop them this time, but we will never give up.



Cheshire FH behave very oddly after get police escort from kennels

6-9-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs    Another day, another police escort for a wildlife criminal gang. Today, our friends at Welsh Border and North Wales Hunt Saboteurs joined us at 4.30am to check out the The Cheshire Fox Hounds kennels to see what area they where going to pillage today. Two police cars escorted the hound trailer with the three 4x4s and quads out of the kennel grounds a few miles onwards. After 45 minutes of driving us as far as Nantwich, the Hunt returned to the kennels. At this point Huntsman Jake Oppenheim and Whipper In Jamie Whittles changed their vehicle in an effort to evade the sabs.

The next couple of hours involved several hunt vehicles driving around the kennels like the wacky races. We kept the hound trailer, Jake and Jamie and known terriermen in our sights during this time. With very strange behaviour displayed it is clear they are becoming desperate and the pressure is on already, as they just seemed to be wasting the morning away.

When Hunt vehicles where spotted in Saighton and most notably Whitchurch road, we sent a vehicle to check out the location but no Hunt was found, just shady terrier men in 4x4s trailering quads, they where dumbfounded when we appeared at every corner and where unable to get up to whatever.

It's unknown what shady things the Hunt's associates tried to get up to today but it is certain we didn't let them out of our sight and that Jake is having a hard time getting his new hounds ready for hunting due to sab intervention. Our concerns with Cheshire police are growing with every day, why should our tax money pay for an illegal hunt to be escorted to their crime scene?


Warks FH cause road chaos while trying to cub hunt

6-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Warwickshire Hunt hound chaos cub hunting   Wednesday, 5th September 2018. Broomhill Farm, Epwell    The Warwickshire Hunt WarksFHHoundrunsintopathofcar5-9-18.jpgwere blatantly cub hunting in Epwell on Wednesday. Riders from the Hunt surrounded a maize field next to a road. The result was chaos on the roads. Hounds darted in and out of the maize field and onto the road and into oncoming vehicles. Several cars had to perform emergency stops. One hound may have been hit. Thankfully it walked away and didn’t look like it had any serious injuries. No one from the Hunt stopped the hounds from going on the road. They were too busy filming us (women in pink viz). Several local residents didn’t look happy at the Hunt taking over the roads.

We are very grateful for all the information we receive and all the help offered regarding the Warwickshire Hunt There are many ways to help us. If you are a landowner or local resident and you are willing to let us use your land or have a place for us to safely park our vehicles we would be very grateful.

WarksFHHoundemergesfrommaizeontoroad5-9-18.jpgThank you for your fuel contributions it meant we could attend be with the Warwickshire Hunt on Wednesday. We were also out with them today and filmed them hunting foxes- (Thursday 6th at Napton) report to follow.

DONATE:- . We will be out at least 3-4 times a week. Any donations towards fuel costs are greatly appreciated. Anyone wishing to join us please get in touch - CONTACT US confidentially with any information:- Private message On Facebook, Tip off hotline 07767620767, Email: westmidlandhuntsabs@hotmail.co.uk,   Website.  We have a benefit gig on Saturday 29th September 8-3am at the Wagon & Horses, Birmingham.  FOLLOW US:- Twitter , Instagram ,  YouTube.

Pics above  -   Right,  Hound runs out in front of car - thought was hit  Left -  Hound runs out of maize straight on to road



Blackmore FH cubbers hunt over recently bTb infected farm

6-9-18   Facebook - Dorset Against Blood Sports   Tuesday 4th September    The Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt Meet at Manor House,Hinton St Mary Acting on a tip off we found, with our friends from Wildlife Witness. The Hunt had parked their boxes hidden in the farm's yard. Hinton Estates run the place, which is a working dairy farm, plus shoots, and obviously allows the Hunt access to their land. Having had a bTb outbreak recently and not letting their cows outside. It's interesting to see they allow Hunt and hounds all over their land?

We found the Hunt up behind the Abattoir at Manston, another favourite haunt. They went along the back to Northover Coppice and hunted along behind Meatyards. They then rode round down to near the main road and drew copses behind the line of beehives. All the support (actually not many) were at Stearts Lane - watching and waiting. They all came down the track to Home Farm where they went out of the back to draw a last copse before returning to box up.


We did not hear any hounds in full cry and so are unable to confirm any kills. If you would like to join us monitoring the local Hunts please contact the page.


 Fears over Kimblewick FH's hound parade at Bucks County Show

5-9-18   Bucks Free Press    Fears county's livestock put at risk after controversial Kimblewick Hunt paraded at Bucks County Show   It is feared the county’s livestock could have been put at risk of contracting infectious diseases after a controversial hunting hound parade was showcased at a major agricultural show.
On Thursday, thousands of people flocked to Weedon Park in Aylesbury for the 151st annual Bucks County Show – one of the largest agricultural events in the country. However animal welfare charity League Against Cruel Sports has now criticised “callous” show organisers for allowing the Kimblewick Hunt to display at the event – after dozens of hunting hounds were put down following an outbreak of bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) at their kennels in 2016. Hunting dogs are often fed the carcasses of diseased livestock, according to the charity, prompting fears infections could have been passed on to farm animals in the county.
bTb_biosecuritywarning.jpgDirector of campaigns at League Against Cruel Sports, Chris Luffingham, said:- “There is a clear link between hunting hounds and the spread of disease across the countryside, which places both animal health and the rural economy at considerable risk. The organisers of the Bucks County Show, as an event expected by all to treat animal welfare and biosecurity with the utmost importance, must answer questions as to why they allowed the Kimblewick Hunt – which is at the centre of a high-profile biosecurity scandal – to parade. This callousness has placed livestock and the farming community as risk of disease and substantial economic loss.”
The Kimblewick Hunt was thrown into the spotlight in December 2016 after bTB spread through their “dirty, overcrowded and dilapidated” kennels. However show organisers have insisted they adhere to strict health and safety regulations when planning and selecting what events will be showcased.
Charlotte Patrick from the Bucks County Show said: “The 2018 Bucks County Show was a hugely successful event with visitor numbers in the region of 25,000. The show aims to promote all aspects of Agriculture and Rural Life to the public and at all times we adhere to Environmental Health and DEFRA bio-security regulations.”
A spokesman from the Masters of Foxhounds Association said the Kimblewick Hunt “behaved properly and reasonably” at every stage of the bTB outbreak and subsequent investigation. A statement issued on behalf of the Hunt added: “The Animal Plant & Health Agency and Public Health England were immediately informed when the bTB was identified, but no restrictions were imposed. Nevertheless, the Kimblewick immediately suspended hunting and imposed strict bio-security measures around the Kennels, and the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) assembled a panel of vets and scientists, including representatives from APHA, and experts from the Royal Dick Veterinary School, Edinburgh University to advise on the best way to respond to this outbreak. Their advice was closely adhered to throughout.

Sabs ensure no cub kills for York & Ainsty S FH

5-9-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs   Late hit report from last Saturday [1/9]    After tip-offs from concerned locals, we travelled north with our friends West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs to visit the York and Ainsty South Foxhounds who where attempting to train their new influx of hounds by killing fox cubs near the village of Cliffe, close to Selby.

"Cubbing" as it is known, for those of you who don't know, is hunting's dirty little secret. Historically the hunt go out at dawn and surround woods, copses and maize fields with riders, then send the hounds in, to give them one of their first tastes of killing foxes. If the terrified cub breaks cover the riders are strategically placed to scare it back in. The idea is not a long chase as in normal hunting but to achieve kill after kill quickly.

When we arrived the Hunt were holding up a maize field, the hounds rioting in the dense crop. We took the opportunity to call the hounds to us with some nifty voice calls and horn work. The Hunt moved off across recently harvested corn fields, scaring two hares up as they did, one of which was only saved by quick acting sabs, hounds snapping at its heels.

After that the Hunt attempted to slow our vehicles down by blocking a lane pretending to look for a hound which didn't exist. Sigh. They packed at 0920am, trailing back to their meet. Sabs went for a cupper tea to celebrate.



Monitors reveal film re. Wynnstay FH fox kill in February

Hunt interviewed under caution - but not charged  

4-9-18   Cheshire Monitors   VIDEO    Wynnstay Hunt kill a fox chased from the Duke of Westminster's estate, 25.2.18  [includes content which some may find upsetting; kill not featured]WynnstayFHBuildingsitewherefoxkilled25-2-18.jpg  On the 25th February of this year, the Wynnstay Hunt chased a fox from the Duke of Westminster’s estate and killed it feet away from workmen on a building site [right]. They then proceeded to use the Duke's private bridge over the River Dee to carry on hunting in another area.

We can now release this edited compilation of an interview with the group of workmen who witnessed the fox being killed, which was passed to the police and who interviewed the hunt under caution (for the very first time). While the evidence available meant it couldn't be taken further, legal costs to the hunt were not insignificant.

The Hunt had met on the now-disused Poulton Airfield on the edge of the Eton Estate, belonging to the Duke of Westminster. From here they chased the fox from the airfield and killed it on the building site in front of the group of workmen. Cheshire Monitors had been monitoring this hunt that day but sadly had not managed to get to the area in time to stop the kill.

The following day one of our team returned to the scene (Chapel House Farm in Poulton) to speak to the workmen. The way this incident had affected them was palpable and humbling. We have reason to believe that the previous Duke, Gerald, was never in favour of fox hunting (though was a 'shooter') but turned a blind eye to it on his land. His son, the new Duke, is believed to be anti-hunting and we are now looking at ways to share this footage with him and to find out if he has any idea what goes on his land.

Contact Cheshire Monitors in complete confidence:- Message us here on Facebook, Text us on 07376 338179, Email us at info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk.

Pics below  -   1/  The kill site. Fox flesh fragments can be seen    2/  One of the fragments

       WynnstayFHKillsitewithfleshpieces25-2-18.jpg WynnstayFHKillsiteoneoffleshpieces25-2-18.jpg


Kent WT accused ahead of AGM protest re. hunter Chairman Bax

4-9-18   The Canary   Wildlife campaigners are taking on a charity for its links to hunting and shooting    Kent Wildlife Trust (KWT) is set to face protests at its AGM – by wildlife campaigners. They claim the chair’s connections to game shooting and hunting make him unfit for office. And they want him gone. 

A storm began in March 2017 when it emerged that Mike Bax, KWT Chair, had been the master of a hunting pack, the Blean Beagles. And in April 2017 it emerged Bax allowed pheasant shooting on his land. Campaigners argued these two connections represented a “conflict of interest” with his position as KWT chair and campaigned to have him ousted. Bax’s connection with shooting is undisputed. 

Responding to the allegations, KWT said: 'Mike Bax purchased Street End Wood, next to his farm, in 2007 at which time the local shoot was already in place. It has continued with his permission but he plays no part in its management, nor does he receive income from it.'

But a petition to remove Bax from his position said:- 'Allowing the shoot to take place in the first place is management in itself. He has the power to stop it and he doesn’t. The petition also points out that in 2016 Bax personally conducted an auction for game shooting. It included a £1,600 winning bid to shoot ducks on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent. This connection has formed a key pillar for the campaign against Bax.

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, told The Canary:- It is deeply concerning that somebody who permits pheasant shooting on their land remains Chairman of the Kent Wildlife Trust, in clear conflict with the charity’s commendable work to protect wildlife and the habitat which sustains it. 

The release of large numbers of non-indigenous ‘game’ birds, which have been factory farmed for the gun, inflicts clear damage on wildlife and the environment. Not only does this invasion of pheasants into the British countryside displace native birds and upset the delicate ecology, but further introduces disease and threatens rare butterfly species. Natural predators including foxes, stoats and weasels – drawn in by the prospect of a ‘free lunch’ – are subsequently trapped, snared and shot. Had Mike Bax permitted the release of equally-damaging mink into the Kent countryside, would he still remain Chairman of the Kent Wildlife Trust? I suspect not.”

While KWT has taken a neutral position on Bax’s connection with the shooting industry, it has denied campaigners’ claims of his long-term involvement with hunting. But evidence suggests otherwise. Mike Bax has been open about his involvement with Blean Beagles. He says he was one of seven joint masters until the 2005 introduction of the Hunting Act. After this, beagling – hunting hares on foot with a pack of beagles – became illegal. KWT said, Bax has had no role in the Blean Beagles’ affairs since then.

Campaigners have provided evidence that suggests this isn’t true. They point to Baily’s Hunting Directory, which began in 1897 and has long been seen as the ‘bible’ for information about hunting packs. It describes itself as 'the best and only comprehensive listing of packs of hounds of all types from around the world.'

Joe Hashman, founder of anti-hunting organisation Hounds Off, gave a speech outside KWT’s 2016 AGM, saying:- 'I have a copy of Baily’s Hunting Directory dated 2006-2007. … The 2006-07 edition clearly lists M W S Bax as a Joint Master. Joint masters are integral to a hunt. They provide financial backing for a pack and liaise with local landowners to secure areas for hunting. Joint masters also join a pack out hunting.' 

KWT stated in April 2017 that this directory “says correctly that… Bax is a former master”. But the 06/07 directory clearly lists Bax as a joint master. The preceding entry in the image shows there is a separate section for former masters. It also lists Bax’s business partner Stuart Sillars as huntsman and joint master. At the time of publishing, Sillars is still involved with Blean Beagles. 

But this wasn’t Bax’s final appearance in Baily’s Hunting Directory. After 2008 the listing stopped print publication and moved online. And campaigners claim Bax was listed as joint master in 2016. In a message seen by The Canary, one campaigner claimed Bax was still listed as a joint master as late as March 2017. Responding to this in April 2017, KWT said:- No one from the Blean Beagles can account for this single and isolated entry…


Baily’s Hunting Directory states there are two ways to edit its online listing. First is to submit an amendment, which is then verified by the website’s team before publishing. Second is by the master or huntsman, who is provided with a PIN unique to each Hunt. The Canary contacted Baily’s Hunting Directory about this case but by the time of publication, it hadn’t responded.

Contrary to KWT’s statement, the Baily’s Hunting Directory listing is not an isolated entry. Following the end of its print run, equestrian lifestyle magazine Horse & Hound began its own print-version hunt listing. And this, too, listed Bax as a joint master of Blean Beagles for several years – 2012/13 through 2014/15/.

The Canary asked Horse & Hound about how its information was gathered. The current hunting directory editor said she couldn’t comment on the 2012-15 period as she wasn’t editor at the time. She did confirm that all information is initially supplied by the Hunt itself. There is no apparent link between the two directories.

KWT failed to address Bax’s appearance in Horse & Hound in both its April 2017 and July 2017 statements. And when The Canary approached KWT about this and Baily’s Hunting Directory, it said: I will refer you back to the statement that was made in July of last year. Kent Wildlife Trust stand by this statement. There is nothing else we can add to that statement at this point.

Beagling packs are secretive. In his 2016 speech, Hashman said:- Beagling has long been a closed shop to outsiders, an activity which requires you to have references and referees to vouch on your behalf before you’re allowed to join in. Beagling takes place mostly on remote or private land which means that it’s virtually impossible to monitor. As a result, the legality of Blean Beagles’ activity is unknown. A request by Hounds Off to monitor the pack during its 2017/18 season went unanswered. And visits by East Kent Sabs in previous years have seen Blean Beagles pack up as soon as they were monitored, or even before they could start hunting. Bax’s association with the pack, therefore, remains highly questionable. Especially since he was still listed as joint master as late as 2015 and, by some reports, until 2017. 

The brown hare is considered a priority species by Defra’s Biodiversity Action Plan. A priority species is one “identified as being the most threatened and requiring conservation action”. KWT’s own stated goal is to “ensure that wildlife is protected and restored”. The presence of a senior official with clear connections to the shooting industry and strongly implied connections to hare hunts contradicts this.

On 29th September, campaigners will come together outside KWT’s 2018 AGM to call for Bax’s resignation. A Facebook page for the event says:- This is not an anti Kent Wildlife Trust protest by any means, it is simply so that people can express their outrage that hunters or shooters can be given positions of such power in our Wildlife Trusts! For the charity to remain true to its values it must do more than rely on a statement that’s full of holes. KWT must listen to its members and campaigners.


Get Involved! – Sign the petition to remove Bax. Join the demo outside KWT’s AGM [pic above of demo at last year's AGM].

POWAperson adds -  I may be the campaigner who is referred to as claiming Baily's online showed Bax as a current JM of Blean Beagles in 2017. When the issue first blew up, in March, I subscribed to Baily's specifically so I could check this. He was shown as one of 7 JMs. I did not think to take a screenshot of the page. 15 minutes later I got an email from Baily's telling me my subscription had been cancelled and I could not access the page again. 

It is hard to believe that in 2018 a Wildlife Trust can continue to support a hunter and game shooter as its Chairman.  

Buccleuch FH huntsmen trail set for 8th October

4-9-18   Border Telegraph   Buccleuch huntsmen face three-day trial next month    THREE days have been set aside for the trial of two Borders huntsmen who have been accused of breaching Scotland's fox hunting legislation. Timothy Allen, who is 40, and 28-year-old Shaun Anderson of the Buccleuch Hunt have been charged with deliberately hunting a fox with a pack of dogs.

The offence is alleged to have been committed on land surrounding Whitton Farm near Morebattle on December 20th. Both men, who live at Eildon, near Melrose, pleaded not guilty at an intermediate trial diet at Jedburgh Sheriff Court. The trial is due to get underway on Monday, October 8th.

It is understood film evidence will be led which has been submitted by investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports. It will be the latest challenge to the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002 which was recently subject to a review by Lord Bonomy who made a number of recommendations for changes. The main purpose of the Act is to ban the deployment of dogs to chase and kill wild mammals. However it also provides a number of exceptions which allow the limited use of dogs for certain situations.

Father and son John Clive Richardson, 67, and 24-year-old Johnny Riley became the first members of a mounted hunt to be successfully prosecuted in June since the Act was introduced north of the Border. The Jedforest Hunt members in the Borders were filmed by investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports. Following eight days of evidence, Sheriff Peter Paterson ruled that in two incidents Richardson and Riley were in breach of the Act and found them guilty of deliberately hunting a fox with dogs. Riley - who was in charge of the hunt - was fined £400 at Selkirk Sheriff Court and Richardson, described as having a lesser role, fined £250.

There have also been a number of successful prosecutions under the Act involving individuals who are not part of recognised Hunts.

6-9-18   Southern Reporter    Three days set aside for trial of Borders huntsmen accused of breaching fox-hunting laws near Morebattle    Three days have been set aside for the trial of two Borders huntsmen accused of breaching fox-hunting legislation. Buccleuch Hunt members Timothy Allen, 40, and Shaun Anderson, 28, are charged with deliberately hunting a fox with a pack of dogs. That offence is alleged to have been committed on land surrounding Whitton Farm, near Morebattle, on December 20. 

The pair, both of Eildon, near Melrose, pleaded not guilty at an intermediate trial diet held at Jedburgh Sheriff Court. Their trial is due to get under way next month, starting on Monday, October 8. It is understood that film evidence submitted by investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports will be shown at the trial.

The case is the latest challenge to the 2002 Protection of Wild Mammals Act recently subject to a review by Lord Bonomy.


Beaufort FH filmed chasing fox at 1st official cub hunt

3-9-18   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO    The Beaufort Cub Hunt 1st September 2018   First official Beaufort cub hunt of the season. Filmed chasing fox.

Pics below   -   1/  Hunt in pursuit of fox seen by monitor   2/  Hounds all over the road, disrupting traffic 




More connections of Leics police W.O. to Atherstone FH revealed

3-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Leicestershire Police wildlife officer's connections to the Atherstone Hunt ⚠️ Following our revelations about Leicestershire Police wildlife officer PC Rob Cross we can now reveal more details of his connections to the Atherstone Hunt. He was involved in an investigation into the Atherstone Hunt chairman's son in law who he is also friends with on social media. A separate investigation into regular Atherstone Hunt rider Luke Miller-Bates was eventually dropped. Leicestershire Police initially claimed they were struggling to locate him. Miller-Bates is good friends with PC Cross’s wife Louise Cross. We would suggest that by withholding this information PC Cross obstructed the progress of the case.

On 9th May 2015 Sealwood Saddlery posted that they would be closed for the day as they were attending the Atherstone Hunt Terrier, Lurcher and Family Dog Show at the hunt kennels. As these screenshots show Louise Cross and Miller-Bates are both involved in Sealwood Saddlery, Miller-Bate is an admin of their Facebook page.

With his wife being part of an organisation that supports a fox hunt was it appropriate for PC Cross to have been given the position of wildlife officer in the first place? Was it appropriate for him to have had any involvement in investigations into that same fox hunt? We think all previous and current hunt related investigations that PC Cross has had any involvement in need to be re-looked at to find out if his close connections with the Atherstone Hunt have impacted any of these investigations.

PC Cross seems to have breached a number of the guidelines set out in the polices own Police Code of Ethics - "associations with groups or individuals, must not create an actual or apparent conflict of interest with police work and responsibilities". 

