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Hunt Havoc

Hunts across the country continue to cause havoc in the countryside, in our villages and on our highways despite the hunt ban which was expected to end the chaos caused by hounding our wild mammals

HUNT HAVOC is scarcely less commonplace than it was before the Hunting Act came into force in 2005.

You will find below, in reverse chronological order, havoc incidents of which POWA is aware over the last several years, though these are almost certainly only a small proportion of those that occur. Hunt havoc is behaviour which causes nuisance, distress or danger to other people or their animals. It might be incidents of trespass on private property, railways or reckless activity on roads, breaches of the law by hunters which potentially endangered others [e.g. drink driving], etc.  At the extreme it involves people's, or even a Hunt's own, animals being injured or even killed.

Note that excluded from the havoc incidents listed below are incidents involving clashes between hunt saboteurs/monitors and hunters. Reports of illegal hunting are also excluded unless they caused distress or actual or potential danger to members of the public or other animals or some other form of 'havoc'. Note that none of the havoc incidents actually involving hunting listed below resulted in criminal or civil sanctions against any of the Hunts responsible.

JANUARY 2015  -   Hunt horse in Kent throws rider. Police car collides with horse and kills it.     Sevenoaks Chronicle   7-1-15

It’s not a view you see every day – a huntsman on his horse trots along a busy dual carriageway in front of startled motorists... Traffic on the A5 in Shropshire was forced to slow as two men rode their horses either side of the road trying to retrieve hounds from the road. At least one of the dogs appeared to be injured and was taken away...    9-1-15  Shropshire Star

A First Bus driver has won praise from his passengers for his actions after an incident involving a hunting hound on the A37 near Farrington Gurney. The driver was forced to make an emergency stop when the dog from the Mendip FH pack ran in front of the vehicle near an accident black spot with the junction of the A39...     6-1-15     Somerset Guardian

Meanwhile, sabs prevented hounds from running on the road, which they say the Hunt [led by a masked Huntsman] were making no attempt to do.   3-1-15    YouTube   

DECEMBER 2014  -  Today, sabs visited the Atherstone Hunt at their Boxing Day meet at Market Bosworth... At one point, the hounds were all over a live railway line, again, so sabs stayed around until all hounds were safely off the tracks...   26-12-14  Facebook - W.Mids Hunt Sabs

A foxhunt has just chased a fox through our neighbour's land and the hounds have been rioting through all the properties along our road. The fox escaped thankfully... We're devastated that we can't give our free-roaming cats the protection they deserve because these people insist on hunting so near... they [the Dunston Harriers] all giggled to each other and told us smugly that they didn't have to tell us. They all... regurgitated the same rubbish about following a trail... We know of other animal sanctuaries who have gone to the police or tried to do something to stop hunting in their local area and suffered violent repercussions including their own pets being killed and nailed to their gates and burning down properties...   24-12-14 Facebook - Feline Care Cat Rescue [via Notts Sabs FB]

Yesterday we visited the Vale of the White Horse Hun...  We did hear a holler for a fox, but then the hunt moved, on crossing the very, very busy A361. In the course of the day it crossed this main road, which has constant fast traffic, a total of four times, and the hounds were run very close to it...   . 21-12-14   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch

Norfolk/Suffolk sabs followed out the Waveney Harriers... Some of the hounds were chasing hares through a Nature Reserve which was filmed, but none were killed. While all this was going on the Huntsman was nowhere to be seen...  16-12-14  Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs

Eleven dogs from a hunt pack have been rescued after becoming trapped in a gorge near Aberystwyth.  Aberdyfi Search and Rescue Team carried the animals to safety after abseiling 200ft (60m) down a rock face on Plynlimon mountain range.   15-12-14    BBC News Wales

We moved further down the road to locate the hounds and ended up on a very busy dual carriageway, the B4114. It was clear by the way the huntsman was acting that a fox had crossed the dual carriageway...  we could see the huntsman Stuart Barton riding up and down the road with a loose hound all over the road...   9-12-14   Facebook - W.Mids Hunt Sabs  

The Cotswold Vale Farmer's and the S.Herefordshire Hunts had a joint meet today... we had to rescue a little fox that was being hunted just south of Linton AND console a villager who was not happy to find hounds hunting through her garden yet again...   9-12-14 Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Sabs

Cattistock Hunt... here is an example of the disgusting cruelty imposed on all animals that are forced into their sickening world. You will see the already distressed horse being hit forcefully across the face with a riding crop before rearing up to escape their tormentor [video]... Later in the day... complete disregard of safety for young riders, hounds and the public as the Hunt rode up, down and across the A37, which it transpires is a frequent occurance for this hunt...    7-12-14  Facebook - Somerset Hunt Saboteur Group

Today sabs visited the Atherstone Hunt... the hounds then got onto the scent of a fox and chased it onto a live railway line and we believe the fox got away, (this is the same hunt who this year crossed the busy A5)...    2-12-14 Facebook - W.Midlands Sabs

NOVEMBER 2014  -  At least four hounds are believed to have been killed after running onto railway tracks during a weekend hunt... Around 30 hounds belonging to the Dartmoor Hunt are said to have run onto the tracks unaccompanied near Ivybridge in Devon on Saturday. Several were then hit by a passing train in what members of the hunt have called a "distressing and regrettable" incident...   24-11-14   Western Morning News   

