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MARCH 2020


…..  2nd March - Blackmore FH Huntsman's sons get suspended jail for night club violence

…..  1st March - Fox hunted & killed by Blackmore FH next to housing estate

…..  1st March - CA seek to hobble anti campaigners use of covert filming 


Blackmore FH Huntsman's sons get suspended jail for night club violence

2-3-20   Somerset Live    Brothers sentenced after mass brawl outside the William Dampier pub in Yeovil - Footage of the fight went viral on social media    Two brothers who became involved in a mass brawl with door staff at a Yeovil pub which went viral on social media have narrowly escaped jail.

Benjamin Peter Doggrell, 24, and Edward Peter Doggrell, 22, of Bishops Down, Sherborne , both pleaded guilty to affray following the fight outside the JD Wetherspoon-run William Dampier in Yeovil in the early hours of February 10, 2019. Edward Doggrell also admitted a charge of assault during the melee when he appeared at Somerset Magistrates' Court in Yeovil.

Edward Doggrell was sentenced to 52 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and pay £100 in compensation to Mr Baker. Benjamin Doggrell was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work and pay £100 in compensation. Both defendants were also ordered to pay £135 in costs and a £115 victim surcharge.

Chair of the Bench Jarvis Humby told them both that their early guilty pleas and the fact they had shown remorse and not reoffended since the incident had gone in their favour. However, he said the offences were serious due to alcohol being involved and told both of them that they had come very close to going into immediate custody.


Fox hunted & killed by Blackmore FH next to housing estate

1-3-20  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   VIDEO    Despite the efforts of several sab groups yesterday, along with various monitors including from SWC and Hounds Off and the presence of 7 police cars, this fox was killed by the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt. Following the killing of a fox last week that was bolted from a badger sett. They are indefensible.

This film shows the moment our monitors arrived on a housing estate, hunt support attempted to prevent us getting to the fox whining about trespass, even though they themselves were trespassing, engaged in a criminal act!

We can only operate with help, please share or you can donate to our drone fund here ��


CA seeks to hobble anti campaigners' use of covert filming

1-3-20   The Canary    The Countryside Alliance’s call to tighten laws around covert filming defends the indefensible    A judge in Kent dismissed an animal cruelty case in January over concerns about the way evidence was gained. The Telegraph then ran an article on 29 February containing a call for laws on covert filming to be tightened. But it’s no surprise that the call was made by pro-bloodsports group the Countryside Alliance.

Animal rights group Animal Aid filmed acts of cruelty at Forge Farm Meats in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and handed the footage over to the Food Standards Agency (FSA). In October 2018, the company was charged with 14 counts of breaking animal welfare regulations. Courts also charged two of its employees for failing to properly stun sheep before they were killed. But on 20 January 2020, Animal Aid said that the case had been dropped. And in a 25 January article by KentLive, Forge Farm Meats director Stephen Bailey said the case had been dismissed because of “how [footage] had been obtained”. KentLive said Bailey claimed: '...the footage was dismissed on grounds of “breaking and entering, causing criminal damage and burglary”, with the judge adding: “Well you’ve done all three.”

On 29 February, the Telegraph followed up the collapse of this case with calls for tighter regulations on undercover footage. In an article titled “Prosecutors ‘encouraging animal right activists to break the law’, the paper said that: 'Campaign groups are now calling for covert footage to be used only if it is authorised in advance under strict rules that have to be followed by the police, security services and other investigating bodies such as councils.

However, it quoted just one ‘campaign group’ – the Countryside Alliance. Tim Bonner, chief executive of the organisation, said “authorities [such as the CPS] should not be accepting” evidence gained without “prior RIPA authorisation”. RIPA – the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 – governs how public bodies including the police, intelligence services and local government conduct covert surveillance. However, as the Telegraph notes, non-public bodies such as activist groups and investigative journalists have “no obligation” to go through the RIPA process.

Bonner went on to say that, because the CPS accepts covert footage gained without RIPA authorisation, it’s “encouraging people… to commit crimes and breach people’s privacy”.

Animal rights campaigners have used undercover filming for campaigning and prosecution purposes for decades. The approach has led to several important convictions in recent years. Covert footage by the Hunt Investigation Team, for example, led to the conviction of four hunt members for animal cruelty in June 2019. Cameras caught them feeding live fox cubs to hunting hounds. And a court convicted two members of the Kimblewick Hunt for animal cruelty in November 2019 based on footage by the Covert Film Unit.

Undercover footage by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) led to a Scottish sheep farmer pleading guilty to animal cruelty charges on 24 February 2020. The film showed William Brown “violently punching” two sheep. And by January 2019, Lincolnshire courts had convicted three people of animal cruelty to pigs based on covert filming by Animal Equality UK.

These don’t include exposés that didn’t make it to court but nonetheless revealed cruel, inhumane treatment of animals across the UK. An activist with Meat The Victims, for example, exposed such desperate conditions at a pig farm in the north of Ireland that pigs were cannibalising each other. And hunt saboteurs revealed a mass grave of pheasants in January 2019, describing it as “one of the shooting industry’s dark secrets”.

It’s not just animal rights campaigners using covert surveillance to gather evidence of ethically reprehensible and criminal behaviour. This is an essential tool for investigative journalism. One case that bridges these two areas is a BBC investigation into badger baiting. A journalist for BBC Wales used hidden cameras to capture a group of men engaged in the criminal act of badger baiting. Courts convicted four men on the back of this footage. Journalists have also used it to gain evidence of cruelty and malpractice in wide-ranging scenarios such as the NHS, Amazon, benefits assessments, and even the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

If Bonner’s call for all such footage to first pass through RIPA authorisation was heeded, the impact would be immeasurable. It effectively hands judgement about what is ‘worth’ investigating back to state authorities, who have shown themselves to be woefully inadequate at best and actively hostile at worst. As a result, the impact of such irresponsible changes could also massively damage human rights and social justice issues.

So what might lurk beneath the surface of Bonner’s attempt to disrupt animal rights activists? After 15 years of threatening a repeal on the Hunting Act, it’s finally looking as though any government won’t repeal the ban. Even Johnson’s cabinet accept this as a given now.

Instead, it appears the hunting community will seek to make life harder for hunt saboteurs and other animal rights activists. This can be seen in the Countryside Alliance’s hijacking of the debate over criminalisation of trespass. The Tory’s proposals affect trespass to establish encampments, and will impact Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities most of all. But the Countryside Alliance is attempting to co-opt public discussion to include sabs, who it claims are committing aggravated trespass “with impunity”.

Its latest attempt to steer legislation, by linking covert filming by animal rights groups with criminal damage and invasion of privacy, is utterly disingenuous. Huge numbers of films over decades shows that cruelty is baked into the heart of the factory farming and bloodsports industries. Preventing people from exposing these horrors amounts to little more than defending animal abuse.



….. 27th February - Labour seeks to ensure landowners who allow hunting not rewarded




….. 24th February - Blackmore FH kill fox after bolting it from badger sett

….. 22nd February - Ricky Gervais demands charging of Waveney Harriers after deer savaged

….. 21st February - Anti-hunt naturalist has dead badger strung up on his gate

….. 20th February - Landowner sees injured fox being hunted through his wildlife sanctuary

….. 19th February - Fox killed by Warwickshire FH in front of sabs

….. 19th February - North Cotswold FH chase fox into wood pile in village

….. 18th February - LACS launches campaign to ban 'trail hunting' on public land

….. 18th February - Waveney Harriers hounds hunt and disembowel deer

….. 17th February - Warks FH risk own animals/vehicles hunting in Storm Dennis 

….. 16th February - Cottesmore FH 'steward' punches sab several times

….. 16th February - Pytchley FH terrierman caught having blocked badger sett

….. 16th February - Heavy sabbing restrains Flint & D FH hunt in amber weather warning

..... 15th February - Co. Down farmers worried re. trespass & harassment by Hunts

….. 15th February - Sabs pull foxes Ledbury FH chasing, blocked setts found

….. 13th February - Warks FH chase fox in gardens and village, riot on busy road

….. 12th February - Hare accidentally headed by sab luckily escapes Dunston Harriers

….. 12th February - Cumbria police appeal for info over illegal fox hunting report

…..  7th February - Blackmore FH Huntsman's 2 sons to stand trial for violence at club

…..  4th February - Quantock SH Huntsmen acquitted of Hunting Act offences

…..  4th February - Cattistock FH follower boasts of telling JM line of fox they chased 

…..  3rd February - Heavy sabbing causes very early pack up by Ullswater FH 

…..  2nd February - N. Staffs FH terriermen attack sabs damage radio they tried to steal 


Labour seeks to ensure landowners who allow hunting not rewarded

27-2-20  Labour List   Let’s stop public money going towards land used for fox hunting [by Luke Pollard MP]    This month has marked 15 years since hunting with dogs was banned in England and Wales. The Hunting Act was one of Labour’s proudest achievements in government, putting an end to the cruel “sport” of fox hunting. It was a landmark moment in the fight against animal cruelty. But we are still nowhere near the end of the fight against blood sports.

There are 299 Hunts still active across Britain. The sheer scale of the problem is shocking. Loopholes are being exploited, exemptions are being taken to the extreme, and the need to strengthen the ban on fox hunting has never been clearer.

The government’s new Agriculture Bill tries to overhaul what funding government gives to farmers. As ever with this government, the headlines are positive but there’s less to celebrate when it comes to the detail. The new bill sees the system of payments to farmers move to a Public Money for Public Goods approach, which would mean farmers get more government funding for looking after their land and their environment. This is good in principle, but the problem arises when we get into what exactly is being rewarded by government.

Labour has tabled an amendment to stop public money going towards land that is used for fox hunting, or where an offence under the Hunting Act has taken place. It cannot be right for public money designed to fund very real public goods, such as animal welfare, could end up being be paid where land is also used for hunting with dogs. We must make sure that public money does not support a cruel sport that should have been consigned to history long ago.

Hunts need land to operate on – and the more they are denied it, the less opportunity there will be to flout the law. This was recognised by the Labour group of Nottinghamshire County Council, who successfully passed a motion calling for the end of hunting, including exempt hunting, on council-owned land.

By preventing support payments being paid to landowners convicted of knowingly allowing illegal hunting to take place, we can make them think twice before allowing hunting and embolden the police to pursue charges where they suspect the law has been broken.

I was proud to stand as a candidate at the last election on Labour’s Animal Welfare Manifesto. This has committed to strengthening the Hunting Act and closing all of the loopholes that are used for hunting foxes, deer and hares. The last general election showed there was clear public support for a renewed and strengthened ban on fox hunting. I’ve spoken out on this in the Commons again and again – and Labour is more committed to strengthening the fox hunting ban than ever.

Labour is committed to the fight to end the hunting of animals with dogs once and for all. Cruelly chasing a terrified animal for hours on end just for entertainment cannot be allowed in any form. The end goal is clear, but it requires us to be on our guard, and vigilant to new opportunities to put an end to the chasing and killing of animals. Labour’s amendments to the Agriculture Bill would be another important milestone on the way to stopping this cruelty.


Blackmore FH kill fox after bolting it from badger sett

24-2-20  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   VIDEO     This is fox hunting. This is animal abuse. This is against the law. This is happening all the time. This MUST stop!

A year to the day the same hounds chased a vixen through a cemetery, The same week that saw the 15 years anniversary of the hunting ban, and just weeks after the same huntsman was found ‘not guilty’ at Taunton Deane magistrates court for illegally hunting that vixen in the cemetery, amid claims of ‘trail hunting’.

Well, this is what their ‘trail hunting’ looks like, foxes running for their lives. Thugs intimidating law abiding monitors and the broken body, and the blood and guts of a fox strewn across a field after a desperate animal is bolted from a badger sett and torn to pieces in front of Huntsman, Whip and terriermen. Just like the good old days hey?

This time of year vixens are heavily pregnant and will rely of their mate to find food for them as their cubs arrive. Somewhere there is a vixen who will now struggle to feed herself and her cubs. We give you, the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt 22/2/2020.

Monitors from Hounds Off, SWC and Wildlife Witness and local independent monitors were out from the start of the day, everyone did their best. If you’d like to contribute to our drone fund ❤️ thank you -


Ricky Gervais demands charging of Waveney Harriers after deer savaged

22-2-20  Daily Mirror    Ricky Gervais demands cruel hunters face prosecution after dogs savage young deer    EXCLUSIVE: Comedian Ricky Gervais said hunters 'should be prosecuted and made to seek psychological help' after shocking images show hounds chasing down a terrified muntjac deer before cornering it against a barbed wire fence Ricky Gervais has demanded cruel hunters face prosecution after seeing footage of a young deer being savaged by dogs. Shocking images show hounds chasing down a terrified muntjac deer across open land before cornering it against a barbed wire fence. The ordeal lasted almost 10 minutes before organisers dragged off the dogs.

Comic Ricky, 58, said: “I will never understand the joy in chasing a terrified animal for miles and then watching a pack of dogs rip it to death. These people should be prosecuted and made to seek psychological help. This has no place in a civilised world.”

His outrage at the Waveney Harriers hunt in Suffolk was echoed by actor Peter Egan. Peter, 73, said: “What message is sent when dogs disembowel a defenceless deer?”

The hunt, which began as a legal “trail” using only animal scent with no kill, turned bloody when the hounds spotted the deer. It took place last Tuesday on the 15th anniversary of the law banning hunting with dogs. It is illegal for animals to be pursued but witnesses claim the horse-mounted hunters did nothing to prevent the savagery.

Retired Margaret Langham, 68, from Geldeston in Suffolk, said: “The poor thing went straight into a fence. There is no way it can have survived.”

But the Waveney Harriers claimed: “An incident happened as a direct consequence of hunt saboteurs, who distracted a few of our young hounds. The deer escaped without serious injury and our hunt staff removed the hounds despite false allegations.”


Anti-hunt naturalist has dead badger strung up on his gate

21-2-20  Spirit FM News    Wildlife presenter Chris Packham has shared a picture of a dead badger which he says was left outside his house. The 58-year-old broadcaster and conservationist shared images on social media showing the dead animal strung up to his gate with string. It is not clear how the animal, which looks very dirty and beaten, died.

Packham wrote on Twitter: "Always nice to get home after a long day at work to a warm welcome at the gate. I'd be grateful if you have an issue with me and my views if you could express it without killing innocent animals."

The macabre images have been retweeted more than 2,500 times in under 12 hours. Many of Packham's Twitter followers shared their anger over the presenter's harassment at his home and the cruelty of the act. Many shared more positive images in a bid to counter the attack, with one posting a short video of a baby badger who had been saved from his flooded sett in Derbyshire following Storm Dennis.

It is not the first time Packham, who is a staunch anti-hunting and anti-animal cruelty campaigner, has been targeted. In December he shared a video showing a dead fox which he said had been left outside his house in Hampshire. The footage showed a dead animal with what he called a "snare" injury - characterised by a dark mark around its body.

In the video he said: "It appears that if you oppose the cruelty and illegality of fox hunting and those who club them to death, you don't just get social media abuse. "It seems that if you stick up for foxes, you get your comeuppance from people who still think it's a good idea to kill them." At the time he said he was going to examine his CCTV and report the incident to the police.

Packham, who was awarded a CBE in 2019, has also been the target of previous attacks, and has had death threats directed at him, as well as dead birds hung outside his home.

He said that the attacks "fuel" him, adding: "It never makes me angry, depressed, worried, it makes me think they're doing these things because they're being backed into a corner and lashing out. "I'm interested in getting results, I will plough on regardless."


Landowner sees injured fox being hunted through his wildlife sanctuary

20-2-20  Cornwall Live    Landowner claims hounds chased fox through Cornwall wildlife sanctuary - Allegations have been made to police but no evidence has yet come to light  

A landowner claims a pack of hounds chased a fox through his wildlife sanctuary in Cornwall. Adam Hawker, who owns a two-acre sanctuary in Tregavethan, near Truro, claims the hounds were encouraged to kill the animal as they chased it through his field earlier this month. Mr Hawker reported the incident to Devon and Cornwall Police and the animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports.

He said he saw between 20 and 30 hounds chasing a fox through a field on the sanctuary, which is home to wild deer, badgers, foxes, rabbits and bird species, and claims Huntsman on land adjacent to the sanctuary urged the hounds on to kill. The fox was injured and bleeding, he added.

Mr Hawker said: “It’s clear to me that the Hunt was chasing wildlife. It’s also clear to me that the excuse Hunts often make that they are following trails they have laid is nonsense – no one laid a trail on my land. What would have happened if a party of children had been caught up in the path of these hounds in full cry? Not only would it have traumatised them, but it would be a serious health and safety concern.”

The matter has been reported to Devon and Cornwall Police but the force says it has not been presented any evidence at this stage...

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson said: “We have been made aware of an allegation of a crime against the Hunting Act taking place in Truro on Saturday 1 February. It was reported that the incident had taken place at around 3pm that afternoon on private property.

At this time we are not aware of any images, footage or independent witnesses to the incident which can be used to carry out an investigation, however if anyone has unedited photos or footage of this incident we would encourage them to share it with us to allow us to investigate this matter. Devon and Cornwall Police takes the issue of hunting seriously and we have a number of officers across the force who act as Hunt Liaison Officers to ensure that all parties are able to exercise their right to participate in lawful activity whilst also preventing unlawful activity. We would encourage witnesses to any offences to share unedited footage and images with us, and to be prepared to give statements to allow us to investigate any allegation of criminality. Please contact police via or by phone on 101, quoting log number 0666 of 01/02/20.”

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “If trail hunting was real, there would have been no need for the Hunt to trespass on Adam’s land, making it anything but a sanctuary for the wildlife that calls it home. It’s clear that fox hunts are still getting away with murder and operating like they did before the fox hunting ban, and it’s high time the law was strengthened to prevent this happening.”

The alleged incident occurred on February 2, nearly 15 years after hunting with dogs was banned in England and Wales with the introduction of the Hunting Act 2004, which came into force on February 18, 2005.

POWAperson adds  -  Given the location the Hunt involved was probably the Four Burrow FH 


Fox killed by Warwickshire FH in front of sabs

Hunters stopped sabs trying to save it

Vile abuse heaped on antis by hunt supporters

Hunt chase 2nd fox across busy road 

19-2-20  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO to follow    Today, Wednesday the 19th February 2020, the day after the 15th anniversary of the Hunting Act, the Warwickshire Hunt chased and killed a fox in front of saboteurs. The Hunt's Whipper-In jumped off his horse and into the hedge where the hounds had killed the fox and took the body away from cameras.

Members of the Hunt physically prevented sabs from entering a field to save the fox. Joint master of the hunt Olivia Forsyth denied that a fox was killed and denied that there was even a fox present.

Moments later the hounds were chasing a second fox from the same location. They hunted it across the blind bend on busy A422 Sun Rising Hill. The hounds were out of control with no member of the Hunt with them. They burst out onto the busy road on the blind bend causing chaos and tail-backs.

Sabs were subjected to vile and provocative behaviour from the hunt stewards, headed by senior joint master Barbara Hester, which included homophobia, sexual comments and joking about mental health issues.

Today was a very tough day the Warwickshire Hunt are bloodthirsty and arrogantly out of control. We will not stop exposing the Warwickshire Hunt or standing up to their bullying. Please consider donating towards our costs as all sabs are all volunteers. Tip off hotline 07767620767


 N. Cotswold FH chase fox into wood pile in village

19-2-20  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    19th February 2020, North Cotswold Hunt, Hidcote Manor (National Trust)    The NCH met at Hidcote Manor today and, after an unexpected swan rescue mission this morning we caught up with the hunt at Meon Hill. Terrierman Trotman was seen going into a small covert where the hunt had just been drawing near and a badger sett was found within the covert, hound prints on the entrances.

Over the road and later on towards Coleman's Hill with hounds picking up strongly in a thick hedgerow (another badger sett found) and the Hunt moving on when sab was spotted - terriermen stuck around in the area then also moved on with a second sett found in the same area, hound prints all over the entrances. Meanwhile a hunt rider left behind chose a blind corner to attempt to get on his horse with sab the first to offer to help calm the horse down (who had reared up) and who then stopped traffic so that he could get on safely with terrierman's help.

Hunt picked up and hounds ran back and forth near Coleman's Hill then around Clopton Wood and Mickleton Wood with hounds and quads then ending up going through Mickleton village itself, Hunt panicking and moving off as another sab arrived where hounds had marked at a wood pile.

They drew blank after drawing for some time around Mickleton Wood then headed inland and we lost them until they packed up at National Trust - Hidcote Manor Garden (only picking up hound poo from the car park after being told repeatedly about it by sabs).

If you like what we do, like and share our posts and page and, if you can help financially to keep us getting out to hunt meets, our funding link is Today was our 94th meet this season!


LACS launches campaign to ban trail hunting on public land

Illegal hunting continues on huge scale, says League

18-2-20   Morning Star    Illegal hunting continues 15 years since the Hunting Act came into force HUNTING with dogs is continuing on a “shocking scale” 15 years after legislation banning it was enacted, an animal welfare charity has warned.

Hunters are bypassing the Hunting Act by using exemptions to the ban, including resorting to taking birds of prey such as eagles on their Hunts to exploit a loophole that excludes falconry from anti-hunting laws.

The League Against Cruel Sports launches an online map today that identifies 299 Hunts that still operate in the British countryside and the species they target, such as foxes, hares and deer.

Supporters of the group will be able use the map to urge local councils to end trail hunting and the exercising of packs of hounds on their land — excuses used by Hunts to continue hunting.

The League’s director of campaigns Chris Luffingham said that Hunts have ignored the Hunting Act since it was enacted in 2005 and have “heartbreakingly” carried on chasing and killing British wildlife.

The Hunts currently exploit weaknesses in the law or use the excuse they are following scent trails that have been laid, but it is evident they are simply covering up their bloodthirsty hunting activities,” he said. "This map shows the scale of the Hunts’ activities and will help us to hold them to account as we campaign to limit the land they can access and end, once and for all, the savagery of hunting with dogs in Great Britain.”

The League said that it has received more than 300 reports of foxes and other animals being chased by Hunts and regular eyewitness accounts of wildlife being torn apart by hounds since the fox-hunting season began in October.

See LACS Press Release and access interactive map here 


Waveney Harriers hounds hunt and disembowel deer

18-2-20   Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    The Waveney Harriers have just killed a deer by allowing their hounds to disembowel it while they hunted the animal towards a fence giving it nowhere to escape - more updates to come soon!


Warks FH risk own animals & vehicles hunting in Storm Dennis

Female sab assaulted as antis ensure no kills

Police refuse to stop support blocking sab car in

7-2-20  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs      Warwickshire Hunt - Alscot Park - Saturday 17th February 2020    With many hunts around the country cancelling because of Storm Dennis the Warwickshire Hunt demonstrated just how bloodthirsty they are by choosing to hunt through the storm which at times included 45mph winds and rain. As can be seen in the photos, riders forced their horses to struggle on through the wind, rain and waterlogged fields.

They met at Alscot Park just outside Stratford-upon-Avon. If you contact the Alscot Estate (}  to ask them not to allow the Warwickshire Hunt on their land then please keep all communications polite.

We were joined by Liverpool Hunt Sabs and between the two groups we positioned ourselves around the area we expected them to start hunting. As many hunt members as possible were rounded up and made to wear pink high-viz for the day as the Warwickshire Hunt struggled to cope with the number of sabs.

From Alscot Park they rode through Preston on Stour and up towards Atherstone Hill Farm and Jubilee Cottages. From there they hunted down towards Clifford Chambers and close to the busy A3400.

With sabs surrounding the area huntsman Will Goffe decided to cross the A3400 and run off into a big bit of land in the hope of losing sabs. Whilst he was doing this clearly frustrated at their day being wrecked by sabs, hunt supporters blocked the Liverpool sab vehicle in preventing it from moving. However this had no effect on our ability to sab them as once our foot team followed the hunt in land towards Alistone Farm our vehicle went back and dropped Liverpool Sabs off at various strategic locations.

Goffe spent some time hunting at Gordon Hawkins Alistone Farm before moving on to the Fir Grove woods. Here a fox was seen fleeing from the hunt by Liverpool Sabs however with the area not only saturated with water but also with sabs Goffe had to abandon this chase.

Goffe then went on to hunt the dismantled railway, somewhere he knows he is guaranteed to find foxes. However with small groups of sabs dotted about all over the area it wasn’t long before the hounds headed straight into our group of foot sabs who were waiting from them on the dismantled railway just north of Ailstone Farm. With their frustration building up senior joint master Barbara Hester and Willy Forsyth (husband of joint master Olivia Forsyth) began assaulting a foot sab on a public footpath preventing her from walking down it.

Goffe eventually gave up and headed back onto the busy A3400 causing the usual tailbacks before he went on to hunt Foxhill Bank. However he soon gave up and packed up for the day at 4:30 when he realised that he was again surrounded by sabs.

If you’d like to make a bad day even worse for the Warwickshire Hunt you can donate towards our fuel costs to enable us to be back out with the Warwickshire Hunt again soon -

16-2-20  Facebook - Liverpool Hunt Sabs  15/02/2020 - Warwickshire Hunt SABBED   Yesterday we took a trip south to join West Mids Hunt Sabs to sab the Warwickshire Hunt. Despite a storm forecast and many other hunts in the country cancelling, they decided to risk injury to their horses and hounds to meet at Alscot Park, just south of Stratford upon Avon.

They set off west from the meet and hunted the woodlands around Jubilee Cottages where hounds briefly went into cry.

As sabs were dropping off a team closer to the hunt, several support vehicles blocked the road, forcing our van onto a bridal way. Support started throwing themselves at the van to stop us leaving, so other scummer vehicles could position themselves. The support vehicles then proceeded to surround and block in the van. After 30 mins, sabs called the cops. The first round of police drove past, ignored the situation, and flagged it as resolved with the call centre, telling sabs further down the hill that it wasn't their problem and laughing. Sabs then had to call the police a second time. Two officers attended the scene, telling sabs that the scummers apparently had every right to hold our vehicle hostage, that we should abandon our van and walk into Storm Dennis. After 2 1/2 hours of being blocked in, a Sergeant was finally called out and told drivers to move and that they were indeed committing a crime.

We were joined by 20 pink high vis wearing hunt supporters who followed us around for the day trying and failing to stop us sabbing. We wonder how much money the hunt wastes on them!!

The Huntsman continued north into the Clifford Chambers area, turning east towards Ailstone farm. Hounds went into cry at Fir Grove woodland and a fox was seen fleeing but with sabs in every direction ready to intervene, the huntsman gave up and headed to Whitehill farm to second horse.

Despite most of the riders going home, the remaining few continued in 45mph wind and freezing rain to hunt on the disused railway track (a known area for foxes). Unable to get away from sabs, the huntsman headed back towards the meet. The hunt then used a major road to access their last hunting area for the day, continuing down the road for around 400m while hounds were running in between cars and a lorry. They hunted Foxhill Bank just south of the meet but again with sabs in every direction... they soon gave up.

The Hunt packed up at 4.30pm, with soaking wet hounds and horses... and sabs and pink high vis wearing supporters. No kills! A successful day sabbing and a big thank you to West Mids HS for having us.

If you'd like to donate towards our fuel costs here's our paypal link.


Cottesmore FH 'steward' punches sab several times

16-2-20  Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    On Saturday 7th December 2019 we were keeping tabs on the Cottesmore as they were attempting to illegally hunt foxes around the Ridlington, Rutland area.

Towards the end of the day we were accosted and assaulted by a large group of stewards. One of our guys was beaten particularly badly by Ollie Barton who, after failing to get a reaction with his churlish taunts and a couple of jabs below the camera's field of view, launched several punches at our guy flooring him in the process.

Violent behaviour like this is commonplace with many fox hunts and is yet another layer of criminality used to hide the root criminality, the fox hunting itself.

Ollie is a “Business Development Manager” at Leicestershire based Crouch Recovery.


Pytchley FH terrierman caught having blocked badger sett

16-2-20  Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Pytchley Hunt caught after blocking in a badger sett!    Woodland Pytchley Hunt and The Pytchley Hunt now the Pytchley with Woodland Hunt terrierman was caught after just filling in a live badger sett. Why is terrier-man he covering his face unless up to no good? This is a criminal and nasty Hunt based in Northamptonshire.

Please continue to report any illegal activity to us and the police and SHARE with locals what these wildlife killers are up to!


Heavy sabbing restrains Flint & D FH hunt in amber weather warning

16-2-20   Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs    Hit report 15/2/2020    With Derby, Cheshire, Manchester Hunt Sabs and Stockport Monitors. With an amber weather warning in place you may have thought the scummers might have give it a miss yesterday... But no, not the Flint and Denbigh hunt, and unfortunately for them not us either.

We arrived in Trefnant to see an unusually large amount of hunt supporter vehicles parked up on the road by Plas Newydd estate and many riders from other Hunts. The Flint and Denbigh Hunt probably thought they'd have a field day today with so many riders and supporters in what was meant to be a showpiece event. But it turned out to be a damp squib thanks to Storm Dennis and a large turn out of sabs and monitors.

The Hunt left Plas Newydd estate at around 11am as hounds immediately picked up on a scent as they headed towards Penpalment farm, foot sabs followed as others went ahead to cut them off. The Hunt surrounded had been foiled in their attempts to hunt a fox and they had to gather their hounds before heading back into Plas Newydd estate.

This was a bit of a theme for the whole day to run and try to lose sabs, the hunt were all over the place as they just could not shake us off. From Plas Newydd they crossed the busy A525 towards College farm and onto the dismantled railway line to Denbigh Green and across the dangerous Bodfari road.

As the Hunt headed across land towards Ty coch some foot sabs followed whilst others went ahead to cut off the hunt. At this point an unmarked police car came down the road flashing blue lights to aid the hunt and block the road to allow the Hunt back onto the road. As a sab spoke with the officers in the unmarked vehicle a riding barged into to sab with his horse and then again. The officers took no action for this assault and instead targeted the sab after the terrier man make a accusation the sab swore, clearly the officer hadn't heard this but had witnessed the assault and chose an allegation of swearing was much worse that assaulting a member of the public with a horse. Operation Yarder in full force, the officer lost her cool a bit as she argued with sabs.

The Hunt were still trying to shake us off looping back and forth on themselves. They then headed down a bridleway at Greenfield farm but sabs were already waiting, the Hunt stopped for a few minutes whilst they planned their escape but then they just headed back to the Denbigh Green area and the dismantled railway. Sabs were already one two and three steps ahead of them. As they headed towards Ty isaf farm and once again across that busy A525 and back into Plas Newydd estate.

At this point hounds started to go into cry again in a wooded area but with sabs hot on their heels the huntsman gathered his hounds. By now the weather was horrendous, we'd have been better off with a canoe to try get across the soaked fields. The Hunt very frustrated by now headed out of Plas Newydd back onto the road and to Plas Heaton estate only to be turned back as there were more sabs already waiting for them. As the hunt went back to Plas Newydd around 8 of the hounds broke free from the pack as they picked up on a scent and ran across the road back towards Penpalment once again. Huntsman Cox informed a sab he'd lost 8 hounds. The sab pointed out they'd gone in the direction of Penpalment, Cox replied "Are you lying?" The sab told him no we all want to go home now.

Nige found his hounds at Penpalment. As one of the riders attempted to pack up, their horse bolted towards the Denbigh to Trefnant road but a quick thinking sab retrieved the horse before it got onto the main road. The hunt then headed back through the Plas Newydd estate with hounds briefly going into cry again. By the time they reached the Plas Newydd estate house Huntsman Nige blew for home.

It may have took us all season but we may have finally broken huntsman Nige Cox, he's usually more stoney faced than Mount Rushmore but said " You sabs are really annoying but you did point out where the lost hounds where and stop to loose horse". High praise indeed from a huntsman who once shot a shotgun through the radiator of a vehicle with sabs in it.

Thanks for all your support and donations we couldn't do it without you. If you'd like to donate to North Wales hunt saboteurs you can on this kofi link


Sabs pull foxes Ledbury FH chasing, blocked setts found

15-2-20   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    14th February 2020, Ledbury Hunt, Berrow      A somewhat muddy day today, several badger setts checked (3 blocked, 4 not blocked... but these have all been tampered with in the past and it's due to our work that they tend to be left alone now!) and a few foxes seen to safety.

We caught up with the Hunt as a huge(!) dog fox ran from the pack. Believing he was likely to be part of a brace (a couple) one sab covered his line with citronella while the other headed towards the pack and sure enough another fox crossed the road further up - a supporter told Mark the Huntsman where the fox had run and he encouraged the pack on - sab rated them (told them off) as best she could right next to the Huntsman who was encouraging them on (so hounds are less likely to pay attention to anyone else) then sabs got round to where the Hunt were drawing right next to a busy road.

Inland soon after and then up towards Hillend where another brace ran and the fox pictured below was able to jink around and confuse the hounds for some time by going in different directions and circling round, holding them up... then foot sab was able to rate the pack and hold them up again before hunt staff arrived and moved them off - they picked up on another scent nearby which we believe was lost at Hillend itself.

On soon to Queenshill and then Longdon while another sab in the area checked badger setts nearby which had been freshly blocked and the Hunt drew blank through several root fields. With limited land available to them due to yet more flooding they packed up earlier than we expected.

If you like what we do like and share our page and posts - it all raises awareness - and if you can afford to help us financially to get into the fields, our paypal link is: We're well on our way to 100 meets attended this season!  


Co. Down farmers worried re. trespass & harassment by Hunts

15-2-20  Farming Life    Down farmers raise concerns over hunting with dogs    County Down farmers have met local councillors at an event on Wednesday evening to try and find a way to deal with the impact trespassing hunts and their hounds have been having on their land.

The event was organised by the League Against Cruel Sports and held at the Downshire Civic Centre, Downpatrick with help from Alliance Councillor Patrick Brown, for local farmers concerned at the havoc hunts are causing in the countryside.

Hunts have been accused of damaging property, worrying livestock and engaging in anti-social behaviour as they chase wild animals. Research shows that hunting with hounds also presents a significant biosecurity threat to livestock when hunts trample across farmland.

The farmers are growing increasingly concerned about individual terrier men and men with lurchers terrorising the countryside as they seek to hunt foxes and hares. Similarly, the farmers have reported these men to the police for making threats and behaving in an abusive manner.

Terrier work is an activity in which dogs are put underground to attack and potentially kill a wild animal while lurchers are used to chase hares and foxes at night-time.

Speaking after the event, Janice Watt, senior public affairs officer for Northern Ireland at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “The farming community reached out to us due to the overwhelming amount of harassment they were experiencing from local mounted Hunts, and also lurcher or terrier men trespassing on their land.

We provided each farmer with a support pack that contained legal fact sheets regarding hunt trespass, anti-social behaviour and public order offences along with supporting materials to assist them to gather evidence efficiently, whilst also ensuring each incident is properly reported to the police. The reception has helped forge stronger working links between farmers and their local councillors which will enable them to work together to overcome the threat to the farming community associated with hunt havoc.”

Farmers suffering from trespass or damage to their farms were also encouraged to log any incidents and report these confidentially to the League.Councillor Patrick Brown, Alliance Party, said: “I am pleased to support this event that provided farmers with a greater understanding of their rights regarding access to their land by Hunts, and to empower them to take action, if necessary, to protect their land and livestock. Indeed, over the holiday period, there were a number of incidents of Hunts being involved in anti-social behaviour including an arrest made of a hunt participant, so the need for this sort of event is clearer than ever. I would like to thank the League for organising it.”


Warks FH chase fox in gardens and village, riot on busy road 

13-2-20  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    VIDEO to follow    Warwickshire Hunt in private gardens - *Warwickshire Hunt dangerously out of control on the busy Fosse Way near Combrook Warwickshire Hunt - Wednesday 12th February 2020 - Ox House Farm – Combrook     The Warwickshire Hunt met on a farm just off the Fosse Way, and set off around 11am. They began hunting towards Pillerton Hersey. The hunt whipper-in was sat on the busy Fosse Way, and hounds were spotted in land towards Pillerton Hersey. A fox was seen by a sab running towards the road away from the hounds, hounds were struggling with the scent line due to the wet ground and the hounds eventually were gathered back together and convicted Huntsman Will Goffe set off at pace inland, trying to evade sabs. Knowing this meet well we found the hounds in cry near the village of Butlers Marston. Hounds were seen running towards the village, one sab ran behind the back of the house confirming hounds were in cry whilst another headed into the small village and filmed hounds in a private garden with hunt staff present. One sab saw the fox head into the gardens and then hounds could be heard ‘marking’ (noise hounds make when a fox has gone to ground).