Leicestershire Police can be contacted via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leicspolice/. Read more about #OperationBlackthorn here https://network23.org/westmidshuntssabs/operation-blackthorn/. FOLLOW US – YouTube  Twitter  Instagram


Sabs save fox from early morning Beaufort FH cub hunters

3-9-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Fox aided to safety at cubbing meet of Duke of Beaufort Hunt    This morning, a small group of sabs visited the Duke of Beaufort Hunt who met in Swangrove at 6.30am. Good road access meant sabs had the hunt in their sights for the majority of the morning. Hounds were repeatedly watched being taken from covert to covert with riders surrounding the outside whilst the huntsman encouraged on the hounds. The hounds went in and out of cry (on the scent of a fox) a few times, but once the Huntsman knew we were filming or ready to step in, he moved off at a pace.

We caught up with the Hunt surrounding another wood and a fox fled for its life right in front of us. Sabs leapt into action, covering the path the fox had taken with citronella spray. 

Soon after, the hunt were heading home and so were we. Seeing that fox get away makes those early mornings worth it!



A Dorset Hunt drives fox to ground - maybe dug out

2-9-18   Facebook - Wildlife Witness   VIDEO  This so-called trail hunt filmed hunting through a small wood while riders on the adjacent road hold up. The meet was at Manor Farm, Hilfield at 6.15 with the first draw being through a maize field near to the farm, where hounds picked up a few times. The next hour or so was spent in West Wood where hounds hunted for some time before stopping at the bottom end, presumably having run the fox to ground. Shortly after, the terrier quad arrived and we could hear terriers barking, indicating there were out of their boxes.

DorsetHuntRidersonpointhoundsinwood1-9-18.jpgWith access blocked by supporters we waited on the nearby footpath but could see the Huntsman had dismounted. The usual stroppy and threatening behaviour by hunt supporters prompted us to call the police in order to have the complaint logged officially, as advised by the Police at our liaison meeting in the summer. 

After around twenty minutes hounds picked up again at the far end of the wood and quads and supporters left - we heard no shot. All credit to Dorset Police who sent out a car to check everything was OK and after a brief discussion about a number of issues we thanked them for their help and they moved on.

The Hunt then moved eastwards, concentrating on small wooded areas, each of which were surrounded by riders. A fox was seen running from the wood at the end of Hilfield Lane much to the annoyance of the quad who immediately drove over to that point and made a call, presumably to the Huntsman. On the far side of the wood, riders including young children were found lining the road and shouting to head back any fox picked up (see video). 

Having found nothing in there, the hunt carried on drawing woods in a clockwise direction around the meet before finishing by drawing blank in Twisting Alders Coppice and packing up.

Another great example of monitors and sabs working together. From having one monitor at the meet at 6am we ended with nine in total by the end with people arriving from Dorset Against Bloodsports and Weymouth Animal Rights.


LACS offers £1k reward for info leading to cub hunting convictions

1-9-18   Gloucestershire Live    Young hounds being blooded by tearing fox cubs to pieces in Gloucestershire woods say animal rights activists - Two reports suggest fox hunting is still going on say animal rights activists     Animal rights activists claim Gloucestershire hunts are blooding young hounds by getting them to tear fox cubs to pieces in local woodlands. The League Against Cruel Sports is so convinced that it is happening in the county that they have offered a reward of up to £1,000 for those who can provide evidence.

And monitors from Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Cirencester have produced another dossier which they say proves the hunting ban is being flouted locally. They say the dossier, which they have handed to police, contains 148 examples where entrances to badger setts in the Cotswolds were covered to stop foxes escaping from the pack.

Since the 2004 Hunting Act was passed, Hunts are permitted only to "trail hunt" - using a pre-laid fox scent trail for hounds to follow. The League say cub hunting is ‘hunting’s dirtiest secret’ and claim they know of at least one example of young inexperienced hounds being trained to kill foxes in Rendcombe woods in the Cotswolds.

Describing it as “sickening”, they claim hunt followers surround a small copse in the early morning or late evening shouting and slapping saddles while the huntsman enters it with the pack of hounds. They claim 10,000 fox cubs are killed every year across the UK during the season which lasts from August to November 1 and the Hunts detract attention by not wearing their red coats or claiming they are simply exercising the hounds.

Chris Luffingham, Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “Cub hunting is one of the hunting world’s dirtiest secrets and which will shock the vast majority of the public who may be unaware that it is going on. Despite hunting being banned 13 years ago, hunts sadly continue to illegally target foxes and cub hunting teaches their hounds how to kill and get a taste for their blood. Thousands of fox cubs are literally being torn apart in this gruesome practice which exposes the lamentable lies of the hunts that they have stopped targeting British wildlife."

Meanwhile volunteers claim they found nearly 150 cases of badger setts being illegally blocked in and around the Cotswolds in the 2017-18 hunting season. They say they have seen terriermen and others in the vicinity, but say there is no suggestion they are members of the Hunts. Denise Ward, an anti-fox hunting volunteer, told The Independent it was the tip of the iceberg and led to badgers becoming trapped underground. She said: “Trail hunts do not necessitate blocking badger setts so this really exposes the myth that fox hunting no longer goes on. It means double cruelty to our native wildlife - to foxes and badgers. This strong circumstantial evidence of illegal hunting is not widely known among the public."

But the organisation which represents hunts in Gloucestershire and beyond insists they are operating within the law and any evidence should be given to police to investigate. A spokesperson on behalf of the Masters of Foxhounds Association told GloucestershireLive: “The MFHA promotes hunting within the law and in accordance with the Hunting Act 2004. As an Association we are aware that allegations are regularly made or suggested online by anti-hunting groups and activists. They are generally without justification and in many cases are as a result of the accuser having a lack of understanding of the law and how it applies to the activities conducted by Hunts. If a member of the public has evidence of offences being committed in relation to our membership, then they should inform the Police who will conduct a proper investigation if they think that there is sufficient evidence to do so. If any of these allegations are investigated by the appropriate authorities, we anticipate that the Hunts will deal with them. Certainly it would not be appropriate for them, or us, to respond to such allegations through the medium of a news story.”

A spokesman for Gloucestershire Constabulary said: “Our dedicated rural crime officers are keen to address all illegal activity involving wildlife and will investigate any reports they receive from members of the public. We have not received any reports of fox cub hunting recently, but would encourage anyone who is aware of such incidents to report them to us and provide us with as much evidence as possible.”

But the League Against Cruel Sports wants members of the public to help and is offering a reward of up to £1,000 for anyone who can provide evidence leading to a conviction for cub hunting. They are urging people to call police on 101 if they see any evidence of it or their confidential Animal Crimewatch on 01483 361108, email crimewatch@league.org.uk or visit the website.


Cotswold Vale FH pack in cubbing after a bit of sabbing

1-9-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Saturday 1st September 2018. Cotswold Hunt, Miserden    Sabs were in the field by 06.30 and they ran off to some maize. We called the hounds back on a couple of occasions meaning that they lost time hunting a couple of foxes in 2 areas and gave up in the end. 

Afterwards, as this is potentially a new cull zone, we walked some miles sett checking here and in the northern part of the North Wilts zone. healthy setts found, untampered with :). If you like what we do our paypal link is paypal.me/threecountiessabs. 

1-9-18   Facebook – Bath Sabs  VIDEO  Bath, Bristol & Welsh Borders Sab The Opening Cub-Hunt Meet Of The Cotswold Vale    Early this morning sabs from Bath, Bristol and Welsh Borders sab groups headed to Gloucestershire to sab the opening 'cubbing' meet of the Cotswold Vale Farmers Foxhounds.

Cubbing involves training the new hounds to kill fox cubs - something which doesn't come naturally as dogs and foxes belong to the same family (Canidae). If a hound doesn't show a killer instinct, they will be shot; it's not just foxes who suffer at the hands of Hunts.

We found the hunt at their meet which was held at Apperley Hall Farm. The hunt spent much of the day going around and onto land belonging to the Coombe Hill Meadows Nature Reserve; which states on its sign that dogs must be kept on a lead - there was no lead in sight however, as hounds were drawn through fields and coverts to try and get them onto the scent of a fox.

Bristol Sabs saw two foxes bolted from their hiding place but luckily Sabs were on hand to take them off the scent using horn and voice calls. Sabs worked well in their groups all morning, surrounding the hunt at all times. Tensions ran high with a hunt terrierman hitting a female sab in the face - clearly not being able to get his blood fix for the morning had him rattled.

Seeing the Hunt finally packed up at 9am we headed home, happy to have saved innocent lives today. Please support us for the price of a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/bathsabs.


Sabs stop Warwickshire FH settling into cub hunting

1-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    CUB HUNTING - Warwickshire Hunt - Preston on Stour, Saturday 1st September 2018    The Warwickshire Hunt met at Alderminster Farm in Preston on Stour just outside Stratford-Upon-Avon.

After just our third visit to the Warwickshire Hunt this season we are already having a big impact. Our last video showed the Warwickshire Hunt blatantly cub hunting with a fox cub being forced back into the wood by the Hunt.


Today they were trying to avoid similar footage being filmed at all costs. As soon as we got close to the Huntsman he moved off and away from us. The contrast with Wednesday couldn't be greater. A few days ago we filmed the Warwickshire Hunt surrounding the same wood for over 30 minutes. Today we kept the Hunt moving all morning meaning they couldn't hold up and hunt a wood or maize field like they would want to at this time of year.

The Warwickshire Hunt clearly view West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs as a major threat as they assigned 7-8 hunt members complete with pink high-vis vests to follow just two of our foot sabs about everywhere. Also making an appearance to get his fix of early morning cub hunting was former Chief Superintendent of Warwickshire Police David Whitehouse.

We wouldn't be able achieve results like this without your continued donations towards our fuel costs. Thank you to everyone who continues to support us . We aim to be out 3-4 times a week. Any donations towards our fuel costs are greatly appreciated and we hope to keep the Warwickshire on the run. https://network23.org/westmidshuntsabs/donate/   https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs CONTACT US confidentially with any information - Private message On Facebook, Tip off hotline 07767620767, Email: westmidlandhuntsabs@hotmail.co.uk   FOLLOW US - Twitter: https://twitter.com/WestMidsSabs   Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/westmidshuntsabs/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQasUcE9_6GjXF2gOfdYJCQ.


AUGUST 2018 

….. 30th August - Surrey Union FH hunt blatantly at 'newcomers' meet

….. 30th August - S. Herefordshire FH 5 fox cub cruelty case adjourned one month

…… 30th August - Sab/monitor presence prevents Cheshire FH cubbing meet  

….. 29th August - Hunting/Badger charges against Badsworth FH men dropped before trial

….. 29th August - At least 3 killed in open cubbing by Cheshire FH, think antis

….. 29th August - Warwickshire FH caught cub hunting again

….. 29th August - Blackmore FH switch to evening cubbing - but can't escape antis

….. 28th August - Warks FH seen chasing fox by residents who report it to police

….. 27th August - Cotswold FH go cubbing - with ten guns [reason unknown]

….. 27th August - Sabs stop Waveney Harriers killing & pack rioting on to road

….. 27th August - Modbury Harriers blatantly cub hunting, say sabs

….. 25th August - Video shows Cattistock FH cub hunting, claim antis

….. 25th August - Wynnstay FH - possible kill in first early morning cubbing

….. 25th August - Flint & Denbigh FH cubbers kept on move by sabs

….. 25th August - Sabs ensure no cubbing kills by Mendip Farmers FH

….. 25th August - Northants MH supporter damages sab vehicle

….. 23rd August - Quantock SH members illegal hunting trial set for November

….. 21st August - Routine blocking of badger setts evidence fox hunting ongoing

….. 20th August - D&S SH presented severed stag head as prize at country show

….. 20th August - Hampshire FH hounds road-exercised in dangerous, anti-social manner 

….. 20th August - DSSH presented severed stag head as prize at country show

….. 18th August - Waveney Harriers pretend to trail hunt - at 5.30 a.m.

….. 18th August - Vicious, callous bloodsports bullies complain - of being bullied !

….. 17th August - East Sussex FH member summonsed for assault on sab

….. 17th August - Surrey Union FH cubbing meet packed up by sabs

….. 13th August - Two from Buccleuch FH in court charged with illegal hunting

….. 13th August - NT giving S. Shropshire FH favoured access to Long Mynd SSSI

….. 12th August - Blatant cub hunting has already started in Devon, say sabs

….. 12th August - Old Surrey FH falling riders provide plenty work for sab medic

….. 12th August - Fox Hunts merging in order to survive

….. 11th August - Cub hunting has started in Kent - Ashford Valley FH

….. 11th August - Cat just makes it inside as hounds re-invade garden next day

….. 11th August - Visitors to Halifax Country Show warned of hound disease risks

….. 10th August - Kimblewick FH first sick hounds misdiagnosed with leptospirosis

….. 10th August - Dorset hunt dogs invade garden & destroy furniture

….. 10th August - Hunters crow over falling Hunting Act conviction rates

…..  9th August - Rampant sexual abuse revealed at school famed for its hare Hunt

…..  9th August - Sabs ask 'Could Atherstone FH hounds be bTb infected?'

…..  7th August - Members of Meynell FH are participating in badger cull

…..  6th August - Council urged to act on uncleared hunt hound faeces on public land

…..  6th August - Sabs hold further demos at Leicestershire police stations

…..  5th August - Campaign to get Warks FH kicked off Nat. Trust land

…..  5th August - Atherstone FH fundraiser attended by ex BBC presenters

…..  5th August - SNP task junior minister with reform of Scottish hunting ban

…..  4th August - BBC Countryfile attacked for hounds appearance at their roadshow

…..  3rd August - Poor state of kennels may have worsened bTb in Kimblewick FH hounds

…..  2nd August - Badger setts routinely blocked by fox Hunts say monitors

…..  1st August -  Fitzwilliam FH supporter gets CSO for very violent attack on sabs

…..  1st August - Lord Blencathra appointed Deputy Chair of Natural England 


Surrey Union FH hunt blatantly at 'newcomers' meet

30-8-18   Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs    Yesterday, the Surrey Union had their newcomers pony club meet attempting to indoctrinate the younger generation into a life of vile brutal bloodsports.

From the start it was clear they had every intention of illegally hunting. They attempted to draw several woods around the Lukyns estate. Hounds were in and out of cry picking up on a scent with riders and support on point surrounding the woods. They made zero attempt at covering up their illegal hunting. Hounds were rioting all over the place and Andrew Hazletine spent a lot of time trying to gather his lost hounds. How do you lose so many hounds on a 'trail?'

Frustrated they made one last ditch attempt to hunt in Hurt Wood but as hounds went into cry clearly after a fox sabs were there to call them off and mask the scent. Once again with no control over his hounds he spent the remainder of the day trying to get all his hounds back.


S. Herefordshire FH 5 fox cub cruelty case adjourned one month

30-8-18   South Wales Argus    Gwent residents accused over alleged fox cub deaths appear in court THE case against three Gwent people accused of breaching animal welfare laws by killing fox cubs has been adjourned until next month. 

Julie Elmore, Nathan Parry, and Paul Reece were charged earlier this year after a police inquiry into alleged cruelty at a hunting kennel in south Herefordshire. The charges relate to foxes which are alleged to have been killed between May 13 and May 28 2016 at Wormelow, Herefordshire.

Elmore, aged 55, and Parry, 39, both of Brynarw estate near Abergavenny, face four charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal. Reece, 47, from Itton, near Chepstow, faces two charges of causing unnecessary suffering. Paul Oliver, 39, and Hannah Rose, 29, both of Sutton Crosses, near Spalding, Lincolnshire, also face four counts of animal cruelty alongside them.

A district judge adjourned the case against all five defendants after hearing legal submissions at Birmingham Magistrates' Court today. The defendants, who spoke only to confirm their names, addresses and ages during a three-hour hearing, were granted unconditional bail to return to the same court on September 26th.

30-8-18   Getty Images   VIDEO   Five in court for fox cruelty hearing    Five people accused of cruelty against fox cubs arrive at Birmingham Magistrates' Court. Nathan Parry, Julie Elmore and Paul Reece (arriving first, left-to-right), and Paul Oliver and Hannah Rose (second arrival) were charged after a police inquiry into alleged cruelty at a hunting kennel in south Herefordshire between May 13 and May 28 2016.

Elmore, 54, and Parry, 38, both of the Brynarw estate near Abergavenny, face four charges of killing fox cubs, contrary to the 2006 Animal Welfare Act. Oliver, 39, and Rose, 29, both of Sutton Crosses, near Spalding, Lincolnshire, face four counts of animal cruelty. Reece, 47, from Itton, near Chepstow in South Wales, faces two charges of causing unnecessary suffering in Wormelow, Herefordshire, also alleged to have taken place in May 2016.


Sab/monitor presence stops Cheshire FH cubbing meet

30-8-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs    After the three cub kills on Tuesday, Cheshire, North Wales and Cheshire Against Blood Sports decided to get up very early to stop today’s Cheshire Hounds cub meet. We are pleased to say the meet has been cancelled due to our presence. All cubs are safe this morning. There was no offer of tea and toast, tight sods! 

We are all self funding and appreciate any kind donations. Thank you!


Hunting/Badger charges against Badsworth FH men dropped before trial

29-8-18   Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO  ANOTHER CASE DROPPED AGAINST THE BADSWORTH & BRAMHAM MOOR HUNT    A case against members of the Badsworth & Bramham Moor Hunt has been dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service, just days before the trial was due to take place. Sean Stringwell, Daniel Smithson and Michael Sharp faced several charges, including illegal hunting and interference with a badger sett on November 21st, 2017.

The alleged offences occurred just a few days after West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs were attacked with rocks by Badsworth & Bramham Moor terrier men on quad bikes, on November 18th, 2017 (see video). Our driver was left with glass in his eyes and was very lucky to escape without serious injury in this extremely violent and dangerous attack.

The quads used on the day of this attack were picked up by Sean Stringwell - the same Badsworth & Bramham Moor member accused of hunting offences in the most recently dropped case. Stringwell collected the quads from ex-hunt master Nigel Dixon from his home in Burn, North Yorkshire. We understand that Dixon has connections within North Yorkshire Police.

Despite the video evidence of the attack on our van and North Yorkshire Police being aware that Sean Stringwell had the quads that day, in February we were informed by the police that the case was to be dropped because they had no other lines of inquiry to follow.

That's two recent cases against the Badsworth & Bramham Moor hunt to have been dropped, both of them involving Sean Stringwell. We're now left wondering what will have to happen before this Hunt are actually tried for their crimes?

Please help us to continue sabbing the Badsworth & Bramham Moor hunt during the upcoming hunting season. We rely on your kind donations to stop them from killing wildlife: https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs. Thank you.

Pics below   -   1/  Rock being thrown from Hunt quad at sab vehicle    2/  Windscreen smashes as rock hits 

  BadsworthFHRockbeingflungfromterriermenquadsmashessabwindcreen18-11-17.jpg  BadsworthFHRockflungfromterriermenquadsmashessabwindcreen18-11-17.jpg

POWAperson comments   -  What exactly do hunters in North Yorkshire [and elsewhere] have to do to get taken to court? Kill someone?  


At least 3 killed in open cubbing by Cheshire FH, think antis

Police called by monitors took 45 minutes to turn up

29-8-18   Facebook - Cheshire Against Blood Sports    Cheshire Hounds Cub Hunting 28/8/18    This morning the CABS Monitors tenaciously tracked down the Cheshire Hounds to an extremely quiet and secretive location so they could carry out the vile act of cubbing. They met at Oulton View Polo Establishment in Wettenhall shortly after dawn this morning.

CABS monitors proceeded to the meet point, where we were stopped by a rather frazzled hunt supporterCheshireFHThevenueforslaughter28-8-18.jpg who had struggled to find the location due to the Whipper In Jamie Whittles appalling telephone directions when he was doing his ring around to see who fancied fulfilling their blood lust, if the Hunt support want to know where the meets are perhaps they would like to contact us for help...

The Hunt quickly moved away from Oulton View and made the extremely short journey to Oultonlowe Covert where the field quickly surrounded the Covert to prevent the escape of any unfortunate foxes and cubs that happened to call this area their home.

CABS Monitors quickly approached the area from opposing sides and it quickly became apparent from the harrowing cries of the hounds and behaviour of the field that they had tasted fox blood. The numerous actions of saddle slapping and brrrring all tactics designed to scare a fox back into the path of the hounds and the positioning of the field meant no escape routes for them and we strongly believe foxes lost their lives in there.

CheshireFHAntisthinkkilled3cubbing28-8-18.jpgWhile the carnage in the Covert was happening, we were being prevented from getting closer by none other than Charlie Barlow the Hunt Master of the Cheshire Hounds, he actually made a startling revelation of how the Hunts see themselves, so shocking that even his terrier man sidekick accompanying him rolled his eyes so much that they are possibly still in the back of his head... It deserves a post on its own so please keep an eye out for it very soon.

The Hunt then left this Covert and made the very short trip from one side of the road to the other to Philip Gorse, luckily because of the remote location the Hunt spent hardly anytime on the roads and kept disruption to a minimum for any passing locals.

However the lack of compassion for the hounds was again apparent, two young hounds were left behind, one hound was frantically trying to get to her pack. Two of the younger Hunt servants tried to catch her but she backed away in total fear of them, their response was to say “**** it” and they shut the field gate leaving her trapped. The other hound forced it’s way through a hedge, however the second hound was so desperate that she tried to squeeze under the gate, however she became trapped by her neck and had to be assisted by our monitor to prevent injury, we called out to the two useless servants and alerted them to her plight, but as expected they were flippant and dismissive. She eventually through blind panic managed to find a way through, but she will be very sore after her ordeal, yet another innocent victim.

