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    For stories before NOVEMBER 2018, go to UK HUNTING NEWS ARCHIVE

        Warning - contains images of animals killed/ mutilated by Hunts that you may find distressing 

Detailed stories follow each month's headlines below, all in reverse chronological order


                           HUNTING SEASON 2018-19



….. 20th January - Cottesmore FH 'psychos' kill small - probably bagged - fox

….. 19th January - Portman FH openly hunt two foxes, one on Nat. Trust land

….. 19th January - Fernie FH follower smashes sab wing mirror after sabs ensure no kills

….. 18th January - Wildlife Trust condemns Ludlow FH for riding over its land

….. 17th January - St. Ives Council finally drops Western FH from Feast Day celebrations

….. 17th January - Seavington FH pub meet on Council land pulled due to public reaction

….. 17th January - Support grows to ban 'trail hunting' on Mendips NT land

….. 17th January - Convicted Seavington FH to meet on Council owned land

….. 17th January - Further sab evidence of Eryri FH trespass on NT land on B. Day

….. 16th January - Cheshire FH kill yet another fox - while trespassing

….. 16th January - Monitors reveal that S. Durham FH hunted 3 legged fox last year

….. 16th January - Blackmore FH mark to ground - sab there to ensure no dig-out

….. 16th January - Film uploaded of sab car windows being smashed at Worcs FH

….. 15th January - Local reports suspected fox hunting in Wiltshire

….. 15th January - Local farmer tears strip off N. Staffs FH after sees them hunt fox

….. 15th January - Quorn /S. Notts FHs attack sab when stopped from killing fox

….. 14th January - Police drop investigation into Portman FH fox kill case

….. 14th January - Police at meet wouldn't investigate illegal hunting alleged by sabs 

….. 14th January - Foxes hunted over roads & through gardens by Portman FH

….. 14th January - Police react to illegal hunting reports by inferring it's just 'trail hunting'

….. 14th January - Labour MP calls for review of HA as so many foxes killed by Hunts

….. 13th January - Sabs almost run down 3 Portman FH hounds led round blind bend

….. 13th January - Some of Braes o' Derwent FH hounds found in very poor state

….. 12th January - Caught-out Kimblewick FH pretend not hunting when realise sabs there

….. 12th January - Monitors say Cheshire FH killed a fox in the grounds of county's High Sheriff

….. 12th January - LACS Chief Investigator snapped attending Hunt Club point-to-points

….. 12th January - N. Cotswold FH - hounds on railway: woman sab bullied with horse

….. 12th January - S. Dorset FH rider charges sabs trying to call hounds off fox

….. 12th January - Banwen Miners FH pack up early when sabs catch up with them

….. 12th January - New locals anti group helps spoil S. Durham FH's hunting day

….. 12th January - Mendip Farmers FH charge through gardens, trespass in sheep fields

….. 12th January - Middleton FH rider admits fox kills, says try kill double when antis there

….. 12th January - Beaufort FH terriermen caught at often blocked sett, with spades

….. 12th January - Sabs pack up two hare Hunts - snap beagles being mistreated

….. 12th January - Sabs prevent joint meet of 3 N. Irish Hunts killing any foxes

….. 12th January - LACS calls on Councils to ban Hunt meets in towns, villages

….. 12th January - Cotswold Vale FH hunt foxes into garden & sett, lead hounds into traffic

….. 12th January - Claim that cancelled Cheshire FH meet down to pressure from antis

….. 11th January - Pregnant vixen hunted by trespassing Ledbury FH: blocked setts

….. 11th January - Local Council has been subsidising violent Atherstone FH town meets

….. 11th January - Ledbury FH terrierman caught digging into badger sett

….. 11th January - Easton Harriers chase hare/deer as riders attack sabs with horses

….. 11th January - Locals blame Weston FH for blocked setts & AEs they found

….. 11th January - Monitors upload film of Cheshire FH fox kill, rejected by CPS

….. 10th January - Warwickshire FH chase fox, assault sab, supporter slashes tyre

….. 10th January - Old Berks FH chase fox in village, then hunt pair: one away, other fate n/k 

….. 10th January - LACS urge Council to ban Badsworth FH B.Day meet in Aberford

…..  9th January - Police open investigation into Kimblewick FH incident

…..  9th January - Cheshire Forest FH invade village - fleeing fox seen by residents

…..  9th January - SNP proposal to amend hunt ban includes licencing when 'necessary'

…..  9th January - Hapless Huntsman gets Atherstone FH lost in residential area

…..  9th January - S. Dorset FH hunt fox to ground, support assault sab

…..  9th January - VWH FH seen chasing 2 foxes, did not try to get hounds off 2nd

…..  8th January - Cheshire FH kill yet another fox 3 days after the last

…..  8th January - Sabs attacked by N. Staffs FH support in car park after meet

…..  8th January - Cheshire Forest FH in cub hunt mode, antis protect put-up foxes

…..  8th January - Cheshire PCC promises 'robust' investigation of Cheshire FH fox kill

…..  7th January - Save Me says will prosecute Kimblewick FH if CPS don't

…..  7th January - Kimblewick FH filmed prising fox from AE & releasing for hounds

…..  7th January - Monitor badly injured by loose horse in freak accident at Crawley FH

…..  6th January - Hampshire FH unable to escape sabs packed up after just 80 mins

…..  6th January - Fife FH kill fox in suspicious circumstances, sab assaulted

…..  6th January - Sab reports of sett blocking pays off as fox escapes N. Cotswold FH

…..  6th January - Attorney General hosted illegal Lamerton FH hunt, say sabs

…..  5th January - Cheshire FH kills fox, kicks body into canal [sabs retrieve]

…..  5th January - Cotswold FH redcoats & hounds all over high-speed dualed A40 

…..  5th January - Monitors say stopped Wynnstay FH [Lord Daresbury in tow] killing

…..  5th January - Sabs stick like glue to Oakley FH, despite Masters riding at them

…..  5th January - Very long un-sabbed Welsh Hunt gets shock when antis appear

…..  5th January - Puckeridge FH hunt openly, sabs twice call hounds off

…..  5th January - Sab group post open letter highly critical of the League 

…..  5th January - Alpaca-mauling Meynell FH baulked in desire for a kill

…..  5th January - Atherstone FH Whip rides at sabs - tiny turnout, unable to hunt

…..  5th January - 'Hunting Scent' - support threatens sabs, damages vehicles

…..  4th January - S. Herefordshire FH cub cruelty case is delayed yet again

…..  4th January - Monitors think Beaufort FH killed fox on New Years Day

…..  4th January - NT comes under heavy pressure to cancel more 'trail hunt' licences

…..  4th January - Ledbury FH hounds invade garden after fox, owner rates them off

…..  4th January - Radley College Beagles found hunting & packed up by sabs

…..  3rd January - Police investigating killing of fox by Portman FH

…..  3rd January - S. Shropshire FH NT licence cancelled after filmed chasing fox

…..  3rd January - Chris Packham urges New Forest FH to switch to drag hunting

…..  3rd January - Two Devon Harrier packs to amalgamate

…..  3rd January - Investigation into claim of illegal hunting in N. Wales forest

…..  2nd January - Sabs find fox body after hear Portman FH Huntsman blow kill 

…..  2nd January - Braes o' Derwent FH hounds run amok in village

…..  2nd January - Sabs believe E. Sussex FH killed 3 foxes on 31st December

…..  2nd January - Old Berkeley Beagles pack up as soon as sabs appear

…..  2nd January - Atherstone FH support surround sab car to stop it moving

…..  1st January - Anti is punched, sab car vandalised at Four Burrow FH meet

…..  1st January - Sab landy rammed, tyre slashed at Cottesmore FH - sabs assaulted

…..  1st January - Big police op in Cotswolds targets illegal hunters and sabs

…..  1st January - Sabs assaulted at Barlow FH - police dealing 

…..  1st January - Heythrop FH pull hounds off fox when know sabs filming

…..  1st January - Sab helps S. Durham FH extract hounds from quarry fox hunted into

…..  1st January - Flint & Denbigh FH hounds uncontrolled and at risk on roads 


Cottesmore FH 'psychos' kill small - probably bagged - fox

20-1-19     Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs    Sab report -Cottesmore Hunt Mill farm Gunby and Stainsby 19th Jan 2019 We were happy to get a tip off this week from a member of the public allowing Northants, Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs and WildAct to continue with our mission to sab the sick fun of the Cottesmore Hunt.

Having started at Gunby, the Hunt crossed the road to hunt in the vicinity of Forty Acre Wood. They took their time dallying about, trying to lose sabs and clearly already, their plans for the day were disrupted.

Soon, with three groups of sabs in the field the Hunt found it difficult to get away from us. Therefore, they sent in their heavies. One terrier man looked like an evil Incredible Hulk trying to intimidate two female sabs. Luckily, our sabs are able to stand up to these bullies and continue with their quest.

Terrier men were then spotted messing around seen in Gunby Gorse. One terrierman was seen exiting the wood and putting something in the box on his quad.


What we then suspected ; a bagged fox , was set loose. The small fox [2 pics, above and below] had no chance, probably not knowing the area , it was disorientated, and despite the best efforts of sabs was chased, caught and killed.


Despite efforts by Andrew Osborne and his Whipper-in, Chris Edwards, trying to clean up the hounds in a stream, we managed to get pics of hounds with bloody faces [one of them, below left]. We will also be submitting our video evidence to the police.

The Hunt and their terrier men were all grinning like Cheshire cats. Questions - Why would people, apart from those with psychopathic nature’s find enjoyment from ripping a small fox to pieces ? Why do they continue to try and claim that fox hunting is about controlling fox numbers ?

  CottesmoreFHBloodied19-1-19.jpg CottesmoreFHThirsty19-1-19.jpg

Clearly it’s all about the power, control and abuse of animals, not to mention the money these sick weirdo’s will pay to go out on a ride keeping this outdated “industry” going.

Second horses occurred near manor farm Sewstern, shortly after the kill.

The Hunt continued until late in the afternoon, however sabs kept going and thankfully no further foxes were murdered.

At the end of the day the thirsty hounds had the luxury of drinking from filthy puddles of water (see pic above right). Luckily we were on hand to give them some much needed love - it’s not their fault they are used to satisfy humans' sick fun.

Please keep us on the road by donating a quid or two at www.paypal.me/ENABS. Your donations have enabled us to purchase necessary equipment to record illegal actions and to keep our vehicles on the road.


Portman FH openly hunt two foxes, one on Nat. Trust land

19-1-19    Facebook - Wildlife Witness   VIDEO    Portman Hunt hunting a fox as whipper-in watches on    A difficult day with the Portman Hunt today as fox after fox was hunted in full view and with no regard to the law. This was the second of the day seen fleeing from a wood with hounds in pursuit while the Portman whipper-in simply watches on.


This fox was hunted for twenty minutes before crossing National Trust owned Hambledon Hill while the Huntsman, Evo Shirley, encouraged hounds on using horn calls.


This film will be passed to Dorset Police however we know it won't meet the level of evidence they require to bring a prosecution.We are told by the Police that trail-hunting is a legal activity - when will they realise that there's no such thing as trail-hunting?


Fernie FH follower smashes sab wing mirror after sabs ensure no kills

19-1-19    Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    Hit Report 19.01.2019: Fernie Hunt, Carlton Curlieu North Cambs    Hunt Sabs teamed up with Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs today to surround and contain the Fernie Hunt at their Carlton meet, in cold and muddy Leicestershire.

The Fernie hunt often provides a “mixed bag” of hunt supporters. So far this season we have already had our vehicle windows smashed by followers of this hunt, so today we were relieved to come away with our car window only licked by a Fernie follower (see photos).

With four vehicles from the two hunt sab groups keeping tabs on the Huntsman for the whole day, the pack were moved on at every opportunity. Attempts to hunt were made north at Billesdon, west at Norton Gorse, East at Tamborough Hill and south at Shangton Holt.


                                              Hounds in cry running on road 

Each time the Huntsman settled at a copse or covert, sabs were on hand to move him on. This meant for a long hard day on foot, but a hunt that keeps moving cannot effectively hunt.

A fox was seen away by a member of our team at Kings Norton, his scent trail thoroughly covered by citronella mist before we moved on. However, this was in the middle of the Hunt’s area of focus today and on a couple of occasions in the late afternoon hounds did start to open up their legs and run on the line of scent of their quarry.


                                        Hunter's horse in a heavy lather 

Sabs were on hand ahead of the pack though, and able to report the hunt were not able to kill today.

Unfortunately, one slightly inebriated hunt follower decided to take his frustration at not witnessing any wildlife deaths today, out on the wing mirror of the Beds and Bucks Sabs vehicle. Repairing cars is another unfortunate expense when sabbing hunts. Do visit their page and help them out if you can.


                                      JM rides at sab in the gloaming 

The hunt continued until darkness, with sabs keeping an eye on the hounds as they were packed safely away for the night. In a bizarre moment of hypocrisy, the owner of the yard where the hounds were being boxed up loudly informed us that she was accommodating the Hunt because she “loved animals, end of”. Yes, that had us confused too.


Hunt sabs protect wildlife every week as volunteers, funding their fuel and camera equipment personally. If you would like to help our cause, you can do so at: https://ko-fi.com/northcambs.


 Wildlife Trust condemns Ludlow FH for riding over its land

18-1-19   Shropshire Star   Hunt accused of 'huge contempt' after riding on Shropshire Wildlife Trust land     A Shropshire Hunt trespassed onto private land owned by the Wildlife Trust and showed 'huge contempt' towards nature lovers, it has been claimed.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust was informed that members of the Ludlow Hunt took horses and dogs across its largest nature reserve in the county this week.

On Thursday, the hunt was spotted by local residents galloping across the 500-acre Catherton Common on the Clee Hills. Residents contacted the charity, which forbids hunts to use its land, due to fears that it would disturb wildlife.

Jan Mckelvey of Shropshire Wildlife Trust said: “We have a very simple policy that we don’t allow Hunts on our land because of the disturbance it causes to wildlife and in the past we’ve written to all the Hunts to make this clear.

We’ve bought our nature reserves with public donations to protect wildlife, not destroy it and it shows huge contempt for our supporters when a hunt chooses not to follow our wishes.”

Trespass on nature reserves is an issue with many of the Shropshire Hunts.


Grafton FH hunt fox to ground - monitor presence deters dig out

Landowner says 'couldn't care less' about what Hunt did 

17-1-19  Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch   On Tuesday 15th, the Grafton were hunting around Bradden, Abthorpe and Slapton. In the afternoon they chased a fox from the Foscott area down to Handley Barn, on the Abthorpe Road near Silverstone. Very luckily for the fox it managed to evade them by escaping into a badger sett behind Handley Barn. With four monitors filming it was very unlikely the Hunt would call the terrier men in to dig the poor thing out. Later that evening, one of our monitors contacted the proprietors of Handley Barn to ask them if they were aware of the Grafton invading their land and if they were welcome or not. They could not have cared less and in fact they didn’t mind at all, citing that the Hunt do a good job collecting their dead stock and that he had got more important things to worry about.


He didn’t care that the hounds had chased a fox across their land or that the hunt officials watched as the hounds scraped and dug into their badger sett. When I explained what happened all he could say was “Oh well.” He even made a pre-emptive case for the Hunt saying “They are following a trail aren’t they, as far as I'm concerned!” and “what have I got to do about it.”


The proprietors of Handley Barn, who run a farm and bed & breakfast business obviously don’t care about our wildlife or the law. So sad that people are sycophantic and selfish when it come to fox hunting and without any empathy to the pain and suffering caused by these cruel people.


As usual, GHW saw more than one fox running from the Grafton Hunt that day. Later on, one of our monitors witnessed a fox running from them at Slapton Manor after the Hunt and hounds had been invading private property and running all over the village.


When are the authorities going to clamp down on these people who have a sense of entitlement because the law will rarely do anything pro active to stop them even though there are hours of filmed evidence indicating what they are doing week after week, year after year ?



St. Ives Council finally drops Western FH from Feast Day celebrations

17-1-19    Facebook - AAF Cornwall    Special announcement    Our lovely group have just attended a special council meeting to pass a motion to ban the local ‘Trail Hunt’, The Western, from the annual event St Ives Feast where they have had a presence/been greeted by the Mayor for apparently 4-500 years. We are very relieved to announce council have agreed with us and voted for this not to happen this year, and if the majority vote of the council and the 6,000 people that signed to stop this is listened to, will not happen again!


One point we presented that the Council found particularly unsettling was a statement from their own website that they found it ‘thrilling’ to chase and hurt animals, the fact also that they were advocating to repeal the ban was another deciding factor (aligning with the Kimblewick Hunt who were recently in the news re a possible trapped/bagged Fox as their inspiration). Council especially stated that this was not acceptable for them to promote this mindset and behaviour. Below is an excerpt from the minutes of the previous meeting giving the Council's overall stance.

Thank you to all our supporters who have signed and shared, those especially who helped gather signatures in the street, the good people of St Ives and our fabulous team who have driven this through. WE DID IT!!!


Hopefully, this will now help other rural towns and villages to stand up and say no to this outdated barbarity, in our Council's words ‘Anachronism’, and let us all see an end to this (another point by our council) divisiveness they are causing in our communities. And finally here’s to new fun and kinder traditions that the majority can enjoy! Thank you. Action against Foxhunting - Cornwall Group.

POWAperson comments   -   This might seem a small victory, but its symbolic value is great. People have been imploring the Council to end the divisive and offensive presence of the Western Hunt at this very special day for the town for donkey's years. The most that has been achieved has been the occasional Mayor refusing to greet them. Congratulations to AAF Cornwall for their tireless efforts.  


Support grows to ban 'trail hunting' on Mendips NT land

17-1-19   Facebook - National Dis-Trust   Proper good stuff from locals campaigning against the blatant fox hunts that the National Trust licences for its land. Sign & share Maria Burt's petition here: tinyurl.com/y9yql58r.

Please also support Locals Against the Weston and Banwell Harriers!     #trailhuntlies



Seavington FH pub meet on Council land pulled due to public reaction

17-1-19  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   Convicted fox hunters the Seavington Hunt set to hold a meet on South Somerset District Council land!     The Hunt are expected to meet this Saturday at a popular pub called the Prince of Wales that sits on South Somerset District Council land within their Ham Hill country park. (Please DO NOT leave offensive comments on their page, please keep any contact civil and respectful we do not encourage discourteous or threatening comments and will ban anyone from our page who engages in such behaviour). The Council countryside ranger service were contacted and didn’t know anything about this.

The Hunt have a conviction following an admission of illegal hunting after the Huntsman pleaded guilty. Use this link to read the story of their conviction. The footage that lead to their conviction captured by IFAW monitors in 2013 can be viewed here.

Please contact South Somerset District Council and politely ask them why they are allowing the convicted Seavington Hunt to meet on their land. Also, polite expressions of concern can be placed with the Prince of Wales Pub at their Facebook page.

It’s always worth remembering that we are far more powerful to dispute a point in an intelligent and calm manner. By descending into chaos and offensiveness we do ourselves and our cause no credit.  #ruralcrime #somersetlive #trailhuntlies

Comment  -  Penny Blight  I spoke to one of the Park Rangers this morning, and he said it has been cancelled as the Pub has been receiving a lot of negative emails about it.  


Further sab evidence of Eryri FH trespass on NT land on B. Day

17-1-19    Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Boxing Day 2018     More proof of the Eryri Hunt trespassing on Nation Trust land in Beddgelert. Not only are they trespassing but they allow their hounds to foul all over a public footpath, despite a large number of the public using the footpath on the day.

Please also note the two terriers tied together with a short chain. sabs got the huntsman to later unchain the terriers. On our other video from the day the Hunt even admit to illegal hunting. We were also threatened by a hunt supporter with a stick.

We have not received a response from National Trust and to what actions they'll be taking against the Eryri hunt for trespassing.


Cheshire FH kill yet another fox - while trespassing

Antis had earlier prevented a possible dig-out 

Whip trespassed further to dump body by rail track

16-1-19    Facebook - Cheshire Against Blood Sports    Cheshire Hounds, Bolesworth 16/1/19     CheshireFHHuntaskanti16-1-19.jpg This Hunt killed again today, we were unable to retrieve a body due to it being dumped beside a railway track, by none other than Jamie Whittles.

With more and more tip offs from the public, the Hunt thought sneaking out on Wednesday would avoid our watchful eyes, but they were wrong.

The Hunt met at The Sandstone Pub in Broxton and immediately started hunting the land around Bolesworth Castle, with runners from Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs keeping tabs on the Hunt we headed them off on Bolesworth Road. As the Hunt approached [right] they asked Cabs to undo the gate for them to let them onto the road......we ahem politely declined, clearly we are not in the business of assisting wildlife criminals much to disgust of the Hunt, clearly they believe everyone should do their bidding.

After holding two buses up with their shenanigans, we headed after them and they entered the area near Goshen Spinney, it was here they picked up the scent of the first fox of the day, this poor fox was chased and took refuge in a badger sett, with the sabs guarding the fox the Hunt were reluctantly forced to move off and call the hounds away. Clearly unhappy at being foiled Peter Jones the secretary of the Hunt, inexplicably parked his car across Dark Lane to block not only our vehicles but any other local who wanted to go about their business [see pics at bottom]. He was forced to move when he heard us on the phone to the police, law breaking to facilitate fox killing.

We caught up with the Hunt at the ironically named Fox Covert and this is where the day went rapidly downhill, the Hunt surrounded the Covert and the hounds went into cry, it had incredibly thick hawthorn hedges between us and the hounds, two sabs somehow found a way in and as they crossed the field towards the Covert they watched in horror as a fox bolted out with the hounds and Hunt chasing after it, after an attempt to use the gizmo to at least give the fox a chance to escape we headed off to try and intercept the Hunt, we could hear the hounds in cry in pursuit of the fox. However, yet again a hunt support vehicle blocked our path to get close to the Hunt.

By the time we had got to the Hunt, we watched Jamie Whittles come from the railway embankment [his horse was on the opposite side of the railway tracks]. He walked across a field and hopped on the back of a quad bike and wasn’t seen again for the rest of the day. Let’s not forget Whittles has form for jumping on quad bikes when a fox is killed.

CheshireFHownroad16-1-19.jpgThe Hunt had previously been warned off the land on either side of the railway tracks, so they were also trespassing to chase and kill the fox. Other landowners were desperately trying to contact the owner of the field where the fox was killed. Despite our best attempts - clearly we will not trespass on the railway tracks - we were unable to retrieve the body this time. We have absolutely no doubt of the fate of this fox.

Jake was casting his hounds constantly all day. We kept them moving but they were determined for a kill. Once this fox bolted into the open they took their chance knowing our numbers were low and we would be impeded by their followers.

Obviously, knowing what had happened with yet another fox killed and all the national disgust for the Hunt, they high tailed it back to the meet point and packed up at 2.15pm.

We checked the hounds and noticed one hound had a prolapse, we pointed this out and Jake was fully aware she was ill, he just didn’t give a shit she had been asked to run for three hours.

We are also aware of a pro-hunt page getting off on the fact that a gizmo was used near a road. The gizmo was used on a very quiet road, with an extremely thick hedge between the field and the road. The hounds would not have spilled on to a road, which is now being described as busy as the M25 in rush hour, even if they had been distracted. The gizmo wouldn’t have been used if they hadn’t been chasing a fox that they later killed. The police were also informed a gizmo was used. A gizmo can buy a fox valuable seconds and can make the difference between life and death.

Finally just before the police arrived at “gizmogate” they had just been attending to loose hounds left behind by the Hunt causing chaos on a road for 15 minutes, hounds left on a road. Wonder if all the pro-hunt will also be sending death threats to the Huntsman for thillegally blocking road and holding up traffiis situation... probably not.

How many more times will this Hunt kill ? This Hunt are reckless and out of control and should be confined to kennels whilst the police are investigating the previous kills.

Please support us in the fields and buy us a “Kofi” each one really makes a difference, thanks - http://www.ko-fi.com/cheshireagainstbloodsports.

Pics below   -   Hunt Secretary Peter Jones illegally blocking road. In second pic he can be seen using a mobile while at the wheel. Also illegal.   

  CheshireFHHuntSecblocking16-1-19.jpg CheshireFHHuntSec16-1-19.jpg


Monitors reveal that S. Durham FH hunted 3 legged fox last year

16-1-19   Facebook - NE HUNT Monitors   VIDEO   3 legged fox hunted by SDH    On Feb 15th 2018, South Durham Hunt met at Trimdon Grange where they proceeded to hunt multiple foxes with the hounds. One Fox In particular stood out. It only had 3 Legs.


When we posted the day's Hit Report the pro hunt lot accused us of photoshopping the screenshots. Is this because they knew something about this fox as the photos we posted didn’t give away the disability? We are afraid this may have been a bagged fox let out for hounds to chase but we will never know. We chose not to post for a while as to not alert hunters to the plight of this fox and its whereabouts.

We continued to place food in the area to help the fox who we named Valiant. We can safely say this poor fox has now moved on so we are able to post the video of the little 3 legged fox that escaped from the Hunt with a little help from the monitors.

To help us keep helping wildlife you can donate to our fund via PayPal using huntmonitors@gmail.com. Thank you. #LongLiveTheFox.  


Blackmore FH mark to ground - sab there to ensure no dig-out 

Sab [female] abused & shoved by field master & terrierman

16-1-19  Facebook - Dorset Hunt Sabs   VIDEO    HIT REPORT : Saturday 12th Jan 2019, Blackmore & Sparkford Vale FH MEET : Four Foot Farm, Hornblotton    Today's meet backs onto Park wood where it is known foxes frequent and unsurprisingly the Hunt headed straight there. Mark BlackmoreFHHoundsmarking12-1-19.jpg“Lugz” Doggrell began casting the hounds through here desperately trying to pick up on that elusive trail of theirs, and before long the hounds went into cry. The hounds crossed the A30 and went into Fosse Wood beside the A30. This is a very dangerous and fast moving road and Sabs were once again left wondering why lay a trail would be laid in such a dangerous place.

We drove along the road leading to Hornblotton Green and it was absolute chaos, so many people out desperate to see a fox ripped apart !

The terrier thugs were parked down the track leading to Orchard Park Farm whilst the hounds were searching a copse by Mendip Farm. The hounds crossed the road as the headed east towards Home Covert with the terrier thugs in hot pursuit. The hounds went into cry in Home Covert so two teams went in on foot keeping them in a classic pincer movement. One team went in at the church. A fox was seen away to safety through the church grounds. The other foot team went in by the old Rectory - Ben Harris decided to follow the 2 female Sabs who went in at the old Rectory and film them at close proximity. As per usual the claims of “your not on a footpath” soon ensued - Ben really needs to consult an OS map !! Both foot Sab teams soon made the surrounding areas safer for the foxes.

A foot team got out at Easton Trow Bridge and headed south to meet them at the farm where theyBlackmoreFHDamage12-1-19.jpg were drawing hedgerows. The Sabs were on a footpath but terrier thug John Penfold was obstructing the gate - which clearly had a footpath sign on it. A sab asked him to excuse her and he said “f@ck off”, after asking 3 times and no reasonable reply one sab attempted to climb over the gate. Once on the gate, John Penfold opened the gate and began shaking the gate violently to try and shake her off. Once safely through the gate these two sabs were then cantered at by the field and yet again accused of not being on a footpath.

The hounds ping ponged from Pincushion to a couple of fields in the Kilkenny Lane direction several times before picking up on the line of a fox at Way Close Path. This fox took them back to Pincushion in full cry. Sabs believed a fox had been marked to ground in a tiny copse and the arrival of two terrier thugs fuelled that suspicion. They tried to get a better vantage point but as they tried to get through the gate the field closed all the horses in around the gate to prevent entry. Sabs squeezed past and could see terrier men at the edge of the copse with the Huntsman.

The field began getting aggressive blocking the view with horses and telling sabs they were not on the footpath. Sabs went back through the gate to the other side and hearing the hounds still marked to ground and no clear view into the copse one sab jumped the barbed wire into the copse and ran in direction of hounds. The hounds were seen trying to enter a very dense thicket sab filmed and set about calling off the hounds who were digging desperately trying to gain entry to the thicket. Mark Doggrell, seeing the sab present and witnessing began also calling the hounds off. One of the terrier thugs entered the copse along with one of the field masters wearing a red coat and began shouting abuse at the sab and pushing and shoving her...

After this incident the Hunt headed back to the meet and packed up ! It is becoming ever more apparent that the field are aware when the hounds are onto a fox which with the BSV is every time they go into cry. The BSV make no attempt to lay a trail nor even look like they are trail hunting - Dorset police need to take notice of this, the BSV are breaking the law four times week and the police are doing nothing about it !!

As ever thank you for your support, it is in fact you who keeps us out in the field and we really appreciate you all. We are faced with another big Landy repair bill so if you can spare a few quid please do. If you want to join us please send us a PM or email to dorsethuntsabs@riseup.net.

Pics above   -   Left, excited hounds marking fox to ground      Right, Some of the damage done by hounds frantic digging at hole


Film uploaded of sab car windows being smashed at Worcs FH

Car attacked while antis monitored Hunt - tyre also slashed 

16-1-19    Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    From 5th December 2018, Worcestershire Hunt    This in-car footage was taken as the sab car was smashed up whilst parked in Stock and Bradley village hall as one of us kept an eye on the Worcestershire Hunt. It appears from the back window that a blanket was placed over to obscure faces of those smashing, one elderly chap can be seen peering through the broken glass. 2 side windows were also smashed and a tyre slashed.

To the front, a spade can be seen smashing into the windscreen with the perpetrator out of sight. A quad bike can also be heard. Villagers told us that a white van drew into the car-park and drove up to the sab car. They retreated for their own safety and called the police with the reg. number.


We have heard various things, such as it was visiting Croome supporters. Anyway, we don't know, neither do the police at this stage.

What we do know is that thanks to amazing support the car was back on the road within a couple of days, it won't stop us sabbing. Nor would we ever lower ourselves to do that to one of their vehicles. This is clearly unacceptable behaviour and will not be tolerated.


Please continue to share our posts, keep the info coming in and if you want to support us financially paypal.me/threecountiessabs.


Local reports suspected fox hunting in Wiltshire

15-1-19    Facebook - Hope Lindsey shared her first post    15th January  VIDEO   Suspected fox hunting caught in Denchworth, near Grove, Wiltshire yesterday afternoon around 2-3pm. Said they were 'Trail hunting' when confronted. But had a huge pack of dogs, and about 15 people in red on horses.


Local farmer tears strip off N. Staffs FH after seeing them hunting fox

15-1-19  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   VIDEO   North Staffs Hunt & Members of Cheshire Hounds Hunt caught illegally fox hunting by a local resident - 15th January 2019    A wonderful local resident, who has livestock in fields near Bridgemere, has just sent us the following clip, confronting the Hunt after witnessing them illegally fox hunting and stopping them by her presence. As you'll see, the guilt is written all over their faces!

This appears to be the North Staffordshire Hunt, but also contains familiar faces from the disgraced Cheshire Hounds Hunt. These addicts clearly need to get their kicks somehow.  #StopTheHunts #TrailHuntLies


                      The moment she tells redcoats she has called the police 


Quorn/S. Notts FHs attack sab when prevented from killing a fox

Large field tried to push sab into dish, whip them & steal camera

15-1-19    Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    Once again teaming up with Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs we headed east to their turf where the Belvoir were due to be meeting at Humby Hall, Lincolnshire. They weren't there, and the area was quiet, so we quickly loaded up and headed back West as we had another juicy target to look at.