Police are investigating a report of a man being assaulted while he was fell running on Mardale Fell. A middle-aged man was beaten across his back by an unknown man who was wielding a walking stick... The incident occurred at approx 12:30pm today, Saturday 22 November. The offender was in the vicinity of a pack of hounds at the time of the attack...    22-11-14  Cumbi Crack  

... in the afternoon of Saturday November 8th, my monitoring partner and I caught up with the Cattistock Foxhounds hunting in the fields adjacent to the busy A37... either side of the busy road in the pouring rain. The hounds could be heard ‘on cry’ behind the roadside hedges... Visibility was very bad with spray being thrown up by heavy lorries and fast cars... A black and white terrier ran through the traffic, cars breaking to avoid it... The Cattistock continued to hunt close to and along the A37 until late afternoon... For years, we have complained to the police about this hunt on this stretch to no avail...   Monitor letter to press, 8-11-14

OCTOBER 2014  -  A Norfolk hunt has come under fire after its hounds were said to have got out of control and "run amok" across a village burial ground, urinated in people’s gardens and "terrorised" their pets and poultry... people in Swanton Morley were voicing their anger at the W.Norfolk Foxhounds who held a meet in their village on Saturday. In a strongly-worded letter to one of the Masters, parish council chairman Roger Atterwill said their actions on the day caused considerable distress throughout the village...   2-10-14 Eastern Daily Press


APRIL 2014  -  A long-established gun-pack of foxhounds could be split up or even shot after complaints about their noisy dawn chorus and night-time baying.  The sound of the 35 dogs yelping, barking and howling in unison at dusk and daybreak has proved too much for local residents... the Liskeard Farmers’ Hunt... said officials told them they must be silenced... served with a noise abatement notice by Cornwall Council...   29-4-14  Western Morning News    

THE SIGHT of ripped deer carcasses strapped to quad bikes has left a 12-year-old girl "very upset" as her school’s cross country event crossed paths with a hunt on Exmoor.  Richard Holloway, from George Nympton contacted the Journal to explain how his daughter Heather was forced to witness the bloody scenes on Thursday, March 27...  He said: "They were charging around with their vehicles and the children saw deer bodies being hauled away on the back of quad bikes. It was in front of everybody, the kids could see everything. My daughter came home very upset...  10-4-14  N.Devon Journal


MARCH 2013  -  A hunt master has apologised after hounds and hunt followers caused chaos in Stalbridge on the last meet of the season.  Residents called the police as hounds chased a fox in the cemetery and gardens in Gold Street with followers in hot pursuit.  They claimed people on quadbikes, horses and hounds ran through Church Path, and hounds ran about in the cemetery as a fox fled into a Gold Street garden...    13-3-14  Blackmore Vale Magazine   

Today we returned to the Atherstone and soon found them at Manor farm where a fox was put up.... Next the hounds and field crossed the A5 - a busy dual carriageway which leads to the M69, holding up the traffic in the process...  11-3-14   Facebook - W.Mid Hunt Sabs      

Cumbria Hunt Watch has received several calls this afternoon complaining about the killing of a fox by a pack of hounds at Peggy's Bridge, Buttermere. The incident, witnessed by numerous people out enjoying a days walking, caused considerable distress for those who witnessed the killing... the only hounds in the area this afternoon were those belonging to the Melbreak Foxhounds....    9-3-14 Cumbria Hunt Watch - Press Release  [This went to trial- Huntsman was found not guilty]


FEBRUARY 2014  -  ANGRY residents have hit out after a fox was mauled to death in front of shocked witnesses and the body left to rot. Other residents of the ironically-named Foxes Bank Drive in Chesterton, Cirencester later found the ripped-apart remains of the animal on Monday afternoon. Fitness instructor and resident David McKinnon took to social media site Facebook to express his concerns, posting a picture of the dead fox [left] he had found almost on his front doorstep. "Who said that fox hunting was banned?" he asked...   13-2-14  Wilts & Glos Standard    

A Hunt Master has apologised after hounds ran through a village garden and towards a nursery school, in possible pursuit of a fox.  Sam Butler, of the Warwickshire Hunt, offered the apology in response to strong criticism after the hounds picked up the scent of a fox in Farnborough on Monday...   13-2-14  Banbury Guardian   

This video shows hounds from the Ross Harriers Hunt rioting through a private garden in Gloucestershire, illegally chasing a deer.  The disturbing footage shows one of the hounds fitting, presumably after being run to exhaustion by the hunt.  The concerned land owner tried to take the distressed animal to the vets for urgent treatment but was threatened by members of the Hunt and forced to return the hound to them.     6-2-14   HSA Press Release


JANUARY 2014  -  Last Saturday afternoon... I glimpsed something flash past the front window.....Suddenly a terrified fox started jumping up and scrabbling at the glass.  Four or five times it leapt up, clearly desperate and apparently riddled with fear... We shooed the fox away... A few minutes later a redcoat (huntsman) on horseback came trotting down the centre of our road, closely followed by five or so of the hounds...  23-1-14   Leicester Mercury