Due to sab presence, the Hunt were forced to abandon this chase and were trying to round hounds together entering private gardens whilst other hounds wandered around the village. At this point local people were coming out of their homes watching hounds and Hunt in their village. Knowing how manipulative Barbara Hester and her stewards are what happened next didn’t surprise us.

Compulsive liar Poppy Goodwin started shouting that a sab was filming the villagers children and tried to create a situation shouting sabs were saying disgusting things in front of children. However this Hunt don’t have a problem hunting foxes in front of children and traumatising them. Of course we film all the time and this manipulative behaviour we have come to expect from this Hunt will be exposed in the video.

We would also like to add that on numerous occasions we have heard the Hunt pink viz bullies tell members of the public they are ‘Anti’s’ when approached and then proceed to film car registrations and their faces. The Warwickshire Hunt are extremely nasty and will try and destroy anyone who disagrees with them. Barbara Hester then proceeded to go over to the mother of the child and as usual blame sabs and paint us as dangerous violent extremists. We think the general public knows by now who the real extremists are.

Once the Hunt had gathered the hounds back together they headed towards the dismantled railway in Combrook. Sabs headed inland and once they had caught up with the Hunt, Huntsman Will Goffe took the hounds away and crossed the Fosse Way to begin hunting in Walton. Whilst driving along the single road to Walton we could hear the hounds in cry heading away from the dismantled railway towards the main Fosse Way. Sure enough hounds were racing up to the busy Fosse Way with the usual arrogant self entitled behaviour that the Warwickshire Hunt display on full show to the public. Hounds, horses, hunt supporters all over the Fosse Way dangerously out of control. Will Goffe was swearing loudly, hounds were in cry next to the road and came onto the Fosse Way. The Hunt we’re taking up both sides of the road riding towards vehicles. This Hunt will cause a serious accident as their behaviour is out of control and roads are mere hunting playgrounds with no regard for public safety.

The Hunt continued to hunt the area of Walton and headed towards the A429 and hunted towards Wellesbourne. They were still hunting at 5pm near to the A429 with riders on point around a wood next to the busy A429, with sabs present and hounds heading towards the busy road Goffe stopped the chase and took the hounds back towards Combrook to box up.

Sabs were harassed all day by Barbara Hester and her pink viz bullies. Lord Fermoy acted as the driver for the day.

It was a long but successful day for sabs. If you would like to help contribute towards our fuel costs please use the link below.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to us and provided information on the Warwickshire Hunt. Our tip off line is 07767620767.


Hare accidentally headed by sab luckily escapes Dunston Harriers

Multiple wildlife fled from Hunt throughout day - no trails laid

12-2-20  Facebook - Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    Dunston Harriers, Red House Farm, South Green, Suffolk - 8th February 2020    Thanks to a tip off via the HSA, we turned up to the Dunston Harriers’ meet at Red House Farm in South Green, near Hoxne. This is formerly an Easton Harriers meet so it was not entirely unfamiliar.

Sadly the conditions were great for hunting and that was reflected in the volume of fleeing wildlife we saw throughout the day. Dozens of hares and deer, at least one fox, and even two stags. They wisely made a run for it whenever the hunt arrived nearby.

Huntsman Ben Hood hunted hard from the off and didn't even bother with the pretence of a trail. He began in Fir Plantation before hoofing it south past Colby Corner and scaring the shit out of several hares. Hounds spoke several times here and went into cry once but didn’t get anything. Hood had already lost control of his pack at this early stage as a lone hound was witnessed returning northwards. Loose hounds remained scattered across the area for much of the day.

After crossing Denham Low Road, the hounds spent some time in Deal Plantation. We watched as six deer, two stags and more hares made a run for it. The Hunt then appeared to enter Coldham Wood, home to the Coldhamwood Mushroom Farm. We suspect the Dunstons were trespassing, and spent some six to seven minutes in the wood, before quickly leaving once they saw sabs.

The Hunt upset also locals after allowing their hounds to run through one person’s garden just south of Denham Hall. When another resident protested their presence, one of the hunt staff was friendly enough to literally stick his middle finger up at the resident whilst allowing hounds to continue all over the busy B1117. Just minutes before this, sabs managed to get in front of hounds on the line of a fox and rate them away.

We also had a very close call when the Dunston Harriers’ hounds closed in on a hare across two fields east of Low Road. Although sabs got between the hare and hounds, the dogs were determined and ignored the sabs. One sab back at the road intended to let the hare pass but accidentally turned the hare back. This is normally a fundamental error in sabbing. However, in a strange twist of fate, it may have helped this hare escape. After turning back, the hare leapt a ditch. The hounds attempted to follow by wading into the ditch but got into difficulty in the deep water. This provided the hare enough time to escape to freedom.

Later, after spending time around the sewage works, with Hood dismounting and putting his hounds through nearby Waterloo Plantation on foot, the Dunston Harriers eventually returned to the meet around 2.15pm. Not before causing further road problems by creating a tailback, though. We don’t believe there were any kills but of course can’t be certain.

We then had word from friends in Norfolk and Suffolk Against Live Quarry Hunting that the Waveney Harriers were hunting in Sotterley. We drove over there but turned up as the hunt were leaving The Spring and hacking back to the meet. By all accounts it was relatively sedate before we arrived, although the hunt briefly chased one hare out of Likely Wood.

if you've made it this far, thank you for reading this long report.


Cumbria police appeal for info over illegal fox hunting report 

12-2-20  Cumbria Crack    Police appeal after suspected fox hunting    Police are appealing for witnesses to an incident of illegal hunting that is reported to have occurred on the 5th February at Rowling End (Causey pike), Keswick.

A Cumbria Police spokesman said: “It is reported a group of men were seen digging in the area. It is believed they were illegally hunting foxes.”

Anyone with any information or who witnessed the incident is asked to contact police on 101, email, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, quoting log 126 of the 7th February 2020.


Blackmore FH Huntsman's 2 sons to stand trial for violence at club

Charged with ABH & Affray - Both very active members of Hunt 

7-2-20  Somerset Live    Three men charged after 'scary' mass brawl at the William Dampier in Yeovil - ideo footage of the fight was viewed nearly one million times on social media    Three men have been charged by police following a mass brawl at a Wetherspoon pub in Yeovil last year.

The fight broke out outside the William Dampier pub on Middle Street in the early hours of February 10, 2019, and lasted several minutes. Video footage of the scuffle was uploaded to social media and has been viewed nearly one million times. Almost a year to the day since it occurred, police have charged three people in connection with the incident.

Edward Doggerell, 21, of Bishops Down, Sherborne, is charged with affray and assault causing actual bodily harm Benjamin Doggerell, 21, of Bishops Down, Sherborne, is charged with affray. Corey Webb, 23, of Brinsop Crescent, Yeovil, is charged with affray.

All three men are due to appear at Somerset Magistrates Court in Yeovil on Tuesday, February 25.


Quantock SH Huntsmen acquitted of Hunting Act offences

But judge says was clear illegal hunting took place 

4-2-20  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime    Yet another disappointment in court today. Richard Down former huntsman for the Quantock Stag Hounds and Martin Watts (the then whip), were found not guilty of a sec1 offence under the hunting act - in this instance the hunting of a stag with dogs across National Trust Land at Trendle Ring on 18th March 2019 filmed by monitors from SWC and Hounds Off.

In summing up the District Judge agreed - as did the defence QC - that an illegal hunt took place on national Trust Land that day, the technical argument which won the defence their case was one that relied on the Huntsman and Whip not having been identified at the scene at the precise time of the incident.

We now need a recklessness clause. Amendments are needed to bolster the Hunting Act. The exemptions in place are clearly allowing a continuation of an activity - stag hunting - which should have been consigned to the history books 15 years ago.    

We go forward from this with heartfelt thanks to the support we are given by the local community and with these words of reassurance - we aren’t going anywhere.

5-2-20  Somerset County Gazette   Richard Down and Martin John Watts not guilty of hunting after trial     A JUDGE has found two men accused of hunting on the Quantock Hills not guilty following a trial. Richard Down, 57, of Kittisford Farm, Bathealton, and Martin John Watts, 56, of Kennel Lane, West Bagborough, were cleared of committing any offence during an incident at Trendle Ring, Bicknoller, on 18 March last year.

They were found not guilty of illegally hunting a red deer with a dog after being charged under the Hunting Act 2004. Their legal costs will be paid out of central funds.

Animal welfare campaigners said the outcome of the case at Taunton Magistrates' Court was a "hollow victory" for the Quantock Staghounds, where Mr Down is the former Huntsman and Mr Watts the current Huntsman.

Somerset Wildlife Crime and Hounds Off had claimed there was footage of two hounds chasing a stag with horse riders following on the side of a nearby hill and making no efforts to call the hounds off.

Bobbie Armstrong said: "It’s always disappointing to lose a case. However, we are encouraged by the acknowledgment of Judge Taylor agreeing that illegal hunting had taken place. We now look forward to the National Trust responding by taking steps to protect their boundaries from future illegal hunting by the Quantock Staghounds. We look forward to seeing a more proactive role from Avon and Somerset Police on the Quantock Hills.”

Martin Sims, director of investigations at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “Despite our disappointment at the failure to gain a conviction, this is a hollow victory for the Hunt after the judge agreed the illegal hunting of a stag was taking place. “We need to strengthen the Hunting Act with a recklessness clause to ensure British wildlife gets the protection it so badly needs.”

The case comes nearly 15 years after hunting with dogs was banned in England and Wales.


Cattistock FH follower boasts of telling JM line of fox they chased

4-2-20  Facebook - Wildlife Witness   VIDEO    Lady Charlotte's grubby secret    As if the prospect of eluding a pack of hounds hell-bent on chasing you down and ripping you to pieces wasn't difficult enough, hunted foxes also have to avoid the actions of hunt supporters desperate to assist in illegal hunting.

This well known supporter of the Cattistock Hunt was caught out by monitors after spying a fox escaping across a road. Instead of warning the Huntsman to keep hounds away, he actually telephones the joint master and directs him to where the fox was seen.

Gladly boasting that "I just phoned him...but I don't know if he'll go for it with everyone about" adding that he'd "phoned the boss man, anyway" and when asked who the boss-man was he replied "Townsend".

Boss man "Townsend" is no less than joint master, Mr James Townsend husband of one of the county's wealthiest landowners and fellow joint master Lady Charlotte Townsend, owner of 15,000 acres of rolling Dorset countryside and prime London real estate valued at an estimated £450 million

The reality of the web of deceit that is modern-day trail hunting is exposed in this single clip... the bond that unites the gamekeeper and Lady Charlotte is their desire to carry on hunting, regardless of the law that bans it... it's not so much the thrill of the chase that these creeps crave... it's the thrill of the kill.

For as long as these scum continue to "go for it" then we will be there - alongside the sabs and the independent monitors who passed on this video to us, doing our best to bring these arrogant bastards to justice.

If you can help in any way please contact your local sab or monitoring group and contribute towards our ongoing costs  


Heavy sabbing causes very early pack up by Ullswater FH

3-2-20  Facebook - Liverpool Hunt Sabs    Liverpool sabs joined up with Lancs sabs on Saturday to give the Ullswater Hunt a surprise visit.

Sabs distributed themselves throughout the fells from 9am after getting a tip off with their meet location. At about 10am, the hunt set out from Helbeck. Several sab groups then proceeded to strategically distribute themselves all over their hunting ground.

Throughout the day, the Hunt was spotted by various groups attempting to cast the hounds, but with little success as sabs were always visible - greatly reducing their hunting territory

The Hunt travelled up from Helbeck up to Helbeck wood, before following a track up onto middle fell. They then continued to cast hounds (only briefly) up to Longfell, where they turned around at 12 and started heading back towards the meet.

Sabs successfully covered all their hunting terrain today and kept the hunt on the run. For our hard work, hunt supporters started to follow sab vehicles and shout abuse at us, showing that we clearly managed to ruin their day!

The pixies also managed to deal with a few nasty surprises along the way. Thankfully no more animals will be trapped or killed by them!


N. Staffs FH terriermen attack sabs damage radio they tried to steal

2-2-20   Facebook - Staffordshire Hunt Sabs    North Staffordshire Hunt 02/02/2020    Today we paid a visit to the North Staffordshire Hunt who had decided to hunt once again on a Sunday. So, with sabs from Liverpool Hunt Sabs, Manchester hunt sabs, Independent monitors and Stockport monitors we set off to ruin their day. And ruin it we did.

We found them, where we knew they would be at Bar Hill Farm near Onneley. Just before 11, we spotted horse boxes at the farm and saw terrier men on quads zooming around the roads near by. Hunt support were present, including our friend "Silent Bob", who likes to run with the hunt.

Sabs took up positions on the roads to the East, West and South with foot sabs in position watching the farm from the North.

Field master Jonathan Jarrett was seen on the A525 with a group of around 10 riders heading up to the meet. Other terrier men on a quad trespassed on local landowners land and were told that they were not welcome.

Shortly after this they remarked that we hadn't had our windows put through on our new sab wagon yet. They then had a long hard look at our tyres. We saw this as a veiled threat.

We can only imagine the conversation that was going on at the farm because around lunchtime we heard the hounds getting very excited, giving their impatient barks that they always give before they set off. This wasn't to be, however, because not long after that our foot sabs saw the riders leave the meet from the North minus the hounds.

As we have no interest in following people riding their horses if they are not hunting we chose not to follow, and besides the hounds could still be heard barking at the meet. So our foot sabs stayed in position.

Up until this point we had seen 4 different quad vehicles with 2 terrier men on each in the area and some of these spotted our foot sabs and decided to attack them. One tried to rip the radio out of a sabs hand, breaking our radio in the process while another dragged a sab round by his clothing and knocked him to the floor.

The Hunt would have liked us to believe that they were out on a fun ride. In fact that's what they told us. But why would hounds, 8 terrier men, hunt support and Silent Bob be out for a fun ride?

We stayed in the area to check that they hadn't tried to sneak the hounds out, and checked the meet where we saw horses being boxed up, then we left for an afternoon pint and to enjoy a little bit of what was left of our weekend after two days sabbing.

If you would like to help us visit our pals at North Staffs more often then you can either donate towards our fuel costs or tip us off using our new confidential tip off line 07553172570 -



….. 31st January - Sabs reveal several Fernie FH "Safety Officers" are serving soldiers

….. 28th January - Antis slam NG verdict in Blackmore FH Huntsman trial

….. 24th January - Two Beaufort FH hounds killed as pack runs on railway again

….. 23rd January - United FH filmed hunting on banned WT nature reserve

….. 23rd January - Beaufort & or Glamorgan FH terriermen caught netting at mostly blocked sett

….. 23rd January - Beaufort FH hounds & Whip all over A road before entering Highgrove land

….. 22nd January - Shock as Blackmore FH Huntsman acquitted of chasing churchyard fox

….. 22nd January - Fernie FH fox PM report - killed by many tearing and crushing wounds

….. 19th January - Sabs soon halt fun of Fourshire Bassets & Old Berkeley Beagles

….. 19th January - Sab windscreen broken by rock hurled as pass Eggesford FH kennels

….. 19th January - 3 foxes chased by Warks FH, one into private garden

….. 18th January - No prosecution for monitor who planted tracker on car of huntswoman

….. 17th January - Sabs assaulted by Warks FH stewards as try to reach fox being killed

….. 17th January - Police/Council object to locals' anti-hunt leaflets but ignore Barlow FH law-breaking

….. 17th January - N. Staffs FH turn violent as sabs frustrate attempt to kill foxes on a Sunday

….. 16th January - Badsworth etc FH bully landowner trying to get at fox in his garden

….. 16th January - Badsworth etc FH rider on road beats her spooked horse & verbally abuses sab

….. 14th January - HIT publishes detail of S. Herefordshire FH scandal investigation

….. 13th January - Villagers say Warks FH version of invasion of Hornton is lies

….. 12th January - Eggesford FH hounds riot on livestock as Huntsman loses them for an hour

….. 12th January - Two foxes seen to safety by sabs from Cambridge FH

….. 12th January - Sabs help save fox as Cottesmore FH abandon pretence of trail hunting

….. 12th January - Woman sab attacked by Oakley FH supporter, her camera smashed

….. 11th January - One fox killed by Belvoir FH, sabs help others to safety  

….. 11th January - Heavily sabbed Surrey U FH hounds show no interest in trails laid

….. 11th January - Sabs just too late to stop Fernie FH killing 1 of 4 foxes they hunted 

….. 11th January - Sabs lose Holderness FH but find Middleton FH in time to save fox

….. 10th January - Eggesford FH regular admits Hunt digs out, kills foxes & badgers

….. 10th January - The League releases film of Jedforest FH chasing a fox

….. 10th January - Stockport monitors say some media reports of arrests very overblown

…..  9th January - Blackmore FH chase foxes all day despite police warning

…..  9th January - S. Shropshire FH Huntsman caught flushing fox & disturbing otter habitat

…..  9th January - Wynnstay FH trespass annoying locals - sabs stop dig out

…..  9th January - Chairman of Barlow FH, a judge cleared of assaults on 2 sabs

…..  9th January - Warks FH scare children by chasing fox outside school at home time

.....  8th January - Worcestershire FH thug assaults antis, sab car tyre stabbed

…..  8th January - Cheshire FH Huntsman given CRO for threat to woman monitor

……  7th January - Menacing Avon Vale FH quad thugs terrorise sabs in car

……  6th January - N. Shropshire FH's unsupervised hounds mark to ground at sett

……  6th January - Sabs upload graphic film of Holderness FH fox kill

……  6th January - Film of Cheshire FH hounds in cry in sight of monitor arrests

…..   5th January - Badsworth etc. FH hounds savage a deer and kill rabbit

…..  4th January - Cheshire police arrest antis as Hunt carries on chasing a fox

.….  4th January - Oakley FH denied their kills as sabs see foxes to safety

…..  4th January - Sabs prevent dig-out despite several assaults by Cottesmore FH thugs 

…..  4th January - Grove & Rufford FH hunt along active railway line

…..  4th January - Residents see & report Croome FH chasing 'terrified' fox through gardens

…..  4th January - North Cotswold FH openly hunt a brace of foxes

…..  4th January - Southdown FH sab selves as ambulances called for 5 fallen riders

…..  4th January - N. Herefordshire FH chase fox to ground - sabs beat Hunt to it

…..  4th January - Ystrad Tal Fechan FH pack up at first sight of sabs

…..  2nd January - Cotswold Vale F FH pack savages pet terrier and owner's partner

…..  2nd January - Resident confirms N. Herefordshire FH kill though sabs stop a dig-out

…..  2nd January - 2 Barlow FH JMs attack sabs, try to steal camera

.....  1st January - Warwickshire FH hound killed as pack runs on railway

…..  1st January - Kitten-killing Badsworth etc. FH hunted fox to ground earlier in day 

….   1st January - South Notts FH hound runs on to A1 and is killed

…..  1st January - Atherstone FH's demise bring blessed peace to town on New Year's Day

…..  1st January - Wilts & I Beagles throw their dogs into van after packed up by sabs


Sabs reveal several Fernie FH "Safety Officers" are serving soldiers

31-1-20   The Canary    Hunt saboteurs expose British soldiers who ‘protected’ a convicted hunt     Peterborough Hunt Sabs exposed the truth behind a security firm ‘protecting’ the Fernie Hunt. It revealed that members of the firm are soldiers with the Household Cavalry. The Ministry of Defence didn’t appear too happy about it either.

On 20 January, Peterborough Hunt Sabs posted on Facebook that safety officers accompanying the Fernie Hunt during the 2019/20 season were members of Black Snow Security. The firm’s website says it is made up of “highly-trained SIA licensed security officers”.

Peterborough Hunt Sabs revealed that some of the safety officers were also soldiers with the Household Cavalry, including Black Snow Security’s owner Ben Scollick. The sab group said: [Scollick] recruits his security team from his old regiment, and his mixed bag of bouncers are all pictured on the Household Cavalry Instagram feed while on duty.

The Fernie Hunt later confirmed to the Daily Mail that it uses Black Snow Security’s services. The Daily Mail also reported that the Ministry of Defence has “slapped a ban on soldiers working at any more hunts”.

A spokesperson for Peterborough Hunt Sabs told The Canary: "Fernie Hunt need to hire professionals to keep observers away from their hunt. Why, if they have nothing to hide?"

Two members of the Fernie Hunt were convicted of illegal hunting and disturbing a badger sett in 2011. Harborough Magistrates Court found Derek Hopkins and Kevin Allen, the Huntsman and terrierman at the time, guilty of pursuing a fox before digging it out of a badger sett. The incident happened in January 2010 and was filmed by the League Against Cruel Sports.

More recently, Peterborough Hunt Sabs claims the Fernie Hunt killed two foxes during the same period it has employed Black Snow Security. The sab group published footage of what it says is the Hunt in a “rehearsed clear-up routine” on 11 January. And it alleged a fox was killed at Kings Norton after “hounds briefly burst into cry” on 18 January.

The Canary contacted the Fernie Hunt about these allegations. A spokesperson stated: “The Fernie Hunt operates within the law to comply with the Hunting Act and other legislation at all times. Hunting people are responsible and law-abiding individuals, but as with many other Hunts around the UK we are regularly subjected to spurious allegations made by anti-hunting extremists… If there is any evidence to suggest that illegal activity has taken place, we suggest the activists take it to the police to be investigated through the proper channels rather than trying to secure publicity for their own agenda through the media. We would, of course, assist the police and other relevant authorities with any enquiries.”

However, Peterborough Hunt Sabs told The Canary that a person directly associated with the Hunt privately admitted both kills to the group.

The British Army still has close ties to hunting, for example through the Royal Artillery Hunt pack. But it’s clear that even the Army doesn’t want to be seen protecting a convicted group like the Fernie Hunt.


26-1-20   Daily Mail    Revealed: Household Cavalry troops are moonlighting as paid fox hunt security guards in a £20,000 deal - Household Cavalry troops have been protecting Fernie hunt in Leicestershire - The troops have been protecting trail hunt in a deal apparently worth £20,000 - Army top brass has now slapped a ban on soldiers working at any more hunts    Troops from the Household Cavalry have been moonlighting as paid security guards protecting a trail hunt from animal rights activists, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

In a deal apparently worth £20,000, the soldiers from Prince Harry’s old regiment have been protecting the Fernie hunt in Leicestershire, targeted by saboteurs after its employees were convicted of animal cruelty offences.

Last night, the Hunt confirmed it used Black Snow Security, run by cavalry Non-Commissioned Officer Ben Scollick. The company’s website says it offers ‘highly trained and Security Industry Authorised-licensed officers’. But after The Mail on Sunday established the troops do not have SIA licences, Army top brass slapped a ban on soldiers working at any more hunts.

A statement by a spokesman for the Fernie hunt last night contradicted the MoD’s claim that the soldiers were only acting as marshals and therefore did not require SIA licences.

In 2011, two Fernie hunt employees were fined thousands of pounds after being found guilty of digging out a fox hiding in a badger sett so it could then be chased by hounds.

Fox-hunting has been banned since 2004 and has been replaced by trail hunting, which involves people on foot or horseback following a scent along a pre-determined route with hounds or beagles. Campaigners claim it still allows illegal hunting of foxes, deer and other animals with dogs.

Last night, the MoD refused to say how many soldiers were present at the hunt, or how much they were paid. An Army spokesman said: ‘Service personnel can undertake secondary civilian employment with the approval of their chain of command.’

The Fernie Hunt said: ‘We do not have anything to do with the recruiting of the individuals themselves.’

20-1-20   Facebook - Peterborough Hunt Sabs    The Fernie Hunt employ Black Snow Security, a licensed security firm based in Surrey and run by Ben Scollick, to provide protection and gather CCTV footage at their hunts this season. We have information to suggest that hunt master Philip Cowen has paid £20,000 for their services for the season.

Ben Scollick, who reached the rank of Lance Corporal in the Household Cavalry, recruits his security team from his old regiment, and his mixed bag of bouncers are all pictured on the Household Cavalry Instagram feed while on duty. Black Snow Security pay their bouncers just above minimum wage, so clearly Ben is enjoying the profits of this contract while protecting illegal fox hunters.

Licensed security are required by law to display their SIA licenses while carrying out “licensable acivities”. These activities include protecting property, providing security and gathering video footage for surveillance. Scollick’s “Black Snow” team do not display their badges while carrying out these licensable activities, and are in breach of section 9 of the Private Security Industry Act.

Ben Scollick, while serving in the Army in his 20s, once told a reporter in an interview that he would not hesitate to shoot someone if required. Why do the Fernie Hunt feel they need to hire trained killers to protect their hunt if they have nothing to hide?


Antis slam NG verdict in Blackmore FH Huntsman trial

28-1-20  The Ecologist   'The law isn’t working'    A Somerset Huntsman avoided a criminal conviction at Taunton Magistrates’ Court, despite his hounds being filmed chasing a fox.

Peter Mark Doggrell, of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt, appeared in court on charges of hunting a wild mammal with a dog contrary to Section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004.

The court heard how a witness for the Hunt claimed to have laid a ‘trail’ that she believed consisted of fox urine. However, the Hunt’s hounds were then filmed in full cry chasing a live fox through the graves in a church yard nearby.

Fox hunting was banned under the Act, which campaigners are lobbying to be strengthened with a recklessness clause. This would prevent Hunts claiming it’s an ‘accident’ when their hounds chase – and potentially kill – wild animals.

The case follows an investigation by Avon and Somerset Police based on evidence obtained by Hounds Off and Somerset Wildlife Crime.

A spokesperson for Somerset Wildlife Crime, said: “This is a very disappointing result in what should have been an open and shut case of illegal hunting. The hounds tore through consecrated ground, in pursuit of an identified wild mammal, and they were urged on by the Huntsman. The law isn’t working, and this case signifies exactly why we need a recklessness clause added. With it, British wildlife would be afforded the protection they were meant to benefit from when the Hunting Act was passed nearly 15 years ago. There is no excuse for any hounds to pursue a fox, hare, stag or any other animal.”

Joe Hashman, founder of Hounds Off, said: “We believe that trail hunting is a false alibi being used to cynically subvert the law. I struggle to understand how magistrates’ courts continue to be taken in by the trail hunting excuse.”

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “To think of a pack of dogs in full cry disturbing the graves in a church yard is astonishing, and we can only guess at how the relatives of those interred there must be feeling at this lack of respect. The decision by Taunton magistrates highlights again why we are campaigning for the Hunting Act to be strengthened with a recklessness clause – so that it is a robust piece of legislation that properly prevents Hunts from chasing wildlife.

Every week we receive reports at the League of Hunts behaving exactly as they did before the fox hunting ban came into force. There should be no excuse for these ‘accidents’ to happen. It’s high time the law was strengthened and fox hunting was consigned to the history books.”

The incident involving the Blackmore and Sparkford Hunt took place on Saturday, 23 February 2019 in a churchyard in Charleton Horethorne in Somerset. 

The case comes nearly 15 years after hunting with dogs was banned in England and Wales with the introduction of the Hunting Act 2004, which came into force on February 18, 2005.

28-1-20   The Canary    A Somerset magistrate found the huntsman of Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt (BSV) not guilty of illegal hunting - and the verdict reveals how much of a farce the hunting ban really is   Anti-hunting groups Hounds Off and Somerset Wildlife Crime filmed the BSV hounds chasing a fox through a churchyard. The incident, which took place in Charleton Horethorne, Somerset, happened on 23 February 2019. It went to court on 22 January 2020, where a magistrate found the Huntsman Peter Mark Doggrell not guilty of offences under the Hunting Act.

Video by the two anti-hunting groups, which was also shown in court, shows the pack of hounds going into cry as they chase a fox through the churchyard. The huntsman and other hunt staff make no attempt to call hounds off the fox. In fact, as The Canary previously reported, the footage shows a huntsman using his horn as hounds stream through a field next to the churchyard. The two horn calls resemble “doubling the horn” and “blowing away”, which encourage hounds to hunt.

Despite this, the magistrate found Doggrell not guilty. And it comes down to the flawed wording of the Hunting Act.

SomersetLive reported that Doggrell said the hounds that day were following a trail. He also said that trained hounds would “make the same noise as hunting a trail as they would a live animal”. Furthermore, Doggrell claimed that he was not aware of a fox in the churchyard. He also claimed that the horn calls ‘encouraged’ the hounds to “re-group”.

The Hunting Act doesn’t require hounds to kill a wild mammal in order to for an offence to be committed. It only requires that a person “engages or participates in the pursuit of a wild animal” and that “one or more dogs are employed in that pursuit”. However, a 2009 court case clarified this further. The case, which involved three members of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, established that hunt staff must be pursuing an “‘identified’ wild mammal“.

In other words, the prosecution must prove the Hunt actively encouraged its hounds to chase a fox, hare, deer, or other wild mammal. This could be done either by showing hunt staff encouraging hounds onto the animals, such as through horn calls. Or it could be done by showing the Hunt was aware that hounds were chasing a wild mammal but made no attempt to stop them.

This was proven in the case against the Thurlow Hunt in March 2019. Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs said the huntsman on the day could clearly be heard encouraging the hounds to hunt using his voice, and the district judge agreed. However, Doggrell’s defence shows that ‘trail hunting’ is designed to win court cases, not to provide an alternative to bloodsport.

While there’s no fixed definition of trail hunting, a guide by the Countryside Alliance provides insight into how it’s been designed. The pro-hunt lobby group says trail hunting intends to “simulate traditional hunting”. Hunts achieve this using a “quarry-based scent”, or a scent made with a fox. A witness for BSV said the hunt made its trail from fox urine, although at least one other hunt has claimed it boils dead foxes.

The Countryside Alliance also says that the Huntsman and Whippers-in “do not know exactly where the trails have been laid”. It follows this up by stating that “there isn’t a set route or a finishing time” for trails. In other words, hunt staff are protected by the excuse of ignorance in case hounds chase a fox or other mammal. Trail layers also can’t be charged because they are not in control of the hounds.

Doggrell’s defence rested on ignorance of what his hounds were doing. And it’s a defence encouraged by the wording of the Hunting Act. Reacting to the verdict, Somerset Wildlife Crime said: “A very disappointing result in what should have been an open shut case of illegal hunting. The law isn’t working, this case signifies exactly why we need a recklessness clause added, then British wildlife would be afforded the protection they were meant to benefit from when the Hunting Act was passed 15 years ago.

The hunting ban is not fit for purpose. One viewing of Hounds Off and Somerset Wildlife Crime’s footage will prove that. Until the kennels are shut down permanently, hunt saboteurs and monitors remain the only people holding these Hunts to account.


Two Beaufort FH hounds killed as pack runs on railway again

24-1-20  Wilts & Glos Standard    Beaufort Hunt apologises after hounds killed by train in 'tragic accident'    A pair of hounds from Prince Charles' favourite Hunt were killed in what the Beaufort Hunt has described as a tragic accident. A spokesperson for the Hunt also apologised for any inconvenience caused by the incident.

Statement from a spokesperson from the Beaufort Hunt: “The Beaufort Hunt were trail-hunting on Saturday, 18th January, when it became apparent that a few hounds had deviated from the trail that they were following and managed to get through some temporary fencing alongside the railway. The hunt staff and hunt officials endeavoured to retrieve the hounds as quickly as possible, however two hounds were tragically struck by a train. There were no other injuries and we are grateful to the train driver for his support during this difficult time. We also want to apologise to anybody whose journey may have been delayed as a result of this incident. Those who care for the hounds on a daily basis are naturally very distressed, as would anybody be who has previously had to deal with a loss of their own pet. The hounds are the absolute priority for our staff and to lose them in this manner is devastating. The Hunt will, of course, fully cooperate with British Transport Police regarding this matter.”

A spokesperson for the British Transport Police said: “At 1.34pm on 18 January, officers were called to the railway near Alderton following a report that a train had struck dogs on the line. Officers attended and following enquiries, it is believed that two dogs had been struck and killed by a train. Enquiries continue in relation to this incident. Anyone with information is asked to contact BTP by sending a text to 61016 or by calling 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 238 of 18/01.”

Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch, which follows the pack, said: "They are brazenly chasing foxes as usual, we had information that they were on cry, following fox, just before the incident. If they were genuinely following an artificial scent, why would they run amok across a train track, putting the safety of commuters and animals at risk all for the sake of a thrill?"

See also report in Birmingham Mail  

23-1-20  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Beaufort Hunt hounds killed on railway line    Poor hounds - an accident waiting to happen. They hunt near there frequently. They carried on hunting afterwards and then on Monday we caught them taking the hounds near the very fast A46 without a care for the pack. More to follow.


United FH filmed hunting on banned WT nature reserve

23-1-20   Shropshire Star     Fox hunt trespass on nature reserve sparks concern for wildlife on verge of extinction     Concerns about disturbance to wildlife on the verge of extinction has been raised after a fox hunt was spotted on a nature reserve on the Shropshire/Wales border.

A Hunt trespassed on Mason's Bank nature reserve, near Newcastle-on-Clun, this weekend according to Shropshire Wildlife Trust (SWT).

A member of the public captured video footage of horses and dogs on Mason's Bank, and the matter has been reported to the police. While the Hunt has not been identified, the Countryside Alliance said incidents like this are rare and Hunts work tirelessly to maintain good relations with landowners.

John Hughes, development manager at SWT, said Hunts are not allowed on its land because of the disturbance dogs and horses cause to wildlife. He said: "We were sent a video this weekend of a hunt which took place on our Mason's Bank nature reserve. It's so clear it's a nature reserve from the signage. As a trust we're quite neutral on fox hunting [!!!], we're not saying it's bad but we are saying please don't do it on our land because it causes so much disturbance to wildlife. It's incredibly rude and arrogant to just ignore the signs. In that part of the world there are birds that nest on the ground, some of which are close to extinction. Dogs and horses going across the land causes so much disturbance and puts them at risk."

Shropshire Wildlife Trust is encouraging the public to gather visual evidence and report any illegal activity they see on its land, and said it would push for prosecution in the future.

A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said: "As no specific Hunt can be identified and no evidence has yet been presented publicly, it would be inappropriate to comment beyond making it clear that registered Hunts across the country work tirelessly to maintain good relations with all landowners and members of the public. Incidents like this are incredibly rare and it is, of course, not the intention of any hunt to stray on to land where hounds are not permitted. Steps are taken by all packs to ensure that legal trail hunting activities only take place where permission of the landowner has been sought."

POWAperson comments - It is incredibly disappointing to have a Wildlife Trust being neutral on fox hunting. Not only is it cruel by design not only does it disturb and damage wildlife and the environment - it is illegal ! As usual the CA lies through its teeth This sort of thing happens all the time. Hunts go wherever their 'trail' – the fox – takes them, whether on banned land or road or railway.


Beaufort & or Glamorgan FH terriermen caught netting at mostly blocked sett  

23-1-20  Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs [with Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch]   Beaufort and Glamorgan terriermen interfering with a badger sett - Terriermen try and bolt a fox into a net at a Beaufort hunt meet - Wednesday 22nd January 2020. Beaufort Hunt at Tormarton -Joint meet with the Glamorgan FH     In a covert just off Oake’s lane to start with where there was a blocked sett and a blocked rabbit warren. An anti was evicted physically from there whilst drinking a cup of tea by a man who got off his horse and said he was working for Mr Smith (the owner) , Mr Smith and 2 women in fluorescent jackets back to Oake’s lane. They avoided that area for a bit.

     BeaufortGlamorganFHjointTerriermanlurk22-1-20.jpg   BeaufortGlamorganFHjointterriermannetrun22-1-20.jpg

Pics above  -  Left - Terrierman with Patterdale near sett   Right - Terrierman's net designed to catch bolted fox. Terrierman is running away from sab    

Then several terriermen were lurking down a bank. The 3C sab present said. "Near the motorway we stopped to get a view of the hunt and I noted a badger sett at the bottom of the bank. Going down it to investigate further I found 4 men on a badger sett with a net over one entrance and other entrances filled in. They were clearly waiting for a fox to bolt into the net. I approached them and they packed up and ran to the quads which were parked nearby, there were no registration plates visible and the men were masked up. One had what I think was a Patterdale terrier under his arm. They ran away.


