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    For stories before FEBRUARY 2019, go to UK HUNTING NEWS ARCHIVE

        Warning - contains images of animals killed/ mutilated by Hunts that you may find distressing 

Detailed stories follow each month's headlines below, all in reverse chronological order


                           HUNTING SEASON 2018-19


MARCH 2019

….. 24th March - Sabs 'arrested for criminal damage to grass' released without charge

….. 24th March - Sabs ensure no kills at last ever Modbury Harriers meet

….. 23rd March - Sandhurst Beagles support abuses, threatens, tries to steal from sabs

….. 23rd March - Fox tail left on monitor's car at Portman FH

….. 23rd March - Four sabs arrested for entering field at Kimblewick FH

….. 22nd March - Still warm fox body found soon after Hunt seen in the locale

….. 22nd March - Mass sab puts damper on Middleton FH's final meet

….. 21st March - BoJo takes £16k bung from Jedforest JM with blots on copybook

….. 21st March - Cotswold FH found hunting fox - hounds stranded behind electric fences

….. 21st March - Concern for fate of Woodland Pytchley FH hounds

….. 20th March - Sab helps Albrighton FH hounds thru barbie to stop them injuring selves

….. 20th March - Police close investigation into hounds hit by Llangollen Santa train

….. 20th March - Chester MP to lead Parliament debate on strengthening Hunting Act

….. 19th March - Eggesford FH hunt 2 foxes to ground, chase several, thought killed one

….. 19th March - Cotswold V FH force fox from tyre pile, attacks sabs, steal cameras

….. 18th March - Name of Grove & Rufford FH who rammed sab cars now known

….. 18th March - National Trust cancels Portman FH 'trail hunting' licence

….. 18th March - Woodland Pytchley FH to merge back into the Pytchley

….. 17th March - Police clamp down on illegal quads/ATVs at Hampshire FH meet

….. 17th March - Sabs stop hares being killed at joint meet of beagle packs

….. 17th March - Sab cars rammed, badly damaged, by Grove & Rufford FH follower 

….. 17th March - Woman sab allegedly attacked/robbed by Grove & R FH Sec. & husband

….. 17th March - Burly Grove & Rufford FH supporter assaults sab on camera

….. 17th March - Sabs say film shows vixen killed by Fife FH not injured by shooting

….. 17th March - Callous Albrighton & W FH hunters ignore injured rider - antis aid her 

….. 17th March - Locals protest Cotswold V FH illegal hunting in public woods

….. 17th March - Monitors harassed & worse by Beaufort FH followers as hunting fails

….. 17th March - Sabs attacked by gang of S. Dorset FH thugs - one headbutted

….. 17th March - Portman FH meet at Lord Rothermere's [owns the Daily Mail]

….. 17th March - Police quiz Blean Beagles JM after sabs catch them hunting hare

….. 16th March - S. Durham FH take hounds thru pregnant sheep, hunt over graveyard

….. 16th March - Anti says he was kidnapped by Heythrop FH on Boxing Day 2018

….. 16th March - Sabs save hare and rabbit from Leadon Vale Bassets

….. 16th March - Surrey U FH rider Lulu whips sab - again - on no-kill day

….. 16th March - Sabs shut down two hare Hunts in one day

….. 15th March - Member of neo-Nazi group among hired security at Fernie FH

….. 15th March - Top monitor refutes BSV FH lies over fox hunted in graveyard

….. 15th March - Sabs upload video that convicted Thurlow FH Huntsman

….. 15th March - Ilminster Beagles decide to go home as sabs greet them at meet

….. 14th March - Prominent Flint & D FH supporter assaults 2 women sabs on film

….. 14th March - High winds & many sabs keep S. Dorset/Cattistock FH's day blank

….. 14th March - Lamb savaged by Meynell FH hound belongs to HP Harriers Whip

….. 14th March - Sabs thwart Surrey Union FH determined to get a kill

….. 13th March - S. Durham FH hunt thru nature reserve & trespass on railway

….. 13th March - Thurlow FH Huntsman convicted of hunting [& killing] a fox

….. 12th March - VWH / Middleton FHs continue chasing fox after warned by sab

….. 12th March - Sab landy tyres stabbed as Eggesford FH  Huntsman blocked road

….. 12th March - Hampshire FH pack up after 40 m rather than be sabbed all day

….. 12th March - Sabs and their vehicles attacked at Grove and Rufford FH

….. 12th March - Thurlow FH Huntsman attempts to blame sabs for death of fox

….. 11th March - Sabs nearly squish Surrey U FH hound as chase fox across road

….. 11th March - Trial of Thurlow FH hunters on illegal hunting & assault charges starts

….. 11th March - Mendip FH terriermen turn nasty when antis hamper kill attempts

….. 10th March - Radley College Beagles trespass on NT land, pull hunt due to sabs

….. 10th March - Sabs strongly refute Grafton FH claims they made hounds unwell

….. 10th March - Antis attacked/driven at by 30+ Grafton FH thugs but still prevent kills

….. 10th March - Police NFA Cottesmore FH supporter sabs say assaulted one & damaged landy

….. 10th March - Police stop Ludlow FH hound van over road traffic offences

…..  9th March - Artificial earth found where Beaufort FH regularly hunt

…..  9th March - Sabs scare away Wiltshire & Infantry Beagles before they begin

…..  9th March - Meynell FH hounds riot & savage lamb at sacked Huntsman's last meet

…..  9th March - Fife FH kill lactating vixen, leaving cubs to starve

…..  9th March - Ledbury FH chase fox across busy B road - hound nearly run over

…..  9th March - Heythrop FH hunt blatantly - trespass in sewage works - many blocked setts

…..  9th March - Palmer Marlborough Beagles fold as soon as sabs spotted

…..  8th March - Beaufort FH's small army descends on villages and wreaks havoc

…..  8th March - Sabs win large compo after police dispersal order ruled invalid 

…..  8th March - Thug who attacked sab car with hammer at Fernie FH meet convicted

…..  8th March - Warwickshire FH hunt all over roads - as usual

…..  8th March - Beaufort FH support/terriermen assault, harass, obstruct monitors

…..  8th March - Warwickshire FH chase fox through village, in & out of gardens

…..  7th March - Wynnstay FH hunt blatantly - chased pregnant vixen to ground

…..  7th March - Monitors suspect Hampshire FH shot fox pack had been chasing

…..  7th March - Locals tell off Cheshire FH for blocking road to slow sabs

…..  7th March - Sabs help save 3 foxes from Belvoir FH but fate of one unknown

…..  7th March - Chiddingfold FH chase fox across road and back over again 

…..  7th March - Ex CA official and barrister killed in fall while hunting

…..  6th March - Elderly monitors bullied & obstructed by Grafton FH support

…..  5th March - Puckeridge FH supporter rams 3t sab car with mini, tries to blame them!

…..  5th March - Sab has to pull off Cotswold V FH hounds chasing deer as Whip AWOL

…..  5th March - Newly blocked sett found near Mendip F FH meet chez Rees Mogg

…..  4th March - Local sure S. Durham FH killed - she assaulted photoing bloodied hounds

…..  4th March - Cheshire F. FH end season causing chaos - but kill-less, thanks to antis

…..  4th March - Sabs ensure Ilminster Beagles don't even get into the fields

…..  4th March - Rabbit Hounds flee back to meet as 50 sabs descend on them

…..  4th March - Belvoir FH's bought-in thugs can't prevent sabs stopping fox killing

…..  3rd March - N. Warks Beagles landowner accidentally admits knows they hunting hares

…..  3rd March - Resident relates her & stag's dreadful ordeal at hands of Quantock SH

…..  3rd March - Another Tory MP hosts law breaking Hunt - South Dorset FH

…..  3rd March - Antis ridden/driven at as they crimp Ludlow FH's hunting efforts

…..  3rd March - Sab vehicle surrounded by 30 menacing Cottesmore FH thugs

…..  3rd March - Cottesmore FH terrierman attacks sab, steals camera while trespassing

…..  3rd March - Antis find filled in sett where Blackmore FH hunters had just been

…..  2nd March - 3 blocked setts at Worcestershire FH, one next to meet site

…..  2nd March - Old Berks FH fox hunt [possible kill] during NT licenced hunt

…..  2nd March - Monitors prevent dig out and save 3 other foxes from Wynnstay FH

…..  2nd March - Mendip Farmers FH meet at Jacob Rees Mogg's place

…..  2nd March - Monitor relates her persecution by Crawley FH members & CPS

…..  2nd March - Sabs ensure Holcombe Harriers don't kill hare by 'accident'

…..  2nd March - Cottesmore FH rider twice whacks agitated horse that kicked hound

…..  1st March - Crawley FH hounds chase fox into police dog training compound

…..  1st March - Man arrested on suspicion of shooting sab drone

…..  1st March - Rating & spraying stop in cry Ledbury FH hounds - no foxes found again

…..  1st March - Antis find spent Beaufort FH hound miles from Hunt on hot day

…..  1st March  - Sabs force Warks FH to stop hounds chasing pair of foxes

…..  1st March - MOD police use soldiers to throw off trespassing Warks FH

…..  1st March - Atherstone FH Whip loses control of hounds who run across A444


Sabs 'arrested for criminal damage to grass' released without charge

Antis were repeatedly pulled over by police through day for no reason

Sabs say police op, including helicopter, clearly pre-planned, possibly political

Lord Gardiner, a Government Minister, closely associated with the Kimblewick 

Kimblewick FH under investigation for flushing fox for pack to chase

One female sab suffered injury to wrist during her arrest

24-3-19    Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   While attending the Kimblewick hunt, who have recently been filmed releasing a trapped fox to hounds, 4 female sabs from Brighton Sabs, Kingston sabs and our group were arrested and held until 3am allegedly for causing criminal damage to grass.

During the day the 15 police officers, some in unmarked police cars and supported by a police helicopter repeatedly pulled over and detained sab vehicles. There were only 10 sabs in total out.


Police officers were overheard discussing what charges could be laid against sabs before arrests were made. No complaints from the Hunt or landowners had been made. The sabs who were arrested were observing two quad bikes equipped for terrier-work acting suspiciously. No attempt at a false trail had been laid by the Hunt, so the suspicion of illegal hunting and release of bagged foxes was suspected. This Hunt had been filmed a few months ago releasing a trapped fox to hounds. The sabs were kept until 3 am and then released without charge.

This Hunt has a connection to a Conservative Life peer John Gardiner and Polly Portwin of the Countryside Alliance, if this caused the over-policing over the day we cannot say. The police and helicopters were there all day and had not been deployed because of our presence, so this had been a planned police action. This brings into question the constant police claim of lack of resources and lack of action against illegal hunting...


If you can please make a donation to cover our vehicles costs and keep us in the hunting field protecting our wildlife... PayPal.me/SouthCoastHuntSabs. Why not join us and do some direct action? Drop us a line – southcoasthuntsabs@gmail.com.

See also Hertfordshire Hunt Sabs report  



Sabs ensure no kills at last ever Modbury Harriers meet

The Modbury are to merge with Dart Vale & South Vale Harriers

24-3-19   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    Modbury Harriers, 23.3.2019    On Saturday, while the people of Devon were marching against hunting in Exeter, we sabbed the last ever meet of the Modbury Harriers who are due to amalgamate with the Dart Vale & South Pool Harriers. One less hunt in Devon and a sure sign that things are moving in the right direction. We are not complacent, however. Devon is still the most densely hunted county in the UK and sabs are needed as ever to keep them at bay.

The Modbury met at Sheepham Mill, on the edge of Modbury itself. They headed south in direction of Whympston, where hounds found a scent and were seen running out of the valley on a line. Soon they were huddled near a hedge and sabs watching from a distance weren't sure whether they'd marked, so when the Hunt moved on one team went to check it out and thankfully found no sign of a kill, nor of a fox having gone to ground.

Next they went west towards Butland and into the valley around Cotlass Farm, where they hunted a fox ModburyHarriersWewill23-3-19.jpgto ground in a sparse woodland on the side of the hill. Our runner sabs were on hand to move them on and Huntsman Harry Gosling called them back to him. With no terriermen in sight all day, we felt it safe to leave the earth after a little while, satisfied that this fox would be left alone.

After another loop of the area, the Hunt headed in direction of Ashridge, where they drew blank in the steep gorse-covered slopes north of the farm. It wasn't until they got to the conifer plantation south of Orcheton Mill that they again picked up on a scent and left the woods in full cry towards Shearlangstone. With sabs in the woods and another team in the fields, we kept tabs on the hounds' movements, rating them where possible. Hounds ran round and round in circles, losing the scent and then picking it up again and then running full pelt north in direction of Butland Wood where they lost it again.

They went back via the road towards Wastor Woods, where hounds again found a line in the valley. Sabs seized the opportunity to take control of the hounds and called them up the slope through the woods and off the scent. This worked a treat.

When the Hunt reached Tor Rock, sabs spotted a fox not far from hounds and rated them off the scent. Further down the road another team saw a fox trot along the road so the surrounding runs and hedges were sprayed with citronella, which did the trick. When the Hunt arrived at that exact location a few minutes later the hounds weren't able to own the line and instead went after a couple of fallow deer before being stopped by sabs.

This was the last time we heard them in full cry as they left the valley near Seven Stones Cross and went via South Langston in direction of Okenbury Plantation, a steep woodland lining a valley that leads out to the sea less than a mile away. Hounds were scattered up and down the valley and the last hour of the day was spent watching Harry try to gather the stragglers.


            Getting sab love. What will happen to these hounds when the Hunts merge? 

The Hunt complained that we were slowing things down by calling hounds from across the valley, until they realised the person doing the calling was actually their own whipper-in Jenny. We watched, bemused, as the ping-pong between Jenny and Harry carried on for quite a while until he eventually had all the hounds with him and headed out to the road to pack up around 6pm.

A successful day for us in beautiful south Devon, keeping our wildlife safe. The season in Devon hasn't ended yet and we'll be out until it does. We are knackered and a lot of our equipment (especially maps, cameras, spare batteries and SD cards) will need replacing once the season comes to an end, so any donations to our fuel and equipment fund are greatly appreciated. To send us info, get involved or donate to keep us in the fields: 07717473305 - devoncountysabs@riseup.nethttps://www.paypal.me/dchs.


Sandhurst Beagles support abuses, threatens, tries to steal from sabs

23-3-19    Facebook - Berkshire Hunt Sabs    Road rage at the Sandhurst Beagles    Today Berkshire Hunt Sabs and Surrey Hunt Monitors travelled to the Sandhurst & Aldershot Beagles at Wellers Place Farm near Bentworth for one of the last meets of the season.

SandhurstBeaglesExIlminsterBJMthreatened23-3-19.jpgHounds ran across the road right in front of one of our cars as we got close to the farm. A funny place to lay a trail ?! - through two hedges and across a busy road!?

The Hunt immediately went shy and returned to the meet once it was clear we were on the scene. Visibly annoyed, their minuscule support stood around their cars having their teas for an hour. The usual suspects were predictably aggressive with sabs and Melvyn made threats to smash sabs faces in and him and his cronies tried stealing phones and radios.

Making his second unwelcome appearance at the Sandhurst was the appropriately-named John A Hunt [left]. Many years ago he used to try to play the hard man at the Meon Valley Beagles. Age has clearly not mellowed him as today he was threatening to make home visits to our female sabs.

Perhaps his anger may be explained by the fact that he is a former Master of the Ilminster Beagles: must have been hard to watch his pack’s hare hunting festival get destroyed by sabs a couple of weeks back. Get used to it. 

After checking hunt vehicles were leaving we retired for cake and beer - a good end to another successful sabotage of the Sandhurst & Aldershot Beagles.


Fox tail left on monitor's car at Portman FH

23-3-19    Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime     A gift from hunt support. Seems they left part of their ‘trail’ on a monitors car today at the Portman Hunt.



Four sabs arrested for entering field at Kimblewick FH

23-3-19   Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs   Urgent Action    Four sabs from South Coast and Brighton has been arrested while on the Kimblewick Hunt Hunt for walking across the field. The four female sabs are still being held right now at: Newbury Police station: 01865 841148.

We are asking supporters to contact the police station and ask when they will be released as police officers on the scene are refusing to give out any details.

There were 15 sabs on the Kimblewick hunt today and no trouble occurred. There were however also 15 police officers, a riot van and an unmarked police car with policemen out of uniform plus a police helicopter. Please call now - let us know what they say...


                                          Rider tries to back his horse into sabs  

23-3-19    Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs    Today with several other groups including Reading, South Coast, Brighton, Hertfordshire and Northants we headed to Yattendon to keep eyes on the Kimblewick Hunt.

They met at Yattendon Court with sabs keeping pace as they left. We arrived a short while later and KimblewickFHPolicehelicopter23-3-19.jpgfound the huntsman casting his hounds through Oaken Copse. Frustrated, the whipper in tried to back his horse into sabs. Sabs kept pace with Hunt as they headed north through Ambrose Copse into Beche Wood Park. We temporarily lost the hunt as they left at speed.

Shortly after we were stopped by the police. One officer couldn’t even answer why we’d been stopped and after some hesitation another officer claimed it was just a routine traffic stop. Not only this but amongst the beautiful Red Kites flying above us Thames Valley Police deployed their own (not so beautiful) bird in the sky. We believe there was 2 police helicopters sent out today for 2-3 hours... obviously to watch sabs do a better job at enforcing the Hunting Act than they do. We heard that another group had been held by police for 45 mins. Desperate bid to let the hunt get away?

4 female sabs from South Coast and Brighton Sabs were arrested today for simply walking across a field. See South Coast Hunt Sabs report [above] for more info.

We lost the Hunt after being held up by police but after trying to track them down we heard the hounds go into cry north along Longcroft Shaw. As we tried to reach them we lost sight of the Hunt... with a poorly attended meet it wasn’t difficult to do. Terrier men were acting suspicious all day and seemed to move on when people approached.

When we were confident everyone had left the meet we headed back. Thank you for all the support this season! (It’s not over yet!). Please help keep us in the field by donating to: www.ko-fi.com/A62094D or  Paypal: northdownshuntsaboteurs@gmail.com. If you have any info on hunting, shooting or other persecution of wildlife please call our tip off hotline. Tip-off hotline: 07443148426.


Still warm fox body found soon after Hunt seen in the locale

Bloody discovery made in field by shocked mother & son

Southdown & Eridge FH deny responsibility

Police refuse to treat as hunting related 

22-3-19    Sussex Express   VIDEO   Police dismiss hunting-related death after gruesome fox discovery A teenage boy and his mother were left distraught after discovering the body of a fox in a field used by the local hunt. But claims by the League Against Cruel Sports that hounds were responsible for the death have been dismissed.

Kelly Byrne, 42, and her 16-year-old son Remus found the fox near St Margaret of Antioch Church, Isfield. Its body was still warm, they said. Investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports later claimed video footage and photographs of the fox taken at the scene were consistent with it being attacked by a pair of hounds. Director of Campaigns Chris Luffingham said: “Fox hunting, which was banned 14 years ago, is a cruel and barbaric pastime which should be consigned to the history books.”

Miss Byrne and her son, of Ringmer, said they found the fox just five minutes after two hounds from a hunt left the field. She said she then saw up to 20 hounds, people on horseback wearing red coats and heard the Hunt blowing a horn nearby.


The Southdown and Eridge Hunt said there was no proof it had anything to do with the fox’s death and Sussex Police are not treating it as a hunting-related incident. Miss Byrne said: “I was honestly devastated by what we found. My son and I hugged and cried.”

She reported the discovery to the Animal Crimewatch service at the League Against Cruel Sports. Investigator Roger Swain said: “The injuries are consistent with those that a small number of hounds would inflict on a fox.”

A spokesperson for the Southdown and Eridge Hunt said: “The Southdown and Eridge Hunt operates within the law to comply with the Hunting Act 2004. “Hunts are regularly subjected to spurious allegations regarding their legal hunting activities as is the case on this occasion.


Mass sab puts damper on Middleton FH's final meet

22-3-19  Facebook - Liverpool Hunt Sabs    So desperate were the Middleton Hunt to avoid saboteurs this weekend they changed their final Saturday meet of the season to this Friday – however being availed of this information we were able to outfox them and take them by surprise along with comrades from Manchester, East Yorkshire Coast, Sheffield, West Yorkshire, Nottingham, Lincoln and Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs.

The Hunt set out from Westfield Farm, east of Malton, and immediately sabs were on their tail. Sabs kept with them on foot as the hunt covered a selection of the surrounding terrain but mainly going round in circles. They clearly did not have a huge amount of land to hunt today and appeared somewhat stumped by the presence of sabs at every turn, including at one point bizarrely drawing through the grounds of the local hall right next to their kennels before continuing to hunt through woodland. With sabs around, the Hunt kept on the move, though sabs were able to keep up with them throughout the day.

The Hunt put up a number of deer and at least one fox which we saw flee to safety then covered their tracks by spraying to mask the scent. Hounds went into cry on a couple of occasions but sabs were on hand to call them off. The Hunt seemed a little subdued and put out by our presence, at one point the field blocked sab vehicles, but our fleet footed sabs merely got out of the vehicle and whizzed to catch up with the hounds the riders were intending to prevent us from reaching.

Local sabs informed us that they would usually hunt on until 5.30-6pm, however seemingly entirely fed up with our presence they decided to call it a day at 4pm and headed back to the kennels.

Well done to all the groups across the North for being able to respond swiftly and flexibly to the change of plan, in particular Manchester and Sheffield who have been left without a vehicle since last weekend's ramming – please help them get back on the road. https://www.paypal.me/sheffhuntsaboteurs

And thanks to the wonderful Juliette - who we sadly said goodbye to yesterday - for spurring us on to get organised and out in the field today.


BoJo takes £16k bung from Jedforest JM with blots on copybook

Hunter previously donated to Simon Hart & Nick Herbert [ex hare Hunt JM] 

21-3-19  Spectator – by Steerpike    Boris Johnson receives blood money - Boris Johnson’s fox-hunting enthusiast donor    With Theresa May’s premiership on the ropes, there’s an expectation of a Tory leadership contest later this year. It follows that Conservative heavyweights are currently working their hardest to lay the groundwork for a future campaign. In that vein, the latest register of interests shows that rivals Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, Amber Rudd and Michael Gove are among the Tories to get recent donations which could prove helpful in the months to come.

However, there is one donation that Mr S suspects could come back to haunt its recipient. Boris BorisJfoxhunting.jpgJohnson [left] has been given a donation of £16,000 by Johan Christofferson [right]. Christofferson (hunter) is a hedge fund manager with a history of fox hunting – as a one time master of a fox hunt in the Isle of Wight.

This is not the first time the fox-hunting enthusiast has donated money to a Conservative politician. He helped pay for the 2010 election campaign of Tory MP Simon Hart, (hunter) former chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, which supports the repeal of the fox hunting ban. Christofferson also made a personal donation of £10,000 to Tory MP Nick Herbert (hunter) in 2009, shadow secretary of state for the environment, food and rural affairs at the time.

Only Mr S wonders if the donation could prove a hassle for Johnson in the long run. After all, while Johnson once called for fox hunting to be permitted in London to deal with the problem of urban foxes,JohanChristoffersonJMJedforestFH.jpg of late he has been on a mission to brand himself as an environmental Conservative who campaigns for animal rights – writing columns on wildlife for the Telegraph.

That pitch ought to have the makings of a savvy electoral message given that animal rights was an issue that worked against the Tories in the 2017 snap election. Theresa May’s pledge to support a free vote on the repeal of fox hunting during the 2017 election campaign (and her personal endorsement of the practise on the campaign trail) was widely considered to have lost her support amongst centrist swing voters.

Does Johnson’s protection of animals stop at foxes?

POWAperson adds - Thanks to Hunt Watch who posted the Spectator article I would probably have otherwise missed. Johan Christofferson is a familiar name. He is a very rich American hedge fund manager with pretensions to being an English squire. He has donated north of £250k to the Tories over the years, including £45k to Simon Hart when that slime-ball was still just a Tory candidate for MP. He is now JM of the Jedforest FH in the Scottish borders. That Hunt is the ONLY one to be successfully prosecuted under the Scottish version of the hunting ban.

He was previously a JM of the Isle of Wight FH. In 2004, soon after the decisive 2nd reading of the Hunting Act, his Huntsman, Trousdale and the repulsive little terrierman of the Hunt called Jamie Butcher [with a conviction for badger digging] decided it would be a good idea to dump two animal carcases - a horse and a calf - and with stakes through them bearing placards with pro-hunt slogans, in Brighton city centre while the Labour Party Conference was happening there. This revolting stunt received widespread publicity. Both were prosecuted but just got slaps on the wrist. Christofferson was chastised for not preventing Trousdale & Butcher's stunt by the Master of Fox Hounds Association and suspended for a month. The MFHA very rarely takes disciplinary action against member Hunts. Not long after, Christofferson moved to the Jedforest FH, taking the Huntsman Trousdale, now with a criminal record, with him. Butcher, left behind at the IoW FH, continued to get himself to trouble, including getting a Fixed Penalty Notice for exposing himself to monitors, including women, on a public road during a Hunt meet. Eventually, so repeatedly aggressive was his behaviour towards antis that he had his firearms licence revoked by the police.


Cotswold FH found hunting fox - hounds left stranded behind electric fences

Hunt quad riders extremely abusive towards lady monitor 

21-3-19    Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   Wednesday 20th March 2019, Cotswold Hunt, Upper Coberley/Withington area    We got a call to say that a Hunt were in the Upper Cobberley area and that a quad bike had blood on it.

Late into the area (after taking a stunned baby rabbit found en route for care and treatment at Vale Wildlife hospital) a 3C sab and Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch (they had found a pregnant sheep who needed assistance to get back on her feet) found them hunting a fox in Withington woods. Hounds were stopped by some rating but the Huntsman hunted them on. They hunted all around Withington and a few hounds were soon stranded behind electric fences. Poor Sausage was trapped for ages and was quite distraught. The other hounds were clearly exhausted after running around for 6 hours but were very friendly indeed.

Fox hunting in Gloucestershire will continue for another 2 weeks on most days so not quite time to relax. One good thing about yesterday (and on a post hunt check today)was that this is in a badger cull zone and we know about more setts now than we did, none of them blocked.

Anyway...some nice hound piccies, a quad without a reg plate and the hound box. Please let us/CIHW know if you see them about, they have been very secretive this season.paypal.me/threecountiessabs.


                                                     Knackered hounds 

21-3-19   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch     Glad we could spare a couple of hours yesterday to support Three Counties sab. The report is how it happened - only 1 thing to add - the Huntsman asked our driver politely how she was but the 3 men on the quad really let themselves down by calling her a 'c___t' and a 'Tw__t'. That's an offence - Public Order Act 1986 Section 4 - abusive or insulting words.


Concern for fate of Woodland Pytchley FH hounds

21-3-19   Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs    Woodland Pytchley and Pytchley Hunts merging, Northamptonshire - our concerns for the hounds    We have not heard a word from the Woodland Pytchley Hunt in regards to what the plan for their hounds as they merge with the Pychtley Hunt.

This concerns us even more as the hunt brigade like to get very vocal when they are called out but we have heard nothing...so we are worried that these hounds could be 'disposed of' very soon. It is the end of the season for the hunt so normal time for them to start killing their unwanted hounds...a practice we know goes on.


Then share with us their responses. We care about these hounds lives and we are worried and we are watching to see what happens.

People have also been in touch with their rescue hounds who have very successfully been re-homed. Please believe these dogs can be re-homed and are so loving.

Thank You, as always for your support for the animals.


Sab helps Albrighton FH hounds thru barbie to stop them injuring selves

20-3-19    Facebook - Staffordshire Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Our new sab found out what the Albrighton Hunt think of their hounds during Saturday's meet. Here the hounds are forced to jump over barbed wire until the sab helps them. Strange place to lay a trail... Unfortunately this is a common occurrence as the hounds are no more than a tool used by the Hunts and can be replaced.

Support us at https://ko-fi.com/staffordshirehuntsabs  - it really does help.


Police close investigation into hounds hit by Llangollen Santa train

20-3-19    North Wales Live      Police close investigation into Santa Train hounds crash - Cops confirmed nobody has been arrested in connection with the incident last year     Police are no longer investigating an incident where group of hounds were hit by a Santa Train. North Wales Police have confirmed that they have officially closed their probe into the "shocking and unpleasant" crash on the Llangollen Railway last year. They said that nobody was arrested in connection with the incident.

Parents last year spoke of their horror as the train, packed with kids for the annual "Santa's Christmas Specials" train, hit a group of hounds as they ran in front of the train. At least one hound was left badly injured, but witnesses believed as many as four could have been struck by the train.

Police launched a probe following the incident in order to find out what happened. At the time, chief inspector Jeff Moses said: “We understand that dogs were involved in a collision with a train. "This was a sad incident which was shocking and unpleasant for those who witnessed it. We had a number of calls about it at lunch time on Sunday, December 9, and our Rural Crime team are now investigating as we seek to understand how it happened.” Yesterday, a police spokesman said: "The investigation has now concluded. "No arrests have been made and the Llangollen Railway company have been updated."