POWA has obtained from a monitor who was at the scene some details of an incident that occurred on December 28th.   She says that the Sedgefield-based pack was hunting in Mill Wood, adjacent to the A167, when a single hound ran out on to the road, was struck by a car and killed.  Police and a rescue vehicle attended, but it is not known whether the vehicle that hit the hound, or any occupants, were damaged or hurt...   18-1-14   

A MID Devon hunt has defended its actions after a photograph appeared to show a huntsman with Tiverton Foxhounds riding his horse through deep floodwater.  The image... was taken during the recent bad weather...  [the]rider who can be seen atop a horse with its head and body submerged.  Only the tip of the horse's ears and part of its back can be seen above the waterline...    13-1-14  Mid-Devon Gazette

They [the Croome FH] actually did manage to hunt a fox, with hounds going through a garden frightening some alpacas...  11-1-14  Three Counties Sabs 

... sabs in the Landy witnessed all the hounds running across the main A386 Tavistock road, forcing traffic to stop in order to avoid hitting them.  The huntsman eventually managed to control his hounds and took them back onto the moor...   11-1-14   Facebook - Devon Hunt Sabs  

Hounds from the Haydon Hunt ripped a fox apart in front of horrified visitors at one of Tynedale's most popular tourist sites last Saturday. Police are investigating after the hounds savaged the fox to death at Houseteads Roman Fort near Bardon Mill... the hounds pounced right in front of the museum... One eye witness said "It was absolutely horrific. There were families with young children there." Hexham Courant 4-1-14


DECEMBER 2013  -  AROUND 20 dogs, believed to be from a Hunt, are understood to have strayed onto a busy dual carriageway near the M180, police have confirmed today.  Humberside Police received reports of 20 dogs running loose on the A15 near Barnetby, on Saturday (December 28).  The call came at around 1.45pm, with a member of the public saying horse riders could be seen nearby the hounds.   30-12-13   Scunthorpe Telegraph   

A south Warwickshire landowner is furious after horses and hounds in the Warwickshire Hunt ventured on to his land. Nicholas Trigg, who owns several acres of land between Knightcote and Fenny Compton, says the hunters... disturbed a wildlife reserve and damaged some fences.  He was also concerned that the group may have harmed some foxes...   6-12-13   Leamington Spa Courier    

A hunt which is popular with Princes Charles, William and Harry is being investigated over claims its hounds went after a live fox....Residents in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, claim about 40 horses from the Duke of Beaufort’s hunt went speeding after a pack of hounds, which was pursuing the wild animal, a practice outlawed in 2005. Terrified shoppers said they were forced to leap out of the way when the 15 dogs thundered through residential streets and gardens last Monday...   5-12-13   Daily Telegraph  

The Barlow Hunt rode over my friends land on Saturday ... some of the riders stopped, watched and jeered as the pack of hounds ran down and savaged my friends pet Alpaca ..... One women rider was heard shouting " rip the little """""" to pieces".   His cries of pain and distress could be heard from the next farm. The hunt then carried on .. leaving the poor animal dying and my friend desperate and upset .. my friend is a vet nurse and said she's never seen such horrific injuries. The little fellow died...   December, date unclear   Sheffield Forum


NOVEMBER 2013  -  A horse rider has been fined for throwing her riding crop at a businessman's Audi after he hooted the car's horn as she rode down a country lane. Then when he tried to overtake her in his A5 she hurled her riding crop at the car in a fit of anger... Mills, who used to work as a groom for a hunt kennels in Cheshire, was ordered to pay £1,500 compensation after admitting criminal damage.    21-11-13   Irish Independent     

MARCH 2013  -  The Crawley & Horsham Fox hunt have once again been caught breaking the law. This time, in their desperation to keep their financially ailing hunt going, they have taken to street collections, but without the gaining the proper authority.  Horsham District Council have issued a warning to the hunt that it is illegal to collect in their district without the correct permission...    22-3-13   HSA website    

FEBRUARY 2013  -  Shocked passengers on a bus watched in horror as a pack of hunting hounds ripped a terrified fox to bits on a busy main road. The exhausted fox had been chased across country when it ran onto the road - where the ten hounds pounced.  An outraged bus passenger used his mobile phone to take a picture of the grisly scene which he posted on Facebook. Onlookers had to put their hands over their ears as the ten baying hounds attacked the whimpering adult fox. Police were today investigating the fox 'kill' on the A40 in the village of Abergwilli...   19-2-13   Daily Mail

PUPILS at a N.Yorkshire primary school had to be kept indoors when a fox ran into the playground as a hunting party rode nearby. The riders and hounds appeared in fields next to Linton-on-Ouse Primary School and children who had been preparing for their afternoon break were not allowed outside until teachers were sure the hunt had moved on, after the appearance of the fox and the dogs sparked safety concerns.    13-2-13   York Press

JANUARY 2013  -  The Heythrop Hunt is licensed to trail hunt on National Trust land in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.  In light of the fact that members of this group have recently been convicted of illegal fox hunting, the Trust has decided not to renew the hunt’s licences when they expire on 31 March 2013...   29-1-13   National Trust Facebook  