We then made our way to PhilipCheshireFHThislotvs1fox28-8-18.jpg Gorse, where we witnessed a very upsetting event, a fox was seen to break cover from the Gorse but was immediately turned back in by a rider who charged in front of it hollering and he turned it back into the Gorse, we can’t be sure of the fate of this innocent soul but given the unusually large amount of hounds in a relatively small wooded area and the determination of the field to allow no escape we believe this fox was also a casualty.

While this was occurring we also witnessed a rather surreal sight of a woman handing out cake to the field, snacks to watch foxes die, it’s akin to popcorn at the cinema for these people.

We were then joined by some of our friends from Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs who were aware of what was happening and couldn’t sit idly by. 

We had put a call into the police about what we were witnessing and two patrol cars arrived 45 minutes or so after the call, we spoke with the officer and they then proceeded to the meet point, very shortly after this at approximately 9.30 the meet packed up and any surviving foxes could breathe a sigh of relief.

It’s was also surprising to see the return of Gordon Broadhurst, after being given a slap on the wrist by the police for some rather unsavoury behaviour last season it was eye opening to see him present and instead of sporting his big yellow van of horror, which we believe has met its demise at the hands of a car crusher, his vehicle of choice is a small and not very fetching orange number...

It was a harrowing day, it doesn’t matter how many times you witness cubbing or Monitor fox hunts, the sounds of hounds in full cry is soul destroying. However we will not baulk and our team will be here for the foxes until fox hunting is consigned to the history books.


Warwickshire FH caught cub hunting again

29-8-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    CUB HUNTING - Warwickshire Hunt - Honington, Wednesday 29th August Warwickshire    Hunt caught surrounding a small wood for over 30 minutes. Fox cub forced back into wood. A second fox escapes from the same wood.

For more information on cub hunting please visit our website. DONATE - There were two of us out today with the Warwickshire Hunt in Honington. We will be out at least 3-4 times a week. Any donations towards fuel costs are greatly appreciated.


Blackmore FH switch to evening cubbing - but can't escape antis

29-8-18   Facebook - Wildlife Witness    Having been gate-crashed by monitors and sabs at the first early cub-hunting meet on Saturday, The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale hunt (BSV) hoping to avoid the embarassment of, again, having their activities spread over social media and being reported to the police, opted for an unusual evening meet.

Luckily an eagle-eyed local spotted the horseboxes arriving, messaged us and we were soon on the scene and joined by monitors from Dorset Against Blood Sports. Even under difficult conditions we were able to keep an eye on the Hunt for most of the time, watching them hunting the small woods behind the meet at Woodbridge Farm. They then moved northwards towards Rowdens Mill Farm, drawing through small areas of maize with hounds picking up occasionally, before hounds were brought back to the meet and across the busy A3030.


As usual, there was no concern for road-users with a whipper-in on point on the A road [above] and supporters illegally stopping traffic to let their mates cross the road. Like every other incident like this it will be reported to the police - in the vain hope that they will actually do something. The rest of the evening was spent in the woods around Park Farm on the inappropriately named Peaceful Lane. As mentioned above, it's a difficult area to monitor but the hunt knew we were they so even that may have had some effect on their actions.


Warks FH seen chasing fox by residents who report it to police

28-8-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    CUB HUNTING - Warwickshire Hunt - Little Kineton, Tuesday 28th August Local resident witnessed the hounds chasing a fox. We can’t confirm if the fox survived. Incident has been reported to the police by local residents. Caught hunting at Tubbs End Farms - http://www.tubbsendfarms.co.uk/contact.html. Hunt trespass on people's land in Butlers Marston. Annoyed local residents have been given Hounds Off details http://www.houndsoff.co.uk/. For more information on cub hunting please visit our website.

DONATE - There were two of us out today with the Warwickshire Hunt in Little Kineton whilst other members of the group were sett surveying in the area for the badger cull. We will be out at least 3-4 times a week. Any donations towards fuel costs are greatly appreciated.

Anyone wishing to join us please get in touch. CONTACT US confidentially with any information. Private message on Facebook - Tip off hotline 07767620767 - Website  -  Email:- westmidlandhuntsabs@hotmail.co.ukFOLLOW US - Twitter Instagram.   YouTube.



Cotswold FH go cubbing - with ten guns [reason unknown]

27-8-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   Monday 27th August 2018    Well, well, well. The Cotswold Hunt met near Gretton hunting up Stanley Hill at 06.00 this morning and it looks like they have become a gun pack! We caught up with them near the end and they were clearly using around 10 couple of hounds to hunt and about 10 men with guns were accompanying them. Under the Hunting Act only 2 hounds are permitted to flush to guns so no wonder they claimed that they were pigeon shooting....albeit with an entire pack of hounds. They, coincidentally??, packed up pretty quick once we had found them.

As we covered a lot of ground today and the cull is due to start in the North Cotswolds any day time was also put to good use checking setts and latrines. Sabs out again sett checking this afternoon.

Please continue to support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs.

Pics below  -   1/  Huntsman with hounds    2/  2 of the 10 guns 

  CotswoldFHCubbing27-8-18.jpg CotswoldFHCubbing2of10guns27-8-18.jpg


Sabs stop Waveney Harriers killing & hounds rioting on to road

Hound had been killed on same road last year 

27-8-18   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Waveney Harriers – 27th August 2018 Kingfisher Barns, Flixton, Suffolk    Following up on a tip off, we headed out to Kingfisher Barns in Flixton. Home to one of the Waveney's stalwarts, Chris McDaniel. We joined up with friends from Norwich, Suffolk And Essex Hunt Sabs and Norfolk and Suffolk Against Live Quarry Hunting to ruin the Hunt's bank holiday fun.

The Waveneys were kept in sight throughout the morning and had little chance to set their young hounds on fox cubs. At one point Reuben put the pack through a maize field but, with the use of gizmos and hunting horn, sabs were able to pull the hounds out before they found or chased anything [below]. Reuben wasn't happy with this. He started having a go at sabs but was quickly told off by new master Dick Shand. "Reuben! Reuben! Don't engage!" Naughty boy.


A point of note: this maize field was on the B1062 where a Waveney hound was killed in a road traffic collision late last year, when the pack rioted after deer (see link below). Apparently the Hunt didn't give a shit because the exact same thing happened again this morning. They allowed hounds to riot after deer right onto the B1062. Thankfully sabs' actions today ensured last year's disaster wasn't repeated.

After this, Reuben's sparkle seemed to vanish. He spent the rest of the morning hacking from field to field, briefly putting hounds through a small woodland but coming back out within minutes. Someone wasted police time by calling them out but this also meant Reuben could do little but return to the meet.

As usual the Waveneys appeared to have both a bird of prey and a duster for laying a trail (four foot off the ground). This is no more legal than it was last weekend.

We spotted one van arriving covered in a logo for Belton-based On The Go Tyres. Why not ask why them why one of their vehicles is turning up at illegal hunts?

If you can spare any money, it'd go a long way to supporting our fuel costs and other expenses. We appreciate each and every donation received. Check out our ko-fi page below for a quick and easy way to donate. If you'd prefer to donate to us directly, please send a message. https://ko-fi.com/norfolksuffolkhuntsaboteurs.

Pic below  -  Waveney Harriers Heavy Squad with their evil mastermind Wol. 



Modbury Harriers blatantly cub hunting, say sabs

27-8-18   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    Ever wondered what a typical early morning cub-hunt looks like? These pictures were taken this morning, showing the Modbury Harriers trying to kill fox cubs. Hounds had chased a fox into this maize field and riders and hunt staff were positioned on the edge of the maize to stop the fox from escaping while the hounds were in the maize looking for it [below].

This is the form of hunting which the Hunts would rather keep quiet about. Only the die-hard followers get told about it, often there are only a handful of riders involved and there is no extended chase across the countryside. Bagged and hand-reared foxes are frequently used during cubbing, the purpose of which is to train new hounds to get a taste for the kill.

If you spot your Hunt out cubbing in the early hours of the morning or in the late afternoon/evening (when scent conditions are best):- a) Let us know on here or via 07717473305 and b) Call the police and tell them you have witnessed an illegal hunt - get a log number! c) If it's safe to do so, film the Hunt's activities. Try and get close-ups of any of the hunt staff and followers' faces, tell the camera what the time, date and location is and film the movements of the hounds. Try and capture the huntsman's calls and any signals given by followers (e.g. a holloa or a raised arm). Keep the camera rolling throughout so you don't miss anything. If the evidence you gather can be used for a prosecution, it must show Huntsman, hounds and fox in one video clip and must be enough to prove intent, hence the need to capture horn calls, signals from followers and the like.

Your local hunt will be out cubbing several times a week at the moment and this will continue until the start of the main hunting season in November.



Video shows Cattistock FH cub hunting, claim antis

25-8-18   Facebook - Wildlife Witness  VIDEO  Cattistock Hunt cub hunting, 25 August 2018    This is a brief piece of video taken of the Cattistock, cub-hunting which shows foot followers and riders attempting to block the escape of a fox as it runs for its life. Apologies for the quality of the video which was taken from some distance away.

The hounds had been put in to a small wood to the left of the telegraph poles when the fox (not visible in the video) broke cover and ran along the ditch from left to right. Supporters can be seen looking and pointing as riders and supporters on foot attempt, unsuccessfully, to block its escape; the fox then goes in to the wood on the right rapidly followed by the hounds. The disturbing images here are not just the scene of a living creature running for its life but the fact that parents would take young children to watch the event. We will try and improve the video when time permits but with Hunts now out every day of the week bar Sunday it is a challenge to do as much as we would like.

Unlike many of our opponents, our volunteers have full time jobs and bills to pay but more importantly we have families we like to spend time with. Unlike the shameless individuals shown in the video we do not choose to spend our quality family time watching fox cubs being torn apart.

Lastly, many thanks to Weymouth Animal Rights for their work in tracking down the Hunt and for their tireless work keeping these bastards on their toes.


Wynnstay FH - possible kill in first early morning cubbing

Monitors reveal killed late last season - cops investigated 

25-8-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    WYNNSTAY HUNT CUB HUNTING IN WORTHENBURY, SATURDAY 25TH AUGUST 2018    We paid a surprise visit to the first cub hunting meet of the Wynnstay Hunt this morning, who had set off from Turpisford Bridge near Worthenbury, surrounding and flushing woodland for young foxes in the immediate area.

We can reveal that this hunt killed a fox in front of a number of witnesses towards the end of last season (special video posted soon), and were investigated by the police for the first time in many years, so we'll be keeping an extra special eye on them this season.

We arrived shortly after sunrise to find hounds already in cry (on the scent of a fox/foxes). Members of the team quickly entered the area on foot, and we are reviewing footage for a possible kill. We made sure we prevented any further hunting, however, and the rest of the meet mainly involved keeping the hunt on their toes and forcing them to pack up after only a couple of hours, with staff and riders all seeming incredibly rattled.

We were even treated to some of their tired old tactics right from the off, namely accusing us of being paedophiles and only being there to film their children (who, incidentally, they'd brought out to take part in the ceremonial killing of young foxes), trespassing and scaring their horses. They even accused us of "bringing the sabs out" after spotting two masked youths driving a black Ford Fiesta at speed along the lanes and beeping their horn. It turned out to be two of their own staff.

Contact Cheshire Monitors in complete confidence at any time. Message us on Facebook. Text us on 07376 338179. Email us at info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk. Please bookmark our contact details and share this post. Learn the sordid details about what and who are involved in cub hunting here: https://bit.ly/2nSYsKy



Flint & Denbigh FH cubbers kept on move by sabs

25-8-18   Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs    Hit report 25/8/18 Flint and Denbigh cub hunting   North Wales sabs were joined by Cheshire, Derby and Welsh Border Hunt Sabs to make an early morning call to the Flint and Denbigh Hunt's first cub hunting meet of the season.

Sabs were in place at the Flint and Denbigh kennels at 5am this morning expecting the Hunt to leave at 6am... Lazy buggers that the F&D are, horseboxes didn't start to turn up till just before 7am. The Hunt reluctantly left the kennels just after 7am, only to run straight into a large number of sabs.

Huntmaster Jeremy Reed shown what a vile piece of scum he is when he once again made vile comments regarding a sab relative, something we hope he regrets tonight as he lays in bed next to his wife Lucifer. 

Cub hunting is about training this years young hounds to kill. They surround woodlands and keep to cubs in whilst the hounds rip them to bits... This was not allowed to happen today as the Hunt were kept on the run all morning. The Hunt shot off from the kennels with sabs running behind them. A second team of sabs took a vehicle to cut off the Hunt in the opposite direction. 

The Hunt stayed on the road for a long time as they headed through Bont Newydd and towards Cefn Berain. The Hunt finally entered fields with sabs still on their heels. They spent the morning trying to give sabs the slip, which is not what they'd planned to do. 

When the Hunt did finally lose the sabs for a short while the terrierman was spotted out alone, almost as if he was trying to avoid us. With the Hunt doing a vanishing act sabs headed back to see if they had headed back towards the original meeting point. Sabs then ran into 3 police officers and to be fair they weren't that bad... well by North Wales Police standards. 

Sabs then moved on to do another lap of the area and the Hunt had now been located headed back towards the original meeting place. As sabs turned to wave them goodbye the Hunt caused a bit of a scene by blocking the road and stopping a lorry and local farmer getting by. With the Hunt packed up by 10am, Huntmaster Jeremy and wife Lucy again made pillocks out of themselves by attempting to follow sabs home... This moronic behaviour will not be tolerated…

Pics below  -  1/  Leaving the kennels with a big pack - new and older hounds   2/   Huntmaster Jeremy Reed  

  FlintDenbighFHLeavingkennels7am25-8-18.jpg FlintDenbighFHHuntmasterJeremyReed25-8-18.jpg


Sabs ensure no cubbing kills by Mendip Farmers FH

25-8-18   Facebook - Bath Hunt Saboteurs    It's no secret that at this time of year Hunt Sab groups areMendipFarmersFHIllicituseofemployervehicleatcubhunt25-8-18.jpg stretched trying to cover both the 'Cubbing' season and the Badger cull - but that didn't stop us sending out a small team of Sabs with Bristol Hunt Saboteurs to sab the opening meet of the Mendip Farmers' Hunt today.

The Hunt met at Holmwood Farm, close to East Harptree at 6am, just around the corner from Chairman Tim Pullen's house. With one sab vehicle in position at the meet and another ready watching a neighbouring covert, our team were literally right behind the Hunt as they left the meet and headed off to draw hounds through Preston's Wood. With 4 terrier quads out, we knew the Hunt meant to kill today. We met with the usual road blocking antics by hunt supporters, which we were easily able to navigate around.

Next the Hunt headed off to Burges's Combe. Hounds did go briefly into cry on occasion but we do not believe any lives were lost today. Sabs used their experience in navigating to keep up with the Hunt and voice calls to lift the hounds' heads up when they got onto a scent.


MendipFarmersFHSupportblockingroad25-8-18.jpgIt was interesting to see a Highway Maintenance vehicle being used at this illegal fox hunt - we wonder how the hunt supporter's employers will feel about this.

We last sabbed this Hunt towards the end of the last season and we will be seeing them again soon! Once we were sure the Hunt had packed up at 9.15am we then headed off to our cull zone to check on our Badger setts and make sure they were still safe. It was lovely to see one of our setts had been having a 'spring clean' with lots of bedding having been brought out!

A long and tiring day for us but we headed home happy that lives had been saved ��. You can contribute to our fuel fund for the price of a coffee at ko-fi.com/bathsabs - thank you.



Northants MH supporter damages sab vehicle

25-8-18   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    As the fox Hunts gear up for cubbing the mink Hunts are having their final meets of the season and the Northants Mink Hounds were no exception. It was another eagle eyed member of the public once again that noted something was not quite right at Mill Farm, Gayhurst so spread the word and a small team of sabs were assembled at short notice from ourselves and North Cambs Hunt Sabs to find out what they were up to.

As what always seems to be the case, once sabs were spotted the hunt panicked and quickly packed up and left the scene, clearly they know they are guilty of criminality and chose to run.

However it seems that someone connected with the Hunt or the land owner took exception to having their gruesome fun thwarted and removed the AT plug from the North Cambs vehicle and let all the fluid drain out. They were forced to call in the AA to tow them home.

This kind of petty tactic just means these people will be getting much more attention in the future, we'll be watching... and waiting. https://ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs.


Quantock SH members illegal hunting trial set for November 

23-8-18   LACS Press Release    Trial date set for Quantock Staghounds members accused of illegal deer hunting    Two members of the Quantock Staghounds accused of allegedly illegally hunting a deer with hounds are to face trail at Taunton Deane Magistrates’ Court on Monday, November 12th.

Huntsman Richard Down, aged 54, of West Bagborough near Taunton, and whipper-in Martin Watts, aged 55, of Washford, are being prosecuted for alleged illegal hunting with dogs on 22ndJanuary 2018, contrary to Section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004.

The two men made a first appearance in court earlier this week at Taunton Deane Magistrates and pleaded not guilty – the forthcoming trial in November is expected to last two days. The high-profile case is based on evidence provided to Avon & Somerset Police by investigators employed by the League Against Cruel Sports, which is an animal welfare charity.

The case comes 13 years after hunting was banned in England and Wales with the introduction of the Hunting Act 2004, which came into force in February 2005.


Routine blocking of setts evidence fox hunting is ongoing

21-8-18   Independent    VIDEO   Fox hunt supporters 'routinely' blocking badger setts, leaving animals to suffocate or starve to death    Fox hunt supporters are systematically blocking badger setts, leaving the legally protected mammals to slowly suffocate, campaigners said. Volunteers said they filmed, photographed or noted nearly 150 cases of setts being blocked in and around the Cotswolds in the 2017-18 hunting season, and have sent a dossier to police. But they believe such illegal activity is commonplace across the British countryside.

Hunt supporters are suspected of blocking setts to prevent foxes “going to ground” – escaping – while being chased by packs of hounds trained to target and savage them. However, the 1992 Protection of Badgers Act made it an offence to kill a badger or damage, destroy, obstruct or disturb a badger’s home. Observers say the alleged blocking of setts also offers circumstantial proof of widespread illegal fox hunting. Since the 2004 Hunting Act was passed, Hunts are permitted only to “trail hunt” – using a pre-laid fox scent trail for hounds to follow. Badger setts do not need to be blocked for 'trail hunting'. Badgersettbeingblocked8-18.jpg

Hunt monitors from Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Cirencester say they recorded 148 instances when the entrances to setts were covered over. In many cases, they said they saw terriermen openly associated with Hunts, unidentified men or masked men carrying out the blocking [right, covertly filmed at 7.46 am], either the evening before a hunt meet or on the morning of the hunt. Terriermen traditionally accompany hunts. According to the League Against Cruel Sports, they normally following riders on quad-bikes with terrier dogs in cages, which are used to flush out foxes that have gone underground. There is no suggestion that representatives from the Hunts were themselves involved in the alleged activity.

Photographs show that sometimes sett entrances are covered with just earth, leaves and twigs, but some have been seen blocked with compacted soil, heavy clay, building rubble, rocks, plastic drums, fence posts and other heavy objects that would be impossible for badgers underneath to move. The animals then become trapped and suffocate or starve to death.

Denise Ward, an anti-fox hunting volunteer, told The Independent: “We recorded over 140 blocked setts but we think our recordings could be the tip of the iceberg across Britain. We covered a small minority of hunt days and only covered a limited area, but it does give a clear picture of the incidence of badger sett blocking. “Trail hunts do not necessitate blocking badger setts so this really exposes the myth that fox hunting no longer goes on. It means double cruelty to our native wildlife – to foxes and badgers. This strong circumstantial evidence of illegal hunting is not widely known among the public.”

Many of the sett blockings were in the official badger cull zone, increasing the threat to biosecurity, according to campaigners. It is well known that when badger families are disrupted through deaths, others move into the area. Until hunting was outlawed in 2005, it was legal to temporarily block badger setts with soft soil or straw but the practice is still believed to be widespread across the UK.

Steve Harris, head of enforcement at the League Against Cruel Sports, said badgers would suffocate when entrances are blocked by heavy duty items if there were no other sett exits. “Tunnels are no wider than a badger and one trying to dig its way out would have nowhere to put the soil. It would need to excavate around itself first,” he said. “Sett interference is very widespread. It takes up more than half of reported incidents of badger persecution to the National Wildlife Crime Unit. Data shows a clear correlation between sett blocking and the hunting season – it peaks in the winter and drops in the summer, taking off again in autumn.”

The Independent asked the hunting group that the campaigners claim had the most evidence against it for comment. One senior member said: “I have no evidence of what you are talking about. You should speak to the Masters of Foxhounds Association. I have no idea who you are – you could be anyone,” before terminating the call. One of the joint honorary secretaries said: “We have a lot of these types of allegations, which are completely unfounded. The police are carrying out enquiries and no response has been made to us.” The Independent has asked the Masters of Foxhounds Association to comment but had not received a response at time of publication. Gloucestershire Police, which received a copy of the monitors’ report, has also been contacted to establish whether it plans to act on the dossier.