At the time of the incident, Llangollen Railway's business manager Liz McGuiness said it was believed that a hunt was in the vicinity of the line. She said: "I am not certain at this stage how badly the animal was injured but members of the hunt turned up to take the animal or animals away from the scene. No-one aboard the train, either on the footplate or in the passenger coaches, were hurt but the driver and crew were obviously badly shaken by this highly regrettable incident. Can I make it clear that the hunt does not have permission to be on Llangollen Railway property at any time." She added that they had called in police to investigate the incident.

The trip saw children meeting Santa when they got off at Carrog station. The decorated train transports youngsters between Llangollen and the station. Mum Charlene Jones, who was with her seven-year-old daughter Emily when the incident took place, said her child had been left "absolutely devastated".


Chester MP leads Parliament debate on strengthening Hunting Act

20-3-19     Chester Standard     'Does the Hunting Act need to be strengthened in relation to fox hunting?' - Chester MP to lead debate in Westminster today      CHESTER'S MP will today lead a debate in Parliament about whether the law is tough enough on practices like fox hunting. The discussion will look at whether enough is being done to crack down on wildlife crime and whether those individuals and groups are able to flout the law.

Ahead of the 2.30pm debate taking place in Westminster Hall, Chester MP Chris Matheson said: "Today I am leading a debate in Parliament about Wildlife crime including the continued practise of Fox ChrisMathesonMP.jpegHunting. "I’ll be joined by North West Labour MPs calling for an end to Government inaction on this issue; animals are still brutally chased and killed by hunts across the country, fifteen years on from the hunting ban coming into force. It is time the Hunting Act 2004 was reviewed to remove the numerous loopholes which allow fox hunters to remain above the law."

Members of the public were asked to submit their views ahead of the debate. They were asked: "Does the Hunting Act need to be strengthened in relation to fox hunting?" and "Do the police have enough resources to prevent wildlife crime?"

Earlier this year, police were called to investigate three separate reports of a fox being killed during hunts in Cheshire. At the time, Cheshire Police said~: "We are fully committed to thoroughly investigating this incident and will bring to justice anybody found to have broken the law." Consequently a few hundred anti-hunt protesters held a peaceful demonstration outside the force's headquarters in Winsford to demanded action be taken against illegal hunting.

In December, Labour pledged it would review penalties under the Hunting Act 2004 to ensure it was an effective deterrent. Under the Act it is an offence to hunt a wild mammal with dogs, although there are some exemptions.

Mr Matheson added: "I’d like to thank the four thousand people who took part in the House of Commons online discussion about this debate. The sheer level of engagement demonstrates the strongly held opinions on this issue."

The debate can be viewed here


Eggesford FH hunt 2 foxes to ground, chase several, thought killed one

Sabs were able to ensure gone to ground foxes not dug out 

19-3-19  Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO    Eggesford Hunt 19.3.2019    Yesterday, four of us went out to see what the Eggesford Hunt were up at their meet at Chulmleigh Beacon. How does the hunting community defend hunting foxes at a time of year when they are either heavily pregnant or nursing young? They often argue that only the sick and the old are killed, but in reality foxhunting is a completely indiscriminate form of killing. Pregnant or nursing vixen are severely disadvantaged when running from hounds and foxes are routinely dug-out from fox earths and badger setts that harbour the new-born young of both species. It's an absolute disgrace and it's time more people were up in arms about it.


Within minutes of leaving the meet yesterday, a fox was hunted to ground [above]. You can watch what happened in our footage below. As always, it was left to sabs to call the hounds out of the earth, as Jason praised them for doing their job (which job is that, exactly?!). Sabs stayed put as terriermen arrived and a three hour stand-off ensued [below].


Meanwhile the Hunt carried on and hounds spent much of the day in full cry. Scent conditions were perfect and foxes were running everywhere. At Edgiford Cross a fox crossed the road in front of our vehicle and was helped to safety. Another was spotted running from hounds near Higher Moor Plantation.

Unfortunately, we don't know what came of that one as an irate landowner and his wife lost their rag when one of our sabs tried to run into the woods to rate the hounds. Apparently the sab was a threat to their new-born lambs, but a pack of out-of-control hounds and a dozen horses rampaging through their fields weren't... A kind passer-by stopped to check the sab was OK, as the farmer and his wife looked as though they were about to burst a blood vessel.

The Hunt moved on to West Benley Moor and from there towards East Week and Darland Plantation. Hounds ran multiple loops of the valley in full cry, twice rampaging across land they had been banned from, with Jason not making much of an effort to get them under control. With only three of us (and one still guarding the original earth) we struggled to keep up with them across the difficult terrain but at around 4pm hounds were some distance away from Jason and a sab happened to be in the right place at the right time to witness them mark another fox to ground in a badger sett [below]. Jason arrived several minutes later, tried to get rid of the sab by telling her the police were waiting for her on the road (a complete fabrication) and tried to blame her for the fact that hounds were marking in a badger sett. Watch our footage if you want to know what really happened.


The Hunt moved on again and instantly were onto another fox, with a rider hollering to tell Jason she'd seen the fox and Jason hunting them on enthusiastically. Unfortunately we don't know what became of this fox. Eventually, they headed back in direction of the meet via the original valley between Horridge Moor and Bycott. Again, they got onto a fox and we suspect this one was hunted to ground.

The Hunt packed up at 6.30pm, having hunted for 7 hours straight, but terrierman Nathan's quadbike was not back at the meet and we eventually spotted him driving out of the valley near Bycott at 8.30pm, with only quadbike lights giving his position away.

We suspect they did kill yesterday: perfect hunting conditions and a Huntsman clearly desperate to finish off the remaining fox population in the area. However, despite having only four of us out, there's no doubt we did save lives. The fox at the earth and the fox at the sett escaped unharmed.

Get involved or donate to keep us in the fields: 07717473305   devoncountysabs@riseup.net  https://www.paypal.me/dchs.


Cotswold V FH force fox from tyre pile, attack sabs, steal cameras 

Sabs rate hounds off fox being chased through Sandhurst village 

Sab driver was whipped by Huntsman as he galloped along road 

19-3-19   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs     Cotswold Vale Farmer's Hunt terriermen force fox out of pile of tyres - Bristol sabs attacked and cameras stolen - 3C sab whipped by Huntsman - Tuesday 19th March 2019, Cotswold Vale Farmer's Hunt, Moat Farm, Sandhurst    At the meet senior master Mike Smith, currently being investigated for assaulting one of our sabs in October, made up some cock and bull story about "trails being laid"... less than half an hour later they were hunting a fox through a sheep field. Sabs were on hand to assist the fox.

Moving on and at Brawn Farm a fox had escaped into a large pile of tyres. The quad, driven by terrierman Ben Hughes, came past the 3C sab car at full speed and into the farm, where the terriermen then proceeded to evict the fox to be hunted again. Bristol sabs tried to stop the hounds when the fox broke from his refuge but were then grabbed, dragged and had 2 cameras stolen.


We left the area and tried to catch up with the pack. As a 999 call was in progress and we slowed hounds down near Mussell End, Gary Williams came hurtling along the road and whipped our sab driver.

Police attended quickly but the Hunt had scarpered by then. We found them eventually as they were hunting a fox through Sandhurst village and put a stop to that by rating them back... but they picked up on the line again.

Gary William's dulcet tones threatening armageddon and doom could be heard as he tried to continue hunting. We were then blocked in by some morons in a large horsebox. The day ended by Gary whipping our car in frustration. 

Please support us if you can by sharing and liking our posts and page and financially if possible via PayPal.me/threecountiessabs. Please also show your support for Bristol Hunt Saboteurs.


Name of Grove & Rufford FH who rammed sab cars now known

18-3-19   Facebook - Hunt Watch - exposing the animal abusers and the lies they spout   UPDATE   We now have the man's name.

Do you recognise this man? He has a tattoo on his right hand. Last seen driving a dark blue Toyota Land Cruiser. Newark, Nottingham area, but could be anywhere. We need his name. Please share.



National Trust cancels Portman FH 'trail hunting' licence

18-3-19   LACS Press Release    National Trust cancels hunting licence for the Kingston Lacy Estate   The National Trust has cancelled its controversial hunting license for the Portman Hunt at Kingston Lacy Estate.

The decision to deny the Hunt permission to hunt on its land followed a string of incidents including a fox being chased and killed by the hunt in January. The Hunt was also filmed chasing another fox with a pack of baying hounds across the Kingston Lacy estate in March 2017.

The League Against Cruel Sports, which wrote to Kingston Lacy’s General Manager, urging the conservation body to block those seeking to hunt wildlife on its land, has welcomed the cancellation of the Portman Hunt’s meets. 

Chris Luffingham, Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, says:- “The Kingston Lacy Estate is to be commended for ensuring the license granted last week to hunt across its land has now been cancelled. This outcome reflects strong public opposition to the practice – with 85% of people opposed to hunting foxes with hounds.”

A total of 23 licences were issued this hunting season allowing horses, hounds and followers to access National Trust land around its properties. This land included nature reserves and conservation areas, home to vulnerable fauna and flora. However, four hunting licences have been cancelled following public pressure and incidents involving wild animals being targeted by licenced Hunts.

Monitoring by wildlife protection organisations, including the League, has revealed how Hunts granted access to National Trust estates are pursuing foxes under the guise of following a trail – 14 years after the cruel ‘sport’ of hunting was banned.

Chris Luffingham adds:- “By cancelling its hunting licence for the Portman Hunt to meet on its land, the Kingston Lacy Estate has done the right thing and we hope that other National Trust properties will follow suit. In light of the Portman Hunt repeatedly chasing and killing British wildlife any future applications for licences must be denied. There is no doubt the considerable number of National Trust members, visitors and employees, as well as the wider public, now expect the cancellation of all remaining hunting licences as a matter of urgency.”

The League will continue its campaign until hunting is prohibited on all National Trust land across the country.

18-3-19    BBC News   VIDEO    National Trust bans Portman Hunt from Kingston Lacy estate    The National Trust has banned a Hunt from one of its estates after claims a fox was chased and killed. The charity said trail hunt licences for the Portman Hunt at Kingston Lacy, PortmanFHFox3-17.jpgnear Wimborne, Dorest, have been cancelled for the remainder of the hunting season. It comes after police decided to take no action against the Hunt following accusations it killed a fox in January.

The Hunt has been asked for comment. It has previously denied any wrongdoing. The Portman Hunt had previously been granted licences to use the grounds of the Kingston Lacy Estate.

The National Trust said it had been carrying out random spot-checks for the trail hunts it had issued with licences. "If any of the terms of our licence agreements are proven to have been breached during these checks, we'll take strong, immediate action with the relevant Hunt," it said in a statement. A spokesman added: "We have taken the decision to cancel all remaining trail hunt licence dates for the Portman for the remainder of the season. We will not go into detail over specific allegations against Hunts and are not in a position to comment further."

Two trail hunts had been scheduled at Kingston Lacy on 20 and 26 March.

The Master of the Portman Hunt was cleared of illegally fox hunting after this video, filmed in March 2017, was shown in court. The League Against Cruel Sports said the decision followed a "string of incidents" involving foxes being chased. "The Kingston Lacy estate has done the right thing and we hope that other National Trust properties will follow suit," it added.

A video appearing to show hounds running after a fox in Shapwick led to a court case last year in which the master of the Portman Hunt was found not guilty of illegal fox hunting. The judge said the court was "not satisfied" the video showed hunting.

Police said there was insufficient evidence to take further action against the Hunt after a claim that a fox was chased and killed on 2 January near Sturminster Newton, The Hunt has previously said it operates within the Hunting Act 2004 and was "regularly subjected to spurious allegations of illegal hunting".

Pic above right   -   Fox chased by Portman FH, 3-17 

POWAperson comments   -   About time. The Portman, like many other Hunts, shamelessly seek out and hunt foxes all the time. In the case referred to in the article, it was actually admitted that the Huntsman, Evo Shirley, knew the hounds were chasing a fox. He, like some others, had adopted the strategy of riding some way behind hounds and not being seen or heard to encourage them to hunt on. Thus he could argue he was not 'engaging or participating' in the chase. The prosecution has to prove the accused was knowingly doing this. That is why the judge felt obliged to acquit him.


Police clamp down on illegal quads/ATVs at Hampshire FH meet

Hunt disrupts traffic on busy A339 

17-3-19    Facebook - Surrey Hunt Monitors    Saturday 16 March 2019 found the Surrey Hunt Monitors at Shalden Farm for the last official meet for the Hampshire Hunt huntsman Olly Harding before leaving to go “nowhere” his own words.

We were joined by Readings, North Downs, Guildford, and Croydon Hunt Saboteurs along with three vehicles from the Hampshire Constabulary. Although there has been no real trouble on this hunt, the Police were out in force and parked up in the meet at the beginning.


                              Road illegal ATV - no front plate - leaving meet 

The Hampshire Hunt’s followers seem to completely ignore the advice of the Police with regards to their quad bikes and ATV’s with three out of the four leaving the meet being illegal. The only legal quad bike was that of the terrierman who seems to be complying with the RTA.

We advised the Police and before the hunt could really start, one ATV was sent home by the Police and another was warned later on. We have details of all the illegal quad bikes and will be following this up with Hampshire Countrywatch. How difficult is it to buy a registration plate?

Later on, in the day, the terrierman was seen to dump off his passengers in the field before riding his quad on the highway which is a result. All groups should be pressing the quad bike legislations with their local forces as we are finally seeing it enforced.


                                  Road illegal ATV being sent home by police 

Yet again the Hunt deemed it fit to have their meet on one side of the A339 at Shalden Farm, before holding up traffic on the busy A339 and allowing the riders to cross over to Bentworth Lodge. This is becoming a regular occurrence when they meet at Shalden Farm, and as local people are aware, this is one of the most dangerous roads in the country with many fatalities over the years. The Hunt stopped the traffic twice yesterday to cross, holding up the public and leaving mud on an already wet and slippery road. This is really not acceptable.


                    Hampshire Hunt takes over the A339, leaving it covered in mud 

The hounds went into cry a few times throughout the day and no trails were seen being laid. No chance of catching a fox with the large numbers of sabs and monitors either following them on foot on public rights of way, or meeting them at every point on the roads.

Apart from one monitor being threatened by a supporter in a white vehicle, about having something done to them on a dark night in a dark alleyway; the mind boggles!!, the day was trouble free which is what we all want. A good day for wildlife in Hampshire.


Sabs stop hares being killed at joint meet of beagle packs

17-3-19    Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs   16-03-2019 - Joint meet of Trinity Foot and South Herts Beagles with Christchurch and Farley Hill Beagles - Meet: Gumley Lodge - Northants Hunt Saboteurs, WildAct       Beagle packs choose gentle hares to chase and kill - their hunting dogs are bred for stamina rather than speed, so the hunters and supporters can enjoy a long chase, before watching their dogs tear apart the exhausted hare. Hare numbers have declined by up toTrinityFootBeaglesHuntsman16-3-19.jpg 80% and they are now threatened by rabbit haemorrhagic disease type 2 virus. Despite this no mercy is shown by the sadistic hunters.

Often a beagle pack will pack up immediately they spot Sabs, however as this was a joint meet they obviously felt emboldened by their numbers.

Sabs followed the beaglers out from the meet. As the hounds were being cast searching for hares sabs pulled them away much to the annoyance of the huntsman. Their claims to be trail hunting were, as always, ludicrous- a tiny piece of rag was spotted on a very short rope behind a quad bike that was either parked up or behind the pack.

Some of the hunters were positioned ahead of the pack as they hunted north west toward Gumley Road from Gumley Lodge. Hounds went into cry as they were on a hare and sabs in the field raced after them. Sabs with the vehicles saw the terrified hare dart through a hedge and cross the Gumley Road just near the cattle grid. A couple of hounds careered through after the hare but the rest of the leading beagles were rated by the sabs and held up. The rest of the pack arrived along with the fastest of the hunters, who belatedly made half hearted TrinityFootBeaglesUpperclass16-3-19.jpgattempts to call the hounds off - as they saw they were being filmed. Foot sabs took up the pursuit to Holloway Spinney and onwards toward Saddington Reservoir where the hunt looped back on themselves.

As usual the bloodthirsty hunt supporters who spend their days hoping to see a pack of dogs rip apart a small mammal recited the classic line - “haven’t you got anything better to do” - what could be better than saving the lives of your innocent quarry?

Sabs found the distressing sight of a dead lamb in a field of sheep. Another sheep was found struggling on its back by one of the hunters and sabs helped roll them back on to their feet. The sheep unsteadily stumbled away.

The hare hunters spent the afternoon doing circuits south and north of Gumley Lodge. Foot sabs dropped in to thwart them and prevent any harm to the hares.

The beaglers were obviously desperate to kill as they pressed speed dial-a-thug to call in the hunt stewards and pie boys who were accompanied by the Cottesmore Hunt’s Bird of Prey handler Jamie and cronies. This ever growing sab fan club followed their usual tactics of blocking roads and public rights of way, pushing, shoving, talking nonsense and acting like pathetic playground bullies.

The Hunt packed up just before 15:30.

Pics above   -   Trinity Foot Beagles Huntsman    2/  Upper Class Twit of the Year Show entrants

17-3-19    Facebook – WildAct   VIDEO   Yesterday we attended a joint meet of Trinity Foot and South Herts Beagles with Christchurch and Farley Hill Beagles at Gumley Lodge with Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs and Northants Hunt Saboteurs.

We must've been doing something right this season because our small and modest group of animal rights activists gained its own fan club of road groupies following us everywhere - the usual Cottesmore Hunt thugs, inclusive of Cottesmore bird of prey man came, with their outdated videographic equipment and dodgy sartorial choices. (Seriously Sue, we can give you a discount on our old cameras (and hats), just ask).

The Hunt was determined to kill, and despite being filmed felt confident enough to not call off the hounds on the first few chases after hares. Those animals stand no chance with organised gangs of bored countryside mob aspiring to some sort of class identity.

Despite media and experts alarming that Britain’s brown hares could be wiped out after a deadly infection spread from rabbits threatens this already vulnerable species, they are still being hunted to kill.

Beagles were followed from the meet despite usual violent disruption from our groupies. Several hares were seen running away, whilst the hunt moved from the meet towards Oak Spinney, Holloway Spinney and onwards Saddington Reservoir. It was a good day, after all with no kills. For the wild. Support our work with ko-fe if you can.


Woodland Pytchley FH to merge back into the Pytchley

17-3-19    One less Hunt for the antis to deal with in the field...



Sab cars rammed & badly damaged by maniac Grove & Rufford FH follower

The unplated Land Cruiser had menaced sab cars earlier 

Police mostly interested in sab trespass and issued Dispersal Order 

17-3-19    Facebook - Manchester Hunt Sabs  VIDEO    Sab vehicles rammed by Grove & Rufford supporters   On Saturday 16th March 2019 - Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool and West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs decided to visit the Grove & Rufford Hunt who were meeting at Gold Hill Farm, Edingley, Newark.

Earlier in the week this Hunt had been violent towards sabs, and their supporters had attacked Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs & West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs vehicles (see their pages for report).


             The driver of the unplated Land Cruiser who menaced, then rammed, sab cars 

The plan for the day was for groups to position themselves in areas the Hunt were likely to go, with Sheffield and Manchester keeping an eye on the meet to broadcast which direction they were heading.

Manchester and Sheffield Sabs arrived near Gold Hill Farm at 11am and parked up at either end of Lower Kirklington Road to wait for the hunt. A few minutes later a support vehicle came driving past the Manchester vehicle slowly whilst the passengers filmed us. This vehicle then headed back into the farm.


                           Driver of the Land Cruiser deliberately tailgates sab car 

As can be seen in the footage a dark blue Toyota Land Cruiser with no license plates then left the farm and drove down the road towards us. As it pulled up alongside us we could see that the occupants of the vehicle were looking for trouble so we decided to move on, as we attempted to pull away they reversed alongside us whilst trying to force us off the road. We managed to get away from them and drove further down the road to meet up with the Sheffield Vehicle.


   Land Cruiser swerves towards sab car forcing it to swerve very close to verge to pass 

The Toyota Land Cruiser followed, and as we are well aware of this Hunt's reputation for vehicle damage we decided it was best that we kept moving and not give them the chance to block us in. A game of cat and mouse ensued where they tried multiple times to block our path. We eventually lost them and returned to meet up with the other groups of sabs.


      Land Cruiser drives out of side road and rams sab car so violently it nearly tips over 

Whilst this was going on Sheffield Sabs had called the police to report the aggressive Toyota. Police attended and seemed to take an interest in finding the aggressive vehicle, they took our details and descriptions of the vehicle and set off looking for them. For all we know they're still out looking now as we never saw these officers again.

With the aggressive vehicle seemingly gone we turned our attention back towards the hunt, sticking together for safety both Manchester Sabs and Sheffield Sabs drove back to Gold Hill Farm and deployed our foot-sabs on to a Public Footpath to look for them. This is where things escalated very quickly.   

A PCSO arrived, took photos of our vehicles and then set off after the foot sabs to tell them they were trespassing (on a public footpath??).

Moments after the PCSO drove up the farm track, our pals in the Toyota Land Cruiser returned, they quickly backed into the farm, waited for a gap in traffic and violently rammed the Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs vehicle so hard they almost tipped it over. They reversed for what we thought was going to be a second go but instead turned towards us and rammed the front driver side of the Manchester vehicle. Damage done, they then fled the scene and the Toyota was not seen again for the rest of the day.


                             Land Cruiser reverses, turns and rams 2nd sab car 

The Sheffield vehicle sped up the farm track to alert the PCSO to what had happened, she was in no rush to come to our assistance and instead wasted further time with the foot sabs on the footpath.

The Police were called for a second time that day, but this time the Officer that arrived and his two PCSO’s were only interested in handing out a Section 69 dispersal order and lecturing sabs on how intimidating they look to members of the public. We tried pointing out that these “members of the GroveRFHgivessabsfinger16-3-19.jpgpublic” did not appear to be that intimidated when they were illegally driving an unlicensed 4x4 and using it as a weapon but this fell on deaf ears.

Whilst other groups, including Sheffield managed to get back to the main job of sabotaging the hunt, we were unfortunately stranded at the farm due to the extensive damage our vehicle suffered. Nottingham Police stayed with us until our vehicle was recovered, not for our protection as we originally asked, but to ensure that we did not trespass and breach the dispersal order. I have to say that we are pretty disappointed with the way Nottingham Police have dealt with this matter so far, but we are willing to see what actions (if any) will be taken from this point onwards.

The reason we face violence week in week out is that the hunting Act remains un-enforced. Other countless violent actions committed by hunts and their associates go unpunished by the criminal justice system. This gives Hunts across the country the confidence to act as if they're above the law. To the CPS and police; how many activists need to be severely injured or killed before you take hunt violence seriously?

This has unfortunately left us without a vehicle for the time being. If you would like to help us stay in the field stopping hunts then please consider donating: Manchester: https://gogetfunding.com/repairs-and-replacement-to-vehicle/. Sheffield: https://ko-fi.com/A772AR5.thanks

Thanks to the other Sab groups for their support on the day, and to Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs and Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs for arriving later in the day to boost the numbers of sabs following the Hunt.

Pic above left   -  Having rammed both sab cars, Land Cruiser driver - now masked - gives sabs the finger then drives off, not to be seen again.  

17-3-19    Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   Yesterday we visited the Grove and Rufford along with West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs, Manchester Hunt Sabs and Liverpool Hunt Sabs at Goldhill Farm just North West of Southwell.

Five days earlier a vehicle full of hunt thugs rammed a sab vehicle, which meant that not only are we really getting to them, it also meant we had to show them that increasingly desperate hunt violence will deter their cap paying riders before it deters us.

From the off, we had a Toyota Land Cruiser full of goons attempting to intimidate the Sheff and Manc vehicles. This was all premeditated as the Land Cruiser had no front number plate and a rear number plate that was intentionally smeared with something to make it unreadable.

Within an hour of the riders leaving the meet the hunt lackeys in the Land Cruiser had rammed two parked up sab vehicles. Obviously risking people's lives and your own liberty, is less important to brown nosing lowlifes than keeping your Masters happy.

Later in the day, our smallest female sab was assaulted by another hunt yes man and a woman with a dog who stole kit off her.

Eventually, we were joined by Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs and Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs and sabs had to enter a field after all the riders had gone home, to prevent a dig out which further incensed the thugs who follow this increasingly desperate Hunt.

A mention must go to the hired hunt security, sorry Nottinghamshire Police who turned up after the ramming only to threaten sabs with a dispersal order moments after telling us we couldn't use one of the rammed vehicles as it was unsafe!

Your taxpaying public must be really proud of you, but at least today they get the chance to see what that extra 12% on their council tax is paying for. Support our work here and/or here.

18-3-19   Daily Mail    Saboteurs' vehicles are rammed off the road and damaged by a hunt supporter's 4x4 as the rival groups clash in the East Midlands - Hunt saboteurs from Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool and West Yorkshire - Travelled to disrupt hunt on Gold Hill Farm in Edingley, Newark, Nottinghamshire - Two saboteurs' vehicles were rammed by 4x4 Toyota with no licence plates    Hunt saboteurs were met with violent retaliation on Saturday after vehicles they were driving were rammed off the road and badly damaged. The shocking footage shows hunt saboteurs from Manchester , Sheffield, Liverpool , and West Yorkshire as they travel to disrupt a hunt on Gold Hill Farm in Edingley, Newark, by Grove & Rufford Hunt. As the Manchester hunt saboteur group drive towards the hunt's meeting place, a dark blue Toyota Land Cruiser with no licence plates leaves the farm and drives along side them. The Toyota then pulls up along side the saboteurs' vehicle, reversing along side them as they pull away.

The Manchester hunt saboteur group who took the footage said: 'As it pulled up alongside us we could see that the occupants of the vehicle were looking for trouble so we decided to move on. 'As we attempted to pull away they reversed alongside us whilst trying to force us off the road. We managed to get away from them and drove further down the road to meet up with the Sheffield Vehicle. The Toyota Land Cruiser followed. A game of cat and mouse ensued where they tried multiple times to block our path. We eventually lost them and returned to meet up with the other groups of sabs.'

The saboteurs reported the Toyota's behaviour to the police who attended. After the police had left the Toyota Land Cruiser returned and violently rammed two of the hunt saboteurs' cars as they filmed on dashcams. The clip shows saboteurs parked up at the side of the road, with their black Subaru Forester in front of the vehicle they are filming from. The Toyota land cruiser, with occupants wearing balaclavas and camouflage clothing, is parked perpendicular to the vehicles on a dirt track.

After a car passes, the Toyota drives directly into the side of the Subaru. Off camera, voices can be heard saying: 'What the f***?' A man says: 'Are you filming that?' Another male voice responds: 'Yeah.' A voice on a radio can be heard saying: 'Get the coppers here right now. We've just been rammed. Right now, right now.' The Toyota then reverses and turns to the saboteurs in the vehicle filming, driving into them head on, causing a collision. They then reverse and drive off, giving the middle finger, as one of the saboteurs responds with his own two-fingered gesture.

The video posted to the Manchester Hunt Saboteurs' GroveRFHDamage16-3-19.jpgFacebook page has racked up more than 90,000 views. Facebook users were shocked by the tactics of the hunt supporters, some calling for more action from the police.

Yvette N Carlos Dean wrote: 'Are the police going to stand by until a murder is committed?' Darren Evans commented: 'If the Sabs would have rammed the scum's car I bet the police would have been there in droves.' Michael Walker said: 'All this because they want to kill wildlife. Sick people indeed.' James Clark added: 'Yet another blatantly corrupt police force ignoring dangerous driving from the hunt fraternity. This country is sick to the core.'

However, there were a minority of users who supported the actions of the hunt supporters. Janice Kerr remarked: 'About time you got what you deserve. Might have helped them with my vehicle if I'd been there.'

The saboteurs said they had planned to position themselves in areas where the Hunt were likely to go for the day, but had to abandon these plans after their vehicles were damaged. Grove and Rufford Hunt have been contacted for comment.  

Pic above right   -   Damage to the Manchester Sabs' car after being rammed 

See also article in the Independent 


Woman sab allegedly attacked/robbed by Grove & R FH Sec. & husband

Sabs arrive too late at scene of suspected dig out late in day

17-3-19    Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Increasingly desperate violence by the criminal Grove and Rufford Hunt as we get more effective at putting a halt to their bloodsport   Hit Report ~ Grove And Rufford ~ Goldhill Farm, Edingley ~ 16.03.19    Increasing hunt violence and corrupt policing Saturday’s sab was dedicated to the memory of Anna Campbell - şehîd namirin.