DECEMBER 2012  -  A fox was found ripped to shreds after a traditional Boxing Day hunt. A woman who was out walking her dog on Thursday was horrified to discover the remains of the animal lying by the side of a road near Gatehouse. She contacted police over fears that the fox could have been killed illegally during the hunt...   3-1-13   Galloway News 

A foxhunting club run by some of Scotland's top toffs have been exposed for paying a huntsman "slave wages" and forcing him to slop out.  Mark Vincent, who worked for the elite Eglinton Hunt in Ayrshire for five years, was paid just £1.50 an hour and expected to work up to 80 hours a week. And while the club's landed gentry lived in the lap of luxury in their castles and mansions, Mark claims he had to sleep in a derelict caravan without plumbing...    10-12-12   Scottish Daily Record   

A concerned West Malvern resident was shocked to see a pack of hounds on the trail of a fawn on Tuesday after discovering the animal in his garden. David Sample, of Lower Road, said a huntsman confirmed they were part of the North Ledbury. Hunt but were trying to get the hounds off the trail of the deer...     7-12-12   Ledbury Reporter    

NOVEMBER 2012  -  A Hunt has been accused of terrorising a family pet days after its master was convicted of racially harassing a protester [he was later acquitted on appeal]. Dad William Ricks claims Ross Harrier hounds chased daughter Anna's cat after coming out of the Forest of Dean and onto his land on Saturday. Five hours later the cat Minna was found cowering 30ft up a tree in the woods.  He has complained to police and the Forestry Commission...  22-11-12  The Forester     

Volunteers for a fox rescue project are being harrassed and terrorised by their local hunt, believed to be the East Sussex and Romney Marsh].  On 17-11 they were walking their 15 year old blind dog on their land, when they saw a pack of hounds chasing a young fawn...  The hounds briefly had the deer on the ground but luckily it managed to get back up and fled across the property's boundary. During the chase the hounds knocked over the old dog and it fled in distress. When members of the hunt arrived they were abusive to the landowners and tried to run them down with horses and vehicles.  The police were called but claimed they were too busy to attend the incident.  This is the latest in a series of incidents including dead animals left on their property, repeated trespass and threats of arson....   20-11-12   HSA Press Release   

A LEADING English hunt [the Beaufort FH] has paid compensation to a former employee who claimed his liver problems were caused by poor control of tapeworm in the hound pack. Charles Wheeler, who worked 16 years for the Hunt...  fell ill with serious chest and abdominal pains and his problems were traced to "hydatid cysts", on his liver, caused by the worm eggs.  He recalled the hounds he looked after would eat mainly raw meat and offal from dead sheep, which in turn were likely to have picked up eggs from dog faeces. The dogs were not wormed regularly, he said, because of financial constraints...  12-11-12   Yorkshire Post    

OCTOBER 2012  -  Otis Ferry was yesterday found guilty of failing to provide a breath sample after he was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving.  The 29-year-old son of singer Bryan Ferry was stopped in the early hours of the morning as he drove a black Mercedes through Kensington, London... [Ferry, who already had several convictions/cautions is JM of the S.Shrops FH. He was disqualified for 3 years and fined]    27-10-12 Daily Mail  & 3-11-12 Shropshire Star        

SEPTEMBER 2012  -  Four hounds, from the Surrey Union Hunt, were hit by a car this morning on a road between Newdigate and Charlwood. The female driver had no chance to avoid the hounds as they ran straight out in front of her car. One hound went under her car and was taken away by the hunt... The woman's vehicle was covered in blood after the incident and a van had to swerve of the road, into a hedge, to avoid the hounds, sustaining minor damage...    25-9-12    HSA Press Release      

JULY 2012  -  A S.Pembrokeshire Hunt supporter, arrested but not charged after a protester claimed she had been shot in the head,  has been jailed for firearms offences.   Steven Barrett had a sawn-off rifle and ammunition inside his van... He admitted several fire arms offences.   Due to his poor health, he was given a three-and-a-half year jail term instead of the minimum of five years...   20-7-12   BBC News S.W.Wales 

MAY 2012  -  POLICE were lying in wait for a farmer who had enjoyed a couple of whiskies and then driven home after a day hunting a court has heard. He pleaded guilty to drink driving... Evans was banned from driving for 18 months and ordered to pay a £300 fine...   17-5-12     North Devon Journal

Jenni Southwood, the woman who was brutally raped by John Norrish, long-time Huntsman of the Tiverton Staghounds, has waived her right to anonimity in order to give further, disturbing, details of her ordeal at his hands and to recount how she and her husband have been ostracised by the local hunting community since making the accusation and her attacker rallied around and feted by them. Norrish was sentenced to 4 years prison. Her lengthy account was first published in the Daily Mail 17-5-12  

APRIL 2012  -  A LLANBEDR hunt master has been fined £3,500 for ‘losing' two guns and leaving a pistol in his car.   Alan Owen, 63, of Glandŵr Cottages, Llanbedr, who is the Llanbedr Master of the Hounds, pleaded guilty at Dolgellau magistrates court this week to three charges of failing to comply with the conditions of a shotgun and firearm certificate regulations...   Cambrian News  19-4-12