This was a meet of the Quorn who were hosting the South Notts at Poultney farm, Ulverscroft. It was a hilly area with lots of large woods so we knew we'd have our work cut out trying to find them. We quickly located a large number of slack jawed vehicle support staring vacantly into a large wood (quite why they're willing to pay money for the pleasure is beyond us) so knew we were warm and one group of foot sabs headed in to have a look.

We spoke to an elderly hunt supporter up in the fields who confirmed the Hunt were in Benscliffe Wood. He told us it had been a quiet day so far but that the Quorn had "found" (killed) in these woods a few weeks ago. The Hunt then came out of the wood and the field followed, and followed, and followed. Close to a hundred riders in total, many it appeared from the South Notts who were clearly keen to seize the opportunity to hobnob with their more illustrious Southern neighbours.

South Notts huntsman Stuart Barton then headed into Nowell Spring Wood where hounds quickly put a fox up and chased it south, fortunately straight to where some of our sabs were waiting and able to mask it's scent. The large field took offence at this and tried to push a sab into a ditch and whip them as well as trying to steal a camera. Clearly the two Hunts showing off to each other...

The Hunt then headed North at speed and the field had a gallop over some open countryside before the Huntsman, clearly stuck for any ideas what to do boxed up at 1.45.

A short but pretty hectic day where we used lots of fuel. If you can support us please do: https://ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.


Labour MP calls for review of HA as so many foxes killed by Hunts

Leader of House [strongly pro-hunt] suggests backbench debate

14-1-19  Facebook - Action Against Foxhunting  Justin Madders MP just raised the issue of foxes killed by Hunts over the last couple of weeks and asked whether the fault lies in the 2004 Act or Hunts flouting the law. The Leader of the House (Andrea Leadsom) suggested that Mr Madders seek to secure a back bench debate.

Justin Madders has asked absolutely the right question. Let’s give him our support.

NB Andrea Leadsom has got a bit muddled up though. She seems to think the Hunting Act mentions trail hunting. It doesn’t - mainly because trail hunting was invented after the Hunting Act came out. You’d have thought she’d know.


POWAperson adds  -  Andrea Leadsom is a very strong supporter of fox hunting and, during her attempt to gain the Tory Party leadership in 2016, referred to foxes as 'vermin'. She is on very friendly terms with her local Grafton FH - a Hunt regularly monitored by POWA members which regularly chases foxes and deploys a team of supporters to prevent monitors gathering evidence of their activities. 



Police at meet wouldn't investigate illegal hunting alleged by sabs 

14-1-19    Facebook – W.Midlands Sabs    #OperationBlackthorn - Leicestershire Police refuse to gather evidence of illegal fox hunting     Last month [20-12-18], when the Atherstone Hunt met in Ibstock, Leicestershire, our foot sabs witnessed illegal hunting [below, hounds in cry] in Battram Woods (a place the Atherstone Hunt are not allowed to stray off the bridleways).


We asked officers from Leicestershire Police [below] if they were going to leave their cars and gather evidence for themselves of illegal fox hunting. They refused. First, they claimed they couldn’t because it was private property so we had to point out to them that there are numerous footpaths leading to the woods and the woods themselves are completely open to the public. They still refused making various excuses and told us they believed the Atherstone Hunt were trail hunting. They said they would investigate if we provided them with evidence, they didn’t seem to understand that it’s actually their job not ours to collect evidence of illegal activities.


If there was any doubt left as to Leicestershire Police’s attitude towards hunting this incident should erase that doubt. They are not interested in investigating fox hunting. It seems over the past few years more effort and enthusiasm has been put into trying to secure convictions on saboteurs.

Hunt saboteurs are the only organisation putting themselves between the fox and the hounds. It is US not Leicestershire Police who are stopping the Atherstone Hunt killing foxes. Please consider donating towards our costs. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs. Leicestershire Police Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leicspolice/.


Foxes hunted over roads & through gardens by Portman FH

14-1-19    Facebook - Wildlife Witness    Portman Hunt, Whatcombe House 12 January 2019  This was one of a handful of meets by the Portman where they are permitted to hunt on Forestry Commission land under some pretty vague licence conditions and the Hunt spent most of the day hidden away in the FC land at Whatcombe Wood.

As a result of the difficult viewing conditions for car followers there were only a handful out today and they were soon outnumbered by our own and Dorset Against Blood Sports monitors who showed more resilience in the face of adversity than most of the hunt followers.

Huntsman Evo Shirley started by drawing through Cliffs Wood with quads again ignoring the trespass laws by driving along the public footpaths - hounds picked up only briefly in here, before moving westwards in to Milton Park Wood. hounds picked up here and North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs were waiting to deal with that flurry.


Evo then took hounds in to Whatcombe Wood where we lost contact with them for 45 minutes or so before picking them up again hunting intermittently to the east in Oatclose Wood. Hounds then hunted quickly back towards Winterbourne Clenston before swinging north on the outskirts of Winterbourne Stickland.

This is a regular route taken by foxes found near Clenston so we anticipated the move and duly found the hunt riders, as expected, all over Dunbury Lane with hounds jumping out of hedges across the lane in front of vehicles who were stuck on the lane behind the Hunt.

Although clearly not following a trail, Evo dismounted here as hounds ran through gardens below Dunbury Lane and on to Water Lane where he took them across another road, still on foot before clambering over a barbed-wire fence and up to a small narrow strip of woodland near to Knife Hill Farm....a very odd route for a trail to be laid.


With monitors within hearing distance, hounds picked up again briefly heading over towards Houghton North Down, where Evo gave up on yet another road.

Having returned to the narrow wood at Knife Hill Farm he then drew blank before heading back to Dunbury Lane to draw the woods near to the road and back in to FC woodland at Charity Wood before drawing back to the meet at Whatcombe House to box up at around 4.30.

As a follow up to this report DABS received a message from a number of the public who had seen a hound running around on Monday morning and after contacting the Portman it was confirmed that a hound was still missing from the kennels.    PayPal.me/WildlifeWitness.


TVP police react to illegal hunting reports by inferring it's just 'trail hunting'

Facebook post is effectively a propaganda document for the Hunts 

14-1-19   Facebook - Thames Valley Police, Aylesbury Vale   Fox hunting    Thames Valley Police have today received a number of reports regarding fox hunting in and around the Long Crendon area. Our dedicated Wildlife Officer has details of today’s findings and will be making the relevant enquires to ensure there was and is no longer any illegal activity taking place. Here is what you need to know...

Is Fox Hunting illegal? Fox hunting is illegal in England, Scotland and Wales. The law regarding fox hunting is covered under the Hunting Act 2004. Following a law change implemented February 2005 foxKimblewickFHTraillayerAdryduster.jpg hunting became illegal. Hunters in England and Wales have since developed the sport of ‘trail’ hunting after the fox hunting ban. Trail hunting is a non-lethal sport where the Hunt follows a pre-laid trail using scent rather than searching for, chasing after and the killing of a wild fox. A hunt will consist of a number of horses and hounds.

What should I do if I see a fox hunt? Obtain as much detail as possible, if the Hunt is on your land ask to speak to someone in charge, obtain their details and pass them onto us. These details should include the numbers of people, horses and hounds involved. Where the hunt started and is going to end, if the hunters are part of a club, if any foxes have been caught by the hounds and most importantly whether it is a drag hunt or trail hunt.

Always report a hunt online, via 101 or use 999 if you feel appropriate at the time. It’s more than likely we have been made aware about the hunt already by the organisers but it’s always OK to call us anyway.

In Aylesbury Vale we have a working relationship with the “master of hounds” who’s responsibility it is to take charge of the hounds and ensure there is no unlawful execution of foxes.

What is the difference between a trail hunt and a drag hunt? Drag hunting is mainly an equestrian sport, a hunt can last 3-4 hours at a time and can be set over a number of different planned routes. A drag hunt is normally a familiar route to the hunters and is set for the hounds to follow with horses in pursuit. Someone known as “the runner” will usually set off 20/30 minutes before the hunt trailing behind them a chemical dipped cloth and it’s this scent the hounds will follow. This is usually a challenging route to test the riders ability and hounds tracking capability.

Trail Hunting can last all day and is mainly a hound sport. This type of hunt is about the dogs, they must following a scent that has been laid previous. The scent will be of an animal rather than a chemical like drag hunting.

What else do I need to know? Live species do live naturally out in the open. The hounds may pick up the scent of a fox, when this happens the hunters should stop the hounds as soon as they are made aware that the hounds are no longer following a trail and that they are now hunting foxes. The “accidental” killing of a fox, during a hunt is not illegal.

The heritage and traditions of hunting remain very much the same since hunting begun back in the 1800’s. The meeting of the hounds, the dress code and terminology all remain a tradition up and down the country and it has done for hundreds of years.

If you see a hunt or hear a hunt you may hear the hounds “crying”, they do this themselves when they locate a scent and are tracking it, this noise is known as “the cry”. It’s nothing to worry about or be panicked by, the hounds are not in any distress. You may also hear the horns of the hunters, this is a method the hunters use to communicate with each other, again it’s just an old tradition.

Fox hunting remains a very controversial subject amongst the hunting and animal right communities so please respect the views of each individual.

If you know anything about illegal fox hunting, you can report it online via our website. If you have any questions please make contact with us, we are always more than happy to help. #foxhunting #Team4 #P2473

15-1-19    Morethanjustbadgers.net     TVP – A Poor Understanding   So, after the revelations of the Kimblewick throwing a fox in front of the hounds story I covered last week and our little visit to them over the weekend it was interesting to note the amount of public feeling arising from this issue.

Our Facebook page receives lots of messages from the general public and those regarding the Kimblewick are probably more common than most. This Hunt, like most, certainly seem to believe they are above not only the law but are happy to bully and harass the public and make it known they will do whatever they want regardless of public feeling. It was quite interesting to note that they are certainly not getting everything their own way and local people are starting to speak up against them.

We always advise people to call the police on 101 and report illegal hunting if they believe it to be taking place and we received several reports of the hunt out again yesterday (14/01/19 – don’t these people have proper jobs?) and they were in fact reporting this to the police.


Thames Valley Police (Aylesbury Vale) then felt it necessary to publish a post on their own social media page with some information [above].

What I’m going to do is break down the statement and highlight what they’ve got right and indeed wrong.

The first paragraph is all pretty standard stuff and I doubt there will be any real questions asked. What I will say is I’ve dealt with TVP several times in the past and they haven’t exactly left me feeling confident in their understanding of the law or indeed their willingness to uphold it in terms of wildlife legislation. While probably not the same officer a Wildlife Crime Officer from TVP did think it was legal to dig out and kill a fox from a badger sett a couple of seasons ago, something I witnessed while undercover monitoring of the Bicester with Whaddon Chase Hunt.

Point 1 – No argument here although the description of Trail Hunting seems to accept this is a “sport”. For a sport there has to be at least 2 sides which compete against each other. Not sure this really applies.

Point 2 – I love this one “…ask to speak to someone in charge”. Let’s face it if the Hunt are chasing a fox they’re hardly likely to stop for you and answer your questions, in fact all the complaints we have is about the threatening nature of the Hunt and their arrogance in dealing with the public. They have no qualms about hunting through private land and will generally ride roughshod over all and sundry. This is a totally unrealistic statement and quite frankly laughable.

Apparently, the Hunt will have also told the police they are out (well isn’t that nice) just so the police can probably ignore all the calls from the public and pretend they haven’t seen all those illegally ridden quad bikes [above]

TVP have also stated they have some sort of working relationship with the Master of Hounds (how very cosy) who will ensure there’s no unlawful “execution” of foxes. Execution? What the hell this? Execution is a term used for punishment. This is very odd wording to say the least. And is there a lawful execution of foxes and how the hell do we decide that?

Point 3 – The difference between Drag and Trail Hunting. So they’ve got this mostly right but what they fail to do here (and they’re still calling it a hound sport) is highlight the fact that trail hunting is a new activity designed to simulate real fox hunting and it’s a fox scent that they use, although don’t ask where they get that from. We all know it’s just an alibi for real hunting but I’m not going to go over all that again.

Point 4 – Yes, live species do naturally live out in the open (no shit, Sherlock) and the hounds are almost certainly going to pick up the scent of a fox if you put them in an area they are likely to inhabit. The fact is the hunters want this and they are sure hell not going to stop the hounds once they get on to one. But this is the big one: “The accidental killing of a fox is not illegal”.

Well, there you go then boys and girls, off you pop and kill as many foxes as you like. As long as you make it look like an “accident” you’re all good. We’ve got your backs. It’s nice they also perpetuate the tradition argument to make it sound all nice and socially acceptable. Tradition never was, and never will be, an excuse for cruelty and law breaking.

TVP’s explanation of the hounds on a scent also leaves a lot to be desired. It’s almost amusing to assume the public will believe the hounds are in distress. Anyone who’s witnessed hounds on full cry will see the very singular and focused nature of the hounds and their desire to catch their quarry. It can be quite a bone chilling sound.

Their understanding of the use of a horn is once again completely inaccurate. Only one person uses a horn during a hunt, and that’s the Huntsman. The purpose of the horn is a method of communication between the Huntsman and the hounds. There are several calls the Huntsman can make with the most important being to hunt on or to stop. You’ll often hear the former when they are in cry (called doubling) but very rarely the latter. And again this is nothing to do with just “tradition”, what total nonsense.

Fox hunting does indeed remain a controversial subject, not just between hunters and animal rights advocates but the wider general public, mainly because they’re fed up with the lack of policing and the continued abuse of our wildlife carried out by a minority group who it would appear are above the law. And let’s just remind TVP this is the same hunt which was filmed throwing a trapped fox in front of hounds for them to hunt. How is that investigation going by the way?

If TVP want to get in touch you can find me easily enough. I’m happy to educate your officers on the reality of “trail hunting”.

Make your feelings known - Thames Valley Police (Aylesbury Vale) Facebook Page, TVP Police and Crime Commissioner, TVP Chief Constable.

Additional - Just look at the different approach TVP have towards hare coursing [below]. The same legislation applies.


POWAperson comments :   Reading between the lines, this police statement is clearly designed to discourage people from reporting illegal hunting by suggesting it is almost certainly, in their view, innocent ‘trail hunting’ and they are highly unlikely to devote much, if any effort, to investigating it. That not only saves them from having to ask high socio-economic status people difficult questions [never mind the prospect of arresting them], but also an awful lot of work trying to enforce a law under which they face a vanishingly small chance of a conviction, one which, even if obtained, will have virtually no deterrent effect. Some of their post is, in my view, knowingly and intentionally misleading.
This is the same police force which, over a few years, failed to action dozens of reports, backed by strong and highly knowledgeable witness and video evidence, from POWA colleagues of mine. In despair they turned to the RSPCA. Their lawyers’ view, having examined their footage from the 2011/12 season, was that no fewer than 52 illegal hunting cases could be brought with a better than even chance of conviction. It ended, of course, in December 2012, with an RSPCA prosecution resulting in the Hunt itself, a former Huntsman and a former Master pleading guilty to 12 charges, with 28 left to lie on file. And, of course, a not entirely unbiased judge speaking wholly out of turn in criticising the RSPCA for spending so much on the prosecution, followed by a relentless campaign of bullying of the RSPCA which succeeded in persuaded them into stopping Hunting Act prosecutions. Even though the ex Chief Inspector of the CPS, who the Society had asked to review their policy, told them that the law on hunting was being ‘ extensively flouted’. Well, not according to TVP it’s not. There’s none so blind as well as those who will not see.


Police drop investigation into Portman FH fox kill case

14-1-19    BBC News   Illegal fox kill claims: Dorset PortmanFHKilledfox2-1-19.jpgPolice take no further action     No further police action is to be taken over allegations that a fox was killed during a traditional hunt meet. The League Against Cruel Sports had claimed the animal was chased and killed near Sturminster Newton, Dorset, by hounds from the Portman Hunt in a breach of the ban on hunting with dogs.

Following the claims, the Hunt insisted it operated within the Hunting Act. Dorset Police said there was "insufficient evidence to take further action". A police spokesperson said: "We wish to be clear that we will investigate any alleged breaches of the Hunting Act 2004 and other legislation and work closely with the Crown Prosecution Service to determine if a case could be taken to court. We do find that many of the reports posted on social media are not referred to us and without this happening we have no ability to investigate," he added.

The League Against Cruel Sports had said a "disembowelled" fox was recovered following an incident at Fifehead St Quintin on 2 January which was witnessed by hunt saboteurs. The campaign group has called on the National Trust to revoke the Portman Hunt's trail hunting. licence.

Following the claims, the Hunt said it operates within the Hunting Act 2004 and was "regularly subjected to spurious allegations of illegal hunting".

14-1-19  Dorset Echo   'No further police action' on claims fox was killed during illegal hunt in Dorset   POLICE have said there will be no further action following an investigation into claims a fox was killed during an illegal hunt in Dorset. It had been reported that a fox had been killed during a hunt near Sturminster Newton on January 2nd.

The League Against Cruel Sports said that a fox was "chased" by hunting hounds under the control of the Portman Hunt. It had been claimed the killing of the fox was witnessed by hunt saboteurs.

Dorset Police said following the allegation, an investigation was carried out and there was “insufficient evidence to take further action”. A spokesperson said: “We wish to be clear that we will investigate any alleged breaches of the Hunting Act 2004 and other legislation and work closely with the Crown Prosecution Service to determine if a case could be taken to court. Hunting mammals with dogs has been illegal since 2004. A few, very specific, exemptions apply.” Dorset Police said that anyone with “clear evidence” of such offending, should report it to them.

The spokesperson added: "We do find that many of the reports posted on social media are not referred to us and without this happening we have no ability to investigate. In addition, the posting of images onto social media may have the potential to negatively impact on any subsequent court process.


Sabs almost run down 3 Portman FH hounds led round blind bend

Dead fox dumped on sab's doorstep after support published home address 

13-1-19  Dorset Against Blood Sports    Although we cant tell you if the hunt killed or not today we can tell you that their care of their animals has not improved. The headline today could so easily have been 3 hounds killed.

Evo and the Portman in general are notorious for losing their hounds and endangering lives on the roads and today was no exception. 3 loose hounds were being rounded up by a single rider on a blind bend. The rider then proceeded around the blind bend without informing any oncoming traffic that there were animals in the road. Had it not been for the reactions of one of our drivers we have no doubt that all 3 hounds would be dead. Then after being informed of the danger, rather than call for help, the rider continued down the road. Endangering animals lives just isn't quidditch is it ?

All in all the last two weeks haven't been the best for the Portman. we received information that they had to shoot a hound last Saturday (yet to be confirmed). A rider was filmed kicking his horse, accusations of bagged fox hunting, their support admitting fox hunting, their support making horrible comments about a dead family member of sabs and one support Facebook page even posted sabs' home address details which ended with a dead fox being dumped on their doorstep.


                                 Portman FH hound lost on road in village  

All in all it must feel pretty grubby to ride with the Portman these days. I feel dirty just writing about them.

As always a pleasure to be working alongside Wildlife Witness North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs and the Dorset monitors.


Some of Braes o' Derwent FH hounds found in very poor condition

13-9-19  Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors   HIT REPORT 31.  Season 18/19. 09.01.19    Today, Monitors headed over to check out South Durham Hunt. After a short time looking for signs of them we realised they were spending the day on the sofa so we headed over the other side of Durham to find Braes of Derwent Hunt.

A tip off to the page of their location meant we turned up just as hounds went into cry around a small patch of gorse. Jumping out of our vehicle and onto the footpath we ran straight into hounds-man Ben Higgins, who looked shocked to see us. We set of our gizmo to get the attention of the hounds which also got the attention of redcoat Brannen.

With hounds being brought back towards the Forestry Commission woodland also known as Sacriston Wood we made our way to greet them. With not a word from either Huntsman as they passed we knew they were taken by surprise and not at all happy to see us.

Some of Braes' hounds are in a shocking state [example pic below]. Many had ribs and pelvic bones visible, some with bumps and lumps on their skin. This is not acceptable, so Huntsman who supposedly love their hounds is another lie told to the public. Hounds are a tool used in fox hunting. They are replaceable and expendable don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


Hounds were led into the field and out of sight into a vast wooded area where they remained hidden while we drove up and down listening for signs of hounds in cry.

As the light was fading we believe the Hunt had packed up and left so we also made our way home happy to have paid a Hunt a visit.   #LongLiveTheFox 

You can help by donating to our petrol fund via PayPal at huntnonitors@gmail.com. ��


Caught-out Kimblewick FH pretend not hunting when realise sabs there

12-1-19   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   Disgraced Kimblewick fox-throwers continuing to hunt -  Hit report 12.01.2019 - Kimblewick Hunt    After the revelations of last week's news release, showing Kimblewick Hunt staff caught red-handed forcing a fox from hiding using a drain rod, before dragging him out and throwing in front of the hounds, North Cambs and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs decided that a mission south to keep an eye on them was in order.

As soon as the Hunt were sighted, just a couple of fields from their meet at Moat Farm, in the village of Ford near Aylesbury, they were seen hunting a small wood – casting hounds through looking for a fox. However, the moment sabs were on the scene the Hunt switched to plan B, “pretend we never hunt”.

Even though the whole of the country has now seen what the Kimblewick get up to when no-one is watching, huntsman Andrew Sallis now switched to simply riding from field to field without stopping to allow hounds to hunt.


Using two teams and vehicles, we were able to repeatedly leave one group to keep tabs on the Hunt, while the second moved ahead to intercept the rapidly moving pack at the next opportunity.

Bizarrely, the Kimblewick attempted to use the services of a “trail layer”, who was not able to explain what went in his trail (two dry handkerchiefs, hastily tied to the end of a whip, which never left his side or touched the ground) and was always behind the hounds. Of course, we have all seen that the preferred trail layer of the Kimblewick is a small ginger animal running for his life.

After hours fruitlessly circling the same fields around the villages of Ford, Owlswick, Haddenam and Dinton, the hunt finally decided to give the day up and head back to their meet. Of course, sabs were waiting there for them and kept a close watch to ensure hounds were packed away for the day just before 4pm.


Monitors say Cheshire FH killed a fox in the grounds of county's High Sheriff

Say no reason to think they had permission or that landowner supports hunting

High Sheriff's husband is famous TV producer Phil Redmond [Brookside, etc.] 

12-1-19    Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   Cheshire Hounds Hunt chase and kill fox in grounds of home of High Sheriff of Cheshire    On 1st January, a team of monitors witnessed the Cheshire Hounds hunt chasing two foxes into the grounds of Tirley Garth in Willington, which we believe to be the home of the High Sheriff of Cheshire Alexis Redmond MBE and her husband Phil [below], famous as creator of long-running TV shows Brookside, Hollyoaks and Grange Hill.

We found evidence that at least one fox was killed in the grounds, and are holding back video evidence for the time-being with a view to further action being taken.


The incident was reported to police, who attended briefly. We have since attempted to speak to Mrs Redmond to discuss the matter, without success, but still hope to speak to her soon. (Please note, we aren't suggesting the Redmonds gave permission for the hunt to enter their land, or were even aware of their presence).

If you have any further information about this, please contact Cheshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 284086.

POWAperson adds  -  This is the THIRD fox Cheshire FH are known to have hunted and killed since the New Year came in.  


LACS Chief Investigator snapped attending Hunt Club point-to-points

Accused of hypocrisy by antis, attending events that fund Hunts

Martin Sims says he attended to support daughter, a would-be jockey

Revealed that Sims & wife were assaulted at one event - police dealing

Also revealed that daughter's horse registered with notorious Tiverton Staghounds

Turmoil in LACS has already led to formal advice from Charity Commission

12-1-19    Daily Telegraph    League Against Cruel Sports investigator accused of 'hypocrisy' after attending hunt fundraiser    The League Against Cruel Sports has become embroiled in accusations of hypocrisy after one its most senior officials attended hunt fundraising events. Martin Sims, the charity's Director of Investigations, has been seen attending a number of point-to-point meets, which raise money for and have to promote the "furtherance" of hunting. The retired police officer, whose investigative team carry out covert surveillance on countryside sports, has publicly condemned fox hunting as a "barbaric throwback to crueller times" and a "dark and menacing blight on the countryside".

Both hunt supporters and saboteurs have described his attendance at the events as "hypocrisy". It comes amid turmoil at the charity, which has ousted a number of high-profile trustee and faced public criticism of its tactics. The "serious and damaging dispute" between members of the organisation has resulted in the Charity Commission offering "formal regulatory advice", a spokesman for the regulator confirmed. 

Yesterday the Telegraph revealed that local saboteurs groups have branded the league a "parasitic organisation" and some had refused to co-operate with it. It has now emerged that Mr Sims was recognised at the Cornwall Hunt Club point-to-point in Wadebridge on December 9, in which his 22-year-old daughter was competing.

After he was spotted pro-hunting activists began investigating his links to the sport and found a number of images of him including at a Dart Vale and Haldon Harriers event in Buckfastleigh in March, the Shooting Times reported. Point-to-point rules state when a meet is organised by a hunt it "must include the furtherance of the interests of that particular Hunt or Hunts in general".

One saboteur, who did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals, said: "It is hypocritical, point-to-points prop up the Hunt, you're essentially putting money in the pocket of the Hunt. To go himself and to get photographed there is foolish if nothing else."

The animal rights campaigner said that there would be a question of a conflict of interest if the League were aware of his attendance in advance. Another activist, who claims to have been ousted from the league by the current leadership after 25 years campaigning, added: "Point to Point is inextricably linked to hunting. Due diligence is about preventing this in the first place for Leagues sake."

Mr Sims’ daughter, who is pursuing a career as a jockey, rides a gelding which is owned by her mother.

For a horse to compete in a point-to-point a horse the owner has to pay a subscription to a Hunt and the Sims' horse is registered with the Tiverton Staghounds, records show. Tiverton is one of only three packs of staghounds in the country, and the practice has received particular attention from the League.

In November, after a prosecution of the Quantock Staghounds based on video evidence obtained by the League was dropped, Mr Sims described it as a "national disgrace" that deer were being pursued for "cruel sports".

Mr Sims spent 31 years in the police, working his way up to Chief Inspector of Sussex Police before taking over as the head of Britain’s National Wildlife Crime Unit. The 56-year-old became the Director of Investigations after retiring from the police.

A League spokesman said: "“Martin has attended point to point races where his daughter has ridden. She is pursuing a career as a jockey, and given the dangers, he wanted to be there for her. At a recent event, following Martin’s high-profile condemnation of stag hunting on national TV, Martin and his wife were assaulted, with this matter now in the hands of the police. Martin is one of the most experienced wildlife crime experts in the country. During his one year in post the number of prosecutions brought to court under his leadership has more than trebled. The Hunts know he is a threat to their existence, which is why they are attacking him, both verbally and physically."


N. Cotswold FH - hounds on railway: rider bullies woman sab with horse

Sab had been staking out an artificial earth and had just seen 3 foxes 

12-1-19  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    VIDEO    Saturday 12th January 2019, North Cotswold Hunt Buckland Wood House     They began by drawing Buckland wood before crossing to Mocho Farm drawing blank there. A sab who was staking out a nearby artificial earth that had been recently visited by humans saw a leash (3 foxes run past). They were subjected to a very aggressive rant and ridden into by a man who can be seen on the film, he claims to own the land so might be able to explain the AE… 


Hounds picked up on the line and crossed the railway and the B4632 in pursuit of one of the foxes. The driver drove around quickly to see hounds pile into a hedge, fearing the worst as they were also being blocked it was a relief to see it was just wire hounds were trying to get through. With quads horses and others around hounds were rated as best as possible and they did not pick up on that scent again. They went back over to Ryefield farm and drew blank at a few coverts there. They then went to Stanway and hunted a fox onto the Gloucestershire / Warwickshire railway where they spent 5 minutes!


Then through Stanton and onto the hill. Sabs got up and found 2 couple of hounds doing their own thing and hunting a fox or a deer. They were stopped with a bit of rating. They continued to hunt until dark which included rioting on deer. Car sab sprayed out the lines of several terrified animals with citronella.

Eventually Ollie Dale the Huntsman decided to finish up. As he called hounds a very odd squeak was heard which attracted hounds away from him. Sabs realised that it sounded like a deer, as did the terriermen and sure enough a terrified muntjac was caught up in wire. A quad bike got there before we did and released them from the wire.

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S. Dorset FH rider charges sabs trying to call hounds off fox

12-1-19    Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights   VIDEO    This is how the South Dorset Hunt react when sabs save a fox and spoil their 'sport' ! Hit report to follow. 

POWAperson adds - Sabs on road rate hounds running past them in pursuit of fox. Woman rider repeatedly charges her horse into sabs. For full report on the day, which featured repeated attempts to chase foxes and harassment and attempted theft by supporters, see here.


                                                 Fox fleeing from the Hunt 


                                 Huntsman encouraging hounds to hunt on 


                         Hounds in cry after fox being rated by sabs on road 


              Woman rider repeatedly rode this horse at and into sabs rating hounds 


Banwen Miners FH early pack up when sabs catch up with them

12-1-19  Facebook - South Wales Hunt Saboteurs    Banwen Miners Hunt 12.01.19    It was a bit of a scrabble today as we had to change our plans at the last minute but we arrived in time to see the Banwen gathered at the Tonmawr rugby club. Approximately a dozen riders present. Three quads with assorted bumpkins on board. 

They headed off at 11.30am into Natural Resources Wales land at Efail-fach and headed up to Foel Fynyddau. This is quite a steep climb (!) so it took us a little time to catch up with them but we could hear Huntsman Ian using voice calls to encourage the hounds to hunt through the woods.


Ian emerged from the woods as we arrived on the scene. He had three riders with him at this point, but they were soon joined by the field master and what remained of the field – 2 riders, and the three quads. Ian thought he'd go in on foot, declaring loudly for our benefit 'pretty sure the trail was laid through this bit' – fairly dense scrub. Unlikely. And rather surprising as he hadn't known where the trail was at any other point. With sabs poised to intervene, Michael Edwards 'hound master' advised against, leaving Ian to get back on his horse having agreed to 'just head back then' – which we definitely thought was a better idea. Packing up at 2pm.


New locals anti group helps spoil S. Durham FH's hunting day

12-1-19   Facebook - Hilltop Locals Against the Fox hunt   VIDEO   Today we joined up with the wonderful NE Hunt Monitors. We spent the day monitoring the South Durham Hunt in the Willington and Byers Green Area.

What a great day we had. We met some old faces and lots of new ones too. Miles and miles of ground were covered with four teams out hunting the hunters. Lots of local people offered us support and we picked up some great information along the way.

These lot are a bloodthirsty bunch riding their horses and hounds to exhaustion for almost 6 full hours. Horses were forced multiple times to cross the River Wear and one horse was in water to his belly at one point.

Hunt support were generally a bunch of idiots made up of young men who think they are tough, middle- aged saddos, feral teenagers and some person who we will name footpath Annie, due to the fact she thinks she is the Council byways officer.

Dogs were out of control on the roads many times with traffic being forced to a stand still more than once.

Not a good day at all for SD Hunt. They have the appearance of a chaotic farce with no one really in full control of proceedings. They rode off with their whips between their legs after having their day totally spoiled.