D&S SH presented severed stag head as prize at country show

20-8-18   LACS Press Release    Severed stag-head presented as country show ‘prize’ by controversial deer hunting pack     The presentation of a severed stag’s head by the Devon and Somerset Staghounds as a ‘prize’ at the Dunster Show on Friday has been slammed as ‘macabre’ by a leading animal welfare charity.

The stag’s head was presented to the winner of the ‘Hunters Horse Trial Championship’. However, despite being promoted in the show’s programme, the awarding ceremony was performed out of view from ordinary show-goers, in what appears to be an attempt to maintain secrecy around the killing of wildlife still performed by the Devon and Somerset Staghounds.

Chris Luffingham, Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, says:- “Surely we’re not the only ones who think that presenting the severed head of a stag as a prize at a country show is, at best, inappropriate, and worst, sick and macabre? In the past week alone, a member of the League’s staff has twice witnessed majestic stags being chased across Exmoor to exhaustion, followed by a group of baying huntsmen and their hounds from the Devon and Somerset Staghounds. Sadly, scenes like this are not uncommon, despite overwhelming public opposition to hunting with hounds.”

To think it could have been the head of one of these stags, which almost certainly met their bloody fate at the end of a huntsman’s shotgun before being carved up and reduced to a mere ‘prize’ is chilling. The organisers must ensure this annual, grisly spectacle is never repeated and the invitation for the Devon and Somerset Staghounds to parade around the grounds not re-issued.”


The League Against Cruel Sports, which monitors illegal hunting activity in the region, has called on show organisers for the annual spectacle and accompanying hunt parade to be pulled from all future events.

The Hunt which attends the show every year to present a stag’s head ‘prize’ actively pursues at least 285 red deer to the point of exhaustion with stag hounds, across the Exmoor countryside each season. This seasonally includes exceptionally vulnerable wild animals, such as those which are young or pregnant. Once the lengthy pursuit has come to an end, each of the deer receives a bullet through the head from a shotgun-wielding huntsman, before the animals’ limbs and innards are carved up and handed out as trophies.

Whilst such practices would normally be illegal under the Hunting Act 2004, the Devon and Somerset Staghounds exploit a loophole in the legislation to conduct deer hunting under the guise of ‘scientific research’ – much like the Japanese whalers who receive international condemnation for killing wildlife under the same implausible excuse, the League adds.

Petition - If you want to see an end to the killing of animals by hunts in the UK, please sign the League’s petition, stop the killing of animals by hunts, here.

Pic above   -   Stag hunted by the D&S SH on 24-10-13, about to be killed


Hampshire FH hounds road-exercised in dangerous, anti-social manner

Gardens invaded, groom refused to pick up hound faeces 

20-8-18   Facebook - Surrey Hunt Monitors   Saturday, 18th August again found us in Ropley before sunrise, near the Hampshire Hunt kennels.

At 06:30 a.m., the huntsman, whip and groom were exercising the hounds on their pushbikes, with no Hi-Vis vests or lights, along the twisting and dangerous rural roads in Ropley. Hounds were all over the road and were not leashed. As they were not out hunting, the Hunts' usual defence under S 27 RTA that the hounds were on the road for "sporting purposes" doesn't apply, so we have reported them to the police.


Apart from the chaos caused when approached by oncoming vehicles on blind bends [above], the hounds were also filmed running into private properties, and crapping along the road and verges [below].   We filmed the groom watching a hound crap on a well maintained grass verge by a post-box. We asked the female groom on the bike if she was going to pick it up, and she just ignored us and rode off leaving the dog mess. Poor postie!! There must be quite a lot of hound faeces on the roads around Ropley.


It is a shame for the good people of Ropley that they have to exercise their dogs within the law and as good countryside neighbours clean their dog mess up. These rules don't seem to apply to the Hampshire Hunt, so much for countryside 'alliance'!!


Waveney Harriers pretend to trail hunt - at 5.30 a.m.

18-8-18   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Waveney Harriers – 18th August 2018 -  The Kennels, Ilketshall St Andrew – Suffolk    Today we caught up with the Waveney Harriers as they set out from their kennels at 5.30am. First day back after the summer holidays! Reuben played silly buggers for a while in fields east of Becks Green Lane before galloping off into the distance. Foot sabs got held up trying to have a friendly chat with John Whyte but he only seemed interested in telling us to get off the land.


Eventually we caught back up with Reuben and the hounds around Gorse Thick and followed him towards Wood Farm. Just north of the farm building is a field of tall maize, through which Reuben put the hounds. Funny place to be trail hunting isn't it? We'd seen two horses out a little earlier waving a rag several feet off the ground so we assume that's what they were pretending. However the Waveneys were also carting an eagle owl around with them at the same time. You can't 'trail hunt' AND use the falconry exemption. So which is it, guys?


The Hunt returned to the kennels just before 8am without having killed, as far as we could tell.

With the season now gearing up, we're going to be spending a lot of money on fuel. If you can help us out with that by buying a ko-fi it'd be massively appreciated. We're also looking at buying a handheld GPS for our foot sabs so any money we get will go towards that as well. If you'd like to donate to us directly then send a message. https://ko-fi.com/norfolksuffolkhuntsaboteurs.

Pics above  -  Upper,  Red sky in the morning, fox cubs' warning.  Lower,  No sign of trail thru maize.

Pics above  -  1/  Eagle owl and handler     2/  Please take me home with you 

  WaveneyHarriersEagleowl18-8-18.jpg WaveneyHarriersPleasetakemehome18-8-18.jpg


Vicious, callous bloodsports bullies complain - of being bullied !

18-8-18   Daily Telegraph   Rural way of life under attack, as two thirds report online bullying over support for country sports    Nearly two thirds of people living in the countryside say they have been harassed online due to their support for country sports and that social media companies are failing to help.

The survey of 500 people by the Countryside Alliance lays bare the degree of abuse meted out to people living in the countryside from activists. Rural dwellers reported how activists posted photographs of their children, as well as their emails and telephone numbers, generating death threats. Last night the Government said it would publish new guidance later this year to crack down on the abuse from so-called online "trolls" and consider whether new laws are needed.

Asked whether they had "experienced any online bullying or harassment related to your support for country sports", 62 per cent of those who replied said they had. Of those 47 per cent said it was due to their support for hunting and 32 per cent said it was linked to shooting.

More than three quarters - 78 per cent - reported that online bullying or harassment had worsened over the past year. Eight out of 10 people said social media companies like Facebook and Twitter did not do "enough to protect the expression of views related to country sports".

One respondent told the Alliance how their "pictures have been manipulated and posted on social media, pictures of my front door and children have been put online with comments calling me a paedophile." Another said: "I had a really bad experience last winter with regard to the hunting debate. I was called a criminal a murderer and likened to a paedophile." A third respondent said: "These anti-hunting people can be violent, aggressive and downright cruel. I also had a threat to my property and my three beautiful Labradors, one of which is a rescue dog."

Nearly half of those replying to the survey said they had changed their behaviour on social media as a result of bullying or harassment, including blocking individuals, engaging less often with posts or not uploading pictures. Others had deleted all their social media accounts, creating a second social media presence where it was 'safe" to discuss support for hunting and shooting, and changing or removing their names to make it harder to be identified.

Asked about the nature of the abuse, people said they had received death threats in online forums, had their addresses and number plate details shared online and that social media had been used to generate emails and telephone calls to people's employers trying to lose them their jobs.

Sarah Lee, head of policy at the Countryside Alliance, said: “The online bullying of rural communities who support country sports continues to grow year on year and has become more aggressive and antagonistic. When we first raised the issue last year we asked social media platforms to take action and to understand the serious nature of animal rights extremists online. We were met with platitudes that they take all forms of bullying seriously, yet our survey results tell a different story. The Government and social media platforms need to act now to reassure country sports supporters that content on platforms is policed properly and all forms of abuse are taken seriously no matter which community is targeted."

Simon Hart, the Conservative MP and a former chief executive of the Alliance, added: "These results show the extent to which online bullying is a problem and one that has no geographical limits. However the net is closing on these people."

Ministers are currently considering a new law to force social media companies to follow a new code of conduct and report evidence of wrongdoing, while also considering whether the law is "fit for purpose" in tackling online abusive communications. Mr Hart added: "The days of mindless trolls who think this sort of stuff is either acceptable or effective are numbered. It won’t be long before we find out if they are as brave when the police come knocking at the door as they are pressing their send buttons.”

A Government spokesman said: "We've proposed a social media code of practice which sets clear responsibilities for industry to tackle bullying on their platforms and improve support for users. And we are currently developing new world-leading laws to address the full range of online harms and make the UK the safest place to be online.”

POWAperson comments  -  I know it's silly season, but really. Blood sports fanatics gain pleasure from targeting, terrorising and killing defenceless wild animals. Anyone who challenges them, still more to try to protect their victims, is likely to be treated, at best, to tirades of abuse, whether in the flesh or online. But it goes much further.

Threats, serious harassment, violence, the theft and destruction of property are commonly met by monitors and sabs. Two have been killed in the hunting fields, dozens have received serious injuries, hundreds less serious. Some have been targeted at home for attacks, including arson, tyre slashing, the dumping of dead animals, etc, which is why some sabs feel the need to disguise their identities. Anti's vehicles are frequently attacked and damaged, often while occupied.

Hundreds of examples could be given, but here are just five recent ones:- 

1/ Last season, a female sab who had been hit in the face by an ex-Director of the Warwickshire Hunt at a meet [he was cautioned] subsequently received death and rape threats online. 

2/  That same sab was then taken to court on the unsubstantiated claims of three Atherstone FH hunters, charged with harassing and abusing the men at the hunt kennels. She was able to prove in court that the accusations had no foundation in fact and the case was dismissed. The men have not been charged with perverting the course of justice or perjury. 

3/  A female sab was hit hard in the head with his crop by a Director of that same Atherstone FH, who went on to issue a string of homophobic abuse at a male sab. He was convicted in absentia of both offences, having jumped bail and failed to turn up for his trial.

4/ Two terriermen from the Belvoir FH were controversially given just suspended sentences for breaking the neck of a former police officer League Against Cruel Sports investigator and wounding another to the head in a violent, pre-meditated attack by six hunt thugs. They refused to name their fellow assailants. A Joint Master of the Hunt gave the two violent criminals 'character' references in court. To the best of my knowledge they remain welcome at the Hunt, as do almost all those hunters, including hunt employees and officials, convicted of offences against antis.

5/  A female rider with the East Sussex FH repeatedly rode her horse at a female sab, which was filmed, as was what happened next. Seeing no other way to protect his colleague, a male sab grabbed the reins of her horse in an attempt to restrain her. It is very common for riders from quarry Hunts to use their horses as weapons against sabs. She then hit him 17 times over the head with her crop, causing injuries. She was not charged. The same woman had, a couple of weeks earlier, had to be restrained by her husband from attacking sabs while she verbally abused them, as soon as they turned up at a meet of the Mid Sussex Drag Hounds, having been tipped off by a member of the public that a Hunt was meeting there. Sabs were quickly satisfied that it was a genuine drag hunt and they left, as they have no interest in such Hunts, but only in the very many quarry Hunts who flaunt the law and continue to chase and slaughter wild mammals for 'sport' while pretending to be 'trail hunting' or flushing quarry to birds of prey. They can nearly always get away with this because of the weak wording and loopholes in the Hunting Act 2004.

In recent decades, though most attacks on antis are never dealt with by the authorities, hundreds of hunters have been convicted of, or cautioned for, acts of violence, threatening behaviour, criminal damage and theft against sabs and monitors [of most of which I have details] Only a small handful of antis have been similarly dealt with, though most police seem far readier to listen sympathetically to, often false, hunter complaints than real and serious ones by sabs/monitors. Last year 19 police cars attended as a result of a completely fake complaint by Fitzwilliam FH hunters about the nature of what some sabs were carrying ! Even police helicopters have been known to be employed for equally flimsy reasons. Grandiose claims of violence by hunters against antis are often made - but almost never backed by actual evidence, even though hunters have been filming routinely virtually every move made by sabs and monitors in the hunting fields for several years.

The 'paedophile' claims above are perhaps the most laughable. All those who sab or monitor hunts regularly will have been called 'paedophile' not once but hundreds of times. Some Hunts have even been known to deliberately push children with them into antis' camera shots, in the vain belief that this will somehow provide 'proof' of the accusations they know are wholly false and scurrilous.  

Death threats cannot be condoned and abuse tends to be counter-productive, besides demeaning those who engage in it. But  for the dealers in death and violence against the helpless, the innocent and the outnumbered, and lie continuously about why and what they do, to complain that THEY are being 'bullied' is way beyond a joke, it is simply despicable.   


East Sussex FH member summonsed for assault on sab

17-8-18   Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs    We are pleased to report that a member of the East Sussex & Romney Marsh hunt has been summonsed to appear in Brighton court in a few weeks, following an assault on a sab last season.

Pic below  -  Woman rider with this Hunt whipped a sab 17 times in November 2017. She had allegedly been riding her horse into a female colleague of the sab. He grabbed the reins in an attempt to stop his colleague being ridden down. Police decided to take no action against the woman rider. She is the wife of a prominent London hotelier. Among sabs the Hunt has a reputation for violence beyond the normal.



Surrey Union FH cubbing meet packed up by sabs

17-8-18   Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs    Some early rising sabs caught the Surrey Union Hunt at Wintershall this morning. Unable to hunt illegally, they packed up soon afterwards. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/guildford-northdowns-sabs.



Two from Buccleuch FH in court charged with illegal hunting

13-8-18    Border Telegraph    Buccleuch members alleged to have breached fox hunting laws SCOTLAND'S fox hunting legislation is set to face another major legal challenge with the prosecution of two leading huntsmen. Timothy Allen, who is 40, and 28-year-old Shaun Anderson of the Buccleuch Hunt, have been charged with deliberately hunting a fox with a pack of dogs. The offence is alleged to have been committed on land surrounding Whitton Farm near Morebattle on December 20th.

Both men, who live at Eildon, near Melrose, pleaded not guilty at Jedburgh Sheriff Court last week and three days have been set aside for a trial starting on October 8th. It is understood film evidence will be led which has been submitted by investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports.

It will be the latest challenge to the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002 which was recently subject to a review by Lord Bonomy, who made a number of recommendations for changes. The main purpose of the Act is to ban the deployment of dogs to chase and kill wild mammals. However it also provides a number of exceptions which allow the limited use of dogs for certain situations.

Father and son John Clive Richardson, 67, and 24-year-old Johnny Riley became the first members of a mounted hunt to be successfully prosecuted in June since the Act was introduced north of the Border. The Jedforest Hunt members were filmed by investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports.

Following eight days of evidence, Sheriff Peter Paterson ruled that in two incidents Richardson and Riley were in breach of the Act and found them guilty of deliberately hunting a fox with dogs. Riley - who was in charge of the hunt - was fined £400 at Selkirk Sheriff Court and Richardson, described as having a lesser role, fined £250.

There have also been a number of successful prosecutions under the Act involving individuals who are not part of recognised Hunts.

Pic below   -  Duke of Buccleuch's FH allegedly hunting a fox in 2014. Filmed by LACS investigators. There was no prosecution.



NT giving S.Shrops FH favoured access to Long Mynd SSSI

13-8-18   Facebook - National Dis-Trust    Long Mynd, a Site of Special Scientific Interest in Shropshire N.Trust_S.Shrops_trailhuntmap8-18.jpgthat belongs to the National Trust, asks that visitors keep their dogs under close control on their arrival, something the Trust can enforce with byelaws.

But just look at the map  that has accompanied the licence the Trust has granted to the South Shropshire Foxhounds year after year after year. It includes a section (the majority of the site) titled ‘entry only permitted when the hounds run in’.

Quite interesting isn’t it? Why would this ‘allowance’ need to be offered to a trail hunt if they are following a pre-laid trail that cannot go through the area in question? Why would the Trust grant a licence to a hunt that it does not believe can control its own hounds when it specifically asks every (non-hunting) visitor to keep dogs under close control to protect wildlife, ponies & sheep?

Why are the South Shropshire Foxhounds the only people in the country offered permission to let their hounds rampage across this sensitive nature reserve contrary to the site’s own byelaws, Higher Level Stewardship agreement & SSSI designation? We will pursue answers to these questions as we call for hunting to be fully banned on Long Mynd.

#trailhuntlies #clusterfuck #houndrampage #stopthehunts


Blatant cub hunting has already started in Devon, say sabs

Strongly suspect some foxes fleeing from Eggesford FH were 'bagged' 

Sabs report Culmstock MH support for abuse, threats car blocking 

12-8-18   Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs    Cubbing is in full swing across Devon now    We were back in action yesterday, putting a stop to the Eggesford Hunt's early morning attempts to kill fox cubs. Hunts are out multiple times a week training new hounds to get a taste for fox blood. They hunt in the early morning hours or late in the afternoon, when scent conditions are best in the summer. Some hunts will start off on foot and some on horseback. If you see or hear a Hunt in your local area, contact us via Facebook, email to devoncountysabs@riseup.net or via phone/text to 07717473305.

The Eggesford met in a field opposite Nethercott Farm on the edge of Chawleigh at 6am. They had only just arrived in the field and hadn't even got the hounds out of the van when a small fox ran across theEggesfordFHTerriermanpretendstlaytrail11-8-18.jpg road from a neighbouring field and into the field of the meet. The fox looked disorientated, almost definitely a bagged fox released for the hunt.

While sabs covered the fox's scent, Seward Folland, one of the Hunt's terriermen, took an old rag from his quadbike (yes, the quad that carries terriers to dig out foxes) and started 'jogging' around the edge of the field, dragging his 'trail' [right]. He did this so the Hunt could claim their hounds were following a 'trail' if they got onto the scent of the fox that had just run across the field.

That was the only time anyone from the Hunt adopted the pretence of laying a trail and for the next two hours hounds were put onto the line of live foxes fleeing from coverts around the valley. We suspect many of them were bagged and released for the hunt. The behaviour of the foxes we saw was indicative of this. Foxes that are released into unfamiliar territory don't have established escape routes and look panicked and confused. So much for 'pest control' and 'sport'.... Huntsman Jason Marles [left] boasted that we wouldn't be able to stop his hounds as he'd "been at it all summer".

EggesfordFHHuntsmanJasonMarles11-8-18.jpgWe took up positions around the Nethercott valley, as hounds were entered into one covert after another. First it was a woodland, then a maize field, then back to a woodland and then back to the original maize field. Each time hounds were entered, foot followers [below] who had come out for the pleasure of witnessing an animal get ripped to shreds were stationed on the outside of the covert, slapping their thighs, banging sticks against fences and gates and making noise to keep hounds and foxes from leaving the covert.

This is characteristic of cub-hunting. There is no chase, no exhilarating ride across the countryside. The objective is simple: kill as many foxes as possible, as quickly as possible to train the new intake of hounds. Cub-hunting also teaches surviving foxes that the only way to escape is to submit to the chase and run from cover. If you stay put, you'll be killed. The majority of foxes killed by Hunts are killed during the autumn cub-hunting season.


Hounds were in and out of cry for two hours, running up and down the valley, with Marles in tow on foot. At one point another disorientated-looking young fox burst out of a hedge directly next to our sabs and zig-zagged across a brassica field [below]. Hounds were not far behind but the smelly brassicas mixed with the scent of citronella prevented hounds from picking up on the fox's scent and sabs turned them back in the opposite direction. Hunt followers put their arms up and pointed out the direction the fox had run so Marles could put the hounds straight on its line. The pack was frequently split on both sides of the main valley and a horn-blowing battle ensued between sabs on one side and Huntsman on the other.


By 8am, the Hunt had finished and the hounds were returned to the kennels [pic below, on way home]. Our sabs, who'd only had a few hours sleep and got up at 3am to be at the meet in time, went for breakfast and received news that the Culmstock Mink Hunt's hound trailer had been spotted heading towards Bampton.


Just before midday, we located the Hunt in a field at Holmingham Farm, west of the river Exe. As soon as he spotted us, Huntsman Mickey Hibberd made a phone call to a band of rent-a-thugs, who came out to try and harass us as we stood next to the A396 monitoring the Hunt from across the river. When calling us 'hill-billies' and 'dirty lesbians' didn't get a reaction, they threatened to throw sabs in the river. "Leave or you'll go swimming". Desperate but failing to get a reaction, they eventually drove off.

We reported their threats and later attempts at blocking our vehicle on a country lane to the police and will be providing them with the footage. Meanwhile, the Hunt was delayed for over an hour and we weren't sure they were going to go out at all. When they eventually began drawing the river Exe, we monitored them for some time before having to call it a day as some of our sabs needed to head off.

We can't always respond to last-minute tip-offs but if we're in the area we may be able to go along and monitor for a few hours, so please keep sending us information via Facebook, email (devoncountysabs@riseup.net) or phone to 07717473305. If you are in a position to contribute to our fuel costs, you can donate via https://www.paypal.me/dchs. Get in touch if you want to join us!


Old Surrey FH falling riders provide plenty work for sab medic

12-8-18   Facebook - Greater South London Hunt Saboteurs   Good day out. Kennel watching since 4am meant we were on the Old Surrey and Burstow hunt as soon as they left home. They were hosting an unofficial pony club meet at Pootings Road, Edenbridge/Four Elms.