                                 Nabbed terriermen making off on their quads    

The Huntsman and hounds who were nearby drawing a covert also disappeared rapidly. On going back to the sett there were fresh spade marks and down one entrance some bright yellow substance was noted, it also had a strong smell soapy/disinfectant/lemony. I retrieved what were small yellow capsules which were melting in the damp earth and am looking into getting them analysed. They smelt very strong and out of concern for any badgers or foxes who may inhabit the sett I removed 8 of these capsules and believe them to be heavy duty cleaners placed in an entrance with the intention to stop any fox coming out of that entrance, or from going to ground in it or maybe some attempt to encourage a fox to leave. Stinking out setts and earths is well documented after all in old hunting texts.


                                  Container of bitumen left at a sett entry    

In the next field more sett entrances were found that had been blocked. It is not known as to which Hunt is responsible for putting noxious chemicals down the sett, could be Beaufort, could be the Glamorgan or, more likely, a joint enterprise.

This is thought to be within the Avon cull zone which has just undergone it’s first year of the badger cull. Avon and Somerset police and the Badger Trust have been notified".


                                   Mystery substance placed inside sett entry    

Nets are put over the entrances of holes so that we the fox bolts out of it they are captured within the net and are then shot, or in some cases released in front of hounds. we do not know what the intention was here.

They left the area and were hunting around Badminton until dark.

Please continue to support us


Beaufort FH hounds & Whip all over A road before entering Highgrove land

Witness saw them chasing fox across an airfield 

23-1-20  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Beaufort Hunt 20.01.20 – Beverston    They met at Park Farm, Beverston alongside the A4135 Tetbury Road. This was later than their usual 10.45am gathering maybe because conditions were very icy early on.

They hunted behind the farm going inland towards Park Bottom. Hunt followers were on Hook House Lane looking in. We heard the hounds on cry and saw them searching around a small unnamed wood behind the farm.

After spending some time behind the farm they crossed over the A4135 and hounds were spotted searching Charlton Brake east of Beverston below Chavenage House. We had foot walkers following them and our vehicle was round on the Chavenage side in case the they came through. Two of their favourite coverts around there are Broad Newell and Union Gorse and that’s where we believe they were for a while. On previous occasions they mostly take the hounds down to Ledgemore Bottom. Not this time.

They brought the hounds back over the A4135 [surely better to lay their trails inland away from main roads] and we caught site of them going over Babdown airfield. Masked-up terriermen were seen on quad bikes in this area earlier in the morning and we had a report of a fox being chased across the airfield during the morning.


At 2.30pm we went round to see if we could spot them on the very fast A46 at Goss Covert which runs alongside the road and a popular place for them to search. We arrived to find the hounds there and Nick Hopkins [Kennel Huntsman/Whipper-in] standing at the side of this dangerous road on his horse [above]. Of course the hounds strayed on to the road and our driver helped to slow down the traffic which reaches speeds in excess of 60mph along there. We had a member of the public contact us to say they saw the hounds on that road as well and were concerned. To us this shows no regard for the hounds or horses. Hounds should not be straying on to major roads.

They eventually took them away from there and we caught up with them over at Hook House Lane again. Monitors were with them at Hare Covert as they hunted behind Happy Lands [ironic] towards Elmstree Lodge. The pack went in a paddock with some ponies spooking them. Hopkins arrived and went through to the Duchy Estate land which leads to Highgrove House home of Prince Charles. This is a protected site and whilst we would not care to enter, the Beaufort Hunt have clearly been given permission to hunt in there by HRH.



Shock as Blackmore FH Huntsman acquitted of chasing churchyard fox 

22-1-20 Facebook – Somerset Wildlife Crime   VIDEO   Not Guilty? You tell us...    A very disappointing result in what should have been an open shut case of illegal hunting. With a last minute witness for the defence only having submitted evidential maps claiming to show where a trail was laid, in the past few weeks - some 10 months after the incident.

Huntsman for the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt, Mark Doggrell claimed he didn't know who laid the trail, where the trail is laid, and indeed what the trail even is!

Having held his role for 15 years, and claiming to have hunted trails in all that time, it is hard to grasp exactly why he wouldn't have these facts.

The trail layer who appears not to have previously been involved with the police investigation, admitted using a 'fox scent'!

Despite stating they hold 'debriefing' sessions when 'things go wrong' Doggrell stated that no debriefing was held over the churchyard incident. How much more 'wrong' can it go? The hounds tore through consecrated ground, in pursuit of an identified wild mammal - in this case a vixen - and they were urged on by the Huntsman.


                          Fox runs thru churchyard with hounds close behind   

The law isn't working, this case signifies exactly why we need a recklessness clause added to the Hunting Act, then British wildlife would be afforded the protection they were meant to benefit from when the Hunting Act was passed 15 years ago. There is no excuse for any hounds to pursue a fox, hare, stag or any other animal. The footage was filmed by monitors from Somerset Wildlife Crime and Hounds Off both organisations run by volunteers

23-1-20  LACS Press Release  VIDEO    Fox hunt court case highlights ‘trail’ hunting concerns    A Somerset Huntsman avoided a criminal conviction yesterday at Taunton Magistrates’ Court, despite his hounds being filmed chasing a fox. Peter Mark Doggrell, of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt, was in court on charges of hunting a wild mammal with a dog contrary to Section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004.

The court heard how a witness for the hunt claimed to have laid a ‘trail’ that she believed consisted of fox urine. However, the Hunt’s hounds were then filmed in full cry chasing a live fox through the graves in a church yard nearby.

Fox hunting was banned under the Act, which campaigners are lobbying to be strengthened with a recklessness clause. This would prevent Hunts claiming it’s an ‘accident’ when their hounds chase – and potentially kill – wild animals.

The case follows an investigation by Avon and Somerset Police based on evidence obtained by Hounds Off and Somerset Wildlife Crime. A spokesperson for Somerset Wildlife Crime, said: “This is a very disappointing result in what should have been an open and shut case of illegal hunting. The hounds tore through consecrated ground, in pursuit of an identified wild mammal, and they were urged on by the Huntsman. The law isn’t working, and this case signifies exactly why we need a recklessness clause added. With it, British wildlife would be afforded the protection they were meant to benefit from when the Hunting Act was passed nearly 15 years ago. There is no excuse for any hounds to pursue a fox, hare, stag or any other animal.”

Joe Hashman, founder of Hounds Off, said: “We believe that trail hunting is a false alibi being used to cynically subvert the law. I struggle to understand how magistrates’ courts continue to be taken in by the trail hunting excuse.”

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “To think of a pack of dogs in full cry disturbing the graves in a church yard is astonishing, and we can only guess at how the relatives of those interred there must be feeling at this lack of respect. The decision by Taunton magistrates highlights again why we are campaigning for the Hunting Act to be strengthened with a recklessness clause – so that it is a robust piece of legislation that properly prevents hunts from chasing wildlife. Every week we receive reports at the League of hunts behaving exactly as they did before the fox hunting ban came into force. There should be no excuse for these ‘accidents’ to happen. It’s high time the law was strengthened and fox hunting was consigned to the history books.”

The incident involving the Blackmore and Sparkford Hunt took place on Saturday, February 23, 2019 in a churchyard in Charleton Horethorne in Somerset.


                                                     Fox nearly runs into redcoat  

23-1-20   Countryside Alliance   Huntsman of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt found NOT guilty of offences under the Hunting Act    The Huntsman of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt was found not guilty of offences under the Hunting Act 2004 at Taunton Magistrates court yesterday (22nd January 2020).

Farmer Mark Doggrell faced charges of illegal hunting brought by the CPS relating to hunting activity on 23rd February 2019 at Charleton Horethorne, Somerset.   

A spokesperson for the Countryside Alliance said: "Sadly this is another example of a prosecution based on vindictive allegations made by deeply prejudice activists. There is a long history of such cases resulting in not guilty verdicts when the evidence fails to meet the claims made by people who are only interested in attacking hunting. This is another example of police resources and court time being wasted when there is no valid evidence that illegal hunting has taken place. We would urge the police and CPS to carefully consider whether allegations made by committed activists should really lead to charges being brought."


Fernie FH fox PM - killed by many tearing and crushing wounds 

22-1-20  Facebook - Peterborough Hunt Sabs    After the Fernie Hunt killed a fox at Kings Norton on the 18th of January 2020, we recovered the body and submitted it to a veterinary surgeon for a scientific analysis of the broken body. The report we have received, is below.

In June 2000, the Burns Inquiry Report concluded that the killing of foxes above ground, by hounds which have chased and caught it, compromises their welfare while causing suffering due to the traumatic and violent nature of death.

Supporters of hunting often argue that a fox may be killed by a "quick nip to the back of the neck". Post-mortem examinations such as the one attached here, show this is not the case. Rather, that death is caused by massive multiple injuries; disembowelling along with 'crushing and penetrating abdominal and chest injuries'.

Kings Norton fox was today laid to rest in a quiet corner of the countryside which is not hunted. He now is at peace, away from the huntsman's horn.



Sabs soon halt fun of Fourshire Bassets, then Old Berkeley Beagles

19-1-20  Facebook - Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs    Fourshires Bassets - Charndon, Bucks & Old Berkeley Beagles – Middle Claydon, Bucks [Joint meet with the North Bucks Beagles] A tip off was received to say a hare hunt would be taking place on Claydon Estate (you can make your feelings about this known here, part of which is National Trust property.

We then received information to say another hare hunt would be taking place nearby. Our poor brown hare population is being decimated by barbaric louts.

We made our way towards Charndon on the Oxfordshire border and immediately spotted basset hounds on Windmill Hill owned by the Harpers.

We arrived around 12.30 just as the hounds went into cry and we split into two small groups to intervene. Both groups were with hounds as the pack had split, one group rated the hounds off a hare that escaped unscathed and they remained with the Huntswoman. Other sabs watched three hounds checking a hedge where we believe a hare had run to and the sabs used voice and horn calls to draw the hounds out of the hedge which worked perfectly.

The Huntswoman then gathered her hounds to pack up and made her escape. Berkshire Hunt Sabs then entered the field with their sabs on the top of the hill with a good view. It seemed that one hound was lost and hunt staff were looking for the poor basset.

The Fourshires are kennelled with the Old Berkeley Beagles who had met at Middle Claydon just a ten minute drive away. It became obvious that after we ruined one Hunt's day, they didn't want us going to their kennel mates hunt so the Fourshires messed around to try and distract us with horn calls but the hounds had gone home, minus a straggler. Berkshire sabs remained in the area just in case and we went on to visit the Old Berks.


                  Old Berkeley Beagles Huntsman - looking for his hedge fund?   

We drove past the basset meet at the Martin's Hill House Farm where supporters were returning. 

As soon as we arrived at Phoenix Fruit Farm (part of the aforementioned Claydon Estate) we saw a Whipper-in close to the road who got on his phone to say 'the anti's are here' and within seconds a couple of beagles ran on to the track and started speaking, indicating they were on the scent of a hare. We rated the hounds and due to us turning up, the whip rated the hounds and quickly marched away from us. As we entered a field the rest of the hunt and the beagles fell out of a hedge and together with sabs escorting them, made their way back to the meet. Supporters (around 40) glumly emerged from fields all around, their hare killing blood lust brought to an abrupt end.

It was clear this was a big, prestigious event. The Estate is home to the well connected Verney family.

Berkshire sabs took over from us to keep an eye on the area but the Hunt had well and truly packed up and we went back to check that the bassets hadn't sneaked back out. Several very muddy sabs then retired to the pub for a well deserved drink!

We travelled many miles today, please donate if you can


 Sab windscreen broken by rock hurled as pass Eggesford FH kennels  

19-1-20  Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    Yesterday we had a good day sabbing the Torrington Farmers Hunt. Report to follow. On our way home we drove back past the Eggesford Hunt kennels at Wembworthy and opposite the entrance down to the kennels somebody chucked a rock at our windscreen. The vehicle was full of sabs at the time and we were driving along the road, so this could have ended badly. Our sabs are OK, but this is a dangerous escalation of the Eggesford's tactics. If they think this sort of thing deters us, they should have learnt by now that it only strengthens our resolve.


If you support what we do, please donate to our fuel and equipment fund: To get involved or send us confidential information, please message us on Facebook, email or text 07717473305.


3 foxes chased by Warks FH, one into private garden 

19-1-20  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt - Upper Quinton - Saturday 18th January 2020    On Saturday the Warwickshire Hunt had to resort to calling in farm workers from William Forsyths (husband of Warwickshire Hunt joint master Olivia Forsyth) farm to join the regular team of violent sociopaths led by Barbara Hester.

After meeting in Upper Quinton the Warwickshire Hunt headed straight over to Admington. Once in Admington they hunted down the Marchfont Brook and then the land surrounding Admington Hall. Owned by Mark Davies former Warwickshire Hunt director, Admington Parish Councillor and High Sheriff of Warwickshire. With sabs well positioned convicted hunting criminal and fox killer Will Goffe moved away across the road and in land to get away from sabs and ended up near Berryfields Farm.

Knowing he always finds a fox on the dismantled railway at Berryfields he headed straight for it and as if by magic the hounds picked up the scent of a fox and hunted it to Crimscote. Foot sabs were able toWarksFHfoxescaped18-1-20.jpg tell the team in the vehicle where the fox was heading which meant sabs arrived in Crimscote just as the lead hounds were trespassing all over someone's garden. By this point the fox had already escaped across the road and with sabs present the hunt moved back in land away from sabs back towards Berryfields. From there huntsman Goffe returned to Crimscote and then up to Preston on Stour.         

Goffe spent a while hunting at Sweet Knowle Aquatics which is owned by the Warwickshire Hunt supporting Harding family. A fox was hunted from Sweet Knowle Aquatics back down to Admington where they ended up at Bruton Farm, a regular meet for the Warwickshire Hunt and home of Amanda Wasdell a Clerk for Brailes Parish Council.

With the majority of the riders packed up and gone home Goffe took the pack and what was left of hunt back up to Preston on Stour where he hunted well into the darkness. A fox was seen running away from the the hunt and towards the village and got away safely.

The Warwickshire Hunt hate people donating to us online. You can really annoy them by clicking this link to donate. You can contact us with any information about the Warwickshire Hunt which is treated in the strictest confidence on 07767620767 by email at or by PM.


No prosecution for monitor who planted tracker on car of huntswoman

Police say does not appear to have committed criminal offence 

18-1-20  Daily Telegraph    Legal loophole exposed after activist not prosecuted for 'planting' tracker on hunt vehicle     Countryside groups have called for tougher rules on the use of tracking devices after a huntswoman allegedly caught an anti-hunt activist planting one under her horse trailer.

The incident has prompted calls for the Home Office to close a loophole in the law after it emerged that the activist is to face no charges over the incident. Hunt supporters fear that could appear to give the green light to anyone to install a tracker on another person's car without consent and escape criminal prosecution.

Trackers are now easily available, cheap, and are used lawfully with the owner’s permission for tagging expensive cars, pets and even newly qualified young drivers. But there is potential for more sinister purposes to spy on individuals and find out their movements.

The legal loophole was identified after Mary Wynne-Jones, 68, from Market Drayton, interrupted a hunt monitor she claims was trying to fix a tracker to her Land Rover and trailer on her return from riding with the Wynnstay Hunt, which straddles the Cheshire and North Wales border, on December 6 last year. The woman claimed she was thinking about buying a trailer and wanted to see if she could manage one, before driving away.

But after inspecting her vehicle Mrs Wynne-Jones discovered a tracker in the chassis of the trailer and called the police. The female suspect then returned unexpectedly and is said to have admitted to Mrs Wynne-Jones and two police officers that she had placed the tracker. Mrs Wynne-Jones said: " She told me it was uncharacteristic and a spur of the moment thing."

But shortly before Christmas Mrs Wynne-Jones received a letter from North Wales Police stating: "As the female made it quite clear the alleged tracker was NOT placed there to commit theft, no crime has been committed." PC Perrin, of Rhos police station, who wrote the letter, added that various other offences had been considered "but these circumstances did not fit any." She disclosed however that details of the suspect and her vehicle had been circulated to officers from North Wales and Cheshire forces for future monitoring.

Mrs Wynne-Jones said" I really cannot believe this. I think it has to be an illegal act for someone to put a tracker on someone's vehicle without their consent. It was obviously intended to follow me so saboteurs could find out where I was going hunting which is a legal activity. This should be a criminal offence."

The woman identified by Mrs Wynne-Jones as allegedly planting the tracker denied doing so, but admitted to the Telegraph that she had considered such a course of action.

Speaking at her home the woman said: “I have thought about tracking – I’ve looked into it. It’s something we have considered. I honestly don’t know whether tracking a car is illegal. I think it’s a bit of a grey area. But I haven’t done it and I’m not aware of anyone who has.”

The 73 -year-old, who belongs to the Cheshire Monitors – which tries to expose illegal hunting in the county - added: “For us it’s about finding the Hunts that are hunting illegally. 85 percent of the population don’t want fox hunting. People like it less and less – they have the Hunts coming on to their private land and going into their villages and they don’t want them. The problem is that the 2004 Hunting Act has a lot of loopholes and they exploit them to the maximum.”

Trackers have been previously spotted on vehicles of hunt supporters and marksmen involved in the official badger cull, but this is thought to be the first time an alleged perpetrator has been caught in the act.

Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, who is contacting Home Secretary Priti Patel about the legal loophole, described the episode as "incredibly sinister and worrying." He said: "The repercussions go way beyond hunting. It is concerning that anyone could so easily be the victim of stalking. Most would agree this is a shocking violation of privacy which could put people in serious danger. Action needs to take place to address what looks like an unacceptable loophole."

North Wales Police declined to comment on a specific case but said in a statement: "A private individual placing a tracker on another person's vehicle is not in itself a criminal offence. However a course of such conduct may constitute a criminal offence in certain circumstances. If damage is caused or there is an intention to steal the vehicle, they would also be criminal offences."

Lawyers believe the criminal law has not caught up with the use of GPS trackers in Britain. Rupert Jones, a criminal barrister in Birmingham, said: "There is definitely a gap in the law. The vehicle interference offence only applies when the intention of the installer is that the car is to be stolen. The concerning situations are when someone installs a tracker to work out where someone lives, or what their daily habits are, with an intention of committing another offence against them or their property."

Nicholas Hall, a criminal barrister in London, said: "Given the increasing popularity of trackers, it may be new laws will be introduced in future to capture this specific type of behaviour." The Home Office declined to comment.

POWAperson comments  -  It is hard to argue that monitors should have carte blanche to go around planting trackers on hunt vehicles, but when they observe, time after time, Hunts not just exploiting loopholes in the Hunting Act but blatantly breaking the law by pretending to be trail hunting whilst going after live quarry very much as they did before the so-called ban, and especially when police refuse to even attempt to enforce the law and some actually facilitate Hunt law-breaking, how exactly are they supposed to obtain justice for the illegally hunted - and often killed - animals?


Sabs assaulted by Warks FH stewards as try to reach fox being killed 

17-1-20  Banbury Guardian    Sixth report on Warwickshire Hunt since December claims fox was killed by hounds in Oxhill - pictures   A fox was filmed reportedly being killed by hounds of the Warwickshire Hunt during a meet at Oxhill on Wednesday. West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs (WMHS) and other animal rights monitors who were taking video claim they were assaulted by the Hunt's ground crew who were attempting to prevent them approaching the scene of the killing.


                                             Fox being killed by hounds   

A spokesman for the saboteurs said: "On Wednesday, January 15 members of WMHS, Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch and an independent hunt monitor attended a meet of the Warwickshire Hunt in Oxhill. Whilst hunting just outside the village of Oxhill the Warwickshire hounds were seen killing a fox. A member of the Hunt can be seen wading into the middle of the pack of hounds and using his whip to move them off the fox. He can then be seen stepping on the body of the fox as one of the hounds goes back to the fox and attempts to drag the body out from under his boot [below]."


The saboteurs said the first thing they saw when they arrived was a fox running from the Hunt.

"The Warwickshire Hunt were ruthless and relentless in their hunting all day. In total there must have been six or seven foxes hunted throughout the day. At this time of year foxes are pairing up and mating so when they are hunted there are quite often two of them about together. Unfortunately one of those foxes was killed by the Warwickshire Hunt near Oxhill. We tried to get into the field to try to save the fox however we were assaulted and physically prevented from getting into the field by the Warwickshire Hunt stewards (who wear pink high-viz). One sab managed to run into the field only to be attacked and taken to the ground by one member of the Hunt [below]."


The group said members faced 'extreme provocation' all day from members of the Hunt especially as the fox was being killed. "The Warwickshire Hunt swiftly moved on to the next fox and within minutes were hunting another one. They hunted into the darkness and ended the day hunting on a blind bend on the busy A422 on Edgehill," the spokesman said. "The Huntsman then recklessly started blowing his horn on the road and caused the hounds to spill out all over the road and across to the other side. This was on a blind bend of a busy road as the light was fading. Hunting foxes is clearly more important than the safety of the hounds and horses. The fact that we were physically blocked from helping the fox speaks volumes. Most compassionate animal loving people would go out of their way to help any animal in distress, instead the Warwickshire Hunt not only stopped us getting to the fox but also attacked us and violently brought one of our group to the ground. This disgusting behaviour is completely unacceptable and extremely concerning."

   WarksFHSabobstructed15-1-20.jpg WarksFHSabassaulted15-1-20.jpg

Pics above  -  Sab being obstructed and assaulted by 'stewards'   

Warwickshire Hunt did not confirm or deny that a fox had been killed but they said that the protesters were aggressive to them. Police have been called in regards to the action of one man who allegedly made death threats. One of the women, who has requested to remain anonymous, said: "The verbal abuse I suffered on Wednesday as a result of those extremists is deeply upsetting and unacceptable on any level." She added: "I feel violated and frightened. These animal rights activists frequently publicise personal information and encourage others to attack. I am incredibly concerned for my safety."

In a statement, a spokesman for the Warwickshire Hunt said: "This disgusting behaviour is completely unacceptable. Irrespective of anyone's view on hunting, this behaviour is just plain wrong and extremely concerning."

The Countryside Alliance, a rural campaigning group, has also joined the condemnation. Polly Portwin, head of hunting, said: "Behaviour of this nature is deeply worrying and calls into question the tactics used by groups like this. We sincerely hope the police investigate this matter further."

Three reports of hounds being 'out of control' while out have been reported in the Banbury Guardian during December and three in January. On New Year's Day hounds got onto the main Birmingham to London railway near Fenny Compton and held up trains for 30 minutes. A Network Rail spokesman said: "One train (was) involved in the initial incident but overall 21 services were affected. The driver believed he struck a hound although no body was found by the British Transport Police following the incident. The train involved does have forward facing CCTV. Due to the ongoing investigation Network Rail cannot comment on the footage at this time. Network Rail has been liaising with the British Transport Police (BTP) and Chiltern Railways. We have provided an impact statement to the BTP investigators and we will continue to liaise with investigators."

Chiltern Railways spokesman Laura Jones said in a joint statement with Network Rail: "On New Year’s Day, dogs strayed onto the railway tracks and those responsible for them then trespassed onto the line between Leamington Spa and Banbury. This meant trains had to be stopped, causing disruption to passengers. No dogs were hit by a train and when their owners were told to leave the railway, they refused. Trespass is a serious risk to life and a criminal offence which causes unnecessary delays on the railway. We are in contact with British Transport Police and will fully support any action taken against those responsible.”


                                   Riders going round blind bend on an A road 

17-1-20   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Fox killed by the Warwickshire Hunt  On Wednesday 15th January West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch and an independent hunt monitor attended a meet of the Warwickshire Hunt in Oxhill. Whilst hunting just outside the village of Oxhill the Warwickshire hounds were seen killing a fox. A member of the Hunt can be seen wading into the middle of the pack of hounds and using his whip to move them off the fox. He can then be seen stepping on the body of the fox as one of the hounds goes back to the fox and attempts to drag the body out from under his boot.

The first thing we saw when we arrived at the Hunt was a fox running for it’s life across the road away from the Hunt. The Warwickshire Hunt were ruthless and relentless in their hunting all day. In total there must have been 6 - 7 foxes hunted throughout the day. At this time of year foxes are pairing up and mating so when they are hunted there are quite often two of them about together. Unfortunately one of those foxes was killed by the Warwickshire Hunt near Oxhill. We tried to get into the field to try to save the fox however we were assaulted and physically prevented from getting into the field by the Warwickshire Hunt stewards (who wear pink high-viz). One sab managed to run into the field only to be attacked and taken to the ground by one member of the Hunt.


We faced extreme provocation all day from members of the Hunt especially as the fox was being killed. The Warwickshire Hunt swiftly moved on to the next fox and within minutes were hunting another one. They hunted into the darkness and ended the day hunting on a blind bend on the busy A422 on Edgehill. The Huntsman then recklessly started blowing his horn on the road and caused the hounds to spill out all over the road and across to the otherside. This was on a blind bend of a busy road as the light was fading. Hunting foxes is clearly more important than the safety of the hounds and horses.

The fact that we were physically blocked from helping the fox speaks volumes. Most compassionate animal loving people would go out of their way to help any animal in distress, instead the Warwickshire Hunt not only stopped us getting to the fox but also attacked us and violently brought one of our group to the ground. This disgusting behaviour is completely unacceptable and extremely concerning. There has been a noticeable escalation in both blatant hunting and violence towards saboteurs at all of the hunts we have been to in recent weeks and this is deeply worrying.

The Warwickshire Hunt sees the countryside as their own personal playground and clearly does not see the Hunting Act with its many loopholes as a deterrent. The Hunting Act needs to be strengthened and all forms of hunting completely banned. Unfortunately we had to witness our wildlife being hunted and a fox lost its life because of the actions of the Warwickshire Hunt.

If you would like to help us stop any more foxes being killed by the Warwickshire Hunt please consider donating using this link – You can contact us in confidence about the Warwickshire Hunt on 07767620767 by emailing us at or by PM.


Police/Council object to locals' anti-hunt leafletting but ignore Barlow FH law-breaking

17-1-20  Locals Against The Barlow Hunt    Today has been VERY frustrating!!! When we rang 101 to report the Barlow hunt was hunting ILLEGALLY (a criminal offence!) we were told that no officers were available until Monday! At the earliest!

When we got home, 2 police officers were already waiting on the doorstep. They'd been outside for an hour & had gone "door to door" conducting their "enquiry". The police had received a complaint that we were distributing anti hunting leaflets & stickers around Barlow (NOT a criminal offence!).

And Derbyshire Council, that won't come out when 35 hounds are fouling all over Barlow, had already sent an entire TEAM of staff, to remove any anti hunt stickers! There is something very wrong with the system in Derbyshire!!!


N. Staffs FH turn violent as sabs frustrate attempt to kill foxes on a Sunday

Hunt members repeatedly blocked roads to try to thwart sabs, delaying public 

17-1-20  Facebook - Staffordshire Hunt Sabs     North Staffordshire Hunt 12/01/20, New Buildings Farm Hilderstone    For the second time in a week, the North Staffordshire Hunt changed their meet day. It is virtually unheard of for a Hunt to meet on a Sunday, we can only assume that they are getting tired of our company and were trying to trick us. Don't worry David we won't take offence.

Huntsman David Seels needs to realise we are not going away, and despite a full-on day sabbing The Meynell Hunt on Saturday sabs were more than happy to join the North Staffs Hunt on Sunday. So Staffordshire, Manchester, Liverpool Hunt Sabs and York Anti-Hunt League all ditched their Sunday best and set out to make sure the North Staffs Hunt was unable to hunt any foxes.

They met at New Buildings Farm Hilderstone. This is set off from the road and we are sure that they felt they were well hidden. But we are trickier than that and sabs were dropped in and were able to watch as around 30 riders gathered in a field to the east of the farm. Oh to be a fly on David Seel's saddle when they realised sabs had scuppered their plan.

Just after 11 they set off in a south-westerly direction towards Sharpley Heath, and then south past Manor House and Hall Farm. With so many sabs out they were unable to lose us and were prevented from hunting the woods in this area.

Terrier men were spotted close to Pam’s Wood and not long after the Hunt was seen there with riders on point. With sabs present, they were once again unable to hunt here so set off at some speed in a north-easterly direction towards Garshall Green.

Sabs were in pursuit and with others at a good vantage point with a panoramic view across the valley we were able to watch them as they attempted to flush hedgerows and to guide our sabs as they headed north towards Alder Wood.

At this point, the hunt support attempted to stop sabs from getting close to the Hunt by setting up a roadblock. This also held up quite a few locals. One woman had to get out of her car and ask to be let through as she was going to the pub for lunch. The Hunt Support Road Blocking Brigade asked her how many cars needed to pass to get to the pub before allowing her through the blockade.

Perhaps the Hunt needs to remind their support of the Road Traffic Act and other legislation which states it is a criminal offence to block a public highway.

Our sab driver was eventually able to get out of the roadblock with very skilful driving and with the help of a local who told us which field the Hunt were in we were able to drop sabs in at Pots Lane to prevent them hunting around Crabtree Pits. The Hunt headed towards Castle Farm with sabs keeping up with them.

By now their annoyance at not being able to hunt became very obvious. Jimmy Lambert a terrier man employed by the Hunt jumped off his quad bike and began pushing and shoving one of our sabs right in front of another quad bike. The terrier man on this quad drove it straight into our sab and knocked him over. This is all on film and has been reported to the police.

While we were talking with the police the Hunt headed north to Sharpley Farm and on to Bromley Woods. With so many sabs present they were never alone and it was here that sabs were ridden at over and over by the field on their horses. No doubt they were none too happy about having their day spoilt, as not long after they were back at the meet to box up before 3 o'clock.

We feel it is safe to say that no foxes were killed today. With so many sabs at the meet prior to them setting off you think we would have seen them lay a trail. But there was no trail layer present and no trail laid. Surely it is time they realised that they'd have much more fun if they did the right thing and became a legal drag hunt.


Badsworth etc FH rider on road beats her spooked horse & verbally abuses sab 

16-1-20  Facebook - York Anti-Hunt League   09/01/20, Escrick    Violent kitten killers York & Ainsty / Badsworth & Bramham took to the busy road with animal abuser on horseback, repeatedly striking her horse when it became spooked by passing traffic. One of our team members got out of the vehicle and was verbally abused by “Mrs Poskitt” riding along with the rest of the Hunt. She had the cheek to hurl abuse at our monitor saying she was vile. Vile for trying to stop innocent wildlife being brutally & illegally torn to shreds by the Hunt?! It’s Laughable!

We desperately need more monitors in the field and we cannot do this without investing in a new vehicle to fit us all in. Please donate whatever you can to our funding page. Your support goes a long way in helping us stop these monsters! For more information on our funding page please visit our Facebook page!


Badsworth etc FH bully landowner trying to get at fox in his garden 

16-1-20  Facebook - York Anti-Hunt League    Kitten Killers York & Ainsty / Badsworth and Bramham -  Young horse been removed from paddock by its owner so it does not injure itself as the Hunt attempted to flush a fox out of a member of the public's garden. Hunt being aggressive with the landowner and questioning why they can't get onto their land to get the fox! No trail has been laid! Police on their way.


HIT publishes detail of S. Herefordshire FH scandal investigation

14-1-20   The HIT Investigation   VIDEOS   Fox Cub Cruelty. Exposing corruption by Police and the CPS   If I’m honest, at the start I still hadn’t completely got my head around what had happened and how HIT had ended up secretly filming at the SHH kennels. But here it is..

HIT had received information that live foxes were being kept on site at the kennels. They also had information that a Terrier Man, Nathan Parry was releasing live foxes during the hunts and that he kept foxes in captivity in cages for this purpose. HIT established where Parry lived and what vehicle he drove. One night Operatives of HIT attended Parry’s address and secretly placed a GPS tracking device on his vehicle. The hunting season had finished but HIT were aware that this period was used by hunt staff and followers that were willing to flout the hunting law, to repopulate hunting areas with foxes that could then be used to be hunted during the following season...

POWAperson adds   -  The article is too long to publish here. Click the link above for the whole thing, which is just the first part of the whole story.  


Villagers say Warks FH version of invasion of Hornton is lies

They are certain that hounds were chasing a fox

Mothers say they and children were frightened

One villager says he certain a hound was hit by a car

Quad bikes drove fast and dangerously though village

"The men on quad bikes were rude and dismissive"

Two Hunt 4x4s also drove around recklessly 

"It was like a wild-west cowboy stampede but with dogs," said one man  

13-1-20   Banbury Guardian    Hunt criticises report but Hornton villagers insist hounds were chasing a fox - Warwickshire Hunt has criticised a Banbury Guardian report on chaos when hounds followed a fox through Hornton at school collection time - But witnesses in different parts of the village have independently confirmed the details and are united in their condemnation of the hunt's behaviour     The incident happened just after 3pm last Wednesday when hounds appeared in the village after a fox ran through. Some dogs got distracted in the village and mothers with young children sought refuge in the playground and were told not to let children out. One mum said a hound had blood and 'flesh' in its mouth and that children - and mothers - were frightened.

The Hunt was contacted by the newspaper the following morning and responded on Friday. Its comments were included in the story which can be seen here.

However, on Sunday, the Hunt complained about factual errors. They said the Hunt was trail hunting and no hound was injured or had blood or flesh in its mouth. Any such claims were 'likely to be red mud from the ferrous soil in Hornton'. The spokesman said no hound was whimpering with fear; no 'pack' was in the school so therefore no 'babes in arms' were caught up in it. No children were 'rounded up' or 'locked in the playground'. No hound was hit by a car. And only two hounds were separated from the pack and needed to be collected by the quad bike staff.

"We are very concerned these articles are becoming increasingly partisan," she said. "Our fear is that the florid, incendiary and divisive language currently being used alongside the reporting of here-say (sic) as fact may end up provoking another tragic incident."

One villager wrote to the Banbury Guardian on Saturday. He said: "A hound was hit; the woman whose car hit it arrived as horses blocked Millers Lane outside my house and my wife was calling to one of the riders to get the hounds off my car. The pack fractured around the school; I heard the pack in full cry about two hundred yards from the school. There were two instances of shrieks of pain. I quickly moved the dogs along the green lane and about thirty seconds later saw six to eight emerge on to the allotments via my garden. I watched them cross the allotments, which they had accessed via my and my neighbours' gardens, using my car as a launch pad, into a donkey field whose owner has made plain was out of bounds to hunts and through another neighbour’s plantation to land beyond. There were no Whippers-in to be seen and the whole Hunt was spread across a square mile of mostly built up area. Men on quad pickups were racing at speed through the village. One lady and her grandson were nearly hit by two coming down Holloway (a track) who, when she remonstrated with them, said 'one of the hounds has been injured' to which she answered 'children are more important than dogs'."

The villager described the incident as 'an absolute joke'. "It was negligent, arrogant and a completely cowboy operation. To be active after 3pm in a village is the height of irresponsibility," he said. He said he thought the Hunt disorganised and shambolic, lacking discipline and trained personnel to control the pack. "It was like a wild-west cowboy stampede but with dogs," he said.

A young mother said: "I was leaving the village at 3.10pm there were two off road vehicles part blocking the road attempting to stop cars passing as a fox was running around and two hounds. The hounds were large, not responding to the men's calls and the hounds continued up the hill. I had to stop the car four times because the hounds were running around the road or stopping. One had what appeared to be bloodied flesh in its jaw. Two large 4x4 cars did a U-turn in the road and began chasing the hounds who then ran into the nearby fields. These cars were also behaving quite dangerously. For people on foot it was scary; the hounds are large, looked very determined and would not respond to any commands."

Another mother who was at the school at the time said: "A hound that was outside the school gates had a big cut or hole in its leg with blood running down it and howling. The head and chair of governors were outside the gates. One of the teachers told everyone to keep the gates closed and not let any child out."

A third mum, who reported the incident to the police, said: "No one in the village has any reason to lie. They were out of control. The men on quad bikes were rude and dismissive. They said 'this is the countryside; get used to it'. It all went on for ten to fifteen minutes and a number in the village are very angry. It was thoroughly unpleasant. A friend saw the fox go up the path and a number of riders went as well. We saw the fox and multiple dogs. It is hard to believe they were not hunting that fox. If they can't control the dogs they shouldn't be trail hunting."