Mendip Farmers FH charge through gardens, trespass in sheep fields

Traffic also disrupted as Hunt loses control of hounds 

12-1-19   Facebook - Locals Against The Mendip Farmers Hunt    This was the Mendip Farmers’ Hunt today on Long Street, Croscombe. Their hounds were running through people’s gardens and through fields of sheep where they had not been given permission to be, traffic was held up. More trespass and chaos from the Mendip Farmers’ Hunt and, as usual, no sign of a ‘trail’ being laid or followed.   #trailhuntlies

   MendipFarmersFHRiotinCroscombe12-1-19.jpg  MendipFarmersFHHoundup12-1-19.jpg


Middleton FH rider admits fox kills, says try kill double when antis there

12-1-19   Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs  VIDEO  Middleton Hunt joint meet with Vale of the White Horse Hunt,. Aldby Park - Hit report to follow   This video just says it all - Lord George Winn Darley admitting killing foxes on hunts, but threatens that they have orders to kill DOUBLE the foxes when being monitored.

POWAperson adds  -  Winn Darley is a large local landowner who hosts a big shoot. Seems to think he's some kind of vengeful God. He was filmed several months ago repeatedly using his horse as a weapon against sabs and even leaning down from his saddle to punch one, on 4-12-17. See video.  


Beaufort FH terriermen caught at often blocked sett, with spades

Sett had been found blocked 4 times in 2018 and reported to police

Terriermen left hurriedly when approached by monitors

All were seen on quad following the hunt later 

12-1-19    Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO   Beaufort terriermen caught at badger sett with spades on hunt morning     On 22-12-18 the Beaufort met at Shipton Moyne. There is a badger sett in their country that has been found blocked on hunting days. These blockings were reported 4 times to the police previously in 2018.

Monitors went to check the sett on the meet morning. They heard a quad approaching and took cover. Monitors saw the terriermen at the sett and approached. They suddenly stopped what they were doing and made to leave. The quad was equipped with spades and terriers. All the men were later seen several times, taking part in the hunt.


                                2 of the terriermen, monitor and quad 

Footage has been passed to police. The excuse of 'fox control' is not legally valid, even if it were true.

POWAperson adds   -   The men were later filmed on the quad on a road by Prince Charles' house at Highgrove, in which grounds they sometimes hunt.  Quads are actually not allowed on public roads at all, unless travelling between different parts of an agricultural holding. It is also illegal to carry any passengers and doing so will invalidate insurance. They must also be properly plated which, the picture above shows, this one was not. All of these breaches of legislation are frequently drawn to the attention of police officers of many forces. It is extremely rare for police to take any action in respect of these breaches.  

Interfering with an active badger sett is illegal unless a licence has been obtained from DEFRA. These are only issued in exceptional circumstances - and never to Hunts. Again, such activity by hunters is frequently reported to police and almost never acted upon.  


Sabs pack up two hare Hunts - snap beagles being mistreated

12-1-19    Facebook - Berkshire Hunt Sabs   Double trouble for the hare hunters   A fantastic day for Berkshire Hunt Sabs and our friends at Surrey Hunt Monitors. The uproar over the disgusting Kimblewick video has meant tip-offs have been flooding in to the HSA hotline.

We were informed that the Palmer Marlborough Beagles would be meeting early on Salisbury Plain so sabs and monitors with our new long-range cameras were in position before the meet. No trails were laid (obviously!) so sabs moved in and the Hunt scrambled to pack up.

With their hound van followed back to their Hungerford kennels we felt confident in moving off to Home Farm, Stratfield Saye to meet the Sandhurst & Aldershot Beagles.

They were not happy to see us in the fields, with stroppy whip Mark White bravely shoving a female sab. That was the extent of their resistance and they headed back to the meet for a very early beagling tea. Please keep those tip-offs coming!


                     Palmer Marlborough Beagles hunter showing his love for hounds 


Sabs prevent joint meet of 3 N. Irish Hunts killing any foxes

12-1-19    Facebook - Hunt Saboteurs NI    Today we headed to the outskirts of Ballygowan to sab the North Down Hunt. When we arrived we learned that this was a triple meet, one of the other 2 hunts being the Iveagh Hunt from Banbridge.

From the start the hunt master was working the hounds hard through dense shrub and woodland looking for a kill to please the crowd. This was when our sabs had to intervene and ensure no kill and help a fox get away.

We presume as there are three hunts there today, the huntmaster was showing off, although it was pretty pathetic. It was tough going but we kept on top of them all day and when hounds where in cry we were in the right places. We do hope that one poor hound will be OK tonight as the huntmaster rode over the top of him and between that and getting whipped what a miserable life these poor hounds have. A kill free day, which was the main thing.

If you are looking to get involved please send us a private message. Long runs the fox!!


LACS calls on Councils to ban Hunt meets in towns, villages

12-1-19    The League Against Cruel Sports has begun a campaign to get Councils to ban Hunts meeting in towns or villages or, at least, force them to apply for permissions and comply with the regulations which apply to anyone seeking to stage events in such locations. This follows the forcing of the Beaufort FH and the Belvoir FH to move their Boxing Day and New Years Day meets respectively from their traditional sites in Tetbury, Glos and Grantham, Lincs because of health and safety concerns. Below is a sample of newspaper articles following LACS writing to the relevant Councils. 

Scarborough News  10-1-19  North Yorkshire County Council urged to ban fox hunt meets in Malton

Somerset Live  11-1-19   Call for ban on Boxing Day hunt in Castle Cary amid claims 'chaotic scenes' will result in injury

Rutland & Stamford Mercury  12-1-19   Call for council to ban Oakham hunts


Cotswold Vale FH hunt foxes into garden & sett, lead hounds into traffic

12-1-19   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    Today we headed up the M5 to drop in on The Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt, who met near Lea, just north of the Forest of Dean. Sabs from Bristol, Bath and Welsh Borders Sabs matched the number of hunt staff and supporters meaning we were off to a good start.

The Hunt spent almost all day in a large wood, actively encouraging hounds to search for foxes. At one point, the hounds chased a fox into an active badger sett, but luckily we were close by. Sabs 'rated' the hounds away and even had to physically lift one hound out of the sett.


A second fox was chased through the garden of a local resident but we were on hand to ensure it got away safe.

Everywhere the Hunt went we were there. Unable to lose us, the Huntsman made the wise decision to call it a day with an early finish at 2.30pm. Job done!

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CotswoldValeFHintotraffic12-1-19.jpg12-1-19   Facebook - Bath Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Here’s a video of the Cotswold Vale hunt today leading their dogs into traffic. It was a very active day for our sabs, along with our neighbouring groups we covered over 10km in a large wood owned by the Forestry Commission. The Hunt today didn’t have any terriermen with them, perhaps in an attempt to pretend they weren’t hunting on Forestry Commission land.

While there, the Hunt marked a fox to ground. (chased it into a hole where it tried to escape). Sabs were able to intervene and remove the hounds from the hole the fox had taken refuge in.

We stood back to ensure it could get to safety before continuing to follow the Hunt until they packed up around at 3.30pm. This was after we witnessed them leading their hounds around blind bends in the road and across the A40 into the path of fast moving oncoming traffic.

If you’d like to help us with vehicle maintenance this week please donate to ko-fi.com/bathsabs.


Claim that cancelled Cheshire FH meet down to pressure from antis

12-1-19  Facebook - Cheshire Against Blood Sports   NEWS FLASH    We are very pleased to let you know that today, due to Cabs and Sabs direct pressure and all the support from the public the Cheshire Hunt have bottled it and have cancelled today’s meet... we are winning! We are keeping a close eye on them though…

POWAperson adds  -  Antis from various groups in Cheshire, and locals, have been doing a great job in pressurising Hunts in the county. The Cheshire FH have hardly helped themselves by killing 3 foxes in the first 8 days of the year - that we know of. It's almost as if they actually want to be put out of their misery. Pass the humane killer!! 


Pregnant vixen hunted by trespassing Ledbury FH: blocked setts

Terrierman caught trying to flush fox from log pile 

11-1-19   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Heavily pregnant vixen escapes from Ledbury hounds while hunt were trespassing - Blocked setts at Ledbury Hunt meet - Terriermen caught trying to flush fox from log pile - Hunt trespass on local landowners' land... twice    A fairly fast-paced day today with sabs in the field an hour before the Hunt set off. Three setts were found blocked around an area called The Stanks and were unblocked by a sab. Three more were checked by another sab and were not blocked - one is very well known to us so tends not to be blocked so often anymore and the others are on land owned by someone who recently had a telling off for allowing sett-blocking to happen on his land.

Whilst checking a sett by the meet at Manor Farm, a sab noticed suspicious behaviour in a nearby field... terriermen had put a terrier into a log pile in order to flush out a fox. Confronted, they hung around for some time then left as the rest of the Hunt arrived. Hounds picked up on a scent and marked in a nearby badger sett - sab presence meant that this fox was left and Huntsman Mark took the hounds on. A well-known hunt supporter received a call which sounded like a warning that sabs were out and watching!


Hounds picked up again but lost the scent temporarily before spending a lot of time at the log pile. As they moved off a shout was heard and there was pointing and much excitement. But the clever fox had run across a field recently sprayed with slurry and hounds couldn't find his scent. While one sab stayed inland, others drove round to intercept the Hunt as they headed towards Hillend. As hounds showed interest in and picked up a scent at another log pile and hedge Huntsman was heard asking other Hunt staff where the sab was - she was spotted and he took the hounds away from her once again.

A few fields on and hounds went into full cry near Hillend, sabs at three good locations to intervene. Then we heard rating and saw hounds being told off by some unknown people... odd, but fantastic. Hounds soon lost the scent in a covert - nearby badger sett was checked and was not blocked but a local artificial earth was definitely being used and had boot prints heading towards it.

The Hunt, now minus well-known ex-South Herefordshire Hunt Master Patrick Darling who went home looking bored, made a swift exit towards The Stanks and hounds soon picked up and chased a fox who ran towards sabs. As the fox crossed a main road a horn was heard being beeped, evidently in place of a holloa to alert Huntsman to the sighting of the fox. We covered the scent and a sab remained nearby while others headed towards the Hunt.

Two holloas came from the road indicating another fox sighting until sab was spotted and 'there's an anti here!' was heard. It turns out the guys who rated the hounds earlier are agents of a local landowner and the Hunt had been trespassing on their land. Again. Having been told off (again) the Hunt made a dash for it through The Stanks (where they'd been informed we had found the blocked setts) and hardly bothered even trying to hunt there.

Looking at the footage we have, and double-checking with experts, this fox is a heavily pregnant vixen


The frustration was evident, especially when hunt supporters started to call us names (ranging from 'riff raff' to much worse) and sticking their fingers up at us while driving past. It only serves to show us that we're having an effect on them.

We soon found them hunting near Upton-upon-Severn and checked on a badger sett that we have caught terriermen digging out at on previous occasions. Sure enough we could hear voices as we approached and the terriermen's quad bike exited the land in haste not long after.

Then on to Holdfast Hall where supporters showed their obvious disappointment ('oh, false alarm') when someone accidentally beeped their horn and they had thought that a fox had been sighted... a real fox was then picked up on and chased towards a covert near Queenshill. Near another blocked sett. He was lost for some time but hounds were back on his scent soon after, between a main road and a motorway, the exhausted fox passing sabs on the road. He was flagging, confused and unsure about where to go, but cleverly covered his scent by circling around a steaming pile of manure.

Some more hunting close to the M50 followed by a pack up at dusk at Manor Farm... Video to follow and we'll be back out in the morning. See you in the field!

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Local Council has been subsidising violent Atherstone FH town meets

11-1-19    Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   Local Council funds violent Atherstone Hunt’s New Years Day Meet - Local people of Atherstone, your money has been spent on the violent Atherstone Hunt - The Atherstone Hunt asked for and received funding assistance for road closures     Minutes from an Atherstone Town Council meeting reveal that after the Atherstone Hunt had made the national press in 2017 for their violent and anti-social behaviour, the town council approved a funding application from the Hunt for the following year's meet.

Supporters of the Atherstone Hunt had been filmed throwing horse manure at peaceful protestors, stealing banners and assaulting them. This led to countless convictions for various supporters of the Hunt. Video here.

However, in a shocking move Atherstone Town Council approved a funding application from the Atherstone Hunt for road closures for the following years New Years Day meet. The cost of a planned road closure in Warwickshire is 1408. This means that Atherstone Town Council rewarded the Atherstone Hunt for its shocking behaviour by not only allowing them to meet in the Market Square again but also paid 1408 to allow them to close roads. The decision to pay 1408 so the Hunt can close a few roads was proposed by Cllr Freer, who has connections to the Atherstone Hunt (so no conflict of interest there) and was seconded by Cllr Jarvis who stood by and watched the violence happen in front of him. This means local Atherstone residents who pay council tax had to pay so the violent Atherstone Hunt could meet in the Market Square.

We have also received the Hunt's risk assessment for this years New Years Day meet, which is shocking as well. More to follow. Atherstone Town Council E-mail: clerk@atherstone-tc.gov.uk.


Ledbury FH terrierman caught digging into badger sett

11-1-19    Facebook - Herefordshire Hunt Sabs  VIDEO  Ledbury Hunt - Brainge, Putley - 7th Jan 2019   While Huntsman Mark Meladay and hounds hunted through the large area of woodland that is Mains Wood and Commanders Wood, terrier men were caught digging out a badger sett on land belonging to HIll Farm, much higher up the valley. Sett entrances had been blocked, a net secured over one remaining unblocked entrance and a large hole had been dug into the sett. Realising they had been seen, the men retrieved the terrier that had been entered into the sett as quickly as possible and left the area. The area around the sett smelled strongly of fox. When informed that they were illegally interfering with a badger sett the men claimed they were rabbiting.


                    Terrierman Tom Stokes [well known to sabs] digging into sett 

Usually, the Hunt draw the covert next to this sett after leaving Commanders Wood. Was their intention to flush a fox into the net and then release it in the covert just before the hounds arrived, providing some "sport" for the riders? Less than a week after the Kimblewick terriermen were caught on camera flushing a captive fox to hounds from an artificial earth, this looks very much like the Ledbury terriermen attempting to provide a fox for the hounds to hunt.


                                                 Later, backfilling sett

We are currently fundraising to buy a better quality camcorder. If you would like to support our work you can do so here – ko-fi.com/herefordshirehuntsabs.

Pics below   -   1/  Terrierman removes his dog from sett    2/  Map showing relative locations of terriermen and Hunt 

  LedburyFHTerriermantake7-11-19.jpg LedburyFHMapshowslocation7-11-19.jpg

Story covered in the London Economic 


Easton Harriers chase hare & deer as riders attack sabs with horses

Police on duty were less than helpful to assaulted antis

11-1-19    Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Easton Harriers – 5th January 2019 Rendham Court, Rendham, Suffolk    After an uneventful Boxing Day and a 35 minute dog walk on New Year’s Day, the Easton Harriers changed gear somewhat on Saturday 5th January. Within a matter of minutes of leaving the meet, three female riders at the back of the ride started to use their horses as live battering rams. For some reason they were keen for sabs not to observe their “trail hunting”. What did they have to hide? We think our previous Facebook posts and our photographic evidence of previous kills shows what the Eastons have to hide.

We felt really sorry for the horses, as they are sentient beings, and they do not want to ride into humans. To have a human on your back kicking and goading you until you bash repeatedly into the metal of a sab’s body camera cannot have been nice and to our mind is a form of animal abuse. One female rider decided that using her horse to ride into sabs was not sufficient and she proceeded to whip one of our sabs (see photo). We attempted to obtain Police assistance but sadly once again, PC 1577 Stollery seemed more interested in removing sabs from the land and just told us to hand our footage in at a later date. How the Police would be able to identify the perpetrators at a later date may prove challenging as we certainly did not see them stopping any members of the hunt to ask for their details and at no point were we asked to provide information regarding the perpetrators of the assaults. Apparently such matters are dealt with in “slow time”.


                              Woman rider about to whip sab - police refused to act 

And so, the tone for the day was set. Gary spent his time moving at a fast pace and seemed keen to keep out of our way. However, when the hounds picked up a hare and made chase, sabs were on hand to intervene. Luckily, the camera does not lie. Clearly aware that the illegal hunting had been filmed, a female rider once again lost her temper and repeatedly goaded her horse into the two sabs.

Not long after the hounds chased the hare, they were also spotted chasing a large fallow deer. Once again sabs attempted to intervene. This was the second lot of illegal hunting that we witnessed. Earlier in the day we had attempted to report the illegal hunting to the Police Officers present but they were only interested in stopping us and asking us for our details. Sergeant 1774 Murray seemed to have a particular problem with us recording any interaction with him and told one sab “Would you be able to stop filming as otherwise I'm going to seize that camera … there is no need to record me”.

The actions of some of the Suffolk Police Officers present on Saturday 5th January were deeply disappointing to say the least. Hunting is illegal but it appears that some Officers failed to read the memo in this regard. We attend hunts to save animals and to make sure the Hunting Act (i.e. the law of this land) is not broken. The simple fact is that every single time we are out with the Easton Harriers we see them chasing hares. If we cannot rely on the Police to uphold the law, then we will be there to gather evidence and, more importantly, to save lives.

We always welcome donations to cover our fuel and other costs.


Locals blame Weston FH for blocked setts & AEs they found

Finds have been reported to N. Trust who licence Hunt

11-1-19    Facebook - Locals Against the Weston and Banwell Harriers      Sett blocking and Artificial Earth blocking on Wavering Down! Not exactly keeping in with the trial hunt licence !

  WestonFHBlockedsettin11-1-19.jpg  WestonFHBlockedwithsticksinsett11-1-19.jpg


Monitors upload film of Cheshire FH fox kill, rejected by CPS

Hunt were also trespassing - landowners very upset 

11-1-19    Facebook - Cheshire Hounds   VIDEO   Hunt lying about fox kills     In recent weeks the Cheshire Hounds have publicly killed a number of foxes. These are just the kills witnessed, of course, and dozens more will have died hidden from view.

Two of those kills the Hunt have callously blamed people trying to protect foxes from their sinister slaughtering. They are lying, as are the so-called Countryside Alliance whose job it is to protect these faux-rural heathens.

We have released this film, just one recent example, in support of everyone who goes out to try and stop this travesty of justice, and as a tribute to the hundreds of innocent lives lost every year to this so-called sport. It totally debunks the hunts claims that all these kills are accidental.


                           Hounds hot on fox - Huntsman is shouting 'Get on it!' 

This incident took place in November in Aston Gorse in Cheshire which the police continue to investigate. This is despite the fact that it has already been shown to the CPS who can take "no further action" due to the weak and unworkable Hunting Act. We have also discovered that the Hunt were trespassing on the land and woodland shown in the film.

      CheshireFHWhipsearches15-11-18.jpg    CheshireFHWhipmakes15-11-18.jpg

                Whip searches for fox corpse                         After bagging, carries remains away

Please join us in stopping this shameful behaviour in Cheshire and across England and Wales; contact your MP urgently to express your concerns that laws are strengthened. Let’s make 2019 the year hunting of all kinds ends for good.


                                       Grinning redcoat, shortly after the kill 


Warwickshire FH chase fox, assault sab, supporter slashes tyre

10-1-19    Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt Thursday 10th January 2019 Warwickshire Hunt have just chased a fox, assaulted a sab and slashed a tyre near the National Trust's Farnborough Hall.


Any help towards replacing the tyre is appreciated. You can donate.


Old Berks FH chase fox in village, then hunt pair: one away, other fate n/k 

10-1-19  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    VIDEO    Wednesday 9th January 2019, Old Berks at Black Bourton    With another person from Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch, the two of us kept an eye on them for most of the day.

Moved off to piggeries, chased fox near to Bampton church then went the other way through village gardens in Black Bourton and Black Bourton Field Cottages driveway. Huntsman off horse in ditch trying to find that fox.

They then drew precariously close to the A4095. Brace at Bazeland farm. One fox ran in front of our car across the fields to safety and the other was hunted towards Alvescot.

The Old Berks have an NT licence. Please contact National Distrust for more details.

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LACS urge Council to ban Badsworth FH B.Day meet in Aberford

10-1-19   Yorkshire Evening Post    Anti-hunting campaigners call on Leeds council to ban Boxing Day meet in Aberford    Campaigners have called on Leeds City Council to stop hosting Boxing Day hunt meets in Aberford amid claims that wildlife are still being chased.

The League Against Cruel Sports has today written to council leader Judith Blake in relation to ask that it withdraws permission for the Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hounds to meet. In the letter, published in full below, the League claims a fox and deer were chased across the Yorkshire countryside by hounds under control of the hunt during a meeting last November.

The organisation says it the reported incident on November 24th is just one of 151 examples of illegal hunting reported to the League since the hunting season opened on at the start of that month.

Chris Luffingham, its director of campaigns, said: "A fox has been chased and killed by hounds under the control of the Badsworth & Bramham Hunt, which is permitted by Leeds City Council to hold one of its most prestigious meets in Aberford. This brutal incident not only reflects on the Hunt itself – but anybody who allows them to continue operating.”

It contends that large groups of hunt riders and hounds meeting creates a health and safety hazard, with highways obstructed and passers-by forced into narrow spaces.

The League says it is only a matter of time before somebody is injured as a direct result of these "chaotic scenes" and no risk assessment can realistically mitigate that likelihood. It notes violent clashes have also taken place between proponents and opponents of fox hunting during recent hunt meets in town centres.

Mr Luffingham added: “A number of local authorities – including Tetbury Council and Elham Council – have already committed to not allowing fox hunts to meet or parade on public land under their jurisdiction. With 85 per cent of the public opposing fox hunting, there is clear support for Leeds City Council to follow these examples and instead allow only cruelty-free entertainment in Aberford.”

A Leeds City Council spokesman said: “We can confirm we have received a letter from The League Against Cruel Sports and we will respond accordingly in due course.”

A spokesman for the Hunt said:- "“The Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt operates within the law to comply with the Hunting Act 2004, however it is one of many Hunts that are regularly subjected to spurious allegations regarding their legal hunting activities. Health and safety is of the utmost importance to the hunt and arrangements are always put in place to enable our activities to be conducted in a safe, legal and sensible way. The Boxing Day meet is such a special day for the rural community that it would be a travesty if Leeds City Council were pressured to cancel this popular festive event.”

Polly Portwin, head of hunting at the Countryside Alliance said:- “Recent Boxing Day meets yet again proved to be as popular as ever across the country with estimates of over a quarter of a million people supporting their local packs of hounds. Anti-hunting organisations and activists are however still intent on sabotaging perfectly legal hunting activities carried out by hunts by making spurious allegations and using sensationalist headlines to damage the reputation of Hunts. “Despite the obvious support for hunting, which was evident in towns and public places throughout the festive period, it is unsurprising that the anti-hunting lobby has resorted to putting pressure on local councils and councillors, however we urge those councils coming under attack to continue to liaise with their local packs of hounds to secure the future of these meets in the future.”

The letter sent to Leeds City Council in full:-  I write on behalf of the League Against Cruel Sports – and our thousands of supporters, including many in West Yorkshire – to request Leeds City Council commits to never again allowing the Badsworth & Bramham Hunt to hold its Boxing Day meet in Aberford.

Large groups of hunt riders and hounds meeting creates a health and safety hazard – with highways obstructed and passers-by, including families with young children, forced into narrow spaces. It is only a matter of time before somebody is injured as a direct result of these chaotic scenes and no risk assessment can realistically mitigate that likelihood.

As you may be aware, violent clashes have also taken place between proponents and opponents of fox hunting during recent town-centre hunt meets after deep-rooted community tensions ran high.

A terrified fox and deer was chased to exhaustion across the Yorkshire countryside by hounds under control of the Badsworth & Bramham Hunt during a hunting meeting on 24 November. This comes after high-profile incidents of this Hunt pursuing foxes and blocking a badger sett on the outskirts of the city. This is just one of 151 reports of illegal hunting received by the League since the hunting season opened on 1st November relating to fox hunts which claim to be ‘following a trail’.

A number of local authorities – including Tetbury Council and Elham Council – have already committed to not allowing hunts to meet or parade on public land under their jurisdiction. With 85 per cent of the public opposing fox hunting, there is clear support for Leeds City Council to follow these decisions and instead allow only cruelty-free entertainment in Aberford on Boxing Day. Nick Weston, Head of Campaigns.

POWAperson adds - Here's a few of the Badsworth's misdeeds of the last season and a half -

On 3-11-18, an occupied sab vehicle was stoned by Badsworth FH supporters. On the same day, hounds chased a fox into a quarry and riders followed, trespassing. The owner escorted them out. 

In November 2018, LACS complained when the CPS dropped a case against the Badsworth after they had been filmed chasing a fox along a canal towpath in January 2018 with the Huntsman heard encouraging hounds on. 

In September 2018, LACS complained after the CPS dropped a prosecution. LACS investigators had filmed the Badsworth Huntsman and 3 terriermen digging into a badger sett after a fox they had chased to ground, in November 2017. All had been clearly identified by the investigators yet the only excuse the CPS could come up with was 'identification issues'. 

On 10-3-18, sabs reported the Badsworth chasing and killing a fox and seeing its corpse being carried away.

On 20-2-18 a resident found a Badsworth hound, with injured feet, wandering around her housing estate.  

On 3-2-18, the Badsworth killed a fox in a wood they were banned from. Sabs met the owner there, who was furious. He reported incident to police.

On 27-1-18, a Badsworth hunt rider hit a sab over the head with his crop and knocked another over with his horse.

On 6-1-18, the Badsworth hunted through a churchyard, a country park [trespassing] and next to a kids' play area by a housing estate, upsetting several dog walkers.

In December 2017, sabs recorded film on 3 cameras clearly showing the hounds chasing a fox in a farmyard. Police claimed there was insufficient evidence.  

On 28-11-17, Badsworth terrierman on a moving quad threw rocks at the windscreen of a sab car travelling the other way on a road. The windscreen shattered leaving the driver with glass in an eye. Clearly, this attack could have resulted in sab fatalities. N.Yorks police soon dropped the case. Earlier, the Badsworth had run riot on a busy A road.

On 18-11-18, sabs were driven at by a hunt supporter in a tractor and a sab was personally assaulted.

On 21-10-18, Badsworth terriermen smashed a sab camera and threw a sab into a ditch. The Hunt again caused havoc on a busy road. Sabs had to remove hounds from road as best they could.  

On 9-10-17, the Badsworth killed another fox, soon after the hunting began. Their new Huntsman had a conviction for stealing and smashing a camera.

On 26-9-17, the Badsworth hounds invaded an animal sanctuary, scattering rescue animals. A peacock later died as a result. 


Police open investigation into Kimblewick FH incident

9-1-19  Bucks Herald   Thames Valley police open investigation into allegations Kimblewick Hunt broke the fox hunting ban     Footage released from http://www.huntsabs.org.uk/ appears to show Kimblewick Hunt dragging a fox out from underground to be hunted by hounds. Thames Valley Police received several reports of the Kimblewick Hunt allegedly breaking the law, and have now opened an investigation.

The fox had been trapped in an artificial earth, a series of clay pipes buried in the ground, in a copse between two fields. Artificial earths were routinely used before hunting was banned in 2005 to trap and keep foxes that were then released on hunt days to give huntsmen the thrill of a chase.

The footage, shot on New Year’s Day, apparently shows members of the Kimblewick Hunt in Oxfordshire trying to flush the fox out with a pole, then one man reaching into the hole and pulling it out by its tail.


A spokesperson on behalf of the MFHA said: “The Masters of Foxhounds Association has strict disciplinary procedures and will fully investigate any credible allegation relating to Masters, hunt employees or Hunts. It cannot, however, investigate criminal allegations or take any action that would interfere with or impede a possible police investigation.”

The footage was filmed on New Years Day when the Hunt met at Moreton, Thame, Oxon. For a link to our original story: https://www.bucksherald.co.uk/news/hunting-saboteur-film-shows-concrete-proof-of-illegal-hunting-1-8761733.

POWAperson adds - See item below dated 7-1-19 for the full story of this outrage. MFHA disciplinary action against member Hunts and blue moons appear with roughly the same frequency.  


Cheshire Forest FH invade village - fleeing fox seen by residents

9-1-19   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    VIDEO    Cheshire Forest Hunt caught illegally hunting Alvanley 8.1.19    We were not able to get out to monitor this hunt but a brilliant member of the public did, who sent us the film. The witness saw a fox enter the garden and this film shows the Hunt on its third visit (in ten minutes) trying to get to the fox. The owner finally came out and told them to "f**k off". Frustrated, they then ride up and down the road looking for a way in. Andrew German (the Huntsman) then finds a track through a farm where he can get his hounds to the rear of the gardens where the fox is, but is again caught on private property searching for the fox with his hounds.

We have also received a number of other reports about yesterday, which we will post further details about when we can.

The following are posts/comments from Alvaney village residents -

8-1-19   Facebook - Gayle Dykes    Be careful pack hounds no horses top of Primroses Lane

Becky Parsons - They all just ran into my garden but then ran off, there is a guy on a horse looking for them.

Julie Cheesbrough - I was out walking the dog around 1ish and the fox ran past me on Frodsham Road. I could see 1 of the huntsmen on Helsby Road by New houses and it sounded like the dogs were there too. Now I don’t want to get into a discussion about fox hunting but I was hoping Mr/Mrs Fox was on their way home safely x.

 CheshireForestFHHoundsrunAlvaney9-1-19.jpg CheshireForestFHHounds2_9-1-19.jpg

 CheshireForestFHHounds3_9-1-19.jpg CheshireForestFHHoundsrunlooseinAlvaney_4_9-1-19.jpg


SNP proposal to amend hunt ban includes licencing when 'necessary'

This idea condemned as replacing one loophole with another 

9-1-19  Holyrood    Environment Minister Mairi Gougeon [right] announces plans for new fox hunting bill - Move follows a review from Lord Bonomy, which suggested that around 800 foxes are killed by hunts every year in Scotland    A new bill will be introduced to the Scottish MairiGougeonMSP.jpgParliament to limit fox hunts so only two dogs can be used to flush out or find a fox, Environment Minister Mairi Gougeon has announced.

The move follows a review from Lord Bonomy, which suggested that around 800 foxes are killed by hunts every year in Scotland, with one in five foxes killed by packs of hounds, in breach of the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002. 

The review concluded that there are still "aspects and features of the [fox hunting] legislation which complicate unduly the detection, investigation and prosecution of alleged offences".

Bonomy recommended introducing independent monitors to police hunts, while suggesting that landowners should be held legally responsible for hunts that take place on their property. But while announcing plans to use the bill to implement “many of the recommendations in Lord Bonomy’s report”, Gougeon also outlined proposals to consider a licensing scheme, which would permit the use of more than two dogs in a fox hunt if it was considered necessary for pest control.

ColinSmythMSPLabour.jpgThe Bill will also include pre-emptive measures to address the likelihood of ‘trail-hunting’ becoming established in Scotland.

Gougeon said: “The welfare of animals in Scotland, whether domestic, farmed, or wild, is one of this government’s highest priorities and so, when it became apparent that legislation introduced in 2002 to protect foxes from unnecessary hunting wasn’t having the desired effect, we wanted to take firm action. We asked Lord Bonomy to undertake a review into how we can provide a sufficient level of protection for foxes and other wild mammals, whilst allowing for the effective and humane control of them when absolutely necessary, and published a consultation which attracted nearly 19,000 responses. After careful consideration of those responses, I’m pleased to say that we will be taking forward many of the recommendations in Lord Bonomy’s report to clarify and strengthen the Protection of Wild Mammals Act."

However, not only do we hope to implement the vast majority of those recommendations, we will be going further. We’re going to strengthen our current legislation and plan to introduce measures that go beyond the rest of the UK in terms of protecting the welfare of our wild mammals.”