Early on a female rider came off, and sab medic attended. This was met with abuse from two female support who the sab called over to bring water to their friend.

Not long after, a horse reared and fell backwards, landing on the elderly male rider. Sab medic attended again, despite at first being stopped from attending by a rider who rode her horse at the sab medic to intercept. But other Hunt members were grateful and allowed sab medic to do clinical obs and talk to ambulance service. An ambulance and a air ambulance were despatched.

The 74 year old casualty would not lay still, despite advice, and ended up rejecting the air ambulance (wasteful of public money) but went off in ambulance. Old guy said he would shoot the horse, that it was fine in the stable but stupid out on rides... We think you shouldn't ride horses anyway (unethical) but especially if you can't even control your horse. Jeeeeese. Medic sab negotiated to adopt horse and therefore save it from the bullet... We will follow up on this. Rider was very grateful to sab medic despite the fact it was an anti attending him...


Hunt staff Ben was not so, getting very pissy when asked what they would do with Beaula, a young female hound on only her second time out who was not wanting to keep up with the pack. Ben dragged her off but once he saw sab camera filming he was all "good girl, good girl". He also had a big attitude change when the master was in earshot... funny that.

On the way back to the meet they went through a river. A young kid couldn't get her pony across, and despite repeating " no, mummy, he doesn't like water! " quite a few times, her mother was insistent and tried to push the pony into the water with her own horse... pony refused and kid fell off...all completely unnecessary.

Noticed that the majority of public footpath signs had been covered over. We took grid refs and pictures and will report to various stakeholders. Nice to see our mates from Croydon, West Kent and East Kent groups.


Fox Hunts merging in order to survive

12-8-18   Daily Telegraph    Fox Hunts are merging to survive as experts say that the future of the tradition will push different groups to join forces    Hunts are merging to survive as experts say that Britain’s shrinking countryside will see more groups joining forces. Two Essex Hunts will this season become one in a move that they say has made them financially stronger and more able to deal with the challenges that they face.

Countryside groups say that the future of the sport lies in more co-operation and are encouraging others to follow suit, saying that it is the “logical and sensible” thing to do as costs rise and available land disappears.

Lord Mancroft [right], chairman of the Council of Hunting Associations and chairman of the Master ofLordBenjaminMancroft.jpg Foxhounds Association, said: “The countryside is shrinking, partly because of development and the huge increase in traffic and roads and partly because of an increase in shooting. Rather than endlessly going over the same bit of country it makes sense for Hunts to merge or amalgamate to make better use of country.

I am trying to encourage them to be more flexible and redraw Hunt boundaries because I want people to have as much fun as possible. Hunting is the great survivor. Everyone said that it would be stopped by barbed wire and then by roads and railways, but it hasn’t been; it has survived and it remains immensely popular.”

Christopher Padfield MFH is master of the Essex Hunt which in May this year officially merged with the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt to make the Essex with Farmers and Union Hunt. In the five seasons that he has been Master he has noticed that their country has changed, he said adding: “We need to adapt and it would be foolish for any business or any sport not to take on board the challenges that we face.”

Changing landscapes are not the only challenges facing the tradition, which has had to adapt in the wake of the 2004 ban and faces regular disruption from saboteurs. “We have to adapt to the limitations that we have to work within,” Mr Padfield said. “In doing what we have done we have made a very viable, fiscally strong Hunt. We have a good mastership and I would like to think that we lead from the front and uphold strong standards. The anti-hunting fraternity is just an issue that we have to work alongside and a strong and well run Hunt is a good way of working around that parameter.”

While adapting to new laws, Hunts have not changed the way that they are run in the last 50 years. At the same time costs continue to rise and it is thought that many will follow the lead of Essex. Mr Padfield said: “You can’t just think ‘we will be fine’ – life isn’t like that. If we thought like that we would still have black and white TV, talk on landlines and not have email. Life is always changing and it is important to adapt. We have done it for positive reasons and we have done it from a position of strength and not weakness and that is important.

Simon Hart MP, a hunting supporter and former chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said that merging is “fundamental to the future of hunting and the future of hunting’s relationship with the public”. “Now is a good time look and think we are struggling, my neighbour is struggling, their neighbour is struggling, let’s share some of our resources and out limited open spaces and make ourselves sustainable for the next 20 or 30 years rather than lurching from one opportunity to another. I think it would be an entirely logical and sensible way to go.”

POWAperson comments  -  So, confirmation from the Telegraph that they are FOX Hunts. Well, it's an open secret. Lord Mancroft himself hunts with the Beaufort FH, which has been repeatedly filmed chasing foxes.  


Cub hunting has started in Kent - Ashford Valley FH

Shambolic, with three riders falling off their horses

11-8-18   Facebook - West Kent Hunt Sabs   SATURDAY 11th AUGUST - CUB HUNTING HAS BEGUN IN KENT    Today was a day of firsts; Our first time sabbing in our new vehicle and our first time sabbing in the new 2018/2019 hunting season - which unfortunately means cub hunting or 'Cubbing' has begun in Kent.

We joined forces with our good friends East Kent Sabs and headed over early doors to keep an eye on the Ashford Valley & Tickham Hunt kennelled in Hothfield. After a while, it became clear that they weren't going to be terrorising our wildlife today so we headed swiftly over to Edenbridge where we had got wind that the Old Surrey Burstow & West Kent Hunt were meeting in Pooting.

We arrived there shortly after they had left the meet and along with Croydon Sabs we went in straight after them. The only way to describe the hunt today was a complete shambles from start to finish. Our sabs were with them making sure that no wildlife was pursued. To be honest the hounds seemed completely disinterested in the Huntsman and his commands and spent a lot of the morning seeking attention from us - which of course we obliged!

The day ended successfully for us and for the wildlife of Kent as they packed up shortly after 3 hours. That wasn't before THREE riders fell off their horses including one huntsman [below]. At least one rider had to be air-lifted to hospital with a suspected spinal injury. Our deepest sympathy goes out to those riders and we really wish they were more careful.... did somebody say karma?


We also noted the extraordinary lengths the Hunt went to keep us away from them today by covering public footpath signs and locking public access gates... we wonder what Kent County Council would think of this?

As always we have ongoing vehicle costs so anything you can do to keep us in the field is hugely appreciated! - https://www.paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA.

Pics below  -  1/  Footpath sign covered up by Hunt     2/  Hounds get some sab love

  AshfordValleyFHHuntcoveredupfootpathsigns11-8-18.jpg  AshfordValleyFHHoundsgetsablove11-8-18.jpg


Cat just makes it inside as hounds re-invade garden next day

11-8-18   Facebook - Philippa McKee   Despite "profuse apologies and reassurances" from the owners at the farm, less than 24 hours later the same Hounds were back in the garden this very morning. Our older Cat managed to escape and came tearing into the house.

This time I thank God that we don't store the Shotgun here or else I would be in a Police Cell right now...

POWAperson adds  -  This is a follow-up to the item below dated 10-8-18 by Ben Kaye. 


Kimblewick FH first sick hounds misdiagnosed with leptospirosis

Pack kept hunting, though that disease causes cattle abortions

10-8-18   Facebook - TB Free England    Back to Kimblewick...   Seems the Hunt suspected the first two hounds to die had leptospirosis. Leptospirosis, spread via urine on grass, causes cattle to abort... Yet they kept using hounds across farms on hunts.

As it happens they had Bovine TB, but even if it was "just" Leptospirosis this shows a marked lack of respect or concern for the farms they were hunting on.


POWAperson adds  - Leptospirosis is commonly known as Weil's Disease. A number of mammals can contract, carry and pass on the bacterium. It is often spread in rat or mouse urine which could be deposited anywhere in the environment, including watercourses, drinking troughs, etc. Handling infected animals, or animal parts, is another way the disease can be contracted. It is very serious, potentially fatal if not speedily treated. Cattle are susceptible and in pregnant cows it is liable to be abortifacient. One of our dogs once acquired leptospirosis and was very poorly. The vet was able to save him, though he died a couple of years later of renal failure probably caused by the disease.    


Visitors to Halifax Country Show warned of hound disease risks

11-8-18   Instagram League Against Cruel Sports    WARNING! Hunts are known carriers of diseases such as bovine Tb. Enter Country Shows at your own risk.    #halifaxcountryshow



Dorset hunt dogs invade garden and destroy furniture

10-8-18   Facebook - Ben Kaye    It's been snowing in Dorset! Actually it hasn't. Two hunting Hounds and a Terrier came into our garden today and ripped up our garden furniture. Thank God neither our older Cat nor two new kittens were outside at the time...   #HoundsOff



Hunters crow over falling Hunting Act conviction rates

10-8-18   Daily Telegraph    Hunting conviction rates fall to all time low as campaigners say act is 'in tatters'    Hunting conviction rates have fallen to all time low as a series of high profile cases have collapsed, it can be revealed. Just over 40 per cent of cases prosecuted last year resulted in a conviction, almost half the general conviction rate for other offences. Pro-hunting campaigners say it shows that the Hunting Act "lies in tatters" and the Government should look again at the law which "too complex".

The figures have emerged just months after a judge ordered that almost £60,000 in costs be paid to three members of the Grove and Rufford Hunt who were wrongly convicted on the basis of "selective" evidence. According to figures released by the Ministry of Justice, of the 52 prosecutions brought under the Hunting Act in 2017 only 22 resulted in convictions. The 42% conviction rate is the lowest since the law came into force in 2005, dropping from 54pc in 2016.

According to the latest figures available from the CPS, the overall magistrates court conviction rate stands at 85.3pc and Crown Court at 79.9pc. Though the figures for 2018 are not yet available, there have so far been 36 completed prosecutions of registered fox hunts, leading to 14 convictions.

Of the 2017 convictions only one involved a registered Hunt. Huntsman George Adams of the Fitzwilliam Hunt whilst is co-defendant, falconer John Mease, was cleared. Mr Adams has been given leave to appeal and his case will be heard in January. If successful then it would be the latest in a string of cases that have fallen apart.

As well as the successful appeal of the Grove and Rufford Hunt, the case against three members of the Derwent Hunt was dropped last year after magistrates ruled that there was no case to answer and in March Evo Shirley from the Portman Hunt was cleared on the basis there was no evidence. Kim Richardson, Joint Master and Huntsman of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt, was also cleared on appeal earlier this year of a separate offence of a public order offence after a run in with a saboteur.

Simon Hart, the Tory MP for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, said: "Prosecutors have discovered that the Act isn't particularly straightforward. Just because it looks like hunting it doesn't mean that it is."

Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: “These figures demonstrate unequivocally that the Hunting Act lies in tatters." He said that the "vast majority" of those prosecuted are poachers or casual hunters who "would have been guilty of offences which pre-existed the Hunting Act anyway." Mr Bonner added: “I am sure that people would rather their local police officers spent their time investigating real crimes, but they have a legal obligation to investigate allegations, however spurious and however much police resources could be better used elsewhere. The law that was supposed to have got rid of Hunts is now being used as little more than a vehicle to harass them.”

Earlier this year Theresa May abandoned a manifesto pledge to give MPs a free vote on overturning the fox hunting ban saying that there would be no government time for a Bill to before this Parliament ends in 2019. There was speculation that the Prime Minister, who has always been in favour of hunting, was attempting to create a more caring image for the Tories following her disastrous election campaign.

Peter White, of the Grove and Rufford hunt, also called on the Government to look again at the act as "it is a complex act and I don't think the CPS and police fully understand it". He spent a year "classed as a criminal" in which time he was goaded by anti-hunt protesters and the stress played on the mind of his wife and daughters. Because of the convictions the hunt was barred from meeting in Bawtry market square on Boxing Day. Mr White, 58, whose farm has been targeted by thieves on three occasions says that there are "far, far bigger issues with rural crime than the hunting act" and it is a "waste of time and resources". The line layer, whose conviction alongside Paul Larby and Jane Wright was described by the appeal judge as a “serious injustice”, also raised concern that much of the evidence comes from anti-hunting campaigners. “With modern media they are editing everything so carefully to make it look worse than it actually is," he said.

A spokesman for the CPS said: “Annual fluctuations in conviction figures may be due to a number of reasons, including the number of defendants involved in a case, the rate at which prosecutions have been completed, and the volume of referrals to the CPS.”

A spokesman for the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs said: "“It is an offence to hunt a wild mammal with dogs and anyone who believes illegal hunting is taking place or they have evidence of illegal hunting should report it to the police. Between 2005 and 2017, a total of 469 individuals were found guilty of offences under the Act. The Government has no plans to amend the provisions in the Act during this parliament”.

POWAperson comments  -  You'd have thought Telegraph journalists could have got their facts right.  The Fitzwilliam FH Huntsman's conviction was in April this year, not in 2017. There were, in fact, no successful prosecutions of persons from organised Hunts in England & Wales in either 2017 or 2016. The last before this year was in July 2015. This despite the fact that it's an open secret that practically all traditional quarry hunts are continuing to chase and kill wild animals, largely in the guise of 'trail hunting'. Many hunt quite blatantly. We all know the reasons for this - it starts with the gross inadequacies of the Hunting Act which presents an almost impossibly high evidential bar. It is, as Simon Hart writes, 'not straightforward'. Indeed, the crucial parts of it might have been written to make it very hard to secure a conviction against organised hunters.

This, in turn, has either discouraged police and CPS from even attempting to bring illegal hunters to book, or given them an excuse not to try. Falling police numbers can hardly have helped [though one police force this year had enough resources to send 19 police cars out in response to what was a false report by hunters regarding what sabs were doing]. The extreme difficulty of securing prosecutions, the attitude of some police forces the feeble sanctions applied even in the rare event of convictions and the failure in court or dropping by the CPS of apparent 'slam dunk' cases, has, in turn, persuaded many monitors and sabs that there is little point giving evidence to the authorities and that publishing it on social media and trying to get mainstream media to run the stories is more productive, given we have a pro-hunting government at present. As the sabs say 'No justice, just us'.


Rampant sexual abuse revealed at school famed for its hare Hunt

Ampleforth College harshly criticised for failure to prevent abuse 

9-8-18  Sky News   Catholic school monks 'did not hide sexual interest from young boys', abuse inquiry finds - The inquiry found the scale of abuse at Ampleforth and Downside is probably higher than is reflected in the number of convictions    Monks at two leading Roman Catholic schools did not hide their sexual interest from young boys as young as seven, an inquiry has found.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), led by professor Alexis Jay, has investigated whether Ampleforth in North Yorkshire and Downside in Somerset failed to protect pupils from predators. Lawyers representing former students allege the schools turned a blind eye to offending over many years. Victims were as young as 11 at Downside and seven at Ampleforth.

One alleged offender at Ampleforth abused at least 11 children aged between eight and 12 over a "sustained period of time", but died before police could investigate. The inquiry's findings have been published after evidence hearings last year, which lasted weeks. Ten people, mostly monks, connected to Ampleforth and Downside have been convicted or cautioned in relation to offences involving sexual activity with a large number of children, or pornography. The inquiry found that many perpetrators did not hide their sexual interests from the boys.

At Ampleforth, this included communal activities, both outdoors and indoors, involving fondling ofAmpleforthCollegeBeagles.jpg children, mutual and group masturbation. The inquiry added that the true scale of sexual abuse of children in the schools over 40 years was likely to be considerably higher than is reflected in the number of perpetrators convicted.

It added: "Both Ampleforth and Downside prioritised the monks and their own reputations over the protection of children, manoeuvring monks away from the schools in order to avoid scandal. Those who received them would sometimes not be adequately informed of the risk. Downside in particular tried to pave the way for the return of abusive monks after the boys who might have known them had left."

The inquiry also said that after the Nolan Report in 2001 - which investigated clerical child abuse and put measures in place to end it - the wider Catholic church seemed to not challenge Ampleforth and Downside when it failed to implement the measures.

The inquiry said: "There was hostility to Nolan in both institutions [Ampleforth and Downside] for some years after its adoption. They seemed to take a view that its implementation was neither obligatory nor desirable. And this view seemed to go unchallenged by the wider Catholic Church."

Allegations stretching back to the 1960s encompassed "a wide spectrum of physical abuse, much of which had sadistic and sexual overtones", according to the report. It concluded: "Whilst some steps have been taken, neither Ampleforth nor Downside has formally established a comprehensive redress scheme, financial or otherwise, and other than in the context of this inquiry, no public apology has been made." Child protection issues were not limited to the distant past, the report found...

24-7-18 The Tablet Ampleforth headmaster suspended from Head's Conference over safeguarding concerns - The suspension comes after the Charity Commission announced in April that it had appointed an interim manager to take control of key pupil welfare    The headmaster of one of Britain’s leading Catholic schools, Ampleforth, has been suspended from the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC) amid ongoing concerns over abuse and safeguarding. The HMC confirmed that the headmaster of the school in North Yorkshire, Fr Wulstan Peterburs, has been suspended.

The suspension comes after the Charity Commission announced in April that it had appointed an interim manager to take control of key pupil welfare responsibilities at Ampleforth Abbey and the St Laurence Education trust which runs Ampleforth’s prep school, St Martin’s Ampleforth. The commission said it had taken action because of “continued concerns about the extent to which current safeguarding risks to pupils at the schools run by the charities are being adequately managed.”...

It opened inquiries into Ampleforth Abbey and the St Laurence Education Trust in 2016 over their handling of allegations of child sexual abuse. A series of recommendations arising from the review were published in March 2017. Last November, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) heard that multiple allegations of sexual abuse had been made against 40 monks and teachers at the boarding school and Abbey. The claims spanned the past 60 years. Since 1996, three monks and two lay teachers have been convicted of sex crimes against pupils...

POWAperson adds  -  On 28-2-18, the HSA reported that there was ample evidence that the College pack was still illegally hunting hares. Their activity was openly related in the Hunt's newsletter which was on the school's website. It was removed shortly after the HSA's expose.

Antis have long argued that involving youngsters in the chasing and killing of wild animals for 'sport' is in itself a form of child abuse. Somehow it comes as no surprise that this was accompanied by widespread - indeed, the inquiry found, at times open, sexual abuse of pupils by staff members, who, in this case, were also monks. These abuses of children, alongside the terrorisation of wildlife, have been going on unchecked for decades at Ampleforth.


Sabs ask 'Could Atherstone FH hounds be bTb infected?'

9-8-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Are the Atherstone Hunt spreading bovine tuberculosis?   Researchers from the University of Edinburgh published a report - 'An outbreak of tuberculosis due to Mycobacterium bovis infection in a pack of English Foxhounds' on 31st July. This led the RSPCA to call for regulation of hunt kennels after almost 100 hounds had to be put down after an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis due to dirty and overcrowded kennels.

Sources from within the Atherstone Hunt have previously described to us the conditions of the Hunt's kennels as filthy. Given the recent report into the outbreak of bTb at the Kimblewick Hunt it is these type of “conditions that created an ideal opportunity for the spread of disease”.

The report by researchers from the University of Edinburgh described some of the symptoms of the hounds. “The pack had experienced an outbreak of upper respiratory tract disease in the previous weeks, resulting in a number of individual hounds suffering from reduced body condition, lethargy and poor appetite.”

Similar symptoms were noticed in the Atherstone Hounds with several hounds looking extremely undernourished. Indeed we were so concerned about one hound that we took it to the local vets. (Cue accusations of us stealing hounds from the Atherstone Hunt). The Atherstone Hunt claimed these symptoms were the result of their hounds having had kennel cough.

The Atherstone hounds have had kennel cough twice over the past few years, again the conditions of the kennels would make the hounds more susceptible to infection. But we only have the hunts word that it was kennel cough and not something else.

Since we first started focusing on the Atherstone Hunt in 2014 there have been 77 outbreaks of bTb on farms located in the area that the Atherstone Hunt hunts in. Of those 77 farms 26 are farms that the Atherstone Hunt have either met at or accessed in order to hunt on their land.

Whilst the government continues to wage a war against the country's badgers the role of fox hunts spreading bovine tuberculosis is being overlooked. Hounds regularly come into contact with cattle and can travel through numerous farms and farmland during a day’s hunting. Over the course of a hunting season there is the potential for a hunt to spread bovine tuberculosis over a wide area.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have said that the risk of transmission from dogs to humans was “plausible and real”. This would be the hunts terriermen who have regular close contact with the hounds. The same terriermen who also regularly block badger setts. We covertly filmed the Atherstone Hunt’s terrierman blocking in a badger sett a few years ago. The implication being that by blocking setts and by digging them out the terriermen could also be infecting badgers.

It’s astonishing that as the badger cull will be starting imminently in new zones around the country fox hunts are allowed to travel all over the countryside with no regulation. If the government was serious about stopping bTb it would ban all hunting activity in all high risk and edge area zones and introduce strict biosecurity measures for all Hunts.

POWAperson adds  -   Whilst the post by W.Midlands sabs constitutes little more than speculation as far as the Atherstone FH is concerned, the outbreak of bTb at the Kimblewick FH does give very real concern that hunting hounds may indeed be a significant vector in the spread of bTb., a concern that is not currently being investigated by any authority on the subject.  