Eggesford FH hounds riot on livestock as Huntsman loses them for an hour

Owner of land banned to Hunt struggled to keep them off his sheep

Earlier, Hunt chased fox to ground - later sabs pulled hounds off another

12-1-20   Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs    Eggesford Hunt 11.1.2019   Yesterday we sabbed the Eggesford who met at Goldburn, south of Jacobstowe. We know the area well: one long boggy valley full of deer, difficult to traverse for horses and sabs on foot. However, we had four foot teams out who persevered despite heavy wind and rain and kept tabs on the hunt all day, with many foxes seen to safety.

Jason Marles began by riding along the road north from the meet and entering hounds at the Jacobstowe end of the valley that runs back towards the meet. Immediately hounds picked up on the scent of a fox and ran south where they eventually marked a fox to ground near Parsonage Wood. Several foot sab teams were on hand to rate the hounds and spray the line of another fox seen fleeing from the area [below].


Eventually the hounds turned back north from Great Stewardstone and got onto another line in the junction of several streams, this time hunting back north. Jason had become separated from the pack and eventually resurfaced on the road near West Risdon, asking supporters if they knew which way his pack had gone.

It took him the next hour to find the hounds, who had chased a fox across the road south of Jacobstowe down towards the main River Okement. Jason decided to ditch his horse and jump on the back of a quad to look for his hounds.

It became apparent that the land the hounds were on was somewhere the Hunt did not have permission to be. The landowner shouted to keep the hounds away from his sheep, but small groups of hounds were rioting all over the place, spooking not only sheep, but large groups of ponies and other animals that were caught up in the chaos. With Jason driving around looking busy on the road between Jacobstowe and Exbourne, sabs decided to step in and gather some of the rioters. Horn and voice calls were used to good effect to collect up most of the pack. Eventually Jason arrived on foot and, with no word of thanks to sabs for doing his job for him, took the pack back to the road.


                                                 Less than friendly natives   

The assembled hunt headed off towards West Risdon and we assumed they'd try their luck somewhere different but hounds were entered yet again into the same long valley they had hunted pretty much all day. This time Jason cast them out amongst some tree saplings on the edge of Lamerton Coverts. A fox bolted from the woods and was chased by hounds towards Parsonage Wood and further south towards Great Stewardstone. Three foot teams were on hand to stop them in their tracks: one team running after the hounds and directing other sabs to strategic points ahead of them, another rating hounds further on as they tried to squeeze through a narrow run under a fence (this caused Jason to lose his shit and drag one sab away by the harness of his body cam), and another team stopping the hounds again a few fields away. Thanks to effective intervention from sabs, the pack had well and truly lost the scent, much to Jason's frustration. That was enough for him to call it a day at just after 3pm.

If you support what we do, please consider donating to our fuel and equipment fund:- To send us confidential information or get involved, message us on Facebook, email or text 07717473305.


Two foxes seen to safety by sabs from Cambridge FH   

12-1-20  Facebook - South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs    Hit Report 11/01/2020 - Cambridge Hunt with Enfield Chace, Crooked Billett Farm, nr Hatley St George    We were joined by Cambridge, Suffolk & Essex, Norwich, East Herts Sabs and Herts Wildlife Monitors this morning to hit our most local Hunt.

It was our first day out today in our shiny new (second hand) sab vehicle - so once again we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated towards this and to the Hunt Saboteurs HSA for their support.

After spotting us, the Hunt milled around for a while at the meet and eventually sent a 'trail layer' out - a woman on a horse wearing a hi-vis vest, that literally had 'trail layer' written on the back. At no point did we see any actual trail being laid however, and for most of the day she was nowhere near the hounds.

Oddly, the Hunt hacked East over to Hayley Wood and spent almost the entire day, around three hours, in a very small area back and forth around this wood. Deer and hare were seen fleeing through the day and there were two very close calls where hounds went into cry after foxes and almost killed. Thankfully sabs were close by to help. This seems even more strange if you recall that the hunt are claiming to be trail hunting.

Sabs found dead pheasants in this wood, clearly placed to attract foxes, again clear evidence of illegal hunting. Police were around all day, we assume called by the hunt but were only interested in checking sabs vehicles and not in illegal hunting or illegal road use by the hunt quad.

At one point a quad was on a public road with three people on it, and came within inches of hitting a hound. Sabs showed the police video of the quad, but they were, as usual, uninterested.

The Hunt eventually headed back to the meet after a short detour. With sabs in sight of the Hunt all day we are positive they didn't kill, though not for lack of trying.


Sabs help save fox as Cottesmore FH abandon pretence of trail hunting 

12-1-20  Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs     Cottesmore Hunt 11/01/2020 - Wymondham, Leicestershire     Apologies for a belated hit report from a very busy group. Yesterday saw the Cottesmore Hunt continuing to illegally hunt foxes around the Wymondham area with our friends from Northants Hunt Saboteurs.


After most riders had drunk several glasses of something strong, Mr Edwards [above] took his pack of hounds north from the meet, accompanied by sabs, towards Coston Covert. Where he met more sabs. Edwards responded by turning east towards Sewstern Grange where he spent approximately 20 minutes casting his hounds in areas likely to contain foxes such as scrub, hedgerows and small spinneys before (surprise) he put up a fox which bolted west past a groups of sabs towards Wymondham and Marriots Spinney. The sabs, hearing the Huntsman's horn calls encouraging the hounds on, quickly covered the animal's line with citronella ahead of Huntsman Edwards arriving with his baying dogs just 1 minute later.

It worked and the hounds lost the scent for around 2 minutes as Edwards recast them. This also gave the other 3 groups of sabs precious time to regroup and get ahead of the hunt. The chase continued south west towards the disused railway line east of Wymondham where the hounds fortunately lost the scent.


                                          Cottesmore Charm School graduates  

Faced with more sabs converging on his position Edwards this time decided that discretion is the better side of valour and didn’t recast the hounds again.

After second horsing, Edwards took his dogs back along the disused railway line (obviously an area likely to contain foxes) before heading towards back towards Sewstern Grange. We have documented in past reports that Edwards will often return to an area he has previously unsuccessfully hunted a fox in. He was unsuccessful again as multiple groups of sabs were able to tag team each other to keep tabs on his movements as he half-heartedly cast his hounds through scrub.

One thing we have noticed with this Hunt is that they have dropped the pretence of “trail hunting.” They no longer have a lackey dragging a crudely modified whip around in a pathetic attempt to convince the authorities and the public that they are acting lawfully. They also never could answer any sensible questions, some of them from Leicestershire Police, regarding the finer points of trail hunting such as what substance is used or why they lay them across roads, through thick gorse and down badger setts. Nice to see you’ve dropped the charade Cotty.


                            Terrier can't wait to get on with the fence mending 

The last action of the day saw Edwards cross The Drift and head for Gunby Gorse, again under our watchful eye, before heading north along another dismantled railway towards the Sewstern Road. He hunted the area north of the Sewstern Road in an easterly direction towards Stainby Warren where, with darkness slipping quietly over the countryside, he finished with no kills. The Cottesmore today had no “sport,” despite their best efforts.

We did witness a terrierman with a terrier dog in a box on his quad. Apparently the animal is his “pet” and has nothing to do with illegal fox hunting. The long handled shovel on his quad must be a pet too.

Terriermen, just like the pack of hounds, the blocked badger setts, the point riders, the “hunting on” horn calls, Edwards activity of putting hounds into areas likely to contain foxes, the thugs who try to keep us away from the action are all concomitant to illegal fox hunting.

We were able to deploy our new vehicle today thanks to help from the Hunt Saboteurs Association and our supporters and a big thank you for that. To our supporters, have a good Sunday. To wildlife criminals, we are watching you. HHS.


Woman sab attacked by Oakley FH supporter, her camera smashed 

12-1-20  Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    A timely tip off from one of our spotters allowed to catch up with the Oakley right on their northern boundary at a farm between Chelveston and Stanwick. It would appear to have been a joint meet, we noticed people from what we thought was the old but now defunct Woodland Pytchley hunt, they've had joints meets before and their Huntsman George Whittaker was there.

As is usual in these cases Oakley Hunt Master Simon Paynter seems to grow a pair and show off in front of the new people. However regardless of his attempts to stop us we carried on regardless and at no time during the day were the hunt out of our sight.

So pathetic were they that they hunted the same Newton Spinney 3 times and resorted to drawing the hedges right next to the roads. We wonder how much hunt country they have left, everyone seems to hate them.

The hounds did riot after a deer at one point but sabs were in position to intervene and do what sabs do. The hunt support were getting quite aggressive, one old duffer attacked one of our sabs with his walking stick, smashing her camera.

They created chaos on the roads as both riders and hounds milled about and caused a danger to the general public going about their business. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

Simon "Shaky" Hand, the Huntsman, was clearly under pressure to provide some sport but we made sure that wasn't going to happen and kept him on a tight leash for the whole day.

They finally jacked it in around 3:35pm having been comprehensively out manoeuvred by our vehicle and foot teams. Their pathetic attempts to stop us from saving lives utterly thwarted. A long but successful day.


One fox killed by Belvoir FH, sabs help others to safety  

11-1-20   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs     We were out today with Lincoln Hunt Sabs to visit the Belvoir Hunt who met at Granby Lodge in the Vale of Belvoir. As predicted they moved south from the meet to their favourite Jericho Covert. Sabs were close behind them and saw a fox BelvoirFHFoxkilled11-1-20.jpgbreak East once the hounds had passed. Unusually they didn't hang around here for long and pushed on to the disused railway line to the South where hounds quickly went into cry. Sabs shadowed them as they headed north before huntsman John Holliday gathered his pack and headed into Redmile Village.

He spent the rest of the morning hunting the area South of Barkstone and Plungar and multiple foxes were seen by sabs fleeing from the Hunt. He then gradually moved back towards Plungar where we knew he'd second horse and again hunted his pack along the canal and disused railway, pushing foxes out but hounds struggling to pick up a scent due to the strong wind.

He second horsed on the edge of Plungar and, as we knew he would, headed towards Granby Gap and the large landlocked area around Langer airfield. Sabs were already in there waiting for him and tracked him as he zigzagged across the land. Hounds intermittently went into cry but sabs were able to keep a close eye until, when coming into a field after the Hunt, they noticed a red coat off his horse. When they went to investigate they discovered a still warm fox that had just been killed by the hounds. They retrieved the body and watched as John continued to hunt his pack onto fresh scents looking for another kill.

Sabs continued to track him along the disused railway lines that criss-cross the area for the next 45 minutes before they packed up unusually early at 3.45pm back in Plungar.


                                                One of the foxes that escaped   

It breaks our hearts that they killed today but sabs saw at least six foxes fleeing from the Hunt and we know they would have killed far more if we hadn't been there. Such disgusting acts by the Hunt only make us more determined. Please support us:


Heavily sabbed Surrey U FH hounds show no interest in trails laid 

11-1-20  Facebook - Reading Hunt Saboteurs    Today Reading Sabs met up with Guildford and North Downs Sabs and Surrey Hunt Monitors to visit the Surrey Union hunt at Thursley. With approximately 25 of us we outnumbered the Hunt by around double, and they had little or no support out for most of the day.

After setting off across Thursley Common we managed to predict their movements to stay on top of them as they circled around their usual haunts at Truxford and Stockbridge Ponds.

The Hunt actually had trail layers out with them today, but what's interesting is how little attention the hounds pay to the trail. Huntsman Andrew Hazeltine had to constantly try to push the hounds on to the scent and they seemed completely disinterested and barely went into cry for more than a few seconds. At one point around Houndown, the trail layers set off and the hunt soon followed, trying to encourage the hounds in the direction of the false scent - but the hounds were clearly more interested in a natural scent they must have picked up. With sabs watching their every move, we could hear the panic in his voice as he desperately called the hounds back to him and tried to push them onto the false scent. It's days like today that we know just our presence alone prevents the hunt from killing animals. Had sabs not been there, they would have no doubt much enjoyed the thrill of live quarry.

Happy that the Hunt were (badly) following trails point-to-point, no intervention was required by us today. Our role in these rare situations is to simply monitor the Hunt to ensure they keep up the trail-laying, and be ready to intervene should the hounds start to pursue any wildlife. Our only goal as hunt sabs is to ensure no animals are killed - making today a success ��

We had plenty of support today in the form of dog walkers and hikers, asking if we're there to stop the hunt and cheering us on. When we spend so much time around hunts and their support it's easy to forget that the majority of people do not support fox hunts. At one point we even spared some time to help reunite a lost dog with their grateful owner.

Around 2pm the Hunt packed up, allowing us to finish earlier than usual and make it to the pub for a drink before heading back to Reading before 5pm.

As a completely volunteer organisation Reading are still fundraising for our own vehicle. If you are able to help us achieve this goal then you can donate to us here: Or you can publicly show your support for hunt sabs by buying merchandise:


Sabs just too late to stop Fernie FH killing 1 of 4 foxes they hunted  

11-1-20  Facebook - Peterborough Hunt Sabs   VIDEO    The Fernie Hunt killed a fox today, behind Breach Farm near Saddington in Leicestershire, at 1.15pm. Hounds caught and killed Breach Farm fox just before sabs could reach them. Fernie Hunt master Simon Smith attempted to disguise himself in a followers flat cap and raincoat, before clumsily collecting up the body parts in black bin bag.


Fernie Whipper-in Josh Worthington-Hayes looked on and made sure his master was safely back on his horse after the mangled body was handed over to the hunt terrierman and stuffed into the toolbox at the back of the quad.


                                    Remains of killed fox the Hunt left behind           

We were able to film the retrieval of the body, the phone call to the terriermen to come to clear up, and the scene after the Hunt left blood-soaked hound prints pressed into the deep mud, with fox fur and scraps of warm flesh littered on the ground.


                The bag the JM is carrying fox remains in split - other hunters look on   

This had been a hard slog of a day, the Hunt met in Foxton, opposite the church, and immediately pushed on for Gumley. With sabs in attendance, at their predicted first draw they instead headed south past Thornhill Farm and proceeded to take in all the usual coverts for this meet.

The fox slaughtered at Breach Farm was the first of the days foxes hunted. After this callous killing the Huntsman and hounds simply pushed on regardless and headed in a roundabout way, for the standard John Ball Covert.

The blue tabard wearing "safety team" in attendance as usual now for a Saturday. This crew have recently been claiming their aim is "health and safety", this seems odd however when a fox ran *directly* behind one of their team, from John Ball Covert [below], and their response was to try to stop sabs from filming it or intervening with citronella sprays. These are simply hunt security by another name.


After John Ball covert and second horses at Brook Farm, sabs tracked the Hunt north to Smeeton Gorse. Here a third fox was put up by the Hunt, its line covered with scent covering spray as he made his escape.

Some poor attempts at road blocking from the Safety Officers new driver, hunt committee member Robin Bird, failed to stop sabs sticking with the Hunt all the way to Gumley and south to Lubenham Lodge where a fourth fox was flushed out of cover near the disused railway line. Sabs loudly informed the Huntsman that this had been recorded and we were ahead of him, and this was enough to encourage him to turn back and leave this fox alone.


                                            Fernie FH hounds spill on to road    

After a few further loops of the immediate area, the Hunt finally packed at 4.25pm at Lubenham Lodge. How these killers sleep at night we will never understand. 


Sabs lose Holderness FH but find Middleton FH in time to save fox 

11-1-20   Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs    Hit Report 11.01.20     Firstly we like to say Happy New Year to our lovely supporters. Your messages kept us going all through a very hard year 2019. Your kind donations enabled us to equip the group with our own Sab vehicle, to keep us in fuel, insured the vehicle and buy us a drone to make us more effective in the  field.

The last day of 2019 was extremely hard for our group as we witnessed the death of a poor vixen at the jaws of hounds from Holderness Hunt. The footage of this has been shared far and wide and we ask for you to continue to share this to gain justice for this poor fox.

We thought we would give Holderness another visit today just to make sure there were no more ‘accidental deaths’.... Foot sabs kept with them for around an hour but then due to their quick pace we lost sight of them for a moment... With growing frustration we scoured every road, lane and field for the next hour with no success.

We were then joined to our surprise by 3 other sabs namely West Yorkshire and Sheffield Hunt Sabs and York Anti-Hunt League. Thank you so much for your support today.

The day continued as sabs, Hunt support and even the police who attended to keep an on proceedings( only one car so didn’t seem to be that bothered) drove up and down in hunt of the Hunt...With Sab vehicles back on the trail( pardon the pun) East Yorkshire sabs decided that it was time to say goodbye and act on another tip off and visit our old friends at Middleton.

Lady Luck was smiling on us as we found them immediately just outside of North Grimston.

As they pulled into view we observed the typical suspicious behaviour of a couple of riders on point whilst a group of riders with hounds flushed a wooded area. Foot sabs were deployed and ran straight into the field. You could almost hear the sighs of despair as the hunt master was stopped in their tracks and a fox that had broken cover made their escape.

Sabs held their breaths as one persistent hound would not leave the trail of the lone fox but as they were being observed the redcoat got the hounds back under control and promptly left the area.

With us following them the Hunt headed towards Langton Wolds Gallops as foot sabs followed them and has a good run with tail winds they picked up quite a speed.

Our Sab vehicle was waiting for them at the end of the gallops. From their expressions I don’t think we will be invited back for dinner and drinks in the near future. We stayed with them for another 20 minutes or so and were elated and surprised to see them return to Westfield Farm and pack up with light to spare.

So after a frustrating day as we tried in vain to keep an eye on Holderness fate delivered us to Middleton to save that fox.

We spent a lot of money today on fuel covering probably 100+ miles but we managed to visit 2 hunts. Thank you again for your continuing support and kind messages that pick us up in our darkest hours. We couldn’t do this without your help.


Eggesford FH regular admits Hunt digs out, kills foxes & badgers  

10-1-20  Facebook - Devon County Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Eggesford regular admits they dig out foxes and badgers   UNDERCOVER EXCLUSIVE    Any frequent followers of our page will recognise this Eggesford Hunt regular: convicted sex offender Jason Kiddle. In this undercover video he admits that the Eggesford Hunt dig-out and kill foxes and badgers.

He talks about how he sometimes helps the terrierboys, but normally doesn't when sabs are around. He says that when sabs leave, the terrierboys sometimes go back afterwards to dig-out (don't worry, we were already aware of this) and that "if a badger's in there, they'll have that as well".

He says this is why they use 'hard' terriers. Hard terriers are those that fight their quarry underground. Both animals end up with horrific injuries. The only difference between this 'sport' and badger-baiting is the lack of a gambling element. Needless to say, it is completely illegal.

Hard terriers are used to dig-out, bolt and kill foxes, often in active badger setts, after a fox has been chased to ground by a Hunt. This is exactly what we filmed Eggesford terriermen doing in January 2018.

The two terriermen in that incident, Nathan Bowes and Joe Thompson, admitted guilt and received a caution for the offence. It won't surprise any of you that Nathan Bowes is still employed by the Eggesford Hunt and sex offender Jason Kiddle is still a regular follower.

Devon's foxhunts are nothing more than organised criminal gangs. In the absence of police action, sabs are the only line of defence for our hunted wildlife.

If you support what we do, please donate to our fuel and equipment fund:- To pass us confidential information or find out how you can get involved, message us on Facebook, email or text 07717473305.


The League releases film of Jed Forest FH chasing a fox

Concern SNP have not brought forward bill to strengthen hunt ban  

10-1-20  The Ferret  VIDEO    Footage of fox hunt released amid calls for legislation to be strengthened  An animal welfare charity has released footage of a fox being chased by a pack of hounds and called on the Scottish Government to urgently strengthen hunting legislation. The video was shot by investigators with the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland and shows a pack of hounds on the scent of an exhausted fox in the Borders. The charity claims that the Jed Forest Hunt encouraged its hounds to search for, and chase foxes, and reported the incident to Police Scotland.

In response, however, the Scottish Countryside Alliance said the Jed Forest Hunt “operates a legal pest control service” and accused the League of releasing edited footage in a bid to “deceive the public”.


Hunting foxes with dogs was banned in Scotland in 2002. Since then, there has been one successful prosecution of mounted huntsmen for illegal hunting.

The League has been campaigning for the law to be strengthened to close loopholes which, it claims, allow hunts to continue traditional hunting. The group’s director in Scotland, Robbie Marsland, claimed that the footage released “clearly demonstrates loopholes in the law which desperately need closed”.    

He added: “Last year we were in a position where we had a Scottish Government making a clear commitment to really ban fox hunting in Scotland yet here we are twelve months on and still no action. The Scottish Government literally has a matter of weeks to start the process otherwise the window of opportunity will close as attention turns to the Scottish elections in 2021.”

In 2019 the Scottish Government announced plans to bring forward a bill to strengthen fox hunting legislation. The announcement was made on 9 January 2019 by the Minister for Rural Affairs and Natural Environment, Mairi Gougeon MSP.

It followed the Bonomy Review and outlined plans to implement the majority of Lord Bonomy’s six recommendations, as well as pledging to reduce the number of hounds from a full pack to just two. However, one year on and the process to bring forward the bill is yet to start, prompting the League to voice concern over the delay.



10-1-20  LACS Press Release     Charity releases footage of fox being chased by a pack of hounds League warns the clock is ticking until it’s too late for action on fox hunting    New footage was released on Thursday by a leading animal welfare charity showing a pack of hounds on the scent of an exhausted fox. The League reported the incident to Police Scotland as the charity believes that the Jed Forest Hunt was encouraging its hounds to search for, and chase foxes, which would be illegal.

The footage is released 12 months after the Scottish Government announced its intentions to bring forward a Bill to strengthen the current fox hunting legislation which it believes to be too weak.


The announcement last year on 9th January 2019, by the Minister for Rural Affairs and Natural Environment Mairi Gougeon MSP, was the conclusion to the Government’s Bonomy Review and outlined plans to implement the vast majority of Lord Bonomy’s six recommendations, as well as pledging to go further by reducing the number of hounds from a full pack to just two. However, a year on the process to bring forward the Bill is yet to start.


Robbie Marsland, Director of the League Against Cruel Sports, Scotland said:- “Last year we were in a position where we had a Scottish Government making a clear commitment to really ban fox hunting in Scotland yet here we are twelve months on and still no action. The footage the League has released clearly demonstrates loopholes in the law which desperately need closed. The Scottish Government literally has a matter of weeks to start the process otherwise the window of opportunity will close as attention turns to the Scottish Elections in 2021”.


New figures recently published by the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland show an overwhelming 87% of people in Scotland, and 92% of those who express an opinion, think fox hunting should be illegal. Furthermore, over three quarters (77%), rising to 82% of those who express an opinion, support action to strengthen the law and really ban fox hunting. Only 8% think it should be made legal again.


Robbie Marsland added: “Public opinion is firmly in favour of a proper ban on fox hunting with a huge majority thinking the current law is inadequate. We are urging the Scottish Government to act now to really ban hunting rather than waste an opportunity which has taken years of consultation and evidence gathering to reach this point. The longer officials spend procrastinating on this issue the more freedom Hunts will have to do exactly what they want out in the field as our footage clearly shows.”


Hunting foxes with dogs was banned in Scotland in 2002, two years before the rest of the UK. In over seventeen years there has only been one successful prosecution of mounted huntsmen for illegal hunting. The League has been campaigning for the law to be strengthened to close loopholes which it believes allow Hunts to hunt in a manner which is very similar to pre-ban, traditional hunting.


Stockport monitors say some media reports of arrests very overblown  

10-1-20  The Canary     Hunt monitors say right-wing media coverage of their arrest is ‘absolutely’ blown out of proportion    On 4 January, Cheshire Police arrested eight hunt saboteurs on suspicion of assault and possession of an offensive weapon. But one of those arrested told The Canary that media reporting of the incident spun what actually happened on the day “out of proportion”.

Mass arrest - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs broke the news that Cheshire Police sent numerous vehicles and officers to arrest “monitors” attending the Cheshire Hunt:- “Police have just arrested a car full of monitors and a sab due to the Hunt making an 'allegation'. The Hunt pursued a fox in front of the police whilst making arrests to which they responded 'were busy'. The police brought 14 vehicles to make arrests.”

Cheshire Police confirmed to the Telegraph that it had arrested seven men “on suspicion of assault and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place”. It also arrested an eighth man on suspicion of a public order offence.

The following day, Cheshire Against Blood Sports posted a video showing hounds in cry, following a scent, within sight of the arrest. The group said that Huntsman Jake Oppenheim arrived at the location “A full five minutes later”, describing him as “clearly not in control of the hounds”.

Pardon?!” On 7 January, the Telegraph reported that there were “angry confrontations” between Stockport Monitors and hunt supporters and that an “offensive weapon” was found inside the group’s car. It also quoted a spokesperson for the Hunt, saying saboteurs were carrying out an “‘ongoing campaign’ of harassment and abuse”. And talkRADIO repeated these claims, adding that there was an “abusive and violent tirade”. But Paul Allman of Stockport Monitors told The Canary that media coverage was at odds with what happened.

Allman said that a “heavy-duty bike chain” with a padlock was inside the Land Rover, along with a dog leash, but denied anyone used them threateningly. He said the group uses chains to secure closed gates, preventing hunt trespass. Allman summed up the incident and ensuing media coverage:- “They absolutely blew it right out of proportion. To be honest with you, I’m quite shocked as to the level they’ve gone to with it. … When all the footage actually comes out you’ll be like, “What? Is that it?”

Cheshire Police bailed Allman and seven other men on condition they don’t attend hunts in England and Wales. However, the police haven’t yet charged anyone. The group previously made the news in October 2019 after the Daily Mail published a video showing the group arguing with a woman on her property.

The other incident - On the same day as the Stockport Monitors’ arrest, Bath Hunt Saboteurs were subject to serious harassment by two people on a quad bike during a meet of the Avon Vale Hunt. This made national headlines including the Independent and Daily Mail on 7 January. The Telegraph, however, only reported on the Stockport Monitors’ arrest.

Polly Portwin, hunting spokesperson for lobby group Countryside Alliance, said the Cheshire Hunt “operate entirely legally” and that “the consistently abusive and anti-social behaviour of these activists is disgraceful”. But during late 2018 and early 2019, anti-hunting activists claimed the Cheshire Hunt illegally killed five foxes. Meanwhile, Cheshire Against Blood Sports also revealed on 8 January that Huntsman Oppenheim admitted to aggressive behaviour towards a hunt monitor after he threatened “to ram a bottle down her throat”.


Blackmore FH chase foxes all day despite police warning 

9-1-20  Facebook – Somerset Wildlife Crime   VIDEO   The Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt 14/12/19    One thing that is evident, foxes were chased repeatedly during the day. An emboldened Huntsman following the election result wasn't afraid to perform right in front of our cameras, monitors from SWC & Hounds Off.


                                     First fox of day to be chased by hounds   

9-1-20  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime    Check back in later to see our video of the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt from 14/12/19, a day where monitors from SWC and Hounds Off witnessed no less than six foxes running, either chased by hounds or disturbed by them. This beauty was lucky to run straight to monitors cameras and was seen to safety. No kills believed to have occurred during the day.


                    Fox fled into these gardens, hounds could not get over fences


                                 Another fox, this one closely pursued by hounds


                                    Lead hound just a few seconds behind fox



                   This fox ran right past monitors so Huntsman abandoned chase 


S. Shropshire FH Huntsman caught flushing fox & disturbing otter habitat  

9-1-20   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Bingo!    We caught the South Shropshire Huntsman, George Renwick, in the act of breaking the law yesterday, 08.01.2020.

The Hunt were sneaking along the banks of the River Severn in a known otter habitat. Otter are a protected species and the Huntsman was committing another offence as well as illegal fox hunting,SShropsFHHuntsman9-1-20.jpg by intentionally disturbing otter resting places.

We crept up on Renwick who was flushing foxes on foot, making typical voice calls to unsettle them, one bolted, with his hounds picking up the scent but after being made aware of our presence, he then had to, begrudgingly, call them off. Hence a fox was saved from a gruesome death.

All this and we weren't even officially monitoring, but out checking areas for evidence of illegal activity by the North Shropshire Hunt from the day before. We are always watching and often from the shadows!

[With thanks to our friends Shropshire Wildlife Monitors]. We are all volunteers, so if you would like to support our work, you can do so here: Also, please note we are hunt monitors, not saboteurs.

Tip us off in confidence about any Hunts in Cheshire or the surrounding counties. In the first instance, send us a private message via this page, or you can email us at


Wynnstay FH trespass annoying locals - sabs stop dig out

9-1-20  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Absolutely fabulous!   The trail laying by the Wynnstay today, 09.01.2020, was the most perfect example of the Trail of Lies that they spout we could ever have imagined. They surpassed themselves and hunted all over the A41 near No Man's Heath, then trespassed on private land with locals up in arms.

Amongst other things we stopped a dig out and saved a fox from a split pack of out of control hounds, with no one worthy of being called a Huntsman to be seen anywhere.

This was a joint team today and we'd like to say a big thanks to a great group of independent hunt monitors and Shropshire Wildlife Monitors. Full post soon.


Chairman of Barlow FH, a judge cleared of assaults on 2 sabs

9-1-20   Daily Mail    Naked judge is CLEARED of attacking two hunt saboteurs after tearfully telling court how the 'class warriors' ambushed his hunting party to intimidate 'decent people' - Mark Davies clashed with campaigners in a field last year in the Peak District - Austin Jordan and William Robinson said they were confronted by Mr Davies - Pair claimed that Mr Davies had assaulted them at the New Year's Day hunt    An immigration judge accused of attacking two hunt saboteurs wept in court after describing the men he was accused of assaulting as 'anarchists' and 'class warriors' out to 'intimidate good decent people'.

Mark Davies [right], who is a first tier immigration tribunal judge and the chairman of the historic Barlow Hunt, tussled with two masked animal rights campaigners when they clashed in a field during a New Year's Day hunt last year in the Peak District, a court heard.

Austin Jordan and William Robinson said they were confronted by Mr Davies and his wife who told them they were trespassing before they were assaulted. It was claimed Mr Davies, who had previously been 'Mr July' in a calendar shoot, came at them 'snarling with gritted teeth' beforeMarkDaviesChairmanBarlowFH.jpg grabbing one by the throat and tackling another into a bramble bush.

But following a two day trial Mr Davies was cleared of assaulting both men after a district judge accepted his claims he had acted in self-defence to protect himself and his wife.

After the verdicts Mr Davies slammed both Derbyshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service for the 'deplorable' way he had been treated during the last year.

The 67 year-old and his wife Joan Williams, who is Joint Master of the Hunt and a former South Yorkshire Police Superintendent, crossed paths with members of the Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs' Group. The couple were observing the annual event while anti-hunt campaigners were monitoring the area to ensure no foxes were harmed.

An earlier hearing at Chesterfield magistrates' court was told both men gave differing accounts of what happened in the field at Highlightley Farm in the Derbyshire village of Millthorpe when they came face to face with Mr Davies and his wife.

Mr Davies claimed he reacted after being attacked by Mr Jordan, suffering a bloody nose. The other man said he was grabbed by the throat before his attacker fell to the floor. Mr Davies then 'tackled' Mr Robinson and they grappled with each other in a bramble bush, but he claimed he reacted fearing a further attack.

Earlier the animal rights campaigners had driven to the Gate Inn at the nearby village of Cutthorpe, where the hunt was meeting. Mr Davies initially blocked them in with a vehicle then followed them when they drove off.

The court was shown footage from two of the anti-hunt campaigners' cameras and from Joan Williams's camera which captured parts of the fracas. In it Mr Davies' wife, who had a dislocated shoulder and was wearing a sling at the time, could be heard screaming four-letter obscenities at the protestors.

Later she was left on the floor after confronting Mr Jordan who warned her that if she carried on he would 'floor her'. Mr Robinson said: 'He got up off the ground snarling with gritted teeth and made a lunge for me.'

Defence solicitor Stephen Welford said the group of saboteurs were armed with canisters of citronella spray and a horn to distract the hounds and put them off the scent.

The court heard the Barlow Hunt, which dates back to 1878, was allowed permission to use the private land at Highlightley Farm by the owner...

Mr Davies of Bradfield, Sheffield, South Yorks, denied assaulting both men by beating. The trial attracted interest from animal rights campaigners with more than 40 protestors standing outside the courthouse. He became a part-time immigration adjudicator in 1990, and turned full-time in 2002, and has been an immigration judge since 2005.

In December 2018 he was disciplined for 'prejudicial remarks' he made about Iranians. A decade earlier he made headlines after his appearance as 'Mr July' in a naked calendar to raise money for the Pennine Hunt, alongside his wife...

Giving evidence Mr Davies said on the day of the incident his wife had called the police once they knew hunt saboteurs were in the area. Mr Davies, who is due to retire shortly, said he had been involved with the Barlow Hunt since 1994 and became chairman in October 2018, but he no longer rode out with them.

The court heard they had been targeted by hunt saboteurs over several years because they believed it was involved in illegal fox hunting, but he said they only ever followed 'false trails' laid down for them.

Mr Davies said over the years protestors had targeted their hunts and vandalised their kennels and vehicles belonging to the organisation. He said as well as having permission from the owner to ride across his fields the Hunt also had permission to remove potential trespassers. Mr Davies said he and his wife had parked their cars and both gone to the top of the field to take down an electric fence to allow the huntsmen and their dogs over the land. He said he first became aware of four masked people dressed in black and combat gear when he heard his wife telling them to get off the land.

'I felt intimidated. I did not know them or had any dealings with them before,' he added. 'They were walking towards the fence, towards me. I told them they had no right to be there. As they walked forward I stepped forward and held my arms out to prevent them trespassing further. The next thing I recollect is being struck in the face by someone and falling to the ground. I now know that person was Austin Jordan.”

Mr Davies denied grabbing Mr Jordan, but claimed that as he got up and came to his senses he was 'surrounded by two...three… four people' who were shouting at him. He said when he realised he wasn't going to be kicked he 'jumped up in a state of shock' and took the man down with 'a rugby type tackle. 'I decided to tackle the nearest person to me, I believe that person was William Robinson. I was fearful I would be assaulted again or that my wife would be assaulted,' he added.

He said he and Mr Robinson were in a bramble bush with him slightly on top of the other man. Asked if he was 'snarling' at him as had been claimed he replied 'No!' Asked by Mr Welford if he had called Mr Robinson as 'bastard' and threatened to 'kill him he answered: 'I certainly did not say that!'

Mr Davies said after the protestors then made their way off down the field and he and his wife were later spoken to by police.

The court was shown a picture taken after the confrontation showing him with a bloody nose and cut and swollen lip. He believed police had also taken a picture of his injuries as part of an investigation into an alleged assault against him. But the court was told the CPS say no such photo exists and Mr Davies has lodged a formal complaint against the officer involved.

Cross examined by Ian Shaw, prosecuting, Mr Davies said: 'We were conducting lawful trail hunting activities. These people were threatening and intimidating. I made it clear they were disrupting a legal activity and were, in my opinion, committing aggravated trespass. I wished to stop them trespassing further. They are violent people, they are there to intimidate. That's why they wear masks and hoods, they intimidate good decent people. They have no interest in animals whatsoever, they are anarchists, class warriors, who simply don't like people who go hunting. I have no reason to dislike them apart from their extreme views.'

Mr Shaw said: 'Your actions were driven simply by the fact you thought these people we anarchists and problem causers, weren't they? You wanted to get them off the land using any means to do so?'

Fighting back tears Mr Davies replied: 'I'm 67 years of age, I'm not violent, I don't go around doing that. I'm a person of good character. These people have caused both me and my wife considerable distress.' Asked why he had not given them an opportunity to leave the field peacefully he said: 'It was quite clear they had no intention of doing so.'

Giving his not guilty verdicts District Judge Andrew Davison said: 'I take into account the defendant's good character and I have concluded that he did honestly believe he and his wife were at harm of assault from one or more of the anti hunt monitors,' he added...

Speaking after the verdict Mr Davies said: 'The Derbyshire Constabulary and the CPS should hold their heads down in shame, considering the evidence seen during the course of this trial which clearly showed I was brutally assaulted. 'It's deplorable they chose not to arrest the person who had assaulted me. Despite all the evidence five months later I was told I would be prosecuted.'