Responding, South Scotland Labour MSP Colin Smyth [above left] said: “It is clear there are loopholes in the existing legislation and Hunts have gone out of their way to ride roughshod over the law in both letter and spirit. The Government’s proposals on hunting are a step in the right direction but you cannot licence cruelty. Any plan to bring forward a licencing scheme that would still allow more two dogs to be used against wild animals could add another loophole that allows hunting to continue. It is three years since the Government announced a review of hunting. It’s time for them to get on with consigning the practise of fox hunting to the history books once and for all, and bring forward legislation that ensures 2018 will be remembered as the last ever Boxing Day hunt.”

9-1-19   LACS Press Release    Charity offers cautious welcome to Scottish Government’s announcement on fox hunting legislation    A leading animal welfare charity has given a cautious welcome to today’s (Wednesday) announcement from the Scottish Government on its intentions to bring forward a Bill to strengthen current fox hunting legislation. The League Against Cruel Sports Scotland says it is pleased that following a lengthy consultation process steps are now being taken to close loopholes in the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002.

Today’s announcement, by the Minister for Rural Affairs and Natural Environment Mairi Gougeon MSP, is the conclusion to the Government’s Bonomy Review. The Minister outlined plans to implement the vast majority of Lord Bonomy’s six recommendations, and also pledged to go further by reducing the number of hounds from a full pack to just two.

The Minister also announced a new licensing scheme, allowing applications for an exemption to the two-dogs rule, but emphasised that this would only be available under exceptional circumstances. Robbie Marsland, Director of the League Against Cruel Sports, Scotland said:- “We’re pleased the Minister and the Government have listened to the public who oppose the cruelty of fox hunting. Today’s announcement, to introduce the vast majority of Bonomy’s recommendations in addition to a critically important two-dog limit, shows a commitment to wild animal welfare, and we are confident that it will address a major weakness in the law.

“Naturally, we are cautious about suggestions of licensed hunting to enable an opt out of the two-dog limit which could potentially create a new loophole. We will monitor the wording of this proposal as it moves towards legislation, but we are encouraged by the guidance the Minister gave that this will not be used as a loophole to allow traditional hunting. We need the legislation to be tight, restrictive and clear so it doesn’t undermine what is a well-intentioned proposal.”

Hunting foxes with dogs was banned in Scotland in 2002, two years before the rest of the UK. In over sixteen years there has only been one successful prosecution of mounted huntsmen for illegal hunting. The League has been campaigning for the law to be strengthened to close loopholes which it believes allow Hunts to hunt in a manner which is very similar to pre-ban, traditional hunting.


S. Dorset FH hunt fox to ground, support assault sab

Anti presence deters Hunt from digging out

9-1-19   Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights   Hit Report 8.1.19 South Dorset Hunt meet at Thurnwood Dairy Farm nr Mappowder     With a good team out in the Red Landy today, we headed off nice and early to go and visit Juggers, Steady on Steve & the whip wielding "miss whiplash", staff of the South Dorset. Today they were meeting at Thurnwood Dairy Farm which being an area well known to us, we wanted to get there early to check some vulnerable badger setts and to pre beat and spray the area...

With a field of no more than 15 riders and now with two redcoats to babysit Juggers, they headed straight to Westfields then on towards Short Wood. Within 10 minutes of leaving the meet the dogs went into full cry and headed off at speed. One of the Landy team in a field watching proceedings used the gizmo, which for a short time lifted the packs heads before they went back in cry heading towards Mappowder...

The foot Sabs were now very much needed and having finished pre beating were making their way to Armswell Farm. The Landy... suddenly spotted a beautiful, terrified fox cross the road in front of them. Jumping out the navigator quickly covered the Foxes tracks with citronella. Hearing the Hunt approaching and happy the fox had got away they picked up the foot team and headed back to Cockroad Copse.

the Landy took up position to be ready to go where needed and was soon surrounded by Dribblers and the hired knuckle draggers for the day [below]. Up until this point the knuckle draggers had no idea that a foot team was also in the area and the look on their faces when they popped out from behind a hedge-line and walked down the FOOTPATH and got up on the Landy roof for a better view, was priceless...


Spotting them once more heading towards Mappowder the foot team was dropped in on the FOOTPATH behind the church while the Landy headed back towards Cockroad Copse, where they found the whole field (about 6 by now) and the huntsmen and their dogs...

The foot team requesting a pick up at Humber Hill Farm... got met there not only by the Landy but also a group of by now very aggressive knuckle draggers. They started pushing and blocking the Sabs trying to S.DorsetFHTrailthrukale9-1-19.jpgseparate one from the team and stop them getting in the Landy. The Sabs eventually got in the Landy but the knuckle draggers tried to drag one out and when they couldn't tried to repeatedly slam the door shut on the sab's legs. Having got everyone fairly safely on board we were then blocked in by the knuckle draggers and also by Juggers mum... Sabs... carried on up the road on foot to keep track of the Hunt...

Heading towards Alton Common Farm the dogs went into cry again and headed off towards Ivest Wood where Sabs are sure they put to ground in a badger sett checked and sprayed earlier in the day. However, seeing the Red Landy and Sabs with cameras they gathered the dogs and headed to Bookham Farm. Coming out... at Bookham they headed back... towards the piggery with sabs behind them...

The dogs and redcoats... headed for scrub land behind Castle lane Farm. Milling around for a while the dogs decided to go into someone's back garden and Sabs heard a very angry lady shouting at them to get out, which the dogs obviously didn't want to as they ignored calls from the huntsmen and carried on!!

Having got the dogs back they crossed back over to Knol but with sabs right with them decided to head for home at 4.55pm. Making sure they had finished we then also headed for home.

If you would like to join us please either message this page or email - weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Donate.


VWH FH seen chasing 2 foxes, did not try to get hounds off 2nd

Huntsman stopped hounds on 1st fox as monitors were visibly filming, so

9-1-19    Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    Vale of the White Horse Hunt 5.01.19    The meet was at Ablington Manor, near Bibury. The field was unusually large for the VWH as we watched a continual parade of riders down the lane towards the Manor. Some of the riders were risking their horses’ welfare by trotting really fast on the hard concrete lane which was on an incline.

We kept tabs on them initially by having a monitor in a high vantage point to tell us which way they were heading. As you imagine the Cotswolds are full of steep valleys where a Hunt can easily hide.

We heard the hounds on cry several times throughout the morning. Whilst the vehicle was just parked up at The Cinema Piece on the Salt Way at 1.30pm along came Mark Hill, MFH and the hounds from Peter’s Wood area swiftly moving towards The Hanger Piece.

There was already a rider on point along the south end of the wood. The Huntsman took the hounds into the wood alongside the road and almost as soon as they were in there the hounds went on cry. Did they release a fox? We don’t know. but it was too convenient for them for our liking.


As we sensed that was going to happen we rushed to get a view point which was just across the field. At the same time a monitor saw a fox just north of there in Garnes Barn coming towards her, closely followed by hounds. Cameras were on them all round and sure enough – out came the fox from the wood straight in front of us with hounds quickly behind it. The hunt staff were running around the field chaotically and the Huntsman on his horse desperately tried to control the hounds. The sound of the whip can clearly be heard on our video and you can see the running fox. Now, we think that fox ran on to Downs Barn but the hounds can be clearly heard still on cry there so we don’t know the fate of that one or whether there were in fact 2, or even 3, foxes flushed out because the pack of hounds were searching.

Not long after in Pitcherwell Copse between Oldwalls Farm and Saltway Barn where we had another monitor, a fox was filmed running straight past and out of the woods with hounds hot on its’ trail. The Huntsman riding behind this time made no attempt to call the hounds back that we saw, so we can say illegal hunting took place there.

They went north to Long Barrow and hunted through Leachbrook Covert alongside the River Leach where we’ve caught them before. By this time the light was fading but they were still keen to carry on.

We spotted them at Cocklebarrow Farm and we came upon them in Hollybush Plantation where the hounds had picked up on a scent again. Still they searched in the big expanse alongside the B4225 hunting around the coverts near Kilkenny Barn then finally packing up at Kilkenny Farm about 4.30pm.

We had a message from one of our supporters after this day to say she had seen the Hunt on a fox and phoned the police. It’s bizarre to think all this is taking place just up the road from Bibury where tourists are visiting and having photos taken on the bridge completely unawares.

We clock up 100 miles most times we go out so appreciate all donations however small to help towards our fuel costs - many thanks to all our supporters. Also, please get in touch if you can help in any way. Paypal.me/cihwatch.


Hapless Huntsman gets Atherstone FH lost in residential area

9-1-19   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Shambolic Atherstone Hunt get lost in residential area  Atherstone Hunt - Tuesday 8th January 2019 – Osbaston    Today epitomised the state the Atherstone Hunt are now in. When we first started at the Atherstone Hunt they had around 60 riders, they were blatantly hunting and killing foxes and were very violent. They gained the reputation of being one of the country's most notorious hunts. Today with a small number, we are hearing reports that die hard core members of the Atherstone Hunt have been seen out riding at other neighbouring Hunts. They have a Huntsman, Bill Bishop, who has a terrible sense of direction who today frequently couldn’t find his way out of various bits of land. This concluded with him taking a turn into Barleston and a tour of a residential area.


Our campaign continues and we will continue to have a constant presence at the Atherstone Hunt and now have two vehicles out.. Please consider donating towards fuels costs.



Cheshire FH kill yet another fox 3 days after the last

8-1-19    Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    The Cheshire Hounds hunt have just killed again, while hunting in Darnhall. We are speechless. Make no mistake, this is the hunt sticking a massive two fingers up at the police and every person who disagrees with their 'countryside traditions'.

  CheshireFHFoxkilledatDarnall_2_8-1-19.jpg CheshireFHFoxkilledatDarnall8-1-19.jpg


Sabs attacked by N. Staffs FH support in car park after meet

8-1-19    Daily Mail    Shocking moment 'pro-hunt supporters' with pool cues attack van of animal rights activists in pub car park before masked man punches windscreen and tries to rip off wiper - Anti-hunt saboteurs claim they were attacked by pro-hunt fans in Cheshire - Several groups of activists were meeting at a pub in Onneley, Cheshire - They claim their vehicle was damaged by people they claim support hunting = Local police confirmed they are investigating Saturday's alleged incident    This is the shocking moment allegedly showing a group of pro-hunt supporters attacking a van full of animal rights activists after they spotted them pulling into a pub car park on their way home from disrupting a meet.

A masked man was seen leaping onto the bonnet of the vehicle [below] and thrusting his palm against the windscreen then ripping off a wiper after the hunt saboteurs were cornered outside a Cheshire pub. Another man was also caught on camera hitting the van with a pool cue before the driver managed to reverse clear and escape through the rear exit of the Wheatsheaf Inn in Onneley, Cheshire.


Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs claim they were regrouping with other teams when they were targeted by 'frustrated' supporters of the North Staffordshire Hunt on Saturday afternoon - after their protest had forced them to pack up and leave early.

N.StaffsFHSupporterabusing5-1-19.jpgStaffordshire Police said its officers were called to the scene but no arrests were made and enquiries are 'ongoing'. Footage released by the hunt saboteurs shows several people standing in front of a van, blocking it from leaving. A man wearing a baseball cap appears to threaten the occupants with a pool cue, as they shout: 'Oi, you're on camera.' A woman in a red hoodie [left] jabs her finger at the sabs and says: 'Dirty f****** scum, you're not going nowhere.'

A man inside the van can be heard desperately calling police for help and tells the operator they are being boxed in by hunt supporters wielding pool cues. As they back up, a masked man suddenly jumps on the bonnet and thumps the windscreen with his palm but fails to break the glass.

He tears off a windscreen wiper and throws it to the ground as the man in the cap hits out at the vehicle with his cue. More loud thuds are heard as the driver manages to quickly manoeuvre and accelerates away through the other exit. A second clip also shows the masked man sprinting after another sab van as it too makes a hasty getaway. A second video shows the same incident from a different angle.

In a statement, Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs said: 'During a post-sab rendezvous at a local pub members of Sheffield, West Yorkshire, Liverpool and Manchester hunt sab teams were subject to an unprovoked attack by hunt thugs wielding pool cues, threatening sabs, damaging a vehicle and attempting to smash one group's windscreen. The individuals involved had been seen following the hunt and had behaved in a threatening manner throughout the day - a clear indication of how frustrated the North Staffordshire Hunt was at packing up early.'


A Staffordshire Police spokesman said: 'Officers were called to the Wheatsheaf Inn on Bar Hill Road, Onneley, at around 3.30pm on Saturday following reports of an altercation between a large group of people on the pub car park. A vehicle was also reportedly damaged during the incident. 'No arrests have been made regarding the incident and enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call Staffordshire Police on 101 quoting incident 434 of January 5th.'

The Hunt said in a statement: 'The North Staffordshire Hunt had finished their legal hunting activities for the day and their members had left the area where any incident was alleged to have taken place on Saturday, January 5th. The Hunt does not condone any form of violence, even when faced with extreme provocation, personal harassment, malicious trespass and other offences. However, with the constant intimidation and harassment from balaclava-clad animal rights activists to hunt supporters and landowners, it is unsurprising that ordinary members of the public might react in this way to being filmed.' 

7-1-19  Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Hit Report 05.01.19 - North Staffordshire Hunt: Phynson Haynes Farm Nr Madeley, North Staffordshire - Hunt support attack our vehicle    We heard 'The North Staffordshire Hunt extend a warm welcome to visitors', so we made a special effort to travel down and sab them. It might have been too much when Sheffield  Liverpool and Manchester Hunt Sabs also showed up. They didn't seem very hospitable!

Support and terriermen did everything in their power to bar us from the action, blocking public roads, driving at us full pelt, and manhandling us away from areas being hunted. Nevertheless we were present when hounds went into cry near Beech Wood and rated them (used voice calls to stop the hounds from hunting). The huntsman attempted to call the hounds back as they rioted away, but they didn't recognise his voice calls and were completely out of control. We were able to follow the hounds into a nearby covert and don't believe they killed. Despite the myth of the 'pre-laid trail', had there actually been a trail hounds were not following it. It goes to show that the Huntsman wouldn't have been able to stop the hounds from attacking animals such as small dogs or 'livestock' had they been in the vicinity.


                                                  Sab unblocking sett entrance 

Staffordshire police (called out by desperate hunt support) stayed with us and the Hunt for most of the day. The Hunt must have realised on this occasion they wouldn't get away with illegally hunting and packed early at 14.30. Shortly after the hounds were boxed up and police left, furious support approached us in the Wheatsheaf pub car park wielding pool cues. We attempted to leave peacefully but they blocked the exit and started battering our vehicle. Our windscreen was punched and a windscreen wiper was wrenched away before we finally made our escape.

Please consider a donation to help us stay in the field protecting wildlife https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs.


Cheshire Forest FH in cub hunt mode, antis protect put-up foxes

Locals worried about their animals angry Hunt gave no warning 

8-1-19  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   Cheshire Forest 5.1.2019    We managed to save foxes and our own skins, with Andrew German leaving us alone apart from sticking his phone camera in our faces. We were joined by Cheshire Against the Cull and some independent monitors. Thanks to them!

The Hunt met at Belmont Hall, Great Budworth and seemed to be made up mostly of young women. From the off it was clear, as always, that they were not following a trail.


We caught them surrounding a wooded area (Deakin’s Yard) with German and hounds in the wood whilst the field were on point and terriermen tucked away on the opposite side of the wood. Our team were positioned both sides of the wood. A fox was seen fleeing across fields and miraculously the hunt riders and terrierman who were in front of monitors were all looking in the opposite direction to were theCheshireForestFHVetpretendingtolatrail5-1-19.jpg hounds were being driven so the fox escaped.

Our presence here kept the Hunt on the move. We spoke to one anxious lady who was stabling her horses. She had no idea the Hunt were in the area and was deeply concerned for her horses' welfare. She finds the Hunts lack of concern for locals deeply disturbing and wishes the Hunt would inform residents of their presence on hunt days.

Hunt cameras were out in abundance today even on the back of one of the quads! The Huntsman (Andrew German) spent most of the day as usual trying to draw woods in the area and leaving the rest of the field stood around like lemons wondering what was happening.

Terriermen were purposely driving slowly in the middle of the road to slow down monitors and also hunt support cars were pretending to break down in the middle of the road, miraculously starting up and moving off when monitors informed them police had been called.

Liz Gorse was being filmed token trail laying around a triangle area of wood adjacent to Budworth Heath. German and woman rider escort entered the wood with hounds who immediately went into cry. Monitors again were already positioned around the wood, knowing that Liz Gorse’s fake 'trail laying' would be a cert that foxes would be in there for the hounds to chase. Monitors kept the hounds off the fox whilst in the wood, much to German's dismay.

Monitors on the roadside caught Hayden Hankey using rolled tongue (burring) to scare any foxes that broke cover, back into the wood and into the hounds. It was all more like cub hunting than normal hunting.

Monitors also had to request that hunt supporters stopped banging telegraph poles and lampposts on the roadside around the small wood. They were doing this to keep foxes in the confines of the wood, which again is very similar to cubbing formation when hounds are trained to kill young foxes.

Roadside monitors then saw a fox break cover and flee across the road from the wood into an adjacent garden and safety. A few seconds later another monitor who'd just come out of the wood onto the road saw a second fox bolt from the wood, right in front of Hankey, and into the adjacent field. The hounds were once again kept off the fox and German had to then call them in and move on.


At this point we became aware of a member of the public searching for their cat. The cat owner was extremely stressed and worried about their beloved pet's welfare. They were angry that the hunt did not inform residents of their activities in the area so they could keep their animals safe. Luckily their cat was eventually found much to everyone's relief.

Hounds throughout the day were left yelping behind the pack with one getting stuck in a fence and another nearly getting hit by a van. The Hunt made their way back to Belmont Hall at around 3.20.


Cheshire PCC promises 'robust' investigation of Cheshire FH fox kill 

8-1-19    Cheshire Live     Cheshire crime boss speaks out over police probe into fox death during hunt - Crime commissioner David Keane and Labour colleagues believe current law needs strengthening    Cheshire police and crime commissioner David Keane [below right] will seek an overview of the force investigation into reports of a fox being killed during a trail hunt at the weekend. The incident is alleged to have taken place at Huxley, near Chester, about 1.30pm on Saturday afternoon (January 5).

A force spokesman said the police investigation must remain impartial but pledged the matter would beDavidKeaneCheshirePCC.jpeg ‘thoroughly investigated’ as it was recognised the issue was highly emotive. The incident sparked a huge outpouring of anger on social media with a call from Chester’s Labour MP Chris Matheson [below left] for prosecution and prison sentences if the case was proved.

Hunting with hounds became illegal under the Hunting Act 2004 but many hunts lay trails for the hounds to follow pursued by the riders on horseback and others on foot.

Labour crime commissioner David Keane, who recently undertook a review into why there have been no successful prosecutions in Cheshire, has promised to follow the police investigation. He said: “I am aware of the incident which took place during a trail hunt in the Huxley area this weekend and have been contacted by a range of residents and their representatives expressing their concerns. The investigation of allegations related to any illegal activity, including those of illegal hunting, is the responsibility of the acting chief constable and the officers and staff under her command. The constabulary is aware of the allegations and in my role as your police and crime commissioner in holding the chief constable to account, I will be seeking an overview of the investigation and any outcomes from those leading it. The acting chief constable is fully aware of my expectation that such incidents are thoroughly and robustly investigated.

ChrisMathesonMP.jpegI would also like to remind Cheshire residents that following the independent review I commissioned into illegal hunting in Cheshire, I will be holding a scrutiny meeting in public next month to discuss the outcomes of this review and the subsequent action plan to ensure Cheshire Constabulary is upholding its responsibilities under the Hunting Act 2004. In the meantime, I would urge anyone who has evidence of any criminal activity relating to illegal hunting to contact Cheshire police.”

Hunting with hounds became illegal under the Hunting Act 2004 but many Hunts lay a scent for the hounds to follow pursued by riders on horseback and others on foot. Such practices are perfectly legal but opponents suspect so-called trail hunting can be a cover for actual hunting as it is difficult to prove otherwise when there are claims a fox was killed accidentally.

During his review, Mr Keane found current laws presented ‘challenges to investigators and prosecutors’.

Over Christmas the Labour Party promised to toughen up the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales, if elected next time, saying it will consult on jailing those caught breaking the law.

Chester Labour MP Mr Matheson said on Saturday: “I am receiving reports of a fox being killed by a Cheshire hunt. I will be seeking confirmation but if true then prosecution and prison sentences must follow. Better still an outright ban on fox hunting.”

Labour colleague Mike Amesbury, MP for Weaver Vale, also promised to look into the case, commenting: “The fundamental issue is that the law itself needs to be strengthened.” Meanwhile, Cheshire West and Chester Council is investigating whether a street collection held by the Cheshire Hunt in Tarporley High Street on Boxing Day required a permit and whether this was in place. The matter has been reported by members of the public.

POWAperson adds   -   This article was published before news  that Cheshire FH had killed yet another fox on 8-1-19 had broken.  


Save Me says will prosecute Kimblewick FH if CPS don't

7-1-19  Facebook - Team Fox 2015    This [see article below] is disgusting and has no place in this century. The Kimblewick hunt needs to be prosecuted and stopped from this sick and evil pastime of breeding foxes to throw to hounds. This is one of the most prosecuted hunts - wake up land owners.

We would expect to see a prosecution by the police of these easily identifiable people who work for Kimblewick Hunt or we will seek a private protection ourselves. Hopefully the world will see the truth about illegal hunting. Well done to the HSA for this vital footage to expose the cruelty.

A fox being pushed through an artificial earth by a rod where the poor creature has been trapped ready to be released in front of the hounds. This shows without doubt, what we already knew, this is about cruelty and is a bloodlust activity. Trapping wild animal to torture is both illegal and twisted.

I hope the National Trust and the land owners are looking at this and will ban 'Trail Hunting' from their land. Fox Hunting was banned in the UK in 2004 and came into force on the 18th February 2005. A group of fox hunts decided the ban wasn’t for them and carried on hunting illegally, aided by unwitting land owners, the cruelty carried on.

Hunting the Clean boot is legal and they don’t catch foxes. Drag Hunting is legal and they don’t catch foxes. If the Hunt that wants to use your land cannot give you a map of the area they will hunt -they are killing foxes. Trail hunting is a fictitious name dreamt up but those who continue to ignore the law and think they are above it and continue to hunt foxes illegally.

Save Me Trust


Kimblewick FH filmed prising fox from AE & releasing for hounds

Terrierman heard on phone discussing fox release with Huntsman

Fox given 2 minutes start on hounds to provide 'sport' 

Fate of fox unknown but probably caught & killed 

7-1-19    HSA Press Release   VIDEO    Kimblewick Hunt Caught on Film Hunting Captive Fox    Footage has been passed to the Hunt Saboteurs Association showing members of the Kimblewick Hunt releasing a captive fox to be chased and killed by the Hunt's hounds. Their actions not only cause unnecessary harm to the fox but are also carried out to facilitate illegal hunting.

The footage was filmed on New Years Day when the Hunt met at Moreton, Thame, Oxon. It shows the hunt terrier men using draining rods to force the fox, that they’ve been holding captive, out of a drainage pipe then being thrown into the wood for hounds to chase. The terriermen can clearly be heard communicating with the Huntsman agreeing when the best time is to release the fox which is given a brief head start so that the hunt riders experience a chase rather than a quick kill.


                         4 terriermen examining artificial earth where fox sheltering

Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Incidents like this prove time and again that Hunts throughout the UK are still totally focused on hunting and killing live animals. In recent years the South Herefordshire, the Middleton, the Pytchley, the Belvoir and now the Kimblewick have all been implicated in keeping captive foxes to hunt, showing that this behaviour is commonplace amongst Hunts.

Even with this concrete proof of illegal hunting, on one of the most high profile days in the hunting calendar, we expect the MFHA to do nothing. Unless they immediately suspend the Kimblewick it’s an admission that this kind of activity is still commonplace amongst their member hunts and considered totally acceptable in the hunting community.


In 2018, the Kimblewick killed 97 of their hounds due to an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis at their kennels. It beggars belief that Hunts are still willing to maraud across the countryside putting both their hounds and other animals at risk of infection."

After viewing the video Chris Williamson, Labour MP for Derby North, and a former hunt saboteur, said: "Hunts up and down the country are routinely flouting the hunting ban. This arrogant disregard for the law of the land can only be stopped if the loopholes in the legislation are removed. That is why Labour have recently pledged to strengthen the Hunting Act and ghastly incidents like this underpins that commitment. Tougher penalties are essential, including prison sentences for persistent offenders, if we are to deliver the wildlife protection that parliament voted for over 14 years ago."

On New Years Day the Hunt met in Moreton, Thame, Oxon. The Kimblewick's Master Huntsman is Andrew Sallis and the Kennel Huntsman is Robert Truscott. Either may have been hunting them when this incident took place. In the video, the hunt terriermen can be seen forcing a fox out of an artificial earth using drain rods. Mark Vincent can clearly be heard talking to the Huntsman on his phone agreeing when is the best time to release the fox.

Once the hounds are close the fox is thrown into the wood for hounds to chase. The fox is given a head start as the Hunt are aiming to provide a chase for their supporters to enjoy. When the hounds arrive they are encouraged on by both the terriermen and the huntsman in the background. Vincent can be heard saying the fox has gone into thick undergrowth but the hounds will “work him out”. Mark Vincent is mentioned in the Kimblewick Hunt newsletter as a local event co-ordinator.


8-1-19    Daily Mail     Hunt members 'are caught on film illegally dragging captured fox from hole to be hunted by hounds' - Footage filmed on New Years Day when the hunt met at Moreton, Oxfordshire - It shows the hunters using draining rods to force the fox out of a drainage pipe - A man pulls the fox from the hole by its hind legs and releases it into the wood - Only a few minutes pass before the hounds come into view hunting the fox     Shocking footage released by animal rights activists shows hunt members dragging a captured fox from a hole to be hunted by hounds.

The video, shot using two cameras on New Year's Day, in Moreton, Oxfordshire, shows members of the Kimblewick Hunt trying to force a fox from a drainage pipe, before being thrown into the woods for the dogs to hunt. The men, known as terriermen, can be seen in the footage discussing which way they want the fox released and taking a look at it underground.


The man who was constructing the piping then shoves it into the ground to force the fox towards another man who grabs the fox by the hind legs and pulls it from the hole (pictured above), before releasing it into the forest.

It is trapped using artificial earths, which often consist of two tunnels, often consisting of pipes, and a chamber underground, concealed by grass to disguise the purpose. They were regularly used to ensure hunters have foxes to kill, prior to the hunting ban in 2004. One of the men then says 'he wants it gone as soon as possible, Ian', presumably referring to the fox.


                      The released fox runs away from the artificial earth 

A man starts assembling piping, which is used to flush the fox out, while the other takes instructions on the phone. After hanging up the phone, shouts of 'hold hard' can be heard in the background.

The man who was constructing the piping then shoves it into the ground to force the fox towards another man who grabs the fox by the hind legs and pulls it from the hole, before releasing it into the forest.


            Hounds have just been released at the artificial earth, 2 mins after the fox 

Story also reported in the Times and on BBC South Today TV News


9-1-19  Daily Mirror  Hunter caught on secret camera 'flushing fox out of hole' to be 'chased by hounds' - Anti-hunt campaigners say footage is proof Kimblewick Hunt is involved fox-hunting    Disturbing footage has been captured of a hunter flushing a fox out of its den to allow a pack of hounds to hunt and rip it to shreds. In the clip, which is over two minutes long, a fox is flushed out of an underground drainage pipe using a rod with a brush on the end. Once it has been prised out, it is then slung into nearby trees. Secret cameras, planted by anti-hunt campaigners on New Year's Day, shows a pack of hounds running past the scene once the fox has been removed from its den.

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) claim the video is evidence that supporters of the Kimblewick Hunt are involved in fox-hunting. It is illegal to hunt and kill a wild mammal with dogs in England and Wales unless there is a valid exemption. The HSA say the incident has been reported to Thames Valley Police, which is investigating the incident. The footage was filmed in Moreton, near Thame in Oxfordshire, according to the HSA.

They claim the video shows four terriermen discussing which way they want the fox to be released before using draining rods to force it out.

Incidents like this prove time and again that Hunts throughout the UK are still totally focused on hunting and killing live animals,' said Lee Moon, spokesman for the HSA. In recent years the South Herefordshire, the Middleton, the Pytchley, the Belvoir and now the Kimblewick have all been implicated in keeping captive foxes to hunt, showing that this behaviour is commonplace amongst Hunts. Even with this concrete proof of illegal hunting, on one of the most high profile days in the hunting calendar, we expect the MFHA [Masters of Foxhounds Association] to do nothing. Unless they immediately suspend the Kimblewick it’s an admission that this kind of activity is still commonplace amongst their member hunts and considered totally acceptable in the hunting community.'

A spokesperson on behalf of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) said: ''The Masters of Foxhounds Association has strict disciplinary procedures and will fully investigate any credible allegation relating to Masters, hunt employees or Hunts. It cannot, however, investigate criminal allegations or take any action that would interfere with or impede a possible police investigation.'

A spokesperson from the Countryside Alliance said: "All Hunts should be operating within the law. There are exemptions to the Hunting Act, and other legal options, which can be used to cull foxes and most Hunts still offer a fox control service. However unjustified the Hunting Act is it should be adhered to."

A police spokesman said: "Thames Valley Police is aware of the footage which appears to show an incident of fox hunting, which took place near Moreton Field Farm, in Moreton, Thame on 1 January. An investigation is underway. No arrests have been made".

Kimblewick Hunt has been approached for comment.

POWAperson adds  -   It is striking to me how casually the terriermen perform the task of evicting the fox from the artificial earth and sending it on its way to what they will assuredly know is to be a gruesome and agonising death at the jaws of the hounds. This suggests that what they are doing is routine to them. The are used to it - and perhaps a lot worse treatment of their animal victims.

The Kimblewick FH was formed a few years ago as an amalgamation of three Hunts. The Chairman of one of these was Lord Gardiner, now Conservative Minister for Animal Welfare in DEFRA. He is known to be a member of the Kimblewick FH. You couldn't make it up.  


Monitor badly injured by loose horse in freak accident at Crawley FH

Horse got tangled in hunt jump, bolted and beams hit anti as it ran in panic

7-1-19  Facebook - West Sussex Hunt Sabs  VIDEO   While monitoring the Crawley & Horsham Hunt on New Years Day we were all shocked when we witnessed a horrific accident involving one of the horses. We did all we could to help the horse and make sure the rider was OK. A monitor who tried to stop the horse suffered a bad injury, but he is OK. We are hoping the horse has recovered from what clearly was a terrifying time and did not suffer any lasting injury.

  CrawleyFHHorseentangled1-1-19.jpg CrawleyFHBoltinghorsebashing1-1-19.jpg

Pics above   -   1/   Horse entangled in the hunt jump    2/   Horse bolts with plank still attached 

7-1-19   Daily Mail   Horrifying moment a horse bolts after it gets its head stuck in a jump fence and seriously injures a hunt monitor as it gallops past him - Hunt monitor severely injured [exaggeration, POWAperson] after horse stuck inside jump fence on January 1 - Horse was participating in the Crawley and Horsham Hunt when it became stuck - Man was hit by fragments of fence still attached to horse's body as it ran past    A hunt monitor was seriously injured when he was knocked to the ground by a fleeing horse after it got its head stuck in a jump fence.

The clip, filmed during the Crawley and Horsham hunt, captures the horse as it becomes entangled in the wooden jump on January 1st. But as the rider attempts to remove the fence, her horse gallops away with parts of the broken jump still attached to its back. As it runs, pieces fall, and one large plank of wood collides with a nearby hunt monitor. He falls to the ground as the white horse runs into the distance now free from the fence.