Members of Meynell FH are participating in badger cull

7-8-18   Facebook - Stop the cull     Just because Derbyshire Badger cull farmers are paranoid, doesn't mean the pixies aren't watching them...    Tonight people involved in the Derbyshire badger cull have held a meeting. They're so scared of people finding out who they are, that they asked people to go to McMurtry and Harding vets on the edge of Ashbourne. They were then redirected to Wyaston village hall!Stop the cull activists were watching the entire process and were able to gain vital intelligence about who's involved in the Derbyshire cull.

Members of the local fox Hunt, the Meynell and South Staffs were in attendance, once again showing the link between hunts and the badger cull.


Council urged to act on uncleared hunt hound faeces on public routes

6-8-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   ONE LAW FOR US, ANOTHER FOR THE HUNT?    The Cheshire Hounds Hunt have again this morning been seen allowing numerous hounds to defecate along the 'multi user public footpath' the Whitegate Way, making no attempt to clear up after them.

The council have already intimated to us that they are addressing this situation, but welcome any further information. This is a regular occurrence as the hunt kennels are located very close by (see map: https://binged.it/2Kshr7G) and so they use the Whitegate Way to 'exercise' their hounds all the time, usually early morning. Hunting hounds are also proven to carry TB. (see: https://bit.ly/2vfREL7).

If you have witnessed the hunt failing to clear up after their hounds, then don't hesitate to report it to the Council. You can do so online (here: https://bit.ly/2MnwG3r) or by calling Cheshire West & Chester Council on 0300 123 8123 (ask for the Regulatory Services extension).



Sabs hold further demos at Leics police stations

Protesting at the force's alleged pro-hunt bias

6-8-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    POLICE DEMONSTRATIONS    On Saturday we held demonstrations outside two of Leicestershire Police's police stations to highlight what we believe is corrupt and biased policing at the heart of Leicestershire Police’s hunting operation, Operation Blackthorn.


Leicestershire Police consistently treat fox hunters differently to hunt saboteurs, we want Leicestershire Police to be more accountable for their actions. One of their officers DS Matt Trott has made his opinions on hunt saboteurs clear. Yet despite this clear conflict of interest he continues to be allowed to investigate hunting issues.

Please sign and share our petition to get DS Mat Trott removed from Operation Blackthorn - https://chn.ge/2MXYNH5     #OperationBlackthorn    #leicestershirepolice. You can now follow us on Twitter - Instagram and YouTube.



Campaign to get Warks FH kicked off Nat. Trust land

5-8-18   Facebook - National Dis-Trust    We visited both Upton House and Gardens NT and Countryfile Live, an event co-hosted by the National Trust, to highlight the Warwickshire Hunt & many other so-called 'trail hunts' using Trust land. To see information on the Warwickshire Hunt's licence, see here -> bit.ly/2qVx94r.

West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs have footage of the Warwickshire Hunt pursuing foxes repeatedly throughout the 2017/18 hunting season, see here -> bit.ly/2ESCsdI.

To sign the petition to kick the Warwickshire Hunt off Upton House and Farnborough Hall, see here -> bit.ly/2klChhC. #trailhuntlies



Atherstone FH fundraiser attended by ex BBC presenters

One of them is a Parish Council Chairman

Hunt make hounds race on very hot day at the event

5-8-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    ATHERSTONE HUNT DEMONSTRATION   Former BBC presenters / chair of hunts parish council attend Atherstone Hunt fundraising event - Hunt races hounds in 27℃ heat Last year we held a peaceful demonstration outside the Atherstone Hunt's kennels to protest against their hound racing fundraising event. Three members of the Atherstone Hunt conspired with Leicestershire Police to try and send an innocent person to prison and take out a restraining order against one of us in an attempt to stifle peaceful and legitimate protest. They failed after their lies were exposed in court and the magistrates stated they were unreliable as witnesses. One of those Hunt members, Oliver Hope was an employee of the Hunt whilst the other two Mark Halford and Mike Lane (huntsman) were both joint-masters of the Hunt and also on the Hunt's board of directors.

Another director of the Atherstone Hunt was recently found guilty of assaulting a hunt saboteur after he hit her over the head with his riding crop. He was also found guilty of making homophobic comments and of skipping bail. These are just the latest in over 20 convictions associated with the Atherstone Hunt. All are for violence and anti-social behaviour.

At the same hound racing event two years ago we held a demonstration outside the kennels after we had just exposed the Atherstone Hunt for employing a neo-nazi. This was on top of numerous racist comments made by supporters of the Atherstone Hunt. Our main reason for being their, of course, is the fact that the Atherstone Hunt chase and kill foxes. We have filmed them doing so countless times over the past few years.

The hound racing event itself was of a similar low turnout to the previous two years. However two local residents who did decide to show their support for one of the most notorious fox hunts in the country were former BBC presenters Kay Alexander and husband Brian Conway. Conway is now chairman of Witherley Parish council. You can complain about the chairman of Witherley Parish Council supporting a violent, racist, sexist and homophobic fox hunt by contacting the parish clerk [ clerk@witherleyparishcouncil.gov.uk ].

Is a supporter of such a violent and bigoted Hunt a suitable Ambassador of the National Forest? If you think not then why not contact them. We have filmed the Atherstone Hunt hunting and trespassing in numerous National Forest owned woods over the past few years [ http://www.nationalforest.org/contact/ ].

Finally as if to demonstrate just how much they care about their hounds the Atherstone Hunt went ahead with their hound racing despite the temperature being around 27℃.



SNP task junior minister with reform of Scottish hunting ban

5-8-18   Sunday Herald   Scotland's fox hunting reform remit handed to junior minister   The new Scottish Government minister responsible for reforming fox hunting legislation has been urged to ban the “barbaric sport”. Mairi Gougeon [below left] was promoted to the newly created position of Minister for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment in Nicola Sturgeon’s recent reshuffle.

The Sunday Herald has learned that one of Gougeon’s first tasks will be to decide whether to overhaul the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act following a review by former judge Lord Bonomy which recommended strengthening the legislation.

MairiGougeonMSP.jpgCabinet secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, Roseanna Cunningham, had responsibility before Gougeon took it on. The junior minister met stakeholders this week, including the Scottish Countryside Alliance, which is pro-hunting, and animal welfare charities the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland.

Gougeon, who was first elected to the Scottish Parliament in 2016, is understood to be considering how to respond to a public consultation which showed overwhelming support for reform. Almost all of the 18,787 respondents indicated support for moves which would strengthen the 2002 law. The Bonomy review concluded that there are still “aspects and features of the legislation which complicate unduly the detection, investigation and prosecution of alleged offences”.

The Scottish Government analysis of the public consultation said: “Between 94 per cent and 98 per cent of respondents indicated support for or agreement with each of Lord Bonomy’s proposals for reform. These figures reflect the very large campaign response. Among the organisational respondents, animal welfare charities and campaign groups indicated support, whereas countryside management and sporting groups generally indicated opposition.”

The 2002 act banned hunts from using dogs to track down and tear apart foxes. The existing legislation still allows huntsmen to use dogs to flush animals from cover before they are shot. The Scottish Countryside Alliance has always insisted all hunts have operated within the law since the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act was passed, but animal welfare charities have gathered evidence which appears to contradict this position. The new season begins on November 1st.

Robbie Marsland, director of the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, said: “With this year's hunting season getting closer, it's disappointing that we are still in the same position as previous years with a law which is highly ineffective in doing what it was intended for. However, we are pleased to have a new minister tasked with progressing Bonomy's recommendations and we are keen to work productively with her to ensure that fox hunting is really banned in Scotland – for good.”

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone added: “New minister Mairi Gougeon can hit the ground running and show real commitment to animal welfare in Scotland by making this legislation fit for purpose, properly banning fox hunting for once and for all. I will do all that I can to support her in ending this barbaric sport. Polling shows she will have the support too of the overwhelming majority of people in this country.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “We are committed to ensuring the highest welfare standards for all animals – including those in the wild. Almost 20,000 people responded to our consultation on Lord Bonomy’s recommendations and we have now published the consultation analysis which the newly appointed Minister for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment Mairi Gougeon will consider before setting out next steps as part of her remit which includes animal welfare.”


BBC Countryfile attacked for hounds appearance at their roadshow

4-8-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   BBC COUNTRYFILE - SHAME ON YOU!    Shame on BBC Countryfile Live (in association with the National Trust) for inviting the so-called Countryside Alliance to use their show for it’s shockingly blatant propaganda, using hunting hound puppies, who over the hunting season could be transmitting TB across the English countryside as they illegally hunt and kill foxes, to promote the barbarity of hunting.

Please ask BBC Countryfile Live why, in this day and age with at least 84% of the population actively against hunting, they are encouraging this cruel and grotesque pastime. Visit:- www.facebook.com/pg/bbccountryfilelive/reviews/ . Email:-  countryfile@bbc.co.uk

4-8-18   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch    How low can Countryfile stoop?   How after all the hours of film showing illegal hunting on land including that of the National Trust's, can they (BBC) continue to condone, by osmosis, this abhorrent activity. What a shame on them and the Royal Family for continuing to support this nasty pass time and their complicit propaganda.



Poor state of kennels may have worsened bTb in Kimblewick FH hounds

Report says nearly one hundred hounds were destroyed as a result

Kennel worker was infected during the outbreak 

3-8-18   Farmers' Guardian    Poor hunt kennel conditions could have made TB problem worse, report finds     An outbreak of TB in a Buckinghamshire hunt kennels which led to nearly 100 dogs being destroyed could have been exacerbated by the conditions the animals were living in, an investigation has found. Ninety-seven dogs out of 164 tested positive for the disease when the alarm was raised at the Kimblewick Hunt kennels in December 2016.

A number of dogs were showing signs of the disease when officers from the Animal and Plant Health Agency were called in. A kennel worker had also contracted the disease, the report by researchers from the University of Edinburgh said. It was not clear how the outbreak had occurred, but the researchers said the conditions at the site could have had an impact.

From a host perspective of transmission dynamics, the kennel stocking density was higher than thatKimblewickFHBoxingDaymeet.jpg recommended by the Masters of Foxhounds Association,” the report said. This would have created an ideal opportunity for spread of disease once the index case became clinically sick and infectious. Similarly, the physiological stress of overcrowding may have made individuals more susceptible to infection. A number of the kennels were in suboptimal states of repair. This meant that once the kennels became contaminated, it was almost impossible to appropriately disinfect them. They have since been destroyed completely and the kennel has moved to a new, clean site.”

The Kimblewick Hunt kennel in Aylesbury, is situated within the designated Edge Area of bovine TB incidence. The hounds work across six counties, four of which are also within the Edge Area, and two in the Low Risk Area, up to three times weekly during the peak of their hunting season, from August to April.

As is the case with many hunt kennels, the hounds were predominately fed raw meat, offal and bone. When the outbreak occurred, it was thought contaminated meat could have been the source. However, a total of 24 carcases were sourced from an Approved Finishing Unit (AFU) for negative‐testing cattle from TB restricted farms.

The report added: “No tuberculous lesions had been confirmed at post‐mortem meat inspection in the abattoir in any cattle from the unit over the previous three years, reflecting the fact that most were sourced from low cattle TB incidence areas, that is, from across the Low Risk Area and/or low incidence parts of the Edge Area. Apart from the AFU, six carcases were collected from farms with a history of TB breakdowns caused by genotype M. bovis—two dating back to breakdowns in 2014 and one in early 2016 due to the purchase of one infected cow.”

Defra has since introduced tighter restrictions on the collection and feeding of fallen stock to hounds in registered kennels and so-called ‘flesh feeding’ has been banned in England. Hunt kennel operators must also carry out additional examinations for lesions of TB in fallen stock originating from High Risk areas.

Looking at the likelihood of an infected badger or carcase being the source of the infection, the report said it was unlikely, though ‘this could have been missed’. Kennel staff reported that direct contact between wildlife and working hounds during exercise was unlikely. The likelihood of infection whilst exercising was considered very low, but with high uncertainty associated with wildlife prevalence and general lack of quantification of the transmission pathways from the environment,” the report added.

3-8-18   Times   TB outbreak forces Kimblewick Hunt to kill nearly 100 hounds    Almost 100 foxhounds were put down after an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis swept through their dirty, overcrowded and dilapidated hunt kennels. A kennel worker tested positive for the disease after the outbreak at the Kimblewick Hunt’s headquarters near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, an investigation has found. 

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh said that the risk of transmission from dogs to humans was “plausible and real”. Their findings will raise fears that hounds can spread TB to other animals, which farmers have called “the greatest threat” to the dairy industry.

The first infected dog was found in December 2016 and a further 96 of the hunt’s 164 dogs tested positive and had to be destroyed. The report, published online by Wiley, said that the hunt had broken industry guidelines on kennel densities. “Similarly, the physiological stress of overcrowding may have made individuals more susceptible to infection,” the findings said.

The Hunt has since demolished the kennels and built new ones. The source of the outbreak has not been identified, but may have come from infected meat.


6-8-18   The Canary   The ‘remarkable’ number of foxhounds reportedly killed because of bovine TB has just quadrupled    Nearly 100 foxhounds from a single hunt have been killed because of bovine tuberculosis (bTB), a recently published study reveals. This is four times more than originally confirmed by the Kimblewick Hunt. And this news arrives around the time badger culling normally begins.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh published An outbreak of tuberculosis due to Mycobacterium bovis infection in a pack of English Foxhounds on 31 July. It investigates the Kimblewick Hunt, whose hounds were killed following an outbreak of bTB in December 2016.

The story originally broke in March 2017. At the time, “about 25 hounds” were put down, the Kimblewick Hunt claimed. But the recently released University of Edinburgh report confirms [paywall] 97 hounds were killed.

A December 2017 report [pdf, p32] by Prof Stephen Harris and Dr Jo Dorning for the League Against Cruel Sports responded with surprise at the initially reported figure:- 'In the UK bTB is rarely recorded in dogs. Only eight cases were diagnosed in dogs from 1993 to 2009 … and these were invariably isolated cases… Thus the number of hounds infected with bTB at the Kimblewick Hunt is particular remarkable.' The actual figure, therefore, comes as a bombshell.

Easy access and bad conditions - While the League’s report suggested [pdf, p43] an “infected carcase” fed to the hounds might be the source of bTB infection among the Kimblewick Hunt’s hounds, the University of Edinburgh report is less clear. It says:- 'The likelihood of feeding infected material to the hounds at this kennel was consequently assessed as low, but with a medium level of uncertainty regarding prevalence of carcase infection and dose–response in dogs.'

The report also looks at three other possible routes of infection. Exposure to livestock or wildlife with bTB while outside the kennels; infected wildlife entering the kennels; and already infected hounds entering the kennels. The first two routes are unlikely. The latter was most likely due to a number of dogs from other kennels located in high-risk bTB areas entering the Kimblewick Hunt’s kennels.

The researchers also highlighted kennel conditions as a major factor. Overcrowding of hounds allowed “an ideal opportunity” for bTB to break out. This high density may also have stressed the animals, making them more liable for infection. And kennel buildings in “sub-optimal” states of repair meant proper disinfection was impossible. The investigation also discovered that one human had subsequently contracted latent TB.

Hunts, the invisible vector? - Infection of bTB in hunting hounds is significant because they have received sparse attention as a transmitter of the disease. While the government’s preferred strategy of culling badgers continues to expand, the Kimblewick Hunt hounds show that other factors are at work. At the time of infection, there were 35 known cases of bTB amongst cattle herds in the area covered by the Kimblewick Hunt. Just four months later, in April 2017, there were 90.

Harris and Dorning’s report for the League lays out a number of risks posed by infected hunting hounds. These include the animals travelling through farms and farmland during a day’s hunting. Hunting hounds also have lower veterinary standards than domestic dogs. These and other risks mean hunts haven’t received proper scrutiny in their role as possible spreaders of bTB.

Get Involved! - Support the Hunt Saboteurs Association or join your local sab group. Check out the League Against Cruel Sports for more information about this case and the fight against all bloodsports.


Badger setts routinely blocked by fox Hunts say monitors

Police say it is too 'difficult' to investigate

2-8-18    BBC News    Badger sett entrances 'blocked illegally by hunts'    Badger setts in parts of the west of England have been blocked illegally by people taking part in trail hunting, a group of hunt monitors has claimed The group said it reported 20 incidents in areas including Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire.

The Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) said it promotes hunting "within the law". Gloucestershire Constabulary said it was often difficult to investigate due to setts being in "remote locations".

Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch said it had reported at least 20 alleged illegally blocked badger setts to police forces around the region between January and March this year. Twelve of those were in Gloucestershire, three in Wiltshire, three in the West Mercia Police region and one each in the Avon and Somerset and Thames Valley Police force areas.

The hunting of wild animals with dogs was made illegal in England and Wales in 2005, and replaced by trail hunting, which sees hounds and riders follow a pre-laid scent along an agreed route.

But Denise Ward from Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch said: "We're witnessing fox hunting, there's no such thing as trail hunting. She said the setts were being blocked to "prevent a fox escaping into them, because it's very hard to extract. There's absolutely no reason to block any setts or earths. We're finding that wherever the hunt goes out, the badger setts will be blocked on the morning of the hunt or the night before."

Ch. Insp Richard Pegler from Gloucestershire Police said "a number of incidents" had been reported this year, but it was often "difficult" to investigate the allegations due to them being in "remote rural locations". "It's very difficult to obtain evidence to investigate and potentially prosecute."

Tim Easby, director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA), which each hunt in the area where the alleged incidents were reported is a member of, said the MFHA "promotes hunting within the law and in accordance with the Hunting Act 2004". It is illegal to block access to an active badger sett in England and Wales under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992.

2-8-18   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    With regard to the BBC interview put out today by Points West - the scale of badger sett blocking relating to hunts is absolutely huge and hunt sabs and badger groups up and down the country have been out in the field tirelessly finding these setts and reporting them to the police whilst hunt monitoring/sabbing or sett surveying during the ongoing badger culls. The 20 incidents mentioned only relates to setts found over a 3 month period in 2018 by CIHW. Gloucester Badger Office/Three Counties Hunt Sabs have been working on collating blocked setts for years receiving information from other groups as well as CIHW more recently. There is a huge amount of relevant information which can be accessed on their links:-





POWAperson adds  -   The blocking of badger setts is a routine part of fox hunting and both continue routinely in all parts of the country. Police must by now have thousands of reports from sabs and monitors, yet appear to do nothing about it. A staggering dereliction of duty by, in particular, police wildlife officers.



Fitzwilliam FH supporter gets CSO for very violent attack on sabs

Others participated but only he was charged

1-8-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Fitzwilliam Hunt supporter convicted of violent attack on hunt sabs    Today in Peterborough Magistrates Court, Barry Watson [below right], of Glatton in Cambridgeshire, was convicted of assault and criminal damage. He carried out a violent and unprovoked road-rage style attack on members of the public who were monitoring his favourite fox hunt, convicted wildlife criminals the Fitzwilliam Hunt of Peterborough.

Mr Watson pleaded guilty to the charges put to him, admitting that on the 11th of February 2018, withFitzwilliamFHOneofthugsBarryWatsonwhoattackedsabcarwithweapons10-2-18.jpg the help of his friends and using his Land Rover, he chased and then forced another vehicle, carrying seven local anti-hunt protestors, to stop on a remote country lane in Cambridgeshire.

The North Cambs Hunt Sabs vehicle had driven to the area shortly before, with the occupants engaged in peacefully watching out for illegal hunting activity. However, this vehicle was well known to the hunt supporters and a co-ordinated attack unfolded, without the activists even sighting the Hunt. This savage incident was achieved with the help of several other off-road vehicles, including those driven by his friends Clive and Paul Castle, local men who are related to the master of the Fitzwilliam Hunt (Phillip Baker) and the secretary of the Hunt Supporters Club (Sally Ann Castle). The party of hunt vehicles surrounded the activists’ Mitsubishi and drove aggressively toward it, attempting to force the driver to leave the road.

When all vehicles finally came to a stop, Mr Watson leapt out and violently attacked his victims’ vehicle with a blunt object, smashing three windows and injuring the occupants with brute force and broken glass from the shattered windows. After this shocking attack, the victims made their escape. However he continued to chase at high speed in his Land Rover until the pursuit led to Peterborough Police station, when he fled the scene.

Magistrates sentenced Mr Watson to 85 hours of supervised community service, and ordered him to pay £170 in court costs. While we are disappointed with the leniency of the sentence, this reflects Mr Watson's guilty plea and acceptance of the charges.

Following this Court verdict, we expect nothing less from the Fitzwilliam Hunt than a full and frank condemnation of the violent and premeditated actions of some of their core supporters on that day in February.

If you, as the Peterborough Magistrates court, find the actions of the supporters of the Fitzwilliam Hunt deplorable, you can support our continuing campaign to prevent criminal hunting of wild animals this autumn and winter for the cost of a coffee. https://ko-fi.com/northcambs

Click here to view footage of the attack. Original sab report is here.

POWAperson adds - The attack began when a supporter 4x4 swerved in front of the sab car [Pic 1], forcing it to stop. A male supporter emerged. Very soon after, a 2nd supporter car stopped in front of the first. Watson emerged armed with a heavy-looking iron bar [Pic 2]. Watson and, possibly one or more others then proceeded to smash the windscreen [Pic 3] and rear window [Pic 4] and other windows. At least one sab was cut by broken glass. The sab driver managed to start the car and get away. They were closely pursued for miles by supporter car 1 who only drove away when the sab car reached a police station.