He said he was issuing formal complaints to the Chief Constable and the CPS in the East Midlands. 'As a victim I have a right to review, but the CPS made it perfectly obvious that was not going to be the case,' added Mr Davies. 'I'm pleased to say I am due to retire shortly and I will do so with my good character intact. The mob outside this court anarchists and thugs who have no interest in animals whatsoever.'


Warks FH scare children by chasing fox outside school at home time

One hound seen with flesh in mouth, another blood stained  

Fox and hounds also seen running through rear gardens 

9-1-20   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs  UPDATED    Warwickshire Hunt cause chaos (again) at school   Yesterday we were inundated with reports of the Warwickshire Hunt causing chaos (again) at a school in Hornton. Below is a summary of all those accounts of what happened.

Parents on the school run in Hornton near Banbury were held up by the Warwickshire Hunt. One parent told us that a fox ran through the village followed by the hounds just as they were picking their children up from school. The hounds were outside the school gates in cry. The children had to be kept inside and were very frightened. Teaching staff were outside the school however the Warwickshire Hunt didn't care, they carried on regardless and were extremely rude. One hound could been seen with flesh in it's mouth. The police were called regarding this incident. Later the hounds were seen near Varney's garage, one hound had blood all over it and the children saw this.

A fox was seen running through back gardens and up the road and hounds also ran through back gardens and past children.

You can contact us in confidence regarding any of our local hunts on 07767620767 by email at or by PM.



10-1-20  Banbury Guardian    'Bloodied' hounds on the loose in Hornton terrify children at school pick-up   Hornton villagers are up in arms after hounds from the Warwickshire Hunt ran amok as mums and toddlers were waiting to collect their children from the primary school. Onlookers said the hounds were completely out of control and chasing a fox which came into the village centre and doubled back up a hill to make its escape.

The incident happened on Wednesday at 3.10pm as a large group of mothers, some with babes in arms, had to be locked into the playground to avoid being caught up in the pack. The witnesses say there were far more and that at least one was injured, had blood on its face and was whimpering, frightening the children. The pupils had to be returned to the school building until the hounds had been rounded up.

Villager Steve Woodcock was furious that the dogs had jumped into his paddock with his sheep and complained bitterly to the Hunt. "We have had hounds running through our back garden and paddock terrifying our sheep. More hounds were running loose through gardens and amongst primary school children as their parents were collecting them from school in the centre of the village. The kids were really frightened and parents have complained. Another villager of Bell Street had several hounds crashing through his back garden. There are numerous posts on the Hornton Village Facebook page making similar complaints. Apparently, one hound was hit by a car at the top of the village. According to one villager collecting children from school, the hounds had a fox cornered near the outskirts of the village which really upset the kids. I, however, only saw hounds careering through our garden and a neighbour's property, from two opposite sides and a complete loss of control."

Mr Woodcock, a parish councillor, said: "I believe this kind of dangerous and anti-social behaviour is completely unacceptable and shows a remarkable degree of disregard for the community and animal welfare. As a councillor, I will be raising this matter at our next meeting recommending that we contact one of the ‘hunt masters."

The Warwickshire Hunt spokesman said: "In Hornton on Wednesday three or four hounds got detached from our main pack of hounds and entered the village. They immediately were seen doing so by the quad bike who supports us and also one mounted rider. Therefore the hounds were gathered up no more than five minutes after this and reunited with the main pack. We apologise if there was any inconvenience from the villagers but we can assure them that hounds only adore children as can be seen on our social pages, so we can assuage any concerns there. However we appreciate that any disturbance is unacceptable, for any amount of time, so we have reached out and/or met with anyone who we understand to be affected including the parish councillor and villagers and if anyone is still concerned we invite them to contact us directly."

Martin Sims, director of investigations at the League Against Cruel Sports and former head of the police’s National Wildlife Crime Unit, said: “If the hunt was chasing a fox then this was illegal activity. This shocking incident outside a primary school which terrified young children shows that the Warwickshire Hunt is out of control and causing havoc in the local community.

The Warwickshire Hunt is acting recklessly and this blows apart any excuse that they are trail hunting. Trail hunting has been shown to be a cover up to hide the shameful determination of hunts to break the law and continue taking part in the cruel blood ‘sport’ that is fox hunting. The Hunt is a danger to both the local community and wildlife and the police should investigate their activities. The hunting law in Great Britain needs to be strengthened and prison sentences introduced for those who are caught and convicted of fox hunting.”

A villager said: "The railings on top of the school wall were only installed a few months ago. If this had happened before then, the hounds would have been all over the playground. One mother who was waiting to collect her child had to hold her toddler above her head because one of the hounds jumped up on her chest."

She said a man belonging to the Hunt, on a horse, had walked into the village from the opposite direction some time before the hounds arrived. "It seems pretty clear that the Hunt was hunting foxes and not on a trail."

One witness, writing on the village's social media page, said she had followed one of the hounds, which had something in its mouth, towards Horley. She said the hunt cars were swerving everywhere and the hound was unable to be caught.

The incident happened on the same day the Banbury Guardian published an in-depth report about hunting, following four other incidents of hounds being out of control in December. The special report can be seen here.


Worcestershire FH thug assaults antis, sab car tyre stabbed 

8-1-20  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Tyre stabbed by Worcestershire Hunt �� More vandalism by the Worcestershire Hunt �� Sabs assaulted by terrierman / hunt steward Scott Howell (of Little Owl Farm Park) �� Sabs tyre stabbed �� Windscreen also smashed a few weeks ago    Today (Wednesday 8th January) the Worcestershire Hunt met in Feckenham and hunted the Bradley Green area. We were with the Huntsman and hounds as soon as we arrived and almost straight away we had to help a fox that was being hunted by the Worcestershire Hunt.

Clearly frustrated with us stopping them from killing foxes, a member of the Worcestershire Hunt lashed out by ambushing us as we were getting into our vehicle by quickly stabbing the rear tyre of our vehicle. The Worcestershire Hunt are clearly struggling to cope with us as this is the second time in recent weeks they have vandalised our vehicle having previously smashed the windscreen.

Also in the picture is Scott Howell, the ringleader of the Worcestershire Hunt stewards. Howell also assaulted sabs numerous times today. Howell along with his dad (also a terrierman) is part of Little Owl Farm Park, which is a petting zoo for children. Howell and his dad are both terriermen for the Worcestershire Hunt and are known to keep foxes at Little Owl Farm Park. Here is a link to Howell's other "activities" which includes shooting and what appears to be badger baiting.

    WorcsFHScottHowell8-1-20.jpg WorcsFHStabbed8-1-20.jpg

We will not tolerate this behaviour and threats, violence and vandalism will not deter us. We will be holding a peaceful public demonstration outside Little Owl Farm Park on Tuesday 25th Feburuary at 9:30am.

Call to action/please share - peaceful demonstration at Little Owl Farm Park, Tuesday 25th February 2020 at 9:30am. Please bring placards.

The Worcestershire Hunt keep mentioning the now disbanded Atherstone Hunt. They are clearly worried they are going to end up the same way. Our vehicle has been heavily targeted this season. We will never back down from hunters, to help us carry on please consider donating to our ongoing vehicle vandalism fund using this link.

Pics above   -  Left  -  Scott Howell     Right - Stabbed sab tyre 


Cheshire FH Huntsman given CRO for threat to woman monitor  

8-1-20   Facebook - Cheshire Against Blood Sports    STATEMENT     Jake Oppenheim, Cheshire Hounds Huntsman... GUILTY❗️    On the 5th November 2019 Jake Oppenheim, the Huntsman at the Cheshire Hunt, threatened one of our Cabs. He told her he was going to ram a bottle down her throat. She caught all of this on film.

She has bravely followed the incident up and has been the subject of continued intimidation and provocation from the hunt and the hunting community.

Jake Oppenheim was today given a Community Resolution Order, he admitted threatening her. If Jake Oppenheim exhibits this behaviour in the future then it will be taken very seriously.

We are very proud of our member for the tenacity she has shown to get this result. So when the hunt claims we are the ones threatening them, the reality is actually very different.

Over the next few weeks we will be exposing the true reality behind the thuggish behaviour from the Cheshire Hunt. 

Clearly Jake has now brought the Hunt into disrepute, we wonder if that’s why he is leaving. Please share this everywhere.



Menacing Avon Vale FH quad thugs terrorise sabs in car  

7-1-20   Somerset Live   VIDEO  The terrifying moment pro-hunt 'thugs' attack and chase off hunt saboteurs - One huntsman told the group 'Your worst nightmare has just turned up' - Video footage shows the terrifying moment masked pro-hunt 'thugs' attack and chase off hunt saboteurs on quad bike     The saboteur group had followed the Avon Vale Hunt on Saturday afternoon (January 4), after spotting several 'redcoats' out riding. Footage filmed from inside the hunt sabs' Land Rover shows a couple of members of the group standing calmly in front of their vehicle, keeping an eye on the hunters as they rode out.

A red-coated huntsman can be seen in the footage riding past the hunt sabs' car and telling them: "Your worst nightmare has just turned up."


Almost immediately, the encounter turned hostile - a red quad bike sped towards the hunt sabs' car [above], narrowly avoiding crashing into it. Video footage filmed from inside the hunt sabs' Land Rover shows a couple of members of the group standing calmly in front of their vehicle, keeping an eye on the hunters as they rode out. But in just a matter of seconds, the encounter can be seen turning hostile - as a red quad bike speeds towards the hunt sabs' car, narrowly avoiding crashing into it.

Video footage filmed from inside the hunt sabs' Land Rover shows a couple of members of the group standing calmly in front of their vehicle, keeping an eye on the hunters as they rode out. But in just a matter of seconds, the encounter can be seen turning hostile - as a red quad bike speeds towards the hunt sabs' car, narrowly avoiding crashing into it. (Image: © Bath Hunt Sabs / SWNS) 

The quad bike, which had no number plates, pulled up alongside the Land Rover. Two masked men climbed off and began thumping on the windows and yelling at the sabs inside to "f**k off". And as the hunt sabs begin to drive off, the masked men jump back on their quad bike and pursue them - continuing their intimidation for almost two minutes as they drive.

    AvonValeFHOnethug4-1-20.jpg AvonValeFH2ndthug4-1-20.jpg

The Bath Hunt Sabs group said the encounter, which took place near the village of Atworth, Wiltshire, left them feeling "unsafe" - but they believe they know the identity of the two masked men. A spokesman for the group said: "They act as private thugs for a number of different hunt groups in the area. The men on the quad bike verbally abused and threatened us. They tried to open the doors of our vehicle [pic above right] and smash the windows [pic above left]. They told one of the male sabs to get out of the vehicle. He did not. We felt unsafe, so once we saw the hounds being packed up the decision was made to leave the area."


                                                Thugs pursue sab car  

The sabs group said they had initially driven to disrupt a pheasant shoot on Saturday morning at Colerne Air Base, near Chippenham - seven miles from Atworth. The group was driving back towards Bath, when they spotted the hunt redcoats out on horseback near Atworth.

The spokesman said: "There were about 20 horses in the field, two or three redcoats and numerous support vehicles in attendance, some with young children and toddlers present. One support vehicle blocked public roads to prevent us passing, pedestrians also blocked the road, and other hunt supporters shouted abuse."


                               Driving alongside sab car, thug bangs on its side  

The Bath Hunt Sabs spokesman added: "The hunt members were initially quite timid around us. But once the hired 'goons' arrived to try and intimidate us, they became very excited and came over and told us our 'worst nightmare' had just arrived."

Video footage, filmed out of both sides of the Land Rover, appears to show masked men jump off their quad bike and flank the car, violently thumping against the windows. As the Land Rover began to drive away, the quad bikers followed, continuing to thump the windows and the side of the car, and to yell abuse at the sabs inside.

Their chase saw the quad bikers narrowly avoid a cyclist on the country road, mount the grassy bank alongside the Land Rover, and at one point even drive into the side of the Land Rover. Eventually, after almost two minutes of giving chase, the bikers stopped their chase and the hunt sabs left the scene. The group have not reported the incident, as a spokesperson said: "The police never do anything about this type of behaviour."

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said: "If a crime was reported it would be looked into, assessed, and dealt with accordingly - but it would need to be reported first." 

See also report in Daily Mail  


N. Shropshire FH's unsupervised hounds mark fox to ground

Heavy monitoring leads to early pack up of joint meet with 2 other FHs 

6-1-20  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    Bargain basement Hunt - 3 for the price of 1! - North Shropshire Hunt, Loppington 04.01.2020    With so much focus on hunts in Cheshire, some of their riders have had to resort to deserting their usual stomping grounds for more peaceful days out further afield – or at least what they hope they will be – so we were more than happy to follow numerous members of the Wynnstay and Cheshire hunts over to their sneaky little joint meet with the North Shropshire Hunt on Saturday, meeting at Park Farm near Loppington. This bargain basement Hunt needs the support, and it certainly made our lives easier getting a 3-Hunts-for-1 deal!

They met early and were soon found hunting in elephant grass crop, through which even the most determined ‘trail layer’ would have difficult laying a trail (even Fiona, who is often found parading her most soiled pair of knickers around on the end of a stick). They put hounds in the crop until our cameras were spotted then they made a dash north past Bentley Farm and across sodden fields, scaring livestock.


Interestingly there were riders on point at several spots including east by Sleap Airfield, we presumed to stop fox and hounds rioting across the landing strips as this Hunt have been in trouble for allowing to happen recently, and indeed, we saw a fox heading for the airfield [above] after the Hunt were caught red-handed flushing a brace of foxes from The Shays Plantation south of Loppington, and taking refuge in the airfield (Damn clever, these foxes; the same certainly can’t be said for this Hunt, or their sad little band of followers).

We witnessed this Hunt flushing three foxes in total, all seeming disoriented, and including from woodland we know for a fact there are none residing, which begs the question exactly where did these poor creatures come from?

Shortly afterwards we caught hounds marking the third fox to ground in a badger sett [below] where again they had been left to it by Huntsman Peter McColgan and hunt staff, who upon our arrival ran away some distance west to English Frankton and around Wood Farm and Cork Hall.


With every move being filmed, it was here in the muddy maize stubble that the Huntsman let his hounds try to pick up on a fox scent whilst the whole Hunt stood by and did nothing, and we reviewing footage for various damning evidence from the day (not that the woefully inadequate West Mercia Police are in the slightest bit interested in pursuing these wildlife crimes in this county).

However, quickly realising he couldn’t chase and kill foxes today with monitors focussed on him from every direction and ready to intervene, he gave up, a broken man, as he took off his hat and held his head in his hands, before blowing for home and giving up at 1:45pm. We suspect that those riders who headed out to Shropshire for the jolly good day’s hunting day may be demanding a refund.


                                             Another fox flees from the Hunt    

On a more serious note, illegally hunting foxes like there isn’t a ban in place appears to be rife just 20 minutes over the border from Cheshire, and we’ll be back to check on this hunt again very soon. [With thanks to our friends Shropshire Wildlife Monitors].

We are all volunteers, so if you would like to support our work, you can do so here:- Also, please note we are hunt monitors, not saboteurs.

Tip us off in confidence about any hunts in Cheshire or the surrounding counties. In the first send us a private message via this page, or you can email us at


Film of Cheshire FH hounds in cry in sight of monitor arrests

Also shows unsupervised pack causing havoc in fields, garden, on A road

6-1-20   Facebook - Cheshire Against Blood Sports  VIDEO    Cheshire Hounds - Haughton 4/1/20 So, while the Cheshire Police Rural Crime Team and the Cheshire Police took the incredible and baffling decision to tie up all the rural crime officers assigned to keep public safe by detaining Monitor’s, this is what was happening on the roads and private gardens and the fields of Haughton, Brindley and Burland.


                           Hounds in cry after fox within 30 yds of arrests site  

The Hunt allowed its hounds to go missing for just over an hour, we have a timeline of which roads they almost caused crashes on, which gardens were invaded and which fields they ran amok, we also have the timeline and locations of the huntsman Jake Oppenheim that shows just how far they had been allowed to get away from him.


                     Unsupervised hounds in cry desperately try to get thru stile  

This Hunt is reckless and a danger to the public Please contact the Cheshire Police and ask them who made the decision to jeopardise yours and our safety and the safety of wildlife and demand they take action against this totally inept Hunt.


                         Sign on stile says Your dog can kill and keep it on a lead      

Please help us keep monitoring the hunts in Cheshire and buy us a Kofi - many thanks Cabs


                                    Hounds still on scent in somebody's garden  


                      Hounds dash across A534 - several more than just these two 


                    Terrierman on quad driving dangerously on wrong side of A534 


Sabs upload graphic film of Holderness FH fox kill  

6-1-20   Hull Live    Fox chased by hounds then brutally savaged in gruesome New Year hunt footage - One saboteur wrestled the fox from the hounds' teeth and cradled it in his arms - Gruesome footage shows a fox chased and killed by a pack of hounds in East Yorkshire - The incident was filmed by an anti-hunting activist during a New Year's Eve event organised by the Holderness Hunt     Humberside Police confirmed it is investigating the circumstances of the incident captured in the video, while the hunt refused to comment on it when contacted.


The activist who filmed it said he was "heartbroken" to witness the incident, the first occasion he had witnessed a kill first hand. He had attended the hunt around midday alongside others from East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Saboteurs and filmed the hounds as they followed the fox and attacked it. "It's absolutely heartbreaking," he said. "It's horrible. You just think about what you could've done differently to save that fox's life."


Fox hunting has been illegal in England and Wales since the Hunting Act came into force in February 2005. But the ancient tradition has continued to thrive in the form of trail hunts, where hounds chase a HoldernessFHHoundscatchfox31-12-19.jpgfake scent rather than a live animal. It has remained controversial, with foxes and other animals regularly being pursued and killed by hounds during hunts in spite of the law. Activist groups often attend hunts to try and capture footage of any illegal activity or stop kills if possible.

"You always go in with a level of apprehension and very cautiously because you don't know what's going to happen," he said. “We try to stay out of the way because there are sometimes tensions and we don't want to escalate anything."

On New Year's Eve, he and the other 'saboteurs' had watched the Hunt meet in the morning as a small speech was given and then followed as they rode away.

"They got to a farm and from there we followed the hunt up to another road and they flushed along a canal bank," he said. "The hounds were in cry, which implies that they're chasing an animal. We ran parallel to them and a few minutes later found them on the canal bank with the houndsHoldernessFHstillllivefox31-12-19.jpg obviously excited, dashing in and out of a thorn bush, cutting their faces on the thorns."

He managed to capture the rest of what happened on video. A fox breaks away from the bushes and dashes out right underneath some of the hunters' horses, with the hounds in hot pursuit. The man chases the pack into a nearby field, pleading with the hunters to call off the dogs, passing another hunter on the way who laughs and says: "Well done young man, well done." He catches up to the hounds again, but the fox makes another break and they take off. He chases them screaming "leave it", but they soon catch up to the fox.

The footage carries on rolling as several hounds pile on to the fox, gripping it between their teeth and shaking it viciously. The fox's lifeless body is dragged away by one of the dogs as the man continues trying in vain to save it.  

In another clip taken shortly afterwards, another of the HoldernessFHRedcoat31-12-19.jpgsaboteurs is seen carrying the dead fox in his arms. As the camera pans around the field a number of hunters are clearly visible nearby and a horn can be heard as they ride away.

"Sometimes we can stop the kills," said the man. "The adrenaline kicks in and you know you have to get there to stop the hounds if you can or record the illegal activity. If you get there you might put the hounds off. But the law is weak and convictions are so difficult because the burden of proof is so unbelievably high."

One woman who lives in the area said she has seen the Hunt going out before: "A lot of people who live around here are very against it. There's a perception that a lot of rural people support it but I think it's the opposite."

Humberside Police statement - A spokeswoman from Humberside Police said: "Enquiries are being carried out after a report was received from a member of the public that a fox had been killed by dogs, believed to be part of a hunt, on New Year's Eve in Driffield.

"Officers from the wildlife crime team attended the Hempholme area at around 12.50pm on the day and are now currently working to establish the circumstances of the incident and if any offences have been committed. If you have information about the incident or any events prior to it, please call our non-emergency 101 line, quoting log number 233 of Tuesday, 31 December."



                                    Sab cradles the still warm body of the fox 


Badsworth etc. FH hounds savage a deer and kill rabbit

Huntsman & Whip unable to control dogs, sabs had to stop them 

5-1-20   West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO    York and Ainsty South/Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hounds repeatedly attack and maul deer in front of Huntsman   On Saturday we picked up the amalgamated mess of the Badsworth & Bramham Moor/York and Ainsty South with York Anti-Hunt League.

Around midday a few stray hounds came across a deer, repeatedly bringing it to the ground, along with killing a rabbit. These hounds were not under the control of either Huntsman David Elliott or Whipper-in Mark Poskitt, and so the pain and fear felt by this deer as it was mauled by their hounds is due solely to them. They’ve shown on too many occasions the lack of control they have for their hounds, as we’ve filmed them chasing roe deer twice this season already.


                   Huntsman desperately tries and fails to stop hounds attacking deer 

These people are allowed to take a full pack of hounds out across the countryside multiple times a week, which they can not and often choose to not control, terrorising and killing wildlife, and they must be shut down.


                                             Hounds savaging prone deer  


                                             Hounds scared off deer by sab 


                                           Deer gets up and tries to run off 


                  Sab stops hounds who are chasing deer again - deer gets away        

7-1-20  Deadline News   Horrific video shows hunting dogs chase and maul terrified roe deer   DISTRESSING video shows a pack of hunting dogs mauling a terrified roe deer as it battles to escape. The footage shows the deer caught and attacked three times before it eventually escaped. But hunt sabs who filmed the incident said the deer had been bitten on the abdomen and rear and may have been fatally injured.

The incident happened north of the village Askham Richard, North Yorkshire on Saturday. It is claimed the hunt dogs were from the Badsworth & Bramham, Moor/York & Ainsty South hunting groups which were accused of being responsible for the death of a kitten last week. Police have appealed any witnesses to come forward.

The clip was posted by the organisation ‘West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs’ [WYHS] on Facebook yesterday saying: “Around midday a few stray hounds came across a deer, repeatedly bringing it to the ground, along with killing a rabbit. These hounds were not under the control of either huntsman or whipper, and so the pain and fear felt by this deer as it was mauled by their hounds is due solely to them. They’ve shown on too many occasions the lack of control they have for their hounds, as we’ve filmed them chasing roe deer twice this season already. These people are allowed to take a full pack of hounds out across the countryside multiple times a week, which they can not and often choose to not control, terrorising and killing wildlife, and they must be shut down.”

The video shows five hunt dogs mauling a male roe deer as it struggles to escape the jaws of the hounds. Saboteurs can be seen trying to split the pack up which gives the roe deer a chance to run away.

A hunter carrying a whip lashes towards the dogs as he also appears to try and split up the hounds. However, the deer runs towards a fence and gets stuck trying to jump over it. It has no choice but to run the perimeter of the fence as the barking hounds close in.

The distressing video was made public by a saboteur Facebook page. A sab is heard shouting: “F***** b*****!” towards the whipper. Another sab runs towards the suffering deer. Rabbits are then seen scurrying away from the chaotic scene, the deer, badly injured, is pursued by the dogs who bring it down once again.

The sabs shout “leave it!” as the injured deer gets back to his feet and once again tries to run away from the chasing hounds. Eventually the sabs put themselves between the deer and it is able to escape. A still image also shows a rabbit which was killed by the hounds on the same hunt. The dogs can be seen mauling the animal in the video.

The video has angered many in the comments. Deryn Hagemann said: “This is the type of footage that needs to be on the national news. People will go crazy! Get it to a news channel please! Hunting with dogs needs to be stopped once and for all.”

Paul Bray added: “Absolutely appalling that poor deer but of course the hounds are only following a trial.” Mair Ashmole said: “It really upsets me seeing things like this how can they do this to lovely animals I wish them the worst death possible.” Dawn McDermid added: “Why can’t they just go out on their horses across fields no need to have hounds but of course it’s all about killing wildlife isn’t it!” Jim Greensted wrote: “Seems that cats, dogs, deer are just collateral damage as far as the Hunts are concerned.”

A hunter carrying a whip lashes towards the dogs as he also appears to try and split up the hounds.

WYHS today said they believe the deer may struggle to survive. A spokesman for WYHS said: “A male roe deer had been bitten a lot and had wounds on its underside/abdomen area, and its hindquarters. [We are] not sure if it will survive as they looked pretty bad. WYHS believe the fault lies solely with the hunt groups.

They said: “According to the Hunt they’ll be trained to hunt an animal based trail. However this Hunt have a severe lack of control and we’ve filmed them chasing roe deer multiple times already this season. If the hunt servants could do their job properly though this could’ve been avoided, as its the role of the Whipper In (the hunter in the video), to maintain control of the pack and prevent rioting like this happening.”

Police are appealing for information after attending the scene. A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police said: “Around 1.45pm on Saturday 4th January 2020, police received reports of a deer which had been injured by dogs. Officers attended the location. Anyone with information is asked to please call 101 quoting reference number: 12200002126.”

This Hunt is alleged to have been the same group responsible for the death of a kitten last week. Bramham hunt were accused of an illegal fox hunt on Christmas Eve, which resulted in the death of a kitten in Scarcroft, West Yorkshire.

Seven-month-old Tiger is said to have been ‘ripped to pieces’ by the pack of hounds. The cat lived at Cat Action Trust 1977 Leeds before he was adopted by a family on August 9th. The branch leader Shelia Pickersgill told national media: “The owner found the cat. The dogs came through and the cat was found all over the place. All that’s left of him is bits of fur everywhere. It’s disgusting that this goes on in this day and age. It’s barbaric.”


Cheshire police arrest antis as Hunt carries on chasing a fox

Also ignored assault & obstruction by Cheshire FH 'Safety Officers'

4-1-20  Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs    Police arrest monitors while the hunt chase a fox right in front of them (police saw this)    Have the police finally given in and started working full time for the Cheshire Hounds?? 9 police cars, 2 police bikes, and a canine unit included.


                                           Stockport Monitors in handcuffs 

Meanwhile the hunt perpetrator that smashed a monitor's head open with a riding crop whilst mounted is still allowed to illegally hunt right in front of the police. People of Cheshire this is what you are paying your taxes for.


5-1-20   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs    VIDEO   9 Police Cars and a Canine Unit   Police arrest Hunt monitors following ludicrous allegations and allow the Hunt to continue pursuing a fox running for its life with 30 + dogs. Assaults from the prolific Security Officers for Cheshire Hunt and the Police collude to allow the illegal activity.


                       So called Safety Officers obstructing antis on right of way      

We would like to invite everyone to show their disgust at the Hunt, the followers, the Police and these vile Safety Officers. I'm sure their families are extremely proud of them. We will never back down.


                                         Assault on anti ignored by police  

*EDIT* We are aware we cocked up with the date at the start of the video! Easy mistake to make when you’ve been writing 2019 for a whole year...


                                                  Anti being roughly handcuffed 


                                            Resultant marks on antis wrists 


                          Hunter who hit anti's car with his lorry being breathalysed



Oakley FH denied their kills as sabs see foxes to safety

4-1-20  Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    We keep up our pressure on the Oakley, and a timely tip off lead us to their meet at Manor Farm, Pertenhall. We arrived in time for them to leave the meet and head south through the solar farm (which had signs which said "No Horses" and up to Middle Lodge. With 2 vehicles out and 3 eager and willing foot teams we intended to make their life a misery.

Now the Oakley don't even bother with any charade of trail laying, this is full on hunting as it would have been pre-ban.

The first fox was flushed from a cover crop and hunted to ground in a large badger sett covered with brambles near Poplar Spinney. The hounds were going mad trying to get at the fox while Simon "Shaky" Hand the Huntsman egged them on with encouraging horn and voice calls. However this fox was safely underground and sabs pulled the hounds out and forced the Huntsman to retreat.

With teams in front and behind we were very well placed as the next fox was flushed from Willow Spinney, running right past sabs and through the some of the mounted field. The hounds were only meters behind but the fox ducked back into the wood and sabs stopped the hounds dead in their tracks. A lucky fox.

At this time of year the foxes are paired up for breeding so we are always on the lookout for a brace and sure enough sabs placed inside the wood had a second fox run right past them. It's scent was covered and we made sure no hounds picked it up.


From here the hounds seem to pick up on another line, this may have been the second fox leaving the wood to the south. This fox avoided the hounds by doubling back and was spotted by another foot team running the hedge line. Again it's scent was covered just to be sure.

Shaky and the Paper Boy were now running out of options. They headed back through the village of Riseley and towards Keysoe Park Wood, one of their favourite draws. However sabs had them under control and despite the large (for the Oakley) following today, moved them on once more, catching the Huntsman and terrier man Wayne Woolston in deep discussion in the wood. Even Bedfordshire Police managed to get out their vehicle to see what they were up to.

After a pointless trek round the Bedford Autodrome they headed up to Bourne End but sabs were all over them like a cheap suit and from here they headed back along the roads to kennels, leaving the frustrated supporters wondering where they'd buggered off to.

Lots of slogging through the mud today but a great team performance and lives saved. We retired back to the pub for a beer and home made cake.

     OakleyFHkillergang4-1-20.jpg  OakleyFHshortarmofthelaw4-1-20.jpg  


Sabs prevent dig-out despite several assaults by Cottesmore FH thugs 

As usual several blocked setts found where Cottesmore hunting 


4-1-20  Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs    Cottesmore Hunt 04/01/2019 Preston, Rutland • Sabs assaulted • Dig out prevented • Police called • Freshly blocked badger setts found (again)     Another day with our colleagues Northants Hunt Saboteurs and the criminal Cottesmore hunting gang. Since the Cottesmore, despite numerous opportunities, still can’t demonstrate they are acting lawfully and are in fact behaving very much like fox hunters, we thought we would keep them company again.

Upon arrival in the area several badger setts were found recently blocked. This is a very common occurrence when the Cottesmore Hunt are in the area.

Chris Edwards left the meet at Preston Hall with a field of around 50 riders and headed north towards Fox Covert, one of his favourite places to find foxes. Unfortunately for Chris we pre-empted this and upon finding the thin black line that separates the wildlife criminals from the wildlife waiting for him he turned and headed south again. Predictably for this land strapped hunt he made for the strip of farmland that is sandwiched between Ridlington and the A47.


Chris spent the afternoon taking his dogs into several areas likely to contain foxes without finding any, probably because they hunt this area so often. The hounds did riot on a hare [above] which scampered towards and very close to the busy A47 but the hounds lost its scent before catastrophe struck.


                                               Hounds in cry after hare  

From here Edwards took his hounds west towards Belton in Rutland. Hounds were heard in cry briefly before sabs from Northants came across Huntsman Edwards off his horse with his pack outside a small spinney just east of Belton in Rutland with two terriermen digging out a badger sett inside. The hunt was now desperate to keep sabs away and as the small team approached they were assaulted by a large group of “stewards” [below] with at least two being knocked to the ground. Police were called. With three more groups of sabs converging on the area and most of us armed with cameras the dig out ceased soon after. Edwards remounted and headed east again.


Thankfully, due to the presence of sabs, the terriermen’s efforts were discontinued. The mob of stewards  hung around to name call and make the usual threats but soon evaporated when two police cars pulled into a nearby car park [below]. These are the same stewards that attempted to deny protesters access to Close Play Park in Melton Mowbray on New Year’s Day and currently have one of their number due in court charged with four counts of assault.


To confuse matters even more, while all this was going on we heard horn calls coming from the other side of the A47 at Allexton Wood. A quick call to our friends at Peterborough Hunt Sabs confirmed that the Fernie were hunting on the other side of the road. Maybe both of these hunts are running low on land to hunt on?

Throughout the day we had the usual group of thugs following us around. Aside from the assaults their activities included letting various sabs know where they live and work and suggesting what might happen to them. Recently members of Northants Hunt sabs and this group have had our personal vehicles damaged, abusive phone calls at home and dead foxes left outside our homes. Guess what, we are still here.

If you would like to help us stand up to criminal fox hunting gangs and the bullies they need to protect them, without going down to their level, join us.  


Grove & Rufford FH hunt along active railway line  

4-1-20  Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Grove and Rufford Hunt active railway line   After their 04/01/2020 meet on Ings Lane, Sturton Le Steeple, Retford. Grove and Rufford Huntsman Paul Larby took the hounds hunting down an active railway line, by Westbrecks Crossing, without permission. If they were trail hunting with the hounds safety in mind, why would they ride down an active railway line while masked hunt support try to prevent sabs from filming?


Trespass on a railway is an offence. Please contact Network Rail on 0800405040 or British Transport Police Network Rail attended on the day.

Support our work here:


6-1-20 BBC News   Hunt hounds on Nottinghamshire rail line prompts police inquiry   The huntsman and hounds were seen on the line at the weekend Police are investigating after a Nottinghamshire hunt was filmed with its hounds on a live rail line.

A member of the Grove and Rufford hunt was filmed with the dogs riding down the track at Westbrecks Crossing near Retford. Network Rail said trespassing on a live section of line is illegal. A spokesman for the Hunt said they believed the line to be inactive but would assist police with any enquiries.

Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs posted the footage from Saturday on social media. A spokesman for the group said: "We filmed the Huntsman riding his horse down the railway line and encouraging the hounds to follow him and hunt the undergrowth on the side of the railway line. This kind of dense undergrowth provides an ideal daytime resting spot for a fox, which hounds are bred to chase through generations."

Several people responded to the post by saying the line, which served Cottam Power Station, is no longer in use. However Network Rail said it was still used by freight traffic and some passenger charter services "24/7", and being on the line was "extremely dangerous". British Transport Police said they had received reports of the incident and inquiries were ongoing.

In a statement the Hunt said: "To the best of the Hunt's knowledge, this line is inactive and has not been used since the final train used the line in September 2019 following the much-publicised closing of the Cottam Power Station. The Hunt will, of course, assist British Transport Police with any enquiries regarding this matter."


Residents see & report Croome FH chasing 'terrified' fox through gardens   

4-1-20  Facebook – Three Counties Hunt Sabs     ...The Croome and West Warwickshire are reported to have hunted a fox through a garden in Norton near Evesham today (we're in contact with locals who witnessed and reported them)

4-1-20  Facebook – Fi Mason-Stokes [comment on above post]    If you need any more info, photos, videos for the Norton near Evesham hunt it was myself and my neighbours who witnessed and chased off the hunt �� the poor fox was terrified. They appeared to have lost one of their hounds just before it got dark. We have photos and reg numbers of vehicles involved in the transportation of the horses too.


North Cotswold FH openly hunt a brace of foxes

Many reports of other Hunts operating in area 

4-1-20   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Brace of foxes hunted blatantly by North Cotswold Hunt - Badger sett blocked - Multiple reports of other Hunts in area - Abusive messages throughout day on phone - Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch's tyres let down     It is very hard knowing that whilst you are with one Hunt, others are just a few miles away also hunting foxes:- 1/ The Croome and West Warwickshire are reported to have hunted a fox through a garden in Norton near Evesham today (we're in contact with locals who witnessed and reported them). 2/ Worcestershire Hunt were at Inkberrow, being covertly monitored by anti-hunt locals who were in touch with us. 3/ The Heythrop were at the Slaughters (under the watchful eye of independent monitors). 4/ The Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt were at Norton near Tewkesbury and so on... more sabs and monitored needed!

We're also in contact with someone who witnessed a kill on land another Hunt were not permitted on - this has been reported to the police and we are getting an update soon from the person who told us.


                                              Dog fox of the hunted brace 

As for what we were up to (other than taking phone calls)…  The NCH were found at Springhill near Broadway and a blocked sett was soon found and dealt with. Fox cubs were seen playing here in the summer. A brace means 2 foxes - this time of year they are pairing up and can often be seen running very close to one another - before long 2 were seen trying to get away from the hounds. The pack were away from the foxes and hunting towards Bourne's Folly.


                                            Vixen of the hunted brace 

Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch were out as well and we were all on the road south of Springhill, a notorious hotspot for hunting. A CIHW sab was called very old, very ugly, and told she should be at home doing her knitting... all by an ancient and rather unprepossessing old man who threatened to throw rocks at her. Such are the North Cotswold followers!

Ollie Dale put his hounds into thick brambles. Foot sabs were accompanied by stalkers who made noise and played loud music to stop any foxes breaking covert in front of the cameras. One fox did cross and we tried to get into position to rate the pack and as we did a second fox ran alongside the pack to follow their mate to safety. You can see a couple of hounds opening their mouths on the photo.