The camerawoman then runs over to the rider and the hunt monitor to check both are OK. Another clip, filmed a few moments later, shows the hunt monitor lying on the ground. He is surrounded by a group of men as they wait for an ambulance. One of the group said: 'You know where you dropped us in? The ambulance will have to come there - he's in a bad way.'

The caption warned of the risks of 'fundamentally flawed' hunt jumps. It said: 'Hunt jumps are a menace to all. While monitoring the Crawley and Horsham Hunt, which has a history of illegal hunting, a hunt monitor is severely injured after a horse falls through a wooden jump and runs off with jump attached. A rider and horse were also treated for injuries. Hunt jumps are fundamentally flawed with gaps in them, and pose a grave risk to horse and rider.'

  CrawleyFHBoltinghorse1-1-19.jpg CrawleyFHMonitorhit1-1-19.jpg

Pics above   -   1/  Bolting horse knocks monitor down   2/  Monitor,  on ground, being assisted


Hampshire FH unable to escape sabs packed up after just 80 minutes

6-1-19   Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs   Mission 57 - Hampshire Hunt, Bramdean,  5-1-19     Probably setting this years record for the shortest time to shut down a fox hunt, sabs from Guildford, North Downs and Reading sabbed the Hampshire Hunt, who met at Woodcote Manor House Bramdean.

HampshireFHNo..5-1-19.jpgIt was a 12 o'clock meet and on seeing so many Sabs the Hunt seemed confused at what to do, not moving off until 12.40. They then hacked down a busy A road causing the usual traffic chaos. The Hunt headed to Bramdean Common and started illegally hunting straight away. While the Reading group covered the scent of one fox with citronella, the Hunt couldn't lose our running squad and a number of byways enabled us (with our landies) to keep close tabs on them.

Everywhere they went they couldn't lose the Sabs and so became increasingly frustrated and aggressive. There was some pushing and shoving, some members of the hunt and their support displayed such potty mouths that even their own mothers would have disowned them!

After only an hour and twenty minutes they had given up and were back at the kennels at 14.03hrs. This ended probably our quickest hunt this year and there wasn't much left to do but take a group photo and retire to the pub for chips and beer.

If you would like to donate to our group to keep us on the road please donate to https://ko-fi.com/O5O8LDSI.

Pic above   -   No, it's not a one-way road    Pic below  -  The winning team



Fife FH kill fox in suspicious circumstances, sab assaulted

Sab grabbed and fox was snatched back off him 

6-1-19    Facebook - Grampian Hunt Sabs   Fife Foxhounds kill a fox – 5/1/19  VIDEO  The Fife Foxhounds killed yesterday and did all they could to stop sabs getting the fox's body, even suggesting sabs were trying to hurt the hounds when trying to get the body from them (which is 'funny', considering that there is video footage of huntsman Howarth hitting one of his hounds with a whip, but I guess he is allowed to hurt them since his whole job involves killing!). They also assaulted a sab, grabbing him by the collar and taking the fox's body back. These people have no shame.

A gunshot was heard on approach (they are meant to shoot the foxes rather than allow the hounds to get them). However, the Hunt were standing with Galpin the terrierman, then rode away from him and waited before the fox miraculously appeared and the gunshot was heard. After this, the hounds were allowed to get the fox. This we find very suspicious as it suggests that the Hunt somehow knew a fox would appear in that exact location. (This is not the first time Galpin has 'magically' made foxes appear).

Pics below   -   1/  Hounds ragging fox   2/  Terrierman just after snatching fox back

  FifeFHHoundsraggingfox5-1-19.jpg FifeFHTerrierman5-1-19.jpg


Sab reporting of sett blocking pays off as fox escapes N. Cotswold FH

6-1-19   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Saturday 5th January 2019, North Cotswold Hunt, Springhill    We saw 2 foxes get safely to ground in badger setts today and sab' presence meant no attempts to dig out/bolt. We have not found the NCH blocking any setts so far this season after police and press played their part in questioning the practice when we reported every incident in. As sett blocking is something that happens hours in advance of a hunt and they don't know when we are coming it is looking positive.

One sett had been blocked repeatedly in the past with huge staves rammed in it's entrances and did not appear to be active. The other sett although blocked last season and targeted by the cull was healthy and very active. The fox on the film [below] ran straight to it and escaped.


We have found them digging setts and there is no room for complacency. Sett checking continues apace in all areas. The Ledbury and Beaufort continue to block. Looks like the Cotswold and Heythrop are much diminished or have stopped as well. Apart from that much of the day was going back and forth to Springhill.

Please continue to support us – paypal.me/threecountiessabs.


Cottesmore FH hunt foxes but sabs ensure no kills - blocked sett

6-1-19    Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs    05/01/2019, Cottesmore Hunt - Meet: Preston Hall, Preston, Leicestershire    With Northants and Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs + WildAct The hound van was parked in Ridlington Road and eyes were on as the Cottesmore Hunt gathered at Preston Hall. OneCottesmoreFHRideronpoint5-1-19.jpg team was dropped in to strategic areas to pre-spray.

The Hunt finally left the meet and it seemed like they were straight onto a fox as they headed west from the meet parallel to Ridlington Road with hounds going into cry. Sab teams were already in the field to rate the hounds and keep them in close sight. The Hunt turned north with hounds briefly in cry at the next covert before moving off at speed. A beautiful hare fled the area to safety. Sabs followed as they headed towards another covert scaring a field of sheep as they encircled it. After milling around for a short while with hounds briefly speaking the Hunt turned towards Brooke Road. A couple of muntjac also fled the area.

The Cottesmore Hunt headed south to hunt the country between Ridlington and the A47 centred on Park Farm and Quaker Spinney. Teams of sabs spread out to cover as large an area as possible. A rider was spotted on point close to Park Farm before hounds went into prolonged cry as they chased at speed in the direction of Belton-in-Rutland followed by the main field. The BOP wagon went in towards a small covert after the hounds had left the area and sabs feared a clean-up operation but BOP drove past. Another point rider was spotted.

CottesmoreFHMmm5-1-19.jpgThe Hunt carried on north moving fast and direct contact was lost for a while. Vehicles were searching the area as much as possible with the lack of roads and spotted hunt support around Launde Park Wood.

The usual pathetic bunch of hunt support thugs had turned up and tried to block in sab vehicles. Foot sabs headed towards Launde Park Wood and heard the hounds speaking. BOP and another terrierman quad were hanging about on the outside of the wood. As sabs entered the wood hounds were gathered back together and led out by the whip for the long trek back towards Wills Farm.

Unfortunately, foxes are not the only animal persecuted by Hunts. One team had found a large badger sett close to Park Farm that had been recently blocked in with clear spade marks. They set to recording the damage and unblocking the sett to save the badgers from being suffocated. The sett blocking will be reported to police.

Late in the afternoon the BOP wagon was put on a trailer even though the Hunt were still activelyCottesmoreFHIshound5-1-19.jpg hunting - obviously the Cottesmore have realised the BOP exception is invalid. A team of foot sabs headed back into the field found the Hunt and observed as they headed back to pack up.

The hopelessly ineffective hunt thugs then decided it was time to earn their blood money and descended on the green landy chasing it along a public byway before blocking them in. The usual motley crew surrounded the vehicle with their permanently attached cameras focused on the windows. Police were called and as units were already in the area luckily arrived within a few minutes. The thugs were told to withdraw and statements given to police meaning another late finish to the day.

This was a tough day for sabs with limited vehicle access meaning foot sabs covered large distances over undulating country to keep in contact with a fast moving hunt. All sab teams worked effectively to prevent the blood junkies having any success. We are pretty confident of a no kill day and a badger sett has been unblocked undoubtedly saving more lives.

if you can help us financially please do every single penny goes towards saving lives.  https://ko-fi.com/hhsabs.

Pics above   -   1/  Rider on point. This makes no sense on a 'trail hunt' - but then a lot of what they do whilst pretending doesn't either [holloas, presence of terriermen, charging around on roads, railways etc.]   2/  Scrupulously observed by the Hunt - not.    3/  Is the hound sensing a message to the rider. More seriously, hounds crapping all over pasture land is a concern. They can spread various nasties like hydatidosis, neospora [causes cattle to abort, etc.]


Attorney General hosted illegal Lamerton FH hunt, say sabs

4 foxes put up but not seen by Hunt & sabs covered scent 

Woman rider says Lamerton 'haven't hunted illegally for 3 years' !! 

Young bull charged terrierman quad and head-butted it 

6-1-19   Devon County Hunt Saboteurs   PHOTO ALBUM   "We haven't illegally hunted for three seasons!"   Comment of the season goes to... a rider from the Lamerton Hunt. Read on! Yesterday we paid a long-overdue visit to the Lamerton Hunt, who were meeting at none other than the Attorney General's house at Willestrew near Lamerton. If you're wondering how the chief legal advisor to the government would have either the time or the inclination to host a hunt, you wouldn't be alone! Perhaps Brexit is getting a bit much for him. We have sabbed the Lamerton here on a previous occasion, when Geoffrey Cox was a mere MP for Torridge and West Devon (the highest expenses-claiming MP in the country, by the way), so we had a pretty good idea of where to position ourselves ahead of the meet.


No less than four foxes were spotted in the first half hour of the day, fleeing ahead of the hounds. Quick action from sabs to cover the foxes' tracks and rate the odd hound that got onto the scent meant the pack failed to pick up on any of them. We find it quite implausible that so many foxes would all happen to reside in such a small area and so wouldn't be at all surprised if at least some of them weren't in fact resident foxes but were rather brought in to give hunt followers a good show. Some suspicious quad bike movements witnessed ahead of the Hunt leaving the meet add weight to this suspicion. However, it turns out the terriermen had no permission to be on the neighbouring landowners' land, and were duly told off!

Huntsman David Lewis's response to every comment from us yesterday was "I'm not Jason Marles (Eggesford huntsman), you know!". He couldn't stop slagging him off. Apparently Jason is not a popular man, even in the hunting community.

With decent scent conditions and some near misses early on, we were preparing for a long and difficult day, but fortunately the rest of the day proved completely blank. David spent a lot of time on foot. They drew the valley between Foghanger and Longbrook Farm, where a frisky bull calf took a disliking to one of the terrier quad bikes and chased it out of his field before head-butting the quad, which was quite comical to watch.


                    Young bull demonstrates good taste by charging terriermen quad 

Sabs entered the field to keep an eye on the hounds who were dangerously rioting on deer in the valley, and then received hassle from terrier man Steve and his daughter, who were trying to stop sabs from getting a view. Steve grabbed hold of and twisted one of our sabs' hands, insisting "We're not illegally hunting! Where's your proof?". Bear in mind this is the same man who drives around on a quad bike equipped with terriers and spades and whose birthday cake a few years ago featured the scene of a dig-out in marzipan on top. The female rider then shouted "We haven't illegally hunted for three seasons!".[Video here]. Can't say we've heard that particular line before, and for those who find it hard to believe, you can watch the footage here. It seems Geoffrey Cox isn't the only one who needs reminding that the Hunting Act was passed in 2004, fifteen years ago.  

The Hunt left the field and crossed the road, with sabs in tow. A delivery driver caught between hunt vehicles that were completely blocking the road expressed his frustration and shouted at them to move. Such is their arrogance that they initially refused to unblock the road because doing so would mean allowing our Land Rover through as well.

From there everything headed north towards Ramsdown Plantation and then west in direction of Minnamoor Wood. Still failing to pick up on any of the 'trails' we were told had been laid, the assembled Hunt came out at Tredown and went east in direction of Willesley. Despite some desperate attempts at blocking our vehicle, the Hunt were unable to shake our sabs, who headed over towards Uppaton to keep an eye on the hounds as they began drawing the steep slopes around White Tor. When they continued to draw blank, they tried their luck in the valley towards Poflet Pastures. This is across the stream from Cardwell Farm, prolific fox-snarers, so we're not entirely surprised they didn't find in this area. Eventually the Hunt gave up and went back to their vehicles at Longcross, packing up at 3pm...

Sabs covered many miles on foot yesterday, but this is no deterrent to us. To get involved, contact us via devoncountysabs@riseup.net or 07717473305. Our Land Rover is currently having major work done, so if you can spare a few quid to help us cover the cost, you can donate here. Thanks to all our followers for their ongoing support!

6-1-19    Devon Live     Attorney General Geoffrey Cox MP pictured at controversial hunt where 'frisky' bull headbutted hunters' quad bike - Hunt saboteurs did their best to disrupt proceedings at The Lamerton Hunt meet near Tavistock    A hunting meet which is alleged to have been hosted by Attorney General and Devon MP Geoffrey Cox has seen huntsmen clash with protesters and saboteurs.

The Lamerton Hunt met at Willestrew near Tavistock yesterday where it is alleged they hunted on land owned by Torridge and West Devon MP Mr Cox. The Government's chief legal advisor was pictured allegedly hosting members of the hunt who gathered outside his home for drinks and food before setting off on horseback into the surrounding fields.

The Devon County Hunt Saboteurs group were at the hunt where they attempted to disrupt proceedings. The group posted pictures and videos to their Facebook page along with their account of what happened on the day.

Their post read: "Yesterday we paid a long-overdue visit to the Lamerton Hunt, who were meeting at none other than the Attorney General's house at Willestrew near Lamerton. If you're wondering how the chief legal advisor to the government would have either the time or the inclination to host a hunt, you wouldn't be alone! Perhaps Brexit is getting a bit much for him. We have sabbed the Lamerton here on a previous occasion, when Geoffrey Cox was a mere MP for Torridge and West Devon, so we had a pretty good idea of where to position ourselves ahead of the meet."

The saboteurs say they managed to cover the tracks of four foxes which they spotted, meaning the hounds were unable to follow their scent. They went on: "They drew the valley between Foghanger and Longbrook Farm, where a frisky bull calf took a disliking to one of the terrier quad bikes and chased it out of his field before head-butting the quad, which was quite comical to watch.

Sabs entered the field to keep an eye on the hounds and then received hassle from a terrier man and a woman who were trying to stop sabs from getting a view. "(The terrier man) insisted "We're not illegally hunting! Where's your proof?". The female rider then shouted "We haven't illegally hunted for three seasons!"... The saboteurs say the Hunt eventually "gave up" around 3pm.


                 2 fully equipped terrier quads - essential components of a trail hunt 

Hunting has hit the headlines in Devon several times over the past few weeks as protesters and huntsman clashed across the county. On Boxing Day video emerged of a huntsman appearing to taunt protesters at a meet in Torrington. On the same day footage of a fox apparently being ripped apart by hunt hounds was also circulated by the Devon County Hunt Saboteurs. A pub on Dartmoor which hosted a New Year's Day drag hunt event sparked outrage with a foul-mouthed response to critics. And another New Year's Day hunt saw protesters hit hunt vans with placards* - while hunt supporters were filmed driving a quad bike into anti-hunt campaigners.

* It was one placard - a small, lightweight piece of card.

8-1-19  The Canary    Cabinet minister for law snapped ‘hosting’ a fox hunt on his own land  Devon County Hunt Saboteurs photographed attorney general Geoffrey Cox and accused him of ‘hosting’ a fox hunt on 5th January. The Lamerton Hunt allegedly took place on the Torridge and West Devon MP’s own land. Theresa May’s top legal minister seemed to be accommodating hunters outside his house for refreshments.

If anybody is still unsure as to the reasons why the police, the CPS and the courts turn a blind eye to illegal hunting look at this picture. This is the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, he is a Conservative MP and cabinet minister. Here we see him hosting the Lamerton Hunt. Cox and the Lamerton Hunt failed to respond to a request for comment from Devon Live.

Hunting wild mammals with dogs has been illegal since the Hunting Act came into force in 2005 – with the exception of rabbits, rats and, under some circumstances, hares. But Hunts still take place under the cover of ‘trail hunting‘, which is a mock hunt using artificial trails.

On social media, Devon County Hunt Saboteurs said:- Yesterday we paid a long-overdue visit to the Lamerton Hunt, who were meeting at none other than the Attorney General’s house at Willestrew near Lamerton. If you’re wondering how the chief legal advisor to the government would have either the time or the inclination to host a hunt, you wouldn’t be alone! Perhaps Brexit is getting a bit much for him. We have sabbed the Lamerton here on a previous occasion, when Geoffrey Cox was a mere MP for Torridge and West Devon.

The group continued:- No less than four foxes were spotted in the first half hour of the day, fleeing ahead of the hounds. Quick action from sabs to cover the foxes’ tracks and rate the odd hound that got onto the scent meant the pack failed to pick up on any of them. We find it quite implausible that so many foxes would all happen to reside in such a small area and so wouldn’t be at all surprised if at least some of them weren’t in fact resident foxes but were rather brought in to give hunt followers a good show.

On New Year’s Day, meanwhile, campaigners filmed the Kimblewick Hunt releasing a captive fox for hounds to chase down. Labour MP Chris Williamson has called for action against the “routine disregard for law” that he says hunters display.

The cruel sport of hunting was made illegal for very good reasons. So it’s very worrying that the government’s legal chief appears to be hosting hunters on his own land.

Also reported by Evolve Politics 


Cheshire FH kill fox, kick body into canal - sabs fish it out

5-1-19    Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO    VIDEO     Fox killed by Cheshire hounds. They threw the body into the canal. Sabs retrieved the body of the poor little vixen.                 CheshireFHanticradleskilledfox5-1-19.jpg CheshireFHKilledfox5-1-19.jpg

6-1-19    Facebook – Cheshire Hunt Sabs   These photos [below] were taken seconds after the little vixen was killed yesterday. Jaime Whittles a vile, evil, common criminal, disposes of the body, kicking her into the canal. We have named the vixen Amelia to give her some dignity. All she wanted to do was live.


To help keep us in the fields donations are greatly appreciated – https://www.paypal.me/CheshireSabs.


5-1-19    Guardian    Police investigate claim fox was killed during Chester trail hunt - Labour MP, Chris Matheson, called for prosecution and prison terms if allegations proved    Police are investigating after a fox was reportedly killed during a hunt in Huxley, near Chester. Cheshire police said they had been notified of the animal’s death during a trail hunt on Saturday and assured the public that the matter will be thoroughly investigated. “Shortly after 1.30pm today Cheshire police were notified that a fox had been killed while a trail hunt was taking place in the Huxley area,” a force spokesman said. An investigation into the circumstances has been launched, and a number of parties are being spoken to. The role of the police is to enforce the law impartially. We recognise how emotive this issue is and we CheshireFHWhipjustafter5-1-19.jpgwould like to assure everyone that the matter will be thoroughly investigated.”

The Labour MP for Chester, Chris Matheson, wrote on Twitter: “I am receiving reports of a fox being killed by a Cheshire Hunt. I will be seeking confirmation but if true then prosecution and prison sentences must follow. Better still an outright ban on foxhunting.”

The incident comes amid growing concern that the 2004 ban on foxhunting is being ignored. A recent report commissioned by the Cheshire police commissioner urged the government to reform foxhunting laws after MPs raised concerns over allegations of illegal hunting this year. It follows an incident in Macclesfield in 2017 where a fox was allegedly killed when a hunt spilled on to a residential street.

Cheshire police have never successfully prosecuted anyone for illegal hunting – and have passed only one file to the Crown Prosecution Service in three years.

Labour has said that it would strengthen the 2004 Hunting Act and remove legal loopholes that make prosecutions hard to achieve. The party later announced it would consider imprisoning foxhunters.

Pic above right  -  Jaime Whittle, Whipper-in of the Cheshire FH, who always gets lumbered with disposing of the body of foxes killed by the Hunt. Besides illegal hunting he is breaking the law here by improperly disposing of an animal carcass. Whilst we understand that Cheshire police are quite keen to rein in the county's Hunts, we fully expect the CPS to refuse to prosecute - yet again.


11-1-19   Independent    Film of fox being kicked into river 'proof illegal hunting is taking place', says Packham 'This anachronistic savagery shames our nation and our species,' says Chris Packham   A hunter has been caught on camera kicking the body of a fox into a river, in what Chris Packham says is “proof” illegal hunting is taking place in the UK.

A member of the Cheshire Hunt, in red hunting jacket, was filmed trying to dispose of the corpse of the vixen, which witnesses claimed had just been chased and mauled to death by hounds. Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs, who retrieved the mangled body from the water, posted footage online of the huntsman’s “vile” actions. Hunting wildlife with dogs has ChrisPackham.jpgbeen illegal since 2005.

Packham [left], the BBC Springwatch presenter, tweeted:“This is ugly,” going on to suggest that the incident provided “proof that illegal hunting continues in the UK”. The Cheshire Hunt strongly denied that any unlawful activity had taken place. Please help to peacefully and democratically end this anachronistic savagery”, Packham went on. “It shames our nation and our species.”

Other Twitter users called for the hunter to be prosecuted, insisting there was “no excuse for such evil” and saying the law should be enforced more strictly. After the clash, at Huxley near Chester, on Saturday afternoon, the saboteurs named the vixen Amelia “to give her some dignity”. Three days later, the Hunt also killed a male fox, the saboteurs said.

Facebook user Helen Martin wrote to the Cheshire Police Commissioner, saying: “I also hope that you will represent the 85 per cent of the population who abhor fox hunting and ensure Cheshire makes a stand on this archaic, brutal practice the only purpose of which is to fulfil the bloodlust of a disturbed minority.”

Meanwhile, a businesswoman is trying to convince local authorities to enforce rules around organising hunts in advance. Barbara Wray has started a petition on Change.org, calling for hunts to be forced to apply for “comprehensive risk-assessment documents” and to have public liability insurance, as organisers of other public events do.

A spokesperson for the Cheshire Hunt said: “Many Hunts, including the Cheshire, are subjected to constant harassment by anti-hunting activists whose intentions are to disrupt legal activities by spraying noxious substances and attempting to distract the hounds while they are trail-hunting. The Cheshire Hunt operates within the law to comply with the Hunting Act 2004. An incident occurred on Saturday 5 January which we believe was solely due to the presence of anti-hunting protesters who were interfering with the hounds. The police are aware of any allegations regarding our activities and that of the anti-hunting activists and we are fully co-operating with their enquiries.”

Cheshire police said they were still investigating, and referred to an earlier statement that said: “We’re still speaking to all parties and are thoroughly reviewing the information we’ve been given. Events such as these are very upsetting and we’re doing everything we can to find out what has gone on, but this can take time and is often very challenging.”

David Keane, police and crime commissioner for Cheshire, said: “The constabulary is aware of the allegations and in my role as police and crime commissioner in holding the chief constable to account, I will be seeking an overview of the investigation and any outcomes from those leading it. The acting chief constable is fully aware of my expectation that such incidents are thoroughly and robustly investigated. Following the independent review I commissioned into illegal hunting in Cheshire, I will be holding a scrutiny meeting in public next month to discuss the outcomes of this review and the subsequent action plan to ensure Cheshire Constabulary is upholding its responsibilities under the Hunting Act 2004. In the meantime, I would urge anyone who has evidence of any criminal activity relating to illegal hunting to contact Cheshire police.”

Cotswold FH redcoats & hounds all over high-speed dualed A40

5-1-19  Facebook – Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch     VIDEO    Cotswold FH all over high-speed dual carriageway A40    Monitor filmed a hound running loose on the road. Redcoats went on to get it off. After gathering hounds together, the Huntsman then decided it would be a good idea to take the whole pack across. Monitors later learned a member of the public had seen in a fox running from hounds nearby where the Hunt had been filmed on the A40.


The first pic [above] shows the lone hound on the road. This is illegal, as the dog was clearly not under control. The second photo [below, sorry for blurriness] shows the Huntsman about to lead the pack across both carriageways. Believe it or not, this is legal. The Road Traffic Act carries an exemption for dogs being used for 'sporting' purposes, so long as they are under control.



Monitors say stopped Wynnstay FH [Lord Daresbury in tow] killing

5-1-19    Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   Wynnstay Hunt 3.1.19   They tried their best to kill foxes but we stopped them at every turn.

Note Lord Daresbury (Greenhall Whitley brewery) is one of the riders here [below], joining in with, and sometimes hosting the medieval pastime. We can’t point out which one he is because the Countryside Alliance will accuse us of cyber bullying. Full report to follow.

POWAperson comments  -  I'd guess Lord Daresbury is to the right [politically]. He has a huge estate in the Weaver Vale, near Warrington, which is why he is out with the Wynnstay. That estate he used to host one of the mass signings of the 'Hunting Declaration' which blood sports obsessives signed to say they'd ignore any hunting ban. Last claim I heard [I think from Hart who co-ordinated the whole thing] was 60,000 signatures. Well, at least they kept their word.


POWAperson adds  -  Lord Daresbury was Chairman of the Master of Fox Hounds Associations when he made perhaps the biggest single blunder in the history of the hunting lobby [and they are world-class foot-in-mouthers]. In early 2004 he wrote to all registered FH chairmen, urging Hunts to get 'their' farmers to provide plenty of opportunities for foxes to breed on their land, as they were running short of foxes to hunt in many areas. Bang goes their 'pest control' argument.

Simon Hart, then CEO of the Countryside Alliance [now a Tory MP, though still in receipt of £30k a year from the hunting lobby], emailed him back, tearing him off a strip for being so bloody stupid. Some kind person leaked the email a few months later, shortly after the Second Reading of the Hunting Act 2004.

This is an extract from the Times article on the Hart-Daresbury contretemps - TIMES 26-9-04

One of the protesters’ key arguments — that foxes need to be destroyed — has been undermined, however, by the discovery of a letter sent by the Master of Foxhounds Association to masters and hunt chairmen.Complaining about “a shortage of foxes”, it berates landowners who did too little to encourage the animals to breed.

The letter, circulated last March, has come to light following the leak of documents from the Countryside Alliance. It is referred to in an e-mail from Simon Hart, chief executive of the alliance, to Lord Daresbury, the chairman of the foxhounds association. Hart warns the letter would be damaging if it were made public.

“The notice refers in line one to a shortage of foxes,” he wrote. “What for? For several years we have articulated a case for wildlife management. That management should be accounting for every rural interest not just hunting. I am concerned that nowhere in the letter do I see reference to the needs of farmers . . . only the interests of foxhunters. This would play badly in almost every sector outside hunting itself, and within too.”

Hart takes exception to the suggestion that hunt masters ought to put pressure on members to maintain fox populations: “This can only be interpreted by the outside world as suspicious — the artificial enhancement of a ‘pest species’ for purely sporting benefit.
We would be ridiculed (if the remarks were published) in parliament and the media.” 

A few years later, when Hart was cultivating his Tory candidacy for the seat of Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire [elected 2010, WTF?], Daresbury donated £2,000 to his constituency party. Presumably this was some cack-handed apology for his mega-blunder in 2004. But, come on, £2k ? Really? 


Sabs stick like glue to Oakley FH, despite Masters riding at them

Very small field for joint meet with Woodland Pytchley FH

5-1-19   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    Well it has to be said I'm completely knackered and I'll be downing the first of several beers very soon but enough of that and on with the events of the day.

Now the Oakley think they've been out-smarting us recently as we've not been sabbing them but we simply had other options, however it was their turn again today and they tried another little trick of going out early with a 9am meet close to their Melchbourne home But as is usually the case with these affairs a little birdy mentioned this to us so we managed to get some sabs out nice and early and met them just a short time after leaving the meet.

As a nice bonus it appeared they were having a joint meet with the Woodland Pytchley - 2 hunts for the price of one! It must have been a bit of an embarrassment for the home side when we turned up and young Tom Henson's face (whipper In) was something to behold when he first saw us arrive, then promptly got on the phone to deliver the bad news [below].


With 2 vehicles and several small foot teams we stayed with them all day, they were never out of our sight for more than 5 minutes and also had the indignation of having our own Horatio Hornblower buggering off with the hounds. Well, they prefer us anyway.

Early on sabs noticed a fox hiding in scrub, a rider also noticed it but luckily the hounds didn't pick up onOakleyFHWoodlandPytchleyFHWPsbirdhandler5-1-19.jpg it's scent and sabs made sure it was safe.

The WP also seemed to have bought their bird of prey with them [right] as some sort of excuse for hunting. Perhaps they should ask the Fitzwilliam how it worked out for them. The law is pretty clear on this and poncing about with an eagle does not mean your hunting is legal. Ask George Adams.

It was clear they we were having an effect as riders soon started to ride at sabs aggressively and used their horses as weapon, the main instigator in this was the WP Master. It amused us to see Oakley riders and in particular Master Simon Paynter all of a sudden grow a pair to show off in front of their guests.

But no matter how hard they tried or the distance they covered they always ran into sabs and those foot sabs covered some serious distances today and our drivers doing an equally great job in ferrying sabs and staying in touch. All in all a very tough but hugely rewarding day and no kills.

Quick mention to Welly Boot man (the happiest bumpkin you'll ever meet) and his twin, you'll get a new name in due course but we need to think of something suitable, the Jacamo Brothers doesn't seem quite right.

Lots of fuel used today so any help hugely appreciated. https://ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs


                                    The field - pitiful for a joint Saturday meet 


                                          Apparently, they own all the roads 


Very long un-sabbed Welsh Hunt gets shock when antis appear

Found blatantly trying to hunt foxes, restrained by sabs

5-1-19   Facebook - South Wales Hunt Saboteurs    Vale of Clettwr – 05.01.19   We've received a number of requests to travel west because 'the Hunts are literally getting away with murder', so we headed over to Mydroilyn, a small village east of Newquay to see what the Clettwr were up to.

We arrived just after they'd entered the field and yup they were pleased to see us. We dropped a foot ValeofClettwrFHDumbstruckterrierman5-1-19.jpgteam just ahead of them, as the quads caught up they were full of threats and the usual tedious testosterone at a gateway but we carried on regardless. There were attempts to block our vehicle and we were followed most of the day.

The Huntsman was blatantly hunting but moved off quickly when sabs entered the field, spending much less time than intended in the valley below the meet. They headed to a huge wood at Caledrhydiau with vehicle support doing their best to intimidate and block us but we dropped a foot team in at the bottom of the wood where we were ready to intervene.

Hounds went into cry briefly which meant the huntsman spent the next hour or so getting them back together before moving on to head back toward the meet via a different valley. We tried to follow along a very narrow road but found it blocked by vehicle support and masked men who clearly didn't want us to see what they were up to.

Worked for us, we headed back along the top of the valley where we had eyes on the Huntsman and the rest of the criminal gang. We dropped a foot team in on the opposite side of the valley and the vehicle headed up to a high spot – both had eyes on when the Huntsman cast the hounds along a hedge and encouraged them on as they went into cry. But then he realised we were across the valley with good views and in a great position to intervene, so he called them off. Hounds were very responsive to his voice calls and the sound of the cracking whips. That was it – they slowly headed back to the meet to box up. It was a tough day and long but we're glad went – and will be seeing the Clettwr again very soon.

Pic above   -  Dumbstruck terrierman who probably still hasn't worked out what those weird, fleet creatures who seemed to want to stop them catching foxes were. 


Puckeridge FH hunt openly, sabs twice call hounds off

5-1-19    Facebook - Norwich Hunt Saboteurs   Hit report, 5th January 2018 - Puckeridge Foxhounds, Anstey    Today we joined SES - Suffolk And Essex, Cambridge and South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs and Herts Wildlife Monitors at the Puckeridge.

Sabs kept on top of the Hunt all day, despite best efforts of riders and supporters to block roads and hold us up. This was just as well because once again the Huntsman didn't bother hiding the fact that they were actively hunting foxes. Riding slowly through thick woodland, making noises intended to flush out foxes, the Hunt tried really hard to get a kill today, and probably would have got away with it if it weren't for those pesky sabs.