Don't know about you, but to me the sentence given to Watson seems grossly inadequate and I cannot understand why none of his aiders and abetters were not charged.

  FitzwilliamFHThugfrom2ndcarhasrunroundsideofsabcarThugfrom1stcarapproachesweaponinhand10-2-18.jpg FitzwilliamFHThugsmashedoccupiedsabcarwindscreen10-2-218.jpg

  FitzwilliamFHThugsmashedoccupiedsabcarrearwindows10-2-218.jpg FitzwilliamFHSabcarfleeingfrom1stthugcar10-2-18.jpg


3-8-18   Cambridge Times    Man walks free from court after this shocking attack on hunt saboteurs - he activists were pursued down a country lane before their vehicle was attacked by Barry Watson    A shocking attack on three hunt saboteurs which involved a high speed chase through country roads has ended in a conviction. Barry Watson, 48, of Glatton, Cambridgeshire was convicted of assault and criminal damage on Thursday, August 2 at Peterborough Magistrates' Court after entering guilty pleas.

Back in February, Watson attacked members of the North Cambs Hunt Saboteurs, who had been staking out a popular meeting spot of the local Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt. Reportedly, the hunt supporters had recognised the saboteurs' vehicle and given chase.

A video taken by the North Cambs Hunt Saboteurs starts with several vehicles chasing the saboteurs' vehicle before bringing it to a stop on a narrow country road. The supporters can be seen to exit their vehicle holding what appear to be torches before one, later identified as Mr Watson, appears to strike the activists' vehicle.

A police report on the incident said: "He [Mr Watson] got out of his car and struck some of the windows with a metal torch, shattering them. The torch was thrown through the back windscreen and struck one of the occupants on the back."

The video then shows the saboteurs drive away, weaving around several hunt supporters' vehicles. The hunt supporters then follow, with a high speed chase down wet, country roads ensuing.

Watson pleaded guilty to two charges, one of assault and one of criminal damage. He was sentenced by Peterborough Magistrates' Court to 80 hours supervised community service, and ordered to pay court fees.

After the verdict, North Cambs Hunt Saboteurs said they were "disappointed with the leniency of the sentence."

The Hunt's response - A spokesman for the hunt said "The Fitzwilliam Hunt does not condone criminal activity even in intimidating circumstances or under extreme provocation. The Hunt encourages its supporters to refrain from engaging with anti-hunting activists at all times."


DavidMacLean.jpgLord Blencathra appointed Deputy Chair of Natural England

1-8-18   Facebook - National Dis-Trust    We see Lord Blencathra has been appointed Deputy Chair of Natural England. Did you know he uses his place in the House of Lords to defend fox hunters that use National Trust land?

'To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they have any plans to investigate the basis on which the Crown Prosecution Service brought charges against Mr Liddle of the Melbreak Hunt, charges which were then dropped.' - Lord Blencathra, 06/02/2015.

POWAperson adds  -  'Lord Blencathra' is David McLean. He was a Tory MP from 1983-2010, a DEFRA Minister in the Major Government and later Shadow Chief Whip. He was one of the most stridently pro-hunting Conservative MPs, and close to the Lake District fell fox hunting packs. He was heavily criticised during the MP's expenses scandal for using £20k of taxpayer's money to do up his Cumbrian home, declaring it to be his secondary residence. But when, he later sold it he alledgedly told the tax man that it was his main home, thereby avoiding capital gains tax. In 2014 he was found in breach of the Lords' Code of Conduct, in relation to his dealings with the government of the Cayman Islands.  See his Wikipedia entry. 

2-8-18   Independent    Outrage as hunting supporter given key role on body set up to promote biodiversity - Exclusive: Public body is expected to provide impartial science-based advice to the government on the environment Countryside campaigners have expressed outrage over a decision by the environment secretary to give a prominent role on a body set up to protect wildlife to an ardent supporter of hunting.

Michael Gove has appointed Lord Blencathra, who once said it was essential to get pro-hunting MPs into Parliament, as deputy chairman of Natural England. The Conservative peer, who as MP David Maclean was a minister at the then-Ministry of Agriculture, voted six times to scrap the fox-hunting ban. After joining the board of Natural England five months ago, he has just received promotion.

The public body, which is expected to provide impartial science-based advice to the government on the environment, says its chief responsibility is promoting nature conservation and protecting biodiversity. Natural England also issues licences for wildlife culls, and has come under fire this year for extending the badger cull in West Gloucestershire and Somerset, and for granting licences to shoot protected ravens in five counties. But wildlife lovers are angry at the promotion of a politician who supports the Countryside Alliance.

Nick Weston, head of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “Natural England is a body set up to protect England’s nature, so it’s really disappointing that someone who actively lobbied against the Hunting Act – a law designed to protect England’s nature – has been given such a prominent position. We really hope that the interests of our country’s precious wildlife, and not the interests of a minority of people who like killing animals for fun, stay front and centre at Natural England.”

The body, sponsored by the environment department but independent of it, says on its website that its top priorities for 2014-2019 are terrestrial and marine biodiversity, alongside nature reserves and wildlife management.

Mr Weston went on: “The government built up goodwill among animal lovers over the past 12 months with increased sentences for animal cruelty and recognition of sentience. They’re in danger of tossing away that goodwill with dubious appointments of senior officials. Lord Blencathra is pro-hunting, as is Lord Gardiner, minister for rural affairs and biosecurity. If our countryside is managed by hunters, how can the government claim to care for animals?”

On Twitter Sam Shea compared the move to “appointing Jimmy Savile as head of children's services”. Paul Warmington tweeted: “What chance does our environment and our wildlife stand when appointments like this are made?” And Dragons’ Den star Deborah Meaden tweeted: “Ooh! Just read some his voting history and he’s not keen at having to explain himself [sic]. Voted pro hunt/ against revealing expenses/ against freedom of info when between MPs.” Another user condemned the move as “a total conflict of interest”, saying the government “promised science-based animal laws and legislation but will never deliver”.

The official announcement said Natural England’s remit is to ensure the natural environment is “conserved, enhanced and managed for the benefit of present and future generations”. It said non-executive board members have collective responsibility for the body’s strategic direction and overall performance.

Lord Blencathra, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair, will continue to be paid £328 for each day he works and will increase his days from 36 days a year, although it did not say to how many.In 2014, he was investigated by the Lords Commissioner for Standards for his work on behalf of the Cayman Islands, and was found to have breached conduct codes.

In 2015, Lord Blencathra challenged the then-attorney-general over charges brought against a member of the Melbreak Foxhounds that were dropped because of a lack of evidence.

In December, he told Parliament that after Brexit, Britain should not allow imports of food products produced under systems banned in the UK because they are cruel.

Another of Natural England's 13 board members, Teresa Dent, is chief executive of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust. Lord Blencathra could not be contacted for comment.

A Defra spokesperson said: “All appointments to the Natural England board are made on merit, and Lord Blencathra was appointed and subsequently promoted to deputy chair following a fair and transparent selection process. Political activity plays no part in the selection process.”


JULY 2018

….. 31st July - Three Middleton FH members plead NG to affray/assault

….. 31st July - Council to take no action re. Belvoir FH invasion of country park

….. 30th July - RSPB employing a bloodsports fanatic to cruelly kill crows and foxes

….. 28th July - Sabs join Cheshire FH & Beagles in Nantwich Show parade ring

….. 28th July - Further round of 'trail hunting' demos at NT properties

….. 28th July - Sabs catch Northants MH actively hunting and stop them

….. 27th July - EX CA Chair Labour MP Kate Hoey gets unanimous no confidence vote 

….. 26th July - Country fair visitors shocked to learn of disease risk from hounds

….. 24th July - Two Thurlow FH hunters in court on illegal hunting & assault charges

….. 22nd July - More police-bloodsports links revealed by H.I.T.

….. 21st July - Stag/fox hunting landowner was jailed for major fraud, reveal antis

….. 21st July - HIT finds artificial earths, blocked setts on publicly subsidised land

….. 21st July - Ledbury FH snapped exercising pack on busy road

….. 20th July - Barlow FH JM filmed illegally setting trap for badger

….. 19th July - Quantock SH Huntsman & Whip charged with illegal hunting

….. 18th July - Dwyryd FH JM/badger baiter convicted of shotgun offence

….. 17th July - LACS warns of disease risk from hounds in advance of Festival of Hunting

….. 17th July - Appeal launched to fund reward to help catch other Belvoir FH thugs

….. 17th July - Attorney General says Belvoir FH thugs' sentences can't be reviewed

….. 16th July - Sabs protest Ashby Show letting Atherstone FH hounds parade

 ….. 10th July - Pipewell Beagles refusing to help police re. illegal hunting inquiry

….. 10th July - Gogerddan Pony Club drops 'Hunt' from name, says against bloodsport

….. 10th July - Sabs publish film that proved Atherstone FH hunters lied in court

…..  9th July - Tesco supporting hunting via Pony Club donations scheme

…..  3rd July - Atherstone FH supporter drives car at sab on protest

…..  3rd July - New study says foxes can spread bTb - hounds also implicated

…..  2nd July - Monitors campaign for Hunts to be banned from Nantwich Show

…..  2nd July - Dead fox cub dumped at hunt monitors' property 



Three Middleton FH members plead NG to affray/assault

31-7-18  Facebook - Tommy Woodward, N. Yorkshire Anti Hunting Group


31-7-18   York Free Press    Three deny hunt related charges    THREE men from Ryedale and East Yorkshire have denied charges brought after a riding of Middleton Hunt.

Robert Howard Robertson Tierney, 56, and Richard Robertson Tierney, 30, both of Cross Lane, Snainton, near Scarborough, and Roger Marley, 50, of Church Lane, Langtoft, between Malton and Bridlington, all pleaded not guilty to affray on their first appearance at York Crown Court. Marley also denied a charge of actual bodily harm. The charges relate to alleged events on March 18, 2017, during a hunt in Thixendale. A trial will be held on February 18 at York Crown Court. The three men were released on unconditional bail.


Council to take no action re. Belvoir FH invasion of country park

Will 'remind' Hunt, thought to have killed fox there, of bye-laws

31-7-18    Facebook - Grantham Against Bloodsports    With regards to the kill made by the Belvoir Hunt in a council owned park in Melton Mowbray earlier this year I have received the following communication...

Sorry for the delay in responding to you on this matter. The Manager who is now dealing with the actions as a result of the incident in the Country Park is Albert Wilson.

I have requested an update on the situation and have been advised that on this occasion we will not be taking forward any formal enforcement action against the Belvoir Hunt however we are in communication with them reiterating the Byelaws that surround the Country park and public spaces. Like you we were very distressed to hear of the incident that was alleged earlier in the year and have been working closely with the Police on the best outcome in order to prevent an occurrence happening again in the future.

I am sure you can appreciate we are not able to divulge all the details of the investigation but please be assured that the action we are taking is felt to be the very best in these circumstances and has not been a decision that has been made lightly.

Kind regards, Sarah-Jane O’Connor, HR & Communications Manager, Grantham Town Council

POWAperson adds  -  The original newspaper report of the incident, in February this year, said police were investigating. That, of course, came to nothing.  



RSPB is employing a bloodsports fanatic to cruelly kill crows and foxes

Contractor known associate of Barlow FH JM recently caught using illegal badger traps

Larsen traps/night shooting being used when crows/foxes have dependent young

30-7-18  H.I.T. Report  VIDEO   RSPB employing bloodsports enthusiasts to kill native wildlife    Whilst working on our Barlow Hunt Investigation in spring 2018, HIT was contacted by a whistle-blower about the RSPB’s Curlew Management Trial Programme. The whistle-blower was highly concerned about the scale of Larsen trapping and employment of a bloodsports enthusiast on the Peak District site of the nationwide programme. They asked HIT to investigate and document this – and to speak out for the wildlife involved.

The RSPB’s national Curlew Management Trial Programme uses different measures to try to increase the curlew population – which is in critical decline. Some of the measures are about habitat management, but another approach is predator control: the extermination of foxes and crows which may pose a risk to curlew numbers through predation. The RSPB maintains that predator control is a last resort, undertaken by thoroughly vetted contractors. Our whistle-blower’s info called this into question.


HIT was informed that the RSPB were using Larsen traps to capture crows during the springtime breeding season on Big Moor in the Peak District National Park. Larsen traps are a highly controversial form of bird trap, used primarily by gamekeepers who have no concerns about their inherent cruelty. Better is expected of the RSPB. Larsen traps were invented in Denmark, where they have since been banned for being inhumane. Larsen traps inflict intolerable mental and physical suffering on captive birds. Trapping during springtime also means that not only do caught birds die, but their dependent chicks also starve in the nest.

Foxes were also killed on the programme: shot by night in the nature reserve. The RSPB fox shooting season included the sensitive time in which vixens were pregnant, and when the dependent cubs of killed adults would also starve to death. This is simply cruel.


The contractor employed by the RSPB on its Big Moor site is a known member of the local fox hunting and grouse shooting community. His social media profiles contain many pictures from hunting and shooting, and he describes himself as “living for hunting and shooting”. RSPB members’ donations are being used to employ a bloodsports enthusiast to kill native wildlife...

Yet directly opposite Big Moor, the Barlow Fox Hunt manage their land for hunting and shooting. The area contains numerous artificial fox earths (to stock foxes) and gamebird pens. The Barlow Hunt directly increase the number of local predators for bloodsports, but rather than challenge the bloodsports community’s damaging practices at source, the RSPB chose to employ one of its members to kill yet more wildlife. Rather than tackles the root causes, the RSPB has targeted the local wildlife populations.


The Barlow Hunt Master was – at the time – under investigation for illegally trapping badgers, on the land opposite the RSPB reserve. The RSPB’s contractor was a close associate of the Hunt Master. HIT thought the RSPB might be concerned by their contractor’s close involvement with this individual.

HIT approached the RSPB with all our concerns: the inherent cruelty of Larsen traps, the high fire risk to caged birds on the moor, the fate of dependent young crows and foxes, the RSPB’s association with bloodsports enthusiasts and use of donations to employ them, and the RSPB’s failure to first address the artificially high number of predators locally due to the bloodsports industry.

HIT met with the RSPB in good faith to discuss these issues, to speak up for suffering wildlife and to encourage a new approach. We hoped they would be equally alarmed and keen to make changes. But the RSPB’s Head of Conservation could not answer our questions and did not share our concerns. The RSPB’s Deputy Head of Conservation admitted she did not know if Larsen traps caused suffering to corvids. The RSPB’s Curlew Recovery Programme Manager did not respond at all. The RSPB’s indifference was as shocking to HIT as the report itself...


… We will not turn a blind eye to the RSPB’s continued use of Larsen traps, which are intolerably cruel even when used legally. We will not turn a blind eye to the RSPB’s choice to use well-meant donations to employ bloodsports enthusiasts. The curlew management trial programme will continue for a further 2 years on six sites across the UK...

If you are as horrified by this as we are, please let the RSPB know your concerns. If you are a member, please use your memberships to demand better protection for all birds, and a greater focus on tackling root causes. If you are a donor, please demand that your donations are not used to employ bloodsports enthusiasts to kill native wildlife. We are aware that many RSPB employees are unhappy with the organisation’s use of cruel traps and their reluctance to speak out on bloodsports. If you have information you would like to share, please Contact HIT in confidence.

Full report is here. H.I.T.'s Facebook post is here.

You can help the Hunt Investigation Team continue to expose bloodsports scandals be donating here. 


Sabs join Cheshire FH & Beagles in Nantwich Show parade ring

28-7-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  The Nantwich Show    While the peaceful protest took place at Wednesday's Nantwich show, a couple of our sabs took a wrong turn and joined the Cheshire Beagles and Cheshire Fox Hounds in the ring to remind them how much their hounds love us.

26-7-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors  VIDEO   Waning interest in a dying bloodsport   Here is the Cheshire Hounds hunt 'parading' their hounds in the sweltering heat at yesterday's Nantwich Show 2018. The distinct lack of interest from visitors spoke volumes.   #StopTheHunts


Further round of 'trail hunting' demos at NT properties

28 & 29-7-18    Several protests were held round the country by various anti-hunt groups over the weekend at National Trust properties to protest the Trust continuing to allow so-called 'trail hunting' on their land. Several others had to be cancelled because of adverse weather and are being re-arranged.

A selection of pics from demos that did go ahead are below.  1/  Belton House,  2/ Ravenscar,  3/ Hadrian's Wall,  4/  Stourhead  


          DemoatRavenscar29-7-18.jpg    DemoatHadriansWall29-7-18.jpg



Sabs catch Northants MH actively hunting and stop them

28-7-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Hit Report 28.07.2018, Northants Minkhounds -   Called out of the water mid-hunt and sent home    Sabs intervened at a meet of the Northants Mink Hounds today, near Creaton in Northamptonshire. As soon as we arrived on the scene, it was clear that the Mink Hounds were actively hunting illegally, with hounds in cry in a small brook and the Huntswoman’s horn blowing loudly.


With most hounds obeying the Huntswoman's call, it looked as though this was another simple escort back to the hound trailer. However the sound of a smaller breakaway from the pack soon became apparent further east along the watercourse.


With some sabs remaining with the hunting party, a group headed along the river bank and found the breakaway hounds baying at a stick pile in the centre of the stream. It was clear that they had found the scent of some unknown quarry, and the terrierman was headed to the area (in his vehicle).


Sabs rated the hounds away from their quarry’s hiding place, and called them out of the stream as quickly as possible. With this, the Northants Mink Hounds Huntswoman eventually arrived on the scene with the familiar hound trailer, and called the remnants of her pack back to her, to be packed away to safety.


Today it seems sabs had arrived just in time, at what was looking to be a ‘good days sport’ for the Northants Minkhounds. However, yet again we saw them trudge back to their meet under the watchful gaze of camera lenses.

North Cambs Hunt Sabs were joined in today’s successful outing by friends from Suffolk And Essex Sabs and Beds & Bucks Sabs. Hunt Sabs volunteer their time and money to prevent animals being hunted for sport. If you can support our work in any way, you can do so for the cost of a coffee here.


EX CA Chair Labour MP Kate Hoey gets unanimous no confidence vote

Labour's only pro-hunt MP faces probable de-selection

27-7-18   i News   Brexiteer Labour MP Kate Hoey faces deselection in Vauxhall after unanimous vote of no confidence - Hoey said: ‘After 29 years as an MP I am quite relaxed about the vote and it won’t influence in any way how I vote in the future’    The pro-Brexit Labour MP Kate HoeyKateHoey.jpg faces deselection after activists in her constituency passed a unanimous motion of no confidence in her. She was among four Labour MPs who defied their whips to help Theresa May secure a narrow victory in a knife-edge Commons vote on Brexit last week. Party members in her south-west London constituency of Vauxhall called for her to lose the party whip and for her to be blocked from standing for the party. The move could lead to lead to calls for Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) to deselect her.

It is understood that no party members spoke up in support of Ms Hoey, who has been the Vauxhall MP since 1989, in Thursday night’s meeting. Forty-two activists supported the no confidence motion and three abstained.

Their motion said: “We believe that the accumulation of her actions and statements over the years, culminating in her supporting this reactionary Government and a Tory Brexit which will threaten jobs, peace in Northern Ireland and the future of the NHS, and undermine workers’ rights and environmental and other standards, cannot be deemed to be compatible with Labour’s core beliefs and values”. It called for her to be suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party and to lose the party whip. It also urged the party’s ruling National Executive Committee to declare her “ineligible for re-selection or endorsement as a Labour Party parliamentary candidate”.


Country fair visitors shocked to learn of disease risk from hounds

26-7-18   LACS Press Release   Public shocked to learn of hounds heath risk    Exmoor is home to one of the highest concentrations of hunts across the UK with dozens of hunts operating in the region. Dunster Castle in Somerset can be regarded as the gateway to Exmoor and the country fair in the grounds of the historic tourist attraction has for many years been a way for the local hunting community to continue to spread the lie that hunting is beneficial to the countryside.

This Wednesday however, they were not the only ones with a message to local people and the farming community. The League teamed up with Somerset Wildlife Crime for a demonstration outside Dunster Country Fair in West Somerset and we couldn’t have chosen a better day to do so. The hot sunny weather with a slight cooling breeze coming off the Bristol Channel was perfect for people to stop and talk to us as they went in to the show and many did.

For visitors, we had a simple message: hunting, and in particular hunting hounds pose a real and significant threat to the countryside and farming communities. For the large proportion of people unaware of the shows links to hunting who instead were there for a relaxing day out this came as quite a shock.

Armed with our new leaflets “Hunting – A major threat to countryside bio-security”, some hi-vis jackets and a few bottles of sun cream we spent a number of hours talking to visitors to the fair about the role hunts plays in spreading diseases around the countryside. For a country show in prime hunting country the response we received was overwhelmingly positive. Many visitors were appalled at the damage hunting hounds cause to the local environment and the millions they cost farmers every year through avoidable the spread of disease to livestock.