Ollie Dale encouraged them to continue hunting into Kildane's Bottom. They were later rated back from following a scent but we have no way of knowing what happened to the two being hunted in the meantime as they covered a lot of land at speed. It is heartbreaking to think that a hunted brace try to look after one another when being hunted and stay together. A third fox escaped through some hunt supporters.

They went on to the quarry, Toad Corner and Slatepits before finishing in the pitch black. Please continue to support us with information we will get to as many hunts as we can or at least check afterwards for blocked setts, etc.


                                Blocked sett - unblocked by sabs 

Donations help to get us to meets and keep the car on the road: We are also very happy to advise over the phone if a Hunt is nearby and we cannot attend. 3C


N. Herefordshire FH chase fox to ground - sabs beat Hunt to it 

Hunt start the day by taking hounds thru in-lamb sheep flock 

4-1-20  Facebook - Herefordshire Hunt Sabs    North Herefordshire Hunt 4/1/20 - Fox escapes hounds by seeking refuge in a badger sett     Keeping the pressure on the North Herefordshire Hunt, we hit them for the second time in a week. They met at Tan House Farm, Much Cowarne and foot sabs were dropped in with a good view of a small covert directly behind the meet, after first checking a nearby badger sett was not blocked. The hounds left the meet straight through a terrified flock of sheep, who will be in lamb at this time of year. Hounds started to draw the small covert and almost immediately a fox broke running past us and towards the safety of the badger sett.

Huntsman Ryan could be heard encouraging hounds on as they picked up the line but they were a couple of fields behind the fox. Sabs found hounds marking to ground in the badger sett, as Ryan, whipper in Jamie and hanger on Harriet caught up. They realised this one had made it away to safety, and then moved off pretty swiftly.

A couple of hunt supporters, clearly annoyed at missing out on a kill, got a bit pushy shovey with sabs as they headed back to the road. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. They hunted around Much Cowarne spending a lot of time in a Xmas tree plantation where sabs spotted a couple of foxes and a hare fleeing the hunt. Hounds were in and out of cry but we are pretty sure they did not kill anything. As usual, there was no sign of a trail being laid and it would have been utterly reckless to lay a trail through that Xmas tree plantation, unless you were hoping to ‘accidentally’ put up a fox.


                             Road illegal overloaded quad about to go on road   

They also hunted some woods near Cowarne Court but there was a rough shoot in progress so we think they had to move on pretty swiftly from there. Notably they did not cross over into the land surrounding Whitwick Manor; the previous owner died last year and the land has changed hands. It looks as if they no longer have permission to hunt it.

We had several locals today make clear to us their opposition to hunting; this always lifts our spirits when out in the field.

Since last week we have had lots of people get in touch with info. Thank you to all of you. Apparently the Wheelwrights Arms was the planned venue for last Tuesday’s meet but they cancelled the day before, rightly thinking they would receive negative reviews from decent people who don’t get their kicks from hunting defenceless animals. If you’re in Pencombe, do pop in for a pint or two and let them know why you’re there. It’s tough times for rural pubs; we should support the ones who decide not to host hunts.

No sign of Tim and Richard Davies today after they assaulted one of our foot sabs on Tuesday. Let’s hope that lasts. Our vehicle was blocked on public roads by both horses and supporters vehicles throughout the day and was followed by a vehicle for part of the day.

Please continue to send us info on the North Herefordshire and other local Hunts. If you would like to support our work you can do so using the link below. Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated so far this season.


Southdown FH sab selves as ambulances called for 5 fallen riders 

4-1-20   Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs    Many hunt fallen at Breaky Bottom We'd decided to see what the S&E were up to today. We strategically placed ourselves looking out for any hunt vehicles. We followed one horse box which after clocking us ran a red light and sped away to lose us. Wasn't long before we picked up another that led us straight to the sordid gathering at Stud Farm, Telscombe village.

We took the higher ground whilst our comrades from Brighton and Croydon Hunt Saboteurs positioned themselves elsewhere. A copper randomly decided to shoot the breeze with us whilst we sat in our Landy and proceeded to stand in front of the vehicle for around 40 minutes. Good to see tax payers money going to such good use.

The Hunt set off just after 12, no one donned their pinks. We believe so that they don't receive as much abuse from the ramblers in the area. Due to the amount of Sabs we were able to split into many groups, position ourselves in strategic areas having good visuals on where they were hunting.

There were some trails laid which we'd seen for the benefit of the photographer who was out and the usual fuddy-duddy support that we have grown to laugh at. The hounds initially responded to the trail very badly and then split. There were several strays one very upset hound which was stuck on barbed wire.


                        Huntsman finally blows for home after 5th serious rider fall  

It was a S&E meet yet the Huntsman was from ESRM His poor hound control was also shown on the South Downs. The pressure of the day certainly got to the S&E Huntmaster as he frothed at the mouth, addressing us like peasants and blaming sabs for the rubbish hound control. He became rather rabid and even tried to provoke a sab into a fight whilst other toffs tried to order us about from their horses.

We witnessed 2 nasty falls where there appeared to be injuries resulting in ambulances being called and an air ambulance coming for one. We later found out that there were actually 5 falls and 5 separate ambulances coming to the scene. Hounds rioted away quite some distance out of the Huntsman's control. It was only after the 5th fall that they decided to go home.

These selfish and entitled tories obviously think it's reasonable to not risk assess before going out on such steep and muddy terrain on open access land. We do wonder what the total cost on the NHS was today to grant these fuckwits their desire to pursue a fox. The Hunt was its worst enemy and pretty much sabbed themselves with all the accidents.

Why not join us in the field, never a dull moment. Help us save lives:-   Any tip-offs on the dirty hunts:- 07443148426

4-1-20   Facebook - Kingston Hunt Sabs    Note: don’t forget, Hunts have KILLED two sabs. And never been prosecuted. Then read on: Insane day on the Southdown and Eridge Hunt, who met at Telescombe village.

Within the first ten minutes, a woman fell off at a jump. She was knocked unconscious. sabs were first-aid responding until the terrier man first-aider turned up. Sabs called attendant police medic and directed him and assorted cops in... they didn’t rush!

Nor did the cops have a wildlife officer present... only cops who knew nothing about wildlife or drink-riding laws. Later the Hunt offered us a swig out of their hip flask (er, no) and thanked us and the police thanked us.

Over the course of a ridiculous day, one elderly rider called Susan, who was pissed, got her horse trapped between two fences. We heard her screaming at the horse from the other side of a copse. We calmed her and the situation. She was with a child who rode off to get hunt help. The kid brought back another adult, who jumped the jumps and left! We told the kid to go get a terrier man to cut the wire fence to allow the horse to get out. Kid did, quad did but then quad blamed us.

Over the course of the day, where the Hunt continuously ran through livestock fields with no concern for the safety of the sheep nor cows, 5 riders fell off. The final one was a young girl. She landed head first and went into seizures. We asked the Hunt what her name was and to contact her parents. The Hunt only knew her first name because she was “new”, then they rode off while sabs directed in the ambulances. Eventually she was airlifted out.

At pack-up we told police about a drink-driver who had just driven in front of them and into the meet. Police shrugged. One dead fox was found - looked like a shot fox, probably from day before judging by predation and parasites. Farmers shoot foxes, of course, and we were in cattle and sheep fields. Anyway. We are decent. Hunt are scum. Filth are bent. Same shit, different day.


 Ystrad Tal Fechan FH pack up at first sight of sabs

4-1-20   Facebook - South Wales Hunt Saboteurs    Ystrad Taf Fechan – 04.01.20    Today’s mission comes with grateful thanks to our garage who pulled out all the stops to get us back on the road in the nick of time, enabling a small (but tidy) crew to get out to the Ystrad Taf Fechan today. The hunt met at the Glancynon Inn in HIrwaun, Aberdare.

Our foot team snuck up on them on Mynydd y glog, north of Hirwaun and then they packed up. At 1.45pm. Boxed up the hounds in the back of a pick up and off they went. As they were packing up we had a quick chat with Phantasy Phil (hunt master Phil Stansfield) who frankly seems quite confused about what’s going on.

We had wondered if there might be some of the Banwen lads with them, but no – they were a sad turn out of 8 riders plus the huntsman. Until next time YTF 


Cotswold Vale F FH pack savages pet terrier and owner's partner

Pet Jack Russell will be put down because of injuries

Believed pack were on fox when poured on to lane

2-1-20  Private e-mail from monitor    While having a back massage as a Christmas Eve treat the young masseuse asked me why I was so tense. I said that I go after foxhunters and had been the previous day. 

She then told me the most terrible story not yet in the news of her aunt's Jack Russell set on by the Cotswold Vale Farmers pack on a lane near their village home. The pack injured it terribly, also bit her aunt's partner extensively and he could not get free with the dog, having to summon the aunt in her car and still the pack mobbed over the car.

The little dog survived but is so badly injured with large areas of skin ripped off that they are going to have to give up trying to save her and have her put down in the new year. The police were involved - hence no press yet - but we expect this story to surface. 

The Hunt was obliged to pay the vet bills but went to the vet and complained at the cost. At the incident the hunt staff did not even get off their horses. The aunt's partner had heard the hounds coming over a couple of fields so it sounds as if they were close on a fox when they burst through the hedge onto the road and set on the dog. The aunt's partner has had trouble sleeping since the incident it was so horrific.


Resident confirms N. Herefordshire FH kill though sabs stop a dig-out 

Sab trying to film aftermath of fox kill assaulted & shoved to ground  

Hounds rioted on a deer - Huntsman encouraged them to chase it 

Pack switched on to a fox - sabs turned hounds back 

2-1-20  Facebook - Herefordshire Hunt Sabs    North Herefordshire Hunt show their true colours on NYE  -  ��Dig out prevented at active badger sett  ��Hounds filmed rioting on deer  ��Hounds called off fox by sabs  ��Fox killed by hunt according to a local witness  ��Sab assaulted trying to get to where hounds had just killed    The Hunt met near Pencombe. Sabs first heard the hounds in cry and horn near Lower Winslow shortly after 11.30am.

Foot sabs headed inland and found terrier man Ben Porter and an accomplice preparing flush a fox out of an active badger sett. This is how the criminal North Herefordshire Hunt behaves when it believes no sabs are present to witness their flouting of the law. The two men had blocked several sett entrances and were carrying nets and muddy spades when they spotted sabs. A third net was found still stretched across a partially blocked sett entrance [below].  


One sett entrance showed clear signs that hounds had marked to ground. We arrived just in time to save this fox from being flushed out and either shot or kept to be released as a bagged fox later. The Hunting Act unfortunately contains loopholes which terrier men exploit to flush foxes, however interfering with a badger sett in this way is in direct contravention of the 1992 Badger Act and is a criminal act.


                    Terriermen caught in the act, about to leave - note facial coverings  

Near Holywell Cottage hounds rioted after a deer across open country then into the dense woodland of Marston Firs [below]. Huntsman Ryan Woodfine saw this but made no attempt to stop the hounds, instead encouraging hounds on with voice calls. The deer escaped, but within minutes of entering the wood hounds disturbed a fox from undergrowth.


The entire pack (a rare occurrence with the North Herefordshire whose hounds are frequently going awol) was in full cry less than 50 yards behind it, but miraculously sabs rated hounds and they turned back towards Ryan, in spite of him desperately encouraging them on with voice calls. It was a very close call and a shocking example of the sick and perverted nature of illegal foxhunting. Unchecked the hounds would have almost certainly quickly caught and killed that fox. 

Ryan was furious the hounds had been stopped and spent the next half hour hunting hounds on foot through the same area of woodland. He claimed we were interfering with the hounds and that a trail had been laid but no reasonable person would have laid a trail through woodland, as it is the precise habitat a fox would choose to lie up in.

As light faded, Ryan continued to hunt the hounds on foot in the fields around Nash Farm accompanied by whipper in Rob Phillips on horseback. The field were nowhere to be seen, normally the North NHerefordshireFHshovessab2-1-20.jpgHerefordshire pack up earlier than this, and the sense of desperation for a kill was palpable. Hounds went into cry intermittently and sabs saw lots of fresh fox paw prints in the mud. Car sabs saw one fox away to safety at this time near Nash Farm, but when the pack crossed the road they went straight into cry again.

A local claims to have seen the hounds kill a fox in the fields behind her house at this time, and to have watched the body being retrieved and this description tallies with everything we saw and heard. The quad sped past us down the drive to Sparrington Farm and Hennerwood , Whipper in Jamie Stephens also passed us at speed, and a group of hunt support blocked us from going any further. We were certain a fox had either gone to ground or been killed and were desperate to get to the fox but two men, retired terrier man Tim Davies and his son, assaulted one of our sabs, pushing him to the ground [right]. 

The irony was not lost on us that moments before they had been threatening to call the police, claiming we were trespassing, which is, of course, a civil matter as opposed to assault, which is a criminal one. Members of the Hunt will go to extreme lengths to ensure their criminal activity is not exposed by sabs. Fortunately our sab wasn’t badly hurt and we decided to go back the way we had come and cross the fields instead. By that time any evidence of a kill had been cleared away, but we have no reason to disbelieve our local witness especially as they photographed body parts being removed.

It was an incredibly tough day physically, foot sabs spent four hours continuously walking and running across hilly and extremely waterlogged ground to keep tabs on the hunt. We prevented one dig out and saw one fox away to safety, and car sabs saw a further three foxes away to safety, but at the end of the day we know a fox was killed and we are so sorry we couldn’t save its life.


2 Barlow FH JMs attack sabs, try to steal camera

Swamped by sabs, they cannot hunt properly 

2-1-20  Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Barlow hunt attack sabs and spend NYD not hunting     Yesterday we celebrated the new year by swamping the fox killing Barlow Hunt with West Yorkshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Lincoln, North Wales and Derby Hunt Saboteurs. The fact the Hunt were filmed killing a fox the other day had clearly incensed many local people, 50 of whom faced hunt supporters alongside Locals Against The Barlow Hunt by holding a demo at the meet at The Gate Inn, Cutthorpe nr Chesterfield.

With so many groups out, the Barlow managed to put their hounds through one wooded valley by the meet, before stopping for a sherry at the other end. Surrounded by sabs and police, half an hour into the hunt.

There was a heavy police presence, likely due to the attention today's demo, the previous week's fox kill, Joint Master Chris White's attempted badger killing and assault on sabs by Mark Davies a year ago today has brought upon the Hunt.

The Barlow tried to batter sabs out the way and hunt Brind Wood nr Millthorpe, but had to spend most of their day clogging up the local roads with sab foot teams in the area. Our sabs were assaulted by Fred 'Mr Angry' and the landowner but we bypassed them with the help of other foot teams.

Joint Masters Chris White and Joan Williams (retired cop) were obviously enraged by this and attacked sabs, piling on them, kicking sabs and pulling their hair in an attempt to retrieve the camera that had filmed previous attacks (footage to follow/be passed on). Joan has obviously learnt nothing from her husband being in court next week. According to her, we'll eat our words next week when her husband, Mark Davies, has no case to answer for his assault on sabs a year ago!!! Does she know something we don't? Have the judge, the retired cop and the magistrate got together?


With police intervention, the Hunt were advised to pack up, reaching the stock trailers at Birley Grange Farm and boxing the hounds at 2.20, after spending more than twice as much time riding along the road as hunting the hounds.

Massive thanks to everyone who came out and demo'd the meet and sabbed the hunt! We've reached the middle of the season, but it's a long way to go. If you can support us financially please do so via this link


Warwickshire FH hound killed as pack runs on railway

Hunters filmed trespassing on line by passenger 

Considerable delay caused to train services 

1-1-19   Banbury Guardian    Transport police confirm investigation over hounds trespassing on railway line between Leamington and Banbury     British Transport Police have confirmed they attended an obstruction and trespass of hounds on the railway line between Leamington and Banbury today Hounds of the Warwickshire Hunt followed a scent onto the railway line between Fenny Compton and Bishop's Itchington today. A hound died after being struck by a train.

Amy Lees of British Transport Police (BTP) said: "Shortly before 1pm on Wednesday January 1 British Transport Police were called to the line between Leamington Spa and Banbury station following a report of a group of trespassers and a dog struck by a train. "BTP officers attended the scene and are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident."

A report to the Banbury Guardian from the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs (WMHS) this afternoon said trains were stopped and delayed and transport police called to the mainline railway.

The paper has contacted Warwickshire Hunt for a comment.

A spokesman for the WMHS said the group was not near to the Hunt when the incident occurred. "We were the other side of the hill in at Watergall. We are in contact with several eye witnesses who saw what happened. We are unsure at this time if any hounds were injured or killed," he said. "This is the fourth time in a month that the Warwickshire Hunt hounds have rampaged out of control and caused chaos."

The Hunt has apologised for incidents in which hounds have gone 'off-trail' through a field of rheas in Avon Dassett early in December, a graveyard in Idlicote just before Christmas and through gardens in Horley in mid December.

WMHS said trespassing on a live railway line is the only form of trespass that is a criminal offence. "The Warwickshire Hunt have tried to pass the blame on to saboteurs for previous incidents of hound chaos, but they were nowhere near the hounds when this incident happened. They will have to come up with a different excuse."

On previous occasions the Hunt has maintained that interference by saboteurs has confused hounds and led them away from a trail hunt that does not contravene the 2004 Hunting Act, which banned hunting wild mammals with dogs.


                               Hunters trespass on rail line - a criminal offence   

2-1-20  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   During the Warwickshire Hunt's New Years Day 2020 hunt meet in Knightcote the Hunt's hounds ended up out of control and hunted over a train line between Leamington and Banbury. Transport Police have confirmed that a hound was hit and killed by a train. As a result trains were delayed for over half an hour. West Midlands Hunt Sabs were not present with the Huntsman or hounds when the incident occurred but were on the other side of the hill at Watergall. Passengers on the train who filmed the Hunt from out of the train windows contacted saboteurs and informed them what was going on. The footage filmed by passengers was sent to saboteurs and shows members of the Hunt trespassing on the tracks.

This is the fourth week in a row that the Warwickshire Hunt hounds have rampaged out of control and caused chaos. Previously they have run riot through peoples gardens, through a church and graveyard and caused livestock to escape. Earlier in the year they were caught trespassing on MOD land.


                         From film by train passenger - Hunt in field next to railway  

It was inevitable that sooner or later the Warwickshire Hunt were going to cause an accident that killed them, their hounds or a commuter. Their arrogance is astonishing that they think they can use busy roads and railway lines as their own personal playgrounds. Sadly, because of their sense of entitlement and overriding need to hunt foxes, one of their hounds has now been killed by a train.

The Warwickshire Hunt need to start taking some responsibility for their actions and stop trying to pass the blame on to saboteurs. On this occasion saboteurs were nowhere near the trainline, the huntsman or the hounds. There is no excuse for happened on New Years Day, clearly they hunted a fox across the tracks. What can they say? Who in their right mind would take a pack of hounds anywhere near a main train line? They can’t even say they ended up there accidentally because the hunt meet took place at a farm in Knightcote only a few fields away from the train line and at the time the incident happened they were hunting a small wood right next to the train line. Whose bright idea was it to meet and hunt there in the first place?

This is a clear example of why packs of hounds should not be allowed out in the countryside, especially by people who quite clearly have no control over them. Trespassing on railway line is a criminal offence so we hope that British Transport Police take action and prosecute the Warwickshire Hunt who clearly have no concern for their horses or hounds or for any inconvenience they cause for commuters.

Senior hunt joint-master Barbara Hester was more concerned with trying to harass hunt saboteurs by playing loud anti-social music next to them than having any concern that one of her hounds had just been hit and killed by a train.

If you would like to help us keep the pressure and spotlight on the Warwickshire Hunt you can donate to us using this link.


Kitten-killing Badsworth etc. FH hunted fox to ground earlier in day  

1-1-19   Metro  VIDEO   Kitten ‘ripped to pieces by hounds in illegal fox hunt’     A seven-month-old kitten was allegedly ‘ripped to pieces’ during an ‘illegal fox hunt’ on Christmas Eve. Bits of fur were all that was left of a ginger and white cat named Tiger [below] after he was attacked by hounds from The Bramham Hunt in a ‘barbaric’ incident in Scarcroft, West Yorkshire, it’s claimed. Footage shows dogs said to be from the Bramham Hunt allegedly chasing a fox through woodland on December 24 on the Bramham Estate, the park where Leeds Festival is held every year.


Luke Steele, an independent hunt monitor who filmed the footage, said: ‘The Hunt was going through there in the morning, chased the fox and we filmed them chasing the fox out to the woodland. The fox went to the ground in a badger sett and the Huntsman obviously came along and the hounds were trying to dig the fox out.’


                                     Fox being chased by Badsworth etc FH  

After the incident, Luke says he phoned Bramham Estate Resident Agent Nick Pritchard at 2pm to inform him the law had been broken and ask him to disband the hunt. However, it is said to have continued onto the land of the Hellwood Racing Stables in Scarcroft where the seven-month-old kitten Tiger was allegedly torn to pieces by hounds.

The young cat lived at Cat Action Trust 1977 Leeds for eight weeks before he was adopted with his brother Felix on August 9. Branch leader Shelia Pickersgill told ‘The owner found the cat. The dogs came through and the cat was found all over the place. ‘All that’s left of him is bits of fur everywhere. It’s disgusting that this goes on in this day and age. It’s barbaric.’


                                      Part of pack in cry not far behind fox   

Mr Steele added that it was ‘absolutely sickening to see a fox being chased to exhaustion by a pack of baying hounds across Bramham Park, an area popular with festival-goers who would be horrified to learn of the cruelty inflicted on hunted wildlife at the venue’. The master’s student has called on local landowners, including Mr Pritchard, to no longer welcome the Hunt onto their property.

The alleged incident has been called ‘barbaric’ by branch leader Shelia Pickersgill (Picture: Cat Action Trust 1977) He said: ’The Hunting Act is clear that landowners have a responsibility to ensure wildlife is not chased or killed by hounds on their land and those facilitating hunting could easily find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Bramham Park should now fulfil its obligation to prevent wildlife crime and maintain strong community relations by no longer inviting the Hunt in light of the events on Christmas Eve.’


                          Hounds have chased fox to ground under the hedge  

A spokesperson from the Badsworth and Bramham Hunt said: ‘The Hunt were in the vicinity on the 24th December and are aware that a young cat went missing. ‘Hunt officials are liaising with the owner at this difficult and sensitive time.’ The owner of the kitten and Mr Pritchard declined to comment. 

When approached by, Richard Whitaker, the owner of Hellwood Racing Stables, said he did not know of the incident. A spokesperson from West Yorkshire Police said they ‘had received information in relation to alleged illegal hunting on December 24 and are currently assessing the information.’ They added that the death of a kitten had not been reported. The alleged incident comes days after a man was accused of swinging a dead fox against a car being driven by hunt saboteurs on Boxing Day.

POWAperson comments   -  No animal life, wild, livestock or domestic is safe when a Hunt is around. The hunters often cannot control their dogs even when they try, which they frequently don't.  This Hunt had for many years been an amalgamation of the Badsworth FH and the Braham Moor FH. But at the end of the last season they merged Hunt itself merged with the York and Ainsty South FH. They do not as yet seem to have settled on a usable name for this super-hunt so I am, pro-tem, calling it the Badsworth etc. FH


South Notts FH hound runs on to A1 and is killed

Another hound has to be rescued by police 

1-1-20   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    We've been informed by concerned locals that hounds from the South Notts Hunt have run onto the A1 near Newark and sadly one of them has been killed. If the hunt were doing anything other than hunting a live animal they wouldn't have been anywhere near this busy dual carriageway. #trailhuntlies   

2-1-20  Lincolnshire Live   Hound dies after New Year's Day hunt spills onto the A1 - Another dog had to be rescued by police - A picture from the scene shows a hound on the A1 near S.NottsFHHoundrescuedA1_1-1-20.jpgNewark    A hound has died after a New Year's Day hunt spilled onto the A1. The dual carriageway was blocked at around 2.45pm yesterday, Wednesday, January 1, after reports of animals blocking the road. It has now emerged this is because dogs involved in a Hunt had run onto the road at Barrowby, near Newark. One hound sadly died at the scene.

A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Police said: "Nottinghamshire Police were called at around 2.45pm on 1 January 2020 following reports of dogs running on the A1 in Newark. "The road was temporarily closed by officers in both directions, with one dog quickly recovered. However, a dog was reported dead at the scene. The road reopened around 4.15pm."

A hunt saboteur group posted pictures online of police recovering dogs from the busy road and has criticised the South Notts Hunt group who the hound belonged to.

A spokesperson for Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs said: "We've been informed by concerned locals that hounds from the South Notts Hunt have run onto the A1 near Newark and sadly one of them has been killed. If the hunt were doing anything other than hunting a live animal they wouldn't have been anywhere near this busy dual carriageway."

South Notts Hunt have confirmed the dog was part of their group and have called incidents of this nature "very rare". A spokesperson for the South Notts Hunt said: “We can confirm that one of our hounds sadly lost its life after being hit by a vehicle following our New Year’s Day meet. The Hunt was trail-hunting to comply with the Hunting Act when it would appear that a few hounds drifted away from the scent that had been laid for them and found themselves on a road. Thankfully incidents of this nature are very rare but it was, of course, distressing for all those concerned. Our thoughts are with the driver of the vehicle and with our hunt staff who devote their lives to looking after the hounds on a daily basis and care deeply for each and every one of the pack.” 

Pic above left   -   South Notts FH hound rescued on A1 by police 


Atherstone FH's demise bring blessed peace to town on New Year's Day

1-1-20   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   “The empty kennels and hard decisions that the hunt committee had to make, end a long history of good sport in the East Midlands” - Hounds Magazine December 2019 

Happy New Year. This is what progress looks like [below]. This year there is no hunt meet in Atherstone Market Square, no celebration of outdated barbarity, no drunken hunt support hooligans.

We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us in 2019. Your support enabled our campaign against the Atherstone Hunt to reach its successful conclusion as the Hunt collapsed before the main hunting season had even started. A knock on effect of this was the collapse of the North Warwickshire Beagles who we had been focusing on more over the past few years.


                       Atherstone Town Square 1-1-20 - infestation eradicated  

Your support has also enabled us to continue saving foxes from the Warwickshire Hunt whose behaviour and arrogance we have been able to expose to the local and national press. As a result their licence to hunt on National Trust land this season has been revoked.

Our successes have not gone unnoticed by the hunting community. One of our sabs had hunt people visit her home where they slashed the tyres and smashed the windows of our sab vehicle. The Worcestershire Hunt seem to have had enough of us already as they smashed the windscreen of our other vehicle and threatened to ram it off the road with farm machinery.

If you’d like to continue to support us in 2020 so we can continue to keep the pressure on our local Hunts...

You can contact us in confidence about any of our local Hunts on our tip off hotline 07767620767 by email at or by PM.


Wilts & I Beagles throw dogs into van after packed up by sabs 

1-1-19  Facebook - Bath Hunt Saboteurs     Today we joined with Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs and sabbed the Wiltshire Infantry Beagle Pack, who were out on Salisbury Plain trying to kill brown hare.

We packed them up and followed them back to the kennels, after witnessing the beagles being thrown into the van in quite a distressed state.

We followed them back to the kennel where they appeared to have issues unlocking the van and after about an hour of watching them struggle to get the beagles out we left them to it, knowing there was not enough daylight for them to go out and hunt again.


                                      Thin dogs and nervous - wonder why?  

If you’d like to support us we are currently fundraising to purchase a second vehicle to get more sabs out in the field each week. 

Please donate here -




….. 31st December - Holderness FH kill fox 25 minutes after hounds go into cry

….. 31st December - Police investigating killing of fox by Portman FH

….. 31st December - Serious assault on anti at Cheshire FH meet

….. 31st December - Four Burrow FH trespass on banned land while chasing deer

….. 30th December - Dead fox left at home of anti-hunt naturalist Chris Packham

….. 30th December - N. Staffs FH chase fox across road, sabs help it escape pack

….. 30th December - Sabs attacked by Barlow FH support, terriermen block sett

….. 29th December - Portman FH chase & kill fox - sabs attacked, their cars rammed

….. 29th December - Deer panicked on to A road by Warks FH hit by car

….. 28th December - Quorn FH Huntsman can't control hounds - riot on sheep, roads, golf course 

….. 27th December - Sab megaphone broken by yobs at E. Sussex FH meet demo

….. 26th December - S. Durham FH support badly damage car occupied by lone female

….. 26th December - Badsworth etc FH hounds rip rescue kitten to pieces

….. 26th December - Wilts Beagles packed up then R. Artillery FH found hunting in nature reserve

….. 26th December - Sabs foil Christchurch Beagles attempt to lose them & ensure no hunting

….. 26th December - Local says Kimblewick FH chased fox across her land

….. 26th December - Drunk Mendip F FH support attack bystanders, damage sab car

….. 26th December - Veteran sab POWA member & partner confront Farage at Old Surrey FH meet

….. 26th December - Fernie FH chase fox across road forcing drivers to brake

….. 26th December - Suffolk FH Huntsman assaults woman sab after his son gives her black eye

….. 26th December - Badsworth etc FH supporter attacks sab van with roadkill fox

….. 25th December - Sabs help 3 foxes escape Cottesmore FH - Hunt trespass on FE land

….. 25th December - Fox hunting continuing with impunity says LACS Chief Investigator

….. 24th December - Antis find setts blocked, some with huge rocks, where Beaufort FH hunting

….. 24th December - Spy cams show Mendip F FH terrierman putting terrier in sett as redcoats watch

….. 24th December - Sab has car vandalised by hunters outside his house

….. 22nd December - Warks FH hounds amok in gardens then a graveyard

….. 20th December - New Welsh Sec. of State is a former fox hunt Joint Master

….. 19th December - IoW FH JM heavily fined for being in charge of dangerous dog

….. 19th December - Worcs FH hounds pursue fox into Wildlife Trust wood

….. 19th December - Monitors force Wynnstay FH Huntsman to pull hounds off just in time

….. 17th December - Barlow FH kill fox close to sabs after hunting in Chatsworth grounds

….. 17th December - 4 police cars ambush sabs, delaying them 1 hour for no lawful reason

….. 17th December - Monitors film Blackmore FH illegally hunting fox

….. 16th December - Quorn FH hunt hounds right through a funeral service

….. 16th December - LACS says 9 reports of illegal hunting in Worcs since October

….. 16th December - Former CEO of Countryside Alliance becomes Cabinet member

….. 15th December - N. Staffs FH Huntsman rides down 1 sab, kicks 2 others on kill free day

….. 15th December - Surrey Union FH trespass on Nat. Trust land yet again

….. 14th December - Portman FH trespass, chase foxes, assault sabs

….. 13th December - Trial of judge accused of assault sabs at Barlow FH adjourned until New Year

….. 12th December - Ledbury FH hunt & trespass on Malvern Hills Trust land

….. 12th December - Sabs startled to see Waveney Harriers actually trail hunting

….. 11th December - Warwickshire FH hounds rampage through village gardens

….. 10th December - Forestry England cancels all Kimblewick FH 'trail hunt' licences

….. 10th December - LACS maps out scale of illegal hunting in first 6 weeks of season

…..  9th December - Blackmore FH chase foxes until well after dark

…..  9th December - Hunters sneak out in mufti to canvass for the Tories in general election

…..  9th December - Quorn FH kill fox early in meet with Huntsman present

…..  8th December - Several sabs assaulted by stewards as Fitzwilliam visit Cottesmore FH

…..  8th December - Drone enables sabs to keep on top of E. Kent FH, who pack up early

…..  8th December - Sabs just manage to save fox closely pursued by Worcs FH hounds

…..  8th December - Sab punched at S Dorset FH meet - passer-by assaulted by follower

…..  8th December - Thug gang attack occupied sab car at Mendip F FH, spray glue on windscreen

…..  8th December - Oakley FH rider deliberately canters horse into sab injuring him 

…..  7th December - Sabs induce three hare Hunts to pack up early

…..  7th December - Beaufort FH takes hounds to holloa lines even when told monitors saw fox

…..  6th December - Berkeley FH miss deadline for licence for B. Day meet in Thornbury 

…..  5th December - Radley College Beagles packed up by sabs unblocking Heythrop FH blocked setts

…..  5th December - No kills day for Berwickshire FH after met at veterinary practice

…..  5th December - Eggesford FH hounds running heel line lose fox, scare horses

…..  5th December - Sabs attacked as Mendip F FH chase fox to ground & pack pulled off another

…..  4th December - Cottesmore FH steward pleads N/G to 4 counts of assaulting sabs 

…..  4th December - This time Wiltshire & I. Beagles don't even get hounds out of van  

…..  4th December - Surrey Union FH hounds riot on deer, running one into a fence 

…..  3rd December - Four Burrow FH rider threatens to slap female sab's face 

…..  2nd December - Quantock SH trespassed in N. Trust woodland say monitors

…..  2nd December - S. Durham FH pub meet venue decides not to host Hunt again   

…..  2nd December - Ullswater FH followers attack/damage car with women sabs in 

…..  1st December - Wilts & Infantry Beagles illegal hunting [+ some sly racism] stopped by sabs

…..  1st December - Four Burrow FH ignore anti warnings and hunt banned woodland 

…..  1st December - Sabs make certain fox N. Staffs FH hunted to ground not dug out 

…..  1st December - Foxes chased by Portman FH - sabs attacked when one goes to ground


Holderness FH kill fox 25 minutes after hounds went into cry 

31-12-19  Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs    The Holderness Hunt met at Manor house farm with a significant number of riders and supporters. At approximately 11am the Hunt left through the rear of the farm but luckily sab teams were positioned both in front and behind the location of the meet.

The Hunt crossed the fields and went onto Frodingham road heading east down country lanes surrounding Brandesburton. Sabs pursued the Hunt and observed them flushing through a series of different small coverts. The Hunt used their horses to block the path of our sab team but a second team was ahead of them and again caught them flushing through woodland near a local campsite.

At around 12 o'clock the Hunt took off across open fields which could not be accessed by sabs in vehicles which meant it was down to foot sabs to attempt the arduous task of keeping up with horses on foot. Sabs encountered a hunt supporter that claimed to own the land, he became aggressive and was pushing sabs, when they informed him what he was doing was assault he replied 'it'll be assault in a minute'. What happened next is every sabs worst nightmare.

At approximately twenty past twelve the hounds were heard to go into cry and sadly at approximately 12:45 a kill was confirmed by our team of sabs, police were notified immediately. Due to legal reasons we are unable to further discuss this matter at the minute but this will not be the last you here of this horrific tragedy. The next hour is hard for our sabs to recall given emotions were running high. At ten to two the Hunt was seen second horsing, showing that their bloodlust is unquenchable. Throughout this I shall not mention our thoughts on Humberside Police and their conduct but at half two the hunt was finally stopped and made to return to their kennels.

If you live in the area Holderness Hunt choose to commit these atrocities please come forward with any information and help us to stop this tragic 'sport' from continuing. They cannot call something so barbaric a tradition, fox hunting is no different to barbaric traditions such as bear baiting, dog fighting or bull baiting. So many other barbaric traditions have already been sent into the history books as should this one!

It's been a tough day, physically and mentally and not the way we'd of liked to of seen an end to 2019. Fox hunting is very much alive, unlike the poor fox that was savaged by hounds today. Please keep supporting sabs, let's make 2020 the year that ended these bloody awful blood sports. Video footage will follow soon ��


Police investigating killing of fox by Portman FH

31-12-19  Facebook - Dorset Police Rural Crime Team    Dorset Police has received a report that a fox was killed on Saturday 28 December 2019 in the Marnhull area near Sturminster Newton by way of hunting with dogs.

The investigation has been passed to a wildlife crime officer who is trained to investigate this type of crime. Enquiries into the incident are ongoing.

We would ask that anyone who witnessed this incident and has video evidence to get in contact with Dorset Police so that a robust investigation can take place. We would ask that footage is in its original format and submitted by the person that filmed it so that the provenance of the footage can be confirmed.

Dorset Police will investigate any alleged breaches of the Hunting Act 2004 and other legislation and work closely with the Crown Prosecution Service to determine if a case could be taken to court. We cannot discuss the details of ongoing cases.