Twice in Scales Park woodland hounds were close on the line of a fox, but sabs were on hand to call them off and ensure wildlife a safe getaway.

All in all a successful day, which is more than can be said by the Hunt who looked even grumpier than usual. They also had shocking control of the hounds, who ended up running all over the place (including the road) with no huntsman in sight.


Also in attendance was Herts Police, who have obviously been given some new toys for Christmas [above]. They had buggies, quads, 4x4s, unmarked vehicles and more. It looked pretty fun but despite all of this and the number of officers in attendance, they didn't actually do anything, leaving both sabs and Hunt to get on with it. What a waste!

Unlike Herts Police, we don't get fancy new gadgets and vehicles for Christmas, but with your help we could buy our own. Please consider donating at https://ko-fi.com/N4N0HF6M.


Alpaca-mauling Meynell FH baulked in desire for a kill

5-1-19   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    First trip out of the new year and where else would we be but the alpaca killing, illegally hunting Meynell and South Staffs Hunt who met at the Nags Head, Hulland Ward.

An unusual meet for us this one as we've not seen them here on a Saturday before and we don't know it that well. We had a scout around the locale and chatted to some locals whilst the hunt were still at the meet. They all said they rarely saw the hunt and that they certainly weren't welcome. It does make you wonder if the increasingly unpopular Meynell are getting short of land to hunt.


                                              Sabs stay up with the pack  

After a brief, pointless loop South of the village they headed North into hillier wooded country and hounds quickly went into cry. They streamed West through Biggin towards Atlow whilst both groups of foot sabs scrambled to get in front of them. We caught up with the pack and kept a watchful eye on them in a steep valley near Atlow where the hapless Huntsman Sam lost half his pack for the first (but not last) time today. Whipper in Ollie had to lift half of them over a barbed wire fence so they could rejoin the pack.

After eventually gathering all the pack, they did a long loop to the North where they bothered some sheep, got stuck in a field and rode anxiously past some Lamas hoping none of their hounds fancied a quick snack.

Most of the field left at 2.30 and then the Hunt really got stuck in. Hounds were in and out of cry for most of the next hour, with the huntsman on foot some of the time in his desperate desire for a kill. Despite the challenging terrain sabs kept close on his tail and used horn and gizmo to distract hounds.

When they finally lost the scent at 3.30 his pack were split over several miles of country and the increasingly pissed off looking "half a pack Sam" spent the next hour gathering lost hounds before finally packing up as darkness fell at 4.30. Please support us: https://ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.


Atherstone FH Whip rides at sabs - tiny turnout, unable to hunt

5-1-19    Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Atherstone Hunt - Wolvey - Saturday 5th January 2019    The Atherstone Hunt started at 11:20am and had finished by 1:30pm. After their poor turnout over the Christmas period things haven’t improved with only around 10 riders turning up today. They spent those few hours riding round fields in Wolvey and Withybrook. Our constant presence and campaigning continues to prevent them from hunting foxes.

Whipper-In Conrad Jones tried riding into sabs several times whilst some of the hunt supporters who joined in with the road blocking on New Year’s Day are still welcomed out by the Hunt. The air of frustration at the Atherstone Hunt is becoming more noticeable.

Please consider donating towards our campaign costs – https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.


Sab group post open letter highly critical of the League 

5-1-19  Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs     Open Letter to the League against Cruel Sports   Dear LACS, We respectfully ask that you do not make use of our groups name and intelligence gained in any of your reports such as this.

We find it disingenuous that you remove a long term hunt saboteur from your trustee board, legally elected, on the grounds that he sits on the HSA committee. You then use information gathered from our hunt sab group and others to promote yourselves as the (so-called) leading anti-hunt organisation. That of course is actually the Hunt Saboteurs Association http://www.huntsabs.org.uk/.

You didn't even give the local sab groups the respect of showing their contact information. Even your investigator mentioned in the article was on annual leave, which is to his credit. The rest of your 'investigators' were noticeable by their absence.

The League is failing to get the intelligence and on the ground reports that hunts sab get purely because you will not get out of your offices and into the field.

Please refrain from using information gained by hunt saboteurs which leeches much needed funds required by hunt sab groups, which we need to actually save lives and show the public what is happening to our wildlife. At this moment in time you are just acting as a parasite organisation on the backs of those risking their safety to save animals and get the truth to the public.

The Hunt Saboteurs Association, achieves as much if not more then your organisation does with no enormous wages bill just a group of dedicated volunteers. We urge all those reading this to donate to them or your local hunt sab group.    South Coast Hunt Saboteurs

11-1-19  Daily Telegraph   League Against Cruel Sports labelled 'parasitic organisation' by saboteurs    Britain's biggest anti-hunting charity is said to be in meltdown as it is labelled a "parasitic organisation" by saboteurs who have refused to co-operate with it.

The League Against Cruel Sports, which has dismissed a number of senior figures in recent months, is suffering a split between the hard line activists and the new leadership of the charity, which includes retired police and army officers.

Former supporters have accused the charity of failing to take action to protect animals and of ousting anyone who dares to ask questions about the direction it is taking, with some suggesting that it has been "infiltrated".

The League has responded in a series of bizarre statements and social media messages, saying that there is a "campaign" against them. The crisis has led to intervention from the Charity Commission, which said that a "serious and damaging dispute" is underway and had resulted in it offering "formal regulatory advice".

Local saboteurs groups have now refused to co-operate with the League, which has previously taken the lead on prosecutions of hunts, accusing it of using information that they have gained on the ground to promote themselves and "leech" resources from activists.

As well as terminating the appointment of 11 directors and one secretary last year alone, the League last month ousted vice presidents Peter Egan, the Downton Abbey star, and author Penny Morgan. Mr Egan, a well-known animal rights, said that he had "joined a group of dissenters" who had been forced out as he "wanted an open and transparent discussion".

It came after trustees Chris Williamson, the Labour MP who led the league for a decade, and Simon Russell, who sits on the Hunt Saboteurs Association committee, were both forced out. Ms Morgan said she had been pushed out "for daring to ask some questions about what's going on in a wonderful animal charity that seems to be suffering upheavals".

Andy Knott, a former lieutenant-colonel and commanding officer of 2 Signal Regiment, took over as chief executive in May at around the same time as Martin Sims, a former Chief Inspector and head of the police's National Wildlife Crime Unit, become director of investigations. Simon Prince, the retired chief constable of Dyfed-Powys Police, was appointed a director in September.

Darryl Cunnington, head of field operations at the League, has said that claims that they have been infiltrated are "rubbish" and they now have an "intelligence team who are ex-police and frighteningly good". Sources say that the former officers are not a comfortable fit with activists who have spent years protesting.

The turmoil at the organisation, which was founded in the 1920s, has led to a boycott by those following hunts on the ground. The South Coast Hunt Sabs wrote an open letter calling for the Lacs not to "make use of our groups name and intelligence gained in any of your reports" after the charity put out a release claiming that saboteurs had alleged eight foxes had been killed across the country...

They called on the charity to stop using information gathered by saboteurs as it "leeches" funds from their own groups, adding: "At this moment in time you are just acting as a parasite organisation on the backs of those risking their safety to save animals and get the truth to the public."

The League has launched a number of private prosecutions against Hunts. Most prosecutions rely on video or photographic evidence taken on the ground.

'Hunting Scent' - support threatens sabs, damage vehicles

5-1-19    Facebook - Liverpool Hunt Sabs    Today with Sheffield and West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs we sabbed the North Staffordshire Hunt who met at Phynson Hayes Farm north of Woore, Cheshire.

The Huntsman spent the entire day legging it from sabs. When there running there not hunting as effectively. Leaving his field behind, often going in the opposite direction to them. No kills to report, despite a fox being seen... Thankfully.

Quote of the day; To the Huntsman - 'What scent do you use for the 'trail' ?' Awkward looks and silence was followed by.... 'Hunting scent'. Which isn't even a thing, showing he knows so little about trail hunting he couldn't even lie.

We have had some aggression, threats and damaged vehicles from the hunt support... nothing new there then. Videos to follow.

If you can help us with fuel costs here is the link to our kofi page. https://ko-fi.com/liverpoolhuntsabs. Thank you.


S. Herefordshire cub cruelty case is delayed yet again 

4-1-19   Facebook - Hunt Investigation Team   Fox cubs case update   The 5 accused appeared in court today. After further legal arguments it was decided to delay yet again any trial to May 28th 2019. That is 3 years to the day that the cubs met their cruel deaths at the kennels of the South Herefordshire Hunt. The trial itself will only proceed pending the outcome of further legal arguments in the coming weeks. We will not rest until justice is done in this case.

Please share the story of these fox cubs and help to keep their story in the public eye. HIT. https://huntinvestigationteam.org/shh/.


Monitors think Beaufort FH killed fox on New Years Day

Young supporter bares buttocks at monitors 

4-1-19    Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Beaufort Hunt, New Years’ Day, 2019   Terrier men were out early up to something, leading them to try and hide from us in a Tetbury side road. The meet itself had been relegated from town centre where it had been banned, to a wedding reception venue- The Tythe Barn on the outskirts of Tetbury.

The Hunt went first into Estcourt Park, where the hounds were seen following a line on cry by monitors and member of the public walking there. The hounds were then on cry in Shipton Wood for a long time and unearthly hollas were heard, but monitors were there and a fox escaped the area safely.

After second horse at the airfield, quads were seen by Ashley Marsh Covert. The Hunt came from that direction to Addy's Firs with terriermen en masse guarding one edge, riders on point and hounds frantically on cry inside the wood with hunt staff inside as well. Monitors were round the wood but as the chase got frantic one of us moved inside and witnessed screaming hounds massing onto something on the ground. A monitor was shoved hard into her shoulder by a regular follower. Unfortunately we believe a kill as the Huntsman sneered 'hard luck' to the monitor as the Hunt left. 

About 10 terrier men/minders were out all masked up [2 of them in pic below] and infantile behaviour was indulged in by terrier men chucking soil at one of our monitors. They circled round from there across the road from Church Farm - around a wood where there is an artificial earth clearly constructed since the Ban and which had been blocked for the day's hunt.


The hounds were on cry through an unnamed wood at the crossroads on Newnton Hill near Little Larkhill farm. One monitor ran down the side of the wood and a fox was sighted running followed by 3 hounds unaccompanied and 2 whistles. Where were the Huntsmen in charge? The rest of the pack ran over to the A433 where traffic was forced to slow yet again. 

The hounds came back again and were searching on the dismantled railway line. A fox was seen crossing the road as supporters were heard whistling to indicate a sighted fox, and hounds came following, shouted off by the monitor on the road. They kept on but seemed to lose the scent and were clearly then lost as part of the Hunt was seen gathering at The Folly Farm. The pack had divided and it took them a long time to gather the rest of the hounds from the Little Larkhill direction. They then went back towards the airfield hunting the copse to rear of church (and had a last go at a covert at the Airfield. Despite the banning of Hunt from town centre meet, they had still made their unpleasant presence felt in the vicinity.

Towards the end of the day a family following the Hunt started throwing insults at 2 monitors using foul language. The 19 year old son lost it and asked ‘Do you want to see a part of me that no-one has seen before?’ At which point he took down his trousers and bared his bottom! We have a video of this and will save it for a rainy day to cheer us all up!


As it was a bank holiday there were many members of public around. A couple by Addy's Firs were shocked by hounds on cry and the many walkers on the dismantled railway line had to contend with hounds on the path and Hunt all around, disrupting any hope of a tranquil walk to enjoy nature that had long dispersed.


NT comes under heavy pressure to cancel more 'trail hunt' licences

Campaign begins to make Hunts submit applications for meets in public places

4-1-19   Independent     National Trust bans fox-hunt packs after ‘terriermen’ filmed and fox disembowelled - Pressure mounts over hunt licences as calls grow for permit system     The National Trust has banned two hunt packs from its land and is being urged to cut ties with a third that witnesses say killed a fox.

Saboteurs and monitors have taken photographs and footage appearing to show riders and hounds chasing foxes this week – including one fox that was allegedly disembowelled by the Portman Hunt in Dorset, which is licensed by the Trust. It comes as hunting opponents try to force local councils to insist hunts apply for special events permits to go out. Hounds with the Portman Hunt chased the fox across countryside before tearing it apart, according to North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs members, who retrieved the corpse.

The League Against Cruel Sports is calling on the National Trust’s Kingston Lacy property to end its relationship with the Portman Hunt and cancel its licence to hunt on its land. Social media users have written on Kingston Lacy’s accounts, calling for a ban. The National Trust has already cancelled trail-hunting licences for both the South Shropshire Hunt and the Trinity Foot and South Herts Beagles for the winter.

Since the Hunting Act 2004 banned the hunting of wildlife, Hunts insist they follow trails, not foxes. But sceptics say “trail-hunting” is a cover.

The South Shropshire Hunt had been licensed for trail-hunting events on trust land on one day next week and on 29 January. Pressure group National Dis-Trust says the South Shropshire took terriermen onto trust land at the Long Mynd estate last month and hunted for four hours, including hunting outside their licensed area.

The National Trust allows “trail-hunting” but has banned the use of terriermen – men who use terriers to dig out foxes that have fled underground. Multiple foxes were pursued and the terrierman waited to dig out. The police were informed of illegal hunting and use of quad-bikes,” the activists claimed. A fox was filmed narrowly escaping capture, they said, and video showed terriermen also apparently accompanying the hunt on quad-bikes.

Ten days later the trust website was updated to say all remaining dates for the South Shropshire had been cancelled for the 2018-19 season. National Dis-Trust said the South Shropshire Hunt was “still out for blood” elsewhere this week. The National Trust declined to comment on the cancelling of the South Shropshire licences.

The Hunt said the allegations were untrue. Camilla Corrie, of the South Shropshire Hunt, told The Independent: “I understand there have been a number of unsubstantiated allegations made against us, but we continue to work closely with the National Trust and look forward to trail hunting in the near future.”

National Dis-Trust also reported Shropshire’s United Pack to the trust for allegedly hunting on Long Mynd outside their licensed area and with quad bikes and terrier boxes. “They travelled directly across where the South Shropshire Foxhounds had marked a fox to ground the day before,” the group claimed. But a spokesperson from the United pack said: “The United operates within the law to comply with the Hunting Act 2004. The Hunt works closely with all of their landowners, including the National Trust, to ensure they respect the wishes of the people whose land they cross, and are in discussions with the National Trust regarding the allegation that the Hunt strayed out of their licensed area on the date in question.” A spokesman said the United Pack was still licensed to trail-hunt on Trust land “and we assume they will be using their one remaining licence date”.

Separately, just before Christmas, the Trust cancelled all dates for the Trinity Foot and South Herts Beagles, but the reasons were unclear. The Trust said it was because the date clashed with a deer cull at the Ashridge Estate but the Hunt insisted it had always used the estate during annual culls.

A National Trust spokesman told The Independent: “This year we have concluded that, upon reflection, the area is not a suitable location to licence trail-hunting given the extensive deer management programme which takes place simultaneously.” Conducting the two activities at the same time at Ashridge was not compatible, he said. “Due to the ongoing issues surrounding the deer-management scheme, we will not be inviting future applications for trail-hunting on the estate.”

The footage of a fox allegedly killed in Dorset emerged as thousands of Facebook users condemned footage of a rider from the Portman Hunt apparently kicking a horse in the stomach as he tried to mount it. The rider, photographed on one leg, was seen aiming the other one at the horse’s stomach (Dorset Against Blood Sports).

The Hunt said in a statement: “The Portman Hunt takes great pride in maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare. We are taking this very seriously and will deal with the matter internally.”

Meanwhile, a businesswoman is trying to force local authorities to enforce rules that could prove an obstacle to hunt organisers. Barbara Wray says: “If I decided to run an event – say a community treasure hunt which was open to all members of the community, with children and adults on bicycles or segways, in wheechairs or on ponies … and I set the meeting point as outside the village pub... I would have needed to have applied to the council for permission.”

Ms Wray, who has qualifications in agriculture, says she has asked 12 councils so far whether Hunts have applied for event permits but not one had said it had received an application. Some said it wasn’t their jurisdiction, others have not replied yet.

She is starting a petition on Change.org, calling for Hunts to be forced to apply for and be granted event permissions according to local council regulations and Health and Safety Executive guidelines; and that they must supply risk assessments and proof of public liability before being allowed to meet on public land or highways.

She said: “In addition the trail course must be submitted in advance, to the council for their approval – showing that horses and hounds will be kept well away from public highways. Finally that trail hunts only permit horses, riders and hounds. No quad bikes or terriers should accompany the riders.”

Last month Tetbury town council in Gloucestershire voted to ban the Beaufort Hunt, a favourite of Prince Charles, from its land.

The Portman Hunt said it would fully co-operate with the police investigation into the apparent fox killing. A spokesperson said: “The Hunt operates within the law to comply with the Hunting Act 2004. Despite this, the Hunt, along with many others across the country, is regularly subjected to spurious allegations of illegal hunting as part of a wider animal-rights agenda.”

There were numerous clashes around the UK between hunters and protesters on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day as thousands turned out for hunt meets.

A spokesman for the Local Government Association said: “We are not aware that councils have a role overseeing hunts and clearly neither are the hunts, given none of them have submitted applications. If someone thinks that a contrary position is true, they should set out why and give some specific legal references.” The association has guidelines on how to stage public events, including obtaining council permission.

The Countryside Alliance declined to comment on the idea of Hunts obtaining permits from councils.


Ledbury FH hounds invade garden after fox, owner rates them off

Later, sabs have to pull hounds out of small hole fox went down

4-1-19    Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Blocked badger setts in a cull zone where the cull continues Hounds hunting a fox through gardens - fox hunted into small hole, sabs pull hounds out Ledbury Hunt, Friday 4th January 2019, Murrell’s End, Hartpury    First Port of call was a blocked sett which was dealt with and reported. The hounds were up Limbury Hill and then found a fox at Blackwell’s End farm and a holloa was heard from a hunt follower on the road as sabs from up the hill used voice calls lifting their heads.

After second horsing at Tweenhills, they crossed the A417 and hunted a fox through gardens at Broad Street, Hartpury. One quick thinking householder after seeing the fox flee for his life through his garden ran out and rated the pack of hounds away from the hunted animal. Quite a few people not very happy and asking lots of questions!

Then a repeat performance as they approached Ashleworth…. Onwards then to Ashleworth meadows where they hunted a fox towards Haw Bridge. A sab filmed the hunted fox from near the pub but regrettably he ran back the way he had come. He went to ground in a small hole [below] and hounds trying to dig him out again as they marked were pulled out physically by sabs. Wisely the Hunt retreated, not so wisely they then crossed the main road and hunted another fox in the dusk up to Cumberwood Farm and back down to the outskirts of Tirley. In the dark they did stop the pack in the end.


Another blocked badger sett was found at the end of the day, looked recent but not today. This sett had been very active. The cull continues in this area with free shooting but those who hate badgers are not content with a cull that goes on for 7 months. The illegal killing and damage to setts also continues.

Very busy day in which it was ,yet again, really obvious that the Ledbury are hunting foxes. Bearing in mind that they are enjoying the South Herefordshire Hunt country (whilst whatever is left of that hunt join in with them) it does make you wonder what sort of echo chamber the MFHA (Masters of Fox Hounds Association) exist in. No one is buying the trail hunting theatrics, certainly not in this part of the world.

Please continue to support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs.

Pics below   -   1/  Fox fleeing from hounds. Soon after, escaped down hole   2/  Hound making clumsy attempt to exit a garden  

  LedburyFHFoxfleeinghounds4-1-19.jpg LedburyFHHoundIngarden4-1-19.jpg


Radley College Beagles found hunting & packed up by sabs

4-1-19    Facebook - Berkshire Hunt Sabs    Cruelty on the curriculum: Radley College Criminals  Today Radley College Beagles were found hunting at Calmsden Manor near Cirencester. Upon our arrival the Hunt sent some of their students over to follow and try to intimidate us however with our sabs all around the meet and the arrival of the police they must have known their half term fun was over and that they now had little hope of hunting in peace. They scurried off home within the hour.

If like us you are appalled that students are being taught to illegally hunt hare please contact the college to let them know your views here ——> https://www.radley.org.uk/contact.


Police investigating killing of fox by Portman FH

3-1-19    BBC News    Dorset Police investigate 'illegal fox killing'     The Portman Hunt is based in north Dorset Police are investigating an allegation that a fox was killed during a traditional hunt meet, in a breach of the ban on hunting with dogs. The animal was chased and killed near Sturminster Newton, Dorset, by hounds from the Portman Hunt on Wednesday, the League Against Cruel Sports said. The campaign group has called on the National Trust to revoke the Portman Hunt's trail hunting licence. The Hunt said it operates within the law.

The incident at Fifehead St Quintin was witnessed by hunt saboteurs, who recovered the "disembowelled" fox, the League said. Chris Luffingham from the group described it as a "brutal incident in which a wild animal has lost its life". The League said the National Trust should revoke a licence granted to the hunt at the Kingston Lacy estate, 11 miles (18km) away. The Trust said it could not comment because the incident did not take place on its land.

Dorset Police said it was investigating an allegation of an "illegal hunt and that a fox was found dead".

In a statement the Hunt said it would fully cooperate with the police investigation. A spokesperson said:- "The Portman Hunt operates within the law to comply with the Hunting Act 2004. Despite this, the Hunt - along with many others across the country - is regularly subjected to spurious allegations of illegal hunting as part of a wider animal rights agenda."

Under the Hunting Act, it is illegal to hunt a wild mammal with a dog, except in specific circumstances. Many hunts say they only engage in trail hunting, in which hounds follow an animal scent trail left by hunt members on foot, horseback or from a quad bike. The Countryside Alliance says that if hounds pick up the scent of a real fox the huntsmen will stop the hounds as soon as they are made aware.

In March, the Portman's joint-master Evo Shirley was found not guilty of illegal hunting after police received footage of hounds chasing a fox.


S. Shropshire FH NT licence cancelled after filmed chasing fox

3-1-19    Shropshire Star    Hunt cancelled in the South Shropshire hills     The National Trust has cancelled its controversial trail hunting licence for the South Shropshire Hunt at the Long Mynd.

The Trust put the announcement that the remaining dates of the season were cancelled on its website. There were set to be trail hunting events on January 8 and 29, but they will no longer go ahead. It comes after a photographs were taken by Shropshire-based protestors of foxes escaping from hounds in December.

The League Against Cruel Sports, which wrote to Long Mynd’s General Manager, urging the conservation body to block those seeking to hunt wildlife on its land, has welcomed the cancellation of the South Shropshire Hunt’s meets.

Chris Luffingham, Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “The Long Mynd Estate is to be commended for ensuring the license granted for the South Shropshire Hunt to access its land has now been cancelled. "This outcome reacts strong public opposition to the practice – with 85 per cent of people opposed to hunting foxes with hounds."

Eighteen hunting licenses allowing horses, hounds and followers access to sections of National Trust properties are still active across England and Wales. These include nature reserves and conservation areas, home to vulnerable fauna and flora, which the Trust maintains.

Mr Luffingham said: "By cancelling its hunting licence for the South Shropshire Hunt to meet on its land, the Long Mynd Estate has done the right thing and we hope other National Trust properties will follow suit. There is no doubt the considerable number of National Trust members, visitors and employees, as well as the wider public, now expect the cancellation of all remaining hunting licenses as a matter of urgency.”

See here for report from monitors that lost S. Shrops FH their licence 


Chris Packham urges New Forest FH to switch to drag hunting

3-1-19  Southern Daily Echo    Chris Packham challenges Hunts to change - by offering himself as a human quarry   “COME and get me!”  That’s the invitation being issued by TV wildlife expert Chris Packham, who is urging the New Forest Hounds (NFH) to switch from trail hunting to another form of the sport. Chris, who lives in the Forest, is volunteering to be the hunt’s first human quarry if it changes to drag hunting. He spoke out after visiting the New Year’s Day hunt at Linwood, near Ringwood, and filming a video which has since had more than 500,000 views.

Hunting with dogs was outlawed by the last Labour government. Since then the NFH and other Hunts have turned to trail hunting, which involves hounds chasing an artificial scent. But critics claim it can result in Hunts breaking the law by pursuing a fox – either accidentally or deliberately.

Chris wants the NFH to switch to drag hunting, with hounds tracking either a human runner or a chemical scent. The popular BBC Springwatch presenter told the Daily Echo: “If the New Forest Hounds did that, I would be happy to be their first human quarry.”


Hunts in some other parts of the UK have faced allegations that the bloodsport has continued under the guise of trail hunting.

Chris Pitt, the deputy director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “Wild animals, including foxes, hare and deer, are still being chased to exhaustion before being torn to pieces.” Mr Pitt said more than 85% of people opposed all forms of hunting. He added: “There is strong support for British wildlife being given robust protection from those who kill for sport. How can we call ourselves a civilised nation when those who gain entertainment from attacking wildlife continue to go unpunished by the law?”

Chris Packham added: “Foxhunting is a highly-emotive activity which has no place in the contemporary environment – and everyone knows that. The law is constantly contravened. Foxes are being torn to pieces in people’s front gardens and pets are being chased. We have to make peaceful, democratic progress in ending this practice. It’s very difficult to monitor foxhunting and it’s also very difficult when things go wrong to get a successful prosecution. Police are under-resourced and have many other things to deal with. If hunts switched to drag hunting it would have a positive impact in public relations terms as well as having a positive impact on wildlife. I’m not saying it’s the whole answer but it would be a step in the right direction.”

Last night a NFH spokesman said: “We thank Chris Packham for his offer of being hunted by the New Forest Hounds but we don’t think it would be practical. We spent a lot of time and effort in getting our hounds to switch to trail hunting. We think it would be even more difficult, perhaps even impossible, to get them to switch to drag hunting. It would go against 250 years of breeding.”


Two Devon Harrier packs to amalgamate

3-1-19    Facebook - Hunt Saboteurs    The inevitable demise of hunting to hounds continues according to Horse & Hound, with yet another pack 'amalgamating'. This time it’s the Modbury joining the Dart Pool & South Vale Harriers. That's 50% less hunting in those areas.

Good news all round, but we need more help getting sabs out stopping the killing and eventually ending hunts. Please join as a member of the HSA today or at least make a donation.



Investigation into claim of illegal hunting in N. Wales forest

3-1-19    North Wales Live    Investigation into 'illegal fox hunting' in Conwy Valley claims    Police said they found no evidence of an offence but are continuing to look into the circumstances An investigation is underway into allegations of illegal fox hunting in the Gwydyr Forest. The probe, being carried out by North Wales Police and Natural Resources Wales, was sparked by complaints at the weekend.

Anti-hunt protesters claimed they saw up to 21 hounds in the forest, in Betws y Coed, and heard gunshots and bugles. Police attended and said they found 'no evidence of any offence having taken place' but they are continuing to investigate the claims, made by anti-hunt protester Judith Hewitt.


Natural Resources Wales - which owns the forest - said it wouldn't tolerate illegal activity on its land. Mrs Hewitt said: "The area where the hunt was spotted is on the Marin trail which is very well known for mountain bikers. A local lady was first on the scene and reported seeing some female mountain bikers very upset with some in tears as hounds ran amok on both sides of the forest lane. It can be a very frightening experience, not to mention dangerous, for people cycling the forest."

The law states that for the purposes of vermin control, two hounds can be used to flush out foxes so they can be shot. Mrs Hewitt added: "If a group is on foot, accompanied by terrier men, and carrying firearms, then I believe that would not just be exercising hounds." Residents living nearby said they had heard the sound of shot during the day on December 30.A spokesman for Natural Resources Wales said: “We won't tolerate illegal activity on our land and will investigate what’s happened here. In the meantime, if anyone is aware of illegal hunting activities we recommend that they call the police on 101 to report it as soon as possible.”

Sergeant Fiona Armstrong-Brown, of North Wales Police, said that officers responded to a call from a concerned member of the public. She said: “Whilst we appreciate the concerns of the caller, when the officer arrived there was no evidence of any offence having taken place. We are however continuing to carry out enquiries to establish the full facts.”


Sabs find fox body after hear Portman FH Huntsman blow kill

Strongly suspected this was a 'bagged' fox released just before caught

2-1-19   Facebook - North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   2/1/19, Portman FH @ Fifehead St Quinton    Arriving early to the area we witnessed Evo and his hounds unboxing at Southley Farm. After a quick chin wag with the rest of the field and adoring support at Lower Fifehead Farm, the hunt set off towards Fifehead Common. With riders and hounds going east down Gypsys Drove a foot team was dropped in ahead to meet them. Finding nothing, Evo then took his hounds past Banbury Hill towards Roome Farm.

We are a small core group here in North Dorset. Today with only one vehicle and a small foot team, keeping a constant eye on the hunt was proving difficult. Thankfully Dorset is not short of other animal rights groups and individuals who are prepared to come together and work as a team.

After collecting our foot sabs, we arrived back to the area to be told by an ally that they were headed for Whitmore Coppice. With two foot sabs approaching the coppice from the west and another from the east, we hoped to be in a good position to rate any hounds if needed and spot any fleeing foxes.

Hounds were heard briefly speaking from within the wood, then went silent. The silence was broken by Evo blowing his horn to signify a kill. Sabs now in the woods, it didn't take long to come across the body of a freshly killed fox. Hunt staff were also spotted trying to find any evidence before we did. With the guilty party headed to Lowbrook Farm, it was then down to our comrades Wildlife Witness to monitor their movements.

  PortmanFHKilledfox2_2-1-19.jpg PortmanFHKilledfox2-1-19.jpg

The foot team started the long walk back to the car, cradling the still warm body of the dog fox. Quite some time was taken talking to the police who responded to our call. We know nothing will come of this because of the lack of video footage. The Portman and their support know this as well. They know they can carry on hunting illegally because the amount of evidence needed for a conviction is do hard to collate.

We spoke about the possibility of the these poor ‘sportsmen’ releasing a bagged fox last Saturday. All the evidence and circumstances surrounding this kill today indicates to us, this fox was released to the hounds and not persued. The hounds were not on a line before reaching the wood, a quad was heard in the wood at the time of the kill, the hounds barely went into cry before killing. The fox was also awfully clean considering the sodden muddy ground at the moment. No mud between it's pads, no mud on the backs of his legs. See for yourselves and draw your own conclusion. Our conclusion is that Evo Shirley is such a sorry excuse for a man and a huntsman, that he has to get his lackeys to supply him with his quarry.

Hounds picking up nothing for the remainder of the day, we accompanied them back to the meet to watch them pack up at 4:20.

We are at the moment self funded out of our own pockets. If you would like to help us financially please follow our link at the top of the page. If you want to help in any other way please message the page, we would love to hear from you.


Braes o' Derwent FH hounds run amok in village

2-1-19   Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors   VIDEO    Braes Of Derwent Hunt. 31.12.18   Hounds out of control in Shotley Bridge while hunt staff attempt to round them up, no hound master in sight. Thanks to MOP [villager] for sending. Vid with sound on link below. 



Sabs believe E. Sussex FH killed 3 foxes on 31st December

2-1-19    Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs    We have just been told by a supporter that the East Sussex & Romney Marsh Hunt were at Iden on Monday. Unfortunately no sabs were present and according to our source 3 foxes were killed. We have no hard evidence but believe it to be true.

Yes we're angry, keep us in the field protecting our wildlife by making a donation: 

Paypal.me/SouthCoastHuntSabs. Drop us a line if you'd like to join us. Any info on the dirty hunts or other animal abusers: 07443148426.