MARCH 2012  -  The Cotswold Vale hunt today attacked 3 people, one a woman in her sixties, during their final hunting day of the season.   The first attack involved a motorist who they claimed had hit one of their hounds on the B4213 near Apperley...  One of the hunt terrier men punched him in the face, despite witnesses saying he had not hit the animal.     Later in the day they attacked a mother and son who were unhappy that the hunt were trespassing on their land.  A group of twelve men kicked the son to the ground and then attacked his mother when she tried to help him...  One member of the hunt has been arrested and another is being sought by the police...   27-3-12 HSA Press Release & 31-3-12  Gloucs Echo    

ANIMAL campaigners are blaming huntsmen after a badger sett was found dug into and destroyed.  Police are investigating reports of a sett allegedly being destroyed by terriermen belonging to an Essex hunt, near to Sturmer Road, New England, in Halstead... Renee Hockley Byam of the N.Essex Badger Group, said: "This is not the first time we have had reports like this... '   27-3-12  Halstead Gazette  

3rd March 2012, the Cattistock Foxhunt...  At about 13:30 pm Des Martin, a hunt supporter, was hit by a car on the busy B3157 coastal road... We think he was attempting to stop the traffic because of hounds on the road. Mr Martin lay on the road while the mounted hunters continued to hunt in the gorse just yards away from the road...   If the hunt had not been hunting near the road, the accident would not have happened...  Parts of letter to police from monitor 3-3-12


FEBRUARY 2012  -  A mother and her nine-year-old son watched helplessly as a pack of hounds chased their pet terrier around a lake in Petworth Park on Sunday. Mya, a three-year-old Lakeland terrier, fled in terror as mink hounds from the Wealden pack, on exercise in the park, pursued her until in panic she leapt into the water and made for a nearby island... it took Linda Wickenden and her autistic son, Kian more than an hour to coax the petrified pet to swim back...     Midhurst & Petworth Observer 23-2-12   

A HUNT has been threatened with court action after horses and hounds strayed on to private land in Hazelbury Bryan. The incident happened at High House Farm on West Lane during the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt's meet last Tuesday. Magistrates instructed the hunt to keep off the farm after organic dairy farmer Leslie Head and his father Robert took court action for trespass 20 years ago...   10-2-12   Blackmore Vale Magazine   

POWA has today received a report from an eye-witness who claims to have seen a Hunt, believed to be the Old Berkeley Beagles, chasing three hares and that a hound was subsequently killed on the Wantage-Hungerford Road. Police and local paper have both been informed.    Witness account 7-1-12

Lisa Smith's cat Sophie was killed by foxhounds on Saturday afternoon.  The Kircubbin woman has called for the hunting laws in N.Ireland to be changed after her cat was killed by dogs from the North Down hunt. The dogs had been hunting a fox when they left the field and entered Ms Smith's garden...    BBC News website  6-2-12   

POWA has been told that monitors observed the Portman FH trespassing in the same set of gardens as their neighbouring hunt had only a few days earlier. The incident has been reported to police and the local press... Monitor account 1-2-12

A VILLAGER has complained after a stampede of hounds trampled through their garden during the South Wold Hunt on Saturday.   Alastair Grant... said around 15 hounds raced through his garden in pursuit of a fox. He said: "It’s unacceptable. My cats were in the garden and also my dog. Both were very shocked and traumatised by the amount of hounds crashing though the garden. "I could have had my friends’ toddlers here and they would have been seriously injured by the stampede at full speed... They were chasing a fox and proceeded to hunt it down in the field behind my house. They were also in neighbouring gardens. When a huntsman finally appeared I told him how upset we and our animals were by it and not even an apology was offered."    1-2-12  Horncastle News     

A furious Leigh resident has called on her neighbours to complain to police after hunting hounds ran riot in the village. Julie Hounsell of Leigh wants her neighbours to act after hunting hounds ventured off the trail and ran riot in her garden... [Blackmore FH yet again]    Western Gazette   2-2-12


JANUARY 2012  -  A fox was killed yesterday by a pack of out of control hounds who had already spent several hours rampaging through private properties in a village in Shropshire. Shocked residents near the village of Marchamley, in North Shropshire, witnessed the fox being ripped apart by the hounds following a pursuit in which hounds were seen chasing the fox across private property with the huntsmen in pursuit. One local resident said "this isn't the first time the hunt [N.Shrops FH] have trespassed onto my land...   26-1-12   LACS website 

A HUNT master has made another apology after hounds ran out of control for the second time in recent weeks. Complaints have been made to the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt after hounds ran through gardens and private fields in Wonston near Hazelbury Bryan last Tuesday. As previously reported, the hunt received complaints after hounds ran through residential roads in Marnhull on New Year's Eve...    21-1-12   Blackmore Vale Magazine   

A COUPLE have spoken of their horror at seeing a pack of hunting hounds bounding past their Ravenscar home - little more than a month after their beloved pet cat was savaged and killed by 27 dogs. Les and Margaret Atkinson had been assured by hunt members at the time of the incident that they would be given advance notice if they planned to be near their property.   But they were surprised last Tuesday when they saw hunt members on horses and dogs near their home but had been given no warning...  16-1-12   Scarborough Ev.News                                         