To get in contact regarding this incident, please contact Dorset Police at , via email  or by calling 101 quoting reference 55190202710. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

See also report in Somerset Live 


Serious assault on anti at Cheshire FH meet

Hunt stampeded a herd of cattle, say sabs

Wilful trespassing on banned land  

31-12-19  Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs    Cheshire Hounds 28.12.19    An early start for Huntsman Jake Oppenhiem and his sidekick Tom Cranage. With the usual abuse, violence, assaults, illegal hunting and road blocking, Welcome to another day in the idyllic Cheshire countryside! The Hunt were found hunting in the Cholmondeley Estate, a regular favourite of theirs and a real fox haven.

Several groups were on their tail, we joined up with CABS, Liverpool Sabs, Stockport Monitors and some local independents. Sabs on foot gained entry to the grounds (cheered on by a local family who were pleased to see us) ... Hounds could be heard speaking and Sabs headed in that direction, two Sabs accessed Coronation wood where the hounds had been cast. They stayed on the outskirts of the woods when a beautiful fox broke out of the wooded area and snaked by, heading off to safety...

3 hounds picked up the scent and followed on the fox’s path. Sabs rated the hounds with voice calls, one hound retreated, whilst 2 continued on the scent. Meanwhile the hunt thugs had picked up on the trail of our 2 Sabs in the woods and used their usual bullying, body barging, shoving tactics to move Sabs from the area. Tommy C was seen off his horse and encouraging the hounds they had cast - no wonder they wanted Sabs out of the way...

The hunt thuggery in high vis vests did not impress their employers today, with orders been shouted at them “DO YOUR JOB & GET THEM OUT OF HERE” .... what could they be trying to hide??

At one point it was said that Sabs were “interfering with an illegal activity” - finally a full admission straight from the horses mouth - no pun intended.

Other sightings of foxes were reported, one going to ground in a badger sett.

The two hounds that went after the fox, were stray from the pack for up to an hour - before Whipper in, Tom C finally caught up with them and had them back under some sort of control.

The Hunt and field did a circuit, out of Cholmondeley, through a field full of cattle, which were spooked and appeared to stampede around the field. They then entered back into the estate. They then headed across the Busy A534 Wrexham Road, some riders appeared to be packing up at this point.

NOW, what is interesting is the continuous, droning accusations, that we are trespassing... however - that chunk that is known Massey (other terminology is available) was seen tampering with a gate in the Ridley area on Wrexham Road, prior to the horses and hounds going through.... how appropriate to remove & discard a “NO HUNTING, No Horses, No Dogs” sign & throw it on the floor - if the land owner would like to contact us regarding this matter, it will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Foot sabs followed, and quads could be seen, unbelievably- they rode straight over a huge badger sett, disgraceful behaviour and shows complete disregard for our wildlife by the hunt lowlife.

Sabs caught up with the Hunt finally packing up at Haughton Hall Farm, another great supporter and host of the Cheshire Hunt.

Upon arrival, a very nasty, serious assault had taken place, paramedics were required to attend. No more can be said regarding this, as it is now a police matter.


Seeking confirmation that the Hunt had indeed called it a day, sabs checked in on Jake and Tom, the majority of the hounds were resting and chilling.... on a huge pile of horse manure [above], some of the hounds appeared agitated and grumbling and showing great interest in a specific area of the shit heap which Tom C was guarding... upon enquiring why, Tom C explained why...

There is a still born calf under here”. Please feel free to read the link regarding fallen stock:-

If you'd like to keep our sab vehicles on the road, sabs in the field and help us save lives please support us in buying us a Kofi:- Or you can donate to our fuel and equipment fundraiser here:-

Please get in touch if you would like to join us in stopping these wildlife murderers ��.


Four Burrow FH trespass on banned land while chasing deer  

31-12-19  Facebook - Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team    Hit report – 28/12/2019 - Four Burrow Hunt, King's Arms, Tregony     Just a quick report from Saturday's visit to the Roseland Peninsula. We heard that the Four Burrow Hunt were meeting at the King's Arms pub- a regular meet for them- so with everything in place, we headed up to Tregony.

Arriving there we saw that the road was closed and marshals were redirecting cars away from the village. We sat tight and waited for the hunt to move off and the road to be reopened.

A little before 1130, they headed South West out of the village and along the Ruan Lanihorne road. Hounds were sent onto land West of Reskivers and soon there were several stray hounds jumping onto the road from the high bank. One jumped out just in front of our vehicle!

The Hunt made their way South to Trethewey and then crossed the road onto private land near Trelasker. We left one team in that area and headed North and West to the only other area we could gain a vantage point close enough to keep eyes on the hunt. Shortly after arriving there, we heard hounds in cry. We sent a foot team out to take a closer look.

Whist parked up, our Driver and Navigator were approached and informed that hounds were chasing a deer! The people that we spoke to in our location- which we will keep confidential at their request- also informed us that the Four Burrow Hunt did not have permission to be on the land and although they had requested permission, they had been refused it! It seems hunt trespass is becoming common place for the Four Burrow Hunt. We don't think this is something new as they have an arrogance about them but certainly in the last few meets it seems we are hearing from more and more landowners who do not want them on their land.

The Hunt spent some time in the woods and they then headed back to the Trethewey area where we sent one team in on the only footpath available to us. Access was poor for us today but we have every right to go onto private land if we hear or see signs of illegal hunting. A lot of the time we are told we are not on footpaths and that we are trespassing but it's usually the other way round. Suddenly every hunt member is a landowner when we're around!

We saw lots of deer fleeing the Hunt. Some were huddled together, one was chased by a lone white hound, another headed closer to the Hunt to see what was going on. There was a strong smell of fox too so we sprayed lots of citronella to mask it. Although we are there to stop foxes being hunted, it goes without saying really that we will also try to save any other animal that is fleeing with its life.

We saw Lisa Wood, the Four Burrow Hunt photographer, standing a short distance away from us and we asked her why she never takes pictures of the real side of hunting- the fleeing wildlife, the hunt trespass, the uncontrolled hounds all over the road, the hunt supporters parking inconsiderately. She smirked as if to say she didn't know what we were talking about.

The Four Burrow Hunt finished their day's hunting around 15.45hrs in the valley East of Ruan Lanihorne and we followed them back along the road to Trethewey Farm where we believe the hound box was parked up. Unfortunately we cannot be certain or not if there were any kills today but rest assured, we will be out again soon doing our utmost to stop wildlife crime.

It's New Year's Day tomorrow- another big day in the hunting calendar. We know that we will be sabbing for the foreseeable future since we have a Government that will not strengthen the Hunting Act. What 2020 holds for Sab groups all over the country, we do not know but one thing is for sure - we stand in solidarity, only more determined to fight for wildlife until the day animals can live in peace, free from fear and persecution- as is their right!

A happy and peaceful new year to all of our supporters. Your support means an awful lot to us and makes our task a lot easier. Thank you!


Dead fox left at home of anti-hunt naturalist Chris Packham

30-12-19  BBC News    Chris Packham: Dead fox left at TV presenter's home    TV naturalist Chris Packham [below] has posted a video of a dead fox which he said had been left outside his home in the New Forest He said the body of a male fox found in his backyard showed injuries consistent with being snared. He said that when he speaks out about fox hunting "unpleasant things happen". Earlier this year, dead crows were left on his gatepost after he led a legal challenge to halt the licensed shooting of crows.


In the video posted on Twitter the BBC Springwatch presenter referred to recent media reports involving foxes, including prominent lawyer Jolyon Maugham killing one with a baseball bat, and Boxing Day hunts with "foxes killed left right and centre".

He said CCTV would be reviewed in an attempt to identify the culprit. "It seems if you stick up for foxes, you get your comeuppance from people who still think it is a good idea to kill them. Wouldn't it be good if we could just stop this fox hunting once and for all. It's illegal but it carries on and when you campaign against it, unpleasant things happen."


Hampshire Constabulary said it was investigating a report of a public order incident at a property in the New Forest.

In April some dead crows were left on Packham's gatepost after his Wild Justice campaign group mounted a legal challenge to halt the licensed shooting of crows.

The move provoked a backlash from farmers groups and others. A petition calling on the BBC to "sack Chris Packham" has received more than 160,000 signatures. But a counter petition was also set up opposing any potential sacking, saying "as a journalist [he] should be allowed to use his platform to inform everyone the reality of our dying planet".

30-12-19  Facebook - Chris Packham   VIDEO    It appears that if you oppose the cruelty and illegality of fox hunting and those who club them to death you don’t just get social media abuse . The body of a fox has been dumped at my house... The police have been informed RSPCA (England & Wales) League Against Cruel Sports.



N. Staffs FH chase fox across road, sabs help it escape pack

Hunters threaten to visit' sabs at their homes

Sabs report terriermen seen with dagger 

30-12-19  Facebook - Staffordshire Hunt Sabs    North Staffs Hunt, Standon 28th December    We were joined by our good friends Manchester and Liverpool Hunt Sabs to look for the North Staffordshire Hunt in their regular hunting areas.

We found them in the early afternoon hunting the Standon area. On leaving the sab wagon Staffs sabs heard hounds in cry but were prevented from accessing land by the farmer, who needs to read section 3 of the Hunting Act (hunting assistance). This proved fortuitous, as sabs returning to the road saw a fox cross at speed, with hounds in hot pursuit. They were able to spray the line, rate hounds, and then use the gizmo to pull hounds off the line, allowing the fox time to escape. At this point, a sab heard a hunt follower radio Jonathan Jarrett, the Hunt Master, informing him that he too had seen the fox and giving its direction of travel. Oops, so much for trail hunting.


                                        Huntsman threatening to batter sab 

With two vehicles and two foot teams the hunt tried hard to escape our cameras and deployed silent Bob to follow and film one team of foot sabs. But we know where they like to go in this area and followed them to the coverts west of Podmore through glutinous mud, then on to woodlands west of Standon Old Hall where hounds were cast with riders on point, as in typical fox hunting. A hare was seen fleeing the hounds in this area, but fortunately, its trail was not picked up. Sabs were on both sides of the hunt by now, ideally positioned if a fox were to break.

We had earlier rung police to report a dagger-like knife being passed between two terrier men, and they turned up in the late afternoon and appeared to be having words with some of the terrier men. By now Seels had had enough and returned to kennels along roads in evening twilight, crossing the busy A51 outside the kennels, allowing us to depart with wildlife safe.

The day was marred by huntsman David Seels informing sabs he had discovered where some of us lived and what our names were, and by men on quads who followed the Hunt saying they looked forward to paying some of us a visit. All this has been passed on to police, and needless to say, we shall not be deterred by them.

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Sabs attacked by Barlow FH support, terriermen block sett

30-12-19  Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Barlow supporters attack sabs and block badger sett    Today we revisited the Barlow for the first time after they were filmed killing a fox.BarlowFHSabattacked30-12-19.jpg They met at The Black Swan, Ashover and spent the day hunting near the Overton Estate.

The day started with Joan Williams riding at sabs after they were rating hounds back from a fox, and field sabs having to face particularly aggressive foot followers. The Hunt are obviously unhappy with their new found fame, so much so their Huntsman now wears black instead of red.

Huntsman Aiden Beeney spent much of the day hunting hounds on foot around Cocking Tor, a steep sided woodland which made access difficult. Hounds were found marking to ground, with terriermen close in behind. Sabs observed from a distance as a spade was used to block what turned out to be an active badger sett, which was later unblocked by sabs. A second blocked sett was found and unblocked nearby.

Later on, hounds were seen in cry on the edge of the wood. Horn calls were used to pull hounds off the scent. While this worked, it riled the assorted scumbags, as well as Hannah and Keith Watson, alleged trail layers. Hunt supporters surrounded the sab vehicle, trying to steal cameras, get in our van and repeatedly assault sabs.

After what was a tricky day, we were pleased to see the Huntsman emerge from the wood and head for home. It seems they left a significant chunk of the pack behind (again), please keep an eye out for stray hounds in the Kelstedge area.


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Portman FH chase & kill fox - sabs attacked, their cars rammed 

29-12-19  Facebook - North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Portman Hunt at East Stour    This is not going to be a pretty hit report, nor is it going to be a long one. But along with Weymouth Animal Rights and Wildlife Witness we witnessed the Portman Hunt brutally chase and kill an exhausted fox. 


                                     Hounds kill and rag hunted fox  

With only a few Sabs out and hard conditions, we were set up to fail. We tried our best and managed to save at least 1 other fox’s life. Along with seeing one fox being killed, Sabs were assaulted and had their vehicles rammed by aggressive hunt support.

We are counting down the days to when this hunt meet their match. Tick tock, tick tock.

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                                 Whipper-in picks up and bags bits of dead fox 

29-12-19   Facebook - Wildlife Witness   VIDEO [as above]    Please note that our original video of the Portman Hunt killing a fox yesterday has been removed by Facebook following a complaint of harassment...presumably by the individual seen collecting the body parts.

Here it is again - please share far and wide and expose these law-breaking individuals.

Sign the petition to prosecute Whipper-in Josh Clark here


                        Whipper-in flees scene of crime with bagged fox remains 


Deer panicked on to A road by Warks FH hit by car

Hunt caused havoc on main road, as usual 

29-12-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Warwickshire Hunt- Saturday 28th December 2019 - Parkslade Farm, Pillerton Hersey     Yesterday we were joined by Grafton Hunt Watch at the Warwickshire Hunt whose hounds once again caused complete chaos. The Hunt met at Parkslade Farm which is owned by the Forsyth family. Olivia Forsyth is a joint-master of the Warwickshire Hunt whilst Anthony Forsyth's odd behaviour can be seen in this video.

From the farm they hunted near to the hunt kennels behind Butlers Marston. Sabs followed the Hunt on foot pursued by numerous pink viz hunt stewards who turned on their music systems and blasted out constant loud music. Whatever the Warwickshire Hunt and head pink viz bully Barbara Hester throw at us we always persevere on.

We followed the Hunt towards the sewage works near Little Kineton and convicted Huntsman Will Goffe hunted some wooded land near to a stream and dismantled railway. As expected a fox was seen running from the Hunt and it didn’t take long for the hounds to pursue it. As we know at the moment the Warwickshire Hunt are under pressure due to the footage we have filmed recently and the Hunt were forced to abandon the chase as they were aware that sabs had filmed the whole sequence.

Goffe then took the hounds towards Pilerton Priors and ended up hunting Brick Kiln Gorse. As predicted hunt support and terriermen were parked up along the A422, We positioned ourselves accordingly along the road and Senior Joint Master Barbara Hester told the terrierman to move away from us further down the road and instructed the riders along the road to move into the fields. It's not just foxes that are terrorised when Hunts go out, all wildlife are.


When hounds are put into woods you will often see deer and other terrified animals running frantically out of woods. Unfortunately today a deer ran from the woods the Hunt were hunting straight out onto the busy A422 and was hit by a car [above]. The deer would have sustained injuries. The sab that filmed the accident went over to try and help the deer, yet hunt bullies Barbara Hester and Sam Austin (in the high pink viz so the Huntsman knows where sabs are at all times) were just obsessed with the sab and playing loud music. The music is played to mask the sound of hunting, harass sabs and frighten foxes back away from sabs. The deer got up and ran off, we are not sure what happened to the deer after this.


                             This scared deer got lucky, just avoiding the car 

Hester then rang Goffe straight away and clearly told him to avoid the A422. Goffe then headed towards the A429 and the Hunt arrogantly took over this busy main road where Lord Fermoy (Hunt secretary, who likes to teach people how to hold their knives and forks properly blamed a single sab for the road chaos they caused. Nothing new there then seeing as we get blamed for all the Hunt's misdemeanours - odd that they have more cameras out than we do but these hunt stories never seem to materialise on film do they...


                                                     Fox fleeing hounds   

Goffe hunted woods by the A429 near to Oakham Farm Fisheries where they eventually packed up in the dark after causing more road disruption and chaos for drivers, but we expect nothing less from the arrogant Warwickshire Hunt.


                                                 Hounds in cry after fox  

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                                           Hunters blocking the A429 

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Quorn FH Huntsman can't control hounds - riot on sheep, roads, golf course 

28-12-19  Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs     Today we split up to cover two Hunts. Half our group headed East to help Lincs at the Blankney (more on that later) while the rest of us went south to Ashby Parva in Leicestershire, where the Quorn met at the Holly Bush pub.

Wannabe Huntsman Joss led the hounds east from the meet, heading scarily close to the M1 for someone with no hound control. With no Whippers in in sight (what were they thinking?!) Joss quickly lost control and the hounds rioted through a field of sheep. After gathering hounds from the nearby village they then carried on north.

The entire day was more of the same, with sabs having to help the Huntsman on a few occasions to stop hounds from being run over, and the Huntsman resorting to whipping the hounds to try to keep them in line.

Towards the middle of the afternoon, after the hounds were out of control on a golf course, we did lose sight of the huntsman for a little while but after seeing a few fed up field riders packing up, we realised that we weren’t the only one’s he’d lost (the field, and most of the hounds).

After we found him again he carried on until his field were completely fed up of his lack of control finally calling it a day around 4pm.

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S. Durham FH support badly damage car occupied by lone female 

26-12-19  Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors   Boxing Day Meet, South Durham Hunt    Support have attacked and damaged our vehicle today. We know we are winning when they resort to this kind of behaviour. Just show how much low lives they really are when a lone female is sitting in a lay-by and they feel the need to intimidate us.

We have only just had the vehicle fixed which cost us £750, it’s put a massive dent in our funds. Now we have a window to replace. If you would like to support what we do by donating to help with costs you can do so via PayPal at, or via our group bank account - Plz pm for details. Thanks so much from all the team. #LongLiveTheFox ��



Badsworth etc FH hounds rip rescue kitten to pieces 

26-12-19  Facebook - Cat Action Trust 1977 Leeds    Countryside people beware    If you live in the countryside anywhere near Fox Hunts please keep your cats in today, being the main hunting day of the year. We got the terrible news this morning that one of the kittens we homed in the summer, now 7 months old, was ripped to pieces by the Bramham fox hunt just before Christmas. The owners are devastated as you can imagine and will be taking further action to try and have something done about this ILLEGAL blood sport. They are mindless B*****ds in control of murdering dangerous dogs.


Wilts Beagles packed up then R. Artillery FH found hunting in nature reserve

26-12-19   Facebook - Bath Hunt Saboteurs   Boxing Day 2019    Hundreds of gatherings took place this morning in town and village squares in a celebration of tradition as despicable as it is tired. Knowing full well we would never make it through the emboldened support at one of the larger meets, we set our sights on The Wiltshire Infantry Beagles, who were hunting hare around Steeple Ashton.

Sabs joined the hounds and huntsmen as soon as they left the Long Arm Pub in Steeple Ashton and held pressure on the group until they scurried in to a farm where they quickly packed up and bolted!

With them out of the picture and unable to hunt their target land, our attention focused towards Salisbury Plain. The Royal Artillery Hunt were up to their usual tricks and with mates Bristol Hunt Saboteurs we tracked them down.

We found them hunting in a wildlife reserve, and though hindered by their support, hope to have disrupted some activity.

We expected hunts to be on their best behaviour today, which was not the case elsewhere in the country. Thoughts and solidarity to Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs who had a bloodied dead fox smeared all over their vehicle today.


Sabs foil Christchurch Beagles attempt to lose them & ensure no hunting 

26-12-19  Facebook - Berkshire Hunt Sabs    Christchurch and Farley Hill Beagles Boxing Day blues     With Hunts up and down the country advertising their meets and intel coming thick and fast into the HSA tip off hotline it was hard to choose which illegal Hunt we would attend this Boxing Day.

On their most popular day of the hunting year the Christchurch & Farley Hill Beagles met at The Crown in Charlton on Otmoor and they had just left the meet with a massive turn out of ten supporters.


However upon seeing us following them they stopped in their tracks, stood on their phones for a few minutes and did an about turn and went straight back to the meet. Quickest walk of shame - ever!

Once back at the meet the Hunt boxed up their hounds and tried to drive away at speed. Not wanting us to follow them leaving, one hunt member stood in the middle of the road blocking all cars from leaving, letting the hound van get away. However quick thinking sabs removed the hunt staff from the road and one of our vehicles soon caught up with the hound van, who was driving erratically at speed to try to lose us, and we escorted them to their nearby kennels ensuring that the day was over.

With sabs and the supporters still at the meet, we left them to drown their sorrows in the pub and we headed off to have a celebratory pint for ensuing that no animals where harmed today.


Local says Kimblewick FH chased fox across her land

26-12-19  Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs   Kimblewick at Cholesbury    For a change this Boxing Day we decided to visit the convicted criminals that are the Kimblewick Hunt. We wondered how they would behave after the hunt chairman and terrier man were convicted only recently and once again proved that trail hunting is nothing but a lie.

There was a big turnout at the meet at the Full Moon Pub, Cholesbury but when you consider this hunt is effectively 4 hunts rolled into one with a huge area this comes as no surprise but there were also some hardy souls standing up to the assorted drunken gammon on display and voicing their displeasure at the hunts activities while Thames Valley Police looked on. The Hunt were also going round with begging buckets and we're pretty sure they had no legal right to do this but I supposed they have legal fees to pay.


They set off in the miserable conditions after some irrelevant speeches about tradition and headed west into the woods close to the meet. The thick woodland meant they were very hard to keep tabs on not just for us but the rest of the support and field and many were seen leaving early.

An angry local reported to us they had seen a fox chased across her land and pointed us in their direction. TVP got a bit heavy handed in stopping one of our vehicles and yet seemed oblivious to the obvious drink driving and the various support driving along hanging out the back of vehicles.

Huntsman Andrew Sallis was seen frantically searching the woods for his lost hounds, they appeared to be scattered to the winds and the whipper in was nowhere to be seen. They seemed to have spent the majority of the afternoon going round in circles in the woods north of Buckland Common. Nearly all the riders had left well in advance and they certainly seemed short of a hound or 3.

A fairly uneventful day so we retired to the pub to dry out and warm up.


Drunk Mendip F FH support attack bystanders, damage sab car

Hunt later trespass on Wildlife Trust land and blocked roads

26-12-19  Facebook - Mendip Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Boxing Day 2019    Today we joined in with Locals Against The Mendip Farmers Hunt to protest at Priddy Green against the thugs of the Mendip Farmers Hunt. Their behaviour surprised even us. We regularly see how aggressive this Hunt are but we expected them to be on their best behaviour in front of normal members of the public - we were wrong. Hunt Supporter Claire Porter [below] from Devizes sprayed a pregnant woman just watching the meet with a noxious substance (probably the same as that used on us a few weeks ago), Ashley Lough pushed a woman over and threatened others. Well done to the protesters for not rising to the bait, everyone kept their cool even when being provoked.


We knew the Hunt and their supporters would be drunk and even more aggressive than usual but we were prepared to try and sab them the best we could. Frustratingly our vehicle broke down at the meet. While we waited for the recovery vehicle, hunt supporters Claire Porter and her deranged mates damaged our vehicle - breaking the front grill, the wing mirror and the rear windscreen wiper. This is all on camera and we are building a case against the individuals concerned.


Not to be deterred, once we were back on the road, some of our group members jumped into personalMendipFFHAggressive26-12-19.jpg vehicles so they could keep an eye on the Hunt. On seeing them the hunt staff called their pet thugs and sabs were subjected to further intimidation. Hounds went into cry by Plummers Lane while sabs were being blocked in. The support surrounded and battered the vehicle until they turned and headed back towards Priddy at about 3.20pm.

During the day the Hunt trespassed onto Somerset Wildlife Trust land, they blocked roads and committed assault against innocent bystanders. They should not have been allowed to hold their meet on Priddy Green after locals protested following the Hunt's opening meet - but it would seem Priddy Parish Council have a conflict of interest in this matter.

We now have to get our vehicle fixed so we can get back with these countryside terrorists - please consider buying us a ko-fi towards our costs –

Pic below   -   Ever so slightly overloaded road illegal quad 



Veteran sab POWA member & partner confront Farage at Old Surrey FH meet

26-12-19   BBC News    Boxing Day hunts: Protests over fox deaths    Protesters have clashed with hunt supporters at Boxing Day meets over claims that foxes are still being killed for fun. Events in Kent and Sussex were met with protests by animal-rights activists.

Nigel Farage was confronted by saboteurs while supporting a hunt in Chiddingstone, Kent. He was told to "shut up" by a protester and called a "silly man" after he said that foxes were killed on the roads every day.

Fox hunting has been banned since 2004, but hounds now follow an artificially laid scent in an activity known as trail hunting [really??]. More than 80 Boxing Day hunt meets were scheduled to take place across the UK, according to the Countryside Alliance.

Animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports said it would continue to lobby MPs to strengthen the Hunting Act and "remove loopholes" it claims allow Hunts to get away with killing foxes for fun.

Mr Farage said: "All these packs are trail hunting. It's a day out with the horses and the dogs. Who could possibly object to that?"

Cee Wetton of the Hunt Saboteurs Association said: "They use it as a backstop, in case a fox gets killed and they say 'Oh we were following the trail, but the hounds got away from us and accidentally killed a fox'. Well, it's not good enough."


                                    Dave and Cee Wetton confronting Farage 

Mr Farage said: "How many foxes get killed on the road every day - shall we stop that too?" Protester Dave Wetton responded: "Shut up you silly man."

Richard Gurney, senior master of the Old Surrey Burstow & West Kent Hunt, said: "It's not our intention to go out and hunt the fox. It's for a judge to decide, which they found very hard to do over the last 14 years, to differentiate between whether you were with the intent to kill that fox or whether it popped up as you were going across the countryside."

In Lewes, East Sussex, activists lined the streets for a silent protest as horse riders set off. Ivan Massow, master of the Southdown & Eridge Hunt, said: "There is nothing untoward happening. It's a shame they want to kill us entirely."


Fernie FH chase fox across road forcing drivers to brake

26-12-19  Facebook - Peterborough Hunt Sabs    The newly-named Peterborough Hunt Sabs greeted the Fernie Hunt immediately out of their Boxing Day meet today at the green, just next to kennels, at Great Bowden near Market Harborough.

Unusually wearing red jackets today for the sycophantic locals’ cameras, they rode out and almost immediately changed back into their black hunting jackets. The Fernie stopped wearing red shortly after the ban came in, so as to draw less negative attention to themselves when out in the fields killing foxes.

The Hunt shambled their way north towards Welham, losing a large portion of their field riders fairly quickly as the Boxing Day “hunters for the day” balked at the sight of the steep rising hills of the Langton Caudles.

A short loop of the Caudles had our foot crew initially thinking that boxing day at the Fernie was going to be no more than a drunken hack about in the mud, however the sight of the terrierman repeatedly loitering around Fox Covert at the top of the Caudles aroused our suspicion enough to leave a team in place while the rest of the sabs headed off in pursuit of the Hunt.

After the Hunt wasted the best part of an hour drawing a riverbank north west of Stonton Wyville in the pouring rain, they headed back to Langton Caudles, here they circled the covert twice before picking up on the scent of a fox.

The pack headed off in a straight line back for the Caudles, with huntsman in tow urging them on. Once they arrived at Fox Covert a fox was flushed from the brambles immediately and dashed between two of the hounds, before making a break for it. He was too quick for our cameras, but sabs were on hand to rate the hounds back with voice and whips and attempt to break off the chase.


The Huntsman gathered up the hounds and headed north, putting them back on the line of the escaped fox. They ran north towards Stonton Wyville, bursting out across a road in full cry forcing drivers to stop as dogs spilled across the road in front of them.

Sabs tracked with the hounds as the Huntsman eventually regained control, with a ride back in to West View Farm at Stonton Wyville where they finally boxed up for the day at around 3.30pm.


Suffolk FH Huntsman assaults woman sab after his son gives her black eye

26-12-19  Facebook - Norwich Hunt Saboteurs    Boxing Day 2019 hit report - Thurlow Hunt in Great Thurlow then Suffolk Hunt in Hawstead     Today we joined our good friends Suffolk And Essex, South Cambs, Cambridge, East Herts Sabs and Herts Wildlife Monitors.

A very feeble effort from the Thurlow today. Probably still cowering from their conviction from a previous Boxing Day, the hounds went for a small parade and then headed back to the kennels. Some local big boys gave a bit of a show of aggression but we weren't interested.

Instead we headed off to sab the Suffolk Hunt at Hawstead. When we arrived they were holding up a wood dangerously close to the A143. Hounds were inside the wood and picked up several clear scents, but sabs were on hand to do their thing. Terriermen were also spotted with spades, just in case the trail went to ground.

Probably annoyed that sabs were ruining their sad little display, the Hunt got very silly on the road. A fox was seen escaping from Whepstead and shortly after someone in the hunt holloaed that they had seen a fox.


Because sabs were there in force to ruin this staged killing, the Huntsman [above] and his son [below, whipping sabs and hound] both assaulted a sab, leaving her with a black eye and a trip to A&E.


After this the Hunt decided it was best to call it a day and, with sabs in tow, headed back to the kennels.

A pathetic show from two dying Hunts today. Their petty violence just shows how insignificant they are becoming. Thoughts go out to the assaulted sab and to the foxes who now get to celebrate new year in peace due to sabs' efforts.

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Badsworth etc FH supporter attacks sab van with roadkill fox

26-12-19   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Today we decided to spread festive cheer across North Yorkshire with West Yorkshire Hunt sabs. First, we stopped off at the Badsworth's meet at Kirk Smeaton. Though they are now merged with the YAS and Bramham Moor, they still have separate Boxing Day meets. The Badsworth went for a bit of a trot. The local scum were clearly unhappy not to see some actual hunting, so decide to be aggressive and block vehicles in and smash our window with a roadkill fox whilst also smashing bits off our vehicle!


Satisfied the hounds were packed away, we headed to meet the plucky York Anti Hunt League, who had been sabbing the Bramham Moor since they left the meet at Aberford. We helped keep an eye on the hounds as they drew a couple of large coverts, but it soon became clear they were heading back to the meet. Finally packing at 3pm.

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UPDATE: We have been given a name for the dickhead smashing the fox against the van window. Cops and media will be informed in due course.


27-12-19  Daily Mail     Shocking moment Boxing Day hunt supporters smash blood-soaked dead FOX against saboteurs' van window - The altercation took place on Boxing Day near Kirk Smeaton in North Yorkshire - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs were out in force protesting against the annual hunt - North Yorkshire Police said it is investigating but enquiries are at an early stage   Shocking video footage shows the moment a 'pro-hunt supporter' uses a dead fox to batter the window of terrified saboteurs - leaving their vehicle covered in blood. The frightening altercation took place on Boxing Day as hunt saboteurs protested against the Badsworth Hunt near Kirk Smeaton in North Yorkshire.

In video posted on Facebook by Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs, the anti-hunting activists can be seen driving slowly along a road when a man appears to run up behind them holding a dead fox - thought to have been roadkill. He then repeatedly smashes the animal against the passenger window as the hunt saboteurs shout 'they've got a dead fox, they got a dead fox' before exclaiming 'stop it' at the animal wielding man. The Hunt Sabs claim that the hunt supporter also smashed parts of their car. 

North Yorkshire Police has said it is investigating the incident, but that enquiries are at an early stage.


Speaking to MailOnline, one of the saboteurs inside the vehicle said: 'The man rushed at us as we tried to leave the area to follow another Hunt.

'They'd started blocking our vehicle in and then suddenly he came up with this fox and started smashing it against the passenger window. We had a number of newer members with us and they were a little shook up after the incident. I have been campaigning for around 27 years now so am usedBadsworthFHSabcarwindow26-12-19.jpg to their behaviour.'

The saboteur, who wished to remain anonymous, added: 'There were children around so I'm very surprised by his actions. Those who don't go out protesting like we do are often unaware of how aggressive these people can be'. There were seven saboteurs in the vehicle some of whom were relative newcomers. 'I was shocked,' the saboteur added. 'Myself I thought it was a hate crime, we were there trying to stop foxes being killed, it was premeditated. They did damage the vehicle and smashed the doors off. It's been reported to the police.'

Posting their footage on Facebook, the Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs said: 'Today we decided to spread festive cheer across North Yorkshire with West Yorkshire Hunt sabs. '[Some] were clearly unhappy not to see some actual hunting, so decided to be aggressive and block vehicles in and smash our window with a roadkill fox while also smashing bits off our vehicle.'

Animal rights activist Charlotte Smith also uploaded photographs and a video to Twitter showing blood across the windows of the group's vehicle. She said: 'Sheffield Hunt Sabs today got attacked by Hunt support - they repeatedly slammed the body of a deceased fox on the windows of the sab car.'

Wildlife television presented and conservationist Chris Packham was among those condemning the footage. He said: 'If there is anyone in the U.K. left with any ambiguous ideas about whether we should end fox hunting immediately then watch this . This is the 21st century in a so called civilised country and it's beyond b***** belief.'

Elsewhere, others commented: 'No respect for that fox even in its death!' While another said: 'This is one of the worst things I've ever seen'. And another said: 'Surely everyone must realise how wrong this is. I actually and truly do not understand.'  

Polly Portwin, a spokesperson for the rural campaigning group, the Countryside Alliance said: 'We condemn this utterly despicable behaviour by this group of individuals whom we are told are not connected to the hunt in any way. We understand these were local people whose appalling actions have brought hunting into disrepute and we sincerely hope they will be held to account.'

Fox hunting was banned in England and Wales following the introduction of the Hunting Act 2004 which came into force a year later. But drag hunting, where hounds are trained to follow an artificial scent, is permitted under the legislation.

However campaigners are often still seen out in force wearing fox masks and brandishing signs as they called for tougher laws to keep foxes safe.

North Yorkshire Police confirmed it was investigating an incident in the Kirk Seamton area on Boxing Day. A spokesman said: 'Police are investigating an incident in the Kirk Smeaton area that occurred at about 12pm on 26 December 2019. Enquiries are at an early stage.'

Pic above right  -  Window of sab car smeared with fox blood after the attack 


Sab attacked & megaphone broken by yobs at E. Sussex FH meet demo

Open racism from 'Aryans' group of hunt supporters 

26-12-19  Facebook - South Coast Hunt Sabs    You'd not be wrong to have thought that a zombie apocalypse had befallen Battle today. The amount of strange looking knuckle-draggers that came out in their droves and unhinged background lurkers to support the East Sussex & Romney Marsh hunt, whom are currently under investigation for illegal hunting last month.

We took the decision to join anti-hunt locals for a long overdue protest in the town. We were considerably outnumbered, yet unphased. There were plenty of racist and misogynistic verbal attacks, threats and machismo pushy shovyness.

The scum couldn't stand hearing the sound of "hounds in cry" being amplified through the megaphone. This was bizarre as they normally love this. The scene was somewhat surreal as we played the gizmo whilst speeches commenced. The supporters surrounded us and sang jingle bells with their booze breath in what they believed to be an intimidating manner. We did our best to not get drunk on the fumes.

Our megaphone was busted getting ripped with force from the hand of a sab.


                           Elderly anti - megaphone user - manhandled by supporter    

We had intended to sab afterwards having spotters out for the ESRM and the Southdown & Eridge. To the best of our knowledge they didn't go out. So we ventured further afield to the Crawley & Horsham where we arrived just in time for them packing up!

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to our new megaphone purchase, one is on order. Please keep us in the field: . Any tip-offs on the dirty old Hunts: 07443148426. Why not come and join us (Jeremy Corbyn gives us pocket money apparently).


                 Elderly anti has been thrown to ground by support - PC does nothing  

27-12-19 Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Boxing Day 2019 Hit Report     ��Drunk hunt support attack sabs during Boxing Day parade - �� Racist hunt support describe themselves as the "Aryans" - �� Two local hunts pack up early     We hooked up with South Coast Hunt Sabs to confront the East Sussex and Romney Marsh meet in Battle, whilst our pals at Croydon Hunt Saboteurs positioned themselves within Great Wood (a known hunting spot for the ES&RM). We were predictably met with hostility as our presence brought out the toxic traits of the hunting scum. Toxic masculinity filled the air as the rowdy, camo-clad cuntryside hunters attempted to square up to us.

As I’m sure you’ll all be shocked as fuck to hear, racist behaviour was exhibited. One of our comrades was told to “fuck off back to your own country” and when the numerous hunt supporters were confronted on their xenophobic grossness, they said “we hate dirty illegals in our country”, referring to themselves as the “Aryans".