Sabs find several blocked setts while out with Mendip Farmers FH

2-1-19    Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    A small team of sabs from Bristol and Bath Hunt Saboteurs headed over to Ston Easton Park Hotel to keep an eye on the Mendip Farmers Hunt at their New Year's Day meet. They covered a lot of ground but we kept up with them. Hounds were barely heard picking up on any scents until the end of the day, when sabs on foot were there to intervene and sent the Huntsman running.

We know this area pretty well due to the ludicrous badger cull, and were enraged to find several large and usually healthy and active badger setts had very recently been totally blocked. There were fresh quad bike tracks leading to and from them, and obvious spades marks where they had been filled in with earth and rocks. We hastily unblocked them so that any foxes could go to ground and badgers underground could escape.


Please consider supporting our work. Paypal.me/bristolhuntsabs.



Old Berkeley Beagles pack up as soon as sabs appear

2-1-19  Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs    Mission 56, Old Berkeley Beagles Cublington, 2-1-OldBerkeleyBeaglesWalk2-1-19.jpg19   Guildford, North Downs, and Reading sabs went on a road trip to sab the Old Berkeley Beagles at Cublington near Leighton Buzzard joining other sabs from Berkshire and Beds and Bucks.

As soon the hunters saw the sabs they packed up and began their "walk of shame" back to the meet! Sabs were very happy, as we estimate 3-5 hares would have been killed today if we hadn’t been there to stop them.

Today cost us a fair bit in diesel though, so if you are able kindly donate to: https://ko-fi.com/O5O8LDSI.


Atherstone FH support surround sab car to stop it moving

Soon as it does, woman hurls herself at it 

2-1-19    Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Atherstone Hunt - New Years Day 2019 - Atherstone Hunt supporter throws herself at moving vehicle - More shocking behaviour from the Atherstone Hunt     Yesterday, Atherstone Hunt supporters blocked a public road and completely surrounded the sab vehicle - an offence under the Highways Act. In the process blocking in other members of the public. Leicestershire Police were called but, as expected, didn’t even bother turning up.

The supporters involved are the same Atherstone Hunt supporters who were violent at the Boxing Day meet. Sasha Holden, one of the main people blocking the road on New Year's Day on Boxing Day was filmed throwing things at the sab vehicle whilst her partner Warren Elsworth was filmed kicking the sab vehicle and trying to get into it. Mandy Smith one of the other people blocking the road on New Years Day on Boxing Day was filmed assaulting a sab, issuing threats and biting a banner.

As the sab vehicle followed a member of the public's car that had been allowed to move on Smith then decided to run at the moving vehicle and throw herself at it to try and obstruct us from leaving. This desperate behaviour was very dangerous and disturbing and could have resulted in serious injuries. It was only thanks to the quick thinking of the driver that he was able to stop the vehicle.

The Atherstone Hunt are now claiming that Smith was deliberately driven at (despite the footage showing her lunging towards the vehicle) and that she has a broken foot (despite her foot not being hit and that she was able to run after the car after she was supposedly hit by it). 

Please consider donating towards our fuel costs. https://www.paypal.me/westmidlandhuntsabs.


Anti is punched, sab car vandalised at Four Burrow FH meet

1-1-19    Facebook - Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team    This morning we set out to sab the 4 Burrow meet at the Silver Ball in St Columb. AAF (Cornwall) staged a demonstration too. However when the hunt was leaving both AAF and our Landy was attacked by pro hunters with one AAF supporter being punched. The police were called out as their supporters blocked the street for 45 minutes.

Funnily enough most of the supporters ran away like the cowards they are when the police arrived. Worse was the damage done to the Landy. Smashed front light and a slashed tyre. Hunt supporters using the pubs seating and tables to barricade the street.

Well 4 Burrow so you think you won the day! Not really your supporters are supposed to represent you and they showed you lot up for the wildlife criminals you are. And coincidentally we gained some new supporters that were thoroughly ashamed by your supporters behaviour.


                                      Four Burrow FH supporter rabble 

2-1-19    Cornwall Live  VIDEO   Hunt clash sees car damaged and claims woman protesting was assaulted     Police have confirmed they are investigating the smashing of a headlight of a hunt protest group vehicle and report of an assault against a woman at the Four Burrow Hunt meet at the Silver Ball pub at St Columb Major.

Anti-hunt campaigners said a woman was assaulted and a car damaged when they attended a meet in Cornwall on New Year's Day. Members of the Action Against Foxhunting (AAF) group said a woman was punched by supporters of the Four Burrow Hunt at its gathering outside the Silver Ball pub at St Columb Major near Newquay. A Land Rover Discovery was also damaged, which belonged to another anti-hunt group in attendance and had its headlight smashed and tyres slashed. The AAF group said the mainly female protesters were also targeted with horse dung and verbal abuse, with young children present at the protest, which started at 10.30am.

The Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team was also involved in what was cited as a peaceful protest and has posted about the incident on Facebook, with details similar to those from AAF.

A spokesman for AAF told Cornwall Live: "AAF ran a peaceful protest with around 30 protesters, mainly female, in attendance against the Four Burrows hunt meet this morning at the Silver Ball St Columb Major. Protesters, mostly female, were attacked by male hunt supporters. One female received a body punch from a male. The attacker has been identified and she has spoken to police in the area. She is OK but understandably shaken. A vehicle was also damaged, broken headlight, slashed tyres, this belonged to the Kernow Monitors/Sabs Team. Horse dung and verbal abuse was also directed at the females by male hunt supporters. We believe a lot of them left the area when police arrived. Police were informed prior to the event due to concerns over escalating violence by these illegal hunts but failed to attend and were some time answering the emergency call. There were many young children in attendance with these supporters who witnessed this, we felt it was possibly premeditated."...

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman confirmed that officers were called to the scene of an altercation between pro-hunt and anti-hunt protesters in Fair Street at about 11.45am. He said: "We attended and there was a report of criminal damage to a motor vehicle arising from this; a Land Rover Discovery was damaged, which will be investigated. In addition there was an assault that had been reported. Police will be investigating an assault and criminal damage arising from the incident."


Sab landy rammed, tyre slashed at Cottesmore FH - sabs assaulted

1-1-19   Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs   Hit report, 01/01/2019 The Cottesmore Hunt, NYD meet Uppingham protest success at the Cottesmore meet, criminal damage from hunt support, at least one fox seen to safety     We firstly want to say happy 2019 to everyone who is against blood sports. And a big thank you to everyone who turned up to our NYD Peaceful Protest In Uppingham market place. We really made our voices heard- illegal hunting has no place in 2019! And we will be back...

We teamed up with Hertfordshire and Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs. Our protest clearly upset a lot of the hunt support today. Interesting to see 3 begging buckets out for the hunt today - hard times for the Hunt!?

Hunt support were out to get us from the start - CottesmoreFHSlashedtyreonsablandy1-1-18.jpgwith one of the usual support vehicles mounting the pavement and trying to run a sab down. This set the aggressive tone for the day. We caught up with the hunt and hounds and watched them circle around fields and attempt to flush foxes from wooded areas and hedgerows. At one point they were on cry and were on a fox, but the fox made it safely away. There was no attempt to hunt within the law from the Cottesmore, they just do not care.

We were then informed the usual violent hunt support had blocked, rammed and slashed one of our landy tyres [left], Leaving our vehicle out of action. The police were called and the criminal damage has been reported. We can not stress enough how out of control these hunt criminals are. When will the law catch up with them?

While monitoring the hunt we came across a very angry farmer- who had brought his whole family out to witness him assaulting sabs. If you allow illegal hunting on your land we monitor their criminal activity. Assaults have been reported to the police.

Hunt support , some of whom were clearly drunk, seemed to be in full intimidation mode and baying to see some blood, trying to encourage a fight- which did not happen much to hunt supports disappointment. At one point 8 vehicles left the road to follow foot sabs into Stoke Dry Woods but sabs quickly got away from this strange convoy of hunt misfits.

#Bedsandbuckshuntsaboteours and #northcambshuntsabotouers joined us in the afternoon after sending the Fitzwilliam Hunt packing following another successful protest and sab. We were then able to work together to keep tabs on the hunt until they packed the hounds up early at 3pm.

A challenging day but one we think the Cottesmore will not forget in a hurry, shame we drowned out Andrew Osbourne's dull speech at the start- his only opportunity to show off. Sabs overcame anything the hunt threw our way today - and we will sleep well knowing we were there to save wildlife as much as possible from the cruel Cottesmore Hunt.

To help keep wildlife safe by keeping sabs in the field and on the road you can donate to www.paypal.me/ENABS.



Big police op in Cotswolds targets illegal hunters and sabs

1-1-19    Glos & Wilts Standard     Police helicopter joins search for illegal fox hunts    Police officers responded to reports of illegal fox hunting yesterday with a co-ordinated response on land and in the sky. Officers took to quad bikes to search the Cotswold countryside for illegal activity, while colleagues from the National Police Air Service (NPAS) kept watch from the sky. Other members of the police team covered the fields and woodland on foot. 

Cotswold police said that they would be monitoring the situation again today to ensure that all pursuits were lawful, and that any protests were undertaken peacefully.

1-1-19    Gloucestershire Live   Protesters wearing balaclavas and following 'illegal' fox hunts sees police helicopter scrambled - Gloucestershire police sent the helicopter and officers on a quad bike and on foot to the Cotswolds    Police responded in force, on land and in the air, after getting reports that masked protesters were following illegal fox hunting events in the Cotswolds.

Sergeant Garrett Gloyn, of Gloucestershire Constabulary’s Cotswolds Neighbourhood Policing Team, said:-  “At about 1pm yesterday we received separate reports of illegal hunting activity and that hunt supporters were being followed by protesters wearing balaclavas. These incidents took place in the vicinity of Cirencester, Ewen and Coates. Officers on the ground engaged with members of two hunts, one mounted and the other on foot, and protestors who were following both Hunts. The Police helicopter was deployed to the area for a short period and monitored the mounted hunt. No evidence of illegal fox hunting was seen.”


Sabs assaulted at Barlow FH - police dealing 

1-1-19    Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Today we joined forces with West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs to put a small team on the ground to monitor the Barlow Hunt on their New Year's Day meet at The Gate Inn, Cutthorpe. This was a very awkward day with only four foot sabs that started with a hunt supporter blocking us in and ranting at us. Some nifty driving got us away from him but he proceeded to follow us for quite some time.

Eventually we managed to get out on foot with the hounds, many of which were wandering around the roads and lanes, and were able to see a large fox to safety with a generous spraying of citronella. Masked hunt support were aggressive from the off, informing us repeatedly that we cannot film on a public footpath, only walk on it!

Later in the afternoon, a couple of hunt supporters took the aggression a step further which unfortunately resulted in sabs being assaulted. This was all filmed and the incident is with the police, so we can't say anymore.


Heythrop FH pull hounds off fox when know sabs filming

1-1-19    Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO     Heythrop, New Year's Day 2019, Stow on the Wold    We started the day with checking badger setts and artificial earths. A demonstration followed and thankyou to those who came to support the demo.

We (3C and independent monitors) managed to keep an eye on them most of the day. Just south of Evenlode our driver noted a rather disorientated fox look on in confusion at hunt support just after terriermen had been in a covert. just north of Evenlode they hunted a fox to the industrial estate opposite the fireman's college at Moreton in Marsh. poor creature was obviously tired and was turning around to check where the hounds were [below]. As always with the Heythrop we had our stalkers with us, they saw us film him and the Hunt went back to Evenlode away from him so good result.


Despite a holloa late afternoon (a holloa is to alert huntsman and hounds that a fox has been sighted) not much happened that we are aware of. Please continue to support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs.



Sab helps S. Durham FH extract hounds from quarry fox hunted into

Hunt later returned to try to find fox - anti presence dissuaded them 

1-1-19    Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs    Hit Report ~ South Durham Hunt ~ Redworth Hall Hotel ~ 29.12.18    For South Durham Hunt's final meet of 2018, one of our sabs again joined up with NE Hunt Monitors and found that they’d hidden all their vehicles and horse boxes at the back end of the carpark in Redworth Hall Hotel. We caught up to the hunt just in time to find them hunting through Cobbler’s Hall Plantation, woods that they are not actually allowed into. They soon headed off from here, pausing for a moment as a hound got briefly caught up in some barbed wire, before speeding off towards Windlestone Grange.

When they were in this area, some monitors and our sab were passing by a wood that the hounds had just been put into when from the other side we heard what sounded like somebody bashing a stick against a tree, in an obvious attempt to flush something towards the hounds. I’m pretty sure you don’t need to flush a trail out of some woods.

With three teams, monitors were able to keep the Hunt surrounded as they came to a forest and quarry in Coundon Grange. As we were coming over the brow of a hill the hounds went into cry, and while one group distracted them with a gizmo, a team ran down into the forest in case they marked a fox to ground. Once we were in the woods, we understood that a fox had escaped under some palisade fencing and into the quarry. With three group of monitors surrounding them, the Hunt left it, and Huntsman Harry Beeby had to spend a while on foot trying to gather up his hounds [retrieved, pic below]. This resulted in our sab having to help him dig a trench under the fencing for some of the hounds to squeeze through.


Once they’d finally gathered the hounds up they rode off again, and whilst one team stuck with the Hunt we headed into the quarry to spray the line of the fox with citronella, and make sure it was safe should the hunt come back. Sure enough, as was expected the Hunt circled and headed back towards the quarry, expecting to be able to recast the hounds back onto the line. Upon seeing monitors they soon abandoned this idea, and headed back to Windlestone Grange to pack up.

West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs are currently spread out all over the country, stopping the murder of our wildlife wherever we go. Please consider a donation to help us do what we do. https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs.


Flint & Denbigh FH hounds uncontrolled and at risk on roads

Police have to rescue one and put it in their car

1-1-19    Facebook - Liverpool Hunt Sabs     Liverpool Hunt Sabs teamed up today with our comrades FlintDFHSadhound29-12-18.jpgNorth Wales Hunt Saboteurs to visit the Flint and Denbigh, which met today at the Coed Coch Estate in Dolwen, Conwy, home of Harry Featherstonehaugh Lord Lieutenant of Clwyd.

The Huntsman was drawing lots of steep woods, with the hounds going into cry after a fox which sabs saw. Fortunately, the hounds lost the scent but determined to have another go the Huntsman took them back to the same woods to try again at the end of the day. The Huntsman's horse appeared very unhappy throughout the day & was kicking out including kicking a couple of hounds which yelped.

The Hunt showed a complete lack of care for hounds on the road today, taking them round blind bends with hounds everywhere on the roads. The Whipper-in spent all day just gathering loose hounds, with one lost at the end of the day which the sabs tried unsuccessfully to re-unite with the rest of the pack, with another hound ending up in the back of a police car. Despite the Hunts' lack of regard for any animal – hound, horse or fox - we had a successful day with no kills.



….. 31st December - Police investigate Grafton FH after sett digging  filmed
….. 31st December - Sab presence dissuades RAC Beagles from trying to hunt
….. 30th December - Antis pull Hampshire FH off 2 foxes but fear killed before they arrived
….. 30th December - Cheshire Forest FH Huntsman attacks sab with horse and whip
….. 30th December - Antis rate hounds off 1 fox N. Shropshire FH chased, stop dig out of other
….. 30th December - Sabs save 3 foxes from Cattistock FH - sab driver punched in face
….. 29th December - Cattistock FH hunt fox to ground in sett - antis prevent dig out
….. 29th December - Believed Cottesmore FH killed fox - supporter smashed sab car window
….. 29th December - Crawley FH kill fox in garden - resident in tears - Sabs get body
….. 29th December - Sabs claim Portman FH hunted, possibly killed, bagged fox
….. 29th December - Fox hunted by Eggesford FH runs right past solitary spotter
….. 29th December - Resident's fury as IoW FH hounds invade garden - cops hang up on her
….. 29th December - Old Berkeley Beagles reduced to just having a walk by sabs 
….. 29th December - Tourists rescue Hunt beagle found hanging from fence in Dorset
….. 28th December - Monitors think Waveney H. killed one of many foxes they chased
….. 28th December - Easton Harriers pack up after less than an hour on Boxing Day
….. 28th December - Sanctuary owner's car burnt after clash with Mendip Farmers FH
….. 28th December - Cotswold FH hounds run loose on dual carriageway A40
….. 28th December - Cheshire FH horse box is left blocking access to fire station
….. 28th December - Antis halt traffic as Surrey Union FH hounds chase fox across road
….. 27th December - Woman motorist attacked & injured after asked Mid Devon FH to move
….. 27th December - Atherstone FH support engage in violence and damage at meet
….. 27th December - Monitor film fox fleeing wood where Grafton FH hounds entered
….. 26th December - Hampshire FH thought to have killed fox they hunted
….. 26th December - Fox killed by Eggesford FH, dies in sab's arms, hunters laughed
….. 26th December - Anti has eye socket broken by E. Kent FH supporter, 1 arrested
….. 26th December - Labour restates plan to tighten hunt ban, likely to include jail terms
….. 26th December - 2 sabs punched at Ashford V FH meet, band's kit trashed
….. 26th December - Eryri FH trespass on Nat. Trust land - but no kills
….. 26th December - Horse dies under redcoat at N. Cotswold FH meet
….. 26th December - Fights erupt between pros & antis at Tredegar Farmers FH meet
….. 26th December - Sabs save hare from Palmer Marlborough Beagles who then pack up
….. 26th December - Scuffles at Southdown FH meet as hunters grab at antis' banners
….. 26th December - Albrighton W. FH ignore badly injured girl rider thrown at meet
….. 26th December - MSP to consult on Scottish hunt ban that 'does what it says on tin'
….. 26th December - Wiltshire Infantry Beagles flee sabs for 3 hours before giving up
….. 26th December - Antis claim they forced E. Kent FH from its village B.Day meet
….. 25th December - Police took hospitality from Hunt who badly injured woman sab last week
….. 25th December - Taw Vale Beagles take sabs on 2 hr road walk, then pack up

….. 24th December - Reports say Berwyn Hunt have lost hounds on a mountain

….. 24th December - Portman FH in long fox chase, ends in trespass on WT land

….. 24th December - Waveney Harriers chase two foxes & a deer, catch none

….. 23rd December - Mendip Farmers FH invades animal sanctuary, terrifying animals

….. 23rd December - Sabs nearly hit by boulders thrown by Portman FH support

….. 23rd December - East Kent FH hounds lose fox after heavy spraying by sabs

….. 23rd December - Hampshire FH hounds 'chop' and kill  hare in a field of kale

….. 23rd December - Easton/Waveney Harriers chase 2 hares in very short joint meet

….. 23rd December - Tiny Atherstone FH turn-out leads to drink-fuelled aggression

….. 23rd December - Blackmore FH openly hunt foxes and cause chaos on road

….. 22nd December - Quorn FH 'risks financial ruin' as merger talks collapse

….. 22nd December - Sabs hamper Grove & Rufford FH, find blocked sett

….. 22nd December - Sabs pull hounds off Belvoir FH quarry - find blocked sett

….. 22nd December - Ex JM's son throws dung at sabs in drunk jnt meet on S. Downs

….. 22nd December - Flint & D. FH cramped by sabs & police drone: sab assaulted

….. 22nd December - Ledbury FH engage in prolonged fox hunt - outcome unknown

….. 21st December - Flint & Denbigh FH terrierman tries to drive quad into sabs

….. 21st December - Belvoir FH has to move Boxing Day meet from centre of Grantham

….. 21st December - Portman FH seen openly chasing foxes

….. 21st December - Woman witnesses fox being hunted right past her garden

….. 21st December - Big fall in Atherstone FH assets reflects 5 years of sab pressure 

….. 20th December - Farmer spared jail for violent attack on Staitondale FH redcoat

….. 20th December - Petition seeks to end danger on roads from Portman FH

….. 20th December - Two from Meynell FH interviewed by police re cub hunting claim

….. 20th December - LACS expose Meynell FH cub hunting - features on Radio 4 PM

….. 20th December - Meynell FH hounds savage alpaca to death, maim another 

….. 20th December - S. Durham FH redcoat tries to smash windows of sab vehicle 

….. 20th December - .Block booking of NT sites by Hunts reduced after anti pressure
….. 20th December - Fox chased by Fitzwilliam FH hound killed on A14 - dug out nearby? 

….. 20th December - Warks FH chase fox around church - sabs have to call hounds off

….. 20th December - 90k sign petition for police to probe Surrey Union FH fox kill

….. 20th December - RFS complain to police over repeated trespass by Atherstone FH

….. 19th December - Sabs make sure no dig-out by Mendip Farmers FH

….. 19th December - Atherstone FH ignore instruction and ride through road works

….. 19th December - Monitors find N. Shropshire FH hounds marking - stop dig out

….. 19th December - Ullswater FH seen chasing fox & trespassing on NT land

….. 19th December - Sabs disrupt Cumberland FH attempts to put up fox to hunt

….. 19th December - Sabs find Eggesford FH hounds marking at sett and prevent dig

….. 19th December - Cumberland FH Huntsman friend of sadist jailed for animal cruelty

….. 19th December - Easton Harriers Huntsman whips sab, injuring legs

….. 19th December - Sab drone films E. Kent FH 'masterclass' in trad fox hunting

….. 18th December - Wynnstay FH terriermen boasted of killing 4 foxes in one area

….. 18th December - Quorn FH pack up after 70 mins because of sab presence

….. 17th December - Sab punched at Beaufort as hounds riot in gardens & on A road

….. 17th December - Belvoir FH support resort to violence after sabs save foxes

….. 17th December - Grove & Rufford FH fan tries to steal body cam & kick sab

….. 17th December - Ashford V FH advertise 'drag hunt' then try to hunt foxes as usual

….. 17th December - Ultra low turnout Lanarkshire FH riot on sheep

….. 16th December - Portman FH kennelman convicted of causing suffering to pig

….. 16th December - Sabs ruin Woodland Pytchley FH's hunting despite intimidation

….. 15th December - Woman sab attacked by Eggesford FH hunters, taken to hospital

….. 15th December - NT call police in after Surrey Union seen hunting on their land

….. 15th December - 2 foxes & a muntjac [just] saved from blatant Cotswold Vale FH

….. 15th December - Warks FH start by hunting off main road - end near motorway

….. 15th December - Farmer blasts N. Herefordshire FH after his sheep panicked by pack

….. 15th December - Welsh Hunt unsabbed for decade pack up when can't escape antis

….. 14th December - Sab blocked/threatened on footpath by Warks FH 'stewards'

….. 14th December - Shepherd fury as Four Burrow FH invasion leaves 2 sheep lame

….. 14th December - Support turned fox back towards Ledbury FH - 2 blocked setts found

….. 13th December - Crawley FH Huntsman refuses to call off hounds - foxes chased

….. 13th December - 2 more shot foxes dumped at anti's demo site at roundabout

….. 13th December - HIT say S. Herefordshire FH cubs cruelty trial WILL go ahead

….. 13th December - Grantham Mayor refuses to greet Belvoir FH on Boxing Day

….. 13th December - Sabs stop Worcestershire FH dealing with gone to ground fox

….. 13th December - Lone, weird swamp monster in red coat emerges from thicket!

….. 12th December - Sabs nearly hit in cry Waveney Harriers near housing estate 

….. 12th December - Local reports seeing Hunt [probably Quorn FH] chase & kill fox

….. 12th December - Sabs help 3 foxes escape from Fitzwilliam FH hounds

….. 11th December - Dead fox posed with beer can, fag dumped at anti's demo site 

….. 11th December - Council bans Beaufort FH from holding their B.Day meet in Tetbury 

….. 10th December - South Shropshire FH chase foxes over N.T. licenced land

….. 10th December - S. Dorset FH thugs attack sabs, try to steal equipment

….. 9th December - E Kent FH try to capture sab's drone - fail & pack up very early

….. 9th December - Single sab deters Bolebroke Beagles from even going to meet

….. 8th December - Llangollen 'Santa Train' hits hounds - one very badly injured

….. 8th December - Fitzwilliam FH chase fox on to A14 - hound killed 

….. 8th December - Cottesmore FH hunted illegally on Wildlife Trust land 

….. 8th December - Two men arrested over hammer attack on occupied sab car

….. 8th December - Eggesford FH hounds scatter in foul weather, many run on road

….. 8th December - 'Drunk', thieving Crawley FH follower's car seized - no insurance

….. 8th December - Four female sabs assaulted by Flint & Denbigh FH supporter

….. 7th December - MSP to seek total ban on hunting with dogs in Scotland

….. 7th December - Video of Belvoir FH hounds rioting in village uploaded

….. 6th December - Monitors harassed by followers as film Beaufort FH hunting illegally

….. 6th December - Buccleuch FH Huntsman & Whip acquitted of illegal fox hunting

….. 6th December - Nat.England gives Cheshire FH legal warning for hunting on SSSI

….. 6th December - Easton Harriers meet last 35 minutes due to tiny field & sabs

….. 6th December - Cheshire PCC report on force's handing of hunting published

….. 5th December - Boycott leads to N. Herefordshire FH losing hunt ball venue

….. 5th December - Silverton FH hound run over on A396 - 'looked close to death'

..... 5th December - Cheshire FH killed 'chopped' [bagged] fox, assault sab

….. 5th December - Sabs car vandalised on visit to Worcestershire FH

….. 5th December - Monitors find Wynnstay FH hunting openly + blocked setts

….. 4th December - Belvoir FH riot in village gardens, roads - residents alarmed

….. 4th December - N. Trust cancels Surrey Union FH licence after fox kill publicity

….. 4th December - S. Herefordshire FH cruelty case rules hearing delayed a month

….. 4th December - MSP urged to cut close connection to accused Lauderdale FH

….. 4th December - Extra sabs arrive, Fife FH Huntsman decides to pack up early

….. 4th December - Deer driven into barbie by Fife FH making good progress

….. 4th December - Actor Peter Egan says sacked as LACS VP for 'asking questions'

….. 3rd December - Sabs help several foxes escape Thurlow FH's hunting hounds

….. 3rd December - Blocked setts found near Cheshire FH meet - diesel poured in one

….. 3rd December - North Cotswold FH hunt dug-out fox through gardens

….. 3rd December - Ex employee sacked for gross misconduct not veganism, says LACS

….. 3rd December - Meynell FH supporting farmer tips manure over sabs in van

….. 5th December - Portman FH riders milling about on road disrupt traffic

….. 3rd December - Police seek thug who launched attack on sabs at Fernie FH meet

….. 2nd December - Sabs repeatedly intervene to save fox Eggesford FH intent on catching

….. 2nd December - N. Staffs FH thug hits sab car with hammer, some brandish knives

….. 2nd December - Sabs prevent dig-out by Cotswold FH as darkness falls

….. 2nd December - Middleton FH rider injures a sab by riding into them 

….. 2nd December - Grantham locals to sue Council over Belvoir FH B.Day meet 

….. 1st December - NT licenced Surrey Union FH hunts and kills fox

….. 1st December - Banwen Miners FH hunt fox in banned land - may have killed

….. 1st December - Fox saved from Meynell FH by sabs leading to early pack up

….. 1st December - Sabs just manage to save fox from Puckeridge FH late on

….. 1st December - Berkeley FH hunt blatantly - sabs pull hounds off foxes 

…. 1st December - S. Durham FH hounds run loose on housing estate, pets flee


Police investigating Grafton FH terriermen for digging sett

31-12-18    Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch    Northamptonshire Police are investigating suspicious behaviour allegedly by the Grafton Hunt. Terriermen who were seen digging into a badger sett on Saturday 29 December 2018. Grafton Hunt Watch have been asked to supply original SD cards that contain evidence of the dig out. 



Sab presence dissuades RAC Beagles from trying to hunt

Antis went on to make sure VWH FH did no killing 

31-12-18    Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs     RAC Beagles Stopped From Hunting Hares    This morning’s Hunt of choice was the Royal Agricultural College Beagles (the hare hunting pack of the Royal Agricultural Uni at Cirencester), who were due to be out around Claydon Fields near Lechlade.

Ourselves & Bath Hunt Sabs had other ideas however and positioned ourselves around the meet ready for the hunt to move off at 11. Once they realised they had company they decided against this, instead hanging around at the meet for over an hour before driving back to their kennels at Coates near Cirencester.

With hunt staff & supporters drifting off and time ticking away, we kept one vehicle at the kennels to watch them whilst another went off to check out reports we’d received of a fox hunt all over an A road a couple of miles away. This turned out to be the Vale of White Horse Hunt, who we caught up with just east of Kemble at about 2.30.

Satisfied that the beagles were unlikely to head back out, we called in the second vehicle and between us had the fox hunt covered. We watched the Huntsman and hounds run around a small area doubling back every now and again, but with sabs either side and a police helicopter circling over head they seemed stuck for places to go and were packing up at 3.30. A great end to 2018 for us! Thanks to all of our supporters, those who have passed us information or helped us financially this year; without you we wouldn’t be out in the field. Full steam ahead into 2019. Happy New Year! PayPal.me/bristolhuntsabs.


Antis pull Hampshire FH off 2 foxes but fear killed before they arrived

This based on significant bloodstaining of Huntsman's clothing

30-12-18   Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs    "Trail? it's up my arse!"    Yesterday with North Downs & Reading Hunt Saboteurs and the Surrey Hunt Monitors we decided to pay the Hampshire Hunt a visit after numerous incidents of illegal hunting within the past week documented by the Surrey Hunt Monitors.

As sabs and monitors followed the hound van hunt support blocked our vehicles in in a desperate attempt to getaway. We found them again near Bramdean Common and as a monitor attempted to follow the quad they were faced with intimidation.

We soon came across another group of illegal hunters, this time in the form of a beagle pack. We spotted supporters over looking fields waiting for a hare to break but as we approached they all soon quickly walked back to the meet by Chiltern Down. Clearly frustrated that sabs had shown up and stopped their days hunting one supporter lashed out at a sab, not very welcoming!


While some sabs stayed with the beagle pack making sure they were packing up other sabs headed back to Farleigh Wallop where the Hampshire Hunt were spotted chasing a fox by a member of the public. As soon as we got there hounds were in cry after a fox. Sabs intervened just at the right time creating a barrier between the fox and the hounds. As sabs were spraying after the line of the first fox the hounds immediately got onto another but sabs managed to successfully call the hounds off. Sabs noticed the Huntsman had a lot of blood [above] on both his legs, shirt and hands. We suspect they may have got a kill before we got there given that we caught them in the act of illegally hunting another.

Shortly after they took their hounds on a slow, long ride back to the meet where they eventually packed up unable to carry on illegally hunting.

To help keep us out in the field please consider donating on the link below or message us to get involved! Got any information on your local hunt? Give us an anonymous message - Tip offs: 07565050925. Donations: https://ko-fi.com/O5O8LDSI.


Cheshire Forest FH Huntsman attacks sab with horse and whip

Presides over day of mayhem including everything but a kill 

Chased two foxes - first one sabs suspect was bagged

Sab who got attacked had called hounds off single-handed

Other fox was marked to ground - sabs prevented dig out 

Hunt deliberately went to entrance to a wildlife hospital

Locals gave them what for and drove Hunt away

Supporter car driven dangerously, imperilling young riders

Then drove at sab forcing him to leap into hedge

At start of day, Whip promised to cut a sab in half

Sab report says it was 'a perfect sabotage' 

30-12-18    Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO [of attack on sab]  On Saturday we paid a long overdue visit to old CheshireForestFHHuntsmanfuelling30-12-18.jpgSkeletor (Andrew German) and his ever-dwindling Cheshire Forest Hunt, with our friends from Cheshire Against Blood Sports and North Wales Hunt Saboteurs.