TWO men were detained by police after a farmer saw one of them allegedly filling in badger setts. Gaius Vincent, of Muston Farm, Piddlehinton, was walking near Dorchester, when he saw a man who appeared to be digging around a sett. Mr Vincent said: "He was obviously filling in holes, which indicates he was hunting wild animals, which is illegal... I called the police. At first the man claimed he was with a hunt,..   16-1-12   Dorset Echo   

South Shropshire huntmaster Otis Ferry today apologised to a resident following complaints that a number of hounds caused chaos in a county village...  Mr Edwards, 45, who lives at Lower Mill Farm, claimed about 30 hounds ran through the village causing disruption to traffic on the A488 and frightening his horses. Mr Edwards said the incident happened at about 1pm and lasted for about 25 minutes...    Shropshire Star 14-1-12

... a hound was killed when it was struck by a passenger train. The incident happened at about 11.45am on Saturday, January 7 when it is understood some hounds from the Cottesmore Hunt strayed on to the railway track at Wyfordby... the driver of the 10.22am train from Birmingham told Network Rail he thought he had struck ‘a number of dogs' on the line...     Melton Times 14-1-12


DECEMBER 2011  -  POLICE are investigating a hunt after a landowner reported that a pack of hounds had killed a fox in her field. Priscilla Lynch, 52, said she and a passer-by had tried to save the fox from ten dogs. Police confirmed they were aware of an incident at Shute, near, Axminster, East Devon, and had begun an investigation into the conduct of the Axe Vale Hunt.    Sunday Independent  1-1-12 & The Sun  31-12-11

POWA today received a short clip clearly showing what Cumbria sabs say are hounds from the Blencathra Hunt trying to catch a pussy cat. The voices are those of hunt sabs. The horn was used by them to successfully distract the hounds away from the cat, which escaped. They say the Blencathra Huntsman, Barry Todhunter, was half a mile away, alone, and the pack he was supposed to be controlling were scattered far and wide...  22-12-11   

Thirty hounds went rampaging along the A41 and a Newport housing estate after a huntsman lost control of the dogs. Organisers from the North Shropshire Hunt said they were at a loss as to why the hounds ran off on Saturday. The dogs ran across gardens belonging to residents of Deer Park Drive before scampering onto the A41...  Shropshire Star 21-12-11

On the 8th December, the Cattistock Hunt met in Hardington Mandeville.... An hour later, at mid-day, the full pack of hounds chased a fox across the fields below Coker Hill on to and across the busy main A30 to Crewkerne ending up scattered all over the place...  Half an hour later, most of the hounds were rounded up and led down Chinnock Hollow and the whole hunt formed a procession, over both lanes of the A30, through the whole length of East Chinnock. Hunt quad bikes held back the traffic....  Monitor account 

A COUPLE have been devastated after dozens of hunting party hounds savaged and killed their family pet. Elderly tabby Moppet [left, relaxing at home, right, dead], aged 18, was outside her home in Stoupe Brow, near Ravenscar, when 27 hunting dogs bounded onto land belonging to her owners Les and Margaret Atkinson. The dogs brutally attacked the cat before a huntsman picked up a lifeless and bloodied Moppet and rode away   Scarborough Evening News  13-12-11   

A family watched in horror as a hunt killed a fox on their patio after the hounds went wildly off course. Mick Heath was at home with his wife Jane in Bradfield, Essex when 40 hunting hounds burst into his elderly neighbours' garden as they chased down a fox. The graphic designer, along with a friend and his teenage son, claim a member of the Essex and Suffolk Hunt strolled across the patio and clubbed the fox to death just feet from where they were watching.   Daily Mail 12-12-11  

A short video clip uploaded today shows a hunt servant or supporter whipping the rear of a horse being ridden by a redcoat from the Cheshire Forest FH on 26th November.   Monitor report 

NOVEMBER 2011  -  They [the Cotswold Vale FH] were filmed throughout the day hunting on main roads, causing traffic chaos and at least two cars were forced to make emergency stops to avoid killing hounds. When the sabs voiced their concerns about how dangerous it was they were met with physical and verbal abuse.   HSA Press Release 7-11-11

Officers are looking into a report of illegal hunting activity dating from November 26 in Shearsby where a fox was allegedly seen being harmed. A witness to the alleged breach of the Hunting Act said she was appalled by what she and her husband saw. Driving past, she said they had to brake when they saw a fox being chased across the road in front of them by around 30 hunters...  Lutterworth Mail 20-11-12 

OCTOBER 2011  -  A hound from the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt was killed by a lorry, on the A38, South of Tewkesbury, today during an illegal fox hunt. Members of the Hunt Saboteurs Association who were present said the hunts pack of hounds were illegally chasing a fox when one of them ran straight into the road and was killed outright by a lorry that had no opportunity to stop.  Hunt Saboteurs Association website  25-10-11   

As many as a dozen hunt hounds rampaged through a small village yesterday morning, killing a fox, it has emerged.  Shocked residents of East Studdal, six miles north of Dover, Kent, heard hounds in full cry and found the main street through the village blocked by hounds with riders and hunt staff [E.Kent FH]  nearby.   LACS Website 6-10-11 & E.Kent Mercury 19-10-11 & 27-10-11