We met up with Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs and Bassetlaw Wildlife Protectors to attend the final Saturday meet of the criminal Grove and Rufford Hunt. After the violence we experienced on Tuesday (https://tinyurl.com/y23de43a) we knew we were not in for a warm welcome, and this was confirmed as Gerrad Farmer blocked a public road, preventing members of the general public from going anywhere, to warn us that if we attempted to interfere with the hunt we would be met with repercussions.


We soon received word from Sheffield and Manchester sabs that a vehicle, driven by the same thugs that attacked us on Tuesday, had rammed both of their cars, to the extent that Manchester’s vehicle had to be towed. One of the vehicles that was rammed from the side was hit so hard it almost rolled, and this could have easily killed someone. With the front reg plate removed and the back covered up, they sped off before the police arrived. When they did eventually turn up, they were more interested in attempting to serve section 69’s to sabs, threatening to arrest them if they didn’t leave the area despite the vehicle being so damaged it couldn’t be driven anywhere. The same officer attended a Grove meet a few weeks back when they tried to claim that we were “running through farms with baseball bats”. The police refused to even watch our evidence at the scene, and were more interested in the possibility of sabs committing trespass later in the day than the violence by the hunt that could have resulted in a death.

This unfortunately wasn’t the end of it, as Hunt secretary/stalker Verita Farmer assaulted a sab on a public right of way, stealing their property, and her and her husband Gerrad sped around public roads following sabs with threats of more violence if we attempted to stop the Hunt from killing. Ironically, Verita has recently shared a petition to repeal the Hunting Act, stating that she hopes it will stop hunt sabs “harassing, intimidating, assaulting, and breaking the law”. Towards the end of the day, sabs saw some suspicious activity in a field involving the terriermen and stopped to try and take a look. We were immediately blocked in by hunt support, who surrounded our vehicle and began threatening us, and told us that they were digging out a fox. One of these masked up supporters was Lewis Elmore, who has been exposed for animal cruelty in the past (https://tinyurl.com/lewiselmore ). A small group of our sabs eventually managed to make it into the field and ran down to investigate, but were confronted by Lewis and his gang, who made attempts to use more than reasonable force to get us to leave. We made it past them, and were joined by the rest of the groups. Unfortunately by the time we made it down the terriermen had scarpered. We found a small drain with claw marks around it and the smell of fox, and believe that something may have happened earlier [below].


Hunts are a prime example of violent organised crime and anyone (police included) that aids them or allows them to continue in anyway should be held accountable. No matter what kind of fight they try and put up against us, we won’t stop until they’re shut down. If the police refuse to accept that week in week out that we face escalating violence and nothing is done about it, it's truly a matter of time until the next sab dies, and the blood will be on their hands. This is a call to Nottinghamshire Police to take this crime seriously, and for all police forces to begin doing their job properly. Strengthen the hunting act and shut them all down. The reason Hunt Saboteurs and monitors continue to exist after all this time, 15 years after the hunting act was introduced, is that we are the only ones consistently taking action.

We ended the day with a small impromptu peaceful demo outside of the Rockwood Harriers' hunt ball, hosted by The Queens Hotel, Leeds. Sabs were subjected to disgusting sexual comments by the drunken hunt, and we call upon the hotel to take responsibility and refuse to host them anymore.

Thankfully this season is drawing to a close. However, this does not mean that we get much of a break, with the badger cull and the start of cubbing season drawing ever closer. Please consider a donation to help us here. Thank you. *Further footage of the vehicles being rammed can be found here – https://tinyurl.com/y6nj5asm.


Burly Grove & Rufford FH supporter assaults sab on camera

17-3-19    Facebook - Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO     Guessing This is hunting UK and the Grove and Rufford Hunt will claim this chap, caught on camera assaulting a sab yesterday, was nothing to do with them either?!?!?! We'd be more convinced had he not rather stupidly shown his G&R Hunt jumper...

Pics below   -   1/  The burly hunt follower, proudly wearing his G&R supporter sweatshirt   2/  The supporter begins his assault on the sab   

   GroveRFHwearing16-3-19.jpg GroveRFHBurlysupporter16-3-19.jpg 


Sabs say film shows vixen killed by Fife FH not injured by shooting

17-3-19    Facebook – Perthshire Hunt Sabs     09-03-2019 - Fife Foxhounds Kill     Some of the footage taken by one of our sabs, showing the fox that was killed by Fife Foxhounds on the 9th of March at their closing meet was not dead or dying from a gunshot as some pro-hunt are trying to claim. She was showing no signs of injury as she tried to evade the hounds. Sadly the hunters got their fun for the day as the hounds tore her apart.

Please share far and wide, the law needs to change to stop this killing in the name of sport.

 Pics below   -   1/  Vixen running fast from hounds a little time before she was caught    2/  Hounds have just killed her

  FifeFHbeforefoxcaught9-3-19.jpg  FifeFHHoundskilled9-3-19.jpg


Callous Albrighton & W FH hunters ignore injured rider as antis assist her

Support had early tried to run monitors over & ram their car

Police warned them as to their conduct 

Many hounds seen with cuts from brambles, barbie, one limping badly

Sabs called hounds off roe deer Whip had set them chasing 

Redcoat threatened to rip female sab's head off

17-3-19   Facebook - Cheshire Against Blood Sports     Albrighton and Woodland Hunt, ...nr Cosford     After a last minute change of plans, CABS, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Welsh Border Hunt Sabs headed south to visit the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt. This Hunt rarely gets monitored or sabbed, so they were rather perplexed when we were waiting at the meet point for them.

We anticipated that Rou’s Covert and Fox Covert would be the likely first targets for this Hunt, so CABS and Sabs entered the Covert and positioned themselves in there and low and behold that’s where they headed.

We watched the Hunt head towards the coverts and noticed one red coat split off and stay on point on the outer rim of Rou’s Covert, clearly there to scare any animal trying to escape back in.

It came over the radio that a group of deer were flushed out of Fox Covert by the hounds but sabs were in position to see they made their way to safety. With this group of deer safe, the Huntsman tried again and another deer bolted, a rider indicated where the deer had ran and the Huntsman set off in pursuit, however with foot sabs in close attendance he had to abandon this chase. With the chase thwarted, a vile redcoat verbally threatened a female sab and threatened to “rip her f****** head off” we are reviewing the footage of this incident.         

Our presence got all too much for the support who by now had got really over excited and a catalogue of silly behaviour began. One vehicle was already familiar to us, it was involved and not in a good way in the 2018 Badger Cull in the Betley area on the Cheshire/Staffordshire border, it began following our vehicle and driving erratically and dangerously. The “boys” thought it was amusing to try and run us over to stop us entering a bridleway, however they just weren’t quick enough, we have spent a whole season dodging cars/quads and horses and are now very nimble ! They then thought they would try and ram our car, but again not quick enough, but caught on dash camera.

The police had been alerted to our presence and we flagged them down explained what happened and surprisingly they pulled the car over [above], he had to provide his details and was warned about his future conduct for the rest of the day. This was quite impressive and we had high hopes for the police that day...

We tracked the Hunt to the area south of Patshull Hall, where two hours of chaos began. We arrived at the area near the Golf Course at Patshull Park. The hounds were fully in cry. Two police cars were parked at the entrance to the golf club. A Staffs Sab approached them and told them what was happening, however just because he was wearing a scarf around his face, the pleas for help were completely dismissed. An unmasked member of CABS approached the officers and explained what was going on and what they were hearing and a totally different attitude from the police, they weren’t as aggressive. However they still did nothing. We explained that the hounds were in cry and chasing a fox and it was illegal, they just tapped our cameras said it sounded like dogs barking and said go get evidence then, but this complete bias against sabs that are masked is unacceptable, needs to stop wherever in the country it happens.

With CABS and Sabs in Bickely’s Rough and the hounds in cry, a fox was seen running to the safety of the golf course. with people all over the area, the Huntsman was forced to gather his hounds in. The poor hounds were in a sorry state, many covered in cuts and blood from bramble injuries and several hounds had previously been seen being injured on a barbed wire fence and one was limping badly.

The Hunt moved off and this is where the most shocking incident of the day happened. Some riders were jumping into a field, when a horse slipped and the rider came off her horse and knocked herself out. The rest of the riders just carried on with no regard to her well being. At this point, the hounds were in cry and chasing a fox was clearly far more important than helping a fellow rider in distress. While all this was happening members of our team saw a second fox fleeing the area the hounds were in and again it was seen to safety.

Back to the rider, she had regained consciousness and a few members of the Hunt had returned. They offered very little sympathy and were in fact encouraging her to remount her horse so they could carry on hunting. It was the sabs that had removed their coats to keep her warm and dry, sabs that called the ambulance and sabs that had to demand a rider to wait on a nearby road so the ambulance had a focal point and could find the injured rider as they were struggling to find our location.

The behaviour displayed by the Hunt is nothing short of callous. There are some that would ask us “why would we help a hunter” but whether it’s an animal or a human, we simply cannot walk away and leave somebody injured and in distress whoever they are.

The ambulance when trying to reach the scene of the accident had gotten stuck in the deep mud in the field. We were all aware of the urgency of situation and we all rolled up our sleeves to push the ambulance out. The Cheshire Sabs vehicle attached a tow rope, rocks were placed under the wheels and we managed to get the ambulance turned round to face out of the field and by sheer brute strength and some welcome assistance from the local scout leaders, we pushed the ambulance out of the field onto the road. The rider was then taken to hospital. At no point did any members of the Hunt or the support offer any assistance to the rider or to the ambulance.

When the ambulance had left, we headed back to the meet point and to the kennels to meet up with the sabs that had stayed with the Hunt to check the hunt had finally packed up.

We hope the Hunt is suitably embarrassed/ashamed about their behaviour yesterday, however we doubt it. This hunt is now on the radar of us and several other sab groups and we will be visiting again next season. Final tally saved, five deer, two foxes and an ambulance!

We are in desperate need of new radios for our group, with the more extreme terrain we are now covering our radios are just not powerful enough. Please consider buying us a “Ko-fi” thank you. http://ko-fi.com/cheshireagainstbloodsports.

See also Staffordshire Hunt Sabs report here 


Locals protest Cotswold V FH illegal hunting in public woods

17-3-19   Gloucestershire Live  VIDEO   Protesters claim hunt is terrorising wildlife and people’s dogs in Gloucestershire woods - Claim that the public’s safety is under threat due to the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt     More than 1,500 people have signed a petition calling for an end to hunting in woods around Flaxley in the Forest of Dean. Campaigners claim members of the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt are illegally chasing foxes through the woods and trying to dig out badger setts. The Hunt’s riders have been filmed riding in the woods and protesters claim this has put members of the public and their pets at risk.

One of the protesters, Barbara Slaska, claimed her husband had been galloped into by a member of the Hunt. She and other residents staged a protest in the woods and started the online petition. It calls for the Forestry Commission to stop licensing the hunt so it can no longer operate in Flaxley, Hope and Muggleworth woods.

Mrs Slaska said: “I have sent the commission evidence that the public are being put at risk since the wood is very small (circumnavigated in an hour) and cannot safely accommodate walkers, cyclists, recreational riders and the hunt along a single arterial track.” She added: “The chasing of foxes, particularly into active badger setts, has been witnessed by locals and letters have been sent to the commission with no reply. Locals have also witnessed deer and hares being chased by hounds.”


Gloucestershire Live has approached the Hunt for comment.

A spokeswoman for Gloucestershire police said: “On Saturday February 16 a man reported that he believed he had been assaulted by a horse or rider which passed him on a bridleway in Flaxley Woods, Newnham. No injuries were reported and no words were exchanged between the man and the rider. There were no witnesses to the incident, nor any evidence to show what happened. So officers have no viable lines of inquiry and have been unable to progress the investigation any further. The man who reported the incident has been informed.”

A spokeswoman for the Forestry Commission said: ““The Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt do have a current trail hunting licence from us for Flaxley Woods and it is reviewed annually. If anyone has evidence that would support claims that a hunt have breached their licence or broken then law then we would urge members of the public to give us this information and report any suspected breaches of the law to the police. All reports or complaints we receive are held in the strictest confidence and no names would ever be disclosed to another person or organisation. Forestry Commission staff have training on the Data Protection Regulations are fully aware of their responsibilities and take them very seriously.”

She added: “We investigate complaints supported by credible evidence and facts and take action when necessary. We cannot take any action without strong evidence. Flaxley Wood, along with the wider Forest of Dean, is enjoyed by many different user groups. Conflicts between user groups can occur, however the woods are to be enjoyed by all and we encourage groups to respect each other’s right to enjoy the forest and work alongside each other to ensure everyone enjoys their visit. If a member of the public witnesses a wildlife crime, they should report it to the police in the first instance by calling 101.”


Monitors harassed & worse by Beaufort FH followers as hunting fails

Hunt rider shocked when PC reprimanded quad riders illegal driving 

17-3-19    Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    Beaufort 16.03.19 Horton    On Saturday 16th CIHW worked with Three Counties. The hunt went up above Upper Chalkley Farm and stayed in the area around Birch Hill for some time before taking off northwards towards Monument Farm where they crossed the road and went at speed towards Splatt's Barn, hunting towards Raven's Combe. It was an NT licence day - yet they stayed away from NT land (just as well as they had about 10 terrier men).

They were moving fast but we were keeping up behind them, relocating them after they crossed the Kilcott road towards Tresham. They were found hunting around the Monarch's Way and going east via Lizens Wood. At this point supporters and hunt quad bikes were on the road by Kilcott Mill waiting for the hunt and passed their time by throwing mud at one of our vehicles. A terrier man well known to us for his thug behaviour, sat in the back of our vehicle as the door was opened, preventing us getting out. At this point the police were called.

On their way to answer the call the police officer filmed the quad bike going off fast on the road with three occupants (illegal) and summoned a hunt rider to reprimand the Hunt and pass the message that this type of behaviour should be stopped. The hunt rider was shocked and amazed to be spoken to like that by a police officer as clearly he had thought the police were here to reprimand us.

The day was windy and bad for scent, and they seemed to be running on up until second horse at Hawkesbury Pond. A walker found them immediately after second horse, hounds initially seen drawing the slope to west of Hennel Bottom. By this time the field was very small but still included a number of small children. The hounds were heard in cry as the monitor went across to Hennel Bottom and were in there when she arrived. She was mobbed by terrier men and riders to prevent her filming and witnessing the hunt.


                                    Hunt dangerously hogging road - as usual 

By this time we had walkers at several points in this large, wooded and steeply undulating area. A second walker was severely harassed while on the main footpath as the hounds were brought to the steep side of a wood and were searching the wood under instruction from the hunt staff who were het up. The field of riders, including the young children, watched amused as two young women and the masked but well known terrier man, all smelling of drink, jostled and mobbed the walker. They surrounded her, blocking and knocking her camera, kicking her feet from behind and grabbed at her backpack from behind. This is becoming a regular occurrence from this misguided man.

The walkers in different positions still managed to keep the hounds under close scrutiny. The hunt staff clearly expected the hounds to find in the wood, one pushing his horse up the steep slope through bushes and brambles when hounds spoke briefly. It was as if they expected to find something and it was not a trail. The frustration felt intense when they did not get a scent and the hounds ended up drinking at the stream.

The Huntsman moved the hounds on round to another angle to search for the fox as the walker was continuously harassed. As he passed the walker he called her a 'scummy old lesbian'. Well, well, 'lesbian' still seems to be construed as an automatic insult amongst some of the hunters which does reveal a lot about their participation in 21st century values. They have been letting themselves down lately.

A fox was seen in the area of these woods and valleys but it was not near the hounds and although they picked up again briefly, running towards the monument it seemed to fizzle out. They knew cameras were on them and all walkers in the valley followed them closely out. From there they went over the A46 (yes this busy road) not really stopping at Hobbyhorse Wood but going on to draw Apsimore and Park Wood, obviously desperate to pick up on a fox before they packed up. A fox was seen escaping during the later section of the hunt, it got clear away.

Whilst in the area, we checked the AE in Park Wood and found one entrance blocked. The quads had been in there so we had gone in to check. Two of the other entrances were open.

Meanwhile one of our walkers was escorted off the land while trying to keep her eye on what the Hunt was doing here. The quads and supporters gathered silently and ominously in the failing light at the various viewpoints, waiting as usual to sight a fox. It really is not plausible that this avid waiting around a hunted area could be to view the hounds finding a trail. There was a lighter moment when one of us had to help the (rather large) hunt secretary back onto his horse) but the day was characterised by full-on, nasty, cowardly intimidation of lone monitors and it was quite clear that the culprits had been drinking. One female was seen even weeing openly by the side of the road. Even when hunting finished for day - they accosted a monitor who was on a footpath - claiming trespass.

They finally packed up at Didmarton at 5.30pm which seems to be a traditional spot for last meet locally and whilst the hounds were waiting outside in the hound lorry for their meal we could see they had gone into local pro-hunt house for refreshments.

Their 2 last meets of the season will be away in Cornwall. See you soon!


Sabs attacked by masked up gang of S. Dorset FH thugs - one headbutted

Injured sab taken to hospital but returned to carry on sabbing

Female sab group assaulted and stolen from by same thugs

Thugs dressed as sabs & carried spray bottles

Police attended but were hostile to sabs and useless

Despite Hunt's best efforts, day was kill free

17-3-19    Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights    Hit Report 16.3.19 - South Dorset Hunt, meet at the old show ground, Cokers Frome, nr Dorchester      Today's report from the South Dorset Hunt meet comes from a few angles. You can read each groups reports of the day by visiting their page. This is ours...

Joined today by good friends and family, Southampton Sabs and Dorset Hunt Sabs, also Somerset Wildlife Crime and some legendary Monitors, we set off in the Green Landy to spoil the day for the SD and its few remaining hangers on.

With the Green, White and Blue Landy teams and Monitors in position, we were ready to welcome Steady on Steve and HIS hunt and to save our beautiful foxes from being ripped apart by Steve's packS.DorsetFHFrontheadbutted16-3-19.jpg of dogs.

Steady on Steve, we know you have been at the head of the South Dorset this season. Juggers has just been an insignificant squeak in the background, trying his hardest to emulate you and the control you have with your dogs, with your knowledge of where to constantly "find" a Fox. Of your rapport with your knuckle draggers.....YOU knew what they had planned today and you condoned it!!!

With the White Landy watching the meet to see what direction they took, with Blue Landy Sabs positioned in Badger Copse, SWC monitors in the golf course car park and the Green Landy team positioned on a green lane, whatever way Steve took with his dogs his Hunt was surrounded...

With a full field of 15, at 11am they left the meet and headed straight to Badger Copse and the Blue foot Sabs. Within minutes sabs witnessed a fox running for its life with dogs in pursuit just seconds behind. Acting swiftly Sabs were able to call the dogs off and the fox escaped over the yellow road off to the south. The Green landy driver and navigator were now able to cover its tracks with citronella all along Slyers Lane where the Fox had made its escape.

Meanwhile, the Hunt had headed off to the north east and towards the Green Sabs who were positioned at Three Cornered Coppice....so the Hunt got no joy there either.

White Sabs entered the field from the north west along the bridle-path towards Wolfeton Clump, to meet the fast moving Hunt, where suddenly they were approached by 15 masked up men in camouflage, carrying spray bottles and whips. One White sab was attacked and head butted in the face causing an awful lot of bleeding and what looked like a broken nose [above right].

The Dorset Police were called and on arrival [yes they/he came out] the sab told him what had happened (more on that shortly) and was then taken to hospital...


The Hunt by now had headed east to old favourite and "good" place to "find" a Fox, Little Puddle Bottom, where Blue Sabs had repositioned to keep ahead of the Hunt. who were drawing through the gorse toward Holcombe Barn. Blue Sabs found Badger Setts in the open access land West of Little Puddle Bottom Wood that had been freshly blocked yet again, so they stayed behind and unblocked them by hand.

During this time, Green Sabs came under attack as they headed back towards the Landy. Urine was thrown at them followed by big lumps of hard mud. Three female Sabs were herded away from the rest of the group by masked up knuckle-draggers who then started stealing their belongings, tripped them up and shoved them around. Dorset Police were once again called and we were given an incident number!!!!

The Hunt headed east but then doubled back West drawing the gorse around Muston Farm. While the Green Landy team kept a close eye on the Hunt, the foot team entered along a footpath causing the hunt to run back in the direction of Three Cornered Coppice and to the eyes of Somerset Wildlife Crime who could then keep the sabs updated on the Hunt's movements, Sabs could then reposition accordingly.


At this point, Somerset Wildlife Crime Monitors came under attack from masked up c*untrymen on quads who also sprayed the Monitors with an unknown substance.

The White Landy returned with the injured sab to maintain position at the golf club carpark while the Blue, White and Green Landy sabs followed the Hunt off to the South and what turned out to be the ride back to the meet...

Packing up at a very early 3.30pm to head off home to ready themselves in their circus costumes for the circus themed South Dorset Hunt Ball.

Fantastic team work and communication between all the groups and monitors working together today in the battle to save our wildlife, ensured we had them pincered to a very small area today. We can confidently say that there were NO kills today.

South Dorset Hunt rest assured we WILL be back, again and again and again...

The injured Sab will make a full recovery but is very battered and bruised.

The second part of our report is to say how shockingly bad and biased the Dorset Police have been this season. Today being the cherry on the top! The sab who was assaulted has had to put up with both racist and homophobic comments as well as being pushed, tripped and shoved all season. When the police attended today all they were interested in was getting the injured sab to tell him the names of other team members and to get them to remove their masks. Things got so bad that the injured sab had to end his account of what had happened and just answer with no comment!

Many times when absolutely necessary this season we have had to call the Dorset police for help. Nine out of ten times they haven't turned up. Dorset Police what is it going to take for you to actually do the job that most of us pay for with extra charges on our council tax? Would this violent behaviour go unchecked if it was in a town rather than the countryside? We think not. At the end of the day it should be YOU out there stopping the illegal foxhunting, then we wouldn't have to be there taking verbal and physical abuse day in and day out while you protect the law breakers and their "important" hosts!

If you would like to join us then please message this page or email - weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com - and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

16-3-19    Facebook - Southampton Sabs    The South Dorset Hunt thugs have just assaulted one of our sabs while on a footpath following hounds. The thugs were dressed as sabs with spray bottles and whips. they were whipping, spraying, throwing mud and trying to trip the sabs. Police came but first thing they did was ask other sabs in our group to show faces.

18-3-18    Facebook - North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   These are the lengths the scum of South Dorset will go to to prevent sabs stopping their illegal hunting. Dressed up to look like sabs, they can be seen spraying an unknown substance on sabs faces and assaulting them numerous times, resulting in one sab requiring hospital treatment for a broken nose. Dorset Police when will you take action? Do we have to be wearing red coats and be mounted on horseback for you to take our complaints seriously?! Solidarity to Southampton Sabs.


Pic above  -   Sabs sprayed and whipped by masked up thugs  

Pics below   - 1/  Thug about to headbutt sab   2/  Blood on sab's hand from his face

  S.DorsetFHMaskedheadbut16-3-19.jpg S.DorsetFHSabblood16-3-19.jpg

21-3-19   Metro  VIDEO   Pro-hunting thug ‘breaks saboteur’s nose’ with headbutt    Shocking bodycam footage shows pro-fox hunting thugs confront a group of hunt saboteurs and allegedly break one of their noses The group of animal rights campaigners say they were hounded through a field as they followed a Hunt from a distance on Saturday. One of them, who only wanted to be known as ‘Charlie’, appeared to be tripped over before being headbutted. As the five members of the Southampton Hunt Sabs try to escape, the 11 hunting supporters sprayed ‘diesel, citronella and urine’ in their faces and kicked mud at them.

The video shows Charlie, 27, who identifies as non-binary, wiping blood away from their nose. They say their nose is bent to one side with the walls of their nostrils almost touching each other inside.

Charlie, from Hampshire, said: ‘I was in shock at first obviously because I’d just been hit in the face quite hard. I never expected it but it wasn’t a surprise that it happened, because I know what they are like.’  

A man wearing a skull mask whips Charlie and sprays the saboteurs with an unknown substance and tries to grab their bodycam as they turn to walk away. The group were chased for seven minutes towards a main road near Dorchester, Dorset before the pro-hunt gang dispersed. ‘They obviously stopped because they knew police would be waiting at the other end,’ added Charlie, who works in customer service. 

Fox hunting was outlawed in 2004 under the Hunting Act. The pursuit of live animals has instead been replaced by trail hunting, which sees hounds and riders follow a pre-laid scent such as fox urine.

Protesters say they were sprayed with ‘diesel, citronella and urine’. Charlie said confrontations between pro and anti fox-hunting groups happen every week. They added: ‘When the thugs attack us and other groups, they just make us more determined to keep going, we know that they are becoming more and more desperate to cause us harm, to try and intimidate us to stop going out. But all they are doing is making us stronger and helping us to show the public what kind of people they are and what kind of people support hunting. In a weird silver lining, this helps us out. I can show the public how violent and horrible these people are.’

Dorset Police said: ‘We were called at 12.37pm on Saturday 16 March 2019 to reports of an altercation between members of a Hunt and protesters in Dorchester. ‘It is reported a man aged in his 20s sustained an injury to his nose. Officers have made requests for information, witness details and a statement from the victim, however this has not been provided. As a result the matter has been filed pending any new information coming to light.’

A spokesperson from the Countryside Alliance commented: ‘There is no evidence to support claims that these individuals were associated with a registered hunt and it is a classic example of hunt saboteurs attempting to tarnish the reputation of hunt supporters. It is worth noting that hunts are frequently plagued by balaclava-clad animal-rights activists who intimidate and harass hunt supporters and landowners, seeking to provoke a response they can then broadcast on social media.’


Portman FH meet at Lord Rothermere's [owner of the Daily Mail]

Later hunted estate of film director Guy Ritchie [Madonna's ex]

Huntsman took hounds across A30 3 times - but kill-free day

17-3-19    Facebook - North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs    Portman Hunt - Ferne Park    Yesterday (Saturday 17th March) the Portman met at the home of Viscount Rothermere, the Owner of the Daily Mail, and the owner of the Bryanston Estate where the Hunt Kennels are.

From the meet, our good friends from Dorset Against Blood Sports watched the Hunt as they headed out of Ferne House gates and went north west towards the A30. Only five minutes out of the meet and sabs came across Evo scrambling to gain control of the hounds. Hounds were running all over an extremely dangerous bend on the A30 and Evo, clearly flustered, was heard swearing down the radio at one of his chums.


                                                            Posh meets tosh 

Not the best start for the day, but things were about to get a lot worse for Evo as he stumbled across Bath Hunt Saboteurs in their 4x4 along the green-lanes that Evo was about to start drawing his hounds along.

Having his weekly adrenaline hit of crossing an A Road once, he then crossed the A30 again, then two minutes later crossed back over and up to White Sheet Hill. Where Bath’s team went in on foot followed by their vehicle. Not finding any foxes, they moved on.

Wildlife Witness teams now had the hunt under their watchful vision as the Hunt drew hounds down to Berwick Coombe, across to Woodlands, and came out at Cross Farm. Hounds were seen running at pace here but Evo rounded hounds up when in the road and took them through Berwick Saint John up Ashcombe Lane, where, you guessed it, more Sabs were waiting for them.


                        Huntsman Evo Shirley gets his whip stuck in the gate 

Hounds were on a scent and sabs rushed to meet them at Ferne Hollow. Here the hounds were gathered up. Quite a few of them had blood patches on their fur, however faces were clean. Evo ran off with hounds westward to Beech Clump and then headed south east onto Guy Richie's land at Ashcombe.

They spent a long while drawing hounds through the woodlands down the valley and then back up again. They popped back out at Monk's Down where all the field headed back to the meet and the hounds headed along the Ox Drove and then north to Lower Bridmore Farm. Evo spent quite a while trying to draw hounds onto a fox around the farm buildings but, with sabs present, he gave up on this last attempt and took hounds back to Rowsberry Farm, packing up early by 16:00 under the watchful eye of everybody out today.


                Hounds have to crawl under stile as Huntsman shut gate on them 

A trip to Tesco’s was now in order for a debrief and slice of the “slightly alcoholic” cake that our Monitors had made. Please help us stay on the roads by donating to our fundraiser or PayPal which can be found on links at the top of the page.


Police quiz Blean Beagles JM after sabs catch them hunting hare

Sabs had called pack off hare with gizmo 

17-3-19    Facebook - East Kent Sabs    Kent hunt sabs shut down hare hunt - Kent Sabs, Saturday, 16th March 2019    With the Kent fox hunts finished for the season, it was a chance for our team to have a proper crack at the Beagle packs (hare hunts).

With no obvious meets, we had to set our own “beagle hunters” into action-these our our local anti hunt supporters who regularly check meets for us around the county (these people have our upmost respect, putting in the hours with none of the glory, and for that we salute them). We had both of the Kent hare hunts in our sights today, but as it turned out, only the Blean Beagles were out hunting. (note-this is the Hunt whose ex Huntsman/Master is STILL the Chair of KENT WILDLIFE TRUST, and who is also still a business partner of the current "semi retired" Huntsman, who was out hunting today-see link below). See here.