Hound Shows, such as the one at Dunster Country Fair, are a significant contributor to the spread of disease. With so many hounds from difference packs and different parts of the country gathering together, the spread of disease between packs is almost inevitable. Perhaps more alarming is the risk of diseases being spread to humans who came in to contact with hounds at Dunster Country Fair, particularly young children or older people who have weaker immune systems.

With Hunts ignoring basic bio-security measures recommended by all farming organisations whilst simultaneously having hounds rampaging across and defecating in multiple farms every time they leave the kennels, it comes as no surprise that they contribute significantly to the spread of diseases across our countryside and between farms. The League is calling on measures to be taken to significantly reduce the risks of hunting hounds contracting and spreading diseases which cost the farming industry millions each year.

Joint action by LACS, National Dis-Trust & Somerset Wildlife Crime -



Two Thurlow FH hunters in court on illegal hunting & assault charges

24-7-18   BBC News    Two men deny hunting fox in Great Thurlow on Boxing Day    Christopher Amatt and Archibald Clifton-Brown have been bailed ahead of a trial. Two men have pleaded not guilty to hunting and killing a fox with hounds during a Boxing Day Hunt in Suffolk.

Christopher Amatt, of Attleton Green, and Archibald Clifton-Brown, of Haverhill, both denied hunting a fox in Great Thurlow on 26 December 2017. At Ipswich Magistrates' Court, Mr Amatt, 58, also pleaded not guilty to assault and Mr Clifton-Brown, 19, denied assault by beating. They were granted unconditional bail, with a trial date yet to be set.


More police-bloodsports links revealed by H.I.T.

22-7-18   Facebook - Hunt Investigation Team    Shocking new evidence reveals the links between the police and fox hunting!   The links between the police and the bloodsports community run deep and are well documented. So why would anyone expect us to trust them to investigate wildlife crime and protect our identities. The most casual observations in the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire area reveal the following-  1. Joan Williams, Former Master of the Barlow Hunt, was a Superintendent with South Yorkshire Police.  2. David Hartley, Assistant Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, shoots grouse on the Fitzwilliam Estate which neighbours the notorious Moscar Estate.  3. There are many serving officers in the Derbyshire force actively involved in hunting and shooting, including at least one of the Wildlife Crime Officers. Please share. HIT.



Stag/fox hunter landowner was jailed for huge fraud, reveal antis

21-7-18   Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   The hunt always claim that we are the criminals. Yet this man claimed nearly £1 million of tax payers money in a massive fraud. He got three years for it.

He is a member of Quantock Staghounds and Taunton Vale Fox Hounds. Oh, and is a local councillor. He hosted meets for the Quantock Staghounds this season, and it was in his land that the QSH were last caught illegally hunting and prosecuted.

10-2-06   Daily Telegraph    Farmer's estranged wife shops him for £800,000 sheep fraud    A farmer who fleeced more than £800,000 from taxpayers by trading in non-existent sheep was caught after a tip-off from his estranged wife, a court heard.

Richard Coate, 59, who was jailed for three years and nine months, kept records claiming to have traded 425,000 sheep with a Spanish farmer called Senor Questos. He then applied for £865,799.27 in VAT compensation from the Government's agricultural flat-rate scheme.

But after the tip-off from Coate's wife, Faye, following an acrimonious split, customs officials visited his farm in Broomfield, Somerset. They discovered that the sheep had never existed, and that Coate owned just 29 animals.

In what was believed to be the first of its kind in Britain, Bristol Crown Court heard on Wednesday that Coate purported to have bought thousands of sheep from Senor Questos. He then sold them on to his own company, Owls Farm Ltd. Between June 1997 and June 2001, Coate "bought back" the sheep from Owls Farm Ltd and sold them on to the Spanish farmer.

On each transaction, Coate claimed back VAT on the sales under the agricultural flat-rate scheme, which is designed to compensate farmers. While Coate's records showed that there should have been 2,500 animals on the farm, officials found 62, of which Coate owned only 29.

Overseas inquiries established that Senor Questos had bought a small number of sheep from Coate in 1992, but he had no knowledge of the fraud. Coate told the court he had carried out the fraud to save his business. The Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office has begun proceedings under the Criminal Justice Act to recover £800,000 of Coate's assets.

Coate's girlfriend, Jayne, said last night: "His wife is a very vindictive person." Mrs Coate could not be contacted.

POWAperson  -  The revelation of this case, previously unknown to POWA, brings to 420 the number of separate people involved with organised Hunts in the UK known by us to have been convicted or cautioned for criminal offences since 1990. The total number of offences convicted/cautioned is now 1,003. 39 of these resulted in prison sentences, 11 of which were suspended. 243 of the offences were committed by hunt officials or employees. 241 of all the convictions were for violent offences.


HIT finds artificial earths, blocked setts on publicly subsidised land

Found during investigation of Barlow FH JM's badger trapping 

2nd trap + dead badger found by artificial earth found on JM's farm 

21-7-18   Facebook - Hunt Investigation Team    Huge tax payer subsidies were paid to the Horsleygate Estate and White's farm, where HIT's Barlow badger trapping operation was filmed. Many more artificial earths and blocked badger setts on publicly subsidised land were found during HIT's operation. Environmental subsidies are provided to conserve wildlife and biodiversity - not to persecute protected species. Yet more examples of bloodsports corruption.

Main trap site - Environmental Stewardship Agreement.

Second trap site - Countryside Stewardship.

Wood containing dead badger and artifical fox earth - Countryside Stewardship

21-7-18   H.I.T. @FoxHITeam   Replying to @broadchurch6 @BathHuntSabs     A second trap was found on the Hunt Master’s own land, in another wood which receives Countryside Stewardship subsidies. A dead badger was found close to an artificial fox earth in a third publicly subsidised wood on the farm.



Ledbury FH snapped exercising pack on busy road

21-7-18   Facebook - Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs    Somebody sent us this photo of who we believe to be the Ledbury Hunt this morning, dangerously exercising hounds on a busy road. This isn't an isolated incident as most packs act in this manner. It is a wonder there are not more accidents.


POWAperson adds  -  At least 13 hounds have been killed on roads while being exercised since the end of last season, in three separate incidents we know of. It is absurd to think that one or two kennel staff can control that number of dogs on busy roads and they should not be allowed to try. They are also a potentially life-threatening danger to other road users. It's bad enough having them careering round roads during the season trying to catch live quarry [against both the Hunting and Road Traffic Acts] without also doing it in the close season.


Barlow FH JM filmed illegally setting trap for badger

Action criminal but RSPCA just gave him 'advice'

20-7-18   Facebook - Hunt Investigation Team   VIDEO   Master of Foxhounds Caught Illegally Trapping Badgers in National Park   Breaking report from the BBC of HIT's latest undercover operation in the UK's most visited National Park. Much more to come on this over the weekend including the full video shot by HIT operatives. Please share. Get active for wildlife. HIT. 

20-7-18   BBC News  VIDEO  Badger caught in trap 'illegally' set by hunt master    A Hunt Master has been accused of illegally persecuting badgers after he was filmed setting a trap and baiting it with peanuts. The trap later caught a badger but the animal managed to escape before Christopher White returned. The footage was passed to the RSPCA, which said it had "given advice about the legal use of traps".


Mr White, who is joint master of the Barlow Hunt, told the BBC he had not seen the video so could not comment. "I can't get the footage so I'm not commenting on nothing," he said. The BBC then emailed him the footage but he did not respond. An RSPCA spokesperson said: "We were made aware of this video footage and an inspector has in this case given advice about the legal use of traps."

The footage was secretly filmed in a Peak District woodland by a group of activists called the Hunt Investigation Team (HIT). A HIT activist said: "Badgers are illegally persecuted for a number of reasons. The Barlow Hunt master may have feared that badgers would reduce the success of the estate's reared pheasants for shooting or he may have been emboldened by the widening badger cull. By trapping adults during the spring, he would also eliminate dependent cubs. Whatever his reasons, to take or kill a badger without a license remains a criminal offence."


Badgers are protected in England and Wales under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. Offences under this act include wilfully killing, injuring or taking a badger, or attempting to do so. It is also an offence to cruelly ill-treat a badger. However, licences can be applied for to control badgers in certain circumstances.

Mr White set the trap on private woodland within the Peak District National Park, west of Dronfield, and was filmed going there several times in March and April.

Badgers are not currently subject to a cull in Derbyshire, although an application to grant such a licence is currently being considered by Natural England. Since 2013 licences have been issued in areas of Gloucestershire, Somerset, Cornwall, Herefordshire, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Cheshire and Wales. "The national badger cull programme has emboldened farmers and landowners to persecute badgers freely and with complete disregard for the law," said the HIT activist. A badger cull in Derbyshire would be clearly disastrous for indigenous wildlife."

Pics below  -  1/ White, masked up, visiting badger trap he'd set   2/  White hunting 

  BarlowFHJMfilmedmaskedupvisitingbadgertrap20-7-18.jpg  BarlowFHChristopherWhiteJMhunting.jpg 


Quantock SH Huntsman & Whip charged with illegal hunting

Huntsman Richard Down convicted twice, in 2007 & 2010

19-7-18   LACS Press Release   Avon and Somerset Police yesterday confirmed that the Quantock Staghounds huntsman Richard Down and whipper-in, Martin Watts are due to appear before Taunton Deane Magistrates Court on 21/08/2018, charged with offences under the Hunting Act 2004.

The alleged offences are said to have occurred on 22/01/2018: evidence obtained by investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports was passed to Avon & Somerset Police and the proceedings have been authorised by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Pic below  -  Down hunting a stag in February 2006. Resulted in his first conviction.  


POWAperson adds  -  He was fined £500 in 2007 for the first offence and £375 [£125 less] in 2010 for the second. A perfect example of the utter failure of even convictions to deter hunters from continuing to illegally chase and kill wild animals. Even if he's convicted this time the CA will doubtless pay his fine and costs from their bottomless pocket - and will he change his behaviour? Do any convicted hunters?. Only very significant and thorough strengthening of the Hunting Act, including the possibility of prison sentences for breaches [as with other animal welfare Acts] can remedy this situation. Still, well done LACS investigators for getting Down and his sidekick to court.


Dwyryd FH JM/badger baiter convicted of shotgun offence

18-7-18   Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs   Convicted badger baiter and master of the Dwyryd Hunt David Thomas was spared another prison sentence today    A farmer who kept an unlicensed firearm behind a sofa for several years has been spared a jail term. David William Llwyd Thomas had initially denied the charge of possessing the bolt action magazine-fed shotgun without a valid firearm certificate and was due to stand trial. But the 52-year-old, of Cefn Gwyn, Trawsfynydd near Blaenau Ffestiniog, asked for the charge to be put again just before a trial was due to start at Caernarfon Crown Court. After admitting the offence, he was handed a nine-month prison term which was suspended for 12 months.

Judge Huw Rees said: “Your offence is best summed up in one of your character references which states this was an oversight. But it was a serious oversight and this is a serious matter.”

David William Llwyd Thomas, 52, of Cefn Gwyn, Trawsfynydd, was sentenced on July 18, 2018 for having an unlicensed firearm. Thomas had been due to stand trial on two charges of possessing shotguns without a valid certificate after police visited his home in February last year.

Also reported in Cambrian News and N.Wales Daily Post

POWAperson adds  -  A few months ago this disgusting person was sentenced to 22 weeks jail for badger baiting and six other serious animal welfare offences and disqualified from keeping dogs for 8 years.


LACS warns of disease risk from hounds in advance of Festival of Hunting

17-7-18    LACS Press Release    Animal welfare charity warns farmers of disease risk as hunting hounds gather at the Lycetts Festival of Hunting and Welsh Royal Show    Hunting hounds being shown and paraded at the Lycetts Festival of Hunting could potentially spread disease to other hounds and across the British countryside, according to research revealed by an animal welfare charity.

The annual Lycetts Festival of Hunting being held tomorrow in Peterborough boasts the ‘greatest gathering of hounds in the country’. But the League Against Cruel Sports is warning that the attendance of the packs of hounds is a major biosecurity threat.

According to a report analysing over a thousand published pieces of evidence in the public domain:- Hounds used for hunting carry numerous infectious diseases which can be spread to livestock, other hounds, and even humans. The dogs often contract the diseases after being fed the carcasses of diseased livestock.

Diseases spread by hunting hounds contribute to a substantial number of infections each year, costing the livestock and farming industries ‘millions’, as hunts regularly ignore ‘biosecurity’ measures which are designed to prevent disease spreading.

At least 4,000 hunt hounds are euthanised by Hunts each year, many around 6-10 years old, often because they are too ill to keep up with the rest of the pack. Studies suggest many of these will have diseases but post mortems are rarely done.

Chris Pitt, Deputy Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said:- “Agricultural and country shows are a long-standing tradition and a part of country life, but research shows that they are basically a melting pot of disease which is leading to disaster for farmers and animal welfare. You’ve got hunting hounds from different parts of the country all mixing together. If even one of those dogs is carrying disease – which is highly likely – then the risk of it passing it to other dogs or livestock is also high. The disease then gets moved around the country and livestock dies, which is both a financial and welfare cost. Local hounds are then fed the carcasses – and the cycle continues. Anyone taking livestock to a show must follow basic biosecurity measures to ensure that their animals do not spread, or pick up, disease. There are question marks over how successful these measures are anyway, but evidence suggests that hunts take even less care with their hounds. Given the huge impact disease has on the countryside, it’s unbelievable that so little care or thought is being given to this problem.”

Hunting with Hounds and the Spread of Disease - The independent report, Hunting with Hounds and the Spread of Disease, 2018, pulls together research on disease spread over decades. It was commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports following the discovery of bTB in a pack of hunting hounds early in 2017. The intention was to identify any potential risks of hunting hounds spreading bTB, but the results were shocking. Accumulated evidence in the study suggests overwhelmingly that hunting with hounds maintains and/or spreads several livestock parasites and pathogens that have a major economic impact on British farmers.

Unlike pet dogs, packs of hounds pose a particular risk to livestock farmers because: (i) they are fed on fallen stock that have contracted a number of parasites and diseases; (ii) their poor veterinary care and inadequate vaccination and worming programmes; and (iii) they are out of sight of, and often a long way from, the huntsman, when hunting, so it is impossible to collect their faeces, to keep them away from livestock and vegetable crops, or to prevent them drinking from water troughs. Fouling of water supplies is a particular concern for minkhounds, which routinely hunt in streams, rivers and lakes.

Chris Pitt added:- “We’ve currently got thousands of badgers being killed to try and stop bTB, even though there’s no real evidence that they have any major impact on the disease. Meanwhile hunting packs are riding roughshod from farm to farm, travelling around the country and even abroad to different events, with no real biosecurity measures in place. If my livelihood depended on having healthy livestock, I wouldn’t be letting hunts anywhere near my land. Farmers may think that the hunts are doing them a favour by taking away their fallen stock, but they are getting a raw deal. If stock are diseased, then the hounds will potentially pick that disease up and literally drop it back onto the farm – so the livestock will once again get sick. It’s a vicious circle which could be costing the farmers a fortune, not to mention inflicting painful diseases on their animals. It looks like hunts are abusing the trust of the farmers because they don’t want to pay to properly feed their dogs or adequately vaccinate them, so they are saving money but it’s the farmers who are paying.”

Concerns around this issue are known, as in 2017 new government rules were put in place regarding feeding offal to hounds and treating hounds for tapeworm. However expert opinion is that the measures don’t go far enough and will not solve the problem.

If farmers or the government think they’ve dealt with this issue, then they will be disappointed,” said Chris Pitt. “This problem is a huge one which won’t be solved by half measures. We need an immediate independent inquiry about the current health risk to other animals and humans of hunting activities. There must be proper enforcement of current animal and public health regulations that apply to hunts to prevent them being ignored, and there should be an immediate ban on hunts being allowed to feed fallen stock to their hounds. This has been recognised as posing a significant disease risk for half a century but no-one seems to be taking it seriously.”

HUMAN HEALTH RISK - While the risk is believed to be lower than animal-to-animal disease transmission, the evidence shows that there are significant risks of disease transmission to humans, particularly to children, because of their immature immune systems and poor standards of hygiene, and older people. While there is the potential to catch these diseases from all dogs, including pets, the risk from hunting hounds is much higher because of what they are fed, the lack of veterinary care, and the freedom hunts have to move across farmland without biosecurity scrutiny.

Examples of diseases that can be spread from hunting hounds to humans include Salmonella, Toxoplasmosis, which can lead to serious problems for pregnant women, and Campylobacteriosis, a common cause of diarrhoea, fever and stomach pain, which can be carried by dogs without them showing any signs.

The study, Hunting with hounds and the spread of disease, by Professor Stephen Harris, BSc PhD DSc and Dr Jo Dorning, BSc PhD, is available online.

Examples of diseases that can be spread from hounds to farm animals, besides bTb and hydatidosis, are neosporosis, sarcocystosis, cystisersis ovis, cystisersis tenuicollis, Johne's Disease, toxoplasmosis 


Appeal launched to fund reward to help catch other Belvoir FH thugs

17-7-18   Green Future News   Podcast    Special edition about Attorney General’s refusal to refer hunt thugs case to court of appeal    Darryl Cunnington, a former police officer, had his neck broken after being brutally attacked by a gang of 6 hunt thugs while investigating alleged crimes against wildlife. In a move that sparked outrage, two of his assailants were allowed to walk free from court by the judge. The other 4 have never been charged and remain at large.

We are extremely disappointed at the decision of the Attorney General REFUSING to refer the soft sentences to the Court of Appeal. Please see the statement below from Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Eduardo Goncalves, Editor of Green Future News, criticising his decision.

Green Future News has announced that it is today launching a crowdfunding campaign for a reward for information that leads to the identification, arrest and conviction of the 4 other attackers. The money raised will also be used to cover the costs of expert assessment of the evidence, investigating other unprovoked attacks by hunters on members of the public, and exposing criminal and cruel hunting of wild animals for “sport” by hunters.

Please help share and promote the crowdfunding page – so we can catch these violent criminals, get justice for Darryl Cunnington, and help put an end to the litany of violence directed at all those who seek to protect animals from illegal persecution and ensure the law is enforced:- https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Justicefordarryl.   The email address for people to send evidence identifying the other 4 attackers is:- Justicefordarryl@mail.com.

Thank you, Eduardo Goncalves (Editor, Green Future News).



The Attorney General says Belvoir FH thugs' sentences can't be reviewed

If had been convicted of rightful charges, review could have happened

RanulphFienneswithcorpseoffoxkilledbyCheshireFH.jpg17-7-18  BBC News   Belvoir Hunt attacks: Sir Ranulph Fiennes wants 'masked thugs' caught  

Sir Ranulph Fiennes [left] wants four masked men who took part in an assault that left a hunt monitor with a broken neck to be caught and brought to justice. Two men - George and Thomas Grant - have been prosecuted for instigating the attack but they have refused to identify their accomplices. The two attack victims were monitoring the Belvoir Hunt in Leicestershire.

Sir Ranulph and a fellow anti-fox hunt campaigner intend to raise money and offer a reward for information. They had previously written to the Attorney General asking for the suspended sentences given to the GrantsLadySarahMcQuorcodaleJMBelvoirHighSherrifLincs.jpeg to be reviewed on the grounds of undue leniency. However, the Attorney General's office said it was "not possible" to refer the sentences to the Court of Appeal for review. "The evidence clearly showed that these two criminals called on four masked thugs to come and help them carry out their brutal attack," he said. How on earth can letting those responsible walk free from court be considered justice?"

The Grants were given suspended sentences after Princess Diana's sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale [right], gave a character reference in court, arguing George Grant would lose his job and home if he were jailed. Sir Ranulph and fellow campaigner Eduardo Goncalves want people to come forward with information about the four masked men. Mr Gonçalves said: "There are four violent criminals on the loose. If they are not caught - and jailed - they continue to pose a serious threat to the public."


Darryl Cunnington and his colleague Roger Swaine [above and below], who work for the League Against Cruel Sports, were attacked when they were monitoring the Belvoir Hunt in Leicestershire in March 2016. They were discovered by Belvoir Hunt terrierman George Grant and his son Thomas Grant, who approached them on a quad bike. George Grant then told his son: "Go and get the boys and come back."


Thomas Grant left on the quad bike and returned shortly after, accompanied by four masked men in a 4x4 vehicle who attacked Mr.Cunnington and pushed him off a 14ft drop, breaking his neck. The Grants attacked Mr Swaine themselves and stole his camera.The BBC has repeatedly contacted the Belvoir Hunt and given members the chance to comment, but they have not done so.

The Grants admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm against Mr. Cunnington and actual bodily harm against Mr Swaine, and were both given suspended sentences. The Grants refused to answer questions EduardoGoncalvesLACS.jpgwhen they were interviewed by police and have never identified who their masked accomplices were. Mr Gonçalves [left] said this lack of co-operation was a further reason why the judge should not have suspended the sentences.

A petition by Sir Ranulph and Mr. Gonçalves has attracted more than 85,000 supporters calling for the sentence the Grants were given to be reviewed. However, the Attorney General's office has said it does not have the power to refer the sentences to the Court of Appeal. This is because the most serious charge the Grants were convicted of was inflicting grievous bodily harm, which does not fall under a list of offences covered by the Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme. If the Grants had been convicted of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, which is a slightly more serious charge, then their sentences could have been referred to the Court of Appeal.