The Hunt began their day in a field adjacent to The Dog Inn and set off from here into Peover Hall grounds. Our sabs kept on them as German hunted some woodland around the outskirts of the estate. It seemed the Whipper In, Andrew Callwood, had one too many before setting off and immediately took to verbally attacking a sab, he can be heard saying "I'm going to cut you in half, that's not a threat it's a promise".

We don't pay too much mind to insults and injury if we are able, and pressed on in pursuit of the hounds. By now, German had been hunting for around 30-40 minutes and his hounds hadn't picked up a thing, only silence was heard from the pack as we ensured their heads stayed up with horn calls and their attention was diverted as they searched. We CheshireForestFHHoundsspilling30-12-18.jpgcarried on this way for some time with not much action, until the Hunt decided to take a ride to the entrance of Lower Moss Wildlife Hospital.

We jumped in our car and pursued the Hunt down Seven Sisters Lane, passing three 4x4 terrier man vehicles in a field. Our priority was Lower Moss however, and we arrived there as the Hunt rode around the entrance with the hounds scattered everywhere. Some friends where already there and moved the Hunt on. Thankfully their presence avoided a potential disaster. We are disgusted by this blatant show of power and disregard for sick and injured animals by German, the route he was on made Lower Moss an inconvenience for the riders to go past, so he didn't go there out of necessity, further proving his arrogance.

The Hunt had a small break in the yard of Manor Farm, serving sandwiches and alcohol, at this point the field had been reduced to around 20 riders. Manor farm is very near to the field where we previously spotted terriermen up to no good, so we placed sabs at the ready in strategic positions. German has hunted here in the past, so we had some idea of where he would go.

One of our foot sabs was at a field entrance from Manor Farm, as the last of field riders were going through, a silver 4x4 which was travelling in between 2 sab vehicles - suddenly pulled out, cutting up one of the other drivers & narrowly missing the other car. Our foot sab - shouted at him to slow down as there were kids on horses. They stood in front of the entrance to the field so the riders could pass. This vehicle then drove aggressively and directly at the sab, who literally had to run into a hedge to escapeCheshireForestFHDuchess30-12-18.jpg serious injury. The old couple driving only had thoughts of bloodlust to follow an illegal fox hunt - no thought or consideration for young riders or pedestrians.

As we suspected, German crossed the busy Seven Sisters Lane and went into the field where we spotted the terrier men. Hounds immediately went into cry and chased a fox further into the field, our sab lying in wait was able to see the fox past to safety and use voice calls to send the hounds into a different direction. German was furious at this point, pulled out his whip and used it to violently attack a sab (video to follow).

German continued on with just him and his trainee Whipper inn, he took to the other end of the land where one of the terriermen vehicles was parked up again. Once again, the hounds went into cry and chased another fox. We used horn calls and gizmo to take some of the pack while some sabs stayed with German in the woods with the hounds. They watched as the fox went to ground in a sett and the hounds dug their heads into the hole. German did nothing to call them off. We stood over the setts and used voice calls to keep the hounds back until German moved on, another fox saved in the space of 15 minutes. German had now well and truly failed.

Being a creature of habit, the Hunt (now reduced to about 10 riders) went and hunted the same land in Peover Hall and left via the back exit, crossing Stocks Lane and into some nearby fields. We continued our tactics of distracting the hounds from searching and they found nothing, with his head hung low, German returned to Peover Hall and packed up, a failure of a day for the Hunt and a perfect sabotage for us.

Much of what happened has been left out in the hopes that the police will deal with the incidents. Updates will follow.

Pics above   -   1/  Top, right  Huntsman Andrew German refuelling    2/  Hounds spilling on to road, no huntsman in sight    3/  Duchess, a hound that always prefers sab company 

31-12-18  Metro   Hunt saboteur ‘whipped’ by huntsman who ‘rode his horse at him’    A Huntsman has been filmed by saboteurs apparently striking a fox hunt activist during a ride yesterday. Wearing a red jacket and on the back of a white horse, he can be seen riding towards someone on the ground during the Cheshire Forest Hunt. He then appears to use his whip to hit the animal rights activist.

A spokesman for Cheshire Against Blood Sports told metro.co.uk: ‘It was awful and totally unprovoked, other than that we were present and spoiling his “fun”. ‘It has been reported to the police. Yesterday was a very difficult day for both CABS and sabs with numerous assaults perpetrated by hunt members.

He added: ‘The clips show a Cheshire Forest huntsman deliberately ride into a sab and then attack them with his whip end. This level of violence is faced by hunt monitors and sabs at hunt meets across the country, week after week, when will the forces of justice be used to stop this outrageous behaviour by the Hunts?’

Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs added : ‘We called off the hounds yesterday with Cheshire Against Blood Sports as they were in full cry and in pursuit of a suspected bagged fox. We saw the fox to safety and a Huntsman of the Cheshire Forest Hunt, couldn’t contain his anger and violently attacked our sab with his horse and his whip. This is the reality of what we have to deal with when we spoil the bloodlust of these violent individuals, thankfully we caught him on camera on this occasion, yet despite us making three 999 calls on this day, the police did not respond to one of them.’

The Cheshire Forest Hunt was established in 1947 and they ride across country between Chester and Macclesfield. Fox hunting was banned in 2005 following the passing of the Hunting Act 2004. The law bans the hunting of wild mammals including foxes, deer, hares and mink with dogs in England and Wales. Scotland had previously banned the practice in 2002. Hunting with hounds is still allowed if they are following an artificial scent laid down on the land.

Also in Independent 


Antis rate hounds off 1 fox N. Shropshire FH chased, stop dig out of other

30-12-18    Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   North Shropshire Hunt, Caynton, Edgmond, Nr Newport 29/12/2018     We dispatched a team of monitors to observe the North Shropshire Hunt who met just north N.ShropsFHHare29-12-18.jpgof Harper Adams University.

Leaving at 12 noon, from the outset the hounds split into two, one group were chasing a fox, whilst the huntsman tried to gather the other pack in Caynton Gorse, where we found an illegally blocked active badger sett complete with hound prints all over it.

Monitors were met with an increased level of attempted intimidation (which does not work on us) with people like Shirley and George shoving mobile phone cameras in monitors faces, whilst other monitors were bumped around by horses, why do this if the hunt is all legal then? A photographer on his bicycle was more interested in taking monitors photographs than the hunt and riders.

McColgan (Huntsman) and hounds did his usual hide and seek game, leaving the paying field and supporters clueless to his whereabouts, however as always monitors quickly found him and had tabs on his every move by circling him using roads and rights of way. He only had one place to hide and sure enough when a monitor spotted a fleeing fox, his hounds went into cry. Luke (terrierman) also spotted said fox and sped in the same direction, only to find monitors there too!, the hounds marked it to ground and monitors were being accosted by a mounted hunt member who was adamant she did not want the scene filmed, why we wonder?

When McColgan realised monitors were everywhere he ran off again, he cast his hounds in arable fields south east of Caynton Manor, where monitors watched his every move. We witnessed a brown hare running and terrified [above left], thankfully the hounds did not pick up on it.

He then had a talk with his terriermen and the Hunt swiftly moved off north. Within minutes a fox was seen running past the monitors past Caynton Manor, followed immediately by two hounds and then the rest of the pack. Due to the monitors’ quick reactions, the lead hounds were stopped and a hunt member rated the hounds using voice commands enough to prevent them pursuing the fox, whilst McColgan hid behind a copse tooting his horn.


                                N. Shropshire FH hounds on the line of a fox 

See they can stop the hounds when they want to, monitors presence there stopped the pursuit continuing. The Hunt then packed up for home at 2.20pm after realising they were not able to illegally hunt that day.

We witnessed the standard stuff with this hunt, blocked setts, quad bikes overloaded and not road registered, road blocking and attempted intimidation, West Mercia police notified again.


Sabs save 3 foxes from Cattistock FH - sab driver punched in face

30-12-18    Facebook - Southampton Sabs  Cattistock FH 29/12/2018 Lady T’s Hunt met at CattistockFHHounds29-12-18.jpgChetnole, West Dorset this week, and the paid hunt servants were out in force. With this Hunt, they spare no expense in their attempts to keep their bloodlust from the watchful eyes of Sabs. Each sab vehicle and foot team gets an escort complete with high vis, radios, two hunt staff per quad along with a staffed 4X4 to tail each sab vehicle. This Saturday also saw the return of thugs from the South Dorset Hunt to the Cattistock Hunt, which goes to show exactly what they are all about as Lady T covers her Hunt with more than enough paid staff to protect them whilst they murder wildlife, so what reason other than violence towards Sabs would see these knuckle draggers travelling over to another Hunt?

The Cattistock left the meet around 11am and heading for the Stockwood area, near to the busy A37. Two foot teams went in just south of Chetnole Withy Bed, here Sabs from one foot team found hounds in cry almost immediately. Huntsman Will Bryers made no attempt to take them off the line, so it was through the river Sabs went to save fox number one of the day. Using Citronella to spray the hedgerow, voice calls to rate the hounds and whips to hold up the pack they saw the fox away to safety.

Within minutes the second foot team could be heard in the coppice just to the north using a gizmo to save fox number 2. Evidently there was no trail laid and the Hunt were as blatant as could be in illegally hunting live quarry. The hounds were also very near to the railway line at this point, which has had disasterous outcomes for the lives of hounds and the safety of the public on several hunts recently.

Will then took his hounds south in to Melbury Park, the private estate of Charlotte T. They spent some time in Townshend's Dairy and then went south to Melbury Lake. Here, Sabs saw the 3rd fox of the day running for its life and stepped in using voice calls. Another one safely away.


Shortly after our vehicle found the Hunt at Evershot and they were not alone. The South Dorset thugs thought they would make their journey worthwhile for themselves by surrounding our Landy and being fascist to foot Sabs and aggressive towards our driver, who was punched in the face whilst behind the wheel.

Will then took one final draw of the day at Sutcombe Bottom before heading back towards Melbury Park to pack up just before 4pm. A long, wet day for foot teams, but a kill free day for our beloved fox friends.

To help us stay out there please donate to our fuel fund by following this link ko-fi.com/sotonhs.

Pics above  -   Top right,  Hounds jumping through barbed wire fence   Middle  -  Hunt on the A37 

Pics below   -   1/  Lost hound    2/  Terriermen on quads fleeing scene of potential dug out as sabs arrived        

  CattistockFHLosthound29-12-18.jpg CattistockFHTerriermenflee29-12-18.jpg


Cattistock FH hunt fox to ground in sett - antis prevent dig out

29-12-18    Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   Hounds Off Monitors Report - Cattistock FH, Boxing Day 2018 Meet: Hardington Mandeville, Somerset     From the meet the Hunt drew under Coker Hill before moving off to the Broad River Valley. Here they moved away at some speed towards CattistockFHHoundsmarkatsett26-12-18.jpgPendomer and then Pen Hill where hounds scattered in all directions. It was some time before they were gathered. In fact a whip could be heard in the distance for a good while after hunting resumed.

They then made for New Plantation, a large woodland that is a hunt favourite where searching took place. Hounds soon went into ‘full cry’ before being taken forward to a former log yard near the crossroads to Hardington Marsh. Here the hounds found and were moved forward again to the Broad River Valley where they ‘got away’ from the Huntsman and swiftly moved over the ridge to the vale south of Hardington Mandeville.

Rapidly the hounds now on an absolute screamer ran to Coker Hill on a fox. Monitors moved swiftly to the ridge to find hounds at the entrance to a badger sett [left]. Hunt staff were some way behind at this point. Monitors shouted to the Hunt to pull the hounds out of the sett. Eventually, the Huntsman and Whip came along the ridge road to the scene. The Whip was sent down to move the hounds from the sett entrance. Begs the question - funny place to lay a trail!

Meanwhile another monitor had called Avon and Somerset Police to report the incident. Police arrived and made themselves visible, shortly after the hunt came to an end just after 4pm.


Believed Cottesmore FH killed fox - supporter smashed sab car window

29-12-18    Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs    The Cottesmore Hunt have killed a fox and smashed Northants Hunt Saboteurs window.


30-12-18    Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs     Sab report, Saturday 29th December 2018 – Wymondham And so here we are again Northants, Hertfordshire and friends from North East London Hunt Saboteurs joined forces to once again confront the Cottesmore FH and their law breaking followers. The meet this time outside the pub in Wymondham, Leicestershire. This day was to see the very best in team work from a very dedicated and brave bunch of sabs and the all too frequent reckless and illegal activity from the hunt and its supporters.

With two vehicles at our disposal and three dedicated teams of sabs we were ready to exercise our right to protect wildlife from the extremists of the Cottesmore Hunt. The field was slow to move off from the meet perhaps the knowledge that eyes were already watching them was a factor. Once they did depart, the first group of sabs were straight on their collective tail, the hunt moved north but a second group of sabs were already moving into position to head them off. A third group of sabs were by now also engaging in some pre-spraying of likely coverts which were to be visited later by the Huntsman.

With the Hunt moving ever northwards it must have been obvious to them that there was no ‘safe’ space in which they could disappear to engage in actually hunting a fox, which all evidence shows all hunts are doing week in and week out. But despite our constant presence events were about to unfold that demonstrated that far from hiding their bloodlust this group of fanatics were about to prove just how little disregard for the law they have.

After a pick up from our vehicle, the first group of sabs were being driven into a new position as we passed a line of hunt supporters cars , a man stepped out in front to stop us . As we attempted to move on, he struck the windscreen, shattering it instantly.

This individual then made a very speedy getaway in full view of all the other hunt followers (the police were present and are now investigating the attack).

As our driver was engaged in giving details of the incident, sabs very swiftly found the hunt and were once again on their trail. A high speed pursuit followed but brilliant team work and group communications meant even with one vehicle out of action we were able to stay in immediate contact with the huntsman and his hounds.

It was at this point that we were to once again to witness the true face of hunting and its utter lack of respect for life or the law. Sabs heard the hounds go into ‘cry’ and a frenzied chase ensued, one sab who was in front saw a fox crossing the field in front of him and could see the hounds close behind at perhaps no more that fifteen feet. The Huntsman was seen and heard to encourage the hounds on to hunt with no attempt to pull them off or a bird of prey in attendance. The sab lost sight of the fox and hounds as they passed round a small covert. Sabs were now running with everything they had as the life and death chase played out in front of them. One sab then briefly saw the fox on the other side of the small covert still being pursued by hounds and with several huntsman in full gallop.

Exhausted, the sabs lost sight of the hounds. It’s not possible to say for certain if the fox made it but the horrific reality is that it probably didn’t. When one sab finally caught up with the huntsman he was clearly very agitated and very keen to move away. The police had arrived and were taking details of illegal hunting activity but without the body of the victim we were left with the terrible knowledge they got away with it. If ever you need a reason to go sabbing this was it.

Once we had regrouped we concentrated once again on finding the Hunt. At approx. 1-30pm we located the hunt ‘second horsing’ and made ready to once again to head into the field after them. Again skilful co-ordination between sab groups meant that at no point could the Hunt find ‘safe’ ground from our eyes.

A third group of sabs had located a large earth in woodland and with the hunt very close by decided to put their bodies in the way. This group of sabs sat around the earth making certain that a physical barrier was between any fox and the wildlife killers. This is the kind of dedication that comes from people who in every aspect tower over the self-serving low-life that populate the hunting fraternity. As the light began to fade sabs once again connected with the huntsman and hounds and proceeded to follow them back to the meet and make certain they packed up.

This was a day of high drama for the sabs testing their physical endurance and mental strength. I can only say that on both counts they shone like the truly dedicated activists they are.

To the Cottesmore hunt simply this “no amount of intimidation is going to put us off. You have shown yourself to be cowards and fanatics in equal measure. For now you have escaped the law but never forget, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” If you would like to donate to help us mend our windscreen you can do so on www.paypal.me/ENABS - thank you .


30-12-18    Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs   This fox [see pic below] ran across The Drift road, Sewstern, Leicestershire, yesterday with traffic in full flow; the fox kept running until he was exhausted and could run no more. He was then ripped apart by The Cottesmore Hunt and his body hastily removed so no evidence of illegal activity exists. Yesterday’s hit report: https://www.facebook.com/656093487889341/posts/1138466976318654/.



Crawley FH kill fox in garden - resident in tears - Sabs retrieve body Police refuse to stop hunt - want 'more evidence'

29-12-18  Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs    Crawley & Horsham Hunt have just killed a fox in a someone's garden that feeds them. This Hunt blatantly hunt from the get off. The cops don't even get out of their vehicles. Please keep us in the field our Landy needs fixing: Paypal.me/SouthCoastHuntSabs. 

29-12-18    Facebook - West Sussex Hunt Sabs   Crawley & Horsham Hunt meet: Saturday 9th December 2018     Due to the sensitive ongoing Sussex Police investigations we cannot write a report for today's hunting of Saturday 29th December 2018 but we can confirm that a fox was hunted by the Crawley & Horsham hunt and killed today.

We have no words to express how utterly heartbroken we are today. An innocent little being has had his life extinguished this afternoon in the most terrifying and torturous way; disembowelled by the Crawley & Horsham Hunt.


29-12-18    Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs    Today we linked up with South Coast, West Sussex and Croydon Sabs to hit the Crawley and Horsham Hunt.

We were on them immediately, following as they left their meet at Bakers Farm, took a ride past George and Dragons pub for their support, and put the hounds into the woods at Newbuildings Plantation. Like always with this hunt, there was no pretence of hunting a trail, as the hounds ran through the woods out of control, flushing deer as they went.

The Hunt then moved east towards Trawler's farm, the terriermen's attempted to slow us down withCrawleyFHFoxkillebyingarden29-12-18.jpg their quads. Sabs were dropped by the entrance to the footpath and followed them down, arriving to see the police and the terrier boys laughing together - so much for unbiased policing. Further up the path the sabs found the hunt again, desperately trying to regroup their hounds so they could move on and into Woodgetters.

Riding off at a canter, sabs quickly lost sight of them, only to hear the hounds go into cry. Sprinting to the scene, the group tried to call them off but all attempts failed and group arrived to see the landowner in hysterics and the hounds on the body of a fox. The body was quickly recovered and brought to safety, away from her murderers, as some sabs stayed behind to comfort the sobbing woman, and the police were called.

Despite the kill that had just happened the C&H kept on hunting and the police refused to shut them down without more evidence. Thus shaken but more determined Sabs regrouped in time to find the hounds back in cry along a line but this time they were successful in calling them off.

From there the hunt were kept within sights at all times. They finally boxed up early despite having a few more hours till sunset.

This Hunt is one of the most convicted and yet they are still allowed to do and kill as they please. It is only through the work of the monitors and Sabs that lives are saved, though sadly we can't save them all.

We are always looking for more people to join and help us protect these beautiful creatures so please get in touch with us and support us in our fight to stop this barbaric illegal bloodsport for good. Any donations are greatly appreciated and help keep us on the road. Paypal.me/BtnHuntSabs.

31-12-18  Yahoo News   Police investigate after 'frenzied' hounds kill fox in front garden during hunt - Police investigate after 'frenzied' hounds kill fox in front garden during hunt   Police are investigating an incident in which ‘frenzied’ hounds are reported to have mauled a fox to death in a garden in front of horrified residents.

The incident – caught on camera – is being investigated by police after anti-hunt campaigners claimed the killing was in direct breach of the foxhunting ban. Images show the remains of the fox moments after it was reportedly killed by hounds during the Horsham Crawley Hunt in West Sussex on Saturday. Men in red coats on horseback watched as a large dog dragged the fox through hedges and into a resident’s front garden in the village of Southwater.

The woman, who claimed hunts are held regularly on the private estate, said the huntsmen could have called the dogs off, but didn’t. The incident happened two days after video footage emerged of a pack of savage hounds killing a fox during a Boxing Day hunt in Devon.

The resident, who asked not to be named, said: ‘All I could hear was this terrible screaming – it was just horrific, absolutely horrific. I sobbed and sobbed as I can’t get the noise out of my head of the dogs barking and the screaming from the fox.’  She added: ‘I had to watch a fox be mauled to death in my garden and laid at my feet so I don’t know what more it takes to have something done about this: I have never seen anything like it.’

Many people who live on the private estate rent from the landowner directly and one claimed they are frightened of protesting against the hunt in fear of losing their homes. Another witness said: ‘This happened on a private estate but for the first time ever there was a police presence here today, including two police cars. They took all the details and watched the footage but said it is so difficult to do something about it.’

Sussex Police confirmed that an investigation has been launched. A spokeswoman said: ‘Police responded to a report of a fox being killed by hounds in the garden of a house in Southwater. ‘An investigation has started and where offences are identified they will be fully investigated. We are aware that there are other witnesses who may have footage of this incident – we encourage them and anyone who has footage of the incident to contact police.’


Sabs claim Portman FH hunted, possibly killed, bagged fox

29-12-18    Facebook - North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs    Today at the Portman Hunt a bagged fox was released in front of hounds, chased and then potentially killed, snippets were caught on camera. The Police are aware of this incident and will be enquiring further. Full report to follow.


Fox hunted by Eggesford FH runs right past solitary spotter

29-12-18  Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Less than 48 hours after Eggesford hounds savaged a fox near Okehampton, this hunt were out again in the Eggesford area yesterday, having met at the Fox & Hounds Hotel. Several local spotters were out keeping an eye and filming their activities. In this short video you can see what was filmed from a single vantage point, including the heart-stopping moment when a fox ran out of the valley straight past this spotter [below]. We hope the fox got away. The hunt didn't pack up until after dark.

The Eggesford will be out again on New Year's Day at the Waie Inn, Zeal Monachorum. Join the protest! More info here.



Resident's fury as IoW FH hounds invade garden - cops hang up on her

29-12-18    Facebook - Joan Tisdale    Have just had a call from an angry lady who has had foxhounds running amok in her garden and land she tried to contact the police but they put the phone down on her!!

This is not acceptable... Hunts should be made to publish meets and where trails are laid. They did do this in the past even though they continued to hunt a live quarry at least the police knew where they were supposed to be.

The Act stipulates that hounds should be under control at all times... so how is it the police do not use this? The incidents of hounds on the roads and on train lines are too numerous to mention.. why were these Hunts not prosecuted?

We have been involved in “hunting” for years and nothing has changed. Hunts are still doing as they please and using private land for their nasty deviant pleasures. Perhaps in the New Year the League can use their resources to stop this happening by using different tactics?


Old Berkeley Beagles reduced to just having a walk by sabs

29-12-18    Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs     Slight change from the norm today as a little birdy told us the Old Berkeley Beagles were meeting between Little Kimble and Kimblewick (yes that's the OldBerkeleyBeaglesHuntsmanstumped29-12-18.jpgHunt who had to shoot most of their hounds because of bTb) and they so very rarely get the sab attention they deserve, so we trotted off over there to meet up with old time comrades Berkshire Hunt Sabs to stop them killing the many hares that live in that area.

They were easily found and foot teams got straight into contact with them, which as you can imagine didn't go down too well with all the assorted tweed clad coffin dodgers who's turned out to see some wildlife abuse.

As is usual in these affairs this stumped the hunters somewhat [left] and after some phone calls and fannying about they decided to go for a bit of walk, all the time under the watchful gaze of sabs. The hangers on wandered about and looked grumpy but with little for them to do they soon started to drift away. In due course they all realised there could be no attempt at hunting today and soon the meet was empty and the wildlife abusers were headed home.

A fairly straightforward day for us and no lives lost which is of course our primary goal. However our thoughts go to our comrades who had to witness the animals killed by the Crawley & Horsham and the Cottesmore today. Hunts don't care about the law and continue regardless, they are the only sector of society so deeply connected to organised crime and yet so poorly policed. It's well beyond the time that this changed. Help us stop the killing:- https://ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs


Resident's fury as IoW FH invade garden - cops hang up on her

29-12-18    Facebook - Joan Tisdale     Have just had a call from an angry lady who has had foxhounds running amok in her garden and land she tried to contact the police but they put the phone down on her!!

This is not acceptable... Hunts should be made to publish meets and where trails are laid. They did do this in the past even though they continued to hunt a live quarry at least the police knew where they were supposed to be.

The Act stipulates that hounds should be under control at all times... so how is it the police do not use this? The incidents of hounds on the roads and on train lines are too numerous to mention.. why were these Hunts not prosecuted?

We have been involved in “hunting” for years and nothing has changed. Hunts are still doing as they please and using private land for their nasty deviant pleasures.

Perhaps in the New Year the League can use their resources to stop this happening by using different tactics?


Tourists rescue Hunt Beagle found hanging from fence in Dorset

29-12-18    Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights       Oh, don't they just love their animals!! This photo was sent to us by shocked members of the public, on holiday visiting Lady Townshend's Abbotsbury Sub tropical gardens!

This poor beagle was ignored by support and spotters for the Beagle pack!! One stayed with the beagle while another went to get wire cutters to free him. More to follow later.



Monitors think Waveney H killed one of many foxes they chased

Redcoats ride their horses into sabs 

28-12-18   Facebook – Norfolk/Suffolk Sabs    … By the time we arrived, our friends in Norfolk and Suffolk Against Live Quarry Hunting had already had a chaotic day with Reuben, Lucinda, Becky and the gang. The Waveney Harriers had chased foxes all over fields and NSALQH believe one may have been killed. We turned up about 2pm, not long after this possible kill, and the hunt were already returning to their meet. Most of the ride had already abandoned the Waveney Harriers so we were faced with little more than a handful of riders.

We walked with the Hunt back to the meet. Both Reuben and Helen Yallop took this opportunity to spread some festive cheer by riding their horses into sabs (check out the video). Apparently without terriermen to menace sabs for them, the hunt have to do it themselves. Back at the barns, officer Kevin Stollery (PC 1577) took a look at video of Reuben riding his horse into the sab and responded “why were you walking on the grass verge?”. No prizes for guessing which side he’s on.

After the Easton’s terrible showing and the Waveney’s packing up early, we headed to a local pub. A big thank you to protesters that joined us in Saxtead, as well as those in Bungay and Wymondham, for showing the hunt that they're not welcomed by everyone. And a shout out to our regional friends that packed up both the Thurlow and Puckeridge hunts. We extend our solidarity to all the sabs and protesters that faced kills and violence including those in Wales, Devon and Kent, and commiserate the horse that died in the Cotswolds.

Check this out for more photos from Wymondham. Boxing Day is traditionally the biggest day in the hunting calendar, but with so many across the country ending early this year it seems this minority pastime is nosediving into oblivion. If you can spare some pounds to support what we do, please buy us a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/norfolksuffolkhuntsaboteurs.


Easton Harriers pack up after less than an hour on Boxing Day

Ex Tory Minister John Gummer attended meet as support 

28-12-18    Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Easton Harriers, The Old Mill House, Saxtead Green, Suffolk     Two hunts, one Boxing Day. We’d like to say we had an eventful Boxing Day but to be honest we can’t. We were joined by sabs from West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs and Croydon Hunt Saboteurs for the “biggest” day in the hunting calendar.

Our group first turned up to The Old Mill House at Saxtead Green. We’ve been there several Boxing DaysEastonHarriersHuntsmanGaryWingar26-12-18.jpg in a row now as it’s the only place willing to put up with the Easton Harriers. This year’s turnout by hunt supporters was shockingly poor, revealing the rapid decline the hunt have faced in just the past few years. BSE-loving former Tory MP John Gummer made an appearance again, alongside a couple of hundred bored onlookers. Gary Wingar [right] showed up with a Christmas hat and elf ears, no doubt inspired by our photo from a couple of weeks ago, while masters Lydia and Jane looked decidedly unfestive with their usual scowls.

Lydia gave a brief speech before Gary quickly dashed from the pub, getting frustrated and screaming at people within seconds of leaving the meet. At the pub, one of the riders told us there were no plans for hunting today. Obviously we didn’t believe them and prepared ourselves for another hectic Boxing Day full of chases and aggression from supporters. But less than an hour later, Gary boxed up the hounds and his horse at Brooke Farm in Brandeston. That was it.

A brief dog walk and hack across fields on the biggest hunting day in the calendar. Must have been embarrassing for all involved, including the handful of riders that actually joined the hunt. One of our sabs had a bucket of water dumped on them by an ungrateful woman at Brooke Farm but other than that, a clean and easy day out. After making sure Gary returned to the kennels, we headed north…


Sanctuary owner's car burnt after clash with Mendip Farmers FH

Sanctuary was invaded 22nd Dec & farmer had attended demo against Hunt

28-12-18   Somerset Live    'I'm ashamed to be a farmer' - fire victim's fears over hunting 'civil war' - Police have appealed for information     "A civil war is about to kick off - this has got to stop." These are the words of a local farmer in Pilton, Paul Chant, who has warned of rising aggravation between farmers over hunting. Police are asking for information about a "public order incident" after he complained of people on his land without permission. They are also probing a fire on his farm a few days later.

Mr Chant is an animal lover; he owns and runs an animal sanctuary and is a campaigner for the anti-hunting community. In the space of a week, he says he has had hunters on his land and had one of his cars burnt out. He said the first incident took place the day after an anti-hunt demonstration.


"I'm ashamed to be a farmer, I don't feel like a farmer anymore," he said. "These farmers think they're above the law, they think they can come here and arson on me just because I stand up against the local hunt. My heart is in Somerset, my heart is in the animals; it's not farming anymore. It's not the farming I know. We've got a fox shortage now, soon we'll have no animals left, what the hell are these arrogant stupid farmers doing? Give the funding to farmers who are organic. They're breaking up the laws and I'm done with it. How dare they try and kill the sanctuary? The real, sustainable farming is not going on; all these farmers are doing is saying 'look at my big tractor, look at my big Range Rover'."

"It's all about the money to them. They're hunting all the animals into extinction with their sprays and with their guns. We don't need chemical sprays, everything we need is natural. Again, it's about money, all they want is money. They're unsustainable farmers, we all need to pull our weight to survive for the generations that follow us. The powers have gone crazy. I've handed all my guns in to the police as I'm scared that they could be stolen and used against me. You can come and kill me I don't care - I won't stop fighting for what I believe in. We want common law back - it must return. The cowards won't show their faces. Alright I'm mouthy and I swear, rather than violence I spit out what I think - I'm Somerset and that's what I am - I communicate." According to Mr Chant, hunters came onto his land on Saturday December 22nd. He alleges that he was pushed and he found someone interfering with a car.


A police spokesman said: "We received a call relating to people allegedly hunting on the farmer's land without his permission. This was on 22nd December shortly before midday. The landowner challenged them and was verbally abused. We are treating the matter as a public order incident. Anyone with information to help our enquiries is asked to call us, quoting 5218282149."

Mr Chant said: "It started when the legal tenant for the land phoned me and said that there's dogs all over the land. I went down in my Landy (Land Rover), confronted one of them on horseback and told them to leave as they and they said they weren't hunting on his land. I phoned the police and went down. I saw the tenant getting pushed around, I reversed my Landy back and left my keys in to prevent him getting pushed around, and someone started messing with the keys in my car. They then pushed me and threw my hat off.

Five days later and the day after he had been to demonstrate against a Hunt in Somerset, Mr Chant found his shed and car on fire. Police were called to the incident and arrived at 8am on Thursday (December 27) morning. He said: "I went up to Priddy to peacefully demonstrate and give my views. The very next morning the car was set on fire. I had to go to hospital for smoke inhalation after putting it out. It was in my tractor shed, where I've got loads of antiques. I've handed in my fire arms; I'm worried they'll be stolen and used against me. The police officer said it was 'wise and courageous' to do so as I can't have that threat when they're being stored. I've started to protect myself - I've got new CCTV, I'm sick of people putting their lives in danger to support me. We have to share this world and we need to start working on it."