At 2.15pm we stuck gold, a roar of “Jonty!!” went up from our group, as the first beaglers were spotted…. The gizmo was played to alert the hunters of our presence-a few seconds later after trying to locate the source of the hound cry, he spotted us waving at him…and turned tail and legged it! A few of our finest went in after him, but they were no match for the long legged Tarquin…


We re grouped in old ”Betsy" (our beloved landy), and tried to relocate them. On Heel Road we found the meeting site of the hunt, who by now they were near a chicken farm west of the meet, and a few sabs spotted a fleeing hare…. We stopped our vehicle and headed into the field, the pack of beagles were travelling around the edge of the field in exactly the same route as the hare-once in front of the hounds, we cracked our whips and commanded the hounds to "leave it!” (this is the call the huntsman will use to stop the pack). This action worked, and they turned back the way they had come, giving the hare valuable minutes to escape….very close, but another life saved. A beagler came back to reclaim his pack, while we called the police to report illegal hunting.

We did a circuit of the area before it was clear they had packed up, it was now 3.30pm and the last of the hounds were being bundled into the hound trailer. Another triumphant cry of JONTY!! bellowed out from our vehicle as it was clear they had given up hunting for the day!!As not to upset any residents we moved up the road in an attempt not to rub their noses in it, but a very disgruntled hunter came over to show off his big lens (!), and harass our members on a public road.

Anyhow, the plod turned up a little while later just as we were leaving, they took some details from us of what happened, just as the hounds were being transported back the kennels.

To our surprise the officers went after them, better still, as we were heading home, we saw the hound van and former “semi retired” huntsman/master pulled over at the side of the road. I know you may find this hard to believe, but the police had pulled him over, and were actually questioning him!!!!! The poor fellah looked like someone had thrown one up his ring! How we laughed on our way home… What a cracking way to end a very long season.

  BleanBeagles16-3-19.jpg  BleanBeaglesPolicequestionJM16-3-19.jpg

A massive shout out to all of our supporters, beagle hunters, informants, you are amazing and without you we could not have half the impact that we do. If you wish to donate to our group and keep us out in the fields, you can do so here-many thanks. Or “buy us a coffee" (small donations) here- ko-fi.com/kenthuntsabs. Thanks x. AND PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.


S. Durham FH take hounds thru pregnant sheep, hunt over graveyard

16-3-19    Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors     Hit Report 47. Season 18/19 06.03.19 South Durham Hunt. Hurworth Burn (Castle Eden ) Walk Way (Durham County Council land) and nature reserve     As the Hunt arrived - we say Hunt, 2 redcoats and a lackey on a unicorn with a few vehicle support (was sad to see) - they were watched by our driver as foot monitors headed down the Walk Way with citronella.

We managed to stay out of sight for the first few hours, just watching them from a distance as they rode down the Walk Way to the opposite end at Embleton Hall, where they cast hounds into Whin Houses Belt wood.

They then headed for a small wood where we know the gamekeeper, having pheasants on the land, refused to give them permission - but that won’t stop them, as we all know every farmer and game keeper loves the Hunt rampaging through his livelihood.

Passing through - and unable to get through a fence normally used to access land with sheep in - they made their way the long way around. This is when we were first spotted and congratulated on our crap hiding place (had been hiding most of the day successfully thank you very much). Taking hounds through a field full of pregnant sheep some with lambs they had no thought for the terrified animals.


They then headed into the deer shoot at Murton Blue House before crossing the lane and into Blue House Woodland Burials, a place where environmentally inclined people can be buried. Yes, they hunted in a place where people are laid to rest. This is the true mentality of these pathetic humans. We doubt very much these souls would want the Hunt and hounds chasing a fox over their resting place.

Then the heavens opened and we know Huntsman Beeebeee doesn’t want to get his teeth wet so they packed their itty bitty teeny Hunt up and went home to troll Facebook.

We know they love our page and are happy to oblige the needy attention seekers. We are sure one or two spend all their time away from the hunt just checking us out - a little obsessed and stalker-ish, but we really think it’s funny.

You can donate to keep us in the field via PayPal at huntmonitors@gmail.com.


Anti says he was kidnapped by Heythrop FH on Boxing Day 2018

Video evidence supported his story but police refused to interview Huntsman

16-3-19    Facebook - Zac Coleman   VIDEO   POWAperson writes -  The writer of the post is an anti. His account is very lengthy so I will not reproduce it here, but you can access it via the link above. The following [in standard type] is a summary of that account. There is no doubt in my mind that, assuming what he writes is true, he was kidnapped - a very serious criminal offence - and the principal actor in the crime was, according to him, Charles Frampton, the Huntsman of the Heythrop FH. A short history of the Heythrop and their total lack of respect of the Hunting Act can be found below the summary [in italic].

 Mr. Coleman says that he and some friends joined the Boxing Day 2018 protest against the Heythrop. They decided not to sab because they were so vastly outnumbered. Mr. Coleman later went out for a bike ride on his own. During this he came across the hounds in cry, clearly chasing a fox. He leapt of his bike and ran towards them, trying to rate them off the fox. He soon came to a track which riders were using, including the Huntsman, Charles Frampton. The Huntsman aggressively challenged his presence to which Mr. Coleman retorted that he was trespassing in order to collect evidence of a crime they were committing. 


                      Alleged kidnap victim runs after hounds, trying to rate them 

At this, as the video shows, Frampton became even more aggressive and abusive, riding his horse right up against Mr. Coleman. A vehicle driven by a woman then appeared and Frampton insisted he get in it to be driven away from the area. Mr. Coleman declined, offering to walk to the footpath [30 yards HeythropFHVictimHuntsman26-12-18.jpgaway] and leave. Frampton loudly insisted he get in the car. Other hunters had by now joined them and he feared for his safety. Coleman says he was shoved towards the vehicle, whose driver had got out and was shouting at him. He says he was pushed into the car and the door slammed on him. The woman, still shouting at him, and with 2 barking dogs in the back seats, got in, started the engine and drove off, despite Coleman's objection. The woman was forced to stop when she came to a road and Coleman demanded she let him out. She refused. As she was starting to pull out he managed to force the passenger door open and threw himself out. This was witnessed by a [non-Hunt] family, who offered help He then retrieved his bike and, very shaken, made his way home.

Though himself reluctant, Coleman was advised by friends and family to report the incident to the police. He gave a statement, handed over his video evidence and the reg. of the car. The driver was interviewed but denied knowing she had driven him against his will. They did not interview the alleged principal actor, the Huntsman, and Coleman says they refused to do so when asked. The police then closed the case due to 'insufficient evidence'.


                Huntsman has ridden his horse right up against alleged kidnap victim 

POWAperson adds  -  The Heythrop was heavily monitored for several years after the Hunting Act became law. Monitors accused them many times of wilfully hunting foxes [under their previous Huntsman Julian Barnfield] and presented police with what they believed was adequate evidence of this around 30 times. This was almost always rejected either by the police or the CPS, though the latter did finally charge the Huntsman with two counts of illegal hunting in 2008.

These charges were dropped by the CPS, along with several other cases from elsewhere, after theHeythropFHlandy26-12-18.jpg Exmoor FH Huntsman won his appeal against his illegal hunting conviction early in 2009 in the High Court, when the judgement made it even harder than before to gain sufficient evidence to convict.

Finally, in 2011, the monitors despaired of getting the CPS to prosecute and approached the RSPCA with their video evidence. After viewing this, the Society issued summons against the Huntsman alleging 2 further instances of illegal hunting. These charges were still pending [Hunting Act cases seem to take forever] when the monitors decided to show all their video evidence of the Heythrop FH hunting illegally in the 2011-2012 season to the RSPCA lawyers.

The RSPCA legal team enthusiastically took this on board and no less than 52 charges against five members of the Hunt and, a first, the Hunt as a body corporate emerged. Launching this massive prosecution they decided, for reasons I never understood, to drop the two pre-existing charges against the Huntsman. 

It should be remembered that, not only did the Hunt's members include several people high up on the Sunday Times rich list, but also that, by this time, a keen supporter and friend of the Hunt, David Cameron, was now Prime Minister. The Heythrop were based in his constituency of Witney. It should also be noted that the Heythrop did not take kindly to being monitored and did all they could to obstruct the monitors. Indeed, they and their support were often openly hostile and aggressive and, in a period of a few years, received no fewer than 14 convictions for criminal offences against the monitors, who were mostly late middle-aged, middle-class ladies. These offences included several instances of criminal damage and assault.

The RSPCA issued their summonses in May 2012 and the Hunt and the accused members indicated they would vigorously contest them. For reasons unknown to me, 12 of the charges were dropped, leaving 40 against four members, including the Huntsman, and the Hunt itself. Thus the RSPCA had to undertake a huge amount of expensive preparatory work to fight all those contested cases, believing the Hunt lawyers were doing the same to defend them. They did not then know that, so compelling was the monitors' evidence, that the Heythrop had decided not to fight the charges. But, cunningly, the Hunt lawyers did not tell the prosecution this until a few days before the trial start date, 12th December 2012. They then entered into negotiations, which eventuated in their agreeing to plead guilty to 12 offences - 4 by the Huntsman, 4 by a former Joint Master and 4 by the Hunt as body corporate, with the other 28 offences being allowed to lie on file. This meant 2 of the accused not having to face trial. The RSPCA had little practical alternative but to agree to this deal.

The judge, faced with guilty pleas, had to convict the remaining defendants and the Hunt, fining them a total of around £6000, about £500 for each offence [when the maximum allowed was then £5,000]. But he was highly critical of the RSPCA for spending so much of their funds on the prosecution, awarding them only a tiny fraction of their costs. His remarks gave much comfort to the hunt side and deflected attention from what was a huge legal victory for the anti-hunt, not only convicting the Prime Minister's Hunt, but forcing them to plead guilty. He was later reprimanded for his remarks by whatever body oversees judge's conduct, but the damage had been done. There followed a concerted campaign of vitriolic propaganda against the RSPCA from the hunting lobby for having the brass neck to challenge and defeat such a 'prestigious' Hunt. This pretty quickly weakened the Society's resolve to prosecute other transgressive Hunts and the resignation of CEO Gavin Grant, who had approved the Heythrop prosecution. They eventually commissioned a former Chief Inspector of the CPS to review their prosecutions policy.

The Wooler Report, published in September 2015, was widely misrepresented by the hunt side, because it did, in fact, conclude that the Heythrop prosecution, and the few others they launched against other Hunts, were justified. Indeed, Wooler stated that the Hunting Act was being 'extensively flouted'. However, he also concluded that such prosecutions were too expensive for the Society to undertake and recommended that they should pass evidence on to the CPS [the very body that had so failed the Heythrop monitors] for them to act, though adding that he thought the RSPCA should campaign for the Hunting Act to be strengthened [which it has not really done]. It is now a few years since the last RSPCA prosecution of an organised Hunt. So, the Heythrop prosecutions were something of a pyrrhic victory.

The monitors, realising that the Heythrop had become extremely efficient at hindering them from collecting evidence of illegal hunting, soon turned their attentions elsewhere and the Hunt is now not that frequently sabbed either, though what evidence there has been from sabbing suggests they have not changed their ways.     

Pic above right   -   The Land Rover into which alleged kidnap victim claims he was pushed, as Huntsman shouted 'Fucking get in there.' and driven away against his will.


Sabs save hare and rabbit from Leadon Vale Bassets

Female sabs assaulted by Huntsman and Whipper-in 

16-3-19    Facebook - Herefordshire Hunt Sabs    Leadon Vale Bassets - Linkend Farm, Corse Lawn, Gloucestershire 1,6/3/19    Hare and rabbit saved due to presence of sabs Today was a gruelling three hours spent in the unpleasant company of the father and son, Alex [below] and George Brinksworth, (Master Huntsman and Whipper-in respectively) of the Leadon Vale Bassets.


Both assaulted female sabs while bleating about trespass – last time we looked trespass was a civil offence and assault a much more serious criminal matter. Plenty of casual sexism, ageism and a bit of fat-shaming too – as if further proof were needed that those who hunt animals for fun are still living in the Dark Ages, in more ways than one. Second whipper in Ali, was also in attendance but he’s so quiet you can almost forget he’s there - George really needs to take a leaf out of his book.

Hunt staff and foot followers were clearly gutted when they realised they had sab company again. They headed north from the meet straight towards us - their faces were a picture on spotting us. The hounds were quickly gathered up and a discussion took place, while one elderly follower aggressively shoved his camera in sabs’ faces. We stood our ground all the while, hoping they would return to the meet and pack up but, with just three of us in the field, they decided to continue. So we stuck to them like glue through hedges, water-filled ditches, across sodden fields and over gates and fences for the next three hours.

We kept close up to the hounds as they were cast across fields, along hedgerows, through small coverts – all places where hares would be expected to be lying in a ‘form.’ Hares always lie up in depressions in the ground called ‘forms’ as opposed to burrowing into the ground which makes these beautiful and increasingly rare animals particularly vulnerable to a pack of hounds. There was absolutely no pretence at laying a trail – they justified their activity by claiming to be hunting rabbits which unfortunately is legal, although that doesn’t make it any less barbaric and as sabs we protect all wild animals.

Less than half an hour after leaving the meet, near Nashend Farm, a hare was put up by hounds in a grass field. Sabs rated the hounds and shouted at hunt staff to call their dogs back, knowing that they are able to stop the hounds having seen them do so on Marcle Ridge a few weeks ago. Knowing we had seen the hare, the hounds were called off, to the clear annoyance of the hunt staff. The hounds were then taken out onto a road, phone calls were made and we hoped that the incident with the hare would persuade the Hunt to pack up.

A half mile walk down the road ensued, with us expecting to see the hound van, ready to be loaded up, around every corner but it was not to be. Hounds were taken back into more fields and they continued to hunt for two more hours. Where the Hunt went, we followed even on our hands and knees though a hedge at one point, closely following ex master Toby Leathwood (check out the photo below if you fancy a laugh).


Late in the afternoon whipper in, George, spotted a rabbit running across a wide open field and clearly signalled its presence. Huntsman Alex encouraged the hounds onto the line and both he and George were heard to clearly hunt hounds on. Sabs rated hounds in an attempt to get their heads up and George threw a bit of a hissy fit about us ‘interfering with the hounds’ which ended in him pulling a sab’s hat off. One foot sab managed to crawl through hole in a hedge after the hounds and could confirm that the rabbit escaped to safety.

All in all a tough day – aching legs tomorrow - but the hounds never left our sight for a minute and for once we can safely guarantee no kills; with both a hare and a rabbit saved due to our presence.

Instead of sharing our own fundraising link today, we ask that if you are able to make a donation please do so to Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs who had their car badly damaged today by hunt thugs. Thank you. https://ko-fi.com/A570FG9.


Surrey U FH rider Lulu whips sab - again - on no-kill day

One fox hunted to ground but no dig & early pack-up 

16-3-19    Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs   Yesterday, with some North Downs and Reading Hunt Saboteurs, we thought we’d pay the Surrey Union Hunt another visit this week. They met at Slades Farm with a larger than usual amount of support however they were rarely seen again... assuming they got SurreyUFHHoundstoground16-3-19.jpgbored and went home!

There wasn’t a lot of us out which made it difficult however we managed to stay with the Hunt throughout most of the day. Huntsman Andrew Hazeltine was clearly desperate for a kill as he routinely took the hounds off on his own casting them through various woodlands whilst the field went in a different direction. There was no trail as this was blatant illegal hunting.

He wasn’t able to get rid of us though! On numerous occasions we had to take the pack off a scent, we believe one fox went to ground in a nearby badger sett as hounds were found around it trying to dig [left].

Frustrated we’ve ruined another full season of illegal hunting Lulu Hutley saw red and struck a sab with the end of her whip... again. Undeterred by their temper tantrums we carried on and stayed with them until they packed up at around 14.40.

Please help keep us in the field by donating to: www.ko-fi.com/A62094D + Paypal: northdownshuntsaboteurs@gmail.com. If you have any info on hunting, shooting or other persecution of wildlife please call our tip off hotline. Tip-off hotline: 07443148426.


Sabs shut down two hare Hunts in one day

16-3-19    Facebook - Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs    16th March 2019 - 2 dirty hunts get shut down - Sandhurst & Aldershot Beagles ~ Itchen Stoke, Hampshire and Palmer Marlborough Beagles ~ Ramsbury, Wiltshire     We joined with friends Berkshire Hunt Sabs and headed over to Hampshire to stop the Sandhurst & Aldershot beagles from killing hares.

SandhurstAldershotBeaglesretreat16-3-19.jpgHares are very active at this time of year and have their leverets from February to September. The young hares sit still and hidden in forms; shallow, nest like hollows in the ground. They are very vulnerable.

Sabs found the hunt just east of the meet at Folly Hill Farm around 1pm part of the bloodsport mad, Grange Estate owned by John Baring, 7th Baron Ashburton. Check out the pompous fool.

On seeing sabs, the Hunt promptly returned to the meet to pack up, just in time for us to get to the next Hunt...

Sabs located the Palmer Marlborough, high up on the edge of the windswept Marlborough Downs. Supporters, hunt staff and hounds were scattered and sabs intervened as a lone beagle chased a hare near Cocked Hat Copse. The rest of the pack were soon gathered by the Huntsman and put in the back of the pickup where the Hunt holed themselves up behind farm gates.

It turns out the owner of the meet place, Stock Close Farm, Ramsbury Estate and billionaire Stefan Persson. That's another company to boycott. Please complain using the contact links.

As we're up against rich, powerful villains we could do with some funds to keep us going and put towards our new vehicle! Please donate if you can to https://ko-fi.com/Q5Q6H4QQ or https://paypal.me/severnvalesabs.

Pic above left   -  Sandhurst Beagles retreat to meet 


Member of neo-Nazi group among hired security at Fernie FH

15-3-19    Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    Fernie Hunt employ far right Nazi thugs    While sabbing the Fernie last weekend, North Cambs Hunt Sabs were greeted by a team of bomber-jacket wearing bouncers from AGL Security, some of whom also chose to wear face masks and hide their ID armbands.

Among their number, we spotted a membership badge for the extreme Far Right group "For Britain". 'For Britain' are a neo-Nazi group which have stepped in to fill the space left by the now-banned BNP and National Action.

This is the company the fox hunting fraternity like to keep, nazis, fascists, holocaust deniers and racists. For more info on 'For Britain' and 'National Action' see here, here and here.


Top monitor refutes BSV FH lies over fox hunted in graveyard

15-3-19  Hounds Off    Somerset Churchyard Fox Hunt Excuses Rebutted     On 23.02.19, the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt were forced to call their hounds off a lactating vixen in a Somerset churchyard by Monitors who were at the scene. Responsibility for disturbing and hunting the fox rests completely with the hunters.

Regarding the recent incident involving the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt chasing a lactating vixen in a Somerset churchyard, a member of the public contacted the Hunt and asked them to explain why they were hunting a fox when foxhunting is illegal. She received the email we reproduce, below:-

From: B&SV Secretary, 8 Mar 2019 19:10 Subject: Re: Recent footage of vixen being chased in graveyard - Thank you for your email. The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale is committed to hunting within the law and does so through laying trails by people on horseback, on foot and on quad bikes. Occasionally as we progress through the countryside foxes and deer jump out in front of the hounds and if they deviate from the laid trail then we stop them at the earliest moment. We also have to contend with a number of anti-hunting activists watching us and trying to intimidate. Their tactics employed include spraying other scent on the ground, blowing horns and shouting to distract our hounds, which in turn confuses our hounds and renders our ability to control them that much more challenging. We believe that the film taken is not genuine and is deliberately constructed to discredit us, however clearly we would not normally be hunting anywhere near a graveyard and regret that the actions by the anti-hunting activists caused some hounds to go through the church grounds.


                                          Fox flees hounds in churchyard      


                                     The pack chases fox through graveyard 

Kevin Hill was one of the Hounds Off/Somerset Wildlife Crime team who witnessed and filmed the Charlton Horethorn incident. Kevin is one of the most experienced Hunt Monitors in the country with nearly 40 years under his belt. We asked him to comment on the excuses made by the Hunt:-

- As demonstrated in the video from the Charleton Horethorne churchyard, Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt staff seem to exercise selective control over their hounds. They can control hounds very effectively when it suits them.

- Monitors present witnessed the hounds being hunted on to a fox under the supervision of hunt staff. There were noBlackmoreFHFleeing21-3-2-19.jpg attempts to draw them out of the cemetery or away from the fox which was clearly visible and holloa’d by several hunters and supporters.

- Hunt staff only exercised adequate control over their hounds when asked by one of the Monitors present to call them off the hunted vixen. When faced with two video cameras the Whipper-In (second in command to the Huntsman) was left with little choice but to comply. This proved to be the vital moment that saved the vixens life.

- We do not accept that the presence of any anti hunt Monit- ors would prevent hounds from being controlled efficiently. This is especially true when hounds are in close proximity to the Huntsman or Whipper-In, as was the case in this incident.

- No hunt saboteurs were present in the cemetery or immediate area on the 23rd February, when this incident happened.

- Footage is available that shows the Monitors present made no attempt to disrupt hounds with any calls, voice or horn and no scent dulling sprays were utilised. Claims to the contrary are merely an attempt by the hunt to dilute the validity of any allegations against them.

- We invite the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale to comment in detail as to exactly what the allegations laid against the Monitors who were present are. We would be most interested to see any footage to support any claims that hounds were called into the cemetery.

- As Monitors we maintain a passive presence with the hunt throughout the day and film proceedings. This can be useful on an evidential basis of any trespass or illegal hunting. As proven on the 23rd February in Charlton Horethorne, filming can often serve to save life when the hounds would otherwise be permitted to continue hunting unhindered. Our footage is available to be viewed here. It is worth noting that a member of hunt staff in a red coat is seen observing the hounds in the cemetery from the road side and makes no efforts to call them out.

Read our original Press Release here. Footage of the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt chasing a fox at Folke Church in Dorset on 22.12.18 can be viewed here.

© Somerset Wildlife Crime/Hounds Off 

Pic above right   -  Fleeing fox almost runs into mounted huntsman 


Sabs upload video that convicted Thurlow FH Huntsman

Also detail hunters' lies that judge dismissed

Judge calls hunters' evidence 'fanciful' and 'inconsistent' 

15-3-19    Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs   VIDEO  This is one of the videos which convicted the Thurlow hunt pair Chris Amatt and Archie Clifton-Brown. During the trial and in the statements given to the police all the hunt witnesses claimed that sabs had turned the fox into the hounds while they were trying to stop them.

They also claimed sabs were "kicking and punching" hounds, trying to steal hounds and "twisting the skin" of the horses. They claimed there were 21 sabs in the wood arranged in a horseshoe shape. The fox ran north up the track in the wood and was subsequently turned back into the hounds.

Chris Amatt was a very experienced Huntsman (29 years hunting) and yet claimed he had no control of the hounds once they were on the fox. One would suggest if someone of his experience can't control hounds then they shouldn't be there in the first place.

The classic "hunting on" calls you can hear at the start were claimed by the defence to be Chris Amatt saying "come along" in an attempt to stop the hounds.

District Judge, Nick Watson saw through their lies and called their explanation "fanciful" and found them guilty. These are the facts of the case as were heard in court.

Help us hunt the hunters: https://ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs.

14-3-19    The Canary     The latest guilty verdict demolishes a common claim by the hunting community     During a three day trial, a judge heard how members of the Thurlow Hunt not only illegally hunted a fox but assaulted a hunt saboteur who was retrieving the body. And the verdict exposes a common claim by the hunting community as a lie.

On 13 March, district judge Nick Watson found huntsman Christopher Amatt guilty of illegally hunting a fox on 26 December 2017 as well as common assault on hunt saboteur Steve Milton. Watson also found Archibald Clifton-Brown guilty of assault by beating Milton but not guilty of illegal hunting. The judgement came after a three-day trial at Ipswich Crown Court. The Canary was present on the first and third days.

The prosecution built on the testimony of five people including Milton from Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs, as well as two videos from the group. Three members of North Cambs Hunt Sabs also testified. The defence built on the testimonies of the two accused as well as two other members of Thurlow Hunt.

Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs described hearing hounds “in cry”, or on the scent of a fox, as soon as they entered Trundley Wood near the village of Great Thurlow, Suffolk. Video evidence showed a pack of hounds in close pursuit of a fox inside the wood. Soon after, sabs retrieved the body of the killed fox amid physical confrontation from members of the Thurlow Hunt. One sab described Clifton-Brown as “wrestling” Milton for the body. Meanwhile, Amatt was accused of riding his horse at Milton and striking him with a whip.


The defence against charges of illegal hunting claimed sabs had turned the fox back towards the hounds. Amatt told the court that noise made by sabs scared the fox back into the pursuing pack. He also initially told police there was a “horseshoe” of 21 sabs blocking the fox’s path, although this wasn’t raised during his testimony. Meanwhile, Clifton-Brown said his assault on Milton stemmed from worry over the “propaganda” value of the fox’s body as well as concern that the sab would ‘steal’ the fox’s body.

In his summary, Watson said Amatt and Clifton-Brown’s evidence was “fanciful”. Video evidence showed no more than eight sabs present in the wood. It didn’t show sabs blocking the path of the fox.

On the other hand, sabs claimed they heard Amatt encouraging the hounds to continue pursuing the fox. Although Amatt claimed he was trying to call the hounds off the fox, Watson disagreed. In his summary, the judge said he “[believed] the witnesses who said Mr Amatt was encouraging the hounds”. Watson also said that on a genuine trail hunt, Amatt and Clifton-Brown would have made attempts to call the hounds off “on realising the fox had been followed”. They “made no attempts to do so” and appeared concerned primarily with sabs trespassing.

Amatt and Clifton-Brown gave testimony that was “inconsistent” with earlier statements to the police, the judge said. However, Watson wasn’t certain that Clifton-Brown actively encouraged the hounds. Because “recklessness” isn’t illegal under the Hunting Act, he didn’t find Clifton-Brown guilty of illegal hunting.

Amatt was fined £150 for the hunting charge, £100 for common assault and ordered to pay £600 costs. Clifton-Brown was fined £150 for assault by beating and ordered to pay £450 costs.

This is only the third time a saboteur group has won a case under the Hunting Act. Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs and North Cambs Hunt Sabs were also involved in the second win, against the Fitzwilliam Hunt, in April 2018. Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs said this sends a clear message to those breaking the law and abusing our wildlife. We will not only sab you, but we will also bring you before the courts. Charities such as the League Against Cruel Sports and RSPCA have been responsible for the bulk of convictions.

Hunt supporters often accuse sabs of turning a fox back towards the hounds. The resulting implication is that sabs are responsible for the animal’s death. The Thurlow Hunt’s defence rested on this accusation but testimony and video evidence exposed it as a lie. Judge Watson also saw through the facade of trail hunting.

This shows the hunting community’s lies and cover stories are being picked apart, one by one. Not just in the public eye but now in the courts as well. However, the Hunting Act must have all of its loopholes removed if it’s going to be effective against hunts. Ban hunting outright.

Featured image Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs

15-3-19  huntingact.org    ...Sergeant Brian Calver from the Rural Crime Team speaking at the conclusion of the trial said “The Hunting Act came into force in 2005 and as such, there’s no excuse for those involved in this pastime to carry out such acts. The legislation makes it quite clear what can and cannot be done and those involved have a duty to be conversant with the rules.

The fact that Amatt has been found guilty of these crimes today sends out a clear message to those who actively commit offences against wildlife. Where sufficient credible evidence is available, we will investigate these matters and bring those to justice that feel they can cause harm to our wildlife, with no regards for the welfare of the animals involved. As a result of many factors, much of our flora and fauna is in decline or struggling to cope with the competing demands human beings place upon them and we need to do all we can to protect them. Humans can speak up for themselves, to report offences, but nature needs a voice and Wildlife Crime Officers are here to provide that by working closely with charities and other partners to protect our wildlife for generations to come.”

POWAperson comments - Refreshing to have dedicated police, a knowledgeable and determined prosecutor and a judge who sees through the lies and obfuscations of the hunters, in a Hunting Act case. We have benefitted from such before, but far too rarely.

These three convictions bring to 451 the number of organised hunters in the UK known to POWA to have been convicted or cautioned for criminal offences since the 90/91 hunting season, involving 951 offences. 251 of these offences have been violent, including one murder and three rapes. 50 have been Hunting Act [or Scottish equivalent] offences and 36 other wildlife offences. 42 of all the offences have resulted in jail sentences. No fewer than 240 of the offences were committed by officials or hirelings of the organised Hunts.  


Ilminster Beagles decide to go home as sabs greet them at meet

15-3-19    Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    Purbeck and Bovington Hare Week - Ilminster Beagles – 14/3/19     It was a short and sweet one today as a few of us joined a motley crew from Berkshire, North Dorset and Bath to return to the Illminster Beagles who had been invited to hunt hares in Dorset as part of the Purbeck and Bovington Hare Week.