Other sabs were physically assaulted, including one being thrown to the ground and another being shoved over and kicked in the stomach. But though we were outnumbered, we stood our MFing ground and showed Battle that their psychopathic behaviour wouldn’t go unchallenged.

Once the hate parade fizzled out and the country bumpkins crawled back into the holes they came out of, we set off to follow the hunt. Then, we got word from Croydon that they’d packed up, and with no sightings, we suspected that the hunt had decided not to carry out their bloodsport, knowing watchful sabs were close behind.

We started making our way to the Southdown and Eridge hunt, only to receive intel that they had also quickly packed up for the day.

We are sending tons of strength and solidarity to Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs who, whilst being blocked in by hunt supporters, had the body of a fox smeared across their vehicle.

Video is of hunt supporters ripping a megaphone out sab's hand and pushing him to the ground. If you have any pennies spare to replace broken equipment please send our way via the paypal link in the comments.

Fuck vile traditions and support your local sabs.


Sabs help 3 foxes escape Cottesmore FH - Hunt trespass on FE land

25-12-19  Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs    Cottesmore Hunt, 24/12/2019 Langham, Rutland -  * Three foxes seen to safety * Two hares rioted on * Chris Edwards trespasses on Forestry Commission Land whilst illegally hunting a fox * Sabs assaulted by a bewildered man with a turkey on his head   Wildlife criminals are nothing if not determined and the festive season is the time of year they like to sell themselves as respectable guardians of the countryside. This is of course a gargantuan lie used to cover up the barbaric criminality of what they really get up to.

The Cottesmore Hunt met with a huge field of around 60 riders at Parva Lodge in Langham, a small village just north west of Oakham. After Huntsman Chris Edwards had peddled the usual lie about trail hunting in his speech the Hunt headed south west towards Cold Overton Park Wood. Between sabs from our group and Northants Hunt Saboteurs both in the field and on the road we were able to keep tabs on Mr Edwards.

From Cold Overton Park Wood he turned east towards Oakham putting his hunting dogs through areas likely to contain foxes such as hedgerows and scrub in an attempt to find a fox to chase and kill. He had no luck and headed in a huge loop back towards Knossington where some of the Hunt second horsed at 13:30 with many others going home. This took place at the side of a public road. Glamorous.

After moving off for round 2, Mr Edwards attempted to lose us by heading north towards Cold Overton village before quickly doubling back and heading instead to Cold Overton Park Wood (again) at full throttle. Unlucky Chris. Despite us having a slightly smaller team than usual and only one vehicle out, we knew what you were doing as soon as you tried it. Another benefit of sabbing a Hunt a with access to a relatively small amount of land (they hunted this place 2 weeks ago) is that we get to know the areas as well as the Huntsman so even when we lose him we can often predict where he will be.


This time he took his hounds straight into the wood and almost immediately put up a fox which fled south across fields towards Lady Wood. With sabs in front and sabs behind the Hunt whilst the hounds were in full cry on the scent of the fox [above] the yobs on quads went into full wannabe SAS mode to stop us from preventing the chase and gathering evidence. The problem they had is they can't drive their quads through hedges and fences (then they really would need fence menders) and while sabs, sure-footed and swift, were able to hop from one field to the next the Beano bullies were left riding in circles and tearing up the grass in some farmer's field as they did so. Sabs ahead of the hunt saw the fox crossing the Braunston Road and hurriedly covered its scent with citronella. Shortly after this the hounds arrived but couldn't pick up the scent beneath a blanket of citronella. 1-0 to us.

The Hunt and their support, now angered by this intervention, continued south westerly towards Preston Lodge Wood where within 5 minutes of entering they put up a fox. The vixen was seen running east from the wood by sabs on the road who quickly decanted to cover her scent. Hounds were in cry in the wood but actually headed in the opposite direction towards Owston Wood, hunted on by theCottesmoreFHTurkeyHead24-12-19.jpg Huntsman's horn. This tells us they had put up a brace. Two foxes together will often run in different directions with the male running into the wind to take the hounds in his direction, allowing the vixen to escape. 

The Hunt crossed over the Owston Wood Road to pursue the dog fox into Owston Wood. Owston Wood is Forestry Commission [Forestry England] land and the Cottesmore Hunt do not have permission to be on it. Sabs attempting to prevent this criminal activity were mobbed by the hunt yobs who, already angered by their previous failing, started pushing and shoving the small team of 3 sabs while screaming allegations of assault and, ironically, trespass at us. This is all to allow their Huntsman to illegally hunt foxes as though it had not been banned and to prevent members of the public from stopping it. It didn't work, we just sent in another team around to the other side of the wood where he was intercepted.

After about 10 minutes of recasting the hounds in Owston Wood Mr Edwards gave up and stomped of to Furze Hill Farm to pack up. 3-0 to us.

Evidence of the Cottesmore's trespass will be sent to the Forestry Commission with a statement as to what we witnessed. We will also take this opportunity to refer to the regular claim of "trail hunting" the Cottesmore like to make.

We caught you red handed, with your hounds in cry, on land we both know you don't have permission to be on. The horn calls Chris Edwards was making were hunting-on calls, not gathering up. Cottesmore Hunt staff then assaulted us as we tried to prevent the illegal hunting. Does the Cottesmore Hunt wish to reply? 

The going was hard yesterday as the recent heavy rain has turned much of the beautiful Rutland countryside into a quagmire. Despite this, the assaults, police apathy, being called extremists, paedophiles & terrorists, our vehicles and houses being attacked and a supporter of this lunacy occupying number 10, we will never stop the good fight against criminal fox hunting gangs and any other type of animal abusing barbarism for that matter.

To our followers and supporters, Merry Christmas to you and yours. To the Cottesmore Hunt, see you tomorrow.

Pic above right -  Supporter 'Turkey Head' poses for camera

Pic below   -  'Turkey Head' assaulting a sab



Fox hunting continuing with impunity says LACS Chief Investigator

Martin Sims is former head of National Wildlife Crime Unit 

25-12-19  Guardian   Fox hunting carries on with impunity, says former police chief    Fox hunting is continuing with impunity across the UK, with police and courts failing to hold those organising and taking part in them accountable, a former senior police officer has said, as the hunting season gears up towards its Boxing Day ceremonial climax.

In November, anti-hunting campaigners collected 126 witness reports of foxhunting with hounds, including six confirmed and two suspected killings of foxes. Martin Sims [left], a former head of the MartinSims.jpegnational wildlife crime unit, who is now director of investigations at the League Against Cruel Sports, said that figure was just “the tip of the iceberg”.

That’s only those [where people have] actually bothered to phone and report it in, and there are lots that don’t get reported,” he said. “Because obviously when it’s occurring out in rural locations if there isn’t anyone there that’s against it then it will just go on.”

Most fox hunts had their first meet on 26 October or 2 November, although two were seen out as early as 19 October, said the League, whose count runs from the opening meet until 30 November. It also counted 15 cases of badger setts being interfered with on the day of a hunt – either being blocked to prevent a fox from hiding inside, or people digging and using terriers to flush out a fox.

Political support for hunting – long a minority pastime enjoyed by the wealthy – has fallen away in recent years. Polling carried out earlier this year by Survation on behalf of the League found that 47% of Conservative voters would be less likely to vote for a candidate who backed foxhunting, rising to 65% among the general public.

During the recent election campaign, the Conservatives did not indicate any intention to reverse the 2004 Hunting Act. However, unlike Labour, they did not make any proposals to strengthen the ban. As it stands, no offence under the ban carries a criminal conviction and there are a number of exemptions that animal rights activists say hunts use to avoid prosecution.

In many cases where foxes have been killed, Hunts say they were following a scent “trail” laid beforehand when a fox happened to run into the path of hounds.

As a result, hunting carries on much as it has always done, in spite of the law, Sims said. “When you see stickers on hunt followers’ cars – like ‘Keep calm carry on hunting’, ‘Fuck the ban, fight the ban’ – [it’s clear] they’ve got no intention of stopping as the legislation currently stands,” Sims said. “And because of the issues around policing and investigating it, it is just licence to carry on, because very few end up with convictions at court.”

Data provided by the League shows that by 2018 – the most recent year for which figures are available – 497 convictions had been obtained for all offences under the Hunting Act. A further 47 people have received cautions for hunting offences.

Not all hunting-related offences are prosecuted under the hunting ban, however. Most recently, two men associated with the Kimblewick hunt were handed suspended sentences under the Animal Welfare Act after they dragged a fox by its tail out of an artificial earth and released it front of hounds. The most recent Hunting Act conviction involved two members of the Meynell and South Staffordshire hunt who pleaded guilty to hunting fox cubs with dogs. They were each fined £350.

Responding, a spokesperson for the Countryside Alliance said hunts regularly faced “spurious allegations regarding their legal hunting” and that there was “absolutely no evidence” to suggest that witness reports collated by the League Against Cruel Sports were truthful. The continuation and adaptation of the culture, infrastructure and activities of hunts “has frustrated those who thought Hunts would disband following the implementation of the Hunting Act”, the spokesperson said.

There have been over 250,000 days’ hunting carried out since the Hunting Act was enforced in February 2005, yet less than 30 people associated with registered hunts have been convicted of illegal hunting,” the alliance added.

If there is any evidence of illegal hunting activity then we would always expect it to be taken to the police to be investigated in the appropriate manner, rather than trying to create publicity through the media.”


Antis find setts blocked, some with huge rocks, where Beaufort FH hunting

24-12-19  Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch    Beaufort Hunt 23.12.19    They met at Down Farm Westonbirt which is in fact the site of the Beaufort Polo Club. Before they started some of us went to check on a vulnerable badger sett near Westonbirt Arboretum that has to survive regular blockings and the badger cull. We were horrified to see someone had hard blocked several entrances with huge pieces of Cotswold stone that would have to have been moved with machinery. This is a wildlife crime and will be reported and investigated.

The Hunt went towards Hookhouse Lane where the nonsense started - minders and stalkers out in force trying to entice us into confrontations by following us far too closely. One minder car even followed our vehicle to Tetbury where we went to get petrol – we were tempted to do a shop at Tesco and wondered if she would have followed us in there!

They hunted either side of Hookhouse Lane and hounds were seen running on a line along the hedge and then behind a residence called Happylands [if only] and in the fields around Elmstree Lodge.

They went on quickly to search the area around Beverston and some of them picked up second horses. It was round here that one of our foot walkers heard metal noises coming from a small wood where we know there is an Artificial Earth. Sure enough it was blocked and quad was seen just driving off. There was a badger sett there also that they had been digging in. We have informed the police and wildlife crime officer as we suspect they had gone there to dig out a fox. The minders were there to witness this but chose to look away.


After this episode they hunted the coverts north of A4135 Tetbury Road where our driver found Neil Starsmore standing on the main road whilst the hounds were searching the bramble hedge. He made no attempt to get them out and we had to rate them and send them back to Ramsden who was in the field with the rest of the pack. All the traffic was held up whilst this went on.

Later they took them across Babdown Airfield where one of our sabs was on their trail across to Tump Covert and on to Goss Covert where we found the hounds on the road again this time the A46 another busy road that goes to Bath. Nick Hopkins was there trying to gain control of the hounds that had strayed on to road where they accidentally laid the trail!

From there they went back towards Bowldown Woods where the hounds the searching for another fox – they were in there a while and a fox was sighted by our sab who was in there. Another sab was on the edge of the wood and our vehicle was on the Leighterton road when two holloas and a whistle were heard to inform of the fox. Nick Hopkins – whipper in, was on the road at the time but denied hearing it. The hounds went on cry inside the wood briefly after running out and back in but the fox got away and they did not seem willing to keep searching with us there.

This was the second fox seen escaping the Hunt today: another one earlier in the hunt had got clean away, its’ back watched by one of us.

Still they didn’t give up but took the hounds back to Hookhouse Lane and we saw them alongside Charltondown Covert going back towards Bowldown Road.

It was nearly dark at this time and some hard core riders and hounds were already inside the polo ground waiting whilst the rest of the pack were brought back. Only as usual they left some behind in the wood. Hopkins came along the road with a few of them whilst cars could hardly see them in the glare of headlights. We slowed some of the traffic down whilst they went across to safety. Further along the road Starsmore was seen bringing one back and the fencer on a quad was encouraging one more along the road - hopefully the last. Who knows?

They will be hunting again tomorrow, Christmas Eve at West Littleton and on Boxing Day meeting at Worcester Lodge, Badminton. No respite for the foxes and wildlife where they go.


Sab has car vandalised by hunters outside his house

24-12-19   Facebook - Hunt Saboteurs     A member of North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs has their personal vehicle vandalised by hunters outside their home over the weekend. Please consider donating towards repairs.


Spy cams show Mendip F FH terrierman entering terrier in sett as redcoats watch

Earlier in day, sabs attacked and car damaged by mob of Hunt followers 

24-12-19  Facebook - Mendip Hunt Sabs    Saturday 7th December 2019 - Home Farm, Ston Easton - Mendip Farmers Hunt joint meet with the Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt    The MFH held a joint meet with the Croome & West Warwickshire Foxhounds at Home Farm, Ston Easton on Saturday 7th December 2019. Mendip Hunt Sabs watched the full pack of hounds, six red coats, and a field of around 20 riders leave the farm in the direction of the village hall. Immediately upon being spotted by the hunt, sabs were subjected to aggressive and intimidating behaviour from support who damaged the sab vehicle whilst using numerous quad bikes to block the public road. Fearing further damage to the vehicle and for their own safety, the sabs had no choice but to leave the area following this.

Later in the day, trail cameras installed to monitor a historically persecuted active badger sett near Ston Easton captured a Mendip Farmers Hunt terrierman sending a terrier into the sett entrances. This in itself contravenes the Protection of Badger Act, however it is also clear evidence that the MFH are deliberately and illegally hunting foxes. Terriers are sent into badger setts to flush out a fox that has gone to ground or taken refuge inside. The terrier in the video footage is wearing a radio collar, used to locate them whilst underground. There is absolutely no place for terriers in a legal trail hunt.

In the footage, three quad bikes arrive at the badger sett, shortly followed by two mounted hunt staff in red jackets. Two of the terriermen inspect some of the sett entrances, before one of them fetches a terrier from the box on one of the quads. The two cameras capture one of the men sending the terrier into the sett entrances whilst the red coats watch from the other side of the fence [below]. The radio collar on the terrier is clearly visible.


This clear evidence of illegal fox hunting comes as no surprise to MHS. For the past season and a half we have consistently followed the Mendip Farmers Hunt, and not once have we seen any indication of trails being laid or the hunting of anything other than live quarry. They are invariably accompanied by terriermen with terriers in boxes on their quads, and we have seen countless foxes fleeing their hounds. Last season, badger setts were frequently freshly blocked in areas in which they hunted, a practice adopted to prevent foxes from going to ground and extend the chase.

We consider the Mendip Farmers Hunt to be nothing more than a floundering criminal mob, so desperate to keep the murderous truths of their activities hidden they resort to attacking our sabs and damaging our vehicle to attempt to keep our cameras away. In spite of any violence, we remain committed to exposing the reality of hunting in our community and preventing the needless deaths of innocent wild animals.

To donate to keep us out in the field, please go to


Warks FH hounds amok in gardens then a graveyard

Huntsman nowhere & Hunt did even pick up poo 

22-12-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   This is the third time in a week we have filmed the Warwickshire Hunt hunting in residential areas.


On Saturday they sunk to a new all time low as their hounds rampaged through the village of Idlicote going in and out of people's gardens. They then hunted through a graveyard in St James Church. To top off this extremely arrogant and highly disrespectful behaviour the Hunt let their hounds foul over the graveyard. No one from the Hunt seemed to care about this and didn’t even bother to pick the dog poo up.


Huntsman Will Goffe was nowhere to be seen as all this was unfolding the hounds were out of control and left to run rampant. There seems to be a common theme with the Warwickshire Hunt that no matter where they go or which village they happen to be near at some point it seems guaranteed that their hounds will rampage all over the place completely out of control either causing chaos or being highly disrespectful.


                                                     Fox fleeing from Hunt 

You’d have to ask why this keeps happening? Why do they keep losing control of their hounds? And why on earth did they end up in a graveyard in a church? Not long before this incident occurred we saw a fox running from the hounds and we witnessed the Huntsman try to put the hounds on the line of the fox. As we have said before if the Warwickshire Hunt can’t control their hounds they shouldn’t be taking them out into the countryside.


                                         Hunter on line of fleeing fox above 

Any information no matter how small, about the Warwickshire Hunt will be treated in the strictest confidence. You can contact us - 07767620767 by emailing us at or by PM. If you would like us to continue to expose the arrogant entitled behaviour of the Warwickshire Hunt please donate using the link below.


Quorn FH hunt hounds right through a funeral service

One hound jumped over the open grave 

Later chased fox into industrial estate and across busy road 

20-12-19  Leicester Mercury    Mourner says pack of hounds chasing fox jumped over open grave during burial - 'We were all mortified to watch'     A mourner claims they watched in horror as a large pack of hounds chasing a fox jumped over an open grave during a burial. A woman who was at a funeral at the Prestwold Natural Burial Ground , near Loughborough, said the dogs, belonging to the Quorn Hunt, raced through the service on Monday.

The Natural Burial Company, who operate the site, confirmed hounds entered their land while a service had been taking place, and say they have raised a complaint with the Hunt. The mourner, who has not been named, has expressed her disgust at the incident. She posted to Facebook: “I attend the burial of a client of mine we looked after for 2 and half years. His wishes were to have a natural burial at Prestwold burial ground. We had a short service at the grave side and then left we all stood talking with the minister and we all heard galloping of horses. trumpet blowing and shouting. The next minute we watched as a hunt unfolded before our eyes. We were all mortified to watch."

She says that they witnessed a live fox being chased down by a herd of dogs that jumped over the open grave. She added: “This was absolutely horrifying for us all. Not to mention that burying a friend or relative isn’t hard enough to have to witness that was horrific.”

Christopher Doggett, managing director for the Natural Burial Company, which runs the site, has complained to the Quorn Hunt about the incident. He said: “We can confirm that a number of hounds from the Quorn Hunt ran from an adjoining area of land for which we have no control through a section of Prestwold Natural Burial Ground shortly after the conclusion of a funeral service on Monday December 16.

The hounds ran close to the area in which the funeral service was held. The Natural Burial Company do not allow the Hunt access to the burial ground and our team were shocked and saddened by this incident. Our representative at the burial ground did everything he could to remove the hounds from the area and a complaint has been made to the Hunt. We wish to make it clear that we are dedicated to providing a beautiful, natural place of peace and respect at Prestwold and all of our natural burial grounds. Every effort will continue to be made to ensure dignity and tranquillity is maintained at all times.”

A spokesperson on behalf of the Quorn Hunt said: “We can confirm that on Monday, December 16, some hounds drifted off the scent of the trail that had been laid for them to follow while legally trail-hunting, and entered the outskirts of the Prestwold Natural Burial Ground. We wish to express our sincerest condolences and apologies to all those affected by this regrettable incident, whilst reassuring everyone that steps will be taken to ensure this does not happen again. A hunt official has spoken to the funeral directors in order that an apology can be made directly to the family in the appropriate manner and time.”

16-12-19   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    Today a small group of us and a lone Lincoln Sab headed out for another Monday at the fox killing Quorn. They met at Seagrave Grange South of Walton-on-the-Wolds and a large field of work shy scroungers left the meet and immediately headed several miles North on the road to avoid the soaking fields.

Once Huntsman Ollie Finnigan did enter the fields and start hunting he didn't stop again. Almost immediately he put his hounds through an overgrown pond and they put a fox up right in front of them and went away in cry. Although they lost this scent it set the tone for the rest of the day. Next they quickly provoked fury from a landowner after hunting their hounds straight through a funeral service!


The rest of the morning was spent hunting with a fair degree of intent whilst also showing the field a good time. This changed after they second horsed at Prestwold Hall at 2pm. The entire field, bar huntsman, whip, master Rowan Cope and one other rider, packed up and from then on they hunted obsessively until darkness fell.

Sabs saw two foxes flee from Old Wood and hounds rampaged right through Prestwold Hall after one of them. They then moved onto the grim surroundings of Wymeswold airfield and the Industrial estate. It was clear why they'd kept this area until the field had gone home as they hunted through rusting lorries and mounds of old tires.

They pushed one fox out of a covert by the industrial estate before hounds appeared closely on the tail of another who was desperately running for its life. They chased it straight into the industrial estate [below], causing chaos, before heading into a solar farm and across a road busy with school traffic.


As darkness fell there was still time for sabs to watch a fox cross the road and spray to mask it's scent before hounds arrived and also help a hound that had got tangled on a barbed wire fence. With that last flurry of activity they gathered the hounds and headed back across the airfield to pack up in the dark.

A tough and stressful day for sabs but it would have been a bloodbath if we hadn't been there. Please support us:


29-12-19  Daily Telegraph     Prince of Wales's former hunt apologises to mourners after hounds interrupt woodland funeral and 'leap over open grave'     The Prince of Wales’s former Hunt has apologised to mourners after its hounds interrupted a woodland funeral and reportedly leapt over an open grave. Mourners watched in horror as a fox chased by dogs from the Quorn Hunt bolted into proceedings at the Prestwold Natural Burial Ground, near Loughborough.

The Hunt said the incident happened after some hounds “drifted off the scent” and that representatives were contacting the family, who have asked to remain anonymous.

The Prince was a regular attendee of the hunt, which was founded in 1696, before the 2004 hunting ban.

One mourner said she was "mortified" as trumpets, shouting and then the sound of galloping horses interrupted the solemn moments by the open plot on Monday, December 16. In a Facebook post, she said: “I attended the burial of a client of mine we looked after for two-and-a-half years. His wishes were to have a natural burial at Prestwold Burial Ground. We had a short service at the graveside and then left. We all stood talking with the minister and we all heard galloping of horses, trumpet blowing and shouting. The next minute we watched as a Hunt unfolded before our eyes. We were all mortified to watch.”

The anonymous mourner claims that she then saw the pack of hounds chasing a live fox and jump over the open grave. "This was absolutely horrifying for us all," she said. “Not to mention that burying a friend or relative isn't hard enough, to have to witness that was horrific.”

The Natural Burial Company, which manages the woodland site that aims to minimise the ecological impact of internments, said a member of staff then “did everything he could” to remove the hounds from the area.

A Quorn Hunt spokesman said: “We wish to express our sincerest condolences and apologies to all those affected by this regrettable incident, whilst reassuring everyone that steps will be taken to ensure this does not happen again. A hunt official has spoken to the funeral directors in order that an apology can be made directly to the family in the appropriate manner and time.”


IoW FH JM heavily fined for being in charge of dangerous dog

Inglesant was prior JM of several Hunts & a fervent pro-hunt campaigner 

Was already under caution for allowing terrier to attack & injure woman

The allowed dog to roam and terrorise residents 

Judge ordered that dog should be destroyed

19-12-19   Shropshire Star    Former Shropshire huntsman fined over 'dangerous' dog attack    A former Master of the Ludlow Hunt has been ordered to pay almost £2,000 after his "dangerous" terrier attacked a woman resulting in leg injuries.CaptainRupertIngelsantJM.jpg

Captain Rupert Inglesant [right, credit Shropshire Star], 55, must also have his dog, Tigger, destroyed after it sank its teeth into the victim's thigh and later left two other walkers fearing they would be bitten. The experienced Huntsman pleaded guilty to a charge of being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury on June 25.

But unconventionally, Inglesant was allowed to remain out of the dock - after the judge told him "you're not the sort of person we ordinarily have in court".

Isle of Wight Magistrates Court heard the first attack took place last summer when Tigger left a female dog walker with a "nasty" bite mark and puncture wound. The dog had broken free from a pack of 30 hounds being exercised by the Isle of Wight Hunt - where Inglesant is currently joint Master - and repeatedly gnawed at the woman's thigh and her spaniel. Inglesant paid the woman's vet bills as the wounded spaniel needed six stitches and had fluid drained from the wound.

Ms Ann Smout, prosecuting, said that following this attack, Tigger was muzzled and Inglesant made subject to a conditional caution to keep the dog under control in public. But last month, a man walking a labrador was forced to use a stick to stop Tigger from biting him while it snarled and barked.

Six days later, another man arrived home to find Tigger on his driveway. He had to use a broom to guide the "growling" dog away as it snapped its teeth. The man stated to police: "It was frightening. I thought I was going to get bitten. It was a very aggressive animal and in my opinion will attack again."

District Judge Anthony Callaway said the original conditional caution had not worked and the dog needed to be destroyed. Mr Calloway said: "It's quite a nasty bite mark with puncture wounds and scratches. The photo speaks for itself."

Inglesant, a prominent hunting campaigner, has been working with dogs for the past 30 years, and was part of both the Ludlow Hunt in Shropshire, and the Tedworth Hunt which operates in Hampshire and Wiltshire. He was the sole master and huntsman of the renowned Belvoir Hunt between 2006 and 2010. He was also a prominent figure in the 1997 documentary The Hunt, which caused controversy when the BBC screened it on Boxing Day that year. Inglesant later moved to Australia, joining Oaklands Hunt Club in 2012, before returning to the UK and becoming master at Cotswold Hunt between 2017 and 2018.

Mr Barry Arnett, mitigating, said the huntsman had only moved to the island in May this year and that the family were due to leave within the next few months. He said Inglesant had never had a problem with a dog before and that his client was adamant the woman's dog had bitten Tigger first, causing him to retaliate.

The court also heard that since the attacks Tigger did not even go into the garden without being on a lead, and he no longer exercises or mixes with the hounds. Mr Arnett said: "The dog has effectively been put in solitary confinement."

Inglesant, of Gatcombe, Isle of Wight, pleaded guilty to being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control on November 3 and 9. No injuries were caused in those incidents. For the offences he was fined £1,550, ordered to pay £85 costs and a victims surcharge of £85.

Pics below   -  1/  Injuries to woman attacked by Ingelsant's terrier    2/  Injuries to spaniel attacked by Ingelsant's terrier

   IoWFHInjurieswomanattacked26-7-19.jpg IoWFHInjuriesspanielattacked26-7-19.jpg

Also reported in Isle of Wight County Press 


Worcs FH hounds pursue fox into Wildlife Trust wood  

19-12-19  Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Worcestershire Hunt - 18th December 2019 - Whitehouse Farm, Sinton Green     Worcestershire Hunt trespass and hunt on local Wildlife Trust land After the violent behaviour from Worcestershire Hunt staff, members and supporters (photo) on Saturday we decided to pay a mid week visit to the Worcestershire Hunt.

From the hunt meet they rode straight through the land behind the meet and out onto the road. They proceeded to hunt Ockeridge Wood where the hounds went into cry and went off by themselves without the huntsman Roderick Wilson and headed straight into Worcestershire Wildlife Trust - Monk Wood. We rang the trust to notify them of this and they said they were going to notify the relevant person and then head down.

Tip off line-07767620767


Monitors force Wynnstay FH Huntsman to pull hounds off just in time 

19-12-19  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors      Fox saved from the Wynnstay hounds, in the nick of time and against all odds. Monitors persevered in very difficult circumstances and forced the Huntsman to call his hounds off. Thanks to all the locals who helped make this happen.

Full report soon, for now Monitors are getting warm and dry. Together we WILL #BanHuntingForReal


Barlow FH kill fox close to sabs after hunting in Chatsworth grounds

17-12-19  Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Barlow Hunt kill a fox    On 17/12/19 the Barlow Hunt were in the Two Dales area of Matlock, hunting over the moors, into the grounds of Chatsworth House, and the surrounding areas. They met at Sydnope Hall Farm, and we were on hand along with Sheffield and Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs to try and disrupt their hunting.

Whilst within the Peak District National Park boundary, they chased this fox amongst one small piece of woodland. This will no doubt have pleased the visiting masters from the North Shropshire hunt who were there for the day. Despite it being a "trail hunt", neither the Masters, Huntsman nor the field were anywhere to be seen when hounds were in cry.

This is the reality of "trail" hunting. This is the full unedited body cam footage from turning it on to when its all over.


17-12-19   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs    Barlow Hunt kill fox    Today we visited the Barlow, with help from West Yorkshire and Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs.

The Hunt left the meet at Sydnope Hall Farm, Two Dales nr Matlock and took to the Peak District. The Hunt had today increased their usually dreary numbers with members of the North Shropshire Hunt. Including Huntsman Peter McColgan; convicted badger sett digger, who hunted the hounds all day. They spent most of the morning hunting land owned by the Chatsworth Estate at Robin Hood and Swiss Cottage.

In the afternoon, hounds picked up a scent and despite sabs best efforts, killed a fox under the watchful eye of terriermen. Sabs secured the fox's body, so it can be taken for autopsy. We picked ourselves up and got after the Hunt until they packed up in the dark. You'd think the Hunt would be laying low, considering their secretary, Mark Davies, is currently in court for assault...

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                           Sab trying to retrieve fox carcass as hounds rag it    

18-12-19   BBC News    Fox death video prompts Derbyshire Police appeal to hunt saboteurs    Police have appealed to hunt saboteur groups over images of a fox apparently being killed by a pack of hounds. Footage has emerged which appears to show what was officially a trail hunt by Barlow Hounds near Matlock ending with the death of the animal. Derbyshire Police said officers wanted to talk to anti-hunting protesters who witnessed or recorded the event.

But one anti-hunting group said there was still a lack of trust between police and saboteur groups. A spokesman for West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs said they saw a fox cornered and killed by hounds in woodland near Holymoorside on Tuesday. They claimed members of the Hunt made "no attempt" to call the hounds off.

"None of this matches up with what a trail hunt would actually be like, and we believe it is clear to to see this for what it is - blatant fox hunting in 2019," the spokesman said. "This is the true reality of hunting, and this is what happens week in week out by Hunts up and down the country."

In a Facebook post, Derbyshire Police's rural crime team said they were aware of the footage and asked protesters to send it to them. We understand that there are certain individuals and groups that don't trust us," they added. "It's easy for us to say that we can be trusted and that any mistrust is unfounded; if only it were that easy."

Action Against Foxhunting responded by saying: "This cannot work until you find a trusted mediator of some sort. You've had offers from individuals and groups (including us) and you've ignored them."

In a statement, the police force said: "To properly pursue any prosecution, we need to gather as much evidence as we can and that is why we have appealed directly to those groups. Such evidence can be a critical tool for us in progressing an investigation and the officers on the rural crime team are focused on doing that, with the assistance of anyone who can help."

West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs said they would be reporting the incident to police and "we will be co-operating with what we have".

Barlow Hounds has been approached by the BBC.

See also report in Daily Mail 


4 police cars ambush sabs, delaying them 1 hour for no lawful reason

The Hunt they were protecting was the criminal Meynell FH 

17-12-19   Facebook - Staffordshire Hunt Sabs    17/12/19 - Derbyshire Police ambush Staffordshire Sabs adding to recent history of police harassment    We had several potential targets today and decided to give the North Staffordshire Hunt a rest and head over the border into Derbyshire to pay a visit to the Meynell Hunt. 

We arrived in the area in good time and began to search for any evidence of the Hunt in the area surrounding Sutton-on-the-Hill. It was notable how icy and wet fields were and we wondered if the Hunt would be going out at all, or making a later start. All seemed very quiet.

Driving down a quiet country lane we noticed two police vehicles ahead and were shortly afterwards pulled over and surrounded by four police vehicles. Our driver was asked for his details, which he provided as obliged, and was asked to go and sit in the police vehicle which he politely declined to do. The officer said he knew we were “here for the hunt”. The officers then demanded the details of everyone else in the vehicle, which we declined as we are not obliged to provide them under the Road Traffic Act. So far so normal.

After conversing with his inspector on the radio the sergeant informed us that unless we provided our details we would all be arrested under section 50 of The Police Reform Act 2002. We were able to look this up quickly on a smartphone and it states:- "Persons acting in an anti-social manner:- (1) If a constable in uniform has reason to believe that a person has been acting, or is acting, in an anti-social manner he may require that person to give his name and address to the constable.”

We inquired of the officer what evidence he possessed that we had "acted in an anti-social manner" and he referred to the way that we were dressed and that two “members of the public” had phoned in. He said we might be wanted criminals out to do a robbery, despite our vehicle being well known as a sab vehicle, we were dressed as sabs with sab equipment, and the fact that they had already acknowledged we were “there for the hunt”.

We informed the officer that we did not think the way we were dressed constituted antisocial behaviour and we would therefore not give our details, fully expecting to all be arrested. We informed the officer that we would all be making complaints, and then bringing civil actions for unlawful arrest. We obtained the officers’ numbers.


This whole saga had been going on for approaching an hour before the police backed down and suddenly allowed us to leave. This adds Derbyshire police’s ambush and delaying tactics to the 3 stops we have had by armed Staffordshire police and the single stop by armed West Mercia police in recent months. Meanwhile, the hunts are left unhindered to break the Hunting Act, Road Traffic Acts, and carry out assaults and public order offences with no police interest or response whatsoever.

We searched for the Meynell unsuccessfully, then decided to head over to the North Staffs Hunt near Stafford. We soon located their recognised supporters on the road, being dangerously driven at by one near Seighford, and found two riders heading home.

Reports then came in of hounds out of control loose on the roads to our south and heading that way we saw a redcoat in a field, only to discover that in an exact replay of our last visit to this area we had found the Albrighton, who had sabbed themselves by losing a fair proportion of the pack on surrounding roads and fields.

Young Jamie the Huntsman spent the next hour or so trying to evade us and regather his pack, and we saw and heard no evidence of hounds in cry before darkness and fog descended on the area and we headed home.

Derbyshire police have an active anti-sab operation called Operation Trek we gather and the officers today seemed aware of the name. It’s notable that whilst these officers were harassing and delaying us today, elsewhere in Derbyshire our comrades at Sheffield, West Yorkshire, and Lincoln sabs had to witness a gruesome kill by the Barlow Hunt, which puts the situation into perspective.

If you would like to put your views to them on this grotesque misuse of police resources to protect wildlife criminals (we made them aware of the Meynell's history), please do so politely.

We burned a lot of fuel today trying to get around three hunts, so any help you can give our funds will help us stay out in the field.


Monitors film Blackmore FH illegally hunting fox

17-12-19  Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   VIDEO    Hounds Off and SWC monitors filmed this sequence from the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt on the 23/11/2019, we think it proves illegal hunting. 


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                                     Fleeing fox just feet from monitor 


                                        Five seconds later, hounds pile through 


                             Car brakes just avoiding running over fleeing fox 



                                  Hounds chasing fox trying to leap barbie 


                                              Pack in full pursuit mode 




New Welsh Secretary is a former fox hunt Joint Master

Johnson Cabinet appointment went on to be CEO of CA

16-12-19  Facebook - Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs     A Government made of monsters and villains. Simon Hart, ex chief executive of the Countryside Alliance and ex Master of the South Pembrokeshire Hunt is the new Secretary of State for Wales. Here he is inspecting a fox killed by the Hunt, pre-ban. He also likes vandalising his own campaign posters.


                    Hart, then JM of S. Pembrokeshire FH, inspects killed fox [pre 'ban'] 


LACS says 9 public reports of illegal hunting in Worcs since October

16-12-19  Hereford Times    Nine reports of suspected illegal fox hunting activity in Worcestershire since October    Worcestershire is reported to be one of the counties with the highest number of suspected illegal fox hunting incidents, according to an animal welfare charity.

According to figures collected by the League Against Cruel Sports, there have been nine eyewitness accounts of suspected illegal fox hunting activity in Worcestershire since the start of the fox hunting season in late October.

The League claimed the incidents involved the Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt, Ledbury Hunt, and Worcestershire Hunt.

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “The League’s focus now will be on ensuring the Conservative Party stands by the animal welfare and animal sentencing promises it made in its manifesto, including ensuring the Hunting Act is not overturned.”

City MP Robin Walker said: “This is a matter for the police to investigate if there is sufficient evidence on this. Rightly, all parties care about animal welfare. That is why there was no debate on changing the law at last night’s election. The law should stay as it is.”

The incidents involved foxes being chased by hounds - an activity that is illegal under the Hunting Act - or being seen on the run by members of the public when hunts were active nearby.

The figures were published as the Conservative Party manifesto vowed not to change the Hunting Act for the first time since the ban in 2005. However, ‘trail hunting’ is still used as a sport which involves urine from animals such as foxes, deer and hare being used to lay a trail for hounds to follow.

A spokesman from the C