SEPTEMBER 2011  -  Alpacas attacked by hunt hounds   A HORRIFIED animal lover says her alpacas are lucky to be alive - after they were savagely attacked by hunt hounds. Two of Rachel Simon's beloved animals were badly injured after being viciously ravaged by the ‘out of control' dogs from the North Ledbury Hunt, in Herefordshire. The Hunt was forbidden from entering the paddock in Suckley where the animals were attacked at 8am on Saturday.  NewsToday.co.uk 28-9-11

A West hunt has been described as "incompetent, hopeless and careless" by the League Against Cruel Sports after hounds allegedly strayed onto a railway line. It is the second safety incident involving hounds from the Somerset-based Seavington Hunt in 18 months.  Western Daily Press 7-9-11

JANUARY 2011 -  Railway Police investigate after train driver says he hit at least one of a number of hounds from the Vale of the White Horse FH which were on the line. Trains delayed for over an hour.   Western Daily Press 19-1-11  

Hound, believed to be from the Blencathra FH, run over and killed on A66 in Cumbria.   Lake District Herald 15-1-11 

The weather from late November, right through December and into early January was extremely wintry and there was very little hunting in most areas. 

OCTOBER 2010  -  Farmer says E.Devon FH hounds invaded his land and terrified his cattle, apparently causing one heifer to abort. The Hunt had been banned for 30 years.   This is Exeter 

SEPTEMBER 2010  -  Mendip Farmers FH face storm of protest from villagers when they try to relocate their kennels to Splot.   This is Dorset 7-10-10 

LACS says Worcestershire hunt hound killed when pack strayed on to a busy road, with no huntsmen present.    LACS

MAY 2010  -  Mendip Farmers FH are accused of ‘underhand behaviour, secrecy and deception' after a planning application to relocate their kennels to the village of Chewton Mendip surfaces weeks after it was lodged and inflames residents. The protests against the plans are later joined by Lord Waldegrave, one time senior [and pro-hunt] Minister in Major's government, who criticised the hunt's behaviour at a meeting attended by 150 angry local residents. Waldegrave said he let them hunt over ‘an odd 1,200 acres of my land.'   This is Somerset 

APRIL 2010 - Hounds, riders and supporters invade Delamere housing estate in Cheshire in pursuit of fox.    Letter to Northwich Guardian 8-4-10 

MARCH 2010  -  Essex and Suffolk FH reported by inhabitants of the village of Bildeston to have hunted a fox through the streets. Frightened villagers claimed at least one garden damaged, a pet dog had to be rescued and schoolchildren ushered to safety.   Ipswich Ev.Star 26-3-10                                      

Gloucestershire man claims he saw riders from an unidentified hunt on the A433 with hounds chasing a fox across the road, causing traffic to take evasive action. Wilts & Glos Standard 26-3-10  

Newry Harriers hounds savage and kill pet terrier in front of child owner. Children say huntsman dismounted, tossed remains into a hedge. When they asked if their dog was dead he just said 'Yes', remounted and rode off. The USPCA condemns the Hunt and buys the children a new puppy. BBC News

2 Quorn FH hounds killed in quarry fall, six others have to be rescued by fire service.    Loughborough Echo  19-3-10 

Hounds from unidentified hunt run amok on LACS sanctuary near Minehead, Somerset and a dozen attack badger sett. Video on LACS website.   LACS Press Release 12-3-10  

Report of hound from unidentified Hunt killed on A35 between Axminster and Lyme Regis.   Cruel Sports.wordpress.com  4-3-10

FEBRUARY 2010  -  3 hounds from the Seavington FH killed as pack dashes on to the dual carriageway A303 near Tintinhull, Somerset. Traffic chaos. One car containing a French couple and 2 small children badly damaged and they very shaken. Only one rIder on scene. Travellers helped shoo dogs off the road. Police investigated.    Western Gazette 25-2-10

Landowner writes to N.Shropshire FH, complaining powerfully of invasion of his property by the hound pack. In-lamb ewes, and other animals, were disturbed, a ram impaled itself on barbed wire and was trampled over. Fences were damaged. Owner had phoned on the morning of the meet and asked them not to come near. Says hunt servant displayed ‘arrogance and objurgation'. Threatened to sue Hunt if trespassed again and reported incident to police. Adds that neighbour was also invaded.  Cruel Sports.wordpress.com L

Landowner claims S.Shropshire FH pack ripped a fox apart in her garden. She found its mangled corpse. Also found her pet cat terrified in a barn and her horses huddled in corner of a field. Says hunters laughed at and abused her as well. Master Otis Ferry claimed they'd lost control of 'trail hunting' hounds. No apology recorded. Hunt had been warned not to trespass on land before.  Shropshire Star 16-2-10  

Market Drayton man reports that he was forced to brake when he rounded a bend and came across an unidentified hunt riding in the middle of the road with full pack on the A41 in Shropshire. Hunters abuse him and followers make obscene gestures after he remonstrates. Reports incident to police..  Shropshire Star 10-2-10 