As the vehicles positioned themselves on the roads around Stalbridge Park (the meet), the foot team headed across the fields behind the meet. When we were spotted, the hound van (still with hounds in it) quickly skulked back into the main yard. Around 45 minutes went by as the hunters deliberated what to do before taking the hounds for a short walk around the farm, before leaving the meet.

This grim hare killing festival continues for two more days so any contributions towards fuel are greatly appreciated. Also, cheers to hunt photographer Nigel Gidney for giving us useful information on this festival!

14-3-19   Facebook - Berkshire Hunt Sabs    Purbeck & Bovington hare week shut down    Today Berkshire Hunt Sabs joined with other groups from the south to send the Ilminster Beagles into a panic and put a quick end to yet another beagling festival.

Following the successful sabotage of last week’s Ilminster Hare Week, sab FB pages were trolled by hunters telling us that we didn’t make a difference as they would carry on hunting at their ‘other festival’. Well, it seems they have sabbed themselves by bragging and our researchers set to work to find out where this festival was. Pro-hunt photographer Nigel Gidney Photography being particularly helpful – doh!

So today, mid-way through the Purbeck & Bovington Hare Week, sabs arrived at the meet at Stalbridge Park in Dorset to find that Ilminster Beagles hadn’t left the meet and as usual were not very happy to see sabs. The Hunt took the beagles out for a short walk out of the back to the meet and had cars out looking for sabs. It was a very short day for the Ilminster Beagles who packed up shortly after realising that sabs were everywhere.

Sabs will be in the area for the remainder of this week long fesitval to prevent hares and other wildlife being killed. If you want to contribute to our fuel fund you can donate here > PayPal.me/Berksabc.


Prominent Flint & D FH supporter assaults 2 women sabs on film

14-3-19    Facebook - Welsh Border Hunt Sabs   VIDEO     Ed Lloyd Ellis likes hitting women, and here is the proof. He hits one female sab in the face then grabs another female by the wrists. Which makes you wonder why North Wales Police refuse to take any action against this misogynist piece of filth. Answers on a postcard please.


              Women sabs arguing with Ellis, a very vociferous supporter of the Hunt 


                            During argument Ellis loses control & hits sab in face 


Lamb savaged by Meynell FH hound belongs to High Peak Whip

14-3-19    Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    It turns out the farmer who didn't care about the Meynell hounds attacking her lamb is none other than Angela Jones, Whipper-in for the High Peak Harriers Hunt. It explains why she was so disinterested in the welfare of the lamb and attacked the sabs that had saved it.



High winds & many sabs keep S. Dorset/Cattistock FH's day blank

Sabs assaulted by hunt thugs, one had her hat stolen 

14-3-19   Facebook - Southampton Sabs    The South Dorset Hunt and the Cattistock Hunt joint meet, Minterne House, Minterne Magna, West Dorset,14/03/2019     A small group of Southampton sabs drove out to a mid-week joint meet of the South Dorset Hunt and the Cattistock Hunt and teamed with their dedicated colleagues from Weymouth Animal Rights, Dorset Against Blood Sports, Dorset Hunt Sabs and the invaluable car-based monitors. Sabs were soon positioned in various locations surrounding the meet near Minterne Magra. Shortly after 11 o'clock sabs located the pack and followed the Hunt as the Huntsman desperately moved the hounds from one location to the next in a vain attempt at shaking us off.


                                         Hunt thugs about to descend on sabs  

At midday sabs confronted the Hunt on a busy lane adjacent to open access land. In response to spraying the roadside with citronella, 'Steady on Steve', a whipper-in from the South Dorset Hunt, began riding his horse at sabs and using the poor animal as a weapon. As sabs made their way into the open access land, a hunt thug decided to block the gate. However, sabs managed to finally enter the field and take half the pack on a short excursion by just using a few voice calls. This prompted the Huntsman to abandon the area and this became the theme for the day - the Hunt riding off every time sabs caught up with them. This not only prevented any kills but also added to the humiliation for the Dorset Hunt as they failed to impress their guests from the Cattistock Hunt with a 'good' day's hunting.


                                                  Sab's hat being stolen  

The next location that the Hunt headed for was just north of Cerne Abbas. We watched in bemusement as the Hunt's quad bikes rode across the ancient chalk phallus of the Giant carved into the hillside. Yet again sabs were on to them very quickly, sending riders off galloping to pastures new.                        

S.DorsetFHHatthief14-3-19.jpgSabs caught up with the Hunt again at Highlands Farm, where supporters had amassed. Here we had a good view of all the coppices, enabling sabs to move the Hunt on and away from any foxes. The extremely windy weather was also on the side of the fox, making it harder for the hounds to find any scent. The Hunt then went over to Heave Coppice but drew a blank as sabs followed close behind the hounds. At Kingsgrove Bottom sabs met the Hunt and took the pack away again using the gizmo. This prompted an angry response from the thugs who were now joined by the South Dorset bullies. Sabs were assaulted by being shoved and having mud flung at them. One sab had her hat stolen – a common event with this bunch of rural vandals.

Determined to take the life of a beautiful wild animal, the combined forces of the South Dorset and the Cattistock continued onto dusk in search of foxes but this was fortunately to no avail and they packed up at six o'clock. The communication between and drivers foot sab groups made this a very well organised day and thanks to excellent navigation skills sabs never lost sight of the Hunt.

On the long journey home, Southampton sabs decided to stop for a hard-earned coffee. As they were leaving the café, a member of staff asked why they were so muddy. When it was explained to them that they were trying to prevent animals from being hunted, the woman said: "I love you guys, how can I get involved?" This was a very positive end to a long and tiring day and made it sink in just how vehemently opposed people are to hunting.

If you would like to join us please message us or if you can support by donating follow the link below, all the donations are gratefully received and go directly towards saving wildlife. https://ko-fi.com/sotonhs.

Pic above left   -   The hat thief   


Sabs thwart Surrey Union FH determined to get a kill

14-3-19    Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs    Mission 76 - Surrey Union FH- Gatton Manor Hotel 13-3-19    Thanks to a tip off from a local supporter, two Sabs ( later joined by a third ) managed to rush to the scene of a Wednesday meet of the Surrey Union at the Gatton Manor Hotel Ockley. We were disgusted that this hotel would host these wildlife killers. Please contact them at tell them what you think - Gatton Manor Hotel, Standon Lane, Ockley RH5 5PQ Tel 01306 627555. Website www.gattonmanor.co.uk  Email info@gattonmanor.co.uk. They have a Twitter and Facebook page. The hotel is owned by local entrepreneur Les Edgar.

There were only ten riders which is pathetic for any hunt. When they left they headed straight to Castle Copse Mole Street, where they illegally hunted two foxes (we called police but surprise, surprise none turned up).

One fox passed us within 6ft and we sprayed after it with citronella and distracted and split the pack with horn and voice calls and a gizmo. The Huntsman Andrew Hazeltine and the Whipper in Russell Ingram were determined to get a kill and drew the wood repeatedly until being forced to give up.

Most of the Hunt then packed up and the sabs retired to the pub to celebrate their success.

Please help to keep us in the field by donating today – www.ko-fi.com/A62094D.


S. Durham FH hunt thru nature reserve & trespass on railway

Antis pulled in cry hounds off fox, driving Huntsman crazy

13-3-19   Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors   Hit Report 46 - Season 18/19, 2.3.19 South Durham Hunt, Sunnyfield Farm, Whinney Hill, Darlington    We arrived with a team of 22 in 4 vehicles so managed to surround the meet and have eyes on them at all times.

The Hunt headed to a woodland where a lot of commotion happened and an injured hound was carried to the hound van. Moving off, we were able to follow on foot as the hounds were drawn through another local nature reserve at Langton Wood in Redmarshall.


                                              On the road again  

They then headed towards Carlton Ponds where we know an area they have no permission to be off the land owner, with all teams surrounding them and hounds in full cry we were able to use the gizmo and S.DurhamFHcheeky2-3-19.jpghorn to distract them which in turn sent the Huntsman Beeebeee crazy.

Rounding up his pack, he headed off towards the railway line where he then decided to film the hounds on the railway whilst spitting lies about how monitors had pulled them onto the line on purpose. Just as well we have cameras running all day. Heading off, with hounds again on a line we used the horn calls to distract them.

During the day we met some lovely farmers and land owners that were pleased to see us and were so annoyed that the Hunt think they are above the law. We need more members of the public to phone 101 and report signs of illegal hunting.

The more calls the police receive the more likely they are to act and with Durham Police having a wildlife crime incentive in place at the moment now is the time to act.

To help us help foxes you can donate to our petrol fund by clicking the donate button on the page or via PayPal to huntmonitors@gmail.com. We thank you for your continued support. #LongLiveTheFox

Pic above left  -  Who'd suspect this cheeky little chappie of being a serial animal abuser? 


                                           Antis keeping up with the Hunt 


Thurlow FH Huntsman convicted of hunting [& killing] a fox

Huntsman and Whipper-In both convicted of assaulting sab 

13-3-19    BBC News    Man hunted fox and attacked saboteur at Great Thurlow Hunt - Christopher Amatt was convicted of hunting a fox and common assault      A huntsman has been found guilty of illegally hunting a fox and assaulting a saboteur. Christopher Amatt [left], 58, ThurlowFHHuntsman13-3-19.jpgdenied both offences which happened during a Boxing Day hunt at Great Thurlow, Suffolk, in December 2017. Archibald Clifton-Brown, 19, was cleared of the hunting charge but was found guilty of assault by beating.

District Judge Nick Watson, sitting at Ipswich Crown Court, has ordered the two men to pay fines totalling £400.

During the three-day trial, it was heard Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire Hunt Saboteurs Association and the North Cambs Hunt Sabs attended the annual hunt. The district judge was told the saboteurs heard the "chilling" sound of hounds on the scent of a fox and had tried to get the huntsman to call the dogs back.

Amatt said there was nothing he could do once the hounds were "locked on", other than to get in front of them. The court heard there was a tussle over the dead fox, which was when anti-hunt campaigner Steven Milton was assaulted.

Clifton-Brown said he was trying to stop Mr Milton from "stealing" the carcass, which he said belonged to the landowner. He said he was "almost certain" the saboteurs would use it as "propaganda".

The judge fined Amatt, of Gaines Hall, Attleton Green, £150 for hunting a fox in breach of the Hunting Act 2004 and fined him £100 for common assault. He also ordered him to pay £600 in prosecution costs.

Clifton-Brown, of Little Bradley Hall, Haverhill, was fined £150 for assault by beating and was told to pay £450 prosecution costs. Both men were ordered to pay a statutory £30 victim surcharge.

For sab report on the incident see here. 

13-3-19    Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs     Thurlow Huntsman Found Guilty Today at Ipswich Crown Court    The former Huntsman of the Thurlow Hunt, Chris Amatt, was found guilty of illegally hunting with a pack of dogs. This related to a fox killed on Boxing Day 2017 [below], which was shown in our report for that day.


Amatt was also found guilty of assaulting one of the sabs present who recorded his crime. Likewise, hunt member Archie Clifton Brown (who is the nephew of the owner of the Thurlow Hunt) was also found guilty of assault on the same sab, while cynically trying to take the body of the killed fox from him in an attempt to conceal evidence.

This prosecution was brought using evidence and witness testimony from Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs and North Cambs Hunt Sabs.

Both Amatt and Clifton-Brown were shown in court to have lied from beginning to end, from the moment they made their police statements, up to making their defences under oath in the dock.

While Hunting Act prosecutions are difficult to obtain, they are not impossible. Everyone engaged in criminal hunting in the UK should take note of these convictions.

The defence utilised a hugely expensive legal team, including the now multiple hunting act case loser Stephen Welford, and two QC barristers, clearly hoping that their bottomless wallets could buy them immunity from the law.

13-3-19  Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs   Thurlow Hunt statement     Chris Amatt, Thurlow Huntsman - Guilty of Hunting a Wild Mammal with Dogs and Common Assault. Archie Clifton-Brown - Guilty of Assault by Beating.

We are clearly delighted with the decision from the court today.
The level set for the burden of proof within the Hunting Act to gain a conviction, we believe, is excessively high. For too long hunts have been hunting wild mammals with impunity by using the "trail hunting" alibi, which is nothing more than a smokescreen for hunting much the same as it would have been prior to the ban in 2004. However that does not mean that convictions cannot be achieved and in this case we had the evidence, knowledge and courage in which to mount a case against the Thurlow for the crimes they committed on Boxing Day 2017.
The judge Nick Watson, in summing up commented that the sabs were honest and credible witnesses, whereas the defendants had fabricated a number of lies to cover for their crimes. At no point had the sabs present in the wood had anything to do with the death of the fox and indeed had not turned it into the hounds as the defence had claimed. The Huntsman was clearly heard encouraging the hounds and had made no attempt to stop them. Archie Clifton-Brown only avoided the Hunting Act prosecution due to the doubt in the level of involvement he had in the proceedings and the judge noted he was probably a lot more involved than the defence claimed, although to what end we cannot be certain.

We would like to thank Suffolk Police for their robust investigation and the excellent Prosecutor Richard Kelly who so eloquently pointed out the flaws and fabrications in the defence argument. We would also like to thank North Cambs Hunt Sabs for standing with us in the fields and the court room.

We would also call for a strengthening of the Hunting Act to remove all the loopholes that are cynically exploited by the hunting community and will continue to work towards this end as well as our non-violent direct action in the fields. This is our second successful prosecution of a hunt and sends a clear message to those breaking the law and abusing our wildlife. We will not only sab you, but we will also bring you before the courts.

You can help us hunt the hunters. https://ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs.


VWH / Middleton FHs continue chasing fox after warned by sab

Hunters also entered banned Nat. Trust land 

12-3-19  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO   The VWH and the Middleton Hunt from North Yorkshire joined forces on Saturday 9th March at Ablington near Bibury. There were also three members of the Shropshire Hunt present.

You may remember in 2012 the horrendous ordeal that 4 members of the Middleton Hunt put one small fox through when they cornered it for over 25 mins in a stack of hay bales. Using terriers they flushed the poor creature out to be chased and ripped apart by the waiting pack of hounds. Then if that wasn’t enough cruelty the huntsman picked up the carcass and allowed the hounds to ‘rag it’. You can’t imagine how any human being could do this to an animal but they show no mercy and have no remorse. Huntsman and joint master Tom Holt, whipper-in Shaun Marles, terrier man Lee Martin and amateur terrier man Brian Cuthbertson all pleaded guilty... Three were given very modest fines the other a conditional discharge... Not much to pay really for the torture of a fox and breaking the law.
Further shame was brought upon the Middleton in 2017 when Charles Carter MFH [ex Tory Councillor] and Whipper-in Colin Milburn were taken to court for making lewd comments towards at an anti-hunt member.

The Hunts went north towards Calcot from the meet at Winson and went inland around Dudley Pool.BeaufortFHFoxfleesfromhounds9-3-19.jpg They were moving fast initially and were then hunting in the large area of coverts around Albington Downs. Our foot walkers and vehicles were keeping track. When the Hunt came down to draw Dead Man's Acre Copse our walker was waiting. Support was all around watching the wood from all angles as the hounds drew the wood. When a fox tried to run from the corner it was frightened back by a supporter waving his arms and it then ran out up the hill [right] towards our sab who was in front of a junior redcoat on point. It crossed the wall just next to her and ran off into the wood behind.

She shouted to the Hunt and warned the redcoat not to hunt it. He did nothing to stop the hounds when they came but she managed to check and turn them. Then screaming hollas behind the wood where the fox had run attracted the hounds and they went in cry after the fox towards the river at Winson. CIHW was there on the other side and saw the hounds rioting on deer and then being called in. We think the fox made it amongst the dense and wet area of scrubland and bushes near the river but are not certain.

Meanwhile the riders enjoyed themselves galloping over Ablington Down, chatting amongst themselves and then when the sab arrived mobbing her with their horses even though she was only yards from the footpath.

Later in the day, a group of riders accosted another of our walkers for not being on a footpath when she was - all in an effort to try to distract her from filming hounds in cry on edge of a copse, directly ahead. One of the redcoats just missed her when they galloped across a footpath shouting ‘get out of the way you c***.’

Apart from all of this and our driver being spat at by a supporter and called a tart by a redcoat, a very notable and horrifying feature of the day was the supporter with dogs who uttered the blood-curdling screams (hollas) which prevented the fox getting away on Ablington Down. He did it again over near the Bibury Road when we saw him shrieking and waving his arms to the huntsman, who started to bring the hounds over in response but then seemed to be put off by the presence of our cameras. Elsewhere he had been seen waiting in different positions, presumably for the chance to be instrumental in setting the hounds onto a poor fox. Strange the pleasures people have.

We also found an AE blocked and a badger sett too. We can report one fox escaping to safety unseen and undetected by the hunt which did go the wrong way to look for it. We can also report the hunt entering National Trust land on the Sherborne Estate. Hunting is NOT allowed there and no licences have been issued, but that doesn’t deter them. 


Sabs and their vehicles attacked at Grove and Rufford FH

4X4 used to ram one sab car is SORNed 

Thugs from the estate hunting on damaged both sab cars 

12-3-19   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Sabs attacked during Grove and Rufford meet - Windscreen cracked and vehicle rammed by Sandbeck Estate staff    Today we took a mid- week trip to look at the Grove and Rufford with good buddies West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs. We found the Hunt just after they left the meet at Sandbeck Hall, home of Lord and Lady Scarborough.

The Hunt were clearly already miserable, out in the pouring rain with a field of 8 and our presence certainly didn't help. Huntsman Paul Larby was in a foul mood from the start, which manifested in him dragging a sab by the hood [below], before Josh Taylor ran into them with his horse [below right]. Apparently this was them asking us 'politely' to leave the land. Despite this, Sabs were able to keep eyes on the Hunt, while putting up with the hassle from Dave and Ian Palmer.


After clearly having enough of hanging around us plebs, the Grove took themselves back into the Sandbeck Estate, signalling the arrival of estate thugs who blocked the West Yorkshire van in and threw large chunks of mud at the windscreen, to the point of cracking it and ripped off the wing mirrors. They then proceeded to ram the Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs vehicle twice from behind, in a 4x4 registered as SORN. We wonder where that is used. There are screen grabs of the perpetrators below. If anyone can help us ID them, that would be great.

After a fairly bleak day, we can safely say we won't be shying away from the end of season. Please donate to help us to the end! https://ko-fi.com/A772AR5.

  GroveR.FHOneof12-3-19.jpg GroveR.FHAnother12-3-19.jpg

13-3-19    Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs    Desperate violence at a midweek meet of the Grove and Rufford Hit report ~ Grove and Rufford ~ Sandbeck Hall ~ 12.03.19     With some sabs finding themselves with a day off work, we met up with Sheffield and Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs to check up on the Grove and Rufford as they met at Sandbeck Hall, the home of the Earl of Scarborough, near Maltby.

From the off the Hunt took it upon themselves to be violent, obviously not happy at our surprise visit.GroveR.FHWhip12-3-19.jpg Within a few minutes of us being in the field, Huntsman Paul Larby proceeded to drag a sab alongside his moving horse by their clothes, something he did multiple times during the day. He also told a sab to expect a home visit from them soon, a clear unjustifiable threat. Whipper in Josh Taylor was also all too keen to ride dangerously close to sabs, putting not only us but his horse in distress.

At around half one the Hunt headed into Sandbeck Park, where Josh told us “there would be trouble” if we came in. As we walked around the outskirts of the park on a public road, a 4x4 marked SORN (unfit for driving) by the DVLA came swinging around the corner, and the passenger opened the door so that it would hit a sab. From what we were told by Josh and other hunt support, it is highly likely that this vehicle was driven by employees of the Sandbeck Estate. They then proceeded to block in our van, and after disguising their number plates threw bottles, mud [below] and rocks, cracking the windscreen, and kicked off both of our wing mirrors. After speeding off, the same vehicle proceeded to ram into the back of Lincoln sabs’ car, causing damage to both vehicles.

One can only wonder if, following the recent failure of the justice system with the likes of the recent Middleton assault case, these people now believe more than ever that they can get away with violence as a means of deterring us. Where will be the condemnation of this attack on people and their vehicles by masked thugs from the Countryside Alliance and their ilk?


                                Thug starts throwing mud over sab car windows 

After speaking to the police, we decided to leave the area for the day, but were promptly followed by the Hunt's official stalker and secretary, Verita Farmer. You may remember the name from a few weeks ago when she made fraudulent claims about sabs with baseball bats, wasting police time in the process. After employing some extremely dangerous driving to follow us, such as speeding round roundabouts the wrong way and mounting a pavement just down the road from a primary school, we pulled into a police station. After some words with an officer who told us that she wouldn’t follow us if we left the area of the Hunt (despite the fact that we had already driven away from it, crossing a county boundary in the process), we managed to leave stalker-free.


Although the day was tough, it isn’t enough to deter us. With only a couple of weeks left of the season and a couple of unplanned vehicle repairs, please consider donating to help us save our wildlife: https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs. Thank you.

12-3-19    Facebook - Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs    Sabs assaulted - Vehicles damaged    Had to call it early at Grove and Rufford, sabs in both groups were assaulted. West Yorks windscreen cracked and wing mirrors smashed. Our vehicle rammed twice, denting back and causing the sides to splay. If you can help with repair costs please donate at www.ko-fi.com/lincssabs. Thanks.

Hampshire FH pack up after 40 mins rather than get sabbed all day

12-3-19    Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs     Today with help from North Downs Hunt Sabs we paid the Hampshire Hunt a visit. Although they didn’t seem to like us as they packed up after 40 minutes. After visiting a few local areas we headed over to Hampshire to see if the Hampshire Hunt were out and luckily found the hound van leaving the kennels so we followed it to Holden Farm in Cheriton.

Sabs went into the meet and it seemed as though the sherry had been flowing with a few supporters trying their best to intimidate and throw insults at us. One deluded supporter tried telling us it was illegal to wear a face mask claiming “it’s the law!” Well he obviously doesn’t know the law very well because right behind him was an illegal fox hunt and he didn’t say a word about that! Another bumpkin had to be pulled away by hunt staff for trying to pick an arguments with sabs which we didn’t rise too.

As the hunt left the meet they headed into Durden Copse. Due to the rain and high winds it was difficult to keep up but as we did we seen a fox bolting across the field into a woodland. We sprayed after the fox and made sure the Hunt had left.

As we tried to keep up with the hunt we were met with two police vehicles. One officer told us the Hunt made a complaint we swore at them (it was actually the hunt being abusive to us!) whilst another officer told a sab they were called out as they suspected we had weapons meanwhile a third police vehicle was searching our landy for “truncheons”. The police then threatened all of us with arrest if we failed to provide our details, ironically when asked the officer didn’t provide his name or station. They were out in a matter of minutes in force, why don’t they have the same attitude towards illegal hunting? It seems the Hunts give the orders and police do as they’re told.

Clearly frustrated the hunt made their way back to the meet after being out less than an hour. Sabs retired to the pub and waited for our sab to be released!

Please help keep us in the field by donating to:- www.ko-fi.com/A62094D. Paypal: northdownshuntsaboteurs@gmail.com. If you have any info on hunting, shooting or other persecution of wildlife please call our tip off hotline. Tip-off hotline: 07443148426.


Sab landy tyres stabbed as Eggesford FH  Huntsman blocked road

12-3-19   Devon Live   Sabs say video shows huntsmen stabbing their vehicle tyres   Police are investigating vehicle damage and common assault against Devon hunt sabs Devon hunt saboteurs say they have caught on camera the moment huntsmen stabbed two tyres on their Land Rover with knives. It is also alleged huntsmen then drove into a sab on foot to make their escape from the scene.

The incident is said to have occurred when Devon County Hunt Saboteurs were following the Eggesford Hunt in the Bishops Tawton area on Saturday, March 2, and saw the huntsmen head back towards the meet via Herner.

A spokesperson for the sabs said: “This is when hunt members launched a totally unprovoked and clearly premeditated attack on our vehicle. Our Land Rover was driving back towards the meet when a rider positioned his horse sideways across the road to block it. As we were stopped and waiting for him to continue, quad bikes and hunt followers pulled up behind us. Two men got out of a pickup truck, pulled knives out of their pockets and stabbed two of our tyres, including the spare. As we were calling police and a recovery truck for our vehicle, all the hunt vehicles reversed and various terrier men and others pushed sabs out of the way to enable the culprits' vehicle to escape. A pickup truck drove into one of our sabs in the road, knocking her to the ground.”


                  Huntsman blocks the road as terrier thugs stab sab landy rear tyres 

Police have confirmed they are investigating reports of criminal damage which was reported to have happened at about 4.30pm on March 2.


                                       Terrier thugs stabbing the rear tyres 

A police spokesperson said: “It was reported that the victim was sat in a vehicle which then had two tyres – the spare and back - slashed with a knife. The offender then left the scene. A second incident of common assault was also reported at the scene. It was reported a woman was knocked by a passing-by vehicle. She was uninjured.


Thurlow FH Huntsman attempts to blame sabs for death of fox

12-3-19    East Anglian Daily Times     Huntsman takes stand to turn blame for fox death on group of saboteurs     A huntsman accused of illegally pursuing a fox has blamed activists for causing the animal’s death in Suffolk woodland.

Christopher Amatt [right] told a court that gathered hunt saboteurs had diverted the course of a fleeingThurlowFHHuntsman13-3-19.jpg fox into the path of hounds in Great Thurlow on Boxing Day 2017. The 58-year-old, of Attleton Green, Wickhambrook, said the fox “shot out” from bushes during what he claimed to be a legal trail hunt, but which Beds and Bucks, and North Cambs Hunt Sabs insisted was unlawful.

Amatt is accused of illegal fox hunting with Archibald Clifton-Brown, 19, of Little Bradley, Haverhill, who prosecutors claim was a ‘Whipper-in’, responsible for keeping the hounds in check, but who his barrister, Peter Glenser, argued was present only as a volunteer and observer.

Amatt also faces a common assault charge against Steven Milton, by allegedly bringing down a whip on the hunt saboteur, while Clifton-Brown allegedly assaulted the same victim during an attempt to wrestle the dead fox away and prevent activists from taking the carcass as evidence. Clifton-Brown claims it was he who was the victim of assault after trying to stop a trespasser from stealing private property.

Amatt took the stand on the second day of a trial before district judge Nick Watson at Ipswich Crown Court on Tuesday. When asked his involvement by barrister Richard Paton-Philip, Amatt claimed to have tried getting ahead of the hounds to prevent them from “coursing”. But prosecutor Richard Kelly said footage taken by saboteurs showed him exhibiting “no urgency” – demonstrated by Mr Milton overtaking his horse on foot while approaching the kill. Amatt argued his only concern was the safety of the hounds, which he claimed were “punched and kicked” in the melee.

Mr Kelly said: “You were quite happy for these hounds to find live quarry and to hunt it. You had taken the hounds into a wooded area, not to hunt a trail, but because you knew that’s where they were likely to find quarry. The reason you moved at such a snail’s pace is because that’s what you intended would happen. The reason you went after Mr Milton had nothing to do with gathering the hounds. It’s because you and Archie wanted to do anything you could to stop the sabs taking away evidence.”

Both deny the charges. The trial is expected to conclude tomorrow.


Sabs nearly squish Surrey U FH hound as pack chase fox across road

Hounds had rioted on deer several times in morning   

11-3-19    Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs    Mission 74 - Surrey Union FH, Peper Harrow 9-3-19 Excellent day against the Surrey Union Fox Hunt who met at Peper Harrow near Godalming. We (Guildford, North Downs and Reading Sabs) were joined by our friends Croydon Sabs and Surrey hunt monitors to totally swamp the Hunt.

The meet - which used to be a major event on the Hunt's calendar - was attended by less than 30 riders and most of that was pony club.


The first part of the day was marked by the huntsman Andrew "Scatter-pack" Hazeltine [below left], constantly losing his pack rioting after deer (see video). For at least an hour terrified deer [below right] could be seen escaping the hunt in all directions, as the inept Hazeltine struggled to gain control of his hounds.

   SurreyUnionFHHuntsman9-3-19.jpg SurreyUnionFHDeer9-3-19.jpg

The Hunt then crossed into Puttenham Common pursued by Croydon Sabs, where we managed to take the pack off them with horn and voice calls.

The Hunt chased two foxes out of Hampton Estate. One we covered with citronella, and the other crossed the Seale Rd with hounds all over the road (see video) with one almost hit by one of our Land Rovers (see photo).


Surrey Police as usual ignored the blatant illegal hunting and acted as the Hunt's private security. Regardless of this everywhere the Hunt went various groups of Sabs were with them and they looked very pissed off. Unable to avoid Sabs they packed up.

Sabs retired to the pub after a successful day with no known kills. Please help keep us in the field by donating to ko-fi.com/northdownshuntsabs.


Trial of Thurlow FH hunt servants on illegal hunting & assault charges starts

Sab claims attacked by Huntsman & Whip when tried to grab body of killed fox

11-3-19    BBC News    'Tug of war' over dead fox at Great Thurlow Boxing Day hunt     A huntsman and protestor struggled over a dead fox in a "tug of war" when the animal was killed in a Boxing Day hunt, a court heard. Christopher Amatt, 58, and Archibald Clifton-Brown, 19, deny hunting a fox in Great Thurlow, Suffolk, in December 2017. They also deny assault charges.

ThurlowFHArchibaldClifton-Brown11-3-19.jpgThe district judge was told members of a hunt saboteurs group tried to prevent the fox from being caught and took the dead animal as evidence. The trial is due to last three days.

During the first day of the trial, District Judge Nick Watson, sitting at Ipswich Crown Court, was shown video footage of what was described as a "chaotic scene".

Members of the Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire Hunt Saboteurs Association and the North Cambs Hunt Sabs were present to monitor the Thurlow hunt, the court was told. They heard the "chilling" sound of hounds on the scent of a fox and tried to get the Huntsman to call the dogs back, the court heard. In the video footage, strong language was used by both parties. Anti-hunt campaigner Steven Milton told the court the Huntsman had been shouting "on, on, on, come on" to the hounds in an "encouraging" way. He said the Huntsman and Whipper-in, whose role it is to assist the Huntsman with the pack, tried to prevent Mr Milton from retrieving the dead fox. Mr Milton said he was grabbed and "held in a bear hug" by Mr Clifton-Brown with whom he was in a "tug of war" over the dead fox.

Defendants Mr Amatt and Mr Clifton-Brown claim the saboteurs had blocked the path of the fox, causing it to turn back to the hounds. They deny hunting a fox in breach of the Hunting Act 2004. Mr Amatt, of Gaines Hall, Attleton Green, also denies assault and Mr Clifton-Brown, of Little Bradley Hall, Haverhill, denies assault by beating.

The trial continues.

Pic above  -  Archibald Clifton-Brown  [Credit East Anglian News Service] 


Mendip FH terriermen turn nasty when antis hamper kill attempts

Three fully blocked badger setts found 

11-3-19    Facebook - Mendip Hunt Watch  VIDEO   Saturday 9th March    When news came in on Saturday morning that the Mendip Farmers' Hunt were meeting in Ston Easton, we were able to catch up with them fairly quickly close to Clapton. We believe they met at Whitchurch Farm. Whilst checking the local area we found 3 fully blocked active badger setts which were then unblocked.

The MFH hunted Hillier's Down and then along the dismantled railway line, where hounds were seen on a line racing into some scrub. Terriermen came along quickly afterwards followed by the Huntsman, who was off his horse. Whilst we raced to the scene a man entered the scrub with a bag, he then exited and a terrier quad raced off. We can only speculate what took place before we could reach them but it is possible a fox had gone to ground and the man was sent in either to retrieve a body or the fox to be hunted again. The man's bag was empty when we reached him.

Hounds were heard in cry (onto the scent of a fox) a number of times and rated by our team with voice calls and horn to distract them.

The Hunt spent time by Hay Street, Terrace Wood and by Farrington Golf Course. Towards the end of the day their focus turned to Hengrove Wood, Chewton Wood and Long Dole Wood, which contains the Somerset Wildlife Trust Hollow Marsh Meadows Nature Reserve.

Hounds were heard speaking and then in cry. Our team again intervened and our presence was clearly rattling the hunt, who became more hostile. One of our team had their face mask stolen by a terrier 'man' - this was caught on camera. Another terrierman issued a serious verbal threat. Both incidents were caught on camera and their names are known to us. Our footage is now with the police.

It was a long day with the Hunt still out at 5.40pm. We left happy that we had done our best and hopefully saved some innocent lives. That makes it all worthwhile for us. Huge thanks to everyone who has supported us. We are growing as a new group and as the main season winds down we will be fundraising for new equipment for the next season.

If you would like to donate a small amount, please go here or here.


Sabs strongly refute Grafton FH claims they made hounds unwell

10-3-19    Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs     False accusations from the Grafton Hunt      We are disgusted but not surprised at the malicious and sinister lies spread by Mick Wills of the Grafton Hunt Northamptonshire. On the 09/03/19 we sabbed the Grafton hunt, this disruption of their illegal hunting clearly annoyed them. So Wills has wrongly and deliberately accused sabs of spraying hounds with chemicals and making hounds unwell.

This is a deliberate lie from the Hunt. Sabs do not use anything other than citronella essential oil heavily watered down. Sabs use citronella spray to cover up the foxes' scent and do not spray hounds directly.

We take this blatant lie and false accusation of animal cruelty very seriously and we will be following this up and making a complaint of this false accusation to the proper authorities.

And note Mick Wills with his pleas for help never directly contacted Northamptonshire Hunt saboteurs. We know that hounds are victims of hunting too, they suffer at the hands of the Hunt.

The Hunts' days are numbered, we know it, and they know it.

#banfoxhunting #strengthentheban #trailhuntlies


Radley College Beagles trespass on NT land, pull hunt due to sabs

Police turned up to protect and escort them away 

10-3-19   Facebook - Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs    Hares & leverets live to see another day -  9th March 2019 - Radley College Beagles, Eaton Hastings, Oxfordshire    Hunt parked at The Grange SN7 8BJ with support at Rhodes Farm SN7 8BJ 'Were you a victim of crime in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire on the afternoon of the 9th March? If you were waiting for the police to help and they didn't turn up it might be because they were protecting the vile, privileged scumbags Radley College Beagles and giving them an escort.'


The meet was under the watchful lenses of Surrey Hunt Monitors as Radley College turned up at 1.45 pm. It wasn't until after 2pm that the hunt set out, east from the meet towards Faringdon.

We walked in on the footpath from the west toward the meet and as soon as the Hunt saw us they turned around and walked straight back to the meet. Nobody going about their lawful business would RadleyCollegeBeaglesIllegaltrailer10-3-19.jpgdo that. The Hunt were hoping to rip some beautiful hares to pieces. Hares have their young at this time of year. These people are the lowest of the low.

Kennel Huntsman and Countryside Officer of Radley College, Simon Timbrell was on a quad bike (no front number plate and later carrying a passenger, partially on a public road) trying and failing to make it look like he was a trail layer for the cameras.

The Hunt led by Master Freddie Thackray and chums were on National Trust Land and had no license, please contact the Trust to complain. Please see this Facebook group - National Dis-Trust - for related issues.

Remarkably quickly and for no apparent reason, a police car carrying two police community support officers turned up and had a long, cosy chat with the hare killers at The Grange. The po po then tried telling sabs they were present to prevent a 'breach of the peace' !!! Shortly after, a police pickup arrived and within half an hour at around 4pm both police vehicles escorted the hound van off the premises, seemingly oblivious to the fact the hound van was illegally towing a trailer with the wrong number plate!

Confident that the Hunt were on their way home with their tails between their legs, we left.

If you don't think impressionable boys should be taught how to abuse animals, please contact:


If you are interested in sabbing, get in touch or find your local group here. Thanks for your support, it directly funds us to get into the fields to save lives, all donations are appreciated. https://ko-fi.com/Q5Q6H4QQ https://paypal.me/severnvalesabs.


See also report by Surrey Hunt Monitors 


Antis attacked/driven at by 30+ Grafton FH thugs but still prevent kills

10-3-19  Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs   Hit report 9th March - Grafton Hunt Statement - Sabs and monitors did NOT poison or harm hounds while monitoring the Grafton hunt. As most of you know, we love animals and always try to protect all animals from hunt activities. If the hounds are unwell the hunt should look closer to home for the reasons. This is a desperate and blantant lie from the Grafton hunt that sabs are to blame. We encourage the Grafton to seek veterinary advice and hope any unwell hounds recover from any illness they may have. Interestingly the Grafton have not directly contacted us !

GraftonFHFoxflees9-3-19.jpgHunt saboteurs from Northants, Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs and WildAct and monitor’s from Grafton Hunt Watch were out to save wildlife, from the killers of the Grafton Fox Hounds. The Hunt had set off from Wakefield lawn south of Paulesbury, close to the A5.

This was to be a day of rising violence from hunt stewards (hired thugs), who were to turn up in unprecedented numbers. The Wakefield estate/Whittlewood forest area was difficult for sabs to enter but despite this, an early encounter with Huntsman and hounds proved how even when your outnumbered you can save a life. A fox was seen to break cover from Ladies Copse [left]. With the hounds in cry and huntsman clearly hunting them on, sabs moved quickly, covering the fleeing animals scent whilst another sab used a hunting horn and gizmo and successfully pulled hounds off the line of the fox. It was at least a minute before the Huntsman was able to control his hounds who were also clearly confused by the trail covered now by citronella . These vital minutes gave the hunted fox time to escape from the murderous collection of goons who make up the Grafton.

It wasn’t long before we were informed of the arrival of the first of the hunt ‘stewards’. With this in mind sabs had to make their efforts in the field count. A pre-spray group had been busy earlier in the day and no doubt their efforts were instrumental in making sure the Hunt could not easily find their quarry.

A group of sabs had made their way onto a bridleway and were getting back to the road when a convoy of 8 vehicles carrying hunt thugs came up behind them. What followed was nothing short of organised thuggery culminating in a deliberate attempt by one hunt hit man driving his 4x4 at speed directly at a sab. Only very quick reactions from the sab averted what was clearly an attempt to seriously injure or worse. A head count of hunt thugs at this point out numbered them at, at least 25 and they were still arriving. Once back on the road sabs re grouped and set off again after the hunt. Leading the convoy of pursuing hunt vehicles one decided to try and run us off the road. Driving like a psycho on steroids, this testosterone fuelled cowboy was seen whooping and hollering as he and his intellectually challenged passenger careered around narrow country roads. The police were called by sabs as this moron was now a serious menace to anyone driving on a public road.

Sabs eventually re-grouped at Wicken wood where Huntsman and hounds were attempting to flush a fox. What greeted the sabs was like a scene from ‘Deliverance’, you could almost hear a banjo in background ! The public bridleway was blocked by over 30 hunt stewards/thugs who used physical force to stop sabs from getting through. It would appear that for Hunts and their hired enforcers, the law of public access is one they don’t recognise.

The hounds were heard to go into cry and with no way of getting onto the bridleway sabs quickly ran along the road leaving the hunt thugs lumbering and wheezing as they attempted to give chase (they are called ‘Pie Boys’ for a reason). One sab and driver had managed to get ahead and were already in action covering the scent of the fox. Other sabs now arrived and piled into the field along the edge of the wood.

At this point, a nasty and unprovoked attack on sabs occurred [below], obviously buoyed by their numbers and collective bravado, hunt stewards knocked one sab to the ground and as another sab moved in to help, he was also attacked and knocked to ground receiving a punch to his face and repeated kicks. This kind of reaction from hunt supporters has become all too familiar but nevertheless should never, ever be allowed to dictate or stop the legitimate activity of hunt sabs preventing the illegal and nefarious actions of an unrepresentative and reviled minority.


Once again sabs re-grouped and set off to find the Hunt. As we passed the meet we could see 3 police cars had arrived and sabs were despatched into the field. On making their way towards the meet, sabs were able to confirm the Hunt had packed up early. This was a difficult day for all sabs, the problems of access and sheer number of hunt thugs meant sabbing had to decisive and executed quickly. Despite this we can say we saved lives, we can all hold our heads high for not allowing threats of violence to put us off and above all else showing that as a team we stand head and shoulders above the rabble that supports the Grafton hunt. If you would like to donate please do so by clicking on the following link - http://www.paypal.me/ENABS many thanks.


Police NFA Cottesmore FH supporter sabs say assaulted one & damaged landy

10-3-19  Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs     Leicestershire police didn’t bother to contact anyone involved to let us know - we found it [see below] on a scum page. 3 sabs were present in the Northants Hunt Saboteurs landy. Scum surrounded the vehicle and slashed the tyre. Pete Walton drove into the back! Sabs assaulted that day and the vehicle damaged. NFA! Have a laugh. What happened this time did you lose the evidence and paper work! How much more has got to happen until you do something about it? New Years Day hit report here.  

  CottesmoreFHSupporteralleged10-3-19.jpg CottesmoreFHSupporteralleged_2_10-3-19.jpg


Police stop Ludlow FH hound van over road traffic offences

10-3-19    Facebook - Shropshire Monitors    A full Ludlow Hunt hit report from yesterday will be uploaded later. 5 monitors attended, with a big sab presence too.

But we wanted to say the hound lorry is incorrectly registered with the DVLA, thus meaning its uninsured! SO they have either re-sprayed and not notified DVLA, or more sinister they have put plates on another lorry! Switchblade Dave (driving) and Whipper-in Ryan (passenger) were also not wearing seatbelts on the road, so West Mercia stepped in!   #Naughtyboys   #LawBreakingLudlowHunt



Very big team sabbing the Hunt with many thanks to Welsh Border, North Wales, Cheshire, Liverpool and Staffordshire Hunt Sabs.


Artificial earth found where Beaufort FH regularly hunt

9-3-19    Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    Artificial fox earth discovered near Widley Gorse on 6.3.2019. Beaufort FH regularly hunts this area.

  BeaufortFHAE6-3-19.jpg BeaufortFHArtificial6-3-19.jpg


Sabs scare away Wiltshire & Infantry Beagles before they begin

9-3-19    Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    Wiltshire & Infantry Beagles – 9/3/19    With the Ilminster Hare Week getting all the attention this week, we thought we would share the sab love with a trip to the Wilts & Infantry Beagles along with Bath Hunt Sabs.

We rocked up at the meet, the Dove Inn, Corton, a few miles south east of Warminster at about 12.25. So keen were the hare hunters to avoid the cameras of sabs (surely nothing to hide if they’re hunting within the law?), they immediately dashed to the hound van to run away!


                                               Sorry doggies, no walkies today 

After driving in circles around the village a few times they took to private farm tracks to try and lose us. We stayed in the area and observed some bemused supporters, but when they started heading for home we knew the day was done.


Sacked Huntsman's last meet sees Meynell FH hounds riot & savage lamb

Sabs had earlier found DNS Beagles by chance & packed them up

9-3-19  Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Today we thought we'd leave the Belvoir playing with their hired security and head over to say goodbye to Meynell huntsman Sam Staniland, who's last meet it was before he's unceremoniously kicked out. We joined up with Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs, Liverpool MeynellFHHoundscowering9-3-19.jpgHunt Sabs and Manchester Hunt Sabs and headed to the Shire Horse, Wyaston for their traditional end of season meet.

Strangely, they weren't there so we went hunting. A quick check of kennels suggested they were out so we went to check known meets. One of our vehicles quickly heard hounds in cry to the west of Boylestone and to our surprise we realised it was a beagle pack. Groups converged and we chased the DNS beagles back to their meet and then followed them back to Kennels.

On the way who did we spot but none other than the Meynell, hunting just south of Marston Montgomery. We caught up with the Huntsman just as he second horsed on Hollies Lane and proceeded to stick with him throughout the afternoon. Hounds went into cry on a few occasions but with four groups of foot sabs it was easy to deal with this truly terrible Huntsman. It's painfully obvious why the Meynell are so keen to see the back of him and the relatively small end of season field is testament to his lack of popularity with hunt support.

He spent the afternoon between the A515 and the river Dove but there wasn't a whole lot to report apart from one fox was spotted and seen to safety by sabs south of Cockshead Lane.

Shortly after four, when we thought they were packing, hounds rioted just north of Royston. With Huntsman nowhere to be seen they went straight through a garden and into a field of sheep where they savaged a lamb. The Hunt were quick to blame us but don't forget this is the same Hunt that killed several alpacas earlier this season and they obviously have no control of their pack.

Hounds continued to riot west and his pack split over a large area. The field called it a day and Huntsman and Whip were left desperately calling for lost hounds as darkness fell.

Goodbye Sam "half a pack" Staniland. Your last day at the Meynell finished like all the rest, with no idea where your hounds were. You won't be missed!

Pic above left   -   Hounds cowering from hunt staff


         Sabs up with the Meynell pack - more than the Huntsman was a lot of the time


                                     Sheep flock running from hounds in panic


                                                 Hounds chasing lamb  


                                                     Hound catches lamb 


            Savaged lamb collapsed - despite puncture wounds it survived the attack

14-3-19   Daily Mail  VIDEO  Shocking moment foxhound mauls a lamb as the pack of dogs storms through a field of panicking sheep - Dramatic footage shot by an anti-hunting group captures women screaming - Police appealed for the group to contact them with more details of the incident     This is the savage moment a foxhound sinks its teeth into a fleeing lamb's neck while horrified onlookers scream at the hound to let it go.

A pack of the dogs which were part of a hunt in Roston, Derbyshire, jumped into a field of sheep and pursued the flock which ran for their lives. But a couple of canines picked off the struggling lamb and shepherded it away from the herd before mauling it. The lamb survived the attack but needed treatment for nasty puncture wounds it had suffered.

Dramatic footage shot by an anti-hunting group captures women shrieking as they watch the foxhound chase down the helpless animal.

The video starts with members of the Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs voicing their protests about the hunt to police who have pulled up on a country lane. Several black-clad and hooded 'saboteurs' are then seen following the horse-backed hunters through a field.

The clip then cuts to footage of the foxhounds sprinting through another field in pursuit of a large flock of stampeding sheep. But suddenly, a little lamb emerges from behind a bush with one of the hounds hot on its heels. As the dog locks its jaws around the lamb's neck, the person filming loses focus and repeatedly yells 'let it go'. They then run over to the injured animal, which is lying motionless in the field, and zooms in on its bloodied puncture. 

Spokesperson for Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs claimed the hounds had 'rioted through a private garden and a field full of sheep' whilst chasing a fox. They said: 'Members of the Hunt were present at the time and did nothing to intervene. Fox hunts should be totally disbanded to prevent further harm to animals, both domestic and wild.'

The clip shows a police vehicle was present in the area but Derbyshire Police today claimed their investigation was being hampered by lack of evidence. A spokeswoman for Derbyshire Police said: 'We have recently become aware of a video circulating on social media purporting to be evidence of sheep worrying offences being committed in the Derbyshire area. 'The video shows various individuals with their faces covered, members of an organised hunt and members of the public. This is clearly a matter of public interest and one that deserves to be investigated.

Unfortunately at this stage, our officers are unable to launch an investigation without being provided with further evidence by the group who released the video. This has been requested via social media, but has not yet been provided. We cannot conduct a thorough and robust investigation based purely on posts on social media. Nor can we do so on the basis of edited video footage. In cases involving animal welfare or offences against wildlife, there is a need to act swiftly to prevent any further suffering or unlawful deaths. Not reporting an incident puts any investigation in jeopardy and more worryingly increases the chances of further rural or wildlife crime offences being committed. We, therefore, urge those who took the footage to provide us with full unedited copies, dates, times and locations of alleged offences and details of those involved as witnesses or suspects.' Police confirmed nobody had been arrested or charged over the incident.


Fife FH kill lactating vixen, leaving cubs to starve

9-3-19  Facebook - Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs    GRAPHIC VIDEO  Fife Foxhounds Kill - 9th March 2019    Horrific scenes witnessed by us in Fife TODAY, 9th March 2019. If you thought fox hunting was a thing of the past, you are sorely mistaken. Foxes continue to experience terrifying and brutal deaths in Scotland. We see it week in, week out. And those responsible take pleasure in it, as you can see from the wide grin on the terrier man's face.

No doubt Fife Foxhounds will claim this kill was legal. To be clear, we contest this, as we saw this fox running well after we heard the gunshot. This means either inflicted injuries without killing, prolonging the death, or they missed altogether. But even if it was legal - should this disgusting, unnecessary brutality really be considered "legal"? Should the law condone THIS?

In Scotland, the Parliament makes the law, and we, the people, elect the members of Parliament. That means that the law is supposed to represent our will. Does this video represent your will? Does the idea of this activity being permissible under Scottish law sit well with you?

Using dogs to hunt foxes is legal in Scotland. Hounds may be used to flush foxes from cover to be shot. This sounds simple, but it can often involve terrorising an animal for long periods of time. In this case the fox was seen running back and forth in the gorse to escape hounds. There is also an exemption - if the hounds do catch the fox and rip it apart (hopefully this video can put to rest the “nip to the back of the neck” lie that hunts love to peddle), the Huntsman will face no consequences, as it will almost always be presumed to be accidental. The current law has therefore been branded "unworkable", so they're going to change it. But under the proposed changes to legislation - yes, those changes that have been "cautiously welcomed" by wildlife organisations - killing foxes and using dogs to do so will still be legal. It may also be possible for packs to apply for licenses to hunt in much the same way as they do currently.

As hunt saboteurs, we try our best, and we are often effective. But as you can see, even our best efforts cannot save everyone. The law prevents us from intervening in legal activities. When this kind of barbarism is “legal", we cannot stop it without risking arrest.

Share this video. Send it to your MSPs. Write to them, email them, tweet them. Agitating for change is the only chance we have. Help us put a stop to this.

Join. Sab. Donate paypal.me/fifehuntsabs 

9-3-19    Facebook - Grampian Hunt Sabs   VIDEO [same as above]   Fife Fox Hounds just killed this beautiful vixen fox    From what we can see in the video she was a lactating female meaning somewhere she will have cubs underground likely as you read starting to take the long time to starve to death. This is not pest control not sport but barbaric cruelty legalised by our governments, if the SNP do not completely ban fox hunting then they must surely think this is okay. Please write to your MP and ask why they would not be against this cruelty. If this makes you angry e-mail or phone the Hunt don't let them think this is right but of course keep it polite. PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE.



                              Huntsman holds vixen corpse while hounds rag it 

12-3-19  The Courier   ‘Horrific scenes’ at Fife hunt as gruesome footage emerges of fox’s body mauled by hounds “Horrific” footage of a bloodied fox being mauled by dogs at a hunt in Fife has sparked criticism of the pursuit as a tighter ban is sought. Hunt saboteurs filmed the apparently dead animal being dragged by its leg by a huntsman as hounds snap and tear at it.

Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs said it witnessed the “horrific scenes” on a hillside a mile from Letham, near Cupar, at the weekend. There is nothing in the video to suggest the hunting group had acted illegally.

A member of Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs said: “An animal being physically ripped apart and then seeing their body tossed around like they’re worthless while the killer smiles with satisfaction is awful. This animal didn’t need to die this terrifying and brutal death.”

Hunting with hounds was banned in 2002, but an exemption allows foxes to be flushed out by dogs and shot as a pest control measure.

The new bill announced in January aims to close loopholes and restrict hunts to two dogs. Green MSP Mark Ruskell condemned the actions of the hunters in the video and urged fellow parliamentarians to ban the activity as soon as possible. He said: “Quite frankly, I’m disgusted. Alison Johnston’s member’s bill to finally ban the hunting of foxes using dogs cannot come soon enough.”

The recording shows the fox’s limp body being carried by a red-coated huntsman and dumped on the ground among the baying hounds. A video posted by the group a fortnight earlier showed a huntsman hold out a severed fox tail to saboteurs as he rode past and gloat: “You can’t save them all.” 

Fife Foxhounds insisted it always acted within the law, but declined to comment further. Jamie Stewart, director of the Countryside Alliance, said it appeared the hunt had been conducted legally, with a gunman clearly visible in the video. He said: “The Fife Foxhounds operate a much-needed pest control service, delivered within the legislative prescription laid down in the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002. On viewing the video recording posted by self-proclaimed hunt saboteurs, I am unable to see any illegal activity from the Fife Foxhounds.”

He accused the group of waging a “vitriolic campaign”‘ by posting videos online, which often led to threats of violence towards staff and their families, and said they should go to police if they believe a wildlife crime has been committed.

Rural Affairs Minister Mairi Gougeon said the existing law was not having the desired effect, and there remained considerable public concern about fox hunting.

Gamekeepers have warned reduced ability to control foxes would be a disaster for wildlife and farm stock, with two hounds an “ineffective tool”.

10-3-19    Perthshire Hunt Sabs     Yesterday was yet again a sad day for the wildlife in Fife as the Fife Foxhounds claimed yet more lives. Sadly even with a number of sabs out from various groups the hounds killed a fox, caught in cover as it desperately tried to evade the hounds.


                                        Huntsman throws fox to hounds  

One of our sabs on the other side of the hill was able to see the fox as it tried to escape, a gunshot was fired around 5 minutes before the hounds caught up with the fox, from what was seen the fox did not appear to be injured in any way and it was a good distance away from any gunmen before the pack of trained to kill hounds descended upon the fox.

Sadly this was likely not the only death of the day, in the morning Galpin the terrierman was absent for a while and when he later appeared he had what looked like a blood smear on the back of one of his terrier boxes.


Full report of Fife Foxhounds closing meet of the 2018/2019 season up soon.

11-3-19  Facebook - Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs     Huntsman uses his horse to crush a fox’s head and then assaults sab      Here is another video from Saturday. The hounds are ripping and tearing at the fox who had just been killed. The Hunt claims they killed legally - but multiple people saw the fox running terrified and unhindered for minutes after the shot was fired.

Robert Howarth of Fife Foxhounds rides over, and proceeds to use his horse to trample on the body [right]  - as if being ripped apart by hounds isn’t enough, she has no dignity in death either. As soon asFifeFHHuntsmanhorsestand9-3-19.jpg Robert dismounts from his horse, he approaches and tackles our foot sab to the ground. We would have tried again to retrieve the body, but the violence from his hunt has been escalating recently, and we fear how it would have ended. “Well done boys and girls!” he says to his hounds.

The Hunt can claim this fox was shot and legally killed, and because we were unable to take the body for a post-mortem (which could have proved they were killed by hounds), the hunt will face no real consequences for this horror show.

The current law is unworkable, and it’s very difficult for us to gather enough clear footage to prove illegal hunting beyond a reasonable doubt. However, legality is not the only thing that is important here. When we make posts on this page, there are often comments from pro-hunt people claiming that the things we show in pictures and videos are perfectly legal, or that they can’t be PROVEN to be illegal. There is so much debate about what is legal and illegal, that the matter of what is ETHICAL or RIGHT is often ignored. Just because something is currently legal, that doesn’t make it justified.

Under current Scots law, hounds are legally allowed to maul a fox to death if the shot merely wounds, and doesn’t kill, the fox. Under current Scots law, Hunts can claim that the hounds “accidentally” killed a fox when the fox was in cover, and get away with it. Under current Scots law, it’s perfectly legal for hounds to chase and terrorise a fox in cover for as long as the fox can evade them, and it’s currently legal for them to “reward” the hounds by letting them savage the shot corpse beyond recognition. Just because something is legal, does that make it right? Do you think unnecessary brutality such as this should remain legal?

Full hit report to follow. Join. Sab. Donate. paypal.me/fifehuntsabs

See also report in Scottish Sun 


Ledbury FH chase fox across busy B road - hound nearly run over

9-3-19    Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Fox hunted across busy B-road by Ledbury FH - Friday 8th March 2019- Hunter's Inn, Buckbury Last Friday meet of the season! The Hunt were found hunting a fox right near the pub and across the B4211. Then it was the usual draw around the Forthampton Estate. A fox was hunted around Voulter's wood with intervention from sabs slowing down the pack.


Also yesterday BBC Hereford and Worcester broadcast a discussion / debate about hunting between one of our sabs and 'Dan', who works in hunt service. The link is here It starts 20 minutes in and is heard throughout the programme.

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Heythrop FH hunt blatantly - trespass in sewage works - many blocked setts

9-3-19    Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs     Several blocked setts around Heythrop meet - Hunt trespassed into Chipping Norton sewage works Saturday 9th February 2019, Sarsden     3C sab's and independent sabs/monitors...

We found 3 blocked setts as we arrived in the area of Oxfordshire that the Heythrop met in today. Local villagers had already found and reported others to Thames Valley Police.


All in all it was blatant fox hunting around Sarsden, Churchill and Cornwell until around 6pm. We are not quite sure what they were all doing in the out-of-bounds Chipping Norton Sewage Works near Cornwell Hill Farm but we suspect it did not involve anything good. Obviously not a trail there... Good to note that foxes often run over smelly things to evade hounds so manure heaps, past bonfires, through sheep etc, etc.

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Palmer Marlborough Beagles fold as soon as sabs spotted

9-3-19    Facebook - Berkshire Hunt Sabs    Palmer Marlborough Beagles: silence is golden     Thanks to yet another solid tip off via the HSA hotline, Berkshire Hunt Sabs set off to a meet of the Palmer Marlborough Beagles.

We rolled up at Milton Hill Farm, Pewsey and split into several teams to find them. They have spotters situated around the area to look out for us and they saw us first and by the time we had the pack in our sights on the top of a hill, they had gathered the pack and were starting the long walk straight back to the meet before we had even reached them. When we caught up with them on their glum trek the Palmer Marlborough looked most displeased, and didn’t look at us or even utter a word to us - the silent treatment - how sad. As soon as the hounds were put in the pickup the hunt staff were seen angrily driving off at speed leaving their despondent supporters to have their very subdued tea and sandwiches.