Couple's land in Gloucestershire invaded by 10-15 hounds, apparently from the Warwickshire Beagles, where they caught and badly savaged a small deer. Owners shooed the dogs off, but the deer died soon after. Huntsman acknowledged it shouldn't have happened, but no apology recorded. Claimed they were 'hunting rabbits'. For reasons best known to them, couple would not report to police or speak to media.   Cruel Sports.wordpress.com  

JANUARY 2010  -  Hounds from the Worcestershire FH, apparently after a fox, charge through a housing estate in Droitwich, damaging gardens and forcing a mother to snatch her toddler's pushchair out of their way. A Hunt Master explained it as 'a training incident that went wrong'. He did not apologise.   Daily Mail - residents left terrified

Hound from N.Cotswold FH killed when hit by train on main railway line. Driver says man on quad bike told him they'd killed a fox.  British Transport Police  14-2-09  

DECEMBER 2009  -  On last day of the year, six hounds from the Beaufort FH killed when pack runs across main rail line between London and Bristol near Wooton Bassett, Wilts. Line is closed for half an hour. Hunt claim to be ‘devastated' and insist that they were 'trail hunting'. Western Daily Press 1-1-10 

Wildlife Centre Manager at a nature reserve says 'baying hounds' from the Bramham and Badsworth FH rampaged through the reserve in pursuit of a fox. The Hunt apologised. Selby Times 11-12-09 

A couple from Broadway, Worcs accused the N.Cotswold FH of letting hounds run riot in their garden. The fence was broken, their pet dachshund had to be rescued and damage was done to plant pots and a memorial area. A Master said he was unaware of the incident but apologised anyway.   Evesham Journal, 3-12-09 

NOVEMBER 2009  -  Father complains that S.Dorset FH invaded their garden and one rider made an obscene gesture at his 7 year old daughter when she shouted at them to get out. Hunt spokesman apologised but claimed they were in a neighbouring field, not the garden. Dorset Echo 26-11-10

Hounds from the Cattistock FH filmed out of control on main road in wet and misty conditions by monitors.    Witness report

Old lady's whippet chased by hounds from the Isle of Wight FH. Needed vet treatment.    Info from 'Hunt Watch'  5-11-09 

OCTOBER 2009  -  The Vale of Aylesbury FH, being monitored, has a hound run into the road where a passing car hits it. Driver and monitors search for the injured hound, the hunters aren't interested. Witness report

Hounds rampage through the S.Wales village of Cilfynnyd. One hound impales itself on railings and is abandoned by the hunt. Distraught villagers unable to help it say it took four hours to die. LACS initially accused the Ghelligaer FH, but they denied it was them, though a vehicle believed to be linked to them was apparently used to retrieve the corpse. [NB. No media covered this story, though LACS press-released it.]     LACS Press Release 13-10-09

Resident of Upper Godney, Somerset, claims that hounds from an unidentified [probably a mink] hunt were driven across river by hunters into her garden. Killed pet duck.  Somerset Times

SEPTEMBER 2009  -  Hounds and riders from the Quantock SH are filmed trespassing on LACS sanctuary and scattering deer. You Tube - Quantock SH trespass   

AUGUST 2009Resident of Upper Godney, Somerset, claims that hounds from an unidentified [probably a mink] hunt driven across river by hunters into her garden. Killed pet duck.     This is Somerset 

MARCH 2009  -  Woman says traumatised by 6 hounds invading her garden. They damaged prize plant and scared her pets. Members of Essex Farmers FH  laughed at her...    Essex Chronicle   10-3-09 

FEBRUARY 2009  -  Avon Vale Hunt hounds ran onto a farm near Trowbridge and frightened a horse causing it to injure itself. The owner of the horse said she was 'shocked and outraged' after it tried to escape from hounds by scaling a fence, badly injuring itself...  The pack then continued to cause chaos when they entered a nearby cat rescue centre...   thisiswiltshire.co.uk   2-2-09.

Woman sees pet cat ripped apart by Western FH hounds that invaded her garden. Another cat badly frightened. Took huntsmen hour and half to clear hounds away.     West Briton   19-2-09

Young woman saw Holderness FH hounds chase fox through her garden in village. Says huntsmen were nearby and made no attempt to stop hounds.     Hull Daily Mail   19-2-09 

JANUARY 2009  -  Easton Harriers hounds chase pet cat into garden and savage it to death. Witnessed by owner's neighbours.    Ipswich Evening Star  Jan 09

Shropshire hunt hounds chase fox and kill it outside animal sanctuary. Owner holds it in his arms as it dies. LACS condemn.   Info from Hunt Watch  16-1-09

DECEMBER 2008  -  Warwickshire FH hound hit by car as hounds chase fox on the A44.     Monitors report   13-12-08 


AUGUST 2008  -  Hound from Co.Durham hunt chases and kills boy's pet cat on family's land.  Hunter tells father 'It's nature...'    Newspaper report  20-8-08  


SEPTEMBER 2006  -  High Peak Harriers hounds kill pet cat as Hunt rides though village of Sheldon. Hunt say sorry and vow not to return.    Derbyshire Times   28-9-06 



Please note:
All photographs  below are taken from independent monitors' video footage presented to the police as part of a number of official complaints. All video footage is included on the POWA DVD 'Hunting Anarchy' which was shown at two House of Commons receptions to representatives of
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