Of course rather than allow us to film them to gather evidence they still insist on packing up. If they are lawfully laying a trail as they claim to be why stop? It’s almost like they have something to hide.


                                         The long walk back to the meet 


Beaufort FH's small army descends on villages and wreaks havoc

8-3-19  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Wednesday 6th March, 2019    It never ceases to shock us that 50+ horse riders and their huge horse boxes, a pack of hounds, many hunt support vehicles and followers, quads and terrier men are allowed to meet up in small villages around England without any pre-arranged risk assessments or planning in place.

BeaufortFHLordMancroft6-3-19.jpgThis is exactly what happened on Wednesday 6th March around the small villages of Hullavington, Alderton, Luckington and Sherston. The Beaufort and the Tynedale hounds were there by invitation and Heythrop MFH turned up for occasion. There were many dangerous situations where riders were cantering on the lanes in the driving rain, churning up the verges and risking horses, hounds and people’s lives. Hounds were spilling out on to the lanes everywhere and vehicles frequently forced to a standstill whilst the field riders were held up on the road and MFH’s allowed the hounds to run riot over the fields chasing foxes. At one point near Badminton a bus was forced to a stop whilst the hunt was all over the road.

Monitors were accosted and told to leave footpaths whilst being blocked by a visiting MFH, a masked terrier man attempted to damage our vehicle whilst an elderly lady stood by and watched. One monitor interrupted an attempted dig-out and witnessed a blocked badger sett. We also found a currently used artificial earth close to where they were hunting that day. No foxes were safe that’s for sure. Full report to follow...

Comment on report from affected villager - Samantha Maria Steel    We don’t want them in our villages, they’re BeaufortFHRoadillegal6-3-19.jpgnot welcome!!! Why do we not get a choice as residents??? They descend like a bloody tidal wave of terror & the whole atmosphere changes. Exercising our dogs for the day becomes impossible without being forced by the bloody Hunt to put them in the car & driving them elsewhere!!! Our cats aren’t safe & have to called in quickly, as the hunt aren’t even decent enough to let us know the dates they will be in our villages!!! When will they get it???? We all deplore them & what they do!!!!

Why is it, that as the vast majority of the U.K. population despise their vile, cruel pastime. That we have no choice in having it rammed down our throats, in our own peaceful villages for an entire day??? If some residents are unable to call their cats back, then they have the terrifying thought hanging over them all day, that their much loved pet will be ripped apart by the pack of hounds!!!

Plus the mess the Hunt quite happily leave behind, churned up driven over grass verges, such a large number of horses churn up footpaths to the extent that sometimes they are unusable!!! We are leftcroft, Peer of the Realm,  with hound crap everywhere!! They're a load of thugs, turning up & trashing our villages & then just pack up & leave US to clear up after them!!! We should get a choice in this!!

Pics above   -   Above left  -  Lord Mancroft, Peer of the Realm, out again with a Hunt he must surely know regularly hunts foxes     Above right  -  Road illegal quad among the lengthy Hunt procession that has taken over the road 


Sabs win large compo after police dispersal order ruled invalid 

Agg. trespass & assault charges against female sab dropped 

Sabs claim N. Wales police corrupt and knowingly protect illegal hunters 

8-3-19    Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  VIDEO [Welsh Border Sabs]    North Wales Police sued     North Wales police have a history of bias, targeting peaceful protesters. We can finally release this footage after 4 years as North Wales police have now settled a large compensation pay-out out of court.

On 24/1/2015 sabs witnessed the Flint and Denbigh hunt illegally chasing a fox in the Plas HeatonFlintDFHSgtStringfellowissuing24-1-15.jpg estate in Trefnant near Denbigh. As sabs attempted to intervene to help the fox escape they were both assaulted by a hunt employee.

When sabs returned to their vehicles which were on the A525 Denbigh to Trefnant road they were surrounded by up to 7 police cars. The police issued sabs with a Dispersal order on the command of the Hunt [right, Sgt. Stringfellow doing that].

Whilst sabs questioned what is a dispersal order one sab was arrested whilst calling her solicitor for advice. Another sab who was a passenger in a vehicle was told to leave the area. This was made impossible by the police cars surrounding the sab vehicle. Sabs were trapped in the vehicle for around an hour whilst the Hunt were allowed to continue hunting. After around an hour police came with a crowbar to break into the sabs vehicle to arrest the second hunt sab. The sab got out the car and was arrested.

Sabs won the court case as the dispersal order was ruled INVALID due to Sgt Neil Stringfellow unlawfully altering the date and maps of the dispersal order and signing it himself though he was not authorised to do so. It was also brought up in court that the police had colluded with this illegal fox hunt to stitch up sabs. And the personal relationship between a certain hunt supporter and the police Sergeant was also questioned.

5-3-19   Facebook - Welsh Border Hunt Sabs    VIDEO     North Wales police have just settled out of court for unlawfully arresting two sabs on the 24th January 2015. [See video for more details, including film of assault on female sab]

12-3-19    The Canary    Police paid an anti-hunting FlintDFHPolicearrestsab24-1-15.jpgactivist thousands after she was wrongfully arrested    Police settled out of court with an anti-hunting activist for thousands of pounds. It came after they wrongfully asked her to leave an area where hunting was taking place.

North Wales Police issued a dispersal order to hunt saboteurs in the area of Plas Heaton, north Wales, on 24 January 2015. Police arrived after a supporter of the Flint and Denbigh Hunt, Ed Lloyd-Ellis, claimed that Isla Humphrey had assaulted him. The member of Welsh Borders Hunt Sabs (WBHS) in turn claimed she had been assaulted by Lloyd-Ellis. As a result, police ordered Humphrey to leave the Plas Heaton area.

According to the Daily Post, Humphrey was arrested later in the day “on suspicion of aggravated trespass, assault and breaching the dispersal order”. Police arrested a second saboteur, Andrew Edgerton, a member of North Wales Hunt Saboteurs (NWHS). A spokesperson for NWHS told The Canary that the rest of the sabs later left after police also threatened them with arrest.

Video by WBHS shows Sgt Neil Stringfellow issuing the dispersal order. A female camera operator can later be heard describing the order as “completely illegal” to Stringfellow and asking to speak with an inspector. But Stringfellow walks away from the camera.

A deputy district judge agreed that the order was “invalid” on 22 September 2015. Humphrey and Edgerton appealed and the judge agreed that the order didn’t clearly state the area covered by the order. The reasoning for the order also wasn’t good enough. The Daily Post revealed on 10 March 2019 that the date on the order had been changed by Stringfellow and in fact didn’t come into effect until 25 January 2015, the day after the incident.

Philip Kenyon, head of North Wales Police’s legal department, told the Daily Post that the order had the “correct FlintDFHPolicearrest2ndsab24-1-15.jpgday… but the incorrect date”. As a result, Stringfellow “corrected” the date “in good faith”. But Kenyon also admitted an inspector should have made the correction.

Following this victory, Humphrey and Edgerton chose to hold North Wales Police accountable for its actions. And on 5 March, WBHS said the police had “settled out of court for unlawfully arresting two sabs”. Humphrey received £4,500 in the settlement. However, North Wales Police didn’t admit liability. Police dropped the aggravated trespass and assault charges against Humphrey before going to court.

The Daily Post reported that North Wales Police said it has a commitment to investigating illegal hunting. But the force also said, echoing words from police in neighbouring Cheshire, that it’s difficult to prove offences because of the law’s complexity.

Meanwhile, the Plas Heaton situation is an example of the ongoing cost to the public of policing an activity that is illegal. Lloyd-Ellis told the Daily Post that the Flint and Denbigh Hunt had been trail hunting. But evidence for trail hunting, a legal activity in which hounds follow an artificially-laid scent, is few and far between. The Canary previously reported on the impossibility of the Hunt’s claim to lay trails.

As a result, lawmakers needs to simplify the Hunting Act by stopping hunting altogether. Most importantly, this will save wildlife from the terror of being bred, chased and murdered on an industrial scale. But it will also reduce an unnecessary burden on the public purse.

Pics above    -   Top left  -   Sgt. Stringfellow issuing the Dispersal Order     Middle right  -  Female sab arrested for alleged assault & aggravated trespass    Lower left   -   2nd, male, sab arrested for not leaving the area - police were blocking his car in.  


Thug who attacked sab car with hammer at Fernie FH meet convicted

8-3-19    HFM 102.3     Man attacked hunt sab’s car with hammer     A man who launched a hammer attack on a car containing two hunt saboteurs near Theddingworth has been ordered to pay compensation and do unpaid work.

Ryan Gilbert was caught on the car’s dash-cam approaching with the weapon in his hand, before the side window of the car, being used by the members of the North Cambs Hunt Sabs group, was smashed. The incident happened on Station Road on November 24th last year, after their path had been blocked by other vehicles. The man and woman, who weren’t injured, were part of a group monitoring a meeting of the Fernie Hunt on the day.


Gilbert (27) from Saddington admitted criminal damage and using threatening behaviour at Leicester Magistrates Court. He was sentenced to a Community Order, meaning he must carry out 200 hours of unpaid work over the next 12 months, pay compensation of £75, and £250 Court costs. Gilbert was arrested after Police released images of the dash-cam footage.

A spokesman for North Cambs Hunt Sabs told Hfm: “We condemn this use of unprovoked violence and aggression towards members of the public and their property, and we call on the Fernie Hunt to likewise distance themselves from this action by their supporters.

North Cambs Hunt Sabs take this opportunity to remind all hunt supporters that any attack made on monitors or their property will result in charges being pressed and subsequently prosecutions made.

The Fernie Hunt says Ryan Gilbert has no connection with the Hunt – they issued a statement at the time of the incident: “The Fernie Hunt does not condone any form of violence even when faced with extreme provocation, personal harassment, malicious trespass and other offences. The Hunt is not aware of any incidents relating to its’ activities on Saturday 24thNovember.”


Beaufort FH support/terriermen assault, harass, obstruct monitors

Hunt, with guests Tynedale FH  cause chaos and delays on roads

8-3-19    Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch     Beaufort Hunt and Tynedale Hunt and hounds 6.03.19, Hullavington     The Beaufort met with guests the Tynedale Hunt at Hullavington last Wednesday at Gardners Farm. There were also riders and hunt support from the Heythrop. This made for a very busy meet and most of the roads and lanes roundabout were being continually blocked by riders, hounds, supporter cars and horse boxes. Three Counties Hunt Sabs were with us and although the Hunt travelled extremely fast away from Hullavington, we did keep up with them.

At the first draw in a large wood we came on a dig out on a badger sett which had also been blocked for the day's hunt. The culprit digging first tried to hide behind trees then others prevented the witness from coming close by full on harassment. A redcoat official from the Tynedale was seen close by, underlining that this activity was related to the Hunt. Later in the day 2 terrier men were seen on a quad with a large metal pole.

The Hunt had moved on towards the railway on a scent and on to Cream Gorse, Lord’s Wood and New Plantation. Our driver had kept up and was amongst the chaos of support vehicles stopping on the road to watch when the hounds came on cry in the fields by the road. An elderly hunt supporter came over to her to say ‘Did you see the fox? It went over there’. The quads were at the roadside trying to cause a distraction and one visiting terrier man tried to intimidate our driver by walking so close that he was physically touching her with his body.

Matt Ramsden [a Beaufort JM] arrived and placed his horse so that she couldn’t film. She mentioned that a hunt supporter had pointed out the fox and the hounds needed to be called off. He went into his usual ‘what fox’ ‘there is no fox’ ‘we’re following a trail’. This is now a pattern of behaviour and all huntBeaufortFHLordMancroft8-3-19.jpg employees and followers have been asked to say the same. A fox can pass in full view and hunt staff and terrier men will say 'I didn't see anything'. This is a strategy to avoid prosecution by denying intent if the hounds are witnessed hunting or killing a fox.

After a lunch break during which hunters' lorries completely blocked the junctions around Commonwood Lane and where we had the pleasure of once again viewing Lord Mancroft [right] and observing his markedly 18th century hunting seat, the Hunt drew down towards Widley's Gorse. In this area we almost immediately discovered a large artificial earth [below left] clearly in recent use. This led us to speculate a released fox as the hounds went onto a scent from this area running towards Brook End and Luckington Court.

Just outside Luckington the hounds crashed onto and over the road causing chaos on the road as they searched round a pond for scent, encouraged by hunt staff. They then crossed into the area around Giant's Cave where our foot walker on the right of way was aggressively obstructed by a visiting master and by terrier men preventing her from getting close to their activity. She couldn't see what they were doing but after an interval the hounds went off on cry again, crossing Hay Lane into Badminton Park where one of our walkers cut in to try and witness the trajectory of the chase. She was pushed and shoved around by a terrier man well known to us in spite of a full face mask. You can tell by his voice and gait. He walked behind her kicking at her feet as she walked and banging into her back.

BeaufortFHArtificialearth8-3-19.jpgNevertheless, she saw where the hounds were running and they again seemed to check back towards the pond area suggesting a fox may have run in a circle to try and regain safe territory. Hunt support was aggressive to another walker who watched closely as the hounds searched round a manure heap. As this was happening two of us back near Giant's Cave were treated to verbal attack by an elderly grey haired woman who regularly supports the Hunt. Our vehicle was parked up at the junction of Giant’s Cave when the fully masked up terrier man who we know well came over to our vehicle and walked round the back of the car and leaned on the spare wheel and thumped it. All of this is on car cam and the grey haired lady supporter who seemingly thought this act of attempted vandalism was acceptable.

It looked as if the scent was lost but the Hunt went on around Hebden Farm and then up again towards Luckington where we found them searching along a densely brambled area on the east of the river but not picking up on any scent. At this point, bursting out once more onto the road in Luckington they packed up.

During the day we had seen complete chaos with masses of support vehicles and groups of riders cantering fast on the lanes and roads, so detrimental to horses' legs because of the concussion of metal shoes onto tarmac. Terrier men and support were angry and abusive. It is well known amongst 'antis' that Hunts get more manic and violent towards the end of the season. How terrible that this should be the case when the foxes they are so obsessively chasing could be pregnant or have cubs underground. Thanks again to Three Counties for your participation on this horrible day.


Warwickshire FH hunt all over roads - as usual

8-3-19  Facebook - Warwickshire Hunt    Walton - Thursday 7th March 2019    On Thursday, the Warwickshire Hunt met at Walton Farm in Walton for their farmers and keepers meet. Members of the Warwickshire Hunt including joint-master Simon Richards started following us before we had even arrived at the meet. We decided to drive to the nearest police station to see if they would carry on stalking us away from the hunt and into a built up area. They followed us all the way but sped off quickly once they realised where the final destination was.


Back at the hunt, the Warwickshire Hunt were their usual arrogant selves, riding up and down busy main roads, holding traffic up and making road users wait whilst they again used the roads as their own personal playground.


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Warwickshire FH chase fox through village, in & out of gardens

8-3-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt - Wednesday 6th March, Illmington    On Wednesday the Warwickshire Hunt hunted across the Illmington area. In Darlingscott the hounds got onto the scent of a fox and chased it over to Blackwell where they rampaged all over the village going through peoples gardens and back gardens.


They lost the scent in the village so convicted huntsman Will Goffe took the hounds out of the village and put the hounds back onto the scent of the fox. However the hounds soon lost the scent again and didn’t pick up anything else for the rest of the day. From Blackwell they headed up into Illmington and finished down in Ebrington. By the end of the day Goffe was visibly frustrated and in a bad mood swearing at sabs as he headed to the hound van to pack up.


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Wynnstay FH hunt blatantly - chased pregnant vixen to ground

Sabs win frantic battle to prevent any kills

7-3-19    Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs    Hit report 2/3/19   We split the pack on Saturday in more ways than one. Some of our sabs joined up with Welsh Border Hunt Sabs to pay a visit to the Ludlow hunt (check report). We received word that the Wynnstay hunt were not far away so it would have been rude for us not to drop in and say "Hi".

When we arrived in the area of Lower Wych we soon realised there was a large number of hunt monitors already on the hunt. By 3pm a lot of the riders were packing up and leaving at which point we were hoping for another early pack up. This was not to be the case and after the uneventful Cheshire meet the Wynnstay were going to be anything but.

With a ridiculous number of terrier men illegally riding two and three at a time on single seated quads and some familiar faces in our very own Jezza Reed who was as delighted as always to see us, and he couldn't wait to congratulate us on another fine hit report the week before. Another familiar face-ache was Otis Ferry who accused a sab of getting into "a tiz". Otis later settled down mind and invited everyone back to his for tea (or maybe he didn't mean sabs).

The horse riders rode their horses at sabs as the hounds went into cry. At which point sabs needed to call the police before somebody got hurt. Needless to say the police didn't turn up and the Hunt continued to illegally hunt and ride horses at sabs.

This was happening in an area only 30mins earlier Liverpool sabs had witnessed a pregnant vixen being chased to ground, we were later told by the monitors that the Hunt had attempted to hunt this area earlier in the day too. Another fox was witnessed fleeing the hounds and a hare was flushed in what became a 40 minute battle between sabs calling the hounds off and the Hunt frantically attempting to hunt on. Absolutely blatant illegal hunting. Sabs took control on the hounds on numerous occasions as the Hunt got themselves into a tizzy before packing up at around 5.30pm.


Monitors suspect Hampshire FH shot fox pack had been chasing

7-3-19    Facebook -Surrey Hunt Monitors    Tuesday 5 March found the Surrey Hunt Monitors near Alresford (South Downs National Park, Hampshire) for another eventful day following the hounds of the Hampshire Hunt.

We are very grateful to the resident for a late morning call, informing us of horsebox sightings on Bramdean Common. By the time two monitors arrived at 12.30pm the hounds could be heard in cry within Bramdean Plantation, a miserable area of woodland, virtually devoid of all animal life and birdsong since it is regularly frequented by rough shooters. Unaccustomed to monitors midweek, the hunt supporters were out in force in the wood and tried do their bit to make us feel welcome by helpfully providing advice: "the footpath is only three feet wide and you mustn’t stray off it" and "you aren’t allowed to stop on a footpath".


                                 Hampshire Hunt's designated footpath blocker 

After the monitors filmed a fox cross their path and escape to safety, the Huntsman, Olly Harding, reluctantly moved the hounds west towards West Tisted. Meanwhile, another monitor was positioned on the footpath between West Tisted and the road to the south east where a number of ancient supporters were parked by the roadside. Accompanied by terriermen in a buggy and on a quadbike, the hounds were soon on the scent of a fox in a small covert, with the field surrounding. Sadly a short while later the footpath monitor heard two gunshots. The hounds were then taken south east towards the road to be in full view of the supporters. Needless to say, there was no sign of a trail layer at any point. In two seasons of monitoring the HH we have never seen one.

Whilst waiting for the hounds to reach the road, the Huntsman saw an opportunity to accost another of our monitors to ask how her husband was - he is also a monitor, but was at work that day. He referred to him by name and claimed to “know him very very well”, saying that he was “the talk of the town”. This hunt certainly knows who this couple are and last season made a point of demonstrating also that “we know where you live” by posting something by hand through their letterbox. Harding also made a point of letting our monitor know that “we know where he works”, by mentioning his firm’s name and his job title, though he has not yet pulled with him the stunt of pointlessly emailing his work. All in good time, perhaps.


The hounds then headed back to the meet, Bramdean Common, no doubt to regroup and revise the day's original plan. With the buggy parked up waiting for directions, a female occupant got out and came up to one of our monitors. Before explaining what she said to him, we should first mention that we have pursued this hunt for Road Traffic Act offences such as multiple terriermen on single seater quad bikes (thus making it harder for the hunt to get terriermen where wanted). Hence it was with obvious glee that this hunt supporter claimed our monitor’s vehicle was improperly registered with the DVLA. “Utter rubbish” was his response. She replied “do you want proof?” and showed him her phone showing the DVLA entry for his vehicle. But she had entered the wrong registration number, and went away with her tail between her legs, pausing only to show that her language matches the company she keeps, by turning around to tell us to “f*ck off”.

After this moment of light relief, the Hunt continued north west, predictabily towards Cheriton Wood. We soon found we were sandwiched in a convoy of support vehicles heading for Cheriton Lane. A foot team went in to Cheriton Wood and positioned themselves in Bulbeck Copse, while another, heading further south was approached by two riders who asked them to leave the wood (in the direction of their choosing, of course). Since the wood is designated ‘open access land’ we had the ‘right to roam’ thereby accessing all areas without using footpaths, which are non-existent anyway. The remainder of the field were left hanging around, occassionally riding out to entertain the supporters. After intermittent periods of silence then hounds in cry as he searched the wood, the Huntsman called it a day and rode back to the meet point.

A successful day for SHM? Whilst the hunt had free reign before we arrived, and probably killed at least one fox later in the day, we hope that our presence saved some others. At the very least they must be concerned that more and more residents are providing us with tip offs. Keep them coming!


Locals tell off Cheshire FH for blocking road to slow sabs

7-3-19    Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs    Hit report 2/3/19    We split the pack on Saturday in more ways than one. Some of our sabs joined up with Welsh Border Hunt Sabs to pay a visit to the Ludlow hunt (check report).

The rest of our sabs joined some of Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs and Liverpool Hunt Sabs (who'd also split their packs) to drop in on the Cheshire hounds/hunt who had met at Marbury. On our arrived we noticed the Hunt were in a field near Marbury church, it was quite a small gathering considering this was their final meet of the season.


There were some early threats of violence from one of the supporters which didn't materialise into anything later as suggested. Foot sabs managed to stick to the Huntsman as he tried to shake them off. He attempted to draw a few woodland but nothing was coming off for the frustrated Huntsman.

The hunt supporters took it on themselves to block public roads in an attempt to slow down sabs. However some locals just out for a drive had also become victim of the Hunt's road blocks and voiced their concerns as they gave the hunt supporters a good telling off. In what was to be a very uneventful day thankfully, the Hunt called it a day at 2pm.


Sabs help save 3 foxes from Belvoir FH but fate of one unknown

7-3-19    Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    A small group of us and Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs headed to one of the final Belvoir meets of the season at Bescaby House today. The weather was horrendous with heavy winds and bitterly cold rain to contend with but we always think this is worse for the hunt so we don't really mind.

Within five minutes of them leaving the meet a horrible old supporter was seen waving his hankie to tell the huntsman a fox had gone away North but fortunately we spotted both him and the charlie and were able to spray to mask the scent. The hounds headed into the hilly Croxton Park but quickly pushed North over the busy A607 towards Branston. Sabs saw another fox go to ground in a badger sett and kept an eye on the area whilst others followed the hunt as they headed back South through Croxton Kerrial towards the meet.

Back in the vicinity of Croxton Park hounds went into cry and were just a few feet behind a fox. They got away from sabs and were heard intermittently speaking over the next 20 minutes or so. Sadly we'll never know if they killed but hopefully not.

He then headed South and second horsed just West of Stonesby. With the weather closing in lots of the field called it a day but the hardy few headed South as they hunted Stonesby Spinney, Waltham New Covert and on to Freeby wood and the hunt owned Waltham Thorns. They put up two foxes here but both were seen to safety by sabs who sprayed to mask their scents.

He then nipped West before turning and galloping a full three miles East to Spoxton Thorns in a bid to lose us. Fortunately we're a wise bunch and quickly worked out his plan. Sabs approached the covert and spotted riders on point. The huntsman quickly gathered his hounds and headed off again at speed. Hounds spoke again briefly but it was getting late and the rain coming ever harder so we were delighted to see him gather his pack and box up on the Southern edge of Sproxton not long after 4pm.

We're currently out twice a week so our fuel costs are high. Please support us if you can: https://ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.


Chiddingfold FH chase fox across road and back over again

Sabs pulled some hounds off then Hunt lost the rest 

7-3-19    Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs   Mission 73 – Chiddingfold FH, South Harting 6-3-19 Midweek sab of the Chiddingfold Hunt who met at Foxcombe House, South Harting on Wednesday 6-3-19. We had a small force of half a dozen Sabs from North Downs, Guildford and Reading to oppose them.

There were about 20 riders at the meet including the huntsman Adrian Thompson (Sage, as the hunters call him) who was not pleased to see us.

The Hunt was going to draw the woods to the south of the meet but our presence caused them to do a runner over the South Downs. We found them hunting after a bit of scouting at West Harting Down, ChiddingfoldFHSabsup7-3-19.jpgthen followed tracks to disrupt another bit of hunting at Harehurst Wood causing them to do another runner to the Harrows and Eckenfield. The heavens opened and we hoped that the rain would get them to pack up ,so we returned to the meet.

About half the field were packing up but our hopes of an early finish were dashed when we found the empty hound van at the meet, so started searching to the south again and soon found the hounds in full cry after a fox.

The Hunt stopped traffic on the B2146 at Uppark as the fox crossed and re-crossed the road and returned to Booker Down Rough. We managed to use the gizmo and voice calls to pull a few hounds off and the Hunt then lost the rest of the pack and we hope our efforts helped the fox escape. It took ages for the Hunt to regather the pack and they packed up shortly afterwards with our presence and the weather forcing their decision.

This ended a very hard day with the Sabs totally exhausted slogging up and down muddy paths on the South Downs. The area was vast and heavily wooded so we had to use our ears to locate this fast moving Hunt.

The happy Sabs then retired to Earth vegan burgers in Petersfield for some well earned food. Please help keep us in the field by donating to ko-fi.com/northdownshuntsabs.


Ex CA official and barrister killed in fall while hunting

7-3-19    Horse & Hound    Barrister with a passion for hunting suffers fatal injuries in fall   Tributes have been paid to a leading figure in the pro-hunting campaign who died after a fall. Dominic Webber, former chairman of the East Sussex branch of the Countryside Alliance, suffered fatal injuries during a fall while hunting last week. The rider and campaigner, who lived in Heathfield with his wife Jane and their two grown-up sons, died on Friday (1 March).

Mr Webber was also a well-known and well-respected criminal barrister, and his family was at Maidstone Crown Court yesterday (6 March) to hear tributes led by resident judge David Griffith-Jones QC. He described Mr Webber’s death, at the age of 59, as “tragic, sudden and cruel”, but added that it came while enjoying his passion for riding.

The trauma of his death and the sense of loss which it has caused is only increased by the fact he was very much one of us, a stalwart of the Kent bar mess and a regular at the bar of the crown courts at Maidstone and at Canterbury,” Judge Griffith-Jones told fellow judges, counsel and court staff. He was a senior, respectable and likeable practitioner. He was a gentleman, a man who appeared to have discovered a sound and happy balance to his life. A family man, a man of the country, passionate about the countryside and countryside pursuits and the enjoyment and preservation of them. In this regard most particularly he was an ardent equestrian, owning horses he stabled at his family home in East Sussex. While the nature of his passing is tragic beyond words there may perhaps be some little comfort to be drawn in that he died doing the very thing he loved so much. His passing was sudden, leaving no opportunity to say goodbye other than belatedly by an occasion such as this, inadequate as it is. We remember Dominic, sharing the pain of his passing. Our collective pain is nothing compared to that which his beloved family must now be suffering.”

University-educated Mr Webber was called to the bar in 1985 and was a member of chambers at 5 King’s Bench Walk. He was said to have had a lengthy career, building a strong and thriving legal practice across the south east and specialising in defence work.

He had also been chairman of the East Sussex Countryside Alliance branch and was a regular follower of the East Sussex and Romney Marsh. In a letter published in January 2004 following the Boxing Day meet of the Southdown and Eridge Hunt, Mr Webber said those opposed to hunting “had difficulty keeping animal welfare in perspective”, and maintained it was not a cruel sport.

Mr Webber also submitted written evidence to the government’s hunting with dogs inquiry in 2000, and subsequently wrote published paper The Rationale of the Hunting Act 2004: Even Lord Bingham got it wrong.

Countryside Alliance chief executive Tim Bonner said: “Dominic brought an analytic mind to the hunting debate and was a determined advocate of hunting as a humane method of wildlife management, which in particular benefited the fox population. He was an associate member of the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management which provided the scientific backing for his arguments.”...


Sab has to pull off Cotswold V FH hounds rioting on deer as Whip AWOL

5-3-19   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Tuesday 5th March 2019, CotswoldCotswoldValeFHDeerfleeriotinghounds5-3-19.jpg Vale Farmer's Hunt, Norton     Car still poorly but the buses were running so this meet was attended thus. Not much happened until they hunted through Prior's Grove and Barrow wood and it sounded as though that fox went to ground.

Later, at the back of Benge's farm the pack rioted on deer. There was no Whipper in where there should have been and so a sab' interceded and stopped the hounds before they were eventually called back.

Yesterday was spent with Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch at the Beaufort meet, Chavenage. They write really good reports so we will just share that when it comes.

Please continue to support us by keeping the information coming in and if you like what we do and can afford to help us financially our paypal link is paypal.me/threecountiessabs.


Elderly hunt monitors bullied & obstructed by Grafton FH support

6-3-19   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch  VIDEO  Their disgusting behaviour speaks for itself    On Tuesday 5th March we monitored the Grafton Hunt near Weedon. As soon as we arrived the hounds started hunting a fox, and the reaction of the hunt followers was immediate and disgusting. The film shows their - unfortunately successful - blocking tactics to ensure we could not film what we are certain was illegal hunting. Their behaviour speaks for itself - clearly they are aggressively hiding what their hunt is doing. Add to that their range of revolting insults, and you have the Grafton Hunt in all its charm.

  GraftonFHFollowerblockS6-3-19.jpg GraftonFHElderlymonitor6-3-19.jpg


Puckeridge FH supporter rams 3 ton sab vehicle with mini, tries to blame them!

Sabs believe hounds rioted on and injured animal, but sabs couldn't find it 

5-3-19    Facebook - Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs    Hit report – 02/03/19    On Saturday we joined up with Norfolk/Suffolk, South Cambs, Norwich and Herts Wildlife Monitors.

The Puckeridge hunt showed the lengths they were prepared to go to stop the efforts of the Sabs.PuckeridgeFHSupportermini2-3-19.jpg Before the Hunt had even met, while following a hunt vehicle our vehicle was overtaken by a mini cooper, driven by a hunt supporter. The hunt supporter then started to slow to a crawl on the road in front of us. When we attempted to overtake them at a safe point in the road, the hunt supporter then swerved into the side of our 3 tonne armoured vehicle in an attempt to ram us off the road.

After totalling his car he then called the police, saying he’d been attacked by terrorists - wasting more police time. After the hunt supporter refused to exchange details, CHS called the police to inform them of the collision. At this point the supporter became physically aggressive and CHS went home to get another capable vehicle.

Throughout day the Puckeridge Hunt were kept in view of sabs at all times. At one point the hounds went into cry and rioted after an animal. CHS believes this animal got away with injuries. Attempts have been made to recover the animal but it’s location and state is unknown.

A heavy police presence today may have kept the Hunt from another attack on sabs, however the police made no attempt to investigate the Hunt, despite evidence of illegal hunting being provided. They have however opened an investigation into the illegal blocking of active badger setts.

We’ve set up a fundraiser for the vehicle repairs, thank you for all your support and help!https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/chs-vehicle-repairs.


Newly blocked sett found near Mendip F FH meet chez Rees Mogg 

5-3-19    Facebook – Mendip Hunt Watch   VIDEO   Illegally blocked badger sett at MP Jacob Rees-Mogg's hunt meet Mendip Farmers Hunt - 02/03/19 - meet at Gournay Court, West Harptree Sabs found several entrances of this active badger sett freshly blocked moments after they called hounds off the scent of a fox. Hounds had been in full cry about 500m away from the sett, heading towards it at speed. Following the sabs' intervention, the Huntsman gathered his hounds and quickly vacated the area.

As sabs approached the covert containing the sett, several shifty looking terriermen also quickly scarpered on their quads. We believe the terriermen started to block the sett as the Hunt were approaching, but stopped when they heard sabs rating the hounds nearby. About half the entrances were freshly blocked with fresh earth, and clear spade marks were visible.


                                          One of the blocked sett entrances 

This sett is being kept under close surveillance, along with others in the area. We encourage everyone local to West and East Harptree, Chewton Mendip, Greendown, and Litton to check on badger setts they know of, as the Hunt were in these areas on Saturday. Please report any signs of interference to the police and to us or Locals Against The Mendip Farmers Hunt.

Massive thanks to Bristol and to Bath Hunt Saboteurs for joining us in the field on Saturday, and to everyone who has contributed to our equipment fundraiser.

If you'd like to help us out, please donate: Via paypal or buy us a Kofi.

9-3-19    Independent    Jacob Rees-Mogg 'hosted fox hunt where badger sett was illegally blocked' - Exclusive: ‘We hope his constituents will be making a complaint about his supporting this law-breaking hunt’     Jacob Rees-Mogg has hosted a fox hunt at which a badger sett was illegally blocked, saboteurs claim. Monitors have released a photo of hunters on horseback gathering at his Somerset home and footage they say is evidence of a badger sett having been covered over just as hounds were approaching. Badgers are protected by law, and interfering with their setts is illegal – as is hunting foxes with hounds. Hunts often cover the entrances to badger setts to prevent foxes fleeing a chase from going to ground. Saboteurs said the Mendip Farmers Hunt met at Mr Rees-Mogg's home in West Harptree last Saturday. It’s  the leading Conservative Brexiteer did not join or follow the hunt.The monitors said they heard hounds “in cry” – the noise they make when on the scent of a fox – before the pack headed towards the badger sett at speed. Several entrances to the sett had been blocked, according to the sabs, who distracted the hounds.

As sabs approached the covert containing the sett, several shifty-looking terriermen also quickly scarpered on their quads,” the group reported. “We believe the terriermen started to block the sett as the hunt were approaching but stopped when they heard sabs rating the hounds nearby. About half the entrances were freshly blocked with fresh earth, and clear spade marks were visible.”

Men in hunting jackets were filmed riding past as sabs, from Bristol and Bath, unblocked the holes. The monitors, who filmed their GPS location near Chewton Mendip and the date, had earlier seen a fox in the area and said it was likely one would have been caught had they not intervened. Mendip Hunt Watch posted on Facebook: “We hope his constituents will be making a complaint about Jacob Rees-Mogg supporting this law-breaking hunt. We find it curious and disturbing that an elected representative should be so blatantly complicit in what is clearly an illegal act.”

Mr Rees-Mogg has expressed support for fox hunting in the past, saying it is the most humane way of controlling the fox population. His wife, Helena, was a master of the Mendip Farmers Hunt from 2012 to 2014.

Social-media users reacted furiously. One wrote: “They have no shame – not only out to kill our foxes but our badgers too.” Some called for him to be sacked as an MP. A fan of Mr Rees-Mogg told him: “Please tell me this isn’t true. If it is I have to seriously question my support of JRM – you will lose a lot of support because of this!”

Since hunting wildlife with hounds was banned in 2005, Hunts say they use artificial trails instead of chasing foxes. Terriermen are employed by Hunts to block up setts and fox holes before the chase so the fox cannot escape.

On hosting the hunt, Mr Rees-Mogg told The Mirror: “The Mendip Farmers trail hunt in accordance with the law, so are welcome.” The Independent has asked Mr Rees-Mogg to respond to the claims of illegal activity.

See LACS video on the subject here 


Villager sure S. Durham FH killed - she assaulted photoing bloodied hounds

4-3-19  Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors    Hit Report 43 - Season 18/19 - Lowfield Farm, Spennymoor 23.02.19 - South Durham Hunt     The Hunt met early at Sara Morales's farm for pre-hunt brekkie rolls before heading off over the busy A690 and into Oakenshaw nature reserve - closely followed by monitors on foot. They spent some time within this area before heading back over the A690 and onto Page Bank and surrounding woodland.


                                 Strange and very dangerous place to lay a trail 

Just as they headed with hounds over the river where a fox was spotted and hounds encouraged to pick up the scent. we believe The fox went to ground somewhere in Jesmond house. We do not know if this fox got away as we were stopped by the farmer from entering the land. We did have a team on the other side of the river who used horn calls and the gizmo when hounds went into cry. The hounds S.DurhamFHOnpointroad23-2-19.jpgheaded for Nancy’s wood but in turn we’re turned away by the farmer who didn’t want them on his land.

With their route scuppered, they took to flushing through a small wood in Byers Green then headed with tails between their legs back to the meet with more than an hour's light left.

A hound was spotted with a lot of blood and a dog walker believed they had a kill, she was then dutifully ridden at by a rider for complaining. This hound, we believe, had gained an injury possibly off barb wire and was made to hunt the rest of the day, instead of being picked up by hunt staff to seek treatment. Just another victim and tool in their sick pastime.

To keep us in the field you can donate to our ever growing cost of having 4 vehicles out saving wildlife. We have a donate button at top of the page or you can donate via PayPal to huntmonitors@gmail.com.

Pic above right   -  Rider on point  - on a busy road 


Comment on report added by local - Sara Courtley    I took this photo [below] - I cannot see a wound on this dog or where a wound could be for the blood to cover so much of the dog. Myself and another villager saw at least TWO dogs with blood on their mouths. I was assaulted while trying to take photos of them dogs and the pack of hounds were split before returning to Lowfields so them dogs never came through village afterwards, making me think they did get a kill. We were there when they went into full cry in Byers Green and emerged covered in blood. This was where the holes were filled in in the woods and also the fence was cut with a blue arrow spray painted onto the path to show them where to go in.




Cheshire FH end season causing chaos - but kill-less, thanks to antis

Pathetic attempt to be seen laying trail started AFTER hounds began chasing fox 

4-3-19   Facebook - Cheshire Against Blood Sports   Cheshire Forest FH - Acton Bridge 2/3/19  The struggling Cheshire Forest Hunt met at their traditional last meet spot of Manor Farm in Acton Bridge, with yet another very small turnout for the last meet of the season it’s hard to see how this “poor relation” of Cheshire hunts can actually carry on.


With CABs and Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs and Staffordshire Hunt Sabs all over the local area pre spraying and getting into positions where we knew the Hunt would head, a foot-CAB team went to observe the shenanigans going on before the Hunt set off, we were treated to nose picking, yawning and a lot of alcohol and nibbles and a “lovely” speech by Liz “ the vet” Gorse regaling about how they will have a super fun day jumping lots of fences ...errr, it didn’t quite go that way. We are surprised that there wasn’t a queue demanding a refund at the end of the day. Usually when they do the pre-hunt speech, they refer to laying a trail and Hunting with in the law, the Forest don’t CheshireF.FHLandowners4-3-19.jpgeven claim to do this now...

So off they toddled and they took the route that headed down the North Cheshire Way and again displayed their usual entitled behaviour by barging pass cyclists and walkers and anyone else that got in their way, however the public told the Hunt exactly what they thought of them!

The Hunt came under the Dutton Viaduct and yet again showed scant regard for any other creatures by terrifying a group of horses [above] and sheep, this something they did repeatedly throughout the day.

They then headed over to the area around Crewood Hall and onwards to the area around Hunters Wood Nature Reserve for some of the jolly jumping promised earlier, again upsetting the local people who had no warning they would be there, is it any wonder they have hardly any land to hunt and are known as “The Tarmac Pack”.

So jolly jumps completed we picked them up on Ainsworth LaneCheshireF.FHHuntdelaying4-3-19.jpg where the Hunt proceeded to block the road completely with horses and hounds [right] and rode for two miles down the main road, a five minute trip took 25 minutes holding up a huge line of traffic, including the Wildlife Crime officer who will be contacting the Hunt over this unacceptable behaviour, the tarmac pack strikes again.

The Hunt finally turned into the area adjacent to Onston Lane, here an elderly couple on a quad bike [above left] were acting as gate openers, they remarked that it was their land, so the question was asked “are you allowing the Hunt to chase foxes on your land”, which she replied with “yes we are” it was then the hounds went into cry and the woman hastily back tracked and screeched “its a trail, it’s a trail” we tracked the Hunt across the field, another team was already positioned on Bag Lane and they witnessed a terrier boy, frantically dragging a rag along a hedge, across the road, yep you read that correctly they laid a pretend trail over a road and into a field opposite, shouting we are laying trail, it’s a trail, nobody bought their nonsense. However it was a little late for the fairy story as the hounds still in cry spilled onto the road, nowhere near the trail and shot across a field towards the The Riddings, German emerged onto the road in a panic and had no choice but to call them back to him as there were far too many eyes on him.

CheshireF.FHQuaddriverpulled4-3-19.jpgWhile all this was going on, the Hunt and support had blocked the road, the police had also pulled a second quad bike over [left] for shouting abuse at one of our teams ( this happened at two hunts on Saturday, is this the start of the change ?) It was then a very angry little hunt supporter named Tommy, decided he wanted to fight anyone and everyone, if you breathed he was going to fight you, he can knock any man flat on his back apparently, probably through boredom as he could only repeat the same banal sentence over and over and over ...So while Tommy was having a tantrum, another hunt support car who wanted to get after the Hunt decided he wasn’t waiting, drove over the white road marking and towards a CAB who had his back to him at the time and narrowly missed him, it was caught on film though, so was his vile tongue blaming the CAB for not having eyes in the back of his head.

The Hunt headed further down Bag Lane towards the sewage works, we hoped it would be a fitting place for them to pack up but alas they just did a bit more trespassing with an angry farmer screaming at them to get off his land, maybe Crowton should be spared any future visits as clearly the Hunt are not wanted anywhere.

So they emerged back on Onston Lane and caused yet more road chaos as they treaded the tarmac towards Hunts Hill and Foxey Hill, who named these places ...they stood on Foxey Hill for a while, probably debating if they could hunt Hunts Hill as they usually do, they probably noticed CABs and Sabs already there and they thought better of it, so they carried on going, they began the journey back to the meet point, had a ride around the quarry which had already been sprayed and guarded by Staffs sabs to ensure no foxes were chased and by 2pm they were back at the meet point and were packed up and on their way by 2.30.

So the season ended for the Forest with no kills and a strengthened determination from us that next season we will be keeping them just as close company as we have all this season.

that’s it for Cheshire for this hunt season, the foxes can live peacefully for six months, however we all know that in six months time the Cheshire Forest, Hounds and Wynnstay will try and slaughter their cubs, however the Hunts should know that we will be there doing everything we can to stop it happening.

We will be visiting more Hunts out of the area in the next few weeks, we don’t stop when the Cheshire season does, please consider buying us a “Kofi” every one really helps, thanks. http://ko-fi.com/cheshireagainstbloodsports.


Sabs ensure Ilminster Beagles don't even get into the fields

4-3-19  Facebook -Berkshire Hunt Sabs   Ilminster Hare Week: Day 2 sabotaged!    Following yesterday’s sensational shut down of the Ryeford Chase Rabbits Hounds the organisers and supporters of the week long ‘Ilminster Hare Week’ were undoubtedly worried that sabs would turn up for day 2 of the perverse festival where the Ilminster Beagles, the hosts, were today the stars of the show.

Well, they had good reason to be worried.Berkshire Hunt Sabs once again joined forces with many other groups from across the south descended on the meet at Aller Court Farm, near Langport.

When we arrived teams took position around farm and upon seeing us the Hunt delayed going out for nearly two hours then tried to sneak out the back right into waiting sabs. Deciding they could not bear to pass us they turned right back to the farm.

Despite boldly calling the festival a ‘hare’ week, this Hunt denied any illegality and claimed to be hunting rabbit. Even if that wasn’t a worn out lie, as they found to their cost yesterday, we would sab that too!

The Hunt eventually left the farm building again, however they remained heavily outnumbered by sabs.It’s safe to say the Ilminster felt sick (get it?) at the sight of hunt sabs escorting them as they sadly traipsed up and down a couple of tracks and not attempting to go into the fields.

While this was going on, an inspection of the dairy farm (supplier to Barber's Farmhouse Cheesemakers) showed appalling conditions for the cows with slurry everywhere including running down across fresh tracks used by wildlife. Hounds too were filmed walking through the shit at this registered T.B. Hotspot.

We will be in the area all week making it as hard as possible for the Ilminister Hare Week to kill any animals. If you want to donate to our fuel fund you can do so here - PayPal.me/berksabc


Rabbit Hounds flee back to meet when 50 sabs descend

First [non] event of Ilminster Hare hunting 'Festival'

4-3-19    Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights    Hit Report 03/03/2019 - Ryeford Chase Rabbit Hounds. Meet: Lower Street Farm , Beercrocombe , Somerset    Sunday saw members of WAR out again to join up with groups from across the south and west to sab the opening meet of the Ilminster Hare Week, a hare hunting festival held in Somerset.

Sabs met up with the Hunt as they drew along the hedge-lines and open fields but as soon as over 50, yes 50, sabs descended on them the Hunt about turned and headed straight back to the meet.

A stand off ensued for around an hour before the hound van headed off. Sabs kept a watchful eye on them to make sure they didn't return to their murderous pastime and by early afternoon it was all over. Brilliant result for us and our wildlife!!


3-3-19   Facebook - Berkshire Hunt Sabs    Ryeford Chase chased out of Somerset!    Today, Berkshire Hunt Sabs joined forces with sabs from all across the south of the country to help shut down the popular but elusive Ryeford Chase Rabbit Hounds at Lower Street Farm, Beercrocomb near Taunton.

As can be guessed by the packs name, today’s intended quarry was rabbits. They use a large pack of hairy Griffon Vendeen Bassets to flush out hedgerows and kill rabbits as they run for their lives. The vast number rabbits cruelly killed by this Hunt on a daily basis doesn’t even bear thinking about.

However even when meeting on a Sunday - presumably to garner as much support as possible - they could still only manage to attract 50 supporters. Most of these are clearly decrepit.

Upon seeing a massive surge of sabs descend on them to ruin their day, the Ryeford Chase’s smiley faces suddenly became very red and very angry. They were unable to hide their contempt for Sabs ruining their day and verbally abused us and, upon their exit, a cheeky punch thrown at one sab’s car before calling the police on them. The police took a dim view of them confirming what we already knew, “basically you pooped on their party”.

Ultimately, their resistance was futile and they retreated back to the Meet and packed up almost instantly. However the day was not over yet as they soon left the farm and proceeded to drive around aimlessly for several hours trying to lose sabs before going to hide in a police station.

A great day for sabs, who saved many rabbits from being killed in the name of this cruel sport.


Belvoir FH's bought-in thugs can't prevent sabs stopping fox killing

4-3-19  Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs     At least three foxes seen to safety, despite the best efforts of Michael Dungworth's hired goons. Jake Shelton and Josh Bolam (RMA Security) in particular seemed to spring into action every time Rogue Team covered a scent with citronella. Working on commission lads? £20 extra per fox bowled over?


                                  Hired security wrestle naughty sabs to the ground 

And they would have got away with it too, if it wasn't for those pesky kids in Blue Team who were always one step ahead with whips and horns to take the (now confused) hounds away from their quarry, and @Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs, whose mere presence is enough to overpower fox scents.

  BelvoirFHFoxflees2-3-19.jpg  BelvoirFHSecuritymanhandling2-3-19.jpg

           Fox flees Hunt                                  Hired security manhandles female sab


                                    Hires security man hurls female sab to ground 

The day was rounded off nicely by an utterly baffling defence of hunting by the Belvoir's man-child Whipper-In Lewis 'Chutney' Chutter, who claimed that they were both following trails AND flushing to a bird of prey, and also that we've never seen hounds on a trail... but that they hunt trails every Saturday (with us present). Make your mind up Chutney!

  BelvoirFHneospora2-3-19.jpg BelvoirFHWhip2-3-19.jpg

    Didn't stop them hunting       Whip said were trail hunting AND using bird of prey

If you send us money we'll buy cool stuff to sabotage fox hunts. https://ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.


N. Warks Beagles landowner accidentally admits knowing they hunting hares

That's after saying counting hares, then teaching them to run in circles!

Beagles hunting when sabs arrived - packed up when caught up with

3-3-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   North Warwickshire Beagles - Saturday 23rd February 2019 - Walton Upon Trent     Last Saturday we arrived in Walton Upon Trent to findN.WarksBeaglesLandowner2-3-19.jpg the North Warwickshire Beagles already out hunting. We deployed two sabs into the field to catch up with them. Once they realised we were present they made a hasty retreat back to the meet.

The landowner [right] came out and claimed they were counting hares! We’re not sure of the scientific merits of counting hares by terrorising them with a pack of beagles. She then went on to say that the beagles were teaching the hares how to run in circles. Hares naturally run in circles when they are being chased. Her admission that the North Warwickshire Beagles are causing hares to run in circles is actually an admission that they have been illegally hunting and chasing hares. The comedy continued when she then claimed they were trying to stop hare coursers by moving the hares on. We’re sure this makes sense in their heads but unfortunately the hares don’t just pack their bags and leave the area once the beagles turn up. The only way the North Warwickshire Beagles are stopping hare coursing is by getting in there first and killing all the hares before the coursers do.

Please consider donating so we can continue to stop all forms of hunting in our local area https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.


                Hounds being cast to find hare scent or put one up [or to count them?] 

POWAperson comments   -   Do watch the video - it's a hoot. The landowner comes up with ever more bizarre explanations for why she has allowed a pack of trained hare-killer beagles to be let loose on her land.  


Resident relates her & stag's dreadful ordeal at hands of Quantock SH

Stag fled into her garden - Hunt invaded, lied to and intimidated her

Resident's complaint to police was handled negligently

Professional Standards upheld 6 of her 9 complaints 

3-3-19   Hounds Off    Staghunting: And So It Continues….     March 1st is when Spring Staghunting starts on the Quantock Hills and Exmoor. ‘Spring’ stags are the young adults, the stags with most energy and va-va-voom. These are a stag hunters' favourite quarry because they run hard, fast and long. For those who delight in chasing then killing fit and healthy Red deer then March and April are the most exciting months of the year.

Two years ago Teresa, a Quantock Hills resident, contacted Hounds Off and told us her story:-

Teresa was in her kitchen. It was just after lunchtime. She could hear the Quantock Stag Hounds hunting really close and then saw out the window a hound by her garden pond. She grabbed her iPad to and went outside to take some film. The noise was suddenly deafening. There was a stag in her garden, up by the summerhouse. Other hounds were in the garden too and the stag moved towards the compost heap.

A Huntsman was just beyond the garden fence. He asked Teresa for permission to shoot the stag and she said, “No”. She asked the man his name and what he was doing. He said that she didn’t need to know. More hounds came in to the garden. Teresa reckoned there were about seven but they were hard to count because of so much movement.

By now the stag had climbed on top of the compost heap. There were riders looking down from the hill up above and conversations could be heard between unseen hunters on walkie-talkies. Numerous vehicles were parked on her private entrance drive with people standing and watching.


                      Stag at bay on Teresa's compost heap [Credit - Hounds Off] 

Suddenly there were four burly men at close quarters. The man who wanted to shoot the stag warned Teresa not to interfere in case the dogs attacked her. She was frightened because, as she told us afterwards, “I was outnumbered and could see that their blood was up.”

The dogs had chased the stag off the compost heap but he returned and was again at bay. Teresa said, “The stag was surrounded by hounds and huntsmen and was clearly exhausted and petrified. I felt I needed to protect it. I felt strongly that it was not just right that I protect it, but it was my right to protect it. Not just because I don’t agree with hunting with dogs, but because it was in my garden and I should have been able to save it. My garden was its sanctuary.”

Again, she told the hunters to call their hounds off. One young, thick-set individual threatened to call the police because he said she was “harbouring a deer.” He also threatened to call the RSPCA, shouting that the stag was injured and had to be killed. But they did manhandle their dogs over the fence and remove themselves as well.

Another man who Teresa didn’t know or recognise appeared. He also refused to identify himself and joined the other hunters. They huddled together and then, right in front of Teresa, stormed into her garden, ran towards the stag and physically pushed it off the compost heap, over the fence and away towards private farmland. The men and their dogs, the riders and the people in cars all followed in different directions as fast as they could.


       Hunters invaded Teresa's garden, threatened and lied to her [Credit: Hounds Off]

Teresa was totally shocked and shaken. She immediately called the police to report the incident. A couple of hours later two hunts-people called at the house. Only one of them would give his name. He said that they were “trail hunting” with eleven hounds when unfortunately this young, injured stag jumped up in front and caused a distraction. They decided to kill it because, apparently, it was injured. Their excuses were not believed and apologies not accepted.

A day later the Huntsman left a message to tell me the stag had been previously shot by a .22 rifle. I learnt later from the police it was in the chest,” Teresa recalled, “But this exposed them as liars. I was stood ten feet away from the stag for some time. There was no injury to the chest, old or new, but it was exhausted. I didn’t realize it then, but subsequently I found out that they have used this excuse before to exploit a loophole in the Hunting Act. I thought at the time that it was a really odd thing to say that they would call the police because ‘I was harbouring a sick deer’, but I later realized that they worked out which angle they were going to use to get out of this, hence why they didn’t care about me filming.”

Avon & Somerset Constabulary completely failed to take Teresa’s allegation of illegal hunting seriously and it appears that there was a deliberate block put on conducting even a cursory investigation. The Quantock Stag Hounds got away with it. But we helped call the police failures to account. Crucially, over a year later their own Professional Standards Department upheld six out of nine points of complaint.

Teresa said, “When I reflect back with the knowledge I have gained over the last two years, I know that the Hunting Act has to change. Any reasonable person looking at the facts knows exactly what these hunts are up to. But the legal system is choosing to ignore the test of the reasonable person. As it stands today it is almost impossible to prove illegal hunting and get a conviction.”

Her immediate neighbours are the National Trust and she feels let down by them, too. Despite receiving all the evidence and her witness statement, and despite the fact that they themselves banned deer hunting with dogs on their land in 1997, the Quantock Stag Hounds frequently hunt across forbidden land. As recently as January 28th this year they held a fundraising meet and then hunted on National Trust land. Clearly this is unacceptable and we are in dialogue with the Trust to work out how to prevent future arrogant flouting.

Rural residents have turned to us in desperation and we answered their call. Our tactics are simple; in partnership with Somerset Wildlife Crime and individuals, groups and organisations who want to work with us, we’re shining a light on modern day stag hunting.


Another Tory MP hosts law breaking Hunt - South Dorset FH

Richard Drax MP has huge estate, payed for by slave trade 

Numerous blocked setts found, sabs assaulted by followers

3-3-19    Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights    Hit Report 2.3.19, South Dorset Hunt, meet at Charborough House on the Charbourgh Estate     Today's meet for the SD Hunt was on the private estate of Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Earnle-Erle-Drax, common name Richard Drax, Conservative MP for South Dorset. Pro Badger Cull, pro shooting, pro hunt and right at the top of the list of removing "those immigrants " "there are far to many of that sort here brigade!”.

Holding the title, Lordship of the Manor of Longburton, the ancestors of our MP have a past with many dark skeletons in and out of the closet. With a very colourful history that includes a Master of the S.D Hunt and a little further back the slave trade - see here.

Richard Drax was born with the blood of our beautiful wildlife running through his veins and even on the web page boasts of shooting holidays on his estate. richard.drax.mp@parliament.uk, www.richarddrax.com/

Sadly between pro badger cull, pro hunt MP Oliver Letwin in West Dorset and Richard Drax in South Dorset, our wildlife really is fighting for its life.

It came as no surprise to hear that the SD were meeting at the estate of South Dorset MP Richard Drax, firm supporter and landlord of the South Dorset Hunt. It came as even less of a surprise that members of the Dorset Police were there to serve and protect the landed gentry from activists protesting against illegal Foxhunting. Funny they are never around when we need them! Probably to busy having drinkies with Dickie!!!

With more dribblers than normal for such a prestigious meet, they wobbled off down the drive from the Manor at 11am.

Joined once again by our good friends Southampton Sabs, see their page for their Hit Report of the day, the Red Landy parked up at Almers Wood watching the procession leaving from the Drax Estate. Sabs that had earlier been deployed in Big Almer Wood had found a large 17 hole badger sett that was previously unknown to us. All but 0ne of the entrance holes were freshly blocked except one that showed signs of recent activity with a couple of fresh latrines so we can only hope that they had found a way out. Sabs unlocked by hand other entrances to help them find a way out.

  S.DorsetFHSettentrance2-3-19.jpg  S.DorsetFHSettentranceunblocked2-3-19.jpg

           Blocked sett entrance on left, one unblocked by sabs on right

The Hunt headed north drawing through kale fields and along hedgerows, before heading east behind Middle Farm. The support who were now eagerly lined up along the green lane to the east of Great Coll Wood and when Juggers and the dogs didn't produce what they were anticipating began to get a bit it itchy and edgy deprived of the eagerly anticipated kill, moved off to position themselves for a good view of Charlton hill Coppice. Once again the dogs didn't pick up anything much to their disappointment. The dogs finally went into cry at Hicksons Coppice, but sabs were there and used voice calls to lift them from the scent.

Things took a turn for the worse after this. Sabs were pushed around and followed closely by hired in knuckle draggers, who felt it was amusing to kick Sabs ankles and try and trip them up. Knuckle draggers also tried their hardest to steal the keys from our Landy and also tried and failed to get onto the back of the red landy.

Sabs in at Tarrant found yet again a large amount of blocked Badger Setts, funnily in the direction the Hunt were heading but with Sabs in the area they found nothing.

From Tarrant the Hunt and support headed to another old favourite, Rendezvous Plantation where they never seem to fail to "find" a a fox. With dribblers massed eagerly waiting for their promised "kill", they were very very upset when Sabs, who were already waiting in the area, pulled the dogs off as soon as they went into cry.

By now both Landys were surrounded by quads carrying c*untrymen, knuckle draggers and the very few dribblers who were staying till the bitter end. The Hunt however had headed back down into Big Coll Wood and straight toward waiting Sabs...they spent a while riding round in circles before calling it a day at 3.15!!!

If you would like to join us then please message this page or email weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank You. Donate.

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